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Fire Move LTD

“Light feel, great control, quick manoeuvres” Program: Freemove The FireMove completes the whole family of our new “FIRE” range. They are the closest freemove boards to a pure freestyle wave and incorporate a lively feeling with great speed and top end control, and the gybing sensation of a much smaller board. The perfect board for those looking for fun in lighter winds and choppy waters without sacrificing early planing and manoeuvrability and will definitely put the Fire back into your sailing. The Fire Move LTD features: The wide body of these new shapes allows for a better earlier planing capacity by keeping a relatively short compact shape, and with the boards reduced thickness throughout you get the carving of a much smaller board. Rig a wave sail and you can still plane quickly and manoeuvre like on a freestyle wave board, as you enjoy tight gybes, old school freestyle and jumps. Or you can use a freeride or two cam sail, and off you go... full blast at top speed with fantastic cornering, whilst keeping the same track of those freeriders around you as you feel the benefit of the fast scoop rocker line. All this gives you A feeling of freedom that makes you question “can I wave ride this board” or “can I go as high upwind as those slalom sailors?” then try just this to put a smile on your face. Technology LTD Technology Features: EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/Biaxial Glass 190 grams on deck/160 grams glass with PVC stringers on bottom /Custom made technology.

Ricci International S.r.l. Via Rubino, 15/19 58100 Grosseto · Italy Ph +39 0564 452304/455786 Fax +39 0564 452691 Piva/Vat Number/ISO Code 01239530536

Fire Move LTD Model Firemove 100 LTD Volume 100Lts Size 236 x 69cm Fin MFC LIQUID PRO 34 CNC G-10 POWERBOX Fin box Power

Model Firemove 110 LTD Volume 110Lts Size 236x75cm Fin MFC LIQUID PRO 36 CNC G-10 POWERBOX

Model Firemove 120 LTD Volume 120Lts Size 236x80cm Fin MFC LIQUID PRO 38 CNC G-10 POWERBOX Fin box Power

Fire Move features a fast scooprocker line

LIQUID PRO CNC G-10 Maui Fin Company fin

Unmatchable RRD Style and polished finish

Great 8 mms deck pads and superior Da Kine Primo straps

The rail features a brand new “easy to spot� logo

The relatively short compact shape, and the reduced thickness allow to get the carving of a much smaller board