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Sizes: 1 5-13,512-10,5 -9-7-65

OBSESSION “Pure blood, adrenaline driven”

The new SLE kite in our line. It has gained worlwide recognition for being an “RRD Icon”. The Obsession MKIII is today the most advanced yet userfriendly kite in the world. Slightly revised in important details, like improved turning speed on big sizes and constant pull on kite loops, we have been able to create even a more stable kite, with and incredible 10-15% more power and improved easiness to ride “unhooked”. Slightly higher bar pressure compared to MKII version. The new trendsetter in speed and progressive smooth power in all areas of the flying window. Perfect for kiteloops and power moves, great for every serious kiteboarder.


The new GLOBAL V3 presents many great innovations to make kiteboarding safer, easier and more fun!

BAR The new GLOBAL bar is composed of 5 pieces: 2 x New side dual density endcaps with soft ends for easy line rolling and a new quick trim for to adjust the bar length. 2 x narrower diameter carbon bar tubes to improve grip potential and reducehandfatigue. 1 x middle alu cast and polished integrated piece for de-power rope movement.


RRD Obsession kite 2011  

Pure blood adrenaline driven