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“SUP is in the Air” Program: Inflatable SUP Allround / Cruising


Size (in Inches)


Vol (Lt)

19 cms US Box


Airsup 10’4”

10’4” x 34” x 4 1/2” 19 cms US Box


Airsup 10’2”

10’2” x 32” x 4 1/2” 19 cms US Box


Airsup 9’8”

9’8” x 32 x 4” 1/4” 19 cms US Box


Aircruiser 12’0” 12’0” x 32” x 6”

Air Cruiser 12’0’’

Air Sup 10’4’’

Air Sup 10’2’’ - info@

Air Sup 9’8’’

Ph. ChrisCut - Riders: Mathieu Fouliard

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The Airsup 10’2” is the first RRD inflatable SUP board. Designed and built to be used everywhere, by anyone. Using a great new improvement on the design of the two PVC skins and the inner cores, you can inflate the board up to 18 psi ( 1,2 bars) making the boards really nice and stiff. Using two side fins of 7 cm sand one US box single fin of 19 cms, you an really have a feeling not only of paddling straight for cruising, but also ride the first small waves. A great new board technology that will make a big impact on the future of our sports. With the growing success of the Airsup 10’2” and 10’4”, it was a natural development to make a special 12’ cruiser Inflatable board. With a super straight rocker line and 6” wall thickness, the Aircruiser is a rocket on flat water. Not only that, it simply makes your flat water paddling easier, more comfortable and capable of reaching top and average speed and accelerations that only a sandwich board would have been able to achieve up until today. The unbeatable board for flat water for everyone.

Air Sup Matieu Single 2013