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“SUP is in the Air” Program: Inflatable SUP Allround / Cruising


Size (in Inches)


Vol (Lt)

19 cms US Box


Airsup 10’4”

10’4” x 34” x 4 1/2” 19 cms US Box


Airsup 10’2”

10’2” x 32” x 4 1/2” 19 cms US Box


Airsup 9’8”

9’8” x 32 x 4” 1/4” 19 cms US Box


Aircruiser 12’0” 12’0” x 32” x 6”

Air Cruiser 12’0’’

Air Sup 10’4’’

Air Sup 10’2’’ - info@

Air Sup 9’8’’

Ph. ChrisCut - Riders: Mathieu Fouliard

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The Airsup 10’2” is the first RRD inflatable SUP board. Designed and built to be used everywhere, by anyone. Using a great new improvement on the design of the two PVC skins and the inner cores, you can inflate the board up to 18 psi ( 1,2 bars) making the boards really nice and stiff. Using two side fins of 7 cm sand one US box single fin of 19 cms, you an really have a feeling not only of paddling straight for cruising, but also ride the first small waves. A great new board technology that will make a big impact on the future of our sports. With the growing success of the Airsup 10’2” and 10’4”, it was a natural development to make a special 12’ cruiser Inflatable board. With a super straight rocker line and 6” wall thickness, the Aircruiser is a rocket on flat water. Not only that, it simply makes your flat water paddling easier, more comfortable and capable of reaching top and average speed and accelerations that only a sandwich board would have been able to achieve up until today. The unbeatable board for flat water for everyone.

Air Sup Matieu Single 2013  

Air Sup Matieu Single 2013

Air Sup Matieu Single 2013  

Air Sup Matieu Single 2013