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fuel cells

made in USA

Ultra Electronics, AMI: Power. United. Creating portable power through fuel cell technology AMI’s fuel cells provide lightweight,

AMI’s ROAMIO fuel cells deliver up to 300-watts of power across

clean reliable power to the defense,

three main product lines:

leisure and remote industrial markets. ROAMIO Defender provides soldiers power, when While many companies use hydrogen

they need it and where they need it most. ROAMIO

or other difficult to source fuels to

Defender fuel cells deliver lightweight, portable

power their units, AMI ROAMIO fuel

power in the most austere, remote and dangerous locations. The ROAMIO

cells run on inexpensive, lightweight

Defender series power unmanned systems, provide portable power to soldiers,

and safe propane, LPG or butane.

and are creating a new reality in how soldiers power mission-critical systems.

Propane is available anywhere and everywhere in the world.

ROAMIO Explorer is silent, clean, portable power for the leisure market. Ideal for yachts and RVs, Explorer generates power for creature comforts like

AMI is part of Ultra Electronics, an internationally successful defense and aerospace company with a long, consistent track record of development and growth. Ultra businesses constantly innovate to create solutions to customer

GPS, radio, refrigerator, laptop, coffee maker, TV, and gaming systems.

ROAMIO Performer for remote industrial use extends the functionality and reliability of remote applications traditionally powered by batteries or solar power: Cameras, sensors and surveillance equipment, communications systems and traffic systems – signs, cameras and lights.

requirements that are different from and better than those of competitors.

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AMI’s Performer fuel cells for remote industrial use deliver extended, maintenance free, and worry free power.

Based on our proven military technology, the ROAMIO Performer fuel cell is designed specifically for remote applications. Performer products power cameras, sensors and surveillance equipment reliably, for long periods of time. Unlike other fuel cells, the ROAMIO Performer is powered by propane – a fuel you can purchase anywhere in the world! ■ Communications systems remain up and running, even when the grid goes down. ■ Battery tending keeps traffic systems – from signs to cameras to lights – working 24-7, rain or shine. ■ Sensors, surveillance and other critical



at peak performance, without

■ Remote power, wherever it’s needed

■ Power: 250 Watts


■ Commercially available propane/LPG provides months of power

■ Weight: 25 lbs

equipment stay on, functioning

■ Silent operation ■ Lightweight ■ Low lifetime cost ■ 24-7, uninterrupted power ■ Eco-friendly

■ Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC ■ Size: 15.75in x 8in x 14in ■ Fuel: LPG, 0.25lb/hr ■ Temperature • Operate: -20ºC to 50ºC • Storage: -32ºC to 71ºC ■ Humidity: 0% to 95% ■ Altitude: 10,000 ft

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ROAMIO Performer  

Based on our proven military technology, the ROAMIO Performer fuel cell is designed specifically for remote applications. Performer products...