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RM Review


Asquith, Borden, Conquest, Delisle, Donavon, Dundurn, Grandora, Harris, Hanley, Kenaston, Kinley, Langham, Laura, Milden, Outlook, Perdue, Pike Lake, Sonningdale, Swanson, Tessier, Vanscoy, Zealandia

Volume 21 Number 3



March 2020

Two Delisle Players on Team Canada in Softball World Cup in New Zealand Story on Page 3

(as of March 3rd) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

The Rad Gyck 1799 FOMOCO 1790 Double “DD” 2 1767 Chicken Fingers 1761 The Flamingo’s 1757 Norma Rae 1757 Team H 1755 Gohawks 1755 Mel O. 1750 Will’s Team 1747 Jo’s Picks 1731 Charlie 1726 Vanisaac 1725 You Know Who I Am 1724 Keep the Change 1721 Finger The Chicken 1721 Big Chubb 1720 TIKI 1708 Lanny’s Muzzy 1707 Buzzards 1701 Gary’ Goats 1697 Frank’s “Not Loser’s” 1693 Cmack 1689 Wakey’s picks 1689 TML 1682 KT 1677 The Beez Kneez 1674 Howe itzer 1667 Rando’s Kamando’z 1647 Dildo Shwaggins 1635 B97Rath 1634 Bone Ranch 1626 Robin Hood 1625 Bears and Bruins 1619 EH Team 1619 Bubba’s Boys 1613 Pumper 1606 EDOILRS 1594 Top Strand 1593 The Eagle 1591 Bobbinfordoughnuts 1573 JUMBOlicious 1566 Blue and Gold 1529 Scott’s Picks 1487 Double D1 1458 The Free Sisters 1142

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Mother’s Day Contest

Raise $10,000 for Delisle Spray Park Details on page 10

Ryan Bicknell (Prince Albert), Coach Kalen Kovitch (centre), Max Major (Delisle) at the airport to head to U18 Men’s Softball World Cup in New Zealand

KennY’s CulTivATinG Asquith, Delisle Book r You n Vanscoy and 306 - 281 - 4111 de Gar Y ! Pike Lake area TODA CAll Or TexT TODAY


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School Reports.................. p. 6 RCMP Reports.................. p. 7 Farm Reports.................... p. 8

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March 2020



RM Review


The Winning Continues

ongratulations to the winners of our recent Valentine’s Day Contest, Dawn Feist, Daryl Giesbrecht and Ryan Merkosky. The contest had hundreds of entries and was generously supported by many sponsors from Borden to Harris to Outlook to Vanscoy. I know that you will all want to continue to support them in the coming year ! Our annual Mother’s Day contest is coming up next in April and you can promote your local business or community organization by contributing a product or service or anything else, to the prize package. You will then be part of our extensive print, web, email and social media marketing campaign. Call or email us today to participate.

As we continue to expand our coverage, we are now printing an additional 1,000 copies of the RM Review, bringing our total distribution to 4.500 newspapers. (See our distribution map below) Our $50 Business Directory Special continues, get your business listed for a full year today ! It is important to us to promote local organizations, activities, schools and businesses. Contact us if you have something you would like included in any issue. The deadline for each upcoming issue can be found at the bottom of this page every month. Contact us if you have a question. Happy Easter Ken Sowter - Editor

Valentine’s Day Contest Winners are: Dawn Feist - Grand Prize

Daryl Giesbrecht & Ryan Merkosky Bonus Draws

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AnnuAl MeeTing Tuesday March 31, 2020 Delisle Senior Centre Supper 5:30 pm, Meeting will follow Supper Tickets $5 and are available until March 19


C R ED IT U N ION Branch Hours: Mon - Wed: 9am - 3:30pm Thu - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Ph: 306 - 493 - 2414 Fax: 306 - 493 - 2335

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Delisle CO-Op AnnuAl MeeTing Wednesday April 15, 2020 7:00pm at Delisle Town Hall Call for Nominations Three Director Positions Please submit your signed nomination papers to the Delisle Co-op by March 15, 2020

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RM Review

March 2020





Reconciliation, Protest and the Rule of Law

t’s time to face reality in Canada. We have growing division over key issues of racism, reconciliation, resource extraction, western separation, the economy, and the environment. We view these issues from our own perspective, and we all tend to focus on conflict rather than compromise or cooperation. We are all human and we all have the same needs. We all deserve food, water, shelter, community, equal opportunity, and to be treated fairly and with dignity. We tend to wonder “why don’t the ‘others’ just assimilate?” What does it mean to suggest that people should ‘assimilate’ to Canadian culture? It’s time to abandon the notion of “others.” We should demonstrate that embracing diversity and cooperation leads to prosperity for all. If all humans are created equally and deserve equal opportunity, how can we abide by the systemic barriers that exist in our country today? Assimilating to Canadian “culture” is to respect and promote human rights, enshrined by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and to treat each other with respect and dignity regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or creed. Canada has a dark history with respect to the treatment of Indigenous people. When settlers first arrived in Canada, Indigenous people agreed to share the land and to live together for mutual benefit. From the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the Canadian confederation in 1867, and the Indian Act of 1876, colonial settlers and our government processes pushed forward an agenda of dispossession of Indigenous territory and assimilation. Indigenous peoples were placed under the guardianship of the state. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada documents how ideas of racial difference influenced policies of assimilation and cultural genocide in Canada in their numerous reports. At present, some politicians are calling for government to take more forceful action (i.e. police force) to end the Wet’suwet’en solidarity protests. Some of these same politicians emphasize resource development above all else. On both sides of these issues, there is much banter about the “rule of law” in the media. Should the “rule of law” mean “lethal overwatch” to use violence against the Wet’suwet’en people to remove them from their unceded territory? Would use of “lethal overwatch” have been acceptable to disperse and arrest the yellow vest protesters who occupied Parliament in Ottawa or the Legislature in Regina?

Protesters using peaceful assembly are exercising a protected right in our society. Protected under section 2(c) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, freedom of peaceful assembly is a fundamental constitutional right and is related to freedom of expression. People talk of the importance of freedom of expression (free speech). In our society, some speakers have more wealth and social standing and their voices are amplified while others are silenced. Freedom of peaceful assembly is how marginalized groups can be heard in the face of systemic injustice. The problems that motivate protesters have often been unjust laws or unpopular political action (women’s suffrage, peace demonstrations, civil rights). Furthermore, in the field of contract law there is the doctrine of unconscionability. There is an obvious imbalance of power between First Nation groups and large resource extraction companies who propose resource development. The endemic poverty on many reserves is a persuasive reason to say “yes” to any resource development. From the perspective of Indigenous people who have faced centuries of oppression from our colonial government, one can understand that the impact benefit agreements formed with major resource extraction proponents may be unjust or “one sided” to the benefit of the companies and colonial governments. As the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada wrote 23 years ago: the Crown is under a moral, if not a legal, duty to enter into and conduct those negotiations [with Indigenous peoples] in good faith. Ultimately, it is through negotiated settlements, with good faith and give and take on all sides, reinforced by the judgments of this Court, that we will achieve… a basic purpose of s. 35(1) [The Constitution Act, 1982] - “the reconciliation of the pre-existence of aboriginal societies with the sovereignty of the Crown”. Let us face it, we are all here to stay. Next time you overhear someone suggesting that we take down peaceful protesters by force, please reflect upon what the “rule of law” means. Protesters want a sustainable economy that benefits all Canadians and to end the systemic injustice inherent in our system. It is a cause worthy of peaceful assembly. Glenn Wright Vanscoy, SK

Canada National Softball Team in New Zealand


ax Major and Ryan Bicknell, both from the Delisle Pride fastball team, continued an adventure that began in November. Major, from Delisle and Bicknell, from Prince Albert, were both selected to the Canadian National team and travelled with them to Guatemala City to play in the U17 Pan American games in early November. After a successful tournament, they returned home with gold medals and prepared to go to the U18 Men’s World Championship in New Zealand. The tournament ran from February 21 to 29. Canada began the tournament

with 6-1 win over South Africa followed the next day with another win, beating Singapore 8-4. The next three days saw losses to Czech Republic, Australia and Argentina, 9-2, 14-3, 10-0 respectively. Canada finished the tournament with three straight wins, defeating USA 8-6, Mexico 6-1 and Denmark 11-4, missing the medal rounds where Czech Republic took Bronze, Australia took Silver and Japan went home with the gold. Max Major led the team in hitting with a .389 average and Ryan Bicknell averaged .222 with a pair of inside the park home runs.

Snow Clearing & Removal Vanscoy and Surrounding Area s age s e r Ac eway ts v o Dri ing L k ds r Pa inyar B

Ca ll B o to o NO k W

Call Bar ney at 306 - 270 - 4353

Ryan had two inside the park home runs during the Men’s World Softball Tournament

KennY’s CulTivATinG Asquith, Delisle Book r You n Vanscoy and 306 - 281 - 4111 de Gar Y ! Pike Lake area TODA CAll Or TexT TODAY

Max led the team Canada in hitting with first over the fence home run of the tournament

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March 2020

RM Review



Reports are submitted by Council Administrators. Regular council meeting are open to all members of the public




(Next Meeting March 12, 9:00am)

(Next Meeting March 10, 7:00pm)

(Next Meeting March 23, 9:00am)


M of Montrose Council held a regular meeting on February 13, 2020. Council discussed the recent name change by SUMA to Municipalities of Saskatchewan. Council will be supporting SARM in challenging the name change. The Warman RCMP attended our meeting to discuss community concerns. The RCMP want to encourage community members to report any suspicious activity and vehicles. These tips from the community help solve a number of crimes within our province. The list of land arrears will be posted as of March 3, 2020. The list will be available in the Gazette, RM of Montrose Website as well on the RM bulletin boards. We continue to encourage our rate payers to commit to payment installments which can eliminate large amounts of taxes at year end. With our new shop now officially complete we have been busy moving equipment, supplies and tools from our old shop. We also purchased a GD655-7 Demonstrator Komatsu Grader trading off our 2014 960B Grader. The RM has entered into a winter gravel haul and stockpiling contract with Klassen Trenching to relocate 500 yards of gravel to pits within the municipality. February has brought about some drastic temperature changes for our municipality. With these changes we are experiencing snow fall followed by rising temperatures resulting in icy conditions. Our foreman has advised that he is monitoring areas which have developed icy sections and drifting snow. As time permits we offer snow plow services. If you wish to have your driveway cleared, please contact our office. Our office will be closed on March 24, 2020 as both our administrator and assistant administrator will be attending an RMAA workshop.

TOWN OF ASqUITH (Next Meeting March 11, 7:00pm)


squith Town Council held a regular meeting on February 12, 2020. Attending were Mayor Gail Erhart, Councillors, Dylan Claypool, Jeff Eide, Ted Goodnough. Also attending was CAO Kathy Picketts and Foreman Darren Kraft. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. A motion was made to accept the January 8, 2020 regular council meeting minutes as presented. Council made a motion to accept the January 2020 financial statements and January 2020 bank reconciliations as presented to them at the meeting. Accounts Paid in the amount of $23,836.93 and Accounts Payable of $27,074.14 were accepted as presented. Councillors Ted Goodnough and Dylan Claypool attended the 2020 SUMA Convention in Regina on February 2nd to February 5th, 2020. A Community Event License was issued to the No Stars Hockey Team to hold a beer garden at the Asquith Sports Center on Saturday, March 7, 2020. A Community Event License was also issued to Prestige Worldwide Hockey Team to hold a beer garden at the Asquith Sports Center on Saturday, February 22, 2020. Council resolved to donate to Telemiracle in the amount of two hundred dollars ($200.00). There are still some individuals who have not purchased their pet licenses. Please be sure to do this as soon as possible to avoid getting a fine. 2020 Business Licenses are also now due. For more information, please contact the Asquith Town Office at 306-329-4341.

St. Patrick’s Day Supper ‘Bake Sale’ ‘Silent Auction’

Sunday, March 15th, 5pm Adults $10, Under 12 $5, Preschool Free Delisle-Vanscoy United Church Fundraiser

Delisle Town Hall


elisle Town Council held a regular meeting on February 11, 2020.

The Town will purchase a new bucket for the New Holland tractor.

The Town approved the temporary road closure of 2nd Avenue by the new ball diamonds on Sunday, March 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in order to accommodate Winter Fest festivities. On behalf of VMAD (Emergency Measures Organization), the R.M. of Montrose will apply for funding under the provincial Targeted Sector Support Initiative. The Town will pay for 50% of the cost of installing water and sewer services to the property line of the Early Learning Center including the installation of a new fire hydrant to a maximum cost to the Town of $13,000, PST included. The Town will apply for funding under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program for the replacement of the sewage lift station and accompanying force main located on Valleyview Drive. The project is estimated to cost $1,920,000. The Town’s share of this cost will be roughly over 25% which will be primarily funded through long term borrowing. The Town will also apply, under this same program, for the construction of a splash park on Lot 4, Block 31 at an estimated cost of $300,000. The Town’s roughly 25% share of this cost is already covered through cash reserves from fundraising plus third party commitments. However, there are no guarantees whatsoever of receiving any grant funding for either the lift station project or the new splash park.

RM OF EAGLE CREEK (Next Meeting March 10, 9:00am)

RM OF DUNDURN (Next Meeting March 17, 8:00am)

RM OF MCCRANEY (Next Meeting March 19, 8:00am)

RM OF HARRIS (Next Meeting April 1, 1:00pm)

RM OF MILDEN (Next Meeting March 18, 9:00am)

RM OF ROSEDALE (Next Meeting March 10, 800am)

RM OF VANSCOY (Next Meeting March 12, 9:00am)

TOWN OF DUNDURN (Next Meeting March 9, 6:00pm)

TOWN OF HANLEY (Next Meeting March 9, 7:00pm)

TOWN OF LANGHAM (Next Meetings March 9 & 23, 6:30pm)


The administrator was directed to begin proceedings to have the splash park property designated as a Municipal Reserve.

(Next Meetings March 9 & 23, 7:00pm)

The Town will purchase additional Cyber insurance through Hub International Ltd.

(Next Meeting April 1, 7:00pm)

The administrator was authorized to initiate tax enforcement proceedings against the following properties: 1) Lot 6, Block 11, Plan G11 2) Lot 5, Block 13, Plan G11 3) Lot 21, Block 21, Plan 77S38002 4) Lot 2, Block 24, Plan 65S16551

VILLAGE OF HARRIS VILLAGE OF KINLEY (Next Meeting March 10, 7:30pm)

VILLAGE OF MILDEN (Next Meeting March 18, 7:30pm)


Town of Asquith Kidsport 2020

(Next Meeting March 17, 7:30pm)

VILLAGE OF VANSCOY (Next Meeting March 11, 7:30pm)


squith Kidsport wants to ensure that no child is left out because of lack of funds for registration or for equipment for a sport that they would like to participate in. Asquith Kidsport is available for families on a low income, unemployed, or currently receiving income support through the provincial government, and provides support for kids who want to participate in registered sport programs. Please contact the Asquith Town Office for more information on how to apply or if you just have general questions on this program. Kidsport – so kids can play!!

MyAcres LawnCutting Acreages - Farmyards - Commercial Schools - Cemeteries - Municipalities ....will also do Trimming & Weed Control Kubota Zero Turn Mower Rear Discharge 72” Cut 7 days/week 9:00am - 8:00pm On Call or Contract $80/hr (1 hr min) No Mileage Charges

Myron Maschak - Owner/Operator 306 - 493 - 7775 myacres@sasktel.net Fast Friendly Service in a Fraction of the Time

Licensed Dining Delicious Meals... Homemade Soup... Fresh Salads... Tasty Desserts... Mon-Fri 7 - 8


Sat 8 - 8

Sun 9 - 7

306 - 931 - 6996

RM Review



March 2020

DeeAnna’s Boutique in Delisle Celebrates One Year in Business

eanna Girod is celebrating the first anniversary of DeeAnna’s Boutique ni Delisle for the whole month of March. She purchased the business, formerly called Fashions by Joanie, last year and changed the name, redecorated, added her signature Pink Door and business has been booming ever since.

Deanna prides herself in customer service. If you’re looking for a certain type of dress or need something in a different size, she will try to special order it and even deliver special orders to your door.

Deanna carefully researches the latest fashion trends to ensure she’s bringing in the styles most pleasing to her customers, who range in age from 20 to 90. She looks to combine style and comfort, featuring designers who are well known for their quality. Joseph Ribkoff is just one of her main designer lines.

She even hosts numerous special events at the store, promoted on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She recently hosted an in store French Dressing jean clinic to help women learn about different fits of jeans and which one is right for them, plus last spring she had a fashion show which 140 ladies attend.

She also likes to bring in new discoveries such as the Tango Mango dresses arriving this spring.

Anniversary Sale March Purchases Receive Entry into Draw for Prizes from

Tribal, Silver and Esqualo 80% Off all-season Discount Racks 60% off current Winter Fashions Red Tagged Jewellery Discounts

Spring Designer Line-up Tribal, Joseph Ribkoff, FDJ, more... Sizes X Small to Triple X 303 1st Street West, Delisle 306-493-2401 Tue - Fri 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm Find us on Facebook and Instagram

DeeAnna’s Boutique with the “Pink Door” at 303 1st Street West in Delisle

SAVE THAT JUNK ! Donate it to the Delisle - Vanscoy United Church

Garage Sale

FABRIC DONATIONS Wanted by the Delisle - Vanscoy United Church (Also Accepting Donations of Notions and Yarn)

Need by March 31 - Call 306-668-1312


Giant Fabric Sale

Vanscoy Circle Hall


April 18, 2020 Your donations will be graciously received on Friday, April 17th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

April 18, 2020 Vanscoy Senior Centre



March 2020

RM Review



North West District 23 4-H Speech Day Catherwood 4-H Beef & Sheep Club and Monarch 4-H Multiple Club Combine Efforts


here are approximately forty 4-H Districts in Saskatchewan. Catherwood 4-H Beef and Sheep Club and the Monarch 4-H Multiple Club make up District 23 in the North West region of the province. As such, Catherwood and Monarch 4-H clubs decided to hold both their Club and District Speech Day together on Sunday, February 2 at Lord Asquith School at 2:00 pm. Many family and friends attended the day to support and listen to each member present their speech. The afternoon was chaired by Catherwood 4-H members Shyanne Magnus and Julie Grinde. Judges were Sheri Lynn Perras-Paziuk, Lorraine Gilchrist, Janett Franson, and Perry Quittenbaum. A big thank-you goes out to our judges for taking the time to listen, evaluate, and place each age category of speeches. It was a great afternoon of speeches with a variety of topics presented. The top three placings for each age category were as follows:

Cloverbuds L-R: Charlee Wolfe, Patrick Huber, Jace McAvoy, Dallas McAvoy

Seniors L-R: Faith Stevens, Wyatt Millar, Leah Libke, Kolby Haynes, Danielle Matonovich

Cloverbud (age 6-8): 1st Dallas McAvoy – Monarch 4-H Club 2nd Patrick Huber – Catherwood 4-H Club 3rd Jace McAvoy – Monarch 4-H Club Junior (age 9-12): 1st Shelby Peacock – Catherwood 4-H Club 2nd April Huber – Catherwood 4-H Club 3rd Claire Huber – Catherwood 4-H Club Intermediate (age 13-15): 1st Shyanne Magnus – Catherwood 4-H Club 2nd Dayne Stevens – Catherwood 4-H Club Senior (age 16-21): 1st Danielle Matonovich – Catherwood 4-H Club 2nd Faith Stevens – Catherwood 4-H Club 3rd Wyatt Miller – Catherwood 4-H Club First place speakers from each age category will now move onto the North West Regional 4-H Speech Competition on Saturday, March 28 in Saskatoon. Good luck to these 4-H members competing! Submitted by Stephanie Huber

Intermediates L-R: Shyanne Magnus, Dayne Stevens Juniors L-R: April Huber, Shelby Peacock, Claire Huber, Jeynessa Magnus, Katie Kolenosky, Cater Grinde, Grayson Bigoraj, Reid Wolfe, James May

Catherwood 4-H Club News Report 2020 has been a very busy year so far for the Catherwood 4-H Beef and Sheep Club. On January 3rd our club participated in a fun night of curling at the Perdue curling rink hosted by the Perdue Curling Club. Many of us members had never curled or had curled very little before but we still had lots of fun! Now several of our members curl every Monday night in the regular curling league at the Perdue curling rink. We had a club and project meeting at a member’s farm on January 5th. In our general meeting we discussed fundraising so we can buy club vests or jackets. One fundraising idea is to sell frozen pizzas. Another fundraising event will be a BBQ, bottle drive, and battery collection on Friday, May 15 at the Perdue Co-op along Highway 14. Other upcoming dates to keep in mind is our club Achievement day that will be on Saturday, June 27 at the Perdue Fair Grounds. In the club project meeting we learned more about ruminant nutrition as presented by our Beef Leader, Stephanie Huber. We learned that there are little bugs in the rumen stomach that help cattle and sheep digest their food. We also learned that a balanced ration is made up of the nutrients water, vitamins, minerals, energy and protein. Our club leaders had us play two games to test our knowledge of identifying different feedstuff and to learn more about how food travels through the digestive system of a ruminant. Club and District speeches were held at Lord Asquith School on Sunday, February 2 with Monarch 4-H Multiple Club. It was a great afternoon of speeches supported by many family and friends. Fellow members


Annual General meeting monday march 16 7:00pm

Delisle Branch

201 - 1st st W 306 - 493 - 8288

Request/Renew Books at www.wheatland.sk.ca Monday Noon - 4pm

Wednesday Noon - 4pm & 7pm - 9pm

Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm

placing first in their age group and moving onto the Regional 4-H Speech Competition will be Junior member Shelby Peacock with her speech entitled, “Plant based Meat”, Intermediate member Shyanne Magnus with her speech entitled, “Snowflakes”, and Senior member Danielle Matonovich with her speech entitled “Truth in Age of Misinformation”. Congratulations and good luck girls at the Regional level to be held March 28 in Saskatoon. Three of our 4-H members, Faith Stevens, Dayne Stevens and Danielle Matonovich competed in the 4-H portion of the U of S Judging Competition held on February 8 at Saskatoon Livestock Sales. Wyatt Miller, a senior member of our club, was part of hosting this event. It was another great judging experience for Catherwood members. On Saturday, February 22 we had our club wash and weigh day at Saskatoon Livestock Sales. Members brought their project animals. The beef kids washed, dried and clipped their steer or heifer project. The sheep kids learned and practiced grooming sheep. They carded the sheep which means that they fluffed the wool of the sheep and then trimmed the wool. The sheep can even be placed up on a stand to groom so the person grooming does not always have to bend down to groom the sheep. It was a day of hard work but fun!! As I said 2020 has had a busy start. Our next meeting is planned to be on March 8th. Submitted by Claire Huber

Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Club

ur club level Public Speaking was held on Saturday February 8th at Vanscoy Hall. 33 members spoke on topics ranging from “Their Pet Ducks” to “Bananas”, “Dorothy the Horse” to “Telephone Scammers”, “Internet Predators” to “The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did”. It was a great success and always fun to see the range of topics. Congratulations to the top 3 in each age group: Cloverbud Danielle Venter, Violet Jones and Mila Andres. Junior Shanéy Venter, Norah Harder, and Megan Jones. Intermediate Kate Wright, Samantha Adams, and Brooke Fehr. Senior Rochelle Wright, Myles Wright and Ryelee Hubbard.

The top two in each age group move on to Districts on March 14th in Dalmeny. Good Luck to all competitors! This day would not be possible without our awesome volunteer judges: Cindy Bennefeld, Susan Echlin, Miranda Emigh, Amanda Guldiman, Susan Murphy, Colette Robichaud and Barb Rystrom. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules!! Thank you to our Chairperson, Skyler Jones, for keeping things running smoothly! Our next event is our annual Easter Petting Zoo at Lawson Heights Mall, April 10th & 11th, 2020.

RM Review

March 2020


RCMP REPORT Warman, Martensville, Delisle, Radisson Detachments Buick Park Avenue Stolen from Asquith February 5, 2020 at 3:45 p.m. RCMP received a call in Asquith. Theft of a Vehicle. Stolen was a 1994 Buick Park Avenue, Brown in color. Still under investigation. Two Vehicles Collision At Borden February 6, 2020 at 11:03 a.m. RCMP received a call on 685 township road by Borden. Two vehicle collision. No injuries. Alcohol and drugs not a factor. Still under investigation. Mystery Shopper on Highway 7 February 7, 2020 at 6:21 a.m. RCMP received a call on highway 7 by Saskatoon. A suspicious male pushing a shopping cart jumping in front of vehicles. Members attended, the male was gone on arrival. Impaired Driver on Hwy 16 by Radisson February 7, 2020 at 7:05 a.m. RCMP received a call on highway 16 by Radisson. Vehicle driving erratically. 33-year-old male charged for driving with a suspended license. Package Stolen from Radisson Home February 7, 2020 at 4:55 p.m. RCMP received a call in Radisson. A male wearing a flannel jean jacket, stole a package from a residence. Still under investigation.

Readers Digest Scam gets 84 Year Old Female Senior February 19, 2020 at 12:49 p.m. RCMP received a call in Warman. Fraud. 84-year-old female sent money to a male claiming she had won money through Readers Digest. Still under investigation. Cigarettes Stolen when Card Declined February 20, 2020 at 9:43 p.m. RCMP received a call in Osler. Theft from a business. Female ran out off with two packs of cigarettes, when card was declined. Still under investigation. Theft / Damage to Building in Mayfield February 22, 2020 at 12:18 p.m. RCMP received a call in R.M of Mayfield. Theft from a business. Extent damage to building, undetermined what was stolen. Still under investigation. Fishing Gear Stolen from Corman Park February 24, 2020 at 1:36 p.m. RCMP received a call in the RM of Corman Park. Theft from a business. Stolen items were fishing gear. Rummaged through a boat. Still under investigation.

February 3 - March 2

Impaired Charges in Corman Park February 26, 2020 at 12:35 a.m. RCMP assisted with Corman Park Police in the RM of Corman Park. 35year-old male driver arrested and charged for operation while impaired. Utility Trailer Stolen from Delisle February 26, 2020 at 8:15 a.m. RCMP received a call in R.M of Delisle. Stolen utility trailer. 12 foot black enclosed Cargomax trailer with Sask plate. Still under investigation.

Borden House Fire being Investigated March 1, 2020 at 8:06 p.m. RCMP and Borden fire received a call in the RM of Borden. House fire. No injuries. No one in the house. Still under investigation.

If you have information regarding any crimes contact Warman/Martensville RCMP 306-975-1670/306-975-1610 If you wish to remain anonymous please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) You can also submit a tip at the website: saskcrimestoppers.com or text in a tip: TIP206 plus your tip to CRIMES (274637).

SASKATCHEWAN CRIME WATCH ADVISORY NETWORK Receive Texts of Local Crime Alerts Sign up at www.saskcrimewatch.ca to receive crime watch notifications.

FABRIC DONATIONS Wanted by the Delisle - Vanscoy United Church (Also Accepting Donations of Notions and Yarn)

Need by March 31 - Call 306-668-1312

Google Scam on 63 year old Female February 27, 2020 at 12:23 p.m. RCMP received a call in Warman. Phone scam. 63-year-old female was told to buy four google cards by an unknown male from the apple store, to unlock account. Still under investigation.

Giant Fabric Sale Saturday

April 18, 2020 Vanscoy Senior Centre

Ford Truck Stolen from Borden February 29, 2020 at 10:53 a.m. RCMP received a call in Borden. Stolen vehicle. Grey 2012 Ford F150 locked and parked in driveway. Sask plated. Still under investigation Tools Stolen from Shed in Vanscoy February 29, 2020 at 12:04 p.m. RCMP received a call in Vanscoy. Break and enter. Shed was broke into and numerous tools were stolen. Still under investigation.

Snow Clearing & Removal Vanscoy and Surrounding Area s age s e r Ac eway ts v o Dri ing L k ds r Pa inyar B

Ca ll B o to o NO k W

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KennY’s CulTivATinG Asquith, Delisle Book r You n Vanscoy and 306 - 281 - 4111 de Gar Y ! Pike Lake area TODA CAll Or TexT TODAY


Professional Garden Roto-Tilling Starting at $50 Small Rear Tiller Fits in Any Yard


March 2020

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FARM REPORTS Free Hearing Clinic Being Held for Ratepayers of the R.M. of Perdue


hat animal found on the farm is loud enough to damage your hearing? Are earmuffs more effective than earplugs? Do you know how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss? Do you have hearing loss? What type of hearing protection should I use? To offer answers to those questions and much more information, appointments can be made for a Hearing Clinic for Farmers which is being held for the ratepayers of the R.M. of Perdue #346 on Monday, March 16, 2020 from 9:30 am- 4:00 pm at the Perdue Rec. Complex in Perdue, SK. To book an appointment please call (306) 237- 4202. The clinic will include a visual inspection of the ear canal and ear drum and a hearing screening with explanation of those results. Participants will be shown how to insert earplugs and will receive information to take home related to hearing loss prevention. When necessary, referrals are made. Hearing aids are not sold at the clinic. “On the farm, there are many noises including those from augers, tractors, shotguns and squealing hogs at feeding time that can damage your hearing”, says Kendra Ulmer, Nurse and Clinic Coordinator for the Agricultural Health and Safety Network, at the Canadian Centre For Health and Safety in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan. The clinic is being offered to RM #346 ratepayers because they are members of the Agricultural Health and Safety Network and is co-sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture and Saskatchewan Agriculture.

For an appointment call 306-237-4202


Smart Earth Camelina to Ship First Load of Camelina Oil by Rail

askatoon-based Smart Earth Camelina Corporation (Smart Earth) is shipping the first rail tank car filled with camelina oil, originating from the Canadian Prairies to an end user in Vancouver, in collaboration with its crush partner Virtex Farm Foods. This milestone rail car is being transloaded at Osler, SK. on Monday February 24 and will be the first of many cars destined for the high value, sustainable aquaculture feed market.

Medicine General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Dentistry In-clinic Laboratory Digital X-ray Digital Dental X-ray Ultrasound Therapeutic Laser Therapy Nutritional Consultation Canine Reproduction “The Knee Clinic”

Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic Located on Highway 7 service road in Delisle, SK #300 2nd Street East PO Box 246 Delisle, SK S0L 0P0 Wheel Chair Accessible

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Mon - Fri: 6am - 10pm

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Sat - Sun: 7am - 10pm


After almost 20 years of research and development by Smart Earth, Camelina sativa (camelina) is now a viable option for Prairie farmers. Camelina is poised to become the next made in Canada oilseed crop of significance at the farm gate and throughout the value chain. Camelina is a unique, dryland oilseed crop that can be produced on marginal lands with significantly lower inputs than other oilseeds, while providing competitive yields. The oil profile is similar to flax oil in that it provides high omega oil; but it has greater oxidative stability than flax. Camelina is a high-yielding source of nutritionally important omega fatty acids and provides excellent quality meal and oil for animal feed and aquaculture. Camelina oil is in demand for aquaculture because it improves the N6:N3 omega ratio in farmed fish. It also reduces the need to use marine-based fish oil in the feed, which means it offers a more sustainable option than traditional feeds. When used in chicken feed, camelina meal produces high-omega eggs and meat. Other promising markets include dairy, companion pets and human health and nutrition. As the leading global camelina enterprise based in Saskatoon, Smart Earth is dedicated to developing the best camelina varieties available, while working with growers to provide excellent production opportunities. The company maintains a continuous plant-breeding program unmatched in scale and scope. It recently launched Cypress, a new camelina variety with 40 per cent larger seeds (in comparison to common camelina) and is also poised to launch a non-GMO herbicide-tolerant variety in Canada, pending regulatory approval. Smart Earth’s plant-breeding activities provide a significant pipeline of trait development to ensure maximum yield and profitability for growers. The company is currently contracting with growers throughout the Prairie region for commercial production in the 2020 season. It has developed several delivery points throughout Saskatchewan to meet growers’ needs. Smart Earth provides a closed loop, fully priced production contract, complete with high-quality Cypress seed, backed by experienced agronomic support. Growers who are interested in a camelina production contract should visit the Smart Earth website to learn more: https://www.smartearthcamelina.ca/pages/grower-opportunities.


Large Animal Pharmaceuticals and Appointment Bookings Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm Office Phone Number: (306) 343-5773 Text: (306) 260-6729 Email: dorrie.cpvs@gmail.com

Small Animal Services Including 24 Hour Emergency Services Clinic Hours: Monday - Tuesday 8am - 5pm Wednesday 8am - 7:30pm Thursday - Friday 8am - 5pm Saturdays - 9am - 4pm Clinic Phone Number: (306) 384-7676 Email: cormanparkvet@gmail.com After hours emergency line: (306) 227-8062


KennY’s CulTivATinG Asquith, Delisle Book r You n Vanscoy and 306 - 281 - 4111 de Gar Y ! Pike Lake area TODA CAll Or TexT TODAY

Professional Garden Roto-Tilling Starting at $50 Small Rear Tiller Fits in Any Yard

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March 2020




Kelly Block, MP February 23, 2020

Throughout this crisis, the Liberals consistently refused to direct the RCMP to enforce the law, even falsely claiming on multiple occasions that they do not have the power to do so.

The Rule of Law: A Continuation


s the illegal blockades conclude their second week, it is clear the Prime Minister has no solution.

But late on Friday afternoon, Justin Trudeau seemingly changed his tune, tacitly admitting that Scheer is right.

Earlier this week, in a speech filled with empty words and no action, Trudeau called the blockades “unacceptable”, yet refused to offer a way forward, aside from “dialogue” with the radical activists who do not represent the Wet'suwet'en people.

“But the fact remains”, said Trudeau, “the barricades must now come down, the injunctions must be obeyed, and the law must be upheld.”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s response reflected what we were all thinking when he stated, “that was the weakest response to a national crisis in Canadian history", and that “the Prime Minister’s statement was a complete abdication of responsibility and of leadership.”

This quick about-face shows in stark detail the Liberal’s hypocrisy and empty virtue-signalling. But we need more than words, we need action. This is why we brought forward our motion on February 20, calling on Parliament to condemn the actions of these protestors and do what is necessary to get our economy moving again. It will be voted on early next week.

Trudeau's weak leadership has real consequences. This week I heard from constituents who told me about the devastating impact these activists are having. As farmers they rely on rail to transport their product to market. Without it, they will be unable to deliver their grain or receive the payment they need to pay their bills – bills that keep coming, whether or not the trains are running.

Even if it is defeated, we will not stop fighting for Canadians, for the rule of law, or for the Wet'suwet'en people who simply want a chance at a better life. After 18 days, a weak response from the Prime Minister and no end of the blockades in sight, the simple question remains: is Canada a nation of laws, or one of anarchy?


Jim Reiter, MLA 1-855-762-2233

Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for The Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030


ighteen consecutive months of steady job growth shows that in spite of headwinds, Saskatchewan’s economy is resilient and providing opportunities. These gains coincide with the longest and strongest sustained population growth our province has seen since the 1920s.

Our plan for strong economy to support strong communities and strong families aims to create 100,000 jobs and grow our population to 1.4 million people. We understand that significant capital investment is crucial to building strong communities. That is why in next month’s budget, we will see one of the largest investments in provincial infrastructure in the history of our province. At the same time, we will also see Saskatchewan’s largest investment in municipal infrastructure.

The past decade provides plenty of examples of how a growing Saskatchewan is a strong Saskatchewan. Consider that our population has grown by more than 170,000 people, we’ve added nearly new 80,000 jobs, and seen over $180 billion in capital investment.

In the upcoming fiscal year, Saskatchewan municipalities will receive record revenue sharing. Municipal revenue sharing has provided municipalities a stable and predictable source of provincial revenue and our government is proud to continue supporting key local priorities that help lay the foundation for a growing Saskatchewan.

Momentum in our major and emerging industries have helped production and exports to climb higher with Saskatchewan product shipping to more than 150 countries around the world. This growth has given us a greater ability to invest in quality of life. Investment in infrastructure is key to quality of life. Our government has made the largest investment in infrastructure in the province’s history – $30 billion – which includes new hospitals and long-term care centres across the province.

Strong communities and strong families are a major focus of our government’s Growth Plan. Complete with action items and ambitious goals for the future, this plan is a roadmap to get us there. You can learn more online at saskgrowthplan.ca.

There are 42 new schools with more on the way, while more than 14,000 kilometres of road have been built or upgraded. We have also undertaken – collectively – the most significant upgrade of water and waste water infrastructure in our history with more to do.

Delisle & District Telemiracle


group of community members from in and around Delisle have been running events to raise money for Telemiracle for the past four years. Recently, on February 15, they hosted a dinner and concert that once again featured musician Jeffery Straker. The event had a crowd of 95 people that were also entertained by Sylvia Chave

Last year, my colleagues and I canvassed our constituents for ideas on how we can keep Saskatchewan moving in the right direction. In November, we officially unveiled Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for The Next Decade of Growth 2020-2030.

and Kevin & Kimberley Stevens. The meal was sponsored by Rose-Anne Kielo & Family. The event raised $3,000 bringing the total for the year to $7,014. Jeffery Straker will present the cheque at Telemiracle 2020 in Regina in March. In the past four years the group has raised over $20,000 and would like to thank everyone that supports all the events they do through the year.

Kinsmen Telemiracle Win FRee FU Week el $25 D ly raw (wit

Gas & Diesel Confectionary Post Office

Lottery ATM

h 30 li tre fill )

DVD’s Coffee

he volunteer Foundation Board meets nine times per year to decide how to distribute the funds raised at Telemiracle. The next application deadlines are March 20, 2020, April 24, 2020 and June 5, 2020. The time to "Ring Those Phones" is fast approaching!

C onvenienCe every day of the week!



"Helping People Every Day"

306-683-5024 Fax: 306-683-6307

The ‘Countdown to Telemiracle 44’ show will take place in the lobby of the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina on March 7th, 2020, from 6:15 p.m. till 8:45 p.m. Watch it live streamed on Telemiracle's YouTube channel.

Telemiracle 44, the live telecast, will take place on the main stage of the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina from 9 p.m. on March 7th, 2020 till 5 p.m. on March 8th, 2020. It will be broadcast on CTV channels in Saskatchewan and live streamed on CTV Regina and CTV Saskatoon websites. Both shows are open to the public and admission is free! Mr. Jeffery Straker will present a cheque for $7014 on behalf of DELISLE AND DISTRICT around noon Sunday! Thank you ALL again for your continued support! Stay tuned for our up and coming fundraisers for Telemiracle 45.


March 2020

Happening in Borden in March March 6th, Friday

World Day of Prayer Service Radisson Lutheran Church - 2:00pm March 7th, Saturday

Borden Museum Roast Pork Supper and Silent Auction Borden Community Centre - 5:30pm March 11th, Wednesday

Borden Friendship Club Business Meeting - 1:00pm March 12th, Thursday

Jam Session

Borden Seniors Room - 7:00pm March 17th, Tuesday

St Patrick’s Day Luncheon Borden Seniors Club - 11:30am - 1:00pm March 17th, Tuesday

Kaiser Tournament Borden Seniors Room - 7:00pm March 18th, Wednesday

Cash Bingo

Borden Seniors Room - 7:00pm March 20th, Friday

Perogie and Ham Supper Borden Community Centre - 5:30 - 7:00pm March 21st, Saturday

Bowling Tournament Borden Action Bowl - 9:00am - 6:00pm March 21st, Saturday

Lions Governor Supper Borden Seniors Room - 6:00pm March 25th, Wednesday

Potluck Supper & Birthdays Borden Club Room - 5:45pm March 29th, Sunday

Church Service Cancelled Borden United Church - 1:30pm April 1st, Wednesday

School Supper & Talent Night Borden Community Centre - 5:30pm Every Tuesday

Church Services Borden Care Home - 3:00pm

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COMMUNITY REPORTS Delisle Vying for $10,000 Prize to help fund new Splash Park

Delisle is registered for the 2020 Saskatchewan Blue Cross Go Out & Play Challenge. The Challenge offers communities a chance to win $10,000 for a project that gets kids and families out to play. The community that moves most during the 10-day Challenge wins the grand prize. We want it to be us! We need everyone to help us win. We’re counting on residents, friends, neighbours and family members to get moving to win this year’s Challenge, March 1 – 10, 2020! Delisle plans to put the grand prize to good use. Donating all of the funds to the development of a Splash Park. It’s easy to participate and log your physical activity online. Here’s what you need to do every day of the Challenge: 1. Be physically active. Don’t forget walking, active play and chores like shoveling snow! 2. Log on to the Challenge website (challenge.saskatchewaninmotion.ca) Create a personal or family profile. 3. Log your minutes of physical activity to add to Delisle’s total every day. Both indoor and outdoor activities count! Don’t forget to log your Gym or Yoga time as well as children’s recess or sports activities. Local organizers are planning WinterFest in Delisle for March 8th to round off the challenge and provide more activity time. With outdoor skating, sledding, a scavenger hunt and more! Look for posters and social media updates! The Challenge is designed to encourage communities to think about the important role they play when it comes to providing opportunities for outdoor play. For more information, rules and regulations visit challenge.saskatchewaninmotion.ca. For great active games, go to Push2Play.ca! For more information or to find out how you can get involved contact: Billie Parker at 306-381-3202 or Delisle Recreation Association at 306-493-8283 P.S. Help us see your stories. Tag #GOAP2020 and #10KsoKidsCanPlay on social media!

Denim Day Workshop is March 7th Vanscoy & District Agricultural Society


enim Day will be held on March 7 from 8:30 am to 4 pm at Vanscoy Circle Hall.

Presented by the Vanscoy & District Agricultural Society and sponsored by the Delisle & District Arts Council, Denim Day is an exciting event where participants will get to learn and create practical items out of old denim. Patterns and demos of Shaggy Lap Quilts, Oven Mitts/Hot Pads, Rugs, Bibs, Casserole Carriers, and Denim Bags will be available throughout the day. Participants are asked to bring their sewing machine, sewing machine manual and any other sewing supplies. Lunch won't be provided but it is encourage that participants visit the Robin's Nest in town or bring a bagged lunch. Coffee will be provided throughout the day. A $20 fee will be charged at the door. If you have any questions or have any interest in getting involved, please contact Linda Wright (306 493 3023).

SAVE THAT JUNK ! Donate it to the Delisle - Vanscoy United Church

Garage Sale

FABRIC DONATIONS Wanted by the Delisle - Vanscoy United Church (Also Accepting Donations of Notions and Yarn)

Need by March 31 - Call 306-668-1312


Giant Fabric Sale

Vanscoy Circle Hall


April 18, 2020 Donations will be graciously received on Friday, April 17th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

April 18, 2020 Vanscoy Senior Centre

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March 2020




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March 6 Friday Langham Minor Soccer Registration Ends

March 10 Tuesday 7:00pm School Community Council Meeting Vanscoy School

March 17 Tuesday 5pm - 7pm St Patricks Stew Supper Knox United Church, Langham

March 25 Wednesday 6:30pm Outlook Co-op Annual Meeting Outlook Legion

March 6 Friday 2:00pm World Day of Prayer Radisson Lutheran Church

March 11 Wednesday 8:00pm Delisle Chiefs vs Royals - Game 7* Delisle Arena

March 17 Tuesday 5pm - 7pm St Patricks Stew Supper/Auction Asquith Elks Hall

March 27 Friday DEADLINE for submissions to April issue of RM REVIEW

March 6 Friday 7:45pm Delisle Chiefs @ Royals - Game 4 Rod Hamm Arena, Saskatoon

March 12 Thursday 7:00pm PLCSA Meeting Pike Lake Community Hall

March 17 Tuesday 6:30pm School Community Council Meeting Lord Asquith School

March 28 Saturday 7:00pm Texas Hold’em Tournament Pike Lake Community Hall

March 7 Saturday 5:30pm Roast Pork Supper & Silent Auction Borden Community Centre

March 14 Saturday 9:00am Men’s Breakfast Delisle Community Chapel

March 19 Thursday 3:45pm School Community Council Meeting Delisle Elementary School

March 30 Monday 7:00pm Drama Night Hanley Composite School

March 7 Saturday 7:45pm Delisle Chiefs vs Royals - Game 5* Delisle Arena

March 15 Sunday Directors Nominations Close Delisle Ag Co-op

March 19 & 20 7pm - 8pm Hunter/Firearms Course Registration Outlook Town Hall

March 31 Tuesday 7:00pm Dessert Theatre Hanley Composite School

March 8 Sunday 11am - 3pm Delisle Winterfest Harold Worth Park

March 15 Sunday 5:00pm St Patricks Supper/Auction/Bake Sale Delisle Town Hall

March 20 Friday 12pm - 1pm School & Community Feast Pike Lake School

April 1 Wednesday 5:30pm Borden School Supper & Talent Night Borden Community Centre

March 6 Sunday 7:45pm Delisle Chiefs @ Royals - Game 6* Rod Hamm Arena, Saskatoon

March 16 Monday 7:00pm Annual General Meeting Delisle Wheatland Library

March 22 Sunday 12:00pm “Down on the Farm” Skate Carnival Delisle Arena

April 2 Thursday 9am - 2pm Child Health Care Clinic Dundurn Community Hall

March 10 Tuesday 7:00pm Make a Living Will Presentation St Theresa’s Parish, Asquith

March 17 Tuesday 11:30am - 1:00pm St Patricks Day Luncheon Borden Seniors Club Room

March 25 Wednesday 5:00pm School Community Council Meeting Dundurn School

April 2 Thursday April issue of RM Review on News Stands Today

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March 2020

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n r a 65/year fo rice $ $50egular p -1312 R 8 -6 6 306

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