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ISummer Art Tours

magine loading up the SUV with friends or family for a warm weekend of interesting sights, people and conversations. Or perhaps a daytrip with the special people in your life to make memories. We all need some RnR...rest and relaxation? Or…River and Rail ArtVenture!

Now in its 4th year, River and Rail ArtVenture is a free, self-guided tour that encourages you to explore, indulge and create memories with our Makers in Elbow, Broderick and Outlook as well as rural venues nearby. Makers are the local artists, artisans and agricultural entrepreneurs who are ready to welcome you to their studios, show and explain what they are passionate about, and offer a wide variety of products you can take home with you.

This idea for this venture originated in 2018 and grew in response to the need to provide rural artists with a way to promote and develop their market in our South East Sask region. Volunteer developers Susan Robertson and Janet Akre had a vision to bring visitors from all over the province to experience the people and talent here. Tourism Saskatchewan provided key starting capital, recognizing the potential of the tour’s widespread draw. Since then, support has come from many partners and the tour has hosted many visitors from all over, rural and urban.

While the Makers and the towns they represent have varied each year, we are still committed to quality, development and support. This year, additions that we have embraced are live theatre, Indigenous artists, and Living Books at the Library. In each of our 19 venues, Makers will warmly welcome you.

The Tour takes place Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Start where you like and plan your own ArtVenture! Look for the venue signs and flags once you get close. For so much

more information, a map and a printable PDF brochure, check out the excellent website at www.riverandrailartventure.ca What else can you add to the weekend? There are golf courses, all that Lake Diefenbaker offers and homestyle restaurants. Stay overnight, spend an evening hiking, biking, or just relaxing around the campfire to the sounds of the prairie.

This is an immersion into the soul of West Central Saskatchewan.

If you have already been on the River and Rail ArtVenture, you know that this is no ordinary gallery tour.

If you haven’t, check it out online, on Facebook and on Instagram. Then come for the real deal on June 22-23. You’ll be glad you did!

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4th Annual River & Rail ArtVenture on June 22
23 Photography: ©2023 Available Light Photographic

Down the Road

ost people don’t go to Las Vegas for the skiing. But there is a ski hill there, Mount Charleston, which is less than an hours drive from the Vegas strip.

The Mount Charleston ski area doesn't much look like Banff or Jasper, it's not as developed, but Mount Charleston itself reaches to just shy of 12,000 feet (2,300 metres).

That's a tad higher than the highest peak in Banff and a tad lower than the highest peak in Jasper.

It’s the warm climate that is the main attraction of Las Vegas as an escape-fromwinter destination, that and the casinos, the shows and, perhaps not least, the party atmosphere.

However, Las Vegas is also attractive because of its many hiking opportunities, both on the mountains close by and in the desert all around it. And too, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon are right there on the doorstep.

I was passing these comments along to the radio station lady who was on the phone asking me if I’d been to Las Vegas before. She was asking as part of a contest that Mrs B had entered me in, a contest to win tickets to visit Las Vegas. The radio lady was calling to let me know that I was in the final draw.

The hook in the contest, if any additional incentive was needed, was that the trip would include tickets to see The Rolling Stones in concert.

And that was the pull for me.

Because I have seen the Stones in concert before - almost 60 years ago. (Seriously? Almost sixty years later and they are still at it? Wow.)

But a few things have changed since then. Some members of the band are gone. Brian Jones drowned in a swimming pool in 1969, only 27 years old.

Bill Wyman left the band in the early '90's after three decades as a founding member. (Now, at 88 he is still performing, just last year playing bass with the Stones on their 'Hackney Diamonds' album.)

Charlie Watts died only a few years ago, 2021, aged 80, still an official member of the group. He left behind a wife who died a bare year and a half later - maybe from a broken heart - she and Charlie had been married for 57 years.

The remaining members of the band are still going strong.

Ronnie Wood joined the band in 1975 when he was 28 years old - and now at age 77 he has almost 50 years in.

Keith Richards, a founding member of the band, looks younger today than he did in his heyday. Well, maybe not younger but certainly less close to death. The headband he currently sports, though, doesn’t exactly speak to his fashion sense having improved. But he’s rich and famous and has made it to 80 years of age -

June Happenings in Borden

none of which are feats to be taken lightly - so I’m pretty sure he sets the fashion rather than follows it.

And Mick Jagger is now Sir Michael Philip Jagger. Who could have figured that 60 years ago? Mick, becoming a knight of the British realm along with the likes of Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad.

Mick, however, has had a few more Guineveres to contend with. His most recent Guinevere is a much younger woman with whom he had a child a few years agoMick but a 73 old youngster at the time. And now he’s 80 years old and still rockin' and a rollin', rockin' and a reelin'. And touring.

(Where does he get the energy? My morning schedule goes more like: shower, breakfast, recovery nap.)

A few other things have changed in the last sixty years, too.

Those were the days, 60 years ago, when girls weren’t allowed to wear pants to school and boys were sent home with instructions to get a haircut if their hair was too long.

And when the Beatles came on the scene, more boys were sent home for being so radical as to show up with Beatles-cut bangs.

But there was nothing radical about the Beatles (except for their popularity)they wore suits on stage and generally stood still like you were supposed to (unless, of course, you were Elvis).

The Beatles were more or less main-stream, just four young guys singing songs of innocence like "I want to hold your hand" and "Please, Mr. Postman".

Then, right on their heels, came the edgy, counter-culture Rolling Stones. They didn’t wear suits - reputedly, they would sleep in their clothes the night before a concert to promote their "grunge" look. And they deliberately eschewed the innocence of hand-holding and the writing of love letters. The sexual innuendo of “(I can’t get no) satisfaction” and "Let's spend the night together" was the subject of much adolescent tittering and leering.

And Mick didn’t stand still when he performed - he would be prancing and dancing, cavorting and gyrating, in constant motion, putting on a show, him and the rest of the gang - scruffily clad and singing off-colour lyrics.

And now here we are today, 60 years later and Mick is still a man in motion and the Stones are still performing, still a headline act.

So, maybe things have changed in the last 60 years, maybe even some for the better, but somehow it's gratifying to know some things haven't changed - at least not unrecognizably so.

Anyway, it turns out that I didn't win the contest - too bad because I would have liked to see Mick and the guys again. But maybe that's just as well - the concert doesn't even start until after my bedtime.

Sir Mick and Keith and Ronnie will be there though - still rockin', still rollin’. Still standing.

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Las Vegas And The Stones
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Submitted by local Council Administrators. Ask your local Council to send us your monthly report.


Town Council held its regular council meeting on May 8, 2024. Attending was Mayor Gail Erhart, and Councillors Jackie Stobbe, Darcy Stack, Pete Heck, Cecilia Mryglod, and Wade Monks-Janzen. Also attending was C.A.O. Kathy Picketts and Office Assistant Kaila Montgomerie. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Erhart at 6:28 p.m.

A resolution was made to accept the council minutes from the April 10, 2024, regular council meeting.

Council made a motion to accept the April 2024 financials and April 2024 bank reconciliation as presented to them at the meeting.

Accounts Paid in the amount of $26,453.13 and Accounts Payable of $58,389.20 was accepted as presented.

Spring Clean Up will take place again on May 25 and 26, 2024 with Loraas having bins out for Town of Asquith residents to dispose of large

waste. The old landfill will be open on Saturday, May 25 for clean waste disposal.

A curbside swap will take place on May 23 and 24, 2024. Place any clean, usable, and unwanted items at the curbside clearly marked as “FREE”. The Asquith Fire Department will be hosting their annual Pig Roast/Show and Shine and Dance on June 8, 2024, in the Town of Asquith.

There will be a Canada Day Celebration on July 1, 2024, in the Town of Asquith. More details of this event will be forthcoming.

A reminder goes out to all individuals that the Town of Asquith has a Burning Bylaw which dictates that one can have a fire in town for recreational use only. Only clean wood/firewood can be burned in your fire pits - no painted/treated wood, refuse, leaves, etc. should be burned. Be kind to your neighbor and to the environment and burn only clean wood materials. Also, no bonfires are allowed - please keep the size of your backyard fires moderate.


Town Council held a regular meeting on May 14th. The Town hired Stevenson Industrial Registration Ltd. to convert the arena ice plant from R22 to R449A refrigerant at an estimated cost of $40,000. R22 refrigerant is no longer made and is extremely expensive. Switching to a different refrigerant will buy some time before replacement of the ice plant becomes absolutely necessary.

A new Recreation Association Bylaw was passed to address some minor housekeeping items.

BBQ Rentals


RM OF CORMAN PARK - June 17, 9:00am

RM OF DUNDURN - June 18, 8:00am

RM OF EAGLE CREEK - June 11, 9:00am

RM OF HARRIS - June 12, 8:00am

RM OF MCCRANEY - June 13, 8:00am

RM OF MILDEN - June 12, 9:00am

RM OF MONTROSE - June 13, 8:00am

RM OF PERDUE - June 11, 9:00am

RM OF ROSEDALE - June 11, 8:00am

RM OF RUDY - June 12, 6:00pm

RM OF VANSCOY - June 13, 9:00am

TOWN OF ASQUITH - June 12, 7:00pm

TOWN OF BIGGAR - June 4 & 18, 7:15pm

TOWN OF DELISLE - June 11, 7:00pm

TOWN OF DUNDURN - June 11, 5:30pm

TOWN OF HANLEY - June 10, 7:00pm

TOWN OF LANGHAM - June 10 & 24, 6:30pm

TOWN OF OUTLOOK - June 12 & 26, 7:00pm

TOWN OF RADISSON - June 19, 7:00pm

TOWN OF ZEALANDIA - June 9, 4:00pm

VILLAGE OF BORDEN - June 11, 7:00pm

VILLAGE OF BRODERICK - June 12, 7:00pm

VILLAGE OF CONQUEST - June 11, 7:00pm

VILLAGE OF GLENSIDE - June 12, 7:30pm

VILLAGE OF HARRIS - June 12, 7:00pm

VILLAGE OF KENASTON - June 11, 7:00pm

VILLAGE OF KINLEY - June 11, 6:30pm

VILLAGE OF MILDEN - June 19, 7:30pm

VILLAGE OF PERDUE - June 18, 7:30pm

VILLAGE OF VANSCOY - June 11, 7:30pm

Regular Council meetings are open to any and all members of the public. COVID restrictions may apply. Dates may change. Check with local Councils.

RM Review 4 June 2024 www.rmreview.net
Town of Delisle 2023 Financial Statements
Hosting a Large Event this Summer ? Rent Locally and Save Money Call Robin’s Nest Cafe 306 - 931 - 6996

MP Report

Pause the Carbon Tax

Iam joining Pierre Poilievre and the Common Sense Conservatives in calling on Justin Trudeau to pause the carbon tax, the federal gas tax, and the GST for the summer to bring some desperately needed relief for Canadians.

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are being forced to cancel their summer vacations as the Liberals’ tax-and-spend agenda has made even a simple road trip unaffordable. Parents can barely afford basic necessities, much less a summer vacation.

Families will have to pay $700 more for food this year than they did in 2023. Last year, food banks had to handle a record 2 million visits in a single month, with a million more visits expected in 2024. Homeless encampments are common in every city across Canada.

In the middle of this historic cost-of-living crisis, Trudeau and his NDP coalition partners decided to hike the carbon tax by 23 percent. This is just one step in his plan to quadruple the carbon tax over the next six years, making everything more expensive at the worst possible time. In fact, since Trudeau became Prime Minister, gas prices have surged by more than 50%.

Kelly Block MP May 21, 2024

The independent Parliamentary Budget Officer has confirmed that most families pay more in the carbon tax than they receive in the rebate.

This year, Trudeau’s carbon tax will cost Saskatchewan families an extra $2618.

My Conservative colleagues and I are calling on Trudeau to give Canadians a break this summer by axing the carbon tax, the gas tax, and the GST between Victoria Day and Labour Day so families can afford to take a simple summer vacation.

This will save Saskatchewan families $860 this summer.

Conservatives will axe the tax on everything for everyone in a carbon tax election, but until that can happen, Trudeau must adopt this common sense measure to give Canadians a break this summer.

Kelly Block, MP www.kellyblockmp.ca


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Rural Municipality of Harris No. 316 FOR SALE BY TENDER

1979 John Deere 4240 Tractor

•Two wheel drive

•Dual PTO

•No three point hitch

•No front end loader and has never had one

•18x4x38 rear tires and 10.00-16 front tires

•Approximately 12,000 hours

Tenders to be submitted to the RM of Harris No. 316 municipal office via email at rmharris316@gmail.com or at the office directly by 4:00 pm on Thursday, June 6th, 2024.

Available for viewing at the RM of Harris No. 316 municipal shop and further information can be obtained by calling Foreman Mike Moskalyk at 306-493-7012. Pictures available upon request.

Rural Municipality of Harris No. 316 FOR SALE BY TENDER

1958 D-7 Caterpillar Bulldozer

•In running order

Tenders to be submitted to the RM of Harris No. 316 municipal office via email at rmharris316@gmail.com or at the office directly by 4:00 pm on Thursday, June 6th, 2024.

Available for viewing at the RM of Harris No. 316 municipal shop and further information can be obtained by calling Foreman Mike Moskalyk a 306-493-7012. Pictures available upon request.

Town of Asquith 2023 Financial Statements

RM Review 5 June 2024 www.rmreview.net

Eagle Creek Kids Fishing Derby

June 2, 10am -3pm Free for kids under 15 Prizes, Hotdogs, drinks Eagle Creek Regional Park

Free Park Pass Program at Wheatland Regional Libraries

rom May 17 to September 15, 2024 anyone with a valid library card can

a pass from any

seven-day access to nearly 100 regional parks across the province. The program has been a hit with campers. The 2023 passes were circulated over 7,000 times!

RM Review 6 June 2024 www.rmreview.net June 2024 Events Calendar Your Summer ‘STAY-cation’ Your guide to some of the local June activities and destinations. Send us your July events today Enter to WIN our ‘STAY-Cation’ Package Enter at www.rmreview.net or Scan Code Details on Page 3 Submission Deadline for July RM Review July RM Review in Mailboxes RM Review STAY-Cation Draw RM Review Father’s Day Bonus Draw Taco Salad Thursday Robin’s Nest Cafe Taco Salad Thursday Robin’s Nest Cafe Delisle Co-op Friday BBQ’s Delisle Co-op Friday BBQ’s Merrill School Garage Sale Access Comm. BBQ in Outlook 11 - 1 Access Comm. BBQ in Rosetown 11 - 1 Borden Farmer’s Market Fridays 10-3 Dusty Wheels Road Kill Cruise - Rosetown Day of Destruction Dundurn 1pm Borden Farmer’s Market Fridays 10-3 Borden Farmer’s Market Fridays 10-3 FATHER’S DAY Pike Lake Fun Run Big Mur’s Fish Fry Excell Tire Car Show - Biggar Big Mur’s Sunday Deck Tunes 2-6 Donavon Field Day Langham Days Dalmeny Days Delisle Hazardous Waste Day 1pm-6pm Big Mur’s $2 Burger Big Mur’s $2 Burger Canada Day Tomorrow Big Mur’s $2 Burger Biggar Town & Country Fair Eagle Creek Jamboree Big Mur’s Fish Fry Perdue Garage Sale ECWF Fish Derby Asquith Fire Dept. Car Show/Pig Roast Bingo Milden Hall 7pm Crochet Club Biggar Library 6-9 pm Sonningdale Seniors Lounge Pie/Coffee 2-4 Sonningdale Seniors Lounge Pie/Coffee 2-4 Sonningdale Seniors Lounge Pie/Coffee 2-4 Sonningdale Seniors Lounge Pie/Coffee 2-4 Crochet Club Biggar Library 6-9 pm Couples Night Rosetown Golf Course Vanscoy Seniors Potluck Supper 5:30 Crochet Club Biggar Library 6-9 pm Crochet Club Biggar Library 6-9 pm Quilting Club Biggar Library 1-3 pm
Hall 7pm FIRST DAY OF SUMMER Borden Diefenbaker Daze Outlook Junk to Gem Pike Lake Art Tour River & Rail ArtVenture Highway 60 (Pike Lake Highway) - Just South off Highway 7 10:00am - 5:00pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Mondays F
Bingo Milden
library and enjoy free

‘STAY-cation’ Nature Activities

Calling all Private Eyes!

Spring is Here and It’s Time to NatureWatch!

With all the little ninjas and private eyes in and around their yards this spring, the coming weeks will be a perfect time to get them engaged in NatureWatch! This citizen science project gives public of all ages an opportunity to learn about their environment while contributing to a data set that scientists need to monitor and protect it. This data is being used to add to our knowledge of the effects of climate change and other impacts on biodiversity.

People of all ages and skill sets can participate in NatureWatch. The four programs allow you to participate at your own pace and chosen locations, even in your own backyard. While the monitoring protocols are scientifically rigorous, they are quick and easy to follow, and cater to beginner and expert alike. Some of the NatureWatch programs are PlantWatch, FrogWatch, and WormWatch.

PlantWatch participants observe the first bloom, mid bloom and leaf out of 18 native or 2 non-native plants in their area.

Observations of a plant at the same location over many years will help us understand how climate change is affecting the blooming times of specific plants in Saskatchewan.

FrogWatch participants listen for toad and frog calls during mating season in the springtime.

TFrogs and toads can be used as indicator species of a healthy environment, because they are vulnerable to changes in the atmosphere, the land, or the water. By participating in this program you will help increase our knowledge of frogs and toads in Canada.

WormWatch participants record how many and what species of earthworms are located at their site. The number of worms in a specific volume of earth can tell us a lot about how the habitat is being managed, because earthworms are very sensitive to soil disturbance.

All of these monitoring programs can be found on the website www.naturewatch.ca For more information on how to participate follow Nature Saskatchewan on Facebook and Instagram.

You can email Rebecca rmagnus@naturesask.ca

Happy NatureWatching !

Rebecca Magnus, Conservation & Education Manager, Nature Saskatchewan

10th Annual Back 40 Show & Shine in Delisle

his July marks the 10th annual Back 40 Show & Shine in Delisle. The Back 40 Show & Shine started as part of the Delisle Days and Rodeo in 2014. The show was located at the AGT arena parking lot, and soon after, out grew that location. In 2017 the show moved to 2nd Street East in front of the schools. When the Delisle Days Committee decided to join the Vanscoy Ag Society to create Fall Fest with a later September date, the Back 40 Show & Shine decided to go out on it's own to keep the July date to due to it's popularity among the local car community. With the continued growth of the show, in 2021 the Show & Shine moved to 1st Street West in front of the business allowing the local stores to add to the experience of the Show & Shine. The largest attendance was in 2023 with 172 vehicles registered that day. What sets

this show apart from most, is that Back 40 Embroidery designs a new logo every year and imprints the logo on t-shirts, hoodies, blankets, cups and hats. These items are given away, as door prizes, to each person who registers a vehicle. As mentioned the logo is unique to each show, used on the poster and on the door prizes. The very first show did not have it's car on the poster, so it was decided to have the 2014 logo to come back for the 2024 show. This car has special significance to the owners of Back 40 Embroidery, a 1956 Ford Fairlane that was owned and restored by one of the owners of Back 40 Embroidery's father. This years show is set for Saturday, July 13th, 2024.

RM Review 7 June 2024 www.rmreview.net Farmers Market Borden Community Centre Fridays 10am - 3pm

Donavon Community Club Field Day

The Donavon Community Club's 3rd Annual Field day will take place on June 22nd this year and once again, it has grown!

The Field Day consists of a Show & Shine, Tradeshow, Kids Zone, Slo-pitch Tournament, Silent Auction, Concession and Beer Garden and this year it has expanded to include The Redneck Olympics which consists of events for 4 person teams. Another extra event will be the Live Window Auction, while the old windows weren't working for the needs of the school, they will definitely work for other people.

OThis day is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Community Club with all money raised going into the Donavon School Repairs and Restoration Fund. Over the past 2 years the committee has managed to raise enough money to replace the windows and do some MUCH needed interior painting and cleaning all while providing a great atmosphere for the community to meet and catch up.

This year's Donavon Field Day is sure to be the best yet and always offers something for the entire family!

Submitted by Allison Nelson

Para Athlete Colette Bourgonje Speaks to DES Students

n May 8, 2024, the Delisle Elementary School in conjunction with the school Student Community Council had the honour of hosting guest speaker Colette Bourgonje, who spoke to the kids about physical diversity, inclusion, and the importance of a positive attitude. Colette’s story is one of inspiration and determination. A car accident in 1980 altered her life forever, when she suffered injuries which left her lower body paralyzed, a mere two months before graduation. Colette quickly adapted and committed to rehabilitation, while continuing her studies at the University of Saskatchewan, where she became the first person to graduate from her college in a wheelchair. After graduation, Colette worked as an elementary physical education and classroom teacher for Saskatoon Public Schools, while training and competing on a national and international level. As a committed and determined athlete, she quickly climbed the ranks in Para Nordic event and has had a career of trailblazing for para athletes. With six winter Paralympic medals, 4 summer Paralympic medals, multiple World Championship and World Cup medals, her career was remarkable in its diversity and longevity. At the Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2010, Colette won silver and bronze medals in cross country skiing, putting her name in the history books as the first-ever Canadian to win a Paralympic medal on home snow. Colette is one of Canada’s most prolific Paralympians and she understands the athlete experience and value of sport. She has been an instrumental member of the Canadian sport community for decades, and a pioneer in Saskatchewan sport, never hesitating to give back to her community and share her experi-

PExciting news from the Delisle and Area Angel Tree

roviding food security for everyone in our community year-round has long been a goal for the Angel Tree. We have now partnered with the Delisle Pharmacy to create a Community Pantry to make this goal a reality!

The Pantry is located in the foyer of the Pharmacy and open when the Pharmacy is open. The goal is to always have some non-perishables available for anyone that needs it, because we want everyone in our community to have access to food.

So, if times are tough and your pantry shelves are empty, please stop by and grab what you need to make yourself or your family a meal. And on the other hand, if your Pantry is full, please donate and drop off a few items.

The Pantry has been open for a few weeks already and we want to thank everyone that have already contributed

with donations, and also a big thank you to everyone that have used this service. We really appreciate everyone that needs it using it- and using it respectfully taking what they need, but also leaving lots for others in need. We restock the shelves occasionally, but the shelves aren’t monitored constantly, so everyone needs to check expiry dates themselves, and for now this is only for shelf stable non-perishables.

A huge Thank you to Connie and the Delisle Pharmacy for offering this space for the community! We encourage everyone to check out the Pantry and the Pharmacy - and please support this amazing local business in our community!

If you have suggestions or questions for the Pantry, we can be reached at delisleangeltree@gmail.com or through our pages on Facebook and Instagram.

ences. A strong female leader, Colette believes in active living and has worked to promote healthy lifestyles and providing opportunities for people – especially children and those with disabilities – to be active.

"Congratulations on building an accessible playground that will serve generations of students now and in the future. Who knows maybe the child that gets a chance to play on this playground may become the next Paralympian/Teacher."

Colette Bourgonje

Colette talked to the students about having a positive attitude especially during difficult times. Her story is an example of commitment in the face of adversity and is inspiring to all members of the community. The Delisle Elementary School SCC has an Ableism & Disability Awareness Subcommittee. Its vision is to help make students aware of the pervasiveness of ableism within our society and not accept this as the status quo. The goal is to develop an awareness and understanding of disability and diversity within the school, community and beyond.

If you are interested in being apart of this initiative and/or would like to donate to the building of the accessible playground please contact Delisle Elementary School.

Delisle Elementary School Playground Equipment

Delisle Elementary School is fundraising to build an accessible and inclusive playground for our community to enjoy for years to come. The community of Delisle has a storied history around athletics and activity. This is evident in the names of our parks, the pictures on the walls in our community centers, and the stories we pass on to our children. With all we have accomplished, we are also a community that continues to give back to future generations.

Delisle Elementary School (DES) is full of this history as well. Students tell stories that their parents have told them about their experiences at the school as they make their own memories. Part of this history and many of these stories center around the playground at the elementary school. As a growing school, our playground equipment is becoming outdated and unable to meet the needs of all our students, especially those with limited mobility.

They are looking to add a new structure and groundwork so that all students and children in the community can use this space re-

Eagle Creek Wildlife Federation

Eagle Creek Wildlife Federation held their annual Awards Banquet & Dance Fund Raiser on March 28 at Perdue Complex. There were great prizes, awards and delicious supper. Our annual Fish fry was April 28 at the Asquith Elks hall. There was good attendance, great fish and desserts that were enjoyed by all. We even sold some frozen fish from a northern lake.

Our next function is The Kids Fishing Derby at Eagle Creek Regional

Park, June 2 from 10am to 3pm. Free for kids 15 and under. Prizes to be won. Free drink and hot dog. Adults can fish if they have a fishing licence. No day charge at the Park gate for those that are fishing.

Our mandate is... “The wise use and management of all natural resources. The preservation of habitate for all species of fish and wildlife”.

Submitted by Karen Duguid ECWF Asquith

gardless of ability. The playground will include structures that are low enough to the ground that students with mobility limitations can access the equipment. In addition, the ground surrounding the playground will be made of a material where it is easy for all students to move around on to access all parts of the playground. Our school community is starting a campaign to raise funds and awareness for this inclusive space. We are looking for local businesses to offer financial support in exchange for signage on the playground. We have had generous donations from our the great people and businesses in and around Delisle and we are just over halfway to our goal. We would love to partner with you to help grow our amazing community. For more information, contact Delisle Elementary School, or email us at desplaygroundfundraiser@gmail.com

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Crop Report For the Period of May 14 - 20, 2024

Producers made considerable progress with seeding after many regions experienced delays due to rainfall. Currently, 56 per cent of the 2024 crop is in the ground. This is up from 32 per cent seeded last week, but behind the five-year average of 76 per cent and the 10-year average of 74 per cent.

Producers in the southwest, northwest and southeast are most complete at 64 per cent, 63 per cent and 61 per cent respectfully. The east-central region is 54 per cent complete, followed by the northeast and west-central regions at 48 per cent and 47 per cent.

Rainfall occurred in much of the province at varying amounts over the past week. The highest reported rainfall was in the Mossbank area at 58 mm, followed by the Meadow Lake and Choiceland areas at 52 mm and 51 mm. Although the rain has helped replenish topsoil moisture levels and improve growing conditions, many producers are hopeful for a pause in rainfall to allow seeding progress to continue.

Topsoil moisture conditions continue to improve across much of the province with the recent rainfall. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated at six per cent surplus, 89 per cent adequate and five per cent short. Hayland topsoil moisture is reported at three per cent surplus, 85 per cent adequate, 11 per cent short and one per cent very short. Similarly, pasture topsoil moisture is rated at three per cent surplus, 83 per cent adequate, 12 per cent short and two per cent very short.

“Duke” Bueckert 306-291-9675 Alvin Busby 306-227-0575 Alan Jackson 306-961-5682


(cull cows & bulls)

(Owner) 306-221-2106

Early seeded crops are beginning to emerge throughout the province with good emergence reported overall. Crop development is in the normally expected range for this time of year but seeding delays due to rainfall and cooler temperatures have slowed development in some regions of the province.

Producers are continuing to monitor pasture conditions while moving cattle. Currently, pasture conditions are rated as 12 per cent excellent, 55 per cent good, 26 per cent fair, six per cent poor and one per cent very poor across the province.

As crop emergence continues, producers are diligent in monitoring for any damage to their crops. Most of the crop damage this week was due to frost, minor flooding, wind and hail.

Although not widespread, some producers have reported crop damage due to cutworms, wireworms and flea beetles.

As the weather allows, producers will be busy continuing with seeding operations, herbicide applications, moving cattle to pasture and brandings.

Producers are reminded to keep safety top of mind while working. For any crop or livestock questions, producers are encouraged to call the Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Toll Free: 1-866-457-2377.

RM Review 10 June 2024 www.rmreview.net 2 Bay Car & Truck Wash Groceries & Confectionary Gas Pumps & Card Lock Propane & Bulk Fuel 306 - 493 - 2212 Delisle Full Service Pumps Pay at the Pump Option Available Monday - Friday: 6am - 10pm Saturday - Sunday: 7am - 10pm NEW Vanscoy Location Full Service Mon - Fri 6am - 8pm Sat - Sun 8am - 8pm BUYING ALL CLASSES OF FEEDER & CULL CATTLE Pat
Denise Ward RM of Milden No. 286 Agent for Please contact me to discuss your Hail Insurance needs (306) 935-2181 rm286@sasktel.net Adrienne Urban RM of Harris No. 316 Agent for (306) 656-2072 (office) (306) 831-9298 (cell)
306-961-5198 Spencer Fox 306-361-9701 Lyal Fox
Deryl Miller
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“Serving the Community Since 1983” TANK PUMPING & TOILET RENTAL Darrell, Penny & Chad Starling Office Cell 306 - 493 - 2241 306 - 370 - 2009 STARLING’S SEPTIC darrelpenny@sasktel.net
RM Review 11 June 2024 www.rmreview.net Trenching & Waterworks Sand - Gravel - Topsoil 306 - 230 - 4653 Sparlyn Organic Farm 306 - 668 - 4216 Certified Organic Beef Halves, Quarters, Custom Packages Samples Available Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Advertise Your Business in this Space starting at only $49 Call 306 - 668 - 1312 mail@rmreview.net 306 - 283 - 4406 SK Sew Kleen Septic Tank Pumping Septic Repairs Hydrovac Services Like us on Facebook for Information and Updates Visit our NEW Webstore https://delislevet.clientvantage.ca Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic Located on Highway 7 service road in Delisle, SK #300 2nd Street East PO Box 246 Delisle, SK S0L 0P0 Wheel Chair Accessible Medicine General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Dentistry In-clinic Laboratory Digital X-ray Digital Dental X-ray Ultrasound Therapeutic Laser Therapy Nutritional Consultation Canine Reproduction “The Knee Clinic” Call for after hours Emergency Service NEW HOURS 9am - 5pm Mon - Sat Sand & Gravel Spreading Hauling Ken Klassen RR1 Box 15 Delisle, SK S0L 0P0 Bus. (306) 493-7579 Fax. (306) 493-8135 ken@klassentrenching.com S ANDYRIDGE B AKERY & C AFE Grandora 306 - 668 - 4362 Gas, Premium & Diesel / Confectionary Grocery / ATM / Post Office Thank you for 17 years of support ! New Owners, Matt & Joyce, starting December 1st Monday - Friday 6:30am - 8:00pm Sat, Sun, Holidays 8:00am - 8:00pm unless posted otherwise “Your Window to the Entertainment World” SATELLITE+ Residential Commercial Darcy Stack Journeyman Electrician 306 - 229 - 3813 306 - 237 - 7671 Troy May owner/operator tmay@hotmail.ca Super B outfits hauling grain and fertilizer in Alberta and Saskatchewan W W Rock & Gravel Office 306-329-4768 Cell 306-222-6095 A Division of Rice Lake Sand & Gravel FOR ALL YOUR SAND & GRAVEL NEEDS CORMAN PARK VETERINARY SERVICE DR.H. DOMOSLAI AND ASSOCIATES All clinics after hours emergency: (306) 227-8062 Large Animal Pharmaceuticals and Appointments Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm Office: (306) 343-5773 Text: (306) 260-6729 dorrie.cpvs@gmail.com Corman Park Phone: (306) 384-7676 Small Animal Services Including 24 Hour Emergency Services Clinic Hours: Monday - 8am - 5pm Tuesday - 8am - 7pm Wednesday - 8am - 5pm Thursday - 8am - 7pm Friday - 8am - 7pm Saturdays - 9am - 4pm NOW OPEN - Biggar Vet Clinic 501 - 1st Ave East, Biggar, SK Biggar Phone: (306) 948-3642 cormanparkvet@gmail.com PIKE LAKE LAWN & GARDEN FOR ALL YOUR SMALL ENGINE SALES, SERVICE, PARTS & REPAIRS Phone: 306 - 221 - 8558 Email: wattdave530@gmail.com Dave Watt Battery Powered - 56 Volt 5 Year Warranty www.egopowerplus.com Spring Sale Pricing on Now !! Residential Commercial and Farm Bucket Van Equip Rental & Land Locating Services now Available Call us today at (306) 260-7063 rl_electric@outlook.com www.rl-electric.ca The RM Review CONTEST Enter FREE on Page 3


Providing Safe and Adequate Housing to Individuals and Families in need. For more Information regarding availability and qualifications:

Call/Text Sue Stene 306-370-6306


Jeanie’s Place in Delisle

Short/Long term accommodations

$300/week or $1100/month All taxes & fees included.

Darrell call/text 306-717-0841

Brent call/text 306-380-9664

Delisle Agricultural Co-op Delisle 306-493-2212

Innovative Ag Performance Group Ltd. (IAP)

Ag Retail & Custom Seed Treating Services Delisle 306-493-3167 www.innovative-ag.ca

Orchard Transport - Ag Div. Delisle 306-493-2406

Richardson Pioneer Delisle 306-493-1500 www.richardsonpioneer.ca

Flo-Gate simple solution for managing the movement of grain or fertilizer Delisle 306-493-7409 www.flo-gate.ca On

Jerry's J&L Frame and Alignment

The Shop for a Second Opinion! SGI certified, we offer wheel alignments, frame straightening, and more! 626 Weldon Avenue Saskatoon 306-934-3634 www.jandlframe.com

Chanda Massage & Reflexology

Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexology and Reiki Healer Borden 306-717-8704


Kristi Done Massage Therapy Call or Text to Book Vanscoy 306-292-9473


Shania Meyer Registered Massage Therapy Find me on Facebook or website shaniameyermassagetherapy.ca

Direct billing & online booking Borden 306-768-4252


Delisle Veterinary Service Delisle 306-493-3143

Eagle Creek Veterinary Services Rosetown 306-831-8387 After Hours 306-831-9222

eaglecreekvet@gmail.com www.eaglecreekvet.ca Outlook Veterinary Clinic Outlook 306-867-8777


GED Painting & Decorating European Designs Delisle/Vanscoy 306-229-8743 eugenegrenier8@gmail.com

Hillbillie Painting Biggar, Rosetown, Outlook, Delisle 306-381-3202 4bparker@gmail.com

Health Foods

Darla Christopher Independent Epicure Consultant Delisle 306-493-2933 dsdt@ sasktel.net text 306-291-0298

Kristi Done Independent Epicure Consultant Vanscoy 306-292-9473 kristidone.epicure.com

OLD MIKE’S Raw Prairie Honey FRESH HONEY... READY ! Wildflower/Dandelion & Canola 2023 Food Safe Certification Pike Lake 306-384-3092 mikesbees@sasktel.net

Home Care

Lawn & Garden

Pike Lake Lawn & Garden

Sales, Service, Parts, Rentals Pike Lake 306-221-8558

Kenny’s Cultivating Professional Garden Tilling Asquith, Delisle, Vanscoy, Pike Lake & surrounding Farms & Acreages

36” Rear-tiller Tractor Book your Garden Today Call or Text 306-281-4111

Burwell Trenching & Electrical Asquith 306-220-4377 bte20@outlook.com

Econo Septic & Sewer Services

Pump septic tanks, mud sumps, car wash, commercial/industrial tanks. Unplug sewer lines, replace and repair pumps, switches, alarms. 24-hour emergency service Saskatoon 306-384-6662 Econoseptic.ca

Links Water & Septic Services Certified septic design/consulting. Acreage water/septic install and repair, water testing/treatment and septic system maintenance. Vanscoy 306-493-2410 24Hrs Linksbackhoe.com Graham Contracting Asquith 306-230-4653 Klassen Trenching Delisle 306-493-7579 Starlings Septic Services Delisle 306-493-2241 darrelpenny@sasktel.net

Sew Kleen Hydro-vacing & Septic Asquith 306-283-4406

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Demand Ranch Hand Farm,
Services Ranch hand
contract hire
Grocery Schneider’s Gourmet World Neuanlage 306-225-5764 Massage Therapy
Acreage, Homestead
438 -
- 6986 taylorjwood213@yahoo.com
Gas / Confectionary Insurance Delisle Ag Co-op Delisle and Vanscoy Locations 306-493-2212
Bakery & Cafe Grandora 306-668-4362 Prairie Centre Insurance Harris 306-656-4555 HUB International Delisle 306-493-2260 Westland Insurance Vanscoy 306-668-2181 Financial Restaurants Roofing/Exteriors Real Estate Robin’s Nest Cafe Vanscoy 306-931-6996 Sandyridge Bakery & Cafe Grandora 306-668-4362 Prairie Centre Credit Union A full service financial institution that was born on the prairies. We are Saskatchewan’s largest rural based credit union and profits earned here, stay here. Members are owners which makes it highly motivating for us to help them achieve financial success at home. Delisle Branch: 1-306-493-2414 Harris Branch: 1-306-656-4466 Website: www.pccu.ca Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. 330 - 20th St. E. Saskatoon Norma Sparrow 306-242-1188 Veterinary Biggar Vet Clinic 501 - 1st Avenue East Biggar 306 - 948 - 3642 Corman Park Vet Services Hwy #14 (SLS) 306-384-7676
Gravel / Sand Graham Contracting Topsoil also available Asquith 306-230-4653 Klassen Trenching Delisle 306-493-7579 W.W. Rock & Gravel Asquith 306-329-4768
Delisle Housing
Avery's Guitar Shop Certified Luthier, Instrument Repair, Recording Studio, Music Lessons Sovereign (306) 250-2297
Diamond Counselling Services Accepting Adult/Family Clients Langham 306-283-4670 Counselor PreSchool Pike Lake Preschool Pike Lake 306-978-8164 Early Learning Centers Vanscoy 306-668-6338 Delisle 306-493-6338 Asquith
Shoreline Realty 306-867-8380
Digger’ Painting Serving
RM Review distribution area Delisle
306-329-6338 Apex Home Inspections
in Rural Property 306 - 371 - 6939 dbohle50@gmail.com Dwein Trask Realty Inc. Dwein Trask 306-221-1035 Office 306-653-4100 RE/MAX
/ 1-844-838-SOLD www.remax-shorelinerealty.com
all communities in the
Hairstylist / Beauty RODAN + FIELDS Lisa
MacSymetz Hair Salon Vanscoy (Text) 306-371-6018 Government Jim Reiter, MLA 215 Main Street, Rosetown 1-855-762-2233 Kelly Block, MP 4 - 309 Main Street, Rosetown 1-306-882-6447 Pet Care Animal InnSpaRations Delisle 306-493-3143 Bark Place Dog Grooming Spa Delisle 306-491-9335 Embroidery Back 40 Embroidery Delisle 493-3033/493-2751 Duct Cleaning Ace Air Vac Harris 306-850-1045 robindashney@gmail.com Advertising Specialties ARQ Custom Concepts Screen Printing, Embroidery, Promotional Products 306 - 381 - 3731 Whole Wheat Web DESIGN Affordable and practical website design and maintenance services for small business, community groups and families since 2005. Delisle 306-493-3023 mail@wholewheatwebdesign.ca Website Design Just Clean Vanscoy 306-491-5769 teresalindalziel@gmail.com Cleaning Service Borden Care Home Borden 306-997-2266 bordencarehome@gmail.com Care Home Yardwork / Excavation Barney’s Bobcat Vanscoy 306-270-4353 Big Country Landscaping & Maintenance Delisle 306 - 203 - 6618 big country.ltd@gmail.com Klassen Trenching Delisle 306-493-7579 Links Backhoe & Skid Steer Service Vanscoy 306-493-2410 Construction Sharpening Firearms Safety Courses RixEdge Sharpening Services Saskatoon 306-270-8048 Dignity Home Care Solutions Brandi Orth 306-230-0026 athomecaregiving@outlook.com Canadian Firearms Safety Courses/PAL Pete Heck -20 Years Experience as Firearms Officer Asquith 306-914-6677 pheck57@gmail.com Northern Plains Equipment Repair Ag & Heavy Duty Asquith 306-496-7100 Agricultural Mechanic Garden / Yard Like A Rock Grandora 306-382-3978 Hammertime Roofing Roofing, siding, fascia, soffit, eavestrough Serving Rural Saskatchewan 306-262-7663 Fashions Dee Anna’s Boutique Delisle 306-493-2401 Designs by Nancy Durham Vanscoy 306 - 370 - 4949 Painting / Decorating Release Equine Horse tack, pet apparel and accessories. Shop online: releaseequine.com Email for more information: ReleaseEquine@hotmail.com Online Shopping Music Electrical & Satellite ATL Electric & Heating Complete Electrical and Heating Service Vanscoy 306-493-2410 24Hrs BTE Trenching & Electrical 306-220-4377 or 306-220-5500 Asquith bte20@outlook.com R + L Electric Industrial, Commercial and Residential 24 HR Emergency Service Saskatoon and Area 306-260-7063 www.rl-electric.ca SATELLITE + Electrical Troubleshooting and Service - Licensed & Bonded Asquith 306-229-3813 Bookkeeping Prairie Sun Bookkeeping Vanscoy 306-230-1522 prairiesunorchard@sasktel.net Golf Valleyview Golf & Country Club Delisle 306-493-3288 Plumbing & Heating ATL Electric & Heating Complete plumbing & gasfitting Vanscoy 306-493-2410 24Hrs Taylor Mechanical Vanscoy 306-381-7998 taylormechanical@sasktel.net
Reimer 306-227-6535 lisareimer.myrandf.com/ca
360 Delisle 306-493-2486 Studio
& SGI Arbitration Delisle
Air Conditioning & Heating ATL Electric
Heating Boiler
In Floor Heat Specialists Service
PLAINSMAN HVAC-R Ltd 24 Hour Emergency Service Vanscoy 306-242-3002 Taylor Mechanical Vanscoy 306-381-7998 taylormechanical@sasktel.net DLN Construction Outlook 306-867-8334 Northern Craftsman Inc. Construction / Carpentry New Builds and Renovations Interior, Exterior, Roof, Garage Delisle & Surrounding Area Josh - 306 - 361 - 8829 John - 306 - 251 - 2588 Redberry Renovations Ltd. Grandora 306-260-3778 redberryrenovations@sasktel.net Clothing Shane's Surplus World Serving Saskatoon & Biggar #120-1500 Quebec Avenue Saskatoon - 306-665-1313 521 Main Street Biggar - 306-948-1313 www.shanessurplusworld.com Buy one get one FREE clothing EVERYDAY ! NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW SPRING SPECIAL Directory Listing $50 for a full year !!! Call 306 - 668 - 1312 mail@rmreview.net NEW Listing Only (Regular $65) Your Business Here ONLY $50 for a YEAR ! Call 306-668-1312 TODAY Your Heading Here Your Business Here ONLY $50 for a YEAR ! Call 306-668-1312 TODAY Your Heading Here
Trusty Appraisal Service
all Furnaces/Air Conditioners
306-493-2410 24Hrs

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