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April 2013

Vanscoy RM Police Update Road Conditions During Snow Storm Story on Page 11

Diamond Jubilee Medal Awarded in Asquith

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April 2013


RM Review


“I had a Dream...”

My dream, over a decade ago, was to create a method for local business and organizations to be heard.... and the RM Review was born. It also provides me a soapbox, in the form of this monthly editorial, from which I can be heard as well. And you all know how I love to be heard! Unfortunately, the community has so much to say this month, that there is only this little space left for me. I apologize for disappointing you. But a big thank you to the advertisers and contributors that have probably made better use of the space. Maybe listen to them this month. I’ll be back ! Ken Sowter Editor RM Review

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RM Review

New Residential Lots in Delisle Hit Market By Curt Gessell


April 2013

hose wanting to build a new house in an up and coming bedroom community of Saskatoon won’t have to wait too much longer. Residential lots in a new 20 lot subdivision will become available for purchase starting May 15th. “Lots will be sold on a first come, first serve basis,” says Town of Delisle Mayor, Dave Anderchek. “Doors open at 8:30 that morning. Those at the front of the line will have first pick.” Remaining utilities and roadwork will be completed in the new subdivision by late summer. “People looking for small town living in a community with a bright future are really starting to take note of Delisle. Exciting things are happening here. Delisle is really starting to get on the map,”

says Anderchek. In 2007, work began on developing a 34 residential lot subdivision at the north end of Town. The first 34 lots were developed near the new nine hole golf course and sold fairly quickly when they came onto the market. Of those original 34 lots, only seven remain available for sale at press time. As families started filling up the neighborhood in the first subdivision, council knew that more development would be necessary. The new 20 lot subdivision offers a little bit of everything, for those planning to build their next home. “We have some large lots overlooking the valley and golf course in this new subdivision,” comments Mark Dubkowski, Town Administrator. “Some of these lots will

be suitable for walkout basements.” Some lots will back onto permanent green space. There are also a number of lots that back onto a park, which is scheduled to be developed this coming summer. “And the lots are priced very reasonably,” adds Dubkowski. “Our residents appreciate the small town living and the close proximity to Saskatoon. I think as the City of Saskatoon grows, it will continue to bring more people this way to share in our community,” says Anderchek. Delisle is not only the hub for it’s 1,000 residents, but also a number of people that live in the surrounding area. The town has two schools; for students from kindergarten through Grade 12. It has amenities such as the

Delisle Primary Health Centre Quality health services that are responsive to the needs of the communities we serve.

Medication Spring Clean up and Storage Spring and early summer is a good time to look into your medication storage area and do a clean up. We suggest you follow these guidelines when doing your medication cleanup and storage: Safe Storage  Store all medications out of the reach of children  Do not store any medications in your bathroom because they are exposed to more moisture and heat.  Keep your medications in a cool, dry place that is away from direct sunlight & heat.  Refrigerate medications only when required. Medications that require refrigeration will have an identifying label on the container. Clean up  Remove any medications that: o are over 6 months old; o have expired; and o contain labels that are unreadable.  Bring any medications you are unsure of to your pharmacist for advice. Safe Disposal  Do not flush medications down the toilet or sink as they will enter into, and eventually damage the environment.  Do not throw medications in the garbage. Animals and birds may ingest the medication.  We recommend that you take all medications slated for disposal to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. The Delisle Primary Health Centre exists to maintain and improve the health of the community and individuals. The Primary Health Care team provides quality primary health services that are responsive to the health needs of the communities it serves by providing accessible, appropriate, timely, and client centred care by an integrated team of health care professionals.

scenic nine-hole golf course, a curling and skating rink and full fire protection services, to name a few. In addition to the new residential subdivision, this spring work will begin on the development of an industrial area, south of town. “We have had a number of enquiries about the new industrial lots, which will be developed during the summer. The prospect of new businesses setting up shop in our town is exciting,” says the Mayor. For anyone looking for more information, they can call the Town Office at 493-2242 or visit the Town of Delisle website at


Community Health Chiropractic Clinic Dr. Lisa Merkosky, BSc Chiropractor Available for Chiropractic Appointments starting Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Clinic Hours Mon & Thur: 9:00am - 1:00pm & 3:00pm - 7:00pm Tue & Fri: 9:00am - 1:00pm & 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Call 306-493-2810 for an Appointment (After April 3rd new number is 493-2800)

Delisle Primary Health Centre 305 - 1st Street West, Delisle, SK

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April 2013

RM Review


Asquith Town Council held its regular Council meeting on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. The Asquith Fire Department has been responding to quite a number of motor vehicle accidents. Training for the Jaws of Life will be done in August, when practice vehicles are more readily accessible. If you have a vehicle you would be willing to donate in August for Fire Department practice, please contact a member of the Fire Department or the Asquith Town office. As snow continues to come, Public Works employees continue to clear the snow from the streets. Culverts will be dug out in readiness for the spring runoff. The Water Security Agency has made it very clear that our area will be experiencing a higher than normal spring runoff this year due to the excess of snow. There are several things that you can do to protect your property. Make sure you have the snow removed from your roof, especially if you have a flatter roof that can accumulate a lot of heavy snow. Removing the snow will eliminate ice jams that can cause damage to your shingles as well as cause water backup into your ceilings of your house. One can also shovel the snow away from around the perimeter of your house. Remember, you cannot shovel or push snow from your yard onto your neighbor’s yard. Pushing your snow in your yard into a large pile may aid in having the snow melt at a slower rate. One can go to the Town’s website, to look under the heading of Flood Preparation to find resources for pumps, sandbags or sand, should you feel your property may be in need of one of these items. This office advises all property owners to be as proactive about protecting their own property as they can be. Two building permits were issued for additions to be built onto previously existing buildings. A Community Event License, as well as a Noise Bylaw extension, was issued to the Asquith Community Development Corporation (A.C.D.C.) for a PBR Event to be held at the Asquith Sports Grounds on Thursday, May 30, 2013.

Two Town contracts are once again up for bid, the Cemetery Maintenance Contract and the Sportsgrounds Maintenance Contract. Posters are up around Town giving details of the contracts, or you can contact the Asquith Town office at 3294341. The Town of Asquith in 2012 declared May 29th to be the Day of the Honey Bee in the Municipality, in perpetuity. This year, the Council resolved to send letters to both the Provincial and Federal levels of Government to request that they also declare May 29th to be “Day of the Honey Bee” in an attempt to raise awareness of the plight of the honey bee. A Public Meeting was also held on March 12, 2013 to hear and discuss any concerns that the public might have regarding the annexation of property in the Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345, legal description of Parcels A,B and C, NE ¼ Section 33-36-9-W3 Meridian. On March 14, 2013, Council of the Town of Asquith held a special meeting to pass accounts, as they were not ready for the regular meeting due to computer complications. This office would like to say a thank you to one of our silent heroes, Kelvin Moore. Kelvin ensures in the winter that fire hydrants have been dug out and are ready in the case of a fire. During a winter such as the one we have just encountered, volunteerism such as Kelvin’s is much appreciated!

VILLAGE OF VANSCOy Assessment values for 2013 have been received. Assessment notices should go out in the next week or so. Assessments have increased by between 46 and 60%. This does not mean your taxes will be increased by the same percentages. Council will adjust the mill rate accordingly to remain revenue neutral. Some property taxes will increase and others will decrease, depending on the percentage rate affected by your assessment revaluation. Once opened, the assessment roll will remain

open for 60 days, at which time anyone who wishes to appeal their assessment may do so by filing their notice of appeal to the Village Office. An appeal fee of $100 must be accompanied by the appeal notice. Don’t forget to register your dog and purchase licenses prior to April 1. Penalties will be applied after that date for dogs not licensed. The April 1 deadline also applies to any home based business not registered. Penalties will be applied and can be added to the taxes of the property if not paid.

RM OF VANSCOy No Report this month.

TOWN OF DELISLE Delisle Town Council held a regular meeting March 12th. Council decided to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with AECOM for the amount of $30,375 for engineering services to provide site grading and design and construction of a low pressure water system for the first phase of the South Industrial subdivision. Lots 7 & 8, Block 38, Plan 101953357 will be taken off the real estate market and instead be designated as future green space. The Town endorsed the efforts of the North End Community Playground Committee to apply for grant funding for playground equipment to be erected on these lots. A bylaw was passed to increase the excess water consumption charge from $4 to $5 per 1,000 gallons. Council appointed the Saskatoon District Board of Revision and their designated secretary to consider our assessment appeals for 2013. Dave Hartly was appointed as interim or relief building inspector in the absence or unavailability of Herman Michael.

Town of Delisle 2012 Financial Statements

RM Review

Police Patrol Mobile Phones and Your Adolescent

By Cst. Sheryl Raymond


obile phones can provide safety benefits for children and peace of mind for parents. They're useful, convenient communication tools that often come with features that children/adolescents find both fun and engaging. However, it's important to remember that mobile phones bring a set of unique risks that parents need to know about. The risks exist in the technology itself, the content it delivers and the instant contact it provides with others. This information is designed to help you and your child/teenager have a positive user experience with mobile technology. Consider having a discussion with your child/teenager about the following points regarding him/her using a cell phone: Create an agreement: An early discussion about how you want your child to use his/her cell phone may help you avoid any surprises when you receive the first bill. Camera/Video Capability: All cell phones now come equipped with built-in cameras (or video recorders). A significant issue among youth today deals with the exchange of nude imagery ("sexting"). Not only it is illegal to exchange nude pictures when you are under 18, it may also result in your child's image circulating on the Internet. Text/Photo/Video Messaging: Remind your child that it is not possible to withhold a cell phone number when sending text messages, photos or videos. Messages that are sent and received from a mobile phone can be traced. Talk to your adolescent about the following..... 1. Sharing too much information about yourself, too quickly, can come back to bite you. Things change and people change. Some people may misuse informa-

tion that is shared with them in confidence. Be careful of who you share your private information with. Trust is not a given, it needs to be earned. 2. In a healthy relationship, private information is treated with respect and trust. Those who really care about you don't take personal, private information you share with them in confidence, and tell or show others. Real friends don't use your personal information as gossip. If someone you thought was a friend doesn't keep your secrets, then they are not acting like a true friend. However, if your secrets involve things that may impact your safety, it's ok for real friends to take to safe adults about it. 3. In an unhealthy relationship, private information can be used to take advantage of you and to control you. Anyone who uses your trust and friendship to control you, (i.e. making you do something you do not feel comfortable doing or else they will tell people something you told them in confidence), is using you. Avoid these people. 4. Sexual activity with adults is illegal. People who are much older than you should not be paying attention to you in a sexual way. It's ILLEGAL. In Canada, anyone under the age of 16 years cannot consent to sexual activity with an adult five years or more older.

.. At the.

Vanscoy Hotel


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Gas & Diesel $25 Gas Draw (with 30 litre fill) order to safeguard your children, talk with your child about their phone/internet activity, be aware of who your child is communicating with and what internet sites they are visiting, emphasize the public nature of the internet and mobile communication, and reinforce/educate your child about boundaries. Stay Safe!

Food for Thought


April 2013

C.M. (Red) Williams

9/11 a Dozen Years On

he infamous 9/11 tragedy is still very much with us and is threatening to complicate even more the recovery from the 2008 recession. It is all part of our close relationship with the United States, socially, economically and militarily. Canada probably exacerbated the outcome to ourselves by under appreciating how deeply the US government and citizenry were stunned by the fact that their self acclaimed greatest nation on earth could be penetrated by a small group

of rag-tag terrorists. The American responses both overseas and domestically were and are clearly over reactions. The result has increased their national debt as a result of military misadventures and protective regulations until they have repeatedly faced the embarrassment of default. Before 9/11 it didn’t matter whether the government was Republican or Democrat any problem was solved by throwing money at it. However, now they are down to raw ideology on every

issue which has made Congress near dysfunctional. Now the proposal before Congress is to sequester (ie: take money away) from every program by about 8%. This means that Canadian – US trade will be further slowed to the extent that we will have to replace the US by other trading nations. Most will recall that CUSTA followed by NAFTA increased our exports to the US to the point that Canada became the thirteenth largest world economy. That

Kerrie Sparrow Exe. Regional Vice President Independent Consultant was the reason that Ontario and to a lesser extent Quebec became the Canadian economic engines but have now declined. Our current fate is tied to Alberta and Saskatchewan’s shaky natural resources markets overseas. No wonder Harper talks trade and export pipelines.

668 - 4218

S andyridge g aS & g rocerieS

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April 2013


RM Review



Although it is now spring on the calendar, it certainly doesn’t show it outside! Parent/teacher interviews were held on the evening of March 14. Report cards don’t go out at DCS until next month, but the interview nights are aligned with the surrounding elementary schools, who did have report cards. Of course, parents are encouraged to check Powerschool or to contact teachers at any time. We welcome Mr. Mark Antymniuk, who is replacing Mr. Danielson on a parenting leave, and Ms. Jenn Busby, who is working with Ms. Hill until Easter. With the season change, many of our sports seasons are also finishing up. The senior boys basketball team moved into the second round of provincial playoffs for the first time in five years, with a win over Dalmeny 64-52. According to coach Danielson, “ They showed amazing composure and toughness to eliminate a very athletic and talented team.” The boys entered the second round as 16th seed and had to beat Regina Christian School who was the #1 seed and a projected finalist for Hoopla. Despite the tough matchup, the boys stayed close for the first quarter, even leading at points, but the other team slowly pulled away. Their second matchup was against Fort Quappelle (9th seed) and the boys gained an early lead and never gave it up. Congratulations to Mr. Danielson, and all the players, especially the grade 12’s. The boys have had some impressive success due to their hard work. Team members: Dawson, Jared, Austin, Ryan, Sam, Riley, Justin, Cole, Logan, Tatton, Peter, Ryan and Garth. Like the senior boys, the senior girls basketball team also had a great season. They qualified to go to Regionals with an strong win over Spiritwood. They travelled to Moose Jaw (playing in Caronport) in stormy weather but lost to Regina Christian Academy. Their second game was supposed to be against Kamsack, but they were unable to attend due to the weather. “The team was enthusiastic, energetic , and just a great group of athletes. The girls will miss the three graduating girls, Emma Sparrow, Maddy Heise and Morgan Pepper-Martens. A huge thank you , goes out to the parents of all the players who provided support, drove the kids to over 35 games this year, and who were our biggest fans. I enjoyed coaching such a great group of girls and look forward to next year,” Mrs. Hill-Wilcox. Great job to Mrs. Hill-Wilcox and Mrs. Rice, plus the girls: Jordyn, Paige, Taylor, MacKenzie, Amy, Riley, Brooklyn, Karly, Brooke, Denika, Maddy, Emma, Morgan. Another sport finishing up is wrestling. At this past weekend’s Provincial Finals in Regina, Morgan Tabin finished 4th in the province and Ashley Chouinard finished 3rd in the province in their respective weight categories. For Ashley, this is her second consecutive provincial bronze medal. They also both captured gold medals at regionals the previous weekend in Moose Jaw. Good job to Mr. Vetter, Mr. Garner, and Mrs. Kooy as coaches. Although senior curling was finished a month ago, the junior curling playoffs aren’t held until March. Thanks to all of the kids who came out to curl this year, including lots who were brand new to the sport! Megan, Kyle, Kori, Alexia, Steven, Eliisa, Kathy, Natalie, Heather, Hailey, Harley. The kids travelled to Aberdeen for ‘north’ playoffs. It was a 12 hour day, with the girls team playing three games back to back! The girls lost to Perdue by 1, beat Aberdeen, then came up against Perdue again and lost 5-3. With two ‘brand new’ players, they did amazing with double takeouts, a draw to the button, and other great shots. (Natalie, Hailey, Megan, Alexia) The mixed team went through the round robin undefeated, playing Blaine Lake in the “A” final. It came down to the last rock, and a DCS win. They went on to the PSSD Division championships against Rosthern, winning 14-6. (Harley, Eliisa, Kathy, Heather, alt. Steven) Thanks to Mrs. Landry, and parent coaches Mr. Jones and Mr. Pirlot. The kids wrapped up the season as they went “glow curling” at Nutana Rink for a windup. Hope to see everyone back out curling again next year! The new seasons starting include track (doing some conditioning afterschool) and badminton. Lots more to report in the next month on those events, as well as the Grade 7/8 heritage fair which is taking place on Tuesday, March 26. The Peru service club is leaving on March 27 and returning on April 5. The students have been busy volunteering and fundraising in the community, and we look forward to their report next month. Participating students are: Jordyn, Amy, Jace, Sonja, Kamry, Maddie, Morgan, Parris, Kayleigh, and Matt. Safe travels! Here are the Rebels of the Month for February. Junior: Lauren Ryan, Senior: Sam Thompson, and Group: WE committee organizers: Emma Sparrow, Morgan Pepper-Martens, Kamry Schulte. Rebels of the Month for March. Junior: Mitchell McEachern, Senior: Ashley Chouinard, Group: DCS Junior and Senior Curling Teams.

Time is flying by at Pike Lake School! As we move towards spring the Pike Lake students and staff are working hard on our goal of improving reading comprehension. The reading comprehension strategies are being explicitly taught in the classrooms and students are having opportunities to assess themselves using our rubric wall and are given feedback on how they can improve. During parent teacher interviews, parents were introduced to the rubric and the strategies and shown examples of how students and teachers are using these strategies to help improve reading. We will be using tools to measure the student’s growth at the end of April. We are excited to see how our students have improved. This month our school community also has had the opportunity to reflect on student learning growth on our new school website which is up and running and we invite you to take a peek at it! You will find all the pertinent information about the events and activities our school is involved in. If you find there is something you would like to see added, please let us know! We invite you to access this link: or you can also access it through the Prairie Spirit website, under Schools and then Pike Lake. As time marches on we are eagerly anticipating Pike Lake Schools one hundredth year celebration. Pike Lake School Celebration Committee would like to thank Kim Rose from the Trees of Silver Gallery for creating and donating a commemorative paddle to be raffled off at our 100 Year Celebration. The proceeds from the ticket sales are being used to help cover the costs of our Saturday, June 8th 2013 Celebration! Students from Pike Lake School will start selling these tickets over the Easter Break. We would like to thank you in advance for supporting the Centennial by purchasing these tickets! If you are interested in attending our 100 Year Celebration on Saturday, June 8th, 2013, please let us know! You can contact us at: 1) 2) Pike Lake School at 306-668-4808 3) Udelle @ 306-931-2553 For information about upcoming events, check out our school sign or visit us on Face book @!/pages/Pike-LakeSaskatchewan/279715078812870

Finally, on behalf of everyone at DCS, we want to express our sympathies to the family of Deb Harasyn, who passed away this week. Deb was a bus driver for over twenty years in our school division, and her friendly smile and personality touched countless students and staff over the years. We will all miss her very much.

Dates to Remember March 29-No School-Good Friday April 1to5-No School Easter Break April 8-School Resumes April 10-Celebration Meeting at 6:00p.m. April 11-SCC Meeting April 15-SCC Elections April 19-Cowboy/Girl Day, Hotmeal April 23-Earth Day April 24-Grade 1-4 Attend Haiti Performance

PIKE LAKE PRESCHOOL Well March is certainly not going out like a lamb this year! I had a hard time teaching about the 1st day of spring when it was –27 outside. Hopefully things warm up soon and the children will see some of the signs of spring that we’ve talked about. We had a lot of fun with our St.Patrick’s Day parties and the wearing of the green! The 3 year olds made some fancy shamrock crowns and the 4 year olds decorated shamrocks with a variety of green items. They also enjoyed many green snacks and hunted for gold that a sneaky leprechaun left. Both groups learned about the number 7 with the 3 year olds making a flower with 7 petals and the 4 year olds gluing 7s on a big 7 that they had drawn. The 4 year olds have also been learning about transportation – a big word, but one they know means things that go. They made trains for land vehicles and colourful hot air balloons for sky vehicles. You can see the hot air balloons floating from the ceiling in our room. For water vehicles, they will be making boats out of various materials, then testing them to see if they will float. That should be lots of fun! We will celebrate Easter next week with both groups and maybe the Easter Bunny will stop by! The Kindergarten class has been invited to join the 4 year olds at their party. In April, both groups will learn about the number 8 and the colour yellow. The 4 year olds will also spend a few days learning about shapes. I hope everyone has a great Easter Break and that the weather warms up for all of us! I would also like to thank whomever has been shovelling the porch and pathway for us. It certainly makes things easier in the morning. Colour – yellow Number – 8 3 year old days – April 11, 18, 25 4 year old days – April 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30

RM Review

April 2013


We still have a few openings for catering your Summer Events - call us today

March was another great and busy month. We had a lot of things happening at the school, which made up for the continuous cold weather. The World Education Games were a huge triumph with the students answering over 50 000 questions! Our school also collected pennies throughout all of March to support UNICEF and the “school in a box” program. Once again our Scholastic Book Fair was a great success, so thanks for the support. Even though we had to postpone the SCC Bingo Night, we still had many people come out, have a great time, and show their support, so thank you to all who attended! Badminton is currently in full swing and the Grade seven and eight students are preparing for play-offs that will be taking place April 16th. The practices for the Fine Arts play are still going strong and the performances are scheduled for April 30th & May 1st. Please come out and enjoy the show! By: Braden Rein and Amy Blom

Watch for Mother’s Day Dinner in May

Creating Memories, with

4 - H News

Vanscoy 931-6996

Vanscoy Multiple 4-H

Hello everybody this is Alexia King from Vanscoy Multiple 4-H. On February 25 we met at the Vanscoy Hall. In this meeting we discussed our annual 4-H petting zoo. It will be on 29-30 of March. At the petting zoo we will have face painting, animals, fish pond, and a raffle. Also we listened to 12 more speeches from members that missed public speaking competition. On March 9 Vanscoy Multiple 4-H hosted district public speaking competition. The winners are as follows. In Clover Buds: Martine


Bosse from C.C. Ryders Lighthorse 4-H Club got First place. Tyrell Schroeder from Grandora LightHorse 4-H Club got Second place. Avery Patenaude from Sandy Hills 4-H Horse Club got Third Place. In Junior: Remington Sowter from Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Club placed First. Kiera Williams from Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Placed Second. Koal Erixon from C.C. Ryders Lighthorse 4-H Club Placed Third. In Intermediates: Kody Farrow from Herds of Thunder 4-H Club placed First. Shealyne

Mon - Fri 7 - 8

Fehr from Silver Shadows 4-H Club Placed Second. Jodi Boser from River Valley 4-H Lighthorse Club Placed Third. In Seniors: Makayla Rettger from Silver Shadows 4-H Club Placed First. Lianne Price from St. Denis Roughriders 4-H Club Placed second. Kaylee Morrison from Saskatoon 4-H Beef Club Placed Third. Hope you come to our petting zoo. See you next time. 4-H Reporter Alexia King

Sat 8 - 8

Sun 9 - 7

4-H Divisional Speech Winners Cloverbuds 1st- Shaelyn Shirtiffe – Paradise Hill 4-H Club 2nd – Teara Tracksell – Borden Light Horse Junior 1st- Sierra Day – Pierceland 4-H Beef Club 2nd- Rayna Yasieniuk – Reigning Riders 4-H Club Intermediate 1st- Amy Carruthers – Paradise Hill 4-H Club 2nd- Wyatt Miller – Catherwood 4-H Club Senior 1st- Austin Heintz – Handel Multiple 4-H Club 2nd- Hayleigh Nault Pierceland 4-H Beef Club

Vanscoy Minor Hockey 2013/2014 Registration

Boys & Girls

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April 2013

RM Review

Concerns about 2013 Seed Quality

sing good quality seed is the first step in establishing a great crop. Healthy vigorous seed can lead to a well-established uniform stand. However indications of seed quality from 2012 are that seed quality is low. The 2012 growing season saw increased disease levels across all crops, and as a result the seed quality for 2013 will be reduced. Testing your seed for germination and dis-

ease will provide valuable information that will aid in making cost effective decisions. Per cent germination will provide the information producers need to adjust their seeding rates to target ideal plant populations for optimum production. Disease tests will identify what diseases are present and what the level of infection is. This information will determine if the seed requires treatment or if a new seed source needs to be found if dis-

ease levels are too high. Using a seed treatment is recommended as a best management practice even when seed borne-diseases are low. Seed treatments are a low cost preventative measure for seed and soil borne-diseases. Seed treatments will not improve seed with poor germination or high disease levels. If disease levels are high a new source of seed should be found. For example in cereals if

total fusarium is greater than10 per cent a new seed source should be found. In lentils if ascochyta, sclerotinia, or botrytis exceed 10 per cent a new seed source should be found. If a seed treatment is required, good coverage is vital for the effectiveness of the treatment. The treatment should cover every seed in order to provide maximum protection. Each seed should be covered entirely, a bare spot could be a vector for disease or insect damage.

Before selecting a seed treatment a risk assessment of the field should be done as well. If the field has a history of a certain disease a seed treatment can be selected to target protection from that disease. Insect presence should also be assessed, some treatments include insecticides that protect the seed and seedling from a variety of insects. Protection from these pests should be a factor in seed treatment selection. Using quality seed and protecting it is the

start to establishing a healthy high yielding crop. Testing it for quality and treating it to preserve that quality will benefit the crop health and production. For more information on seed quality refer to Guidelines for SeedBourne Diseases of Cereal Crops and Guidelines for SeedBourne Diseases of Pulse Crops at .ca . Rory Cranston, Regional Crop Specialist - Outlook

Thinking About Growing Soybeans?


or a number of years there has been soybean production in south eastern Sask with a few smaller attempts in more western and northern locations. There has been considerable interest in trying soybeans on a wider scale in Saskatchewan in 2013. There are a number of factors and practices that producers should consider when looking at growing soybeans. Variety selection is probably one of the most important factors as we are on the fringe of the normal soybean growing area. Soybeans are rated in

terms of maturity and regional adaptation through use of the corn heat unit rating. The corn heat unit map for Sask is available on .ca under Irrigation/Corn Production. You can compare the numbers on this map with varieties you are considering. Sask Crop Insurance also has a list of varieties that they will provide insurance coverage for. There is some reference to light sensitivity of the varieties as well but at this time the concept is not well understood and ratings for most varieties based on this have not been done. Field selection is important in that you want well drained fields as saturated soils can have a negative impact on yields. Soybeans are susceptible to sclerotinia infection and as a result you should avoid pulse crop and canola stubbles. You may also wish to consider fields that warm up quicker in the spring. Seeding rate for solid seeded soybeans should be 220,000 to 240,000 plants per acre. Recommended seeding depth is 0.75 to 1.5 inches. Soil temperatures should be 10â ° C or higher at time of seeding to ensure quick emergence.

Soybeans can fix nitrogen to meet their requirements, however there will not be any naturally occurring rhizobium in our soils so inoculant is required. The inoculant strains are specific to soybeans so pea and lentil inoculants will not provide the desired result. Granular inoculants are recommended for new fields. Soybeans are sensitive to seed placed fertilizers and as a result phosphorus should be side banded where possible. If seeding is being done on narrow row spacing there can be some placed with the seed but seed placed phosphorus should be limited to 20 pound per acre. Soybeans are direct harvested at maturity. Harvest can start at 20 per cent moisture but they need to be dried to 14 per cent for safe storage. Seed damage can increase significantly if they are less than 12 per cent. Soybean production in western Saskatchewan will present some challenges and opportunities to learn. For more information on soybean production contact the regional offices of Saskatchewan Agriculture. John Ippolito, Regional Crop Specialist, Kindersley

RM Review

April 2013

Saskatchewan Pulse Crops Major Influences on World Markets


ry peas and lentils have been grown long enough in Saskatchewan that most people associated with agriculture just accept them as part of normal practice. However, compared to other crops, our production of these 2 crops has a relatively short history. Initial attempts at production started in the mid to late 1970’s and acres and production have increased steadily since that time. One part of these two crops that many outside of the industry do not understand is the importance of Canadian, and in particular Saskatchewan, production on world markets. In 2012 Saskatchewan dry pea production was estimated to be 1.7 million tonnes. Of this production about 88 per cent was yellow peas and the remainder was green peas with a very small production of feed or specialty types of dry peas.

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Saskatchewan production was approximately 60 % of total Canadian dry pea production. Canada was the top exporter of dry peas in the world with exports of approximately 2.8 million tonnes in 2010. The second largest exporter of dry peas was the United States with estimated exports of 522,000 tonnes. The top three destinations for dry peas has been India, China and Bangladesh for each of the past 2 years. Saskatchewan lentil production in 2012 was estimated to be 1.4 million tonnes. Large green lentils would be close to half of this production, followed by red lentils at just under 40 per cent and the remainder made up of smaller volumes of small green lentils and other specialty types. There is very little production of lentils outside of Saskatchewan making us the dominant producer in Canada. Of the 1.47 million tonnes produced in Canada it is anticipated that 1.2 million tonnes will be exported. The next largest exporters of lentils in the world are the United States and Turkey but their exports are much smaller at approximately 200, 000 tonnes each in 2010. Canadian lentil export destinations are much more diverse than dry peas with a large number of countries taking smaller volumes. The top two destinations for Canadian lentils in the past 2 years have been Turkey and India. These destinations have accounted for about one third of Canadian

Spring Seeding Articles provided by the Ministry of Agriculture. Keep up-to-date by subscribing to their email newsletter.

lentil exports. Dry peas and lentils may still be considered as special crops in Saskatchewan in that the acres and production is small relative to other crops such as cereal grains and canola. However, our production and exports of these 2 crops is significant in a global context in terms of meeting a demand for food products in other countries. For more information on Saskatchewan specialty crop production obtain a copy of the 2012 Specialty Crop Report at the Ministry of Agriculture Regional Office or from the website at . John Ippolito, Regional Crop Specialist, Kindersley

Spring is Here

Despite the snow in the fields, the calander says it is spring. Hopefully the snow will leave the fields in time to seed the crop. Everyone at Orchard Transport Ltd. wishes all farmers a successful 2013 growing season. Orchard Transport is proud to support Operation Farm Safety

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April 2013

Asquith’s Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipients


n Sunday, March 3rd eight citizens of the town of Asquith were awarded the Diamond Jubilee Medal, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s sixtieth year as Monarch. The individuals were chosen for their

many years of volunteering Asquith Mayor Jim Maddin read the citations and MP Kelly Block awarded the medals. A reception followed. Music was provided by Gale Stack and Della Philips.

Sandy Hass Sandy started with parent pitch baseball and soon turned into volunteering on the Asquith & District Recreation Board, Asquith Minor Hockey Board, for various baseball and hockey team manager positions (in Asquith & Delisle), hot meal program and other events at the school; her van was always ready to fill with kids for field trips or sports events. Sandy always liked to organize celebrations, the first ever Asquith minor hockey banquet being one of them. Sandy has volunteered at Folkfest for the Norwegian Cultural Society and the MS society in Saskatoon. Sandy was a Sunday school teacher at Asquith Baptist Church and from 2004-2006 was Liability Risk Manager. During that time she developed a screening process for volunteers that included an extensive 'Plan to Protect' manual along with a complete job description for every volunteer position. Sandy has organized 5 milestone reunions for her Olds College graduating class as well as her high school 10 and 25th reunion. Sandy was awarded the Town of Asquith Volunteer of the Year in 2001 and the Lieutenant Governor of SK Celebration of the Arts Pin in 2005. Sandy has been a 4-H leader since 1993 and was a general and project leader of Grandora 4-H from inception in 1995 until 2004. She served on District #22 4-H Council as president (1999-2003); hosting & chairing a Provincial 4-H public speaking competition and managing one of the largest PFRA tree distribution centers as a 4-H fundraiser. Sandy was also a certified Canadian Equestrian Federation (CEF) NCCP Level 1 Western Riding Coach; training that she used extensively with 4-H. Sandy was awarded a trip to a 4-H leader’s conference in Red Deer, AB in January 1999, as 4-H SK delegate and in November 2000 a trip to a national leader’s conference in Toronto, ON as 4-H SK delegate. Sandy has been a member of the Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists (SAVT) since 1985, serving on the board from 1989 to 1996. In 1993 Sandy received the SAVT Award of Merit and in 2006 the SAVT Award of Appreciation. In November 2012 she was presented with an Honorary Lifetime Membership with the SAVT. In 2002 Sandy was awarded the CAAHTT ‘Making a Difference’ Recognition Award, in 2003 the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians Certificate of Recognition, in 2007 a trip to a large conference in Kansas City, 2007 CAAHTT Special Award of Appreciation (renamed Sandy Hass Appreciation Award) and 2009 Canadian AHT/VT of the year. On May 25, 2007 Sandy received an Honorary Diploma in Veterinary Technology from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) an honor bestowed to only eight other people. Currently Sandy is quite involved with an inner-city charity in Saskatoon, The Bridge on 20th Street. As well, she is a volunteer editor for The Women's Mid-life Health Centre of Saskatchewan. Since 2007 Sandy has been a Team Captain recruiting walkers and encouraging them to raise funds for the Super Cities Walk for MS. This is the 7th anniversary of the Rivendell Rollers; the team has raised over $19,000 for MS to date, personally Sandy has raised almost $6,000.00. Sandy sets a yearly goal to grow her team and the dollars raised, she is excited about 2013! Tom Morrison Tom has always been community minded and his volunteer work has touched many facets of the Town of Asquith. He was one of the founding members of the Eagle Creek Wildlife Federation (ECWF). He has been a Legion member for many years, during which he setup many poker rallies and bars for many occasions. Tom is now the Poppy Chairman for the Asquith Royal Canadian Legion. Tom also served as Treasurer for Minor Hockey during the time that his son was playing hockey. Tom also served on Asquith Town Council as an Alderman from 1978 to 1984, and then carried on in the office of Mayor from 1984 to 1988. During those years Tom gave much of his time and expertise to ensuring that the Town prospered and ran smoothly. Tom was with the Asquith Volunteer Fire Department for over 30 years before retiring in 2011, serving many of them as Fire Chief. He was often found at the Fire Hall making sure the equipment and the trucks were in good running condition and that the Fire Department was ready to go at a moments' notice. Tom was a driving force behind the Asquith Fire Department, lobbying for a new fire hall, new fire truck, equipment and the training of the volunteer firefighters. All of this was to ensure that Town of Asquith and the surrounding community was well-protected. Tom received the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal in December of 2004 and the Town of Asquith Volunteer of the Year Award in 2005. Tom's calm, logical approach to everything is what made him such a terrific Mayor and such an invaluable Fire Chief, and his volunteerism and commitment to the community of Asquith will long be felt. Gail Erhart Gail became involved in various community programs such as figure skating, minor hockey and softball, as well as taking positions on the Asquith and District Recreation Board, the Asquith and District Rink Board, the Royal Canadian Legion and the Lord Asquith School Hot Meal Program. Not only does she volunteer to sit on the various Boards and Committees, she always steps up to serve in the executive positions, most notably as treasurer and book keeper. Gail spent many years devoted to and was a key player in improvements to the Asquith Sports Center. She served on every executive position, and also volunteered to run the concession booth, making many a run to the city for booth supplies. Gail booked the rental times, ordered the food, did the daily banking and coordinated workers for the booth. When the Lord Asquith School Library was in need of computer automation, Gail devoted a year of her time transferring data for the librarian and coordinated volunteers for the library program. Currently, Gail works full time as an Educational Associate at Lord Asquith School, is a councilor the Town of Asquith, and has been for the last 13 years. Gail is a member of the School Community Council, serves as one of the Directors on the Operation Santa Christmas Hamper Program, and runs her Avon business, of which she kindly donates items to teams and organizations to raise funds. Gail also organizes the Lord Asquith School Breakfast Program, picking up the groceries needed, making baked goods, organizing volunteers and serving the breakfasts, Monday to Friday. Les Stack Over the course of many years, Les has been a member of the Asquith * District Recreation Board, the Asquith and District Rink Board and the Asquith Rodeo Association. Les has also volunteered as leader of the Environ 4H Beef club and the leader of the 4H Multiple Club for 15 years. Sports have always been one of Les' passions. He was a player coach with the Asquith Generals Hockey Club, winning two Provincial Titles while coaching. Later as coach of the Asquith Canadians, Les took his team to win two Provincial Titles and were Western Canada Hardy Cup finalists. In the 70's, Les coached the Asquith Pee Wee Hockey Team. In the 80's, Les coached the Senior Men's Softball Club, winning a Provincial Title. He was also instrumental in the building of the Asquith baseball diamonds. Les was inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame in the "Individual participation" category. In 2003, Les was awarded the Asquith Volunteer of the Year award for his volunteer contributions within the community. Currently, Les is an active councilor for the RM of Eagle Creek as an elected official for the past 30 years. He also is a member of the Asquith Elks since they first organized in 1960. Another project, near and dear to Les's heart, is Eagle Creek Regional Park where he has been on the Board of Directors since its inception in 1963. He was the driving force behind many major projects such as moving the bridge, the hall and the Church into the Park. He was also directly involved with building the golf course and riding arena. Les spends many evenings throughout the year looking for a wide range of talent for the annual Eagle Creek Park Jamboree held each June. Neil Millard Growing up in Canwood, Saskatchewan, Neil spent his summers involved with baseball. He was the bat-boy for the Canwood Elks Baseball team for a number of years and, when he was old enough, he joined the team as the third baseman. As a teenager, Neil still couldn’t get enough baseball and turned to coaching. Upon moving to Edmonton, not surprisingly, he coached 3 baseball teams for 3 seasons - 1965, ‘66 and ‘67. On moving to Start City in 1973, Neil coached the Star City Elks Mosquito and Beaver baseball teams. In 1980, the family moved from Star City to Birch Hills where Neil again donned his uniform as the coach of the Mosquito, Beaver and Bantam baseball teams. It should be noted that there were no baseball teams in Star City or Birch Hills when Neil’s family arrived. Neil organized these sports teams on his own initiative, which was really appreciated by his communities and parents of the players. When the family moved to Biggar in 1990, Neil continued to stay involved in community sports; this time by umpiring softball games. Like his father, Neil joined the Canwood Elks Lodge #183 in the ‘60s and would continue to give back to his communities through the good works of the Elks Lodge in Star City, Biggar, and Asquith. While in La Ronge, Neil also volunteered for the Fire department for 3 years and was a Cub leader, known as "Akela”, for the Boy Scouts of Canada in 3 communities - La Ronge, Star City and Birch Hills. In Edmonton in the 1960s Neil and Jean volunteered to lead a Church youth group and Neil also taught a Sunday school class in the same church. Between 1976 and 1990, Neil volunteered for many years at Camp Tapawingo, the United Church Camp located on Candle Lake, north of Prince Albert. Jean and Neil were on the Camp Board and Neil often volunteered as a camp counselor or Chaplin. In addition, every spring Neil spent a day preparing the Camp for the summer and every fall he spent a day cleaning the Camp and preparing it for winter. When they moved to Biggar, Neil joined the board for Camp Outlook, the United Church Camp located just outside Outlook, and volunteered as both a camp counselor and Chaplin for many years. Neil and Jean were instrumental in keeping the camp running for several years.

RM Review Les Dahlseide Les sat on Town Council, the School Board, the Regional Park Board, Rink Board, Minor Hockey, Minor Ball, Curling Committee and Softball Saskatchewan. A highlite for our community was the building of the rink which was Les' first stint on the Board. At this time, two Sportsman Suppers were held as fundraisers, making a fun time with celebrities. Curling was a big part of life being a competitor, helping with ice, making draws for regular games and bonspiels. There were 48 mens teams some years for the bonspiel with a waiting list. Les played some hockey and when the boys started playing he took on managing. Four boys playing made for many trips, many friends, some Provincial winners and many meetings in the doorway as one came and another one was going. In 2007, Les was inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame, along side his teammates of the Asquith Braves baseball team. Les was one of the founders of the Eagle Creek Minor Ball League. Originally they played baseball, before changing to fastball. Fastball was huge in Les' life. He not only played but coached at a local, Provincial and National level. It was his passion for over 20 years coaching his sons - like him, they pitched. Along side of Jock Cleghorn, Assistant Coach and Charlie Chappell, Manager, they guided the Asquith Bantam Raiders to be Provincial winners and co-winners at the Western Canadian Championship (the rain had washed out the final game.) The team won the province as midgets and travelled to Nationals in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As the boys grew older, many of the Raiders, including Larry (Oscar) and Ryan went on to play in Saskatoon, so Les became a fan, rarely missing a game. Les had a voice that came thru loud and clear on a microphone, so announced many a local hockey game and figure skating carnival in Asquith. In Saskatoon, Les announced at many fastball games covering the World, Canadian and Western Championships. At the church, Les has acted as an usher and was on the Maintenance Committee for a number of years. Nowadays, Les boogies around the neighborhood on his little John Deere, blowing snow, cutting grass or riding Denny's Kubota, picking up leaves.

Marg Down Marg has volunteered with many events in the community. Some of these include helping her husband Don coach the minor girls softball teams when their daughters were young; Volunteering with the Asquith Figure Skating Club. Serving on the Asquith Rink Board and organizing the booth at the Asquith Rink for a number of years; Teaching crafts to all ages at the Senior Centre over a 4 year period; Serving as a member on the Asquith Museum Board for 2 years trying to establish a museum in Asquith; Being a member of the Asquith Senior Citizen club for 22 years and serving as their President since 2003; Volunteering at the Asquith Rodeo for a number of years; Representative on the Asquith Housing Authority for 9 ½ years; Volunteer on the committee hosting the District E 55 plus Summer games in 1991. Although not a volunteer activity, Marg supported many minor hockey teams through small donations of items or by purchasing tickets at their hockey tournaments. Many hours were spent at the rink watching hockey games, carnivals, curling or just socializing with the citizens of Asquith and district. Marg received the 2008 Volunteer of the Year Award from the Town of Asquith for her part in planning and serving as the Chairperson for the Centennial Celebration committee. Lorna Gutsch Many hours were spent working in the Rink Booth when her children were involved with figure skating and hockey. Lorna made quite a few trips into the city to purchase the groceries for the booth! During those years that a professional figure skating teacher wasn't required, Lorna taught beginners figure skating. Curling was a big part of Lorna's life. She belonged to the Asquith Curling Club and was treasurer for many years. Lorna did her part in organizing the regular curling and bonspiels and the last few years of the curling club, Lorna and some of the other women even put the ice into the curling rink. Lorna has volunteered and has been involved in many other organizations in the community. She and Herb helped to get a Cubs and Scouts group started in Asquith; Lorna sat on the Asquith and District Recreation Board for over two decades and was the Chairperson of the Board in 2010. As well, she sat on the planning committees for both the 90th and the 100th Celebration for the Town of Asquith and worked on many of the projects and activities associated with them. Lorna was one of the founding members of the Asquith First Responders, putting to use a lot of the knowledge she gained from being a maternity ward nurse for many years in first St. Paul's Hospital and later at the RUH. Lorna has been a First Responder since 1995 and continues to go out on calls, whether they are of a medical nature, a motor vehicle accident or a fire call with our local Fire Department. Lorna is also very involved with the Asquith Royal Purple, having been a member since 1978. She is currently the treasurer but is always busy with fundraisers, catering and cleaning the Elks Hall. Lending her accounting skills to yet another organization, Lorna has been the treasurer of the Seniors Association since 2006. As well, after taking training courses, Lorna has set up exercise classes at the Asquith Seniors Center, twice a week, keeping the Asquith Seniors mobile and as active as ever.

RM Review

April 2013


Vanscoy RM Police on Twitter W

ith all the snow and flooding which has occurred over the past few years, many roads have been blocked. It is difficult to get information out to the residents about these conditions. As a result people, and more important emergency crews, could find themselves in a problem situation. With the increase in use of Social Media, Vanscoy RM Police Services are equiping themselves with another tool, through the use of Tweeter.

(@vanscoyrmpolice) While it is still a learning process, I hope to be able to update followers, as quickly as possible, about problems with roads and flooding conditions. When RM Foreman Jerome Robert or any of the road crews or myself find any problems, it will be posted right away. Following the Highway Hotline on Twitter is also very quick and helpful. If you are like me, and not that great at this social media, do what I do... ask your kids or

Reminder of the Speeding in Construction Zone Fine Increases


ate last fall the government announced an increase in fines for speeding thru construction zones. There was a lot of media coverage at the time but as it was the end of the construction season, most people may have forgotten. Spring is coming and with that construction and road maintenance will begin. When travelling on two lane highways you must slow to 60 in both directions when passing workers or equipment. On a divided highway it applies to the direction the workers are on. Saskatoon is different as it applies to the entire area signed as a construction zone. The media coverage told the base fine and the additional per KPH which may not have gotten your attention. To give you an idea of how serious this is, here are an example of the new fines. Travelling at; 100 KPH the fine is $530.00 110 KPH the fine is $714.00 120 KPH the fine is $798.00 Hopefully by showing you the amount of the fines will make it clearer and help you realize how serious this is. Please slow down to 60 for the safety of the workers who are trying to improve the roads for your travel. S/Sgt. Glenn Thomson Officer in Charge

grandkids for help. Again this is something new for us and I will do my best to help you by providing this information.

A another problem with the expected flooding this spring is getting emergency responders to you if you need help. 911 staff

do not what the roads in your area are like. I would suggest that if you experience flooding in your area, plan a route to your home that

avoids flooded roads. Use road numbers and directions, NOT “I live by the old Smith place just down from where Jack used to farm� !!! Unfortunately we don't

all know the Smiths or Jack. Keep this information close to your phone and pass it on the 911 call-taker. Make your entire family aware of this. I know in the past that crews have had to travel several extra miles to attend calls. Getting stuck on the way is dangerous, time is important and could save a life.

responders getting into areas that are flooded. Please help us help you. Flooded roads can happen in a matters of minutes so let the RM know if you find this happening. The best suggestion we can offer you is start to prepare now, Spring might come eventually. S/Sgt. Glenn Thomson Officer in Charge

Saskatoon now has the STARS helicopter which can also assist

Flood Preparation Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345 The Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345, due to the above average precipitation levels and the geographic nature of the area, has been experiencing major flooding events in recent years, especially during spring runoff. It is important for landowners and residents to be prepared for flooding events, and to take all available precautions to ensure that destruction of property is avoided. The Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345 continues to take steps to mitigate flooding, by annually clearing out ditches, culverts, and other public high flow areas and structures; however if you observe ditches and/or culverts that are plugged in any way, please contact the R.M. shop at (306) 668-4340 and the crew will be dispatched accordingly. Water Security Agency The R.M. has no jurisdiction in the area of watershed management on private property. All inquiries with regards to drainage problems, projects, of complaints on private property should be directed to the Water Security Agency. This includes any proposed project that would drain water from one piece of land to another, in particular when ownership in parcels is not the same. The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency, formerly the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority is the responsible body for all water bodies and supplies within the Province. They are charged with the mandate to manage, administer, develop, control and protect the water, watersheds and related land resources in Saskatchewan. Included in this mandate, the Water Security Agency has the responsibility for administering the approval process for constructing and operation of drainage works. The construction and operation of most drainage works requires a pre-approval from the Water Agency, however all projects should be discussed with the Agency staff prior to application submissions to ensure that approval is required and that all necessary steps are completed. In some cases approvals can take up to 4-6 weeks, so it is advised to begin discussing with the Agency staff well in advance of planned projects. In some cases funding will be made available from the Water Security Agency for drainage projects, under the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program, however funding is evaluated on aby-case case- basis, and should be discussed with Agency Staff.

General Information The R.M. encourages residents to be proactive in protecting their properties from flood waters, and to take steps to arrange for the use of any pumps, or other supplies that may be required, as the municipality is unable to provide such items for public use. These items become difficult to find during high demand times such as during a spring flooding event, so the R.M. urges those who may be in need to make arrangements well in advance of the anticipated time of need, in the event of a major flooding event, where residents wish to sandbag their property. Further information can be obtained by calling the Regional Water Security Agency Office or by visiting their website at For any questions or to report flood prevention work that needs to be carried out by the R.M. staff please call the shop at (306) 6684340.

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April 2013


March 11, 2013 Kelly Block, M.P. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about Matrimonial Property Rights on Reserves, and spoke on this matter in the House of Commons. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about this issue, Bill S-2, and the problem our government is attempting to fix. It is shocking that many Canadians who live on First Nation reserves do not have the same legal rights as those who live off reserves regarding the right to own, live in, and sell their home. While homes can be bought and sold on reserves, homeowners on reserve can’t own the land their house is on as it is held in trust by the Crown which means they can’t get normal bank mortgages because the property can’t be seized. Housing can be divided into two broad cate-

RM Review

Bill S-2: Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act gories, “band owned” housing, consisting of an estimated two thirds of all housing and “individually owned housing” consisting of the remainder. The decision on what type of housing model is in place is determined by each individual First Nation. The latter category is generally affirmed by a Certificate of Possession, and can be bought and sold similar to any home not on a reserve. In the case of domestic violence, a court cannot order the spouse who owns the Certificate of Possession of the home, which is almost always the man, to leave the home even on a temporary basis, as is the case for anyone not living on a reserve. Furthermore, the Certificate of Possession holder can sell an onreserve family home without the consent of their spouse and keep

all the money, and in the interim ban the spouse from their onreserve family home. It is no secret that many women are forced to flee their homes and communities to escape violence. Many end up homeless, alone and even more vulnerable than before. This situation was created more than 25 years ago, in 1986, when the Supreme Court of Canada rendered decisions in two cases: Paul v. Paul and Derrickson v. Derrickson. The cases involved the rights and interests of couples who lived on reserves and whose relationships failed. The Supreme Court ruled that provincial or territorial family laws relating to matrimonial real property, interests and rights did not apply on reserves. Given that no relevant federal law existed, individuals living on reserves had no legal

protection. Bill S-2 will finally fix this inequity and allow courts to consider matrimonial property rights. The ability to remain in their home would ensure that aboriginal women on reserves can continue to care for their children, can access the support of the community around them, but most importantly, can escape violence, and should the house be sold, be eligible for part of the money from the sale of the house. This legislation has already passed the Senate and is at the Second Reading Stage in the House of Commons. Shockingly, the NDP is not supporting this necessary legislation. More information on this legislation, as well as all the debates in the House of Commons can be found online on the Parliament of Canada website.

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o you know an individual, a group, a business or a not-for-profit organization that is making a difference in your community? Show your appreciation—nominate them for a Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award! The Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards celebrate exceptional Canadians who make a difference. A total of 17 awards are given at both the regional and national level. Award recipients are recognized at a ceremony, and can name an eligible not-for-profit organization to receive a grant for $5,000 (regional award) or $10,000 (national award). However, to receive an award, potential recipients must first be nominated by someone. The current call for nominations is open until April 15, 2013. As individuals or groups, volunteers help their communities in many ways, from organizing activities for children with disabilities to fundraising for community projects. The number of hours they donate is the equivalent of nearly 1.1 million full-time jobs. Many businesses make a positive impact in their communities. Some organize fundraising events to generate donations for charitable organiza-

Stobbe’s Backhoe Service Grandora, SK

leo Stobbe 668-4289 Installation of Rural Water & Sewer Systems Pumps - Tanks - Switches - other Trenching & Excavation

tions. Some offer their employees paid time away from work to volunteer. In 2010, over half of all employees who volunteered said that they had received employer support to do so. Not-for-profit organizations help build stronger communities. In Canada, 161,000 registered charities and not-for-profit organizations work to improve the lives of others. Many have forged new partnerships with other organizations to find solutions to social issues in their community. Last year, over 750 nominations were received. The first recipients of the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards were honoured at an awards ceremony held on December 14, 2012 in Ottawa. With almost half of all Canadians volunteering, there are many more who deserve to be nominated—let’s make sure their valuable work is recognized. Please visit,, or call 1-877- 8250434 for more information about the PMVA, including past award recipients and the current call for nominations. Kelly Block, Member of Parliament Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar



RECYCLING OF CARS AND TRUCKS 1950’S TO CURRENT Rick Maines (306) 493-2637 P.O. Box 729

Delisle, SK

S0L 0P0

RM Review

April 2013


March 21, 2013 Randy Weekes, MLA The theme of the 2013-2014 provincial budget is “Balanced Growth.” This year’s budget is balanced, controls spending and continues to make investments to ensure a better quality life for all Saskatchewan people. It also delivers on commitments we made in the Plan for Growth. Saskatchewan remains the only province with a balanced budget. This is key to achieving our Growth Plan goal of 1.2 million people by 2020. Through prudent management of the province’s finances, including debt reduction saving hundreds of millions of dollars in interest payments, we lay a solid foundation for the future. In the 2013-14 budget, our government continues to make investments to ensure a better quality of life for Saskatchewan people. Seniors Income Plan benefits increase to $250 a month - a 178 per cent increase since 2007. Benefits under the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability program are also increasing as we work toward our Growth Plan goal of making Saskatchewan the best place in Canada to live for people with disabilities.

This year’s budget provides support for victims of domestic violence through the opening of the first new transition house in Saskatchewan since 1989 - in Melfort - and increased funding for women’s shelters across the province. We are committing $70.5 million to the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative - which will result in 7,000 additional surgeries performed this year as we work toward our goal of no one waiting more than three months for surgery by 2014. We are continuing to invest in the infrastructure a growing economy needs. The 2013-14 budget contains: • $281million for highways including work on the West Regina Bypass, Estevan Bypass, and a series of passing lanes on Highway 10 between Balgonie and Fort Qu’Appelle and $168 million to repair and upgrade existing highways; • $86.5 million for Long Term Care facilities currently under construction; and • $50 million for the new Moose Jaw hospital. Our "Balanced for Growth" budget also contains measures to support Saskatchewan’s growing economy. For the third straight year,

municipalities will receive record revenue sharing. This year’s total is $264.4 million, an increase of 108 per cent since 2007. We lowered education tax mill rates to help offset the recent property assessment. With property values’ increasing by a record amount over the last four years, our government is taking action to ensure the amount collected in education property taxes remains revenue neutral this year. That being said, some property owners who saw their assessment go up more than average may still see their taxes go up. The 2013-14 budget contains $119.6 million to fund 21 ongoing major school capital projects, two new schools and 15 pre-K facilities. With a projected need identified in the Growth Plan for 60,000 more workers by 2020, we are creating more training seats for the trades and taking further action to eliminate the wait list for Adult Basic Education by 2015. Agriculture continues to play an important role in moving Saskatchewan forward. To that end, we have invested in a record $198.3 million for Crop Insurance in the “Balanced for Growth” budget. Crop Insurance coverage levels

Randyy Weekes, Weekes, MLA MLA Biggar iggar Constituency Constituency Office Office 106 - 3rd 3rd Ave. Ave. West, Av West, Biggar, Biggar iggar,, SK S0K 0M0 Toll Toll Free: Free: 1-877-948-4880 Phone: Phone: 1-306-948-4880 Fax: 1-306-948-4882 Find Randy on are also a record $194 per acre – more than double what was offered in 2007. The budget also contains a record investment in agricultural research of $27.7 million and an increase of $25 million for strategic initiatives like rural water infrastructure, trade and market development and farm business management. All of these investments will help us reach our Growth Plan goals. The 2013-14 budget not only balances the books, it reflects and balances the priorities of Saskatchewan people. Through controlled spending in key areas, we are promoting opportunity and supporting society’s most vulnerable citizens. We are well-positioned to meet the challenges of growth. This budget will keep Saskatchewan moving forward.

are extremely proud of the work they put into that performance and for their generous donation of $1451.10. We are pretty sure Bob McGrath will not forget about our small school entertainment that

was BIG with all the viewers! Congratulations to all of our performers and all that you learned being a part of the Telemiracle experience! Our applause also goes to Ms. Tarala and Mrs.

Contractors Complete Reno’s New Construction Eavestroughing FREE ESTIMATES

Rob Rorke 270-6986

Box 60 Saskatoon, SK S7K 3K1 Large & Small Animal Medicine


Pike Lake Students Perform at Telemiracle What a fantastic and amazing performance by our students at Telemiracle!! Pike Lake School students were very professional performers and wonderful ambassadors for this school! Our students

Troupe-Logue for guiding the students along this journey and for “Teddy” who provided us with some quiet encouragement!

24 hr Emergency Services Drs. Harvey Domoslai - Wally Kononoff Blair Simonson - Lisa Wayman Megan Dolan


Gas Furnaces Air Conditioners

tim Shostal

Phone or Fax

242 - 2268 email:

Vanscoy Sausage & Meats Ltd. Custom Cutting - Sausage Slaughtering

Your Certified Empyre Dealer vincent Keindel

Rob Thompson & Jane West

668 - 4742


Trenching & Waterworks sand - Gravel - Topsoil

230 - 4653

Phone (306) 382-0878 Fax (306) 978-8718 RR #3 - Site 318, Box 3, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J6


April 2013

RM Review

Pike Lake Sled Rally Saturday , March 9th saw the return of the much missed Pike Lake Snowmobile rally. It was perfect weather for this event as the sleds started out on fresh fallen snow from the previous day, the sun was shining as the riders left the Community hall. As the day progressed each rider returned and talked about the fabulous ride, the trail was great! All the wonderful prizes started around


Organic Beef Halves, Quarters, Custom Packages Samples Available Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

4:30, congrats to the winners....1st place $751.50 Kevin Brownell, 2nd $375.75 went to Jim Teichreb and 3rd $125.25 was Linda McKay. 50/50 winner was Kole Kuiack and the best poker hand went to Jason Deichert. We would like to thank all of our sponsors........Recreation Supply, Priority Printing, The Container Guy, Peavy Mart, SaskPower Queen Elizabeth, J & L

Frame Alignment, United Rentals, Shirley's Service, Golf Sask, Ski-doo and if there is anyone I am forgetting I apologize. Most of all we would like to thank the helpers because without you, none of this could have happened.....the wonderful course.. Clay Ballard, Dustin Jackson and Marty Kinzie. Checkpoint helpers were Brian L., Steven E, Bailey H. and Steven G. Registration...Bill &

Dian T., Robin O., and Doug W. Computer was Bob & Donna E. 50/50 & bar tickets..Mark E. Kitchen...Amie T, Richard, Jen P. and the Milton boys. BBQ was Ryan T. and Paul ( who always does a little bit of everything). Bar was Carol C and Donna E. Once again THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this day!!! Jill Evoy

Sparlyn Organic Farm 668-4216

Sand & Gravel Spreading Hauling Ken Klassen

Bus. (306) 493-7579 Fax. (306) 493-8135

RR1 Box 15

Delisle, SK S0L 0P0

RYJO TOURS INC. 2013 TOURS Victoria in Bloom: May 2-14 (13 Days) Guaranteed Deadwood, SD: May 17-21 (5 Days) Full Alaska & Yukon Tour: June 6-27 (22 Days) Full Blue Jay’s Baseball in Seattle: Aug 3-9 (7 Days) Full Blue Jay’s Baseball in Minneapolis: Sep 4-10 (7 Days) Southern Canyons & National Parks Tour: Sep - TBA Minot Norsk Hostfest: Oct 2-6 (5 Days) Nashville-Branson-Pigeon Forge: Oct 14-Nov 4 (20 Days) Branson Christmas Show Tour: Nov 4-25 (12 Days0 Bismark Shopping Tour (Black Friday): Nov 28-Dec 1 (4 Days) Edmonton River Cree Shopping & Casino: Dec 6-8 (3 Days)

RYJO Tours Spring Presentation ** Saskatoon @ Saskatoon Inn in Manitoba Room **

Wednesday, April 24 @ 7:30 pm

WEB SITE: TOLL FREE: 1-866-656-4786 or (306) 656-4786 Terry & Joyce Coben

A holiday you will always remember !


Backhoe & skidsteer services

Get a “Jump on Spring” Call for info about Emergency Services on holidays & after hours

Spay & Neuter Season Dr. Lorrie Fraser Dr. Angela Oranchuk Delisle 300 - 2nd St East (Hwy 7 Service Road)

with Animal Inn*spa*rations

Examinations Vaccinations X-Ray Surgery In-clinic Lab on-line pet supply catalogue

Dental Cleaning Dental Extractions Dental X-Ray Ultrasound Canine Reproduction

Monday 9:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday 8:00am - 8:00pm Wednesday 8:00am - 8:00pm Thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

s f o r. . u t c a Cont Water

c& Septi vices S er

306-222-9737 Email: Office Phone: 306-493-2410 Office Hours 9 - 2 Weekdays

plus. Sprin .. Fl o o d g i ng Issue s

RM Review

April 2013


COMMUNITy CALENDAR Visit our On-Line Calendar for Event Details or Scan QR Code with your phone March 28 Thursday 7:00pm Holy Thursday Mass St. Theresa’s Parish - Asquith

April 1 Monday Easter Monday April Fools Day

April 13 Saturday 10am - 3pm Spring Craft Sale Asquith Senior Centre

April 27 Saturday 5:30pm Ladies Diamond Dinner Pike Lake Community Hall

March 28 Thursday 8:30pm Holy Thursday Service St. Francis Church - Vanscoy

April 1 - 5 Spring Break NO SCHOOL

April 13 Saturday 10:00am Delisle Softball Bottle Drive Delisle

April 28 Sunday Eagle Creek Wildlife Fund Fish Fry Asquith Elks Hall

March 29 Friday Good Friday NO SCHOOL

April 2 Tuesday 7:00pm Country Quilters Vanscoy Senior Centre

April 14 Sunday 3:00pm Delisle Dance Club Recital Delisle Composite School

May 2 Thursday 6:30-7:30pm Kindergarten Registration Lord Asquith School

March 29 Friday 10:00am Ecumenical Good Friday Service Delisle Community Chapel

April 3 Wednesday 10:00am News Conference Delisle Town Hall

April 16 Tuesday 7:00pm Country Quilters Vanscoy Senior Centre

May 3 Friday NO SCHOOL

March 29 Friday 3:00pm St. Anne’s Good Friday Service Delisle United Church

April 3 Wednesday 6:30pm Barbie Night Delisle Senior Centre

April 19 Friday NO SCHOOL Lord Asquith School ONLY

May 5 Sunday 6:30-7:30pm Pike Lake Dance Recital Pike Lake Community Hall

March 29 Friday 3:00pm Good Friday Service St. Theresa’s Parish - Asquith

April 6 Saturday 7:00pm Texas Hold’em Tournament Pike Lake Community Hall

April 20 Saturday 5:30pm Midieval Feast Delisle Curling Rink Castle

May 7 Tuesday 7:00pm Country Quilters Vanscoy Senior Centre

March 29 Friday 8:00pm St. Anne’s R.C. Easter Vigil Delisle United Church

April 9 Tuesday 7pm-8pm DMHA Registration Delisle Arena

April 21 Sunday Asquith Fencing Club Bottle Drive Drop at school or call 227-5240

May 11 Saturday Garage Sale Day Delisle

March 31 Sunday 11:00am Easter Sunday Mass St. Theresa’s Parish - Asquith

April 9 Tuesday 8:30pm DMHA AGM Delisle Arena

April 23 Tuesday 7:00pm Valleyview Delisle AGM Delisle Lodge Room

May 15 Wednesday 8:30am Residential Lots Go On Sale Delisle

March 31 Sunday 10am - 2pm Special Easter Brunch The Britannia Restaurant - Asquith

April 10 Wednesday 6:30pm RM Spring Ratepayer Meeting Vanscoy Circle Hall

April 24 Wednesday 7:00pm Women in Business AGM Delisle Lodge Room

May 20 Monday Victoria Day NO SCHOOL

Promote your Event Here For FREE - Call 668-1312 or

Annual General Meeting where community is your business - Meet like-minded people - Election of Directors - Discuss exciting Ideas

April 24 7:00pm Delisle Lodge Room


SK Sew Kleen SepticTank Pumping Septic Repairs Hydrovac Services

Portable Toilet Rentals 283 - 4406

201 - 1st st W 493 - 8288

April 15 - May 10 Garden Theme Phone Bids Accepted Bidding closes 1:00pm Friday, May 10

monday Noon - 4pm

Call Frederick and take advantage of our extensive advertising campaign by booking early!

Storage Mart Storage Auction Sale 9:30am- 901 1st Ave N, 11:00am- 345 Portage Ave 1:00pm - 3010 11th St W Friday, April 19th - Saskatoon, SK


(306) 227-9505


REqUEST or RENEW books at


Thinking about having an Auction Sale?

McDowall Spring Consignment Auction Saturday, April 13th 9:00 am McDowall Lion's Hall - McDowall, SK

April 10, 17, 24

Friday 10am - 5pm

On-site Credit Card & Debit Professional Service & Staff

Delisle Spring Antique & Collectible Auction Sunday, April 7th 10:00 am Delisle Town Hall - Delisle, SK

Story Time

Wednesday Noon - 4pm & 7pm - 9pm

Mobile Auction Equipment Computerized Auction Software

Besco Storage Unit Auction Sale 1:00pm - 302-105th St E & 2:30pm 830 48 St E Friday, April 5th - Saskatoon, SK

Delisle Branch

Silent Auction

The Bidders’ Choice Sold on Service Licensed, Bonded,Insured Auction Company

Tim Darke 321-2919 or 384-6807

Member of Sask, Man, Alta Auctioneer Assoc. & Better Business Bureau PL #318200 SK PL #324317 AB


April 2013

RM Review

DIRECTORy TO BUSINESS Check out the On-Line Directory on your iPhone or iPad - Just Scan the QR Code now ! Accommodations


Government - Federal

Home Care Products


Delisle Hotel Delisle 493-2462

Dexteriors Vanscoy 934-3048

Watkins - Anne Plummer 725 Valley Rd 382-1284

RixEdge Sharpening Services Saskatoon 270-8048

Jeannie’s Place Delisle 493-2489 / 380-9664

Flatlander Construction Delisle 493-7547

Kelly Block, MP 904E 22nd St W, Saskatoon 1-888-590-6555

Watkins - Darla Christopher Delisle 493-2933

Sign Painting

Sally’s Place Delisle 717-0841 / 221-0735

Larmar Contracting Services Vanscoy 380-2327

Vanscoy Hotel Vanscoy 668-2124

G & L Drywall Delisle 493-8228 / 668-4583

Accounting Accountsability Vanscoy 292-4085/668-4216 Lyndsay Lee Pike Lake 244-2777 Papertrail Legacy Vanscoy 931-2153

Agricultural Larson Custom Fencing Delisle 934-3185 / 403-664-8252 Orchard Transport - Ag Div. Delisle 493-2408 Viterra - Delisle LSO Delisle 493-8188

Government Provincial Randy Weekes, MLA 106 3rd Ave W Biggar 1-877-948-4880

Gravel / Sand

New Age Foundations Plus Grandora 329-4610

Graham Contracting Asquith 230-4653

Delisle Agencies Delisle 493-2260

Side by Side Contractors 270-6986

Klassen Trenching Delisle 493-7579

Mooney Agencies Ltd. Vanscoy 668-2181

Victoria’s Design 370-9399

Link’s Backhoe & Skidsteer Delisle 222-9737



Rice Lake Sand & Gravel Asquith 329-4768

Jillian Walker Massage RMT Vanscoy 242-7780

Westland Enterprizes Ltd Delisle 493-2709

Lindsey Kocay Therapeutic Massage Delisle 493-8247



Clubs Driving Range Valley Road 221-0842

Back 40 Embroidery Delisle 493-3033/493-2751

Moon River Golf Club Valley Road 931-8960


Valleyview Golf & Country Club Delisle 493-3288


Delisle Credit Union 1st St, Delisle 493-2414

Integra Tire/Empire Auto Saskatoon 244-8070

Edward Jones -Colleen Schneider 234 First Ave S Saskatoon 244-0398

Scouts Auto Parts Donavon 493-2637

Epicure Selections - Vanscoy Brandi Orth 382-2220

Dejardins - Norma Sparrow 330 - 20th St. E Saskatoon 242-1188

Prairie Sun Orchard Ice Cream Vanscoy 242-7573



Arbonne Intl - Kerrie Sparrow Vanscoy 668-4218

First General Services Saskatoon 979-3205

BeautiControl-Rose-Anne Kielo Delisle 493-2233

Garden / yard

Sultry Skincare Vanscoy 230-1389

Like A Rock Grandora 382-3978

Dr. Lisa Merkosky Community Health Chiropractic Clinic Delisle Primary Health Centre 493-2800

Computer -Service Catprint Computing Delisle 230-8783


Schneider’s Gourmet World Delisle 493-3199

Hairstylist / Beauty Delisle Hairstyling & Barber Delisle 493-2467 Hair by Dawn Vanscoy 384-6807

Gas / Confectionary


Insurance Angus Insurance Harris 656-4555

Delisle Electric Delisle 668-4465 J C Electric Vanscoy 290-2052

Julie’s House of Style Delisle 493-2950

Amsoil - Roland Rusnell Delisle 220-3357

Salon 360 Delisle 493-2486

Delisle Agricultural Co-op Delisle 493-2212 Sandyridge Gas & Grocery Grandora 668-4362

Kim’s Signs That Sell Vanscoy 493-3011

Meat Cutting Vanscoy Sausage & Meat Vanscoy 668-4742

Travel Ryjo Tours Inc. Tessier 1-866-656-4786

Vehicle Repair Sid’s Auto Service Vanscoy 668-2013

Veterinary Cattle Care Hwy #14 343-5773/260-6729 Corman Park Vet Services Hwy #14 (SLS) 384-7676 Delisle Veterinary Service Delisle 493-3143 Fafard’s Mobile Vet Service Grandora 371-4534 Outlook Veterinary Clinic Outlook 867-8777

Pet Care

Water / Septic

‘A’ Deb’s K-9 Kennelling Delisle 220-4727

Graham Contracting Asquith 230-4653

Animal InnSpaRations Delisle 493-3143

Klassen Trenching Delisle 493-7579

Lynne Road Kennels Grandora 270-5831

Link’s Backhoe & Skidsteer Delisle 222-9737

Lynn Ross Dog Grooming Vanscoy 382-6224

Starlings Septic Services Delisle 493-2241

Plumbing & Heating

Sew Kleen Hydro-vacing & Septic Asquith 283-4406

Iron Eagle Mechanical Saskatoon 717-0151 Thermal Mechanical Vanscoy 381-7998/270-0160

Welding Arc-Fab Industrial Pike Lake 380-7525

Potash Mine

STP Mobile Welding Saskatoon 280-9368

Agrium Potash Mine Vanscoy 668-4343



The Pink Chair Delisle 493-2266

Pike Lake Preschool Pike Lake 978-8164

Big Pines Services Inc. Vanscoy 230-7399 Graham Contracting Asquith 230-4653


Vanscoy Tempo Vanscoy 683-5024

Vanscoy Early Learning Center Vanscoy 668-6338

Air & Alkaline Water Purifiers Perdue 1-877-652-6853


KBM Earthmoving Vanscoy 867-3770


Reflexology - Carrol King Delisle 493-2452

Britannia Restaurant Asquith 329-2496

Klassen Trenching Delisle 493-7579


Robin’s Nest Cafe Railway Ave Vanscoy 931-6996

Link’s Backhoe & Skidsteer Delisle 222-9737

Vesta Homes Vanscoy 242-9099

Wolff’s Den Delisle 493-2239

Stobbe’s Backhoe Service Grandora 668-4289

Computer -Web Design

Partylite Gifts -Cindy Hanson Vanscoy 978-0219

Whole Wheat Web Design Vanscoy 493-3023

Silpada - Marilyn Hungness Asquith 329-4768

BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS Check out... WWW.PIN.CA Several Local Properties Available “For Sale by Owner” Land in local R.M.’s of: Vanscoy, Montrose, Eagle Creek and Aberdeen Businesses in: Delisle, Saskatoon, Harris Asquith and Rosetown etc. To List Yours Call: Merv Easton - Vanscoy 934-1814

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L’IL BIT OF COUNTRy Antiques & Collectibles

Gifts, Memorabilia & so much more Come In, See What’s New & Old

1st St. W, Delisle Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Farm / Acreage / Ranch / Recreation Buying? / Selling? Sask. Land Sales Coldwell Banker ResCom Realty Real Estate Specialist TOM NEUFELD 306-260-7838

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RM Review April 2013  
RM Review April 2013  

RM Review April 2013 Edition