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April 2012

Fundraising for the Philippine Flood Victims is a Gesture of Charity, Love & Volunteerism By Fe Clarion


n March 3, 2012, supper was served to over a hundred people at Delisle’s Town Hall. It was a fundraiser organized by Lauro and Laureen Sebial with the selfless support of Alma Bartsch. After being away from their homeland for four years since they arrived in Canada, Lauro & Laureen Sebial and their two kids Alex and Aljo, had just been on their fourth day of vacation in Iligan City, Philippines when Typhoon Washi hit the city. The heavy downpour turned out to be multiple rivers of water coming down from the mountains and created a disastrous flash flood

engulfing the entire trance for the meal dous response from area, destroying and tickets, organize people with generous washing away everygames, donated items hearts, coming out to thing in its way. for auction and a prize share their blessings to Devastation was seen table. There was an help those in need. in the aftermath. amazing turnout; peoLauro and Laureen are Lives were taken away ple were streaming in so touched and very and thousands were and out enjoying the grateful to Delisle comleft homeless. On top of food. What a tremenmunity and surroundthis, disease started to aggravate the already deplorable and impoverished conditions. Witnessing the aftermath was unimaginable for Lauro and Laureen - so much so, that upon their return to Canada, they decided to take it upon themselves to raise funds in an effort to alleviate some of these conditions. And then there was the spirit of volunteerism as dear friends came forward to help, take Sebial family Alex, Aljo, Laureen Sebial, MP charge of the front enKelly Block & Lauro Sebial

Future of Vanscoy NEXT Arena to be MONTH Discussed... Again

Spring Seeding & Gardening Feature articles for you and your green thumb

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For the past decade or more the Vanscoy Arena has existed in a shadow of uncertainty. The aging facility has seen many valiant efforts by a diversity of local organizations and individuals to address the destiny of the facility. All to no end. Recently the Village of Vanscoy has taken their community from the verge of financial collapse (due to years of no long-term planning) and solved major financial, water and sewer issues, allowing for the expansion of residences. The council should be recognized and celebrated for that success. The individual efforts put in, for the benefit of the community, is nothing short of heroic. More than ever, an opportunity exists for the rest of the residents of

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the village and surrounding community to seize the momentum and help develop a long term-plan for their community. Why not start with the arena? Vanscoy sits in the shadow of one of the fastest growing cities in the country, in a province with the strongest economy in the country, in an RM blessed by one of the strongest global industries in the world and has a local council that is willing to move mountains, but not by themselves. This unprecedented window of opportunity will not exist forever. Start small, think big and don’t wait. There is a meeting on April 18th at the Vanscoy Hall. Get involved in your future, or live without one. KS

ing communities, family and friends for their support and are much honored to have had MP Kelly Block share the evening with them. Great appreciation to Alma Bartsch & family, Delisle Elementary, Delisle Composite School, St. Anne's Parish, Laurali Fehr's Music for Young Children, Agrium and VAULT Programme, Filipino-Canadian Association of Saskatoon, Inc., Keybrand Foods Inc., Robin’s Nest, all the volunteers, donors for the Silent Auction and Prize Table and to everyone who helped make the fundraiser a success. This charity event could have not been made possible without your help and cooperation.

The overall success of this great cause has raised over $ 5,700 – indeed an enormous testimony that together we can make a difference! Proceeds go directly to one of Iligan’s major relocation project managed by the Diocese of Iligan and hope to fund in building two housing units. Lauro and Laureen are also coordinating with local representatives to cosponsor in the construction of the sanitation system for Rogongon Elementary School, one of the remote schools affected by the typhoon. Your donations will surely go a long, long way and will be well remembered.

Village of Vanscoy is holding Public EMO Meeting


he Vanscoy Emergency Measures Organization is asking village residents to attend a public meeting on Monday May 7th, at 7:30pm in the Vanscoy Circle Hall. The following is an excerpt from a letter was recently sent out to all the village residents. “This meeting will be part information and part your input that will discuss emergency measures that will affect us all in the event of a natural or manmade disaster that may occur in our community. We all have noticed the rail and highway traffic increase in the past few years and both have

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hazardous chemicals being carried through our midst. The intent of this meeting is to formalize our emergency plan for possible evacuation, long periods of power loss, or other sources of emergency measures that we may have to overcome any the event of an incident that will require the response of declaring an emergency. We are all in this together and we need input, from you, our citizens, on how we are to respond to any forces that may be a threat to us personally and our property. We all have a stake in this and we are required by Provincial Law to put this into action. With your

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guidance and help we can make our community prepared in the event of an emergency so we can minimize loss of life and property. We would ask if anyone is interested in becoming a committee member that they show themselves to us at this time and we will gladly have them onboard as crucial members that will be involved in the act of saving lives and protecting our properties. We are meeting first and foremost to discuss the EMO and its deployment and if we have time the council will be available to discuss any other village business after this meeting.”

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April 2012


“this is our Arab spring my friends”

Ah.... spring ! Even after an exceptionally mild winter, there is still something about spring that excites the senses. It brings with it the undeniable opportunity of a fresh start. Living in an agricultural community we see this every year as farmers take to the fields and plant the seeds of the future. Hard work and perseverance now, result in a bountiful harvest later. That feeling of satisfaction, reaping what you sow, drives them to the season that will follow. But it’s not just farmers that experience that satisfaction in life. Working with the RM Review I have had the privilege of being involved, in however small a way, with many organizations and individuals in the community as they pursue satisfaction in thier lives. Whether it is a fundraiser for the less fortunate, running an organization for others to enjoy and grow from, operating a business to provide local products and services or participating in local government to improve the communities, theses people all experience that same satisfaction.

It is time for us to take to streets, use social media, anything to help us take back our community. If they want to have a meeting... then not without us! If they want to volunteer... no longer will they have the privilege of doing it alone! If they want to raise funds... then it be with our funds too! If they want to build the community into something better... we will be the ones that make it better! The time is now my friends... together we are strong... take back your community. After all, if the Arabs have a spring named after them, then damn it, so will we! Ken Sowter, Editor

The Village of Vanscoy Presents to all residents of the Village a

Public Information Meeting Regarding Emergency Plans and General Information

Monday May 7, 2012 Vanscoy Circle Hall @ 7:30pm Plan To Attend




Phone: 306-668-1312 Fax: 306-978-4481 Box 333, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0


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where community is your business

April 24 7:30pm Delisle Lodge Room

- Meet like-minded people - Election of Directors - Discuss exciting Ideas

Guest Speaker - Paulette Millis Registered Nutritional Consultant, author & speaker


Delisle Composite Graduation Banquet

Why are these ‘chosen few’ among us so lucky. Is it part of a greater conspiracy perhaps? Who deemed them the ones that get to do everything, decide what should happen, when it should happen and enjoy that satisfaction of having succeeded ? Those bastards ! Don’t they know that the rest of us live here too? Are we to just sit back and use the services that they have provided for us... or be forced enjoy ourselves at the activities they decided to ‘allow’ us participate in... for God’s sake many of them are even free? Are we to stand idly by while they continue to improve our lives, grow our community and bring us things we would never otherwise have ? I SAY NO, DAMN IT! This must STOP! And it must STOP NOW! Don’t let them push us around anymore... it’s a free country and this is OUR community too ! I say we fight back against this volunteer driven, community minded, selfless regime!! We deserve to have some control... decide for ourselves what is going to happen in our lives... make them enjoy something they didn’t do themselves... and there is nothing they can do to stop us.

Emergency Preparedness Week May 6 - 12

Annual General Meeting


This, my friends, is a serious problem !


RM Review

The Village of Vanscoy is accepting applications for:

Public Works Personnel Duties will include but are not limited to: grass cutting, back lane pickup, repairs. Contractors Welcome to apply Applications will be received until:

Monday, April 16, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.

Delisle Arena, Delisle, SK

Thursday, June 28/12, 5:30 pm SERVICE: Approximately 230 people. OTHER: Caterer must pre-set tables, supply all table appointments (china, glasses, cutlery, linen, etc.), bring prepared food, supply servers and any table or serving accessories needed. CONTACT: Mrs. Dinnell for details, prior to submitting tender Phone: 493-2433 Fax: 493-2345 Email: DEADLINE: Written tenders accepted until April 25, 2012


AUCTION SALE SATURDAY APRIL 21, 2012 @ 10:00AM SALE LOCATION – NE 7 – 35 – 7 W3 Consignments are being accepted for this sale. Contact – Robb McGill1-306 651-7205 (H) 1-306 291-7018 (C) Frederick Bodnarus1-306 975-9054 (O) 1 306 227-9505 (C) Equipment includes: Case Tractor; John Deer Mower, Fire Trucks, Irrigation Equipment, 87 Acres of Land (Zoned Agriculture) (Sold as is) (Any development on the land must be approved) Closing of the sale of land will be handled by Richard Carlson Law firm of Cuelenaere, Kendall, Katzman & Watson. Closing date will be 30 days following sale day.

at the: Vanscoy Village office (109 Main St.) or mail to: PO Box 480, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0 Applicants will be contacted for interviews

Lunch will be Available on Site

Lots For Sale


Town of Asquith

The Town of Asquith is offering two fully serviced residential lots for sale, located at:

550 Andrew St. & 560 Andrew St. 70’ frontage & 156.25’ flankage, suitable for a multi-residential development. Modular homes will not be allowed.

The cost is $50,000.00 + GST. Asquith is a bedroom community, 20 minutes west of Saskatoon, offering many amenities in the form of recreation, culture, and services.

Call 329-4341 for more information

1972 CHEV. 3 Ton Oil Distributor 1982 545 Ford Tractor w/3 Point Hitch Set of Forks Post Hole Auger (orbit motor) 1984 2750 John Deere Tractor w/side mount mower 3 - 1,000 Gallon Fuel Tanks & Stands 1 Sand Spreader to fit on Tandem Truck Sealed Tenders will be accepted by the undersigned until 4:00 p.m. on

Monday April 2, 2012 Any questions please contact Jerome @ 281-7571 Council reserves the right to accept or reject any offer.

R.M. of Vanscoy No. 345 Box 187 Vanscoy, Sask., S0L 3J0

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RM Review

April 2012


Avery Norris Fundraiser April 21 FACT: RETT Syndrome affects 1 in every 10,000 –15,000 girls born... Avery Leah Norris is a sweet, loving 3 1/2 year old, who has been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. She lives with her mom, Melanie, dad, Kris, and little brother Colby in LaRonge, SK. She is 1 of 16 girls in Saskatchewan to be diagnosed with Rett Syndrome and as a result, the last 3 years of her life have been filled with doctor's appointments, tests, and extensive therapy. Rett Syndrome is a rare brain disorder that occurs almost exclusively in girls. There are two main classifications: typical and atypical. Girls with typical Rett Syndrome have 6 to 18 months of apparently normal development before showing any signs of the disorder. The atypical form does not follow a pattern and can be very severe. The affected child has no period of normal development before the symptoms set in. Seizures can begin in infancy and continue into adulthood. Avery is diagnosed with Typical Rett Syndrome. This diagnosis means modifications to the family’s existing house will have to be

made, a wheelchair van will need to be purchased and extensive travel throughout both Canada and the US will be necessary in the effort to treat Avery’s condition. The rarity and infre-

forced to see specialists as far away as Boston and New Orleans. These expenses take a significant financial toll on the family. For this reason the family of Avery Norris is holding a fundraiser to help

and Rett Syndrome awareness night in Avery's honour will be held at the Delisle Curling Rink. Happy hour and Silent Auction begin at 6:30pm followed by the dance at 9pm. Tickets are only $15/person and 100% of the proceeds from this event will go to the Norris family to help alleviate the expenses incurred by the family for future treatment. Should you be interested in making a contribution to this event or require tickets, please contact Joanie Rice at 493-8267, email: or Nancy Durham at 493-2543. Tickets are also available at the Delisle Esso. For more information on Rett Syndrome, please visit:

RYJO TOURS INC. Presentations Regina - Monday, April 9 7:30pm Best Western Seven Oaks Saskatoon - Tuesday, April 10 7:30pm Saskatoon Inn Courtyard Room

Discover your next Destination! Avery Leah Norris quency of this syndrome means that information and research in the matter are still in their infancy. Because of this, the family has been

pay for the travel and modifications required to provide Avery with the care she so desperately needs. On Saturday, April 21, a silent auction, dance

NOTE Women in Business has postponed their Casino Night (date to be advised) in support of this event. They encourage everyone to attend this very important fundraiser on April 21.

2012 TOURS Moose Jaw Spa & Casino: Jun 10, Nov 14 (3 Days) Spring to Branson: April 12 - 24 (13 Days) Guaranteed Victoria in Bloom: May 3 - 15 (13 Days) Guaranteed Deadwood: May 18 - 21 (4 Days) NEW Blue Jay’s Triple Header, Seattle: Ju 28-Aug 3 (7 Days) Eastern Canada, Maritimes & Nfld: Sept 9 - Oct 4 (26 Days) New York, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania: Oct 8-29 (22 Days) Branson Christmas Show: Nov 8 - 19 (12 Days) Bismarck Black Friday Shopping Trip: Nov 22 - 25 (4 Days) Edmonton River Cree: Nov 30 - Dec 2 (3 Days) Please call anytime for complete brochures & details

AGFA represented at 2012 Sask Open Provincial Tournament


he Asquith Garde Fencing Club participated in the 2012 Sask Open Provincial Tournament on March 10 and 11 at the Regina Field House. All participants performed very well and should be commended on their performances. Standings are as follows: Cadet Men’s Epee: Colin Rousell – Gold; Tristan Gratton – Silver; Ian Pederson – Bronze, Matthew Fleischfresser – 8th. Cadet Women’s Epee: Kirsten Van Marion – 1st. Cadet Men’s Sabre: Sandor Baird – Silver; Garrett

Whelan and Dayne Whelan – Bronze; Ryan Rousell – 4th; Errin Rousell – 5th; Jordan Senterre – 6th. Cadet Women’s Sabre: Brooklyn Hill – Silver; Brynn Whelan – Bronze. Junior Men’s Epee: Colin Rousell – Silver; Tristan Gratton – Bronze; Ian Pederson – 6th. Junior Women’s Epee: Kirsten Van Marion – Silver. Junior Men’s Sabre: Sandor Baird – Silver; Ryan Rousell and Garrett Whelan – Bronze; Errin Rousell – 6th; Dayne Whelan – 7th; Jordan Senterre – 8th.

Junior Women’s Sabre: Brooklyn Hill – Silver; Brynn Whelan – Bronze. Senior Men’s Epee: Colin Rousell – Bronze; Tristan Gratton – 11th. Senior Women’s Epee: Kirsten Van Marion – Gold. Senior Men’s Sabre: Sandor Baird – 5th; Ryan Rousell – 7th; Garrett Whelan – 8th; Errin Rousell – 9th; Dayne Whelan – 10th. Senior Women’s Sabre: Brynn Whelan – Silver; Brooklyn Hill – Bronze. Great job everyone!!

A holiday you will always remember!

1-866-656-4786 or 306-656-4786 Website:

Terry & Joyce Coben

Transportation provided by Ryjo Tours Motor Coach We accept VISA, Mastercard & Amex and also sell Travel Insurance

Please call anytime for complete details, brochures and prices

Delisle Elementary School Thanks... these March Volunteers & Supporters! Volunteers Bakers: Dorothy Carnell Alison Price Shauna Adams Carrol King Volunteers: Abbey Mahoney

Student Volunteers


Alma Bartsch Kim Durham Shauna Adams Crista Gillis Theresa Orchard Teresa Shirley Carrol King

Delisle Co-op Carnell Family Straker Family

Lilly Chayla Magnus Ashton Rylin Real

Perpetual Donations Delisle Co-op - monthly quota of milk Delisle Credit Union - case of fruit monthly Delisle Royal Bank - case of juice monthly Breakfast for Learning - Cdn Living Found. Department of Community Resources Phipps & Rempel Denture Clinic - cheese

Austin Taylor Caroline Meagan Maddy Cody

Logan Brady Ethan Brooklyn Sydney Brendan

Thank YOU!

Colborn Farms- monthly quota of eggs Vetter Enterprises/Delisle Hotel - cereal The Pink Chair - yogurt Delisle Senior Centre Agrium - breakfast meat for the month Schumacher Farms - Angus Beef


April 2012

RM Review



Asquith Town Council held its regular meeting on Tuesday, March 13. The outdated, aging street signs have been replaced with new reflective ones. The Asquith Co-operative Association has decided to perform a "Legacy Project" for the community and will plant trees at the Asquith Cemetery. The R.M. of Vanscoy No. 345 responded to a request of the Recreation Committee to cost share in the installation of red shale at a ball diamond at the Asquith Sports Grounds by granting $8,500. for improvements at the ball diamonds. This should allow the committee to install red shale to two ball diamonds rather than just one. Fire Chief, Colin Graham, attended the Council meeting to present the updated Strategic Plan for the Asquith Fire Department. The new plan included updated occurrence statistics on fire calls for 2011, as well as budget figures for capital projects and training. Both the Fire Chief and Mayor Maddin signed the Strategic Plan for the Asquith Volunteer Fire Department. The Town of Asquith is once again tendering the Cemetery Maintenance Contract for 2012. The contract runs from May to September and all quotes must be received by Thursday, April 5, 2012. For more information, the town office can be contacted. The Town has also decided to participate in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 31st from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. During this hour, everyone is asked to shut off their lights for one hour as a collective display of commitment to a better future for the planet. For all of those individuals outside of Asquith who are planning a controlled burn this spring or summer, please remember that it is imperative to call in your controlled burn to 1-866-822-8522. Do NOT call the municipal office or fire department members. It may be a good idea to write this number down where it can readily be found. Failure to phone in a controlled burn may result in the Fire Department being dispatched and you will then be responsible for the cost of the fire call. For individuals within the Town of Asquith, there is a Burning Bylaw. You can access the bylaw by going to the Town's website Spring is here! Those who are completing spring cleanup in your yard should take note that the Asquith Landfill is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm, and Mondays from 9 am to 1 pm. The landfill will also be closed on Easter Sunday.

The R.M. is participating in the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corp. scrap tire clean up. The Pike Lake and Grandora landfills will be open from April 23rd to May 7th from 9 am to 5 pm. Both landfills will be closed on Sundays during this period. They will be accepting all rimless, clean tires free of charge. This is a onetime only free program and a great opportunity to remove all scrap tires on your land. The Delisle & District Fire Commission has a new fire call fee schedule. There is a minimum 3 hour charge of $1500. False alarms are $750. Council has several items for tender. They are listed in a separate advertisement in this month’s edition of the R.M. review. Please have your tenders in to the R.M. office by Monday, April 2nd. Council approved five applications for development and building permits at the March 8th meeting. The next meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday, April 10th.

Happy spring!


at the Circle Hall May 7 @ 7:30pm. The Committee will be seeking community residents to come forward and serve on this committee, as well as looking for volunteers to serve as “block contacts” in the event of an emergency. The Municipal operating budget will be finalized following the close of assessment roll inspection, at which time Council will set the Municipal Mill Rate and tax notices can be prepared.

TOWN OF DELISLE Delisle Town Council held a regular meeting on March 13. The Town authorized AECOM to perform site surveying and preliminary grading for the South Industrial subdivison. Council express interest in utilizing the WaterWolf District Development Appeals Board. The Town will offer Lot 19, Block 12, Plan 102049545 to Donna Dreher at a value of $60,000 for the purpose of constructing a privately owned personal care home. For every year that the home is operated by Donna Dreher, the cost of the lot will be reduced by $6000 to an overall maximum of $60,000. Donna Dreher will bear all legal expenses in relation to this arrangement. Council appointed the Saskatoon District Board of Revision and their designated secretary to consider the 2012 assessment appeals. Bylaw No. 1-2012, being a bylaw for the authorization and administration of the use of private vehicles for the purpose of emergency response by fire fighters was read three times and carried. The Town encourages owners to do a spring clean up of their property. Compost pick-up will begin in May - May 8 & 22. Compost will be picked up in the back alley and should be in a 17 gallon capacity plastic or metal can.

The Assessment Roll for 2012 is open for inspection from March 20 – April 30. Any appeals must be filed at the Village Office no later than 4pm, accompanied by a $100 fee for each appeal filed. Saturday April 21 is Auction Day in Vanscoy, to be held on the land the Village is offering for sale. The 87 acre parcel is located across the highway from the former Chovin Acreage. Among other items for sale are a case tractor, riding mower, irrigation equipment, fire trucks and finishing mower. The auction starts at 10am. Lunch will be available on site. The April Council meeting has been changed from Wednesday April 11 to Monday April 16, due to a workshop being attended in the city. Wednesday April 18 Tempered Glass there is a Recreation and Committee Meeting Aluminum being held at the Circle Patio Covers Hall @ 7:00pm. Discussion will be around the future of the Vanscoy Arena. Plan to attend this important meeting. All Recreation Groups are encouraged to attend, as well as residents of the Village. Outdoor The week of May 6-12 Aluminum Railings Maintenance is Emergency PreparedPickets FREE ness Week. The Village Solutions Vinyl Membrane to fit is inviting all residents Treated Lumber your Budget of the Village to attend Composite Wood an awareness meeting

Vinyl Siding and Windows

934-3048 Vanscoy John Hendrickson

RM Review

April 2012


Winterfest A Big Hit in Pike Lake


interfest, hosted by Pike Lake School on March 2, welcomed the community with exuberance and excitement. Winter games, a bonfire, a horse and wagon ride through the hamlet created an atmosphere of party atmosphere. The outdoor skating rink was busy as young and ‘older’ enjoyed the nice weather. Inside the hall, complimentary hot dogs were supplied and the rest of the meal was all potluck (the best part

was the multiple choices of dessert). The children displayed their winter art - pictures made with various beads etc. glued to the paper. The challenge was to guess how many items were on each picture. That evening, children could craft an igloo out of foam blocks. Outside, the community had an opportunity to view an igloo made from milk jugs filled with frozen water. The school has been working on this

project through the winter - adding to it as the milk jugs come in. The beauty of the project is that they are reusing the milk jugs and in the spring, when the ice melts, it will water the newly planted grass on the soccer field. The milk jugs can then be recycled. The evening wrapped up with a square dancing demonstration by the students, then a ‘real’ dance where the kids, teachers and parents turned it into a real party!

Rev up & Win Upgrade your Farm Storage Fuel Tank Call store for details

493 - 2212 Delisle Groceries & Confectionary - Truck & Car Wash Gas Pumps & Card Lock - Propane & Bulk Fuel Monday - Friday: 6am - 10pm

.. At the.

Saturday - Sunday: 7am - 10pm

Vanscoy Hotel

668 - 2124

Mon - Thur 11am - 12 midnight Fri/Sat 11am - 2am Sunday 12 noon - 10pm

Karaoke Night Saturday April 14th



nt W



Mondays & Tuesdays During April Noon to 10:00 pm Dine-in Only

Dart Tournament - Saturday March 31 Everyone Welcome - See You There !

New Hotel Rooms Open May 1st


April 2012


DELISLE COMPOSITE SCHOOL What a month March has been! Fantastic weather mixed with snowstorms and a four hour power outage certainly made it interesting. Welcome to several new students at DCS - we are glad to have you with us! Good job to all of our grade 7 and 8 students who prepared heritage fair displays. The gym was full of fantastic information about Canada and Canadian topics. The winners, who move on to Saskatoon, have not yet been announced. We'll keep you posted! New at DCS: Health Promoting School group. DCS is striving towards becoming a health promoting school. We have set up a school committee and have been working with Mrs. Durham our health nurse to come up with solutions to some of the health challenges that our students are faced with as well as our school as a whole on a day to day basis. Mrs. Durham has met with all the students grades 7-9 to discuss healthy eating practices. They have been working on weekly challenges and the class that does the best will be awarded a prize at the end. Parents are encouraged to discuss these challenges with their students and encourage them to meet them. In terms of sports, March is a transition team with basketball and curling on their way out, and badminton and track on their way in! Mr. Danielson, senior boys basketball coach, provided a great summary of their season. "Yet another great season with a great group of young men. We travelled to tournaments in Outlook, Borden, Birch Hills, Melfort, Asquith, Langham and Clavet. We also

hosted two home tournaments and several home. We had the most successful season in years with 16 wins and 17 losses. This was a massive improvement over the last two years. We were pitted against Dalmeny in Conference playoffs and despite a strong effort, we were unable to continue our season. We will miss our three seniors who will be leaving this year. Zsolt Timar-Geng, Zach Stevenson and Jaden Wood-Sparrow. They have been vital to the growth of the program in the last four years. We will be returning 10 players to the team next year, with a strong core of grade 12's that will make us a tough team to match up against. Thanks to all parents and volunteers that made this year a success." The senior girls basketball team also had an exciting season. Mrs. Hill-Wilcox was very proud of how the girls performed. "The Senior Girls Basketball season came to an end on March 10, as we hosted Conference Playoffs. We played Clavet , and unfortunately their height was to their advantage. The girls played really hard and we are extremely proud of their sportsmanship and determination . They never quit! We had a really young team and are extremely hopeful that these talented young ladies will be back next year, stronger than ever!" The senior curling season went into the end of February and they had a very successful season. Mrs. Kielo writes, "We will miss all of our students who are graduating this year. Thanks for the time that you put in to our curling program at DCS.

Sr. Boys: Brayden Knackstedt, Jarrod Edwards, Justin Price, Curtis Richmond and Dallon Richmond. Sr. Girls: Tori Worth, Jill Schindelka, Jessie Shirley, Kylee Junop, Karlee Climenhaga. Mixed: Jake Schumacher, Kaylee Morris, Mitchell Keet, Kabrina Corey. This team won the district competition and advanced to regionals in Unity. They played well and did a fantastic job of representing DCS. I am looking forward to working with this team again next year. A special thank you to Rod Worth who helped coach our teams as well. Your contributions to the program were greatly appreciated." Finally, a note about the beginning of track season from head coach, Mrs. Wirz. Pre-Season track conditioning has started and is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will begin outdoor practices once the field dries up and plan to have our local track and field day on May 2. In other activities, drama practices have begun in earnest, as students work on the musical "Unhappily Ever After." The performance will be later in May. The DCS Choir group and the Choral 10/20/30 class will be heading to Dalmeny to perform at music festival on Friday March 30. The extra-curr group has prepared a medley of ABBA songs. The choir class is singing two challenging numbers: Ukrainian Sleigh Bells, and Fields of Gold. Special thanks to our piano accompanist, Mrs. Sheila Cole. The beginner, junior, senior, and jazz bands will also be participating on Tuesday in Dalmeny. Good luck to all of our groups!

DELISLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL This month has been hectic weather wise. What a storm it was. The grade 5/6 and 6 classes went curling once and plan to go three more times. All the kids say it’s the best thing ever. St. Patrick’s Day was fun, especially the green breakfast the school served. Bill (a Haitian drummer)

RM Review

and Peter (a storyteller who works in Haiti) came to our school on March 15th and did a presentation. The grade sixes got to meet Bill and drum with him. Pike Lake School was invited so it was nice to see all of our old friends. In intramurals (a sport club) we are playing floor hockey and our class says

it’s awesome. Our next Hot Meal and Spirit day is beach day. Hopefully it will be sunny and warm. The Grade 6’s continue to show their leadership by running a variety of clubs during recess breaks for the younger grades. Let’s hope this next month is just as busy. By Nigel & Nolan


Lord Asquith School is always a busy place, and this month is no different. March has been a great month in both the high school and the elementary end. The Grade 4 students made a movie based on the Book ‘The Littles Go Exploring’, and hosted a movie premiere on March 20. The students all enjoyed the show, and the grade 4 students were very proud of their hard work. Elementary report cards went out on March 16, and parent teacher interviews were held on March 21 and 22. We had our monthly Learning Journey on March 22, with several grades presenting what they were most proud of learning this month. We have also

been busy promoting an active lifestyle by participating in an in-motion program. This program is designed to keep the students fit, and their brains ready to learn. Many students from across the grades are participating in marathon training. They are running at lunch time for the next 10 weeks, and are trying to run 40 km before May 27th, when they will be participating in the Saskatoon Marathon kids program, where they will run 2.2 km. On March 14 all classes participated in a yoga class taught by Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, Saskatoon. All of the students also enjoyed the Persephone theatre traveling show on March 12.

The Library will be hosting a book fair on April 3, 4 and 5th. Some extracurricular activities are winding down, and some are starting up. The basketball season was a great success. All of the teams made us proud. Our senior girl’s team went to regionals, and did great. This year regionals were hosted in Wilkie, and the girls won their first game on Friday night, and lost in a close game on Saturday. Way to go girls. They are a young team, so we can’t wait to see what they do next year. Badminton and Drama are just starting up now, so watch for future details about those activities. By Karen Addley

PIKE LAKE SCHOOL Happy March everyone! In the second week of March, Pike Lake students travelled to Delisle for a, fun filled and enlightening fieldtrip. This was the second time that Delisle Elementary School graciously invited Pike Lake students and staff to join them to hear about the travels of the local children's author Peter Eyvindson. He brought with him a visitor from Haiti named Bill Nathan. Together they gave us an update on the conditions of The Broken Wings Mission Homes in Port Au Prince, Haiti after the devastating earth quake of Jan. 12, 2010. Last year Pike Lake School raised monies to help in the rebuilding process and Bill and Peter brought us good news that St. Joseph's Home for Boys is almost rebuilt! We were also treated to stories and incredible drumming by Bill. Peter has a new book all about Bill, who was orphaned at 6 years old and was taken into a home where he became a restavik or slave child. Years later, he was rescued by a nun who brought him to St. Joseph's Home for Boys. Today he is one of the directors there. The book is called Drummer Bill and the proceeds go directly to the Broken Wings Mission. These funds will continue to help with the rebuilding projects. . In the second half of our fieldtrip we went to the Delisle Curling Rink. Thanks so much to Rod Worth, who supported and enhanced the curling experience for students. It is exciting to watch how curling in such a beautifully kept rink has further inspired and or has sparked the beginning of the love of the game in many of our students. March is an important time of the year for students. It is when the students proudly, share the learning and creating that they have been engaging in at school with their parents and guardians. Student led interviews provide an excellent opportunity for students to stand proud and “show – off” their portfolio of work. Moreover student led conferencing allow students time to reflect upon areas in which they would like to improve during the last term of the school year. As students are making plans to achieve a strong final term to prepare for success in their next academic year, so too is the School Community Council making preparations for the 2012-2013 academic year. Our School Community Council (SCC) supports student learning success and wellbeing and encourages parent and community involvement in the school. Prairie Spirit School Divi-

sion believes that the involvement with SCCs is a rewarding and meaningful activity for parents and community members. If you would like to make a difference at our school, please consider running in the upcoming SCC election. Parents and members of the community are eligible to run for the Pike Lake School Community Council. Our School Community Council has 6 positions open for members for twoyear terms beginning fall, 2012. We have 3 members who will be remaining for their second year for 2012/13. Our SCC elections will be held April 18th 2012. Please contact the school office for more information and for nomination forms. Dates to Remember March 28 – PSSD Annual General Meeting March 29 - School Field Trip to Persephone Theatre March 30 - Grade 3/4 Field Trip (p.m.) to Gardenscape April 4 - School Field Trip to Saskatoon/SCC Spring Assembly April 5 - Perogy Meal/Last day for Teacher Candidates April 6 – NO SCHOOL Good Friday April 9 – 15 NO SCHOOL Easter Break April 18 - SCC Annual General Meeting and Elections

Check Out the On-Line School Week Calendar plus Up-to-date School Newsletters and Event Details -

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April 2012


Police Patrol

We still have a few openings for catering your Summer Events - call us today

Crime Reduction - How Can You Help?

Watch for Mother’s Day Dinner in May

Cst. Sheryl Raymond The prevention of crime - particularly crime involving business and residential neighbourhoods - is a responsibility that must be shared equally by the police and citizens in the community. The impact of crime prevention by police alone is minimal when compared with the power of citizens in the community working with police and with each other. When citizens take positive stops to secure their own property (business or residential) and neighbours learn how to report suspicious activity around their businesses or homes, break and enters and related offences decrease dramatically.

Reducing Crime in your neighbourhood DOES involve : 1) A commitment to improve your business or home security. 2) A commitment to be concerned about your neighbour's property as well as your own. After all, a watchful neighbour is the best burglar alarm! 3) A commitment to report any crime that is occurring and any suspicious activity to the police and then to your neighbours. Talk to your neighbours. Let them know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. Offer to keep an eye on each other's properties. Reducing crime in your neighbourhood DOES NOT involve:

1) Patrolling the neighbourhood or chasing suspicious persons. It only means being alert as part of your everyday life. 2) Does not mean knowing your neighbour's business. All that is required is being familiar enough with your neighbours to be aware of who belongs and who doesn't and reporting any suspicious persons.

Mon - Fri 7 - 8

Sat 8 - 8

Sun 9 - 7

For more information on a variety of Crime Prevention topics visit Stay Safe!

CONTINUED VANSCOY SCHOOL cently, we had auditions for our Fine Arts performance of Robin Hood. The parts have been handed out and practices are now starting. The Fine Arts Performance will take place on May 1st and 2nd. Badminton is now in full swing with playoffs coming up in April. On Thursday March 29th, the SCC is hosting a Bingo Night at the school as a

Vanscoy 931-6996

Being involved in crime reduction as a citizen of your community benefits everyone. Working together will result in making homes and communities safer.

SCHOOL N EWS ( ) The winter months have been quite fun with many exciting activities and events! Last week the school hosted a school dance for St. Patrick’s Day, and as a part of our school raising a certain amount of money for the Terry Fox run, we ‘decorated’ the hair of one staff member per classroom. We also had another successful book fair. Re-

Creating Memories, with

fundraiser. Other exciting things happening over the month of April include things such as the Senior Gym Blast, the Hunger Games Book Challenge, and the continued training for the Marafun Marathon. We are also all looking forward to the upcoming Easter Break. By: Dylan Olauson and Rachel Krahn

April 23 - May 7, 9:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PIKE LAKE & GRANDORA TRANSFER SITES (Both Sites CLOSED on SUNDAYS)

FREE Pick-up by Vanscoy 4-H April 28th Only - Call 955-1831 or 493-2367

A message regarding the future of the Vanscoy Arena - The ShiverDome A group of concerned residents of the Village of Vanscoy and surrounding area are looking for volunteers to assist with a wide range of planning and fundraising ideas that will need to take place in order to ensure the rink will remain viable both into the 2012/2013 season and for many years beyond that. For more than 10 years now one group or another has been working to improve/replace The ShiverDome - with varying degrees of success. One idea is to update our existing rink with an artificial ice plant. There are already a few people who have begun conceptual planning to make this happen as early as the fall of 2012. In order to make The ShiverDome the success we believe it can and will be we need your help. Over the next few weeks we'll be forming a working committee to advance any proposed rink upgrades. We'd like to extend an invitation to any individuals or groups interested in being a part of our committee to join us at an open meeting on

Wednesday April 18 at 7 p.m. at the Vanscoy Circle Hall. Please take this opportunity to get involved in a project that will give back to our community for many years to come.

Any questions can be sent to, or visit our website at


April 2012


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Mayfair Artists Annual Art Show & Sale

ayfair Artists are holding their Annual Art Show & Sale at the Mayfair United Church, 902-33rd Street West (please use the east side door) on Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April

22nd from 12:00 noon until 4:30 p.m. There will be refreshments and door prize draws. The Mayfair Artists group started in September, 1995 with a group of 13 women. This group now consists of 20 artists who

try to get together every Tuesday starting in September of every year and ending after our Annual Art Show & Sale. They work all year to bring forth new paintings for the public to see. Mayfair United

Church has been a wonderful place to paint and show their work. You will find many mediums being used, such as: watercolor, acrylics, oils and soft pastels to name a few. There will be original paintings, prints

and note cards available for purchase. Everyone is invited to come and see what has been created. Most of the artists displaying their works will be there for you to talk with about their creative process.

The artists are very proud to share their works with others and the ultimate compliment is when a piece is purchased. They look forward to meeting you all.

The Bidders’ Choice

SOLD on Service Licensed, Bonded,Insured Auction Company Mobile Auction Equipment Computerized Auction Software

On-site Credit Card & Debit Professional Service & Staff

Thinking about having an Auction Sale? Call Frederick and take advantage of our extensive advertising campaign by booking early!

Easter Special Antique & Collectable Saturday, April 7 9:00am Delisle Town Hall Vanscoy & Surrounding R.M.'s & Villages Equipment Dispersal Saturday, April 21 10:00am Vanscoy - Watch For signs Dr. Peter Chau Retirement Equip. Dispersal Sunday April 22 1:00pm 928 - 8th St. E. S’toon View: April 21 1pm - 5pm & April 22 10am - 1pm

(306) 227-9505 Member of Sask, Man, Alta Auctioneer Assoc. & Better Business Bureau PL #318200 SK PL #324317 AB

Mayfair Artists work hard to prepare new works for their Annual Show & Sale

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April 2012

4 - H News Sandy Hills Light Horse 4-H Spring is here! Winter is here! Yippee Spring is back....wait a minute sorry it’s winter again! Horse owners know spring is here, it’s evident in the horse hair that is everywhere. No matter what the weather there is always lots of 4-H activity! Sunday, March 4 was a busy day at the Pike Lake Community Hall as the Sandy Hills Light Horse 4-H Club hosted the District # 22 Public Speaking Event. Approximately 200 people attended the event which began at 9:00 am with the Cloverbud and Junior Speeches. Cloverbuds delivered the cutest speeches, Judge Rebecca Katz placed Devyn Tomolak from Silver Shadows 4H Club in first place out of the 15 competitors with her talk about “How I got Kitty Cat”. Judges, Amanda Van de Kerckhove and Matt Pawlus had their work cut out for them with 22 Junior Speakers. Mary Engel of the Saskatoon 4-H Beef Club took first place in the Junior Category with her entertaining talk about “Socks”. A Chili Lunch was served at noon and many families took advantage of the absolutely beautiful weather to do some skating on the outdoor rink. Over lunch the Intermediates and Seniors arrived and registered for their speeches. Raffle tickets were sold on the big 4-H Family Gift Basket which was filled with fantastic items such as “4-H Family Lives Here Sign”, 4 Coffee Mugs, gardening gloves, flashlight - all contained in a canvas 4-H gardening tote. Congratulations to the Patenaude Family who won the basket. Younger members also enjoyed playing the Jelly Bean Guessing contest which was won by two young ladies in a tie. Thankfully Jelly Beans are easy to share! At 1 pm the Intermediates and Seniors took to the stage and deliv-

ered longer, more in depth speeches. Judges Kylie Honoroski and Stephanie McMillan placed Melissa Tomolak of the Silver Shadows 4-H Club, in first place out of 14 Intermediates, with her trail ride inspired talk on “Judging Miss Ellie Mae. Linda McKay and Karen MacEwan had the difficult task of judging the small but talented group of 8 Senior Speakers. Makayla Rettger of the Silver Shadows 4-H Club placed first with her driving adventures titled, “Driver Instructor”. First place competitors in all categories went on to represent the District # 22 at the NW Regional Competition in Pierceland on March 17. Sandy Hills 4-H Members thank the Pike Lake Community Hall for the use of it and to all the judges who gave of their time and to the 4-H office and the Western Producer for their support. A big thank you to Pam Heinrichs for doing the lunch and to MC’s Ashleigh Yanko & Lorraine Beaudette and timers Carley Patenaude and Rylee Schultz. Thanks to other club members who did a great job of running the registration and ticket sales tables. The Club was and still is being congratulated on running one of the best District Public Speaking events! Sandy Hills Members held a General Meeting on March 21 and heard reports on the activities that they have been a part of over the winter. This included the WCVM Horse Health Day, Carly Patenaude; Equine Expo, Rylee Schultz & Nikita Shukin: Prairieland Youth Leadership Conference, Taylor Gardner; and District 22 Mtg, Taylor Gardner. Lauren Ryan gave a Treasurers Report and shared the exciting news that the club has received the FCC 4-Ever

Grant of $500 to help cover the costs of them entering and attending 4-H Competitions. During warm weather periods members have been working with their horses at home and preparing for the upcoming indoor Riding Clinic which will be held at the Willow Ridge Riding Stables on March 31. Members have also put out the last call for seats on the Mane Event Bus Tour as the deadline to fill it was March 26. Let’s hope they fill it and are able to travel to Red Deer at the end of April. By: Taylor Gardner Sandy Hills Light Horse 4-H Reporter

Laura Multiple 4-H On March 2nd Eryn Kielo (Cloverbud), Meagan Kielo (Junior) and Brianna Zoerb (Senior) represented the Laura Multiple 4H Club at District 16 speeches in Outlook. Eryn Kielo and Brianna Zoerb advanced to Regionals on March 17th in Maple Creek. It was well worth the long drive. Eryn Kielo and Brianna Zoerb both qualified for Provincials, which will be held in Foam Lake on April 14th. Best of luck to everyone who has qualified to compete at the provincial level for public speaking. This month our club activity was swimming and a pizza supper. We had a blast on the waterslides at the Sheraton! Then we went to Tomas the Cook for pizza and had a great time visiting with each other. At the end of the

month we will be hosting our Supper and Silent Auction - March 30th at the Delisle Composite High School. The Auction will start at 6:00 and end at 9:30. For supper we are having Beef on a Bun. You can purchase advance tickets for $10. Contact any Laura 4-H club member or Phyl Rolston at 493-2601. Come out and bid on all the great merchandise and socialize. We will also be running a progressive 50/50 so make sure that you get your tickets. We hope to see you there. By: Eryn Kielo Laura Multiple 4-H Reporter

Vanscoy Multiple 4-H At the meeting held on Feb 27, we heard speeches from members that were unable to attend speech day. Vanscoy 4-H is holding a petting zoo at Lawson Heights Mall on April 6 & 7. They are also selling tickets on a android tablet and food hamper. This is one of their major fundraisers of the year. Congratulations to Jaden Wood-Sparrow who was awarded a scholarship through the Youth Leadership Program and also to Bailey Petrie, who placed 2nd in the Regional Record Book Competition. Vanscoy Multiple will be taking part in the Scrap Tire Recycling Program by holding a collection day on April 28. If you have used tires to dispose of, please contact Kyla Shea 955-1831 or Joanne Richmond 4932367.

Stobbe’s Backhoe Service Grandora, SK

Leo Stobbe 668-4289 Installation of Rural Water & Sewer Systems Pumps - Tanks - Switches - other Trenching & Excavation

English-Style Beer Batter Fish & Chips!

Sunday Brunch April 15

11am - 2pm $11.95 Adult / $6.95 12 & under

Catering inquiries welcome! Main Street, Asquith “The Centre of the British Empire”

329 - 2496

Open Daily 9am - 8pm Sunday: 5pm - 8pm Closed Tuesday

Kerrie Sparrow Exe. Regional Vice President Independent Consultant

668 - 4218

Dwein Trask cell: 221-1035 fax: 242-5503 office: 306-657-3283 Photos @


Amanda Cobler - Real Estate Agent office: 306-657-3283 Corman Park: - 10 acres West of Saskatoon. 1/3 heavy bush corner of 3074 & Pasture Road. $104,900 MLS Asquith: - Outstanding quarter roughly 20 min. from S’toon. Approx. 25% heavy trees, fenced. $169,900 MLS - 80 acres 2 mi. West of Asquith, well drained, currently in grass. Great bldg. site spot. $109,900 MLS - 100 acres 1mi. West of Asquith, highway frontage $104,900 - Asquith South - 150.44 acres. Pavement to property. $109,900 - REDUCED Asquith/Lynn Rd. full 1/4, trees, 1560 bung. $474,900 MLS Vanscoy / Delisle: - 40 acre. Bldg. site, fully subdivided and ready to build. $84,900 MLS Langham: - Sarilia Estates Lot 30 Laurier Cres. One of the more exceptional lots. Power and gas to the property. $74,900 MLS - Sarilia Estates Lot 7. Power and gas to the property, North and South view of the river. $34,900 MLS - Sarilia Estates Lot 6. Power and gas to the property. $34,900 MLS Harris: - Outstanding grazing operation with 8 dugouts. Excellent fences and good access. $759,900 MLS - 2,166 sf custom bungalow on double lot. $324,900 MLS Rosetown: - 124 3rd Ave. E. in Rosetown. Corner lot, newer shingles, some upgrades and character. $92,500 MLS - 809 Main St. Rosetown. Great revenue/starter home in Rosetown. $57,500 MLS - Rosetown Acreage just outside of Rosetown. Very close proximity to golf course. $132,900 MLS



April 2012

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Forage Export Markets are Potential for Prairies Sask Forage Council


he development of export forage markets is an important component of western Canada’s forage industry. With that comes the need to define hay export routes that will provide Prairie forage producers with a viable low cost option to move their products around the world. A number of recent changes including the relative cost of ocean as compared to land shipping have focused interest around the port of Churchill as a potential export site for forages from the Canadian Prairies. To address this subject, the Manitoba Forage Council (MFC), with input from the Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) engaged the services of Tyrchniewicz Consulting to assess Manitoba and Saskatchewan forage industry exports and evaluate the existing and potential transportation methods and their costs - including the Port of Churchill in Northern Manitoba. A final version of the report from Tyrchniewicz Consulting is now available on the Manitoba Forage Council website. "We had hoped the Churchill Port would be able to play an important part in the de-

velopment of an overseas export market," says Brent McCannell, Manitoba Forage Council's Executive Director, "but the study has proven otherwise." Although Churchill is the closest salt water port for the eastern Prairies and provides the lowest freight costs when on water, there are many challenges surrounding Churchill. Currently there is only container traffic in the Hudson Bay region with no container loading facilities for overseas shipments. In addition, the shipping season is short (July-November) and insurance costs are quite high. With upgrades, improvements and/or some structural changes, Churchill could potentially become a shipping alternative in the future for forage producers in the eastern prairies. Although this report revealed that the port of Churchill is currently not a viable forage export option, shipping forages from Minot via the Burlington Northern rail system appears to have potential. The forage marketing committee of the MFC is currently exploring this opportunity. The report also provided an environmental scan of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan forage

industry including the potential for greater exports to world markets. Although available information suggests that both provinces have sufficient quality and quantities of forage for export markets, a number of hurdles were identified including a lack of detailed and timely data and a lack of compressing (pelleting and or cubing) facilities. The report looked at the potential for developing compressing facilities and suggested that Portage la Prairie and Saskatoon could be ideal locations. Future export market opportunities including the Middle East and Asia are all being considered by Canadian forage exporters. However, this report cautions that unless significant savings in transportation costs are found, only those markets looking for the highest quality forages should be pursued. High transportation costs effectively price Eastern Prairie forage products out of “commodity” type markets. This sentiment is echoed by Manitoba forage marketer, Darren Chapman who states, "the growing interest in hay imports from countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Japan and China is a welcome

development, but only if we can get it there in a cost effective manner." Going forward, the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Forage Councils plan to continue to work together

on developing potential export opportunities for Prairie forage growers. At present, the Manitoba Forage Marketers are working on a proposal for Western Economic Diversification Canada that will ad-

dress high transportation costs by compacting forage thus lowering transportation costs and improving price competitiveness in world markets.

Wheat Growers Association views Viterra Sale as Positive March 21, 2012 - The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association sees the Glencore acquisition of Viterra and Richardson’s expanded presence to be a generally positive development for prairie grain farmers, so long as competition concerns in the farm input sector are adequately addressed. “While we welcome Glencore as a new player to the Canadian grain industry, we do have some concerns about how this deal might affect competition in the farm input sector,” says Kevin Bender, President of the Wheat Growers. As currently structured, the deal would see Glencore and Richardson each hold about a 34% market share in Canada’s grain handling capacity. Viterra currently has a 45% share and Richardson has 25%. The deal would also see Richardson increase its port terminal capacity and take over four oat processing plants and a U.S. wheat mill now operated by Viterra. “We see this rebalanc-

ing as a positive move in promoting greater competition and greater market reach for our grain,” says Bender. “Glencore’s global grain connections should improve our access to markets around the world. Richardson too has a solid reputation of providing good value to prairie farmers, and so we welcome their increased commitment to western agriculture.” The deal contemplates the transfer of Viterra’s equity interest in Canadian Fertilizer Limited and the sale fo 90% of Viterra’s farm input retail network to Agrium. This aspect of the deal raises some competition concerns for the Wheat Growers. “the sale of farm retail outlets to Agrium could

result in too few competitive options for some farmers in the purchase of their fertilizer and other farm inputs,” says Bender. “We will be asking the Competition Bureau to ensure good competition remains in all areas of the prairies.” The Wheat Growers are pleased to note that Glencore intends to base its North American agricultural operations in Regina and increase funding to research and educational institutions in Western Canada. “Overall we see this deal as being positive for prairie farmers,” says Bender, “as long as it results in increased competition and greater market opportunities.”


Organic Beef

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Sparlyn Organic Farm 668-4216

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Grain Baggers, Extractors & Bags Cheap Storage (7-8 cents/bushel) that Reduces Labour Never Pile Grain on the Ground Again! Financing Available on Machines


War man

934-1414 Mike Lynch

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April 2012



Agrium to Acquire Viterra’s Agri-Products Business March 20, 2012- ALL AMOUNTS ARE STATED IN CAD$ CALGARY, Alberta -Agrium Inc. (TSX and NYSE: AGU) (Agrium) announced today it has entered into a definitive agreement with Glencore International plc (“Glencore”) to acquire the majority of Viterra’s Agri-products business upon completion of Glencore’s recently announced supported acquisition of Viterra. Under the agreement, Agrium would acquire approximately 90 percent of Viterra’s Canadian retail facilities, all of its Australian retail facilities, as well as their minority position in a nitrogen facility located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The acquisition price from Glencore is approximately $1.15-billion plus working capital, in a backto-back purchase and sale arrangement. Average working capital needed for this business is estimated to be approximately $0.5-billion. In 2011, Viterra’s total Agri-products business generated $2.4-billion in revenue

and $244-million in EBITDA according to Viterra’s annual report. “We believe our Crop Production Services Retail business can provide significant value for Canadian farmers and that it provides an opportunity for growth in a market where we currently have a limited retail presence. The transaction is an excellent fit with Agrium’s stated strategy of growing across the value chain by expanding both our Retail and Wholesale operations. The acquisition is expected to be immediately accretive upon completion and will provide significant growth for our retail operations, in particular, supporting our goal of reaching $1-billion in EBITDA from our global Retail business by 2015,” said Agrium President and CEO Mike Wilson. Agrium currently operates over 1,200 retail facilities in the United States, Australia, Argentina, Canada (with 65 Canadian based facilities), Uruguay and Chile. The conclusion of our acquisition of the ma-

jority of Viterra’s Agriproducts business is subject to completion of Glencore’s acquisition of Viterra and to certain other terms and conditions in the definitive agreement. About Agrium: Agrium Inc. is a major Retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North America, South America and Australia and a leading global Wholesale producer and marketer of all three major agricultural nutrients and the premier supplier of specialty fertilizers in North America through our Advanced Technologies business unit. Agrium’s strategy is to grow across the value chain through acquisition, incremental expansion of its existing operations and through the development, commercialization and marketing of new products and international opportunities. Our strategy places particular emphasis on growth opportunities that both increase and stabilize our earnings profile in the continuing transformation of Agrium.

Traceability & Herd Health Seminar held at SLS


he Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan (LMS) has launched another program to strengthen the cattle industry: the ‘Traceablility & Herd Health Series’ for the customers and employees of LMS members. “By organizing complimentary half-day education sessions, members of the Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan ensure producers and our own staff receive up-to-date information about traceablility, herd health and pharmaceuticals,” says President Rhett Parks. To inform as many people as possible, 17 LMS members located throughout the province will offer a session. Each one involves speakers from Merck Animal Health, The Canadian Cattle

Identification Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. LMS thanks Merck Animal Health and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture for supporting this educational initiative. On April 26 3:00pm, a session will be held at Saskatoon Livestock Sales. As operators of auction markets, LMS members are responsible for moving in excess of 90% of the cattle marketed in the province. Saskatchewan has the second largest herd in Canada. LMS promotes competitive bidding in the marketing of livestock by: establishing collaborative relations with industry partners; developing educational activities for members; and adhering to sound business practices and responsible animal wel-

fare at members’ auction markets. For further information, contact Rhett Parks, LMS President 306-735-7813

About Viterra’s AgriProducts Business: Viterra operates a network of 258 agri-products retail locations throughout Western Canada and 17 retail locations in Australia. Retail locations offer fertilizer, crop protec-

tion products, seed and equipment to growers. Viterra also has a minority interest in a nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing plant in Medicine Hat, Alberta. About Glencore: Glencore is one of the world's leading inte-

grated commodities producer and marketer listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges, and is active in 40 countries with more than 50,000 people employed directly and indirectly.

FACS Stock Person’s School Participants study Bull Management & Herd Health


tock persons further develop their understanding of bull management and herd health at the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan’s Stock Person’s School on May 2 “The Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan continues the tradition of strengthening the livestock industry by inviting speakers knowledgeable about bull management to present up-to- date information to pasture riders, producers and others attending the Stock Person’s School,: says Executive Director Adele Buettner. This year, experts from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture and Bioresources and Agriculture and AgriFood Canada cover topics ranging from breeding and nutrition to vaccines, medication

and injury prevention related to bulls. Sessions will take place in Room 2302 at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and are as follows: 9am - Vaccine Protocol for Bulls 9:45am Breeding Certificates and Field Management of Bulls 11am How does bull nutrition vary pre & post breeding? 1pm Food care for bulls: can we prevent lameness? 1:30pm How do medication, fever and stress affect bull performance? 2:30pm Bull Management 101 - What you need to know. FACS thanks the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, Feed Rite, the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Assoc., the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, The Western Producer and Westway Feeds for sponsoring the Stock

Person’s School, which continues a tradition of informing and inspiring stock persons, therefore strengthening the livestock industry. Participants who register by April 25 pay $152.25 (GST inc.) early bird or $42 (GST inc.) for full time students. After the early bird deadline, cost is $183.75 (GST inc.). For further details and registration information, check The Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan has a long and respected history serving as the voice of producers regarding animal welfare. FACS is the only member-based, industry-led, non-profit organization advancing animal responsible animal care for livestock and poultry in Saskatchewan.


April 2012

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This is NOT My Idea of PROGRESS…

By Larry Weber Weber Commodities It is Rain’s 7th birthday today, so I am feeling older again. And cranky. Although I love what I do, I wasn’t born to do this. I was born to be a farmer. It came from both sides of my hereditary equation. I was reminded last week on a blog that I have never suffered like a farmer. It is not true, as I endure not being a farmer, everyday. Life’s curves sometimes alter our journey; nevertheless, it was my genetic pool that made my life complex while in Winnipeg. At that time and as it still does to this day, everyone forgets where they came from the minute they walk into a grain company’s boardroom, as an employee or representing their constituents within a Board of Directors. It drove me near crazy then and it still does to this day. From my first expedition at a boardroom table, when the old boys club were aghast that I should even be allowed to speak until I was 40 years old (I was 26 at the time), the

first words out of my mouth were “What about the farm?” Ed Conn, who I still admire as the shrewdest canola trader of my lifetime, looked at me and said, “Who cares!” The rest of the room fell silent. 60% of the people around that table had farm backgrounds. After thirty years of witnessing changes to the grain industry, sometimes pleading for change and fighting every opportunity I could for change – sooner or later it had to bite me in the butt. And it has. I don’t always know what is best for you, but I can go to my grave knowing that I always held one entity first and foremost above everything else – and that entity would be farmers. In 1986, at a rail siding in Dutton, Manitoba, to commemorate the grand opening of an elevator, I had the fortune of being alone with George T. Richardson, who was President and CEO of James Richardson and Sons at the time, one on one, for over 15 min-

Vanscoy Sausage & Meats Ltd. Custom Cutting - Sausage Slaughtering Rob Thompson & Jane West

668 - 4742

utes. It is not the first time that I had been with him, but he was jovial and inquisitive on this day. I answered most of the questions, and heeded the Hon. Otto Lang’s advice that if you are talking – you are not learning. We danced around protein segregation; the inaccuracies of the new protein machines and the antiquated block shipping system until I had the chance to ask the only question I wanted to. “Mr. Richardson, what is the key to your family’s success?” I remember the answer like it was 2 minutes ago and he delivered it in stately G.T.R fashion with one leg bent and his face slightly tilted. “We surround ourselves with great people. We respect differences of opinion and we plan diligently for the future.” I didn’t miss a beat and replied, “Then why did we build an elevator in the middle of nowhere?” Mr. Richardson didn’t break his stance, but looked me straight in the eye and said: “This area has meaning to our family, and sometimes it is not just about business, Larry, it is about doing the right thing.” The elevator was a failure. Primarily, it was a poor choice of the first elevator manager, where Walter thought he had to buy everyone’s business and it never recovered. You can only pay for 1CWRS and ship 3CWRS for so long. I did my best to

get them extra railcars, including manufacturing grain they didn’t have in store, to burn off shipping penal-ties, but it never worked. I had left Pioneer Grain when the Dutton siding was traded (that should have been a hint for me…) but the “doing the right thing” comment has lived with me to this day. When I saw Curt Vossen’s quote over the Reuter’s wire this week, I was envious, that the rest of the Canadian industry did not subscribe to the same theory that has made the Richardson family so successful. Here is the quote responding to a question revolving around if anyone had courted Richardson’s grain empire: "Sure we've been a player in that regard. Do we have any intention of responding to those (inquiries)? No, our shareholders have indicated a strong desire to make this a seven-, eight-, ninegeneration play, and they've got a few more to go." When our farming Grandfather’s and their father’s for some, started breaking sod, and building their own businesses over a hundred years ago, they envisioned a healthy Canadian grain industry; one that was controlled by Canadians and farmers and yes, even cooperatively for some. Those torches were passed to the Mac Runciman’s, the E.K. Turner’s and later to the Ted Allen’s and

Milt Fair’s. I read a commerce quote at some point and I cannot find it this morning, but the heart of it was that the longer change is stymied, the tighter the coil springs until change rapidly takes place. I’m not going to blame change for this occurrence this week. Nor should you. The demise of the CWB didn’t start this – but it most likely ended it. I will question the fighting over change over the past 3 decades that has made the industry ripe for a takeover. The industry was weak and devoid of farm leadership. Politically, we burned so much energy (and great people) on the CROW, the WGTA, and the CWB, the vision aspect of a healthy Canadian industry has always been second. It is the dreaded chicken and egg conundrum. What really came first? AIMCo (Alberta Investment Management Corp) was right in November, 2011 and in the previous eighteen months stating that the current Viterra Board of Directors did not have the required skills to meet the Company’s leadership goals. It allowed the hunter (Schmidt) to become the hunted. Selling the heart and soul of our forefather’s blood, sweat and tears for a one time lottery is just another excuse for incompetence. I stated earlier this week that I would be irritated for some time. This is why. Farmers took the biggest haircut

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We welcome Brock Anderson as Agronomist Brock is a recent graduate ot the U of S College of Agriculture. He looks forward to meeting and working with our customers.

Orchard Transport is proud to support Operation Farm Safety Have a safe and successful 2012 season.

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when SWP fought back from bankruptcy. Farmers had little to no say into the transformation of Agricore to Agricore United and then AU to Viterra. Farmers had little to no say after Viterra was formed save for an optical illusion called the Farm Leadership Council which has now morphed into a Seinfeld pilot. So when Mayo Schmidt walks away later this year with his 37 million tucked into his money belt, and the Board of Directors walk with their million dollar payouts, who at the table, asked the one question that will keep me up for a very long time: “What about the farm?” And who at that table put greed and fiduciary duty aside long enough to ponder this: “sometimes it is not just about business, it is about doing the right thing.” Your forefathers are right now, beating the tops of their coffins; however, the silence from the farm is deafening. Just like the Ed Conn example above, that silence says everything….

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RM Review


April 2012


April 2012


RM Review

Paulette Mills is Guest Speaker at Women in Business AGM ‘Registered Nutritional Consultant’

W Delisle Branch 201 - 1st St W

493 - 8288 Mon & Wed: Noon - 4pm & 7 - 9pm Friday: Noon - 5pm

Storytime Wednesday Apr. 4, 11, 18, & 25 Wear your PJ’s... bring your favorite blanket, teddy or toy & enjoy the stories. Garden theme Silent Auction April 11-May 11 Great ideas for Mother’s Day. REQUEST or RENEW books online


omen in Business is pleased to secure Paulette Millis as the guest speaker at their AGM on April 24. Paulette is a Registered Nutritional Consultant, author and speaker. The topic will be ‘Five Steps to Boost your Energy’. She will illustrate: - how diet can have a tremendous impact on your energy level. - which foods, which combinations of foods, and what quantity of these foods are ideal for boosting energy. - which foods to avoid, and why. - why to rotate food choices. - how to choose beverages that don't deplete energy levels. - which supplements are useful.

G & L Drywall Steel Stud Framing Board, Tape, Texture T-Bar Ceilings Interior Renovations

April 24th, 2012 - 7:00pm Delisle Curling Rink Lounge

- how using cleanses, exercise, and decreasing stress helps. - when to seek help for underlying concerns that may cause lack of energy. - what a daily energy boosting routine looks like, using diet and lifestyle changes Everyone attending will receive a $5 gift certificate towards any of Paulette’s books, or $15 towards a consultation. Women in Business was developed when it was determined that professional women who operated their own business or were in a position of manage-

ment could benefit from the experience and knowledge of others in the same circumstance. The group meets monthly to discus marketing, current events, promotions, etc. They explore opportunities to promote their products and services and discover ways to join together to accomplish their goals. Members find be-

longing provides an avenue to share difficulties and successes with others, leading to confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

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Agenda 2011 Summary: - Financial Report - Committee Reports

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RM Review

‘Spring Chicken’ at Sisters Two Restaurant By Ken Sowter ell I have finally gone and done it. After receiving much encouragement to do another restaurant review, I thought it was about time that I did just that. This time I set my taste buds on Sisters Two in Delisle. Owners Lisanne and Chris Regnier took over the already established business in 2008. Balancing raising their two small children and growing the restaurant has been challenging but satisfying for them. They added Chesterfried in April of 2010 and have more new things planned that they will be rolling out over the next couple of months. I should preface this review with an admission that when they picked up the Chester Fried Chicken franchise, I tried it out right away. I was instantly hooked and have treated my family and friends to take out many times since. I brought my wife and son along on this review so someone could sample the many homemade offerings, because I was havin’ chicken ! When we arrived, our server Morgan, had us seated and looking at menus right away. The comfortable chairs and clean, bright, diner style interior helped start off a very enjoyable dining experience. We received glasses of water promptly. My wife and son read through the menus, while I worked on making sure I ended up with leftover chicken at home for the next day’s lunch. Morgan explained that I might look a bit weird sitting at the table eating the 20 piece family pack by myself, and suggested I order take-out chicken separate from my meal. To avoid embarrassing her and my family any further, I agreed and ordered up the Hungry Man 4 piece dinner to have in for $11.25 with a side of thier famous gravy for only $0.99. My son Remington (Rem) ordered the Greek Chicken burger


April 2012

with fries for $8.50 and upgraded the fries to poutine for $1.95. My wife Shelley took the Dry Ribs with Caesar Salad and Garlic Toast special for $10.95 and her and I each a bowl of ChickenLemon-Rice soup to start for $2.50 each. She also had a large chocolate milk for $2.00, Rem and I went with the water. The menu is wide ranging. They offer breakfast from $3.75 for 2 eggs & toast to the ‘Man-size’ which boasts 3 eggs, 3 meats (bacon, ham & sausage), panfries and toast, all for $10.25. The daily breakfast special comes with 2 eggs, 1 meat, hashbrowns, toast and coffee or juice for $7.50. Lunch offerings include cold sandwiches (all under $5) and hot meals, served with fries, from grilled cheese at $5.75 to dry ribs with caesar or greek salad and garlic toast for $10.95. Also they offer homemade burgers starting at $5.75 up to $10.50 for the giant double stackers, all come with fries. The meal sized salads range from $5.25 for garden salad, $7.50 for Caesar and $8.95 for a Greek,Chef or Swiss Cashew salad. The latter made with romain, cashews, swiss cheese and their signature dressing. Yummy. Entrees are available after 4:00pm and come with soup or salad, choice of potato, coleslaw, hot vegetable and ice cream for dessert. The 7 entrees range from Liver & Onions to Roast Beef Dinner. They come in regular size for $13.50 or a smaller option for $11.50. The Kid’s Menu items are all $4.95 for Fish & Chips to Popcorn Chicken. As well they offer a various sides like soup, fries, onions rings, poutine, and beverages including 9 kinds of milkshakes reasonable prices. Dessert options are ice cream and homemade pies and tarts (butter or pecan). Enough about menus.

I’m ready for chicken ! ! Nope. Our soup appropriately came first. I wanted to save room for chicken, but had a hard time turning over the last half of my bowl to Rem. The soup was rich and creamy with plenty of chicken and the rice was just the right texture. It was perfect eating temperature when it arrived (I hate too hot soup) and the appealing color and lemony aroma were too much for my son to resist, so I slid it over. But hey, I had eaten some little bits of chicken in the soup, good start. OK, now bring the real chicken ! Nope. First out was the chicken burger with poutine and the ribs and salad. That was fine as it gave me a chance to sample this fare and make a few more notes. The Caesar salad was fresh and crisp, and a light dressing allowed me to enjoy the freshness. The ribs were very tender, not greasy, with a light crisp coating and lemon/herb seasoning. Very good. The salad and ribs each cover 1/2 the plate, and were topped with garlic toast that was moist, warm and flavourful. Excellent meal. The Greek chicken burger was served on ‘the freshest bun I have ever tasted’ according to my son. I agree. The moist, seasoned chicken breast were topped with crisp lettuce and mayonnaise making for simple, succulent taste. The poutine was all the gooey cheese & gravy goodness I was expecting. Another good meal. OK, enough sampling for me, bring on the chicken ! It was as though I could hear a chorus of heavenly trumpets sounding as my Chester Fried Chicken arrived. I hoped my family would stuff themselves with their own meals and leave mine all to me, but the ummmm sounds they made when it arrived told me that wasn’t going to happen.

Ahhh... 4 steaming hot, crispy morsels of that juicy goodness I know so well. I know it is too hot, so let’s all just looked at it for a while... I started with the generous pile of potato wedges that accompanied my poultry perfection. A light crispy coating gave way to the soft, warm inside. What a delicious texture and flavor. Seems wrong to dip one into this side of gravy, and if it were any other gravy I wouldn’t. If the chicken isn’t enough to make you never go to KFC again, the gravy alone will curtail your colonel craving forever. Now a few bites of coleslaw... mmmm... creamy, juicy, crunchy, and nice and chunky. Not that stringy, shredded stuff you get at a lesser chicken joint. Finally... some chicken. What? Only 2 pieces !! I can’t even trust my own family. I pulled my plate closer and sunk my teeth into the bigger piece in case I didn’t get the last. Oh... that’s the stuff... completely non-greasy, crisp flavorful skin and that amazing abundant warm, moist juiciness inside. It says crisp, moisturized chicken on the sign outside and I’m not sure what ‘moisturized’ means, and I don’t care. My taste buds tell me all I need to know. I was quick enough to get to enjoy my second piece and shared the rest of the wedges and coleslaw. My son then ordered the biggest, fresh, homemade butter tart I have ever seen with exceptional pastry and flavour. Come for the chicken, but stay for that tart ! Chicken is available in many packs, meals and pieces combinations. Closer and better than anything in Saskatoon. Our total bill was $45. Add $15 for the extra take-out chicken plus tip, it was great value. The family is unanimous on this one.... 3 Tongues-Up


Sisters Two Restaurant & Catering

Try our Crisp, Moisturized Chester Fried Chicken


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384-7676 24 hr Emergency Services Drs. Harvey Domoslai - Wally Kononoff Blair Simonson - Lisa Wayman Rob Kyle

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April 2012

MP REPORT March 9, 2012 Kelly Block, MP

New Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan


Phone or Fax

242 - 2268

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper this week announced the appointment of Mrs. Vaughn Solomon Schofield as Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. “Mrs. Schofield is a remarkable Canadian who will bring to the position of Lieutenant Governor significant experience in business, the arts, education and broadcasting,” said the Prime Minister. “Time and time again she has shown an unwavering dedication to the community, province and country, in particular through her service to the Canadian Armed Forces.” Mrs. Schofield has had a successful career in business and has been involved in a number of community organizations in Saskatchewan including the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, St. John Ambulance, the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and many others. Mrs. Schofield is also an Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel for the 38 Service Battalion. Lieutenant Governors are appointed by His Excellency the Governor General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. They serve five-year terms, during which they act as their provinces’ viceregal representatives. Prime Minister Harper also took the opportunity to thank his Honour the Honourable Dr. Gordon L. Barnhart for his dedicated service as

Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, which began in August 2006. _____________________ March 16, 2012 Kelly Block, MP

Bill C-10 Passes The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, accompanied by the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu made the following statement this week: “We are very pleased to announce that today our Government’s Safe Streets and Communities Act received Royal Assent. During the last election campaign, we made a commitment to better protect Canadians by reintroducing the suite of law-andorder measures contained in this legislation. We promised to do this within the first 100 sitting days of Parliament, and we have delivered. “One of the greatest responsibilities we have as a government is to protect Canadians and ensure that those who commit crimes are held to account. Canadians are rightly concerned that police-reported child pornography incidents increased by more than 30 percent in 2010 and that drug crimes have been rising since the 1990s. “Canadians gave our Government a strong mandate to crack down on child predators and violent drug dealers. By moving expedi-

tiously to reintroduce the Safe Streets and Communities Act, our Government is fulfilling its commitment to protect families and hold criminals accountable. By imposing sentences that are in proportion to the crimes committed, this Bill recognizes that victims have suffered and gives them confidence in Canada’s justice system. “Canadians want and deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities, and this means that dangerous criminals need to be kept off our streets. Our Government is committed to ensuring that criminals are held fully accountable for their actions and that the safety and security of law-abiding Canadians comes first in Canada’s judicial system. “We will continue to fight crime and protect Canadians so our communities are safe places for people to live, raise their families and do business.”

Diamond Jubilee Medal Nomination Process A new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. During the year of cele-

RM Review

brations, 60 000 deserving Canadians will be recognized. To be eligible for this honour, a person must: · Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, but need not necessarily reside in Canada; · Have made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada, or an achievement abroad that brings credit to Canada; and · Be alive on February 6th, 2012, the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession to the Throne. The medal can be awarded posthumously, as long as the recipient was alive on that date. The Chancellery of Honours, as part of the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, administers the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal program. In addition to other offices and organizations, Members of Parliament are also partnering with the Governor General to recognize candidates from their communities for this national honour. A nomination form has been posted on our website ( Constituents interested in nominating someone can print and fill out the form and return it to the Office of Kelly Block by April 30, 2012. For more information on the nomination process, please contact the office of Kelly Block at 1-888-590-6555 or saskatoon@kellyblock.c a.

RM Review


March 21, 2012 Randy Weekes, MLA

2012 Budget: Keeping the Saskatchewan Advantage The last few years have been transformational for Saskatchewan. We have gone from being a have-not province to being a driver of the Canadian economy. Our population is at an all-time record high of 1,065,000. Thousands of people including both those who moved away and newcomers are choosing Saskatchewan as the place they want to live, work and raise their families. The credit for the work that’s made all that possible belongs to you, the people of Saskatchewan. You are responsible for creating the Saskatchewan Advantage. It is our government’s job to take action on your behalf to ensure we keep that advantage. We enjoy a quality of life rarely seen in these uncertain economic times, and it is our responsibility to ensure everyone shares in the benefits of the historic growth this province has seen.

The 2012-2013 budget is balanced. It ensures spending on government services remains affordable and sustainable. This budget takes measures to ensure Saskatchewan families enjoy a high quality of life, by keeping the promises we made during the recent provincial election while providing sound fiscal management and sustainable spending. In short, it keeps our economy strong and growing. A strong and growing economy is one in which a government lives within its means. In the 2012-2013 budget, overall government spending is up less than 5 per cent, which keeps a key promise we made during the election. Even when you take into account the Crown corporations, there is a $15 million surplus and a further commitment to the Growth and Financial Security Fund of $70 million; money which can be used to deal with emergencies and unforeseen expenses, such as natural disasters. Our government recognizes that to keep our strong advantage, we

need to ensure our spending is sustainable. We are calling on third parties such as health authorities, post-secondary institutions and school divisions to look for efficiencies that do not impact the services provided. As well, the Film Employment Tax Credit will be wound down, eventually saving taxpayers $8 million a year, and we will no longer fund Enterprise Regions. We also looked at what is charged to Saskatchewan people under programs such as the Seniors’ and Children’s Drug Plan to ensure such programs are sustainable. Our government feels by making these small changes we can maintain the high quality of life Saskatchewan families enjoy and ensure all people benefit from our strong and growing economy. We can keep our promises to further increase benefits and programs for seniors and those with disabilities, implement the new Saskatchewan Firsttime Homebuyers tax credit, expand the Active Families Benefit and PST exemption on

‘A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enigma’



Randy Weekes MLA

Food for Thought C.M. (Red) Williams t appeared all so simple when Minister Ritz applauded the demise of the single desk mandate of the CWB: now the wheat and barley marketing situation is as Churchill stated, “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. At a recent agricultural event farmers were asking in wonderment, “What do you think of the Viterra situation”. That has occurred as I predicted several months ago and we shall watch as the bidding progresses. We might also watch how the Harper government views a foreign take over But that is the easy part; we now need to

April 2012

question how the marketing of grain will evolve as contracting develops and charges for elevating and inprovince transportation are determined. Much will likely depend on what share of grain is committed to CWB2 which will be reflected in how much power remains in the co-operative system. Unquestionably the whip handle is now in the hands of the large grain companies since CWB2 no longer automatically directs the flow of all the grain. Even more of an enigma is whether to maintain the quality of Canada’s grains as they face integration with the lower quality

US market. Several experts have been predicting that yield is going to overtake quality as the old USSR countries become major competitors. So, is there a high protein market out there still? My hunch is that there is. The mystery will be whether enough of the producers that found a benefit in the CWB approach will stay with the CWB2 in order to have a voice in the market, or whether there will be enough inducements in the grain companies’ contracts to shift their allegiance. It has been a long road from the days of the Grain Exchange calling the shots.

children’s clothing and establish the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship Program for new high school graduates. We are putting in place a new rental housing construction initiative program which provides a 10-year rebate of Corporate Income Tax equal to 10 per cent of the expected rental income from new multi-unit residential rental projects. Municipalities will receive $237 million in Municipal Revenue Sharing, an increase of $20.6 million over last year, which will allow them to provide important services for their citizens. Overall, municipalities will receive $349 million or 15 per cent more provincial funding than the year before. Healthcare is not only always the largest component of the provincial budget; it is arguably one of the most important. We understand how important your family’s health is. In the 2012-2013 Keeping the Saskatchewan Advantage Budget, funding for health authorities increases by almost $100 million and there’s a further $60.5 million commitment to the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative to perform 8,000 more surgeries and continue reducing wait times. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency will receive an increase of $16.9 to


Biggar Constituency 106 - 3rd Ave, West Box 1413 Biggar, SK S0K 0M0

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone: (306) 948 - 4880 Fax: (306) 948 - 4882 Toll Free: 1 - 877 - 948 - 4880 E-mail: allow thousands of new patient referrals , chemotherapy treatments and mammograms. Under the Keeping the Saskatchewan Advantage Budget, the colorectal screening program will go province-wide to improve early detection and survival rates and there is a further $5.5 million for the STARS air ambulance. To keep the economy strong and growing, you need to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place. The Keeping the Saskatchewan Advantage budget makes a further investment of $778 million to begin construction on seven previously announced Long-Term Care Centres, start 21 approved major school projects and inject a further $581 million into highways.

The Keeping the Saskatchewan Advantage budget provides funding that will maintain and improve the quality and provide assistance for those in need. But it balances those important demands with responsibility: the responsibility to live within our means, balance the budget and ensure programs and sustainable in the long run. These are many current examples of governments around the world not living up to those responsibilities – we will not make that mistake. We will keep the budget balanced and keep government spending sustainable. We will keep the Saskatchewan Advantage.

Ph: 683-5024 Fax: 683-6307

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April 2012

RM Review

P ERENNIAL P LANT & D ESSERT E XCHANGE Sponsored by: Delisle Credit Union

THURSDAY MAY 10 7:00 p.m. Vanscoy Hall ‘Silver Collection’ Bring your Perennials to exchange... if you don’t have any... don’t worry! you can still participate... & take home new plants... to start your Perennial Garden!

Call for information about Emergency Services on holidays & after hours

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Dental Cleaning Dog Handling Classes RETAIL sales available Dental Extractions Mondays April 16 - June 4 on a modified basis Dental X-Ray (no class on Victoria Day) May 30 - April 11 Ultrasound for details Canine Reproduction

Dr. Fraser will be unavailable May 30- Apr 11

Dr. Lorrie Fraser Dr. Angela Oranchuk Delisle 300 - 2nd St East (Hwy 7 Service Road)

with Animal Inn*spa*rations on-line pet supply catalogue

Monday 9:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday 8:00am - 8:00pm Wednesday 8:00am - 8:00pm Thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

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April 2012


COMMUNITY CALENDAR Visit our On-Line Calendar for Event Details or Scan QR Code with your phone March 29 Thursday 6-9pm Vanscoy SCC Chili & Bingo Night Vanscoy School

April 3 Tuesday 7:30pm Women in Business Meeting Delisle Lodge Room

April 20 Friday 6:30pm-9:00pm Soft Pastel Drawing Class Routes Gallery, Harris

April 21 Saturday Noon-4:30pm Mayfair Artists Art Show & Sale Mayfair United Church, Saskatoon

March 30 Friday 6:00pm Laura 4-H Supper and Silent Auction Delisle Composite School

April 6-7 Friday - Saturday Vanscoy 4-H Petting Zoo Lawson Heights Mall

March 31 Saturday Diamond Dinner Advance Tickets on Sale to Members Only

April 10 Tuesday Commodities & Farming Seminar Royal Bank, C & Circle, Saskatoon

March 31 Saturday 2-5pm Family Toy Bingo Delisle Town Hall

April 12 Thursday 1-4pm CPR-AED Course Delisle Senior Centre

April 21 Saturday 10am Vanscoy Village Auction Sale Vanscoy

April 24 Tuesday 7pm Delisle Golf & Country Club AGM Delisle Curling Rink Lounge

March 31 Saturday 7:00pm Texas Hold’em Tournament Pike Lake Hall

April 13 Friday 7:30pm-10:00pm Watermarks Art Show 915 Sask. Cr., Saskatoon

April 21 Saturday 10am-3pm Spring Craft Sale Asquith

April 24 Tuesday 7:30pm Women in Business Meeting Delisle Lodge Room

March 31 Saturday Dart Tournament Vanscoy Hotel

April 14 Saturday 10:00am-3:30pm Watermarks Art Show 915 Sask. Cr., Saskatoon

April 21 Saturday 5pm Mason’s Turkey Supper Asquith Senior Centre

April 28 Saturday 5:30pm Ladies Diamond Dinner Pike Lake Hall

April 1 Sunday 3:00pm Delisle Dance Club Recital Delisle Composite School

April 18 7:30pm Future of Vanscoy Arena Meeting Vanscoy Circle Hall

April 21 Saturday 6:30pm Avery Norris Fundraiser Delisle Curling Rink

April 29 Sunday Sk. Blue Cross MS Walk Archibald Arena,

April 21 Saturday 10:30am-4:30pm April 22 Sunday Noon-4:30pm Soft Pastel Drawing Class Mayfair Artists Art Show & Sale Routes Gallery, Harris Mayfair United Church, Saskatoon April 21 Saturday April 22 Sunday 2pm The Roaring Twenties Casino Night Trip Around the World/Enjoy Dessert St Martins Church, Pike Lake POSTPONED - TBA

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April 2012

RM Review

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Lorna’s Bed & Breakfast Grandora 668-4434

Back 40 Embroidery Delisle 493-3033/493-2751

Clubs Driving Range Valley Road 221-0842

Angus Insurance Harris 656-4555

Ryjo Tours Inc. Tessier 1-866-656-4786

Jeannie’s Place Delisle 493-2489/380-9664


Moon Lake Golf & Country Club Valley Road 668-9389

Delisle Agencies Delisle 493-2260

Vehicle Repair

Moon River Golf Club Valley Road 931-8960

Mooney Agencies Ltd. Railway Ave Vanscoy 668-2181

Delisle Credit Union 1st St, Delisle 493-2414

Vanscoy Hotel Vanscoy 668-2124

Edward Jones -Colleen Schneider 234 First Ave S Saskatoon 244-0398 Perdue Oasis Golf & RV Resort Perdue 306-237-4653 MGI Financial -Norma Sparrow 330 - 20th St. E Saskatoon 242-1188 Valleyview Golf & Country Club Delisle 493-3288

Accounting Accountsability Vanscoy 292-4085/668-4216 Lyndsay Lee Pike Lake 244-2777

Marriage Commissioner of Marriage Lorna Davies 668-4434

Garden / Yard

Papertrail Legacy Vanscoy 931-2153



Blue Heron Arboretum Pike Lake 227-8733


Gas / Confectionary

Epicure Selections - Vanscoy Kristi & Sydney 668-9389

Amsoil - Roland Rusnell Delisle 220-3357

Horse Transport-Barry Dearle Pike Lake 978-5798/292-6253 Larson Custom Fencing Delisle 934-3185 / 403-664-8252 Orchard Transport - Ag Div. Delisle 493-2408 Viterra - Delisle LSO Delisle 493-8188

Delisle Agricultural Co-op Delisle 493-2212 Pipp’s Place Hwy #60 668-7728 Sandyridge Gas & Grocery Grandora 668-4362

LindseyKocayTherapeuticMassage Delisle 493-8247

Epicure Selections - Vanscoy Brandi Orth 382-2220

Veterinary Corman Park Vet Services Hwy #14 (SLS) 384-7676 Delisle Veterinary Service Delisle 493-3143 Fafard’s Mobile Vet Service Grandora 371-4534 Outlook Veterinary Clinic Outlook 867-8777

Water / Septic Graham Contracting Asquith 230-4653

Meat Cutting

Prairie Sun Orchard Ice Cream Vanscoy 242-7573

Vanscoy Sausage & Meat Vanscoy 668-4742

Schneider’s Gourmet World Delisle 493-3199

Pet Care ‘A’ Deb’s K-9 Kennelling Delisle 220-4727

Hairstylist / Beauty

Vanscoy Tempo Vanscoy 683-5024


Jillian Walker Massage RMT Vanscoy 242-7780

Sid’s Auto Service Vanscoy 668-2013

Animal InnSpaRations Delisle 493-3143

Klassen Trenching Delisle 493-7579 Link’s Backhoe & Skidsteer Delisle 222-9737 Starlings Septic Services Delisle 493-2241


Delisle Hairstyling & Barber Delisle 493-2467

BeautiControl-Rose-Anne Kielo Delisle 493-2233

Gold Canyon Candles Delisle 493-8146

Hair by Dawn Vanscoy 384-6807

Mary Kay - Laurie Kubik Vanscoy 384-3889

Pampered Chef-Esther Penner Delisle 493-3188

Julie’s House of Style Delisle 493-2950

Computer -Web Design

Partylite Gifts -Cindy Hanson Vanscoy 978-0219

Salon 360 Delisle 493-2486

Government - Federal

The Pink Chair Delisle 493-2266

Pike Lake Preschool Pike Lake 978-8164


Vanscoy Early Learning Center Vanscoy 668-6338

Air & Alkaline Water Purifiers Perdue 1-877-652-6853


Reflexology - Carrol King Delisle 493-2452

Robin’s Nest Cafe Railway Ave Vanscoy 931-6996

Gravel / Sand


Sister’s Two Restaurant & Catering Delisle 493-2239

Graham Contracting Asquith 230-4653

Vesta Homes Vanscoy 242-9099

The Britannia Restaurant Asquith 329-2496

Klassen Trenching Delisle 493-7579

Home Care Products


Norwex - Carla Lee Delisle 493-8276

RixEdge Sharpening Services Saskatoon 270-8048

Watkins - Anne Plummer 725 Valley Rd 382-1284

Sign Painting

Link’s Backhoe & Skidsteer Delisle 222-9737

Watkins - Darla Christopher Delisle 493-2933

Kim’s Signs That Sell Vanscoy 493-3011

Stobbe’s Backhoe Service Grandora 668-4289

Arbonne Intl - Kerrie Sparrow Vanscoy 668-4218

Whole Wheat Web Design Vanscoy 493-3023

Kelly Block, MP 904E 22nd St W, Saskatoon 1-888-590-6555

Construction Dexteriors Vanscoy 934-3048 Flatlander Construction Delisle 493-7547 Larmar Contracting Services Vanscoy 380-2327 G & L Drywall Delisle 493-8228 / 668-4583 New Age Foundations Plus Grandora 329-4610

Day Care

Government Provincial Randy Weekes, MLA 106 3rd Ave W Biggar 1-877-948-4880

Rachelle Domoslai Delisle 493-3172/715-2737

Link’s Backhoe & Skidsteer Delisle 222-9737


Rice Lake Sand & Gravel Asquith 329-4768

Delisle Electric Delisle 668-4465

Westland Enterprizes Ltd Delisle 493-2709

Lynn Ross Dog Grooming Vanscoy 382-6224

Sew Kleen Hydro-vacing & Septic Asquith 283-4406

Welding Arc-Fab Industrial Pike Lake 380-7525

Potash Mine Agrium Potash Mine Vanscoy 668-4343

STP Mobile Welding Saskatoon 280-9368


Yardwork/Excavation Diamond O Acreage Services Grandora 281-2764 Dirt Digger Bobcat & Hauling Pike Lake 978-5798/292-6253 Eaton Snow Removal & Excavate Saskatoon 227-1614 Fontana’s Snow Clearing Pike Lake 290-5716 Graham Contracting Asquith 230-4653 KBM Earthmoving Vanscoy 867-3770 Klassen Trenching Delisle 493-7579

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Check out... WWW.PIN.CA Several Local Properties Available “For Sale by Owner” Land in local R.M.’s of: Vanscoy, Montrose, Eagle Creek and Aberdeen Businesses in: Delisle, Saskatoon, Harris Asquith and Rosetown etc. To List Yours Call: Merv Easton - Vanscoy 934-1814



Shingles & Metal Roofing

Houses, Barns, Machine Sheds Metal Cladding, Soffit & Facia FREE ESTIMATES Experienced Local References K-S Roofing 241 - 3653

Antiques & Collectibles

Farm / Acreage / Ranch / Recreation Buying? / Selling?

Gifts, Memorabilia & so much more

Sask. Land Sales

Come In,

Coldwell Banker

See What’s New & Old

ResCom Realty

1st St. W, Delisle Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Real Estate Specialist

Run Your Ad Here Starting at Only $10

TOM NEUFELD 306-260-7838

Day Care I am a stay at home mom of 2 and have limited spots available in my home based day care in Delisle. I provide a safe and caring environment for children in my home. If you are interested and would like more information on rates or to set up an interview please call 493-3172 or 715-2737 and ask for Rachelle.

Call 668-1312 TODAY !

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April 2012 RM Review  

April 2012

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