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“Always Change ...............A............... NEGATIVE a ............. POSITIVE That’s what I DO!”


ello and welcome

people and inspire them to



be great individuals and learn

Magazine Launch

how to build their own empires!


issue. The main

aim for this magazine is

The Magazine tackles interests,






Achievers and





Women Awards (ZIWA) in the same year. Although I did not win either award, I was glad to be nominated at all and this gave me a whole new motivation to be better and to improve my art of blogging. I felt honoured to be nominated because this meant that people actually read my blogs and appreciated my work. It gave me new confidence levels. When i started blogging, I used to receive so much negativity from my people in my circles. I was encouraged and motivated to continue when I learnt through my interviews with people who had been there, and now I realise whether you do good

“I have learnt not to let people's words get to me and if people are talking it means I'm doing something great and interesting”

CLASSIQUE from! It was given

This Magazine is an opportunity

a Q! I do hope this magazine

to learn about the most amazing talent in our community. The

to me by one of my Nigerian friends. He used to spell it with a C at the end though (Classic) but being innovative as I am I decided to own it with brings





magazine will come to you

and realisation that the world

sponsorship and guest blogging

be! This is just the beginning

Networks such as Nehanda

Classique Q&A only contains

every quarter and you can get is your oyster and you can be involved through advertising, who ever God created you to opportunities! Classique Q&A and we hope you enjoy what has featured on large news we have in store for you as radio and we have also worked with one of Zimbabwe's top


journalst Lance Guma.





Many people have been asking














about where I got the name

or bad people will just talk.


people in our community. We

advice especially on how to

hope to bring you motivational

deal with negativity and how to

Q&A's with your favourite

overcome difficult challenges.

celebrities so that you can get to know them better in a fun.

I'm Sakhile Khanye aka Miss

exciting and entertaining way.

Classique. My name means "TO BUILD" and I believe I


The .Classique Q&A Magazine

am on my way to building my

features celebrities who are

own empire! I started blogging

working hard in their fields

when I was 18 and I used to do

and making a change in their

it for the fun of it! However, my

communities. We hope this

perspective changed when I was

motivates especially young

nominated for the Zimbabwe



Classique Fashion Meets a CLASSIUS MAN


One of my favorite quotes We form fit each measurement to is one by Tom Ford, which make sure that whatever we make says “Your clothes and the follows our clients’ sillouette and silhouette of your body should projects their most natural style tell a story.” And that line yet allowing them to be fashion speaks alot to what stirs up inspiration in forward and up to the minute. us. People are our inspiration and making our clothes in harmony with their body and image celebrates the human anotomy.

“Your clothes and the silhouette of your body should tell a story”



Q 8


Are you about swag or class?


sophisticated, sharp, and tailored to your body and style. Cassius London is about making men and women feel confident, clean, sexy, bold, defined and refined. We bring out the best in you because we put in nothing but a special blend of the very best materials, craftsmanship and passion into all of our products. And yes I said “we” because Cassius London is made up of a team of very talented individuals. I happen to just be privileged enough to have founded the brand and hence be the face representing this gifted team.


It’s all in the name! Cassius London... Classius...Class. Does that answer your question? We are a very classy and elegant brand yet still relevant with the times. What is beautiful about

What makes your label different?

from. They are involved in the decision making and

all their suggestions are Cassius London is different taken into consideration because it is yet guided by our expert

What is Cassius London about? about suits and garments that are

First of all, I cannot answer the question pertaining to what I am about before tackling the part about who I am. So who am I? I am Cassius. And Cassius is a dynamic, vibrant and passionate young man. Passionate about the world of fashion, style and design. Notwithstanding what matters most in life. I am who I am because of my beliefs and my amazing little girl. This has primarily shaped and moulded me into what you see today. I am all about Cassius London. And Cassius London is all

What inspires your work?

C a s s i u s - m a d e . advise of course. The My team and I exclusivity we provide is a are a group like- service that I recognised

minded individuals who are was being underutilised in dedicated to being the best this era of take away service.

in industry. This means that But the effort put in does in the standards of excellence no way mean that we don’t with which we live by, are offer an express service. reproduced into the brand. Garments can be made We believe that it’s all in the within a seven day time frame

detail and will go a long way but because of the efficiency in making certain that only of our system, quality

quality pieces are approved is never compromised. to guarantee maximum client And as can be expected

bespoke tailoring is the fact that both the young and old can rock our wear without having to look either too old or too young, depending. It really is perfection if you ask me.

satisfaction. And speaking of any dedicated tailor, we of our clients, we encourage take numerous detailed their participation and input measurements so that

at each and every stage. For the garments are made instance, we provide a wide to perfection and thus array of approximately 700 celebrating the uniqueness fabrics for them to choose of every human body.


Most African people grew up jamming to Malaika, not to mention it was impossible to attend a wedding and not see the bridal team dancing to one of their songs.We all wished we could sing that song “destiny” the way Tshedi Mholo totally smashes it!Many have attaempted, but no one can sing it better than the Leopard Queen herself. I have been a fan my whole life and last year I had the opportunity to meet the songbird in South Africa . Having recently celebrated twenty years in the music industry, this is the substance that makes LEGENDS! Check out the Q and A interview with the amazing Tshedi Mholo.


ho is Tshedi Mholo?

Tshedi Mholo is a daughter of the most High.I’m a Christian and I love what God has done in my life.I am a Dope S i n g e r, Mo m , Wi f e y, Fa m i l y Woman,Business Woman, a woman whose willing to risk making dreams come true and a lover of people.I enjoy cooking and family life.


hat made you want to be a singer?.

I grew up in a musical family and I love everything about them. We always feel over the moon everytime there’s a song playing. Singing has been an inborn thing and nobody can take that away from me.It`s a gift that one must use to extend a helping hand to the needy.Apart from that being in a succesful group like Malaika with such great and amazing people such as Bongani and Jabu (May his Soul Rest In Peace) they made me fall inlove with singing more.



f you were not a singer what would you be?.

I’m a teacher by proffession and I’m capable of doing a lot. Tell me about a Multi talented woman lol.


hat do you do when you are not working

I’m home if I’m not working and taking care of my Family and kids of which they are my supporting tool.I love my family and that comes 1st.I’m always on the road and have to create time and space to be a Mom and play kiddies games.



ave you got one advantage and disadvantage of being in a group ?

Being in a group you have to learn to compromise a lot of yourself. It ain’t about you but team work. Yes put your foot down if the shoe doesn’t fit,but it’s fun I loved it during the days of Malaika and crying helps at times make sure you always keep strong.A disadvantage of being in a group is that you can face some inferiority especially being the only female member.


utside of yourself who else do you listen to? I listen to quite a lot of artists which makes it easier for me to find my true self and be original all the time. I love Dancehall and more singers with difficult vocal dynamics and I'm a talent scout based on the different voices I always watch out for.I love the late Whitney Houston,Aretha Franklin,Mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Brenda Fassie, most African Artists who made it big like Malaika and my Black Sisters who keep me on my toes while hoping for a change in this male dominated industry.

e all know you from the famous group Malaika how was it being the only lady amongst guys? Being the only lady in a group comes with a lot of pressure and challenges.You either strong or weak but I stood tall and made my voice heard in a most reasonable and respectful way.As tough as it was I fought my way up and here I am.



hat word of advice have you got for someone who wishes to be a solo artist or be part of a band one day?

w o you think fame can change a person?

Soloists! Be You and Do

Fame comes with a lot of

You! Grab a bull by the

changes.You lose friends and

horn and never allow

gain some but keep being

anyone to take advantage

yourself and you’ll conquer

of your talent.

more,that has always been my spirit.Have time to be away from all the noise and reconnect (that helps a lot).


ow do you deal with negativity?


ou recently celebrated your 20 years of being in the music industry with a Live DVD in November.When should we expect it?. The DVD of my 20th hat made you to be part of Celebration in the music the UNICEF? industry oh! what a way to end my year. I UnicefSA .. I love giving my time stood by my decision and space to the community and to do without sponsors and children. That's a huge step to my recording label.Thanks to tackle violation of women and God I made it.We working on children across the boarders.I Editing and mastering now love it and it's Voluntary work and hopefully before the end of not about money yeah.I serve as a March it would be out. Unicef Celebrity Advocate.

There's always a better way to tackle negativity either you let it break you or build you.I've had my own fair share of this and that but I kept my head high.God is my creator shweeem.

Made With Little Girls in Mind




here can people find you on social media?.

I'm available..on Twitter,instagram and Facebook Tshedi Mholo aka the LeopardQueen aka TshediwaMalaika..


beYOUtiful Food As a Zimbabwean young man based in the United States what motivated you to start an Empire of your own? The struggle! I struggled for the first few years I was in New York City. I found myself in foster care

Classique Star of The Month


found myself working in deadend jobs. After complaining for

inyusile Khumbula (Chef Zi), 23, is the founder and chief executive officer of Mzansi. Born

many times a mentor suggest that

in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, Khumbula has taken his roots to the United States

I start my own business doing

to help promote and spread the culture Ubuntu (humanity to others). He has positioned the

what I love. So, I was inspired to

company as a platform that uses food, fashion and fun to promote unity and a cultural fusion.

create a platform where Ubuntu

Prior to finding Mzansi, Khumbula participated in numerous food events. He had the honor

is promoted as a lifestyle. Mzansi

of working with the Chef ’s for Impact. He was also chosen to be a part of Harlem Eat Up. He

a platform where people can

has also catered parties for Okay Africa and Everyday People.

What inspired you to start Mzansi Eats?

What made you keep it African?

Living in New York City for several years, I found myself missing that Southern African way of living: Ubuntu (humanity to others). I missed having to go over to a nextdoor neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar. I missed a genuine good morning smile and most of all I missed SOUTHERN AFRICAN FOOD, so I decided to provide what I was missing for everyone else.


for sometime and I constantly

fellowship and dine in a unique

Africa! There is potential in Africa!

and cultural experience. I believe

There is resiliency in Africa! There

that everyone should at least once

Would it be too cheesy if I say, one is humanity in Africa and I love to cannot simply forget where they share my Africa with everyone…

in his or her lifetime experience

are from? I am in love with Africa and what she has taught me. She Are you planning on taking Mzanhas raised me to be the young man si Eats to Africa anytime soon? I am to, it would be almost foolish if I did not honor in this way. My goal is to share the beauty of the culture I was raised in and furthermore I’d love to show people that there is more to Africa than starvation and corruption. There is life in

Eventually Mzansi Eats will find it’s way to Southern Africa. For now Mzansi will be enjoyed from New York City.

life from an African perspective. Mzansi is here to provide that experience. What services do you provide? We are currently a catering company that offers authentic African dining experiences. We cater private dinners, celebrations and corporate events. By the end of the summer of 2016 we will bring African food to the

American home kitchen. We will dressed in wild mushrooms and introduce a food prep and delivery wrapped in smoky bacon. I cooked service for African food. it for Minnie Dlamini and I might What are your menu like? We specialize in Southern African Fusion. This means that we take authentic traditional Southern African dishes (like pap aka

name it after her. Do you provide Sadza/Pap Do they have air in Africa?! Lol, of course we do.

isitshwala aka sadza) and infuse it with techniques and ingredients from all over the world. In this case a traditional pap is cooked in silky cream then, infused with a velvety lavender oil to give that ‘melt-in-your-mouth’


We also give international dishes and African feel. Our famous Amarula Waffles and Granola crusted PeriPeri chicken wings (with a watermelon salsa) are a phenomenal example of how fun, ‘laid-back’ and real our menu is.

What's your advice to other young people who want to start a business of their own? beYOUtiful! YOU know what is best for YOU! Be humble and listen to everyone, you will be surprised at what you learn. Listen closely to advice and remember that is just advice! At the end of the day you decide what you want in your life. This is life is yours so you can live it. Live the life you continue

What's your favourite meal to make?

to choose and not the one you are

I put together a very lovely Farm


forced into living. And of course

raised Ostrich filet with Lavender pap and chakalaka! The Ostrich is pan seared in periperi oil then




eet the King of Mukoko AKA Tytan. He is well known from his hit song Mukoko that has reached over half a million views featuring Ammarah Brown and not to forget that the video went viral on social media within a week of release. Apart from being an artist himself he has managed big name artists such as Soul Afrika and Cynthia Mare. Check out what Tytan said about the song that gets most of us feeling Mukoko. Your Video has gone viral on social Who came up with the song media and people are loving your ideas?. What should we expect from you song how do you feel about that? before the end of the year? You should expect a Mukoko I came up with the Mukoko song We’ve been quite excited actually. Album and its music videos, a idea and concept. It’s such a great feeling getting so Mukoko Inspired clothing line much support from your people Someone on my page said thank for males, more performances and the rest of the world for your you Ammara and Tytan for in Zimbabwe and different parts craft. It’s been quite a launchpad combining Shona, Ndebele and of the world, lots of Mukoko English it’s beautiful for me. merchandise and hopefully, some (COMPLIMENT). What is Mukoko? awards if God sees it fit for me to Mukoko is a bee hive but it’s a Thank you for the compliment. grow my head a bit. metaphor for a loving woman with so much sweetness inside her or a On the video we saw some familiar faces please talk to us about the What’s your word of advice for sweetheart (literally) someone who want to join the video concept. The video concept was mainly music industry? Did you guys know from the start based on very relative day to day My word of advice is you should it was gonna be a hit ? experiences of the young modern study the industry, know your Zimbabwean who seeks love and Well, we knew that people would will do what it takes to get the wom- strengths and perfect them, plan really love it because we had been an he loves against all odds. So in and strategize your career in performing it from August last this video I am into Ammara and I line with your strengths in the year before release and it got so decided to impress her by showing industry and most important much love at each performance. her honey business some support of all be humble, patient but be and I end up creating a new clientele for her by lying to the people I persistent!!. Tytan was this your first project gave her honey to that the honey is as an artist? an afrodisiac that boosts affection This wasn’t my first project as in relationships. The video features an artist, I’ve been an artist for actor and singer Arnold Gara, ac6 years so far. I’ve had plenty tress and singer Emilia Patrick and Zimbabwe’s biggest female actress, musical projects before this one. Mukoko is the most successful one Tinopona Katsande. They were really amazing to work with. Tin so far and by far Tin also helped with directing and technical film know-how, did some make up and attended to her baby (son) on set. She was a super mom.


Marbel Madondo

has got one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard.I am so glad to say I’m a big fan of hers you guys the girl has got well polished shiny pipes for days lol ok enough with me fanning out.I asked her to feature on my blog so we can get to know more about her.

When it comes to music who do you look up to? Well umm a lot my parents who helped groom me, the great musicians I’ve worked with the likes of Mai Shingisai Suluma, Mai Charamba, internationally, the likes of Kim Burrel, Juniata Bynum, to mention a few. Can you play any instruments? Yes I do, I love percussive instruments and the drums

You featured on Cynthia Mhare’s music video and you did a great job so would you list acting as one of your skills? yes by default, before that video I ddnt even know I could act although I always had a keen interest in theater.

If you were to have a Marbel Tour out of Zim where would you go? The whole world, wherever and whichever country or place God opens doors for me. I’m an evangelist to the world through the music that I sing. Who do you wish to collaborate with? Woooow a lot of ppl lol the list is endless.

What’s your favourite song at the moment? *mmmm so many, yes to ur will by Kim Burrel.

Do you agree when people say “you should have a tough skin to join the music industry” Yes I do, you need determination and to be able to stand ur ground. Be artistic and do it to glorify God.

What word of advice have you got for young people who see you and say I want to be a great singer like Marbel? Be determined, work hard and make sure u know that’s what it is you want to do, trust God. Wen u meet opposition just keep focused on God he will see u through. If you were offered a role in acting would you take it? Yes I would, definitely.

How old were you when you started singing?

Has singing always been your passion?

If you were not a singer what would you be?

I started wen I was nine, we used to sing in church as the “Madondo sisters” and with the praise and worship, with my late sister.

Yes, I was born into a singing family, my dad would be on his guitar playing and my mum with Jackie would be singing. I was born for this!!!!

I don’t know what God would have made me lol. I love music sooo much it’s become my life.



Hey Classiques! We bring you another superstar and a legend in the making. He is our man crush everyday! Nay Maps, well known as Mxolisi Xulu on Uzalo, is a young talented actor and singer who has won so many people`s hearts not only in South Africa but also in the UK! Did you guys know he used to sing back up for singers such as Mabongi,Bongi& Collin.He was also part of an award winning group called Spax and Newlight.The moment on Uzalo that got us melting was when Nay Maps sang NDIKHOKHELE, what a melting moment! Check out the Q&A with

Nay Maps!

Who is Nay maps outside of Uzalo? Nay Maps is a young man who is fresh, diverse, easygoing, down-to-earth, aspiring, vibrant, full of life and grateful for life...Believe that Nothing is Impossible and whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

What has your character taught you so far? My Character has taught me and reminded me that upbringing and surroundings influence who you become and how you carry yourself.

If you were not an actor what would you be? A Singer or TV Presenter... (Even though I already am those)

What's a normal day like for you when you are not working?

I don't rush to get out of bed, sleep till late, spend time on my own and reflect on my life and where I'm going...Pray and refocus myself and meditate.


Do you share anything with Your character Remind myself where I'm going and work on my brand Nay Maps. Mxolisi? What I share with Mxolisi is

What are the challenges of being in the public eye? Challenges are having to watch your every move with extra and double caution as the public always wants to talk even more about u and meet certain expectations.

the love he has for his family and wanting things to always be good within the family and happy.Even the relationship Mxolisi has with his on-screen mother is similar to his real-life relationship with his mother and sisters too.

Who do you look up to? I look up to so many people. Firstly God because he has proven that all things are possible and that with Faith, one can achieve anything.I then learn a lot from the lives of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King.They are my inspirations. Also the likes of Tyler Perry, Will Smith, Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp and Samuel L Jackson.

We all know you are a good singer .Are you doing anything in the music industry? Yes I am doing things in the music industry.I was part of a crew called Spax and NewLight which has won Best Contemporary Album in the Mzansi Gospel Awards and Best Contemporary Album in the Crown Gospel Awards.I will be

releasing some singles during this year so stay tuned. What would you tell your 13 year old self? I would tell my 13 year old self that I should not hold back anything and live life fully, express myself more, try out new things and explore life more

What motivates you? The Word Of God Motivates Me, Inspirational Lives and Stories and Testimonies Motivate me, And dreams motivate me.

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to be an actor one day?

Advice To all Aspiring Actors: You can be anything you wanna be as long as you believe, put in the work and have faith and practise... Study the craft, research and Google the Internet for tips, notes Etc, watch movies and dramas, critic and put yourself in those actor`s shoes and create scenarios on your mind and act them out. NB!!! Be Truthful at all times in your acting-how do you become truthful?.Well by doing all of the above and then acting it out.If you are going to be a gangster, read up on gangsters, find out how they would do things in that area and time zone and then give it your own flair...whatever character you audition or work towards, research on it and let everything come from your HEART.


Who is your inspiration? Without a doubt my parents are my biggest inspiration. When I look back they were fearless. By the time they were in their 30s, they'd had 2 children, had studied in 3 different countries and lived in 5. They raised my sister and I on their own, but wherever they lived, they created a network around them. We had all sorts of aunties and uncles when we were growing up! And they still kept a sense of Zimbabwe in their home.

Dr Rhoda is a well respected lady who is not fear less when it comes to success and working hard for it.She is not only just called “Dr� for the fun of it (you know how some people give themselves tittles out there). She is a medical doctor who owns a radio show on power extra on matters of health and life, she is also a ZIWA ambassador and above all she is a loving mother to her children.She is one woman who has a lot going on and therefore she was glad to take part in doing a Q&A with us.

What motivates you? Well at this stage in my life, every year, I'm motivated to better than I was the year before, even if it's just in one aspect of my life! My family and close friends also do that: they motivate me to be the best I can be, and because of that I always want to make them proud. My son especially: I'm driven to be a balanced human being so he can be one too, and I'm driven to contribute to a better world for him and his little cousins and his little friends! Who knows what they'll have to contend with when they're adults, so if we can all do our little bit to show them how to be their best and manage their worst, then we've done our job!


How do you manage everything and still be a great mum?

I can say that it's not impossible to have a family and be ambitious. It's a balance- sometimes you have to focus on the family more and other times you can focus on the ambitions more. For me, I had done a lot of my groundwork before I had a family, so when I had a son, I could slow down a bit. But children grow and they need you less and you then get better at balancing it all. The main thing is to always work on your dreams even when you have to focus on being a parent; keep the dreams alive. Even if it means you just spend 10 minutes a day on working on your goals, or one day a month or you have to change the route to where you're headed, just keep going. You just have to stay ready!.

Have you always wanted to be a doctor? My parents and teachers more or less decided for me. In our day, that is how it worked đ&#x;˜…. You know our cultures encouraged us to be doctors and lawyers and the like! But I didn't really object and I am so glad I became one. I couldn't have done anything else. Science is wonderful, and even after 20 years I'm still excited to learn more. I've met incredible people and been taught so much by my patients and other colleagues not just about medicine, but about life, and I've got to travel the world too!

They always gave us the best education, not just in terms of the best schooling but the most varied of experiences. Yet they remain humble and generous. So now I am inspired by people who appear ordinary, but are not frightened to do extraordinary things; people who just do what it takes to create a happy life according to their rules.

What advice will you give to young people who have given up on school or life?

My advice to any young person in that situation is to remind them to remember where they want to be, to remember their goals, and that whatever situation they find themselves in, doesn't have to be where they remain. Keep visualising where you want to be every day, then magically you will find that you'll seek the people and things that help you achieve your goals. Ask for help when you need it! There will always be times when you stumble and fall, but you just have to lick your wounds, get up and keep going. Practice that and it becomes easier - with everything, practice truly makes perfect.

If you were to change one thing in this world in relation to today's young stars what would it be?

Well, I'll first say that I admire today's young a great deal because they are real go-getters; I love their boldness to go after their dreams- and their reliance on self.The one thing that some young people are not so good at thought is being kind to those around them. I think they can be a little more thoughtful and courteous and patient. Maybe adults need to remind them more that even when you're being bold and independent and going after your dreams, you can still be kind; kindness goes a long way!.


What else are you working on? Right now I'm really enjoying a change of direction in my medical career as a Medical Adviser for a pharmaceutical company. I'm also working with PowerXtra Radio to develop the health show Matters of Life and Health further with new features and guests starting in August this year. I'm also getting the chance to indulge in my love of writing by working on a book on skin care with a colleague and friend of mine. As I don't have the time to write as much as I would like, I'm going to do the next best thing and help others with their writing; so this summer I launch an editing, proofreading and web writing service. And then of course, I'm really excited to be a part of the Zimbabwe International Women's Awards (ZIWA) this year as the Panel Coordinator, so for the next few months I get to work with the truly amazing ZIWA Team, finding inspirational Zimbabwean gems to celebrate at the awards ceremony in October this year. You can find me at: Twitter @ DrMo_Life IG molahpx Facebook Matters of Life and Health Blog www.lalulaworld.wordpress. com

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Classique Fashion Guru Here we feature the most amazing trends in fashion. We caught up with the queen of fashion aka fashion gruu Noms Who is Nompumelelo Mondlane? Well Nompumelelo Mondlane is a chic , creative , benevolent and cheerful 28 year old from eMalahleni Mpumalanga South Africa, fashionably known as Noble_Mpumie and Miss Chubby Cheeks . I am a God fearing , fashion fanatic who is determined to break boundaries and pave paths when it comes to style and fashion.

What inspires your looks? My looks are highly inspired by my favourite colours, which are yellow , pink , red , blue , stone / nude & black , I draw inspiration from people like Eleonora Sebastiani , magazines , tv shows , my mood also plays a role at times but most of the time the impression I want to give that day inspires my look.

Have you always been a fashion guru?

I know this will sound cliche but YES I've always been a fashion guru , since way back in sunday school hahaha. I didn't grow into fashion / style . I grew with it


Are you a stylist and if you are who have you worked with?

I'll soon be concluding my image consultation studies but yes I am working as a stylist and I give rousing fashion and style talks at events. I have been working with different fashion designers from my home town but I work closely with Affrodity & Captured Style, this season I'll be working with TagIn & Street Garage I love how they do street wear , because I'm a girly girl its so great to be exploring the hip & funky side of fashion , infusing my view of fashion with theirs to create incredible style and I'm super excited to be now working with Lindani Ndwandwa from Lindani Styling. What's the the top 3 must fall things that people wear Fish net stockings must fall booty shorts at the mall or restaurant ( beach wear must be worn at the beach ) , clothes that show way too much flesh must also fall ,yes show leg ,free the nipple , let’s see those thighs but please not all at once and sunglasses with colourful frames , colourful lenses are chic but overly busy frames are not , I gave my pair away after realising that they make me look like a clown things that people wear?

Any fashion advice? I believe that style affords you the opportunity to say who you are without uttering a word. As Gianni Versace said, don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are and what you want to express , so wearing clothes because a certain person is wearing them but you are not comfortable in them or love them must fall , find your style and don't embrace it Nhlanhla Nciza or Bonang (fashion wise) No I can't choose between the two though most of the time I'm a bonang, I do have my Nhlanhla Nciza days

What should we expect from you before the end of the year? GREAT things , nothing but Great things. I would love to tell but I've learnt not to share things until they are written in stone


Nompumelelo Mondlane


Fashion Guru


Hello good people, it’s been a while… It’s Ruvimbo here blogger and fashion person... The long awaited British summer is here so, I thought I would brighten things up a little with this floral playsuit from Missguided and a yellow blazer from H&M. I decided to complete this outfit with my favourite pair of heels from New Look. This outfit is ideal for a glamourous afternoon tea, an informal business meeting and I think for a wedding as well and you can accessorise the outfit depending on the type of outing. Keep yourself updated for more outfit ideas if you like this one…

Get The Look Playsuit: £35 Misguided Blazer: H&M 29.99 New Look Lazer Cut Heels: £25


GET THE GLOW With spring/summer now in full swing, we have rounded up the 5 of our favourite highlighters and bronzers so you can get that summer glow or strobbing as is it know officially. So what is strobbing? All it is simply highlighting the areas of your face where the light would naturally hit. This means your cheekbones, tip of your nose, 1. MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Gold Deposit £24 ‘A luxurious, slow-baked, velvety soft, domed face powder with a radiant finish. Strategically buff on to add highlights to the high points of the face, or blend all over for a sheer luminous polish to the skin’ 2. KIKO Water Based Eye Shadow #208 £8.90 Yes this little gold eyeshadow can double up as a highlighter too. Use it wet if you want an intense highlight. ‘Revolutionary eyeshadow with instant colour release and dual wet and dry use’

HeyClassiques, I’m Sandra Shamu aka Sandz. I am a London based freelance makeup artist specialising in Editorial and Bridal makeup. I am a qualified A Level Psychology Teacher. I have a degree in Psychology so I figured why not actually teach the subject as I enjoy it very much. So where did the makeup come in? Well I have always been interested in makeup as a hobby, doing makeovers on mostly family and friends every chance I got, until one day I decided to take a Beginners Makeup Course to fully understand the theory behind makeup. Being a freelance MUA means that I can still have my full time job and still pursue my hobby. It is challenging but you have to strike a balance, the most important thing is to do what you love, do what makes you happy. You can do and be anything you want as long as you are determined and put your mind to it. The most important job I have is being a wife and a mother, but we will talk about those another time. The key is to strike a balance, nothing is impossible. Chase

brown bone, inner corners of your eye and cupids bow. Highlighters come in different forms which is great as it caters to everyone’s skin type. This includes powders, gel, liquids or creams. We have rounded some of our favourite high3. Benefit High Beam £19.50 ‘a satiny pink liquid highlighter accents cheek & brow bones for a dewy glow. Use as a spot highlighter over makeup or wear under complexion products for subtle luminescence

lighters to give you a guide. Be careful not to use too much, you do not want to end up walking around looking like a disco ball: but then again, why not, its glow season after all

1. 2.


4. Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer - Golden Lights £3 YES its £3 Available in 3 different shades which means there’s one for everyone 5. NARS Illuminator in Laguna £23 ‘light the skin from within. Can be applied all over the face or used as a highlighter. Can be worn under, over or mixed in with foundation’




Vickie Storm is an Award winning TV and Radio presenter.She has love and passion for children and Young people that is why she started her own Summer Camp for children called M.A.C (Mind After CHRIST). Check out her Q&A for more information.

Who is Vickie Storm? It's always hard to answer that question but I'd like to think of myself as a creative, versatile business lady. I am a mix of firmness, confident and compassionate.

What inspired you to start your own summer camp for children? From a young age I actively attended Scripture Union Zimbabwean camps and Victory fellowship kids camps so when I came to the UK I couldn't find all that and felt really empty. Plus I had been a Sunday school teacher and felt there was more I could give. Does anyone remember the composition question, "What I did during the Holiday" Well MAC would have so many adventure stories for kids to talk about. So MAC was born...

How long has it been running?

It started off in 2011 and has been getting bigger each year

What is the aim for it? Well the last statements Jesus said before he left was "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" Besides empowering young people, teaching then life skills, we aim to show them the Love of God. We want to share our Hero with them.


The first time you started it and had your first camp how was it?. The first camp was really good.. I even remember our guest speaker sitting on the hard floor in the lounge teaching about the Vine and branches parable. I remember our youngest kid then being so competitive in a game that she cheated in order to eat the frozen chocolate. I remember the volunteers working along with the kids to come up with some crazy war cries and the laughter. However the very last night we had holy communion and two kids gave their lives to Christ, the rest rededicated their lives to live fully for Christ. I feel a bit teary remembering all that. Financially it was a challenge but the outcome over shadows the difficult bits.

You are an award winning TV and radio presenter, what has been some of the challenges you've faced in the industry? When I started on radio, the label on me was "loose woman" "easy" "cheap value" lots of names. I was in a space where the association of being a female dj/radio presenter was just negative. So a lot of the times I felt I had to be extra assertive and very careful with who I spent my time with, what I did and how I looked. I was always into business and creative advertising concepts and the difficult part was being taken serious. Its already hard trying to establish yourself in that industry which has so much competition but it was harder going against the labels that came with it all.

How do you deal with negativity?

Over the years I developed a "thick" skin and learnt a way of surfing information. You see negativity is not about the information you hear, but its about what you do with what you have heard. There is good negativity which allows me to reflect and improve and then there is just plain hatred. I have those two categories. Good negativity I tend to take it on board, understand why and improve because reflection on every level is very important. Then there is the hatred : example if someone turns around and calls me ugly, surely what am I to reflect upon? The ugliness or who God says I am? I respect peoples opinions but doesn't mean I take it all. If I did, I would lack vision.

What's the most thing you teach your children? The love of God. You know we can teach a lot of things and how to be or behave and what to do ..all sorts but above all they need to personally know and experience the Love of God.

Where is this year's Mind After CHRIST gonna be and when?

This years camp is at an amazing venue in Milton Keynes called Xperience. Very spacious with land games and water games, born fire and all sorts. It is from 27 of July to 30 July 2016 for less than ÂŁ90.


The Singing Chef


e is well known for his amazing vocals and some call him ‘Zimbabwe’s sweetheart’.Tendai Kevin Zhou is a successful young man who not only sings but well known for his skills in the kitchen and of course one of Zimbabwe’s best wedding planners.


Who is Tendai Kevin Zhou? I'm free spirited and I'd like to think I'm

that God really just creates time for learning quite a lot but let me say me. I'm able to safely balance all this, at God's time I will record my passions, although I'm much something. lesser of a Chef than I was when I Have you ever thought of opening a was back in college,let's just say it's restaurant? the least of my passions. Not entirely and when


I say this I mean that I haven't ever really sat down to think about whether I would ac-


an amicable fella. I work full time as an Events and Wedding planner at VIP Hosting and I also sing quite a lot , in the bathroom , in the car , in the office and mostly in the Zimpraise Choir. That's me in a nutshell


How do you manage being a singer,chef and wedding planner at the same time?

You know I was actually talking about this with a group of people when we were sharing life experiences and I actually realised

tually take that venture up . After Most of us know you for your amazing voice and we would would like to know if Music has always been your first

love? Actually I can only remember singing from the age of 9, just after my Mum passed away I had to live with my grandmother. As long as I can remember , my grandmother always had me in front of the Lutheran Sunday School singing. As the years went by I continued to sing at school, at church and I know my grandmother delights herself in knowing she played such an intricate part of bringing out the singer in me.


Should we expect an album or single from you? Maybe in the coming

future. This is not something I feel ready for as yet. You know a solo project is such a big endeavour for



me and I really don't want to do a half baked cake, I am really still

being in college acquiring more information about running such a business I've realised it is in fact such a hectic one but ,a friend of mine Enos Deve shared with me a


great restaurant idea that I think I would share with someone to do, if I'm not going to do it myself. In fact the restaurant will be called 'The Singing Chef ' . It'll be a restaurant fused with open mic and


music sessions etc.


If you were not a singing Chef or wedding planner what would you be? Growing up I'd always wanted to be a doctor . I come from a family that is full of academics , people in the medical and science industry and I thought I'd be on that track too. I remember being so passionate about sciences in high school and even participating in the school's first aid team for all my high school years but, this is something that died down just after leaving



and Shekinah Glory as well only to mention the ones I remember off


head. Who do you look up to?.

I look up to a whole lot of people . The thing with me is I don't look up to a person wholly, there's certain things I look up to in people but I have to say this ,my biggest inspiration is my mother Danai Zhou. Charity really does begin at home , from her I have learnt how to be a go-getter and pursue the things I really love. Her determination for the things she's passionate about is what has made me who I am today. She's my biggest inspiration.


What's your favourite song at the moment?

I have always been loyal to Anita Wilson's - All About You. That song is the one, ANYDAY!



What's your favourite meal.

This is weird but I enjoy contemporary meals as I would call them . You know one of those where you get home and throw random things together then BAM!, it's a delicious ensemble , the unfortunate thing about that is you can never really achieve the same ensemble so it's those once offs that I enjoy. Apart from that a mean Chicken Alfredo will do me good.


What word of advice would you give to someone who wants to be a singer wedding planner or chef? My general advice would be "Know what your passion and strengths are and focus on them

Apart from Zimpraise what other gospel group do you listen to?

. And yes passion will also make you do a lot of freebies but

Have you got an upcoming event or wedding and you want it to be the talk of town?.VIP

remember those cannot be done

Hosting is here at your service.VIP hosting has planned several weddings that have left people

I listen to Joyous Celebration ,

forever . If it feels wrong it prob-

no doubt. I also enjoy listening

ably is - move on. Your passion

to other groups randomly

has gotta take care of you, work


hard and earn hard too and no




amazed with the elegance and beauty.Famous people such as Bonang Matheba and Somizi Mhlongo have had the opportunity of being part of an event hosted by VIP. Not forgetting that they are now a registered company in South Africa and they are planning on enlarging

YouTube but not religiously

matter what you do , be prepared

their brand to other parts of the world.They love creating "BEAUTIFUL" and maintaining all

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

to work HARD! Above All

their weddings and events with class and elegance to make it glamorous.

PRAY! There is something that prayer does that you can't do in


your own strength.


Who is ExQ

I'm a father, husband and believer in love. I'm also an influential artist and have won several awards which include Best Afro Pop Artist in Zimbabwe (2014), Best Video in Zimbabwe (2015) and Best duo with Roki (2015). I was also honoured by Coca-Cola this year when ‘Alleluyah’ was voted second for best local video.

Outside of music what else do you do? I believe in exploring different aspects of myself so besides music and the arts, I explore business opportunities. I look at market gaps and maximise on them. I am also thinking of starting a clothing line and venture into real estate.

How long have you been in the music industry?

I started rapping when I was a young fella, watching Mase videos but

people only heard

my rapping skills in 2002 when I released my debute ‘Musalala’. So I’ve managed to stay in the game for over a decade!

What are the highs and lows of music industry? Highs: I’m doing what I love I get to express myself through music and the support I get from people who appreciate my music is real; it keeps me going.


Lows: Profits in the music industry can be low and the bad publicity at times can affect the people close to you.

What do you do in your spare time?

What inspires your lyrics?

I have a standard social life where I hang out with great friends that I’ve made during my career. Apart from the general, my wife (Bahati) loves travelling so I travel and see new places and buy stuff (I’m a low key shopaholic). On a separate note I do motivational speaking at one or two designated places with young people but I’m always happy and willing to do more of that to any group of people who look up to me.

environment; life experiences, love

What inspired the Putiti album? It was inspired by my environment and life experiences. I also wanted to challenge myself and try new sounds.

What’s your favourite song the Album? The way ft Roki

Do you listen to your own music? [Laughs] I listen to my music soon after recording to get a feel of the song, change what needs to be worked on and when it gets played on radio I pump up the volume lol. I do

My lyrics are inspired by my social and sometimes I just go crazy and dare to come up with something fun-Putiti! You cant keep saying the same thing so I dare to twist it up a bit.

What are you working on right now? I’m working on a Pantsula Hip-hop song with my boys Roki and Takura. Look out for Kilos soon it will make you jive!

If you were to choose one American Rapper/singer to feature in a song, who would it be and what song would that be? J Cole! The song would be hip-hop of course. I like the realness in his rap lyrics. His lyric synthesis and execution are on point.

Which Zimbabwean Artist do you look forward to working with? I’ll go old school and pick Taso lol. That guy had killer dance moves. It would be interesting to see what a Sungura urban afro pop fusion

listen to other people’s music

would sound like. Taso, please get

though because I believe in

in touch.

diversity and learning from the different sounds out there


What did you learn from the

Meet Miss Annie Grace who was crowned Miss Zimbabwe 2015 last year and despite of the

Describe yourself in two words

negativity she has received she

Very relaxed.

still stays humble. There are so many girls who would love to wear that crown one day. Check out what Annie had to say about her being Miss Zimbabwe.

Apart of being a super model

girl what else do you do? I am currently studying Accounting

When you were young what I have always wanted to be a church minister.

Who is Annie Grace?. Have you got any hidden Annie-Grace is a young talents?Uhm yes, I think i can sing lady who is determined to

am turning 20 on the 27th of February.I am a very quiet and reserved girl but I do love being around people.Every woman

What was your reaction when

you were crowned Miss Zimbabwe 2015? To be honest it all happened so fast and I just couldnt believe it.

is strong and loving and I also do possess these two qualities that help me give back to the community through beauty with a purpose.

I learnt to never trust anyone.I can never believe a man when

Miss Zimbabwe 2015

he says he loves me now because he can go out there and do the

was your dream job?

accomplish her set goals in life.I

whole experience after seeing someone being dethroned?

How has the Miss Zim tittle changed your life?

Firstly I have fewer friends now because the fake ones are quickly

complete opposite of that,which is to destroy you.

What have you done for the

community as Miss Zimbabwe? I did a project on how people living with albinism are discriminated,stigmatized and isolated in the community. I was working with the albino charity organization of zimbabwe(Alcoa) and I managed to donate sunscreen lotions,soap,disinfectant and lip balms to people from all over Zimbabwe .I also focused on some people who were living with cancer and how they needed our help to take care of themselves,seek treatment and also prevent cancer .I can happily say that my project was successful because it made it to top 10 at the miss world beauty with a purpose competition.I am so glad it was recognized and my goal of raising awareness was achieved.

Any word of advice for the next Miss Zimbabwe?

exposed,I know myself better and I'm very shy so being in the spotlight helped to\z boost up my confidence.


My words to the next miss Zimbabwe are Good luck!you always have to keep your chin up and smile in every situation because it's not easy being in the spotlight.Not every one is your friend some are just waiting for your down fall.


A Joyous Wedding

It was a Joyous wedding on the 4th of June between Siyanqoba Mthethwa, the Musical Director of Joyous Celebration, who tied the note with one of Joyous Choir’s very own vocal beast Hlengiwe Ntombela. Unlike others Siya and Hlengi never made an announcement to social media about their wedding it was only pictures

that we got to see on the day. I personally always suspected that they were dating but because they were not so public like some people who like the whole world to know about their business. I must respect how they handled it very calm and humble.They both looked so beautiful and other Joyous members such as NduShezi, Palesa, SbuNoah, Nomthi Sibisi, Nomthi Sitshi, Mnqobi Nxumalo,Nhlanhla Zofo, Puleng,

UNathi Mzekeli and others were all there in support of their band members. Congratulations Mr and Mrs "SiyaHle" Mthethwa. In Hlengi's voice "look down and tell the devil you failed" and YES! girl just like your song in Joyous 20 WE GIVE HIM THE GLORY!.

Classique Events




What is your new album about?

This album is basically about who I see God as... We all see God and Christianity from different angles depending on the position we are standing in. Some see Him as a healer because of their sickness, some a provider because of the needs he saw through for them.

Who did you work with?

What's your favourite track and why?

I dont have any favourate track..... any track thats the favourate is the one Im currently listening to or working on at the time of which currently...the Bayed reprise has me on lockdown.

We all know you as the King of Runs.Would you be able to twist "Grateful" to a tender vibe?

Uuuumh Bobo Nzima, PhilD, Mculo Mkhuma, Xoli Mncwango, Mabongi Mabaso and Nozipho Phiri [Laughs] I am not the King of We saw you with the Dube brothers in the studio are they featured? [Laughs] No... I am working with them on their upcoming project as their vocal director Should we expect the songs you have done within Joyous on your album? Well, yeah, not as complete songs, but snippets or part of a medley. The only song I fully re-did was the JC 20 Opening song "Bengingazi" What inspired you to do this album?

Mnqobi Nxumalo is well known for his skilful runs and his beasty voice that leaves most of us shivering. Did you know he is the one who wrote "Bengingazi" from Joyous 20? Well now you know, and he is launching his own new album and we thought to make it better for you and hear what he had to say about it.


My love for Christ, my Passion for music, My lack of fear to Break out of the norm and ofcourse since its my 2nd album, theres a few things I wanted to do right [chuckles] What inspires you to write music? God and Life

runs, There's a lot of people who run faster and better than I do, I’m overated but anyway, Yes....DEFINITELY! So easily and effortlessly....I am born and bred in a tent.... lol pun intended. I am such a fanatic of breaking rules that way.

Well you remain our King of runs! What else have you been working on? Quite a number of things! Vocal coaching classes, My presenting gig with WOW TV, Been working on quite a number of albums for different people. I have been working on my physical body through exercise and my spiritual life. I have been freeing my schedule so I could start a family and go back to school ...unfortunately some other things I cant mention until stuff is sealed!

Are we gonna see you in Joyous 21 this year? Most definitely!

What message are you hoping people will get from your album? That there are no limist, spiritualy, musically and Mentaly. the only limitation here is you! Im not saying strain yourself in anyway trying to do things that you can only go as far as desiring coz the physique doesnt allow you to excercise them. Know your limits, but use what you have to your outmost best! That Someone else's wrong could be someone else's right or the other way round. Unapologetically do you. Some people are only going to be able to hear you and maybe those are the only people you are destined to feed at the time! The time to do things by customs and to do things for the sake of acceptance and fame and sales is nill. Lets go study, perfect our crafts, get an education, a good job, build relationships, fellowship, in and out of church and enjoy life so that we will be in positions where we wont be scared of rejection for working outside the box because whatever the project will be, we wont be doing it with things like money being the ultimate goal and will then not do things with desperation and end up compromising yourself or anything at the end of the day. one needs to do everything they do with a sense of fulfilment..... That that one Project that you put your all into could last for decades and help someone even when you are long gone which is my desire! That people may be encouraged toPress in and harder, work out their own salvation.... and I hope they


Keeping up with former Scandal SA Actress Gabisile


abisile is a young ambitious South African actress who is well known as Gontse from her former character on ETV's number one soapie Scandal. Gabi is a proud mother to her bundle of joy baby Sanchia.I'm sorry to some of you that have a crush on Gabi she's taken lol. We asked Gabi on what she has been up to and about life of an actress check out her interview

Have you always had passion for acting?

I've always loved entertaining people.

What did you think about your character on scandal?

My character on scandal was very interesting to play.

A re you anything like Gontse? Gontse was younger than me and a bit calmer than me.

Who did you get along well with on scandal?

What does your daughter's name mean? Sanchia means Holy in Spanish, initially I was going to name her Ntando and give her both names but her father said we should choose one and the other reason was that it matches her dad's name (Sachia).She is a blessing I asked for and received from God

not to be there during my pregnancy.

What inspires you?

A lot of things and people inspire me. I always look up to young girls making it happen for themselves and also look at how I can be a blessing to others. That's what inspires me.

What are you currently working on? I am working behind the scenes at the moment and I did a movie with David Kau but honestly I'm busy with other stuff including working alongside with my husband's businesses and being a great mum to Sanchia but eventually will get back on the big screen.

What word of advice have you got for the young people who see you on screen and say "I wish to be like her" Stick to what you love and don't let anyone put you down.

Should we expect you on TV anytime soon? I cannot really say when to be honest I am not rushing to get back but all in God's timing.

I'm close with almost all the actors Do you miss being on scandal? on scandal especially "Dintle" I miss my colleagues mostly.


How’s been your life as a mum?

I got along with all the cast

I love every moment of being a mum and I wouldn't it trade it for anything to be honest I am grateful to God for granting me this opportunity to be called "mum"


members, we were like a fam-

Was it a coincidence that your character happened to have a baby too? No I knew my character was going to be pregnant but I guess it was God's will for me


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