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I trust and hope that you are all keeping safe in this pandemic. 2020 has been an interesting and challenging year for me. Despite Covid-19, the world has had ongoing issues such as Racism, Police/ Government Brutality, Gender Based Violence (GBV) etc. and I feel like it’s time we raise our voices so that we can be heard and put all this to an end. This year has taught me the power of prayer and to make room for God by giving him all my worries when it becomes too heavy for me. Through it all, I have been inspired by each and every one of the Q&As herein and I pray that you draw some inspiration from them.


Love SAKHILE KHANYE Founder & Director


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MISS CLASSIQUE ZAA young Achiever 2017 ZYA media platform nominee 2020 TV presenter on Nehanda TV Graduate in BA CYPF (Children Young People & Families) Featured on VOX AFRICA TV in 2019 & 2020 Zimpraise Ambassador 2015 Events MC Founder & Director Classique Q&A Magazine


MISS LULU Who is Lucia? Lucia is a mom, a hard worker, blogger and most importantly...a lover of things. I think that’s all I can say if I’m honest. I’m still trying to find out who I really am but those are the main things about me that I think stand out the most. Please describe yourself in two words Strong & Courageous Please tell us about ‘The Miss Lulu Show’ The Miss Lulu Show is an online talk show that started in 2014 with the main focus of interviewing African celebrities. I started it because I used to run interviews for other people and my Mom suggested I do the same for myself. I named it that because my Mom calls me Miss Lulu. What gave you courage to start your own online news channel? My family and friends besides the fact that I enjoy talking. It seemed like a pretty good idea, so I just went for it.

Who has been your favourite person to interview to date? This is a hard one because I have quite a few favourites but I think my top two were David Kau & AKA. They asked me not to tell them what I was going to ask and just go with the flow so that made the interview more exciting because they didn’t know what was coming. I found that very natural because you could literally see the surprise on their faces and it was so priceless. Plus they’re the only celebrities whose names I got mixed up and we just kept going. How do you manage to be a young mum and also an entrepreneur? Firstly, I wouldn’t say I’m a young mom - because I’m 30 I think I’m more mature. But I get a lot of help from my own Mom whenever I need it. She is literally just 3 mins away from where I live. I also find it easier now because my child is much older and he understands when I’m busy. Only for a little while though, then he starts with all his million requests.



How has Covid-19 affected you and your brand?

It's been much harder doing things and getting much content out there because I had planned on doing more with The Miss Lulu Show - and the week before I was meant to start filming, they announced the quarantine. It’s helped me focus more on my motherhood blog, however, I really wanted to pick things up with my online talk show. How would you describe the year 2020?

I think 2020 has been up and down, not just for myself but for everyone. I don’t even have the right words to describe what it’s been like for me personally, taking into account the numerous things that have happened all around from Covid-19, the quarantine, etc. - but it’s definitely a year I’ll never forget. Praying for better years ahead.

As a mom to a young boy, what are your thoughts on racism?

What should we expect from the Miss Lulu Show?

As a black mom with a black son, I live in constant fear for myself, my son and everyone who has been exposed to racism. From my own experiences and from what I’ve seen on social media; overall the injustices that we face as black people, It’s truly such a shame that we still have to talk about this and go through this in an era where we would have hoped that this wouldn’t be an issue because of what our ancestors fought for and sacrificed for us. However, I’m happy that there are movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) so I hope and pray that one day we won’t have to protest just to have equal rights.

Content, content and more content. I’m hoping to start filming before the end of September and get back to doing what I love doing.

What is your response to people who oppose the BLM movement?

Focus and keep pushing because your little one depends on you and that alone should motivate you to get up every single day and keep going.

I think that they’re uneducated because at the end of the day, we are all human regardless of the colour of our skin. They need to be taught because some people simply don’t understand why there’s BLM... whether it’s ignorance or just pure racism. What has the year 2020 taught you so far?

It’s taught me to follow my dreams, try new hobbies and just be happy because life is literally so short and life happens so fast. Where I am right now I wouldn’t have thought much about it 10 years ago. So I’m just focusing on following my heart and giving my all in everything that I do. It’s also taught me not to hold grudges and let certain things in my personal and business life go.

Are you going to be sharing your cooking recipes with us on your show?

You know what, I’ve had a lot of people asking me to do this and I’m still considering it - so who knows? We’ll see about it in the near future. How would you motivate a young mom not to give up on their dreams?

What’s your favourite quote to live by?

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. And that’s because if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again."

Who is your inspiration?

My family inspire me because each and everyone of them works so hard to achieve what they want and I’m always motivated by that. How do you pick yourself up when you feel demotivated?

I literally take time off, whether it’s not posting on social media or taking my son to my mom's house so I can sleep, and once I’m done I feel much better and start again. What’s the biggest life lesson that you would want your son to learn from you?

Not to carry the world on his shoulders and to walk his own path regardless of what his peers and other people around him are doing. That he can do anything he puts his mind to, as long as he believes he can do it and achieve it because nothing is impossible. Any words of advice for our readers?

Always follow your dreams big or small because you never know where it might take you.

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. And that’s because if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again."

SIBO Zimbabwean-Kenyan Female Rapper

Who is Sibo?


FEMALE RAPPER "Writing is how I air my thoughts, vent,

A Zimbabwean-Kenyan female rapper who spits fire but will also sob watching cartoons. How would you describe yourself in two words? Intense, philosophical What inspired you to get into the music industry? I felt compelled to. I can’t really explain why I’ve been drawn to writing and music. It’s where my heart is.

reflect, and try to make sense of things. Sometimes it’s the dark things – my doubts, insecurities, loneliness and more broadly the plight in African countries. Sometimes it’s the questions I have that I feel could never be answered."

What gave you the courage to quit your 9 to 5 job in order to do music? I reached a point where the pain of not pursuing what I really want was greater and NOMADIC | 24 self-actualizing was bigger than the fear of falling flat on my face.



What challenges do you face in the Hip Hop industry as a female artist?

How can you describe the year 2020 for you?

I think it’s too early to tell because in terms of seriously pursuing my career, I am just starting out. I think the challenges are more associated with being a new artist. A lot of people (including other artists) don’t really pay attention until you have built an identity and a catalogue of music.

Up and down, reflective, manic, hard. Necessary.

What are your thoughts on female rappers being made to compete against each other? That’s what happens when you are a minority so it reveals that there are not enough women in hip-hop. I don’t know whether that is because the type of woman that raps is rare and most are not interested in doing it, or that there are too many obstacles to doing it. What is the inspiration behind your music? All the different types of experiences in life – from pain and anxiety to happiness and euphoria. And everything in between. Writing is how I air my thoughts, vent, reflect, and try to make sense of things. Sometimes it’s the dark things – my doubts, insecurities, loneliness and more broadly the plight in African countries. Sometimes it’s the questions I have that I feel could never be answered. What makes you stand out? I pull from both sides – the heavy things in life and the lighter side. I explore those layers. Who is your inspiration? My sisters and close friends inspire me to be a better person. To work hard and to be caring and honest. I am inspired by writers like Cheryl Strayed that explore the depths of the human experience. I’m inspired by people like Iyanla Vanzant who helps people work through difficulties in life.

How has Covid-19 affected you as an artist? I had to push the release of my music but it gave me and the team a chance to restrategize and rework some stuff. What has 2020 taught you so far? That I like people more than I thought! I thought I was deeply introverted but turns out, I miss people! The other thing it has taught me is to take care of my health, it is so important. And to guard my mind – to get strong mentally. What should we expect from you before the year ends? Music. Finally. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Good question. I see myself more fulfilled, sure of myself, with a great community having established myself. How can people get hold of you? I tweet quite a bit on Twitter – that’s the best place to have conversations with me. I’m also active on Instagram in terms of what I’m up to. My handle for both platforms is @officialsibo. Any words of advice for our readers? Figure out what your interests are, get good at them and find your tribe.


Dube Who is Nkosiphile Dube?

Bean, born Nkosiphile Gugulethu Abigail Dube, is a 25 year old Kalanga-Bulawayo based in Germany, pursuing her career in the medical field while pushing her various passions... which are event planning, a small southern African jewellery and accessory brand and hosting a podcast. How would you describe yourself in two words?

Fun-sized beauty. Please tell us about your podcast ‘Late night Sessions with Bean’.

LNSB is a safe space for EVERYONE to discuss each and every topic affecting society today, especially for millennials. LNSB is all things, music and humour! What is the aim of your show?

I love talking! Everyone who knows me knows I love talking and I love people. I enjoy picking minds from all walks of life about literally everything. Not only am I picking brains, but we are schooling each other. Learning never stops. And my podcast is meant not only to be a safe chat room but a virtual classroom too. Just with less tests, exams and pressure!

What challenges do you face as a woman in a foreign land and how do you overcome them?

Racism, hyper sexualisation, sexual harassment and good old homesickness... just to name a few. How have I overcome them? I take one day at a time; I am a product of a strong black praying woman - so I trust and believe, I’ve made it this far and survived this long by walking in her footsteps. Mama raised me to stand tall and pray hard. So my answer to that question is prayer, myself with B ypositivity J o y c e and W r isurrounding ght P hgenuine o t o g r a friends p h s b yand M astaying r k H a l in b eclose rg contact with my family...and lots of Memes! Humour has never let me down on any of these bad days! There are days when it’s not easy at all but we push and I Nwe T H PUSH E S P O T(Pray L I G H TUntil Something Happens).

As a young person who resides far from home. What impact has Covid-19 had on you?

COVID-19 is serious and has robbed countless families of their loved ones. So firstly I’d like to extend my deepest condolences to those who have lost someone to COVID and to wish a speedy recovery to those infected. Covid did drastically slow down my world although I wasn't really on lockdown given my profession. It also prevented me from flying back home to be with my family - but hey, we are thankful for the gift of life and the opportunity to still be in contact, even over the phone. In slowing down my world, COVID did give me time for self reflect and redirect my energy, which then resulted in the birth of Late Night Sessions with Bean. My events were affected but thank God for technology we could lean on virtual events to keep everyone N Othe M A Dtroubles IC | 24 entertained and distracted from and fears the world is facing currently.

How would you describe the year 2020?

Umgowo...Isi’Voetsek of a year! (In simple translation tough times tough goings) but as they say tough times never last. This too shall pass and like phoenixes we shall rise from the ashes, stronger and recharged. I just stay forever grateful for the gift of life and the Privileges and blessings I have. What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement?

Black lives matter! BLACK LIVES MATTER, periodtt!! I hope the world is listening and I’m glad the world is paying attention, we are hoping and praying for a change… because we are tired. The blood of our black brothers and sisters spilled all over the world and on African soil ,through countless genocides and brutality is crying out to be heard. Enough of turning a blind eye and a deaf ear. I’m just praying for change In one of your shows you covered about the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) that women face. How do you think we can get the message about GBV across for it to end?

This topic I cannot squeeze into a few sentences so all I can say is there is yet to be more discussions and work towards bettering the situation. In saying this Loyiso Gijana’s Madoda Sabelani & Ammara Brown’s Tichichema are my background tracks. In short, I will just say we live in a society of broken men, raised on generational toxic masculinity, physical and emotional violence and levels of misogyny;

Men who suffer from anger management issues and are not given the chance to nurture and take care of their mental health because that is considered weakness and lack of manhood. Hurt people, hurt people. Once THAT is dealt with alongside the passing of a very hefty punishment for GBV, can we and will we see change in the society when it comes to the violation of women and children. I could go on and on but that’s a topic for another day. What impact is the LNWB hoping to make in the community?

Through Late Night Sessions with Bean my dream is to normalise having uncomfortable and “taboo“ discussions and conversations in order for us to grow and heal. It is my own little gift to the world - a space to off-load, discuss, learn, teach and get to know each other. Another big aspect to my podcast is promotion and exposure of southern African talent to the world through airing of music and art by my fellow Zimbabweans and southern Africans. We have so much to offer and I feel absolutely nothing should fall through the cracks. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

God willing, a paediatrician/event planner/radio personality/entrepreneur/mother/wife, defying social norms of what women should do and should be.

What words of advice have you got for young people who are still trying to start their own brands?

All I can say is do it! Pray about it and then do it! Don’t wait to be richer, happier, less busier to start chasing your dream, or else you will be waiting all your life. Only to wake up and realise that time has passed you by while you were planning in your head with less action. Just jump into the deep end, don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from those in your chosen dream industry and from those around you and don’t be afraid to fail. Failure, trial and error are part of the process. Just pick yourself up and try again, Lord knows I’m still learning every single day, about how to push my passion and I stay open to criticism and feedback because only then can I grow and only then can my passion and brand expand. Who is your dream guest for your show?

Weird enough I’ve come to realise that I don’t actually have one. Every single guest I have had and I’m yet to have, I’m honoured to be in their presence and get a slice of their precious time, so all my guests are my dream guests. So were you Sakhi!

"Pray about it and then do it! Don’t wait to be richer, happier, less busier to start chasing your dream, else you will be waiting all your life. Only to wake up and realise time has passed you by while you were planning in your head with less action. "

Sikanda RAZA

Please tell us about yourself?

I am an international cricketer. I was born and raised by my parents and grandparents in Sialkot, Pakistan. I emigrated to Zimbabwe in 2001 with my family and I soon became one of the best batsmen in the domestic competition. I caught the eye of the Zimbabwean selectors before being called up to the national team in 2013. I have since played in more international tournaments and I am currently rated the 9th best 'One Day International all rounder' in the world.

How would you describe yourself?

As a humorous, sociable, very driven, dedicated and optimistic person. What did you aspire to be when you were growing up?

How was the transition of moving to Zimbabwe for you?

It was quite smooth, I did not face challenges. Besides cricket what other sports are you into?

Golf, football and table tennis. I wanted to be a pilot.

I am also very passionate about philanthropy. It is also a big part of my religion. I feel like being able to help the less privileged is my little way of giving back to humanity. Hence from time to time I help out the less fortunate in any way I can.



Sikandar Raza

Who was your biggest cheerleader when you started playing cricket?

Who is your inspiration?

My grandfather is my inspiration My parents What kept you motivated in being one of the best players?

The fact that I am not the ultimate best but I want to be one, has kept me motivated. What would you change in Zim when it comes to sports?

I would make it a point to see better player management in all sports in Zimbabwe. Some of the players are very talented but they don't get to greater heights or maximise their full potential because they don't have better, qualified and strategic management.

What made you partner with the Swedish Embassy for their GenderBased Violence (GBV) campaign?

The message that was there to put out to the world made me partner with the Swedish Embassy. The statistics of GBV are scary and the only way to change that is to educate people and make everyone aware; and that is what made me partner with the Embassy and support the GBV campaign What is your message on GBV?

My message is simple. Please let’s end GBV once and for all! How would you describe the year 2020?

What is your normal day like?

As soon as I wake up, I take a shower, make breakfast, prepare and start my training. I go back home, rest and recover as I spend time with my family.

2020 has been tough. It has been difficult to stay positive but the goals I’ve set have helped me to remain focused. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us badly in so many ways, mostly to those who have lost their loved ones because of this.

Has Covid-19 affected your work in any way?

Yes it has, as most tournaments and tours had to be put on hold. Some of my intended projects as sports brands were also put on hold because of the social distancing. How have you been staying positive during these hard times?

By just keeping in mind that these times will end, and that for now all we can do is hope, pray and help out others in ways that we can. It is also time to plan for the future and take note of things one has to do once the pandemic is over for self-growth, success and progress. Have you got any words of advice for our readers?

Stay focused, stay positive and work hard to achieve whatever goal you have set.


One word that describes our Star of the issue is FEARLESS! Miss Tatenda, well known as TeeTee Chocks, is the CEO of TeeChocks Beauty Cosmetics and a well known female DJ in the Zimbabwean Community. Tatenda shocked her followers during the pandemic by opening up about her health and how she went from being a size 10 to a size 4. She explained her health condition and how she has been a resident at the hospital for sometime now. Tatenda has not allowed the pandemic or her health issues to define who she is. Through it all, she has been her own boss as she continues to reign in her greatness and "Queendom". Tatenda has managed to sell out her beauty cosmetics and is also taking bookings for her DJing. Continue shining TeeChocks. We See You!


TeeTee Chocks

TC Cosmetics was formed by TeeChokks, who has been in the beauty industry for a few years specialising in makeup and hairdressing - before deciding to be a DJ. "I decided to form a luxury cosmetics line which is affordable for everyday use and also for MUA's. The eyelashes come in a mirrored case which is versatile, even after using the lashes, I also offer the basic packaging which allows you to get your favourite lashes without having to repurchase the mirrored cases. The aim is to provide the best quality lashes in a wide range of packaging to suite all preferences, whilst maintaining affordable prices. Having been in the industry for a while as a MUA, I know the importance of cost and quality. I took the challenge of taking time to do my research and I present to you TC Cosmetics. Please note that our LASHES are reusable up to 15-20 times with proper care. This is because at TC Cosmetics we take affordability and longevity into consideration. Instagram: @teechokksbc


MGCINI W.MOYO Mgcini Byo Memes

Who is Mgcini?

Mgcini W. Moyo is a final year student at the Lupane State University, studying Tourism. He lives in Entumbane (Bulawayo) and is passionate about learning and engaging with others through social media. It is this passion that led him to create a social media enterprise that addresses topical issues in a comical way. Because he believes that laughter is the best medicine, he fully manages the Byo_Memes page; which has connected more than 80’000 young people all around the globe. He creates relevant content through listening to people’s everyday conversations.

How different is Mgcini from BYO Memes? Mgcini is different from Byo_memes in that Byo_memes is an Instagram page, which is a brand that exists on it's own. Mgcini happens to run the day-today operations of the Byo_memes brand. What is the inspiration behind your page? First, it was to make people laugh, especially at a time when social media can make people suffer from depression. The page creates some great moments so that from time to time... we paste a smile on someone's face. What is the aim for BYO memes? The aim is to continue to make people laugh, build a community where in the midst of laughing - we learn, help, educate and raise awareness about different issues affecting especially young adults. We actually have been engaging with people on live videos and we have a minefield of very interesting and saucy conversations.

"Laughter is the best medicine for you."

What impact do you think BYO Memes brings to your audience?

What challenges have you faced so far?

As young people, we are quite vulnerable and emotionally weak as a generation. That much is true of us. Sometimes depression and anxiety and all these mental health challenges can be cured by an ounce of a meme or a few seconds of a hilarious video. We have received countless messages from people saying that after spending time on the page they actually feel better. The feeling of making someone happy is priceless.

Centralization of bigger brands, most headquarters of the bigger brands we have wished to collaborate with are in Harare... meaning the people from there are the first preference when it comes to social media campaigns (collabos). Mobile Data is expensive in Zimbabwe plus, the economy is just too bad.. Less collaborations, no money for data - making it hard to push the content.

How do you manage to stand out from other meme pages? Everything sparks from another idea, there’s nothing new under the sun, there will be similarities but they can only be one YOU, they’re many content creators but l can only be the best version of what l can be whether people compare or not. I don’t worry much about what’s happening around me but l focus on my craft and consistency.

How do you manage to stay positive? In the past years we have managed to get sponsors (crowdfunding) - so we’re now able to cover our WiFi and data charges. And the positive reaction of people to most of our posts is what keeps us going. Those reposts, likes and comments motivate us to create more content. Who have you done collaborations with? We have done collaborations with Skyz Metro Fm, Kink Curls N Crown™ ( Hair products) and Your Travel Guide (travel company).

Where do you see your brand in the next five years?

Any word of advice for your followers?

The next five years are dedicated to growth and learning how to transform the huge online following; to physical following which people can buy into. The last two to three years we have seen the page grow in online following to numbers that we had not even anticipated. In an effort to harness this number into a continuously engaging online community, especially during the lockdown, we have been doing live videos frequently. This has resulted, although in a small magnitude - in creating a community which is willing to support the different endeavors that the page engages in. The next five years will see the page continuing in this vein and trajectory to make sure the 89K followers are actually converted to customers and future investors.

Laughter is the best medicine for you.

"Everything sparks from another idea, there’s nothing new under the sun, there’ll be similarities but there can only be one YOU"

How can people get hold of you? Contact details: Instagram- @byo_memes Twitter- @ByoMemes Facebook- @Byomemes

KAYDEE Who is Kaydee? Kaydee is a dad, an artist and also works in the finance industry. Describe yourself in two words? Funny and Playful.

What made you get into the music industry? My love for music from a young age has been strong. It felt like if I wasn’t doing it, I wasn’t enjoying my childhood. What challenges did you face when you started doing your music? Some of the challenges faced were convincing my dad to support me to get into music, and financial backing. Fast-forward to today and he is my biggest supporter.








How would you describe the year 2020?

AHHHHH! 2020 can come and go. The events of this year were unexpected but at the end of it, we thank God for life. I’m so ready for 2021. How has the pandemic affected you as a musician?

As it's my first year as a performing artist, it’s been hard dealing with the cancelled and postponed shows, connecting with my new fan base but thanks to social media it hasn’t been all bad. What has been your everyday motivation since Covid-19?

It’s been tough but work, exercise, and especially my music. Surpassing my personal milestone has been my everyday motivation. What lesson have you learnt from the year 2020?

To be more careful and wash my hands. Also consistency is very key.


ADVERT HERE Cxlture Fest is a diaspora link festival being hosted in the City of Gold Johannesburg. A 3-day social event that will be bringing together South Africans and Africans residing in western countries to experience the best social outdoor activities and a live stage featuring the best acts Mzansi can offer. Johannesburg, South Africa is the best destination for tourism, leisure and PARTYING. We at Cxlture Fest are advocates for celebrating Cxlture and whatever it is that you believe in. Come celebrate what you stand for with us in April 2021. We can't wait to see you there. For more info please follow us on twitter @CxltureF and Instagram @cxlture_fest What was the inspiration behind your song ‘Piroro’?

Ahhh this question. Honestly, the tantrums from my daughter made me decide to freestyle to distress, luckily for me the word “piroro” came to me and then I connected with an experience I had with a friend called uncle Rukky. What’s next for Kaydee?

Release more singles, shoot more videos, connect with my fan base and basically try to take over the music scene. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In 5 years, my album would have been released, I would be headlining my own show both home and abroad. Big projects.


DJ Mix: Mixolis aka Mxolisi aka Pastor Dripolis aka #UbuhleOverload

Can each of you use one word to describe the year 2020 for you? DJ K: Eventful Dj Mix: Rollercoaster

DJ K: Radio Co-host and Media Personality. Ngqabutho

How has Covid 19 affected your businesses as DJs? DJ K: It has been hard in respects of gaining income. I had so many gigs lined up, even a festival and my First ever wedding gig but it all went out. Furthermore I wanted to invest in some projects back home.. which I have had to put on hold. What do you miss the most as DJs? DJ Mix: Seeing people live, dancing to set and hearing their voices singing along Please tell us the inspiration behind Zoomchella? DJ K: It was an idea that came from the supporters of 'sfs battle'. Everyone wanted to have a good time but we couldn't because of lockdown, and we just thought let’s do it. We never expected it to be as big as it became. It was honestly amazing to see people come together to enjoy even though the world was going through a tough time.

How many participants have you had in total? DJ Mix: In Total 200+ I think Choose one: Gqom or Amapiano DJ K : I'm torn but I will have to say Amapiano DJ Mix: Amapiano Which one was your favorite SFS Versus Challenge and why? DJ Mix: My favourite SFS BATTLE ermm Heavy K vs Prince Kaybee... DJ K: My favourite was Simmy vs Lady Zamar. The reason is because I am such a Simmy stan and she doesn't get the credit and love she deserves. And for her to win really showed people that she is a big artist and appreciated her work.

aka DJ Khanda Cool aka Mriro aka Mr Cav De Kulca

Are you planning on growing the Zoomchella brand? DJ K: Possibly, I think once we open outside we could grow it into a whole entertainment brand, host parties and showcase talent and sign artists. We are in the process of getting the trademark and copyright for it. Who knows what the future holds?! How does it make you guys feel knowing that you helped people get out of boredom during quarantine? DJ Mix: Really good, getting comments and messages from people telling us that we have made lockdown easier for them keeps us really motivated Who came up with the idea of doing the VERSUS challenge? DJ K: I don't know... actually I would like to say I did. It was around the time the NS10v10 show was happening and I must've tweeted out what the South African version would be and I suggested Prince Kaybee vs Heavy K. Mixolisi commented under and said let's do it. We got a poster out and the rest is history. How did the artists receive the challenge? DJ Mix: A lot were happy and some even came and partied with us in one of the challenges. DJ K: Hahaha that's a story and a half. We had a mixed bag, Prince Kaybee and Heavy K showed us love and even tuned into the battle. Simmy was another one who showed us love and even reposted our poster. However Lady Zamar wasn't too pleased that we did a challenge with her and Simmy. The worst one was Moonchild who had a weird and unnecessary reaction. She can feel however she wants, but I feel like she acted out without knowing the full story or the purpose of what we were doing but shoutout to her.

How do you guys feel about your ZYA nomination? DJ Mix: Wow really happy. We didn’t even think we would have an award nominated show with Zoomchella!! We just wanted to entertain! We are very excited. Can you shout out to your top supporters on instalive & Zoomchella?! DJ Mix: Do you have time lol DJ K: Oh gosh there are sooo many. DJ Kiri, Sky, Sakhile, Dumi Ncube (RIP), Mima, Oluhle, Nella Winter, Chad, Nandi, Dineo, Lucho, Chris, Neil, Tonderai, Prince, Nat, Xolie, FIFI, Tasha Africa, too many to mention - we love you all.

What’s next for Zoomchella? DJ K: More events, more battles, more love. We wanna see what we can do next when lockdown ends. We wanna do a charity event to help Zimbabwe, Bulawayo city, in particular, so we might do something in that space soon. Any word of advice for future DJs out there? DJ Mix: Don’t Rush. Learn to adapt and be versatile. There will be times you will be taken advantage of, make sure you learn something for each show you do & it’s okay to turn down some gigs. DJ K: Keep going. Work on your craft, Know why you're doing it. Have a passion for it and always be willing to learn and be a student of the game. Network!! This is such an important aspect.


Who is Tumi WMJ?

I always have a dance of words when I have to explain who I am. It's not because I don’t know who I am but there are a lot of things that make me who I am.I am a child of God! A lover of Jesus, A life enthusiast, a problem solver, and a Solutions architect! A funny guy, passionate about purpose and positive vibes! Wah’Mœ-Renå^Jè~So Please tell us what you do?

I wear a coat of many colours and it’s the first time in a long while I’m able to say that without feeling “dodgy”! I’m a Digital Business Analyst, Christian Lifestyle blogger, Start-Up Entrepreneur, Digital Content Creator, Praise and Worship Minister. The world has “conned” us to think that you can’t do many things and be successful in all of them! I believe that God provides the provision for every vision He lays in your heart!

"Jesus didn’t die for a specific race, He loves us all equally and if we love Him, we would love our friends families and even fellow human beings the same way because we love Him!"

What’s the story behind WamorenaJeso?

Wamorenajeso is a declaration and affirmation! It’s like a reminder that I belong to Jesus! When I got to the age of accountability I got very shy, ashamed of being born again! I grew up a Christian, in a time where being a Mzalwane was shunned upon! So there is absolutely no way we are going to talk or you’re going to get introduced to me without you knowing that I am a believer - because my name will immediately let you know that I belong to Jesus! I have found that it helps me to break the ice and sets the tone of who and what people believe I am. So the moment you get to know my name you get to know who I am and what I stand for so I absolutely love it! Plus it just gives me that special sensation nobody has that name anywhere in the world. For example, the moment you mention Madonna; you just know that you are speaking about one particular person!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Grab my phone .. to play my prayer playlist ! Then pray! LOL then still in bed for 1 1/2 hours checking my life before I can go out and actually live it! Then play my AFFIRMATIONS ABOVE INSPIRATION on YouTube! They are absolutely amazing! I’d recommend anyone to listen to them! Then get on with the day make the day count! How would you describe yourself in two words?

On Fire. What’s the inspiration behind the ‘Young Fire’ YouTube channel?

People who are on Fire for God... Passionate about purpose and Enthusiastic about Life and the future! What motivated you to start the YF?

I have had the channel for two years and it was quite hard to be consistent in the beginning because I had been planning to just do the normal content like everyone else does.

What is your go to scripture?

John 10: 10 the b part: “But I am come that they might have life! And have it in Abundance!” Romans 1: 16 KJV - "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believeth, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." What is your aim with ‘Young Fire’?

To fuel the movement of young people who are like-minded, who face the same kind of challenges and who are dynamic. To have conversations that have meaningful impact and create a change in people's lives. I would like a young Fire to spread out into the different nations, into different communities where young people can keep doing this for themselves and for those who are around them; to help them grow and have a wholesome relationship with God and live a fulfilled life. How would you describe the year 2020?

A MOVIE! The year of realization! When we heard that it was the year of perfection in the church I go to, we were excited and we thought that it meant that everything was going to be absolutely okay. We actually didn’t know that the year was going to present us with so many challenges individually, as a community, as a society and as the world.

Would you say Covid-19 has affected you in any way?

What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement?

It has given me an opportunity to see the world and the people in a new light! I think many of us had built castles in the air. A different point in our lives so this pandemic showed us that life is fickle, and things can just change and by something that is unseen. The importance of life for me made it even more elaborate and valuable!

An absolute necessity! Not only when there is trouble or someone loses their life, but also in our daily walk! Talk! Actions! We need to always remember that black lives matter!

How are you staying safe during this pandemic?

Staying at Home but also taking care of my body! Not unnecessarily exposing myself to harm's way! If you had one magic power for this year, what would you do with it?

Shuuu , I’m gonna sound like a 12-year old ! But I would bring back my Dad! Not only for me but for my Mom, our whole family and for His church! A huge space has been left in our worlds by him! So I would bring him back! We really miss him and would love for him to come back and I know that a lot of my milestones in life are going to be bittersweet without him. I’m really grateful to God for the time I got to spend with him.

How do you think we can end racism?

A couple of weeks ago I had a video on YouTube that spoke about racism, gender-based violence as well as on hate crimes. And in that video I remember expressing how all of these acts are because of people harbouring hate and harbouring self-destruction I believe that love, compassion and companionship prevail so much in our land, so that we see the power we have when we stand together instead of when we are divided. The colour of our skin may not be the same but we are all human and that is what matters and that is what Jesus cares about! Jesus didn’t die for a specific race, He loves us all equally and if we love Him, we would love our friends families and even fellow human beings the same way because we love Him! What are your thoughts on genderbased violence in SA?

I’m honestly shocked that even with the continuous campaigns and all the efforts around it, we still have men who hurt women! In South Africa, it is becoming such a popular scene!

How do you think we can put a stop to GBV?

Any last words of advice?

Such a mammoth task! But the same way we got here, we can get to a healthy society! Teaching, PRAYING and loving! A lot of the people who inflict harm to women are hurt and are doing this from a place of hurt! So I honestly believe that digging deep to the issues that surround masculinity and what it means to be a real man who is able to show emotions, provide for his family, and be a man full of God and His expressions is something that can be seen in our time. Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next five years?

The next 5 years are for digging a solid foundation! We are digging! A Phoenix needs a strong foundation! And that is what the next 5 years hold! There will of course be results - aligning and reconstructions but the next 5 years are for creating good foundations for all of the things I am involved in!

Never ignore your Maker, God made us and He understands us! He put us in this world for a reason and for purpose. We might not know that purpose but He is fully aware of our existence because He is here! God wants you to live out the dream He has for your life! The dream is contained in His word! He gave us the Holy Spirit to witness within us, to war and navigate this life! The Holy Spirit was here since Creation - there is absolutely nothing under the sun He doesn’t know! Trust him! Lean on Him and not on your own understanding and you will see how He orders your steps! Align your life according to that DREAM.


wants you to live out the dream He has for your life! The dream is contained in His word!


Israel Sebenzo (Special Edition) EP Tracklist

1. Nyasha Dzake (ft. Carol Wutawunashe & Marbel Jeanry Madondo) 2. Muri Mwari (B’day Dedication) 3. Ndiye Mwari (Wenyama Yose) Total Playing Time – 00:18:33


Press Release Singer, songwriter and Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Executive, Israel Sebenzo, launched his debut EP and Record Label in a move to showcase his skills and standards to be associated with his label. The self-titled EP was released under Sebenzo’s newly launched independent Record Label, the Israel Sebenzo Media & Entertainment Group where a lyric video premiere on YouTube was used to announce the news. Both were launched on the muse’s birthday on the 22nd of July 2020, as a result, the EP has also been titled the Birthday Special Edition. The threetracked praise and worship offering is written, arranged and directed by Sebenzo himself and is presented with utmost appreciation to God through heartfelt songs. They fuse elements of jazz that come through the sounds of the saxophone and live brass sections, modern music and impeccable lyrical prowess. To date, the EP has enjoyed great and rare reviews from industry peers and is among one of the most spoken about projects in Zimbabwe, owning the quality of the production and craftsmanship that went into the project. It has also been profiled on various media outlets.

Sebenzo is an Arts & Entertainment Management student with the Australian Institute of Music and boasts a fair wealth in music both as a practice and business. He has been hosting a series of worship Masterclasses over the years and is currently involved with most churches in Australia. The Zimbabwean-born industry executive’s robust musical background spans from as early as when he was 8, where he served in the music ministry at his parents’ church and his ear for talent and good music has been groomed over the years. For 7 years he worked with the Zimbabwean high-flying interdenominational gospel outfit, Zimpraise - where he often helped with the group’s school of creative arts in managing and producing worshipers, musicians and dancers. Through the Israel Sebenzo Media & Entertainment Group, Sebenzo is well on his way to solidifying himself as an industry executive and is already working with several artists such as the Australian based new breakout Alternative Contemporary Christian music artist, Samantha Simangaliso, in developing their capacities as artists and brands. The EP is available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Play MPE and YouTube respectively. Updates on Sebenzo and his other works are made available constantly on his social media platforms. Follow and subscribe to Israel SEBENZO on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more.

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