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Elective Pamphlets

Photography Tutor: Hanna Tai

Generating images and ideas. Hands-on classes explore the photography basics (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, light direction) and how a combination of these factors can be used to control depth of field, motion blur and image quality. The second phase of the elective focuses on two themes: intervention and perception. Shooting exercises examine the photographic possibilities of documenting objects in different contexts. Photography is used in several ways in the elective: to document and represent, and in processes and presentation. Classes are a combination of practice and theory. Students engage in regular feedback sessions, as well as the critical examination of work by photographers, artists and designers. Ideas and images are developed throughout the semester, contributing towards the creation of a major photography project for final assessment.


Masters Photography

Breeze (above image) Canon EOS 400D f 5.6 1/2500 ISO 800 Shade WB Norashura Nordin

Parliament (overleaf image) Susanne Wittber


Bachelors Photography

Light Merging Location: South Bank Melbourne Print Dimension: 5” x 7” (Metallic Finish) Aperture: f/11.0 Shutter Speed: 15.0sec ISO: 200 Technique: Rotating Camera Sau Wei Teoh

Royal Exhibition Building (overleaf image) Susanne Wittber



Thanks and credits page Thank you to Pia Ednie-Brown and the AV loans people on Level 7. Masters students Deborah Barton Francesca Mariotti Hsien Loong Leong Juanita Tear Karina Hogsand Katja Tsychkova Marleena Mustaffa Norashura Nordin Nur Haidar Mohd Khorie Nurdiyana Hashim Richard Siu Sebastiano Beretta Suraya Md.abdul Azis Susanne Wittber Yi-Ting Lee Zi Yang Lim Bachelors students Andrew Tsang Crystal Lee Chujun Li Daniel Shoon Hwei Ping Yong Jack Leishman Jack Leishman Ryan Lee Joel Morgan Priyan Perera Sau Wei Teoh

Elective Pamphlets

Title: Photography Tutor: Hanna Tai Date: Semester 2, 2010 This and other documented examples of elective subjects run as part of the RMIT University Architecture program can be found on

Photography elective  

RMIT Architecture Design elective, semester 2, 2010. Tutor: Hanna Tai.

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