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Emergent Genome Addressing the architectural and ecological issues of Melbourne’s growth corridors in the age of biotechnology


Beveridge North West

Emergent Genome

Maxwell Leegel Wight Supervisor: A/Prof Roland Snooks


An analogy to a natural system and synergy of computation, nature and machine; Emergent Genome is a siteless and scalable systemic building process that focuses on the tight integration of the built and natural environments emerging in this century.


Deep Creek

Aviators Field (Point Cook South)

(Pakenham East)

Morphodynamic Site & Surrounds Data

Negotiated Morphogenetic Program Data

Quantitative Feedback Analysis

Computational Summary

Program Allocation

Gravity & Structural Flow Analysed

Vector Catchment Inputs

Site & Program Connections

Shell Negotiation

Site Obstacles & Overlays

Initial Site Position

Negotiated Outcomes

Shell Encompassed, Openings To Site Lines

Solar Vectors Obtained

Wind Vectors Obtained

Material Framework

Responsive To Vector Catchment

Material Orientate To Structural Flow

Negotiate Structural Ridges

Deposit Along Ridges To Flow Direction

Tectonic Outcomes

Utilising current architectural trajectories of direct fabrication, design software and analysis simulations the process is sited and scaled in the testing grounds of the recently expanded growth corridors of Melbourne. It proposes an alternative model for a city’s expansion that addresses the diminishing effect of urban growth on the ecology it is a part of and the productive landscape that it occupies. Morphogenetic inputs from a client brief and morphodynamic inputs from the site are negotiated into a mass customisable memetic genome for the city’s periphery. Tuned to the surroundings and fabricated predominantly from the material of the site; negotiated outcomes of a simulated real world scenario grow the building to its surroundings and user inputs as a parallel to a living thing for living in.

Mass Customised Suburb Beveridge North West


Aviator’s Field Port Phillip Bay

Deep Creek

Urban Growth Corridor New Suburbs

Emergent Mass Customised Suburb

Initial Hub Starter Culture

Precinct Key Zones

Staged In Line With Growth

Site Ecology & Stormwater Mitigation

Plots Attract To Infrastructure

Plots Repel Inaccessible Infrastructure

Plot Size Diversity & Scale Towards Attractors

Emergent Zoning From Mass Customisation

Transport Via Shared Boundaries

Plot Water Retention & Collection

Productive Waste Water Irrigated Landscape

On site soil with binding additive


Insulation membrane Study, Library Lattice Interior Structure

Wall Section

Level 01

ETFE Cushion Windows

Living, Dining

External Shading Extruded composite mullion

Window Section

Ground Floor Mezz

Bed 01 Algae production membrane Waste Treatment membrane

Courtyard Bed 02

Master Bed Ensuite

Shell Housing

Energy Systems Section

Bath & L’dry Transport Hub Home Office

Ground Floor

Entry & Kitchen

Profile for RMIT Architecture

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design Major Project Catalogue Semester 1 2018  

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design Major Project Catalogue Semester 1 2018