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4150K AND 4160K Series Pressure Controllers and Transmitters instruction Manuai Form 5177, March 1982 This errata snee-: adds the following information to the instruction manual. 1. On page 17. add the following to step 2 of the Replacing Bourdon Tube procedure; Washer(s) for the machine screw (key 63) are at times furnished for insertion at the beam (key 44} connection to ensure alignment of the connecting link (key 64). The part number of the washer is 1H3397189S2. 2. On pace 21, key 38, 0-150 psig dial, change the part number to 16A7662X412.

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4150 Errata Sheet March 1982 Addendum  

Errata sheet brought to you courtesy of RMC Process Controls & Filtration, Inc. & More than 8,000 valves, controller...