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Commencement Schedule Friday, May 16, 2014 Professional Veterinary Medicine (PVM) 8:00 a.m. Moby Arena

College of Engineering 11:30 a.m. Moby Arena

Air Force ROTC Commissioning 8:00 a.m. Lory Student Center, North Ballroom

The Graduate School 3:00 p.m. Moby Arena

Army ROTC Commissioning 9:30 a.m. Lory Student Center, Theatre

College of Health and Human Sciences 7:30 p.m. Moby Arena

Design By | Ricki Watkins

Saturday, May 17, 2014 College of Business 8:00 a.m. Moby Arena

College of Natural Sciences 3:30 p.m. Moby Arena

Warner College of Natural Resources 8:00 a.m. Student Rec Center, Main Gym

College of Liberal Arts I: Art and Music, Theatre, and Dance 5:00 p.m. Student Rec Center, Main Gym

College of Agricultural Sciences 12:00 p.m. Moby Arena

College of Liberal Arts II: All other departments 7:30 p.m. Moby Arena

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 12:30 p.m. Student Rec Center, Main Gym

Graduation Guide | May 2014



A Message to

Graduates Congratulations on your upcoming commencement! This is a great occasion for you and for Colorado State University, and we’re enormously proud of our students and all you’ve achieved. Photo courtesy of CSU Creative Services

your future. But the most important payoff from your investment is up to you – and that’s what you actually do with the skills, knowledge and credentials you’ve acquired at Colorado State. Our world needs you – your ideas, your passion and your commitment. We have problems that need fixing. How do we feed a world whose population is expected to grow to 9.6 billion by 2050? How do we safely and sustainably meet the world’s energy needs? How do we combat the rapid spread of disease in a world that seems to get smaller day by day? How do we help instill hope and a sense of real potential in younger generations that see these challenges coming their way? As educated women and men, these are now your problems to solve. The solutions won’t be easy or obvious – if they were, my own generation would have figured out the answers a long time ago. But I have full confidence that the solutions that eluded us are well within your reach. In that spirit, I want to offer a thought from the man who authorized the creation of Land-Grant

Universities like CSU more than 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln. (You didn’t think I’d miss a chance to quote Lincoln, did you?) In his now famous annual address to Congress on December 3, 1863, he spoke these words: “The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and so we must rise with the occasion. As our situation is new, we must think anew and act anew.” You are leaving CSU to venture off into the new – and that path is yours to clear and build. The term “commencement” signifies that the end of this phase of your education is not truly an end, but a beginning…a foundation upon which you’ll build a life and career. Your graduation is, indeed, a beginning. Make the most of it, and take on your future with a sense of confidence and optimism. All of us at CSU are proud of you, and we celebrate this achievement with you. Congratulations again to the Class of 2014! Dr. Tony Frank President

Congratulations! (970) 484-1107 | 1107 City Park Ave. | | @campuswliquors | Mon. - Thurs. 9 a.m. - Midnight | Fri. & Sat. 8 a.m. - Midnight | Sun. 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.


Design By | Ricki Watkins

The outlook for the Class of 2014 is encouraging. Last year, 70 percent of our graduating students secured their first destination plans (either a job or admission to graduate school) by the time they donned their caps and gowns. Our students also left CSU with debt loads that were smaller than the national average, and 91 percent said they would choose Colorado State again. Still, we all hear stories about the barista with a Ph.D., so I wanted to share some other encouraging news about the value of your college education. A recent report from the Pew Foundation found that college continues to be a source of immense economic return to those of you who complete your degrees. The American Enterprise Institute recently calculated the return on investment of a student loan at 15 percent annually. And we know from the last recession that with each successive increase in education level, there was a decline of 50 percent in the unemployment rate. In other words, the hard work you’ve put in to get to this point is a great investment in yourself and

Graduation Guide | May 2014


& CONS PROS of After-College Decisions By Jessica Fish College Avenue Magazine

1. Get a Big-Kid Job Pros: •

• •

Gets a career rolling. You will be where you want to end up even faster. Have big goals? It takes work and time to get there. Helps pay the bills. Starting to make big money earlier will also get you out of debt earlier. Looks like you have your life together. When people ask you what your plan is, you don’t even have to hesitate. Congratulations, you’re an adult. People will respect that you are responsible and envy your drive.

Cons: •

Don’t get a break. You were burnt out from school and then jumped into a high stress, long-term commitment without any summer, spring or fall break. Yay. Can’t explore your options. Not sure accounting is what you wanted to do? Well, you’re doing it. Stuck in one place. You probably won’t be able to travel much or move away. You’ll have to stick around for a while.


Photo Courtesy of CSU Creative Services

2. Take Time to Travel

3. Go Home

4. Continue in School




• •

This may be your only chance for a while. Once you get your career on its feet, you won’t be able to take much time off to see the sights. Travel can show diversity and experience that employers are looking for on a resume. You’ll appreciate it more now than later. Traveling is expensive, so if you’re comfortable living on a tighter budget, you can enjoy every facet of life even more.

Cons: •

It sets you back in your career. When you get back, other people your age will already have a full year of experience under their belts, which will put you at a disadvantage for the job market. The cost. Especially if you have student loans or are paying for yourself, traveling can be a financial burden. Not only are you losing the money you’re spending, but you’re building interest on your loans you could be paying.

• •

Saves you a ton of money and you can put that money toward loans or a new car. It gives you more time to get the job you really want. Hang out with your family before you officially leave the nest. Also, it reminds you how much you don’t want to live with them longterm. Pretend the real world isn’t there. Put it off as long as possible.

• •

Cons: •

Limits job opportunities. If you try to stay close to home, you have only so many options and may miss out on an awesome job. Can feel like backsliding. When people ask you what your plan is, it can be embarrassing to say you’re at home again. Just remember that many college students do it, so you’re not alone. Possibility of getting stuck. Some people enjoy being taken care of by their family so much they have a hard time leaving. Future spouses don’t like having to visit you at your mom’s house, FYI.

Don’t have to be in the business world yet. You may have to work part time, but you aren’t fully giving up campus life. Enjoy the diversity and benefits of school (like free gym and Internet). Higher-paying job opportunities. Will actually get another degree. Many people don’t go back to school even if they plan to because they get distracted and life happens, but going straight into classes helps motivate you to continue.

Cons: •

• • • •

Takes time and money away from building your career. It puts you behind others who have experience and a degree. Debt is sometimes more than you can make coming out. May still struggle to find a wellpaying job after graduation. You may get burnt out and not do as well. If you don’t know the exact direction you want to go, it can be a waste of money. Design By | Ricki Watkins

Graduation Guide | May 2014


Congratulations to our Spring & Summer 2014 Graduates - Dean Jeffrey A. McCubbin Connect with the college

Spring 2014 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Apparel and Merchandising Atkins, Andrea Bishop, Rachel Eden Blume, Paige Janice Cho, Eunhee Melanie Connolly, Elysse Greer ^ Edwards, Taylor Lynn Fails, Katherine Emily * Fonte, Kathryn Christine * Graumann, Valerie Dianne Hassard, Emily Victoria * Herring, Aubrey Beth Kleinschmidt, Melanie Ann * Korosec, Madeline Rachel * Kouhestani, Paresa Christine * Lanham, Emma Rose * Lopez, Brianna Marie Morgan, Callie Marie * Randolph, Danielle Elizabeth * # Rodriguez, Marissa Casmira Catalina *

Rushton, Michelle Elise * Sieke, Kathleen Elizabeth + Simons, Julia Alexis * Timlin, Megan McKinley ^ Traylor, Abbey Lee * Wanner, Marcia Lynne * Yeager, Erika Marie *

Construction Management Aceves, Alex Aggrey, Jedious * Beaudin, Bradley Michael * Beaver, Ethan M. Bliesmer, Raymond Tyler Cavarra, Tyler John ^ Clark, Alexandra J. Clothier, David Jonathan Cole, Andrew Mark Dermer, Christopher Ryan ^ Devlin, Alexander Leigh * DiLoreti, Marco Constantino Dunn, Casey William Farmer, Aaron Matthew Finster, Max Thomas Froland, John Michael Glen, Scott Michael Hasse, Ryan Patrick * Hendricks, Alexander John Henecke, Matthew I. Higginson Jr., James Winthrop

James, Zachary David # Johannes, Seth Jackson * Jorck, Adam J. * ^ Kain, Ryan Michael Kenyon, Steven David * ^ Lewers, Ryan William Lucas, Lisa Danelle Lyle, Daniel Patrick Mercurio, Daniel A. Metzger, Jeffrey Michael * Moss, Martin Cameron


Nitchen, Kyle Andrew Ostroski, Joseph Anthony Parker, Matthew David Phelps, Nathaniel Elijah * Raffa, Tyler James Ratajczak, James Richard

Rieger, Aaron Ryan Schumacher *

Rudkin, Samuel Evan Serrano, Arnulfo * Smartt, Nathaniel David * Stein, Alex Clinton Steinbach, Zachary Dunn Toebben, Jacob Edward Volz, Justin Ronald Wilcox, Tyler Robert # Wood, Andrew Joseph * # Wooten, John Robert Family and Consumer Sciences Byron, Elise Kathryn Carr, Katelyn Sue * ^ Chillson Jr., Larry James Grossi, Gina Maria # Schleich, Jeffery Hayes Wroblewski, Brittany Ann

Health and Exercise Science Alme, Morgan Anne Amsden, Katherine Perkins * Andersen, Lindsey Katherine Arthur, Mathew Scott * = Babos, Alexander Scott Baker, Kevin Scott Bakker, Jeremiah Dustin Baron, Sara Kathleen * Bayne, Jory Alexander Boardman, Sheena Michelle Bower, Hannah Griffith Boyle, Kelsey Ayn # Brancel, Nicole Ann * # Branham, Teresa Kay Brewster, Colin Davis McIntyre

Brown, Kara Lynne * Brunson, Emily Catherine * Burgh, Austen William Burke II, Alan Vincent * Carranza, Kasimir Floyd Chandler, Tanna Jo ^ Chapman, Kenna Terese * Cochran, Courtney Lynn ^ Coleman, Bryttney Diane Cooper, Christina Marie Crockett, Breanna Morgan ^

De La Campa, Ginger Leanne + *

DeGroat, Katie Elizabeth DelPizzo, Alyssa Brooke # Dempsey, Thomas Patrick Dermer, Cory Oliver Dicochea, Cristobal Julian Dolan, Alexander A. Donakowski, Danielle Jane * Dougan, Brittany Rose + Duncan, Ian James Eaton, Daniel Edward Faling, Victoria Roe # Fast, Marissa Doreen

Feindt, Madison Eve Forrester, Alison Megan Fox, Lucy Renee * # Freyermuth, Justin Lee * ^ Gargaro Jr., John Michael * Ginley, Kyle Thomas Godin, Samuel John Griffin, Kyle Wayne * Hahn, Jensen Tyler * Hazel, Katharine Elizabeth ^ Heath, Mitchell Ray Hediger, Ryan Nicholas * ^ Hinson, Blake Garrett Honek, Petr # Ives, Rachel Carrie # Jacobs, Danielle Jeanine Marie Joel, Alyssa * Johns, Rachel Erin ^ Kaspari, Jenna Rose * # Kennedy, Lauren Joann Korzendorfer, Haylee Bryanne * Kovacich, Nikolas J. * Kurtz, Jaime Melissa Lafontaine, Michelle E. ^ Lamberson, Sean M. Lehr, Carleen Janee * Leiferman, Chris James Leslie, Erica Scott McGillick, Erica Ellen McGillick, Katherine Emma McMahan, Paige Michelle Medina, Amy Elizabeth Meier, Danielle Kristine # Mitchell, Cassidy Christine Mitchell, Jacqueline Moore, Michael Timothy Muntefering, Alex J. ^ Murdoch, Stephen Cole Murphy, Bailey Melissa * Nabers, Matthew Charles Neal, Alex Michael Nielsen, Sean Edward Norris, Michael William Novak, Marie Louise Oliver, Brian James ^ Onyeali, Liberty Urubia

Ortiz, Mitchell Jason Christopher *

Owen, David Madison * Pankey, Thomas Lee # Parker, Tyler David Parrot, Nathan Marty Parrott, Mark Richard Paul, Alexis O’Neill * Payne, Tyler Mark * Perry, Samuel St. Clair Petri, Maria Lucille Pieper, Cecilia Diane * Pollard, Stephanie Elizabeth ^ Porter, Hayden Merrick * Purcell, Justin David # Ratajczak, Anna Rayburg, Dara Lynn Richardson, Marri Alyse * Roering, Emily Anne Rogers, Amarissa Rose * Rozwod, Matthew Paul Russell, Bryson Taylor Ruzicka, Kacee Nicole

Ryan, Colleen Elizabeth Salg, Ryan Adam Savage Jr., Steven Patrick Scott, Tori Ré Seaboldt, Codi Noelle Sears, Molly Theresa Shields, Britton L. Simonton, Riley Edwards Sinton, Brooke Katherine Skotak, Jennifer Mary ^ Smith, Elizabeth Jordan Smith, Jana Marie Smith, Marissa LeeAnn * Spaulding, Kirk Randal Spence, Katie Lynn ^ Stenson, Blaise C. Swanberg, Gracie Elaine * ^ Thompson, Hillary Thompson, Matthew David Thompson, Travis Lee Torrez, Elizabeth Maria Trautman, Kelly Nicole Tripp, Nicholas Dean Tyler, Amanda Louise Vallejo, Felicia Margaret Varner, Lexxi Paige * Walker, Anne Catherine * Weakley, Heatheer Sara West, Thomas Evan # Wheeler, Kelsy Marie * Whitney, Jessica Nicole * Williams, Sophie Rose Winter, Jaime Lynn ^ Winter, Mark Walter York, Nicholas Brian Tyler Young, Samantha Rae Younkerman, Carly Ann Zavislan, Melissa Nicole # Hospitality Management Baughman, Taryn Paige * Branson, Scott Jay * Coffey, Ryan Bill * Colley, Chelsea Rheann * Craft, Kyle Jordan * Cramer, Natilie Von Wright * Foley, Kelsey Lee * Frary, Veronica Leigh * Frink, Cari Lynn * Fritz, Alysa J. * Giroue, Kaycee Lynn + ^ Greensides, Sarah Jane * Hart, Kelsey Nichole * Hummel, Darcy Lynn * Huskerson, Janelle Lynnae * Jackson, Erica Nicole Lynnette * Jacobsen, Dalton Jeffrey * Johnson, Allison Christine * Lim, Wan Nicholas * Meinerz, Karli Michelle * Nieder, Hannah Katherine * Olson, Andrew E. * Rotello, Marc Stephen * Shepler, Mariko Jane * Siegmund, Aaron Michael * Sparhawk, Katharine Clair *

Human Development and Family Studies Abt, Alexandra Erika Herta = Adgate, Audrey O’Neil Arrieta, Allison Mae * Astifan, Meredith Ann * Atteberry, Kaylynn Rene Balciar, Kayla Kathryn # Banning, Lindsay Jordan Barber, Julianna Louise Beam, Michelle A. Blake, Anne Tiffany Bokusky, Sarah Elizabeth * Boltz, Jessica Rachelle Bove, Erin Leigh * Broadwater, Cayla Ann Brueske, Maggie Joellen Budagher, Elise Renee Buecher, Brooke Michelle Buethe, Kaitlyn Emily Burton, Danielle M. Caricato, Vincent Ryan Carpenter, Rheo Jami = Carrico, Cierra Cailynne * Carrigan, Kelsey Maren Carroll, Lana Renee ^ Chamberlin, Samantha Marie Chevalier, Elise Dawn * Chvatal, Caitlin Nicole * Clark, Madeline Kathryn-Lee Clark, Wendy Marie Collins, Jessica Mae Croghan, April Renee Cunneen, Katelyn Elizabeth Darling, Hannah Marie Deaven, Nancy T. * ‡ Dishman, Matthew Charles * ^ Dorsey, Morgan Glea Drury, Katelynn Alysha ^ Dueber, Stephanie Diane Duggan, Erin Leigh Ferrare, Lauren Justine Fleming, Megan Lee * Fockler, Andrea Paige Fossum, Allison Marie Fuss, Laura L. Garcia, Bridget Del Socorro Garvin, Brenna Nicole # Gillen, Rachel Nicole Gillooly, Mairaed Eileen Goerg, Sheena Marie ^ Goudy, Aubree Kay Michelle * Griego, Ashley Lynn Grubesic, Catherine Rose Gupton, Kelli ^ Gurkowski, Loren Aist + * Hansen, Christen Nicole Hapke, Logan Chay Harden, Shelby Nicole * Harrison, Anna Maureen + Holbrook, Abygail S. Horecky, Maria Nicole * Huck, Nicole Marie # Hufnagel, Katherine P. Hughes, Kamikka K. Imhoff, Ned Alden Isenhart, Sarah Joan Jeffers, Joshua Blake

Jenkins, Clarissa Anne Johnson, Ashley Monique * Johnson, Jessica Jordan Johnson, Mackenzie Ellen Jones, Rebecca L. ^ Jordan, Michelle K. Kiesel, Nicole Eleanor King, Courtney Michelle Kirchhoff, Betsey Ann ^ Klee, Elizabeth Catherine Koehler, Rachael M. Kroll, Kelly Taylor * Kutt, Elizabeth Rachel Lasley, Paige Teuna Leonhardt, Alyson Dawn

Ligotke, Gabrielle Christina-Marie

Linafelter, Andrea Lee + Loyer, Allison Elizabeth Luciano, Julia Kristine Luhrs, Amy Beth * Lusk, Jana Paige Mallette, Hanna E. Mann, Lisa Renee ^ Marquess, Emily Rose Matthews, Jasmine Jewell * # McCormick, Karen Marie * McCrimmon, Katie Elise McGranahan, Maeve Shellhart + * McIntosh, Breanna Koren McShane, Maggie Leigh + Meyer, Michelle Teresa * Mills, Robin Leah * Morales, Lauren M. ^ Moresco, Crosby Joseph Moye-Johnson, Sadé Iman Mueller, Rachel Catherine * Palmer, Danielle D. ^ Partheymuller, Paciencia Ann + Perou, Sonya Clare Pizzolatto, Marie C. ^ Porteus, Lauren Janette * Poulter, Abigail Mae Joan Prescott, Katie Michelle Preston, Jessica Panduro * Quinones, Annalisse ^ Randolph, Katrina Marie Raymond, Rebecca Whitney Rehder, Alyssa Marie ^ Reinke, Kelsi Marie Richards, Hollie Ann ^ Roberts, Chelsea Jo Robertson, Erica L. Roering, Sarah Beth Roney, Brittany Elizabeth * Ronzio, Madison W. Rotert, Emily Nicole * ^ Sampson, Rebekah Lynn ^ Schauer, Laura Marie Schuler, Kelsey M. Schwab, Matthew P. ^ Seccombe, Emily Grace = Seese, Celeste Eleana + ^ Shafer, Tegan Lynn Simon, Danielle Lauren # Sloboth, Carly Marie Smith, Kelli Ann Spada, Emily Marie Specht, Madison A.

Spoliansky, Michaella Esther Stevenson, Alison Elizabeth * ^ Stone, Jamie Marie Stone, Mary Elizabeth * Swan, Jessica L. ^ Taylor, Meredith Goodrich * Tegl, Claire Jordan Towne, Paige Nicole Updike, Blair Noelani ^ Venrick, Lindsey Anne ^ Wagner, Kendra Louise = Webber, Chloe Brianne Whitner, Amanda Danielle ^ Wilkinson, Kyla Sean Williams, Adrielle Laree Woodman, Tyler Marie Zahn, Chelsey L. Zeiler, Hannah Kiyota * Zetah, Brittany Ann * = Interior Design Beaujon, Sara Elizabeth = Beck, Aubrey Lee Bentheimer, Meghan Lynn * # Bramlett, Sarah Morgan Brewer, Bethany J. ^ Einfeldt, Gretchen Kathleen * Elbergdar, Amanda Abdelaziz Feneis, Alyssa Lee * Fleskes, Allison Marie * Fontani, Sandra Nicole * ^ Hart, Rebecca Elizabeth * ^ Kappeler, Kinsey Anne * ^ Lee, Regan Jules Matthews, Kristen Allyson Mendoza, Guadalupe * ^ Plum, Melissa Jean * Price, Amanda Rae * Ravana, Christopher Ryan Roddy, Sheena Brigitte Sanchez, Erika Celeste Seeds, Michelle Kristin * Smith, Erica Danielle * Snyder, Cheryl Marie * St. Cyr, Brittany Nicole * Sweet, Ashlyn O’Neill * Thowe, Chelsea E. * Vanderheiden, Paul Ian Nutrition and Food Science Adams, Justin W. Artzer, Hanna Mae Baggett, Elizabeth Christine Bell, Andrea Christin ^ Brandenburg, Rae Ann ^ Buccio, Therese Elaine Campbell, Mindy Janette ^ Dinges, Michelle Marie # Dooley, Kathryn Faye Eaton, Nancy Leigh # Ehrlicher, Sarah Elizabeth ^ Eldrenkamp, Jenna Rai Fenwick, Brooke Anna Fleming, Amanda Mary Giles, Matthew William Gilson, Rachel Christine Graber, Erika Anne Halvorsen, Heidi Elizabeth

Hamilton, Kerri Anne Hedger, Pember M. Hemenway, Erica Elizabeth Hickmott, Erika Kaitlin ^ Hodgson, Ethan Leonas Hoffman, Brandon Mitchell Isby, Ian J. # Johnson, Chelsea Leigh Johnson, Makenna Lyn ^ Keen, Kelly Marie * ^ Klopfenstein, Jennifer Ashley * Kommrusch, Jerome Richard Kopsa, Maddison R. Kustas, Ryan Joshua Leinhart, Kristin Joy ^ Lesko, Alison Janel * Lesley, James Robert ^ Loadman, Katherine Anne Lu, Shen # Mazza, Katy Jane * McIntosh, Katelyn Irene Moore, Laura Michelle Nees, Amy Michelle Papendick, Allissa Kristine Pitner, Emily Rose + Popp, Joshua Brandon Rairigh, Kelsey Elizabeth ^ Reava, Allie Morgan Royer, Sandra Michelle Salus, Jessica Marie # Schorger, Ellen Anne Setlock, Tyler Ross * Shi, Jian # Shrader, Alyssa Michelle * = Simonson, Drew Anne Spence, Casey Lee Strong, Alison Jo Suelter, Caitlyn Sue * Switzer, Heidi Lynn ^

Tchen-Tomasino, Emily Michelle ^

Zeilik, Zachary Alexander

BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK Social Work Alley, Stephanie Rae Audley, Evelyn Maureen * ^ Baca, Virginia Baker, Donna Maria Bendrat, Bethany Maxine * Bertel, Renée C. Buchanan, Brian Wayne Chappell, Brittney * Chew, Sarah Grace Colonnieves, Natasha Joy ^ Crawford, Chance David Daniels, Katherine Kelley DeLuccio, Kelsie Lee * Dennis, Lauren Rachel Dixon, Kimberly Nicole Fenoglio, Melissa K. Gamble, Anne Patricia Gosha, Jourdan Symaria Hamilton, Lindsey Marie Hea, Shannon Michelle * Heath, Emma Renee = Hetchler, Suzanna Mars * Iserman, Erin Elizabeth

Johnson, Hannah Jane * ^ Johnson, Katelyn Ruth * Konde, Jayme Ann La Rosee, Danielle Andrea Larsen, Kathryn Fae Lerma Banda, Karla + Leskovisek, Jaime Lynn Louden, Kelly Anne Lowe, Evan Connor Lynch, Jason Aaron ^ Marsh, Simone Lee McCallum, Monica Elizabeth McGhee, Megan Elizabeth Meeker, Dana Michelle * ^ Membreno, Yahaira Roberta * Meredith, Haley Paige ^ Nicolai, Robin Lindsey Oliva, Danita Marie Pelle, Chasity Lynn Peyman, Jiela Nicole * Pratt, Katherine Suzanne + # Rodriguez, Marcia Schneider, Monika Juliet * # Shehan, Christine E. * Skiba, Bailey Christine * Smeltzer, Laura Jean ^ Stone, Sarah Emily Summers, Amanda Rae ^ Taylor, Julie Christine ^ Taylor, Matthew Paul Waechter, Jessi S. # Wassenberg, Rachel Nichole Weiler, Lia Nicole Williams, Stephanie Kate Young, Ashley Michelle Yuffa, Gabrielle Fay Zafarana, Alexa Joy *

Summer 2014 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Apparel and Merchandising Ameling, Kaitlynn Kay Bates, Brittany Lee Beedle, Karli Suzanne + * Blair, Kelsay Kaitlin Bossert, Jessica Ann Burnett, Tatum Malena ^ Campbell, Emily Rose + * Cargile, Allison Angelina * Clark, Cait * Faleiros, Mariana C. R. * Gallagher, Kelli Brooke * Lamson, Julia Dorothy Lobo, Joel Nicholas * Mastrup, Madeline Kate * Mathis, Justine Nicole * Medley, Danielle Elizabeth * Osorio, Anamaria * Phillips, Janae Marie Purnell, Erin Jean-Marie Rickert, Jennifer Leigh * Schultz, Kaley Ann * Shaffer, Brianna Jo

Solow, Chelsea Marie Sung, Farrah D. * Thurston, Megan Elizabeth * Valdez, Brenda * Walker, Andrea Michael * Woods, Lana Claire * Construction Management Pierson, Carleton Logan Ritchie, Stephen Douglas Family and Consumer Sciences Burns, Dyan S. Hopkins, Christyn Alberta Health and Exercise Science Allen, Christopher Bruce Archer, John Michael Archuleta, Jordan Lauren Atlas, Sarah Rose Berg, Jessica S. Biedron, Katelyn Anna * Bond, Jessica Lynn * Bradley, Rosalea Claire Cator, Sean Michael Chew, Christopher L. Clawson, Brian Daniel Conway, Ryan Michael Darnall, Britton Dean * DuBois, W. Cole * Elliott, Abigail Marie Elliott, Brian Lee Ferris, Christopher R. * Fishback, Caitlin Ann Galbraith, Cody Allen Gomez, Troy Dean * Grassmeyer, Riley Paul * Griffin, Morgan D. Griggs, Dylan Samuel + * Gubbins, Kellen Drew * Hampton, Jordan Taylor Hauser, Vincent Michael Hourigan, Natalie Anne Howard-Finn, Logan Robert Hunt, Jordan Thomas Jackson, Mackenzie Ann Jaramillo, Joe Gabriel * Johnson, Zachary E. * Jurney, David Kendall Layne, Andrew M. J. + Lee, Amanda C. Lemon, Carson Barnette Lisson, Jordan Paul Lundberg, Kirsten Moran Maestas, Joseph Nicholas * Mason, Christopher Ryan * Matthes, Mark Anthony # McHodgkins, Austin Matthew * Mills, Aubrey Lee Nothorn, Zachary Benedict * O’Connor, Edward Anthony Oshiro, Kelsey Mari Patel, Milan Hasmukh Perry, Dwayne Kieth Pintane, Shannon Della * Plattner, Samantha Marie *

Price, Kirsten Laura + Ristow, Elliot Morris Romenesko, Danika Marie * Ruiz, Rebecca Ann Samano, Janelle Christine Sandhu, Rupinder Singh Sasser, Jonathan M. Schawe, Amber Rose Steinke, Grant Joseph * Steyaert, Eric P. Sturch, Bradley James Tamez, Amanda Jean Petro ^

Tokunaga, Cassidy Marie Ululani *

Tomrdle, John Michael Tueffel, Grace Frances * # VanWagenen, Zachary Curtis Wagner, Claire Grace ^ White, Daniel Craig + White, Jordan Alexandria * Wiley, Megan Michelle Williams, Craig Eric Young, Joseph M. Hospitality Management Ferguson, William Jeffrey * Herzog Jr., Donald Francis * Lewis, Benjamin Jack Madix, Chelsea Anne * Maffeo, Anthony John *

Murphy, Samuel Joseph Guastella *

Human Development and Family Studies Anders, Garth Spencer Atkinson, Lauren Elizabeth * Audas, Jeremy Jordan Barnett, Carl R. Baxtrom, Mario D. Bergmark, Shaun L. Bevis, Sally Ann Brose, Carina M. Burgess, Sarah Anne Butler, Seth Jacob Clements, Faith M. #

Crenshaw-Turner, Melody Mikel +

Dalbotten, Victoria Ann Esselstrom, Rachel M. Gaffey, Melissa Sue Gauss, Sherry K. ^

Guyaux-Mitchell, Miranda Elaine

Harpe, Emily Mae Ruth Hayes, Ebonee Nicole Hohnbaum, Cynthia Marie Houghton, Jennifer Michelle Hudson, Scott Burgess * Hudson-Gilbert, Genevieve E. Jaime, Jerrika Richelle Lee Janzer, Sarah Elisabeth Kelleher, Alexis Kathleen Leclerc, Meghan Noel Loera, Maira I. Lovato, Anjelite N. Maciel, Amanda Yvonne McPhetridge, Kristen A. Metz, Danielle Marie Miller, Nicole Renae Onofrio, Olivia Mary Peake, Bethany L.

Peterson, Taylor Kate Prast, Angela Lea Ramirez, Hannah Sawyer Ranucci, Nicole Christian Raynes, Christina Joy * Rookey, Alison Marie Ryan, Tegan Siler + Schaffer, Amanda J. Teatzner, Bryan Joesph Uhlemann, McKenzie Taylor Vigil, Victoria Nichole Watson, Jennifer Ann Weil, Kate Shepard Witkin, Madison deLancey * Interior Design Barta, Linsey Noel + Goris, Lorraine May Horvat, Taylor Rae Nutrition and Food Science Balumuri, Amulya Creech, Maria Noel Delaroy, Bailey R. * ^ Jiang, Michael Feng Johnson, Willa B. Landis, Madison Elizabeth Lockhart, Jaime Lynn Nimz, Meredith Anne * = Nowicki, Michael Christopher Pyfrom, Morgan Jeane

Scholander, Kristine Bernadette

Slater, Samuel David VenJohn, Allison E.

Winkelman, Inga Mariah Phinney *

BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK Social Work Davis, Emma Katherine Devore, Hannah Christine Dutko, Adam Estrada, Rebecca Yaneth + Fisher, Bethany Anne * Garvey, Yana Maria Hamm, Allison Elizabeth + Homerding, Hallie Ann Laughlin, Heather Kay Long, Adrienne Claire * # Quinn, Erin Courtney Robinson, Christian Thomas Schonfeld, Jennifer Silver * Serrano, Johanna * Zafarana, Charli Anne * Candidates with minor + Candidates with second major ^ Candidates for cum laude # Candidates for magna cum laude = Candidates for summa cum laude ‡ Awarded posthumously

Graduation Guide | May 2014


146 14 460 60

days, but who’s counting? Photo Courtesy of Jessica Fish

By Jessica Fish College Avenue Magazine

Design By | Ricki Watkins

I graduate from college in five days. Five. Days. The past 1,460 days of my college career have been training me for this last one that’s supposed to mark the start of my bright future. After getting this piece of paper, I’m going to just figure everything out, right? Well, I’m waiting. You better hurry up, universe; you only have five more days. Because truth is, I don’t have it figured out. Next week I will have this piece of paper but no high-paying position yet. I struggle seeing all my friends get married or move away to big-kid jobs, and I’m left thinking, “what’s next?” And then I realize it’s whatever I want. I have nothing holding me back (except loans). Still, I can literally go anywhere or do anything. Because of my piece of paper, doors are opened. I don’t have a family that is depending on me to support them or the pressure of being a mature adult, and I am well practiced in being poor and happy. So I am not going to let it discourage me, but I am going to appreciate this short period of rest before the beginning of the awesome career I am going to have. I am going to keep moving forward, working for what I want and just be proud that I did something pretty amazing. I graduated college! And was on the Dean’s List. And had the greatest experiences. And made best friends. And this stress of not being exactly where I imagined isn’t going to take away from that. I worked hard for those 1,460.

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By Kings Soopers at Taft & Elizabeth

Congratulations Graduating Seniors! Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 2:00 pm Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

970.484.7755 524 W. Laurel St 10

Pe rf e c t fo r fa m il y b re a k fa s t c e le b ra ti o ns!

CONGRATULATIONS 2014 GRADS! Genevieve Fuller Taylor Hubchik Holli Machmer Vincent Maffett Shelby McCracken Kristen Tanner

CSU Police Department



Spring 2014 Graduates Samantha Calhoon Cameron Doeling Maggie Weinroth

Sean Morris

Kelsey Hall

Jason Berlinberg

Lindsey Cornell

John Stockley

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Lindsey Cornell

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Charles Wagener

Graduation Guide | May 2014



Reasons Why Being a CSU Ram is Awesome By Marissa Isgreen College Avenue Magazine

Being a Colorado State Ram is awesome, unless you’re a Buff, then you probably don’t agree. Some of us love our school for the people, others love it for the experience. Here are eight different reasons students love CSU.


“Being a CSU Ram is awesome because there is a sense of community when you are here. There’s so much diversity and people are so welcoming.” – Suzanne Pendergast, Political Science, 2015

“There are so many opportunities! From internships to researching under accredited professors to studying abroad, there is always something to get involved in to fit your passions.” – Erica Maestas, Psychology, 2016

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“I think one of the great things about being at CSU is having such amazing opportunities within my major (equine sciences). The program is one of the nation’s best, and I’m so lucky to be a part of it!” – Kate Alexander, Equine Science, 2014

“I think being a Ram is awesome because we have so many opportunities to become whatever and do whatever at CSU and we get to connect with so many great people up here.” – Lia Conger, Journalism and Technical Communication, 2016

“The friendly people that make my time going here worthwhile!” – Lauren Sauer, Nutrition and Food Science, 2017

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“The beauty of the town, the diversity and the awesome people are why I love CSU.” – Israa Eldeiry, International Studies, 2017

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The Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management would like to congratulate our Spring 2014 Graduates!

Doctor of Philosophy Richard Fletcher - Bioagricultural Sciences Specialization John Lovell - Graduate Degree program in Ecology

Master of Science Tammy Brenner - Pest Management Specialization


CONGRATULATIONS Candidates for Honors Scholar Spring 2014 Stephanie Abney Alexandra Abt Emily Adkison Katherine Aker Luke Allen Adam Allevato Molly Allison Carmel Alpha Katherine Amsden Ashley Anderson Margaret Anderson Jessica Andrzejewski Andrea Arterbury Kelly Arthur Kayleen Asmus Tyler Asnicar Breanna Barrier Lauren Barry Linsey Barta Dominique Baskett Katelyn Batesel Rachel Beckley Darryl Beemer Tessa Behnke Bradie Benjamin Christof Bentele Rachel Benton Jason Berlinberg Alexander Bervik Taylor Bevis Katelyn Biedron Brandon Bishop Danae Blanchard John Bloemker Sarah Born Mckenna Botts Ashley Bradshaw Rae Brandenburg Amy Breen Julia Brennan Megan Bretti Alexa Brooks

Kasey Broscheit Natalie Brown Cole Brubaker Cole Buckon Natalie Bugbee Danielle Burton Jessica Campbell Andres Carrera Elisabeth Carroll Alexander Chambers Tanna Chandler Kelly Chesus Kallan Christensen Jason Clark Donna Clayton Elizabeth Cooper Forrest Craft Emily Cubbage Nicole Cummings Kirsten Davis Cameron Delphia Rachael DeTar Jerico Devlin Ariana Dickson Sarah Dobo Alexander Dolan Margaret Dudenhoefer Christopher Duran Ivan Dzintars Sarah Ehrlicher Jessie Eilers Jenna Ermisch Alexandra Eshleman Rachel Farrell Christopher Feller Adam Ferguson Joy Foley Sandra Fontani Lucy Fox Victoria Frank Adriana Fresquez Madeline Frey

Colton Fruhling Paul Gallogly Lauren Gannon Andrew Garrett Jeff Geiger Jessica Gillis Adam Golos Kimberly Gomez Casandra Good Christine Grupe Kali Haas Emily Hall Kelsey Hall Sean Hanson Shelby Harden Brent Harder Grant Hargrove Alexander Hartney Ryan Hattara Yehui He Talia Head Hannah Heckerson Erica Hemenway Kendall Hershey Sara Heyn Valerie Ho Mary Hooley Mackenzie Howshar Cara Hubl Emily Hurt Laura Imbler Hannah Imlay Erin Jacobs Anna Jones Kelsey Jung Caitlin Kalmbach Kinsey Kappeler Gwendolyn Karpierz Melissa Karres Sean Kelly Joelle Kemble Kaitlyn Kenyon

Allison Kiefer Rachel Knoshaug Tyler Kotre Richard Krahn Laura Krause Katherine Kroll Jenna Kubistek Stephanie Larsen Jessica Lederhos Kristin Leinhart Kelsey Leppek Hannah Lewis Samuel Lynass Tina Lynch Emily Malin Lisa Mann Steven Mantell Jasmine Matthews Joel Max Conner McClanahan Erin McConnell Dayton McMillan Kaylin McNeil Kasey McWilliams Brenna Meade Christian Meyer Kelly Michie Lindsey Miller Amani Moin Kayla Morehead Keri Myers Simone Nagle Theodora Naqvi Connor Nash Stacia Near Sophia Nelson Tabitha Nickerson Angela Niebergall Meredith Nimz Megan O'Connor Brian Oliver Micaela Olson

Andre Owens Sophia Paton Erica Patterson Suzanne Patton O'Halloran Sarah Peck Kelsey Peters Haley Peterson Kurt Peterson Emma Phelps Colton Pinto Victoria Price Ian Reiling Brooke Reynolds Jacob Rigsby Paige Robertson Ashleigh Rudkin Haley Ruiz Eugene Saghi Jessica Salus Marrissa Sanchez Kelly Schick Kent Schnacke Monika Schneider Timothy Schollenberger Ryne Schroder Kelsey Schulte Amy Scott Sydney Seifert Maria Sekyi Phillip Senn Kimberly Sheldon Emily Short Alyssa Shrader Jennifer Skotak Kenzie Slater Jared Smartt Elizabeth Smith Ashley Snyder Phillip Somers Sean Somers Heidi Spears Regina Stjernholm

Michael Streight Mallorie Stringfellow Gracie Swanberg Heidi Switzer Leah Tanaka Julia Taussig Kimberly The Kelsey Thompson Sarah Thomsen Jason Thue Tien Tong Kelly Trautman Emily Tripp Trent VanHorn Allison VanKleeck Keerthi Vemulapalli Olivia Vilรก Lucas Wadman Colin Wait Steven Ward Cameron Weber Stephanie Weed Margaret Weinroth Shelby Weiss Cassandra Welch Corbin West Thomas West Kevin Westhoff Ryan Whitcomb Claire Wilkins Andrew Willard Amelia Wooten Kimberly Worth Elise Yenne Allison Young Daniel Zavitz Brittany Zetah Benjamin Zeter Jennifer Zientarski Rachel Zigterman Nathan Zvejnieks

Graduation Guide | May 2014


The College of Business Congratulates our Spring and Summer 2014 Graduates Bachelor of Science in Business Administration And the Master of Accountancy, Master of Computer Information Systems, Master of Management Practice, Master of Science in Business Administration, and Master of Business Administration Degrees Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Spring 2014 ***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude

Accounting Concentration Robert C. Acker Desiree D. Amaro Mori Margaret J. Anderson Ashley B. Bradshaw** Rachel A. Bray Danling Cacioppo** Kivon D. Cartwright Matthew V. Coffaro** Thomas C. Davis Tyler L. Dodick Cara S. Dubose Thomas A. Fedak Andrew C. Finnin Tyler S. Gilbertson Kaycee L. Giroue* Kali Haas*** Garrett A. Heard Kaitlynn S. Hemm* Ashley M. Henk Sean R. Hercher Morris C. Hogan Cara J. Hubl Justin A. Jones-Frazier Adam R. Kaiser Robert J. Kantor Kara R. Lanckriet Michael D. LeClaire** Sharon L. Luepschen** Dillon M. Mathews** Brenden J. McCarthy Jamie C. McCoppin*** Jenna E. Muniz** Cara J. Murbach Ryan M. Nishimoto Brandon G. Ohr


Micaela C. Olson* Jared M. Roberts Wayne E. Roberts* Nehemias Rodriguez Max P. Rumler Cameron T. Say Mary Jo E. Schler Katie J. Schmitz Kristen H. Schwabauer Christopher J. Sojka Blanca Y. Soto Christina A. Spinzig* Jacqueline C. Steinle Aaron G. Stolz* Asya Terzyan** Michelle E. Tharp* Bradley D. Ullrich James R. Ulmer Samuel R. Wigand Daniel D. Williams Xian Wu* Bei Ye** Lin Zhou** Jennifer L. Zientarski***

Computer Information Systems Concentration Devon M. Aimes Khalid A. Akbary Diane M. Albert Norah S. Aldamigh Fatemah Y. Alhashem Khalid F. Alhussayen Yazeed M. Alkhalil Thomas A. Archuleta Jason D. Berlinberg Wendy A. Bowling Amanda N. Cabrera Tyler J. Conant Clay P. Creighton Penn M. Dant Mark R. Davis Janessa M. Eberle* Ryan M. Emig Meaghan K. Frawley Alexander J. Goodenow Evan J. Grim* Jacob R. Harmeyer Dylan C. Heller Jordan W. Henderson Trevor W. Horn Zachary D. Jensen Kaitlyn N. Kenyon*** Bryson J. Knoll Mark A. Land Christopher E. Lee Christopher C. Lewis Brock B. McCormack David R. Meador Michael M. Mesdag Jaclyn L. Montoya Richard Munoz Elliott J. Newey Johnny N. Nguyen Andrew C. Noyes** Andre M. Owens

Dylan T. Pugsley Sean M. Sanders Blake C. Skipper Lindsey E. Smith Sean D. Stewart Darrell J. Suer Hunter T. Thompson Tyler W. Tolley Bobby B. Torandaz Benjamin J. Totsch Kalen E. Wahl Luke B. Webb Christopher F. Zipp

Finance and Real Estate Concentration Alia R. Alabassi Abdullah Alabduljader Samuel J. Anderson Seth D. Baucke Nicholas R. Berry Sarah M. Bertsch Roxanne K. Boling Quinn B. Booth McKenna L. Botts* Cody S. Brasel Cody L. Bright* Corey P. Brown Rachelle M. Brunner* Kayla A. Busch Joseph R. Caprioglio Bowei Chen Tyler R. Clark Lindsey A. Cornell Roscoe A. Cummins Alisha M. Davis Louis A. Dean Cameron E. Delphia** Taylor Doughty Kristen M. Echols Losson R. Enslen Boyd B. Evans Justin B. Farian Rachel G. Farrell Justin P. Fast Chase D. Ferdinandsen Lauren G. Fiore Callie L. Fort Jenessa M. Frederick Marian E. Freidin Austin J. Garvin Jared T. Gomes Owen C. Graham* Austin R. Gray Holly M. Haddock Matthew Z. Hammerly Brent T. Harder** Justin L. Harrington Ryan M. Harrison Aidan J. Hart* Alexander M. Hartney Ryan M. Hattara Mitch G. Hauff Lindsey E. Henke Martin P. Henning John P. Hilfiker Maranda L. Hill*

Benjamin J. Hilzer* Keqing Hong Angelina L. Howard Weiye Huang* Michelle E. Hull Kevin T. Jackson Matthew O. Johnson Anna E. Jones** Keith D. Jones Brian T. Joy Betsy N. Kelly Allison J. Kiefer* Dave J. Kim Kevin T. Kruglet Eric A. Lewis Tyler J. Lilly* Fazheng Liu Siming Liu** John C. Lowry Matthew J. Mabry Daniel W. McCrudden Warren J. McEnulty Kaylin P. McNeil** Salvatore C. Melaragno Jonathan D. Mesward Luis M. Moreno* Cassandra A. Mosser Peter M. Muller Brooke D. Nelson Jonathan C. Ng** Ryan M. Nguyen Joseph T. Paintin John A. Pekarske Joshua A. Pena Nathan H. Pfeiffer* Riley B. Pfeiffer Gordon D. Pisciotta Carson J. Preytis Jared S. Price Joseph M. Pucci Fei Qi Amy M. Raasch** Leon V. Ramirez Andrew M. Raymond Joel J. Rhoades Jacob H. Rigsby Kayla F. Rivers Kyle P. Roberts John C. Schrader Max C. Shaffer* Qinhui Shen Kenzie R. Slater** Rhett A. Smallwood*** Jake O. Snow Joseph D. Steinkirchner Michelle M. Stovall* Chad W. Stradt Elizabeth M. Supinski Nickolas B. Tropsa Frank B. Trusty Kevin W. Tsuji Charles T. Wagener Erika R. Wall* Danfei Wang Dongyue Wang** Ruoshi Wang Yating Wang*** Zachary M. Ware

Joseph E. Watson Jesse A. Weiner Cole P. Werts Corbin N. West** Matthew E. Willey Jaden T. Winger Tyler A. Winke Maximilian S. Winn-Clouse Zachary J. Winslow Keith M. Yarberry David R. Ybarra Xiuyuan Yu** Beixi Zhang Yiwan Zhang

Organizational and Innovation Management Concentration Megan E. Amen Taylor A. Anderson Alexandra T. Ash* Nicholas D. Banelli Katheryn E. Benjamin Amanda N. Brooks Kasey L. Broscheit Sara H. Cady William C. Camenson Shea L. Carlson* Travis H. Childs Jason M. Clark** Chelsea D. Cole Michael P. Cole Natalie M. Deleary Anthony Delgado Alexis N. Delima Eli D. Demmer Jerico T. Devlin Cameron L. Doelling* Thomas E. Dowling Brittany L. Dvorak Kevin L. Edgmon Ryan M. Ellis Alexandra R. Eshleman Dylan D. Fader Christopher J. Feller Matthew C. Fergen Bradley J. Ficek Alexandra N. Fish Tyler Free Daniel A. Frink Amanda T. Gale Haley L. Gall Sylvia M. Gandarilla Peralea R. Garver Chelsea L. Grant Gregory T. Hart Keelynn M. Hemm Maxwell A. Hogan Abigail S. Holmberg Hannah N. Imlay Torrey N. Israel-Cleveland Brady M. James Shani A. Johnson David S. Kaminky Madison L. Kiel Ross C. Kingsley

Kenneth A. Klein Vu M. Kohler William C. Kruse Jamie E. Kuehl Marten R. LaFever Timothy Langhart Dylan M. Langille Kandis N. Laponte Parker J. Lathrop Benjamin M. Leistikow Erin M. Lewin Ryan P. Lynch Lexi B. Mann Joshua J. Martinez Adrian R. Meraz Leslie M. Miller Shayla R. Miner Brandon C. Montoya Timothy D. Mooney** John J. Morton Jonathan D. Moses Nicole K. Muzzy Rachel M. Nenni William P. Nevin-Woods Hien T. Nguyen Lucas P. Palko-Schraa Melissa A. Proud** Jami L. Reed Sierra J. Samber Mary E. Santmyer Kelsey A. Sarratt Jennifer S. Schuster Ashley M. Shomshor Cort M. Siegele Sean E. Silvester Megan N. Slavik** Lucas B. Smith Oliver G. Speirs Ryan D. Steinbeck Matthew B. Stopper Anthony R. Taylor Tyler J. Threw Cameron J. Trezoglou Andrew C. Victora Bridget M. Walker Cameron B. Weber** Erik B. Wells John G. Widmann Tyler T. Wiesner Troy W. Wilson Brady A. Wisott Brittany F. Wright Daniel T. Young

Marketing Concentration Jocelyn D. Alexander Kenna A. Alexander Berlyn N. Anderson Jenna M. Balsley Evan D. Barrett Chelsea L. Biglow Danae G. Blanchard Valerie A. Bordelon Alexandria G. Borlabi Megan M. Bretti* Danielle N. Brooks** Alexander R. Brown

Molly C. Buck Natalie M. Bugbee Rachel M. Chan Sierra D. Charter Kevin W. Cheek Haydon D. Churchill Christian S. Ciaburri Michael D. Clark Gregory R. Dahlberg Katelyn A. Deuschle Kevin P. Dibala Nicholas J. Dietrich Samuel T. Dudick Brandon C. Dupre Tayler P. Edwards Alexandra D. Fialkowski Katarina F. Freed Myers Michael J. Giacomini* David M. Hahn Lauren M. Hajnos Kelsey S. Hayes Carrie E. Herczeg** Kendall M. Hershey* Valerie T. Ho*** Megan E. Hyatt** Kelly E. Jackson Brittany N. Johnson Destiny C. A. Johnson Jordan C. Jones Ellen E. Juracek Lois C. Kaiser Rachel C. Kassirer Elizabeth C. Kedzior Rebekah M. Klopfenstein**

Kayla M. Lammey Zoe K. Lanterman Brian T. Laxar Jessica M. Lederhos** Jena L. Liskey Demetria O. Longo Gregory S. Lubeck Tanner J. Luxner April M. Mcclelland Elise I. Mccoy Kaylen M. Merritt Kendall K. Moore Kyla S. Morton Jennifer L. Nell Matthew G. Padera Nicholas T. Patenaude Lucas Perez Samantha C. Peters Caitlen M. Pogue Nicolette R. Radtke John M. Regan** Kyle D. Reynolds Rachel A. Richman Erik R. Roby Joshua D. Ross* Veronica E. Roybal Michael M. Rudolph Erica N. Rutledge Kacey R. Schultz Eric C. Schunk Nichole D. Sellden* Jeff T. Seroka Kayla A. Sharp Gregory R. Shields

Kathleen E. Sieke Michelle T. Slagle David Z. Snell Sean P. Somers** Mackensie G. Stiff Shelby T. Stimac Regina R. Stjernholm*** John C. Swenson Rachel M. Szado David I. Thomas Sarah M. Thomsen Connor J. Thompson Kelly A. Thompson Phillip B. Thompson Jason T. Thue* Stephan C. Troup Elliott A. Tucker Nicole C. Wagner Monica M. Weinhoeft Tamara L. Westman Sara E. Wheaton* Stephanie Wiesemann Andrew W. Willard* Kirsty A. Williams Dylan M. Wineland Stacy L. Winner Katelyn T. Wojciechowski Kimberly D. Worth***

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Summer 2014 Accounting Concentration Alexander D. Bervik* Wanyun Liu Agnes S. Lutz*** Conner S. McClanahan Forrest A. Mckay Carter D. Meneley Serene T. Moeller** Monica R. Roth James P. Wanner Benjamin R. Weiner** Michael A. Wiedrich Trace R. Wollner

Information Systems Concentration Hani B. Hawsawi

Finance and Real Estate Concentration Ahmed Al Naeem Haya S. AlDamigh Kevin Allan Cory J. Augustine Elizabeth A. Branigan Sean C. Bull** Pierce J. Cameron Bingxi Du* Nicholas C. Leibbrand Abdulla M. Saif

Organizational and Innovation Management Concentration Katherine L. Aker*** Fatimah S. Al Habib Nicholas J. Castro Andrew E. DeBerry Keeton D. Ellis Dylan M. Grimmett Jennifer L. Hagge Brian J. Narum Joel B. O’Connor Jordan J. Pacheco Paul J. Santiago Nicholas J. Sipes Nickolas L. Stec

Marketing Concentration Tyler S. Chelf Rose C. Chipman Nicole M. Decesare Jamie A. Donjon William B. Hanson Jason M. Hyland Branden J. Luppens Kalina M. Martinez Nichole C. Novosel** Ryan J. Schuler*** Sarah E. Short* Rachael A. Summers Andrea L. Toole Alison A. Turner Jonathan V. Weeks May A. Wilkerson Andrew J. Zipp

Graduate Students Spring and Summer 2014 Master of Accountancy Joshua D. Bennett Jason P. Bentzinger Miranda M. Benzel Edward G. Blackman Camil Boehm Kaitlin E. Borncamp Jeffrey G. Bryant John S. Dement Brenda L. Devlin Stacie M. Dysleski Samantha A. Gagas Laura H. Huber Kerri E. Ishmael Charles P. James Jordan M. Javech Megan N. Kauk Amy C. Lindquist Erin R. Mahar Ryan W. Mastrianni Andrew D. McKamey Amanuel M. Mekonnen Sylinah K. Menso

Sarah A. Moyer Makayla S. Porter Jennifer R. Reed Sean A. Sudduth John Sylvester Christopher M. Tenn Lisa M. Uechi Shu Yang

Master of Computer Information Systems Ryan Albaugh Khalid A. Aletai Ayman F. Alharbi Turki A. Almunif Abdullah A. Alrubeh Anudeep R. Aruna Scott E. Austin Scott M. Collins Amber B. Crowe Noel M. Datko Jesse T. Dietrich Jacki Dumas Jeremy D. Eichelberger Mahsa Ghafarzadeh Alipour Nicholas E. Hauss Yunshi Hu Benjamin J. Hudnall Queen R. Iwunwa Jeff A. Jablonski Neill T. Jacobson Ashley K. Jaschke Ying Jin Jamie G. Jones Cody J. Kraus Iswarya K. Kolla Husam F. Lahza Jared B. Lamoreaux David Manning Matthew G. Noetzelmann

Aaron J. Odenweller Moyo O. Oyegunle Amit A. Pandit Roberto Perez Anthony G. Pieknik Eric D. Rank Josh M. Ream George B. Rolston Lyle A. Schemmerling John A. Semo Shipra Sharma Sarah E. Strock Vihari Roy Surabhi Andrew N. Thomson Sumer Tiwari Kyle B. Trinkner Daniel A. Van Iwaarden Kenichi Yamagishi

Master of Science in Business Administration – Financial Risk Management Thao B. Doan

Ian P. Ebersole Linh P. Ha Nam H. Le Van H. Le John C. Lester Chen Liu Dung Tri Luong Peter J. Mohr Thuong H. Nguyen Kelsey H. Walsh Mo Zhu Yang Trevor J. Yochum Yimai Zhang Yufeng Zhang

Executive Master of Business Administration George T. Basinger Holly S. Bluel Albert B. Brewster Joseph V. Carena James A. Crowe Kevin M. Dalby John R. Dinsenbacher Billy W. Epperhart Christopher W. Hermen Katharine J. Leonard Walter Meyer Daniel K. Reid Simone D. Ross Frank J. Toney Sarah S. Tuft Timothy D. Wiebold

Master of Business Administration – Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise Jennifer N. Steen Tanmay M. Telang Trang T. Tran

Master of Business Administration Jennier R. Abele Mike W. Adams Christopher R. Adamski James A. Aldred Andremar Amansec Marc C. Anderson Anthony R. Arbogast Gary L. Armstrong Sandeep Arya Matthew V. Avery Pamela E. Badura Douglas S. Bailey Aaron N. Bandy Carol F. Barnett George T. Basinger Kimberlee L. Beers John T. Beland Jon C. Bergman Vijaypaul S. Bhogal Jerry M. Billera Jon A. Billman

Christopher W. Billotte Amalendu Biswas Corey R. Blair Nicholas S. Blank Katherine E. Blundy Syd S. Booth Shane Borchardt Molly E. Bosley Ryan M. Boyd Brent A. Boydston Kimberley A. Brady Michael S. Branch James E. Breyfogle Glenn E. Briscoe Violet A. Bryant Michael D. Brunson Barton R. Buhlig Warren B. Burchett George E. Burchuk Jason T. Burk Patrick J. Burke Sarah H. Burke Brandon C. Burmeister Humphrey E. Cadena Janina Calderon-Ferguson Adam M. Campbell Steven D. Campbell Luis M. Cantu Ethan E. Caparelli Jeanne L. Cardin Thomas W. Cardin Robert G. Carlson David S. Carpenter Kenneth M. Carter Francisco A. Castillo Andre R. Catalano David J. Chance Romika Chandra Craig B. Child Nathan A. Childs Steven E. Chopowick Nathan J. Chott Rodrigo A. Cisneros Scott W. Claflin Joshua R. Clark Kevin P. Clark Dorian A. Cleary Mason D. Conner Peter T. Cook Lee J. Cooper Kirsten M. Coupal Anne L. Cox William G. Crawford Chadwick M. Creech Kelley J. Cronin Mark D. D’andrea Louis J. Daphnis Amber L. Darling Jana L. Davis Christopher A. Davison Lauren R. Davison-Leetch

John Y. Day James L. De Reuck Stacie R. DeHerrera Mollie A. Debolt Nathan J. Delhierro Michael S. Denison Anusha Dharmalingam

Vesselin Diankov Brian R. Domann Harish Dommathamari Rajesh Donthu Gunther R. Doran Alan T. Drayton Robert R. Dulgarian Richard C. Ehlers Laurel Ehrhart Russell M. Eling Amee J. Ellsworth Corey A. Erhardt Jason J. Erickson Nathan J. Erickson Charles Esparza Erik A. Estes Elisa Ferreira Marques Michael T. Fish Brian N. Flotterud Rachael E. Fortney Daniel L. Frey Alma M. Fuentes Kenneth W. Furgason Ashlee P. Gallegos Joel G. Garcia Justin L. Gardner Jennifer S. Garvey Adam R. Gavrich Stephan M. Gerali Kellie N. Gimenez Barbara E. Girolimon Rayond J. Golden Sonha A. Gomez Samantha R. Gracey Garett W. Graubins Alexander J. Hacker Jennifer P. Harvey Randy G. Haskett Joel G. Hawkins Shawn C. Hawthorne Shannon L. Hayhurst Matthew W. Hefner Stacy E. Heidel Dustin W. Helvey Daniel D. Hemphill Gena Hendrix Shannon Hickel Blane Hickey Kesha L. Hill Jeremy S. Hine Michael J. Hoal Jantz C. Hoffman Ginny A. Hogan Angel L. Holbrook Eric M. Holwell Rex A. Horvath Daniel W. Humbert Dawn E. Hunkin Chad L. Huttner Malik I. Idbeis Teri R. Jaramillo Joseph W. Jeffers Joel A. Jeffries Scott D. Jendro Christina L. Jensen Evan W. Jones Kevin M. Jones Mark K. Jones

Meylia W. Joy Christopher B. Kasten Thomas J. Keating Lara L. Kelley Tyler B. Keltner Ann Marie Kestel Wajahat Khan Christopher M. Kinchin David L. King Kelly A. King Ryan M. King Angela J. Kite Jason L. Kivo Todd H. Klein Aaron W. Knode Vandana Konda Stanley P. Krajewski Charles R. Krebs Jonathan R. Laible Deborah A. Lanzi Jeffrey G. Lecheminant Jeffrey C. Leget James B. Lettis Alexandra R. Lewis Elizabeth N. Lewis Stephen A. Lewis Nicholas J. Lopez Matthew Lundy Amy E. Lyn Bryan J. Macakanja Melanie L. Macdonald Scott F. Macinnis Catherine A. Mack Angela I. Mackinnon Paula F. Macmillan Roshan Maharjan Jennifer L. Malmstrom Patrick A. Manalastas Joshua G. Mann Chelsea Mann-Kitchen Deborah E. Manspeaker Francisco J. Manzano Mier

Christopher G. Marino Ronald A. Marks David Marrakchi Mark R. Martin Maria B. Massey Mark R. Mathiowetz Loren R. Matthews Derek E. Mattinen Sean T. McAleavy Andrew M. McCauley John P. Mckibbin Carmen Meeks John G. Merchant Brian G. Methner Kimberly C. Meyer Tara A. Mickelburgh James A. Mikeska Gregory A. Miller Javier Miranda Christopher P. Mondichak

Donald L. Morrison Jason J. Mortensen Daniel B. Murray John B. Murray Cameron D. Myers Bachir Najm

Daryll O. Newman John G. Nicols Jennifer J. Noble Igor Nosov Christopher R. Novak Erica M. Nuss Michael Ogbuju Kyle R. Osborn Stephanie D. Ouren Matthew L. Page Deborah D. Paini Laurie J. Parish Alexandrea Park Kathy E. Paxton Nicholas F. Paytas Matthew J. Peharda Jason Perkovich Daniel J. Peterson Michael E. Pirone Satish Ponnoly John R. Pontious Joseph Potter Mark R. Pratt David G. Przybyla Shannon R. Psenda Rajeev Rajan Jeffrey R. Raval John D. Reynders Nicole D. Richardson Daniel R. Romero Charles Room Allyson D. Ruggiero Ryan J. Ruppert Eric O. Salmon Joselito M. Samoy Matthew S. Sampson Todd A. Sayer Brian M. Scammon Carl R. Schmalz Catherine A. Schopp Jasmine N. Scott Victor Seslar Arvind Seth Digant R. Shah Michael Shapiro Chunli Sheng David L. Shepherd Bradley R. Shochat Vijay Singh Arthur B. Sintas Shawn R. Slade Kevin M. Slattery Kyle W. Smaagard Caitlin C. Smarrelli Alan C. Smith Clayton D. Smith Kristin K. Smith Edward E. Spaw Janet C. Stelly Brad R. Stephens Neal J. Stephens Andrew R. Stevenson Kelly A. Stobaugh Robert S. Swanston Justin A. Swenson Lamine Sylla Joseph D. Szolowicz Kerri L. Tadt

Ismail A. Taylor-Kamara Matthew J. Ternes Kyle B. Thompson Caroline M. Tomlinson Jacob S. Tornatzky Ethan A. Townsend Nina L. Trexler Keyur Tripathi David E. Tucker Philip A. Tunnah Jagannathan Tuppil Joseph Turner John P. Twist Lindsay A. Tycer Ronald G. Tycer Olena Ulyanova Rashmi Upadhyay Brian Varca Billie Varndell Meghashree Vijayakumar Mark C. Voorheis Mark W. Wagy Kristin L. Warfield Nicholas Waringa Holly C. Watts David M. Wayne Kevin S. Weese Francis G. Wendowski Clinton D. Weston Jeff B. Whitesides Donald L. Whitt Ray A. Wickham Daphni K. Wijayatilleke Fiona C. Willis John M. Wingfield Robert A. Younger Matthew M. Yung Arman Yusuf Maria Yusuf Kathleen M. Zachmeyer Matthew A. Ziegler Michael A. Zucosky

Master of Management Practice Vesna Bashovska Julia L. Bowers Austin R. Brown Ann L. Byrd Sarah M. Calvert Wayne A. Hall Tanner D. Hedstrom Siarhei Mamatsiuk Katherine E. Meda Josh W. Myers Khoa N. Nguyen Noemi Ruiz Palomino Cole J. Schumacher Sarah E. Tucker Evan E. Wilson

Graduation Guide | May 2014


What We Will

MISS or NOT About CSU By Logan Martinez College Avenue Magazine

Ever walked around campus and thought about what really annoys you? What about the things you can’t live without? I can imagine my life without CSU, but I can’t imagine my experience at CSU without these best and worst traits.

Will Miss

Design By | Whitney Hackbarth

1. Coffee shops within walking distance – if not in

the building. Caffeine didn’t always rule my life, but it definitely helped in the past few years to have any type of espresso drink available at a reasonable price. 2. The fragrant, white blossoms on the tree under Clark C. Have you ever noticed how Clark C frames the tree under it for the perfect halo of light? It is one of my favorite parts of campus, even though it only blooms for a couple of weeks in the year. 3. The people. I love being surrounded by people all working toward goals, inspiring intelligence and loving life so much.


Won’t Miss 1. Construction. Everyone keeps saying it, but

walking through construction zones is never fun. 2. Bad professors. I mean professors that don’t care about their students, don’t care about what their students get out of class or don’t enjoy teaching. Why bother working that hard to be a professor to not be devoted to the students? 3. Mile-high anti-abortion signs. Going to school is hard; everyone fights battles each day, and adding the stress of unwanted images blown up to 500 times the original size makes things worse.

Photo By | Anne-Marie Kottenstette

Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Services, to our Spring & Summer 2014 Graduates Bachelor of Science Degree: Environmental Health Masters:

Naif Alabdullatif Andrea Beebout Katie Beers Kassey Braun Carissa Burke Mengmeng Fang Andrew Garrett Jessica Gillis Dianne Green Mariah Jones Jeremiah Joyce Laura Krause Jason Laub Meagan Lewis Aleigha Mazeh Dayton McMillan Vi Nguyen Ankit Parikh Andrew Peterson Ryann Prenni Cameron Radtke Brooke Reynolds Alyssa Rosewood Jeno Saghi Alex Schick Allie Scudder Marcus Trott Keerthi Vemulapalli

Theadora B’ey Kaitlyn Bianchi Andrea Bilderback Caitlin Bradley Carly Brown Lindsey Burton Anyamanee Engen Sabrina Garcia Lauren Gonter Jason Geohring Sarah Glatfelder Kyla Graham Tegan Huffman Ashleigh Kayne Srilekha Kistampally Kirk Lake Jessica Liao Casey Melvin Galia Modai Mwangi Ndonga Stephen Prieve Stephanie Propp Colleen Sandridge Brandon Sonn Benya Thiwakornsasithorn Aaron Wallace Sarah Yoder

Environmental Health PhD:

Briana De Miranda Kiersten Kugeler Natalie Schwatka

Radiological Health Masters:

Anna Adrian Amber Allardice Derek Bailey Britt Edquist Remi Frazier Jessica Gillis Lucas Hetrick Dayton McMillan Jenelle Parson Lisa Scallan Sarah Sublett

Radiological Health PhD:

Nicole Martinez Brock Sishc

Campus West 493-1103

Voted #1 By csu & fort collins


for Best Wings!


Voted #1 for the 13th consecutive year.

The Center for Advising and Student Achievement congratulates the following students on their Spring and Summer 2014 commencement. We’re proud of all your accomplishments! Students may be past participants of the Key Communities, the Transfer Learning Community, current participants in a Pre-Health Professions Club, the Fostering Success Program, recipients of the First Generation Award, Governor’s Opportunity Scholarship, Puksta Scholarship or Daniels Fund, and/or staff of the Center for Advising and Student Achievement. Alex Aceves Alex Adams Jedious Aggrey Adam Allevato Kyla Allmon Adam Alumbaugh Kaitlynn Ameling Stephen Amend Keaton Andersen Jordan Archuleta Vicky Arias Allison Arne Allison Arrieta Kelly Arthur Kay Atteberry Emily Auer Donna Baker Michael Barnes Raquel Batista Evan Batson Jordan Baur Garrett Behringer Ashley Bell Kendall Benson Christof Bentele James Bentley Britta Berg Jessica Berg Gysela Blanco Sarah Bokusky Marissa Borthwick Pete Boryla Brandi Bradshaw Raven Brame Nicole Brancel Teresa Branham Megan Brogdon Kasey Broscheit Brian Buchanan Tim Burke Michelle Burney Seth Butler Mary Butterfield Emily Campbell Kaylan Campbell Vincent Caricato Taylor Carpenter Kasimir Carranza Cierra Carrico Alfredo Castillo Alex Chambers

Rachel Chan Kevin Cheek Elise Chevalier Emily Chrai Michael Clark Wendy Clark Christy Cleaver Sam Clusman Hannah Cornish Natilie Cramer Melody Crenshaw-Turner April Croghan Erin Cross Emma Cumbo Casey Dalanno Nigel Daniels Mark Davis Amber Dejmal Joel Delgado Rachel Diggles Eric Downing Lora Dreesen Katelynn Drury Sabiha Dubose Sam Dudick Stephanie Dueber Ian Duncan CJ Duran Elycia Eberlein Jenica Edwards Polly Enochs Neil Ericson Stephen Escobar Rebecca Estrada Lexi Evans Maimona Fadlelmula Katie Fails Justin Farian Mike Faulkner Bethany Fisher Amanda Fleming Alan Flores Lorena Flores Danielle Florez Bralia Fortune Joe Franco Andrea Franklin Jessica Galvan Bridget Garcia Rachelle Gard Eli Gaucin-Fox

Josh Gerlott Jeff Gibbens Ariana Gloria Marisol Gomes Douglas Gossett James Griffitts Connor Grogan Miranda Guyaux-Mitchell Saron Haileselassie Devin Hall Edward Harlan Alex Hartney Vincent Hauser Ebonee Hayes Natalie Hazemi Ryan Hediger Jordan Henderson Taryn Hennig Jillian Hepinstall Becky Hiett Mackenzie Hill Tony Ho Hallie Homerding Kelly Horgan Scott Hudson D'moyé Hudson Gordon Shanel Hughes Amanda Hunt Taylor Hye Jason Hyland Aida Ibrahim Messay Ibrahim Ivan Ildefonso Ned Imhoff Ashley Imperia Sarah Isenhart Erica Jackson Alison Jaeger Allison Johnson Ashley Johnson Brittnei Johnson Destiny Johnson Kara Johnson Nate Johnson Nick Johnson Raven Johnson Tyler Johnson Anna Jones Justin Jones-Frazier Jasmine Kabera Daniel Kay

Tiffani Kelly Ayesha Khan Maris Kinnaird Nicholas Kroll Travis Lachner Devin Larson Natasha Leadem Mike LeClaire Chris Lee Karla Lerma Banda Jazmin Lopez Roberto Lozada Alyssa Markham Simone Marsh Scott Martin Kalina Martinez Fadzai Masawi Melissa Matiatos Tanner May Brendon Mayes Kassia McCall Rory McGann Erica Mcgillick Katie Mcgillick Sarah McIlwaine Kasey Mcwilliams Pd Medina Dana Meeker Alissa Meeks Yahaira Membreno Guadalupe Mendoza Sylinah Menso Haley Meredith Michelle Meyer Tanya Milam Blake Miller Clay Miller Nigel Mills Jess Milstein Zack Minner Cassie Mitchell Josh Molina Sade Moye-Johnson Erin Mross Jenna Muniz Sophie Muniz Miranda Murphy Matt Nabers Alex Neal Amy Nees Emily Nelsen

Johnny Nguyen Cassi Nichols Marie Novak Nicki Novosel Andrew Noyes Sandy Nunez Tanya Ocana Danita Oliva Christy O'Malley Miguel Ontiveros Liberty Onyeali Abe Ornelas-Palacios Kelsey Oshiro Adam Ozols Thomas Pankey Jake Pappas Milan Patel Ryan Perotin Ryan Peters Cody Peterson Nathaniel Phelps Janae Phillips Emily Pitner Gabriella Polen Katie Prescott Katherine Price Megan Quinn Raquel Ramirez Kristin Redding Jenni Reed Tyreesa Reeves Kyle Reynolds Aaron Rieger Alyssa Rios Raquel Robertson Kaitlin Robinson Erik Roby Oscar Rodriguez Shannon Roets Emily Rotert Sandra Royer Haley Ruiz Becca Ruiz Amy Russell Felicia Sabartinelli Ryne Schroder Kacey Schultz Arnulfo Serrano Ceja Kayla Sharp Greg Shields Sarah Short

Julia Simons Connor Sims Arthur Sintas Jenn Skotak Alysce Slagg James Snell Blanca Soto Justin Stallworth Bryana Starbuck Steven Starcer Caitlin Still Farrah Sung Tracy Susan Julie Sutherland Haley Swanson Destine Swing Matt Taylor Kelly Thompson Megan Thurston Andrea Toole Kelly Trautman Justin Trent Nick Tropsa Marcus Trott Molly Ungerer Yessenia Valdez Felicia Vallejo Emma Verzwyvelt Mason Vickerman Olivia Vila Claire Wagner Cassandra Welch Ashley Wengrove Tamara Westman Kelsy Wheeler Kyla Wilkinson Evan Wilson Douglas Winter Daniel Wood Brittany Wright Ben Wurz Ebenezer Yebuah Hermella Yilma Carly Younkerman Samantha Yung Alexa Zafarana Charli Zafarana Daniel Zewdu Alaine Ziegler Katie Zubricky

The Department of Psychology Congratulates our Spring 2014 PhD Graduates Barbara Banz Leslie Merriman Stephanie Putter Tommy Cavanaugh Danielle Sitzman Elizabeth Christensen Danielle Dickens Adam Vanhove Weston Dondaldson John Blitch Amanda Foster Jodi Coochise Kimberly Klein Krista Hoffmeister Janet Peters Jason Nomi Roxanne Rassti Annette Shtivelband Alexander Rechlin Natalie Wolfson Christine Smith Lucinda Baker Graduation Guide | May 2014



years in review

When grads look back at the golden college years, what will they remember? The hairstyle they had? The clothes they wore? The things that happened? Here are a few events that happened at CSU, in Fort Collins, and beyond in the past four years for CSU graduates to look back on.

Photo by Collegian Staff

2010-2011 • • • • •

Ram’s Pointe Pool Party Ludacris concert Parmalee Hall fire Construction State University (every year) Meningitis outbreak, everyone on campus required to get vaccine

2011-2012 • • • • •

Tree branch fell on student on campus, campus given snow day for remainder of day High Park Fire Marijuana legalized in the state of Colorado Aurora theater shooting Library Cube built

Photo by Logan Martinez

2012-2013 • • • • • •

Block party shut down with tear gas Obama visited campus CSU Basketball went to second round of NCAA New stadium proposal to put stadium on campus Cobra Starship concert had a poor turnout Big snow storm in late April, actual snow day

2013-2014 • • • • • • •

Photo by Collegian Staff

Food trucks came to campus Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert sold out Fort Collins flood, campus closed CSU Football won New Mexico Bowl Game Sales of marijuana legalized in the state of Colorado MAX Transit station opened Winter Olympics opening mess-up in Russia


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

CONGRATULATIONS BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADUATES! The Faculty and Staff of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology extend their congratulations and best wishes for future success to the class of 2014!

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Candidates for Graduation: Spring 2014 Candidates: Minor Candidates:

B.S. Candidates: Lauren Gonzalez1 Jeremy Haskins Caitlin Kalmbach2 Ryan Kennedy Steve Le Yiwen Lu4 T i n a L y n c h 1 1,4 Kelsey Peters1 Alyssa Pilgreen1 M o l l y P l e h a t y 1,2

Lauren Barry1 Jenna Baumann1 BenjaminBlackwell1 Patrick Bradley Bryana Connor Cecilia Davies Cassie Dean Dylan Dewoina Carly Dicesare4 Julio Flores Servin2

Colin Smith Joseph Thelen3 Kelsey Thompson1 Brandi Vollmer1 Kenneth Young1 Virginia Zwikelmaier1

Stephen Gross1 Ashley Imperia1 Glynnis Page

Ph.D. Candidate: Ling Zhang

M.S. Candidates: Satoshi Machihara Christopher McKee Alaine Ziegler


Summer 2014 Candidates: B.S. Candidates:

Michelle Kamandy

Ph.D. Candidate:

M.S. Candidates:

Gina Caldas Lindsey Long Whitney Luebben

Irene Lui

1= completing requirements for Interdisciplinary Minor in Molecular Biology 2= graduating Magna Cum Laude 3= graduating Summa Cum Laude 4=graduating Cum Laude


from the OfďŹ ce of Admissions

We will miss you and wish you the best of luck!











Graduation Guide | May 2014


Congratulations to College of Natural Sciences' Spring and Summer 2014 Graduates Bachelor of Science Degrees Spring 2014 Applied Computing Technology Luke Bakken Michael Barnes Brent Benofsky James Devore + Ryan Emig + Conor Lansford Caleb Lemaster Christopher Mersman + Matthew Mihoover Christopher Millard Jason Moses Jino Park Jared Smartt Ψ € Jeffrey Wholey Adam Woodbury Biochemistry Lauren Barry € Jenna Baumann Benjamin Blackwell Patrick Bradley Bryana Connor Cecilia Davies Cassie Dean Dylan Dewoina Carly Dicesare Ω Julio Flores Servin ∑ Lauren Gonzales Jeremy Haskins Caitlin Kalmbach ∑ € Ryan Kennedy Steve Le Yiwen Lu Ω Tina Lynch Ω € Kelsey Peters € Alyssa Pilgreen Molly Plehaty ∑ Colin Smith Joseph Thelen Ψ Kelsey Thompson € Brandi Vollmer Kenneth Young Virginia Zwikelmaier Biological Sciences Jeffrey Adams Adam Alumbaugh Katelyn Anklam Emily Applegate Timbre Backen Channing Bancroft Michaela Barbera Ω Jessica Baxter Helen Becker Alexander Bragado Andrew Brazell + Amy Breen € Jessica Britton Bryan Brown Margaret Burdue Mary Carlson Molly Chamberlain Trenton Chavez Gurcharan Chrai


Darren Cockrell Carolyn Cohen Tamara Colebank Erin Davidson Rachael Detar Ψ € Chase Deutschman Ariana Dickson + Rachel Diggles Zachary Digiallonardo Patrick Doherty Caleb Dorsey Brittany Dougan + Abraham Eifert Jessica Eilers € Tyler Eldridge Anna Enger Jenna Ermisch € Oliver Feind Megan Fisher Amanda Folmer Callie Fort + Lea Franco Graham Gilliland Emily Hall + Ψ Kaitlin Hanenburg Jackelyn Hare Christopher Hauss Natalie Hazemi Talia Head € Aida Ibrahim Messay Ibrahim Lauren Jones Lindsay Jones Tara Jurgensmeyer Cassie Kandyba ∑ Holly Keeper Alan Khu Victoria King Luther Kjolhede Paige Koutelas Jenna Kubistek € Alexandra Kuhn Patrick Levy + Keith Littrell Jessica Lorenz Roberto Lozada Samuel Lynass Andrew Lyon Fayiz Mahgoub Lia Malacalza Eric Marshall Kara Maslyn Melissa Matiatos Kelly Mazza Marla McGarvey Derek Mcguar Tashauna Megrew Kylie Mitchell Cassandra Moison Matthew Murrell Jacob Mussallem Gregory Nazaryk Stacia Near ∑ € Kelsey Niichel Ayodele Obigbesan Lora Ottewell Sarah Pacheco Brooke Plumley

Megan Polley Samantha Pushchak Ω Amy Raasch ∑ + Samantha Richards Casie Riegel Kayla Rist Porsche Robison Kristopher Rodriguez Katie Ronis Kent Schnacke Ω € Jocelyn Schott Sydney Seifert € Phillip Senn € Katherine Siegel Scott Sieke Kylie Smith Leah Smutko Jennifer Spear Emily Sprouse Joy Steinberg Emily Stevenson Kelsey Stockton Ω Samuel Swardenski Spencer Topa Bennett Trice Emily Tripp Rachel Trowbridge Brenna Van Dok Monique Veiga Emma Verzwyvelt Emily Waggoner Shelby Warner Ω Quinn Watt Dane Whicker Nicholas Whitehill Ω Trevor Wolfe Tiffany Wong Amelia Wooten € Andrew Wylie Hermella Yilma Erich Zeddies Matthew Zuverink Chemistry Marie Berry Christopher Browning Stephen Gatlin Adam Golos Ω € Wilson Holland Erik Knudson Lisa Lindburg Jacob Meyer Cody Palumbo Blaine Pedersen Ω Alexander Queen Brittany Ramer + ~ Kelsey Schulte € Paul Skogerboe Jason Walker Angela Warner Robert Weakly + Jeremy Webb Ryan Whitcomb + Ω David Wozniak Computer Science Anwar Aldosery Byron Britt ∑

Todd Burt Scott Cable Mingxuan Cai Jamie Cooley Ω Patrick Dickey + Ian Eckart Olga Evans Maxim Fedorov Andrew Fries Justin Fritzler + Ω Eric Gressman Ashton Holtz Jacob Karas Yang Li Ω Junjiang Lin Brian Lund Ω Christopher Mersman + Brian Michaud Michael Miller Kyle Olsen ∑ Casey Pore Bradley Richards Oscar Rodriguez Patrick Saperstein Kyle Smith Brian St John Michael Stagg Chao Tang ∑ Joseph Van Sickle Joseph Welch Ω Mathematics Stephanie Abney Ω € ~ Peace Akpai Matthew Batrus + John Bloemker Ω € ~ Jordan Bode Stephen Cappella Frederick Colclough Sarah Dobo ∑ € ~ Gavin Hall Yi Hu ∑ + Erin Jacobs € Matthew Kadlec Howard Kidder Sijing Li Ω Seth Moore Tabitha Nickerson ~ Abigail Parks + ~ Hector Parra ~ Tamara Pickman William Piers William Ramsey Corey Randall + ∑ Zachary Robinson + Kyle Rose Kelly Schick € Susan Sinsheimer Matthew Smith + ∑ Elizabeth Supinski + Haley Swanson Aaron Thill Allina Verrillo Skyelur Walters Yating Wang + Ψ Stacey Wheeler Ω ~ Trent Woodbury Sam Wright +

Yun You Ω Xiuyuan Yu + ∑ Daniel Zavitz + € Yang Zhou Ω Rachel Zigterman Ψ Natural Sciences Ian Mcclellan ~ William Okeefe ~ Brittany Ramer + ~ Jeremy Redmond ~ Rebecca Schmitt Ω ~ Physics Forrest Craft + Ω € Colton Fruhling € Paul Greife Christian Meyer € Ω Ian Rajala Zachary Robinson + Matthew Smith + ∑ Steven Steinmark Noble-Thomas Underbrink Robert Weakly + Ryan Whitcomb + Ω Daniel Zavitz + € Nathan Zvejnieks + € Psychology Christopher Abelein Carmel Alpha € Stephen Amend Jeremy Andrzejewski Jessica Andrzejewski ∑ Joshua Ax Betty Baker Alexis Bebell Ashley Bell Abigail Bender Bradie Benjamin € Kendall Benson Christof Bentele ∑ Rachel Benton ∑ € Megan Blythe Cameron Bourdon Aaron Bove Andrew Brazell + Sarah Brown Timothy Burke Michelle Burney Cade Carnahan Alexander Chambers Kallan Christensen € Callie Collins Andrew Collmus ∑ Kayla Cook Ω Kristian Cowden + Meghan Crawford + Jaime Culley Kayla Daake Casey Dalanno Michelle Dansereau Ginger De La Campa + Joseph Decker Jessica Deist Tamara Dierking Joseph Dipaolo Lisa Domke +

Megan Dorenkamp Eric Downing Kimberly Fairbank Emily Foy Lauren Gannon Ω Stephen Garten Thomas Gengler Joel Gensbugel Melissa Gibans Ψ Shachar Goldwater Kimberly Gomez Ω Megan Granger Acacia Griess Hannah Grossman Christine Grupe Ψ Kaitlin Hagemeyer Josey Hall Logan Hayes Hannah Heckerson Ω € Shayne Henry + Stephanie Hernreich Sara Heyn ∑ Lauren Hill Christopher Hooyman Mackenzie Howshar Ω Taylor Hubchik + Susanna Huffman + Nadia Jamshidi Abbie Jefferson + Robert Jerome Xinrui Jiang Ω Bailey Katz Elizabeth Kelsch Joelle Kemble € Kelsey Knibbe + Ω Glorianne Koh Ω Sarah Laffin Devin Larson + Melissa Levay Susan Livingston Kevin Lupton Meredith MacNicholas Samantha Marker Chelsea Matteucci Tanner May Kassia McCall + Erin McConnell Denton Mckay Kalie Mcquillen Maggie McShane + Blake Miller + Cheyenne Miller + Michelle Moore Kayla Morehead ∑ € Casey Morrison Ψ Rebecca Moyers Ω Sophie Muniz Miranda Murphy Emily Nelsen Alexandria Neve Scott Newman Kaelyn Norton Maria O'Donnell Ω Aaron Opperman Megan Pagano Kevin Page Elizabeth Parker Ψ Nina Parker

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to aquire it." Albert Einstein

John Patterson Alicia Peck Michelle Peck Jordan Peters James Phillips Jordan Pinigis + Katherine Pratt + ∑ Demosthenes Rainford Tyreesa Reeves Jessica Reimers Marlee Reynolds Nicole Rice Alyssa Rios Bradley Roberts Jordan Roberts Destinee Rugar + Haley Ruiz ∑ € Amy Russell Manooch Saeedi Chelsea Samani Celeste Seese + Ω Kimberly Sheldon € Emily Short Lauren Smith Katherine Swan + Kristin Tanner Nicholas Terry Maxelise Thorn Alec Thornton Heather Thurston Tien Tong ∑ Michael Tozzi Mariah Tracy Iris Tun + Margaret Vicker Olivia Vila ∑ Jordan Wagner + Brenna Warren Jonathan Wempe Briana Wenholz Patrick White Kailene Whittington Michael Wilmore Ω Eva Wilson + Adam Wojteczko Voncell Woods Elise Yenne ∑ € + Arianna Zabriskie + Jessica Zaksek ∑ Xudong Zhang Ψ Laura Zoetewey Steven Zuber Zoology Graham Alvord Jacqueline Burch Katherine Burgesser + Sara Cady + Jenae Campbell Susan Casey Desa DeBane Stephanie Dittman Sarah Egan Donna Englund Angelica Evans Tory Eyre Melissa Farquhar Ω Arielle Howell

Anna Jensen Patrick Kark Erik Kipping Christopher Kopack Rachel Larson Ω Melanie Lee Christina Lewis Mikaila Medinger Dominique Montano Katherine Odanaka Molly Oestreich Jeffrey Ogan Kristina Peters Monica Raptis Max Roberts Erin Rowan Kayanna Wade Cortney Wagner Cassandra Welch Riley Yerkovich

Summer 2014 Applied Computing Technology Benjamin Baginski Matthew Caraway Bradley Crummy Dillon Eldridge Brendan Finnegan Daniel Platt Jesse Rivas Biochemistry Michelle Kamandy Biological Sciences Anoud Alkhaldi Hannah Alt Chelcie Barnett Justin Berling Alina Black Kelsie Boyle + Christine Bruno Lauren Crookston Joel Davis Wesley Deyoung Daniel Everett Maimona Fadlelmula Michelle Fish Derek George Ω + Callina Gunderman Jessica Kenmonth Maris Kinnaird Alexa Kippes Preston Kunwar Amanda Malnofsky Fadzai Masawi Anastasia Morse Mary Peeples John Pontius Shannon Roets Megan Smith Margaret Stapleton Lauren Stone Alexandra Todd Adan Torres Nicolas Trautner

Cantrell Trice Olivia Triolo Lucas Veitel Stanford Ware Jessica Warren Mika Will Daniel Wood Alyson Woodward Gyu Yu Samantha Yung Yaowei Zong Chemistry Curtis Bartell Jeffrey Crawford Mengmeng Fang Ω Martin Martinez Alexandra Morris Computer Science Kyle Barry Mark Britton Tyler Heline Christopher Huval Sahan Jayasumana Collin Kennedy Nathan Robertson Caleb Tebbe Kaila Thornton John Wenker Mathematics Lyla Afzali Brecken Baker Alexander Bervik + Ω € Jamie Burke Jennifer Drost ~ Bingxi Du + Ω Adrian Gehr Dongtao He Yehui He + Nancy Wall

Michael Patterson Zana Pavlovic Sumer Pirzada Kristin Redding + Paige Robertson € Bianca Samaniego Makala Sheridan Jessica Smith Scott Sterrenberg Cameron Tafoya Christina Tickel Polly Todd Kathleen Trezza Kirsten Ulrich Edward Umada + Dana Volkerts Cassandra Ward Ann-Marie Waterhouse Shane Weatherford Amanda Webb Tyler Weber + Gabrielle Williams Ashley Wilson Bree Yeung Zoology Geoffrey Flora Jesse Hartlein Taylor Hye Rosalie Major Deanna Mccraw Kimberly Olson + Wilson Puryear Jazmine Ruybal Tyler Weber + Daniel Zimmermann

Physics Yehui He + Psychology Dylan Bellmore Emilia Bizu Jessie Buckley Jordan Connolly Jonathan Croghan Rachel Dupuis Polly Enochs Michelle Fore Grant Fuellenbach Saron Haileselassie Amber Hambly-Mellen BreeAnn Huddy Natalie Johnson Leah Jones Caroline Kellogg Ω Jazmin Lopez Gary Meyer Russell Michelson Kristi Nowell Meghan Olson Frank Parker

Graduate Degrees Spring 2014

Cindy Hoang Annie Wallin

Master of Science Degrees



Satoshi Machihara Christopher Mckee Alaine Ziegler


Keira Havens

Chemistry Julie Denham Jarid Metz Ashli Simone

Computer Science

Ryan Bak Balakrishnan Balakrishnan Pavan Baruri Andrew Bondi William Brannock Michael Crawford Daniel Greenhill Sahar Habib Trevan Hombs Aleksandar Jaksic Michael Jones Arvind Joshi Michael Lajoie Maoxiang Liu Michael Magill Sai Mandalaparty Sai Nanduri Satya Nistala Elmahdi Omar Robert Paulson Nirav Shah Patrick Smith Chandramouli Srinivasan Rojan Ulak Malgorzata Urbanska Steven Watts Russle Wilcox Craig Ziesman

Mathematics Timothy Hodges Rachel Neville

~ - Teacher Licensure Graduate * - Triple Major + - Double Major Ψ - Summa Cum Laude Candidate ∑ - Magna Cum Laude Candidate Ω - Cum Laude Candidate €- University Honors Scholar

Natural Sciences Education Kate Bruner Cassiopeia Camara Melissa Cassutt

August Demann Aaron Gibson John Guthrie Matthew Harrison Matthew Hogan Andrew Moore Ryan Wasserman


Meggan Johnson Greg Loebel Lindsay Melsen Diana Sanchez Sarah Stevens Elizabeth Vanderpoel


Ryan Haunfelder


Alison White


Amber Schlater Charles Stone

Summer 2014 Doctoral Degrees Biochemistry Whitney Luebben


Kimberly Klein Samantha Olejniczak Shelly Staley

Spring 2014

Jennifer Cappa

Doctoral Degrees



Lance Ashbrook Richard Cornwall Jacqueline Harding Sarah Lantvit Michelle Sanchez

Stanley Leung Aviles Oliva David Russo Henry Scharf Kylie Stitt


Michelle Desrosiers

Summer 2014 Master of Science Degrees Botany

Jenna Mcaleer


Stephen Gatlin Brendan Smouse

Computer Science Pratik Deoghare Prathamesh Verlekar


David Allen Jesse Drendel Bahaudin Hashmi


Houchen Chang David Ellsworth Hanchen Wang


Stephanie Bastidas Heather Galanis Brittany Johnson

Ling Zhang


Seth Anthony Jessica Joslin Samantha Levine Kevin Oberg Michelle Romanishan Joshua Stratton Lyndsay Troyer

Computer Science Fayyaz-ul-amir Minhas Lijun Yu


Matthew Niemerg


Leif Anderson Medina Benitez Brian Lee Lei Lu Daniel Ruterbories Yiyan Sun Rebekah Wilson Katherine Zaunbrecher


Jennifer Barenz John Blitch Jodi Coochise Krista Hoffmeister Jason Nomi Annette Shtivelband Natalie Wolfson



Steven Ihde Elizabeth Lane-Harvard Eric Miles Francis Motta Corrine Previte Hilary Smallwood Chuan Zhang


Russell Geisthardt Hau-jian Liu Maria Weber


Lucinda Baker Thomas Cavanagh Elizabeth Christensen Danielle Dickens Weston Donaldson Amanda Foster Janet Peters Roxanne Rassti Alexandra Rechlin Christine Smith


Bruce Bugbee


Rebecca Chong

Statistics Zonglin He

Names listed are accurate as of May 2, 2014. We apologize for any inaccuracies or ommissions.

Graduation Guide | May 2014


10 Things You Can’t Say Once You’ve Graduated By Kelsey Contouris College Avenue Magazine I’m just a broke college kid. This handy statement earned you pity points for just about anything, didn’t it? Unfortunately, being a broke college graduate probably won’t have the same effect.

have some free time.

Rain? Snow? Looks like I’m staying in bed today. College finally gave you the freedom to make choices like this, and the real world will give you even more freedom. Your boss, however, will not.

What is this “savings account” you speak of? It’s time to start putting money aside for important things like a house or a car – not just alcohol. (Well, maybe a little alcohol.)

I can’t wait for summer break! Remember those months called June and July? They kind of matter now – and not in a fun way.

I’ll use my student discount, please. Now begins the grueling wait until you’re old enough to get a senior discount.

These underclassmen are so annoying. No more categorizing people based on their year in school – now your peers can get on your nerves for other reasons.

Ugh, I have so much homework! Not anymore! Aside from all those realworld responsibilities, you might finally

Sorry I’m late! I got caught by a Plaza preacher. Whether you loved them or hated them,

your days of getting stopped and questioned about your religious views are most likely over. Nothing like party-hopping on a Friday night! The longer you’re out of college, the tamer your Friday nights will become. You might as well start stocking up on wine and board games now. Oh no – not another finals week! You might not remember it, but it actually is possible to enjoy every week of May and December, and you can even do so without absurd amounts of caffeine.

Foreign Languages & Literatures Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Spring 2014 Graduates Master of Arts in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: French Concentration

Spanish Concentration

Joseph Bukartek Laura Boynton

Elizabeth Davila Velez Milia Mayora-Soldevila Courtney M. (Oyster) Xospa

Bachelor of Arts in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: French Concentration

Spanish Concentration

Rachel V. Beckley Shelby L. Brown Kelsey M. Hall Gurujoti K. Khalsa Katherine Kroll Suzanne K. Patton O'Halloran Monica A. Rasmussen

Henry S. Acker Dylan J. Archuleta Kaleb D. Blewett Bailey E. Brinkley Meghan E. Crawford Maria B. Cronin Kaitlyn B. Dowd Chelsea M. Geier Joshua D. Gerlott Kristen M. Goulet Amanda R. Herder Claudia Y. Hernandez Elan T. Jimenez-Waters Karla Lerma Banda Patrick R. Levy

German Concentration Samuel L. Ashbach-Sladek Jeffrey R. Gibbens Garrett F. Kelly Sarah K. Koontz Christian W. Lorenz Sharon E. Vaughn


Noelle D. Martinez Sandy Nunez Olivia R. Pait Kari A. Peterson Rachel A. Phillips Jessica L. Quinn Anais O. Rojas Sonya E. Ropek Ailey A. Ruger Brianna N. Rumley Christa M. Schaller David P. Southworth Leah E. Tanaka Andrew W. Willard

Photo by Sydney Izienicki

PhD Candidates Animal Sciences Alma T. Perez-Mendez

Bioagricultural Sciences Richard S. Fletcher Sheri N. Hessler Javier Mercado

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Salem M. Abdul Sadeg Katrina Gillette Leila A. Graves

Soil and Crop Sciences Steven R. Becker Shawn W. Salley Robert B. Young

Master of Agriculture Candidates Kelly D. Blume Katie M. Brayden Donald D. Edling Thomas T. Groneberg Thomas W. Hammerle Bradford H. Hanson Melinda P. Hendricksen Brett Hines Amy K. Kousch Erin L. Madden Alyssa D. Mcconkey Ashely A. Miller Shane L. Mortenson Cody W. Niehus Emily F. Peterson Leigh E. Presley John M. Rickner Ryan J. Rivette Tracy M. Ross Heather M. Schijf Heather D. Steel Charity L. Stocking Huda Tawir Edward R. Thomas Olivia N. Thompson Amy M. Walker Rose A. Walker Shana P. Watson Shiloh D. Wittler

Master of Agriculture Extension Education Candidates Laura E. Cheatham James E. Hilleary John T. Masters Tycee R. Prevatt

Master of Science Candidates Agricultural & Resource Economics Sung Tae Eun Brian R. Quay Dominique Songa Graham D. Swanepoel

Animal Sciences Bo J. Bigler Britney N. Gordon Cyril O. Ibeka Erin D. Karney Carlie C. Perham Crystal M. Warner Alexandra L. Yager

Bioagricultural Sciences Tammy L. Brenner Thomas J. Getts

Horticulture Katie M. Larson Jane A. Rozum

Landscape Architecture Erin G. Brown Colin Day Stephan R. Kansman Jason M. Owen

Soil & Crop Sciences

Rafael Telles Tenorio de Siqueira

Bachelor of Science Candidates Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics Agricultural Business Jessica D. August John K. Barker Seth D. Baucke Bryant J. Benson Kyle P. Biasio Bronwyn Burgweger Joshua N. Cabiness Courtney M. Conrad-Ericson Gina E. Cox Jordan G. Day Kevin M. Ernst Jonathan M. Ferrari Mitchell W. Jergensen Samantha J. Kappen Catharine K. Koroulis Emily A. Laurita Travis L. Lucero Ω Michael P. Makens Rebecca L. May

Megan E. Slater Nathan A. Streithorst Caroline M. Vigo William H. Webster Sarah M. Weeks Margaret D. Weinroth Ω Benjamin T. Wurz Sean P. McKibben Clayton T. Miller ∑ Maxwell J. Morgan Jessica D. Mullin ∑ Chance L. Ouellette Jenna B. Oxenhandler Ω William C. Ramey Patrick B. Schwindt Adam W. Seymour Stephanie Teskey Johannes T. Van Oppen Jedadiah D. Winter

Agricultural Economics Alexa C. Barratt Sheldon L. Skovgaard Ω Shotika L. Smith

Agricultural Education Shannon M. Baylie Kamber M. Carlson Ryan M. Dreitz Shelby S. McCracken Clayton T. Miller Jessica K. Milstein Aaron J. Sobba

Department of Animal Sciences Animal Sciences

Samantha C. Aksamit Kelly N. Arthur Ω Sierra S. Bayles Shannon L. Beckel Erika C. Berra Derrick G. Brown Jessica L. Brown Bryan L. Bussie Lauren R. Butkus Donna M. Clayton Ω Nicole E. Cummings Curtis E. Doubet Ω Liam J. Dunn Shelby A. Eisenbach David M. Escobar Chloe C. Goodwin Jeffrey C. Hawthorne Mattie R. Hummel Lauren N. Jacobsen Ellisa M. Jimenez Sean P. Kauffmann Hannah C. Lewis Ω Kacie L. Mccarthy Jenna B. Oxenhandler Ω Cody C. Peterson Joelle L. Presley Marie N. Prilika Megan E. Riveros Christine K. Russell Ω Celeste E. Samra Paul W. Seat Sarah E. Short

Equine Science

Hannah J. Anderson Margaret J. Anderson John K. Barker Chelsea K. Boggs Daniela C. Buhler Taylor E. Campbell Amanda D. Clute Melanie N. Connor Lanie T. DeLong Blair A. Dickerson Audre Etsitty Marian E. Freidin Lindsey L. Galliher Nikki R. Goettl Stormy R. Havens Samantha G. Huff-Stronks Kelsey P. Kempton ψ Kristina M. Kern Hannah R. Kopenhafer Kenzie N. Krinkee Taylor L. Laramore Tara H. Leibensperger ∑ Hannah C. Lewis Ω Leah M. Major Richard A. Marrott Lauren A. Martin Madelaine M. Martinez Jordan T. McMahill Andrea M. Money Hannah R. Morton Alexandra A. Reetz Miranda R. Rowsey Holly M. Schlotfeldt Chanel L. Schvaneveldt Amy Y. Scott Jodi L. Smith Ashley M. Snyder ∑ Talon A. Speaect Katherine J. Swan Molly N. Trinchero Pamela A. Tuerffs Bailie M. Van Leuven Mason B. Vickerman Annika J. Vohden Megan R. Waite Rachel M. Walton ψ Claire K. Wilkins Ω Emily P. Wolf

Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Horticulture

Andrew F. Arcuri Ω Daniel V. Buelow Maxwell G. Cranford Brianna M. Dorrell

Nicholas B. Drury Kyndra Fletcher Gary E. Gross ∑ Ryan G. Jaebker Stephanie R. Kessinger Ω Kathryn L. Klausner Susan H. Lane Allison L. Lunko Cullen L. McGovern Paul K. Rupp ∑ Michael D. Shade Aubrey L. Smeal Garrett U. Swanson

Environmental Horticulture Troy M. Beans Barrett L. Boos Joshua K. Borgmann Adam W Breitenfeldt ∑ Daniel V. Buelow Jordan W. Goldbrandsen Ben D. Hobstetter Patrick McKenzie Devin M. Mergl Cameron T. Meusch Leif F. Osmundson Jack H. Robbins Eric P. Sabin Christopher S. Tracy Zack K. Wiese Michael D. Wilson Nikolas E. Wooldridge

Landscape Architecture Drew J. Button Elysa C. Engle Brian L. Horton Emily L. Kotulak ∑ Stephanie B. Larsen Connor W. Mcinerney Katy W. Miller Samantha B. Mock Marleen L. Motley Sondra R. Oxley Shiva Solaimanian ∑ Ashley L. Stoever Daniel S. Wood

Department of Soil & Crop Sciences Soil & Crop Sciences Sophia Barstad Ceciala L. Bennett Griffin M. Carpenter Ean J. Clay Ryan E. Goforth Shan Li Jie Lu Cassandra M. Schnarr Ω Kasey A. Shaber Jeffrey A. Siegfried Troy A. Smith Samuel H. Streeter Tiffani A. Walker Ω Cum Laude ∑ Magna Cum Laude ψ Summa Cum Laude + Second Major

Graduation Guide | May 2014


Congratulations Spring 2014

Ethnic Studies Graduates

Photo courtesy of CSU Creative Services

Alumni Association gives benefits to graduates by Devin O’Brien College Avenue Magazine Coming to the end of a journey that took place on the CSU campus and the streets of Fort Collins, many graduates will find themselves parting from the community and heading to post-college life with a new identity: alumni.

Networking Benefits

Alumni CareerRam – This particular alumni benefit helps both students as well as potential employers: • Alumni can search for jobs, manage employment documents such as resumes, schedule on-campus interviews, and view and RSVP for career events. • Employers can post jobs, search among alumni and students for applicants, manage on-campus interviews and register for career events. Alumni Insights – Alumni Insights are events held to network with other graduates and examine multiple career paths, as well as recognize alumni accomplishments. Alumni Business Directory – The directory allows graduates to find other graduates to do business with, to list their businesses in the directory for a fee and to search by geography and services.

Career Benefits

Webinars and Webshops – These internet-based programs allow alumni to learn about other fields and related potential employment options. The webinars are free and introduce viewers to new concepts, while the webshops are fee-based programs that take a more detailed look at specific topics. 24

Career Services – A service provided by Andrea Karapas, a licenced professional counselor (LPC), Career Services has individual career counseling, resume and cover letter critiques, mock interview sessions, career webinars and workshops. • To access this service, recent graduates can call the Career Center at 970491-5707; alumni beyond the first year of graduation can call Karapas at 970491-5494 or email her at andrea.karapas@colostate. edu. CSU OnlinePlus discount program – Alumni using this program get a discount on their first class taken in a Department of Continuing Education distance degree program. Undergraduates are discounted $250, while graduates are discounted $500.

Material Benefits

“Around the Oval” magazine – Published twice a year, with a 12 month calendar as the third issue, this magazine features stories about alumni as well as news about CSU. Members can also submit photos to be featured in the full-color calendar. “Alumline” electronic newsletter – Like “Around the Oval,” this emailed newsletter features news about the university and its alumni.

Ethnic Studies

Women’s Studies

Master of Arts

Graduate Certificate

Karla Gonzales Garcia Mezhad Haghighi Abby Marweg Erica Padilla Leroy Saiz Rachel Vernon

Victoria Brown Devi Deviyanti Anna Dudney Sara Gill Kala Gonzales Garcia Geoffrey Luurs Abby Marweg Courtney Oyster Stacia Sydoriak Carlie Trott



Britney Brightwell Sean Cruz Percy Komla Hevi Megan Quinn Raquel Robertson

Alex Bolton Emma Cumbo Nigel Daniels Erin Drysdale Bralia Fortune Jessica Galvan Angela Grenga Ivan Ildefonso Katelyn Johnson Amanda Kelleher Melissa Mosness Michelle Musseau Sarah Plimpton Dwight Smith Evan Taylor Yessenia Valdez

Minor Bethany Bendrat Megan Brogdon Hailey Duke Hannah Heckerson Haley Myers Alexandria Neve Ryann Peats Michael Vasseur

Come Home Alumni Join the CSU community in Celebrating Homecoming and Family Weekend October 16-19, 2014

The College of Engineering is extremely proud to announce our

SPRING AND SUMMER 2014 GRADUATES! Atmospheric Science Doctor of Philosophy Steven G. Brown Jason B. Dodson Misha I. Schurman Brandon O. Wolding

Master of Science

Kimberly N. Erickson Brody R. Fuchs Leah D. Grant Joshua M. King Ahmad E. Samman Zitely A. Tzompa Sosa* Vanessa M. Vincente

Biomedical Engineering Masters of Engineering

Roberto A. Arauz Perez

Chemical and Biological Engineering Doctor of Philosophy Delian Yang* Jing Zong*

Master of Science Steven W. Smeal Justin B. Sweeley

Bachelor of Science

Luke G. Allen Ω Anthony J. Anderson Gabriel F. Arcuri Andrew D. Baker Kimberly R. Ballinger Bria D. Boeggeman Marlee S. Chase Alexandra F. CholewczynskiΩ Zane M. Danielson Kirsten M. Davis Christopher J. Duran Justin C. Fenzl Kevin L. Ficken Steven D. Floyd Madeline M. Frey Paul A. Gallogly Haftom E. Gebrekristos Katherine P. Glassner Kendall Gurule Riley W. Gustafson Samuel Haro* Anthony M. Howe Emily L. Hurt Taylor A. Keating Sean M. Kelly Steven B. King Richard L. Koch Tyler J. Kotre Ω

Oliver P. Luker Caplan F. Markley Lloyd D. Metcalf Sean P. Morris Traci M. Murphy Connor P. Nash Ψ Martha L. Nunez Hernandez

Corey R. Randall Σ Samuel C. Saccomano Travis E. Schneider Maria T. Sekyi Christopher J. Shenk Heidi M. Spears Matthew J. Swigart Julia E. Taussig Ω Benjamin T. Wagner Ω

Civil Engineering Doctor of Philosophy Brent M. Cody Ana Nicolas-Gonzalez* Farid Karimpour* Benjamin D. Mater* Mohammed S. Mehany Eric D. Morway Mitchell R. Olson Kirsten L. Peterson Stephen M. Scurlock Kyung-Seop Sin* Jordan M. Wilson*

Master of Science

Rajendra Adhikari* Daniel J. Brogan* Ami H. Cobb Aimee L. Corn* Jeffrey K. Ditty* Travis J. Engle* Andrea D. Fasen Jonathan M. Freed Jeswin John* Justin J. Kattnig* Faiq Khan Amol H. Kitwadkar Christine Marjoram Samuel Michels-Boyce* Paula A. Miller* Ajay More* Thomas R. Parker Jonathan S. Rainwater Erica C. Romero* Rene L. Santin* Bradley A. Sick* Andrew P. Steininger Laurie A. Trifone Mikell P. Warms Tyler C. Wible* Xiaochen Yang Yu Zhang*

Bachelor of Science Ahmad M. Albukairi* Julie E. Almasy Thomas A. Alva Alexandra A. Axley

Matthew R. Bangs Ryan C. Barlow Eric R. Boileau Seth A. Brown Cole D. Brubaker Σ Sarah R. Carew Emmet T. Costen* Jennifer M. Dattolo Tyler A. Dell Ω Chenda Deng Patrick D. Dickey Michael J. Dowd

Electrical Engineering Doctor of Philosophy

Christopher L. Fitzsimmons

Masters of Science

Gary L. Floyd Joy C. Foley Ω Chelsea E. Forman Vaishak Gopi Douglas L. Gossett Anthony J. Grasso Erik D. Guberud Mark E. Harris Emily M. Heckman Connor H. Henkel Mackenzie R. Hill Jennifer A. Hippisley Nicole C. Hodges Kevin D. Howard Shane A. Javernick Bradley S. Lasky Jacob R. Leins Σ Christopher C. Lopez Steven C. Mantell Ω Blaine P. Mathisen Kyle E. McKenna Brendan P. Moran Chase R. Munson* Bryce D. Petersen Corey A. Petersen Karly D. Rager Ω Taylor H. Ray Thomas S. Ruder Branden K. Sampaio Brent M. Savolt Ryne L. Schroder Tony C. Speed Ryan J. Stratman Wenyuan Tang Σ Aidan K. Thomas Garth N. Vernon* Charles M. Weber Eric R. Wolaver Kelsey M. Zeutschel

Computer Engineering Bachelor of Science

Hala Abualsaud* Khalid Abudawood* Casey G. Anderson Ω Gregorio A. Campuzano Justin L. Fritzler Ω Jacob T. Thornton Jacob E. Vickers Joshua T. Wallace*

Shirish D. Bahirat Wenbing Dang Bhavesh Khemka* Nicholas H. Klausner* Shankarachary Ragi Neil S. Wachowski David G. Winters* Yang Zhang

Arun Anbumani Bing Bai Clayton J. Bargsten*

Ryan P. Caskey Thiyagarajan Chockalingam

Raja K. Damerla Pranav Swaroop Devalla Manoj Kumar Gedela* Arti Gurunathan* Ye Hong Seyedeh Somayeh Hosseini*

Chaitanya P. Khairnar* Justin N. Kopacz Yuhang Li* Erik Malm* Scott P. Nelson Rahul Rajeev Nair Kunal D. Phase* Pushpaak Ramesh Somtirtha Roy Raghu C. Sammeta Sachin Soman* Prasanna U. Vighne Lihua Wan

Bachelor of Science

Khamal M. Abdulaal Salem O. AlAqeel* Keaton J. Andersen Derrick L. Benallie Christopher T. Benton Nour A. Boland* Thomas Fiala Ω Sam M. Foster Nicholas I. Galvan* Michael J. Garcia Nathaniel A. Hufnagel Kyle H. Huggins Laura M. Imbler Ψ Brian M. Jones Ω Tyler P. Kidney Ω Cameron A. Kleinkort Ω Richard F. Krahn Ω Sky A. Medicine Bear Ryan L. Murphy Andrew S. Noble Ω Brandon D. Pletcher* Michael M. Rader Austin S. Steingrube Kevin N. Thompson* John M. VanKeuren Ω Lucas C. Wadman

Stephen E. Watras Daniel M. White Adam B. Woodward Sam A. Wright Xinran Xu Nengyun Zhang

Engineering Science Bachelor of Science Jameel F. Abdulrazzaq Alexander J. Adkisson Jeremy J. Andreasik Kevin M. Cuff Daniel O. Fischer Rachelle M. Gard* Sean J. Hershfeldt* Jacob L. Koelling Rebecca D. Sutton*

Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science

Brandon L. Barkey Cole T. Buckon Ω Johnathan A. Danneberg Qingjing Gong Ω Corrie E. Houser Kevin D. Howard Emily C. Kasyon Ω Lauren L. Lauritzen* Sandor J. Rebek Keith M. Wakefield

Mechanical Engineering Doctor of Philosophy

Liaw Y. Batan* Marc E. Baumgardner Benjamin M. Geller* Frank E. Greenawalt Esteban Hincapie Gomez* Kiran Kambly Pavel Kobyakov* Arunachala Lakshminarayanan*

Dajiang Liu Victoria Leszczak* Lauren P. Rand Nathan A. Trujillo* Masters of Science Jake D. Bucher* Jaspreet S. Gill* Nathan Loveldi* Mohammad Malakoutirad*

Matthew A. O’Connell* Grant D. Rhoads* Jonathan A. Sorkin* Andrew T. Thompson

Bachelor of Science Trevor G. Aguirre Ibrahim M. Al-Abdan* Mohammed M. Al Ali

Abdulrahman M. Alghamdi

Adam D. Allevato Ψ John D. Allison Ω

Ψ Summa Cum Laude

Khaled H. Altammami Andrew J. Andraski Alexander S. Balsiger Laura K. Banta Sarah A. Bass Darryl L. Beemer Zackary S. Beikmann Scott A. Berres Taylor A. Bevis Ω Brad W. Bieganek Kyle M. Bishop Tess A. Bloom* Thomas J. Booth Cody R. Bourne Jason T. Brack Alex L. Brown Nathaniel T. Brown* Nicholas E. Brown* Timothy D. Brunkow Brendan H. Burns Ryan C. Calhoun Duc H. Chu Noah W. Clark Zane H. Covey Forrest N. Craft Ω Thomas W. Cummings Zhenzhong Dang Ω Brian H. Dean Maria P. Delgado De Leon Zachary D. Dickerhoff Justin H. Dinger Devin A. Emnett Joshua L. Engle Colin K. Erickson Nathaniel J. Finnerty Jesse W. Flanscha Alexandra E. Garcia* Stephen J. Geiger Justin A. Greco Marlena A. Grovenstein Ian W. Haas Samuel R. Hafner Sean C. Hanson Jacob P. Hartman Evan T. Hoffmann Stephen A. Hosana Jared R. Howe Benjamin J. Huff Eric S. Jacobson Ashish Jha Benjamin A. JohnkeΩ James S. Johnson Anna E. Jones Michael B. Jurich Garrett W. Kadillak William R. Kelley Austin R. Kempsell Clinton W. Knackstedt Scott J. Krueger Keaton S. Laden Jennifer A. Lamb Cody D. Lanham Ryan Z. Lewis Michael K. Lichtbach Bradley A. Loucks Joslyne M. Lovelace

Σ Magna Cum Laude

Ω Cum Laude

Ahmed A. Malik Emily R. Malin Matthew R. Manes Fernando A. Mansilla Devin C. Martinez Byron W. McArthur Robert M. Merrion Joshua D. Misek Ψ Stephen W. Mitchell Tyler J. Morgan Michael C. Neder Stanley B. Nestler Ω Anthony P. Nicholson Ω Brian J. O’Donoghue Timothy R. Parry Ω Chad E. Paulson Josh A. PawleyΩ Kurt W. Peterson Qui K. Pham* Trevor W. Pier Alec M. Pott Lauren N. Prentice Samuel W. Riebe Travis J. Rodine Matthew T. Ryon Jacob P. Saewert Nicholas J. Scaglione Tim Schollenberger Tyler B. Schott Jonathan R. Schulz Wade P. Schutte Christopher Sequeira Matthew D. Shepherd Nathan W. Sherman Marshall P. Simms Wesley J. Slinkard Jacob D. Smee Jeremy B. Smith Ryan A. Smith Phillip A. Somers Nathan G. Spotts Michael J. Squatrito Marek Stejskal Nathanael L. Taylor James W. Tillotson Zachary T. Treadwell Trent W. Vanhorn Christopher D. Veltri Steven Z. Wade Yijun Wang Steven D. Ward Alexander T. West Kevin A. Westhoff Ψ John G. Westwood Kevin R. Wilson Nikolas O. Wolfersperger Kyle A. Yamashita

* Summer 2013

Graduation Guide | May 2014



Zachary E. Thompson Yessenia Valdez Fran F. Waldman  Emily S. Warrington 



Cum Laude  Magna Cum Laude  Suma Cum Laude 

Jennifer A. Andrusin Robert D. Brush Kaylan P. Campbell Alexandra D. Caplan Madeline E. Cepero Christine D. Charron Samantha M. Clusman Eric R. Clute Alexander R. Colquhoun Kyle J. Cordain Cheyenne L. Croy Michelle A. Dinkel Samantha L. Erickson Jessica S. Ericson Cristina R. Gannon Taylor T. Glass Jeffrey M. Guidotti Savanna Hamilton Rebekah S. Hiett  Brittany D. Holzworth Mary K. Hooley Crystal L. Jamison Jaclyn A. Janero Connor C. Johnen Phylicia L. Kecskes Jonathan J. Kobey Gwendolyn R. Kristy Michael P. Laurienti Erik R. Linden Ryan D. Mahrer Matthew J. Marcen Melanie E. Matteliano Maxwell A. Mattisson Brittney R. Mayfield Madeline V. Mccormack Corwin L. Mckinney Jenna L. Meier-Bilbo Theodora Naqvi  Zachary S. Nelson Matthew J. Nugent Erika N. Olsen Abran Y. Poot Victoria K. Price Sonya E. Ropek  Tegan S. Ryan Natalie B. Sanford  Rachel L. Schmitzer  Katrina T. Shrawder Paulina C. Slimak David P. Southworth Nicole M. Staples Phillip A. Stern Hillary R. Sugg Darcie C. Sweeney Namuyaba V. Temanju Lindsay A. Thomas


Micah S. Alhadeff Abigail L. Allen Jacquie N. Altman Victoria C. Arias Morgan J. Bargine Alexandra D. Barnes Evan D. Barrett Karli S. Beedle Cody B. Berndsen Kayleigh E. Blanco Sarah E. Bott Megan L. Branigan Kasey L. Broscheit Amanda M. Brown Dillon W. Buck Angela M. Cantello Stephany L. Castleberry Zoe A. Cibuls Virginia A. Clay  Lesley J. Clayton Elizabeth B. Cooper Erin L. Cross Aaron J. Crowell Jeffrey R. Dale Hayley E. Davis Christopher A. Finlayson Alana R. Garcia Alice W. Getz Eric Gill Angela P. Grenga Lauren R. Hamilton Kelee M. Hamilton Brigid A. Hammel Kyla J. Hammel Zachary T. Heil Grahm J. Hendrickson Rose E. Holtsnider Kara N. Johnson Erika L. Kimber Miranda Kimberlin Kate E. Knapp Haley D. Knobbe Rachel E. Knoshaug  Kari Kok  Lauren A. Kroll Anna M. Kuhns Jessica M. Lederhos  Kelsey L. Leppek  Chelsea T. London  Robyn B. Mascolino  Nikki A. Mazarin Kurt C. McCluskey Leah L. McKenna Jaime L. Meek Steven J. Meyers Jacob E. Montgomery

Jake A. Moot Brianna R. Morris Taylor J. Myers Kelsie L. Neill Leslie A. Norberg Miguel J. Ontiveros Elisabeth M. Ortiz Lauren C. Orton Luke C. Oursland Duncan A. Parks  Cammi L. Pearson Steven J. Poling Molly S. Post Ian W. Rhodes  Britney L. Rosenquist Steven D. Sims Asia N. Skipp  Katie M. Smith Kayla L. Smith Elizabeth A. Sonnema Ayesha H. Syed Allison M. Vankleeck Colin T. Veit Jordan N. Wagner Khaira N. Waite

COMMUNICATION STUDIES Zachary H. Adair Nathan T. Adair Trevor J. Adamson Laura M. Albritton  Kyle T. Anderson Daniel E. Anderson Sarah J. Audino Dannah H. Bahrani Jennifer A. Barday Aleah K. Barnes Alina J. Barthle Britta J. Berg Sabrina M. Biglione Max E. Blaustein Rebecca A. Bodemuller Marissa K. Borthwick Peter V. Boryla Kevin A. Boyle Megan E. Brogdon Rachel R. Brooks Rosemary H. Buchanan Elizabeth E. Campanella Stephanie L. Capel-Jones Sarah L. Capen Kimberly M. Cara Kacy K. Carter Anna R. Cartwright Brokk Christianson Jordan R. Ciani Emily P. Clifton Kelly J. Cochran Catherine E. Collins Hailey C. Coughenour Brittany N. Crescibene

Michael D. Crespin Darian G. Davis Joel W. Delgado Joseph A. Deroo Jessica M. Dore Morgan A. Douglas Hailey J. Duke Megan N. Dye Ryan J. Eakins Parker C. Edens Jenica A. Edwards Sara A. Everin Nicole A. Faildo Lauren M. Faltys Jenna L. Farmer Kylie J. Feit Spencer C. Flower Bralia G. Fortune Abby J. Franz Lauren E. Fuino Kathryn E. Garcia Kaitlin M. Geohring Clare J. Grady Dylan T. Granath Scott A. Greer Rebecca M. Gregori Tianna M. Griffis Hayley E. Hall Jacob A. Hamburg Daniel C. Hansen D'moye' L. Hudson Gordon Shanel Hughes Raleigh S. Jackson Veronika L. Jacob Dain D. Kahn Elizabeth C. Kedzior Amanda L. Kelleher Nicole M. Kelly Ayesha B. Khan Matthew T. Kilanowski Hillary K. King Kerri J. Kofod Alexander M. Larson Ju H. Lee Rachel C. Leiser Shanna B. Lousberg Caitlin S. Mahoney Hannah L. Mallegni Devynne R. Marshall Rachel A. Mason Shelby N. McCarthy Rommel J. Mcclaney Sarah M. McIlwaine John C. McQueeney Timothy M. Miaskiewicz Zackary D. Minner Rebecca G. Minniti Danielle M. Moss Andrew G. Murillo Nicholas R. Murphy Keith E. Mutz Danielle A. Nater

Sandy Nunez Doreen L. Nutter Jonathan W. Octeus Chanel M. O'Dell Kevin D. O'Donnell Krystina M. O'Neal  Ryan J. Perotin Jennifer C. Petersen Daniel F. Petriella Nicholas B. Pflipsen Ashley K. Philipp Shaan D. Rickard Michael J. Rohsler Augustine G. Roman Adam M. Rubin Candis J. Ruscetti Felicia R. Sabartinelli Marrissa R. Sanchez Emily L. Sant Tyler L. Scruggs Jaime N. Seifert Samantha K. Selzer  Daniel J. Sewell William A. Shaffer Rachel M. Short Eric M. Siron Dwight O. Smith Kyle T. Smith Sean P. Smith James M. Snell Nathan J. Song Ashley V. Soucie Katelyn R. Sparkman Bradley W. Spies Christian M. Spurlock Alexis J. Stevens Lee Strauss Clark W. Thiem Hayley E. Thompson Gregory S. Thompson Scott A. Thornton Alejandro J. Torres Emma J. Townsend Kerstyn R. Towslee Christopher F. Trautman Hannah L. Vancuren Michael A. Vasseur Tucker R. Veltkamp Derek A. Videll Brianna L. Watterson Keegan S. Watts Crista M. Way Mackenzie A. Weber Ryan T. Weir Jordon D. Weissman Kelsey A. Whetsell Adam J. Wilhelm Seth J. Willden Cameron Williams Matthew T. Williams Curtis J. Wilson Emily P. Wolf Taylor G. Wright Sarah E. Yakich Michelle M. Yoo Jaime L. Young Stephanie G. Zambo Sarah A. Zuber


Jessica A. Aghababian Yazeed A. Alharbi Corey R. Anderson Emily A. Auer  Breanna L. Barrier  Benjamin P. Basow Katelyn A. Batesel  Matthew M. Batrus Jacob M. Bergeson William B. Billica Brandon W. Bishop Kurt A. Borecky Bradley W. Bowen Danielle E. Brockman Dorie L. Buchanan Colton J. Buckner Ha T. Bui Tyler J. Burke Ryan A. Calder Thanh T. Cao David C. Cartwright Taylor C. Cavey Nicholas A. Chantala Mengjie Chen Mackenzie R. Clark Rodney D. Cordova Shea M. Curran My D. Dang Vu Hien T. Dao

Amil L. Demrow Michael W. Dilger Danielle L. Dittmar Dung T. Do Trang M. Do Andrew M. Dodds Angelina M. Domenico Samuel L. Doty Sean P. Durkin Lucas P. Eberhard Andrew C. Eckart Kevin F. Ellis Kyle A. England Justin D. Esquivel Nathan T. Feliss William J. Fisher Natalie J. Fournier Will J. Gere Marcus Giebel William C. Giltner Jared T. Gomes Kristen M. Goulet Ryan A. Gray Dustin T. Grybinas Christopher Gutierrez  Lee A. Halpin  Matthew Z. Hammerly Spencer J. Hanks Kenneth J. Harriman Ronnie N. Hernandez John P. Hilfiker Dalton L. Hinde Giang H. Hoang Lien T. Hoang Phong B. Hoang Yi Hu  Daniel S. Huddleston Kenneth R. Hulbert Michael R. Hunzinger Anna Ivanova  Robert D. Jackson Liangming Jia Austin M. Johnson Philip R. Jones  James A. Kanai Gregory E. Knasel Nicholas I. Kroll Kevin T. Kruglet Khanh Q. Le  Michael K. Leduc Aaron P. Lee James P. Link Yiyang Liu  Tyler J. Marr  Shane S. Martin George M. Mattis Charles B. Mcnamee Brenna J. Meade Robert M. Merrion Joshua M. Molina Dylan W. Mumm Harrison M. Neal Charles A. Negrelli Shane G. Neher Jonathan C. Ng  Anh H. Nghiem  Anh T. Nguyen Bach V. Nguyen Hanh B. Nguyen Hien T. Nguyen Hoa T. Nguyen Hung V. Nguyen Kien T. Nguyen Kim Anh T. Nguyen Long T. Nguyen Ly M. Nguyen Mai Q. Nguyen Hannah C. November Nicholas J. Ochsner Ryan M. O'Keefe Adam J. Ozols Suzanne K. PattonO'Halloran  Anh P. Pham Dung V. Pham Hanh T. Pham Hoang L. Pham  Ngoc T. Pham Dung T. Phung  Michelle S. Primo Michael T. Rhodes Erik J. Rieger Kyle P. Roberts Jonathan B. Rogan Braulio A. Rojas Andrea F. Romano Logan K. Ruhl Michael J. Schneider Kenneth E. Sherer

Ashley M. Shomshor Justin M. Stallworth Arthur A. Stephens William T. Sterne Douglas L. Sweet Nhung H. Ta  Anh Q. Tran  Long H. Tran Ha An Tran Frank A. Tricarico Trang T. Truong Ha D. Vu Nham L. Vuong  Ran Wang Evan T. Wentland Corbin N. West  William P. Wheeler Aaron M. Whitman Scott M. Williams Desmond J. Wisniski Neil T. Wohrley Yuyi Zhang


Amy A. Alas  Andrew C. Ambron Kayleen C. Asmus  Ian F. Bagley Cody J. Beckius Garrett S. Behringer Alex A. Beyer  Kendra Blackburn Fairon A. Bleam Erika S. Bockenfeld Nicholas M. Bonnet Danae R. Bontrager Alexa P. Brooks  Anna G. Burris Kevin M. Chow Lauren R. Cofer Jade E. Collins Kristian C. Cowden Robyn A. Cowley Trevor P. Curry Alexander S. Denu Elizabeth F. Dinkel Sally A. Dunphy Bethany J. Eagan  Kate L. Eleanor Emily M. Ferren Lindsey I. Galliher Chelsea M. Geier  Ryan T. Georgia Kayla K. Gerkin Steven D. Graham Jesse C. Graves Nicholas Grenfell Andrea M. Grenham Richard M. Grybos Stephen A. Guptill Andrew G. Haack Alexander M. Hall  Paige N. Hanawalt Kathryn V. Hancock  Chelsea L. Hansen Karli S. Hansen Astrid E. Hanson  Anna J. Haschke  Alayna M. Heim Elizabeth H. Heine Steven P. Hickey Marie E. Huntzinger Bryah H. Jackson Lyndsey R. Jackson Gwendolyn M. Karpierz  Daniel J. Kay Jamie L. Kerr Gurujoti K. Khalsa  Allison L. Kimbrough Jessica L. Knittle Kari Kok  Meredith M. Kolda Kelsey N. Levitt Ellyn M. Mager  Holly M. Mayer Michael A. Morrow Joshua K. Mortensen  Erin R. Mross  Patrick J. Murphy Haley J. Myers Kelly D. Nugent Christy A. O'Malley Jacob M. Pappas Ryann N. Peats  Kelsey J. Pietens Jacob M. Plessinger Claire E. Redmond  Shelby L. Roberts Marlee N. Sackschewsky

Christa M. Schaller  Dakota K. Schuppe Charlotte C. Sharstrom Diana M. Sitzman Laurie Sue Slavec Jaclyn T. Smith Kaitlyn L. Szejna Nathan C. Tigges Molly N. Ungerer Carla M. Vangrove Cassie R. Villnow Jessica L. Watkinson Amber M. Weber Celia R. Weissman Brianna E. Wilkins Alexandra N. Wissler Jacquelyn J. Wood Alexis Yeager Allison C. Young 

ETHNIC STUDIES Britney L. Brightwell Sean A. Cruz John C. Phillips Megan M. Quinn Carlyn E. Roberson Raquel I. Robertson

FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES Henry S. Acker Katherine L. Aker  Dylan J. Archuleta Garrett R. Atteberry Rachel V. Beckley Gysela C. Blanco Kaleb D. Blewett Bailey E. Brinkley  Shelby L. Brown Meghan E. Crawford Maria B. Cronin Whitney K. Cutlip  Kaitlyn B. Dowd Chelsea M. Geier  Derek D. George  Joshua D. Gerlott Kristen M. Goulet Ryan A. Gray Kelsey M. Hall  Amanda R. Herder Claudia Y. Hernandez Elan T. Jimenez-Waters Garrett F. Kelly Gurujoti K. Khalsa  Sarah K. Koontz Katherine Kroll  Karla Lerma Banda Patrick R. Levy Christian W. Lorenz Noelle D. Martinez Sandy Nunez Kimberly N. Olson Abraham Ornelas-Palacios Olivia R. Pait Suzanne K. Patton O'Halloran  Kari A. Peterson Rachel A. Phillips Jessica L. Quinn Monica A. Rasmussen Regan Rivette Anais O. Rojas Sonya E. Ropek  Ailey A. Ruger Brianna N. Rumley Cynthia J. Santos Christa M. Schaller  David P. Southworth Sarah A. Standing Leah E. Tanaka  Kristina C. Taylor Sharon E. Vaughn Daniel C. White Andrew W. Willard 


Joseph J. Abbatiello Alexander S. Adams Emily A. Adkison  Hayden Ahlbrandt Melanie L. An Hannah J. Arguto  Sarah M. Armon Nicholas C. Berry Anne C. Birt Raven M. Brame  Alexandria D. Brasure Nicholas W. Brown Sean P. Buswell Jamie L. Byers 

Jessica G. Campbell  Joshua M. Carvalho Devin L. Conley Logan C. Cross Jack R. Davies Ky W. Dietz Lisa M. Domke Sean M. Fallon Alexander W. Forsthoff  Brian J. Fox Natalie R. French Daniel T. Gepner James C. Griffitts Loren A. Gurkowski Hailey B. Hancock Drew F. Harris Haley A. Haskell Devin L. Hernandez Paul J. Higashi Alex L. Hoilman Matthew D. House Amanda L. Hunt Nathan L. Huseman Nicholas M. Johnson Amanda P. Kashani Seth W. Klusmire Pearson M. Kraus Aaron T. Landgren Michael K. Leduc Christopher G. Lehrer James K. Linstrom Alyssa Markham Scott A. Martin  Brendan F. Marvel Joel C. Max  Dillon M. Maxwell Allyson R. Mcgrath Sean P. McMonigle Erin R. Mross  Allison Q. Nafie Drew L. Olsson Abraham Ornelas-Palacios Alexandra P. Orton Christopher J. Oxford Marjie A. Patrykus Kari A. Peterson Sarah E. Plimpton Stephen A. Poquette Danny J. Prien Emily A. Reed Matthew C. Reinhardt Jacob H. Rigsby Arielle R. Rubenstein Leah R. Rudd Richard E. Stecker Nicolette R. Stetson Rachel A. Vroegindewey Nicholas K. Wagstrom Benjamin J. Walder Daniel Ward Charlotte J. Willard Adam J. Woehl Christopher L. Wolf Nicole M. Zimmerman


Nicole R. Abernathy Kristy N. Aldridge William L. Aten Emily A. Auer  Kathryn D. Bissell Gysela C. Blanco Kaleb D. Blewett Brandi M. Bradshaw Shelby L. Brown Hayley M. Budzinski Ali L. Carmichael Andres M. Carrera Alexander S. Coslow  Erik J. Davis Kaitlyn B. Dowd Caleb D. Downs Lars M. Eriksen Brooke A. Fiemann Allison A. Franz Gary A. Goldberg Marisol T. Gomes Marrisca A. Goscha James C. Griffitts Connor B. Grogan Alex L. Hoilman Philip R. Jones  Gwendolyn R. Kristy Marilyn B. Lake Rebecca A. Lakin Noelle D. Martinez George M. Mattis Joel C. Max 

Alyssa M. Miller Keri Myers Simrik N. Neupane Brandon A. Parent Grant N. Pfiffner Benjamin A. Phillips Seamus M. Quinn Kaitlin L. Robinson Anais O. Rojas Grethe M. Rundquist Ethan B. Saltzman Heather M. Sanders Eric J. Scott Samantha V. Scotti Matthew C. Sharber Tamlyn B. Shimizu Connor S. Sims  Bryana M. Starbuck Richard E. Stecker Katelyn M. Stratman Kristina A. Syrina Kayla V. Tolbert Miles Williams


Riley M. Adams  Kyla S. Allmon Holly E. Anderson Ann B. Carpenter Jeremy C. Chavez Allison K. Chowdhury Lauren N. Clark Kaitlin A. Cole Jon P. Colyer Cole F. Conley Kyle E. Corbin  Hannah M. Cornish Ashton C. Crabtree Emily A. Cubbage James R. Devore Shaun M. Dolon Margaret R. Dudenhoefer  David T. Dugan Anna M. Dumbauld Jessica C. Fish Lorena Flores Teagan J. Fox Andrea L. Franklin  Ethan Freedman Scott D. Fromberg Olivia R. Gaylord  Jeff D. Geiger  Kelley A. Gilbert Hannah G. Glennon Mariah L. Goody  Matthew Gotlin-sheehan Kayleigh J. Greer Ashley N. Guerra Laurel W. Henderson Dan Herrick  Lena M. Howland Andrea N. Hudson Catherine A. Janicek Sara E. Johnson Jasmine Kabera Lauren J. Klamm Travis P. Lachner Natasha R. Leadem Max A. Lerner Christopher C. Lindsey Trevor S. Lowry Cassidy E. Lundmark Logan R. Martinez Tiffany L. Martinez Anna M. Massara Alexis V. Matula Shawn M. Mazur Kelsey D. McCallister Christopher A. McLaughlin Kasey L. Mcwilliams  Alissa M. Meeks Gregory P. Mees Nigel O. Mills Hailey M. Misheff Carrie A. Mobley  Rachel A. Naden Dominic V. Nedbalski Devin D. O'Brien Tanya I. Ocana Makenzie P. O'Keefe Jonathan D. Pait Samantha B. Parker Horace H. Peek Andrea M. Psomas Anastasia B. Queen Kevin B. Ruby

Kristen N. Scheirman  Jillian M. Sheehan Quentin S. Sickafoose Ian T. Silvester Emily A. Smith  Kathryn C. Spencer Amelia D. Sprague Steven M. Starcer Jessica L. Stentz Caitlin M. Still Won Seop Suh Dillon M. Thomas Sarah M. Thomsen Melanie D. Towler  Michelle M. Trujillo Taylor J. Utt Anthony R. Vessels Sophia M. Vukovich Nicole C. Wagner Ryan T. Weir Abby M. Westover Jessica A. Whitehead Brianna E. Wilkins Aliese K. Willard Alexandra N. Wissler Mikela K. Wood-Ferren Christian L. Zamora Amanda T. Zetah


Krista L. Ackerman Simon H. Alvarez Jade M. Barela Kenneth P. Barr Shaquille C. Bell Alexander M. Billman Bernard M. Blake Kailyn D. Brink Stephanie R. Buckley Matthew W. Burkhalter Adam R. Canessa Taylor M. Carlson Deidre R. Casey Kelli S. Cole Caralyn C. Collar  Melissa A. Dasakis  Bradford D. DeMoss Robert T. Disney Gerson Do Espirito Santo Erin M. Donovan Stephen A. Escobar Nicholas A. Fiore Cara A. Fitzgerald Megan A. Flynn Connor D. Foley Jessica K. Foster Tam F. Frager Anne R. Freyschlag Michael D. Gandini Sarah C. Gilliam Crockett A. Gillmore Rhea L. Gluckman Brianna J. Grenham Aaron A. Grinsell Christian M. Gurnett Jenna P. Hallahan John R. Harnke Shay A. Hogan Jeramey W. Johnson Robin E. Kullerstrand Andrew W. Lesch Hillary M. Matthews Joshua J. Matzen Joseph J. McKay Anna E. Mitchell Kasey A. Monroe-Holtz Kenneth D. Morrison Erin R. Mross  Luisa Pauna Tabitha C. Pulinattu  Brittany A. Quenon Theresa S. Reade  Ashley M. Reid Jake G. Roberson  Lucas T. Robitaille Jeanell N. Santee Sammie H. Shipps Sarah M. Soltysik Sha'Kai D. Swing Evan J. Taylor Willie J. Taylor Christopher R. Thomas Calvin L. Tonga Carmen N. Van Wert Autumn C. Ward Phillip L. Weitzel Candace C. Whittington Asha L. Wiegand-Shahani  Caitlin T. Winterfeld

Brandon L. Wooldridge Jennifer M. Zappa


Ann K. Allman Steven N. Amburn Victoria C. Arias Miranda C. Bashore Bailee J. Baxter Arthur J. Beutel Bruce Burbank Emily R. Campbell Erik J. Davis Camrenne H. Dubler Ashlyn S. Dunn  John A. Erickson Erick E. Escobar Siobahn F. Gleason Meghan R. Hainer Kortney K. Hanson Alyssa M. Howell Sijia Huang Timothy G. Johnson Tracey L. Kaiser Seth W. Klusmire Tucker J. Lehman Ethen M. Marrs  Rianne E. Matthews  Blake A. Miller Emily L. Morris Mackenzie S. Mulligan Jennifer M. New Matthew R. O'Connor Megan M. O'Connor  Sean L. O'Connor Alina N. Osika  Bailey E. Ostdiek Brenna C. Otts  Jerod R. Parker Sophia L. Paton Alexander M. Pierce Brighton A. Prescott  Kaitlyn M. Quenon Mariah M. Ross Matthew G. Rothstein Kirstin L. Roybal Molly E. Salika Jessie E. Sawyer Elliott M. Schwebach Machelle K. Selken Eric A. Shrumm Michelle A. Sieck Mallorie M. Stringfellow  Sadi D. Thompson Macaul C. Trowbridge Anthony R. Vessels Natalie J. Vinyard-Houx Christopher M. Westphal Jessica A. Whitehead Julia D. Whitney Colin L. Williamson Andrew S. Zbryk


Lance C. Allen Derek M. Brannon Sean K. Brown Colin R. Bruzas Joseph S. Christopherson Robert G. Downes Ivan P. Dzintars Alicia R. Fitzpatrick Bryan T. Gronberg Herbert A. Hartline Tyler B. Johnson Alexander P. Leon Maeve S. McGranahan Krystina M. O'Neal  Olivia R. Pait Abran Y. Poot Wade D. Rollins  Joel D. Scott Dylan E. Virnich Christian R. Yepello

POLITICAL SCIENCE Jacob D. Adler Laura M. Albritton  Hannah J. Arguto  Andrew H. Barton Benjamin P. Basow Katherine L. Baum William B. Billica Kathryn D. Bissell Ormi V. Boci Alex B. Bolton Robert E. Brown  Dorie L. Buchanan

Joshua M. Carvalho Erin M. Conn Rodney D. Cordova William S. Crossland Oanh H. Dang Nigel J. Daniels Drew A. Deberard Lynsay R. Demko-Edwards Danielle L. Dittmar Lucas P. Eberhard Ryan J. Eisenach Kyle A. England  Jessica L. Eversole Lara J. Fischlein Cara A. Fitzgerald Alicia R. Fitzpatrick Joseph D. Frechette Jessica R. Galvan Sophanite Gedion Marcus Giebel Marisol T. Gomes Jordan C. Gragert Garrett J. Graybeal  Timothy P. Gurule Kelsey M. Hall  Lee A. Halpin  Spencer J. Hanks Logan A. Hawke  Laurel W. Henderson Sarah Hughes Carl H. Hurtado Ivan Ildefonso Sasha M. Ingersoll Kelly E. Jackson Devon L. Jones Michael E. Kar Tess R. Kersenbrock Jacob M. Koonsman Sarah K. Koontz Kyle R. Kroncke Kelli M. Ludwig Dominic V. Marino Tyler J. Marr  Anna M. Massara Hailey S. McClure Kasey L. Mcwilliams  Rachel J. Medlock Mikaela R. Mitchell Carrie A. Mobley  Simrik N. Neupane Vickie J. Newlin Erik J. Niemi Nicholas I. Norton  Suzanne K. Patton O'Halloran  Lauren E. Perotti Kyle J. Pott Amy T. Pratt Nicholas R. Reese Carol S. Reyes Rueda Dillon J. Rickard Samantha V. Scotti Caroline A. Shandro David B. Smith Zachary G. Smith  Kyle T. Smith Allison L. Spacek  Michael T. Sparks Logan T. Steppan John C. Stockley Michael J. Streight  Shelby K. Swanson Kayla V. Tolbert Taylor M. Waldrop William P. Wheeler Emily M. Willson Taylor G. Wright Kaitlin E. Zito


Kristy N. Aldridge Max A. Anabali Sheri L. Anderson Shanita A. Andrews Kathleen J. Aron Jessica M. Back Abraham Balderrama Katherine L. Banghart  Matthew R. Barden Ryan M. Becker James G. Bentley Melissa C. Bollig  Kathryn E. Bolton  Alex R. Bostic Yvonne M. Bridgeman  Britney L. Brightwell Trevor M. Brown Nicole R. Buford

Jason P. Cacioppo Matthew R. Cano Alfredo Castillo Sarah A. Collins  Joseph M. Costello Emma R. Cumbo Jordan M. Dean Jordan R. Detterer Jennifer L. Dorcey Erin M. Drysdale Elisara Edwards Rebecca L. Eman  Matthew M. Emory Rebecca Y. Estrada Danielle J. Florez Joe B. Franco Brenton T. Fuchs Chad M. Gary Lindsey M. Gates Erik T. Godsey Emily M. Hall  Jarrod J. Hardy Edward J. Harlan Anna M. Harrison Rita V. Harris-Powers Kyle W. Hensley Rachelle A. Hernandez  Tiffany M. Hill Richard A. Hoehler Taylor J. Hubchik Klayton P. Johnson Keya Kalantari Jordan M. Kenney Michael J. Kienbusch Kelsey J. Knibbe  Laura L. Koch Matthew Kotarbinski Jeffrey A. Lacerte Kyle K. Langlois Devin T. Larson Joshua R. Licano Erik R. Linden Stevie M. Lucas  Matthew J. Lucero Vincent S. Maffett Anne C. McBroom Kassia K. McCall Shelby S. Mccracken Pete D. Medina Meghan N. Migas  Melissa D. Mosness Michelle C. Musseau Caleb A. Nagel  Vickie J. Newlin Kelsey M. O'Brien  Chelsea N. O'Connor Trevor L. Okamoto Matthew L. Penn  Lauren E. Perotti Kayli R. Peterson-Johnston  Taylor C. Post Natalie J. Post William P. Presson Nevada J. Putnam Kathryn E. Raynes Michael W. Rister Erica J. Romberg  Destinee Z. Rugar Nick S. Sampson Patricia L. Schilling Ryan N. Schuler Walter E. Scott Cory M. Sheahen Nicole K. Sheehan Kyle T. Shepherd Corey J. Smith Lindsey E. Smith Allison L. Spacek  Logan T. Steppan Jessica V. Stoddard Justin R. Trent Tylen B. Ulrich Edward Umada Carrie M. Watkins Chelsey L. Watson Kelsey M. Whittemore Tessa A. Wieszcholek Jared R. Woodrow Clay S. Worman Elise M. Yenne 


Ph.D. Candidate



Michaela J. Frank Christopher D. Green Michael D. Troyer

Asunta M. Barone Kimberly M. Bauer Naomi I. Gerakios Nicholas M. Johnson John M. Kochanczyk Lindsay J. Kozub Tessa R. Moening Jason M. O'Brien Daniel J. Rypma Diane M. Sanders Joel D. Scherer Jacquelyn D. Stiverson Richard F. Zier


Jennifer L. Brakefield Rachael L. Davis Michael J. De La Cruz Maria A. Hettinga Duffy Charles M. Luna Michael T. Mcgee Jennifer L. Titone

COMMUNICATION STUDIES Victoria L. Brown Anika J. Casem Anne R. Cendak Anna M. Dudney Jessica L. Gantt Geoffrey D. Luurs Sarah T. Peterson Elisa M. Varela Victoria Weber Hillary A. White Elizabeth A. Wicklund



Anil Bolukoglu Alexander F. Carlson Tessa R. Conroy  Micah P. DelVecchio  Ardyanto Fitrady  Katherine L. Hans  Eliakim Kakpo Hujin Kim  Tabitha A. Knight  Ryan J. Levitt John C. Ohakim Michael E. Roberts Tyler Saxon Christopher M. Slootmaker  Omer Tadjion David D. Ward 


Katie M. Adkison Dukhayel M. Aldukhayel Caitlin C. Anderson Sarah E. Austin Ian F. Blake Tara L. Brandenburg Rachel L. Brown Shannon K. Dale Erin E. DeCuir Cheri J. Ecker Benjamin S. Findlay Sarah P. Gillespie Samantha T. Iacovetto Devon D. Jancin Ariane V. Kannan Michael T. Kenny Robert J. Laurie Megan Lemming Victoria N. Leonova Joannah L. Merriman Julie C. Moore Kevin J. Munson Neely B. O'Connor Kathleen A. Palmquist Joelle R. Paulson Joel A. Potter Kaelyn K. Riley Alita J. Savory Christina N. Shane Robyn C. Shevory Tara D. Smith Lucy T. Sopiarz Chelsea M. Stewart Kristen M. Thayer Sean C. Waters Tegan J. Waters Kristina D. Yelinek

Francisco E. Barradas Galvan Chealsea V. Bernhardt Katherine E. Bleikamp Robert D. Bonner Jennifer M. Chengery Young Eun Choi Robert M. Darragh Samuel L. Dolling Leroy A. Gonzalez Jon C. Gray Sierra F. Hayden Patricia E. Hickle Boothe T. Iberg Pamela S. Jackson Meg S. Johnson Megumi Kajigaya Aksana Kavaliova Hae Sun Kim Andrew S. King Andrew Lynge Laura J. Marshall Rianne E. Matthews Juan Guillermo Mireles Andrea S. Morrow Jaclyn B. Palmer Sophia L. Paton Ryan H. Rosete Molly E. Salika Kristen J. Smith Matthew W. Sommer Yolanda Tapia Hernandez Daniel E. Zeff

Morgan A. Elbot

POLITICAL SCIENCE Laura J. Bowman Steven A. Day Melissa S. Fryer Seth M. Greiner Nicholas E. Maydew Samantha Mosier  Cassi M. Nichols Ryan P. Odell J T. Stepleton


Karla G. Gonzales Garcia Mehzad Haghighi Abby C. Marweg Erica Padilla

FOREIGN LANGUAGES Laura T. Boynton Joseph A. Bukartek Elizabeth Davila Velez Milia Mayora Soldevilla Courtney M. Xospa





Annie E. Burnham Eva E. Fisher  Kyle B. Garratt Natalie J. Hansen Anna M. Harvilla Leslie D. Howerton Meghan S. Norton Stephen C. Robinson  Megan E. Stewart

Richard P. Bixler  Richard M. Kluckow Abdelah Lomri Ashley N. Lovell  Kelsea E. Macilroy  Daniel N. McLane  Laura M. Ridenour Stacia S. Sydoriak  Matthew T. Tullis Michelle L. Wellman

Raquel Batista Richard T. Burnette

Graduation Guide | May 2014



How much do you

e v o l

Who voted:

Health and Human Sci 776 Engineering 258

Liberal Arts 1,085

Natural Sciences 570

Business 740

Agricultural Sciences 244 Warner College of Natural Resources 286 Veterinary Medicine and Biological Science 175

How would you evaluate your entire educational experience at CSU?



1500 1,206


500 216 24


t en

ll ce x e



ir fa



Agriculture Sciences Business Engineering Health and Human Sciences Liberal Arts Natural Sciences Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science Warner College of Natural Resources **These survey results are from the 2012-13 Institutional Research Graduation Survey. To find out more statistics and see the 2013-14 survey results, visit


Congratulations to all Spring 2014 CSU graduates! From the Student Diversity Programs and Services (SDPS) offices:

• Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center • Black/African American Cultural Center • El Centro • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning & Ally Resource Center • Native American Cultural Center • Resources for Disabled Students • Women and Gender Advocacy Center

Graduation Guide | May 2014


Friends in College, Friends for Life Four Tips on Staying in Touch with College Friends By Nicole Leicht College Avenue Magazine The last four or more years have been devoted to your life as a college student, whether that means slaving away over an overpriced textbook, balancing school and work to make ends meet or becoming a devoted connoisseur of cheap alcohol. Whatever you chose to dedicate your college career to, you definitely won’t forget the memories you’ve made and, more importantly, the friends you made them with. They’ve seen the good, the bad and the absolutely terrible, and somehow they still accept us. So, it is obviously not going to be a simple task moving on to your next step with or without these friends.

Fear not though, graduates; here are four tips to help you stay connected to your cherished college chums.

1. Social Media Soirees

It may seem obvious, but so often I think we forget. We are living in the age of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are far too many ways of digital communication for us to lose touch with people over simple matters like distance or time. So, log on and live vicariously through your friend’s fairytale wedding or possibly their new posh city life; don’t worry, there’s no judging.

2. Go Back to College

Pay some respect to your roots, the place that made your friendship possible. Celebrate your past as a CSU Ram by dropping in for the annual Homecoming parade or attending a game (can anyone say Rocky Mountain Showdown?). Let’s be real; it will never get too old to rally with friends in honor of a time-old rivalry, a great game of football and maybe a beer or two.

3. Take a Vacation

Take advantage of your college friends living elsewhere by planning a trip to visit them. It’s the perfect excuse to take a little time off to relax and rehash some

of your best years and finest memories. Or, you could really commit and plan a destination vacation with your friends. Spring break: round two?

4. Pick up the Phone

This may be the simplest and yet most important of all the tips. It’s as easy as picking up your smartphone whenever you need someone to laugh with over your awkward encounter or someone to vent with over your bad day at work. Keeping your friends in the know and sharing life’s ups and downs, no matter how big or small, will help you stay connected and will allow you to grow even closer.

Design By | Nicole Wagner

Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition Candidates for Summa Cum Laude Nimz, Meredith Anne Pinto, Colton David (Minor) Shrader, Alysssa Michelle

Candidates for Magna Cum Laude Dinges, Michelle Marie Eaton, Nancy Leigh Isby, Ian Joseph Lu, Shen Salus, Jessica Marie Shi, Jian

Candidates Laudefor Cum Barbera, Michaela Lynnae (Minor) Brandenburg, Rae Ann Delaroy, Bailey Rebecca Ehrlicher, Sarah Elizabeth


The Food Science and Human Nutrition Department congratulates and extends best wishes to the following graduates in Nutrition and Food Science, Hospitality Management, and the graduate program in Giroue, Kaycee Lynn Food Science and Nutrition. Papendick,

Johnson, Makenna Lyn Keen, Kelly Marie Lesley, James Robert Rairigh, Kelsey Elizabeth Switzer, Heidi Lynn Tchen-Tomasino, Emily Michelle

Cramer, Natalie Von Wright Creech, Maria Noel Dooley, Kathryn Faye Dubois, William Cole (Minor) Eldrenkamp, Jenna Rai Fenwick, Brooke Anna Fleming, Amanda Mary

Adams, Justin William Foley, Kelsey Lee Artzer, Hanna Mae Frary, Veronica Leigh Baggett, Elizabeth Christine Frink, Cari Lynn Balumuri, Amulya Fritz, Alysa Joan Barta, Linsey Noel Giles, Matthew William Baughman, Taryn Paige Gilson, Rachel Christine Graber, Erika Anne Buccio, Therese Elaine Greensides, Sarah Jane Coffey, Ryan Bill Halvorsen, Colley, Chelsea Rheann Heidi Elizabeth Hamilton, Kerri Anne Craft, Kyle Jordan

Hart, Kelsey Nichole Hedger, Pember Mae Hemenway, Erica Elizabeth Herzog, Donald Francis (DJ) Hodgson, Ethan Hoffman, Brandon Mitchell Hummel, Darcy Lynn Huskerson, Janelle Lynnae Jackson, Erica Nicole Lynette Jacobsen, Dalton Jeffrey Jerome, Robert David (Minor) Johnson, Allison Christine Johnson, Chelsea Leigh Johnson, Willa B. Killingsworth, Elizabeth Anne (Minor) Klamm, Hali Sue Klopfenstein, Jennifer Ashley

Kommrusch, Jerome Richard Kopsa, Maddison Rose Kustas, Ryan Joshua Landis, Madison Elizabeth Lesko, Alison Janel Lewis, Benjamin Jack

Lim, Wan Nicholas Loadman, Katherine Anne Madix, Chelsea Anne Mazza, Katy Jane McIntosh, Katelyn Irene Meinerz, Karli Michelle Moore, Laura Michelle Murphy, Samuel Joseph Guastella Nees, Amy Michelle Nieder, Hannah Katherine Obigbesan, Ayodele Morenike (Minor) Olson, Andrew Ernest

Allissa Kristine Pitner, Emily R. Popp, Joshua Brandon Price, Kirsten Laura Pyfrom, Morgan Jeane Radcliffe, Julianne Sarah Reava, Allie Morgan Rotello, Marc Stephen Royer, Sandra Michelle

Scholander, Kristine Bernadette Schorger, Ellen Anne Setlock, Tyler Ross Shepler, Mariko Jane Siegmund, Aaron Michael Simonson, Drew Anne Sparhawk, Katharine Clair

VenJohn, Allison Ellen White, Jordan Alexandria (Minor) Zelik, Zachary Alexander

Graduate Students (M.S.) Bobalik, Amy Marie Harner, Erin Amy Massey, Aaron Randall Moore, Reanna Erin Pflugradt, Sarah Beth Sevits, Kyle Jeffrey Stocker, Shanna Nicole Washa, Rebecca Lee Worthen, Jenna Michelle

Spence, Casey Lee Strong, Alison Jo Suelter, Caitlyn Sue Varhus, Kjersti Nelle (Minor)

Graduation Guide | May 2014


Seniors’ Advice

to Underclassmen By Nicole Leicht College Avenue Magazine

You’ve done your time and paid your dues, and now it’s time for seniors to toss those caps. It’s always times like these we look back and reflect on our best years. Whether they were full of good or bad memories, I’m sure there are some pointers you could have really benefited from. So, graduates, let’s take a moment to pass on a few wise words to your successors.

“Meet friends on your hall. Open door policy.” —Taylor Hickey, Landscape Architecture

“Get as involved as possible so you don’t have any regrets later down the line. Sleep when you are dead. And don’t go and do a major where you will make lots of money. Do something you are passionate about and will enjoy the rest of your life.” — Emily Kotulak, Landscape Architecture

“Meet as many people as you can, even the weird ones. My other piece of advice: the first week of classes, wear comfy shoes; you will get blisters.”

Photos By | Nicole Leicht

— Jessica D., Landscape Architecture

“Take classes in all subjects.” — Michael Streight, Political Science


THE DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY CONGRATULATES OUR Spring 2014 GRADUATES! JACOB ASHBY Cory Berens Cheryl Bergman Sara Bikab Sarah Born Amanda Brown Kaylee Brown Victor Cheng Tyler Dalby Aaron Deden (Sm14) Lora Dreesen Edward Ettema (Sm14)

Victoria Frank Yanwen Gong Reese Hitchings Miya Holley Taryn Holliday Kevne Hull Mark Jeon Melissa Karres Nicole Kelly Ryan Kennon Sarah Kirchner Christina Kruk

Tyler Maxwell Angela Niebergall Tara Pianko Hannah Pirner Joel Rivera (Sm14) Kayla Sible Hannah Skaggs Kerry Spring Alexander Starekow Ashley Wengrove Jessica Wright Benjamin Zeter

Graduation Guide | May 2014


15 things By Marissa Isgreen College Avenue Magazine You did it! You are officially a college graduate. You don’t have to tell people what you’re majoring in anymore; instead, you get to tell people what your degree is in. You get to call yourself an alum. You accomplished the four-year task called earning a degree. You go, Glen Coco! Soon Mr. Real World will sweep you off your feet, and it’ll be time to truly assimilate into the adult world. Don’t fret. Instead, spend the time between graduation and starting your career to check off these 15 things.

Photo Courtesy of CSU Creative Services


1. Take the day off. Sleep in, make breakfast and eat it in bed, indulge in a caramel macchiato,

2. 3. 4. 5.


7. 8.

take a walk, spend an hour in the shower. I’m talking staycation status here. When was the last time you spent an entire day doing whatever you wanted and didn’t worry about what needed to get done? Learn to knit, bake soufflés or play guitar. Travel. Get started on that portfolio. Drink one too many margaritas with your college buddies, and make plans to stay in touch. Update your elevator speech. Incorporate your new degree into your spiel. Buy a new pair of slacks. Purge your Facebook friends list.

9. Actually, while you’re at it, professionalize your online presence. 10. Give back to FoCo by volunteering at the Lincoln Center, walking dogs at the Animal House or cleaning up the Poudre River. 11. Adopt a dog. Or a cat. Or a rock. 12. Open a savings account. 13. Take someone who has influenced your life to lunch. 14. Watch the evening news. 15. Realize that the time after graduation and before starting your career is once-in-a-lifetime, and you don’t need a list to tell you how to spend it. You’re in the real world now, so do whatever makes you happy!

Design By | Nicole Wagner

to do between graduating and starting your career

Know Your Alma Mater Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Colorado State. Memories are everlasting of this place so great! May thy Green and Gold unite us, loyal ever be. Colorado State, our Alma Mater, hail all hail, to thee.


Be A



Be A



Be A



Be A



Congratulations to our Spring & Summer 2014 Graduates Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Undergraduates

Atwater, Elizabeth M. Blois, Stuart M. Brooks, Ryan C. Carlo, Jeffrey M. Chapin, Tanner W. Clark, Michael J. Coates, Angela K. Gleason, Hunter E. Nguyen, Taylor L. Robinson, Drake D. Saal, Patrick A. Simmons, Tyler M. Steinbaugh, Zachary W. Zewdu, Daniel Burgesser, Katherine N. Burke, Karen K. Carlson, Caroline E. Slimak, Paulina C Graduates Jensen, Ryan J. Maggart, Ariann L. Hendricks, Alyssa D. Pierce, Adam L. Schmeer, Sarah R.

Fish/Wildlife Conservation Biology

Undergraduates Asnicar, Tyler M. Ballinger, Morgan E. Baltrusch, Kelsie J. Bank, Brandon C. Barksdale, Allyson K. Baur, Jordan B. Behnke, Tessa L . Σ Belfiore, Ashleigh L. Bodzewski, Nicole C. Carson, Chelsea M. Clark, Kelly D. Ω Conway, Matthew M. Critchfield, Kyle C. Diamond, Noel L. Dick, Kyle D. Dickson, Ariana J. Edwards, Marissa A. Fuller, Genevieve E. Gathright, Erin M. Giles, Emma J. Gold, Kerry A. Gordon, Ethan H. Hagan, Andrew J. Hammans, Tyler J. Hansen, Ashley N. Harmsen-Garcia, Morgan L. Hayungs, Jacob L. Holste, Melissa B. Horton, Daniel J. Ω Jacobs, Devin L. Jaebker, Lauren M. Jensen, Nathan A. Jones, Mitchell J.. Keller, Melissa L. Korejwo, Philip R. Kullberg, Yvonne N.

Mack, Jennifer S. McClaran, Adam J. Moller, Daniel R. Patterson, Erica L. Roth, Nicole K. Sawa, Erin A. Schreck, Taylor E. Smith, Tyler J. Σ Stagich, Elizabeth B. Taylor, Daniel R. Thompson, Cara J. Topper, Ian Wait, Colin N. Σ Weiss, Shelby A. Σ White, Julie R. Callison, Justin M. Faulkner, Michael J. Hall, Devin E. Mclean, Hailey E. Mitchell, Noah J. Pease, Brent S. Pfaff, Michael R. Roth, Joshua D. Salido, Michelle S. Smith, Ian T. Susan, Tracy M. Welk, Betsy J. Weyant, Joseph T. Wilkins, Logan R. Graduates Craft, Christopher D. Olsen, Devin M. Bombaci, Sara P. Pearson, Kristen N.

Forest & Rangeland Stewardship Undergraduates

Alamad, Ahmad N. Allen, Kris M. Baker, Nathan J. Barnett, Harrison B. Bashford, Logan C. Bassett, Joyce L. Batson, Evan S. Beard, Timothy D. Benton, Michael J. Blackburn, Ian R. Brown, Phillip J. Burke, Karen K. Ω Carlson, Caroline E. Carpenter, Nathaniel R. Carpenter, Taylor M. Chesus, Kelly A. Σ Collie, Annie R. Correia, Kelsey M. D'Andrea, Michael E. Davy, Ryan A. Eberlein, Elycia P. Frank, Bryce M. Gallagher, Scott D. Gendron, David S. Gloria, Ariana I. Gohring, Evan J. Ω Goldstein, Robyn F. Grant, Stephen J. Ω Grimsley, William A. Haas, Lisbeth E. Haines, Eric R. Halloran, John B.

Hansen, Joshua L. Hornslein, Nicole J. Kain, Jonathan S. Liss, Ryan J. Σ Lynch, Daniel J. Malone, Killian C.

Marreel-Alley, Meghan E.

Mauck, Landon K. McNab, Kelly A. Merewitz, Brian A. Ω Middleton, Jesse J. Morgan, Matthew W. Nagle, Simone E. Noah, Jason L. Passarelli, David Pavelka, Nicholas S. Petersen, Zachary S. Powers, Matthew W. Ramos, Taylor D. Reiling, Ian C. Roberts, Ann P. Rong, Lei Sawczyn, Daniel J. Schum, Joseph M. Sedillo, Samuel R. Shannon, Nicholas T. Sims, Paul D. Σ Sneddon, James M. Stephens, Arthur A. Tadlock, Bradley W. Taylor, Jeremy R. Taylor, Kaitlin S. Thompson, James G. Todd, Kazuo S. Tucker, Stephen T. Williams, Joshua E. Wingate, Julie A. Wise, Bailey S. Karp, Lawrence M. Long, Grayson M. McCay, Joshua D. Page, Kyle E. Sestak-Hart, Rigel K. Sharbono, Jessica A. Tarter, Joseph M. Thompson, Mark M. Graduates Belval, Erin J. Berry, Nathanael S. Ghajar, Shayan M. Halverson, James L. Lally, Stephanie A. Lund, Aaron M. Moriarty, Kevin N. Wilmer, Hailey N. Zawacki, William M. Derderian, Drew P. Eckhoff, Michael Ex, Seth Huber-Stearns, Heidi R. Kinseth, Michelle A. Nguyen, Dung T. Orth, Patricia B. Ziegler, Justin


Undergraduates Blumenthal, Justin M. Bzdok, Brandon T. Crowder, Jessica B.

Griffin, Kaylie A. Lee, Geoffrey S. Luckie, Thomas W. Miller, Grant D. Nelson, Corey B. Revielle, Emily A. Schmetterer, Jacob E.. Specketer, Lucas R. Thomas, Jay D. Willette, Michael D. Bugarin, Eve M. Christensen, Joseph C. Cunningham, James M. Denoyelles, Peter D. Fendrich, Hillary L. Hesseltine, Garth L. Kascak, Edward W. Newby, Blake L. Pegg, Thomas M. Ziegler, Abra E. Zink, Christopher P. Graduates Klingel, Heidi M. Kolte, Ketki P. Sternlieb, Faith R. Thomas, Dai B. Albert, Stacie E. Droege, Lauren A. Jackson, Karen J. Laurel, DeAnna J. Mangano, Joseph F. Millikan, Ronald A. Pierce, Jamie E. Potter, Richard A.

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Undergraduates

Appelhanz, Kevin M. Bray, Madison L. Brindle, Crystal A. Σ Carpenter, Taylor M. Dadisman, Nancy C. Deromanis, Benjamin R. Donahue, Marie C. Dunn, Ryan J. Elliott Frost, Jacob R. Evans, Alexandra R. Faurot, Mitchell J. Gaucin-Fox, Gabriel G. Gidre, John A.. Gordon, Evan A. Green, Jesse D. Hawkins, Corbin M. Hennig, Taryn R. Hetsko, Kate A. Howe, Rebecca A. Jackson-Clockston, Sydney Jadovich, Peter S. Karas, Stephen A. Kelley, Timothy J. Kiesel, Colin J. Krieger, Greg L. Maclachlan, Donald D. Mayes, Brendon R. Norton, Chris K. Perry, Carissa A. Quinn, Jessica L.

Rastall, Gale A. Rex, Kelsey A. Ridder, Christopher J. Rudkin, Ashleigh P. Ω Sabina, Christopher S. Seiler, Jonas S. Soraci, Graham M. Tully, Patrick S. Vincent, Michael V. Wakefield, Benjamin O. Walton, Steven M. Yardumian, Cedar B. Aceto, Katy R. Armstrong, Donald W. Buecher, Brain H. Calhoon, Samantha J. Culbertson, Colleen P. Diamond, Ethan G. Dunkle, Bradley J. Fenton, Mark S. Gao, Yun Gehrke, Kathryn L. Gomoll, Hayley K. Green, Jordan P. Groves, Lee W. Guy, Harland R. Hatch, George V. Henschel, Anna E. Jensma, Shelby D. Klein, Paul D. Konopka, Sarah C. Konopka, Tess E. Lamb, Ashton C. Lambert, Kacy L. Lipp, Kelsey L. Malone, Thomas M. Mathe, Ryan T. Milam, Tanya L. Northup, Sarah D. Over, Gregory E. Perry, Patrick R. Reyez, Zachary T. Singer, Jamie A. Snider, Brett J. Sutherland, Julie E. Tefft, David W. Tewolde, Salem L. Thomaschefsky, Max E. Tucker, Daniel B. Uekert, David A. Wein, Kayla C. Wilkening, Carey A. Willis, Sarah D. Winsett, David H. Zavilla, Kristen N. Graduates Abrishami, Khatoon Adams, Moran E.

Aldana Marquez, Lesly T.

Alexandrova, Ekaterina Archie, Timothy N. Ballister, Tucker S. Bauer, Emily K. Bereznak, Aila Beye, John R. Blochowiak, Stephanie A.

Buecher, Kevin J. Calzada Vazquez Vela, Alejandra Carlson, Kelsey L.

Carrera, Joshua A. Castiaux, Marianna J. Coronado, Kyle M. Cox, Keith A. Crossman, Katie J. Cueni, Lara K. Davis, Shawn K. Falcao, Jenael A. Festa, Jesse M.

Gosch-Hedlund, Kirsten M.

Gramza, Ashley Henderson, Matthew J. Hernandez Aguilar, Karla Gabriela Jackman, Anna L. Jacobo Enciso, MarA-a d.

Jamar, Oria D. Jans, Geoffrey C. Jurjonas, Matthew D. Landa Romo, Cintia Mallory, Jessica F. Marek, Ophelie S. Minihan, Christina M.

Mondragon Rodriguez, Lorena

Nwoke, Christian C. Pace, Wendy G. Pliske, Daniel M. Pulc, Matthew D. Rivera, Leopold Romero, Cara R. Smith, Stephanie D. Smith, Terra M. Su, Yi-Chen Thomas, Alexander J. Thorsen, Justina M. Tweed, Derek S. Wang, Haozhi Wardell, Jonathan Weng, Wei-ju Yeh, Damon Zhao, Wen Bonfield, Susan B. Ceballos, John P. Martin, William C. Peterson, Courtney L

Summer 2014 Graduates

Aceto, Katy R. Armstrong, Donald W. Atwater, Elizabeth M.. Buecher, Brian H. Bugarin, Eve M. Calhoon, Samantha J. Callison, Justin M. Christensen, Joseph C. Coates, Angela K. Cope, Derek J. Culbertson, Colleen P. Cunningham, James M. Denoyelles, Peter D. Diamond, Ethan G. Dunkle, Bradley J. Faulkner, Michael J. Fendrich, Hillary L. Fenton, Mark S. Gao, Yun Gehrke, Kathryn L. Gomoll, Hayley K. Green, Jordan P.

Groves, Lee W. Guy, Harland R. Hall, Devin E. Harrison, Amanda S. Hatch, George V. Henschel, Anna E. Hesseltine, Garth L. Jensma, Shelby D. Karp, Lawrence M. Kascsak, Edward W. Klein, Paul D. Konopka, Tess E. Lamb, Ashton C. Lambert, Kacy L. Lipp, Kelsey E. Linstrom, James K. Long, Grayson M. Malone, Thomas M. Mathe, Ryan T. McCay, Joshua D. Mclean, Hailey E. Milam, Tanya L. Mitchell, Noah J. Newby, Blake L. Nguyen, Taylor L. Northup, Sarah D. Over, Gregory E. Page, Kyle E. Pease, Brent S. Pegg, Thomas M. Perry, Patrick R. Pfaff, Michael R. Roth, Joshua D. Salido, Michelle S. Sestak-Hart, Rigel K. Sharbono, Jessica A. Simmons, Tyler M. Singer, Jamie A. Smith, Ian T. Snider, Brett J. Susan, Tracy M. Sutherland, Julie E. Tarter, Joseph M. Tefft, David W. Tewolde, Salem L. Thomaschefsky, Max E. Thompson, Mark M. Tucker, Daniel B. Uekert, David A. Wein, Kayla C. Welk, Betsy J. Weyant, Joseph T. Wilkening, Carey A. Wilkins, Logan R. Willis, Sarah D. Winsett, David H. Zavilla, Kristen N. Ziegler, Abra E. Zink, Christopher P.

Ω Cum Laude Σ Magna Cum Laude Ψ Summa Cum Laude

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an Athlete’s


By Josephine Bush College Avenue Magazine

windy ones, a lot of runs we thought we were going to die on, and somehow we made it to the end with some story or inside joke that made it worth it,” Hanenburg said. “I like to compete and win, too; that was pretty neat to get to do.” After her senior track season concludes and she graduates with a biology degree, Hanenburg’s life will be filled with adventure and trying new things a division-one athlete simply doesn’t have time for. Her future will consist of skiing, climbing, traveling and maybe a marathon thrown in there. The avid athlete plans on staying active and will continue her passion for running. “Athletics have been too big a part of my life to just stop,” Hanenburg said. Being a student athlete has given Hanenburg an

identity she will carry throughout her life: a steadfast, determined woman who attacks aspects of life as they come to her. “I will miss college athletics very much. I have loved being a student athlete. It is where I have made some of my closest friends and some of the greatest memories... there is something really special about representing a college when you put on a jersey, even if all you are doing is running circles around a track to represent the university,” Hanenburg said. With weekends free and a little more free time all around, Hanenburg said she will take time to enjoy the Colorado outdoors, soak in the sun, try new things and always keep running.

For the first time since senior Kaitlin Hanenburg can remember, she will not have practice at 3 p.m. She will no longer spend mornings before the sun has risen adding in extra mileage or meeting teammates at the South College Field House for intervals, tempos or early Saturday morning runs. Furthermore, weekends will no longer consist of track meets, but rather free time or maybe even a little down time. A CSU athlete in track and field and cross country, Hanenburg has stayed devoted to her sport throughout her years in college, always pushing her limits and making it to the next level. “My favorite aspect of college athletics has been going through college with a group of people who have suffered some long runs together, some real cold runs, some

I will miss college athletics very much. I have loved being a student athlete.


­— Kaitlin Hanenburg, CSU Track

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Congratulations from the

Department of Sociology Kristy N. Aldridge Max A. Anabali Sheri L. Anderson Kathleen J. Aron Abraham Balderrama Katherine L. Banghart Matthew R. Barden James G. Bentley Melissa C. Bollig Kathryn E. Bolton Yvonne M. Bridgeman Britney L. Brightwell Trevor M. Brown Nicole R. Buford Jason P. Cacioppo Alfredo Castillo Sarah A. Collins Joseph M. Costello Jordan M. Dean Jordan R. Detterer Jennifer L. Dorcey

Erin M. Drysdale Rebecca L. Eman Matthew M. Emory Danielle J. Florez Joe B. Franco Brenton T. Fuchs Lindsey M. Gates Emily M. Hall Jarrod J. Hardy Edward J. Harlan Rita V. Harris-Powers Anna M. Harrison Kyle W. Hensley Rachelle A. Hernandez Tiffany M. Hill Richard A. Hoehler Taylor J. Hubchik Klayton P. Johnson Keya Kalantari Jordan M. Kenney Michael J. Kienbusch

Kelsey J. Knibbe Jeffrey A. Lacerte Kyle K. Langlois Devin T. Larson Joshua R. Licano Erik R. Linden Vincent S. Maffett Anne C. McBroom Kassia K. McCall Shelby S. McCracken Pete D. Medina Meghan N. Migas Melissa D. Mosness Michelle C. Musseau Caleb A. Nagel Vickie J. Newlin Kelsey M. O’Brien Chelsea N. O’Connor Trevor L. Okamoto Matthew L. Penn Kayli R. Peterson-Johnston

Taylor C. Post Nevada J. Putnam Kathryn E. Raynes Michael W. Rister Erica J. Romberg Destinee Z. Rugar Nick S. Sampson Patricia L. Schilling Kyle T. Shepherd Corey J. Smith Lindsey E. Smith Logan T. Steppan Jessica V. Stoddard Justin R. Trent Tylen B. Ulrich Carrie M. Watkins Chelsey L. Watson Tessa A. Wieszcholek Jared R. Woodrow Clay S. Worman Elise M. Yenne

Graduation Guide | May 2014


A Graduate’s Perspective on the

NEXT steps By Amanda Zetah College Avenue Magazine


freshman and this seasoned senior have in common: we are bound and determined to do it all — no regrets. A big part of me wants to go back and walk up to my freshman-year self. I would take that silly lanyard off her neck and wipe her tears away. Pat her on the back and tell her that everything is going to work out but that it won’t be anything like what she expects. She would have laughed in my face if I told her what was in store. No, she won’t be a surgeon. She won’t even make it past freshman biology before giving up and pursuing her dream of writing. And then, her writing career would take a turn the minute she stepped foot in a small orphanage in Nicaragua. She wouldn’t believe me when I told her that she will have gone to 21 countries on her own in the next two years. She wouldn’t believe that after graduation she would be teaching English in Sierra Leone with the Peace Corps. She would be too scared to sky dive in the Swiss Alps or venture through the Red Light District of Amsterdam or try haggis in Scotland. She wouldn’t ride a camel in Morocco. So take a second, and figure out who you are at this very moment. Think about everything you want to accomplish at CSU, and go do it. Nothing is stopping you. After all, you won’t recognize the person who walks across that stage at graduation. But, the good news is that CSU will help to shape you into the best person you could possibly be.

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Zetah

Take a second, and figure out who you are at this very moment

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The person you were four years ago will not be the same one walking across the stage at graduation. Let’s take a trip down memory road to the first day of freshman year. Picture this: a mousy brunette wearing a carefullyselected outfit, tags still attached. She’s bound and determined to become the world’s best surgeon and is entering in as a biochemistry major. She walks out of Ingersoll Hall, gets hopelessly lost trying to find Clark A101 and sits on the bench outside of the Behavioral Science Building, crying behind her sunglasses — that girl was me. Fast forward to now. The future is looking just as scary these days, but this time I feel like I’m wearing an imaginary tool belt, equipped with the lessons I’ve learned at CSU. In the last four years, I’ve learned independence, resourcefulness and resilience in the pursuit of my dreams. Back then, that mousy girl had no idea that CSU would take her on a whirlwind adventure she never expected — one full of great friendships, great memories and great lessons. As many of my fellow seniors can attest to, it hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve failed a few tests, pulled a few too many allnighters and had my head in a toilet after nursing a few too many beers at Mo Jeaux’s on a Wednesday night. On the same token, I’ve gone on sunrise hikes to Horsetooth, studied abroad in Europe and everything in between — name it and I’ve probably done it. That sounds cocky, but there’s one thing that mousy



BOARD OF STUDENT COMMUNICATIONS: Olivia Gaylord, Chris Lindsey, Whitney Henderson COLLEGE AVENUE: Jessica Fish, Logan Martinez, Devin O'Brien, Abby Westover, Amanda Zetah CSU LIFE: Kyla Allmon CTV: Riley Adams, Kaitlin Cole, Joel Delgado, Meg Dudenhoefer, David Dugan, Annie Dumbauld, Lena Howland, Rachel Knoshaug, Makenzie O'Keefe, Luc Robitaille, Katie Spencer, Steven Starcer, Dillon Thomas, Jessica Whitehead KCSU: Kasey Broscheit, Matt Giles, Alex Hall, Zoe Lanterman, Steven Starcer, Arthur Stephens, Stacy Queen, Taylor Utt, Ryan Weir ROCKY MOUNTAIN COLLEGIAN: Adam Allevato, Remi Boudreau, Madison Brandt, Andrew Carrera, Hannah Cornish, Scott Fromberg, Eric Gill, Hannah Glennon, Jefferson Geiger, Isabella Heepke-Laws, Shanel Hughes, Jasmine Kabera, Dylan Langille, Natasha Leadem, Erin Mross, Simrik Neupane, Mike Norris, Daniel Sewell, Richard Stecker, Mackensie Stiff, Hunter Thompson, Sarah Thomsen, Laura Wallace, Tamara Westman, Voncell Woods, Amanda Zetah Graduation Guide | May 2014


CSU Graduation Guide: Spring 2014  
CSU Graduation Guide: Spring 2014  

Your guide to graduation and life after, the CSU Graduation Guide for Spring 2014 is now available for online reading and download.