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Michael Sattler - Executive Director Abram Palmer – Communications and Marketing Specialist Don McMaster – Office Manager Nancy Crist – Bookkeeper

Board of Directors EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Sally Taylor Sally Taylor Insurance Group RMAA Board Chair Kelli Theis PioneerSolutions RMAA Board Vice-Chair Wade Frisbie Frisbie Financial RMAA Board Treasurer Jerry Cunningham OUTFRONT Magazine RMAA Board Secretary

DIRECTORS Cindy Koch Always Best Care Senior Services Michael Rodel Retired, formerly Kaiser Permanente

Chorus Leadership Board Representatives Everett Schneider Bedrock Landscaping Materials President, Denver Gay Men’s Chorus

Scott M. Elliott Keller Williams Realty DTC LLC

Karis Meskimen The Chartis Group President, Denver Women’s Chorus

Rev. Christopher Gilmore Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ

Scotte Hoerle TIAA RMAA Marketing Committee Chair

James A. Henderson Attorney At Law Ann Afton Families First

James Knapp Artistic and Managing Director DGMC


James Knapp – Artistic and Managing Director Sam Eschliman – Assistant Artistic Director & Director of Off Kilter! Ricki Vorrath-Moyer – Principal Accompanist Ken Leist - Choreographer

Mark Zwilling Artistic Director DWC

Mark Zwilling – Artistic Director Alison Dozier – Assistant Artistic Director & Director of Take Note! Beth DeBoer - Principal Accompanist Sarah Blizzard - Take Note! Pianist


A special thanks to the Louden Family Foundation, Ralph L. and Florence R. Burgess Trust, AmazonSmile Foundation, CenturyLink Foundation, ExxonMobil Foundation, Charles Schwab Foundation, Community First Foundation & The Collins Foundation 3

January, 2019 - A letter from the Artistic Director Greetings, Denver Women’s Chorus fans!

Greetings! I am so grateful you have decided to join us today as the Denver Women’s Chorus presents its January concert, Nevertheless We Persist: Singing our Stories for 35 Years. It has been my privilege to work with DWC, with the support of the Rocky Mountain Arts Association, to create beautiful and meaningful music highlighting persistence throughout women’s history. I think you will find this concert to not only be musically rich, but also personally fulfilling and inspiring. Thank you for giving your time to listen to this beautiful music and for supporting the work we have done as a community. In the context of our social and political climate, we acknowledge the importance of sharing stories of how members of the LGBTQIA+ community and women find the strength to fight against injustice, misogyny, prejudice, and intolerance. This year, the Denver Women’s Chorus is celebrating our 35-year history of harnessing our differences to create a welcoming community. And, as Audre Lorde once wrote, “[i]t is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences,” we recognize, accept, and celebrate our differences through music. The persistence of this very special community of singers and supporters is reliant upon our dedication to telling our stories and holding space for others to share their stories. So, today I invite you to listen deeply to the stories we have collected and will be sharing through song. Your presence here fills me with hope that we can continue to share the powerful stories of how marginalized people in our world have persisted, despite all odds. Again, I am glad you have decided to spend your time with us today, and I am confident that you will leave this concert inspired to celebrate the different ways in which we all continue to persist. DWC Out In The Community: • • • • • • • • •

Sang the national anthem for the Colorado Rockies Game at Coors Field, August 2018 Collaborated with the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus on RMAA’s annual Cabaret Unleashed!, October 2018 Hosted our Annual “Scary-oke” event, October 2018 Performed at the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance’s 5th Annual Teal Gala, November 2018 Hosted our first DWC Movie Night featuring the RBG documentary, December 2018 iPie Wheat Ridge Pizza fundraiser, December 2018 Performed at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science SCFD LGBTQ Community Day, December 2018 Performed at the inauguration of Governor Jared Polis, January 2019 Performed at the Womxn’s March on Denver, January 2019

Oh and one more thing! Mark your calendars now for April 4th and join us at the DoubleTree Hotel in Stapleton as we host a special 35th Anniversary Banquet, with special guest speaker, State Representative Leslie Herod from the 8th district, the first gay African-American elected to the Colorado Legislature! The banquet will showcase our 35 year herstory, with art from our concerts from over the years, past and present performers, some great music and a silent auction! Mark Zwilling Artistic Director of the Denver Women’s Chorus 4

Artistic Staff for DWC

Mark Zwilling, Artistic Director

Mark’s educational and professional background is extensive, and he has served as artistic director for the women’s chorus for 17 years. Mark also served as artistic director for Out Loud: the Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus for 5 years. Currently, he is the Director of Music and The Arts at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch. St. Andrew has more than 450 active music participants in a graded music program. Mark is an active performer and maintains a private studio in organ, voice and piano.

Alison Dozier, Assistant Artistic Director Alison Dozier is the Assistant Artistic Director of the Denver Women’s Chorus and the Director of Take Note! the small ensemble of the Denver Women’s Chorus. Alison has been with the chorus for the past 9 years in a variety of roles. As a member of Take Note! she has collaborated on original arrangements and choralography. Alison has loved to sing since childhood and comes from a musical family. Alison is a professional counselor in Denver working with children and families.

Beth DeBoer, Principal Accompanist Beth De Boer is proud to accompany the Denver Women’s Chorus. She has accompanied several ensembles in the Denver area, including the Cherry Creek Chorale and several adult and youth theatre productions. She is the staff accompanist at Castle View High School where the choral program includes six choirs, and is the organist for a local church. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, motorcycling, and making music!

Tofer Breüer, Certified Sign Language Instructor Tofer Breüer is the only Deaf music interpreter in the US and is the proprietor of “The Kilted Interpreter.” He studied at Gallaudet University and is a certified paralegal. Tofer is grateful to be performing with DWC and Take Note!, as he feels music can be a universal bridge between hearing and deaf education.




1984 - 2019 DWC Chorus Council

Karis Meskimen, President Karen Avilés, Vice President, Jennifer Archuleta, Treasurer Cheryl Hamilton, Secretary Kayln Bohl, Production Kelly Grutsch, Fundraising Cheri Hall Gloria Moser, Membership Kyanite RainbowPeace

Production Team

Kayln Bohl, Production Manager Karen Avilés Sarah Blizzard Yvonne Cherena-Pacheco Carolyn Dieckmann Alison Dozier Karis Meskimen Lizzy Miller Kyanite RainbowPeace Katie Richards Rachel Richards Karen Tran Bri Waites Mark Zwilling Cate Cearley, Sound Engineer Christine Childs, Stage Manager Elizabeth Flores-Rhyme, Assistant Stage Manager Matthew Taggart, Lighting Designer Kassidy Pressley, Lighting Mark Zwilling Mark Heneghan

Production Design Kayln Bohl

Follow us on your favorite social media platforms! @DenverWomensChorus




ASL Interpreter Tofer Breüer


Bri Waites Cooper Rae (Juntos)


Alison Dozier- Percussion Cheri Hall - Guitar Gloria Moser- Percussion Shari Lemon- Percussion, Guitar

Music Advisory Council Connie North, Chair Carolyn Burtner Michelle Busse Yvonne Cherena-Pacheco Alison Dozier Arielle Finegold Stephanie Jauregui Kyanite RainbowPeace GwenEllyn Nordquist Julie Roebuck Cece Thomas Sarah TL Waugh Mark Zwilling


Sarah Blizzard


Sarah Blizzard Lauren Davis Karen Tran

Marketing Committee Scotte Hoerle, Chair Steven Capaldi Carolyn Dieckmann Cheryl Hamilton TJ Kizuka Cheyenne Michaels Christine Monks Abram Palmer Michael Sattler Sally Taylor

Special thanks to

Barefoot Wines Central Presbyterian Church Wil Smith Joe Martell Kyle Dobbins, Band Director at South High School (Snare Drummers) Dan Eberhart Cheryl Hamilton Integrity Print Group iPie Wheat Ridge Karen Tran Lynn Montano Lynn Nimmo Metropolitan Community Church of the Rockies MillerCoors Montview Presbyterian Church OUTFRONT Magazine PepsiCo Rebecca Louden & OneHope Wine

A special thank you to RMAA’s Fifth Section Volunteers, who signed up to help RMAA in various capacities for Marketing Concept, Artwork & our productions! Thank you!

Graphic Design

Annie Kitchen Design

Special thanks to


A very special thank you to the Louden Foundation, supporting DWC programming since 2012!



1984 - 2019

Soprano 1 Gwen Balk Sarah Blizzard Sheila Bluestein Izzy Brunner Alicia Burtard Kilee Cooper+ Angie Durlin+ Christina Gammon Victoria Garmonia Christine Kaminske Jessica Knoedler Lyndsey Lane Eliza Longaker Cheyenne Michaels Laura Miess Lynn Montano Connie North* Carol Padgett Julie Porter Laura Reed+ Katherine Ross Janice Tilden Lee Tomsyck Bri Waites*+ Sarah TL Waugh+

Soprano 2 Karen Aase Annie Anzelone Jennifer Archuleta Jamie Barkley Emily Budd Carolyn Burtner Michelle Busse Sonja Chalfant Pamela Coen Pat Condon Lauren Davis Carolyn Dieckmann Elise Fitschen Katie Gaertner Mary Ellen Garrett Rhiannon Hogan Stephanie Jauregui Cassie Jensen Sue Knight Rebecca Louden* Lizzie McIntire Allison Mesereau Ivy Moe Carolyn Nunn Kyanite RainbowPeace Julie Robuck* Yolanda Roman Gwen Rush Adrien Schless-Meier * = musical section leaders Kelly Signer Chesca Smotherman ** = section coordinators Courtney Squire Kyra Sweeney + = Dancers Cecilia Thomas Madeleine Wagner Emily Wheeland

Alto 1 Molly Acker+ Ann Afton Jo-Ann Birch Kayln Bohl Janice Bowen Katie Brewer Jane Calder Ann Chamberlin Ann Cuthbertson Lauren DeAlleaume Angela DeCunzo Alison Dozier Tina Edwards Arielle Finegold+ Angela Gilbert Yvonne Goutman Kendra Halligan Cheryl Hamilton Hilary Hellums Emily Holcomb Sena Johnson Tina Kimpo Kalima Knapp* Shari Lemon Dahlia Lopez V McDougall Clarsa McElhaney Layle McFatridge Amy McKay Karis Meskimen Lizzy Miller Gloria Price Moser GwenEllyn Nordquist Jennifer Over Mary Palmer Beth Pearson Denise Peredia

Singing Members Monica Pressley* Jenny Przekwas Jen Purcell Cyndi Robuck Breana Romero-Klein+ Julie Thomas Karen Tran+ Rachel Walker Susan Whittlesey Alto 2 Karen AvilĂŠs* Petra Bennett Melody Bishop Lisa Brotz Yvonne CherenaPacheco Peg Coats Alyson Daly Aleeza Flores-Rhyne Jude Gassaway Kelly Grutsch Cheri Hall Angela Henderson Avril Howe* Marcia Hoy Lakey Love Billie Lusk Heather Mackay Genna Madic Kareen McCollough Jennifer Molde Christine Renee Monks Jada Petersen Kristie Price Leah Romero-Klein Sara Vallejos Kathy Vik

DWC Chorus Angels Sisters in Song Never Forgotten You may notice that DWC has stuffed animals at all of our concerts. These represent our chorus angels who we have lost over the years. Each animal has been chosen specifically to represent the personality of the member and remind us that they may be gone but are not forgotten. Rosie Bennington Kathleen Barney Mary Centa Susie Deaver Uma Devidatta Janet Dreifus Hsaio-ti Falcone JoAnn Grant Shirley Guenthner Mary Jean Kindschuh (MaJe)

Deb Makarski Jean Mott Miryam Natzorg Skip Neal Ann Quarterman Linda Rodriguez Karen Slatt Candace Weinrich Denardi

Alison Dozier, Director Karen AvilĂŠs Arielle Finegold Yvonne Goutman Cheri Hall Lyndsey Lane Shari Lemon V Rose McDougall Gloria Price Moser Beth Pearson Monica Pressley Cyndi Robuck Sarah TL Waugh 7

Act 1 Bread & Roses

Music by Caroline Kohlsaat and Judy Collins Words by James Oppenheim Soloist - Clarsa McElhaney These lyrics were written at the turn of the century when women across the country fought for unionization and better working conditions. Labor sympathizer James Oppenheim supported striking women millworkers in Massachusetts, who also wanted time and money for the beauty of life. An omitted verse says, “Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread but give us roses!”


Words and Music by Jim Papoulis The theme words of this song are “together we are strong, divided we fall”. Jim Papoulis, inspired by his work with the Foundation for Small Voices, believes that music can heal and empower the lives of children. His choral music utilizes percussion and world rhythms.


Words by Margaret Walker Music by Andrea Ramsey Andrea Ramsey was inspired by the poem by Margaret Walker celebrating the strength of our grandmothers - “determined womanhood”. Ramsey has held the position of Associate Director of Choral Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is at present pursuing a career as a fulltime composer.

Am I Not A Woman (And Ain’t I A Woman)

From the words of Sojourner Truth and Frances Gage, Music by Sandi Peaslee Soloist - Izzy Brunner In an effort to keep the integrity of the music, we have not changed most of the language. However, as a step toward a more (likely) authentic sound of Sojourner Truth, we did modify the repeating “Ain’t I a Woman?” to “Am I Not a Woman?” in hopes to better represent the authentic dialect of the woman who inspired this piece. This in no way makes up for the history of racial injustice; and, we will continue to work toward a more equitable representation of all marginalized people. To read more about the actual dialectic of Sojourner Truth, please see: thesojournertruthproject.com.

New Colossus

Words by Emma Lazarus (1849-1887) Music by Kevin A. Memley Emma Lazarus 1883 poem was commissioned to help raise money for the construction of the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty, but it was not inscribed over the entrance to the statue’s entrance until 1945. France’s gift was originally intended to be a beacon of enlightenment for Europeans living under tyranny, but Lazarus’ poem instead emphasized its symbol of welcome for immigrants leaving their European countries. The “brazen giant” in the poem refers to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, a giant brass statue that at that time was thought to have straddled the entrance to the harbor.


Antonin Dvorâk Arr. Margaret Dryburgh Edited by Norah Chambers Soloist - Julie Robuck Margaret Dryburgh and Norah Chambers were prisoners in a women’s Japanese internment camp during World War Il. The conditions were horrible, and the two women set about to improve morale by arranging a series of vocal concerts. Dryburgh arranged orchestral music for voices by memory and taught them to the prisoners who then performed them. Dryburgh died in the camp, along with over half of the orchestra members, but a survivor in 1980 donated her old music to Stanford University, and in 1984 the Peninsula Chorus first performed some of the pieces.


This Is Me

Words and Music by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul Arr. Mac Huff Soloist - Kyra Sweeney From the biopic The Greatest Showman about the famed circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum, this has become an anthem for the disenfranchised and the outcast. It is sung by Keala Settle, the Bearded Lady in the film, after Barnum has shunned his human “oddities” and literally slammed a door in their faces.

INTERMISSION Act 2 Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Words and Music by Gordon Sumner Arranged by Roel Griffioen Performed by Take Note! The Small Group from the Denver Women’s Chorus Soloists - Arielle Finegold and Gloria Price Moser Take Note! would like to dedicate this 1981 pop hit by The Police to a supremely special person.

Harriet Tubman

Words and Music by Walter Robinson Arranged by Kathleen McGuire Performed by Take Note! The Small Group from the Denver Women’s Chorus Renowned African American composer Walter Robinson’s Harriet Tubman has become an American folk classic and is performed all over the world in tribute to the indefatigable abolitionist, activist and suffragist. One of Tubman’s nicknames was Moses, which is referenced in the song.


Words and Music by A. Franklin, T. White, O. Redding, H. David, B. Bacharach Arranged by Roel Griffioen Performed by Take Note! The Small Group from the Denver Women’s Chorus Soloists - Monica Pressley and Lyndsey Lane From her childhood through her final days, Aretha Franklin was immersed in the struggles for civil rights and women’s rights. Her songs became feminist anthems. Let us all take a moment to celebrate the late, great Queen of Soul.

Sound-Bite From Beijing

Words and Music by Ysaye M. Barnwell Performed by Take Note! The Small Group from the Denver Women’s Chorus Inspired by the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995, this song was written and performed by the incomparable Sweet Honey in the Rock. Take Note! would like to dedicate this song to all womxn, especially LGBTQ, indigenous and women of color, who ran for public office in the 2018 midterm elections.


Words and music by Katy Perry, Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald, Bonnie McKee, and Henry Walter Arr. Alan Billingsley Soloist - Lizzie McIntire “Roar” was written for Katy Perry’s fourth 2013 album, Prism, and released as the lead single in August of that year. It was nominated for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. The popular video shows Perry taming a tiger in the jungle after a plane crash.



Words by Joan Szymco, adapted from quotes by Malala Yousafzai Music by Joan Szymco Soloist - Gloria Price Moser Malala Yousafzai, after surviving a gunshot wound to the head by the Taliban in 2012 for her activism on girls’ education, has continued to be prominent voice for the rights of all children’s education. She has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, and at 16 was the youngest ever to be so honored.

Fight Song

Words and music by Rachel Platten and Dave Bassett Arr. Roger Emerson Soloists - Emily Budd & Aleeza Flores-Rhyne Marching Snare Drummers - Emma Shigio, Parker Ramsay, Presley Schmidt, Rian Flores The song was released as a single in 2015 and appears on her EP of the same name and on her 2016 debut studio album Wildfire. Platten says the song was written to remind herself that she believed in herself and her ability to make music, whether or not she was successful in the industry.



Congratulations to the Denver Women’s Chorus on 35 years of action and change in Colorado!

gd-lawfirm.com (720) 651-8021 | info@gd-lawfirm.com

RMAA gratefully acknowledges the following individuals who helped purchase our new risers: Lynn Montano, Jill and Tim Wayne, Jef Strauss and Dan Remus, Anonymous, Matthew Gray and Dean Kersten with matching gift from Nordstroms, Mick Davey and Ron Koch. Sincerely, The Denver Gay Men’s Chorus The Denver Women’s Chorus Rocky Mountain Arts Association

You can still audition to be part of the 2018-2019 Season of the Denver Women’s Chorus! Send us an email at Auditions@DenverWomensChorus.org and join us February 24th for our open house and see if auditioning is up your alley! Watch for more updates at DenverWomensChorus.org!


DRINK, DINE, AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT People have been walking our historic block for 50 years now. Shopping with friends, toasting successes, savoring celebrity chef creations--all under one of Denver’s most iconic canopy of lights. Come to Larimer Square and check out our unique experience.



Join RMAA’s Guardian Circle! The Guardian Circle is Rocky Mountain Arts Association’s monthly defined-giving program for family and friends of The Denver Gay Men’s Chorus and The Denver Women’s Chorus. When enrolling in this program at the Bronze ($10-49), Silver ($50-99) or Gold ($100+) levels, individuals are afforded the opportunity to support one or both choruses and to embrace the Association’s mission of “Building Community Through Music.” Guardian Circle members can designate monthly, tax-deductible contributions at any level to support many activities, including: to purchase new music and to defray the costs of securing performing rights; to assist individual singers with their annual chorus membership dues; to enhance production capabilities at our subscription concerts; to underwrite outreach efforts to unserved and underserved audiences in our community; and to support the Association’s administrative functions. Depending on the contribution level, each new or continuing Guardian Circle member receives a variety of benefits, such as: recognition in the printed program at every subscription concert; a specially designed Guardian Circle pin; complimentary tickets; invitations to exclusive donor recognition events; access to concert previews, preferential seating at performances; and invitations to exclusive VIP areas at all subscription concerts. Please consider this opportunity to join RMAA’s Guardian Circle and to wrap your arms around the 220-singing members of these two fine choruses. For more information about the specific benefits at each donor level, or to enroll as a new member now, please visit our support page at rmarts.org; email us at info@rmarts.org; or call our office at 303-325-3959. List of current Guardian Circle members (current through 12/31/18)

GOLD - $100 - $199 Hayes Burton* Mick Davey* Kevin Ford* Cheryl Hamilton* Brian LeMaire* One World Resource, LLC Michael Sattler*

SILVER - $50 - $99

Ann Afton* Jennifer Archuleta* Karen Avilés* Tom Baldonado Erik Balsley Melody Bishop Sheila Bluestein Janet Bowen Matthew D.R. Bradford* Dale Britt and Brian LeMaire* Allen Browning Izzy Brunner Michelle Busse Christopher Call Steven Capaldi Joseph Contardo Sean Cortes Ann Cuthbertson Maurice Cyr Carolyn Dieckmann Kevin Doherty Katie Gaertner Christina Gammon Chris Gilmore* Matthew Gray*

Kelly Grutsch Joel Halligan Bill Heath* Mark Heneghan* Scotte Hoerle* Mordechai Kadovitz* Dean Kersten TJ Kizuka James Knapp and Jesse Field* Cindy Koch* John Krotchko* Jeffrey Lawhead and Frend John Miner Jason Lusk Nick Martinez Kareen McCollough Layle McFatridge JT McGowan* Don McMaster* Karis Meskimen* Andrea Mitchell Rick Mitchell-Wyatt Lou Moran and Douglas Van Dine* Gloria Dawn Moser Nolan Oltjenbruns* Luiz Quiroz Chris Rasmussen Craig Roberts Michael Rodel* Tom Rubane William Rush Everett Schneider* Lukas Seelye Shawn Snow Ryan Sparks

Tim Starchman Lady Strongman Kyra Sweeney Sally Taylor* Julie and Jana Thomas Herb Toplan* Meredith Vogt Bradley Waters Stephen Wertz Logan Williams Glen Wood

BRONZE - $10 - $49

Mary Birdsall Larry and Rebecca Bourgeois* Leslie Comstock Patricia Condon* Clinton Crow Casey Davis Karen Edson Robert Gladu* Gail Hageman Pat Lounders Dr. Rev. Harvey & Judy Martz Lynn Nimmo Kellie Theis Tari Vomaske James Willard *In addition to their Guardian Circle donations, these donors (whose names do not appear elsewhere on a donor list) have given additional cash and/or in-kind donations.


Join us for Musical Mondays and see members from DGMC and DWC!


The Denver Women’s Chorus (DWC) was founded in 1984 with the goal of building community through music. They are a community chorus of women with equal interests in the excellence of our music and performances, as well as in the communities in which they live. DWC believes that music should challenge and inspire us towards individual growth and dynamic engagement in enriching the entire community; the chorus, our audience, and beyond. Though their origins lie in the lesbian community, they strive to be an inclusive chorus. They are proud to be a multigenerational chorus of LGBTQ+ singers and many wonder allies. All are welcome regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. All DWC concert music is signed in ASL. With 130 singing members this year, the Denver Women’s Chorus continues to grow and be a strong presence in Denver and its surrounding communities.

Take Note! is a (mostly) a cappella ensemble composed of select members of the Denver Women’s Chorus. Formed by pioneering singers in DWC, Take Note! took the stage for the first time on April 27, 1985. Years later, Take Note! continues to delight and inspire DWC audiences and at community events in the Denver area with their unique sound. They recently performed at the inauguration of Governor Jarod Polis! 15

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Bob Moore-Carol White Legacy Circle Legacy Circle members have provided for support of RMAA and its choruses in their estate planning.



Commercial www.anncuthbertson.com studio4@ecentral.com

For more information about the RMAA Legacy circle, go to RMArts.org/donate.

Legacy Circle Members Karen A. Avilés Bill Heath Jamie Henderson James Knapp Bob “Melba” Moore Robert Parker Michael Sattler


The Denver Gay Men’s Chorus and the Denver Women’s Chorus are part of the Rocky Mountain Arts Association, a non-profit arts organization with the mission of building community through music. Learn more about these choruses and RMAA at rmarts.org!


Sixth Avenue UCC is proud to support the Denver Women’s Chorus 35th Anniversary Concert! We believe in Radical Hospitality and Extravagant Welcome


Join us any Sunday at 10 a.m.


Proudly progressive, intentionally inclusive, consciously Christian www.sixthavenueucc.org




As the original LGBTQIA church in Colorado, MCC of the Rockies is a proud partner of the RMAA, DGMC and DWC

SING YOUR HEARTS OUT! For More Info Visit: MCCRockies.org 23

Rocky Mountain Arts Association Board Chair!

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7th & Colorado 700 Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80206 M-F 10:30A-10P, S-SUN. 11A-10P 303-316-8651 iloveanthonys.com

Come on a Sunday or Tuesday night and run into members of the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus or Off Kilter! as they hang out after rehearsal! 25

A Special Thank You to Our Donors (from 12/1/17-12/31/18) $40,000+

Scientific and Cultural Facilities District


Bloomberg Philanthropies/National Philanthropic Trust Louden Family Foundation


Colorado Creative Industries Lynn Montano Jill Wayne


Michael Biere Brookside Inn John & Lisa Cameron The Collins Foundation Nancy Crist Exxon Mobile Foundation Christopher Gilmore/Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ Google Inc. C. Douglas Griffin Highlands Church Brian LeMaire Mile Hi Church Out Front Magazine Park Hill Congregational Church Janet Soller Timothy Wayne Beth Wienski Stephen Winters

Anonymous Jerry Cunningham Barbara Easterly James Henderson Nordstrom Charitable Giving Katherine Ott Ralph L and Florence R. Burgess Charitable $100-499 Amazon Smile Foundation Trust Aurora Mental Health Center Jef Strauss and Dan Remus Eric Attard Ellen Bandsma $1,000-$2,499 Cynthia Banks Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta Tyler Benton Bedrock Landscaping Materials Robert Berger Castle Lion Properties Melody Bishop City and County of Denver Becky Blakeslee Coors Brewing Company Michael Breed Del Norte Neighborhood Development H Gordon Brooks III Corporation Lisa Brotz Dignity Memorial: Olinger Crown Hill Michael Bustos Mortuary and Cemetery Daniel Case Dan Eberhart Central Presbyterian Church L. Wade Frisbie Mary Colby Lee Hamre Colorado Runner Charles Patterson The Colordado Health Foundation Kaiser Permanente Community First Foundation/Colorado Ron Koch Gives Pete McGill Gareth and Janie Cook Live Nation World Wide Inc. Robert D. Cook Lynn Nimmo Linzee Coolidge Rachel & Katie Richards John and Kathleen Field Kelli Theis Tim Fires Janice Tilden Marvin Fisher Tynan’s Volkswagen Beth Florin United Health Group David Ford Susan Whittlesey-Tree Franziska Frey Joyce Frisbie $500-$999 Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality/Tim GC Equipment Rentals LLC Andrew Gerber Wilson Elizabeth Gladu Justin Ball and Eric Deffenbaugh 26

Art Glover Stuart Goldstein Timothy Gore James Harvey Brian Henderson Denise Hernandez Matt Horn Alan Hubbard Infinitus, Inc. James Jackson Richard Jensen Johns Manville Campaign Match Horace Kenney Jim Kercheville Caitlin Kinser Lakewood United Church of Christ Judy Lazerson Kevin Legrand The Long Company Cynthia Luther Michael McArdle and Jeremy Dittus Shirley McDonald Mile High Development Elizabeth S. Mills and John Barwett Andrea Mitchell Ronald and Rhonda Mizeur Joe Moenich Montview Blvd. Presbyterian Church Amy Nelson Valentin and Sabrina Nikolov Catherine Noland Mark Ohnmacht OneHope Foundation Kyle Osborn Frank Parker Park Hill United Methodist Church Pepsi Beverages Company Dana Pepper Juanita Peters Patrice Pierce Peggy Portman Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren Ron and Kay Pruett Sally Scholer Scott Schell Amy Schweizer Clifton Smith Karl Sowa and Tom Rieber Mary Speegle James Stegman Thomas Stephens and Todd Enders Carol Stoffel Andrew Strickland Ronald Stutheit Kyra Sweeney Table Mountain Inn Wayne Taylor

Deborah Tornabene-Fanshawe Karen Tonso Rick Trevino Trustee for Cent David Valdez Robert Vock David Vogel and John Orlando Charitable Fund Magdalena Wake Daryl Walker William Wall George Ware Barbara Wertz Paul Wertz Kevin Whatley Maureen Wilkerson Emily Wingert Richard Zansitis and Suzanne Mitchell


Brian Aberle Diana Adams Allstate-The Giving Campaign Jonathan Aronson Erin Atkinson Randy and Cathy Barrett Brent Barkley Sharon Basala Blaire Bayliss Becker Stowe Partners LLC Amy Bergevin Andy Troy Blanza Greg Boone Andrew Bowman Paul Bowman Kim Boylan Megan Brennan David Brunt Sara Brush Lisa Ciancio Peter Clark Beverly Coffman Thomas Connell Alix Corboy Christine Cortese Vicki Cowart Larry Crabbe Corey Daker Ray Alan Daugherty Gary Davidson Kenneth Davidson Thomas Dearth Randy DeBoer Ariel DeFazio Layla Destaffany Cassie Dickson Daniel Dike


Robert Dodd Christy Dowling Scott Dunham Patrick Dungo Mini Duran Christina Earle Virginia Lynn Edmiston Scott Elliott Patrick and Cynthia Emerine Darin Everett Jana Everett Fred Eyerman Robert Faircloth Dennis Fahey Steven Fincher Arielle Finegold Javier A. Fischer Rhonda Flemming Elizabeth Flores-Rhyne Beth Florin Marie Ford Nancy Fox Yolanda Franco Mark Frank Nancy Friday Timothy Fuller Judith Gardner Gregory Garnier Mary Ellen Garrett Janice Genova Michael Gerrish Willie Gibbs Gerald Gold Linda Golden David Golias Linda Gonzales Elizabeth Gottlieb Robert Gottula Luke Gould Robert Gould Susan Grebel Kyle Griffin Yvonne Guzman-Rodrigues Alexandra Hall Daniel Hall Kendra Halligan Barbara Halpin Janis Hansen Jodi Hardin Linda Harmon Jane G. Harris Charlene Haugren Richard A. Hayes Cindy Hearing John Heaton IV Morgan Hecht Daniel Henderson 28

Laura Herships Brianna Hird Alan Hirsch Christine Hopkinson Dan Houck Christine Huber Taylor Iverson Stephen Jaeger Nellie Jarvis Joyce Jay Julie Johnson Merilou Johnson Michelle Jones Paul Kamber Ryan Kat Jonathan Kennedy Margaret Kervin Paul Kim Tina Kimpo Ann Kingery Bradley Kort Sean Kuprevich Brian Kupzk Jennifer Lafalce Tamora Lama Megan Lawless Sarah Lehan Ken Leist Ruth Levin Eunice Lin Meredith Lindgren Robin Machholz Larry Manuel Robin Marshall Karla Martin Tracy Martinez Paul Martyn Colby McCarthy Thomas McClure Kareen McCollough Carolyn McFatridge Amy McKay Jessica Meleah Stephen Meswarb Cecilia Miller Elizabeth Miller Diane Minka Kathleen Minor Victoria Minovich Christine Renee Monks Christopher Moser Mary Sue Mugge Scott Murphy Paul Naegele Harmony Nekvasil Carolyn Nielsen Rennetta Nikolic

Connie North Brian Norton Victoria Oliver Rosie Orblum Allen Oregan John Palazzo Kimberly Payne Dana Pepper Victoria Peppers Jose Perez Dorothy Peters Juanita Peters Amy Petre Hill David Pfeifle Marvel Pierson Therese Pilonetti Susan Powers Margaret Prentice Monica Pressley Robert Presley Christina Price Genevieve Przekwus Paige Quigley Lori Rabinowitz Lauren Ramsey Susan Redman-Rengstorf Benjamin Reed Kristi Reed Natalee Reese Brittany Reiser Damoni Rems Debbie Rensink Ralph Reschke Doug Reynolds Paula Rhodes Merrie Robinson Jennifery Rodgers Joseph Rodriguez Melissa Rogers Dorene Romero Deborah Romero-Reinig Michele Rosebrook Jean Sammeth Steve Sander Ida Sangoucy Thomas Satter Christina Schmidt Carol Sexton Judith Shafer Scott Shaw Beverly Shick Susan Shick Margaret Siegel Cheryl Siegrist Alma Silva Rebecca Simon Kaeli Simonet

Kenny Smith Levi Smith Lisa Smith Cesca Smotheman Rebecca Spilver Catherine Steffen Tiffany Stephens Debbie Stevenson Elizabeth Stevenson Kristen Stinnett Kathy Stommel Richard Stratton Griffin Sutherland Rachel Suydam Violetta Taing Ashley Teatum Todd Teri Michael Theis Jude Tibay Brandon Tidwell Teri Todd Tim Tormoen Elizabeth Tredennick Denise Trujillo Jacob Trumbower James Turner Darci Tyson Sara Vallejos Patty Vandevander Eric Van Zytveld Tiffany Vetos Dhivahari Vivek Mark Waddell Valerie Walker Danita Ware Bradley Waters Kevin Wellington Martha West Shirell White Rhonda Whitney Dawn Wildhalm Matthew B Winkel Timothy Wilson Marshal Wolfer Phillip Wong Tonya Wood Regina Woontner Elizabeth Wright Brandon Yoder Theresa Yoder

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Brandon Bishop, Stylist Specializes in: Color and Highlights Men’s and Women’s Haircuts Works with All Hair Types

Located in Denver Hair Design 702 E Speer Boulevard North Denver CO, 80203 For appointments, call 303-257-3338 Book online at www.vagaro.com/bbswankcreativehairdesign


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Nevertheless, We Persist | Singing Our Stories for 35 Years  

35th Anniversary Program for the Denver Women's Chorus Concert January 2019

Nevertheless, We Persist | Singing Our Stories for 35 Years  

35th Anniversary Program for the Denver Women's Chorus Concert January 2019

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