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Editorial By PETRA HALL

We can breathe a sigh of relief: this past hot summer, which eclipsed all heat records measured since 1947, lies behind us. For the first time on the Côte d’Azur, the thermometer reached 41°C in the shade and the sun bore down on land and rivers that grew thirstier by the day. This, paired with a desert wind, was a fatal mixture for devastating fires. As the region brushed dust from its eyes with astonishment that its armada of firefighting planes was far too small and in part much too old, President Emmanuel Macron and our European neighbours were called upon for help. More than 7,000 hectares of vegetation have been destroyed in the last few months in the south of France. The situation could have been explained away by climate change and natural disaster if it were not for the disconcerting results of police investigations that suggested many of these incidences were caused by

malicious arson or carelessness. To hear of such brainless, idiotic and frankly dangerous acts lights a fire of rage and revulsion within me. While thousands of firemen were risking their lives in the battle against the flames around the clock and 12,000 terrified tourists took refuge on the beaches of Ramatuelle, the Hollywood set vacationing in the French Riviera — Madonna, Penelope Cruz, Tom Hanks, Kate Hudson… — attended a charity gala organised by Leonardo DiCaprio in Gassin in the hope of helping to save the planet. 25 million euros were the noble result of the top-class auction. At least one gleam of hope in the merciless summer of 2017.










sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

25 years ago, Petra Hall (Riviera Insider’s editor-inchief) founded the newspaper Riviera Côte d’Azur Zeitung in German, which was followed by The Riviera Times in 2003. These titles have now blossomed under the names Riviera Insider and RivieraZeit into attractive, contemporary magazines. The goal from the beginning was to provide readers with exciting, informative and unique insights from the Mediterranean written by professional mother-tongue journalists. Petra Hall has become an institution in the south of France and Monaco's media landscape.

Carole Hébert (secretary) is the heart and soul of the team. besides dealing with accounting, subscription management and reader concerns, this native of northern France has a knack with numbers and always ensures everything in the office is ticking over perfectly.

Elsa Carpenter (editor of Riviera Insider) joined the team in spring 2016 with fresh ideas and a modern vision for the magazine. Having worked as a journalist in the south of France for many years - some of you may recognise her name - she is deeply invested in the culture and lifestyle of the Côte d’Azur and is keen to share her passion for the region with our readers.

Dominique Freulon (communication & PR), who was born in Paris and has been living on the Côte d'Azur for 15 years, puts maximum energy and dynamism into working in our marketing department. She is a true 'people person' and has always been an admirer of our magazines. Her hobbies are travelling in faraway countries and literature.

Aila Stöckmann (editor of RivieraZeit) has been divulging her passion for and her knowledge of the Côte d’Azur with our readers for more than ten years. The German born mother-of-two loves the region, the sun, the beautiful landscape and – obviously – the German language magazine RivieraZeit.

Patrice Saint-Léger (communication & PR) has been working in the communications sector for more than ten years. After studying business administration and entrepreneurship in London, our Cannes-born publicist discovered his passion in the advertising business – for its creativity and aesthetics. During his free time, his interests lie in sports and nature.

Vincent Artus (art director) has a gift for transforming visions and ideas into reality. The Niçois creative talent has as a penchant for clean lines and playing with white space for optimum effect and has brought a fresh, stylish look to our publication. The multi-talented creative is also a photographer and videographer.

Karine Balagny (marketing) loves the international flair of the company. After several years of living in the USA, and thanks to her experience in sales and events, the native of Normandy has found her dream position in our multi-cultural publishing house.

Michel Gomiz (communication & PR) lives for his profession. For 23 years he has been working as a media consultant for fashion, jewellery and other luxury items between the Côte d’Azur and Paris. One of his hidden talents is playing the drums.



Issue #174 SEE MORE, DO MORE, KNOW MORE Cover & photo below ©Michael Kurtz


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16 World premieres at the 2017 edition

20 The photographic progression of yacht professional Michael Kurtz

22 young professionals in yachting

24 Yachting beautiful schooners


Monaco A bright future: Monaco launches tech incubator

30 Portrait Green Living As France moves to ban petrol and diesel vehicles, Tesla is feeling positive


In silk & velvet: designer Lara Colgan creates heirlooms of the future

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Wine & Provence Château d’Estoublon: a diamond of Provence

38 The story of an Australian & rosé in Antibes

41 The challenges of importing New World wine into the heart of the old

42 ‘Lorgues Terre de Vin’

44 Gourmet Sentimi: “you have to be a little bit crazy!”

48 Secrets of pastis

49 From net to knife in the port of Oneglia

50 Culture The autumn programme

54 Golf barbaroux: it could go either way

Scandal & patronage at the Villa Noailles

64 Real Estate Château de la barben, Provence’s oldest castle, goes up for sale

70 Finance Compagnie Monégasque de banque: banking on the transfer of knowledge

74 Events See more, do more, known more

76 Community Syrian Khaled youssef founds charitable art association

78 From puppy to professional: the guide dogs of the south-east of France


58 Expat Focus Lifestyle Natural cosmetics at the five-star Terre blanche resort


Lawyer turned therapist Gavin Sharpe





In search of cleaner seas Yersin departs Monaco for three-Year research Mission

Following an announcement from Prince Albert II of Monaco at the United Nations’ Ocean Conference in New york earlier this year, the three year-long Monaco Explorations Campaign has begun. On 27th July at 10.30pm, MV (motor vessel) yersin departed the Principailty of Monaco and sailed out to the archipelagos of Macaronesia in the Atlantic Ocean in search of new information regarding marine conservation. The tailor-made 250-foot MV yersin, which is built for scientific research purposes, is equipped with six laboratories, an ROV, a complete diving station and the latest in communication technology. The ship is capable of sailing the sea for 50 days without rest, including 10 days without any discharge. Its environmental capabilities are specifically suited for the marine conversation and exploration mission. François Fiat, member of the Monaco yacht Club and the first ambassador to the La belle Classe Charter, is the owner of the yersin: “This is a dream that I have had since childhood when I read The Adventures of Tintin. Designing and building the yersin has been a 10-year project. This is only the beginning of the adventure, which I am more than honoured to share with Prince Albert II and the Principality of Monaco.”

© Axel Bastello/Palais Princier

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

The Monegasque royal family went on board MV yersin during the launch celebrations in Port Hercules, accompanied by an array of influential figures such as Serge Telle (State Minister of Monaco), Karmenu Vella (European Environmental and Maritime Affairs Commissioner) and Erick Solheim (Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme). “The scientific programmes selected for this campaign will have several objectives — notably to gain a better knowledge of the oceans and the threats they face — in order to contribute to the search for local and international solutions, both from practical and political points of view. We are witnessing a moment that will remain in our memories, in those of the Principality of Monaco, and in those of all the defenders of the seas,” said Prince Albert II as he inaugurated the Monaco Explorations Campaign at the Ocean Conference in June. Macaronesia (Madeira-Portugal and Cabo Verde) is the first of many explorations that the vessel and its crew will make in the coming years. The three-year-long campaign will focus on marine biology, molecular biology, biodiversity, protection of endangered species, ocean acidification and pollution. It’s possible to keep up-to-date with the findings of the M/V yersin crew and researchers by following them on various social media platforms. 



A rendezvous for luxury sailing

Fears for the future of yachting industry

cannes Yachting festivaL

LocaL poLiticians caLL on the president to ‘intervene’

Cannes’ Vieux Port and the Port Pierre Canto will lend their sites to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Cannes yachting Festival between 12th and 17th September as more than 600 luxury vessels go on display. Organisers of the Cannes yachting Festival are set to reveal a number of premium brands related to the super yachting lifestyle with art, furniture and décor, and high-end services in the Luxury Gallery at the Palais des Festivals. There will also be the third Concours d’élégance – a parade of vintage and contemporary boats highlighting the savoir-faire and craftsmanship of ship building. Competing criteria will include: the boat’s design, the state and quality of preservation, its story, the rarity of the model, the finesse of the crew and the quality of the presentation. Four prizes will be distributed and a ceremony will be held alongside prestigious partners such as the Italian car manufacturer Maserati, Dalloyau gourmet catering, and jeweller FRED. Attendees will also discover a wide range of motor vessels of up to 50 metres liners along with 110 sailing yachts at the biggest boat show in Europe. www.cannesyachtingfestival.com

Nice port signs up to Rumble european noise poLLution prograMMe to start next Year

During the summer, the city of Nice, along with a number of other French and Italian destinations, was granted approval to start a European cross-border project dubbed ‘Rumble’, which aims to minimise noise pollution in ports. A testing period will begin in January 2018 involving experiments across Europe that have been designed to seek out new solutions to preserve the quality of life of residents and visitors as well as guarantee economic attractiveness of ports. The project is part of Nice port’s development strategy, launched last June, but is also an element of the Marittimo European programme on a larger scale. It is hoped that the ports of Nice and Ajaccio in France – in addition to Genoa, Cagliari and Livorno in Italy – will be among the locations to test out noise reduction systems. Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, had announced in June the introduction of a sensor system to measure and regulate olfactory, atmospheric and noise pollution in the port of Nice: “230,000€ will be donated to Nice by the European Union to finance the implementation of these experiments. The means developed by the Rumble project will amplify this approach and make the port of Nice an innovative, clean and exemplary smart port at the European level,” he explained. CD


A walk along the quays of Port Vauban this summer would have been a relatively quiet one: far from being a bustling marina with yachts of all sizes vying for a berth, many moorings were left empty. It was a similar scene for many of the other ports in south of France. Saint Tropez is reporting a 30% loss of stopover revenue, those around Toulon claim to be down 40% while in the Alpes-Maritimes, there are concerns that onshore spending by yacht owners and crew could have dropped by as much as 50%. For the president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, Renaud Muselier, Nice Côte d’Azur president Christian Estrosi and Hubert Falco, president of the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolis, the ‘gravity of the situation’ has led them to write an open letter to French president Emmanuel Macron, in which they implore the new leader to intervene and take action to protect an industry that brings in 900 million euros a year for the region. They lay the blame for the current crisis firmly on ‘fiscal disparities’ related to fuel taxation and the recently passed law that demands yacht owners pay social charges for crew residing in France. In the run-up to the implementation of the latter, criticisms came from all areas of the yachting industry as did predictions that yachts would simply leave the French Riviera and sail for more ‘advantageous and flexible’ shores such as Italy and Spain, where no such requirement is in place. Maritime tracking systems revealed this summer that these fears appear to have been well-founded. “The annual social charges cost for a crew of seven now stands at 300,000€,” write the trio. “In the port of Antibes, where crew head before the start of the season, there are almost no employment opportunities for sailors resident in France. In fact, non-French residency has become the first criterion in hiring [crew].” Differences in fuel prices and taxes between France and its Mediterranean neighbours are also blasted in the letter, which highlights how a yacht of 42m would save almost 21,000€ a week by fuelling up in Italy rather than on the Côte d’Azur. The politicians say it is of no coincidence that the four largest fuel distributors in the region are reporting volumetric losses of 50% for the 2017 summer season. “The urgent harmonisation of fiscal and social regulations at a European level has become imperative if we are to avoid the continued abandoning of our coast by yachts, their owners and their crew as well as the decline of an industry that has been one of the jewels of our economy,” continues the official letter, which is dated 1st August. “Without the immediate action of the French government, this industry will disappear in the coming years. Its leaders, its employees, the population of the region and its elected representatives count on your commitment [to this cause].” EC sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017




Rallye de Monte Carlo 2018

Historic Jean Behra Rally

Monaco Maintains its unMatched reputation as one of the finest references in racing

gLaMour on the roads of the french riviera

The Automobile Club de Monaco has unveiled the programme for the 86th edition of the Monte Carlo Rally that will take place from 22nd to 28th January 2018. Once again, the event will combine tradition and innovation to welcome participants from all over the globe. The fleet of cars will race over almost 400 km in four days of speed and adventure.

Thursday 25th January During the first leg, a couple of interesting stages will be organised in the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence with Thoard – Sisteron (37 km) raced in that direction for the very first time followed by bayons – bréziers (25km). Friday 26th January Crews will be heading south of Gap for the second day, with 150 km spread out over three departments: Hautes-Alpes, Drôme and Alpesde-Haute-Provence. Racers will have to cover two loops of each stage: Vitrolles – Oze (27km), Roussieux – Eygalayes (33.5km) and Vaumeilh – Claret (15km). Saturday 27th January In the north of Gap, racers will cover the departments of Isère and Hautes-Alpes, and a double loop in Agnières-en-Dévoluy – Corps (30km) followed by Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes – La bâtie-Neuve (17km). The crews will be going back to bayons – bréziers (25km) and then stop one last time at Gap Service Park before returning to the principality in the evening. Sunday 28th January The rally will end with four special stop points. Drivers will go twice through La bollène-Vésubie – Peïra-Cava (18km) and La Cabanette – Col de braus (14km). At 3pm, the winning crew will be welcomed and rewarded at the Prize Giving Ceremony in front of the Prince’s Palace.

© ACM/Michael Alesi

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

In honour of Nice-born Formula 1 driver Jean behra, the annual three-day rally in his name is organised by the Automobile Club de Nice and brings together the world's leading car brands for a memorable race across the southern Alps. From 8th to 10th September, open roads and circuits will pave the way through 1,000km of charming villages and the lesser known back hills of the Riviera. Starting in Nice, drivers will go through Valberg, Digne and Gap before returning to the Promenade des Anglais. The competition is not a full speed rally since cars need to respect a maximum speed limit of 50km per hour as well as traffic rules. Eligible cars are classified into three categories: models registered before 31st December 1986 for the ‘classic’ category, the ‘neo classics’ is comprised of an exclusive selection of cars registered between 1987 and 1991, and the ‘exception’ category features a range of more modern vehicles. www.rallyejeanbehrahistorique.com

2024 Olympic Games in nice and MarseiLLe

Paris has been formally chosen as the host of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games after its rival candidate city Los Angeles agreed to welcome the 2028 Olympics instead. The French capital, however, is not in a position to manage all of the events, which explains why Nice, Marseille, bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Saint Etienne and Lille have all been selected as co-hosts of sporting events from football to sailing. As part of Paris’ role in the 2024 Games, Marseille will host part of the Olympic and Paralympic events. Sailing will be held in the harbour and the nautical base of the Roucas blanc was chosen to house the ‘Olympic Marina’. The stadiums of Marseille and Nice have both been chosen as locations for football disciplines at the the Stade Orange Vélodrome in Marseille (67,000 seats) and the Allianz Riviera in Nice (35,000 seats). The overall cost of the works necessary to hold the events is estimated to be between 20 and 25 million euros which include the construction of the Olympic village and improvements to public transport network and infrastructure. The International Olympic Committee will finance the organisation of the games while the remainder will be borne by the selected cities. 




Art by night Late night openings at MuseuMs in nice

Contemporary and Modern Art (MAMAC), the Masséna Museum and the Palais Lascaris leave their doors open until 10pm for visitors to enjoy late night access to the newest exhibitions. Highlights include the ‘À Propos de Nice: 1947-1977’ exhibition at the MAMAC with theatre and musical performances by la Compagnie Fox’art and Luc Fenoli while the Massena Villa will present ‘Nice à l’école de l’Histoire’ alongside live entertainment from soprano Christina Collier, harpist Magali Pyka de Coster and tenor Gilles San Juan. Musical events will also be held at the Palais Lascaris with the collaboration of the Orchestre d’Harmonie de Nice along with a poster exhibition of this year’s Nice Jazz Festival. The late night openings will continue until 2th October. nice.fr

La Route du Goût an organic festivaL in Monaco

Paolo Sari, the organic certified and Michelin-starred chef, invites all ecofriendly foodies to the third edition of La Route du Goût festival from 12th to 15th October. Discover the biggest celebration of organic gastronomy of the year in an event organised by the Association bio Chef Global Spirit and chaired by Paolo Sari himself. The Route du Goût will bring together the main actors and promoters of the organic and ecological world as well as major institutions in the principality. Prince Albert II is also expected to attend. A host of different educational activities on renewable energy and culinary know-how on the use of healthy and organic produce is on the programme in addition to a presentation of the self-sustaining eco garden Moses.bio®, which is docked between superyachts in Port Hercule. There will also be competitions and demonstrations on board of 10 Riva boats that will travel between Monaco and Cannes. Proceeds from the festival will go towards support for the reconstruction of the hotel business and educational sector of the Italian regions hit by earthquakes during of 2016. www.route-du-gout.com sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017




Cannes puts romance first new festivaL for the paLais des festivaLs

From 22nd to 24th September, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes will see thousands of avid readers and worldrenowned writers head to the Croisette for a themed book fair celebrating the new romantic codes of literature. The cultural event is organised by publishing house Hugo & Cie and e-book publisher Nolim, and promises to be rich in contemporary writing. you can expect a host of great writers from the romantic genre, such as author of the series Calendar Girl Audrey Carlan, Anna Todd (whose chart-buster novel After ranked amongst the best-selling novels in France) and Christina Lauren as well as French novelists like Jane Devreaux, Laura S. Wild and Fleur Hana. The festival programme includes exclusive film premieres, writing master classes, beauty workshops and a gala dinner with an awards ceremony. www.festivalnewromance.com

Cap O’Lanterns viLLa ephrussi ceLebrates the puMpkin

To mark All Saints’ Day and Halloween, the heavenly former residence of béatrice de Rothschild on the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsular is launching its first Fête de la Citrouille or Pumpkin Festival at the end of October. The weeklong event, which begins on 25th October and continues until the traditional day of Toussaint, 1st November, places the magnificent pumpkin at the centre of autumnal celebrations with a programme of tastings, artistic workshops and face-painting. The gardens will be re-imagined for the festival so expect to discover a few large orange surprises in amongst the roses and fauna of the legendary estate. www.villa-ephrussi.com sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



monaco yachT shoW


Monaco prepares for the world’s most well-known yachting event

Worlds aParT GaĂŤlle Tallarida General director Monaco Yacht Show

Dear readers, For the last seven years, it has been a long-standing tradition for me to be entrusted with writing the editorial of your Monaco yacht Show issue. It is something that I have always considered a privilege; being able to communicate directly with all the loyal readers of the Riviera Insider and personally announce the new edition of the Monaco yacht Show.

From 27th to 30th September, Port Hercules in Monaco will welcome some 34,000 visitors and 600 companies and partners, who will be exhibiting around the marina, along with an impressive fleet of 125 super and megayachts. The event will once again present the unique savoir-faire of yachting, an industry that continues to challenge and push the boundaries of the exceptional. The Monaco yacht Show will feature: units of up to 100 meters in length, nearly 50 world premiere launches, 40 luxury tenders, water toys, private submarines, an exhibition of rare and exclusive cars, and even two helicopters! Visitors will marvel at a universe that is worlds apart, yet an industry with an increasingly pronounced environmental consciousness. This is being driven by a new generation of younger yacht owners who are more and more engaged in today's society. This eco-friendly approach is paired with a powerful economy, from which all commercial activities benefit. The Monaco yacht Show has become one of the main vehicles for growth and development for the yachting industry in the Principality of Monaco; its reputation attracts the best and biggest foreign investors, who come to discover and offer themselves some of the most exquisite superyachts on the market. I would like to congratulate Petra Hall and her team for their remarkable work in bringing you this Monaco yacht Show special. ď ¸ enjoy this edition and the show!

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



monaco yachT shoW

INFORMATION this year’s Monaco Yacht Show is taking place between 27th and

155,000,000€ was the price of My Solandge

27 years of luxury yachting in the principality

125 of the world’s most impressive superyachts

42 world premieres in 2017

34,000 annual visitors

87% are returning exhibitors

85m was the length of My Solandge – the biggest yacht sold following MyS 2016

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

opening hours are daily from 10am to 6.30pm and entrances


can be found at Quai antoine 1er,

the total value of yachts sold since the last MyS

Quai louis ii and Parvis Piscine. riviera insider will be present at

2.5 billion euros

the show (you can find us on

was the collective value of yachts exhibited at MyS 2016

Stand QP57) and we also have a


away to subscribers of the

for a one-day pass

magazine. Visit the competition


section of our website to find out

for a four-day professional pass


600 exhibitors from 38 countries

30th September in Port Hercules.

facTs & figures Behind the velvet rope of the MYS

number of one-day passes to give



The universe of suPeryachTing An interview with Monaco Yacht Show director Gaëlle Tallarida. rs. Tallarida, you have been running the Monaco Yacht Show for seven years. What has been your biggest challenge? I took management of the Monaco yacht Show in 2010, at a time when the yachting industry was going through the global economic crisis and looking for strong benchmarks to maintain its commercial development. As a leading international industry event, the MyS was one of these markers on which market players could rely. Our challenge was to develop the attractiveness of MyS by offering even better exposure and marketing solutions to optimise the return on investment of participating companies. What were the most significant developments during this period? We have developed several projects with the objective of offering an ultra-qualitative


business platform with high-quality services to connect participants and visiting clients: The Upper Deck Lounge, our loungerestaurant in the MyS luxury partner zone, launched in 2012; the official inauguration evening of the MyS and the MyS Superyacht Awards began in 2014; the Monaco yacht Summit, an end-to-end client event for superyachts started last year, as well as the Car Deck, a new exhibition space for rare and exclusive cars. The Sapphire Experience, a VIP tour of the show and the various public relations operations available abroad that promote the MyS and the industry started in 2014. It’s something we try and enrich each year with new events overseas. How has the event evolved since its creation? The MyS exhibition area now occupies almost all of Port Hercules. In 1991, the show was only set up on the Quai des états-Unis and featured some fifty booths for about thirty yachts. For its 27th edition this year, the 34,000 participants will discover a selection of almost 600 companies, 125 super and megayachts, 40 tenders and water toys, ten prestigious cars and even two helicopters on all the quays of Port Hercules. All yachts shown at MYS are beautiful. Do you have a favourite? It’s difficult to put forward one yacht in particular as so many of the 125 vessels in this fleet are exceptional. This year, we will unveil 42 world premiere launches that will undeniably be the jewels of the 2017 MyS, especially if one takes into account the five

monaco yachT shoW


refit units this year and about 10 yachts delivered in 2016. 50% of the yachts exhibited will be less than two years old! Some of these vessels will be rewarded at the 4th MyS Superyacht Awards, which will be held the day before the show. What's new this year? With the completion of the public works on the new esplanade of Quai Albert I, we were able to build a new air-conditioned exhibition tent of 1,800m² to meet the growing demand for exhibition space. The Quai Antoine Ier will be reconfigured to accommodate three new exhibition areas and become the epicentre of activities linked to the ‘art of living’. The Starboard will host an exhibition-lounge area with premium yachting destination stands, a restaurant with a terrace, a lounge, the official press centre of the MyS and privatised meeting rooms. Quai Antoine Ier will also welcome the Car Deck – the luxury car show launched in 2016 – and the Tenders & Toys Show, which will showcase some of the coolest nautical accessories on the market. How do you think the MYS will progress in the future? We are continuing a development strategy initiated six years ago with the creation and development of solutions to attract new clients to the Monaco yacht Show. The objective is to facilitate the meeting of exhibiting companies and prospective highend clients, for whom the experience of staying at the MyS should be an immersive and unforgettable introduction to the universe of superyachting.  sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



monaco yachT shoW

World Premieres With over 40 new yachts set to be unveiled at the MYS, riviera insider takes a closer look at some of the biggest and most unusual.

Length: 92m year: 2016 Shipyard: Feadship Design: Sinot Exclusive yacht Design

Length: 60m year: 2017 Shipyard: Perini Navi Design: Perini Navi

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017


The yacht A bespoke creation commissioned by an ‘immensely experienced yacht owner’, this contemporary vessel combines archetypal Feadship qualities with a raked superstructure and resolutely modern design.

C2232 Die Yacht This brand new sailing ketch features a sleek hull and innovative technological solutions; the result of a collaboration with designer Ron Holland. It’s a performancefocused vessel – the third in the blue Water Sailing yachts series – that hasn’t compromised on comfort and headspace.


Length: 69.15m year: 2017 Shipyard: Damen Design: Damen

Length: 35.20m year: 2017 Shipyard: Azimut yachts Design: Stefano Righini (exterior) & Achille Salvagni (interior)

Length: 54m year: 2017 Shipyard: baltic yachts Design: Judel/Vrolijk & Co (exterior) & Design Unlimited (interior)

monaco yachT shoW


GaMe ChanGer The yacht With a fully certified helideck, hangar and bountiful space for tenders and toys, Game Changer has everything a diehard hedonist needs to take the yachting experience that much further. It’s Damen’s most recent yacht support vessel and can accommodate 22 crew, pilots and security personnel.

Grande 35Metri The yacht Who says size matters? While at the more modest end of the scale, Azimut’s new flagship is redefining the link between volume and length. Packed into its carbon fibre superstructure is a beach area, side garage and extending balcony from the master bedroom – luxuries you’d expect from a vessel twice its size.

Pink Gin The yacht The world’s largest carbon fibre sloop, baltic 175 Pink Gin VI is the product of superior engineering and design. Unusual for a sail yacht, she’s fitted with two balconies for guests to gaze at the horizon from as well as remarkably spacious living quarters that can accommodate 14 guests.

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



monaco yachT shoW

never WiThouT my camera The photographic progression of yacht professional Michael Kurtz 1

our cover iMage this edition is bY MichaeL kurtz. for More inforMation: MichaeLkurtzphoto.coM


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017


monaco yachT shoW


he has documented over 400 stolen yachts and thousands of damaged vessels over the course of his long career. now Michael kurtz, the director of yacht insurance company Pantaenius in Monaco, is devoting more and more of his time to photography. By PETRA HALL

is voice becomes quite soft when the man from Hamburg, who is so full of energy and adventure, speaks of his ‘quiet love’: photography. “The dimension of the image is crucial, essential even. I am never with out my camera,” says Kurtz. “In the 1970s, when I was a student, I already had a high-quality camera. During my career at Pantaenius, I discovered the power of images through the damage of yachts we insured. Later and also at the company in Monaco, we also used photography to document our sailing events for marketing purposes.” On these occasions, he encountered the star photographers of the yachting scene, such as Franco Pace, Carlo borlenghi and Tom Nitsch. “I admire their work and am immersed in their photography,” says the enthusiastic sailor, who has himself run many a risk in regattas like the Voiles de Saint Tropez and in Cannes, Palma de Mallorca and the Caribbean, all in the name of taking a sensational shot. Over time, Kurtz has developed his own style, his eye has become trained and his initially hidden talents have gradually come to the surface. Even if he won’t admit it, he can now compete with his top photography friends. Still, he insists: “I do not create art, I document. but I try to portray the subject in a more and more impressionistic way. What the brush is for the painter, the camera is for me. I want to capture people’s expressions, the regattas and the racing, crew efforts and struggles against the forces of nature, their exuberance in a hard-won victory, the beauty of the big sailing yachts… I don’t use Photoshop and I don’t want to learn how. Manipulating photographs isn’t my way.” He works intensively with post-production program Capture 10 and his instruments are cameras from Nikon and Leica. Kurtz’s private photo archive includes some 100,000 images and 1,000 analogue films of damage caused to yachts. The walls of his home on the Côte d’Azur are full of yachting books and vintage photography. Is earning money from his photography as goal in his work? “It would be nice,” he admits, “but there’s no profit in photography — I am aware of that fact. I am self-taught


2 3

Photo 1 MichaeL kurtz takes his caMera with hiM wherever he goes Photo 2 the Yacht insurer has used his iMages to docuMent the daMage caused to Yachts, such as here on cap ferrat Photo 3 the owner of severaL cLassic vehicLes, MichaeL is pictured here photographing the historic grand prix of Monaco © Seyfferth

and just do my own thing. Do not judge me by trends! Those who are interested in my work come nevertheless and often for that very reason. My leitmotiv is from Wim Wenders: focus on what the others do not do!” Parallel to yachts, Kurtz has another passion and favoured subject. He owns, among others, a Jaguar E-Type and an MK2 as well as several Norton motorcycles. At classic races — 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, Donington or Spa 6 — he hurls across the terrain in the style of a hunter as he chases the most exciting shots. The quiet love of Michael Kurtz is no longer quiet. After years in secret, it has finally revealed itself: from a world of yacht insurance and their calamities to his own photographic universe.  sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



monaco yachT shoW

now in its fourth year, the Monaco chapter of the Young Professionals in Yachting club has become a centre of advice and support for the next generation of career men and women. riviera insider speaks to President Peter Murraykerr about industry ethics and upcoming events.

young Professionals Providing a place for learning & integration


orn in Monaco to british parents, Peter Murray-Kerr has been an expat for most of his life. Today the president of young Profess ionals in yachting Monaco, he came back to the principality ‘as if by chance’ 12 years ago and entered the yachting brokerage scene. “I, and many of my friends, realised that there was not a lot of support for younger people in yachting,” he explains. “Like in every field, some senior colleagues seemed unwilling to offer up advice, as if to avoid helping the ‘competition’, and we felt something was needed to help the next generation integrate and gain access to the industry. young people are often given the administrative back office tasks and aside from meeting at yacht shows and events, it can be difficult to network.” yPy Monaco was launched in 2013 at the old yacht club in Port Hercules. It’s a part of the wider yPy community, which was founded in Fort Lauderdale nearly a decade ago. The Netherlands and London – “The nerve centre of british yachting despite not being a traditional yachting destination…” – also have their own chapters and Germany will also join them too in the future. There are talks of a Spanish division, Peter explains, but opinion is split on whether barcelona or the balearics should be the focus. In Monaco, the association has members of over 30 nationalities and a whole host of trades associated with the industry. Peter himself is the founder of berth booking website MooringSpot and also director of Port de la Rague in Mandelieu.


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president of YpY Monaco, peter MurraY-kerr, is pictured in front of the new Monaco Yacht cLub

“One of the first members I met produced the lettering for the names of boats,” says 37year-old Peter, “but everything from management and charter sales to people selling uniforms and spare parts is represent ed. The club was started for those in shorebased positions between the ages of 21 and 40.” From the start, yPy Monaco has considered improving industry ethical standards a keystone. “When yachting really began in the 1950s, it was a very marginal industry,” Peter explains. “In the years since, the size and number of yachts have increased massively as have regulations and rules to respect. The industry itself has had to become more professional and thorough with regards to ethics and company culture. The younger generation does this well – of course, there are naïve or careless people in yachting, but they don’t last long. Handing someone their first multimillion euro yacht to sell, for example, is a very serious matter!” yPy Monaco hosts educational seminars and events once a month. At this year’s Monaco yacht Show, Peter and his team will organise the yPy International breakfast on 28th September with members coming from all

four branches. It’s one of the rare occasions for members to meet. Other upcoming highlights in November include a conference by designer and naval architect Espen Oeino as well as an event in partnership with Monaco Explorations (see page 10). “I’m really looking forward to this one,” says Peter. “We’ll be examining how yachts are changing and how the way owners use their yachts is evolving. A yacht capable of exploratory work is extremely interesting. Another topic will be the increase in the purchase of submarines by owners as a ‘toy’.” In the future, Peter would like to see the various off-shoots of the yPy network come together to create a real community. “What got us started in Monaco was a group of young and motivated professionals who wanted to see change. by definition, we are a platform for this purpose to be used by members and non-members alike, and we are always open to hearing new concepts. The aim is to provide a place where our members can learn and share their ideas.” Annual membership is 100€ with discounted rates for ‘late comers’. you can keep up-todate with yPy Monaco and its events via their website and Facebook page.  www.youngprofessionalsinyachting.org



monaco yachT shoW

a series of exclusive timepieces are set to tour the world promoting the seventh Only Watch biennial charity auction. the ultimate event by Christie’s in Geneva on 11th november funds research into duchenne muscular dystrophy.

only WaTch World tour preview begins in Monaco By CLAIRE DAVIS

world-renowned event for the timepiece industry, the eminent Only Watch charity auction is organised by Monaco’s Association Against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies) and is supported by Prince Albert II. All eyes will be on the principality on 27th September as the Only Watch collection of 2017 is unveiled at the Upper Deck Lounge of the Monaco yacht Show for the very first time. For this edition, the world’s leading auction house — Christie’s — will showcase brands such as breguet, Mont blanc, Chopard and many more. All pieces have been donated to the cause by luxury manufacturers and the list features some stunning one-off watches that have never been seen in public before. bidders will also have the chance to meet ambassadors from the prestigious brands and attend special events.


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Since 2001, Luc Pettavino, the president of the Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies and the founder of Only Watch, has contributed generously towards research into therapeutic treatments for sufferers of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Personally affected by the disease through his own son’s illness, Pettavino has created several thematic auction concepts in order to raise funds. To this day, the auctions have contributed to over 25 million euros worth of funds for international scientific and medical research. The collection’s highlights include: Chanel’s new women’s model, rendered in white gold contrasting with the onyx black dial alongside 24 encrusted diamonds and a cuff embroidered by Lesage with black glass beads and silver calfskin piping for an elegant and refined look (the owner of this watch will also gain the privilege of attending Chanel’s fashion show in Paris next March) as well as an exquisite piece in a classic leather style, the Marine Tourbillon by Ulysse Nardin, a revered watchmaker and also the main sponsor of the Monaco yacht Show. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is an incurable type of muscular disease, which mainly affects young boys and causes muscle weakness that can escalate to gradual muscular paralysis. There are still no cures for muscular dystrophy, however, research has helped develop physical therapy methods and corrective surgeries to alleviate symptoms. The collection can be viewed throughout the Monaco yacht Show from 10am to 6.30pm in the Upper Deck Lounge.  www.onlywatch.com




© Michael Kurtz

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BeauTiful schooners The history and legacy of N. G. Herreshoff By GERHARD STANDOP & ELSA CARPENTER

o his admirers, he was the Wizard of bristol, but to his friends, he was simply Capt’n Nat. born in bristol, Rhode Island, Nathanael Greene Herreshoff (18481938) was an exceptionally gifted naval architect and mechanical engineer who may well be the US’ finest boat builder and certainly the nation’s most successful with five winning yachts and six victories in the prestigious America’s Cup alone. Reliance, which was built in 1903, has become a legend as the largest of all yachts to ever race in the event; a size as impressive as the crew who managed to control her. While the vessel was under construction, another boat — a steel-hulled schooner — was ordered by Morton Plant and built in the neighbouring shipyard. The American industrialist persuaded the Capt’n, who hadn’t worked with such a ship in 30 years, to take on the project. Despite being rather unimpressed of the complicated brief (Plant asked for a winning Class b schooner to race in American waters before heading to Europe for the Cape May Cup) and underwhelmed by the relatively poor sailing qualities of this category of yacht initially, upon completion, it would be the birth of Herreshoff’s first great schooner: the Ingomar. Railway magnate Plant won at the Astor Cup in New york during the Ingomar’s first outing. A year later, he hired acclaimed Scottish skipper Charlie barr, who had just defended the America’s Cup title against Thomas Lipton’s Shamrock III to win the trophy for the third time. Under barr’s command, the Ingomar also won a dozen races in british and German waters. before being lost to a reef in 1931, she was transformed into a luxury cruising yacht. In the years that followed the Ingomar’s launch, Herreshoff’s diary was bursting with new orders for boats of the same type. Next followed Queen Mab (a lesser known 24-metre schooner that now goes by the name Vagrant) then the third great steel schooner by the Wizard: the 41-metre Westward, which was completed in 1909. Flying in the face of the yacht’s name, its owner, A. S. Cochran, headed east across the Atlantic to compete in regattas with considerable success. She won eight out of nine races in England and it became clear that the European designers of the day were struggling to match up to Herreshoff’s mastery. In 1910, Plant called on Herreshoff again to build a yacht ‘fit for victory’ and one that could take on the Westward. Capt’n Nat obliged and designed a boat the same size as its rival, but lighter and better balanced: the beautiful Elena. She gave Plant the win he was chasing, beating the Westward, but sadly her fate was ultimately lost to the sea (the Westward was scuttled in 1947). between 1912 and 1915, two schooners of a similar construction and size followed: sister vessels Vagrant II (owned by Harold S. Vanderbilt,




who later acquired Elena) and Mariette respectively. The latter is the only one of nine Herreshoff yachts that survives in its originality today and actively participates in regattas. All others are either sunk, scrapped, lost or their existence unknown. Herreshoff built the largest of his schooners in 1914; the 48metre Katoura. She’s currently sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean, but doesn’t take part in racing or the charter industry. In 1919 and 1922, he built Ohonkara and Wildfire. The former was stranded on a reef near bermuda in 1967 and the other continues to sail the waters off South America. Little is known of these vessels’ history otherwise. Nearly a century on from Capt’n Nat’s first construction of this kind, interest began to grow in the schooner scene once more when, in 2002, Dutch real estate giant Ed Kastelein ordered a replica of the Westward (now known as Eleonora). Another spectacular replica followed in 2009 with the re-building of Elena in Spain according to the many technical plans, some of which were donated to the cause by Herreshoff’s university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. Most recently, Kastelein devoted himself to the reconstruction of the Ingomar, but unfortunately, the yacht remains unfinished albeit with the hull up for sale for a million euros in Holland. Today, three of Herreshoff’s designs remain in competition and available for charter around the world: the original Mariette and two replicas (Eleonora and Elena). They are living pieces of history, dating back over a century, that bear witness to the great era of the legendary schooners and ‘big boat sailing’ of the early 20th century. 

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Monaco launches tech incubator the yachts, the cars, the Casino: Monaco does a lot of things well, but in a world of old money and family fortunes, can self-starters harness its opportunities? new start-up incubator Monacotech hopes to provide a home for entrepreneurial business outside of the principality’s norm. aunching this September, publicprivate venture MonacoTech is being spearheaded by the Monegasque government and French billionaire Xavier Niel as a new method of attracting niche and innovative tech companies to the principality’s shores. From renewable energy to medical advancements, the potential scope for start-ups applying to become apart of the incubator


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

is vast. As CEO of MonacoTech, Fabrice Marquet, puts it: “It is time for Monaco to start thinking of the industries of tomorrow.” Earlier this year, five candidates from around the world made it through to the final round, having impressed a jury well-versed in the ways of business. While the lack of space and the sky-high rents of Monaco could easily deter even the most ambitious of entrepreneurs hoping to set up within in borders, at MonacoTech, start-ups are


asked to pay a ‘symbolic’ rent of 150 to 300€ in exchange for access to a 50-desk 800m2 office environment and two Fab Labs in the Fontvieille quarter. The jury scrutinised over 60 possible businesses, considering their likelihood of success and whether these developing companies could help ‘contribute to the economic growth of Monaco’. “Our vision is long-term and we’re open to anything. We wanted to find start-ups that already had a proven concept,” Marquet explains. “No ‘one man bands’, but instead teams of two or three who could demonstrate their strengths in working together and have a vested interest in staying in the principality once their 18 to 24month incubation period is over.” MonacoTech is the first example of a start-up hub in the principality, but it has plenty of other contemporaries in Europe and beyond. Marquet is aware of how Monaco ‘must be different to other locations’ and hopes that the incubator’s protégés will be able to benefit from the nation’s business-orientated system. The legal and financial structure of Monaco as well as its geography and demographics all contribute to making the 2km2 state unique, and Marquet is optimistic for the incubator’s success. “In other countries, it can be difficult to get a project such as this off the ground, but the government here is very much behind us. We can get answers quickly,” he explains, adding that the process from concept to realisation of MonacoTech itself has taken just over a year. Co-founder of the tech hub Xavier Niel has been a driving force. He is the majority stakeholder of Monaco Telecom and the creator of the Free mobile network; Marquet describes him as the ‘father of start-ups in France’ thanks to his numerous investment funds for fledgling businesses. 35-year-old Marquet is Monegasque, but only recently returned to his homeland when he heard about the MonacoTech concept. He comes from a biomedical engineering background and developed an interest in bringing new technologies to the market over the last 10 years. Prior to joining the tech incubator, he was working as the chef de projet for a start-up in bordeaux.

MONACO IN NUMBeRs  52,447 employees inclu-

ding 47,919 in the private sector  37,550 inhabitants  905.8 million euros in

exports  1,287.2 million euros in

imports  964.4 million euros in industry turnover (outside of the financial and insurance fields)  5,054 companies  4% growth of revenue in

the first half of 2017 Source: iMSee



both Marquet and Niel will be keeping a close eye on their wards: “We will accompany them in every step with the jury regularly evaluating their progress. If an idea isn’t going well, we might also decide to terminate the project. We’re not going to put thousands or millions of euros into a business we don’t think could work!” Marquet wisely stayed neutral during the final selection of the entering start-ups and he aims to position himself as a guide to the five companies (three from the region, one from Paris and one from Israel). “I’m here to help [them] in any way I can: connecting them with outside investors, assisting with the bureaucratic process… Legal advice, for example, will be free for the first year,” he says. “We’re also a start-up and a pilot so we are trying to be flexible, adaptable and inclusive wherever possible. We hope, of course, that the MonacoTech programme is prosperous and that we’re able to take on up to 20 companies — perhaps taking more risks in the future with who we support.” For Marquet, supporting and nurturing innovative companies is a dream job: “This is a very exciting project for me. We’re promoting a sustainable vision and a real economy. We want Monaco to become a hotbed for technology.” 

fabrice Marquet, ceo of Monacotech

INFO: www.monacotech.mc

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monacoTech’s sTarT-uPs oren feldmann (39) CEO OF TERRAIOT Tell us a little about yourself! I grew up between Israel and the USA. For the last 10 years, I have been managing high-tech activities. Prior to that, I worked for the Israeli government in intelligence. What is the concept behind your start-up? In the same way that the human brain that accumulates information and makes a decision, Cymbiot is all about creating the horizontal layer that interconnects the sensors of IOT (Internet of Things) on one platform to provide better solutions, create more efficiency and security, and improve business and municipality services around the world. Terraiot analyses activities and enables information gathering using the cooperation of people. Why is Monaco the right place for Terraiot? We see Monaco as the Galapagos for IOT; Monaco is a hub in which there are many scenarios within one small location, so for us, it’s an independent ‘island’ where we can develop and test solutions. What are your plans for the coming months? We hope to launch the Cymbiot system in Monaco and develop Terraiot in a real environment that incubates many verticals: marketing, business relationships with the public, safety, security, parking, energy efficiency, environmental control and many more applications.

eric sidoT (46) PRESIDENT OF CIEL What is your professional background? I have over 20 years of professional experience as a corporate lawyer in the financial sector and in auditing. I have a Doctor of Laws from the Sorbonne University and also participated in the Paris-based training programme HEC Challenge+. Can you explain your start-up? We want to develop an extraordinary drone that combines the qualities of airships and drones. The result of this combination is a drone able to fly continuously for several days sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

and carry a load of up to 70 kg over long distances. The first missions we are planning with prospective clients concern surveillance and inspection. We would like to also expand into civil and public security, communication, information and entertainment. Is this your first project? This is my second! The previous was an electric and solar lenticular airship. It was a multi-million euro project, but ended as we didn’t have enough customers to allow investors to have a return on investment within a reasonable timeframe. With our current project, we started with an opposite approach: following a market-pull approach. Why Monaco? Monaco is an extraordinary place to grow our company because it is a really international and dynamic place to meet investors and customers. Furthermore, we were really impressed by the response and the help provided to start-ups by MonacoTech and the Monegasque public authorities.

JacoPo marzocco (28) CEO OF yOUSTOCK What can you tell us of yourself and your startup? I am Italian, but born in Monaco. I studied international business in London and have worked as a property developer there and in the principality for about seven years. youStock is all about bettering the customer experience for any storage or moving needs with services such as home pick-up and deliveries, and an online inventory of all stored goods. The pricing strategy is also attractive as the customer can make considerable savings [compared to traditional services]. This is the first own project that I have launched with my friend and co-founder Alexis bouresche. What makes Monaco the right location for YouStock? Monaco is the perfect test market for such a project because there is substantial demand and the clientele is very demanding in terms of quality of service. Over the last two years, our objective has been to future-proof the concept and validate our processes and methodologies. Now we want to start growing the business both geographically and in terms of new services.

Pascal ferrucci (23) & Jeremy scaTigna (23) CEO & CTO OF HyVE What are your backgrounds? We are both from Nice, but our backgrounds are very different. Jeremy is the geek: he started with a DUT in electronical engineering and IT and then continued his studies in Canada. He has specialised himself in mobile app development while back in France and worked in the field for a year and a half. He later passed an online diploma at Stanford University and today he is undertaking online courses Princeton. I got my bachelor in business administration (specialising in marketing and entrepreneurship) and have had several internships in France and abroad. Then I created a web dedicated program called 360° digital, which is about mastering web marketing and understanding the jobs of tech guys in order to manage web projects. How would you explain your start-up? Have you ever thought about how difficult it can be to organise going to an event with friends? Will we all be available? What can we do nearby before and after the event? How do we get there? We want to ‘simplify the event’ and create a brand new social network dedicated to events. It will allow you to purchase, sell and give away tickets, organise travel and parking, reserve a babysitter, book accommodation… Why launch in Monaco? First of all, it welcomes a lot of local and international events, which is a good base from which to launch our product on the market. In Monaco, we can master our geographical market easily and target at least two of our main markets: France and Italy. Moreover, Monaco is a symbol of luxury and tourism on French Riviera, which ensures good visibility and a brand image. There is also a great talent and investor pool! What’s coming up in the next few months? We have to finish our AI in order to launch a strong commercialisation of our product. We will also launch the beta test of our app and communication campaign as well as raise money in order to ensure our growth. 

100 employees in 7 years 40 designated roles www.asteria.mc


IENGINEER Engineering and software development





in the 12 months that tesla has been present in the Côte d’azur, with a boutique in Cagnes-surMer, the brand has converted many petrol heads to the benefits of going electric. now France has announced it will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. What is tesla’s reaction to the news?

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green living

rides of The fuTure Tesla: a pioneer of electrical power By ELSA CARPENTER

ost tie the iconic Tesla brand to charismatic and slightly eccentric billionaire Elon Musk, but it was as far back as the 1930s when AmericanAustrian visionary Dr. Nikola Tesla first experimented with an electricallyoperated sedan. Today the company is at the forefront of technological innovation and despite the high prices – models S and X can retail for up to 90,000€ – its pioneering vehicles are very much in demand. There is almost no competition for Tesla on the global stage. Its name has become a signifier of function, comfortability and the possibilities of science and engineering, something even the most established of motor brands can struggle to achieve in a saturated market. It’s now moving to expand its grip on the US with the first deliveries of the Model 3. More compact than the Model S and two times cheaper at 35,000$ (approx. 30,000€), the sedan will arrive in Europe during the second half of 2018. The price for this side of the pond is yet to be decided, but order lists have already begun to fill. The newest model has a range of up to 500km – much more than the distances offered by Tesla’s nearest competitors. It features automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance systems, an autopilot for motorway driving, electronic stability and traction control… Particularly impressive is its über fast charging capabilities. Clients can charge up their car at their home or place of work by installing a Wall Connector for a total charge or use a standard 220V plug for 13km of hourly charge (between 100 and 150km of travel time can be charged overnight). The Supercharger option is the most rapid in the world and can generate up to 250km of power in 20 minutes. There are 66 charging stations across France with around eight points of charge per site. These are found along motorways and at service


stations, allowing clients to undertake long journeys without the worry of frequent stops and long charging times. Tesla is working on supplying hotels, restaurants and leisure destinations with free Wall Connectors: places where owners are likely to spend a few hours or days. Once installed, these chargers can produce up to 76km of driving autonomy in one hour and the company already has over 350 partners in locations such as Château de Chenonceau, the Paul Ricard circuit, Château de Noireux near Angers, and La Réserve in Ramatuelle. by design, an electrically-powered vehicle needs less maintenance than a traditional one. For Models S and X, typical upkeep will involve changing or replacing ‘consumables’ like window wipers, air filters or tyres. breaking systems aren’t as heavily ‘stressed’ either and therefore have a much longer life expectancy. Tesla recommends an inspection once a year or every 20,000km. This costs 475€ (and 825€ for every 40,000km). The first major servicing takes place at 80,000€ with the replacement of the battery coolant as well as number of other operations, which costs 1,025€. Constant innovation and an approach of continual research and development have come to define Tesla and South African-born Canadian-American business magnate Musk. Teslas are the only vehicles available that can update at distance, meaning that clients can access new functions every month. France is far from the only country to consider taking petrol and diesel-powered cars off the market; around the world, the future is looking electric. Purchasing a 100% electric vehicle in France currently allows clients to access an ecological grant (bonus écologique) of 6,000€, but that may change in coming years. For Tesla, at least: “We welcome all initiatives that accelerate the transition towards 100% electrical mobility.” 



green living

one Word: insulaTion

three companies in the region are working together to protect the environment: Belisol, SP isolation and FrC PaCa. their goal? Comprehensive home insulation.

based in Antibes, Belisol is a specialist for door and window insulation and provides designs that are individually adapted to client needs with materials such as PVC, aluminium and wood. In addition to working with lived-in properties, belisol also works with new developments and homes in the construction stage.

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

ith the right insulation for your home, you can not only help conserve energy, but you can also save money in the long term. It’s important to address the issue from every angle: well-insulated windows alone are not sufficient and walls, roofs and terraces must all be considered.

A trio of companies — belisol, SP Isolation and FRC PACA — have joined forces in the Côte d’Azur under the banner of Les Pros de l’Isolation RGE as certified insulation professionals. Each of the three businesses is specialised in a different area to ensure a balanced overall project for energy conservation. Their special status also means that some clients will be able to apply for statefunding of works in their homes.

This family-run business takes care of thermal insulation of interior walls and roof trusses. sP isolation can also provide sound proofing whether than be in new of existing buildings.

Using a range of specialist products, frc Paca insulates the exteriors of homes and other buildings and protects them against thermal fluctuations, be it winter or summer. The company then adapts the protective layer of insulation in line with the aesthetics of the property.



Not just saving energy, but also money in the long run


Nice launches new electric car rental service

35 million households to benefit

ice has partnered with the ecofriendly Autobleue car sharing system and Renault to equip the city with 20 electric Izzie cars (a locally branded version of the car manufacturer’s Zoe) and facilitate the transport of residents, students and tourists. This new alternative to public transport and private car ownership can be geographically located and then instantly ordered via a smartphone app, allowing for immediate use of a vehicle unlike previous self-serving rental options. The main locations of the cars include the surroundings of Nice train stations Thiers and Riquier as well as spots near Gambetta and Saint

Jean d’Angely, all of which can be found on the app. To register, you will need to provide a valid driver’s licence, email, home address and credit card information. Once the booking is complete, you have 20 minutes to pick up the car. Renault’s Zoe model is fully electric, comes with an automatic gear and is convenient for all kinds of trips, from short rides to longer excursions in the Alpes-Maritimes department and beyond: it can cover 300km on a full charge. The zero-emission cars are easily recognisable due to the characteristic bright turquoise and white colours. The app can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play.  CD

aTTenTion, ceTacean!

manmade causes of mortality among large cetaceans. The move is part of Corsica Ferries’ overall policy of responsible maritime activities, which began in 2007 with a collaboration between the ferry company and the ISPRA (Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research). This saw the creation of a cetacean tracking network and a partnership with the Marine Mammal Observers association. Corsica Ferries also works closely with CIMA (International Centre on Environmental Monitoring) and its Cetamus project. “As a major actor in the transport of passengers in the Mediterranean, Corsica Ferries affirms its commitment to defending the environment and protecting the biological heritage of the Mediterranean,” said President of Lota Maritime (Corsica Ferries) Pierre Mattei at the launch of the systems. “The waters that our vessels pass through are very rich and the works of the past 10 years by ISPRA and CIMA have revealed encouraging results with regards to the presence of cetaceans.” Mattei added that if the results of these four new tracking systems prove positive and effective, Corsica Ferries will progressively equip its entire fleet.  EC

Corsica Ferries equips vessels with whale tracking systems n World Oceans Day earlier this year, Corsica Ferries announced that it was equipping four of its vessels with cetacean tracking systems in order to avoid collisions with whales and other marine mammals during voyages. Crew members are now to be trained in the surveillance and maintenance of the systems, which were installed voluntarily and have received the support of the World Wildlife Fund. Since June this summer, vessels Pascal Lota, Mega Express, Mega Expres Four and Mega Andrea have all been operating the hightech equipment, which is designed to track the animals in real time and help avoid collisions. Accidents involving boats are the biggest



smarT elecTric meTers for france

Travel WiTh izzie


green living

ome 35 million households across France are to be equipped with smart (or ‘intelligent’) electricity meters from company Linky by 2021, replacing conventional ones, following a commission by electrical network provider Enedis. The new meters measure the power consumption in real time and can accurately sync this information to each independent device. The data is then transmitted to the grid operator, eliminating the need for physical reading and analysis of power consumption. Customers will be able to view their monthly consumption online. While the initiative will reduce human error, there are concerns that the immediate and exact recording of data by the operator will infringe on households’ privacy. 


neW WaTer filTering sTaTion in vence Environmental protection and public health a priority n the near future, a new water filtering system called the Malvan Purification Station is to be opened in Vence. Reducing water wastage and improving treatment techniques have become a priority in terms of environmental protection, public health, sustainable development and tourism for the region. Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi and Mayor of Vence Catherine Le Lan have decided to revamp the two already existing water filtering systems of Vence and combine them into one centralised station. The new Malvan filtering platform will have cutting-edge technology that will assist in the preservation of the area’s aquatic ecosystems as well ensure as that all sanitary requirements are met for the well-being of local residents. 


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Wine & Provence


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

Wine & Provence


Wine & Provence


châTeau d’esTouBlon A diamond in the heart of Provence valérie reboul-Schneider’s life was already mapped out. With her father, ernest Schneider, as chairman of the Breitling board of directors, she could easily have slipped into a role at this famous watch company, but destiny had other plans. today, with her husband rémy, against the magnificent backdrop of the alpilles, they produce quality wine and pure olive oil to the strictest organic standards. By PETRA HALL

Where are the sheep?” Valérie Reboul-Schneider walks towards the olive tree groves, looking for something in the distance. “A thousand sheep cannot just disappear!” She is guiding us around 200 hectares of an outstanding property in the heart of the Alpilles, a mountainous massif in the bouches-duRhône department. As we walk between rows of olive trees at Château d’Estoublon, the silvery foliage shimmering in the sunshine, Valérie talks about her family’s history. “My father was passionate about hunting and adored nature. He settled in the Camargue with my mother and bought a small house in Saint-Rémy. Gradually, always enthralled by the region, he bought so much that it seemed he wanted to buy the whole of Provence! I was born in Switzerland, but went to school in Arles and finished my baccalaureate in

Neuchâtel: a fine mix of genres. I continued my studies in England and America before spending three years in the Maldives. I had a trial run with breitling and worked for three years in the marketing department. That was just before I met Rémy and fell in love!”

it’s the end of one story, but another was just beginning. “At the end of the 90s, the owner of Château d’Estoublon, a neighbour, died. The property, which was built in the 18th century, was very run-down. My father wanted to buy the château and land, which I categorically refused to be involved with at the time – me become an olive grower? No, that was not my thing,” she reflects. “I had so much to do with my family – three children and three dogs – and guests at the bed and breakfast we managed in Saint-Rémy-en-Provence. I thought I’d reached the pinnacle of my dreams.” Fate, or rather this visionary father, decided otherwise. One evening in 1999 after a meal together, between the pears and the cheese, he said: “A Swiss guy has just bought Château Estoublon.” His daughter retorted, “He must be crazy to go on such an adventure!” but her amusement was short-lived when her father replied, “The Swiss guy is me!”


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



Wine & Provence

Valérie was annoyed, she dug her heels in and refused to get involved in the project. Suddenly, Ernest Schneider fell ill. He had shingles, which disappeared when Valérie and her husband Rémy – “My father’s accomplice…” – finally agreed to participate. “This property is the diamond of the Alpilles, the most beautiful of them all. Valérie, it’s an opportunity you cannot let slip,” said the beloved father, who died in 2015. “And he was right,” admits his daughter fondly. “At the time it was a nightmare! The château was in a dire state, we had no idea about olives or vines, not to mention organic agriculture. The wine produced was undrinkable. We could have put it in beautiful bottles and sold it anyway, but for us there is a line one does not cross: you don’t cheat in life.” At the start, she was even afraid that all the work would destroy her family, but the opposite happened. “Our children respect us all the more because of our total dedication to the project.” We return from our promenade in that special light associated with sunsets in Provence. The estate is vast, with a chapel that has been authentically restored. Arriving at the château itsePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

self, we sit at the welcoming, elegant bar and Valérie picks up where she left off: “It has taken us 15 years to achieve what you see here today. We started from zero and are still working at it 100%.” Several million euros have been invested in the project. The result is a sublime country château with a habitable surface area 1,500m² including suites and bedrooms, all ensuite and furnished with taste. It takes 20 guests very comfortably. Valérie and Rémy hire out this prestigious property for special events, family parties and seminars. Chef, butler and maid are available. “It is not a hotel, but a private family home where you can feel at ease,” explains the owner. “We also like inviting friends and guests to spend a few carefree hours in this elegant ambiance. We have built a heliport, pool and hammam, and improved all the services you would expect in such a residence.” Sincerity and passion are the common threads running through the life of the ReboulSchneider couple. They are convinced that ‘without work, there would be nothing’ and share the tasks simply and honourably. Rémy soon joins us. His passion has always

been the wine. Like his wife, he learned his craft on the job. The estate has 20 hectares of vines, with 16 red and four white grape varieties – all organic, of course. “We owe it to our planet and our children,” he says. He trusts ancestral wisdom too: “We do the maximum to preserve the original Provence with all its treasures. It’s the most valuable asset we have! We respect the land and, above all, categorically refuse to use any chemicals. Man can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to what is happening”. Rémy produces 80,000 to 100,000 bottles a year, a third of which are exported to European countries, another third to America and the rest remaining in France. A quarter of total turnover comes from the shop attached to the château, where you can also find their organic olive oil as well as Provencal specialities. back to the distribution of tasks! While her husband was learning how to cultivate vines and make wine, Valérie took several courses to become a skilled producer of olive oil. “In the beginning, I couldn’t taste the difference with pure olive oil, but now I adore it, like a fruit juice! I can immediately spot the smallest variations,” she explains quite proudly as we taste six different varieties. “Our oil is a luxury product because it is extremely refined. The olive varieties are harvested separately and it is me who decides on the blend. It’s like creating a perfume, and is why we use elegant bottles.” It will come as no surprise to hear that Château d’Estoublon’s olive oil and wine bear the European quality label, AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée). Valérie produces 40,000 to 50,000 litres of oil with her team. Normally, they would have produced double that amount, but for the last four years the harvest has halved. The climate? The flies that infest the olives? Valérie doesn’t know, but at least she does not have to worry about demand. Their olive oils sell particularly well in Switzerland, Austria, Japan and America: “We are in selected stores and not supermarkets. The customer is ready to pay more for products like these.” Valérie and Remy’s story is like a fairy tale: a loved and loving father, a chance encounter, falling in love, starting a family, becoming a wine grower and producer of olive oil, and living peacefully in the heart of Provence. And the sheep? Well, they provide fertiliser for the vines and olives. What could be more natural? Photo VALÉRIE AND RÉMY HAVE THEIR HANDS FULL RUNNING THE CHATEAU AS WELL AS CARING FOR THEIR THREE CHILDREN AND THREE DOGS


kat O’Brien loves antibes: so much so that she has recently bought Bacchus, the oldest wine bar and cellar in town, and is slowly settling here with her soulmate François. her story is one that shows just how far creative passion can take you. By SARAH HYDE

The PerfecT summer Wine Australia meets Provence in Bacchus

er deliciously chilled Delahoussay rosé, which is the perfect shade of gris, tastes delicate and light — the perfect reflection of a glorious afternoon in the Côte d’Azur. This year and for the first time, Kat has won a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole. An Australian by birth, Kat became interested in wine when she was living in Nüremberg and working as a senior global design director for Adidas. Captivated by the complexity and tradition of wine production in France, she began travelling regularly to burgundy where she was initially fascinated by Chablis and learnt how terroir influenced the flavours of the wine. At this point in the story, readers may note that this is perhaps where Kat differs from most people: tasting wine and collecting was not enough. She needed to make wine herself and decided to focus on rosé. Her challenge was to create the perfect ‘summer red’. As we sit on a bar stool in bacchus listening to Kat talk, it feels as if we could stay here all day — perhaps forever — and she shares this incredible new lexicon of knowledge. It is easy to see how difficult entering this world would be for an outsider and particularly an Australian and a woman, but Kat explains that once she realised that you could buy the grapes and create wine


Wine & Provence


without a domaine or a château, there was no stopping her. Terroir and mineral content are very important: her grapes come from the foothills of Sainte Victoire to the east of Aix-en-Provence. Each harvest yield is anticipated by an expert, an oenologist who examines the interior of the grape with a little machine and works out how many grapes you will need to make 10,000 litres. It can be an expensive task and she laughs as she says that apparently there is a man in burgundy who will not get out of bed for less than 20,000€. This year's hot summer will certainly make the grapes smaller and sweeter. The more she explains, the more we want to know. A rosé is not like any other wine and does not improve with age. At the most basic, it is a red wine without the support of any tannin, which is contained in the skins. Rosé can be a mix of six grape varietals and the finest wines are produced here in the south of France. Kat has chosen to use two varieties (Syrah and Grenache) to achieve her blend and she has sourced the best grapes she could find. The all-important colour, which is called gris pamplemousse, is created by leaving the skins in the vats to stain the wine. They can be in there for up to 24 hours after the pressing before they are scooped out. Getting the ‘stain’ just right is a delicate and intuitive business. As she gently alludes to the price of these fruits and the volumes involved, we begin to understand just how nerve-racking the whole process must be. Rather romantically, her wine was bottled on 14th February and a three-litre sample was taken anonymously by the Concours Général Agricole. Kat was amazed when the wine succeeded in the local competition and was sent to Paris. Winning the gold there was the cherry on top and the award-winning fruition of her passion. you can't help but wonder what this woman will achieve with bacchus, her latest project, and she can be found there most days, chatting openly with her customers about her signature wine. As the oldest wine bar and cave in Antibes, the couple are in the process of discovering the history of the place. As we talk, we wonder if Picasso and the other great artists who have graced the town of Antibes ever stopped here for a glass with the local fishermen…  sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



Wine & Provence

The Wine man Importing New World wine into the heart of the Old World

© Ekaterina Kurilovich/Luxury Life Magazine

he French Riviera boasts an array of world-class restaurants with elaborate and traditional wine lists that offer everything from the best of bordeaux to local Provence wines. In recent years, the founder of Club Vivanova and Mitton International Wines, bradley Mitton, has taken on the challenge of offering the finest gastronomical establishments on the Côte d’Azur and Monaco a taste of the New World.


What led you to cross-over from your career in gastronomy to wine distribution? I worked my way up the culinary ladder in Australia from the age of 21 and eventually became a restaurant manager in Hong Kong at 24 and then executive chef in boracay, Philippines, at 25. I opened my own Mediterranean fusion restaurant in Manila aged 26 and later moved to Seoul, South Korea, to become operations director for a fine dining restaurant group. I worked very hard and was head-hunted by restaurant owners across Asia, who gave me great opportunities to develop in a creative way. In Seoul, I was able to develop a wine distribution channel for my employer and started developing promotional programmes at his restaurants. It was exciting as the region imported most of their wines from Australia at that time; the winemakers would visit and we would present and promote them at events. After ten years in Asia, I decided to return to Europe and took a job offer in berlin. sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

What about Berlin attracted you and how were New World wines received? The city was fresh. There was little to no New World wine on the market and I saw an opportunity. I decided to go on my own so on a shoe-string budget, I opened Mitton International Wines and started knocking on doors in berlin. We had very little money, minimal stock and it is really tough selling New World in an Old World region, but I believed in what I was doing. Over the last 15 years, I have focused my mission and developed the business in seven countries. Why New World wines? European restaurants mainly list European wines. I noticed a trend where people wanted to drink something they could understand; something that tastes round and mouthfilling, and is not too complicated. European wines can be difficult to understand and choosing can be intimidating; the New World takes all of this fear away and offers what is on the label. It’s very simple and they’ve produced huge competition for the Old World. How do you choose the wines in your portfolio? We focus on family-owned, boutique wineries where all of the investment goes into the juice. It doesn’t make sense for us to buy from big commercial wineries. They push for volume and spend fortunes on labelling, bottle shapes, marketing and over-bearing facilities. What you pour in the glass is just out-priced. We work with the best sommeliers in the world and they want top-class, value-formoney wine for their clients. They don’t care what the bottle looks like; they want to make sure the wines are hand-made, balanced and effective at cost. So we approach farmers — people who work the land producing great grapes — and they bottle the wine and sell to us. These are salt-of-the-earth winemakers who really care about the wine they bottle. What styles of wines do you import? We import simple grape varietals that people recognise and that showcase the regions we work with: mainly Chardonnay and Shiraz from Australia, Sauvignon blanc and Pinot Noir from New Zealand, and Malbec from Argentina. We have tried diversifying, but if you

want to keep a business strong, you have to focus on what is successful. We tried Riesling and other varietals like Viognier, but they are produced in other European regions in great quality and so we just stick to what works. How do you make yourself competitive against other importers and distributors? We keep our costs low and overheads minimal. We ship everything direct from the winery to four warehouses across Europe (berlin, Warsaw, Prague and Monaco). We have exclusivity on all the brands and we don’t have the wines in shops or online so the restaurants also have exclusivity in the market. Private clients can buy from us, but they have to call us directly. Who are your clients? Mainly five-star hotels and restaurants such as the Hyatt group, Ritz Carlton and Fairmont, and private hotels with Michelin star restaurants as well as Société des bains de Mer in Monaco. What do these local professionals think of your concept? We care about what we import and we deal with the sommeliers and the restaurateurs on an equal level understanding of what they and their clients want. We also support the concept with events at Club Vivanova and this helps us to become partners with the establishments. Reputation is everything. I am driven, highly ambitious and really enjoy keeping my clients and club members happy. It’s all about brand-growth and being in the right places with the right people. Any advice for a novice New World wine drinker? Look for something cool-climate! Warmclimate wines from the northern parts of the Southern hemisphere are generally soft, fruit and easy-to-drink. We look for something more special. In Europe, the most elegant wines come from cooler climates (Germany, burgundy and Champagne). It is the same in the New World: look at Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, Southern Marlborough and then search for the smaller wineries. They might cost a little more than the commercial wines, but it is always worth it! 

la Terrasse du Plaza, in the heart of Nice’s carré d’Or quartier, boasts a panoramic view of Old Nice and the Promenade du Paillon from its lounge-bar rooftop terrace. in summer, as in winter, la Terrasse du Plaza’s restaurant offers a true voyage for the senses. enjoy a lunch facing the Mediterranean Sea as chef Olivier boeuf cooks up a gastronomic experience with fresh produce. in the relaxing lounge area, tapas plates as served alongside drinks from the bar. every Tuesday and Thursday from June to September, la Terrasse du Plaza hosts live entertainment soirées with a DJ. la Terrasse du Plaza has entered its summer season and is now open from 10.30am until 12.30am: join us all day long on the rooftop for lunch, dinner

OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND OPeNiNg liVe DJ eVeNiNg: 4th May from 7pm to 12.30am luNch: 12pm to 3pm DiNNeR: 7pm to 10.30pm (April to October) lOuNge bAR: 10.30am to 12.30am

and drinks. With warm days come warm nights and as the weather hots up, la Terrasse du Plaza will be releasing its new lunch and evening menus with seasonal flavours and exceptional fresh produce. in the lounge area, our bartenders will be mixing up a brand-new cocktail list. Where better to taste their newest creations than escaping above the city for the wonderful view? From our chef, Olivier boeuf: Sea bream, John Dory, Sole, Turbot and grouper for fresh fish served whole, oven-roasted or in a salt crust, and prepared directed before our guests. Meat is also honoured by our in-house chef, who provides a delectable range of aged beef - Aubrac, charolais, Simmental, limousin – in cuts such as a prime rib and entrecote.

LA TERRASSE DU PLAZA Panoramic Rooftop

| 1 2 Av e n u e d e Ve rd u n , N i c e | 0 4 9 3 1 6 7 5 9 2 | w w w. l a t e r r a s s e d u p l a z a . f r



Wine & Provence

‘lorgues Terre de vins’ Twelve quality wineries stand together Prince Félix of Luxembourg talks to editor-in-chief Petra hall about the motives behind this new initiative as well as his personal motivations.

Top photo prince féLix cuts the ribbon with Lorgues’ MaYor cLaude aLeMagna Right photo a Map depicting the associated vineYards Far right photo château Les crostes sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

A grouping of friends who share the same passion”: this is how Prince Félix of Luxembourg explains the recently founded association of 12 winemakers from the area surrounding the village of Lorgues in Provence. The members* make high quality wines — cru classé — and their president is the 33-year-old prince, who owns Château Les Crostes. Second in line to the throne of his petit nation, Félix of Luxembourg is dressed casually in a pink shirt and black jeans when we meet. “In January 2016, I invited all of the winemakers from around Lorgues, this terrain blessed by God, to my estate. 12 out of 16 came. Prior to [my invitation], everyone was locked away in their own vineyard. I wanted to break the communication barrier and that’s how our association, ‘Lorgues Terre de Vins’, began. It’s a wonderful opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas. It’s not easy to run a winery so it’s good to have companions. We understand each other splendidly!” The different nationalities of the members enhance the Lorgues location and help to make the area more well-known: vice president is Valérie Rousselle, the owner of Château Roubine, and the honorary president is king of truffles Clement bruno. In addition to the enchanting town, the place is a


Wine & Provence


© Hervé Fabre

true treasure of local produce; wine, of course, but also olive oil, honey and nougat all in the middle of an untouched landscape. An appellation d’origine contrôlée — or AOC — is not yet in place. There will be, however, a small train that takes visitors from one vineyard to another and a discovery pass available from the tourism office listing the participating wineries. If you visit all twelve and can prove it with a stamp, champions are gifted with 12 bottles of delicious wine — one from each domaine. Joint artistic and charitable initiatives are in the works and a commission has been set up to review the quality of each company. The town is also trying to improve its internet connectivity. It wasn’t actually Félix who plumped for life in a vineyard: “It was my wife!” he says with a laugh and a glass of cool rosé from Château Les Crostes in hand. “My father-in-law bought the estate in 1998. He gave it to my wife in 2012, a year before our wedding. Claire and I went to school together in Switzerland and we have known each other since she was 17 and I 18. Seven years later, we met again by accident and have been by each other’s side ever since.” both studied bioethics, a subject that involves (among many others) medicine and law, but also politics and philosophy. “I wanted to absorb as much general knowledge as possible,” says the charismatic prince, who also


works as a bio advisor. The property on which the estate is located comprises a total of 250 hectares of land including forests and 55 hectares of vines. They also produce 300 litres of olive oil annually. After they took over Château Les Crostes, the couple realised: “First of all, it is important to accept the inheritance of her father and to secure his enormous work permanently. The domain was magnificent, we only changed the marketing. In the beginning, it was hard to sell our wine, but now we almost don’t have enough! I would not spend more than 30€ on a bottle of rosé in a restaurant.” Claire and Félix married in 2013 near Saint Maximin, but celebrated at the château. Their two children, Princess Amalia (three) and Prince Liam (six months), were both baptised in Lorgues. For three years, the family lived in Provence, but now their main residence is in Geneva. The prince commutes back and forth twice a month: “The domaine remains a big part of our lives.”

*Château l’Arnaude, Château Sainte béatrice, Château de berne, Domaine du Clos d’Alari, Château Les Crostes, Domaine Estello, Château la Martinette, Château Roubine, Château des Sarrins, Château Mentone, Château SainteFoy & Domaine des Aumèdes. sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



Wine & Provence

from the red rock of the estérel Domaine de Barbossi collaborates with L’Oasis the clash of rust-red terrain against the lush vines and the blue of the sky is a startling sight. at domaine de Barbossi, on a plateau close to Mandelieu La napoule, the ‘mother stone’ of the vineyard is that of rhyolite, the igneous and volcanic rock, which gives its signature colour to the estérel mountain range to the west. he grapes cultivated at Domaine de barbossi are of traditional varietals – Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Rolle, Clairette and Muscat Petit Grain – and the vines are up to 40 years old in some parts of the domaine. The benefits of its geographical locale, with sunshine pouring in most days of the year, a freshness coming from the coast and a certain acidity from the native plants of the Estérel, have lent this site a unique character and personality. This is reflected in its wines: two rosés, three reds (each 100% single grape blends) and three whites.


Earlier this summer, the vineyard struck up a partnership with Michelin-starred chef Stéphane Raimbault to open the bistro de l’Oasis at the Hôtel Ermitage de l’Oasis within the domaine. Overlooking the river and golf course (guests can arrive by boat), the restaurant’s menu has been conceived in the mirror image of its elder sibling on Rue JeanHonoré Carle in Mandelieu albeit it with a new chef in the kitchen. Patrice Lafon, a 42-year-old chef from the southwest of France, has long been influenced by the tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean. Although he takes a lighter approach to fine dining than his mentor, guests will rediscover all the classics of the

Oasis kitchen: bouillabaisse de St. Pierre caught in the region, a cold-served paella, a salade Niçoise with fruit and vegetables handselected in the Marché Forville of Cannes. Head sommelier Pascal Paulze, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, has majestically paired wines from the vineyard and beyond with Lafon’s offerings, considering the ‘charm of the textures, the precision of the balance and the respect of the terroir’ to create a superb wine list. The restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner. The Menu bib Gourmand (entrée, main and dessert) is available at both sittings and costs 32€. 

vendages étoilées Gastronomy in the pearl of the Riviera f Saint Tropez is the glittering jewel of the Côte d’Azur then Cassis is certainly the refined and elegant pearl. between 22nd and 24th September, the seaside town will welcome the eighth edition of the Vendages


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

étoilées, a gourmet food and wine event that celebrates the finest of Provence. Some fifty renowned chefs from Michelinstarred restaurants and high-end establishments across the region will be making appearances, such as local La Villa Madie in Cassis’ Dimitri Droisneau (two Michelin stars) and Glenn Viel from the two-star Oustau de baumanière in Les-baux-de-Provence. In addition to a programme of paid culinary courses for the young and old (8€ for children and 12€ for adults), the festival is organising over 40 free cooking demons-

trations from 11am to 6pm over the course of the three days. Producers and artisans of Provence will also get their showcase in the quintessential marché zone, where visitors can discover a mouthwatering selection of honeys, truffles, foie gras, fromages affinés, olives, saffron, saucissons, terrines and, of course, wine from vineyards around Cassis. The event is taking place throughout the town – it’s a wonderful excuse to visit one of the French Riviera’s most overlooked destinations! 


A ROCA Gourmet offers a variety of French Riviera specialties and a high-level catering service

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“you have To Be a liTTle BiT crazy!” Fabio Gnech conquers Place Garibaldi pragmatic and erious, efficient: these might not be the usual adjectives you’d chose to describe an Italian, but that’s the character of this man from Piedmont. It’s the nature of his homeland too, one in which you once could only survive with hard work and dedication. Fabio Gnech, 43, is very proud of his origins. The designer from Cuneo, however, isn’t just diligent; he also has, in his own words, a ‘craze’ that is needed if you want to be a good entrepreneur. Then there is his wealth of ideas and sensitivity. All in all, it’s a mixture that has made him one of the most successful restauranteurs in Nice. After launching Attimi in Place Masséna in 2010 with some partners, Fabio opened Sentimi in Place Garibaldi in 2016 — listen to me or feel me in English. Everything on the menu, from pizzas to salads, pastas, fish, meat and desserts,


represents healthy Italian cuisine cooked the ‘slow’ way. All produce comes from Italy with fruits, vegetables and fish bought in Ventimiglia. With the word Sentimi, Fabio has invented another name for the famous Ligurian Focaccia di Recco, which is obviously a protected nomination. So he gave this specialty a new identity by calling it Sentimi. Nine different versions priced between 14 and 16.50€ are offered here, always with the mild cheese stracchino or crescenza filling— but also with hams, salmon, vegetables or anchovies — between two thin layers of organic flour and Evian mineral water. “The idea behind Sentimi is basic Italian cuisine with its regional features,” explains Fabio. “We are committed to a new way of thinking about gastronomy and, at the same time, the preservation of culinary traditions. It is always motivating to see how satisfied customers are.

More and more are paying attention to their diet.” Fabio is warm and generous with his guests, whether at lunch or dinner. A smile here, a handshake there: “The most beautiful hours are spent with people who like to eat!” He enjoys living in Nice, with Italy not too far away, but a return to his homeland is out of the question: “Politicians are destroying everything,” he says. Rather he has another plan. He’d like to take the Sentimi concept out into the world. PH

dine in sTyle aT mys With Monaco’s trusted caterer re you hosting an event at a stand or onboard a yacht during the upcoming Monaco yacht Show? For over 25 years, gourmet caterer A ROCA has been freshly preparing the favourite cuisine and ingredients of the French Riviera from its base in the principality. Whether for a breakfast, lunch or dinner, or perhaps even finger food for a cocktail function or wholesome meals for staff, all of A ROCA’s offerings are lovingly handmade to order from beignets de fleurs de courgettes to ratatouille, delicate mini-sandwiches (the Monegasque interpretation of a classic English serving), fresh fish, wholesome meats and exquisite desserts. A whole gastronomic journey awaits you and your guests, which you can savour with total piece of mind that A ROCA has the logistics and service organised for events of all occasion.  www.arocagourmet.com sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017




a royal caTch La Table du Royal on Cap Ferrat ith a view as sublime as that from Hotel Royal Riviera’s fine dining restaurant, the La Table du Royal experience is a feast for the eyes as well as your taste buds. Elegant yet not ostentatious, refined and innovative, the two wonderful minds of chefs bruno le bolch and Alain Parodi come together in this luxurious address to create a menu of exception. On one side is the sensitive and respected le bolch, who works closely to the season and the produce he buys from the small producers of the region. He pairs traditional cuisine with subtle contemporary flavours, seeking to seduce rather than surprise while the more ma-



verick Parodi takes diners on a culinary journey of discovery. Artistic and inventive, Parodi is a poet when it comes to modern gastronomy. The complimentary duo are supported in their quest by pastry Chef Marc Payeur, a master of originality, and head sommelier Thierry bastard with his innate savoir-faire of wine pairing and charismatic dignity in helping diners’ choice. The restaurant not exclusively reserved for guests of the hotel and has become a destination in itself for its high quality cuisine. The restaurant is open daily from 7.30pm to 10pm and also serves lunches between October and April from 12.30pm to 2pm.  www.royal-riviera.com

PromoTing veganism & auThenTiciTy Nice restaurant awarded Maître Restaurateur status illy berton, co-owner and head chef of Vegan Gorilla on Rue du Lycée in Nice, has become France’s first vegan chef to hold the prestigious Maître Restaurateur status, a state-run initiative that commends originality and quality in cuisine. Having worked at top-class establishments across Provence and Monaco — such as the Thermes Marins de Monte-Carlo and Chez bruno in Lorgues — Willy and his wife Camille turned vegetarian four years ago and have gradually moved towards a vegan lifestyle. After a 20-year career in the kitchen, their diet transition made chef Willy reconsider his métier and methods of cooking as the couple embraced a world free from all animal products.


While the typical meaty petits farcis and Provençal-roasted sea bass or bream are gone from Vegan Gorilla’s menu, the fresh and organic offerings still have all the authenticity of good Mediterranean cuisine. Carpaccio de bœuf is replaced by thinly sliced beef and heritage tomatoes; the salade Niçoise becomes a vitamin-boosting dish of rice noodles with pineapple, pomegranate, mungo beans, coriander, peanuts, lime and, of course, the vegan essential: the avocado. Desserts are equally inspiring and lovers of dairy will be surprised to discover an alternative to milk, cream and eggs. The menu changes every two weeks and is bursting with nutritious options for vegetarians and vegans as well as those who are gluten or lactose-intolerant. EC



PasTis: 65 herBs & aromas The active ingredients in Henri Bardouin are from Provence

nder the sun at restaurant Influence in Nice, Alain Robert, the director of the Distilleries et Domaines de Provence, invited Riviera Insider to a dinner focusing on the Pastis Grand Cru Henri bardouin. What at first glance looked like a banquet turned out to be a surprisingly delicate meal. Not only were glasses filled again and again with the strong aniseed apéritif, but the individual dishes prepared by chef Aurele Gasperoni were also imbued with pastis. Far from containing just aniseed and three other ingredients like many other similar products, the Grand Cru Henri bardouin unites a total of 65 aromas, herbs and spices. Each is necessary to create such a strong flavour: green anise, of course, but also cinnamon, cloves, liquorice, thyme, wild celery, mugwort, centaury, nutmeg… Essentially, it is an ingenious blend of ingredients from all over the world, with many coming from Provence. It has been produced in Forcalquier in Haute Provence for more than 100 years and because of its excellent quality, this extraordinary pastis was awarded a medal at the Concours Général Agricole Paris 2017. The word Pastis, incidentally, comes from the old Provençal language and can be interpreted as ‘mixture’. It first entered the commercial market when, in 1932, the high strength spirit absinthe has been banned. The laws were relaxed in 1988 and the latter has once again gone on sale, albeit with rules that active substance Thujone remains below 35 milligrams per kilo. Anything above and it can provoke mental and physical illness if consumed in large quantities. PH


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



Only 20 guests can fit aboard PingOne, which, when it’s not on the high seas, is transformed into an authentic onboard restaurant where only the freshest fish is served.

reservations are highly recommended for the trip as well as for dinner: +39 (0)328 702 4223.

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017


from neT To knife An insider tip from the port of Oneglia By SuSANNE ALTWEGER-MINET

t’s 7am and the old harbour of Imperia-Oneglia is bathed in a mild light before the summer heat sets in. The day begins here for brothers Salvatore and Luigi Pinga, second generation fishermen on the Liguria coast. PingOne, a 15-metre-long robust trawler, is one of three vessels in this family-operated fleet. With a rumble, the engines are started and it’s time to head out into the open sea. “Whoever makes fishing their profession is someone who loves the sea,” says Salvatore, and anyone who’s heard him say it knows that to be true. Sustainability in fishing is a genuine ethos here and there are strict laws protecting the region’s endangered fish. For red tuna, which is still recovering from over-fishing, there is a fixed catch quota that cannot be exceeded. For the powerful swordfish — the pesce spada — however, there are no limits. When PingOne reaches its target area about four nautical miles out to sea and the seagulls overhead are screaming loudly in anticipation of rich prey, the nets are thrown overboard. Depending on the species and the season, the fishermen reach between 40 and 300 metres deep. The catches mainly include red mullet, John Dory, hake, red gurnard and squid. The anchovies, which are very popular in Liguria, are caught by night.


Once landed on the boat, the fish are immediately sorted and packed into ice boxes. A cheeky gull might get one it steals from the deck. Four hours later and PingOne is already back in the harbour. The small vans of local retailers and restaurants are waiting, but not all orders are always filled. The sea gives what it wants to. For home cooks, a small covered fish market can be found in the marina and the brothers sell some of their wonderful wares direct. There’s no beating the freshness. Excitement is also building in the trade market opposite, where the fishermen and merchants meet. In the middle of the room are crates containing all kinds of fish, including, sometimes, unusually large rays. Everywhere you look stand men in rubber boots expertly assessing and commenting on the catches. Quickly and habitually, the fish are weighed, wagered and won. Four prize swordfish are carried in — the heaviest is 40kg. Other vans are waiting out front to speed away the produce. On this day, many are headed for Turin. As other fishing boats begin to fill the harbour, Salvatore tells us about his vessel. Four years ago, he conceived the idea of setting up a ristorante onboard. The concept is simple, the atmosphere authentic. Only 20 guests can be accommodated, but all look forward to the menus designed by friendly chef Manuela from Milan, who has forty years of experience fishing all over the world. The presiding characteristic of the four-course menu is that it contains exclusively ‘self-caught’ fish — the sea determines the food. We sample a cold appetiser with a delicate mousse and pink gambas. For the pasta course, we opt for shrimp with courgettes and saffron. The main course is the main event: a frittata mista di pesce in a wooden box with baby calamari, anchovies and barbels. It looks as good as it tastes. The traditions that have been cultivated in this region have fed its people for thousands of years and the predominantly local guests who join us eat with enthusiasm. Salvatore is keen to stand out from other nearby restaurants whose menus are far too similar: spaghetti all fromgole, cozze marinara or orate alla griglia are not his way. At 10pm, Salvatore bids us goodbye. Now begins the nocturnal fishing activities of sister ship Atlantide. She’ll spend four to seven hours out on the water in search of the quintessential anchovies. For those who would like to experience PingOne for themselves, Salvatore offers a ‘Pescaturismo’; an early morning excursion of four hours including the fishing and a lunch. 




danish art arrives in monaco A third generation enters the culture scene By SARAH HYDE

he famous Danish Galerie birch has opened a branch in Monaco, bringing the third generation of the birch family into the artistic fold. Anette birch, the daughter of prolific art dealer borge birch (who founded the first gallery in Copenhagen in 1946), and her own daughter Caroline have lived in the region for seven years. Inspired by the sudden rush of creativity and interest in the art world in Monaco, Anette thought: “Now is the right time to open this space!” Anette is passionate about using the traditional gallery system to work with artists and clients on a personal level, helping them to discover art. To this end, she wants to make her gallery open to all and has developed an ‘open evening’ event that is to be run weekly – Tuesday on the Rock. Visitors are welcomed into the gallery to cross the invisible and complex threshold of the art world, and also share a glass of her favourite cocktail. SH


Anette and Caroline birch

a hymn to beauty Half a century in the Himalayas Matthieu ricard found a certain spirituality in his photography over the course of 50 years spent living in the himalayas alongside the pocket communities and great teachers of tibet, such as kangyur rinpoche, vajrayana master dilgo khyentse and the 14th dalai Lama. By ELSA CARPENTER sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

“A hymn to beauty… That’s how I perceive my humble photographic work,” says eminent French photographer and buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard. In 1972, Ricard decided to forsake a career in molecular genetics for a more modest path that led him into the heart of the Himalayas, a region in which he has made his home for the last 50 years. Speaking of his experiences, Ricard says: “I discovered the daily lives of the Himalayan populations, the intimacy of its monasteries, the immensity of its high plateaux, the magnificence of the Nepalese mountains and the serenity of the bhutanese valleys. The goal [of my photography] was to share the beauty, power and depth of this universe.” 71-year-old Ricard from Aix-les-bains took his first picture aged 10 and as an adolescent found a mentor in natural and animal photographer André Fatras. but it was the great Henri Cartier-bresson who would ultimately become his real guide following a

meeting at the age of 18. Ricard appears to have lived his photographic life by the words of Cartier-bresson: “The photos take me, not the reverse.” Ricard’s later buddhist studies continued this spiritual approach to photography and his work appears free from constriction: “Rich colours seduce me as much as ‘colour without colour’ – a white bird in flight before a waterfall in the falling snow…” Ricard is a fascinating character. In addition to his creative pursuits, he has become an author and a humanitarian, founding the Karuna-Shechen association that has funded over 200 projects in Nepal, India and Tibet in the fields of education, health and social services. In 2015, Ricard’s foundation came to the aid of over 400,000 people. A collection of his beautiful works is to be presented in the Principality of Monaco from 11th October to 19th November at the Salle d’Exposition on Quai Atoine Ier. The exhibition is open from 1pm to 7pm and entrance is free. 




The auTumn Programme Culture on the Côte d’Azur

special concert for the Restos du Coeur organisation will take place at the Auditorium des Arlucs in Cannes-la-bocca (24th November). www.orchestre-cannes.com

the weather may be cooling down, but the region’s cultural scene is just heating up! this autumn, we embark on an artistic journey of music, theatre, dance and comedy…


bruch (27th September and 29th November); Alexander Sladkovsky with Russie Eternelle (1st October); and Les Aventures de Charlot with pianist Paul Lay (12th November) among many other musical offerings. www.opmc.com

© Jean Claude

Where? scène 55 What? A diverse line-up at this contemporary establishment in Mougins: discover the Centre Chorégraphique National d’Aix-en-Provence’s ballet of the season with Playlist #1 (7th October). Theatrical production Le 6ème Jour follows on 10th October ahead of baroque and Argentinian fusion Magnificat, de Venise à buenos Aires… on 14th October. The great composers of the 20th century are revived for Life Story (7th November) before French folklore is presented in La barbe bleue (10th November). www.scene55.fr © Gavin Evans/Sony Classical

Who? orchestre de cannes provencealpes-côte d’azur What? Follow the region’s most acclaimed orchestra for a mesmerising season of musical events. Artistic director benjamin Levy leads cellist Edgar Moreau at the beaulieu Classic Festival (14th September); mezzo soprano Pauline Sabatier performs at the Soirées Musicales de Grimaud (15th September) and Le Festival d’Art Sacré d’Antibes (16th September, with additional performances by a range of artists at the festival on 22nd September); pianist Khatia buniatishvili returns to Cannes with Mozart and beethoven (1st October); American mezzo soprano Jennifer Larmore will take the stage at the Théâtre Croisette for Une Américaine à Paris (20th October); and a sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

Where? anthéa théâtre What? This imposing structure of concrete and glass will welcome a number of French personalities. The ambitious line-up includes: Vaille que Vivre with Juliette binoche (10th and 11th October); Dany boon’s One Man Show (5th November); and Maintenant ou Jamel with comic Jamel Debouze (10th and 11th November). www.anthea-antibes.fr

Where? orchestre philharmonique de Monte-carlo What? The principality’s prestigious orchestra celebrates all things classical such as the Concert d’Ouverture Grande Saison with the generous support of the Association Les Amis de l’Orchestre (22nd September); Happy Hour Musical with Debussy, Ravel, berwald and

© Dominique Jaussein

Where? nice opera What? At the majestic building of the Opéra de Nice, a series of concerts present Mozart’s best works under Giulio Magnanini (8th and 15th September). Enjoy a trio of ballets with Coppélia, Vespertine and Gnawa (15th and 16th September); opera La belle Hélène (23rd and 24th September); Wagner à Table (7th October); Viva Verdi (13th, 14th, 19th, 20th and 21st October); Mahler (3rd and 4th November); and the Elixir d’Amour opera by Gaetano Donizetti (22nd, 24th, 26th and 28th November). www.opera-nice.org




© David Levermore

Where? Monte-carlo opera What? The splendid and esteemed cultural centre of the principality welcomes La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini (29th and 31st October, and 2nd and 4th November); Faust with Jean-François Zygel (8th November); and Adriana Lecouvreur (19th, 23rd and 26th November). www.opera.mc

© Peter Hauser

Where? grimaldi forum What? This modern amphitheater of culture will dazzle this autumn with outstanding performances from the world of ballet with Gala Russe (16th September); Thursday live sessions with Morgan Ji (28th September) and Fai baba (19th October); a concert with young Chinese pianist Lang Lang (20th October); and the famous Sportel Awards (from 23rd to 26th October). www.grimaldiforum.com sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017





Photography circa 1900, some 60 years after its invention, was still very much child’s play. Yet amateur photographers, with their well-endowed pockets and primitive apparatus, captured significant glimpses into history. One such man was Paul Marie Mottet.

FUNd MOTTeT exHIBITION Paul Marie Mottet’s photographs will be on display from 16th September to 22nd december in the Grasse City archives (ancien Lycée de Croisset, domaine de l'Olivette, 10 avenue Francis de Croisset). the establishment is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 12am and 2pm to 5pm, as well as 9am to 5pm on Saturday 16th September.

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

Grasse and its surroundings more than 100 years ago or those acquainted with the city, the name Mottet — an oldestablished Grassois family — is immediately familiar. Like so many other surnames that have survived the centuries (from Chiris to Cresp, Fragonard, Isnard and Hugues), it is derived from the bourgeois milieu so often associated with perfume. They might not be the sensational images we


expect of photographers today, but Paul Marie Mottet’s (1854-1913) work is like a jigsaw of exciting local history that Céline barbusse-Lecuit and her colleagues from the Grasse City Archives discover piece-by-piece when they come across old documents. In this case, thanks to a donation, the department is rediscovering Grasse of more than 100 years ago through a series of almost 400 negatives, mostly in the form of glass photographic plates. Most exist in duplicate, recorded in the current stereoscopy method with two parallel lenses to give an impression of spatiality when viewed at the same time. barbusse-Lecuit and her team work day by day, not only digitalising the material, but also conducting all sorts of research. Mottet’s undated pictures show the city's sights and landscapes from 1906 to 1912 as well as shots of Marseille, Cassis, Martigues, Chamonix, biarritz, Arles, Thorenc and Golfe-Juan. We see the Cours Honoré Cresp, the heart of the perfume capital, in



Olivier Mottet recently handed over all the photographic plates and negatives of his great-grandfather Paul Marie Mottet to the Grasse City archives. What made you part with such a large part of your great-grandfather’s photographic legacy? We wanted to let other people in to the scenes of the lives of our ancestors. the city archives also have better means of preserving the photos than we do. We hope that by surrendering our copies, we will encourage others to do the same. My mother, siblings and i decided to take this step after our father died two years ago.

the days before the car park; a horse-drawn carriage passing by the Fragonard perfumery; a snapshot of the garden of the present Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Provence (MAHP) with ladies in long, voluminous apparel; and a view of the SaintChristophe neighbourhood entirely without development. The picture in the garden of today's museum was not a coincidence, after all, the photographer had housed his perfume workshop in the Hôtel Clapiers-Cabris. “Perfumery was his real profession, though perhaps he was not the greatest perfumer, and sold his company, Mottet P et Cie, to a certain Honoré Cresp in 1906,” explains barbusse-Lecuit. Inspired by his friend and banker Jean Luce, who himself had been introduced to the art by none other than photographic pioneer and Grasse native Charles Nègre, Mottet too devoted himself to photography; a passion much preferred to perfume. All three men felt at home in the artistic and intellectual circles of the city. Thanks to composer Olivier Mottet, a descendant of Paul Marie Mottet, as well as the work of the Grasse City Archives, we can now share in the memories of the people and the city in an age long before digital photography through an exhibition including the so-called Fund Mottet. In addition to his work, there is almost 1.5 kilometres of maps and documents dating back to the 13th century, and an extraordinary collection of 60,000 photos, all neatly restored and digitised. The exhibition launches during the Journées du Patrimoine in Grasse. 

What do the photographs portray? Mostly trips, both private and business, but there are also scenes from the family life of Paul Marie Mottet. What do you know about the life of your great-grandfather? unfortunately not very much! My father did not know his father, and he did not know very much about his father, Paul Mottet. he was greatly appreciated by his contemporaries. as a boss, he was ahead of his time as he already entrusted women with important posts, such as perfumers. although he had his principal residence in Marseilles, he had an active role in the social life of Grasse. For example, he allowed the city to use his grounds in Saint-Jacques as place a place for festivals. this is something we, as his descendants, try to carry on. Our family, according to my research, settled in the perfume town at the beginning of the 17th century. at that time, the surgeon antoine Mottet moved from Bar-surLoup to Grasse.



imProvisaTion Theatre tours the Pays de Grasse mprovisation is the slogan of the season at the Théâtre de Grasse. Due to essential renovations in the concert hall, which will go on for the next six months, the 2017/18 season and its 38 planned events — from theatre to music, dance, comedy and even a circus —will be taking place in locations around Grasse and its surrounding towns. In way of compensation, two free public performances are being offered by the theatre: the telling of Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers in the gardens of the Villa Fragonard at 10.30am on 7th October and marionette and other artistic performances at 3pm and 5pm during the Festival du Livre at the Mouans-Sartoux chateau. One of the seasonal highlights will be a performance by the ballet of the Geneva Opera House (accompanied by the Orchestra of Cannes, the Nice Philharmonic choir, the children's choir from Cannes and the domestic vocal ensemble Syrinx): Carl Orff's Carmina burana 8.30pm. The venue is the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Ticket sales have begun!  Programme overview & tickets: www.theatredegrasse.com


equal oPPorTuniTies Men in women's jobs and vice versa qual opportunities for men and women in the workplace: this is not only an explicit concern of the politicians in the Pays de Grasse, but also the subject of a photography exhibition from 20th September to 30th November. Osez! La mixité dans les métiers portrays women and men who do exactly this: they dare to make the difference. The exhibition shows women who hold executive positions or in maletraditional roles, and men who perform ‘women's work’. The PACA region shows that a balanced distribution of roles in the workplace is still the exception: half of all women are concentrated in only 6% of the existing professions, half of the men are found in 14%. Only 16% of professions have a balance between men and women. In order to achieve an acceptable balance (with at least 40% of one gender), half of all men or women would have to change jobs. Would this be a good thing? Professor Michel Ferrary has a clear answer to this question: “No matter in which era and no matter what size the company: growth is stronger in companies with gender equality.” www.osez.paysdegrasse.fr


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017




T e e i n g

o f f

o n

T h e

c ô T e

d ’ a z u r


BarBaroux: iT could go eiTher Way Located just off the Provençale, the more attractive name for the a8 motorway, is a golf course loved and sometimes hated by golfers.


s it the fear of the unfamiliar? Let’s put it this way, there are many unusual yet natural elements that strongly influence game play. We’re here on a lovely sunny day with the right temperatures and clear visibility. It’s not a golf course we know, but have already read some rather negative reviews online, in which golfers of all handicaps have let off some verbal steam. Our first impressions of the well-kept clubhouse and hotel area are positive: the welcoming reception with extensive information about the resort and its special features certainly piques our interest. And we’re off! We hire a buggy as the course is described as

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

long — with the biggest green in Europe and a gradient. As we battle through the strong winds that accompany us for the first few hours, we have to give the game our all. Hard, but also a lot of fun and you have to appreciate the setting as nature and the course’s architects have designed it: on a plateau below the foothills of Provence and with views of the Mediterranean. We can feel the power of the famed Mistral; playing north-west to south-east is an advantage on such days. The course, with its 5,526m of yellow and slope rating of 138, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It’s complex, but sporting, driving some golfers to despair with its narrowness in some places

and at least six holes featuring water obstacles. Particularly memorable is the Par 5 and 486m hole 17, which is perhaps the most interesting and difficult part of the whole course: teeing off above a pond then with the second and third stroke under the pressure of another long pond to the right of the fairway… At the end, another water barrier threatens your game: prudence is required. The eastern section of the course is bordered by forest and the hotel complex. It’s a very beautiful place and also demanding, with fast greens and well-kept fairways. It invites you in to play. The paths between the individual holes could do with some attention, though, to the benefit of the buggies and the backs of players. For Golf de barbaroux, it is a solid seal of approval from us! 

Born in 1956 and a passionate golfer since 1992, raimund is a lover of France in all its forms: the people, the food and wine, the culture, and most importantly Provence and Côte d'azur.

GOLF de BARBAROUx Route de Cabasse 83170 Brignoles +33 (0)4 94 69 63 63 contact@barbaroux.com www.barbaroux.com


18 hole Par 72 Lengths: 5,705m white, slope 143 5,526m yellow, slope 138 4,784m blue, slope 136 4,342m red, slope 129 driving range, putting and chipping greens Clubhouse with clean sanitary facilities, a restaurant with a nice terrace and a Proshop Green fee for 18 holes: 78€ a large selection of rates linked to the hotel and spa can be found on the website under Les tarifs Open all year


Au naturel

Terre Blanche Teams uP WiTh kos Paris



Win a sPa reTreaT Mimozas Cannes & Golden Tulip in Sophia Antipolis s part of Riviera Insider’s ongoing partnership with spa management specialist LV Riviera, we have a select number of spa retreats at luxury resorts Mimozas Cannes and the Golden Tulip hotel in Sophia Antipolis to gift to winning readers. To be in with a chance of enjoying a 30-minute spa treatment plus one hour’s access to the hotels’ swimming pools, jacuzzis and other indulgent facilities, head to the competition section of our website! 


lives, grapes, soft-scented apricots, nutritious figs… We could be describing the lush Provençal gardens of five-star resort Terre blanche, but instead these quintessential Mediterranean ingredients are just a part of the cosmetics range by KOS PARIS, who is collaborating with the award-winning hotel and golf destination to offer a new and natural spa experience in the heart of the Var. Already classified as a ‘Leading Spa of the World’ with a haven of peace and tranquility within its 3,200m2 bastide, Terre blanche is now extending its range of treatments through a partnership with the organic Parisian brand, formulated by founder and CEO Sophie Allouche in total respect of the powerful natural assets of the plant world. A trio of massage oils — Mediterranean Pearl with ingredients including invigorating olive, anti-oxidant grape seed, radiance-boosting apricot and fig; Vines Pearl with its fresh fragrance and marine extracts; and Wellness Peal that combines nourishing macadamia, softening almond and other restorative elements (which is ideal for expectant mothers looking to hydrate the skin and prevent stretch marks) — are accompanied by two luxurious facials and a duo of body wraps. The one-hour camomile facial (165€) will sooth and smooth sensitive skin while the indulgent 90-minute Legends treatment (220€) is inspired by the ancestral techniques of Japanese Kobido art through its blend of acai berry, rose geranium, prickly pear seed and aloe vera. The body wraps are applied gently by hand or with a paintbrush: the silhouette algae wrap and the detox tea wrap (both 95€). KOS PARIS itself reflects perfectly the environmentally-conscious ethos of Terre blanche that, since the 1990s, has protected and preserved the stunning locale in which guests find themselves.  Reservations: +33 (0)4 94 39 90 00 www.terre-blanche.com



fiT and Toned Beverly Hills Pilates on the French Riviera nce a top-secret workout for A-listers and celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Nicole Kidman, the beverly Hills Studios will be bringing their unique toning techniques and fitness approach to the centre of Nice this coming September. Reformer Pilates is a revolutionary fitness experience based on a 55-minute workout coordinated by local and dedicated trainers alongside state of-the-art equipment. Classes are designed to give overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance to users through gradual levels of training (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The new three-storey facility is located in the heart of the city, close to Place Masséna. The origins of the Pilates Reformer date back to the original Pilates studio in New york in the 1920s. Since then, an evolution of new fitness approaches and new routines have become the favoured exercise of Pilates devotees worldwide. www.bhstudios.fr


after the warmer summer months of the Pitta phase, the cool and airy vata period — which lasts until January — begins in October. in order to keep body and mind in healthy balance, it is important to reduce vata and avoid foods and behaviours that add to the typically cold dosha. For all doshas: keep yourself warm and treat yourself to rest! it is best to drink a lot of hot drinks during the day, such as fresh ginger tea. indulge in a warm breakfast, stews and generally oily and nutritious food; sweet, sour and salty

represent the cold and dryness found in vata. it is crucial to eat regularly because the active and variable vata needs routine and stability. Create daily habitual activities with relaxing walks during the day and a soothing meditation before going to sleep. Warm baths harmonise vata as well as body massages with essential oils, such as sesame. in order to soothe the dosha, a lighter environment can also be helpful: vata reacts positively to sunlight and cheerful colours. www.anahataflow.eu

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017


neW BouTiques


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017


Skin care at its finest


The world of women

LOUIs vUITTON The lavishly acclaimed fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has reopened its doors on 2 Avenue de Suède in Nice. Since the 1850s, Louis Vuitton has brought the world of high fashion countless unique creations, blending technical innovations with ambitions of the highest quality. While remaining faithful to the brand’s spirit – Art of Travel – the boutique’s new concept transports you into the ‘World of Women’. In a refined yet warm atmosphere, the latest leather goods collections, such as the Capucines BB Skyline bag, are elegantly presented alongside locally produced Fontaines Parfumées fragrances from Grasse. Fashion enthusiasts will also find, on the first floor, an exciting new range of ready-to-wear apparel for men. 

The Gstaad Palace Spa is introducing the new facial care collection of Margy's Monte Carlo. Born in the heart of the Swiss countryside, Margy’s entirely natural products include collagen and hyaluronic acids (two essential elements of the line’s treatments), Vitamin A for improved elasticity, and Vitamin E to strengthen the epidermis, leaving the skin and smooth and radiant. From serums to skin toners, masks and moisturising creams, Margie Lombard is redefining treatments for women of all ages. www.margys.com. 




grohe luxury compare. The Grohe collections, which can be discovered in stores right across the region, are composed of a graphic and minimalist style that dexterously integrates the very latest in light and sound technologies for a truly immersive experience. The results are impressive and the timeless design of each product will make your interior aesthetics long-lasting and adaptable. Home Store Côté bain has incorporated other exclusive pieces for the showroom from additional brands, which include a rimless, freestanding pearl white bathtub alongside Grohe’s Italian-styled shower with a water system that gives the illusion of a rainy day and a sound system capable of creating aquatic symphonies for a singular spa experience. It awaits your discovery! www.homestore.fr

The king is on The move

square metre from the finest 100% cotton long staple yarn, these really are one of the best towel selections money can buy. They’re soft, fluffy and very, very absorbent. Another range of towels that is growing in popularity is the natural combed cotton 650gsm in pure white. being combed cotton means all impurities are removed; that’s up to 24% of what would normally remain in an ordinary towel. Unsurprisingly they have a very thick, soft pile as well as being strong and hardwearing. Historically, King of Cotton has championed quality materials with minimal styling, concentrating on classic white with pure quality being the order of the day. The Hotel Superior 400 thread sateen bedlinen continues that tradition as part of the extensive hotel range. It is used by five-star hoteliers because of its easy-care finish, exceptional lustre and ability to maintain a superb feel for years. Visit the new King of Cotton shop at 28 Rue de l’Hôtel des Postes or explore the website and browse the wide range of quality bedding, robes, slippers and toiletries. Sign up for the newsletter


King of Cotton ing of Cotton, home to the world’s finest linen and towelling has recently moved to new, larger premises in Rue de l’Hôtel des Postes in Nice, just a small pillow throw from where they’ve been making customers feel like royalty for the last few years. With the move to larger premises come additions to the bedding, towelling and toiletry ranges. With the growing desire for quality linen and cotton products throughout the French Riviera, King of Cotton is all set to satisfy that demand. Among the latest arrivals is the Superior towelling range, exclusive to King of Cotton, which is available in a superb range of colours including silver, honey and charcoal. Manufactured in Portugal with a superior weight of 700grams per


arTsy home goods La Roche Bobois

uxury French furniture designer La Roche bobois has set foot in the dreamy landscape of the principality and is determined to stay. Revamped as an art gallery, La Galerie Roche bobois will open on 14th September at 22-24 boulevard d’Italie in Monaco. The gallery will feature collections by Jean Nouvel, Ora Ito, Christophe Delcourt


and receive a free 12.50€ voucher, updates and future discounts. King of Cotton 28 Rue de l’Hôtel des Postes 06000, Nice France +33 (0)4 83 58 09 92 nice@kingofcotton.com


ver an innovator in bathroom design and furnishings, Home Store Côté bain has exclusively added an extra touch of extravagance to its venue in Cannes with the arrival of luxury goods brand Grohe’s own showroom. As an intimate and personal space, Home Store Côté bain’s widespread bathroom collection includes an extensive selection of showers, bathtubs, thermostatic valves, pedestal washbasins and much more to provide a solution for each unique client. Now, with the Grohe showroom, the well-known homeware destination is presenting German expertise in a whole new light. A world leading provider of sanitary fittings, Grohe products are born of craftsmanship and ingenuity to create bathroom goods beyond


Homestore Côté Bain introduces high-end showroom by German brand

and Hans Hopfer as well as exclusivities from its own label. The furniture retailer will offer a wide variety of the finest home furnishing collections in the industry. From bold houseware structures to endearing blueberry-shaped ottomans and geometric tables, the collection’s dominating colours are without a doubt cobalt blues and silver greys for a visionary yet functional flair. www.roche-bobois.com sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017




in silk & velveT Lara Colgan creates heirlooms of the future By ELSA CARPENTER

orn in Iran to English parents who left just before the revolution, Lara studied French and Political Science at university before working in finance in the City of London. Her parents had been visiting the south of France throughout her childhood and at 27, Lara bought a onebed flat in Cannes. She planned to stay for just six months, but met her Australian husband Andy — the coowner of Colgan’s brewery in Mouans-Sartoux — just a few weeks into her ‘sabbatical’. They now have three children (aged nine, five and two) and have made the Côte d’Azur their home. Lara, however, still flies back to London once a month to tend to her other work base in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, where she has two full-time employees: “It’s vital [for me] to tap into the creative energy and buzz of London.” With two successful businesses and a busy household, 44-year-old Lara says she has to be very flexible with her time: “I try to be disciplined and make the distinction between work and family. No emails at night!” And just as she got her first taste of fabrics as a little girl — her grandmother had a shop selling antique textiles, where Lara would rummage through rails of old lace and brocade — her eldest daughter also seems to have creative aspirations. “I noticed one day how she’d set her desk up the same as I have mine,” Lara says with a laugh. “She loves to draw and sketch, and says she’d like to become a fashion designer!”


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

For Lara Colgan, owner of atelier textiles, natural and luxurious materials are the fabric of her passion. her award-winning designs have made it onto the silver screen and into the homes of many an a-List celebrity, but Lara remains humble about her work and the women who help her produce it.

There are many stages to Atelier Textiles’ production process: she provides the ideas and the concept before another team member draws up the designs on a specialist computer programme. Her fabrics are all sourced in India, from silk and velvet to natural linens, where she keeps a factory of people employed as embroiderers and upholsterers. “It’s a prestigious job and it’s inspiring to see collectives of women working in the developing world,” she says. “It’s something I’d like to get much more involved with.” Start to finish, production can take three weeks and while Lara says that designs often come out ‘right’ after the first attempt, that isn’t always the case. “you can give two people the same pattern, but their technique is individual. It’s very human and there are several layers of personal interpretation.” Lara’s creations have been featured in a number of high profile TV series, film productions and music videos, such as the bespoke pieces she designed for Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, The Tudors and Sex & the City. She is set to launch a new e-commerce website in the New year and following a merger with English Home, formally owned by Gaynor Churchward (Lara’s textiles mentor during the early stages of her career), is expanding her business. In addition to her soft furnishings and textiles, she also works as an interior designer and counts celebrities such as actress Minnie Driver among her clients. Lara’s able to offer an end-to-end service, from the





conceptualisation of a space to providing the furniture and decorative pieces to fill it. “I love the meaningful nature of textiles,” she says, “and how one show-stopping piece can make a room. Textiles have always been so personal to women, from clothing to wedding sheets and christening gowns. It’s about creating a home, a nest, a ‘personal museum’!” Lara’s clients come to her with briefs of all kinds: white minimalist, quintessential English with natural land colours, light and fresh Provence (her favourite style). She describes herself as environmentally-conscious, something she tries to work into her soft furnishings and décor. “I want them to be heirlooms of the future. So much love and care has gone into the designs; I want them to be bought and cherished for years. We need to stop mass-consuming and buy things that will last. I think there has been a movement away from this in recent years and people are starting to re-appreciate the craft.” 

Left & second left photo Lara juggLes a busY hoMeLife with running ateLier textiLes in the south of france and London Right & bottom right photo her designs have been featured in countLess shoots, tv series & fiLMs sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



The golden couPle


Scandal and patronage at Villa Noailles By SARAH HYDE

arie-Laure de Noailles was described by composer Ned Rorem as: “First of all a child, second an artist, third a viscountess. Fourth, she’s a saint; fifth, a masochist; and sixth, a bitch… Above all, she is generous, not to mention crazy.” The story of the Villa Noailles is as complicated as it is important to the history of art in 20th century France. It is a tale that refuses to fall along the simplistic, sanitised lines of modern expectations. Needless to say, the Noailles were considerably more interesting and complicated than your average couple. Together with her husband Charles, Marie-Laure ge-


Main photo viLLa noaiLLes as it is todaY © Olivier Amsellem Left photo the coupLe fooLing around in the gardens, 1928 Right photo the indoor swiMMing pooL is now an exhibition space © Joel Tettamanti



nerously bestowed her patronage on surrealists, painters, sculptors, writers, fashion designers, film directors and photographers. As a result, they influenced interior design and art collection, in particular with their resuscitation of Marie-Laure’s distant relative, the Marquis de Sade. The extent of their involvement ensures that their cultural impact is interwoven with the entire art history of the first half of the last century. She inherited the vast bischoffsheim fortune when her father died of tuberculosis she was just two years old and married Charles in 1923 at 20 years of age. It could be argued that this new golden couple set out to become pioneers of the Modernist sensibility. As a wedding gift, Charles’ mother gave them a piece of land in Hyères and with Marie-Laure’s considerable wealth behind them, they decided to bring the ancient family of Noailles into the contemporary age and build the perfect modern castle. Villa Noailles — or Château Saint bernard — was one of the last great winter homes to be built in the region. The couple initially approached architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to build their new home, however, they finally settled on Frenchman Robert Mallet-Stevens. The brief was for a practical estate that fulfilled Charles’ requirements for ‘healthy living’. It was a blue print of the utopian aspirations of a newly-married couple who appeared to have everything. Each room had a south-facing terrace and Charles even went one stage further with an outdoor bedroom. A curious building based on a fortress design, it certainly refers to castles of the past. Villa Noailles appears to be modern, but not entirely. It is built from stone — not reinforced concrete, the material of choice for modernists. Local workmen did not know how to work with it and if anything, Villa Noailles is a house of transitions: a winter house for an ancient family built with modern inspiration by traditional means. It was created for a couple who wanted to entertain guests in a new way, but with old school hospitality and manners. sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017




When guests came to stay — and they included some of the greatest artists and writers of the day such as André Gide, Aldous Huxley, Man Ray, Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí — they were issued with a sports uniform. This involved a red and black striped knitted vest top and shorts for both men and women. The handsome gym instructor, Monsieur Tare, provided a workout programme for all who could be coerced into the ‘body beautiful’ regime. The couple added the indoor swimming pool in 1929 and this is by far the most beautiful room in the house. Now an exhibition space, light pours in through the magnificent floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which can be thrown open onto the wide terrace, yielding stunning views all the way down to the sea. With its geometrical glass tile ceiling, it feels like a temple of physical exercise and one can imagine the delight Marie-Laure and Charles took — leaving rainy, dull Paris in winter and the demanding life at the very top of Parisian society — in soaking up the light and enjoying carefree moments under the sun. Later, after the scandal caused by the screening of L'Âge d’Or in 1931, the villa provided another comfort, this time as a refuge. The film was created by Salvado Dalí and the couple had financially supported the surrealist production as they had done with several other films before. Charles was in the habit of paying for one a year for Marie-Laure’s birthday. The couple chose to respect the artist's integrity and not to vet or censor the work. What should have been their latest absolute social triumph was an unmitigated disaster. Villa curator Stéphane boudin-Lestienne shows us the carefully drawn seating plan for the night of the sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

screening in Paris. In neat yet spiderish writing, the names Schiaparelli, Chanel and Cocteau appear alongside many of the other grand names in France at that time. It was a full house and the crème de la crème of society came to witness what would turn out to be a devastating fall from grace. The verdict on the film fell like the blade of the guillotine: blasphemy! The de Noailles had gone too far and an appalled audience turned their backs on them. The situation became so bad that Charles, a member of one of the most ancient families in France, was asked not to go to the elitist Jockey Club de Paris. Things were never the same again, but in later life, Charles took great pleasure in his friendship with Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. The couple responded to this social shaming differently. Charles went to ground and threw himself into gardening. He rehung his paintings, hiding any that might cause offence, and focused on his daughters. Marie- Laure embraced the freedom of not having to conform in polite society and began to assert the outrageous side of her personality, filling the gap in her social life with artists, writers, musicians and, soon after, filling her bed with lovers. Not long after, she discoveed her beloved Charles in flagrante with their handsome gym instructor. Marie-Laure never discussed this with her husband, but from that moment on, she changed and emerged as a woman who would live on her terms; one who often relished playing up to the shock factor and perhaps tormenting her husband with her scandalous behaviour as a form of revenge. The couple communicated every day, but their lives became more separate. During WWII, the house was occupied by Italian forces and turned into a hospital. Afterwards, it became Marie-Laure’s summer house. Charles focused on his other property and garden in Grasse. Following Marie-Laure’s death in 1970, the house was sold by the family to the town of Hyères. Curator Stéphane discovered the house semi derelict during his teenage year. It has become his life's work. The notorious elements of the de Noailles story could easily eclipse their real contribution and this is something that Stéphane hopes to redress in his upcoming book — Charles and Marie Laure de Noailles: Une Vie de Mécène — which will be published on 30th November this year. We can't wait to read it. 

Left photo gaMes at the pooL, 1928 Right photo the coupLe stretching with their infaMous trainer, 1928




genius loci Spirited away at Château des Terrasses Over 130 years on from its construction, this magnificent Belle Époque chateau has caught the eye of two inquisitive italian designers. together with the Mairie de Cap d’ail, the italian embassy in Monaco and décor brand Zanaboni, tullia and Paolo Canciani have reimagined a world of luxe and elegance. By ELSA CARPENTER

uilt for british financier Henry Mendel in 1885, Château des Terrasses in Cap d’Ail went on to become the winter home of the Russian imperial family who entertained European aristocracy including Queen Victoria and Prince Albert I of Monaco within its walls. In 2008, after a period of significant renovations, the magnificent belle époque property was opened to the public. between 9th and 17th September, guests can discover the Décor d’Intérieur et l’Art Renaissent au Château des Terrasses exhibition that has been curated by the Canciani couple (members of the International Association of Art, a nongovernmental organisation working in partnership with UNESCO). “Fascinated by the beauty of the place, we thought to reimagine a certain atmosphere


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

by placing decorative pieces in areas of the ground floor that are currently empty,” explain the couple. “An artistic and evocative mise en scène has been chosen for each room: the foyer, the Grand Salon, the Petit Salon, the office, the living room (or Salon de Chasse) and the dining room. [Guests will enjoy] a sensory tour of the villa, which will be lined with art works from a number of international artists and furniture and décor selected by antique collectors of renown. A true paradise for an enchanting villa. The genius loci emerges again.” The project was realised with the support of Italian furniture brand Zanaboni, which supplied many of the crucial elements of the interior design. With the metamorphosis completed, all that awaits now at Château des Terrasses is a decadent universe of velvet, silk, crystal and style. The exhibition is open daily from 3pm to 7pm. Entrance is free. 


The Italian embassy in Monaco has given its patronage to the Décor d’Intérieur et l’Art Renaissent au Château des Terrasses exhibition in Cap d’Ail. Why did you choose to support this event? during the inaugural italian design day in Monaco last March, interior designers tullia and Paolo Canciani as well as leading italian décor brand Zanaboni presented me with their concept of decorating the historical villa of Château des terrasses in Cap d’ail. i liked it, especially the idea of recreating the magical atmosphere of the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. Gruppo Giardini from Pistoia will be responsible for the floral arrangements and will add an extra touch of italian savoir-faire. Furthermore, the villa has close proximity to Monaco and the sovereign Grimaldi family have spent lots of time there. How do projects like this contribute to the overseas brand image of Italy? they confirm the creativity, sense of the beautiful and aesthetics of our country. all over the world, italian taste – particularly in the luxury interior design domain – is much appreciated. it’s the same on the Côte d’azur. Made in italy represents a quality label for the italian economy. the exhibition at Château des terrasses shows how well this kind of initiative can work; when art meets industry, and the combination of beauty and simplicity. Will there be similar projects in the future? i certainly don’t want to rule out any possibilities of further promotional events in Monaco and the French riviera. Are you artistically inclined? Do you have a preferred style? Obviously i admire art in all its forms and expressions. My favourite artists are the impressionists, who inspired a colour revolution based on reality at the end of the 1800s.



real esTaTe

sea view New luxury development in Beausoleil sumptuously designed apartment with fitness and spa facilities and a striking sea view… What more could you want from modern urban living in the Riviera? Whether you are looking for a pied-à-terre close to Monaco or a permanent residence in the area, the currently under construction Sea View apartments in beausoleil will accommodate all your needs. The thirty exceptional two to four-room apartments are situated at the ‘gates of Monaco’ in a dynamic quartier with easy access to a variety of shops, markets, restaurants and cultural establishments. The silvery building was modelled on a contemporary spirit with organically-shaped balconies and many surrounding green, open spaces. Inside, the interiors make the most of the Côte d’Azur’s famously inspiring light thanks to generous balconies, sliding French doors and a crisp white décor. 


Bananeraie A rare commodity in the Côte d’Azur n the early 1900s, a hotel and a family guesthouse was built on Èze’s seafront to welcome sun-seeking travellers. by 1945, a new owner had taken control of the estate — a man with banana plantations in the Antilles and the Ivory Coast — and decided to replant the Mediterranean gardens with the fruit he had made his fortune on. Caribbean influences can be found in many areas of the residence today and its developers are continuing its exotic spirit in the renovations. The residence holds more than 10 beautiful private apartments with three to five rooms, which offers generous living spaces and light with wide and deep terraces allowing residents to enjoy panoramic views across the bay. Luxury facilities, reserved to the privileged few, include materials and services carefully chosen for resident’s greatest comfort, a fully fitted bathroom and kitchen, and a fitness suite. 


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

la Barben The oldest castle in Provence to be sold


ocated near Aix en Provence, the Château de la barben is ‘the most picturesque and ancient castle of Provence,’ as the French painter Marius

Granet once said. This season, the medieval fortress has gone up for sale for just under 20 million euros via real estate network Sotheby's International Realty. built in the 11th century for military purposes, it was then transformed into a royal residence and has been in the hands of many

French personalities including King René in the 15th century. Its price is estimated at 15 million euros, without the furniture. However, the property can also come furnished upon request of the buyer at an additional cost of which the amount has not been specified. Exquisite wooden furniture from the era of Louis XVI can be found in certain rooms of the coveted establishment. The sumptuous estate covers a total area of nearly 5,000 square meters with nearly 60 rooms. The castle exudes its own charm with a stunning garden ‘à la française’ designed by André le Nôtre, Louis XIV’s appointed gardener. This summer, interested buyers can visit the house from 11am to 5pm until 9th September and spend a night in one of the historical rooms starting at 150€ with breakfast included. After, 9th September, the castle will only be open during the weekend from 2pm to 5pm until November 5th before closing for three months and reopening for the February winter holidays.


Luxury property, 390 m2 of habitable & usable surface, 6 rooms, good structural condition, surface area of land: 8000 m2, green Provence, 1h by car to Nice airport, AixTGV, E-mail:paulinedoutreluingne@gmail.com




neW desTinaTions Lufthansa to launch seven extra routes this winter s of the end of October, Lufthansa – the award winning airline – will be expanding its presence in Europe with four new connections to Pamplona, Genoa, bari and Catania (departing from Frankfurt) along with three additional routes from Munich heading to Nantes, Glasgow and Santiago de Compostela. Flights from Frankfurt to Pamplona will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, while those for Genoa will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In between, trips to bari will be offered three times a week and round trips to Catania will be set for Wednesday and Sunday.


Flights from Munich to Glasgow will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Lufthansa will also have a daily flight to Nantes and getaways every Sunday to the legendary Santiago de Compostela. It is not without reason that Lufthansa’s demand is skyrocketing; the airline’s near spotless reputation has been long-established by the many awards it has received, from best Western Europe Company to best First Class Dining Room. Lufthansa was recently awarded the prize for the best European Airline at the World Airline Awards organised by Skytrax, a specialist in the airline industry, during the Paris Air Show. Nearly 18 million passengers in more than 160 countries around the world were surveyed on the quality

unlimiTed flighTs BeTWeen uk & cannes


BriTish visiTors uP 25% on 2016

Surf Air launches all-you-can-fly route lmost anyone who has caught the early morning flight out of Nice for London would have noted the drudgery and boredom on the faces of the countless business men and women who use the route each day. A twohour commute into the british capital can be pretty standard even if you live within the city’s borders, but add to that the grind of having to stand in a queue at 5-something in the morning then wait again to board the plane, and it can be easy to see why services such as Surf Air’s unlimited flight package are picking up momentum. In the summer, Riviera Insider attended the launch of Surf Air’s twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursday) flight path between the Cannes-Mandelieu airport and London Luton. With the company’s all-you-can-fly subscription service, members are able to use the route as often as they like for a little as £1,750 (approx. 1,900€). While at the moment that may only get you up to 10 flights a month, Surf Air’s Director of Partnerships, Natalie Torin, says, “We will expand


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

of services on board as well as in the airports in the run-up to the awards. “The Skytrax Award shows that Lufthansa passengers appreciate the quality of our services. The combination of [our] high-end service and excellent facilities stood out for the passengers from around the world who awarded us the Number One in Europe,” said Carsten Spohr, CEO of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Tickets to the newly added destinations can already be reserved online, with round trip tickets from 119€. For more information or bookings, please visit LH.com, travel agencies or Lufthansa sales counters in airports. LH.com

the frequency and destinations from Cannes to suit a growing demand.” The service also flies from London Luton to Ibiza and there are plans to extend connections from the south of France to destinations such as Geneva and Luxembourg. “The impressive level of interest we’ve seen since our maiden flight in Europe proves that this model is the future of air travel," said Simon Talling-Smith, CEO of Surf Air in Europe. "Surf Air’s streamlined service means no queues, no tickets, and no stress. We’re offering a smarter, better alternative to commercial travel which helps our community of members free their time for what matters most.” The Surf Air model enables seats to be reserved in 30 seconds from any handheld device and passengers are only required to arrive 15 minutes before take-off, eliminating any tedious waiting times in the terminal. The jets can seat up to eight passengers. For more information, please call +44 (0)203 874 2127 and mention Riviera Insider for a complimentary guest pass with your membership. www.surfair.com

half million euro tourism campaign primarily targeting british, German and Dutch visitors has proven fruitful with airlines reporting ticket sale increases of up to 30% (for May 2017 compared to May 2016). The #FeelCotedAzur campaign — which was led by Atout France, the Comité Régional du Tourisme, Nice Côte d’Azur Aéroport and affiliated airlines — focused on the three nations as ‘flagship’ countries for the region: together, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands represent more than 1.5 million annual trips and 38% of all European visitors. EasyJet noted a 25% rise in flight sales between the UK and Nice for May while Eurowings reported a 30% increase. Some 503,000€ was spent on the multichannel campaign, which involved traditional billboard advertisements, digital campaigns, an improved presence on social media and press ads. “Through this initiative, which is still not very widespread, we are committed to promoting the Côte d'Azur by uniting the public and private forces and their respective competencies, with the sole objective of efficiency,” says President of the Comité Régional du Tourisme David Lisnard. “We face the ongoing mission of strengthening the international tourism of the Côte d'Azur. We must, therefore, be imaginative and mobilise all the know-how and skills [we have] to further grow the economy of this territory.”



SOFTWARE Datacorp integrates bespoke management solutions for businesses of all sizes and requirements. Datacorp is a distributor of SAGE, PNM Soft, BPMN and Microsoft.



Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Desktop as a Service, secured and professional backup solutions, outsourcing, telecommunications and internet services: Datacorp provides an answer to complex IT requests.

From advice giving and assistance to IT infrastructure and implementation, Datacorp’s expertise is operational at all corporate levels. Our goal: to add value to your services and products.





Werner Peyer, the CeO of Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, talks to editor-in-chief Petra hall about changes in the financial industry.

here is plenty of action on the international and, of course, Monaco financial scene: evolving client bases, new needs and changing regulations. As to be expected, CMb CEO Werner Peyer has closely analysed it all: “One of our major challenges is meeting ever-changing situations head on with pragmatic and attractive ideas. Our clients are older now than they were 10 years ago. Life expectancy in Monaco is among the highest in the world and our bank serves three generations simultaneously. This is something new [to us]. We must therefore be aware of the demands of all age groups if we want to look after the entire family in a sustainable manner. This applies not only to products and services, but also to technology and values.” An example? “Let’s take technology,” he says. “In the 70 to 90 bracket, the client is generally satisfied with a reliable postal service. The next generation — between 40 and 70 — expects an impeccable online banking service, while for the under 40s, mobile banking is essential. Everyone has a different, preferred communication channel.” According to Peyer, it is the younger segment that is the most stringent: “We are often asked whether the companies are investing sustainably, whether their environmental values reflect those of the potential client, if they can see proof of performance on an international scale, and whether gender diversity is respected.” So how is CMB reacting to these new developments? “With innovative concepts,” explains the Swiss banking director. “[Our team] regularly sits down together to discuss and develop ideas. The focus of our initiatives is on the transfer of knowledge. We also create platforms for dialogue with our clients, like this year's Philanthropy Academy, which fits in seamlessly with our other training courses.” Monaco is almost predestined for such an academy. Charity and charitable giving is part of the DNA of the principality and its sovereign

aTTracTive To Three generaTions CMB: banking on the transfer of knowledge


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

ceo of coMpagnie Monégasque de banque, werner peYer, Must anticipate and adapt to the changes in the financiaL sector © Semmy Demmou.

family is a shining example in this area. Many residents and visitors actively engage in projects with enthusiasm, for compassionate reasons or due to a personal experience. Here CMb plays a role in transforming spontaneous ideas into concrete actions with its philanthropic academy. “We show those who want to act charitably the right approach, step-by-step,” Peyer says. “In addition to banking experts, we also involve well-known external speakers who talk about their own experiences over the course of six modules. bernard Fautrier, for example, the vice president of Prince Albert II’s environmental foundation, explains the route from vision to implementation and action. It is about avoiding pitfalls and steering positive energies in the right direction.” (Editor’s note: Among the many other prominent speakers is easyGroup founder and philanthropist Stelios Haji-Ioannou.) “With our academy, we are able to talk to all three generations at the same time, including the oldest, which typically wants to position itself at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,” he summarises. “benefit enhances family values.” The courses run from October 2017 to spring

2018 and are already fully subscribed, much like CMb’s Women & Finance Academy, which is into its second term. “The classic concept of a conference has been overhauled,” the bank manager adds. “Our academies are so successful because the thirst for knowledge is quenched and the participants play an active part.” And how do customers respond to Monaco’s newly introduced tax transparency policy? Peyer smiles: “Five years ago, people were predicting the demise of offshore banking following tax transparency — a misconception! There will always be people who want to have banking connections outside of their home country, simply for reasons of diversification. They want to replace the legal uncertainty in their country with stability. Monaco is the ideal location with its leading role as a solid financial center. CMb, with its very considerable financial ‘cushion’, also inspires confidence. Although, it is not enough to be ‘solid’. Competence, innovation, professionally trained employees and the overall focus on Monaco and its positioning are further pillars.” 


Nice - London


attorney-counsel.com Riviera Office 28 rue Gioffredo 06000 Nice T : +33 (0)4 93 13 33 66

London Office 88 Kingsway WC2B 6AA London T: +44 0203 755 5316 benjamin.kergueno@attorney-counsel.com

Visa applications for non-EU homeowners in France: liberate yourself for good

French immigration law states that a temporary residency card of four years — known as the Carte Visiteur (Visitor) — can be granted to any foreigner who proves they hold sufficient earnings and assets, and who commits to not working in France. Earning of a minimum amount 1,200€ monthly (outside of France) is considered sufficient and this can be documented with bank statements, pay slips, pensions and savings or guarantees from a third party, for instance. The only additional requirement is a valid medical insurance policy for the duration of the ‘visit’, which covers the Schengen Zone. Regularly I encounter foreign clients who are overwhelmed by complex and exhausting visa application process at their local French consulate, which is both time-consuming and stressful, when they want to visit their properties on the French Riviera. The four-year Visiteur card is the right and simple solution, and no one at the French consulate ever advertises it. My work with such clients is done with great personal pleasure. Coupling this with the fact that I am bilingual in English and French allows for a relationship without misunderstanding. I am proud to build bridges with foreign legal cultures and assist foreigners in understanding how French immigration works. Should you like to receive advice on your own situation or to determine if you are eligible for the Visiteur residency card in France and to which extent, please do not hesitate to contact me. My first stage of advice is often free of charge and I will be happy to counsel you with the relevant information so that you can enjoy your vacation in the region with the calm and serenity that inspires the azure sky of the French Riviera.




3rd, 10th & 17th September Portofino Portofino Classica A chamber music concert series with Nuovo Trio Fauré, Andrea bacchetti, and Aechè Piano Duo. amusa.it 4th & 11th September alassio Preistoria e tartarughe Visit the Paleontological Museum S. Lei and the birthing centre for Emys turtles. Via Mazzini. 4 pm. alassio.eu 7th September monaco Club Vivanova The Côte d’Azur’s leading expat and luxury networking club is hosting an exclusive event at Le Palm Villefranche. clubvivanova.com 8th to 10th September nice Rallye Jean Behra Historique Discover the Jean behra commemorative rally in the streets of Nice and beyond. begins on the Promenade des Anglais. automobileclubdenice.com 10th September nice Prom’Swim Swim across the bay of Nice in this exciting competition. Plage de Carras. 8am. Free. nicetourisme.com 14th September monaco Club Vivanova The Côte d’Azur’s leading expat and luxury networking club is hosting an exclusive event at The Wine Palace of Monte Carlo. clubvivanova.com 14th to 24th September Beaulieu sur mer Beaulieu Classic Festival The beaulieu Classic Festival will feature renowned artists from across the globe for classical music performances. From 15€. beaulieuclassicfestival.com 15th to 17th September Pays de fayence Festival Quatuor à Cordes The String Quartet Festival has become a major event in the field of chamber music in Europe. Each commune of the Pays de Fayence will enjoy concerts by quartets on the international scene. esterel-cotedazur.com

sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

16th September monaco Back ‘n’ Now A charity evening organised by the Chicken Show Dance Association in support of Fight Aids Monaco. Espace Fontvieille. 7pm. visitmonaco.com Until 17th September le cannet Bonnard/Vuillard exhibition The Pierre bonnard museum will offer a special exhibition to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the painter, Pierre bonnard, with two drawings by Vuillard. From 5€. museebonnard.fr 17th September great season series A gala concert Concert by Les Amis de l’Orchestre association conducted by Lawrence Foster with Evgeny Kissin, piano. On the programme: Antonín Dvorak, béla bartok, Leos Janacek and Zoltán Kodaly. Auditorium Rainier III. 6pm. opmc.mc 21st September nice Ben l’Oncle Soul A show with ben l’Oncle Soul. Théâtre Lino Ventura. 8.30pm. From 16€. nicetourisme.com 21st September monaco Club Vivanova The Côte d’Azur’s leading expat and luxury networking club is hosting an exclusive event at one of Monaco’s finest locations at the Rampoldi restaurant. clubvivanova.com Until 22nd September cagnes sur mer Jazz au Château A series of jazz concerts at the castle every Friday at 9pm. cotedazur-tourisme.com 22nd September monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra A concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kazuki yamada with pianist boris berezovsky and the Chorus of the Orchestra of Paris. On the programme: Claude Debussy, Franz Liszt and Maurice Ravel. Grimaldi Forum Monaco. 8.30pm. opmc.mc

22nd to 24th September saint raphael Dandy Riders Festival The festival is the biggest Motorcycles & Art get-together in the south of France. esterel-cotedazur.com 22nd to 24th September cannes New Romance Festival A festival dedicated to the romantic genre of literature, which will welcome nearly 4,000 readers and world-known writers to the Palais des Festivals. From 10€. festivalnewromance.com 23rd to 24th September nice Triathlon The Nice triathlon is for all sportslovers willing to go beyond their limits with 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run. From 60€. triathlondenice.fr 23rd September to 4th October saint Tropez Salon International des Artistes Contemporains Saint Tropez’s greatest art gathering of artists, painters, sculptors with Paul Richard Mason as guest of honour. Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices. From 10am to 8pm. Free. aidac83.com Until 24th September menton Odon: Couleurs et Murmures This gallery of contemporary art will present the works of Odon in an exhibition entitled Odon. Colors et Murmures. Galerie d’art contemporain du Palais de l’Europe. From 2€. cotedazur-tourisme.com

24th September monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic A special concert for the younger audience by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra on the theme of animal antics. Auditorium Rainier III. 3pm. opmc.mc Until 27th September saint Jean cap ferrat Cap Sosno The city of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat will pay a tribute to artist Sacha Sosno with an exhibition of 15 monumental works. Promenade des Arts and Jardin de la Paix. saintjeancapferrat-toursime.fr 28th September monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Happy Hour Musical Series is a concert of chamber music by the Goldberg Trio comprised of Liza Kerob, Federico Andres Hood and Thierry Amadi. On the programme: Jean Françaix, Albert Roussel and Jean Cras. Auditorium Rainier III, Troparium. 6.30pm visitmonaco.com 28th September to 1st October monaco 5th Monte-Carlo Polo Cup 2017 The Monte Carlo Polo Federation brings the best of international polo to Monaco with this year’s exclusive patronage of Prince Albert II. Domaine du Vire Vent. montecarlopoloclub.mc 28th September monaco Thursday Live Session A free performance by Morgane Ji. Grimaldi Forum Monaco. 6.30pm. visitmonaco.com

Until 24th September cannes Man Ray, un regard clandestin An exhibition combining Surrealism artistic movement and Man Ray’s Dada movement. Villa Domergue. From 11am to 7pm. From 3€. cotedazur-tourisme.com

Until 30th September monaco Philippe Pasqua exhibition Philippe Pasqua will present his exhibition borderline. Musée Océanographique de Monaco. From 10am to 7pm. From 7€. oceano.mc

Until 24 September monaco No Man is an Island L’Ecole Superieur d’Arts Plastiques will present the No man is an island exhibition at the Jardin Exotique de Monaco. Salle Marcel Kroenlein. From 9pm to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm. Free. mairie.mc

1st October cannes Orchestre de Cannes Star Khatia buniatishvili returns to Cannes to perform alongside the orchestra: Concerto n°23 for piano by Mozart and Symphonie n°3 by beethoven. 4.30pm. Theatre Croisette. From 23€. orchestre-cannes.com


1st October monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic A concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Alexander Sladkovsky with Alexander Kniazev. On the programme: Anatoly Lyadov, Sergei Rachmaninov and Dmitri Shostakovich.Opéra de MonteCarlo, Salle Garnier. 3pm. From 20€. opmc.mc Until 2nd October nice William Klein The Musée de la Photographie will welcome all visitors to discover the works of the American artist William Klein. Musée de la Photographie Charles Nègres. From 10am to 6pm. museephotographie.nice.fr Until 8th October saint Tropez Braque & Laurens The exhibition will be dedicated to the works of the main artists of the 20th century with braque’s sculptures and Laurens’ paintings. L’Annonciade Musée de Saint Tropez. From 6€. sainttropeztourisme.com Until 8th October genoa Vivian Maier Discover up to 100 photos from the 50s and 60s. Palazzo Ducale. 9.30am to 7.30pm and Friday 9am to 10pm. palazzoducale.genova.it 8th October monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic A concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lawrence Foster with Anneviolinst Sophie Mutter. On the programme: Henri Dutilleux, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert. Auditorium Rainier III. 6pm. From 20€. opmc.mc

Until 9th October menton Raoul Dufy The Jean Cocteau museum will dedicate its summer’s exhibition to the painter Raoul Duffy with ‘Raoul Dufy, les couleurs du bonheur’. Jean Cocteau Museum. 10€. cotedazur-tourisme.com 11th October to 9th November monaco Matthieu Ricard Exhibition of photographs by Matthieu Ricard organised by the Department of Cultural Affairs. Salle d'Exposition, Quai Antoine Ier. From 1pm to 7pm. visitmonaco.com Until 13 October nice Matisse en ses murs Marking the 100th anniversary of Matisse's arrival in Nice, the Matisse Museum will present a new exhibition to honour to the link between the city and the artist. cotedazur-tourisme.com 13th October monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic A concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andrey boreyko with Joshua bell. On the programme: Alexandre Glazunov, Jean Sibelius and Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. As a prelude to the concert, an introduction to the works at 7.30pm by André Peyrègne Auditorium Rainier III. 8.30pm. From 20€. opmc.mc Until 15th October nice Giacometti exhibition An exhibition dedicated to the works of Alberto Giacometi entitled L’Oeuvre Ultime. Galerie Lympia. From 10am to 8pm. From 5€. galerielympia.departement06.fr Until 15th October cannes Paul Mansouroff This exhibition presents more than 150 works of the famed avantgarde Russian painter. Centre d’Art La Malmaison. From 10am to 7pm. From 3€. cotedazur-tourisme.com Until 15th October nice MAMAC’s summer exhibition Contemporary art gallery MAMAC is honouring Nice’s artistic contribution to the global scene in an exhibition ‘Ecole(s) de Nice’. mamac-nice.org

16th to 19th October cannes MIPCOM MIPCOM is the world leader in sound and imagery content for the creation, co-production, purchase, sale, financing and distribution of content on all platforms. Palais des Festivals. cannes-destination.fr 19th October monaco Thursday Live Session A performance by Fai baba. Grimaldi Forum Monaco. 6.30pm visitmonaco.com 19th to 29th October genoa Westside Story Enjoy the re-interpreted version of the cult musical by L. bernstein. Teatro Carlo Felice. 8.30 pm or 3.30pm. carlofelicegenova.it 20th October monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Enjoy the skills of the young Chinese pianist Lang Lang. Grimaldi Forum Monaco, Salle des Princes. 8pm. From 100€. visitmonaco.com 20th October cannes Orchestre de Cannes The incredible mezzo-soprano Jennifer performs Une Américaine à Paris. 8.30pm. Theatre Croisette. From 25€. orchestre-cannes.com 21st to 22nd October fréjus Festival de l’Air The International Air Festival is the third largest gathering of kite fans in the world. Every year, discover demonstrations and win the prize for the most beautiful kites! esterel-cotedazur.com 22nd October monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic A concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Juraj Valcuha with Erika Sunnegardh, soprano, Julia Gertseva, mezzo-soprano, Peter Mikulas, bass baritone, Ludovit Ludha, tenor and the Slovak Philharmonic Chorus. On the programme: Leos Janacek and Sergei Rachmaninov. Auditorium Rainier III. 6pm. From 20€. opmc.mc



23rd to 26th October monaco Sportel Monaco 2017 The Sportel Awards Ceremony rewards the most stunning sports sequences broadcasted over the year. Grimaldi Forum Monaco. sportelawards.com 25th October to 1st November saint Jean cap ferrat Pumpkin Festival The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild will celebrate its first pumpkin festival this fall. On the programme: magical walks in the gardens of the villa, pumpkin sculpting workshops and tastings. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. From 14€. villa-ephrussi.com 27th October monaco Monte-Carlo Philharmonic A concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mihhail Gerts with Ksenija Sidorova and the Camerata Apollonia Vocal Ensemble. On the programme: Niels Wilhelm Gade, Erkki-Sven Tüür, Arvo Pärt and Edvard Grieg. 8.30pm. From 20€. opmc.mc 29th October Beaulieu sur mer SwimRun Côte d'Azur A sportive event along the Côte d'Azur's coastal paths, cobblestones of old town and mythical places full of history. swimruncotedazur.fr Until 30th October Biot Fernand Léger et ses amis Discover Fernand Leger’s contemporary friendships with other famous artists. Musée National Fernand Légerin biot. cotedazur-tourisme.com 31st October monaco Club Vivanova The Côte d’Azur’s leading expat and luxury networking club is hosting an exclusive Halloween masquerade ball at le Château de la Chèvre d’Or in Eze. clubvivanova.com 24th November cannes-la-Bocca Orchestre de Cannes A special concert is to be performed by the Orchestre de Cannes with the aim of raising vital funds for the Restos du Cœur association. 8.30pm. Auditorium des Arlucs. 18€. orchestre-cannes.com sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017



We first met him at théâtre Francis Gag in nice's old town where khaled Youssef was participating at an event in homage to the victims of the Christmas market attack in Berlin. Petra hall asks what life is like for a Syrian man living on the Côte d’azur and how he deals with the terrible news coming out of his homeland.


an ansWer To The horror Syrian Khaled Youssef founds charitable art society o, he is not a traumatised refugee who risked his life by crossing the Mediterranean in search of safety in Europe. Khaled youssef came to France from his hometown of Damascus at the age of 23 to become a urologist. Since 2007, the surgeon has been living and working on the Côte d’Azur. “At the time, Syria was not a problem,” recalls the now 41-year-old, who was not able to speak French when he arrived. “It was perfectly normal to go abroad for further education and to expand your horizons, and then return. Since 2011, everything has changed. Most thought the war would end quickly, but then we came to realise that Syria would never be the same again. In times such as these, people grow closer to their values and their loved ones. Among these groups, all religions are often represented. The differences only connect us with even more strength.” While Khaled watched as his country gradually became a synonym for terrorism and cruel, destructive rage, he looked for an answer: “I wanted to show what Syria was, what Syria is still: namely art, literature, poetry... So I founded Syria.art in 2016, an association promoting contemporary Syrian art. The aim is to provide gifted artists in our country with a platform and show the world


khaLed Youssef wants to show what sYria was and stiLL is: a pLace of art, poetrY and Literature sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

the dynamism that emanates from them. I started with nothing and thanks to a collective energy, we're already doing just that all over the world,” says the photographer, poet and great lover of the contemporary art coming out of his stricken nation. Around 700 artists now showcase their works on his website. Friends of Khaled, who live in Germany, have also established a popular presence on social media. As the president of Syria.art, Khaled proudly reports on projects and initiatives that are already going well beyond the virtual arena. He has increasingly organised exhibitions with international galleries and institutions, but he was not able to attend one such conference in Vermont, US, because of the American travel ban. A special artistic mention should go to Khaled himself and his soap bubble photography that he does in his spare time. In 35 places around the world, Khaled has photographed young children chasing and playing with giant bubbles to document the fragility of our planet: “All little ones have the same smile.” Soon Khaled will move to Menton; a condo he says with modest pride. Is he not homesick for Syria? His eyes gaze wistfully into the distance: “My country is very much lacking, now more than before, but I try to suppress the horrors and see only the beauty. This is our duty and, at the same time, it is a relief to cling to beauty. At home in Damascus, for example, where my parents live, much remains intact. My city is still fascinating.” www.syriaartasso.com

IMMIGRATION sITUATION IN THe ALpes-MARITIMes the ongoing Mediterranean crisis only appears to be worsening. in the alpes-Maritimes, the situation has escalated considerably compared to 2016, with an average number of 1,000 arrests per week recorded in July. the migratory wave of 2017 is wholly expected to exceed that of last year and two new trends have been identified: underage migrants and French-speaking newcomers arriving from africa. earlier this year, the Prefecture of the alpes-Maritimes reported that local authorities had prevented 20,000 people from crossing the Franco-italian border and registered 37,000 arrests in 2016. in 2017, already more than 27,000 illegal foreigners have been arrested, according to the Figaro. the number of unaccompanied underage immigrants has tripled since 2012, costing millions to the department to accommodate these young souls. the second progression is the rise of immigrants coming from French-speaking regions of africa. around 30% of new entries come from Senegal, ivory Coast and north africa. "at the end of the year, at this rate, we will surely exceed 50,000 arrests," confided a police commissioner in July.




from PuPPy To Professional The guide dogs of the south-east of France By AILA STöCKMANN

For more than half a century, an association formed in the alpes-Maritimes has trained and provided guide dogs — free of charge — to the blind and those with severely poor eyesight. to continue their work, Les Chiens Guides d'aveugles needs help. o a master or mistress, a guide dog can mean freedom, autonomy and the important presence of a loyal and cuddly companion. So how does a blind person or someone with seriously limited eyesight come to have a four-legged friend who can take on this role of responsibility and support? Les Chiens Guides d'Aveugles Provence Côte d'Azur Corse has been operating in the south of France since 1966. In the last fifty years, the association has trained and handed over more than 550 dogs. The demand is much higher, says club communications director Margaux Passeri, but for an non-profit association that does not receive state support, they do all they can. The training of a single dog costs around 25,000 euros, explains Margaux. Each year, the association donates 15 to 18 dogs so it is an expensive task, on which the association relies heavily on donations. but it isn’t just money that is needed. The association regularly looks for host families who can socialise the young guide dogs. At the age


sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

of two months, a puppy is sent to his or her temporary home and there can get to know the world and be involved in family life, from trips to the beach and mountains to shopping and regular walks in lively surroundings. It is essential that the young pups become accustomed to various odours, noises and people. If the process is accompanied by a lot of love and tenderness on the part of the foster family, the course is set for a competent, selfassured guide dog. So that the dog learns the usual commands, monthly attendance at the training school in Èze is also required. “The most important conditions when choosing a foster family is their availability,” says Margaux, “people who have a lot of time to spend with the animal.” In the case of full-time employment, Les Chiens Guides d’Aveugles prefer the dog to be there too. Experience in dog training and education, however, is not necessary as trainers are there to help whenever needed. At a year old, the Labradors, Golden Retrievers and sometimes Standard Poodles leave their host family and are intensively prepared by a coach for their job as a guide dog for six to eight months. “Not all will pass the tests,” says Margaux. The suitability rate is 70 to 80 percent. It is similar to those applying for a dog; not all meet the criteria on on which the association is based. In addition to working with the animals, the association's employees are its biggest advertising channel. They regularly present the as-

sociation at events, trade fairs and companies to promote their work and find donors, volunteers and foster families. The search is endless for suitable people who will take on a dog that hasn’t made it to graduation as well as those who have retired at eight to 10 years of age and can no longer stay with their masters. If you are interested in supporting Les Chiens Guides d’Aveugles, please contact them directly via the website: www.chiensguides.org.

vIsIT THe CeNTRe the association is hosting a private tour and visit of its facilities in Èze on tuesday 19th September between 1pm and 4pm. this is exclusively for readers of riviera insider and registration is obligatory before Friday 15th September at info@chiensguides.org. On Sunday 24th September between 10am and 6pm, readers can also attend the graduation ceremony of newly qualified guide dogs. Les Chiens Guides d'Aveugles de Provence Côte d'Azur Corse Center d'Education Pierre Aicard, Route de la Revère, 06360 Èze +33 (0)4 92 07 18 18


There are many reasons that can bring us to therapy, ranging from lifetime struggles or temporary difficulties. I offer confidential, compassionate and non-judgemental counselling to the English-speaking communities in Monaco and the Cote D’Azur. I help my clients to understand themselves better and make positive changes in their lives. I provide a warm, caring and safe space for change to occur.

For more information or to arrange a consultation, in the strictest confidence, please contact me, Gavin Sharpe (MA, BACP, AoEC) at gavin@livelovelearn.global or +33 (0)6 40 61 96 91






exPaT focus: gavin sharPe


with one of Europe's most prominent sex addiction treatment centres (The Hudson Centre) and I still work with them today, helping run their recovery programmes in London. It's something we want to bring to France. I also work with couples who have problems in their relationships and most mental health issues — bereavement, sexual abuse, gender identity, and depression etc.

hat first brought you W to the french riviera? I fell in love with the Riviera 25 years ago when my parents came to live here. They stayed for 20 years. After I sold my business, I wanted to relocate to somewhere with a better climate and outdoor lifestyle – we nearly moved to Los Angeles and had even found somewhere to live. Then we came on a family cruise to Monaco five years ago and I fell in love all over again. There is no utopia, but it's pretty damn close! you transitioned from lawyer to therapist mid-way through your career. how did one lead to the other? I am probably an unconventional therapist and counsellor. I first worked for an international law firm before setting up my own global executive search business that specialised in placing lawyers. After 20 years of working in the City of London, I sold my company and undertook a Masters in Psychotherapy. My counselling practice in the U.K. took off quickly. Given my City background, a number of senior executives came to me suffering from problems such as addiction, stress and anxiety. I collaborated sePTemBer / ocToBer 2017

What does it take to be a successful therapist? you need to have empathy. For me, it's all about offering a safe and confidential space for my clients. My relationship with my clients is key. Therapy is supposed to be challenging and shouldn't feel too comfortable, but it must feel safe and there must be a rapport. If there is no emotional connection, it is likely you are not working with the right therapist. Clients come to me in any number of emotional states; my job is to create a holding and containing place. For many, it may be the first time they have had their pain acknowledged and it can be a powerful experience to feel seen and not judged for the first time. The Riviera is a small place. Everyone knows what I do, but I never discuss my clients. I cannot be friends with my clients — boundaries are everything, especially in this part of the world. With regards to your work, have you noticed a difference between the u.k. and the french riviera? There are not that many Englishspeaking therapists on the Côte d'Azur and even fewer are male. Many of my clients have left their home countries, extended families and support systems behind. That can be stressful. We might drink more, smoke more or find ourselves resorting to unhealthy behaviours in the false hope of managing our lives better.

do you specialise in a specific area of therapy? If I have a specialism, it's working with clients suffering from sex addiction. Sex addiction isn't a moral issue: I am not interested in how much sex a client does or doesn't have. Sex addiction is not about having too much sex. People suffering from sexual addiction struggle to get their emotional needs met in healthy ways and instead develop a dependent relationship to sex, which leads to a pattern of outof-control behaviour. With the onset of the internet, accessibility to sex is now much easier than ever before and it can be accessed with relative anonymity. Like all addictive behaviours, the potential consequences can be devastating: loss of self-esteem, damaged relationships, financial and professional ruin, compromised health and so forth. but my practice is wide. There is still a lot of stigma around mental health. If we break a leg, we don't think twice to visit the doctor, but if we feel depressed, we don't like to ask for help. We feel that we should be able to cope. I love my work — I am allowed to share a small part of other people's lives and we go on a therapeutic journey together. That sounds trite, but it isn't. It is a privilege. I learn from my clients and they find a path to better mental health. When you are not busy working, where do you like to spend your time? you will usually find me wondering around Monaco with family and/or walking the dogs, drinking coffee and reading the papers. Monaco is home and it's such a safe place to wander around. We have family in Italy and so love to drive there too. I also have a soft spot for Aix-enProvence, but that might be largely due to the food! www.livelovelearn.global

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