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By Sally Deering

hower-singers, car-crooners – people who love to sing – or who love to hear themselves sing – are a cult of sorts who gather at bars and restaurants on Karaoke nights to show off their inner Katy Perry and Bruno Mars. But Karaoke’s not just for the college crowd out for a few laughs over brewskies. With the popularity of shows like “American Idolâ€? and “The Voice,â€? people who love to sing have a huge choice of places in Hudson to send up some fireworks of their own while club owners cash in on the free entertainment. “I’m getting them from 21 to 61,â€? says Raul Vicente, a retired newspaperman who hosts Karaoke nights at the Blue Moon Mexican CafĂŠ in Jersey City. “My younger singers will do Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and then I got guys, they’re singing Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.â€? Vicente, who sang with a group called The Heartaches back in the day now does the Karaoke circuit for Johnny C Productions, a Jersey City-based company and brings all the necessary paraphernalia – songbooks, microphones, and TV Monitors that display the song lyrics – to turn any saloon into a nightclub. Raul Vicente (DJ RV) cont’d pg. 6

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g at a son n sings Blue Moo lo a Rap the Diane e night at k Karao


IN THE CLUBS: Sophistication by the Hudson Teak On The Hudson

By Martin Ramone Delossantos If you ever got out of the PATH train, and climbed those dreary stairs to the street then you must have noticed Teak on the Hudson – the sophisticated black awning with strings of lights that make the place seem enticing. Once inside you realize how big and spacious the place really is with huge sculptures, fountains, rough brick walls and sexy lighting that’s impressive. TEAK has three levels to party in: the main floor with what seems to be the largest fish tank in Hobken is great for mingling over Sushi and cocktails. The Balcony, Back Lounge,

and Sky-View Lounge are the places to be when you want to rock the place. The sensuous lighting and the combination of red, purple, and orange make the place sexy. It works as a restaurant serving contemporary American cuisine, and Sushi. At the relaxing bar and fish tank you can have a drink with friends while you wait to be seated for dinner. On Fridays, and Saturdays the Nightclub is open from 12 am to 3 am. There you might find DJ Spanky Midnight-3 am Restaurant: Mon, Noon11 pm; Tues-Fri, NoonMidnight; and every beat vibrates.

Sun, 1-10 pm Happy Hour (daily) 4-7 pm playing and with a state-of- the-art sound system, IF YOU GO TEAK ON THE HUDSON 16-18 Hudson Place Hoboken (201) 653-6888 Club Hours: Fri and Sat, Midnight-3 am Restaurant: Mon, Noon-11 pm; Tues-Fri, Noon-Midnight; and Sun, 1-10 pm Happy Hour (daily) 4-7 pm

624 Washington St Hoboken NJ 07030

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm & Sat 9am-2pm Same Hoboken Location Since 1981 Ask For Us By Name Sales- Service -Repairs Residential-Commercial-Industrial


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Behind the Scenes at Art House Productions Executive Director Christine Goodman gives Artists a Place to Shine By Sally Deering Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Art House Productions grew from a post-9/11 open mic night on the top floor of a church, to a respected company of artists performing, exhibiting, teaching and building a creative presence in Jersey City. As Founder and Executive Director of Art House Productions, Christine Goodman oversees INKubator, a play-development program; STAGES, a youth theater program; .JC FRIDAYS, a quarterly arts event held in 50 venues throughout Jersey City; Snow Ball, the non-profit’s annual fundraiser

and “THE ART HOUSE TV SHOW” featuring performances by poets, musicians, comedians and performance artists that airs weekly on Jersey City Comcast Channel 51. Goodman’s efforts have been so successful the City Cont’d on page 5

Page 3- December 10th - December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

Page 4 -December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

Art House Productions the Key to the City in 2007. just held the first week of Art House Productions December. These days, Christine Goodman began its 13th season this Goodman is busy getCon’t from page 3 of Jersey City gave her

past September and its fall JC Fridays event was

ting LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, put on by Art House Productions’ youth company ready for opening night while she plans the upcoming fundraiser Snow Ball to be held January 25th. She recently took time out of her busy schedule to talk with Riverview Observer about her role as Executive Director of Art House Productions and the many projects she and her staff oversees. RVO: Can you tell our readers how Art House Productions came about? CG: I founded it 2001in response to ‘9/11’. I wanted to have an event that brought people in Jersey

Art House Production Your Move 2013 City together that were artistic, I had no idea where to find them, so I held an ‘open mic’ in late September 2001 and that was the first event. In January 2002, we launched our monthly

open mic series at Victory Hall, connecting with writers and poets like Reg E. Gaines. (Reg E. Gaines, a Jersey City resident, wrote the libretto and lyrics for the Broadway musical BRING IN DA NOISE; BRING IN DA FUNK.) And in 2007 we moved into our space on Hamilton Park. It started with an open mic and a handful of people; now we have things happening year round and we serve over 16,000 people a year through our programs. RVO: What is JC Fridays? CG: JC Fridays is a citywide arts festival that features artists in all artistic Cont’d on page 20

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Karaoke Nights in Full Swing at Hudson Hot Spots Cont’d from cover “Its great entertainment and extremely popular,” Vicente says. “That’s why there are so many Karaoke nights right now. All across New Jersey there are hundreds of Karaoke places.” In Hudson, especially Hoboken and Jersey City, more than 20 bars and restaurants hold Karaoke nights for local singers who run the gamut in talent from professional singers to those who can barely carry a tune. What makes a good Karaoke singer? Vicente says it’s someone who may not have a lot of professional expertise, but what they do have is a lot of heart. “Sometimes they don’t have the best voice in the world but their hearts in it,” Vicente says. “I like them because they’ll sing their hearts out.” Vicente usually starts Karaoke night with a song. He says: “I opened up last

night with a fast version of ‘Careless Whispers’ by George Michael that I discovered on the Internet. I wanted to test it. I usually open up with ‘Does Anybody Know What Time It Is’ by Chicago”. On a typical Karaoke night at Blue Moon about 40 regulars show up – some are professionals and some just love to sing. “Karaoke is fun,” Vicente says. “Singing brings out joy and good feelings. There are people who go just to see Karaoke singers, because it’s a show.” There are several Karaoke hot spots in Jersey City that attract singers and audiences in big numbers like The Mojo Lounge, which has Karaoke on Thursday and Saturday nights and O’Hara’s , which hosts Karaoke on Wednesdays. The Brightside Tavern & Bar on Bright Street has a beautiful dining room and Karaoke on Tuesday nights.

Donna Bostany Donna Bostany, an actress and model enjoys singing Karaoke in the Emerald Room located in the rear of The Green Kitchen restaurant in Guttenberg. That’s where her hairstylist Danny Carmona of North Bergen brought her to sing on Friday nights and since then; Bostany looks forward to Karaoke so she can sing Cher and Melissa Etheridge songs to an adoring crowd.

Page-6 December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

“One Halloween I was dressed as a nurse and I sang the song ‘Fever’ by Peggy Lee,” Bostany says. “It was so great. The audience went wild. I love Karaoke because I’m an actress and I get to be center stage while entertaining. You’re surrounded by happiness and celebration.” Bostany has a very outgoing personality and will burst into song just walking through a parking lot – she

once sang all the lyrics to the theme song for the TV show “Laverne & Shirley”. She enjoys singing TV theme songs at Karaoke, too, she says, but unlike some folks who may need a drink or two to screw up the courage to sing, Bostany says she prefers crooning without a cocktail. “I know everybody else likes to get looser with do Cont’d on page 7

Sing Us a Song

Cont’d from previous page worse when I drink.” It’s also a good idea to know your audience. Most folks prefer upbeat songs to ballads. Bostany says: “A ballad puts people to sleep. I’ve done ballads like Carly Simon’s ‘Nobody Does It Better’, but even though it’s a sexy, wonderful song, it’s too slow. I prefer Cher songs like ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ and ‘Strong Enough’. Cher’s great. I like singing upbeat songs that get the crowd going.” Here in Hudson, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, one of the greatest crooners of all time, Karaoke night would not be complete

without someone belting out one of his famous tunes like “New York, New York,” or “My Way” and that’s just what Danny Carmona of North Bergen likes to do when he gets up at the microphone at the Green Kitchen. And unlike Bostany who prefers up tempo selections, Carmona feels comfortable singing a Sinatra ballad. “I love Karaoke,” Carmona says. “It gives you five minutes of fame. There’s no Simon Cowell or a gong going off like on ‘The Gong Show’. You see the faces of people enjoying it and it’s a magical moment.”

SING, SING, SING Check out these Karaoke Nights

BAYONNE PAIR OF JACKS 812 Broadway Karaoke on Sun, 9 pm – 1:30 am (201) 339-1812 RYE BAR 279 Broadway Karaoke on Tues, 9:30 pm - 1:30 am (201) 443-8417 VENICE RESTAURANT 31 Cottage Street 9:30 pm- 1:30 pm 201-339-1115

GUTTENBERG THE GREEN KITCHEN 7000 Boulevard East Karaoke on Fri at 10 pm (201) 868-4627

TAVERN & BAR 141 Bright Street Karaoke on Tues. at 9 pm (201) 435-1234 JORDAN’S LOUNGE 247 Newark Ave Karaoke on Sun. at 9 pm (201) 418-0900

HOBOKEN VILLAGE POURHOUSE 205 1st St Karaoke on Wed. nights (212) 979-2337

MOJO LOUNGE 130 West Side Ave Karaoke Thurs. and Sat. nights, 9 pm - 1:30 am (201) 333-0990

JERSEY CITY ABBY’S PUB 407 Monmouth Street Karaoke on Thurs. 9:30 pm - 1:30 am (201) 963-3334

O’HARA’S DOWNTOWN 172 First Street Karaoke on Wed, 9 to 1 pm (201) 239-7373

BLUE MOON MEXICAN CAFÉ 117 Montgomery St Karaoke on Thurs. at 9 pm (201) 763-6050 BRIGHTSIDE

SECAUCUS CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE 700 Plaza Drive Karaoke on Fri. and Sat. at 9 pm (201) 392-0500 Cont’d on page 20

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A jolly red elf that leaves presents under a decorated tree may be the iconic image of Christmas, but some folks celebrate in other ways. Christmas in Alaska: In Alaska children wander from house to house carrying a colored star on a long pole, and singing carols. The songs sung at each home include Aleut words Gristuusaaq suu’uq, or “Christ is born”. Everyone joins in the closing words, Mnogaya leta, or “God

grant you many years.” At the end of the carols carolers are served maple doughnuts, cookies, piruk – aka fish pie – and smoked salmon. Christmas in Portugal: Children look for the Three Wise Men to arrive during Christmas time. On the night of January 5th kids fill their shoes with carrots and straw and put them on the windowsill to lure the Wise Men’s horses to their homes. The next morning, the kids discover their shoes packed with gifts and

goodies like candied fruits and sweet breads. Christmas in New Zealand: In New Zealand Christmas is combined with summer holidays, so as well as present-buying and parties, people are heading to the beach. Shops are decorated with Father Christmas in a red coat and long white beard. New Zealand’s Christmas traditions began with the English settlers of the late 18th Century. Christmas in Scotland: On Christmas day, celebrants make big bonfires and

Page 8-December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

dance around them accompanied by the sound of bagpipes. Bannock cakes

made of oatmeal are traditionally eaten at Christmas.

Hoboken Women’s Choir Performs Holiday Music

Hoboken’s all-women community chorus, Cantigas Women’s Choir, presents its 12th annual winter concert entitled HOW MERRILY WE LIVE: Songs of the Season on Saturday, December 14 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Matthew Trinity Church at 57 Eighth Street (at Hudson Street) in Hoboken, N.J. The suggestion donation for the concert is $15 ($5 for seniors and students). “Our program spans from Bach to a young local composer, as well as carols ranging from Jewish and French to English and Galician,” says Joan Litman, Cantigas founder and director. “There was so much merriment in various lyrics that we just had to go with the title, ‘How Merrily We Live.’’ The joyful repertoire

celebrates music from around the globe, including Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Wir Eilen Mit Schwachen,” Mykola Leontovych’s “Carol of the Bells,” French carol “Ding Dong Merrily On High” (arranged by David Willcocks), English carols “God Bless The Master” and “Wassail Song” (arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams), and Queens College junior Britlin Losee’s “Ave Maria,” which she wrote when she was 21. The program includes audience sing-alongs of Chatterton Dix’s “What Child

Is This? (Greensleeves),” “Deck the Halls,” and Chanukah pieces “Ocho Kandelikas” and “Rock of Ages.” For more information visit:

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Jersey City Senior Selected as National YoungArts Foundation Finalist Snyder HS student one of 170 selected out of over 10,000 applicants nationwide Jersey City, NJ – Tyler Ballon, a senior in the JC ARTS program and Snyder High School, has been selected as a finalist by the National YoungArts Foundation, a highly competitive national award. Over 10,000 applicants apply nationwide in both performing and visual arts and only 170 are selected as finalists. This prestigious honor is one of many received by Ballon over the past year. In 2012-13, he received 2 Regional Gold Keys, 1 Silver Regional Key in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and received the Highest Achievement honor at the 10th Congressional Competition for Art. As a result of the award his work was exhibited at the Capitol in Washington DC and he received a full scholarship to the summer precollege program in art at the acclaimed Marie Walsh

Sharp Foundation in Colorado Springs. Ballon submitted 10 art works from his portfolio for the YoungArts Foundation competition and was been chosen as a Miami finalist. He will be spending a week in Miami, from January 6-12, 2014, all expenses paid. There he will attend master workshops with world renowned artists for final adjudication to determine his award designation. These events are filmed for the HBO documentary series “YoungArts.” Additionally, being a YoungArts Finalist is the first step to becoming one of 25 U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts. “Tyler Ballon is an exceptional young man. ... He is passionate about three things- his art, his family and his God- and he celebrates them all in his work. Though we have had a

number of honorable mentions in YoungArts, Tyler has distinguished himself as the first finalist from the program in 15 years. We could not be prouder,” said Carolyn Frazier an Art Specialist in the JC ARTS program. The National YoungArts Foundation (formerly known as the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts) was established in 1981 to identify and support the next generation of artists, and to contribute to the cultural vitality of the nation by investing in the artistic development of talented young artists in the literary, performing, visual and design arts. YoungArts provides emerging artists with life-changing experiences with renowned mentors, access to significant scholarships, national recognition, and other opportunities throughout their careers to help ensure that

Page10-December 10th,-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

the nation’s most outstanding emerging artists are encouraged to pursue careers in the arts. JC Arts (Jersey City Arts) is an arts accelerated, selective, pre-college program that provides gifted students a conservatory designed art education in the Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Vocal Music

and Media Arts. For further information on this program contact: Ann Marley, Supervisor, Visual & Media Arts, or David Radulich, Supervisor, Performing Arts, For more information on the National YoungArts program, go to

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666 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306

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108 48th Street Union City, NJ 07087

PHONE: 201.659.3900 | VISIT US ONLINE AT


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Happenings Around Town

Local Art Exhibitions and Theater, Music and Dance Performances Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Dec. 11- 21 at 8 pm; Tix: $20 A TUNA CHRISTMAS JC THEATER

A TUNA CHRISTMAS is a Christmas comedy of southern madness. The Christmas yard display contest is heating up in the small town of Tuna, Texas as neighbors fight for the most outrageous display of lights, Santas and Rudolphs. This year however, there is a Christmas phantom on the loose, spreading vandalism and havoc.

St. Michael’s Church (basement) 252 Ninth Street, JC For tickets:

(Painting: Peter S. Bill) Fri, Dec.13th Fundraiser, 7-10 pm The BIG Small Painting Art Sale Fundraiser

Purchase an original work of art by a prominent local artist at this fundraiser that will also feature live music and yummy desserts like chocolate lollipops from Lee Sims Chocolates.

Victory Arts Drawing Rooms 180 Grand St Jersey City For info: Sat, Sun, Dec. 14 and 15, 2 and 4:30 pm JACK AND THE BEANSTALK and Other Tales of Adventure Jersey City Children’s Theater “Some journeys take us out into the world; some journeys take us up into the clouds; and some take us home.” JCCT presents their newest production, every performance has a workshop

presented by the actors for the kids. Barrow Mansion 83 Wayne St, JC (201) 290-9202

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restaurant VIEWS Schnackies is Back!

Schnackenberg’s Luncheonette Brings Back Old Hoboken Charm and Egg Creams By Sally Deering If you’ve been in the Hoboken area for a while, it’s likely you’ve visited Schnackenberg’s Luncheonette and may even have a “Schnackie’s” story or two from back in the day. That’s what Eugene and Joyce Finn have been learning ever since they took over “Schnackie’s” and gave the old-fashioned ice cream parlor a facelift that’s both retro and nouveau. The Finns – who own Amanda’s and the Elysian Café in Hoboken – really outdid themselves with Schnackie’s restoration. In many ways it looks pretty much the way it did back when it opened in 1931; the wooden booths in the dining room are original; so is the tiled floor that has been spiffed and retiled in some places. The display cases of homemade chocolates and fresh doughnuts and pastries are there, too, and so is the counter with all new marble countertop and red and tan upholstered stools that swirl before a real soda fountain where Egg Creams are made with real pressurized seltzer. You can have Cherry Cokes, too, the kind made with real syrup, and

Strawberry Malts, Chocolate Milkshakes and Root Beer Floats. The Novak family, descendants of Henry Schnackenberg who opened the luncheonette in 1931, turned Schnackie’s over to the Finns in 2012. They, in turn, restored it and brought Schnackenberg’s new owners Eugene and Joyce Finn in front of their Hoboken luncheonette Peter’s College in Jersey City. “Some men hit middleage and get a sports car; Eugene takes over an ice cream parlor,” Joyce says. “Eugene loves this place and he has a strong sense of history. He doesn’t just do renovation, he does historical renovation.” Along with the charming atmosphere, the Finns Schnackenberg’s interior offer their customers a has been lovingly renovated breakfast and lunch menu it up to code. that overflows with comfort “They saw what we did food. Where else can you with the Elysian and we get a bowl of tomato soup knew them from town,” with a grilled cheese sandJoyce Finn says. “We didn’t wich? The breakfast menu want to do anything untow- which is served daily till 11 ard. It’s still their family am features eggs any way name.” you like them with ham, Restoring Schnackenbacon or sausage; Omelets, berg’s has been a labor of French Toast and Pancakes love, especially for Eugene, – which you can also get who was a history major gluten-free. There are hot when he attended Saint and cold cereals like Farina

and Granola and for those who like a hearty morning meal they offer the British Breakfast with eggs over easy, grilled tomato, Heinz baked beans and bangers (sausages); and the Breakfast Burrito with scrambled eggs, sausage, onions and salsa on the side. For lunch, there are soups, salads, burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches like Roast Beef, Reuben, Roast Vegetables, Meat Loaf, Tuna Melt and the luncheonette staple – the BLT (bacon, lettuce Con’t on page 18

Page 17-December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

restaurant VIEWS Schnackies is Back!Cont’d from page 17

and tomato). Entrees include Fish & Chips, Meat Loaf, Chili and Mac & Cheese; and there’s a kids menu with Peanut Butter & Jelly, Mac & Cheese and Chicken Fingers for those younger taste-buds. The Finns have also kept their customers’ love of sweets a big priority. Delicious home-made doughnuts, pastries and buns are baked every day. One visitor had the homemade jelly doughnut – its square, so you know it’s fresh – and absolutely delicious with strawberry jelly that burst in your mouth with every bite. The restored wall near the entrance has shelves with old-fashioned candy jars filled with Swedish Fish, Malted Milk Balls, Spice Drops and Mary Janes; and there’s an old fashioned candy scale and radio, too. A sliding ladder lets you get to the top shelf and an old-fashioned cash register rings up your purchases. For now, Schnackie’s is open 7 am to 5 pm and serves the breakfast and lunch crowd. The coffee is delicious and comes in Schackie’s mugs that can be purchased at the register along with a Schnackenberg’s T-Shirt. During the first week Schnackie’s opened, a water problem forced the Finns to close the restaurant one morning while workers dug up the street out front to fix the problem. Mean Page 18- November 22nd-December 13th River View Observer

Audrey Calligy (center) remembers visitng Schnackenbergs on opening day in 1931 while, a parade of customers stopped in and the Finns gave out free doughnuts. People who remembered

Schnackie’s from years passed also popped in and shared their Schnackie’s memories. “One thing that makes this business so great, so real, is that you get human interaction,” Eugene says after speaking with a seasoned Hoboken resident. “Human interaction is something people still need and we don’t get enough of it.” Audrey Calligy grew up down the street from Schnackenberg’s and remembers the day the luncheonette opened in 1931; Calligy had ice cream and her cousin a cherry coke. Cont’d on next page 19

Laico’s Restaurant is now selling their Famous Salad Dressing to go!

Loyal Laico customers have asked for years to be able to take a bottle of Laico’s famous salad dressing home and now it’s finally here. So next time you’re at the restaurant for a delicious dinner, bring home a container!

restaurant VIEWS Schnackies is back!Cont’d from page 18

Laico’s Restaurant

67 Terhune Avenue, Jersey City 201-434-4115

Schnackenberg’s new owners Eugene and Joyce Finn in front of Schnackenberg’s wall of candy jars

“A cherry coke was a real New York thing,” Calligy recalls, sitting in the new Schnackie’s with her daughters Mary Schecter and Cathleen CalligyGonzalez. “As young kids, we all hung out at Schnackies, always looking for the cute boys. I have very fond memories. I used to come here with my husband before we got married. We would come here on dates and play the jukebox. ” If you go: Schnackenberg’s Luncheonette 1110 Washington Street Hoboken (201) 766-5533 www.schnackenbergs Hours: Open every day from 7 am to 5 pm

Page 19-December 10th -December 22nd, 2013 River View Observer

ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS Christine Goodman Cont’d from page 5 disciplines in venues across Jersey City. It happens four times a year – March, June, September and December – at the start of every season and it encourages local spending and is a wonderful catalyst for neighborhoods to pull together multiple venues as destinations for audiences to come out and explore their neighborhood. It builds participation in the arts city-wide, connects people within neighborhoods and supports local business. For us it was a natural fit. We come from an inter-disciplinary background, so to connect visual artists, galleries, theaters and restaurants, and bring people together that way, is at the core of what we do. It’s been exciting to see the festival expand over the years, from 15 venues to 50. RVO: What is the annual Snow Ball? CG: That’s our big fundraiser and it helps us raise a large portion of our operating budget for the year. (The next Snow Ball is Jan. 25, 2014.) It’s an important event and a really fun one. What makes it such an experience is that it’s a celebration of the artistic spirit while raising funds and its ‘black tie-creative’. People come in costumes, vintage, their old wedding dress or what they wore to prom if they can still fit into it. We’ll have live Bossa Nova music by the Jersey Citybased group “Vespertine” and multiple restaurants

will be serving food, wine, beer and dessert. It’s an allinclusive ticket ($80) and when tickets go on sale in mid-December they can be purchased by going to the website: RVO: How big is Art House Productions’ staff? CG: We have an amazing technical director and lightning designer Lance Michel, and our production coordinator Shimeon Nandlal. That’s really the core team that brings our in-house projects to life. RVO: Is your space at One McWilliams Place a permanent or temporary home? CG: Where we are now has always been a temporary facility. We’re committed to being a part of Jersey City’s cultural scene for the foreseeable future and would love to find a

permanent home. We’re a very active organization and there’s a lot of need for our organization to find adequate space. As we know, across the city there’s a lack of space generally for the arts to present programs on a city-wide level. RVO: What are you working on now? CG: On Dec. 12th we open LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. We have 32 youths in our STAGES company, a semester-long program for 4th to 12th graders that meets after school twice a week and puts on two musicals a year. We also just produced an international modern dance festival with 21 companies from across the country and across the world. It was amazing. RVO: How can an artist get involved with Art House Productions? CG: We recommend they join our email list. When we do group shows, we

Page 20-December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

have calls for art. For our plays, we hold auditions and those can be found in the trades like “Backstage” or our Facebook page, which is www.facebook. com/njarthouse. For more info, go to: Contact:

SING, SING, SING Cont’d from page 7

CHARLIE’S CORNER 1254 Paterson Plank Road Karaoke on Thurs, Fri. and Sat, 10 pm (201) 867-9780 LORENZO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT & BAR 56 County Ave Karaoke on Fri, 8 pm – 2 am (201) 863-6634

Page 21-December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

More Happenings

Thurs, Fri, Sat, Dec. 12-14 at 7 pm; Sun, Dec. 15 at 2 pm; Tix: $8-$18 LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Art House Productions Theaterspace Holiday Party and Concert at 56th Street Senior Center Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that there will be a holiday party for senior citizens on Wednesday, December 18, at the 56th Street senior center, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. The uptown senior center party will feature the music of June Sturz and the Bayonne Senior Orchestra. Light fare will be served. Admission to the 56th

Art House Productions’ STAGES! Theater Academy and Performance Company for Youth presents LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, the musical about a nerdy floral shop worker, the girl he loves, and a giant man eating plant. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is everyone’s favorite boy-meets-girl, plant-eats-world love story. Art House Productions Theaterspace 1 McWilliams Place, Jersey City Order Tickets at www. Street event is free of charge.

Tag Sale Fundraiser! Thursday to Saturday December 12-14, 2013 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 121-125 Newark Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07302 Women’s clothes, shoes & accessories including

jewelry, handbags & shoes Cash or check only please Items as low as $5! Suits for Success, Inc. (SFS) is a non-profit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to empower individuals on their journey toward self-sufficiency through professional development services. NEWPORT TREE LIGHTING BRINGS OUT LARGE CROWD In its 12th year, nearly 1,000 people from the area came to take part in Newport’s celebration and to watch Mayor Steven Fulop count down the lighting of the biggest holiday tree in Jersey City. The night continued with the winter unveiling of Newport Skates, the only outdoor rink in Jersey City, which was marked by a special performance by Ice Theatre of New York, the nation’s premier ice dance company, and an exclusive night of free skating. Pictured above right Jersey City Mayor Steven M. Fulop lights the Tree at Newport

Page 22-December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

STARGAZINE Aries March 21 - April 19

Activity to the 10th house governing career and honors will have many an Aries native receiving unexpected compliments and end of year bonus checks from your work front superiors. Enjoy your newfound status. This is a satisfying time of personal growth!

Taurus -April 20 - May 20

You may be asked to intervene in a family matter that is somewhat unpleasant. Sensitive relationships can result in hard feelings at anytime but especially during the holiday season. Pressure to be the perfect family brings out the worst in us all. The astral advice suggests that these discussions are better left to another time. Smile and ask that they to see you next year for and answer to their concerns.

Gemini May 21 - June 20

You have learned many lessons in the past year. It is time to put your understanding to good use. This is a period in which you become your own best friend, when your subconscious mind works with you to create a balanced successful new persona. This is a holiday gift from the Universe. Enjoy!

Cancer June 21-July 22nd

Activity to the 12th house governing the subconscious mind may have you reminiscing about Christmas past. The ghosts of years ago may bring you some sadness. Jupiter, however, will tend to make this Christmas bright! As you share the joy with loved ones and open the brightly wrapped gifts be assured that happiness is yours as your mind remains in the present!!!

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Leo-July 23 - August 22

It is the holiday gift that you most desire. You have worked hard to develop and maintain relationships with friends and family. This year you witness a return on your patient investment in others. A wonderful peaceful and content season is yours surrounded by those who respect and admire you. Happy holidays!

Virgo-August 23-September 22

Joy to the world is a wish that is many times lacking. This season you make your own little corner of the Universe heaven on earth. You may do volunteer work at a local shelter but as always you will devote yourself to home and family. Peace on earth begins with being kind to those you encounter. Maybe for the first time you understand and appreciate this truth. Happy Holidays

Libra – September 23 - October 22 Many times you busy yourself with mundane duties that are necessary but just tend to keep your mind from the important things. Love is the answer. The question is “What is the reason for the season?” As a Libra you understand, as Venus is your ruler. This holiday time you feel the energy that makes life worth living. You deserve the best. Happy holidays.

Scorpio -

October 23rd -November 21st Your deepest concerns for others this season may have your thoughts a little sad. The light of the Universe will brighten your path, as a holiday blessing will come your way. A friend that you have not seen for years may contact you and send a lovely hello. The past is forgotten and you pick up the relationship just where you left off and it seems like a miracle. Happy Holidays!

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December2013 J Banta Lewis


November 22 - December 21 -You find yourself drawn to spiritual events during this season. The special customs of your family mean so much more than they have before. Much time is spent with children and you enjoy the food, conversations, and the energy of love. The New Year will bring money and success but for now home is where the heart is. Happy Holidays!

Capricorn -

December 22 - January 19 Work and discipline are the code words of the Capricorn native but now is the time to enjoy the festivities and love of the season. You will have time to plan your goals for the New Year but fun and family are on your must do list for now. Happy Holidays

The River View Team Would like to wish Everyone Happy Holidays from Our Families to Your Family


January 20 - February 18 A whirlwind of activities are yours during the month of December. The holiday blessing that you will receive will be something that you have been wanting for a long time. Close your eyes and ask again and you will receive. Now is your time to get the present of your life. Happy Holidays.


February 19 - March 20 Your ruler Neptune works to your advantage mostly but at times it is a detriment. If you feel that the world is against you and that you suffer at the hands of others selfish wills, think again! No one can take advantage of you without your consent. This holiday season vow to change your way of thinking in these matters. Change your thoughts and change your life. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

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Apartment Developers See Value in Bayonne River View Observer Contributor Bayonne Mayor Mark A. Smith said, “The last five years have seen increasing interest in Bayonne from major, new residential and commercial developers. Our city is open for business and welcomes development. One sign of economic vitality in Bayonne is the boom in high-quality apartment house construction. Several multi-unit buildings are already under construction or are on the way.” One of New Jersey’s major developers, Cali Futures, is constructing a 60-unit apartment house at the southeast corner of 44th Street and Kennedy Boulevard, on the site of a former Sunoco gas station. When completed, this eightstory, luxury rental structure will feature an outdoor deck on the 8th floor, a game room, a fitness center, and a garage with 71-parking spaces. The building will also offer a shuttle to the 45th Street Light Rail station. Developer Doug Stern has begun work on the former Maidenform complex on Avenue E, transforming the industrial interior into loftstyle units. The original brick and timber from the industrial days will be preserved, giving a historic look to the future apartments. The work will be done in stages over the next

few years. The first forty units out of eighty-three are expected to be available for rent in early 2014. As a tribute to the complex’s early history as a silk mill, it will be named Silklofts. The apartments will be located a short walk south of the 22nd Street Light Rail Station. The former company parking lot will be used by building tenants. Construction is now underway between 2nd and 3rd Streets on Kennedy Boulevard, where the Kaplan Companies are buildng the Camelot apartment complex. Camelot, which was called The Waterford at an earlier point in the planning stage, will be located at 28-58 Kennedy Boulevard. Camelot will be a private rental complex with 96 apartments and 109 parking spaces. It will feaure two adjacent buildings that will each have four stories of residential units over one floor of enclosed parking. There will also be on-site guest parking in exterior areas. The developers, the Kaplan Companies, are headquartered in Highland Park, New Jersey. Kaplan has developed both private residential and commercial properties in New Jersey and elsewhere since 1952. At Dodge Street and Broadway, developer Jerome Brenner plans a five-story, mixed-use building. Plans

there call for twenty-eight apartments on the upper four floors, and commercial space and parking on the ground floor, with additional parking in the basement. These are just a few examples of the many major residential construction projects that have been completed, started, or planned recently in Bayonne. Additional development efforts are expected. Recently, the Bayonne City Council has approved Mayor Mark A. Smith’s proposals to designate redevelopment areas at the site of Bayonne Plumbing Supply near the 22nd Street Light Rail Station, and at the Clayton Block property on Route 440. The Bayonne Council also authorized the Planning Board to study whether the former site of the Hi Hat catering facility in the northwest corner of Bayonne should be declared a redevelopment area. Commercial and industrial development has accompanied apartment house construction in Bayonne. Mayor Smith said, “The Bayonne Crossing shopping center was completed, thanks to the determination of my Administration to get the job done.” Bayonne Crossing brought the following stores and businesses to Bayonne: Lowe’s Home Improvement; Michael’s; the Wal-Mart

Page 24- December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

Camelot will be a private rental complex with 96 apartments and 109 parking spaces.

The former Maidenform complex on Avenue E, is being transformed into loft-style units.

Supercenter; New York Sports Club; Five Guys; Longhorn Steakhouse; Sonic Drive-In; Subway; Friday’s; Muscle Maker Grill; GNC; Sally Beauty; Supercuts; T-Mobile; Beach Bum tanning salon, and other enterprises. Bayonne Crossing has created significant economic activity in the community and hundreds of jobs for Bayonne residents. Royal Wine is constructing its world headquarters in Bayonne, near Bayonne Crossing. The company produces and markets dozens of products from around the world, and will bring 120 new jobs to Bayonne. Winners, a state-of-theart, off-track wagering facility, opened recently on Route 440. The facility also offers a McLoone’s Restaurant. The Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor will soon be the home to a bigger and better cruise ship terminal that will double passenger volume when it is

completed. The terminal already processes 300,000 passengers annually for cruises by Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. The new Bayonne Energy Center project generates electric power. The project brought $500 million in investment, along with new jobs, income, and tax ratables to Bayonne. Shop-Rite demolished its building on Avenue C and 26th street, and constructed a better, larger facility. Inserra ShopRite made a large investment in Midtown Bayonne in the third Shop- Rite building to occupy that location. Mayor Smith concluded, “The development projects in this story are just a sampling of our economic progress during the last five years. More construction activity is on the way. As mayor, I will continue to work hard for more economic progress as Bayonne pursues a great future.”

Page 25-December 10th- December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

In Your Home (BPT) - One of the hottest trends in home remodeling and home decorating is faux wood tile. Paying tribute to beautiful hardwood flooring, faux wood tile is a ceramic tile that combines the rich, textured finishes and warmth of real wood with the durability, functionality and design flexibility of tile, according to Kirsty Froelich, design director with The Tile Shop, a leading retailer of natural tile and stone from around the world. And, it costs a fraction of what real hardwood flooring costs. Other recent trends in tile include: * Large format commercial style tile - Use large tiles to give your home a big, spacious feel.

Page26- December 10th-December 24th, 2013 River View Observer

* Glass and stone mosaics - Glass and stone mosaic tiles offer an opportunity to create intimacy with intricate patterns. * Floor to ceiling - Tile isn’t just for floors and backsplashes anymore. Create a rich, textured look by tiling an entire wall, from floor to ceiling.

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Our cover story:SING US A SONG! Karaoke Nights in Full Swing at Hudson Hot Spots By Sally Deering Shower-singers, car-crooners – people...