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Trends Activewear for comfort and style


hether it’s time for a workout, to head into town to run errands or grab a bite to eat with friends, clothing designers have you covered. Activewear now doubles as workout wear and casual wear. Gone are the days of not wanting to be seen in public after that trip to the gym. “Wearing activewear even when not working out has become an increasingly popular trend,” said Sarah Milano of PopShop Style in Dobbs Ferry. “It’s very common to see women and girls of all ages wearing it around town since the styles are cute and a lot more fashion forward than it has been in the past. BY Women love the fact that they can TODD still be comfortable and fashionable SLISS while wearing it and that’s why it’s become commonplace.” Lester’s, which has four locations, including one in Rye Brook, carries three lines of activewear for women — Nike, Prismsport and Terrez. One time through the Prismsport lookbook, for example, shows you all kinds of styles from the length (shorts; skorts; and capri or full length for pants) and patterns (think of a kaleidoscope to get an idea of some of the more colorful choices) to the style of straps of the tank tops and sports bras. There are also the four-way top, which can be tied in the front, or the peplum vest for more cover. “In the past people would wear workout clothing to the gym,” Jill Orelevich of Lester’s said. “It was basic black leggings and basic black tank top and now there’s a much more fashion forward component. It has evolved, so you can wear workout clothing throughout the day. The trend within the whole industry has responded to that so there are more trends in workout wear.” Lace-ups on everything from the leggings — front or back — to the tops and the pants are extremely popular, with great detail to make them stand out. Orelevich is seeing burgundy and navy as the

Feel the Fall K

Fashion gets personal


Giorgio Brato offers a layered look – jacket, vest, sweatshirt – for all temperatures and a different look with each ensemble.


oft. Luxurious. Sensual. This season’s fashion is all about feeling. When cool nights call for layers and crisp air begs for covering up, lavish yourself in one of this year’s favorites — a super soft velvet dress, a patchwork fur coat, a cozy luxe sweatshirt or a silky BY TRACI bomber jacket. Beautiful, intriguing textures abound. DUTTON They beg to be touched. Looks LUDWIG are not only about being seen and making a statement. They are meant to be felt, and they are constructed to be lived in. This fall’s femininity is strong, intrinsic and intimate. Get dressed to be yourself — and love yourself

— in these new looks. Ahhh… velvet Touch yourself. For a feeling that’s softer than skin, indulge in one of this season’s velvet luxuries. This super soft, weighted textile is no longer just for evening. Look for it in dresses that hang with perfect drape, in skirts or shorts that look divine with opaque tights, in Edwardian style blazers and sexy jumpsuits. Play up velvet’s distinct texture through deliberate contrast. Shiny satin, slippery silk and overt lace make perfect counterparts, or be creative with something unexpected like denim. The structure of velvet gives it substance, while simultaneously allowing it to be lightweight. This enables the fabric to contour the body without being clingy — and to

suggest curves and shape through corresponding drape. Velvet whispers sexiness through sophisticated sensuality. Be absolutely touchable. Well suited Menswear, move over. There’s a lady in the director’s chair. Pinstripe suiting and mini-skirt suits are popular for the girls this fall. While their influence is grounded in boardroom menswear, their realization nods only slightly to the boys. Times are changing. Instead, women’s suiting trends celebrate girl power through feminine silhouettes and non-traditional patterns. Mini skirts pair with matching cropped jackets or peplum jackets, emphasizing the waist and suggestCONTINUED ON PAGE 3A



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strongest colors, along with olive, which branches out from the popularity of camouflage this fall. “All the fashion trends are all in that industry,” Orelevich said. “Five years ago you didn’t see those trends at all. It’s a whole new fashion industry that has taken off.” Clothing manufacturers are not only coming out with brands on their own, but some are teaming up with the likes of SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp and Flywheel to create lines. “Leggings, strappy front and back tops and sports bras are very popular styles,” PopShop’s Milano said. “Neon colors and layering pieces are also a huge trend right now. For instance, wearing a cut out muscle tank with a neon strappy back sports bra and tight ankle length leggings.” At House of 29, Lifestyle Boutique by Sarah, in Chappaqua you can find traditional activewear

FALL FASHION A special section of

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for a workout — they carry one line — and also three more lines of crossover clothing that you wouldn’t quite wear for a workout, but goes well with walking the dog, walking a few miles or heading into town. Sarah David doesn’t like to put the names of the brands she carries in print, but said her shoppers are very happy with the choices in her store. The true activewear is a staple of any wardrobe. “It has really become it’s own category,” David said. “People are looking for activewear that has a little bit of the trends going on with it and it has become more fashionable. It’s not just a basic legging and a basic tank top anymore. Activewear has designs, different cutout mesh details. It’s making it more fashionable to be able to wear it out all the time.” The three lines are what she likes to call “casual, chic pieces.” She added, “They are day to night,” and noted, “You can feel comfortable in them.” “People also tend to dress it up with their accessories like fur vests or sneakers we’re carrying for the fall,” David said. “People may wear their yoga leggings with a basic support tank top, but then they’ll put on cool sneakers or a great necklace or a great pair of earrings to dress it up a little bit.” The designers and merchants all have one goal in mind — to make their customers comfortable from the beginning of the day to the end. “I think women are looking for something that’s versatile in terms of comfort, but also something has a strong fashion and trend design as well,” Orelevich said. “They can wear it for an errand, a school pick-up, out shopping. They can look stylish and also meet their athletic needs as well. We keep that in mind, fitting all those lifestyles.” Today’s activewear is designed for today’s women.

“Women are so busy,” David said. “They go to their yoga class and then they go out and run errands, take care of the kids, work wherever they are working. Many of our customers are fortunate to be able to work from home, so they can stay in their yoga-wear. It’s really that people are so busy and active. They stay in that clothing as much as they can.”


Balance Day Spa celebrates 6 years Balance Day Spa, located in White Plains, will celebrate its sixth anniversary in October. “It seems impossible that so much time has passed already,” owner Allison Adamiak said. After spending many years working as an esthetician in the New York area, Adamiak founded Balance Day Spa in 2010. From the very beginning her mission was to provide clients with the highest quality treatments, products and advice in a relaxing environment. Since its inception, the spa has garnered the attention of a wide range of clients. Currently Balance Day Spa’s clients hail from six continents and range from professionals to homemakers to athletes to models and international celebrities. In 2015, in order to meet ever-growing demand, Adamiak expanded the spa. With the addition of another treatment room, Balance Day Spa welcomed long-time esthetician Nazmie Bruncaj. “Since the expansion, our clients’ responses have been very positive,” Adamiak said. “Everyone has been thrilled with the increased opportunities for appointment booking.” Over the years, Balance Day Spa has given back to the community through a number of charitable organizations. “At Balance Day Spa we have been blessed with an amazing clientele,” Adamiak said. “We firmly believe in passing along our good fortune. We are committed to giving back wherever we can.” Several of the charities which have benefited from the spa’s support are Pace Women’s Justice Center, Hadassah, Gleason Initiative for ALS, Susan G. Komen and Food Bank of Westchester. In honor of the spa’s anniversary, Bruncaj is offering complimentary eyebrow waxing when you see her for a Balance Facial in October (a $25 value). Balance Day Spa is located at 280 Mamaroneck Ave., Suite 310 in White Plains. Call 3589898 for appointment reservations. Visit www. balance-dayspa.com.





ing an overall hourglass shape. The nontraditional miniskirt suit form allows for playfulness with construction details. Skirts with asymmetrical flaps, off-center zippers, pockets and thigh slits appeal to fashion’s taste — rather than to office protocol. In pantsuits with more traditional cuts, the pinstripe style gets a new vibe. Think wider spacing, irregular intervals and colorful pinstripes — rather than traditional look from your husband’s closet. The feminine look is jazzy and contemporary, not at all stiff and staid. Girls just wanna have fun, even in corporate America. Rainy day shine Remember the fun of new patent leather shoes as a little girl? The slick shine was so dressy, even the most prosaic walk felt special. Get ready to quadruple that pleasure when you try out fall’s new obsession with patent leather raincoats. Glossy, sleek and funky, nothing could be better… or more practical… than these new raincoats. Black patent leather coats are superbly stylish and classically chic, with just the right touch of French je ne sais quoi. Colored patent leather, such as red, curry and aubergine, is unexpected and daring. Impervious to water and wrinkles, patent leather coats are expertly practical. With these chic numbers, you’ll be waiting for rainy days and grown-up fun in puddles. All you need now are the shoes to match. Cozy up Word up! A contemporary embrace of 1990sinspired logo hoodies and sweats is bringing casual to a new level. Twenty years ago, the look was all about status and branding. Today, it’s more of a retro thing — a nod to the past in our very selfconscious present. Vintage sweatshirts from Adidas and Calvin Klein are hot finds in thrift stores and eBay, but many companies are bringing back an original redux or offering a modern version of similar designs. Following the inspiration of the


Left, the cold shoulder trend is growing and Getting Back to Square One has responded. Middle, Shosh New York offers rich texture and chic tailoring with this stylish hat and button-down. Right, Thomas Wylde’s style includes popular fur accents. All at Churchills of Mount Kisco.

’90s, some designers today are replacing logos and brand names with cheeky phrases, text message abbreviations and emojis. Communicate without saying a word! Likewise, plain hoodies — without any incorporation of text — are popular in luxurious fabrics, like crushed velvet and cashmere. They are meant to be worn in interesting ways: with skirts, coordinated with pants and oversized as tunic dresses. Solo shoulder, singular sleeve Raise your hand. This is the season of the creative shoulder and sleeve. Looks range from 1980sinfluenced embellished shoulders to extra long sleeves to one-sleeved tops. One shoulder tops and dresses are over-the-top this fall, just like they were


wearable. Unless, of course, you want an excuse to never have to do the dishes… Harvest sunset In addition to the typically saturated colors for fall, the season’s new palette reveals an intriguing mix of pink, yellow and orange. These somewhat non-traditional colors (pink and yellow) are surprisingly adaptable in tones that are rich and slightly “off,” rather than bright and electric. A touch of black in the color base and warm undertones make these hues appropriate players for the fall wardrobe. This season’s orange is a ubiquitous spicy pumpkin. Its yellow is a roasted, golden ochre. The pink is a CONTINUED ON PAGE 4A



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in the opulent ’80s. Look for resplendent ruffles, cascading fabrics, puffed-up poufs and built-up pads — with or without bows and rosettes… and sometimes with both. If one shoulder appeals to you, how about one sleeve, balanced out by one bare arm? On fall runways, this look was exquisitely executed in stretchy fabrics and paired with lots of torso detail. Such detail meant the asymmetry of the singular sleeve was not the most overt part of the design. Instead, the absence of one sleeve thus revealed itself like an unexpected surprise. Another new look for the arms shows an interest in emphatically long sleeves, and by this we mean sleeves that extend well beyond the fingertips. While this silhouette of uninterrupted arm lines may look elegant, it is decidedly impractical — and not very

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Come in and see the fall colors on display now.

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muddy salmon, almost flesh-like. Paired together or contrasted against black or brown, these tones dress the season with artful sophistication and creative liveliness. Just perfect for September’s apple picking, October’s pumpkin patch and November’s harvest moon. Fantasy fur Get ready to purr. Like the current obsession with soft velvet is this season’s love affair with fur. Real or faux, natural or dyed, fur coats and jackets are everywhere. Unlike the traditional minks of your mother’s generation, contemporary interest embraces fur’s funkier sides, and a variety of looks and pairings abound. Look for long and short jackets in colorful, pieced-together and embellished furs. Beautiful examples make a statement. They might be brightly hued, zealously striped, sewn into discordant patchwork patterns, over-the-top voluminous and possibly dangling with pom-poms. The more outrageous, the better! If a fur coat is not quite your thing, fur vests remain popular fall staples in brown, black, white or vibrant new colors. In particular, they





Clockwise from top left: 1) Linea Pelle, Skull, McGuire, Botkier and Kendall + Kylie team up to dress you from head to toe. 2) Zynni Cashmere łspeaks to every style, silhouette and age. 3) Fur and a colorful pattern ‹ what else do you need? 4) Samuel Dong features fine fabrics and elegant style. 5) Cool and casual, proving sometimes color is overrated.

rock an outfit of jeans or a denim skirt. Boots recommended. Pearls optional. Jacket envy Bombs away! This season’s darling is the bomber jacket in all its silky, colorful and shiny manifestations. Rendered in luxe scarf prints, these gorgeous jackets are absolutely outfit worthy. You’ll want to keep them on all day. Also popular this year is the refined puffer jacket. So celebrated, puffer jacket styles were seen atop of long skirts and evening dresses on many fall runways. Taking a sleeker approach is another fall favorite, the long navy blue overcoat. This nautical style — complete with double-breasted brass buttons — nods to traditional while projecting a fresh, confident vibe. For really cold days, shearling jackets remain a perennial favorite. New this season is an updated color palette in addition to the typical blacks and browns. Schoolgirl The school uniform look has just gotten cool. Plaid skirts and jumpers — particularly jumpers — hearken back to the days of modest curriculum dressing. Look for fabrics with lots of blue paired with gold or brown in A-line jumpers and swingy skirts. Stretchy, neutral turtlenecks are the ideal base because they focus attention on the shape of the jumper or the skirt. To rock this trend, push the retro 1960s feel of the silhouette. Keep jewelry and shoes sophisticated to wear the look like a woman, rather than a girl. Leather boots, textured tights and chunky gold accessories complete the picture. A tartan wrap adds visual interest while tipping the look to the grown up side. When pairing unlike plaids or patterns, just make sure the colors of the tartan wrap are complementary to the jumper or skirt. This will make their differently scaled patterns work with intention. Construction details This season, designers are revealing all their secrets. An emphasis on seams and panels celebrates garment form and construction. Tight, invisible seams remain a sign of quality, but, in today’s age, CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


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2016 Best of Westchester Winner - ‘Best Party Clothes’

Dress by Jesus and Antonio Estrada Photo by Shari Silk/Silk Studio

Special Occasion Wear for girls ages 6-18 Bat Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera, Prom and Graduation

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rules are meant to be broken, and quiet seams present as somewhat boring. Instead, have fun with dresses and jackets that play with their construction through binding laces, ties, metal links and connected rings. Seen on edgy and demure styles, and everything in between, such details are individual and flirty. Metal embellishment can sometimes take the place of jewelry, and structured seams — made with connections of metal rings, for example — read as tattoo-like body designs. After seasons of gold and copper tones, many contemporary metal bindings are rendered in silver tones and other cool metallics. Heather gray As a counter to the sweet sunset shades so prevalent in many fall collections, designers are again reaching to the sky for another inspiration. Instead of evening afterglow, however, this second influence has captured the myriad moods of overcast days and gathering storm clouds. Gray, in all its tonal variations, reverberates through the music of fall like a steady drumbeat. Look for it in soft luxurious knits, slouchy sweatshirts, crisp wool suiting, feminine dresses and playful capes. Enlivened by interesting cuts and creative silhouettes, today’s gray is anything but drab. Let structure energize color. Patchwork denim Who doesn’t love putting on a favorite pair of jeans after summer’s heat has moved south, and cooler weather has settled back into the northeast? Skinny jeans remain popular, as do boyfriend and bootleg cuts. Allow your choice to follow your mood and what is most comfortable on your body. New for this season are composite jeans, seemingly reconstructed from pieces and portions of other jeans. The look recalls the patchwork styles of the 1970s and simultaneously emphasizes garment construction in a thoroughly modern way. Look for manifestations of this trend in jeans, denim skirts and even indigo-hued bags. Consider one


Walk on the wild side



Gianvito Rossi velvet booties with satin trim are a great accent to the floral print and color scheme.

or two fun patchwork pieces this season, but don’t feel the need to invest in the most expensive examples. Most likely, this trend will not last, and the pieces will quickly look dated. A better buy for fall is an A-line denim skirt, which always looks great with a cozy sweater and boots. Flower power Floral maxi dresses dance through the transition between summer and fall. The look for this season is grown-up Boho, with an emphasis on flowing fabrics and deep dark colors. Garden-inspired prints on black backgrounds remove floral patterns from the spring calendar and make these prints appropriate for year-round wear. The addition of velvet to the Boho dress silhouette adds a dramatic Renaissance flair, a very popular look for 2016. Cutout sleeves, on the other hand, add a modern edge and subtle sexiness. A leather belt and boots turns up the casual factor and adds fall flavor. Create a beautiful picture in one of this season’s Boho maxis — all you need now is a perfect background of vibrant fall leaves and a steaming cup of pumpkin latte in your hands.

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s the changing leaves and cooler mornings signal the start of the fall season, camel and berry hues emerge from closets, along with romantic styles in suede, velvet, lace and distressed leather. No, these are not the latest in sweaters and scarves, jackets and ponchos — these materials, colors and styles are instead reserved for this season’s shoes. Renowned fashion designer Christian Dior once said, “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” This is perhaps never more true than when it comes to BY fall shoe fashion. MAJA Fall is prime time for shoes TARATETA and at Churchills in Mount Kisco, co-owner Lori Land hopes to make the season’s selections simple for her fashion-forward clientele by ensuring the store can provide a complete head-to-toe look, culminating in the choice of shoe. Footwear trends Land predicts for women for the fall 2016 season include: hardware details, washed and distressed leather, lace-ups and many styles of boot, including over-the-knee, ankle and open-toe. “We are also seeing the return of the round pointed-toe,” she said. “Not the pointy witch look.” The toe trend is echoed in the Salon Shoe department of the Nordstrom at The Westchester. “A pointy-toe is a great fall staple to give an ordinary outfit structure and character,” said assistant department manager Kimberly MurCONTINUED ON PAGE 7A



Caleen Cordero, top, offers a fresh look from the West Coast, while Superga, bottom, is Italy’s take.




Beauty: Help (and styling advice) for summer-ravaged hair


y summer’s end, most women feel their hair’s been through the wringer, thanks to chlorine, salt and sun. Even if you’ve been a pro-active about pre-treating your tresses with conditioner before hitting the beach or pool, summer hair is washed more frequently, translating to double and triple duty with the flat iron and the blow dryer. Come September, beleaguered hair is primed for a refresh. BY Let’s talk basics, which means EVE shampoo and conditioner. Although you’ve probably been apMARX plying them in that order since the first time you washed your own hair, you may have noticed a slew of commercials recently touting the benefits of using conditioner first. “Applying conditioner before shampoo is an excellent idea,” said Cherylyn at Cherylyn Salon North in Armonk. “Using conditioner before shampooing actually loosens up all the oils and excess product on your hair and scalp, making is easier to use less shampoo because the hair has been prepped.” Acknowledging many of the high-performance shampoos are quite pricey, being able to use less of it is a value bonus. “Some of the best shampoos can cost $40 or $50,” Cherylyn said. “So prepping first with conditioner means you can use a quarter of the amount of shampoo you usually use, which means it will last longer.” Julius Michael of the Scarsdale salon bearing his name disagrees: “Shampoo is to get rid of dirt, oils product buildup, etc. Conditioner is what coats the cuticle of the hair, sealing in moisturizer, eliminating frizz and adding shine. To use shampoo after a conditioner doesn’t make sense.” It’s all about ingredients, Cherylyn said. “The grade of oils, the vitamins, the levels of sodium and water, they do make a difference.” Her salon uses pharmaceutical grade products and ingredi-

ents, which does make the products more expensive. “For those concerned about costs, it’s good to know that a quality shampoo stimulates hair growth and the scalp will be treated the way a good moisturizer works on the skin of your face,” she said. “A really good shampoo not only safely cleanses the hair shaft, but it will also repair split ends.” Dawn DiDomenico of Salon D’Luxe in Mt. Kisco, offers her clients an in-salon, three-step, post-summer restorative hair treatment using Linkage Meu products. The curative treatment calls for applying amino oil to the ends of the hair to smooth out surface bumps. Applied next is a moisture veil, which is massaged and then combed through the entire head of hair. A rinse is next. The last step is a smoothing top coat that is massaged throughout the hair and then rinsed out. Afterwards, hair is no longer dry and brittle, and for several weeks after feels as supple and smooth as silk. Professionals advise protecting hair from the elements by wearing a hat or a hair sun protec-

Marina Colella, CID, owner/interior decorator and Sandi Perry, ASID

Decorating Den Interiors comes to you. Award-winning decorator Marina Colella and her team provide a complete in-home or in-office interior design service, bringing a master plan with samples of drapery fabrics, furniture, carpet and area rugs, wall coverings, and accessories directly to their clients. They design the room in the client’s own lighting including existing furnishings the client may want to keep. “Working this way is very comfortable for the client, as they can really see what works in the room, plus it’s a time-saving convenience,” Marina says. Marina and her team pride themselves on their ability to work within a client’s budget, custom designing rooms for function, beauty and comfort. “My clients are working directly with a knowledgeable decorator who is a smallbusiness owner with the power of a large, established company behind her. Unlike a store, we have no inventory or loyalty to a particular manufacturer. We listen to our clients and put their needs first as we make our choices from hundreds of vendors.” We are ready to help our clients with everything from dressing one window to a full-home makeover. Call for a complimentary 90-minute consultation. Decorating Den is expanding in Westchester. If you are interested in getting into the design business, please call us for career opportunities.

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tion product. Wetting hair before diving into water dilutes chlorine and salt. It’s also advised to use lukewarm water on hair only, not water that’s too hot or too cold. And never scrub wet hair, which is especially sensitive to stretching and pulling. Also blot hair with a towel after swimming or shampooing. Rubbing it with a towel causes friction that is damaging. When it comes to fall hair fashion, the hair painting color system known as Balayage remains popular. Balayage is a French term meaning “to sweep or to paint.” The technique allows for a sun-kissed, more natural looking hair color, similar to what nature gives us as children. Another benefit of Balayage is that regrowth is less noticeable, which means fewer visits to the salon for touch-ups. Upkeep is easy as well because after Balayage, you can shampoo and condition as you normally would as long as you stick to products made from high quality ingredients. What’s hot in terms of style? A quick cruise through any fashion magazine will tell you that pretty much anything goes. Curly, straight, long

(NAPS)—For a fast route to a tighter-looking body, try a Miraclesuit. This line of swimwear has been designed to make you look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds. Learn more at www.miraclesuit.com. Changing your hair to suit your mood or outfit can be easier and more fun than ever now that the Luxhair Now by Sherri Shepherd wig and extension collection has partnered with Sally Beauty Supply. Learn more at www.sallybeauty.com and www.luxhair.com. Sensitive skin affects 66 percent of Americans, so Kiehl’s Since 1851 developed a nonirritating, mineral-based, broad-spectrum lotion for sensitive and acne-prone skin: Dermatologist Solutions Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50+. It’s at Kiehl’s freestanding stores, www.kiehls.com/correctand-protect-clearly-corrective-superfluid-uv-defense, (800) KIEHLS-2 and specialty retailers. Kiehl’s Since 1851 created Age Defender Power Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Repair, a simple yet effective trio to protect men’s skin from signs of aging, and Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil, for softer beards. They’re at Kiehl’s stores, www.kiehls.com/collections/agedefender, (800) KIEHLS-2 and select retailers. So all skin types can enjoy a wellhydrated, radiant and glowing complexion, the prestige Italian skin care leader, Borghese, created the Hydrology Collection of skin care products, featuring plant stem cell technology, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and sea-sourced extracts. It’s available at www.BorgheseHydrology.com. A new official August birthstone, according to Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association, is the lovely stone known as spinel. It

or short, it’s all good. Textured cuts still reign over blunt cuts, and bangs, if your stylist isn’t resistant to cutting them, are youthful looking and “in.” The layered, textured effect is achieved using texturizing scissors or a straight razor. Julius Michael said that while many of his clients still want that sleek, smooth Westchester look, in his opinion, curly hair is always in style. “And not just ’80s style curls, either,” he said. “I see more curly-haired girls learning to style their hair to make it look trendy and modern without compromising their natural curls.” Michael said he keeps an eye on seasonal hair color trends to guide his clients towards the popular warmer shades of copper, warm brown, caramel and honey blonde. “That ice blonde look and cool blonde shades are on their way out,” he said. “Brown with wheat colored highlights — that’s over. Everyone is doing brown with warm or reddish highlights, or a golden or honey blonde base with caramel or vanilla highlights.” He said the most asked for cut now is “the lob with two” so everyone’s hair is just below the shoulder, or touching the collar bone. He said he personally likes a lot of the really short edgy cuts coming out for fall. “I’m just really glad those funky colors are gone,” he said. Ditto the ombre hair color look. What about extensions? After rocking a short chin-length bob for several years, Real Housewife of New York City Ramona Singer got a thumbs up for her suddenly long tresses. If you don’t want to go for the full-on semi-permanent extension monty, clip-ins are an affordable luxury that can completely change your look. Should you opt to eschew the salon experience, there’s scads of online possibilities. One inexpensive, non-synthetic choice in extensions is made from real rooster feathers. These extensions can be washed, styled, flat-ironed or curled with your natural hair. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

comes in a wide array of vibrant colors. Learn more about spinels and birthstone jewelry at www.jewelers.org. Kiehl’s Since 1851 customers can join the fight against HIV/AIDS by getting Kiehl’s Limited Edition Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, a jumbo size of the classic formula. One hundred percent of the net profits from the sale, up to $25,000, will benefit amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. Learn more at www.kiehls.com/liferide2016. Miraclesuit, which boasts the slogan “Look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds,” has been secretly slimming women for years. Every year, it innovates to make the wearer look and feel her best, while boosting egos and drawing people out into the sunshine. Learn more at www.miraclesuit.com. Cloud technology helps one fashion consultant keep her clients feeling confident. To see how Office 365 makes her business successful, see www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZc5en34j 70&feature=youtube. A good way for students to get online for research, write documents and stay in touch is with Acer Chromebook. U.S. schools now buy more Chromebooks than all other computers combined. Learn more at www.acer.com.



phy. “Peep-toe shoes are great to transition from summer to fall, especially in a versatile suede or leather bootie.” Beyond the toe, count on seeing lots of studded embellishments on shoes and boots this fall, which Land calls “the rock-n-roll, motorcycle, edgy trend… I personally love that edgier, juxtaposed look — suburbia meets Manhattan.” These looks are also stepping into the fall footwear spotlight at Neiman Marcus. Hannie SioStellakis, public relations manager for the Westchester store, says an embellished or adorned shoe is one of the top trends for women right now. In further keeping with the fall feel, velvet, particularly velvet booties, are also “chic,” she said. “They go with everything, and you can dress up any outfit, up or down.” “I am very excited about velvet, which is new, over suede and calf,” agreed William Lawson, owner of Shoe-Inn, which, with the opening of its Scarsdale store in August, now counts eight stores in the Tri-State area, including a store in Rye Brook. If Lawson is excited about it, chances are it’s going to be on the fashion radar. He opened his first Shoe Inn in 1971, and so has nearly a halfcentury of experience deciphering footwear trends. He also makes two buying trips to Europe each year, and just returned from shopping for spring and summer shoes in Milan. To be truly in fashion this fall, experts agree women should branch out into the colors of the season. And one of the colors seen in changing leaves is the hue of the moment. At Nordstrom, Murphy cites “merlot and other red hues” as big in apparel, footwear and accessories this fall. Sio-Stellakis calls it “ripe berry shades — think raspberry or burgundy.” At Churchills, “Oxblood is going to be strong for the fall,” Land said. “It goes so well with grey, black and winter white. Grey is still the new black, and we are seeing lots of gunmetal grey this fall.” “Blue velvet or burgundy velvet are really nice and fresh,” agreed Lawson, adding that the trend in velvet this fall is “a good reason to buy a new pair of shoes.” If you are looking for an excuse. Boots of all shapes, sizes and heels are also a must this fall. Block heels, platforms, overthe-knees, stilettos, combat, riding, Westerninspired, mid-calf, tight ankle, open-toes … just about anything goes. Land likes an over-the-knee boot with shorter dresses, ankle booties with longer dresses. “Jeans are getting skinnier, so the ankle boot is getting tighter,” she said. But with all of the choices in style, color and material, what if someone were only investing in one shoe trend this year? “I would have them in a black leather ankle booty with a chunky or stiletto heel,” Land said. “It is key.” Murphy agrees. “A boot!” she said. “The boot has so many options to choose from, such as block heel, over-the-knee, peep-toe, mid-calf, bootie, and that’s just to name a few. Boots!” “A bootie, with a strong heel and a strong toe, to be worn with skirts,” recommended Lawson. But having a few different fall shoe options can make dressing easier. Land would like to see some women, who get stuck feeling they never have the right shoe to go with their clothes, to “branch out — having a stiletto, a chunky heel, a wedge,” she said. “Changing up the heel options to match what you are wearing that day” can make all the difference in feeling like an outfit is complete. Men have not been left out when it comes to footwear fashion for fall, either. For them, Murphy suggests “athletic sneakers with a chic, modern edge and Chelsea or chukka [ankle-high] boots.” Sio-Stellakis said they are showing “luxe trainers and sneakers” for men at Neiman Marcus. Land is selling “sneaker boots or shoe boots that transition day into night” for men, who like to keep things simple but still look good. The feeling is not for men alone. “Women and men both want to be able to transition their shoes,” Land said. As much as they want their shoes to transition easily from day to night, they also want shoes that transition easily from season to season. Which is


why the peep toe, which moves from summer to fall, is a fashionable option this season. “People are enjoying seasonal transitional footwear now more than in the past,” said Lawson, who recommended a strong, open-toe, sling-back shoe with a two-and-a-half-inch heel as a good option. Another good thing about the this season’s fall fashion trends is that they might make a reappearance in the spring. Lawson predicts that velvet and peep toes will re-emerge after the more utilitarian fashion of winter takes over. Think “black heels with open toes and pom moms,” he said. Even kids can be fashionable with their footwear this fall. Murphy likes boots, slip-on sneakers and “Twinkle toes — glitter, glitter and more glitter,” for girls this fall. Whichever fall footwear fashion one follows this fall, perhaps style maven Bette Midler put it best when she said, “I firmly believe that with the right footwear, one can rule the world.”


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