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Rivertowns Rotary Scholarship Awards The Rivertowns Rotary Club congratulates all 2018 High School Graduates. We especially extend our congratulations and best wishes to this year’s winners of our Rotary Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students carefully selected on the basis of our Rotary International Motto of “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”. They are students who have exhibited excellence in their studies, school activities, and community endeavors to help others.

FRED J. MAIER SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS Ardsley High School: Dobbs Ferry High School: Hastings High School:

Christina Chu Isaiah Rerrie Noah Prisament


Warmest Congratulations to the Class of 2018 I R V I N G TO N B R O K E R AG E 9 14. 59 1. 2 70 0 • A R D S L E Y B R O K E R AG E 9 14.6 74.414 4




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Jainil Sutaria and Margaret Zhong pose for a photo.

Graduates cast off while tied together by their experiences By Kris DiLorenzo


lad in royal blue robes, with gold ribbons and medals around their necks, 189 seniors marched from Ardsley High School to the school’s football field, for the school’s 102nd commencement on June 20. The tops of some students’ blue mortarboards were festooned with decorations, some with the names and logos of the colleges they will attend. Below the robes a variety of footwear was on display, from skyscraper high heels to every type of athletic shoe known to humankind. David Tosto, the senior class president, greeted the graduates, their families, and friends, announcing, “This is the climax of our shared epic.” He joked about his class evolving from little grasshoppers to “finely tuned intellectual machines,” adding, “All of us learned much more than could be learned from a textbook.” Tosto reminisced about shared events, including a barbecue held in “our state-of-theart parking lot,” and stated, “We’re all on the fast track to becoming adults.” He also exhorted his classmates, “Please do not forget your hometown, the one-square-mile town that has brought us all together.” Salutatorian Jared Cole echoed Tosto’s sentiment, saying, “I hope you all remember your roots wherever you go, and remember we are always bonded as the Ardsley High School Class of 2018.” He noted that the class’s old goal


Seniors show off their decorated mortarboards.

was completed, and that there was now “an opening for a new goal to fill its place.” Speaking about the future, Cole put a positive spin on its uncertainty. “It’s what allows us to pursue anything, to become anything. I wish you all to see the unknown as not a hindrance, but rather an opportunity.” He advised the seniors to have a plan, but not a “step-bystep, day-by-day itinerary of the next half century,” and suggested having a plan D, in case plans A, B, and C don’t work out.

Cole summed up his speech with a quote often attributed to Mark Twain. Though the legendary author didn’t write it, the lines were apropos: “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Valedictorian Tara Venkatadri talked about her apprehension when classmates began ask-

ing whether she’d written her speech. “How could I possibly write a speech that touches on everyone’s experience in Ardsley, when I’ve been called the queen of the nerds?” she asked, drawing laughs. “I didn’t sing the solo in the spring musical, paint the mural in the Breezeway, or score the winning goal in the soccer game. But as I started thinking, and flipping through 13 years’ worth of yearbooks and memories, I realized that there’s something more powerful than those differences that unites us: the Panther spirit that runs through each and every one of our veins.” Venkatadri enumerated some of the pastimes, activities, and achievements that united her class, including obsessing about the soundtrack to the musical “Hamilton,” playing on winning softball and basketball teams, participating in science competitions, poetry slams, and school plays, declaring, “We have all played an instrumental role in our classmates’ successes.” She summarized how she felt about her classmates, using a quote from the musical “Wicked” that said, “So much of me is made of what I learned from you. You’ll be with me like a handprint on my heart.” Venkatadri concluded in her own words, “No matter whether you are an athlete, artist, or a fellow nerd, our experiences together in Ardsley will tie us together forever.” Schools Superintendent Lauren Allan, on the CONTINUED ON PAGE 6A


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Ardsley High School

CLASS OF 2018 Rachel Aaron Emily Adler Michael Arbore Giana Bartko Henry Bedingfield William Bedingfield Nicole Bergenfeld Rachel Best Anastasiya Bigun Claire Blaufox Cozette Blumenfeld Jacob Bobson Nicole Botte Geoffrey Brann Carolyn Breakstone Kurtlee Browne Christina Bundziak Christopher Casario Meredith Casey Sean Casey James Chen Christina Chu Rebecca Chu-Carroll Joshua Cohen Jared Cole Samuel Cole Victoria Colon Cuba Cooper Eliza Cooper Samuel Cooperman Louis Courivaud Rachel Dames Mohan Das Matteo De Pasquale Jordi Delgado Charlotte Dorn Ariana Dos Santos Anna Dunn

Gregory Dunn Lillian Dunn Nikki Ebadollahi Emily Ebratt Eliza Edelstein Nicholas Edwards Yeliz Eksi David Fernandes Raymond Fodiman Emily Friedman Jessica Friedman Marly Friedman Daniella Gasparic Alistair Gluck Noelle Goerlich Sophia Gold Gabriel Golombek Hannah Gordon Alexa Gross Paul Guerrerio Kaitlyn Hanney Daniel Hewitt Matthew Holt James Hughes Briana Jacobellis Emma Jacobson William Jacobson Lukas Jarvi Cassidy Jenkins Ashly John Christopher Johnson Molly Joyce Zafir Joyo Allie Judge Nithin Kalathara Rachel Kaufman Robert Kayton Sarah Kim

Sung-Hyun Kim Matthew Knights Manleen Kohli Simrat Kohli Jordan Kriegel Matthew Kriegel Kathryn Lantier Isabelle Lawton Kyumin Lee Rachel Leibowitz Glenmour LeonardOsbourne, Jr. Jonathan E. Levy Bernadette Liptak Joseph Lombardi Kyle Lonergan Jasper Low Maxwell Lowson Arman Luczkow Michelle Macri Jamila Mai-Salhi Alyssa Mangone Nicholas Marchi Christine Marino Kenna Martin Jake Mastrangelo Nicholas Matzoros Jack McCarron Julian McGarvey Quinn McGuire Jenna Meltzer Amy Mendelson Matthew Miller Christopher Mirabal John Monkovic Jonathan Montague Phoebe Montgomery Christian Morzello

Jonathan Moss Michael Muldoon Lisa Nagahama Malaika Nasimok Jordan Rojas Mriganka Nerkar Joshua Nobel Florent Novaj Ryan O’Connell Marc Ohana Tyler Olmo Julia Paino Joshua Park Saya Patel Tristan Pereira Mackenzie Phelan Kathryn Pierro Rachel Pordy Tomy Preku Leelu Ravi Julianne Resk Danielle Rich Chelsea Ripoll Nicholas James Rivera Nicholas Jason Rivera Ashley Rock Jake Rosenberg Sarah Rosenfeld Jason Rossi Talia Rubino Elizabeth Samolsky Robert Sanfilippo, Jr. Mariah Santos Naomi Santos Manal Sayyed Danielle Scaperrotta Melissa Schoenberger Shoshana Schwartz


Emily Adler and Rachel Aaron

Quinten Seskin Christian Severo Prasanna Shah Habib Shahbain Yousef Shahbain Ronin Sharma Benjamin Sherman Emily Shteynberg Sofia Siciliani Sidrat Siddiqui Maya Singer Seeret Singh Jason Solano

Gabriela Soto Paul Spadaccini Swetha Sriramoju Gabrielle Staffiero Benjamin Stempler Anne Sternberg Jainil Sutaria Matthew Tang Alexandra Thomas Jonathan Torres David Tosto Tara Venkatadri Michael Vera

Zachary Wachs Kelsey Walsh Ryan Weiner Gregory Weiss Matthew Williams Jacob Wise Mia Wolosky Christopher Wong Isaac Wynn Yilinn Yang Margaret Zhong

Congratulations to our 2018 ardsley HigH sCHool graduates Rachel Aaron Emily Adler Michael Arbore Giana Bartko Henry Bedingfield William Bedingfield Nicole Bergenfeld Rachel Best Anastasiya Bigun Claire Blaufox Cozette Blumenfeld Jacob Bobson Nicole Botte Geoffrey Brann Carolyn Breakstone Kurtlee Browne Christina Bundziak Christopher Casario Meredith Casey Sean Casey James Chen Christina Chu Rebecca Chu-Carroll Joshua Cohen Jared Cole Samuel Cole Victoria Ashley Colon Cuba G. Cooper Eliza Cooper Samuel Cooperman Louis Grant Courivaud

Kyumin Lee Jenna Meltzer Rachel Dames Briana Jacobellis Amy Mendelson Mohan Das Emma Jacobson Rachel Leibowitz Glenmour Jahmier Matthew Miller Matteo De Pasquale William Tyler Jacobson Christopher Mirabal Leonard-Osbourne, Jr. Jordi Ariel Delgado Lukas Jarvi Charlotte Ocean Dorn Cassidy Jenkins Jonathan E. Levy John Monkovic Jonathan Adam Montague Bernadette Liptak Ariana Dos Santos Ashly John Anna Dunn Christopher Dean Joseph Lombardi Phoebe Montgomery Christian Morzello Kyle Lonergan Gregory Dunn Johnson Jonathan Moss Lillian Elizabeth Dunn Molly Joyce Jasper Low Maxwell A. Lowson Michael Muldoon Nikki Ebadollahi Zafir Joyo Lisa Nagahama Emily Ebratt Allie Judge Arman Luczkow Michelle Macri Malaika Nasimok Eliza Edelstein Nithin Kalathara Jamila Mai-Salhi Jordan Nelson Rojas Nicholas Edwards Rachel Kaufman Alyssa Mangone Mriganka Nerkar Yeliz Eksi Robert M. Kayton Joshua Nobel Nicholas Charles Marchi David T. Fernandes Sarah Kim Raymond Fodiman Sung-Hyun Kim Christine Marino Florent Novaj Ryan O’Connell Kenna Martin Emily Friedman Matthew Knights Marc Ohana Jessica Arielle Friedman Manleen Kohli Jake Mastrangelo Nicholas Matzoros Tyler Olmo Marly Friedman Simrat Kohli Julia Paino Daniella Gasparic Jordan Kriegel Jack McCarron Julian McGarvey Joshua Park Alistair Gluck Matthew Kriegel Quinn McGuire Saya Patel Noelle Goerlich Kathryn Lantier Tristan Pereira Sophia Ana Gold Isabelle Lawton Gabriel Golombek Hannah Ariel Gordon Alexa Gross Paul Guerrerio Kaitlyn Hanney Daniel Hewitt Matthew Alexander Holt James Hughes

Mackenzie Phelan Sofia Siciliani Kathryn Pierro Sidrat Siddiqui Rachel Pordy Maya Singer Tomy Preku Seeret Singh Leelu Ravi Jason Solano Julianne Resk Gabriela A. Soto Danielle Rich Paul Spadaccini Chelsea Ripoll Swetha Sriramoju Nicholas James Rivera Gabrielle Staffiero Nicholas Jason Rivera Benjamin Stempler Ashley Rock Anne Sternberg Jake Rosenberg Jainil Sutaria Sarah Rosenfeld Matthew Tang Jason Rossi Alexandra Louise Thomas Talia Rubino Jonathan Torres I Elizabeth Bree Samolsky David Tosto Robert John Sanfilippo, Jr. Tara Venkatadri Mariah Santos Michael Vera Naomi Santos Zachary Wachs Manal Sayyed Kelsey Walsh Danielle Scaperrotta Ryan Weiner Melissa Schoenberger Gregory Brandon Weiss Shoshana Schwartz Matthew Williams Quinten Hilario Seskin Jacob Wise Christian Severo Mia Wolosky Prasanna Shah Christopher Wong Habib Shahbain Isaac Ourin Wynn Yousef Shahbain Yilinn Yang Ronin Sharma Margaret Zhong Benjamin R. Sherman Emily Shteynberg



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Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation


Lillian Dunn and Sophia Gold look at past and present photos of the graduates.

Ardsley High School

AWARDS & HONORS Valedictorian & Salutatorian Awards

Tara Venkatadri, Jared Cole Jostens Medals

Joshua Cohen, Alexandra Thomas Shirley Madonick Memorial

Jake Mastrangelo Panther Association Harris Halperin Memorial Scholarship

Joshua Nobel Edwin and Thelma Zimmer Memorial

Manleen Kohli, Arman Luczkow, Jonathan Montague, Tara Venkatadri Claudette Monaco Memorial

Michelle Macri Roderick Baird Memorial Scholarship

Prasanna Shah Lorraine Lombardi Drake Memorial

Claire Blaufox Coaches Award

Daniel Hewitt, Kathryn Lantier Panther Scholar Athlete of the Year

Excellence in Mathematics

Tara Venkatadri Grace Hopper Award for Excellence in Computer Science

Kathryn Lantier Alan Turing Award for Excellence in Computer Science

Jared Cole Excellence in French Language

Noelle Goerlich Excellence in Spanish Language

Claire Blaufox, Alistair Gluck Excellence in Latin

Tara Venkatadri Excellence in Italian Language

Rachel Dames, Julianne Resk NYS Theatre Education Association Awards

Lukas Jarvi Senior Leadership Drama

Rachel Kaufman Flori C. Doyle Theatre Arts Award

Rachel Kaufman Senior Leadership Band

Henry Bedingfield, Yilinn Yang

Ariana Dos Santos, Ronin Sharma

Panther Association Award

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Kathryn Lantier, Glenmour Leonard–Osbourne, Julian McGarvey

Geoffrey Brann, Jared Cole

Panther Association Rob Wootten Scholarship

Ronin Sharma, Matthew Tang

Danielle Scaperrotta Panther Association Tom Lindgren Memorial

Daniel Hewitt Stephen O’Connell Panther Association Award

Jack McCarron Ardsley Little League

Geoffrey Brann, Alyssa Mangone

Woody Herman Jazz Band Senior Leadership Orchestra

2018 RiverArts Annual Art Award

Phoebe Montgomery Fred J. Maier (Rotary)

Christina Chu JFK Memorial Citizenship

Kenna Martin Excellence in Social Studies

Noelle Goerlich Excellence in History

Alistair Gluck Achievement in Social Studies

Leelu Ravi JFK Physical Education Achievement

Kathryn Lantier, Shahbain

Geoffrey Brann Excellence in English

Alistair Gluck Outstanding Achievement in English

Henry Bedingfield, Claire Blaufox, Jake Mastrangelo, Sofia Siciliani AAUW Outstanding Student Award

Noelle Goerlich AAUW Excellence in Writing Award

Leelu Ravi Ardsley Congress of Teachers

Senior Leadership Chorus

Kathryn Lantier, Isabelle Lawton, Gabrielle Staffiero, Benjamin Stempler, Ryan Weiner

Excellence in Art Outstanding Achievement in Art

Phoebe Montgomery

s n w o t r e Riv Class of 2018

Excellence in Academic Challenge

William Bedingfield, Jacob Wise

Gregory Dunn, Chelsea Ripoll

to t


Claire Blaufox, Samuel Cole, Kyumin Lee, Tara Venkatadri Rachel Kaufman

s n o i t a l u t a Congr he

Buddy Awards: Challenger Teams

Louis & Elaine Schwartz Memorial Scholarship


(914) 693-2350

www.orthocarept.net 1053 Saw Mill River Rd. Ardsley, NY 10502

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AHS CLASS OF 2018 COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY CHOICES Arizona State University Baldwin Wallace University Barnard College Boston University Bridgton Academy Bryant University California State Polytechnic University Case Western Reserve University Castleton University Champlain College City College of New York Clemson University Coastal Carolina University Colby College Colgate University Colorado College Cornell University Dartmouth College Dickinson College Duke University Elon University Falmouth University Farmingdale State College

Fashion Institute of Technology Florida Atlantic University Fordham University George Washington University Gettysburg College Goucher College Harvard University Hellenic College High Point University Hofstra University Humboldt State University Hunter College lona College Ithaca College John Jay College of Criminal Justice Lafayette College Lynn University Manhattan College Marist College Marymount Manhattan College Massachusetts Institute of Technology McGill University Mercy College

Middlebury College Monmouth University Mount Holyoke College New York University Northeastern University Northwestern University Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences Ohio State University Olin College of Engineering Pace University Paris College of Art Pennsylvania State University Plymouth State University Providence College Purdue University Quinnipiac University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rochester Institute of Technology Roger Williams University Rutgers University Sacred Heart University St. John’s University

Saint Michael’s College Salve Regina University Santa Fe College Sarah Lawrence College Siena College Smith College Springfield College Stanford University SUNY Albany SUNY Binghamton SUNY Buffalo SUNY Cobleskill SUNY Delhi SUNY Fredonia SUNY Geneseo SUNY New Paltz SUNY Oneonta SUNY Potsdam SUNY Purchase SUNY Stony Brook SUNY College of Technology at Canton Tufts University

Tulane University Union College (New York) University of British Columbia University of California, Los Angeles University of Central Florida University of Delaware University of Hartford University of Kentucky University of Maine University of Maryland, College Park University of Miami University of Michigan University of Pittsburgh University of Southern California University of Vermont University of Wisconsin, Madison Vanderbilt University Washington University in St. Louis Westchester Community College Western Connecticut State University Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The graduates toss their mortarboards.



The seniors walk onto the football field.


AHS Class of ’59 Spirit Award

Elizabeth Samolsky Class of ’75 Memorial Scholarship

Lisa Nagahama Rensselaer Medal

Ronin Sharma Bausch & Lomb

Simrat Kohli

Distinction in Science

Jonathan Montague Devi Nampiaparampil Award

Talia Rubino Ardsley School Staff

Michael Arbore, Anastasiya Bigun, Gabriel Golombek, Saya Patel, Benjamin Sherman, Sofia Siciliani New York Blood Center Scholarship Award

Kathryn Lantier, Gabrielle Staffiero

verge of her retirement, gave the last speech of her Ardsley career. Allan congratulated the graduates on a job well done, and expressed her admiration for how much the seniors did for junior Harris Halperin before he passed away from lymphoma in March. She also commended them for leading the Ardsley March for Our Lives on March 24, demanding gun control legislation. “Keep your voices loud — adults need to listen to you.” Allan talked about the importance of being “kind, honest, brave, and faithful,” calling those qualities Student Council Leadership Award

Raymond Fodiman, Elizabeth Samolsky Rivertowns Lions Club Past Presidents’ Award for Best Community Service

Giana Bartko Zhong,

Memorial Award (Volunteer Ambulance)

Rachel Best

Reina Greenwald Memorial Award (Volunteer Ambulance)

James Hughes PTA Teaching

Meredith Casey PTA Recognition

Ardsley Education Foundation

Zafir Joyo, Margaret Marie Stimpfl

“eulogy virtues.” She emphasized the ability to serve, respect, and collaborate with others, and told the students, “Stop taking all those selfies and observe the world around you!” She wished two things for the graduates: “Wings to fly and take risks, and roots that hold you and ground you… I wish you the wings of a giant eagle… and the roots of a great oak.” Board of Education president Matthew Bonney also stressed caring and kindness, telling the students, “Take what you’ve learned here and show the world what Ardsley is. Panthers never quit!” Ardsley High School principal Rudy Arietta first lauded the fac-

Alistair Gluck, Ronin Sharma, Jainil Sutaria PTA Tenacity

Swetha Sriramoju PTA Renaissance Student

Raymond Fodiman

ulty of all three Ardsley schools, then awarded an honorary degree to “two-time Ardsley High School graduate” Lauren Allan, who attended all three. The theme of his remarks could be taken to heart by all the parents in the audience as well as their offspring: not postponing. He reminded everyone about classic unfulfilled vows to start a diet, go to the gym, or achieve a goal, starting on New Year’s Day, or on the weekend, or next semester, or next year. “Use every day as an opportunity to do something that would move you closer to your goals,” Arietta urged. “You don’t have to wait for an opportunity to create an extraordinary life.” PTA Ardsley Cares Samuel Cole, Manal Sayyed PTA Elaine Taweel Memorial Kyle Lonergan PTA Memorial Emily Shteynberg National Merit Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Scholarship Benjamin Sherman National Merit Scholarship Winner Jared Cole, Joshua Park



JUNE 29, 2018 — PAGE 7A



Scott Larson, Luka Opacic and Elisha Shermet

Final farewell urges grads to build sandcastles of their own By Jackie Lupo


he weather on June 16 was picture-perfect as the 114 members of the Dobbs Ferry High School Class of 2018 converged at Waterfront Park for their last hurrah. There was pomp and circumstance aplenty as family and friends of the graduates sat among clusters of blue and white balloons. A bagpiper and color guard led the faculty and students along the walkway as breezes from the Hudson ruffled the graduates’ blue and white academic gowns. This year’s graduating class was the 117th in the history of the school. Graduates plan to attend a total of 76 colleges and universities. The class included 23 National Honor Society members and 22 recipients of International Baccalaureate Program (IB) diplomas. Lindsay Honigman and Shelby Luria harmonized for the National Anthem. The High School Octet, including several graduating seniors, set a sentimental mood with their renditions of “Break Away” and “I’ll Always Remember You.” Jean Lucasey, president of the Dobbs Ferry Board of Education, addressed her remarks to the parents in the audience, bringing them back to the Fall of 2005 when they first left their children at the door of their kindergarten classroom, and then, in what seemed to be just a few blinks in time, they found themselves chauffeuring them to visit college campuses. “So here you are. It’s your day. It’s a milestone you’ll share with


Seniors pose on the fishing pier.

your children forever.” John Falino, the principal of the high school, told the students, “We are all part of a legacy of excellence which will continue long after all of us are gone.” He noted that the grandfather of graduating senior Sal Giuliano was part of the 1938 graduating class of DFHS, the first to attend the school’s current building for all four years. Falino predicted that many of the students would find themselves on a path to success “that’s completely different from what you have in your mind right now. Ev-

erything happens at its own pace, and so do you. Don’t let anyone rush you with their timelines. Graduation is a beginning. You are just starting to forge a path for yourself.” Senior class advisor Connor Cohn noted that “things aren’t always perfect, whether in relationships or jobs, but the goal is to create a more perfect union in your life. Never take friends for granted. If you are fortunate enough to find love, never let a day go by without letting that person know you care. And try to create a more perfect union for all people in the world.” His final

advice: “Don’t look in the rear-view mirror. You’re not going that way.” Salutatorian Crystal Gao, a graduate of the IB diploma program and the recipient of numerous academic awards, is planning to attend New York University to study premed subjects and bioengineering. Gao said that the year 2018 contained the number 18, which was supposed to be a good omen, as it is associated with success and prosperity. “Some of us had been together since Springhurst,” she noted. “We had teachers who worked tirelessly to support our academic endeavors.” Gao shared many anecdotes that drew laughs from her classmates, including some memorable experiences in biology lab. “We suffered, but a least we suffered together,” she said. Lisa Brady, the superintendent of schools for the past seven years, noted that this was her 25th consecutive year speaking at a high school graduation “and I have yet to recycle one speech.” Her address this year included a reading about the search for wisdom, and concluded with a benediction: “I wish you a lifetime of blessings.” This year’s valedictorian was Rebecca Cadenhead, an IB diploma graduate, National Merit Scholarship winner and Regeneron Science Talent Search semi-finalist, among many other honors. Cadenhead plans to take a gap year before entering Harvard University, where she plans to study human evolutionary biology. CONTINUED ON PAGE 10A


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Dobbs Ferry High School

CLASS OF 2018 Samuel Almaras Nicola Amendola Eliza Annunziato John Archer Jenna Assumma Rebecca Balsan Jason Balsan Noah Barnett Jake Biale Sammy Biberaj Summer Bock Amari Brailsford Michelle Broa SooYun Byeon Rebecca Cadenhead Hayden Carlton Meagan Carota Ashley Casamo Abigail Castro Robert Cheetham Arman Cherian-Ashe Tyana Colon Luca D’Alessi Domonique DeAbreau Laura Denobrega Erik DiMaggio Amanda Distefano Samantha Doran Anastasia Eliopoulos Aileen Espino Briana Espinoza Alex Falter Katelyn Fanning Amelia Ferris Andrew Fessler Ryan Fessler Sara FitzPatrick Ryan Flynn Jacob Frank-Brown

Crystal Gao Charly Garcia Salvatore Giuliano Ariana Gomez Alison Gormley Jai Guruprasad Cameron Hasbrouck Lincoln Herrera Brandsberg Darius Hincapie Lindsay Honigman Ursula Hudak Ethan Irving-Trader Jalen Jeudy Sarah Jones Nefissa Kemech Tyler Kersten Dylan Kilpatrick Brandon Kim Colm Kirby Katherine Knezevic Chris Larson Scott Larson Jeremy Lavietes Juliette Loyd Shelby Luria Jordan Lyerly Seth Lyons Marly Maddox Nicole Malinov Nisha Mathur Gabriella Matteis Megan McDade Devan McGilian Kiersten McGovern Alex Mero Tiko Mkheidze Scott Newman Luka Opacic Sacha Orlowski

Ken Otomo Paul Pagliaroli Obed Palacios Alisha Pandya Juan Patino Emily Plotkin Emmanuel Polakoski Aylyn Miranda Portillo Sandi Morales Portillo Sean Prendi Kevin Ramos Alexia Ramos Charlene Reith Isaiah Rerrie Caitlyn Ritch Anthony Romano Armani Saccente Jemal Sadvakassov Radion Sarbinov Alex Sawamura Sydney Schriever Mucyo Sheriff Elisha Shermet Raffael Singleton Francesca Smith Shira Sterling Sarah Sukhdeo Danai Syzdykova Tiffany Thompson Nicolette Tobacco Kyla Totoro Adrian Velonis Regina Venditto Nuala Vizard Xavier Wetterhahn Rachel Wuhrman


Ariana Gomez returns to her seat after receiving her diploma.

Dobbs Ferry High School

AWARDS & HONORS Valedictorian Rebecca Cadenhead Salutatorian Crystal Gao DFHS Scholastic Honor Medals for the Top Ten Students SooYun Byeon, Rebecca Cadenhead, Crystal Gao, Alison Gormley, Jeremy Lavietes, Nisha Mathur, Devan McGillian, Scott Newman, Emily Plotkin, Jemal Sadvakassov Judy Blackwell Konowitch Personal Achievement Award Arman Cherian-Ashe, Briana Espinoza, Seth Lyons, Paul Pagliaroli Dobbs Ferry Schools Foundation IB Scholar Recipient Rebecca Cadenhead Dobbs Ferry Schools Foundation IB Certificate for Personal Achievement & Effort Award Jemal Sadvakassov SPRING Community Partners Award In Our Backyard Outstanding Service Award Charly Garcia SPRINGboard Award Nicola Amendola, Brianna Espinoza, Lindsay Honigman, Nefissa Kemech

Dobbs Ferry PTSA Community Service Award Kiersten McGovern

River Towns Arts Council Senior Arts Award Jenna Assuma, Marly Maddox

PTSA Good Citizen Scholarship Awards Samantha Doran, Alison Gormley, Jordan Lyerly, Obed Palacios

Vitale & James Ricciardi Memorial Scholarship Award Briana Espinoza, Summer Bock, Nicolette Tobacco, Tiko Mkheidze, Scott Newman

Neil Reich Memorial Scholarship Aileen Espino, Briana Espinoza Josephine Anderson Memorial Award Rebecca Balsan

Joan Epstein Memorial Award in Theatre Arts Lindsay Honigman PTSA Zatkovich Incentive Award Salvatore Giuliano

Fred J. Maier Memorial Scholarship Isaiah Rerrie

Class of 1964 Award Nicolette Tobacco

American Legion Post No. 1048 Excellence in American History Award Jeremy Lavietes

Lions Club – Lions Past President Award Aileen Espino

Ilissa Schoenberg Memorial Scholarship Award Andrew Fessler, Kiersten McGovern Bradley & Katherine C. Bolke Humor Award Jason Balsan Rachel Posner Memorial Scholarship Award Emily Plotkin

Hudson Valley New York Blood Center Scholarship Shelby Luria, Devan McGillian Triple “C” Award Seth Lyons

The State Education Department Scholarship Recipients For Academic Excellence Crystal Gao, Alison Gormley, Nisha Mathur, Ken Otomo National Merit Scholarship Competition Winner: Rebecca Cadenhead Commended: SooYun Byeon, Crystal Gao, Scott Newman, Sean Prendi Dobbs Ferry Youth Service Council Award Kiersten McGovern Chief Edward J. Doyle Memorial Scholarship Katelyn Fanning Lieutenant Raymond Malara Memorial Scholarship Nicolette Tobacco Melissa Malara Memorial Scholarship Aileen Espino

Congressional Certificate of Merit Sean Prendi

Embassy Club Robert A. Collins Memorial Award Alex Falter, Kiersten McGovern

New York State Comptroller SooYun Byeon

DFUT Robert Wood Memorial Award Nuala Vizard

Dobbs Ferry United Teachers’ George Blaha Memorial Award Excellence in Music Tiko Mkheidze DFUT Luke Colasuonno Memorial Scholarship Briana Espinoza DFUT Scholarship Award Aileen Espino Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee Public Policy Award SooYun Byeon The LAX Goal Club Andrew Fessler, Kiersten McGovern 3 Point Club Katelyn Fanning The Diamond Club John Archer, Katelyn Fanning Dobbs Ferry Touchdown Club Awards Caitlyn Ritch, Shelby Luria The Sarah Carnahan Quintero Memorial Soccer Scholarship Jake Biale, Amanda Distefano, Andrew Fessler, Megan McDade Dobbs Ferry Youth Little League John Archer, Jalen Jeudy CONTINUED ON PAGE 9A




Dobbs Ferry Award For Most Improved in English Mucyo Sheriff


Antoinette L. Tisi Memorial Award Shelby Luria

Dobbs Ferry Award For Most Improved in Science Erik DiMaggio

Ward K. Jones Memorial Award John Archer, Amanda Distefano

Dobbs Ferry Award For Most Improved in Social Studies Cameron Hasbrouck

John Yozzo Memorial Scholarship Ryan Fessler, Nicolette Tobacco Dobbs Ferry High School Scholar Athlete Award Arman Cherian-Ashe, Nicole Malinov

Dobbs Ferry Award For Most Improved in World Language Erik DiMaggio

Dobbs Ferry High School Distinguished Athlete Award Andrew Fessler, Kirsten McGovern

Dobbs Ferry Award For Most Improved in Mathematics Lindsay Honigman

Dobbs Ferry High School Outstanding Male and Female Athletes Katelyn Fanning, Jordan Lyerly

Dobbs Ferry Award For Most Improved in Fine Arts Ken Otomo

Dobbs Ferry High School Award in Physical Education Dylan Kilpatrick, Shira Sterling AAUW-Westchester Branch Outstanding Student Award SooYun Byeon AAUW-Westchester Branch Excellence in Writing Rebecca Cadenhead Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Excellence in English Rebecca Cadenhead, Crystal Gao, Scott Newman

JUNE 29, 2018 — PAGE 9A


Eight-year-old Aiden Sadvakas asks his brother, Jemal, to pose for family photos.

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Excellence in World Language Rebecca Cadenhead, Briana Espinoza, Alison Gormley

Marly Maddox, Emily Plotkin

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Excellence in Mathematics SooYun Byeon, Rebecca Cadenhead, Crystal Gao

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Outstanding Achievement in Science Domonique DeAbreu, Briana Espinoza

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Excellence in Science Crystal Gao, Jeremy Lavietes, Ken Otomo

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Excellence in Fine Arts Performing Arts Brandon Kim, Adrian Velonis, Nuala Vizard

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Excellence in Social Studies Rebecca Cadenhead, Crystal Gao

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Excellence in Art SooYun Byeon, Ursula Hudak,

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Outstanding Achievement in English Amanda Distefano, Briana Espinoza

Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies Alison Gormley, Devan McGillian Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Outstanding Achievement  in World Language Amanda Distefano, Crystal Gao,

Nicolette Tobacco Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Salvatore Giuliano, Kevin Ramos Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Outstanding Achievement  in Fine Arts Rebecca Cadenhead, Sara FitzPatrick, Crystal Gao Dobbs Ferry High School Award For Outstanding Achievement in Art Anastasia Eliopoulos, Ursula Hudak

President’s Award for Academic Excellence Nicola Amendola, SooYun Byeon, Rebecca Cadenhead, Anastasia Eliopoulos, Andrew Fessler, Jacob Frank-Brown, Crystal Gao, Alison Gormley, Ursula Hudak, Jalen Jeudy, Brandon Kim, Jeremy Lavietes, Nisha Mathur, Devan McGillian, Tiko Mkheidze, Scott Newman, Luka Opacic, Ken Otomo, Alisha Pandya, Emily Plotkin, Sean Prendi, Jemal Sadvakassov, Danai Syzdykova, Nuala Vizard President’s American Citizenship Award Arman Cherian-Ashe, Amanda Distefano, Salvatore Giuliano, Lindsay Honigman, Seth Lyons

Dobbs Ferry School District

“Inside Edition” on Education

Independent Thinkers Change Worlds

Congratulations to the Dobbs Ferry High School Class of 2018! Best of Luck, The Dobbs Ferry School District

Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead. - Nora Ephron S TAY


Facebook: www.facebook.com/dobbsferryschooldistrict

• Website: www.dfsd.org

TV Stations: Cablevision • Channel 75 / Verizon • Channel 47


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DFHS CLASS OF 2018 COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY CHOICES American International College Amherst College Babson College Bergen Community College Borough of Manhattan Community College Boston University Carnegie Mellon University Clark University Colgate University College of Mount Saint Vincent College of Saint Rose Concordia College, New York Concordia University, Montreal Drexel University Endicott College

Fordham University George Washington University Georgetown University Goucher College Harvard University Haverford College High Point University Ithaca College James Madison University Jefferson University Johnson & Wales University Lehigh University Liberty University Manhattan College Manhattanville College Mercy College

Muhlenberg College New York City College of Technology New York University Norwich University Oberlin College Pace University Parsons School of Design Pennsylvania State University Queen Mary University of London Queen’s University, Kingston Quinnipiac University Rice University Rochester Institute of Technology Roger Williams University St. Thomas Aquinas College

Savannah College of Art and Design Skidmore College SUNY Alfred State College SUNY Binghamton SUNY Buffalo State SUNY Buffalo University SUNY Cortland SUNY Fredonia SUNY Geneseo SUNY Maritime SUNY New Paltz SUNY Oneonta SUNY Polytechnic Institute SUNY Purchase SUNY Stony Brook

Temple University University of California, Berkeley University of Connecticut University of Delaware University of Denver University of Maryland University of Miami University of Northern Colorado University of Pennsylvania University of Virginia University of Wisconsin Vassar College Westchester Community College Western Connecticut State University Worcester Polytechnic Institute


are. The world is far more wonderful, beautiful and terrifying than any of us yet know.” Doug Berry, the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and former principal of Springhurst Elementary School, has given the “Final Farewell” address to graduates for several years. Berry, a natural storyteller, talked about “sandcastles”. He told the students about a summer vacation at a seaside resort, where he would watch another vacationing family’s kids carefully build sandcastles.

“They would retire for the day, and each evening the tide would rush in and the sand castle would need to be built again,” he recalled. “They would come back every day doing it even better, optimistic about building the future while drawing on the experiences of the past.” He asked the graduates to think of life from the perspective of building sandcastles. “What might you do differently? What have you learned along the way? The answers won’t necessarily come overnight... I look forward to seeing what you build.”



Sacha Orlowski decides what to order from Mister Softee.

Despite those lofty ambitions, Cadenhead admitted she was “still really just a kid,” but that she enjoyed exploring the unknown. “I’ve traveled a lot around the world, and my favorite thing is to get comfortably lost when I go to a new place, with no destination in mind. I think we all have a compass inside us giving us direction. We might not be able to recognize it because of the terror of not knowing where we

The Dobbs Ferry PTSA congratulates the class of 2018 and wishes you all the best for a bright and soaring future! Samuel Almaras Nicola Eugenio Amendola Eliza Constance Annunziato John Anthony Archer Jenna Assumma Rebecca Balsan Jason Lawrence Balsan Noah S. Barnett Jake Samuel Biale Sammy Biberaj Summer Brienne Bock Amari Brailsford Michelle Broa SooYun Samantha Byeon Rebecca E.J. Cadenhead Hayden Briand Carlton Meagan Rose Carota Ashley Nicole Casamo Abigail Castro Robert Cheetham Arman A. Cherian-Ashe Tyana Colón Luca D’Alessi Domonique Adrianna DeAbreu

Laura DeNobrega Erik DiMaggio Amanda Distefano Samantha Jane Doran Anastasia Eliopoulos Aileen A. Espino Briana Azucena Espinoza Alex Falter Katelyn Jeanne Fanning Amelia Josephine Ferris Andrew Fessler Ryan C. Fessler Sara J. FitzPatrick Ryan J. Flynn Jacob Aaron Frank-Brown Crystal X. Gao Charly Garcia Salvatore James Giuliano Ariana C. Gomez Alison Noel Gormley Jai Guruprasad Cameron Clay Hasbrouck Lincoln Favio Herrera Brandsberg Darius Leandro Hincapie

Lindsay Faith Honigman Ursula Ilona Hudak Ethan Irving-Trader Jalen Jeudy Sarah Isabella Rose Jones Nefissa Kemech Tyler Kersten Dylan J. Kilpatrick Brandon K. Kim Colm Kirby Katherine Grace Knezevic Chris Maxwell Larson Scott Patrick Larson Jeremy Arthur Lavietes Juliette L. Loyd Shelby Tait Luria Jordan Lyerly Seth D. Lyons Marly Azay Maddox Nicole Malinov Nisha Chandra Mathur Gabriella Marie Matteis Megan McDade Devan Brooke McGillian

Kiersten Marie McGovern Alex Mero Aylyn Rosmery Miranda Portillo Tiko Mkheidze Sandi Marializ Morales Portillo Scott F. Newman Luka Opacic Sacha Xavier Orlowski Ken Otomo Paul Lorenzo Pagliaroli Obed J. Palacios Alisha Pandya Juan Francisco Patiño Emily Olsson Plotkin Emmanuel Polakoski Sean N. Prendi Kevin A. Ramos Alexia Ramos Charlene Reith Isaiah Jon Rerrie Caitlyn Nicole Ritch Anthony L. Romano Armani Saccente Jemal Sadvakassov

Radion Sarbinov Alex Sawamura Sydney Hannah Schriever Mucyo Sheriff Elisha Davila Shermet Raffael J. Singleton Francesca Anna Smith Shira Sterling Sarah R. Sukhdeo Danai Syzdykova Tiffany Chanté Thompson Nicolette Ashley Tobacco Kyla Marie Totoro Adrian Velonis Regina Venditto Nuala Vizard Xavier Wetterhahn Rachel Wuhrman



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Seniors put on their mortarboards in front of a mirror at the school.

Graduates told to dream, learn and laugh, and not be dull By Patricia Robert


he first chords of “Pomp and Circumstance,” as played by the Hastings High School Band and Orchestra, could be heard precisely at 6 p.m. on June 21. Then, with family and friends standing in anticipation, the 122 green-gowned members of the Class of 2018 began the long procession across the lush grass of the Burke Estate’s Thomas J. Fazio Field and up the center aisle to their cordoned-off seats. All remained standing as the High School Chorus sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” Louis A. Adipietro, the high school principal, extended greetings and appreciation to all assembled, including members of board of education, the district administration, the high school administration, department chairpersons and administrators and faculty from Hillsdale Elementary School, which many of the graduates attended. Adipietro recalled that he and the graduates had started on this journey together as he was hired as the assistant principal of the high school in 2005, the year they started kindergarten. He noted that there were some graduates who had “one toe out the door, and there are others who want to stay. It is bittersweet as we say goodbye. But it’s time to go.” “Your achievements, inside and outside the classroom, have impressed and amazed me. You have made me laugh. You are a special group. And the time you have spent here should include the best memories of your life,” he said. “I urge you to be fair, strive for excellence, manage your time well, show respect.” Adipietro also urged the graduates to dream


The graduates toss their mortarboards.

big, to continue to learn, to be curious and open to others, to read, and to learn something new every day. “Be resilient. Find your passion. Have a liveliness of spirit. Laugh every day,” he said. “And do not be dull.” Marian Porges, who graduated from the high school in 1978, followed as the commencement speaker. She is currently the vice president of standards and practices for the NBC News Group after spending years as a producer covering world events with NBC and ABC. Porges addressed the graduates by saying

that she would be “interactive” with them, as “everything in your life is interactive these days. So, show me your hands in you are excited. Now show me your hands if you are nervous.” Porges, who moved to Hastings from London with her family when she was about to enter eighth grade, told the graduates, “You already have a leg up as you grew up in Hastings and went to school here. Hastings is magical.” She urged them, “Not to ignore feelings, reach out to someone, not to believe everything you see on social media, to put the phone down, and not text the person who is only five

feet away from you. Write complete sentences or you will forget how. Read. Write when you can. Find causes. Be true to yourself. Be tolerant, humble, courageous, compassionate, and learn to laugh at yourself.” Porges concluded her remarks by telling the graduates, “The world owes you nothing. Learn from your failures and move on. Don’t pretend to know answers if you don’t. Now get out there and continue on your journey. The best is yet to come. But don’t forget the magic of Hastings.” Salutatorian Hannah Scotch described her view of the world as having two types of people: those who see life as a ladder — always climbing toward goals and accomplishments — and those who choose to focus on the journey through a series of experiences. “I think it is best to live as a member of both, to find a balance. And the important thing is to have a good story to tell,” she said to her classmates. Valedictorian Samara Scharf admitted to being excited and nervous. She chose to be nostalgic in her address, ruminating on what had come before, the everyday “in between moments.” “Each of us has talent, strengths, idiosyncrasies,” she said. “The diploma represents all the gritty work of the last four years. But we have seen the cumulative effect of the little ripples we make. These are strange times we live in. But change can come from these little ripples.” As if in sync with Scarf’s feeling of nostalgia, the High School Chorus performed “I’ll Be Seeing You.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 14A


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Hastings High School

CLASS OF 2018 Melany Aguilar Jacob Amaral Colson Armacost Grace Aronoff Brandon Beazer Adam Benarafa Julia Berman Reanne Bernstein Willem Bos Alexandre Bourgeois Emma Bowers Alexa Brink Kimberly-Grace Burgering-Jacobs Dara Burke Alexandra Campson John Cantatore Justin Caraballo Frank Carozza Iyra Chandra Clara Charles Ian Charles Andrew Cheng Aleksandra Chomiak Joshua Colon Ryland Cullen Olivia D’Addio Luc Diep Cashen Diniz Hannah Dorn Tatiana Dorn Brian Dosin Michael Doyle Edwin Driver Ryan Dyke Stefanos Fell Patricia Fernandez

Caroline Fogarty Maya Foxman Devin Frawley Charles Freireich Franco Fugel Samantha Gabay Joel Gardner Jennie Gorn Mackenzie Graham Sean Grossman Zoe Grossman Olivia Gunther Thomas Gunther Parker Haddock Dylan Hamburger Lilia Hamdy Clara Hatch Nina Heifets Daniel Higgins Jonah Hoffman Alexander Honor Skylar Iosepovici Orin Jason Emily Jimenez Isabelle Johnson Liam Kaufman Mary Kate Kenehan-McCaffrey Sean Kessner Nathaniel Kushner Owen Labate Noe Lebanidze Allison Lemischak Madeleine Lesser Rebecca Litsky Simisola Macaulay Hayden Markley

Brenden Merolle Piersol Mininger Ryan Mon Robert Mrijaj Jesse Neiman Emily Odesser Emma Oren Melissa Osborn Dylan Pacheco Christian Pena Katelin Penner Joseph Phillips Noah Prisament Samuel Rabinowitz Danielle Raynes-Goldfinger Esmé Read Mary Reilly Junito Rivera Talia Romano Ulani Salazar Phoebe Sander Lily Saposnick Paul Saunderson Tula Schapiro Samara Scharf Hannah Scotch Jessica Serbee John Seredinsky Danielle Sherman Matthew Shin Django Sibilia Gabriella Siegel Emma Simon Nathaniel Smith Jonathan Solomon Lewis Sprague

Congratulations to our Jake Pena and to all the 2018 Graduates!


544 Warburton Avenue . Hastings-on-Hudson



Valedictorian Samara Scharf and Kimberly-Grace Burgering-Jacobs sing with the chorus.

Catherine Standiford Madison Suddaby Aahd Tahar Sun Mee Tamashiro Chiara Tarricone Zachary Tashoff Sebastian Teper

Chantz Vavra Faith Wershba Sarah Westrich Paige Wilkie Jonathan Zadrima Carolina Zarama Bianca Zordan


Congratulates all of the Rivertowns Graduates Class of 2018!

534 Warburton Avenue, Hastings




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Hastings High School

AWARDS & HONORS Valedictorian

Hastings Southside Club Memorial Scholarship

Samara Scharf

Brian Dosin, Allison Lemischak


Hastings Mothers Club Scholarship

Hannah Scotch

Paul Saunderson, John Seredinsky

Hastings PBA Scholarship

Frank Carozza, Brian Dosin, Thomas Gunther

Sun Mee Tamashiro

Olivia Gunther, Thomas Gunther, Daniel Higgins, Melissa Osborn, Danielle Sherman Fred J. Maier Rivertowns Rotary Scholarship

SEPTA Future Leadership Scholarship

Hannah Dorn

Alumni Association Scholarship for Excellence

Vinod Dabral Memorial Award


Russell Gabay Memorial Scholarship

Skylar Iosepovici Richard M. Thomas Family Music Scholarship

Clara Charles

Frank Carozza, Mary Kate KenehanMcCaffrey Admiral Farragut Post 1195 American Legion and VFW Post 200 Scholarship

Frank Carozza, Allison Lemischak, Melissa Osborn, Lewis Sprague Stuart Cohen Memorial Scholarship

Alexa Brink, Samantha Gabay Ronald Wilson Lindemann Athletic Scholarship

Alexandre Bourgeois, Allison Lemischak Gulish Famiy Art Scholarship

Maya Foxman Michael and Eric Kantor STEM Scholarship

Noah Prisament Julius R. Chemka Community Scholarship

SEPTA Future Educator Scholarship

Thomas Gunther

Noah Prisament Bourgeois,

Samara Scharf Hastings Youth Council “Bill Finkeldey” Scholarship

Hastings Fire Department Walter DeSouza – Robert J. Schnibbe Scholarship

Alexandre Iosepovici

Dan Kerness Memorial Scholarship

James V. Harmon Community Scholarship

Charles O. Aschmann Memorial English Scholarship

Emma Simon Alumni Artists Scholarship

Ian Charles, Sarah Westrich Philip S. Klipp Scholarship

Rebecca Litsky Rita Zaratzian Tribute to HHS Music Teachers Scholarship

Thomas Gunther Bernard J. O”Brien Leadership Scholarship

Mary Kate Kenehan-McCaffrey Augie Andronica Memorial Scholarship

Lewis Sprague HHS Future Alumni Authors Scholarship

Esmé Read Raymond E. Smith Scholarship for Excellence in Social Studies

Colson Armacost PTSA – Scholarship of Academic Achievement and Service

Skylar Iosepovici, Noah Prisament

Charles Freireich

Alexa Brink, Thomas Gunther



Simisola Macaulay returns to her seat after receiving her diploma.



The The





Class of 2018


to the

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -

Eleanor Roosevelt



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HHS CLASS OF 2018 COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY CHOICES Barnard College Baruch College Boston University Bowdoin College Brandeis University Brown University Bryn Mawr College Carleton College Clark University Colby College Colorado College Culinary Institute of America Dartmouth College Drexel University Eckerd College Elon University

Grinnell College Hunter College Indiana University at Bloomington Iona College Ithaca College James Madison University Lehman College Lesley University Manhattan College McGill University Mercy College Middlebury College Mount St. Mary’s College Muhlenberg College New York Institute of Technology New York University

Northeastern University Northwestern University Oberlin College Rensselaer Polytechnic University Rhode Island College Rochester Institute of Technology St. John’s University Sarah Lawrence College Siena College SUNY Albany SUNY Binghamton SUNY Cortland SUNY Delhi SUNY Geneseo SUNY Maritime SUNY Morrisville

SUNY New Paltz SUNY Oneonta SUNY Plattsburgh SUNY Stonybrook Stanford University Syracuse University Temple University Tufts University University of California at Berkeley University of Chicago University of Edinburgh University of Maryland University of Michigan University of Pennsylvania University of Rhode Island University of Scranton

University of South Carolina University of the Arts University of Toronto University of Vermont University of Virginia University of Wisconsin Vassar College Virginia Tech Wesleyan University Westchester Community Western University, Canada Wheaton College Williams College Worcester Polytechnic University


In his remarks, schools superintendent Anthony Sinanis, who is resigning from the district after one year, singled out the high school faculty as being “totally focused on the kids” and for making the school “student-centric with a positive education environment.” In his own “interactive” moment, he asked the graduates to stand, and then turn around. Once turned, he asked them to give their families “a round of applause.” Sinanis, who was hired as the assistant superintendent for human resources and leadership development for the Chappaqua Central District, told the students to “Be kinder than necessary, be true to yourself, and always be your best self. Anything is possible in life. Find what you are good with and shine. You never have to do anything alone – we are here. Now get out there and make the world a better place.” Next, in her congratulatory remarks, Lisa Eggert Litvin, the president of the board of education, included such advice as, “The road is not going to be straight. But find what gives you joy. Try things you haven’t done before. Take risks. To be brave, you have to be a little scared, too. Failure is okay. Call your parents. Often. And vote in every single election.” Then it was time. Scotch, the senior class president, and Ryan Dyke, vice president, assisted Adipietro, Sinanis, and Litvin, in the presentation of the diplomas. Then, as the sun disappeared behind the trees, caps went into the air.


Justin Caraballo fiddles with his tassel.


PTSA – R. Willism Hildebrand Memorial Scholarship

Maya Foxman, Emily Odesser PTSA Scholarship for Service

Colson Armacost, Thomas Gunther RiverArts Award

Piersol Mininger Dawn Taylor Memorial Art Award

Simisola Macaulay Project SHARE — Thomas J. Fazio Scholarship for Social Activism and Community Service

Emily Odesser Hastings Farmers Market Scholarship

Bianca Zordan Hastings Teachers Association Scholarship

Aleksandra Chomiak, Olivia Gunther YEM Club Award

Alexander Honor Brian Foster Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Gunther Dr. Cy Gruberg Scholarship TIM LAMORTE/RIVERTOWNS ENTERPRISE

Sean Grossman returns to his seat after receiving his diploma.

Colson Armacost, Frank Carozza, Noah Prisament


Madison Suddaby and Catie Standiford stand in line to receive their diplomas.

Carter Preston Smith Memorial Award

Dylan Hamburger, Liam Kaufman Yellow Jacket Booster Club Scholarship

Caroline Fogarty, Lewis Spraque

Skylar Sonn Tancredi Memorial Award

Samantha Gabay, Orin Jason Coach John Costello Memorial Scholarship

Frank Carozza



JUNE 29, 2018 — PAGE 15A



Jung Won Park, Josh Blass and Nicole Chase look at class photos.

Graduation unleashes students toward promising futures By Patricia Robert


he commencement ceremony for Irvington High School’s 2018 graduating class was held in Matthiessen Park on a sparkling, clear June 16 — a day of blue skies, a touch of summer heat, and soft breezes from the Hudson River. It was most definitely a day to remember for the 147 graduates, their family and friends. As the graduates and school officials were seated on a platform with risers on the north end of the park, attendees had a perfect view of the Tappan Zee bridges, both the new and the old. The bridge was cited often by speakers throughout the ceremony as a symbol of what could be accomplished when people work together. Following a procession down the center aisle to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance,” performed by the IHS Orchestra, the graduates, wearing either white or green gowns in honor of the school colors, took their place on stage. The Class of 2018 could boast of 30 National Honor Society in good standing (NHS) members; 50 students with high honors; and 27 with honors. In his welcoming remarks, IHS Principal David Cohen spoke of the honor and excitement he felt at that moment. He thanked all who had helped to make the day so perfect: the PTSA reception committee, which had provided treats and bottles of water, as well as the PTSA members who give their support throughout the year; the Irvington Recreation Department, which had made the park a “mag-


The seniors walk the center aisle.

ical center with the bridge in the background”; the custodians in charge of the logistics; the Irvington Police Department; and especially Assistant Principal Matthew Samuelson. Cohen also expressed his appreciation and admiration for Nina Corporal-Dawson upon her retirement after 39 years as a Spanish language teacher. In addressing the graduates, Cohen said, “You are a remarkable and unique collection of young adults who have shown advocacy and empathy.” He went on to say that they “had raised the bar both in and out of the classroom.” Cohen said be believed the theme chosen for the 2018 yearbook — “Unleashed” — captured their “spirit, drive, passion, a willingness for lifting boundaries, and an insistence on striving for more.” He acknowledged the difficulties they had all faced this year, citing the school shootings, and applauded the way in which the class and school had dealt with these difficulties, including a “walkout,” by turning these challenges and adversities into opportunities for change. “‘Unleashed’ is a perfect theme for you,” Cohen told the graduates. “You are teenagers with influence. You can and will make a difference. Advocate for yourselves, your peers, the less fortunate. Hope for a better tomorrow. Our expectations are high, but your impact has already been monumental. And remember, IHS will always be here.” Schools Superintendent Kris Harrison CONTINUED ON PAGE 16A

PAGE 16A — JUNE 29, 2018




Madison Clivilles fans herself.

greeted the graduates and cited the many positive attributes that had brought his impression of them to life: their achievements in the classroom as well as extracurricular, and their civic activity. Using quotations from the work of numerous authors that continue to be relevant to our time, Harrison cited such paradoxes as: “We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; more knowledge but less judgment; more experts, and yet more problems; more medicine but less wellness; we’ve added years to life, but not life to years; we’ve split the atom, but not our prejudice.” “These are times when we need our young people to assume new leadership roles. Paint the picture of a brighter tomorrow,” Harrison said. “Rather than add to this narrative of contradiction, you can choose to build bridges that will make our future brighter.” In his remarks, school board president Michael Hanna complimented the graduates on their achievements, whether playing in the orchestra, acting on stage, doing well at science fairs or art shows. Then he cited a documentary he had recently seen and spoke about its subject: Mister Rogers. “He wasn’t flashy, but he was on to something,” Hanna said. “He was about being in the moment, and the importance of experiencing joy. Joy — this is a moment we should have, alone or with people. Don’t take it for granted. But you need courage, too. Knowing how to access joy can see you through the darkest hours.” Kelly Degnan, senior class president, likened her experience at IHS to one of her favorite things — food — and in particular, mashed potatoes. In giving the recipe, Degnan cited the pota-


toes as being the foundation of loved ones, the butter as the substance that holds everything together like the teamwork they had experienced at IHS, the milk as the fluid that allows for persistence and flexibility, and the cream cheese as the secret ingredient, “like the teachers who have your back,” and the salt and pepper as “the spice of life.” “Find your passion and go with it,” Degnan urged her fellow graduates. Cohen described the next speaker, salutatorian Kristin Lee, as having “a brilliant math mind”. After recalling numerous highlights of her time at IHS and thanking all who had helped her along the way, Lee cited graduation “as the boundary, the end of childhood, with the next steps being those we take as adults. All our past and our future are assimilated to this moment. It won’t be smooth sailing. But the challenges will allow us to discover the person we want to be. The future is now.” Valedictorian Rachel Sklar said that for many of her classmates, graduation marked the end of a journey that had started when they entered the green doors of Dows Lane Elementary. She spoke of the many places she and her classmates had travelled for Model U.N., for sports, science and chemistry labs. In particular, she spoke of her feelings when visiting the ruins of Pompeii and thinking about how suddenly life had ended for its residents. “I learned how important it is to take advantage of every moment, to prioritize, to take advantage of life and to work hard to accomplish our goals,” Sklar said. “But also to remember what truly makes us happy.” After asking everyone to join in singing the school Alma Mater, Cohen ended the ceremony by announcing, “New York State has given me the authority to proclaim you official graduates of 2018. You can now move your tassels to the other side of your caps. Let’s hear it for our graduates!”

RiverArts proudly announces the recipients of the






PIERSOL MININGER Hastings on Hudson



546 Warburton Ave Hastings-on-Hudson 478-1888 indigohastings@gmail.com


Dobbs Ferry

These graduating seniors have demonstrated a serious commitment and exceptional ability in the arts. We congratulate each of them and wish them success.

For more information about RiverArts riverarts.org | 914.412.5120

Frank Campo 914-478-4959

572 Warburton Ave. Hasting-on-Hudson frankcampo@allstate.com

Our best wishes to all graduates, class of 2018. © 2018 Allstate Insurance Co.





Irvington High School

CLASS OF 2018 Daniel Abarca Antonia Abramowitz Valeria Acosta Joel Andrade Alexander Arlotta Jamie Aronson Brandon Avelino Emma Baer Alajha Basket Durgavenkata Bhagavatula Jena Bishop Joshua Blass Pierson Brandon Tate Brandon Christopher Brandt Mary Brereton Jacob Brooks Reina Calabrese Madeleine Calick Lucas Carmosino Jaylin Carter Suzanne Castaneda Nicole Chase Tyrone Clarke Joseph Clewell Brian Clinton, Madison Clivilles Hayden Cohen Erica Corinaldi Thomas Corrigan Jillian Cusick Roman Danyluk Andrew Decrem Kelly Degnan Belinda Dolan Jacob Egloff

Kyle Flanagan David Flores Okna Freeman Christopher Friedlander Madelyn Gallagher Melanie Geller Amanda Goldberg Abigail Gonzalez Jayden Grant Jessica Greene Heather Hall Elizabeth Hargraves Caroline Harty Brianna Havraniak Emily Horowitz Benjamin Hunt Francis Iaconetti William Iaconetti Cristian Ishoo Julian John Tyler Jones Lily Johnson Deepthi Kailas Nicole Kandler Emily Kuo Jared Kurland Nicholas Lambiase Samuel Lapine Claire Lazarus Matthew Lazarus Alphonso LeBlanc Kristin Lee Mariana Maciel Jack MacKessy John Martin Jack Mascone

Zoe Maxwell Marlon McLean Timothy Meszaros Georgia Mountroukas Christina Nadasi Edwin O’Neill Susanna Odabashian William Ogilvie Hannah Oros Nestor Ortiz Malcolm Pakola Davis Paolucci Eleni Papapanou Jung Won Park William Pascal Haley Passov Eric Pastarnack Dina Pekelis Raymond Phoenix Maya Pickar Brianna Pierre Henry Plaut Alexandra Pollack Alex Powell Brian Puff Suzanne Quinn Jaime Rhodes Rebekah Rosman Sophia Rushton Andrew Sahawneh Ana Sandoval Jeffrey Schrader Elizabeth Segreti Zachary Shepps Matthew Sheridan Rachel Sklar

Claire Song Cameron Soravilla Emily Stack Hannah Stack Abigail Stein Timothy Szawlowski Mackenzie Tatananni Nora Tousey-Wyatt Olivia Valdes

JUNE 29, 2018 — PAGE 17A

Michelle Vargas Brandon Weinstein Jake Weintraub Luke Williams Arcadia Wisnik Benjamin Yeh Sarah Yurczak Stephanie Zandel Amanda Zeldes


Heather Hall flashes peace signs.



PAGE 18A — JUNE 29, 2018



Irvington High School

AWARDS & HONORS Valedictorian

Rachel Sklar Saludatorian

Kristin Lee JP Ludington Award

Elizabeth Segreti Senior Computer Programming Award

Kristin Lee National Choral Award

Alexander Arlotta The Natalie Luzzi Determination and Dedication Award

Josh Blass, Jaylin Carter, Kristin Lee John Phillip Sousa Marching Band Award

Jamie Aronson, Jacob Brooks, Rachel Sklar, Adam Zerman Beethoven Award JIM MACLEAN/RIVERTOWNS ENTERPRISE

William Iaconetti walks up to receive his diploma.

Christopher Brandt, Kyle Flanagan Leonard Bernstein Award

Samuel Lapine, Brandon Weinstein The Director’s Award for Musical Achievement

Jacob Brooks, Claire Song, Abigail Stein, Luke Williams, Adam Zerman Excellence in Physial Education Award

Jessica Green, Jeffrey Schrader James Power Award

Griffin Frankel, Haley Passov, Alexandra Pollack Science Achievement Award

Jessica Greene, Elizabeth Segreti, Claire Song Science Award

Academic and Personal Growth Award

Suzanne Casteneda, Roman Danyluk, David Flores, Lily Johnson Architecture Award

Tyrone Clarke Design Award

Frank Fazzino, Roman Danyluk Art Award

Jung Won Park, Abigail Stein, Arcadia Wisnik Photo Award

Samuel Lapine, Soravilla

Phil Friedman Award

Eleni Papapanou Senior English Award

Mackenzie Tatananni Special Recognition Awards

Alexander Arlotta, Melanie Geller Margot Weiss SUPA

Luke Carmosino Liberty Green Memorial Award (French)

Rachel Sklar Spanish 5 H Award

Mary Brereton, Jeffrey Schrader AP French

Joel Andrade, Samuel Lapine, Rachel Sklar French 5H Award

Elizabeth Hargraves, Ana Sandoval, Sarah Yurczak AP Spanish Award

Jamie Aronson, Lucas Carmosino, Eleni Papapanou, Mackenzie Tatanni Latin 4H Award

Jessica Greene

Kristin Lee, Rachel Sklar Social Studies Department Award

Emma Baer, Melanie Geller Economics Award


Georgia Mountroukas and Christina Nadasi

Claire Song, Hannah Monack Yearbook Award

Cameron Soravilla


Latin 4AP

Melanie Geller Latin Gold Medal Award

Rachel Sklar Latin Silver Medal Award

Jessica Greene,William Pascal, Alexandra Pollack Latin Magna Cum Laude Award

Melanie Geller, Eleni Papapanou

Latin Cum Laude Award

Lucas Carmosino, Elizabeth Segreti, Claire Song Counseling Award for Strength of Character

Emma Baer Special Recognition Counseling Award

Madison Clivilles James Maddaloni Scholarship

Rachel Sklar, Claire Song Andrew Huzinec Award

Jessica Greene, Havraniak


Don Robert Award

Kristin Lee Soravilla Award

Zoe Maxwell Frank McShane

Melanie Geller Paul Cocozza II Award

Jaylin Carter Richard Philips

Juliana Zukerman Kathleen Downey Scholarship

Jacob Egloff Jesse Ian Scholarship

Jacob Egloff Vladimir Cale Memorial Award

Heather Hall Tamawa Yoshida Award

Jacob Brooks Hajek Award

Durgavenkata Bhagavatula Frances Herms

Joshua Blass, Eleni Papapanou Chris Massa Memorial Award

Elizabeth Hargraves Westchester Community Foundation Scholarship

Alajah Basket, Belina Mae Dolan, Tyler Jones Riverarts Award

Jillian Cusick Billy Starr Memorial Award

Mary Brereton, Kelly Degnan CONTINUED ON PAGE 19A

IHS CLASS OF 2018 COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY CHOICES Albright College American University Boston College Boston University Boston University Brown University Colgate University Columbia University Cornell University Curry College Dominican College Dutchess Community College Elon University Fordham University Franklin Pierce University

George Mason University George Washington University Guilford College Hamilton College High Point University Indiana University at Bloomington Jacksonville University Lafayette College LIM College Manhattan College McGill University Merrimack College Michigan State University Molloy College New York University

Northeastern University Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences Pennsylvania State University Purdue University Queen’s University Quinnipiac University Roger Williams University Rutgers University St. John’s University Saint Louis University, Madrid Salve Regina University Sarah Lawrence College Savannah College of Art and Design SUNY Albany SUNY Adirondack

SUNY Binghamton SUNY Buffalo SUNY New Paltz SUNY College at Old Westbury SUNY College at Oneonta SUNY Plattsburgh SUNY Purchase Swarthmore College Syracuse University The New School Tufts University Tulane University University of Chicago University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Delaware University of Florida University of Maryland, College Park University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of Miami University of Michigan University of New Hampshire, Durham University of Rochester University of Texas, Austin University of Wisconsin, Madison Villanova University Washington University in St. Louis Wesleyan University Westchester Community College



JUNE 29, 2018 — PAGE 19A


Matthew Sheridan receives a high-five.


Irvington Education Foundation Recognition Award

Jeffrey Schrader, Jake Weintraub Irvington Faculty Association

Jamie Rhodes, Sarah Yurczak Retirees of the Irvington Faculty Association Scholarship Award

Durgavenkata Bhagavatula


Brianna Pierre receives a hug after receiving her diploma.

Irvington Education Foundation Innovation Fund Grant Recipient

Roman Danyluk

Lawrence Corio Scholarship Award

Heather Hall

Dr. Scott Mosenthal Scholarship Award

Cameron Soravilla

Paul Schrader Scholarship Award

Jeffrey Schrader

PTSA Scholarship Award

Valerie Acosta, Joshua Blass, Mary Brereton, Brianna Pierre, Andrew Sahawneh

Eileen Fisher Foundation PTSA Scholarship

Antonia Abramowitz Michele Buell Memorial PTSA Scholarship

Kelly Degnan

Air Force ROTC Scholarship Award

Benjamin Hunt

Rivertown Lions Club Past President’s Award

Mackenzie Tatananni

Award of Special Congressional Recognition

Anna Grace Nimmo

Congratulates the Class of 2018

260 Jay Street • Katonah, NY 10536 • 914.232.3161 • admissions@harveyschool.org • www.harveyschool.org A coeducational college preparatory school located in Katonah, NY enrolling students in grades 6–12 with boarding beginning in grade 9.

PAGE 20A — JUNE 29, 2018




Irvington's Susanna Odabashian and Jena Bishop snap a selfie.


Ardsley's Joshua Nobel receives his diploma.


Hastings' Melany Aguilar


Hastings' Chris Dosin walks up to receive his diploma.


Dobbs Ferry's Lindsay Honigman returns to her seat.


Hastings' Clara Charles and her classmates walk the center aisle.


Dobbs Ferry graduates toss their mortarboards.


Ardsley's Jamila Mai-Salhi walks up to receive her diploma.

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COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES Samantha Aibinder of Hastings received a bachelor’s degree in social studies from Wesleyan University on May 26. Natalie Araya of Hastings graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University on May 20 with a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Gavriele Berger of Hastings received a master’s degree in healthcare management from Boston University. Elizabeth Bernard of Hastings received a degree in English, with a concentration in creative writing and French studies, from Colby College on May 27. Bennett James Briante of Dobbs Ferry received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Dickinson College on May 20. Tyler Cicero of Irvington graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University on May 20 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Dylan Romanow Etzel

Joseph Potischman

Molly Robbins

Mitchell Gross of Ardsley received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston University.

Jikku Samuel of Dobbs Ferry received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Connecticut.

bachelor’s degree in society from Wesleyan University on May 26.

Marisa Cosslett of Hastings graduated from Bucknell University on May 20.

Molly Gross of Hastings received a bachelor’s degree in communication from Marist College on May 18.

Victoria Cruz-De Jesus of Ardsley received a bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies from Wesleyan University on May 26.

Ivy Hedberg of Hastings graduated summa cum laude from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Christopher Curran of Irvington received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Tufts University on May 20.

Brenna Hewitt of Ardsley received a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Lasell College on May 12.

Julia Dailey of Hastings graduated magna cum laude from Hamilton College on May 20 from with departmental honors in art history and French and francophone studies. She was elected to the Epsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Maya DeBellis of Dobbs Ferry received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Tufts University on May 20.

Nina Joung of Ardsley graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University on May 20 with a bachelor’s degree in American studies. William Kaye of Dobbs Ferry received a bachelor’s degree in religion from Colgate University on May 20. Caitlin Kelly of Dobbs Ferry received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Scranton on May 27.

Dylan Romanow Etzel received a master’s degree in international relations, American foreign policy from the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies on May 23.

Jesse Litvin of Hastings graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University on May 20 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

Edward Fattorini of Dobbs Ferry received a master’s degree in emergency management from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice on May 30.

Gregory Lyall of Hastings received a bachelor’s degree in information technology and systems from Marist College on May 18.

Naomi Feiguine of Irvington received a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from St. Lawrence University on May 20.

Chelsea Malota of Irvington received a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication from the University of Scranton on May 27.

Megan Gallagher of Irvington graduated magna cum laude from Colgate University on May 20 with a bachelor’s degree.

Michael Maugeri of Irvington received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Scranton on May 27.

Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo of Hastings received a bachelor’s degree in English, with honors, from Wesleyan University on May 26.

Phi Peinado of Dobbs Ferry graduated from Bucknell University on May 20.

Austin Glickstern of Irvington received a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Connecticut. Samuel Gottheim of Ardsley received a Ph.D. in chemistry and nanotechnology from Rice University. He now works at Applied Materials in Santa Clara, California. Isabel Grieder of Irvington received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Hamilton College on May 20. Mary Griffiths of Hastings received a master’s degree in history from the City College of New York.

William Schmidt of Irvington received a bachelor’s degree in history from Colby College on May 27. Julia Sipos of Irvington graduated summa cum laude from Hobart and William Smith Colleges on May 13 with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and Spanish and Hispanic studies. Emma Solomon of Hastings received a

Paige Carlton Squibb of Hastings received a bachelor’s degree in health information management from the University of Kansas on May 13. Quentin Street of Hastings graduated from Bucknell University on May 20. Joshua Winward of Hastings received a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology from Colgate University on May 20.

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Joseph Potischman of Ardsley received a master’s degree in communication, culture and technology from Georgetown University on May 18. Molly Robbins of Irvington graduated cum laude from Ithaca College on May 20 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in counseling. She completed the honors program, served as the director of communications for the senior class, and received the 2018 Campus Life Award. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in neuropsychology. Michael Ryan of Ardsley received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Connecticut.

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Congratulations! Class of 2018 and to our own special graduates: Joshua Nobel, Ardsley High School Sean MacLean, SUNY Geneseo

from your hometown newspaper

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#IONAPREPared for Success! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2018! An Iona Prep education is one of the best investments you can make for your son’s success.  Iona Prep’s Class of 2018 earned more than $29 million in merit scholarships, with an average award of $60,300  Seniors have been accepted to their top choice schools, including Boston College, Brown University, Bucknell University, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Northeastern University, University of Notre Dame, Rice University, Stanford University, the United States Military Academy at West Point, Yale University, and many others.

Christopher Bond

Jack Doty

Boston College

Brown University

Matthew Multari

John Steele

Sunggye “Michael� Kang

Christian Petrilli

Bucknell University

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Charlie Flanagan

Malkelm Morrison

Cornell University

Timothy Hagarty

Shivansh Goyal

New York University

Northeastern University

 78% of Iona Prep’s 2018 graduating seniors received 472 academic scholarships to the colleges of their choice.  To ensure college success, Iona Prep provides a two-tiered school counseling approach where students are assigned a college counselor in their junior and senior years, serving as an additional support to the student’s regular school counselor.

Notre Dame University

U.S. Military Academy (West Point)

Stephen Martinez-Hamilton

Gibran-Marc Mourani

Yale University

Vassar College

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