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MAY / JUNE 2019

RIVERTON NEWS MAYOR’S MESSAGE: OUR LAST BEST CHANCE TO PLAN FOR SOUTHWEST SALT LAKE COUNTY Tremendous growth and development prompts southwest communities to complete common visioning study. By Mayor Trent Staggs Attending Bingham High School in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I had the opportunity to meet many people and make many friendships from those that lived all over southwest Salt Lake County. The school border extended not just into Riverton and South Jordan, but also into Bluffdale, Herriman, and even into Lehi. The southwest valley’s communities were more distinct and separated at that time. Buffered by wide sweeping fields and farms, there seemed to be an enormous distance between cities. Not anymore. Those natural buffers have been whittled down or eliminated in some areas to the point where one city’s development is literally on the others doorstep. Our beautiful mountain ranges on the west and east of this county act as a bowl-like boundary; forcing any travel to the middle. Accordingly, planning decisions from one municipality have large impacts upon another, compounding the effect even more so the further west those decisions are made. The Olympia Hills development, as originally approved by the county council prior to being vetoed, would have allowed almost 9,000 housing units on 900 acres. That incredible density of some 30,000+ new residents

at our western border would have proliferated traffic congestion and strained other utility infrastructure. All of the documentation I read, including the traffic studies, showed it was going to be a serious issue without committing some enormous financial resources to expanding infrastructure. Financial commitments to expand infrastructure were not included in the development agreement. It was in this context that I supported a statement of opposition to the project, along with our council. I also worked with mayors from surrounding communities to issue a statement of opposition, emailed county council members, took to social media, and supported the efforts of so many incredible residents that mobilized and made a difference. As important as that opposition was, I believe it’s equally important to create a visioning document that can guide us as to more holistically plan for our region of the county. I’ve heard from so many of you about the struggles with traffic congestion, and have no doubt experienced it myself. My participation on various boards also alerts me to the fact that our utility infrastructure (water, sewer, etc.) is also under strain. With that understanding, I was joined by mayors in West Jordan, South Jordan, Herriman, Bluffdale and Copperton starting late last summer in a series of monthly meetings. In those meetings, discussions occurred that outlined our shared priorities and a vision for the future. These meetings continued on a weekly basis throughout the legislative session and helped

Riverton City Newsletter - May / June 2019

to change a large narrative that was shaping in the legislature that our communities needed to do more to build housing and higher densities. It also shined a spotlight on our woefully inadequate infrastructure issues, particularly transportation, culminating in an op-ed and feature story about this in the Salt Lake Tribune. The Southwest Mayors Coalition, as it has been called, made application and has now received $225 thousand in grant funds from Salt Lake County and Wasatch Front Regional Council to commission a southwest visioning study. Our communities are in the process of writing the scope of this study now and will be selecting consultants to help in that study by mid-May, with the hope of having a large component of the study finished by our next legislative session in January. The study is a project with the primary goal of reviewing land use plans of those six communities to understand the collective impact of all current or potential planning decisions. Ensuring that transportation, active transportation, transit, and open space needs are accurately determined, and effectively interconnected between our communities will enhance the quality of life for our residents. We will seek input from the county, given their land use authority for the unincorporated areas in the southwest

region to ensure we provide an accurate visioning document for the region. Once consultants are selected, the intent is to have all major stakeholders in our communities interviewed and engaged. This would include utility providers, school districts, major property owners, service districts, elected officials, and of course our residents. We hope to conclude this process with a visioning document that can act as a framework for major growth decisions and infrastructure needs. This is no doubt our last best chance to plan for southwest Salt Lake County. Let’s get it right.

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WE’RE A CITY ON THE MOVE By Councilwoman Tish Buroker

Riverton is a city on the move. There is much that is happening. Below are 10 significant activities that are currently occupying your elected officials.

MAYOR Trent Staggs tstaggs@rivertoncity.com (801) 208-3129

CITY COUNCIL Sheldon Stewart - District 1 sstewart@rivertoncity.com (801) 953-5672 Tricia Tingey - District 2 ttingey@rivertoncity.com (801) 809-1227 Tawnee McCay - District 3 tmccay@rivertoncity.com (801) 634-7692 Tish Buroker - District 4 tburoker@rivertoncity.com (801) 673-6103 Brent Johnson - District 5 bjohnson@rivertoncity.com (385) 434-9253

CITY MANAGER Konrad Hildebrandt khildebrandt@rivertoncity.com (801) 208-3125

CITY OFFICES City Hall...............................(801) 254-0704 Cemetery.............................(801) 208-3128 Animal Control....................(801) 208-3108 Building...............................(801) 208-3127 Code Enforcement..............(801) 208-3104 Fire Dispatch (UFA).............(801) 743-7200 Justice Court.......................(801) 208-3131 Parks & Recreation.............(801) 208-3101 Planning & Zoning..............(801) 208-3138 Police Dispatch (UPD).........(801) 743-7000 Public Works.......................(801) 208-3162 Recorder..............................(801) 208-3126 Utility Billing........................(801) 208-3133 Water...................................(801) 208-3164


1. The east side of City Hall is currently undergoing major improvements. The new improvements will include water wise landscaping, and a pond similar to the one in front of the Old Dome. The goal is to continue to work on creating a cohesive feel to historic downtown. 2. Last year additional land was purchased directly west of Riverton Cemetery to expand. Our current cemetery was completely sold out. With the purchase of the new land an additional 970 plots will be created, and each plot can be used for two internments. Plots will sell for $1200, which is an increase, but still one of the lowest prices in the valley. Once the initial land purchase and improvement fees are repaid, all remaining revenue will remain in

a separate fund for future cemetery improvements.

3. Riverton will have its own police force effective July 1. Chief Hutson is currently busy hiring and staffing the new department. A small records retention building is being built to house records and evidence. 4. We are in very preliminary stages of considering bringing fiber optic internet to Riverton. I urge you to contact your council member if you have an opinion, either for or against, and especially if you have had direct experience. 5. Riverton will begin discussing ADU (accessory dwelling unit housing) in the coming months. 6. Budgeting for fiscal year 2020 is currently underway. The final budget will be approved on June 18. 7. Riverton has received $100,000 from Salt Lake County for a dog park and $100,000 for improvements to the fish pond. Final designs have not yet been approved but these should be great amenities in Riverton.

RIVERTON CITY TO RECOGNIZE OUTSTANDING CITIZENS WITH NEW AWARD Riverton City is excited to announce the creation of the Outstanding Citizen Award! The award is presented to Riverton residents who have made significant contributions to or had a significant positive impact on the community. The award is normally presented monthly at a Riverton City Council meeting. Residents are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals for consideration for the award often. Selection criteria

@rivertoncityutah @rivertoncity @rivertoncityutah rivertoncity.com Riverton City Newsletter - May / June 2019

is broad, as contribution and impact can be measured or determined in many different ways. Things such as community leadership, community organization involvement, heroic action, humanitarian efforts, philanthropy, service, volunteerism, and even things like business success, personal or professional achievement, or recognition brought to the Riverton community as a result of an individual’s efforts. Nominations can be submitted at rivertoncity.com/awards.

Outdoor Movie: Ralph Breaks the Internet Friday, June 7 @ Dusk | FREE

Riverton Hospital, 3741 W 12600 S, Riverton, Utah **Bring your own blankets or lawn chairs.

8. We are in preliminary discussions with Tracy Aviary for an education site located at Roi Hardy Park. It is likely open houses will be held in the coming months on the topic. 9. Riverton City master plan updates are currently underway. The plan is reviewed and updated every five years, which is critical to managing and planning for growth. 10. A new program honoring Riverton citizens has been implemented. Our first honoree, David Martin was recognized in the last council meeting. David and his band have held several ALS benefit concerts raising over $30,000 for the Rocky Mountain Chapter. Their next concert will be in Kearns on May 17. They will also be in Riverton on Sept. 16 with the Riverton Beatles Children’s Choir. It is a wonderful opportunity to serve as an elected official. I appreciate working with other elected officials, city staff and most especially getting to know many of you. Please continue to reach out with your comments.

Waterwise Irrigation Tips Start Watering Late

Start watering your lawn as late into the spring as possible. This will help your grass establish healthy roots.

Don’t Water Everything the Same

Flower beds and trees need less water than grass, so water then differently.

Water at Night

Watering at night reduces evaporation loss by 15-20%. Avoid watering during the heat of the day.

rivertoncity.com/water Page 2

CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Glass Recycling Collection Bin

Riverton Town Days Parade Entries

Town Days Parade Grand Marshal Nominations

Country Mile 5K & 10K Registration

Splash Pads Opening Details

Youth Council Accepting Applications

A new glass recycling collection bin that has been placed behind Riverton City Hall, accessible from Park Avenue. Glass recycling is not accepted in blue recycling bins, but should be deposited in this new collection bin. Glass should be saved and then deposited in the collection bin as frequently as needed. Items that should not be placed in the bin include, all non-glass items, as well as: light bulbs, mirrors and window frames.

Residents are encouraged to submit nominations for Riverton Town Days Parade Grand Marshal. Selection will be based on contributions to quality of life in Riverton, humanitarianism, personal achievement, service to the community, etc. Submit nominations online at rivertoncity.com/towndays. Nominations are due by June 1, 2019.

Riverton City’s splash pads open for summer use on Friday, May 24. Splash pads are located at Riverton City Park, Old Farm Park, and Western Springs Park.

Parade entries are now being accepted for the Riverton Town Days Parade. The parade will be held on Wednesday, July 3, at 6:30 p.m. Those wishing to place an entry in the parade must fill out and return an application, available at rivertoncity.com/towndays. No fee is charged for Riverton residents, businesses, or organizations. A $20 fee is charged to non-Riverton businesses and organizations. Space is limited!

Kick your 4th of July off right by running in one of Riverton’s Country Mile races! Registration is now open for the Country Mile 5K and 10K races held during Riverton Town Days. General registration cost is $15. General registration ends May 31. Register online at rivertoncity.com/towndays.

Applications are being accepted for youth in grades 9-2 to serve on the Riverton Youth Council. The application deadline is May 31. Details can be found online at rivertoncity.com/youthcouncil.


GET PREPARED BEFORE DISASTER STRIKES Riverton City’s Emergency Preparedness Committee will be providing tips on what to purchase and what to do to help get you prepared over the next few months. This is a good place to start: Purchases • Water – At least 3 gallons per person, per day plus pets • Hand-operated can opener • Instant drinks (coffee, tea, powdered milk, powered fruit drinks) • 2 flashlights with extra batteries Activities • Make your family disaster preparedness plan • Inventory disaster supplies already on hand, especially camping gear • If you fill your own water containers, mark them with the date filled • Date water/food containers if they are not dated • Conduct a home hazard hunt Details on how to make a family preparedness plan and how to conduct a home hazard hunt can be found at rivertoncity.com/preparedness.

Riverton City Newsletter - May / June 2019

November 5, 2019 A Riverton Municipal Election will be held to elect three Council Members to serve four-year terms. One nonpartisan Council Member will be elected from Council District 1, Council District 2, and Council District 5 on November 5, 2019. If necessary, a Primary Election will be held on August 13, 2019. Each person seeking to become a candidate must file a Declaration of Candidacy in person with the City Recorder during office hours between June 3 and June 7, 2019, and pay a filing fee of $50.00. 20A-9-203 Declarations of candidacy -- Municipal general elections. (1) An individual may become a candidate for any municipal office if: (a) the individual is a registered voter; and (b)(i) the individual has resided within the municipality in which the individual seeks to hold elective office for the 12 consecutive months immediately before the date of the election. (2)(b) In addition to the requirements of Subsection (1), each candidate for a municipal council position shall, if elected from a district, be a resident of the council district from which the candidate is elected. For additional information, you may contact the Recorder’s Office at 12830 South 1700 West, call 801-208-3126 or 801-208-3128, or visit vote.utah.gov and/or Salt Lake County Elections.

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Upcoming Riverton Events May

May 1 – Secondary Water Available for Use May 1 – Flexible Tennis Leagues Begins May 1 – Mom & Me: Royal Tea Registration Ends – rivertoncity.com/register May 1 – Utah’s Fastest Late Registration Begins – utahsfastest.com May 6 – Pop & Picasso Paint Night – 6 p.m. – Old Dome Meeting Hall May 7 – Spring Start Smart Sports Begin May 7 – City Council Meeting – 7 p.m. – City Hall May 9 – Spring Start Smart Sports Registration Ends May 9 – Planning Commission Meeting – 6:30 p.m. – City Hall May 10 – Mom & Me: Royal Tea – 6 p.m. – Old Dome Meeting Hall May 12 – Mother’s Day May 15 – Fall Baseball & Flag Football Registration Begins May 15 – Town Days Rodeo Ticket Sales Begin May 16 – Town Days Rodeo National Anthem Auditions – 4 p.m. – Old Dome May 16 – Suicide Prevention QPR Training – 7 p.m. – Fire Station #124 May 21 – City Council Meeting – 7 p.m. – City Hall May 23 – Planning Commission Meeting – 6:30 p.m. – City Hall May 24 – Splash Pads Open May 27 – Memorial Day – City Offices Closed May 27 – Memorial Day Program – 11:45 a.m. – Riverton City Cemetery May 28 – Pickleball Leagues Begin May 30 – Pickleball Clinics Begin May 31 – Country Mile General Registration Ends


June 1 – Town Days Basketball Tournament Registration Begins June 1 – Fall Classic Pickleball Tournament Registration Begins June 1 – Holiday Heroes 5K & 1 Mile Race Registration Begins June 1 – Town Days Grand Marshal Nomination Deadline June 1 – Candidate Filing Period Begins June 3 – Tennis Leagues Begin June 4 – City Council Meeting – 7 p.m. – City Hall June 7 – Candidate Filing Period Ends June 7 – Outdoor Movie: Ralph Breaks the Internet – Riverton Hospital – Dusk June 13 – Planning Commission Meeting – 6:30 p.m. – City Hall June 16 – Father’s Day June 18 – Town Days Parade Application Deadline June 18 – City Council Meeting – 7 p.m. – City Hall June 20 – Suicide Prevention QPR Training – 7 p.m. – Fire Station #124 June 21 – Utah’s Fastest – 1 Mile Race – 6 p.m. – Riverton City Park June 25 – City Council Meeting – 7 p.m. – City Hall June 26 – Town Days Basketball Tournament Registration Ends June 27 – Planning Commission Meeting – 6:30 p.m. – City Hall June 27 – 3 Man Sorting Competition – 7 p.m. – Rodeo Arena June 28 – Riverton Town Days Rodeo – 8 p.m. – Rodeo Arena June 29 – Riverton Town Days Rodeo – 8 p.m. – Rodeo Arena

& July 2, 9 3, ,2 4 8 2

e Ev ents

Six days full of fun! Town Days brings together thousands to honor America's independence and to celebrate our amazing community.





DATE & TIME June 27, 7 p.m. June 28 & 29 - 6:30 p.m. July 2, 5 p.m. July 3, 6:30 p.m. July 3, 8:15 p.m. July 3, 9:30 p.m. July 4, 6:30 a.m. July 4, 7:15 a.m. July 4, 10 p.m. Full schedule


June 27 ,

Find full event and registration details at rivertoncity.com/calendar!


A t an n 4 0 D if fe r e

Riverton City Newsletter - May / June 2019


of events and times online at

TOWN DAYS HIGHLIGHTS 3 Man Arena Sorting Rodeo Carnival Begins Parade Concert in the Park Movie in the Park: Lego Movie 2 Activities Begin Country Mile 5K & 10K Fireworks

rivertoncity.com/towndays Page 4

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