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MARCH 2022

RIVERTON REVIEW Official Newsletter of the Riverton, Utah City Government MAYOR’S MESSAGE

New Strategic Priorities for Riverton City

By Mayor Trent Staggs I’ve read that one thing a leader cannot delegate is the establishment or articulation of a vision. As it says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.” One of the first things our governing body

accomplished in 2018 was the creation of a new city vision and mission statement, as well as the drafting of a four year strategic plan, based on resident input. After working tirelessly alongside our great city council and employees these last four years, accomplishing that strategic plan, we convened on January 22 to identify a new plan. I’m happy to report that alongside our vision and mission statements,

Organizational Values The following organizational values have been established to guide Riverton City elected officials and employees as they conduct the business of the city government and interact with the public. Integrity

We are honest in our endeavors and ethical in our actions.


We strive to always find the best solution.


We take pride in what we do and in our care of public resources.

Collaboration We find ways to work together both internally and externally. Service

We serve the community.


we have selected guiding values and a new four-year plan with four strategic themes. This new plan has been largely guided by you, our residents. Thank you for your overwhelming participation in our resident survey from December, where we received almost 3,000 responses! That’s almost 10% of the adult population that weighed in on the future of their community, an unprecedented response that demonstrates how engaged our

community members truly have become. Each of these strategically crafted themes and objectives includes well-defined projects and measurable outcomes that Riverton City staff will work diligently to accomplish over the next four years. With your help, I expect our great city to realize its fullest potential and thrive in the face of any challenges that may arise.

Strategic Themes

The following strategic themes have been selected: • Sense of Community Objective 1.1: Maintain a strong sense of community. Objective 1.2: Maintain a visible public safety and increase citizen engagement. Objective 1.3: Actively engage and inform residents. • Connectivity & Infrastructure Objective 2.1: Expand, improve and maintain an active transportation system. Objective 2.2: Properly maintain and develop city infrastructure and facilities. Objective 2.3: Enhance the digital infrastructure of the city. • Economic Development Objective 3.1: Execute a proactive economic development strategy. Objective 3.2: Attract and recruit businesses to the community. Objective 3.3: Enhance the Riverton Town Center area. • Sustainability Objective 4.1: Improve and expand the city’s water resources and systems. Objective 4.2: Become fiscally sustainable and increasingly self-reliant. Objective 4.3: Properly plan for the future to ensure the long-term stewardship of city property.



Redistricting: New City Council Districts MAYOR Trent Staggs tstaggs@rivertonutah.gov 801-208-3129

CITY COUNCIL Sheldon Stewart - District 1 sstewart@rivertonutah.gov 801-953-5672 Troy McDougal - District 2 tmcdougal@rivertonutah.gov 801-931-9933 Tawnee McCay - District 3 tmccay@rivertonutah.gov 801-634-7692 Tish Buroker - District 4 tburoker@rivertonutah.gov 801-673-6103 Claude Wells - District 5 cwells@rivertonutah.gov 801-875-0116

CITY MANAGER David R. Brickey citymanager@rivertonutah.gov 801-208-3129

CITY OFFICES City Hall.................................801-254-0704 Administration.......................801-208-3129 Animal Control......................801-208-3108 Cemetery...............................801-208-3128 Code Enforcement.................801-208-3108 Development Services...........801-208-3138 Fire (UFA)...............................801-743-7200 Justice Court..........................801-208-3131 Recreation & Events..............801-208-3101 Police.....................................385-281-2455 Public Works..........................801-208-3162 Recorder................................801-208-3128 Utility Billing..........................801-208-3133 Water.....................................801-208-3164

FIND US ONLINE! @rivertonutahgov www.rivertonutah.gov PAGE 2

By Councilmember Tawnee McCay Did you know that with the most recent 2020 census, Riverton City will be updating our city council districts? We are. I like that Riverton is separated into districts because it seems each area has its own challenges and strengths, and it is nice to have a councilmember focus on each area. I am always interested in data and working with numbers, so early on I sat down with our great Communications Director and worked on some maps that I felt would be favorable for all. I thought the following parameters were important: 1. To keep as much of the current districts intact as possible. We as councilmembers know and enjoy working with the people who live around us in our current districts and hopefully more of you are getting to know who to contact if you need assistance. 2. To take future growth within Riverton into account. Our city is growing, more so on west side of the city, so most districts will be shifting to the west to account for the current and future population growth.

Proposed Riverton City Council Districts: District 1 - Sheldon Stewart, District 2 - Troy McDougal, District 3 - Tawnee McCay, District 4 - Tish Buroker, District 5 - Claude Wells. 3. Have the map follow major roadways and canals making it easier for everyone to recognize the districts. The districts also needed to follow the census tracts, so we needed to take that in account to ensure we know the population of each area. We put the newly proposed districts on the agenda and discussed changes at our city council meeting in January. The council was able to come to a consensus on updates to the district map. The major changes are District 3 (Councilmember McCay) will add the Western Springs area. The District 5 border (Councilmember Wells) will move all the way to 2700 W. 12600 S will continue to

be dividing line between districts for now. District 4 (Councilmember Buroker) will move a little north to take in more along 2700 W. We recently held a strategic planning meeting and reviewed the responses to the citizen survey conducted in December and how we could incorporate that feedback in planning for the future. I am always impressed with how committed our staff and elected officials are and how much they care about our city. I consider it an honor to serve our great city and always strive to allow individual freedom and provide great services while being fiscally conservative. Thank you for making Riverton a great place to raise a family and call home.

Upcoming City Meetings CITY COUNCIL • Tuesday, March 1, March 15 PLANNING COMMISSION • Thursday, March 10, March 24



Be Prepared: Home Fire Exit Drills By Chief Wade Watkins Hello Riverton! Let’s talk a little bit about fire safety. For most of you, a lot of this information won’t be new. My hope is that you’ll find some valuable information to keep your family and community safe. Do you do practice Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH)? These drills are the most important if you have children. Draw a map and clearly label where the exits are in your house. Designate a meeting spot outside where your family will meet. The first question any firefighter asks

when arriving on a house fire is, “Is everyone out of the house?” For a firefighter, a “yes” gives us the best feeling, as our tactics become safer. If we get a “no” or “I don’t know” we take more risks, as we will risk our lives to save a life. Just a little while ago, a resident in another city told us there was someone trapped in a bedroom upstairs in a house that was on fire. There was enough fire that if everyone was out of the building, we would not have gone inside. Thinking there was someone trapped, the firefighters went in looking for a rescue. In the end, there was no one trapped, and the house was empty, and no one was hurt which is always the best outcome. Just like anything, you must

practice EDITH! Practice, practice, practice! Practice EDITH at different times of day and night. Practice if the fire was downstairs, upstairs, in the kitchen or other areas of the home. Always using the front door during an EDITH is not totally realistic and can create bad habits. Know at least two ways out of every room, if possible. Another fire safety tip that is relatively new is “close before you doze.” Closing bedroom doors before you sleep can reduce fire growth and even save a life. Here are some facts you should know:



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• A closed door can mean reducing 1,000 degrees down to 100 degrees. • A closed door can keep Carbon Monoxide levels at 1,000 PPM versus 10,000 PPM if the door is left open. • A closed door keeps more oxygen in the room and away from the fire.

Text Message Alerts

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• 50% of house fires happen between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. • A closed door helps keep smoke and heat out of a bedroom.

Do you do practice Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH)? These drills are the most important if you have children. Draw a map and clearly label where the exits are in your house. Designate a meeting spot outside where your family will meet.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local UFA Firefighters serving Riverton City. We always look forward to educating and supporting our local community.

Help Keep Roads & Gutters Clean Throughout fall and winter, our roads collect debris from snow and ice removal operations and fallen leaves. The city sweeper truck is operating as often as weather permits, but we need your help to keep our streets clean so that debris and pollutants don’t end up in our creeks and rivers. Here’s how you can help: • Make sweeping the gutter in front of your home part of your regular practice. • Sweep during the fall and after winter thaw. • Sweep after mowing and yard maintenance throughout the year.


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NOTICE Riverton City will begin maintenance on the secondary water system soon.

Please ensure your ball valve is closed. PAGE 3



Register: Start Smart Sports

Register: Tennis League Registration

Register: Pickleball League

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Not Your Parent’s Art Show

Registration is now open for spring Start Smart Sports programs for kids age 3-5, including baseball, soccer and multi-sport. Register online.

Riverton City’s flexible tennis league is for all abilities, with one match played per week on your own schedule. Register online.

Join Riverton City’s pickleball league to play in a fun, social and competitive environment. Partners rotate weekly. Register online.

Attend a free QPR suicide prevention class to learn how to respond to someone in crises. Classes occur monthly, excluding July and December.

Come see original art pieces created by young local artists displayed at the Old Dome Meeting Hall. Free and open to all. Visiting hours and details online.

• Registration Opens March 1, Programs Begin May 3

• Offered Monthly, May-August

• Sessions Begin in April

• Monthly, 3rd Thursday, 7 p.m., Riverton City Hall

• Visit February 22 to March 16

To register or find more details, visit rivertonutah.gov/recreation.

Spring Cleaning Days Dumpster Drop FREE Community dumpsters for trash, cardboard and tree branches will be available on two Saturdays in April at both Riverton City Park and Western Springs Park. For Riverton resident use only. Proof of residency required. Some additional limitations and exclusions apply, so please visit rivertonutah.gov/beautiful for details.

Saturday, April 9 & 23, 2022 | 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Register Now for the Riverton Half Marathon and 4Life® 5K! Come participate in one of the valley’s best half marathon and 5K races. The race is designed for all ages and abilities. Come to win or come for fun, either way it’s a great way to get out and get healthy!

Saturday, March 26, 2022 Registration and more information can be found at rivertonutah.gov/half.

Two Locations: Riverton City Park, 1452 W 12600 S, Riverton Western Springs Park, 4570 S Goshute Drive, Riverton

2022 Calendar is Here!

The new 2022 Riverton Calendar will keep you in the know on events and happenings this year. You should have received it in your mailbox already. If you haven’t received one you can pick one up for free at the Recreation & Events window at Riverton City Hall.



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