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JUNE 2020

RIVERTON REVIEW Official Newsletter of the Riverton, Utah City Government MAYOR’S MESSAGE

2020-2021 Mayor’s Budget Presented to City Council By Mayor Trent Staggs After extensive consultation with city administration, I submitted the Mayor’s Budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 for the consideration of the City Council. I believe this budget is fiscally conservative, with no fee increases to our residents, and accounts for my administrative priorities while simultaneously emphasizing the completion of the balance of the governing body’s strategic priorities. The council will now work to finalize the city budget by June 16. In recent months our city has not been immune to the global economic impacts of the COVID-19 health pandemic. However, thanks to smart planning during previous years we have been able to mitigate many of those impacts, keep fees low for our residents, and still maintain healthy fund balances for any other unforeseen circumstances. Here are a few highlights from the Mayor’s Budget: • Total budgeted expenditures are $51.7 million, excluding transfers. Almost the entire increase from last year’s budget of $44.8 million is a result of one-time capital projects for water and storm water


that are driven by state and federal directives. • General fund budgeted expenditures are $10.2 million, essentially flat from last year’s budgeted general fund expenditures. Looking back five years, General Fund expenditures have only increased 7.3% from the budgeted $9.5 million in the 20152016 fiscal year. A remarkable figure that is even far below the average inflation rate, and a testament to the careful stewardship exhibited by our elected officials and employees for public funds. • There are no new fee increases included in this budget, a trend I’m proud to continue for the last several years. • Although sales tax projections for the 2019-2020 budget year are expected to climb to $7.9 million, or 41% increase over the last five years, we are projecting a 5% decline this upcoming fiscal year due to the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our city is in a much better position given the makeup of our retail sales tax base than many other cities which are projecting even steeper declines. • In order to support the business community I have created the Riverton Economic Recovery Initiative. The initiative’s ultimate

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goal is to get the local economy back on its positive trajectory by helping local businesses address challenges stemming from COVID-19 closures mandated by Salt Lake County. • Our city’s total full-time employee count is 166, which equates to 3.62 FTE’s per 1000 in population. Our resourcefulness and dedication of our employees allows us do more with less in comparison to surrounding cities. • This budget includes $1.9 million in road maintenance funding and $2.1 million in new road construction funding from grants received from the state and county. The largest projected expense will be $1 million which is our contribution to UDOT for the 12600 South, Bangerter interchange project. • There is approximately $1.3 million committed this year towards capital projects. To include roughly $500 thousand in playground and park upgrades, and $465 thousand to our civic and community center to replace

our HVAC systems, power generation plans and the potential upgrade of the auditorium in conjunction with the Riverton Arts Council. The priorities outlined in our strategic plan have guided the development of this budget. More than ever before I believe our city is well situated to weather the storms of any unforeseen challenges, and well positioned to continue delivering the essential services our residents rely upon. I’m grateful for the dedicated work of our city council. Their vision and dedication to the city have greatly aided in our city’s progress over these last few years. The commitment and significant contributions of our city employees should also be recognized. I’m grateful for their unrelenting support and dedication to serving our great residents. I look forward to and encourage you to provide your feedback on this budget.



Riverton City Responds to COVID-19 Impacts

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By Councilman Troy McDougal For many of us, COVID-19 has felt like a real suckerpunch. Reflecting on our situation, and having grown up in the 80’s, I would like to draw on the iconic movie series, “Rocky.” Our hero, Rocky always seems to get into a tough situation. We see him taking hit after hit, then he would dig deep inside and slowly block the punches and start landing some of his own, leading to eventual victory. These last couple of months I have felt we are a little bit like Rocky, taking nothing but punch after punch. But, we are also digging deep. I would like to focus on some of the good things that are happening in our city and how we are fighting back. Punch: Covid 19 forced the shortterm closure of the landfill leaving residents with garbage and debris from spring projects. Counterpunch: Riverton City responded by creating a dumpster program, allowing residents to dispose of garbage at city sites which was hauled away for them. This worked

because the people in public works agreed to work long Saturday hours hauling dumpsters and managing drop off locations. Punch: Many of our businesses have had to close to meet social distancing guidelines. Counterpunch: Riverton City responded by creating a 5-point plan with initiatives such as loosening sign restrictions, eliminating license fees, and creating a drive thru business blitz. This could not have happened without the long hours of personnel in our communications and parks departments. Punch: Many cities have closed their daily office operations. Counterpunch: Riverton City offices have remained open which allowed us to continue providing services such as progress on developments, billing services, maintaining parks and preparing for re-opening, street work, etc. We were able to keep these services functioning because our staff was willing to adjust shifts and implement rigorous sanitation measures. Punch: COVID-19 created confusion from the news and high emotions.

Counterpunch: Riverton City was able to send out clear and timely communication via our website, text, emails, etc. The city IT and Communication departments have done amazing work keeping residents informed of events, assistance and direction to meet shifting needs. We are punching back, and the common thread through this has been the incredible staff at Riverton City. During this disaster, our city staff have truly demonstrated that they care about this community and its residents. None of this would have been possible from people who were just there to do a job. In a reference to Rocky, our Riverton City staff has been in our corner and the success we have had so far is to be credited to them.

RIVERTON HISTORICAL ITEMS WANTED Riverton City seeks donations of items of historical significance related to Riverton’s history prior to 1960. Items will be displayed in new cabinets dedicated to the city’s history at the Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center. • Donations can be dropped off at the Riverton City Recorder’s Office, 12830 S Redwood Road • Questions? Contact Joy Johnson at 801-208-3128 or recorder@rivertonutah.gov


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Speeding Causes Safety Concerns By Riverton Police Chief Don Hutson Many of you may be curious about the number one complaint we in the Riverton Police Department receive from citizens. It is quite simply, speeding. Speeding in our neighborhoods, speeding in our school

zones, speeding on our main thoroughfares, speeding everywhere. It is important to point out the purpose of speed limits on our streets and highways. No, speed limits are not created to affirm government intrusion in our lives or to give law enforcement officers a reason to harass citizens. The sole purpose is to keep all of us safe as we travel on our streets. They are not created in a haphazard manner and the speed limit assigned to any particular stretch of road is based on a number of factors, however, the overriding component in determining the limit is “the speed a vehicle can travel on a stretch of road to maintain the safety of all persons on the roadway.” In other words, it is all about public safety.

Please be aware the laser gun does not differentiate between “good law-abiding citizens” and “citizens who deserve a ticket.” It simply identifies a vehicle which is driving faster than the posted speed limit.

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Riverton City encourages residents to support local restaurants. Many are struggling and need our support to remain in business. Order today and order often! Find a full list of local restaurants on our website at

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JUNE 2020

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With this in mind, the Riverton Police Department will be ramping up our enforcement efforts on the streets of Riverton as we all recover from the pandemic. Please be aware the laser gun does not differentiate between “good

The number one complaint the Riverton Police Department receives from citizens is speeding.

Water Conservation

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law-abiding citizens” and “citizens who deserve a ticket.” It simply identifies a vehicle which is driving faster than the posted speed limit. If you are the subject of a traffic stop by an officer, please be aware we are simply attempting to gain compliance to the speed limit, and it is not personal. Unfortunately, speeding and other traffic offenses may result in a citation and a fine. My hope is during this increased enforcement operation we will find everyone obeying the speed limit and we will not be conducting any traffic stops. If this is not the case, I hope both officers and citizens can have a pleasant encounter based on respect and understanding and go about their business. Thank you for your understanding and your help as we keep our streets safe.

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Riverton Town Days Postponed


The Riverton City Council made the difficult decision to postpone Riverton Town Days due to COVID-19. Look for information about an exciting fall event we are planning for this September.

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