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RIVERTON REVIEW Official Newsletter of the Riverton, Utah City Government MAYOR’S MESSAGE

Top 10 Impacts of 2021 By Mayor Trent Staggs

2021 was another great year for Riverton City! The success we have seen is a result of city employees working tirelessly to execute on the strategic priorities laid out by our residents, through their elected officials. Here are a few highlights from 2021:



New City Streets To help alleviate traffic congestion and provide for greater connectivity, given unprecedented growth in the southwest quadrant of Salt Lake County, Riverton’s Public Works Department completed Old Liberty Way and Majestic Rise Parkway, west of Bangerter Highway in between 12600 S and 13400 S.

2 Record Sales Tax Revenue Riverton continues to grow its sales tax base with more retail stores having another record-breaking year of $9.8 million in sales tax revenue - an 18.6 % increase year over year. This economic

development helps us keep taxes and utility fees low for our residents.

3 Local First Riverton Riverton City launched the Local First Riverton marketing and public education campaign to help support businesses. The campaign incentivized nearly $630,000 in local spending, and, according to a citizen survey, 64% of residents say they consider supporting businesses in Riverton more often as a result.

4 Legislative Infrastructure Funding During the 2021 Utah Legislative Session, our local legislators were able to pass H.B. 244, which will provide Riverton $700,000 every year for fifteen years. These funds can be used on roadway infrastructure projects that will help mitigate congestion and improve transportation safety. In addition, Riverton saw $75 million and a prioritization for the construction of a freeway style interchange at Bangerter Highway and 13400 S.

5 Citizen’s Police Academy The Riverton Police Department


held its very first, of what will be an annual, Citizen’s Police Academy. This six-week academy included educational workshops on various topics centered around community policing, daily operations, school resource officers, and live-action scenarios to include firearms trainings.

6 Costco Wholesale Construction Begins Following an announcement in 2020, this construction on Costco’s newest store officially began in the spring. Located on the northeast corner of 13200 S and Mountain View Corridor, this 160,000 square foot warehouse and gas station is scheduled to be opened in the spring of 2022.

7 Online Business Licensing In a continuing effort to make Riverton a great place to do business, Riverton City has transitioned to a fully online business license process, making it easier for businesses to become and remain licensed. This follows the city’s move in 2018 to eliminate application and renewal fees for standard businesses.

8 East Riverton Improvements While many large-scale projects are taking place near Riverton’s western district, our east side had its own projects to be excited about. We saw the completion of the 1300 W “S-Curve” roadway project, added sidewalk along major sections of 1300 W, as well as the creation of the Page-Hansen Park located just north of Jim’s Family Restaurant on Redwood Road.

9 Bangerter / 12600 S Interchange Progress UDOT is making great progress on the construction of a freeway style interchange along Bangerter Highway and 12600 S. Expected completion is scheduled for spring.

10 Lowest Utility Fees in the Region This year, extensive reorganization efforts were made to cut budgetary expenditures, pay off debts and innovate the way we pay for services. Through this hard work, Riverton City remains a great place to live work and play as residents experience the lowest utility fees in the region.



City Strategic Priorities to be Reviewed By Councilmember Sheldon Stewart

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In 2017, the Mayor and City Council established our city’s first vision and mission statement along with our first published set of strategic priorities. Each year in January, the Mayor and City Council along with members of the city staff spend a full day dedicated to re-evaluating each of the strategic priorities and updating them needed. As we enter 2022, we will review the current vision and mission of the city which are: Vision Statement While preserving our past, citizens, families, businesses and leaders unite in building a community where we can live, work and play. Mission Statement Riverton City provides essential services that enhance the quality of life and sense of community for all citizens. We foster kind, open and responsive interactions, generating positive citizen involvement and innovative solutions. Leaders, citizens and employees hold each other accountable to meet the needs of the community. These statements have driven Riverton’s future. As a city, we have

strengthened our community with our strategic priorities and are a leader in areas of innovation, and foresight. As a business leader, I have seen massive growth in my business similar to what we are seeing in Riverton, with the 40+ years in Riverton I have watched our city transition from small to large. As a leader, I have seen two things that have helped me direct and manage expectations: 1. Strategic Priorities 2. Service Level Agreements or SLAs As a city, we have developed strategic priorities that help provide the guidance to those that work within and serve our community. Those strategic priorities are as follows: 1. Foster safe and healthy neighborhoods that provide a strong sense of community and balanced opportunities to live work and play. 2. Promote a thriving business climate that supports the needs of Riverton residents. 3. Create a revitalized, pedestrian-friendly downtown destination. 4. Establish vibrant parks, recreational opportunities, and events that build bridges within the community. 5. Create a well-connected

community with properly maintained utilities and infrastructure. 6. Actively engage and inform residents. 7. Establish operational excellence. 8. Promote fiscally responsible governance. The city has made a lot of progress in accomplishing these priorities, but there is still more to do. These priorities have given the direction needed to help us through many things and each member of the city staff sees how their job affects these priorities. The second point is service level agreements or more commonly known as SLAs. In my business, this is a predefined agreement established at the highest levels primarily to manage expectations between multiple parties and usually tied to communication, systems, or functionality. I introduced this concept several years ago and I’m excited to finally see it come fruition. With the Mayor and City Council supporting the development of these agreements, this past November our city manager and staff presented the first set of defined SLAs. I am proud of the work that has been done in this area, which strengthens our vision and mission, and the strategic priorities we have established. We now have a process that sets appropriate expectations and creates accountability to the SLAs.

Upcoming City Meetings CITY COUNCIL • Tuesday, January 4 & 18 at 7 p.m. PLANNING COMMISSION • Thursday, January 13 & 27, 6:30 p.m.



A Mission Driven Legacy By Chief Wade Watkins

Honoring the Past As a firefighter for the past 20-years, I have been able to serve with amazing people. Many of these people are from Riverton, as this is where I was fortunate enough to start my career. Being able to interact and learn from this mission driven emergency responder community has been amazing on a personal and professional level. In my early career, I worked with volunteers / part-time firefighters that supported the full-time crews. These firefighters brought incredible dedication and an attitude of service to the community. As Riverton was their community and as firefighters, they viewed this as their “first in area.” First in encompasses the idea tjat this is our home turf/responsibility. Firefighters pride themselves with knowing the ins-and-outs of their first in and

they take ownership to ensure the community is served to the best of their abilities. Responding in the Present The legacy of being mission driven as a first responder isn’t a new concept. As community members have always been there for each other in times of need. Even more so when the community experiences extreme challenges during emergency situations. The evolution of what that looks like has evolved and is presently evolving. The firefighter community honors the past, responds in the present and plans for the future to ensure the community is effectively served. As the mission of the of Unified Fire Authority; Riverton’s local fire department is “to save lives, protect property, and strengthen community relationships with professionalism, courage, and dedication.” Planning for the Future The priority of saving life and protecting property leads decisions at the strategic level. Related to

fire station locations, selecting response equipment and staffing. When seconds matter and parts of seconds change the outcomes of community members. Everything to reduce the emergency response time is analyzed. The mission becomes very clear as the saving of life prioritizes decisions and supports the considerations of our community leaders and fire department members.

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Examples of using the “Mission” to drive decisions are strategically placing fire stations and response resources, designing fire stations to support turnout times, improving dispatching software and refining processes to support response. Constantly assessing data to ensure the system is working as efficient as possible while maintaining financial sustainability.

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Through exercising mission driven decision making on every emergency incident and decision impacting service. The legacy of all that have contributed to keeping the community safe are honored.

Winter Parking Policy and Snow Removal Protocol The following snow removal protocol and winter parking policy is in effect in Riverton:

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• Between November 1 and March 1, no vehicle may be parked on city streets during a snow storm OR where snow has accumulated on road shoulders. • Major roadways, high-traffic areas and school zones are prioritized in snow removal efforts as a matter of public safety. • Minor roads and cul-de-sacs are cleared if 4 inches of snow or more has accumulated once main roadways are clear.

For additional details, visit rivertonutah.gov/snow RIVERTON REVIEW | JANUARY 2022

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Christmas Tree Drop-Off

Utah Artists Exhibition

Not Your Parent’s Art Show

Register: Just You & I Daddy-Daughter Date

Riverton Hope Walk

Riverton City offers free drop-off locations for live Christmas trees: Centennial Park, Monarch Meadows Park, and Riverton Rodeo Arena.

Come see the beautiful work of artists David “Oz” Osterczy, Brian Baity and Gunter Radinger at the Utah Artists Exhibition at the Old Dome Meeting Hall.

Young artists and creators under 18 are invited to submit entries in the Not Your Parent’s Art Show. Find details at rivetonutah.gov/exhibits.

This daddy-daughter date night near Valentine’s Day is a hit and sells out early! Suitable for girls ages 3-12. Register today at rivertonutah.gov/recreation.

Join Riverton City and Riverton High School as we walk in solidarity with those impacted by suicide and for suicide prevention awareness.

• Drop-Off Anytime: Through January 31

• Open January 10 to February 15

• Artwork Entry Period: February 1-15

• Friday, February 11, 6 p.m., Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center

• Saturday, February 5, 9 a.m. Riverton High School

2022 Recreation and Events Calendar Has Arrived!

Register Now for The Riverton Half Marathon and 4Life® 5K!

The new 2022 Riverton Calendar will keep you in the know on events and happenings this year.

Come participate in one of the valley’s best half marathon and 5K races. The race is designed for all ages and abilities. Come to win or come for fun, either way it’s a great way to get out and get healthy!

You should have received it in your mailbox already. If you haven’t received one you can pick one up for free at the Recreation & Events window at Riverton City Hall.

Saturday, March 26, 2022 Registration and more information can be found at rivertonutah.gov/half.

Riverton Business Peak Awards

Nominations Wanted Featuring Craig Scott Monday, January 31, 7 p.m. Riverton High School Auditorium 12476 S Silverwolf Way Riverton, Utah 84065 Join Riverton City and Jordan School District for an evening of motivation and inspiration featuring Craig Scott, a survivor of the Columbine High School shooting. All are welcome!


Riverton City and the South Valley Chamber are seeking nominations for • Business of the Year • Business Woman of the Year • Business Man of the Year Submit a nomination at rivertonutah.gov/awards. Nomination Deadline: Tuesday, January 18


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