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RIVERTON REVIEW Official Newsletter of the Riverton, Utah City Government MAYOR’S MESSAGE

Future Freeway-Style Interchange at Bangerter and 13400 S By Mayor Trent Staggs Unprecedented levels of growth throughout southwest Salt Lake County continue to drive the need for further investments into our roadway infrastructure and transportation routes. Through great intergovernmental relationships, we have been working successfully with the Utah State Legislature, the Utah Department of Transportation, and our surrounding communities to improve mobility along Bangerter Highway. With an overall goal to eliminate stoplights along Bangerter, UDOT’s traffic

projections show this new freewaystyle interchange system will reduce drive times in both north to south and east to west directions. In Riverton, our projects began with the much-needed construction of a freeway-style interchange at 12600 S and Bangerter. With this project nearing completion, we look towards our second connection point at 13400 S. Having been previously funded during the 2021 state legislative session via House Bill 433, construction of the intersection at 13400 S and Bangerter is anticipated to begin as early as 2023. Unfortunately, due to increasing inflation and limited access to materials, the costs to complete

this project have increased includes an environmental study exponentially. Currently, pricing and a public comment period that is starts at $99 million for a “Bangerter currently in place through February Over” option, 15. As always, $104 million for I believe the “Bangerter feedback from Hybrid” option the public is “Construction of the (like we have at key to making intersection at 13400 S smart decisions 12600 S), and $119 million for that support and Bangerter is the “Bangerter the needs and anticipated to begin Under” option. expectations In response to of residents. as early as 2023.” these newly Therefore, to established learn more prices, I’m about the hopeful members of our legislature Bangerter Highway project, and will appropriate the necessary to provide comments or feedback funds needed to fully complete the on the different alignment options project. proposed at 13400 S, be sure to visit www.udot.utah.gov/ Part of the planning process also bangerter13400south.

Proposed freeway-style interchange options at bangerter and 13400 S:




Avoid Street Parking During Snowstorms MAYOR Trent Staggs tstaggs@rivertonutah.gov 801-208-3129

CITY COUNCIL Sheldon Stewart - District 1 sstewart@rivertonutah.gov 801-953-5672 Troy McDougal - District 2 tmcdougal@rivertonutah.gov 801-931-9933 Tawnee McCay - District 3 tmccay@rivertonutah.gov 801-634-7692 Tish Buroker - District 4 tburoker@rivertonutah.gov 801-673-6103 Claude Wells - District 5 cwells@rivertonutah.gov 801-875-0116

CITY MANAGER David R. Brickey citymanager@rivertonutah.gov 801-208-3129

CITY OFFICES City Hall.................................801-254-0704 Administration.......................801-208-3129 Animal Control......................801-208-3108 Cemetery...............................801-208-3128 Code Enforcement.................801-208-3108 Development Services...........801-208-3138 Fire (UFA)...............................801-743-7200 Justice Court..........................801-208-3131 Recreation & Events..............801-208-3101 Police.....................................385-281-2455 Public Works..........................801-208-3162 Recorder................................801-208-3128 Utility Billing..........................801-208-3133 Water.....................................801-208-3164

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By Councilmember Troy McDougal Ah February – that wonderful month that reminds me that one large gesture of love is not as powerful as many small daily gestures. At least that is what I have been taught by my wife. I have often used the phrase “Love Where You Live” in relation to my perspective of serving on the Riverton City Council. I truly want to help create a community where we can all “Love Where We Live.” Most of the time, I believe that means focusing on the nuts and bolts of government: low taxes, fiscal responsibilities, and dependable services such as roads, trash removal, water, etc.

The Riverton City ordinance requires residents to remove their vehicles from public roads during times of snowstorms or where snow has accumulated. This allows our city employees to more efficiently and safely keep our roads clear of snow and ice.

during times of snowstorms or where snow has accumulated. This allows our city employees to more efficiently and safely keep our roads clear of snow and ice. help avoid

This month, I would like to focus on some nuts and bolts. We are approaching the end of our “...it can winter season, frustration for city but there is still the possibility employees and residents of snowstorms. if, when snowy weather The Riverton City ordinance is coming, to park your requires vehicle in your driveway residents to remove their or garage.” vehicles from public roads

When a vehicle is left on the street, it can slow or prevent plowing. The vehicle will often be blocked in by the plowed snow, and in

some cases, it creates snow berms that interfere with postal and other delivery services. I know it is a small simple thing, but it can help avoid frustration for city employees and residents if, when snowy weather is coming, to park your vehicle in your driveway or garage. As we do the small and simple daily things, I am confident it will improve the overall feeling of love for our community. P.S. This does not mean you shouldn’t get a grand gesture of love for those you care about on a certain date, apparently that is still required.

Upcoming City Meetings CITY COUNCIL • Tuesday, February 1 & 15 at 7 p.m. PLANNING COMMISSION • Thursday, February 10 & 24, 6:30 p.m.



Help Prevent Vehicle Burglaries By Chief Don Hutson It may come as a surprise to some of you that the most common property crime we investigate in Riverton is vehicle burglary, commonly referred to as a “car break-in”. Typically, vehicles are being targeted in the middle of the night parked in the driveway or in front of the victim’s house. The number of car prowls we see on a monthly basis is double the number of reported shoplifting cases. Our graveyard patrol officers spend much of their time proactively patrolling and looking for suspicious vehicles and persons in our neighborhoods. We catch a good number of suspects in the act of burglarizing vehicles, but we are greatly outnumbered by those looking for an easy score. One of the major reasons criminals spend so much of their time breaking into vehicles is the fact they can make a big score with relatively little risk of a confrontation

with an angry property owner. I am often surprised to hear the value of items citizens leave in their vehicles parked in their driveway or in front of their house overnight. Also, I am shocked at the number of firearms stolen from vehicles left out at night. Many of the vehicles burglarized don’t even require the suspect to break a window because they are left unlocked. The good news is, you can make a difference and help reduce the number of vehicle burglaries in

our community if you make it less lucrative for the thieves. The most effective step you can take to lessen the incentive of would-be burglars is to take a little extra time and remove anything of value from your vehicle, and lock it, before leaving it unattended, especially if you are parking it for the night. Also, be aware vehicle burglaries are also common at places of business and can happen very quickly. Be sure to lock your doors and keep valuable items out of sight.

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Winter Parking Policy and Snow Removal Protocol The following snow removal protocol and winter parking policy is in effect in Riverton:

• Between November 1 and March 1, no vehicle may be parked on city streets during a snow storm OR where snow has accumulated on road shoulders.

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• Major roadways, high-traffic areas and school zones are prioritized in snow removal efforts as a matter of public safety. • Minor roads and cul-de-sacs are cleared if 4 inches of snow or more has accumulated once main roadways are clear.

For additional details, visit rivertonutah.gov/snow Property owners are required to remove snow on all sidewalks adjacent to their property.


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