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LEGENDARY recruitment || 2009 || AIESEC in Ukraine

Interview framework AIESEC in Ukraine 2009

Intro Preparation for the interview Interviewing Flow Questions



Dear AIESECer, we are glad to welcome you on the second stage of Talent Selection which is an interview. LEGENDARY recruitment || 2009 || AIESEC in Ukraine

There are 2 types of an interview that you will have to run: 1) for long term members and 2) for fast track members. During such form of assessment as an interview our task is to evaluate: 1. Competencies 2. Issue, and level of interest. 3. The level of English 4. Reasons of intention to join AIESEC, expectations from it and potential to organizational commitment. This guide will help you to structurise this process. Go through this guide step by step and feel free to ask questions if you have any! Your TMU 09-10



Interviewing flow

Beginning Breaking the ice Smile and greet the person friendly. You may ask something like “Was it difficult to find us?” or discuss in two words the weather (for example if it’s raining, let the person think that he’s very appreciated to manage to come in such weather”:) or something else, be creative… If you found in the application form something in common, you may also start from this (“You’re my colleague! I also study design”, or “it was nice to figure out that you also found of chess… or… turn on your imagination Just mind that it should be a couple of sentences, just to break the ice. Don’t discuss your favorite sport all 30 minutes of the interview! 3

LEGENDARY recruitment || 2009 || AIESEC in Ukraine

AIESECer profile. Make sure that you looked through this document again and understood everything. Read application form of the person you are going to interview carefully. Read all remarks about this person done by the assessor of application form. Come IN time (to have enough time, to set up your place comfortably. Agree with your pair how you will divide responsibilities between you (the way you are going to ask questions, to make notes etc) Structure your time of the interview. For each person you will have not more than 30 minutes. Prepare all the things you may need during the interview (paper, folders, pen, printed questions for both interviewers, the form to filling etc) in order not to waste time when you figure out during the interview that you need something. Clothing: no need to wear something very formal, but your clothes should be smart and don’t attract too much attention. If you have very beautiful bright earrings or necklace or whatever else, better take it not for this time, but for example the next LC party

Clarify the expectations

Creating climate of comfort. Very important part! We need people to be as much open and sincere as it’s possible, so we have to create the most appropriate environment for that. First of all think of your own state, behavior and attitude. Mind that interviewee will definitely feel it, more over it will have great influence on his own state, attitude and level of openness. The way you talk and behave plays a very big role. Be polite and tolerant, smile, but at the same time keep a distance (in the meaning that you are not talking to your friend), be serious. Make sure that your interviewee feels comfortable enough. Show him where he can put his clothes and bag. Make sure that he’s sitting not on the draught thinking for the whole interview only how not to catch a cold etc. Start your interview from the light question for example “Ok, let's start from you telling me few words about yourself.” Usually people are well-prepared to such questions on the interview, they speak only about something usual for them, more often it’s something positive. It makes them feel more confident from the very beginning.


LEGENDARY recruitment || 2009 || AIESEC in Ukraine

Introduce the interviewers (name, university & what you are doing in AIESEC) Clarify where and what for they came (tell them one more time that it’s stage of the selection process etc. Make sure that there are no people who came to get a student card ISIC (kidding) Let them know how much time the interview takes (max - 30 min) Inform about the opportunity to ask the questions in the end of the interview. Notify that you will make notes after them. Explain that we really need it because of a great amount of the applicants.

Main part Here you can find some notes for you to keep in mind during the interview.

The end Review for yourself whether everything was covered Give the interviewee an opportunity to ask question Explain when he/she will be informed about the results. Say that if they pass this stage, we will contact them, and they you will be invited for Group Activity (AssessmentCenter) or for Local Induction Conference. Inform about dates. When the interviewee left, interviewers should discuss the results with each other and fillin the template. VERY important to do it right after the interview, because lots of things may be lost with time.


LEGENDARY recruitment || 2009 || AIESEC in Ukraine

All the time use the STAR approach (Situation-ThinkingAction-Result) – main thing is that we are oriented on is PAST PERFORMANCE of this person. Ask questions one by one only after hearing the answer. If you ask several questions at a time, interviewee may either for get a half of them, or answers only on those he want. Let people think of the answers if they need time. Avoid hypothetical questions (like “what would you do in case if…”!) The answer usually differs from the real behavior in such situation. Extraverts can deal with this question better than introverts. Listen to the interviewee attentively! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what was already said if you didn’t get something form the answer, in order to understand interviewee better.(you both are interested in defining real situation) Show that you are listening attentively (react properly)!NO cell-phone during the interview! No sms writing! Having good memory is really great… But even the best memory tends to mix all answer sup after several interviews… So, don’t rely on your memory! Make very good notes!!! Divide it among 2 interviewers and try to write down as much as you can.

Questions National recommendation is to ask all questions in English. If you see that the person feels extremely uncomfortable and gets nervous because of that you can switch to Ukrainian. Your task during interview is to evaluate competencies. You can choose any question you like from the list under each competency. If you feel you need more questions to evaluate you can use more than one.


LEGENDARY recruitment || 2009 || AIESEC in Ukraine

Following criteria might help you in the evaluation: AAAA - answer clearly shows that competency is present (mentioned behaviors are recognized in the story described) - interviewee easily comes up with an example of situation and describes it in details. BBBB-answer shows that competency is present (mentioned behaviors might be recognized in the story described) CCCC-we might guess that mentioned behaviors belong to the interviewee even though the answer doesn't show it clearly. DDDD-student doesn't possess the competency.

How to run interview  

How to run interview

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