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THE THREAT IS REAL: Putin’s soft-power assault on western democracy

June 2017 Volume 51, No. 3

Six Month Report Card:

A View from


“Even with GOP control of the White House and Congress, they see little accomplished.” Plus: Perspective from four other counties that supported Trump in 2016 after supporting Obama in 2012 and 2008. And: The “Great Expectations” facing Republicans this year.

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“Ideas that matter, since 1965.“ Volume 51, Number 3

Debate 4

Cover Story (cont’d.) The American Military: At the Tipping Point By Daniel Gouré

5 The American Military: It is not too small. Rather, its responsibilities are too many. By Doug Bandow Politics & Perspective 8

Suitcases Full of Propaganda for the Digital Age By Jan Erik Surotchak Nearly 30 years after the end of the Cold War, Russian efforts to undermine the transatlantic alliance represent a clear and present threat.


A National Crisis Needs a National Response By Evan Jenkins The drug epidemic is gripping America, with West Virginia one of the hardest-hit states. But no community is immune from the suffering.


The Virginia Bellwether By Brian Schoeneman The stakes are high in Virginia, where the GOP is trying to win back the Governor’s mansion, and the Democrats are running against Donald Trump.

Cover Story - Six Month Report Card: A View from Five Counties that Supported Trump in 2016 after Supporting Obama in 2012 & 2008: 14

A View from Dubuque County, IA By Christopher Budzisz “Even with GOP control of the White House and Congress, they see little accomplished.”

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A View from Northampton County, PA By Christopher P. Borick “There is a growing weariness with Trump’s penchant to ‘shoot himself in the foot.’”


A View from Trumbull County, OH By Adam Fuller “There is nothing to indicate the Trump train is being derailed.”


A View from Macomb County, MI By David A. Dulio & John S. Klemanski “These voters like Trump now for the same reasons they voted for him ...he is not a politician.”


A View from Kenosha County, WI By Arthur I. Cyr “While Kenosha County has reflected the Republican trend, there is continuing Democratic support.”


The “OT’s” (aka, Obama-Trump Counties) Chart of the 208 counties won by Donald Trump in 2016 after they were won by Barack Obama in 2012 & 2008.

26 Great Expectations By David Winston & Myra Miller Voters put Republicans in charge of Washington when they went to the polls last fall. Six months into the Trump era, they now want to see results. Sections 3 30 32

In this Edition News & Events Ripon Profile - U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy

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In this Edition

Earlier this year, I was having a conversation with two veteran GOP lobbyists, and, like so many other conversations in Washington these days, the topic turned to the political environment and the air of uncertainty that has descended upon this town. “I would think that the challenge for you all when you return to your headquarters or home office,” I said to them, “is that the political tea leaves you have spent your careers reading are no longer applicable. The question is whether the tea leaves will return in one fashion or another, or if we are going to spend the next four years not knowing day to day what will happen next.” The conversation took place before the 100-day mark of the Trump Administration. Now that we have reached the six-month mark, it is worth recalling because the uncertain atmosphere in Washington has only gotten worse. Legislation is stalled, positions are unfilled, and the great hope among Republicans that the party is finally in a position to enact its agenda is being tempered by an erratic President and a special counsel investigation that is not going away. And yet despite this uncertainty, a sense of optimism remains. Republicans are optimistic because the party just won its fourth special election, overcoming not only the arguments of those in the media who said the GOP agenda was unpopular, but the millions of dollars spent by liberal special interest groups who claimed that was in fact the case. As for Americans, they’re hopeful, too. A recent CNBC survey found that 30% of people are optimistic about the economy both in the short and long term. This is the first time the percentage has been that high in two consecutive quarters during the survey’s 10-year history. Americans are also hopeful because – for one brief moment after the despicable shooting on June 14th – their elected leaders in Washington came together in a demonstration of national resolve. Moving forward, we all hope this sense of unity lasts. To better assess what Americans think about the Trump Administration and Republican control of Congress halfway through 2017, The Ripon Forum reached out to leading political observers in counties that supported Donald Trump in 2016 after supporting Barack Obama in 2012 and 2008. There were 208 of these “Obama-Trump” counties in total, and they helped define last year’s campaign. They will also help define the Trump Presidency in the months and years ahead – for good and for bad. Indeed, as Muhlenberg College Professor Christopher Borick writes in his assessment from one of these counties, “If the Trump electoral coalition does begin to come apart, the canary in the coal mine is likely to be Northampton County, Pennsylvania.” In addition to these six month report cards from these five key counties, the latest Forum also includes an analysis by veteran GOP strategists David Winston and Myra Miller looking at the “Great Expectations” that remain for Republicans as they begin the last half of this year. “Voters gave Republicans an across-the-board win,” the pair writes. “But to whom much is given, much is required. Now, voters expect the President and the GOP Congress to deliver the change they promised.” To the extent that so much of the unease being felt in Washington these days stems from the fact that Russians interfered in our election last year, Jan Erik Surotchak of the International Republican Institute leaves no doubt that this interference actually occurred. “The Russian Federation is carrying out a sophisticated and opportunistic soft-power campaign to weaken democratic institutions in Europe,” he writes, adding that the campaign was expanded to target the U.S. election last year. Another threat of a very different nature is the opioid epidemic sweeping across America. In an op-ed, West Virginia Congressman Evan Jenkins writes about the impact of opioid addiction on his hard-hit home state, and what Congress is doing to bring this crisis to an end. With Virginian’s going to the polls this November to choose a new Governor, political expert Brian Schoeneman shares his thoughts on the upcoming election and why it could be a bellwether to the 2018 campaign. In our latest debate, defense experts Daniel Gouré and Doug Bandow square off in a discussion about the size of the U.S. military. And in our latest Ripon Profile, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy discusses, among other topics, the priorities he would like achieve this year. As always, we hope you find this latest edition of the Forum interesting, and welcome any comments or ideas you may have. Lou Zickar Editor of The Ripon Forum RIPON FORUM June 2017




The American Military: At the Tipping Point by D A N I E L G O U R É The U.S. military is in a crisis. Decades of military that is large, well-equipped, highly trained, and underfunding and continuous employment have taken technologically superior to prospective adversaries. For reasons historical, political, and even cultural, the kind their toll. Just three of the U.S. Army’s 50 combat brigades of military we need is expensive. The U.S. has critical national security interests in and only half the Air Force’s fighters and bombers are at least four major regions of fully ready for a major conflict the world – Europe, East Asia, with a serious adversary. The the Middle East, and North U.S. Navy is smaller than at any America. Today, there are time since the end of World War serious threats to our interests II even as the areas it must patrol and our friends and allies in three continue to grow. The Marine of these or from them to the U.S. Corps has insufficient aircraft homeland, itself. We require a and helicopters to provide an military that is large, agile, and adequate level of flying hours broadly capable in order to deter for its pilots. aggression and respond to crises Our strategic nuclear forces, simultaneously in multiple parts the bedrock of a strategy to of the globe. deter a nuclear conflict, are at Since the end of the Cold the end of their life and must War, the U.S. brought most be replaced. New conflict of its military home. Hence, arenas have emerged in outer it must always be capable space, the cyber domain and of projecting military power the information space. The Daniel Gouré overseas in order to address consequences of these shortfalls and deal with crises. Our for U.S. national security were Today’s military is too small threats lines of communications and stated starkly by the Chairman to adequately address all supply stretch around the world of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, multiple times. Retaining not General Joseph Dunford, in the missions it is required only the combat forces, but also testimony before the House to perform. the transportation and logistics Armed Services Committee: capabilities to support power “The U.S. military’s competitive advantage against potential adversaries is projection, is challenging and expensive. The U.S. military has always sought technological/ eroding. Over the last decade, sustained operational commitments, budgetary instability, and advances by operational overmatch relative to potential, as well as our adversaries have threatened our ability to project current, adversaries. We don’t want to fight on an even power and we have lost our advantage in key warfighting playing field. We wish to match quantity with quality. areas. . . . without sustained, sufficient, and predictable Therefore, our weapons systems and training must be funding, I assess that within 5 years we will lose our better than those of prospective adversaries. We have an all-volunteer military and must provide ability to project power; the basis of how we defend the homeland, advance U.S. interests, and meet our alliance the salary and benefits this system entails. Moreover, some 70 percent of our service personnel today are commitments.1” The reality is that the United States requires a married, many with children. This adds housing, child care/education and medical costs to the personnel system. Retaining skilled personnel in such areas as 1) HHRG-115-AS00-Wstate-DunfordJ-20170612.pdf



(cont’d on p. 6)


The American Military:

It is not too small. Rather, its responsibilities are too many. by D O U G B A N D O W Republicans typically argue that government is too In response, America established a globe-spanning presence involving alliances, bases, and deployments. big. But not when it comes to the military. But that world disappeared long ago. Both sides of Many in the GOP seem to believe that the armed services can never be large enough. So they constantly the equation changed. America’s allies recovered in both Asia and beat the drums for a military build-up. In fact, one of the Europe. Real Communism few issues today which unite evaporated: the Soviet Union President Donald Trump and dissolved along with the Soviet Sen. John McCain is increasing Empire, and the “People’s military spending. Republic” of China joined the Unfortunately, when capitalist world. Today, Europe Washington debates the possesses a larger economy and military, it usually is in budget population than America and terms. But it makes no sense vastly larger than Russia. South to vote more or less money Korea has about 40 times the for the armed services without GDP and twice the population considering what it is expected of North Korea. After China’s to do. In effect, the Pentagon rise, Japan still enjoys the third budget is the price of American largest economy on Earth. foreign policy. Rather than permanently U.S. military outlays treat allied states as helpless and foreign policy are out of dependents, the U.S. should balance today. Military hawks shift responsibility for their argue that America devotes Doug Bandow defense to them. This is too little to the armed services. not burden-sharing, the But they are wrong to believe Military hawks argue that unproductive argument over that Washington must continue America devotes too little whether, for instance, European doing everything it has been military outlays are hitting doing around the world -to the Armed Services. But some arbitrary percentage of indeed, that it must do more, they are wrong to believe GDP. Instead, it is burdenever more. shedding. Populous and America remains the that Washington must prosperous states should take unipower, defending rich continue doing everything over their own defense. Rolling industrialized nations, it has been doing around back defense commitments in rebuilding failed Third Asia and Europe would allow World states, and doing most the world. the U.S. to downsize its force everything in between. These structure. are largely duties of choice The U.S. also should drop its propensity for rather than necessity. They are also choices the U.S. no nation-building and regime change. Of America’s longer can afford. Coming out of World War II, Washington was forced recent interventions — Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, to act as guardian of the free world, if not quite the and Afghanistan — only the latter advanced America’s universe. Western Europe and Japan had been ravaged security interests, and only the initial overthrow of by war; the Soviet Union had turned into an aggressive the Taliban. Nearly 16 years of nation-building have superpower with an Eastern European empire; a consumed American lives and wealth for no good radical Communist revolution had transformed China. (cont’d on p. 6) RIPON FORUM June 2017


on Capitol Hill — don’t laugh, miracles do happen! — (Bandow, cont’d from p. 5) purpose. The other wars did far more to spread chaos, annual federal deficits will hit a trillion dollars in just six weapons, and terrorism than encourage peace and years. The accumulated deficit over the coming decade will stability. Washington should set a far higher bar for be $9.4 trillion. And that’s the good news. The red ink becomes a miscellaneous meddling, which would allow reliance on a smaller military more narrowly focused on the few tsunami in the following years. Federal debt as a percentage of GDP currently runs about essential tasks which only the 77 percent, the highest since U.S. can perform. the early post- World War II An ancillary benefit of Military retrenchment is not years. But the CBO warns that military restraint would be popular in the Republican this percentage will double by making fewer enemies and 2047, higher than the levels Party. But America’s coming creating fewer terrorists. in Greece before the latter’s The causes of terrorism are financial infirmity may allow fiscal crisis. complex, but it usually acts as no other course. The U.S. no longer can war by other means. The more do it all overseas. It’s time the U.S. bombs, invades, and for Washington to shift to a occupies other nations, the more it encourages attacks on Americans and the American foreign policy of restraint. Doing so would allow America homeland. Washington must continue to kill or incapacitate to field a smaller military and spend less on the armed those who mean America ill. But the U.S. also should act forces. RF to create fewer enemies. Doing so would further reduce the Doug Bandow is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and need for military force structure and outlays. Military retrenchment is not popular in the Republican a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan. Party. But America’s coming financial infirmity may allow He is the author of Foreign Follies: America’s New Global no other course. Absent a new sense of fiscal responsibility Empire.

“AMERICA’S MILITARY: BIG ENOUGH?” (Gouré, cont’d from p. 4) for over a decade we have underfunded the military information technologies and cyber security in a highly by more than $50 billion a year. There is at present competitive labor market is difficult. on the order of a $600 billion backlog of deferred There are functions in our military unlike those in maintenance, training, sustainment, and modernization. many others, particularly those of potential and current In addition, our prospective adversaries have improved adversaries. For example, there are more lawyers in their military capabilities substantially over the same the U.S. military than most time period. of our NATO allies have In order to build and The United States requires infantrymen. sustain the military we Every Administration require and desire, we a military that is large, wellsince the end of the Cold War need to spend on the order equipped, highly trained, and has found that they like the of $100 billion a year kind of military the nation more than we do currently technologically superior to has and each has found ample (which is $575 billion). prospective adversaries. cause to employ it extensively This is exclusive of in conflicts, humanitarian proposed contingency fund missions, and peacekeeping efforts. None has chosen to spending of $65 billion. I would point out that even at redesign our military based on deterring fewer threats, this higher level, the defense budget would amount to supporting fewer allies, a renunciation of military only 5% of U.S. GDP and about 15% of total federal technological superiority, or ending the all-volunteer spending. RF military. If this is the military we want and we deploy it continuously, we must pay for it. Dr. Daniel Gouré is a Vice President with the Today’s military is too small to adequately address Lexington Institute, a nonprofit public-policy research all the missions it is required to perform. In addition, organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. 6


AFPM is a trade association representing high-tech American manufacturers of virtually the entire U.S. supply of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, other fuels and home heating oil, as well as the petrochemicals used as building blocks for thousands of vital products in daily life.



Politics & Perspective

Suitcases Full of Propaganda for the Digital Age

The Russian Soft-Power Campaign to Undermine the Transatlantic Democratic Community by JAN ERIK SUROTCHAK

In the days of the old Soviet Union, there was an often- to blackmail its neighbors; regularly practices military repeated joke about the ‘mainstream media’ of the time, gamesmanship in areas such as the Baltic Sea to demonstrate where the two major papers were called Pravda (‘Truth’) strength and encourage hesitation on the part of the West; and Izvestiya (‘The News’). There was, so the joke went, and has been the power behind covert operations designed no ‘news’ in ‘Truth,’ and no ‘truth’ in ‘The News.’ to bring down democratic governments, which we most Today, the Russian Federation under President recently saw in Montenegro last year. Vladimir Putin has updated this approach for a new, Parallel to these applications of hard power, the more tech-savvy era and taken Russian Federation is also it global as part of its attempt carrying out a sophisticated to undermine the democratic and opportunistic soft-power institutions of the transatlantic campaign to weaken democratic community – an effort that institutions in Europe. This began long before news broke effort stands on five key pillars of Russian involvement in the of engagement employed by the 2016 US presidential elections. Kremlin to achieve its strategic In Europe, the post-Cold goals. war strategic goal of the United The first of these five States was crystalized by George pillars is direct financial and/ H. W. Bush in Mainz, West or political support of parties Germany in May 1989: to build that support Russian Federation and maintain a Europe “whole positions on the national and/ and free.” At that time, the field or at the European Union for democracy advocates – both level. The most extensivelyEuropean and American – was documented example of this Today, Moscow’s goal is wide open. The people of the practice is the combined 11 newly freed, former Warsaw million Euros funneled to quite clear: to destroy the Pact countries were hungry for Marine Le Pen’s Front National institutions of the post-war assistance; those in the field felt in France in 2014. transatlantic consensus, most the full support of the United But there are many more States government; and Russian examples. In Germany, importantly the European interference was declining the increasingly deep ties Union and NATO. dramatically following the between the right-wing, anticollapse of the Soviet Union. establishment Alternative für Over two decades later, the strategic situation has Deutschland (AfD) party and Putin’s United Russia party changed radically, and in some ways has reversed. Today, in Moscow have raised red flags. In Hungary, the extreme it is Moscow’s goal that is quite clear: to destroy the right-wing Jobbik party has been under investigation for institutions of the post-war transatlantic consensus, most allegedly receiving funding from the Russian government. importantly the European Union and NATO. Completely And this is not merely a problem with the far-right. Italy’s apart from the well-known military intervention and regionalist Northern League and the far-right New Force annexation tactics in Georgia and Ukraine, the Kremlin from Italy and Greece’s left-wing Syriza and right-wing has deployed a multi-faceted campaign to achieve this Golden Dawn have also come under scrutiny as a result of objective. their support for Moscow. Moscow effectively uses its control of energy supplies The second pillar of Moscow’s effort to undermine 8


Europe is its execution of sophisticated disinformation already having been hacked, the country’s leaders are very campaigns against governments, parties and individuals aware of the threat posed to their democratic process. We that do not toe the Kremlin’s line. can surely expect much more Russian engagement in that This year already has seen a number of major elections country in the run-up to elections on September 24, 2017. in Europe – in the Netherlands in March and in the UK and The third pillar of Russia’s effort is to seize upon France just last week – and national elections are still to areas of domestic tension to sow divisions that play to come in Germany in September. Knowing that any other its advantage. Perhaps the clearest example of this tactic possible coalition government not under the leadership of could be seen in the campaign leading up to the April 6, Chancellor Angela Merkel will not maintain the European 2016, referendum in the Netherlands organized by an anticonsensus on the sanctions regime imposed on Moscow EU NGO, asking whether or not the public would support for its aggression in Ukraine, Moscow is directing its the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine. full disinformation fury on Merkel and her Christian Here, anti-Ukrainian Russian narratives were picked Democratic Union. almost verbatim by the Right and the Left in their respective Taking the long view, this is nothing new. After the “No” campaigns in the Dutch referendum, where flyers Russian Revolution, Adolph Joffe, the first Bolshevik contending that Ukraine suffers from “armed fascist ambassador to Germany, was caught carrying suitcases militias” roaming the streets were taken directly from stuffed with anti-German Russian propaganda outlets. propaganda into Berlin. Of On the Left, the Socialist Party course, today the internet in the Netherlands condemned has made the transmission the Association Agreement as of propaganda far more “partially responsible” for “a sophisticated and dangerous. bloody civil war with nearly Evidence collected by 10,000 deaths and more than a the International Republican million people in flight” from or Institute’s Beacon Project, which within Ukraine. is designed to push back against As such, Dutch voters were Moscow’s disinformation and asked to believe that having soft-power meddling, suggests Ukraine in the EU would that the campaign against the antagonize Russia and risk war Merkel government rests on on Europe’s doorstep. Faced three core narratives, some of with this sophisticated campaign Jan Erik Surotchak which have also been adapted to of scaremongering, 61 percent other European countries. of the Dutch electorate voted First, that Merkel’s “No.” The Russian Federation is immigration and refugee policies The fourth pillar of the carrying out a sophisticated Russian effort is the use of have left the country at the mercy of Muslim criminals. The fake “democracy support” and opportunistic softinfamous “Lisa Case” of early Just as power campaign to weaken organizations. 2016 (and recent follow-on “Lisa Russia has become one of democratic institutions 2.0 Case”), in which migrants the world’s leading sources were falsely accused of raping a of “fake news,” the Russian in Europe. young, ethnically Russian girl in Federation has established soGermany, is the clearest example called “democracy support” of this narrative. organizations that actually exist to discredit elections Second, that Merkel’s Germany alternatively is that do not deliver Moscow-friendly governments, and the source of violence. This was the main thread in last legitimize elections that deliver the desired results. month’s fake news regarding an alleged rape by German As recently as last month, the contested Nagornosoldiers deployed by NATO in Lithuania. Karabakh region held a so-called “constitutional And third, that Merkel’s policies have weakened the referendum” that was “observed” by fake election economy by driving hard-working ethnic Germans out of monitors from far-right parties allied with Putin’s United the country. Russia party, including representatives of the German AfD These narratives illustrate the way in which the and Austrian FPÖ. These efforts are built upon the same Kremlin exploits legitimate policy debates surrounding extreme-right and extreme-left political personalities in Germany’s open-door migrant policy and exacerbates Western and Central Europe that carry Moscow’s water in tensions through fake news. With the German Bundestag domestic debates against the EU and NATO. RIPON FORUM June 2017


The fifth pillar of the Russian effort is funding for think parties. It also means working closely with members of tanks and other NGOs inside the European Union. A number the European Parliament to press for full funding of the of large, Russian “government-organized non-governmental European External Action Service’s East StratCom counterorganizations,” or GONGOs, support think tanks across disinformation effort. The United States is Europe in an attempt to uniquely positioned to take influence foreign policy and the lead on what may be one break the sanctions regime To counter the Russian effort, the defining geopolitical imposed on Moscow by the policy makers in the United States of challenges of our time. It EU. and Europe at the national and is in our national security These five pillars and economic interest to constitute a significant European Union level must help do so. Twenty-eight years commitment by Putin’s develop a stronger transatlantic after George H.W. Bush’s Russian Federation to speech in Mainz in 1989, weaken what it views as response to Russian influence. we are undoubtedly further a threat – the successful along in building a Europe alliance of modern, liberal democracies on its doorstep, the kind of alliance that could whole and free and at peace. But threats we thought had been vanquished have someday include a democratic Ukraine, Moldova or Georgia. To counter the Russian effort, policy makers in the returned in full force, and partnership with our European RF United States and Europe at the national and European Union allies is as important as ever. level must help develop a stronger transatlantic response to Russian influence. In Europe, this means working with Jan Erik Surotchak serves as Director, Europe, for the parties and NGOs to restrict foreign funding for political International Republican Institute.



A National Crisis Needs a National Response by EVAN JENKINS Every day, we see another headline about a deadly Last year, Congress came together to pass the overdose, a family ripped apart by addiction, or an officer Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), which exposed to drugs during an arrest. The drug epidemic is is making a real difference in our fight to stop the drug gripping our nation, with my home state of West Virginia one epidemic and help break the cycle of addiction. of the hardest-hit places in the country. But no community This law includes my legislation, the Nurturing and is immune — addiction doesn’t discriminate based on Supporting Healthy Babies Act, which focuses on NAS geography, income, education babies and will improve our level, or occupation. understanding of how to treat A national crisis needs a these babies and help them get national response, and that’s what the healthy start in life that all I’ve been working on in Congress. newborns deserve. West Virginia has more deaths Money authorized by CARA per capita from opioid overdoses and appropriated by Congress than any other state, but we are is already flowing into our also making strides in innovative communities to support treatment, drug treatment and responses. I rehabilitation, education, and law pushed legislation through the enforcement. As we begin work West Virginia Legislature to outlaw in the House Appropriations synthetic cocaine and marijuana Committee on the Fiscal Year and strengthen prescription 2018 appropriations bills, I will monitoring to stop illegal pill mills. make sure that we are spending In particular, I’ve been working responsibly while also providing to respond to a heartbreaking our states with the resources they crisis that hasn’t received as much need to combat this crisis in their attention – babies born exposed to communities. No community is drugs during pregnancy. Now is also an opportunity immune — addiction This is called neonatal for us to build on the good work abstinence syndrome (NAS), CARA will do in our states doesn’t discriminate based and it’s affecting more newborns by looking ahead to future on geography, income, across West Virginia and the legislation. I worked together nation than ever before. Every education level, with Congressman Mike Turner 25 minutes, a baby is born in this of Ohio to introduce the Caring or occupation. country with NAS. Until you see Recovery for Infants and Babies a baby suffering from NAS, you (CRIB) Act in May. The CRIB Act cannot truly understand just how painful this condition is. would build on the best practices of Lily’s Place in Huntington These babies begin going through withdrawal as soon as the for treating babies born exposed to heroin, opioids, and other umbilical cord is cut. They are sensitive to light, noise, and drugs. It would also make it easier for similar centers to open even touch. Their tiny bodies shake with tremors, and they across the country by cutting regulatory red tape. scream in pain. It is difficult even just to comfort them; they I’m committed to providing West Virginia – and all of are suffering too deeply. our states – with the resources they need to address the drug Before coming to Congress, I worked closely with crisis, provide treatment, and stop drug trafficking. To get health care and community leaders in my hometown of our communities back on track, it will take all of us working Huntington, West Virginia, to start Lily’s Place. This center together. RF provides specialized care for NAS newborns in a nurturing environment, while also offering support, education, and Evan Jenkins represents the 3rd District of West Virginia in the counseling services to families and caregivers. U.S. House of Representatives. RIPON FORUM June 2017


The Virginia Bellwether by B R I A N W . S C H O E N E M A N Virginia is for lovers, or so the signs say when and Frank Wagner’s 50,347 (13.75%). The 366,248 you enter the Commonwealth. Those involved in the votes cast in the primary represent a significant droppolitical side of things in Virginia like to rephrase this off from the over 1 million votes cast by Republicans slightly to “Virginia is for lovers…of elections.” Why? in the 2016 presidential primary. With no party Because we have them every single year. registration in Virginia, using the total number of votes Unlike most states, Virginia has adopted an oddin the presidential primary as the total Republican numbered year election cycle for state and local offices. electorate in Virginia, the 2017 primary saw 36% GOP As a result, the inaugural year for any new Presidency turnout. is also a gubernatorial election On the Democratic side, year in the Old Dominion. Ralph Northam collected 2017 will be treated by 303,407 votes (55.91%) to observers as a bellwether for Tom Perriello’s 239,225 President Trump’s agenda (44.09%). The Democratic and foreshadowing for next turnout of 542,632 dwarfed year’s mid-term Congressional the GOP turnout by almost elections. 200,000 votes. Using the On June 13, Virginians 2016 Democratic primary went to the polls to choose the turnout number, 785,041, nominees for their respective Democrats managed to turn out parties’ statewide candidates a whopping 69% of their base Governor, Lieutenant Governor in this contest. and Attorney General. The Both the GOP and election was one of the most Democratic primaries were bitter and caustic in recent viewed as proxy wars for Brian W. Schoeneman memory, and the outcome, the various wings of both while unsurprising, did not parties. Gillespie stood The Democratic turnout conform to most pundit’s for the GOP establishment, expectations. Stewart, the anti-establishment of 542,632 in the June 13th On the Republican side, Trump voters. Northam had primary dwarfed the GOP former Bush administration the backing of the Clinton turnout by almost 200,000 official and 2014 Senate machine, including sitting nominee Ed Gillespie Governor Terry McAuliffe, votes. triumphed in a squeaker of a while Perriello was a vocal three-way race against former Sanders supporter. Trump Virginia Co-Chair Corey Stewart and State Gillespie focused on traditionally safe Republican Senator Frank Wagner. On the Democratic side, sitting issues, primarily on jobs and the economy, and largely Lt. Governor Ralph Northam overcame an insurgent didn’t engage Stewart. Stewart ran an aggressive anticampaign from former one-term Congressman Tom establishment campaign, fed his supporters a daily Perriello. Most pundits expected these outcomes, but mash of toxic stew about Gillespie, and got national the closeness of the race on the Republican side and attention for his defense of Confederate monuments. the blowout on the Democratic side were surprising. Perriello and Northam engaged in a contest to see who Pundits throughout Virginia predicted the exact could be the most faithful to far-left progressivism. opposite – blowouts for the GOP and a neck and neck This forced Northam, a more moderate Democrat who race for the Democrats. supported Bush in 2000 and 2004 and flirted with When all was told, Gillespie garnered 160,255 switching parties in 2009, to take positions that will be votes (43.76%) to Corey Stewart’s 155,646 (42.50%) uncomfortable in the general election. 12


The wild card, as always, is the national political cash and a name ID closer to 65%, but Perriello has environment. The President’s unpopularity is likely already endorsed Northam and urged his supporters to to lead Northam to run an anti-Trump campaign. If unify for victory. Northam also has the McAuliffe (and Northam convinces Trump supporters that the 2017 thus, the Clinton) fundraising machine behind him and race is a referendum on Trump, that could be the is a sitting incumbent. Given Virginia’s only thing that gets them to performance statewide over the polls for Gillespie this Given Virginia’s performance the last eight years, the edge November. At the same time, likely goes slightly towards Gillespie cannot afford to statewide over the last eight Northam, but this race is embrace Trump too closely, years, the edge likely goes wide open right now. The or else he risks alienating the slightly towards Northam, GOP, if it can overcome its large numbers of traditional internal differences, has a GOP voters and moderate but this race is wide open chance to win back control independents in urban and right now. of the Governor’s mansion. suburban areas who did The Democrats, on the other not support Trump in 2016, which led to Hillary Clinton’s 200,000 vote victory in hand, will get a chance to test run all their anti-Trump arguments leading up to the 2018 mid-term elections. Virginia. It’s anybody’s ball game at this point, and that’s The GOP will have an uphill battle to victory in November. While Gillespie enters the general election why election lovers from across the country will have RF campaign with over $2 million cash-on-hand and their eyes on Virginia this November. over 85% name ID, he is unlikely to get Stewart’s enthusiastic support, which means the GOP in Virginia Brian W. Schoeneman is Editor-in-Chief of BearingDrift. will remain fractured. Northam enters with half the com and General Counsel for Virginia Line Media, LLC.

Powerful possibilities We stretch to touch the stars and plan for tomorrow. Our eyes dance as we uncover nature’s mysteries. We position ourselves to strike a win and fit together life’s little pieces. For all of our possibilities, AEP is here to power them.



Cover Story

Six Month Report Card:

A View from


“Even with GOP control of the White House and Congress, they see little accomplished.” by Christopher Budzisz

Dubuque County does not neatly fit into the standard caucus vote in Iowa, President Trump did eke out a close media picture of Trump Country. victory over Senator Marco Rubio in Dubuque County during In a county with fewer than 70,000 total registered voters, the Caucuses. In the general election, Trump carried both the Democrats hold a roughly 10,000 voter edge over Republicans heavily Democratic-leaning City of Dubuque as well as the in terms of registration. Over rural areas of Dubuque County. the past two-plus decades, Trump swamped Hillary Clinton There is anxiety and the County has diversified its in the rural areas of the county frustration that issues such as economy and experienced easily outpacing Mitt Romney’s significant development of a results in 2012. Clinton health care, the economy, and once-run down industrial core. underperformed compared to jobs are not being tackled and President Obama in the city’s With an enviable unemployment rate, and downtown working class are instead being obscured. education and income levels precincts (which also are home to at or near national medians, the bulk of the county’s minority Dubuque County does not display the economic and social population). factors commonly pointed to as Trump’s recipe for electoral To get a better sense of what voters in Dubuque are success. But, like many other parts of the country, there was, thinking about the early months of the Trump Administration, and remains, a strong sense of frustration and dissatisfaction and to see what might be on the horizon for the 2018 midterm at the prevailing political and social climate. election and beyond, I spoke with a number of voters from While Senator Ted Cruz won the statewide Republican across the political spectrum in Dubuque County. 14


Six Month Report Card: The issues that come up time and again in discussions Such sentiment comes from all sides. As one Republican with voters are not the various palace intrigues regarding Trump supporter put it to me, “we have lost the ability to the inner workings of the White House, or even the high negotiate with each other to address the needs of the people.” profile issues such as the various investigations into Russian Independents often echo this desire most strongly. interference in the election and possible collusion with the While many approve of President Trump ‘shaking Trump campaign. Many Dubuquers follow these issues, things up,’ others here, including some Republicans, to be sure. But in conversations, the policy areas most worry that not much will change and that the rocky start pressing to voters here are things such as health care, the to the new White House makes Washington’s focusing on economy and jobs, security, fiscal policy, and social welfare issues and policy more difficult. Many Republicans place programs. There is anxiety and frustration that such issues the blame for the rocky start on the media or on political are not being tackled and are instead being obscured. opponents of the president who seek their own gain by For many Republicans, the frustration is that now, even sowing division. Others admit that part of the problem rests with GOP control of the White House and Congress, they see with the administration. As one voter remarked, “I support little accomplished. Many note the President’s policies of a a decided lack of unity among common sense travel ban and Republicans in Washington. the wall, but I just wish that “I support the President’s For many Dubuque Democrats, they would take his Twitter policies of a common sense the election loss remains account away from him.” travel ban and the wall, but a bitter pill, and this is The President’s compounded in their eyes by outspokenness is both a strength I just wish that they would the policies being pursued by and liability to many here. For take his Twitter account Trump and the GOP Congress, his critics, the concern is often including the dismantling of that his demeanor and approach away from him.” policies on health care and are ill-suited for the presidency. Dubuque County voter the environment. For others, For his staunchest supporters it the frustration with politics is is only by being outspoken and less rooted in party and more with how the system doesn’t unrestrained that President Trump can change the political adequately reflect the wishes and needs of the electorate. It and economic status quo. Others see his actions as simply is not uncommon to hear criticism from voters across the counter-productive. political spectrum of government as elite, out-of-touch, or Failing to heed the expectation and desire of many part of a system divorced from the needs and experience of Dubuque voters for a more results-oriented politics may be the people and too beholden to special interests. a recipe for electoral defeat here in this pivotal county in A common theme among many voters is a desire Northeast Iowa in 2018 and beyond. Without results, high for policy results, and for a government which sees the levels of frustration and anxiety will only continue. RF challenges facing the country and which addresses them constructively and effectively. Some see political divisions Christopher B. Budzisz is Associate Professor of Politics at expanding and forming an obstacle to effective governance. Loras College and the Director of the Loras College Poll.

COUNTY FACTS & FIGURES Dubuque County, Iowa Population Median Household Income % of Population in Poverty % of Population With Only a High School Dploma or Equivalent Unemployment Rate (Nov. 2016) Net Unemployment Rate Change (Nov. 2008 -Nov. 2016) % of Foreign Born Population Drug Overdose Deaths per 100,000 Citizens (2015) % of Population Under 65 Without Health Insurance

97,003 $54,605 12.20% 35.40% 2.70% -1.60% 2.50% 37.11 4.70%

U.S. Averages 323,127,513 $53,889 15.50% 27.80% 4.60% -2.20% 13.20% 16.3 10.50%

This data was gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder database, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics Map & Database, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention WONDER online database (Most recent available).



Six Month Report Card:

A View from Northampton County, Pennsylvania “There is a growing weariness with Trump’s penchant to shoot himself in the foot.” by C H R I S T O P H E R P . B O R I C K At first glance, Northampton County, Pennsylvania faces. They point to a hostile mainstream media and might not seem like “Trump Country.” Despite some leaks from federal employees as primary causes of remnants of the steel industry that once dominated the President Trump’s inability to move faster and more local economy, there are few obvious indicators of successfully on his agenda. But while Trump’s supporters lay a majority of the Rust Belt settings that were at the heart of Donald the President’s struggles on a combination of a biased Trump’s electoral triumph in 2016. At the time of the election last November, the and blood thirsty media, an entrenched bureaucratic unemployment rate in the county was 4.7%, well below state, and an ineffective Congress, there are signs of the state rate of 5.4%, and the median family income disappointment and frustration with elements of Trump’s in the county was about $8,000 above the national performance in the White House. The most common criticism of the president is level. The local economy his tendency to do damage to displays many of the staples himself. There is a growing of a flourishing contemporary There are signs of fatigue weariness with Trump’s economy with “eds and meds” with the president’s penchant to “shoot himself in prominently represented. lack of focus on issues the foot” with unsubstantiated Finally, Northampton County claims and bombastic hadn’t gone Republican in such as tax reform and attacks. Among his voters in a presidential election since infrastructure investment Northampton County, there 1984, with Barack Obama are signs of fatigue with the winning by 12 points in 2008 and his seeming addiction president’s lack of focus on and 5 points in 2012. to social media. issues such as tax reform and While not a prototypical infrastructure investment and Trump area, Northampton County nevertheless was one of only three counties in his seeming addiction to social media. One Trump supporter captured this frustration Pennsylvania that Trump carried and Mitt Romney did not. Trump’s 4 point win in this county at the eastern when he said, “I just want the President to talk less and tip of Pennsylvania was crucial in his narrow victory do more.” This frustration seems to be most significant over Hillary Clinton, helping him secure the Keystone among the substantial number of voters that gave Trump State’s 20 electoral votes. But over a half year removed their vote last November in spite of his personal flaws from Trump’s victory in Northampton County, his with the hope that he might be able to get things done in standing among the voters that helped place him in the Washington in areas that they care about. For example, Northampton County is just the type White House shows signs of wear as the president’s of place where a major infrastructure bill has broad embattled administration tries to find its footing. As with most of the country, Trump voters in appeal. The area’s location just east of New York City Northampton county seem to have generally stood by and north of Philadelphia has helped turn it into a major the President through his tumultuous first few months transportation and logistical center with warehouses in office. Discussions with the area’s Trump voters and terminals for major companies like Amazon and usually demonstrate a willingness to give the president FedEx dotting the landscape. The increased truck and time to achieve policy success. When pushed regarding rail traffic has strained the county’s aging transportation the president’s struggles during the early stages of his system, and the state and local governments who are administration, Trump’s Northampton County voters weighed down by fiscal pressures have struggled to tend to emphasize the challenges and obstacles that he finance the infrastructure repairs and improvements 16


Six Month Report Card: needed. It is interesting to imagine what may have Northampton County Republicans can support both been if Trump’s first major initiative in office was to Trump and Dent, or if it has in essence become a zeroput forth the infrastructure initiative that he called for sum game in which one’s success will imply failure for on the campaign trail and seems to be inching towards the other. If the Trump electoral coalition does begin to come six months into his presidency. In Northampton County, apart, the canary in it certainly would the coal mine is likely have been a great fit to be Northampton -- not only among his County, Pennsylvania. strongest supporters, An election map of but also among some Pennsylvania shows of the voters who took Northampton County a chance on him last to be surrounded by November and now may counties that Hillary be harboring doubts Clinton carried, leaving about their decision. Northampton an island Notably, most of of Trump electoral Northampton County is strength. But as waves represented in Congress develop in politics, as by the emerging face of in oceans, islands are moderate Republicanism often the places that feel – Congressman Charlie the changes first and Dent. Over the course most directly. Thus, if of the 2016 election Bethlehem, PA Trump cannot maintain season and through the support in this area of first months of Trump’s If the Trump electoral coalition Pennsylvania, it will presidency, Dent has been be hard to see how he a vocal critic of Trump does begin to come apart, the canary will have enough public on many issues and a in the coal mine is likely to be backing nationally to “no” vote on the White maintain leverage in House backed American Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Congress to get key Health Care Act. Dent elements of his policy won by 17 points in the agenda passed into law. RF Northampton County portion of his district in 2016, and in many ways seems to be a more natural fit in style and substance for the Christopher P. Borick, Ph.D., is a Professor of Political voters of the area than his fellow Republican at 1600 Science and the Director of the Muhlenberg College Pennsylvania Avenue. It will be interesting to see if Institute of Public Opinion.

COUNTY FACTS & FIGURES Northampton County, Pennsylvania Population Median Household Income % of Population in Poverty % of Population With Only a High School Dploma or Equivalent Unemployment Rate (Nov. 2016) Net Unemployment Rate Change (Nov. 2008 -Nov. 2016) % of Foreign Born Population % Increase of Drug Overdose Deaths (2008-2015) % of Population Under 65 Without Health Insurance

302,294 $60,972 9.40% 35.30% 4.70% -1.10% 7.00% 231.46% 6.90%

U.S. Averages 323,127,513 $53,889 15.50% 27.80% 4.60% -2.20% 13.20% 35.95% 10.50%

This data was gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder database, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics Map & Database, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention WONDER online database (Most recent available).



Six Month Report Card:

A View from Trumbull County, Ohio

“There is nothing to indicate the Trump train is being derailed.” by ADAM L. FULLER Trumbull County is very much a working class is not likely to champion an end to pork barrel spending. microcosm of Ohio. To that end, perhaps the most important Similarly, Romney failed to realize that these voters are not thing to know about presidential politics in the Buckeye State exactly kept awake at night by the $20 trillion national debt. is that Ohioans always sell their 18 electoral votes to the In 2000, a Republican was able to win Ohio by promoting highest bidder. a more modest foreign policy agenda. George W. Bush spoke Ideological beliefs, economic paradigms, and about lessening America’s entanglements in foreign conflicts perspectives on what is good for the national interest are and did not make advancing human rights an emphasis in his less relevant factors in this state. What Ohioans want to campaign. While on foreign affairs and homeland security know from candidates is what they will do for Ohio. Will the his presidency took a very different turn after 9/11, Bush still candidate bring jobs to the state? Will there be greater or lesser promoted policies that these voters liked. What particularly federal investment in the Rust Belt? Will Ohio industries be resonated with Trumbull County was Bush’s “Stand Up For strengthened or weakened if that candidate wins? Steel” plan in 2002, which imposed a tariff on steel imports. In 2016 it was simple. Two years later, this measure Donald Trump was the would help him win the county While education and job recandidate Ohioans believed a second time. cared about them and was better On the Democratic side, training may be issues that for their state’s interests. In 2008 both Bill Clinton and Obama resonate across the country, in and 2012, it was Barack Obama. spoke directly to white working the Youngstown-Warren area, In those years, the Republican class voters in their respective candidates failed to convince campaigns. They especially they mostly only symbolize Ohioans that they and their highlighted the Rust Belt region the break-up of families. policies were good for them. as vital centers of America’s But in 2016, Mr. Trump hit all economic growth. In 2008, the right chords. Obama focused on this region’s Rust belt voters were angry in 2016. They were angry potential in a new “green energy” sector. Obama also made that the ruling elites of their country were constantly asking sure to mention the city of Youngstown in his 2013 State of them to make sacrifices without giving them back very much the Union address, citing it as home to the first manufacturing in return. They were tired of being told that they have a moral innovation institute. obligation to save the rest of the world, to have their jobs taken Unlike Mrs. Clinton, President Obama tried to appeal to by immigrants, and to have their local industries compete with Trumbull and Mahoning County voters by convincing them companies overseas. They were angry about endless wars in that their region is an ideal center of tech production. When the Middle East and free trade agreements that to them only Mrs. Clinton spoke in Youngstown, she made no effort to seemed to benefit America’s competitors and America’s highlight her predecessor’s specific focus on this region. She wealthy captains of industry. spoke in general terms about job creation and unions, but she In 2008 and 2012, neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney did not tailor her remarks to the Youngstown area. She spoke told these voters what they wanted to hear. In the case of of infrastructural updates that are irrelevant to these landlocked McCain, he advocated more of the same pro-immigration counties, such as “tunnels and ports and water systems.” and democracy-exporting, nation-building global agenda of And while education and job re-training may be issues the Bush era. The anti-corruption platform of the McCain/ that resonate across the country, in the Youngstown-Warren Palin ticket also failed to resonate with people who are not area, they mostly only symbolize the break-up of families. necessarily opposed to corruption as long as it serves their own No one in these counties wants their children to learn skills local interests. The colorful and crooked Congressman James that could only be used if they left the area. Unless candidates Traficant, after all, represented Trumbull County for almost present specific plans to voters that will create jobs in these two decades. A region that thrives on federal investments counties and economically revitalize their communities, there 18


Six Month Report Card: is no chance of those candidates winning their votes. public opinion, the people in the Youngstown area seem to When then-candidate Trump spoke in March 2016 at a believe that he is working diligently for all the right ends. well-attended rally at the Youngstown-Warren Airport, he While there is no local polling, the pro-Trump rallies being promised specific improvements for the region, including a held almost weekly on Highway 224, the enthusiasm for him 35% tariff. The abandoned steel mills, he said, will be running on local talk radio, the Trump signs and bumper stickers that again when he is president. still decorate Trumbull In his August 2016 County neighborhoods speech at Youngstown and cars, and simply the State University, he talk of the town in local blamed global terrorism pubs and pool halls, on the previous two all indicate that local administrations. His excitement for Trump campaign established him has not waned. as a change agent who His legislative will do things differently failures in his first six than what the last 16 years months have not made had brought, convincing any difference to them these voters that electing whatsoever. They his opponent would just believe that he is fighting constitute more of the for heartland America same. Although he was against a ruling elite in the Republican Party both parties, the courts, Trumbull County, OH nominee, he stood for a the national media, and new independent brand. the bureaucracies, which The pro-Trump rallies being held Like Ronald Reagan they believe are all set before him, he made almost weekly on Highway 224 and the out to undermine his longtime Democratic presidency. Time will tell enthusiasm for him on local talk radio Party voters comfortable if his support diminishes all indicate that local excitement for enough to vote for a in this region, but for Republican, and even the time being, there is Trump has not waned. excited to do it. He was nothing to indicate that the businessman, not a the Trump train is being politician, who would go to Washington and make their lives derailed. RF great again. Six months into the presidency, the people of Trumbull Adam L. Fuller, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor in the County apparently still have steadfast faith in him. While Department of Politics & International Relations at national polling puts him into low favorability in national Youngstown State University.

COUNTY FACTS & FIGURES Trumbull County, Ohio Population Median Household Income % of Population in Poverty % of Population With Only a High School Dploma or Equivalent Unemployment Rate (Nov. 2016) Net Unemployment Rate Change (Nov. 2008 -Nov. 2016) % of Foreign Born Population % Increase of Drug Overdose Deaths (2008-2015) % of Population Under 65 Without Health Insurance

201,825 $43,073 17.30% 45.20% 5.90% -2.10% 1.60% 289.39% 8.40%

U.S. Averages 323,127,513 $53,889 15.50% 27.80% 4.60% -2.20% 13.20% 35.95% 10.50%

This data was gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder database, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics Map & Database, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention WONDER online database (Most recent available).



Six Month Report Card:

A View from Macomb County, Michigan

“These voters like Trump now for the same reasons they voted for him in the first place: he is not a politician.” by DAVID A. DULIO & JOHN S. KLEMANSKI Macomb County has an interesting and important history in conceptualized Reagan Democrats as voters who had American politics. Located northeast of Wayne County, home of traditionally voted for Democratic presidential candidates but Detroit, Macomb was a destination beginning in the 1970s for felt abandoned by their party, so voted for Ronald Reagan even many white blue-collar workers who were tied to the automobile though they still considered themselves Democrats. Greenberg industry. found that Macomb voters liked Reagan because he was honest, A large number of white ethnics who had lived largely on a strong advocate for American interests internationally, was the east side of Detroit – of Italian and Polish heritage especially willing to make – and stand by – tough decisions, and was for – moved north into Macomb County communities during this “the little guy.” time. Many had left Detroit In 1980, Reagan carried as racial tensions rose Michigan with just under in the late 1960s, which 49% of the vote, but he got culminated in the 1967 riot nearly 53% in Macomb; in in the city. According to the that same election, majorities 1970 census, the population of Macomb voters voted of the county was roughly for Democrats running 200,000; by 1980 it was for U.S. Senate, Michigan nearly 700,000. attorney general, state board During that time, each of education, and most other of the Big 3 – General offices. In 1984, Reagan Motors, Ford, and Chrysler again over-performed in – built or expanded Macomb compared to the rest manufacturing plants in of the state, as he won 66% of Macomb County. Those the vote in the county but less Sterling Heights, MI who moved to Macomb than 60% statewide. County were lured by In 2016, Reagan Much of Trump’s success in Macomb the American Dream. Democrats again helped put a was due to his positions on the Originally, they found it. Republican candidate over the Jobs were plentiful, median economy, which were not aligned with top in Michigan. Democratic household income was voters in Macomb felt as GOP orthodoxy and were more tied to higher than the national abandoned by their party Democratic positions. average, the housing as county voters did more market was booming, and than 30 years before. In recreational areas were bountiful (many residents were hunters Donald Trump, they also saw someone who was honest and a and fishermen and had access to hunting land and waterways strong advocate for American interests. After all the votes were close by). However, this would change with dynamics including counted, Trump won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes by less than the oil shortage in the 1970s, and a recession that lasted into 11,000 (47.25% to 47.03%). He won Macomb, however, by the early 1980s. This would help pave the way for an historic roughly 50,000 votes (53.6% to 42%). Michigan had not voted development in Macomb County. for a GOP presidential candidate since 1988. However, in 2016, Macomb County may be best known as the birthplace of Trump garnered roughly 35,000 more votes than Mitt Romney the “Reagan Democrat.” Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg did in Macomb County alone and Hillary Clinton received coined the term after his research there in 1985 and reported roughly 35,000 fewer votes than Barack Obama did in 2012. his findings in his book Middle Class Dreams. Greenberg While this does not indicate that 35,000 residents in Macomb 20


Six Month Report Card: voted for Obama and switched to Trump, there certainly were Wolfsberger, saying this about Trump’s backing: “The support thousands who did. Much of Trump’s success in Macomb was (among Republicans) is rock solid.” In March 2017, Stan due to his positions on the economy, which were not aligned with Greenberg and his colleague, Nancy Zdunkewicz, returned GOP orthodoxy and were more tied to Democratic positions. to Macomb County to conduct more research. In general, He was an ardent opponent of the North American Free Trade their conclusion was that Trump voters in Macomb remain Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). supportive, but that support may erode somewhat over time. Hence, the attraction for voters who had been used to supporting According to Greenberg and Zdunkewicz’s research, Democratic candidates and the connection back to the original Trump’s supporters do not regret their vote and are sticking with Reagan Democrats. In addition, Trump’s populist anti-illegal the President. These voters like Trump now for the same reasons immigration position resonated with voters who felt that both they voted for him in the first place: he is not a politician and the economy and public policy had left them behind or had does not bow to political correctness; he is viewed as a strong forgotten about them. Many believe that they were hurt by free leader and someone who can change Washington; is focused on trade agreements in the past and responded well to Trump’s calls defending the homeland and the border; is going to put “America to renegotiate or pull out of them all first” and bring back jobs that together. Macomb County lost. Greenberg His voters remain supportive, but and Zdunkewicz see an opportunity In 2017, Macomb-based how long that support lasts is an Trump supporters seem in favor for Democrats if they can connect of some of the early efforts open question should Democrats with these Trump supporters and of the Trump administration. understand what they are looking be able to find a message that The president’s January 23 for in a leader. They report that these makes a similar connection. memorandum pulling the U.S. voters may be open to Democrats out of TPP fulfilled a campaign like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth promise that is certainly popular in Macomb. It is worth noting Warren and Sherrod Brown, all U.S. Senators, because of their that the agreement had not yet taken effect since Congress had views on trade. Indeed, Sanders won the Michigan presidential not approved it. The rhetorical victory, however, remains, as primary in 2016. In many ways, his message and Trump’s Trump can claim credit for taking action on trade policy. On message on trade were not all that different. They both spoke to May 18, Trump’s U.S. trade representative sent official notice the voters of Macomb. to Congress that the administration planned to renegotiate In sum, Trump was able to rekindle the magic of the Reagan NAFTA. This is also likely a welcome development for many Democrats from 35 years before. Trump connected with voters in Macomb County. Even though the notice to Congress did not who felt they had been forgotten, especially on the issues they contain many details and changes policy less than when he had cared about most. His voters remain supportive, but how long promised to “rip up” NAFTA, Trump supporters can feel he is that support lasts is an open question should Democrats be able making enough progress on the issue of trade. to find a message that makes a similar connection. RF National polling shows that Trump’s supporters largely remain in his corner. In Macomb County, this is also likely David A. Dulio is Professor and Chair of the Political Science still the case. A recent article in the Detroit Free Press quoted Department at Oakland University, while John S. Klemanski is the chairman of the Macomb County Republican Party, John a Professor of Political Science at Oakland University.

COUNTY FACTS & FIGURES Macomb County, Michigan Population Median Household Income % of Population in Poverty % of Population With Only a High School Dploma or Equivalent Unemployment Rate (Nov. 2016) Net Unemployment Rate Change (Nov. 2008 -Nov. 2016) % of Foreign Born Population % Increase of Drug Overdose Deaths (2008-2015) % of Population Under 65 Without Health Insurance

867,730 $54,582 12.60% 30.60% 4.60% -3.90% 10.60% 37.31% 7.20%

U.S. Averages 323,127,513 $53,889 15.50% 27.80% 4.60% -2.20% 13.20% 35.95% 10.50%

This data was gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder database, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics Map & Database, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention WONDER online database (Most recent available).



Six Month Report Card:

A View from Kenosha County, Wisconsin

“While Kenosha County has reflected the Republican trend, there is continuing Democratic support.” by ARTHUR I. CYR The Republican Party has become dominant in Wisconsin, Les Aspin, a respected defense policy analyst. Democrat Peter with promising opportunities for the future. Barca briefly succeeded Aspin in the House. Viewed from more local perspectives, however, the picture While Kenosha County has reflected the Republican trend, becomes a more mixed, complex tapestry. The Democratic there is continuing Democratic support. Trump carried the Party has significant challenges, but it also has opportunities. county by less than 1,000 votes. By contrast, Barack Obama in Kenosha County in Southeast Wisconsin reflects both trends. 2012 had a vote margin of nearly 10,000. Notably lower voter Donald Trump won the state in 2016, against informed turnout in 2016 helps explain the difference. predictions and polling evidence. Kenosha County Executive In the same election, incumbent Jim Kreuser and Kenosha President Trump’s approval Republican Senator Ron Johnson Mayor John Antaramian ratings continue to be relatively beat back former Senator Russ served as Democrats in the Feingold, whom he defeated State Assembly. Long-time low. However, polls generally in 2010. Southeast Wisconsin Democratic State Senator Bob underestimated his true support reflects state and national trends. Wirch emphasizes his labor President Trump’s approval union background, and survived in 2016. ratings continue to be relatively an aggressive 2010 Republican low. However, polls generally campaign. The four Kenosha underestimated his true support in 2016. Assembly seats are equally divided between Democrats and Republican Governor Scott Walker has been elected and Republicans, with Peter Barca among the former. reelected, and survived a bitter recall effort. The Republican Kenosha was highlighted in the 2016 presidential primary Party controls the state legislature. campaign. Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at Carthage College Republican U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan represents in Kenosha on March 30, 2016, to an overflow crowd. Along Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, which includes Kenosha, with the college community, the audience comprised a large after succeeding Republican Mark Neumann in early 1999. number of working people. Sanders won the primary. The Previously, the seat was held for two decades by Democrat selection of Kenosha as the location for his speech reflects the

COUNTY FACTS & FIGURES Kenosha County, Wisconsin Population Median Household Income % of Population in Poverty % of Population With Only a High School Dploma or Equivalent Unemployment Rate (Nov. 2016) Net Unemployment Rate Change (Nov. 2008 -Nov. 2016) % of Foreign Born Population % Increase of Drug Overdose Deaths (2008-2015) % of Population Under 65 Without Health Insurance

168,183 $54,918 15.20% 32.80% 4.30% -1.70% 6.00% 24.07% 7.10%

U.S. Averages 323,127,513 $53,889 15.50% 27.80% 4.60% -2.20% 13.20% 35.95% 10.50%

This data was gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder database, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics Map & Database, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention WONDER online database (Most recent available).



Six Month Report Card: historic labor union strength in the area, especially the United repression of workers at the General Motors plant in Flint, Auto Workers (UAW). Michigan. Likewise, history was a factor in the visit of President The UAW from the start emphasized health care, and Donald Trump to Snap-on Tools in Kenosha on April 18, today that is an important political issue at the local and state 2017. During the visit, he announced an executive order to as well as national levels. Speaker Ryan has struggled to “buy American, hire American.” achieve passage of a Republican Snap-on is rightly viewed as an alternative to the Obama American institution, emphasizing administration’s Affordable History was a factor in the visit quality workmanship, though Care Act. Ohio resident David of President Donald Trump to today the company is global in Yankovich has received publicity Snap-on Tools in Kenosha on hiring, production and sales. by announcing a move to Kenosha has successfully Kenosha to join other Democrats April 18, 2017. adjusted to the decline of planning to run against Ryan in manufacturing jobs, attracting 2018. Yankovich is emphasizing new residents and new businesses, especially related to health care reform. transportation and storage. New Amazon and Uline facilities Wisconsin opinion appears congruent with nationwide reflect this. Kenosha County is closely integrated with the polls indicating President Trump has a relatively low Chicago regional economy. approval rating. However, the 2016 election demonstrated Wisconsin historically has been in the forefront of labor polling errors dramatically. In 2020, Wisconsin likely will reform. In 1865, a local chapter of the Molders Union was remain a battleground state. RF formed in Milwaukee. In 1886, there was substantial labor protest across the nation in support of the eight-hour workday. Arthur I. Cyr is the A.W. and Mary Margaret Clausen Milwaukee had one of the most sizable such efforts. In 1933, Distinguished Professor of Political Economy and World UAW workers sat down on the job at Nash Motors in Kenosha, Business, and Director of the Clausen Center for World four years before a similar protest and infamous violent Business, at Carthage College



The “The“OT’s” OTs”

Obama-TrumpCounties Counties Obama-Trump

208 counties by Donald Trump in 2016 after they were won BarackObama Obama(2012 in 2012 & 2008 Counties wonwon by Donald Trump (2016) after they were won bybyBarack and 2008) State AR CO CT DE FL




County Woodruff Conejos Huerfano Las Animas Pueblo Windham Kent Jefferson Monroe Pinellas St. Lucie Baker Dooly Peach Quitman Twiggs Allamakee Boone Bremer Buchanan Cedar Cerro Gordo Chickasaw Clarke Clayton Clinton Des Moines Dubuque Fayette Floyd Howard Jackson Jasper Jefferson Jones Lee Louisa Marshall Mitchell Muscatine Poweshiek Tama Union Wapello Webster Winneshiek Worth Alexander Carroll Fulton Henderson Henry Jo Daviess Knox Mercer Putnam Warren Whiteside

2008 Margin 2012 Margin 2016 Margin of Victory of Victory of Victory (Obama) (Obama) (Trump)

7.46% 12.93% 11.23% 7.04% 14.97% 14.68% 9.81% 3.66% 4.90% 8.25% 12.12% 1.07% 3.53% 6.75% 7.90% 6.97% 14.25% 7.63% 9.31% 18.48% 9.64% 20.83% 20.74% 2.25% 17.17% 23.03% 23.04% 20.77% 16.60% 21.88% 25.78% 24.39% 7.50% 20.23% 10.40% 16.01% 4.25% 9.35% 12.31% 15.64% 11.75% 12.19% 3.70% 13.53% 8.51% 22.65% 22.42% 12.62% 4.81% 21.33% 17.67% 7.74% 10.49% 19.89% 11.91% 15.64% 8.08% 17.56%

4.21% 9.22% 8.27% 2.65% 13.99% 13.28% 4.94% 1.75% 0.44% 5.65% 7.86% 0.57% 6.98% 7.48% 9.04% 8.64% 4.17% 6.64% 2.68% 13.87% 4.59% 13.38% 11.07% 1.47% 7.03% 22.84% 18.41% 14.71% 11.96% 14.63% 20.95% 16.89% 7.07% 15.97% 7.78% 15.49% 0.64% 9.36% 3.37% 15.88% 9.35% 7.43% 3.86% 11.88% 5.84% 14.74% 14.53% 13.65% 1.49% 11.04% 12.25% 3.08% 1.16% 17.37% 7.39% 1.82% 5.47% 17.02%

8.91% 3.56% 6.61% 15.60% 0.50% 7.78% 4.87% 5.06% 6.82% 1.11% 2.40% 8.68% 2.05% 2.91% 10.92% 1.58% 24.15% 13.69% 13.68% 15.02% 17.78% 7.66% 22.94% 28.02% 22.78% 5.12% 6.89% 1.23% 19.36% 14.84% 20.49% 19.27% 18.13% 0.47% 19.08% 16.02% 28.37% 8.31% 24.04% 6.26% 6.53% 20.28% 27.49% 20.60% 21.52% 0.79% 21.68% 8.30% 26.69% 14.93% 28.43% 20.99% 14.64% 2.91% 20.36% 19.92% 16.50% 6.18%








County Delaware LaPorte Perry Porter Vigo Elliott Androscoggin Aroostook Franklin Kennebec Oxford Penobscot Somerset Washington Bay Calhoun Eaton Gogebic Isabella Lake Macomb Manistee Monroe Saginaw Shiawassee Van Buren Beltrami Blue Earth Chippewa Clay Fillmore Freeborn Houston Itasca Kittson Koochiching Lac Qui Parle Mahnomen Mower Nicollet Norman Rice Swift Traverse Winona Chickasaw Panola Blaine Hill Roosevelt Bladen Gates Granville Martin Richmond Robeson

2008 Margin 2012 Margin 2016 Margin of Victory of Victory of Victory (Obama) (Obama) (Trump)

14.98% 22.04% 22.84% 7.20% 15.83% 25.17% 15.22% 9.58% 20.29% 14.78% 16.04% 5.12% 5.70% 1.01% 15.31% 9.36% 8.40% 17.27% 19.26% 12.28% 8.62% 13.26% 4.35% 17.34% 8.59% 8.78% 10.15% 12.95% 5.87% 16.02% 8.26% 17.13% 10.69% 12.92% 18.54% 10.10% 5.92% 25.31% 23.61% 10.52% 26.94% 11.50% 13.79% 5.41% 19.09% 2.13% 6.52% 19.24% 12.21% 26.27% 2.07% 5.22% 6.58% 4.64% 1.50% 13.78%

3.12% 12.57% 11.59% 3.90% 0.86% 2.50% 12.78% 7.62% 18.41% 13.46% 14.73% 2.93% 1.68% 1.60% 5.56% 1.60% 3.13% 8.10% 9.28% 5.01% 3.99% 5.93% 0.98% 11.89% 3.67% 0.45% 9.89% 9.48% 1.87% 7.92% 7.34% 14.11% 3.16% 9.83% 6.03% 9.45% 0.90% 18.56% 22.61% 7.83% 10.79% 8.27% 9.83% 4.44% 12.85% 4.52% 8.62% 15.32% 3.50% 15.58% 1.97% 4.11% 4.54% 4.65% 2.95% 17.41%

13.43% 6.33% 18.55% 6.59% 14.97% 44.13% 9.38% 17.19% 5.47% 3.58% 12.94% 10.91% 22.67% 18.44% 12.55% 12.46% 4.72% 14.80% 3.66% 22.77% 11.53% 15.29% 21.97% 1.13% 19.59% 13.92% 9.72% 3.69% 28.70% 1.95% 21.70% 17.24% 13.87% 16.35% 22.05% 19.85% 25.60% 2.92% 7.82% 3.04% 13.34% 3.06% 25.57% 23.30% 2.90% 6.06% 0.12% 2.46% 17.18% 6.49% 9.39% 9.07% 2.49% 0.43% 9.74% 4.27%

24 RIPON FORUM June 2017 This Ripon Forum analysis was prepared using data from Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections at

The “The“OT’s” OTs”

Obama-Trump Obama-TrumpCounties Counties

208 counties by Donald Trump in 2016 after they were won BarackObama Obama(2012 in 2012 & 2008 Counties wonwon by Donald Trump (2016) after they were won bybyBarack and 2008) State


Benson ND Ransom Sargent Steele NE Thurston Coos NH Hillsborough Sullivan NJ Gloucester Salem Colfax NM Hidalgo Valencia Broome Cayuga Cortland Essex Franklin Madison Niagara Orange NY Oswego Otsego Rensselaer Saratoga Seneca St. Lawrence Suffolk Sullivan Warren Washington Ashtabula Erie Montgomery Ottawa OH Portage Sandusky Stark Trumbull Wood OR Columbia Tillamook Erie PA Luzerne Northampton RI Kent Barnwell Calhoun SC Chester Colleton McCormick Corson Day SD Marshall Roberts Ziebach TN Hardeman TX Jefferson

2008 Margin 2012 Margin 2016 Margin of Victory of Victory of Victory (Obama) (Obama) (Trump)

33.53% 15.33% 17.49% 20.35% 6.96% 18.19% 3.73% 17.93% 12.16% 3.92% 10.73% 2.92% 7.72% 8.02% 8.48% 9.96% 13.32% 22.23% 0.87% 1.00% 4.13% 2.44% 5.91% 9.34% 3.40% 2.60% 16.33% 5.99% 9.46% 2.64% 0.81% 13.54% 13.86% 6.22% 6.24% 8.99% 4.64% 5.46% 22.43% 7.13% 12.02% 9.89% 19.88% 8.41% 12.30% 17.40% 1.65% 3.55% 8.30% 0.53% 6.08% 21.48% 12.89% 16.48% 19.64% 27.16% 6.18% 2.25%

17.01% 13.77% 9.77% 1.92% 13.91% 17.54% 1.12% 13.27% 10.77% 1.31% 2.24% 4.96% 2.47% 5.31% 11.40% 9.11% 18.77% 26.07% 0.89% 0.84% 5.65% 7.93% 2.72% 12.19% 2.44% 9.08% 16.71% 3.69% 9.02% 2.32% 1.90% 12.78% 12.29% 4.62% 4.30% 5.52% 2.71% 0.47% 23.00% 4.84% 5.16% 4.86% 16.03% 4.81% 4.71% 17.74% 5.33% 4.31% 10.58% 0.19% 3.60% 11.08% 6.16% 8.66% 9.84% 16.43% 5.91% 1.61%

4.33% 15.77% 19.73% 17.72% 5.94% 8.89% 0.20% 2.58% 0.48% 15.00% 8.55% 6.73% 8.60% 2.01% 11.64% 5.58% 1.14% 5.45% 14.20% 17.75% 5.50% 21.99% 11.13% 1.41% 3.21% 11.01% 8.82% 6.84% 11.23% 8.47% 18.40% 18.80% 9.48% 0.73% 19.51% 9.87% 22.58% 17.17% 6.22% 7.99% 11.46% 5.58% 1.56% 19.31% 3.78% 0.67% 5.16% 2.83% 4.83% 8.49% 3.32% 4.51% 23.77% 15.51% 15.53% 1.96% 7.92% 0.48%





County Buckingham Caroline Chesapeake Covington Essex Nelson Westmoreland Essex Clallam Cowlitz Grays Harbor Mason Pacific Adams Buffalo Columbia Crawford Door Dunn Forest Grant Jackson Juneau Kenosha Lafayette Lincoln Marquette Pepin Price Racine Richland Sauk Sawyer Trempealeau Vernon Winnebago

2008 Margin 2012 Margin 2016 Margin of Victory of Victory of Victory (Obama) (Obama) (Trump)

0.87% 11.97% 1.27% 12.06% 10.35% 9.15% 10.24% 14.48% 3.30% 11.15% 14.56% 8.66% 14.07% 18.35% 14.66% 15.26% 27.03% 17.33% 14.95% 15.16% 23.88% 21.84% 9.00% 18.06% 22.32% 12.48% 5.28% 12.89% 13.40% 7.41% 20.63% 23.04% 6.23% 26.39% 22.00% 11.66%

2.43% 8.24% 1.04% 14.76% 7.30% 2.72% 6.95% 13.40% 0.38% 4.44% 14.11% 7.09% 11.52% 8.73% 2.93% 13.58% 19.98% 6.99% 4.97% 5.44% 13.77% 15.01% 7.03% 12.23% 15.37% 0.71% 0.27% 2.22% 0.04% 3.54% 16.13% 18.47% 0.49% 14.08% 14.73% 3.73%

11.28% 5.02% 1.26% 18.26% 2.14% 5.59% 7.14% 16.65% 2.76% 13.32% 6.99% 5.81% 6.74% 21.92% 21.82% 2.14% 5.40% 3.22% 11.09% 26.58% 9.43% 11.74% 26.05% 0.31% 8.99% 20.60% 24.09% 23.08% 25.00% 4.28% 5.50% 0.35% 18.41% 12.64% 4.43% 7.34%

This Ripon Forum analysis of the “OT Counties” was prepared using data from the Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections at

RIPON FORUM June 2017 25 This Ripon Forum analysis was prepared using data from Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections at


As Donald Trump reaches the six month mark of serious concerns about the state of the economy. his presidency, the media predictably is focused almost Similarly, in 1992, despite the Clinton campaign’s solely on the short term. An assessment at six months famous “it’s the economy, stupid” message, President is inevitable politically. But Republicans need to look Clinton spent his first two years focused on a series of through a different lens and play a smarter long game if they secondary issues including a failed health care plan and, are going to be successful legislatively and in the coming as a result, lost the House decisively in 1994. After the mid-term elections. For Republicans, the 2018 mid- 1980 election, when jobs and the economy were the terms present a rare and not easily attainable opportunity central issues, President Reagan did move on economic to win a consolidating issues and hoped to election. win the House in 1982. What do we mean by Instead, unemployment a consolidating election hit 10%, and the GOP and why is it so difficult lost 26 seats. to achieve? One of the While the 2016 toughest challenges for election saw Republicans a majority party after make historic inroads a presidential win is to into various voter repeat its success in the groups, the opportunity next election by retaining can be quickly lost if the support of the voter voters are disappointed groups that made up its in the results of a winning coalition. After government with GOP an election, voters have control of Congress and certain expectations the presidency. To avoid based on the presidential that outcome and win in and congressional 2018, Republicans must agendas defined by enact a policy agenda candidates and parties that connects with the While the 2016 election saw in the election. When voters who made up the Republicans make historic inroads it comes to winning a 2016 majority coalition. consolidating election, First, they must build into various voter groups, the performance tops support among key opportunity can be quickly lost politics. It’s all about groups that voted for if voters are disappointed in the keeping promises by Trump after historically getting the job done or, not voting for results of a government with at a minimum, be seen as Republicans, including GOP control. moving on policies that union households, low meet voter expectations. and middle-income When voters are voters, and those with disappointed in progress, the party in power can pay a less than a college degree. Second, Republicans must steep price. expand support among coalition groups crucial in a For example, after President Obama’s win in 2008, midterm coalition -- independents, women, young voters, books were written about the death of the Republican and Hispanics. While the partisan mix of Senate races in Party and the permanent Democratic majority. Two 2018 should be favorable to Republicans, only a carefully years later, the Democratic coalition was gone, with crafted strategy that addresses voter expectations will Republicans building a mid-term coalition that stayed in deliver majorities in both houses. place in 2014 thanks, in large part, to Obama’s decision The 2016 election presented a uniquely volatile to focus on health care when the electorate still had environment, with both party frontrunners having 26


unprecedented negatives. However, voter frustration and economic anxiety led the electorate to vote for change over the status quo, an attitude that remains today and will likely influence the outcome of the next election. In the national exit polls, voters were asked to choose which of four candidate attributes was most important to them. The top attribute was “can bring needed change” (39%), and among the group that values this attribute most highly, Trump won overwhelmingly by 82-14. Contrary to conventional wisdom at the time, voters gave Republicans an across-the-board win. But to whom much is given, much is required. Now, voters expect the President and the GOP Congress to deliver the change they promised. Without it, those same voters may well rock the boat again in 2018 or, at a minimum, stay home.

People often ask us to predict what the political environment will look like a year from now. The answer isn’t all that complicated. The political outlook for Republicans will largely depend on two basic statistics: how many jobs have been created and have real wages increased. In other words, have Republicans delivered the kind of change, especially economic change, voters expected? VOTER DEFINITIONS OF CHANGE But in the context of expectations, how do voters define and assess change? In a recent study for the Congressional Institute, we asked respondents to describe and rank the change they want to see from this President and Congress. The top four were jobs coming back to the U.S., dealing with terrorism, upholding the Constitution, and an increase in incomes. Voters see jobs coming back

By the Numbers...



ADOPTING A GOVERNING MINDSET When it comes to voter expectations and issue preferences, Republicans have an advantage at the moment. But after eight years of President Obama in DEVELOPING POLICIES THAT MEET VOTER the White House, House and Senate Republicans have EXPECTATIONS Republicans’ top priority in the coming months to rethink how they will govern and how they want to must be to develop, enact and implement legislative work with each other and with a more amenable White accomplishments (and executive actions) that will directly House to make the most of the huge opportunity they address these major areas of concern. This means offering have been given. They are now in charge. This means voters an anti-status quo “product line” with clear benefits that not only do Republicans have to be for things, to people, their families, and their communities. For but they have to demonstrate and explain how these example, in the context of jobs coming back to the U.S., policies will improve the lives of people and their there are a number of policy opportunities that can meet communities. Republicans have to transition from the mindset that definition of real change such as tax reform, regulatory of “reacting to President Obama” into a new era of reform, and health care reform. Both parties have a history and long term standing creating Republican initiatives that deliver results and provide a governing with voters when it framework. People comes to how issues want change and they are handled which want it soon. They affects the starting expect Congress position for each and the President to side when proposing get something done policies on a particular and get government issue. The chart on the working again for preceding page shows them. issue handling on the In a focus group major issues from after the election, one recent survey research voter in Pittsburgh done by the Winston told us that it now Group. Republicans’ felt like the country strongest issue is was in “the bottom defense/terrorism, Republicans’ top priority in the coming of the ninth and with a lead of 17 months must be to develop, enact and there are two outs.” points. They also In other words, this have advantages on implement legislative accomplishments might be America’s the economy (+8) and (and executive actions) that will directly last chance to get it jobs (+9). On taxes, right. Republicans Republicans have a address major areas of concern. in Congress need five point lead, but to focus on voter with a margin that RF close, only a strong, comprehensive tax reform plan that priorities and they need to deliver results. people believe will improve their personal economic situations will win the issue. Republicans trail by 8 on David Winston is the president of The Winston Group, health care, in part, because the electorate is not yet clear a Washington, D.C., strategic planning and survey on what the Republican replacement for the Affordable research firm. Myra Miller is the firm’s Senior Vice President and Co-Founder. Care Act will do. as one of the best ways to improve the economy and their personal situations.

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Brady Lays Out His Vision for Reforming the Nation’s Tax Code

“Make it bold, make it permanent, and make it now.” WASHINGTON, DC – In a June 7th speech to a breakfast meeting of The Ripon Society, U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-8) laid out his vision for reforming the nation’s tax code, saying he would like to see a reform plan that is not only bold and permanent, but approved and signed into law by the end of 2017. Brady serves as Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee. In this position, he is leading the effort underway on Capitol Hill to rein in the IRS and rewrite the tax code. He also led the Committee’s work to author a reform blueprint that is intended to achieve this goal. Brady opened his remarks by talking about the blueprint, saying it is designed to ease the tax burden on American families here at home, while at the same time leveling the playing field for American businesses abroad. “We went straight at our competitors with the lowest rates in modern history,” the Texas lawmaker declared, pointing to the fact that the blueprint cuts taxes across-the-board and noting that the U.S. is currently ranked 31st in the world for tax competitiveness. “That’s what it takes for our companies to compete and win. We redesigned the tax system so our local businesses can compete and win anywhere in the world, including here at home. We 30

know that other countries don’t tax worldwide. We still do, and it’s time to end that.” Brady has served as Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee since November 2015. He previously led two of the Committee’s key panels – Health and Trade – and also served as the top House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee. Before

his election to Congress, he spent 18 years as a Chamber of Commerce executive, where he saw first-hand the tax code’s impact on both big business and small business, and how the system had gotten so unwieldly it often could not tell the two apart. As Ways & Means Chairman, he noted that he has been working closely with the White House and Administration officials to craft a single reform plan that will win support on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. “Perhaps the most encouraging thing I’ve seen is when President Trump agreed to have his team sit RIPON FORUM June 2017

down with the House and the Senate and work to unify behind one tax reform plan,” Brady said. “The thought of having two plans or three plans or six plans -- which is where it was headed -- was not going to get us to the finish line this year … Our tax teams are meeting regularly. The principals from the House, Senate, and the White House are meeting weekly. I’m on the phone with Secretary Mnuchin several times a week at least. So we continue to do the work. And despite all the other white noise that’s going on politically, it has not distracted us one minute about where we need to go. We are still focused.” With regard to exact timing of the plan, Brady was optimistic but matterof-fact. “I tell people, ‘The focus should not be on the month, the focus should be on the year -- 2017.’ After 30 years of waiting for bold, progrowth tax reform, achieving it in one year will be an achievement in itself. So we’re still on that timetable going forward for 2017.” Noting that the Ways & Means Committee has held numerous hearings and listening sessions to ask Americans what they want from the tax code, Brady said one message was heard loud and clear when it comes to tax reform: “Make it bold, make it permanent, and make it now.” “Go bold and make it permanent so we can count on it,” he continued, referring to the feedback the

Committee received, “but do it now in 2017. That permanence I think is really critical. We’re looking for the greatest growth for the greatest number of years. And the way you do that is through the Reagan model in 1986, where he went bold with reforms. It balanced within the budget. Businesses could count on it, and families could count on it.” As for those who remain skeptical that tax reform can be accomplished this year, Brady suggested that the past should serve as a guide here, as well. “Tax reform is one of those issues that will be declared dead many times before it passes,” he observed. “Eight weeks before the tax reform bill passed in 1986, Senator Malcolm Wallop said, ‘If this were a horse, I would take it out back and shoot it.’ And yet eight weeks later, he was watching the President sign the bill into law.

Tax reform is a process. You work through a lot of issues. There is a lot in the current code that people feel strongly about. We made a decision to go very bold from the House standpoint, because we believe that’s where we need to go to compete.” Following his remarks, Brady took a number of questions, including one about his first two years as Ways & Means Chairman and what he has found most surprising about the job. Here, too, the veteran legislator was not only realistic, but relentlessly upbeat. “I knew it was the best job in town and it is,” he said. “I knew we had 24 of the smartest Republicans around on the Committee -- and that’s proven to be the case, as well. In any of these positions, some days you’re up and some days you’re not. That’s just sort of the way life works in

the political world. I don’t know that I’ve enjoyed every moment… But I really love this job. I love the issues we’re involved in. And after we finish health care and tax reform and try to get trade back on track and see where we can help on infrastructure, I’ve got some plans on our entitlement programs as well, because that’s the other part of getting our financial house in order. “I’ll finish with this. These are all big issues, none more challenging than tax reform. For Congress, it is the challenge of a lifetime every time. And we’re kind of privileged. It may not feel like it right now, but we really do have the opportunity to dramatically change the course of this country. And not just for us. We always talk about making a difference for our kids and grandkids. We really have a chance to do that. I’m convinced we can, and I’m convinced we can this year.” RF

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Occupation: U.S. Senator & Physician First job & lesson(s) you learned from it: Mowing grass. I learned if you work hard you can do well. Book you read that you’re recommending to friends: The Accidental Superpower: The Next Generation of American Preeminence and the Coming Global Disorder by Peter Zeihan. Challenge facing your State that you’re working to address: Better jobs for working families. Priorities in the United States Senate that you hope to achieve this year: Replace ACA with a plan which meets the needs of working families. Reform National Flood Insurance Program and reauthorize it for 10 years. Finally, finish this sentence: “If I could reform one agency or department in the federal government, it would be…” The Army Corp of Engineers.



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