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Ridgefield Academy   Parent/Student   Athletic  Handbook   2014  –  2015            

Beth  MacInnes   Athletic  Director   (203)  894-­‐1800  ext.  107     Marc  Lindstrom   Assistant  Athletic  Director   (203)  894-­‐1800  ext.  117  

Ridgefield Academy Parent/Student Athletic Handbook 2014 - 2015 Philosophy of RA’s Athletic Program Athletics is an integral and required part of an Upper School student’s overall educational experience at Ridgefield Academy. Our athletic program provides wholesome opportunities through which our coaching faculty cultivates the principles of Ridgefield Academy’s mission: passion, enthusiasm, confidence, responsibility and respect for oneself and others. The objectives of RA’s athletic program are to: • teach skills and values through practice and competitive play • instill a drive to continually improve oneself while emphasizing the importance of working cooperatively as a contributing member of a team • make each student feel included and successful in sports • empower students to experience healthy competition, while gracefully accepting defeat as well as victory. Winning is naturally a goal of our teams’ efforts, but the standards of good sportsmanship and enjoyment of physical activity take precedence at all times. We believe that the experiences of hard work, high expectations, teamwork and individual effort enhance the educational value of all contests – win or lose. The Ridgefield Academy athletic program brings together its community of students, faculty, staff, coaches and parents to celebrate well-rounded, respectful student-athletes who represent the mission and values of our school on our campus and others. Program Description All students in grades 6 – 8 are required to participate in a sport each season. Practices are held Monday - Thursday from 2:35 – 3:30 as part of the academic day. Game days occur an average of once a week, either home or away. Ridgefield Academy is a member of the Middle School Fairchester Athletic Association. We compete against other MSFAA member schools as well as non-association independent schools. The sports (and non-competitive activities*) offered to RA’s upper school students are: Fall Co-ed Cross Country Girls’ Field Hockey Boys Soccer Girls’ Soccer Volleyball Wrestling Club*

Winter Boys’ Basketball Girls’ Basketball Dance* Winter Fitness* Fencing* Yoga*

Spring Boys’ Baseball Girls’ Softball Boys’ Lacrosse Girls’ Lacrosse Co-ed Cross Country

It is our expectation that all 6 – 8 grade students attend all scheduled games and practices on their respective RA team. Failure to do so may impact playing time as well as a student’s evaluation. While we understand that some students take part in activities outside of school, we equally recognize that teamwork and commitment are important aspects of RA’s athletic program and philosophy. If you foresee any significant conflicts with a team’s schedule, please contact the Athletic Director. If a student cannot participate in a practice due to injury or illness, a note is required. If there is an extended illness or injury, a note from a physician is required as is a subsequent okay from the physician in order to resume participation. Medical Information In addition to the required school forms, please complete the Sports Participation and Medical Release form found on the RA website in the Parent section. It must be signed by both physician and parent. Students injured during the course of a practice or game will be treated accordingly. If a minor injury occurs, students may return to play that day. The coach will notify parents if an injury requires treatment. If a serious injury occurs requiring additional medical treatment, the student may not return to play until the school nurse receives a note from the physician indicating that the student may return to active participation. Code of Conduct – Students 1. Respect the integrity and judgment of officials. Understand occasional unfair calls are part of the game. 2. RA athletics is an extension of RA. Obey school rules at practices, games and on the bus. Remember that you are representing the values of RA on campus and off. 3. Be respectful and show good sportsmanship to teammates, coaches, opponents and officials. 4. Display a genuine commitment to your team and to yourself as an athlete. 5. Remember that an athletic contest is a game during which you should learn the sport and have fun. Be gracious in victory as well as defeat. 6. Put forth strong effort. You are accountable to yourself, your teammates and your coaches. Consequences for violating the code of conduct will be handled by the coach and Athletic Director.

Code of Conduct – Parents and Spectators 1. Respect the integrity and judgment of officials. Help your child to understand that occasional “unfair” calls are part of the game. 2. Be respectful and model the goals of good sportsmanship toward players on both teams, coaches, spectators and officials. 3. Support your child’s role on the team. 4. Be enthusiastic and supportive. Encourage your child and the team regardless of the score. 5.

Encourage your child to discuss conflicts or concerns with his/her coach.

6. Applaud the efforts of all players on both teams. 7. Refrain from behavior inconsistent with the values of our school such as berating coaches, players, opponents, officials or other spectators. 8. Contact your child’s coach with concerns or questions. However, do not approach a coach with a concern directly before, after or during a game or practice. Contact the coach at a more appropriate time in order to set up meeting when he or she can give you his/her full attention. With further issues, please contact the Athletic Director. Communication There are several ways that parents can access pertinent athletic information: 1. School Website: Here you can find team schedules, directions to schools, scores, pick-up times, etc. 2. RA Weekly: All parents receive this weekly email newsletter highlighting news and events, including athletic updates and information. If you miss it by email, it is also posted on the RA website. 3. Athletic Hotline: Call in to hear the daily athletic schedule and updated changes. (203) 894-1800, ext. 430 4. Become a “friend” of RA to see occasional highlights and pictures of many sporting events. There are several ways to find out if a game or practice is cancelled last-minute. You will either receive an email or phone call. You can call into the hotline at (203) 894-1800 ext. 430. Please feel free to call the Athletic Office directly at (203) 894-1800 ext. 107. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Athletic Director, Beth MacInnes, at (203) 894-1800, ext. 107 or

Uniforms and Equipment Game uniforms will be issued to athletes prior to the first game of the season. It is an athlete’s responsibility to have his or her uniform laundered for each game. Uniforms will be collected after the last game. There will be a replacement cost for lost items. Students are expected to dress in their PE uniform and all protective gear. Practice attire includes RA t-shirts, RA navy shorts, RA sweatshirt and sweatpants or warm-up pants. All items, including an optional gym bag, are available at the school store. Proper footwear is also required. This includes socks and either sneakers or cleats. Cleats are preferred when playing on fields at away game sites. Students will be issued a locker in the locker room of the gymnasium and a space in the Annex changing rooms to store all athletic uniforms and equipment. Additionally, the following equipment (provided by parents) is required for participation: field hockey – stick, mouth guard, shin guards (recommended with ankle protectors), navy socks to cover shin guards or navy sock guards, eye goggles soccer – shin guards (must come up right below kneecap, white socks to completely cover the shin guard) softball/baseball – gloves girls’ lacrosse – stick, mouth guard, eye goggles boys’ lacrosse – stick, mouth guard, helmet, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves All other equipment is provided by RA. If for any reason you are unable to obtain the required equipment, please contact the Athletic office. Transportation Ridgefield Academy provides transportation to and from away athletic contests. Players must return to school on the bus unless their parent is at the away site and has notified the coach that he or she is taking them home. If a student wishes to drive home with another parent, he or she must give the coach a note from the parent authorizing permission to travel with another parent. Coaches will remain at RA until all players have been picked up. Pick-up after away games in the fall and spring will take place at the Annex circle by the field. Pick-up from basketball games will take place at the gymnasium entrance. Approximate return times are listed on the RA website with the game schedules. Directions to all away games are also listed on the website. At Ridgefield Academy we challenge our athletes to recognize ACTS of PATRIOT PRIDE in themselves and others: P R I D E

potential respect integrity dedication effort

Parent Student Athletic Handbook  
Parent Student Athletic Handbook  

2014-2015 Parent Student Athletic Handbook