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The Trustees’ Table at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Photography Courtesy of The Trustees’ Table

Amid the rolling hills of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, a culinary gem steeped in history and tradition beckons food enthusiasts of all types. The Trustees’ Table at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is not just a restaurant; it’s a bridge to the past, an ode to sustainable living, and a celebration of Kentucky’s seasonal bounties. With its heritage dating back over half a century, the restaurant stands as a testament to the timeless allure of seed-to-table dining.

At its core, The Trustees’ Table honors the seasons with a menu that varies according to the freshest produce available from their certified-organic garden and farm. From the traditional Shaker Lemon Pie to the beloved fried chicken and pork chops with grilled apple chutney, the menu remains a reflection of timeless recipes and seasonal freshness.

“We utilize produce from our certified-organic garden, as well as livestock from our farm,” shared Amber Hokams, Executive Chef at The Trustees’ Table at Shaker Village. “Our seasonal menus truly use the best of what’s available, just steps from our kitchen door.”

In this way, diners are transported to an era where simplicity and excellence were the cornerstones of every meal, and The Trustees’ Table’s menu is a revolving door of seasonal specialties, each dish an homage to Shaker Village’s agricultural roots. The garden, orchard, livestock, and apiary are not merely features of the surrounding landscape, but integral characters in the culinary story told on every plate.

Of course, dining at The Trustees’ Table is a historic event in itself, as the restaurant is housed in the 1839-built Trustees’ Office, a symbol of the warm welcome that has been extended to visitors for generations.

“We also host Fresh Food Adventure dining events throughout the year,” Hokams added. “And I’m particularly excited about our upcoming event June 29, which will feature a menu inspired by Elizabeth Kremer—the first person to run The Trustees’ Table. Mrs. K has an incredible culinary legacy, and she is the focus of Deirdre Scaggs’ new book ‘Simplicity and Excellence,’ which will also be featured at the event.”

Shaker Village, named a top hidden travel destination by BBC News, is a place of cultural and historical significance. As the largest National Historic Landmark in Kentucky, it is home to 3,000 acres of discovery and the largest private collection of original 19th-century buildings in the United States. And The Trustees’ Table, nestled within this landmark, is more than a restaurant—it’s a culinary journey through time.

The Trustees’ Table is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Special menus are offered around certain holidays, including Easter, Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving. Onsite catering services are available for events, weddings, meetings and gatherings of all kinds. Reservations can be made online or by calling 859.734.5411, and you can learn more about upcoming events, including Fresh Food Adventures, by visiting event-calendar.

12 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
2 The lush greenery of spring blankets the landscape at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, highlighting the meticulously preserved 19th-century architecture that defines this historic site. Winding paths intersect the village, inviting visitors to explore the heritage and simplicity of Shaker life. The iconic rows of white fencing add a unique geometric elegance, guiding the eye through the tableau of community, agriculture, and craftsmanship. As the largest National Historic Landmark in Kentucky, Shaker Village continues to stand as a testament to the Shaker legacy of innovation, sustainability, and communal harmony, offering a peaceful retreat into the pastoral heart of American history. 1 The Trustees’ Table blends the simplicity and communal spirit of Shaker design with the richness of delicious cuisine. Guests are enveloped by a historic ambiance that hearkens back to the village’s 19th-century roots, and the dining experience here is a harmonious symphony of historical charm and modern culinary excellence.

Shaker Lemon Pie


• 2 large lemons

• 4 eggs, well beaten

• 2 cups of sugar


1. Slice lemons as thin as paper, rind and all.

2. Combine with sugar; mix well.

3. Let stand two hours, or preferably overnight, blending occasionally.

4. Add beaten eggs to lemon mixture; mix well.

5. Turn into 9-inch pie shell, arranging lemon slices evenly.

6. Cover with top crust. Cut several slits near center.

7. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.

8. Reduce heat to 375 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes or until silver knife inserted near edge of pie comes out clean.

9. Cool before serving.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 13
3 Shaker lemon pie has been on the menu since The Trustees’ Table restaurant opened to the public in April 1968, under the leadership of Elizabeth Kremer. SEE RECIPE. 4 Country ham steak, served here with mashed potatoes and red eye gravy. 5 The winter kale salad features kale greens, baby spinach, parmesan, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, Granny Smith apples and lemon parmesan dressing. 6 Sweet potato quinoa chili, served with cheddar chive cornbread and topped with fresh young greens. 7 To say the fried chicken at The Trustees’ Table is legendary would be an understatement, considering it has been on the menu since the restaurant first opened at Shaker Village more than 55 years ago. 8 A couple enjoys a serene dining experience in the restaurant’s warm interior, with its exposed brick and soft ambient lighting, setting the scene for an engaging conversation and a delightful meal.
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Simple Updates for a Spring Transformation

Spring Transformation

Photos Courtesy of Michelle Rudzik,

de Bleu Creations

Preparing your home for warmer weather becomes a priority as the summer months approach. With insights from Michelle Rudzik, an esteemed interior designer with over 20 years of experience and owner of Fleur de Bleu Creations, homeowners can find effective and affordable ways to refresh their living spaces without the need for extensive remodeling. Rudzik emphasizes the importance of routine maintenance, decluttering, and strategic updates to revitalize your home for the summer.

“A lot of people think they need to remodel their entire home to give it a fresh feel, but sometimes, all it takes is a deep clean, a bit of decluttering, and a few strategic updates,” Rudzik said.

A critical step in preparing your home for summer involves ensuring that your HVAC system and filters are in top condition. Rudzik recommends having routine check-ups to avoid any unwelcome surprises when the temperatures start to rise. These checks can help maintain air quality and efficiency in your home, making it a comfortable haven during the hot months. Additionally, scheduling professional window cleaning enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal and improves natural lighting, making spaces feel more open and inviting.

Deep cleaning and purging unused items are foundational steps toward refreshing your home’s interior. Rudzik points out that many people believe a complete remodel is necessary for a fresh update, but simpler, more affordable measures can have a significant impact. Removing clutter, eliminating unnecessary accessories, and organizing your space can dramatically transform your living areas without a single construction project.

Rudzik shares several affordable and effective strategies for updating your home’s look. A deep clean can revitalize every room, making your space feel new. Decluttering helps focus on the essentials, making your home more spacious and functional. Simple changes, such as rearranging furniture, can alter the flow and feel of a room, while a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into any space. Replacing old pillows, throws, and rugs is another way to introduce color and texture, instantly uplifting a room’s ambiance.

1 Before its redesign, the living room carried a sense of comfort and familiarity, clearly a space that was lived in and cherished. However, it had its challenges. The room was somewhat cluttered, with an assortment of furniture, decorations, and personal items that, while meaningful, contributed to a sense of disorganization and reduced the overall spaciousness. Additionally, the lighting and color scheme leaned towards the darker side, which, although cozy, made the space feel smaller and less inviting. The combination of clutter and subdued lighting created an environment that, while homey and comfortable, needed rejuvenation to unlock its full potential as a bright, welcoming, and cohesive space.

“Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint or the impact of new pillows and throws,” Rudzik said. “These simple changes can completely redefine a room.”

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of your home. Rudzik suggests changing lighting fixtures to transform the entire house. This, coupled with new window treatments, can bring style and personality to your spaces. Window treatments enhance privacy, control natural light, and serve as a statement piece that reflects your personal style.

To truly capture the essence of summer, Rudzik advocates for bringing fresh flowers or plants into shared rooms. This simple addition can brighten up your space and bring a piece of the outdoors inside, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The presence of greenery adds to the aesthetic appeal and improves air quality, making your home feel fresh and inviting.

“Bringing in fresh flowers or plants is like bringing a breath of fresh air into your home,” Rudzik said. “It’s a simple touch that brings vibrancy and life to any room.”

According to Rudzik, window treatments are a powerful tool for personalizing your space. They offer an opportunity to inject your unique style into your home while serving practical purposes. With a wide range of options available, from sheer curtains that let in natural light to bold, patterned drapes that make a statement, homeowners can find the perfect solution to complement their decor.

Preparing your home for the summer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With Michelle Rudzik’s expert tips, homeowners can quickly refresh their spaces through routine maintenance, deep cleaning, decluttering, and strategic updates. By focusing on affordable and impactful changes, you can transform your home into a comfortable and stylish sanctuary for the summer months. For more insights and inspiration, visit Rudzik’s website at, where you can explore a world of interior design solutions tailored to elevate your living spaces.

2 In revitalizing the living room, Michelle Rudzik skillfully brightened and opened the space through strategic enhancements. New window treatments were introduced and carefully chosen to maximize natural light while adding a layer of sophistication and style. A central hanging light fixture, complemented by decorative table lamps, replaced the previous darker lighting, casting the room in a warm, inviting glow. This thoughtful illumination strategy brightened the space and created an ambiance of comfort and relaxation. Rudzik further refined the room by adding clean, functional furniture that offered both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Each piece was selected to maximize the available space, reducing clutter without sacrificing the room’s lived-in feel. These changes transformed the living room into a more spacious, cohesive, and welcoming area, reflecting Rudzik’s expertise in merging functionality with stylish design.

3 Introducing fresh flowers and plants into a room is a transformative act that breathes life and vibrancy into any space, effectively bridging the gap between the indoors and the natural world outside. This simple yet profound addition has the power to instantly brighten a room, adding a splash of color and a sense of freshness that can elevate the mood and aesthetic appeal of the space. The greenery introduces visual interest and texture and purifies the air, creating a healthier and more inviting environment. By strategically placing these natural elements throughout a room, it’s possible to create a subtle yet impactful connection to the outdoors, infusing the space with a lively, rejuvenating ambiance.

14 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024

4 Before its transformation, the bathroom presented a stark, all-white aesthetic that bordered on austere. While clean and uncluttered, this bare environment missed opportunities for warmth, personality, and the inviting comfort that makes a bathroom a functional space and a personal retreat. The clinical feel of the room highlighted the need for a transformation that could infuse life, warmth, and character into the space.

5 In the bathroom’s transformation, Michelle Rudzik masterfully introduced a warm green paint to the walls, instantly infusing the space with warmth and serenity. This color choice brought life to the previously cold and stark bathroom, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. The cabinets and countertop were replaced with more modern and stylish options, adding functionality and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, Rudzik swapped out the old mirror for a more stylistic and visually striking piece, enhancing the room’s elegance and personality. These thoughtful changes elevated the bathroom’s design and transformed it into a welcoming sanctuary, showcasing Rudzik’s ability to blend practicality with sophisticated style.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 15 3
1 4 5

1 Garden owner Cindy Derer created this eclectic mosaic mailbox using a variety of colorful marbles, glass beads, shiny baubles and other trinkets. It’s surrounded here by a tapestry of color, greenery and rich textural contrast, including colossal Green Dragon lilies, purple millennium alliums, yellow flowering St. John’s Wort bushes and a number of pink, white and Kousa dogwood trees. The mailbox creates a playful centerpiece that captures the imagination, while the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy of mature trees adds a serene quality to this enchanting garden vignette.

2 Nestled within a luxuriant corridor of Japanese yew, this enticing garden path is a testament to the beauty of simple texture and the grace of understated design. The pathway is laid with irregularly shaped natural stones that guide the eye and foot past a container of Papyrus plants, whose delicate, starburst heads always seem to dance gently in the breeze.

3 A symphony of color, texture and form, this cheerful garden bed illustrates the power of diverse plantings and cohesive design. In the foreground, the broad, glossy leaves of the calla lily make a bold statement, while the silver-blue foliage of the Blue Rug juniper bushes provide a pleasing contrast. Bursts of color are interspersed throughout the bed, from volunteer cleome, red and gold crocosmias and other perennial favorites, while an artful garden sculpture rises gracefully to lend a touch of whimsy and a focal point to the space.

IArtistry in Bloom

Artistry in Bloom

n the heart of a tranquil neighborhood near Chevy Chase in Lexington, this garden is a living testament to a 35-year journey from a typical yard to an enchanting oasis where art and nature intertwine. Owned by Cindy Derer and John Gohmann, today the space stands as a vibrant testament to the transformative power of time, determination and a deep-rooted love of gardening.

Cindy, a Lexington resident since the tender age of two, embarked on her gardening journey as a young woman, inspired in part by neighbor Midge Shryer’s extensive collection of daffodils, daylilies, hostas, and more. The early days of her gardening adventure were marked by learning and acquiring plants—from Midge and elsewhere—laying the foundation for what would become a lifelong passion.

“I learned quite a bit through simple trial and error,” Cindy shared.

Upon moving to their current property, Cindy and John were greeted by a yard characterized by shade, grass and a smattering of trees and bushes— ultimately a blank canvas for Cindy’s burgeoning gardening aspirations. “We moved in during the autumn months, so I also started bringing plants from our previous residence’s garden,” Cindy recalls. An English garden began to take shape in the yard’s only sunny corner, but as Cindy’s knowledge and appreciation for shade-loving plants grew, and so did the diversity of her garden.

Today, the garden defies convention, eschewing grass for a rich tapestry of flora that spans the entire yard. Cindy’s approach to gardening is organic at its core, relying on two large compost piles and a philosophy of planting what she loves. This method has cultivated a garden that is not only a feast for the eyes but also a haven for local pollinators.

Among the garden’s many highlights is an eclectic mosaic mailbox, adorned by Cindy using marbles, glass beads, and a kaleidoscope of shiny trinkets. This playful centerpiece is set against a backdrop of Green Dragon lilies, purple millennium alliums, yellow flowering St. John’s Wort bushes, and an assortment of pink, white, and Kousa dogwood trees. The dappled sunlight filtering through the mature trees adds a serene quality to this vibrant vignette.

A pathway flanked by Japanese yew and irregularly shaped natural stones invites visitors to explore further, past a grouping of Papyrus plants and into spaces adorned with variegated hostas, glistening glass orbs, and whimsical wirework art pieces. A pair of dachshund sculptures carved by a North Carolina chainsaw artist offers another whimsical twist amid the lush greenery.

“I love that my garden is really not like anyone else’s and there is always something different to see,” Cindy shared.

The garden’s design masterfully incorporates a variety of textures, colors, and forms, from the broad, glossy leaves of the calla lily to the silver-blue foliage of Blue Rug juniper bushes. Artful sculptures, including a chainsaw-carved equine piece by Harley Dougherty, integrate seamlessly with the natural beauty of hydrangeas, irises, and hardy begonias, showcasing the intersection of creativity and natural beauty.

When Dougherty turned the lifeless pine into a breathtaking equine sculpture, the garden became a hub of community and creativity when Cindy and John made the carving a neighborhood event, reinforcing the garden’s role as a space for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. This spirit of community also extends to an open invitation for neighbors to enjoy the garden and even come pick flowers, fostering a sense of shared joy and beauty.

Cindy’s garden is also a type of living memory book, with many plants holding sentimental value and a story of their own. From Virginia bluebells from her mother-in-law who has since passed away, to a thriving blue globe thistle from Mrs. Shryer, the garden contains a personal and shared history.

At its core, the garden even transcends mere aesthetics, embodying the spirit of innovation, resilience, and community. It has become a clear reflection of Cindy’s philosophy: to plant what she loves and to create a space that is uniquely hers yet warmly inviting to all who enter. In doing so, she has crafted not just a garden but a sanctuary that celebrates the beauty of nature, the joy of gardening, and the enduring connections it fosters.

16 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 17 3 2 1

4 In this enchanting space, art merges seamlessly with nature in a captivating chainsaw sculpture carved from the trunk of a lifeless pine by talented artist Harley Dougherty. This rustic equine piece, carved with precision and care, stands amidst an array of hydrangeas, irises, hardy begonias and Solomon seal. Dougherty’s sculpture not only enhances the garden’s aesthetic, but also embodies the spirit of innovation and nature’s resilience, creating a space where the viewer is invited to linger and appreciate the intersection of creativity and natural beauty.

5 A lush tapestry of hostas with variegated leaves offers a cool, textural contrast to the pathway and other surrounding plants. Strategically placed among the foliage, glistening glass orbs reflect the surrounding greenery, adding a touch of whimsy and color to the landscape. A classic garden bench anchors the space, providing a vantage point for visitors to relax and savor the tranquil beauty, while the careful layering of plants at varying heights and hues illustrates the gardener’s skill in creating depth and interest.

6 Situated in the front yard, this low-maintenance, pollinator-friendly garden bed is home to the sunny faces of Black-eyed Susans and the soft purple hues of Coneflowers, with sprinkles of vibrant cleome adding depth.

7 Striking spathes of the Green Dragon Lily (Arisaema dracontium) rise with an almost prehistoric elegance. These slender, towering stalks, patterned with a mosaic of dark spots, mimic the reptilian allure of their namesake, the dragon. Nestled amongst the foliage, their mottled appearance provides not just visual interest but also a clever camouflage against herbivores. This North American native thrives in the dappled shade, where its intricate beauty adds a touch of the exotic to the understory, and the surrounding greenery complements the dramatic display without overshadowing the lily’s unique charm.

8 This delightful Dachshund bench was carved by a North Carolina-based chainsaw artist and is situated in the backyard garden, set against an idyllic backdrop of flourishing pink azaleas and lush greenery.

9 Embracing the enchantment of a woodland garden amidst the dappled shade of mature trees, this enchanting path unfolds into a verdant tableau, where the garden’s design thoughtfully incorporates an herb garden with layers of texture and color. Also a testament to the beauty of shade-loving plants, the rich tapestry of foliage creates a lush understorey beneath the evergreens, punctuated by whimsical wirework art pieces and playful ornamental flamingos.

10 Step into the serenity of this enclosed patio, where a vertical garden displayed on a whimsical wall trellis provides a textural contrast against the soft neutral backdrop. Below, a robust papyrus plant anchors the space in a classic urn, flanked by vibrant annuals bursting with color from thoughtfully situated containers. A bubbling bird bath adds the soothing sound of trickling water to the air, while the surrounding pea gravel and tasteful patio furniture grounds the space, inviting one to sit and enjoy the peaceful symphony.

18 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024 4 5 6
March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 19 9 8 7 10
1 This majestic residence is illuminated by strategically placed outdoor lighting to showcase the timeless architecture and classic landscape design. As dusk falls, the warm interior glow casts a welcoming aura, while skillful placement of exterior lighting accentuate the property’s exquisite stonework and manicured garden beds. The artful installation of path lights not only ensures safe footing along all walkways, but also highlights the natural textures of the surrounding plantings, creating an alluring tableau to celebrate the beauty of the night. Photo courtesy of Hemlock Landscapes.

Luminous Luxury

The Art of Outdoor Lighting

In the serene twilight, as stars begin to pepper the sky, a warm glow emanates from a beautifully curated garden. It’s subtle, yet transformative; as the landscape comes to life in a way that daylight could never unveil. Today, outdoor lighting can be so much more than just a feature for safety or utility; it’s also an art form that enhances the architectural beauty of homes and extends the functionality of outdoor spaces.

“Clients are still investing in their properties and homes,” shared Kyle Adamson, owner and outdoor lighting designer at Red Oak Outdoor Lighting. “Outdoor living spaces are also incorporating more outdoor lighting elements, allowing homeowners to maximize the time they spent entertaining or simply relaxing.”

The demand for outdoor lighting has also seen a significant shift towards creating an ambience that reflects the homeowner’s personal style and the architectural character of the home. It’s not just about placing fixtures; it’s about curating an experience.

“Our clients often request subtle ambient lighting to achieve the look they desire,” Adamson explains. The trend is moving away from harsh, bright lights to a softer glow that invites relaxation and a sense of well-being. When starting a landscape or patio project, involving an outdoor lighting designer from the get-go can ensure that the lighting plan is integrated into the overall design for a seamless and sophisticated finish.

Adamson also emphasizes the value of due diligence: “When looking into adding outdoor lighting, just be sure to do your research.” He advises homeowners to seek inspiration and assurance in the work that potential companies have previously accomplished. By reviewing a portfolio or even observing completed projects in person, homeowners can gauge the quality and style of the lighting designs and envision how it could translate to their own space.

22 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
2 Showcasing the sublime impact of outdoor lighting on home appeal, the warm glow from thoughtfully placed landscape lights not only guides the way along the winding driveway as dusk sets in, but also accentuates the architectural details of the home’s façade. Soft uplighting illuminates intricate stonework and classic wood siding, and the design adds depth, contrast, and a touch of drama to the property, highlighting the meticulous landscaping and creating an inviting and more secure atmosphere. Photo courtesy of Regency Realtors.

Perhaps not surprisingly, in this era where technology blends into every aspect of our lives, outdoor lighting has not been left behind. Home automation systems are revolutionizing everything about how we interact with our environments, and outdoor lighting is a key component of this digital transformation.

In fact, Adamson says that “Home automation is also popular with some of our clients. The great thing about controlling your outdoor lighting, is that it can be as simple or technical as you want it to be.” From smartphone apps that allow you to adjust lighting on the fly, to sensors that adapt to the changing light conditions of the day, the possibilities are virtually endless.

The future looks bright for outdoor lighting design, with innovations in technology continuing to provide homeowners with greater control and customization, making outdoor spaces even more accessible and enjoyable year-round. The trend is also moving towards more sustainable practices and smart technology integration, reflecting a growing consciousness about the environment and a desire for convenience.

And finally, it’s important to note that investing in outdoor lighting is a decision that can pay dividends in the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor spaces, so it’s not just about the immediate impact, but also about the lasting value it adds to your home. As the sun sets and the lights gently come on, a well-designed outdoor lighting system doesn’t just illuminate a home; it elevates it, creating a sanctuary of light that welcomes, warms, and wows. Whether it’s a quiet evening under the stars or a vibrant gathering of friends and family, outdoor lighting transforms these moments into unforgettable memories.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 23
3 This serene garden pathway is transformed at dusk into a magical corridor of light, where carefully placed outdoor lighting not only highlights the natural beauty of the foliage, but also ensures a safe and inviting walkway, perfectly capturing the balance between aesthetics and function in landscape design. Photo by Mark Mahan, design and installation by Red Oak Outdoor Lighting.

4 In this expertly crafted garden space, outdoor lighting not only enhances safety along the meandering stone steps, but also artfully highlights the rich textures of the surrounding greenery and the rugged beauty of natural rock formations. A gentle glow from ground lights delicately emphasizes the architectural elegance of the red-brick facade, creating a warm and welcoming approach to this stately home. This scene is a testament to how the right lighting design can turn a simple garden walkway into a captivating night-time feature. Photo courtesy of Hinton Home Team.

5 As evening arrives, this backyard transforms into an enchanting oasis, illuminated by a clever symphony of lights. The pool’s underwater lighting casts a serene blue hue, echoing the twilight sky, while accent lights showcase the garden’s diverse foliage and textured stone pathways. Above, warm lights from the pergola and eaves invite cozy gatherings and quiet reflection. Every element is carefully lit to enhance the home’s architectural features and create a harmonious outdoor living space that’s ideal for leisure and entertainment long after the sun sets.

6 As twilight settles in, this sophisticated garden oasis comes alive with strategic outdoor lighting that enhances both the beauty and functionality of the space. The soft under-lighting of the manicured hedges and spherical shrubs casts a magical glow, creating an enchanting contrast against the darkening sky. The pergola—a grand focal point—is subtly lit to invite evening relaxation, and also provides a perfect spot to entertain. Photo courtesy of Vivid Landscape Lighting.

7 Giving a masterclass in symmetry and light, this majestic Czech Cubist-inspired estate captured at the cusp of nightfall demonstrates the powerful impact of architectural lighting. The carefully positioned lights not only accentuate the grandeur of the façade, but also enhance the lush greenery, adding depth and texture to the landscape. The reflection pool in the foreground, a mirror to the stars, doubles the visual feast, creating a perfect symmetry that bridges the ethereal to the earthly. Photo courtesy of Brookes & Henderson.

26 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024 5
Photo courtesy of Hinton Home Team.
March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 27 7 6

8 Nestled among the whispering trees, this lakeside deck becomes a tranquil retreat under the night sky, thanks to the soft glow of well-placed outdoor lighting. The gentle illumination outlines the deck’s structure while providing a safe, inviting path through the natural landscape, creating an intimate setting that allows the surrounding beauty to take center stage. Photo courtesy of Alanson Outdoor Lighting.

9 This charming residence comes to life with a warm and welcoming glow thanks to smart landscape and architectural lighting that enhances the home’s character, highlighting the stonework and other design details, while providing a gentle guide for walking along the stone pathway. Soft, ambient lights nestled among the plantings cast a glow that delicately outlines each area, creating enchanting nighttime garden spaces. Photo courtesy of Modern Lightscapes.

10 As night descends, this backyard oasis transforms with the artistry of colorful outdoor lighting. The pool’s azure waters glow invitingly, complemented by the gentle luminescence of carefully placed illumination to highlight the curves of the landscape and the texture of the surrounding vegetation. Uplighting cast a dramatic glow on palm fronds, while pathway lights ensure a safe stroll through the grounds, and the illuminated cabana becomes a focal point for intimate gatherings. Photo courtesy of MK Optics.

28 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
10 9

1 In the vibrant setting of the KY Guild of Artists and Craftsman Fall Fair of 2023, Benjamin Maddox stands proudly inside his booth, a testament to his journey and achievements in glass and metal art. This photograph captures a moment of triumph and celebration for Maddox, surrounded by his creations that shimmer with the intricacy of his craft. The meticulously arranged booth showcases a diverse array of his work, from the delicate interplay of light and color in his stained-glass pieces to the robust beauty of his metal sculptures. This setting not only highlights Benjamin’s talents and the unique blend of materials he masters but also his connection with the art community and the appreciative audience at the fair. His presence at this event underscores his growing reputation and the recognition of his artistry within Kentucky’s vibrant arts scene, marking another milestone in his burgeoning career.

IFrom Welding to Wonders:

From Welding to Wonders:

The Artistic Journey of Benjamin Maddox

The Artistic Journey of Benjamin Maddox

n the ever-evolving world of art, where creativity meets craftsmanship, Benjamin Maddox stands out as a beacon of innovation and passion. His journey from a professional welder to a renowned glass and metal artist encapsulates the transformative power of artistic pursuit. Eight years ago, Maddox embarked on a career that seemed worlds apart from today’s art galleries that house his creations. He honed his skills as a welder, manipulating steel, aluminum, and other metals with precision. Yet, even in those early days, he was “always a little bit of a creative,” a spark that would eventually lead him to explore beyond the confines of traditional trades.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic marked a turning point for Maddox. With the world in turmoil, he seized the opportunity to open his own metal fabrication business, venturing into mobile work. However, it wasn’t long before he realized that the trades were not his true calling, with their harsh and demanding nature.

“I found that the arts were more in tune with what I wanted for my life,” Maddox said. This realization propelled him into the world of galleries, where his work began to gain traction.

Maddox’s artistic journey took a significant turn when a friend introduced him to stained glass. With no formal training, he dove into the craft, teaching himself the intricate art of glasswork. His ambition and passion for learning led him to smaller art fairs, where he networked with other artists and met his mentor, Dan Barnes, a celebrated artist known for his fusion of glass with metal art. Barnes, who won the 2006 Governor’s Awards in the Arts in Kentucky, played a pivotal role in Maddox’s growth as an artist.

Under Barnes’s mentorship, Maddox’s craft flourished. He was accepted into the Kentucky Crafted Program, a testament to his skill and creativity. This recognition marked the beginning of a thriving business, as Maddox’s artworks found their way to prestigious art fairs in Florida, including Boca Raton, Mount Dora, Bonita Springs, and Palm Beach Gardens. Maddox reflected on his journey, “I’ve been welding for eight years, doing metal sculptures for six, and glasswork for two. It’s been an incredible journey of growth and discovery.”

Maddox’s work is a celebration of material and form, with certifications in welding across a spectrum of metals and a mastery of glass that spans Tiffany glass, traditional fully-leaded glass, and kiln fused glass. His inspirations are as diverse as his materials, drawing from the impressionist strokes of Van Gogh and Monet, the abstract expressions of Kandinsky, and the innovative installations of Yayoi Kusama. Moreover, his love for Manga, with its depictions of clouds, birds, water, and cosmic forces, infuses his work with a unique blend of natural and fantastical elements.

Maddox is preparing for his next show at the Kentucky Crafted Market at the Kentucky Horse Park Alltech Arena on March 9-10. He also anticipates showcasing his work at Saint James Court in Louisville and the Kentucky Guild of Arts and Craftsmen, where he serves as the Chairman of the Fair Committee. This annual show, hosted by the Kentucky Arts Council, features the commonwealth’s best visual and craft artists. The 2024 event features dozens of exhibitors, including artists, publishers, food vendors, and live music on The Market Stage. Visitors will also enjoy the Hands-On Activities area and a presentation of folk traditions.

Among his upcoming projects is a collaboration with Dan Barnes on a large-scale installation at River Valley Behavioral Health in Owensboro—a 10-foot metal disk adorned with spiraling glass pieces.

“Every piece I create is a piece of me,” Maddox said. “It’s not just about blending materials; it’s about weaving stories and emotions into tangible forms.” Benjamin Maddox’s journey from welder to celebrated artist is not just a testament to his talent but a reminder of the boundless possibilities that lie in the pursuit of one’s passions.

For those intrigued by the fusion of glass and metal or seeking to commission a piece, Benjamin Maddox can be reached at or by phone at (859) 221-7407.

30 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
Photo credit - Kate Hennessey, Valkyrie Photography.

2 “Nabla in Blue” is a mesmerizing masterpiece that challenges the conventional boundaries of art and perception. This 32” x 32” x 5” creation features a simple yet profound blue triangle set against a deep black background, a design that belies the complexity of its visual effects. It is an “Infinity Mirror” artwork, a concept that transforms a mere 5-inch physical width into an illusory expanse that seems to extend 3 feet into the wall when viewed in darkness. The piece captivates viewers, drawing them into a seemingly endless luminescent void, where light and reflection create a perpetual sense of depth and infinity. This work is not just a visual experience; it explores the infinite possibilities within the confines of space and perception, inviting observers to ponder the endlessness that can be contained within a bounded form.

3 Benjamin Maddox meticulously sets up his booth at the onset of every fair he attends. This curated exhibition space showcases his talent and invites fair goers into his artistic world. This photograph captures his booth in Boca Raton, Florida, presenting an immaculate display of his most recent bodies of work: “Rogue Waves” and “Aperture.” These pieces, each a testament to Maddox’s evolving artistic narrative, highlight his ability to manipulate metal and glass into expressions of natural phenomena and abstract concepts. This setting serves as a commercial space and a personal gallery where the dialogue between artist and audience can flourish. This photo shows the culmination of Maddox’s journey from concept to creation, bringing his visions to life for all to experience at the fair.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 31 2

4, 5, & 6 Maddox’s “Sidelights of Orion” is a captivating series of three sidelights that bring the cosmic allure of the night sky into the intimate setting of a private residence in Nicholasville, KY. Crafted from the rare and discontinued Uroboros glass, these sidelights, each measuring 3’ x 12”, feature mesmerizing purple and blue circles that artistically depict the three stars of Orion’s belt gracefully split across a door. This trio of photos showcases the work’s ethereal beauty and intricate craftsmanship, highlighting the seamless integration of art and architecture. Uroboros glass not only adds a layer of exclusivity and rarity to the piece but also casts a dance of colors and light that transforms the space with an otherworldly glow. Commissioned to add a personal and celestial touch to a home, the “Sidelights of Orion” stand as a testament to the power of art to connect us with the universe in the most personal of spaces.

7 A striking piece from Benjamin Maddox’s esteemed “Rogue Wave” series is a testament to his innovative approach to art. This 40” x 24” masterpiece skillfully marries 3D fused glass with a custom-dyed aluminum panel, creating a captivating illusion of a seamless, full picture when viewed head-on. The dynamic interplay between the cool, textured glass and the vibrant, undulating colors of the aluminum encapsulates the unpredictable and awe-inspiring essence of a rogue wave crashing against the shore. Maddox’s ability to manipulate materials to evoke the power and beauty of natural phenomena showcases his mastery of his medium and deep connection to the natural world. This piece highlights Maddox’s technical prowess and his artistic vision, inviting viewers into a moment of both tension and tranquility, much like the fleeting beauty of a wave before it breaks.

32 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
7 5

8 & 9 In a display of both skill and artistry, Benjamin Maddox takes on the monumental task of breathing new life into a cherished space with this creation. Measuring an impressive 5 1/2’ x 6’, this traditional-style window is a testament to Maddox’s mastery over glass and dedication to restoration. Installed in Lexington, KY, this piece was crafted from scratch to replace an original window that fell victim to a devastating windstorm. The installation process, captured in a photograph with Benjamin perched on a ladder, showcases the meticulous care and precision required to erect such a substantial work of art. Another image, a close-up of the window, reveals the intricate leaded details and vibrant hues that compose this stunning visual narrative, demonstrating how Maddox’s work not only restores physical structures but also rekindles the light and color that breathe life into spaces.

10 “Huey” is not just a sculpture; it’s a landmark in the artistic journey of Benjamin Maddox. This polygonal stainless-steel rabbit, poised in a dynamic running position and cantilevered on a wooden base, marks the inception of Maddox’s professional art career. Measuring 2’ x 2’ x 8”, “Huey” is a testament to Maddox’s work’s meticulous craftsmanship and creative vision. Each shape of this captivating piece was hand-cut, welded, ground, and polished with the utmost care, reflecting a dedication to the subject’s form and spirit. Set against the natural grass backdrop, the sculpture’s polished surfaces shine, capturing the essence of movement and life. “Huey” is more than an art piece; it represents a pivotal moment of realization for Maddox, fueling his passion and decision to pursue art professionally. This sculpture embodies the blend of technical skill and artistic exploration that characterizes Maddox’s diverse body of work.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 33 8 9 10

Modern Lines, Timeless Design

Modern Lines, Timeless Design

1 Nestled in a sublime pastoral setting in Lexington’s Hamburg neighborhood, this modern farmhouse-style home exudes timeless charm with its crisp white exterior and contrasting black trim. The architectural symmetry is highlighted by an array of large windows inviting natural light to flood spacious interiors, while sleek metal railings lead to a welcoming porch. The fusion of traditional design and contemporary accents is evident throughout the home, with the use of classic brickwork and warm natural wood accents.

Situated in the Cottages at Ashford Oaks in Lexington’s Hamburg neighborhood and built by Jason Justice of Justice Builders, this new residence gives a harmonious blend of modern farmhouse chic with a hint of Scandinavian minimalist vibes, providing the ideal backdrop for homeowner Morgan Justice—Jason’s daughter and a graduate student studying architecture at the University of Kentucky—to live, work and entertain.

2 Contemporary design meets comfort in a symphony of neutral tones and natural textures within this tranquil living room, which boasts a unique, raw-edged wooden coffee table handcrafted by the homeowner’s father, builder Jason Justice. Stunning 10-inch-wide reclaimed hardwood floors from a barn in upstate New York lend additional warmth to the monochromatic aesthetic, while an oversized woven area rug anchors the space and a modern linear gas fireplace brings cheer to winter’s chill.

The home’s façade is a tapestry of painted brick and wood siding, with an aluminum metal roof over the porch, boasting a welcoming symmetry punctuated by expansive windows that bathe the interior in soft natural light. Black trim creates a sharp sense of contrast, highlighting the home’s architectural symmetry, while the large Anderson windows also work to establish a dialogue between the home’s interior and the natural world outside. Morgan’s father, builder Jason Justice, gave the front elevation a personal touch, welding the front porch railing himself and even signing it, “To Morgan, Love Dad.”

A haven of tranquility, the home’s interior design aesthetic is the result of a collaboration between Morgan and her mother, interior designer Kim Justice. The open concept living room, dining room and kitchen area on the main level is a symphony of neutral tones and textures. Central to this serene space and holding the room’s focus is a unique wooden coffee table, raw-edged and handcrafted by Morgan’s father builder Jason Justice, while 10-inch reclaimed wood flooring sourced from a barn in upstate New York works to ground the space with an authentic organic feel.

Functionality and rustic appeal also converge in the heart of the home. In the kitchen, custom cabinetry in a gentle white hue pairs with the professional gleam of stainless-steel Wolf appliances and a custom range hood. The Taj Mahal quartzite countertops, a natural and heat-resistant stone, showcase the homeowner’s penchant for both beauty and practicality.

Flowing from the kitchen, this multipurpose space finds form as a dining room where the presence of an Arhaus table—once belonging to Morgan’s grandmother—anchors the area in tradition. White shiplap walls amplify the light, and a wrought-iron chandelier softly illuminates the room, echoing the contemporary yet rustic ethos of the house. It’s a space designed with gatherings in mind, fulfilling Morgan’s vision of a home where entertainment and warmth coalesce effortlessly.

36 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024

“I love to host Mother’s Day and Christmas brunches,” Morgan shared. “We definitely had entertaining in mind when finalizing the floor plan and layout of the home.”

In the primary bedroom, tranquility reigns supreme. The simplicity of shiplap walls melds seamlessly with the elegant monochromatic color palette to create a space that is as inviting as it is restful, while the en-suite bath evokes a spa-like feel. Every morning at 8 a.m., the roller shades rise automatically to reveal the day, thanks to a smart home system that also governs lights, locks, and music, enveloping the entire residence in a new world of technology-infused simplicity.

The downstairs powder room reflects the home’s overall design philosophy, blending modernity with handcrafted touches. A wooden mirror and rectangular vessel sink set against shiplap walls exude a hint of coastal vibes, while the industrial, barn-inspired pendant light completes the look.

One also cannot miss the stairway’s light fixture; a bold statement of the home’s aesthetic. Its substantial reclaimed wooden beam, suspended by heavy chains, holds glowing Edison bulbs, a nod to the past suspended amid the present.

Living in the Cottages at Ashford Oaks—which happens to be located on part of her family’s farm that has been developed into an exclusive neighborhood—Morgan relishes the communal spirit. “My grandparents and brother also live in the neighborhood, and my parents still live on the farm, so it has been wonderful living here and being back home with my family after being away for several years while completing my undergrad in Charleston,” she reflects.

At its core, this is a home that transcends its physicality, embodying the bonds of family, the warmth of heritage, and the clarity of modern design. It stands not only as a structure of wood and brick, but as a vessel of memories yet to be made, where every corner and every beam speaks of the love etched into its creation.

3 State-of-the-art functionality meets rustic charm in the spacious kitchen, which features custom cabinetry in a delicate shade of white, paired with sleek stainless-steel Wolf appliances and a custom range hood, with a layout that is perfect for a culinary enthusiast. The expansive central island and pristine Taj Mahal quartzite countertops offer ample space for meal prep and/or casual dining as needed, while elegant pendant lights provide task lighting with a vintage flair, and natural light floods in through large windows, framing picturesque views of the lush Kentucky landscape.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 37 3

4 This elegantly appointed multi-purpose space seamlessly marries functionality with clean, monochromatic design elements, capturing the essence of modern comfort with a rustic vibe. The room is anchored by a sizable Arhaus dining table and chairs that offers a nod to traditional design amidst the more contemporary setting, while shiplap in crisp white creates a bright airy feel, and a sleek wrought-iron chandelier casts a warm glow over intimate gatherings. A sleek, modern linear gas fireplace and mounted flat-screen TV complete the space.

5 Tranquility meets timeless elegance in this serene primary bedroom retreat, where the blending of natural elements and simple yet classic design details creates a crisp, inviting feel. Shiplap walls provide a fresh backdrop and focal point, enhancing the light airy look, while a vintage-inspired nightstand and dual wall-mounted light fixtures contribute to the room’s rustic-chic aesthetic. The hardwood floors are wide plank 10-inch heart pine, crafted from reclaimed barn wood and finished in a clear coat only - no stain or paint - to preserve the rustic feel and patina, while the en-suite bathroom is just visible through the doorway, echoing the bedroom’s sophisticated sense of style.

6 The richness of natural wood custom cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the sleek marble-look wall tiles and herringbone-patterned porcelain tile flooring in this luxuriously appointed primary en suite bath. The vanity features dark soapstone countertops and twin undermount sinks, flanked by uniquely framed mirrors and industrial-chic sconce lighting. Open shelving offers both storage and display space, while the spacious zero-entry shower, enclosed by clear glass, boasts the same wall and floor tiles for a seamless aesthetic.

38 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024 4
March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 39 5 6


Justice Builders

Interior Design

Kim Justice & Morgan Justice

40 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024 7
7 Embrace tranquility in this serene guest bedroom and home office space, which combines cozy comfort with an airy, open feel. The eye is immediately drawn to the striking A-frame window offering a flood of natural light and panoramic view of lush greenery outside, while the plush armchair beckons with a soft throw blanket, providing the perfect afternoon reading nook. The room’s neutral palette is a study in subtle textures, from the woven area rug to the layered bedding, adding depth and interest while calming the senses.

8 The first-floor powder room blends modern sensibilities and artisanal touches, with a splendid round wooden mirror above a sleek rectangular vessel sink, and matte black wall-mounted faucets to provide a pleasing contrast against the room’s soft, neutral palette. The look is enhanced by horizontal shiplap walls that exude a hint of coastal charm, while a barn-inspired pendant light casts a warm glow despite its industrial feel, highlighting the textural interplay and soothing earth tones of the space.

9 This striking light fixture is situated above the stair landing, featuring rich textures and a weathered patina, with a robust, reclaimed wooden beam suspended by industrial chains to anchor the design and a series of Edison bulb pendants with filaments glowing warmly against the cool backdrop of a sleek black metal Anderson window frame. This lighting installation not only illuminates the space, but also acts as a statement piece, offering a glimpse into the home’s fusion of contemporary design with rustic elements.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 41 9 8

1 The Bourb-Inn is a modern log cabin that embodies the perfect blend of rustic charm and luxury. Spanning over 2,400 square feet, this exquisite property boasts four elegantly appointed bedrooms, each designed to offer the utmost comfort to its guests. The cabin features unique rooms that elevate the experience, including a large gourmet kitchen, a cozy living area with a fireplace, and a game room complete with a shuffleboard and an antique bourbon “Wall of Fame.” Set against the backdrop of 32 acres of lush, wooded farmland, the cabin’s exterior, with its natural log walls and expansive wraparound porch, invites guests into a world where luxury meets nature.

The Bourb•Inn Sip & Stay Getaway

The Bourb•Inn Sip & Stay Getaway

A Modern Log Cabin in Waddy

A Modern Log Cabin in Waddy

Tucked away in the serene landscapes of Waddy, Kentucky, the Bourb-Inn emerges as a beacon of modern luxury amidst the rustic charm of traditional log cabin living. Owned by Suzanne and Steve Higdon, along with a close-knit group of friends, including their first partners Pat and Terry Hargidon, this vacation rental home is a testament to the power of vision and collaboration. Purchased in 2021, the cabin underwent an extensive remodel led by Suzanne’s keen eye for interior design, transforming it into a space that exudes both comfort and elegance.

2 This two-story log home, encircled by a full wraparound porch, is crafted from tulip poplar logs and meticulously sealed with chinking to fill the gaps. Each log was shaped by hand using an adz, a traditional tool used since the pioneer days to carve out sections of wood. This method imbues both the exterior and interior log walls of the cabin with a rugged, historically authentic look. The porch’s red metal roof is supported by tree trunk logs stripped of their bark, showcasing their natural limbs. Surrounding the porch on all sides are stunning views of the cabin’s private 32-acre grounds. The front porch is equipped with a swing, a bar-height table and chairs, and four oversized rockers crafted from barrel staves, each bearing the engraving of The Bourb-Inn name. A hanging daybed on one of the side porches also provides an idyllic spot for relaxation and naps.

The Bourb-Inn is a luxurious cabin rental located near the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Churchill Downs, offering an authentic yet refined experience for up to 10 guests. Situated on 32 acres of wooded farmland and just a stone’s throw from Interstate 64, its location is perfectly poised midway between Louisville and Lexington. This makes it an ideal retreat for bourbon enthusiasts and Kentucky Derby visitors, offering easy access to some of the state’s most renowned distilleries and racetracks.

“The cabin’s remodel focused on opening up the originally boxy floor plan to create a more fluid and inviting living space,” Suzanne said. “ I could see the bones of the house were just waiting to be revealed. It was crucial for us not just to modernize but to do so in a way that honored and preserved the original structure’s integrity. We wanted to create a space that felt both timeless and inviting, blending the old with the new to celebrate the cabin’s rich heritage.”

Natural log walls blend seamlessly with high-end finishes, a fireplace, and modern furnishings to craft a sophisticated and welcoming setting. The first floor features an open-concept layout with a kitchen, bar, dining area, living room, and game room, all designed for gathering, socializing, and relaxation. Hardwood floors and comfortable, stylish furniture enhance the luxurious atmosphere, ensuring guests enjoy the highest level of comfort.

Amenities at the Bourb-Inn are nothing short of top-notch, with a large gourmet kitchen that can seat up to 10 guests, a bar area, and a game room complete with shuffleboard and an antique bourbon “Wall of Fame.” The living room offers ample seating around a cozy fireplace, perfect for chilly evenings. For entertainment, guests can enjoy a 60” screen TV with WiFi connectivity, high-speed internet, and four king-sized bedrooms, one of which can be converted to two twins, accommodating a variety of guest needs. The cabin also boasts two shared luxury bathrooms with modern walk-in showers, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

44 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024

The outdoor amenities of the Bourb-Inn are equally impressive, featuring a wrap-around porch with a swing and rocking chairs, an outdoor dining area with a picnic table and grill, and an inviting fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs. The property also features a chicken coop bar. The structure stood as a quaint reminder of the property’s rustic past, posing a creative challenge on what it could transform into.

“When we first laid eyes on that old chicken coop, I don’t think anyone imagined it becoming a magical outdoor bar. We ran electricity and strung lights, breathing life into the space with a glow that invites warmth and laughter,” Suzanne said. “It’s become this special and unexpected place where our guests gather, share stories, and enjoy the serenity of our outdoor space. It’s proof that with a little vision and a lot of love, even the most overlooked spaces can become the backdrop for unforgettable memories.”

The 32-acre grounds offer endless opportunities for relaxation and exploration, whether it’s swinging on the porch, wandering down shaded trails, or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Located within 15 miles of five of Kentucky’s seven largest distilleries, including Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, and Jim Beam, the Bourb-Inn is the perfect base for bourbon explorers. Its proximity to Louisville and Lexington also makes it a prime location for Kentucky Derby guests, racetrack fans, and visitors to the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. Beyond sports and bourbon, the area offers a variety of attractions, such as Louisville Mega Caverns, Kentucky River Tours, and Elk Creek Vineyards, making it a versatile destination for all types of travelers.

The Bourb-Inn’s blend of rustic elegance and modern amenities offers a unique and unforgettable lodging experience.

“It’s a place where the simplicity of cabin life meets the luxury of modern living, making it an ideal retreat for those looking to enjoy the best of Kentucky’s natural beauty, bourbon heritage, and sporting tradition,” Suzanne said. “Whether you’re sipping bourbon around the firepit, stargazing in an open field, or enjoying the comfort of a luxuriously appointed living space, the Bourb-Inn invites you to make yourself at home in the heart of Kentucky.”

For those intrigued by the charm and luxury of the Bourb-Inn and considering it for their next getaway, further details and booking information are readily available. Visit to explore more about this unique vacation experience and secure your stay in the heart of Kentucky’s scenic beauty.

3 The Game Room on the first floor delivers an impressive “wow factor” with its meticulously designed space. A prominent corrugated metal sign boldly declares the bourbon enthusiast’s creed: “We’re Here for Bourbon.” Serving a dual purpose, a repurposed cabinet with a Copper Mist gray quartz top functions as both a butler’s bar and storage for board games and various items, positioned near the 12-foot Plank & Hyde silvered oak shuffleboard table. The room is dotted with thoughtful details, such as horsehead-shaped cabinet drawer pulls, galvanized metal wall decor spelling out “bourbon,” “whiskey,” and “moonshine,” and four organic live-edge wood shelves supported by black industrial pipes, offering a handy place for drinks. Lighting is carefully considered, with two warehouse-style barn lights illuminating the shuffleboard table and a caged industrial-style ceiling fixture providing ambient light.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 45

was installed during the remodel, creating a captivating feature wall in the living room. The

the World. These

a bronze horse

is as much appreciated by guests as the decorative nods to Kentucky’s status as the

the wall, a horse weathervane perched atop the sofa table, and an eye-catching

The room is illuminated with well-placed ambient and accent

furnished with a sofa and recliners, complemented by cognac leather ottomans

ample seating. A rustic wood coffee table from Digs Home and Garden in Louisville

enhancing the room’s welcoming and functional design.

5 A feature wall has been ingeniously crafted by Kevin Perdue of KP Designs to display a stunning collection of antique bourbon bottles, accommodating ten blackframed shadow boxes with rough barn wood veneer interiors. A simple flip of a wall switch illuminates these shadow boxes, casting a warm glow across the room and highlighting a cozy seating area with a pair of bourbon barrel swivel chairs. Adding a touch of whimsy, an 8ft x 4ft chalkboard wall around the corner features bourbon-related quotes from celebrated figures like Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, and Mark Twain, penned in white chalk for a pop-culture flair.

46 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
5 4
4 A modern, two-sided electric fireplace with a creekstone surround 65-inch smart television mounted above the robust wood mantle Horse Capital of include bust adorning horse racing print by Lexington artist Kayla Weber Nord that hangs above the sectional sofa. lighting that highlights the cabin’s hand-hewn log walls. The living space is near the fireplace and textured square poufs tucked under the foyer table, offering serves both as a communal footrest and an ideal surface for game nights,

6 The expansive kitchen island is a culinary focal point, equipped with a gas cooktop, and the surrounding kitchen and bar cabinetry, finished in a deep charcoal-stained hickory, is beautifully topped with Trinity white quartz countertops. The bold gray veining of the countertops strikingly echoes the chinking on the cabin’s walls. Overlooking the backyard, a deep farmhouse sink offers a picturesque view, allowing one to greet arriving guests from the window above. The rustic ambiance is further enhanced by track lighting that harmonizes with the wood-beamed ceilings above. Positioned at the room’s far end, a captivating coffee and bourbon bar area draws the eye, highlighted by a substantial industrial-style mirror that brilliantly reflects light and the room’s wooden elements. This includes four reclaimed rustic pine wall panels by Uttermost, acquired second-hand in pairs, adding a layer of charm and history. Swivel stools lined along the kitchen peninsula and around the whiskey barrel table in the bar area provide comfortable, casual seating for nine, inviting guests to linger and enjoy the space.

7 In the kitchen dining area, Suzanne deliberately chose to forgo upper cabinets along the perimeter walls, opting instead to showcase the logs’ natural warmth and beauty. This decision led to the strategic placement of floor-to-ceiling cabinets along the interior walls, which accommodate appliances and offer a spacious pantry for guests. The dining space is anchored by a table topped with live-edge pecan wood, complemented by banquette bench seating that hugs two of the room’s walls. Track lighting accentuates the distinctive colony green cabinets, while a rustic iron light fixture with seeded glass shades illuminates the remainder of the area, creating a harmonious blend of function and aesthetic appeal.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 47
7 6

8 The James B. Beam room, distinguished by its blue wood argyle throw pillows, offers versatile sleeping arrangements with a king-size bed that can easily be converted into two twin XLs, catering to a variety of guest preferences or needs. The room features unique leather headboard cushions from Holistic Habitat, suspended from a 9-foot long, 2-inch diameter black drapery rod. These cushions can be spaced apart to serve as individual headboards for the twin bed configuration. Stylish galvanized pendant light fixtures provide illumination. A standout piece in the room is the live-edge poplar floating vanity top, crafted by Luke Gunn of Saw-Whet Hardwoods and beautifully refinished by Kevin Perdue of KP Designs. Complementing the vanity is a seagrass stool from Bliss Home. The seating is enhanced with black wraparound ladderback chairs from Ballard Designs, adding a touch of elegance. Decorative accents include a captivating blue Mail Pouch barn roadside photograph by Susan Griffin Ward Photography and a flatweave wool rug framed with a black hemstitched edge, completing the room’s sophisticated yet comfortable ambiance.

9 In both bathrooms, space was expanded to incorporate luxurious walk-in showers, ample countertop space, and extensive towel storage, enhancing the overall functionality and comfort. For the upstairs bath, pictured here, Suzanne envisioned an iron vanity that came to life through the craftsmanship of Pohl Ironworks. Its Storm gray quartz countertop, featuring a 5-inch mitered faux apron, mimics the robust look of thick industrial concrete. The floor is adorned with weathered wood-look tile, providing a bright contrast to the black wood-look tile in the shower, which evokes the appearance of charred wood found inside bourbon barrels. A 7-foot shelf, sourced from Red Tree in downtown Louisville, offers abundant towel storage for guests. Adding a touch of whimsy, a photograph by Beth Williams captures a curious young thoroughbred, seemingly keeping watch over all who enter “his stall.”

10 The Colonel E.H. Taylor room is beautifully accented with green hues and adorned with cardinal bird photographs, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. This room features two whiskey stave benches crafted by Jason Cohen, demonstrating a creative reuse of materials with a nod to the region’s bourbon heritage. A live-edge poplar floating vanity ledge, designed by Luke Gunn of Saw-Whet Hardwoods and refinished by Kevin Perdue of KP Designs, adds a touch of natural elegance. The space is further enhanced with white-washed antique pine side tables, offering a rustic charm. Table lamps that evoke the look of dairy farm jugs, complete with rattan shades and iron-handled bases, provide a cozy ambiance. The centerpiece is a hammered iron bed in an antique brass finish from Bliss Home, offering a luxurious sleeping experience. Complementing the room’s theme, cardinal photographs from Nature’s Portraits by Beth Williams add a vibrant touch of local wildlife, uniquely captivating the space.

11 The Pappy Van Winkle room, designated as the primary bedroom, is elegantly appointed with saffron yellow velvet pillows and features a stunning reclaimed wood king bed, masterfully constructed by Lexington furniture artisan Bob Pascucci. Above the bed, a recycled metal branch wall rack serves as a unique and artistic headboard accent. Storage is stylishly addressed with black metal cabinets featuring glass doors from Kirkland’s, blending functionality with design. Comfort is paramount, provided by swivel lounge chairs from Lazyboy Furniture Galleries, inviting relaxation in every corner. The room is grounded by a wool patterned flat weave rug, adding texture and warmth underfoot. Decorative elements include captivating photographs of a red truck and a tobacco barn, captured by Susan Griffin Ward Photography, which add a nostalgic and distinctly Kentucky character to the space.

48 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
10 8 9


Cabinetry Don Cunningham; D.C. Kitchens; Black Oak Cabinetry

Quartz Countertops Kentuckiana Countertops

Hardwood Flooring Gary Stewart Hardwoods

Light Fixtures Sheila Gekonyo, Brecher Lighting

Electrical Long-Walker Electrical

Appliances Bonnycastle Appliance & TV

Ornamental Iron Rob Baker, Pohl Iron Works

Woodworking Kevin Perdue, KP Designs; Jason Cohen, Wood Artisan; Josh Peters, Open Grain Woodwork

Richard DiLaura of Ramsey, IN

Concrete Brandon Burgin, TopNotch Concrete

Plumbing Shelly Toles Plumbing

HVAC Ferrell’s Air Conditioning and Heating

Tile Unique Tile; The Tile Shop

Reclaimed Lumber Old World Timbers

Upholstery Tony Ferro Upholstery

Furnishings Watson’s of Louisville; Bliss Home; Ethan Allen; Burdorf Interiors; Digs Home and Garden; Red Tree Furniture; Vintage Style and Designs

Kentucky Landscape & Wildlife Photos Susan Griffin Ward Photography; Nature’s Portraits by Beth Williams

More Original Artwork Kayla Weber Nord; Enrique Gonzalez

Wood Furniture & Accents

Kevin Perdue, KP Designs of Simpsonville

Wood Tabletops & Floating Vanities

Luke Gunn, Saw-Whet Hardwoods

Bourbon Stave Furniture & Décor

Jason Cohen of Louisville; Glen Eldridge of Cox’s Creek; The Barrel Market in Lexington

Reclaimed Wood King Bed Frame

Lexington furniture maker Bob Pascucci

Antique Wedding Tabletop

Josh Peters, Open Grain Woodwork of Louisville

Rustic Bench Mark Mattingly

11 March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 49

1 This two-story house is a spacious and finely appointed residence in the Norton Commons neighborhood. It boasts an expansive 5,000 square feet of living space, complemented by a substantial 2,700 square foot finished basement, offering ample room for a variety of lifestyles and activities. The property features a custom-made pool, providing an exclusive retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, the home includes a mother-in-law suite, offering privacy and convenience for guests or extended family. With four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, the house is well-equipped to accommodate daily life and hosting duties. Its presence in Norton Commons adds to its appeal, situating it within a community known for its thoughtful design and abundant amenities.

Modern Elegance Meets Family Comfort

A Tour of a Norton Commons Home

Photography by

I2 The foyer of this modern home embraces an open-concept design, immediately offering a sense of spaciousness and fluidity. To the right of the entrance is the kitchen, and to the left is the dining room, both easily accessible and benefiting from the inclusive layout. The glass stair rail is a standout feature, enhancing the open feel while providing a sleek, contemporary look that allows light to permeate throughout the space. Above, the light fixtures are modern yet understated, contributing to the overall bright and airy atmosphere without overwhelming the room’s aesthetic. The pre-engineered floors present a warm, natural tone, offering durability and a consistent flow that ties the entryway to the adjoining rooms. This foyer is an elegant introduction to the home, balancing functionality and style with its thoughtful design elements.

n the Norton Commons neighborhood of Louisville, there’s a standout home that exemplifies a blend of classic design with modern sensibilities. This 5.000 square foot residence, complemented by a 2,700 square foot finished basement, is a product of collaboration between interior designer Donna Outlaw, owner of Dwellings Furniture and Design, and builder Brian Arnold of Castlebuilt Homes. The project, which took a year and a half to complete, showcases a modern twist on transitional style, reflecting the owners’ desire for a home that combines timeless architecture with contemporary interior design.

“Working with an interior designer from the very start of building or remodeling your house is not just an investment in your home, but in your peace of mind,” Donna said. “At Dwellings, we specialize in collaborating closely with builders from the ground up on new builds or remodels. This approach ensures that every aspect of your home’s design is considered and integrated seamlessly, saving you time, reducing stress, and often even costs in the long run. It’s about creating a space that truly reflects your vision and lifestyle, and we believe that’s worth every penny.”

Norton Commons is a mixed-use community spanning 600 acres in northeastern Jefferson County, defined by its thoughtful integration of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. About 150 acres, or roughly a quarter of its area, is devoted to green spaces, including parks, squares, and trails. With amenities like three neighborhood pools (Jimson Square Pool, Bergamot Pool, and The Grove), multiple parks, and even three dog parks, the community caters to a variety of interests and activities. The Town Center, a hub with over 70 businesses, including restaurants, shops, and services, adds to the neighborhood’s appeal by providing residents with conveniences and entertainment options within walking distance.

The house is notable for its size and architectural style, which Donna described as Classic Vernacular. This style choice underlines the home’s design, which seeks to harmonize with the broader aesthetic of the Norton Commons community. Donna’s vision for a space that marries traditional elements with modern design comes to life inside. The home is designed to be both functional and visually appealing, featuring four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a variety of living spaces tailored to the needs of its occupants.

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A key feature of this property is its versatile basement, which significantly extends the home’s living area. It’s an ideal space for entertainment and relaxation, equipped with a media room and a full bar. Additionally, the property includes a distinct mother-inlaw suite above the garage. This suite functions as an independent apartment, offering privacy and convenience for guests or family members. Outside, a custom-built pool adds a luxurious touch, providing a private retreat for relaxation and leisure.

Throughout the home, the collaboration between Donna and Brian is evident in the careful attention to detail and the seamless integration of interior design with architectural integrity. The modern twist on transitional style inside the house is achieved through a thoughtful selection of furnishings, finishes, and design elements that blend the classic with the contemporary.

“We feel blessed and excited to work with clients who are passionate about creating unique spaces and home designs. My end goal is to create a beautiful home for the clients where the design and overall spaces lend themselves to feeling like you may be on vacation,” Brian said. “At the end of the day, we want your home to be a place of solace and enjoyment.”

This property in Norton Commons stands as a prime example of how modern living can be seamlessly integrated into a traditionally inspired community setting. Its design and location reflect a growing desire for homes that offer both the charm of traditional architecture and the convenience and style of modern design, all within a community that values green spaces, amenities, and a vibrant local economy. It’s a testament to the vision and craftsmanship of its creators and a unique offering in one of Louisville’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

3 This dining room is a testament to bespoke elegance, centered around a stunning chandelier custom-made by Dwellings. The lighting fixture commands attention with its unique design and soft, layered textures, setting a tone of sophisticated comfort. Donna, the guiding force behind the space, has masterfully designed the room with this chandelier as the focal point. Each element has been chosen to complement the statement piece without overshadowing it. The neutral color palette of the plush dining chairs and the simple yet chic table allows the chandelier to shine, while the natural light from the windows enhances its glow. Artwork and accessories are thoughtfully selected to echo the chandelier’s exquisite craftsmanship, resulting in a dining room that is both cohesive and inviting.

3 March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 53

4 The living room is a perfect blend of comfort and contemporary design, anchored by a sleek linear fireplace with a large flat-screen TV mounted above, creating a focal point that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The custom furniture provided by Dwellings invites relaxation with its plush textures and soft tones, complementing the modern feel of the room. Above, a modern three-blade ceiling fan adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring the space remains comfortable throughout the seasons. Donna and Brian designed this room with versatility in mind, featuring a glass slider that bridges the living room with the sunroom. This innovative addition allows the space to be used year-round; it can remain open for a breezy feel, be screened to enjoy the outdoors without the elements, or be closed entirely to create a cozy, enclosed environment.

5 The kitchen exudes a bright and airy ambiance, crowned by elegant Palecek chandeliers that give the space an air of sophistication. These fixtures cast a warm, inviting glow over the central island, which is a hub of activity and interaction. The stove, strategically placed in front of the windows, allows natural light to spill over the cooking area while providing a view of the outdoors. This thoughtful placement maximizes the light and adds to the enjoyment of meal preparation. To the side, a barn door slides to reveal the pantry, combining rustic charm with modern functionality. The custom cabinets from Century Appliances offer sleek storage solutions that blend seamlessly with the room’s design. Their crisp, white finish contrasts with the black seating at the island, creating a visually appealing palette that is both classic and contemporary.

54 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024 5 4

6 The outdoor area of this home is a private oasis featuring a custom-built pool that serves as the centerpiece of a meticulously designed space for relaxation and entertainment. Surrounding the pool are swivel chairs and loungers that offer comfortable seating options for guests to soak in the sun or enjoy the cool water. Donna carefully chose these pieces for their luxurious comfort and high-end design, perfect for lounging or conversing. Adding to the allure of the outdoor space is the mother-in-law suite, situated above the garage, which presents an elegant exterior appearance that matches the home’s overall aesthetic. The suite’s balcony overlooks the pool area, offering an elevated view of the serene setting. With its thoughtful layout and stylish furnishings, this outdoor area creates an inviting atmosphere for lively gatherings and quiet moments of repose.

7 The media room in the basement is a haven for entertainment, clad in the deep and sophisticated hue of Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams. This rich paint choice provides a dramatic backdrop that enhances the cinematic experience. The space is furnished with plush chenillecovered couches, inviting you to relax for a movie marathon or a gaming session. Adding to the ambiance, the ceiling features recessed LED lighting that can change colors, allowing for a customizable atmosphere whether you’re in the mood for a vibrant party vibe or a subtle, cinema-like feel. The cozy seating, dynamic lighting, and dark, moody walls create a media room that’s as stylish as it is functional, perfect for unwinding or hosting guests for an unforgettable night in.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 55 6 7
8 56 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
8 The full bar in the basement, described by Donna as a modern man cave, exudes a masculine elegance reminiscent of the speakeasy style that has returned to vogue. The space is ideal for a bourbon collector, with ample shelving that proudly displays an array of bottles, creating a visual feast for the connoisseur. The bar is a solid, substantial presence in the room, complemented by sleek stools inviting guests to sit and savor their drinks. Overhead, large caged chandeliers cast a warm glow, enhancing the intimate atmosphere of the space. Like the media room, the bar area carries a more masculine design ethos, with dark tones and rich textures that create a sense of exclusivity and luxury. It’s a space that balances style and comfort, making it perfect for socializing, tasting, and unwinding.
March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 57


Builder Brian Arnold, Castlebuilt Homes

Interior Designer Donna Outlaw, Dwellings

Flooring Carpet Selections

Appliances & Cabinets

Century Entertainment

Landscaper Falls City

Iron Work. Bluegrass Ornamental

Roofing Seamless Metal Craft

58 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024 9 10

9 The primary bathroom is a study in clean lines and pristine white finishes, creating a serene and spa-like atmosphere. The expansive walk-in shower dominates this space, enclosed in clear glass that enhances the room’s open and airy feel. It features dual shower heads, offering a luxurious experience akin to a high-end spa. The large format tiles in the shower complement the room’s minimalistic aesthetic, while the ample lighting, both from the fixtures above and the natural light streaming in through the windows, reflects off the white surfaces to brighten the entire room. This bathroom merges functionality with pure, unadorned style, providing a tranquil retreat for daily routines.

10 This bedroom provides a serene and luxurious ambiance, featuring a spacious king bed that stands as the room’s centerpiece, promising comfort and restful slumber. Above, a striking chandelier adds a dramatic flair to the room, its dark tassels contrasting beautifully with the light ceiling, creating a focal point that draws the eye upward. The windows are adorned with custom drapes by Dwellings, complementing the room’s refined aesthetic and offering a sense of privacy and softness to the space. The drapes’ quality craftsmanship and elegant design contribute to the overall feeling of tranquility and sophistication in the bedroom, making it a restful retreat within the home.

11 The guest room is a sanctuary of calm and luxury, with custom treatments by Dwellings that frame the windows, adding a soft, elegant touch to the space while providing privacy and light control. The room is anchored by a queen-size bed that promises comfort and restful nights, dressed in fine linens that invite relaxation. Above, the light fixture is a statement piece, with its unique design casting a warm, inviting light throughout the room and creating a focal point that complements the serene color palette. The room’s design is thoughtful and welcoming, with each element, from the plush bedding to the tailored drapes, contributing to an atmosphere of refined hospitality for guests.

March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 59 11
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Susie Rodes

Susie Rodes

Associate Broker

Associate Broker





3501 Trinidad Court

Beautifully constructed fine home in Greenbrier Estates on 1.4 acre lot! Stunning architectural details. $1,800,000


404 Avawam Drive, Richmond

Truly a beautiful home for all seasons on a private lot with woods & wildlife galore in Boones Trace. $745,000

209 River Run Drive, Lancaster

Pristine Ranch style home, updated & located on an acre+ lot w/beautiful views of wooded river valley land! $638,000

901 Sulpher Well Road, Jessamine County

Approximately 464 acres of prime development land bordered by city on three sides and adjacent to East Jessamine Schools. Property may be purchased as a whole, approximately 464 acres, or as two separate parcel. The bypass bisects this property.

Total Acerage - 464 Acres - Price Per Acre - $32,000 - $14,848,000

Parcel A - 294 Acres - Price Per Acre - $33,000 - $9,702,000

Parcel B - 170 Acres - Price Per Acre - $35,000 - $5,950,000

REAL ESTATE March/April 2024 Kentucky Homes & Gardens 61
SHOPPING & SERVICES 62 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024


Grayson Lake State Park

Grayson Lake State Park

N1 From an aerial perspective, Grayson Lake State Park offers a clear view of its key features, highlighting the practical layout and natural surroundings. The campground is easily noticeable, tucked among trees, and equipped for both tents and RVs, showing its accessibility and readiness for visitors. Close by, the golf course’s neat fairways and greens stand out, offering a recreational space that contrasts with the wilder, natural areas. This overview provides a straightforward look at how the park combines outdoor activities like camping and golf with preserving its natural beauty, presenting a balanced mix of use and conservation visible from above.

estled in the heart of Kentucky’s majestic Cumberland Plateau, Grayson Lake State Park is a serene getaway that offers a blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and a rich history that captures the essence of Kentucky’s wild landscape. Spanning over 1,500 acres in southern Carter County and northern Elliott County, the park is a testament to the rugged beauty of Eastern Kentucky, characterized by its unique topography of long, level ridge tops and deep gorges with tall cliffs. Since its opening in 1970, Grayson Lake State Park has become a destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Steve Kennedy, the Park Manager, eloquently describes the park’s inception and its significance, “Located on the Cumberland Plateau of Eastern Kentucky, the park’s terrain is a picturesque example of the area’s unique geological features, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of Kentucky’s natural landscape.” This introduction sets the stage for a deeper exploration of what makes Grayson Lake State Park a must-visit location.

The park’s diverse range of recreational activities ensures something for everyone. From the tranquility of kayaking on the lake, surrounded by the beauty of waterfalls, to the challenge of an 18-hole championship golf course, visitors can enjoy many activities. Kennedy highlights the park’s seasonal offerings, “The Golf Course hosts outings throughout the year, and our Halloween Fest in October is particularly popular among our campground guests.” He also notes the increasing popularity of kayaking in spring and summer, thanks to the enchanting waterfalls around Grayson Lake.

Wildlife and ecology are integral to the park’s allure, with a variety of animals and plant life calling it home. “Deer, rabbits, and wild turkey can commonly be seen around the park,” Kennedy said. “Occasionally, you can see bobcats, bald eagles, and black bears, showcasing the park’s rich biodiversity.”

The park is equipped with modern amenities and facilities to enhance the visitor experience. “We have an 18-hole championship golf course, a 71-site campground, playgrounds, and hiking trails, including the Beech-Hemlock and Lick Falls Overlook trails,” Kennedy said. Future plans include upgrades to the golf course bunkers and campsites, ensuring the park continues to offer top-notch facilities to its guests. continued on next page

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Engagement with the local community and educational initiatives are pillars of the park’s ethos. Kennedy highlights the park’s involvement in local events and educational programs, “We participate in trunk or treats during Halloween and host junior golf programs and school team tournaments, fostering a strong community connection.”

Visitors to Grayson Lake State Park leave with cherished memories, a testament to the park’s welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. “We have families come here year after year for family reunions and birthdays, drawn by our quiet and friendly atmosphere,” Kennedy said.

The park also plays a significant role in supporting the local economy, with visitors patronizing local businesses, restaurants, gas stations, and shops. As the seasons change, the park offers new vistas and experiences, from the blooming of flowers in spring to the vibrant colors of fall foliage and the stunning beauty of Lick Falls and Grotto Falls.

2 The camping grounds at Grayson Lake State Park offer a picturesque setting for both tent and RV enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Kentucky’s natural landscape. With a total of 71 well-appointed sites, each equipped with water and electric hookups, the park caters to the needs of modern campers looking for a comfortable outdoor experience. RV travelers will find the facilities particularly accommodating, with spacious sites designed to fit vehicles of various sizes, ensuring a seamless setup process. The two bathhouses located within the campground provide additional convenience, making it easy for visitors to refresh after a day of exploring the surrounding beauty of the park. Setting up an RV at Grayson Lake State Park is straightforward, allowing guests to quickly settle in and enjoy their stay amidst the serene backdrop of Kentucky’s wilderness.

3 Grayson Lake, the centerpiece of Grayson Lake State Park, is a picturesque expanse of water that offers visitors a tranquil setting for a variety of activities, notably fishing. Anglers find the lake a prime spot for catching a wide range of fish, including bass, crappie, and catfish, with the quiet coves and deep waters providing the perfect habitat for these species. The experience of fishing at Grayson Lake is enhanced by the serene beauty of early mornings when fog rolls off the water, creating a mystical atmosphere. This natural phenomenon adds a layer of peacefulness and beauty to the fishing experience, making it not just an activity but a moment to connect with the tranquility of nature.

3 On a sunny day, the trails around Grayson Lake offer breathtaking views that capture the essence of Kentucky’s natural beauty. As you hike along these paths, the lake emerges through the trees, presenting a stunning panorama of sparkling water under the bright, clear sky. The sunlight dances on the surface, creating a dazzling display of light and color, while the surrounding forest stands in lush contrast with its shades of vibrant green. These trails, with their vantage points overlooking the lake, provide a physical journey through the landscape and a visual feast that changes with the time of day and season.

4 The golf course at Grayson Lake State Park is a highlight for many visitors, featuring an 18-hole championship layout that offers both challenge and beauty. Designed to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape, the course takes golfers through scenic vistas, with fairways lined by native trees and natural obstacles that test skills and strategy. The clubhouse serves as a welcoming hub where players can gear up, unwind, or share stories of their round. With its well-maintained greens and fairways, the golf course provides an enjoyable experience for golfers of all levels, making it a popular destination within Grayson Lake State Park for locals and visitors looking to enjoy a round in a picturesque setting.

Kennedy advises those planning their first visit, “Explore our popular golf course, kayak on the lake, and hike the Lick Falls Overlook Trail to the waterfall. Discover the hidden gems like Grotto Falls for an unforgettable experience.”

Looking towards the future, Kennedy said, “Our goal is to provide a family-friendly outdoor experience. We’re constantly looking at ways to enhance our offerings and ensure that Grayson Lake State Park remains a cherished destination for all who visit.”

Kennedy invites everyone to explore the natural beauty and recreational opportunities at Grayson Lake State Park. Check out the park’s website at for the latest updates and to plan your visit. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a chance to connect with nature, Grayson Lake State Park promises an enriching experience that captures the heart of Kentucky’s wilderness.

64 Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2024
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