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Kentucky Homes & Gardens July/August 2016 Volume 13 Issue 4

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10 Antiques


Fantastic Fuzhou

12 Landscapes

Carefree Hydrangeas for Kentucky Gardens

14 Homescapes


Let There Be Light

16 Gardens

A Woodland Haven in Hartland

20 Special Feature


Modern Luxury Rules the Master Bath

26 Artist

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The Art of Observation

29 Designer/Resource Directory 32 Making a House a Home 40 Magic in the Woods 48 Building the Dream 56 Discovering Kentucky


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Designing and building great gardens, porches and pools does not happen by chance. Quality work happens by intention. Wendy and Sid are experienced, successful landscape architects. With this dynamic duo you can expect: honesty, doing what they say they will do, creation of real solutions, safe and sustainable work, treating you as though you are their only client, and doing their best to make your project fun and easy.


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1 Chinese cork carvings are housed in glass cases which enhance the three dimensional aspect of the art, allowing viewers to take in every detail.


2 Robar bark, the material used in Chinese cork sculptures, does not fade, is water resistant and does not attract insects, lending to the longevity of these beautiful pieces.


3 Fuzhou cork carvings are a form of Chinese Folk Art and considered national treasures in China.


Fantastic Fuzhou: A Brief History of the Art of Chinese Cork Sculpture


The delicate and intricate art form known as Fuzhou cork carvings (or sometimes called cork sculpture or cork pictures) draws its origin from the Fuzhou region of China. Known as “the father of cork carving art,” Wu Qigi began producing the first of what would evolve into the cork sculptures we know today around 1910. A few years after, probably around 1915, landscape paintings began to be imported into China from Germany and these paintings became the inspiration for what has become the “norm” of cork sculpture; depictions of Chinese landscapes. During the 1930’s the cork carvings became much more sophisticated and branched out into three dimensional works. The 1980’s saw a huge boom in the popularity of Fuzhou carvings, but by the 1990’s interest waned, and today there are less than 10 artists producing these incredible works. Most of today’s artists are of an advanced age. However, one of these is Wu Oigi’s grandson, Wu Chuanfu. Chinese cork carvings are housed in glass cases which enhance the three dimensional aspect of the art as the cases provide a medium for these complex pieces to be viewed from all angles. Decorative bases in the Chinese motif are commonly included.

4 At least 10 unique tools have been developed to allow artists to create the complicated, intricate designs.


Robar bark is the material used to construct Chinese cork sculpture, which is imported from Spain, Portugal, or parts of the Middle East. This material is ideal since it does not fade, is water resistant, and does not attract insects. The spongy and absorbent nature of the wood lends itself well to the amazing detail of the sculptures. At least 10 unique tools have been developed to complete the complicated cuts and carvings required to attain the detail of each sculpture. Considered a national treasure in China, the Fuzhou cork carvings are a form of Chinese Folk Art. The artists who create the sculptures are passionate about their work and are hopeful their art form will continue. But if not, these carvings represent a unique investment opportunity, since as with all items in the antique and art world, value is driven by rarity, and if fewer are produced, the prices for the remaining items will certainly increase. Jerry Shrout is the proprietor of Thoroughbred Antique Gallery in Lexington. He can be reached at 859-233-9375 or


Carefree Hydrangeasfor Kentucky Gardens BY BILL HENKEL

Hydrangeas, without a doubt, have to be one of everyone’s favorite summer time flowering shrub. The colors range from a stunning, clear white to rose/blush/salmon pinks, to powder and indigo blues. There are almost as many color variations as with the rose family, but without all the fuss! Hydrangeas are native to Southeast Asia and North and South America. They grow to a variety of heights and widths and are available in perennial, woody shrub, vine and even tree forms. Hydrangeas tolerate most soils and while some even prefer full sun, most hydrangeas prefer shade.

Do you know anyone that doesn’t love snowball hydrangeas? These have to be the most recognized hydrangea in the world. Those of us baby boomers grew up knowing this plant from the Hostess cupcakes that were marshmallow and coconut covered chocolate sponge cake with that yummy cream on the inside. On a really good day a quarter would get you two in a clear package! Life was good in those days and there was always a plant or two in your grandparent’s gardens somewhere to serve as a reminder of the sweet treats.

Hydrangea macrophylla is the snowball hydrangea we all recognize in shades of pink, blue and variations in between. This is the one plant that I know of that changes colors by soil ph. They will be blue in high acid soils and pink in low acid to alkaline soils with variations in between, all on the same plant.

1 1 Hydrangea macrophylla is the ultimate snowball hydrangea. This is the recent introduction Endless Summer proudly displaying a variety of colors and shades within. Prefers shade and protection from the sun. Endless summer is an easy hydrangea to grow and will reward you with endless blooms.


A few snowball varieties of note are the “Nikko Blue”(an old stand by) and now the repeat bloomers of Endless Summer and Blushing Bride. These shrubs prefer partial shade and are thirsty when it is hot and dry out. They are almost always welcome in the shade garden or a mixed border. I like to have them close to my outdoor spaces so I can enjoy them as I walk by, and I really appreciate the color variations; fresh and fun in the morning and welcoming in the evening. Plant your snowballs in groupings close to where you can see them. Their colors are complex and easily lost in the distance.

Landscapes 2 Annabelle hydrangea, hydrangea arborescens “Annabelle”, is the perennial white hydrangea with stunning flowers up to 12” in width. Easy to grow in part sun or shade, they are heavy drinkers when in full sun and are not at all drought tolerant. Blooming reliably on new wood from June to August, they are excellent for cutting and drying. Annabelles are best used in mixed borders. Although they are showy and strong growers, Anabelles are better when supported by close neighbors. 2 Annabelle hydrangea is a robust bloomer in the sun and shade. Best used as an accent in a mixed border with blooms reaching 12” in width.


3 Oakleaf hydrangea in full summer display. This robust and fastgrowing shrub is best in a distant border and can be used as a specimen in certain situations. Needs corrective pruning from time to time.


Hydrangea quercifolia is the oakleaf hydrangea and is a well-known performer in Bluegrass area landscapes. Coarse-textured with large leaves and blooms, this hydrangea is easy to grow and overuse. Blooms on the straight species range from clear white to rose and then turning to rust. Oakleafs prefer shade but will tolerate sun with ample water. This hydrangea has extended seasonal interest with burgundy fall foliage that exposes cinnamon color, flaky bark in winter. Oakleaf is an aggressive grower that can become unruly without proper pruning. Newer introductions are smaller and work better in a small garden. Oakleafs are best used in distant borders or hedges where their coarse beauty is a bit more subdued. I have seen them used effectively as single specimens as well. Climbing hydrangea, Hydrangea petiolaris, is a beautiful and underused shrub or vine. With deep green, lustrous foliage this is a rapid grower when it is established and happy. Climbing hydrangea tolerates sun and shade and will bloom clean white from May to July. The flowers are fragrant and good for cutting. This is an excellent vine for masonry walls that lack interest on their own. Climbing hydrangea grows thick and dense, sometimes 18” deep when attached to a wall. Showy as a vine, when unsupported climbing hydrangea will morph into a shrub with cascading branches. This hydrangea can easily turn an ordinary wall into a work of art! Here in Kentucky, hydrangeas are welcome in almost every garden. Use them with restraint and you will be rewarded and pleased with your success from these easy growers. There are many more hydrangeas you can grow in your garden, as it is a huge family with hundreds of plants to choose from. Experiment and have fun, cut the flowers and share with friends. Consult with your landscape architect today to begin the process of adding hydrangeas into your garden for the enjoyment of you and your family.

4 Climbing hydrangea is the perfect dressing for an unattractive and sturdy wall. Plants grow fast after established. Black-green foliage contrasts with pure white blooms that persist for weeks. Fragrant and good for cutting. Be certain that you want this on your wall when planting—this plant is a dense grower and difficult to remove.

Bill Henkel, Partner @ HenkelDenmark Leading Landscape American Society of Landscape Architects Healing and Therapy Garden Certified


Let There Be Light Custom residential window tinting allows you to enjoy natural light in your home without the unwelcome side effects. BY CHRISTINA NOLL PHOTOS COURTESY OF ROBIN MOORE, ROBERTS WINDOW TINT

If you love a home that lets in a lot of natural light, you have likely encountered the problems that all those windows bring. Glare, fading materials, lack of privacy and trouble cooling are just a few of these issues. The solution: residential window tinting.

Both Moore and Howard explain how window tinting can solve common light problems in your home:

“Think of window tint as a light filter for your windows,” says Robin Moore, residential and commercial window tint specialist at Roberts Window Tint in Louisville. “It will filter out a broad spectrum of dangerous sun light while letting in natural light.”

Fading—For many homeowners, lots of sunlight means faded upholstery on drapes, furniture, artwork and even flooring. Window tinting blocks harmful UV radiation from the sun and reduces damage to your furniture and floors caused by the sunlight.

Residential window tinting is not a new concept. “These films have been around for 35+ years and are gaining more popularity,” says Matt Howard, President/Owner at Intints Window Tinting Inc. in Lexington. “Window tinting saves money and this is a relative inexpensive retro-fit to any home or commercial building.”


Glare—At times, during the day, when the sun is blazing through windows it is more difficult to see TV screens, or sit in certain rooms without squinting. Whether you prefer light shading or darker shading, tinting reduces unwanted glare or brightness while allowing you to continue enjoying the view out your windows without closing the blinds.

Cooling—Depending on the direction your home faces, some rooms in your home may heat up dramatically during certain times of the day. Solar heat pouring through windows can be too much for your air conditioning unit, or it may cause you to turn up the a/c in order to compensate. Window tinting controls solar heat entering your home and saves you money in cooling costs. Privacy—Window tinting is an excellent way to increase the privacy in your home, especially for windows that do not have coverings. Window films are available in many decorative patterns and can change plain glass to make it look like something else. Whether you are looking to make selected windows in your home look like stained glass, expensive cut glass patterns, decorative film patterns or you have windows in a bathroom or other areas in the house that you would like more privacy with a frosted or colored opaque type films, there are many different decorative films to choose from.




2 Whether you’re concerned with one or all of these light issues, window tinting is an easy way to improve the comfort and functionality of your home. “Window tinting will provide you a more comfortable living space,” says Moore. “People often have the idea that tinting the windows in their home will make it look dark and gloomy and that is just not the case.” Not only will you still have lots of natural light, you’ll be able to enjoy it even more with the proper window tinting. Window tinting is also the environmental choice because it saves energy and money. In fact, says Howard, “Window films were green before that term was used for products that save homeowners money.”

Get paid to save money: Right now LG&E and KU offer rebates for qualified high-efficiency window film installation. Learn more at or by calling 1-900-356-5476

4 1 Even unique panes—like these lattice windows—are candidates for tinting. 2 Cooling bills are lowered significantly by tinting the many windows in this regal home. 3 & 4 This before and after shot shows how tinting can bring privacy while still allowing a soft light into a room meant for relaxation.


1 2

1 This three-tier fountain sits atop an impressive radial patterned limestone terrace and is situated just outside a set of double doors that lead out of the home’s lower level. The water feature serves as a focal point and offers up the soothing sounds of running water, audible from points throughout the garden and from the nearby deck. Here, the fountain is surrounded by azaleas and Otto Luyken English laurels in bloom, as well as pachysandra and a taxus row, while many of the property’s river birch and other trees are also visible. Photo courtesy of Henkel Denmark. 2 Two stone pillars topped by decorative lights flank a walkway that beckons visitors to explore the shady garden paths located in the rear of the home. Peacock Pavers lend a natural feel to the low-maintenance concrete walkway, while a knockout rose provides pops of color and a taxus row creates a sense of separation from the driveway. Hostas, pachysandra and redbuds can also be seen here.


3 An extensive grove of river birch lend dappled shade to this woodland garden retreat, which features inviting walkways, lush groundcover and plenty of privacy from neighbors. Here, pachysandra and Otto Luyken English laurels are thriving in a protected environment, along with Green Giant arborvitae, which serves as a living fence and provides year-round greenery, as well as added privacy.

Gardens 2

AWoodland in

Haven Hartland


Charley and Pat Stivers have called this residence in Lexington’s Hartland Estates “home” since 2003 and have been working on its exterior garden spaces for almost as long. Originally, the property only featured several older trees and plantings, which offered little to no privacy from neighbors. As a result, the initial phase of the garden’s new design involved implementing screening from the surrounding homes on all three sides, as well as a sense of circulation and connection among the various outdoor areas. To accomplish this, Charley and Pat brought in Wendy McAllister of Henkel Denmark in 2006 to build upon the existing river birch and old-growth trees that dotted the property. Together, they decided to add pines around the perimeter, along with more trees, including a number of sizable river birch. They also added a new Peacock Pavers walkway over the existing concreate path, which leads through two columns flanking the entrance to the main garden area from the driveway, as well as pachysandra to create lush groundcover; a move that has eliminated grassy areas—not to mention quite a bit of maintenance—over time. “We also wanted to incorporate a water feature near the walkout entertainment room in the lower level that could be viewed and heard from the adjacent deck and patio areas, as well as through the Palladian window in the great room on the main level,” shared Charley. The nearly half-acre property also received plantings of Otto Luyken English laurels, which bring lovely white blooms each year, along with a few knockout roses, brightly hued azaleas, hydrangeas and carex grass, throughout its evolution over the last ten-plus years, creating an enchanting woodland feel and providing plenty of privacy that belies the close proximity of neighbors.

“The second phase of the project involved working on the home’s front exterior spaces,” shared McAllister. “Flanking the front walkway entrance, we added columns topped by decorative lighting to match the ones leading to the rear garden areas, as well as Peacock Pavers with a brick border and a row of boxwoods to increase privacy.” In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and functioning well from a practical standpoint in the shade-dappled front and rear garden areas, the pachysandra groundcover helps create a sense of uniformity throughout the exterior spaces and is relatively maintenance free once it is well-established, especially compared to turf. “The pathways incorporated throughout the garden areas invite you to explore the space,” shared Charley. “Pat really enjoys walking through the garden and seeing how things have evolved.” As with any project of this size and scope, the design is ever evolving in the Stivers’ garden, but the goals for its various spaces have been clearly mapped out with a focused plan. This allows the garden to continue adapting and changing over time, while still retaining the essential elements of privacy, form and function in its core design. “A ten year evolving project like our garden could only have been accomplished by using professionals like Wendy and Henkel Denmark,” Charley stated.



6 4

4 Taking a captivating stand next to a duo of river birch and rooted in a bed of pachysandra is an intriguing piece of contemporary sculpture by Louisville artist David Caudill found by the homeowners in 2001. 5 A winding walking trail lends an expansive feel to this shady garden space, twisting through lush groundcover that was originally turf. The evolution of this space is demonstrative of the garden’s evolution over time and shows its continual movement as various elements grow and change. To the left of the pathway, a bed of hydrangea is bordered by carex grass and provides added texture, while hostas, pachysandra and river birch are also visible, along with brightly-hued potted impatiens. 6 A pea gravel and stepping-stone walkway winds organically through the garden in a figure-eight pattern, providing easy access to its various focal points, as well as the driveway and the deck.



7 A whimsical path leads from the main walkway to a separate garden room that features a stunning three-tier fountain as its focal point. Here, white potted mums flank the transition, which is also marked by a taxus row, while pachysandra and Otto Luyken English laurels surround the river birch and other well-established trees in thick groundcover.


8 Situated along the garden’s well-protected perimeter, this cozy bench provides the perfect place to stop and enjoy the outdoors, read a book or visit with a friend. 9 This expansive view of the garden highlights the sense of solitude and welcoming the space provides. With several walkways winding throughout to connect the main areas and focal points, this woodland garden offers plenty of opportunities for discovery and quiet contemplation.

9 10 Pillars topped by decorative lights flanking the front walkway mimic the entrance to the rear garden area from the driveway, while pachysandra groundcover and taxus work to create a uniform feel. Peacock Pavers bordered by brick lends a sense of easy formality to the space, while a sweet bay magnolia separates the front entrance from the driveway to the left (not pictured).




Modern Luxury Rules the Master Bath BY KIRSTEN E. SILVEN

Special Feature

1crème, Featuring dramatic natural stone in rich hues of silver and gold on the walls, floor, countertops

and tub surround, this palatial master bath also boasts gold hardware and ornate crown molding, along with a delicate chandelier, a posh design in the custom floor and a leaded glass window over the Jacuzzi tub. Photo and interior by Hawawinata & Associates.

2 2 This chic transitional master bath features warm neutral hues and a sense of easy symmetry, with a decorative tile inlay on the floor, plenty of custom cabinetry, rich granite countertops and lighting from the Progress Lighting Nisse Collection. Image courtesy of Progress Lighting, available at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. 3 With a subtle Asian feel, this master bath resembles a spa retreat, boasting a bamboo “forest� that divides the bedroom and bathroom areas, chiseled limestone walls and limestone flooring with a subtle border of white pebbles. Other special touches include a shower that has a mix of glass and marble mosaic tile and a bench resembling furniture that was conceptualized by designer Christopher Grubb. There is also a water wall at one end of the tub, which has Euro Jets and aromatherapy features. Photo and design by Arch-Interiors Design Group.

4 With tranquil neutral finishes and a built-in fireplace and coffee bar, this elegant master bath offers the ideal place to unwind after a busy day. The grand marble tub and countertop lightens the space, while arched architectural features lend added visual interest. Interior by Mary DeWalt Design Group. Builder: Jimmy Jacobs Custom Homes. B&G Design-retouchKarp: 5 Rich contemporary finishes and honeyed hues create a space for total relaxation in this spa-like master bath. The octagonal shape of the room is mimicked in the trey ceiling and skylight opening, creating a distinctive layered effect, while the cube-shaped light fixture creates a sense of contrast. A Jacuzzi tub is flanked by extensive vanities atop dark-stained custom cabinetry that offers plenty of storage and a circular ottoman provides extra seating and completes the subtle geometric theme. Photo by Barry Grossman. Interior by B&G Design, Inc.



Today’s master baths tend to resemble what you would find on a luxurious spa getaway, blending custom touches with an astonishing array of amenities and sophisticated design to create spaces optimized for relaxation and renewal. In fact, many new and remodeled home plans are shifting to steal a bit of unused space from the master bedroom to expand the adjacent bath area and create a true oasis from the often hectic pace of daily life. “Today’s master bathrooms have transformed into a getaway for busy homeowners—a visit to the spa within the confines of your own home,” shared Christy Helton, Showroom Manager, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery in Lexington. The array of available features is virtually endless, including digital showering systems, steam showers, onetouch or touchless faucets, heated flooring, soaking tubs vs. jetted tubs and custom cabinetry with storage designed for everything from makeup brushes to hairdryers.


“Like a piece of art, a freestanding tub can be a beautiful focal point of the bathroom,” Helton shared. “Today’s modern tubs feature sleek lines, geometric shapes and a wide variety of freestanding faucets and handshowers.” Of course, proper lighting is also an essential part of creating a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in the master bath. Recessed fixtures can serve as an excellent form of ambient lighting, while decorative pendants and chandeliers provide accent lighting and showcase your personal design sensibilities. “We are seeing a cleaner, more modern aesthetic in master baths,” shared Debra Hupman, Certified Bath Designer of Creative Kitchen & Bath in Lexington. “Large-format 5’ x 8’ tiles on a shower wall can also make a real statement and provide the look of a marble slab, without all the grout lines. It is, however, a very specialized tile installation requiring the right training and equipment.”

“Customized storage is much more important today, along with inset areas in the shower,” shared Craig Postlewait, president of Pendulum Solutions. “There is a current trend to move away from large tub deck areas. Instead, many people are opting for larger showers with more amenities.”

Wood grain ceramic tiles also provide a nice touch and can warm up the look and feel of a master bath without the hassle of natural hardwood. As for color and texture, patterned wall and floor tiles offer a sharp, ultra-chic way to make a statement, while color palettes incorporating soft neutrals, blues, greens and greys with crisp white, provide versatility and add to an air of soothing tranquility.

Although high-end jetted tubs are always en vogue for offering the ultimate in at-home relaxation, standard builtin bathtubs are declining in popularity in favor of walk-in showers and freestanding soaking tubs, which offer a greater degree of flexibility in their placement.

In essence, modern master baths are evolving to blend the best design ideas from yesterday, today and tomorrow, these concepts working together to create a space that is both fully functional and personalized to enhance every aspect of the user experience.


6 Blending a cool grey, black and white color palette with neatly contrasting patterned tiles on the floor and walls— both surrounding the luxe corner Jacuzzi and reflected here in the shower. Various elements of this master bath have a contemporary vibe, including the brightly hued artwork over the tub, while the decision to take the vanity mirror to the ceiling brightens the room and makes the space feel larger. Interior by Mary DeWalt Design Group. Builder: CalAtlantic Homes.


7 This magnificent master bath features his-and-her vanities and a spa tub with a fireplace that displays a custom, pre-cast surround. There is a large shower behind the fireplace which is accessible from each side of the bath. The countertops are polished marble and the flooring is a honed French limestone. The custom vanity cabinets feature an upper pier cabinet section with recessed lighting to illuminate the glass shelves and there are wall sconces at each side of the sinks. Interior by Macaluso Designs. 8 Blending symmetry with soft, buttery neutral field tile and glitzy accent tiles in a bright aquamarine hue, this inviting master bath also features custom storage under the expansive vanities. Custom window treatments pick up the rich chocolate and turquoise hues of the cabinetry and tile, while a fireplace nestled into the wall next to the Jacuzzi tub completes the look. Interior by Mary DeWalt Design Group. Builder: Jimmy Jacobs Custom Homes.


9 The glamorous, custom-made beveled mirror tile in a diamond pattern over the vanity was designed to perfectly fit the curved wall, and each mirror was custom cut in this opulent master bath, which also features Calacatta marble on the counter, tub surround and the 24x24-inch floor tiles, all sourced from the same quarry in Italy. The custom cabinetry has a uniform look, with plenty of storage behind the doors to keep the front clean and simple, while the faux finish is a silver Lustertone. Interior and photo by Habachy Designs. 10 Modern touches with up-to-date appointments lend this master bath a comfortable yet elegant feel, while the rounded, clear glass shower walls and the sleek, standalone tub work with the modern, open floor plan. The countertop is Persia Avorio granite, while the lighting is a polished nickel finish by Visual Comfort. Other touches include custom cabinetry, a cathedral ceiling and an oversized Palladian-style window. Photo by Geoffrey Hodgdon Photography; Architect: Stephen T. Terhune. Builder: Riley Custom Homes.





1 The Pout, 8 x 10, Oil on Canvas “I like capturing those little expressions that go by fast, but represent a child’s personality,” said Bird. “That pout doesn’t last long, but says a lot about her personality!”

1 2


2 Arms of Experience, 15 x 30, Oil on canvas “My grandmother is now 101 years old, but she was 99 when I painted this image of her holding my daughter,” said Bird, who wanted to capture the look on her grandmother’s face. “I imagine, in that moment, she was thinking back through her own history and remembering all the children she had held in her arms over the years, all the experiences she’d lived through. At the same time, there sits my daughter, very innocent with a lifetime ahead of her, yet still trusting my grandmother to care for her, knowing those arms would keep her safe and love her.”


3 Rising , 18 x 24, Oil on Canvas “This painting was done in the Agile Arts Atelier program, using ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and white.” Unlike many classes where an instructor creates still life compositions for the class to paint, Bird’s class allowed students to bring in their own items. “One of my first jobs was baking bread at home to sell at the college where my dad taught,” said Bird. “I wanted to capture that connection to home, waiting for something to happen.” Bird also wanted to subtly represent the rising of Christ in the painting. “The baking stone serves as a halo, and the bread is a symbol for Christ. I didn’t want it to be obvious, I like when meanings in my work aren’t immediately clear, when they are hidden and take time to see.”

Artist The

Art ofObservation



4 The artist.

Although Debby Bird’s father would not consider himself an artist, one of his early lessons, the art of observation, shaped how she paints. “My dad was a biology professor at Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes, KY,” said Bird. “When I was 8, I visited the lab where his students were drawing fleas under a microscope.” The lesson was to carefully observe and draw what you saw. “That’s the hardest thing about painting,” said Bird. “It’s not putting paint on the canvas, it’s learning to see what’s in front of you.”

That center of interest guides the emphasis in Bird’s paintings. With brush in hand, Bird begins underpainting in grisaille to establish the values. She then adds layers of color, starting with darker shades and the dark side of forms. “That’s an important step in establishing volumetric feeling to a painting,” said Bird. She models the form with lighter colors. “I try not to over blend,” said Bird. “I don’t want to smudge colors so there’s no brush work or life to the painting.”

Although she earned a minor in Art Studio, Bird did not often paint while she was working in architecture in the Washington, D.C. area. “Once I had two children in 15 months, I decided to temporarily leave architecture but knew I needed a creative outlet.” She became inspired visiting gallery hops. “I realized that with a little work, I could paint on the same level, so I got my brushes out and took community classes to develop a habit of painting regularly.”

A student of Realism, Bird’s paintings often capture special moments. “Kids doing kid things, playing on the beach or on a farm, just interacting with each other and being in the moment.” She also enjoys landscapes. “I feel a weight has been lifted when I leave the city and am surrounded by trees,” said Bird.

Now based out of Louisville, Ky., Bird’s preferred medium is oil. “I saw others struggle with how quickly acrylic paint dried,” said Bird. “Oil is different, there’s more time and I love painting wet into wet.” Her work begins with a meeting that allows her to learn more about her subject’s personality, to sketch and to figure out colors. “Although I use photographs for my work, cameras aren’t able to see as much as the eye can see.” Photographs flatten images, giving everything the same crispness. “When you look at something in person,” said Bird, “Your eye picks up on points of interest and can register more value ranges than a photograph.”

“People say I should spend less time painting while the kids are young and wait till there is more time, but they don’t understand my motivation,” said Bird. “My sister, Becky, was diagnosed with cancer at age 32 and died when she was 38. She was an amazing inspiration, making the most of the time she had. Painting is the legacy I’m leaving my children, showing them the moments that mean something to me, what I love and value. So I love my children as much I can; and once they go to bed, I paint as much as I can.”



6 5 Beach Trio, 16” x 20”, Oil on Canvas “Everyone has these moments on the beach,” said Bird. “As a child on the beach enjoying the simple life.” In this painting, the beach is on Amelia Island. “My husband and I were married on Amelia Island,” said Bird. “Our middle child was named after the island, it’s a special place our family visits and I wanted to capture one of those special moments.” 6 Reflection of Childhood, 24”x30”, Oil on Canvas “For me, this is about those moments on the beach where everyone is together, enjoying nature, no one has to be anywhere,” said Bird. “There’s something about a beach that brings everyone together with a sense of calm and relaxation, when everyone can be themselves.”


7 Dalia in the Wind, 18” x 24”, Oil on Canvas “Assateague Island in Virginia is known for wild ponies that roam the area,” said Bird. “In this painting, I wanted to capture that wild spirit in the personality of my cousin’s little girl.” 8 Marty, 18” x 20”, Oil on Canvas “The subject in this painting called me for a commission,” said Bird. “He was a pioneer in radiology and mammography who took up photography in retirement. His office was covered in photos and images and memos and inspirations, I was very interested capturing what was going on in his head, what inspired him.” 9 Nathan, 11” x 14”, Oil on Panel “This portrait of my son hangs in our house now,” said Bird. “I painted it to use as a sample for showing people what a head and shoulder portrait would look like.”

10 My Sister’s Battle, 11” x 14”, Oil on Panel Bird entered this painting in the annual Gamblin Artists Colors Torrit Grey competition. Bird’s sister, Becky, is the subject of the painting. “I had a black and white photo of my sister from a photography class in college, and I knew I wanted to do something with that,” said Bird. She decided to challenge herself by using trompe l’oeil, a technique used to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object. “That photo conveys Becky’s positive spirit through everything,” said Bird. “Adding the rosary was a way to represent my feelings of the situation, my reaction to what was happening and how she inspired me despite all she went through.” A second painting Bird entered won first place in the same competition.





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1Lexington’s The Heller’s 3800 sq. ft. ranch-style home sits on a quiet cul-de-sac in Chevy Chase neighborhood. Now painted with black shutters, the home was natural brick when purchased 28 years ago.


J 2 The front door is stained hardwood. A geometric pattern adorns the wallpaper above and below the chair rails. The ceiling is covered in a tone-on-tone wallpaper, adding a rich warmth to the entryway. “A wallpapered ceiling was new to me, but I trusted our decorator and, like always, am glad I did!” said Heller. Dentil molding surrounds the front foyer that opens to a dining room overlooking the front yard and arched doorway that lead to the eating area of the kitchen.


ennifer Heller and her husband Steve moved five times during their first five years of marriage. “When we were first married, we bought a little condo and redid that. Then we moved downtown and redid that. Then we lived in an apartment, then a townhouse and then a home in another neighborhood,” said Heller. In 1988, the Heller’s settled on a 3800 sq. ft. ranch-style home in Lexington’s Chevy Chase neighborhood. It sat on a quiet cul-de-sac at the end of a street full of other young families, perfect for their daughter who was about to start the first grade. “I knew this is where I wanted to be. This was our forever home,” said Heller. “I’m not sure Steve felt the same way.” “The house had a lot of lavender when we bought it,” said Heller. “The paint, the tiles, everything was lavender.” With her husband working in the construction and remodeling business (he’s now a partner in Atchison Heller Construction), Heller knew renovating the house would be a long process. “We started with new paint and refinishing the hardwood floors. That was the budget at the time.” And so began nearly three decades of renovations. “The kitchen was our first room to renovate. The floors, the countertops, a new cooktop. Then we screened-in the porch,” said Heller. A few years later, the couple enclosed that porch and made the space their family room. “One thing lead to another at that point,” she said. “We made our former living room the dining room, and the former dining room was turned into a study.” Over the years, every room has undergone a transformation, some more than once. “We have completely renovated the three bathrooms with new showers and tubs, tile and vanities. We added an exercise room off our master bedroom and put a walk-in closet beside it,” she said.

3 The Heller’s most recent renovation was covering the back porch complete with a built-in grill. Heaters, fans and sunbrella drapes make the porch functional most of the year. The renovations have also been tailored for another generation—a year ago, a bedroom became a nursery for visiting grandchildren. Built in the 1950s, it was no surprise that renovations would be needed over the years. Fortunately, Heller had trusted sources. “We worked with Kitchen Concepts for all our cabinets,” she said. Barb Fraser at Pro Source, a friend of Heller’s from the first grade, was called for flooring and tiling needs. “Barb had worked with Steve in the past, too,” said Heller. Pieratt’s has supplied appliances though renovations over the years. The most recent kitchen renovation included quartzite counter tops from Su Casa Tile Granite Stone. “Steve worked with Barney Millers for all of our stereo and sound equipment,” said Heller. With the renovations came a need for decorating. “I made a few mistakes with wall colors before I figured out I needed to work with someone who knew what they were doing,” said Heller. She credits Jane Leake of Ivy Downs Interiors for understanding the Heller’s traditional tastes and preferences. After years of working together personally and professionally, “Jane picks things out and we say, ‘Great!’” she said. “She’s a natural, a lovely person and she gets me. I had two couches in the family room and I thought it looked like a hotel lobby,” said Heller. “So I told Jane I wanted a sectional.” With that, Leake found a leather sectional along with a hutch to start the room.

3 The dining room is located to the left of the front door. Enclosing what was the porch to make a new family room set off a chain of events. “When the porch became the family room, the living room became the dining room and the dining room became a study,” said Heller of changes they made to the home. The dining room looks out over the front yard. Custom cabinets, topped with open shelving, bookend the fireplace centered in the room.


4 Maple cabinets painted with antique glaze line the kitchen wall. Porcelain tile is laid in various widths to resemble the look of a hard wood floor. “It’s tough to explain,” said Heller, “But the floor is comfortable to walk on, it’s not slick or hard like marble. Best of all, it doesn’t show anything!” The Jenn-Air appliances, from Pieratt’s, include a five-burner gas stove and vented stainless steel hood. The opening above the sink looks into the TV room and was a window in the original house. Heller worked with Su Casa Tile Granite Stone to update the quartzite counter tops.


5 An arched doorway opens to the eating area. “Originally, that archway was squared like others in the home,” said Heller. “Our decorator suggested we arch the entry, another suggestion of hers that I am very happy with.” Heller commissioned an artist to create an image of an open staircase that hangs in the eating area. “I wanted something that wasn’t framed, something three-dimensional that looked as if you could walk right out and up the stairs.” A glass-top pedestal table is surrounded by five chairs, one each for Jennifer and Steve Heller and their three grown children. Cabinetry to the right of the fireplace was custombuilt. Full-size bar stools surround the island that separates the eating area from the kitchen.

5 36

6 6 The large, leather sectional came from Lexington Furniture & Oriental Rug Gallery. “That was the starting point for the room,” said Heller. “Our decorator had the ottoman custom made. It has a leopard print and was designed to serve as a cocktail table or extra seating if we have an overflow of guests. The wood-burning fireplace is one of four in the house. A step on the right side of the room leads to the eating area of the kitchen. 7 In one corner of the family room sits a game table from Lexington Furniture & Oriental Rug Gallery. The high bookshelves run along the perimeter of the room. Like the foyer, the family room ceiling is wallpapered. The wallpaper is painted with a sheen to mimic the look of a tin roof. This corner of the family room leads to the back porch. “When we moved in, this was the screened in porch,” said Heller. “We knew we wanted to eventually enclose that area.”



8 9 Despite years of renovations, it is the memories made there that make the house a home for Heller. “Our daughter was married in the back yard two years ago, on May 31, 2014,” she said. After scouting area locations and considering costs, Heller suggested a wedding in the back yard. “We moved furniture out of the way and put the cake in the family room. We had a tent in the back yard and everything worked out perfectly. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time. Those are memories none of us will ever forget in our home.” “The best thing about our home,” said Heller, “Is that after moving five times in the first five years we were married, we found the right home to raise our children. The kids are grown now with homes of their own, but this will always be their home too.”


10 8 Despite its presence as a striking piece of furniture, Heller confesses that she does not recall where the nearly floor-toceiling armoir came from. “It’s been through a number of our moves, we just kept moving it with us. It held a TV in a previous home and now it’s in our bedroom,” said Heller. The desire for a king size bed was the starting point for the room. “Our decorator found the tufted headboard,” said Heller. “I was drawn to the yellows and gold, those are inviting colors to me.” Side-swept window treatments open the room to natural light. 9 By adjusting a bedroom wall, the Heller’s created an alcove for the bathtub. A single vanity sink with built-in cabinets and drawers line the left side of the room. The large shower includes body sprays. “When we renovated this bathroom the most recent time, we included the half wall between the shower and the tub,” said Heller. Decorative and functional, the feature holds shower soaps and bottles. The flooring is Picasso travertine, a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. 10 “This is where we live,” said Heller of the most recent renovation to the home. Heaters, fans and sunbrella drapes make the L-shaped outdoor area functional in every season. “If it’s not below zero, you’ll find us on the porch,” said Heller. The television, grill and multiple seating options are ideal for entertaining. The ceiling is stained beadboard and the floor is brick with an indoor/outdoor carpet. Four stone and cedar columns line the porch.

HOUSE CREDITS: CABINETS Kitchen Concepts FLOORING & TILING Barb Fraser, Pro Source APPLIANCES Pieratt’s QUARTZITE COUNTER TOPS Su Casa Tile Granite Stone STEREO & SOUND EQUIPMENT Barney Millers DECORATOR Jane Leake, Ivy Downs Interiors


Magic inthe Woods

Over the last 26 years, Jim and Deb Peterson have turned their contemporary home into a well-crafted, creative treasure. BY CHRISTINA NOLL PHOTOGRAPHY BY WALT ROYCRAFT


1greenThestucco exterior of the house is expressive contemporary with jade and hand tumbled brick. A 21’ long chimney is topped

with a pair of 4’ tall copper chimney pots & a long horizontal opening through the chimney. The brick is accented with horizontal brick bands of a contrasting color. The roof is also accented with contrasting lines of shingles, and copper roofs. The walkway is a series of 4’ square blocks of concrete with 4” wide black Mexican beach pebbles separating the blocks.



s Thomas Jefferson said ‘a good house is never done.’ So it is with our house Buck Run,” says Jim Peterson, architect and builder, of his Louisville area home.

1 In the main living space of the home Peterson raised the ceiling and added an interior wood brise solei to bring more human scale. Large clay pots, purchased in Sedona, help fill the large space and, along with Native American blankets, add to the Southwestern feel the Peterson’s love. Recessed niches with backlighting hold artwork the Petersons have acquired while traveling. “Anytime you light artwork, even if it’s bad, it looks good,” Peterson jokes.


When Peterson and his wife, Deb, built the 3750 square foot home in 1990, they initially wanted something contemporary and open. However, later they found the contemporary aspects to be slightly cold for what they wanted, so they reverted to what is now more of a modern cottage feel. “The house has a lot more wood in it now than it did before,” Peterson says. Surrounded by 15 wooded acres, the home is truly a standout, even before you set foot through the door. The property features no grass, but instead is lush with foliage including pachysandra ground cover and day lilies that the deer like to devour. A walkway to the house takes visitors through a pergola on the way to the front door. “We got the idea down in Seaside, Florida, where we saw many of them, all full of individuality” explains Peterson. “We loved the concept, so we built our own.” That tends to be a theme throughout the house, where the Petersons have incorporated ideas and concepts they have seen during their extensive traveling into their own personal space. One wonderful example is seen in the words found written near the top of the wall in the main living area. “A lot of people are into crown mold, but a word cornice provokes conversation,” says Peterson. “This one is a list of places we have backpacked over the years and that have fond memories for us.” Another word cornice in the kitchen features words to a favorite song.

3 The Peterson’s love of the West shows throughout in both furnishings and architecture. The home was one of the first in the Louisville area to use bullnose drywall corners, which softens the edges. “As the years have gone by, we have added rich colors and wood timbers for a West/Southwestern style warmth,” says Peterson. Part of this included bringing large outdoor clay pots from Sedona indoors to give the space some structure. “If you have 30 people in a room like this, it can still feel warm,” says Peterson. “But when it’s just two in here, without any large scale items, it feels cold.” The Petersons also raised some of the ceilings, putting in various sugar pine coffers to add more texture and warmth. There are also art niches throughout the house, showcasing some pieces they have acquired from traveling across the West and in old villages in Italy, Spain and France. “I’ve never seen a wall I didn’t want to cut into,” jokes Peterson, referencing all of the niches. Other special touches include rust patina steelwork frames for door casings, year round white Christmas lights twinkling in every room, and multiple examples of custom work made by the hands of Peterson’s own family. “With a mother who was a serious quilter, a father being a wood working artist, and my big sister owning Edenside Gallery, artwork abounds,” says Peterson. The house also uses several experimental insulating and air sealing techniques, to give it LG&E’s top 4% of the most energy efficient homes, of similar size. Windows throughout offer an abundance of natural light. “We were surprised that when you live in the woods the summer is pretty dark because you are totally in the shade,” says Peterson. “In the wintertime we lose what we call our curtains and it’s quite bright.”

3 The main living area is open to the foyer and kitchen as well as to the upper level. Peterson’s father provided the intricate woodwork on the stair rail using 8 different types of hardwood. A Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass transom was added above the window. Around the doorframe Peterson replaced the casing with oxidized steel to give it the Western feel that come from using natural materials. Native American rugs hang on the walls from some of the Peterson’s trips out West. “We are both Louisville born and bred but we love the mountains and deserts and the feel of the west,” says Peterson.


The second floor features Peterson’s architecture and construction office, which has a small glass floor to bring more light to the first floor. “We also added a large closet for Deb on one end of the Casa, and a workshop for me on the opposite end,” says Peterson. “Plus, a lively screen porch where we could meet in the middle, and have cocktails with friends.”



Out back in the woods, a freestanding Art Door may someday be the entrance to a small guesthouse—a Casita. On your way to the Little Free Library, located near the street, you can stop to set a small rock atop the rock cairn near the front walkway. Commonly used out West to mark hiking in an area without a defined trail, Peterson describes rock cairns as “a little bit of magic out on the trail.” That same description accurately describes this home, which is most certainly a bit of magic on its own.


6 4 When the Petersons built the house 26 years ago, they knew they wanted as much natural light as possible. Many different size and style windows make that possible. “When you have a lot of windows, as the seasons change, it changes the inside of the house as well and you are very in tune with the seasons,” says Peterson. 5 The dining room was originally all white, but that changed after the Peterson’s attended a dinner in a 1800s era house in Maine. “We came home and painted a wall red and took out the electric chandelier and replaced it with this candle tray,” says Peterson. “Now, when you are having an intimate dinner and you light the candles it really adds to the warmth of the experience.” Some timber and a wood treatment above the window also helps to add scale to the room. 6 In the kitchen, Peterson added a wood trellis using timbers they brought in from another property. A mission style pantry door made from reclaimed wood from Santa Fe gives another dash of the Southwest. Originally the cabinets were all white formica, however the Petersons took off some of the doors to warm up the space and give it more texture. The floors are maple with a Brazilian cherry strip running through them every 30 inches. Peterson’s father, a talented woodworker whose work can be seen throughout the home, made the cornice above the window by hand.



7 The Peterson’s just remodeled their master bathroom after more than 25 years, adding the freestanding tub and shower with glass surround. More coffering in the ceiling is inlaid with wood to warm things up. “We had some fun with tile and the wood wainscoting with sugar pine,” says Peterson. Another mission door from Santa Fe, along with all the natural materials gives the space an open, yet warm and inviting feel. 8 Peterson designed the ceiling in the water closet using different timbers found around the property. “When we were in Spain not long ago, the ceiling in our B&B had tile and timbers and they were so warm and inviting and had so much texture,” he explains. That gave him the idea to do something similar and he sketched his ideas on the airplane during the trip home. “Everyone’s ceiling is that way—all you have to do is cut into it,” he says. “It’s an undiscovered area where you can make a statement.”

8 46

9 10 9 The one and only bedroom in the house, the Peterson’s master continues the theme found throughout the home. Hand laid tile forms an unusual cornice along the top of the walls, with soft woodwork to help give it a recessed effect. The coffering in the ceiling near the windows came about after Peterson spent a long time in bed recovering from back surgery. “I laid there staring at the ceiling and thought I could do better,” he says. “So once I was healthy enough I went to work fixing it. It’s so simple and easy to do.” The bedspreads are Native American and the timbers on the edge of the bed are from the Peterson’s own property. Referencing the white lights hanging along the bed, Peterson says, “We love to have the little white lights around whenever and wherever we can. We have them all over.” 10 This colorful, whimsical home in the woods would not be complete without the Little Free Library Peterson built, in conjunction with the charity, using recycled materials. It sits near the street offering neighbors and friend’s interaction and book sharing.



1oneFrom its front elevation, this home could almost be mistaken for of the great Victorian mansions of yesteryear, but upon closer

inspection it also boasts design influences from the modern era. Still, the brick faรงade and limestone accents, along with the copper roofs and handmade decorative cornice, create a solid base that definitely gives a nod to the past.


T 2 Dual built-ins flanking the arched doorway work with a recessed oval ceiling accented by faux paint in a rich golden hue to carry the home’s customized design theme into the formal dining room.

his custom home was designed and built by Joe Hunt, owner of Hunt Custom Remodeling, to serve as his own family’s home as well as a model of sorts for clients to visit, allowing them to see what the company can do firsthand. Situated in Northern Kentucky’s Lakeside Park community, the family opted to settle here because they have roots in the area and the neighborhood is kid-friendly. Also, it is conveniently located close to the airport and lies just eight minutes from downtown Cincinnati. “My wife grew up here in Lakeside Park,” Hunt revealed. “We still have family in the area.” Situated on a half-acre lot, the home was built less than a decade ago, despite its stately appearance. According to Hunt, the lot used to be occupied by an old ranch home that was torn down, and many of the other homes in the neighborhood are 60 to 70 years old, so they wanted to build a new home that would complement the community’s general aesthetic. “We wanted the house to fit in,” Hunt revealed. “The goal was for it to look old but have all the modern features that make homes today more energyefficient and livable.”


3 The end result is a 20-room masterpiece, boasting 5,900 square feet—not including the finished basement, which takes it to 8,100 square feet of livable space. In addition, the custom touches don’t stop with the home’s exterior, but continue in its interior spaces to create a sense of timelessness throughout. “We just love the look and feel of older homes, so this was a great opportunity to show off what we can do,” Hunt shared. Other special touches include custom cabinetry throughout and double-layer crown molding, as well as 10-foot ceilings on the first floor and 9-foot ceilings on the second floor. There is also a third floor that includes a full family room, a bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet and full bath. In addition, the home features custom wood molding and headers above nearly every doorway, as well as granite countertops and custom tile throughout. As for the family’s favorite spaces, Hunt says the kids love the theater room and the piano room, while he favors the living room, but everyone really enjoys being together in the kitchen, which serves as the heart of the home.

3 The formal living room boasts a luxe feel and custom features, including extensive crown molding, built-in storage under the window seat, arched windows and a fireplace with limestone surround. The soft, neutral color palette is nicely complemented by pops of rich red accents, while the custom window treatment is positioned to permit plenty of natural light to flood the space.

“It’s a true family home with all the bells and whistles,” Hunt shared. “We blended form with function and comfort with a variety of carefully-designed custom touches to create spaces that cater to our needs.” And that, one could say, is the American Dream come true.



5 52

4 In the kitchen, granite countertops are bordered by a travertine backsplash and a farmhouse sink makes for easy cleanup. The breakfast nook provides additional seating, while a hearth room lies just past the French doors and is also visible through an arched wall cutout from most points in the kitchen, creating a sense of unity in the space. 5 The sumptuous piano room is where the Hunt children practice playing music and the space also features French doors that open to the porch (not pictured). Family photos, an elegant seating area and an oversized mirror work with matching wall sconces and a chandelier to create an updated yet classic look.

6 6 A wide, welcoming hallway showcases the home’s stunning stained oak hardwood floors, stretching out from the home’s main entryway, which features an arched theme to create visual intent that starts with the front door, then continues through to the decorative niche beyond and is even mimicked in the curvature of the ceiling above the expansive formal staircase. 7 Dramatic woodwork takes center stage in the office, which features a stunning coffered ceiling and is located just off the entryway past the piano room. The space also features French doors (not pictured), and all woodwork was custom built and stained on-site.





10 8 A soft green color on the walls is accented by a warm beige hue on the recessed octagonal ceiling, which reveals rope lighting dropped into the custom crown molding. The space also includes a seating area and a balcony located just outside through the double doors, while the armoire adds a true antique feel to the space.

9 Travertine tile with diamond inserts creates an opulent feel in the home’s master bath, which also features a granite countertop, rubbed bronze hardware and a luxurious Jacuzzi tub, as well as a dedicated vanity space and arched architectural features above the tub and shower entrance, which lend continuity to the home’s overall design.

10 Dark stain in “Black Pepper” offers up a beautiful sense of contrast next to the golden tone on the walls of the theater room, which also brings to view pocket doors and is the children’s favorite room in the home. Located in the lower level, the space has a sound system designed by Walt Worley of Cincinnati and can comfortably seat up to 12 people.




SPEED ART MUSEUM Kentucky’s largest art museum offers something for everyone in a visually stunning, expanded space. BY CHRISTINA NOLL PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF SPEED ART MUSEUM

IF YOU GO: Visit for an ongoing calendar of events and more information on the following: Activities for Children Activities for Art Lovers Outside Fundraisers Community Events Social & Networking Opportunities


Whether you’ve visited The Speed Art Museum in Louisville before, or this is your first visit, prepare to be pleased. As Kentucky’s largest art museum, it features a sizable collection of pieces from around the world. Located on campus at the University of Louisville, The Speed Art Museum recently underwent a major expansion and renovation that will impress even the most discerning art lover. Originally opened in 1927, The Speed Art Museum was founded by philanthropist Hattie Bishop Speed on the belief in the power of art to change people’s lives. It reopened after a three-year renovation in March of this year. Today, the museum offers over 220,000 square feet of special exhibitions, contemporary art galleries, a Kentucky gallery, a family education and welcome center, cinema, indoor/outdoor café, museum store, multifunctional Grand Hall and an Art Park and public piazza.

Discovering Kentucky 1 The outside of the newly renovated museum, located on the University of Louisville campus. 2 The mostly transparent North Building is a work of art in itself.

“The Speed is a true hub of creativity,” says Ghislain d’Humieres, CEO at The Speed Art Museum. It is not only a place where you can find unbelievable art from around the world, spanning 6,000 years of human creativity, but it is also a thriving, exciting place for families and friends across all generations. I want it to be a place for all generations, where grandchildren learn and interact with grandparents; parents talk with children; and friends meet friends.” The opportunity for generations to gather at the museum and explore art together is even more likely now thanks to a gift of $1 million from the Brown-Forman Corporation that enables the museum to offer free Sunday admission until 2021. “This is the perfect time to visit, especially if you’ve never been before, to see all that the Speed has to offer,” says d’Humieres. “We hope many people will visit like this, get a taste of what’s here, and then return time and time again.” Whether you enjoy the Masters, or sculpture, or contemporary art, The Speed Art Museum has it all, including the most comprehensive collection of Kentucky art in the state. “A little known fact is that the Speed has over 14,000 pieces in its collection, but can only showcase about 2,000 pieces at any given time,” explains d’Humieres. “Now that we have more space, we will be regularly rotating the collection so you may visit many times and see something new.”


There are also several upcoming exhibitions. The first one, called Out of the Box, will open this September. “It’s a look at sneaker culture and the sneaker as ‘art’ in the design and cultural significance of this notso-humble shoe,” says d’Humieres. “It’s a popular, major national exhibit coming to Louisville that you won’t want to miss.” Although everyone has their personal favorite type of art, or even piece (d’Humieres admits to having a fondness for the intricate art and delicate craftsmanship of the Giles Joubert writing desk in the main gallery), the overall affect of the museum, including the largely transparent North Building, is breathtaking on its own. “There is truly something for everyone at the Speed at any given time of the day,“ says d’Humieres.



Interior & Exterior Hand-Crafted Forging Metal Fabrication • Design • Visual Consulting


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47 Ave of Champions, Nicholasville

Resort Living! Elegant drive, fountain, Irish laid stone walls, graceful waterfall on private 12 acre lot! Stunning Foyer, Formal Dining, Music/Library, Gourmet Kitchen, Informal Dining, Family Room, Study, Grand Master Suite with Spa Bath, Wine Room, & Home Theater. Excellent outdoor areas, Pool house, hot tub area & outdoor kitchen! State of the art Smart house!


1613 Harmony Hall Lane

Exceptional home located in the heart of Lexington! First level Master Suite, two-story Family Room open to the recently updated Kitchen, second level Family/Recreation Room, walk-out Basement with fireplace and full bath! You will love the covered porch overlooking large lawn.


112 Ashley Woods Road

3812 Real Quiet Lane

3501 Trinidad Court

Mansion in Greenbrier Estates on 1.4 acre lot! 2 story foyer, graceful curved staircase. Generous Bedrooms, good closets & plenty of baths! Master Suite has 2 fireplaces for sitting & bedroom, huge luxurious bath! Finished lower level with 2 fireplaces, several family areas & more!


4876 Waterside Drive

Wonderful estate home with Pool and Guest house on 10 acres with 10 more available! Main level Master, Sunroom, & lower level!

Spacious rooms, tall ceilings & natural light! Handsome Library, Dining Rm with Fireplace, Chef ’s Kitchen & 1st floor Master Suite.

Elegant home with beautiful lake views. Gourmet Kitchen, Breakfast Area, Theater Room, and Five Spacious bedrooms & Master.

2723 Martinique Lane

891 Boyers Chapel Rd, Sadieville

140 Highview Path, Georgetown





Southern Estate home in Greenbrier! Updated Spacious open plan, finished walk out bsmt. Kitchen, Large family spaces, Wine Cellar, 6 BR. Great Kitchen. 34 acres, Barn, Indoor Indoor Pool, & Tennis Courts! Arena, Paddocks, Plank fences & 5-car garage.


Five acres close to town! Open floor plan with lots of natural light, hardwood floors, Gourmet Kitchen & 1st Floor Master Suite!


#1 Consistently TOP Producer a Topfor 3 Sales 2015,Producer! 2011 & 2010! 1084 East New Circle Rd, Suite 200 Lex. KY 40505 • 859-899-0528

2109 Shelton Road

Exquisite home in gated Hartland Estates. Spacious Kitchen with granite. 1st floor Master Suite with updated Master Bath.


5142 Whites Lane

10 acres of beautiful views in the heart of the Bluegrass! 4-plank fences, paddock, water & electric in the barn, two stalls & tack room.


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273 S. Ashland Ave. $1,688,000 Totally Rebuilt Victorian Gem! Exceptional home with 3 floors, huge media room, 4 bedrooms & 3.5 baths. Jim McKeighen 859-619-9993 Jimmy Turek 859-221-2575

625 W. Short Street $949,888 Completely updated, sophisticated luxury, & top of the line finishes. Spa like owner’s suite with Carrera marble, & custom closet. Enjoy your lovely private, terraced landscaped & gated garden! Jimmy Turek 859-221-2575 Jim McKeighen 859-619-9993

1920 Hart Road $899,000 Custom 5 bedroom & 4.5 bath home in Ashland Park. Featuring an exceptional 1st floor owner’s suite, family room w/theater in basement & more! Kevin Martin 859-619-3232

25 Avenue of Champions $875,000 Stunning home overlooking 4th fairway at Keene Trace at Champions Golf Course. 1st fl owners suite! Beautiful Great Room! Jane Miller 859-421-4674

2929 Four Pines Drive $745,000 Classic 3 bedroom and 4.5 bath home with over 4000sq. ft. Hardwood floors, custom built-ins, custom cherry cabinets and owner’s suite! Rick Queen 859-221-3616

1108 Cooper Drive $695,000 Chevy Chase 5 bedroom remodel. Many New features, beautiful large kitchen, new hardwood, 3 car garage, fenced yard and gate on driveway. Kevin Martin 859-619-3232

624 W. Short Street $549,888 Spectacular, totally rebuilt, openfloor plan home. Modern Conveniences & amazing cook’s kitchen! Jim McKeighen 859-619-9993 Jimmy Turek 859-221-2575

277 Cassidy Avenue $519,000 Immaculate 3 bedroom & 3 bath in Chevy Chase! Renovated kitchen, 1st floor owner’s suite, spacious closets, unfinished basement & 2 car garage. Totally updated! You will love being so close to everything! Rick Queen 859-221-3616

3881 Ormesby Place $489,000 Ellerslie at Delong! Richly appointed, 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 1st floor owner’s suite, finished basement, beautiful kitchen and more! Rick Queen 859-221-3616

365 Henry Clay Blvd. $399,900 Popular Fairway Neighborhood! 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, beautiful updated kitchen, hardwood floors, basement, family room with outdoor entrance. Pepper Woolwine 859-327-1896

155 Constitution Street $398,800 Uniquely special & thoroughly modern 4 bedrooms & 3 baths! Remnants of the past are found throughout such as original hardwood floors & sawed exposed timbers. Steps from restaurants & parks. Jimmy Turek 859-221-2575 Jim McKeighen 859-619-9993

2440 Astarita Way $ 475,000 Outstanding 5 bedroom and 4.5 bath home in West Wind! Spacious kitchen, large owner’s suite, rec room, hardwood floors & covered porch. Rick Queen 859-221-3616



#1 Top Producer for 17 years!

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4865 Tates Creek Road $2,850,000

215 N Mill Street

Resort style home! One of a kind home on almost 10 acres. Full size indoor pool, hot tub w/ fountain, sauna, gym, 3 full Kitchens & a 12 seat movie theatre w/ Motion seats.

Remarkable restoration! The main parlor features exquisite pier mirrors & museum quality fixtures. Gorgeous Kitchen w/ high end cabinetry, granite, fireplace, and pressed copper ceiling.

Amazing home features quality materials & workmanship on 10 beautiful treed acres. Marble flooring, volume ceilings, gourmet Kitchen, and 1st floor Master.

This stately colonial style brick home embodies the essence of Southern living. Columned front porch, amazing brick floored veranda, and beautifully landscaped .6 acre lot.

1916 Lakes Edge Drive


1306 Fincastle Road


2117 Shelton Road


2245 Guilford Lane


2364 The Woods Lane $699,000

Iconic Ashland Park home featuring outstanding architectural elements in woodwork, unique 20 paned windows, & graceful curved staircase. Overlooks the beautiful Henry Clay Estate.

Open Family Room - Kitchen & Sunroom. The Kitchen offers granite countertops, stainless appliances, & beautiful hrdwd floors throughout. Beautiful backyard w/ inviting pool.

Gorgeous large treed lot w/ brick patio. Gleaming hardwood floors, 9’ ceilings on 1st floor, & lavish woodwork. Updated Kitchen with granite countertops.

145 Romany Road

120 Native Trace

341 Kingsway Drive

1212 Birmingham Lane




1320 Big Pond Circle

Amazing Waterfront home featuring lots of windows & natural light w/ wonderful lake views! Open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, and many unique architectural features.



Location!! The heart of Chevy Chase and beautifully updated!! This charming home has a wonderful open floor plan, great natural light, & gleaming hardwood floors.

Minutes from the Fayette Co. line in Nicholasville. Lovely Mike Kerwin built home w/ inviting 2 story Entry Hall & FR, and large gourmet Kitchen with granite.

Beautifully renovated home in Fairway! Fabulous renovated Kitchen w/ cream cabinetry, granite countertops, large island, stainless appliances, & hardwood floors.

403 W Brannon Road

2981 Four Pines Dr #4

105 Cherrywood Drive


Wonderful one level Nicholasville home. Large windows, great natural light, tall ceilings, & gleaming hdwd floors. Updated deck, fire pit, & many fruit trees.

64 64

Laura Eaves (859) 797-5822


This condo has great one level living w/ updated eat-in Kitchen. Formal LR with fireplace, DR, large MBR and attached BA w/ spacious walk-in closet. 2-car garage.


Beautiful one-owner home in Nicholasville. Located on a gorgeous .93 acre lot. Lovely stonework, patios & wonderful landscaping. Newly refinished hardwood floors.


Beaumont Reserve home offers an open LR and DR with lavish woodwork & lots of hdwd flooring. Spacious FR with fireplace. Updated Kitchen/Breakfast Room.

1004 Castleton Way


Remodeled Bathrooms w/ granite countertops, new tile and faucets. Updated Kitchen with new tile, faucets, and stainless appliances. Upgraded electric & plumbing.

Builders and Designers agree that good lighting in the home provides the best visual impact for the least dollar amount invested!

See the Light Come to the Source! Brecher’s has been the source for lighting since 1866. Visit one of our showrooms for the latest in lighting. For selection, service, and style come to the source.

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