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2019-2020 Directory + Hometown Guide Table of Contents Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Past Presidents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 2019 Committees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 MNLA 2019 Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 Garden Tips for Spring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Current Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Career Fair Pullout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Job Fair Pullout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 The MNLA Directory is published annually by the: Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association, Inc. P.O. Box 387 Conway, MA 01341 Telephone: (413) 369-4731 Fax: (413) 369-4962 Rena M. Sumner Executive Director www.mnla.com

Garden Tips for Spring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Garden Tips for Fall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Hometown Hort Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Green Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Garden Tips for Winter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Directory of Advertisers ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62





Tim Hay, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Tel: (508) 845-2143


Peter Mezitt, MCH Weston Nurseries, Inc. Tel: (508) 435-3414





Deborah Trickett, MCH The Captured Garden

Jason Wentworth Peacefield Strategies, LLC Tel: (617) 417-4050

Kerry Preston, MCH

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Rena Sumner RMS Associates Tel: (413) 369-4731

Wisteria & Rose, Inc. Steve Charette Farm Family Insurance Family

SECRETARY/TREASURER Chris O’Brien, MCH Howard Designs, Inc. Tel: (617) 244-7269

David Vetelino, MCH Vetelino Landscape, Inc


Jim Stucchi, MCH Stucchi Landscape and Design, LLC Tel: (774) 233-2151

Jean Dooley, MCH Mahoney’s Garden Centers

Past Presidents 2016-2018 Jim Stucchi, MCH 2015-2016 Timothy Lomasney 2013-2016 Mary Jesch 2012-2013 James Connolly, MCH 2011-2012 Christopher Kennedy, MCH 2010-2011 Mark Sawyer, MCH 2009-2010 Thomas Bradley, MCH 2007-2009 Michelle Harvey, MCH 2005-2007 Jeffrey Willman, MCH 2003-2005 John Lebeaux, MCH 2001-2003 Bonnie Tucker L’Etoile 2000-2001 James McBratney, MCH 1999-2000 Stephen Corrigan, MCH 1998-1999 Mark Ahronian, MCH 1997-1998 Thomas Strangfeld, MCH 1996-1997 Patricia Bigelow, MCH 1995-1996 James F. McManus, MCH 1994-1995 Gregory Georgaklis 1993-1994 John M. Bardzik, MCH 1991-1992 Randolph E. Wright, MCH 1989-1990 Paul J. Shea, MCH 1987-1988 Richard W. Bemis, MCH 1985-1986 Peter R. Cook 1983-1984 Robert J. Kennedy 1981-1982 James K. Stewart


1979-1980 1976-1978 1974-1975 1972-1973 1970-1971 1968-1969 1966-1967 1964-1965 1962-1963 1960-1961 1958-1959 1956-1957 1954-1955 1952-1953 1950-1951 1948-1949 1946-1947 1945 1944 1943 1942 1940-1941 1938-1939 1934-1937 1933

Neil J. Van Sloun R. Wayne Mezitt, MCH Reuben E. Lebeaux Paul J. Mahoney, MCH Dennis M. Dowd Charles A. Godin H. Harvey Jackson, Jr. Umberto P. Motroni Edmund V. Mezitt Clifford D. Corliss, Jr. Willard M. Bond Frank T. White Harold C. Atwater Harold D. Stevenson Homer K. Dodge Luke C. May Marinus Vander Pol George Fellows Seth L. Kelsey Clifford D. Corliss Winthrop H. Thurlow Cornelius Van Tol Lloyd A. Hathaway Willaim N. Craig Victor Heurlin

1932 1931 1930 1929 1928 1927 1926 1925 1923-1924 1922 1921 1920 1919 1918 1917 1916 1915 1914 1910-1913

Harlan P. Kelsey George Johnson Robert F. Cross J. J. McManmon Paul Baumann Sheldon Robinson Edward Borst Richard M. Wyman Christian Van der Voet Sheldon Robinson Julius Heurlin Walton Wyman George C. Thurlow John Kirkegard E. W. Breed G. Howard Frost Charles Adams Charles R. Fish Windsor H. Wyman

Past Presidents passing the gavel. 2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

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160 Pine Hill Road, Chelmsford I 978.349.0055 40 Frankland Road, Hopkinton I 508.293.8028 WestonNurseries.com/Commercial CommSales@WestonNurseries.com

Interested in volunteering for one of our Committees? Download and complete the Committee Member Application at www.mnla.com.

Committees 2019 EDUCATION: Chair: Katherine Bergmann, MCH Bergmann Construction (508) 533-3831 Amanda Bayer, UMass/Stockbridge School of Agriculture Gene Demsey, MCH, Northeast Nurseries, Inc. Christopher Johnston, MCH, Ahronian Landscape & Design, Inc. Deborah Tricket, MCH, The Captured Garden Dirk Coburn, MCH, Weston Nurseries FINANCIAL COMMITTEE — MNLA FINCOM: Chair: Steve Corrigan, MCH Mountain View Landscapes and Lawncare, Inc. (413) 536-7555 Vice Chair: Chuck Baker, MCH Strictly Pruning, (508) 429-7189 John Rakouskas, MCH, Five Star Garden and Landscapes John Bardzik, MCH, Tarnow Nursery Advisors: John McAndrew, Edward Jones and Peter Ziomek, Ziomek & Ziomek MASS. CERTIFIED HORTICULTURIST (MCH) BOARD:

Chair: Jack Ellicone, MCH John R. Elicone Consulting (617) 527-5706

MAGAZINE COMMITTEE: Chair: Gaele McCully, MCLP, MCH Mahoney’s Garden Center (781) 729-5900 PRODUCTS: Chair: Peter Mezitt, MCH Weston Nurseries, Inc. (508)435-3414 Christopher Kennedy, MCH Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc. Doug Dondero, Valley Green, Inc. Shawn Spear, Valley Green, Inc. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS: Chair: Chris O’Brien, MCH Howard Designs, Inc. (617) 244-7269 Patricia Bigelow, MCH, Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Fred Dabney, MCH, Quansett Nurseries, Inc. Robin Pydynkowski, Cape Ann Tree Service, Inc. Tom Bradley, MCH, Emanouil, Inc. Mark Ahronian, MCH, Ahronian Landscaping & Design, Inc. Laura Kuhn, MCH, Laura Kuhn Design and Consulting Mary Jesch, Cornucopia Gardeners Tim Preston, Wisteria & Ros

Nate Brown, MCH, New England Nurseries, Inc. Kerry Preston, MCH, Wisteria & Rose, LLC Kelly Perry, MCH, Swan Point Cemetery Corinne Jean, MCH, Wisteria & Rose, LLC Kate Merrill, MCH, Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Deborah Tricket, MCH, The Captured Garden Darryl Sullivan, MCH, Mount Auburn Cemetery Tracy Van Schouwen, Merryfields Garden & Design Advisor: David Ellis, MCH, Roseland Nursery HISTORY: Chair: Philip Boucher, MCH Elysian Garden Designs (508) 695-9630 Vice Chair: Skott Rebello, MCH Harborside P.S. (508) 994-9208 Patti Souza, MCH, Sylvan Nursery Advisor: Dick Bemis, MCH, Bemis Farms Nursery


Plant Geek Day

2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

The finest Taxus and Boxwood in the industry and so much more.


Pieris Mo

untain Fir

n Passio

dendr Rhodo


Woodward Arbor

Magic Ca

rpet Spire




Ligh Mandarin

ts Azale


See Availability List on our website! FairviewEvergreen.com 7463 West Ridge Rd. P.O. Box 189 Fairview PA 16415 800.458.2234 e-mail: info@FairviewEvergreen.com

President’s Award A special award given by the MNLA President in appreciation for dedication and outstanding service within the association on behalf of the nursery and landscape industry. The following are the recipients of the President’s Award which began in 1999.

President’s Award presented to: Christopher O’Brien, MCH, Howard Designs, Inc.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2010 2007 2006 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000

Christopher O’Brien, MCH, Howard Designs Northeast Nursery, Inc. Timothy Hay, MCH, Bigelow Nurseries Michelle Harvey, MCH, Lakeview Nurseries, Inc. Henry Gillet — HSG Associates Cheryl Salatino, MCH — Dancing Shadows Garden Designs Karen Howard, MCH — Howard Garden Designs, Inc. Rena M. Sumner — MNLA Executive Director Jeffrey Willman, MCH —Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Mark Ahronian, MCH — Ahronian Landscape & Design, Inc. R. Wayne Mezitt, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc. Patricia Bigelow, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries Karen Howard — Howard Garden Designs Mark Sawyer, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc. Phillip Boucher, MCH — Tranquil Lake Nursery Christopher Kennedy, MCH — Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc. Tom Strangfeld; MNLA Past President — Weston Nurseries, Inc. Kevin Hollister, MCH — Hilltop Horticulture

Young Nursery Professional of the Year Award The Young Nursery Professional of the Year is an annual award established by the New England Nursery Association. Its purpose is to reward, to honor and to encourage participation, achievement and growth by an individual who is involved in a related horticultural industry and has not reached the age of 40 years, who has shown involvement in his or her state and/or regional nursery association, who have contributed to the growth and success of their company of employment and who has portrayed an image to the public of what our products and services can do for them. The selection of Young Nursery Professional of the Year is made by the appropriate leaders within the individual state nursery association.

Steve Davis, Bigelow Nurseries, recipient of the young nursery of the year award.


2017 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990

Steve Davis, MCH, Bigelow Nurseries Jeffrey Meola, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc. David Ahronian, MCH — Ahronian Landscape & Design, Inc. Aime Jakubowitz Sund, MCH — Wheat Landscape Gardening and Design Kenneth Roth, MCH — Northeast Nursery, Inc. Joseph Sokol — Fourth Generation Nursery Geoff Uva, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Richard Bursch, MCH — Lakeview Nurseries Christopher Kennedy, MCH — Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc. Kelly Perry, MCH — Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Jim Stucchi, MCH — Ahronian Landscape and Design Tim Hay, MCH — Bigelow Nuseries, Inc. Skott Rebello, MCH — Harborside P.S. Michael Maneri, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc. Mark Sawyer, MCH — Weston Nurseries, Inc. Steve Radzik, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Jeff Willman, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Michelle Harvey, MCH — Lakeview Nurseries Joshua Wright, MCH — Garden Craft, Inc. Mark Ahronian, MCH — Ahronian Landscaping & Design, Inc. Ralph Peckham — Lovell’s Nursery & Garden Center Greg Georgaklis, MCH — Gold Star Wholesale Nursery Charles H MacKinnon, MCH — Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Phil Barber — Tarnow Nursery Peter Quinlan — Quinlans Nursery

2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

Henry S. Gillet Environmental Leadership Award The Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc. is dedicated to helping the citizens of the Commonwealth, plan, develop and maintain the private and public landscapes of Massachusetts. It has always been our goal to provide this service to the public in a manner consistent with sound environmental practices. We recognize that a partnership with the governmental, educational and environmental communities is the most effective way to achieve that goal. The Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association’s Environmental Leadership Award established in 1998 recognizes individuals who have consistently provided informed leadership in dealing with complex environmental issues. This award was initiated under the guidance of our Government Relations Director Henry Gillet who passed away unexpectedly on December 21, 2017. His legacy of leadership & mentor-ship to our association and the broader agricultural industry is immense and we are proud to continue his legacy in re-naming this award in his name.

The following individuals were selected for their wisdom, impartiality and willingness to make difficult decisions that have quietly contributed to the quality of life of each citizen of the Commonwealth. 2018 Governor Charles Baker 2017 Commissioner, John Lebeaux, MCH 2016 Representative John Scibak 2015

Representative Paul A. Schmid, III


Senator Jennifer Flanagan


Representative Christopher Markey


Representative John Fernandes


Representative Carolyn Dykema


Representative Sarah Peake

Commissioner, Scott Soares, MA Department of Agricultural Resources

2009 Senator Michael Knapik

Representative Anne Gobi

2008 Representative Frank I. Smizik

Assistant Attorney General, Robert W. Ritchie

2007 Senator Pamela Resor

Representative Vinny deMacedo

2006 Representative Daniel Bosley

Brad Mitchell, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

2005 Attorney General Thomas Riley 2004 Senator Therese Murray

The Gillet family at the statehouse.

Representative Anthony Verga

Representative Edward Connolly

2003 Senator Bruce Tarr

Representative Michael Rodrigues

Dr. Allen Barker, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

2002 Senator Stanley Rosenberg

Representative John Quinn

Gerald Peters, Norfolk Agricultural High School

2001 Senator Stephen Brewer

Representative George Peterson

Dr. Daniel Plourde, Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative

2000 Senator Robert Antonioni

Representative William Straus

Deborah Swanson, UMass Extension Plymouth

1999 Senator Susan Fargo

Commissioner John Lebeaux planted May 15 2018. Tree donated by Bigelow Nurseries. President Hay assisting the Commissioner with the planting. www.mnla.com

Representative Steve Kulik

Ron Kujawski, UMass Extension Educator


Senator Robert Durand

Representative Barbara Gardner

Kathleen Carroll, UMass Extension Amherst









Garden Tips for by Geri Jones, Churchill Gardens, Lenox, MA

Pinch off side buds of peonies to encourage larger blooms.

Prune roses by cutting back all brown, dead canes to live green stems.

A soil test before planting as well as annually thereafter, will aid in establishing the correct soil pH for whatever plantings are planned. Recommendations will be outlined on the pH test results. UMASS soil diagnostic lab offers soil testing at a very reasonable fee. Visit https://ag.umass.edu/soil-plant-tissue-testing-lab/fact-sheets/sampling-instructions-for-routine-soil-analysis for more information.

Apply a professional perennial grass seed over bare or thin spots in the lawn. Scratch the surface of the soil first and water the seed in lightly. A thin layer of straw will help with moisture retention and keeping the birds away. Remove the layer of straw very carefully so as not to disturb the new seedlings approximately 7 – 10 later.

Forsythia should be pruned immediately after flowering. Their new flower buds form by early June. The branch tips of forsythia will root where they touch the ground if not pruned back. Prune forsythia removing the new growth to maintain size and shape. Be sure to remove the dead wood in the center of the plant to let light in and provide adequate air circulation. Using pruners rather than hedge trimmers offers the best results.

2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory






Spring Either put up or clean out nesting boxes for birds. The birds are searching out nesting sites now and you can attract them with a clean bird house and perhaps some nesting materials such as lint from the dryer. Place any nesting materials either on the ground, in the crotch of a tree or hanging on a tree limb. When mulching your landscaped beds, remove the top, compacted layer of the existing mulch first. Loosening the mulch in this way allows for better absorption of water and nutrients to your plantings. A light, layer (2�-3�) of a fresh shredded bark mulch may then be applied. Now is a great time to clean out the toolshed. Look carefully at your gardening tools and decide if anything is in need of replacing. Some essential tools to consider for the gardening chores this year include an iron rake; a long-handled, round-pointed shovel; a square garden spade; hand pruners; a long-handled pair of loppers for larger branches; a small, curved pruning saw and a bamboo lawn rake.

Check on your compost pile. If it is not frozen, use a garden fork and dig into it and flip the compost over and over as much as you are able.

To prepare your lawn and landscape for the season, complete a spring clean-up of your gardens by cutting back any foliage left from perennials last year. Rake all debris from lawns and landscape beds when the soil has dried. A bamboo or other soft rake is less apt to tear at sod. Visit your favorite nursery/garden center and purchase a flat of pansies to plant outdoors. Fill a beautiful container or accent the border of your landscaped beds. Look for heat-resistant varieties to extend the bloom time. Pinching off each flower as the spent petals curl will encourage new flowers to bloom.




Current Membership A A & B Insurance Richard Bourgault 235 Littleton Road, Unit 3 Westford, MA, 01886 richard@abinsgroup.com http://www.abinsgroup.com a Blade of Grass James Douthit 9 Old County Road Sudbury, MA, 01776 508-358-4500 info@abladeofgrass.com https://abladeofgrass.com A&J Landscape Services LLC Jessica Krupa 27 South Street South Hadley, MA, 01075 413-4277045 art@ajlandscapeservices.com http://www.ajlandscapeservices.com A. Bonadio & Sons, Inc. Michael Bonadio 35 R Albert Street Waltham, MA, 02453 781-893-7912 info@abstoday.com http://www.abstoday.com/ A. Thomas & Sons, Inc. Bunny Thomas 1240 Randolph Ave. Milton, MA, 02186 617-698-3348 athomasandsons@comcast.net http://athomasandsons.com/ Acorn Tree & Landscaping Sean Bilodeau, MCH 513 Codman Hill Road Boxborough, MA, 01719 978-635-0409 acorntree@me.com http://acorntreeandlandscape.com Agresource, Inc. Dave Harding 110 Boxford Road Rowley, MA, 01969 978-388-5110 dharding@agresourceinc.com


Ahronian Landscaping & Design, Inc. Mark Ahronian, MCH 107 Concord Street Holliston, MA, 01746 508-429-3844 mark@ahronian.com http://www.ahronian.com/ Allandale Farm Helen Glotzer 259 Allandale Road Brookline, MA, 02467 617-524-1531 Helen@allandalefarm.com American National and Farm Family Insurance Steve Charette 10 State St., Ste #213 Newburyport, MA, 01950 978-269-4764 steve.charette@farm-family.com http://farmfamily.com American National Property & Casualty, Co. Janet Brooks 1949 East Sunshine Springfield, MO, 65899 518-431-5253 janet.brooks@americannational.com http://www.americannational.com Amherst Landscape “A Mountain View Company” Steve Corrigan, MCH 67 Old James Street Chicopee, MA, 01020 413-536-7555 stevec@mountainviewinc.com http://www.mountainviewinc.com/ Amherst Nurseries John Kinchla 199 Belchertown Rd Amherst, MA, 01002 413-549-8873 jwk@amherstnurseries.com Anderson Landscape Construction, Inc. Fred Anderson P O Box 930 6 Beverly Dr Sterling, MA, 01564 978-422-6500 fred@andlc.com Angela Rose Gardens, LLC Angela Rose P.O. Box 733 Falmouth, MA, 02541 508-444-6703 angelalandscapes@gmail.com

Angel’s Garden Center Jeffrey Doherty 285 West Main St. Hopkinton, MA, 01748 508-3282900 angelsgardencenter@hotmail.com

Bayer Ornamentals Bob Froelich 5565 Hardwell Dr Hilliard, OH, 43026 614-969-9040 bob.froelich@bayer.com

Arborjet, Inc Kristin Nikodemski 99 Blueberry Hill Rd Woburn, MA, 01801 781-935-9070 knikodemski@arborjet.com http://www.arborjet.com

Bemis Farms Nursery Edward Bemis, MCH 29 North Brookfield Road Spencer, MA, 01562 -508-885-4247 tina@bemisfarms.com http://www.bemisfarmsnursery.com

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Arnold Arboretum Karen Pinto 1300 Centre Street Roslindale, MA, 02131 617-384-5765 karen_pinto@harvard.edu http://arboretum.harvard.edu

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Arrowwood Landscape, Inc. Robert Libby 321 Brockton Avenue Abington, MA, 02351 781-878-0316 info@arrowwoodlandscapeinc.com http://www.arrowwoodlandscapeinc.com

Bilowz Asociates, Inc. Greg Bilowz P.O. Box 1326 Sterling, MA, 01564 978-422-5040 greg@bilowzassociates.com http://www.bilowzassociates.com Bird House Ecological Landscaping

Artistic Landscapes LLC Tony Hurley, MCLP 111 Newburyport Turnpike Rowley, MA, 01969 978-317-9875 Tony@artistic-landscapes.com http://www.Artistic-Landscapes.com


Ballard Truck Center Richard Boucher 442 SW Cutoff Worcester, MA, 01604 508-753-1403 cswift@ballardtrucks.com http://www.ballardtrucks.com Bartlett Tree Experts Gary Nedorostek 240 Highland Avenue Seekonk, MA, 02771 508-336-8242 gnedorostek@bartlett.com https://www.bartlet.com

Andrew Covell P.O. Box 842 Acton, MA, 01720 978-263-1628 apcovell@gmail.com http://www.ecolandscaping.net Blair Agency Inc. Lisa Blair 145 South Main Street Carver, MA, 02330 508-8669150 blairagncy@comcast.net Blueview Nurseries Anthony Cogliano 200 Bay Road Norton, MA, 02766 508-230-2139 anthony@blueviewnurseries.com

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Boston Architectural College Terence Duffy PO Box 2400 Rockport, MA, 01966 978-836-6790 rockportduffys@me.com

Bubbling Brook Nursery Steve Murray P.O. Box 60, Rt. 109 Walpole, MA, 02081 -508-660-1306 info@BubblingBrookNursery.com

Boston College Scott McCoy Boston College Landscape Services Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467 617-552-1523 mccoysc@bc.edu http://bc.edu

Busy Bee Nursery Sharon Taubert 57 Broad St. Rte 68 Jefferson, MA, 01522 508-829-5380 busybee@busybeenursery.com http://www.busybeenursery.com

Boston Organic Turf George J. Gannon Jr. 40 Franclaire Drive West Roxbury, MA, 02321 781-2234472 georgeg@bostonorganicturf.com http://www.bostonorganicturf.com

Calvin Montigny Landscaping Calvin Montigny P.O. Box 903 Sturbridge, MA, 01566 508-347-5682 calvin@montignylandscaping.com

Boston Temple/LDS Church Paul Ferrin II 100 Hinckley Way Belmont, MA, 02478 617-993-9993 paulferrin2@gmail.com

Camosse Masonry Supply Camosse Supply 61 S.W. Cutoff Worcester, MA, 01604 508-755-6193 info@camosse.com

Branch in Hand Garden Care Adaela McLaughlin 16 Hawthorne St Haverhill, MA, 01835 978-469-8323 branchinhand@gmail.com http://www.branchinhand.com

Cape Ann Tree Service, Inc. Matthew Natti Ten Fernwood Lake Ave Gloucester, MA, 01930 978-768-7700 capeanntree@gmail.com http://www.capeanntree.com

Briggs Nursery Inc. Paul Briggs 295 Kelly Boulevard North Attleboro, MA, 02760 508-699-7421 PaulBriggs@mnla.com

Cape Organics Lindsay Strode P O Box 684 West Harwich, MA, 02671 508-430-0267 lindsay@capeorganics.com

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Carroll County Landscape, Inc. David Alessandroni P. O. Box 237 Wolfeboro Falls, NH, 03896 603-569-2013 cclinc@metrocast.net http://www.carrollcountylandscape.com Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc. Tom Cottens 110 Codjer Lane Sudbury, MA, 01776 978-443-7177 tom@cavicchio.com Central Nurseries Steven Pagliarini 1155 Atwood Ave, P.O. Box 19477 Johnston, RI, 02919 401-942-7511 info@centralnurseries.com Charbrook Farm Nursery, LLC Stephen Stimson 71 Gates Road Princeton, MA, 01541 774-3923683 sstimson@stephenstimson.com http://www.charbrook.com Charter Oak Landscape & Nursery Sales Frank Thomann One Ivy Cove Avon, CT, 06001 800-431-6625 JTCPlants@verizon.net Cherry Hill Construction James McGill P.O. Box 6 North Pembroke, MA, 02358-0006 781-826-6886 marketing@cherryhillpool.com Chestnut Hill Realty Corp Tim Dolan 300 Independence Dr. Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467 617-323-2100 tdolan@chestnuthillrealty.com Christie Dustman & Company, Inc. Christie Dustman 8 A Street Boston, MA, 02136 617-327-0330 christie@christiedustman.com http://www.christiedustman.com

Churchill Gardens, Inc Geri Jones 449 Pittsfield Rd., Suite 204 Lenox, MA, 01240 413-448-2215 geri.churchillgardens@gmail.com CMS Landscape Joshua Mark 25-a Barlows Landing Rd. Pocasset, MA, 02559 508-5644610 info@chrismarkandsons.com http://chrismarkandsons.com Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc. Mary Post 145 Newbury Street Portland, ME, 04101 207-879-1197 marketing@coastofmaine.com https://coastofmaine.com Cobble Mountain Landscaping & Nursery, Inc. Robert Florek 1714 Granville Road Westfield, MA, 01085 413-568-3340 cobblemt@msn.com Connecticut Mulch Distributors, Inc. Tina Sapouckey 70 Mullen Road Enfield, CT, 06082 860-698-9579 tina@ctmulch.com Cook3300! Lisa McMahon 252 Milford St Upton, MA, 01568 508-634-3300 admin@cookfpi.com Corliss Bros., Inc. Steven Calef 31 Essex Road Ipswich, MA, 01938 978-356-5422 info@corlissbrothers.com Corliss Landscape & Irrigation Erik Swanson 31 Essex Road Ipswich, MA, 01938 978-356-4224 erik@corlisslandscaping.com http://www.corlisslandscaping.com



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Derrick Rodgers Landscaping Derrick Rodgers, MCH 106 Suriner Lane Becket, MA, 01233-3305 413-441-5366 drhortserv@yahoo.com Design &. Landscape Division, Labrie Associates Wickie Rowland 24 Walnut Ave North Hampton, NH, 03862 603-8288868 fromthedrawingroom@outlook.com Http://www.designlandscapelabrie.com Distinctive Landscape Design David Rustemeyer 204 Anawan Street Rehoboth, MA, 02769 508-252-6962 info@DistinctiveLandscapeDesign.com

CW Landscape Design & Construction Chris Warner 180 South Street Holliston, MA, 01746 508-429-4583 cwlandscape@yahoo.com

Dolan Landscaping Inc. John Dolan 205 Pleasant St. Paxton, MA, 01612 508-7994556 johnd4@charter.net http://www.Dolanlandscaping.com

D.J. Salmon Lawn & Landscape Inc. D.J. Salmon, MCH P.O. Box 344 Uxbridge, MA, 01569-0344 508-234-9340 dj@djsalmon.com

Downer Brothers Landscaping, Inc. Nicole Downer 334 Clark Street North Andover, MA, 01845 978-8216130 nicole@downerbrothers.com http://www.downerbrothers.com


Dayton Bag & Burlap Company Mark Lundin 10 Hazelwood Road East Granby, CT, 06026 800-651-6288 mlundin@daybag.com https://daybag.com Deborah Lee Environmental Design Deborah Lee 39 Pepperell Rd Groton, MA, 01450 978-314-1996 debleedesign@aol.com DeMelo Brothers Landscaping Inc. Robert DeMelo 91 Flint Street Marstons Mills, MA, 02648 508-428-3590 rob@demelobros.com


Duponte Landscape & Nursery Charles Duponte P.O. Box 375 Mattapoisett, MA, 02739 -508-758-6508 info@DuponteLandscapeNursery.com Dutra Designs Inc Emily Dutra P.O. Box 3659 Nantucket, MA, 02584 508-364-4304 info@dutradesigns.com http://www.dutradesigns.com

E Earth Landscape Curtis Dragon 6 Abbott Street Salem, MA, 01970-1102 978-744-1475 curt@earthlandscape.com http://earthlandscape.com Eastgate Garden Design Grace Peabody 70 Campmeeting Road Topsfield, MA, 01983 978-887-3769 info@eastgatedesigns.net http://eastgatedesigns.net EJ Prescott Douglas McCluskey 198 Ushers Rd Round Lake, NY, 12151 518-764-8555 doug.mccluskey@ejprescott.com http://ejprescott.com Emanouil Brothers, Inc. Chuck Emanouil 14 Kidder Road Chelmsford, MA, 01824-3304 978-256-6125 nemanouil@emanouil.com https://www.emanouil.com/ Emanouil, Inc. Thomas Bradley, MCH 90 Progress Avenue, Unit 2 Tyngsboro, MA, 01879 978-649-7444 jemanouil@emanouilinc.com http://emanouilinc.com Environmental Landscape Consultants, dba Talbot Ecological Land Care Michael Talbot PO Box 187 Mashpee, MA, 02649 508-539-1912 info@talbotecolandcare.com http://www.ELCNew England.com Eric Shaw Landscaping Co Eric Shaw 5 Elm Street Maynard, MA, 01754 978-314-3501 eshaw444@Icloud.com

Estabrook Landscape Service Tim Johnson 23 A Gould Rd Westford, MA, 01886 978-392-3651 TimJestabrook@verizon.net Estate Gardeners Kip Wilson P.O. Box 812484 Wellesley, MA, 02482 781-235-4130 egardeners@aol.com Evergreen Tree & Landscape Service, Inc. Larry Hindle 351 Oak Hill Avenue Seekonk, MA, 02771 508-761-5505 evergreentree@verizon.net EVERSOURCE Robert Allen 13 Legends Drive Hooksett, NH, 03106 603-6343324 robert.allen@eversource.com

F Fairmount Landscaping & Realty Fred Williams 25 Newton St., P.O. Box 646 Marlborough, MA, 01752 508-485-0179 lswhpyc@hotmail.com Farm Credit East, ACA Maryann Ponte 67 Bedford Street Middleboro, MA, 02346 800-946-0506 maryann.ponte@farmcrediteast.com http://FarmCreditEast.com Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company Dominic Sinopoli 30 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington, MA, 01230 413-528-1710 Dominic.Sinopoli@farm-family.com http://www.farmfamily.com/agent/ dominicsinopoli

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Farm Family Insurance martin west 249 Lakeside Ave. Suite 209 Marlborough, MA, 01752 508-485-3801 martin_west@farm-family.com

Fourth Generation Nursery, Inc. Rip & Ginger Sokol 52 Bates St Mendon, MA, 01756 508-634-191four staff@fgnsales.com http://fgnsales.com/

Greenscape Theresa Doherty 175 Paramount Dr Raynham, MA, 02346-1085 508-9779100 theresa0221@gmail.com http://greenscape.us.com

Heimlich Landscaping & Construction Corp. Raymond Heimlich 65 Burlington Street Woburn, MA, 01801 781-938-8988 info@ HeimlichLandscapingConstruction.com

Farm Family Insurance Andrew Brodeur 205 W. Grove Street Middleboro, MA, 02346 978-467-1001 andrew_brodeur@farm-family.com http://www.farmfamily.com

Francisco Tavares Inc. Gary Tavares 69 Old Meeting House Rd, P.O. Box 398 East Falmouth, MA, 02536 508-548-0911 haley@franciscotavares.com

Griffin Danielle Muse 1619 Main Street Tewksbury, MA, 01876 800-888-0054 dmuse@griffinmail.com http://www.griffins.com

Heimlich Nurseries Cheryl Heimlich 71 Burlington Street Woburn, MA, 01801 781-933-9815 heimlichnursery@verizon.net

Farm Family Insurance Kevin Sullivan 205 W. Grove St. Middleboro, MA, 02346 508-998-0512 kevin.sullivan@farm-family.com Farm Family Insurance Dick Simonian 88C Main Street Northborough, MA, 01532 508-393-9327 dick_simonian@farm-family.com Farm Family Insurance Jeffrey Pichierri 130 Main Street, Bldg. 1A Northborough, MA, 01532 508-393-9327 jeff.pichierri@farm-family.com

Frank Walsh Landscape Co., Inc. Frank Walsh P. O. Box 628 Canton, MA, 02021-0628 781-344-6771 walshlawn@hotmail.com http://frankwalshlandscape.com

G Garden Solutions, LLC Rebecca Goguen 4 Broad Rd Dracut, MA, 01826 978-3750714 Rebecca.Goguen@comcast.net Green Gardens, LLC Joseph Ressler 5 East Hill Road Rutland, MA, 01543 508-886-6691 greengar@aol.com

Farm Family Insurance Jason Charette 7 Grove St Topsfield, MA, 01983 978-887-8304 jason.charette@american-national.com

Green Spot Garden Center, Inc. James Behnke Route 28, P.O. Box 507 South Yarmouth, MA, 02664 508-398-3228 greenspotgardenctr@yahoo.com

Fine Gardeners Paul Marini 761 Bridge St East Bridgewater, MA, 02333 508-245-6017 paul@finegardeners.com http://finegardeners.com

Greenhalgh Gardens Peggy Lynch 69 Brookline St Cambridge, MA, 02139 617-549-7694 mlynch4@icloud.com http://www.greenhalghgardens.com

Five Star Gardens & Landscapes John Rakouskas, MCH 181 Ware Street Route 32 Palmer, MA, 01069 413-283-4900 johnr@fivestargardens.com https://www.fivestargardens.com/

Greenleaf Nursery Company Taylor Brown 28406 Hwy 82 Park Hill, OK, 74464 918-457-2304 taylor_brown@greenleafnursery.com http://greenleafnursery.com


Guerrini Landscape Inc. Kevin Guerrini P. O. Box 797 Mansfield, MA, 02048 508-339-2220 guerrinilandscape@comcast.net


Hadley Garden Center Thomas Giles 285 Russell Street Hadley, MA, 01035 413-584-1423 hgc@charter.net http://www.hadleygardencenter.com Harborside P.S. Skott Rebello 38 School Street South Dartmouth, MA, 02748 508-207-2297 skottrebello@comcast.net Hart Farm Nursery Inc. Don Kossack 21 Upper County Road Dennisport, MA, 02639 508-394-2693 thehartfarm@gmail.com http://www.hartfarmnursery.com/

Hilltown Tree & Garden, LLC. Jim McSweeney P.O. Box 248 Chesterfield, MA, 01012 413-559-1905 jim@hilltowntreeandgarden.com Holmestead Nursery Daniel Holmes 79 North Road West Yarmouth, MA, 02673 508-775-9402 dmholmes@comcast.net Hopkinton Stone & Gardens, Inc. Karen DeWolfe 32 Lumber Street Hopkinton, MA, 01748 508-435-7376 hopkintonsg@verizon.net Hortica, a brand of the Sentry Insurance Group Ron Long 1 Horticultural Lane Edwardsville, IL, 62025 800-851-7740 sales@hortica.com http://www.hortica.com

Hart Seed Company Bill Hart 304 Main Street Wethersfield, CT, 06109-1826 860-529-2537 info@hartseed.com

Horticultural Associates / Wefindplants.com Jason Moore 236 Old Scottsville Chili Rd. Churchville, NY, 14428 585-889-5933 admin@wefindplants.com http://www.wefindplants.com

Hartney Greymont David Anderson  433 Chestnut St Needham, MA, 02492 781-444-1227 Danderson@hartney.com http://www.hartney.com

Howard Designs Karen Howard, MCH 34 Fairfax Street Newton, MA, 02465 617-244-7269 karen@hgdinc.com http://www:hgdinc.com



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Ideal Concrete Block Co., Inc. Patti Feeley P.O. Box 747 Westford, MA, 01886 978-692-3076 info@idealconcreteblock.com Inspirational Gardens John Rice 6 Half Moon Hill Acton, MA, 01720 978-274-5633 johnrice@inspirationalgardens.biz http://www.inspirationalgardens.biz/


John R. Elicone Landscape Consulting Jack Elicone Owner 29 Follinsbee Lane West Newbury, MA, 01985 857-404-1726 jackelicone@gmail.com Jonathan OBrien Landscaping Jonathan OBrien 121 Taunton St Plainville, MA, 02762 508-212-2057 Joblandscape@gmail.com http://Joblandscape.com Joyce Landscaping, Inc. Spencer Aaltonen 68 Flint Street Marstons Mills, MA, 02648 508-428-4772 spencer@joycelandscaping.com http://www.joycelandscaping.com/


K K & S Associates Richard Knoener 20 Barnard Road Granville, MA, 01034 413-357-8706 kandsassoc@comcast.net Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc. Christopher Kennedy, MCH 85 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy. Scituate, MA, 02066 781-545-1266 chris@kennedyscountrygardens.com www.kennedyscountrygardens.com/ Kevin Cocklereece Landscape Kevin Cocklereece P.O. Box 281 West Barnstable, MA, 02668 508-362-8895 kevincreece@gmail.com http://capelandscapingservices.com KJP Land & Environment Kenneth Panacek P.O. Box 3532 Nantucket, MA, 02584 508-246-3096 amy@kjpleinc.com Kogut Nursery, L.L.C. Frank Kogut 625 Yale Avenue Meriden, CT, 06450 203-686-0252 Leslie@kogutnursery.com

L Lady Solstyce Designs Danusia Lokii P.O. Box 183 Palmer, MA, 01069 413-374-3057 landescapes2009@gmail.com Lakeville Nurseries Ben Hanelt 37 Larkspur Lane Plymouth, MA, 02360 508-7463860 janetben1@comcast.net Lambert’s Rainbow Fruit Greg Lambert 777 Morrissey Blvd Dorchester, MA, 02122 781-326-5047 nino@lambertsfruit.com

Land Escapes Design Inc Trevor Smith 11 Harvard Street Arlington, MA, 02476 617-308-7063 trevscape@comcast.net http://www.landescapesdesigninc.com/

LEI Corporation Steven Christy 200 Shrewsbury Street Boylston, MA, 01505 508-865-4367 s.christy@leisite.com

Landmarc Landscaping Marcus Dennett P.O. Box 539 Norton, MA, 02766 508-285-4002 marcus@landmarclandscape.com

Leone Landscape Contractors Corp Francesco Leone 18 Eliot Ave Newton, MA, 02465 781-642-7882 info@leonelandscape.com http://leonelandscape.com/

Landscape Depot chris collette 57 dilla street Milford, MA, 01757 401-4770763 ccollette@landscapedepotsupply.com http://landscapedepotsupply.com

Longmeadow Country Club Daniel Zima, MCH P.O. Box 47 Williamsburg, MA, 01096 413-268-9377 bacopa@verizon.net

Landscape Planners, Inc. Winslow Mulry P.O. Box 434 Wenham, MA, 01984 978-468-2290 landscapeplanners@verizon.net Landscapehub Joseph Juricic 231 S. La Salle St. Suite 1404 Chicago, IL, 60604 847-514-2062 joe@landscapehub.com http://www.landscapehub.com Lattanzio Landscapes Nancy Lattanzio 32 lafayette st Milton, MA, 02186 617-962-3235 nancylattanzio@gmail.com http://lattanziolandscapes.com Laura Kuhn Design Consultation Laura Kuhn P.O. Box 468 Arlington, MA, 02476 617-616-5069 lkdc@onebirch.com Lauri Johnson Landscape Design Lauri Johnson 45 Spring Street Reading, MA, 01867 781-942-8732 lajohnson45@verizon.net http://laurijohnsondesign.com

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M M&J Landscaping Mike Malfy 24 Neal St Walpole, MA, 02081 508-668 9273 mjlands24@verizon.net Mahoney Brighton Tom Byers 449 Western Avenue Brighton, MA, 02135 617-787-8885 tbyers@mahoneysgarden.com http://www.mahoneysgarden.com/ mahoneys-brighton Mahoney Chelmsford Mike Mahoney 155 Princeton Street North Chelmsford, MA, 01863 978-251-4001 mmahoney@mahoneysgarden.com http://www.mahoneysgarden.com/ mahoneys-chelmsford 2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

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Mary Jo Lent Horticulturist LLC Mary Jo Lent 113 Brittin Ave. Bridgeport, CT, 06605 203-767-0570 maryjolent@gmail.com Mass Mutual Financial Group Rick Smith, MCH 1295 State Street Springfield, MA, 01111 413-774-5554 rsmith5@massmutual.com http://www.massmutual.com Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation Douglas Gillespie 249 Lakeside Avenue Marlborough, MA, 01752 508-481-4766 doug@mfbf.net Massachusetts Horticultural Society David Fiske 900 Washington Street Wellesley, MA, 02482 617-933-4900 dfiske@masshort.org Matt’s Landscaping, LLC Matthew Habershaw 120 Pond Street Seekonk, MA, 02771 508-226-1859 rmsland@aol.com McSweeney & Ricci Insurance Agency, Inc. Tim Kane 420 Washington Street Braintree, MA, 02184 781-848-8600 tim.kane@mnla.com

Mapel Plants Nursery John D. Mapel 95 Brigham Hill Road Grafton, MA, 01519 508-320-0692 mapes519@gmail.com

Medford Nursery Robert Baker 565-A Eayrestown-Red Lion Rd Medford, NJ, 08055 609-267-8100 sknurek@robertbaker.com

Mary Crain Penniman Design Mary Crain Penniman 266 School St Acton, MA, 01720 978-2644876 mcpenniman@verizon.net

MGS Landscaping Michael Sahagian P. O. Box 86 Holden, MA, 01520 978-928-5319 msahagian@verizon.net


Michael P. Neath Landscape Construction Michael Neath 845 Main Street Osterville, MA, 02655 508-420-6000 design.mpnlc@comcast.net http://www.mpnlc.com Michael S. Coffin Landscape Construction Michael Coffin 56 Grove Street Hopkinton, MA, 01748 508-293-4244 msc@michaelscoffin.com http://www.michaelscoffin.com Mike Spencer Horticultural Services, LLC Mike Spencer 342 Gleasondale Road Stow, MA, 01775 978-793-9165 mspencer.horticulture@gmail.com Minuteman High School Sarah Ard 758 Marrett Road Lexington, MA, 02421 781-8616500 sard@minuteman.org Misty Hill Landscape Design,ltd. Shawn E. Shea P.O. Box 1106 North Eastham, MA, 02651-1106 508-255-1587 shawnshea@mistyhilllandscape.com MJ Enterprise, Inc. Lauren Bubela 1081 Pleasant St. Norwood, MA, 02062 781-762-2019 lauren@mjenterpriseinc.com http://www.mjenterpriseinc.com Mockingbird Hill Christmas Tree Farm Les & Margot Simmons 147 Rhode Island Road Lakeville, MA, 02347 508-947-6712 mockingbirdhill@comcast.net Monette Landscaping & Construction, Inc. Richard Monette 133 Wilson Street Spencer, MA, 01562 -508-885-2579 Monette@mnla.com

Moretti & Sons Landscaping Inc. Peter Moretti 483 Turners Falls Road Montague, MA, 01351 413-863-2510 peter@morettiandsons.com Morrison Landscape David Morrison P.O. Box 669 North Chatham, MA, 02650 jmdm22@comcast.net Mount Auburn Cemetery Paul Walker 580 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, MA, 02138 617-547-7105 pwalker@mountauburn.org Mountain View Landscapes & Lawncare, Inc. Stephen Corrigan, MCH 67 Old James Street Chicopee, MA, 01020 413-536-7555 stevec@mountainviewinc.com Murphy Nurseries Dennis Murphy, MCH 121 Brigham Street Northborough, MA, 01532 508-393-6304 murphynursery@mnla.com Murtha Cullina LLP Frank Diluna 600 Unicorn Park Drive Woburn, MA, 01801 781-897-4981 fdiluna@murthalaw.com


Nawada Landscape Design, Inc. Jennifer Nawada Evans, MCH 27 Hillcrest Street West Roxbury, MA, 02132 617-942-2985 jennifer@nawadalandscapedesign.com Nelson Landscaping & Garden Center Phillip Nelson 664 South Main Street Randolph, MA, 02368 781-963-4114 info@nelsonlandscapinginc.com http://www.nelsonlandscapinginc.net/



Current Membership Nessralla’s of Avon, Inc. Lori McKinnon 719 West Main Street Avon, MA, 02322 508-5874229 ljmmckinnon@comcast.net New England Landscaping & Construction Warren Monette 135 Wilson Street Spencer, MA, 01562 508-885-3320 warren@newengland-landscaping.com www.newengland-landscaping.com/ New England Nurseries, Inc. Nathaniel Brown, Jr. 216 Concord Road Bedford, MA, 01730-2049 781-275-2525 info@newenglandnurseries.com http://www.newenglandnurseries.com/ New England Wetland Plants, Inc. Dave Anderson 820 West Street Amherst, MA, 01002 413-548-8000 info@newp.com http://www.newp.com Nick’s Tree Service Christopher Clark 848 Brockton Avenue Abington, MA, 781-857-2159 christopherswoclark@icloud.com www.nickstreesandlandscape.com

Northeast Masonry Distributors LLC James Palatine 3 Belcher Street Plainville, MA, 02762 508-699-5665 SALES@NORTHEAST-MASONRY.COM http://www.northeast-masonry.com/ Northeast Nursery, Inc. Andrew Cotreau 234 Newbury Street Peabody, MA, 01960 978-535-6550 dmcisaac@northeastnursery.com Northern Nurseries, Inc. Terry Mish 546 Halfway House Road Windsor Locks, CT, 06096 860-623-9697 tmish@northernnurseries.com Northern Playground Surfacing Michael McGuffie pob 790 Palmer, MA, 01069 860-3099901 mmcguffie@northernplaygroundsurfacing.com northernplaygroundsurfacing.com Northland JCB Chris Jackson 6 Jonspin Rd. Wilmington, MA, 01887 888-485-0383 chris.jackson@northlandjcb.com http://www.northlandjcb.com

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P P.R. Russell Marco Carrier 91 Pine Road Brentwood, NH, 03833 603-772-4060 info@prmulch.com Paragon Landscape Construction, Inc. Stephanie Reid 62 Industrial Way Hanover, MA, 02339 781-834-1000 sherry@paragonlandscape.com http://www.paragonlandscape.com Paramount Enterprises, Inc. Carl Mueller 45 Wequaquet Lane Centerville, MA, 02632 508-420-9248 para.ent.inc@comcast.net

NYP Corp. Jerry LaBelle 805 East Grand Street Elizabeth, NJ, 07201 -908-351-6550, 800-524-1052 sales@nyp-corp.com

Parterre Garden Services Miles Connors 67 Smith Place Cambridge, MA, 02138 617-4922230 mconnors@parterregarden.com http://www.parterregarden.com

Noel’s Nursery Curtis Noel 77 Tully Road Orange, MA, 01364 978-400-1216 heat2008@ymail.com

OESCO, Inc. Russell French P. O. Box 540 Conway, MA, 01341 413-369-4335; 800-634-5557 info@oescoinc.com http://www.oescoinc.com

Pat Gibbs Landscape Design & Construction Inc. Patrick Gibbs 11 Hillsview Street Canton, MA, 02021 617-784-7071 patgibbslandscaping@hotmail.com http://www.patgibbslandscaping.com

North Road Fairview Farm Corp Bruce Maurer 206 North Road Sudbury, MA, 01776 978-369-4328 fairviewfarmmass@aol.com http://northroadfairviewfarm.com/

Office Furniture Unlimited Mark Mckinney 1551 West Gate City Blvd Greensboro, NC, 336-4200518 andrew.mckinney@att.net

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Pierson Nurseries, Inc. Jake Pierson 24 Buzzell Road Biddeford, ME, `04005 207-499-2994 jpierson@piersonnurseries.com http://www.piersonnurseries.com Pioneer Gardens, Inc. Arjen Vriend 198 Mill Village Road Deerfield, MA, 01342 413-773-5360 info@pioneergardens.com Pioneer Landscapes Brian Campedelli 15B Industrial Pkwy, P.O. Box 823 Easthampton, MA, 01027 413-527-0852 plilawncare@rcn.com Plant Creations LLC Cheryl Bonin 24 Nelson Street Georgetown, MA, 01833 978-852-0997 plantcreations01@gmail.com Ponderosa Nurseries Inc Allison Bayer 4850 State Highway Eastham, MA, 02642 508-255-4773 allisonb@ponderosacapecod.com http://ponderosacapecod.com Potscapes Charleen Maunsell, MCH 55 Thurlow Street Georgetown, MA, 01833 978-352-5854 potscapes@gmail.com http://www.potscapes.net Potted UP Edward MacLean PO Box 171625 Boston, MA, 02117 617-504-4139 ed@pottedup.com http://pottedup.com Prides Corner Farms, Inc. Mark Sellew 122 Waterman Road Lebanon, CT, 06249 860-213-0298 bsellew@pridescorner.com


Princeton Scapes Inc. Russell Mason 47 Chocksett Rd; POB 323 Sterling, MA, 01564 978-422-0420 info@princetonscapes.com http://princetonscapes.com/


Quansett Nurseries Fred Dabney 794 Horseneck Road South Dartmouth MA 02748 dabney@quansettnurseries.com www.quansettnurseries.com

R R. B. Arello Co, Inc. Robert Arello, MCH 157 Southbridge Road North Oxford, MA, 01537 508-987-2221 arelloinc@yahoo.com R & S Landscaping Edward Rudolph 170 Mystic Avenue Medford, MA, 02155 781-351-6993 ted.rudolph@randslandscaping.com Randall’s Farm Inc. Karen Randall 631 Center Street Ludlow, MA, 01056 413-5897071 martine@randallsfarm.net Ream Design LLC Sally Ream 4 New England Way, Suite 1 Ayer, MA, 01432 978-433-5800 sally@reamdesign.com Renewal Landscaping Mike Long 295 Park Street North Reading, MA, 01864 781-9422400 mike@renewallandscaping.com Renovo’s Landscaping Aldrin Araujo 96 South Street Marlborough, MA, 01752 508-485-8669 renovoland@msn.com http://www.renovoland.com

Riverside Tree & Landscape Co., Inc. Mark Levine 179 Boston Road Southborough, MA, 01772 508-872-4054 Mark@riversidetree.com ROC Landscaping, Inc Joe Rocco 9 Blair ter Peabody, MA, 01960 978-532-7770 jrocco@roclandscapinginc.com Rogers Spring Hill Garden & Farm Center Stephen Rogers P. O. Box 8193 Bradford, MA, 01835 978-372-4780 info@rogersspringhill.com http://rogersspringhill.com/ Rosado & Sons, Inc. Tony Rosado 217 B Turnpike Road Westborough, MA, 01581 508-366-3700 info@rosadoandsons.com Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Stuart Shillaber 185 Kneeland Street, 2nd Floor Boston, MA, 02111 617-292-0020 sshillaber@rfkgc.org Roseland Nursery Fred Reuter 247 Main Street Acushnet, MA, 02743 800-777-2292 suebr213@hotmail.com http://www.roselandroses.com/ RP Marzilli & Company, Inc Robert Marzilli 21 Trotter Drive Medway, MA, 02053 508-533-8700 info@rpmarzilli.com http://www.rpmarzilli.com Russell’s Garden Center, Inc. Timothy Skehan 397 Boston Post Road Wayland, MA, 01778 508-358-2283 info@russellsgardencenter.com

S Salmon Falls Nursery, Inc. Mark Pendergast 511 Portland Street Berwick, ME, 03901 207-384-5540 jill@salmonfallsnursery.com Salt Box Nursery, Inc. Jeff Verzone 562 Boston Road Billerica, MA, 01821 978-663-4348 info@saltboxnursery.com http://www.saltboxnursery.com/ Samuel Thomas Outdoor Development LLC Edward Palmer 6R Williams Way Hopkinton, MA, 01748 508-944-2220 ed@samuelthomas.net http://www.samuelthomas.net Savage Farms Jay Savage 128 Lower Road Deerfield, MA, 01342 413-774-4935 jsavage35@comcast.net Schumacher Companies Laurie Sullivan 392 Pleasant Street West Bridgewater, MA, 02379 508-427-7707 lsullivan@dschumacher.com http://.dschumacher.com Seth Berman Gardeners, LLC Seth Berman, MCH 19 Walden Street, #3 Cambridge, MA, 02140-2017 -857-829-0267 seth@sethbermangardeners.net http://www.sethbermangardeners.net Sherzi & Company, LLC Charles D. Sherzi, Jr. One Cottage Road Andover, MA, 01810 978-888-1879 csherzi@comcast.net http://sherziandcompanyllc.com Shrub Man / Weed Man Tom Mauer, MCH 153 Plainfield Street Springfield, MA, 01104 413-736-9333 tom@nelawn.com



Current Membership Shrubs & Trees, Inc. Ronald Garcia P.O. Box 3082 Fayville, MA, 01745-0082 508-481-5661 dangshrubs@charter.net http://www.shrubsandtreesinc.com/

Sokoloski Landscaping LLC Deborah Sokoloski 208A North Main Street South Deerfield, MA, 01373 413-665-3977 debbie4257@comcast.net http://www.sokoloskilandscaping.com

Site One Landscape Supply - Mashpee Toby Lovering 58 Echo Road Mashpee, MA, 02649 508-539-0627 tlovering@siteone.com

South River Landscape Chris Butler 100 Monroe St Pembroke, MA, 02359 781-293-9772 chris@southriverlandscape.com

SiteOne landscape Supply, Stronger Together Patrick Greggo 1265 Massachusetts Ave. Lexington, MA, 02420 781-861-1111 pgreggo@siteone.com https://www.siteone.com

Spillane Nursery Corporation Timothy Spillane 182 Plymouth Street Middleboro, MA, 02346 508-947-7773 espillane@spillanesnursery.com https://www.spillanesnursery.com/

Sixteen Acres Garden Center Judy Bordenuk 1359 Wilbraham Road Springfield, MA, 01119 413-783-5883 jbordenuk@16acresgc.com https://16acresgardencenter.com/

Starbright Group Alexandra Whitney 644 Gifford Road Westport, MA, 02790 508-2412236 whitney.alexandra@gmail.com

Sun Gro Horticulture Pamela Carter 770 Silver Street Agawam, MA, 01001-2907 800-732-8667 pamc@sungro.com

Texpak, Inc. Steve Kunreuther 130 New Hyde Park Road Franklin Square, NY, 11010 800-654-3416 steve@texpak.com

Sunshine Landscaping Company Stephen Crowe 4 Sargent Street Cherry Valley, MA, 01611 508-892-3042 steve@sunshinelanscapingco.com www.sunshinelandscapingcompany.com

The Captured Garden Deborah Trickett P.O. Box 444 Westwood, MA, 02090 781-329-9698 deborah@thecapturedgarden.com http://www.thecapturedgarden.com

Swan Point Cemetery Kelly Perry 585 Blackstone Blvd. Providence, RI, 02906 401-272-1314 larch4@comcast.net

The Flower Hutch Jason Hutchins 42 Bayberry Hill Road West Townsend, MA, 01474 978-597-0062 sales@flowerhutchma.com http://www.flowerhutchma.com/

Swift’s Creative Landscape, Inc. Walter Swift, MCH 17 Menfi Way Hopedale, MA, 01747 508-478-3768 wrs1300@comcast.net Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Jim McBratney, MCH 1028 Horseneck Road Westport, MA, 02790 508-636-4573 sales@sylvannursery.com

Snow & Sons Landscaping Ed Snow 221 Leyden Road Greenfield, MA, 01301 413-774-2604 info@snowandsons.com

Stevens and Son Lawn Maintenance Mark Stevens P.O. Box 317 Auburn, MA, 01501 508-832-7063 lawnman23545@yahoo.com http://www.stevensandsonlawnmaintenance.com/

Soares Flower Garden Nursery Terry Soares P.O. Box 896 East Falmouth, MA, 02536 508-548-5288 mtscapecod@gmail.com

Stonegate Gardens Lynne Bower 339 S. Great Road Lincoln, MA, 01773 781-259-8884 Lynne@stonegategardens.com

Tea Lane Nursery Matthew Tobin 121 Tea Lane Chilmark, MA, 02535 508-645-9437 tln@tealanenursery.com http://www.tealannursery.com

Sodco, Inc. Linda Tucker PO Box 2 Slocum, RI, 02877 800-341-6900 phogan@sodco.net http://www.sodco.net

Stucchi Landscape & Design, LLC Jim Stucchi 223 Concord Street Holliston, MA, 01746 508-808-1071 Jim@StucchiLandscape.com http://www.stucchilandscape.com

Terrascapes Susan Opton 31 Newell Ave Needham, MA, 02492 781-4491788 sopton@terrascapeslandscapedesign.com www.terrascapeslandscapedesign.com



The Garden Lady C.L. Fornari 2 Lawrence Pond Lane Sandwich, MA, 02563 508-428-5895 clfornari@gmail.com http://www.gardenlady.com The Plant Group, Inc. Ira Feinberg 117 Pond Rd. (RT207) North Franklin, CT, 06254 800-864-2670 ira@theplantgroup.com http://plantgroupnursery.com The Rhode Island Nurseries, Inc. Bruce Vanicek 736 East Main Road Middletown, RI, 02842 401-846-0721 bruce@rinurseries.com The Trustees Sara Helm-Wallace Doyle Center Leominster, MA, 01453 717-203-8133 shelmwallace@thetrustees.org http://www.thetrustees.org/ 2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory



“Come grow with us” Where experienced agents make all the difference. Two convenient locations:

A&B Insurance Group, LLC 235 Littleton Rd, Unit 3 Westford, MA 01886 Wendy M. Ashe, AFIS Richard Bourgault, AFIS 978-399-0025

John Oakes, AFIS 237C Greenfield Road South Deerfield, MA 01342 413-665-0088


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The Vermont Mulch Company David O’Sullivan 1103 Vernon Street Brattleboro, VT, 05301 802-490-4932 dosullivan@thevermontmulch.com Thomas Carroll Farm Family Agent Thomas Carroll 617 Mill ST Worcester, MA, 01602 508-752-3300 tom@thomascarrollinsurance.com

Thorn & Thistle Landscape Design Karen Lindquist 255 Fays Ave Lynn, MA, 01904 401-369-5497 karen.lindquist@gmail.com www.thornandthistlelandscapes.com Tibur Landscape and Irrigation, Inc. Joe Tibur 965 Main Street Woburn, MA, 01801 781-935-1702 tibur@comcast.net http://www.tibur.net

Restoring the native landscape

Tower Hill Botanic Garden Mark Richardson P.O. Box 598 Boylston, MA, 01505 508-869-6111 mrichardson@towerhillbg.org

treesunlimited Karl Smith posted box 831 Rutland, MA, 01543 978-4073843 lmcavey58@yahoo.com

Tranquil lake Nursery Inc. Warren Leach 45 River Street Rehoboth, MA, 02769 -08-252-4002 Tranquil-lake@earthlink.net

Tufts University Gary Hill Director Facilities Campus Services Medford, MA, 02155 617-627.6857 gary.hill@tufts.edu

New England Wetland Plants, Inc. Wholesale Native Plant Nursery Your source for...

Trees, Shrubs, Ferns, Flowering Perennials, and Grasses Coastal and Inland Wetland Plants Specialty Seed Mixes Coir Logs, Straw Wattles, Blankets and Mats

ernstseed.com sales@ernstseed.com 800-873-3321 |22

820 West Street, Amherst, MA 01002 Phone: (413) 548-8000 Fax: (413) 549-4000 Email: info@newp.com Web: www.newp.com 2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

Current Membership Turf, Inc. Peter Gavitt 550 South County Trail Slocum, RI, 02877 800-556-7208 turfinc@aol.com

U UMass, Amherst Kristina Bezanson 160 Holdsworth Way Amherst, MA, 01003 413-5456626 kbezanson@umass.edu http://stockbridge.cns.umass.edu/academics/undergraduate-degrees/arboriculture-community-forest-mana


University of Worcester Matt Richardson 486 Chandler St Worcester, MA, 01602 508-929-8453 mrichardson@worcester.edu

V Valley Green, Inc. Chuck Dooley 642 S. Summer Street Holyoke, MA, 01040 800-862-0089 c.dooley@valleygreenusa.com http://valleygreenusa.com/

Vetelino Landscape Inc. David Vetelino, MCH 600 Washington Street Pembroke, MA, 02359 781-826-0004 info@vetelinolandscape.com http://vetelinolandscape.com

Vineyard Gardens Inc. Charles Wiley, MCH po box 550 West Tisbury, MA, 02575 508-693-8512 chuck@vineyardgardens.net

Village Green Landscape Contractors, Inc. Jim Vaille, MCH 1300 Hanover Street, P.O. Box 1391 Hanover, MA, 02339 781-878-8055 jvaille@verizon.net

Vista Horticultural Services jason shute 28 Ivernia Road Worcester, MA, 01606 617-3084929 jshute@vistahortservices.com www.vistahorticulturalservices.com

Village Stonesmith Gardens & Masonry Erika Baehr P.O. Box 79233 Belmont, MA, 02479 781-8991936 erika@villagestonesmith.com http://www.villagestonesmith.com

Volante Farms David Volante 204 Brookside Road Needham, MA, 02492-1319 781-444-2351 info@volantefarms.com

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1901114 Get More 0% 48 Months Mini-HEX MNLA ProGrow News 8.625x11.125 January 14, 2019 3:12 PM

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GET MORE EVEN ON THE NEW NEXT GENERATION CAT® MINI EXCAVATORS WITH REVOLUTIONARY STICK STEER TRAVEL CONTROL. You’ve got budgets to meet and expectations to exceed. Milton CAT is here to help. Our industry-leading equipment is designed with the power, versatility, efficiency, ease of operation and reliability you need to cut costs, not corners. Because when there’s Cat ® yellow in your lot, there will be more money in your wallet.

0% FOR 48 MONTHS* OR UP TO $5,000 USD CASH BACK** ON A NEW CAT® MINI EXCAVATOR Milford 100 Quarry Drive (508) 634-3400

North Reading 84 Concord Street (978) 276-2400

Wareham 14 Kendrick Road (508) 291-1200


Financing offer valid from February 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019 on select models of new machines manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. Building Construction Products Division. To be eligible, a sales contract must be signed during the offer period. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Prior purchases do not qualify. Offer subject to machine availability. To receive the financing offer, all balances must be financed through Cat Financial, subject to credit approval through Cat Financial. Financing rate is subject to approval and not all buyers will qualify. Higher rates apply for buyers with lower credit ratings. Payments are based on an installment sales contract with 48 monthly payments and $0 down. Payments may vary. Offer is subject to change without prior notice and additional terms and conditions may apply. ©2019 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved.

Current Membership W Wagon Wheel Nursery Nicholas & Larry Cannalonga 927 Waltham Street Lexington, MA, 02421-8099 781-862-2112 info@wagonwheelfarmstand.com Walker Creek Gardens Craig Plaisted 497 Essex Ave Gloucester, MA, 978-381-3550 walkercreekgardens@gmail.com http://walkercreekgardens.com

Upstate NY Grown

Walsh Landscaping Frank Walsh P. O. Box 172 Stoneham, MA, 02180 781-438-0706 frankmwalsh@yahoo.com http://www.walsh-landscaping.com Wanczyk Evergreen Nursery Michael Wanczyk 166 Russell St Hadley, MA, 01035 413-584-3709 mwanczyk3@gmail.com http://wanczyknursery.com

Upstate NY Grown

Ward’s Nursery, Inc. Greg & Mike Ward 600 South Main Street Great Barrington, MA, 01230 413-528-0166 info@wardsnursery.com Wayne Carboni Landscaping Inc. Wayne Carboni P. O. Box 132 Bellingham, MA, 02019 508-541-1444 carbonilandscapedesign@yahoo.com

Upstate NY Grown

Wayside Fence Company Alyson Bruu 63 Third Ave Bay Shore, NY, 11706 631-968-6828 alyson@waysidefence.com http://www.waysidefence.com Weiss Landscape Company Michael Weiss, MCH 27 R. Farm Ave Peabody, MA, 01960 978-535-7200 Weisslandscapecompany@comcast.net

Upstate NY Grown

Upstate NY Grown

White Pine: 14'-25' White Spruce: 10'-35' Serbian Spruce: 8'-14' Norway Spruce: 8'-35' Colorado Blue Spruce: 8'-25'

ForEverGreen Farms


Visit us @ www.forevergreensrus.com

Call Us Today! (607)227-3500 2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

ForEverGreen FarmsRUs, Inc

Current Membership Well Water Connection, Inc. John Larsen P.O. Box 158 Tewksbury, MA, 01876 978-640-6900 jlarsen@wellwaterconnection.com

Weston Nurseries, Inc. Jim Connolly 160 Pine Hill Road Chelmsford, MA, 01824 508-962-5978 Jimc@WestonNurseries.com

Wheat Landscape Gardening & Design Isabel Wheat P.O. Box 43 Sterling, MA, 01564 978-422-8278 IeWheat@earthlink.net

Wildfire Inc. Darlene Atteridge 71 Alexander Road Billerica, MA, 01821 978-670-1348 Darlene.Wildfire@comcast.net

Well’s Landscaping, Inc. Karl Wells P.O. Box 552 Randolph, MA, 02368-0652 781-963-6017 maryellenwells@wellslandscaping.com

Weston Nurseries, Inc. Peter Mezitt, MCH P.O. Box 186 93 East Main St Hopkinton, MA, 01748 508-293-8028 peterm@westonnurseries.com

Whitmore Yard Care, Inc. Cary Whitmore 656 Rear Plymouth Street East Bridgewater, MA, 02333 508-378-2628 wyc1@verizon.net

West Meadow Nursery a div. of Leo’s Landscape, Inc Tom Lewis 561 Walnut St West Bridgewater, MA, 02379 508-586-6790 ash@leoslandscapeinc.com

Whalen Nursery Inc. Tom Whalen 653 South Egremont Road Great Barrington, MA, 01230 413-528-4077 tom@whalennursery.com

Wiggin Hydroseed Landscape Julia Wiggin 76 Ashuelot Road Northfield, MA, 01360 413-498-5720 wigginhydroseed@yahoo.com

Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc. Seth Wilkinson, MCH 28 Lots Hollow Road Orleans, MA, 02653 508-255-1113 info@wilkinsonecological.com http://www.wilkinsonecological.com

Three Things to know about Van Berkum Nursery

1) We are passionate about what we grow, from New England Woodlanders to Wicked Ruggeds. 2) We specialize in healthy NH grown perennials, personal service, and extensive plant knowledge. 3) We have friends in low places. (ribbit).

Van Berkum Nursery • 4 James Road Deerfield, NH 03037 (603) 463-7663 Fax 7326 • salesdesk@vanberkumnursery.com www.vanberkumnursery.com


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Current Membership Wilson Farm, Inc. Scott Wilson 10 Pleasant Street Lexington, MA, 02421 781-862-3900 peterd@wilsonfarm.com http://www.wilsonfarm.com Winding Brook Turf Farm, Inc. Scott Wheeler 240 Griswold Road Wethersfield, CT, 06109 800-243-0232 aknittel@windingbrookturf.net

Windy Hill Farm, Inc. Dennis Mareb, MCH 686 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington, MA, 01230 413-298-3217 whfinc@verizon.net

Wolf Hill Home & Garden Center Jim Mckechnie 60 Turnpike Road Ipswich, MA, 01938 978-356-6342 office@wolfhillgardencenter.com

Wisteria & Rose, Inc. Kerry Preston, MCH 75 Whitcomb Avenue Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130 617-522-3843 kerry@wisteriaandrose.com http://wisteriaandrose.com

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Alan Carlsen 100 Institute Road Worcester, MA, 01609 -508-831-5071 alcarlsen@wpi.edu

Holyoke, MA (800) 862-0089

Plainville, CT (888) 889-9996

Charlton, MA (508) 987-0101

Hamden, CT (203) 288-2222

Wilmington, MA (866) 830-5909

Smithfield, RI (401) 232-2597

Norwalk, CT (203) 831-9748

Albany, NY (518) 650-6228


Wright Spaces Judith Wright 10 Bellevue Road Andover, MA, 01810 -978-337-7942 wrightspaces@comcast.net



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Presidency Name Company

1976-1978 R. Wayne Mezitt Weston Nurseries, Inc./Hort Sense 1979-1980 Neil Van Sloun Sylvan Nursery, Inc. 1983-1984 Robert (Bob) Kennedy Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc. 1985-1986 PeterCook Zena Associates 1987-1988 Richard (Dick)Bemis Bemis Farms Nursery 1989-1990 Paul James Shea Paul J. Shea & Assoc. 1991-1992 RandolphWright Garden Craft, Inc. 1993-1994 JohnBardzik Tarnow Nursery 1994-1995 Gregory Georgaklis Farms to You 1995-1996 Jim McManus, MCH Wagon Wheel Nursery 1996-1997 Pat Bigelow, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. 1997-1998 Tom Strangfeld Tom Strangfeld 1998-1999 Mark Ahronian, MCH Ahronian Landscaping & Design, Inc. 1999-2000 Stephen Corrigan, MCH Mountain View Landscapes & Lawncare, Inc.

2000-2001 2001-2003 2003-2005 2005-2007 2007-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2015 2015-2016 2016-2018


Jim McBratney Bonnie Tucker L’Etoile John Lebeaux, MCH Jeff Willman, MCH Michelle Harvey, MCH Tom Bradley, MCH Mark Sawyer, MCH Chris Kennedy, MCH Jim Connolly, MCH Mary Jesch Tim Lomasney Jim Stucchi, MCH

Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Four Star Farms, Inc. Shrewsbury Nurseries Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Lakeview Nurseries Emanouil Brothers, Inc. Paul Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc. Kennedy’s Country Gardens, Inc. Weston Nurseries Cornucopia Gardeners One Source Horticulture Stucchi Landscape & Design, LLC

Having a partner that makes your life easier and your business more profitable

OUR MISSION: Making sure you reach your goal.

Contact us today so we can start helping you succeed! |30

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FULL RANGE OF SPRAYERS for Nursery & Landscape

Maintain Plant Health & Control Pests COMMERCIAL SKID TREE SPRAYERS from 3 major brands, can spray up to 80 feet Choose from poly or stainless steel tank skids in a range of sizes, a variety of engine and reel options, and pumps up to 60 GPM – 800 PSI

AQUACIDE NEW! THE ATX SERIES Uses only hot water Ideal for lawn & turf Safe alternative to chemicals; instant weed kill; portable and compact.

Trailer, skid or 3 PT hitch; spray gun & hose included on all models. Compact lightweight 12’ and 20’ Booms or boomless nozzles

THE V SERIES Great for use in pickups

Skid sprayers available in 50, 100, 200 & 300 gallon tank sizes. Other models available with larger tanks, pumps, engines & reels for tree spraying.



Environmental Weed Control System

BACKPACK SPRAYERS - Versatile! Ground applications, fertilizing, selective maintenance • Right or left hand operation • 4 gallon tank • Mechanical agitation • Large fill opening and deep strainer • 8 lbs.

• Electric powered • 4 gallon tank • Hydraulic agitation • Walking pace indicator • Battery charge level display • 11 lbs.


since 1954


• Mechanical agitation • 4 gallon tank • Right or left hand operation • Slender profile • 7 lbs.

Providing Parts, 800-634-5557 www.oescoinc.com Sales & Service 8 Ashfield Road on Rt. 116 Since 1954 P.O. Box 540, Conway, MA 01341





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il S u p p lies

Te c

hS u p p or t

Grow something Altogether. Better. with us. Griffin is a partner to horticulture professionals. Family owned and operated since 1947, we apply our knowledge, experience and resources to enhance customer success from production to retail. End-to-end solutions are our specialty: Annuals, Perennials, Edibles and More | Seed and Vegetative Crops | Hard Goods | Structures & Equipment | Technical Services | Retail Supplies

800.888.0054 • griffins.com Gray, ME

CO • CT • GA • IL • MA • MD • ME • NJ • NY • PA • TN • VA








ment Agency

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events www.mnla.com




UMass Extension Crop Insurance/ Risk Mgmt. Education www.umass.edu/risk-management


GroundsKeeper www.groundsinc.com 508-881-4136

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care


BrightView Landscape Services www.brightview.com 617-516-8126

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Arborists|Lawn care


MA Department of Ag Resources www.mass.gov/agr 617-626-1753

Work Categories: MDAR resources for growers including crop and pest services, ag conservation and technical assistance and marketing


Perennial Gardens LLC www.perennialgardens.net 617-293-7262

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care|OtherHigh end container and roof gardening


Acorn Tree & Landscaping inc acorntreeandlanscape.com 978-635-0409

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Arborists


U.S. Department of Labor - OSHA www.osha.gov




Employment Type: Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Interior plantscaping|OtherEcological Services

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions

Parterre Garden Services www.parterregarden.com 617-492-2230


Offshoots Inc. Productive Landscapes + Pleasant View Nursery www.offshootsinc.com 617-500-6530

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Landscape: design/ sales|Landscape: installation|construction

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill Realty www.chestnuthillrealty.com 617-323-2100

Stucchi Landscape & Design, LLC www.stucchilandscape.com 774-233-2167

Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|installation|construction|maintenance/irrigation|Arborists|Lawn care


Weston Nurseries, Inc. www.westonnurseries.com 508-293-8032

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Wholesale Nursery:field/container|Wholesale Nursery: sales|OtherWholesale Operations Supervisor


Michael S. Coffin Landscape Construction www.michaelscoffin.com

Employment Type: Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care

Employment Type: Internships|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|installation|Landscape: construction|maintenance/irrigation|Arborists


Jamaica Plain

Mountain View Landscapes & Lawncare, Inc. www.MountainViewInc.com 413-535-0279

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: installation|construction|maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care


K & S Associates 413-357-8706


Paragon Landscape Construction, Inc. www.paragonlandscape.com 781-834-1000

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|installation|construction|maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care|Interior plantscaping


SOD Inc. http://sodinc.net/ 857-600-6991

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|OtherLandscape Designers without sales Systems Design Engineers

Wisteria & Rose, Inc. www.wisteriaandrose.com

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation


Landscaping by J. Michael www.landscapingbyjmichael.com 781-834-5700

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|installation|construction|maintenance/irrigation


The Garden Continuum www.TheGardenContinuum.com 508-359-8200

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation


RP Marzilli www.rpmarzilli.com

Employment Type: Internships|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: installation|construction|maintenance/irrigation|Arborists|Lawn care

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Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care

Fourth Generation Nursery, Inc. www.fgnsales.com 508-634-9030 Greener Horizon, LLC www.greenerhorizon.com 508-947-0225

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care|Interior plantscaping


Spillane’s Nursery & Landscape Co., Inc. www.spillanesnursery.com 508-947-7773 Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Wholesale Nursery: sales|Lawn care

MJ Enterprise, Inc. http://www.mjenterpriseinc.com/ 781-762-2109

Riverside Services www.riversideservco.com 508-881-7425



Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Wholesale Nursery: propagation|OtherEcological Restoration and Coastal Stabilization

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Landscape: design/sales|Wholesale Nursery: field/container|Wholesale Nursery: sales

Wilkinson Ecological Design www.wilkinsonecological.com 508-255-1113


Northeast Nursery www.northeastnursery.com 978-854-4425

Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc www.cavicchio.com 978.443.7177


Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc www.cavicchio.com 978-443-7177

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Other | Wholesale Nursery: sales: Maintenance/Irrigation: Sales

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Landscape: design/sales|Wholesale Nursery: field/container|Wholesale Nursery: sales

Employment Type: Internships|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Arborists|Lawn care|Golf course, turf|Interior plantscaping




Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care

Work Categories: Landscape: design/ sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Arborists|Lawn care


Hartney Greymont http://www.hartney.com/

American National/Farm Family Insurance http://an.insure/stevecharette 978-225-1511

Employment Type: Full-time positions Work Categories: OtherSales and service of insurance and financial services products to the green industry, small business owners and individuals.


Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. www.bigelownurseries.com 845-2143

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Wholesale Nursery: field/container|Wholesale Nursery: propagation


Blueview Nurseries www.blueviewnurseries.com 508-230-2139

Vetelino Landscape, Inc. vetelinolandscape.com 781-826-0024


Greenscape Land Design www.greenscape.us.com 617-438-7654

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Arborists


Riverside Services www.riversideservco.com 508-881-7425

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Lawn care

NatureWorks Landscape, Services www.natureworkslandscape.com 508-660-3139


Massachusetts Horticultural Society www.masshort.org 6179334900 Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape and Garden Care, Installation and Maintenance

West Bridgewater

Schumacher Companies www.dschumacher.com 427-7707

Employment Type: Internships|Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|OtherLead gardeners, Gardening Apprentice

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Wholesale Nursery: sales www.mnla.com



Work Work Categories: Categories: Horticultural Horticultural Supplies/Horticulture Supplies/Horticulture Broker Sales Broker Sales

Work Work Categories: Categories: Landscape: Landscape: Design/Sales Design/Sales | | Landscape: Installation Landscape: Installation | | Landscape: Landscape: Construction | | Landscape: Landscape: Maintenance/ Maintenance/ Construction MASSACHUSETTS Irrigation | Arborists | Lawn Irrigation | Arborists | Lawn Care Care | | Seasonal Seasonal Decor | Irrigation | Arboriculture Westborough Decor | Irrigation | Arboriculture

Wrentham W W II N N DS DS o o r, r,

Rosado & Sons, Inc. WEST www.rosadoandsons.com WEST Bo Bo r ro o

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions rosado and Inc. rosado and Sons, Sons, Inc. design/sales|Landscape: Work Categories: Landscape: rosadoandsons.com •• 508.366.3700 rosadoandsons.com 508.366.3700 installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: mainEmployment Type: Internships | Employment Type: Internships available | Part-time Part-time tenance/irrigation|Arborists|Lawn available care positions positions available available | | Full-time Full-time positions positions available available Work Categories: Landscape: Design/Sales Work Categories: Landscape: Design/Sales | | Westborough Landscape: Installation | Landscape: Construction | Landscape: Installation | Landscape: Construction | Vista Horticultural Services Landscape: Landscape: Maintenance/Irrigation Maintenance/Irrigation | | Lawn Lawn Care Care


Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions WINC H r Work Categories: Landscape: installation|Landscape: construcWINC H ES ES TE TE r tion|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Arborists Mahoney’s Garden Center

Mahoney’s Garden Center mahoneysgarden.com mahoneysgarden.com •• 781.729.5900 781.729.5900

Westport Employment Employment Type: Type: Part-time Part-time positions positions available available | |

Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Full-time available Full-time positions positions available Work www.sylvannursery.com Work Categories: Categories: Garden Garden Center/Retail Center/Retail | | Landscape: Landscape: Design/Sales | Wholesale Nursery: Sales Design/Sales | Wholesale Nursery: Sales 636-4573


Landscape America Four Four Seasons Seasons landscaping, landscaping, Inc. Inc. www.landscapeamerica.com fourseasonsland.com fourseasonsland.com •• 860.688.3856 860.688.3856 508-384-7002 Employment Employment Type: Type: Part-time Part-time positions positions available available | | Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions Full-time Full-time positions positions available available Work Categories: Landscape: design/sales|LandWork Categories: Landscape: Construction Work Categories: Landscape:construction|LandConstruction | | scape: installation|Landscape: Landscape: Maintenance/Irrigation Landscape: Maintenance/Irrigation scape: maintenance/irrigation|Arborists|Lawn care

W r W II N N DS DS o oISLAND r lo lo C Ck kS S ,, C CT T RHODE Northern Nurseries, Inc. Northern Nurseries, Inc. Norton robertbaker.com • 860.623.9697 robertbaker.com • 860.623.9697

robertbaker.com • 860.623.9697 Blueview Nurseries Employment Employment Type: Type: Part-time Part-time positions positions available available | | www.blueviewnurseries.com Full-time positions available Full-time positions available anthony@blueviewnurseries.com Work Work Categories: Categories: Horticultural Horticultural Supplies/Horticulture Supplies/Horticulture Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Broker Broker Sales Sales Work Categories: Garden center/retail|Landscape: design/sales|Landscape: installation|Landscape: conG struction|Wholesale G II l l Fo Fo rD, rD, N NH HNursery: sales

Belknap Belknap landscape landscape Company Company belknaplandscape.com belknaplandscape.com •• 603.528.2798 603.528.2798 CONNECTICUT

Employment Type: Part-time positions available |

Employment Employment Type: Type: Part-time Part-time positions positions available available | | Lebanon Full-time Full-time positions positions available available

Wo Winchester Wo rCE rCE STEr STEr

Prides Corner Farms Design/Sales | Work Work Categories: Categories: Landscape: Landscape: Design/Sales | www.pridescorner.com Landscape: Landscape: Installation Installation | | Landscape: Landscape: Construction Construction | | Landscape: Landscape: Maintenance/Irrigation Maintenance/Irrigation | | Arborists Arborists | | 860-234-6905

Mahoney’s Garden Center Ford’s Services Ford’s Hometown Hometown Services fordshometown.com • 508.852.4066 www.mahoneysgarden.com fordshometown.com • 508.852.4066 Employment 781-721-1277 Employment Type: Type: Full-time Full-time positions positions available available

Employment Type: Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Work Categories: Categories: Lawn Lawn Care Care | | Tick Tick & & Mosquito Mosquito Control Control Work Categories: Garden center/retail|OtherCashiers Sales: stock, tropical plants, perennials, hardVista Horticultural Services Vista nursery Horticultural Services goods. General Office Help vistahorticulturalservices.com vistahorticulturalservices.com •• 617.308.4929 617.308.4929

Employment Employment Type: Type: Part-time Part-time positions positions available available | |

Woburn Full-time Full-time positions positions available available

ZEN Associates, Inc. Installation Work Landscape: Work Categories: Categories: Landscape: Installation | | Landscape: Construction | Landscape: www.zenassociates.com Landscape: Construction | Landscape: Maintenance/ Maintenance/ Irrigation Irrigation | | Arborists Arborists | | Lawn Lawn Care Care 781-932-3700

413.320.1718 413.320.1718 Education Education & & Research Research | | Land Land Grant Grant University University

Wolfeboro Falls BoSToN BoSToN

Carroll County Landscape, Inc. Massachusetts Massachusetts Department Department www.carrollcountylandscape.com of of Agricultural Agricultural resources/uSDA resources/uSDA mass.gov/agr 603)-569-2013 mass.gov/agr •• 617.626.1754 617.626.1754

Employment Type: Internships|Full-time positions ALB | ALB Program—USDA Program—USDA | Government Government Work Categories: Landscape: installation|LandMassachusetts Department Massachusetts Department scape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irriof Agricultural resources of Agricultural resources gation|Lawn care|OtherCarroll County Landscape, mass.gov/agr •• 617.626.1753 mass.gov/agr 617.626.1753 Inc. - Landscape installation, maintenance and fine gardening. State Resources | Pesticide State Resources | Pesticide Licensing Licensing | | Government Government

NEW YORK Br Br AINTr AINTr E EE E Bedford Hills u.S. u.S. Department Department of of labor—oSHA labor—oSHA

SavATree osha.gov osha.gov •• 781.801.4507 781.801.4507 www.savatree.com/careers Workplace Safety Workplace Safety & & Health Health | | Government Government Agency Agency

Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions CoNWAy CoNWAy Work Categories: Arborists|Lawn care|Horticultural supplies/horticulture broker sales Massachusetts Massachusetts Nursery Nursery

& & landscape landscape Association Association mnla.com Vermont mnla.com •• 413.369.4731 413.369.4731 State State Association Association Brattleboro

The Vermont Mulch Company WE WE STBor STBor ouG ouG H H www.thevermontmulch.com

Lawn Employment Lawn Care Care Type: Internships Work Categories: Wholesale Nursery:field/container

Massachusetts Massachusetts Department Department of of labor— labor— oSHA oSHA Consulting Consulting Program Program mass.gov mass.gov •• 617.626.6476 617.626.6476



Millican Nurseries LLC. www.millicannurseriesinc.com/ 603-435-5039

Free Free Osha Osha Consulting Consulting Program Program | | Government Government Agency Agency

Country Country Folks Folks Grower Grower cfgrower.com cfgrower.com

Industry Industry Magazine Magazine Employment Type: Internships|Part-time positions|Full-time positions Work Categories: Wholesale Nursery: field/container|Wholesale Nursery: sales|Wholesale Nursery: propagation|Horticultural supplies/horticulture broker sales Green Industry Job Fair! Visit mnla.com/jobs for current job

Employment Type: Full-time positions Work Categories: Landscape: installation|Landscape: construction|Landscape: maintenance/irrigation|Arborists|Lawn care

Thank Thank you you for for attending attending our our Green Industry Job Fair! Visit mnla.com/jobs for current job opportunities opportunities from from our our members. members. For For an an up-to-date up-to-date list list of of exhibitors exhibitors go go to to mnla.com/exhibitors18. mnla.com/exhibitors18.

Need assistance paying for higher education in the green industry?

Save the date for these green industry events sponsored by MNLA!

Visit Visit mnlafoundation.org mnlafoundation.org to to learn learn more about more about the the MNLA Foundation MNLA Foundation scholarship program program and and other other scholarship scholarships as as they they scholarships become available. available. become

Interested Interested in in the the green green industry? industry? Attend Attend green green industry events! industry events! Down Down to to Earth: Earth: Annual Annual Summer Summer Conference Conference & & Trade Trade Show Show

Thursday, Thursday, July July 26, 26, 2018 2018 •• Wachusett Wachusett Mountain Mountain Down to Earth: Annual Summer Conference & Trade Show Tursday July 25, 2019 • Westport, MA Become a Certified Horticulturalist Become a Massachusetts Massachusetts Certified Horticulturalist MCH Exam: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 • Wellesley, MCH Exam: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 • Wellesley, Massachusetts Massachusetts Plant Geek Day Plant Geek Plant Geek Day Day Wednesday, August 21, 2019 • Acton Arboretum, Acton, MA Wednesday, Wednesday, August August 22, 22, 2018 2018 •• Rose Rose Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Kennedy Kennedy Greenway, Greenway, Boston, Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts

For For more more information, information, visit visit mnla.com/events mnla.com/events


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AGENT With AMERICAN NATIONAL, you’ll get an agent who has the know-how and products to help you properly manage your family’s risks. An open appointment book, along with options for home, auto, life, farm and business coverage, means you can feel good that you’re getting more an ally than just an agent.

Endorsed Insurance Provider of the

Wherever you are in Massachusetts, there’s a American National agent close to you. Give us a call for more information. Richard Blair Carver 508.866.9150

Jeff Pichierri Northborough 508.393.9327

Don Ludwig Boxborough 978.467.1001

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Kay Spencer

Francis Bingham Norwood 781.255.2002

Sean Rooney Wilbraham 413.887.8817

Josh Nadeau Easthampton 413.203.5180

Andrew Brodeur Middleboro 508.747.8181

Tim Viles South Deerfield 413.665.8200

Maureen O’Mara Williamstown 413.458.5584

Jonathan Stewart Framingham 508.283.1456

Kevin Sullivan Middleboro 508.998.0512

Thomas Carroll Worcester 508.752.3300

Bob Sinopoli

Jason Charette Topsfield 978.887.8304

Eric Mason Southwick 413.569.2307

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Dominic Sinopoli Great Barrington 413.528.1710

Luis Correa North Andover 978.624.0258

Kim Perry Williamstown 413.458.6037

Martin West Marlborough 508.485.3800

Richard Simonian

Steve Charette

Associate Agent

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Northborough 508.393.9327

Newburyport 978.225.1511

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Middleboro 508.747.8181

Associate Agent

Great Barrington 413.528.1710

American National is a group of companies writing a broad array of insurance products and services. Products and services may not be available in all states. Terms, conditions and eligibility requirements will apply. Life insurance and annuity products may be underwritten by American National Insurance Company, Galveston, Texas. Property and casualty products and services may be underwritten by Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company, Glenmont, New York. 17-048.277517.V2.12.2018

Garden Tips for 1


3 4



by Geri Jones, Churchill Gardens, Lenox, MA

Vegetable gardens require one inch of rainfall each week. Set up a rain gauge near the vegetable garden to see if your garden is getting enough water. Prune lilacs now that the flowers have faded. Cutting off the spent flower heads will direct the plant’s energy into growth rather than seeds.

Cover highbush blueberries as the fruit begins to ripen to discourage the birds from eating them. Wait until the fruit is beginning to soften and have been blue for a week before picking. Pick blueberries in the morning and don’t wash them until you are ready to use them.

Keep strawberry plants well-watered (once a week) if the weather is dry. Water container gardens on a regular basis during the dry, hot days of summer. When applying water, be sure to saturate the soil. Keep your mower blades sharpened and set on a high setting and mow often leaving the clippings on the lawn. Tall grass has deep roots. Combining the two makes lawns better able to tolerate drought and crowd out weeds.

2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory







Adding height and a sense of vertical space in your landscape is easy with annuals. Simply place a container on a pedestal within your landscape. Placing a hanging basket on a Shepard’s hook will also do the trick.

As a general rule, houseplants should be fertilized only when they are actively growing and when light and temperature are such that they can actually take advantage of the additional nutrients. Fertilizing between mid-spring and mid-autumn is recommended with the exception of winter-flowering plants. To minimize black spot on roses, water roses early in the day and try not to get their leaves wet. When planting a rose bush, place a banana peel in the bottom of the planting hole. Banana peels are very good for roses as they provide calcium, magnesium, and phosphates in considerable quantities as they break down.

Watering in the morning rather than the evening can help reduce slug damage to leaves in the garden.

Pinch chrysanthemums and shear back asters for a more compact and fuller late fall bloom.




What is an MCH? An MCH is a Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist, having qualified through training and practice as expert in the field of horticulture. MCH professionals have the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide the most creative and comprehensive solutions for any residential or commercial landscape project.

ery een ion



An MCH is the ultimate resource for helping plants grow in Massachusetts.

ter ctors,

The green industry

ers her u ional d ou


Ask an MCH Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist


These green industry professionals are also stewards of our environment. Every time we plant a tree or shrub, we help to balance our carbon footprint. Good practices are important: the right grade can rectify a drainage issue, or certain plants can attract beneficial pollinators. Let an MCH be your guide to creating an environment that is both beautiful and sustainable.

2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

MCH and indu need Cert from indu and land

Trus tree

The Asso and gard prof


P. O.


Why choose an MCH? ^ The MCH designation is a reliable independent

The is s Lan by gre any pro and com

credential that consumers can count on when choosing a professional.

Garden question? Landscaping challenge?

Before you plant anything, talk to an MCH. A horticulturist is skilled in the cultivation and performance of plants—from grasses, shrubs and trees to vegetables, fruits and flowers. A Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist has the specialized training to understand and troubleshoot both common and unique garden and landscape problems. These pros can recommend effective and sustainable solutions for you.

^An MCH understands the big picture because

their certification demands interdisciplinary competence. They can offer practical and comprehensive solutions to a wide range of problems.

^An MCH knows the latest industry developments,

environmental impacts, newest products, and best practices.

^Achieving MCH status enables the consistent

L th

delivery of the highest quality service.

To find an MCH in your area, visit www.mnla.com/member-directory.

What’s more, every MCH has access to a network of product and service providers across the state to ensure that you and get the answers you need. They are the professionals you can trust to install environmentally and economically sound garden and landscape projects. When you choose an MCH, you’ll have the confidence that the recommendations provided are based on both education and experience. These professionals can offer fresh ideas, sound techniques, and proven options. When you work with an MCH, you know your project will be done right the first time. You can be sure your property is enhanced and your investment is protected with the advice and expertise of an MCH. www.mnla.com





s, t

Want to know more? What is an MCH? The Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist program is sponsored the Massachusetts Nursery and An MCH is abyMassachusetts Certified Landscape Association (MNLA) to serve consumers Horticulturist, having qualified through by providing practices training andeducation practiceand as best expert in thefor the green industry. MCH certification is available to field of horticulture. MCH professionals any qualified nursery, landscape or green industry have the knowledge, experience, and professional who adopts the MNLA code of ethics resources provide theTo most creative and passes atorigorous exam. remain current and and comprehensive solutions for any competitive, these professionals recertify each year. residential or commercial landscape project.

Look for the An tree! MCH is the ultimate resource for Becoming an plants MCH requires building helping grow knowledge and experience in a wide in Massachusetts. range of disciplines, including: • Identification and classification of

both native plants and ornamentals

The green industry • Hardiness zones, soil science, and

regional growing conditions are These green industry professionals hardscaping, and use • Landscaping, also stewards of our environment. Every materials and time weofplant a tree orequipment shrub, we help pruning of trees • Planting to balance our and carbon footprint. Good and shrubs practices are important: the right grade irrigation, andorprotecting • Turf acare, can rectify drainage issue, certain groundwater plants can attract beneficial pollinators. Mulch, fertilizers, chemical and • MCH Let an be your guide to creating natural treatments an environment that is both beautiful • Pest management, plant diseases, and sustainable. and weed control

Grow with a Pro! MCH is a program of the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, powering the green industry across Massachusetts with the education needed to serve customers. Massachusetts Certified Horticulturists (MCH) are professionals from all aspects of the Massachusetts green industry who have invested our time to train and qualify as experts in cultivating the local landscape. Trust us to help you with your garden, turf, tree, and landscaping needs.

^ @ The Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association is an organization of garden center and nursery professionals, landscape contractors, garden and landscape designers, tree care professionals, fine gardeners, and turf pros. Our members work together to give you the professional services and solutions you need.

Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association P. O. Box 387


Conway, MA 01341



• Sustainability, environmental impact, conservation, and safety



2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

Listing of MCH Professionals Certified Since

2013 2009 1983 1984 2014 1993 2017 2017 2014 1995 2016 2014 2000 2016 1982 2010 2011 2008 2009 2002 2014 1981 1998 1999 2013 1998 1992 2009 1991 1980 2001 1981 2008 2002 2012 2004 2018 2009 2005 2016 1987 1997 2008 2011 2018 1980 2001



Spencer Aaltonen, MCH Joyce Landscaping David Ahronian, MCH Ahronian Landscape and Design Mark Ahronian. MCH Ahronian Landscaping & Design, Inc. David Alessandroni, MCH Carroll County Landscape, Inc. David Amirault, MCH Parterre Garden Services Fred Anderson, MCH Anderson Landscape Construction, Inc Eric Anderson, MCH Atlantis Hardscape Taylor Andrews, MCH Wilkinson Ecological Design Sarah Ard, MCH Minuteman High School Bob Arello, MCH Arello, Inc. Andrew Bachman, MCH Trout Brook Landscaping Erika Baehr, MCH Village Stonesmith Garden & Masonry Robert Beaumont, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Adam Beck, MCH Follaire, Inc. Edward Bemis, MCH Bemis Farms Nursery Erin Benken, MCH Wards Nursery Inc. William Benoit, III, MCH Safe Harbor Chatham Robert Bergeron, MCH CJM Management Katherine Bergmann, MCH Medway Garden Center Seth Berman, MCH Seth Berman Gardeners Amanda Bigelow, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Patricia Bigelow, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Christian Bilodeau, MCH Acorn Tree & Landscape Sean Bilodeau, MCH Acorn Tree & Landscape Sean Bilodeau, MCH Acorn Tree & Landscaping Gregory Bilowz, MCH Bilowz Associates, Inc. Michael Bonadio, MCH A. Bonadio & Sons, Inc. Cheryl Bonin, MCH PlantCreations Daniel Bouchard, MCH The Trustees of Reservations-Long Hill Philip Boucher, MCH Elysian Garden Design Robert Bourassa, III, MCH Coastal Landscape Thomas Bradley, MCH Emanouil, Inc. Crystal Brinson, MCH Crystal Brinson Horticulturist James Brochu, MCH Brochu Brothers Landscape Nathaniel Brown Jr., MCH New England Nurseries Inc. Danielle Bruyere, MCH DCR - Harbor Region Hortibulturalist Lauren Bubela, MCH MJ Enterprise, Inc. Chris Butler, MCH South River Landscape Jennifer Calagione, MCH John Callahan, MCH Brian Callahan Builders, LLC Wayne Carboni, MCH Carboni Landscaping Alan Carlsen, MCH Worcester Polytechnic Institute William Carr, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Laurie Carter, MCH Moon Garden Designs Kristin Casey, MCH C ape Abilities Farm Marcia Chapman, MCH M.R. Soares Co., Inc. Susan Cheever, MCH Kennedy’s Country Gardens


Certified Since

2015 1998 2014 2009 2017 2017 2013 2015 1987 2012 2007 2001 1987 2017 1990 2015 1983 1985 1988 2002 2013 2017 2010 2011 2017 2012 2016 2016 2009 2006 2006 1981 1996 1997 2017 2007 2013 2010 2009 1986 1989 2017 2018 2009 2009 1996 2002



Christopher Clark, MCH Nick’s Tree Service William Clarke, MCH Perennial Solutions Dirk Coburn, MCH Weston Nurseries, Inc. Kevin Cocklereece, MCH Kevin Cocklereece Landscape Services Daniel Cohen, MCH Hartney Greymont Nicholas Cokonis, MCH Tree Specialists, Inc. Darrah Cole, MCH RFK Greenway Conservancy Thibaut Collin, MCH James Connolly, MCH Weston Nurseries Inc. Miles Connors, MCH Parterre Garden Services Julie Coop, MCH DCR Heidi Cope, MCH Stonegate Gardens Stephen Corrigan, MCH Mountain View Landscapes & Lawn Care Inc. Jill Costello, MCH Mahoney’s Garden Center Andrew F. Cotreau, MCH Northeast Nursery, Inc. Laura Craig-Comin, MCH Merrifield Garden Design David Crocker, MCH Crocker Nurseries Stephen Crowe, MCH Sunshine Landscaping Co. Fred Dabney, MCH Quansett Nurseries Steven Davis, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Catherine Davis, MCH Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc. Valerie Davis, MCH Sorbello Landscaping Mark Delaney, MCH Offshoots, Inc. Gene Demsey, MCH Northeast Nursery, Inc. Ryan Devlin, MCH Mount Auburn Cemetery Robyn Dewey, MCH Parterre Garden Services Peter Di Zinno, MCH A Blade of Grass Jeremy Dick, MCH The Trustees of Reservations Theresa Doherty , MCH Greenscape Timothy Dolan, MCH Chestnut Hill Realty Jean Dooley, MCH Mahoney’s Garden Center Dennis Dowd, MCH Landscape Development, Inc. Curtis Dragon, MCH Earth Landscape Jeff Dragon, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Peter Duguay, MCH Mountain Home Landscape Inc Jessica Duphily Cook, MCH Quintessential Gardens Christie Dustman, MCH Christie Dustman & Co, Inc. Carolyn Edsell-Vetter, MCH A Yard & A Half Landscaping, LLC Patrick Eleey, MCH Parterre Garden Services John (Jack) Elicone, MCH John R. Elicone Landscaping Consulting David Ellis, MCH Roseland Nursery Anthony Erwin, MCH Boston College Gretchen Exley-Smith, MCH Parterre Garden Services Marc Fadding, MCH Marconica, Inc. Thomas Farrington, MCH Hill Town Tree & Garden Pattie Featherstone, MCH D. Schumacher Paul Ferrin, II, MCH Boston Temple/LDS



Listing of MCH Professionals Certified Since

2015 2008 1998 2016 1981 2015 2018 2016 2006 2001 2017 2007 2015 2004 1998 1997 2013 2004 2015 2012 2007 2013 1995 2017 1995 2007 2007 1991 1992 1996 1996 2006 1991 2003 2015 2000 1990 2015 1991 2005 2010 2008 1993 1996 2017 1987 2014 1984




Douglas Field, MCH Ahronian Landscape Colin Finn, MCH Wolf Hill Garden Center Robert T. Fisher, MCH Amherst Landscape and Design Alyson Fitzsimmons, MCH Looking Glass Garden Design John Flanigan, Jr., MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Jessi Flynn, MCH MA DCR Kristin Follett, MCH Mount Auburn Cemetery Nicole Forsyth, MCH Norfolk County Agricultural H.S. Heath Francis, MCH Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Ruth Furman, MCH Fisher-Furman Associates Sarah Gabriel, MCH Christie Dustman & Company Kirsten Ganshaw, MCH Arnold Arboretum Morgan Gasperini, MCH Ward’s Nursery & Garden Center Victor Gelinas, Jr., MCH Weston Nurseries Inc. Byron M. Getchell, MCH Northeast Nursery, Inc. Dennis Gibbons, MCH Dennis. Gibbons Landscapes LLC Rebecca Goguen, MCH Garden Solutions, LLC Mitch Goldstein, MCH Root & Branch Stacey Gordon, MCH Parterre Garden Services Elisabeth Green, MCH New England Wildflower Society Scott Grimshaw, MCH Arnold Arboretum Kyle Guerrini, MCH Guerrini Landscape Inc. Mary Hallene, MCH Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Robert Halterman, MCH Weston Nurseries Ben Hanelt, MCH Lakeville Nurseries Laura Harrigan, MCH Nature Works Landscape Inc Marianne Hart, MCH Michelle Harvey, MCH Lakeview Nurseries Timothy Hay, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Mark Heimlich, MCH Heimlich Landscaping & Construction Co. Todd Heimlich, MCH Heimlich Landscaping & Construction Co. Miriam Hellweg, MCH A Blade of Grass Peggy Henden-Wilson, MCH Avalon Woods Sallie Hill, MCH Sallie Hill Landscape Architect Ashley Hill, MCH Wolf Hill Garden Center Denise Hills, MCH Harvest from the Hills Larry Hindle, MCH Evergreen Tree & Landscape Service, Inc. Victoria Hiney, MCH RFK Greenway Conservancy Daniel Holmes, MCH Holmestead Nursery/Jon L. Holmes & Sons Lauren Holt, MCH Valley Crest Landscape Maintenance Karen Howard, MCH Howard Garden Designs Peter Howland, MCH Northeast Nursery, Inc. Keith Howlett, MCH Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. Bob Hoxie, MCH Great Hill Horticultural Services Jacqueline Hoyle, MCH Roseland Nursery Kevin Humphrey, MCH Humphreys Garden Design & Landscape Elizabeth Hutchinson, MCH Parterre Garden Services Christopher Iannitelli, MCH West Bridgewater Forestry & Parks Deparment

Certified Since

2018 2017 2018 2015 2014 1999 1999 2015 2012 2015 2006 1990 1996 2007 1995 2013 2016 1991 2005 2016 2017 2005 2014 2016 1994 1993 1983 2009 2018 2008 2011 2011 1981 2016 2014 2018 2018 2014 2016 2010 2007 2014 2011 1989 2012 2003 2009 2018



Caitlin Irwin, MCH Stonegate Gardens Jacquelyn Jackson, MCH Town of Brookline Molly Janicki, MCH Parterre Garden Services Corinne Jean, MCH Wisteria & Rose Eileen Johnson, MCH Weston Nurseries Inc. Timothy Johnson, MCH Estabrook Landscape Daniel Johnson, MCH Northfield Mount Herman Dustin Johnson, MCH Wilkinson Ecological Design Christopher Johnston, MCH Ahronian Landscsaping & Design, Inc. Ed Kassor, MCH Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc. Patricia Keating, MCH Artistic Garden Design Doug Keenan, MCH Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge Barbara Keene Briggs, MCH Tree Specialists, Inc. Diane Kelly, MCH Russell’s Garden Center Chris Kennedy, MCH Kennedy’s Country Gardens Jennifer Kettell, MCH Horticulture Education & Consulting Nicholas Kiernan, MCH Sudbury Design Group Andrea Knowles, MCH Nashoba Valley Technical High School Laura Kuhn, MCH Laura Kuhn Design & Consultation Paul Lambe, MCH Nature Works Landscape Services Glen Lapham, MCH Boston College Mark Larson, MCH Chestnut Hill Realty Corp Heather Lashbrook Jones A Blade of Grass Nancy Lattanzio, MCH Lattanzio Landscapes Christopher Laughton, MCH Farm Credit East Jeffrey Lavoie, MCH Second Nature Landscaping John Lebeaux, MCH Shrewsbury Nurseries Deborah Lee, MCH Deborah Lee Environmental Design Nicole Lemieux, MCH RP Marzilli Melanie Levesque, MCH Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Jolene Lewis, MCH Lewis Design Associates Corinne Lidsky, MCH CML Fine Gardening Roger Lusignan, MCH Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Anne Lyngdoh, MCH Recover Green Roofs James Lynn, MCH Christie Dustman & Company Brendan Lyons, MCH Parterre Garden Services John Lysak, MCH Terrascapes, LLC Ellen Mackey, MCH Merrifield Garden & Design Andrew Magee, MCH Sylvan Nursery Steven Magliacane, MCH Busy Bee Nursery Laura Mangan, MCH D Schumacher John Mapel, MCH Mapel Plants Nurser Paul Marean, MCH Garden Design Associates Dennis Mareb, MCH Windy Hill Farm, Inc. Paul Marini, MCH Fine Gardeners Joseph Marshall, MCH Town of Barnstable DPW Dexter Mason, MCH Webster Landscape Paul Massad, MCH Paul Massad Landscaping LLC 2019 | MNLA | Membership | Directory

Listing of MCH Professionals Certified Since

1987 2011 1981 1990 2006 2017 2018 2013 2014 2004 1998 1980 2009 2003 2012 2005 2006 2008 2014 1980 2016 2009 2007 2008 1991 2004 2018 2018 2011 2018 2018 2017 2015 2003 2017 2015 2016 2009 2010 2018 2018 1994 2018 2015 2017 1993 2008 1989



Thomas Mauer, MCH MVL Shrub Man Charleen Maunsell, MCH Potscapes James McBratney, MCH Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Joann McColgan, MCH Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farmstand Joanna McCoy, MCH A Blade of Grass Gaele McCully, MCH Mahoney’s Garden Center Matthew McDermitt, MCH Estate Gardeners Brian McGinn, MCH Christie Dustman & Co, Inc. Bridget McGovern, MCH Curbside Appeal Garden Design Adaela McLaughlin, MCH Branch in Hand Garden Care Don McMahon, MCH Siteone Landscape Supply James McManus, MCH Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farm Stand, Inc. Andrew McMeekin, MCH McMeekin Landsdcape Services James McSweeney, Jr., MCH MCA Hilltown Tree & Garden LLC Jerry Mendenhall, MCH Mount Auburn Cemetery Jeff Meola, MCH Weston Nurseries Inc. Katherine Merrifield, MCH Merrifield Garden & Design Katherine Merrill, MCH Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Peter Mezitt, MCH Weston Nurseries Inc. R. Wayne Mezitt, MCH Hort-Sense/Weston Nurseries John Milos, MCH Mountain View Landscapes Megan Montefusco, MCH Cultivation, Inc. Ramon Monzon, MCH Organic Gardening & Landscaping Winslow Mulry, MCH Landscape Planners, Inc. Dennis Murphy, MCH Murphy Nurseries Jennifer Nawada, MCH Nawada Landscape Design, Inc. Vincent Normand, MCH Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary Maxwell Nottke, MCH Pemberton Garden Service Christopher O’Brien, MCH Howard Garden Designs Sarah O’Connor, MCH Wheat Landscape Gardening & Design Sean O’Connor, MCH Mount Auburn Cemetery Katey O’Neil, MCH Mountain Home Landscape Inc. Susan Opton, MCH Terrascapes Geoffrey Orbegoso, MCH Weston Nurseries Inc. Edward Palmer, MCH Samuel Thoms O.D., LLC Ellen Parker Menounos, MCH Phil Mastrianni Corp Patricia Pascarelli, MCH Smitherz Landscape Grace Peabody, MCH Eastgate Garden Design Justin Pelis, MCH North Country Landscapes Ian Penman, MCH Spillane’s Nursery Mary Crain Penniman, MCH Mary Crain Penniman Landscape Design & Mgmt. Kelly Perry, MCH Swan Point Cemetery Sarah Perry, MCH Parterre Garden Services Sophia Pilling, MCH Parterre Garden Services, Inc. Dean Powers, MCH Paragon Landscape Construction Adam Prata, MCH A. Prata Complete Landscaping Kerry Preston, MCH Wisteria & Rose Herbert Prew, MCH Prew Landscaping


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1998 1989 2009 2016 2016 1995 2001 1991 2018 2014 2001 2002 2005 2011 1995 1995 1982 2005 1997 2003 2005 1996 2004 1981 1988 1995 2016 2002 2015 2016 2014 2008 2006 2006 1986 2013 2012 2017 1992 2009 2018 2007 1994 2001 J 2000 2000 2010 2018



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Established in 1910, Cavicchio Greenhouses is a fourth-generation New England farm working more than 250 acres in Sudbury. As a horticultural grower and landscape distributor, we cultivate and supply an extensive variety of annuals and perennials, nursery stock, stone, masonry and landscape materials. With a hard-earned reputation for service, quality, selection and sustainability, we work with professionals and garden centers throughout the area to keep our region beautiful.

110 Codjer Lane, Sudbury, MA 01776 978.443.7177 www.cavicchio.com




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Garden Tips for 1






by Geri Jones, Churchill Gardens, Lenox, MA

Collect seeds from annuals and perennials that you want to grow next year!

When preparing the landscape for winter, consider cutting down ornamental grasses. They break during the winter months, fall over or will lose their good color. They can look unsightly.

Fall is good time to consider thinning of mildew-prone perennials in the garden. Thinning these plants will help to increase air circulation around the plant and decrease the incidence of disease. The incidence of insect activity may also be discouraged by better air flow.

Remove bedding annuals that have succumbed to frost and compost them. If you leave them in place, eggs of insect pests and spores of disease can remain to cause problems for next year.Remove spent vegetable plants and incorporate compost into the soil. Plant winter rye on top as a green manure crop. This will help to keep the garden soils healthy and productive if done as part of your annual fall routine. Roses should be protected throughout the winter months. To do so, mound some composted manure (I like to use the dehydrated kind) around the base of the plant. Top it off with straw or leaves to help insulate the rose and help with freezing and thawing temperatures throughout the winter months. In the spring, remove the straw or leaf layer and work the manure into the soil. The manure acts as an early-spring fertilizer for the plant. Your roses will love it!

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Fall Unhook and drain garden hoses completely. Roll them up and store them off the ground in a garden shed or garage.

Pinch off new blossoms of pumpkin and winter squash. This encourages the fruit to develop much faster and larger.

Attention should be given to perennial gardens. This is the perfect time of year to begin planning dividing and thinning of perennials to increase air circulation in the garden.

Protect fruit trees from mice by wrapping the base of the tree trunks with metal tree guards. Purchase 18” tall cylinders of mesh hardware cloth and cut to fit.

Lift tender summer bulbs such as gladiola, dahlia and canna with a garden fork after they’ve been blackened by frost. Cut off the tops, label them and let them dry in the sun. Don’t shake off all of the soil. After they have dried, gladiola is best stored in open trays. Store dahlias in a box of very slightly damp peat moss.




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Garden Tips for 1






by Geri Jones, Churchill Gardens, Lenox, MA

Plan your winter pruning any time as long as the trees and shrubs are leafless. Pruning in stages is best. Begin by removing any dead or diseased wood and then remove weak or crossing stems. Finally prune to shape the plant. Remember that all cuts should be at an angle slanting slightly above and away from a bud or lower branch.

Cut branches of pussy willow, forsythia, witch hazel and flowering quince on a seasonably warm day and bring them indoors. Put some water in a vase, add the branches and in just a short time ‌ Spring!

January is a great time of year to give your houseplants a lukewarm shower to remove dust. Using a humidifier nearby will help to discourage red spider mites. Fertilize lightly and spray plants with a mister.

Winter is the perfect time to prune evergreen hedges. To prevent winter snow from breaking the hedge and splaying the branches, prune so that they are narrower at the top than at the base of the hedge. To keep the clippings from being caught up in the hedge and in your way, begin pruning from the bottom and work your way up.

Be on the lookout for gardening lectures or courses being offered throughout the winter months. Check with your local botanical garden or gardening clubs to see what is being offered.

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Feeding the birds is a wonderful winter hobby. Your favorite garden center has a full supply of bird seed, feeders and supplies perfect for gift giving this holiday season. When setting up your feeder, be sure to place it where you can see it from a window. You will be sure to enjoy it!

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With the onset of winter and the possibility of heavy, wet snow accumulation, be prepared to brush snow from evergreen trees and shrubs before it freezes. Removing the weight of the snow before it has a chance to freeze, will help prevent winter storm damage to the branches. If evergreen branches get splayed by snow, tie them up.

Pot up bulbs of amaryllis and paperwhites for holiday gift giving.

When repotting houseplants, add a layer of pebbles in bottoms of larger pots to help improve air circulation; it is a must for containers without drainage holes. For small pots, use ½ inch of pebbles and for large pots, use up to 3� of pebbles.

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Recycle or return used pots, which have been accumulating in the garage or the shed all season, to accepting nurseries.




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