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Two of Arizona’s Premier Plastic Surgeons

Breast Enhancements Mommy Makeovers Tummy Tucks Facial Rejuvenation

*Dr. Gawley is a member.

Dr Ong

• Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery • Plastic Surgery Residency Vanderbilt University • General Surgery Residency University of Arizona

Dr. Gawley • • • •

Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery Member American Society of Plastic Surgeons Chief of Plastic Surgery Scottsdale Shea Hospital Plastic Surgery Residency University of Texas

We take the guesswork out of your decision. Gawley Plastic Surgery specializes in Breast Enhancements, The Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tucks and Facial Rejuvenation. Before

Actual Patient


Actual Patient



Actual after photo of Dr. Gawley's breast augmentation patient.

Call today for your consultation - it’s that easy.

(480) 696-6391

8913 E. Bell Rd., Ste. 101B, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | www.gawleyplasticsurgery.com


BOTOX® & Facial Fillers | Laser Hair Removal | Ultherapy ® | ActiveFX® PhotoFacial | Chemical Peels | Medical-Grade Skincare Products


(Ultherapy treatment value is $500. Cannot be combined with any other special or pre-payment offer)



(480) 525-8207


8913 E. Bell Rd., Ste. 101B, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | www.mdskinspa.com

CELEBRATE THE SEASON FROM HEAD TO TOE WITH OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS! First-time guests receive a complimentary wax.

CAMELBACK / 602 297 1515 1650 E. Camelback Road Next to Chipotle MOON VALLEY / 602 495 1515 245 E. Bell Road Next to LA Fitness waxcenter.com/reservations


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Dr. Gino Tutera, SottoPelle® founder answers your questions.

Why are so many people now getting hormone replacement using pellets?

Q: When did pellet therapy start? A: Pellet therapy originated in Europe over 75

years ago and was introduced to the U.S. by Dr. Greenblatt at the University of Georgia. Pellet hormone therapy has been extensively researched and studied in medical journals all over the world since 1935, yet many people don’t realize that pellet therapy was actually regularly employed in the United States from the 1940’s through the 1970’s until pharmaceutical marketing intruded. Pellets were designed to change the internal physiology by reconstructing the hormone levels as close to what a woman or a man would possess in their late thirties or early forties.

Q: Why did you get involved? A: I became involved with pellet therapy at Eisenhower Medical Hospital, in Rancho Mirage, CA, in 1992. I was approached by Dr. Donald McEwen to see if I could help him insert pellets. I agreed but asked, “What are pellets?” This is the exact same response I hear from other doctors every day all over the world. Dr. Donald McEwen was taught by Dr. Greenblatt, so you might say this is only two degrees of separation from the physician who first started working with them in the U.S. The more I spoke and worked with patients the more I realized there was a need to individualize the dose for each patient’s HRT treatment. We all don’t wear the same size shoe, so why would anyone expect everyone to have the same pellet dose? A light bulb went off and I started individualizing patients with their own customized dose, which is widely used today.

Q: Fear not the testosterone pellet! A: The majority of people fear hormones and especially testosterone. What they don’t realize is every human being, including women, needs and makes testosterone. As a matter of fact, women make 300mgm/day when they are in their prime! Testosterone pellets can be used to treat migraines and menstrual headaches. It can be an effective treatment for vaginal dryness, incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency. In both men and women, testosterone has been shown to increase energy, relieve depression, increase sense of well-being, relieve anxiety and improve memory and concentration. Testosterone pellets can increase lean body mass (muscle strength, bone density) and decrease fat mass. Men and women need continuous adequate levels which can only be achieved with testosterone pellets for optimal mental and physical health and for the prevention of chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, which have been associated with low testosterone levels.

Q: What makes your practice so different than anyone else doing pellets? A: I pioneered an innovative method of customized dosing that provides each patient with a precise amount of the highest quality bio-identical hormone suited to his or her individual needs. Prior to this development, patients were administered a one-size-fits-all generic dose of hormone, which is less effective and can trigger unwanted side effects. Many practices offer bio-identical hormone pellets but do not use our unique patent-pending dosing system based on science. For them it might be guesswork. While often copied but never duplicated, SottoPelle remains the leader in pellet hormone therapy with its ground-breaking science.

Dr. Gino Tutera, M.D. FACOG SottoPelle® Founder

Locations throughout Arizona. Contact us for more information!

480-874-1515 response@sphrt.com


Jim McMahon Throws a Touchdown For Testosterone! “ I have started the pellets and Dr. Tutera and his team are doing great things to help athletes like me.”

The ability to achieve and maintain proper blood levels is the real secret to the success of our unique pellet therapy. It’s the reason SottoPelle® hormone replacement works so well for so many men and women. YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT! Unfortunately, these problems don't take care of themselves. Unless you take action and seek help your overall well-being will continue to worsen, The symptoms below can be related to a hormone deficiency: 3 LOW ENERGY/FATIGUE 3 IRRITABILITY/MOODINESS 3 WEIGHT GAIN 3 DECREASED SEX DRIVE 3 LOSS OF MUSCLE TONE 3 MEMORY LOSS 3 ANXIETY 3 TROUBLE SLEEPING 3 MIGRAINES/HEADACHES 3 FIBROMYALGIA 3 DEPRESSION 3 OSTEOPOROSIS 3 HOT FLASHES/WOMEN 3 NIGHT SWEATS/WOMEN 3 ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION/MEN 3 PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT/MEN CALL THE NATIONWIDE LEADER IN PELLET HORMONE THERAPY NOW! OFFICIAL SPONSORS OF

HELPING NFL LEGENDS AND ATHLETES 2X Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon, Pro Football Hall of Fame Players, Retired NFL Players and supporters of the HOF Players Foundation are now patients of and strongly endorse SottoPelle®

Locations throughout Arizona. Contact us for more information!




Mazelpalooza Wednesday, december 24 doors open at 9pm | this is a 21+ event


Join over 700 young adults at the biggest party on christmas eve - Put on by Young Jewish Phoenix and benefitting the Annual Campaign for Jewish Needs -

sletickets.com facebook.com/AZ.YJP

$25 Until Midnight December 15 $35 Until Noon December 24 $40 At the Door + Ticket Fees

Andrea Bazilus Designer

uptown now 47 Captured

A moment in time.

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8 great events to attend.

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Specializing in Mid-Century Modern Design

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54 Calendar/Event 6th Annual Festival of Trees.

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Ho… ho… holiday fun.

56 Cuisine

Talking with Chef/Owner Michael O’Dowd of Urban Vine | Kitchen | Hops | Grapes.

Custom Residential Kitchen and Bath Design Interior Design

trendsetters 19 Up Close Kate Wells helps create childhood memories.

22 Beat Wax eloquent.

24 Beat Puppy love.

26 Her Style

Meet Tina Tombs.

28 His Style

Meet John Stewart.

28 Noticed

What women wore to events.

72 Seen Who went where, and what happened.


andrea@redeggdesigngroup.com www.redeggdesigngroup.com




57 Cheers

The 52 Apples.

82 New In Town A Bakeshop.

Criminal Defense DUI & Traf fic Defense Small Business Formation & Contracts

Attorneys Shannon Peters, Tyler Allen & Anjali Patel

w w w. AllenLawA Z .com

6 02.4 5 6.0 5 4 5

Wrongful Termination Workplace Discrimination & Retaliation Estate Planning — Wills & Trusts Tyler Allen, Attorney tyler@allenlawaz.com

4201 N. 24th St., Ste. 150, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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Gift ideas for men.

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Take a beauty holiday.



34 Jay Parry

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Get in the holiday spirit(s).

The CEO of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee talks the Super Bowl and more.

39 People on the Move

The most powerful locals under 40.

79 Dish Bluewater Grill Phoenix.

80 Dining Giude Restaurants to know.

64 Fashion Styles of the season.




ON THE COVER: Jay Parry, president and CEO of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee. Photo by Carl Schultz.

After 25 successful years in business, Moda Fina will be closing their doors forever on December 31st!



50 % 75 %



3240 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018 | Tel: 602.325.1888 | Fax: 602-325-1885 | www.modafina.com

FIRST HAND ed note

MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, M.D. Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified in both General Surgery and Hand/Microsurgery

MOST EFFECTIVE AND SAFEST TREATMENT FOR CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression of the nerve in the wrist causing numbness, weakness and/or pain to the hand and wrist. This is one of the most common hand conditions and often causes unnecessary discomfort, even permanent nerve damage if left untreated. The EndoTech® single incision endoscopic release was developed at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute to provide a safe and effective minimally invasive treatment option with a fast recovery (back to work within 1 week). Patient’s also receive the cutting edge nerve supplement NeuroGen® which reduces inflammation and improves nerve recovery. The combination has proven to provide the most effective treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome and improves recovery faster than any other minimally invasive treatment or open procedures. The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute has special cash price discounts of $1599, which include all surgeon fees, NeuroGen®, consultation and imaging needed such as x-ray or ultrasound for nerve evaluation.


s I write this, I’m finishing packing for a vacation (literally—it’s 11 p.m., and I’m leaving at 6 a.m.!), a cruise to the Caribbean with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephews. I’ve been rushing around all week working and getting ready. As I take a break to finally sit down and write this, there’s just one thought that pops into my mind: How thankful I am for the week ahead. The one thing I value more than anything in life is family (and all the amazing friends I have that I consider family, of course, as well!), and here I am, about to make amazing memories and spend quality time with them on a great trip. We’re in the midst of the holiday season right now, and as my kids get caught up in what presents they want, as all kids tend to do, I hope that they know that the best present of all is the people who are in their lives—family and friends. And of course, happiness and health, and the joy of giving to others, as well. I’m also thankful for the people I meet in my path. They may start off as strangers, but they often become close friends. One example? Those featured in our Most Powerful Under 40 story this month (pg. 39). It is so inspiring to me to see the talent and enthusiasm we have out there impacting the community and world. From all of them to the other people we feature throughout our pages, it’s amazing to see what’s happening locally, and how people are forging their paths and making an impact. Speaking of impact, we were lucky to catch up with Jay Parry, the CEO of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, this month. Parry is featured on our cover, and you can read about her—and her vision for the Super Bowl event experience—on page 34. All eyes will be on Phoenix, and she is definitely making sure that the message about our city is positive, and that it sets the stage for the city’s future. There’s so much talent here, indeed. As I put this issue to bed and head off on my trip, it’s so good to know that I have played a small part in bringing stories like these to you. It’s great to celebrate the community, our resources, and to create a place where we know each other, value each other, and perhaps, become close like family. Happy holidays, and happy New Year’s to you and yours! Yours, Michelle Glicksman Editor-in-Chief michelle@richmanmediagroup.com Twitter: @MGlicksman

480 719-4750 19820 N. 7th St., Ste 115 Phoenix, AZ 85024 www.fitzhand.com




World Class Hand Surgeon With a passion for helping others

Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice has been performing thousands of minimally-invasive, endoscopic procedures here in Arizona during the last decade. His expertise has provided relief from carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow and thumb arthritis. His passion for patient care and innovative techniques have re-defined his specialty, and made him one of the most sought-after hand surgeons in the country. Dr. Fitzmaurice is also a pioneer as well. From personally developing a nourishing line of nutritional supplements to designing patented surgical instrumentation which significantly improves effectiveness and safety, each facet of patient care is constantly reviewed, perfected and provided to his patients. MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, M.D.

Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified in both General Surgery and Hand/Microsurgery


• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome • Trigger Thumb

• Trigger Finger • Dupuytren’s Contracture • Dequervain’s Tendinitis

(480) 719-4750

• Thumb Arthritis (CMC Joint) • Tennis Elbow • Wrist Pain

19820 N. 7th St., Ste 115 | Phoenix, AZ 85024 | www.fitzhand.com



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Don’t cover up mistakes of the past. Change them.

Introducing the GenXLift . A Solution for the Next Generation. TM

Finally, a new approach to facial aging that can erase years off your face without having to step into the operating room. These advanced, long-lasting procedures dramatically reverse signs of aging, including skin discoloration, wrinkles, facial volume loss and tissue descent. Dr. Shapiro has spent years researching and developing this exciting new alternative to the traditional facelift. If you want to reduce the visible signs of aging but aren’t quite ready, emotionally or financially for a full facelift, this may be exactly what you have been waiting for. Call 480 451-1700 to request a consultation and find out if you are a candidate. 5410 N. SCOTTSDALE RD., STE. F-100, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85253 480 451-1700 / SHAPIROPLASTICSURGERY.COM



private patios and city vibe


The city life

close to everything you love


LIVE ON HISTORIC PALM LANE Located on Central and Palm Lane, once known as “Millionaires Row,” Chateau on Central is adjacent to the Willo Historic District and steps away from the Heard Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, Viad Sculpture Garden and Margaret T. Hance Park – all vibrant cultural landmarks. You’ll find being minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport, Chase Field and Heritage Square a luxury you can’t live without. 5 STORY LUXURY BROWNSTONES LIVE/WORK ZONING FROM $1.1 MILLION

CALL 602.258 .1817

Sales and marketing by Monson Luxury Group, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, licensed in the State of Arizona. Square footage is approximate and may vary. This material is not an offer to sell real property and shall not be construed as an offer in violation of the law of any jurisdiction. No Federal or State agency has judged the merits or value if any, of this property. Obtain all relevant documents, disclaimers, and covenants, and read them before signing anything. The depictions herein may reflect building, amenities and improvements some or all of which may be conceptual only, and subject to change without notice. All brokers welcome. Prices, terms, incentives, material, and availability subject to change without notice. Subject to Public Report. © 2012 All rights reserved.

up clo s e

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her s t y le

his s t y le


Kate Wells loved her “typical ’70s childhood” in South Florida. “My sister and I never felt bad about our parents’ divorce,” explains Wells. “We loved having two completely different lives. We loved to play, surf—you know, we just kicked off our shoes and played all day.” continued… DECEMBER 2014 |



no t iced

up close That love of experiencing life to its fullest carried over into her adult life, where she works every day to make experiencing life special for the kids of Phoenix as one of the co-founders and current CEO of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.


Wells moved with her mom, an American Express executive, to Phoenix in the mid-1980s. After graduating from Horizon High School in 1988, she attended Arizona State University (ASU) for a year and a half. She met her future husband, Jeff, there, but headed to San

Diego State University to complete a degree in political science. After graduation, however, Wells her new husband returned to Phoenix and opened one of the city’s earliest coffee shops, Blue Bottle, at 16th Street and Highland. After four years, the couple sold the business and it became the home (until 2013) of Coup de Tartes. “It was a great time,” says Wells, laughing. “We were one of only a couple of small coffee shops at the time. I made amazing contacts there and to supplement our income, I wrote grants and political speeches.” After closing the coffee shop, and as a new mother, Wells and some friends— inspired by the children’s museum in San Diego—decided in 1998 to start a similar museum in Phoenix. “We each pitched in $50 for the nonprofit incorporation, and then we had to figure out how to create a museum. I could write grants and throw great parties,” she says, laughing. And thus was born the Phoenix Family Museum, which operated out of the backs of the women’s cars as the Museum Without Walls.


The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is one of 351 across the U.S. These museums are important to society for many reasons, explains Wells. “They play the role of entry point—starter museums—to the arts and culture for new generations.” She goes on to explain that the informal learning aspect is critical to children. “It’s the key to layering on everything necessary to make an informed decision throughout life.” But not only does the museum celebrate the joy and beauty of children, it is a place of learning for parents. “To extend the ideas to the adults, to show them how to move ideas outside these walls, is a big part of what we do.” But it wasn’t an easy—or cheap—road to get to today’s museum. The first order of business for the new museum was to raise money for a building. In 2001, Phoenix voters overwhelmingly approved a $10.5 million bond to purchase the




Monroe School and begin renovations. In 2005, the museum’s founders launched the Childhood Dreams Built By You capital campaign that eventually raised $12.3 million. Renamed the Children’s Museum of Phoenix in 2005, the museum opened its doors to the public in June 2008. “We are extremely grateful for the help of [former Arizona Attorney General] Grant Woods and [former Executive Director of the Phoenix Suns Charities and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona] Tom Ambrose. They both brought in some big donors.” Wells considers the museum a part of her. Her two daughters, now 14 and 17, grew up during the building of the museum. In fact, right after it opened, her youngest daughter pointed out the museum to her grandmother by explaining, “That’s the museum my mom built for me.” Wells left the museum in 2009 to spend 16 months backpacking across Europe with her family. “No one believed we were really going to go,” she says. “But we saw 22 countries in 16-and-ahalf months.” When she returned to Phoenix, Wells went to work for the ASU-run PBS station. “I loved my work there,” she says, “but when they offered me the position as CEO [at the museum], I was ready to return. It’s a fun time for me to come back because I’m a big, messy projects kind of gal.”


Today, the museum is undergoing more changes. “We have such big plans,” Wells explains. In February 2015, Block Mania opens, with more than 4,000 building blocks. Thanks to a major gift from the Gila River Indian Community, the museum is getting a large multipurpose area, an area where the plans include introducing more dance and theater, as well as launching spring break and summer camps for children. Today’s “museum that mom built” has grown into one of the country’s premier children’s museums, and is truly a place “to engage the minds, muscles, and imaginations of children and the grown-ups who care about them.”

CAR LOTTI CENTER Led by the dually accredited, husband and wife team of Drs. Albert Carlotti and Michelle Cabret-Carlotti.

Results like these... Speak for themselves!


EXCLUSIVE 4 DIMENSIONAL FACE LIFT… AMAZING RESULTS! An important goal of cosmetic surgery is to look like you were never touched. The Four Dimensional Face Lift works by restoring the youthful orientation of the underlying muscles and gently repositioning the skin above. The windblown, over-operated look is an avoidable complication in the Carlottis’ experienced hands. Both Drs. Albert & Michelle Carlotti operate as a team to give you the benefit of their combined experience, and a male’s and female’s perspective. You younger. You better!


It’s easy to SEE the difference at the Carlotti Center because …properly performed cosmetic surgery looks natural!

Actual patients of the Carlotti Center

7930 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy, Suite 101, Scottsdale | (480) 947-7700 | CarlottiCosmeticSurgery.com



Get to know the man behind local European Wax Centers BY SHANA SCHWARZ PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ



lex Weisman grew up in Basking Ridge, N.J., a community close to New York City. Like so many before him, he came to out to Arizona to attend college at Arizona State University, and decided to stay. “I moved out to Phoenix in 2005 and instantly fell in love with the constant sunshine and seemingly endless opportunity the city presents for growth and expansion,” he says. “The mountains in the Valley are one of my favorite things. Anywhere that I can be high enough to get a good view of the entire city.” The move turned out to be a great personal and professional decision. “I became involved in European Wax Center after I graduated college in 2009,” he says. “My family purchased a franchise license to open our location at 16th Street and Camelback, and I have been an operating partner ever since.” European Wax Center is recognized as a leader in comfortable and healthy body waxing. Weisman has a few thoughts on what sets European Wax Center apart from other companies that offer similar services: “European Wax Center takes a lot of care to make sure we have an unbelievably educated and professional staff, more than most companies I encounter on a daily basis. The drive for greatness, which is engrained in our culture, keeps me engaged every day.”

Many people might think that waxing is something just for women, but do you get a lot of male clients? When we opened, we were around a two percent male clientele, but that number has almost approached 10 percent. I think as “manscaping” becomes more mainstream, it won’t seem to be such a taboo to men to come visit our locations. If you could have a celebrity be the face of European Wax Center, who would it be and why? Interesting question. I would want it to be someone that many people take fashion cues from, such as Anne Hathaway. UPTOWN |




Dr. Nancy H. Kim Award winning Board Certified Dermatologist Fellowship Trained MOHS Surgeon

Ask the Skin Experts

L to R: Lisa Damante RN, Dr. Stacy Rosenblum, Dr. Randi Rubenzik, Dr. Nancy Kim, Dr. Maya Thosani, Dr. Kimberly Yeung-Yue, Juliette McCaffrey PA-C

MEDICAL ~ SURGICAL ~ COSMETIC LASER ~ BRACHYTHERAPY From skin cancer surgeries to anti-aging treatments, Spectrum Dermatology is recognized as one of Arizona’s leading treatment centers for laser, cosmetic, surgical and medical dermatology. Spectrum Dermatology is committed to providing outstanding dermatologic and aesthetic care with state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to help you get the best possible results. We complement our expertise with a warm, caring environment so that your experience with us is always a positive one. We specialize in treating all problems of the skin, hair and nails and offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic, reconstructive and curative techniques in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.


7425 E. Shea Blvd Suite 110 Scottsdale, AZ 85260


4350 E. Camelback Rd. Suite A-200 Phoenix, AZ 85018


We are the skin specialists of Spectrum Dermatology, and we pride ourselves on providing compassionate, comprehensive, state-of-the-art care for all age groups. Each month, our team of professionals will be answering your questions.


I suffer from acne, even at my age – and it’s embarrassing. What are my treatment options?


There’s nothing more annoying than having acne lesions on your face when the rest of your life has moved firmly into adulthood. Though most people think of acne as a teenage affliction, it can actually persist into middle-age. There are many causes of adult acne; luckily, there are also many pathways to clear, radiant skin. We’ll work with you to discover the cause, then customize a treatment plan specifically for your unique skin type and condition. From topical to oral treatments to chemical peels and beyond, we have the perfect solution to obliterate your acne and get your complexion glowing. Have a question you’d like to ask? For more information, or to make an appointment, please call 480-404-9888 or visit www.SpectrumDermatology.com.


PUPPY LOVE From corporate America to entrepreneurship BY GABBY RICHMAN PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ


iz Illg took her love of business and passion for animals to create her own dream job. After graduating with her master’s degree in business, she worked in the cooperate America and had a pet sitting business on the side. She decided to take her business to the next level and began looking for a company for sale when she came across Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting, which had been in the same location since the 1970s. Illg gave the shop a makeover, expanding into the adjacent suite. It features a grooming and bathing station, as well as a boutique. They also offer pet sitting services and host events for the community and their pets, like Doga, hikes, and costume contests.  In her free time, Illg enjoys spending time with her dogs Rosie and Ruby. She also plays tennis, hikes, practices yoga, and reads.


How do you feel leaving the corporate world has changed you? When I left the corporate world, freedom become true to me. Owning my own business has given me a great perspective on life and what it means to value the world around us. Do you have any plans to get any other dogs in the future? As of right now, Rosie and Ruby are my two little sidekicks. I do know that I will always have animals in my life. Rosie and Ruby bring me so much joy and happiness.




The practice doesn’t change, you do!

RESHAPE YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT WITH HOT YOGA. A stronger, toned and more flexible body and an improved state of mind encouraging relaxation, selfacceptance and awareness. “In a yoga class, you practice poses that require stretching and compression of the joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body.

Your body naturally protects itself from physical exertion by generating heat from the inside muscles outwards. We start with the heat up front…providing that extra protection from the very first poses. Your body burns fat more effectively and you lose inches of shape in a relatively short time”.

Newcomers and experienced students welcome.


2107 E. Camelback Road Suite A-18 Phoenix, AZ 85016 (Town & Country Shopping Center) www.sumits-yoga/biltmore

her style

ON THE LINKS I Arizona Biltmore Golf Club’s director of instruction talks fashion and function, both on and off the course BY GRETCHEN PAHIA PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ

t isn’t just about golf skirts and polo shirts for the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club’s director of instruction. Tina Tombs, who was recently named the LPGA National Teacher of the Year, also focuses her style on classic and traditional looks. Sure, on most days you will find Tombs sporting athletic, sports-minded fashion on the course. However, as Tombs points out, it isn’t all about golf. “I tend to wear stuff that is fashionable yet functional, but it isn’t always golf clothes,” she says. “I like to be stylish yet classical. Often on the course I will wear a button-down blouse and a pair of pants from Italy so that I can go straight from the course to an evening out.” Step inside Tombs’ closet and you are bound to find a number of timeless pieces that can be matched with one another. Tombs believes in buying clothes that are classic and will last over time, such as Ralph Lauren and Chanel, and isn’t much into what is a hot trend today and will likely be gone tomorrow. Of course, as you can imagine, Tombs says you will also find a lot of golf styles in her closet, as well.

If you could no longer play golf, which sport would you play instead? If I could no longer play golf, I don’t know if I would play a sport. I might swim laps for exercise and do some yoga. However, I do know that I would put a lot of energy and focus on helping others with different conditions and disabilities. Who is your golfing inspiration? When I was a junior golfer, I was inspired by Tom Watson, Pat Bradley and Joanne Carner. The instructors who inspire me now are Mike Adams and Peter Kostis. What do you do for fun outside of golf? My two favorite things to do are to travel to other countries with my husband Larry, spend quality time with my two daughters, and I can spend endless hours in my garden. I also like to ski, entertain, eat out with my husband and our friends, and I really enjoy massages and facials. UPTOWN |



his style


ohn Stewart is in the business of helping you get healthy and making your life easier. Oh, and he looks good doing it. As the co-founder and CEO of Sunfare, Stewart leads a team that delivers delicious, healthy meals right to your door. Available in Phoenix and Los Angeles, it’s a smart concept that has helped clients lose weight and decrease stress levels at the same time—the ultimate win/win. On days when the Biltmore Heights resident isn’t working, odds are you can find him in good company and enjoying life. “When I’m not spending quality time with my wife and 5-month-old, you will find me on the links, playing golf,” he says. He describes his fashion style as “young at heart, yet professional.” As for the one staple in his closet that he can't imagine his wardrobe without? “A classic pair of darker denim blue jeans,” he says–which certainly goes along with his self-described style. “I’m all over the fashion board when it comes to shopping, from local boutiques to more department stores like Macy’s,” he says, pointing to Spencer Hill, designer of the Herald Hill clothing line, as a fashion inspiration. “I admire people who take risks with fashion,” he says. While he may love risks, he does have a pet peeve: “Jeans with graphics and heavy stitching on the pockets.”


Dresses “young at heart, yet professional” BY SHANA SCHWARZ PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ

Most of the clothes in your closet are... Blue. What one piece should all men own to be in style? Confidence. Did you grow up in Phoenix? No. I’m originally from Manhattan, Kan.—best little city in the world! What are the fashion rule/ rules you'd never break? I would never wear a belt that didn’t match my shoes (or vice versa). UPTOWN |
























1966 Shelby Cobra 427 “Super Snake” CSX 3015 Carroll Shelby’s personal Super Snake, one of two built and the only one in existence today. From the Ron Pratte Collection.

All new world-class facility and amenities | Internationally attended world-class event Hundreds of luxury automotive and lifestyle exhibitors | Automotive demonstrations & activities Over 1,500 of the finest vehicles and over 1,500 pieces of authentic automobilia offered at No Reserve Experience the 2015 Scottsdale Auction live exclusively on Discovery Channel, Velocity and around the world on Discovery Networks International.

Consign. Bid. Experience. Barrett-Jackson.com



1. Pearl Esau, H&M jacket, Francesca’s Collections.

7. Kristen Priscella, Banana Republic dress.

2. Adriana Figueroa, Jones New York shawl, Banana Republic dress, Kate Spade handbag.

8. Rachel Yanof, Ann Taylor sweater, White House I Black Market dress, Betsey Johnson handbag.

3. Leslie Motter, White House I Black Market dress.

9. Gail Zucker, Brooks Brothers outfit. 10. Lori Howard, Calvin Klein outfit.

4. Adriana Grado, BCBG dress.

11. Lori Cameron, Michael Kors dress.

5. Shaun Brenton, Ann Taylor outfit, Dion handbag.

12. Jane Roig, Misook outfit.

6. Veronica Carillo, Express top, H&M skirt, Target handbag.

13. Peggy Trammell, BGBC dress.




A Surgeon’s Hands,

A Woman’s Touch

Breast Augmentation | Breast Lift | Breast Reduction Tummy Tuck | Liposuction | Body Contouring Mommy Makeover | Eyelid Surgery | Face Lift Liquid Face Lift | Ear Lobe Repair Skin Care (OBAGI®, Skin Medica®, Rejuvenative Peels) Dr. Daiza offers the no drain tummy tuck. ***All Botox®, Dysport®, Juvéderm XC®, Voluma XC® & Restylane® injectables are administered by Dr. Daiza.


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The Only Double Board Certified Female Plastic Surgeon in The Valley with Breast and Cosmetic Fellowship Training

Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale Call for a Personal Consultation: 480-585-0011

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1. Nancy Andison, Saks Fifth Avenue dress.

7. Kari Yatkowski, Elie Tahari Jacket, Diane von Furstenberg dress.

2. Anne-Marie Dobbs, Jay McLaughlin outfit.

8. JoAnn Holland, Elie Tahari dress. 9. Lynne Jackson, Marc Jacobs dress.

3. Sonia Villalobos, Banana Republic dress.

10. Karen Quinif, Tory Burch outfit.

4. Brenda Dennert, Eileen Fisher top, Hugo Boss skirt.

11. Sue McKone, BCBG outfit.

5. Debbie Gaby, Neiman Marcus outfit, Prada clutch.

12. Angie Hallier, Worth dress. 13. Sonal Haerter, Anthropologie dress.

6. Tracey Lytle, Alice and Olivia top, Alexander McQueen skirt, Lauren Merkin handbag.




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No matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles and belly pooch. Introducing CoolSculpting® – a natural, non-surgical contouring treatment that uses cooling technology to noticeably eliminate fat. CoolSculpting® is an FDA-cleared, patented procedure that uses a targeted cooling process to kill the fat cells underneath the skin. Only fat cells are frozen, and your healthy cells are not affected. There are no knives, no needles, and no scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. Unlike a lot of other procedures, CoolSculpting® takes very little time and is pretty simple to fit into your daily life. Each treatment lasts one hour – so you can easily fit your appointment into a lunch break.

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hen the eyes of the world fall to the Valley of the Sun early next year for Super Bowl XLIX, what they see will be largely orchestrated by our local host committee. That committee is made up of some of the best and brightest men and women in our state, with President and CEO Jay Parry leading the way to ensure that we’re ready for our close-up. To say we are in good hands is an understatement. With a résumé that spans a 28-year career ranging from advertising to the professional sports world, Parry brings not only the experience necessary to pull off one of the biggest sports events in the world, but also the leadership and wisdom to bring out the best from her team. She is poised and confident, and seems like the kind of woman who always knew where she wanted to end up and made it happen, but she admits that her 18-year-old self might be surprised to see where she is today. “I would say that in high school I was a combination of social and serious about my studies,” says Parry. “I was the youngest of three girls, so I got away with a lot. In the same DECEMBER 2014 |

vein, I was super close with my parents and super close with my family, so it wasn’t like I tested the boundaries too much either. I was active and I was a cheerleader for both junior high and high school, so I went to tons of sporting events at school, and my dad took us to every sporting event under the sun in So Cal. We were always going to a college game or a professional game; there was always a lot of sports in my life. “I think [18-year-old me] would say this is better than anything that I could have dreamed at that point, and that I probably should have paid more attention to what my dad was saying when we went to all those sporting events that he took me and my sisters to. But I think this is just nothing I ever could have thought of or dreamed of or created as a career path for myself. I was definitely one of those kids who figured it would all work out. I didn’t have a grand scheme. I hate admitting that because people always think you’ll have a plan, but I just didn’t have one. I was intent on going to college; that was really important in our household. I figured once I went through college and got a business degree that I’d just figure it out.”



And figure it out she certainly did. After a successful 15-year run at Bank of America, where she was mentored by Kathy Munro (“She was just a fantastic leader and a great role model. It was really just a valuable experience that I’ve taken forward and tried to emulate, and I think it’s contributed to the kind of leader that I’ve tried to be,” says Parry), Parry decided it was time for a new challenge. After taking a hiatus to decide what her next step would be, she was invited by Munro and Anne Mariucci (who together had just purchased a portion of the Phoenix Mercury from Jerry Colangelo) to join them on their new journey, thus bringing Parry into her first role in professional sports. She ended up loving it, and the team won two championships—the definition of a win/win for all parties involved. Parry is looking for another win with her role as the head of the Super Bowl Host Committee, and has the plans in motion to make it a smashing success. Having attended four Super Bowls previously (starting with Super Bowl XXX in Arizona in 1996), Parry knows that the games just keep getting bigger, and she’s looking to make the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX the biggest and best the world has ever seen. “I would say there’s three main differences to what we’re trying to do,” explains Parry. “First, we’re creating a fan campus in downtown Phoenix that’s called Super Bowl Central, and that will really be the epicenter of the fan activities, the media activities, and sponsor activities. It’s a 12-block campus that we’re creating that will be bigger than anything that Arizona has seen before, and really a great place for Arizona residents and the regional visitors to come and create their Super Bowl memories. It’ll be free, it will all be outdoors, and it will really showcase why it’s great to be in Arizona in late January. The other thing we’re really focused on to maximize the impact for Arizona is the economic impact, and showcasing Arizona as a great place to do business, so that companies will move here, expand here, relocate here. So, we are creating a program that’s a CEO forum where we invite CEOs from outside of Arizona to come to the Super Bowl to spend the three days leading up to the game with us learning about Arizona and meeting local CEOs. It’s really intended to plant those seeds for future economic growth. The last thing we’re doing is focusing on our Hispanic population. We’re the first host committee to have a website in Spanish, and to have social media in Spanish; we have a Hispanic marketing plan because that’s such an important market in Arizona. We also have a real intention around working with Mexico-based businesses to be sponsors to come to Arizona for Super Bowl, so we really want to show those strong cross-border relations, too. We’re trying to make it meaningful in all the preparation and planning and lead-up… and then there’s a game, as well. It’s an event that really transcends football.” If that sounds like there are a lot of moving parts to this event, that’s because there are. Parry and her team are more than up to the challenge, though, and have been preparing for years to make it great. “With anything there’s always a plus and a minus,” says Parry. “I think the plus is our whole community—all of our business leaders are so excited and so positive, and there’s so much great momentum, and so everyone wants to be involved. So now it’s figuring out how to channel all that excitement and enthusiasm and to UPTOWN |


get everyone to work together because we want this to be seamless for all of our residents and all of the visitors. I think just orchestrating all of that momentum is really a challenge because you have to channel it. That’s probably one of the biggest challenges. And, we also fundraise. Getting a Super Bowl bid is very competitive, and so the host committee is responsible for raising $30 million to host all the activities, all the pre-planning, the media that comes to town, etc. That’s definitely another challenge that’s going well and we’re on track, but it really takes a laser focus to get there.” Parry is quick to point out that she has a great team working with her on the host committee. “My style is setting lofty goals and building an all-star staff, which is what I feel like we have on the Super Bowl right now,” she | DECEMBER 2014

says of her leadership style. “We have about 20 people and everyone is just amazing in their own right and kind of in their area of expertise. I really like to collaborate and problem solve as a team. That’s because I believe that everyone has a role and something to contribute. I like pulling those ideas out of the staff and out of the team because I think that makes us stronger.” With her life revolving around the Super Bowl at the moment, Parry has put many of her favorite hobbies (golf, travel, hiking) on hold, but says she’s looking forward to getting back to those activities once everything gets back to normal. For now, she unwinds at the end of the day by taking her white Labrador, Lexi, for a walk, watching sports, and trying new restaurants in town—though she says her favorite local spot is La Grande Orange. DECEMBER 2014 |

Though she grew up in Southern California, it’s clear that Parry loves Arizona and will do whatever it takes for local and visiting fans to make this a great experience and to show the world that this is a great place to work, live and play. Anyone looking to participate should make plans to attend Super Bowl Central, or they can sign up as a volunteer at www.azsuperbowl.com to participate in community service events or to help welcome the 100,000 visitors Parry expects we’ll receive. “The NFL has a mantra of ‘Fans First,’ and I really love that,” she says. Keeping that mantra at the forefront of every decision should result in the best Super Bowl this town, and the world, has ever seen.



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Being a blue eyed blond I was worried that my eyebrows would look done but Rachell has been custom blending her own colors for each person for over twenty years so I trusted her to get the right shade and shape. I love the arch she gave me! It was like getting an instant lift! I get so many compliments on how my eyeliner enhances my lash line and makes my blue eyes just pop! But it still looks super natural! —Tina Clemmons President/Owner De Novo Scan, Clinical Thermography

I am a breast cancer survivor and my Doctor trusts her patients to Rachell for the final phase of Breasthetics (3-d nipple tattoo and areola restoration) after breast cancer. My tatas are gorgeous thanks to Rachell! After that I totally trusted her to do my eyeliner, which I loved, so then I even did my Eyebrows and Lips! —Ellen Elson Realtor/Luxury Private Listings

I was most impressed with Rachell’s conservative approach to permanent makeup, she really stresses you can always add more and that made me comfortable. She is such a color genius and so experienced. I love that now I can just get up and go. —Dawn Billings Heartlink Founder, Creator of Primary Colors Personality Test

For over 20 years Rachell Hall has eased the makeup woes of an international clientele with her exclusive perfected signature procedures. Be beautiful at breakfast and still look fresh at four! Work out or go out your permanent make up will be perfect! Save time with any procedure. Always natural, always pretty, always perfect. Don't you deserve wash and wear beauty? • Powder soft eyebrows create the illusion of fullness, frame your eyes with the perfect arch, and of course save all that time in the morning! • Smokey eyeliner, never smears, enhances your lash line and eliminates daily tugging at delicate eye tissue • Custom contoured lips- naturally full and blushed lips with contour and colors blended just for you! • Restores lip fullness without the "duck lip effect" and eliminates lipstick bleeding into fine lines • Breasthetics, 3-d nipple areola restoration post mastectomy

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Make your life simply beautiful! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 10613 North Hayden Road, Ste J-103 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | www.RachellHall.com


People on the Move The most powerful locals under age 40 We scoured the area looking for those under age 40 who are making their mark in business. From top executives to company owners, these 24 people powerful prove age is just a number.




HART SHAFER, 39 Founder & CEO, TheraSpecs Years In The Role: 3 “I am the founder and CEO of TheraSpecs, precision-tinted eyewear that helps with migraines, headaches, eyestrain, and other issues triggered or worsened by fluorescent lighting, computer and device screens, or sunlight.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Something you know is true about your customers simply isn’t. Get out of the building and talk to actual customers to find out what that is. Repeatedly.”

ERICH REICHENBERGER, 37 Vice President and Area Manager, Pioneer Title Agency Years In The Role: 7 “I work with our team— which includes more than 50 offices statewide—to provide title insurance, escrow, account servicing, trustee sales, as well as builderrelated trust services” One Thing You’ve Learned In This Role: “Communication, communication, communication! It makes and breaks relationships and can make and break companies.”



LAUREN BAILEY, 34 Founding Partner, Upward Projects

LEOR LAPID, 29 CEO/Co-Founder, Dorm Room Movers

Years In The Role: 6 “I do a little bit of everything... but I primarily focus on conceptualization and design, operations, and strategic planning of all Upward Projects brands, including Postino WineCafe, Joyride Taco House, Federal Pizza, Windsor and Churn.” One Thing You’ve Learned In This Role: “Put people first, be flexible, focus on innovation, and follow the ‘golden rule.’”

Years In The Role: 7 “We do moving, storage and shipping for college students.” Noteworthy:: “We’ve moved over 10,000 students at over 115 campuses, in more than 30 states.” One Thing That Surprised You In Your Career: “Some of the most random and seemingly inconsequential meetings can lead to big things. Never underestimate who you’re talking to or where it could end up.”


COURTNEY NELSON, 34 Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Goodwill of Central Arizona Years In The Role: 2 (5 years total with Goodwill) “I oversee all internal and external marketing, communications, branding, public relations and advertising efforts for Goodwill of Central Arizona.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Find great mentors, men and women, from various industries. I’ve been amazed what I have learned from a high school teacher, an advertising veteran, a leadership coach, and a retail queen who have inspired me to do better.”

NATHAN DAY, 31 CEO, Cypress Development Group

AUDREY THACKER, 37 President/Founder, Artisan Markets


Years In The Role: 6 (the company was formerly Sterling Collection Development Group and was re-named one year ago) “I am responsible for the oversight of all company-wide development projects like our current venture, Sterling at Silverleaf. We are now working on our $350 million luxury, sustainable condominium development, The Sterling Collection at Silverleaf.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Don’t be afraid to change course quickly, and be able to recognize if you’re not on the right path.”

Years In The Role: 6 “I’m the founder of Artisan Markets, a weekly outdoor festival bringing together the Scottsdale business community, artists, musicians, and the public.” One Thing You’ve Learned In This Role: “Patience.” One Thing That Surprised You In Your Career: “The amount of untapped local talent still to be discovered.”

Years In The Role: 3 “I’m the big dreamer! Driving new strategic priorities, building a community of supporters, and supporting entrepreneurs who are creating change in the world.” Noteworthy: She was elected as one of 20 participants from around the world to attend the 2014 Social Innovation & Design program put on by the United Nations UPEACE Centre for Executive Education in Thailand and Cambodia. Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Get a mentor (or two). Thankful to have a few dozen! #lifesavers”




CELIA WADDINGTON, 34 Co-owner, Ignite Creative Services, LLC.

DAVID FUNKHOUSER III, 37 Partner, Quarles & Brady

RYAN NAYLOR, 30 CEO/Founder, LocalWork.com

SARA WILSON, 35 Executive Director and CEO, Home Assist Health Inc.

Years In The Role: 4 “We offer marketing, advertising, creative promotions and public relations, mostly in the food and beverage industries.” Noteworthy: Clients include Diageo, Guinness, Smirnoff, and Grey Goose Vodka. Biggest Challenge You’ve Faced: “At startup, our biggest challenge involved finding the most appropriate way to tell our story while staying true to our passion, and then positioning ourselves against the male-dominated competition.”

Years In The Role: 10 “I defend financial institutions as well as counsel family members in trust, estate and probate disputes, and I often fight about real estate.” Noteworthy: He was a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 2008-2009 and president of the Maricopa County Bar Association in 2013. One Thing You’ve Learned In This Role: “That there are always two sides to every story, and you need to make sure your side is as researched, vetted, and strong as possible.”

Years In The Role: 3 “I provide employment connectivity between employers and job seekers.” One Thing You’ve Learned In This Role: “Culture is King. It’s critical to build an environment where people want to be.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “It’s all about caring. Care for your employees. Care for your customers.”

Years In The Role: Under one year (Home Assist Health Opened its doors in July, 2014, but has more than 15 years of history operating as Complete Comfort Care out of MIHS) “I am responsible for the consistent achievement of our mission and objectives, and the oversight and expansion of operations and programs in response to the community’s non-medical home care needs.” One Thing That Surprised You In Your Career: “That one accomplishment usually leads to another challenge.”




MATT MCCABE, 34 President, Loan Resolution Corporation Years In The Role: 9 “I manage the business and its strategic direction.” Noteworthy: The company has been included in the Inc. 500/5000 for the past two years, and was one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation at #126. McCabe has also been honored as a top 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professional Under 40 in the nation by National Mortgage Professional Magazine. Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Your people are your most important asset.”

ASHLEY HARDER, 32 Owner, Harder Development Years In The Role: 4 “I founded and run a small commercial real estate development company. It’s a holistic approach to development where we manage acquisition to development, source our tenants, manage the property, and help supply them with assistance to be successful. Harder Development’s specialty is bringing outdated commercial sites to a thriving modern standard, and we love adaptive reuse projects.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Become a good listener and strive to educate yourself every day.”


JOSH GARCIA, 32 Vice President, Miracle Mile Delicatessen

JONATHAN SACKS, 37 CEO, PUSH Marketing & Promotions

Years In The Role: 10 “I serve the Valley’s BEST pastrami, corned beef, brisket of beef, and other East Coast specialties… It’s the best delicatessen West of the Mississippi River and outside of any Jewish grandmother’s home (we cannot compete with any Jewish grandmother).” Noteworthy: Miracle Mile is celebrating 65 years in business. Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Take good care of your employees and customers… in return, they will take good care of you. “

Years In The Role: 10 “PUSH is an experiential live marketing and event staffing company. We provide talent for activations such as gorilla marketing, PR stunts, tradeshows, special events, retail demos, liquor promotions, samplings, etc.” Noteworthy: The company developed cutting-edge proprietary software, and is on the 2013 Inc. 500/5000 list. Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Take care of good people, a little more than they maybe deserve… my dad taught me that.”



TYLER BUTLER, 36 Director of Community Outreach, GoDaddy

CHAD J. VERDAGLIO, 38 President/CEO, Sawyer Aviation

Years In The Role: 2 “I’m responsible for leading GoDaddy’s corporate social responsibility. As the leader of GoDaddy’s global philanthropic efforts, I have the pleasure of showcasing GoDaddy’s commitment to making a difference in communities throughout the world.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Be authentic! Know who you are and be proud to leverage your own personal brand. In addition, always work to establish and maintain a good rapport with anyone and everyone you encounter.”

Years In The Role: 12 “I own and manage one of the oldest private-aviation companies in the country, founded in 1961 (jet-charter, aircraft sales, maintenance, flight training and jet-aircraft management).” One Thing You’ve Learned In This Role: “Focus. Flying and the business of private-aviation teaches you the importance of focus whether you are in the air going 500 mph at 41,000 feet, opening a new office, or launching a new business division—staying focused is the best way to ensure success.”



MELISSA REIN-LIVELY, 30 Owner, The Brand Consortium PR Years In The Role: 6 Noteworthy: The firm has received numerous awards. “I do public relations, strategic marketing, social media and events.” Biggest Challenge You’ve Faced: “When I started in PR I was by far the youngest one at the conference table, and sometimes I still am. It’s easy for people to try and write you off because of your age, so I’ve never let others make a determination about my knowledge or capabilities based on my age or appearance.”


VICTORIA COLEY, 39 Market Vice President, Humana’s Employer Group Years In The Role: 1 “I lead the sales team for employer group products in all segments.” Noteworthy: Grew within the company from a service role to the Vice President in the last 12 years; received multiple Humana President’s Club and Excellence Awards. Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Be an agent of change. You always have to look forward to what your company will look like in the future.”

KATE UNGER, 37 SVP of Marketing at Cold Stone Creamery® (Kahala Brands™)

JOSH RAWITCH, 38 Sr. Vice President, Communications, Arizona Diamondbacks

Years In The Role: 4 (nearly 11 years with the parent company) “I oversee all marketing, advertising and PR functions for the Cold Stone Creamery brand.” Noteworthy: Unger won an Emmy® in 2010 for a commercial campaign they did for the brand. One Thing You’ve Learned In This Role: Never underestimate the power of loyalty. Loyalty... is just something that I can’t waiver from. If you give [this], the benefits come back tenfold.

Years In The Role: 3 “I oversee the communications department, which includes player/media relations, corporate communications, social media, publications, photography, and fan feedback.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Find your passion, make it your profession, and then work harder than you thought was possible to try and make a difference in other people’s lives.”


BRIGITTE DAYTON, 38 Vice President of Corporate & Community Relations, Catholic Community Foundation Years In The Role: 7 “We partner with individuals, families and organizations to support charitable causes by mobilizing philanthropic resources. In my role I oversee, among other things: major gift relationships, scholarships, grantmaking, giving circles, events, marketing, youth programs and public relations.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “As Arthur Ashe said, ‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’”



SUSIE TIMM, 36 Owner, Girl Meets Fork Marketing & Media Years In The Role: 4 “I own a marketing and public relations firm dedicated to the promotion of gourmet food products and restaurants. It’s a delicious endeavor.” Biggest Piece Of Work Advice You Can Share: “Check your ego at the door. I am not in this career for my own glory—I’ve already had the fancy job title in my previous [banking] career. Now I am dedicated to seeing my clients succeed and I think they see that, too. This is not about me.”

lo w - do w n


c a lenda r

e ven t

ou t

cul t ur e


cheer s

​​Located at Central and Osborn, the Phoenix Financial Center is one of the most iconic buildings in the Valley. The signature cluster of buildings​, ​developed by David H. Murdock and designed by architect W.A. Sarmiento​, ​feature two adjacent rotundas and a south-facing curved tower highlighted by 12-inch vertical slots that bring to mind the image of a 10-story punch card. The gold-accented buildings were constructed in 1964, but the original plan of creating an identical north-facing tower was never completed. Photo taken on Nov. 17 at 6:43 p.m. PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ





5 Patios We’re Loving This Month

Bistro 24

Lofty Ideas

Phoenix’s new Portland on the Park community recently reached a major milestone— the locale’s sales office opened to accept pre-sale contracts. Looking to move? This 170-unit condo and loft project offers homes from 745 to 2,381 square feet, a workout facility, pool, restaurant, and more. Priced from the $200,000 to just under $1 million. The sales office is at 107 N. Central Ave., Ste. 3, Phoenix; 602.277.8500; www.portlandparkcondos.com.

At The Ritz-Carlton-Phoenix, 2401 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.468.0700; www.ritzcarlton.com

Ride to the Top

Shop owner. Television star. National speaker. Bogi Latiener’s résumé is pretty impressive. And now, the Phoenix resident and owner of 180 Degrees Auto has another item to add—she was just named Female Shop Owner of the Year by The Women’s Board of the Car Care Council at the SEMA Show 2014 in Las Vegas. Bogi is a master mechanic and works at her shop, is host of the Velocity Channel show All Girls Garage, and she also travels the country speaking and coaching other shop owners through the Institute for Automotive Excellence. Whew! 545 W. Mariposa St., Phoenix; 602.476.2475; www.180auto.com.

Central Bistro

3160 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 480.646.8560; www.centralbistroaz.com

Gertrude’s Restaurant

1201 N. Galvin Pkwy., Phoenix; 480.719.8600; www.gertrudesestaurant.net

Get Appy Pile On

This is an entrepreneurial town. If you’re wondering where the latest hot spot is to park your desk when you’re looking for a space to call your own, it’s The Office Pile, a new co-working concept at 7th Street and Virginia. The space caters to a multicultural entrepreneur, and offers a bit of everything—luxury, contemporary, hip décor, and more. Want to be inspired? The Office Pile abbreviated spells TOP, hence the tagline, “There’s always room at the TOP.” 2501 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.300.9623; www.theofficepile.com.

Sometimes you just need a massage, and you need it now. What’s a person to do? If you don’t want to hop in your car and head to the spa (or there are no last-minute appointments open), help is available in the form of Soothe, a revolutionary new massage-on-demand service available in Phoenix. Requiring as little as 60 minutes notice, you can book a Swedish, deep tissue, sport or couples massage via the company’s website or mobile app. The therapist then meets you at your home or business. Ahhh. Appointments are offered from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. $99-$169. www.soothe.com. BY MICHELLE GLICKSMAN




Del Frisco’s Grille

2425 E. Camelback Road, #110, Phoenix; 602.466.2890; www.delfriscosgrille.com/ phoenix

The Vig

4041 N. 40th St., Phoenix; 602.553.7227; www.thevig.us

Congratulations to Susan Linkous, named one of Phoenix's top investment managers! The select group represents less than three percent of the 10,700 wealth managers in the Phoenix area.

A Registered Investment Advisor • Investment management • Comprehensive financial planning • Business planning Our Clients’ Needs and Aspirations Take Priority!

TWO-YEAR WINNER Two-year winner Susan R. Linkous, President and CCO

Susan R. Linkous of The Linkous Group Ltd. also received this award in 2013. She has been recognized as a Premier Advisor by NABCAP (National Association of Board Certified Advisors) 2011, 2012 and 2013. The NABCAP award is based on comprehensive evaluation of 20 categories, including credentials, experience and customer service. She was also awarded the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 award in 2003.

By evaluating your assets, liabilities, insurance needs, investments and retirement plans, she is able to paint a realistic picture of where you are and what steps are needed to pursue your financial goals (which could be getting out of debt, preserving a multimillion-dollar portfolio or anywhere in between). Ms. Linkous believes in educating and collaborating with clients in a relaxed, comfortable setting to ensure that they have a firm grasp on where they are — and where they want to be.

The Linkous Group Ltd. 13225 North Verde River Drive, Suite 203 • Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 | Phone: 480-836-2326 5635 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 170-119 • Scottsdale, AZ 85250 | Phone: 480-729-6224 susan@linkousgroup.com • www.linkousgroup.com Investment advice offered through The Linkous Group, Ltd., A Registered Investment Advisor. Securities offered through LPL Financial Member FINRA/SIPC. The Linkous Group, Ltd. and LPL Financial are separate entities. The Five Star Wealth Manager award, administered by Crescendo Business Services, LLC (dba Five Star Professional), is based on 10 objective criteria: 1. Credentialed as a registered investment adviser or a registered investment adviser representative; 2. Active as a credentialed professional in the financial services industry for a minimum of 5 years; 3. Favorable regulatory and complaint history review (As defined by Five Star Professional, the wealth manager has not: A. Been subject to a regulatory action that resulted in a license being suspended or revoked, or payment of a fine; B. Had more than a total of three customer complaints filed against them [settled or pending] with any regulatory authority or Five Star Professional’s consumer complaint process. Unfavorable feedback may have been discovered through a check of complaints registered with a regulatory authority or complaints registered through Five Star Professional’s consumer complaint process; C. Individually contributed to a financial settlement of a customer complaint filed with a regulatory authority; D. Filed for personal bankruptcy; E. Been convicted of a felony); 4. Fulfilled their firm review based on internal standards; 5. Accepting new clients; 6. One-year client retention rate; 7. Five-year client retention rate; 8. Non-institutional discretionary and/or non-discretionary client assets administered; 9. Number of client households served; 10. Education and professional designations. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or awarded. Once awarded, wealth managers may purchase additional profile ad space or promotional products. The award methodology does not evaluate the quality of services provided and is not indicative of the winner’s future performance. 3,247 Phoenix wealth managers were considered for the award; 191 (6 percent of candidates) were named Five Star Wealth Managers.

2014 Five Star Wealth Managers — www.fivestarprofessional.com

The Linkous Group Ltd.



45th Annual Luncheon

Dec. 1-Jan. 11, 5:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. Get ready to light up the season. View almost four million twinkling lights at ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo, as well as watch ice sculptures be created, view the Polar Express in the new 4-D theater, and much, much, more. $10$18. www.phoenixzoo.org.

Dec. 12, 11:30 a.m. This luncheon and awards ceremony by Arizona Forward will be held at the Arizona Biltmore, and celebrates the organization’s history of environmental stewardship, projects into the next decade and beyond, and more. $85-$100. www.arizonaforward.org.

Holiday Prelude XXIX

61st Annual Fashion Show Luncheon

Dec. 5, 10 a.m. This luncheon and fashion show will be held at The Phoenician. The theme is Fashion Through the Ages… Then and Now, and the fashion show will feature styles from Fashion by Robert Black and Galina Couture. There will also be a shopping boutique and raffle. The event benefits Phoenix Art Museum League, Phoenix Theatre Guild, and Phoenix Youth Symphony. $90-$120. jcfaris@cox.net.

60th Annual Candlelight Capers Ball Dec. 6, 6 p.m. More than 750 guests are expected at this event at The Phoenician. The British royaltythemed event will include entertainment, a silent auction, champagne, a wine-and-mystery-box pull, and treat bar of British favorites. The event supports the academic medicine program at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. $500. 602.747.4483.


2014 Arizona Costume Institute Holiday Luncheon Dec. 9, 11 a.m. This year’s luncheon includes featured speaker Freddie Leiba. The renowned fashion stylist will share fashion facts and lore, along with images gleaned from his career. There will also be a silent auction and raffle. The event will be held at the Phoenix Art Museum, and benefits the fashion design department of the museum. $150-$250. www.phxart.org.

Dec. 13, 11 a.m. This 61st annual event by The Board of Visitors (BOV) is a fundraiser that not only heralds the holiday season, but highlights the organization’s Flower Girls. The fashion show will feature styles from Dillard’s, and be modeled by the Flower Girls, grandchildren of the BOV members, and professional models. Held at the Arizona Biltmore, this year’s theme is “Mad About Plaid.” $150. www.boardofvisitors.org.

49th Annual Desert Ball Dec. 20, 6:30 p.m. Held at The Phoenician, this ball is hosted by the Desert Foundation Auxiliary. A celebration of family, friends, and a tradition that gives back to the community, at this event, select debutantes are presented. The event also raises money for charity. Ticket prices vary. www.desertfoundationauxiliary.org.

New Year’s Eve Celebration Candlelight Capers Ball




Dec. 31, 4 and 7:30 p.m. End the year on a high note with the Phoenix Symphony at Symphony Hall, with this yearly concert tradition. This year’s performances include entertaining guest conductor Stuart Chafetz, who will lead the Symphony through a range of favorites from seasonal classics, waltzes, and contemporary favorites. $18$83. www.phoenixsymphony.org.

HOW SHAHE KOULLOUKIAN TURNED MAZVO AUTO CARE CENTER INTO MUCH MORE THAN A MECHANIC SHOP. He’s a devoted husband, a doting father, and a small business owner: all noble, yet normal, pursuits. But spend a few moments chatting with Shahe Koulloukian, and you’ll quickly realize that he isn’t your average guy. First of all, he’s fluent in six languages (seven, if you count his favorite – laughter). He is a professional actor and has performed as a stand-up comedian at the Mirage in Las Vegas. He’s a classicallytrained chef who has lived, and learned, literally all over the world. Out of all those things, though, what stands out the most about Shahe is the genuine warmth and passion that shines through when he talks about his business – Mazvo Auto Care Center – and the reasons he started it. As a young man, he worked as an apprentice mechanic in his uncle’s shop in Philadelphia, then broke into the industry as a mechanic for several dealerships, where he excelled and was promoted to management. But he was disheartened by the way clients were often treated: as nothing more than dollar signs. ”I wanted to give customers more for their hard earned money. The dealerships only wanted the bottom line, and I just couldn’t take it any longer,” says Shahe. “So I applied for a small business loan and moved forward with only one condition to myself: that I would never, ever compromise my principles just to make a buck.” This is how, nearly two decades ago, he opened the doors to Mazvo Auto Care

Center – and from the ground up, established it as so much more than a place to get your car fixed. Shahe and his wife Lena strive to provide an unparalleled quality of service... but beyond that, education and empowerment. “I do more than just repair cars; I explain all aspects of owning and operating a vehicle,” he says. Want to know how to improve your fuel economy? How to avoid getting carjacked? What to do in an accident? The best way to purchase and sell cars? Just ask Shahe. He’ll tell you – for

free. In addition, he hosts a twice-yearly free class exclusively for women, where students learn how to jumpstart a vehicle, change a spare tire, check engine oil level and tire pressures, and gain an overall familiarity with how their car operates. It’s all a part of the customer experience that Shahe envisioned, and has stayed true to for all these years: premium service, personal attention, and a commitment to going the extra mile. Most car owners treat a mechanic shop like going to a dentist: an “I’ll-only-go-if-Ihave-to” approach. “It shouldn’t have to be that way,” says Shahe. So he patiently continues his quest to change people’s perception of what a good mechanic should be... one satisfied, enlightened customer at a time.

Mazvo Auto Care Center | 4610 North 7th Street, Phoenix | 602-248-8711 or www.mazvo.com

do 10TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY ARTWALK Dec. 4, Scottsdale Arts District ’Tis the season to be shopping for superb original art. Scottsdale galleries feature hundreds of fine artists during the holidays, and the Holiday ArtWalk serves as a sparkling showcase for the entire Arts District. Check out galleries like Bonner David, Xanadu, On The Edge and Touchstone for some holidayexclusive pieces and presents. ArtWalks are every Thursday of the month from 7-9 p.m., with this week showcasing the annual Holiday ArtWalk. www.scottsdalegalleries.com. A BLOODY MARY CHRISTMAS Dec. 4-21, Space 55 For the fifth consecutive year, the new and innovative theatre in Downtown Phoenix, Space 55, presents a holiday musical for people who hate the holidays and musicals. Sun City retirees Blanche, Bertha and Mabel sing, dance, and drink themselves silly as they battle a heartless homeowner’s association that tries to evict them from their condo on Christmas Eve. You will laugh, you will cry, and then you will laugh even more. This very Bloody Mary Christmas is for audiences 21 and over. 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. $15. www.space55.org. PJS IN THE PARK Dec. 5, Civic Space Park Civic Space Park is hosting a PJ party, and you are invited. Sport your favorite holiday pajamas and board Downtown’s own Urban Polar Express—METRO Light Rail—for a double feature holiday movie showing under the stars. Grab your friends and family for a viewing of Polar Express and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Free hot chocolate, holiday treats, and a special visit from Santa will make it a night to remember. Free. 6-10 p.m. www.downtownphoenix.com. FALL MOVIES IN THE PARK Dec. 5, Biltmore Fashion Park Head over to Biltmore Fashion Park to watch classic movies under the stars. Attendees are welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets to the Center Lawn, where the production will take place. In keeping with the holiday spirit, this show will be the crowd-pleaser Frozen. 7:30 p.m. Free. www.shopbiltmore.com. LAS NOCHES DE LAS LUMINARIAS Dec. 5, 6, 12, 13, 19-23, 26-30, Desert Botanical Garden Desert Botanical Garden celebrates its 37th year of Las Noches de las Luminarias. Celebrate with them every Friday and Saturday this month when the Garden comes to life with the soft glow from more than 8,000 hand-lit luminaria bags, thousands of white twinkle lights, and the vibrant sounds and sights of 10 entertainment groups. Enjoy dinner at the Garden with family and friends, and stroll each path with a warm cup of cider or cocoa. The Southwest elegance and beauty of the Garden at night will remind you of what the season is all about. 5:30-9:30 p.m., $30 for adults; $12.50 for children. www.dbg.org.

HOLIDAY POPS Dec. 5-7, Symphony Hall “O’ Come, All Ye Faithful” to the Valley’s most beloved holiday tradition, Holiday Pops, as Guest Conductor Stuart Chafetz returns to lead The Phoenix Symphony and The Phoenix Symphony Chorus in this festive concert of seasonal favorites and the ever-popular holiday sing-a-long. This year the tradition soars to new and angelic heights as the Desert Bells Bell Choir and The Phoenix Girls Chorus take their place among more than 200 artists in a performance guaranteed to deliver the holiday spirit. 2 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.; $18-$83. www.phoenixsymphony.org. THE SNOW CAT Dec. 6, ASU Kerr Cultural Center An original production written by worldrenowned flugelhorn player Dmitri Matheny and performed with an ensemble cast, The Snow Cat is the heartwarming tale of a little girl’s search for her wandering white cat on a chilly afternoon. It’s a perfect holiday show for children and the young at heart. 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. $10-$26. www.asukerr.com.


Fashioned in America Dec. 1-March 15, Phoenix Art Museum

Calling all fashionistas—this event has your name written all over it. Join the Phoenix Art Museum as it hosts an exhibition that brings together the best American talent and underscores the value of supporting domestic design and manufacturing. Featuring more than 30 ensembles and accessories, the exhibit highlights work by contemporary designers such as Wes Gordon, Oscar de la Renta, J. Mendel, Monique Lhuillier, Anna Sui, Libertine, Rosie Assouline, Shinola, Patrick Ervell and Nanette Lepore. These extraordinary names in the American fashion industry had a vision of U.S. clothing manufacturing, and that vision is revealed in a special director’s edition of the documentary Make It in America: Empowering Global Fashion (2014) by James Belzer. The documentary will be playing on a loop as a part of this event. Open Wed.-Sun. $15 for museum admission. www.phxart.org. UPTOWN |



PHILLIP PHILLIPS Dec. 7, Celebrity Theatre He won over American audiences’ hearts on American Idol season eleven, and since winning the show, Phillips’ career has taken off full-speed ahead. His debut single, “Home” was the theme of the 2012 Summer Olympics, he opened for John Mayer’s Born & Raised World Tour in 2013, and now there’s a tour for his second studio-recorded album, Behind the Light. Join this Southern gentleman as he performs hits from his second album, as well as favorites like “Home.” 7:30 p.m., $39-$68. www.celebritytheatre.com. PHOENIX BOYS CHOIR HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE Dec. 10-11, Desert Botanical Garden Celebrate the season with a special winter concert by the Phoenix Boys Choir, presented in collaboration with the Desert Botanical Garden. Performing for the first time at the Garden, the show features a musical celebration of holiday traditions from France, Poland, Israel, and many others in “A World of Carols.” Experience pure musical bliss with the enchanting voices of the Phoenix Boys Choir—you will be singing along with them! 7-8 p.m. $20-$25. www.dbg.org. FALL MOVIES IN THE PARK Dec. 12, Biltmore Fashion Park Head over to Biltmore Fashion Park to watch classic movies under the stars. Attendees are welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets to the Center Lawn, where the production will take place. In keeping with the holiday spirit, this week’s movie is the holiday classic It’s A Wonderful Life. 7:30 p.m. Free. www.shopbiltmore.com. 2014 CHRISTINDKMARKT Dec. 13, Heritage & Science Park One of many traditional “Christmas Markets”

do which originated in Germany and Austria, Christindkmarkts are held throughout Central Europe. This event will feature German and European music, vendors, artisans, food and drink, and more for the whole family. Even Sankt Nikolaus will visit and bring gifts for the children. Free. www.ac4gc.org. THE NUTCRACKER Dec. 12-28, Symphony Hall The magic of The Nutcracker illuminates the stage with more than 150 performers, hundreds of costumes, and the beauty and athleticism of Ballet Arizona’s nationally recognized dancers. It’s a timeless holiday tradition for all ages. Choreography by artistic director Ib Andersen is danced to Tchaikovsky’s famous score. Ballet Arizona ballerinas will fill your holiday with whimsy and grace. Various times. $25-$168. www.balletaz.org. THE PIANO GUYS—A FAMILY CHRISTMAS Dec. 16, Comerica Theatre The Piano Guys gained their popularity through YouTube. Before, their music transcended from computer speakers; now, their music transcends theaters and performance halls throughout the country. Join these musical talents as they play piano and cello renditions of classical holiday tunes. The holiday cheer begins at 7:30 p.m. $35$125. www.comericatheatre.com. MOSCOW BALLET’S GREAT RUSSIAN NUTCRACKER Dec. 17, Comerica Theatre Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker is known for its ornate costumes, awardwinning dancers, and master scores by the acclaimed Tchaikovsky. This truly magical show has been a holiday tradition for families in over 70 North American cities—including our great Valley of the Sun. 7 p.m., $20-$85. www.comericatheatre.com. HOLIDAY FAVORITES Dec. 18-21, Phoenix Theatre In this collaboration with Arizona Opera, singers from the Arizona Opera Studio will perform selections from memorable holiday classics such as White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. So sit back, relax, and enjoy renditions of Christmas classics by the talented Arizona Opera. Showtimes and ticket prices vary. www.phoenixtheatre.com.

Dec. 10, US Airways Center

MURDER FOR TWO Dec. 31-Jan. 18, Herberger Theater Center Produced by Arizona Company Theatre Company, Murder for Two is the perfect blend of music, mayhem, and murder! In this hilarious 90-minute tour-de-force, two performers play 13 roles. Yes, 13 roles—not to mention the piano. Murder for Two is a witty and winking homage to old-fashioned murder mysteries. The New York Times calls Murder for Two “INGENIOUS! A snazzy double-act that spins out a comic mystery animated by funny, deftly turned songs.” You won’t want to miss this killer

For the first time in 16 years, all five members of Fleetwood Mac join forces for their On With The Show Tour. Phoenicians will get to experience the reunion of the multi Grammy Awardwinning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and one of rock’s most beloved bands. Don’t miss out on this spectacular opportunity, as it may not roll around again. 7:30 p.m. $44-$175. www.usairwayscenter.com.

Fleetwood Mac




musical comedy (no pun intended). For showtimes and ticket prices, visit www. herbergertheater.org. HOLIDAYS AT THE HEARD Dec. 26-31, Heard Museum Holidays at the Heard celebrates holiday traditions of American Indian tribes. Visitors can enjoy fry bread as they experience American Indian music and dance performances, including Choctaw, Hopi, Maricopa, and Navajo dancers. There will also be crowd favorites such as hoop dancing and fancy dancing. Twelve exhibit galleries will be on display, as well as two hands-on craft activity and artwork stations. Fri.-Sat., 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Mon-Wed., 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Free with museum admission. www.heard.org.


event, which will also include entertainment, food and drinks, and will honor Chef Gabriele Bertaccini for his commitment to Arizona non-profits. There will also be a runway show with dresses by Emmy Award-winning designer Randall Christiansen, the Dancing With the Stars’ exclusive dress designer for 11 seasons. Just want to ogle the gorgeous designs? The trees will be on display to the public in Ste. 1195 at the Arizona Center from Dec. 6-12. The Festival of Trees is a fundraiser for PSA Behavioral Health Agency, and the money raised goes towards helping the healing power of the arts for youth and adults with behavioral health illnesses through PSA Art Awakenings.


A holiday tradition, the 6th Annual Festival of Trees offers a treat of exquisite holiday designs BY MICHELLE GLICKSMAN


he holiday season brings holiday cheer, and along with it, holiday décor. And this year, the challenge is on once again for innovative, creative décor at the 6th Annual Festival of Trees. Held at the Arizona Center on Dec. 12, the event will feature a variety of holiday trees that have been “themed” and designed by top Valley designers. There’s the Eiffel Tower Tree, the Fused Glass Tree, the Hollywood Tree of the Stars, the Mid-Century Tree, the Indigo & Ice Tree, The Jewelry Tree, The Shopping Tree, the Culinary Tree, and The Western Tree. Oh, and each tree comes with an assortment of gifts, as well (think hotel stays, arts and culture tickets, travel vouchers, and more). The value of the trees ranges up to $4,000. If you love one, you can bid on it to own it at the official Festival of Trees

If You Go…

WHAT: 6th Annual Festival of Trees WHEN: Dec. 12, 6 p.m. WHERE: Arizona Center, 400 E. Van Buren, Phoenix COST: $75 general admission; $150 VIP INFORMATION: www.festivaloftrees.org NOTE: The trees will be on display from Dec. 6-12 at the Arizona Center, Ste. 1195.





turned into a Winter Wonderland complete with ice-skating and skate rentals. Skating is open weekdays from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; Sun.-Fri. nights from 4-11 p.m.; and Sat. from 4 p.m.-midnight. $12 for kids and adults; $6 for military, seniors, and children under 5.




o matter which holidays you celebrate, ’tis the season to be jolly, and experience all the fun holiday festivities that the Valley of the Sun has to offer. Whether you are looking for a fun–filled family event or something geared just for the adults, there is plenty to do this holiday season.

Tea at The Ritz One of the most special events each year is offered by The Ritz Carlton– Phoenix. You can kick off the season just right with Holiday Tea from the hotel’s tea sommelier (www.ritzcarlton.com/ phoenix). Winter Yuletide Tea will be on hand to enjoy, as well as an assortment of finger sandwiches, scones, and other delicious French pastries. Tues.–Thurs., Dec. 6–11, and every day Dec.16–30 (except 22, 25, 29) you can enjoy the tea at noon and 3 p.m. $43 per person. For reservations, call 602.486.0700.

HO... HO... HOLIDAY FUN The holiday season brings lights, food and fun to the Valley BY GRETCHEN PAHIA

An event that is sure to draw thousands of visitors every night is ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo (www.phoenixzoo.org). The annual event kicked off on Nov. 24, and runs until Jan. 11. New this year is specialty pricing for tickets, depending on the night you go. Ticket prices vary based on anticipated peak attendance nights, but start at $10 for zoo members on some nights. ZooLights is open from 5:30-10:30 p.m.

Up and Away Winter Holiday The main event this holiday season at The Phoenician is the Up and Away Winter Holiday on Sat., Dec. 27 at the Jokake Inn (http://www.thephoenician. com/signature-activities/). The event features live music, tethered hot air balloon rides, hot cocoa, festival cocktails at a cash bar, and even horse-drawn carriage rides. The event is free and open to the public.

Breakfast With Santa If a little time with jolly Old St. Nick is what you and your little ones are in search of, look no further than the Point Hilton Squaw Peak Resort and its Breakfast with Santa. For seven days, the resort will host Valley families for breakfast, photos, and fun with Santa. It all starts Dec. 13. Seating times are at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., and noon at Rico’s American Grill. Reservations are required; call 602.997.5850. Prices for the breakfast are $29.95 for adults and $18.95 for children 10 and under, and the price includes a photo with Santa.

Ice Skating If you are looking for something a bit more outdoorsy and adventurous, why not check out the CityScape Ice Skating Rink, CitySkate. While Valley residents aren’t typically used to the ice and snow, CityScape (www.cityscapephoenix.com) is





Enjoy one or all of these fun holiday events around town before time runs out on 2014.


Casual yet refined, re-imagined American food with global accents. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DISH ON THE MENU?

Pork Belly. WHY “URBAN VINE?”

Urban because of the its urban neighborhood feel, and vine because of the relationship of wine and grapes. ANY COOKING TIPS YOU CAN SHARE?

You never salt water when cooking shrimp to blanch. Instead, salt the ice water. This way it won’t absorb into the meat and dry it out and have a rubbery texture. THE ONE INGREDIENT YOU PROBABLY USE MOST IS:


Fly fishing, racing cars, coaching basketball, and riding motorcycles. Urban Vine offers a variety of American food options, as well as cocktails, wine, and craft beer. Open Mon.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Fri. and Sat., 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; and Sun., 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Happy hour is 11 a.m.-6 p.m. daily. Live music Mon., Wed. and Sun. 2201 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.258.5149; www.urbanvinephx.com.

CHEF CONVERSATIONS In the kitchen with Chef/Owner Michael O’Dowd of Urban Vine | Kitchen | Hops | Grapes BY MICHELLE GLICKSMAN PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ






The 52 Apples has all the right ingredients BY MICHELLE GLICKSMAN PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ


imple yet complex describes the 52 Apples drink at The Mix Up Bar. If we asked you to quickly come up with tastes that represent the season, we bet you’d come up with a list that looks similar to the flavors of the ingredients in this drink: Woodford Reserve, fresh apple juice, local fig syrup, lemon juice, Benedictine, and Figgy Pudding bitters. The drink itself ($14) is then garnished with dehydrated apple and fig. “It embodies my favorite things about fall and winter,” explains Charlie Zeiler, lead barman for The Mix Up Bar at Royal Palms Resort & Spa. “Apples, figs, spice, and, above all, bourbon! It’s an easy-tomake drink, but still has complexity to it. This is one of those cocktails that you cozy up to the fire with. An interesting liquor that I use in this one is Benedictine, which dates back to 1510 when a Benedictine monk created it from 27 plants and spices. Word is that there are only three people on earth who know the complete recipe for making the spirit.” When Zeiler created the drink, he did so while keeping the locale’s new fall menu in mind. “It goes well with the Stone Seared Foie Gras, followed by a Persimmon Salad, and for the main entrée, the 18 oz. Bone-in Rib Eye or Wild Texas Antelope,” he says. The Mix Up Bar offers a variety of unique, hand-crafted cocktails, and inventive American cuisine food options. Open for lunch and dinner daily. Happy hour is 4-7 p.m. Mon-Fri. Live music is offered on Fri. and Sat. nights. 5200 E. Camelback Road; 602.977.6458; www.themixupbar.com. DECEMBER 2014 |





Everyone needs a home that’s stylish. Give the birds in your yard a fun place for food and rest with this whimsical wooden home

White picket fence birdhouse, D. Bruce, $99.99 at Wild Bird Center of Scottsdale, 480.991.3311.






s t y le

a llur e

h a u t e pr oper t y

d w ell

w heels

pla ce s



You don’t need to be a secret agent to carry this high-tech security device. The iWallet, licensed by Apple Inc., is a premium, high-tech, security-conscious accessory that acts as an ultra-secure wallet for both your cash and credit cards. It not only protects RFID scanning of your credit cards from remote data readers, but the iWallet’s fingerprint security system means that you—and only you—can open it. The wallet holds up to 10 credit cards and one driver’s license or ID card, and also offers additional security features. $500 at Neiman Marcus, 480.990.2100. DECEMBER 2014 |





Need some gift inspiration for the man in your life? These items for him are just the right stylish touch


(Clockwise from top) Leather and sterling bracelet with .40 ctw black spinel, Konstatino, $675 at Isaac Jewelers, 480.941.9090. Ring with .50 ctw black spinel set in sterling, Konstantino, $620 at Isaac Jewelers.

Sterling silver “Father” cufflinks, $695 at Galicia Fine Jewelers, 480.421.9688. Custom ring, 18kt white gold with 4.02 ctw black diamonds, $4,803.77 at Oliver Smith Jeweler, 480.607.4444.

Bracelet with 2.58 ctw of round brilliant diamonds in 14kt white gold, $7,795 at London Gold, 480.367.1717.




18kt white and yellow gold shield pendant with a lion and crown design. .35 ctw black pavé diamonds and .77 ctw channel set baguettes, $4,749.80 at Oliver Smith Jeweler. 18kt yellow gold and silver skull ring with 2.52 ctw brown diamonds and 1.79 ctw white diamonds, price available upon request at JN Jewels, 480.595.0452.



Earrings make a bold statement when they look like this


(Clockwise from top) Drop earrings, Mouawad, 1.66 ctw diamonds in 18kt white gold, $8,950 at Isaac Jewelers, 480.941.9090.

Drop earrings with diamonds in 14kt white gold, $2,300 at Galicia Fine Jewelers, 480.421.9688.

Dangle earrings, 1.10 ctw of round brilliant diamonds in 18kt white and yellow gold, $3,350 at London Gold, 480.367.1717.

Hoop earrings with 8.65 ctw of round brilliant cut diamonds in 18kt white gold, price available upon request at JN Jewels, 480.595.0452.




Drop earrings with cabochon translucent yellow, orange and brown diamonds, surrounded by yellow diamonds, with a prong-set connecting round diamond, and pear-shaped faceted cabochon translucent yellow, orange and brown diamonds surrounded by yellow diamonds, $10,255.25 at Oliver Smith Jeweler, 480.607.4444.



Give yourself a seasonal beauty break BY LISA KASANICKY

Need a time out from the high-octane action of the holiday season? Rev up your engine with these three incredibly nourishing and revitalizing winter botanicals. Pomegranate wakes up fatigued skin, pumpkin perks up your complexion, and peppermint gives your spirits a jingle.


While the juicy red pulp of this seasonal fruit puts the pucker in holiday cocktails, pomegranate is also fabulously high in antioxidants that work wonders on the skin. For a radiant complexion: Slather on Skinn Cosmetics Collagenesis Essential Radiance Omega-Rich AntiAging Body Oil. A delicious berry blend of pomegranate and cranberry oils, this concentrated oil delivers a burst of vitamins and absorbs quickly to leave skin smooth and soft, and not slick and greasy. $49 at www.skinn.com. For a rosy glow: Banish the look of dull, yellowish skin tones with Estée Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism Radiant Essence. Formulated with their potent "Rosy Prism" technology, this pomegranate nectar and pink peony extract infusion helps neutralize irritants and replaces dullness with radiance. $80 at www.esteelauder.com.


The darling of holiday dishes, pumpkin has a dual life as a beauty elixir. The fleshy orange pulp contains an enzyme that breaks the bonds of dead skin freeloaders, while the oil from their seeds delivers an army of nourishing vitamins.

Peel. Formulated with pumpkin, yam, pineapple and papaya, this mask is rich in enzymes, beta-carotene, amino acids and antioxidants that work together to slough off dead skin cells and fight the signs of aging. $53.50 at www.fragrancenet.com.


For a lush mane: Banish lackluster locks with a round of Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition. A daily dose nurtures hair with 18 essential nutrients, including pumpkin seed oil and strand-savers like biotin, vitamin B5, folic acid and iron to boost strength, build length, and restore balance. A one-month supply is $59.99 at www.avivahair.com. For perky skin: Bring fresh, plump skin to the surface with Eminence Organic Skincare Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme

The minty, aromatic oil of peppermint refreshes and invigorates the senses, alleviates stress, and leaves you with visions of candy canes dancing in your head. For fresh waves: Spritz your locks with Gnarly Whale Peppermint Beach Waves Spray. Made with pure essential oil and free of harsh chemicals, the feather-light formula tames frizz while adding definition to natural curl. Bonus: This made-from-scratch spray doesn’t leave locks stiff and crunchy–just soft and laced with a minty clean scent. $12 at www.thegnarlywhale.com. For a burst of energy: Dab Aroma Apothecary Peppermint Concentrate on your pulse points. Instantly energizing, the formula features organic peppermint cultivated in Northern Italy. Keep it with you during your late-night shopping excursions and meet-ups for a non-caffeinated kick. $20 at www.amalabeauty.com.

Our resident spa and beauty maven Lisa Kasanicky is founder of AZSpaGirls.com and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Girlfriend Getaways.




Introducing Dual-Sculpting! 2 Coolsculpting machines. Freeze your fat in half the time!

At The SHAW Center The SHAW Center is the ONLY plastic surgery practice in Scottsdale to offer DualSculpting. With two machines, we can now treat separate areas at the same time, which means you can remove twice the fat in half the time!

Proven, Long-Lasting Results Without Surgery to Downtime



SINGLE SIDE TREATMENT Photos courtesy of Eric Bachelor, MD, FACS | (no weight change)



Photos courtesy of Grant Stevens, MD | (no weight change)

Why choose The SHAW Center for your CoolSculpting? • 25 years of body contouring experience means sound advice on the best option to reach your aesthetic goals. • A Certified CoolSculpting Center since 2011. • Experienced, Trained Medical Staff - Graduates of CoolSculpting University! • Directed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has performed thousands of surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures. • DualSculpting! - Two is better than one. We are also offering the NEW FDA cleared Coolsmooth™ applicator. This conforming hand piece allows us to now remove outer thigh fat and non-pinchable fat from almost anywhere!

8913 E. Bell Road Suite 201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 www.theshawcenter.com

The SHAW Center offers a unique CoolCredit pricing structure. Save hundreds of $$$ with your advance CoolCredit purchase!

Reserve Your Spot On Our Priority Treatment List

Call Today For Details


Lawrence W. Shaw, M.D.

(Try these looks on for style)

CLOTHES OF THE SEASON NECKLACE: Gold and stone statement necklace, $895. JACKET: Lime green jacket, $215. TOP: White tank top, $79. LEGGINGS: Printed leggings, $169. BAG: Lime green tote bag, $189. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894. BOOTIES: Black peep-toe booties, Louise et Cie, $159 at Dillard’s, 480.949.5869.





NECKLACE: Charcoal stone necklace, $279. BLOUSE: Fuchsia handkerchief blouse, $229. BRACELET: Charcoal stone bracelet, $195. LEGGINGS: Black leggings, $149. HANDBAG: Black envelope clutch, $179. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894.




EARRINGS: Wire and rhinestone silver earrings, $159. DRESS: Teal and leopard dress with large rhinestone detail, $329. RING: Wire and rhinestone wide ring, $159. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894. BOOTS: Brown leather wedge boots, Coach, $358 at Dillard’s, 480.949.5869.




EARRINGS: Gold rhinestone earrings, $129. VEST: White fur vest, $395. TOP: Black turtleneck, $129. RING: White ring with gold and rhinestone detail, $119. PANTS: Black lace pants,$189. HANDBAG: White tiled clutch, $395. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894. SHOES: Black leather pointed-toe flats, Steve Madden, $59.99 at Dillard’s, 480.949.5869.




EARRINGS: Rubber and gold circle earrings, $139. NECKLACE: Black and gold oval necklace, $159. JACKET: Black ruffle collared jacket, $249. DRESS: Red and black print dress, $249. BRACELET: Black and gold bangle bracelet set, $79. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894. SHOES: Black mesh heels, Donald J Pliner, $228 at Dillard’s, 480.949.5869.




NECKLACE: Orchid hybrid necklace, $695. JACKET: Black quilted and chain collar jacket, $375. TOP: Black tank top, $79. LEGGINGS: Floral print leggings, $169. HANDBAG: Coral patent handbag, $139. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894. SHOES: Black open-toe slingback heels, Gianni Bini, $89.99 at Dillard’s, 480.949.5869.




DRESS: Snake print lace-up dress with ruffle cuffs, $295. HANDBAG: Bronze studded envelope clutch, $179. SHOES: Platinum gold metallic heels, Pelle Moda, $175. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894.

NECKLACE: Turquoise and gold statement necklace, $395. BLOUSE: Textured asymmetrical blouse, $229. RING: Turquoise wide ring, $129. LEGGINGS: Black leggings, $149. All at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.970.1894.




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SHOP WITH US! Signature items include handbags, shoes, jewelry, gowns and ready-to-wear from luxury brands like: Chanel | HermĂŠs | Louis Vuitton | Prada | Gucci | Valentino


Imagine a world where unused fashion items are your new currency. Earn money with us today and make sure your precious items get a fabulous new home!

Hilton Village, 6137 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85253 480.699.2700

Store hours:

Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm Thursdays open until 7pm Sundays 11am to 4pm


Ted Reisdorf and Terri Sheehy

Marcie Saban and Nancy Scrtich Dr. Bryan Gawley and Beau Pich


This event, held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, was a patient appreciation night for Bryan W. Gawley MD Plastic Surgery, and featured a silent auction that benefited “Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!” Chilly Chilcote and Janice Boug Brenna Carmazzi and Ashley Forsberg

Roy Lundstedt, Leah Rocco and Stacey Bailey

Terri Sheehy and Lauren Mackin

Cindy Bradford and Adrianne Burchell

Jen Espinel and Chrissy Saeman

Christine Kingen, Cindy Corn and Julie Kurtz

Luciana and Ron Schuman






Al and Kristen Thuma





800.352.7664 D O W N T O W N


W W W . C E L E B R A T E Y O U R S E X Y . C O M

Trisha Anderson and Dr. Richard Anderson



Valid through January 2015. New Clients Only.

At Bauman’s, we take fitness to the Xtreme. From strength training to martial arts to cardio fitness, no class is the same – not to mention our determined, supportive group environment and nutritional services. We’ll make your best better. NW corner of Scottsdale Rd. & Lincoln. 602-418-1792 | baumansxtremetraining.com

Lisa Pavlicek and Toni Coursey




lgo for the holidays

Hand-Craft your CuStom Holiday gift baSKetS!

Marilyn Seymann and Mary Booksby

small production wine / sweet treats organic coffee and espresso / candles cookbooks / gourmet food provisions pet products / yoga gear / craft beer

Lisa Lavoie and Karen Mclaughlin

Women & Young Women of Distinction Luncheon PHOTOS BY CARL SCHULTZ

This event by the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine honored women and young women who are leaders among their peers and whose action left a lasting impact on the community and the world. The event was held at the Arizona Biltmore.

Contact Kimber Stonehouse 602 840 7777 wine@lgohospitality.com Mention this ad for 17% off your purchase of $200 or more. Also ask about our corporate discount.

Julie Hein and Michelle Hein

YOUR DREAM COME TRU! Kaylin Smith and Rebecca Smith Heather Kisler and Diane Mcdaniel

Enriching the Lives of Families in Arcadia, Biltmore and the Central Corridor One Home at a Time. Be Tru‌ Buy Tru!!!

www.buytru.com (480) 327-6700

Natalie Boocher and Joanna Jones




Cindy Willis and Trisha Anthony

Do you feel your current treatments are just not helping you?

Marion Donaldson and Jhenifer Krutz

Kristin Boston and Holly Mesnard

Here are some common patient situations that I see:

27th Annual ATHENA Awards Luncheon PHOTOS BY CARL SCHULTZ

This luncheon, held at the Arizona Biltmore, honored outstanding Valley businesswomen. The winners of the ATHENA Awards were announced during the event. Elise Franza and Alicia Togno

“My Prozac worked for a while then stopped working.” “My doctor and I have tried several antidepressants, and we can’t seem to find the right one.” “Wellbutrin made me feel agitated and angry.” “I’m taking 2 antidepressants at the same time and getting nowhere.” “Paxil makes me feel emotionally numb.” “I’ve taken these antidepressants for weeks and I’m not feeling any better.”

Stephanie Whyte and Kari Sliva

“My Lexapro made my anxiety and depression worse.”

These are all signs of misdiagnosis and mismanagement. Please call me now so I can help get you on the right track to feeling your old self. • Upscale Medication Management • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) • IV Ketamine For Depression

Avein Saaty-Tafoya and Elaine Armfeld

Brian Espinoza MD Interventional Psychiatry

Penny Allee Taylor and Gail Baer

Karen Rausch and Sarah Krahenbuhl




Board Certified & Re-certified


1480 E. Bethany Home Rd. #230 Phoenix, AZ 85014


Rene Fesmire and Marcy Amato

Nikki Allen and Christina Teske

Janet Johnson and Kristen Janik


This event for Platform Scottsdale was held at ESCADA at Biltmore Fashion Park. Valley women enjoyed a fun evening of mingling, shopping and inspiration.

Claire Lavigne and Shannon Everett

Tonya Boruch and Nicole Cox

Taylor Rose, Carissa Rose and Cynthia Sassi

Stacy Axon and Amanda Schlosser

Maria Shull, Kristyn Raimond and Ashley Legrand

Lori Schlanger and Lauren Schroth


Audra and Alyssa Panziara

Ericka Hirons and Meredith Hawkins



Stacy Pearson and Genevra Richardson Jessica Palacio and Karen Fletcher

Slavjana and Mark Tomecak

Evan and Kristin Horstman

5th Annual Buckles & Bangles PHOTOS BY HAUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

Held at the Arizona Biltmore, this event featured the music of Mogollon, a silent auction, raffle and live auction, and a dinner. The event benefited UMOM New Day Centers. Jolene Gabbay and Lisa Batt

Buzz Stevens and Kelly Bender

December Special Sugar & Spice Facial

for $50 (Regular $75)

*Offer expires December 31, 2014


www.ohanasalonspa.com 6870 East 5th Avenue Scottsdale, AZ 85251 DECEMBER 2014 |





on’t let your wine and champagneloving friends have all the fun this holiday season. Wow them by thinking outside the bottle with these exceptional hand-crafted spirits. Cheers, indeed!

Crown Royal Monarch Crown Royal Monarch celebrates the 75th anniversary and noble beginnings of Crown Royal Whisky. This limited edition blend pays homage to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s inaugural royal visit in 1939, when they became the first reigning monarchs to journey across North America, and for which Crown Royal was originally created. Showcasing the signature Coffey Rye Whiskey that defines Crown Royal, this exquisite blend is meticulously crafted using some of the finest, most unique handpicked whiskies from extensive stocks. The result is an exceptionally rich and smooth whisky highlighting an elegant complexity of light spice and dried fruit. $75.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Made with the finest and rarest whiskies only 25 years or older, Johnnie Walker Blue Label bursts with intense dried fruit, dark chocolate and rich spice flavors—just like the holiday season. It is the ultimate in status and made specifically for special occasions. $225.

Hennessy Paradis If a gourmet blend exists, revealing the rich successive aromas that great cognac can obtain, it is called Paradis. Paradis opens the gates of a refined, unique and elegant dimension. Its subtle texture allows it to gracefully blossom with a deep and fragrant persistence. Paradis is the fruit of successive blends that combine more than a hundred exceptional eaux-de-vie aged for between 25 and 100 years. $850.

DeLeón Ultra Premiums Going beyond the traditional Blanco/Silver, Reposado and Añejo tequilas, DeLeón is focused on providing the ultimate richness in its tequilas with its Diamante, Extra Añejo and Leóna offerings this holiday season. The 80-proof Diamante is made from handselected Highland agaves that are harvested at peak ripeness. The addition of aged tequila creates a remarkably rich flavor and superb finish. The 108-proof Extra Añejo is fullbodied with oak, toasted almond and light agave—and is the only Extra Añejo bottled at cask strength in the world. The 80-proof Leóna—which means Pride of the Family—is blended from casks selected from the Master

& Sons has ever created. 18-year-old Blended Scotch Whisky has a confident nose, with a bold first sip, and is always best enjoyed neat. $110.

Oban Little Bay Distiller’s Edition

Distiller’s private Añejo reserves, a rich amber liquid with a silky smooth taste. Diamante, $150; Extra Añejo, $350; Leóna, $850.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Inspired by generations of Master Blenders’ crafting of “private blends” for special occasions, Platinum Label is the most preciously crafted 18-year-old scotch Johnnie Walker UPTOWN |



The Oban Distillery—one of the oldest and smallest distilleries in Scotland—has been making fine Single Malt Whisky since 1794. Oban Little Bay is crafted by handselecting small batches of its finest single malt whiskies, and marrying the whiskies in its smallest casks to allow more contact with the wood. This unique process, combined with the expert nose and palate of Malt Master Dr. Matthew Crow, delivers a richer, smoother Oban expression with the signature distillery character of citrus and sea salt. $90.

f ood f ile s

dr ink

dining guide


Oh how enticing these Maryland Style Crabcakes look! And diners at Bluewater Grill Phoenix agree—in fact, this dish is one of the restaurant’s most popular items. Some of the other popular choices here include the Holiday Baked Stuffed Maine Lobster (only available through the end of the year) and the Bluewater Lobster Roll. The restaurant—there are also six of them in California— is known for its seafood, and also serves up a mean sushi plate. Open for lunch, dinner and happy hour daily. 1720 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.277.3474; www.bluewatergrill.com. DECEMBER 2014 |




DINING GUIDE KEY $ $10 or less $$ Up to $30 $$$ Up to $60 $$$$ Over $60

Approximate price a meal for one person, with drink, tax + tip.

NOTE: Restaurants are randomly selected from a rotating master list. While the information about each restaurant is routinely checked, changes can occur. Please confirm all information, and we solicit your help in correcting any errors found in this guide. If you wish to have your restaurant considered for inclusion in this directory or have any corrections for this list, please email michelle@richmanmediagroup.com.


BISTRO 24 Housed at The Ritz-Carlton–Phoenix, you’re bound to have certain expectations, and Bistro 24 does not disappoint. Their dinner menu consists of classically prepared dishes with artistic presentation. The close proximity to many business offices in the area makes it the perfect destination to impress clients over lunch. Their 5-4-5 Bar Bites and drinks are also a great deal. 2401 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.952.2424; www.ritzcarlton.com; $$$ DELUX Gourmet burgers and sushi under one roof? It’s a happy truth! At Delux, you can find both being created daily with high-quality ingredients like Niman Ranch beef. You’ll find your fries, whether in regular or sweet potato form, arrive in little mini shopping baskets. As far as sushi goes, you’ll find all the regular players, as well as some creative Delux originals. 3146 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.522.2288; www.deluxburger.com; $$ JEWEL’S BAKERY & CAFÉ This thriving restaurant is run by three generations, sharing their treasured family recipes one plate at a time. The wholesome approach to business ensures that every menu item is something that you would expect to be served by your own grandmother, along with some unique standout items. If you’re looking for comfort, the Jewel’s Signature French Toast will warm you from the inside out. For a twist on a classic, try the Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich—the addition of curry and almonds adds additional levels of flavor and textures that you won’t soon forget. 4041 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix; 602.714.5243; www.jewelsbakeryandcafe.com; $ LUCI’S HEALTHY MARKETPLACE Offering a variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more, Luci’s offers something for everyone. Breakfast and lunch are served all day, and there are a variety of gluten-free options.

There is also a coffee bar and a marketplace, where you can pick up organic and natural products from reputable local and regional vendors. 1590 E. Bethany Home Road, Phoenix; 602.773.1339; www.lucishealthymarketplace.com; $-$$ SPOKE & WHEEL Noted as a family-style tavern and chef-driven eatery serving up contemporary American cuisine with a Southwestern flair, Spoke & Wheel delivers with a diverse amount of shared plates. With their House Smoked Salmon Platter, a variety of burger options made to order, as well hearty dinner plates and options for the kids, there really is no reason not to stop by. 8525 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.870.8860; www.spokeandwheeltavern.com; $$ T. COOKS T. Cook’s recently underwent a facelift of sorts with a few changes made to the décor, as well as a switch-up in the kitchen. The dedication to fresh, seasonal ingredients is reflected in each dish presented to diners. The Roasted Beet Salad is inventive as well as beautiful, and when it’s the start to your dinner, it paints the picture for what’s to come. 5200 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.808.0766; www.royalpalmshotel.com.com; $$$ THE MAIN INGREDIENT ALE HOUSE AND CAFÉ This former house turned hotspot has a very relaxed and comforting atmosphere, and is a great place for a quick bite with friends or a group outing for happy hour. The sandwiches here are the definite standout options, with both traditional and eclectic combinations. Their take on the classic grilled cheese includes havarti, muenster and cheddar, topped with sliced tomato on sourdough bread. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Order the Cash Money, made with a house-made cashew butter, red pepper-cabernet jelly and banana, all on sourdough. Flavor for days! 2337 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.843.6246; www.tmialehouse.com; $$ TARBELL’S Want to delight on the creations of an Iron Chef winner? Mark Tarbell has an amazing culinary history and has won a plethora of awards for his craft. With such an accomplished résumé, you’ll be surprised to find an approachable and unpretentious menu. There are a wide variety of items available, from the Grilled Scottish Salmon with rich and complex flavors, to potentially the best cheeseburger and fries you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying. 3214 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.955.8100; www.tarbells.com; $$$ TWO HIPPIES GNARLY BURGER JOINT Take a trip back in time to when it was all about love and freedom. The freedom here is in the options—so many options! Whether you want a burger (and why wouldn’t you—it’s a burger joint!) or a hot dog, brat or sandwich, the toppings are (almost) endless. From the expected like lettuce, tomato and relish to pepperoncinis, roasted garlic or fresh basil, you become the artist of your dish. The sauces are plentiful as well, but do yourself a favor and make sure you add in the Sunshine or Utah sauce for a little extra oomph! 4041 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix; 602.957.1580; www.twohippiesgnarlyburgerjoint.com; $ WILD GAME SPORTS GRILL Touted as an upscale sports grill, Wild Game is hitting the mark on all levels, from the USB outlets right at your table to a kids-only zone, to some really incredible menu offerings. You can go with a classic burger, but why would you when you have the options of the Bison, Beef, Bacon and Fontina Burger or their Last Meal Burger with wild game




chili, cheese, and a full pound burger. If you are the gaming type, try your hand at the Skee Ball game and get a .50 cent drink if you walk away with at least 500 points. 2445 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix; 602.955.1142; www.wildgamesportsgrill.com; $$


CHERRYBLOSSOM NOODLE CAFÉ Don’t be fooled by the strip mall location, this little eatery is full of amazing noodle options. From ramen to udon, there are options for everyone. They even offer some Italian options, most of which have a Japanese flair. Looking for a little spice? The Udon Suki hits all the right notes and that slight heat sneaks up on you! 914 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.248.9090; www.cherryblossom-az.com; $$ RED THAI Red Thai has secured itself as a hip Thai restaurant in a slightly awkward location. The décor succeeds in being interesting and almost interactive. This “Southeast Asian Kitchen” offers a variety of dining options created by Chef Johnny Wu. They have a Truffle Edamame that is easily addictive. Their Thai Pho is a great entrée choice, with the lemongrass broth imparting a tempering of sorts to the spice in the dish. The creative menu and full bar are the perfect backdrop for a great evening out with friends. 7822 N. 12th St., Phoenix; 602.870.3015; $$ SABAI MODERN THAI The owners of SaBai have created an environment in which you can enjoy your dinner without extra noise and interruption. They serve up traditional Thai dishes with a modern twist. The menu is extensive, giving diners varied choices from their 18 entrée options, which range from rice, noodles and seafood to stirfry based dishes. 4121 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix; 602.954.8774; www.sabaiaz.com; $$ SHABU FONDUE It may seem strange to go out to dinner and then put in work to make your meal yourself, but in the end, the experience and the result are the absolute reward. Shabu Fondue has an extensive menu, complete with plenty of vegetarian options. All of the meats are perfectly seasoned and you are provided with ample instruction and assistance to ensure that you create a perfect meal. Kids would love to be involved in the experience, and a dinner here could end up being a delicious education for your whole family. 7822 N. 12th St., Phoenix; 602.870.3015; $$


RANCH HOUSE GRILLE Looking for a down-home Southern-style breakfast with hearty portions and service full of heart? If so, Ranch House Grille will be right up your alley. Huevos Rancheros, Biscuits & Gravy, or a Breakfast Chimi all make for a brilliant way to start the day, whether it is at the crack of dawn or whenever you roll out of bed on a lazy day. Along with the down-home food, you’ll the same down-home service you would expect, and you’ll soon be grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato! 5618 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix; 480.946.1290; www.ranchhousegrille.com; $ OVER EASY Kitschy and approachable, Over Easy serves up delicious breakfast dishes for every palate. Whether you are looking for something on the healthy side (The Mediterranean Omelet) or are looking to really indulge (Caramelized Banana & Pecan Brioche French Toast), you will surely find your new favorite breakfast dish here. The Reese’s Pancakes almost make you want to order off the kids’ menu.

guide Great service and great food in a fun and funky environment—can you think of a better way to start the day? 4730 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.468.3447; www.eatatovereasy.com; $$ SCRAMBLE A BREAKFAST JOINT With equal options of healthy and comfort foods, you can satisfy just about any breakfast craving. Breakfast is served all day and with free wifi and tons of charging stations, you just may want to linger over the Lox Platter or any one of their Brizza’s. 9832 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.374.2294; www.azscramble.com; $$ SNOOZE AM EATERY The owners of this eatery hand-pick all the ingredients that will be used in their dishes, ensuring that each diner has the ultimate breakfast experience. Treat yourself to Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes or linger over the Chilaquiles Benedict, and make breakfast the most important meal of the day again. 2045 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 480.725.8000; www.snoozeeatery.com; $$


HAVANA CAFÉ Cold temps making you think of warmer locales? Havana Café has been serving up hot and spicy menu items with a side of Latin hospitality for a long time. Immerse yourself in the menu by ordering the Cuban Tapas Sampler, which is complete with tamal cubano, black bean fritters, ham and chicken croquettes, chorizo, and maduros. Their Emparedado Cubano is a great representation of a classic Cuban sandwich. 4225 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.952.1991; www.havanacafe-az.com; $$ ROSIE MCCAFFREY’S While Rosie’s has only been around since 2002, it feels far more like a landmark in the area than its age would show. If you’re looking for true Gaelic fare and hospitality along with a perfectly pored Guinness, step into to this authentic Irish pub and, depending on your preference, belly up to the horseshoe bar or settle into a comfy booth. 906 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.241.1916; www.rosiemccaffreys.com; $$ KHYBER HALAL More than likely you’ve driven past this restaurant many, many times. Located in a nondescript strip mall, you would have no idea the treasures and flavors that lurk within. Open for nearly two years, Khyber Halal has been serving up authentic Indian and Afghani food. Their menu boasts options that will please all in your party. The décor here is nothing spectacular, but that leaves the food to speak for the restaurant as a whole. 4030 N. 24th St., Phoenix; 602.954.5290; www.khyberhalalfoods.com; $ THAI BASIL Offering up fresh and bold flavors, Thai Basil succeeds in providing great authentic Thai food for the Valley. You’ll find attentive service and a relaxed atmosphere. All the entrées can be tailored to your tastes in terms of spice levels. Their Sweet Nut Curry is rich and flavorful, and an unexpected mix of sweet and heat. 3110 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.274.5020; www.thaibasil-phoenix.com; $


AVANTI Since 1974, Avanti has been offering a sophisticated and festive environment for its diners. The Old School glamour paired with gourmet menu offerings will transport you to a different era. You can’t miss with any of their daily specials, but a treasured entrée is the Osso Buco Milanese. Finish it all off with their homemade Tiramisu,

and you’ll be in heaven. 2728 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix; 602.956.0900; www.avanti-az.com; $$$ CENTRAL BISTRO Scratch-made modern French and Italian dishes shine with the care that is used to create them. Delight your palate with a Prosciutto and Melon pizza or a masterfully crafted Duck Breast a L’orange. Their social hour provides excellent offerings, from half price small plates and discounted beverages to their $1 oysters. 3160 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 480.646.8560; www.centralbistroaz.com; $$$ FEDERAL PIZZA Think a pizza is just a pizza? You’ll be rethinking that statement the moment you gaze upon Federal Pizza’s menu. Brussel Sprout Pizza or a Broccolini and Roasted Corn Pizza? Expect the unexpected here and prepare to be delighted with the results. The creative pizza flavor combinations, along with the service and atmosphere, will keep you coming back to work your way through the menu. 5210 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.795.2520; www.federalpizzaphx.com; $$ FORGE HANDCRAFTED PIZZA Forge features a custom designed interior along with an impressive imported Valoriani wood-burning oven, the star of the show here. There are nine listed pizza options, ranging from the standard offerings to an intriguing Cauliflower Pizza that features a pistachio pesto, leeks, gruyere cheese and arugula. In addition to your pie choices, they also offer crispy cheese curds as a starter, which if you’re from the Midwest, that’s reason enough to drop in! 2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.955.0334; www.theforgepizza.com; $$ IL POSTO Il Posto houses all the romance of a Disney movie within its four walls. The menu options at Il Posto are not pretentious; you’ll find straightforward, traditional, and scratch-made dishes. Try their Cavatappi Matriciana for a spicy pasta dish or their Meat Lasagna for all the familiar flavors you’ve loved all your life. A seat on the patio near the fire pit provides that little extra something to create the perfect date night backdrop. 9832 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.870.4122; www.ilpostophx.com; $$


BECKETT’S TABLE Chef Justin Beckett is busy day to day creating sophisticated dishes that provide elevated palate comfort. Whether you make new friends at the community table or grab a spot at the brick-lined bar, you’re sure to leave with a new appreciation for locally sourced ingredients and all things local. 3717 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.954.1700; www.beckettstable.com; $$ FLOWER CHILD Flower Child is the most recent in the line of Fox Concept Restaurants, and this one is catering to those looking to eat masterfully crafted dishes with their health in mind. They are offering high-quality dishes to all diners, whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan. Give their Asian Avocado Salad a try and enjoy the flavor contrast of the slightly sweet sesame dressing and the touch of bitter from the greens. Meat lovers, don’t despair, there are plenty of health-focused items for you, too. 5013 N. 44th St., Phoenix; 602.429.6222; www.iamaflowerchild.com; $$ TIMO WINE BAR With pizza and wine you can rarely go wrong, and at Timo they are doing all the right things. The interior is cold yet comfortable at the same time,




courtesy of the stone and brick combined with the plush seating. Timo encourages its patrons to get cozy with their dining companions and share tapas like their antipasto, charcuterie boards, and tamarind wood-fired wings. 8801 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.354.3846; www.timocentral.com; $$


BLANCO TACOS & TEQUILA You’ll find a little bit of an escape here at Blanco with the food and ambiance transporting you to a beachside taco shop. Come in and start a relaxed lunch or dinner with a margarita and some sweet corn salsa. You can pick from over 10 different styles of tacos, four different burritos, and three different enchiladas. Your hardest decisions here will be salt or no salt. 2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.429.8000; www.blancotacostequila.com; $$ GADZOOK’S ENCHILADAS & SOUP Do you know that you have amazing enchilada creations but not the tools in the cupboard or kitchen? Gadzooks will happily create just the dish you’re looking for. You choose what you want in it, from proteins, sauce, cheese, toppings and the like, and the talent in the kitchen will craft your chosen ingredients into an enchilada masterpiece. Match up your dish with tortilla soup, chips and salsa, and a tasty chilled beverage. 3313 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.279.5080; www.gadzooksaz.com; $ LA BARQUITA No frills here, just straightforward authentic and great-tasting Mexican food. You’ll find La Barquita to be a friendly and quick service spot with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The menu is rife with traditional options, and will make you want to keep coming back to make your way through it. Their Chicken Mole is unique in that the chicken is served on the bone as opposed to the traditionally shredded meat, which only adds to the richness. 2334 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix; 602.275.5994; $$ RICHARDSON’S CUISINE OF NEW MEXICO Melding all the best culinary creations from the Southwest, Richardson’s tweaks the recipes and brings them to new and spicy heights. The creative Pasta Heidi features a green chili linguini with chicken and a tangy chipotle cream sauce. Pair this with a Prickly Pear margarita to douse the flames and you’re in a spice lover’s paradise. 6335 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.265.5886; www.richardsonsnm.com; $$ TICOZ RESTO-BAR Latin American influences abound at this lovely location, from the décor, attitude and menu. Expect spicy and spunky twists on your favorite dishes like enchiladas, salads, and even burgers. Their brunch menu is equally enticing with options like Lobster Eggs Benedict, and I have it on good authority that their Huevos Rancheros are among the best in the Valley. 5114 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.200.0160; www.ticozaz.com; $$


FEENEY’S Originally one of several Cork ‘n Cleaver restaurants in the Valley, Feeney’s has long maintained the tradition of serving great food at excellent prices. You’ll find the standard steakhouse fare on the menu, as well as some Greek and Italian options, along with a bountiful salad bar. Their Beef Wellington is served with a rich sherry sauce and a great dinner option. The lunch menu is presented with the same level of quality, and you will always find the staff to be welcoming and attentive. 6314 N. 12th St., Phoenix; 602.274.9700; www.feeneysaz.com; $$

new in town


hat’s a gal to do when the space in her parents’ Sun City restaurant that she’s used to create special occasion cakes, baked goods and desserts is feeling a little cramped? You find some prime real estate in Uptown and use that extra elbow room to create a fun space for all your patrons. After running her special order cake business for six years in a corner of the restaurant kitchen, Andrea decided that it was time to set up her own space and grow her business. While she misses working so closely with family on a daily basis, she likes that she has a little room to breathe. “I’m extremely grateful to have an entire kitchen to stock my goodies and to not be squeezing a wedding cake next to the produce in the restaurant’s fridge,” she says. The business owners at Bethany Plaza have been extremely welcoming and have made being away from family an easy transition. “The other local businesses in Bethany Plaza have not only been a huge support to us, they helped us through all of the stresses and questions that come with opening a new business. You certainly don’t find that everywhere, and it has only confirmed that Uptown Phoenix is where we belong.”


The variety of offerings at A Bakeshop might cause a little counter confusion when asked what you would like to order. Andrea’s Sicilian roots have influenced a number of the confectionary delights here. The Cassata Cake, a light and airy cake with a delicate hint of cinnamon and just the right amount of chocolate chips, is their house specialty, and has received rave reviews. If you don’t want to tempt yourself with a whole cake, you can order a single slice, and if you have that kind of willpower, you should be proud of yourself! Looking for just a little taste or a large sampling order for a party or event? They have adorably decadent mini-desserts like cupcakes, parfaits, Parisian macarons UPTOWN |



and cake pops. All treats are made fresh daily and in a variety of flavors. If you are looking to make a huge impression with a special occasion cake, this is the spot to head. This is A Bakeshop’s passion, and it shows from the smallest of treats to the most magnanimous. The bakery space itself is like something straight out of a movie—it’s charming and dreamy and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. The prices are extremely approachable and they even offer some love for local small businesses like Hot Chick Aprons. They are looking to add some additional retail products once they hit their sweet spot. “We plan to be a one-stop-shop for people picking up dessert as a gift. We would like to sell cake stands, greeting cards, candles, etc. This would allow customers to not only purchase those items from some extremely talented local artists, but also keep them from having to stop at the corner drugstore to grab a card on their way to the birthday party or baby shower.” The next time you are in the area, make sure to stop in for a sweet treat—or 10. 6007 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.274. BAKE; www.abakeshop.com.


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