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A STAY WITH US WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE World Class Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Personalized Programs | Luxury Facilities | Relapse Prevention Fountain Hills Recovery is dedicated to providing high-end care with comprehensive addiction treatment solutions for our clients. Incorporating a wide range of treatment options centered around our clients’ health and wellness, we use our holistic approach to design a treatment plan best-suited to meet your needs. Whatever your expectations for treatment are, our experienced professionals are here to work with you in meeting your own recovery goals and realizing your potential for a life of sobriety.

30, 60 and 90 Day Residential Treatment Programs

480.725.7005 | www.fountainhillsrecovery.com 16872 E. Ave of the Fountains Suite 204 | Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Experts in MonaLisa Touch News Update: The MonaLisa Touch has now been FDA approved in the U.S. for over 2 years and at Arizona Women’s Care more than 800 procedures have brought amazing results to women across the Southwest region. This amazing NON HORMONAL treatment for vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, frequent bladder or vaginal infections and other symptoms that result from a lack of estrogen has revolutionized our success in treating these disheartening issues. In a recent Stanford University study, reductions in dryness and painful intercourse were especially marked, dropping an average of 75% and 66% respectively. As Lindsay (age 56) states, “I was skeptical, but I needed to try something. After the 3 treatments, intercourse was so much better I could not believe it. I actually asked my husband if we could do it again, and he was shocked! It has made such a difference in our relationship.” The MonaLisa Touch uses fractional CO2 laser therapy

to regenerate collagen and rid the vaginal mucosa of the dry atrophic cells. Three simple treatments in the office 6 weeks apart have shown incredible improvements in vaginal atrophy. These treatments take about 5 minutes and are virtually painfree, no anesthesia is needed. As women caring for women, our expertise and customer service are unsurpassed in the valley. Our staff of all-female physicians were the 1st board certified OB/GYNS in the state of Arizona to perform the MonaLisa Touch procedure. We welcome you to any of our open house seminars to learn more about the MonaLisa Touch! You will have the opportunity to meet with the doctors and talk with the patients who have had this life changing procedure. One last testimonial from Rhonda (age 61) sums up why we do what we do, “Thank you Arizona Women’s Care for offering me the MonaLisa Touch! It is an amazing treatment. I am 100% back to feeling like I did 20 years ago!”

e r ’ u o Y d e t i v In

r in us fo o j e s a e Pl isa and L a n o our M Open House re Sculpsu 24th August m 5-6pm isa fro MonaL e from 6-7pm* r SculpSu at o Julie t P V S R 016 480.455.0

BACK ROW: Ann Langer M.D., JulieAnn Heathcott M.D., JulieAnne Castilla M.D. FRONT ROW: Kelly Helms M.D., Julie Kwatra M.D.

480.455.0016 | 9823 N. 95th St. Ste 101 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 www.ArizonaWomensCare.com

AMP-2000 Š2017 Hologic, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Cynosure and SculpSure are registered trademarks of Hologic, Inc. *Model for illustrative purposes only. Not an actual SculpSure customer. Advertisement.

Experts in

SculpSure helps you safely reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the belly, love handles, thighs and back with a treatment plan that is customized to the results you desire. *please see open house details on page to the left. Ann Langer M.D. Board Certified

JulieAnne Castilla M.D. Board Certified

480.455.0016 | 9823 N. 95th St. Ste 101 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 www.ArizonaWomensCare.com

JulieAnn Heathcott M.D Board Certified

features 26 Asher Angel The Phoenix native brings his talents to season two of Disney Channel’s original series, Andi Mack

50 Style made simple Effortless silhouettes and nature-inspired prints

ON THE COVER: Asher Angel, photo Bobby Quillard.



| AUGUST 2017


YOUR FIRST WAX IS FREE* PHOENIX - ARCADIA | 602 954 1515 PHOENIX - CAMELBACK | 602 297 1515 PHOENIX - MOON VALLEY | 602 495 1515 WAXCENTER.COM I europeanwax

*See waxcenter.com for complete details. Restrictions apply. © 2017 EWC Franchise, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

uptown now 31 Captured A cool escape

32 Low Down News to know

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Six great statewide events to attend!

36 Calendar

Noteworthy events

38 Out

The suite life

39 Out

Exploring national parks

40 Event

trendsetters 17 Up Close Dining consciously with Holly McKibben

20 Beat Roza Ferdowsmakan combines food and technology

Behind the music with Damon Evans

22 Her Style Inside Cris Pearlstein’s new desert wardrobe

23 His Style Rani “g” mixes things up

24 Noticed 1675 E. Morten Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85050 altitudesixteen75@conam.net www.altitude1675apartments.com (602) 910-5306

What people wore to events

58 Seen Who went where, and what happened



41 Culture United Art of Arizona

42 Cuisine

Talking with Glen Nielsen, head hot dog honcho and co-owner of DK Dogs

43 Cheers

21 Beat


Food For Thought

| AUGUST 2017

An updated daiquiri

66 New In Town Dust Cutter

Ruby, Cynthia, & Harper...One of These is Not Like the Others by Jules Gissler



Fe stival

Sat u rday, S eptem ber 1 6, 2 0 1 7 8 a m – 2 pm

Artists will showcase pet paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, furniture, clothing and more. Pet adoptions, vendors, entertainment, food & beverages will make it a day to remember!

$5 per person • $10 per family • furry friends are free! TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE OR FOR MORE INFORMATION

shemerartcenter.org or 602.262.4727

5005 East Camelback Rd | Phoenix, AZ 85018 | 602.262.4727 | shemerartcenter.org

KFNX exclusively features Five of the Top Ten Talk Shows in the country indulge 44 Dwell Farmhouse chic


45 Thing


Listen in style

46 Shop

Arm candy

47 Shop





skin care

49 Haute Property Biltmore Living

taste 62 Drink Sangria sippers


63 Dish


The scoop on Churn

64 Food Files Chill out

To advertise, host a show, or for more information: Call (602) 277-1100 or visit our website: www.1100kfnx.com



| AUGUST 2017










4 BEDS | 6.5 BATHS | 11,544 SF RAUL SIQUEIROS | JACK LUCIANO 480.560.1744

6 BEDS | 7.5 BATHS | 9,083 SF JACK LUCIANO | R AUL SIQUEIROS 602.690.2188

5 BEDS | 3.5 BATHS | 4,200 SF ROXANNE JOHNSON | RAQUEL BARBEY 602.826.1600




4422 N 75TH ST #6002 | SCOTTSDALE





3 BED | 3.5 BATH | 3,950 SF JACK LUCIANO | ROXANNE JOHNSON 602.690.2188

4141 N SCOTTSDALE RD, SUITE 151 SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251 480.878.3000 ARIZONA@THEAGENCYRE.COM An international associate of Savills




ed note

MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Between regularly sending emails and text messages on your smart phone, spending hours gripping the steering wheel in rush hour traffic, and playing hours of tennis on the weekends, your hands are locked in an endless cycle of repetitive motions that typically go unnoticed until pain sets in. Soreness at the base of the thumb, pain, or a clicking, snapping, or locking sensation while the thumb is in motion could be a sign of trigger thumb. Trigger thumb can result from tendon inflammation due to repetitive gripping motions, or from an underlying medical condition like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice has pioneered a minimally invasive procedure to treat trigger thumb in Arizona without the need for complicated and invasive traditional surgery. The EndoTech® Endoscopic Trigger Thumb Release system was designed by Dr. Fitzmaurice and is available exclusively at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute. EndoTech® uses a small incision and an endoscopic technique to fix the injured tendon in an outpatient procedure. With EndoTech® , you’ll be back in motion, firm grip in tact, in no time!


hen you turn on the radio or go see a movie, it might not hit you how many talents make their start in The Grand Canyon State. Oscar awardwinning Emma Stone, Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, American Idol winner Jordan Sparks and rock ’n’ roll singer Alice Cooper have all once called Arizona home. Now, you can add another rising actor (and maybe musician) to that list: our cover feature, Asher Angel. With a name that oozes star power, Asher is making it big as Jonah Beck on Disney Channel’s original series Andi Mack. In between learning scripts and filming season two of the hit show in Utah, we caught up with Asher. The 14-year-old gave us the inside scoop on his journey to this point in his career, his time spent on the stages in Phoenix and what’s next for his career. Read all about it and more on page 26. Speaking of the great state of Arizona, we’re covering some statewide activities this month. We’ve highlighted six awesome events (page 34) happening all over Arizona, as well as some great national park sightings (page 39) to venture to when you’re escaping Phoenix this month. In terms of food and drink, we suggest popping over to Churn (page 63) for a scoop (or two!) of drool-worthy, housemade ice cream. Or, cool off with some other chilled dishes we are highlighting on page 64. Thirsty for some more? Wash it down with a glass of sangria (page 62). What could be better than delicious wine filled with fun spirits, fruits and herbs?

Best, Gabby Richman Editor-in-Chief gabby@richmanmediagroup.com Find our magazine on Facebook!

480.568.1901 8841 E Bell Rd. #201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260




| AUGUST 2017


H AND I N ST I T U T E MIC H A EL F I TZ M A U R I C E, M D Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques provide natural and long-lasting relief from hand and wrist conditions.

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, and hyaluronic acid, provide natural and long-lasting relief from carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow and thumb arthritis among many other hand and wrist conditions. His passion for customized patient care and innovative techniques have redefined his specialty and made him one of the most sought-after hand surgeons in the country. Dr. Fitzmaurice is also a pioneer; he personally developed a line of nutritional supplements and patented surgical techniques to improve the safety and efficacy of hand surgery. When combined with regenerative medicine treatment, severe conditions that affect the hand can be alleviated and eliminated in the most effective ways possible for each patient.

480.389.1315 AUGUST 2017 |




Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Trigger Thumb Trigger Finger Dupuytren’s Contracture De Quervain’s Tendinitis Thumb Arthritis (CMC Joint) Tennis Elbow Wrist Pain

8841 E Bell Rd. #201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260



Your Employment Attorney

Ask Tyler



Tyler Allen Tyler Allen Law Firm

I feel like I am being sexually harassed at work – what should I do?


Everyone should be entitled to work in a harassment-free work environment. Unfortunately, many employees will find themselves facing some type of discrimination or harassment. Often, this comes in the form of sexual harassment. Federal law and Arizona laws, prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that sexual harassment is a sex discrimination claim, and any claims that fall within the federal scope of sexual harassment are enforceable by the EEOC.

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Alison Bailin Batz, Christina Fuoco-Karasinski, Nicole Gimpl, Susan Lanier-Graham, Elizabeth Liberatore, Brittany Maroney, Kelly Potts, Jim Prueter, Laci Stilwell

To constitute sexual harassment, however, these unwanted sexual behaviors must explicitly or implicitly:

PHOTOGRAPHY Ben Arnold, Claudia Johnstone, Mark Morgan, Beverly Shumway

• Affect an individual’s employment • Interfere with the individuals’ work performance in an unreasonable manner • Create an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment

ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Samantha Lapid sam@richmanmediagroup.com

Examples of conduct that is considered sexual harassment include, but are not limited to: • Inappropriate touching


• Sexual advances

EDITORIAL gabby@richmanmediagroup.com

• Other unwelcome of unwanted behavior of a sexual nature If you feel like you are being sexually harassed in the workplace, I typically recommend filing a complaint with Human Resources or your direct supervisor. If the harasser is your direct supervisor or you employer does not have a human resourced department, talk to an attorney immediately for assistance. If you have an employee handbook, it may outline the steps you should take in cases of discrimination or sexual harassment. I recommend filing the complaint in writing and saving a copy for your records. Your employer then has a duty to investigate your claim. If your employer does not assist you, seek legal counsel. Your attorney will assess the facts and provide appropriate guidance based on the severity or ongoing nature of the harassment.

ADVERTISING bill@richmanmediagroup.com 480.229.3122 SUBSCRIBE www.uptownphoenix.com

Email your questions to “Ask Tyler” at Tyler@allenlawaz.com


P: 480.229.3122


10632 N. Scottsdale Road Suite B-215





| AUGUST 2017

up clo s e

be a t

her s t y le

his s t y le

no t iced


Holly McKibben nourishes the Valley one recipe at a time BY ELIZABETH LIBERATORE PHOTOS BY MARK MORGAN

Simple and sophisticated sustenance is the pulse of Conscious Dining – a company that provides organic boutique food services and educational support in Phoenix. The mastermind behind it is Holly McKibben, a holistic chef and nutrition and lifestyle coach. Since Conscious Dining’s 2016 inception, McKibben has been supporting Phoenicians to make healthy and lasting changes that enrich the mind, body, and soul. continued…

Shot on location at 6115 N. 38th Place, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. Tinker Development home listed with Kris McLaughlin of North & Co., kris@northandco.com. AUGUST 2017 |



up close McKibben has an innate ability to live healthfully. As the daughter of avid gardeners and health nuts, farm-to-table ingredients filled her childhood pantry. She even recalls common afternoon snacks consisting of freshly picked veggies from her parents’ farm in New Hampshire. “My dad was an intuitive cook and helped me understand flavors, which expanded my palette from a young age,” McKibben explains. Her family relocated to the West Coast while McKibben was in high school. She went on to attend Arizona State University and began working in the corporate world shortly after graduating. In 2014, McKibben was diagnosed with

a rare kidney disease that forced her to revaluate her life and put her health passions at the forefront. “I decided to fearlessly go after my dreams! I wanted to make my journey my passion,” she says. She quit her corporate job, initially beginning her journey as a holistic wellness coach. McKibben offered others the tools they needed to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “I created my own programming and over time learned that food was the key to achieving or not achieving health goals,” she explains. “[I realized that] many people do not have time to prepare their meals and stay disciplined. I held a focus group dinner at my house with my closest friends who helped me create the idea, concept and overall platform, which ultimately became Conscious Dining (www. consciousdining.com).” Conscious Dining’s philosophy is rooted in eating real, whole foods, while keeping health and well-being simple. McKibben and her team are committed to preparing and teaching the company’s mission – food can heal, and health can be simple – through various food services and nutrition and lifestyle consultations. McKibben’s clients range from Arizona’s professional athletes to local families. “How you eat is one of the biggest contributors to how you feel. Real ingredients have the power to prevent and reverse diseases, build immunity, balance hormones and emotions, and make you look and feel youthful. Understanding the gift of food is what we are passionate to share with our community and families we work with personally,” she says. Conscious Dining offers a variety of food services, including private meal prep. This encompasses weekly meal planning, personal grocery shopping, fridge organization and cleaning, and in-home meal preparation. According to the meal prep guru herself, good quality oils, sea salts, seeds and nuts, dark leafy greens and vegetables, quality proteins and fermented foods are must-have items that ought to be on everyone’s grocery list. “These [items] are the basics that make a balanced meal and everything is



| AUGUST 2017

so versatile,” she explains. What exactly does a well-balanced meal look like? McKibben and her team educate clients on three focuses for every meal: protein, healthy fats and vegetables or fiber. If your plate hits these three points, then you get the McKibben stamp of approval. “Everyone’s body responds differently, that’s why I believe in selfexperimentation and connecting how food makes you feel.” McKibben adds, “The cleaner your body is, the easier it is to listen closely.” In addition to private meal prep, Conscious Dining also offers intimate catering and decor services for private events – from dinner parties to family and corporate wellness classes. Whether she is meal prepping, grocery shopping, or catering beautiful events, McKibben is committed to locally sourced items. She admits that she knows the Whole Foods team as if they were a part of her family. “We purchase at our local farmers markets when in season, including Uptown and Old Town Farmers Markets, and support a variety of local farmers based on produce quality,” she says. Phoenix is a foodie city, but is it possible for healthy eaters to dine out? According to McKibben, absolutely. She recommends her neighborhood favorites, including True Food Kitchen, Flower Child, LGO and Chelsea’s Kitchen. “When I go out I’m aware of bad oils, white sugar and gluten, and when in doubt, a great rule of thumb is simply stick with protein and veggies,” she advises. Conscious Dining is precisely that – eating thoughtfully. Every dish prepared or consultation conducted is rooted in love, well-being and mindfulness. McKibben creates magic for her clients’ health one conscious recipe at a time. “It lights me up seeing my clients vibrant and happy. I never thought I would feel so fulfilled, and I know I’m making a positive impact in others’ lives. I am a big believer in energy and always do my best to give full presence into my work and connections,” she explains.

Come in for your Mommy Makeover or Daddy Do-Over with Dr. Sumer Daiza


***All Botox®, Dysport®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, VOLUMA®, Kybella® & Volbella XC® injectables are administered by Dr. Daiza. See Dr. Sumer Daiza for your skin and facial rejuvenation. Breast Augmentation • Breast Lift • Breast Reduction • Tummy Tuck Liposuction • Body Contouring • Mommy Makeover Eyelid Surgery • Liquid Face Lift • Ear Lobe Repair Skin Care (OBAGI®, Skin Medica®, SkinBetter Science®, Rejuvenative Peels)

Sumer L. Daiza, M.D., F.A.C.S. • American Board of Plastic Surgery • American Board of Surgery • Recognized in the Guide to America’s Top Plastic Surgeons 2009-2017

The Only Double Board Certified Female Plastic Surgeon in The Valley with Cosmetic Fellowship Training

Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale Conveniently located in North Scottsdale at 101 and Scottsdale Rd. 18325 N. Allied Way, #110 • www.drdaiza.com

Call for a Personal Consultation: 480-585-0011



Roza Ferdowsmakan’s mouthwatering app BY BRITTANY MARONEY PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN


oza Ferdowsmakan is a self-described foodie — a woman on a mission to share her love of sustainable, farm-to-table, delicious food. It’s a passion that she is now sharing with others, bringing the concept to your fingertips. “I’m a foodie in that I am always looking to taste and experience new perspectives – new flavors, new combinations, new cuisines,” Ferdowsmakan explains. “I was not seeking to create an app, it organically grew in my head based on my experiences with farming, my adventurous nature, and my work as a tech attorney, working with tech startups.” That app is Bites, a communitydriven marketplace that connects foodies with local chefs who source from local growers. Once a chef is selected, they will bring those ingredients to your home for a complete dining experience, made from scratch right in your own kitchen. “Thankfully, food culture has moved more toward consideration for how we source ingredients, and where ingredients are grown,” Ferdowsmakan says. “It’s about respect for the story behind the food. Bites puts that idea into the palm of your hands and into your kitchen.” For more information, visit www.bites. mobi.


What eatery in Phoenix is doing it right? FnB is doing amazing things with the farm-to-table experience. [They have] respect for the ingredients in simple and yet they do it in innovative formats. What is one food trend you are loving? Macarons are just simply amazing. I can’t get enough. When did Bites launch? Bites debuted as a beta app primarily to the Phoenix metro area on July 1, meaning Phoenicians got first dibs on this amazing culinary adventure. The wider Bites app will be released for both Android and iPhone on October 1. UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017



Damon Evans introduces a local music streaming platform BY KELLY POTTS PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN


rizona will make its mark on the music industry if Damon Evans has any say in it. He recently launched Arena Music, the first and only music platform built on the concept of fair pay for artists and free play for listeners. Evans’ goal? Make this state known as the “independent music capital of the world.” Arena Music (www.arena.com) allows users to stream singles and albums from both independent and major label artists without commercials, interruptions or a monthly subscription fee. “The reason behind Arena is simple: build a platform that supports artists – not labels,” Evans says. “Our goal is to fix a broken industry, pay artists more and be a platform that connects with Arizona.” Evans has had a passion for music since he was a kid and has been working in the industry since the late ’90s with heavy metal and indie rock labels and bands, but realized the business has changed and the need for distribution has transformed. “I think that’s what the labels and advertisers realized – they needed to become on-demand, or they were out of business. But, the major players went about it in a way that disrupted the artists,” he explains, noting his new platform fixes the problem.


Why did you decide to set up shop in Arizona? I was heading out to California from back East when I decided to start a streaming service. I stopped in Arizona to visit my parents and I just never left. It’s the easiest, cleanest, big city that I have ever lived in. What is one thing you want the world to know about Arena Music? I truly believe it is the foundation for funding future artists and through [my other company] Arena Merchandise, it will allow schools to launch fundraising campaigns. Current favorite artists: Tame Impala, Lany, Big Thief, Kendrick Lamar, Black Mountain, Death Grips, Run the Jewels, OM, and The Ropes. AUGUST 2017 |



her style


fter a decade as a fashion editor for REDBOOK Magazine in New York City, Cris Pearlstein traded in her bold lips for relaxed silhouettes and headed to the Valley of the Sun. Though she was no longer in the fashion biz, Pearlstein still had style on her mind when she launched How Do You Fashion (www.howdoyoufashion.com) last year. “I wanted a place where women could learn style tips, gain the inside scoop on trends, and get inspired by other women all with a very ‘real life’ approach,” she explains. Since moving to the desert, Pearlstein’s look has evolved, adapting a casual, cool style with an unexpected twist. Her closet now has less black and many more effortless pieces, mostly from her go-to store, Madewell. The stylist admires household names such as Lauren Hutton, Linda Rodin, and Sienna Miller, but notes that the majority of her outfit inspiration comes from everyday women she observes around her. “I’m always on the lookout for little things I can adapt for myself. A woman who puts something together in an unexpected way will always inspire me,” she explains.


What trend are you scoping out for next season? I’m really loving wide-leg pants and look forward to wearing them after summer. Where does your love of fashion come from? Ever since I was a kid I always found joy in getting dressed, to me it was a fun way to express myself. My mom definitely contributed to that – she loved taking my sister and I shopping and it was my favorite way for us to spend time together. In fact, even though I usually prefer to shop by myself, I still love shopping with my mom. What is one one accessory would you not be able to live without? The diamond stud earrings my husband gave me on my wedding day – they are the only earrings I ever wear and I would feel completely naked without them.

Fashion professional Cris Pearlstein finds inspiration in her surroundings BY NICOLE GIMPL PHOTO BY CLAUDIA JOHNSTONE



| AUGUST 2017

his style



ani Gharfeh, widely known as World Famous Rani “g” or simply Rani “g” by his fans, exudes his creativity through his music and clothing. As a local DJ, Rani “g” plays at highend, fashion-forward and sophisticated events and private parties throughout the Valley. His repertoire of clients includes the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Local First Arizona, among others. The music master tailors his programming to each individual client and event’s unique needs. In this way, Rani “g” is also an entertainment consultant. His sets incorporate special remixes and rare edits, as well as live musicians and performers. His style also serves as a special remix, as he experiments with his fashion (just like he does with music) to find the right harmony for each ensemble. “I usually buy clothes that work with the variety of my events so I can mix and match,” he explains. You’ll find him donning snapback hats and music-inspired T-shirts for casual events. For formal affairs, he prefers designer pants and dress shirts paired with a light cardigan and bow tie. “I’m not a tuxedo or conventional suit kind of guy and try to stay comfortable when I’m DJing,” he says.

Experimental meets professional with DJ Rani “g” BY ELIZABETH LIBERATORE PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN

Where do you shop in the Valley? Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Undefeated Store, Adidas and Nike outlets, Zara, American Apparel, and Macy’s. I’ve also made my own T-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories at Brand X Custom T-Shirts. I try to visit local shops to find unique T-shirts, cool brands and other accessories when possible. Describe your style in three words. Simple, Comfortable and Modish. What do you love about being a DJ? I love that I’m able to spread my passion for diverse and quality music to more people and that I’m entrusted to do so. It’s very humbling a times.

AUGUST 2017 |





at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa BY BEVERLY SHUMWAY

1. Elyse Rightmer, dress from private collection.

8. Gina Ferrari, BCBG Max Azria dress.

2. Stephanie Gofas, Prada dress.

9. Christy Brown, BCBG Max Azria dress.

3. Devoney Kelash, Chanel dress.

10. Laurie Bieller, dress from Banana Republic.

4. Rana Azar, dress from Saks Fifth Avenue.

11. Sarah Kindler, dress from Nordstrom.

5. Elle Fultz, dress from Windsor. 6. Laci Szabo, Babylon dress.

12. Angi Wolf, dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.

7. Monica Mendoza, Dolce Vita dress.

13. Sara Adams, Gianni Bini dress.



| AUGUST 2017



at Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains BY BEN ARNOLD

1. Dominique Ladomato, Ann Taylor dress.

8. Ruby Farias, Ruby Farias Designs dress.

2. Ashley Prince, Ann Taylor dress.

9. Dorie Morales, Ruby Farias Designs dress.

3. Jessica Wert, Calvin Klein dress.

10. Heather Rausch, Kensie dress.

4. Nancy Campo, Michael Kors dress.

11. JoAnn Holland, Laundry by Shelli Segal dress.

5. Brenda Bauer, Anne Klein dress.

12. Debbie Gaby, Laundry by Shelli Segal outfit.

6. Wendy Free, Tahari dress. 7. Kat McMahon, Analili dress.

AUGUST 2017 |





rizona is a hub for theaters for youth performances. Organizations like Desert Stages Theatre and Greasepaint Youtheatre give rising stars a place to hone their craft and shine bright. Some of Hollywood's A-list film celebrities began their careers on these very local stages. Emma Stone, leading actress and Oscar winner from the movie La La Land (among others), and Kimiko Glenn, star of Netflix’s binge-worthy television series Orange Is the New Black, are alumnae of Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix. Fourteen-year-old Asher Angel is another household name. Unlike Stone and Glenn, Angel has performed on a multitude of Valley youth theater stages. His local success earned him one of his proudest achievements yet – a role in the Disney Channel original series, Andi Mack.



| AUGUST 2017

AUGUST 2017 |



“Working with Disney is a dream come true because I grew up watching the Disney Channel. Disney is an amazing organization – everyone is so supportive and available. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to be working with them,” Angel says. Angel resides in Paradise Valley with his mom, dad and two siblings. His parents are art advocates – his mother was an actress, and exposed Angel and his siblings to the arts early in life. The family frequented museums and theaters throughout the Valley, and Angel knew he was meant to be a performer before reaching double-digits. “I saw my first play at Desert Stages Theatre when I was 7 years old. I felt the magic [of the production] and wanted to be a part of it. I knew instantly that acting was something I would do forever,” Angel recalls. A year later, 8-year-old Angel performed in his first play, Oliver! He went on to perform in a number of other plays at Desert Stages Theatre, including but not limited to Seussical, Jr., Into the Woods, Disney's The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. Among them, Into the Woods was his favorite role due to its challenge. “I was cast as the narrator in Into the Woods. There were a lot of lines and stage cues that I had to remember. It was a lot to keep track of as a 9-year-old.” He adds, “I also learned a lot because I was performing with all adult actors.” Not many children get to experience being a pirate outside of their imagination. Angel, on the other hand, did. He was cast as Jeremy Jacobs – his first lead role – in the musical adaption of How I Became A Pirate. The performance was held Greasepaint Youtheatre. “I loved playing Jeremy Jacobs! What kid does not want to become a pirate after all?” Angel says. Since his start, the young actor has performed in over 20 theatre productions in Arizona. His hard work built an impressive resume of acting experience. Naturally, he transitioned from local theater to television, and began auditioning for roles in Hollywood. Asher landed guest star appearances on CBS' Criminal Minds and Nickelodeon's Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

“I saw my first play at Desert Stages Theatre when I was 7 years old.”



| AUGUST 2017

“It was an amazing experience to be on both shows. I got to work with some amazing actors and see how TV shows are made, a combination of hard work and patience. Everybody on set was great and welcoming,” he says. The local sensation heard about Andi Mack, a coming of age show that follows 13-year-old Andi Mack as she tries to find her place in the world, through his agent. Unlike previous roles he had auditioned for, Andi Mack was for Disney. “I first tried out for the role of Andi's best friend, Cyrus Goodman. After I auditioned for Cyrus I was called back to read for Jonah Beck, the most popular kid in school and Andi's crush. Finding out I got the role [of Jonah Beck] is one of the most memorable moments for me. I felt like all of the hard work, the tireless traveling and family sacrifices were validated,” Angel explains. The show was written by Terri Minsky, creator of the network’s hit series Lizzie McGuire, which featured Hilary Duff, and takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah. After a successful first season this year, Andi Mack was renewed for a second season. Asher and his co-stars returned to Salt Lake City in July to begin filming. “Utah is a beautiful state, and filming here is amazing. We get to experience a real change of seasons and do a lot of outdoor activities in the summer (not like in Arizona where it is hot, hot hot!) We go hiking, fishing and golfing. It really is a blast,” he explains. Asher admits that his co-stars on the show are some of his best friends. Together, they are just regular teenagers having fun and hanging out all day, pranking each other, singing together, and even having arm wrestling competitions. “I love the work and I love the people, both in front of and behind the camera. Everybody works so hard and is incredibly professional and supportive. That said, I am so excited to be back in Utah, hanging out with my friends and working on the show,” he says. Angel divides his time between Los Angeles and Utah for work, but always comes back to his roots – Arizona. Now a freshman in high school, the young actor is learning to balance the norms of adolescence with fame. He admits he

couldn't do it without the support of his family and friends. “My friends are very supportive of my acting career. They have been from the very beginning. They went to every theater show I was in and are just as excited to see me on Andi Mack,” he says. Acting is just one of Angel's many talents. He is also an extremely gifted musician who sings and plays guitar and piano. He intends to put out a debut album in the foreseeable future. “I write my own music and also play a lot of covers. The last few covers were of songs by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran,” he elaborates. The budding musician is inspired by musicians Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Selena Gomez – pop, musical theater and classical music are just a few of his favorite genres. “My first live music performance was at the famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. AUGUST 2017 |



I performed in the Future Disruptors show to benefit the Ovation Music Fund, an organization that raises money to help provide low-income children under the age of 18 with a premiere music education experience. I loved performing and can’t wait to do more of it. I miss the feeling you get from live performances – it's exhilarating,” Angel exclaims. From memorizing scripts to writing and playing music, it goes without saying that nothing can stop this ambitious teenager from reaching his goals. Whether it's theater, film or music, he continues to prove to himself, and his fans, that anything is possible with heart and a little elbow grease. Watch out, Hollywood. Here comes Arizona's Angel Asher. “[To other young actors:] start today by finding a local community theater and auditioning. Be prepared and patient. Work hard, stay dedicated and don't be afraid take chances!”

lo w - do w n


c a lenda r

e ven t

ou t

cul t ur e


cheer s


This season, we trade our outdoor patios for indoor sanctuaries. The heat wave causes Phoenicians to seek refuge from the blistering sun at local spots that offer cool, blowing AC with even cooler atmospheres. From work to play, coffee shops offer a way to escape the warm temperatures in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Plus, an iced treat and a pastry sounds pretty good … right? Photo taken July 3, 1:30 p.m. at Lux Central, 4400 . Central Ave., Phoenix; www.luxcoffee.com. AUGUST 2017 |




Design Destination


West Elm recently opened its newest Valley location in a 11,000-square-foot space in the revitalized Uptown Plaza shopping center. The retail store, known for its contemporary furniture designs and other housewares, is partnering with 10 Arizona-based artists and makers to hand curate unique, regionally sourced pieces for the new store. Celebrating local creativity and craft, the new Uptown location features works by: Celine + Kate, Chase Warren Designs, Citizen Home Decor, Lettercraft, MB Art Studios, Nanogram, Paige Poppe, Strange Birds Designs, Woven by Ro, and Zaaina. Additionally, West Elm at Uptown Plaza will offer West Elm Style + Service to support customers in their journey to express their personal style at home. www.westelm.com.


The Gladly


This new American fare favorite now features six craft cocktails on tap including classic cocktails but, of course, with unique touches. Think a Manhattan with maple and tobacco bitters, a Thai margarita with tamarind and chili sea salt and more. Each of the on-demand cocktails run for $12 but are also available during the weekday happy hour, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., for $8 each. In addition to those six cocktails on draft, The Gladly also added eight more new drinks to its libations menu, including buttered rum punch with agricole rum, the smoky Apple of My Islay with 10-year single malt scotch, American Spirit with 100 percent rye whiskey, and more. www.thegladly.com.

Stock & Stable


Available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. through August, the American eatery is offering shared plates and pastas at special prices all summer long. The list of dishes includes fermented beets, grilled shisito peppers with lemon caramel sauce and white bean cilantro hummus all for only $5. Plus, enjoy Stock & Stable’s famous cheeseburger & fries from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for only $6. www.stockandstable.com.

Wearable Art

Beginning August 19, Phoenix Art Museum presents A Tribute to James Galanos, a retrospective dedicated to the iconic American fashion designer. Featuring more than 40 couture-quality, ready-to-wear ensembles and accessories, including an ensemble worn and donated by former First Lady Nancy Reagan, the exhibition will illuminate the designer’s influence and legacy with objects from the 1950s through the 1990s. From his selection of the finest fabrics to his impeccable construction and finishing, the designer’s exacting standards resulted in an elegant simplicity that became a hallmark of his work. www.phxart.org. UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017

PAINLESS FIX FOR RECEDING GUMS! Pinhole Surgical Technique



A University Study revealed that 89% of patients over 20 years old have gingival recession. If you are concerned about receding gums due to gum disease or have gum recession because of aggressive brushing, smoking or medications, turn to Dr. Erik Svans for the Pinhole Surgical Technique®. This surgical treatment rebuilds the gum line without cut and suture surgery. You can walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile in a single visit! In fact, the Pinhole Surgical Technique® is often called the “Lunchtime Gum Lift” as it takes as little as an hour to perform and is done under local anesthesia so you can return to work after your appointment.

Case of the Month BEFORE



Contact us for a free consultation 480.219.8760 Erik P. Svans DDS

For everything you need to know about this amazing procedure, visit www. PinholeAZ.com

Svans Dentistry PLLC 7400 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 (480) 219-8760


Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering

Southeast Arizona Birding Festival

Aug. 10-12, times vary Don’t miss Prescott’s 30th annual Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering – a celebration where more than 50 performers share their cowboy heritage through poetry and music. Located at Yavapai College Performing Arts Center in Prescott, attendees will enjoy three days packed with traditions of the American cowboy, from music and yodeling to special sessions on cowboys in Mongolia. This year’s performers will include Dave Stamey, Trinity Seely and Don Edwards, among many others. Day sessions are free; prices vary for night performances. www.azcowboypoets.org.

Aug. 10-13, times vary Tucson is home to a plethora of beautiful bird species, including five-striped sparrows and red-faced warblers. Hosted by the Tucson Audubon Society and Arizona Riverpark Inn in Tucson, the seventh annual Southeast Arizona Birding Festival celebrates these special bird species and many more. Enjoy social hours and dinners with other birders, an extensive nature expo with workshops and programs, and birding field trips led by experts. Registration fee, $15; prices vary per event. www.tucsonaudubon.org.

Mile High Brewfest

World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo

Aug. 12, 4-8 p.m. A hot summer’s day and an ice-cold beer go hand in hand, so go ahead and quench your thirst at the sixth annual Mile High Brewfest in downtown Prescott. The event will include beer and wine samples from some of the Southwest’s finest craft breweries and local wineries as well as bite-size treats from local food trucks. All proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona. Online, $25; at the door, $35. www.milehighbrewfest.com.

Sedona Bike & Brew Aug. 26, times vary Mountain bikes, golf and brews are all part of the fourth annual Sedona Bike & Brew mountain bike race. Attendees will enjoy a beautiful bike ride with Sedona’s red rocks as the backdrop, as well as live music, games, brews on tap, and an awards ceremony. The race offers four divisions: men’s open, men’s sport, women’s sport and junior. For riders who choose to camp, the event has reserved the Chavez Crossing Campground along Oak Creek. General admission, $75; VIP, $150. www.sedonagolfresort.com.

Aug. 17-19, times vary The town of Payson has been celebrating the history and tradition of pro rodeo for 133 years with the World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo, an event that honors the beloved sport of the Old West. See some of the world’s greatest professional cowboys and cowgirls saddle up and take the bull by the horns during barrel racing and steer wrestlers. There will also be a parade, specialty acts, and a rodeo after-party held at the Payson Event Center. $10-$25. www.paysonrimcountry.com.


Hit the road and soak up festivities statewide BY ELIZABETH LIBERATORE



| AUGUST 2017

Flagstaff Open Studios Aug. 26-27, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. This 20th annual Flagstaff Open Studios will feature more than 80 studios on a self-guided tour that spotlights a variety of art including paintings, sculptures, fiber arts, glass works, jewelry, photography, stained glass, weaving and hands-on art projects for children. There will also be an opportunity to meet the artists. Free. www.flagstaff-arts.org.

do NIGHT LIGHTS TOUR Through Aug. 25, Taliesin West Experience the romance (perfect for date night!) and wonder of the one of the most famous architects of the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright at this stunning property. Witness the rare appearance of the renowned fire-breathing dragon under the bright Arizona moon as the romance of the Taliesin West comes alive. This is a trip back through history, where architecture and luxury meet. The tour, which is not intended for children under 13 years old, takes place each Friday and reservations are required. 6 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. $40. franklloydwright.org. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Through Aug. 20, Arizona Broadway Theatre Are you catching the fever? Relive the incredible escapades of humble paint clerk Tony Manero who lives for the weekends as he takes the night by storm, transforming into a local disco king when the sun goes down. Based on the 1977 cult classic film, Saturday Night Fever, this production will transport you with its stunning choreography and charttopping soundtrack. Show times vary. Tickets start at $88. www.azbroadway.org. JOHN MAYER THE SEARCH FOR EVERYTHING WORLD TOUR Aug. 1, Talking Stick Resort Arena After delivering his newest record in waves, the singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer that makes women everywhere swoon hits the ground running on his worldwide tour. After returning to the music scene, his newest record (which happens to be the same name as his tour!) proves that he is still first and foremost an amazingly talented musician. Be prepared to croon along with new hits, such as Love on the Weekend, and reminisce with old classics – think Belief, In Repair and Daughters – from this American music legend. 7 p.m. Tickets start at $35. www. talkingstickresortarena.com. FAMILY SUMMER CELEBRATION Aug. 3, Phoenix Art Museum Escape the heat and monsoons with a funfilled, family friendly day in the cool indoors at the museum. Chill to the sounds of DJ Kate Scratch Fever and enjoy the hands-on arts and crafts perfect for all ages. At 4:30 p.m., The Great Hall will transform into a drive-in movie for Pixar’s animated comedy, Cars. Later, enjoy an exciting scavenger hunt and unwind with light refreshments. Perfect for the young – or the young at heart. 4 p.m. Free with museum entrance. www.phxart.org. CRESCENT COMMUNITY BIKE RIDE “BIKES, BALCONY & BEERS” Aug. 3, The Crescent Ballroom Get ready to pedal! Departing from Crescent Ballroom, riders will enjoy a 60-minute ride around downtown Phoenix. But, the fun doesn’t stop once your feet do. Presented by Crescent Ballroom, Slippery Pig Bike Shop and Bulleit Bourbon, expect discounted cold drinks, hot burritos and shots when you return. So, saddle up and prepare for the ride of your life. 8 p.m. Free. www.crescentphx.com.


World Hip Hop Dance Championship Aug. 7-12, locations vary

More than 4,000 street dancers from over 50 countries will flock to Phoenix to compete in one of the most competitive hip-hop dance events in the world. Crews will compete to capture the world title but more importantly, international bragging rights. Expect appearances by hip-hop icons, artists and celebrities with surprise rap concerts and performances. This weeklong series of competitions, which leads up to the World Finals on August 12 at Grand Canyon University Arena, is one you don’t want to miss. Times vary. Tickets start at $25. www.hiphopinternational.com. NEIL DIAMOND 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR Aug. 4, Talking Stick Resort Arena Join Neil Diamond as he celebrates fifty amazing years on the music scene. From his earliest 1966 album The Feel of Neil Diamond to his latest critically acclaimed Melody Road, Neil Diamond has topped the charts for more than five decades, with over 135 million records sold worldwide since his start in the music biz. This is a must-see for lovers of the talented singer, songwriter, musician and actor. 8 p.m. Tickets start at $75. www. talkingstickresortarena.com. PROWL & PLAY August 5, Phoenix Zoo Prepare for a roaring good time and lots things to explore as the Phoenix Zoo travels UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017

back to prehistoric times with this annual event featuring dinosaurs! There will be endless entertainment with interactive dinosaur meet and greets, an encounter with a baby velocirpator, a mobile fossil dig, and Jurassic Park jeep motor pool photo ops. Additional highlights include music and games with DJ Rockin’ Rob, crafts, face painting, a caricature artist and a dino egg prize dig. Cool off at the squirt gun area, splash zone or on a water slide at Lakeside Law. 5:30-8:30 p.m. $8. www.phoenixzoo.org. CITY LIGHTS MOVIE NIGHTS OF MOANA Aug. 11, CityScape Phoenix Don’t forget your blanket and chairs as you sprawl out on the giant lawn of Patriot’s Park and enjoy Disney’s newest smash hit Moana on the big screen. Adults and children alike

do will enjoy as they watch an adventurous teenager set sail on a daring mission to save her Polynesian tribe, meeting friends along the action-packed voyage. A family-friendly event that includes local giveaways, specialtythemed contests and tons of prizes. Guests will enjoy a tropical paradise, with Hawaiianthemed activities such as hula dancers, water activities and more. 6:30 p.m. Free. www. cityscapephoenix.com. CHRISTOPHER TITUS Aug. 11-13, Stand Up Live Comedy Theater Since his sixth Comedy Central special aired, American actor and comedian Christopher Titus has been on a star-studded rise to the top. His newly released dark Fox comedy Titus has earned him a Writer’s Guild of America nomination and an Emmy nomination. With hilarious new content and dark humor, Titus is being called uproariously funny and “TV’s most original voice since Seinfeld.” 10 p.m. $25. www.phoenix.standuplive.com. BRING IT! LIVE Aug. 12, Comerica Theatre From your TV screen to live, join Dianna Williams, aka Miss D, and The Dancing Dolls from Lifetime’s hit docuseries Bring It! as they compete for your attention. The hip-hop dance troupe (one of the top in the country!) has earned more than 100 trophies and 15 grand champion titles. You become part action, with live voting, a Q&A with the cast and never before seen live demonstrations on stage. This season’s show will feature an all new competition storyline and feature an action packed, stunning finale. So, get ready for a night of dancing and drama. 8 p.m. Tickets start at $36.25. www.comericatheatre.com. STEVE MARTIN AND MARTIN SHORT Aug. 13, Comerica Theatre Two of America’s favorite comedians join forces in an uproariously hilarious night of fun, games and a banjo. With musical interludes, blunt one liners, and classic characters these two will have you rolling on the floors of the theater. Rumor is you may even catch a glimpse of Martin being a “wild and crazy guy,” a sight that most fans do not get in their lifetime. 8 p.m. $125. www.comericatheatre. com. DEEP PURPLE AND ALICE COOPER Aug. 15, Ak-Chin Pavilion Music history is about to made with this heartpounding mash-up between Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and special guest, The Edgar River Band. Produced by Live Nation, this tour is rumored to be the Long Good-bye tour for Deep Purple. Phoenix resident Alice Cooper is always a fan favorite in the Valley and is set to bring his own brand of rock psycho-drama to the main stage. One thing is for sure – it will be a head-banging good time. 6:30 p.m. Tickets start at $26. www.akchinpavillion.com. BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR Aug. 17, Pueblo Grande Museum If you’ve ever been curious about what goes

Biltmore Beer Dinners Aug. 9, Frank & Alberts at Arizona Biltmore

This series of dinners feature select celebrated microbrews, pairing them with original culinary creations by Arizona Biltmore Executive Chef Stephen Strickland. The dinners, held on the second Wednesday of each month, take place in the private sunroom of Frank & Alberts, which is known for taking a fresh approach to traditional American dishes. The dinner is composed of a three-course meal and complementary beer pairings. This month’s dinner features tastings from Stone Brewing Company, headquartered in Escondido, California, and known as the largest brewery in Southern California. 6:30 p.m. $45. www.arizonabiltmore.com.

on behind the scenes of a museum, now’s your chance to find out. Join the staff of Pueblo Grande Museum – an archaeological site once inhabited by the Hohokam culture – as they give guests a sneak peek into how museums process, organize and care for their collections. Tours are intimate and space is limited. Register at the front desk, in the lobby. 10- 10:45 a.m. $5. www.pueblogrande. com. DIERKS BENTLEY’S WHAT THE HELL WORLD TOUR Aug. 26, Talking Stick Resort Arena With the release of his new album Black, Dierks Bentley is on tour and taking the country scene by storm. With special guests Cole Swindell and John Pardi, the concert promises ballads and blue grass alike. Fans will enjoy some of his top charting songs like Somewhere on a Beach, and the cheating ballad I'll Be the Moon. So, put on those faded blue jeans, boots and cowboy hat, and prepare for a night to remember. 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $31. www.talkingstickresortarena.com. AUGUST 2017 |



RICK ROSS SUMMER JAM 2017 Aug. 26, Comerica Theatre As the reigning king of the Miami rap scene, Rick Ross has topped the musical charts since releasing his No. 1 debut album Port of Miami in 2006. Ross headlines the music fest, bringing the three stages of live entertainment to music lovers. Summer Jam also features vendors and more. The summer is hot, but this show will be hotter. 8 p.m. Tickets start at $48. Comericatheatre.com HELL CITY TATTOO FESTIVAL Aug. 25-27, Arizona Biltmore Over 200 of the world’s best tattoo artists, vendors, painters and industry educators will bring their talents to Phoenix for an experience like no other. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of entertainment all weekend such as educational seminars, art galleries, live music, car shows and a pool party. Additional highlights include live painting performances, burlesque performances, a kids zone and tattoo merch and memorabilia. Noon. Pre-sale starts at $22. www.hellcity.com.

out Fairmont Scottsdale Princess The magnificent 3,225-square-foot Presidential Suite features hardwood flooring, modern furnishings with earthy accents, and a variety of upscale amenities, as well as two full bedrooms. The master bedroom houses a wooden four-poster bed and a dressing area with a full-length mirror plus additional seating, while the master bath boasts an oversized soaker tub and walk-in shower. The large parlor offers a massive flat-screen TV, conference area, dining area that seats six, and a large wet bar. $2,669 to $3,898 per night. www.scottsdaleprincess.com.

The Phoenician Mountain Shadows

SWEET SUITES Sleep in splendor at six resort accommodations worth the splurge BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ


t’s no secret that the Valley boasts some of the nation’s best resorts. So, we wondered: What does it take to get the title of “presidential suite?” These jaw-dropping, over-the-top retreats ooze luxury, and while they each have their perks, they all have one major commonality – they are oh-so-suite.

Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

The Camby

Mountain Shadows The exclusive Camelback Presidential Suite – a 1,750-square-foot, modern design marvel – offers the most luxurious experience at the recently relaunched resort. The spacious interior has floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a generously sized main patio looking directly toward iconic Camelback Mountain, with a bedroom patio offering the perfect spot for sunset cocktails. $499 to $1,299 per night. www.mountainshadows.com. Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia True to its name, the Montelucia’s 2,800-square-foot Andalusian Presidential Suite offers the ultimate level of Old World luxury, privacy and seclusion. Upon entering through a grand marble entryway, you’ll find two living areas, a private pool and spa, two palatial bedrooms (there’s even an indoor fountain!), 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a private office. Also on property is the Camelback Villa Presidential Suite, a 2,800-square-foot, twobedroom retreat ideal for entertaining, with a private event lawn and extensive patio areas large enough to host gatherings of up to 300 guests. It also features a private gym, spacious living areas, an outdoor fireplace, and an incredible marble bathtub. $3,500 to $5,000 per night. www.montelucia.com. The Camby The Camby’s playful 1,750-square-foot Presidential Suite is bold and a bit avant-garde, yet sleek and upscale. It features a formal dining room, a living area, 1 ½ marble bathrooms, a butler’s pantry, a full bedroom (with the option to add another), and a whirlpool bathtub as well as award-winning artwork. Rates range from $799 to $1,999 per night, but there is an ultra-luxury package, “Exactly Like Nothing Else,” that includes a one-night stay in the suite, dinner for two, a spa treatment, and even a guided hike or cabana as well as other amenities starting at $1,399. www.thecamby.com. The Phoenician A favorite of royalty, professional athletes, CEOs, musicians and actors, The Phoenician’s 1,800-square-foot Presidential Suite at The Canyon Suites was updated in 2016 and now boasts works from local artists, private terraces, a dining table for 10, a full kitchen, a den, an expansive bedroom (with the option to add a second), a master bath with two showers, and a fire pit that seats 12 people. $2,500 to $5,000 per night. www.thephoenician.com.

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess



| AUGUST 2017




ARIZONA, THE BEAUTIFUL Hit the road to explore the state’s great outdoors


his month marks the 101st birthday of the National Parks Service, a celebratory reminder of all the wondrous sites in Arizona. Though the list is extensive, here are four sensational, must-see sites for every Arizonan (and visitor!). Plan to hit a few? Be sure to look into available passes for entrance to all at www.nps. gov/planyourvisit.com.




AUGUST 2017 |



Chiricahua National Monument Approximately four hours southwest of the Valley near Willcox, Chiricahua National Monument (www.nps.gov/chir), often called the “Wonderland of Rocks,” is a fee-free park that is open year-round and the result of a volcanic eruption nearly 30 million years ago. The monument is teeming with wildlife, trees and mind-bending rock formations, including giant rocks balancing on top of each other as if by magic. There is no shortage of hiking options, including both day hikes and longer options, as well as picnic areas, historic tours, wildlife viewing areas, formal birding programs, stargazing, camping, and even horseback riding. Horseshoe Bend Located north of the Grand Canyon, just outside of Page and approximately four hours from the Valley, Horseshoe Bend (www.horseshoebend.com) lies on the Colorado River in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is named for its distinct curvature, which is quite literally in the shape of an almostperfect horseshoe. Surprisingly, hiking to see the formation is a relatively easy 30- to 45minute walk up a sandy and moderate incline. The hike requires no permits, has nearby parking and is accessible year-round. There are several outfitters and tour companies that offer transportation to the overlook, including Colorado River Discovery in Page. Montezuma Castle If you’ve ever made the drive on Interstate Highway 17 toward Sedona or Flagstaff, you’ve no doubt seen the signs for Montezuma Castle (www.nps.gov/moca) near Camp Verde, about 90 minutes north of the Valley. While not a formal castle one might see in the likes of Great Britain, these dwellings of the Sinagua people – preserved in a limestone cliff – date back to A.D. 700 and are believed to have been built over the course of 300 years. Beyond the National Monument, the area has hiking as well as prime spots for a picnic. Entrance is $10 per person, but ages 15 and under are admitted for free. Be sure to check out the junior ranger programs available for free – and open to all ages – on site. Walnut Canyon In the pine forests near Flagstaff, the steep Walnut Canyon (www.nps.gov/waca) National Monument severs a rolling plateau. Twenty miles long, 400 feet deep and a quarter-mile wide, the canyon was carved by Walnut Creek over a period of 60 million years. There are two main hiking trails along the canyon. The strenuous Island Trail is about 1 mile and offers spectacular canyon scenery and wildlife as well as the chance to see 25 cliff dwellings, while the Rim Trail is an easy three-quarter-mile walk along the canyon rim through a ponderosa forest with two canyon overlooks. There is an entrance fee of $8 per person, but ages 15 and under are admitted for free.



An inspirational evening benefiting Teach For America BY GABBY RICHMAN


n event that will get you thinking, the sixth annual Food For Thought event, hosted by Teach For America, gives attendees an opportunity to learn more about the teachers, leaders, advocates, and community supporters who are working collectively to expand opportunity for children and families in Arizona. “We hope our guests will walk away from this event with a better understanding of the critical work that Teach For America corps members and alumni are doing here in the Valley to expand opportunity for all and provide an excellent education for local students,”

If You Go...

WHAT: Food For Thought WHEN: August 24, 5:30 p.m. WHERE: FOUND:RE Hotel, 1100 N. Central Ave., Phoenix TICKETS: Free INFORMATION: www.teachforamerica.org

says Lauren Arndt, manager of individual giving for Teach For America Phoenix. And, in addition to educating attendees, the event also serves as a means to inspire the community to work together to further Teach For America’s programs and education as a whole. “We aspire to not only educate our guests about our work, but also to inspire a sense of the infinite possibility that exists for the students and communities we serve,” Arndt explains. “We believe that when we come together as one community to support all kids, we can end educational inequity and reimagine a school system where all students have access to an excellent education.” What’s on the docket? A lineup of exciting speakers sharing their journeys. “Programming this year will include corps members and alumni speakers UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017

who will share, firsthand about their experiences as educational leaders. We will also hear from our Executive Director, Katie Tennessen Hooten, a 2002 Phoenix corps member and former kindergarten teacher,” Arndt says. Each year, the event consists of an exciting raffle with donations from Valley businesses. In 2016, raffle winners enjoyed weekend getaways, won sports paraphernalia and much more. Raffle baskets this year (in advance, $15 per ticket or $100 for 10 tickets; day of, $20 per ticket or $100 for seven tickets) range in value from $500-$1,000 and include some incredible prizes. Additionally, the evening will feature complimentary appetizers and will also have a cash bar available. Proceeds from this event will help Teach For AmericaPhoenix to recruit, develop, and support a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunity for children in our local community.


UNITED ART OF ARIZONA An instruction program for adults with disabilities


ichard Retter grew up around the world of art. At the young age of 7, he would watch his father after long days of work as he was sketching flowers, birds and butterflies. Inspired, Retter began to draw alongside of him, duplicating his father’s work while exploring his own creativity. “I could feel this overwhelming uncontrollable desire to do what my father was doing,” Retter says. “It happened instantly, and I was instantly validated by my father.” His love of art continued to blossom in school as the student in charge of art supplies who helped the with the seasonal art bulletin board. “Art made me feel equal to the other kids who were great at math, science, and so forth. For the first time I stood out in my own special way,” Retter explains. Retter continued on, perusing a job in both of his passions – art and helping others. After 20 years in a position helping those with disabilities, Richard set


out on his own. He currently serves as resident bedside artist at Mayo Hospital, where he paints one-on-one art creations with patients in recovery or who are terminally ill, and he is also an accomplished artist. After leaving his career, he was quickly approached by parents, urging him to start his own agency to continue to blend his two specialties, so United Art of Arizona was born. “It was if each one of those parents turned into a step, and they demanded that I climb each step, reassuring me along the way that they would collectively be waiting on the other side ready to assist in whatever way to make this program a reality,” Retter says. The nonprofit organization offers an art instruction program for adults with disabilities, focusing on building self-esteem, interpersonal skills, self-sufficiency, team work, and creating strong work ethics. “Through hands-on instruction, coaching, and mentoring, artists learn the process of creating artwork from start to AUGUST 2017 |



finish as well as to how to display and sell their art,” says Retter, president and founder of United Art of Arizona. The nonprofit really hit the ground running, winning first place in the Sister Cities International competition for artists with disabilities in 2014, 2015 and 2016. “The most rewarding part of this program for me is watching the artists take ownership of their surroundings in the program. Understanding that we are partners working together as one, encouraging one another to be the best that we can be — laughing, crying, [and] feeling each other’s pain as we experience each other's disabilities all the while reassuring one another that we are here for each other.” Last month, United Art of Arizona offered two summer camp art classes. The camp featured light snacks and at the conclusion of the session, each artist took home a painting completed by both the artist and Retter. For more information about United Art of Arizona, call 602.852.0420 or visit www.unitedartaz.com.


WHEN DID YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE A CHEF? Well, I don't consider myself a chef per se. Most people refer to me as “the hot dog guy!” My background is in finance. After the market crashed, I was ready for a career change. WHY HOT DOGS? In October of 2014, we went on a trip to Denmark. There's hot dog stands on every corner in Copenhagen. Danish hot dog stands are a cultural institution and have been around for 80-plus years. We joked around and said we were going to buy a hot dog cart and start selling “Danish Style” hot dogs in Phoenix. A few months later, we purchased our first hot dog cart and had absolutely no idea what we were doing! Now, we operate two hot dog carts and our first storefront. TO YOU, FOOD IS... Happiness. We have a sign in our store that reads "Good Food, Good Mood.” Isn't that the truth? IF YOU WEREN'T A CHEF, YOU'D PROBABLY BE: Running another business of some sort. I've always been an entrepreneur at heart. YOU SPECIALIZE IN A DANISHSTYLE HOT DOG. TELL US ABOUT IT: Our "Danish Style" hot dog is topped exactly like you would get it on the streets in Denmark: mustard, ketchup, remoulade (imported from Denmark), raw onions, crispy fried onions, and fresh pickled cucumber. We also have one that goes into a hollow french baguette with secret sauce. This one is popular throughout Europe – we call it the DK Dog.


YOU WERE BORN AND RAISED IN DENMARK – WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DISH? Smørrebrød, which are danish open-faced sandwiches. Smørrebrød usually consists of a piece of buttered rye bread, a dense, dark brown bread. Pålæg, the topping, that among others can refer to commercial or homemade cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads.

In the kitchen with Glen Nielsen, head hot dog honcho and co-owner of DK Dogs BY GABBY RICHMAN PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN

WHEN YOU'RE NOT AT DK DOGS, WHERE WOULD WE FIND YOU? At the gym, movies, or just relaxing at home … a rarity these days! WHAT FOOD IS YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? Chocolate. LOTS of chocolate. Mustard or ketchup? Both + remoulade. DK Dogs, 4700 N. 12th St., Phoenix; 602.831.4878; www.ilovedkdogs.com.



| AUGUST 2017




ook Kitchen’s cocktail menu is partcustomized takes on national trends and part-nods to classic cocktails. Take the The Apocalypto ($12), which has the spirit-forwardness of trendy tikiinspired cocktails and the classic flavors of a daiquiri. It starts in a shaker with equal parts Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum and Sotol Coyote, an agave-based spirit made from wild agave plants in Mexico. “We’re in the Southwest, so we wanted to give a little nod to our neighbors in Mexico rather than go down the traditional rum-heavy route,” explains Dustin Bolin, beverage director at Nook Kitchen. Bolin then adds creamy Giffard Banana Liqueur, which pairs nicely with the rum while enhancing the rich nuttiness of the Sotol. “Next, we make a rosemary cantaloupe cordial and add it along with a little pineapple shrub for a hit of fruity daiquiri sweetness and depth,” says Bolin, noting he often adds in something savory to balance the sweetness in his drinks, in this case, a house-made Champagne vinaigrette. The final touches are lime, tiki bitters, ginger, allspice and black pepper. Bolin shakes and strains the mixture into a cognac tulip glass and garnishes it with a pineapple leaf and Thai basil. “It tastes like a perfect combination between Mexico and the Caribbean: a little sweet, a little nutty and a lot like vacation.” 3623 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.651.1390; www.nookkitchen.com.

AUGUST 2017 |





Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with farmhouse-chic decor BY GABBY RICHMAN | ITEMS COORDINATED BY SAMANTHA LAPID

Wire and glass pendant light, $99 at Pottery Barn, 602.957.2297. Large rooster wall clock, $22.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond, www.bedbathandbeyond.com.

Natural fiber woven rug, Safavieh, $27.99$360.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

“Gather” framed wall sign, Stratton Home Decor, $69.99 at Kohl’s, 480.538.1750.

Metal wire storage basket, Spectrum, $12.99-$14.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Small white console table, $219.99 at Pier 1 Imports, 480.922.3987.



| AUGUST 2017


a llur e

h a u t e pr oper t y

d w ell

w heels

pla ce s



Transform the way you listen to music – and your space – with Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape, a wall-mounted wireless speaker system that not only delivers an incredible sound experience, it acts as a contemporary work of art. The modular concept is comprised of four types of flexible, hexagonal tiles: a speaker, an amplifier, an acoustic damper, and a connectivity hub for wireless streaming. The size, shape, sound performance and color (there are 10!) are customizable and easily evolve with your lifestyle; they can be rearranged to suit a change in space or even mood. Price varies based on design, starting at $4,095. Configure your own online at www.bang-olufsen.com. AUGUST 2017 |





Make a statement with girly, gilded trinkets BY GABBY RICHMAN | ITEMS COORDINATED BY SAMANTHA LAPID

(Clockwise from top) Beaded wrap bracelet, $84 at Spartina 449, www.spartina449.com. Amazonite beaded with gold feather and toggle clasp, Explore by Heather Benjamin, $79.24 at Evine, www.evine.com. Orange matte leather with Rockstud trim, Valentino, $175 at Neiman Marcus, 480.990.2100. Bright patterned bangle, $56 at Spartina 449. Gold caged cuff, Elizabeth and James, $275 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017



Give your ensemble a pop of pizzazz with these on-trend adornments BY GABBY RICHMAN | ITEMS COORDINATED BY SAMANTHA LAPID

(Clockwise from top) Straw fedora, Valdez Panama, $275 at Neiman Marcus, 480.990.2100. Ikat-print choker, Ettika, $45 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Blue drop earring, Vanessa Mooney, $38 at Zappos, www.zappos.com. Chevron canvas wedge, Kate Spade New York, $258 at Zappos. Mini leather hobo bag, Loeffler Randall, $425 at Saks Fifth Avenue. AUGUST 2017 |





Amarte Aqua Mist Toner Restore moisture and awaken the skin with Amarte’s antioxidant-infused citrus spray. Acting as an instantaneous pick-me-up for your complexion, the gentle mist brightens the skin with the added bonus of hydration. Spritz this grapefruit-scented, multi-benefit mist onto the face, neck and decollete after cleansing and anytime throughout the day; it also sets makeup, balances the complexion and is the final step for a dewy, fresh canvas. $67 at Soft Surroundings, 480.696.2986.

Essentials that pack a citrus punch BY LACI LEIGH STILWELL

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask Vibrant skin is hard to come by in the heat of summer, but, luckily, this vitamin-boosting face mask does all the work for you, refining the appearance of your skin with its exclusive vitamin fruit complex. Cultivated with a blend of crushed oranges, lemons and clementines infused with AHA fruit acids, this powerful mask (which feels like marmalade on your face!) exfoliates and improves clarity. $62 at Neiman Marcus, 480.990.2100.


efresh your beauty routine with citruspacked products that highlight the fruits of summer – think cheery fragrances from grapefruit and orange to lemon, lime and clementine. We’ve rounded up our fruitforward favorites, loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, that will repair summerdazed skin and hair, leaving both more vibrant (and sweetly scented) than ever.

Indie Lee Vanilla Citrus Moisturizing Oil Ideal for all skin types, this lucid and light moisturizing oil glides on smoothly, conditioning your face, body and hair. Delivering delicious notes of vanilla essence and sweet oranges – encompassed with jojoba and apricot oils for a lavish dose of nourishment – the fast-absorbing formula will improve the look and feel of your skin, giving off a silky and radiant shine. $36 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Oribe Cleansing Crème for Moisture & Control This cleansing and conditioning cream melts into the scalp, rejuvenating your tresses and gently cleansing without surfactants, sulfates or silicones. It’s enhanced with purifying oils, citrus fruit extracts, and a refreshing watermint essence, which work to moisturize and soothe dry or over processed hair. The crème, which also promotes shine, will undo sun damage while extending color treatments and preventing fading. $46 at Neiman Marcus. Viktor&Rolf Magic Sparkling Secret Eau de Parfum Captivate your senses with this truly magical sweet citrus mix. Leading with notes of ginger, orange blossom, sweet lime and grapefruit and topped off with vanilla bourbon and tonka bean, the mixture is like a tropical vacation in a bottle. The luxurious potion, which is actually unisex, will enchant those around you with its fresh fragrance. $220 at Saks Fifth Avenue.



| AUGUST 2017

haute property




ehind the gates of Biltmore Living you’ll find 40 luxurious contemporary condominiums, as beautiful inside as they are out. Built with city dwellers seeking a balance between business and pleasure in mind, the neighborhood screams young professionals. Biltmore Living, developed by Watt Communities, offers three floor plans, ranging in size from 1,400 to 1,800 square feet, with two-, three- and fourbedroom options. Each loft-style home is three stories with modern amenities and features spacious ceilings, well-appointed kitchens and cafe areas, a built-in desk and a tech center. Another highlight includes the walkout decks and patios, which showcase stunning Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak views. All homes come standard with contemporary waterproof woodgrain plank vinyl flooring, carpet in bedrooms and modern iron railings on stairs and balconies. However, buyers have the ability to personalize their home with upgraded cabinets, carpet, tile, wood, countertops, vanities and appliances, with the option to

add decorator pendants over the island. Outside of your own personal living quarters lies an exciting community space equipped with common areas, a lush pool and spa retreat, and an outdoor barbecue and party pavilion. An optimal location, the Biltmore Living community positions you within walking distance of the Camelback Corridor, and is also just minutes from AUGUST 2017 |



outdoor upscale mall and foodie destination, Biltmore Fashion Park. Additionally, nearby hiking trails are aplenty and Sky Harbor Airport is just a few minutes’ car ride away. 4235 N. 26th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016. Prices range from $321,000$380,000. For more information, call 602.350.0126 or visit www.mybiltmoreliving.com.

Style made simple with playful patterns and striking silhouettes




| AUGUST 2017

TOP: Chester zebra, $76.36. From Never Fully Dressed, www. neverfullydressed. co.uk.

AUGUST 2017 |



DRESS: Sleeveless satin wrap in red palm, $102.23. From Never Fully Dressed, www. neverfullydressed. co.uk.



| AUGUST 2017

DRESS: Sleeveless satin wrap in blue bird, $102.23. From Never Fully Dressed, www. neverfullydressed. co.uk.

AUGUST 2017 |



SKIRT: Mix wrap in gold print, $102.23. From Never Fully Dressed, www. neverfullydressed. co.uk.



| AUGUST 2017

TOP: White linen knot back, $76.36. From Never Fully Dressed, www. neverfullydressed. co.uk.

AUGUST 2017 |



DRESS: Sleeveless satin wrap in green palm, $102.23. From Never Fully Dressed, www. neverfullydressed. co.uk.



| AUGUST 2017

DRESS: Cassandra lemon print, $89.31. From Never Fully Dressed, www. neverfullydressed. co.uk.

AUGUST 2017 |



Bea Rocklin and Michelle Coffey

Patty Kogutek and Jaclyn Noe

Crystal Holland and JoAnn Holland

Leiah Scheibel

Central Phoenix Women June Meeting BY BEN ARNOLD

The leadership group gathered for their monthly meeting at The Camby Hotel. The luncheon, which also celebrated the group’s 11-year anniversary since inception, featured guest speaker and award-winning author Becky Feola. Ashley Collins and Becky Feola Jennifer Johnson and Dori Morales

Jennifer Allen and Elise Thorpe

Jill Mapstead and Pam Gaber Trish Bere and Marlena Krueger

Lisa Stratton and Heather Rausch

Lori Appleby Hoke and Andrea Davis UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017

Catherine Anaya and Doug Saunders

Michael and Barbara Reed

Pam Gilbert and Erica Tiffany

Betty Drake and Joanie Flatt


The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess’ seventh annual Fourth of July Freedom Fest was a patriotic party, welcoming guests to a delicious backyard picnic; a military tribute; a concert with MJ Live, a Michael Jackson tribute band; and, of course, a spectacular fireworks show. Carmen Cherry and Jaime Cerreta

Cora and Councilman Guy Phillips


This annual event, held at Phoenix Art Museum, followed the Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade. The exciting evening focused on recognizing and awarding individuals and organizations from the metropolitan Phoenix area who have made a significant and positive impact in the LGBTQ community. Stephanie Treichel and Karissa Sorensen

Juan Hinojos Zapien and Nick Ciletti

KJ Philp and Dani Logan

Bobby Gordon and Jack Tesorero JULY 2017 |



Kristofer V. Lee and Ricardo Martinez

Jason Urban and Mindy Griffith Barb Ginn and Colleen Willson

Sherri Romanoski Erin Fitzgerald and Lisa Verdi


Guests gathered at the Hotel Valley Ho in their best ’50s attire to raise funds for BAG IT. Festivities included casino games, raffle items, and entertainment by comedy magician Timothy Pitch. The evening raised more than $27,000 to help provide resources to newly diagnosed individuals with cancer. Karin Smith and Tricia Brooks

Justin Alter and Katie Hickman

Jon Carlson and Emily Wozniak

Annettra Farrington Michelle Gonzales and Jim Harris

Lorri Scott, Lisbeth Sestina and Pamela Turgeon

Debbie Green UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017

Lauryn Bymers and Jessica Bargenquast

Taylor Gladden and Sarah Benken

Amy Robinson and Desiree Kangas

GirlTalk Connect+Inspire BY BEVERLY SHUMWAY

Brittany Sewell and Kacey Pearson

GirlTalk’s annual Connect+Inspire event was held at El Chorro, bringing more than 200 women together for an afternoon of empowerment, including motivational speeches from Lori Harder and Sara Happ. The event benefited GirlTalk’s free school program for young women that seeks to support and encourage the next generation.

Bre Wyckoff and Megan Larum

Brittni Soo

Caroline Conner, Lauren Rossi and Barbara Bowers Stephanie Denman, Melissa Kelley and Ciara Martinez

Kassie Carrasco, Jane Cebrynski and Jenny Slingerland Cassidy Apel and Kaitlyn Hunt

Karla Ippolito and Karen Ippolito JULY 2017 |




SUMMERTIME SIPPIN’ Nine refreshing sangrias sure to help beat the heat BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ



s there anything more refreshing than really good sangria in the summer? We think not! Be them fruity, herby, sparkling or sweet, here are some of our local favorites. CASA AÑEJO Sangria, $11 Think beachy sangria, with the spice of Malbec and cardamom, hints of vodka and cognac, then a special (usually top secret) ingredient – Pamplemousse! 5600 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 480.588.2908; www.casaanejo.com. GADZOOKS 7th Street Sangria, $5 It’s only fitting that this local hot spot is serving up local flavor in its sangria! The Mexican eatery, specializing in enchiladas, mixes Pinot Grigio, peeled and muddled oranges, lime juice, pure cane simple syrup, and soda water. 3313 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.279.5080; www.gadzooksaz.com. GRASSROOTS White Sangria, $10/glass, $21/pitcher Grassroots keeps it tight-lipped on its top-secret sangria ingredients, but rest assured, it is loaded with fruit and will hit the spot any time of day. 2119 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.368.8766; www.grassrootsaz.com. LA GRANDE ORANGE PIZZERIA White Sangria, $7/glass, $21/pitcher A combination of white wine, vanilla, orange juice, brandy and fresh fruit makes this sipper sweet and satisfying. 4410 N. 40th St., Phoenix; 602.840.7777; www.lagrandeorangepizzeria.com.

Casa Añejo The Parlor


LON’S LAST DROP AT THE HERMOSA INN Cowboy’s Dream, $12 Pinot grigio, aged rum and apricot brandy are combined with fresh lime, pineapple and coconut juices and topped with soda water in a strawberry-lined glass. 5532 N. Palo Cristi Road, Paradise Valley; 602.955.8614; www.hermosainn.com. O.H.S.O. BRWERY + DISTILLERY Red or White Sangria, $9/glass, $34/ pitcher It may be surprising that this local favorite serves more than beer. The white sangria is a combination of white wine, Peach Schnapps, apricot brandy and fresh fruit juice. The red version starts with red wine, and is completed with orange vodka, apricot brandy and fresh fruit juice. 4900 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.955.0358; www.ohsobrewery.com. UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017

TACOS TEQUILA WHISKEY Seasonal Sangria, $10 This sangria is meant to vanquish the summer heat with the refreshing flavors of Hanson Boysenberry Vodka, Patrón Citrónge Mango, pineapples, orange juice and white wine. 3950 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.603.9411; www.tacostequilawhiskey.com. THE PARLOR Red or White Sangria, $8 The guest’s choice of red or white wine is mixed with a hint of brandy, gin and a generous portion of seasonal fruits – a perfect pairing with one of the restaurant’s pizzas! 1916 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.248.2480; www.theparlor.us. TRUE FOOD KITCHEN Farmers Market Sangria, $10 Organic white wine is combined with spiced brandy, lime and pineapple for a tropical treat. 2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.774.3488; www.truefoodkitchen.com.

f ood f ile s

dr ink

dining guide


Nothing screams summer more than a cold scoop of ice cream – especially in this heat! When you walk into Churn, a sign proclaims “No phony stuff,” and it’s more than just lip service. Every flavor is made with 10 ingredients or less, none with artificial flavors. Each ingredient is first cooked together fresh daily and chilled, then the mixture goes into a U.S.-made, state-of-the-art ice cream maker, which must be set to 150-160 revolutions per minute to create a rich, creamy flavor. Too few, you have ice. Too many, you have butter. Summer flavors incorporate lemon zest, sea salt, harvested blueberries and even soda water for an extra pop. Churn, 5223 N. Central Ave, Phoenix; 602.279.8024; www.churnaz.com.

AUGUST 2017 |



food files


Cool dishes for hot summer nights BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ

Hearth ’61


hen it’s this hot, sometimes the best comfort food is that of the cold variety. Luckily, these local eateries have your back when it comes to keeping cool. From fresh seafood to supercool soup, we are highlighting nine inventive dishes that won’t make you think twice when swapping out that hot burger. BUCK & RIDER Dish: Buck & Rider Oysters, $3.50 each Details: This casual-upscale seafood restaurant, featuring fresh seafood, a raw oyster bar, hand-rolled sushi and farm-fresh vegetables, has no shortage of delicious chilled menu items. But the real standout here (and one of our favorites!) are their signature oysters as, which are harvested from the restaurant group’s own farm in Washington state in the Olympic Peninsula and served ice cold. 4225 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.346.0110; www.buckandrider.com. CHELSEA’S KITCHEN Dish: Smoked Idaho Trout Dip, $12 Details: A dip like no other, the Idaho trout is house-brined and smoked using Chelsea’s famous custom wood-burning

Buck & Rider

smoker. It’s served chilled and accompanied with classic saltine crackers and vibrant, fresh watermelon radish. 5040 N. 40th St., Phoenix; 602.957.2555; www.chelseaskitchenaz.com. CRUDO Dish: Seabass Crudo, $16 Details: Thinly sliced seabass is served “crudo-style,” dressed with a small amount of high-quality olive oil and sea salt, as well as olives, salsa delle erbe, and pangratto. 3603 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602-358-8666; www.crudoaz.com. UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017


food files Pita Jungle

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace

CRUjiente Tacos

CRUJIENTE TACOS Dish: Golden Gazpacho, $8 Details: Fresh summer vegetables including Arizona heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion, gives this Spanish-inspired soup bold color and flavor. Vinegar is added to the dish to provide tanginess, and a homemade yogurt aioli finishes the mixture to provide balance. 3961 E. Camelback Road., Phoenix; 602.687.7777; www.crutacos.com. HEARTH ’61 Dish: Ahi Tartare, $16 Details: Ahi tartare mingles with Persian cucumbers, shishito peppers and shaved turnip to complete this dish, served in a puffed rice shell for a fun presentation. 5445 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley; 888.318.7591; www.mountainshadows.com.

HULA’S MODERN TIKI Dish: Hawaiian Ceviche, $9 Details: Scoop up a taste of this tikiinspired restaurant with tropical Hawaiian white fish “cooked” in citrus, coconut milk, chili, cilantro, garlic, and served with crispy wonton chips. 4700 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.265.8454; www.hulasmoderntiki.com. J&G STEAKHOUSE Dish: Watermelon Gazpacho, $12 Details: Get a spoonful of summer with J&G Steakhouse’s almost-too-pretty-to-eat watermelon gazpacho. This chilled soup blends fresh watermelon with a secret combination of spices. It’s then poured tableside over a steamed shrimp and accented with tarragon oil to create the perfect seasonal bite. 6000 E Camelback Road, Scottsdale; 480-214-8000; www.jgsteakhousescottsdale.com. LUCI’S HEALTHY MARKETPLACE Dish: Acai Superfood Bowl, $10.19 Details: A blended bowl of chilled organic acai berries – a superfood filled with powerful antioxidants – is topped with hemp granola, chilled bananas and blueberries for a sweet summer treat. 1590 E. Bethany Home Road, Phoenix; 602.773.1339; www.lucishealthymarketplace.com. AUGUST 2017 |




Tomaso’s Italian Restaurant

PITA JUNGLE Dish: Hummus Trio, $5.79 (small), $7.29 (large) Details: This menu item has all three of the health-focused restaurant’s signature hummus flavors all on one plate – each made with a base of chickpeas, tahini, fresh garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and a garbanzo bean confit. In addition to the traditional hummus, Pita Jungle adds roasted red bell peppers to one variation and a jalapeno cilantro mixture to another for creamy alternative flavor creations. Served with fresh pita. 5505 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.277.7482; www.pitajungle.com. 4340 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, 602.955.7482. TOMASO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT Dish: Antipasto Charcuterie Board, $14 (per person) Details: Start your Italian feast with a variety of light bites, with an assortment of specialty meats and vegetables including San Daniele prosciutto, soppressata, artisan cheeses, grilled Roman artichokes, olives and roasted bell peppers. 3225 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.956.0836; www.tomasos.com.

new in town

A “CUT” ABOVE Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel launches Dust Cutter BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ


he newly opened Dust Cutter, a modern restaurant and saloon nestled into the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel, is part-homage to the Old West, part-homage to the authentic flavors that make the Valley extraordinary, and all that you need for a very special night on the town. “When the West was wild, after a day of riding the desert trails, a cowboy would saunter into a saloon for a shot of something strong to cut the dust and lift his mood,” says Jon Erikson, director of sales and marketing. “Fast forward to today. Our eclectic, urban desert setting that is no stranger to the occasional violent and expansive dust storm itself – especially during the August monsoon and haboob season – is the heart of Dust Cutter: a place to take off your metaphoric hat and spurs and relax with amazing food and drink.”

An Instagram-worthy restaurant situated between the hotel’s lobby and the newly opened, pedestrian-friendly Adams Street, Dust Cutter’s open floor plan and massive garage doors roll back to welcome both locals and hotel guests, creating an interactive intersection of community, culinary and contemporary cowboy. A 25-foot-long streamlined bed of local river rock and large custom iron logs are cleverly set up to create a sculpture mimicking a roaring blaze, with real flames planned and warmth for the winter months. Open to both the inside and out, low stools line the bar area, creating a perfect venue for people-watching or catching a game on any of the eight 55-inch screen televisions. “Dust Cutter has design elements that range from spirited to whimsical, including stools resembling lug nuts and light fixtures made of salvaged parts from old bridges. Over-scaled railroad beams suspended with frayed rope support an eye-popping 6-foot pair of spurs, along with a variety of rustic pendant lights,” Erikson explains. “Our feature wall, fittingly named The Cabinet of Cocktail Curiosities, pays homage to the mixologists of yore with an eclectic display of vintage barware and collectibles.” With a room this bold and imaginative, Dust Cutter Executive Chef Josh UPTOWN |


| AUGUST 2017

Murray – the former executive chef at the famed Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa – was driven to create a menu that was equally memorable and representative of the Valley of Sun, purposely avoiding being labeled Southwest or Tex-Mex. Murray’s commitment to “pay respect to the Sonoran Desert” is evident in his menu of sandwiches, salads and signature entrees, featuring shareable portions at affordable prices, including: tender belly bacon-wrapped struffed dates ($7), Hatch chile Hayden Mills corn bread skillet ($5) and avocado fries ($7). Lead Mixologist Tony Escalante is equally committed to creating a Sonoran-infused menu and incorporates house-made shrubs and syrups into the signature Dust Cutter batched cocktails, including an early favorite in the Beet Around the Bush cocktail featuring Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, maple beet shrub, maple syrup and bitters. Dust Cutter is open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight. Dust Cutter, 100 N. 1st St., Phoenix; 602.333.0000; www.renhotelphx.com.

Because you have better things to do with your time. Your dry cleaning direct to your home or office.

OrganiCare is a true full service dry cleaner and ready to wear specialist using alternative organic, non-toxic dry cleaning systems. We focus on high quality pressing and finishing on every garment that crosses our door. Your wardrobe will look great & last longer!

602.265.1298 341 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85013 Monday - Friday 6:00am - 7:00 pm Saturday 8:00am to 5:00 pm Sunday Closed for maintenance


Specializing in convenient, complimentary pick-up and delivery to your home or office. Sign up online today at WWW.ORGANICARE.CO or call us to arrange. We offer same day service at either location before 9:00am Monday thru Friday. For pleasure, business or home‌ we clean it all!

On the corner of Central Avenue & Palm Lane PHOENIX

480.250.0848 ChateauOnCentral.com

Priced from the $1.8 millions

City life has never looked this good.

Located in Midtown Phoenix among the culture, night life and urban vibe of the city, Chateau on Central is home to 20 exclusive residences. Luxurious custom interiors and 5 levels of sophistication. It can be yours. Sales and marketing by Monson Luxury Group, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, licensed in the State of Arizona. Square footage is approximate and may vary. This material is not an offer to sell real property and shall not be construed as an offer in violation of the law of any jurisdiction. No Federal or State agency has judged the merits or value if any, of this property. Obtain all relevant documents, disclaimers, and covenants, and read them before signing anything. The depictions herein may reflect building, amenities and improvements some or all of which may be conceptual only, and subject to change without notice. All brokers welcome. Prices, terms, incentives, material, and availability subject to change without notice. Subject to Public Report. Š 2012 All rights reserved.