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A COLLECTION OF HOMES INSPIRED BY PARADISE. Azure is located in the most highly coveted address in Paradise Valley, and adjacent to the upcoming Ritz-Carlton resort and Palmeraie — an exclusive shopping and culinary destination. Azure is a private enclave of sixty-six luxurious residences harmoniously blending transformational architecture and thoughtful design. Visit azurepvliving.com and discover all that AZURE Paradise Valley has to offer the fortunate few.

Azure, a Shea Signature™ community, is offered by The Solvere Group, LLC (AZ DRE #LC631297000) with construction by Shea Homes Limited Partnership (ROC #195895). This is not an offer for real estate for sale, nor solicitation of an offer to buy to residents of any state or province in which registration and other legal requirements have not been fulfilled. A PUBLIC REPORT IS AVAILABLE ON THE STATE REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT WEBSITE. Models are not an indication of racial preference. Artist rendering subject to change. Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Equal Housing Opportunity. ©2017 All rights reserved.

Buyers and sellers of diamonds, fine gold and estate jewelry.


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features 28 Kim Quintero Get to know the Valley meteorologist off camera

32 She’s so chic Five fashionista moms making it big in the blogosphere 64 Glam in the garden Haute, haute, haute swimsuits

ON THE COVER: Kim Quintero, photo by Mark Morgan, www.markmorganphotography.org.



| MAY 2017

Experts in MonaLisa Touch News Update: The MonaLisa Touch has now been FDA approved in the U.S. for over 2 years and at Arizona Women’s Care more than 800 procedures have brought amazing results to women across the Southwest region. This amazing NON HORMONAL treatment for vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, frequent bladder or vaginal infections and other symptoms that result from a lack of estrogen has revolutionized our success in treating these disheartening issues. In a recent Stanford University study, reductions in dryness and painful intercourse were especially marked, dropping an average of 75% and 66% respectively. As Lindsay (age 56) states, “I was skeptical, but I needed to try something. After the 3 treatments, intercourse was so much better I could not believe it. I actually asked my husband if we could do it again, and he was shocked! It has made such a difference in our relationship.” The MonaLisa Touch uses fractional CO2 laser therapy

to regenerate collagen and rid the vaginal mucosa of the dry atrophic cells. Three simple treatments in the office 6 weeks apart have shown incredible improvements in vaginal atrophy. These treatments take about 5 minutes and are virtually painfree, no anesthesia is needed. As women caring for women, our expertise and customer service are unsurpassed in the valley. Our staff of all-female physicians were the 1st board certified OB/GYNS in the state of Arizona to perform the MonaLisa Touch procedure. We welcome you to any of our open house seminars to learn more about the MonaLisa Touch! You will have the opportunity to meet with the doctors and talk with the patients who have had this life changing procedure. One last testimonial from Rhonda (age 61) sums up why we do what we do, “Thank you Arizona Women’s Care for offering me the MonaLisa Touch! It is an amazing treatment. I am 100% back to feeling like I did 20 years ago!”

e r ’ u o Y d e t i v n I

at our s u n i o j Please House n e p O isa MonaL 5-6:30pm , 7 1 0 2 th m M ay 18 , 5-6:30p 7 1 0 2 h t June 15 ulie at J o t P R SV 016 480.455.0 BACK ROW: Ann Langer M.D., JulieAnn Heathcott M.D., JulieAnne Castilla M.D. FRONT ROW: Kelly Helms M.D., Julie Kwatra M.D.

480.455.0016 | 9823 N. 95th St. Ste 101 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 www.ArizonaWomensCare.com

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Tony Felice’s health journey

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Chris Carter serves up fashion

26 Noticed 1675 E. Morten Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85050 altitudesixteen75@conam.net www.altitude1675apartments.com (602) 910-5306

What people wore to events

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52 Cuisine Talking with Jeff Hostenske, chef and owner of TEN and Dieci

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A taste of Taco Guild

82 New In Town Burgers, please


Luxury Real Estate at TheAgencyRE.com/AZ PARADISE VALLEY




An international associate of Savills


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| MAY 2017

Like Instant Gratification?

Now offering quick cash for high-end designer handbags Do you have Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbags in your closet that originally retailed for four figures or more (shhh, we won’t tell your husband)? Well now getting money for your luxury handbags is easier and more satisfying than ever. We will purchase your bag outright. No waiting for consignment required. Available only at our Scottsdale Lincoln Village location. Visit our website for details.



ed note

MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Between regularly sending emails and text messages on your smart phone, spending hours gripping the steering wheel in rush hour traffic, and playing hours of tennis on the weekends, your hands are locked in an endless cycle of repetitive motions that typically go unnoticed until pain sets in. Soreness at the base of the thumb, pain, or a clicking, snapping, or locking sensation while the thumb is in motion could be a sign of trigger thumb. Trigger thumb can result from tendon inflammation due to repetitive gripping motions, or from an underlying medical condition like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice has pioneered a minimally invasive procedure to treat trigger thumb in Arizona without the need for complicated and invasive traditional surgery. The EndoTech® Endoscopic Trigger Thumb Release system was designed by Dr. Fitzmaurice and is available exclusively at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute. EndoTech® uses a small incision and an endoscopic technique to fix the injured tendon in an outpatient procedure. With EndoTech® , you’ll be back in motion, firm grip in tact, in no time!


ot many of us can say that we knew our exact career path from when we were a young child. Kim Quintero is not many of us. The Phoenix local and known news persona is taking the Valley’s weather by storm. With inspiration from her mother’s aspirations and time spent at her grandmother’s home (talk about a perfect Mother’s Day tie in!), Quintero set off on her journey to make her mark in the broadcast news world – and that’s just what she did! We spoke with the ray of sunshine about her journey to Arizona and becoming an on-air personality. The runner and foodie talks about her time in and out of the studio on page 28. Like Quintero, many find inspiration and guidance through their mothers and grandmothers. We spoke with five chefs who literally took recipes from their childhood and transformed them into restaurant dishes. From comfort food like chicken noodle soup and mac and cheese to holiday sweets, these local chefs share their favorite dishes on page 78. We’re also highlighting unexpected brunch beverages on page 76 – and what better way to celebrate Mom than by toasting to her with good drinks, good food and even better company? On page 58, you’ll find face and hair masks galore. These products will take your multi-tasking to the next level, allowing you to work on different problem zones at once. Then we shift holiday gears to Cinco de Mayo. Celebrate by trying the new bold, colorful Downtown eatery, Chico Malo (page 82) or toasting the holiday on page 53 with Taco Guild’s cleverly named and uniquely sourced drinks. Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, “May” it be fabulous! Best, Gabby Richman Editor-in-Chief gabby@richmanmediagroup.com Find our magazine on Facebook!


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| MAY 2017

world class

H AND SURGEON MICH AEL FITZMAUR ICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board CertiďŹ ed Hand Surgeon

Dr. Fitzmaurice has performed thousands of minimally-invasive, endoscopic hand procedures in Arizona over the last decade.

You never appreciate how important the thumb is to regular activities until a tendon injury compromises movement. Repetitive motion from everyday activities such as typing on a laptop or playing a favorite sport, can lead to swelling and inflammation of the tendon sheath, the condition known as De Quervains Tendinitis. This causes pain and limited mobility of the wrist and thumb.

Developed by board certified hand surgeon Michael Fitzmaurice, M.D., and available exclusively at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix, Endotech uses a small incision and endoscope to repair the injured tendons. Most patients experience immediate relief and improved movement immediately following the procedure, and can return to work in as little as one week!

De Quervains Tendinitis can now be treated by the state of the art, minimally invasive EndoTech Endoscopic De Quervains Release System.


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| MAY 2017

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THE PASSAGE OF TIME Patricia Sannit expresses human environmental impact and relevancy through her ceramics BY MIACHELLE DEPIANO

Sitting in her studio among the pods she is creating for her upcoming exhibit at Phoenix Art Museum, it’s easy to see that Patricia Sannit’s true calling is dirt and clay. While talking about her lifelong vocation, Sannit’s fingers seek out dried bits of clay on the work table, crushing them until they are powder, and moving the powder back and forth in neat columns. continued… MAY 2017 |



no t iced

up close Sannit’s journey as a contemporary art ceramicist began at the age of five when she took her first class. A tomboy as a child, Sannit loved sculpting and molding the material. “I’ve always identified with clay,” she says. “I can exploit it. It’s a material where I feel safest.” Sannit’s ceramic art has run the gamut from pottery to her current abstract forms; her passion is in creating contemporary expressions of connections between periods and cultures of peoples. She explores climate, geologic origins, architecture, and how humans impact their surroundings, their environment, and future generations. Married to Bill Campbell, director of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University, and mother of son Arren and daughter Samara, Sannit is disciplined about her time in the studio. She begins her work after everyone has left for the day, and works until the late afternoon, taking advantage of the quiet hours. “I have to work during the day when I can,” she explains. “I don’t go to coffee or to lunch. I’d prefer to work at night; working at night is a different realm.” Sannit obtained her formal education in ceramics, first attending a liberal arts school for a year, then transitioning to the Agder Folkehøgskole in Norway to get her craft certification. She returned to the U.S. and obtained her bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of Minnesota, and double majored in art history and Scandinavian studies. Upon graduation, Sannit took part in an archeological excavation in Ain Ghazal, Jordan, near Aman, and she began to uncover her passion for cultures. Her work in Jordan was a transformative experience personally and artistically. “I loved excavation,” she explains. “It did change my life. My life was lacking purpose. My pottery was good, but it lacked content.” Finding the Jordanian environment beautiful, Sannit was intrigued by the geometric marks on the buildings. She also found familiarity in the geometry in the textiles due to growing up with a Swedish family background.

“I realized the ancient pottery was similar, [that there was] a common humanity,” she says. “That sense is what keeps me sane, and is the core of what I do.” The artist’s next journey in formalizing her education was obtaining her master’s degree in ceramics from the California College of Arts, which at the time was under the direction of famed sculptor Viola Frey. Sannit made a conscious choice to work with Frey, realizing how male-dominated the world of sculpture is. “I worked under [potter] Warren MacKenzie as an undergrad, and I deliberately chose to work with a woman in grad school,” she says. After grad school, Sannit was teaching in California, and met her husband at the Institute of Human Origins, spearheaded at the time by Donald Johanson, the paleoanthropologist who discovered the skeletal remains of bipedal hominin “Lucy.” She and Campbell married in 1992, and a few years later she gave birth to Arren. With her



| MAY 2017

creative time limited due to family life, Sannit returned to making pottery again. “I was making money, but eventually I stopped,” she explains. “I was bored.” Ultimately, Sannit began making the work she is known for today, harkening on her fascination with humanity’s history and influence on successive generations of people. “I started making work that made me happy, what was interesting to me,” she says. Another facet of Sannit’s career today that she enjoys immensely is teaching others ceramic art. Her advice to those who want to be sculptors is simple: you learn by making. “I’m best helping others find their path, dig deep, and find who they are,” Sannit explains. “You learn by making. You can’t learn by sitting and staring at the clay.” She also advises aspiring sculptural artists to go talk to people, get out of the clay community, and get into broader art communities to expand their artistic knowledge. “Go talk to people,” Sannit says. “People are really nice. If you have someone you admire, go talk to them. Being informed broadens your personal vision.” When asked how she approaches creating a new piece or a new body of work, Sannit’s explanation indicates it’s an organic and subconscious-driven process. “My hands know what they are doing without me,” she says. “I conceptualize before, but I don’t think while working. The work is best when I don’t think. I don’t analyze it; I’m very analytical in the rest of my life.” Her creative approach works well; Sannit has had many exhibits, grants, and installations in her career. Her upcoming exhibit at Phoenix Art Museum is a result of being awarded the Arlene and Morton Scult Contemporary Forum Award that took place May 11, 2016. The Scult award is a mid-career award given to artists whose accomplishments demonstrate continued artistic progress and growth. Her exhibit, titled Rise Fall Rise runs June 7, 2017 through September 15, 2017. For more information, visit www.patriciasannit.com.




2107 E. Camelback Road, Suite A-18 Phoenix, AZ 85016

6378 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 140 Scottsdale, AZ 85253

(Town & Country Shopping Center)

(SW Corner of Scottsdale & Lincoln)

2 Weeks for $25! For first time students

CALL NOW! 602.374.3055 www.thebiltmorestudio.com


RAISING THE BARRE Elissa Scannell’s workout method is on the move BY BRITTANY MARONEY PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN


lissa Scannell’s secret recipe for success: community and results. After years at a desk job, Scannell was introduced to boutique fitness studio The Bar Method in Washington, D.C. and couldn’t wait to bring it to the Southwest. “I believe in The Bar Method and its ability to change lives,” she says. “There is nothing more rewarding for me than to see someone realize her/his own strength and potential.” Over the course of the past few years, the one-hour, non-impact total-body workout has been growing in popularity, nationally. It starts with a warmup, freeweight exercises and pushups and then moves on to intense, isometric leg work at the bar, followed by abdominal work at the bar and on mats. Every exercise includes active stretching to elongate the targeted muscles. Scannell’s new space is a 4,150-square-foot studio, located in the Arcadia Towne Center. “I designed the space to feel very friendly to busy parents, headed to and from work,” she says. “It has a full-service childcare, a stocked locker room, and spa-like showers. While I think the space is beautiful, it’s really about the sense of community that my amazing clients and staff, have already built.”


When did you know that your new studio was a success? One day I walked into the studio and overheard clients who didn’t know each other before making plans for after class. I wanted to yell, “YES! We did it! My Bar Method family is really happening!” I’m pretty cheesy and easily excitable. What is one thing you can’t live without? I will drop whatever I’m doing if there is an invite to a waterpark. I love amusement parks as well, but waterparks are the best! How do you spend your free time? I love to read. Right now, I’m reading Tools of Titans. I’m reading it like a textbook — notes, highlights, dog-eared pages, the works. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017

This is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, to residents of any state or province in which registration and other legal requirements have not been fulfilled. Void where prohibited by law. All plans, amenities, availability, completion dates, prices, improvements and incentives are subject to change without notice. All measurements are approximate. Sales and marketing by LaunchPad powered by Launch Real Estate.



Tony Felice’s road to Lyme Disease and beyond BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN


n 2011, Valley brand consultant and LGBTQ rights champion Tony Felice came down with a terrible flu after a trip to Cape Cod – or so he thought. For the next two years, Felice’s symptoms lingered, and worsened. “The pain became so intolerable in 2013 that I found myself about to take my life,” says Felice, who, by then, was unable to control his muscles or barely stand upright. “But I couldn’t bear to leave my husband Tim.” After 24 months and 15 specialists, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis MS, an incurable disease that attacks the central nervous system and appeared to be in its advanced stages. “I was just days from beginning aggressive treatment when a naturopathic doctor agreed to test me for Lyme Disease,” Felice recalls. He was not only tested conclusively positive for Lyme-induced MS, which is common after having the disease for so long without treatment, but so was a friend and his dog who were with him in Cape Cod. “We remembered a lot of bugs, and the way to contract Lyme is through ticks,” he says. The past five years, fighting the disease and going back and forth between remission and flare-ups – including hospitalizations – have been filled with IVs, pain and lots of tears, but also hope – and inspiration.


How did your journey inspire you to get involved with Lyme Disease advocacy? In 2015, I met Focus on Lyme founder Tammy Crawford, whose daughter lives with the disease and symptoms mirror mine, and joined her leadership team. Our goal is to help develop and bring to market the first most truly accurate test for Lyme. How can readers get involved? Readers can visit www. focusonlyme.org and donate to the cause at any time, but especially now as it is Lyme Awareness Month. We also have our Flagstaff fundraising golf tournament in July – and are taking players and sponsors right now. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017


MOON VALLEY | 602 495 1515

CAMELBACK | 602 297 1515 *See waxcenter.com for complete details. Restrictions apply. © 2017 EWC Franchise, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

her style

WOMAN IN O CHARGE Caroline Connor proves that there’s a place for fashion in every setting with her empowering, feminine style BY EMILY GLYNN PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN

ver the past decade, Caroline Connor, director of corporate culture at Homeowners Financial Group, has become an expert on piecing together the perfect professional wardrobe. Monday through Friday, the British Columbia native slays in tailored Theory slacks, evoking the glamour and sophistication of British fashion icons like Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham. “Fashion is an expression of self,” Connor says. “My mood and the seasons play into what I choose to wear on a daily basis. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but there’s a flannel for every season!” Of course, everyone starts somewhere and Connor appreciates that building a work wardrobe from scratch is a daunting task for young professionals. “Keep it simple,” she advises. “Start with a few pieces you can wear yearlong and build from there.” A versatile suit set from Nordstrom – she’s head over heels for their customer service – with a seasonal pop of color will go a long way. As for stringent workplace dress codes? Connor views them as a challenge. After all, there’s nothing that can’t be overcome with the right pair of shoes.

What essentials do you always keep in your office? L’Occitane hand cream, a cozy sweater in case the air conditioning is blasting – which it almost always is – and almond Perfect Bars. What is your go-to workday lunch? Hands down the kale salad from La Grande Orange. What has been your most extravagant vacation? The Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, Canada. It’s where my husband and I got engaged and then married on Chesterman Beach. Tofino is where the ocean meets the rainforest. It’s absolutely breathtaking. What would we be surprised to find in your closet? I have five pairs of rain boots. I’m originally from the West Coast – Vancouver, Canada – so I can’t help myself. In true West Coast fashion, I also wore a pair of navy Hunter rain boots on my wedding day. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017


Michelle Age:

50 Married:

Yes, 20+ years Children:

4 , 3 C-sections Job outside home:



2 - 3 times a week lbs gained each pregnancy:

Stopped counting at 40 Number of years thought about Mommy Makeover:


Only regret:

I didn’t do it sooner Added bonus of Mommy Makeover:

2 weeks of Netflix! About Dr. Lille:

Dr. Lille is a perfectionist, I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Actual Patient of Dr. Lille (Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck)

Mommy Makeover

Dr. Sean Lille can perform a customized mommy makeover that will help you regain the youthful, fit appearance you enjoyed before having children.

95% patient satisfaction based on 752 ratings on provider scorecard. Dr. Sean Lille previously a Lt. Cmdr in the Naval Reserve and a faculty member at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale has served as a consultant for ABC News 15 and has authored over 70 publications. Dr. Lille understands the demands of busy mom’s as he is married and the father of four children.

(480) 661-6197

10210 N. 92nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 www.scottsdaleplasticsurgeon.com Sean Lille, M.D., PC,

Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery

his style



Chris Carter dishes up his tasteful style BY EMILY GLYNN PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN

espite his busy schedule as the general manager of chef Scott Conant’s recently opened Mora Italian, no amount of ciabattina or cavatelli could ever keep Chris Carter from triple checking his doublecuffed jeans and perfectly coiffed surfer hair before running a shift. “A lot of people look up to me at Mora and I like to set the example of how we need to show up to work,” says the hospitality industry veteran. “Details matter. Mora is such stylish place and I have to keep up.” Fitted Michael Kors polo shirts and a propensity for bright colors make up the majority of Carter’s wardrobe, a proud collection of Southern California-inspired markdowns and secondhand gems. “I’m a discount freak,” he confesses. “I get a kick out of the search, especially when I feel like I’ve scored something awesome.” Carter’s main source of inspiration, however, comes from his one and only. “My wife always dresses really cute, so I have to step my game up when it comes to clothes,” he laughs. Aside from fancy pens and golf swag, her approval is his ultimate accessory.

What are you most passionate about? I’m extremely passionate about my family and connecting with my wife as much as I can. I love food and wine – I study wine and cocktails relentlessly. I’m very into a natural lifestyle [and] a bulletproof diet – yes, I blend butter into my coffee every day. I also garden and have an impeccably well-groomed yard, something that has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid. How many tattoos do you have? Any special meaning behind them? Two, and yes. The shark is good luck and [the other is] my family crest. What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten? Grilled halibut and roasted veggies from Fisherman’s Warf in San Clemente. Or maybe Adhoc in Napa. Biggest kitchen mishap you’ve experienced working in the restaurant industry? Ran out of sushi rice in a sushi restaurant on Friday night – at 6 p.m. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017



at Saks Fifth Avenue BY BEN ARNOLD

1. Angela Zdrale, Theory dress.

7. Lisa Greve, Free People dress.

2. Susan Sheen, dress from BCBG Max Azria.

8. Nikki Scott, Gianni Bini dress.

3. Tori Rosenblum, vintage dress.

9. Lauren Hendeles, dress from Anthropologie.

4. Irene Rosenblum, Derek Lam outfit.

10. Emily Burnett, dress from LOFT.

5. Casey Seeger, Dress the Population dress.

11. Jenny Marusiak, dress from Banana Republic.

6. Lauren Haire, Diane Von Furstenberg dress.



| MAY 2017



at The Phoenician BY ELIZABETH BARRY

1. Alex Chaplik, Theia dress.

7. Catherine Swaback, Betsy & Adam dress.

2. Shannon Bundschuh, Free People dress.

8. Caroline Schlack, Theia dress.

3. Lauren Brueckner, Badgley Mischka dress.

9. Sunny Castro-Marin, dress from private vintage collection.

4. Lauren Kenney, dress from Windsor.

10. Shelby Marcuzzo, Dress the Population dress.

5. Janet Glaser, Escada dress.

11. Lori Leavitt, dress from private collection.

6. Stacy Glaser, Lovers + Friends dress.

12. Dr. Karley Schneider, dress from private collection.

MAY 2017 |




Come Rain,

Sleet or

Shine Kim Quintero, KTVK 3TV and CBS 5 meteorologist, is always on the forefront of Mother Nature’s weather patterns



| MAY 2017


other Nature is a tough one to read, but Emmy Award-winning meteorologist, reporter and news anchor Kim Quintero has mastered understanding Her elusive ways. Whether it’s triple-digit temperatures, monsoon season, winter storms in the northern Valley or rare desert rainfall, Mother Nature cannot stump this stellar meteorologist. Quintero is always on the scene – come rain or shine – delivering weather reports and updates that Valley residents trust. “I love studying the weather. I love being able to always inform anyone that asks whether it’s going to rain on their pool party, wedding, soccer game, etc. And, I love being able to forecast weather from every fun weekend event in the Valley,” Quintero says. “I meet some of the coolest people, share some of the most inspiring stories, taste some of the best food, and see some of the prettiest places in the country that way … and it’s all in Arizona.” In 2013 – her first time visiting the Valley of the Sun – Quintero interviewed for a meteorologist position at 3TV in Phoenix. After receiving the news that she got the position, Quintero couldn’t refuse the opportunity to live and work here. Four years later, she still calls the KTVK 3TV and CBS 5 stations home. Because she routinely works with all of the teams on each newscast for both stations – a pretty unique situation – Quintero admits that her colleagues are more like family members. “Everyone is so laid back and friendly. We can joke around with each other and laugh until cheeks hurt,” she explains. “We call ourselves ‘Arizona Family’ not because it’s just a station brand, but because we’re a real family. These people are my brothers and sisters. I feel pretty lucky to have each of them in my life.” Prior to Quintero’s Arizona Family days, her story begins in her hometown of San Joaquin, California. She recalls going to her grandparents’ house every day after school when she was young girl. The neighborhood her grandparents lived in was plagued with crime, gangs and poverty. “The home had bars on the windows, heavy security screen doors and locks on MAY 2017 |



everything. I was never allowed to play with friends, participate in extracurricular activities, or explore. Most of my time was spent at grandma’s house watching local news,” she says. Because she wasn’t allowed to explore the world outside of her grandparents’ home, Quintero used the news as her window into the real world. The stories and the journalists reporting them made the young girl’s eyes widen with inspiration. She knew then, in front of her grandmother’s TV, that she would one day be the reporter on the opposite side of the screen. “I saw being a news broadcaster as my outlet to seeing so much more of the world, beyond the bars on the windows. Coincidentally, my mom also mentioned that if she had gone to college, she would have wanted to pursue news broadcasting. Since I looked up to my mom, that comment helped light the fire in me. I eventually got to dabble in journalism by writing for my high school newspaper,” she elaborates. Dabbling in her high school newspaper ignited Quintero’s passion for storytelling. She later went on to earn a bachelors’ degree in mass communication and journalism from California State University at Fresno. While in college, she landed a paid position at KMPH Fox in Fresno. Quintero seized the opportunity and absorbed everything she could from every single person on set. She eventually compiled and created a demo reel, sent it all over the country and was offered her first full-time on-air job as a weekend weather anchor and weekday reporter at KVAL CBS in Eugene, Oregon. Quintero recalls on-air jitters during her first year with KVAL CBS. “I would get stomach aches, my skin would get blotchy, and I'd feel hot. Half the time, I don't think my sentences were coherent! Needless to say, I've come a long way,” she says. It was in Oregon when talking to her news director that the young journalist realized she had found two loves in media, and had to make a choice on which path to take. “She [my news director] asked me where I saw myself in five years, and I told her I wanted to be in a larger market. She responded that, if I wanted to work in a larger market, I would need to UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017

decide whether my expertise was going to be weather or investigative journalism, because it’s hard to blend the two.” Upon discernment, Quintero decided that the weather forecasting market had her name written all over it. So, she pursued the geosciences broadcast meteorology distance-learning program at Mississippi State University while also working fulltime in TV. “I realized that weather impacts every facet of our lives. It can make or break communities, economies, infrastructure, and the food we grow, down to vacations, weddings, sporting events and everything in between. That said, weather prediction and studying atmospheric processes interested me more than covering general assignment stories,” she says. Quintero worked in Eugene for two years before taking a position at WYFF in Greenville, South Carolina. Unlike the station in Oregon – comprised of fresh, out of college reporters or seasoned veterans that had lived in the area for decades – the WYFF newsroom was staffed with many experienced journalists. It was a big jump for Quintero, but a task she was ready face head on.

“[At WYFF] I gained incredible experience covering all types of weather. I would field report on, and track from instudio, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, snowstorms and severe thunderstorms,” she explains. Quintero has forecasted severe thunderstorms, to freezing rain, straight-line winds, hail storms, and reported live from the Carolina coastline when Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene moved through. So, what is it like to forecast a state that is often described as sunny and warm? “I think one of the hardest parts of my job in Arizona is convincing the public to take our non-sunny and warm weather seriously,” she says. “Arizona has some of the most fascinating and diverse climate types to analyze, from the Mogollon Rim and White Mountains, to the beautiful Sonoran Desert. There's just enough to keep me on my toes. Plus, I love that those who live here get so excited when it rains in the Valley. I don't think many can disagree that rain in the desert is a pretty special thing.” When she isn’t studying Mother Nature’s tricks or on-air, you can find MAY 2017 |



Quintero enjoying nature, running around the Valley and its scenic landscapes. “I started running when I lived in Oregon, so about nine years ago. I love to run around the Encanto and Coronado neighborhoods, Downtown Phoenix and along the Bridle Path. Running is a great stress reliever and helps me gather my thoughts,” she says. With health as one of her main priorities in and out of the kitchen, you can also spot her cooking up a storm. “I'm big on clean eating and will always put a healthy spin on my dishes. I find balance by also going to Valley restaurants with friends once or twice a week,” Quintero says. Some of her favorites include Flower Child, True Food Kitchen, Sumo Maya, Federal Pizza, Chelsea’s Kitchen and Talavera. Quintero’s zeal for informing others about the world around them is apparent whenever she greets her “Arizona Family” viewers with a warm hello. No longer is she peering through a screen to see the world around her, but she is the reporter on the opposite side … with a raincoat, windbreaker, or bottle of sunscreen in hand.

It’s been a decade since the fashion blogging phenomenon began, and today, fashion bloggers are so much more than pretty faces snapping enviable photos. They’re now an accepted part of the fashion world, partnering with major brands, landing ad campaigns, and starring on magazine covers. And, many of them happen to have another role: Mom. From babies to Balenciaga, five local women are balancing motherhood with the life of a fashion blogger. Whether it’s shopping on a budget, ultra-feminine finds or boho influences, each style maven lends savvy inspiration to her fashionable fan base.




| MAY 2017

Kimberly Blank


With a background in retail buying and interior design, fashion blogging was a natural fit for Kimberly Blank. As a newer blogger, hitting the blogosphere less than a year ago, and a very new mom – her daughters are 22 months and just over a month old – Blank has transferred her passion and stylish know-how to her blog, Live Love Blank. It’s through blogging that Blank has found a way to share her creativity and expertise in the worlds of fashion, design, beauty and motherhood, with a goal of inspiring other moms. The fashionista’s saving grace? Online shopping, where she says she gets almost all of her goodies, including the Marc Fisher wedges, big sunnies and floral dresses she says are summer must-haves.

What inspires you and your day-today fashion? I love clothing that fits well, makes me feel my best, and energizes me for the day. It’s amazing how a well puttogether look can uplift and motivate you. When did your love of fashion begin? By first grade, I was obsessed with Punky Brewster, and I, too, had to wear jelly bracelets covering my arms and a necklace loaded with charms. I’m still accessory obsessed! I think it’s just something you are born with. How has becoming a mother changed your wardrobe? Gone is the complicated clothing, meaning anything that requires you to watch what you eat or fashion tape. Fashion will always be extremely important to me, but now I also have to be comfortable running around with my babies or scooping them up, and not worrying about my clothing shifting. However, I will forever love getting dressed up, and my favorite thing to wear will always be a dress.


What do you think the key has been to having a successful blog and social media following? Authenticity, transparency and being inspirational. It’s so important to be your authentic self, and to share, discuss and promote things that you actually love, wear and stand behind. If you blog about what you are most passionate about, people will feel your energy, appreciate the authenticity, and look to you for your honesty and expertise. You must also be willing to be an open book and share a large portion of your life. How do you do it all – blogging and being a mom? I’ve always had a strong work ethic and take great pride in being able to tackle a lot in a day. That same mentality carries over into motherhood and blogging. I don’t take naps, I work when my babies are asleep, and my power hours are that 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. sweet zone.

MAY 2017 |



Jenny Donnell


2015 was a big year for Jenny Donnell. She gave birth to her second child (she already had a two-year-old at home), quit her office job at a Big Four accounting firm, and (even though she didn’t know it yet) started a new career as a blogger. What initially began as a baby blog – intended to keep her family across the country up to date on her newborn son’s milestones – opened Donnell’s eyes to the world of blogging. Soon after, with her own sensible shopper mom as inspiration, Donnell launched The Sensible Shopaholic. The self-proclaimed “full-time, stay-at-home mom and part-time blogger” focuses on fashion, lifestyle and beauty, using her online platform to express her creativity, share her favorite shopping finds with the world, and connect with others.

What inspires you and your day-today fashion? I’m always looking for versatile pieces that can easily be dressed up or down. I’ve always been a bit of a shopaholic, but even my husband agrees I spend my money wisely. I like to splurge on classic pieces that will last and spend less on trendy pieces that will be out of style next year. What advice would you offer someone who wants to blog professionally? Start with a free Wordpress account (it’s easy to upgrade when you get bigger) and build a social media following. Especially as a fashion blogger, having a presence on Instagram has been essential. Top three summer must-haves: Offthe-shoulder or cold-shoulder tops and dresses, anything with tassels or pompoms, and an amazing pair of comfortable sandals or wedges. How has becoming a mother changed your wardrobe? I now gravitate toward comfortable and easy-to-wash items that work with my day-to-day lifestyle. Instead of spending my weekends at trendy hot spots with friends, I now spend my time at the park, birthday parties and doing other family events. Heels and fancy dresses rarely happen these days. What’s the best parenting advice you’ve been given? Traveling with kids is possible. My husband and I love to travel and have taken our kids to five continents before the age of five. Yes, there are difficult moments, but it is possible to continue exploring the world, even with kids in tow. Top three fashion influences: 1) My mom. She’s always had amazing style and has taught me to shop sensibly, hence the name of my blog. 2) Tory Burch. I love her brand, story and entrepreneurial spirit. 3) Other fashion bloggers. These are real people who have a good eye and love fashion as much as I do.




| MAY 2017

Venessa Kaufman


More than two years ago, Venessa Kaufman traded in her 10-year career as a financial advisor to lend a full-time focus on her blog and her kiddos (Zara, 5 ½ and Blake, 4). What began as a hobby and creative outlet for Kaufman, is now a mecca full of style and design inspo where she shares her self-described “ultra-modernboho” look. Kaufman, who recalls her love for fashion bloomed during high school when she produced two fashion shows, calls her growing blog honest, fun and visually appealing, and, for her, it serves as a source of self-expression and connection to people all over the world. Evidence of her fashion influences – the 70s, Kate Moss and Saint Laurent – are apparent, as is her love for wearable whites and resort-inspired ensembles.

What advice would you offer someone who wants to blog professionally? Take one small step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with being an overnight sensation. Take yourself seriously; it sets boundaries and shows people how you expect to be treated. We all have something to offer, in blogging especially. Where do you love to shop? I’m a big www.revolve.com and www.shopbop.com fan. Online shopping is a godsend for mommies like me. How has becoming a mother changed your wardrobe? I don’t wear heels as much, and I don’t take as long to get ready. But overall, I try to stay true to the looks that make me feel good. We are better mamas if we’re happy with ourselves.


Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years? Ultimately, I would love to hire a few bloggers who embody strong values and a unique fashion sense. I see We The Classy as a brand more than just me. Another goal is to design a line under We The Classy. That may take more than five years, but it’s an idea that excites me.

The wide belt – the more fun the buckle, the better A simple, fitted bodysuit

What has been the key to having a successful blog and social media following? What you give is what you receive. Being truthful in who you are is important because people connect to you on a real level. The other part is remembering social media is very similar to being at a social gathering. Remember kindness and manners. If you want to make connections with people, ask them questions. Really, we can’t forget the rules of humanity just because we are using a keyboard to talk.

An off-the-shoulder dress in white, yellow or green Bonus item: wide-leg pants

How do you do it all – blogging and being a mom? I strive for balance, meaning I set realistic expectations for myself. I wish I had a magic trick for it, but everyone is different, so the best advice I have is don’t do what’s good for me and my family, do what’s good for you and your family.

MAY 2017 |



Stesha Puckett


During childhood, Stesha Puckett recalls dressing herself in a rainbow of mix-matched everything. Though now her style is thoughtfully curated, her knack for creativity still rings true. So much so that early in her career, Puckett transitioned from a corporate sales job and MBA program to focus on Classic & Bubbly, which began as a blog to help launch her photography career. That was five years ago. Today, the mom of seven-year-old Sofia is not only pursuing life behind the lens, she’s also sharing her feminine style with an eager audience. In fact, it’s fun, feminine pieces that inspire her most as well as colors and textures. In addition to her outfits – which she notes take influence from fashion icons Lauren Conrad and Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw – you’ll also find beauty and travel in the Classic & Bubbly mix.

What do you love about blogging? One thing I love about blogging that I had no idea existed is the large community of bloggers who support one another! I love meeting other ladies who understand what it is like to be a blogger and can relate to some of the struggles a blogger can go through. What advice would you offer someone who wants to blog professionally? I would say to be authentic, be patient, and stay true to yourself. Also, you need to be dedicated – blogging takes a lot of time! When did your love of fashion begin? My love for fashion stated at a young age! I would dress myself in all different colors, patterns, multicolored hair ties, mix-andmatch socks, etc. It was a unique style, and now, as an adult, I ask my mom how she let me out of the house like that!


Where do you love to shop? I love Nordstrom – their Lush, Socialite, BP. and Free People brands are my favorite. I also love ASOS, Target, Loft, H&M and SheIn. Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years? I hope to still be a fashionable mom who inspires other moms. As our family grows, I know there will be different challenges presented so I may involve my children and family more on the blog. I love choosing my daughter’s clothes (hers are so much cuter!), so it may be fun to add a child’s section! How do you do it all – blogging and being a mom? Early mornings and late nights! I tend to always multitask. For example, while waiting in the parent pickup line for the bell to ring, I am engaging on Instagram or answering emails. I also love to involve my family in my work when it is acceptable. We will make a night out for dinner but go somewhere fun and take a few photos, or take a work trip and turn it into a family vacation.



| MAY 2017

Rachel White


Although a blogger for only one year, Rachel White was born an influencer. As a teenager, White spent her babysitting money on clothes and Vogue. Her passion led to designing and sewing her own clothes and an internship in an apparel showroom. Although she followed a different career path, White couldn’t stay away from her first love. The full-time marketing consultant combined her professional background with her fashionable sensibilities to create With Love & Style, a destination for feminine-chic fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration. The mom to three-year-old William channels her inner style icons (Audrey Hepburn, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) to create looks that focus on comfort and versatility using a mixture of affordable pieces and must-have investment items.

What do you love about blogging? Blogging allows me to combine my love for fashion, styling, writing, photography and social media into one creative outlet. Being able to write about and share what inspires me with others is very fulfilling. What inspires you and your day-today fashion? I gather inspiration from nature, art, fashion magazines and, of course, Instagram. My day-to-day fashion choices are inspired by a mixture of current trends and classic staple wardrobe pieces. What advice would you offer someone who wants to blog professionally? Follow your dreams and go for it! Just know that it’s a labor of love, so ensure that you are truly passionate about your blog topic, otherwise you will burn out quickly. ​ How has becoming a mother changed your wardrobe? I spend a lot of time chasing after a toddler, so I tend to wear things that are comfortable. I do wear a lot less white and save my off-the-shoulder tops for date night. However, I think it’s important to wear the clothes that you buy and not save them for a special occasion. It’s better to wear them and ruin them than to never wear them at all! What’s the best parenting advice you’ve been given? “Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.” My husband and I simply hope to teach our son self-confidence, good values and to fearlessly pursue his dreams. We want him to be prepared to stand up for himself, his beliefs and become whoever he wants to be. He will know that Mom and Dad will be there to support him, no matter what. How do you do it all – blogging and being a mom? Late nights and a lot of coffee! I also couldn’t do it without my wonderful husband and mom, who have been incredibly supportive. Receiving positive feedback from my lovely followers is very motivating.

THREE SUMMER MUST-HAVES: Wedge espadrilles Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles. Pile them on! Anything and everything in gingham print

MAY 2017 |



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As spring and Mother’s Day collide, there’s only one thing comes to mind – flowers. Camelback Flowershop, also part gift shop, embodies the Arcadia feel. In a comfortable, know-your-neighbor environment, the shop offers hand-crafted goods, locally baked treats, and a variety of floral services including same-day delivery, gift boxes, subscriptions and unique arrangements. To top it all off, the shop also offers fresh flower happy hour every Friday from 1 to 6 p.m., with half-priced florals. Treat your mom, grandmother or yourself to a beautiful bouquet and thoughtful gift! Who could resist this shop in bloom? Photo taken March 28 at 1:35 p.m. 4108 E. Indian School Road, 602.840.4646; www.camelbackflowershop.com. MAY 2017 |





Fresh on the scene spots


Even Stevens Sandwiches

The Salt Lake-native craft-casual restaurant is offering sandwiches, salads, bites, and local fair for a cause. Beyond creating a craft dining experience for guests, the brand donates a sandwich to a local nonprofit partner for every sandwich sold, pioneering what brand spokespeople call an important movement for businesses to act more socially responsible. Located at 3950 E. Indian School Road; 602.603.1688; www.evenstevens. com.

Gino’s East of Chicago

The Chicago-style deep-dish pizza place makes its way to Arizona with the state’s first locale. Guests can sink their teeth into the family-owned and -operated chain’s legendary pies, including both deep-dish and thin crust, as well as a variety of sandwiches and salads, craft beer, premium cocktails and wine. Located at 3626 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.441.0704; www.ginoseast.com. PHOTO COURTESY HUSS BREWING CO.

Huss Brewing Co. Taproom

The award-winning Tempe-based brewery’s first-ever standalone taproom offers an ever-changing selection of Huss’ locally crafted beers, including recipes brewed exclusively for this location. Housed inside a stylish rusticyet-industrial indoor-outdoor space, the taproom also serves up housemade bar bites. Located at Uptown Plaza, 100 E. Camelback Road, Ste. 160, Phoenix; 480.234.9944; www.hussbrewing.com.


Fast-casual meets fresh-mex at the second Valley location of this restaurant. Serving up burritos, bowls, salads, tacos and nachos, the quick yet tasty eatery prides itself on fresh ingredients, beyond-the-basic combinations and bold flavors. Located at Arcadia Gateway, 4325 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.667.6000; www.uberrito.com. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017


Pinhole Surgical Technique® The painless fix for receding gums... in about an hour! A University Study revealed that 89% of patients over 20 years old have gingival recession. If you are concerned about receding gums due to gum disease or have gum recession because of aggressive brushing, smoking or medications, turn to Dr. Erik Svans for the Pinhole Surgical Technique®. This surgical treatment rebuilds the gum line without cut and suture surgery. You can walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile in a single visit! In fact, the Pinhole Surgical Technique® is often called the “Lunchtime Gum Lift” as it takes as little as an hour to perform and is done under local anesthesia so you can return to work after your appointment.



Here’s what you need to know: • If the recession is less than 2mm, typically your dentist should closely monitor the tooth. BUT if the tooth is sensitive, un-esthetic, or the root structure is starting to wear away we can quickly and painlessly reposition the receded gum tissue to re-cover the exposed root surface with Pinhole Surgical Technique®. • If the recession is 2mm or more, the supporting bone for the tooth is already resorbing away, and corrective measures should be taken as soon as possible. Continued bone loss can lead to eventual tooth loss. Keeping “small problems small” is a philosophy of ours to maintain optimal overall health of your mouth and body. • Once bone loss occurs, it is impossible to re-grow, and as the gingival tissue recedes, both the supporting hard (bone) and soft (gingival) tissues are being lost that are vital to your Periodontal Health. Pinhole Surgical Technique® is a simple, quick, and effective treatment option for solving gingival recession problems. Dr Svans has been treating gingival recession using Pinhole Surgical Technique® since 2014 and has appeared on Channels 3 and 15 as an expert guest for Pinhole Surgical Technique®. He has treated over 1,000 teeth with this procedure, and is highly experienced in both the procedure, its outcome, and helping you maintain optimal gingival health by controlling the factors that lead to Gingival Recession in the first place.

Contact us for a free consultation 480.219.8760 Erik P. Svans DDS

For more information and to see a large sampling of cases completed by Dr. Svans go to www.pinholeaz.com

Svans Dentistry PLLC 7400 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 (480) 219-8760


Art for Animals

Twenty Years and Counting

Very few restaurants can tout a 20-year run as one of the most celebrated and iconic dining venues in Arizona. T. Cook’s at Royal Palms Resort and Spa, part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, is honoring its 20th anniversary with a very special event as well as a limited-time “classics” menu highlighting some of the legacy restaurant’s favorite dishes over two decades. The menu, created by Executive Chef Tood Allison, is a three-course, prix-fixe menu starting at $20, and is available at dinner during the month of May. What’s an anniversary without a party? Experience the best of T. Cook’s during an evening ($59 per ticket) of culinary favorites, specialty cocktails and spectacular wine. The restaurant will close for the evening of May 9 and invite guests (21 and over) to mix, mingle and experience a journey though T. Cook’s classic dishes while enjoying live music from 6:30-8:30 p.m. www.tcooksturns20.eventbrite.com.

Arcadian Dream

The Villas at Baker Park, a new residential community, recently unveiled its model homes designed by Est Est Inc. Centered around resort-style amenities, the gated neighborhood of 44 semi-custom homes has floor plans that range from 2,400 to 4,800 square feet. The community offers seven distinctive floor plans with five and six bedroom options and included extras like SubZero/Wolf appliances, Andersen Windows, Quartz counters and floorplan specific cabinetry. www.thevillasatbakerpark.com.

From May 18-20, Scorpius Dance Theatre presents a brand new production, ANIMAL. An original show created by Scorpius’ director, Lisa Starry, it is inspired by her love of animals and passion for their well-being. The show explores the relationship we have with animals, as well as their social interactions, physicality and movement. Overall, a lighthearted and entertaining show, Starry is also taking the opportunity to provide awareness and support for animals in our community and globally. A portion of ticket sales will benefit local animal charity, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. ANIMAL will feature nine different dance works, comedic interludes, plus two short films. From the unusual mating ritual of the praying mantis, the slumbering ways of the sloth, the slinky movement of snakes, to the social interactions of dogs, Scorpius’ dancers will use their athleticism, grace, and acting abilities to emulate the motion and behaviors of various domestic animals and wild creatures. Shows begin at 8 p.m. and tickets start at $25. Available at 602.254.2151 or www.scorpiusdance. com/tickets.

Central Kitchen Gets Swift

The Phoenix eatery is known for celebrating craft beer and craft food, but now the restaurant is adding another thing to its list: the lunch rush. The kitchen is rolling out a new lunch menu, offering local business lunchers a speedy, craft food option. Among the new menu items are a pizza slice and salad combo, signature chopped salad, grilled Rueben sandwich, pork shoulder tacos, cast iron macaroni and cheese, a soup of the moment and the always steady roasted tomato soup (with grilled cheese dippers). Menu items range from $4-$13 and are available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. www.centralkitchenaz.com. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017

Because you have better things to do with your time. Your dry cleaning direct to your home or office.

OrganiCare is a true full service dry cleaner and ready to wear specialist using alternative organic, non-toxic dry cleaning systems. We focus on high quality pressing and finishing on every garment that crosses our door. Your wardrobe will look great & last longer!

480.585.3936 21050 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85050

602.265.1298 341 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85013

Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00 pm Saturday 9:00am to 5:00 pm Sunday Closed for maintenance

Monday - Friday 6:00am - 7:00 pm Saturday 8:00am to 5:00 pm Sunday Closed for maintenance


Specializing in convenient, complimentary pick-up and delivery to your home or office. Sign up online today at WWW.ORGANICARE.CO or call us to arrange. We offer same day service at either location before 9:00am Monday thru Friday. For pleasure, business or home‌ we clean it all!


Governor’s Arts Awards

Mother’s Grace 8th Annual Mother’s Day Brunch

May 4, 5 p.m. Arizona Citizens for the Arts will host their Governor’s Arts Awards Gala at The Phoenician Resort this month. Awards are presented to individuals and organizations within the arts and culture community that have greatly contributed to Arizona’s arts and cultural heritage. There will be a pre-awards cocktail reception, a dinner and awards presentation, and a silent auction to conclude the night. Individual tickets, $250. www.azcitizensforthearts.org.

May 4, 9 a.m. The 8th Annual Mother’s Day Brunch celebrates all the wonderful mothers of the Valley. Guests and mothers will enjoy a lunch at El Chorro restaurant, as well as a raffle and silent auction full of great prizes. Admission is free, but guests are invited to bring a gift card donation of $25 to Fry’s, Target or Walmart to help moms in need. www.mothers-grace.org.

Black & White Ball and Business Awards

30th Annual Impact Awards Luncheon

May 6, 6 p.m. Join The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for a signature event dressed to the nines. The Black and White gala is the longest running event of its kind in the Valley as it celebrates the achievements of business professionals who have contributed to the state’s economic prosperity. Guests will enjoy an evening full of entertainment, a formal reception and elegant dinner, presentation of business awards and an after party to cap the night. Individual tickets, $300-$400. www.azhcc.com.

May 10, 11 a.m. The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) invites you to a luncheon that honors the accomplishments of local businesses and their impact in the community. Held at Arizona Biltmore, the luncheon celebrates business excellence with an award ceremony and touching recipient speeches and presentations. Individual tickets, $80-$95. www.phoenixchamber.com.

Go Red for Women

Night for Life

May 12, 10 a.m. Go Red for Women is American Heart Association’s national movement to end heart disease and strokes in women. The Go Red for Women luncheon at Arizona Biltmore will encourage women and their families to take action and live a healthier life, choosing to live young at heart. Do not miss out on this aweinspiring event where red is the color of the hour. Individual tickets, $250. www.heart.org.

May 13, 6 p.m. The Night for Life gala – benefiting Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS – invites you to Speak Up. Speak Out. Speak Easy. This year’s annual fundraising event aims to show love, remove stigma and raise money to support free and low-cost programs for people living with and touched by HIV/AIDS throughout the Phoenix community. Guests will enjoy a speakeasythemed evening, which includes a live fourpiece jazz band and hors d’oeuvres and spirits from local bars and restaurants. Individual tickets, $100. www.swhiv.org.




| MAY 2017



WE PRACTICE EXCELLENCE ONE CLIENT AT A TIME White collar crimes are serious criminal offenses that must be handled by a highly skilled defense attorney with federal and state trial experience.

Healthcare Fraud | False Claims Act (qui tam) litigation | Investment Fraud Schemes Mortgage Fraud | Real Estate Fraud | Tax Fraud | Telemarketing Fraud Ponzi Schemes | Federal and State Investigations | Drug Trafficking | General Federal Crimes If you are being investigated, have been arrested or even if you have already been convicted of a white collar crime, contact an experienced Arizona white collar criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Making the right choice about who defends you may make the difference between your freedom or your incarceration. Your livelihood may be at risk, your assets may hang in the balance, your reputation and future may all be compromised. Call our Scottsdale-based criminal defense law firm for the peace-of-mind that comes from having rigorous and proven legal defense on your side.

480.219.1366 4301 N. 75th St., Suite 105 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | www.azwhitecollarcrime.com

do ALS BITE NITE May 3, Westin Kierland Resort and Spa Taste signature dishes from top chefs across the Valley at the ninth annual Bite Nite. Guests will have the opportunity to experience elite cuisine while enjoying cocktails and live entertainment. The event will also feature exclusive mystery boxes, a silent auction, a live auction and other energy-building appeals. All proceeds raised from this event will benefit patient and family services, community outreach and research. 6-10 p.m. $150. www.bitenite.org. MONETIZE ME NOW! SUCCESS SUMMIT WITH SANDRA YANCEY May 3, Hilton Garden Inn Enjoy an extraordinary experience with dynamic women entrepreneurs from across the globe. Monetize Me Now! is a network of women supporting other women in business and life. Come discover how to expand and operate your business through some of the top female entrepreneurs in the industry. This event will help you move farther and faster in life than you could ever imagine! 11 a.m.-3 p.m. www.ewnphoenix.com. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S SUMMIT May 4-7, Celebrate Your Life Gather your girlfriends together for the first ever International Women’s Summit! Attendees will have the chance to meet female leaders including author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and former president of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Sheri Salata. Connect with powerful women from all around the world and discover what it means to live an empowered life. 7:30 p.m. $486. www.celebrateyourlife.org. CALEB REESE FESTIVAL OF NEW PLAYS May 5-13, Phoenix Theatre Show off your work at this one-of-a-kind festival. The festival provides opportunities for playwrights, composers and lyricists to showcase their original works in their Pre PreBroadway or Pre Pre-Off Broadway stage of development. This year’s festival will include stage readings, short plays, and a cabaret to enjoy. Sit back, relax, and be entertained during this week of theater! $10. www.phoenixtheatre.com. WALK TO CURE ARTHRITIS May 6, Phoenix Zoo Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the United States, affecting more than 50 million people. Now is your chance to join the fight and Walk to Cure Arthritis. Gather your friends and family to raise awarness for those living with arthritis. All proceeds will go to The Arthritis Foundation to help find a cure for the millions of people who suffer from arthritis pain including children and their families. Another step means another victory! 7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. www.walktocurearthritis.org. 4TH ANNUAL AASK FAMILY FUN WALK May 6, Steele Indian School Park This all-ages event benefits children in foster care. The 1.25-mile walk through the park


AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Festival May 13, Margaret T. Hance Park

With more than 250 canned craft beers from over 100 local and national breweries, you are sure to find one you love at the AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Festival! Enjoy a brew with live music and lots of food! Attendees will also have the chance to travel through a beer science garden and attend beer seminars. Not only is this a festival, it’s also a competition! More than 40 certified craft beer judges will taste and vote on their favorites in nine categories. Come celebrate the canned craft beer revolution! 6 p.m. $35. www.cannedcraftbeerfest.com.

brings families together for a day of music, food, games and activities. Strollers, wagons, wheelchairs and pets are welcome. Funds raised help create loving and lifelong relationships for children in foster care by connecting children with siblings, kin, mentors, and foster and adoptive families. 7:30 a.m. Free. www. aask-az.org.

special Derby Day menu crafted by Chef Justin Beckett (in addition to the regular lunch and dinner menu). Patrons are encouraged to wear their best Derby-inspired attire. Prizes will be awarded for the best men’s and women’s derby hats, as well as best dressed overall. Reservations are recommended. 1-5 p.m. Free entrance. www.southernrailaz.com.

DERBY DAY CELEBRATION May 6, Southern Rail What would the Kentucky Derby be without horses, big hats and mint juleps? Southern Rail will celebrate the most exciting two minutes in sports on Saturday with all things southern. Sip on $7 mint juleps while you cheer on your favorite horse and enjoy a

6TH ANNUAL PILATES DAY IN THE PARK May 6, Arizona Biltmore Free your mind and body at the International Pilates Day Celebration. Celebrate the amazing method created by Joseph Pilates 80 years ago that revolutionized exercise today. This a great chance to get moving with your friends and family while you enjoy



| MAY 2017

do the outdoors. This community event will include giveaways, a live DJ, refreshments, and a drawing for a Studio Verve Pilates membership. You will leave the event feeling energized and refreshed! 9 a.m.-10 a.m. Free. www.studiovervepilates.com. THE BIGGEST KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY May 6, Turf Paradise Join the only Kentucky Derby Party in Arizona for exciting races and bets you won’t want to miss out on. The Stella Artois Derby DayClub is where you can sit and watch all the finishline action and place your bets at. Sip on some Mint Juleps, beer, wine and cocktails at the bar while you enjoy live music from a DJ. Experience horse racing like never before at this exclusive party! 10:30 a.m. $100. www. thepoloparty.com. CINCO DE MAYO PHOENIX FESTIVAL May 7, Downtown Phoenix One of the largest multicultural festivals in Arizona is here as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Commemorate Mexico’s historic victory over the French Army in the 1862 Battle of Puebla. This fun-filled festival, located on Washington Street and 1st Avenue, is packed with music, games, entertainment and giveaways. Festivities include live music, lucha libre, ballet, a kids zone, and tasty bites! 12 p.m.-10 p.m. $5-$35. www.cincophx.com. 7TH ANNUAL THRIVE GALA AND AWARDS DINNER May 13, Arizona Grand Resort and Spa Enjoy a fabulous evening of cocktails and fine food, all while celebrating a good cause. This event is designed to honor and celebrate sexual and domestic violence survivors, advocates and allies. The night will include a unique silent auction, a raffle, dinner, and live entertainment. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation by those working to address sexual and domestic violence. Come celebrate Arizona’s courageous survivors and the individuals who work hard for their promising future. 6 p.m.-9 p.m. $125$200. www.acesdv.org. ARIZONA RESTAURANT WEEK May 19-28. Various locations This is Arizona’s tastiest annual event, offering pre-fixed meals at some of the top restaurants. More than 150 restaurants will participate all across Phoenix for the 10th annual Phoenix Restaurant Week. Each restaurant will be dishing out $33 or $44 per person meals for 10-days to showcase some of their best cuisine. Have a chance to try cuisine of all types from pizza at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill to Mexican at Ajo Al’s Mexican Café. You are bound to find something your taste buds love! www.arizonarestaurantweek.com. PHOENIX COMICON May 25-28, Phoenix Convention Center Grab your costumes and get ready for the signature pop culture experience of the Southwest. Fans can meet their favorite creators, actors, authors of comics and snap a photo or get an autograph! Comicon gathers the top comic book writers and artists in

Courtyard Concert Series May 31, Crown on 7th

Crown on 7th launched its free concert series this March. Each month through the end of July, community members are welcome to bring a blanket or lawn chair to relax and enjoy the live music from the grassy lawn. Each concert will be held the last Wednesday of each month, showcasing various local musicians: May 31, Korbe Canida; June 28, Michael Land; July 26, Brea Burns & The Boleros. 6-9 p.m. Free. www.crownon7.com.

the industry to display their best work. The convention has expanded over the years to feature a larger range of pop culture elements such as horror, anime, video games, and web comics. This event is an experience for adults and kids of all ages to enjoy! 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m. $20-$55. www.phoenixcomicon.com. LASERS AND LIQUOR NIGHT PINK FLOYD NIGHT May 26, Arizona Science Center Get ready to rock out to some of your favorite music from Pink Floyd, Metallica, Nirvana and more … all while getting entertained by the multicolored laser light show on the dome. This astonishing show is a treat for your eyes and ears. With a mixture of rock and jazz sounds, the choreographed visual laser display creates a dramatic experience. Get there early to enjoy beer, cocktails and snacks. 8 p.m. $10. www.azscience.org. CHEECH AND CHONG May 26, Talking Stick Resort The legendary comedic duo, Cheech and Chong, will take the stage at the Talking MAY 2017 |



Stick Resort. The iconic pair has produced six gold comedy albums, including Grammywinner Los Cochinos. Not only can they sing, but the duo starred in eight films together, including the comedy hit, Up in Smoke. Hear their legendary records live and jam out to classic hits all night! You never know what will come out of the two stars at this show! 8 p.m. $45- $90. www.talkingstickresort.com. FOAM GLOW 5K May 27, Turf Paradise Get ready to hit your stride on this colorfun fun-run. With black light’s all over the course, runners of all ages and speeds are welcome enjoy the three-mile course. Wear a white shirt at the starting line, and watch it get colorful as you run along the path. After the run, participants are invited celebrate their victory at the Foam Glow After Party with food, dancing and additional festivities! This run is unlike any other, and will have you shining until you sign up for the next one. 8 p.m. $20. www.foamglow.com.




n this town, the name Arians – specifically Bruce – is synonymous with coach, football and Arizona Cardinals. But, if you truly know anything about the Arians family, another word also comes to mind: philanthropic. Husband-and-wife team Bruce and Christine Arians co-founded The Arians Family Foundation (AFF) in 2013. With inspiration taken from Christine’s work with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) during her family-law attorney days, the cause became near and dear to the couple’s hearts. CASA helps to ensure that children who are involved in the court system, as a result of abuse or neglect

If You Go...

WHAT: 3rd Annual Arians Family Foundation Fundraiser WHEN: May 22, 6 p.m. WHERE: Steak 44, 5101 N. 44th St., Phoenix TICKETS: Individual, $700 INFORMATION: www.ariansfamilyfoundation.com.



| MAY 2017

by their families, receive the love and help they need to succeed. That’s where AFF comes in. The organization seeks to continue CASA’s mission (particularly local chapter, Voices For CASA of Maricopa County) by supporting and developing programs which strive to prevent and ameliorate the abuse and neglect of children. “We have been supporting Voices for CASA of Maricopa County since we moved to the Valley almost four years ago and we are committed to helping the thousands of kids in the court system here in greater Phoenix,” Bruce explains. For the third year in a row, AFF will host its fundraiser dinner at Steak 44. Who doesn’t love a juicy steak dinner for a good cause? The event will kick off with a VIP cocktail reception where guests will have the opportunity to mingle with Cardinals’ coaches, players and other Valley sports stars and celebrities. “We always have a great turnout of some of our top Cardinals players and coaches and expect the same this year,” Bruce explains. The evening finish off with a delectable dinner, where Cardinals’ coaches and players will join guests at their tables.



An evening to celebrate and support Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix BY GABBY RICHMAN


hen you hear The Big Event, many things may come to mind. Is the event big in size, entertainment, excitement or in revenue? In this case, the answer is all of the above. “[Guests can expect] A relaxed night of food, friends, drinks, and entertainment in the heart of the Biltmore, Arcadia area to help our kids and teens reach their full potential at the Clubs,” explains Holly Linder, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix (BGCMP) Connect member and event chair for The Big Event. BGCMP is the direct beneficiary of the event. The organization provides engaging and educational after-school and summer programs, activities and events for the Valley’s children. “The nurturing and fun environment at BGCMP aims to help youth and teens reach their full potential in life as responsible and mindful citizens. Every $1 invested in Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix generates $18.22 in positive economic benefits to the community,” Linder says. In an effort to show partygoers where their funds and time spent volunteering is going to, Leonel Cano will be in attendance. The 2017 Youth of the Year and 2017 State of Arizona Youth of the Year recipient will be present to share his personal story at the event. As a dedicated member of the Ed Robson Family Branch since it first opened its doors in 2008,

If You Go…

WHAT: The Big Event WHEN: May 6, 6 p.m. WHERE: Camelback Esplanade, 2501 E. Camelback Road, Suite 50, Phoenix TICKETS: $100 INFORMATION: www.bgcmp. org/tbe

Cano participates in all opportunities offered at his Club and inspires younger members by teaching art and dance, as well as coaching soccer. “Cano plans to attend Grand Canyon University and aspires to be a visual artist for Disney or Marvel Studios. We are excited he will represent the Boys & Girls Clubs of Arizona at the Regional Conference this summer,” Linder elaborates. Additional event highlights include a six-piece band, a newly renovated space at the Camelback Esplanade and, of course, local food vendors. MAY 2017 |



“The Big Event will have food from local Esplanade restaurants Ten and Dieci. Other samplings include the famous Green Chili Pork from Salty Sow/Roaring Fork and tasty options of barbeque, wings and tacos, plus sweet samplings for dessert! Additionally, local breweries and a Tito’s Handmade Vodka specialty bar will be onsite to quench your thirst,” Linder says. The outdoors, 21-and-older evening will be a laid back environment where attendees can mingle, enjoy food and beverage, listen to the live music and participate in a live auction.



Kai Kai, the Pima word for “seed,” has great relevance to the people of the Gila River Indian Community, including their reverence for nature and the belief that the land provides them with everything they need. Located at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass on the Gila River Indian reservation, Kai has become one of Arizona’s most celebrated dining experiences. Kai is the only AAA Five Diamond, Forbes Five Star dining experience in the state, and it has made history as the first Sheraton- and Native American-owned property to receive this exclusive combination of awards in the world. At the helm of Kai, Chef de Cuisine Ryan Swanson incorporates the essence of the Pima and Maricopa tribes into his menu, while drawing many foraged elements from the surrounding community. Kai’s menu features ingredients from local partners, such as Gila River Farms, and items from Native Seed/SEARCH, which is a foundation that preserves ancient Native American seed lines that would otherwise be extinct. www.wildhorsepass.com.

Gastronomy worth the gas BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ


ow about a road trip? Or, at the least, a food trip! Turns out the north and central parts of the Valley are not the only culinary hot spots in town. Here are three restaurants that – while not exactly in your backyard – are more than worth the drive.



| MAY 2017

Quiessence Quiessence, located at Phoenix’s Farm at South Mountain, is an award-winning farmto-table restaurant nestled at the end of a 10-acre pecan grove. Known for its seasonally and locally inspired menu, Quiessence uses fresh produce, herbs, edible flowers and fruit picked from the property each day in the ever-changing menu. If not grown on site, Chef Dustin Christofolo sources from other local farm and purveyor partners. Customers can walk through the culinary gardens before taking a seat on the patio or inside the original farmhouse that is now the Quiessence restaurant. If you’d like an exclusive garden table, the Brick Oven Experience is available for one reservation per evening. This table lends a romantic vibe with a lit fire in the brick oven, and guests experience a chef’s tasting dinner with eight courses. Each week, the menu is rewritten depending on the season and availability of the local ingredients. www.qatthefarm.com. Litchfield’s Named after Paul W. Litchfield, then Goodyear Tire & Rubber executive and founder of Litchfield Park, the West Valley’s top-ranked restaurant pays tribute to the local community, supporting it with a menu crafted from farm-to-table and locally sourced produce. A blend of old school (the restaurant is located at the nearly 100-year-old Wigwam Resort, after all) and new (especially since Arizona icon Jerry Colangelo took the helm in recent years), guests can enjoy anything from a nostalgic cocktail on the patio to a communal, interactive meal at Chef de Cuisine Jason Paterno’s chef’s table – where he even uses a fireplace to cook a treat or two. www.wigwamarizona.com.

THERE’S HELP—AND HOPE—FOR HAIR LOSS How Carly Klein and National Hair Loss are achieving unprecedented results. Hair is something we tend to take for granted – until it’s gone. Whether our strands are getting sparse due to genetics or hormones, medical conditions such as alopecia, or the effects of medication or chemotherapy, the end result is the same: self-esteem suffers profoundly, and quality of life is compromised. It was Carly Klein’s compassion for people in this situation that led her to establish National Hair Loss in 2010. As the vice president of a prestigious dermatology office, she realized the need for more specialized care – and more emotional support – for hair loss sufferers. There were so many misconceptions and misinformation about hair loss and treatments that people seemed to lose hope. And there was another problem: “I noticed that hair loss facilities were predominantly geared toward men,” says Carly. “I wanted to start a program to help women and cancer patients, too.” In the six years since, National Hair Loss has grown exponentially via word of mouth alone, even garnering a roster of celebrity clientele strong testimonies to its life-changing care. Through careful diagnoses and effective treatments, a multitude of satisfied patients have regained the confidence they thought they¹d lost. From the moment someone walks through the door for a complementary, no-obligation evaluation, it¹s clear just how focused National Hair Loss actually is; not a one-size-fits-all place where patients are handed a bottle of Rogaine and told good luck. Instead, National Hair Loss features a wide range of cutting-edge therapies to address all types of hair loss. One of the most recent is the ability to take hair scans or nail clippings to see the culprit of why the patients are having hair loss. This can give us a full mapping of the patients overall health. Even more in depth than blood tests, we can decipher what each patient needs from a vitamin standpoint and what


families have dealt with cancer. We relate to our patients on a deeper level.” Many exciting developments are happening within the company, including an international expansion (we’ll hear more in an upcoming issue). But one thing never changes: an unwavering commitment to providing successful, innovative care in a supportive environment. “Every day, we get to help patients take control over something they once felt hopeless about,” enthuses Carly. “This is one of the most emotional things someone could go through. I feel privileged that so many have chosen us to be a part of their journey in getting their hair back.” To schedule a no-cost consultation, visit www.nationalhairlossassoc.com

allergens could be aclerating hair loss. Though training and technology is critical, it can’t replace the human element, which Carly says makes the biggest difference of all. Each carefullyselected member of the National Hair Loss team has personal experience with the issues that their clients face, so they’re able to truly understand every aspect. “My team is made up of the most caring group of people I have met,” she says. “Three of my team members have dealt with Alopecia Areata. They changed careers due to being affected by this and wanted to help others.” Those facing cancer have valuable allies in the National Hair Loss team members, too: “We are the first in the country to have a specific cancer division, devoted to helping patients with their hair loss,” says Carly. “Our own

or call



- Founder & President



Senior year in high school, after I knew my dream of playing college football was not going to come true my home ec [economics] teacher gave me a pamphlet for the National High School Recipe Contest for Johnson & Wales University, though I didn’t enter the contest I did visit the school and decided to go. TO YOU, FOOD IS:

Memories. Everyone on earth can think of a dish they have eaten and it will conjure up memories and feelings attached to that dish. For me it is my Grandmother’s pot roast – every time I cook that I feel like she is standing right next to me making sure I make it correctly. IF YOU WEREN’T A CHEF, YOU’D PROBABLY BE…

Two things: I have always said if I wasn’t a chef, I would have gone to college to be a NYSE broker, screaming and calling on the stock exchange floor. Though lately I think I would make a move to politics, maybe mayor or governor. WHAT’S ONE FAVORITE COOKING TIP YOU CAN SHARE?

Always have a tasting spoon handy so that you can season your dish throughout the entire cooking process. WHEN YOU’RE NOT COOKING, WHERE WOULD WE FIND YOU?

Sleeping, trying to accomplish my “honey do” list, or just hanging out with my wife.


In the kitchen with Jeff Hostenske, chef and owner of TEN - Handcrafted American Fare & Spirits and Dieci - Italian-American Eatery & Cocktails BY GABBY RICHMAN PHOTO BY MIACHELLE DEPIANO


Chicken parmesan, hands down. It is my benchmark for most Italian restaurants I visit. BIGGEST INSPIRATION:

Everyone that believed in me when I said I wanted to open my restaurant[s], because there were plenty who thought I was dumb for choosing my locations. Dieci, 2501 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.374.2110; www.dieciaz.com.



| MAY 2017




elebrate Cino de Mayo all month (or even year!) long with Taco Guild’s These Boots are made for Oaxacan cocktail. The cheeky name is inspired by one of the main ingredients – Del Maguey (or Single Village) Mezcal, which is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico. The alcohol is handcrafted in remote villages using an original, organic process. “We wanted a drink that could introduce mezcal to our guests,” explains Taco Guild General Manager Jason Kline. The variation of choice for the highlighted drink is VIDA de San Luis del Rio, an artisanal mezcal that is handcrafted and twice distilled slowly in small woodfired, riverside copper stills. The drink ($10.95) is rounded out with a mixture of Anejo tequila, FruitLab Ginger Liqueur, limes and lemons, resulting in smokier vesion of a margarita. “It’s the complex yet balance of flavors that make Oaxacan so unique,” Kline explains. The drink, created in collaboration of Taco Guild’s bar staff, fits right into the tequila-centered specialty drinks menu, with a variation of cocktails that play with bold, fruity and herbaceous flavors. As for what to order with it? “The grilled romaine salad and the cherry chipotle steak taco pairs perfectly with the Oaxacan,” Kline states. Taco Guild, 546 E. Osborn Road Phoenix; 602.264.4143; www.tacoguild. com.

MAY 2017 |





Raise one of these fun glasses in a toast to Mom BY GABBY RICHMAN | ITEMS COORDINATED BY SAMANTHA LAPID

(Clockwise from top) Smooth copper mug, $24 at west elm, 480.948.1950. Short tinted glass with ribbed texture, $16 (set of four) at west elm. Jeweled stemless martini glass, $12.95 at Pier 1 Imports, 480.922.3987. Hand-cut crystal bevel highball glass, Top Shelf, $49.99 (set of four) at Bed Bath & Beyond (online only), www.bedbathandbeyond.com. Red wine glass with diamond-cut detail, Rolf Glass, $94.95 (set of four) at Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Speckled mouth-blown margarita glass, Global Amici Del Sol, $9.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond (online only). Gold twist flute, Qualia Glass, $65 (set of four) at Horchow, www.horchow.com. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017


a llur e

d w ell

h a u t e pr oper t y

pla ce s


w heels


What tells Mom that you love her more than a necklace that literally says “love?” With a pendant decked out in turquoise cabochons, the XL Turquoise Yellow Love Necklace by Sydney Evan sports a 14-karat yellow gold chain, and is considered the brand’s signature piece – the inscription is even crafted from the creator’s own handwriting. Even more poignantly fitting for Mother’s Day, the jewelry line consists of family-inspired fashions, so much so that the designer dedicated Sydney Evan to her family, naming the collection after her two children. $4,400 at Neiman Marcus, 480.990.2100.

MAY 2017 |




WALK THIS WAY Flaunt your feet in oh-so-stylish sandals


Orange leather T-strap, Max Mara, $79.95 at My Sister’s Closet, 480.443.4575. Turquoise with rhinestones, Vince Camuto, $39 at Kiss Me Kate, 602.840.6173. Multicolor striped ribbon flip-flop with flowers, Chanel, $425.95 at To Be Continued…A Consignment Boutique, 480.699.2700. Silver metallic leather flip-flop, Alexander McQueen, $145.95 at To Be Continued…A Consignment Boutique. White strappy with bow, Prada, $79.95 at My Sister’s Closet. Yellow floral print, Gucci, $155.95 at To Be Continued…A Consignment Boutique. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017


GO SHORTY! Keep your cool in textures, prints and denims that rule


Pink-and-white striped, Cartonnier, $24.95 at My Sister’s Closet, 480.443.4575. Blue leopard silk, Exclusive for Intermix, $39.95 at My Sister’s Closet. Light blue lace, Ted Baker, $34.95 at My Sister’s Closet. Cuffed light-wash denim, One Teaspoon, $65.95 at To Be Continued…A Consignment Boutique, 480.699.2700. Floral print Bermuda, Lisette L Sport, $160 at Kiss Me Kate, 602.840.6173. MAY 2017 |





Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask Infused with a rare mixture of active plantbased ingredients, vitamins and oligo elements (trace minerals that are rapidly absorbed), signs of fatigue are eliminated with this eye mask. This invigorating product works in 10 minutes, releasing stress around the eyes and smoothing away fine lines and visible puffiness. Designed to restore youth, the lightweight gel provides a cooling effect to aid in making the eyes appear uplifted and revived. $145 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000.

Spoil yourself silly – and strategically

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask Though called a mask, this product is so much more. As a triple-threat remedy, it can be used as a mask to purify skin, a daily deep cleanser, or a spot treatment to minimize imperfections. The proprietary ingredient – Umbrian clay, which is native to Italy – boasts a high mineral content that works overtime to tame your complexion, reducing the appearance of pores, small imperfections and balances out the skin. Created with a calming remedy of sandalwood oil, chamomile flower and lavender water, the Italian clay mask’s astringent properties work together for a post-application soothing sensation. $62 at Neiman Marcus, 480.990.2100.



hether your children (we’re looking at you, moms!), long days at the office or daily nuances are causing you stress – and the skin care concerns that come along with it – everyone could use a relaxing, at-home pamper party every once in a while. Spruce up with spa-quality treatments that combat different zones at once, so you can indulge without disrupting your busy schedule. Not all face masks are created equal, so we’ve rounded up some coveted classics that will leave you feeling better than ever in record time.

Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel Packed with a powerhouse formula, this peel will unveil a luminous look. It differentiates itself with a luxurious, triple-enzymatic exfoliating treatment that reinvigorates skin, ridding it of dead cells and impurities. The splurge-worthy treasure uses a beta-lipoacid molecule that gently exfoliates the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating new cell growth. With five alphahydroxy acids, the spa-like peel provides the perfect pick-me-up for your complexion while creating the ideal canvas for flawless makeup application. $260 at Neiman Marcus. SK-II Cellumination Mask-in-Lotion This innovative toning lotion grants a sense of exclusivity with its mask-like experience – without the time needed to use a mask. Simply apply the semi-translucent lotion morning and evening after cleansing to enhance your skin’s natural luminosity. The moistureinducing, anti-aging product is formulated with peptides, hyaluronic acid and a brightening complex cocktail, containing all the necessary components to achieve a glow that shines from within. $80 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Skin Laundry Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask Quench your skin’s thirst with a drink from the fountain of youth. Providing a rich infusion of moisture, this sheet mask will soon become your one-stop shop for a beautifully brightened and deeply-conditioned complexion. Saturated with Acquacell and nurturing vitamins as the main elements, its natural complex unleashes 24-hour skin hydration, yielding a smoother surface. The comforting concoction improves your skin’s elasticity and visibly refines pores, prepping the skin for a photo-ready finish. $48 for a box of five at Skin Laundry, 480.300.7217.



| MAY 2017

haute property




rowing in popularity, ranch-style architecture is making waves across the nation, and the Phoenix area is no exception. Take this quintessential ranch-style dwelling – a renovated five-bedroom, five-bathroom home that sits on threefourths of an acre. Originally built in 1951, the 4,797-square-foot gem has been completely transformed to fit the upand-coming style that is taking over the resedential market. Pull up to the circle drive (or eightcar garage) and feast your eyes on the picture-perfect property, equipped with with brick railing, lush grass, and a clean, white exterior with dark accents. Make your way through the stable door to find even more stylish touches including large, plank wood floors,

wainscoting, wooden beams, unique lighting fixtures and mirrors, printed tile and barn doors. To your right of the inviting entrance is the formal dining room, leading you through French doors to the front courtyard. The home has an overall open concept, with a spacious bonus room, living room, and eat-in kitchen combo. With a marble slab island, shaker white cabinets and Thermador stainless appliances, builtin refrigerator, and other stylish touches like open shelving, the bright kitchen has everything you need and more. Head to the master suite, equipped with an extensive bathroom. The subway tile-clad shower, stand-alone soaker tub MAY 2017 |



and blue cabinets are showstoppers, along with the spacious closet. The rest of the rooms follow suit, with detailed baths and walk-in closets. Additional highlights include a mud room/laundry room combination, brick fireplace and vaulted ceilings with fans. Outdoors is just as simple yet extravagant at the same time, with a pool, covered living space and built-in barbeque. Follow the grassy area to find a separate guest house, containing a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. 5510 N. 23rd Place, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Listed for $1,900,000 with Craig Norman of HomeSmart, 480.389.9157 or craig@azlrg.com.






Savor exquisite luxury on the Mediterranean BY SUSAN LANIER-GRAHAM


onaco is a postcard-sized country poised on the Mediterranean coast. As a luxurious retreat surrounded by the French Alps, France and Italy, it’s known for royalty, fast cars, expensive yachts, fine dining, high-end shopping and breathtaking settings.

Discover Monaco Americans usually know Monaco for Princess Grace, the Monte Carlo Casino and the Grand Prix. All of that and so much more is waiting to discover. The tiny municipality is walkable – it takes about 45 minutes to stroll from one end to the other – or you can hop in a taxi. Monaco is tiny but diverse; although home to only 32,000 permanent residents, the population represents more than 120 countries. As you wander through the shops and streets, you will hear many different languages spoken. Though French is the official language, English and Italian are prevalent almost everywhere.

The Grand Prix de Monaco One of the most popular events is the Grand Prix de Monaco, held each May throughout the streets. Visitors watch from bleachers along the streets, hotel terraces, yachts and other vantage points throughout town. You can get a great view from Nikki Beach at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, where you can watch the cars go through the curves and in and out of the tunnels.

Exploring Monaco Monaco is quite a blend of Old World and modern influences. No trip is complete without visiting the casino, built in UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017


places Gourmet Gastronomy



the late 1800s in the grand Belle Époque style of Paris. Entering the lobby is free, but pay 10 euros to enter the Salon Europe, which opens at 2 p.m. daily. Even if you aren’t a casino fan, this is a magnificent experience – and doesn’t everyone expect James Bond to swagger past? As you walk through Monte Carlo, past shops holding Bentleys, Maseratis and Lamborghinis next to Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Dior, the glitz and glamour surrounds you. Be sure to explore the shops at La Métropole Shopping Center, which consist of three levels under the Métropole Hotel, and

then make your way past the casino to the most exclusive shopping area: Monte-Carlo Pavilions. These futuristic-shaped buildings house the world’s most luxurious brands. Plan to spend one day at Monaco-ville (also known as The Rock), which is the old, walled city. Accessible by a cobbled path, the climb up is quite steep, but it’s worth the walk. After absorbing the breathtaking views of the harbor, tour the Prince’s Palace. Open April through October, it is the official residence of Prince Albert II, Monaco’s royal leader and son of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier. Guided audio tours take place every 30 minutes, detailing the history of Monaco and the Grimaldi family, forever tied to the U.S. after Hollywood star Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier in 1956. Peruse the winding old town streets, boutiques, sidewalk cafes, and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Monaco is also dotted with gardens, so as you explore, be sure to uncover the bounties of flora and fauna. MAY 2017 |



Food and hotels are plentiful in Monaco, and dining is only a challenge because you can’t eat at every restaurant. A can’t-miss experience is Joël Robuchon at Hotel Métropole, a Michelin two-star restaurant. Book a seat at the chef’s table overlooking the kitchen and order the langoustine in truffled raviolis. The seafood is always fresh wherever you go, and if it’s spring, be sure to order the asparagus. Because there are so many different international visitors, you can find a variety of foods. Stop by Song Qi for lunch or dinner to sample some of the best Asian food outside of Asia. The dim sum lunch (with a glass of wine) is perfection. For a dinner to remember, head to Cipriani Monte Carlo. It features classic Italian flavors and feels as though you are stepping onto a yacht. This is the place to see and be seen, but it also embodies simple, great food with amazing service. With so much homemade pasta, it’s hard not to overeat, but save room for dessert – and a limoncello, of course.

Luxe Lodging Hotels vary from high-end to small boutique properties. For a luxury stay in the center of the city, you will feel wrapped in opulence and history at the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo, which dates back to 1886. Truly, it is a most exquisite stay in the heart of Monaco. The Fairmont Monte Carlo is a modern beachfront option, where every room offers unparalleled Mediterranean views, and evenings with Champagne on the Horizon Deck are unforgettable. Grand Prix fans will enjoy Columbus Monte-Carlo, a small boutique property in Fontvieille previously owned by race car driver David Coulthard. Many of the teams still stay at the hotel, and the chic, urban feel of the space is much different from the other two options. Monaco is a bit of a fantasy, but while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean, you may perhaps realize that fairy tales really can come true. Find out more at www.visitmonaco.com.



hether you’re a seasoned yogi or just beginning your journey, the Telluride Yoga Festival is a unique and inspired way to continue your path to wellness in a setting conducive to rejuvenating your spirit. Nestled at the end of a lush canyon and surrounded by Colorado's breathtaking San Juan Mountains, Telluride is a fittingly idyllic place for a yoga retreat. Here, the energy of nature is unmistakable and a catalyst for slowing down to reconnect with yourself. Among the undulating landscape, clear blue skies and crisp mountain air, this majestic town offers solace from life’s usual fast pace – the nearest stoplight is 45 miles away – and the festival draws more than 750 participants each year. Since 2007, the Telluride Yoga Festival has brought together world-class instructors to share the gift of yoga in all its many forms through workshops, classes and discussions. This year’s 10th annual event will take place July 20-23, offering the perfect escape from the Arizona heat. The four-day fest will feature more than 100 offerings including yoga, meditation, music, hiking, dining, SUP (stand-up paddleboard) yoga, inspiring speakers and social gatherings. Both Telluride and nearby Mountain Village will play host to the festival’s activities. And since the festival is


Relax and reconnect at the Telluride Yoga Festival BY CHELSEA YOUNG



| MAY 2017




pedestrian-friendly, you can walk, bike or take a gondola to all of the venues; there are also guided hikes offered between sessions. The gondola is an exhilarating experience in itself – as the first and only free public transportation system of its kind in the U.S., it’s an unbelievably scenic, 13-minute ride that links Telluride to Mountain Village. Though festival activities abound, you can create your own schedule to best fit your interests and personal well-being. From aerial yoga and conscious breathing classes to meditative mountain biking and a seven-course tasting menu that focuses on connecting with your chakras, the options are varied, valuable and, above all, transformative. To learn more about pricing and luxury accommodations, including hotels, condos and private residences, visit www.tellurideyogafestival.com.


vital stats:


2017 Land Rover Discovery Price: $49,900 Price as tested: $74,380 Seating: 7 Engine: 3.0-liter V-6 or 3.0-liter turbodiesel

A thrilling new off-road SUV

Horsepower: 340 (V-6); 258 (turbodiesel) BY JIM PRUETER

Fuel economy: Not available at press time Fab features: Terrific new styling Luxurious, spacious interior Unstoppable off-road prowess


resh off a complete redesign, the boxy Land Rover LR4 also has a new name: Land Rover Discovery. This fifth-generation model sports a new look and features a slew of technological advancements, including a lightweight body construction, making the Discovery about 20 percent lighter than the outgoing LR4. Gone is the boxy look in favor of a more rounded, aerodynamic flowing design. But a few historical lineage cues remain, like the offset rear license plate and the signature, stepped roof that’s now a mere ripple. Inside, the Discovery reflects the look, feel and quality of Range Rover MAY 2017 |



models, giving it a much stronger sense of luxury than before. Elegant touches of supple hand-stitched leather, brushed metals and natural charcoal oak veneer enhance the upscale feel. There are four available trim levels: the base SE, HSE, HSE Luxury (tested here) and First Edition. The Discovery has seating for seven adults in three rows of heated seats, with the new model introducing the world’s first Intelligent Seat Folding technology. Seats can be configured remotely from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone-enabled InControl Remote application. Also new is the 258-horsepower, 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel engine. It’s a superbly smooth, quiet powerplant from which 443 pound-feet of off-road, nearvertical, boulder-climbing torque emanates. A supercharged 340-horsepower, 3.0-liter V-6 engine is standard. Both engines are matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission. To test the claim that Discovery is the most capable off-road vehicle ever from Land Rover, I drove more than 300 miles in rugged dry river beds and muddy undulating trails in the deep powder sand of Utah’s Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – and even icy road conditions near the north entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. Not surprisingly, the Discovery was unstoppable in all conditions. It can also ford water up to 35.4 inches deep. The Terrain Response system offers five settings, and an auto mode removes the guesswork by giving the vehicle more than 1,000 bits of road condition information per second, allowing the computer to select the best mode. While most owners will likely never take the Discovery through these extreme conditions, I think they should. With all of its built-in capabilities, comfort and safety features, the SUV allows drivers to explore a lot of places most people will never see.



| MAY 2017

SWIMSUIT: Cosita Buena sandy toes crochet illusion halter top and matching split-band bottoms, $82 and $80 respectively. Both from Luli Fama, www.lulifama.com.


MAY 2017 |



SWIMSUIT: Cosita Buena reversible zig-zag knotted cut-out triangle top in hot mess and matching open-side bottoms, $80 and $78, respectively. Both from Luli Fama, www.lulifama.com.



| MAY 2017

SUNGLASSES: Tortoiseshell crisscross, Tom Ford, $459. SWIMSUIT: World on Fire tri-color highneck top and matching full bottoms, $88 and $84, respectively. Sunglasses from Optics, 480.991.0509; swimsuit from Luli Fama, www.lulifama.com.

MAY 2017 |



SWIMSUIT: Cosita Buena black wavy triangle top and matching Brazilian bottoms, $74 each. Both from Luli Fama, www.lulifama.com.



| MAY 2017

SUNGLASSES: Round mirrored, Ray-Ban, $180. SWIMSUIT: Sol multicolor crystallized wavy triangle top and matching ruched bottoms, $82 each. Sunglasses from Optics, 480.991.0509; swimsuit from Luli Fama, www.lulifama.com.

MAY 2017 |



SWIMSUIT: Atrevida blue moon multicolor crochet bandeau top and matching full bottoms, $92 and $82, respectively. Both from Luli Fama, www.lulifama.com.



| MAY 2017

SUNGLASSES: Animal print, Jimmy Choo, $368. SWIMSUIT: Paraiso multicolor crystallized wavy triangle top and matching ruched bottoms, $82 and $80, respectively. Sunglasses from Optics, 480.991.0509; swimsuit from Luli Fama, www.lulifama.com.

MAY 2017 |



Orlando Hudson

Michele Yount and Adrianna Baum

Kristen Lovullo and Jaylee Merrill

Dinner of Champions BY BEN ARNOLD

Some of MLB’s biggest stars were in attendance, joining three-time World Series-winning manager and Baseball Hall of Famer Tony La Russa to raise funds and awareness for Animal Rescue Foundation. Guests feasted on five-star cuisine while enjoying the company of top MLB celebrities and NFL friends and coaches. Dawn Roberts and Ellie Kalan

Aaron Quartullo and Chelley French

Victoria Zimmerman and Madison Rose

Holly Haro and Lauren Burcar

Chyrle Smith and Amanda Waters

Tiffany Boisjolie and Paul Gebhart UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017

Barry Larkin

Jodi Nelson and Alex Swenson

Sandy Cibik and Marcia Scott

Cristina Hatton and Christine Hoffman

Stacy Gibson and Sarah Steveson

Mark and Niki Tarbell

Ryan House Community Breakfast BY BEN ARNOLD

With nearly 1,500 people in attendance and grossing over $500,000, the ninth annual event was a morning of courage and open hearts. The breakfast, held at Arizona Biltmore, featured motivational speaker NCAA Champion Anthony Robles. Cassie Littell and Phoebe Fox

Sharon Pollack and Charles Keller





MAY 2017 |



4 8 0 .9 4 8 .2055

Jennifer Chamberlain and Terry Hanson

Rebecca Light and Josh Wertlieb

Tammy and Jeff Anthony

Children’s Museum Gala: Rock the Casbah BY DAVID APEJI

Guests escaped to a land of excitement and wonder at the Moroccan-themed evening. The gala included raffle packages, a sitdown dinner under the stars, entertainment, a live auction and a celebration of the museum’s Kids at Heart Award recipients, followed by after-dinner drinks and dancing. Dawna and Gerald Pitts

Kimberly and Anthony Rao

Matt and Katie Byrnes

Caitlin Cameron and Morris Ruth

Jocelyn and Michael McCanse

Jaime and Andy Koechel UPTOWN |

Clarissa and Brian Robinson

Sarah Circosta and Kate Rogers


| MAY 2017

Jackie Bosque-Diaz and Lisa Urias

David Tierney and Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick Desiree Garcia and Andrea Evans

Jim and Sandy Bruner

Valley Leadership’s Man & Woman of the Year Luncheon BY BEN ARNOLD

Ellie Ziegler and Elva Coor

More than 1,000 of the Valley’s most prominent business and community leaders gathered for this fundraiser. The day was spent honoring David Tierney and Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick for their long-term contribution and commitment to the community.

MAY 2017 |



Jacki Grainger and Jenny Holsman Tetreault



RISE, SHINE AND SIP Refresh your brunch routine with 10 twists on morning-time classics



n the market for a new daytime drink? Step up your before-noon cocktail game with these playful – and flavorful – alternatives to the traditional mimosa and bloody mary to pair with your favorite brunch eats.


Bacon and Eggs, $9 Who says bacon and eggs is just a breakfast entree? Snooze combines bacon-infused Elijah Craig Bourbon, house sour, frothed egg whites, bitters and Tender Belly bacon for a delicious and unique twist on the classic brunch cocktail. www.snoozeeatery.com.


Scottsdale Sunrise, $8 Freshly picked muddled grapefruit and vodka are topped off with San Pellegrino Grapefruit Champagne to create a refreshing, bubbly beverage. www.socialtapeatery.com.


Sparkling Sangria, $11 The restaurant combines its signature red sangria with the guest’s choice of La Marca Prosecco or Piper Heidsieck Champagne as well as fresh fruit salsa every weekend for a colorful, fruity treat. www.tanzyrestaurant.com.


Spiked Chai, $9 Coconut milk, housemade chai syrup, and Puerto Rican rum come together to make a fun, boozy twist on an iced chai tea latte. www.conceptuallysocial.com.

Ramos Fizz, $7 Flashback to your childhood when you had an orange Dreamsicle in hand with this concoction. This grown-up version is made from gin, yuzu, cream, orange flower water and soda. www.thecleverkoi.com.






Melon Mule, $11 This fruity take on a warm-weather staple includes Grey Goose melon vodka, Cock’n Bull ginger beer, lemon juice, fresh cucumber and fresh limes. www.theherbbox.com.

Deep Blue Fishbowl, $14 This ultimate Sunday Funday drink features gin, Sprite and an assortment of tropical flavors, garnished with a floating, Maya-branded rubber duck. www.mayaclubaz.com.

Coffee is For Closers, $12 Put a spin on your morning cup of joe with Press Cold Brew Coffee, Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, Demerara cane sugar and a lemon peel. www.thehousebrasserie.com.

Comfortably Numb, $11 A generous pour of Casamigos Silver Tequila, St. Germain Liqueur, Aperol, fresh lime juice and an orange squeeze combine for a cocktail sure to wake you up, no matter how late you got in the night before. www.rhythmandwine.com.

The Matriarch, $9 Celebrate Mother’s Day with a soothing mix of organic vodka, lavender simple syrup and lemon – perfect for toasting “the matriarch” of the family. Available Mother’s Day weekend only. www.truefoodkitchen.com.



| MAY 2017

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dining guide


New Downtown eatery Chico Malo is bold in all the right places – its tequila-forward cocktail list, extensive food menu and interior design. One menu item that best exemplifies the restaurant’s point of view of traditional Latin flavors with unique techniques is the Pork Belly Tostada ($10-$12). The braised pork belly is piled high on a crispy, homemade tortilla, each bite more exciting than the last. The standout fluffy black bean puree is accompanied by colorful, tasty flavors like cured egg yolk, egg crema, chicharron dust, cotija cheese, jalapenos and fermented pineapple to create a dish that appeals to all senses. 50 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix; 602.603.9363; www.chicomalo.com. MAY 2017 |



food files

GOT IT FROM THEIR MAMAS Local chefs share menu items made with Mom in mind BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ


hether it’s a standout ingredient, flavor profile or fond experience, there’s a meaning behind every culinary creation. We spoke with five local chefs on the mother of all inspiration – their family’s matriarchs. Many chefs find memories with these women as the ultimate special ingredient in a recipe. Here they share some mother- and grandmother-influenced dishes from their restaurants’ menu and the remembrances that shaped them.

CRUJIENTE TACOS Chef: Richard Hinojosa Mom: Carmen Hinojosa Dish: Carmen’s Buñuelos, $6 A refined take on buñuelos, a popular sweet in Mexico, Central America, and South America, Chef Hinojosa’s version features fried thin circles of flour dough sprinkled with cinnamon-anise and served with strawberry pico de gallo and Mexican-spiced chocolate mousse.

“After special holidays, it was a tradition for my mother to make buñuelos, one of my favorite treats. In honor of her nostalgic recipe, Carmen’s Buñuelos are the one and only shareable desserts we serve – and they aren’t even on the published menu! Friends and insiders can order our buñuelos anytime of the year but don’t worry; mom won’t mind that you know now, too!” Info: 3961 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.687.7777; www.crutacos.com.

DUST CUTTER AT THE RENAISSANCE PHOENIX DOWNTOWN HOTEL Chef: Joshua Murray Mom: Marie Ann Murray Dish: Smoked Chicken Noodle Soup, $6 cup/$10 bowl A refined version of chicken noodle soup with mesquite-smoked chicken, Grand Canyon onions, celery, carrots and squash. UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017

“My mom was more than just a talented home cook – she was a mother of five. So it meant that in addition to knowing her way around a kitchen, she was an expert at stretching a dollar. One of the smartest meals – and my favorite – was actually born of leftovers. Whenever we would have roasted chicken, she would save what we didn’t devour and make this

food files

chicken soup. And though I play with the recipe a bit, the base is all her.” Info: 100 N. 1st St., Phoenix; 602.333.0000; www.renhotelphx.com.

GADZOOKS ENCHILADAS & SOUP Chef: Aaron Pool Mom: Linda Pool Dish: Brown Sugar Glazed Pumpkin Cookies, $1.95 These delicious pumpkin cookies are coated in a brown sugar glaze – they are made from scratch and fresh-baked daily at the restaurant. The recipe is a family secret! “My mom Linda would always make the pumpkin cookies every year when we were growing up, around October/ November. I always knew some cookies would be on a tray in my house during this time. I thought they were just a very unique cookie, so I told her if I ever stared the enchilada restaurant, even though it wouldn't make sense, that we would sell the pumpkin cookies." Info: 3313 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.279.5080; www.gadzooksaz.com.

SOUTHERN RAIL Chef: Justin Beckett Mom: Hiacynth Laurin Dish: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Rice & Leek Casserole, $13 A creamy, hot casserole roasted in Southern Rail's wood burning oven, smothered in smoked onion cream, topped with candied pecans and served with a green salad. “My mom was the queen of leftover casseroles. Her ability to twist recipes with creative ingredients and keep us coming back for more is more impressive than anything I’ve ever done in the kitchen. My favorite of her casseroles was the rice and veggies and I loved it because it was extra cheesy. I actually pay homage to my mom on the menu with this casserole, one of her signature recipes, but just like her I had some fun with the ingredients to add my own twist, using the smoked onion cream and candied pecans to the dish to kick up the flavors a few notches.” Info: 300 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.200.0085; www.southernrailaz.com. MAY 2017 |



TARBELL’S Chef: Mark Tarbell Mom: Anne Tarbell Dish: Mark’s Mom’s Mac N’ Cheese, $14 A rich mac and cheese with white cheddar, parmesan, manchego and fontina cheeses “In 1998 when my mom was visiting, she opted to play in the kitchen with me. The result – this mac’n’cheese – which we first served that year on Mother’s Day! We’ve served it ever since. My Mom says ‘the sharpa the cheese the betta,’ and I couldn’t agree more; the Vermont cheddar is essential to the balance and to give the dish vibrancy. If you don’t have a wedge in the larder, add a dab of horseradish or Dijon mustard to bump up the flavor.” Info: 3213 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.955.8100; www.tarbells.com.




KEY $ $10 or less $$ Up to $30 $$$ Up to $60 $$$$ Over $60

Approximate price a meal for one person, with drink, tax + tip.

NOTE: Restaurants are randomly selected from a rotating master list. While the information about each restaurant is routinely checked, changes can occur. Please confirm all information, and we solicit your help in correcting any errors found in this guide. If you wish to have your restaurant considered for inclusion in this directory or have any corrections for this list, please email gabby@richmanmediagroup.com.


to start the day or afternoon. 4700 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.314.4660; www.famephx.com; $$ JEWEL’S BAKERY & CAFÉ This thriving restaurant is run by three generations, sharing their treasured family recipes one plate at a time. The wholesome approach to business ensures that every menu item is something that you would expect to be served by your own grandmother along with some unique standout items. If you’re looking for comfort, the Jewel’s signature French toast will warm you from the inside out. For a twist on a classic, try the curried chicken salad sandwich; the addition of curry and almonds add additional levels of flavor and texture that you won’t soon forget. 4041 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix; 602.714.5243; www.jewelsbakeryandcafe.com; $

ARCADIA TAVERN Local sports fans flock to Arcadia Tavern for happy hour and game days and for good reason. This is a great neighborhood spot to grab a beer and some comforting bar fare all while hanging with great friends in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Arcadia Tavern is also very family friendly, so if you want to head out with your tiniest sports fans, all are welcome here. 4801 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.840.3950; www.arcadiatavern.com; $$ ARMADILLO GRILL This neighborhood eatery offers up a great place to watch your favorite sports game, anything from football to horse races due to their 25 plus TV’s. Armadillo Grill’s “Munchies Menu” includes delectable fried pickles that you can get regular- or Cajun-style and make a perfect accompaniment for game watching. Their entree options arrive in generous portions and their black & tan steak is a beer and onion lover’s dream. 1904 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.287.0700; www.myarmadillogrill.com; $ CHELSEA’S KITCHEN Situated just off the canal, Chelsea’s Kitchen is the perfect spot to stop in after a bike ride with the family or a quick jog. The weekend brunch is complete with all the traditional dishes along with some clever additions like the La Grande Orange Caesar or the new style crudo. LGO’s lunch and dinner menu features a delightfully spicy green chile burger that is a definite fan favorite. 5040 N. 40th St., Phoenix; 602.957.2555; www.chelseaskitchenaz.com; $$ FÀME CAFFE Whether you are seeking out a healthy vegetarian spot (with carnivore options as well) or a new place with decadent pastries to hit up for breakfast or lunch, Fáme Caffe has something to please any diner. The wraps are filling and the French toast is raved about. It also has phenomenal cold brew ice coffee, and I can’t think of a better way

CHINA CHILI Whether you are looking to enjoy Cantonese, Szechwan or Hong Kong styled dishes, you will be met with many options at China Chili. You’ll find many familiar choices as well as some potential new favorites. The seafood blossom soup and chicken corn chowder soup are local favorites. Service is always friendly and food comes out of the kitchen in ninja-like speed. 302 E. Flower St., Phoenix; 602.266.4463; www.chinachilirestaurant.com; $$ REATHREY SEKONG This hidden gem is a little difficult to find; located in a non-descript building and with the entrance in the back. Once you find it, you’ll be glad you did. The flavors and warmth of Cambodia are waiting here for you in the décor, dishes and people. Ask your server, who on some nights just may be the owner, for a tour through the menu to ensure the most authentic experience. 1312 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 480.238.0238; www.reathreysekong.com; $ SHABU FONDUE It may seem strange to go out to dinner and then put in work to make your meal yourself, but in the end the experience and the end result are the absolute reward. Shabu Fondue has an extensive menu, complete with plenty of vegetarian options. All of the meats are perfectly seasoned and you are provided with ample instruction and assistance to ensure that you create a perfect meal. Kids would love to be involved in the experience and a dinner here could end up being a delicious education for your whole family. 7822 N. 12th St., Phoenix; 602.870.3015; $$ SUSHIHOLIC Finally, a sushi joint that fits any occasion. You can bring in the family for a relaxed dinner or gather your friends together for an upbeat happy hour; there is room here for everyone and every occasion. Sushiholic’s kitchen receives fresh fish daily and all items are made to order, so there is no need to wonder how long that roll has been sitting out. The sushi spot has a wide variety of creative sushi rolls and the description are so enticing you’ll be coming back to try them all. 3957 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.956.2354; www.sushiholicaz.com; $$ THE CLEVER KOI The recently opened modern Asian noodle and dumpling house is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. The Clever Koi has a cozy and laid back atmosphere and all of the design touches down to the cutlery to reflect the modern fusion theme. The menu is exciting and will certainly encourage diners to try something new, like the smoked “pig face” dumplings. 4236 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.222.3474; www.thecleverkoi.com; $$



| MAY 2017


CORNER BAKERY CAFÉ This neighborhood bakery and cafe takes you back to a simpler, slower time, one where you don’t feel rushed. You can settle into a table with the paper and a coffee and enjoy a variety of freshly baked pastries, made to order scrambles and fluffy pancakes with any side you can think of. Corner Bakery Café has you covered if you are looking to take things a little slowly to start your day, or if you need to grab-and-go on the run. 1949 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.314.6000; www.cornerbakerycafe.com; $$ DUZA’S KITCHEN Duza’s Kitchen is nestled quietly in the Coronado District and is a little hard to find on your first visit, though once you’ve found it you’ll find yourself driving there again and again. This quaint spot offers up a variety of breakfast favorites with new ingredient components. The shepherd’s biscuit takes your basic breakfast sandwich to the next level and the pumpkin quinoa porridge would make Goldilocks green with envy! 2243 N. 12th St., Phoenix; 480.252.3787; www.duzaskitchen.com; $$ FIRST WATCH In 1983, First Watch saw a need for a dedicated breakfast restaurant. By focusing on early risers and providing the best quality offerings for breakfast and lunch, First Watch accomplishes quick, high-quality dishes and friendly service. From hearty traditional dishes to protein-packed bowls and everything in between, you’ll surely find something for everyone in your party. Head in after a hike and load up on a healthy siesta key cocktail or the Floridian French toast. 3215 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.955.3447; www.firstwatch.com; $$ MATT’S BIG BREAKFAST It’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of Matt’s Big Breakfast, especially after having been profiled on the Food Network and many outlets around town. I’m not going to lie, you’re going to have to wait for a table, but that’s okay, it is going to be worth it. You won’t find a lot of over-complicated dishes, just straightforward and hearty breakfast staples made with the best local ingredients and a sincere care for quality with a dash of perfectionism. Stop in before 2:30 p.m. and enjoy breakfast or lunch. 3118 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.840.3720; www.mattsbigbreakfast.com; $$ SCRAMBLE A BREAKFAST JOINT With equal options of healthy and comfort foods you can satisfy just about any breakfast craving at Scramble. Breakfast is served all day and with free Wi-Fi and tons of charging stations, you just may want to linger over the lox platter or any one of their brizza’s. 9832 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.374.2294; www.azscramble.com; $$


BABBO ITALIAN EATERY You’ve likely seen Babbo’s kitschy billboards around town, using clever takes on words and phrases to grab your attention. Here you’ll find contemporary Italian dishes made with high-quality ingredients and tried and true family recipes. A house favorite is the Babbo’s bowl of bolognese, mainly loved for its traditional flavors and flawless execution. 6855 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.279.1500; www.babboitalian.com; $$ CRUDO Chef Cullen Campbell is turning your ideas of Italian cuisine upside down. You’ll find four

guide main menu elements at Crudo; raw, cooked, cheese and grilled. The ingredients are simple but exquisite and you can order a la carte or in coursing options. The menu here changes from time to time, but be sure to ask about the feature dish. 3603 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.358.8666; www.crudoaz.com; $$$ PANE BIANCO The success of Chris Bianco’s concept restaurants is widely known throughout Southwest, and when he introduced Pane Bianco in 2005 it was quickly added to his list of accomplishments. This restaurant features high quality, wood-fired split focaccia sandwiches crafted with only the nest local ingredients. Drop in for a hearty sandwich and see what the natives have been raving about. 4404 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.234.2100; www.pizzeriabianco.com; $$ TUTTI SANTI BY NINA Romantic, authentic and outstanding are all accurate descriptions of Tutti Santi. The handmade pastas are light as air and decadent the moment they combine with any one of the restaurant’s fresh made sauces. The perfectly constructed orange roughy genovese with penne aglio e olio is a perfect representation of the love and pride that goes into Tutti Santi’s dishes. Ignore the carb counting and indulge! 7575 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.216.0336; www.tuttisantiristorante.com; $$$


FEZ The trendy, hip vibe here results in a buzz in the dining room, from the diners to the staff. Fez’s hummus is spot on with its tart taste paired with the kick of garlic. Don’t miss out on the Marrakesh Salad and the Fez Kisra, which are both beautiful representations of Mediterranean fare served here. 815 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.287.8700; www.fezoncentral.com; $$ GREEKFEST Though I have never been to Greece, I imagine that the whole country is like this restaurant. The space is decorated with many of the items the owners brought to the U.S. with them. You'll find traditional Greek favorites and one of the longest lists of Greek wines in the Valley. 1940 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.265.2990; www.thegreekfest.com; $$$ KHYBER HALAL More than likely you’ve driven past this restaurant many, many times. Located in a non-descript strip mall, you would have no idea the treasures and flavors that lurk within. Open for nearly two years, Khyber Halal has been serving up authentic Indian and Afghani food. The menu boasts options that will please all in your party. The decor here is nothing spectacular, but that leaves the food to speak for the restaurant as a whole. 4030 N. 24th St., Phoenix; 602.954.5290; www.khyberhalalfoods.com; $


AJO AL’S MEXICAN CAFÉ Far enough away from the nearby shopping centers, Ajo Al’s has stood the test of time in this neighborhood as a go-to for familiar flavors and service. Serving up New Mexico style fare, you’ll find lots of family friendly options. The tacos del mar and spinach enchiladas are both local favorites. This location also features a fantastic breakfast menu with plate combinations as well as a la carte choices. 5101 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.222.9902; www.ajoals.com; $$ BLANCO TACOS & TEQUILA You’ll find a little bit of an escape here at Blanco with

the food and ambiance transporting you to a beach side taco shop. Come in and start a relaxed lunch or dinner with a margarita and some sweet corn salsa. You can pick from over 10 different styles of tacos, four different burritos and three different enchiladas. Your hardest decisions here will be salt or no salt. 2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.429.8000; www.blancotacostequila.com; $$ LA BARQUITA No frills here, just straight-forward authentic and great tasting Mexican food. You’ll find La Barquita to be a friendly and quick service spot with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The menu is rife with traditional options and will make you want to keep coming back to make your way through it. The chicken mole is unique in that the chicken is served on the bone as opposed to the traditionally shredded meat, which only adds to the richness. 2334 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix; 602.275.5994; $$ TACO GUILD With tacos created in a former church, there may be some divine intervention at hand in the kitchen because the tacos served here are heavenly! As a nod to the history of the building, many items throughout he restaurant are originals that have been repurposed. You’ll find a story in the furniture, the menu and the service ware. To continue the theme, guests can choose from Old World or New School tacos. Taco Guild also has a great selection for weekend brunch and specialty cocktails. 546 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix; 602.264.4143; www.tacoguild.com; $$ URBAN TACO Tacos, burritos and an incredible selection of salsas seem simple enough, but if you have had the offerings at Urban Taco you know that there is nothing simple about the restaurant’s creations. Where else can you get a flight of salsa? Here, patrons can choose three or five of Urban Taco’s in-house crafted salsas, like traditional pico, cucumber or avocado and garlic crema, served with corn tortilla chips. As for tacos you can certainly opt for the more traditional, but why not walk on the wild side? Try the pork belly and potato taco or the octopus asada. All of the taco options are full of flavor and anything but simple. 6522 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.368.2708; www. urbantacos.net; $$

INGO’S TASTY FOOD Some restaurants get tripped up with huge menus and diners get overwhelmed with so many options. Ingo’s Tasty Food is more concerned with the quality of its offerings over the quantity. So pick a table outside, head up to the window to place your order and expect to receive a high quality grass fed burger on an LGO handmade bun. The Ingo burger comes in a hearty portion and is topped with cooling kraut. Make sure to grab a beer and an order of the fresh shattered potato chips to make the perfect meal. 4502 N. 40th St., Phoenix; 602.795.2884; www.ingostastyfood.com; $$ STELLA Stella is the newest restaurant to arrive at Biltmore Fashion Square and it is serving up modern American cuisine with just a touch of Italian influence. You can swing by for the special brunch menu as well as enjoy the lunch or dinner specials. Stella’s lunch and dinner menu is simple and straightforward; all on one page and still covers all of the basics. The roasted lamb shank is incredibly tender and made with a Kilt Lifter glaze. I hear that the churro waffles are out of this world, but really how could they not be? 3160 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 480.646.8560; www. stellaaz.com; $$$ THE MARKET BY JENNIFER’S Founded by the classically trained chef Jennifer Russo, The Market will soon become your one stop shop for anything from a quick lunch to picking up a fully prepared dinner to serve at home. The clean lines of the quaint cafe allows for the food to speak for itself, and it surely does. Opt in for anything from shrimp po’boys to chicken schnitzel sandwiches and more. 3603 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.626.5050; www.themarketbyjennifers.com; $$ THE VIG UPTOWN Whether you come with friends to dine on the patio, enjoy a few drinks and play a bocce game or pop into the dining room for an eclectic dinner with a great vibe, The Vig Uptown fits just about any occasion. The menu is fun and approachable at a great price. The Frenchy is a neighborhood favorite and the Cheesy Tater Tots are puffy little cheesy pillows of happiness. 6015 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.633.1187; www.thevig.us; $$



BECKETT’S TABLE Chef Justin Beckett is busy day to day creating sophisticated dishes that provide elevated palate comfort. Whether you make new friends at the community table or grab a spot at the brick-lined bar, you’re sure to leave with a new appreciation for locally sourced ingredients. 3717 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.954.1700; www.beckettstable.com; $$ FLOWER CHILD Flower Child is the most recent in the line of Fox Concept Restaurants and this fast casual spot is catering to those looking to eat masterfully crafted dishes with their health in mind. It is offering high quality dishes to all diners, whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan. Give the Asian avocado salad a try and enjoy the flavor contrast of the slightly sweet sesame dressing with a touch of bitter taste from the greens. Meat lovers, don’t despair, there are plenty of health focused items for you, too. 5013 N. 44th St., Phoenix; 602.429.6222; www.iamaflowerchild.com; $$

MAY 2017 |



DONOVAN’S STEAK & CHOP HOUSE Donovan’s is renowned for being a classic steakhouse; serving the highest quality meats, seafood and original sides. If you’re planning a celebration or event, make sure to check out the steak house’s private dining rooms, of which they have seven and can seat anywhere from 12 to 100 guests. Prepare to be catered to from the second you arrive. 3101 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.955.3666; www.donovanssteakhouse.com; $$$$ GEORDIE’S Creating a synergy of modern energy and the art deco style of the 1930s sounds like a daunting task, but Geordie’s seems to pull it off effortlessly. The elegant decor and stellar service paired with the unrivaled views atop the 100-foot knoll can only be matched by the polished menu. Cozy up to your dining partner and take in all this Italian steakhouse has to offer. 2501 E. Telewa Trail, Phoenix; 602.955.4079; www.wrigleymansionclub. com/geordies.php; $$$

new in town


Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers expands into Uptown BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ


n 2012, Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers exploded onto the Valley culinary scene. Initially limited to just one location in Grayhawk, in recent years the brand, which is known for its juicy burgers, build-yourown mac’n’cheese and seemingly endless beer menu, expanded its presence, opening sister locations in Old Town Scottsdale, Central Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, San Diego and – finally – in Uptown. Located on 7th Street between Missouri Avenue and Bethany Home Road, the Uptown location features comfy leather booths, a centerpiece bar that seats more than 50 guests at a time, butcher block tables, and more than 55 flat screens with a state-of-the-art sound system for watching sporting events. The casual and friendly atmosphere welcomes everyone, from families to avid sports fanatics.


And then there is the food. “The concept first came to me when I realized that even my most beloved sports bars lacked high-quality scratch kitchens,” says Barrett Rinzler, president and CEO of Square One Concepts, the parent company of Cold Beers as well as Valley-based Wasted Grain, Crab & Mermaid Fish Shop and Bourbon & Bones. “So, as you can imagine, we don’t cut corners with anything, from sweet to savory to even our kids’ menu.” The award-winning burgers are handformed from fresh, never frozen, ground chuck to create a tasty selection of mouthwatering half-pound burgers. “We offer a burger style for everyone in the neighborhood, plus delectable sides and a vast selection of beers that would make a Cicerone proud,” explains UPTOWN |


| MAY 2017

Rinzler, noting the ever-rotating beer menu offers a selection of more than 150 beer choices – with tap, bottled and canned varieties. Some of the most popular burgers include the Juicy Lucy, unique in that cheddar jack is stuffed into the patty; the Steakhouse Truffle, which is topped with decadent gruyere cheese, bacon, garlic aioli, white truffle oil and caramelized onions; and The Ring of Fire, a spicelovers dream with pepper jack cheese, buffalo sauce, jalapenos, spicy mayo and even a spiced onion ring. “And for those looking for something outside of a burger, we’ve got charred hot dogs, a build your own mac’n’cheese menu, tater tot nachos we call our ‘tot chos,’ sandwiches and both family friendly as well as adult-only spiked desserts,” Rinzler elaborates. Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Happy hour is offered Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and features $3 domestics, $4 crafts, $5 select appetizers and $7.50 All-American Burger accompanied with fries or chips. “Like with our other locations, we will also offer our ‘Burger Challenge,’ where a guest can attempt to finish three of our half-pound patties – or more – piled high with toppings within the posted time frame for the chance to get it all for free,” Rinzler says. “Of course, if you don’t finish, your face will be plastered on our website in infamy.” Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers, 5625 N. 7th Street, Phoenix; 602.354.8093; www.coldbeers.com.

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