Scottsdale Health July 2020

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balance / by Spencer Tatum

Spencer Tatum is the founder and performance director of THP, an individualized training company for clients and coaches. He developed a unique niche in the sports world, especially in golf, being named one of the Top 50 Best Golf Fitness Trainers in the country by Golf Digest and winning a National Championship with the ASU golf team. https://www.

The Mental Game Top practices of golf that enhance your everyday life

A study of 300,000 Swedish golfers conducted by the Karolinska Institute found that playing golf can cut the expected death rate by 40%, increasing life expectancy five years. In addition to golf being an excellent source of exercise and vitamin D, it can help to increase your mental health and allow you to better overcome challenges both on and off the course. Not only can you burn over 1,500 calories from playing 18 holes, but studies have shown that golfing can also help to reduce stress levels, depression, and anxiety. Here are some aspects of golf that can translate from on the course to everyday life.