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Sustainable Design Elements Waste management system diverts more waste from landfill Ceiling tiles were repurposed to other areas of the building IES award-winning lighting scheme performs better than ASHRAE standards using long life lamps, readily accessible for maintenance

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Dedicated to Sustainable Property Performance

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Bentall Centre: Engaging Tenants in Greening the Building


The Sun Life Building: Preserving the Past – Retrofitting for the Future


World Exchange Plaza: Welcoming the Rain


50 Westmount Place: Innovation in Environmentally Preferable Purchasing


Livingston Place: Walking the Talk


Capilano Mall: Looking Outside the Box for Opportunities


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A Message From Our Executives Bentall LP is one of Canada’s largest real estate advisory and services organizations and is a recognized leader of Responsible Property Investment (RPI) practices. RPI incorporates environmental, social and governance considerations in a comprehensive approach to real estate investment management. It means continuously enhancing performance, anticipating client and tenant needs, and promoting positive change through a wide range of initiatives focused on the environmental and social implications of our real estate investments, development activities and property operations. To help improve building performance from both sustainable and economic perspectives, we actively participate in environmental, third-party building certification programs. We were the first major national real estate firm to formally support the BOMA BESt (formerly Go Green) certification initiative. Today, we pride ourselves on having the largest number of BOMA BESt certified buildings of all private sector owners/ managers in Canada. We advocate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for new development and redevelopment projects. And, we were actively involved in the development of the LEED Canada for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED Canada EB:O&M) certification program. We believe well located and designed, energy efficient buildings maintain their value over time and have a competitive leasing advantage as well, resulting in quicker lease-up and greater tenant retention. Our ForeverGreen branded initiatives support property-level programs and best practices in environmental sustainability and social and economic responsibility.

Gary Whitelaw Chief Executive Officer

Gary Whitelaw Chief Executive Officer

Remco Daal President & Chief Operating Officer

We place significant emphasis on improving the performance of our managed portfolio, knowing that in many cases the most meaningful opportunities for reducing carbon emissions lie in existing buildings derived through concerted conservation measures and greater operating efficiencies. Some of our key property initiatives include: • Green Specifications for cleaning, landscaping and snow removal • A formal Responsible Contracting Policy • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) program • Eco Tracker, Bentall’s online utility, waste and GHG emissions tracking tool Bentall’s dedication to RPI extends beyond property portfolios to our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (CSRS). Our “Caught Green Handed” campaign encourages employees to reduce their environmental footprint through a series of measures including: energy management, paper reduction, employee commute and corporate travel. Being ranked as one of the “50 Best Employers in Canada” for three consecutive years is a testament to our employees’ dedication to a shared vision. Bentall is pleased to have partnered with Bullfrog PowerTM, supporting a new wind power installation in Alberta, by powering our Calgary and Toronto executive offices with 100% green electricity. And corporately, we are committed to carbon neutrality in 2009. We invite you to read on to learn more about our leadership in sustainability and how we embed RPI in the delivery of our services.

Remco Daal President & Chief Operating Officer

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Corporate Overview Bentall is no new-comer to the business of commercial real

estate; our history can be traced back to 1911 when Charles Bentall joined Dominion Construction in Vancouver, British Columbia shaping the skyline with a number of significant properties including what is now the five-tower Bentall Centre, downtown Vancouver’s largest office complex and premier business address. Today, Bentall LP is one of the largest real estate advisory and services organizations in Canada. We boast coast-to-coast capabilities with offices in Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We pride ourselves on providing fully integrated and best in class asset management, property management, and leasing and development services to institutional and private investors. Assets under management include more than 750 properties, representing close to 83 million square feet of office, industrial and retail space and approximately 5,000 multi-family residential units. Bentall is privately held, with SITQ (a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement de Québec), British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) and senior management each owning one third of the company. More than 1,000 real estate professionals contribute to the success of our company and our market presence gives us a distinct advantage in recruiting and retaining the best people in the business. Our North American investment management platform is enhanced through our partnership with Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel LP. Kennedy is the largest independent real estate investment advisor in the United States providing services to large institutional and private investors. They bring over thirty years of real estate acquisition and asset management experience in office, industrial, retail, hotel and land-development asset classes in major US markets. Through our strategic partnership with Kennedy, Bentall offers an unparalleled North American presence to property investors around the globe. We are committed to being a recognized leader in North America for: • Our exacting fiduciary standards; • The depth of our property markets knowledge; • The quality of our advice and execution; • Our entrepreneurial drive; and • Our proactive approach to Responsible Property Investing (RPI). Bentall is dedicated to leveraging our leadership, innovation and experience to the advancement of RPI practices that incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations. We promote and support a wide range of RPI initiatives corporately and in our daily business activities, aimed at influencing positive change in the commercial real estate industry.

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Part of our fabric The Bentall logo depicts a tree silhouetted within a building. It symbolizes the strength, growth and real estate of enduring value for which our company is known.

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It Starts Here At Bentall

we not only understand the impact that buildings have on the environment, we also recognize that our corporate activities have a carbon footprint and so our commitment to sustainability starts with us! Carbon Neutrality Bentall has taken deliberate steps to voluntarily offset our carbon footprint in our quest to becoming a carbon neutral company in 2009. We have measured our corporate environmental footprint including, among others, corporate travel, employee commuting, and energy use at our offices. To combat our carbon footprint, we are changing the way we interact with the environment by engaging our employees to make smart, strategic choices when it comes to being green, we’re buying clean, green energy and lastly, purchasing carbon offsets. Caught Green Handed! This year, we celebrated Earth Week, a week devoted to sustainable living and appreciation for the planet, by introducing Caught Green Handed, Bentall's employee sustainability program. This initiative aims to raise employee awareness and help change the things we do at work and play that impact the environment. Some key elements of Caught Green Handed include: Measurement & Management: The old adage, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” holds true when it comes to understanding the environmental impact of daily activities. The Bentall One Minute Carbon Calculator helps employees determine how they individually contribute to Bentall’s corporate footprint. By answering a few simple questions about how we get to work and what we do once we're there, the tool generates a person's work related footprint and offers ideas on what can be done to lower it. Waste & Energy: Through our reduce, reuse and recycle efforts everything from printing reports to paper cups is up for grabs in our race to reduce waste. And lowering our energy use is realized by systematically shutting off monitors, turning off office lights, unplugging chargers and where possible, taking the stairs rather than the elevators. Transportation: Bentall Ride Share is a web-based commuting initiative that offers employees green alternatives to traditional single car use, from safe carpooling with colleagues, to biking, to transit. We also leverage

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technology and alternative travel modes for client and team meetings, company conferences, etc. through use of Adobe Connect Pro, a secure web-conferencing software. And it doesn’t end there. Once a year we ask our employees to participate in Commuter Challenge Week – a cross Canada event promoting transiting, biking, walking or carpooling to work to reduce CO2 (a form of greenhouse gas) emissions associated with commuting. This year’s efforts resulted in a total savings of 14,447 KMs, and 3214 KGs of CO2 and hopefully inspired some to permanently change behaviour.

Clean, Green Energy Bentall uses Bullfrog Power™ for its Calgary and Toronto executive offices with 100% green electricity. Bullfrog Power™ comes from emission-free wind and environmentally low-impact hydro generators in Ontario and Alberta that have met Environment Canada’s EcoLogo™ certification for renewable electricity. Choosing green power is a practical and meaningful way for us to reduce our environmental impact. Electricity generation is a leading industrial source of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas linked to climate change, as well as other emissions that contribute to poor air quality. By choosing clean, renewable power, we reduce our carbon footprint, help clean up our air quality, and support the development of renewable energy sources in Canada. Green Team Bentall’s Green Team is made up of employees that are passionate about the environment and have great ideas about how to be more sustainable at work and at home. Our Green Team is an employee driven grassroots network and forum for sharing ideas and taking action on climate change. One such action is our Cross Country Challenge. To further reduce resource and energy consumption while encouraging some friendly environmental rivalry, Bentall offices across the company are competing to see who can cut their overall printing output by the biggest margin. Vancouver’s principal office first challenged Toronto’s principal office (or was it the other way around?) to see who could better and faster reduce their office paper use and related energy consumption. The challenge grew from there, with several regional offices getting in on the action. All sites have clocked in their respective printers and

copiers and are tracking monthly usage to see who can claim an environmental victory! But in the end we have all won; as a result of this rivalry, employees now embrace the double-sided printing function and resist the urge to print in the first place saving paper, carbon, trees, and money. Commitment to Community We recognize the central role we can and should play in the communities in which we work and live. We strongly believe in giving back to the community through our support of a range of charitable organizations and causes.

In addition to supporting our employees' individual charitable work through a dynamic workplace giving fund, we promote best in class community engagement programs by our property teams at the property level. Through collaborative efforts with tenants, customers, clients and employees, we believe in making a positive impact on the communities where we do business.

As an example, forming part of a far-reaching community engagement program, over 25 Bentall managed shopping centres nationwide have joined together to educate, fundraise and commemorate the 2010 Canadian Paralympic Team. The campaign officially launched at the beginning of June. At each participating centre, a prominent display helps to raise awareness of our initiative. Displays are complimented with various festivities leading up the games in March 2010. Each participating centre will sell "Hands Up Canada!" paper hands for $2 in support of the Canadian Paralympic Team. The paper hands will be decorated by young students and community groups within the local communities. In return, while supplies last, shoppers receive an uncirculated Paralympic Wheel Chair Curling Canadian quarter as a souvenir. Shoppers are encouraged to visit to send a message to our athletes, learn more about the campaign and the Canadian Paralympic Team as well as enter to win a VIP Trip for 2 to support our Paralympic Athletes in Vancouver in 2010!

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Dedicated to Sustainable Property Performance Bentall has a long standing commitment to the environment.

Our Environmental Policy aims to reduce the environmental impacts from our operations and manage associated risks in a prudent manner. The underlying philosophy is one of “internal responsibility”, recognizing the importance of effective communication, consultation and cooperation in the area of environmental stewardship. We manage our services to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable statutes and regulations and deliver training programs that promote environmental responsibility and accountability. The Bentall Online Risk Information System (BORiS) has been recognized with the prestigious BOMA Pinnacle Innovation Award. This flexible software application streamlines environmental management, regulatory compliance and reporting information in one easy-to-use tool for our managed properties. BORiS provides a risk management-based approach to facilitate best in class environmental management practices for our clients, tenants, employees and the community at large. ‘Real time’ search capabilities allow for rapid reporting on environmental issues across our managed portfolio at property, regional or portfolio-wide levels. Bentall was an early advocate and adopter of the “green” movement in the real estate industry. In early spring, 2007 we developed our Sustainability Strategy that formalized ongoing initiatives and further committed to responsible environmental stewardship and sustainability in our property services. Later branded ForeverGreen, our sustainable strategy is a 3 year rolling plan that governs our actions at the properties we manage. It is updated annually and includes our Mission Statement, Objectives, Stakeholders, Leadership and The Three Year Plan. The Plan identifies key initiatives deemed necessary to achieve our sustainable goals in the areas of Utilities and Waste Management, Building Certifications, Information Sharing, Communication & Education, Indoor Environment and Branding & Marketing. Strategically, we advance programs that reduce energy and water use, minimize waste, and contribute to overall health and well being. We believe our efforts in these areas help influence markets for greater sustainable products and services. Our property teams are armed with guidance documents and tools for greening their buildings; a few examples include: • Green Specifications for cleaning, landscaping and snow removal – specifying environmentally friendly products and best practices in these service sectors. • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) program – a fulsome program that directs employees on how to incorporate

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environmental criteria into traditional purchasing considerations like price, performance and availability. • Resource Management RFP – promotes strategic partnerships with proactive, committed service providers to contribute to resource efficiency through innovation and best practices in waste and recycling programs at the property. • “Eco-Tracker” – Bentall’s proprietary online utility, waste and GHG emissions tracking system that provides a ‘real time’ view of a building’s carbon footprint along with energy and waste diversion performance for benchmarking and reporting purposes.

Bentall places specific emphasis on improving the environmental performance of our managed portfolio. In addition to the environmental benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through increased energy efficiency projects, we believe that energy conservation and other sustainable initiatives at the property level result in better performance through reduced expenses and increased tenant satisfaction and retention. One measure of success is through participation in building certification programs. In 2007 the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) embarked on developing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED Canada EB:O&M) and we were at the head of the table with one of our senior leaders holding the position of Chair of the pilot study. The initiative involved over 70 buildings across Canada exploring sustainable interests and establishing benchmarking standards and the new standard was launched in 2009. Eight Bentall managed assets owned by Sun Life Financial, representing over 3.5 million square feet were involved in the pilot program. The knowledge gained provides us with valuable insight into the certification process, enabling us to better facilitate properties through the program in the future. The Building Environmental Standards (BESt) certification program is managed by Building Owners and Managers (BOMA) Canada. As a BOMA BESt participant since the program’s inception in 2003, we have certified more properties than any private sector owner/manager in Canada. In fact, Vancouver’s Bentall Centre was the first building BOMA BESt

(formerly Go Green) certified in Canada. The program is cost-effective and accessible, specifically designed for the real estate industry. There are 5 environmental areas and 10 measurable categories of activity: • Resource Consumption - Energy use, Water use • Waste Reduction & Recycling Construction waste, Recycling programs • Building Materials - Hazardous materials, Material selection, Ozone depleting substances • Interior Environment - Indoor air quality, HVAC maintenance • Tenant Awareness - Communication Program Benchmarking capabilities set targets and identify and evaluate options to implement for greater building efficiency and better sustainability operating standards. Bentall is committed to leadership and the continuous advancement of the commercial real estate industry in the area of sustainability. We place special emphasis on encouraging our employees to be informed and conversant with the most current sustainable strategies. As a result, our employees are actively involved in numerous industry associations and organizations like, Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac), and International Council of

Shopping Centres (ICSC), to name a few. We devote time by participating on boards, contributing to committees, and sharing our experiences and lessons learned through speaking engagements at industry conferences. We look to engage our tenants in an effort to comprehensively integrate our responsible property management priorities into the ongoing operations of the property. An example of such an initiative is the development of a sustainable tenant improvement guideline. In 2007, we launched our Green Tenant Design Guide as part of a tenant awareness initiative. The Guide is designed to show tenants how to integrate sustainable options into their design and construction projects. Used in conjunction with a building’s Tenant Design Criteria Manual, the guide helps to cost effectively incorporate sustainable elements into tenant improvements while strategically positioning the project for LEED certification should the tenant choose. Across Bentall's managed portfolio, our corporate commitment to sustainability drives the innovation and dedication necessary to achieve our industry-leading environmental property performance.

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Bentall Centre Engaging Tenants in Greening the Building

Consisting of four office towers located in the heart of Vancouver’s financial district, Bentall Centre covers approximately five acres of land, essentially encompassing an entire city block. Set against Vancouver’s magnificent skyline the towers afford dramatic views from many of the offices within. Bentall Centre is jointly owned by SITQ (a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec) and The Great-West Life Assurance Company. Bentall Centre’s four building complex is connected via a 52,000 square feet underground retail concourse. It is the largest integrated office complex in Western Canada with over 1.4 million square feet of leasable area. The towers house an eclectic mix of tenants, from major corporations to smaller owner-operated businesses, instilling a community flavour within the Centre’s vibrant walls. The shopping mall beneath the complex includes two food courts, a post office and various retail outlets. The mall conveniently provides a direct connection to the SkyTrain’s Burrard Station. Go Green Tenant Action Committee Under Bentall’s management, Bentall Centre’s four buildings were the first office buildings in Canada certified BOMA Best (formerly BOMA Go Green) in October 2003. With building ownership and management committed to reducing the Centre’s environmental impact, it was only natural to actively engage tenants in these efforts. Early in 2008, in order to better inform and encourage tenant participation, Bentall Centre launched a Go Green Tenant Action Committee. This innovative approach transitioned the BOMA BESt program, from a predominantly

14 Bentall lp

operational landlord-driven initiative, to a more tenant inclusive undertaking; the rational for this approach being that all tenants can help make a difference and contribute to a building culture of conservation and sustainability. The mission had unwavering support from Bentall Centre’s owners. The outcome was the development of a network of champions responsible for promoting sustainability within their respective tenancies. The initial steps in the formation of the Tenant Action Committee were two-fold; first, invite tenants to participate in a focus group to share ideas and gauge commitment levels, and second, distribute a survey to all tenants soliciting feedback and ideas for potential implementation. The response was both overwhelming and encouraging. Consensus among participants and respondents indicated a willingness to embrace a more robust, tenant focused Go Green initiative. Tenant organizations expressed a clear interest and commitment to going greener with many already undertaking a stronger position on sustainability. Moreover, the majority of the building population wanted to be more sustainable but did not know how to realize this

The tenants’ response to the initiative quickly became about people actively trying to improve the environmental impact of their building. goal. All felt their organizations could do a better job “walking the talk.” With the initial stage of the Go Green Tenant Action Committee underway tenants felt empowered and productive working together to further their environmental goals and business objectives. “Not only are environmental initiatives beneficial to our communities, they’re also good for business, helping improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Why wouldn’t we be involved?” notes Jon Wellman, VP and General Manager, Bentall Centre. The tenants’ response to the initiative quickly became about people actively trying to improve the environmental impact of their building. The next step? Pulling together a one-year game plan! Some of the targets and objectives within the plan’s framework

included: influencing building occupants’ behaviour to encourage adoption of more environmentally responsible habits, and identifying opportunities to leverage other programs. Tenant and staff participation in regular training seminars and program implementation would also serve to keep the objectives current and measurable. Greening measures brought forward included using: • higher efficiency business equipment • energy saving control devices that can be installed within offices i.e. light sensors to gauge lighting requirements within a space • green office furniture manufactured locally and made with recycled materials and low off-gassing properties • carpool programs • paper and office supplies having high recycled content • recycling bins for the composting of office organic waste Bentall’s efforts to comprehensively integrate environmental priorities within ongoing operations in concert with their tenants have shown remarkable results. Tenants appreciate having some direct influence in the development of green programs and Bentall has benefited greatly from the tenants involvement. Bentall Centre’s Go Green Tenant Action Committee -- it’s a winning combination.

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The Sun Life Building Preserving the Past - Retrofitting for the Future Highlights of the building’s recent and on-going retrofit program include: • replacement of 1,485 windows with double glazed tinted windows, sealed and caulked • installation of electronic filters for the fresh air system along with CO detectors in the garage • replacement of two central chillers in Place Ville Marie • overhaul and refurbishment of six cooling towers • ongoing replacement of existing heat pumps and thermostats • modification to building entrances to improve accessibility In addition to the technical complexities involved, one of the biggest challenges in retrofitting an older building is executing projects within fully occupied spaces without disrupting the tenants or their operations. At the Sun Life building, disruptions are minimized through ongoing communication, creative scheduling, patience and perseverance. Keeping tenants informed is critical to the success of retrofitting occupied space. Retrofitting the HVAC System As part of the strategic plan, the building’s aging heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, for which the last upgrades were made between 1983 and 1992, were addressed. The building’s HVAC systems, which rely on over 1,500 heat pumps, are now more effectively controlled by electronic

Located at 1155 Metcalfe Street in the heart of downtown Montreal, Quebec the Sun Life Building is an historic presence, widely rumored to have been the secret hiding place of the Crown Jewels of England during the Second World War. Situated in the city’s central business district, the building is jointly owned by Sun Life Financial and SITQ (a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec) and managed by Bentall LP. The building owners and management take a holistic approach to sustainability and continuous improvement and adopt sound guiding principals for retrofitting older buildings. As a result of this approach, consulting engineers Teknika HBA were retained to formulate an actionable strategy for improving overall energy efficiency and assisting the building to qualify for BOMA BESt certification and Hydro-Quebec incentive programs. Their engineering report identified several capital programs that could be implemented over time. Specific energy saving measures were also identified in addition to the upgrade and replacement of existing equipment. The report considered all components of the building and proposed the most sustainable options for the next twenty-five years. One of the guiding principles when retrofitting an older building is to upgrade the infrastructure in a way that provides the technical framework upon which the building systems may be improved and expanded into the future.

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The HVAC and lighting retrofits are a great achievement being beneficial to the tenants, the environment, and the property. thermostats. The distribution of air through air vents was carefully calculated by the engineers. Air quality is achieved by injecting fresh air at a rate of 10 litres per second into the inter-ceiling space which is then circulated by the heat pumps. In some instances, existing pipes or ducts, dating back several decades, required more extensive upgrades or repairs. Adding to this challenge is the fact that no two floors of the Sun Life Building are identical and as-built drawings were not always reflective of existing site conditions. This meant the management, professional and construction teams were constantly required to update and map as-built plans. The greatest energy efficiency feature of the building is the heat pump loop that exchanges energy between the heat pumps and other systems. In addition to creating a well balanced heat exchange system between heat pumps, the excess heat is used to pre-heat the main fresh air ventilation systems. In the summer

months, cooler night air is used to lower the heat pump loop temperature to meet daytime cooling demands. The building’s ongoing heat pump replacement program contributes to the building’s energy efficiency by using newer and more efficient equipment as well as maintains a high level of air quality, tested on a continual basis. HVAC Controls Upgrade All HVAC controls that link the 1500 heat pumps were upgraded and included in the new building automation system. This allows building operators to remotely manage on/off functionality of the equipment, pinpoint and prevent failures in record time as well as bring energy efficiency to record levels. It greatly reduces the response time related to a heat pump failure. Additionally, the new system significantly improves the comfort level of all occupants. Lighting The lighting system is now fully automated and on preprogrammed schedules, and energy use related to lighting has dropped significantly. Divided into zones on all floors, the lighting system of the building was completely overhauled and is now a state of the art, energy efficient addressable system. Isolated areas of a floor can now be programmed to remain on outside of normal hours rather than having to turn on lights for the entire floor. The entire retrofit project would not have achieved these extraordinary results had it not been for the diligent and meticulous dedication of the site staff following each step of the plan; verifying component redundancy, accurate labeling of conduits and equipment, and confirming functionality as per specifications.

“The automation of our HVAC, lighting and access systems is responsible property management in action.” said Pierre Boudrias, Senior Property Manager at Bentall. “Being a leader in energy efficiency, we are proud of this achievement and our thanks go to Pierre Picard, the site Operations Supervisor for his perseverance and hard work.” The HVAC and lighting retrofits are a great achievement being beneficial to the tenants, the environment, and the property. Lowering energy consumption is a win-win situation for everybody. Lower costs, higher efficiencies, less waste are all positive outcomes that put a smile on Mother Nature's face. Staying competitive, looking toward the future and maximizing the profitability of the property have all been driving factors. This retrofit has enabled the building staff to be more efficient in their day to day operations and offer better and quicker service to the tenants while preserving the building’s rich historical past.

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World Exchange Plaza Welcoming the Rain Engineering studies have estimated that approximately 1.6 million litres of water can be harvested annually, reducing municipal water consumption by some 12% at the building. To put this in perspective, in 2004 the average household used approximately 120,000 litres of water per year. The reduction in water use is roughly equivalent to that used in 13 homes annually. The harvesting project at WEP has the capacity to store approximately 110,000 litres of rainwater. World Exchange Plaza’s innovative alternative water supply approach was the result of a collaborative multi-disciplinary team effort. The project would not have been possible without: building operations envisioning the idea, technical services helping define the project’s parameters, consulting engineers’ plans and specifications, water treatment consultants’ chemistry solutions, contractors completion of the physical installation, a property and general manager championing the concept, and a shared vision in support and encouragement of sustainable programs by Bentall and bcIMC.

World Exchange Plaza (WEP) is a premier office complex located in downtown Ottawa’s financial core, just steps from Parliament Hill. Measuring over 670,000 square feet, the complex encompasses an entire city block. Owned by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) and managed by Bentall LP, World Exchange Plaza consists of two Class “A” office towers, a three-level retail concourse, outdoor amphitheatre and underground parkade. Rainwater Recovery At WEP, environmental stewardship, social responsibility and sustainability are ongoing priorities. To improve resource efficiency, along with more conventional lighting and building system upgrades, Bentall introduced an innovative grey-water recovery system. This system enables rainwater capture and reuse, allowing the building’s cooling towers to run using stored rainwater instead of potable, treated water from the municipal water supply. The only conservation program of its kind in the City of Ottawa, it’s designed to collect rainwater, also known as greywater, from the roof area at 45 O’Connor Street. Prior to the recent grey-water recovery installation, World Exchange Plaza, like most other commercial buildings, was fully reliant on the municipal water supply for all its needs. Apart from reducing the properties’ overall water consumption, this program enhances site storm water management (rainfall and snowmelt control) and helps to reduce water pollution.

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Apart from reducing the properties’ overall water consumption, this program enhances site storm water management (rainfall and snowmelt control) and helps to reduce water pollution. The Challenges The concept of rainwater harvesting in large occupied office buildings is innovative and not an easy task to accomplish. Recovery and storage systems needed to be installed. The engineering studies determined that storm water piping was already in place from the roof down to the parking levels of the building. In the lowest parking level there was an area beneath the ramp that was unserviceable, an ideal location to install the holding tanks. The next challenge was finding a route for the water lines from the storage area to the cooling towers on the roof. Hours were spent pouring over plans and looking into spaces behind walls and above ceilings in order to identify an acceptable route for the pipes.

The biggest challenge to overcome was how to deal with water treatment. Cooling towers traditionally operate using potable treated city water with its mix of known chemicals, minerals and particles. When treating municipal water for cooling tower operation, technicians know what they are dealing with. Rainwater on the other hand, is much different containing fewer suspended particles with a tendency of being more acidic than municipal water. These differences in chemistry necessitated an alternative to traditional water treatment practices. Coming up with a methodology for treating a combination of municipal water and rainwater posed the greatest challenge for the consultants and engineers – who persevered with amazing results. Acidity levels were addressed by adjusting the treatment chemicals used to compensate for the acid in the rainwater. Sensors were incorporated to continuously measure the water’s suspended particle and chemical levels and a city water feeder line was added to ensure the necessary mix. The end result is rainwater will provide at least 80% of the cooling system’s water requirements. Fred Colford, CPM, Senior Manager, Technical Services, at Bentall noted, “Our ability to divert water from an overwhelmed city sewage treatment system benefits the city and its residents. This project is just one more example of how sustainable buildings can benefit everyone.”

ECOLOGIQUEMENT VERT! french translation for ideallygreen.


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“With Hurley our Recycling and Green Initiatives have improved and are ahead of schedule” - World Exchange Plaza

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50 Westmount Place Innovation in Environmentally Preferable Purchasing roofing solution needed to meet high performance and environmental standards while still being cost-effective. During their investigation into sustainable roofing options, Bentall’s Technical Services team employed a life cycle thinking approach. This involves consideration of a product from resource extraction through manufacturing, transport, use and disposal. Using this criteria they came across an innovative, and proven, lightweight concrete product that has since become the prime component in Westmount’s roofing retrofit. Incorporating energy efficiency, extended life expectancy and the ability to be retrofitted in years to come without waste generation, made this sustainable roof system design a good fit for the centre. “When I learned about the lightweight concrete roof, it seemed too good to be true, so I had to go see it for myself,” said Ari Dimitraklas, Regional Manager, Technical Services. “I was amazed. I knew immediately that it was a perfect fit for Westmount Place.” A roof structure is applied in similar fashion to a conventional poured in place concrete product. It is has no odour and can be installed faster than a typical asphalt roof. It has Westmount Place is a community retail centre located in Waterloo, Ontario, providing a mix of professional services and retail outlets. The centre is owned by Sun Life Financial and managed by Bentall LP. The centre was redeveloped in 2007 and included a series of energy efficiency upgrades, assisting in the pursuit and recent achievement of BOMA BESt certification. A Sustainable Roof As part of ongoing improvements and in keeping with a shared commitment to sustainability, replacing the building’s older existing roof became the catalyst to consider Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) options. EPP involves incorporating environmental criteria into traditional purchasing considerations like price, performance and availability. In keeping with Bentall’s EPP program, the ideal

In addition to having a life span that is double that of a conventional roof, it conserves energy due to its increased roof insulation, or R value, thus helping reduce a building’s heating and cooling costs and related energy usage.

…“life cycle thinking” incorporates the different  stages of a product’s or service’s life cycle; from  resource extraction, through manufacturing,  transport, use and disposal. fg_eppbnnr.indd 1

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FOREVERGREEN Purchasing Program

excellent insulating and fire rating values, is lightweight, can be sloped to drain and provides a significant roofing base. It comes with a 20-year total system warranty as opposed to a traditional asphalt roof that comes with a 2-year labour and 5-year material warranty. Moreover, the lightweight concrete product is designed to prevent water ‘ponding’ -- a major factor in roof deterioration. The roof’s two ply SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is a lightweight component with a projected life expectancy of 40+ years. In addition, the roof’s membrane

Congratulations to Bentall LP on 25/09/09 your accomplishments towards energy conservation and environmental stewardship.

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assembly can be retrofitted at least twice, creating a system that has the potential, with regular inspections and maintenance, to remain in place for 75 to 100 years! Contrast that with an asphalt roof, where the life expectancy is 20-30 years after which a full and costly roof replacement is required and landfill waste generated. The lightweight concrete roof is a superior product in limited use today that is likely to become more widely used in the future as the demand for environmentally preferable considerations evolves. In addition to having a life span that is double that of a conventional roof, it conserves energy due to its increased roof insulation, or R value, thus helping reduce a building’s heating and cooling costs and related energy usage. Due to the lightweight concrete becoming part of the roof structure, in remedial roofing applications, replacement is not necessary as is the case with insulation. The only thing required when retrofitting the roof is to remove the membrane. This functionality decreases roof replacement costs over the long term and also minimizes the impact on landfill space. Westmount’s roofing project is scheduled for completion this year. And, Bentall’s EPP approach will result in the installation of a roofing system that is more cost effective and reduces the environmental impact of this project. Through the adoption of EPP, Bentall aims to actively engage suppliers and service providers and encourage and influence markets for environmentally preferable products.

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A shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality. Golder Associates is proud to work with Bentall LP, making our environment sustainable. A World of Capabilities Delivered Locally. Africa + 27 11 254 4800 Asia + 62 21 252 1975 Australasia + 61 7 3721 5400 Europe + 356 21 42 30 20 North America + 1 800 275 3281 South America + 55 21 3095 9500 792_CAN_lmackenzie_v2.indd 1

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Livingston Place Walking the Talk A Convergence of Community Livingston Place was developed and built by Bentall on behalf of bcIMC in 2007 and is aligned with a shared commitment to responsible property investing and management. The promotion of health and well being for occupants and fostering a sense of community for tenants were key design considerations. Green/Public Space The site boasts downtown Calgary’s largest outdoor plaza featuring green space accessible to the general public as well as an outdoor stage. During the summer of 2008, Livingston Place partnered with the local Chinese Olympic Celebration committee to stage a community celebration to coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. The plaza stage also hosted local musical talent on a weekly basis during August and September with live performances through the lunch hour. Community Involvement The Stampede Breakfast, held annually in the plaza has over 3,200 tenants in attendance, and is used as a fund raising opportunity for local charity groups that assist families in need. In 2008, the breakfast was the first zero waste event of its kind in Calgary. All utensils, plates, etc. used were biodegradable and went to a composting facility after the event. This success was carried over to our 2009 event.

Situated in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Livingston Place is a premier office development owned by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) and managed by Bentall LP. The 845,000 square foot complex is comprised of two office towers overlooking Calgary’s Eau Claire district and the Bow River Valley. A Winning Team The management team of Livingston Place was recently awarded the prestigious Building Owners and Managers Association of Calgary Pinnacle Award for Customer Service. This award recognizes innovation, teamwork, environmental stewardship and outstanding customer service. Not only does it shine a spotlight on the devotion of the management team, it highlights the quality of services and vast amenities offered to tenants of the property.

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Conference Centre The Livingston Club located on the +15 level (second floor) of both towers features a conference centre and fitness centre that are available for tenants to use. The lounge in the South

Tower features soft seating in a quiet atmosphere for casual meetings or a coffee break. The conference centre adjacent to the lounge can accommodate up to 115 people and has full audio visual capabilities including video conferencing. There is also wireless internet available in the Club for the exclusive use of the tenants. The presence of the centre allows tenants to plan for less meeting space in their premises. It provides both overflow requirements and accommodates larger meetings capacities. Throughout the year several “lunch and learns” are held for tenants in the conference centre to support other events. These included Waste at Work and Eating Healthy for the Holidays. Fitness-Wellness A fully equipped fitness centre is located in the West Tower and is professionally managed by Health Systems Group. The facility features cardio equipment, strength training equipment, a classroom area and towel service. To date, close to 1,300 tenants have completed the orientation for the fitness area with the facility averaging 750 visits each week. In addition, there are over 20 weekly fitness classes which are consistently at capacity. A Tenant Advisory Committee meets quarterly to review operations and

provide suggestions on how to maximize the usefulness of the facility. “We wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere where users, regardless of experience level, could feel comfortable,” said Art Skow, Director Property Management, Bentall LP. “And based on the level of participation in the centre we believe we have succeeded in achieving this goal.” The building’s parkade includes a secure cage for 150 bicycles for tenant use with adjacent locker/shower facilities, all at no charge. Access to both areas is controlled by building access card. Tenants also have access to free use of two bicycles during the day which are stored with the parking manager. There are additional racks located on the plaza for another 70 bicycles. Communication The Livingston website ( features information on the complex as well as a tenant secure area. The website allows online booking for the conference centre. A Livingston Place newsletter is produced quarterly and features information on the building, Bentall staff, environmental tips and upcoming events. To save paper, the newsletter is delivered electronically and also available on the website. By combining an award winning team with industry-leading service and amenities, Livingston Place is at the forefront of socially responsible building performance.

Congratulations to the Bentall group for their ongoing commitment to the environment

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Capilano Mall Looking Outside the Box for Opportunities

Capilano Mall is a fully enclosed centre comprising 400,000 square feet of retail and 20,000 square feet of office space located at 935 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Owned by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) since 1999 and managed by Bentall LP, the shopping centre offers a wide variety of stores and services in the community. For bcIMC and Bentall, responsible property investing and management is a key consideration for all real estate activities. As part of a shared commitment, improving the property’s energy efficiency, water usage and waste management systems are vital sustainable initiatives at Capilano Mall. Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is a significant priority for this BOMA BESt certified building and Bentall initiated a review of potential lighting alternatives in partnership with BC Hydro. As a result of this review, a $40,000 Power Smart incentive was received from BC Hydro to complete a lighting retrofit in the mall’s parking structure. The parking lighting system retrofit, completed earlier this year, resulted in an average 15 MWh per month in energy savings. This means the project will pay for itself through energy savings in less than two years! A further enhancement in lighting performance at the property included the retrofit of all exit signs to energy-efficient LED units. Water Usage To minimize the use of water for exterior landscaping, rain water sensors were added to the irrigation system. These sensors ensure that watering does not occur on rainy days. As an extension of this measure, Capilano Mall is adopting xeriscape landscaping, by replacing conventional outdoor plants with drought-resistant varieties to further conserve water associated with landscaping. Much of the exterior seasonal plantings have been replaced with a combination of rhododendrons and roses that provide vibrant colours in the Spring and Summer. Drought resistant decorative grasses have

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also been added in amongst the boxwoods and dogwoods found on the site and bark mulch is used in planting beds. Through these efforts water consumption at the Mall has been significantly reduced. Our efforts have not stopped with the outside. Efforts to conserve water are taking place on the inside as well. One such measure is the ongoing program to phase out conventional hot water tanks within the mall to more efficient “on demand” hot water heaters. All common area washrooms are outfitted with hands-free faucets and urinals and through collaboration with the tenants, we are encouraging a movement for them to also replace conventional plumbing fixtures with low flow toilets and faucets. Waste Management Waste management is another important focus of our sustainability initiatives at the Capilano Mall. The property boasts approximately 120 large deciduous trees that greatly enhance the mall’s exterior visual appeal. As a more environmentally friendly alternative to trucking a significant amount of leaves off site each fall, Capilano created an on-site compost facility. A composting area was created adjacent to one of the secondary service entrances to the building. The area is screened from view by a section of hedging, and provides an efficient and discreet location for the collection of leaves as well as other plant material that is generated at the site. Since the program started in the fall of 2007 it has yielded tremendous results. Approximately 40-50 yards of rich, composted soil has been produced and used to improve soil conditions and expand existing planting areas at the property. The benefits of using compost soil are multi-fold; the rich top soil serves as a fertilizer and it also acts as a soil conditioner and natural pesticide. It is expected that this facility will produce an excess of composted soil beyond the needs of the mall, creating an opportunity to give back to the local community. As an added benefit, composting eliminates the need to transport and dispose of leaves - being both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly! To further enhance the Mall’s waste diversion rates, all waste resulting from construction projects is separated for recycling prior to leaving the site. The latest results of this initiative indicate that 4 metric tones of wood, 2.5 metric tones of steel and 1.3 metric tones of drywall have been diverted from the landfill. As the programs and initiatives implemented at Capilano Mall illustrate, improved energy efficiency, water consumption and waste management all have a positive and profound impact on environmental sustainability. As Steve Patrick, Manager, Technical Services, says “Capilano Mall is truly an inspiration as we continue to move forward in this age of sustainability."

Awards and Achievements Bentall’s proven industry-leading innovation and initiatives are widely recognized through various awards and accolades. We are proud to be acknowledged for a variety of achievements including our people, best practices in development and operations, and our environmental stewardship. The following awards represent some of our achievements over the past three years: People 50 Best Employers in Canada – for three consecutive years, 2007-2009, Bentall has been recognized by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada. Ottawa BOMA Volunteer of the Year – awarded to Fred Colford in 2009 for his extensive contributions to BOMA Ottawa. BOMA Toronto President’s Award and BOMA Canada Chairman’s Award – presented to Cheryl Gray in 2007 for championing the Industry Pandemic Planning Task Force. Best Practices in Development and Operations 2009 BOMA Toronto Pinnacle Award, ‘Above & Beyond’ – presented to Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets, Windsor Ontario, recognizing excellence in customer service, innovation and community involvement noted to have stood out among the competition for their dedication to implementing green initiatives. 2009 BOMA Calgary Pinnacle Award, ‘Customer Service’ – earned by the Livingston Place/BP Centre Calgary, Alberta Management Team as an acknowledgment of outstanding tenant service and environmental stewardship. Rex Award for Office Development of the Year 2008 – recognizing outstanding industry achievement for 6775 Financial Drive, Mississauga, Ontario presented by the National Association of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP).

2009 BOMA International Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards – awarded to Pearson Corporate Centre, Etobicoke, Ontario in the Suburban Office Park, Mid-Rise category. To win an international award, the building must first win at both the local and national levels. Environmental Stewardship International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) Canadian Social Responsibility Award – the inaugural 2007 award was presented to Domenic Imbesi and Cloverdale Mall in recognition of outstanding humanitarian service at a shopping centre. Hydro Ottawa Companies for Conservation Award – presented to World Exchange Plaza, Ottawa, Ontario in April 2009 in recognition of the property’s innovative efforts in reducing energy use. 2009 BOMA Toronto Pinnacle Award, ‘Innovation’ – awarded to BORiS, Bentall’s Online Risk Information System our state-of-the art proprietary environmental risk management system. Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) Gold Waste Minimization Award – awarded to the 6880 Financial Drive, Mississauga, Ontario team for increasing building diversion rates from 66% in 2003 to 82.5% in 2008. British Columbia Hydro’s Power Smart Partners – 2009 ranking recognizes work done by participating organizations to conserve energy and create a sustainable future. Bentall named the province’s leading Property Management Partner. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) Award of Excellence – presented to Broadway Tech Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia in 2009 for having the ‘Best Commercial Intensive Rooftop Garden.’

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