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President’s Message


Chair: Phil Owen, PH: 503-244-7986

I read somewhere the perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken! Well that may be true for a lot of people, but not for us landlords. Summer is the short time window we have to make repairs, replacements, upgrades, and the rest of those things wet winter days don’t allow.

Community Relations/Donations

Chair: Tony Kavanagh, PH: 503-522-4474


Chair: Lynne Whitney, PH: 503-284-5522

Education Elizabeth Carpenter

It’s important to remember a few things about all this work. RHA President Foremost, keep good books. All those receipts and bills are really important around tax season. Understand how to use depreciation as a business tool. Some landlords use a strategy known as cost segregation; components of a property and its improvements are depreciated separately, often with different, shorter timelines. Furniture and appliances, for instance, are depreciated over five years. Did you know property improvements are also included in the cost basis? They are depreciated over time, though the cost of most repairs is deductible in the year when it is incurred. Add the use of your home office, unexpected losses and tax losses, and all of a sudden you’d wish that lawn mower were broken--this stuff can be overwhelming. The RHA is here to help you navigate the pitfalls of our industry and help you make smart business decisions for your properties. We have an experienced team, experienced board of directors, and wonderful partner companies who are here to help.

This month we have something very special going on at the RHA. Please save the date and come to our first annual “Under a Starry Night” social. Taking place of our monthly dinner meeting, we are starting a July tradition of hosting all our members at the RHA offices. Fine food, wonderful friends, and a way for you to help our favorite non-profit JOIN, who help people transition from the street to a home. We will also be dedicating our new community room to longtime RHA board member Jon Moon. It will be a fine and special evening and we really hope the entire RHA community will attend. Of course our classes, tenant screening, and answers to all the questions around the section 8 law taking effect continue at the RHA. Just call our office or check our new website. We are here to serve.

Chair: John Sage, PH: 503-667-7971


Chair: Mark Passannante, PH: 503-294-0910


Chair: Robin Lashbaugh, PH: 503-760-7171


Chair: Phil Owen, PH: 503-244-7986


Chair: Elizabeth Carpenter, PH: 503-314-6498


Chair: Robin Lashbaugh, PH: 503-760-7171

Government Relations

Chair: Phil Owen, PH: 503-244-7986 Gresham Liaison: Jim Herman, PH: 503-645-8287


Chair: Ami Stevens, PH: 503-407-3663

Board Consultant

Alita Dougherty,, PH: 503-667-9288


Cindy Robert, PH: 503-260-3431


Cari Pierce, Office Manager - Pam VanLoon, Bookkeeper - Teresa Carlson, Member Svcs - Suzanne Fullerton, Member Svcs Asst RHAOregon OFFICE Monday - Friday * 9:00am - 5:00pm PH: 503-254-4723 * Fax: 503-254-4821 10520 NE Weidler St Portland, OR 97220

Can’t wait to see everyone in a few weeks Under a Starry Night. July 16, 2014 at 6pm, complimentary beer and wine. $19.00 per guest to cover the cost of food. Sincerely, Liz Carpenter Rental Housing Alliance Oregon President

RHAOregon is committed to educating members to fair housing practices and policies.

Since 1927, the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon has set the standard for community participation by landlords providing affordable and quality housing.



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07/09 Board Meeting

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Oaks Park


08/20 Board Meeting

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Understanding Your Decision Point




Understanding Your Decision Point




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Those with prior registration to the class will be seated first. Walk-ins will only be accommodated once the class has started and if space is available. Registered attendees who arrive 15 minutes after the start of class be aware that your chair may be filled. If you register for a class and then do not cancel at least 48 hours before the class and /or do not show you will be charged for the class

Understanding Your Decision Point Report This class is offered to members of the RHA only. If you have a current service agreement and do your screening through RHA and would like to learn how to read the Decision Point report with more accuracy, then this is the class for you.

JOIN Connecting the streets to a home Despite our growth as an organization over the last 16 years, JOIN continues to be guided by two important founding principles: relationships are more important than rules and the homeless person him or herself must be the agent of change.

Rental Housing Alliance Annual Picnic at Oaks Park Wednesday August 13, 2014 JOIN THE FUN AT THE RHA ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC Featuring Oaks Fun Rides Delicious Food and BINGO

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How to Handle Complaints About Neighbors- by Julie Johnson The quote that “Good Landlords Attract Good Tenants” is true. So when you consider best practices, I think you need to decide what practices will allow you to attract and retain quality tenants. The first thing that comes to my mind is BE AVAILABLE. Prospective Tenants If you put your rental home on Craigslist, in order to find a qualified tenant, you must be available to answer the phone and to tour the property. Here are some statistics based on national averages: o o o

20% of all calls into apartment communities are NOT answered 12.5% of all calls coming into leasing offices should be converted into an appointment and a leasing tour 33% of all leasing tours should be converted into a lease

Therefore, you can see that when you have a vacancy, being available to answer the telephone is beneficial. It is the key to getting the prospective tenant to your property and you getting your property rented. Don’t Neglect Current Residents Once you have a tenant and they have moved into your property, it is important if your tenant needs to talk to you that you are available as well. This means offering tenants various ways to contact you, i.e. multiple telephone numbers (if possible) and an email address. Tenants should also know that if there is ever an emergency in the middle of the night that they are able to connect with you. Whenever a tenant calls or emails you, be sure to respond to them as soon as possible. Business etiquette calls for quick responses. There is nothing more irritating to a tenant than a non-responsive landlord. When a tenant has a request or needs a problem solved, set expectations upfront so they don’t think you are just ignoring the issue.



How to Handle Complaints About Neighbors: (continued from page 7)

the tenant know that. Also, taking four days to respond to a straightforward question is basically the same as not replying at all. Consider the following statistics from the Jim Moran Institute and Lee Resources: Up to 95% of customers will give you a second chance if you handle their request or problem successfully and in a timely manner.

context in which the alleged incidents occurred. Recently, a tenant called to tell me a neighbor was knocking on her door. So I called the neighbor in question and she reported to me that she had put her garbage bag in the hall to take to the trash bin when she was going out. The tenant across the way then picked up the bag full of garbage and put the bag on top of her car. Then the neighbor knocked on the other neighbor’s door to discuss what happened. The complaining neighbor forgot to tell me that she had put a trash bag full of garbage on the tenant’s car, so the blame was shared

Building positive tenant relationships by being available is just one of the things you can do to be a successful landlord. Showing tenants that you are open to listening to their concerns and available to help them will help keep your property maintained and your tenants happy. Complaints About Neighbors Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all in this business, the telephone will ring and bring you another issue to resolve. Lately, my phone has been ringing with calls from tenants feeling they are being harassed or complaining about a neighbor. I understand there’s a bit of Jekyll and Hyde in every one of us and even the most minor issue can escalate if not addressed. Often, it is hard to tell who or what is actually at the root of the issue. If anyone complains about a tenant, you should open up an investigation and determine if a violation of the lease actually occurred. Tenants and/or their guests may not be a nuisance on the property or jeopardize the health, welfare and safety of others. Each claim must be taken seriously. While not intended as legal advice, this is how I investigate a claim. o



Request that the tenant report the incident to the police. When a tenant calls about a threat, excessive noise or harassment, the first thing I do is tell them to call 911. If there is a threat of bodily harm or they are afraid, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Also, a police report can be used as solid evidence of a disturbance or pattern of repeated harassment.


Document all information gathered. In this instance for documentation, we issued two notices to comply or vacate. The first notice went to the tenant who left their garbage on their doorstep for not taking it to the trash bin. The second notice was to the tenant who put the garbage bag on the neighbor’s car as an act of aggressive behavior toward another tenant. Each tenant received a reminder that retaliation would not be tolerated and that continuing such behavior toward each other could result in eviction.

For ongoing tenant conflicts that cannot be verified, let the complaining person know there is no evidence to support the claim. Encourage them to keep you in the loop if another issue occurs and assure them you take their claim seriously. Tenant to tenant issues are considered a civil matter, however, I feel some obligation as the landlord to act once I learn a resident is being harassed by another tenant. I want my tenants to be happy and care where they live and to be long-term residents, so caring about tenant safety is one way to build resident retention. There have been court cases across the nation against landlords who did not act. Landlords who ignore warning signs may be doing so at their own peril! Julie Johnson is currently the Director of the Residential Group at Phillips Real Estate Services. Reprinted with permission of the Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc.

Discuss the situation with all involved. It is important to receive all the facts and circumstances from both sides including the nature of the allegation and the :RENTAL ALLIANCE UPDATE - July 2014

How To Handle Residents That Hoard

By Lynn Dover of A Service of Appfolio Resident hoarding can cause significant health and safety problems, both in the hoarder’s unit and in neighboring units. Hoarding can create pest infestations, mold problems, increase fire risk, interfere with entrance or exit of the unit or exceed maximum load bearing floor capacity. These things, of course, make it difficult to keep the surrounding residents happy. Hoarding is rarely self-reported by the hoarder. Instead, it is often discovered by maintenance staff making a repair in the hoarder’s unit or in a neighboring unit. Hoarding can create a problem for the surrounding units such as water intrusion, mold or a pest invasion in the neighboring unit. Not just a matter of poor housekeeping, hoarding is believed to be a form of anxiety disorder and/or obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD). Depression can also be a component. Hoarding is loosely defined as: o o o

goals that the resident must meet Providing the resident with a list of community resources that can assist the hoarder. Working with a fair housing and/or mental health advocacy group assisting the resident to develop a plan to bring the unit into compliance. When dealing with a hoarding situation, the focus should be only on solving legitimate health and safety issues rather than attempting to achieve ideal housekeeping habits. It should be recognized that even if the hoarder meets minimum health and safety standards, the unit may not be in an “optimal condition.” Hoarders may not recognize the severity of the problem or be equipped to resolve the hoarding problem on their own. Some hoarders believe their hoarding is beneficial because they are savers, not wasters. Others deny that any problem exists. As a result, it may be helpful to involve a neutral third party such as a fire department, code enforcement or health inspector who can inspect the unit and identify code or other health and safety violations. Termination of the Tenancy May be Possible If: o

The acquisition of a large number of possessions o that appear to be useless or of limited value Living spaces cluttered so they can no longer be o used for their intended purpose and Causing significant distress or functional impairment.

Hoarding items may be valuable collectibles or trash or anything in between. Units can be literally packed floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall, with just a small path for movement in the unit. Because hoarding is caused by one or more psychological disorders, compulsive hoarders are generally considered disabled. Federal and state fair housing laws protect people with disabilities, including mental disabilities. Fair housing advocates contend that before eviction of a mentally disable resident whose disability is causing the person to violate the terms of the lease or rules, good faith efforts must be made to accommodate the resident’s disability. This generally requires that the resident be given an opportunity to come into compliance so that he or she can remain a tenant. Examples of Potential Accommodations Setting scheduled unit re-inspections and establishing


The person is a clear, direct and immediate threat to the health and safety of other community residents There are serious health and safety issues that cannot be mitigated through accommodation The resident has caused serious monetary damage to the unit and will not reimburse the landlord for the cost to repair the unit The hoarder will not engage in the accommodation process or cooperate to bring the unit back into compliance

Accommodation Agreement Even if health and safety issues are initially resolved, a hoarding resident may “slip” and re-hoard again in the future. Therefore, a written “Accommodation Agreement” should be considered, providing periodic unit inspections and a specified time period for correction of future health and safety issues. No two situations are alike. Each hoarding situation requires analysis based on the facts of the particular case. It is advisable to seek legal advice before taking any action to terminate a tenancy if compulsive hoarding may be involved.



Dear Maintenance Men:

By: Jerry L’Ecuyer & Frank Alvarez

Dear Maintenance Men:

Dear Ryan:

Mildew is driving me crazy. We have a property with interior bathrooms and they are constantly developing mildew on the walls and ceiling. We have cleaned, painted and cleaned out the duct work for the vent fan and the problem does not go away. How can I solve this problem?

There are a number of ways to remove gum from a brick or concrete sidewalks. Spray the gum with an aerosol freezing agent or place dry ice on the gum for a few minutes. The gum will become very brittle and should be easier to pry off the surface with a putty knife or scraper. It may take a few tries to remove all the gum. If there is any gum remaining, spray WD-40 or vinegar and let it soak to dissolve the remaining gum. Use a scraper or stiff brush to remove the rest of the gum. After all the gum is removed, use a power sprayer to deep clean and remove any gum residue. If you still have discoloration on the concrete, use muriatic acid & water mixture to bleach the concrete. To keep the gum from sticking to the concrete or brick sidewalks in the first place; use a waterproofing sealer on the sidewalk to reduce the likelihood of the gum sticking to the surface.

William Dear William: A number of things may be at work here. Unit overcrowding is generally the main reason for moisture & mildew build-up in an apartment unit. Because of the overcrowding, the residents take more showers and baths, throughout the day and evening. Often to hide the excess people in the unit, the resident will keep all the window covers closed and the widows shut, effectively keeping the moisture from escaping. Add a windowless bathroom into the mix and the problem is compounded. Mechanically, we suggest you inspect the vent fans in the bathrooms. Make sure they are not clogged with lint or dust. If the fan is operating properly, check the CFM or Cubic Feet per minute of air movement. The minimum number should be 50 CFM. If the bathroom is getting more than the average amount of use, you may want to replace the existing fan with one that has a higher CFM rating. We recommend using at least a 120 CFM fan. Equally important, many bathrooms have two wall switches; one for the light and the other for the fan. If this is the case, we recommend combining the two switches into one. That way when the resident switches on the light the fan will come on automatically. We find most residents will not turn on the fan if it has its own switch. Lastly of course, is to get the resident to open a few windows and let some fresh air in. Dear Maintenance Men: Over the years, the sidewalks around our building have accumulated a fair amount of chewing gum residue. We are looking for a good method to remove the gum and the gum deposit. Once clean, is there any surface treatment to prevent gum from sticking? Ryan

Dear Maintenance Men: I keep hearing about PEX tubing as an alternative to copper tubing when it comes to re-piping my rental units. What is the difference between PEX and copper tubing and why use one over the other? What are the pros and cons? Aldridge Dear Aldridge: First let’s define what PEX tubing is. PEX is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe. (It looks and feels like plastic pipe.) The PEX pipe is resistant to extreme temperatures, stress, pressure and chemicals attacks such as acids & alkalies. PEX tubing This makes PEX pipe suitable for both hot and cold water systems and can be used in below freezing condition and is suitable up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The pipe is extremely flexible and easy to install. Pros and cons of using PEX: Pros: 1: Versatile and user friendly, can be bent around (continued page 11)



Avoid the #1 Move-In Mistake

Dear Maintenance Men: (continued from page 10)

corners & snaked through walls. 2: Minimum of connections needed to complete a pipe run. (Less chance of a leak) 3: Cold weather burst resistant. 4: PEX pipe is less expensive than copper pipe

Cons: 1: Cannot be used outside or in sunlight. 2: Not recycle friendly 3: Installation tools can be expensive. 4: Not handyman friendly

Let’s say you have a verbal agreement with the new tenant to have the place fixed up a week after move in, and you’ll install that new garbage disposal you promised as soon as your staff gets around to it.

1: Long lasting, easy to use and install 2: Resists corrosion 3: Environmentally friendly, i.e.: recyclable. 4: Safe for exterior use.

Cons: 1: Expensive to buy. 2: Can burst in extreme cold weather if not properly winterized. 3: More connections and elbows needed to complete a pipe run. Before making any decisions about using PEX piping, check with your local building department to ensure it is allowed in your area. However, if it were our building, we would use copper pipe. Copper is straight forward to install, no special tools are needed and any competent handyperson can fix a leak with simple tools and a torch. Please send us your Maintenance Questions!!! To see your maintenance question in the “Dear Maintenance Men:” column, please send submission to: Questions@BuffaloMaintenance. com Please “Like” us on

But can a landlord expect a tenant to return the rental in better shape than when they originally moved in? It’s not uncommon to want to keep a rental occupied 365 days a year. But it’s a mistake to move a tenant in before all the repairs and cleaning have been done.

Pros and cons of using copper pipe: Pro:

Landlords expect their tenants to leave a rental in the same condition on move-out as it was on move-in. That’s what the security deposit is for, after all.

Meanwhile, the new tenant is filming your mistakes with their smart phone.

When it’s time to move out, you’ll have a tough time applying any security deposit deductions, because the tenant may claim that the unit was never in good shape to begin with. It’s going to be hard to convince a judge that the tenant didn’t return a clean unit when there is a video showing what shape the unit was at move- in. Another problem with rushing the move-in is that a poorly maintained unit may be hazardous, which will only increase landlord liabilities. What’s more, the new tenant will think the bar is set very low. That will set the stage for problems throughout the lease term. Tenants will believe that the landlord doesn’t care, so they shouldn’t either. They won’t do their best to keep the property clean, or to pay rent on time. Take the time to properly turn the rental unit before moving in the new tenant.

2143 NE Broadway St Portland, OR 97232 Office: 503-281-1172 Cell: 503-314-6498 Email:

Real Estate Services

That includes any needed painting, deep cleaning, and making sure all appliances are in good working condition, and completing any work orders that came up during the last walk-through. It should only take a few days or so to turn most rental units. If it is routinely taking you longer, that could mean (continued page 16)



How to Avoid an Estate Planning Scam Every time you turn on the news, it seems like there is a new scam making headlines. By now, we’re all familiar with Bernie Madoff and his infamous Ponzi scheme. Many people have also heard about the “grandparent scam.” In this swindle, the scammer calls posing as the victim’s grandchild, claiming to be traveling in a foreign country and in distress. The scammer convinces the victim to wire them money. The “grandchild” hangs up, and the funds are gone forever. One surprising area in which scams are becoming more common is estate planning. Each year, more people fall victim to unscrupulous and unqualified sellers of ineffective estate planning documents. Often, these scammers are doorto-door salesmen or telemarketers. Would you recognize an estate planning scam if you saw one? Here’s how to make sure you or your loved ones are never victims: 1. Work with a qualified estate planning attorney. Be careful of websites that offer DIY wills. Estate planning is a complex area of law, and the rules vary from state to state. Only a licensed, experienced estate planning attorney is qualified to prepare an estate plan for you. Before you work with any estate planning professional, make sure he or she is licensed to practice law in your state. This is as simple as checking your state’s Bar. You want to work with an attorney who is listed as an active member in good standing. The Oregon State Bar can be reached at (800) 4528260. You also need to decide whether this particular attorney is a good fit for you. You’ll want to find out a little about your attorney’s background and education, paying special attention to whether he or she meets the state’s continuing education guidelines. Organizations like the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (www. require that their members meet continuing education requirements that are often more stringent than the standards imposed by the state. You may choose to begin your search for an

By Richard B. Schneider, Attorney at Law attorney on their website. You also want to be comfortable with your attorney. Does he or she put you at ease? Do you get to do enough talking, or does your attorney cut you off or talk over you? Do you feel that your questions are taken seriously and answered in a way that you fully understand? One of the best ways to ensure you’ve chosen the right attorney is to make sure that you’re comfortable talking to him or her and you feel that he or she respects you and takes your concerns seriously.

2. Take your time. Legitimate estate planning

attorneys understand when you need additional information about their services. This is especially true if you attend an estate planning workshop or seminar. Never feel pressured to buy products or services “on the spot” – and never, ever purchase a pre-printed Living Trust “kit.”

3. Ask lots of questions. A qualified estate planning

attorney has years of legal training and experience. He or she should be able to explain all of your planning options, as well as the potential outcomes for each option. What’s more, your attorney should be able to explain these things in language you can understand. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you don’t understand what you’re signing, don’t sign it.

It pays to remember the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Someone who is unlicensed or unqualified might offer you a bargain-basement price, but what value are you really receiving? Too often, it is an estate plan that turns out to be ineffective or even counter to your wishes. What’s worse, your family might not even realize there is a problem until after your death, when it is too late to correct the mistake. By then, your life savings could have passed to unintended recipients, your estate could be on the hook for unnecessary taxes and fees, and your loved ones could find themselves in the midst of unnecessary confusion and conflict. A qualified estate planning attorney will work with you to (continued page 14)





How to Avoid an Estate Planning Scam (continued from page 12

put a plan in place that will carry out your wishes and meet your family’s needs, without any nasty last-minute surprises. You should do your due diligence and find an experienced estate planning attorney with a reputation and record that you can feel comfortable about and with whom you feel comfortable. Once you find that attorney, I suggest you put your worries to rest and rely on that attorney to help you craft an estate plan that best suits you. The First Meeting with an Estate Planning Attorney Your first meeting with an estate planning attorney may seem a little daunting, especially if you’ve never consulted an attorney before. There’s no need to worry, however. This meeting is just a conversation in which your attorney will find out about you, your family, and your goals. After you’ve shared this information, your attorney will be able to recommend a range of estate planning tools, helping you tailor a plan that meets your needs. Getting to Know You At the start of your consultation, your estate planning attorney will ask you questions about you, your family, and your finances. Some of the areas of your life that you may need to share about are those that can impact the type of planning you’ll need to protect your assets and family, including: *Whether you’re married, •

How many children and grandchildren you have,

Whether you’ve had any previous marriages,

Your age and the ages of the people in your family,

What assets you own, the value of those assets, and how they’re titled,

Whether you currently have a Will, a Trust, or other estate planning documents, and

Which people you want to put in charge of your money, your children, and other important aspects of your life in case you die or become disabled.

Sometimes, clients have personal situations they are hesitant to share with anyone – even their attorney. If this is your situation, the questions your attorney asks may seem uncomfortable or intrusive. The reason these questions are asked is so that your attorney knows what issues to anticipate. This way, he or she can help you plan around them. 14


For example, you might be reluctant to talk about a child born out of wedlock years ago. First and foremost, remember that the information you tell your attorney will remain confidential unless you give permission to disclose it. Second, the reason your estate planning attorney needs to know about this child is to design a plan that accomplishes your goals. If you don’t want that child to receive part of your estate, your attorney needs to include language in your estate plan disinheriting that child. Otherwise, he or she may be entitled to a portion of your estate that you’d planned to leave for your spouse or your other children. Putting Your Plan in Place After your attorney gathers all your information, he or she will review your goals with you and discuss the best strategies for achieving those goals. The two of you will agree on the appropriate strategies, and your attorney will put together a set of documents that carries out these strategies. For example, your attorney may draft a living trust to help you maintain control of your assets during your lifetime, while keeping those assets out of probate at your death. He or she may also draw up powers of attorney to designate who will make financial and medical decisions for you, if you become unable to handle these matters for yourself. Your attorney’s job is to put together a plan that achieves your goals, and to ensure you understand how it works. When you leave your initial meeting, you should know the basic framework of your estate plan as well as the basic purpose for each part of your plan. You should also know what to expect from the estate planning process: the next steps and whose responsibility they are. Avoid Scams and Breathe Easy After you choose the right estate planning attorney and establish an estate plan tailored to your needs, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing your future is secure! Avoid the scams from non-licensed individuals and unqualified professionals. Work with a licensed and experienced estate planning attorney for the best results. Our office focuses on estate and tax planning strategies. We work with clients of all ages, income, and wealth levels. As a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, our firm is kept up-to-date with information regarding estate planning and tax savings strategies. You can get more information about scheduling a complimentary estate planning appointment and our planning and administration services by calling us at (503) 241-1215, or by visiting our website at

Suburban Rentals - The New home of Meth Labs By Patricia Abney-Synergy Professionals

Meth labs are no longer restricted to the rural areas of America. They have now infiltrated suburbia. Meth cooks are capitalizing on the kind and harmless "image" suburbs provide and using them as a means of screening their dangerous and illegal operations. Imagine an environmental catastrophe waiting to materialize in your rental property - a cooking procedure utilizing corrosive and flammable elements, that at some phases produces the same gas used in concentration camps, producing an odorous reaction of chemicals and toxic fumes, brewed by people who normally don't have chemistry degrees...and you have the typical meth lab.The meth lab is more dangerous than any legal laboratory or chemical manufacturing plant. Meth labs have been defined as an "explosion waiting to happen." In fact, 25%-30% of all labs exposed in the U.S. are detected as a result of fire or explosion. A clandestine (secret) meth lab will likely have hazardous, flammable chemicals stashed away in every type of container imaginable--in closets, under stairways, under tables or even out in the open. Little of the glassware and equipment will be acceptable laboratory materials. Most will be improvised using casserole dishes, CorningWare, crock pots, etc.; Parts may be cracked and have jagged edges, sometimes covered with duct tape. Heaters, ovens or power strips could have frayed or exposed wires. Also, the gases produced by the operation are highly flammable, made worse by the fact that labs are commonly concealed in a closed off room or a basement. A pilot light on your gas water heater could ignite the entire property. More importantly, a majority of the people operating these suburban meth labs don't own the property, they rent. The After Effects of a Meth Lab on Your Property There's little known about the health effects of long term exposure to contaminants left behind by previous methamphetamine labs. Property owners are to exercise extreme caution and use the safest possible cleaning practices in dealing with former meth lab properties. There are company's that specialize this type of clean up who will even provide a certificate of decontamination at conclusion of the cleanup process. When drug users, dealers, or manufacturers live in or operate out of rental properties, neighborhoods suffer - and landlords pay a steep price. If the unit has been used as a

meth fabricating lab, the decontamination cost alone is high, averaging $10,000-$15,000 for a 1200-square-foot home. After a lab has been shut down, your property typically still is contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Residues of methamphetamine and other chemicals left over at a former meth lab are a concern for people who later occupy the property. For this reason, local health departments may get involved and thoroughly evaluate the property for hazards before permitting it to be re-inhabited, particularly if by children. Long and short term health effects include liver and kidney damage, neurological problems and increased cancer risks, even for people residing in former lab sites. When a meth lab is detected in a multiple-unit dwelling, neighbors might be worried about their exposure to hazardous chemicals while the lab was still operational. Neighbors danger for exposure is generally very low, but it's important to address any nearby residents concerns. But there are also other profound costs that a landlord can incur as a consequence of meth activity on the premises. How tenants' meth use impacts rental properties and landlords: • • •

• • • • •

Methamphetamine attracts criminal activity-gang- related activities such as vandalism and violence Property values decline, especially once the activity drives the neighborhood to get a bad reputation Property damage results from tenant misuse and neglect, from retaliation, from fire, or from police busts Civil penalties could be imposed, including the forced temporary closure or even seizure of the property Rental income is forfeited during the eviction and repair periods Good renters may move out because of meth-related troubles, resulting in lost rental income Feelings of bitterness and anger damage relationships between neighbors and property managers Being forced to address dangerous and threatening tenants generates fear and frustration

Signs of meth activity at a rental property: Landlords might observe behavior in renters that suggests potential meth or other drug use and, possibly, drug dealing: • •

Failure to pay rent or utility bills Failure to keep the house in good condition

(continued page 16) RENTAL ALLIANCE UPDATE - July 2014


Suburban Rental Units: (continued from page 15)

A combination of the indicators below may be significant. Vehicle traffic and automobiles

Show tenants that you are partnering with local law enforcement by displaying their decals Conduct background checks on renters. Check references, credit histories, and, if you get the required approval, criminal background Inspect your property on a regular basis Encourage tenants and others in the community to be mindful of suspicious individuals and activities Encourage nearby residents to alert you to any worries that they have

• Expensive vehicles that seem out of place for the area Regular car switching, particularly at unusual hours: People arrive in one car and leave in another • Vehicles stopping for short stays - fewer than 20 • minutes • Regular late-night deliveries • • Considerable increase in vehicular traffic • Suspicious vehicles: clean license plates on a dirty car, How can a meth lab be cleaned up? damage consistent with the car being a stolen vehicle Property owners are responsible for proper cleanup and Foot traffic costs. Owners who choose to clean buildings on their • People parking away from the premises and walking in own ought to be aware that household building materials and furniture may absorb contaminants and, in some • Ungroomed, disoriented visitors or neighbors • People taking in tools, electronics, or other items that cases, emit toxic fumes. Private cleanup contractors can and should be hired to conduct safe meth lab testing and might be used to sell or trade for drugs decontamination of any property known or suspected to Change in property conditions have been a meth lab. • • • •

• • •

Collections of garbage or junk Deterioration of the premises or yard Disassembling of vehicles or machinery (frequently the high gives meth users the energy to begin projects, but they lack the ability to focus enough to complete them)

Residents’ appearance and behavior ______ Avoid

the #1 Move-In Mistake: (continued from page 11

your property, and your profits, are taking a beating. If you are having trouble turning apartments in time, you may want to take a look at your staff. Some landlords may not realize that they can create habitability issues with something as simple as painting the window sills so thick that the window cannot be opened. Obviously, this is the maintenance crew’s responsibility, but it is the landlord’s responsibility to hire competent maintenance staff.

Make sure your maintenance staff is jumping on repairs Ungroomed, dirty appearance throughout the lease term and not leaving everything until Children show signs of abuse or disregard the end. Can you trust the repairs that are being done with Pets are uncared-for, neglected any level of quality? Have systems and checklists in place Occupant is awake for days at a time in order to streamline your turnaround procedures. Occupant sleeps for days at a time There’s frequent partying in the dwelling The same can be done if you are the “staff” — you can still There are a lot of young visitors, even when the reduce turnaround time by keeping up with maintenance residents do not have children in the same age group during the previous lease term, and following a checklist as the visitors to remind you what needs to be done each time you prepare the unit for a new tenant. Surroundings • • • • • • •

• •

Increased crime in the neighborhood, particularly Moving a tenant in before the unit is completely ready is crimes of opportunity like vehicle thefts and burglaries not the answer, and that could end up costing more than Other neighbors displaying strange behavior - hanging the few days the unit is out of service. out at the drug house or defending the occupants, for American Apartment Owners Association offers discounts on products and services for all your property management needs. Find out more instance at

Steps you can take to prevent meth at your property: 16


3 Reasons To Always Get 3 Contractors’ Estimates I’ve witnessed an interesting phenomenon as I’ve renovated dozens of houses over the years, getting many contractors estimates and seeing their work it’s a process that I’ve named The Contractor Cycle.

by Alan Brymer

Phase 4: The Vicious Cycle Repeats

The 4 Phases of the Contractor Cycle: Phase 1: Getting Contractors Estimates

You decide that he’s no good any more, and so you decide to start over. So, it’s back to Phase 1 again, getting other contractors’ estimates. You swear it will be different this time, except that the cycle repeats itself and the same thing happens to the new guy.

You land a good deal. You need to rehab it, and you need contractors. So you ask around to find out who’s good, look in the classified ads, and you get three estimates for each major work group (painting, roofing, etc).

Over the next few projects, the new contractor will spoil before your very eyes. Many investors nationwide can attest to this. It happens all the time it’s human nature (on your part and on theirs)

Phase 2: Finding a Good Contractor

So how do you break this vicious cycle?

After comparing the estimates, you choose the best of the contractors and put them to work. They do a good job on that house, and you are inclined to continue using their services. If not, you go back to Phase 1 on the next house.

I have found that if you change your behavior, they will change theirs. The key is to implement one simple practice. This will take a little more time, but will save you

Phase 3: The Slow Decline This happens when you get busy, or just plain lazy. Because they did such a good job before, you continue using that person over and over again on every house without bothering to get other contractors estimates again.

(continued page 18)

Slowly but surely, almost imperceptibly, some or all of the following will occur:

their prices start to increase their workmanship becomes sloppier they take longer to finish jobs their customer service declines (returning calls promptly, etc)

They must figure they’ve got the golden goose feeding them consistent work, so they are not very motivated to keep doing their very best. And because you’re so busy managing multiple projects, you put up with it. (True Story:) Things get worse and worse until finally it reaches the point of being ridiculous. You and your potential profits are being held hostage. Once, I had one contractor in charge of fixing up 5 houses at the same time (stupid, I know). He kept agreeing to do each house because he didn’t want to turn down work, but took forever on each of them because he kept running from house to house each week and never finished any of them. After several months (and mortgage payments), he finally finished.

The RHAOregon Mission The Rental Housing Alliance Oregon is a group of rental housing owners and managers in the Portland metropolitan area who have joined together for the purposes of: • Providing information to improve the knowledge of rental owners and managers. • Enhancing the reputation of “landlords” by promoting professional practices. • Assisting local public officials on various community endeavors relating to public or private housing.



Always get 3 Contractors’ Estimates (continued from page 17)

a ton of time, money, and hassle in return. Here’s the secret: Get 3 Contractors’ Estimates Every Time Always do this EVEN if the contractor you have is perfect, for the following reasons: 1) It keeps them in line When people are held accountable, performance multiplies. By getting several other contractors estimates each time, you are holding their feet to the fire. You are letting them know that although you are willing to consider them and even prefer them, you always expect results and will only keep using them if they continue to perform. 2) It helps you find better ones I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to improve. Just as you continually test your advertising, track results, and find cheaper ways to get motivated sellers contacting you, you should be looking for a better deal on contractors services. Think about it, What are your top 3 expenses? If my guess is correct, they are:

• Property Renovation Costs • Holding Costs (mortgage payments, utilities, etc) • Advertising to find buyers and sellers If these are your largest expenses, then even reducing costs 10% can save you a lot of money. You should always be on the lookout for ways to save. And interestingly, contractors affect both renovation AND holding costs with their prices and the speed of their work. 3) You are never dependent on one person This is a mistake I will never make again. You never want to become dependent on one of anything-be it a private lender, title company, realtor, attorney, or contractor. Doing so makes you really vulnerable because you have no backup plan if (or should I say WHEN) they stop performing. And the time it will take to find a replacement will dissuade you from looking around. Getting estimates from contractors regularly will put you in a position where you can quickly replace one that is not performing without losing much time. The time to prepare



is before the need arises, not during a crisis. So, for these three reasons, I strongly recommend you get 3 contractors’ estimates EVERY time you have a property to renovate. It may take some extra time, but will save you hours of frustration, thousands of dollars over time, and will help you avoid being trapped in the vicious Contractor Cycle of dependence. Alan Brymer has been a full-time investor since his first property at the age of 22. His business was named by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum as one of the Top 25 Companies Under Five Years Old. To receive a Free Copy of his new book, “This Market Stinks,” go to .

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Property Managers and Owners ... We are offering special package deals just for you! Package # 1 $16.50 per sq. yard ✔ Filament plush nylon or cut & loop ✔ 7/16 rebond pad ✔ Carpet Installation ✔ Tear & haul of old carpet & pad

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Package #2 $15.50 per sq. yard ✔ Plush and Cut and Loop ✔ 7/16 rebond pad ✔ Carpet Installation ✔ Tear & haul of old carpet & pad

Make your flooring purchases and installation EASY with ... FREE Delivery • FREE On-site measuring • FAST, Worry-FREE Installation!

Bargain Rollout! FHA Vinyl Only $3.99 per square yard!

Quantity Limited • Minimum 16 yard purchase

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(503) 408-6488

July 2014 Update Newsletter  

Rental Housing Alliance Oregon Monthly Publications

July 2014 Update Newsletter  

Rental Housing Alliance Oregon Monthly Publications