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All articles of clothing and sports kit must be clearly and durably marked with the owner’s name. Uniform is available from: SWOTS 24 Church Street Reigate, RH2 0AN Tel: 01737 243825

4. Code of Behaviour in Sport Sport plays an important part of a Reigate Grammar School education and at all times, whether winning or losing, a spirit of good sportsmanship is expected. All those involved in school fixtures, including players, coaches or supporters, are expected to adhere to the following guidelines which have been produced in order to preserve and enhance the educational, sporting and social aims of the school.

Students       

Students are expected to behave in a positive and sportsmanlike manner, extending standard courtesies to the opposing team, i.e. pre-match courtesies, recognition of good play, thanking umpires/referees and opposing team after the match; Deliberate violence of any sort is unacceptable; Verbal provocations, or responses to such provocations, are unacceptable; Bad language, whether directed at another player, umpire/referee or oneself is unacceptable; The umpire/referee’s decision is always final and not to be contested; Immodest behaviour in victory or success, and manifestation of self-disgust at an error or failure, are acts of poor sportsmanship and are unacceptable; Unfair or illegal tactics to gain advantage are unacceptable and should never be used.

Parents and other spectators    

Students appreciate the presence and support of their parents who should always set an example of good sportsmanship and give enthusiastic, but not excessive or inappropriate, support; School sport is only a part of a student’s education. A balanced approach to sport and to the all-round offering and demands of the school is expected. Host school parents are invited to assume some responsibility for making visiting parents feel welcome; Parents should not give advice during a match to players, coaches, umpires or referees.

School      

All staff, especially sports teachers and staff in charge of individual sports, will aim to foster sportsmanlike and positive attitudes amongst their players, supporters and coaches; When hosting, the school will ensure that its responsibilities concerning first aid, changing rooms, refreshments etc. are met; Visiting schools are to be met courteously and shown the facilities they will use; We will do our best to avoid cancelling matches: early notification is an important courtesy in the event of inability to field a team; The Headmaster retains the ultimate responsibility for all disciplinary sanctions involving students of this school; The sporting life of the school must be kept in balance with other facets of school life.

5. Complaints Procedure We hope that your son’s or daughter’s career at Reigate Grammar School will proceed without major problems. However, if you have a concern, please follow this procedure. Please tell us of your concern as soon as possible. It is difficult for us to investigate properly an incident or problem which has happened some time ago. Please state your problem or concern courteously: it does not help staff to resolve issues if intemperate or aggressive language is used, either in writing or in person.


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RGS Parents' Handbook  

Welcome to the RGS Parents' Handbook 2019

RGS Parents' Handbook  

Welcome to the RGS Parents' Handbook 2019

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