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DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL? THE CRISP AUTUMN AIR, NEW SHOES, NEW UNIFORM. A NEW BEGINNING. Do you remember the excitement, the anxiety? So much to look forward to with new friends and a whole new world of knowledge and opportunity to explore. Were you even aware of the path you were about to take? On that day you were given a chance to excel. To explore, achieve, find the best in you and be the best you could be. That start had an impact on the rest of your life. Perhaps your school days weren’t always perfect, there may have been conflicts, challenges and tests. But they all helped form the character you became and created a path to a life you may not have had if it were not for Reigate Grammar School. Today, just as it was then, young people, no matter what their background, need a chance to fulfil their potential and to be their best. However, low social mobility and a lack of educational opportunity create a significant challenge to our society. There are a number of our local communities where child poverty is above the national average of 1 in 5. These children face a difficult future unless they receive our support. We recognise that they have the talent, hope and potential just like any other. All they need is the opportunity, through the gift of an RGS education, to realise it. This young and evolving generation needs you. They need your experience, your knowledge, your guidance and spirit. They need Reigate Grammar School like generations before them. By leaving a small percentage of your estate in your Will, you can help a child start their journey in life.

Please help us help them. Leave a gift in your Will and change a life forever.


I was very privileged to receive a wonderful education at RGS. At every turn in my life I have felt so incredibly fortunate to have had the benefit of a great education. I hope that one day, a child somewhere, perhaps from an impecunious family as I was, may, as a result of my and others’ legacies, be enabled to benefit from all that an RGS education has to offer. David Tree RGS 1959-66

My support of the RGS Foundation is given with the hope of enabling promising young people with modest means to benefit in the way that I have. It is a cause very close to my heart as I was one whose life was truly changed by my time at the school and for that I have always been extremely grateful. Peter Clarke RGS 1945-50

GIVE A LITTLE HELP TO SOMEONE LESS FORTUNATE Peter Blackwood (1928-2015) RGS 1939-46


My seven years at RGS were only made possible by the support I received throughout. I will always be grateful for this. I promise to continue to make the most of the opportunities available to me, because I am constantly reminded of the journey which has brought me here and realise that it began with the gift of a Reigate Grammar School education. Karolina Csathy RGS 2008-15 Bursary recipient and University of Cambridge music scholar

LEAVING A GIFT IN YOUR WILL What you need to know and do.

By leaving a gift to the Reigate Grammar School Foundation in your Will you will be changing lives in the future. We know that friends and family come first, but just a small share of what is left of your estate would make a huge impact. By helping talented young children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds realise their potential, your legacy will be transformational. We always recommend that you take professional advice and the Foundation’s legal partner, Morrisons Solicitors, is available to provide advice on your Will and the most suitable course of action for you: 01737 854546 / www.morrlaw.com/giftsinwills Morrisons Solicitors has partnered with RGS Foundation and they currently fund a bursary for a deserving child at Reigate Grammar School, as part of our shared ambition to tackle social mobility in our local area. A typical statement in a Will or codicil: “I give free of tax the sum of £ ................... (or specify a percentage of the estate e.g. 10%) to Reigate Grammar School Foundation of Reigate Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 0QS (registered charity number 1081898) for the 1675 Bursary Fund and I declare that the receipt of the proper officer of the said Reigate Grammar School Foundation for the time being will be a full and sufficient discharge of said legacy.” Leaving a gift in your Will is tax-free and may also help significantly with Inheritance Tax. We have helpful information on our website: www.rgs.foundation/support-us/leave-a-legacy/ Further advice and useful information can also be found on the following websites: www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/leaving-gifts-to-charity-in-your-will www.rememberacharity.org.uk/making-a-will


If you need any further help, we are here. If you’d like to see first-hand the impact a gift can make or just want to talk through your options and thoughts, we’d love to hear from you. You may not wish to state your intentions and that’s absolutely fine. However, many of our supporters have shared their special memories which have helped to inspire others. If you would like to talk to us, then please contact the Reigate Grammar School Foundation: 01737 222231 / foundation@reigategrammar.org

The RGS Foundation exists to grow and maintain links with the wider Reigatian community and to build upon the legacy of Henry Smith. Henry Smith was one of our greatest philanthropists, having accumulated great wealth from the acquisition of land and properties across the south of England. When Henry died in 1627 he declared in his Will that a gift of £1,000 be used for the relief of the poor in Reigate through education. In 1675 our school was founded to educate poor boys in reading, writing and simple calculations and has remained on the same site to this very day. In 2025 we shall celebrate the school’s 350th anniversary. The RGS Foundation exists to grow and maintain links with the wider Reigatian community and to establish a culture of giving. True to our founder, we have a philanthropic purpose to build bursarial support for bright and gifted children from the local community as part of our Changing Lives campaign. This campaign looks to tackle the issue of social mobility locally and to provide first-class educational opportunities to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, whose potential is far greater than their financial means. By remembering Reigate Grammar School in your Will you will change a life forever.


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