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For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1Corinthians 1:18

August, 2013 Volume 2, Issue 8

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Ice Cream Social

Hymn Sing

We hope you’ve got your spoons ready! This month the United Methodist Women (UMW) are hosting their annual ice-cream social. There will be plenty of ice cream and fun for everyone. Last year, Dalton Patton took home the coveted Ice Cream Champion plaque. The competition might be tough, but we’re sure everyone will be up to taste testing Shiner’s best ice cream to crown a winner for the year. Mark your calendars. The icecream social is scheduled for Sunday, August 25th, and the fun begins at 5pm in the Activity Center. The UMW is asking for everyone’s help to make the event a success. First, everyone is asked to bring sandwiches, drinks and other snacks (chips, cookies, etc) to share. Also, as a part of the UMW’s effort to raise funds for their mission work, a silent auction will be held during the event. So, bring in your best items to be auctioned. Finally, the ice cream social is the last event of the summer. Shiner ISD begin school on Monday, August 26th. As a way to help some of them begin school on the right foot, we are collecting backpacks to distribute to the school. Bring in a new backpack (Or a few) to the church so that we can make sure our students are ready for school.

If some of your favorite hymns come out of the “Old Cokesbury Hymnal,” we have a treat for you. Just prior to the opening of our worship service on Sunday, August 18th, we’ll have the words and music to some of your favorite Cokesbury hymns. Irene Cerny and Delise Koone will lead us in a joyful and festive time of worship. Come early; we’ll get started at 10:45. This will be a great way to begin our worship together and bring smiles to a lot of our church family. See you there!

Back to School Blessing The month of August means back to school. Whether you think it’s about time or wish you could push a huge snooze button for a few extra weeks, Shiner students will get back to homework, projects and cafeteria food. As a way to remind our students of God’s presence with them in their learning and everyday lives, we are taking time to offer a blessing to each student and their families. On Sunday, August 25th, during our worship service, we are doing just that. And who could forget about our teachers and school staff? Join us as we pray for a blessing of a school year for everyone.

The Circuit Writer

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God Is In the Question How about a quick Hebrew lesson? The Hebrew word for question, or “to ask,” is shahahl (‫ )שאל‬. Someone once noticed something about that word and had an “aha!” moment. Another lesson: you read Hebrew from left to right. So, the last two letters of that Hebrew word are ,‫אל‬pronounced el. Last lesson: those last two letters are the Hebrew word for god. Never heard of that? Think of El Shaddai (Hymn #123), which means “God Almighty.” Remember Jesus’ words from the cross: Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani? (Matthew 27:46). What someone noticed was that you couldn’t spell the word question without using the word god. It came to be thought, then, that God is in the question. Aha! That may not sound like much, but many times people have come to me worried about their questions. They fear their faith is in trouble because they have questions, or that God is angry with their questions. Friends, God is not troubled by questions. Scripture often tells of peoples’ questions. Abraham asked; Moses asked; the book of Habakkuk begins with a question; Peter’s first sermon is in response to a question. So, ask. Then, seek. God’s answers will come to you because God is in the question. Blessed Beyond Belief,

Words From Wesley

Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you Matthew 7:7

Theological Word to Know Messianic Secret A phrase used to highlight a theme found in the Gospels. When Jesus’ disciples, or other people, have seen or confessed that Jesus is the Messiah, he often warns them not to tell others what they know about him.

Family Goodbye Many of you may have heard already. Daisy Roberts and her family are moving in August. The Roberts family has served faithfully in several areas of our church. We hate to see them go, but trust their move will be a blessing for their Arise, and shake yourself from the dust; wrestle with God family. As a way of thanking God for their minfor the mighty blessing; pour out your soul unto God in istry with us and offering God’s blessing to them, prayer, and continue therein with all perseverance! during our worship service on Sunday, August Sermon, The Wilderness State 11th, we will have a time of prayer and thanksgiving for each of them. We hope you can make it so that we can all wish them well.

25 UMW Annual Ice Cream Social and Silent Auction

Hymn sing, 10:45am


Farewell to Roberts Family


26 Zumba 6:00 p.m.

19 Zumba 6:00 p.m.

12 Zumba 6:00 p.m.

5 Zumba 6:00 p.m.


Communion Sunday Nursing Home Devotion 3:00p.m.



27 Zumba 8:00am 8am, Men’s Breakfast

20 Zumba 8:00am 8am, Men’s Breakfast Emmaus @ Shiner FUMC

13 Zumba 8:00am 8am, Men’s Breakfast UMW Meeting 6:30

Quilters Meeting

6 Zumba 8:00am 8am, Men’s Breakfast







29 Zumba 8:00am 9-11am Food Pantry

22 Zumba 8:00am 9-11am Food Pantry

15 Zumba 8:00am 9-11am Food Pantry







8 Zumba 8:00am 9-11am Food Pantry



Shiner First United Methodist Church

A UGUST 2013







The Circuit Writer

Page 4

Faithful Attendance Brings Blessings Eddie Wade Workman believes in keeping his word, he teaches the senior citizens’ Sunday School class. He so he meant business in 1965 when he vowed to attend sings bass in the choir, and one of his favorite times of church. Workman has not missed Sunday School in 48½ the week is choir practice on Wednesday night. Each years, and nearly every one of those SunSunday morning about 9:30, he rings a large days has been at Salem United Methodist bell in the yard of the church as a traditional Church near Rutherford in Gibson County. call to worship for the community. “If I’m “It started the first week of January 1965,” there, the bell gets rung. And I’m there,” he he said. “I made a covenant with my Lord said. and made up my mind to worship the Lord.” Although he was raised in the church, he wasn’t always so faithful. I was a teenager one time,” he said. “That’s all I’ll say about that. But after I married in 1964, I made a covenant with the Lord to go to church.” Workman, who is 71, and his wife Carolyn celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary on Thursday. He was 22 when they married in the First Baptist Church of Rutherford. That was Carolyn’s church, but it was understood that they would worship at Eddie Wade’s church in the Walnut Grove community. “That was a stipulation because he’d gone there all his life and so had his family,” Carolyn said. “And that was fine with me.” Eddie Wade has been the Sunday School superintendent at Salem United Methodist for more than 20 years, and

Sunday Worship Schedule For August (Please let us know if changes are necessary)

Flower Lay Reader

Prayer Ministers


Organist/pianist Donor

4th Carolyn Hilscher

Joe & Betty Communion Sunday Sestak Don Minear

Laura & Thomas 11th Howard Esse

Emi Lou Bozka Stluka

18th Laura Stluka

Pat Lee

Joe Sestak, Thomas Stluka,

Kitty Vincik

Irene Cerny

Trevor Stluka, John Britsch

Lisa Nichols, Kathy

25th Thomas Stluka Linda Rigby


Don Minear

The Circuit Writer

Page 5

Faith is Fun

Online Shoppers Wanted Have you ever found a good deal online? Consider yourself to be an online shopper? Now you can use your online purchases to support our church. The General Council on Finance and Administration has announced a new service that allows church members and friends to give to their church in an easy way. Log onto; create a free account; download the app; choose our church; get to shopping. Easy! Online sites give a percentage of your purchases to the church you select. Top online stores include: Amazon; Macy’s; Best Buy; Petco; Sears; Barnes & Noble; 123 Inkjets; Golfsmith; Ulta; Visit the website to learn more how you can be a part of this new program. Did we mention it was easy? Just think: Your online shopping can be a part of our church’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Greeting & Welcoming Training People often make up their mind about a church before they even enter the building. Welcoming and greeting actually begin in the parking lot. If you want to know how we can learn to welcome people to our church, consider participating in the Victoria District’s upcoming Greeting and Welcoming Training. The training is for greeters, ushers and others who welcome new faces to church. Experienced presenters described how to make visitors feel welcome. Ideas will be given to develop the local church welcoming center. Finally, discussions are a big part of this informal training session. If you’re interested in attending, the training is scheduled for Sunday August 18th from 2-4 at Seguin First United Methodist Church. The presenters will be Rick Dyke and Terry Webb. To find out more information, please send an email to

There are several ways to stay connected at Shiner FUMC. If you have questions about any of these reminders, contact our church office. • • • • • • • •

To receive daily prayers and encouragement, text “SFUMC” to phone # 39970. Our church is on Facebook. “LIKE” our page at To receive our weekly church email, visit http:// Every Sunday morning, at 10:40, we take time to pray for our worship service. Join us. Every Tuesday morning at 8am, the men of our church have a breakfast. Zumba classes are available 3 time a week. Each class is only $2. The United Methodist Women meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Our newsletter is available to view, print and download online.

Shiner First United Methodist Church P.O. Box 122 102 Church Street Shiner, TX 77984

Circuit Writer: August 2013 Rev. John Fletcher, Pastor Mary Kristynik, Church Coordinator Text “SFUMC” to 39970

Phone: 361: 594. 3830 | Fax: 361. 594. 3660 Sunday School 9:30 am | Sunday Worship 11:00 am Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm /ShinerFUMC

Reading With the Pastor Spiritual Kaizen

Happy Birthday

Bishop Grant Hagiya joins his experience as a 3rd degree Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate, the study of organization systems and a love for the church in his book. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “steady and continuous growth and learning.” He reminds us that the key to leadership (and life?) is to never stop learning. This book is great for people of all ages who are church leaders or looking to be spiritual leaders. Pastor John blogs at

Dixie Tucker, Allan Timm 8/3 Laura Kaspar, Amber Kelton 8/6 Cheryl Glover 8/9 Linda Truman 8/19 Nancy Littlefield, Courtney Truman 8/22 Betty Britsch, Dick Nance 8/25 Barbara Tieken 8/28 Mimi Schaefer 8/28 Nathan Fletcher 8/29 Linda Rigby 8/30 Dan Kaspar, Adam Brunkenhoefer, 8/31 Happy Anniversary Mike & Sharon Kelton 8/11 Mike & Doris Partin 8/28

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