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REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016



Break all boundaries REVzine #12 Everyone has the desire to break boundaries; breaking the land speed record, put the saw into your bike, escape from everyday life with a good ride or find the courage to leave everything behind and go on an adventure of a lifetime. The question is: How are you going to break your boundaries this year?

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REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

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Mazatlan Zacatecas


Espinazo del Diablo

Tikal, Peten, Guatemala. February 9th 2016


San Pedro la Laguna





trip report

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


It was the evening before we were leaving Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, so we asked the owner of our Posada (a small family home with extra rooms serving as a hotel) about a Southern route out of the area we had heard some warnings about. “Oh, the road south from here, to Santiago la Lago? Extremely dangerous!” he exclaimed with concern. We’d heard the road was in bad shape, but there were also regular reports of people being held up and robbed on the road at gunpoint. This information only confirmed our fears. Tomorrow, we’d be riding it - there was no other option for us. When you’re traveling around the world on a motorcycle, you come across this situation often. Many roads that seem less traveled come with warnings and promise of danger - and not just the kind of danger that is fun to traverse by standing up on your pegs and riding out some deep sand washes.

I’m Sebastiaan de With, one half of Ride Earth - two guys riding around the American continent on our motorcycles. In our travels so far we have crossed over a dozen borders, ridden our motorcycles through rivers and to the top of volcanoes at 4,500 meters, and crashed religious festivals in remote mountain towns without knowing about them ahead of time. The biggest goal of our riding around the American continent is to discover and document the variety of cultures and landscapes, and help others with making a trip of their own by sharing our experiences.



When we left Lake Atitlan the next morning from San Pedro la Lago, Stuart—my friend and the other rider— and I took extra care in stowing our valuables away in non-obvious places.

We loaded up the bikes that morning and rode the perimeter of the lake. The road followed the lakeside, alongside enormously tall volcanoes and later climbed into small coffee and banana plantations that hugged the side of one of the taller cinder cones. So far, so good; we rode past several farmers who stared at us in amazement as we passed by their stacks of maize and coffee. After just a few kilometers, the pavement completely disappeared. We suddenly saw why the road South of San Pedro la Laguna is said to be easy to rob people on. After having ridden to the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, through the Denali highway and off-road tracks in Baja, we thought we’d seen a ‘bad’ road, but this one took the cake. To call it a rough Jeep trail would be a generous overstatement. We got a fantastic workout and were sweating in our suits as we traversed the incredibly rocky and rough twisty trail. As we wrestled our way through, to our surprise we found every farmer and person on the trail waving at us and calling greetings to us with beaming smiles on their faces. We broke through the last technical section of the trail and arrived in Santiago. We were robbed, but only of our fear of the kind people of Guatemala.

“Most times, it’s fine to take a bit of extra risk. ”

When it comes to these stories of warning—about a road so bad, you should never attempt it with your bike, or a country so dangerous that it is suicide to visit—you have to take into account the different mindset from those who are warning you. If you are an experienced traveler and a decent motorcyclist, you’ll take this information as a single point of data for you to form a decision. Most times, it’s fine to take a bit of extra risk.

As motorcyclists, we already expose ourselves to some extra risk while traveling and trade off some level of safety for the quality of the experience. According to our travel philosophy, there’s good sense in applying the same kind of tradeoff to your travel choices. As an added benefit, not being afraid of places people typically don’t travel through will open you to a road less traveled where the locals are very happy to see foreign visitors.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


I first met Stuart in a bar three years ago. He was working as a bartender and shared my passion for both photography and motorcycles, so we chatted quite a bit. I was pretty new to riding. As we became friends, we both found ourselves in bad places in our lives at the same time; I was dealing with a divorce and the loss of my job and Stuart was in a similar predicament after losing his job following a motorcycle accident. Less than a year later, we decided to change our lives by riding north to Alaska. You could certainly have described it as an unnecessary risk and far outside of our comfort zone. The typical manner of dealing with trouble in your life is seeking the familiar, not the unknown. Some research suggests our brains are even extra averse to risk and trying new things when in a depressed or otherwise negative emotional state. But we came up with the idea to go and a few months later we were loading our bikes at five in the morning with nothing but a direction to ride: north! We ended up riding a particular road all the way north until it ran out at Deadhorse, Alaska. The road stopped near an oil drilling station in Arctic wells. To get any closer to the North Pole by motorcycle is not possible in the United States.

“We discovered a great therapy in meeting people, documenting our experience in writing and photography and sharing it with the world.” I was actually doing the trip on a street bike (a Ducati SportClassic GT1000), and we’d had no clear plans. But the experience changed our lives for the better. We discovered a great therapy in meeting people, documenting our experience in writing and photography and sharing it with the world. After sharing our photos on the website Reddit (hey, that almost sounds like REV’IT!), millions of people saw our post and we were featured on People Magazine, CNN, Buzzfeed, the Blaze and many other websites. To this day, we receive messages from people exhilarated to tell us that they changed their lives for the better by taking a risk—taking an adventure—and moving outside of their usual patterns.


“way It doesn’t require riding all the to Alaska —one can have an

adventure in their own backyard—

It doesn’t require riding all the way to Alaska—one can have an adventure in their own backyard— but there’s a certain therapeutic aspect of taking a risk and getting out of your comfort zone, which is only amplified on a motorcycle. It seems so unlikely, but taking that road less traveled or the track some advised you against isn’t just a good idea… it may even change your life for the better.


Border tips for breaking boundaries

Having crossed many borders by motorcycle alone and together, we have a few tips for you to make the dreaded Central American border crossing a bit easier and less frustrating. They’re known to take a long time, frustrate you with paperwork and extort you with fake fees if you don’t know what you are doing. Here’re a few tips to make it a breeze:

1. Timing and patience is key Plan to arrive at a border on a day that is not Friday or Monday—the busiest days—and make no concrete plans to ride much further following your crossing. Make it your mission for that day to cross the border and assume any extra traveling you can get done afterwards a bonus. Being friendly, polite, and not in a rush can turn a stressful few hours into a pleasant, almost cultural experience!

5. helpers Don’t use helpers to cross the border. You’ll encounter many people who will offer to help you for a fee. Once you start paying these people, they will want more fees, and others at the border will assume you are easy to extract money from. Politely decline their services, including their offers to ‘watch your bike’; borders are very safe places, and your packed things are quite safe from thieves and other crooks.

2. FOOD Pack enough water and some snacks to make any wait more bearable. Fewer than half of the border crossings actually sell food and drink - and there’s no need to add being grumpy from hunger to your wait.

3. CURRENCY The day of crossing the border, research the exchange rate of the currency of the country you are visiting as well as a recent overview of fees. We’ve had officials attempt to extract over $60 extra from us at a border until we told him we were aware of the actual fee, after which he admitted he was simply trying to get a bit ‘extra’ out of us. Websites like Wikioverland or our own website (rideearth.net) have overviews of the border crossing procedures and fees in detail. Looking up the exchange rate helps you negotiate with the currency changers that walk around, which are almost always reasonable when you show them you know the current rate.

4. documents Don’t make copies ahead of time. Even though the borders of Latin America are well known for their love of copying documents, there’s little need to make them ahead of time. Sure, an extra set of copies of your pertinent documents are important to have, but for border crossing purposes, officials often stamp your documents and then require you to copy them, leaving you with a stack of useless un-stamped copies.

Sebastiaan de With • Stuart Philkill RideEarth www.rideearth.net • www.facebook.com/therideearth • www.instagram.com/rideearth • www.twitter.com/rideearth

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


The new REV’IT! boot collection

Step into your

eclair prym

reinforced zipper

anatomically shaped

shin guard

single 100% waterproof layer

anatomically shaped

reinforced heel

anatomically shaped

ankle cup

tpu gear shift pad

anatomically shaped

reinforced toe



Elastic insert at calf

Experience a new level of balance between safety and comfort and step right into your comfort zone.

Easy entrance pull-up strap

Eclair prym reinforced zipper

The REV’IT! boot collection sets a new standard for motorcycle boots that improve your riding experience and are a delight to walk in. All four new boot models are anatomically designed to ensure they fit like a second skin, allowing the foot to move naturally and keeping you in control whatever the foot position. Protection is incorporated to ensure your foot cannot twist or bend unnaturally. All models are constructed with rugged materials and quality components, ready to endure all the use and abuse you inflict upon them.

Adjustable hook and loop closure

Grip and control panel

Sturdy features combined with DURABLE construction

Thermoformed shin guard

Construction and features are designed for use and abuse. From a heavy duty zipper that can handle extreme pull strength, to a protective rubber abrasion edge from the VibramÂŽ Hype sole, to the breathable waterproof outer shell, these boots are built to endure the harshest conditions.

COMFORT in all climates and conditions. Not just comfort when sitting on the bike but also while standing on the bike, walking and even crouching next to the bike while working on it. The waterproof and breathable construction ensures dry feet during winter and summer, while a balance between flexibility and stability maximizes motion comfort without sacrificing safety. Reflection

Emphasizing the natural foot movement for ultimate CONTROL The special patterning of the outsole offers traction when the feet are on the ground, stability for walking and grip when standing on the foot pegs for total control at all times. The anatomical fit allows the foot to move naturally, keeping you in control whatever the foot position.

Thermoformed heel cup

PROTECTION against unnatural foot movement While the control element ensures the foot can move naturally, the protection features ensure the safety of the foot. The thermoformed pieces applied to key areas of the foot provide impact protection while contributing to a better foot position.

TPU gear shift pad

Thermoformed toecap

Grip and control edge

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

4 new models

designed to fit like a









Vibram® Hype sole The Vibram® Hype sole is developed for serious riding and is built to last. Comprised of four layers each selected for their unique characteristics and all contributing to not only improve the rider’s experience on the bike, but on the ground as well. The Vibram® Hype sole’s 4 layers each contribute to safety, comfort, grip, stability and control. The first layer is a unique profile structure designed to provide grip and control while riding and stability and flexibility when walking; the second layer provides comfort by absorbing shock and energy. A third PP layer protects the foot against torsion and provides stability while the final layer is a soft comfortable cushion for the foot. The outer sole design has three distinct areas each serving a unique function: stability, grip and control. The profile parts on the heel and metatarsus area offer excellent grip. The entirely clear shank area provides control on the foot peg whilst the profile on the heel and metatarsus ensure the foot peg cannot leave the shank area. On the rear and front end of the sole, the profile areas cover a larger surface as they are designed to offer stability when the feet touch ground.

anatomically shaped foot bed PP INSOLE WITH INTEGRATED SHANK


VIBRAM® outsole

OutDry® OutDry® uses a one-piece patented construction process that creates a waterproof breathable barrier. This impenetrable layer is heat-bonded directly to the outer fabric, leaving no seams, no gaps, and no way for water to get in. The construction with OutDry® technology ensures the outer fabric doesn’t pick up any water while improving fit and dexterity, keeping you drier, lighter and more comfortable.

hydratex® Z-liner In the hydratex® Z-liner, a waterproof and breathable barrier is positioned on the inside of the outer shell to keep feet dry. The hydratex® is laminated to a protective carrier fabric and seams are taped to ensure no water creeps through. One side prevents water drops from entering the garment, but at the same time provides breathability that enables perspiration to move away from the foot.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

EN 13634:2010

Cool in every sense of the word the Tornado 2

the perfect balance between style and safety

tornado 2 JACKET FJT205 | 4050 / Silver - black Tornado 2 trousers FPT076 | 0171 / Silver std. tornado 2 ladies JACKET FJT207 | 4050 / Silver - black Tornado 2 ladies trousers FPT077 | 0171 / Silver std.



REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


From shed to spotlights “Every bike has the potential to become something cool” When passing the Wrenchmonkees’ front door it is hard to imagine that behind it there are builders whose fame surpasses compatriot brand Lego in certain societies. Going through that door means entering the heart of the Scandinavian custom motorcycle scene, as we can attest from our own experience. Find out more about how two people sharing the same passion started one of the world’s best known custom motorcycle shops and became an inspiration for bike builders around the world. In their cantina, overlooking the rainy streets of Copenhagen, Nicholas Bech and Per Nilsen sigh briefly when we start asking about the story behind The Wrenchmonkees. “It mainly started just because we like building bikes,” Per explains, “We never imagined one of our bikes would end up in a café in Dubai...”

From the pre-Wrenchmonkees days, what’s the best bike story you can share with us? Per: Eehm… there’s one about Nich’s first bike with me involved in that story, but I’m not sure if it’s a good one to tell…

Nicholas: Yeah, let’s talk about that one. I think what Per means is the time he borrowed my bike. Back then we both had a KLR600 that was transformed into a Mad Max kind of supermotard. My bike broke down when Per rode it, and he left it at the side of the road to pick it up later. Unfortunately when we came to pick it up, it had been stolen. We’re still friends though (laughs).


So explain to us how two guys from Denmark end up with a shop, transforming everyday bikes into works of art? Nicholas: I got into bikes because of my friends, they always changed stuff on their bikes and I thought it was pretty cool. The first bike I ever had, the one Per got stolen (laughs), was already heavily modified. From that moment on, I always felt the urge to modify a bike once I got it. I guess it kind of got out of hand after that.

Per: When my first ever bike needed its brake pads changed, the workshop I brought it to couldn’t get the job done due to its unconventional braking system. I went in to fix it myself, and apparently they were impressed because afterwards I worked there for a few years. Since then every bike that I’ve had got a proper makeover, and now I even get paid to do it.



Wrenchmonkees Garage started in 2008. What did you do before becoming a Monkee?

You’ve built many people their dream bike. What bike would you get for yourself if money wasn’t an issue?



I used to be a technical assistant for loading airplanes, ensuring the weight was distributed properly. Before that I worked as a mechanic, mainly working on bikes.

I would get a Ducati Desmosedici right away, but I wouldn’t touch it. As for a build, I would probably give a VTR1000F the full treatment and make it a Wrenchmonkees bike. I’d probably put a fairing on it...

Nicholas: I had my own company as a photographer. I worked with many brands for their campaigns, which has given me the love for detail that we use in bikes today. As a big plus: I can make nice pictures of our bikes myself.


Per: I really liked the Laverda that we did (Monkee#59). We took the basis of the bike and worked around the stock parts that we had to leave on. If I had carte blanche, I’d probably do something similar to a Honda RC30. I wouldn’t mess around with the original design too much, but I would probably change some of its proportions.


We have a chopper mentality: Everything that is not an absolute necessity gets chopped off What does it take for a bike to become a Monkee bike? Nicholas: It starts with us having a big say in the outcome of the bike. When someone asks us to do a bike, we sit down and discuss what he or she has in mind. From that point on, we just start working with that idea in mind. With having that saying in the outcome, we can change things that we find necessary during the build. This means the end result can change a bit from the original idea, but we’ve never had a customer complain about that (smiles).

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

Per: ‌and for the design, we have a chopper mentality. Everything that is not an absolute necessity on the bike gets chopped off initially. We keep the essentials in place, but we might modify the design of it to look nicer. It is like a motorcycle that competes in Paris-Dakar. These bikes look cool, but there is nothing on the bike that isn’t there because of its functionality. It is that mentality that forms the basis of the Wrenchmonkees style.



From wrenching to riding, what’s your best ride to date? Per: I took a Kawasaki KLR650, the famous “Tengai”, through Australia for three months. The things you see when you are in a strange country on a bike are incredible. And the Monkeetrip we did in 2012 is a close second.

Nicholas: For me it has to be the Monkeetrip. We rode from Kopenhagen to Biarritz to get to Wheels & Waves, but we missed the train and we decided to stay in the Alps and just ride. We never made it to Biarritz, but the trip was amazing. Afterwards we rode the most beautiful roads back from Narbonne to Denmark.

Let’s end the interview by pressing fast-forward. What happens to the Wrenchmonkees in 2025? Nicholas: I don’t know, really. We have worked hard to get where we are right now, but still we do many things ourselves that take up a lot of time that we would rather spend on building bikes. In the future it would be nice if we could concentrate on the building part, and have others taking care of all the little things.

Per: We started as 10 guys wrenching on bikes in a shop. Or actually: we were wrenching and everybody else stood around drinking beer (laughs). It would be great to get back to that, just working on bikes and having fun. We do have fun now, but as Nich says we have to work on so many things sometimes it’s hard to get into the shop and actually build bikes. In 2025, we’ll be in the workshop having fun building a bike.

Milestones 2008 - Per and Nicholas sign the lease of their first workshop space. Wrenchmonkees Custom Motorcycles Copenhagen is officially established as a company.

2009 - The “Gorilla Punch” is built for a Danish art-deco exhibition, bringing the young bike building company a lot of exposure. The bike was eventually sold to a café in Dubai where it can still be seen today.

2010 - After the Gorilla Punch, other Monkee bikes find their way to faraway places. A BMW R80 finds its new home in Mauretania and a Harley gets shipped to Senegal.

Yamaha “Monkeefist”


2011 - Yamaha reaches out to collaborate with the Wrenchmonkees, resulting in the first ever YARD Built Yamaha: the “Monkeefist” based on a Yamaha XJR1300.

2012 - A second YARD Built follows, this time in the shape of the SR400 “Gibbon Slap”. 2014 - The Wrenchmonkees move to their current workshop. A bigger, better space with the right atmosphere frees the path for the future.

2016 - You’ll have to follow #REVMONKEE to find out…

Laverda “Monkee #59”


elevate your style From your wardrobe to your bike Don’t let the bike you choose decide what clothes you wear. Stay fashion-conscious without sacrificing safety by elevating your personal style on your bike. Our 2016 Tailored Technology collection consists of wardrobe must-haves no one would ever think were motorcycle ready. But they are, because they have been designed using our Tailored Technology philosophy: creating motorcycle gear that is as stylish as it is safe. Allow us to introduce three of our new styles, and explain the magic behind the invisible protective features.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


the secrets revealed tracer denim overshirt











Abrasion resistance TEST (in seconds)

5.90 4.12 1.21 0.83 0.44








the styles

Tracer Denim Overshirt

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

Intercept Denim Jacket

Stealth Denim Hoody


CE-level 1 protection

protector overview





rv33-l1-B High temperature tolerant

Highly ventilated

SHOULDER TYPE B knee & elbow type a

elbow & hip type b

knee, shoulder, elbow & hip type b

hip type b Adaptive ergonomics

SEESMART™ Protection Technology With outer shell technologies increasingly allowing us to create stylish yet abrasion resistant riding gear, internal protectors have been a limiting component in creating silhouettes that seamlessly follow the human anatomy. The SEESMART™ concept changes everything. Specifically developed for use in urban motorcycle gear, these protectors offer the highest level of flexibility while passing the EN1621-1:2012 CE-Level 1 impact tests, also in hot (T+) conditions. This development has brought us another step closer to our goal of providing the ultimate motorcycle gear in every industry segment.

Material: Impact Absorption

Material SEESMART™ is constructed of SEEFLEX2925, the same material as our award-winning family of SEEFLEX™ protectors. It offers the same unique molecular structure, allowing the material to transform kinetic energy from an impact into thermal energy. SEEFLEX2925 is a truly unique material which carries excellent impact absorption properties.

How it works: External and internal expansion

Structure Visible studs in the SEESMART™ protector are hexagon-shaped and connected by narrow connection bands. This enables the protectors to be extremely flexible and remain thin; exactly what a protector designed for clothes that integrate into daily life need to keep from looking like motorcycle gear. The hexagonal studs expand externally under impact, allowing them to absorb energy.



All you need is blue jeans and two wheels these are not your average jeans

From here on you can don jeans when you’re traveling on two wheels. Our latest jeans collection boasts the perfect blend of highly protective materials, extreme flexibility and impact ready protectors plus multiple styles and fits to choose from. When we designed our first jeans collection just a few years ago we set two lofty goals for ourselves: create the most fashionable motorcycle jeans collection and bring substantial protection to the forefront. As ambitious as these goals may have been, we managed to combine them from our first ever collection onwards. And with those exact same ambitions in mind, our collection just got better. Much better.

The right touch of blue Your style reflects who you are. That’s exactly why motorcycle jeans should look just like your everyday jeans. We work together with the best and brightest from the denim industry to make sure you can be on top of today’s trends or go for the timeless look. Across the line-up you will find riveted details, unique washings and subtle stitching elements that give each pair of jeans their own identity while all offering what you’re after: motorcycle-ready protection.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

With us taking care of the safety aspect, from now on shopping for your next pair of riding jeans is like shopping for regular jeans. We’ve made it easy for you by taking our award winning construction of Cordura® denim and PWR | shield and applied it to a broad range of models. All you have to do is pick the style that suits you best.


Save your skin As with any pair of motorcycle trousers, protection comes from a balanced combination of abrasion resistance and impact protection. Don’t judge a book by its cover though, because no matter how fashionable these jeans are, their outer shell offers abrasion resistance that outperforms leather. The secret is a blend of strong Cordura® denim with our in-house developed PWR | shield strategically placed behind it. Or in the case of our CE-certified Rockefeller jeans, applying PWR | shield to the entire surface of the jeans. To hold it all together, our jeans are constructed using PWR | yarn triple needle stitching. Seams with PWR | yarn hold under even the most extreme stress, and by using safety stitching technology on areas with an increased risk of impact, tearing of seams is prevented. AT SEAT AND KNEES


CE EN13595

Abrasion resistance TEST (in seconds)











Breaking an impact Brand new this year and a real star in this year’s revolution in the world of motorcycle jeans are our SEESMART™ protectors. Straight from our own R&D department, these protectors are constructed from the same material as our award winning SEEFLEX™ family of protectors. SEESMART™ protectors offer maximum flexibility and are extremely thin, yet they exceed the CElevel 1 standard for limb protection.

You don’t see them, you hardly feel them, but they are there and up to the job just in case you end up in an unfortunate mishap. Exactly what you need when you want your motorcycle jeans to look and feel like your everyday jeans without sacrificing protection. Knee protection comes standard in all jeans, with the option to upgrade by installing hip protectors. Turn to page 22 to see exactly what it is that makes these protectors so smart.


Clever comfort It’s not just the choice of materials and the incorporated protectors that sets these jeans apart from their everyday counterparts. Look closely and you will find various details that make your ride more comfortable. Like the comfort seat, shaped to fit your riding position preventing you from getting sore. And trouser legs that are developed to allow you to mount your bike more easily and let you move on your bike with full freedom. We’ve adjusted the angles of our belt loop, and used two at the back, all to make sure your belt stays in place in a riding position. The back rise is raised to prevent your wind from reaching your back, and we even offer the REV’IT! Safeway belt so you can attach your jeans to whichever jacket you want to wear with it. To top off, our jeans come standard with a subtle reflection part at the turn up, so you’ll even stand out in these jeans when it’s dark.

Let it rain! For those not deterred by a little rain we have developed our 100% waterproof and breathable Memphis H2O, Orlando H2O, and Orlando H2O Ladies’ jeans. These will keep you dry when the weather turns bad. From outside in, these riding jeans are made of 3 layers: a Polycotton 3L denim outer shell, a hydratex® 3L pro membrane laminated to the shell, and strategically placed PWR | shield fabric. For comfort, a mesh lining sits next to the skin.

Loads of styles to choose from Browse our entire jeans collection, explore all the specs of our different men and ladies’ jeans, and discover which style meets your needs and preferences. Stop by your nearest REV’IT! dealer, or pay us an online visit at:


REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

Airwave 2 ladies JACKET FJT202 | 4260 / Silver - fuchsia Airwave 2 ladies trousers FPT073 | 0171 / Silver std.

Your next summer love The Airwave 2 ladies purpose built for summer



REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


You know, not many things in this world are ‘life changing’ – marriage, gout, a lottery win – or premature balding! But bikes... Now they can change your life so much for the better bring on the comb-over! Just before Long Way Round I was working as a painter and decorator – yes, the life of a semi-employed actor is a bit of a tightrope walk. I usually chose films for their locations rather than their scripts! Not a good move.

ROUND THE WORLD I met Ewan McGregor whilst working on a movie called ‘The Serpent’s Kiss’ and we found a common bond immediately – Bikes! It didn’t take long before we were planning some bike trips – the way mates do. Although we’d simply started off thinking of Spain or maybe even Morocco, Ewan’s career had really begun to take off, so we only ever had a short window of opportunity – his lightsaber was already glowing!

Charley Boorman on Motorbikes and Life! Charley Boorman is a man who knows a thing or two about travel, adventure and motorcycling after rising to fame with his incredible round the world motorcycle ride with great friend Ewan McGregor. The past months we had the pleasure of working with him and learned there’s more to Charley than many of us think.

In between films, we decided to grasp the nettle and before we knew it the planning gained momentum – snowballing into a mammoth round the world ride (RTW). The trick was only to ever look at small maps – so much easier to show your wife or boss! The main reason for, initially the book, and then the TV show, was to help pay for the trip – as Ewan’s acting was far more rewarding than my decorating! We never dreamt Long Way Round would take off the way it did.

The world is a far more friendly and safer place than many would have us believe.

from here on we let charley do the talking. about his life, his views and a little more about his career – his movies, TV shows and charity work;


LIFE CHANGING Certainly, the motorbike enabled my life to change, not just with regard to the TV shows, but more interestingly, with my views and experience of the world and the people you meet along the way. The world is a far more friendly and safer place than many would have us believe. On top of that, the people with the least to give always give the most. On many trips across Africa, the welcome and the generosity has been just astounding and humbling.


Charley’s Charitable Works United World Schools: Charley is an international ambassador for UWS, bringing schools and education to remote locations around the world. UNICEF: Charley and Ewan have continued their involvement with UNICEF ever since the Long Way series connected them. Movember – Men’s Health: Charley was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and understands the position that men often take when it comes to their own health… they ignore it. Having survived his cancer scare, Charley helps Movember with their good works. Dyslexia Action UK: Charley is Dyslexic. He uses his public position to promote education and support for children with Dyslexia, Charley knows that children can thrive – even with their challenges.

These days, my life generally revolves around motorbikes. Often it’s a combination of travel, adventure and yes – bikes! Like this summer’s trip in South America, where we’ll discover some of the most incredible sights of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina - it’s riding, of course, but it’s learning, making new friends, discovering and taking in the culture. I’m also working together with Triumph Motorcycles as I love the new Triumph Tiger Explorer, I think it’s going to be a great world beater, but I have the utmost respect to anyone doing adventures on whatever bike – it’s all horses for courses.

2007 Long Way Down: Adventure with Ewan McGregor and John O’Groats in Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa


2008 By Any Means: Wicklow to Sydney, Australia by any form of transport

I’m a great lover of style and how the biking world has so many strands, all with their own style and niche. I adore the café racer look and you can see how all the leading brands have jumped into this space. Then of course there’s the adventure genre, the urban biker, sports rider and cruiser – but if you asked me which I favor, the answer is all of them! Call me greedy, but I’d like to have a bike for every mood – though my garage wouldn’t be big enough – nor my wallet.

GEAR FOR EVERY MOOD That is what I like about working together with REV’IT!; the clothing and footwear range can suit all of our moods. From stylish urban rider about London town to desert riding across Namibia – all of the choices are there and last year I road tested quite a few different bits of REV’IT! kit on my African adventure – 12,000kms. I was pretty impressed as you can choose the right gear for the appropriate in country conditions. I’m very privileged that bikes have become my job. But the message is guys, that if a couple of actors like me and Ewan can do a RTW then anyone can. Any bike, any trip – fight the good fight and keep biking. Just a bit of planning and a big dollop of enthusiasm is all you need to have an amazing and perhaps life changing adventure, round the world or round the block! Keep the rubber side down. Charley x

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

Charley Boorman’s TV Career 2004 Long Way Round: Adventure from London to New York overland with Ewan McGregor

2011 World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Driving the frozen Dalton Highway in Alaska with UK comedian, Sue Perkins

2006 Race to Dakar: The incredible Dakar Rally, a recount of Charley’s attempt

2011 Channel 4 Famous and Fearless: Outright Winner

2009 Right to the Edge; by Any Means: Sydney to Tokyo by any means and any form of transport

2011-2012 Extreme frontiers TV series: The first adventure took place in Canada; taking in all four extremities of Canada. The second adventure took place in South Africa and then the final series across the USA 2013 Fox Sports - Freedom Riders Asia: TV Series 2014 BBC Celebrity Master Chef: Runner up

Charley Boorman 2016 Ride With Charley

Charley Boorman Live…

Did you know that you can ride the world with Charley? You can have your own Long Way Round with Charley as your guide! You can ride through southern Africa to Victoria Falls, the deserts of Australia or even discover the high Andes, taking in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Working together with Billy Ward and Compass Expeditions they develop amazing adventure motorcycle.

From theatre to theatre across the UK and Ireland, Charley will be on stage telling eager audiences all about his exploits – the ups and the downs, including his attempt at the Dakar Rally and his early foray into Hollywood. Read more on www.charleyboorman.com

Livio Loi

RW Racing GP 1ST place | Moto3 Indianapolis, USA

Ă lvaro Bautista

danilo petrucci

Octo Pramac Ducati Racing 2nd place | MotoGP Silverstone, UK


Toprak Razgatlioglu

James Rispoli www.revitsport.com

PJ Jacobsen

Core Honda 1ST place | World Supersport Sepang, Malaysia

Rob Hartog


World Champion

Kenan Sofuoglu

Puccetti Racing Kawasaki 2015 World Champion World Supersport

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


Alex rins

Pons Racing Team Vice World Champion 2015 & 2015 Rookie of the Year Moto2

To truly understand what a racing suit should be like, you will have to go racing. To truly understand what the ultimate racing suit should be like, you will have to take your racing activities to the highest level. This is why since 2008 we work with talented riders that we call our heroes. They look into every single detail in order to constantly improve their lap times, even if it is just by a thousand of a second. For 2016 we continue our development with a solid team of heroes that take on prestigious championships around the world.

Developing with the love for




Álvaro Bautista MOTOGP Aprila Factory Racing Team Aprilia RS-GP After an intensive development year with some impressive results, Álvaro is eager to explore the limits of the all-new 2016 Aprilia Factory bike. After a change in tire supplier and moving to spec electronics, the cards have been reshuffled, making Bautista an experienced outsider with the potential to surprise on the new machine.

Danilo Petrucci MOTOGP Octo Pramac Yakhnich Racing Ducati GP15 Danilo experienced an incredible first season aboard prototype material last year, including a phenomenal 2nd place finish in Silverstone and ranking as highest placing Ducati on three occasions. 2016 will see Danilo aboard the very competitive Ducati GP15 with the taste of champagne still fresh in his memory, so make sure to watch out for him.

Livio Loi MOTO3 RW Racing GP Honda Our Belgium master of chaos kept it cool, taking the win at the hectic 2015 Indianapolis GP. He sticks with the experienced RW Racing squad, and will once again run the factory Honda machinery that was capable of clinching the World Championship last year. With a year’s worth of experience—and the valuable data that comes with it—for the RW Honda/Livio Loi combination, 2016 will be an interesting season.

Alex Rins MOTO2 Pons Racing Team Kalex Talk about a learning year; two victories out of ten podium finishes and three pole positions in his 10 front row starts. With such a shining first season in the Moto2 class all eyes will be on Alex for his second year inside the professional Pons Racing Team. Regardless of the attention, Alex is known to keep it cool once he zips his suit up.

Kenan Sofuoglu WORLD SUPERSPORT Puccetti Racing Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX6-R The winningest man in World Supersport, and the first ever REV’IT! World Champion. By adding a fourth title to his name in 2015 despite personal tragedies, Kenan has unchained himself once again. He will compete as a full-factory Kawasaki rider in 2016, so he will once again go head to head with his rivals to fight for a fifth crown.

Toprak Razgatlioglu FIM SUPERSTOCK 1000

PJ Jacobsen WORLD SUPERSPORT Ten Kate Honda Racing Honda CBR600RR Last year PJ became the first ever American to win a World Supersport race, which he then repeated two races later. A total of seven podium finishes and a constant campaign earned him the runner up spot behind fellow REV’IT! hero Kenan Sofuoglu last year, so he’s determined to go one-up in 2016.

Puccetti Racing Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX10-R Our Turkish talent will take on the 2016 Superstock 1000 championship aboard the all new Kawasaki ZX10R. Last year he won the first five Superstock 600 races of his rookie season, The one and only time the 2015 Superstock 600 champion wasn’t on the podium was when a training injury prevented him from participating. Enjoy the victory wheelies!

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

Rob Hartog FIM SUPERSTOCK 1000 Team Hartog – Racing Against Cancer Kawasaki ZX10-R Rob made big steps during his first international season of racing. Not only did he seize a respectable 10th position in the championship, he also won races in the Dutch and German national championships on both 600 and 1000cc machinery. The latter will prove valuable, as Rob is slated to compete aboard the new Kawasaki ZX10R in the hard-fought Superstock 1000 championship in 2016.

James Rispoli BRITISH SUPERBIKES Anvil Hire TAG Yamaha Yamaha YZF-R1M Last year saw James stepping onto the British Supersport podium in a regular fashion, and stepping it up to the British Superbike Championship this year will see him become the first flat tracker since the great Kenny Roberts to don the checkered yellow and white Yamaha USA livery for an entire season. He’ll be on a charge to live up to his nickname “The Rocket”, so keep an eye on this BSB rookie.


BREAK ALL BOUNDARIES The Dominator GTX, Defender Pro GTX and Cayenne Pro suits are the results of two decades of experience and expertise. This collection is made for those who aspire to explore uncharted horizons, to travel beyond their imagination and who dare to break all boundaries. If you are constantly searching for the unbeaten path, challenging yourself to find hidden trails and taking risks anticipating the next two-wheeled adventure, you want your gear to stay out of your way and you don’t want to worry about safety. We did that for you.



REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


wherever you go, no matter what weather; you’ll never have to stop! BREAK ALL BOUNDARIES

DOMINATOR GTX The Dominator GTX jacket and trousers aim to fulfill all desires a two-wheeled traveler could have. Safety is no issue thanks to the brand new SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 protectors, a SEESOFT™ back protector, and rugged shell materials. The single layer outer shell is designed to protect you from wind and precipitation. The laminated GORE-TEX® membrane makes this jacket 100% waterproof. As you heat up due to exertion or adrenaline, you only have to open the ventilation panels and zippers for instant airflow. The laminated construction with direct ventilation lets you adapt to changing conditions while riding.


dominator GTX gloves

FJT195 3610 / Light grey - black

FGS099 3530 / Grey - blue

dominator GTX trousers


FPT069 3611 / Light grey - black std.

FPG041 0010 / Black









CE Level 2 limb protection








vcs | aquadefence with Fidlock® magnetic fasteners 01 01 | Cover flap


02 | FidLock® magnetic fastener 04 | VCS




05 | Tape 07 | Mesh Lining

06 07



The Dominator GTX is characterized by its unique single layer shell that combines 100% waterproofing with excellent ventilation properties. The GORE-TEX® membrane is laminated to the rugged outer shell therefore it doesn’t pick up any water when it rains. Plenty of air will flow through the jacket when the ventilation panels and zippers are opened on the chest, belly, and arms and back keeping you refreshed and cool. When it starts raining you simply continue riding and close the system with one gloved hand; the VCS | aquadefence seals off the ventilated opening; ensuring you will remain completely dry.


06 | 3D Mesh


VCS | aquadefence system


03 | Outershell material

EP 2574249 US 13/630.520 NL 2007513 Pat. Reg. No.

VCS|aquadefence ventilation control system


VCS|zipper ventilation control system SHOULDER PROTECTOR


100% waterproof and ventilated single outer shell

variable height

adjustment strap


outer shell membrane lining



VCS|panel ventilation control system


gore-tex速 liner

with micro grid backer technology


VCS|zipper ventilation control system variable height

adjustment straps

go to extremes whether you go south or north BREAK ALL BOUNDARIES

Defender Pro GTX No matter what weather types you might encounter, the Defender Pro gtx jacket and trousers will keep you going. The Defender Pro GTX with a detachable GORE-TEX® layer is constructed of highly technical materials making this jacket lightweight, waterproof and extremely abrasion resistant. Remove the GORE-TEX® layer when it is hot and dry to ensure air flows through the ventilation openings and the outer shell its breathability properties are put to use. Zip in the GORE-TEX®– layer when the weather is wet and cold.



FJT194 3520 / Grey - red

FPT060 3511 / Grey - black

Climate JACKET

cayenne pro gloves

FTU708 2290 / Dark blue - black

FGS098 3520 / Grey - red






INCLUDED CE Level 2 limb protection

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016







chase the sun don’t let the heat stop you BREAK ALL BOUNDARIES

Cayenne Pro Don’t let the heat stop you when you’re craving your next shot of adrenaline; the Cayenne Pro jacket and trousers are designed to keep you cool and safe.

Cayenne pro JACKET

cayenne pro gloves

FJT193 5220 / Sand - black

FGS098 1760 / Black - sand

It offers 100% airflow thanks to the strong single layered mesh outer shell. Protectors in a mesh suit often block airflow, hindering your comfort at key points. The brand new CE-level 2 SEEFLEX™ protectors have an open structure that let air enter the suit without compromising on safety.

cayenne pro trousers FPT067 5221 / Sand - black std.









CE Level 2 limb protection







leather panels at shoulders SHOULDER PROTECTOR

mesh ventilation panels at front, back and arms


leather panels at elbows

the highest level of protection and comfort in all climates BREAK ALL BOUNDARIES SEEFLEX™ CE-Level 2 protection

shoulder Type RV16-L2-A

elbow Type RV15-L2-B

elbow / KNEE Type RV10-L2-B

KNEE Type RV12-L2-B

Exceeding the highest level of protection, ventilation and comfort. The Dominator GTX, Defender Pro GTX and Cayenne Pro are designed to enhance your riding experience. Aiming for the highest levels of protection they are all fitted with the newest award-winning SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 protectors. These quality protectors are flexible, breathable and well ventilated while easily surpassing the highest EN1621-1: 2012 CE-level 2 impact tests in all conditions and temperatures. The days of wearing uncomfortable protection are over as the SEEFLEX™ protectors take the balance between protection and comfort to entirely new heights.

SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protectOR The Dominator GTX, Defender Pro gtx and Cayenne Pro jackets are all equipped with a CE-level 2 SEESOFT™ back protector. The fully flexible SEESOFT™ back protector follows the contours of the wearer’s spine for optimum protection and is fully ventilated for added comfort. In the case of severe angular impact, the individual Memory foam layers will shift relative to one another, resulting in impact dispersion over a larger effective surface area, and therefore minimizing the energy that is transmitted to the spine and back. The SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector is designed to absorb multiple impacts without compromising on comfort, ventilation or freedom of movement and is CE-certified to the highest level (EN 1621-2: 2014 CE-Level 2).



breaking boundaries Introduced in the spring of 2015 the Dominator GTX, Defender Pro GTX and the Cayenne Pro have already been on numerous trips to the most exciting destinations.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


The REV’IT!#95 A guide to understanding

the ultimate adventure bike In celebration of 20 years as a global leader in protective motorcycle apparel, and the launch of an ambitious Spring/Summer 2015 adventure collection, we set out to create a machine as daring as our gear and our riders. The resulting creation is the all-wheel drive REV’IT! #95.

REV’IT! creative director Gerbrandt Aarts brought together Gregor Halenda, Chris Cosentino and Scott Kolb, a skilled team of artists, designers and engineers with decades of combined shop and saddle experience. Together they conceptualized the “ultimate” adventure project that would turn a rugged ADV bike into an all-wheel drive machine, via the adaption of a Christini kit.


In just four months in late 2014/early 2015, a KTM 950 Super Enduro was found, stripped, and reassembled a dozen or more times to create an immediately recognizable, one-off motorcycle, built to mimic the current REV’IT! design philosophy. See the factsheet for a complete list of modifications on the REV’IT!#95:




KTM 950 Super Enduro, 942 cc / 57.4 cu-in, Four stroke, 75°V-twin cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder

max. power / torque

98 hp / 72 kW @ 8500 rpm | 95 Nm / 70.1 lb/ft @ 6500 rpm *

- Ironman rear sprocket

drive train

Christini 2WD conversion kit

- DID x-ring chains


Keihin 41mm FCR carburetor conversion, Cosentino Engineering billet velocity stacks

- Evo Air Foot-pegs


Custom stainless steel exhaust with Cone Engineering stainless megaphones

- Highway Dirt Bikes bark busters/mirrors


Custom steel subframe

- iPhone 6 compatible mount with charger - Low temperature fan thermostat switch

extra parts

fuel tank

Custom aluminum 12 gallon / 45 liter fuel tank


Moto-Master disc, caliper and master cylinder upgrade

- Chrome Glow LED taillight/turn signals


Woody’s billet hub rims with Excel hoops and stainless steel spokes

- Custom leather seat


Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Tires: 180/55B17 Rear, 120/70B19 Front Extra tires: Fredette Racing studded ice tires | SKAT-TRAK custom paddle sand tires

- Custom windscreen


Anti-Gravity lightweight Lithium Nano-Phosphate battery


Kuryakyn Phase 7 LED 7” Headlamp

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

* Listed max. power / torque before modifications.



How did this project come about?

The design of new riding clothing is generally in response to the newly released motorcycle models as well as the personality of the particular rider who will purchase the bikes. But we wondered what the process would look like if we could turn that around. What if we had the ultimate REV’IT! bike to design a collection around? If there were no limits, what would we create? And, when creating the bike, would the bike design be influenced by our gear, or would the bike influence the gear we design? Our mission is to design clothing that improves a rider’s experience. Our engineers relentlessly research manufacturing techniques and new materials in order to create gear that enhances and improves a rider’s experience. We asked ourselves: How can we improve the rider’s experience on the motorcycle? How can we add more enjoyment, more comfort, more delight? What terrains can be conquered? How fast can we go? And the result is the two-wheel drive REV’IT!#95 motorbike.


What was this bike before it became the #95?

It started life as a KTM 950 Super Enduro Erzberg Edition. A Christini all-wheel drive kit was modified and added to the bike in a push to make the “ultimate” adventure bike.



Were there any engine modifications made?

We put high performance Keihin FCR carburetors / Cosentino Engineering billet velocity stack kit with a custom Rottweiler dual density foam air filter and a custom stainless steel exhaust system on the engine.


What are the two tubes on each side of the wheel?

These are the telescoping drive shafts that spin bevel gears inside the front wheel axle mounts. The two spin in opposite directions so that the overall effect on the steering axis that the rider feels is near-zero. If there were only one, when the front wheel turned the steering would want to turn quite strongly in one direction, obviously not a desirable effect. This is all part of Christini’s original design.



How does the all-wheel drive system work?

It is a purely mechanical system. A dual countershaft sprocket (imagine two sprockets welded together side by side so you can run two chains off them) sends power to the front and rear wheels. The rear chain goes around the rear sprocket as normal. The 2 stage front chain is directed to a 90 degree gearbox located just behind the headstock. The output of this gearbox feeds into a bevel drive assembly (a gearbox that redirects the output shaft from the input shaft by 90 degrees) embedded inside the original headstock/steering stem. The bevel gear assembly splits the front wheel drive force into two counter-rotating halves; this is necessary so that the torque driving the front wheel does not affect the steering. Both of these front wheel drive forces then get passed through small chains in the lower triple clamp housing to telescoping drive shafts just in front of the fork legs. The output of these driveshafts is in the front wheel axle mount, where bevel gears finally reach the front wheel to spin it.


How does the 2WD system affect the ride?

It makes the steering a little heavy but in general makes for a much more stable ride in wet, dirt and gravel conditions. You have to learn a few advanced riding techniques, especially on the dirt, because you can no longer use the throttle to spin the rear tire to help the bike turn. When the rear spins, the front grips and pulls you in whatever direction the front is pointing. With a normal RWD bike, the rear spins and you can use that to help turn the bike and it does not matter so much where the front wheel is pointing.


Where did those tank bags and hand guards come from?

Gerbrandt Aarts, Creative Director at REV’IT!, designed and supplied the tank bags from materials also used in banner REV’IT! adventure products. We then adapted them to mount onto the tank. The hand guards are a mishmash of purchased and custom parts, and an actual REV’IT! SEEFLEX™ Elbow protector, which were designed and developed by the in-house R&D team at REV’IT!.


What other modifications were made to the body of the bike?

There were extensive modifications. We replaced all of the original bodywork with a custom large capacity Kolb Machine aluminum fuel tank and dash / windscreen / headlight, leather scrambler-style seat and welded subframe. All of the hand and foot controls were also replaced with aftermarket/custom pieces.


Concentration Aside from offering high tech protection our suits are designed to support what can be seen as the most important part of your ride: concentration. Get it right from the very first corner, hit that apex perfectly, and never miss your braking point. How? Concentration. No distraction. Focus.



REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


akira & masaru one piece suits the ultimate racing harnesses 050


REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


A brief history of The Bike Shed In November 2011, Anthony “Dutch” van Sommeren founded the online blog www.thebikeshed.cc, giving likeminded custom enthusiasts an online place to gather. Soon after in 2013, Dutch, his wife Vikki, and the rest of The Bike Shed’s crew created an offline place in the form of their first BSMC event. Things escalated quickly after that, with four events—including one in Paris—now in the annals. Today, The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club operates from their permanent venue in London, while continuing to organize events around Europe.

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club London

“An ongoing celebration of motorcycling” After multiple packed events in their home town of London, and an equally successful French edition in 2015, The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club has established a permanent place for creative souls to unite. If you’re into art, craftsmanship, motorcycles or you just need a haircut, 384 Old Street London is your go-to spot.



Just like their events, The Bike Shed is more than the sum of its parts. Anyone can put bikes, food, and art together in one location, but it takes heart and soul for it to come alive. Leave it to founder Anthony “Dutch” Van Sommeren and his crew to make that happen. We took a trip to see just how they succeeded in bringing the unassuming atmosphere of their pop-up events into a fixed venue.

The Food

Motorcycle clubs and food are often associated with greasy hamburgers that come with a one-way ticket to heartburn, but rest assured: the industrial styled BSMC kitchen is run by the talented Head Chef Uwe, ensuring you will supplement your visit with a meal of a lifetime. Let the prospect of a certified Angus steak—with a side of shed made chips—or Bacon and Egg sandwiches made with 24hr braised pork belly fire up your taste buds before kickstarting your journey towards the streets of Shoreditch, London’s most crafty and creative area.

The Bikes

Aside from your own bike safely parked on The Bike Shed’s private road, be sure to find a rotating collection of two wheeled bespoke art inside. Drooling over the bikes is prohibited, but any small drips spilled in front of them shouldn’t harm the lacquered floor much. Aside from admiring the builds of others, having the latest and loveliest bespoke motorcycles present in such an atmosphere is a guarantee to fire up the inspiration for your first or next shed build motorcycle.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

2016 bike shed events FRANCE


April 16 & 17: Les Docks Cite de la Mode et du Design, Paris.

May 28 & 29: Tobacco Docks, London





The Shed

The difference between the events and the permanent venue is not how much effort went into finding the location, but the effort that was put into creating the venue itself. While the locations for the events such as the London Tobacco Docks or Le Carreau du temple in Paris were subject to some serious scouting to make sure they were appropriately befit for the scene, the Shed’s permanent accommodation has been completely rebuilt to capture the spirit of the club perfectly. Be sure to look up once you enter the first of four incredible arches; countless hours of sandblasting went into exposing the brickwork, adding just the right touch of roughness to the tasteful interior that can hardly be referred to as a “shed”, with leather sofas and lacquered floors in perfect balance with the surroundings.

The Shop

“Curated items only” is the credo inside the BSMC’s shop, where you will look in vain for a textile adventure jacket or touring boots. All items here are geared towards the fashion conscious motorcyclist who seeks to add style to their ride. Starting off as a review feature in their online Gear Guide, it made sense for The Bike Shed to offer the products they love in their own shop. Anyone wanting to try out our REV’IT! Tailored Technology items will find them here and shopping for motorcycle gear among the showroom bikes is like looking for a new painter’s brush under the watchful eye of the Mona Lisa.

How to get there

Whether it’s wheels, wings or the buoyancy of the channels’ ferry that gets you to London, make sure you head down to the streets of Shoreditch if you touch down on London ground anytime between 8am and 11pm, use 384 Old Street (EC1V 9LT) to navigate. Enter under the bridge next to the old Shoreditch Town Hall, look for the bespoke frontage donning the BSMC logo, and indulge on bike art, photography, design, music and culture – and some amazing shed-builds.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

When you visit, talk to Frankie and Paul from Thy Barber to inquire about an available opening. They’ll make sure you experience the traditional barber treatment while bringing your hairstyle up to date. On Saturday you might grab a walk in session, but if you’re heading to the shed anywhere between Tuesday and Friday make sure to book in advance at www.thybarber.com.


Start off on the right foot

The REV’IT! Urban motorcycle shoe collection

Tastes differ, but the desire for protection is constant across all riders. After all, mishaps are hard to predict. That’s why our safety features are equal across our line-up, but that didn’t prevent our designers from playing with shapes to make sure everybody can choose riding shoes that fit their style. And aside from giving you a choice in style, we’ve also mixed our years of all-weather experience with our love for fashionable footwear. Meet our complete line-up, find out about how we made two of our iconic shoes fully waterproof and learn all about the hidden features inside our shoes.



royale h2o



FBR023 - Blue

FBR024 - Black

FBR026 - Brown - Olive

FBR020 - Brown

FBR019 - Brown



Find the features Find out what makes

02 10 06

our shoes great.



01 09


04 08

01 hydratex® | Z-liner *

06 Reflection at heel

The waterproof and breathable layer uses a Z-liner construction with taped seams, ensuring a waterproof boot that offers high levels of all-weather protection.

A clever little strip that adds safety to your rides in the dark.

02 COOLMAX® mesh lining * Chase that rainbow! If you want to ride towards the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain. With that in mind the REV’IT! Royale H2O and Regent H2O shoes came to life, both equipped with our renown 100% waterproof and breathable hydratex® membrane. From a distance they look like their non-waterproof siblings, but up close you will find PWR | shell Oxford has been incorporated to make the shoes dry quickly after being exposed to the rain. To accelerate breathability we’ve added a COOLMAX® mesh lining, speeding up the process of moving perspiration away from the skin.

The special multi-channel fibers inside COOLMAX® form a transport system that moves perspiration away from the skin to the outside of the boot.

03 Thermoformed toecap Thermoformed means the material has been heated and molded into the perfect shape. You won’t feel it when wearing the boot, but you will benefit from the added safety.

04 Thermoformed heel cup The heel of the boot is reinforced for added safety. As a bonus, the heel cup also contributes to better foot positioning.

05 Anatomically shaped ankle cup

07 Gear shift pad A stylish detail that prevents your boots from getting damaged- and also reveals a hint of your love for motorcycles.

08 Anatomically shaped foot bed The anatomically shaped foot bed is incorporated to support the foot for comfort and safety.

09 PWR | shell Oxford * This highly abrasion resistant, durable and water repellent material is presented in a weave that adds a sophisticated look to the sturdy material.

10 Closure strap ** The closure strap can be used to put over the laces once they are tied. It prevents the loops from catching on the gear shifter, for instance.

Subtle yet safety conscious: the ankle cup. This clever feature protects your ankle joint in case of an unfortunate mishap.

*Royale H2O and Regent H2O | **Fairfax, Royale, and Royale H2O



FBR028 - Black

FBR018 - Titanium

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

Check out our entire urban motorcycle shoe collection at www.revitsport.com




Attempting to keep that adventurous spirit fueled while holding down a full time job can be tricky. Stealing away a few free days in a row is a challenge, so when it comes to scoring a perfect 10 on the weekend adventure scale, a little preparation goes a long way. Weekend warriors, Alberto Lara and Naomi Tweddle alias Moto Lara, deserve the title as they know how to escape everyday life to embark on the most amazing trips during their weekend getaways. Here’s how they do it, and how you can too. We are lucky enough to call Canada home, and we love riding in our home province, but the nearby state of Washington provides quite a bit of variety, too.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

Whatever the terrain, our focus is always quality over quantity. Often we find that we have just as much fun on a two or three day trip than if we are gone for two months. The Cariboo Chilcotin region is one of our favorite areas to ride. Over just a few days we can experience a wide range of riding conditions, from picturesque mountain landscapes to dry canyon grasslands. It feels so exotic, but we are only a day’s ride from

home. The riding varies between narrow rocky unmaintained dirt roads to wide, smooth dirt highways. By the end a day of riding here, we are exhausted but happy. There are no thoughts of emails or work calls…only of finding the next suitable place to camp for the night.


quite busy avoiding potholes, loose chippings and opposing traffic as we climb the narrow hairpin bends...


Team up


A bit of research can tip the scales in your favor when it comes to optimizing the quality of a trip. In other words, know where you are going! We draw inspiration from the riding community by reading ride reports and seeing what others are doing on social media. We always have a solid map on hand and, if we are lucky, we’ll come across some good GPS tracks.

One of the easiest ways for us to explore a new area is to meet up with local riders or join an organized weekend ride. Earlier this year, we joined up with two like-minded adventurers who showed us places we would have never found– and we had a blast meeting and riding with new people.

If you’re planning your own weekend getaway, a good place to start is to join a ride like those organized by Horizons Unlimited. We like these events because of the informal, relaxed atmosphere and the variety of “experience” options: you can stay in hotels or camp, you can join the fast or slow group, but regardless, everyone can and will have a fun time.






There is nothing like the feeling of strapping our bags to the bikes and hitting the road knowing that we are completely self-sufficient and about to embark on a mini-adventure. We love camping! Find the camping gear that makes you happy. If you know you’re not a minimalist camper, don’t try to be one. Find out what works best for you; it is critical that you are enjoying and not just enduring camping.

Where we ride there is often no cell reception, and we rarely see other people out on the road. Especially when it’s only for a few days, this is a rare chance to leave the mundane, day-to-day grind and experience real freedom. Getting back to basics, like food, water and shelter, helps us refocus and recharge our batteries.

We live in the part of the world where unexplored roads are waiting to be found and dual sport bikes are the best way to get there. No matter what you ride, or where you ride there is an adventure to be found. Freedom on two wheels is for everyone.


REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016




go Wherever the road takeS you the Outback 2

Don’t compromise on anything

Outback 2 JACKET FJT208 | 4020 / Silver - red enterprise 2 trousers FPT074 | 0171 / Silver std. Outback 2 ladies JACKET FJT209 | 4020 / Silver - red enterprise 2 ladies trousers FPT075 | 0171 / Silver std.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


Champions of tomorrow The REV’IT! Junior Heroes

Filippo Fuligni, Andrea Cavaliere, Makar Yurchenko, Álex Ruiz, Andreas Pérez, and Davide Pizzioli: chances are these names don’t ring a bell. However if you pay close attention now, in a few years you might remember reading this when you’re shouting one of them to victory in the MotoGP class… The recipe for racing success

Protecting the future

MotoGP world champions don’t just fall out of the sky. To become the best motorcycle racer in the world it takes talent, perseverance, and the opportunity to have the highest spec material at your disposal to allow you to be as competitive as possible. This forms the base of the 42Motorsport team, run by Rafa Rins, father of our hero Alex Rins, who traveled a similar path to success when he was younger. All of the organization’s riders are scouted for their talent, and are put on competitive KTM machines coming straight out of the Moto3 World Championship.

To ensure they are protected and can move freely on their bikes, they will all compete in REV’IT! racing suits. They will receive the same treatment all of our heroes receive to make sure their suits fit perfectly, which means a thorough measuring session at our headquarters. Allow us to introduce the latest additions to our 2016 team of heroes: our Junior Heroes, champions of tomorrow.



there’s a large possibility you’ll see our Junior Heroes in the MotoGP paddock this season.

“I want to be the first Russian MotoGP World Champion”

“I have no other hobbies, I only like racing! Oh and girls… I also like girls :-)” Davide “Dadda” Pizzioli

Makar Yurchenko

Filippo Fuligni

Makar Yurchenko

Andrea Cavaliere

11-01-1999 Pesaro, Italy

29-07-1998 St. Petersburg, Russia

23-08-2002 Firenze, Italy

11-09-1999 Rome, Italy

Favorite rider: Valentino Rossi

Favorite rider: Marc Marquez

Favorite rider: Valentino Rossi

Favorite rider: Marc Marquez

2016 Championship: Moto3 Junior World Championship

2016 Championship: Moto3 Junior World Championship + Red Bull Rookies’ Cup

2016 Championship: CEV Moto3

2016 Championship: Moto3 Junior World Championship

Last year: 11th in CIV Moto3 with a 5th place finish in Mugello.


Last year: Red Bull Rookies’ Cup: 15th with a 6th and 8th place in Silverstone. Russian Supermoto Championship: Champion, Russian Minimoto Championship: Champion.

Last year: 10th in CIV Pre-Moto3. 4th in Misano, pole position at Mugello.

Davide “Dadda” Pizzioli

Last year: Moto3 Junior World Championship: 4th with a 4th place finish at Aragon.


“My mom says I shouldn’t play football. She says I will get injuries if I do” Andreas Pérez

Moto3 Junior World Championship In 2015, the highly competitive Moto3 Junior World Championship was introduced to pave the way for future talent to enter the Moto3 World Championship. 2016 will see Davide, Filippo, Makar, and Álex competing in this championship for riders between 14 and 23 years. They all aim to do well enough to make the jump to the MotoGP paddock. Apart from racing on Spain’s finest tracks, the championship includes a French round at Le Mans and a Portuguese round on the twisty track of Portimao. As a bonus, the team has submitted multiple wild card requests for the Moto3 World Championship, meaning there’s a large possibility you’ll see our Junior Heroes in the MotoGP paddock this season.

CAMPEONATO DE ESPAÑA DE VELOCIDAD (CEV) MOTO3 Most riders in the Junior World Championship arrive out of the Spanish CEV Moto3 championship. They learn how to ride in a competitive field and work on their pace before making the change to the Junior World Championship. Both championships often share the same paddock, making it possible for the young riders to have an early glimpse of their own potential future. Andrea, Andreas, and Álex will all compete in the CEV championship.

Álex Ruiz

Andreas Pérez

28-07-2001 Granada, Spain

20-08-2003 Barcelona, Spain

Favorite rider: Dani Pedrosa

Favorite rider: in MotoGP Marc Marquez, in Moto2 Alex Rins!!

2016 Championship: Moto3 Junior World Championship & CEV Moto3 Last year: CEV Moto3: Champion

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

2016 Championship: CEV Moto3 Last year: CEV 80cc: 4th with a 2nd place in Alcañiz


REV’IT! Zircon Jacket

Reviewed by The Bike Shed’s Ross Sharp and Anthony “Dutch” van Sommeren All-in-one and four season are claims made by jackets of all trades and masters of none. There’s a reason bikers have wardrobes bursting at the seams and rails bowing under the weight of a multitude of protective gear, clothing is a combination of compromises.

ZIrcon JACKET FJT197 | 0810 / Dark green



“If I was only allowed one jacket for all seasons and purposes, this would do nicely.”

How I pick my jackets Rightly or wrongly looks are as important as protection. Clothing manufacturers aren’t going to be in business long if they try to peddle crap looking clobber and punters won’t last long riding commando because of poor design. We’re a pretty fussy bunch here in the ‘Shed (some much, much more than others) and we’ll only stock gear in the shop that we think is decent and that will be appreciated by visiting shoppers. And when it comes to bagging stuff for long term tests we prefer to enjoy the experience rather than being guinea pigs. I didn’t want to hear about compromises, just that whatever I’d be wearing would look good, keep the weather at bay and offer proper protection. Enter stage left the REV’IT! Zircon. I plumped for black as most of my bikes either lack a rear mudguard or require roadside fettling and general rolling around in the dirt. The abrasion resistant shoulder and elbow panels break up the silhouette and nod slightly to the technical features that REV’IT! endeavor to incorporate into their fashionable urban range. First off, sliding into a Zircon is like nestling into a sleeping bag. The thermal liner is super plush but detaches easily in case you want to trade it for knitwear. After scraping the ice off my seat the other day I donned the jacket for a -2˚C ride on a bike without fairing. With just a t-shirt, shirt (quilted) and woolen jumper underneath I arrived so toasty warm and smug that Dutch promptly ordered one for himself. Annoyingly he chose the more handsome, but less practical, sand color and I now have slight jacket envy. I’ve ridden through sideways squalls in London and howling gales in the Peak District and have remained dry and comfortable on every occasion so

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

far. Size wise I’m a boring British medium, a pint with a handle and bacon with the fat on type of medium, not one of these pencil armed men that seem to be used for modeling clothing at the majority of motorcycle apparel manufacturers. I chose a medium Zircon it’s a perfect fit.  

I like it clever

The pockets are square and kept water out during my rides in the rain, and the bottom two are fleece lined when entered from the side, ideal for keeping frostbite at bay when waiting for the recovery man. I also like the outer stash pocket, thought has gone into this. The zip is yellow, making it easy to find the sucker with a full face lid and gloves still on, better yet it’s accessible without undoing the main zip. There are also internal elasticized cinches at the hem to ensure a decent seal and avoid chilly drafts. And there’s a loop, a proper flipping hanging loop! You know, one that doesn’t require the dexterity of juvenile octopus to operate. Seriously, other jacket makers, stop what you’re doing and listen-up. A great looking garment is rubbish if you have to drop it on the floor due to an afterthought tab of fabric proffering as a storage solution. Despite what I said about multi-season claims I’m looking forward to relying on the Zircon for summer evening blasts and will definitely be wearing it for longer camping tours later in the year. The Zircon is banging value given its refusal to yield too much to the aforementioned compromises and we’ve been selling loads of them.

Anthony “Dutch” van Sommeren

After seeing the sand-colored version, Dutch snaffled one from the rail too, here’s what he thought: “As a brand REV’IT! may not come with the cache of long-standing heritage or a Bond Street label, but the quality of the design, thought process and materials that go into this jacket are undeniable, and it’s perfectly priced. Put simply, this jacket works and you’ll never regret spending your hard-earned cash on it. I could go into detail on the fastenings and features, but basically there are pockets for everything and it functions faultlessly. If I was only allowed one jacket for all seasons and purposes, this would do nicely. I really like the looks and cut of this jacket and the sand colored option adds a proper touch of class and character, which was how it caught my eye in the first place. Not only do most bikers compliment me on it and ask what exotic new brand of jacket I’m wearing, but it also makes me feel a bit more like an intrepid explorer than an urban commuter. Ross has the black one, and he’s well-jealous.” [Dutch]


summer gloves

monster 2 fgs111

Identify the perfect summer glove

fly 2 fgs105

ion fgs113

neutron 2 fgs101



cayenne pro fgs098

dirt 2 fgs087

bliss 2 fgs107

sand pro fgs079

Match your personal preferences to the right gloves and enhance your riding experience.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


Wearing the right pair of gloves in the summer will keep your hands safe and comfortable. Our complete line of summer gloves is designed to enhance your riding experience. Since everyone’s experience and expectations differ, we’ve designed a number of gloves, all with their own unique properties to meet the various demands of our riders. The summer collection offers two types of warm weather gloves: waterproof and ventilated. A perforated glove can never be waterproof and a waterproof glove can never be perforated. Choose the type that best fits the climate you ride in and then determine which values best fit your riding style to identify the perfect summer glove for you.


01 Moisture vapor escapes 02 Rain and wind stay out 03 Outer material, membrane and carrier fabric 04 Lining


02 03



choice 01

waterproofing Living in an area where a summer shower is the rule rather than the exception asks for a waterproof summer glove. Riding with wet hands is distracting, which can be dangerous when you need your wits about you. If you ride in extremely bad weather or over long distances, you’ll want to choose a glove with GORE-TEX® for its durable character and its unsurpassed breathability. For those who ride in less extreme conditions, a hydratex® membrane offers a good alternative with similar waterproof characteristics.

phantom gtx fgs068

choice 02

ventilation Riding in warm–or hot-conditions can make it tempting to not wear any motorcycle gloves at all. In order to stay protected and comfortable while catching the right amount of breeze, the ventilated summer gloves are equipped with perforated leather, mesh fabrics or ventilated protection parts. These gloves will keep you comfortable in the hottest conditions.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

ion fgs113



protection Your hands are susceptible when riding a motorcycle, thus all gloves in the collection offer an excellent level of protection. Innovative construction, durable outer shells, abrasion resistance materials plus soft and hard protective parts all contribute to keeping your hands safe. You can select the most suitable level of protection for you based on your style and level of riding, climate and personal comfort preferences.

TPU hard shell PALM SLIDER

TPU hard shell finger knuckles

3D seesoft™ knuckle

ventilated dual comp protector This lightweight hard part increases the level of impact protection significantly. It is topped with an aluminum high-impact shield for ultimate sliding, and has been perforated to allow airflow to enter the gloves, keeping your hands safe, cool and comfortable.


dominator gtx fgs099



features All features incorporated in our gloves have a specific function and contribute to either comfort, versatility or convenience. You can choose gloves with connect fingertips that allow you to operate your touch-screen device without removing your glove. Or choose the single motion closure: an innovative closure system that allows for adjusting and closing the wrist straps in a single movement. These and other features are incorporated into the gloves to make your riding experience as convenient as possible.

Single motion closure The innovative closure system allows for adjusting and closing the wrist straps in a single movement.



Pull the cuff (01) to adjust the strap around the wrist. The lever will automatically fix the strap in the required position.


Close the cuff (02) with the hook and loop fastener making sure it is strapped tightly around the wrist.

04 03

Open the cuff (03) and pull the lever (04) to release the strap to easily take of the glove.

Connect fingertip The conductive leather in the fingertip (05) transmits the electrical current from your fingertip to the screen, allowing you to operate a touch screen while wearing your glove.



laminated reflection

Most gloves come equipped with one or more reflective parts; some are more obvious than others and the choice will depend on your needs and design preference. Reflective components ensure excellent visibility and contribute to your passive safety.

laminated reflection drifter 2 fgs109

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


Scott Kolb - Land speed record racing

his goal? Being the first to break the 200mph barrier



You have to go faster than the fastest bike that ever was Like most motorcycle enthusiasts, Scott Kolb watched the now iconic movie “The World’s Fastest Indian”. The difference between most motorcycle enthusiasts and Scott is that Scott has now broken the land speed record himself - four times. This set the foundation for an extraordinary goal that many think is unachievable. But Scott is not among the disbelievers.

REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016


Following his cinematic inspired epiphany back in 2006, Scott began working on his own record breaking machine. Unlike Burt Munro–whose Indian was already up to 850cc when breaking its first record-Scott and his team take on their record-breaking quest with a bike of smaller displacement: a 125cc machine.

Size matters. We can hear you thinking, so allow us to change your mind. Land speed record racing is all about power and aerodynamics. If you are lacking in one, you can make up for it with the other. For Kolb, land speed racing means investing heavily in aerodynamics because their 125 single cylinder two stroke is limited in the output it can deliver. Although the 125 “only” produces 46 horsepower, it does so more efficiently than most naturally aspirated motors. In a world where we are looking for smaller output machinery that can bring satisfactory performance to the table, the Kolb team couldn’t be more on topic with their challenge.

The record: check √

Safety first

In 2010 Kolb broke the 37 year old record for fastest 125cc machine on the planet, a record set by a CanAm machine in the late 1970s. Just breaking the record wasn’t enough for the team however, which let them to break the record three more times. The official Land Speed Record for a 125cc partially streamlined two stroke machine now stands at just over 149.9, with a clocked top speed of 155mph. That is just shy of 250km/h.

Aiming for 165mph means a rider needs to bring as little weight as possible to the table. At the same time the risks involved demand proper protection. After breaking the previous records using a suit directly from our REV’IT! collection, we stepped it up a notch for this challenge. We created a made-to-measure suit made out of extremely strong yet lightweight kangaroo leather, just like our MotoGP heroes use. The most important feature of this leather is the weight reduction (up to 30% compared to cowhide) and the stretch abilities of kangaroo leather that outclass those of cowhide. These differences from cowhide often remain unnoticed on a road bike, or even by track day riders enthusiasts, but they sure make a difference when tangled up behind the extremely aerodynamic cockpit designed around the laws of physics rather than the rider’s comfort demands.

Kneel for Kolb This summer, Scott will fold himself into the cockpit of the “kneeler” for the ultimate attempt to reach the highest speed possible with their partially streamlined 125cc record racing machine. The goal? Setting a record of 165mph (265,5 km/h). To do this, they will optimize every feature of their existing bike, utilizing some of the current hardware set for use on their next project. But we’ll get to that later…



Raising the bar

The tools for the job

Breaking the record four times, with an ultimate attempt on the agenda, indicates that Kolb LSR is the obvious team to beat in the partially streamlined category. To fulfill their hunger to break records, they have set an even bigger challenge for themselves. This time they will aim to merely break their own record, but want to set a record so high that it will stand unbroken for at least 37 years, equal to the first record they broke. Or even better, it may never be broken again. What is this goal? Being the first to break the 200mph barrier (321km/h). And yes, we’re still talking about a 125cc two stroke machine.

The difference between the 2010 record –Kolb’s first—and the record that stands today is around 9mph. To bring the record to the ambitious 200mph barrier, there’s a 45mph gap to overcome. This requires the team to take every detail that has already been refined to be refined even further, this time to the furthest possible extent. The bike has therefore been completely redesigned, which ultimately produced a streamliner design rather than their previous “kneeler” concept. The streamliner concept grants them large gains in aerodynamics, but creates other challenges, such as allowing for sufficient engine cooling. Another interesting new development on their new machine is the front wheel that will also be tested during their partially streamlined record run. It’s entirely machined from of a solid block of aluminum and the wheel runs directly on the aluminum surface. That’s right: no front tire.

Counting down It already reads like a child’s novel: a man inspired by someone’s story goes on to inspire others with his own story. After breaking several records, Scott will attempt to add another chapter to Land Speed Racing history by becoming the first ever to break the 200mph barrier on a 125cc bike. Make sure to keep your eye out for the blue fourteen-foot long fish shaped carbon fiber motorcycle when Scott puts the hammer down on the Bonneville Salt Flats. You’ll be watching motorcycle history as you do.


Partial StreamlineR

full Streamliner

Wheel base

105.8 inches / 268.732cm

105 inches / 268.732cm

174.10 inches / 442.214cm

Bodywork; -Length

134.7 inches / 342.265cm


31.0 inches / 78.7cm

31.5 inches / 80cm


20 inches / 50.8cm

22 inches / 55.8cm


Designed and built by Kolb Machine Inc. and friends: Steel tubing with a hub center steered front end.

Designed and built by Kolb Machine Inc. and friends: Steel tubing with a hub center steered front end.


 otax -125cc / Built up by BRC of Calgary, Canada. R Rotax bottom end, Aprilia RSW cylinder, BRC head

 otax -125cc / Built up by BRC of Calgary, Canada. R Rotax bottom end, Aprilia RSW cylinder, BRC head

-Power output







17:1 compression running on VP Q16 (at a 25:1 mix ratio)

17:1 compression running on VP Q16 (at a 25:1 mix ratio)


Coolant lines are run through a 1.7gal. / 7.7L custom ice chest.

Coolant lines are run through a 2.5gal / 11.36L custom ice chest.


237lb. / 106.6kg **

E stimated to be 265lb / 120.2 kg (The carbon monocoque chassis will weigh approximately 45 pound)**

.240 (as measured in the A2 wind Tunnel in Charlotte, North Carolina)

Coefficient of Drag

* at the Bonneville Salt Flats 4600 feet above sea level

Stay up to speed: www.runacrossthemoon.com REVZINE | #12 spring / summer 2016

.078 (as measured using a mock-up in the A2 wind Tunnel in Charlotte, North Carolina) ** including fuel and coolant




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