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EDITORIAL By Victoria Tejada Yesterday, I went to a family dinner where we spoke about cinema. My nephews didn’t know anything about classic or modern films and that makes me think. How important is the cinema in our days? The point is whether movies are more entertainment or they could be considered art. In this magazine our job is to show you the cinema as something very important that can be very powerful. Personally, I understand cinema as an art. It can be an artistic expression complex and beautiful as any other. Each film is a different story and in every story you learn something new. Another thing forgotten is the work that each movie has; we don’t value it as we should because we don’t delve into the director or writers’ job. However, it is a hobby that can pleasure everyone with not much money. Although some people don’t understand the true meaning of it, they cry or laugh depending how they feel. Finally, classical cinema is being forgotten, so I want to say that why don’t you give it an opportunity? You will discover a new world with not much effort.




By A. H. Miguélez This century brought a lot of new approaches to the film industry. The digital development, 3D technology or applications of the HD processes are just a few of these fast changes that are making the cinema world more real than ever before. But some of these changes are ideological too. For example, some films are starting to blow down some of the most prejudicial shackles in order to improve intercultural relations and respect the different points of view we can find in this shrinking world: prejudices and stereotypes. Film industry, in fact, is an effective way to battle against this. Films go beyond their own story and characters, and also beyond the techniques they’re made with and the screen they are projected on. So, potentially, they are very useful weapons to fight these stereotypes.

Two of the clearest examples that we could find to explain this new situation are the two films which director Clint Eastwood made in 2006, Letters from Iwo Jima and

Flags of Our Fathers. These movies tell the same story, the terrible battle of Iwo Jima, narrated from the point of view of each side.

Other example could be the movie Crossing the Dust, directed by the Kurdish director Shawkat Amin Korki, released in 2006 too. It tells the story of a five year-old child who gets lost in the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, and is find by two Kurdish soldiers who fight against Saddam Hussein. One of them wants to give him back to his family, but the other prefers to let him alone. In words of the director: “All people has to leave apart the hate they feel, which is born of their own suffering and the wars they have lived, and to see the noble side of the human kind; we have to refuse the war, the racial and social prejudices, and give the other men and women a new look, pure and optimistic.”

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… By María Magaña That sentence was repeated eighty four times last night, despite the controversy for change the date due to “administrative issue”. The Kodak Theater in Los Angeles became one more year the centre of attention. The most important cinema awards were being given and celebrities were walking through the red carpet.

Spielberg holding two of the Oscars Lincoln won

Kodak Theater last night before the ceremony starts It was 9 pm when everything started. The presenter, Steth MacFarlene - famous for being Family guy creator - appeared on the stage surrounded by applause. As he began talking, nominees could feel the tension as they wait for their candidacy. Even though Lincoln and Life of Pi were the most nominated films, things didn’t go as critics had expected. Naomi Watts was awarded with the Oscar for best actress. The best actor was Hugh Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook. However, Lincoln finished the ceremony with five Oscars; one of them was for best picture.

The biggest disappointment was for Life of Pi. They just won three Oscars although they were nominated for 11. Nevertheless, one of them was for best director, which is absolutely incredible considering that its director, And Lee, is not well known. One of the main characters of the night was Anne Hathaway. She won her first Oscar for her role in Les Misèrables. When she reached the scene wearing her beautiful, blue Dior dress and took her Oscar, teardrops started falling from her eyes. She pronounced a short but very deep-felt speech, dedicating the award to her recently dead friend and the kids who were killed last December in Newtown. The ceremony ended late at night and, although a little bit boring and too long, cinema world enjoyed it one more year.

Golden Raspberry Award

This year, Thee Twilight Sagan, Breaking Down part 2 is “honoured” with 11 nominations, so it is presented present in all categories (worst film, director, actor, actress, supporting actor and actress…)

By Victoria Tejada

Although Twilight ght actors have more possibilities to win, there are others participants.

A Golden Raspberry Award,, or Razzie for short, is an award presented d in recognition of the worst film. Paid members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation vote to determine the winners.

The nominees for movie inferiority include incl the Eddie Murphy comedy, comedy A Thousand Words or the action film Battleship. Battleship Worst Actress nominations include Barbra Streisand for Guilt Trip,, Katherine Heighl for One For The Money or Kristen Stewart twice - for the Twilight film and for Snow White. Worst Actors nominees are Tyler Perry for Alex Cross & Tyler Perry's Good Deeds; Nicolas Cage - twice - for Ghost Rider 2; Eddie Murphy of A Thousand Words and Robert Pattinson for Breaking Dawn 2.

The ceremony is typically held one day before re the Academy Awards but most winners do not attend the ceremony. It takes place in Los Angeles and the golden statuette has pine form. The 33rd ceremony will be held on February 23, 2013 but the he nominations were announced last month.

Will the family Cullen get the record? We have to wait until February 23.

From Disney to… Disney? Tim Burton’s dark world and his future with “The Addam’s Family” By A. H. Miguélez

Freedom in cinema Cinema has become one of the most important art representation in our last days. It’s a vehicle of expression that allows a lot of directors, actors and producers to visually show their artistic skills, and unlike other tendencies like music (which is just listened) and plastic arts (which are just watched), it precipitates into the viewer’s mind through his hearing and his eyesight. That’s what makes it so impressive, and what probably has helped it to achieve so much success. In the world of cinema, there are no rules; specially now that the last technologies are making it easier for directors to get a good film. So, theorically, a film director is free to do whatever he wants, showing his own style and imagination. And, when we talk about an imaginative, characteristic style, it’s almost impossible not to name one of the most peculiar directors of the last years, a quite eccentric genious: Tim Burton.

Burton started working in Disney as an “apprentice”, helping in the drawing of The Fox and the Hound.. During this years, he got to direct his own short film, called Vincent,, the spooky tale of a child who wants to be the horror film actor Vincent Price and gets mad in his fantasy. He also recorded Frankenweenie, Frankenweenie another story about a child who losts his dog and decides to revive him puting together his corpse’s pieces. This dark themed movies were too much for Disney executives, and they decided to fire Burton with the praetext that “his art was too much dark and macabre for their youngest youn audiences”. Which, to be completely honest, was true.

Tim Burton last year in Cannes

But Burton’s career had just started. During the next years, he directed or produced some of his most famous films. To name a few: Edward Scissorhands, Batman, The Nightmare before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride. His films got a lot of success, normally because of the participation of Johnny Depp in all the main parts, the wonderful soundtracks by Danny Elfman (composer of The Simpson’s main theme, for example), and the fast acceptance he achieved, not between children, but youths. Surprisingly, Disney called him to direct its newest project, an adult version of Alice in Wonderland. Burton agreed, but he couldn’t just accept to work with the studies that had fired him some years ago, so he made a deal with Disney Studies. Besides Alice in Wonderland, he would record the same movie he had been fired for, Frankenweenie, and he would have to be completely free on it. And this way his last animation movie came to the screen, more dark-themed than ever.

“The Addam’s Family” His last project is (it couldn’t be otherwise) a dark fantasy film which, in fact, is a remake of some well known series: The Addam’s Family. There’s no much information about the project, but we know that he’s going to work with Johnny Depp (again) and Anne Hathaway (who worked with him for Alice in Wonderland). We’ll have to wait to see what bobs up of his abnormal twisted conception of beauty!

GOSSIP QUEEN ANTONIO BANDERAS INVOLVED IN ROBBERY SCANDAL! By Julia López de Calle According to well-informed sources, Antonio Banderas, the famous Spanish actor winner of three Golden Globes, has been caught by surprise stealing a wide collection of DVDs at Walmart.

When they opened the back door they found a rather shameful image. Inside the van there were innumerable DVDs in which he appeared as the main character, including Evita, The Legend of Zorro, Shrek, Spy Kids… The police made him give back every stolen item, however, Walmart lodged a complaint against him, who will be taken to court for robbery.

Antonio at Shrek the Third premiere

Banderas was interviewed by a police officer about the incident, but he gave extremely vague answers. He came to say that he “had no idea” of what they were talking about. Officer Montgomery gave him a few more opportunities to explain himself, but did not obtain a comprehensible clarification. Therefore, the police body proceeded to unlock the van which Banderas was trying to hide with his own body –not a very efficient method.

Our reporter James Franca went to the place where the disturbance took place and interviewed some of the witnesses. One of the cashiers, who wants to remain unknown, saw each and every detail. He told us that Banderas seemed “to be freaking out. He denied he had stolen anything and said that it was his mother-inlaw who had stolen all that stuff”. Apparently, a close friend of Antonio’s family tell us, he does not get along well with his wife’s mother. That is probably why he accused her of committing the crime. In any case, we will keep informing about the incident tell nothing but the truth, as always.

NEW PLANET HOLLYWOOD RESTAURANT OPENED IN NEW YORK By María Magaña It was a surprise when we heard that a new Planet Hollywood restaurant was going to be open in New York. As we all know, Planet Hollywood is a restaurant chain founded in 1991. The most famous fact of them is that Demi Moore, Silvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger are some of the owners, and the chain is famous too because it has gone bankrupt twice. Nevertheless, we decided to check the service and the local itself. We went there last Saturday for having dinner. Until an hour and a half waiting for a table, a waiter -who wasn’t the nicest one- gave us a table and took note of our order. Another half an hour later she brought us our cold meal. It was one in the morning when we left the restaurant, not very happy, as you can see. All the same, the restaurant has a wonderful decoration based on black and white films. In my personal opinion, the restaurant isn’t good or cheap. Moreover, we weren’t the only ones waiting, so if you go there, you will have to wait for quite a long time. And, although the cinema atmosphere makes you feel as in a movie, it is pretty noisy inside and you can even listen cooks’ conversations. I think Stallone and company have taken a great risk opening this new restaurant. Maybe in a month we would talk about a new bankrupt.

SOUNDTRACK REVIEW By Julia López de Calle Today, in our weekly soundtrack review, we will be talking about one of the most famous soundtracks in Europe, ranked 3rd in the UK “Best Music from Movies” list. We are talking about none other than the amazing music from Amélie, a French romantic comedy about a lonely girl’s story whose main purpose in life is to change the lives of the people around her for the better. Yann Tiersen is the name of the musician who composed the melodies for Amélie after the director asked him to, fascinated by his music. Some of the songs from the soundtrack are orchestral, and some others feature the piano and the accordion as the main instruments, which highlight the most romantic face of French music. However, there is a great abundance of tunes, which are played by an enormous variety of instruments from the harpsichord or the banjo to the bass guitar, the vibraphone and even a bicycle wheel. We could describe this music as sweet and charming, but at the same time very touching and capable of giving chills when listening to it. So if you have not heard this soundtrack, we strongly recommend listening to it. Here is our Favorite Songs List of this week, all of them appear in Amélie: Comptine d'un autre été : L'Après-midi, La Valse d'Amélie, La Dispute, La Noyée and Le Moulin. Enjoy them!

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