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Report of Gifts

2012 - 2013

Table of Content Overview Introduction.............................................................................................................................................. 3 Charts and Graphs................................................................................................................... 5 1855 Society Members.......................................................................................................................... 6 Hobbs-Wickersham Society Members...........................................................................................10 2012-2013 Contributors Alumni........................................................................................................................................15 Parents........................................................................................................................................36 Friends........................................................................................................................................42 University Employees...........................................................................................................54 University Employees Retirees..........................................................................................57 Non-Person Donors...............................................................................................................58 Gifts in Kind..............................................................................................................................61 Corporate Matching Gifts....................................................................................................62 Corporate Sponsors...............................................................................................................63 Memorial & Honorary Gifts.................................................................................................64 Black and Gold Club..............................................................................................................65 Endowments Supported 2012-2013..............................................................................................68 Online Giving..........................................................................................................................................70

2 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Thank YOU! These are two simple words that mean so much. On behalf of the more than 8,000 students at Millersville University, who benefit from the generosity of our loyal supporters, the gifts made during the 2012-13 Fiscal Year are greatly appreciated. And for this we say Thank you! The year was one of excitement, as together we completed the seven year Soar to Greatness Campaign, with a record $88 million committed in support. During the campaign, more than 12,000 donors showed their financial support. Additionally, the University welcomed its 14th President, Dr. John Anderson. Most importantly, the University provided educational opportunities to its students. Some of these highlights can be found in the President’s Annual Report, located online at You are encouraged to explore the great research, scholarship and athleticism afforded to Millersville students because of your support. This report of gifts shares the listing of those donors who made gifts during the period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Millersville University 3

4 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Giving Record alumni parents friends employees associations corporations foundations grants contracts* 2012–2013 Totals 2011–2012 Totals


Unrestricted $350,212 $15,132 $17,721

Restricted $1,014,522 $35,314 $714,289

Donors 3,302 566 616

Total 1,364,734 50,446 732,010

Pledge Balance 1,692,182 14,275 1,529,320

Total Committed $3,056,916 $64,721 $2,261,330

$12,421 $2,677 $27,505 $33,075 — — $458,743 $271,614

$53,302 $272,089 $1,009,451 $456,230 $3,138,634 $622,498 $7,316,328 $6,248,363

273 34 171 19 33 180 5,194 5,122

65,722 274,766 1,036,956 489,305 3,138,634 622,498 7,775,071 6,524,977

975 158,500 26,600 5,000 — — 3,426,852 5,368,920

$66,697 $433,266 $1,063,556 $494,305 $3,138,634 $622,498 $11,201,923 $1,893,897

40% 18% 13% 9% 8%

Grants Alumni Corporations Friends

6% 4% 1% 1%

Foundations Associations Employees Parents


Millersville University 5

1855 Society memberS

6 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Named for the year in which the Millersville Normal School was established, the 1855 Society honors those generous individuals whose contributions while living total or exceed $25,000 and for businesses, organizations or other non-persons total or exceed $100,000. Millersville University is fortunate in the growing number of 1855 Society members actively supporting our students and programs. Through the contributions of those noted below, the University continues its strong tradition of academic excellence in providing an education second to none. Anonymous (6) Access Manufacturing Systems Inc William W ‘90H & Susan C Adams Elizabeth M Allen & Family Andrew H Appel Dr James P & Mrs Tasia Argires Armstrong Foundation Armstrong World Industries Inc Senator Gibson E & Mrs Martha Armstrong Carol Schlessing Avery ‘70 Edward Jr & Jacqueline Olin ‘69 Balderston Ann N Barshinger C Richard & Dorothy P Beam Paul S ‘71 ‘05H & Caroline Beideman The BENECON Group Drs Daniel ‘71 & Gretchen Dieck Biemesderfer Larry W Bishop Richard E ‘67 Jr & Elaine N Fordney ‘67 Blouse John L Bockelmann ‘66 Dr Kathleen M Legenstein ‘70 & Chip Brabson Beverly A Hacker ‘69 & Darryl Breniser Lyman R Brenner ‘71 Mr & Mrs William F Brossman Charitable Foundation

Dr Robert V Brown ‘43 Michael K ‘81 & Neysa Fratantoni ‘81 Callahan Campbell Soup Foundation Joseph A ‘03H & Linda R ‘03H Caputo Carpenter Technology Corporation Don R & Judith Crist ‘60 Carter Dr Samuel E & Mrs Lorraine Casselberry Dana A Chryst ‘81 J Freeland Chryst ‘50 ‘98H Drs Richard D Clark & Sepideh Yalda Gerald & Elizabeth Cleaver Bennett J ‘67 & Johanne Wargo ‘67 Cooper William L & Judith Brenneman ‘64 Davis Dr Benjamin J ‘77 Jr & Mrs Anna DelTito Dr Dennis Denenberg Abram W ‘73 & Karen Diffenbach William A ‘65 & Maureen Dinges Dr Dominick ‘53 & Mrs Helen M DiNunzio Edith Robb Dixon Amy & Lee Dmitzak Patrick M Donan ‘85 JD Drs Sandra L Turchi-Dooley & John W Dooley Dr William H ‘40* & Mrs Alma Duncan Jerry & Susan Eckert

* Deceased

Millersville University 7

Engle-Hambright & Davies Inc Esko Graphics Inc William E Evans Jr Dr Saul W & Mrs Tracy Fink Glenn M Flegal ‘54 Darlene I Ford ‘05H Forty et Eight Dr Edward S Freedman Dr Richard L Frerichs ‘64 Fulton Bank Joseph W ‘90 & Elizabeth J Lafferty ‘91 Garner J Philip ‘67 & MaryAnn Smith ‘67 Gerber Marian Ranck Gerhart Sally R Gibson Brian T ‘87 & Judith Gladden Dr Joseph W ‘53 & Mrs Susan Fulton ‘84 Glass Goethe House Andrew ‘73 & Margaret ‘73 Greenawalt Dr Stephen R ‘72 & Mrs Mary Ann Geise ‘74 Gring John & Audrey Hallgren Dr James Ernest Harf ‘61 Nadene K Hausmann ‘78 Dr Catherine Gibson Havemeier William Randolph Hearst Foundation Adeline Henderson The Hershey Company Dr J Wilson ‘72 & Mrs Donna J Denlinger ‘72 Hershey Kathryn J Hess ‘84 Mervin W ‘70 & Nora Hess Norma J Besio Hess ‘65 High Foundation Dr Albert C Hoffman Benjamin & Carol J Scheifele ‘65 Holmes Dr Leroy T Hopkins Jr ‘66

8 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Dr Michael Houlahan Peter L & Barbara Biemesderfer ‘65 Hunsberger IBM Corporation International Organization for Chemical Science in Development International Signal & Control Group Eleanor Isaacson The Jay Group Jerri Anne Johnson ‘76 Dr Robert L Jones ‘61 JP Morgan Chase Bank Bruce & Margaret Kellner Stephen P ‘70 Jr & Veronica Kepchar William J Killough Chip & Irene Kirchner The Honorable M Diane Koken ‘72 ‘08H & Mr John K Herr III Dr Reynold S Koppel Lancaster County Community Foundation Lancaster Environmental Foundation Lancaster Health Alliance Lancaster Regional Medical Center Dr Darryl L ‘85 & Mrs Suhaila Landis Dr John M & Mrs Mimi Lembo Bruce R & Lynda Limpert Frank S ‘57 PhD MPH & Lynn Lisella Harry A ‘65 Jr & Carolyn Lohss Samuel ‘08H & Dena Lombardo Dr Susan P Luek Martha P MacAdam ‘83 & Richard C Cornogg Douglas L & Frances M Maine Dr John C ‘73 & Mrs Ann Sheridan ‘74 Martin Mr & Mrs Michael A McCarty C Clair McCormick Dr William B McIlwaine Dr Francine G McNairy ‘13H

MEDAL Fund Management Board Menchey Music Service Inc Dr Dale H ‘60 & Mrs Doris Messerschmidt Millersville University Alumni Association Millersville University Sports Camps Millersville University Women’s Athletics Lois Todd Morgan ‘54 Karen Ashkar Murley ‘63 National Science Foundation Conrad W Nelson ‘93 & Grant Heilman Joseph P & Marianne S ‘70 Nolt Office Max Dr Renee Genbauffe O’Leary ‘50 PA Department of Community & Economic Development PA State Employees Credit Union PA State System of Higher Education PA State System of Higher Education Foundation Inc Kate Y Parker ‘76 Robert E Patterson Pepsi Cola Pfizer Inc (Warner-Lambert Company) William K ‘83 & Diane Poole Dr Vilas A & Mrs Sneha V Prabhu RR Donnelley & Sons Company Drs Willis & Genevieve Tvrdik Ratzlaff Jacqueline L Prosser Reighard Dr Larry N Reinking Hans E Richter ‘98 Rixan Associates Inc Dr Charles W ‘09H Jr & Mrs Patricia K Orris ‘66 ‘09H Robertson Rick & Jessica Rodgers Joseph L. Rousseau Dr Bernice R Rydell

Dr Richard Sasin James W & Sally C Dantinne ‘78 Saxton Clarence Schock Foundation Edward L ‘64 & Kathy J Hashinger ‘69 Schoenberger Schopf Brothers Seismic Micro-Technology Inc Willis W Shenk Willis & Elsie Shenk Foundation Robert L ‘78 & Jane Slabinski Dr Joyce Scout & Mr William Smedley Carol M ‘64 & Joseph P Snyder Solar Innovations Inc Dr Samuel N & Mrs Margaret Lee Stayer James Hale Steinman Foundation John Frederick Steinman Foundation Richard W & Heidi K Stewart Drs George F ‘12H & Helen Asbury ‘64 Stine Virginia C Stoner Student Lodging Inc Student Services Inc Susquehanna Bancshares Inc Dr Gerald R ‘65 & Mrs Kathleen E Lehman ‘65 Swope TE Connectivity TE Connectivity Foundation Doratha Dick Thomas ‘39 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Tyron Drs Kay E Vandergrift ‘62 & Jane A Hannigan Martha A Biemesderfer VanderPoel Sally Vanderslice ‘94H Betty W Waetjen John R Walker ‘46 Robert S ‘64 & Barbara Walker Paul & Judy Ware Liselotte R Wehrheim ‘74

* Deceased

Dr Gerald S & Mrs Rebecca Weiss Wells Fargo Foundation WGAL-TV8 Richard S ‘52 & Barbara Grill ‘54 Will Ronald A Wilson ‘79 Dr. Charles A* & Anita B Winter Alan K Wyand & Robert L Shoener Yellow Book USA Dr David S & Mrs Marie Zubatsky

Board of Governors

Guido M. Pichini, Chairman Laura E. Ellsworth, Vice Chair Ronald G. Henry, Vice Chair Sen. Richard Alloway II Rep. Matthew E. Baker Jennifer G. Branstetter Marie A. Conley Gov. Tom Corbett Sara J. Dickson Carolyn C. Dumaresq Christopher H. Franklin Rep. Michael K. Hanna Jonathan B. Mack David M. Maser Joseph F. McGinn Robert S. Taylor Aaron A. Walton Sen. John T. Yudichak

* Deceased

Council of Trustees

Michael G. Warfel ’84, Chairman

Dr. Robert A. Frick ’66, ’69M Vice Chairman Caroline M. Hoffer, Esq. ’77, Secretary Dr. James P. Argires Gibson E. Armstrong Frank T. Brogan, Chancellor State System of Higher Education Ex officio Dr. Richard L. Frerichs ’64 Kevin F. Harley ’86 Dr. William B. McIlwaine Olayinka R. Osibodu, Student Brian A. Rider ’87 Gerald S. Robinson, Esq.

Millersville University Alumni Association Board of Directors

Lori Dierolf ‘91, President Scott Bailey ‘98, Pres. Elect Stephen Focht ‘70, Treasurer Cassandra Karamanos ‘94, Secretary Jennifer Bertolet ‘92 Sandra Brown ‘76 Nathan Claycomb ‘01 Jenna Craig ‘10 Bill Dewan ‘93 Kitty Glass ‘53 John Held ‘02 Amy Hoffman ‘94 Patrick Leahy ‘97 w/Gallihad Greg Ortleib ‘09 Katie Breit ‘02 Sean O’Donnell ‘99 Carroll Staub ‘72/’90M Kristin Waters ‘05 Tamara Willis ‘99 Jerri Anne Johnson ‘76/’78, Past President

Millersville University Foundation Board of Directors

Robert A Laskowski ’74, President David K Thompson P’09, P’13, Vice President Tamara C Willis ’99, Secretary Amanda J Shaw ’01, Treasurer Daniel R Biemeisderfer ‘71 Beverly Hacker Breniser ‘69 Judith C Carter ‘60 Ximena Catepillan PhD Kenneth P DeLucca PhD Benjamin J DelTito PhD Robert A Frick ‘66, ‘69M EdD Richard A Glenn PhD Jan L Graybill ‘80 Albert C Hoffman PhD Sarah M Holland ‘15 Anne C Jackson ‘78 Patrick J Hollowell ‘12 Thomas R Janke CIMA P’10 Eric G Liddell ‘71 F Perry Love ’58 EdD Elizabeth Martin William B McIlwaine PhD Barry E Miller ‘77 Robert E Patterson Gerald S Robinson

Millersville University 9

HobbsWickersham Society Members 10 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Members of the Hobbs-Wickersham Society have made one of the ultimate gifts by supporting the students and programs at the University through their estate plans. Legacy gifts or planned gifts come in many fashions (wills, trusts, insurance, gift annuities) and sizes that range from a simple percentage of one’s estate to multi-million dollar commitments. Each gift has an impact on the education of Millersville students.

Anonymous (3) W Gary Adams & Nancy ‘73 C Brown Adams Esther Schroll Altinger ‘27* Dora L Andrulonis* James & Tassia Argires Franzi Ascher-Nash* Cynthia M Baker ‘72 Ed & Jackie Olin ‘69 Balderston Bernice Rehmeyer Bartenslager ‘35* Margaret E Bellis ‘52 C Daniel Biemesderfer ‘49* D Luke Biemesderfer ‘17* Elva Walter Biemesderfer ‘17* Margaret Ream Bingeman ‘27* Isabelle Huston Binkley ‘44* Ruth G Botdorf* Sy & Anita Brandon Lyman R Brenner ‘71 E Worth Brown ‘39* Robert V Brown ‘43 Phyllis Smith Brubaker ‘65* Sandy Gettz Bryson ‘50 Karen E Buehler-Probst ‘95 Joseph A ‘03H & Linda R ‘03H Caputo Don R & Judith Crist ‘60 Carter M Joann Cashman*

* Deceased

David B & Elizabeth Perry ‘70 Chamberlin J Freeland Chryst ‘50 ‘98H Roy B Clair Jr ‘67 Ethel Brown Clouser* Bennett J Cooper ‘67 & Joanne Wargo Cooper ‘67 Helen B Corbett* Ronald J Coyle ‘66 Eileen R Craven* Barbara Radgowski Czestochowa ‘69 Erma Throne Daron ‘26* Franklin H Daron* Beatrice U Datesman* Gale R Davis Aimee Y Decker ‘16* George D ‘47* & Mary Herr ‘48 Deitrich Dennis Denenberg Steven A DiGuiseppe ‘82 John S Diller ‘35* Catherine Melsom Dimeo ‘52 Dominick ‘53 & Helen M DiNunzio Mary Elizabeth Dixon* James* & Laura Buller ‘35* Doering Dennis B & Traci L ‘83 Downey William H ‘40* & Alma P Duncan Claribel Elder Dutcher ‘32*

Many of the individuals listed have chosen to see their gift at work today, by providing annual support toward their future commitment. Opportunities to interact with students and faculty are a highlight and can happen when we connect you with the students. We thank and recognize those who made provisions for a gift to come in the future, and remember the individuals whose gifts were realized this year: Richard D ‘50* & Ruth Dutcher Harriet E Egan ‘17* Ermaleen Bachman Etter ‘68 Alma Brenner Evans ‘13* Ann Buckwalter Evans ‘41 Grace W Evans* John H Evans ‘39* Mary Ross Ezzo ‘34* Mary M Fackler* Dominick J Fanani* James E Farster* Elizabeth B Fergerson * Elizabeth Mary Ferguson* Carl D Ferree ‘60* Stacey M Fink ‘72 & Karen Ketner-Fink Edna Myers Firestone ‘29* Doris Flick ‘30* Darlene I Ford Eugene E & Mary N ‘73 Fritz Leah Gottlieb Fudem ‘60* Genevieve Lynk Gallo ‘30* Mary A Galt ‘21* Carrie N Gardner ‘90 Gabriel J ‘52* & Jeanne M Wade ‘52 Geiger Leighton R Gerhart* Arthur J Glatfelter*

Mary Herr Glenn* Warren Lynn Godshall ‘72 Hazel Wertman Goldman ‘15* Kay L Shiffer Gontner ‘60 Jan L & Alisa McCambridge Graybill ‘80 Berneice R Greer ‘24* Stephen R ‘72 & Mary Ann Geise ‘74 Gring James W Groff ‘72 Jane C Sellers Groff ‘49* Gertrude Knisley Grove ‘27* Luceille B Hagarman Jane A Hannigan James Ernest Harf ‘61 Nadene K Hausmann ‘78 Artemis H Heiselman ‘69 Margaret Hoffman Helmintoller ‘53 Michael E Helmintoller Fannie E Herr ‘16* Robin D ‘71 & Wendy L Herr Kathryn J Hess ‘84 Norma J Besio Hess ‘65 Charlotte Throne Hively ‘39* Alan S* & Adeline * Holliday Elsie Breckbill Hollinger ‘36* Doris Keller Hosler* James C ‘73 & Judith Miller Hower ‘74

Millersville University 11

Nancy E Hungerford ‘80 Peter & Barbara ‘65 Hunsberger William J Hyduchak ‘70 Eleanor Isaacson Anne Jackson ‘78 Jerri Anne Johnson ‘76 Howard L Jones ‘62 Suzanne L Keffer ‘78 Roy J Jr ‘53 & Janet Thomson ‘52 Keiser Jane L Keller ‘48* Esther M Kilheffer ‘32* William J & Beatrice* Maese Killough Audrey A Burie Kirchner ‘59 Thomas G Klingensmith ‘72 Daniel E Kogut* Reynold S Koppel H H ‘58 & Fay Follett ‘62 Kramer Frederick S ‘41* & Hilda Adam ‘42* Kring Richard H Kuhn Jr ‘57 Richard ‘73* & Sally ‘72* Kuhnert Truman D ‘49 & Louise B Kunsman Robert F & Lena Bortner ‘51* LaCaff Barbara Reiner Lashley ‘70 Pearle F Leary ‘24* S N Leela* Walter & Frances Legenstein Lamar L Libhart ‘64* Marie Bryson Libhart ‘63 Eric G ‘71 & Rochelle Smith ‘70 Liddell Rogers K Lincoln* Harry K Lines ‘40 Frank S Lisella ‘57 Sam & Dena Lombardo H Sidney & Jaqueline* Long Elizabeth Hosler Loomis ‘35* Esther Stoll Lowry ‘23* Myra S Main ‘23*

12 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Clair R ‘26* & Velma Dilworth ‘24* McCollough William B & Mary S* McIlwaine Mary E McInerney* F W Mclaughlin* A Lucille Grimes Meissner ‘68 Luella M Mellinger ‘32* Hazel B Messner ‘00* Helen R Metzler* James R Miller ‘70 Elgie H Miller ‘61* Paul L Minnich Patricia Moran ‘75 Karl E & Carolyn S Moyer Betty F Muench Martha H Munster* Flo E Neff ‘71 Margaret “Peggy” Neff Kathleen H Goodall Neimer ‘69 Conrad W Nelson ‘93 Bob Newcomer ‘70 Rose L Newcomer Dorothy Bender Nystrom ‘27* Kristina M Johnson ‘71 Renee Genbauffe O’Leary ‘50 Miriam Osika ‘39* Harvey W Owen Robert E & Dorothy J* Patterson Agnes B Petras* Frank Petras ‘50* Frank E Phillips Marc T & Carol Y Phillips Catharine Hershey Pickle ‘27* Lynn Ashenfelter Pomponi ‘91 Steven R Pomponi ‘89 A Norman Ranck ‘22* Carl J Rees ‘16*

Eleanor K Rees* Helen Martin Reeser ‘34* Marjorie M Reiber ‘26* Gary W* & Jacqueline L Prosser Reighard Winnick K Richardson ‘75* Jean Keneagy Rivera* Charles W ‘09H Jr & Patricia Orris ‘66 Robertson William V Romans ‘57 Jean M Romig Lina Ruiz Y Ruiz* Charles A Rutter ‘32* Nathan Weiss* & Bernice R Rydell Randy & Luann Ryder Francis M Saxinger ‘38* Margaret Kraybill Schafer* David E Schlosser ‘82 Leslie M Crownover Schlosser ‘86 Estate Of Hazel Rork Schmuck ‘25* Joanne M Berlot Servansky ‘82 Charles R & Francine Pennock Shaw Sylvia Shellenberger ‘71 Margaret K Shenk* Donald R Sherick Miriam Glattacker Singley ‘26* Robert L Slabinski ‘78 Paul H Slaugh Jr Jane Gray Smith ‘33* Mary Alice Smith ‘42* Elizabeth Smithgall ‘23* George N Sneath Jr ‘49* Laura Hutton Snyder ‘25* Jestina B Stahl ‘37* Lelia M Jackson Stauffer ‘29* Glenn R ‘75 & Karen M Stickles Anne Johnstone Stumpf ‘54

James L Summar ‘61* Gerald R ‘65 & Kathleen E Lehman ‘65 Swope Doratha Dick Thomas ‘39 Evelyn M Thomas ‘27* Thomas C Tirado Joseph T ‘37* & Dorothy Mayer* Torchia Kay E Vandergrift ‘62 Jeffrey W Vermuth ‘71 Mary B Vyner* Barbara K Walker Robert S Walker ‘64 Helen L Walter* R Bruce Walter ‘16* Michael G Warfel ‘84 Ramon L Webster* Liselotte R Wehrheim ‘74 Gerald S Weiss Ruth L Wilcox ‘30* William J Wilkinson ‘34* Betty B Williams* John G Williams ‘64 Louella Gill Williams ‘34* Virginia D Winans ‘34* Esther Mae Withers ‘35* Mary Ellen Woernle ‘42* Frances H Wolf ‘43* Kenneth A Wolf* Thomas E Wolf ‘40* Nancy D Jefferis Wunderly ‘87 Rev Charles King* & Marguerite Shanabrough ‘32* Wynkoop Rachael D Wywadis ‘73 George & Zaferula ‘62 Yelagotes Kathryn M Young* J Terry Zeller ‘64

* Deceased

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way One of the simplest and most meaningful types of an estate gift is a bequest. This type of gift will have a direct impact on the students and programs of the University, while having no impact on your current assets. A gift in the future, planned for and discussed today, ensures that the University can carry out your intentions. By designating the University as one of your beneficiaries, either through a percentage or specific dollar amount, you may restrict your gift for a specific purpose or allow it to be used for unrestricted endowment purposes.

For more information and to discuss appropriate language for your plans, please contact the Director of Planned Giving at 717-872-3820, toll free 1-877-872-3820 or

* Deceased

Millersville University 13

2012-2013 Contributors 14 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013



Chancellor’s Council Lelia Jackson Stauffer*

1931 Gifts up to $250

Mildred Moyer Peiffer


Trustee’s Council Helen Martin Reeser*


Gifts up to $250 Paul E Brackbill


Chancellor’s Council Mary Schuberth Landis* Gifts up to $250 Minda Morrison Sanders


Normal Society Ruth Reachard Pincavage*


Old Main Society William H Duncan* George H Rishell* Gifts up to $250 Carlton H Shindler


Gifts up to $250 Ann Buckwalter Evans Annette Evans Shindler


Old Main Society Mary Alice Smith* Associate Mary Wetten Banzhof Gifts up to $250 Ella Weaver Hershey Alma Smith Knesel Susanne Habecker Wiest


Page Society Earl Bruce Romberger Normal Society William Morton McCain Winifred Cooke McCain Gifts up to $250 Norma B Aston


Associate Gola Stilley Johnson Gifts up to $250 Bertha Wise Evans Anna Carper Graybill Edna Saylor Martinella


Normal Society Marian Ranck Gerhart Gifts up to $250 Jean Nash Harrison Ozetta Groff Hirschmann Frances Keller


Page Society Mary Rachel Hoover* Gifts up to $250 Mary L Fulginiti Verna Frey Graver Lois Hoover Harwick Marion Ledgard Mulholland* Bruce Rathbun George L Schwab


Gifts up to $250 Betty Brenner De Martino John De Martino Mildred Stigelman Grimm Gladys Eshleman Lang Olga E Link


Old Main Society Jane L Keller* Associate Mary Elizabeth Little

Gifts up to $250 Anne Bassler Kane Romaine Boyer Macht Nancy Book O’Neill


Normal Society Margaret R Whitcraft Gifts up to $250 James V Breitegan Lois Kienzy Breitegan E Jerry Brooks Richard Bruce Hacker Anna Charles Jacobs William L Keays C Leary Misselhorn Arthur L Reist Nancy Velma Rill Amelia Miller Taylor


Chancellor’s Council J Freeland Chryst ‘98H Page Society Renee Genbauffe O’Leary Associate Harmon F Brown Glenna M Eshleman Charles J Rees Gifts up to $250 Hannah Gettz Bryson Kenneth C Depoe Thomas G Haffner

The Golden Swan Society recognizes loyal donors who have made annual gifts to the University for at least the last five years. Loyal annual donors provide the kind of philanthropy that enables Millersville University to make a lasting impact on students and the community. The Golden Swan Club includes several levels, each offering a variety of benefits, including exclusive invitations to events on campus and more. For more information, please call the Office of Development at 717-872-3820, toll free 1-877-872-3820 or email

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Millersville University 15

William P Hartman Howard J Helveston Robert Leroy Henly Elvin W Herr Lawrence S Hetter Benjamin John Jenkins Clarence Walter Lubbe Ruth Nentzel Lubbe Shirley Anne Morlok Patricia O Pastelak Hugh J Porter Brondell Raymond Potter Robert C Rankin Hobart W Sapp Robert W Wheeler


Page Society Dorothy Morgan Nye Associate Edna Paddock Runfolo Gifts up to $250 Bradley J Culbertson John F Dougherty Darlene Shenenberger Henly Marilyn Young Herr Catharine Shenk Horn Eugene G Irwin Phyllis A Mengel Donald C Mylin Mary Ellen Kauffman Reid Robert L Scholl Roy M Snyder


Normal Society Kermit J Boothroyd Jane Ulsh Richard S Will Associate H Nelson Freidly Gifts up to $250 Julia Metz Barnhart Margaret E Bellis Catherine Melsom DiMeo Esther Everitt Dombrowski* Betty Keener Drescher James W Eschbach Jeanne Wade Geiger

16 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Donald J Hagenauer Barbara Schork Hartman Jimmie Lee Howard Elizabeth Falkenstine Kauffman Bernice S Kaufman Jeanine L Keefer Janet Thomson Keiser Kenneth Lee Kniley Dorothy Pusey Miller Larue Gluntz Morgan Joyce McCraney Mumma Gladys Parmer Reifinger Donald E Schwenk M Joanne Snavely Charles A Wetzel


President’s Council Dominick DiNunzio Old Main Society Catherine C Glass Joseph W Glass Gifts up to $250 Robert Charles Artz F Jean Graybill Aspril Randall R Boyer Louis A Croce Patricia Smith Eby Nelda Brubaker Evans Roberta Borgstede Fiorito Shirley Benedick Grill Gwendolyn Wallwork Grimm Mary Jones Roy J Keiser Doris H LeGrand Paul J McCool Anne Cochrane McCune Robert L Moss Dorothy Pinkerton Porter Fred Donald Reiss Emerson Victor Stehman Kenneth Jacob Stoner Shirley Stoner David L Towers Nancy Mengel White Margaret McCormack Wilson Joan Rinehart Witmer


Chancellor’s Council Lois Todd Morgan Normal Society Constance Root Long Barbara Grill Will Associate Elise Frey Hann Alfred James Marcello Patricia Gehman Vatter Gifts up to $250 Jane L Barr Eleanor Reese Benko Victor M Bove Charles R Dutill John A Ernst William R Fisher Glenn M Flegal Phyllis Keeley Fyfe Paul Robert Herr Mary Stewart Hoffpauer Ronald P Hoffpauer Gladys Grieder Kautz Reuel Dean Lemon Reta Trone Markish Elizabeth Kline Orth Charles F Podlesny George T Resavy George David Robb Edward J Sigda Anne Johnstone Stumpf Lowell A Wallace


Page Society Ethelmae Auchenbach Auchenbach McSparren Normal Society Harvey S Long Associate Sondra Rosenthal Eastham Gifts up to $250 Joanne Long Blankenstein Madeleine Beck Casal Rita P Cederberg Ethel E Charles Darlene Sanders Deihl

Delores Knaub Dutill Katharine Zweier Eaton Warren H Groff James R Hartsoe Jeanne Rohrer Helmers Ruth Workinger Hill Wilbur H Hurst Elaine Hoover Johnson Shirley Pickell Lemon Joanne Kline Mattern Cora Tangert McClune Mary Gunselman McMahon M Louise Reinecke Dale L Schaeberle Helen Patterson Schmertz Evelyn Haig Shenk Edward Burns Shindle Patricia Riley Taylor Janice Delardi Weaver Dorothy Van Zandt Werkiser William Michael Zagarino Charlotte J Zeigler-Snyder


Page Society Dolores Boyer Parry Normal Society Mary Jane Martz Todd Associate Jere W Schuler Gifts up to $250 Elizabeth B Benner Helen Heinrich Colclaser Daniel Joseph Durso A Richard Erisman Sylvia Shirk Gabos Gordon S Heimbach Edward N Kabakjian Donald J Kugle Margaret Mcconnell Musselman Janet Eaby Myer Eric C Phillips James H Rohlfing Verda Culler Schue-Hockensmith Richard D Sherr Monica Bieri Stein

Clark E Taylor Jay D Weaver Barbara Brown Yingst


Old Main Society Howard L Kriebel Page Society Frank S Lisella William Victor Romans Dona Clipp Smith Associate Patricia Royer Johnsonbaugh Robert E Lehr Richard F Smith Gifts up to $250 Jean Kreider Balderston Louise Hoover Carson Walter D Colton Shirley Henry Cook Joann Dick DiNunzio Lewis DiNunzio Gladys Wolfe Gettle Harry M Hill Julia Ann Bowman Kauffman Joan Allen Krick Thomas Franklin Krick Russell E Latschar Gerald E Laughman Cynthia Werner Leone Karen Geesey Light James A McPherson Richard Lewis Mull Ernest Deering Ober John W Parker Joseph Anthony Pernaselli C Allan Rineer Lambert K Sailer Myrtle Nace Satterfield Anita Inskip Schulze Evelyn Blake Weaver James T Werkiser Donald R Wilkinson Jan Arlen Witmer Clarissa Mae Wolcott

Golden Swan Society Deceased



Old Main Society Russell Paiko Page Society H H Kramer Normal Society Christine Eurich Davis Associate Jacqueline Zellers Jury Mary Gochenaur Lehr F Perry Love Grace Norman Renz Joseph E Renz Janice Falusy Weitzel Gifts up to $250 John J Amsler Louise Hartman Arms Edwin Joseph Bearer Carolyn Keith Benfer Phyllis Billet Paul K Brantley Judith Connelly Combs Mary Prowell Cook Suzanne Snook Crist Burnell Alan Crist Dale Lamar Dissinger Gerald Victor Dunkle Nancy F Edwards Nancy Jacobs Fasnacht Harold E Follett William T Given Barbara Cassel Good Robert G Gunzenhauser Barbara J Herr Donald C Hoffmann Janice Bobb Hoffmann Patricia Dean Jachimowicz George William Kelbaugh Mary Moul Lammey Kenneth Eugene Leister Ronald Norman Mable Joyce Roberts Magee Barbara Hovis McCarthy Phyllis Moyer Millard Elmer Guy Miller Judith Wisler Murphy Robert Leon Myers

Benjamin F Olena Samuel Nicholas Paone JoAnne Smith Peters Earl J Pickel Edith Harman Procopio Sue Ellen Reinecke Rudy D Rosenberger Elizabeth Taylor Scheich Henry Burnell Sprenkle Mary Gingerich Taylor R Edward Warden Ruth Bishop Weaver Glenn Lewis White William E Wolgamuth Barbara Musselman Wood Mary Louise Yeager Donald Kreider Zook


Normal Society Joy Shupp Dietrich Normal Society Robert A Todd Associate Robert D Bowers Daryl Russell Fair Fred E Gould Kenneth G Miller Herbert J Schoenly C Gordon Sneath Gifts up to $250 Nancy Henry Bacchi Carolyn Cramer Bixler Margaret Mundis Boyd Beverly Van Zandt Burgess Irene McCulloch Castagna Charles W Conyers Creeden W Coulson Ronald Lawrence DiAngelo Judith Arlene Driesen Pearl Fares Dull Constance Coomes Folkenroth Elizabeth Ann Gilbert Linda Hellerman Griggs Lorraine Barth Harding Earle Jacob Hershey Lewis H Hillard

Edward Hirata Frederick Lee Indictor Susan L Jones Betty G Kauffman Kenneth E Kieffer Kenneth C Kochey H Taylor Lamborn Suzanne Parry Lamborn Donna Knisely Leiphart Nancy Osborne Miller Dwight E Mostoller Robert Ludwig Noll Marie Wetzel Paolucci Shirley Habecker Ranck Merle T Schnee William Richard Shirk Jay Smink Elizabeth A Steinberg James E Sweeney John R Talbott Elizabeth Jones Travis Royce E Walters Mary Vanover Webb Paul S Wolfgang Shirley Achenbach Zimmerman


Chancellor’s Council Judith Crist Carter Page Society Anonymous Dorothy E Canter Normal Society Carl Henry Ernst Gordon Barry Wolfer Associate Lewis E Jury Ronald Harry Kerr Catharine Hill Love Dale Harvey Messerschmidt Mary Bolenius Price Theodore F Weitzel Gifts up to $250 Jeannine Johe Brenner Alice Long Brown Eugene B Brown Patricia Carey Carey Ralph E Daywalt

Millersville University 17

Merrill M Detweiler Margaret Kile Enders Norman Jack Fogel Kay Shiffer Gontner Barbara Coy Hostetter E Jack Huggins Shirley Weaver Indictor Nancy Hoke Jones Lamar John Kauffman Elizabeth Leighton Lamborn James T Lammey Mae Paul Lauber Patricia Ann Lee Norma Geder Lehmberg Arthur A Lesh Robert B Lorenz Richard L Mearig Charles Henry Moore Elizabeth F Morris Edwin H Myers William Robert Paul Louise Worley Potts Rosalind Sprenkle Reed Joan Bishop Scott Anthony J Staninas Joy Daniels Sweeney Ronald R Yoder Donald E Zeigler Patsy Lutz Ziegler


Trustee’s Council James E Harf Page Society Richard L LaGrotte Normal Society Janet A Kreiner Associate Walter V Price Gifts up to $250 Thomas E Ackerman Anonymous Barbara Braught Crawford George E Breslin Michael D Bubb Carol Hertzel Carlson Esther Rosa Cintron Betty Jane Louise Curtis

18 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Gretchen E Deichert Gerald E Dietz Barbara Brubaker Eberly Linda Kay Ecker Neala R Eyler Barbara Devink Garner Thomas E Groff Virginia Goering Hale George J Hollenden Ella Graham Huggins William Alvero Hyde Robert L Jones Nancy Klinefelter King E James Kline Helen S Koken-Seiss James P Kopf R Groff Landis Barbara Wilds Lineaweaver H Richard McClain Dolores M McKenna Reba Harris Mohan Betty Sensenig Nauman Emilie Abel Newcomer John G Pavlick John S Price Linda Irvin Ranck Donald P Ringer Michael F Romaine Nancy Royer Ruhmel Bonita Alwine Shaffer Ann E Sprenkle Jeannette Lehman Thomas Amy Kneibler Treichler Charles Thomas Tucker Joan Weaver Weaver Patricia Bord Williams Geraldine Weidman Wise Mary Ann Felty Wittle Barbara Spolar Wolf


Chancellor’s Council Kay Ellen Vandergrift Page Society Howard Leon Jones Fay Follett Kramer Joyce Weaver Nolt

Marjorie Bronson Rost Normal Society Gary Phillip Bell Patsy A Hartranft James Richard Herr John A Nied Associate Phoebe Rudy Baxter Ronald M Davis H Dale Spaulding Gifts up to $250 Elizabeth Allen Allwein Wilbur Birk Amand Franklin K Bergman Susanna Drayer Breslin Gary Leo Cable Herta Rasch Clements Nancy K Corbitt Sylvia Hauer De Lozier Carolyn Suanne Dietz Judith Robertson Dillen Elizabeth Gross Eisenhart Helen Heisey Ferguson James Heller Graham Laura Rissinger Graham James Edward Gundel Mary Alice Heffner Stephen Dale Hench John M Hess Richard J Hitzelberger Margaret Anne Hoffmann Ann Holland Carol Dunn Holt Susan Ruth Keylor Joyce Kissinger Kieffer Carol Smith Kline Mahlon W Lineaweaver Ellen Lawrence Maddow Carol Grain Martin Carol La Mon Massengill Jane Warner Maxim Sally Joan McClain Joan Gemmel Miller Gary Lee Miller Joyce Shaner Moore James Patrick Morgan

Dolores Rehrer Nelson Rachel R Noll Larry Edwin Oesch Norman E Peck L Lloyd Ruoss John P Sanders Bernard Nicholas Santaniello Helen Currie Santaniello Alfred C Schneider Glenn W Shaffer Carole Atkins Sherr John J Sladicka Lee Alfred Smeltz Kenneth L Springer Terri Jacobs Stetler Barbara Erwin Stumpf Henry Roth Taylor Yvonne Lambert Toney Deanna Myers Wagner Zaferula Valudes Yelagotes


Trustee’s Council Karen Ashkar Murley Page Society Bonnie Lee Butson Marie Bryson Libhart Normal Society Robin Craig Kegerise Harriet Kohlbrenner Kuberski Elizabeth Sandone Person Associate Joanne Foy DiBiase Suzanne C Hulsizer Dennis Patterson Leeper Francis X Lucash Dennis E Simmons Joseph John Spila Michael W Weaver Gifts up to $250 Carolyn Lee Adams Jean Ann Alwine Latrobe M Barnitz Robert B Bateman Sandra Louise Blaukovitch Sandra Shrimplin Bonner Joan Hamilton Bowman

Rosemary Plate Bratton G Ross Buckman Jeanne Herr Burkins Ronald G Cain Ruth A Crum C Faye Book DeBerdine Henry J DeMito Barbara Marian Devenport Susan Nelson DiCarlo Yvonne Heisey Dickert Joseph L DiRienzo Dorcas Bortner Englehardt Barry R Ersek Bonnie Ruble Eshbach Janet Wisler Etter John Michael Eyster Doris Holley Fitton Ellen Brownmiller Gallagher Kenneth L Gibble Edward Charles Goodhart Kenneth Graham David W Grumbine Audrey Kemrer Heck Joan Hamill Hellmann Vernon Hilbert Edward F Hine Jo Ann Hyson Walter James Jones Glenn Marvin Julius Linda Lorenzon Kopf Delores Doll Krebs Joann Hoskin Larkin Constance Johns Lavoy Marjorie Snyder Lednum Barbara Heinbach Lenker Nancy Mayer Mumma Dawn Whittle Olt Irene Wrigley Passmore Nancy Kegerreis Pontz James Martin Ranck Richard A Rissmiller Charlotte Schaum Roede Essie Miller Rothermel Judith Drybred Rutt Roberta Dean Shaub Jack D Shaub Lorraine Hayes Shaw

Golden Swan Society Deceased


William H Skelly Judy Long Southern Phyllis Creswell Stone Margaret R Tassia Bernard A Thome Mary Brice Urbine Agnes Kelly Vaughn Brenda Lesher Wangman Judith Kelley Wassenich Lois E Whisler Arvella Pennington Witmer Nina Palmer Wolff Marilyn Engle Wolgemuth Ruthann Young Edith Cobb Young


Chancellor’s Council Edward L Schoenberger Helen Asbury Stine Page Society Richard L Frerichs Bruce B Rost Carol Anderson Snyder Robert Smith Walker Normal Society Roberta Borneman Bell Judith Brenneman Davis Dennis Paul Rhen John G Williams Associate Mary Rhoads Leeper Mary Gittings McDowell Leo E Shelley Jean Hudson Simmons J Terry Zeller Gifts up to $250 Carol Collins Almond Nan Buchwalter Best Ruth Bender Bortzfield Gary Lee Bowman Gerald M Brenner Ruth Gundel Brommer Mitchell P Brown Robert James Brubaker Barbara Tuleya Bushey William P Caci William D Chronister

Barbara Conrad Corbo Dianne Danz Danz Sandra Strasbaugh Decker Dale Richard Denlinger Harold Thomas Densmore John Harold Dickert Ann Scholtz Dougherty Evan Barr Douple Arthur J Drescher Thomas Joseph Finley Barbara Beyer Forrey Jill Grove Fry Roberta Gromling Golden Ronald M Hallman Dawson Eugene Heck Patricia Shomgard Hite Carole Geary Homeyer Philip N Hublitz Daniel S Huzzard Dianne Boyer Johnson James Neal Johnson E Workinger Julius Brenda Slupe Kane Janet Capriotti Kilbride Berthold Robert Kramer* Sylvia Steffy Kreider Wanda Oberholtzer Kuchinsky William Lauris Judith Hanna Lehman James P Lenox Norma Witmer Line Joseph Henry Lisi G Terry Madonna Carole Garlin Marsh Samuel Richard McCoy Phyllis Foreman Miller Martha Shoop Naunas James Maris Oatman Barbara Draper O’Connor Jean Wiedenmyer Oeste Barbara Mosser Rhoads Peggy Witmyer Roath Ella Barndt Roshon John George Rylee Linda Connolly Schueller Earle S Shaw Barbara Ness Skelly

William E Smith William B Snyder Barry Lee Stell F Janet Ustaszewski Dorothy Honshiko West


Trustee’s Council William Anthony Dinges Barbara Biemesderfer Hunsberger Old Main Society Carol Scheifele-Holmes Page Society Susan Koch Bedell Norma Besio Hess Harry Albert Lohss Normal Society Charles S Kopp Grace Gallagher Whealan Associate Carolyn Clay Beamesderfer H Stewart Bughman Virginia Cuff Finlayson Jane E Phillips Gifts up to $250 C Leon Ahlum Ruth N Althouse Anonymous Norma Abbott Aughenbaugh Yvonne Page Baldwin Paul N Barnett Casper Kenneth Baumbach Mary Bodnar Bermel Richard T Biddle Edward Patrick Blazer Linda K Blazer Nancy Brubaker Bordner Lois Brammer Bupp Winifred Jones Cammauf Thomas N Campbell Allan Matthew Care Carol Hoffman Cook Pauletta Helfrich Copenheaver Elizabeth Van Meter Davies Margaret Anne Drescher Donna Ressel Ellenberg Walter Engle Joan Taylor Fritz

Millersville University 19

Carole Gantz Fromm Margaret Eby Gerhard Judy Stout Goodhart Lonna J Goshert George D Hauber Sue Mellinger Hess Darrell Hobart Hivner Vera Shenk Hocker David M Humma Geraldine Henly Hurst Phyllis Long Ingold Catharine Kammerer Keim Frances Lynch Keller Diane Potteiger Kelly Jean Mccarthy Kerrigan Thomas A Kloss Barbara Fisher Kratz E Gilbert Lebouitz Glenn D Livelsberger Philip Raymond Loht Patricia Hollinger Longenecker Jean Warner McDowell Gary E Newkirk Joyce M Platterspiel Carol Pike Reisinger Jere Ronald Rentzel Harold Ward Rose Daniel A Rutt Julia Wieland Shearer James Fred Shimer Janet Ankrum Simon Robert Garr Smiles Janet Beaverson Smith Paul Michael Smith Carolyn Ahalt Stambaugh Susanne Breneisen Stottlemyer Joseph E Strausbaugh Joan Cocco Strayer Donald M Striebig Joseph H Tate Royal C Travitz Jeanette Harkins Trefny Charles L Wagner Robert F Walls Kenneth E Watts Richard Edwin Weaver Mary Truex Weaver

20 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013


Chancellor’s Council Patricia Orris Robertson ‘10H President’s Council John L Bockelmann Page Society Leroy T Hopkins Normal Society Robert Allan Frick Bonita Barb Frick Associate Anonymous June L Blair Elizabeth Brabson Chang Edward Checket Elizabeth Ann Faga Robert N Swift Richard Harold Walters Gifts up to $250 Kathryn Destafano Archer Barbara Chestnut Baillie John K Baillie Lrel Lawton Bell Carole Ann Campbell Romaine Reinhold Campbell Susan Tyson Care Barbara Rightmire Coble Carolyn Ann Dennis Carole Bosch Faulk Joseph R Forrey Linda Wertz Forster Ronald H Fricker Carole Campbell Gallis Mary E Gehman Beverly Hess Goss Ruth Reitz Grim Ann Illig Grubb H Scott Hable Terrie Susanne Hackman Gerald L Harding Gerald Paul Hester Michael L Homsher Dennis Lee Howe Mary Jean Irion Mary Peck Jones Suzanne J Kauffman Mildred Engel Keefer

Ann Rehmeyer Kietzman* Audrey Long Lantz Charles H Lantz Linda Clark Lawton James M Logan Connie Strickler McCarthy Barry E McNew Charles A McNichol Robert Edvin Miller Richard James Monk Elizabeth Trees Roeser Nancy Zemanik Sabol Joanne Longenecker Sauder David L Sauder Edward William Schaeffer William H Scheirer Frances Cooper Schmuck Harold Eugene Shenk John L Shultz Ralph B Singer Sheryl Curran Smith Gordon P Symonds* Scott D Trefny Susan Shreiner Von Bieberstein Nancy Hostetler Watson Melvin J Wert Keith Edward Yoder


Trustee’s Council Bennett James Cooper ‘12H Joanne Wargo Cooper Page Society J Philip Gerber MaryAnn Smith Gerber Roger Alan Raspen Normal Society Harry C Dudeck Associate Gary Ross Fabrizio H James Finnemeyer Richard Lee Hibshman Michael Earle Hite Stephen P G Marcin Bernard J McGrann Diane Spangler Scott Barbara Anderson Stitchberry Linda Ann Gring Swift

Gifts up to $250 Patricia Peiffer Beamenderfer Richard Ellsworth Blouse Elaine Fordney Blouse Phillip R Brown Nancy Craig Brown Nicholas John Corbo Richard Andrew Cruse Mary A Donecker Paul Elbourne Donecker Linda Eileen Frey Delores Houseal Gembe Michael Gary Gerfin Budd Elliot Heim Sylvia Kerper Holland Pamela Hersh Hopple Robert V Jostenski Joseph S Kapusnick Lesley Elmer Koengetter E William Kreiger Connie Rineer McElwain Dennis P McKnight Thomas Mellinger Catherine Merwin Charlotte M Miller Linda Stone Monk Betty Morelock Morelock-Sproull R Wesley Newswanger Richard Alan O’Donovan Judith Shoemaker Phillips Barbara Wuersch Powers Carol Isenberg Pyle Jayne Fry Raab Robert Lee Reigh Marjorie Good Ross Neil Irvin Schaak Robert W Schluben Sydney Winter Shenk Mary Ellen Myer Shertzer Mary M Sproat John M Sullivan James W Swarr Mary Jo Esterline Taylor Paula Forssmark Werber Marilyn Spangler Williamson Jean Loreen Witmer James Alan Wood

William A Wood William Foster Yarwood


Page Society Linda Zwalley Collins Normal Society Ermaleen B Etter Gladys Langford McMurtrie A Grimes Meissner Joel Glendon Michael Associate Sandra Charles Roland Thomas L Stitchberry Patricia Hulsart Walters Gail Woods Walz Gifts up to $250 Diana Mignogna Amatucci Nazerano Albert Amatucci Richard G Ambrosius Leona Mc Minn Anderson Diane Pyzowski Bergman Robert Miller Bolenius Patricia Graham Bomberger Barbara Bartram Breiner Vicki Cox Cameron Marsha Helter Campbell Emmy Fenili Challenger Sue Matson Conway David C Dierwechter Judith Sassaman Diffendal Bonnie Szymanski Dorsey Edward Thomas Doyle Patricia Gaus Eisenberger Margaret Cowan Finnegan Frederick William Fisher Sharon Kendig Fleming P Susan Francis Jeffrey Lee Gamber Joseph M Gangloff Franklin Grover Goodhart David Earl Goshen John T Guilfoyle Susan McLaughlin Haines Kathryn Bohr Hand Nancy Kathryn Hanna Carol Hawk

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Carol Steffy Henly Karen Lane Herceg Rebecca Lloyd Hester Wilma Brubaker Hill David Paul Hively Doris Baker Hoff William John Holland Joseph T Jeckel Paula Reece Jensenius Patricia Moore Kanaskie Jayne Caruana Kefauver Donna Thomasco Kinsey Edward Thomas Kurek Judy Coble Lease Harriet Thatcher Lewis Daniel T Lingle Marianne Schmid Lorinchak E Christine Madden William Edward Mamay Robert M McConaghy Sara Jane Lessig McCurdy George Randolph McLaughlin David D Meashey Robert Allen Meckes Joann Holsinger Miller Beverly Kinderman Moran Kenneth Lear Moyer Elaine A Mummert Sarah Houseal Myers John J O’Hara Thomas Kieffer Peters Virginia Snyder Pfautz Barbara Henderson Plank Gregory Alan Plank Palmer Eugene Poff Leon H Rhoads Suzanne Gemmill Robertson Leonard Lee Ronk Carroll Richard Shearer Donna Boltz Sherk Wilfred C Sherk Robert Reese Shock Kathleen Schnelli Smith Richard L Snyder Dennis W Sterner Margaret Kammerer Stigelman

Glenn N Stitzel Lorraine Sciortino Stoltzfus Cinda Groff Stoner Kenneth L Strine Phyllis A Stump Jean Leo Trees Sayre G Turney Linda Jane Uffelman Nancy Beard Valtos Peter Charles Valtos Kathleen Huck Yarwood Nancy Ackerson Zarek


Chancellor’s Council Kathy Hashinger Schoenberger President’s Council Jacqueline Olin Balderston Carolyn Ricker Mathur Old Main Society H James Reisinger Page Society Beverly Hacker Breniser Gary B Collins Normal Society Jan J Bowman Pat Berger Bowman Susan Kratzke Breidenbach Richard J Hess Susan Squibb Associate Barbara Auer Czestochowa Margaret Yakimoff DeAngelis Earl B Frederick Artemis H Heiselman Karen A Helsel Joyce Eileen Hibshman Marilyn Downer Hite John Timothy Johnson Anne Fritsch McGrann James Timothy Roland Robert Hyatt Shank Mark D Sperry Joseph B Wilt Gifts up to $250 George H Agnew Jeannie Loraine Alexander

Sandra Thierwechter Alexander Alice Zimmerman Anderman Robert W Auwarter Jane Ellen Babe Mary Lee Attarian Bass Anna Mae Belser James Darrell Bobeck Stephanie Vollmer Bowen William E Bowers Kathleen Delbaugh Bowman James P Brown Lucy Guyer Buchanan Linda Root Burke Cynthia Snyder Carper Randall S Carper Marjorie Park Cassel William Christensen William S Collins Catherine Steuer Cooper Carl Vance Criswell Sharon Baur Criswell Sarah Street Cross Gaynel Schoellhorn Daugherty Duane Douglas Deaner Cynthia Ritchey Donahue Gregory T Donahue Daniel B Doremus Joanne Dollish Evers Patricia Funk Funk Goodhart Theodore J Gallagher Gail Elliott Gangloff Patricia Donnelly Garcia Jeffrey J Giano Theresa Genova Gleim Richard John Gloeckler Jolinda Ayers Grace Barbara Antrim Graham Richard Lee Griffin Judy Dehoff Guise Laverne S Hauck Karen Stauffer Heim Kathryn Peters Henry H Donald Herneisen Pamela Shepherd Hershey Judith A Hess Jere A Hinden

Millersville University 21

Harold S Honig J William Jackson Paula Behrens Jackson Martin Thomas Jacobs Joel D Johnson Raymond Joseph Kasper Carol Heacock Keen Carl A Kirchner Marcia Kintzer Kline Catherine L Knittle Marilyn Shirk Koones Thomas David Koons Susan Evans Kyzer Cheryl Brown Laub James Richard Leaman Bradford W Little Carol Robertson Little Judith Bureau Mamay Janet Adams Mathiot Jane A McBride Thomas J McKinne Elaine Bruaw McLaughlin James Lee Mitchell John J Molotzak Raymond Robert Myslinski Rudolf P Neustadter Greg Newak Geraldine Kriebel Newhart Martin J Peicker George C Rantz Sarah Margaret Rhen Donna Fetterhoff Robinson Kent Brian Rynier Judith Safford Safford Ilene Shirk Schnader Carlton W Seitz Laura Hartman Shaida Susan Rapp Sickler Eileen K Smith Darrel Eugene Snyder Ronald L Stouffer Jane Pennybaker Strohm William Elwood Struble Carol Bartone Swarner David L Trauger Nancy L Uhlig

22 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Peter K Uhlig John C Waldron Margaret Spangler Walls Geraldine E Watterson Fred S Weaver Bonita Kroft Witkowski John S Yeagley Bruce A Yelles Cheryl McLain Youtz


Trustee’s Council Stephen Kepchar President’s Council Mervin W Hess Page Society Rochelle Smith Liddell James R Miller Gary Lawrence Visco Normal Society Kathleen Legenstein Brabson Kathy Glenn Focht Stephen E Focht Marianne S Nolt C Nicholas Wasileski Associate Nadine Elaine Gladfelter Doris Lengle Lausch J Harold Mohler Robert Philip Newcomer Ernest J Schreiber Linda Rose Steffy Sally Smith Stoner Gifts up to $250 Faith Holzman Adams Marilyn Lee Baker-Alarie Lawrence John Baran Ruth Williamson Baran Richard F Barbacane Jo Anne Dipasqua Barton William Elvy Beakes Betty Bartholomew Booker Walter T Breita Cheryl Joan Brenner Susan Schwarze Burrell Elaine Morral Cash Elizabeth Perry Chamberlin

James J Cognato Susan Snyder Cook Joann Prall Cooper Jean Farlow Corcoran John Joseph Crawford Daniele Loiseau DeCamp Miriam Eshleman Dull Ronald E Dull Marion G Ecker Darwin W Eshleman Dale G Fair David Kent Ferris Kay Ann Fuller Linda Karstetter Gallagher Michele Kramer Giano Jesse Homer Grimm Joyce Anne Grimm Janice B Hackman James D Haig Harry Joseph Haines Michael G Hall Marie McNaughton Halladay Michael Lee Hampton Richard H Hendrie* Michael David Hess Paul S Hess Nila Sorensen Hill Donna Sassaman Hixson Sarah Wool Holt Brenda Kutz Honig John W Houston Mary Margaret Howell William John Hyduchak Marianne Reifsnyder Jackson Shirley Fisher Jackson Patricia Shovlin Jeckel Carole Behrens Jennings Lorraine Unrath Kelly Dawn S Kettering John Charles Kiner Noelle Buffenmyer Kline Carol Shelleman Komesz Kenneth P Kulp Sandra Pasko Kurz J Mervin Lantz Barbara Reiner Lashley

Robert A Lease Arthur Lengacher Thomas E Leslie Cheryl Ann Levy James P Lewis Kathryn Kessler Lingle Rodney Stewart Loose Herbert C MacDonald Jean Devonshire Martin Sharyn Tullis McNair Debrah Jean Miller Leroy M Miller Robert E Miller Patricia Lucich Morey Roberta Shearer Njoroge Marilyn Johnson Owens Arthur L Pavlatos Frances Roberts Pierce John M Piosa Lola Penny Poff Paul Lester Querry Charles Frederick Ralston Kay Graham Reinfried Thomas F Reinfried Linda M Riddell Susan Hostetter Robinson Elaine Altschuler Rostolsky Joseph Ronald Sadowski Karen Kantrowitz Sadowski J Harold Sahm David Schall Thomas F Schmoyer Sharon Miller Seiler Janice W Sensenig Jane Flickinger Sharpe Carol Brackbill Shearer Joseph Harry Sickler Fred Skagen Barbara Dukert Smith Jean M Smith Maryann Mulhall Snyder Jean Gockley Srock James Howard Stamm Rose Mello Stetler Cynthia Davis Trago Julie Hoffer Vance

Grethel Van Deyender Vinup William R Volp Samuel B Walker Donald R Watterson


Chancellor’s Council Lyman R Brenner Trustee’s Council Paul Stewart Beideman ‘05H Daniel R Biemesderfer Page Society Eric G Liddell Sylvia Shellenberger James H Thomas Normal Society Carla Washington Dudeck Robin D Herr Jo Ann Gehman Hess Jean Erickson Mirick Associate Anonymous (2) Ernest L Kelly Johanna Gambone Weaver Gifts up to $250 Frank A Baker Anna Marie Bare Donald Ray Barnett Joyce Snyder Barrett Michael D Barton Sharon Garner Bell Henry M Berardi Richard C Bleacher Connie Bowers Bortzfield James Patrick Boyle M Landis Brackbill Sandra Gipe Brandt Brenda Wallick Breffitt Steven Wayne Breffitt Carolene Brubaker Brubaker Susan Blosser Bruner Barbara Ann Buehler Joyce McNaughton Carbaugh H Keith Clemens Gail Eshelman Colahan J Gregory Colahan Victor Joseph Dascenzo

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Ingrid Benjamin DeBellas Nancy Watton Decker Daniel Joseph Dinapoli Diane Louise Dombach Ann Cecelia Donn Diane Fritz Dower Nancy Cervino Duffy Betsy Ann Dusak Bonnie Schmidt Eck Susan Kile Ellenberg Linda L Esbenshade Donna Youse Gamber Mary Perry Gerhart Cherryl Killian Good Ruth Dommel Grigoriades Michael R Guinivan Paulette Eck Hager Sandra Hohenwarter Heisey C Eleanor Coulson Heller Debra Dietz Hempfing David Hernandez John L Hersh Mary Landis High Albert Edward Hine Doris Rapp Hoch Valerie Anne Hoffman Gerald Dwight Holloway Deborah Long Hornberger Gloria Peifer James Vivian M Jockers Cynthia Garber Kauffman Margaret Happel Keichel Doris Pomraning Kilgore Dennis N Kneisley James C Kressly Barry L Kulakowsky Sharon Elainelsch Lehr Stephen Robert Lewis Jean Myers Lohin Vito A Longo Linda Meade Loomis David Michael Ludwig Susan Davit Maxwell Michael J McKonly Margaret Mae Morris Kathy Moshos

Kathleen Cooper Nace Cheryl Rittenhouse Niebanck Shelley Raubenhold Olsen Linda Shirk Owen Patricia Cooney Palmer Carole Betrone Pickle Carol Feldmann Potts Natalie Lobach Pucillo Dennis G Redcay Robert Craig Robinson Ann Krebs Rudisill Joseph C Rutchauskas Janet Leinbach Sanders Susan Martin Schubert John Orvis Scudder Carol Swingle Selcher Samuel Edward Selcher Harry Robert Senft Karen Humphries Shallcross Frederic Marc Singer Bonnie Carol Stauffer Shirley M Stitley Suzan Kay Striebig Judy Myers Strock Michael G Tavella Margaret George Thomson Donald Raymond Thren Jane Seifried Tucker Jeffrey W Vermuth Michael G Waddell Brenda Balthaser Walker Flo Hibbs Waybright John R Waybright Linda Tatar Wentzel Beverly Autland Wimer Jay W Witmer Marjorie Eike Yoder


Trustee’s Council M Diane Koken ‘08H President’s Council Stephen R Gring Normal Society Stacey M Fink Warren Lynn Godshall James W Groff

Michael Bruce Ortman Associate Carl Roger Borst David B Kyle Robert L Martin Rebecca W Metz Janice Frantz Parrott William Michael Weigel John Richard Wise Gifts up to $250 Marvin Irvin Adams Armand Samuel Apa Douglas R Appler Joan Taughinbaugh Appler Sally Arnold Ayres Marion Matteo Bailey Gail Alexander Baldwin Dennis G Beamenderfer Deborah F Beaverson Corrine Bennett Michael Lee Berger Ilze Rekis Berzins Virginia Kuhn Brady Charlotte Fike Brown Kenneth Earl Brown Susan Quinn Brown Matthew P Callahan Deborah Grace Carodiskey Thomas James Carodiskey Pamela Leidy Clemens Diane Wagman Colarik Jeannette-Marie Stetler Crnkovich W Carter Davies William J Davis Elizabeth Pinkham DeMatto Linda Roschel Drake Phyllis E Ernst Cathleen Albright Fichtner Catherine C Fike Gerald K Foltz Marilyn A Fox Alexis Francos Dennis Eugene Futty Jeffrey Lee Gerhart Michael Scott Good Kenneth R Goss

Millersville University 23

William R Gretton Mattia Pino Guinivan Christian C Heine Roger L Henry Dianne Nunemacher Hobson David H Holt Dennis M Hornberger Bessie Wellde Hunt Barbara Eckenrode Jackle Thomas Evan Jones Hortense Eichelberger Keays Thomas G Klingensmith Frederic Earl Knorr Brian Burdan Kulp Thomas Joseph Lawler David Francis Lawless Walter B J Ledzinski Michael Joseph Lutz Nancy Bashore Markowitz Stephen A McDowell Donna F McNaughton Robert F Miley Sandra Messersmith Millin Janice M Mindish David Weaver Moore Richard M Moriarty Dennis E Moroz Robert A Muller Virginia Baxter Mullin Cynthia Anne Pagotto Kathleen Lese Parker Deborah Collins Penna Mark W Phillips Carole Ann Pincavage Bonnie Garren Redcay Carol Schaffer Richards Ruth McCarraher Roye Helen Martin Sassi Sherilyn Diller Schock David C Seiler Priscilla R Sherman Joan Zerbe Shimp JoAnn L Shipkowski Patricia Brackbill Smail Patricia Smith Smith-Strawder Carroll J Staub

24 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Marcia Smith Stoner Claire F Storm Lawrence M Troutman Barbara Mindish Wilson Howard W Wright Cheryl Witmer Yocum Elizabeth Mallalieu Younger Norman G Yunginger


President’s Council Abram W Diffenbach Andrew A Greenawalt Margaret Hess Greenawalt John Charles Martin Page Society Vicki K Kramer Thomas A Rowe Normal Society Bernard P Citerone Dolores Terry Fleming Terry L Long Associate Donna Spangler Borst Brenda Siegrist Martin Nancy Matz Pedersen Janet Ann Stahler Gifts up to $250 Nancy Brown Adams Cathy Lefever Bachman Audrey Kolodski Ball Marilyn Deloplaine Barmore Carol Hoke Barnett Charles M Bechtel Donna Rothermel Becker Leslye Moyer Blackwell David Allen Bloom Marilyn Van Pelt Border Lois Hossler Brewer Gretchen Rummel Brock Timothy Ray Brooks Charles H Brown Audrey Caldwell Joan Robertson Caruso Michael Charles Carvell Georgia Chisesi-Cianci Thomas F Coble

Timothy Dennis Coonan John G Coulson James M Cox Richard S Dellinger Rosemarie Tuscano Dobbs Elaine Karel Dougherty Penny Meyer Dusak Richard A Dusak Paul Douglas Dussinger James Robert Eby Mary Ann Bomboy Eckman Nancy Yeager Ellsworth M Philothea Fabian Betty B Farenwald Brenda Palmer Fowler Scott T Francis Mary N Fritz Janet E Garretson Joseph B Geddes Janet N Gehman Theodore W Heisey R James Heverling Mary Carol Hornyak Susan Proctor Jacobs Maurice J Keesey Thomas R Kestler Charles R Killian George E Landis Wendy Souder Leshinskie Thomas Joseph McFeeley Lorie Dosch McGinnis Deborah Phelan McKonly Sharon Shenk McNutt Robert Carl Miller Edith Winn Morgan Theodore Robert Moyer Walton Z Moyer Susan Prizer Moyer Eric Eugene Muir Leonard M Njoroge Glenn Edward Papazian Kathleen Hess Paquette James Robert Patton William H Pennell Barry Duane Piersol William W Rakow

Kenneth E Ray Kenneth Richard Rohland Sharon Labe Rohland Denise Adams Sanders Barbara Taylor Schubert Kurtis D Shoemaker Mary Jane Smart Deborah Noll Smith Carol Patterson Snyder Dean Errol Snyder John Richard Snyder Charles Samuel Speraw Ann Long Swisher John R Toomey Todd H Umbenhauer Edwin B Wagner Judith Walter Walter-Burke Barbara J Waltman Kenneth Neal Weaver Carol Jean Williams Priscilla Baker Wolff Ann P Woodland Leonard F Wujcik Rachael D Wywadis Gary Willard Yocum Marian Ressler Yoder Virginia Pleiss Young


Trustee’s Council Anna Jovinelly Fulton President’s Council Mary Geise Gring Ann Sheridan Martin Liselotte Rubensdoerffer Wehrheim Page Society Robert J Fink Kenneth G Mertz Debra Benner Nau Gerald A Nau Joseph R Studlick Normal Society Robert A Laskowski Debra Lefever Nicholson Associate Joan Hamill Juretus Joseph K Juretus

Elizabeth A Krajcik Donald H McCarty Nancy Friedrichs Weigel Gifts up to $250 Barbara Crumling Adelsperger Anonymous Joan Kalloz Bechtel Anthony D Berich Jeffrey Roger Bradley Charles Arthur Brewer Denise Moore Brown Susan Shepherd Caldwell Carol Walbert Canale M Karen Van Ness Carvell Betty C Cherry Carol A Colyer Pamela Shuman Cooper Kathleen Lewis Costello Kimberly Steele Cox Dennis B Dougherty Harriet Whitcomb Doyle Gail R Edgell Marietta E Egervary Kate L Eichelberger Patricia Yarnot Fedele Leslie Anne Forberger Joseph Paul Geesey Patricia Murray Good Ann Marie Green Kathy E Grim Michael Charles Grim Jeanie M Gui Pamela Anderson Havens Joseph Michael Herman Elam M Herr Richard L Higham Dennis John Hock Patricia Krall Hogg Kathy Lynn Horne Theresa Hutchison Jackson James D Kelly Jill H Kelly Jessica Gardner Kemper Nancy Guldin Kennedy Barbara Shoemaker Krout Michael Neil Lavigne

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Barry Richard Leach Katherine Wool Ledzinski Mary N Leer Beverly Oeschger Lewis Richard A Lichty Richard L Lucas Susan Forte Marycz Paul Marycz Geraldine Higggins Maxwell Diane Stoner McCullough Mareena Spayd Meyer Paul Eberly Miley Gary Wayne Moser Susan Summers Moser Rebecca Dehoff Orewiler Roberto Ortiz Patricia Duffy Pawlak Gayle O’Brien Phillips Florence Ceperich Piccolo Steven James Reeves Constance Romer Richardson Diane Abel Riskie Richard J Riskie Martha Wright Risner Barbara Maria Ritzheimer Yvonne Swartz Robinson Linda Campbell Rowe Patrick F Sanders William H Schultz Rebecca Kelchner Shannon Larry Shipper Douglas R Smith Paulette Marie Steffa Ruth Haverstick Stehman Judy Wambold Stump Pamela Arnold Vail Craig C Wagaman Sharon Bankes Whitman Linda Christine Witmer Mary Lee Sensenig Yaukey Michael Charles Young


Page Society Barbara E Bermel Thomas G Ecker

Normal Society Jerry Gene Beck Eileen Gates Gates-Sidelnick Daniel John Sidelnick Mary Condron Walker Associate Timothy Albert De Rosa Cathryn Leib Innacola Scott A Madara Walter Leo Petroski Erica Risser Runkles Gifts up to $250 Anonymous William Alex Bien David Richard Bleil Ruth Kulp Bloom Kathy D Branigan Joan Bennett Caulfeild-James Kevin Robert Caulfeild-James Ann Hornblum Clearfield John M Clymer Jan Denise Cotmon Debra Cornette Creamer Gail Lois Crissey Monica Capecci Daniels Beverly Marshall Das Meredith Paine Devere Susan L Doyle Richard A Farmer Janet Chamberlain Fisher Frances McCauley Flinn Joseph E Fritsch Violet Marlene Geib Edward Paul Gibbs Jeffrey Kent Hackenberger Richard D Hartman Mark Ray Herb Rebecca Sellani Herb Pamela Grube Hogan Kenneth M Husler Linda B Husler Ruth Sprowls Johnson Sandra Greenacre Kanhofer Murray Paul Kaplan Donna Auten Kreischer Dennis R Kunkle

Eileen Ann Kurtz Phyllis Mace Landis Dorothy J Lauer Beth Forsythe Layton Martha Kerper Linne Michael S Long Sally Foltz Lownsbery Janell McKinzie Luckenbaugh Richard R McCann Bonnie Winthrop Medved Mary Beidler Mela Barbara Sponagle Miller Patricia Ann Moran Bonnie Smith Olie Richard D Penepacker Susan Williams Perry Vickie Ryder Piersol Daniel R Potts Nanci K Reese Susan Hostetter Reeves Mary Ann Renken Patricia Ann Renninger Carl Allen Rienecker Warren E Ringler Drunette Hoffman Roper Carol H Samara Elizabeth Anne Schmoyer Mary Stokes Sferco Michael Bernard Shannon Holly L Smith Sanford R Smith Sherri York Smith Mary Ann Stein James Allen Stoneback Joanne Slein Stuart Loraine Son Summer Carol Linton Thompson Suzanne M Valentino Nancy Fuller Wainwright Kay Richards Walters Michael J Weik Jane M Wetzel Arlene Uveges White Carol Hookway Willey D Timothy Wissler Karen Zercher Zercher

Millersville University 25


Gifts up to $250 Anonymous Old Main Society Jerri Helsel Johnson Michael K McInerney Kate Yvonne Parker Page Society Judith Anttonen Nancy Jean Fegley Jay B Parrish Beverly Bessler Wisniewski Normal Society Roseann Greco Fry Diane Weber Laskowski Associate Candace Henderson O’Donnell James B Roak Janice Valentine Roak Terri Minnick Thomas Gifts up to $250 Patricia Amberg Amberg-Blyskal Anonymous Kathleen Harp Bashore Jo Ann Johnson Bauer Laura-Lee Macht Bearss Janet Luigard Behrenshausen Carol VanderPoel Blake Anita Suzanne Bolton Judy Kochon Brady Nancy Muench Brendle Louis Henry Brooks David A Brown Sandra King Brown Sandra Upsher Brown Stephen Brunner June Stoner Crisp Stephen G Crnkovich Benjaman Allan Crone Jack Warren DeMorra Barbara Anne Denlinger Dianne Ruth Dimeglio Kathleen Gross Dobbie William A Etsweiler K Eugene Forrey Linda Jean Frey Doran Clyde Frock

26 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Bruce Paul Gilbert Barbara B Goetz Nickiforos H Grigoriades Pamela Ann Heisey Sandra Myers Hess Karen Witmer Huber Judith Giantomass Hudelson Peter Jan Jarrett Dean E Jennings Preston C Jones Carol Dieffenbach Kantner Elizabeth Hower Kapp Joseph E Kern Terry Charles Kile Charles K Kirchner Cynthia Baxter Kirchner Karen Elaine Kroh Robert Carlton Leedom M Aurelia Lopata Stephen Ernest Lupoli Beth Reinhart Mansh Susan McCauley Martin Susan Marie Martin David L McAfee Thomas James McCartney James Patrick McKernan Jill Benfer McPherson Gerald W Meck Lewis Meckley Frank Joseph Mela J Eric Miller Joan Marie Miller Melinda J Mott Robert C Orndorff Ann L Overly Sharon Lippy Redding Patrick A Reppert Susan Harper Reppert Doris Krumrine Robb Dianne Metzger Roda Deborah Kramer Runton Scott David Schwenk Karen J Sensenig Robert A Shue William Scott Stober Allan B Thompson

Janet B Warshawsky Sally J Whiteman Janice Aschleman Wilt Brian Evan Worrell Debbie Rothermel Worrell Robert William Wunder Charles S Yeager Sandra Miller Yingling John Paine Young Dawn Faust Zumbrum Wayne Lee Zumbrum


Trustee’s Council Benjamin J DelTito Page Society Lori Miller Ecker Normal Society Caroline May Hoffer Associate Barry E Miller M William Redmond Dane H Runkles Gifts up to $250 Anonymous Ruth MacCauley Barker Denise Sheard Barteck Anne Bruckart Baver Doreen Bonner Bonner Cynthia Ann Brandt Cheryl Hohn Breneisen Celeste Y Brooks Amy Spies Carl Thomas Gordon Carl Eileen Houck Catino Mary Allegrezza Cook Josephine Sciarrabba Crone Robert J Dambman Stephen M Daniels Stephen Walter Daugherty Vicki L Delp Laraine Bednar Demshock Bonnie Stine DeSensi Gail Krepps Dickinson Karl Eugene Dietz Jeffrey L Druce Faith Dummeldinger Sincich

Susan Mcalarney Edwards Lonnie Spotts Elliott Leslie C Evans David B Everhart Beth Erlsten Evitts Thomas A Evitts Lynn Heverling Fackler Beth Taylor Fogleman Janet Kuhn Francis Kathy Leisenring Hebrock Stephen Hebrock Diane Devlin Heitzenrater Patricia Wisniewski Hershey Ronald G Hitchman Ann L Hoover Bradley A Hudelson Richard H Huss Michael Keith Jacobs William M Jones Eileen J Kennedy Connie Knight Kinsley Mary Kozak Leaness Terry Leaness Stephen George Lebo Dana King Lesher Ernest G Lesher Barbara Linder Cynthia Chunko McKellin Diana Stetler Meckley Cathy Reitz Mensch John W Miller William D Milligan Joseph A Milsom Susan Jankiewicz Murphy Angela Diostilio Ng William R Overly Terry Bowers Potts Jo A Price Sharon Stober Rimmler Keith J Ringkamp Diane L Rodenbough Kathryn A Sattazahn Robin Knox Schreiter Robert J Scott Robert J Scott James Michael Selcher

Wendy Frost Skokowski Craig D Smith Livia Hall Smith Glenn A Snover Sue Ann Snyder Lynn Bacchi Socoloski Evelyn Platt Strain William Francis Strain Steven A Stuart Joanne Tagle Brenda Simmons Troxell Trudy Tyler Tyler-Yefko J Richard Wentzel Debra Appleby Why Susan Schooler Yocum Donna Harp Ziegenfuss Douglas H Zima Lester Robert Zimmerman


Old Main Society Nadene K Hausmann Page Society Anne Jackson Jackson Robert L Slabinski Associate Connie M Davis Carol Campbell Kelsall Timothy C Schroeder Michael F Tracy Gifts up to $250 Elizabeth Look Affel David B Baker Roland E Beasley Daniel D Brown Margaret Kitch Buller Mark R Byrnes Kathleen Sweeney Caporizzo Jayne Greiner Dambman Debra Eich Davis Donald E Eberly Robert Gene Eckenroth Nadine Yancheff Espenshade Barbara C Falkinburg Maryann Kohut Fleck Richard Allen Forr Laura Fricchione Fratello

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Carol Terry Frock Alyce Garabedian Harry C Gillespie Patricia Jandrositz Gormley Richard L Gould Linda D Greer Anies Thomas Haddad Judith A Hawthorn Robert Holcomb Hertzler Richard M Hill Cheryl Jackson Holland-Jones Karen Martin Huth Caroline Elizabeth Jacobs Suzanne L Keffer Jamie S Kegerise Samuel J Kincaid Jennifer Wilson Knapp Michael James Kopenhaver Kay Johnson Lahr Susan Reider Mauck Barbara Schindler McGarry Ann DiOttavio McGarvey Lisa Nurmi Mckernan Robert M Mcowen Jeffery J Miller Julie Kramer Miller Richard W Moss Helen A Plourde Jean Harnly Putt Joseph M Reichard Joellen Wydra Roebuck Bruce E Schreiter Nancy Mecaughey Shoemaker Cynthia Wentley Sides Judith A Skorup Anita L Stabile Steve James Steinbacher Michelle Bowe Strong Kim Ellen Thomas Susan K Vogel Jean Marie Vuono Eileen Helm Weaver Marianne Weiser Gregory Lowery Wellons Diane Messerschmidt White James R White

Lori Litchert Whitehaus Doris W Woerth Maria Mullahy Yerger


Trustee’s Council Ronald Allen Wilson Page Society Kathleen Meier-Hellstern Normal Society Patti Stover Dolson Theresa Bisker Hay Douglas A Noble Associate Nancy Gibson Humphreys Kevin James Reilly Raymond J Rychleski Marguerite M Sheridan Gifts up to $250 Susan Skopek Arters Daniel W Asbury Edith Mellinger Asbury Deborah Geno Atkins Rhonda Gordon Bastarache Donna Treida Becker Gale Louise Bentz Karen Watkins Bitter Michael Jon Caldwell Michael A Crivaro Emogene L Dambly Richard E Dunham Sheryl Buckwalter Eberly Mary Owsiany Eckenroth Nancy Barr Forberger Michael E Frey Wesley E Frey Nancy Goldman Going Lynn Preiss Gould Lee Uliasz Graul Dann R Gwyn Ramona S Harlow Jon S Harwick Mary Conahan Hennessy Linda Mahoney Hicks Pamela C Houseal Philip N Houseal David A Hummel

Wardell John Jackson Richard M Keene Zoa Bashline Kile Pamela Johnson Kincaid Susan Smith Klinger Lou Ann De Palma Kopenhaver James Francis Kramer Benjamin M Law Robert H Lehman Laurel McCune Logan-McCune Teresa Derwinski McNamara Catherine Eckman Miller Ruth Hoepfer Milliken Justine Esposito Mulay Jeffrey L Musser William Scott Peightel Michele Kercsmar Pessina Sherry Anderson Prevoznik Kathleen Lease Roberts Amy Bomberger Royer Walter John Samselski Duane D Sedlock Joyce Shelleman Connie Gesford Sill H Brisbin Skiles Kathleen Cadden Smith Lois A Smith Karen Mcgeehan Smoker Rhea Faye Starr Judith W Stevens Scott M Stoner Patricia Kramer Stroop Denise Fallin Sweeney Carol Flinchbough Uhlik Donna L Van Norman Susan E Vitale Vincent Vuono Darlene Martha Walker Brian R Weber Karen Wrigley-Haak Gerta Wilson Zinda


Old Main Society David R Dickinson Jennifer Herweh Dickinson

Millersville University 27

Page Society Alisa McCambridge-Graybill Jan L Graybill Johanne L Shutter Normal Society Anonymous Associate Barbara Zendt Graber Gary L Miller Gifts up to $250 Barbara Sehlegel Achtermann Kathleen Ann Achuff Joan R Adams Tonya G Andrews Carole Sheaffer Ashby Wayne A Campbell Ellen Bennett Castagneto Doris Horn Conlin Nancy S Crothers Mark M Curtis Tammy Cluck Deardorff Andrea L Delaney Susan L Donaldson Gary Robert Duell Sandy Coombs Emerich Jennifer Perry Engle David S Feller Carol K Gallagher Linda Rucci Gordon Robert A Helm Mildred K Henderson Terry Schlegel Henry Joyce E Herr James S Hewlett Bonnie S Holzman Nancy E Hungerford Richard R Jonas Richard Allen Kastner Mindy Beitzel Kitzig Pamela Rusch Klawitter Gail Pennington Kreyer Mary Plush Krienen Thomas J Kurtz Shelly B Levy Kent D Loew Kimberly Barkdoll Mandel Wayne L Martin

28 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Janna Braveman Match Clifford J Meier Michael C Miller Karen E Mills Carol M Myers Marlies Dietrich Patterson Stephen J Prevoznik Kathy Vansant Sanders Joanne Frankhouser Satyanarayan Gregory R Schmalhofer Curt R Steffy Jeffrey E Stouffer Jeffrey G Sweigart Steven J Vondran James D Warner Eileen Ann Wolck David L Zinn


Trustee’s Council Michael Kevin Callahan Page Society Elisa Mangle Winterstein Normal Society April Lynda Lavong Elizabeth A Luke Grant S Markley Associate Dennis E Cope Gifts up to $250 Anonymous David A Ault Thomas A Barron Amy Buchko Campbell Michael D Carr Hollie Cohee Citerone Mark D Conner Jonathan A Crothers James Alan Daniels Debora Handley DeVitry Sandra Gentzler Dolcich David Milton Dumeyer Brian E Dunn Carolyn Ronemus Epler Jennifer Bair Foster Derek J Frey Mary Regina Frey Edward W Fry

Paula M Garman Barbara Hamer Gerhard Sharon Gettel Frederick Skiles Hammond Gregory C Henkel Vicki Lefever Hill Sherri Powell Hulcher Elizabeth S Jacobs Kenneth Charles Kemmerer Michael H Landis Lynda Knox Lillard William G Martin Tammy Kulman Meier Peter C Messimer Steven Craig Moran Shirley A Muellen Marcia A Murphy Lisa Robinson Packer Keith L Phillips Katherine Mayer Stasiowski Lydia M Stephan Sharon Horn Sudbrack Steven R Tilley Judith Weaver Tysmans Michele Baer Wetten Kevin C Williams Patrick J Witmer Lester Allen Zeager Michael C Ziegenfuss Michael Wayne Ziegler Margaret Stranick Zinn


Page Society Stephen Paul Winterstein Normal Society Steven A DiGuiseppe Associate Donna L Eshleman Thomas J Goldbach Timothy R Jordan George C Soukas Gifts up to $250 Cynthia Albaugh Lisa Kanoff Aurand Lisa Warner Bankert Linda J Bear Lynn Marie Becker

Deborah Bare Bendit Patricia Mccue Brown Deann Showers Buffington Jacqueline Augustine Burch Ronald P Citerone Michael A D’Avella Gail Miller Denby Jennifer Rhodes Fritsch Pamela Gravel Gravel Susan Eileen Grim Elizabeth Herr Karen Luke Hess Susan Pilotti Hewlett Amy Hayward Hinterleiter Laurie Smith Johansen Kathleen M Jones Joseph Judge Jeffrey T Kiser Becky Martin Knisely Cynthia Trego Landis Ann Deller Lehmann Heidi Teitelbaum Leibowitz Patricia Ann McClenaghan William McGrorty Lisa Meier McShane Russell Millett Stephen J Monzo Donna Lesher Mountain Susan E Mull William M Murphy Nancy L Newman Anthony P Norris Carol J Peters Sallie Smith Pure Robert C Reiley Mary Shimp Rinehart Ann L Royer Kathleen Sacco Marjorielynn Harper Scott Gordon R Sheffer Julia A Silsdorf Elizabeth B Smith Larry J Stone Margaret Luck Stouffer Sally Goropoulos Stratigos Anita R Thallmayer Laura Killion Voigtsberger

Donna L Warmkessel Glenn C Weyhausen Jean Marie Witt


Old Main Society Martha P MacAdam Normal Society Joyce Denelsbeck King Randall L Kreiser Associate Robert L Fidrych Matthew E Hepler Frank LaFontaine Jerald D Lind Gifts up to $250 Joni Carol Alzate Scott R Anderson F Anthony Audino Mary Anders Beck Robert B Brandon Matthew C Bruns Gregory C Cauller John C Charles Barbara A Cross Robert E Cuff Richelle DiFrancesco Deysher Steven T Dinnocenti William J Duncan Kelly Jones Fonner Shauna L Frischkorn Lisa Pagesy Ganzer Lori Myers Gildea Douglas D Goss Tammy L Grove Lois Uffelman Gunnet Donna J Hahn Lucinda Englert Hampton Michael Kevin Henry Kymberly Kearns Hockman Patricia Crook Kennedy Nancy Sleesman Kirkwood Lois A Kubinak Cheri Bieber Kunkel Patrick B McDonie Sherri L Miller Mary Pat Mirabella

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Victoria A Myer William K Poole Margaret Adams Priest Karen Schannauer Richie Darlene Collins Sanderson David L Schoenly Jean Labriola Scholz Maria Forese Steffy Erik E Steudel Robert Vasile Maureen Catherine Walls Robin Margarete Wein Jane McClusky White Michelle Lazarus Wilson Betsy Wilt Winters Lisa B Wolf Nedra Yoder-Koller James M Yousaitis


Chancellor’s Council Kathryn Joyce Hess Old Main Society Susan Fulton Glass Page Society Michael George Warfel Normal Society Joseph E Arsenault Mitchell L Hoffman Associate William E Benner Leah Scharff Hepler Paul M MacNamara Gifts up to $250 David P Ash Debbie Harclerode Bahrenburg David M Blackman Lynn Marie Hoban Blackman Rose A Boegli Kelly Roberts Brenninger Bernadette Versace Brogna Jody Sienkiewicz Celio Kelly Caulwell Cody Kevin D Collins Peter M Dawson John J Dobosh Susan Speakman Dow

Linda Martin Espenshade Judith Ann Evock Tara Ruoff Fausnaught Todd W Fritsche Bonnie Gilbert Goshen Sandra Hopkins Greenwood Anne Meier Guerin Perry T Guinther Assefa A Haile Lora Hamberger Henry M Todd Horst Marjorie A Keener Deanna Sprankle Klimek Elizabeth Ann Lawrence Deborah Alexander Lilly Jeanne E Long Wayne D Lubas David E Matalon Joanne Stevens McCarthy Virginia Gaenzle McCaskey Linda Bender McDonie Stephan T Mescanti Susan Sharpless Messimer Jody D Miller Stephanie A Miller Carmen Moschitta Pamela Wolf Musser Kelley Byrnes Nadeau Theodore F Neal Lisa Smith Newton Connie Harstad O’Hop Nancy Frick Pannepacker Joseph A Penn Terriann Preston-Simpson Cynthia Hess Regel William Calvin Rennecker Melinda Rae Richards Lisa F Rohde Lisa Stello Sachetta Cass D Scholes Linda Boclair Scholes Clarice Smith Shirk Diane Kreiger Tipping Dee Ellen Utz Louis P Vassil Bradley S Warren

Robert A Washick Steven Mark Wickenheiser Stephanie K Wolsky Mary White Wylie Melissa Kalb Yanchuck Frederick R Yoder John R Zander


Chancellor’s Council Patrick M Donan President’s Council Saul William Fink Normal Society Chris Gregory Habecker Veronica Mcnamara Longenecker Associate Richard Moore Jessica Hasson Smith Dawn M Upton Gifts up to $250 David Anthony Abrams June S Alderfer Catherine Shorkey Ash Douglas S Baer Frank M Balbirer Carol Bean Bean-Ritter Donna Bissey Trudy A Bush Lynn Hayes Carruthers Andrea Meier Chamberlain Kimberly McKonly Cooper Daniel V Dimperio Lisa A Galley Colleen Murphy Heckman William J Hengemihle Ruth McHole Hepler Renee Swider Horwath Carol M Huff Mark A Ingoglia Jacquelyn M Johns Joan Horning Jonas Sandra Elaine Knaub Keith N Kreider Debra Tunnell Kreider Geoffrey Kurtz John Reed Lawrence

Millersville University 29

Daniel Robert Martin John J Massaro Judith Fetchko Massaro Barbara Wimer McComsey Thomas K Meals Faye Hiltebeitel Mertus Frederick H Mitchell Claire Gichner Moore Scott P Moore Thomas W Peightel Stephen A Reisen Mary Alice Ressler Joseph J Rock James Sheeky Basil A Soutos Kimberly Googins Steudel Eileen Bogart Thomas M Susan Thomas Rudolph A Valentino David J Voigtsberger John M Wagenman Nancy Buchko Wagner Scott A Wagner Dorothy Laird White Elisa Woolridge Woolridge Douglas C Young Wendy Orner Young Curtis J Zimmermann


Page Society Tina M Hughes Normal Society Jennifer Neiss Kelly Nancy K Witwer Associate Dawn Myers Moore Ned D Plasson Gifts up to $250 Bradley L Adams Theresa A Antes Diane Hollingsworth Aston Katherine Baldwin Baer Christopher G Brideau Pamela White Brown Steven E Brubaker Elizabeth Beckmeyer Bryant Susan Eck Bulleit

30 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Carl E Burkholder Susan Mcnee Caldwell Ralph B Carruthers Tammy Fritz Dean Kathy Diehl Everleth Wendy Maximuck Fenwick Byron J Fitzwater Mary R Flory Diana L Fox John H Fudge Diane Wright Hengemihle Melanie Mowrer Henry Daniel P Horan Kaliopi Iliadis Karomfily Stacy L Kauffman Mary Knovich Knovich John M Kunkel Lowell L Leitzel Anthony R Marinucci Keith Alphonso Maston Brenda Gold Moran Carol A Nicklaus Joseph L Perez Howard Curtis Rathman Jennifer North Rathman Harry W Reichelderfer John N Roumeliotis Kraig K Ruth David M Sauder Joyce Ann Schaeffer Neal Valerie Lovell Strunk Diane Espenshade Suhr Elizabeth Towner Thyrum Dianne Hilt Tyson Deborah Wilson Vasile Patrick C Weidinger Monica Lynn Weiss-Nolen Allen C Williams


Trustee’s Council Brian Timothy Gladden Page Society Steven P Buterbaugh Diane Rehrig Hughes Normal Society Joseph G Yourgal

Associate Peg A Kauffman Eric Alan Tate Arthur H Young Gifts up to $250 Diana Cunningham Arnold Brenda S Baker Robin Bowers Barr Sherrie Miller Beitzel James M Bell Karen Grossglass Bierly Angeliki L Bobotas Lee Pumphrey Brideau Nancy Nolt Burkholder Kevin S Campbell Cynthia Eggers Chrisman Jeffrey B Dittenhafer Diane McGrain Duell Teresa M Eshleman Janell C Fauver James C Firestone Kristine L Frantz Paul J Fuertsch Joseph D Giordano Douglas B Gundel Sandra Catherine Harm Gretchen Kriebel Horan Lori Mervine Jacobs John N Jenkins Patricia Peoples Kline Wallace W Lee Jean L Logan James B Maurer Margaret Trusz McGaw Peter E Mellor Eric D Meyers Jill Herman Miller Stacey Butzer Miller Gwendolyn P Minnix Karen Spangler Moyer Jennifer R Nicklaus Douglas Warren Ober Stacie Peleschak O’Sullivan Nancy D Ramsey Karen Clingman Richards Brian Andrew Rider Cynthia Demora Rudy

Brian A Ryder John M Scarpaci Claudia Campbell Sciarretta Vincent Patrick Serianni Mark S Smoker David Dean Stratton Dara Blank Trout Pat Moyer Weaver Kristine Wise-Raymond Lisa Mariani Zardus


Page Society Jody McElhinny Buterbaugh Associate Scott Thomas Jacobs Mary Bond Lawhead Ronald M Lawhead Denise D’Amico Maxey David L Nauman Carolyn Wood Plasson Gifts up to $250 Virginia E Ackiewicz Anonymous Marilyn S Baker Gary A Birkett Steven Ray Boas Frances E Butler Chad C Carmack Christine C Casey Elwood W Cooper Sean E Crossman Susan Grammer Dever Leigh-Anne Young Drumm Jean Sargen Ellis Kathy Williams Everett Christine Carroll Graff Stephen M Jackson Sharon K Knerr Beverly Lynn Lentz Lisa Zern Little Dana Meals Joseph H Meier Kaj Franklin Miller Bruce M Morgan Courtney D Moyer Kellie Pence Mulleavy

Jill Mitchell Nickerson Michael J Nickerson James M O’Brien Steven Lee Olson Daniel William O’Sullivan Joann E Pacifico Suzanne Bosold Poole Robert C Rathsam Michael S Resan Scott L Rickert Lorri Mikula Rishar Randy S Ritter Karen Stuebing Robos Angela M Serafin Stirling T Snyder Susan Lusk Stafford Jeffrey Scott Sweigart Matthew Thompson Mary Knappenberger Velez Kathleen M Vosburg Kevin Robert Witman Brett S Yeagley Michele Kandrac Yeagley Scott E Yoder

Stacey L Hollinger Rosemary Polaneczky Jenkins Shirley Buchmoyer Knisely Roberta A Kurland Sherry Goss Lapp Gregory S Lefever William John Marosi Judy Wunluan Martin Pamela Blymire McCartney Bridget McMenamin Charles M Pires Steven S Rowe Dianne Russell Thomas A Schaller Michael L Spotts Kevin M Stillwell Bonnie Nuss Tennis Beverly Tyson Tyson-Wilson Jennifer Loreman Weber Amy L White Ruth F White Tanya Hunsicker Yoder Nancy L Young


President’s Council Joseph W Garner Normal Society Wayne S Badorf Evanna S Morris Associate Scott A Deisley Gifts up to $250 Marcia L Alati Diane B Alsop John M Bartholomay Lisa Ibach Bealer Charlene Plomchok Boas Konni J Brillhart Margot L Brubaker Zoe Fridy Charles Yen T Dang Gina Cirillo Deiter Sue Skinner Dennison Mark D Ecker John G Faryniak Linda Darrall Gleason

Page Society Steven R Pomponi Associate Linda Marie Eshelman Gifts up to $250 Kathleen S Alton Kim E Andrusisin Anonymous Tracey Schowalter Bean Elmer C Bland Deborah Bright Bolinsky Donna M Carr Grace Lehman Caskie John T Craig Veronica West Crist Glenn R Dotterer Catherine A Engledow John R Ericson Melissa Miller Evans Carol Slowik Fredericks Patricia McGuigan Harper

Golden Swan Society Deceased



Thomas H Guerin Jean E Heigel Brian J Heist Jan Strank Hendershot Lori L Hess Christina Wise Iati Rebecca Gray Kaelin Robert R Keller Kathleen M Kreiser Kay Klinger Livelsberger Michele Freed Magana Myrellen L Merry James Dennis Pillar Kathleen Kelly Pires David A Prescott Eugene P Prokop Susan Wieand Ringlein Barbara L Rush Karen Dooner Schaller Troy D Sensenich Christine Koontz Sensenich Shawn S Serfass Gary Edward Shay Linda Crawford Smeltzer Gregory Smith Lesli Seaman Staley Beth Werner Stoudt Kevin E Stover Debra May Toomey Janet E Vincent Marshall W Vosburg Kenneth Walker Krista A White Melissa Myers Williard Lisa Talton Winder Gerald L Wyble


President’s Council Elizabeth Lafferty Garner Page Society Janet MacGregor Lynn Ashenfelter Pomponi Associate Lori L Dierolf Brendan J Wrynn

Gifts up to $250 Barbara Ann Baer Robert K Bard M Gregory Bierly Kathy Valtos Bucher Deborah A Clark Susan Jean Davitt Darling Maureen Blair Davis Janet L Dotterer Bradd A Everly Thomas E Favinger Gregory John Ferree Janice Woodrow Fritchman Bobbie Rausch Gabrielson Diana Pontoli Garber Todd L Garber William M Grandia Kathy Yuninger Hagelgans David Allan Jones Jane E Kilefner Brian F Magana Kelly Fulton Martin Susan J Matthews Georgianne McCue Debra Caya Morgan Brian D Noll Candace Heuberger Nusbaum Kelly Coffey O’Brien Lisa Crumling Prokop Deborah Rowland Rowland-Williams Kellie Boozer Stover Janice Klien Stratton Terri L Swier Alicia Cropps Thompson Karen Tyndall-Carradin Theresa Watson Watson Robert C Wetzler Kerry A White Ann Hawk Wotring Kelly Sellari Yoder


Gifts up to $250 Jerold D Auker Mara Urenovich Barth Jennifer L Bertolet Dennis Joseph Carradin

Millersville University 31

Nancy S Clupper Michele Dick Comisiak James A Croyle Jennifer Sayre Croyle Sandra A Deemer Trudy F Eby Diane Michelle Edmond Stacy Schiavino Everly Christine Inch Fackler Joel D Geary Chris A Goodling Ricci M Hain Scott W Harper Bonnie Bush Hauck Louise I Heckert Daniel F Henderson Diana Magliocchetti Hofmanner Philip Alan Karlson Michelle E Kirscht Kia V Knox Doreen K Kreiner Bette A Landis Patrick E Lombardozzi Matthew D Marley Susan R Martin Diane Smigo May James M May Kelly Cassidy McCool Susan K Mechura David P Mills Kimberly Zeigler Mollah Jennifer Foley Mulroney Teri Heisey Nytz Lark Eannace Eshleman Patterson Merry L Phillips James F Ringlein Karen Eckerd Schmick Alison Drager Smith Rebecca Reinhard Spangler Joseph J Springer Scott E Tobias Debra M Upham Cheryl A Wyble


Page Society Thuy Diem Hoang

32 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Normal Society Patrick James Feeley Thomas R Schlegel Associate Betty Suttle Hooker Conrad W Nelson Gifts up to $250 Jay L Andrusisin Jennifer Bartish Brodfuehrer Marjorie Kendig Colbert William Dewan Amy Barkdoll Dias Rebecca Fiorillo Drenchko Jason E Eaby Ronald G Hofmanner Elizabeth A Hollinger Scott Alan Humpert Matthew J Kensey Julie Ellis Kirchner Michael Raymond LaFaver JoAnne LeFever Emily Goetz Linsey Joshua David Linsey Lisa Clifton Lombardozzi Andrea Miller Lowrey Jennifer Ward Market John M McLarnon Alicia Steinly Mengle Jill Groff Miller Eric Gustavian Norris Andrew Keith Olenik Mary Pasch Olenik Elizabeth Hollick Peffer Linda Fleetman Piper Julie Book Primaldi Jason Christopher Robinson Paul R Sanfrancesco Jeffrey John Smith George Albert Spangler Candace Bomberger Taylor Annette Dobler Thatcher Laurie Hoover Thompson Wanda Greiner Thompson Rachel Jane Welch Donna Knutsen Wilson Scott C Witzke


Old Main Society Suzanne McDonnell Page Society James A Martin Normal Society Robert Lee Beaghan Heike Bloom Janet A White Associate Monique Takita Szczyrbak Gifts up to $250 Steven P Bailey Ellen Mikko Berringer Katrina M Channing Beth Trout Coder Dawn K Crowther Patricia Ann Eckman Sarah Fasolka Erk Lorena P Good Theresa Mitzel Goodling David J Grochowsky Michael D Hancock Haley Haldeman Hardenstine Pamela M Heffner Virginia Strickland Henderson Gail Schafer Herr Heather Harnish Hostetter Cassandra Pettis Karamanos Sherry Sharpe Kijowski Janet M Kirchner Scott Duane Landis Patrick S Market Benjamin F Messinger James E Moniz Lisa Rumore Moniz Kathleen A Neff Scott James Nolt Andrew P Oberheim Heather Wanner Oberheim Karen Hann Petrouskie Subhabrata Sarkar William E Schmitt Robin Michel Spencer Steven Spohn Deborah Crossley Stepansky Mark L Thatcher


Normal Society Leanne Hersey Beaghan Karin Lynn Shipman Associate Andrea Kay Heckman Gregory Eric Szczyrbak Gifts up to $250 Robert G Aregood Whitney Saddington Barbusca Karen Buehler-Probst Bradley R Channing Christopher M Danz Kelly Rothrock Davis Eric T Denlinger Karen L Drevyanko Eric Paul Fillman Joseph W Fimple James George Fredericks John David Haldeman Julie Day Hammond Kimberly Smith Harker David G Homsher Susan Bixler Hoover Jennifer Ducoat Kensey William E Larson Cheantae LaMarr Lewis H Robert Marquet Amanda Kooker Reiff Thomas A Skelley Joseph Mitchell Spear Christina M Stokel Jeffery T Sutton Regina I Tellado Karen Youtz Carl V Zoolkoski


Associate Antonio Hernandez Linda Serianni Hernandez Gifts up to $250 Kevin W Betchner Thomas L Bildheiser Eric A Boltz Traci E Bretz Gene Ammon Carpenter

Gina Ciallella Lynne M Dommel Natalie Ateto Edington Melissa Hershey Eshbach Christine Bankert Eyster Matthew S Guenther Jennifer Dise Hagey Tania Evans Hripto Jean F Hynicker Kristin Cage Knight Kathryn A Landis Kristin DePrince Mattie Melody A McFarland Brian T Mulroney Christopher G Rahn Michelle L Rapiey Robert W Rapp Jennifer L Sedora Andrew Charles Smith Denise Der Huey Teh Werner Paula Wolfe


Page Society Kia N Damon Associate Barbara B Maley Robert C Slamp Patricia Hadzima Wrynn Gifts up to $250 Kathy Casey Becker Lynette Leaman Brenneman Michael Robert Brubaker Michael R Collins Corey D Craver Dawn Leonard Deering Elizabeth Hakemian-Muirhead Anne-Marie T Hinds Lamar A Jackson Veronica T Jones Theresa Fritzinger Kokinda Patrick R Leahy Joshua B Leaman Carin Zufelt Leisure Joyce M Meley Brian J Poliafico Melicia A Pompey

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Donna Duncan Shur Stephanie Miller Smith Janelle Martin Zimmerman


Normal Society Carl A Altenderfer Associate Amy Nace Schodowski Gifts up to $250 Michelle Yonosh Barbieri Rustin C Bladen-Daugherty Michele K Bote Jonathan D Broad Wendy Everett Brubaker Jason D Buck Marie Chaty Misty Michaelis Denlinger Michael G Drenchko Dorothy J Frey Kurt W Garrison Lynette Speck Giblin Duane E Hagelgans Stacie Ziegenfuss Hancock Connie L Herr Cherenne Watford Jones Michelle Cool Lightner Tanya L Long Michael S Malcolm Erin L McDaniel Stacey Widder McGallicher Amy Caldwell McPike Lucille Corbin Powell Dennis Anthony Quinn Timothy W Stayer Jeremy J Stouch Christina Davenport Street


Normal Society Kimberly R Garvey Associate Tanya L Murphy Deana Thomas Nordstrom Gifts up to $250 Anonymous (2) Brenda Hoover Bare Brinton Herceg Culp

Jeffrey G Emberger Kathleen Elsener Engle Debra L Ferrari Jennifer T Ferris Mary Huboky Fetter Carlos A Foster Holly L Hatton Curtis Lee Hershey Shawn L Hoffman Monica A Krantz Janice Dudley Lauris Kimberly Weihrer Long Andrea Forrey Metzler Jason B Perkowski Joseph A Schulter Christine M Schwarz Carl E Shenk Kimberly Ovack Stokes Jeffrey W Stone Rebecca Stoner Miller Karen Schmitt Thomson Tina M Velez Tamara Cyleste Willis


Gifts up to $250 Kristel Erb Carter Julie Zepp Dunlop Carol C Forsyth Laura S Getter-Liss Benjamin James Gorman Ryan E Gunzenhauser Rachel G Harvey Bradlee F Huber Heidi Boyer Kautz Pamela J Kaylor Christopher L Marshall Andrea Blaine Meily Daniel M Myers Brian R Off Robert Pettinelli Anne Meier Pryzbylkowski Susan Greiss Rhoads Allison Folmer Shearer Lucy Kennedy Miller Stevens Jeremy Winston Wright


Normal Society Erik M Gudmundson Associate Paula Keller Bamford Theresa M Farne Alan A Grasso Gifts up to $250 Jeremy M Calla Ann M Cessna Nathan Adam Claycomb Kenneth Joseph Contrisciane Jean Renaud DeVitry Daniel E Engle Jolene Finley Barbara K Frey Jillian A Gallagher Samuel Travis Gates Jason H Geissler Lee Miller Harris Heather Ciortan Hossler Travis C Hossler Melissa S Huber M Peter Joseph Jennifer L Kraft Kelly A Lindenmuth Lisa R Maurer Megan Baumgartner Mercier David R Morris Michael D Pagliara Teresa M Phelps Karen Robison Robison Margaret Sayago Brian M School Mandy L School Amanda J Shaw Garland Thompson Mysha M Thompson James M Timer Melissa Zschunke Wright


Normal Society Blaze L Cambruzzi Linda J Rogers Gifts up to $250 Leanne Smith Breton

Millersville University 33

Anne Border Carroll David Allen Cousins Nicole Ginter Danz Michael J Denlinger Robert J Devosa Gregory T Eynon Shaun S Fisher John Joseph Held Gregory John Hripto Kathy L Johnson Kimberly L Leibel Abbie L Mahaffey Melissa Stoner Nolt Amber Organtini Ellen Ruth Panofsky Angel L Shelley Royal Antoine RJ Wright


Page Society Anonymous Gifts up to $250 Nicolette M Bell Kathryn M Bennett Robert J Davenport Rachael M Fulmer Leslie Hoffer Gates Jessica Mendez Grill Rachel Zufelt Jurman Keith A Mahaffey Melissa A Shafer Mark E Stallings Martha S Stoltzfus Lindsey Garber Wagner


Normal Society Wayne M MacKenzie Associate Linda E Bolin Gifts up to $250 Karl F Ballwanz Sharon Eby Barlet John D Carter Samantha Adams Cuascut Brian J Dow Barry Lee Gochnauer

34 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Joshua L Grill Samuel Harris Laura B Held Brian D Henry Abby Stampone Karasek Melissa M Luttrell Sharon E MacIntire Randi N Martin Cameron R Martin Margaret Kelly Moriarty Marina M Piccioni Mandy M Poole Andrea Deery Pope Jill Moyer Schnader Michael J Shafer John Oliver Smeltzer Tricia B Stoltzfus Ryan Clayton Swoyer Michael L Urbanik Graham L Waters Lydia I Yeager


Associate Evan M Lowery Gifts up to $250 Wendy W Clement Lauren Herb Dow Karen Collins Giordano Dominic Joseph Manderachi Christina R Quinn Dwight A Stauffer Patricia A Veresink Kristin Albright Waters


Gifts up to $250 Stephanie I Born Alicia Good Brackbill Kendra Elizabeth Caban Michelle Lynn Connor Jeannie T Ludwig Kristen M Manderachi Mindy Kugler Rosenberg


Old Main Society Akil L Stokes Andrew K Howell Claire Eaton Howell Kenneth D Ludwig Ashley L Roccamo Gregory Adolph Testa


Gifts up to $250 Chad L Bolt Jana Z Bonds Karrine Elise Brooks Daniel F Gingrich Jonathan C Mimm Nadine M Owsiany Christa DiMassa Peters Stacey Louise Peterson Alexa M Thornton


Associate Katy Anne Ferrier Renee Lynn Fraker Gifts up to $250 Patricia A Benson Abigail Caballero Christopher T Ecker Michael J Maret Lance Seward Miller Gregory David Ortlieb Lauren A Simmons


Associate Miles Patrick Gallagher Donna L Viera Gifts up to $250 Amanda R Bamberger Kathleen D Bravin Jenna M Craig Tabatha A Ohlerking


Gifts up to $250 James Arthur Boyer Kristy Danielle Bugg

Golden Swan Society Deceased


David Brian Busch Kerri Jo R Butler Marshall Thomas Edens Laura Ann Hazeltine Heather Mae Miller Shauna Marie Powers Andrew C Slocum


Gifts up to $250 Tracy Marie Archer Tori Renee Bentsel Patrick Paul Bonner Kelly Michelle Brown Daniel James DellaPietro Amanda Jo Dugan Zachary Quinn Kohler Heather Marie Kuhn Susan Diane Landis Meredith Ann Lingenfelter Genevieve Romayne Mix Michael Parker William Frederick Smedley Melissa M Swarr Elizabeth Leigh Wilson


Gifts up to $250 Chelsea Anita Barr Jackieraye Hoffman Barr Danielle Renee Croom Ragen Durante Emily A Horvath Timothy Wayne Juliano Stephanie Kay Koppenhaver Alexander Eugene Kreeger Jessica Lynn Lukasavage Jasmine Marie Maloney Shane Patrick McGrady Omarr J Oree Magali Aguilera Perez Shelby Nicole Rexrode Susanna J Sing Tylor D Walden Grant Allen Williams Julie Kay Wood

Millersville University 35


Trustee’s Council Larry W Bishop President’s Council Abram & Karen Diffenbach Old Main Society Anonymous David R & Jennifer H Dickinson Thomas & Lois Janke Martha P MacAdam Page Society Richard L Frerichs Anne Jackson & Stephen Murray Vilas A & Sneha V Prabhu Matthew & Barbara Quinn L Jean Selch Nicholas F Selch David & Audrey Thompson Beverly & Robert Wisniewski Daniel & Amy Yocom Normal Society Robert & Karen Ambacher Steven & Jane Auvil Craig & Betty Clark Kenneth & Janet Dearstyne Carl & Evelyn Ernst Bonita Lee Frick Robert Allan Frick Eileen M Gates-Sidelnick Rexford & Catherine Hilton Charles S Kopp Veronica & Mark Longenecker Linda & George Rogers Daniel John Sidelnick George & Elizabeth Spanos Robert & Kay Troxell Richard & Barbara Will Associate Anonymous (2) David J August Norman & Joanne Axelrod David L Cody Kathryn A Cody

36 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Margaret Y DeAngelis Ronald E DeAngelis Matthew & Leah Scharff Hepler Ronald & Kathleen Kerr Robert & June Lewicki Jerald & Tracy Lind Catharine Evelyn Love Scott & Joni Madara Donald & Linda McCarty M William Redmond Margaret Ingalls Walton Gifts Up To $250 Anonymous (3) Russell & Cheryl Ackley William & Paula Adelhelm June & Kevin Alderfer Tyrone & Christine Allen Alan M Alvarez Joni & Pedro Alzate Clinton W Amspacher Sherry Lynn Amspacher Thomas & Barbara Andersen Edward & Janet Apgar James & Cathryn Appel Douglas R Appler Joan T Appler Wendy & Chad Arentz Ever Armstead Kathleen V Ashenfelter Frederick & Francoise Ateto Deborah L Atkins Ed & Jane Austin Zahid & Mayra Awan David & Lisa Ayers Nancy & Richard Bacchi Cathy Lefever Bachman Robert C Bair John & Mary Jo Baldino David & Marijane Barbone Carol L Barnett Peter & Heidi Barnett William & Beverly Barnett

Dorothy H Barron Charles & Joanne Bartish Diane H Bartlett Theresa & Steven Bashore David & Alice Bechtel David E Becker Donna Jean Becker Donna M Becker Janet & Bernard Behrenshausen James & Helen Bell David & Deborah Bendit Steven & Elaine Bennis Richard & Lorraine Beresford Richard & Pamela Berg Franklin & Doris Bergman William & Martha Bergman William & Caroline Bernat Donald & Kathleen Berry William & Theresa Berry Ilze & John Berzins Michael & Maria Bessasparis Robert & Stacia Billbrough William & Fay Binzen Judith Bitner Lynn Marie H Blackman Elmer & Nadene Bland Francis & Sharon Bludis Dennis & Tina Bomberger Patricia G Bomberger Jacqueline & Joseph Bonanno Lee & Kenneth Bond Gary & Annette Bonfante Michael & Michelle Bongiovanni Craig & Rebecca Bouder Joseph & Laurel Boullata Stephanie & James Bowen William & Julia Bowers Bruce & Patricia Bowman Nannette & Kevin Bowman George & Diane Boyd Richard & Mary Bradley Judy M Brady Cheryl & Timothy Breneisen

George E Breslin Barbara J Brockington Randolph Brockington H James & Shirley Brough Alice L Brown Daniel D Brown Kurt & Karen Brown Robert & Beverly Brown Rodney & Diane Brown Sandra Lee Brown Robert & Kay Brubaker Deborah Bruner Richard & Elaine Buehler Margaret & Richard Buller Michael & Patricia Burns Vernon & Deborah Burrows Keith & Valerie Cacciatore Michael & Dawn Caldwell Michael Campbell Michael & Lori Cantrell Salvatore & Patricia Capizzi John & Margaret Caramanico Richard & Barbara Cardinal Dale & Brenda Carl Benjamin & Maureen Carr Jeanne Carr John & Debbie Caserta Marjorie & Russel Cassel Kim A Chappell Michael & Patricia Check Eric & Patricia Chellquist Angel Cherry Edward & Nanette Chladny William D Chronister Jeffrey D Chubb Robert & Barbara Clark Susan Clark-George & R.B. George Ann & Marc Clearfield William & Krista Clyburn Gail L Colon Gerard & Barbara Colvin Doris & Leonard Conlin

Mary & Marshall Cook Bradley S Cool Timothy & Barbara Coonan Pamela & Andrew Cooper Michael & Kristine Corcoran Robert & Dorothy Cousins Gregory & Dianne Cox Kimberly & Bruce Cox David & Del Rita Crapps Mary Cress Gary A Crissman Karen D Crocona John & Joan Crossan Duh & Biak Cung Mark & Tammy Cunningham George E Dalykas G Radu & Dorina Damian Pamela & Bret Daniels Daniel Dao Kirk & Colleen Davenpoort W Carter & JoAnne Davies Debra & John Davis Gale R Davis Kenneth & Deborah Dawson Robert & Vicki Deal Frank & Linda Delia Richard S Dellinger Mark & Irene Detwiler Bernard Di Santis Marisol Diaz-Goularte Carlos A Diaz-Luna Denise Diffendall Richard DiFlorio Judith & Ralph Dillen Daniel & Michele Dinapoli Michael & Claire Diringer David & Denise DiRugeris Sandra L DiSiantis Angela Dodd Francis & Susanne Dombrowski Mary A Donecker Paul Elbourne Donecker Gerald & Linda Donlan

Golden Swan Society Deceased


John & Renee Donovan Dennis & Gaye Dougherty David & Anne Drachbar Debra A Dragich Paul & Lisa Draper Dominic & Terri Duca Diane M Duell Gary Robert Duell Timothy & Marlene Duff Bruce & Barbara Eckel John & Dorothy Edgar Earl & Kathleen Edmondson Robert & Donna Edmondson Janice Paula Edwards John & Barbara Edwards Susan D Edwards Dale & Loren Eisenhofer Fred & Karen Elbin Walter & Wendy Emery Lynn A Engel Dennis Harold Engle Jennifer Kay Engle Paul A Engle Christine & Vincent Eshelman Larry & Lois Eshleman Donald & Mona Fahnestock Carol Faiola James M Fair James & Denise Fair James & Susan Fallone Tara & Donald Fausnaught Stephen & JoAnn Fauth Lisa Fell Brian Fellen William & Karen Fenstermaker David & Patricia Ferris Celeste M Ferster Michael & Virginia Fetterolf Cathleen & Daniel Fichtner Henry & Brenda Fijalkowski Lucille & John Finerghty William & Cynthia Fink Thomas & Mary Finnerty

Arthur & Patricia Fischer Rudolf B Fischer Robin S Fisher Marianne T Fitch Sharon & Thomas Fleming Margaret A Flinchbaugh Scott & Cathy Fluharty Philip & Christine Flynn Patricia L Foley Steven & Wendy Fonner K Eugene & Nancy Forrey Carol & James Forsyth Larry Foust Kelly Frederick Jeffrey & Elizabeth Freedman Debbie Frey Harold L Frey Katherine M Fridirici Thomas & Pam Fries Jeffrey & Patricia Fry Lloyd G Fry John & Alice Furey James & Ann Gearhart Daniel & Aretta Gemmer Steven & Amy Gephart Michael & Jane Gilbert Bruce & Janice Gilmore Mark & Lisa Glassner Jill & John Glick Michael & Mary Gojda John & Josephine Golden Marilyn & Jay Good David Earl Goshen Christine & James Graff Michael & Karen Greeley Richard & Sara Greevy Calvin & Stephanie Greiner Robert & Denise Grier Kenneth & Robin Gries David & Kathy Griffith Michael & Alicia Griffith Nickiforos H Grigoriades Ruth D Grigoriades

Shirley & Gerald Grill Richard & Michelle Grillone Robert & Julie Grim Thomas & Jacqueline Groff Joan M Grove James & Mildred Gundel Cindy & Donald Gunzenhauser Dann & Deborah Gwyn Jack & Jennifer Haas Jeffrey Kent Hackenberger Bruce & Frances Hadley Grover & Elizabeth Haines Donna M Hall Margaret G Hall Richard E Hall Karl & Becky Hamme Michael & Sally Hampton Walter L Harper Jesse & Judith Hasson Marsha Haugh Steven & Suzanne Haugh Margaret Hauptman Heidi Healy Dennis Heckman Pieter & Jean Hegeman Rebecca & Patrick Hehnly John & Denise Heilenman Christian & Margaret Heine Mark Ray Herb Rebecca Ann Herb Todd & Patricia Herbert Karen & Frank Herceg Joseph & Janice Herman Henry E Herr Harry J Hess Linda & Nathan Hicks Edward & Staci Hiergesell David C Hill Patricia S Hill Pamela Hilliard Eugene & Marita Hilton Jere & M Hinden Leslie C Hoffman

Millersville University 37

Ronald P Hogga Virgil & Vickie Hogue Michael & Cynthia Holland Chris & Helen Holweger Michael L Homsher Todd & Heather Hoot Bernard Hopewell Leon & Susan Horger Thomas & Lisa Hornberger Karl & Shirley Horst Dennis & Sandra Howe Carol M Huff Stephen & Loideth Huff E Jack Huggins Ella G Huggins Barry & Faye Hummel Bruce & Lisa Hunter Kenneth M Husler Linda B Husler Karen & Roger Huth Tristram & Laura Hyde Ronald E Imboden Barbara & Donald Jackle Eric Jacobson Juan & Mayra Jacome Marie Pinkerton James Gary & Lois Johe Joel & Dolores Johnson John & Tami Jolicoeur Joan L Jonas Richard R Jonas Frank & Jalna Jones John & Noreen Jones Melvin & Jane Jones Thomas Jones Kathy J Juliano Edward & Evelyn Kacelowicz Rebecca & William Kaelin Mary Frances Karr Richard Allen Kastner Susan S Kastner Lamar & Carloyn Kauffman Abebayhue Kebede

38 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

James & Anne Kelly Raymond & Diane Kelly Michael & Mary Kemper Donald B Kennedy John & Ilse Kennedy Bruce & Kim Kerr Donna Keslosky Jeff & Amy Killinger Constance Kimmel James & Daune Kindig Regis P Kirchner Steven & Stephanie Kirkessner Anthony & Roberta Klondar Cole & Kimberly Knighton Carl & Robyn Knopf Brian & Phyllis Knouse Steven & Linda Koch Kristine & Alexander Konopka Lou Ann Kopenhaver Michael James Kopenhaver Joseph & Patricia Koveleski Kathryn M Kraft Robert C Kraft James & Mary Kramer Mark & Constance Kraus Kathleen & Dennis Kreiser Marisa Ann Kuhns Fred & Beverly Kunkle Geoffrey & Lisa Kurtz David & Patricia Kyper Robert & Bernadette LaGamba Anna M Lamond Richard & Marsha Lance Martin & Ruth Landis Dale & Peggy Lane Cullen & Dorothy Langford Alfred & Diane Lanzilotti Kevin & Bonnie Larkin Eric & Susan Laskowich Susan L Latimer Jeffrey & Reta Leath Glenroy & Linda Leayman Larry & Kathy LeBlanc

Melvin & Sandra Lebo Steve & Marcie Lee Eileen Lees Robert & Mary Lehman Donald Leierer Bert & Gloria Lennon Dana K Lesher Ernest G Lesher Leroy & Janet Levengood Alex & Nancy Lewandowski George & Nancy Lewis Modene Lewis Stephen & Sally Lewis Jeffrey & Brenda Line Merlin & Kim Lingle Edgar & Gloria Lituma Eric & Kimberly Livingston Carl & Christine Loconsole Joseph & Therese Loew Jeffrey & Jayne Longenecker Vue & Xao Lor Robert & Jeanne Losak David & Cindy Loss Lisa Louthian David & Christine Lowry David & Jill Ludwig Kimberly Luna Chester & Antonia Lutz Jere & Janet Lyons Richard & Barbara MacDonald Richard & Lori Mackey Gayle Mahaffey William & Allison Maloney Irene Mangle Barry & Nancy Manwiller Carolyn Marcelis Timothy & Sherri Maret Donald B Martin Dorothy Martin Jean & James Martin Rayme & Doris Martin Raymond & Sally Martin Richard & Susan Martin

Susan E Martin Ann Martino Anthony Martino Anthony Mastriania Scott & Claranne Mathiesen Lori & Edward Mattis Karen Mazurek Michael & Georgia Mazzuca Salvatore & Suzanne Mazzurco William & Dawn McDevitt Hugh & Diane McFadden Timothy & Susan McGee Ronald & Lois McGuire Martin & Patricia McHale Mark & Beth McLane Keith & Paula McQuate Vincent & Sherry McVeigh Bolivar & Caroline Medina Bonnie & Kenneth Medved Thomas & Gertrude Meehan Anthony C Meenan Joseph & Yvette Meier Joseph & Holly Mele Lourdes Melendez-Rosado David & Wendy Melhorn Thomas & Leila Mellon Jacquelyn & Howard Melnick Richard & Barbara Menin Tim & Lisa Mertz Peter C Messimer Mareena & Earl Meyer Alan & Elaine Miller Amy Miller Dean & Melody Miller Eunice Miller Jeffery & Christine Miller Jeffrey & Melanie Miller Michael & Janis Miller Robert & Mary Miller Stephen Miller Joseph & Mary Missanelli John & Barbara Moffa

Shirley A Moll George & Cora Molloy Barry & Penny Molnar Bruce & Audrey Moore Claire M Moore Scott P Moore Todd Moul Shirley & Peter Muellen Edward & Anne Mulhern Joseph & Rosaria Nagy Wayne & Julie Nauman Sonia Neff Thomas & Elizabeth Neuville Emilie & Chester Newcomer Gregory & Michele Nicodemus Francis & Vicki Nikolaus Christopher & Patricia O Keefe George W Oakley Michael & Mary Olindo Thomas & Maureen O’Neill Santos Ortega William & Linda Osbun Harry & Annette Ott Ann & Thomas Overly Michael & Gail Pakosky Richard & Jacqueline Palmer Kathleen & Carl Paquette Joseph & Elaine Perez Lourdes Perez Gregory & Maria Pettis John & Marita Philipp Alan Pine Michael & Roxanne Pinkl Barbara H Plank Gregory Alan Plank Paul G Plowcha Lola A Poff Palmer Eugene Poff Stephen & Lucinda Pontius John & Susan Potter Stephen & Patricia Prebish John & Joanne Presper John & Marie Price

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Donna Probst Jeffrey & Donna Quaste Jack & Dolores Raisch Gilberto & Mercedes Ramos Randolph S Redman Merlyn & Pamela Reed Robert & Melody Reigh Gary & Debra Reinert Steven & Regina Reinford Jeffrey & Cynthia Reis Thomas & Sandra Ressler Donald & Kelli Rexrode Susan & Douglas Rhoads Edward & Antrina Richardson Jon & Margaret Richardson Roy & Virginia Richmond Dean & Rebecca Riland Keith & Patricia Ringkamp Robert & Tammy Rittle Bernard & Deborah Rivas James & Mary Roberts Donna Marie Robinson Michael & Michelle Rohrer Anthony & Sharon Romano Lisa Rooney-Mallin Thomas & Patty Ruane James & Judy Rubright Mark & Melanie Ruk Christine Ruopp Donna & Bruce Russell Kevin & Alison Ryan Michael & Anne Sabol Robert & Elaine Sadler Leonard & Kristen Sanelli Ann & Edwin Santiago Phillip & Susan Savastinuk Robert & Mary Saville Michael & Jo-Lynn Savoy Christine M Sawicky Kenneth & Mary Saylor Dale & Betty Schaeberle Matthew & Wendy Schilling Charles & Loriann Schmidt

Carl & Margrit Schmidtke Andrew & Gail Schmitt Paul & Margaret Schmitzer Lawrence & Josephine Schoppet Paul C Schubert Susan Alice Schubert Jason & Theresa Schultz Rebecca & George Schwarz Scott & Cheryl Schwenk Kendall & Christine Schwoyer Eric & Loretta Sebring David C Seiler Sharon Ann Seiler Ronald & Dawn Sekellick Gregory & Jeanette Selmer Robert & Delia Senft Stephen & Karen Senft Barry L Senseman Marie A Senseman Theresa Lynn Serfas Roger & Margaret Shafer Keith & Apryl Shaibley Laura Shaida Karen & Lawrence Shallcross Michael Bernard Shannon Rebecca Lynne Shannon Ron & Nancy Shapiro Paul & Susan Sharkey Richard & Judith Shearer Harold & Karen Sheets J Daniel Shertzer Mary Ellen Shertzer Joan & Jere Shimp Thomas & Margaret Shirk John & Denise Shoemaker Rick & Debra Shook Douglas & Wendy Shupinski Angela Sierra Jeffrey & Dana Simmer Billy Simmons Evan & Donna Slotter Joel Smiley Jane Smith

R Scott & Gloria Smith Randall & Nancy Smith Sherri R Smith Jerry & Kim Sowers Richard & Vicki Sprout Jean & Dale Srock Fay Stappen Bonnie & Mark Stauffer James & Mary Ann Stengel William Stephenson Barbara A Stewart Margaret & Glenn Stigelman Ruth Ann Stoltzfus Judy & George Strock Joan Summers Michael & Sandy Swarr Yvonne Paula Sweeney William & Marie Swier Michael & N Tavella Michael & Andrea Taverna Mary Jo Taylor Shirley Taylor John & Joanne Tercha Kenneth & Joyce Thiele Keith & Renee Thompson Laura Thompson Jarrod & Kimberly Tomes John & Carol Toomey Steve & Michele Tornabe Steve & Beth Torrance David & Frieda Trauger Michael Trinkley James & Donna Tully Thomas & Evonne Uhrich Michael & Cynthia Urbanik Pamela & Kenneth Vail Nancy Beard Valtos Peter Charles Valtos John & Pamela Vangorder Constantino & Laurette Varano Theresa Verdon Joseph & Karen Veres Paul & Anne Wade

Millersville University 39

Henry & Barbara Wadsworth Gary & Lisa Waite Brenda & Michael Walker Darlene & John Walker James M Walker Dennis & Kathleen Walsh Timothy & Pamela Walsh Dale R Walton Michael & Peggy Ward R Edward & Judith Warden Elizabeth M Waters Kenneth & Eleanor Watts Gary & Stacy Weaver Philip & Stephanie Weaver Ruth & Bruce Weaver Francis & Kimberly Weber James & Marisa Wegrzyniak Kevin & Leslie Weidlick Joan Klein Weidman Richard K Weidman Michael & Deborah Weiler Carol Weiss Kenny Weiss Carmella Wells Don R Welsh Tim & Karen Wendland Barry & Linda Whitcraft Jane Marie Wiedinmyer Jeffrey & Margaret Wilkinson Frederic T Willenbecher Phil & Cherry Williams Rhys & Judy Williams John & Marie Wilson Mark & Karen Wilson Lydia Withers Jay W Witmer Robert C Woerner Jeanette F Wojcik Bernard & Beth Wolgemuth Dale & Cindy Worley Brian Evan Worrell Debbie J Worrell Carman & Patricia Wylie

40 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Rachael D Wywadis Kathleen H Yarwood William Foster Yarwood Brett S Yeagley Michele Nichole Yeagley Rodney & Pandora Yeakle Gregory & Jessica Yingst Daniel & Paulette Yonosh Mark & Mary Young Robert & Karen Youse Scott & Glenda Youtz John & Patricia Zart Alan & Lucinda Zepp Kevin & Carolyn Zerbe Robert & Tracey Zerbe James & Adriane Zernhelt Barbara & Richard Zielinski David L Zinn Margaret S Zinn Dawn Colleen Zumbrum Wayne Lee Zumbrum Matthew & Jacqueline Zyck

Millersville University 41


1855 Society Andrew H Appel Don R Carter James Doering* Darlene I Ford Sam & Dena Lombardo Jane A Hannigan Robert E Patterson Charles W Robertson Jr PhD ‘10H Paul W Ware Trustee’s Council Caroline Beideman Gretchen Dieck Biemesderfer Anna Del Tito Mauureen McGarvey Dinges Francis Fulton Judith Gladden John & Audrey Hallgren Audrey Hallgren John K Herr III Peter Hunsberger Eleanor Isaacson Veronica J Kepchar Douglas L & Frances M Maine Margaret “Peggy” Neff Alan K Wyand & Robert L Shoener Lisa Wilson President’s Council Elizabeth M Allen & Family Thomas Anderson Edward Balderston Jr Jeff & Sandra Bricker Sandra Bricker Mary S Burton Helen M DiNunzio Susan Eckert Tracy Fink Nora Hess Laurent Horne Lynda Limpert Bruce R Limpert Hugh & Pam McGettigan

Pamela McGettigan William J & Salina Reuter Mary Ann Shirk Betty W Waetjen Old Main Society Anonymous Ann N Barshinger Richard G Cornogg Lee Dmitzak Alma Duncan Ronald E Frisbie Sr Benjamin L Holmes David & Joyce Kohler Martha Kriebel Jacqueline L Prosser Reighard Dorothy Reisinger Thomas & Georgina Russo Richard W & Heidi K Stewart Page Society Anonymous (2) Jillian Almoney Vivien Anderson Hon & Mrs Gibson E Armstrong ‘09H Mary E Barlow John Bedell Roy L Belli Sarah Belli Darryl Breniser Patricia Bruszewski C John Bryer Gloria Denlinger Ruth R Dutcher Robert & Carol Falk Carol Falk Mary Fink Charles & Carol Gambino Eugene H Sr & Anne D Gardner Susan & John Garofola Susan Garofola Robert F German Dana German Penn B Glazier Ely & Abbie Gonick

42 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Richard Hellstern Douglas Hughes Joanne Judge Walter & Frances Legenstein Lynn Lisella Carolyn Lohss H Sidney Long Elke Martin Clark McSparren Jr Shirley Mertz Beverly Michalak Naomi Miller James E Nevels ‘12H Samuel Nolt Charles J Nugent Kenneth G Oberly Barry & Kim Olson Rick Oppenheimer Byron L Parry Linda B Roscoe Susan Rowe Randy & Luann Ryder Luan M Ryder Carol Shane Robert Paul Carrene Shoemaker Jane Slabinski Joseph Snyder Judith A Somerick Joel Somerick Mary Studlick Patrick Tell Kristin Tell Judy Thomas Richard Trout Pamela Vercellone-Smith Ilene Visco Barbara K Walker William Warmkessel Nathan Weiss* Elva J S Winter Jan Zanger

Normal Society Anonymous William ‘90H & Susan Adams Susan Adams Holly Altenderfer Dr & Mrs James P Argires Ellynn Arsenault Deborah Audette Frederick Bloom Martha Boothroyd Chip Brabson Fred A Breidenbach Linda A Caputo ‘03H Yvonne Citerone Josele Cleary Thomas H Cook James Taggart Nancy Daffin William L Davis III Stanley Davis Richard R Dolson Robert Dye Owen Etter John & Mary Flannery Michele Fries Martin Fruitman Esq David C Fry Wendell L Funk Robert Garvey John R Gerdy PhD Glen & Elaine Grell Elizabeth Groff Maureen Herr Wendy Herr Richard Herschaft Paul Hoffer Brenda Hoffman Dewayne & Cheryl Ketchum Cheryl Ketchum Karen L Ketner-Fink Richard King Barry & Carol Kornhauser Robert Kuberski

Linda Lestz & Douglas Weidman Sulien Markley Mary A McConnell Maykuth Toby Maykuth Marjorie R McCarthy Donna McCollum C Clair McCormick Margaret McCormick Christian E McMurtrie George Meissner Harry L Mirick Holmes & Caroline Morton Blake E Nicholson Barbara J Nied Carol Noble Joseph P Nolt Peter Calusic Susan Ortman Mark & Nancy Randall David Ressler Linda Rhen Donald & Sheila Roseman Roger & Judy Sandt Betti-Bob Scharnberger E Follin Smith W John Soost Joni Erin Soost Tracy Starr Bridgette R Stein Gail E Thomson Jon Walker Douglas P Weidman Robert Whealan Richard Witwer Nancy Wolfer Sarah Young-Fisher Marie N Zubatsky Associate Franzi Ascher-Nash* Steve Backels James Baxter Elaine Benner June Blouch

Jeffery Bolin Joann Bowers Robert A Brandt Jr Carole Brandt William Bray Louise Brown Timothy Brown Monika Buchanan Justin & Susan Cappiello Ren Fang Chang Saeeda Chaudhary Carol Checket E Bradley Clark Jamie Cope Carole Davis John Davis Margaret De Rosa Martin & Joan Dees Jr Kathy Deisley John DiBiase James Dierolf Helen L Dunlap Carol Durand Donald Durand Marcia S Eckert Mr & Mrs James D Eshleman Marie Eshleman Jo Ann Fabrizio Barbara Kibler Holly Fidrych John Finlayson Barrie Finnemeyer Mina Fisher Mary Freidly Rita Schorr Germain Thomas & Kathleen Godfrey Kathleen Godfrey Jennifer Goldbach Phyllis Gould Joel Graber Jacquelin Gumpper Richard Hann Jeffrey M Hardin

Golden Swan Society Deceased


William C Haynes Robert Helsel John Herlocker Jane B Hershberger David A Hoeflin Thomas Hooker David Hoover Judy L Hoover Timothy J Humphreys Deborah Jacobs Ellis Johnson Richard Johnsonbaugh Jane Jordan Glenna Kelly Richard Kelsall Julie Kyle Clarence Lausch Lisa Lowery Leonora Lucash Yvonne MacNamara Edward D Maley Hilda Marcello Deborah Martinez Gregory Maxey Doris Messerschmidt Daniel & Kathleen Miller Debra Miller Dorothy Miller Kathleen Miller Melissa Miller Doris Mohler Grant Heilman Rose L Newcomer Eric Nordstrom Carrie Nunan-Hill Susan Osborne Xun Pan Yihsing Pan Ronald Parrott Kenneth & Donna Patrick Alan Pedersen Cheryl Piperberg Marie Rees

Vance Renfroe Helen Roberson Matthew Lawrence Kenneth Rubell Peter Runfolo Darlene Schoenly Jo-Ann Schreiber Linda Ruoss Schroeder Robert L Schroeder Renee Schuler Kathryn G Seaber Charlene Shank Mary Shelley Willis Weidman Shenk ‘02H David & Jennifer Silbert Jennifer Silbert Amy Jo Slamp David Smith Jo Ann Smith Romaine Sneath Mary Spaulding Carol Specht Fred & Carole Spencer Linda Sperry Margaret Spila Allen Steffy Bruce Stoner Clyde Butz JoAnn Tate Fred Thomas Angela Tracy Lynette L Trout Keith Upton Martha A Biemesderfer VanderPoel Gilbert Vatter Glenn Walz Carla Weber Mr & Mrs Paul G Wedel Jean B Weirich Judith Wilt Jane Young Douglas Zander J Robert Achtermann

Marianne Ackerman Barbara J Adams Helen Adams Russell Adams W Gary Adams Vicki Adams James Adelsperger Charles Affel Lucille Agnew Patricia Ahlum Ronald Alarie H Robert Albrecht Betty Alexander Dwain Alexander Sherry Alleman Henry Allen Francis Almond James Alton Glenn Alwine Judith Amand Susan Ambrosius Alice Amsler David Anderman Elaine Anderson Elizabeth H Anderson Rev J William Anderson James H Anderson Ruth Anderson John Andrysick Gifts Up To $250 Anonymous (3) Ruth Apa Robert Archer Erin Aregood Charles Arms Joan Armstead Edward J Arnold Janet E Arnold Ron Arnold Susan Arnold Kent Arters Maureen Artz W E Ashenfelter

William Aston Brenda Audino John Aughenbaugh Darwin Aurand Louise Auwarter Kermit Ayres James R Bachman Mary Ellen Bachman Arthur Mellinger Brandon E Bailey Dennis Bailey Richard N Baird Brenda S Baker Glenda Baker Kirby & Glenda Baker Kurt & Cathleen Baker Mike Baker Phillip Baker Rose Baker Sandi Baker Anita Baker-Blocker Richard Balderston Gregory J Baldree Butler Baldwin James Baldwin Robert Bankert Jeanne Barbacane Steve & June Barber Robert Barbieri Troy Barbusca Donald Bare Elmer Bare Mark Bare Phyllis Barnett Nancy Barnitz Adam Barr David Barr James Barrett Jeffrey Barth Wanda E Bartholomew William & Laralee Bash Robert Bashore Harris Bass

Millersville University 43

James Bastarache Barbara Bateman Michael Bauer Elaine Baumbach David Baver Jacqui Beacham Sandra Beakes Don Bealer John Beamenderfer Anthony Bean James Bear Anna Bearer Robert Beck Jeffrey Becker Matthew Becker Michael G Becker Jack & Carol Bell Thomas & Susan Beers Beighley Family Gordon Beitzel Brian Bell Jodi Bell Marvin Bell Morton Bell David Bendit Donald Benfer Jeffrey Benjamin Robert Benko Rick & Cheryl Bennett Patricia Berardi Diane Berger Robert Bergman Beverly Berich A Michael Bermel David Berringer Robert Best Tammy Betchner Chris Biemesderfer & Rebecca Jensen Ann Bildheiser Frederick Billet Dorsey Bingaman Pauline Bird

Jerry & Arlene Birk Loreley N Bitner Rudolf Bitter Credon Bixler Randy Blackwell Raymond Blake Vincent Blaukovitch Dennis Blocker Anne C Blom Martin Blyskal Kathleen Bobeck Joan Boben Corey Boby Kurt Boegli Sharon Bolenius Stanley Bolinsky Ted Border Karl Bordner Joseph Borelli Douglas Bortzfield Jean M Bosch Jeremy A Bostwick Alice Bove Robert & Anne Bowman Ralph Boyd Edith Boyer Gerald Brackbill John Brackbill Nancy Bradley Brenda E Braithwaite Bridget Brandon Robert Brandt Dorothy Brantley Charles Bratton John Breiner Sharon Breitenbeck Jere Brendle Jane M Breneman D Ray Brenneman Patricia Brenner Paul Brenner Barry Brenninger Samuel & Linda Bressi

44 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Leonard Breton Karen Brezitski Daniel Brillhart Jamie Broad Barry Brock Steven Brodfuehrer Joseph Brogna Robert Brommer Dawn Brooks Jared Brooks JoAnn Brooks Andrew Brown Carole Brown Fulton Brown Gary Brown John Brown Lori Brown Lynn Brown Mary E Brown Shirley Brown Sue Brown Calvin Browne Jr Kerry Brubaker John Bruner Karen Bryan Patrick Bryant Jane K Brye Barry Bryson Naomi Bryson Robert Bryson Patricia Bubb Alan Bucher Margaret Buckman Thomas Bulleit Marlin Bupp Robert Burch Frank Burgess Mr & Mrs William Burgin Joseph Burke Patrick Burke John Burkins John & Laura Bushery Milton Bushey

Kathryn Byrnes Jonathan Caban Yvonne Cable Mary Caci Elizabeth Cain Bruce Caldwell Robert Caldwell Tish Calla Kathleen Callahan Jack Cameron Rafael Caminero Roy Cammauf Donald Campbell Tammy Campbell James Canale Ronald Caporizzo Vicki Carb Robert Carbaugh Douglas Carlson Penny Carmack Dale & Sandra Carnegie Beth Carr Kurt Carr Leroy Carr Andrew Carroll Janet Carroll Larry & Janet Carroll Rob Caruso Rolando Casal Edward Cash Stephen Caskie Lorraine Casselberry Donald Castagna Carlos Castegnato Joseph W Catino Jr Vicki Cauller Wayne Celio Edward Challenger Delores Wright Chambers Terrance Chamberlain William & Maryann Chapin Hyasmine Charles J Andrew Charles

Vicki Charles Leonard Cherry Mark & Judith Chien Joe Chrisman Linda Christensen Ralph Cianci David Clark Denise Claycomb Elizabeth Cleaver Gerald Cleaver James & Lisa Clement Lawrence Clement Amanda Clymer Larry Coble Brian Coder Douglas Cody Edmund Cohen Paul Colarik Daniel Colbert Gregory Colby Janet Colby Robert Colclaser Patricia A Coller Alice Collier Jeanne Collins Pamela Collins Carolyn Colon Colosi Family Marc Colosi Michael Colson Diane Colton Charles Colyer Todd Combs Jonathan Comisiak Cathy Conner Joseph Connor Christopher Conroy George Conway M Ruth Conyers Charles Cook Dale Cook David Cook Donald Cook

Maria Musti Cook Allen Cooper Bryan Cooper Charlotte Cooper John Cooper Stacey Cooper James Copenheaver James Corbitt Michael Corcoran William Costello Gail Coulson Lena Coulson Patricia Cox Kwame Craig Kim Craig John Crawford Stella Crawford Jeffrey Creamer John Crisp Lawrence Crist Darlene Crivaro Mary Croce Catharine Crone David Cross John Cross Charlotte Cruse Agustin Cuascut Sharon Cuff Raymond T Culbeth Jeffrey Culp Jonathan Currier Jackie Curtis Benjamin Dambly Jennifer Daniels William & Wendy Dannunzio George Darling Robin I Das Colleen Dascenzo Jason Daugherty MaryBeth D’Avella Lonnie Davidson David Davis James & Susan Davis

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Rick Davis Stephen Davis Susan Davis Claire Daywalt James Dean J EdwardDeardorff Donald DeBellas James Decker Randall Decker Steven Deeg Anthony Deering Rebecca Deibler Joseph Deihl Michael Del Terzo Wendy Del Terzo Thomas Delaney Theodore DeMatto Roberta Demito Susan DeMorra Thomas Demshock Richard Denby Allison Denlinger Donovan Denlinger Mary Ann Denlinger Rebecca Denlinger Ray E Dennis Michael Dennison Kathryn Densmore Yvonne Depoe Frank DeSensi Suzanne Detweiler Michael Dever John Devere Kelly Dewan David Deysher Christa DiAngelo Dennis Dias James L DiCarlo Judith Dietz Melody Dietz James Diffendal Anthony Donia Rocco DiMeo

Paula Dimperio Joseph Dischino Patricia Dischino Sherry DiTirro Kristina Ditmer M Rebecca Dittenhafer Dennis Dobbie William Dobbs Karen Dobosh Ben Dolcich Dale Dommel Charles Donaldson Cathy Doremus Roger Dorsey Shana Dotterer Francis Dougherty Brenda Douple David Dow Andrew Dower Laura Doyle Robert Doyle Bonnie Drescher John Drescher David Drevyanko Anne-Marie Drew Jane I Druce John Drumm William Duffy Jeffrey W Duke Peter T Dunbar Joelle Dunham Doris Dunkle James A Dunlop Judith Dunn Grace Durso Jean Dussinger Walter Eaton David Eby Karen Eby Richard Eck Robert & Ruth Ecklin Ronald Eckman Charles Edington

Byron Edmond Alva L Edwards Frederick Edwards Marc Ehrhart David A Eichelberger John Eichelberger Raymond Eisenberger Barbara Eisenhaur David Ellenberg Richard Elliott Jonathan Ellsworth David Emerich Wiilliam E Emerson III Susan Emswiler Richard Enders Edward & Diana England Katherine Engle James Engledow Gary & Martha Epler Jeffrey Epler Martha Epler Barbara Ericson Sally J Erisman David Erk Karen Ernst Paula Errigo Miriam Ersek Lucille Eschbach John Eshbach Larry Eshback J Michael Eshleman John D Eshleman Lois Eshleman Keith Espenshade Richard Espenshade Lisa Etsweiler George Etter Brent Evans M Ross Evans R Paul Evans George Rhyne Gail Everhart Christopher Everleth

William Evers Melanie Eynon Jacqualin Eyster Scott Eyster Eric Fackler Jeff Fackler Terry Fackler Barbara Fair Valerie Faramelli Ted Farenwald Patti Farmer Wes Farmer Karen Faryniak Leonard Faulk Mary Fay Michael Fay Michael Fedele Mosella Felder Lorraine Feller Tom Ferrari Jayne Ferro John Ferro Caleb Fetter Faith Fillman Arline Finley Patrick Finnegan Suzanne Firestone Grace Fisher Sara S Fisher Stephen Fisher Lori Fishman Charlotte F Fitzpatrick Deborah Fitzwalter Deborah Flad Edward Fleck Stuart Fleishman George Flory Matthew Fogelman Larry Folkenroth Paul Forberger James Forster Anthony J Foster Richard & Patricia Foutz

Millersville University 45

Donald Fowler Charles Fox Alfred Francis Mark Francis Mr & Mrs Keith Franklin Joseph Fratello Holly Freas-Webster Alison Fredericks Lee Fredericks Irvin Freeman Julie Freeman Friends & Coworkers of Andrea Chamberlain Arlene Frey Brittnie I Frey Denise Frey Phil & Pati Frey Sylvia Frey Margaret Fricker James Fritchman Thomas Fritz Allan Fromm W Lee Fry Ray Fuller Elaine Fulmer Jeffrey & Donna Funk Judith Futty Richard Gabrielson Charles Gallagher Edward Gallagher James R Gallagher John Gallis George Ganzer Bernadette M Gardner Eugene H Gardner Jr Mary Garman-Miller Michael Garman Matti L Gartner Jim & Rachel Gawn Carol Geary Rita Geddes Lydia Geiger Kathleen Geissler

Charles Gembe Mary Gerfin Edward Gerhard Philip Gerhard Monroe L Gerhart Robert Gettle Susan Wooley Priscilla Gibbs David Giblin Danny & Marcia Gildar Marcia Gildar Barbara Gillespie Laura Gingrich Elaine Given Robert Gleim Gerard & Monika Glenn Mary Gloeckler Cindy Gochnauer Joanne Goebel Thomas Goetz Thomas Going Edward Golden Rosanne H Goldman Jamie & Gail Goldstein Chester Gontner George Good H Crail Gordon Larry Good Robert Good Michele Gorman Joseph Gormley Eugene Grace Joseph Graeff Karen Graeff Dr & Mrs Alistair M Grant Hilary Grant Lida Grant-Potter James Gratton Michelle H Grau Christopher Graul Margaret W Gravell Pamela R Greenwald Kenneth Greenwood

46 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

David Greer Sarah Gretton Lee Griggs Thomas Grim Carl Grimm John Grimm Mary Groff Robert F Groff Jr Robert & Ellen* Groff Bea Gattuso Grosh John Grosh Edith W Groves Lynda E Grubb Thomas Grubb Joan Grumbine Pamela Guilfoyle Larry Guise Kevin Gunnet Pamela Gunzenhauser Jin Guo Hess & Marian Haagen Donald Haak Linda Hable Ruth Hacker Robert Hackman Doris Haffner Janet Hagenauer Jesse Hagey Kathleen Haig Grace Haile Sally Haldeman R Jack Hale Donna Hall-Jones George Halladay Judith Hallman Carol Hammond Kevin Hammond William D Hand Steven Hardenstine Madeline Harding Frank Harker Rosa L Harris Barbara D Hartman

D Willis Hartman Eric J Hartman Gail Hartman Michael S Hartman Brenda Harwick Patricia Hauber Lynn Havens Jeffrey & Barbara Hawkins Heather Hazlett Phil Headland Phillip Heckman Jane Heesen Ethyle Heidig J Andrew Heidig L James Heigel Marilyn J Heine Clark Heller George Hellmann Mary Jane Helveston Marcia Hench Richard Hendershot Deborah L Hendrie Sheila Henkel Joseph E Hennessey Patricia Hennessey Elyssa Henry Stephen Henry Catherine Herneisen Barry A Herr Patti Herr Thomas Herr Sally Hersh George Hershey Heather Hershey Jeanette D Hershey Joanne Hershey Willard Hershey Diane Hertzler James W Hess Susan & Paul Hess Nancy Hess Paul Hess Susan Hess

Timothy Hess Donna Heverling Douglas High Leslie Higham David Hill Douglas Hill Elizabeth Hill Jane F Hill William & Jane Foster Hill Kathryn Hillard Anne W Hillegas Katysue Hine Dirk Hinterleiter Le Hinton Anna Hirata Arthur K Hirschmann Philip Hite Donna Hivner Charles Hixson Gary Hobson Franklin Hoch Darlene Hock Richard Hockensmith Paul Hocker Joe Hockman James Hoff Nicole Hoffman Austin Hogan James Hogg Kirk & Theresa Holman Amy L Holupka David Holupka Blaise & Cheryl Holzbauer Roger Homeyer Karen Homsher Jeanette M Honsa Dennis Hoover Kathy Hoover Herman Hopple Lisa A Horst James Horwath Arthur Hostetter Milton Hostetter

Nancy Houston Gloria Howard Kenneth Howell Minyu Hrebenach Elmer S Huber James Huber Henry & Mary Lou Huffnagle Steven Hulcher Trista Hulsey Linda Humma Doris J Hummel Giang Hummel Cathy Humpert Charles W Hungerford Allen Hurst Doris Hurst Patricia Huzzard Caroline Hyde Frank Iati Vanessa Iliffe Kathie Ingoglia Paul Irion Betsey Irwin Carole L Isaak Diane Jackson Kenneth Jackson Michelle Jackson Robert Jackson William Jackson Arthur Jacobs Donald Jacobs Wilmer Jacobs Ronald James Terry Jarrett Sally Jarvis James Jenkins Laura Jenkins Maureen Jenkins Michelle Jenkins Robert Jenkins Judith l Jerkins H William Jockers Jr.

Golden Swan Society Deceased


William Johansen Carolyn Johnson Dean Johnson Ronald Johnson William Johnson Alfred Jones Jean Jones Patricia Jones Richard Jones Sherdina Jones Dorene Jostenski Betsy Judge Daniel Jurman Nancy Kabakjian Edward Kane Evan Kane Pamela Kane Walter Kanhofer Vaughn Kantner Linda Kaplan Dana Kapp Virginia Kapusnick Nicholas Karamanos Eric Karasek Nancy Karlosky Joelyn Karlson Michael Karomfily Brenda Kauffman Herbert Kauffman* Philip Kauffman Timothy L Kauffman Alvin Kaufman Tobias Kautz William D Kautz Jay Kaylor David Keefer Terry Keemer Thomas Keen Dolly Keene Craig Keener Joseph Kefauver Claire Kegerise

Patricia Mae Kelbaugh Carol Keller David Keller Robert Keller Lisa Keller Grace Hackett Kelly Robert Kelly Brian Kelm Kristel Kemmerer John Kemper Julie Kemper-Kunkle Carolyn O Kendall John Kennedy Robert Kennedy Richard Kerlavage John Kerrigan Lisa Kestler Michael Kijowski Cynthia Kilbourn, MD Robert Kilefner Eugene Kilgore Linda Kiner Carrie King Dara L King Thomas King Steven Kirchner Pauline Kiser Jerry Klawitter Mark Klimek Carl Kline James Kline Karl Kline Nelson King Timothy Klingensmith Michael Klinger Carol Kloss David Knapp Donald Knaub Cindy Kneisley John Knight Bessie Kniley Alan Knisely Edward Knisely

Thomas Knittle Linda Knorr Sharon Kochey Joyce Koczur David Koehn Kenneth Koengetter Andrew Kokinda Richard Koller Mycheal Komesz Vladimir & Marina Kondratovich Donald Koones Linda Koons Richard Kotz Phan Krajan Hale Krasne Robert M Krasne Lawrence Kratz Marina & Vladimir Kravets Gary Krebs Phyllis G Kreider John Kreider Sherry Kreiger Donald Kreischer Doris Kressly Mark Kreyer William Krienen Kathy & Matt Krinler Gary Krout Judith Kruse Jack Kuchinsky Barbara Kulakowsky Kimberly Kulp Sharon Kulp Stacy Kunkel Terry Kunkel Jerome Kurland Albert Kurz J Wayne Kyzer Karen B Lacy Doris LaFaver John Lahr C Roberts Landis Patricia Landis

Wendy Landis Andrew S Langston E Roland Laning Jr Leanne Lantz Kevin Lapp Michael Larkin Sylvia Larson William Lashley Lorraine Latschar Norbert Lauber Gayle Lavigne Jerry Lavoy Kathleen Law Karen Lawless Caroline Lawrence David Lawrence Sybil Lawrence Wayne Lawrence Chester Lawton Edgar Lawton Pamela Lazos Andrea Leaman David Leaman Elizabeth Leaman Stanton Lebouitz Alan LeCoff Charles Lednum Diana Lee Deborah Leedom Carol Lefever Richard Lehman George Lehmann Robert Lehmberg Gerald Leibowitz Wilmajean Leister Jason Leisure Anne Lengacher Helen Rand Lenke Terry Lenker Jill S Lenoble V Lynn Lenox Sandra Leonard Gilbert Leone

Millersville University 47

Mary Lesh Stephen Leshinskie Charles E Letocha Maureen Letocha Richard & Lynda Levengood Henry Levin Claire Lewis David Lewis Omar Lewis Thomas Lewis Carol Lichty Betty Light Richard Light Chris Lightner Ross Lillard Lynn Lilly David Lindenmuth Clark W Line III Richard Line Paul Lintner Margaretta Lisi Mark Little Andrea Livelsberger Craig Livelsberger Jamir Livingston Reginald Lodbolt Jeanne Loew Gene Logan Katherine Logan Patti Loghow Charles Lohin Betty Loht Bob Lombardi Amy Long Douglas Long Scott Long John Longenecker Thomas Loomis Dianne Loper Thomas Loper Edmund Lorinchak Lise Lovecchio Keith & Marsha Lovin

Darryl Lownsbery Paul Lowrey Glynda Lucas Violetta Lucey-Moyer Bradley Luckenbaugh Laura Lutz Kelly Lynch Barbara Mable Mary MacDonald William Macht Nakia N Mack Jeffrey Maddow Maribeth Madonna Adraina T Madriz-Ottolina Richard Magee Gerald Mahoney A Donald Main Brenda Malcolm Mark D Mandel Michael Mansh Joseph Maresco Betty L & Burton Margolis Renee Hartman Sara Marinucci Michael Markowitz Michelle L Marley Karen Marosi Satoko Marquet Henry Marsh Heidi Marshall Anne G Martin Charles Martin Diane Martin Glenda Martin J Randall Martin Nicole Martin Robert Massengill Craig Match Joseph Mathiot R Barbara Mattas Kenneth Mattern Bruce Matthews Marshall Mattie

48 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Christopher & Mary Mattson Charles Mauck Susan Maurer Carolyn Maxey Douglas Maxim Leslie Maxwell Richard Maxwell George May Jessica May Katherine McAfee James A McCain M Colleen McCann Sandra McCann Earle & Rachael McCarney Francis McCarthy James McCarthy Michael McCarthy Joseph McCaskey Abram McClune Constance A McCollough Dean McComsey Tam McConaghy Marguerite McCool Thomas McCool Andrew B McCormick Geraldine McCormick Susan McCormick Marcia McCoy Chester McCullough Judson W McCune & Ezetta W Walter Eugene McCune Howard McCune Robert McCurdy Debra McDowell James McDowell Lynn McDowell Susan McFeeley Jonas McGallicher Paul McGarry William McGarvey Michael C McGaw Dale McGinnis Gaye McGrorty

Gail McKinne Marie McKnight Thelma Grace McLaughlin Joseph McMahon James McNair Frank McNamara Linda McNew Kathleen McNichol Jack McNutt Mary Ann Mcowen Barbara McPherson Randolph McPherson Edward McPike Mildred H McQueen Kevin McShane Judith Mearig Kathy Meashey Lynette Meck Yvette Meier Kathy Mellor Phyliss C Mengle Steven Mengle Glen Mensch Frank Mento Sarah Mentzer Steven Mentzer Dawn Mercado Allen Mercier Paul Merluzzi Jeffrey Mertus Thomas Mertz Susan Mescanti Joel Metzler Sherry Meyers Jonathan Middleton Marsha Miley Edwin G Miller Carl Miller Carol Miller Christian Miller Christopher Miller Diane Miller Eugene Miller

Harold Miller & Mary Garman-Miller Jane Miller Joseph Miller Linda Miller Nancy Miller Robert Miller Thomas Miller Ronald Miller Sue Miller Thomas Miller William Miller Jill Millett Kenneth Milliken Dennis Millin Jeff Mills Tonya Lehman Mills Christina Milsom Donald Misselhorn John Mitchell Pamela Mitchell Nashim Mollah Carol Molotzak Devon Monroe Oplenell Montgomery Diane Moore Lonny Moore Martha Moore Rolland Morey Cameron Morgan JoAnn Morgan Joe P Morgan Justin Morgan Leslie Morgan David B Morris Laura Morris Lawrence Morris Margaret S Moss Paula Moss Suzanne Mostoller Stephen Mott Christopher Mountain Carolyn Moyer Jean Moyer

Richard Moyer Mary Muir John Muirhead Peter Mulay Douglas Mulholland Earl Mull Gregory Mulleavy Thomas Mullin Howard Mumma Joe Mumma James Mummert Robert Murphey Janine Murphy John Murphy Michael Murphy James Murray Theodore Musselman Jeffrey Musser Lee Musser James Myer John Myer Jacqueline Myers Joanne Myers Dennis Myers June Mylin G Theodore Nace Jay Nauman John Naunas Keith Neal Leo Neff Sam & Nancy Neff Melissa Neiman Judith Newak Gerald Newhart Kathlene Newkirk Gary Newton Richard Ng Lan T Nguyen Curtis Nicholas Donald Nicklaus S Ross Noble Mark Noel

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Stuart Nolen Mary Noll Terri Noll James Nolt Molly Nolt Patricia Norris Bruce Nusbaum Mike Nytz Sally Oatman H Robert O’Connor Judith O’Donovan Kristyn Off Mary Lou O’Hara William O’Hop Conrad Olie David Olsen Richard S Olson Marcia Olson Tarrie Olson C Doug Olt Jesse O’Neill Mercia Oostdam Frank A Orban III Gillian Orban Aaron Ordway Edmund Orewiler Minerva Ortiz Sheryl D Oswald Patricia Otto Walter Otto David Owen Michael Packer Lester Palmer Eric Pannepacker Joseph Paolucci Julia Parker Howard Passmore Bob Patterson Cedric Patterson Jeffrey Patterson Joyce Paul Mary Jane Pavlatos Elaine Pavlick

Colleeen A Pavlovec Shrikant T Pawar Edward Pawlak Frank S Payer Thomas Payne William Pease Diane Peck Clay Peffer Brenda Peightel Nancy Penepacker Genaro Penna Catherine Pennell Gene & Chung-Chin Pennello Louis Perez Julie Perkowski Marianne Pernaselli John Perry Michael Pessina Brett Peters Lynn Peters Maureen Peters Timothy Peters Ulrich Peters Tom Rohrer & Barbara Petersen Glenn Petrouskie Jennifer Pettinelli Glenn Pfautz Brian J Phelan Mary Phelan William Phelps David Phillips Gerald Phillips Orlene Phillips Susan Phillips Warren Phillips Douglas Piccolo Linda Pickel J Harry Pickle III William & Loretta Petrangelo Charles S Piper Nancy Pletcher Raymond Plourde Renee Podlesny

Dr & Mrs Bruce H Pokorney Kristen Poliafico Jeanne A Pontius Diane Poole Trevor Pope I Stanley Porter Audra Post Michael Powers Judith Price Jeffrey Primaldi Clintin Probst Gregory Pryzbylkowski Norm Pure Dale Putt Gerald Quammen Patricia Querry Anne Quinn Patricia Quinn Paul Quinn John Raab Becky Rahn Cindy Rakow Gail Ralston David A Ramsay Jr Dorothy Ranck H Bruce Ranck Barbara Rankin Patricia Rantz Jeffrey Rapiey Susan Rapp Mark L Rast Anna Rathbun Kay Rathsam Marie Ray Andrew Raymond Michael Redding John Reed Kathryn & Robert J Reedy Jr Paul Reeser Kevin Regel Karyne Regitz William Regitz Wendy Reichard

Anna Reichelderfer David Reiff Charles Reifinger Patricia Reiley Jason Reinhart Joanmarie Reisen Jacob Reisinger Mary Reiss Donna Remaly-Dumeyer Linda A Rengier Robert Renken Teresa Lefever Rennecker Sandra Rentzel None Resan Lorraine Resavy Gerald Ressler George & Jackie Rettew Karen Revelt Reed K Reynolds Donna Rhoads William Rhoads Dora Rhodes Geraldine A Rhodes Mr & Mrs Harold S Rhodes Jr Sam & Linda Rice David & Cynthia Richards Charles Richards Scott Richards Pamela Rickert Riley Family Deborah Riley William Rimmler Eleanore Rineer Joseph S Rinehart George Rinehart Marilyn Ringler Denver Risner Joyce Rissmiller Dennis & Andrea Rittenhouse Linda Riva Larry Roath Harriet Robbins Mark Robertson

Millersville University 49

Caldwell & Valerie Robinson Eugene Robison Jay Robinson Kevin S Robinson Steven Robos Cheryl Rock Catherine M Rodgers-Perez Richard Roebuck Yvonne E Roebuck Peter Roeser Paul Rohde Tom Rohrer John Rohrkemper Pam Rohrkemper Edie Romaine George Roper John Rose Susanne Rose Dale Rosenberg Nancy Rosenberger George Roshon Dan Ross Johann Ross Karen A Ross Morton Rostolsky Andrew & Nancy Rote Franklin Rothermel Robin Roumeliotis Dawn Dieterly Rowe Joellen Rowe Richard Rowe Brian Roye David Royer Gregory Royer Barry Rudisill David Rudy Rebecca Ruoss Lauri L Rush Craig Russell Yvonne Russo-Devosa Michael Ruzak Phyllis Rutchauskas Lisa Ruth

Carol Rylee Richard Sachetta Georgette Sahm Barbara Sailer Kenneth Samara Geraldine Samselski Alice M Sanders Billy Sanders Charles Sanders Grace Sanders William Sanderson Kristen Sanfrancesco Anumita Sarkar William & Jennifer Sassaman Dominick Sassi A Bruce Sattazahn Subhaker Satyanarayan Gail Scarpaci Carol Schaak Mary-Louise Schall William Schantzenbach Allen Scheich Anne Scheirer Danny Scheurich David Schiele Mary D Schiele Brenda Schmalhofer Ed Schmertz Brian Schmick Robert Schmidlein S Paul Schmuck Jack Schnader Jason Schnader Donna Schnee Barbara Schneider Robert Schober J Eugene Schock Lisa Schoenly Joseph & Mary Scholl June Scholl Bill Scholz Karl Schubert John Schueller

50 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Kelly Schulter August J Schulz Joan Schwab Eileen Schwartz Charles Schwarz Patricia Schwenk Kenneth Scott Meredith Scott Victoria H Scott Susan Scudder Barbara Sedlock Gus Seiss Luann Selcher Marguerite Senft Kenneth Sensenig Michael Serafin Wendy Serfass Ralph Serpe Diego J Sferco Lorna Beth Shantz Jean M Sharf Donald Sharpe Eileen Shaughnessy William J Shaughnessy Brent Shaw Gene & Debra Shawryn Christine Shay Jason Shearer Marvin Shearer Cheryl Sheeky Sharon E Sheffer Jeffrey Shields Judy Shenk Robert Shenk Virginia Shenk Renna Sheriff Arthur Sherman Kathy Sheilds Christopher & Maya Shih Harold Shirk Hilda Shirk Joanne Shirk Ruth Shirey

Emma Shock Dennis Shoemaker Marilyn Shoemaker Jane Shultz Linda Shultz Tom & Lyn Shultz MD Kenneth Shur Larry & Carol Siefken Barbara Sigda John H Sigler Jr Ann Silcox Richard Sill Stephen Silverman Charles H Jr & Angela M Simms Georg Simon Ronald Simson Terry Sincich Anne Singer Nancy Singer Bonnie Skagen Inna Skelley Richard Skokowski Constance Sladicka Susan C Slaninka Catherine L Slaugh David Slaugh Paul H Slaugh Jr Richard & Virginia Slaugh Irvin Smail William Smedley Joyce Smeltz Robert Smeltzer Dana Smiles Beverly Smith Clifton Smith Edward Smith Jennifer Smith Larry Smith Mark Smith Michael Smith Robert Smith Robert G Smith Starr Smith

Susan Smith Rebecca F Smith-Kevern Robert Sneath Jr Kathleen Snider Jane Snover Jeanne Snyder Lee Snyder Phillip L Snyder Paul Socoloski Arthur Sommer Linda J Sommer Alyssa R Sorensen Tom Sosnoski David Southern Debra Spear Robert Spencer Patricia Speraw Deborah L Spicer Kathleen Spotts Elizabeth Springer Susan Springer Barry Sroka Patricia A Stacey Michele P Stackhouse Craig Stafford Diana Stager Jean G Stahl Craig Staley Spurgeon Stambaugh David Stameshkin Bernadette Stamm Steven Stanck Ann Staninas Kathleen Stanton Philip Starr Eugene Stasiowski Cheryl Staub Martha M Stavrinou Hope Stayer Fred Stein Paul Stein Howard Steinberg Chad & Lauren Stender

Joseph Stepansky Carter & Lizanne Stephan Karen Sterner Linda J Stetina Robert Stetler Bryan Stevens Charles Stewart Judy Stewart Frieda A Stiehl David Stillions Shawn Stillwell Teresa Stitzel Stephen & Patricia Stockwell David Stokes John Stoltzfus Jonathan Stoltzfus Ann Stone Janelle Stone Barbara Stoneback Priscilla L Stoner Albert Storm Richard Stottlemyer Drew Stoudt Rosemary Stouffer Mark Strassle Harry Stratigos Patricia Strausbaugh Richard Strawder John Strayer James Street Gordon & Colleeen Strickler James Strohm Howard Stroop Cheryl Struble James Stump Jack Stumpf Karl Stumpf Cecil Sudbrack Larry Suhr Patricia R Sullivan Steven Summer Catherine Swarr Calvin L Swartzentruber

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Cheryl Sweigart Rose Sweigart Kathleen Sweitzer-Lubas Raymond Swisher Kim Bethea Sykes Carole A Symonds Karen Talbott Jessica M Taleff Anna Marie Tate Allen Taylor Charles Taylor Cynthia Taylor William Taylor Angela M Tekely C Vincent Tennis Jamie Testa Paul R Thibault Sarah Thibault David Thomas David P Thomas Jonathon Thomas Jeff Thompson Karen Thompson Mary E Thompson Robert Thompson II Dave Thomson James Thomson Jane Thren Linda Tilley Robert Tipping Christine Tobias Thomas Toney Mark Toomey Doris Towers John Travis Sandra Travitz Samuel Treichler Beverly A Trimble Bradley Trout Dorothea Troutman Harry Troxell Gail E Troyer Joan Tucker

Daniel & Mary Ann Tufano Yolanda G Turman James & Marlene Tusing Kenneth Twiford Dirk Tysmans Kenneth Tyson Donald Uhlik Raymond Urbine Sara Valentino Brian Vandegrift Sally Vanderslice Mark Vaughn Boyer L Veitch Mary C Veitch Peter Velez Susan Volp Walter & Leda Vom Saal Karl Von Bieberstein Linda Waddell Lee Wagaman Raeann Wagenman Deborah Wagner Joan Wagner Larry Wagner Margaret H Wagner Richard Wagner Sarah Wagner Alfred Wainwright, Jr Kelsey L Waite Robert Waldeck Roseann Waldron Elizabeth Walker J Samuel Walker Patricia Walker Gardenia Wallace Murrel Walters Norman Wangman Nancy Warshawsky Bernadette Washick Robert Watson Carolyn M Weaver Elizabeth Weaver J Richard Weaver

James Weaver James S Weaver Jo Weaver Larry & Sharon Weaver Marcia Weaver Mary Weaver Richard Weaver Sharon Weaver Stacy Weaver Benton Webber James Weber Matthew Weber Ann Weidinger Richard Weiser Barbara Wellons Linda Wentzel Michael Wentzel Douglas Werber Wynn Werner Dorothy Wert Ned O Wert Joseph West Margaret H West Soren West Marcy G Westerlund RJ Westerlund David Wetten Nancy Wetzel Lars White Randy White Robert White David Whiteman Dean Whitman Kenneth Whittington Bettie Whitworth Sherry Wickenheiser Robert Willey H Reade Williams LaDonna Williams Dewey Williard David Wilson John Wlilson

Lew Wilson Linda Wilson Ray Wilson Richard Wilson Robert Wilson Valerie Wilson-Robinson Donald Wilt Donald Wimer Duane Winters Michael Winters Sarah N Wise Donna Wissler M Ellen Withrow James Witkowski Janet Witman Daniel Witmer Patricia Witmer Susan Witmer J Kenneth Wittle Jennifer Witzke Albert Wolf Walter Wolf Lisa Wolfe Thomas & Sandra Wolfe Vance Wolfe Sandra Wolfe Benton Wolff Edgar Wolff Barbara Wolfgang John Wolgemuth Myra Wolgamuth James Wolsky Ruth Wood William Wotring Andrea L Smart Wright Lois Wright Melvin & Rebecca Wright Rebecca Wright Janet Wunder John Wylie Joseph Yanchuck Ann Yeager Alan E Yefko

Millersville University 51

Sharon Yelles David Yerger Jill Yescalis Barbara Yingling Clarence Yingling Thomas Yingling Dale Yingst John Yocum Karen Yocum Philip Yocum Beverly Yoder Carol Yoder George Yoder Gregory Yoder Elizabeth G Young Jeffrey Young Lois B Young David Lounsbury Alvin M Younger ZoeAnn Yousaitis Donald Youtz Ann Marie Zagarino Kimberly Zander Stephen Zardus Edwin J Zarek* Eunice Zeager Cheryl J Zegers Patricia Zercher-Beamenderfer Mary Ziegler Brenda Zimmerman Jeremy Zimmerman Kathleen Zimmerman Robert Zimmerman Chuck Zinda Barbara Zook Andrew G Zourides Robert & Stephanie Zuckerman

52 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Millersville University 53

University EMPLOYEEs

President’s Council Richard D Clark Gerald C Eckert Sepideh Yalda Old Main Council Amy H Dmitzak Martha P MacAdam ‘83 Kimberly A Mahaffy Akil L Stokes ‘07 Page Society Kyle M Almoney John M Anderson Dorothee J Blum Beverly H Breniser ‘69 Roger V Bruszewski Mary H Glazier Leroy T Hopkins ‘66 Micheal B Houlahan Stanley J Michalak Jr Michael J Nolan Harvey W Owen Marilyn M Parrish Vilas A Prabhu Larry N Reinking Lisa R Shibley Lewis H Shoemaker Johanne L Shutter ‘80 Robert T Smith Diane M Umble Ronald N Umble Rita R Smith Wade-El Marjorie M Warmkessel Daniel H Yocom Normal Society Daniel N Audette Blaze L Cambruzzi ‘02 Kenneth E Dearstyne Jr Melanie A DeSantis Victor S DeSantis Louis P DeSol Steven A DiGuiseppe ‘82 Charlene M Domin

54 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Stephen K Fries Mary A Gray-Schlegel Kimberly C Habecker Mary M Kelly Leonard S Litowitz Ellen M Long Veronica L Longenecker ‘85 Amelia Lopez James E McCollum Susan Northwall D’Ann S Ressler Linda J Rogers ‘02 Dominic Scott Janet A White ‘94 Tae Woo Joseph G Yourgal ‘87 Associate Anonymous (4) Marcy A Ashton Kelsey K Backels Linda E Bolin ‘04 Aminta H Breaux J Robert Buchanan Kathryn A Cody Patricia E Coulson Kenneth P DeLucca Donna L Eshleman ‘82 Katy Anne Ferrier ‘09 Margaret Ana Borger Greco Michael R Gumpper Jennifer L Hart Peg A Kauffman ‘87 Alan L Kelly Jr Jennifer M Mariacher Hiram G Martinez Alice R McMurry Aimee L Miller Arturo Rene Munoz Joel B Piperberg M William Redmond Jr ‘77 Carol Evans Reichler Anita Renfroe Jeri L Robinson-Lawrence

Linda A Roush Francis G Schodowski Duckhee Shin George C Soukas ‘82 Paul G Specht Gregory Eric Szczyrbak ‘95 Philip V Tacka Dawn M Upton ‘85 W Scott Vandegrift Donna L Viera ‘10 Teresa A Weisser Gifts Up to $250 Anonymous (2) Jeanne L Addison Ronald J Baker Donna M Bazow Patricia A Benson ‘09 Angeliki L Bobotas ‘87 Monique Boots Michele K Bote ‘98 Trudy J Brandt Patricia C Brislin Kerri Jo R Butler ‘11 Ximena P Catepillan Judith Cebra-Thomas Doris M Conlin ‘80 Angela L Cuthbert Kelly M Davis ‘95 Sandra A Deemer ‘92 Cheryl T Desmond Susan M DiBartolomeis Janet L Dotterer ‘91 Diane M Duell ‘87 Ross W Ellison John J Emswiler Kathleen Rose Estrada James W Fenwick Wendy M Fenwick ‘86 Henry M Fijalkowski Christine A Filippone Peggy D Forsyth Derek J Frey ‘81 Shauna L Frischkorn ‘83

Shawn P Gallagher Leslie Lynn Gates ‘03 Charles J Geiger Tonja A Gerlitzki Jill E Glick Judith E Graham Cindy S Gunzenhauser Enyang Guo Duane E Hagelgans ‘98 Laurie B Hanich Brian Hazlett Carol A Heintzelman Donna L Hernandez Patricia S Hill John E Hoover Eric J Horst Ethan P Hulsey Barbara R Johnson David H Johnson Kathleen M Jones ‘82 Janet E Kacskos Susan S Kastner Laura D Kendall Steven M Kennedy Tanya E Kevorkian Sharon K Knerr ‘88 R Janette Koehn Doyin O Kolo William Lauris ‘64 Lilly A Leon Julie A Lombardi Debbie S Lutz Joseph F Lynch Lorie Michelle Mahoney Clarence VH Maxwell Patrick H McCaskey Michael A McDowell Anne B McGillivray John M McLarnon III ‘93 James P Mone Nolan D Neiman Thomas J Neuville Susanne J Nimmrichter

Joanne M Ocasio Daniel F O’Neill Debra L Ordway Nora L Patterson Anne M Pryzbylkowski CRNP ‘00 Donna K Ressler Joseph E Revelt Thomas J Richardson Michael P Saraka Kendra J Saunders Gregory R Schmalhofer ‘80 Brant D Schuller Delray J Schultz Joseph A Sciarretta Jr Zhoude Shao Kenneth C Shields Jr Deborah S Sigel Deborah A Sowers Elizabeth A Thyrum ‘86 Helena Tuleya-Payne Zenaida E Uy John R Ward Melissa A Wardwell H Tyrone Washington Jr Roger W Webster Patrick C Weidinger ‘86 Denise M Weidman Tracey M Weis LaVern R Whisenton-Davidson Kathleen B Wiley N Keith Wiley John R Wright Jr Andrew M Young

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Millersville University 55

56 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

University EMPLOYEEs RETIREEs 1855 Society William B McIlwaine Joseph A Meier * George F Stine Trustee’s Council Larry W Bishop Dennis Denenberg Barbara B Hunsberger ‘65 Old Main Society C Richard Beam Dorothy P Beam William H Duncan* ‘40 Catherine C Glass ‘53 Joseph W Glass ‘53 Francine G McNairy Gary W Reighard* Page Society Ralph G Anttonen Charles G Denlinger Richard L Frerichs ‘64 Fay F Kramer ‘62 John M Roscoe Bernice R Rydell Roma J Sayre Edward C Shane Marjorie A Trout John Ellsworth Winter Normal Society Robert F Ambacher Carole L Beech Joseph A Caputo ‘03H Linda L Clark Carole M Counihan Ermaleen B Etter ‘68 Isaac K Hay Albert C Hoffman PhD

Golden Swan Society Deceased


Susan H Komsky Reynold S Koppel Marianne S Nolt ‘70 Charles K Scharnberger Ronald E Sykes Edward A Thomson Richard S Will ‘52 Darlene M Yourgal David S Zubatsky Associate Anonymous (6) Richard G Blouch Sumner J Germain F Perry Love ‘58 Kenneth G Miller ‘59 John F O’Donnell John B Osborne Jr Jean Marie Romig Leo E Shelley ‘64 Guy L Steucek Dolores H Stover Gifts Up to $250 Marshall D Anderson Geraldine M Benson Helen Y Bingaman David G Bird M Kathryn Borelli Peter J Brye Michael D Bubb ‘61 Samuel E Casselberry Aida A Ceara David B Chamberlin Howard P Chaundy Gale R Davis Warren L Eastwood Larry P Eshleman Diane C Fleishman Denis J Foley Jr G Alfred Forsyth

Eugene E Fritz Vicki L Gillmore Mariano Gonzalez Bonnie G Goshen ‘84 George D Hauber Sr ‘65 Laverne S Hauck Jr ‘69 Richard J Heckert Philip T Heesen Paul Robert Herr ‘54 David C Hill Patricia A Hopson-Shelton Nancy E Hungerford ‘80 Troy J Isaak Carl J Kanaskie Darlene A Keemer Marianne S Kerlavage W Richard Kettering Yvonne M King Irene R Kirchner Regis P Kirchner Jr Francis C Koczur Teh P Krajan Thomas L Kruse Judith P Lintner Susan P Luek G Terry Madonna ‘64 Anne L Mallery Marvin S Margolis Richard L Mearig ‘60 Karl E Moyer Richard E Olds Bernard L Oostdam Shirley A Parker Elaine K Pease Robert R Pletcher Clifton W Price Jr Dawn E Reese Jane L Reinhard Paul W Ross

Robert S Ross Gordon D Rowe Adele S Ruszak Minda M Sanders ‘37 Carl O Schmidtke Agnes L Schober Irene M Sigler Wayne W Silcox William H Skelly ‘63 Dalton E Smart Jr Mary Jane Smart ‘73 Joyce Scout Smedley M Joanne Snavely ‘52 Carol A Sperry James A Stager Colleen A Stameshkin Gordon P Symonds Jr* ‘66 Margaret R Tassia ‘63 Clark E Taylor ‘56 Joan E Tollinger Gail B Twiford Ellen B Waldeck Barbara J Waltman ‘73 Lawrence Warshawsky Jay D Weaver ‘56 Joan Klein Weidman Richard K Weidman Gene R Wise Dorothy E Wright Rachael D Wywadis ‘73 George J Yelagotes James E Yescalis Liliana M Zancu David A Zegers

Millersville University 57

non-person donors

1855 Society Anonymous (2) The Benecon Group Mr & Mrs William F Brossman CharitableFoundation JP Morgan Chase Bank Millersville University Alumni Association PA State Employees Credit Union Pepsi Cola Clarence Schock Foundation The John Frederick Steinman Foundation Student Lodging Inc Student Services Inc Trustee’s Council Alcoa Foundation Armstrong Foundation Associated Trust Company, NA Benchmark Construction Company Inc Berk-Tek Inc Campbell Soup Foundation Gene A Carpenter Football Foundation Hughes Foundation Inc Millersville University Music Department Millersville University Sports Camps Richard F Mula Architects LLC PA State System of Higher Education Foundation Inc PPL Corporation Premium Beverage Supply Ltd Willis & Elsie Shenk Foundation TE Connectivity President’s Council Allegro Chamber Orchestra Athletes for Better Education (AFBE) Clark Associates Charitable Foundation Fulton Bank The Hershey Company Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Prods Co Div of McNeil PPC Inc Max Kade Foundation Lancaster General Hospital The Mennonite Foundation Inc Music for Everyone Phoenix Contact

58 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

The James Hale Steinman Foundation Susquehanna Bancshares Inc. United Way for Greater Austin Wells Fargo Foundation Y&S Candies Old Main Society Anonymous Donegal Mutual Insurance Company Emerald Asset Management Inc Fidelity Charitable Gift - Scheifele-Holmes Family Foundation Morgan Stanley Smith Barney North Star Academy The Presser Foundation St Peter’s School Union Community Bank FSB Page Society Anonymous (2) AFSCME Local 2421 Air Products and Chemicals Inc Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculty The Anne L and Robert K Bowman Family Foundation Bulle Rock Golf Course Commission for the Universities of PASSHE Instrument Society of America Kensington Club Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership Lancaster Lebanon Wrestling Officials Lancaster Regional Medical Center Oak Leaf Manor Inc PA Society of Sons of the Revolution - Lancaster Chapter Schwab Charitable Fund - Thomas A & Georgina T Russo Shands & Hager Parking Lots (Mercury Enterprises) Stonelick Hills Golf Club Susquehanna Litho Foundation Trout Ebersole & Groff LLP United Way of the Capital Region Richard C Von Hess Foundation WLPA-Hall Communications Normal Society Friends of Joe Pitts Committee Lancaster Commercial Travelers Lancaster County Community Foundation

Lancaster Literary Guild Lebzelter’s Total Car Care Millersville University Business Associates Packaging Corporation of America The Standard Group Taylor & Francis Group, LLC Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program - DeWayne & Cheryl Ketchum Associate American Association of Safety Engineers Lehigh Valley Chap High Company LLC Keeler Motor Car Co Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation Pemcor Inc No Club Anonymous America’s Charities Buckley, Brion, McGuire, Morris & Sommer LLP Campus Club Central Penn Nursing Care Inc Chesapeake Bay Area CFC Christiane David Gallery D H Funk & Sons Encore Dance Center Gallagher & Sons Construction Ganser Library Staff Graduate Social Work Organization Haverstick Films Heartcare Associates of Bucks County Liberty Storage The mGive Foundation Old Guard Teachers of Penn Delco Penn Delco Education Association Penn Manor Democratic Committee Pennington Dental Associates Philadelphia Area Combined Federal Campaign Social Work Organization Thornton Consulting Inc Union Pacific Fund for Effective Government Warriors of Holiness in Power Ministries

Millersville University 59

60 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Gifts in Kind El Serrano Fulton Opera House Hammond’s Pretzel Bakery Inc House of Pizza Jack’s Family Tavern Jaxxon Promotions Inc John Herr’s Village Market Inc Leisure Lanes Bowling & Golf Center Mary Kay Maurices Nino’s Pizza Pepperidge Farm Ronald McDonald House Sign-A-Rama Smith Food Service Inc Student Services Inc Sugar Bowl Target

* Deceased

The Lancaster Financial Group

Ruth Huber

Robert & Jo-Ann Porter

The Pita Pit of Lancaster

Judy Hurlbut

Sharon E. Smith Riley ‘79

Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Polly Irwin

Jean M Romig

Marlene Tonge Arnst ‘63

Elizabeth Falkenstine Kauffman ‘52

Linda B Roscoe

Marilyn P Beittel

Richard Keene

Joanne M Berlot Servansky ‘82

Ruth M. Cox Buehler ‘66

Roy J Keiser Jr ‘53

Linda & Roland Shugarts

Millie Christie

Bruce & Margaret Kellner

Debbie Sigel

Betty Collier

Julia A Kohler

Brian D Smith ‘87

Laurie D Fritzinger DeAngelo ‘89

Lois Kolb

Sheryl A Becker Symonds ‘82

Nancy Dotterer

William Kreidler

Blair & Hilda Treasure ‘71

Nancy L Eberle

Jane Marlette

Betty W Waetjen

Christopher T Ecker ‘09

Kathy Masten

Rosalyn R Ward

Sara S Fisher

Mary McKenna

Ronald A Weaver

Colleen R Ford

Stephen J Micio ‘59

Mike Weisensee

Sara A Gable

Naomi R Myers ‘53

Sarah N Wise

Gail C Gray

Eiko A Nernoff

Sandi Wolfe

Doris Hashinger*

Verna Obehelezer

Gail A Yoder ‘77

Elizabeth Helm

Harvey W Owen

Betty Zimmerman

Rolf Hickman

Craig & Lyn Patterson

David S Zubatsky

Richard Hollen

Stephen S Perry

Millersville University 61

Corporate Matching Gifts

Campbell Soup Foundation

J P Morgan Chase & Company

Texas Instruments Foundation

Chevron USA Inc

Johnson & Johnson

Travelers Community Connections

Abbott Laboratories

Exelon Corporation

Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation

UBS Foundation

ADP Foundation

ExxonMobil Foundation Inc

Menasha Corporation

UGI Utilities Inc

Air Products and Chemicals Inc

Fulton Bank

The Merck Company Foundation

The Vanguard Group

Alcoa Foundation

Gannett Foundation


Verizon Foundation

The Allstate Foundation

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Oracle Corporation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Armstrong Foundation

Guardian Life Insurance Company

The Pfizer Foundation

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

The Hershey Company

PPL Corporation

BAE Systems Inc

Hershey Trust Company

The Procter & Gamble Fund

Bank of America Foundation

Highmark Foundation

The Prudential Foundation

The Becton Dickinson Foundation

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc

Sanofi Pasteur

The Bon-Ton Stores Foundation

IBM Corporation

Science Applications International Corporation

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

State Farm Companies Foundation

IMS America

TE Connectivity

62 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Corporate Sponsors Millersville University offers many advertising and corporate sponsorship opportunities. We provide businesses with venues to market themselves to broad audiences: the thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors who work and play on our

Altand House Catering (Crossgates) Ambling University Development Group American Endowment FoundationRodgers Family Charitable Fund AO Orthopedics Inc Army ROTC Auntie Anne’s Inc Aussie and the Fox LLC Benchmark Construction Company Inc Benjamin Roberts Berk-Tek Carmen & David’s Creamery Inc CDS Solutions Group Centerville Family Dental Clair Bros Audio Systems Inc. Clear Channel Media Clipper Magazine Cognitive Marketing Cork Factory Hotel Dairy Queen Dawood Engineering, Inc. Eden Resort Inn Educational Furniture Solutions Entech Engineering

Ettline Fairfield Inn Fine Living Magazine Graybar Corl Communications Hagelgans & Veronis LLP Hall Media Solutions Harrow Sports Heery Herrs Foods Inc Horst Construction Horst Realty integraONE Jack’s Family Tavern Jaxxon Promotions Inc Jones Family of Dealerships Kensington Club Kline Services Kunzler & Co Inc Lancaster Barnstormers Lancaster Regional Medical Center Law Office of William C Haynes MainStay Suites

campus throughout the year. We look forward to continued partnerships with these and other businesses. Thanks to those listed here who partnered with the University in 2012-2013.

Martin Insurance Agency Mary Kay Cosmetics Maurices MBI Group Inc Millersville University Alumni Association Minnick Wall Solutions New Holland Auto Group Noble Chemical Oak Leaf Manor Inc Panasonic Papa Johns Pizza Prudential Home Sale PSECU Richard F Mulá Architects LLC Richard S & Ann B Barshinger Family Foundation RICOH Rodgers & Associates SIDEARM Sports Sign-A-Rama Smith Food Service Inc Student Lodging Inc Student Services Inc

Sugar Bowl Supply Source Symposium Taco Bell TE Connectivity The Hershey Company The Lancaster Financial Group The Pita Pit of Lancaster Tipping Point Media TSS/DVL Tudbink Nursery Turkey Hill Dairy Inc Turkey Hill Minit Markets Warfel Construction Company Weaver Associates Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers WGAL-TV8 Whitmoyer Buick-Chevrolet Wiley’s Pharmacy of Millersville Windstream Communications Inc. WLAN FM Yellow Book USA York Sherwood Associates

Millersville University 63

MEMORIAL & Honorary Gifts Friends, colleagues and families honor the lives or memories of loved ones or mark special occasions with a gift to Millersville University. These thoughtful gifts directed to various purposes benefit our students and campus community. A named fund is another thoughtful way to MEMORIAL Gifts

Elizabeth Hooker Appel Jane G Barber Beth Ann Barry Edward C Beardslee Grace Doan Bitler Betty Gold Blocker Betty Booker Rosario Caminero Eileen Carroll ‘73 Christina A Ciallella Dorothy Connolly Ruth Cornogg Russell L DeSouza Genevieve Mann Diller ‘35 Leroy E Duke ‘50 William H Duncan ‘40 Diana Lin Denenberg Durand ‘67 Virginia A Faulkner Emerson ‘77 Fay J Entler ‘58 Marea Shriver Eyster Carl D Ferree ‘60 Joy W. Filling ‘49 Betty J Finney H’06 Paul G Fisher Robert Fraley ‘53 Carol Read Goodyear ‘53

64 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Lloyd Grander ‘51 Paul E Gravell ‘48 Thelma Greenbaum Linda Maclennan Haines ‘82 Diane Heath ‘93 Frank R Heavner Eugene D and Blanche M Heisey John L Herr ‘52 Richard J Hess Sr ‘49 Justin Flannery Hilton ‘07 Patricia Hine Floyd C “Shorty” Hitchcock James A Hughes Richard C Keller ‘45 Lorna Eshleman King ‘45 Dorothy J Lacy ‘62 Joanne Manifold Laning ‘46 Peggy J Lavong Deborah L Lawler John Legg ‘52 Jacqueline Long Esther Stoll Barlow Lowry Vincent “VJ” Marcelis ‘97 Vincent P Marcelis Winifred C McCain ‘43 Melva S McIlwaine Paul J McInerney Joseph A & Anita R Meier

honor or memorialize a family member, friend or colleague. These funds ($25,000 minimum) remain in perpetuity for the benefit of the students, faculty and/or facilities of Millersville University.

Dale “Dusty” Miller ‘50 Lynne Moyer B Todd Myers ‘89 John D Neider Barbara M Nichols ‘73 Paul H Nichols H’00 Jay B Niesley ‘73 Ralph & Flo K (Smith) Noble ‘34 James C Parks Gloria Broscius Peffley ‘52 Audrey Pomponi Syd Radinovsky Robert D Sayre Nathan C Schaeffer Jane Gray Smith ‘33 Gertrude Bettle Stoll William S Trout Harold R Weinrich

Honorary Gifts

Deborah T Castellucci ‘81 Colin D Chappell ‘03 Carole M Counihan Cheryl T Desmond William A Dinges ‘65 Abram J Foster Jane B Geyer ‘59 Micheal B Houlahan Stephen Kepchar Jr ‘70 William Lauris Lisa MacAdoo Linda L McDowell Francine G McNairy Dawn L Moore ‘86 Rebekah A Moore ‘12 Richard Moore Jr ‘85 Karl E Moyer Rachel R Noll ‘62 Ermon Postles Mark Randall David & Mary Schiele Dominic Scott Adam M Updegraff ‘10 John Ellsworth Winter Jeannette F Wojcik

Black & Gold Giving In intercollegiate athletics, resources are precious and much needed for our teams to succeed. All athletic scholarships distributed to our nearly 400 student-athletes come from donors just like you. Black & Gold Club gifts are invested into our 19 programs, enhancing our coaches’ ability to recruit and retain talented student-athletes. These gifts go to scholarships,

equipment and travel. In order to keep pace and compete with other institutions and to provide our student-athletes with the best possible experience, Millersville Athletics relies on the Black & Gold Club. Your gift makes a direct impact on the success of the Millersville Marauders.

Black & Gold Club Platinum Thomas Anderson Richard A & Susan H Anthes Bennett J & Joanne W Cooper Rexford & Catherine Flannery Hilton Richard LaGrotte Lois Todd Morgan Akil L Stokes Lance Stopper Betty W Waetjen Ronald A Wilson

Doug Noble Jane Ulsh Stephen P & Elisa Ann Winterstein

Black & Gold Club-Gold Level Kyle M Almoney Richard G Cornogg Tim DeRosa David R. Dickinson Jennifer Herweh Dickinson Lori A Miller Ecker Thomas G Ecker Richard Frerichs Charles & Carol Gambino Martha P MacAdam Roger A Raspen

William V Romans David K Thompson Dick & Marjorie A Trout Joseph B Wilt Jan Zanger Black & Gold Club-Silver Level Robert Ambacher Daniel N Audette Blaze L Cambruzzi Craig & Betty Ann Clark Gary B Collins Linda Zwalley Collins Louis P DeSol Charlene M Domin Carla Washington Dudeck Harold C Dudeck Christopher T Ecker Robert J Fink Jr John & Mary Flannery Glen & Elaine Grell Chris Gregory Habecker Kimberly C Habecker James & Donna McCollum

Black & Gold Club-Bronze Level Anonymous David August Paula C Keller Bamford William E & Elaine T Benner Jr Aminta H Breaux David L Cody Kathryn Cody Donna L Eshleman Miles P Gallagher Joyce Flinchbaugh Hibshman Richard L Hibshman John T Johnson Peg A Kauffman Mary Gochenaur Lehr Robert Lehr Catharine Hill Love F Perry Love Stephen G Marcin Mary Ann Bolenius Price

Walter V Price Jr Ray “RJ” Rychleski George & Beth Spanos Barbara Anderson Stitchberry Thomas L Stitchberry Scott Vandegrift William S Vandegrift Nancy Friedrichs Weigel William M Weigel Gene R Wise Sarah N Wise Tae O Woo Black & Gold Club-Member Level Henry Allen Deborah L Geno Atkins Frank A Baker Mara Urenovich Barth Wanda E Bartholomew Donna M Bazow James M Bell Tori R Bentsel Richard T Biddle Jerry & Arlene Birk

Millersville University 65

Judy Bitner Elmer Bland Rose A Boegli Jana Z Bonds Jeremy A Bostwick William E Bowers Kathleen D Bravin Kelly D Roberts Brenninger Charles A Brewer Lois Hossler Brewer Louise Brown Calvin Browne Jr David Busch Amy J Buchko Campbell Wayne A Campbell Joseph A & Linda R Caputo Christine C Casey Ed & Nanette Chladny Gregory Colby William S Collins Jr Barbara Conrad Corbo Nicholas J Corbo Jenna M Craig Michael A D’Avella William J Davis James & Susan Davis Wendy Del Terzo Henry J DeMito Jack W DeMorra II Harold T Densmore Dominick DiNunzio Helen M DiNunzio John J Dobosh Jr Gerald & Linda Donlan

66 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Jeffrey W Duke Gerald V Dunkle Chris Edgar John Emswiler Tara Ruoff Fausnaught Michael & Jackie Fickes Hank & Brenda Fijalkowski Glenn M Flegal Philip & Christine Flynn Bernadette M Gardner Eugene Gardner Joseph W Glass Susan Fulton Glass Edward C Goodhart III Judy Stout Goodhart Peggy & Andy Greenawalt Richard L Griffin Linda Hellerman Griggs John T Guilfoyle Cindy Gunzenhauser Gerald L Harding Eric J Hartman Patsy A Hartranft Budd Heim Karen Stauffer Heim Marilyn J Heine Joyce E Herr Vernon Hilbert Jr Shawn L Hoffman Stacey L Hollinger Daniel P Horan Gretchen A Horan Pamela C Reddig Houseal Philip N Houseal

Lamar A Jackson Theresa A Hutchison Jackson Wardell John Jackson James & Maureen Jenkins Dean E Jennings David “DJ” Johnson Nancy Hoke Jones Robert L Jones Joseph Judge Mary Frances Karr Pamela J Kaylor Jamie S Kegerise Stephen Kepchar Veronica J Kepchar Sharon K Knerr Zachary Q Kohler Fay Follett Kramer H H Kramer Marina & Vladimir Kravets Brian B & Sharon H Kulp David & Patricia Kyper Susan L Latimer Janice D Lauris William Lauris Patrick R Leahy Larry & Kathy LeBlanc Stephen G Lebo Dennis P Leeper Mary Louise Rhoads Leeper Gregory S Lefever Kenneth E Leister Arthur A Lesh Glenn D Livelsberger Reginald Lodbolt

Patti Loghow Jeff & Jayne Longenecker Lisa Louthian Abbie L Mahaffey Keith A Mahaffey Irene Mangle Barry & Nancy Manwiller Alfred J Marcello Jr William G Martin Earle & Rachael McCarney Paul J McCool Dennis P McKnight Deborah A Phelan McKonly Michael J McKonly Tom & Lei Mellon Phyliss C Mengle Tim & Lisa Mertz Eric D Meyers Heather M Miller Lance S Miller Robert E Miller William D Milligan Dennis E Moroz Nolan D Neiman Bob Newcomer Rose L Newcomer Anthony P Norris Richard A O’Donovan James M Oatman Richard S Olson Nadine M Owsiany Samuel N Paone John W Parker John G Pavlick Jr

Mr. Thomas Kieffer Peters Robert Pettinelli Jr Brian J Phelan James D Pillar Charles M Pires Kathleen M Kelly Pires Charles Podlesny Andrea Deery Pope Shauna M Powers C Frederick Ralston Howard C Rathman Jennifer S North Rathman Randy Redman Patricia A Renninger Susan J Rhoads Edward Richardson Thomas & Patty Ruane Adele Ruszak Kevin Ryan & Alison Recca-Ryan Kathleen Sacco J Harold Sahm William & Jennifer Sassaman Jere W Schuler James Fred Shimer Tom & Lyn Shultz Andrew C Slocum Steven Spohn Susan M Lusk Stafford Glenn N Stitzel Kenneth Jacob Stoner Shirley Evans Stoner John M. Sullivan James E Sweeney Joy Daniels Sweeney

John R Talbott Jr Joseph H Tate Henry R Taylor Gregory Adolph Testa Robert Thompson II Steven R Tilley Steve & Beth Torrance Deidre Ellen Utz Rudolph Valentino Craig C Wagaman Gary Waite Samuel B Walker Margaret A Spangler Walls Robert F Walls Patricia Hulsart Walters Richard H Walters Barbara Waltman James D Warner Mrs Carolyn M Weaver Diane Messerschmidt White James & Diane White D Timothy Wissler William Wood Frederick R Yoder Cheryl McLain Youtz Scott & Glenda Youtz William M Zagarino David S & Marie N Zubatsky

Millersville University 67

ENDOWMENTS SUPPORTED An endowed gift to Millersville University provides a lasting legacy through a never-ending stream of income. These gifts allow students’ scholarship funds to focus on academics, provide resources and equipment for classrooms and libraries, enrich funds for student and faculty research and add program support for healthy living. African-American Latino Alumni Scholarship Endowment All Greek Council/Stefanie J Wojcik Endowment Keith Ranck/Ralph and Judy Anttonen WIXQ Scholarship The Judge & Mrs Anthony R Appel Scholarship The Leo Ascher Music Award Endowment Asian American Scholarship Elizabeth H Aston & Barbara A Donan Endowed Scholarship Kendig C & Nancy Bare Scholarship Beth Ann Barry Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Computer Science Paul & Caroline Beideman Honors College Fellowship Endowment Bishop Family Basketball Scholarship Grace Doan Bitler & Charles F Bitler Memorial Scholarship Lee H & Laura H Boyer Award in Math & Computer Sci ence Endowent Richard F Brenner ‘41 Industrial Technology Scholarship Dr Rosario Caminero Memorial Endowment- Latino Studies Award Campaign General Scholarship Endowment Campaign Student Health & Wellness Endowment Campaign General Athletics Scholarship Endowment Campaign Humanities & Social Sciences Equipment Endowment Campaign Humanities & Social Sciences Scholarship Endowment Campaign Scince & Math Equipment Endowment Campaign Science & Math Scholarship Endowment Harry E Canter Statistics Award Endowment

68 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Endowments bridge the gap between costs and revenues and allow the University to plan into the future. Now, more than ever, we are deeply grateful to those individuals and organizations that continue to grow Millersville University’s endowment each year.

The Gene Carpenter Scholarship Endowment Don R and Judith C Carter Endowment for JP McCaskey Students Christina A Ciallella Memorial Scholarship Clark-Yalda Scholarship in Atmospheric Science Class of 1910 Endowment Class of 1937 Endowment Class of 1943 Endowment Class of 1951 Scholarship Endowment Class of 1952 Endowment Class of 1953 Endowment Class of 1954 Endowment Class of 1958 Education Scholarship Endowment Class of 1959 Education Scholarship Endowment Class of 1961 Education Scholarship Class of 1962 Education Scholarship Class of 1963 Scholarship Council of Trustees Scholarship Dr Benjamin J DelTito’77 & Anna DeBlois DelTito Scholarship Diana’s Dreamers: Determined to defeat Breast Cancer Endowment William A Dinges Endowed Veterans Scholarship Dr Dominick’53 & Mrs Helen DiNunzio Scholarship Endowment Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Diversity Initiative & Social Equity Endowment Laura B Doering Library Service Award Endowment

William H and Alma P Duncan Scholarship in Education The Faraday Physics Scholarship Betty Finney Psychology Graduate Fellowship Paul G Fisher Endowment for Guest Artist of Symphonic Band Glenn M Flegal ‘54 Wrestling Scholarship Endowment Darlene Ford Atrium, McComsey Hall The Robert and Darlene Ford Merit Scholarship in Geography Robert N & Darlene I Ford Endowment for Strings Forty et Eight Endowment for Nursing Education The Marion G Foster Award in Social Work Peter H Freedman Endowed Scholarship Peter H Freedman Jazz Concert Frerichs Family Women’s Basketball Scholarship Sally R Gibson Endowment Dr Joseph W ‘53 & Susan Fulton ‘84 Glass Scholarship Endowment Stephen & Mary Ann Gring Scholarship Eugene Groff - Arthur Hulme Football Scholarship Endowment John M & Audrey Hallgren Endowment James E Harf PhD ‘61 Study Abroad Scholarship Frank R Heavner Memorial Award Endowment Don L. and Irene M. Helsel Scholarship The Alex Henderson Scholarship in Biology Endowment Mervin W Hess Endowed Scholarship Justin Flannery Hilton ‘07 Memorial Baseball Scholarship Shorty Hitchcock Memorial Wrestling Scholarship

Hoffman Family Endowment for Honors Program Students Hughes Foundation Inc Scholarship Innovator in Residence Program Endowment Instructional Equipment Endowment The Hazel Jackson Scholarship Jackson Family International Education Scholarship Endowment Michael Jamanis & Frances Veri Scholarship Ray W Kauffman Fund for Orchestral Guests Endowment Kenderdine Lectureship Endowment Stephen & Veronica Kepchar Presidential Endowment Andrew & Clara Kissh Academic Scholarship James E Koken Science Scholarship The Charlotte A Lafferty History Scholarship Landis Family International Scholarship Library Acquisitions Endowment Bruce R Limpert Global Services Program Endowment The Frank S Lisella Endowment for Biology Equipment Jacqueline Long French Scholarship Endowment MAK Athletic Scholarship Endowment V J Marcelis Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education The Martin Scholar Endowed Scholarship Melva S McIlwaine Music Master Class and Concert Endowment Paul J McInerney Memorial Lecture Fund Endowment Dr Francine G and Gladys B McNairy Scholarship The Joseph and Anita Meier Memorial Scholarship Men’s Basketball Memorial Scholarship Endowment Meteorological Endowment Millersville University Business Associates Scholarship Millersville University Campus Club Scholarship Millersville University Computer Science Award Endowment Millersville University Unrestricted General Endowment Lois T Morgan ‘54 Student-Athlete Endowed Scholarship Charles E & Betty F Muench Scholarship Endowment B Todd Myers Memorial Golf Scholarship Endowment Edna H Myers Mathematics Scholarship

Dr Erik & Mrs Jeanne Nakjavani Award for International Study Neimeyer Hodgson Student Research Grant Endowment Paul H Nichols Scholarship Fund Endowment Jay Niesley Scholarship Endowment Joseph & Marianne Nolt Family Scholarship Endowment Omicron Delta Epsilon Economic Research Award Parker-Jones-Womack Scholarship Endowment Dr James C Parks Memorial Endowment Dorothy J Patterson English Scholarship Prabhu Family Endowed Scholarship Predmore-Cornogg Geography Scholarship Endowment Syd Radinovsky Memorial Scholarship Maryann Kitson Raspen Scholarship in Women’s Athletics Ratzlaff Scholarship Gary and Jacqueline Reighard Outstanding Leadership Award Robertson Endowed Library Garden Botany Internship Jane B Rohrer Endowment Dr Ted Rupp Wrestling Scholarship Edward L ‘64 & Kathy H ‘69 Schoenberger Scholarship School of Science & Math Deans Discretionary Fund Senior Class Gift Edward Shane School of SCMA Research & Recognition Symposium Elsie Shenk Endowment for Wellness and Womens Center Program The Paul H Slaugh Jr Program in Entrepreneurial Studies The Dr Mary Alice Smith Scholarship Fund Endowment Starbrad Excellence in Science Endowment George F Stauffer Scholarship Endowment Clyde S and Pauline F Stine Scholarship Drs Helen A Stine ‘64 & George F Stine Freshman Scholarship George Stine Sociology Scholarship The Gertrude Bettle Stoll-Esther Stoll Barlow Lowry Scholarship Student-Faculty Research & Faculty Development Endowment Anne Tunis Summy Print Award Endowment

Susquehanna Engineering & Manufacturing Society/Gravell Scholarship Ronald E Sykes Artist-Teacher Award Gail Thomson/Penn Manor Scholarship Endowment Nadine Thomas Journalism Scholarship Marjorie Trout Women in Athletics Scholarship Mr & Mrs Joseph A Tryon Endowed Scholarship Yvonne & Sandra Turchi Biochemistry Endowment United Campus Ministry Endowment Unrestricted Campaign Endowment Cecil M Upton Organic Chemistry Award Dr Kay Vandergrift & Dr Jane Hannigan Endowment for Women Walter B ‘42 & Betty Waetjen Global Opportunities Endowment Walter B Waetjen, EdD ‘42 Football Scholarship Joseph E Walker American History Scholarship Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership The Ware Center Endowment Liselotte R Wehrheim Scholarship in Nursing Donald E Weiman Instructional Equipment Endowment Irwin R Weinhold Endowment Harold R Weirich Memorial Lecture Endowment Wickersham Memorial Scholarship (Class ‘45) Kathleen C Winder Endowment for Elementary Education Womens Giving Circle Scholarship Endowment Women’s Issues Endowment Women’s Studies Endowment Alan K Wyand & Robert L Shoener Scholarship Sandra A Yeager PhD Chemistry Scholarship Dr William J Yurkiewicz Undergraduate Research Fellowship Dr David and Marie Zubatsky International Studies Schlrshp

Millersville University 69

Online Giving While we are glad to accept your gift through the mail or by phone, the benefits of an online gift keep on giving. Offering a quick and convenient way to make a gift to Millersville University, online giving is safe and secure. There is less worrying about your check or credit card information getting lost in the mail as well as proper disposal of the information once it is received. In fact, it is so convenient you can make an online gift no matter where you are - from your computer, tablet or smartphone! Online giving is also an environmentally-friendly option and helps save thousands of trees used for paper mailings every year. Many donors enjoy an income-tax deduction from making a donation. Rest assured that online gifts enjoy the same income-tax deduction and receipt for IRS purposes. Online gifts are immediate, so go to work helping Millersville students right away. Help sustain the University by making your next gift online and decreasing paper usage, costs, and environmental impact and support Millersville students from anywhere, anytime!

70 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Last year, Impact Fund gifts totaled more than $325,000 to help Millersville students. One hundred percent of these gifts reach Millersville students, primarily in the form of scholarships. The Impact Fund is the primary way that alumni, parents, and friends supp ort the University each year. Your annual donations allow Millersville to offer an exceptional education to our students year after year and support the areas of greatest need throughout the University. Impact Fund dollars are spent each fiscal year to provide immediate support to meet the needs of our students and the University. Surprisingly, tuition and state support alone do not cover the entire cost of a Millersville education. Your support, combining resources with other alumni, parents, employees, and friends makes a real impact on our students. You support an ever-improving, consistently strong, effective force for a high quality education. You make Millersville what it is today – a center for innovation, creativity, and global engagement – and ensure that the University is here not only for the students of today, but for future generations as well. The impact of your giving will not only affect current Millersville students, but the future of Millersville students to come as we are committed to expanding and enhancing the Millersville experience for the entire campus community.

Millersville University 71

P.O. Box 1002 Millersville, PA 17551-0303

Millersville University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution. A Member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. 5236-1013

72 Report of GIFTS | 2012 - 2013

Millersville University Report of Gifts 2013  

This report of gifts shares the listing of those donors who made gifts during the period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Millersville University Report of Gifts 2013  

This report of gifts shares the listing of those donors who made gifts during the period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.