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Welcome to your guide to great value This Superstore catalogue We have compiled contains all the products which are available from our Argos stores, plus the Argos catalogue ·traditional an additional 1600 lines are exclusive to with you in mind, to which Superstores. To make it easier for you to offer you a great find what you want, we have and Superstore way of shopping for Traditional ranges combined together, so you can see the full range a hu~e range of Argos has to offer. quality products, at rc::;, o Products prices you will find ~IIS]£2CJ9001 ::~ed by symbols are exclusive to our hard to beat. Superstores, and are not SUPERSTORES ONLY

available from Traditional Argos stores. Please see the back of the catalogue for your nearest Argos Superstore.

How to shop Shopping is simple: Write the catalogue number and the quantity of the goods you require on a selection form (there are some included in this catalogue as well as in-store). Ta.kethe form to a service pomt. Whilst you are paying, your goods will be brought to the collection counter ready for you to collect. Some of our larger items can also be ordered by telephone and delivered to your door, please see page 3 for details.


2 3

Ways to pay

You can pay for your purchase with cash or anyone of the credit or debit cards shown. You can also pay by cheque and if you have a valid cheque card, we will give you immediate


clearance up to £500on (subject cheques to status, you may also need additional identification).

Overseas visitors may qualify for Tax Free shopping, saving on the cost of your purchase. Customers from countries within the European Community cannot reclaim VAT. Please ask in-store for details.

Up to £1,000 instant credit" Please ask in-store for details. ·Subject to status. Availableto most adults. Argos is a licensed credit broker.


personal account There's now more than ever to choose from at Argos. With our Personal Account you can afford what you want now, and then spread your payments over time. Please ask in-store for details. APR 29.8%t (Subject to variation). tWhen payment is made by Direct Debit. A written quotation is available on request.


CONTENTS 6-109 Elizabeth Duke Jewellery, Watches &: Clocks

110-202 Office Equipment &: Furniture

203-33 L For the Home, laundrY, Cleaning, Kitchen Equipment Tableware


332-377 Gifts for All &: Personal Care

378路441 Handyman &: Sports Equipment

442-517 Photographic, Sound &: Vision

518-632 Nursery &: Toys

For your easy guide to sections just follow the coloured tabs. books_to_bytes



Savem's with Premier Points


Many Argos customers are already conecting Premier Points and using them to save £££'s at Argos

that specDJ occaMn or ~ to say thank you. Argos and FIJbII Flo..... takes care of it. See page 339 for furd'ler details of our NEW and EXCLUSIVEARGOS BOUQUETS.





Extended guarantees A

For added reassurance we offer Extended Guarantees on a range of electricaJ items from microwaves and televisions to midi systems and cameras.

PWS FREE FIRST YEAR ACCrDENTAL DAMAGE COVER. Please see page 493 for full details.














I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I


MESSAGE(not more than 10 words)

• You can collect Premier Points when you buy petrol or diesel fuel (rom Mobil Service Stations, and when you stay at any Friendly Group Hotel •


I I I I I I 1 I I 1 I 1

Please send:

to arrive by




or Xmas




Card No.

1 I I I I I I I 1



Method of payment: Cheque 0

0 P.O. 0

Argos Account

Access/Visa 0


Expiry Date






Please send 10: flying flowers. P.O. Box 373. SL Heller. kney JEt 1AE



I I I I I 1 1 I I I 1 I


Points can be redeemed at any Argos store. A full card is worth £5 but there is no need to wait, you can redeem any value of points at anytime. Simply present your Collecting Card(s) to the cashier when making a purchase of one or more items from the Argos catalogue·. You can add to your Points value with any other method of payment accepted at Argos stores. For full tenns and conditions ask in any Argos store, participating MobiJ Service Station. or Friendly Hotel and start saving today. See page 633 for examples of redemption values. ·Exdudes any telephone or mail order services.




Argos gift vouchers

£1 Cat. No. 888/0105

£5 Cat. No. 888/0507 £10 Cat. No. 888/1001

£20 Cat. No. 888/2000 Ifyou want to take care of a Christmas gift, a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion,an Argos Gift Voucher could be the answer. Vouchers are also ideal for incentive and promotional awards (see page 632). Please note that Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Christmas decorations wiJI be available in stores from 27th September, 1993.

The following guarantees do not affect your statutory rights

The Argos promise If you change your mind and decide that a product you have bought does not meet your e.xact requirements we offer you the opportunity of retuming_lt within 16 days of purchase, for a full refund or exchange. We simply ask that it is returned In its original and unspoilt condition, with its original wrapping and your receipt. Please note this promise does not apply to earrings for pierced ears, food products, camcorders, pre-recorded music or videos, video game software, fresh flowers and Christmas decorations.

After sales care Making sure that you are happy with your purchases both when you buy them, and after you have taken them home, Is very Important to us. • If a product develops a fault, simply return It within 30 days of purchase and we will offer you an exchange or a full refund. • We will provide a free-of-charge repair facility, normally within 16 days, on products which develop a fault and are returned to a store more than 30 days after purchase with your receipt, but within 12 months. Look out for the SEIM E repair signs showing jewellery repair, and service ~ In home or on site •

I. &I'..

• Any product which develops a fault and has a manufacturer's guarantee beyond 12 months will be repaired in accordance with the terms of that guarantee. • Many electrical appliances can also be serviced in your home, please ask in-store for details.

Argos supports the guidelines for guarantees set by the British Retail Consortium.


• Somao(dI.pds whldt ate""",,", Indie cataIop may vary IIIJhdY It. Mlpplle. has clwlpeI or altered dlelr tpe<HIcatIons alter dI. cataI...... has bewo printIOcI. "1111$Ihoulcl M(Ipen. we win try to help by offertn, you altenwiYe pods of a similar specHIcadon uMI value to your

oripwchalce. • ........

ched< die "'-




• Under exeepcional clrcuM$C3lK4!S,we may have to make adju_U to OUrprices _.t in the c:atalogue ('!'IIkh Include VA.Tat 171!X). • All Items are subject to avalWIiHty.

5 books_to_bytes

The Quality Jeweller ROTARYGENTS' QUAATZ WATCH. Gad plated case. Dote reo1\le. CentIe second hood.leo1he!


CaI.No.25218652 m £89.50



ROrAAY'lADIES' QUAATZ WATCH. Gold platedCOle Old bIOceIet. Dote. S.veep second

hem. CaI.No.25217581 RlfS99.50



iiOWiYGeNTS' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold pIoted case Old broCeIet. Dote. Ibrond $eI at 12 o'cloct. SWeeP second herd, CalJIo. 251/8576 m £110.00


4 iiOrAiiYGENTS' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold platedCOle andblocelel. Da(Olddote. sweep second toond. CaI.No.25218157 RIll' £99.50


5 ROTARYGENTS' QUARTZ WATCH, Stolnle$uteel and

gold plated COle end txoceIel.

Dote Old sweep second hOOd. CaI.No.25215538 RRP£107.50




ROTARY lADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gad plated COle end bloceiel.

CaI.No.25216393 m £99.~0


7 ROTARYGENTS' QUAATZ WATCH, Got! plated COle and bIOceIet. Da( end dote, SWeep second hondo CaI.No.25217567 m£119.50


8 'RoTAR'YGENTS' QUAATZ WATCH. Gad plated COle and btoceIeI. Dote. S.veep seoond hondo CaI.No.252/7574 RRP£112.50



iiOrAiiYlADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Stofnesuteel case end bIoceIel v.iIh gold plated ~

inks end belel,

OoIe.centie SW99P second hOOd. Eosy odjusIobIe bIOceIet. CaI.No.252}869O RRP~107.50


SEIKO FROM ONL Y books_to_bytes


WATCH. Block CMlrnUn llI01ed case <nd bocel8l 'ItitIi gQ1d plated conneclllg IfnIIs ond bezel. LltI100usholr Il'lMeIs 000 t'alds. Dote feo1\rll. €en!T9~ secood hand. ScIOIchresistantl'IineIal 91os$.



CoUjo. 25218669 RRP£110.oo


iiOTMYiOlEDO" QUARTZ WATCIiES. Gold pIojed case

and bIOcelel. SCrolcl1l9Sistont mlnelOl gIos$. Block me1<iZed v.iIb gilt ROO1a1runerds. Eosiy

odjusted bocelel.

11 GENtS.

Caf.ljo. 25218676 RRP5112.50

£74.99 1200es:-

CoUlo. 25218700 RRP£112.50



AlAAMWATCH. GoId~ed case and bIoceIeI. Fcur hands sIlclIWlg ttour. rninuIe. seconds 000 alarm set time. SImple

00m ,setii'lg and OIVoff.Dote feature. Easy to ~ txocelel. cat.No. 252J8683 RRP£119.50

£79.99 SUPER8UY

14 SEIKO GENTS' AUTOMATIC WATCH. SeIl.wlndilg mect\oricoI movement.

Sfoiless steel case and bIOcelel. I.l.mIlOus ttour ood mlnule IlOnd$; cfote. SWeep secoro tmd. Scro1c1l



gk)S$. S!lIolh ~.

cat.No. 2'52/2593 RRP£59.95

£42.50 15 SEiKO<*NTS'QUMTZ

WATCH. wesssleelOOle and bIoceIeI. SWeep secood hand. Oov. Dote.lumirous hands. Scrotcll resistonl gloss. Wolef reSstonf to 100 melre. cat.No. 251/4934 !lAP £87;95

£49.99 16 SEii«5GENTS' QUARlZ WATCH. ~

plated case. Gold plated baIo(lS. Dote. sweep secood hQn(j. WcIl re$Sklnf glaM. Podded tiock IeoIhef .sfiq>. cat.No. 2521621'4 RRP£89.95

£59.99 17 SEii«3i'AblES'

QUARTZ WATCH. Gold pIo1edCOile.

Dote. sweep second hald. 8Iock podded IeoIhef strop. Scrotcll resistonl HCJdIex glOSs. cat.No.252!7529 a; £19.95

£54.99 '


1m podded Ieoft)eI s1top. Scrdfcll

rWsfOlll HoIdex cat.No. 252)7~




19 SEii«5LAblES'

QUARlZ WATCH. GoIdplated~and broceIel, SCrofcllrWsfOllI.Qoss. cat.No. 252[8717 RRP£805


WATCH. Gold plated case 000

txoceIel. lumi:lool tooncIs and dioIl1'lOOeIs. 0Qy and date. Sl:leel>second!'old. Sc(atch reslslont glOss. S!lIolh proof. cat.HO; 2'52}3956 JiRP £99.95


SflKO HB.PLJHE 0628777540





SEiKO GENTS' QUARlZ WATCH. Gold platedcase, Dote. Blown podded Ieoft1eI .strap~Scratch resistant HordeX

Gold p{oted·case. rrW1eIoI glosS. Dote leoIlxe, Splash proal, CrooocIe pohemed IeoIher sI!op. cat.Mo. 252/9352

glosS. cat.No. 252}7536 RRPi99.95





SEIKO lADiES'·QUMlZ WATCH. Gold pIo1edcose and bracelet. ScIOIch l8SIsIali


Gold pIofed case. ,meta gloss. Dote feollJe, Splash prooI. Croc:odIe pottemed leather slIap. Cot.No. 252/9369

gIos$. cat.No. 252}5466 RRP£99.9S

£69.99 23




SEIKO GENTS'QUARlZ WATCH. Gold pIo1edcase 000 broCeI9l. Dote. sweep second 11(J)d. ScrolCllreslslanl Q!oss.



cat.No.25216252 ilRP£99.95

Two tone gold pIo1edbass case and brocelel. Dote leoIIJe. M'necol gIos$. Splash



prool. cat.No.252/9376

SBKO lADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold pjOted case and


solid Inkbroceief. ScrolCll reslstonl gIos$. cat.No, 25217172 RRP$125.00



lone gold pIofed brasscase 000 aocelel. Dote leo1IJe. Mlni!!01 ~ S!lIolh proof. CoI.No. 252}9383



broceiet. Dote leofIIe,5Crok:h resIsIon1 glaSs. Splashproot. cat.No. 252}9493 RRP£115.00



lADIES' QUARlZ "lOVE sral'r MESSAGEWATCH. Gold pIofed case. ~ gold

~ pilXilcls t\(lYe been ~selecled.'~~ offer 001CIlsICIllIl!S a iedJc:1IOn n pr1ce Iran OU' pr6\loU$ co100gue, 0110 i1((co1& outstCllCfrlg rBfl iIles.

cawed dIa and l)Ii1ted , lcMl 'II'Umore fodoy 1hon '/esI8IdoY bJlless Ihon IomoooW' heal . motifs. 8IocIt IeoIher strop. CoI.No. 252}8470 • £29.99

PiiiiiSe refe{ to page 87 101 . watch foolnoles.



CUIlg 00Tl'l(joIfk;e I)oos


The Ouality Jeweller ACaJRlST lADIES' QUM1Z WATCH. Gold pIoIed case. SWeep tecOnd hald. 8ro¥.fI Ieo1her faced rniIcJIIoo CIOCOdIe S1Iop.

CaI.No. 252/1133 RRP$32.9O



ACCURIST GENIS' QtJAAlZ WATCH. Gold pIOted case. Abm I\nctf(n dale. $weep tecOnd herd. oprilg 013

WATCH. Gold plated case. Dole reatue013 o'~ SWeep second hald. Brown Ieo1Ile! faced mIoIIon

o'ckx:k~ CaI.No. 25218858 .s.c9.9O

CIOCOdIestIq). CaI.No. 2421... 87 RRP$39.90









ACCURIST lADIES' QlWllZ BRACELET WATCH. Gold plated case Old troceIef. Slone set 0112 o'docJt. CaI.No. 252J9163 1IRP554.9O

£28.99 SUPERBUY 5



WATCH. Gold pioIed case QlCI bioceJet. \\lIh &1on9 lei0112 o'cloct CaI.No. 24217024 RIIP164.90

£39.99 11 ACCUiiiST GENTS' 1WO TONE QlWlTZ BRACElET WATCH. GIl hdexes 01hOlt martIIng posIIIoos. Octtldale 1\I1c1Ion. SWeep $9COI'od 1la1d. CaI.No. 252J9417 lIRPiS9.9O

€) SUPERSTORES ONLY ACCURIST lADIES' QlWllZ WATCH. Gold pI01ed0018. OoIe. SWeep $9COI'od hald.

IlroWn Ieo1Ile! raced S1Iop. CaI.No. 252/a..25 RRP$39.9O

i39.99 12 ACciiRiSr lADIES'

GOLD PlATED BRACELETWATCH. Gold I*lIed case and broceiet, SWeep $9COI'od hc:11d. CaI.No. 252/9424 RIIP£52.90



6 ACCuiiiST lADIES' QUAAlZ WATCH. Gold pIqfed case. Dole. 1lroWn!eOlhel faced

CaI.No. 252J9156 RRP$39.9O

i39.99 13 ACcUiiiST GENTS'

M~ICAI. SKElETON WATCH. 17 Jewel moYemenf.

£29.99 7

TIQ)IpOI9I1t case bock. MiIlefoI gloss.SrO\l11Ieo1her (0000 stIq).

ACCUR1STlADtES' QUARlZ WATCH. GoIdl*lledcaseOld b!tJceIet 'oIflh rose ~

CaI.I4o. 252/2287 mS79.9O

patIem moll, CaI.No. 251/4226 RRP554.90


WATCH. De gode ertect cb 'oIflh gil batons. Gold pioIed case QlCI troceIef. sweep tecOnd hc:Ild, CaI.No. 24216506 RIIPS49.9O

herd. Dak broMl podded

IeoIher rooed •. CaI.No. 2S2J9338 RRP$39.90


i47.99 14


WATCH, CIvome I*lIed case Old bioceJet. ll.rmous hOur I11CII:i1gS Old hands. Day. date. RoIott1g beleI. Wale! resllton! to 100melle. Cal.No. 25216531 RRPS69.9O



Fa fiJthe! footnotes pieole refer 10 page 81.


ACCURIST FROM ONLY books_to_bytes

15 €)

23 €)



CJ1lZENGENTS' WATCH. Gold plated cose.

ACCURISI LADIES'QUARlZ WAlCH. Gold fAo1OOcase and broceIet. Slone set dfoI.

S1oIrie$$sIeeI case bocl 0Qy

and date. SWeep second herod. ~ IeothGI ilq). Splash prooI. Cot,No.252/9297 II1II'547.95

CaI.No. 25213231 RAP£76.60




ACCURlST GENIS' Q.lAAlZ WATCH. 11\0tone bloceJeI.


Gold pIa!OO IOIotfng bezel. Dote. 'Nate! tesII10nI to 100 melle. CaI.No. 252/7261 RAP579.90

CIllZEN LADIES'QUARTZ WATCH.GoId I*lIed case and broceIet. SIoIrIes! steelcase baCt Cot.No.252/5291I1111'S6UO



£38.99 25 aiiiENIJDIES' Q.lAAlZ

CHRONOJAlAAM lWO TONE BRACElET WAlCH, tJr4. <tec1iond beleililQ.lOOOl line. nonnci line, rmnlh and date. doilyaam, ~set

WATCH. Twotone CClS9and blocelet. SkmIe$S t1ee! CCIS9

bocl CttsiOI glaSs. CaI.No. 252/4931 II1II'£64.50

oom. zero set1hg.

£38.99 26 CiiiiEN""LADlES'QUARTZ

~COU1Idcwt1l~ Ifmer occuate 102JlOOh sec. WoIetreloisl<l1tto 50 metre. Cot.No. 26218866.SI15.00

WAT01. Gold plated case ond broceIet.Ski'rleIS steel case bocl


cat.No. 252}9170 II1II'£62.50

18 €)



ACCURIST GENIS' QIJAIllZ CHRONO/AlAAM WATCH. water resII10nt to 50 melle.


Itro¥«lsllop. Cot,No. 25219273 Rtf 5105.00



Cat.No. 252/~T

tItm not 19-31 comn1th 0 .2~1 guon:rntee. .


19 €)





CIllZEN GENTS'QUARTZ CHRONOGRAPH WATCH. Two tone COS9. ~ mel COS9 bock. (I() rmute cl'll0I1000Ph to ll'o!OIII teCOOd. I hoII~ 201c1mS. Iocd 1Im9. Sell ~ ~caendor. CIVIl" glaSs. I.901Iler stop. SpIosh


ond broceIet. SIah3s$ sleet cose bocl SiI\Oe!dbll>1lI\ rolsed bclIcIm. DQIe. SpIoi1proof, Cot.No. 25218308 R!tP,".96


20 CiiliENGENIS' QLWllZ WATC~. Gold plated case. Dale leoue, SW8ePsecond herod, ~ glaSs.lIocI:

prQOI, Cot.No. 267/9280 R!tP£79.50


IeoIher s1lQp. Splash proof, Cot.No. 26216403 RIIP544.96

?9 aiiiENGENTS' AUTow,nc: WATCH. S!c*'Ie5sS1eeI case

£24.99 21 €)


CrnzEN GENIS' QU<\RTZ WATCH. 11\0tone case ond bIOceIeI. Dote. sweep second hcrld. SpIoi1 prool.

ood l)tOCeIel. 0Qy and delle. sweep secondherod.1lIoc1I IeoIheI sIIop. $Ilb!tl proof.


Cot.No. 252/8920 II1II'134095

CIllZEN GENTS'QUARTZ WATCH. Gold plated CCIS9. Sk**Iss sleet case bod(,

£22.99 30€)

SWeep second hOOd. Bioct IeaI1er stroP. Cot.No. 26218315.£39.96


CIIIZEN GENIS' WATCH. SIdrIe$$_case ord boCeIet. 0Qy and date. Sweep second herod. SpIosh

£25.99 22 CiiliENGENTS'

QU<\RTZ WATCH, Gold pk!Ied case and


b!ocelel. SloiiesS IteeI case baCt Dale leakl'e.sweep second herod, Cr,1klI glo$$. Cot.No. 252/8872 RllP549.96

Cat.Ho. 252/8346 .., £37.95

£24.99 31 C'iiiN'GENTS'

AUfOMAnc WATCH. Gold plated COS9 and broceIeI. SlOrMl steelcase baCt 0Qy and dote. SWeep secondherod. SpIosh proof.


Cot.No. 252/7835 II1II'549.95



The Ouality Jeweller LOilUSlADIES'QUAAlZ WATCH. Block coseondstrC4). &.Yeep second hand. Spfosh ploof. CoI.No. 252/0564 RRP£15.99



WATCH.8klckl8Si1cas&OI1O slrC4). '&.Yeep seccocI hOod. SpIoIfl Ploof. CoI.Ko. 252/2380 RRP£16.99



i.OiiUSGENlS' ~lZ WATCH. Gold plated cose. SIoIr*!ss $lee( cose ~ &.Yeepsecood Ilond. lltm strop. Splash Ploof. CoI.No. 25211453 RRP£21.99


4 ~ES'QuARlZ WATCH. Gold

poled case.




CaI.No.251{8291 RRP£2l.99

£14.99 5 lOilUS lADIES' QUARlZ WATCH. Gold plated case. Jon s1rop. Spfosh Ploof. CaI.No. 252{8023 RRP£21.99


6 lORUS GENTS'QUARlZ WATCH. ChrOme l*lIed cose. ~ steel broceIet I'1Ih f.ut( ~tilgclOlp. Day. dale. &.Yeep second hcJld. SpkJsh proof. Cot.No. 252/2407 RIll' £25.99

£14.99 7

€) SUPERSTORESONLY lOilUS lADIES' QUAI1fl WA1CH. Gold plated cose. S1drjess steel cose bocK, 00Jk b«lWnstrop. Spiosh proot. Cot.No. 25219390 RRl' £21.99



sto6ess steel case bclclJ. Dote,

sweep secot1d hood. Block stop. Spfosh proal. CoI.No. 262{8793 RRP£21.99


9 lORUS lADIES'QUAAlZ WATCH. Gold plated case. StoWesssteel case I:lOOIc. Dote. sweep'seCciod t\ald. BcO'nI'l sirop. Spiosh Ploof. Cot.No.25219101 RRP£25.99


I "LORUS I books_to_bytes


CALENDAR WATCH. Gold pIoIed oose. SIOtde!s sleel case bock. Dole. GIl sweep secooo ha1d. ton IeOfher s1rop. SPosh pIOOI.







€) SUPERSTORESONLY PUlSARLADIES'QUARTZ WATCH, Gold plated cuved case. ~<i p,SrOMl Iec!I1eI mcp.

CQI.No,25218449 RIP£49.95


£36.99 22 ~lADIES'

WAlCH. GoIdplOtedcaseone! llKlal!eI. Stci1less s!eeI case

QUARTZ WATCH, Gold piOled cose and Slid link bro:eIet. Balon diet Mi\e(U9fos$.

bock. cat.No. 252/8580 IlRP£31.99


CQI.No,262/8164 m£S2.95


slrop. Mile!ti gloss. Cat.No.252/1385 RRP£37.95 21

WATCH. Gold plated case. dote. Brown teo1he!slIop. Splash proof. Cot.No. 252/6609 RRP£25.99

I'IlSAR OOES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold pIotedcase, MIlglJed dol, 8f()wn IeOfher


ptlfed case.

Dole. Sweep second hand. 8foeI\ Iect'.ef sIlOp. SpIosh 1X00I. CQI.No.252/8360 IlRP$26.99



PULSAR lADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold plated case and loose InkbIa:eIeI.



CQI.No.252/7392 RRP£49.95

WATCfi. Gold ptlfed case one! brocelel. DaddaIe. sweep second hand. SpIoshprool. Col.No.252/8803 m£34.99





WATCH. GcIIcfplated(lase em txoceIet. WrIh dole. SWeep


WATCH. BIoct pIOiIi:: case willi

second hondo ~ gloss. Cot,No.252/8322 Rf!P£54.95

anlI-cru1Ie! r~ bezel Wi1II iJminous I'lcrtds. Black s1rop, WoIeuesislonf1o l00melr6. Cot,No. 262/7677 RRP£32.99



16 tORUS GENTS' LCD "MUtTInMER'.Nofrrd firre 12}24 hoof format. CJJIcma!Ic

OOendar.cXf# ofarm. hooIt{ lime iIgnoJs. CWlIdo\W1 repeal line! up 109 presellines, ffee

ll'nellrom 1asees 109 hous. 59 mils. 50 S8C$, Repeat

couriello 99, lnDOfhsec stop. watch 109 tioui 59 Il1l'1S 59,99 sees. loplimecou1tef 1099.8 lop roomories.

cot.No. 252/8999 RRl'£36.99

£19.99 17 i.ORUSGfNlS'

QUARTZ WATCH, Chome plated case. Ski1Ie5s s!eeIbroceIet. ale~ roIoIilg bezel. lminous hands one! hru I'IlClIblI$. riJt.

dole. sweep second hood.

Welel Iesistoni 10 100 me1re.

cat.No. 252/6623 RRl' £38.99


WATCH, Gold piOIed oose. Wi1II 0010Ils one! dole. &.veep second hond, MineIoIgloSs. Slitched IeaIhef SIq). CQI.No.252/7804 Rf!P£42.95



WATCH, GoId.Pated case. Dote. Sweep second ha1d. MnecoJ gloss. Black IeaUleI S1top, CQI,No.252/8896 RRP£42.95



7 SEl(00JA lADIES' Ql.AATZ WATCH. Gold pIoIed case v.IIh


t:tx:k &jq). SWeep second hond.

Gold pIOted case. ~ steel case bact. SW8ep second hcnd. BIoMl podded leottlef SIq).



cOt.No. 252/5655 1ItP144.99

8 5ei<ciNi5A

lADIES' Ql.AATZ WATCH. Gold pIoIed{;QS&, Slc*1Iess sleetcase bock. GIll block batons. SWeep second

CaI.No.252/8762 .129.99


SEKONDAGENTS'QUARIZ WATCH. Gold ~ case. Slc*1Iess steel C08e bock. Gold plated baI ph.Dole. SWeep secood hard 8lact podded


Gold pioIed case. Skli1Ie5s IIeeI case bact. GItboIons. SW8ep second hcn1 BIoMl


SEKOMlA: Tet 0533 548909


CGI.No.252/8528 IItPS25.99

8.:KlcJnto12.J<¥n.l.J<¥n to 5JXlpmMoo. to 1Iu$. 8.3Ocm to 12:3Qlm. 1.J<¥n104.~AI.



10 ii«5Ni5A lADIES' QUARTZ

WATCH. Gold pIOtedcase. SlcriIss steelcase bact. ElQ:mdctlIe b!oceIeI. Sweep

SEKONDA lADIES' CHROME PlATEDMECHANICAL WATCH. storas steel case bock. BIOcluliOP. 17 feWeI

JeCOnd hond.

CoI.No.252/4955 RIPS24.99

11 SEKONOA lADIES' QUWZ WATCH. Gold pioIed case. S1o;1fe!s steel case bact. Gold




pIOted bell phs. Sweep second hond. 8IocI: Slrq).

Gold pIOIed case. SIoMs$ $IeeI case bock. ~ bIooeIet. 17 Jewel lever. ilOCk proIec1ed mowmeot.

Cat.No.252/7299 IItP139.99


CoI.No.252/7402 IItPS39.99

£21.99 20 ~

lADIES' INTEGRAL QUARTZWATCH. Gold plated case ood InteIJa bioceIet, CaI.No.2S~I34.99

CGlJIo.252/7983 RtIP 124.99



CatJlo. 25C1(7965IItP118,99

£11.49 SUPERBlN

case. ti'4ess steel case bock.


CaI.No.252/8755 RIP125.99

SWeep second $!lop.



Gold pIOIed COle. Sk*1Ies$ steel case bock. 17_ mo.'emenI. Dote. sweep seoond tmd. ~ 31Iq:>.



WATCH. Gold pIOted case. Skh!ss steel COle bock. Gold pIaIed boIons. Dote. Sweep second hcnd. Black slIq).

Cd.Ho. 252/6757 IItPllUO



Spk)sh pool.

WATCH. Gold pIOIed COle.

CGI.No.252/7639 RIP134.99

SIotliea 8IeeI COI9 bock. "'*W 1IOCl SWeep second hond. Black SIiq),



Cat.Iio.252/3139 .., 122.99



WATCH. Gold ptJIad case. ~ IIeeI case bock. Gold

pioIed boIons ood date. Sweep I8OOr1d hcnd. BIoMl slIap. Spk)sh PfOOI.

sa«iNii lADIES' Ql.AAIZ

WATCH. Gold plated case II1Ih block $!lap. SWeepsecond hond. SpIoIh PIOOI. Cat.No.2W9060 1ItP117.99

CaI.No.252/7990 IItP134.99



6 ~


lADIES' Ql.AAIZ WATCH. Gold plated C08e. SkJrjess aeeI case bock. GIl boIoos. SW8ep I8OOr1d hond.

SEKONDA lADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold pI01ed COle. ~ steelcase bock.

Cat.Ho.252/59.5 II1II' S22.99


BIoMlleottlef ~.

SWeep second hcnd. 8Ioct


Cd.No. 252/7.19 1ItP134.99







case. Gil~ bIooeIet. SWeep second hcnd'

£14.99 9




11Ond. CaI.No.252/7196 IItPS29.99

The Ouality Jeweller



17 SEi«iNoA GENTS'




QUARIZ DATEWATCH. Black fesi'l sIiQ). Sweep second hond. Water f9SlstonI to 50 melle.

CaI.Ho.252/8779 1ItP£39.99

£22.99 22 ~

GENTS' QUARTZ case and brooele!. SIot1Ie$$steel case

WATCH. Gold ~

boct GIl batons. Sweep I8COOdhcnd.




23 ii<ONoA lADIES' QU6,R1Z

WATCH. Gold paled case em ~b!Ocelel. Cat.No.252/9091 IItPS39.99


24 ~ GENTS' Ql.AAIZ WATCH. CIwome COle. st<til$$ steel case boc:t with

Chrom& em gOld pIoIed fototlr1O bezel. Gold plated tl<lttnood dele. erov.n podded aIIop. Wafer IeIIItont 10 50 melle.


£24.99 25 SEi«iNoA lADIES' Ql.AAlZ

WATCH. GoIdIdvome pIOted case em I1IlI(,1oI b!oceIe4. StonIe$s steel case bact. Mi'oute h(lCt

Cat.Ho.26V6018 IItPS59.99



SEKONDA FROM ONL Y books_to_bytes






SEKOND,&.GENTS' QI.Wm WATCH.Gold pIaIed case. SfoIness steel case bock. Gold plOIed batoIls. Dale. s..eep secood IQld. B!O'Ml pcxl1ed ~. Spiosh fXOOl.

Cot.No.25113987 _ £39.99

~ 30


\AIlES Cot.No.251/4096 _ £39.99


CoUto.262J1243 • 544.99 31 ~GENTS'QUARlZ


28 SEKONDAGENTS'QUARlZ DAtE WATCH. GoIdpialed case a1d broceIeI. s..eep secoodlmd. Cot.No.262J1786 _ £39.99



Chanea1dg;tI pIaIad case a1d 1xoceIet. Slcrjesssteel case bock. GIl bdll*lS a1d Iilgs. ~ secood hald. Splashpcoof.

CoI.No.251/6678 _154.99


32 ~GENTS' QUARTZ DATE WAlCH. Gold plOIed case a1d H

bloceI9t. s..eep $9COOd hCIld. Water fesiSIaltto 50 me1!e.



OR one of 50 Runner Up Prizes

See Sekonda £5 Music Voucher in-store for details books_to_bytes

The Ouality Jeweller UMff lADiES' QUA.RTZ WATCH. Gad ptojed case <J1d 00JceIeI. ~ SIeeI case bock. SjlIa!h proof.

CaI.No.262/11~ lIP 549.99




case <J1d l>clrQe. SItOess steel case bock. Stoneset at f2 o·cIoct. SpiostJ proof. CaI.No.252/1110 lIP £44.99



WATCH. PoIshed gl11 meto4' gdd pklted Mo fa1e case <J1d brocetet. SIeeI case.bock. &Mlep second Imd. Splash proof. Col. No.252/5600 lIP 549.99



WATCH. Gotjplated case Md 4 txr Qate.h broceIet. SIllIness steel case bock.

AVlA.GENTS' QUARTZ WATCH. Gotjplated case. Steel case bock. Moon feat\re. Cloy. Dote. &Mlep second


halct Scrotdl re3sfoot glOss. BrO\\l1 feoItlef sIlap. CoI.No. 252/6561 _£29.95

Spiosh proof.


5 UMIT lADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold pfo!ed "egO! brocetet. ~ SIeeI case bock. SpIoih Ploof. CaI.No.262/5961 lIP 549.99



UMIT lADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gotjplated case

AVfA ClASSIC QUARTZ WATCHES.GOld plated case. Steel case back. .r1lO tone brOIIT) tea1her $1I'ap. ScrotCh reslslalt gloss. 10€)


front CJld 5 txr gate link sleet case

IJIW. CaI.No.252/1330 _£32.95

CGtNo.252/8559 lIP £64.99


brocetet. ~


£24.99 SUPERBUY. 7


UMIT GENIS' MlJl1J.DIAl QUA.RTZ WATCH. ~ pioled case.lJ..nhlus hands. d!1f.dale, monlh <J1d f11OOtl. phase ~ TIIO tone boIYn leather ~

Splash PlOOf: _

CaI.No.252/1163 ARl'S59.99

£28.99 SUPERBUY 8 AVlA.IADIES· QUARTZ WATCH. GOt! plated ease:

steelcase bock. &Mlep second Imd. Scra!ch reslslanl 111i'leraI~. BIoct.Jeoib8r hitoIron lzad $11'~ CaI.Ho. 252/1085 ARI'£19.99


11 €)


Gb'llS. CotJIQ.252/1263 _£32.95


12 ~lL NURSES' QUA.RTZ FOB WATCH. thorne pjoted cose <J1d ~.llrnhous I1lrI1eroI$ Ond I'lOrlds: &Mlep second hand. '

Cot.No.251/5964 _ £29.95


13 €)


INGERSOlL lADIES' QUARJZ WATCH. Gotjplated caSe. BIodt bezel §,ygep second Imd. BlOck strpp_ Cot.No.251(9317 _£29.95



INGERSOLl GENTS' QUARJZ WATCH. Gold pIoied Cose v.flh Chorcod gay IortoIselheII

desiIJl toPr!ng. S-P.second

hQnd. ChorcooI Q&f po(!ded teaIflI1IsfIoP. ColNo.252/7275 _ £29.95

£16.99 15 €)


INGERSOLL GENTS' QUARTZ WATCH. ~Patedcase. k1neIdial v.iIh PJobt f%llIes. Block leother strop. SpIosh

Plool. Cot.No.252/8274 RRI' £29.95



INGERSOLl GENTS' QUAAJZ WATCH. Smoll sweep second hand 000Ye 6 o'~ Gotj plated ,case. I<rI ~ strap. Cal.No. 252/9448 RIll' £39.95

£18.99 17 iNGERsOLL

lADIES" QUAATZ WATCH. Gad plated cose <J1d broceleI. StOinfess l1eei case bock. SWeep secmI-hoild. ~ to be WOOl loose. CoI.Ho. 252/4883 RRP£39.95







INGERSOll. GEN1S" QUMlZ WATCH. ~ $weep seoond bald at 6 debet posibI. Got! plated case <J1d bIoMlleot1er !IIq).

CcItHo. 262/94S5 ." 549.95


19 INGERSOUlADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Got! platedcase <J1d ~ bIoceIet. SIcirless sIeEjcose bOct. smJated s100e 0112 o'cIoct.


£19.99 XlINGffiSOU.

'55" GENIS' QLWlTZWATCH. Ootelecme. I.iJTftlus tnJ Old mirIJIe ha1d. SoYeepsecoodlxn18ugt.rrlf IeoII1er Q.~ proQI., ..


252/6582 RSIP£49.95




The Quality Jeweller 1 CONSTANT lADIES' QUARTZ CHROME EXPANSION JYPe FASHION WATCH. I\ffieiTilotioo Mo1heI of Peal <H cat.No.252/9527




~$teeIcase IXlcIt. I\ffiepecrised cfd. SWeep second tald. SCroIch resIstad nWled~. 8Iodt1ecJj!l9f iTiIaIIon Izad Q CoUto. 252/8047




8Iocklealher laced Izcrd gctl slrop.



£9.99 4 --lAruS. CoI.No.






case. Sk:iI:ie&; s1eeI case bock. PeaIsed eta. SctoIch resIstad P 8Iodt1ecJj!l9f iTiIaIIon Izad~. CoI.No.



6 CONSTANT LADIES' FLORAl ow. QUARTZWATCH. Gold plated case. SWeep second hcIld. 8Iodt IecJj!l9f sIICIp CoI.No.



£13.99 CONSTANT QUARlZ WATCHES.Gold pIa1ed case. SI..n and moonIdle. Date


leoI\Je. SWeep second hcIld. Tmlealher laced s1q) . GEMS. cat.No.


} I

£14.99 8






Steel case bcJcIc. ~ second hcrld. SCrolt:h IE!!i!Iont rrblroI~. T(J)Ieothe!~. SpIoshpool. CoI.No. 252/4390


CONSTANT QtWm WATCHES. Gold pkJIed case. Date lea!tre. I!IO'M'IfeoItleI toced kT'iIo1Ion aOCOClegtoIn strq). 10 GENTS. CoI.No. 25217725



lADIES. CoI.No. 252/8078



WATCH. DateIEdJe.Akrm 1t.flc1Ion.BloWn poddedIecJIheI sI!Q>. IYatelIeIIsfont 10 60 me1ie. Cat.NO.262J6317


13 CONSTANT LADIES' QUARTZ WATCH. Gold plated case CJId 5 bar gate broceIet. 'MIll stone at 120'Cklck. cat.No.25217471




WAlCH. Gold plated case CJId ~. ~ secondhcrld. Cat.No.25217086

£24.99 15 CONSTANT

lADfES' QU6.R1Z WATCH AND SAACELET SET. Gold plated case CJId 5 bel gate bIoceIel. Complete v.lIh moIChing 5 bel gate boceIe4. CoI.No.252/9125





CIwome plated case. F'*f rlglted dioI v.iIh $weep second hcrld. Red mer dog feat\Ie$ rTtI\I1e$ post II1e hoII. Blue mer dng tecrues rrhJtes to ItlIl hoII. ~e\\1thwoll postet Ib1ro1Ing I'CllIo tellhe

trne. CoI.No. 252/8597 RRP£9.99


21 ACcURIST CHILDREN'S 'BIG TIME' QUtlRTZ WATCH. ResrI case CJId jjrop. ~ with rwsIcoI pr8$Ell1lClllon box. Cat.No.262/029611RP£12.95


22 iiNYiiME CHIlDIlEN'S QUtlRTZWATCH. ClVome pbfed case. !liefr'I1lheffc siIq). ~ with '11'$ dXlUI 1tne' stOlY boOt one! reod-

aono CXlS$8t1e.

Cat.No. 252/4656 IIRP£13.96


CONSTANT lADfES' QUtlRlZ WATCH. Ulktec1lOnd belel ling. Date leo1IJe. bfo,;n ~


padded strq). Splash proof.

iYOIIlObIe. ~

CoI.No. 252/9400


17 CONSTANT GEMS' QUtlRTZ WATCH. CIwome pICIted case CI1dtxocelel. \\1th IOtaItlg bezel dog. Day CJId 00Ie, SpIosh proof. CoI.No. 252/8171


18 CONSTANT DIVER'SSlYtE QUtlRTZ WATCH. 1'110 tone txoceIeI. lklI-<hc1iOClcj beleI dog \\1thbkIcIc dial, Dayldote leo1IJe. SpIosh POOl. Cat.No. 252/8810





WATCH, Two tone g\KI melal IIkdJn end gold plated case OldtxoceIeI. RotoIi1g beleI. iU1CJId I1lOCJIleot\Je, Day. Date. Splash proof. Cat.No. 252/6331



FuItf I\gIIed

Cf<i MocI*le

eIos1Icoted nap. Spallproof. 23 BUJE AND REO. CQI,No.2S2/8607m £14.99

£9.99 2A PASTa

Cat.No. 252/5789 mSI4.99



Cat.No. 252/5796 m514.99

£9.99 26 BiACXANO WIflt Cat.No. 2S2/819611RP514.99 £9.99 27 iiiEANo GREEN, Cat.No.25219194I1Rf'SI4.99


28 PiiiPlEANO

PINK. Cat.No. 252t920411Rf' 514.99


Fa footnote WOlTTlOlion see page87.CJldI0f~ ~seepage91.


The Quality Jeweller lIKKERS EXIRA QUARTZ WATCHES. lorge te5h case.

WIdeeIOsfIcol9d $1rop. SHeep (:fO(t. Plus fIE TIdreIs Waillit CII'UIIaIlIe wt1II Hems nos 1·7.

seCooo ha1d. ~ ~etASSIC"

il"r9f'8645 2

6 'mer

CoI.No. 252/9259



€) SUPERSTORES ONlY '11I<I<ERS AUJOMA.11CGt08Al. \<lEW'. 21 jeweled seif wh:lh,;j fI1cMlment. no baIteiIes rEQied. ShOCkPlooI, $weep second hand. Brown IeatheI strop. Wo1ef r8!l!1onl to




FASf1lON WATCH. PInt pIos1Ic case 00 a blueeIaI1!coted strop v.iIh "pam~' desigl. SWeep second hand. Spbh


Cot.No. 252/8212 RRPSI2.99



QUARTZ ....;A.TCH.I'tI!h red

case ald~

resi1 il'.t~ 622I1RPSI9.99 $1rCJp.


WATCH. I1Iack I9!ilcase ald strap. GonI~ desIgI with sto sIOOded tjoct(b

della ShIeld ald ~ Plool. Cot.No. 25218827I1RPSI9.99

£14.99 13 :roiiEVfR FRlEN05" QUARTZ

WATCH. lage resi1 case. WIde eIast1ca1edstiq). SW9E!P second hald. Spiash proof. Cot.No, 252/4742


90 books_to_bytes


Please note IIemnos 14-19 OIeltrlepieoesandnottcys.


1Jt lhomos'S 3D toce 10 reYeOI 51\rc1ionlev dIpIay - hoIIs. mi1uIes. seconds. 000/ and dale, Pless butIoo 10 hear I!'oe !heme 1\Ile 10 !he lhomas IV



£6.99 15 ZEON OfFICIAl.


]lulderbidS lOCke! On blue

Jelfn strop ~

lev teOdouI,

I1tIs 10 raYed



16 fE<5N7MY UTIlf PONY" 30 LCD WATCH, FeahJes 3D

mcQjedPMfv.tjch 111$10 resin reveoI lev dsplaf. sIr~ feaIIles tdr)'OlJ cal


comb, COmb proo.lded. Not sU!abIeJachlcien 1Jlder!he age of 5 yea$. Cat,No. 252/8573 RRP£1 0.99

£4.99 17 "fORMR FRlENDS"3D LCD

25 ZEON QUARtZ "I<JTTEN' WATCH. Gold ~ case.

SIoInIess steel case bodL FeoIlIes moWlg IroUS8 secorr:l hood. leothel <Jld fcbts1rol>. Cat.Ho.2&2[8391 RRI' £29.99

WATCH. feaIIles fotever

FI1ends betI v.tjch ills 10 rl)YOOl 19Qdoutof hous. mi1Ules, secondsand date, CcII.No.25~6881




lEON QUARTZ 'PIG" WATCH, t/(;Mlg disc 01pIgle!s10 iId1cOfe seconds. Gold plated M IeaIher sI{op,

case. £16.99

Cat.No. 252/9479 _£29.99

CoI.No, 252J8229


19 'POllY POCKEr 3D lCD WATCH, PitTelil~

LCO readout 01ti'ne and date, Wcn::h cal be 'NOm00 the wrist a ortl\I1d 1heneck as0 10clteI ustlg lhe COld ~ 'Mth Polly PodieI charocle! iI(l seaet COIT1I)OI1ment. f<lI ages 3 yecJIS and OYS!. CcII.No.252[8614 RRP59.99



$f)S' QUAATZ MEGA FASHON WATCH, lage ItipIosftc case 00 0 blockeIas1looted strOP v.iiII ootlured kItfemg. sweep 5eCXXld hood. SObh plOOf,




case. Block eIasfiooted

&.veeP secorr:l hOOO. Cal.No. 25217244 _ 514.99 Sllop.




a]d block eIasIIco1edstrop. s-p 5eCXXld hood.

Cat.No. 252/9149 RRPSI4.99




case <Jld rnnertigass.

SklinIess sIeeI case boc:t. Spiosh~. Cat.No. 252/9.486 RRP£29.99


0tftcIaIy approYed t1( 1a1te Thor. LWque poct,ogi1g shows \\11h

Cat.No. 252/9314 RRI' £19.99

f<lI,(j fo<li1O(e ilfOO'TlOllOn ._poge87.

£14.99 28


JACQUES FARElOOES' QlW!TZ WATCH. Gold p!cted cose. Slolnlesnteei cose bcIcl

BtocI: Ieatoer mop wtIh topes1ty effect iIWOYSO tbbon. Cat,No. 252/8418 RRPS29.99

'EI TiMeXiiD SIZE LCD lRONMAN WATCH. Feo1Ues norma ti'ne. 12/24 t'iOII.

month. 000/. dole. dalyolclm. hoorIy time siITd. 16t'iOII ~ Welch to III 00th sec. 8 top mernay.1op lines COlI1IeI. COU1IdoIm repeat. 6oI.ntdc:Mn Itner. 10 hoIIs top sig'd. P;JtomaHc stat ct CI'lronogoph. Woleuesl$tQ\t 10 100 metre. CcII.No.252/900& RRP$24,99

30 ~

LCD tRONMAN WATCH. b:I!1o' ~1IilI svsIem. Noona ti'ne. 12124 hou'. month. 00(, dole. daly oIoIm. hoorIy IrnesIQ1Ci. t6 t'iOII sIop-wo!cIllo 1/100thsec, 8 top mernay. top lines COU'1IeI. countcIcloMl repeat. Wale! IeSiStooI to 100 me!re. c;al,No. 25217&80 RRP£27,99

32 nMEX lRONMAN INDlGlO lCD WATCH. '1nd1gIo" nigh! 11#~ NOfrncj time. 12/24 t'iOII. rnonlI1. t:!J:1f. dote. 00iIy oIoIm.llout{ti'ne sIgrQ. 16 t'iOII~tolI1OO1hsec. c8 tap f'J'MlIroV. tap lines COlI1IeI. cotrltdown tepeOI. AiJIomolIc slat 01 ctvcrogopl). Wale! ~ 10 100 melTe. Cal.No. 262/9022 RRP£32,99



Noonol ti'ne. month. 000/. dale. Orooogroph wtIh top spit.



Idwcrf <*Jm. AuIoma1Ic pulse cIleck. Poce rreoe, cadence peI~, Steps pee rrroe. txb& fuclon. Wo1er tesIsIont to 50 melle. Cat.No. 252/9039 RIP £34.99


34 ~GENTS'

'OUlDOOIl PURSUlS" LCD WATCH. OlIvegeen odse and sl!op wtIh k1set compass. Day. date. 24 t'iOII S1op-\I'alch 10 1/100Ih sec. 24 t'iOII COlJlIdcN,n Itner. 1he(rnornetIlr. cl8SCelldo oIoIm. 12/24.hoII. hoorIy Chh1e. txx:k1(l1t, water resiltait to 50 metre. Cat.No.252/1659 RRP£39.99



eIasIlcoted ~


brushes. Block IeolheI strop. cat.No. 252/1401 _ £24.99


24 ~rQUARTZWATCH. ResIn case ond bJcx:!(


JACQUES FAREllADlES' QUAAtZ WATCH. Gold pIoted case. ~sIeeI case bock. Hands ore illhe sIJape 01 paiIf



0iJI0IJ~~ 1'ote Tho!' badge,







181ROlL'3DlCDWATCH, ~ Russ Trot wt'ich Itts to reveoI LCO reooout a hcius. ~ 000/ a]d dqIe, f<lI Qge$ 3 yecJIS ond O'/e!,

8ro¥I'n IeolheI \\01er resb100I stlap. caeooa. 12/24 t'iOII OPtion. 00m. hoorIyctiroe, dloooc1~ l/100thseCOlld resolJIlon. 24 t'iOIICOlIlIdClYo1l Itner. Wale! resIskJlIlo 100 melTe, Cat.No. 252/9015 RRP£31,99




TOO<ERS CHRONOGRAPH . MANDATE· QUARTZ WATCH. MI.tIi Iu1ctIord Yoilh spiI~ top sIOp-v.oId'I focIIy CIld 24 I1W ctx:I:. Shoct PlOOf. SM!eP se<XlI1d hcI1d. IIIock Ieo#lar s1rop. Wo!eI relislanllo 50

The Quality Jeweller

mete. Cd.No. 25219266




CHRONOGRAPH WATCH. Twotone case 000 bracele!.


SI<**!ss steel boc:k. 60 rniIie ~

COIJlIdaMltiler. 2 aorms. Ioca line. cdencXr. lealher sIrql. ~ PlOOf. 2· yea gucJO'lIee. OII.No. 262laaa9 .RIP S99.50

Gold pIcIed COle CJld brOcelei. ~meosueslo 1tlOIllo 1/10Ihsecond

occuacy. ~tne, 00IlIdcN.fI &ner, olam. dole.



l'1IeIgent cxEndcJ (cha1ges doIe~ootntdc{ ot monIl~SQOlch resistonI HOrdexQoss. SpIolh PlOOf. Cd.No. 252/7643 1IlIP5199.00


AcaJltST GENIS' QUARTZ AlARM'CHRONO WATCH. Gold p1aR!d cose. feoIues


IrxIude bcallinetoorrrd 1ine. MonIIVda!e Indicxror. deft


Gold ptl1edcose. ~mecJSIJll$lo 30 miUes 10 1/5Ihsecond QCCIJQCy. ~1hi1g, obm. daIe,~ SM!ePsecond hand. SCrotch seSskrlI HOrdex rjI:AS. Sp!osh P«JO(. CGI.No. 25217512 RIP 5220.00


seItt1g.~ COIJlIdaMlliner ocruoIe 10 2/ 1roth se<XlI1d. BIo.In IEo1Iler laced s1rop. cat.No. 26218298 • £95.00





Ctvome plated broSS cose \\1t\ stdrles1i steel bracelet. FeaIItes i1Cllde IocQ line. mcnIl CIld dole. Dc:t( aam. Qlt:i set oICIm. zero settilg. CIvooogC4)h ~ wItl line! 0CCII0!e to 2/100th se<XlI1d. SWeeP se<XlI1d herd. WoIelreSsloot 10 50 1'I'lEmI. Cd.No. 25217794 IIlIP"105.00



13 ~



14lalUS GENIS'LCD CHRONO/AIARM WATCH. NorrTla line. ecier1da,abm. Iwt{tine sigloI. ~ to III 00th sec. SplI1ine fodlly. SpjoshprooI. cat.No. 251/68OS IIlIPU.99



Gold pIcIed <XlS8.l.IJmous hoI.r rrotecs. gilhoI.r baIons. dole. dciI{ obm. 12hoI.r slopv.oId'Ilo 1/1011sec. ~ line. COUlfdorftn Ii'ner 10 60 rrb.des. 00j line. IIrOMlIEo1ller sI!cp. Wo1er remrt 1050 mete. Cd.Ho.25217691 IIlIPS84.99





ROTARYGENIS' QUARlZ WATCH. l/5OIhsec. 12tlO1l ~oo IwOtonesleei CIld gad ptl1ed bracElet. Cd.No. 25216386 _ S205.00




NorrTla tine. 12114 two monIh. 00(. dale. AIam CIld cI1rOnIlgoph. Sp!osh proof. CUI.No. 25217897 .U.99











GoId~steel<XlS8 oncf brIXEIeI. CIvalogoph meosues 10 30 rri1Aes10 1/51h second at;;O.SOOf. ~ Iimg. 00j ttne 1eaUe. AIam. Dale. TocITjmeIer. Small s.-p se<XlI1d hcI1d. Scratch reSsIaII

Qoss. ~PlOOf.


Cc&No. 2S2J62181111P 5175.00



SI<**!ss sIeeI <XlS8\\iIh ~ rokJttlg bezel. 24 tw daim, '2 hoLr cI1ooogoph 1e In~ sec. COI.f1Ido,yn liner 10 60 niUes. 24 tlOIl 00j Ii'ner. 0:l1e. IIIoc:k Iea!h9r ~ Wole!!eIisIai10


For ICa1oI&WormaIIon seepage elII)b1aiIal 87. CJld lor ~ seepage91.

100 metre.

CGt.No. 25217811 IIlIP5142.00



00(, oIam and ctvonogoph k.nctIons. BIacI:bela,go.J1

me10ICOIOUed COle CIld tb:ksbop.

£7.99 SUPERBlN


c:hono(Joli\ ~ timaI. duolli'ne. aIcIm CIld dale. BIo.In podded Ieaher ~ Scro1ch resiskJ1t goss. Cd.No. 25216070 ."129.95

SPONSORED GENTS' D!GfTAL WATCH. FeaIItes lCO dlp1Qy hoI.Is. milJtes. secoodS. dole.



PUI.SAR GENIS' QI,WlTZ AlARM CHRONO WATCH Gold p1a!ed cose. feoIues


16 lORUS GENtS' LCD SPalTS CHRONO/AIARM WATCH. NClrI'na!me. 12114 hoLrformat. <lJfor1'dc cxEndcJ. mt.CIII\.nCtlOn dams. Dlri line dlp1Qy.1wt{ tine Iiglas. 30 tlOIl sk.p-wotch. lflOOCh second reodoti. ~ Ii"ne! I.P10 29 hoIls. 59 milJtes. gq:f1Ic dlp1Qy. I.rriooIi1g 1!t'I.WoIer resisIa1f lo50melre. cat.No. 25214591 IIlIP524.99


The Quality Jeweller The CosIo waldlMon'_ IXI9I' abo featIn: nonnaI lime, 12/24 how (aeept Item no 2), daly <*1m (aItho4.9l some CosIo wotcIIes Iea1In men !han one daly alarm Of have IlllAll-M1cIIoncII aIcImI, see 18lII!of detail) and month, day and date (elIcepI1Iem no 2 wNch ociy IeaIIns day/date). wltllilem 110$ 12, 15.18,20,23 and 25 also featw!ng!lle yem.


Hou!y Ii'ne stgd 1/l00lh sec sklp-wotch. bocI: IglI.waIeI resIskIlt to 50 me!re.




CHRONO{AlARM SI'ORTS WATCH. M>Jrm. OOyond date, s1op.watcIllo JnOOl1

sec.IlliI~, hoUIy Ii'ne SigloI. mk:to-l(1ll 'WoIeI rellsltllllo 50 mete. CalJIo.




0001 ~. Hou!y Ii'nesqa. Sklp-wolcIllo 1/100Ih sec ~ iqltme. 8~ cacwIoI dspIaf. SpIosI\ proof. CoUlo. 261/~




COI.nIdown dampkJs I) mJII. world tin& do1e QoIms wi1h one touch hOme tin& COI'MlIlIons. Hou!y tin& Ib'lCi 241n1 slopwolcIllo 1{1001hsec v.IIh neVspllli'ne. \Vockj rrql ~ line zone lrdcoIor. 29 ndepeodenl wodd line zones. Fost sead11oc11y.WeIer iesIsIonIlo 50 me!re. CoUto. 251/6839





aoon. (dot(

aorm.ll1OIIIt\'f aoon. daly

dam fOf 0 monIh. date <iormj. Hou!y tin& stgd 241n1 stop. watchto l/lOO1hsecv.1ll1 neVspllli'ne (I$!tJld 2nct pIOCe times). 241n1 COUll· down damv.1II1 auto repeal ftncIfon. dud Ii'ne.~. WolelFesI:Ila1Ilo 100 me!re. CoUto. 252/7938




WATCH. 0001 line. hoUIy tine !Ig1oI. SCroIch ~ WoIeI teIfsta1t 10 50 melle.




CASIO WA TCHES books_to_bytes

14 CAS10·GENTS' LCD MUln· FUNC1lON WATCH, Myrxn. hou!y line IiglCI. 100 hoIr sklp-wotch to lffOOlh sec.

StorgeI tmes. 5 klp'spII tmes

em fotal ~ line memodes.1cp COII1IeIto 99. auto sbllIrocfion. WaIer resi!lcri to 100 melle. Ca!.No,257[6829

£29.95 15 ~ENTS'



1(1001IIsec stop.wolch. COII1IdoY,1l <*1m liner. 'MIll 50 page dato txnl mE!fTlOIY. shaed between telephone memcxyem SCIlecIIJ& metrroIV wIIIll)OSrHO!d lOOItY. 24 'tIQId 1m! ZalflS, 8 dgII cdcIAa!oI. Bock:Ight.

~r.9~2/0~82 16 CASK) GENTS'SPEED MEMORY MULfl.DIAl. WATCH. ~<i 1llOdOUI. hcus.


ser:xms. anYpm. 3

datt oIam$.COIJlldown <*1m. hM( line sI!J1o~ 1(1001IIsec stop.wotch v.1!h 100 lop line mernafes. Cl'I8fOg8Icp speed em cruse dsIOOce selling. Wotef resisloot to 100 melle. ~,No. 257[8982


17 CASiOGeNTS' LCD DATA BANK WATCH. f>rr¥pm. yea, montI\ dq(,

date. hout( time signal, 24 hotI to ltlOOlh sec. 50page IeIeIscheciAe metrroIV. fnle memo messoge lodilv. 24'ft01d lYTle ZOOfl$. water lesislont 1050 me~e.


18 CASiOGeNTS' LCD DATA BANK WATCH, Y9CI. monIh. daV. date, 1/1001IIsec stop. wotch. Coo1tdown timer. wIIIl 50 page dolo txnl memocy med between terephone

memory and schedue II1flI1lOIV racily. 24 'tIQId line Z01e$. 8 dOl coIcOOtof. Bock:~. YrilhI)ClS$V«lld

r2'r9~2/0375 19 &i<5GENTS'


/IiflIpm. hou!y lime sfgloI. 24 hoIr stop.wotch to 1/100th sec wIII1net/lIlIIlfme, 24 'tIQId line ZOfl9$. 50 page outo dol datotxnl teJememo (0It0/ C<JIIIIXllIlIe wIIIl TouchTooe ~ EldIonges). 50 page SChe<:k8 memo. secuitY po$$WOId 1\.rlC1IOn. mcro.fghl. Cat.No. 257[6843



20 CASK)

f>rr¥pm. yea.ll'lOIlII\dq(em 24 hoIr stop.wotch to 1/100lh sec. 24 I\QId lI:ne zones. 50 page IeIe/scheclAe mernocv. fnle memo messoge IQCItv. 28 I»set~$pIlIbeIween 4 c:oIegaies - 8uSiless. f'eIsord.lasue and~. ~. Splash proof. Cat.llo.25717952

date. hou!y lime ~


21 OOO-GENTS' COMBiNATION DATABANK WATCH. ~alrtne. hrus. ~ secoods. c:m'pm. hou!y rtne

sigQs. 1/1roth sec SIop-woIC/l meosui1g neI &no. 20 pages ottelememo dolo (4 letteI$ and 121UT1!lfcisper poge~ Cat.Ho.~a968


NfVpm. ho..rIv line stJd. 24 hoIr 10 1/f00lh sec wIIIl net/lIlII tine. 24 hou' cOII1ldown oioIm to 1/10111sec. 241\Q1d time zones. 50 page auto dol dato bcJr4t IeIememo (0It0/ <XlI1'4lQIIbIe wIII11oc.d1

fooe ~ page ~



memo. secutIy

possword Mellon. ~. Cat.No. 25217660

£37.95 23 CASiOGeNTS'

DATABANK WATCH. Hcus. rrftJtes.

secorQ, c:m'pm. yea. 1I10OI1. da( Q(1d date. hOWt'tme

liITd. 291\Q1d tine wnes.

SlI1"I1leIIIme~. 50 pages teIe-merno (81911e11 em 12 runeras per page). 60

pagesscl'oed.tememo 110letter messoge. mooII1. date em scI'oed.te tme per page, 7 pr&-set messages). 50 pages 01peoonaIdato memo 16letters and 121'UTlef01s pel page. 16 pl$-set messages). Memor1es roedwIIIl

1eIememo. scPleCUememo. peoon<i dato memo em v.qId tme. 24 hou'SIoI>VfQIch 10

l/100lh sec, m&OSI.IIng net/!p(!, lsi em 2nd plooe !mes. loW power ix:IcoIoI. Wotef I8$i$tOnIIO 50 melle. Cat.t!O.25219053

£39.95 24 CiiSiOGENTS'


11'hJI9s. seconds, onVpm. houtr'tine sigloI. 261\Q1d tine ZOOfl$. surrvnerIine~, 1/l00lh sec stop.wotcI1v.1iI1 nel line, 20 pages 01telememo 141e~and 12 IUT1!lfcis per page) auto name SOtIhQ, t\Ilcb'I. WOIetresIs1a1l To 5OmetJe. Cat.No.2§2j8975


FROMONLY books_to_bytes



COMBO WATCH. Brushed chIome pkljed ellecI case. leother ~ RoIaIi1g COOlXJSS cfIedIon bezel mg. feoUes~ mooItV dayfdaIe, splttne. 12/24 hal. Secmj lime zone. Alarm. Houtv ct*ne. SctaIeh resIItalI gIaIs. Woler1elIitmI1o&rn. Cat.No.252/S679I111PSJ7.99


The Ouality Jeweller I

AlIt1e waIcI1es SIlCIMI 00 IliS



dspIoy.wodd rTq> bCJCIOOI.rld 00 dci LCD dspIoy lor hoI.fs. rTtUes.seooncIt dale. 00(. aorm ood c:tvonogoph fI.ncbls. wodd 1rne tOf 27 CilIes. ~ Iin*"g. 8b:Ic IeoG1er sIIq).


.pogo feakIe FlaI'I"d lime. . lORUS GENTS' QUO.RTZ ANMlIGI WATCH. IIook I8SIn

Cat.No.25219307 IIIIP559.99


case ood sIrq). ~ fIIlctIons; 12/24 hal. monIh. 00(. dale. ~ ctxm. S1opwolctl$pit 10 III 00Ih sec. cioJm 1esleI. torutv tne $IglCi Splash proof.


Cd.No. 252/2627 1IIIPi21.99

00(. dale ood monIh. SlopwoIch. tner. COIJlIdov,n


f\nctIoo. poc&-mc:j:eI. aorm. SI*lsh proof. Cat.No.252/45531111P559.99


CO!8. sIoiiegsteel bIoceIeI II1Ih <X$J$IObIe ~ clasp. &weep secooj hem. LCD12/24 hal 1lICldoIA. 0UI0m0IIc C01encIor. ctxm.l'IOutf 1rne slgds.60 rmukI sIc1>wOICh. 1/1001h5800nd reodcx.C. Splash proof.



ANMlIGI WATCH. Bloss case

ood chIome pIoIed bIoceIeI. Srroott ICkIIfrO bezel mg. C<*IIldar. <*Jm ood c:hOnc> ~ WO!eI teIisIooI to 100m.

CotNo. 252j1937I111Pi19.99

Cd.No. 252/19« IIIIPi79.9O

£14.99 SUPERBUY 3



11 ~

Duo dspIoyfeot\J8s

ncUde monIh. 00(. daI&. Cat.No.252/7 .. 2

dspIoyctxm. ~Io 1(1001hI8COOd. cld lime. 00(. dote. I.IJlW1ous hands ood hal I'IlCItm. HouIy Ime Sig'd. Splashproof.



ANNDlGl WATCH. Got! lone


Cat.No.25219462 .SI2O.00

boceIel. ~

12/24hal. monIh. 00(. dole. Mlime. tit oicm1. Houtv line Sig'd. SpIosh proof.





STOP·WATCHYvmi lANYARD. 12/24haI.1'IOA mIn$. sea. ~ tine. Splashpea.


pIoIed case ood broceIel v.!tt fI.tV<4II1CilIeIIci1g clasp. SIc*iess 5IeeI case bock. GIl &weep secood herod. LCD 12/24 hal. ouIomoIIc colendot.oIoml.l'IOutf tne sIgloIS. 60 rOO sIop-wotch. 1I1001hsec 1IlOdoIi. SpIosh

g:.',.;,. 262/4539


00(. dale. monIh. cAam ood ct*ne. 0v0t10gI0ph II1Ih spit




SEIKO GENTS HWOIGI QlIARTZ WATCH. Gad pt)Ied case ood btoceIel. DIgIlo1

cJarm ood stop.wotd). SWeep S9Cood hem. Splash proof.


ZEON GENIS' "NIGEL ~ll' QUO.RTZANMlIGI WATCH. QvomeptJtedcase. ~$IeeI bIoceIeI. hoIIs. m. sees. orrw'pm noodfon.



6 ~

GENTS' ANMlIGI QU6.RTZWATCH. Gulmeta l'riIIlcase ood C4J$k1lIe

btacelet. Alarm. ~.Ig1t. 00(. dole ood sIop-woIcI1.

SWeep 5800nd hem. WO!eI resist(l'd 1050 melle.

Cd.No. 252(4515



13. WESTCLOX "SPlJR" MECHANICAL AlARM ClOCK. Easyto read dial. Single keywindsbothtimeandalarm. PhospI]orescent tipped hands. Height 33/. Indl approx.

RRP£10.99 Cat. No. 25610593 £4.99 14. WESTCLOXBELLBEN KEY WOUND ALARM ClOCK. classic brass effea finish melal case. Traditional dial design. Luminous dial and hands. Height 6V2indl

applox. RRP£14.50 Cat. No. 25612797 £5.99 15. WESTCLOX "SOUTHERN BELLE" KEYWOUNDAlARMCLOCI<.

1141 £599


plaStiCcase with Ooraldial and luminous upped hands. Metal beDsfor loud alarm. Height 61/. inchapprox. RRP£14.49 cat. No. 25613679 £6.99 16. WESTClOX BIG BEN MECHANiCAl ALARM CLOCK. Gold coIOUIedbezel. Soft alarm adjustmenL Single key winds both time and alarm. Height 5 rOOt approx. RRP£16.99 Cat. No. 25610964 £8.99 17. WESTClOX "ECHO· QUARTZ ALARM (LOCK. White moulded case. Dial feaUJring blade Arabic nun\erals and luminous tipped hands. Top alarm shut off. Height 2'h inchapprox. BattelY

supplied. RRP£8.99 cat. No. 25613301 £3.99 18.l0RUS QUARTZ AlARM CLOCK. White case and cial. Luminous rlgures and tipped hands. Height 3 inch approll. Batterysupplied. RRP£8.99 £4.99 Cat. No. 256(2371 19. LONDON· CLOCK COMPANY QUARTZAlARM CLOCK. While case and wf1jte floral diaL With crescendo alarm. snooze feature and dialljght Height 23/. inchapprox. Batteries supplied.

RRP£9.5D Cat. No. 25612807


20. AcalM SNOOZEAlARM ClOCK. Wlfrte dial with bJadeArabic figures. Black hour/mi~ute hands with green luminous lips. SnOozefactllty and dial light feature.

Battery supplted. RRP£11.95 Cat. No. 256/3686

i 1221


21. CITIZENQUARTZ BELLAlARM ClOCK. White case. Wrth loud bell alarm. Size 4Ih)(31/lX2Vlinch approx. BattelY

supplied. Cat. No. 25613318


22. STAlGERARCHED STYLED AlARM CLOCK. With crescendo alarm.snooze feature and light. Height 4 inch approx.

Battery supplied. RRP£12.50 cat. No. 25613837


ClOCK. Bellalarm With 4minute snooze function. White case and dial. Size 4 indl applQx. Battery supplied. Cat. No. 256/1822 £8.99

24. "FOREVER FRIENDS" QUARTZ AlARM ClOCK. Ulusliated with the


"ForMfFriends·characters. Height Jinch approx.Batterysupplioo. cat. No. 256/3868 £7.99 25. STAlGER QUARTZALARM CLOCK. With fine English porcelain case witIJ defKate floral design. Height4 inch approx. Battery supplied.




STAIGER PORCElAIN QUAATZAlARM CLOCK. Round poICelaincase with green Victorian pattern, Floral dial. Alarm.

Height4 indl approx.Battery supplied. RRP£29.95 Cat. No. 256/3820

RRP£29.9$ Cat. No. 256(2845 £14.99 Please note with quartz docksthe quartz movement is generally accurate to within a few minutes per year.


1. ROSSSOLDIERBUGUNGAlARM CLOCK Analogue display. Alarm features bugle call. Height 7'/. inch approi Requires 3 x LR6baneries (Older 2 of 98011444 at£1.39 pair). RRP£19.95 CAt. No. 25612405


CLOCK.Wake up to "rooster" sound and when~switchoff, voice replies "Good Morning" .size 5'11x 6 x 311linch approx. Requires 3 x LR6batteries(order 2of 98011444 at £1.39 pair). RRP£19.95 Cal. No. 25611389

£14.99 3. "BARTSIMPSON" QUARTZTAlKING AlARM CLOCK.Ban ~U gIVe you a rude

awakeningbysl1outi~ "Yo Oudel Wake upandgetoutofbedl . Totemporarilv silence him, press the snooze bunon. Nine minutes later he~1I givl!you a cheeky reminder by ~ng "Hey manl Aren't you out of bed yet?". [CD clock readout is set into the skateboard. Height 9inch approx. Requires 2 x LR6baneries(OI'der 1of 98011444 at £1.39 pair). RRP£24.99

Su~ up I(S time to followed by the introdUc:tlonfrom Super Mario 8ros3.With snooze functlon.lcD 12124 hourreadouL Size 7'1.x5x 5 inch approx. Requires 2 x LR6batteries (order Ior98011444at £1.39pair). RRPf29.99

Cat. No. 256/2890 £17.75 S. "THUNDER8IRW TALKINGAlARM CLOCI(.Wake up to the IT1O$tfamous countdown!n thewortd "5·4·3·2·1 ... ThunderbirdsAre Gol' Repeats after 10 minutes ap'pt'OX, if soooze button is pressed. Silence alarm by IIftJng Thunderbird 2 off Its launch pad, triggering a jet engine noise. This noise can be triggered at any time by simply lifting Thunde!blrd 2.lCD dlsolay. Size 7J/.x 5)/. x 31/. inch approx. hequlres2 x LR6batteries(OIder 1 of 98011444 at £ 1.39pair). RRP£24.99

Cal. No. 256/2883 £14.99 6. TIMEMASTERQUARTZMOTORBIKE AlARM CLOCK.With reaRstlcengine noise. NO'ieltysaddle switch off. Size 9¥. x 6'11 x 3'/.Inch approx. Batteries sUllplied. RRP£32.50 CaL No. 256/3507



@SUPERSTORESONLY T To\: •• ,., .,., .,."

AlARM. Will soundll~easlearntraln whls~e, seeak "Are you reacJy3, 2, 1 wake-up- and the red light flashes on the (unnel. Size 9'/. x sv. x 21/2Inch approx. Requires 3 x LR6batteries (Older 2 of 98011444 at £1.39 pair).


Cat. No. 256/3105 £14.99 8. "STARTREK" TAlKINGAlARM

CLOCK.Wake up to the sound o( Captain Kirk's communicator follO'Nedby "landing Party to Enterprise· Beam us up Scottyl" and the sound of the transporter beam, while a shaft o( light !hines from the Enterprise bridge dOWilon the llIane( s surface. With demonstration button and snooze function.lCD 12124 hour readout. Size Bx 5 x 5inch approx. Requires 4 x lR6 batteries (order 2 or 98011444at £1.39 pair). RRP£24.99 Cat, No. 256/3693



9. LONDONCLOCKCOMPANY QUARTZ T,w<ING CLOCK.Tap the top and it 'speaks" the time. Features buZl or rOOSl1!(3ndspeaks the time. High and low settings. Size 31/2x 2'/2 x 6)/. inch approx. Requires 3 x LR6 batteries (order 2 of 98011444 at (1.39 pair). RRP£18.95 CAt. No. 256/2869


10.zeON TeCH TAlKINGANALOGue ALARMCLOCK.Press the button on the top and a voice~II'Speak' the time. On the hour YOke repO!1and alarm with "rooster" sound. Size 4 x 4'1. x 2'/2 Inch approx. Requires 2 x LR6batteries (order 10(98011444 at £1.39 pair). RRP£14.95

CAt.No. 256/3813 £9.99 11. ROSSTAlKlNG ALARMCLOCK.Tap the top of the dock and It "speaks" the time.lCD disPlay. Snooze runction ~th 3 separate messages. "TIme to wake up', "Getup f'm~tting mad", "Bang·Bang· Get up nowl . Size 4 'llx 4'/2 x I'll Inch approx. Batteries supplied. RRP£19.95 Cat. No. 256/1839


12. JUNGHANSQUARTZfOLDING TRAVELAlARM CLOCK.luminous spots on dial. Top alarm reset. Height 3 inch approx. Requires LR6battery (order 1 of 98011444 at £1.39 pail). Cat. No. 255/8598 £4,75 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated. Please note with quartz clocks the quartz movement iss-ally accurate to within a few minutes per year. Please note item nos 1-8 are timepieces, not toys.

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13. REMINGTON QUARTZ TRAVEL AlARM CLOCK. Case slides overcJock. 'Mdlh 5 inch approx when opeQ. Requires Ix lR6banety(order 1 0198011444 at £1.39 pair). cat No. 256/3103 £1.99 14. EUROSTARLCD TRAVELAlARM CLOCK. Snooze,and bad<ftght Swing CO'ief can alsoact asstarid. Height 2inch approx. Battery supplied. RRP£9.20 Cat. No. 256/0658 £4.99

lS.ACCTIM FOLDINGTRAVELAlARM CLOCK. Widl blad< case. Snooze facility and dial light feature. Battery supplied. RRP£9.50 Cat No. 25613710 £5.99


LCD TRAVEL ALARM CLOCK. Ultra slim folding "'51!. Snooze alarm featlJre.Dial lighl Atarm-on indicator. Height 3'1.Inch approx. Battery supplied. RRP£13.50 £6.99 Cat. No. 256{1884 17.ACCllMAlARM CLOCK. White case.

Jumbo lCDfigulI!S. features snooze

faciUtyand dial light. Balterysupplied. RRP£1'.95 Cat. No. 25612412 £5.99 18


0010 LCDQUARlZAlARM (LOCK. DigitalcflSplayfeatures Ilpurslmins, AMI PM indicator. 12/24 hoUrformat. dally alarm with ascending wlume and lllOOre. Back light Sire 3 '1~ X2 X4)/. inch approx.. Batteries supplied. Cat. No. 256/2429



19. ·OFFTHEWAl.nOOTBAllAlAAM CLOCK.Gently tpSS itagainst the wall and tl\ealarmSlClpS. LCD display. Diameter

4'12 inch approx. Battery

suppliedL RRP£12.99 cat.No.2S6/24SO £7.90 20. ROSSSOFTUNE DIGITAl AlARM CLOCK. WakelO buzzer alarm wilh LED lfuplay and snooze fllllClion. Ope!ale5 from 240Vacmainswith6LR61 battety back-upshouldmainsfaU (order 1of 98010971 at £2.45 each). RRP£9.99 Cat. No. 25613727 £4.90


CLOCK. Red lEOdispiaywithlllOOre facility. Operates from 240V ac mainswith 6LR61 battery badc-up should mains fail (order 1 of 980,w71 at £2.45 each). RRP£10.99 cat. No. 256/3734 £6.99 22. ROSS DIGITAl SWIVEL AlARM .QOCK. Red LEDdisplaywith lllOOle laolity. Can be wall or swface mounted

with adiUstable ";ew!ng angle. Sjze6 ~4 X 21/. inch approx.. Ope!ates from 240V ac mainswith6LR61


mains fail (order 101'98010971al£2.45 each. RRP £11.75

Cat. No. 256/3758 £8.99 23. WESTClOX ·ENTEJUiRISE" DIGITAl AlARM CLOCK. RedLEDdisplay with 9100le fao1(lV. Alarm and PM indicator. Size5 x 5 x 1fl.inch apprQIC.Operates from 240V ac mains witli 6LR61 baftery back-llp should mainSfail (order 101 98010971 at£2.45each). RRP£17.99 cat. No. 256/3844 £8.49 24. ROSS DUALAlARM CLOCK.Red lED displayYmh snooze faCIlity.Dual alarm option. Size4 x 4 x 1'I.inch approx. Operates from 14r:N ac mains wilh 6LR61 battery bad-up should mains lail(order 1 01980/0971 at £2.45 each). Cat. No. 25613815 £8.49


1231 £849 I ~


GREAT VALUE CLOCKS ~ books_to_bytes



MINIATURE NAPOLEON CLOCK. Quartz movement. Gift boxed.l~al coIlectoo'

gift.llatteries supplied. Cat. No. 25613882 2



MINIATURE OVAl.CARRIAGE CLOCK. Quartz movement Gift boxed.l~al collectors' gift.Batteries supplied.

Cat. No. 25613899 3



MINIATURE CARRIAGE CLOCK. Quartz movement Gift boI(ed.l~aJ COJIectOfS'

gift.Batteries supplied.

£14.99 Cat. No. 25613909 4. TIMEMASTER TOMPION QUARTZ MANTeL CLOCK. Diad case with gUt ~oratioo. Height 10 inch applOX (induding handle). Requfres 1x LR6 banery(order 10198011444 at £:139 pair). RRP£17.95 £9.99 cat No. 255/5216 5. WESTClOX 'AURA' QUARTZ MANTEL ClOCK. Gold effect bezel and Roman dial. Size 6 x 5'/2 x 2 inch apPIO)C.

Battery supplied. RRP£29.99

Cat..No. 25613655


Selected clocks

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MANTEl CLOCK. PofIShed gilt finishwith pendulum and lattice effect front glass. Height9)/. inch approx. Requires 1x LR6 banert(order 101980/I444at£1.39 pair). RRP£27.50 Cat. No. 25613277 £14.99 7. LONDON CLOCK COMPANY QUARTZ MANTEl ClOCK. Napoleon styfe wood mantel dock. Helght6'h inch approx. Requ~es 1 x LR6 banert(order 1 01980/ 1444 at £ 1.39 pair). RRP£32.30 Cat. No. 25613435 £19.50



JEwtLLERY BOX CLOCK. Mahogany finish. Unique combination 01jewellery box and dock featuring 2 drawers and a concealed ~ompal1Jl1entto house valuables. Size 123f. x 7 x 5 indl approx. Requires 1xlR6battery(order 1019801 1444 at £1.39 pair). Cat. No. 25613806 £29.99 9



gilt nora! deggn case. White dial with decorative gold trim. Height 93/.inch approx. Requires 1 x LRGbane!), (Of~r 1 0198011444 at £ 1.39 pair). RRP£28.25



Cat. No. 256/3796




INGERSOll QUARTZ MANTEl CLOCK. Walnut finish case. Gilt dial with black ROm<lnnumerals. HourlyWestminster chime. Size 11'hx8thx 5 inch. Batteries supplied. cat. No. 25612632 £36.99 11 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

SEIKOQUAATZ MANTEL CLOCK Ivory d'Jalwith Roman numerals and second hand. Wesuninstel or Whittington chime

~arter hourly with hourlystrike.


Automatk night time mute between llpmand5.45am. VoJumecontrol. Size 12x 8% x <W. inch apPiOx. Battery supplied. RRP£115.00 Cat. No. 256/2625 £79.99 12. lONDON CLOCK,COMPANY QUARTZ CARRIAGECLOCK.Coloured floral garden design on a white dial. Height6 inch appl'O)l(Including handle). Requires 1 x lRSbattery(oroer 1 01980/ 1444 at fl39pair). RRP£23.95 £9.99 Cat. No. 256/3648 13. INGERSOll QUAAT2 CARRIAGE CLOCK. Gold ~red case. Spun gold effectQial zone. tleight6'/.inchapprox Oncluding handle). Battery supplied. RRP£19.99 Cat. No. 255/9377 £8.70 14. lONDON CLOCK COMPANY QUARTZCARRIAGE CLOCK. Gold coloured Ilotal design and spun zone etched into a white dial. Height 6 inch opp!ox (Including handle). Requires 1 x lR6battery(0rt:!er I 0198011444 al £139 pair). RRPf25.90 Cat. No. 255/8952 £11.99 15. INGERSOLLQUARTZ LANTERN CLOCK.Gold coloured heXagonal case. White d't;llwilh1lora1decoration and ROm<Innumerals. ROtating pendulum. !leight 11 inch approx (lnduding handle). Batterysupplied. RRP£59.95 Cat. No. 25612357 £27.75 16. QUARTZ lANTERN CLOCK. 8rass cOloured hexagonal case. Aoral decorated glass side panels. Height IO'hinch approx (including handle). Requires 1x LR6banery (order 10198011444 at £1.39 pair). cat. No. 256/3662 £49.99 17. STAIGERQUAR1Z ANNMRSARY CLOCK.Polished gilt colour finish. Height 9 inch approx. Battery supplied. RRP£29.95 cat No. 25612766 £11.70 18. HERMLEflORAl QUART2 ANNIVERSARY CLOCK. Floral dial with brass finished metal base. Height 9 inch approx. Batteries supplied. Cat. No. 256/3291 £12.99

20. STAIGERQUART2ANNMRSARY CLOCK.Westnilnster chime plays on ~ hour. Height 9 inch approx. Battery supplied. RRP£39.95 Cat. No. 256/2780 £17.99 21. RHYTHM ·FANTASY· QUAR1Z ANNIVERSARY TABLECLOCK.Gilt moulded case with revolving pelJ!luum. Size91t9lnchapprox. Batteries supplied. RRP£69.00 Cat. No. 25612041 22 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

STAIGERQUARTZANNIVERSARY CLOCK.Wrth fine English porcelain base and dlal. Traditional Ared-onenamel floral motifs. Revolving pendulum. Heighl9 inch approx. Battery supplied. RRP£50.00 cat. No. 25613088 23 @SUPERSTORESONlY

RHYTHM ·CAROUSEl· QUART2 ANNIVERSARY ClOCK. With rotating pendulum. Gill colour base. Real9~ dome. Height 10 inch aJl1)rox.Batteries supplied. RRP£59.90 Cat..No.256/1121


STAIGERQUARTZ ANNMRSARY' ClOCK. Metal base. glassdome,crys1a1 effect rotating pendulum. Height9 inch approx. Battery supplied. RRP07.50 £16.99 Cat. No. 256J3442 Please note with quartz docks the quartz movement is generally accurate to within a few minutes per year.







1. ·CLEVEOOW GRANDFATl1ER CLOCK.Mahogany finish. Moving moon

dial. Brass and S1eelweight driven mechanical moliement WeS1minster chimes. strike on the hour,with quarterly and han hourlychimes. Silentlever and automatic nig!lfsOentswitch. Height6 feet approx. Delivered and set· up In your home by the dockmakers. (UKmainland ooly).Free home delivery, see ~ge3. RRP£675.00 Cat. No. ~S7IOO71 £499.00 2. ABBEY QUARTZ PENDULUM WALL


CLOCK.Mahogany effect case. Brass finisheddial and pendulum. Size 16x lOx 2'12 inch apprOXo Requires 1 x LR6 batte!)' (order I 0198011444 atE 139pair). Cat. No. 256/0153 £19.99 3. ABBEY REGENCY PmDULUM QUARTZWAU CLOCK.Mahoganyeffect finishwith brass effect dial and Wesuninster chime. Size 17 x 10'12 X 3 inchapprox. Requires 1 xLRI4 battery (ooler 10198011451 at £2.49 pair). Cat. No. 25613246 £29.99



CLOCK.Mahogany colourcase. Leaded glass froot. Pendulummovement.Height 23 inch approx, Requires 1x LR6 battery (ordEf1of9801 i444 at f1.39 pair). Cat. No. 25610483 £36.99 5. ABBEY REGULATOR WITH STRlKE AND CHIME.Mahogany effect finishwith gold pattemed glass. With WestminS1er chimeand hourttstrike. NIghtmute switdl.Size 20x lO'!zx4V. inch approx. Requites 1xlR14battery(ordeJ' 1of 98.011451 alf2.49 pair). Cat.No.2S6f3617




6. LONDON CLOCK COMPANY QUARlZ REGULATOR WAll ClOCK. Darl: walnut effec:t finish case with de<:orative lattice effect glass panel. Wilh WestmiJ1Ster chime roovment. Height 23'/. inch approx. Requires I x lR 14 battetY (Ofdl!( I 0{98011451 atf2.49pairl. RRP £89.00 Cat. No. 25613253 £49.99 7. QUARlZ REGULATOR WAll CLOCK. Solid hardwood case. Finished mahogany with de<:orative glass. Westminster and Whittlngton chimes. Hourly strikes after chime. features volumeconllol and automatic night silence. Size27'hx 11'/. x 3 inch approx. Requires I x LR14 battery (ortrer 1 0198011451 at£2.49~irl. Cat. No. 25613631 £59.99 8. LONDON CLOCK COMPANY QUARTZ REGULATOR WAll CLOCK. Cherry veneer with stained glass effec:t door. With Westminster chime on Ihe hoIIr and night mute switch. Size 22'hx 12'1. x 4'1. jnch approx. Requires 4 x LR6 batteries (order 2 of 98011 444 at £ 139 pail).

WALL CLOCK. Mahogany fintshed

wooden casewith de<:oratJvefloral dial. Westminster strike and chime melody lNetY hour and it single strike on the half hour. Night mute switch. Size 24'hx 12'/. x 4 Inch approx. Battery supplied. cat. No. 25613040 £64.99 10.BUCKINGHAM QUARlZ REGULATOR CLOCK. Solid wood case in dar1c mahogany effec:t flnlsh. Gilt de<:Ofatedglass fronl Wnll Westminsterl Whittington chime striking on all quartl!ls. WIIh volume conuol and night mute switch. Manulacturer's 2·yearguarantee. Requires I xlR14 battery (ordl!( I 01 98011451 at £2.49 pair).

"Is] £34"1

i REPRODUCTION CLOCK. Quarter and halfhourtychime with full Westminster or Whittington chime and strike on the hour. Optional night mute switch. Size 28'h x 11 x 4 inch approx. Battery supplied. Cat. No. 256/0737 £82.99 13. ACChM PENDULUM QUARTZWAll CLOCK. GUn metal rectangular case. Suspended dial with Roman oulT\e(als and ootOl!S. BJackpendulum,Size 16x lOx l'hInch approx. Requires 1 x LR6 battery (order 1of98Ol1444al£I.39pairl. RItP£29.95 cat. No. 25611293 £14.99

14. ACCTIM PENDULUM QUARTZ WALL CLOCK. Simulated wood grain effec:t case. Round 'Vienna' style dialWlIh Roman numerals. Gold coloured bezel and pendulum. Size 18'11x 11 '1u2'hInch approx. Requires 1 x lR6 oottert (order I of 98011444 at £1.39 pair). RRP£29.95 Cat. No. 256/3U2 £17 .99 15. LONDON CLOCK COMPANY QUART2 PENDULUM WAll CLOCK. Polished gitt casewilh de<:oralM!lattice effect pendulum window. Height 17 inch approx. Requires 2 x LR6ootteries (order 1of 98011444 at £ 1.39 pair). RRP£37.50 Cat. No. 25613239 £19.99 16 ~


ACCTIM flORAl REGULATOR. floral design hexagonal case. WI1Itedialwith Roman numerals. Gold colour pendulum and decoration 10case. Size 2 PI.x 1"/. x3 inch approx. Batteries supplied. RRP £43.95 Cat. No. 25613466 £26.99 17 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY 'POCKETWATCH" KEY BOXlQUARlZ CLOCK. Ind.MduaUy hand crafted (rom watch and clock parts. Size 11 'Ilx.9'hx 2'/.inch approx. Battery supplied. cat. No. 25613026 £34.99

18. STAIGERCLOCK AND BAROMETER. Mounted On mahogany finish plinlh wilh metal comer pie<:es.Size lOx 5 x 1'/. inch approx. Battery supplied. RRP£29.95

COMBINAnON ClOCKAND BAROMETER. Set in ship's porthole solid brass castings. Mounted on mahogany finish hardwood base, Size7'h x 15.x I lJ. inchapprox. Battery supplied. Cat. No. 255/9308 £34.99 20. STAIGERPENDANT BAROMETER. Mahogany coloured finish. FItted with thermorneterand hygtOfnetet. OVerall height 17 inch approx. RRP£35.00 Cat. No. 25519999 £18.99 21. PENDANT BAROMETER.SoIid hardwood mahogany finish. Fitted Wilh thermometer and' hygrOJOeter. Overall height 27inQIapprox. cat. No. 256/2704 £34.89 22 @ SUPERSTORESONLY PRESENTAnON BAROMETER. Solid hardwQOd mount in mahogany finish. Champagne coloured dials. Solid brass bezel and finial. With thermometer and hygrometer. Size 24 x 8'/~inch approx. cat. books_to_bytes No. 256/2106 £59.99

Please note with quartz clocks the quartz movement is generally accurate to within a fewminutes

per year.

1. HANSON OVI>J..WI>J..l CLOCK. White plastic case ani! k!ns. Diameter 91/. inch

approx. Manufacturer's 21far guarantee. Battery induded. RRP£14.99 Cat. No. 25613569


BEAU"CERAMICQUARTZ 2. °ETERNI>J.. W/>J..lCLOCK.Dlaf'l1eter10Indl appiOx. Battery induded. RRP£22.99 Cat. No. 2550977


3. HANSON"ANTIQUE"PINEQUARlZ W/>J..lClOOCAltractive 'fruit" design dial. Brass coated beZel and glass lens. Dialneter 101hinch apPlox. Manufacturer's 2-year guarantee. Battery included. RRP£29.99 Cat. No. 25612254

11 1 £599



' '2':

11~1'\' .~.

.~." 3· .8 . 4. ,,7

6 5,





4. BUCKINGHAM"ANTIQUE"PINE QUARlZ WAll CLOCK.Wi[hfloral design dial. Size 9111inchapprox. Manufacturer's I-year guarantee. Battery included. RRP£19.95 Cat. No. 256/3576


5. HANSONQUARlZWI>J..lCLOCI(.Sofid pine case with Boraldial. Brass coated bezel and glass lens. Diameter8 inch approx. Manufacturers 21farguarantee, Battery indUded. RRP£19.99 Cat. No. 2561351.4 6

1111 £999 1




WESTCLOX"REO ADMiRAl" QUARlZ WALLCLOCK.SaUdpine casing with honey pine finish. Quality brass~. Counuy st}1e butterfly dial with Roman numetals. DiameterS indraPPfOlC. Battery induded. RRP£25.99 Cat. No. 25613947



INGERSOLLflORAl SCHOOL)iOUSE W/>J..lCLOCK.DiameW111/l indl approx. Battery ind~ed. £14.99 cat. No. 256/2979 8


WESTCLOX'PRUNUS" QUARlZWALL CLOCK.Sofidpine casing with "antique" pine finish. Quality brass bezel. Fruit designdial with Roman numerals. Diameter 10\'. indl applOx. Battery induded. RRP£31.49 Cat. No. 256/3954



pine case with Roman numetal dial. BlaSS coated bezel with glass·lens. Diameter 8 indl approx. Manufacturer's I·year guarantee. Battery included. RRP£18.99 Cat. No. 256/3480

1171 £370


10. "ANnQUE" PlNfEFFtCT OCTAGONAlQUARlZWALLCLOCK. Diameter 1OV. inch apPl0x. Battery lnduded. RRP£14.95 Cat. No. 25612687


11.BUCKINGHAMPINEQUAf\lZWAll CLOCK.With"antique" finish. Brass bezel and glass lens. Diameter9 iodl approx. Manufaaurets 2-year guarantee. Battery induded. RRP£17.95 Cat. No. 256/3174



IPIs] £999 I.-

. 12 -; _.

;J1 ~

'2', _ ·(r........". 3" -,.8 - 4. ·.7 6 5..

Ir-H-A-N-S=(!, -'NI ~ books_to_bytes

12. ABBEY ·SCHooL HOUst· QUARlZ WAll ClOCK. MahQgatYj effect casewith brass bezel and glass lens. Diameter 10'h inch approx. Batteries jr1(lulied. Cat. No. 25612247 £14.99 13. OVAl WAll CLOCK. Gold effea ~oIour.Champagne colour dial with black Roman numerals. Size Il'h x 9'12 x 1'/. Ineb approx. Battery included. RRP£1'.50 Cat. No. 256/3583 14



SEIKOQUARTZWAll ClOCK. Dark oak coloured Wood.£n case. ~oman numerals and minule ring. Diameter 131hinch apptox. Battery included.

RRP£39.99 Cat. No. 25611437 £26.99 15. OCTAGONAl WAll CLOCK. Gold effeacolour. Black dial with gold effect Roman numerals. Slze 11'/1x 93/. x llf. inch approx. Battery included. RRP£12.95 Cat. No. 25613590 £8.99 16. BUCKINGHAM QUARTZ WAll ClOCK. FloraVgiit frame with glass lens. Size 9 inch square apprOx. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee. Battery included.

RRP£17.95 Cat. No. 25613215 £9.99 17. HANSON QUARTZ WAll CLOCK. Easy to read Arabic numerals. Second hand. Diameter 9 inch applolC. Requires I x LR~banery(Ofder I 0198011 444 at £1.39pai~.

RRP£9.99 Cat. No. 25610696


18. ACCllM

QUARlZ WAlL CLOCK. Diameter 10inch apprOIC.Battery included.

RRP£10.95 Cat. No. 25613136 19



HANSON GREY ROCKQUARTZ WALL CLOCK. Speckled grey caS!? Diameter 9 inch approx. Requires 1 x LR6 battery (order 1of 98011444 at £1,39 pair). Manulactwefs 2·year guarantee.

RRP£22.99 Cat. No. 25612955 20

23. ZfON OFACIAL ·THUNOERBIROS· QUARTZWAll CLOCK. Red plastic case with Thunderbirds design on dial. Diameter 10'hinch apprOIC.Requires I x LR6banery(order 10198011444 at £139 pair).

RRP£12.99 Cat. No. 256/3552


ATHENA PICTUREWAll CLOCK. Block mounted print. Size 14 x 11 Inch approx. Requires I xLR6banery(order 101980/ 1444 at £ 1.39 pair). 24. OCEANS AlIVE. Original Athena print

RRPfll.99 Cat. No. 25613765

1231 £699


25. COUNTRY COMPANIONS. RRP£11.99 Cat. No. 25613772

26. L·ENfANT.


Original Athena print

RRPfl1.99 Cat. No. 256/1011


27. FOREVERFRIENDS. RRP£II.99 Cat. No. 256/2917



HINGED PHOTO fRAME QUARlZClOCK.. Wood elfea gilt decorated frame. Takesup to6x4 inch apploxphotograph.Battery included.

RRPf14.95 Cat. No. 256/3789 29



WAll CLOCK KIT, Easily applied to any wall with template supplied, no tools required. Quanz movement Diameter complete, 12 inch, Requires I x AA battfl'f(order 1 0/980/1949 at f1.59 pair). Cat. No. 271/0109 £9.99 30. ATHENA RED FERRARIPICTURE WAll. ClOCI<. Original block mounted Athena print Size 14 x 11 inch approx. RequIres 1 x LR6 battelY (order 1of 9801 1444.11(1.39 pair).

RRPfl'.99 Cat. No. 256/2931

L . E




LONDON CLOCK COMPANY QUARlZ WAlL CLOCK. Floral sunound and suspended dial. Diameter 11 inch awol. Requires 1)(LR6battery(ordell of980/ 1444 at£1.39 pair).

RRPf19.95 Cat. No. 256/2993 21



LONooN CLOCK COMPANY QUARTZ WAll CLOCK. Square black case. Grey marble effea dial. Size 11 x 111/, x I'h loch aPPfOX. ReqUires 1 x LR6 banelY (order lof980/I444at£I.39pair).

RRPf20.25 Cat. No. 25612481 22



. .


'WHOOps· DANGUNG TEDDYQUART2 WAll. CLOCK. Wrthswinging pendulum legs. Size 21 x 14 inch(when hung), Requires 2 x LR6 balleries(order 1 of 98OI1444at fl.39pair). Manulacturer's 2-yearguarantee.

RRP£34.95 Cat. No. 25613473





black man fmishwith engraved gold colour diamol\do(Utran design. Never requires battelyor ffinLGirtboxed. RRP£7.95 Cat. No. 27813480


2. MISTRALGASUGHTEIt Piezo ignition. Stylishmatt black ~ng With goldcolour trim. Giftboxed. RRP£7.95 Cat. No. 278(3284


LIGHTER.Smooth grey stone finishwith gold cobtred trim. Neo;errequires banel}' or flint. Gilt boxed. RRP£9.95 Cat. No. 27813459


4. COMOYSHANDGRENAOE ELECTRONICGASLIGHTER.This is not a toy. Cat. No. 27813473 £8.99 5. COMOYSANl1QUEGOLDFINISH PIElO ElECTRONICLIGHTER.Scroll design with centre plate that can be engraved. Never requires a battel}' or flint RRP£14.95

Cat. No. 27813411 £8.99 6. CQUBRI'lAVOY' PlElO IGNITION GASLIGHTER.Blacklacquer frnish. gold colour trim and engraving panel. Gilt boxed. Never requires a banery or ftint. RRP£17.95

Cat. No. 27812601 £9.99 7. WIN 'NEWFlAME' QUARTZ ELECTRONICIGNmON GASLIGHTER. Finishedin genuine black leather with gold colour anodised trim. With engraving shield. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee.

11. COMOYS'DOUBLEFLAME' LIGHTER.PieloElectronic lightel1hat converts by moving the rront switch into a flameless wif1(lprooflighter 1deal fo! outdoor use: Gas level window. RRP£t9.95 Cat; No. 27813387 12. COUBRI"STORM MASJERIl'

WINDPROOFFlAMElESSlIGHTER.Piezo ignition, gas level indicatQJwith red flame window. Silvercolour with gold colour lid and engraving panel. RRP£29.95 Cat. No. 278f3497


AND LIGHTERSET. PielO ignilion gas lighter with matching ballpoint pen. Lighter can be engraved. Gift boxed. RRP£15.75

Cat. No. 27813026 14. KlNGSWAYPENANDUGHTERGlfT SET.S~vercolour Piezaignition gas (ighler with gold colour trim.'Matchingtwisl ballpoint pen. Cat. No. 27813521 15. COUBRtGLOBETABLELIGHTER. Ornamental classic 'globe' which discreetly and neatly in<orporales a Piezo e!Ectronk lighter with large gas capacity. Cat. No. 27813538 £19.99 Ughters featuring Piezo electric ignition require no batteries or flints. Unless otherwise stated all lighters have a manufacturer's 1·yearguarantee.

RRP£18.95 Cat. No. 27813325

8. HA050N-BRASSPETROLUGHTER. Polishtid brass fllp lop case with windshield. Can be engraved. RRP£7.95

Cat. No. 278f3507 9. PLAYBOYEXECUTIVEPETROL UGHTER.Polished soIkJbrass flip lop case with windshield. 'Born in America In 1954' raisedemblem. can be personaflsed. Playboygift box. Manufacturer's flretimeguarantee. Exclusive design to Argos. RRP£18.95

Cat. No. 278f3514 10. COMOYSW1NDPROO~FlAMElESS lIGHTERWITHTURBOCATAlYSER SYSTEM.Re-ignites gas if blown out. Ideal roroutdoor use. Cat. No. 27813466 £9.99


LIGHTERS FROM ONL Y books_to_bytes


16. PLATIGNUMTRIOCALLIGRAPHv DESK SET. Comprises3G1nigraphypens fitted v.1th itarlC nibs. fll1e, mediUll) and broad, 3 blade ink carvidges. 3 converter caruidgesior ink bottle filling and a leaRet that gives an inlloduction 101he"rt 01 calligraphy. Supprted in a lidded tray. RRP£6.99 Cat. No. 38513670 £4.99 17. PLATIGNUMCALUGRAPHYGIFT SET. Menunore calligraphy pen with 4 quick change nibs indiffetentwidths 4 black and 4 brCMfl ink cartridges. bottled ink CoRVerter, ruler, set square, pencil, parchment paper, guide line sheets and inslluctioo book. RRP£13.99 Cat. No. 38513436 £9.49 18. PARKER CAWGRAPHY GIFT SET. Contains VectOl fountain pen fitted with standard medium nib, 3 itarK nibs. 6 Ink cartridges and an instruaion booklet. All HIS neatly into smart presentation case. RRP£17.99 Cat. No. 385/2860 £10.50

SETOF3MARSMICROAUTOMATIC PENCILS. 0.3. 0.5 and O.7mm. Each pencil has a retractablesalety sleeve and soft rubbeI comlort grip. Underthe push bunon top thete is an etaSef and cleaning pin. Includes spare leads. RRP£9.75 Cat. No. 38513759 £7.99 26 @SUPERSTORESONLY

HELIX ACHIEVER MATHS SET. Designed to meet the requiremenlSol key stages 3 and 4 01 National CurTiculum mathematics lor 11·16year olds. The set includes a pie chart template,loIding rule, angle measure. 2 shape templates, compass, pencil. pencil sharpener and eraser. All presented in a durable blue plastic box. RRP£8.99 Cat. No. 385/3326 £7,49 27. TONY HART ART80XSET.3packsol colouring pens 101special tedJniques. each with a leaflet of useful tips by children's TV programme plesenter Toot Hart. TOtal set contains 8 brush pens. 8 paint stldcs and 8 colourswops. (Not suitable lor mildren uncler 3 years.) RRP £10.47 Cat. No. 38513182 £7.99 28. MICKEY AND FRIENDS 'BENOY PEN' SET.Containing 2solt latex pens whlm can be bent In many ways. Sha~. pencil topper and magnetk memo holder complete the lamlly. Indudesa pen pot IOf easy storage. (Not suitable lor children uncler 3 yealS.) Exclusiveto Argos. Cat. No. 38513704


OSMIROID COLOUR CALUGRAPHY SET. Comprises fountain pen with ink converter. 4 gold plated nibs, 10 ink cart(idges In assorted colours, book· marks. tenl GIrds, cards, canigraphy guide and colour calligraphy book. RRP£16.50 Cat. No. 38513175 £12.49 20. HELl)(TREASURECHEST. In hard wearing bright red plastic. CQlnPlete with coin slots. money tray. pun out drawer. secret compartmentinthe lid and Ioc:k with 2 keys. Size 41/.x 4'1.x 6 indJ approx. (Not suitable lor children under 3 vealS 01 age.) (Contents not supplied.) RRP£7.99 Cat. No. 38512808 £4.99 21. HELIX MINI SECURITY 8OX. A lockable metal box In red finish, With two keys and liftoQllttray.ldeallor safekeeping 01keys. money. credit cards etc. Size 3 x 6)( 5 inch approx. (Contents not supplied.) RRP£8.49 Cat. No. 38512107 22. A3 PORTABLE DRAWING BOARD. WIth smooth sliding drafting arm. Full length locI:ing mechanism whim allows ooe handed operation. Spring loaded sheet clamps hold the paper secure along the eckJe and oPjlOSitecorneJ.lncludes a 45·uniwsal set square that can be used asa protector. plusasetol4 Marsmatk drawing peos in 0.1. 03. 0.5 and O.7mm line thideness. RRP£53.25


DRAWING BOARD. ACOlOpiete A2 drawingWOlk station comprising a 26 x 24 indJ applox drawing board on a fold nat adjUStable stand. COIOp!ete with A2 T-square unit with stOp,and-iJO mechanism and rapid scale 101easy measuring. (Not suitable lor children undet 14years.) RRP£99.99 Cat. No. 38513302 £79.99 24. STAEDnERMARSMATIC TECHNISET. Compaa desktop ledJnical pen set. Contains 3 marsmauc technical pens. 0..25. 0.35 and O.5mm linev.idth. 1 bottle 01 black drawing ink. a plastic cOIObination eraser to remoVe ink and penal. a Marsmkro 0.5mm autOlOaoc pencil, spare tUbe 01 12 HBleadsanda compass attamment for temnical pens. RRP£35.00 Cat. No. 38513687


1. PARl(ER"VECTOR"ROllERBAlL PEN. Fitted with a medium blue refill. Gift

boxed.Matches~em no 10. RRP£4.99 Cat. No. 385'3601 £3.75 2. COMMOBALLPEN. Metal satin chrome fmishwith gilded trim. Hard wearing with manufacture~s fifetime guarantee. Exdusive to Argos. RRP£4.99 Cat. No. 38513577 £3.99 3


PARKER"ClASSIC' BAll PEN. Stainless steel cap and barrelwith gold plated dip and button. Fitted with medlum blue refill. RRP£l7.50 Cat. No. 38512396 £9.99 4



writing instruments in one. 81ackand red pl"essl1rised refihs.v.tlich wfll write at any angle. on glossy surfaces, overgrease and underwater. Includes Smm lead pend!.

Manufaauref'sfdetimeguarantee. RRP£19.4S cat. No. 385'3508 5



SHEAffER ELEGANTMATT BLAEK BAllPOINT PEN.Chrorre bim. Smooth twistaaion mechanism. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. RRP£22.50 Cat. No. 385'3735 £14.99 6. PAPERMATELACQUERBAll PEN.Red maibIe lacquerwith 23 carat gold plated Irim. Fittedwilt! jumboblue P,OWerpoint refill. Exdusive design to Argos.

Matches item no 18. RRP£20.00

cat. No. 38513663


All pens are gift box.





PENS FRO books_to_bytes


7. SHEAFFER"IMPERIAl" BALL PEN. 23 caratgold plated with fluted tine finish. Wnhengraving panel. RRP£l9.00 cat. No. 385/0972 £19.99 8




SHEAFFER"FASHION 271" GOLD PlATED8AlLPEN. Eregant 23 carat gold eiearoplated.lwistactlQnbalipenwith diamond pattern design. Fitted with medium blue refill. Manufacwre!'s lifetime guarantee. RRP£32.50 Cat. No. 38513168 £23.99 9. PLATIGNUM "MENTMORE" TRIO PEN SET.Comprises founlilin pen in polished black finish with gilt trim and nib. lined with blue ink cartridge. Matching ball pen with blue jumbo refill and rollelball pen with blueink,efill. RRP£I'.79 Cat. NO.3B5/3096 £5.99 10. PARKER "VECTOR" FOUNTAIN PEN. BAll PENAND PENCILSET.Fountain pen lined with a medium nib and suppll«l with two ink caItridges, 8all pen with medium point blue refill. Pencil has O.Smm leads and an eraser. Matches item






MARKSMAN" PERLA" 8Al.lPOINT AND fOUNTAIN PENSETIN PRESENTATION CASE. Aruaalve tiger·stripe design barrel. Fountain pen supplied with one standard cartridge. Ball pen takes standard refills. RRP£9.99 Cat. No. 38513515 £7.99

PARKERGIFTSET.AttractNe stainless steel trioset comprises foumaln pen with two ink cartridges. ball pen fitted with medium blue refill and pendl with 0.5mlll leads and an eraser. RRP £22.97 cat. No. 385/3553 £12.99 13. PARKER "25" STAINLESSSTEEL TRIO SET.Comprises fountain pen WIth twoink cartridges. 8all pen fitted wilh medium blue refill and pendl with 0.5mm leads and an eraser. RRP£34.97 £14.99 Cat. No. 385/3584 14. PARKER"15SPECIAl" CHROME TRIM FOUNTAIN PEN. WnhSlainless steel cap and ei1rome dip. Filted I'<ith medium nib and supplied with two royal blue Ink cartridges. RRP£4.99 Cat. No. 385/3649 £3.99 15. PARKER" 45" STAINLESSSTEEL GOLD TRIM FOUNTAIN PEN. Gold plated trim and 22 carat gold plated nib. Supplied with cOIWerterand two royal blue washable ink cartridges. Matches

23 €)SUPERSTORESONlY PLATIGNUM "EUTEXK200S" PliNSET. Classiccartridge and ball pen set The cartridge pen features a twO-lone. iridium tipped nib and the ball pen is fitted I'<ith a jumbo Iongftfe refill. Manufacwre(s lifetime guarantee. RRP£15.99 Cat. No. 385/3632 £9.99 24. PARKER "45" 8Al.lPENAND PENCILSET.Stainless steel finish I'<ilh JlOId plated trim. Ball pen fitted with blue refill. Automatic pencil has 0.5mm leads and an eraser. Matches ilerl) no 15. RRP£25.90 Cat. No. 385/2547 £10.99 25 €) SUPERSTORES


PARKER "ClASSIc" 8ALlPENAND PENCILSET.Stainless steel finish I'<ith chrome trim. Slim style ball pen fttted with medium point blue refill. Pendl has 0.5mm leads and an eraser. RRP £31.98 cat. No. 38513278 £14.99

Item no 24. RRP£19.95 cat. No. 385/2884 £12.50 16. MARKSMAN" CAPITOl" FOUNTAIN PEN. Brass barrel with gun melill finish stainless steel and gold plated nib. With one standard cartridge. Cat. No. 385/3656 £19.99



SIIEAFFERDISTINCTIVE FOUNTAIN PEN. Gold plated inlaid nib. cap and barrel. Engraving paoo is neat~ included in the fine engine tumed straight line pattern. Manulactll,e(sl~etimeguarantee. RRP£59.50 Cat. No. 385/3728 £34.99 20. DYNAGRIP"30" BAlL PENAND PENCIl SET. Wr1h unique soft rubber grip togNel1lOll!comfortwhenwriting. RRP£5.98 Cat. No. 385/3618 £3.99 21. MARKSMAN 'VENDOME" FOUNTAIN AND BAll PEN SET.Fountain pen has gold plated stainless steel nib and lacquer finished barrel. With 1standard cartridge. Ball pen takes standard refills. RRP£9.99 Cat. No. 385/3405 £7.99

RRP£15.17 Cat. No. 385/2413 £9.99 11. MARKSMAN CRYSTAL SET. Complising founta1n pen. ball pen and peo6lln an attra<tlve and unusual translucent case. Fountain pen filled with standard cartridge. RRP£14.99 Cat. No. 385/3591 £9.99



PAPERMATE REDMARBLE FOUNTAIN PEN. Red marble lacquer finish I'<ith 23 carat gold plated trim and IriiJium tip nib. Exclusive design to Argos. Matches item no 6. RRP£35.00 Cat. No. 385/3711 £24.99

no 1.



PARKER "95" GOLD TRIM FOUNTAIN PEN. Smooth steel cap and barrel with gold plated dip. 22 carat gold plated nib. SuppfJedwith ~rter and twOblue Ink cartridges. RRP£35.00 cat. No. 385/2750 £21.99




Offen a wide range telephones and to


help you choose, we have

explained the features aVailable. All Argos phones need a plug-in type socket. If you do not have this type of socket, contact Brltllll Telecom and enquire about




Memories You can store your frequendy used or important numbers, and recall them at the touch of a button or two.

Last Number Re-dial The telephone can automatically re-dial the last number you dialled, which Is very useful when a number is engaged.

Mute (Secret) Button This allows you to speak to other people in the room without being overheard by your telephone caller.

On Hook Dialling/ Hands Free Speech "On Hook Dialling" enables you to dial without lifting the receiver. A speaker allows you to hear when the phone is answered, then you simply pick up the handset to speak. "Hands Free Speech" allows you to speak and listen with the receiver stili In place.

Ring Equivalent Number (KEN) The number of the telephones you can connect to a line is determined by the REN of each telephone. The maximum total REN for a telephone line is 04.

Volume Control This allows you to adjust the volume of the telephone ring.

PABX PABX compatible telephones

can be used with most PBX exchange or switchboard systems. Please see the manufacturer's instructions, or use the helpllnes for further details.

Cordless Phones Cordless phones allow you to receive or make calls around the home and even In the garden. You can page the handset (or user!) from the base unit, and some also have an Intercom between the base unit and the handset. The base unit must be connected to a malns supply as well as an approved telephone socket. The handset recharges whilst it is In the base unit. A battery back-up enables the telephone to be used during a power cut. The quality of reception Is unlikely to be as clear as with a conventional telephone as they are susceptible to interferenGe from other cordless phones and radio transmissions, especially over long distances and obstructions (walls or doors). Cordless phones operate on 8 different channels - as marked on the box. Ifyou experience interference from another cordless phone, you need to exchange the complete telephone unit for one with a different channel number. Dual channel telephones have 2 channel options so you can switch the handset and base unit to the alternative channel. Compander/Dlgttai Noise Reduction - Is now available on many newer cordless phones offering improved reception by filtering out bac:kIround noise. Cordless phones are also avallable as combination units with an answerl"g machine or speakerphone in the base. Aerial tuning maximises the signal on a given channel.

Network Services If you have a dual signalling (PulselTone) or Touch Tone' telephone, you win be able to use the new BT "Network Services" indudln. call diversion, 3-way calling, reminder calls and call waiting. These additional services are available from BT for a quarterly rental charge. please contact your local BT office for further Information.





You can now use the "Mercury" network from your home via a Bridsh Telecom line. For a small annual fee you will receive your own PIN code giving you access to cheaper long distance '8I1d international calls'. A "Mercury" button will allow one-touch dialling Into the Mercury system. Other "Mercury compatible" telephones enable programming of the sequence Into a normal

memory. Please phone the Mercury Helpline 0800 04204 1904for further details. Extended Guarantees

T"'_ T~

3 and 5 year Extended Guarantees are avallable, seepqe0493. ]yw com 5 yw COVEll

MSlOlOHIS." 185I0701W." 18510111 18510716£U."


~or:. .. 'Touch Tone Is a BT registered Trade Mark. 'Correct at time of going to

press. H.LPLIIII!S Please ring during normal office hours. BritishTelecom 0800 252599 Betacom 0272602066 South Western Bell 08i 571 7474 Geemarc 0707325266 DlaJatronlBinatone 081 903 5224 PayphoneRathdownJ Solitaire 0344 26800 Panasonic 03044853943 Audioline 0527 585522 MorphyRichards 0800 424848 Mercury 0800 4241904 Ascom 0222797610

1. MORPHYRICHARDS1)(320 lElEPHONElClOCKIRAOIO.MNIi.WIFM wavebahds. 12 hour digilal dock. Adjustable slEep lil!1el. Snooze facility. Wake 10 radio or buzzer. Alarm on indicator. TOIle/pulsesv.ilchable.last number re-dial. 8atterybadc·up requires 1 x 6LR61 batteIY (order 10198010971 at £2.45). Cat. No. 550/5160 £19.99 2. AUDIOllNE CRT·lTElEPHONEI ClOCKIRAOIO.Features aulOmatic radio mute lor outgoing and in<Ol11ing calls.lasl numberre·dial. recall.reset, 12 hour lEO do<k; MNII.WIFMwaveband radio. snooze. selective radio sounder alarm. dimmer and sl~ countdown timer. Able to receive BT Network Services.

Cat. No.550/4068 £28.50 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.




• Memuycompa1ible. • 9 memories. • Last IJIJITlbei re-dial. • MuteJao1ity. • Wall moundng ladtlty. .8TNetwcnSeM:es. • REN1.0. • D9tal serurtty coded. • In range check. • Page facility.

Cat. No. 550/4879


DlAlATRON])( CORDLESS TELEPHONE. • Mercury bunOlVcompa~bIe. • 9 memories •• Last numbel re-d'JaI. • Mutefacifity. • Wall mounling facility. • PAaXcompatible .• 8T~~SeM:es. • 20channel swltching.(Handset switchable.) .. Compander/digital noise redualOn. • Intelallll •• REN 1.0, • • Base rlnger ~ume coottGl. • Handset ramped ringillg. • Banerybad)'up requires 8 x LR03 baltertes (order 40198011437 at £1.39 pair).

Cat. No. 5S014659


'SOUTHWESTERN BElL ff700 CORDLESS GEEMARC M 400PT CORDLESS TElEPHONE. • Me(cuty~tible. • 9 rnemories. • Last numbeHe-d1a1. • Mutefacility. • WaH mounting facility. • 8T~tworl-.SeMces. • Inlercorn. • REH 1.0. • OigiUlI serurity coded.

• Inrangechedt. • 2 WWf intercom.. Cat. No. 550/5139


BETACOMVENTU.REBLACK)(fCORDLESS TELEPHONE. • Meirury buttonlcompatible. • 10memortes. • Last niJmber re-dial. • Wa. mounting facility. • PABXcoml)alible. • 8T NeIWOIj( SeM:es. • tnlercom.

• REN1.0.

• Battetybadc·uprequires6~ LR6ballef~(order 3 of.98Ol1444al £1.39 pairl.

Cat. No. 55014350


@ SUPERSTORESONLY GEEMARCWAKE s TALK 400PT CORDlESS TELEPHONE. • Mercury compatible. • 9 rnen1QIies... Last number re-daL • Muteladlity. • 8TNetwcnSeNKes. • In range diedc.• RfN 1.0. • AMlfM alarmidodclrad'lO. • Sleep/alarm/snooze functions. • Handsel charges on elmer base.

Cat. No. S5014996


MORPHY RICHARDS TX51 0 CORDLESS TELEPHONE. • MercurybunonicompanCle. • 9memortes. • Last number re-dial. • Wall moooting facility. • Ringer 001011. • PABXcompatible. • BT Network 5efVices. • 20channef switching (Handsel swilchablel. • Cornpander/d'9t811W ~ion. • RfN 1.0.• Paging to basefacility. • Banertbadc·up requires6~ LR6banertes (oilIer 3 of 98011444at £1.39pair).

Cat. No. SS015146


GEEMARC"CAPrTAl" CORDLESSTElEPHONE. • Mercurybullon/compatible. • 10 memories .• lastnumbel re-&al. • WaD mounting facility. • Variable ringenolume. • PABXcompabCle. • BT Network Services. • Intercom.• REN 1.0. • Digital seruritycoded. • Atrto tall:lautO linedear. • Compandel/C£.gtaI rose reduction. • AeriallJJr1ing. • Battery badc'up requlres6 x LR6baueries (order 30198011444al fI39pair).

cat. No. 550(4374


TELEPHONE.. • Mercury buttonlcompatible. • 9 memories. • Last number re-dial • Mute facility. .Walll11OUl1tingfacility. "PABX~tible. • 8T ~twork 5eMces. • Digiclear Plus noise reduaion. • Hearingaldcompatible. • RiI(C'4led ringer .• REN 1.0. • Battery back·up requires4 x LR6baneries (order 2 of 98011444at £ 139paJr). Cat. No. 550/4893 £88.50 BTFREElANCE 100CORDLESHELEPHONE. • 9 memories. • Last number re-d'JaI. • Mutefacinty. • Wall mounting facility. • PA8Xcompatible. • BTNetworkServices. • 2·channel switching. • Paging facility. • REN 1.0. • Hearing aid compatible. • Banerybadc-up requires6x LR6baneties(order 3 of 98011444 ...1£139 pair).

Cat. No. 55014628


8T FREElANCE 200 CORDLESS TElEPHONE. • 9 rnemQCjes.• last number 1e-diaI. • Mute facility. • Wall mountinqlacility. • PAllXcompatibie. .. 8T Netwbrlc Services. • 2·channeI switching. • Intercom facility• • REN 1.0. • Hearingaidcompati~le. • Batteryback·up requires6x LR6baneries (order 30198011444 al £1.39 pair).

Cat. No. 55014707


BT FREESme 300 CORDLESS TELEPHONE. • 9memortes .• Last numbel re-dial. • Mute raciity • • Wall mounting "dly. • PABXoompatible. • BT Neiwodt Setvices. .2·channelswitching. • Compander/d'I!Jitalnoise reduction.

• Intercom. • .. • ..

LCD cflSPlay. HigMc'Nringet .• REN 1.0. Hearingaidcompatible. 8attery bad·uprequires 6x LR6bartertes (order 30f98Ol1444al £139 pair).

Cat. No. 550/4680


ASCOMCTl18CORDLESSTELEPIlONE + ADDmONAl HANDSET AND CHARGER. • Mercury compatible. • Il'ItercOrtl.. 12memories. • last IlIImiltr re-d'li!~ • Mute facility. • WaH mounting faCility.• Variable onIoff/ringe1. • AEN 1.0 .• PABXcompatible. • BT NeiWo<1c Services•• lCO display. • Multi handset capabifity (connect up to 8 compatible handsets) .• CaUtran$le;. • I:ornpandetid'1giUlI noise reduction. • II'Ite1cOI11between handsets. • Chain dialRng. • Back'up ~6LR61 battery (order 1 of 9801 0971 atf2.45each).

cat. No.SS014501 books_to_bytes


DIAlATRON "MODEl 66" ONE·PIECE TElEPHONE. • Last nlltnbelledial. • Mlllefaciijty. • Wall mounting lao1ity. • Ringer onfoff. • REN 1.0. cat. No. 55013478

DIAlATRONDESIGNERlWO-PIECE TELEPHONEWITH EXTENSIONKIT. • last number redial. • Mutefaolity. • Wall moun~ng facility. • Ringer oo/off. • REI'! 1.0. • 15 metretelephone_ion Cat. No. 550/4862


DIAIATRON DESIGNERlWO·PlECE TElEPHONE. • 1..1$1number redial • Mute fadlily. • Wall mountillg ladlity. • RiI1geroo/oH. • REN 1.0. Cat. No. 55013746



MercurybullOO. Mercury~tD1e. Last number reQaJ. MutefaciGIY. Wall moundng lacaity. Ringer o%ff. PADXcompatible. BTNelW!llk Services. REN 1.0. Recall button. Cat. No. 550/3399


MYBELLEPEl1lt 703lWO·PlECE TElEPHONE. • Last~umbelred,.. • Mute (adllY. • Wall mountIng facility. • Variable riIlgervoltm!. • Ringer oo/off. • BT Ne1WDlkSeNices. • IRumlnatedkey pad. • REN 1.0, Cat. No. 550/3739


• Wall mounting facility. • IUnger onIoff. • "Iumlnated keypad.


• PABXcompatible. • 8T NelW!llk ServIce$. • LCOdflplay •• REN 1.0.



BTDUET l001WQ.PIECETELEPHONE. ·13mel1lOlies. • last numberredlal.

• MercuryCOlnP<lIible.

• 13 memorjes. • last number red1aI.

• • • • •

• • • • • •

Mutefdly. WaU mounting facility. Ringer onJo(f. f'ADX compatible. BTNelW!llkSeNlces.


• REM 1.0 • eat. No. 550/4343


For information on BT Network SeMcesand the Mercury network please see

page 110. Batteries are not supplied. For helplines please see page 110.



DlALATRONCAll TIMERlWO·PlECE TElEPHONE. .11 memofies.. Calilitntr. • Last numberrediaJ.

Cat. No. 550/4336

Mutet.lcllity. Wallmounting facilily. VarialJje ringer'lClume. RingeronJoff. 8T NeIWOrI:Services. REN 1.0. • V'1StJal Ringer Indcator. Cat. No. 550/5115


ANSWERCALL DASHlWO-PlECE TELEPHONE. • Mercuty button. • Mercury(l)~tible. • 12.memories. • last number redial. • Mute lacinly. • Wall mounling fadlilY. • RingerhigMowIoff. • PA8X COInPiItibie. • 8T NelW!llk Services. • Illuminated dial. • REN 1.0. Cat. No. 550/5108 £14.99

GEEMARC lAS VEGASlWO·PIECE TElEPHONE. • last numbel redial. H4ute ladAIY. • Wall mounting faciUIY. • RJngeroo/oH. • PA8Xcompatible. • BT NelWOfl( SI!IVlces. • REN 1.0. Cat. No. 550/5081



DlAlATRON DEBATEIlWO·PlECE TElEPHONE. • last number redial.

• MlJtefacitily. • Ringer onJoH. • REN 1.0. cat. No. 550/4312




DIAIATRONDEBATE tOSlWO·PIECE TELEPHONE. • 10 memories. • last number redial. - Ringeron/olf.

- BTNeIWOllcServices.



Cat. No. 550/3760

• MerCUI)'button/compatible. .101!1ElllOries. • tastnumber redial•• MUle facility. • Wall mounting facility. • Variable ringeI volUme. • On hookc!ialRng. • Hands free speech.

• PASXmmpatibie. • BTNelWOllcSeMces. _ REN 1.0. No. 55015122

MYBEllEPASTEl 673 lWCJ.PIECE lElEPHONE. • last number redial • Wall mounting laciIity. • variable riogeivo!Ome.

_ Ri~on-QH. - BT~tv.oill SeMres. • REN1.0. Cat. No. 550/3124



AUDIQUNETEl 33lWO.pIECE BIG BUTTON TElEPHONE. .13rnemories. • last numbened'liIl. ringervolurne. • V~ • Ringeron/off. • PASXcompatibie. • BT NeIWOllcServices. • Hearjtgaidcompanbte.

• RENt.O. • Big button keypad.

• Changeable colour ifl5el1S. Cat. No. 55014666



- RENt.D.

• HeariIg aidcompatible.



last mllnber redial Mutefao1ity. Variableringer I'dume. PASX~patibie. BTNelWOllcSeNia!s.

Cat. No. 550/2101



·13rnemories. • last numberredial . • Mub!faciity. • Ringer on/olf. .PABX~tibIe. • BTNelWOllc SeMces.

-lCOdigilaldispiay. • REN 1.0. Cat No. 550/4367




• MerOJlYbutton. • Melanycompalil!e.

• MerWl)' button/compatible.


• • •

last number redial. Ril1gerhighllow. PASXc:ompatilile. BT~1WOIIc Services.

• RENtO. Cat. No. 550/5098


- 39 memories. • lastnumber redial. • Mule.facility. • Wall mounting facility. • Ringer hlllowloij. _ On·hookdiaOing. • Hands free spteCh. • PABX(I)mpatibie. • BT NeIWOIIc SeNia!s. • REN1.0.

Cat. No. 55014116




• MeI'ClJl'f button.

• Merrol)' compalil!e. • 9 memories. • last numberred'ial. -Vari~rin~. - Ringeron/off. • PASX compatible. • BT~IWOIIcSeM:es.

• Cascade/d)aindialling. • REN 1.0. cat. No. 550/4716

• lastnumber redial HlutefadIily. • Wall !1lO(JIltingiacility. • Ringer ij/Iowloff. • Onhook d'iaII'mg. - Handsfree~ - PABXcompatible. • 8T Netwolk SeMces. • REN 1.0.

Cat. No. 550/2864


• Mercul)'cOC)1patible{N8: Pin no shown v.tIen in use). • 30 memories .• last number redial • Wan mounting faCJliiy. • Variable~rsesyo!urne.• Ringeronlolf. • On·hookdialli.~ • Hands hee~. • PABX~ •• 8TNetwolkSeMces. • LCDdiSplay .• REN 1.0. • Can timerlalalfll dock.. Ringer pitdlcomrol. • Ois4lIavrequ~es3 x LR6batleries (order 2 01 980/1444al £1.39 pair).

Cat. No. 550/4611





BTRELA1E300 lWQ.PfECE TELEPHONE. • 20memorles. • last numberredial .MUle.faciIity. - WaS mountillg facility. - Ringe( onIoH. - On-hookdlalfi~ • Hands free spteCh. .PABX<XInlj)atibIe. • BTNetweO:SeMces. • ~EN 1.0. .LCD/digilaIdispiayrequires3xLR6banelies (Older 2 of980/1444at £139 pair).

Cat. No. 550/4381



1.ZEON GENIUSDIAtLERIOATABANK. Automalkally dialsstored !eIephone numBers at thetooch of a key (only compatible with tone dial t!lCcha~). Stores up to 120 names and numbers either in the telephone director(files 01 sdledule mode files.The schedule mode Will stOle a list of appointments etc, numerically by limeand date ina listing sequence. Securitypassword. Baneries supplied. cat. No. 680/3201 £17 .50


• Variable riogerwiume. • BTNetwotHeNice5.

• PABXcompatiJle.

• REN1.0. • (~tey,;thremotecontrol(balteries included). • Music during fast IofWard. cat. No. 550/3650


• • • • • •

MiCJocas.sette. • CaQSCJeeI1ing. Memo Idty .• Remote ladfity. Answer onlyoptiilll. Day/lime st~. 12 memories. Last number re-<fia!. • Variable ringer YOIume.

• Memolai:ility.

• 8TNetworlt~ • MerClJryCO!Jlj)oltibleJbunon. • PABXcompa~bIe.• REN 1,5. cat. No. 550/5184

• • • • • •

CaU saeening. Messagelndicator. Memo facility, Remotefacititywithtonepadandbatt~1es. 10memories. Last number re-dfal. • Ringer higMow/off. • 8T NetwOrk SeMces.

BTRESPONSE ISO ANSWERING MACHINE WIlli TElEPHONE. • MiCJocassette. • Ca~ saeening .• CaU(OOOL • Memofaci~ty. • Dayllime stamp. • 13 memories. • Lastnumber re,dial. • Variable ringer YOIume. • jtingeronloff. • 8T~tworlt SelVjtes.

• PABXcompatible.

• MercurycompalibleJb<Juon. • PABX(I)~tible.

• Mule faclity, • REN 1.0.




MiCJocassette. CaRsaeen~. MessaQeincicalor. Memoladfi • Remote raci~!y. Last numberre.dial VariableMgerYOlume. Ring« 001011. • 8T NelWOlk Servi:es. • Remote security code. • REN1.0. • Remote conuol inciudedYAlich requires 2 x LRo] baneries(order 101980/!437 at£I.39!!.olir). Cat. No. 550/4738 £54.99

• LCDdispiay.

Cat. No. 550/4769

• • • •

Wall mountable. Dfgflaloutgolng message. Mbo cassette. CaQsaeeningiCaU count (lEO). Memo facility.• Remote fiICinty. Oaylllme SIa~. 11 memories. Last numllerre-dial. • Ringer onloff. BTNetworlt SeMces.

• Mercury~tibleibtJtton.

• PABXcompallble •• REM 1.0. • Remote acc~ seeuritycode. • £20$aving onfirst Mercury bill to new residential Mercury subscribers. See inpadcfordetails. Ccrt. No. 550/4549 £59.00


8T RESPONSE 200 ANSWERING MACHINE WITH TElEPHONE. • Mlaocasseue. • Callsaeen~count • MemoIaciIi!Y. • Remote loolily. • Answeronlyoption. • 2-waycotlVElSatiln record. • 1)memories. • Last number le-dia!. • Variableri~l'Olume. • 8T NeIil'OsBeNice5. • PABXcompatlblt. • Mute faciUty. • REN1.0. Cat. No. 550/3818 £79.00





• REN1.0. Cat. No. 550/4934



Wallmount rdIY. Mlaot:aSSelle. CaIlsaeerling. MessagelnOblOl.

• Last numOetIMal. • Ringerl1i<lMow. • Mutelao'litY. • 8T Netwod( Se~es. • Remote facility, • Music during tape shutrle. • REN1.0. Cat. No. 550/5218

Mioocassene. Call saeening. Memo facility.• Remote facility. 10memoOeS. Lastnumber re-dial

@SUPERSTORESONlV AUElIOUNE906ANSWERING MACHINE WITH TELEPHONE. • All cigltal outg<llngand incoming messages. no Ulpeor moyjngpan:s.

• Message indiCator .• CallcounL • • • • • • •

Callscreening • MemoiaciUty .• An5weronly option. Day/timestamp. 12 memories. Last numbe< rHliaI. Variable ringer YOIume, 8TNe~ SeMces.

• Mercul)'compatlbleiWUon. • PABXcoffillilu'bIe.• REN 1.5. Cat. No. 550/4958


for information on Mercury network please see page 110. Forhelpllnes. seepage 110. Remote control and batteries are not


supplied unless otherwise stated. books_to_bytes




Mloocassette. CaR screening. Memofaci1i1y .• RemoU!Iadfity. AnswI!r My OIltion. 9 memories. Last IWI11ber r~ 8T Network SeMces. MeroJIyrompalible. • Wall moonlabie. • REN 1.0. Cat. No. 550/5036

WITH TElEPHONE. • Me!&lgetransifr tDteIaV messages to 0Wflef at another tdephone nurOOer. • PmNerrrifqJtion.


• MemoIacitY.•


PANASONIC IO(·T 23968E ANSWERING MACHINE WITH TElfPHONE. • Miaocassene. • Callscreening. • Callcount • Memo fadlity•• Remote "dty. • 2 way COfI'JeISationrecord. • 12memories. • L.astnumllerre-dial. • variableontoft riI1ger. • On.f1ookdialling. • BT Network SeIvas. • ~anycompa1ibleJbutton. • PA8Xcompa1ibie.. REN 1.0. Cat. No. 55013870


RemoCe Iacity. .2war~te:IlId. • 20 memories. • 0ayfIine S1afT1l. • Variabierirl}er>oOUnt. • 0rH100k dialling, • Call barring. • Hands free speE(h. • Reno. • STNeIwoI1cSeMtes. • MeraJry 1:IU1l.00. • last no. ~ • PA8Xcompalilie. • 8ad<:-t.pU5e5 t x 6l.R61Iianery(on:Ier 1 01 98Ml971 at £lAS). Cat. No. 550/4185 £159.00

@ SUPERSTORESONLY SONYITA 35SANSWERlNG MACHINE WITH TEI..EPHONE. • DijlaloutC)ling message. • Miaocassetle lor incoming messages.



• • • • •


• !'9ta1outgOing rnfSSage.


• MICrOC<JSsene. • (ail screeninglMessage indicator.

• ~ faciity .• Remole 1aciIy. • AnswI!r oolyOlltion. • Oayltine 5004>. • 12 memories. • Last number Hal. • Variallielonioff ringer. • On·hook ciaIImg.. Hands free speedI. • ST NetworkSe~ • Merany compalblelbutton. • PABX(l)~IibIe •• REN 1.0. • Remote security code .• Remo«e 111m 00. Cat. No. 55014752 £99.00

8TRESPONSE 400ANSWERING MACHINE WITH TELEPHONE. • Microcassene. • Call screening •• CaR count • Memo facility .• Remote faciliry. • AnswI!ronIyOPIJOO. • 2 wayCOJ'Nef5i!OOn record. ·ZOmemories • lasl"umbeff~1. • Valiableringer vokJne. • 0n-h00I: dialling.• Hands flee speech. • 8T NeIWOlKSeNices. • PABXcompalible .• Mtrtefatility. • LCDdisplaywilndod timer. • REN 1.0. Cat. No. 550/4020 £119.00

AMSTRADCTZOOOATANSWERJNG MACHINE WlTHCORDLESSTE.LEPHONE. • OlgiratChllgoing message. • Miaocassene. • (all screening. • Memo facility • Remolefatiliry. • Arfi.Ner ooly Ojl!ion. • NR noise II!duclion. • OualchaMei operation. • 8T NelWOlk Ser.nces • Mercury rompalibleJbutton. • PABX compatible. • P.age illlerwn.

• REN1.0. Cat. No. 550/4965

• • • •

Audible cal 0:I0OI. ReJrcIe Iadity. AnsweroolyopCion. • 5orre-t1lUChand 8 spted cialngmemories last nurtmer~ On me Iime<. Ringer ontoII.• On hook diaIIiitg. Hands flee speech. 8T NeIWO(!: SeM:es.

• Mulelacily •• REN 1.0. Cat. No. 55014972


@ SUPER5TORESONLY AMSTRADa 4000 AI ANSWERING MACHINE WITH CORDLESSTELEPHONEEXTENSION. • DijIaI 0II!g0iIg message. • Microcassene. • Call ~ • CoofemxecaG. • Memo facility • Remote Iaciity. • PmNerooly option. • 30 memories. • La5lrunl:ler re-diaI. • Vari.!bIenngendume. • RingeronIoli • On rook doaIImg. • Hands iree 5III!E(h. • 81 NeIWO(!: SeMces. .MeIOIly~

• PA8Xcompalibie. • Mute Idv.• R£N 1.0. • 8anerybacl:·uprequires 1x6I.R61 ball&y(otder 10198010971 atEZ.4SeacIi). Cat No. 550/5043 £169.00



• Remote facWty

.10mernones. • t.snumber,~. • Ringeronloft. • 81 NeIwoI1c5eMces. • Mem1Iybunonl~. • PA8X(I)I!1patiJIe. • Tohaver. • REN 1.0. Cat. No. 5S014824









Remote facility• With remote tone pad and batteries. Micro cassette. CaII5OI!eI1ing. Memo fadfity. - Message indiouor. Ifonlyone reiephOOe point available· a socket doublerwin be required. see item 9. Cat. No. 550/4903

A n answering macNne wHl

ord ....... gas and many Indude a handset for


use as a nonnaI telephone. To I...stall your machine you

need a 13 amp ..... ns socket near to a plug-In telephone socket. A separate answering machine may also need a telephone socket doubler to connect alongsideyour telephone. This Is Indicated In the text Where 1ItICUS..-y. Features Guide

Cassette Tapes Host machines use a micro, rather than a standard slze


Digital Outgoing Message Your outgoing message is recorded onto a digital voice chip, avoiding the need for the tape to shuttle between the outgoing and Incoming messages, thus cutting down on the waiting time o(your caller.

Digital Voice Prompt A digital vOice will guide you through the various operations, and give you information such as the number o( calls received.

Day/Time Stamp This records the exact time and day of all incoming messages.

Answer Only Option

- Digital out9.C)ing message. - Remote faOfity. - Wall mounting !acility.

Your answering machine will stop and reset automatically when you intercept a calion another extension.

- Micro cassette. - REN1.0. - call !Qeeni"9: - Memolacility. - OlD count (lED). - Day/til1)eStamp.

- Remore eecesssecurity code. - AlIlIiI~ telephone Socket. • Answer in 2 or 4 ringSselector. Cat No. 550/4518

Remote Message Retrieval You can check your calls even while you are out. Using a 'Touch/Tone telephone (which produces a variety of tones as you dial) or a remote control device, tone retrieval activates your answering machine to play back any recorded messages. Some machines can also execute other remote functions such as changing the outgoing message. 'Touch/Tone Is a BT registered Trade Harle.

Call Count This will display how many calls have been recorded usually on a LCD panel or by a flashing neon light. Extended Guarantees Guarantees

- Remotefacility. - M"ICIO cassette. -CaIJ~ing. - Memo !aciDty•• Day/lime stamp. - CaMcounl - REN 1.0. - With remote tonepad and batteries. rt O(IIyooetelepl10ne point available· a socket doubler will be reqtJired, see item 9. Cat. No. 550/4910

BTRESPONSE20 ANSWERINGMACHI~E. - Wall mounting facility. - Mkto cassene. - Callsaeening.

- MelllOfaoiilY. - REN1.0. - Call fnterapt - Message indicator. - Remote switch on. IfQf1lyonelelephol1e poinlaVailabie - a sodlel •doublef will be required. see item 9. Cat. No. 550/4721


1 YW coyElI S YEAR COVEll 115I02IUI7.99 USI0719 07.99





11 1£27991 ~



see page 493.



3 and 5 year Extended




Branch Phone Reset

Call Screening

RTiiI ~-

- REN1.0.

IfO(IIyonetelepllooe point available'1l sockel doubler willbe required, see item 9. Cat. No. 550/3595 £34.99

This allows you to record a telephone convenatlon, and can be useful when listening to directions or Instructions.

You can leave a message on your machine (or someone else to access on their return.

- Watlmounlinglacility. - M'icro~ne. - CaUscreening. - MeIno 1;Kili!)'. - CaR COUnt (lED). • Answeron 2 or 4 ringsseiooor. - Rftjl.0. Ifonlvone telepl1onepoint available - a sodlet double.......1berequited. see item 9. Cat. No. 550/4439 £27.99

- Remote facility. -Mkro~Ue. - Cag screening. - MeIno faolity. - Iy1essaqe rl9ht indicator. - Music:iluring fast foIwarci. - With coded remote control (batte,;es included).

Two Way Conversation RecordiDg

Memo Facility

This allows you to listen whilst the answering machine takes your call, and choose whether or not to answer penonally.


The answering machine can answer a call, without taking a message. This is useful i( you are away (or several days.

AUDIOllNE815 AU DIGITAlA~SWERlNG MACHINE. - All dfgital action •no tape. no moving pam. - Remote 00611'. - AnsweronlyOption. - Call screening. - ~indicator. -REN 1.0. Cat. ~o.55015029




Remolf !acilrty. Walfmounling fac:Rity. Mkrocassene. CaJllC!eenlng. - Memo lacility. • Davltime stamp •

- Callcount. - REN1.0. - CallIntercept - Aildible~alett.

Cat. No. 550/4745




9. lllEPHONE

soorr DOUBLER.

Enables the use 01an additional lelephone or an answering machi~ to be used from 0I1e sodcel CaJl also be used in conjuoctioo with a telephone extension lead. See item no 11. Cat. No. 535/2447 £2.75



existing phonesodcetand this leitto fit an extension.Comprises BTsodcel adaptor. 50 feet ol cable. secondaty socI:et and cable dips. FIning instruaions SlJpplied. Cat. No. 535/2650 £5.95 11. FIVE METRETELEPHONE EXTENSION LEAD. (an be used in conjuooion with a socket doubler to aea\easecondextension, See itemno9. Cat..No. 535/2454 £3.75 12. PUllWAYlfELEPHONE EXTENSION REELWilh 50 feetol standard four-way

telephone cable. Plugs into standard BT wallsocket. Ideal fOf homeor office use. (at. No. 535/2571





all telephone sockets. StopSunauthorised use 01yoortelephone. ~ allows mCOfningand 999 calls. Plug·in installation for DIYfinihg. Univffial model fOf both pulse and tone lelephones. Uses 1 x6lR61 bartert(exder 1of 98010971al f2.4Seach). Cat No. 535/5767




MYBElLE S!'OTUGHT 7531WO PIECE TELEPHONE. With transpare!ll casing. multi coloured (OIllponents. bell ringer. illumil1atedI(eypad and neon flash on ring. Also features last number re61a1.wall mouming facility and ringer on/off. REN 1.5.Rec~ BTNetwork Services. cat. No. 550/4525 £21.99 15


MYBElLE 'ClASSIC B73 TWO PIECE TElEPHONE. featureS push button

diaUing.1as1number redlal.and a trad'ilionalbell ringer with 001011switch. Able to receive 81 Net...loa Services. REN 1.5, (at. NO.S50/S050


16. ASTRAl KNIGHTS8RIDGETWO PIECETELEPHONE. Push button ~eypad. last number redial. Bellringef. Ringer 001011.BTNetWorkSelvices. PABX COfnpatlble.Hearing aid companble. Illuminated ket pad. REN 1.0. (at. No. 550/5177 £36.99 17. SOlITAIRE IOOOOPAYPHONE,WIIh caObarrer.Am>plS lOp. 20p.50pand£1 coins. Adjustable charge rates. Seaet PIN codeIo~ mocIeallows use without coins. «?puonal intemational payphone ~~Js. Mute button. Wall mountable. For dOfnestic use in supervised erM!QMlfrl1S only. Batteri.esfitted ready to use with low bal% indicalor. REN I.a. Customer He!pline0344 26800. Cat. No. 55015191 £129.00 18. S0l1TAlRE 2000PAYPHONE. AmpIS lOp. lOp. SOp cO'lOS. Charge ral~ca" Desel byawner(PlN protected). owner mode (I:rj means of secret 4 digit code)for cal~ withoUt coins. ~ retords. IargecleiIJ LCDdisplayof time remaining. Call barring. Baneries fitted ready to use. For use In SlJpervised environments. REN 1.0. Customer Helpline0344 26800. Cat..No. 550/3351 £159.00


operating mechanism (capable ofieaming OON coillsltokens). Accepts lOp. 20p. SOp. £ 1 coins. Compatible with 1995 SID numbering planssoftware and 112K emergency number. 3 ·taXi" memory stores. PIN code/owner mode. Hearingaid compabble. Receiver volume (ontrot Cash lotaliser. line powered with internal buill·in battery back-up (fnternal battery Induded). (at. No. 550/5067 £175.00

20. SOU1AlRE3000


Suitable for bosioessldomestic use. Accepts lOp. 2Op. 50pand £1 coi(1S. Fealures adjustable ctia1ge rales.large symbol display for ease of use. switchable to ordinacyphone (owner mode) I:rj seoet 4 digit PWcode and lockIngcash COfnpartmEnl.Programmable access to international. difectory enquiry and "0898' calls. Memory diallinglor frequentJyusednu~. Tableorwall mouming. Hearing aid compatible. Batteries fitted readylonJse. REN 1.0. Customer j,je!pline0344 26800. Cat. No. 550/4570 £189.00 21


SONYO~H 333 ULTRA COMPACT CELLUlAR PHONE. Lightl'{eighland COITlpart.Call time indicator. 3 one IOuch speed dialling buttons. 9 additiOflaI memories. Lastnumber rEKIiaJ.ldealfOf a

wide range of domestic uses indudlng use asan in-car breakdoWn phooe (subject to network coverage) - an ldealsecurity measure fOf female drivers (optiOflaI car leilavailable frOfnmanufacturer). AC adapJor. chalger and carryingstrap. Cat No. 550/4817 £349.99 22 €) SUPERSTORESONLY MOTOROLA PERSONAl PHONE. Simple and east to use function keys. last

numberrEKIial.l0memoriesfor frequently used numbers. AAbattay housing and 6 AA batteries iflduded. <JM!SUP to 150 minules talk lime and 40 hours on standby. Rechargeable battery and charger available via mailorder. see page 119. Wnhinstruc.tionsandquidc reference card.


Cat. No. 55015256


For information onBTNetworlc Servkes and the Mercury Network please seepage 110.



When you subscribe to Cellnet lifetime. call Connedions ltd, a member of ~Cellnet Groupof Companies presents a spedal introductory off.,. forArgos.cus1omers.Free weelcend break for two·2 nights accommodatfon and full English breakfast- at" luxury Matriot Hotelworth up to £188. ·PIusfree connection and free item~ billingservice for 4 months. For delalls. te<ms andconditions pidt up a leaftfl in-store. Hotelroom booking issubjectto norma.1availability. • Offer applies to all COMealonsdurit1g 1M rrn of this catalogue. Monthlysubscription£11.61. call rates are 59p per minute 8.lIOam-7.0!lpmMon-Friand24p per minute 7.()()pm-3.0DamMon-Friandweelcends(correct aftime of goingto press). calls are marged for a minimumof one minute and at 30second increments 1hereaftfi. CUSTOMERHELPUNE: 0800 238 238. Open 364 days ayeat8.00am-9.00pmM .... Sat. 10.00am-6.00prn SUndays. Customet'sshould please note that: (a) Minimumsubscription Isfor 12 months. (b) Proof of identityisrequired(e.g. _and address.ID. d>eque guarantee card). (e) Applications require credit<hedcs and conntction issubje<t to~



1. SHARP EL240C HAND HELD CAlCULATOR. 8 digit. solar powered". lland held cakulator. Plastk keys. 3 key

10. SHARP El·I607G PRINTER.Heavy duty. 10 digit liitge blue fluorescent display. Independent Hey memory for

memory. Functions i~ude multiplication. addition. subvactlon. division. per~tage. square root and dlange sign keys. . cat No. 68013500 £2.75 2. CANON LS35WAlLET CAlCULATOR. Solar powered" with battery back up. 8 digit latge display. large rubber key tops with big key top characters. 3 key memory. square rOOIand pe!centage keys. cat. No. 680/3517 £3.99 3. TEXHSL2S10CAlCULATOR.Dual power. batterylsolar·. ',0 digit large L(D display. 3 key melTlOlY.percentage and change sign keys. Adjustable display. Hard case. Cal No. 680/3524 £4.99 4. TEXASn·508 SEMI·DESK CAlCULATOR.5oIarpoWered· by •AnyIite· cells alla'Mng Usein reduced light, Tilted 8d.igit large lCDd'JSpIay.3key memory. per~tage. square root and change sign keys. Manufa<ture(s 2-~ar warTanty_ Cat. No. 68013421 £6.75 5. TEXASn·510 S~MI-DESK CAlCULATOR.Dual power. batteryl solar'. desk topcalculatol\.,;th newtilted large digit display format maldng easy reading. When light is low. n·510 automatically switches to battety back-up. large keys allow accurate entries. Features GPM. per~tage key, square root key, change sign key and memory functions. Manufa<turer's 2-year warranty. Cat. No. 68013108 £8.75 6. TEXET08509 DESKTOP CALCULATOR.l0digitlargedisplay.0ua1 Jl9Wef. battery/solar". Adjustable dlsplay. 4 independent memory and malk up functions. cat. No. 68013287 £11.99

easy handllng of compleX calculation. Marieup/profit margin key. Item tount 11lOde. Right shift key (or cancelling last digit entered. Convenient sign-change key. Pape! saving printlnon print selector. Mains operated. Accessories available via mail order, see panel. Cat. No. 680/3270



Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated. •Allsolar powered calculators operate in sunlight, normal artificial lightor daylight and do not require batteries.


PRINTEROOCULATOR.largedispiay. 10 . digit lland heldpoItable printer calculator. 4 key memory. add mode, print ontoll mode. adjustabledecimaJ point, and 1.4 6nes per second printing speed. Banery or mains operated (viaoptional adaptor available through mail ordel'•see paneO. cat. No. 68013586 £19.75 8. SHARPEl·162SH PRINTER.10digit bluefluorescent display. Malk up/profit margin key perfOf1llS6 profttcalcu!ations. Item count Plint mode. Rightshift key for cancelling last digit entered. Convenient sign-<ha~ key. Battery/mains operated ('Ifa optional adaptor available through mail order. see panel). Batteries and print rollinduded. cat. No. 680/3249 £29.99 9. SHARPEl·2626H PRINTER.12 digit blue fluorescentlflljllay. Mark uplprofn margin key perlOf1IIS 6profit calculations. Itern count print mode. Right shift key for cancelRng lastdigit entered. Convenient sign-dlange key. 2 colour ink roller printer. Batterylmains operated (via optional adaptor supplied).Batteries and print rollinduded. Cat. No. 68013452 £34.99

~o· ~o·


L~&/ / IBOI 113311

IBOI 123483


~~e ~.


Batt 8+2 135 78 o+~ 84




0-1' 152 145

• cas.



1801 13 3328



IBOI 14 31113


IBOI 15 3531 1801 16 3038

Caslo FX1t5D

o+~ 238 167

17 3335

Caslo FX5700

Batt· O+~268 199


Solar 0+

.., ::.-= ~






Batt/ Solar 2+~ ·284 234

1801 23 3Oe7 1801 24 3373


O+~140 81

1801 19 3342

1801 22 3397



184 158

1801 183548

1801 21 3445




FX82LB Texas


1801 20 3043

~~?el:J~~~:"'~l;":J~"'''J~~ wcp~~~~o~~o~~~~(:)




Soft Case





O+~276 259

1 7


• Case


Texas TI-67 Caslo



210 176 1536 •




262 200 400

Texas 11-81 Casio


6H 300 151 2400 •



16x8 366 322 4164


Hard 1536 10 Case Hard 26Case 78 Hazd 4632 Case Hard 2~ Case 548 Hard Case 32K

25 1801

FX7700GA Texas TI-82

26 1801

Batt 16x8 550 190 f18200

Texas Ti-SS


• Case Hard 32K 15



21+8 1500 1200






•• • •• • ••••• •• • •• • • • ••••• • • •• • • • •• • • • •• ••• •••••• • • •• ••• • •

£6.75 £6.99 £7.75 £9.99 £10.75 £13.75 £14.75 £13.75 £16.75 £17.75



£32.50 • £49.50 err.50 • £69.50 £84.00

•••• • •• •• •••• • • •••• • • ••• • ••• • • •• •• •• ·1790 • •• • •• • ••




AIIscieIIdIIcalallators ...... LCDcIspIIr.~ IndudepelCllldlgl.squnlOOt and meIIIOIy. AIgeIn1cIoglc Is

used forClJllllllllltio HI: AllCasIo sdentifIc:ClIIcuIIIors areClplbleofamyiagout

standlrddeviation statistIciII


PIt06RAMMAIIlE lheseGlculllurs, in addiIion to being~.offerlllll1Y sdenIIficfundlons....... 1IOl23-25 futurea 16 dIanIderbyaline

display anditemno 26fe.1tures a 21 chalatterby aline display. They give

Instant!lfllllhic representation


built-in functions and user ~ fomdas plusstatisticill graphs.

.. .ma


We now operate a mail order service for spare parts and accessories for your calaJiators and office equipment and Motorola personal phone charger and rechargeable battery pack. Foraeditc:ard orders~pIease ring 061-9277298 (24 hour servlce)or altemativelypick up an onIerfonn hom your Argos sIIowroom. No

stamp is required.

GRAPHSCIENTlFIC These taIcuIators in additiontil beIng~pnMdethe f3cirltyfor data tobe presented graphically through the mecium of muIti-dot matrix - high resolution lCDsaeens.

Item no 25 features a Table of Values function and bothitem nos 2S and 26 have a Polar Equation Graphing function.




8801 CAStO0C200 Battety 12+8 1 3122 8801 SHARPEL-6073 Sattety 12x2 2 3431 8801 ZEONTECH 3 3191 Sattety 10x2 DATABANK 8801 ZEONTECH 4 SaHel)' 12x2 3201 GENIUSDIALLER

50 Items 120 Items 300 Items 120 Items



• £8.75 • • £14.75 ••• £17.99 •



In addition to being full function calwlators databanks will store useful information such as names and telephonelfax numbers etc. Each Databank has a secret function enabling storage of credit card and pin numbers etc. 4. ZEONTECHGENIUSDIALLERI DATABANK.Automatical~ dialsslored telephonenumbels at the IOuchof akey (onlycompatibiewith tone dial el<changes).Storesup 10 120namesand numberseither fn the telephonedireaory filesOfschedulemode flies. Theschedule modewill storeaIlstof appointmenuetc; numerkal~ by time anddate in a hstlsig sequence.Security password.BattelY supplied. Cat. No. 6BOl3201 S. SfiARPEL·6190ELECTRONIC ORGANISER.~atures QWERTY keyboard. Teiephonedlreaory for appiox 500 items.PIlone numberscanbe stored In 3 userdeflnablecaiegories: Business. Publk and PrIVate.Double searchfealUle enablesquidcerretrievalby nameor remari<.Schedule[unction,clockwilh forecastalarmand 10dlgh calculator. BatteriessuppHed.Sizeclosed5'loX 3 inchapprox. Cat. No. 67017424 6. 0010 DC-7500DIGITALD1ARY. QWERTYkeo,iloard.StoresSOOnames and telephonenumbers.3line lCD display.Fileson Intobusiness,privateand scheduledata. PassWOfd!unction lei privateInformation.Clock,world timeand alarm. Currencyconversion.User definable conve~ons. World map to locate time zones.Calculatorfunction. Compact case.Batteriessupplied.Size closed 4 x 3 Inchapprox. Cat. No. 670lB519



OUV£lTl 0500 ELECTRONIC ORGANISEIt161:memory.QWERTY keyboard.Featurestelephone mode, meJl1O,schedule,hornetime. worldtime (23 cities).calendar(1901-2099). 10digit calculator,audiblealarm.secretfunction. search,da~ightsavingtime feallire and auto poweroff. Size5'1. x 3 inchapprox. Cat. No. 67019233 £29.99 8. SHARPZQ-12SOElECTRONIC ORGANISER.RaisedQWERTYk¥oard foreasyoperation and textinput. 14 chaJa(\efby 3 linehigh contrastdlSj)lay. Large34Kmemory. Major funC1ions include: expense record,calendar. telephonedirectory,schedule.memopad, clock. anniversary.calculatorand schedulealarm.Accessories available via mail order - see panel. Cat. No. 67019556 £44.00 9.0010 Sf·A10 ELECTRONIC ORGANISER.321:memory. 16charader by 4 linewide screendisplay.leondriven for lesskey strokeswith'24 icons representingbusiness and personal eveots bullt~n. Clod: with wo~d time ful1Ction, dai~ alarm.S(hedulealarm,calendar display.memo function. 6currency conversionmemories.Storesdata In alphabetical OI~. Batteriessupplied.Size cJosed4JI. x 3'/. Inchapprox. £47.50 Cat. No. 670/917B 1 O. CASIO5f·4600 DIGITALDlARY. 64K memoI)'(approx 2600 telephone numbers). 16characterby 4 line display. Fullmonth calendar,schedule!unction with time son. clockwith world time, daily alarm,hornetime. schedulealarm (each appointment canbe pre-setwith its own alarm),telephone. memo and re~nder functions,secretfunction. edit function, $CIoOingWOIldmap io fixwOIId time location.Connectstoother Caslodigital diaries101data transfer(leadnot supplied).12dlgltcalculator. Banerles supplied.Sizedosed 5'1l x3 inchapprox. Cat. No. 670(9202 £59.50 11. SHARPZQ-32SOELECTRONIC ORGANISER,RaisedQWERTYkeyboard fOfeasyInpul. 64KmemOl}'. 16character by4ltne display.features include: calendar,anniversary." todo· list lelephonedirectory,memo,expense, wo~dIhomeclock and calculator. Accessories available via mail order • see panel. Cat. No. 67019563 £79.00 12. SHARPZQ-5200ElECTRONIC ORGANISER.QWERTYkeo,iloard.64KB memory. 16charaC1erby Bllne display. ~atures Includecalendar,schedule. telephonedireaory, memo pad, cakulatOl.wo~d times.dock andexpense manager.(Computer compatible via interface available via mClii ordersee panel.) Baneriessupplied.Size dosed S'll x 3 inchapprox. £98.50 Cat. No. 67017369 Batteries are notsupplied unless otherwise stated.

17. SPREADSHEETPACKAGE Forusewith item no 16crit.lndudes full set olLows 1·2·3functions. compati~e withWl<SandWKtfiles,20and3D graphing, multiple woruheelS and font


SHARPIQ-8400 ELECTRONIC ORGANISER.256Kb meJTlOl'f with 40 character by 8line d'1$IlIay. Fearures "to do" rlS!. 199 year calendar. schedule. telephone directory. businesscard. memo. outline processor. calrulator. secret function. ome (212 cities) and dock. Data labemngfunctions inclutle seek.lndeJ(. user diclionary. hell! key. cutlpaste and time/date stamp. E!ipandable with ICcard storage S)'Stem. Compatible to IBMcompatible PCsand other IQorgarJsers'lia inte!face(not suwfiedl. Batteries supplied. Size dosEd 7 x 33/. ind! approx.Accessoriesand IC cards available via mail order. see panel.


fOf em~ and display. Available via mail order only. please see panel. 18.SI'lliCHECKERANDlHESAURUS For use with item no 16on1y.lndudes 100,000 words, 660.000 synonyms.

SO,OOOdefimtions, checks phonetical~, solves anagrams and you can even add yoor own words. Available via mail order only, please see panel. 19.GAMESPACI( For use with item nos 15and 16onfy. Includes "Pitch" (agelf game). "8on)z., "Ratiler", "AlienSwaf111',"Tdt-. "Pairs'.


Cat. No. 670/8760


anda BkxycleJl'09'a!1l. Availablevia mail order only, please see panel.


ORGAN1SER.128KbmemOl)'.1.arge4O 20. SOLID STATEDISK Foruse with Itemnos 1S and 16 only. AlloNsyou 10 extend)Wr Psion O(ganiser memory. Available via mail order only, please see panel.

column by 8 lined'tsplay. QWERTY

keyboardand Iecard expansion faolity. Features 199yearcaielldar. sdledule. telephone directory. business card, memo. outline p!Ocessor.cak:ulator. seoet fundlon.anniversa!y. world time (212 cities)and dock, Data labelling functions include seek. il1tlex. user dictiOnary,help key. cutlpaste and dme/dateS1amp. Compatible with IBMcompati~ Pes and otherlQorga~ 'Iia imerlace(no\ suppliedl. Batteries suppijed. Size dosed 7 x 3V.inch aPPfOx. Accessories and Ie cards formemory expansion and otller software applications available via mail order, see panel.

cat. No. 670/8186




order semce

for a range of software accessories for the Sharp IQ and ZQproduc1s, aod the Psfon Serles 3 podcet computer/or!P"~r. for credit cardorders, pleue ring



PSIONSERlES3 POCl(E1'COMPUTER. 128KRAM ofintemal memory. 40 character by 8 line disPlay. QWERTY

061-927 n98(24hoursemce)or

alternatively pidt "" an order form from your local Argos showroom. No stamp Is require.d.

keyboard. 3841( 01 buifi·in aJllllicaIioos including word ptoceSSOI',oJary and calendar. time and telephone daalling codes fromaroundlhe world, andwill even dial telep!loM numbels for)W. memory expandaille up to 4 Mbytes. PC communications via RS232interlace (not suppliedl. A range of add-on disks


AMSTRAD PENPADPDA600. With 128Kb memory and is expandable up to 2MB IISing memory cards. 321(8display memory. Bu~t·in mini serial PenInterface for data transfef. (Cable not supplied.) Operated by pen. !he Penpadv.illiearn to recognise)'Our~. Bywriting on the saeen you can ente! information in theaddressIphonebooI<. diary and •to do"lisIs. Names and addres!l!S are aJphabeticaRysorted. Oiaryentriesare chronologicaRysorted. With a ~eehand notes section lor scribbfes and 'diagrams, convroion tables, calculator. world time dockWith multiple alarms. PCMCIAcard slot (01 memoryexpanslon and ROMcard based appIication~.With 3 pens and poweled by batteries (supplied) forup to 40 hours usage. Sizedosed 611.x41/2 inch allPfOXCat. No. 670/9628 £299.00

and accessories available via mall order - see panel. Requires 2 x AA batteries (order 10I98011949al£l.59 pair). Sizedosed611z x 311.inch approx. Cat. No. 670/961 1 £149.00 16. PSION SERIES3 POCKET COMPUTER. 2561.<RAM oIlntm memory. 40charaaerby 8 tine display. QWERTY keyboard. 3841( ofbuilt·in aJllllications Induding word processor. diary and calendar. time andtelephone dialling cotIes from around the world, database and scientlfic calrulator and it v.ih EYen dial telephone nu~ foryou. Memoryexpandable up to 4 MbottesPC communiCRnonsvia RS232 interlace (not supplied). A range of acld-oo cfisks and accessories available via mail order - see panel. Requires2 xAA batteries(orde! 10198011949 at £1.59 J)alr). Sireclosed 61Ia3V.1nchapprox. Cat No. 670/9570






MANUFACTUREQ BYFRANKUN. SO.OOO word databaSe. 'Confusables' feal1J(e vAlid! identifies and defines 2.000 01the ITlOSt COITlIIlORyconfUsedwords.loducles 2word games. 'fian!pnan' and '~'.


dot matrix cispJayv.ith coottastcontrol

.and 21'11in1Jtl!shut offfeature to save

battetypawer. ~ matchmakers (word beqjniJings and endings) and crossword SofWrfeatures. Batteryinduded. cat. No. 670/9S32 £19.75 2 •.•




ONl Y iii

TRANSlATOR.Perieaaid to ~ French v.ith 1uUGCSE wcabulal)'. High quality 16 charaaei dot matrix lCD display. 6peoon19 tense verb coojugation ~spellcheckingfdty. Built~n calculator. Auto power off. Gender incication.lndudes wallet and 2 batteries. £28.50 Cat. No. 67019659 3. NEXT CENTURY ROGETS THESAURUS MANUFACTURED8Y FRANKUN. SO.OOO word database and soacoo S)'I1O!lYI1lS. Includes antonyms {opposite meanfng worm) and dassrnates (associatedWCllds) features. On allhead words(Words that haveS'f!lOIl.YlllS) thereare COIl! meanings

whichprcMde contextual word defll\illOlIS. Wrth (llIlfusabfes feature which identifies and defines2.000 01the mostcommonlycon~ words. Other features lOOude2 word games. 'Hangman' and 'AnagIllms". on-line hefp.LCD dot matrixdlsplaywith COnllaSt (llIltroi and 2 minute shul off to save power.,O(Orporates malchmakers (wool innings and endil)9S) and ~ solver feallJles. Battei)' included. Cat. No. 670J9549 £29.99 4. Ol.jVE1ll T601 TRAVELASS.ISTANT. Comprises si~languages: English. French. Gemlan.Spanish, DUtch anditafian. 12 characterlCDdisplay.13categories.e.g. hotelitraveVcustomsetc. Dictional)' of 18K words. 7,200 IlhraSes. docie, alarm andWOiId time, calculator and metric conversion. Size dosed 6 ~ 23/, inch approx. 8atte~ inCluded. Cat. No. 67018856 £29.99 S. FRANKUN QE 103 SPElLMASTER. QWERTYkevboard. An electronic speller with a 76,060word (oIlillS English Oictionalvdatabase. Confusables feature which det.nes over ':790eaSl1y~on~ words. Includes 8 word based games. Dot matrix LCDcfJSplaywithcontrast conuol. UsesA x AAAbatteries (order 2 of 9S01 1932atf159 pair). £43.50 cat. No. 670/6456 6. SELECTRONICSWORDFINDelIlH 224 El£CTRONJCDlCTI€lNARY. "Queen's

EnqJish· database. Featuring thesaurus

wiih660,OOO5yll<)~, l00,OOOword spell checks plus definitlollS for oyer SO,OOOwords,Features "flash card'

vocabulary bOildeJ and 'jumble" ~eyfor unscrambling words. Ideal for solving crosswords. Large 20 cl)aracter display, full4 function calculator, slide on protective cover. auto shut off. Batteries suppfled. Sizedosed 3 x 4'h inch ~¥ox.


Cat. No. 670/9161 £57.50 7.FRANKUNQMI055WORDMASTER. QWERTYkeyboard. 83.000 word speU



.mc.tor tor,._.ot _____

checker ~ on Collinsdictionarywith over 783,000 ~ in the thesaurus. Confusables feature which identifies and defines over 1,700easily (on~ words. COntains a user word list fealUle for up to SOwords, Indudes II word based.!II games, wild card feature and crossword solver feature. Dot matrix lCD display.,..;th contrastconuol. Uses4xAAAbatteries (order 2 of 98011932 at £1.59 pair). Cat. No. 670n400 £59.50

offtm 1t. Forcndltc.d .... rlngGl1-9277298 (lAhour .mc.)CII'~pidI

.. .,orderfonntrom,.... IomIArgos"'_'_'" No....... ,........

122 books_to_bytes

12..SANYOTRC570VOICEACTIVATED MICRODICTATINGMACHINE.Operates automatically at the sound of a volce. Features twin speed recording. pause cootrol and tape counter. COIllPletewith blank mJao cassene and carrycase. Uses 2xAAbatteries(order 10198011949 at £1.59 pair). 99

cat No. 670/9439 13



SONYSTOTCMS-66VDICTATING MACHINE.Witn 0I1e touch rerordiflg. cue and review. Tape counter. Fast playbadc. bum·in speaker/microphOne. Auto shut offlpause function. Uses cOIllpaa cassette (notsupplied). Uses 2 x AAbatteries (order I of 98011949 at£I.59 pair). Cat No. 670/9738


14 €) SUPERSTORESONLY SONYMICRO405 DICTATINGMACHINE. Microcassette recorderv.;tl) onetouch recOlding. cue and reView.2lape speeds and fastplaybadc, bUHt-inspeakerl lI1iCropllone. ~rphone ~et. DC in sockeL Supplied v.;th rniaocassette, soft case andbatteries. 8


FRANKUNlANGUAGEMASTtR QLM 2200. Programmedv.;thCollins 100.000 word "8rifish" database. Features full definitions with _785.000 synonyms from the th6aurus function. Includes the new 'Word Train" game and will help solve saabble and ClOSSWOfd problems. 2 line dOt matrix display with 27 characte!S perline Qperates from 4 J( AM batteries (order of 98Q11932 at £1.59 pair). Size So/ax 4% inch approx. Cat. No. 670/8849 £79.00




FRANKUNDIGITALBOOK. System takes 2 ROM "800ks' which ale clipped into the badof the unit. Dictionary features include too,ooOwords, 780,000 synonyms. confusables feature, inflections user word list (of'up to 50 words) and user changeable foOlS.The personal OIganiser in<OrpOIates'St 281( memQIYcapacity (bane!)' back up to prOlectagalnst data loss}.scheduief, calendar and WOI1d timeJhome mode. Also rnchJdes addresslblisi~ card function. Digital books can communicate with each other followiryg the easy checking of wo(d meanings. Word Game (ard has t 1word games i(1Cluding "liangmar(, "Word Train" and "Letris Jumble". MOle ROM "Ikloks" are available. Baneries included. Includes Collins English Dktionary Card, the Personal Or~niser cardand a FREE WORDGAMt CARD(value £24.95). cat.No. 670/9642 £199.95 10.SANYOMll 19 COMPACT CASSETTEDICTATINGMACHINE.Voice activated recording system. Built'ln miaophone. One touch recording. Cue and review I8pe counter. UsesaCOlllpact cassette(notsupp!ied).Uses2.xM. batteries!t of 98911949 at £l59 palf). Cat. No. 670/9415 £27.99 11.SANYOTRC5l0 MICROCASSETTE DiCTATINGMACHINE.Twin speed recording. quick review/rec~d function. pause cootrol. With blank mlao cassene. Uses2xAAbaneries(order 1019801 1949 at £ 1.59 pair).

cat. No. 670/9422

YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS books_to_bytes

cat.No. 67018791


15 €) SUPERSTORESONLY SONYMICROVOR60N DICTATING MACHINE.voke activated micro cassette recorder. Tape counter. cue and re'Iiew. one toud1 recording, built·in miaopil9ne. 2 tape speeds and fast playback. exte":lal mkrophone and earphone sodce~ DC m sodcel Supplied with microcassette, soh case and batteries. Cat. No. 670/8818 £49.99 16. PHIUPS191 PORTABLEMINI DICTATINGMACHINE.Voice activated recOlding. Single handed operation of recOld/playback, erase, fast fOIWard/ rev.ind with" monkey chaner" for easy location of begin/end speech. MicrOohone/telelli1onerecording, earphOne and power supply sodtets. Adjustable volume control and voice activation ooIoff switch. RecOldwarning LED. I-year warranty and Hfebme guarantee on mini cassette supphed. Uses 2 xAAbanerles(OIder I 0198011949 at £1.59 parr). Cat. No:670/9446 £54.99 17


PHILIPS193TTWO INONETRANSCRIBER PACK."Talkin" and record your thoughts and ideas and then "wnteout" on te paper wiih handslree operation using the footswitdl tocontrolyourYOICe.tract!{ and liSteneither out by USingthe built·in speaker Of in private by uSing the. single earpiece. Pack con1alns voICeacuvated mini diaarlng m.achinewith end of tape! no cassenelbroken tape wamlng. miaGj!honelearp!1onesocket, power supply socket and Iiolumecontrol. RecOld. fast fOlWard,rewind and t!{aseconilO! Wah wrist strap. lootsWitch. single earpiece and 2 mini cassenes. Us.es2 x AA baueries(order 1of 98011949 atf 159 pair). Cat.No. 670/8832 £89.99 Batteries and' cassettes are not supplied IInlessotherwise stated. --, HELPUNE: Franklin: 0932770185.



, you .... IMdldlngup your bustness, from an oHtce or I your home, you will be looldng for the latest office equipment. At Argos we now sell a wide range of business .... pment, and all at affordable prices. To help you with your choice we have e.xplalfted some of the features relating to our range of Typewriters and Word Processors. Typewriter Features

Correction Memory

This enables you to correct up to two lines of current text so if an error Is made you can simply relocate and delete It.

Text Memory This facility allows you to store information/text of varying amounts. This can range from 3 pages of text with a 6K memory to 6 pages of text with a 12K memory capacity.


Uquld crystal Display (LCD) allows you to review and edit text easily on screen before printing.


This allows documents to be produced with the right hand margin blocked so sentences are of equal proportion regardless of the number of words, giving a professional appearance.


Spelling mistakes can be checked, enabling documents to be free from spelling errors.

Print Speed This Is measured in CPS (characters per second).

Typing Pitch The pltcli designation represents the number of characters that can be typed per Inch.

Decimal Tabulation This facility automatically positions the carriage for alignment of numbers at the declmal point.

Word Processor Features Word Processors offer all the benefits of an advanced typewriter but with the additional features of larger displays and a bigger memory capacity. The memory of all our Word Processors can also be expanded by the use of an external 3'/. inch floppy disk.

Block CopyjMove/ Delete

Blocks of text can be copied, moved or deleted to allow simple and quick editing.

Search and Replace . This enables editing o( a specific word or phrase throughout a piece of text In one single operation.

Address/Mall Merge

A list of names and addresses can be merged with a letter, this enables you to provide personalised correspondence easily.


"WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET". This allows you to see exactly what will print out on paper.

MS Dos File Format Compatability


This allows storage of information In DOS format to enable data exchange with PC's.

Autospell If a word is mis.spek this facility provides altematives and automatically replaces them. we have a wide range of office equipment for your office or your home, so let Argos take care of it.

Extended Guarantees A

For added peace of mind why not take out an Argos 3 or 5 year Extended Guarantee. 493.



1 YEAR coyp,


Free Accidental Damage Cover See page 493 for details.

If you have any queries about your machine simply call the appropriate number during normal office hours. Brother: 061 3306531 ext 5000 Sharp: 0612052623 Olivetti: 0992 623637 Smith Corona: 0923 777111 03ÂŤ 853943 Panasonic Canon: 081 773 3173

U5I017604." U5I077IU2."

TypowriIIor U$IOU9 L2l."

W10764 09."

Extended Guarantees are only available on Items for domestic use.




To cater for all your needs we also offer a mail order service for ribbons. daisy wheels and software accessories on typewriters and word processors. Simply call: 061-9277298 (24 hrs) for credit card holders. or alternatively pick up an order form from your Argos store. No stamp is required.





REPAIR SERVICE Should a fault develop and the product is returned to a showroom within 30 days of purchase, we will be glad to offer you an exchange or a full refund. If a fault develops and product is returned to a showroom more than 30 days after purchase a.nd within the manufacturer's guarantee period. provide a free-of-dlarge repairfacility.

1 @SUPERSTORESONlY BROTHERLW4SO WORD PROCESSOR. 96KB ieXtmelllOl)'. 3'hincll, 720K intemal disk drive. 80 character by 20 line mon~or display. MS-DOS~ file rormat compatible. ASCII conYertef. Features indude: 81K spell checker. 204 charactEl USEI dictlonary. word lind. bIo<kIcopy/ moveIdeJete, search and replace, beaders and roote~. double column prin~ column layout, mall merge. 11lne coneaion memory. justification. 13 cps print speed. Includes demo/lUtolial disk. FREE 12 months on-site service available, see in-store for details, Accessories available via mail order, please see panel. SUPPLIED FITTED WITH A PLUG. £399.00 Cat. No. 610/9752

2 @ SUPERSTORESONLY SMITH CORONA 8000lT PORTASLElAP TOP PERSONALWORD PROCESSOR. 2S6K RAM. 8uilt-in 3'hinch disk drive with 120K rIlS~SUllage capacity. 80 charactefx 16 line baddit LCDdisplay. MS·DOSC' file format compatibility via ASCUconversJon and WordP.eJfect4l' ConverIe!. Full word processing functions plus 90K spell ci1edc. RS232 port and paraUelport. Uses 240V acmams or 6 x standard C-sile Ni-Cad batteries (not suppned). Accessories-available via mail order, please see panel. SUPPLIED FITTED Will! A PLUG. cat. No. 670/9264 £299.00 3. SHAAPQLW·30PORTASLEWORD. PROCESSOR.large 80 character by 16 line olSplaywith 25 line mode. 3.5 Inch MS·DOS rormal disk driVewith 720K s\oragecapacity. FaStletter quality, IScps b!·directional printing. 8O,OOOWlJld dictionary plus 200 user definable words. Fac~ity to read WordpeJfect liles. Features indude: rorm fill in, merge prim,standard leners with stop codes. page formatting, search and replace, bIock!llOYe, copy. delete, conven text files. word count. headers and footers. and justification. With FREE12months on site repair service available. see in-store for details. SUPPLIED FITTED Will! A PLUG. Accessories available via mail order, see panel. Cat. No. 67019518 £375.00

4. SMITH CORONA PWP3600WORD PROCESSOR.I1Qcharacterby 161ine LCD display. 64K memory with built-tn 3.Sinth 120Kb d~ drive. MS-DOS file format cOfl)patibility and1Utorial disk. 90K WOld speP check. user word diCtionary and

thesaurus. Features maa merge. seard1 a,(1(I replace. bloc!:. copy. move-.delete and forms layouL INClUDES FREE CORONA CAlCULATOR ·SPREADSHEET" WORK PACKAGE. FREE12month on-site service available, see in-store for details. SUPPUED FITTED WITH A PLUG. Accessories available via mail order. see panel. Cat. No. 670/9154 £299.00 5. AMSTRAD PcW9256+ AND OOT MATRIX PRINTER. 2S6K 5yStemRAM wlth3'hJnch disk drive. Fullslze82 key keyboard with paper whIte hl9h resolution 9Ox32charactermonochromemonitor Easilyset up within the office or home by attaching thE: keyboald and printer to the screen. inserting the master disk and by using the "userlriendly" so~re. With 9 pin dot matrix printer giving up to 20 cps (highquaJity).90cps(draftmode}and auto single sheelfoading. Software 5Hpplied indudes locoscript 1.0 and CPIM Plus (Mallard BASIC. GS/( graphics enhancement, DRlogo educational lIalrunglanguage). FREE 12months on site service available. see in-store for details. SUPPLIED FIITED WITH A PLUG. Cat. No. 67018887 £345.00 6. CANONSTARWRlTER30WORD PROCESSOR.80 character by 12Ime LCD display. 28Kb working memory with 120Kb 3.5 inch disk drive, WhispEfqu~t themialtransfer piilltlngwith buHt,in prim Rexibllity(4 ronts. 5 styles. S sizes. 5 shadings). SOKword spell c:hl!ckerl conector and 45K thesaurus. Features Slopcodes, bIoc~,column. search and replace, justification and headerslfooters, mail merge. Print speed 40cps draft and 23<p5fine. FREE 12monthson-site service available. see in-store for details. SUPPLIED FITTED WITH A PLUG. Accessories available via mail order, see panel. cat. No. 670/9525 £375.00 7 @ SUPERSTORESONLY CANON STARWRITER 60 WORD PROCESSOR.28!(b working memory with 720Kb3.5incltdiskdrive.12Iif)e reflective LCDdisplay. Whisper quiet Bubblejet printing. 160 cps dlaft. 80 cps finernode. Builloln print flexibility, Slilnts. 5 styles. 5 sizes. 5 shadings and multi6ngual, graphic and scientific symbols. Word processing features indude: blod:!copylmoveJdelete, .

centering. margins. tabs. indellt, justification, Slopcodes, maillistfpriill merge, tine framlllg.calcuianon end sort functions. Spell checkerlcorrector and thesaurus. Accessories available via mail order. please see panel. SUPPLIED AmD WITH A PLUG. Cat. No. 610/9769 £475.00





4:::' 5 ~

'Sa:m fr70l 7 M84

9: 10~







T~'0 Shato Ol.3OO







283 ~

12 9 Inch Inch

96 96








line 2 Une 1 Une 1

Une 1


ITEMNOS 1-11 ARE SUPPUEDCOMPlETEWlTH FITTEDPLUG. ELECTRONICTYPEWRITERS Item nos 3-5 and 7-11 feature daisy-wheel print quality, correction facility, auto-centring and auto carriage return. They operate from 240V ac mains_Item no 6 features dot matrix print quality. REPAIR SERVICE Should a fault develop and tile product is returned to a showroom within 30 days of purchase, we will be glad to offelyou an exchange or a full refund. If a'fault develops and the product is returned to a showroommore than 30 days after purchase and within the manufacturer's guarantee period, we will provide a ftee-of-<harge repair facility •

• • • • • 4.5K


d!s •• 20 12K CI1Irs • • 24 6K ChtJs • • 14 9K CI1Irs • • 16 8K ChIrs • • 'Zl 2x4O KB Ch!rs • •

• • • • •

• • • • •



• • • • • •



• •


• •

ENQUIRIES.For any queries about your machine ring the appropriate telephone number during normal offia! hours:


12 ••


£69.00 £99.00



18 •• 12 •



12 ••

• •

•• 15 • • 12 •• 12 • • 12

U'/I21 15 £129.00

£129.00 101121 15 £139.00 101121 t5 £139.00 101121 15 £149.00

• •

10112/ 15



SHARP061-205 2623; OllVETTl0992 623637; SMITHCORONA0923 mIll; PANASONIC0344853943.

disk drive with 720K storage capacity. SO,OOOWOlddic1ionary plus 200 U5ef definablewords. Fadlityto read Wordperfect files.Fast lener quality, 1~ Ili-diredionalprinting.large SO charactEfby 7lfneal5play. Features indude Ionniill in, merge prin~standard fettMwith stop codes, searchand ~e, bIocI: 1IlO'Ie,CO!'1, delete, convert text lies, WOld coun~ headersaoil foote~ and justificatiln. WI1h FREE 12 months on site repair service. see in-store for details. SUPPUEDFITTEDWITH A PlUG. Accessories available via mail onIe1-. see panel. cat. No. 67019491 £245.00 2. SMmi CORONAPWP2400 PlUS ACCESSORY PACK. 80 chara<terby Sline lCOcfispiay.64Kmemorywithbuili-in3.5 inch 720Kb d'iSI:drM!. MS-DOS file format compalibilityviaASCIIconverter. 90K WOld spell check. Features mailmerge, bIodc. copy,lIlO'Ie, delete, personal card file. 13.5 cpsdaisy wheel •quiel" printing system. Built·indemo and lutorialdisk. With FREE accessory pack worth RRP00.55 containing 1 printwheel. 1 multi-strike ribbon and 2 cover up tapes. FREE 12 monti1s on-site repair service available, see in-store for details. SUPPUEDFITTEDWITH A PLUG.Accessories available via mail order. see panel. Cat.No. 670/9501 £219_00 Please note: Item no 6 is supplied without mains adaptor (available via mall order. please see panel).


12. 0UVET1l t.m£RA82 MANUAL PORTASl£TYI'fWRITER. Feawres84 dIaraaer keyboald.,,;m two shift keys and shift M.Space bar, bad:space margin/lypebilrrefease keys. 9'/Lilch papEfwidth, S.S5 ilch Iyping line, elite typeicn. 3posiUon vertiCal spacing 3 posiUon riJboo selector. line space M_ Margin seMg keys. Carriage M. tntegraI41eII typecanying case. cat. No. 67019453 £46.99


~ ~

1. 3M 5'1. INCH DISKETTES.Pade of 10 double-9ded. double density diskenes. 48 TPt Certified 100% error free. lifetime guarantee. Cat. No. 670/6834 £4.99 2. SElECT 3'11 INCH DISl<£mS. Pack of 10 doublMided. doob(e density disl(ertes. 135 TPI. Certified 100% error free. Lifetime guarantee. Cat. No. 670/6470 £5.99 3. 3M 31/i INCH DISK£TTtS. Pack of 10 double-sided. double density diskettes. 135TPI. Certified 100% errOl free. lifetime guarantee. cat. No. 670/6841 £6.99 4. SONY 3'11 INCH DOUBLE DENSflY DISKETTES.Box of 10 double·sided. doUbledensitydiskettes.13STPI. Certified 100% errOl free. Cat. No. 670/8502 £6.99 5. SONY3'IIINCH DOUBLE-SIDED HIGH DENSflYDISKETTES. New formulation • ideal for portable and laptop PCs. Box of 10 double-9ded, high density diskettes. 135 TPI. Certffied 100% enOljree. £10.99 Cat. No. 670/9044 6. 3M 3'h INCH HIGH DENSflY DISKETTES.2Mb. For U$eWith high density disk drives. Pack of 10 double· sldediJiskenes. Certified 100% error free. Lifetime guarantee. Cat. No. 67017187 £10.99 3M 3'/1 INCH PRE·FORMATIED(IBM) COLOURED DISKETTES.Each pack contalos 2x red, orange. yellow. green and blue pre-formaned diskettes. CertiOed l00%enorfree. Lifetime guarantee.



DOUBLE De flY.Pa 0 10H'llndl coloured diskettes fO!U$eon all IBM compatible double density drfves. Cat. No. 670/8784 £7.49

12. DISKEm STORAGEBOX. tIOIds up to 80 3'h Inch diskenes. Wrlh loci: and coloured diskettes for use on all IBM compatible hlgh doosity drfves. Cat. No. 670/8801 £11.99 9. sascr 3'/1 INCH HIGH DENSITY DISKmes. 2Mb. For use with high density disk drfves. Economy pack of 20 double-slded diskettes with user labels. CertiOed 100% error free. Manufactuter's lifetime guarantee. With FREE diskette storage box (capacity 20 diskettes). Cat. No. 670/9082 £19.99 10. SElECT3'IliNCH DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE DENSflY DISKmES. Economy bulk pack of 40 double'9ded doUble density diskenes with user labels. 13STPI. Cenifiecll00%.elforfree. Manufacturef's faetlme guarantee. With FREE high impact plastic storage box (capacity 40 diskettes) with three dividers, lock and key. Cat. No. 670/9185. £23.99 11 @SUPERSTORESONlY SELECT3'11 INCH HIGH DENSflY DISKEnES. 2Mb. For U$ewith high densii)'drives. Economy bulk pack o( 40 double-sided diskettes. CertJOed 100% error free. User labels supplied. Manufacturer'S fffetime guarantee. With FREE high impact plastic storage box (capacity 40 diskettes) with 3 . dividers, lock and key. cat. No. 670/9604 £39.99


key. Hi9h impact plastic lid and base. Includes FREE3'lz inch double sided double density diskette. Cat. No. 670/9068 £9.99 13. GOLDING DISKETTE"FILE 90". Holds up to 90 31/1 inch diskettes. With lock and key. High impact plastic (oosuuction. Supplied with 6 disc dMders, Includes dips to enable bo~es to Interlock to form a modulardiskene flrrng system. Cat. No. 670/9219 £10.99 14. HEUX CASH BOX. 10 Indl stronghold metal cash box v.ith rernovablecash l1ay. Features indude a moulded handle (or corn fOIl and cyfinder loci: with two keys. Cat, No. 670/8416 £10.99 1 S. PIERIlE HENRY A4 DEEPMETAL FilE. High capacity A4 standard personal file. lockandkeytok~yourdocumen($ confidential. With 6 suspension flies, tabs and indexes. cat. No. 670/4898 £9.75 16. lWINlOCK PERSONAl fiLE. Steel bodycoostructiOn, lid a~d base In impact resistant pJastic.ll!op front foreasy access to files. lockable, with twO keys, 10 foolscap files, tabs and pre-primed inse[1S also supplied. cat. No. 670/4702 £19.99

DISKETTES FROM ONL Y books_to_bytes

FEl10WES HANDlFILEEXPANDING ORGANISElt 19 section concertina file printedwithA·Z and Householdl'SmaU Busness headings enclosed Ina laminated GISe with ca~ng handle and dasp. Asetol self adhesive laWs based on major NationalCurritulumand GCSE subjectS allows use atsdlool or college. With blank labds fOlcreationof own headings. Cat..No. 670/9721 £8.99 19


GOLDINGALTERSCREEN.Universal catbonlsed nylon mesh filter is suitable 101 12 and 14 inch colour/lTlOl1OChrome monitors. Reduces VDU Inducedeye strain and sharpens data on the screen. frame Size 13 x 9l{. inch approx.. Cat. No. 670/8083 £13.99 20 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

FEllowt5 WORKSTATIONPlUS EASEL COPYHOLDER.Can be used with typewritersand personalcomputers to reduce fatigue and stress when copying information from paper. By positioning lhecopy In the same field of vision as the monitor. mOvements of the eyes, head and upper body are minimised. Theeasel can be set at 5 diffefellt al)9les 10 su~ each user.Thecopyhoideicomes complete with an extendable dip to hold A4. foolscap or fax paper and sliding line guide to copying. Cat. No. 670/9257 £,16.99 21 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

HEUXHOMEFILECABINET.Large capaci.tyA4 filingcabinet wilh steel case and sttBltf Rlastic drawer. Includes 12 files, insens aI1dlock with 2 keys. Individual Storage units maybe stacked to lonn a minifilingcabinet Cat. No. 670/9240



CANON PERSONALCO~IER. FC310. Smallltghrweight design with Mt-m canying handle. New ultra compact carlridge available in 5 d'lfferellt colours providing virtually maintenance Iree copying.lnstanfwatm up. C;opyspeedof 6 perm'nute. Copies all sizes to A4 on plain paper, coloured, tradng and OHPfilm. Auto switdl off. Full 12 monthOll-slte warranty. See in-store for details. Replacemenf carlridges avaHableviamail order price £117.SOincluding VAT.Earn paper rollcarlridge supplied takes 1600 copies aj)j)!Oll.Replacement carlridges !a!ce 3000 copies approx. Cat. No. 670/9714 £499.00


1 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY FAXUNK FOS3SOO. Theoofyfaxmtdl lI1at enables you 10recMaulOlllatic, manual and modem transmitted fax calls. whether you atein or OUL Fully compatjbIe.v.1th answering machVles. Trat)SpaI1!ntfeal!m!ensUA!Sthatitdoes no~ope!ate during incoming and outgoing \IOIce calls.can be used in aITf telephone extension. Tone (DTMf) and pulseoompatible. Saves the cost and delay of installing an additional phone line.

cat. No. 67019305


2 @SUPERSTORESONLY GENUSGENFAX8000 + HANDSET PfRSONAlFAX MACHINE. A simple 10 use combined fax wim compatible~. A bask fax! \elejlhOne switch differentiates between fax and phone calls. II speed dial numbers. last number tlHlial photocopy facility, 16le'1e1gray-scale, darker and fine modes. transmission reportS, prints date and time on each page sent. Balterf baOC up (baltefies suppOed) fOI memo!)' in Mntol (lO'Io'erfailulI!. Phone istone/ flIllseswitchableandhas "recall" facility for connection todigital PABX's. Receive polUngfadlity. SUPPU£DFITTEDWITH A PlUG. WrthFREE 12 montilson site service· see In-store for details. A«essories available via mail order. see panel. cat. No. 67019776 £275.00 3. SAMSUNG SFSOOPERSONAl FAX MACHINE. An intl!9rated fax and telephone with an answerphone connection allowing the user to connect it directly to an answer machine. Mercwy access button and" overseas" button for those caDsabroad. Auto lax/telephone switch to distinguish between fax and phone calls and sends unanswered messages to the answerphone. 18 speed. dial numbers and 15 seconds per page iransmission, last I1iImber re-dial, auto bust rIHlial. photocopy fadJity, and transmits in fine mode with autO/manual contrasL FREE 12 months on site service· see in-store for details. Accessories available via mail order, see panel. cat. No. 670/9587 £329.00


Auto Document Feed

A fax machine

needs to be ~ into. new style phone socket and the mains. Some fax machOhaW! an Internal fax switch and can direct the inc:omlns call m either the fax or telephone as appropriate. others also allow connection to an answering machJne. However, if you have extension phones you will require an external fax switch. This enables the IDe of the fax with an answering machine and extension phone ai, on one line.

To help you with your

we.._ ldeiiitifled



6 @ SUPERSTORES ONL Y PANASONIC KXF20GOTEIITAMIFAX. Combined faCSimileand telephone with answering machine. Features 10sheet auto document feed and GO memories with autodiallerfre.dialler. On·hookolal ielephone. Mercury compatible. Answering machine features 6igitally 1I!C00dedout.going message and tone remote access. Other (eatull!S include super fine mode half tone reproduction and copier function. SUPPUED FITTED WlTHAPLUG. FREE 12 months on site service. see in-store for details. Accessories available via mail order. see panel. cat. No. 670/9006 £475.00 All the fax machines illustrated are mains operated. Therefore they require both a telephone and a 13 amp power point to be adjacent to each other.


lOme ...,


produces shades of INY and not just black and whIU, JIvinI greater duity (or photographs





Half Tone Reproduction

BETACOM F2000 TEIITAMIFAX. Coinbined Mercury compatiBle facsimile machine, telephone and answering machine. Fax mad1lne is ccm G3 cornpatiblewith automatic fallback, personal fax header. optional delayed transmission,autopapercuner, 5 page doCument feeder, Mercury button, 30 memories(90netouch), date and time ,display, selectable auto transmission report, LCDuser prompts and includes self diagnostics. Phone is tone/pulse switchable. has a Mercury button, orr hook dialling facility and call hold. Answering machine has a 16second digital outgoing message facility with micro cassette for incoming messages, auto faxlvolce switch, faxlanSWeling machine switch(M!!, message received indicator and full retnOte contfol facility (with tone dialler induded). FREE 12 montilson siteservice-see in-store for details. Accessories available via mail order, see panel. £399.00 cat. No. 670/9288

AMSTRAD 00000FAXPHONE. Compact fax maclVne with fully featured hands free telephone. FeauJles20 memories (9 one lOuch) and compau'baity with Metcury. ST Stal5eMces and PABXs.local copy facility allows 'the photocopying of documents onto tIlermal paper and Amstrad's "straight fax" technology reduces curling. Other features include LCD display. receive pOlling and auto redial. SUPPUEDFITTEDWITH A PLUG. FREE 12 months on site service· see in-storefordetails. Accessories available via mail order. see panel. cat. No, 670/9312. £299.00 HELPUNES For any queries about your machine ring theappropriate telephone number during normal office hours. Panasonic: 0344853943



allows for • better reproduction of detailed cIoaImentsIdrawinp with die facility for fine print.

Forinformationonthe Mercury Network please see page 110.


lets you set up a number of paces for automatic transmission or copyina In sequetXe.

Activity Report provides • summary of information transmitted and received.

KEN The maximum RIng Equivalent Number for a phone is ... Your equipment may not (unction correcdy if this Is exceeded. For telephone features please see pace



hat creadn,lCleam presAWe In the Ink tube. This forces the Ink onto the paper creatine the imap with _laser quality print. A key ~ is Itprints more quietly. The most common printer used

Dot Matrix

OPI (Dots Per Incb)

with word processors and PC's is the Dot Matrix. Recently, ink jet printers have become more popular.

These printers create an lma,e on the paper using a row of 9 or 24 pins. The pins npIdIy strike a ribbon onto the paper. A 24-pin printer is able to create a much smoother outline for letters and graphla since It uses more "dots· per Inch"

This refers to the density of the print. the higher the DPI, the hiper the density of the print.

Ink/Bubble Jet Printers These printers use a non-impact method of printing. An Ink jet is acdvated by a pump, or In the ~ of Bubble Jet printer, by

Variable Print Speed Variable print speed Is measured In CPS (characters per second). The slower the speed, the greater the print definition. Common terminolosrDraft: Low density, fast printing to check accuracy and initial layout of document. NLQ: Near Letter QualIty. LQ: Letter Quality.

Buffer Memory This enables you to store Infonnation being transmlttred from the PC ready for printin,.


These are cIIfrerent typestyles to enable various presentations of your work.

Friction Feed Facility enables you to handle single pages throuch the printer whweas the Pull Feed Tnct:or facility hancIIes a continuous supply of paper.

stalioner{. ~ 240 CPSdraft. 48 CPSNlQ.low noise (50 dBAjoperation. 2 button COIltrOl paool. or upright operation. RornanlSa~ Serif NlQ lonts plus type enhancements il\dudiOOSuperl SubsCllflt.ltalicand Emp/lasised. for suitablecable see item no 14. Accessoriesavailable via mail order. seepanel. Cat. No. 67019271 £139.00 8. EPSONlQ·lOO HOME/OFFICE PRINTER.24 pin letterquaUtydot mauix printer.SOsheelautoleedA4pap!!r cassene. Print spee(f ZOO CPS dtalt, 72 CPSLQ.low noise (50 dBA)operalion. 2 button control paool. 5 LO fonts plus 2 lQ typefacesscalable Sto32 point Flator upnght operation. TYJle enhancements incl~dingShadow. Italica1jdOutl.ioe. Bk Il1i!I1lOIYbuffer. fOi suitable cablesee item no 14. Accessories available via mail order. see panel. Cat. No. 670/S966 £169.00 9. PANASONI(KJ(·PI123 24·PI!'J MATRIX PRINTER.High COIltraSlprint in 4 lE.nerquafity lo01s. Variable print speed to n1alI240Cf>Sdraftanamax64 CPS lQ. 3 paper feed paths, (bonom, (~arand lOp). push and pull tractor feed. I Ok buffer memory. ParaDeIinterface facility.for suitable cable see item no 14. Accessories availabfe via mail order, see.panef. Cat. No. 670/S162

up to 360 SansSerif. Roman.


WitIJ ACmains adaptor, reference

diskene,psioter manual and 12 months on site maintenance. 3 indusny leadi"9

dataslJeam emulations provide extensIVe

applicaooncompatibiJity. For suitable cable see item no 14. Accessories availableyia mail order.


~.80sheet Prints onto plain paper. (A4.lener and legal sizes). comPliny lenerlieads.envelopes and OI1P film. Emulations are IBM Proprinter X24E. and Epson lQ510 (850).Allin 000 repiaceroent inkcartridge and print head "nd an a$<apping and deaningsystem

lor easy maintenance. ForSlJitabie cable

-seeItem no 14. Accessories avaifable

iriamail onIer.see panel. Cat. No. 67019707 £325.00 14.PlJllWAY PARAllELPRINTER CABLE.25way'O' pl~. 36 way CeotroniG plug. IS COle cable. Length 2m appeol(. Suitable foritem nos 7·13. (at.No. 67019020 £9.99






Pack includes "De luxe Paint III", 'SiUy

Computer memory size is Judged by how many bytes of data it can hold, normally measured in megabytes (I MB" I million bytes).

Putty', 'Grand Prlx" and "Pushover". Computer comprises 1MB of RAM with IntegraI3~/~inch disk drive. mouse and

modulator to enable use with a television. A(cepts 50ftwaJe to enable word ~ng or use as a spreadsheet. Mains operated. Monitor not supplied. For suitable printefS and cable see page 131. Cat. No. 670/8935 £219,00 2


COMMODOREAMIGA 1200 COMPUTER. IMBofl!AMwithlntegral 3'11 inch disk drive. 32 Bitcomputer featuring the 68020 processor. The new AGA chipset gives a smoother $(foiling and up to 250.000coiours on $(feen from a pallette of 16.7 million. Stereo sound, PCMCIA card slot (PCMClA avaUabJe";a mail order, see paneO. QWERTYkeyboard with numerical key pad. For business use

or fantastic games pleasure. Software Indudes "Delu)(ePalnttll", "Sleepwalker' and "Zoo". Mains operated. Monitor not supplied. For suitable printers and cable see page 131. Cat. No. 670/9666 £379.00 3


f you are looking for a personal computer (PC), Argos now offer a selection to suit your n.... Our ranle of PCs come preloaded with a ranle of software to enable easy acce.. for your Initial applications.



Processing Speed

The Random Access Memory (RAM)

This Isthe workingmemory utilisedwhilst Inoperation. Informadon held in the RAMIs lost when the computer Is switched off,therefore thIs needs to be stOAd on hard or floppy disks.

A Hard Dlak Drive This hu a highcapacityto store Informationand Islocated Inthe system unit.

The speed of the computer Is determined by both the processor type and the clock speed. The clock speed is meuured In megahertz (MHz). the higher the MHz,the faster the processing.

Floppy Disks These 3~ Inchdisksenable you to store Information extemally from the computer, The amount of Informadon that can be stored depends on the size and density of the diskettes, Argos sell a range of floppydisks which are compatible with all our compute", and Word Processors " see page 128for more details.


"tUOrIor_ ...........

W..... '" .. II1II, MNk.Ior.IIIc •• IOIdCOlllpu .. ' porI,.,...als.For 'tcord........ pI_~06'.'~ln"(j.hourHrVk.)or altomttlvoIypkk"l' Arvos_N •• _,,' • ...,w.d.


ACORNA3010FAMILYSOLUTION HOME COMPUTER. 1MB RAM expandable to 2MB. High density 2MB 3'h inch Integral Roppydisk drive. StandardWlitched type Joystick IntefflKe.

Complete with powerful drawing padc.age,painting program. text processing. musk editing and composition program. Includes "Quest for Gold' Olympicsponsgame. EaSiWord(a fullyfu/1CtiOJ1edword processor with SOk word spell checker). mouse, comprehensive manuals and 2 hour audio TRAJNING cassette. Easy to use 'windows' erMJ1lMlenl Parallel centronics and Serial expaJlSion Intefface allows compatibilitY with most slandartIJ serial printers. Optional software emulaUon allows majority of 16·b1tOOS software to be run (IV modulatOi IndudecO and can be used on most domestic televisions. Plus FREE 12 months in·home maintenance and hotllne support included. For suitable printers and cable see page 131. Plus FREETurbo Pack upon return of warranty registration card to Acom. cat. No.670/9051


~r any queries about your machine ring the appropriate telephone number during nonnal office hours. Acom: 0223 254254 Commodore: 08H147 2223


4.AMSTRADNC·l00NOTEPAD COMPUTER. Full lufl(1jon 256Kb program ROM WOld proce5SOlwith 48Kword spell

checker. BBCBASICprogramming language. 80 character x Sllne supertwist LCD(480 x64 dots)display. 64 key keyboard with "user friend~" bot key function. MelllOl)' card slOtfor extra 5-RAM meII1OI)' cards (321(b·1Mb). Slandalltparailel and serial interface pons. Calendar/dial)'Wleduler with reminder function. calculator, address! telephone book and world time clod with multiple alarms. Password functionlfile transler compatibilitytolfrom PCs. Mains or banery use (up to 40 hours bane!)' lile). Supplied with ACadaptor, 4 baneries and carry case. Size 1PI.x SV. inchapprOll RAM memory card available via mail order, please see p<!nel. Cat No. 670/8942 £199.00


This excludesthe Scottish Highlands and Islandsand the Isle of Man. where we can only offer Free Delivery.


7. AMSTRADMEGA PC386SX COMPUTER.25MHz 386SX processor modeandBMHzMEGAdod:speed.1Mb RAMon·board memoryexpandableup to 16Mbwilf140Mb fasraccess hard drive and 3'12 ind1 (1.44Mb) fIoppydiskifrive. 5 § SUPERSTORESONLY VGAcolour mooiforwith stereo spea~ers. AMSTRAONC·200 NOTEPAD COMPUTER.Fullfunction512Kb progtam Twin RS232C serial port$and parallel pori rnterfaces. With prflOaded software ROMWllIdprOCessclfwith48K word Indulling MS·DOS.5.0, and user·friendly spell-dled:er. 80 ¢aracter x 161i1lE! desktop graphical Interfacewith onsupertwist LCD(480x 12$ dots) display. screen fnteracUvetutorial. 2 burton BBCBASICprogramming language. 128Kbbanery backed user memory with mouse. precislOllanalogue PCJqy.stlck, and SEGAcompauble games paddle. buill~n MS·DOSformal 720Kb 3Vt inch WIIIlFREElotus Works (worthRRP IIoppydisk drive. 64 key ~eyboardwith £99.99) featuring word processorl "U5ef frf~f( hot key lunction. MeII1OI)' spreadsheets and database applications card slot for ex_1la 5-RAMmerno!)'cards (32Kb-1Mb).Slandard parallel and serial and FREESEGAMega Drivegames S9ftwarepack(RRP £119.00)induding Tnrerf(l(e~ Calendar/df~1)'scheduler "SoI>ic2". "European Club Soccer", with reminder function, calculator, "Toe,Jam and Earl' and 'SlIadowofthe addressltelephonebook and world time Beast". Ftee home dEilivery and clockwith multiplealarms. Fullfunction spreadsheet program, pas90'lOrd function, installation. please see panel. 12 months on-site service. see in-store 3 wrslons of • Blockade" !lame and file transfercapabilitytoifromPCs. SUpplied ford.etails. Cat. No. 67210212 £749.00 withACadaptor. 5 battenesandcarl)' AMSTRADMEGAPC386SXANDGAMES case. Size 111l2xS'hlncnapprox. RAM PACK+ EPSONlQl00 PRINTER. memory card available via mail Purchase !hecomputer [nem no 7) and order, please see panel. Cat. No. 670/9673 £349.00 printer as a complete package and save 6. AMSTRAOPC7486SlC COMPUTER. £50.00 on the price01purthasing them separately. Free home delivery and BMHz 486 dock speed. 2Mb RAMeninstallation. please see panel. board melllOl)'expandable to 16Mb3'h Cat. No. 672/0229 £868.00 inch (1.44Mb) IIoppydisk drive with AMSTRADMEGA PC386SXANDGAMES 130Mb hard drive. SuperVGAcolour PACK + CANONBllOSXPRINTfR. mooilor. TwinRS232C serial flOf1S and bi-directionalparallelport interfaces. Pre- Purchase thecompulerQtefll no 7) and loadedsoftware including MS·[)()SfI6.0, printer as a complete ~ and Save £50.00on the twiceof purchasing them with Notton Anti·Viru.sand double disk enabling 260Mii s(orage capacity, separately. F~ home delivery and installation, please see panel. MkrosoftWindows3.1. 0esktQp user friendlygraphical interface and on screen Cat. No. 67210236 £898.00 Inlef1K1lve(utorfal,PFSWindowWorks 2.0 witbword processing. spreadsheet database, communications and graphics. 2 button mouse. FREEhome delivery and jnstallatKm, please see panel. 12 months on-site service, see instore for details. Cat. No. 67210243 £999.00 AMS1JW) PC7486 SlC + EPSON1Ql00 PRINTER.Purchase the computer (item no 6) and printer as a complete package and save £100.00 on the price of purchasing them separately. Free home delivery and installation. please see panel. cat. No. 67210250 £1068.00 AMSTRADP0486 SlC + CANON Bl10SXPRINTER.PUrchase the computer ~tem no 6) and printeras a complete package and save £100.0000 Ihe price of purchasing them separately. Free home delivery and installation. please see panel. Cat No. 67210267 £1098.00



• FREE ON~SITEREPAIR SERVICE Seepage 5 for details.

• INSTANT CREDIT AVAILABLE Seepage 2 for'detaifs~



1. OlIVETTI PCS44 4865)( COMPUTER. 25MItt clock speed and4Mbof RAM expanda~ to 20Mb. 85Mb hard disk and 3.5inch hi~ density 1.44Mb floppy


di.skdrive. VGA coiourlllOl1itor. Preloaded software indudes MS.oos 5.0. MSwindows 3.1. mouse. NoIton AntiVirus and double disk. Complete with 12 months on-site service.see in-storefOl details. Tedmical support hotline. Tel: 0992623637.Mondayto Friday. 9.00amto 5.3Opm. Free home delivery and Installation, please see head-note.


NORMALLY WITKIN 7 DAYS This excludesthe Scottish Highlands and Is£ands and the Isle of Man. Where we can only offer FreeDelivery.


Cat. No. 672/0274

OlMlTl PCS44 COMPUTER + EPSON LQ·loo PRINTER.Purchase the computer (rtemno l)andtheprinter(page 131 item no 8) as a complete package and save £700n the price 01purchasing them sep;jrately. Free home delivery and installation please see head-note. £1248.00 Cat. No. 672/0281

OLMTIl PCS44 COMPUTER + CANON BlIOSX PRINTER. Purchase the computer (Item no I) and the printer (page 131item no 10)as a completepackage and save £50 on the price of purchasing them separately. Free home delivery and installation please see head-note. Cat. No. 672/0298 £1298.00 2. BACKC~. Naturalwood fmish with grey trpholstl!!)'. Encourages correct

upright posture. Seat heighl adjustable Irom 19 10 25indl. SizeI 71h(W) X 10lk


inch (D).

Cat. No. 61112174 3


VISITORSClWR. Metal frame with upholstered seat and bad:.. Stackable. Size 20'h(W) x 21'h(D) x31 inch high. Cat. No. 611/2765 £26.99 4


BLACK METAL DlREaORS CHAlR. 8Iad: metal folding lramewith canvasseat and bad:.. Size21(W)x 19(D)x31 inch"~. £9.99 Cat. No. 611/2741

5. LANCElOTDATA TROLLfY.Blad finish. Wrth suding shelves. Wire basiceI lorcomputer printouts.Molllled on ea5lO1S. Size 29(W) x 23(D)x 28¥S inell high. Weight in excess of 20kg.


Cat. No. 610(4326 6


HEAVf OUTYHOME OFACECOMl'tJTIR WORK STATlON. ConstrucIed!rom bIad epoxyCDated steelluOOg.Melamine fared b1.xk ash effect finished sudaces. Fittedwith sfidjng pm;ershelf and paper leedshelf. Moooled on casten.Size 25 1h(W)x 23'h(D) x 28'k inch I'igl.


Cat. No.61112882


7. 'ENSIGN' HOMfOFFlCEDATA TROlLfY.Finished in grey. Moooledon castoo. Accommodates smen. keybo¥d and prinlEf. Wire basket for~1eI printouts. Size 291~ X29'11(0)x 28¥. inchhigh. Weight inexx:essoI2(lg.


Cat. No. 610m47




• See FREE ON·SITE ",£PAIR SERVICE page 5 fOr detads. • INSTANT CREDIT AVAILABLE See page 2 foiaetairs:

• EXTENDED GUARANTEES AVAILABLE See page 493 for full details.



HEAVYOUTYPCWORKSTATION.Beedl effect Melamine with bitter chocolate coloured eJlOlCY coated steel frames. Size 26'1.(yI) x B'h(D) x 28'h1ndl high.


cat. No. 611/2143 9



HEAVYDUTYHOMEOFFICECOIv',f'tmR WORK STA1l0N. StroIlgepoXy Coated steel tubing. Melamine faced Surfaces. right grey finish. Complete with shelves for printer and paper. Mounte(jon<astoG. Size 27 'hfN)x 29'12(0) )(28'12 inch high. Wei~t in excess of 20kg.


cat. No. 610/9651


Item nos 2. 5·11are packed flatfor home assembly. All sizes are approximate. ..



10. HEAVYDUTYHOMEOFFtcE PRINTER STATION.Metal end frames with cream(oioured Melamine

faced WOIk

.suJfa<es.Sliding shelf. Size 26'h(W) x 29'12(0)x 28'/1 inch high.Welghtin ex<essof 20kg.


Cat..No.610/9314 11



lECHSTYlE8lACK PC TROLLEY.Blad: ash effect. Wnl1pullout keyboard shelf on metal runners. Mounted on <astors. Size 231/l(VV)x 19(0) x 30 ioch high.


cat. No.61112129


Whenpurchasing these items from our showrooms. remembersome are of a heavy and bulky nature.

SAFETY Filling~al(s) andcowrmg fabri«s) meet the


requirements for

resistana! to ~ and match ignition In the 1988 Furniture and Fumishings~Fire} (Safety) Regulations.


~ ~

1. 2 nER TROllEY. Black ~coated IJame with black ash effect s~ Ideal forlV/videoor hi·fI. Size25(W)x 14{D) x 23 inch high.


Cal. No. 610/9266 £14.99 2. TECHSNlEVlOEOfTVTROLLEY. Black ash effect shelves.Mounted.on castors, SizeB'h(W)x 12{O)x 17V. il\Chhigh .


Cal. No. 61111900



MUlTI·PURPOSETROllEY. Sunablefbr poitable hl·fior computer priorer. White epoxy coated wbulal steel frame withWhite shelves. Mounled on castors. Size 181h(W) x 1S'h(O)" 19 inch high.


Gat. No. 61112514



WHITE211ERTROllEY. Epoxycoaled rubular frame with Melaminefaced shelves. Ideal for lV. video and hi·fi equipment Size25(W)x 14(0) x Binch

..,._. high .

Cat. No. 610/9637



COMPUTERTABLE.mack tubular steel IJamesupjlOItinga twotier ~ble tOp wi1h a Melamine shelf. Size 38(Vo1)x27(0) x 36'hinchhigh .


Cal. No. 611/2136 £44.99 6. MUlTI-PURPOSETROllEY. Suitable for ~ble, hi-fi 01computer pnnlel e!C. Black epoxy coated tubular steel frame with black ash elfea shelves. Mounted OIlcastors. Size 18Vl{Wjx J'S'h(!»x 19 inch high.


Cat. No. 61111704


7. COMPUTERTROLlEY. Blad< epoxy

framewith black asheffect shelves. Multi· purpose trolleywith 3worhutfaces. Ideal tor use with home computer. Mounted on castors. Size 321J.(W) x 22(0) x37'h inch high•


Cal. No. 610/8504 £24.99 8.STACKABLEFlUNG CABINET.Black ash effect Two fulldrawers designed to hOuse foolscajfsuspension files. Units maybe stad\ed Size 18(W)x 15'I2(O)x 26 Inchhigh.




9. lRlO OffICE SET. Comprises trolley. deskand mobile. All mounted 011castors. Trolley complete with shelves. Size 23!W)

x 23(0) x 2811ainchhigh. Desksize 45 'kIWl x 23(0) x 28318 inch high.Weight ine~(ess012Okg.MobUewith 2 drawM (1 A4 filedrawer). Size 17Sfa(Wjx 14%(0) x21 inch high. Ghairnorinduded. For details see item no 10.


Cat.No. 611/2569 £94.99 10. JA2ZSWIVELCHAlR.With height and bad::adjustmenl MountedJlO castOfS..MjustableheJg!it 17·23 inch. seatdiameter 16 inch.


Cat.No. 61112758 £21.99 11. REDSWMl CHAIR.Wrth height and back adjustment Moomed on castors. Adjustable height 17·23 inch. seat diameter 16 inCh.


Cat No. 61017598 £19.99 12. STUDIODESK.SIacXash effE!(j, Cupboard with Ioc1<4b1e doQrandl d{iIWEIS. Size 50(W)x 21'12(0)1(29'12 inch high.W~ightirrexcessof 20kg.


Cat. No. 610/8274 £39.50 13. 'CORALSPRINGS" COMPUTERI lYI'lNG OESK.,springoak effect Mounted on castOlS.l'ull 001shell. Drawer and shell forprlnter paper. Sile 4OlfalW) x 19Y1(0) x 26% inch higll.Weight in exee5S of 2Okg.


Cat. No.61110011 £59.99 14. "OXFORD' COMPUTERDESK. Mahogany effect finish.With puUoot shelf and 2 drawers. Size 431/.(W) x IQ'12(O)x 32V.inchhigh. Weight inexcess of20kg.

1121 £3950 I


Cat No. 610/8528 £39.99 15.WORKSTATION.Slackashelfect finish.With pull oiIt slide.A4Ifoolscap filing drawer. Drawer and shell lor misCellaneous storage. Size48'1.(W)x 23'1i(0) x 29 Inch high.Weight inexcess of20kg.


Cat. No.610/9682 £54.99 16. 'OXFORO" COMPlJTER OES!( Slact ash effectfinish.With pullout sheltand 2 drawers. Sile 43!W) x 19(0) x 32 inch high. we'ight in excess of 20kg.


Cat. No. 610/8621 £39.99 _.__ All items on these pages are packed flat for home assembly. When purchasing _these itell1$ from our shOwrooms. remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature.

All sizes are approximate.

EQUIPMENT SEE PAGE 120 books_to_bytes






epoxy coated steel tubing: Melamine faced blacl: ash effect finished swfa<:es. Fined with sliding printer shelf and paper feed shelf. Mounted on GistOlS. Sire 251MN)x 23'h(D) x 28'12inch high•


Cat. No. 61112.882 2



BLACK SWIVEL CHAIR. Melal framewilh height and bade adjustn]Ent MountedOl)


castors. Plastic seat and back. Adjt.lStable height 17·23 inch.Seat diameter 16lnch. Cat. No. 611/0592 3



HEAVY DUTY OFFICE DESK. (onsllOOed fromblack epoxy coated steelllJbing.

Melamine faced bla<:kash effect finished 5urfa<:es. Mounted on adjUStable feel Size 48(W)x23Vl(D)x 281{linchhigh. Weight in exces50f 20kg.


Cat. No. 611/2899 £59.99 "ENSIGN" HOME OFfiCE fURNITURE. Finished in grey. Mounted on castOlS. Each item weight il) excess of20kg .

..,._ 4


MOBILEUNIT. featUres two storage drilWelS and one filingdrawer. Sile 17s/t(Wjx 15'/.(D) x 253/. inchhigh. Cat. No. 610/7354 £44.99 5


DESK. Size 461h{W)X 29Va(D)x28lfsinch high. Cat. No. 610/7330 £46.99 6. DATA TROLlEY. Accommodates

screen. keybOard and printer. Wirehasket forcomputer printouts. Site 29'/8(W) x 29Va(D).x 283/8 inch high. Weight in

excess of 20kg. Cat. No. 610n347 £64.99 7. GREY SWNEl CHAIR. With height and badcadjUSlmenLMoonted on castors. Seatadjumfrom I 7·23 inm high. Seat diameter 16inch.


Cat. No. 610/7873


When purchasing these items from our showrooms, remember some are of is heavy andbulky nature,




HEAVYDUlYPC WORK STATION.Beech effea Melammewith bitterchocolate colouted epaIff coated steel frames. Size 26'/~x 23'h{D)x28'll inchhigh.


Cat. No. 611n143 9



HEAVYOUlY D£SK. Beecheffea Melaminewith bitter chocolate coIouIed epoxycoated steel frames. Size 49Y.(W) x 231h{D)x28'hro h9t Weigh! in eXcess o12Olcg.


Cat. No. 611/2150


10. EXECUTM SWIVELOfFICE CHAIR. Stove enamelJedframe with height and back adjustment. Mounted on castors. Adjustable seat height 17·23ro. ~ gas liltSeoidiameter 17 inch.


Cat. No. 610/8786


11. EXECUTM OfFICE CHAIR.Wnh leather seat and ba<k Qlshions and PVC upholstered arms. Metal frame with pneumatic height variation. 17·23 irdl. Adjustable tilt/rocker medlanism. On castors. Overallsize 30 '/2NIJ x 28{D) x 46 inch high. Freehomedelivery,see

12. HEAVYDUTYHOME OFFICE CENTRE. Black ash effect COO1Jrises main des!:..exl!flSion dest and nJIleIbalI OlI1taineroncastors. Desk sire 63(W)X 29'h(D)x 30 inchMjl. Extension de5t SIZe 47(W)x 18(O)x26 inch JjjL RoIIerbaIIcontainersire 2O(W)x22lf«D) x 24 indl high. Free home delivery, see page 3.


Cat. No. 64518546 13 €} SUPERSTORESONLY

HEAVYDUTYHOME 0FfIC.E COMPUTUt WORI( STAllON. StJoog ~coated steelrubing. Melamine faa!d Sllffaces. light grey frish.Complete with sheM51cx prillEr andpaper. Mounted oncastors. Size 27'1l(W)x29'h{D)x 281hinch high. Weight in excess 01~


Cat. No. 61019651 14 €} SUPERSTORESONLY

HEAVYDUTYOfflCf DESK. StJoog~ coaled tubularsteel frame with Ii!#II grey Me!amilefacedworkswface. Motned on adjustable feet. Size48(W)x 29'1l{D)x 28'h inch high. Wei!jlt inexcess 0I201:g.


Cat. No. 611n167


page 3. Home assembly req.uired. Cat. No. 645/5367


_. All items are packed flat for home assembly. Allsizes areapproximate.

SAFETY FiI6ng mmriaI(s) ~~the requitementsfor resistanc21D,;",,- and

matdI ~1;U;;1988 Furniture and Fumishings (~)







With blade<?nvas seat

Built-in back and seat support Folds flat for easy stOragt. Size 24(W) x32 Vl(0)x34'h inch ~igh. Cat No. 61112772


ROUNOTABl.E.8 ash ecttopwith black tubular undef frame. Sile14 inch


diameter. 141/. inch high.

Cat. No. 61112057 £14.99 4.2 nERTROlLEY. Blackepoxy coated frarnewith blad< ash effect shelves. Ideal forTVMdeoOl hi·fi.Size2S(W)x 14(D)x 23inch high.


Cat No. 61019266 £14.99 5. MUlTI-PURPOSE TROllEY. Suitable for portable hi-florcompurer plinwetc. Black epoxy coated tubular steel frarne with black ash effect shelves. Mountedoncastors. Size 18'MN)x 1$'12(O)x 19inch high.


Cat. No. 611/1704


frame. castors. Melamine finishshelves, Wrth VHS cassette rack. Size26'h{W) x 18(D)x24 inch high.


Cat. No. 61112064


10 @SUPERSTORESONlY ROUND3 TIERTUBULAR UNIT. Blade painted frarne with round blad: ash effect Melamine shelvesSlZe 14 inchdiaO)ete(x


37 inch high•

durable, easy to dean ~n. Can be Used with or withoultop ardles. Size 17(W) x 12(0) x 391ndl high.


Cat. No. 611/3025 £12.99 When purchasing these items from our showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature.

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lECH5lYI.E "ZJGMA"lVNlOEOIHI·F1 TROllEY. Black tubular frame \.,;m textuI"W shelves. Two pull out wR stOragetrays hold 12 video cassenes eadI.Spa<eforhHi

13(W)x 16(D)x 14

inch high. Mounted on castDIS. Size 26(W) )(16(0) x 27'h indlliigh .


Cat. No. 61111041



WRITE2 TIERTROllEY. Epoxy-coated tubular framewith Melamine laced sheMs. Ideal forlV. videoandht-Ii equipmern. S'lZe25(W)x 14(0) x 23 inch high.


£14.79 Cat. No. 61019637 14. 3TIERSHElFUNIT. Bladepoxy coated frameWlm blade ash effect Melamineshelves.. Size 2~ x , HO)x 43 ioch high,


£14.99 Cat. No. 611/1388 15. 4 TIER SHElF UNIT. Blackepoxy coated frame with black ash effect Melamine shelves. Size 23'h(W)x 11(0) x 57inch high •


Cat. No. 61110097



5 TIERSHElFUNIT. Bladeepol)'coated iramewith blade ash effect Melaml1e shelves. Size 24(W)x ,'(O)x7,



Cat. No. 61111034 £24.99 17.4 nER CORNERSliElf UN1T.Black


epoxy coated frame with blade ash effect Melamine shelves. Size I S(W) x 15(0) x 57,ochhigh. Cat. No. 611/139S



ENTERTAlNtvlENT10WER raourr, Black stove SlametIed tubular metal frame WIth blade ash effea shelves.With re<:OIddNidru.Size 17(W)x 15(O)x53'h iDchhigh.


Cat. No. 611/0327 23. "AZIEe UNIT. Can be used lor eithef sheMng orroan divile!.Bladc epoxyroated tubular framewithblade ash effect shelves. Sill' 59(W) x l4'h(O) x 62 inch high. Weighttn excess of 2Obj.


Cat. No. 610/8779

18 @ SUPERSTORES ONL V 3 TIERCORNERORGANISER.W.ooldedin strong durable resin. Size I3(W) x 13(0) x 30 inch high.


Cat. No. 611/2040 £6.99 19. 3 TIERORGANISER.Moulded]" strong. durable resin. Can be U!EdlYithor wi\houtlOp arches. Size 17(W)x 12(0) x 3B inch high.


Cat. No. 61110365



MOl n·PURPOSE TROLlEY.Suitabte for pertable TV.vidfo. hi·liorcomputer printer. Whrteepoxy coated rubularsteel frame withwhite shelves. Mounted on castro. S'lZe1S'h(W) x 1S'h(O) x 19 inch high•


Cat. No. 611f2514 £14.79 21. BLACKMIDI SHElf UNIT. Blade tubular frame. Mounted on castOIS. With

3 blade ash effect shelves. Size2O'h(W) x 13'h(0)x33 inch high.


Cat. No. 61111670



Items nos 2",,8-23 are

packed flat for horne assembly. All sizes are approximate.


~ mal





cassette ~lOrage.Adjustable top shelf. Videocompartment size 195fa(W) x 14311(0) x 9'12 inch high. <mrall size 36'/.(Wjx lS'I.(O)x 19'/. inch hlgh. Weight in excess of 20kg. £34.99 Cat. No. 61111508

2. DRAWER UNIT. Witll dralYef for cassette storage. Size 2Ol/.(W) x 11(D) x 19'Mnch high. Cat.No.611/1515 £19.49 3. SHELFUNIT. With adjustable shelf. Size 2Ol/.(Wjx I 1(0) x 19'1.Inch hJgh. For mahogany effect see page 156. items

7·9. Cat. No. 611/tS22


•MATRIX' UNITS. Black ash effect. Units may be free standing or stacked. using the optional plinth to provide a number of (ombinauons •

•• @ 11


DRAWER UNIT. Size 23V2{W) x 15'h(D)x 31 Inch high.


Cat. No. 611/2095 5



CABINET. Wilh adjustable shell. Size 23'/o{W) x 15'Il(D)x31Inch high. Weight In excess of 20kg.


Cat. No. 611/0547 6



HI-FI UNIT/BOOKCASE. Size 23V.{W) x lSVI(D)x31 inch high.


Cat. No. 61110561 7



SLIDING VIDEO STORAGE UNIT. Black ash effect. StOfagefor up to 110'lldeo cassettes. Sliding Ironl sectiOn allows access 10rear 510ragea~a. Size3W.{W) x 11'11(0) x31 inch high.



Cat. No. 611/1917 8



'MATRIX' DISPLAY UNIT. Black ash effect. Unil ~ be free standing or stacked. using the optional plinth to PrlMde a number of combinatiOns. Witll2 adjustablesheNes. Sile 23'1.o(Wjx 15'11 (D) x 31 inch high. Weight in excess of

20kg. _._

cat. No. 611/052.3 £39.99 9. BUfFET UNIT. Black ash effect. Base section has 4 drawers in the cemre with metal drawer runnefS. Cupboards at eilherside feature a middle shell. Top SectionoffefS ample storageand diop flap cocklall section. Size 46(W) x 15 '1l(D) x 71 Inch high. Free home delivery, see


page 3. Cat. No. 645174S1




10. SMAll BUFFETUNIT. Blade ash effect.lncOlpOlatescupboardbase section. open shelves. drop nap buffeV codctail unit and display cabinet with glass door. Size46(W) x 151f2(O)x61 'I. inch high. Weight inexcess of 20kg.


Cat. No. 610/8841 11




effect.lncoporates enclosed stOf;lgein base sectionwilh open disPlay shelvesin top section.~ 27'MNJ X 13(0»)( 65 inch high. Weight inexcessof 24kg.


Cat. No. 61112947 12



BlACK COCKTAIL UNIT. Black ash effect

Incoporates endosed storage in the base sectionwilh drop down flap to expose drinks cabinet intop section. Size 27'hrNJ x 13(0) x 651nch high. Weight in excess of

_._ 26kg.

Cat. No. 611/2954 13




BlACK DISPlAY UNIT. Black ash effect.

Incoporates eodosed stor;lge inbase section with display shelves intClP. section. Size 27Yl(W) x 13(D)x65 inch high. Weight excess of 2OI:g.


Cat. No. 61112961


_._ All items are packed flat for home assembly. All sizesa(e approximate. When purchasing these items from our showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature.

SAFElY All Argos fumiture is fitted withtOughened glass where appropriate.


1. ·CHllTERN" 8lACKASH EFFECT STACKING UNIT. Multi-purpose staddl\Q

and storage system. SUitable(or equipment up to 160/8 inchwide. Max opening without middle shell WI. inch high. Overall size 18(W)x 12.lf.o(Dlx23'/a Inchhigh.for mahogany effect. see page 148item no 6.


Cat. No. 61110781


2. TECHSlYI.E COITAPE SOUND TOWER. Bladcsatin finish. Stores up to 10SCDsor

63 cassenes or a mixture of both. Size 7'h(W)x 6'1.(0)x 45inch high. Base diilmeler9'h inch.

.... -

Cat. No. 611/0080 3



METAl CD TOWERON BASE. Epoxy Ia<quered. Storage for60 CDs and 5 video cassettes. )lZe 30(W)x8'h(D)x62'hinch high .


Cat. No. 611/2103 4



HI·FIPEDESTAl UNIT.81ack ash effect. Storage forup to 40 CDs. 32audio (3ssenesancU4LPs. Size 18J/«W)x 15Jh(D)x 29 Inch high•


Cat. No. 611/1993 5



FIXED TOP ROTA STORAGEUNIT. srad asheffea. Fixed top with rotary CD storage area. Holdsup to 100 COs. Slze 12'h(W)x 12'h(Dlx27 inch high •


Cat. No. 61112710 6



TECHSTYLE COITAPE SOUND TOWER. Black satin finish. SIQ~UP to 104 CDs or

60 cassette tepes or a mixtuleof both. Raised on a drcufar stand, Base diameter 11lI.inch. Size 1P/«W)x6'1.(Dlx33'h inch high . •


Cat. No. 61110286 7



STACKING UNITS. Multi·purposestacking

and storage syswm. Suitable for equipmenwp 10 15'/.inchwide. Size t6'h(W) x 15'/8(0) x 16inch high. One supplied.


BlACK ASH EFFECT. Cat. No. 611/2693


PINE EffECT. Cat. No. 61113018


8. VIDEO/CD STORAGE UNIT. Slack.oak effect. Holds up 10 76,vidEocassettes Of


170(Ds. UnilScanlje.sia<ked.Size 24V2(W)x 1Ws(D)x21.lf. inch high. Cat. No. 610/9589 £32.99 9 •• ALBANY' CORNER TVNlDEO UNIT.

Black ash effecl. Drawer on melal 1lI11ner5 lorslorage. Mounted 011castors. Video companmenlsize 19V2(W)x J2l/,(DJ open ~k x 7inch high. Overallsize (at v.;destedgesl~ 'lzNI)x 15'/.(0) x 163/. rnchhigh .


Cat. No. 611/1278


10. MIDI HI·FI UNIT. FealUresdf'il'M!l'for

cassette stOfage. Storage area behind glass dOOlwith wire record support. Size 15J/«W)x ISl/«D)x 221/4inch ~igh.



Cat. No. 610J8683

, 1 @ SUPERSTORESONLY MIDI HI·FI STACKERWITH STORAGE; Blackash effect With pull out sheUfor cassette storage, also stolageiOl COs and

lPs.Size24(W)J( 17'12(0»)(371/.inch high.Weight In excess 01 20kg. ..,.._ Cat. No. 61 1/2727


12 @SUPERSTORESONLY 'OETROIT" MIDI HI·FI UNIT. Black ash effect. Wilh glass door wire record suppoltS. With Slorage area down one side. Size2 P/.(W) x 15'/8(0)x33'hinch high. Weight in excess of 20kg .


Cat. No. 61 111027 £44.99 13. MIOITOWER STORAGE UNIT.Black ash effect. With 2 drawers and storage for COS,audiocassetteseteesuitabh!forhi·fis up 10 14 inch wide. Adjustable shelf. Size 24'12(W)x 14'12(0)x 35 inch high. Weight In excess of 20kg.


Cat. No. 61111340 14



MIOlIjI·FI TOWER STORAGE UNIT. Black ash effect. FQfmldl sysrems up 10 14 inch wide in central area with adjustable shelf. Storage forcassettes. COs etc ·Size 36'/'I(W)x 14'h(0) x 25'/. inch tvgh. Weight in excess of 1Okg.


Cat. No. 61 1/0994


15. "GULL WINGED' STORAGEUNIT. Black asheffect. Doorsopen tci~e shelVeslhat house over 100video cessenes 01 over 150 COS.Moul1ted on

castors. Size 23'1*"l x 11'12(0)x31 inch high. Weight inexcess of 20kg. ..,.._

£49.99 Cat. No. 611/0396 16.: GRANGE" TOWER AUDIO UNll Black ash effect. For hi~flSup to 175/8 inGh Wlde. Storage areas for cassettes. COs etc on eilherside. Size351/s(W)x 15'[$(0) x 11lJ. inch high. Weight in excess of 20kg.


Cat. No. 61111357 £39.99 When purchasing these item~ from our showrooms. remember some

are of a heavy and bulky nature . Allitems are paded flat for home assembly. All sizes a(e approximate. .. 4

SAFETY All Argosfumiture is fitted with toughened glass Where appropriate.

For additional audio and video storage items please see pages 473·474.


1. TECHSTYLEVID£OIlVTROlliY. Blade as!) effec:tshelves.Mounted on castors. Size 23'hM') x 12(D)x 17:1f.inch I'igl.

~ cat. No. 61111900

£12.99 2. CORNERVlD£OUNIT. Blade ash effect.

forvideos up to 11'1.inch wide. Side (ompanmeots for cassette storage. Size 28'/«W) x 15'/o(D)x 15'/. inch high.

~ cat. No. 611/0932



CABINET. Use inline or comer situa.tion. Open and enclosed storage areas. Equipment ~ size 1'J1hM') x 15'12(0) x 12lf. inch high. Closedsize 41 'h(W)x 15'12(0) x 16'h inch high. Exteodedwidth 70'1. inch. Weigiltine!CeSSof 20kg.


23 '/.inch diame!er. height lZ'/.inch.

~ cat. No. 611/1869 5



TECHSTYlE 'TELETECH" COMPlETE HOME ENTERTAINMENTSTORAGE CENTRE. Black textllred fimh. With builtin metal storage ~ which hold up to 48 CPs. AdjustableYideo shelf and spiI(I' fcrlii-fl below. E1lClshelves for video.CD and music cassette storage. Mounted on castoo !creasy mobility. Size 31'IIfY() x 24(0)x 15'12inch high.Weight 24'hkg.


Cat. No. 611/2686


CONWAY NESTOF 4 TABLES. Can be used as separate circular table or ase display uniL Black ash effect frnish. Sizeas a arcolar table 30'hinch dtameter x m'a inchh;gh.Sileasa displayurnt 15'1.(W)x 15'1.(0) x 53'hinch high.


Cat. No. 611/2992 8



TVCABINET. Bla<k ash effect. With enclosed TV storage behind a paw of bifoldingdool3. Drop nap endosed space forvideo/rerorder up to 17'11inchwide. With useful storage area forcassettes etc. Weight inexcessof 20kg.

...-Cat. No.





LAMPTABlE. Threeshaped legs and crcular top. Slack veneer wood.•wipe dean finish. Size 18 indl cfralTleter. height 24 inch.


Cat. No. 61111876



"PORTlAND" EXTENDING HI-fi TOWER UNIT. 81ackash ellen Can be used ina

line orcorner situation. Overau size 52(W) x 15'1a(0)x32'/&inch~. ~ended width 78 inch. Weight in exces.sof 2~.


Cat. No. 61110970



11 •• ALBANY" CORNER lVMD£O UNIT. BliKk ash effect. Dravm on metaJ runners fOlstorage. Mounted on cast0!5. Video compamnent siZl! 19'/2(W)x I 2110(0)open bid x 7 inch high. 0YefalI slZl!(atwidestedges) 31'12(W)x 15'/40) x 16l/.indl high .


cat. No. 611/1278 12



BlACKASH EFFE0 OCCASIONAl TABLE. Full under shelf providing extra storage space. Size 39(W)x 19'1z(0)x 16 inch



Cat. No. 611/2631 '3



TECHSTYlE "DENMARK" LOUNGE TABLE.Bladdacquefe<lsalin rll1ish. SlZI! 35'/2(W) x 23'11(0) x 15'17inch high.


cat. No. 61I 12648



14. WAlfORONESTOFTABlES. BliKk ash effect. Largest table sill!32(1N) x , 5(0) x 14'/2 Inchhigh.

£29.99 1S. OCCASIONAl TABle. Blade ash

cat. No. 61 112552


effect with gla$SInset. Size32'/«W)x 32'/.(0) x 13'1. Inch high .

cat. No. 61111601


16. OCCASIONAl TABLE.Black ash effect. Fullunder shelf providing extra stor!gespace. Size 35(1N)x 17(0) x 16'/. Irxhhlgh .


cat. No. 610/7770


17.TWOTlEROCCASIONAl TABLE. Black ash effect with useful magazine shelf.Size 35(W) x 17'10(0) x 14'1. inch high.


Cat. No. 611/1591


18. NESTOFlABLES. Made Indurable blackresin.largeSllabiesize 19'12(W)x 13'/.(0)x 16'11ind1high.Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Cat. No. 611/2545 £14.99 19. NESTOF TABLES.Black ash effect. Sizeoflarge5l table 151f8(W) x I 5'1z(0) x 16'/1Inchhigh.


Cat. No.61111625


20. "HAlF ROUND" COFFEETABLE. Black ash effect. Two shelVES101'storage. Size I9'1.(Wj x 19'/4(0) x 15)/~Inch high .


Cat. No. 611/024B


_._.Allitemsarepacked flat tor home assembly. All sizes are approximate. When purchasingthese Items from our showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature.

SAFETY All Argos furniture Isfitted with toughened glass where



·GRANGE· TOWER AUDIO UNIT. Malloganyeffect. for hi-fis upto 170/8 inch wide.Storage areas for cassettes. CDs. etc on either side. Size 3S118(W) x 15'/e(D)x 32lf. inch high. Weight in excessof20kg .


Cat. No. 611/t364 3



TECHSlYtfCDlTAI'E SOUND TOWER. Mahogany effect Stores up to 104 CDs or OOaudio cassenes or a mixture of boih, Raised on a circular stand. Size 1J3!t(W) x 6V2(D)x33'1l inch high. 8asediameter 1fl/41rlj:h.


Cat. No. 611/2019 4



TECHSlYlE CDfTAI'ESOUND TOWER. Mahoganyeffect. Stores up to 105CDsor 63 audio cassettesor a mixure of both. Raised on a circular stand. Size 7'h(W)x 6'/o(D)x45i'rich high. Basediameter9'12 inch.


Cat. No. 61 112026 5



HI·A PfDESTAl UNIT. Mahogany effect Storage fat up to 40 CDs. 32 audio cassettes or 34 LPs.Size 181/.(Wjx 15'h(D)x 29 inch high .


Cat. No. 611/2002 6



'CHiLTERN" STfI(KJNG UNIT. Mahogany effect Multi-purpo5estadcingand storagesyster'n. Suitable for equipment up to 16'1&inch \lAde. Maxopening wi1hout middle she~18'/.inch higll. SIZe 18(W) x 12)/0(0) X 23'/$ inch high.


Cat. No. 611/1962 £12.99 7. BUQGET CORNER VIDEO UNIT. Pine effect Forvideosupm 17'1. inch wide. SidecompartlT1ents for cassette storage. Slze28'/c(W)x 15(0)x 15'Mnchhigh.


Cat. No. 61112916 8




CORNER VIDEO UNIT. Mahogany effect Wrthswing out sides for video cassette storage. StO!age space lor satellite equipment af\(! videos up to 17'h inch wide. Mounted on castors. Size 29(W) x 15'1l(0)x 23'12 indl high. Weight in messol20kg.


Cat. No. 611/0956


SAFETY AllArgosfurniture is fitted with toughened glass where appropriate.


MUl n·PURPQSE VIDEO UNIT. Mahogany effect Storage for cassettes behinddoor and onpuN out $helves. With drawer. Moonted on casIOlS. Size31(W)x 15'1:(0) x23Vlinch lligh. We~htinexcessof 201<9·

......._ Cat. No.

61111326 £54.99 All items are packed flat for home assembly. Allsizes are approximate.


Whenpurchasing these items from our showrooms. remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature.



10•• AlBANY' CORNER NNiDEO UNIT. Mahoganyeffea. Oraweronmetal runners for storage. MouOIedOIlcastOlS. FoIvideos up to 19'hindlwide. Overall size(at widest edges) 3111l(W)x151/4(0) x 163/.inch high .


Cat. No. 61111285 £29.99 11. "GULLWlNGEO· STORAGE UNIT. Mah9ganyeffecrfinish. Doors open to expoSe shelves that house over 100viileo cassettes or ~ 250 COS.Oncastors. Size23 1/l{W) x 11 112(0)x 31 inch high. Weight Inexcess of 20kg•


Cat. No. 61110013


12. VIOEO/COSTORAGE UNIT. Mahogany effect finish. Holds upto 76 video cassettes or 170COS.Units can be

stacked. Slz.e241h(W)xl1Vs(O)'x2 PI. in<hhigli.

effect. Drawer cassette storage. AdjuSt9b1etop shelf. Videocompanmem size 19%(W)x W/8(O)x 91/l inch high. Mountedohcastors. Ove!all size361/4(W) x 15Y.(0)x 191f.lnchhigh, Weight in excess of 20kg.


Cat. No. 61112501




Mahogany effect with sftdingdoors. For

videos up to 17'/.lnchwide.Size 33V.t(W)x 15(0) x 17inch high.

•• Cat. No.61019512 15




Mahogany effect. Storage for up to 100 videocassenes, SlidlOgfrant section alloM access to rear storage area. Size 3 J3/.t(W)x 11112(0)x 31 inch high.


Cat. No. 611/1924



Mahogany effect. PlJIIout adjustable shelf forvideos up to 183/, inchwfde. adjustabl~shelf for storage. video tape shelf and adjustal\le housing area for hj·fi equipmEllt up to 17'Ilinch wide and 18'/2inch hig)1.Internal depth 14 '12 inch. Overallsize 46'h(Wj x 15'11(0)x 223/. Inch high. Weight in excess of 20kg.


Cat. No.61110293



effect. Forvideos up to 17'I.inch wide. Sidecornpartmenl5 forcassellestOfage. Size 28'/.(W)x f5(D)x 15'1.inch high .

Cat.No. 611/1261





Pine clfett. Drawer on metal runners for storage. Mounted on castors. Video compartment size 19'h(W)x 123/4(0) open badlx 7 inch high. Ove!aUsize(at widest edges) 31'h(W) x 15'/,(O))f163/. in<hhigh.


Cat. No. 611/0949 £29.99 19. MIOITOWER STORAGE UNIT. Mahogany effecrwith2 drawers and storage lor COs. audiocassettes,lPs. etc. Size 24'h(W) x 14'/2(0) x 35 inch high. Weight in elltessof 20kg.


Cat. No. 61111311



1. AlRSPRUNG 3 fT SOUD NATURAl PINE BUNK BED. fulllength double $CIfety rails. Sliding !adder. SOftwood slatted platforms. Can also be used as single beds. OveIafl size 3 feet 4inch(W) x 6 feet

7 fndllong x 5 feel I inch high. Sprung mattresses included. (rop bunk I10t re<ommended for children under 6 Yl!ars old.) Complies with BS6998 (1988) and the requirements of Bunk Beds (EnlTapmentHazards) (Safety Regulations 1987). Free home delivery, see page 3•


Cat. No. 645/5848


2. TUBUlAR RED BUNK 8ED. Complete with 2 safety rails and mattresses. Can also be usedas single beds. Size 6 feet 6

inch(W)x 3feel 1'I.inch long)( 5feet Ph inch high. crop bunk ret recommended lor cMdren under 6 ~ old.) Complies with BS6998 (1988) and the requiremenlS of Bunk Beds (Enllapmentliazards) (Safety Regulations 1981). Free home


delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 645/6586 £199.99 3. AlRSPRUNG 3 mOUD PINE BED. NaruraJ finish. shaped headboard with saJipluredend (1051S. Wooden slalS. with

sprung mattress included. Overall size 3 fuet4'hinch(W))l6 fuet81nch long x 2 feet 11 inch high. Free home delivery, see page 3. ..,.__ Cat. No.645n262 £149.99 4. DUC~ERSPINE ·DElTASTACKA·. 2 feel 6 iIlCh solid pine stacking beds. tialural finish. Easjly convelted (0 twin

high sleepers or twin low sleepers. Complete with 2 sprung interior mattresses. <Nerallsize 32 'I.(W) x 76 'II inch long x 13'1.inch high single bed. 29'1. fnchhigh srad<ed. Free home

delivery, see page 3. ..,.__ Cat. No.64Sn286 5




80% visc0seJ20%polyester. 2 feel 6 inch x6 feet 3 inch long. Cat. No. 63012843 £34.99 3 feel x6 feet 3 inch long. Cat. No. 630/2850 £39.99 6



hardboard~. Easysliding drawers on castors, Will fit under bunk or bed. Size 35(W) as(D) x 7 iodl high•


Cat. No. 63011600 £49.99 ..,.__ Item 0.05 1 104, 6to 11 are packed flat for home assembly. Allsizes are approximate. When purchasing these items from our showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature.


7. AlRSP!lUNG 4 FT6 INCH SOUD PINE BED. Antique finish.Shaped headboa.rd witt1inlaid deign. SCUlpluredend posts and wooden slats. Overao size4 feet 10'12 ind1(W) x 6 feet 8 Inch long x 3 feet 8lnch high. Sprung mattress included. Free home delivery. see page 3.


Cat. No. 64516579 £199.99 8. WHITEAND BRASS4 FT611'lCH BED. White (ubularframe with spun brass knobs. Completewith sprung mattress. SiZe 4 feet 6 inch x 6 feet 5inch x 3 feet 5 inch high. Free home delivery. see

page3 • .,._..

Cat No. 64517279 £199.99 9. AlRSPRUNG 4 FT6 INCH SOLID PINE BED.Antique finish. Shaped headboard and foot ends with inla'id design.

SCUlpturedposts and wooden slats. Overallslze4 reet IO'hinch(W)x6feel8 inch(D)x3feet8inchhigh,13'/lgauge deep quilted sprung mattress ·lflCluded. Free home delivery. see page 3•



Cat. No. 64518113

BED. Antique finlsh.Shaped headboard with sculpwred endposts. Softwood slats. OveraJisize4 feet IO'hind1(W)x6feet8 inch long x 2 feet 9 Inch hiyh. Sprung

mattressinclUded.Free ROmedelivery.


see page 3 •

£179.99 Cat. No. 64515B31 11. AlRSPRUNG 4 FT61NCH SOUD PINE BED.Mahogany effe<tfinish. 5haped headboard WiiI1inlaid design at both head and foot end.Srulprured end posts andwooden slats. Size4 feet IO'Il inch(W)x6feet8 inch Iongx3 feet8inch high. Sprung mattress i1duded. Free homedelivery, see page 3•


Cal No. 645(7293


SAFETY Complies the British Standard 851177 for resistance to


ignition of mattresses. divans and bed bases. filling material(s) and cO'l1!ring fabric{s) meet the requirements for resistance to dgarette and match ignition in the 1988 Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations.

FOR A RANGE OF BEDDING SEE PAGE 232 books_to_bytes






I SEEPAGE] I 1. JAYBE "LESlEY" FOLDING GUEST BED. For.ocGlsional use. Tuftedsprung interior manress, Size2 feet 3 inch(W))(,6 feet 4 inchIoogx 4 inch deep approx (measuredin middle of mattress).W~h

headboard and foot~t. Automatic legs. Grey tubular frame fitted with 4 wheels to assist moving. ~izefolded 421/2{W} x 1cw.(D) x 27 inch higt!. Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 645/8742 £59.99 2. IAYBE FOLDING GUEST BED. For occasional Use. Size01manress ~~ x6 feet I inch long x 1Y2inch deep approx (measured in middle of mattress). Tubular frame. Size open 2 feel3 inch(W)x6 feet linch long. Size folded 2,feet3 ii1d1(W) li 4(D)x3 feet high. Cat. No. 63013804


3. JAYBE DE WXE FOLDINGGUEST BED. Foroccaslonal use. Size of manress 26(W) x 6 feet 1inch lcog x 3 inch deep approx (measuredln middle of manress).Tubular framewilh headboard and castors. legs open autornattcallywhen unfolded. Size open 2 feet 3 inch(W)x6 feet4 indl long. Sizefolded 2 r~t3 inch(Wjx 10(D~x3 feet 6 inch hi9h. Cat No. 630/3811 £49.99 4. JAYBE SUPER DE lUXE FOlDING BED. ForoccasionaJ use. Tufted sprung interior mattress. Sile 29'h(W) x Meet long x 4 inch deep approx (measured1n middle of matuess). Legsopen automatically when unfolded. Size open 1feet 7'I;inch(W) x 6 feet 3 inch long. Sizefolded 2 feet 71/2 fnch(W) x 14(0)x 2 feet II inch high. Wefglltin excess of 201<g.Pan assembly required. free home delivery, see

1 SAFETY Complies wt1!I 1M


British Standard 857177 for resistance to ignition of mattJe$.SeS, divans

and bed bases.

page 3.

Cat. No. 64518759 £69.99 5. JAYBE DOUBLE FOLDING GUEST BED. Foroccasional use.Sprung imelior manress. Size 47'j2(W) x 6 feetlongx 4 inch deep approx (measured in middle of mattress). Automatic action. Sizeopen 47'/.r;NJ x 75'/. inch long. Size folded 47'1.(W)x 14(0) x 34 inch high. Part assembly required. Free home defjvery, seepage 3.

£39.99 _. Item nos 12-14are packed flat fOT home assembly.

200 books_to_bytes



'SUNRAY· BEDtlEAD. Attractive design

white coated metal headboard. With brassed floials. Metal filling SIMS. To fit 4 feet 6 Inch bed. Height 21 mdI. Cat. No. 630/3282 £24.99 9 €)SUPERSTORESONLY 'REGENCY' HEADBOARD. Anlshedin hecr.y duty brass plate that has been lacquered. Brass metallized plas1ic finia~. With adjustable nxing struls that Willfit any standard 41eet610ch dNan.Height WI.loch. Cat. No. 630/3983 £49.99 10. AIRSPRUNG SOUD PINE HEADBOARD.Antique finiSh inlaid design with turned poslS. To frt 4 feet6 loch bed. Height 20Vllnch. Overall width 561/. Inch.

Cat. No. 630/3639


11 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY "NOVA" HEADBOARD Whiteand Illassed design metal headboard. Metal fllUngsl(Ul$. To fit 4 feet 6 Inch bed. Height 26 loch. .Cat.No. 630/3622 £39.99

12 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY BEDSIDETABLE.While coated tubIJlar Steel. Melamine finished lOp and shelf. Size 191.(W) K 9(0) x 301/. inch

high. Cat. No. 630/4078

•__ .--



coated luhular steel. Melamine finished top shelf with magazine shell underneath. Brassed decorativefinials. $lze 13l/.(W)x 12(0) x WI.inch high. ..,._ Cat. No. 630/3316 £25.99 14. QUBE MULTIPURPOSE CANTILEVER TABLE.Light g.rey Melamine top. Adjustable height (24 to 36 inch)and angle. On lwin caltors. Suitable as an overbed table. Top size 21'1l(W) x 16(0) Inch. •..._-Cat. No. 611/2S3B £17.99 15. HOFESA "TWIN' VALANCE RAIL Strong steel extendible corded cumin Irack and valance rail. Minimum number of rlXing points. Complete With linings. Extends from 48 to 84 inch. Cat. No. 611/1168 £16.99

16. MONORAIL HANDITRACK VAlANCE RAIL IB leetpackedlna coil with all fittings Including hooks. Use over existing Ilack. Bends to fitbay windows. Easl~ trimmed to length. Cat. No. 610/9967 £9.79 17 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY

SWISH 'SUPERSOLO' CORDED CURTAIN TRACK.6 feet 6 inch fullassembly QJnain uackwith pull cord action.Canbe trimmed to SiZe ijrequIred. Not suitable for baywlndows. Cat. No. 61 1/2851 £12.99 18. 15 FEETPLASTIC CURTAINTRACK. Packed in coil. Complete with Rtilngs. EnoughfOl 3 ave~ SIZe windows. Bends to fit bay windows. Cat. No. 610/9417 £9.99 SOLIDWOOD CURl AIN POLES.With finials. bracketSand rings. Length B feet. Easilycut to fit smaller WIndows. Supplied in 2 sectrons. 19.NATURALFINISH. Diameter 25mm. Cat. No. 610/9390 £9.99 20. ACRIMO ANTIQUE PINE EFFECT. Diameter 28mm. Cat. No. 611/1742 £9.99 21. MAHOGANYFlNISH. Diameter 28mm. cat. No. 61112624 £9.99 22. ACRIMO WAlNUT FINISH. Diameter 28mm. Cat. No. 610/9400 £9.99 23. TEAl<FlNISH. Diameter 25mm. £9.99 Cat. No. 610/9943 24. BLACKfiNISH. Diameter 25mm. cat. No. 610/9950 £9.99 25. WALNUT fiNISH. Diameler 35mm. cat. No. 610/9424 £11.99 CURTAIN POLES.Withbra~eflectflllraJs. brackets and rrngs. Length 8h. Diameter 25mm. Easrly CUI$IO frt smaller windows. SUpplied in2 sedJons. 26 €) SUPERSTORES ONL Y WHITE AND BRASSEFFECT. Cat. No. 611/2246 27 €) SUPERSTORES ONL Y 8LACKANDBRASSEFFECT Cat. No. 611/2253 28 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY ACRIMO "CAFE ROO'. Brass finish. extendible from 49 to 85 Inch. Oiametel 2Omm.Suitable as curtain or net rod.

With all linings. cat. No. 610/9974


29. ACRIMO 'ClA$SICA" EXltNOING CURTAIN POLE. Brass finish with

de<oratiVe finials. Pull cord action for drawing curtains. Fully assembled for easy fixing. Extends from 67 • 118inch. Instructions induded. Cat.No.611/17S9 books_to_bytes

bed. Heighl19

cat. No. 630/40S4 £19.99 2. HAMILTON MdlRlDE "fOREVER fRIENDS· NOVtLlY DUVET COVER SET. Complises printed dlM!1 cover andone

pilloWcase. 50% po!yesterJ50% colton. Fits a standard single size dlM!L Cat. No. 10219781 £19.49 3. HAMILTON McBRIDE ·FOREVER FRIENDS' READY MADE CURTAINS:

50% cottonlSO% POIvester.66 inch

single curtalnwirlth x54 inch drop. Cat. No. 120/6580 £19.75 4. ·fOREVER FRIENDS· BEAN BAG. filled With Ilame retardant polystyrene

beads. Height 14inch. diameter 22 inch approx.SileJ rutMdeet

cat. No. 611m23 £18.99 5. "FOREVER FRIENDS· LAMP AND WASTE·BIN SET.Comprising ceramic·

based bedsideligh~ height 10'11fnchand metalwaste-bin. height 8'hind\. diameter 8'11 Inch. Cat. No. 261/2678 £17.99 For more items in the "Forever Friends" range see pages 67. 372.405 and 607.

SAFETY Fi. 16ngma!erial(s)


fabric(s) meet the

requiremems for resistance to ciaarette and

match ignitioiifil the 1988

Fumiture and Fumishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations.



1 S. ADJUSTABLESOU08RASS f1RE5IDf fENDER. Polished andlacqueled to prevent tamistJng. DeaJratiYe ca5l comers. turned brass piIIais and Del brass rails,.Heightof rails4'h inch. Depth 14 inch. wicl1h aqustable from 36 to 52 inch approx. cat. No. 870/0955 £49.99 16


PlEATED FAN HEARll! SCREEN. An attractive ftoral rose design. Made from thick paper. Ideal for deaJrallng your fLrep1acewhen noti! use. SIze 21 ~ x 41 inch wide when lulyopen. folds for easy storage. Manuf3cnle(s 2·year guarantee agau1S1 fauitymanufacture. Wal motJnOOg lacirty. Cat. No. 87011215 £9.99 17

6. SOUD PINE GEORGIAN STYlE ARt SURROUND. In a Mlural finish for)'Oll to paint. stain 01varnish ClYefaII SIll! S4 x 6 x 44 inch high. Inner slze 35 x 35lnch high. With fittingsand instructlom 101home

assembly. Cat. No. 870/1349 £69.00 7. BRASSEDTRlPlf ARESCREEN. Attractive tladitionaltt styIedwinged flresaeeJl which WIllfrt mostfueplaces. Bra~ frameenclosesblackslee1mesh panels with a decorative braised strip. SizeIront 22 x 1Binch.Size of wi~ B Inch.Design exdusive to Argos. Cat.No. 870/0924 £21.99 8. ADJUSTABlE BRASSEOFENDER. De<oratedcomelS.Polished and lac:quered to prevent tarnishing. Height 01 rails 4'11 inch. Depth 14inch.Width adjustable from 38 to 50 inch. Cat. No. 870/0931 £19.99 9. PEWTER EFFECT HEARTli. Wrth lacquered brasstnm. For use with gas or eiectricfires. Size40x 14x PI. inchhlQh. Cat. No. 870/0144 £19.99 10. SOLIDBRASS COMPANION SET. Comprises stand. poker. shovel. brush and tongs. FmlshedInpolished blass SpeCIally treated to resist tarnishing Height IS 'hlnch. Cat. No. 870/0948 £16.99 11. SOLIOBRASS COAlHODWlTli LIFTINGHANDLE.Highly polished and lacquered to prevent tarnshing. Size I 1x 10 x 8 inch high. cat. No. 870/0137 £19.99 12


REGENCY SlYlE fiRE SCREEN. foor folding black mesh panels with iacqueted brassed finish. Each panel 8 Inch wide x 2311l(h high. ManufaCtlJret's 2-year guarantee. Cat. No. 870/0371 £25.99 13


SOUD BRASS AND WOOD FIRESIDE COMPANION SET. Features e!art: wooden handles and plinth. Comprises shovel. brush. poket.longs and stand. Height 18'hind1. Cat. No. 870/0742 14


ADJUSTABLEWOOD AND BRASSED FENDER. fende! suppied r~adyfor)'Oll 10 stain. varnish or paint 10suit)'OUr decor. Sae 21fo(H)x 14(0) x33'hlo S4l1ldl wide. Cat. No. 87011404 £27.99 18


ENGlISH HERrTAGEB.RASSFINISH MAGAZINE RACK.Aoractive iliad: "lea1her look" radc. enhancedwCh brass finish 1rims and Reur.()e.lys ~ SpeOaUy treated to resist tarnishing. Size 14'/.x5'/lx II inchNgh. Exdusive design toArgos. Cat. No. 870/0357 £13.99 19. GLEN MAHOGANY SUITE.Real wood_ed mahoganvlillsh. 2kW raclianl 2heat settings. Logeflect worts i1dependently. Sae 48 x 10x 30 inch Iigh.Free home delivery. see ~ 3. Cat. No. 41710084



·CHA15WORTli· SUITE.Realwood veneered mahoqany finish 1nCOI'pOIaung a 2.75kW radiantlcorNKtor fve WIth coal ~ffea.S heat settIngS. onIoff SWItch.2 x IkW. 1 x'l.kWCOIWKtOr.SCze 36x 12x 25 Inch. F1'1!I! horne delivery. see page 3. Cat.No. 41710204 £229.99

21. J.R. GLENtOMONO "EXETER SUITE" Real wood Yeneer!d maOOgatrf flllish surround. 2.7SkWOOantlconvector. S heal setllrvs. Log effect worn IIlCIependenlly. Srze48 x 12 x 30 IflCh

high. Free home delivery. see page 3. Cat. No. 417/0170 £279.99 22. J.R. GlENLOMOND "GRANGER" MULnFtAMESUJTE Realwood veneered mahogany finish With shelves. incorporating a 2.75kWraciantIconveao firewith multiflame effectand 5 heal settings. 0rJ0If switdl. 2 x I kW racianl bars. Ix If.kW r:orNKtor. Size 48 x 12 x 32'11 inch high. Free home delivery. seepage 3. cat. No. 41710235


Please refer 10 page 204 for helplines. Allsizes are approxima1e.



BRASSEDEffECT HEARlll. For use with gas or electric:fites.lacqueted 10avoid tarnishing. Size 40 x 14x W.inch high. cat. No. 870/0405 £22.99 All items with this symbol are supplied fitted with a plug. books_to_bytes





I 'lW-I. Two

1kWsilicasheathed elements. eam separatetyswitdled. tog effect worXs independfndy. Size 24 x 9 x 150/.inch high aPIX0x. a.EAB. approved. £59.50 Cat. No.415fS092

2. REGAL ·CULUS·LOGEFFEGFIRE Blackbasketwith solid bfass rings. 2kW fanheater.logeflectworu

indepe(1(lently.Choiceof 1Of 2 neat senfngs 01cool lao only. Inset or free standing. Size ISlJ. XI PI.x 14 inch high approx. Cat No. 41S12442 £74.50 3. GLEN 2KW FUElEFFEG FIRE.Two

1kWsilicasI1ealhedelements, eam separately switmed. fuel effect WOfks independendy ." Coal chips·wrth flicker fire elfea. B.E.A.S. approved. Size 24 x 10 x 16Inch high approx. Cat NO.415/5102 £74.50 4. I.R.GlENLOMOND ·DEVON" FIRE SURROUND. Realwoodveneered


mahogarll finish.Coppenone back panel and matming hearth. Suitable for elEctric fires only. SiZeof fife opening width 30 A 28 Inch high approx. Size of surround 48 x 13VI x32 inch high aPIXox. Free home

delivery. see page 3. Cat. No. 41710187



Should you encounter initial diffiOllty with theoperation of your product. c.ontact the following numbers for ~istance: Glen EJectric Customer Services

Tel:0800424848. J.R.Glenlomond Tel:0543 253516.




2.7SkW. Periodstyle. Three separately switched 650 watt silica sheathed elellM!nts,plus separately switched 800 watt thermostat controll.edconveaor unit, Logeffect works independently. Size 28l!2 x9 x 263/. inchbigh qpprox. B.EAB. apProved.


£114.00 Cat. No. 415/5119 6. J.R. GLENLOMOND "CHElSEA" FIRE SURROUND. Real wood veneered mahogany finiSh.Copper1O[1e back panel and matdling hearth. Suitable lor both gas and el«tri<:fires. Sizeotsurround S 1 ~ 14 'I)x 361nch high approx. Sizeof fire opening width 33 x 32 inrn high applox. Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 417/0053 £199.99 7. BRUNO "PRIORY" SPECTREFlAME flAMEEFFECTFIRE. Traditional~styled flrewith twO 1kW racliantheating elements. Flame effect gives apparent flames dancfng within the illuminated coals. The spectreHame effect can be used independently of the radiant elements. B.EAB.approved. Size 27'/2 x 10'hx 283/. inch high approx. Cat. No. 415/5126 £199.00 8. J.R.GLENLOMOND "SliElTON" SURROUND. Real wood veneered mahogany finish. Marble effect back

paneland matching hearth. Two illuminated akO\les with glass shelves. Suitable lor gas and e!ectricfires. Sizeof fireoPl!l1ingwidlh 34 x 32'/) inch high appro/(. Size 01 surround S8x 15·x39 inch highapprox. Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 417/0194 £289.99 9


GLEN FUEL EFFECTfiRE. 2.1kW. Thlee x

700 watt silicasheathed elements. 3 heat Settings. Logeffect works Independently, Brassed back arld legS. S.ize29x9x 20 Inch high approx. Cat. No. 415/5229 £89.50 , O. GLEN "OPTIGLOW' FUEL EFFECT FIRE.2.8kW. Canopy with brassed trim. Three separately switched 6S0 watt siica

sheathed elements. plus separate~ switched 800 watt thermostat c:ontnl"ed conveaOf unit Fueleffect works independently. Size 28'/) x 9x16l{. inch hi9h~pprox. B.tAB. approved. Cat. No. 41513991 £ 154.00



mahogarlf finiShsurround with ·optiflame" livingcoal effect fire.The twO 1kW elements can be separately switched Ofthe file effect used independently B.fAB. approved. Size30x 9 x 22 inch high appfOl(. Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 41710211 £239.99 12. J.R.GlENLOMOND "MEDBOURNE· MUlTlFLAME



Blackftnishwith brass tJim. FaniconvedOr firewith reatlstic "multiflame' effect. 2kW fan heater plus W,NoI conveaor with onIolf switdl and 5heat settings. Size 24'1u lOx 24inch high aPJirox.Free home-delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 41710228 £269.99 13. J.R. GLENLOMOND 'STIRUNG" FIRE SURROUND. Real wood veneered mahogany finish. Marble effectback panel and matching heanh. feallHes illuminated cupboards. Suitable for bam gas and electric lires. S'lZeof surround 60x ISx3S'h Inch highapprox. Size.olfire opening width 32 x 31 inch high app!ox. Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 417/0132 £259.99 14. J.R. GLENLOMOND 'ELMHURST" 161NCH INSET FIRE. Coal effect inset fire with solid brass east front and ash pan cover. 2kWlan heaterwithonloffswitch and 2 hea15ettings. Ash pan CO\Iet sl10uld be removed whenfan heater isin use. Must be used in coniulldion with a chimney rec:ess.Size 19'/2(W) front x 12 'h(W)bach9(O) x 23 inchhig~ approx. £219.00 Cat. No. 415/5133 15


DE LONGHI RADIANT GAS HEATER. 3 heat settings 14$0, 275Oand400OW. Twin (lit outs. Ceramic l\eating surtace. With castors. Supplied with Calor

regulator and £5 Calof gas lIOurner.Size 17 x 19x30 inch highapPlOx. Cat. No. 415/5205 £94.95

I7nl AD Items with this symbol


jg supplied fitttd with a plug.

• books_to_bytes

1. CONSORT "CORSAIR' 2YY-J CONVECTOR HEAlER. 2 heat settings IkWor 2kW. Freestand'1Il9orwaU mounted. B.EAB. approved. Cat. NO.415/5016 £19.75 2. GLEN97! CONVECTOR HEATER. ikW. Thermostatcontrol. Floorstanding 01 wallmounted. S.EAS. approved SiZe 221/. x 71/4 K J61Mnch high approx. Cat. No. 41515023 £24.50 3. GLEN 3YY-JCONVECTORHEATER. 3

heat settings. Thermostat control with "FrOSlJluard"setting. Free standing or wailmilunled (bradetssuppliedj.'roved. Site 30x8x 19 inch high approx. Cat. No. 415IS030 £32.50 HElPUNES Should you encounter initial difficulty with the operation of your product. contact the appropriate numberfor assistance: Glen Customer ServicesTel: 0800424348. Cordon Sleuhelpline no: 0553692800.


4. GLEN 972 CONVECTOR HEATER WITH TIMER. 2kW. Themtostat control. 24 hour timer with ovenit:le fac~ity.Free standing

or wallmounted (brackets supplied).

7.GOLDAlR311"lOWPROFILE'FAN HEATER. 2.4kW. Choke of 2 heatsetungs 1.2kW or 2.4kW.AulOmalic safety cut OUl Conforms to British and European

B.EAB. apprO'led. Size 22 x 7 x 171h Incb


highapprol(. Cat. No. 41515047 £35.50 S. GLEN 976 CONVECTOR fAN HEATER. 2.SkW. 2kW conveaor wlth variable thermostatcontrol and 500walt fan heater forla$! heal Free sianding 01 wall mounted. a.EAB. approved. Size22'h x 8 x 19 inch high approx. Cat. No. 415/50S4 £39.50 6. CONSaRT"CORSAIR' 3YY-J CONVECTOR HEATER. Thermoslat control. 24 hoIJrtimer. freeSlandingOl wallmounted. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/5061 £44.75 Allitems with this symbol rmt are supplied fitted with a I£E!I plug.

£16.75 Cat. No. 415/4921 8. GLEN FAN HEATER. 2kW. Thermostat controlwirh 'FrostguaId' seuing. Choke of I or 2 heat seltings or cool fan only. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 41514938 £18.50 9. DE LONGHI FAN HEATER. Choice of 2

heat senings lkWand 2kWwith coolair setting Thermostat with Irost pcolection andrhennal CUIout Directlonal air flow. Poweron indicator 6ghlS. COld storage. B.EAB, appr<Wed. Cat. No. 415/4945 £21.75

10.PHIliPS HD3341


FANHEATER. ThellTlOstatcontrol. Choice of 2 heal settings 2kWand IkW and cool air setting. Frost protl!(lion position. AlitomaOCCUtout forextra safety. Cord SlOl3ge. S.EAB. apprO'led. Cat. No. 415/4952 £24.50 11. PHIUPS HD33433KWTHERMOSTAT FAN HEATER. Thermostat control. ClOice of2 heat settings IkW and3kW and cool air setting. frostlJ(otecOOn position. Automatic CUI OUt forexira safety. Neon indicalOffighLCOldstorage. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 41514969 £29.50


GOLOAIR 3215 'SENSORTRONIC FAN HEATeR. 2.4tW. 'Sensortlonk' alert protection whicll will sound an alarm and automatically switch off !he heater in !he event of overheating or malfunaion. Chdiceof2 i1eatsettingspluscooHan ·only. Thermostat COI1uolwith "Fmtguard" sening. 1l1tadjUStable feel Conforms to British and European standards. . Cat. No. 415/5212 £32.50 13. GLEN ELECTRICOilFlUiD RADIATOR. Thermostat control. Neon pilQt lighL BlAB. appra.-ed.

20. GOLDAIR 3180 COMPACT POWER HEATER. l.5kW. Ceramk element and elecuonlcaJly conuolled heat outpUt raises temperoture to a pre-selected level and maintains it for as longas required by redudng power consumption. Cool fan facility. Conforms to British Slandatds. cat. No. 415/5009 £39.95 21 €)5UPERSTORESONlY

T6FAl "EQUATHEjlM" ELECTRONIC MUlll·DIRECTIONAL POWERHEATER. Unique design dispeISeS heat in all dilectiom(see diagrom) for maximum comfort and e!fl(jen<y. Budt fn nuao· processor com puter automatically adjusts 750WATT.Sfze31Ylx9x 19V1inchhig~ heat output lo,keep ideal room lempereture tewithIl11"C. 2kW power aPPlox, £34.00 lor fast wal1lling. Unique ·Economy" Cat, No. 415/5078 5W~ch to save power by reducing room 1000WATT.Sile30'l2x9x 24Yl,nch temperature by rc to ensure room highapprox. remains warm economically. Silent Cat. No. 415/5085 £39.00 operation. Splash resistant Variable 14. CONSORTFHG24 "MICRO" 2.4t:!N thermostat with anti·jr~setbng. UPRIGIfTFAN HEATER.Choiceo! 1.2kW Temperawre ~ulation indicator lighL C)(2.4kW ilealsettings.C)(cool fan only. Safety thermal cutOUL Cord storage and Cabiestoroge. Fined safetyCUIoOul. carrying handle. Best situated 8.E.A.B. approved. approxima:ely 12 InCh from wall. 240Vac Cat. No. 415/4976 £19.75 mains. Size 6'/4 x 93(.x 9'h inch alJllfoX. 15. CONSORTfHA2T "fANTOM" 2t:!N Cat. No. 415/5171 £84.50 UPRIGHTFAN HEATER.Thel1llostat 22. PHIUPSTHERMOTUBE. 120watt. oonttol. 2 heat senings or cool fan only. Ideal for frost protection ingreenhouses, Integral carrying handle and cable tidy. garages, lofts etc. Helps prevent Poweron lndicatOilighL Autocnaticover· condensation. Wall or l100r f11OjJnting. heatsafetycut,.QuL B.E,A,B. approVed. With cord and waD brackets. Tube length Cat. No. 415/4983 £23.75 2feel 16. CONSORT FHA3T "FANTOM' 3t:!N Cat. No. 41515157 UPRIGHT FAN HEATER.Thermostat 23. CONSORT MUl TI·PURPOSE conuol. 2healsettingsC)( cool fan only. HEATER.500watL BuUt·inneon Integrol carrying handle and cable tidy. tndKiltor. "Frost Fighter· YAm !hellllOStat Power on indicatc)( light Automatk.over· economy control automancal~ switches heat;afetycut-OUL B.lAB. apprc1led. on when lemperalllre faUsbelow 5°C. Cat. No. 41S/4990 £29.75 Splash proof design. Ideal for greenhouses. lofts, garages. 17 €) SUPERSTORESONLY conservatories and cella~ Freestanding DE LONGHI UPRIGHT FAN HEATERWITH or wallmounled B.lAB. approved. TIMER. Choice of 2 heat settjngs. 1kWand Cat. No. 41 5/4244 £29.75 2kW andcool airfacllity. ThennoSlat 24. CORDON BLEU B130 REfl£CTOR control with frostpAltection. Thermal cut fiRE. 2 position switch i'ow bars 240V ac OUl 24 hour timer. Poweron indicatC)( mains. 18OOW.largeribbedrellector. ljghts. £14.95 Cat. No.415/5195 £34.95 Cat. No. 41515140

25. GLEN2I(WBATHROOM FAN HEATEII,Wall mounted. Putl cord operated with on/off indicator. Safety thel1llal CUI..out cat. No. 415/4811 26. CONSORT2t:!N OOWNFLOW BATHROOM HEATER.Thel1llOst:at con(/ol. Wall mounted. Power-oo IndkalOl'llglll, 1'1111cord operated. Electronicsafety control reset, B.E.AB. approYed. Cat. No. 41513630 27. CROWNCOURT CEIUNG HEATI UGHTUNIT.750watt.Heatancllightwill ope!ate ~parately or combfned. Cord ooerated Diameter 13 inci1. depth ]loch approx. cat. No. 415/4907


GOLDAIR 3120 DE LUXf UPIIIGHT OSClllAllNG FANHEATER. 2.4kW. Thermostat control with 'frostguard" sening. Choice of 2 heat senings plus cool fal\only. MultJ-directional oscillation and till 5"fety theflllill cut OULConfollllS to British and European stalldards. Cat. No. 415/51B8 £35.50 19 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

GOLOAlR3122 'LOWPROFlLE" OSCILLATING fAN HEATER. 2.4kW. ThemlO$lat control with 'FrostglJilrd" sett,ng. ChoiCeof 2 heat settifl9S plus cool fan only. MultJ-directlonal oscillation and till Safety IheI1lIaI CUIOOl COOfollllS to 8ritish and European Standards. Cat. No. 41515t64 £31.50 Item nos 25-27 must be permanentlyconnec1ed to a 240V ae electrical supply. If in doubt consult

a qualified electrician.


ENVIRONMENTAL CARE 1. DE2AC ·DElTA'IONI5ER.I~ the freshness andqila6ty of indoor air by restOringthe balance of ~ions. Removes dust. pollen, stale smells and smoke from theairyou breathe. EffeaiYe range 16ft. Four ionisation~ams. Low running <DSIS.

cat No. 87011325


2. DfZAC 'BREATHE EASY' ROOM IONISER. Cleans and Iresheos the a1lT1OSphereby restoring the balance 01 negative ions\\1th five high outpUt ion streams, Removes dust; bacteria, smoI:e and pollen. Low running <DSIS. cat. No. 870/0058 £18.75 3. PYRAMIDIONISERAND IONOSCOPE. Improves the quality of indo« air by removing.smolce, dLlSl and pollen. Helps to alleviate hay fever and respiriItOIy ailments. Gives360" fufj room 0MIage with an effectNe range of 10ft inall directions. Complete with Ionosalpe which detects the negative ionsemitted showing dearly that the ionise! is functioning. £29.50 Cat.•No. 870/0917 4. MOUNTAIN BREEZE AIRIONISER. Oeans and freshens the air byrestoring the balance of negative ions. Removes smoke, dust. pollen and bacteria. Thn!e settings indudfng boost function IIIgive you 25% more deaning power. ManufilCUJrel's5·yearguarantee. Cat. No. 87011277 £37.00 S. MOUNTAIN BREEZEION PRISM. Improves the quafityot indo«air. Gleans and freshens the air bycooecting the balance of positiveand negative klns. RerY1<M!Sdust, pollen. baaeria and smoke. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee. Cat. No. 87011260



ElECTRJC WAl1:R FILTERWF400. Woriaop water purifier. needs no~Uation. Monitoring system measures filtel fife. Motorized flow for fast and effective filtratiOn. Helps remove a \\1de rangeofirnpurities. cartridge lasts up to 300 litresd.?pendent on rogion. jug c:apacity 2 titres. 24(10/ ac mains.Customer helpline no 0705476000 ext 2142.

cat. No. 87010694


7. REMINGTON API25 AIRPURJAER. Thtee stage filtering system. Removes tobacco smoke. pollen, dust and other oqours from the air. On/off two speed switchwith boost funC1ion. Wilh one citrus S(eI1ted 'scrub-aire' filter. 240Vac. For replacement filte(Spleasephone06' 9764505(24 hours)forcredil cardorders or pick up a leafletfrom your local Argos store. cat. No. 870/0027 £12.75

8. MICROMARK 0250 Dt·HUMIDIFIER. Helps prolect )'Our home from condensation and excess humkfny. IncorporateS numicl!StlHfor oomidny control. 10litre draming tank. Automatic shUl-off when run to prewnt overflowing. Waming right vhn tank is full.Can extract up to 91itres of moisture per di!>}. SUe31'hx 10'/.x 12'/. inch approx. cat. No. 87011136 £199.00




EllACPORTABlE ·HUMlDEX4· DE·HUMIOIAER. Helps protect your home from the hannfuI effectsof CIlIlde!lsatlon and damp. Fully automatic IOpreverll0Yl'I dlying. ~us~ huriitycontrol. TeII1peIature sensitive defrost Poweron incicatof. 4'h litre removable water conli!ineJ. Automatic ast-out 10 PIM!f1!

CNeIflowing. with neonwaming light when lui. Can extract up 10 8 itres of moisture per day. Permanent drainage fa<iJity and dust With castors. B.EAB. approved. Size 13x 15 x 2()'h inch approx. cat. No. 87010302 £219.00 10.ESAC "HUMIDEX 7' DE· HUMIOlAER. Helps protect your home from condensation. Hunidistatcontrolled. 2 speed fan. 4'h litrewaler cootainer and fuD indicatorwith automatic art off. Maximum 9lilles per day water exITcJdion. Contiooous drainage option. Oust filter. Walnut effect cabinet with castors for easy movement. Size 14 x 14 x 20'12inch approx. B.EAB. appIlM!d. cat No. 870/1026 £299.00 11


MOUNTAIN BREEZE F«lO AIRSYSTEM An advanced fan and flftratlonsystem which removes dust. dgarene SlIde. pollen and bacteria.ll'1CDfpDrateS an ioniser 10 freshen the ai,aIsoa deodorising filter and optional ai fragrarnr. 3 settings. MaIlIfaaurt!!' s 2-year guaIantee. cat. No. 87011284 £64,50 12


PH1L.lP5AIR ClEANER SYSTEM.AIr cleaner and ioniser combined to ref1lOYe dust. pollen, tobacco SlIde and odOlIs from the air. Three stage filter with filter replacernenlchal1. Silent operatlonWllh 2 speed fan lor continuous use or Mbo boost. Plus fR£ via YIlIlCtlB. cat. No. 870/1428 £69.50 10NlSERS lonisers help to aeate a 'healthier· environment by restoring the balance of negative ions. They help 10remove ·pollutants" suchas dust, smoke and pollen, giving the air a fresher, deanerfeel and mayhelp sufferers of hay fever and asthma.

IONISERS FROM books_to_bytes

13 €) SUPERSTORESONLY PtFCO ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER. Gives relief from thediscomfort ofdiy indoor air by elooJOJ1kal1ywrning water into a fine mist which is silentlyblolmintothe room. Integrated mineral filter to remove calcium dust in i1ardwater areas. Misl and hUryliditycon!Iols.lndudes swivel nozzle and detachable water chamber. Cat. No. 870/1301 £74.50

14 €) SUPERSTORESONLY MOUNTAIN BREEZEAROMACARE. M aroma therapy starter kit whiChincludes an electronlc evaporator unit. 10 reusable evaporat«p,ads.4 aromatiC oils and an introduoOl}' leaflet 3 levels of

vaporisation • low, medium and high. Placeseveral drops of oil on a pad, Place in the unit and switch on. ApprOllimately 5 dlops of oil willproduce a room fragrance lasting up to 3'/l hours depending on setting. 24fJV ac mains. Conforms to BS3456. Size 31/lX 6 inch diameter approJt. Manufacturer's l·year guarantee. kif pure essential aromatherapyOllscan be used with this product. which are readily available. Cat. No. 87011291 15



MICROMAI!K MM8912 EXTRAaOll FAN. pull cord operated. Fits4 'hinch dlarneterho!e. Extracts up 10 70 cubic melreS per hour. COITIjlleteWith flexible pipe, grille, screwsand wall pI~ This item mustbe permanently connected to a 240Vac elearii:al supply.llin doubL consult a q_ualirledelectriOan.Compiles with 1990 New BuOdingRegulations. Cat. No, 870/0601


16. XPElAlR GXC6WJNDOWOR WALL EXTRAaOR FAN. Cord operated back draught shUtter and on/off switch. Fits 7,/. inch (l84mm) diameter hOle. Simple installation. Complies v.i!h 1990 New BuHding Regulations. Helpline No 021· 3271984officehours. B.EAB. appl'O'.ll!d. Manufacturer's 2-yearguarantee. Cat. No. 870/0003 £53.99 17. FRIEDlAND TWO NOTE OOORCHIME KIT.With bell push, 8m of bell wire and fIXingscrews. Operates by 4 xLR14 batteries (order 2 of98011451 at E2.49 pair). Size 4 x 2 Jc 7 inch high approx. Cat. No. 870/0261 £9.99 18. BUSYBODY WiR~LESS DOORBELU PAGER. Can be used either as a multi-

functim doorbell or a paging devi<e. East installation door chimeiils with just 3 screws Onduded) and needs nowiring. Radio signal is sent to the chime when the doorbeD unit ispressed. Wireless feature allows chime unit to be removed from the wall and taken into the garage, garden etcso it can always be heard. Ideal for places whereWiring is difficull When used as a remote control paging device



FRIEDlAND MUSICALDOOR CHIME KIT. Acompact door chime which plays a selection of 25 different tunes in rotauoneach time a visitor callsthe next rune is automatkal~ selected. Comprises push button. beUwire. fixingscrews and a slim doorchime. Operates from Z.xLR6 baneries(Oider 1of 98011444at £1.39 pair). Cat. No. 870/1181 20



AIRflOW HOT WATER BOTTlE. 80% aayfic and 20% polyester fUl cover. ManufaGturer's 2-yearguarantee. Complies With 8S 1970/84. Cat. No. 870/1356 £4.99 21


PACKOF 2 MULTl-PtJRPOSETRAYS. Can be used as bed uays,lV meal trays or dlild's play trays. Legcompartmerns des4gned to take magazines etc. Also has a weli to ta~e acup. Side holders for (utleryfpens.pendlsetc. Size 23'hx 12x 8 inch high approx. Pack of two, one beige, one grey. Cat. No. 870/0735 £9.99 22


LEGREST.Padded vinyl top. Adjustable in botll height and angle for comfort Fitted with non-maoong nlbbeI feel Can also be used asan occasional stool Cat. No. 870/0577 23



BATHSEAT.Rests on top edges of bath. Adjustable width. Arms have non· marking rubber tips. Folds flat lor storage. Cat. No. 870/0560


AIRPURIFIERS Air purifiers help to dear the air of airbomepartides sudl as smoke, pollen and dustby tile use of multi· stage filters and they al50 remove d'!:~~eaving1heairfresherand



Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.

J NEW BUILDING REGULATIONS Item nos 1Sand 16 meet the 1990 NewBuliding Regulations. If you have any queries regarding item no 16 please phone the following helpline number XPELAlR·02 t·327 1984 during nonnal office hOUTS.

the bell ~l is used to trigger thechime when attention is ~uired.ldealfor the

side, bedriddenOl disabled. Chime unit features pod<ell1lelt clip for hands·1Jee carrying and adjustable volume control. Chimecanreceiveslgnalupu>

100feet in

acy direction from the bell unit Transmitter operates from 1 x9V battery (order 1of 98011970ar£2.99 each and 4 xAAA batteries Older 2 01980/1932at £1.59 palr}lor the receiver. Cat. No. 87011208




GOOD BOY DROPfRONT PETBED. Fur effect linedwith removable, washable inner base. fire retardant foam. Size 2S x 16 x 8InCh high approx. Cat. No. 870/0797 £14.99 2


FUREFFECTLINEDOOG BED. Removable Inner base. Flameretardant foam. Size 29 x 23 x 8 InCh appiOlt. Cat. No. 87011105 £19.99 3. COURTVANC£ OOG BEAN BAG. Fully washable and refl10Yilbleouteret:Ner. Size 40 x 32 inch approx. Cat. No. 870/0209 £9.75 4


CAT HOUSEWITHSCRATCHING POST. Cal house and top platform are covered in fur effect material. the'post is impregnated with catnip and coveredln coils of sisal rope. Inside the house is a washable, removable square of simulated sheepskin for contlon andwannth. Cat. No. 870/1394 £19.99 5


HI·CRAFTOOG CAR HARNESS. Sultab~ for small and medium size dogs. Makes travellingwithyour dog much safer. Tobe used Inconjunction with car safety belts. Cat. No. 870/0508 £5.99 6. ROVAMIDI EXTENDINGDOG \£AD. One hand operation. Automatic remon with instant braking. CoilleadSafety loop. Suitabk!!ofsma" and medium dogs up to 361b. Extends 10 16 feet approx. Cat. No. 870/0182 £5.99 7. flEX! EXTENDiNGDOG \£AD. Ex!ends to 16 feel Instant stop and releasebra~ mechanism. Easyone hand conuol. Security loop. Suitable for stroog and large dogs up 10 66lb. Cat. No. 87011167 £9.99 8. WAHL PET CLIPPER1(JT.ldeal for keeping yoot pers coat neat and tidy and ingood oondilion. Comprises cutting head. with 4 comb attachments to control depthof cut, blade oR, steel comb, scissors, comband slicl:erbrush for grooming. Cat. No. 870/0766


9. GOOD GIRLHOODEDPfT BED.Fur effea linedwith removable imer base, Wash,lb~. Fireretardantfoam. Size 12 x 14 x 16 inch high approx. Cat. No. 870/0481 £9.99 10


FUREFFECTLINEDPETBED. Rem<7>'abIe, washable illllE!(base. Size 19 x 12 x 7 inch high approx. Cat. No. 870/0591 £9.99




COURTVANCE8EAN BAG. fully washable 100%nylon with acryliclurside panel FlUedwith fir! retardant beads whlchshould be removed via zip befOfe washing. Diameter 231n<h apprOlt Cat. No. 870/0780 £7.99 12. CAfSCRADlE.Wasliablesheepslcin effect fabric fmed OYer an alumirnum frame wIlich fit; onto radiators, proWling a wanncomfortable bed. Washable eMf. Size 20'hx 13'12x 10 inch high approx. Cat. No. 870/0230 £12.99




CAnOILET/HOME.liygieni< Gli toilet. Made instrong moulded plastic. ~qlle tcp, Size 15J( 19'hx 14'11inch high approx. Cat. No. 87010429 14. PEr CARRIER.Made from heaVf duty malerial. Veoblation on all sides. ribbed non·slip floor. Hinged door. With food! drink uay. Easy 10clean. Size 17 x 13x 12'12inch apprDX. Cat. No. 87010979

15. LOCKABLE CAT FLAP.Draughtand wealheqlloof. Four IoOOIY,l positions. ful~ locked. unlockedbolhways.leckedinor out. Size83/. x 1x 10 inch high ~rOi(.

Unsuitable lor luQglass panelled doors and doors with protrusions, MaoufactU1e(Slifetimeguarantee.

cat. No. 870/0199 16



STAYWELlPETOOOR. Browlrpetdoor with soft flexibleHap.Magnetic weather proofdosure.lnterior locking panel. SuitaUielor allwooden doors. Ovefall size 9'hx 73/. ioch. Cutout size 7x6inch approx. Cat. No. 870/1363 17


STAYWELL17 4·WAY LOCKING PET DOOR.A de luxe doorwilh a tumel lor neat and easy iqslallation. Features a clear nap. lour lodcing positioos.lul~ locked. unlocked both witfS.lodced inoroul Suitable lor glass or woodim doors up to PI. Inch thick. Overall5lZe8l1.x 8l1,inch. CUIout slle631. x 63/. ioch approx. Cat. No. 870/1143 £9.99 18


STA'tWElLAUTOMAGNETICSECURITY LOCK CAT FLAP. Only your Glt can enter wearilY,l the magnetic collar keyand

keeps out aUother cats, White rmish with uansparenl flap. Designed to fit afTYdoor. Patented weather· proof flap seal. OIerall size 8l1.x 8lt. inch. Cutoutsize 63/.x 6l1. inchapprox. Cat. No. 87011387 19. CAT SCRATCHING post Base and post top covered in cord {alpet. Post (overed in collsotsisal rope. Impregnated with cat nip to attractGlts todaw the post Ht'lght20'lz ioch approx. Cat. No. 87010216 20


CATAEROBICCENTf\E.AlIoWsGll \0 climb, scratch and sleep off the ground. Poles impregnated with cat IlIpand cpvered in coils of sisal rope. Base and piatfOlms covered in cord carpet, Hejght 34'/. inch approx.

STAYWElL CLOCKWORKPET FEEOER. Petfeederwilh 'stayfresh" ice pack ro keep foOd fresh longer. Rotalj'll(! automatically serves 4 meals 0Ye1 a 3~ hour period. Corwerts to COIl'Iendonai

leeding bowl when lidls removed. Easy to clean. Dishwashersafe. Cat. No. 87011370




Diecast aluminium with clear glass panels. Weather resistant. Height 12inch awrox. Max bulb 60watt (0!lIet 1 of 43113281 atfl.55 pair).

cat. No. 431/3236


2. WHITEOlJlDOOR 1ANTE1\N, Aluminium Iramewilh dear panels. Weather resistant Height 14 inchaPJlIox. Maxbulb 100wanG.LS.,B.C. Cat. No. 431/1599 £19.99 3


'PENTlAND' OUTDOORlANTERN, Polypropylene. Weatherresistant and rust proof. Height 151/1inch. width 7J/.lnch approx. Max bulb 60 watt.(order 1of 431/3281 at £1.55 pair). cat. No. 431/1063 £9.99 4. 'BU~I(INGHAM' OUTDOOR lANTERN.Cast aluminium in an antique bronze finish with moulded amber diffuser. Weather resistant Height 15 inch approx. Max bulb l00wan G.LS., 8.C. Cill No. 431/3896


Die cast aluminium, ceiling mounted black lantern. Brass lampholder and clear glass pa~s. Height 1aI/line" applox. Max bulb 60wan (order 10143113281 at £1.55 pair). Also suitable for low energy bulb. Cat. No. 431/4228 £17.99 7


CIRCUlAR OUTDOORGlASS UGHT FITIlNG. Easy to Install. Ideal forliglltlng pathways/garages. Ceiling or wall mounted. Ceramk lampllolder. rainproof. Diameter 9inch approx. Max bulb 100 wan GU., B.C. Cat. No. 431/4211 £9.99 8. OUTDOORENCLOSEDFLOODLIGHT, Fullyweatherproof. Made from rust proof aluminium l'<1thtoughened glass cover. Suitable for floodlighting front of houses, pathways and general fIIumlnatlon. Complete with mounting bracket and watertight cable gland. With 500wall tungsten halogen bulb. Cat. No. 431/3346 £9.75 9


20 GEM LIGHT. Indoor/outdoor energy saving lighting. Ideal fot ha'~ays. bathrooms. garages. pathways etc, Ceiling or wall mounted at I 012 angles. With energy saving 20 bulb (equivalent light outpUt to an 85wan bulb). Diameter IO'1z Inch approx. Cat. No. 431/0129 £19.99 10


OUTDOORUGHTSTRING.ConslslSol 12 metres of weatherploof cable with 10 BC lamp-holders and 10 hooks. Indudes lax 25 watt coloured bulbs. Cat. No. 430/9185 £19.99



16. OVM,.p,tR. BUlJ(HEAO.Fully weathef resistant and rust proof. Rush mounting and incoJpOraling the new Miaoscan 240 infra red detector. 'Mil deter intruder> who apPloach the house by automatically switching the light on, or act as a courtesy light Cornplete with PIlotoelectriceyewhkh willnot switctllile r'9ht on during daylight hours. Up to 5 ~trerangewitha 100"angle. light is directed downwards by eyelid cover. Can be usedwithout eyelid.fOl iigeneral illumination. Max bulb40wan.

cat. No. 431/3360 17



TASLEYP.I.R.COACHLANTERN.All weather polycarbOnate conS\1l1ction. Range up to 1I) melle. Automatic night only operation. Variable time on.

ElectJonlt O'Ierride.Welcomes guests. deters thieves. Simple to fit. Max bulb60 wart ES. 240V ec mains.

Cat. No. 431/3755

simple 24OVacmains., cat No, 431/3353 £29.50

14. TASLEYSfNTRYUlfAUTOMAT!C p.LR. LUMINAIRE. Polycalbonate cOIlSuuction.Weatherproof, Activated by approach of petSOj1 01 vehicle up to 8 metres away. Variable "!ime-Qn"leature. 110"angle 01Qetection. Additional 1000 Watt swftching lad~ty. Hejght 12 indh approx. Max bulb60 watt E.S,

cat. No, 43111355


15. TASLEYBflASCAN S(I(l,Allweather hea-.ydutyenclo$ed floodlight with bullt· il'l passiveinfra red detector. Range up to 15 metre. 110"ang!e of detection. AdjuSt· able time on and sensitivitycontrols. Electronicoverride lacility fO( continuous illumination, WIth 500 watt tungsten naloQenlamp. FREEspare lamp. normal relair price £5 awox. Simple to fiL240V acmains. Cat. No. 431/3920


18. DECORATlVfP,l.R.LANTERN.Made Irom aluminium will not rust, Fully weatherplOof.lncorporate5 the new Miaoscan 240 inlra red de1fCtOf. 'Mil deter Intruders wt)oapproacn the house by automatically switching the light on. 01 act asa courtesy tight. Complete with photoeleruk eye which willnolswilch the light on during day6ght hours. Up 105 melterangewitha 100"angie. MaxbuJb 100watt •

cat. No. 43113384 19



GlOBE LANTERNWITHr.I.R. OflfCTOR. Made from durable allv,oeatherpolymer. TotallydlrectIonal P.l.R. for optimum performance. 11OOangle of detection. Range 01approximately 10 metres. Dusk to dawn opefcltion. Adjustable tl~ and

sensltivitycontrol with manualO'lerride facility.Max bulb6Owan. 240V ac. Cat. No. 431/4242 £29.99

It is recommended that security


seepages 382-383.

Should you encounter initial difficulty with the operation of your Tasley se<Urity/outdoor light fitting contact the following number for assistance; CUstomer Services: 0532 350022

lighting isfitted bya qualified tradesman. Bulbsare not supplied unless othelWise stated. Formore items of home/car security books_to_bytes


CARNATION DESIGNGlASS PANEUED SUITE.With decorated glass panel shades. Brass finish fra=. 1. WALL lIGHT. Fitted on/off switdl. HeJght 7'h.indl. projooion 8 indl approx. Ma~c~r candle bulb 60 watl(order 1of 43113281 at £1.55 pair).

Man. Rec. Price £24.99 Cat. No. 43113827



PENDANT. ~Qht 9 indl. diameter 12 indl. Maxbulb Ioo

watt Man. Rec, Price £49.99

Cat. No. 431/3841 £29.99 3.3 UGHTFLUSH FrrnNG. Height9 indl. spread 16 inch. Mal( dear cancfe bulb 3 x 60 wan (order20f43113281 at £1.55

pair). Man. Rec. Price £62.99

Cat. No. 431(3865 £34.99 FROSTEDGlASS UGHT FlTIlNGS. Dark wood and brass finishframe With et<hed

floral shades.

3x6O 43113281 at £1.55 pair). Rec. Price £47.49

Cat. No. 43111702 £29.49 ITCHED SMOKED GlASS UGHT FITIINGS. Wood and brassiinish with

handpainted gold linede!:OIa~on. 7. WAlL UGHT. Height 7'/.indl,width 5'/. inch approlC.~ dearcandle. bulb 60 watt (oider 10143113281 at £1,55 pail).

Man. aec, Price £22.99

Cat. NO.431/0899 £14.99 8. 3 lIGHT PENDANT. Willi rod and cefling rose.Height 15i/.inch. spread 18 indl approll Max dearcanclte bulb 3 x 60 watt (Older 2 of 431/3281 atEI.55 pair).

Man. Ret. Price £45.99 Cat. No. 43110916


ETCHEDGlASS UGHT FlTIINGS. Brass finish arms and rosewood cclourspindle. Amber glass shades. 9. WAlL UGHT. Brassedbadplate. Height 7'h indl aporox. Max clearcandle bulb 60 watt (ordEf 101431/3281 at

fl.55pair). Man. Ret. Price £14.49

Cat. No. 430/9817 £.9.99 10. 3UGHTFlUSH FITTING. Height 11

inch, spread 21 Y.inch apPfOil Maxdear ca.ndle bulb 3 x60 watt (orw 2 of.4311 3281 at £1.55 pair). Man. Rec. Prrce £44.99

Cat. No. 431/0332 £26.99 'ORCHID SUITE",Elegant floraldesign. GlasspaneJ with brass flnlsh (rame. 11. WAll UGHT. Heighl91f1 indl, width 71/~indlapPfo)\' Maxclearcandle bulb 6Owatt(order I 0(43113281at £1.55 pair). Cat. No. 431/0370 £12.99 12. SINGLE PENDANT. Withqtainand ceRingrose. DiametEf 121/2indlappcOil

Maxllulb l00watt. Cat. No. 431/0356

~ ~




, 3. TABLElAMP. HEi9ht17 inch, CR£5CENTUGHTlNG.De:oraled white diameter 12'12 inchapprox. Max bulb 100 glass panelled lights.Poished brass flllish. watt Cat. No. 43110363


, 4. flUSH CEIUNGfITTING.IdEalfoI IowceUlfl9S,lieight 10Inch. diameter 12'h inch approx. Max bulbl00wan. Cat. No. 43112103 £23.99 lOTUSGlAS5 PANElLEDsurrt. With cQlouredclEcOlated g~Brass firish frames. If .... 15. WAll LIGHT.Pull cord onlo SWl" . Helght7'h ro. Width7 inch. projection 11'11inchapprox indudll1g glass.Max dear candle bulb 60 wan (order 1of 43113281 atfl.5Spair).

Man. Ret. Price £25.99 Cat. No. 43112.378 £16.99 16. SINGLEPENDANT.Wlthdlain and (eilingrose. Height 20inch,diame!Er 12 inchapprox. Max clear bulb lCOwatt. Man. Rec. Price£37.49 Cat. No. 43112385 £25.99 17. flUSH CEIUNGFlmNG.ldeiiOy suited for low ceilings. Height9 inch. diameter 12 Inchapprox. Max deer bulb l00watt. Man. Rec. Price £38.99 Cal No. 43112392 £27.99 18. 3LIGHTFmlNG. Helghl181l1Ch. spread 17 inch approx indud'1Il9 glaSs. Max dear candle bulb 3x 60 wan(OIGer 2 of 43113281 at £155 par). Man. Rec.Price £71.99 Cal No.431/2419



RISE'N' FAIl PfNDANT.1liameter 17 inchapprox.Adjusts !rom 2S to60 inch drop. Max dear bulb l00watl

Man. Rec. Price £51.49 Cat. No. 43018973 £29.99 21. SlNGLfPANEl WAll lIGHT.0IV0ff pullswitch.Height10inci1. wI!th 8'11 inch appIox. Max eN cande bulb 60 wau(0Ider1 of 4311328f at£I.s5~. Man. Rec. Pricefl3.49 Cal No. 430/8526 £ 14.99 22. SINGLEPENDANT. Height 24¥"1Ch. diameter 17 inch approx.Max~ bub lOOwan. Man Rec. Price £47.99 Cat. 430/8492 £28.99 23. TABLElAMP.lrHUle switch. Height 18 inci1. diameter 17inchapprox. Max dear buQ) tOOwan. Man. Rec. Price £S1.99 Cat. No. 43018519 24. 2 lIGHT CENTRf ATTlNG. Ideal lor Iowceillf19S.l{e!ght t t 'Ie ind\ Oameler 17 Inch approx. Maxdearcanr:le bulb 2 X 6Owau(ordert 01431/3281 at £1.55



Man. Rec. Price £49.99 Cat. No. 43018485 Bulbs are not supplied unless otheJWisestated.


19. TABLELAMP.Within-lineS'Mrch. HEight 16indl,dlameter12 inchapprox. Maxbufbl00watl Man. Rec. Price £44.49 Cal No. 4.3112402 £2.9.99 books_to_bytes

11inch. lJ(ojealon 10inch. Maxdeal candle bUlb60 watt(o!der 1 of43113281 at £ 1.55 pair). Man. Rec. Price £37.99 Cat. No. 43114046 £21.99 ·VIOlET" SUITE.Brass finished frames with decorated glass panels.

Wi s fiiW#l"MiMM+ TABLElAMP. switch. With m-jne


16'hinch. dlametel12 inchapprox. Max clear bulb 100 wan. Man. Rec. Price £42.99 Cat. No. 43112835 18 @ SUPERSTORESONLY TABLE IAMP.ln·~neswitch. Height 16'1l Iilch. diameter 12'12iI1d1 approlt Max dear candlebulb60 watt (order 1 of 43113281 al£1.55 pair). Man. Rec. Price £34.49

Cat. No. 43113607










At Argos we offer up to £ I000 instant credit so you can buy now and spread your payments to suit your budget.


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4 5 6 7

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See page 493 The above guarantees do not affect your statutory rights. STORE USE ONt Y



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Sold SinglY. Decor Spot &r:IN E.S. DIffuser. 9801 2027

Diameter 2" inch. Gives a direct beam of light

suitable fOr highlighting ~n home.

431/ 3281

features In the

Twin PacIc. Candle 60W Ideal for use In muJti.armfittlngs throughout the home.

Be clear.



Sold SinglY. Mazda low eneIgy bufb. Gives the same light output as

431/ 4273

ordinary 60 watt bulb. Reduces electricity costs by 75% • ias1s 8 times as long. Use in place of oonventfonal bulb to provide enetgy efficient Hghtlng 101 your home. Total consumption 14 walt

€} SUPERSTORES ONLY 16. BRASSSINGLEPLAT~SWITCH. 23 €} SUPERSTORESONL Y Georgranstyle. 1gang, 2 wayrodcer swiCCh.Maxload 5 amp. WHITEPlASTICROTARYDIMMER __ -=£.:::.6.:.:::9~9 SWITCH,Replaces existil1!Jdoubleswitd:l ",Ca::,:t,:,:' N;:::o~. 4~3.:.:1/.:;064=8 using existingw1f1ng.Rotal)'onJofl and 17 €} SUPERSTORES ONLY light level adjustment toad 40wau min. BRASSDOUBLEPlATESWITCH.Georgian 250 wan max perswitch. Fl1s normal. styte 2 gang. 2 way rocker swilch. Max 16mm depth bad box. '·way operatton load 5 amp: only. £7.99 Cat. No. 431/0662 £7.99 Cat No. 431/2581 18




BRASSSINGLESWITCHEDSOCKfT. Georgian-sty!e ,gang Max load 13 amp Double llOie, " . Cat. No. 431/0655 £7.99

SUPERSWITCH'ECUPSE' DIMMER SWITCH.Features unique backlit illuminated ring fOf easy IocaIJon In the dark. I~alforlandings. haJ1ways. :;:;::.:.:.:::..;::~==---..::.:..:.::;~chlldrep S bedrooms ell:. Extralarge 19. B~ DOUBlfSWITCHEOSOCKET: control knob, gNessmooth c01atyonloff Georgian style. 2 gang, Maxload 13 amp. and dimming action. Silent operation. Double pole.. 5jmply replaces existing I·way switch, Cat. No. 431/0679 £9.99 $uitable for bulbs 60 Walt min. 400wati 20. SUPERSWITCHPROGRAMMABLE max. SECURITYlIGHTSWITCH.Tumslights Cat. No. 431/4266 £12.99 on/ofl autornaticallywtten youareOUI. 25 €} SUPERSTORESONLY Simplytepla<6existfng light switch. VersauledaJIy/weekly programming. CASTBRASSROTARYDIMMERSWrrCH, 6 on/oll settlngS available allo\'ISup to 42 Replaces existing double swuch. RotaI)' on and off switchings oYeI7 days. on/off and Ughllevel adjusunent. toad 60 Programme repeats weekly, Ughts can be watt mill' 400 wan max. fits nannal tumedonorolfbyprP.SSing Iront C()'lEf. 16mm backl?ox. With malChing screws OIIerTiOe,swilChaliowsfOl manual or and non-tamish convoll(riobS. FUlly automatr< operation, Not sUitable for liKIltlered. I·way Of?l'I'Itionon~. ftuorescenthghting, Cat. No. 43114280 £14.99 Cat. No. 431/01>24 £22.99 26 €} SUPERSTORESONLY 21. CASTBRASSROTMY DIMMER SWrrCH.Replaces exisbng single SWItch. SUPERSWITCHTOUCHSfNSIllVEAND RO@l)'onioffand Iighl1evel adjustment. REMOTECONTROLDIMMER.Replaces existing 1gang Ughtswitch, Simple 10 load 60 wan min -400 wan-max. Fits t;ormall6mm depth backbox. With ope!'ate· gentle touch for ooIoff. malChingscrews and non'\il{nfsh control proIonged10uch 101 dimming, Can be knobs, Ful~Jaaluered. l-way.operatiOn controlled from anywhere in the room using the in!r.rred remote control. 0i1~. Cat. No. 43112251 £8.99 Suitable for bulbs 40 walt min.250 wan 22, PLAsnc DIMMERSWITCH,Replaces max. Not suitable lor nuorescentli9hting. Remote control comp!etew1th biiltecy. ecistiog ore-w~switch ~t additional wiring. RotaI)' on/off and light Withlunil\St~ £29.99 kMI adjustment. Max klad 250wart. Fits Cat. No. 431/2093 nonnall6mm back box. Bulbsare not supplied unless £4.99 othetwisestated, Cat. No. 430/8612




UBRARYTABLElAMP. Polished blass finish.With In-line~ch. Height 13 inch approx. Maxc~ar tube 30watt Man. Ree. Price£39.99 cat. No. 43111049 £24.99 2. MATCHING PAIJIOF PINKTABLE lAMPS. With fabric shadeS. Height 8 inch a'pprox. M.lIx bulb 60 walt. Cat. No. 431/1544 £9.75



MAKHING PAIROF BEIGETABLE lAMPS. Withfablbhades. Helght8inch ilppIox. Max bulb 60 wan. cat. No. 43111829 £9.75 4.IUM80HAlF NElSON TABLElAMP. Solid brass base with etchedglass shade. Height20'l. inth appiOX.Max bulb 60


Man. Ree. Price £37.99 Cat. No. 431/1551 £21.99 5. "DlANA" BRASSTABLElAMP. Polished sofid brass base.Heighl14 inCh • approx. Max bulb 6Owan. Man. Ret. Price£22.99 cat. No. 43016999 £14.99 6. "ROSE"cOWl. TABLElAMP. Ponl!fy base with rose transferred design. BIassed gallely and WIlite shade. HeIght 13thInch approx. Maitbulb lOOwan. Man. Ret. Price £22.99 Cat. No. 431/0381 £14.99



BLACKCfRAMICFIGURlNElAMP. Willl matdling pleated shade. Height 16inch. Maxbulb l00watL Man. Ree. Price £26.99 Cat. No. 431/4170 £14.99 8. "MACHO MAN" TABLELAMP.Black with white glass globe. Heigb~19inch approx. Maxcandle bulb40 wan S.Bt. Cat. No. 431/3669 £19.99 "HANDS" ART DECOSl'ILETABlE lAMPS. CE!arl1ic hands holdinga glass globe. Height I! inchawrol(. Max candle bulb40 watt S.B.(.

9.BLAO(' Cat. No. 431/2110




WHITE. cat. No. 430/6377 £14.99 "DEBRA" TABLElAMP. Ast de<oslyfe cerarriic lamp of tady hofding a glass globe. Heiglll 17'h inchapprox. Ma~ candle bulb 40walt S.B.(.



WHITE. Cat. NO•.430/6700


12. BLACK. Cat. No. 431/2127 £19.99 ART O£CO "SHEll" TABtE lAMP. 'Mill glassglobe. Height8 inch approx. Max P'i9mybulb I Swan. 13



cat. No. 43113779 14



WHITE. Cat. No. 431/1B36



FOR YOUR INFORMATION DUAL CONTROL Some of the double under/over blankets featured have dual controls. This enables the two sides of the bed to be at different heat levels, according to personal need.

OVER BLANKETS CONCERTO OVERBLANKET All night use aild pr~heating facilitY.Vaiiable,heat settings, total overheat protectionand machine washable.

HEAT LEVELS All our electric under/over blankets have 3 or more heat levels. The higher the number, the hotter the temperature. ALL·NIGHT USE Under/Over Blankets: All electric under/over blankets, B.E.A.B. approved, are suitable tor all·night use, plus the normal full pre-heatlnq facility. All our electric blankets have full overheat protection.


r.H-==E::-LP=U=-==-=N=ES=-----------. If you have any queries regardl!tg • these products please call: Wlnterwann Helpline: tel. 021-322 2377. Cozee Cumfort Helpline: tel. 0800 243478. Dreamland Helpline: tel. 0800 525089.

.e». 4IJ4I




4$01 2678

3: 4$01

4~ 4$01 2$14


DreamlandConce!to OVetbianket


Co_Cumfort Peach MattressCover Cozee Cumfort Fiaaev MattressCover WintelWatm Salmon Underblanket


DreamlandS11Ilfight Underblanket

4S01 2568

10 4501


15x 12












Double 75x54


Double Single 48x24

GazeeCumfort Unde,rblanket




CozeeCumtort fleecy Underblanket Winterwasm fleecy Undefblanket

Single 6Ox28






4S01 2110


11 4iiii 2lW7 14ISIJ[ 2807













4IJ4I 7 2542

/ /)~<S>~qf

Single 79xSS Double 79 'x 72

Winterwarm Hea~ngPad Cozee Cumlort Footwanner



'".", ~~;;


2494 2

.~'6',' •


p~ ~~/4f.~~~~0 ~ '«'I;i!Pv",0~



Single Dreamland Premier Underblanket

Double 6Ox48





•• • •• •



2 Year


2 Year


1 Year


2 Year



3 Year



3 Year


Dual 3

3 Year



••• •• • •• • •• •• •• ~ •• •• • •• • •• • •• • • , •••• ••• 1






3 Year






3 Year



Dual 3

3 Year


3 Year






3 Year


Dual 3

3 Year





3 Year



3 Year







Combines a fully fitted underblanket with a mattress for maximum warmth. All-night use and pre-heatlng facility with extra foot warmth.


,17'Rl '~


.j[@J 191 £2175




FlEECY FIlTED MATTRESS COVER Combines a full~fitted

underbianket with a fleecy mattress cover for maximum warmth. All-night use and preheating facility with extra foot wannth.




~~~~~231 books_to_bytes



.duvet (OYer and two matching pilJov.x:ases. 50% cotton/5O% polyester. DOUBLE. Cat. No. 103/0969 £14.99 KlNGSIZE.

Cat. No. 103/0976


2. "MELLOW" DUVET COVER SET. Double size. C:0f!1Ilrises frilled duvetcOYer. rwci frilled pilloiM:ases and fitted valance sheet 50% cottonl5O% ~r. Cat. No. 103/0914 £29.99 3. "DUCHESS' BYCROWNWALL

COVERINGS OUVETCOVERSET. CQII1jlIisesdlNet CO'Ier and two matChing pillowcases. 50% cononJ5O% polyester. DOUBLE.

Cat. No. 103/0756 KlNGSIZE.

Cat. No. 103/0763 4. VANTONA "SARAH· EMBEWSHED OU)IET COVER SET.Comprises duvet CfNefaOOtwo matching pnlov.tases. 50% cottonlSO% polyester. DOUBLE.

Cal. No. 103/0127 KING SIZE. Cat. No. 103/0048



52% poIyester/48% cotton. Cat. No. 103/0718 £9.99 6. FOGARlY ·ROSE PARADE" QUIlTED BEDSPREAD. Ooubluize.·5O% polyesterl 5O~ cotton face and valance. 100% soft quQted polyester filling.100% polypropylene r~ side. Cal. No. 103/0945 £19.99 7.HAMILTON McBRIDE ·JRl" OWET COVER SET. Ooublesize. Comprisesduvet CeMf

and two matching pillcMtcases.

50% cOtlO!1f5O%polyester. Cat. No. 103/0220



Double size. ComptlsesdltletCfNefaOO two matching pillowcases. 50% cotton! 50% polyester. Cat. No. 103/0835 All duvet covets come complete with pillowcases, exdliding item 6.

9. SLEEPDOWN • JARDINIERE" 0lJVET COVERSET. Comprises frilled duve! CfNef and tWo matching_pilklwcases. 50% cottoniso% polyester.

DOUBLE. Cat. No. 103/0677


KING SIZE. Cal. No. 103/0684 £29.99 10. "5ONATA·DWETCOVERSET. Comprises fulled duvel Wier and two

matching pillowcases. 50% cottonl5O% polyester. DOUBLE.

Cat. No. 103/0653 KlNGSIZE. Cat. No. 103/0660

£19.99 £24.99

11. ·ATHENS· DUVET COVER SET. Double size. Comprises duvet cover aOO two matching pillowcases. 50% cotton! 5O%polyes1er. CaLHo.l03/0907 £12.99

DUVET COVER SIZES; Double bed size;

6 feet 6 inCh,,6 feet 6 inch with two pillowcases. ICing size:

7 feet 2 inch x7 feet 6 inchwith two pillowcases.



1. HORROCKSES"THOMAS AND JAMES' NOV~llYDUVETCOVERSET. Comprises prfnted duvet COYer and one pillowcase. SO% poIyester/SO% conon. Cat. No. 103/0495 £18.49 2. VANTONADISNEY "WINNIEJHE POOH" NOVELlY OlIVETCOVER SET. CQmprisesprintedduvetcoverandone pillowcase. 50% po)yester!SO% conon. Cat No. 103/070t £19.49 3. GlADIATORS NOVEllYOUVET COVERSET.Comprises printed duve! cO'Ierand Ofle"pillowcase. SO% poIyeSterl 50% cotton. Cat.No.t03/0938


4. VANTONADISNEY "FANCY FLYERS" NOVEllY DUVET COVERSET.Comprises printed d\tiet cOverand one plllO'lita~. SO% po!yesler/500/0 cotton.

Cat. No. ,02/9956


5. FOGARlY "NOAH'SARK" NOVEllY OUVer COVERSET,Comprises duvet (OVEt' prin!ed face and Plain reverse and one pillowcase. SO% ~leriSO% conon. .Cat. No. 103/0842 £9.99 6. VAmONA "COUNTRY COMPANIONS" NOVELlY DUVET COVERSET.Comprises printedduvet cO'IerandonepJllowcase. 50% poIyesleri 5O%corton. ,Cat. No. 103'0921 £17.99 7. HAMILTON Mc8R1DE "SNATCH AND COMPANY" NOVEllYDUVETCOVER SET.Complises printed duvel cover and one pillowcase. 500/0 polyester/SO%

eenco, Cat.No. t02/8603


8. VANTONA "THUNDERBIROS" NOVELl)' DUVET COVERSET,Comprfses printed duvet CMr and one pfflowcase. SOO/OpoJyester/500/0 oorton.

Cat. No. 103/0859 £19.49 Fordetails of "Forever Friends" items. refer to the'following pages: steeping bag. page 405. lamp and waste-bin set, page 371,

9 . HAMILTON MdlRlOE 'FOREVER FR1ENDS"NOVElTYDUVET COVER SET. Comprises printed duvel cover and one pmowcase. 50% l)OIyesterlSO% corton. Cat. No. 10219781 £19.49 10. HAMILTON MdlRIDE "fOREVER FRIENDS" READYMADE CURTAINS. 50% cOitoolso% Wlyesler. 66 inch 5inglecunaln width x S4inch drop appl<>X.C(H)rdiJlates with 'Forever Friends' nO'ieliYduvet cover set, see item

009. Cat. No. 120/6580


All novelty duvet cover sets are designed to fit a standard single size duvet and come complete with one pillowcase.




12351 .



SO%CD! "rain&op'

de59J on

beige. FuIy machine washable. Usewith

I.uxI.Iy size29x 19irlIappmx.


cat. No. 102J9248

5. °BEDl1M£Ro RElAXER MUlTI PlUOWPlUOWCASE. 50% pot,<ester/

2. QlIII.TEDMATTR5Sl'ROlKTOR. 100% ~er firrg. SO% pdyester/ 5O%-0JII0IlquiltedQMf. Stretch suround. SING!.£. 36x 75 inchawax. cat. No. 10219217 £7.99

ib:mro4. cat.No.l03lO567


6. NECKSUPPORTPIltON. Sllape!V COIllOUIedfoam pibI. 50% polyester/ SO%CD!1IlIl~ filled quilted IQp face. WalI1aIIIe. Size 27 x 18 inchappmx. cat. No. 10110811 £9.99 DOUBLE..54 x 7) inch awox. 7. OUNlOPlllO "NE<XCAR£' £9.99 UNDERPIlLOW. Coo1OUred latex foam cat. No. 10219231 3. COURlVAHa Ft.E£CY ~gMngsupport to 1heneck UNDERBlANKET. warm fteecypie fabric and head in healthy comfon.Keeps your 5O%~pdyester. with spine in natwaI profile SO)'CIJ awake eIas1i:ated surrounds for east fittin9. reIn!shed andfree &omadles and painsDouble bed size. Size 24-x 14'/1inchapprox. 66% cotlOOl cat. No. 10215479 £8.99 34%vilaJseaM!r. ~and citst free. 4. DUNlOP 'BEDllMER' RElAXER Cat. No. 10216430 £13.99 MUlTIPlU.OW.SuAJOn$necUackand shoulders inperfectromfort. ileal fOl convalescing 01 reIa:cilg. fOI in bed 01 armchair. 100% poI,'I5tEr rm filing. 100% COt1OnCIMI.Ncn-alergelicand washailie. f«p1IoyKasesee iiemllO). Cat. No. 10310316 £5.99 Please note the thermal insulation (wamrth) ofa cIwet is expressed bythetenn -109". ~highefthe109 mingthe warmer the duvet. The BritistlStandard minimumtog bands are as foUows:4.5 tog. 6.0 tog. 7.stog. 9.0 tog. 10.5 tog. 12.0 tog and 13.5 tog. Allourduwts conform to the tog bands in 855335.

d/ 8="" 84:H 1~









13.5 Double


Toi/ OON

103/ 0104


~1031 0173 1031

14 IM02


16 11287

'1031 0725



SiI1gIe Ariel by Fogarty

'Duo' DIMIt

JoMCOCIon WlnlerWarm 'leOUYef'







SUOOerdown Duwt 'AI~IS'




l<iog Single

Duvet 'BedIOom Image'






Hollow Fibre

I<ing 15


10.5 Double + 4.5 r--King 15





13.5 Double ~Fibre







12To7l IMI87



10 0237

103/ D354




103/ 11 c.97









Single AIiel~






FeaIher ancfOown


103/ 17 0821 1031

JoM Coaon'''_'' Duck Fealher 15 Double andOown NaIuaIOwet JoIw1 CotIoo ole Duwf' Duck Feather 10.5+ King 18 01115 'MSeasons' NaILnIOwet 4.5,.15 andOown





,/' 52% Pdyesterl




~ £8.99 £9.99 52%~8f1 48%Co!ton £14.99 £11.99 50% ~I £17.99 50% Cotton £19.99 50% PoIyesterI + ... 29It9~ £24.99 50% Cotton £24.99 50% Two quilts l £29.99 Which:;:Jbe jOi COIIOn £34.99 £16.99 50% P'*IeSW1 £19.99 50% Cotton £24.99 50% Potyesterl +"'2lIr.19irdl~ £32,99 5O%Cot!on Two quilts £29.99 52% Pd:yetstetl 48%Cottoo wh't:::1be £34,99 £24.99 50% P~I £34.99 CoCton £39,99 100% Pure £39.99 Colton cambric: l~Pure Two~whieh joined £54.99 Colton Cambric may 48%Cotton






DUVETS FROM ONLY books_to_bytes



«(1.Ief.Non-alle!genic. flame retardant latex. Hand IYiiShabie. LuxurY size 29 x 19 in~lraPlllolt Cat. No. 10216423 £11.99 2. JOHNCOTION 'BIG VAlUE' PACK Off OUR PILLOWS. 100% hoIlowflbre filling. 100% cotton COYer. Machine washable. Size]] x 18inchapprox. Cat. No.103/0536 £8.79 3. 'AMBASSADOR'BYF<XiARTYPAJR OF PILLOWS. 100%polyester fibre fiQing. 50% poIyesterl5O% <011on~ Non.a!IeIgenic. machine washable. Size 27)( 18inchapprox. 0.95 cat. No. 103/0781 4.JOHNCOTION 'lEI'ILL'()' PAJROF PIllOWS. 100% hoUowfibre fiUing. 100% COIlonC(1.lef. Nofl.allergeriic. machine size 29 x 19 inch approx. cat. No. 10219822 £6.49 5. JOHNCOTTONPACK OF FOUR PILLOWS.100% hoilowfibrefilling. tOO% cotton C(1.Ief.Non-allergenic machine washable. lIlXurysize29 x 19 inch


II ,...".,.._ ......PILLOWS


Cat. No. 102l98n



OFCURUD FEATIlERPILLOWS. 50% poIyesterl5O% cottonawer. Size27 x 18 inch awrox. £3.95 cat. No. 103/0880 7. ARIELBYFOGARTYPAJROFLUXURY 'SUPERCURl' SOFTSUPi'ORTFEATHER PIllows. 50% poIyesterl5O% cotton size 29x 19 inchapprox. Irdudes pair of pIIlc:rv( protectoIs. cat.No.102l9OO4 £9.79 8. ARIELBYFOGARTYPAJROF LUXURY 'SUPERCURl' ARM SUPPORT FEATHER PIllOWS. 50% po!yesterl5O% cotton c( size 29 x 19 ind\ aPIXOit Includes pair of pillow Jlfl)tectOlS. cat. No.103/0543 £9.79 9. ARIELBY FOGARTYPACK OFFOUR CURLEDFEATHERPILLOWS.50% poIyesterI50%cononcowr. Size27 x 18 inch apptox. cat. No. 10219925 £12.99







171 £979 I

181 £979 I I2PACK I



15. BIEDERLACl( MUlll·PURPOSE "BURMA TIGER" BlANKET.86% arr-tIid 7% poiyJ!ster and 7% cotIIln.Can be used as a blanket. bed CINef.waD i1anging Or rug. FuIlywashable. Size 6C5 x

Wrap around style with two pcdets and

belt. 100%alIlon.lengtfl46 inch approx.

cat. No. 120/6621


8OindlapplllX. cat. No. 103/0079 £18.99 16. BIEDERLACl( BEIGE "SNlIG SACl('


•ANTlQUE ROSe" DESIGN AUSTRIAN S1YLEJAQUARDLACECURTAlN.loo% pot,oester.Madline washable. Adjus1s 10 fit 36-60 inch width. Drop36 indIapproK. cat. No. 120/6559 £7.99 '2



Cat. No. 10310866



PEACH FRlliD CURTAIN SET.lndudes pair otOJrtains. tie badcs and peImet. 50% cotton/50% jlOIyester. Machine washable. Pelmetwidth 100inchapprac. Fnsrailup to6 feetwide. DrCJ!l 48 inch approx. Please note that theseaJrtains arel10tdesigrted 10 bedrawnaaoss. For lace OJrtain. see item 110 11.

'FRESH FRUjT" (NAt TABLEClOTli SET. 50% cottonl5O%poI)'ester. 6B x88lnch

oval IOfuse 011either cwaJ or reaangular table, machine washabIe.lndudes 4 napkins. sae· 17x ,'7 inch awrox.


Cat. No. 120/6l39

18. "ETERNAl BEAU' OVAl TABLECLOTHSET.5O%cottonI5O% polyester. 68 x 88 indI OIIalfor use on either oval 01 reaangUlar table. Machine washable.Includes4 napkins. size 17x 17 indl approl(.

Cat. No. 120/6566 13

BlANKETIWRAP. too%aayflcfibleon poI)Iester/cotton....-aj). Thidcsoft pile. fuliywashable. Size55 x 67 indliIfIIlIIlll


'CREATlON" 5 PIECEPEACH TOWEL SET. 100% cotton. plain dyed towels. Comprises 1bathtowel(SIle27x49indl aPPf'O.'l). 2 hand towels (size 20x35 inch appIPX)andl face doths(size 12x 12 inch approx~ cat. No. 120/6425

Cat. No. 120/6315


19.TABLECLOTHTWIN SET.Comprises one plain pink 68fnch round tabledolh in 50% cottonl5O%polyester with a willie lace crochet effect C1Jer doth. 36 x 36 inch in84% cotton/16% polyestel. Madline washable. For Use with item 110 20. Cat. No. 120/6607 £7.99


AIRflOW HOTWATER SOTTlE. 80% aayflcand 20% poIyesterlur cover. ~s2·yW,guaran~. Complieswith8S19iOl84. cat. No. 81011356


TABLE.5eH·assernbIy. Size 23 inch high. diametel20 inch approx. Witll aD fftti~ and lnstruaions.. Suppliedflatpacked. For use with item 110 19. Cat No. 12015471 £4.99 21 @SUPERSTORESONlY

SEMl-ClRCUtAR CHIPBOARDTABLE AND TABLECLOTHTWINSET.Ideal for halis.bedrooms or bath!oorns. Comprises seU·assembIydlipboanjtable, height 23 ind1. radius 10 inch approx. plusone pink semi..arculardoth in SO%cottonlSO% ~with a iace<M!ldoth. 36x36 inch appro~ill84% cotton/IS% polyester. Madlioewashable. cat. No. 12016717 £9.99 22 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

WHITf TABLECLOTHSET. 50% rotlOni 50% polyester. Madlioe washable. Size 52x 70 iilchapsl!OX.lndudes 4 napkins. size 16x 16inchapprox. Giftpacked. Cat No. 120/6494 £7.99 23 @SUPERSTORESONlY

LACETABLECtOTH.100% poIyesterlTaditionai design. Machinewashab(e. Size52 x 70 inch approx. Cat. No. 12016700 £9.99 2.1 @SUPERSTORESONLY

TABlEPROTKTOR. Heat, wateland damage resistant Foe use under tabIedoIh. oras a WOI1c surface. With aluminium layer to reflect heat awClf from your table. Easily trimmed to sile.Size 10 x 35inch approx. .Cat.No.120/6n9.


25. TABLEPROTECTOR. Healand damage resIStant. FO!use under tabledotbOl asaworksurface.lndooes instruCtionsfor use. Size39 x 84 inch approx. Cat. No. 120/3679


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PAIR OF PiNK FLOCKEDVELOUR READY MADE c;tJRTAINS WITH MATCHING TIE·BACKS. 3 indl heading tape. Thermal lined. Backing ma!£lial88% vjscOselI2%.poIyester. 100% nylon face. 46 indl single curtain width x inch dropapproi(, Cat. No. 120/6690 £19.99 66 indl sillgle curtain width x 72 inch drop approx. Cat. No. 120/5361 £29.99 66 inch Singlecurtpjn width x 90 inch drop approx, Cat. No. 12015385 £39.99 90 inch single cumin width x90 inch drop ap~. Cat. No. 12015402 £49.99




PAIR OF SLATE BLUE ftOCKEDVELOUR READY MADE CURTAINS WITH MATCHING TIE·BACKS. 3 indll)eading tape. ThE!(lllalllned. Backing material 88% viscosel12% polyester. 100% nylon face. 66 inch single curtain width x 72inch drop approx. £29.99. Cat. No. 120/6762 3


PAIR Of BURGUNDY. flOCKED VElOUR READY MADE CURTAINS WITH MATCHING TIE·BACKS. 3 inch heading tape. Thermal lined. 8acklng matenal 88%viscoselI2% polyester. 100% nylon face. 66 inch single qJl1ain wldthx 72 inch drop approx. Cat. No. 120/5488 £29.99 66 inch single curtain width x 90 iqdl drop approx. Cat. No. 120/5505 £39.99 90 inch sil)9leCUltain widthx 90 inch dropappro~ Cat. No. 120/5529 £49.99 SCAlLOPED READY MADE RQLLERBUN OS.Easy lrim blinds tn printed poJyest~/COl1on. coated with spongeable non·fray f"IJA Removable scallop trim. With allnecessaty brackets. screws and fixing instructions: Sidewinder iK1ion for easy conuol and infinite positioning. Size 48 inch wide. x 63 inch drop approx. 4. 'GREYTULIP'. Cat. No. 120/5103 £14.99 5. 'AtNSOAlE', Cat. No. 120/5718 £14.99 6. 'HEDGEROW'. cat. No. 120/5567 £14.99 7. 'FIAMBUNG ROSE'. Cat. No. 120/5244 £14.99 8



PEAGHVAtANCE AND RAIL. Apoiy/cGnonvalan<e supplied with trimabre rail.c:anbe fined inside (If Outside recess. Brackets and fixing instructlons included. Foruse with any 4 feet approx roller blind oiwindGw. Valarnerail width 54indl appr~ Cat. No. 120/6676 £9.99 SCAllOPED READY MADE ROllER BUNDS. EasyIIlm blinds in pnOled po!yestefkotton, coated with spongeable non·fray f"IJA Rel'no/able scallop trirn. With all necessal)' brackets, screws and ftxinginsuuctions. Sidewindef action foreasy eontrol and infinite posltJoning. Size 48 inch wide x 631ndl drop approlt 9. 'STENCil PINK". Cat. No. 120/6573 £14.99 10. 'FREESIA BORDER'. Cat. No. 120/6133 £14.99 11


'I-IARVEST BORDER', Cat. No. 120/6126 12. 'PROVENCE BLUE', Cat. No. 120/6683

£14.99 £14.99



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"MONET PINK" SCAllOPED READY·MADE ROllER BUND. Easy lrimblind in prinled po~/cotlOll, coaled with ~able non-frayPVA. Removable scaliop trim. All necessal)'bradc.elS, saewsand fIXing instructions induded. Side winder action lor e~ control aI1d infinitepositioning.

Size48wide x 63inch drop al'prox. Cat. No. 120/6731 £14.99 14. HAMllTONM<BRlDE 'fOREVER FRIENDS" READY MADE CURTAINS. 50% cononl50% polyester. 66 inch SIIlglecunain width x 54 inch drop appro)\. Co-Ordlnates with "forever Friends" 00Ye1ty duvet co~r set . see page 235itern no 9. Cat. No. 120/6580 £19.75 15. WHITEVENETIAN BUND. Made Trom PVc. SlatwidtJ1 1inch approx. )Qe 54 inchwide x 60 inCh drop approx. Suppped INdy to fit with brackets and insllUClions. Cat. No. 12016748 £9.99 For further details of "Forever Friends" items refer to the followingpage:headboard, bean bag. lamp andwaste-bin set. page 202.





poIyoIefinpile. Size67 x 471nch approx. cat.No. 120/6346 £21.99 2


PRIMEUR "BIDJAR" RUG. flinged. 100% ~pyIeoewith a heavy jute baddng.

Rtilldean pile. Size 90 x 67 inch approx. cat.No. 12015914 £48.99 3



Fringed. 100% polypropylene. Size71 JI 47 indlapprox. ,Cat.No. 12016669 £24.99 '"



design.Fringed.l00%jute inch approx. Cat. No. 120/6652 5





gradeW~tol\. l00%polyoIefin pile. Size 66 x 36inch approl(. cat. No. 12016377 £19.99 6


PRIMEUR "VIENNA" RUG. Fringed. 75% po~5% poiyaaylkwitha hea..y jute backing, Hard wearing and easy todean Size 47x 23 inch approx. £12.99 cat. No. 12016597 7


TRAOmONAL BROWN HEARTtI RUG. Woven pile with a hea..yduty jute baddng. 80% wooV20% nylon. Size 54 x 27 inch approx. cat.No. 12016755 £19.99 8



USTER"MUSKAlEER" RUG. 100% inOdaaylic long pile, Aame n!tardant Fullywashable. Size54 x27 ioch wide apprOll cat. No. 12016391 9




Fringed, scufplllll!!ldesign. SO% poIyesterl5O% nylonwith a non-slip backing. Size 60 x 361nch approx. (Not re<omrhended for use near open

fireplace.) cat. No. 12016535




polypropylene. Size SS)(27 '12 inch appiox. Cat. No. 120/6511 11




aCI'JIicJSO% modacrJIic. fully washable. Size48 JC 27 inch approx. cat. No. 12016384 £14.99 12. USTER "ARRAN" RUG. Natural

colour. 75% aCI'JIk/25%~ 55 x 2.9 inch approx. Cat. No. 12016614



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il,s] £ 14991



USTER 'COTTAGEROSE" OVAl RUG. fringed. 50% G<Tytid~ ntQdacIyIic. Ful~washable. SizeSlX 32 inch apprO)(. Cat. No. 12015828



"WINCHESTER" CREAM RUG. Simulated Mohan- 501t~1erug. xaHoped edge, Jute backing. 70% aaylic/3O% modaoylic. ~""'!.:.>o-""r,~~·~J1SizeS4 x 27 inchapprox' £14.99 Cat. No. 120J6645 1.5.: ARMAI'IA"KITCHENMAT. t 00%

poIyolefin pae. Durable willi a waler/slip resis1afllbacking. Mul1i·pu~ mat especialfj suitable for kilcheos. Size 52 x 32 inm1lpprox. Cat. No. 120J6353




QUALITY AND STYLE books_to_bytes

wearing polypropylene proteClM! carpet 1U1)I1ef.Ideal fOi hallwaysand kit~. Conforms to 8S4790and 855287. S"1Ze 26 x 59 inch approx. Cat. No. 12016638 £12.99


1. B,4THROOM ORGANISER. 3 tier high qUality, durable. plastic sheMrg. May be used with orwithout top tier arches. Size 17 x 12 x 38 inch'high approlt


Cat. No. 83018333 2



WHIT!:CORNERBATHROOM ORGANISER.3 tier easy toassemble shelving unit. Made from durable plastic. Fits neatly and c:onveniently into &mited alrnerspac:e.5ize 18'1. x 131J2x 30inch high approx.


cat. No. 830/8711 £6.99 3. COI\NERSTORAGEUNIT.3tier. For bathroomor kitchen. Plastic coated steel wire. Sill! lOx lOx Wl2inchapprox. cat. No. 830/2470 £7.79 4


MASTERBAlHRooM SET.Comprises bathloomcabinet 181J~x 5'hx 13inch hlghapprox(confOllllSto8S7449; 1991) and 5 piece CKcessocy set All made from hi·impact whiteplastic. With d1rome rail. cat. No. 83017310 £18.79 5. WHITETOIlfTSEAT. Made from haId wearing. easy dean mouldwood Un~1 fittings fully adjust to filmost pans. Fitting in$Klioos iIlduded. cat. No. 830/92.39 £9.79 6.lAUNORY81N1SEAT. Made from strong poIypropyIeoeplastic. Hygienicand easy to dean. Ventilation holes in base, Size 13x 13x 18'1.inch high approx. Cat. No. 830/7640 £9.99 7. NOVHlY DUCK.Thisceramicduck Willbrighten up aIrf bathroom. complete with roilet brush. Height 11 inch approx. Cat. No. 261/3309 £12.99 8


MEDICINECABINET.lockable cabinet with 2 non-lodcable bonorn drawe!s for ernergencyuse. With 6 shelves. twO keys and removabk! greenoOS$. Maclefrom durableplastfc. Size13 X61J2X 18lnch higl\approx. PlfASE NOlE; THE BOTTOM DRAWERSARE NOT OULD PROOF.

cat. No. 830/8285 9



"MIlAN· SINGLEMIRROREDWriITE BATllROOM CABINET.With 2 bottom drawers. Adjustable shelves with holder for toothbrushes and toothpaste. Space for larger bottles. Magnetic catch on door. Madefrom durable plastic. Sill! 13 x 6'/u 18 inchhighapprox. Cat. No. 830/8869 £19.99


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1161 £1499




CHllTERN "CATHEDRAL" BATHROOM CABINET. Single "Cathedral· style mirrored dooi IIlat mlrf be pi!inted in the moolded recess to match existing decor. Two fixed shelves. Size 12x6x 193/.indl nigh apprOx. Cat. No. 830/84-36 £26.99 '11. WHITEHI·IMPAa


BATHROOM CABINET.Mirrored glass sliding doors. Two storage compartments, one with fixed shelf. SIze 18V2x 5'12)( 13 inch ~ighapprox. £9.79 Cat. No. 830/7176 12. "8IANCA" WHITEBATHROOM CABINET. 3 mirrored doors wilh intemal shelves. Madeftorn high quality plastic with ground edge mirrors. Size 231/lXS '12 x 15 inch approx. £19.99 cat. No. 830/8656 13.2 DOOR MIRRORCABINET. Double doorbathroomcabinet'in white laminated beard with bevelleQedge mirrors, one lixedshelf. Size 22 x5Vzx 15 indlhigh approx. £29.99 Cat. No. 83019112 14


CHILTERNCAMEO BATHROOM CA81NET.Twin Ilinged oval mirrored doors with silver trimmed knobs, Two fixed intemal shelves. Size 24 x 6 x 19 inch high approx. Cat. No. 83018443


15. CHILTERN"CATHEDRAL· BATHROOMCABlNET.Twin hinged mirror 'Cathedral" style doors IIlatmay be painted in1he roooIded recesses to match existing decor. Two fIXed shelves. Size.24 x 6 x !9¥. inch high approx. Cat. No. 830/4021 £38.99 16.6 PIECE BATHROOM SET.Comprises large wall mirror (13l/.(W)x 14'12 inch high approX), long shelf, toWel rail, tpjlet rollholder. toothbrusit hoIdetwith mug and soap dishwith holder. Made from hygienicwi1ite plastic. Cat, No. 83018340 £14.99 17


CERAMICCORD PULL Su~able (or bathrooms or bedroomS'. Attaches ~ty toconj.length)3/. inchapprol(. £3.99 Cat. No. 830/8694 18


FIFTH AVENUE 'SOMETHING ASHY' SHOWERCURTAIN.MultkofoUled fun onderwaterscene on easy wipe dean dear vinyl. Size 703/.x 7()lf.inch approx. £9.99 Cat. No. 830/8821 .. Item nos 1 and 2 are packed flat for home assembly.



LOW LOW PRICES books_to_bytes


1. NAlURAI. PINE LIGHT PULL A1tad)es easily to cord. Length 4Va indlapprox. Cat. No. 83017815 £2.95 2. 5 PIECE8AlHROOM SET.S piece set in a oaturat finish. Comprises towel rail (23)/. inchapprox). toilet roll holder.


toothbrushldierwith wmbler. soapdish and towel ring. Cat. No. 83019404 £19.99 3


SOUD PINE 3 nER ORGANtSER. Natural pi~. ~ for bathroom. hall or lounge. Size 16x 11 x27'hinchapprox: Cat. No. 83019332 £18.99 4



POMANDER PeACH FRIUfD SHOWER CURTAIN. Polyester SirKOOeproofed shoWercunain with re!nfOlCed header tapeand 12non metal eyelets. Suppijed with matdling tie back and '2sha.Yer curtain rings. Size 72 x 72 inch approx. Cat. No. 83018814 £16.99 5,ACRIMO SOUD WOOD PINEEFFEO SHOWER CURTAIN RAIL Firsrecessup to 95inch wide apprax. Simplycut to size. Completewithwalf brackets. cupped recess bracket and 12·matchlngcurtain ri~.lnstructions induded. Cat. No. 83016809


6. NAlURAl.PlNE SIDE BATH PANEL Complete with base plinth lor easy,height adjustment. FIlS mostbaths. Panel size adjustabte(although sawna$lStment on thelengttJ may beneQ!SSalY),!rom 18x 67 to 23 x 67 inch approx. C0ordinating end panel (size 27'h('N) x 23 incflhigh approx) completewith fixings availabledirect from the manufacturer. price £24.99 (inclusiveof postage andpadUng). Order fonllJnslde panel padc. Cat. No. 830/9198 £39.50 7. SOliD WOOD TOWEl RACK STAND. Attractive natural finish. Ideal for

bathroom orbedroom use. Size 2] x 12 x 321nch high approX.


Cat. No. 830/8065


8. TRS SCANDINAVIAN PINE BATHROOM CABINET. Safety backed (V,in mirrored sliding doors with knobs. Internafshell.Size 231laxSYa 18 iIlch l'igh~ox. Waif fIXingsandinstIuctions

supplJed. Cat. No. 830/8292 9



TRS SCANDINAVIAN PINE CORNER BATHROOM CABINET. Safety backed hinged mirror door wIIlch can be hung for

left or righthand use. Internalshell.Wall fitlingssupplied. Size 17 x 10'hx 19'h inch nigh approx. Cat. No. 830/8450 £27.99

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vertical~or hori2omaily. Size13lJ.x20 inch. Fora wider rangeof miflM see page 175.


Cat No. 83016081

11. NATURALPINE BATHROOM CABINET.TwinmiTroted doors with brass fInIShbandies. Re!oovabIe shelf. Size 22 x 5'lAX 14'/. inch approx. Cat No. 83019129 £34.99 12


NATURALSOUD PINEBATHROOM CABINET.Twm mimJreddoo~in ·Cathedral" design, with removable internal shell. Size 22'hx SYu l4l/.irtdl highapprox.


Cat No. 83019301

13. lARGE SOLIDNATURALPINE BATHROOMCABINET.Twin mirrored doorsand matching knobs. Adjustable Internal sheH wittteasy dean SIJIfa<e. SiZe 24 x 6 x 16'/1inch high applox. cat No. 830/9136 £39.99 14.SOUD NATURALPINE3SHElf CORNER UNIT. Forbathroom, kikhen I)( Ioooge. Size 11x 8 x 24 inch high approx. Comp!etewfthwaJl fIXings•



Cat. No. 83011255

1S.CONSORT2KWOOWNFlOW BATHROOMHEATER.lhermoslpt CCrttroi. Wall mounted. Power-on IndicalOllighL putl cClldoperated. EfectrOl1icsafety CCrttroilHet. B.EAS; approved. For a wider range.ofbathroom heatm seepage 207. Cat.No. 41513630 £29.75

16. SOUD BRASSOSTERtfFLUSHWml NATURALPINEHANDlE. Handle length 5 Inch 8pprox.lndudes antique pine effect handle and mahogany effect handle. Cat No. 83019181 £9.99 17.501lD NATURAL PlNE3 PIECE BATHROOMSET. Comprises towel rail (width 241nth approx). tOlietroli bolder and toothbrush holderwith tumbler. Fillings suppfied. Cat. No. 83017839


18.SOUD PINE2 PIECETOllETSEAt Fully adjusts. WID fit most pans.SIze 17'11 X14'/1 inch approx. f'mingsand inruuctioos supplied. Cat. No. 83016988 £19.99 19. TOILET BRUSHAND HOLDER.Holder made from sotid pille and fmishedwith nawrallacquer. Remo>Jable plastic insert

101easy cleaning. Brush made fromwhite plastic. Cat. No. 83019174 £7.99 20. NATURALPlNEUNENISTORAGE

BIN. Sofidsides and lid. Features ~ handesandlifting lid. Size 14'/~X12,x 17'/. inchhighapplox •


Cat. No. 830/6854 £21.50 _.__ ltemnos7,14and.20are packed flat forhome assembly .



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ANTIQUE EFFECTPINE LIGHTPlJLL Attaches easily to cord.Length 40/8ilKll aJlPlox. Cat. No. 830/8584 2



SOUDPINE 3 TIERORGANISER.Antique efl~ Ideal for balhroom. hall 01 lounge. sae 16 x 11x 27 '12inch approx. Cat. No. 830/9363 £19.99 3


4 PIECESATHRooM ACCESSORYSET. Comprises toilet rollhoIde!. towel ring. soap dish and toolhbrushltumbler holder inbrass effect finish. Cat. No. 830/9394 £11.99 4


FIFTHAVEt:M • JAQUEUNE· SHOWER CURTAIN.Peach roses on white lace background design on easy wipe dean heaI.y'i'inyl.COInpiele with hook, tie back and 12 rings. SiZe 703/.x WI. inch approx. Cat. No. 830/8838 £10.99 5


ACRIMO 2 PJECESOUDWOOD SHOWER CURTAINRAIL Antique pine effect. Frts recess up 10 9S fIlCh wide approx. Simply. cut 10 Size. With wall bra~ets, 12 matching cunain rings and one'cupped recess bracket Cat. No. 830/8807 £9.99 6



Andque pine effectfinish.ldeal for batluoo(!) orbedroom use. SiZe27 x 12x 32 inch approx.


Cat. No. 830/8890 7



ANTIQUE PiNWFECTSIDE BATH PANEL Complete wilh plintli, fore~ height adj.usllnent 10 filmost baths (may require sawn adjusttnentlo length). Approxsize67(L)x 18(H) - 221f2 inch approx. Co·ordinating end panel approxsize 27'/2 x 22'/2 inch complete with fIXings available

direct from manufacturer. Price £24.99 (indusiveof postage and

packing). Order tonn inside panel pack. £39.50 Cat. No. 830/9356 8. ,ANTIQUEPINE EfFEq 3 PIECE

BATHROOMSET.Viaorian style. COInprises towel raillwidlh 26'1.inch

approx). tollel r911holder and toothbrush ~der with Geramic tumbler. Finingsand InSlluctions s\JPPlied. Cat. No. 830/8319 9




Antique pine effectCornpriseslowei rail (width 21 inch apptox). toilet roll holder, toothbrush holder with glass tumbler. soap dish androbe hook. Wall fillings supplied.

cat. No. 83017444




CHOICE AND VALUE books_to_bytes

i ~



., ~-.-w;:-"-,, ~




1 O. ANTIQUE P1NEEfFECTBATHROOM CABINET. Safety backed twfn mirrored

slidingdools"";!h ki'1Obs.lnternal shelf. Size nIls x S~X 18inch approx. Wall fittings and instru<:tions 5Upplied. Cat. No. 83018560 £25.99

181£18991 I 3 PlEa





SOUD PlNEBATHROOM CABINET. Antique.effect Twin mirrored doOr in

'Ca1hedraI'design, with removable imernal shell. Size 22 ~ x 5 'hx 14'Mnch high approx. Cat. No. 83019318 £39.99 12



lARGE SOUD WOOD ANTIQUE PINE EffECTBATHROOM CABINET. Twin mirrored dooIsand matching knobs. AqUS!Cbleinternal shelf with ~ wipe dean SIJIface. Size 24 x 6 x 16'1z lOCh high appmx. Cat. No. 830/9325



£42.99 ONLY

SOUD PINE 3 SHELFCORNERUNIT. Antiqueeffect For bathroom,idtthen 0( lounge. Sire 11x8x24inchhighapprox. WaD finlf19S supplied.


Cat. No. 830n437



OPAl DIfFUSER.UnNersalsIlaversod:el. PIJII switch. Complete with 60 walt tube. Surtab1e f(l{ bathroom use. Size 17'hx 2lf. x 23/. inchawrox. Cat. No. 431/0741 £19.99 15




ANllQUE PINE MIRROR. Hangs venicafttorhonzomally. Size 133/-x 20 mch higltapprOlt For a wider range of mirrors see page 175. Cat. No. 83018601 £9.99 16. SOUD BRASS CISTERNfLUSH WITH ANllQUE PINE mECT HANDLE. Handle length 5 inch app!Olt Includes natural pine effectandm~effea handles. Cat No. 830/9181 £9.99 17



4P1ECEBATHROOM ACCESWRY SET. Comprises todel rollholder. towel I1ng, soapdisnand toothbrush/tumbler holder

in brasseffect finish. Cat. No. 83019394 £11.99 18. SOUDPlNE2 PlECETOlliSEAT. Antique pine effea finish. Fullyao)\l5table to fitmost pans. Size 17V2x 14'hinch approx..Fittlngs alid instruaions supplilld. Cat. No. 830/9208 £21.79 19



TOILETBRUSHAND HOLDER,Antique pineeffect.With whiteplastlcbnM Cat. No. 830/9349 £8.49 _.__ ltemnos6and13are

packed flat for home assembly.



WITH QUALITY AND STYLE ~ books_to_bytes


1 •• AU 8ABA' UNEN BASW. Hand

madefiom natural straw. (Mayval)' slightly ftom ~!!9raph.) Dome-shaped rid. Height'21'h inch approx. Diameter 170/. inch approx, Cat. No. 83013840 £9.99 2 •• AU 8ABA' UNEN BASKET. Hand madefTom natural waw. Height 27'f2, Diameter 18 inchapprax. Cat. No. 830/2669 £16.99




WICKER UNEN BASKET. Open weave design with cream fabricllning. 8asticated top. Compleiewith canying handIe.lieight26 inch approx. Cat.No.830/8508


£15.99 ONl Y

WlCKf.R UNEN BASKET. Barrel shape with OYe!1appinglid and handle. Height 22Vl inch approx. DIa~ 173/.inch

approx. Cat. No. 830/4519 £18.99 5.3 PIECE WICKERI,lNEN SET.linen basketol rattan, lined v.1!h Poly·Jute, with matchiQgwaste paper basket and tI)lee tiEf shelf rack. Sizes,linenilasket 17~ x 12x 22'1z inch high, waste paper bin 8 x lOx 10 inch high, shelf radWh x 6 ~ 150/. inch high approx. Cat. No. 830/6971 £19.99 6.3 PIECE RATTAN fRAMED UNEN

.BASKETSET.Polypropylene Hned. €an be used in bathroom or bedrOOfl1,with two baskets slotting imo the IargebasketfOl easy storage. Cat. No. 830J8515 7


£19.99 ONLY


Mahoganyeffect. Comprises ta.vel ran (width 21 Inch approx), toiletrofl heidel, toothbnlsll holder with glass tumbler. soap dish and robe hook. WaU littings suppHed. Cat. No. 8300523 £21.99 8



S1YLE J PIECEBATHROOM SEr. Mahogany effect. COfl1IWisestowel rali (length 26'/. inch approx).lOI1et roll


holder andtoothbrush helder with ceramic1umbler. fIttings and instnKtions supplied cat. No. 830/8900 £18.99 9. MAHOGANY EFFEa BOW·fRONTED BATHROOM CAl!INET. Twinmirrored sliding doors with wooOen handles. MjUStabje intemalshell. Size 22'lix6x 14 Winch approx. Cat. No. B30i9143 £29.99 10. MAHOGANY EFFEa 8ATHROOM CABINET. Twin millOred doors with brass

fmish handles. Removable shelf. Size 22 x 5V.x 14'/.inch approx. cat. No. 83019150 £35.99 11. LARGESOUDWOOD MAHOGANY mEa BATHROOM CABINET. Twin mirrored doors and matching knobs. Adjustabk! internal shdf with easy dean surface. Size 24 x6x 16'12 inch tlegh approx. Cat. No. 830/9167 £42.99






Ana<hes easi~ to (OId.lell9th 4% indl apprtlX.

Cat. No. 83017822 £2.95 13. MAHOGANY EffECT BATH SIDE PANEL Complete with base plinth. iOl easyne;ght adjustment. fitS moSlbaths.

Panel size adjustable (although sawn adjustmenton the length may be



SOLIDWOOD TOWELRACK STAND. Maliogany effect Idealforbathroom 01 bedtoom. Size27x 12 x32 inch high applOX.


Cat. No. 830/8168 £21.50 15. SOLIDPINE3 SHELfCOI\NERl,INIT. Mahogany effect for bathroom. kltchen 01 lounge.Size II ~8x24inchhigh apptox. Wnh wan fittings.


ne<es5a'Y).lrom 18 x67 to 22'/2.)(67 inch apprO)(.Co-ordinating end panel (size Cat No. 83017262 £16.99 27 x 22'hinch approx) complete 16. SOLIDWOOD MIRROR. Mahogany with fixingsavailable direct from effect Hangs venical~or horizontal~. Size

manufacturer price £24.99 133/. x 20 inch. for a further range 01 (induslve of postage and packing). millorssee page 175. Order form inside panel pack. Cat. No. 830/7688 £9.99 Cat. No. 83019222 £39.50 17.6L£N1KWBATHROOM fAN HEATER.Wall mounted. Pullcord opetatedwith onIofflndicatOl. Safety

t~mal(UHluLFor'af~rangeof batilloom heater5 seepage 207. Cat. No. 41S/4Bl1 £24.75 18. SOLID BRASSCISTERNflUSH WITH MAHOGANY EfFECT HANDL.E.Handle

length 5 inch approx. (AlSOavailable with antique ilrnal,lJral,pineeffea handle.) Cat. No. 830/9181 £9.99 19. MAHOGANY EffECT3 PIECE BATHROOM SET.(omprises towel ra~ (width 24 Inch apprex). toilet roll holder and toothbrush hoIdei with tumbler. With hUingsand ,nitruetJons. Cat. No. 8300846 £15.99 20. SOLIDWOOD MAHOGANY EFfECT 2·P1ECnOilET SEAl. ful~a~ustable to fil rrost pans. Size 17J/.x141J1X 2'h InCh approx. With fittings and instnJCtions.

Cat.~o. 830/9215 21


£21.79 ONLY


made'from solid wood and finished In f11CIhogal'rfeffect RemoVable plastlc insert !orea!iY cleantng. Brush made from white plastic; Cat. No. 830/9370



£8.49 ONLY

MAHOGANY EFfECT PINE UNEN/ STORAGEBIN. Solid SIdesand tid. Fealures side liandles and lilting Ikl. East

assernblyinslRJ(tions. Size14'hx 12x 171f"nchapptox. ..._ Cat No. 830/8522 23


£21.50 ONLY

ACRIMO SOLIDWOOD SHOWER CURTAINRAILWalnut effect. Fitsrecess up to 95 Inch wfde approx. Simply cut 10 size, Withwall brackets, 12 matd1ing (una," rings and coe cupped ~ blackeL Cat. No. 830/6861 24


£9.99 ONLY

'VERSAlllES' SHOWERCURTAINBY FOGARTY.Made from 100% poI~ler. Fealures weighted hem, 12 nicl(el plated b~s eyelets and tie back. Size 70 x 70 inchapprox. Cat. No. 830/9002 £12.99


conaN fRINGED 2 PIKE BATH MAT SET. COrt)prises bath mat and pedestal

mal. 100% cotton pi1ev.1thIlOIl4p latex bading. Bath mat sire 31'hx 19lf.-inch apprlll(;pedestaimat sire 19lf.x 19lf. lIlchapprox.

1 @ SUPERSTORES ONL Y PINK. cat. No. 83018962 £7.99 2 @SUPERSTORESONLY PEACH. Cat.No. 83018955 £7.99 ., @ SUPERSTORES ONL Y CREAM. • £7.99 Cat. No. 83018948 : @SUPERSTORESONLY 3 PIECEAlMOND GREEN COnONBATH

MATSEl. Comprises bath mat, pedes1aI mal and toiIelseal cover. Mal and pedestalmatiealUre fringe. I~cotton pilev.1th non4p latex baOOng. Mad'ine washable and coIourfast. Cal No.830/9411 £8.99 5. ·AJRFlOW·LUXURYWHrrE BAlM MA1.Moulded sodcers on undeIside. Size 30x 14iOOlapprox. Cal No.83016641 £3.99 ;6. EKSCOMPACTVlNYl BATHROOM SCAlE. Easy to clean whitediagonat stripe mat. Cailbraled to 19stoneJ 12Okglll21b1 1kg divisions. SIze9 x 9 x 1'I.inch approx. Cat. No. 83018216 £4.45 7. IiANSON CORl(MAT BATHROOM SCAl.E, Nalural non-sllp COIl mal Callbratedlo 19stonel12Okgin 21b11kg

Mis] £899




-.10· .,t;!



cat. No.830n066



EKSWHITELENSSCAl.E.De fUxp medlanbI scale, Calibraled to 19 stonel 120kg i1'121b11kg civislons. Anractiveeasy lodean~lmaL Cat. No.83019246 £5.99 9 @SUPERSTORESONLY HANSON fltNGUIN BATHROOM SCALE.·Penguin" desJgnVInylmaL Callbraledto 19 sloneJI2Okg in 21b11kg divisions. Manulaaure(s 5·year guaranlee. £8.99 Cat. No.B3018364 10. HANSON"FIlEES1Y1.E·BATHROOM SCAJ.E. Modem design v.1th large easy to dean platform. Ca~bratedto 19 stoneJ 120kgin 2lbilkgdMslons. Manufactllre( s S·year guarantee. Cat. No.830n145 £8.99 11.SAJ.TER"Sl'tEOO" MECHANiCAl BATHROOMSCAlE. Features a Iatge round lullview dial foreasier viewing. TexturedvinylmaL CallbraledlO 19 slone/130kg in IIhI1kg divisions, Manulacture(s 5·year guarantee, Cat. No.830/9040 £9.79 12 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY SAlTER "HAMPSHIRE"BATHROOM SOO. Mechanicalbatlvoom 5Cillewlth soft·paddedvir¥ mal inpaisley design. Plated metal platform ingoldeffeafll1ish. Caltbratedto 19 $lonell3Okg in Ilbiltg divisions. Manufaaurel's S·year guarantee. Cal No.830/9253 £11.99

13 ~ SUPERSTORES ONLY SOEHNLEMECHANICAl BATHROOM SCAJ.E.Steel housingVv1thwhile plastic sunound clMredVv1thmarble effect vinyt mal. CaftIl!aledto 19 Stonel13Okg In Ilbi lkg ~ Apprl1Itd ~WeigIn Watdlers.

Cal No. 83019260 £12.75 14.SAlTER ELECTRONICBATHROOM SCAJ.E.Compact desJgnv.1thdurable pIasbc plalform_ E~ to read lED digital tispIay.Auto~andsv.1tdloff.low ballfl)'lIldicatClr. Calibraled to 21 stoneJ 136kgin IIl/O.Skg dMsIOIls. Uses 61.R61 bauery(order 1019800971 at £2.45~ Cat. No. 830m81 £16.99

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15 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY SAlTER MAHOGANY SCAlE. Natural wood platfonn inmahogany effea.Scale <aIilraledlo 18 Slant 10ibJ12Okgin 21b1 lkg dMsIons. Cat. No. 83019428 £16.99

16.SAlTER ·SPARTA· ELECTRONIC BATHROOMSCAlE. FeaturesSlIain· gauge \Wight sensing system lor reliability aodaauracy.lEDdignaldispiay. weigllmgup to 21 SloneII30kgln 1Ib11kg graduations plus extra O.Skg p(ecislon up to 100kg. Metal construalonv.1thvioyl mal SwnpIetoopefclte ·kick·sv.1tch" system Vv1thautomatic: sv.1tchoff to (onseMbat1erypowl!f. Uses 1x6l.R61 baltery (order 101980/0971 at £2.45). Cal No.83019064 £18.99 17. HANSON2ESHLECTRONIC SCAJ.E. OispIays your \Wighl inbolh Slonellband in kg/gv.1tha pi'ecisIonof 11b1200g.large ted e~ to readcigilS. Automatically sv.1tchesoffafter use to CIlr\SeM banery ~r.Requires 1x6Ul61 banery(CIrder 10198010971 at £2.45). Cat. No. 830/9057 £19.99 18. SAJ.TER"ElECTRA·THIN" BATHROOMSCAJ.E.large plallorm wilh t.dtra slimSl)fong. E~toreadLEDdigital dspIay.Auto Start. Carlbraled 1021 stonel 136kgin IIbIO.Skgdivision.s.Uses6l.R61 bal1ery(ordef 1of980/0971 al£2.45). Cal No.830ng70 £23.99

19. HANSON 'UlTRA' EL£CTllONIC BATHROoMSCAlE. i.atge platfonn wilh easy 10read lEDdispiay. Allto switch off to conserve battery and Iowbanery indicatOl. Calibrated to 21 stooel136Kgin SOOgII kg oMsions. Uses6t.R61 battery (order1 0198010971 at £2.45). cat No. 83018632 £24.99 20



platfonncombines the durablTnyofplastic with !he look of real wood. High precislOn strain gauge. Weightsensing with easy to read lEDdigilal display, Allto zero with bunt-in lowbattery indicalOl. AIItoswitch off. Calibrated.tO 2t stoneIl36kgin llh1 O.5kgdMsions. Uses6LR61 banery(order 10198010971 at £2.45). Cat. No. 830/8371 £26.99 21



8ATHflOOMSCALE.Scale i5activated by Pfessi~ IIle grey button at !hebasewith your fool. vourwelglll is mea5lJred in increments of IMOOg and displayedln extra large red digits.AutOlT)alicaily switchesoH to conserve battery power. Uses 1~6LR61battery(Ofder 1019801 0971 at £2,4S}. Cat. No. 83019277 £25.99 22. SAlTER ·MllANO" ELECTllONIC BATHROOMSCALE.£lelIa lalge lED displayfOleasyViewi~. ReOabie, preose, strain-gaugeweight sensif19wilh auto srart, shut off and zero adjuSlmenl Comfortable

padded vill)'l mat rn marble

effect with easy dean plasticcasing. Calibrated 10 21.stone in lib divisions and 1361cgin O.5ig d'Msions. Suitable foruse on(arpelSand~fIooIS.Uses6LR61 batterylo!der I o!980JQ971 ~t£2A5). Cat. No. 830/8735 £29.99 23. HANSON PACE El£CTRQNIC BATHROOMSCALE.~asUresyour weightrn inaemenlSol "4Ib/lOOg. 4 bleepswill sound after switching on, Whith Indicates tile ploduct is ready to use. You will also reaf a bleepwheo your weight has been caloJlated. The measurement, to the neareS1"<lblIOOg, will dieo be iOOiGaiedwith large liquid qystal digilS 00 the readoul panel. After use ~ wUlautOlOalical1y switch olf. Requires 1 x61R61 baUeI)'(order 1of 98010971 at £2.45). Manufacturer's 2year guarantee. £27.99 Cat. No. 830/9071 24


'EKSDOCTOR'SlOOt<SCAlE.~, lowPlonle design with.altractNe. easy 10 dean, maL Heavy duty ~eelleYersystem wltheasy to read dJ;Il. Catibraled to 23 'h stoneJ t40kg m 1Ib11kg divisions, cat No. 830/BSS3 £44.95 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwisestated.



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1. NEPTUNE" APPIE,BLOSSOM" SHOWER CURTAIN. SoftPVC.Compiete with hobIcs.Size 70 x 70 indJ apPlox. Cat. No. 830/8742 . £5.99 2. CASCADES!iOWERCURTAINAND

TELESCOPICROOSET. Similtt adjusts from3 fee~6 inch to 8 feel6 il1<hand "springs' betweenvertkal walls. Embossed vinyl curtain, wilh hooks. Size 54X' 72 inch approx, Cat No. 830/0276 £7.99 3. CASCAtlESHOWERFRAMEAND CURTAINSET, AnodisEd aluminium (rame adapts 10 6slyies.,Pairof embossed vinyl ClJrtains,with hooks. Size54 x 72 Inch appro~ eadlC:urtain. • Cat. No, 830/1622 £9.79 4



SHOWERCUf{TAINWlTHTlE·BACK. Constl\lded!rom treated woven ;xiIyester fabric with rustprool nickel plated brasS ~ts. Peaencilloureil, Size7000 il1<h approx (excluding frilQ, Cat. No.830/9291 £11.99 'El YSlAN" SHOWERCURTAIN.Polyester sltJcone prooled shower ClJrtain with rein!orci!<!header tape and 12nonmetal eyelets. Supplied with 12 curtain rings. Size 72 x 72 IOro approx. 5



Cat. No.830/7327 6




cat. No.830./7334



SHOWERCURTAIN,Complete IVithlrilled tie back i" 'Verona" noraldesign. 100% pofyesterwfth 12 nickel piatedbfass eyelets. Size70 x 70 il1<h 8pt?roX

(exduding lrilO, Cal No. 830/8247


8, SOLIDWOOD1'INE EFFE.CTSHOWER fWl SYSTEM. Unlque new design which adapts to 4 styfes'of balhlshower cubicles.

12 €)


NEPTUNESUPERMIXER.Simple conlrol lellerronlTOlsJemperature and d'1ve(tS water to bath orShower. Permanent fit to all standard taps. No p1umbjng reqUired. Includes riser rail for easy height adjustment of showediead £14.99 Cat. No.830/8979 13. PALM BEACH EXfENDASPRAY BATH/SHOWEII MIXER. Stays·on taps, switch from bathto shower as required. Fits mpst taps, Showerhead has choke of spray and extending arm to bring SfliclY closer. Witb showerhead, hose, riser ra~ arid soap tray. ShoWerhead dips on to mixer for ease of use whilst shampooing hair. Cat. No.830/7925 £16.50 14. CASCADE CHROME BATH!SHOWER MIXER.Complete witll hose, handset and 3 position wall blacke!. Divenerswitch pullsup lor showeruse and issell cal1<ellingwhen water is tumed 011.If you havuny queries please ling 0908274111. cat No. 830/8223 £29.99 15..ATLANTIS BATH/SHOWER SCREEN. 'Raindrop" patterned SJyrenesoeen with Sliverfinish aluminium frame. Leltor right handfiUing. Size 26'/2 x 50'11inch higli

Simp~fixwanbrad(e~andassemble. CUI end pole to size required. Supplied with brackets, poles, f2 woodell rings with hooks and ScrewsIplugs, Overalllength of ~lem 8 feet 4 indl apprOx. Pole size 1 . irXh. Shower curtain not included, see item no 4. Exdusive to Argos. Cat. No.830/9095 £12.99 9. CASCADE '~OLDEN SANDS' WALL SHOWEll FlePbfe has!: with push:Qll tap [onIl«tOfs. Detachqble hanaset from multi·anglewaJl brackeL Cat. No..83011952 £3.99 10. CASCADE WAlt SHOWER WITH BATHDMRTER.Ch.J~lromshowe!to bath at the flick of a switch. Only suitable lor taps which have a gap of 7 inch between centres. FJexilifestainless steel hose and handset on adjustable wall bracket Includes all fillings and instruaions. cat. No. 830/3259 £9.99 11 €)SUPERSTORESONlY


Upgradesyourpresentshowerwhllst replacing thatworn hose and shawedlead. Unique. extendaspray arm to biing SlJlay closer fur a better shower. With long chrome plated hose and riser rail. soap lray and sIiowerhead ChOice 01 sprays. Fits most showerS. Cat. No.830/8010 £13.49

approx. Cat. No. 830/87S9

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Non·tarnlSh gold effect anodlSed aluminium frame. Panel in de<oraove perspex. Screen sv.f;eIs throll9h 180' to fiteither end of bath. Size 27 xSI inch lighapPlox. Cat. No. 83017358 £27.99 '7


SOVER8GN 8AlHISHOwtR SCREEN. Whnecllect aluminium frame WIth "Cheilion' design ~x panel. Screen SWIVelsthrough 18(1' to fiteither end of bath. Size 27 x 51 Inch high approx. cat. No. 830/8405 £29.99 18. SOVEREIGN GLASS SINGLE SHOWER SCREEN. Tooghen!d glass shower screen.Alumfnium frame which fits enhef end of the bath and SWIVels 180'. Size 26th x SO'h inch high approx. Cat. No. 830/9105 £39.99 19 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

MAYfLOWER AlUMINIUM DOU~LE PANEL FOLDING OVERBATH SHOWER SCREEN BY BELDRAY. Ful~ reversible. Folds flat agaJnst wah lor compact Size. Sryrenepanel pril1ledWith "Espana" design. Extends to 34IJu S6 inch hrgh approx £59.99 cat. No. 830/8412 20. MAYFLOWERA!.UMINIUM FRAMED OVERBATH SHOWER SCREEN 8Y BELOMY Two panel styrene construction With smooth slldlOg actIOn. Ponted With "Espana" design. Ideal forcompacl batlvooms Extends to 32)/. x S6 inch NghapprOx Cat. No. 830/8261 £66.99 21. SOVEREIGN DOUBLE GLASS fOLDING SHOWER SCREEN Ful~ l'l!IIeISi!lIe tooghened salety glass saeen with "ViCtoriana" design. White effect aluminium rrame adjusts to Rt eithet end of bath. Size 39 x 51Inch Iligh app!'ox. Folds to 20 Inch. Glass panels conform to


cat. No.




BHORAY COMPAG DOUBLE SLIDING GLASS SHOWER SCREEN. "Nymph" design. Strong ooostructlC)n With waterseal and gold anodised alurnlOlum

finish.3mm glass paoos conform 10 8S62061A. Saeopen n'l. x 56 inch high approx. oeses to 17 x 56 inch hIgh

approx. Cat. No. 830/8852 £84.99 23. SOVEREIGN "VICTORIANA" SHOWER SCREEN. Curved lOUghened glasswith simulated etched design. White a1umi04utn frame. Compensator wah fixing sWIVels10 fit either end of bath. Size 32x 53 inch high approx. Free home delivery. see page 3. Cat. No. 835/1074 £86.99 24 @SUPERSTORESONlY

FOLDAWAY SHOWER SCREEN. 4 safety glass panels conform to BS6206lA. Screen folds flal against the wall between bath edge and taPSwhennol in use. Adjustable compensator waR fIXing. FilS elthef end of bam. Frame in white coloured alumInium. Size 33'h x Sll1\ch

highapprox Fok!s 10 9'h IIJ(ha~o)t, Cat. No. 830/8845


l I.....







TRITON T.5O SP2 7'f:W£1.ECTRIC SHOWER. • 7kWpowerralllg. • AIlti'l(il!d cIi!oIke. • TemperalUTestabilised. • Singluorwol for SWI/Slop ai1d t~ture

GAlNS80110UGH 'PRINCm'1KWELECTRIC SHOWER. ' • Two power senings, 4'l:.Wand 7kW. • Single ronuol forboth tempetatuft and flow. • Neon power on and IlOO1eriGal temperature

• Complete Voithshowtrhead, hose. walllncI(eI and ~I fitting inslnK1ions. • 8,E.AB. appra;ed, • Connect to 30 af11). • Triton IteIpIiM No. Contact CUs10mer on 0203 372222. £49.50 Cat. No. 830/8230

• Fully stabilised ro maintain water temperature doWn 1012psi waterpressure. • 4 enuy pointsfor power and water connea~ indud'tI19 <oncri!Ied option. • SlJpplied with SI10Wer head. soap dbh. ~bIe hose. riset rail and full fitting Instructions. • B,E.A.8.aJll)RM!(l, • Conneat030amp. cat. No. 83017224 £64.99


TRITON T.80 7'(JNELECTRIC SHOWER. • 7kW power ra!lng, • AIltJ.5QIddevlct. • Tert>peraIUfestabiA5ed, • 3 power setdngs, • TemptralUfeconud.

• low pressurewamlrog,

• 8.E.A.9.~ • Complete With shower hl!ad, SOiIpdIsI1, ho5e and risetraiL • fitting instrlJC1lonsfndOOed. • Connea ro 30 amp, • Triton ~pIlne No. Contact CUs10mer s.Mces on 0203 372222. £94.50 cat. No. 830/3039

A poWeI'st-f not only giVes you enhanced pel'forlMnce over other shower types by boosting the water pressure to your snower head but It is also ec:ononIical to run,l5it will use your existing hot and cold watersupp!y. It is thatshower,*ters are installed by qualified tradesmen. All must be plumbed to told water mains and permanently connected to 240Vac eIectri<aJ supply. Item nos 1;1and 5 to 30 amp; item nos 4 and8w35 amp; Itemno 6to 37 Sarnp and item no 7 to 40/45 amp. Complies with 8ritistI


GAINSBOROUGH SWIfT 9y:y.J ElECTRIC SHOWER Willi MULTI-MODE HANDSET. • Two power sertlnQs 9kW and 4.7kW, • Push buttonon/oR operation. • Fully stabilised to malntainwaler t~\uI~ down to 12 PSIwaler pressure. • Neon IwjOl lor power on, high power and low. • Numerical temperarure IndicalOl. • 4 e~llY poifllS lor power and water <XlI1IlK1iOnI Indud'ong concealed 9Ption. • Sulllllied WIth n)ultHunctioll handset, SOiIP dish,

~bIe hose,liserra!l and fuRfi!tl!1g I!1SlMtlons.

• B,EAS. awoved, • Connect to 37.5 amp. Cat. No. 830/9088


TRITON DEnA 7KW ElECTRIC SHOWER • .7kWpowerrating. • AIlll-scald<ielb,

• Temperalurestabilised. • • • •

0nI0If lefllPOOllUr'e selection. 2 power senlngs. 8,EA8, approwed, Complete with sOONer head. soapd'tslt, hose and ~ rail and lulllltting Instructions, • Connea to30 amp. • Triton HtIpIine No. CoIttact Customers.Mces on 0203 372222. cat. No. 830n877 £69.50

TRITON T.l00E SKWELECTRONIC SHOWER. .8,4kWpowerrltilg. • AIlu-sciId dtIIIce. • TemptralUlestabilised • I'U)I1bunonOOfluoIs.for off and 3 power senings. • Te.ature controlwitll numbered cisplay.





• C>.ierheallndlcator• • Low pre55UteIwtor.

.B,E.A.8,~ • Complete With 5hower head.5Oapdlsh, hose and riserralland'UlI~ • UllestsafetysyslemincJudesel«1ronfc; over ~atllre response,lowwater pressure sensor and auto shot down, • Confll!(llo4Ol4S ~ cat. No. 83013967 £134.00


Standards (B534S6), HElPUNES Showeriorce Power Shower: Technical Department: 0536 4001n Gainsborough: 0603 407701

SupajetPowerShowers: 051-4266551

Triton: 02033n222



SUPAJ~ 101 POWER SHOWER. • Slngle5Jl!!Y pattern, • Neal, eIegaIlldeslgo. • Quickand e<1$Y to iosiaIl from normal hot and


.l4ustab1e sliderrailand soap <HI. • ff you have any queries concerning your power shower contact CUs10mer SeMtes on051-4266551. cat. No. 830/8780 £109.00

SHowtRFORCE MIRAGE POWER SHOWER. • Up 10 20 times l1'IO(e pressure than conventlonal gravity shoWefsand l'Nk!1he now. • Adjustallkelearonicflow control, • Mix!!controlfor temperature seIec1lon. • 3modeactionshQWer head· Jetsptay, massage and je\Spray1massage. • COfl'4lIeteVoithaq~ iJlcfll1grail. soag <HI andhose. • B,E.A.8,appra;ed.

• Te~econud.

• 24(fV electrical connectlon from

and3 ampfuSedspur.

Cat. No.



local "/19 main


SUPAJET 102 POWER SHOWER. • Hi!)h pel'forrnana! showetwith 3spraypattefllS, • 5epafatet~allJfea(ldfiowconuds. • QtJIdcand easy to lnstaIlfromnonnal hot and coIdwater~. • fully adjustabldllder filii and5Oapdlsh. • FREE80dycare 5yS!ernwnh Itsbody !CIwand massage heads to make your shower MIlbelter. • If you have any queries concerning your power shower contact Customer Setvic:es on051-426~5S1: Cat. No. 830/9284 £159.00

SINGER "HANDY-STITCH". • ldealforeme.gency repairs at home

SINGER 324 f£ATHERWfIGHT PlUS SEWINGMACHINE. • 5atJtotnatlc stitchl!s. .llgh~~ • Variable pressure lot different fabric 1hidaIesses. • 2 Sjleed moUlf control. • Seam guides. • FreeailTllflatbed. • Fwi control. • 5nap-on foOl. • AuIoIMticbobbin winder, • Stitches iI1chJde blind hem. zi9:zag. satin. mulli-21g·zag and stJai9ht. • Sews on buttOnS. • Manualemtxoidefy.

or1la'leluse. • Sews a durable chain stitch.

• Compactsize. • Indudes S mini-llJCOls of thread (ColoUlSmayVa<y),seam ripper, lPOOI pin, spool pincap, needle lIveader and ~needle. • Pre-tlweaded rea!tt (Qr use. • InIegfaI bauerftOO1partrnenl. • ~4xAAbal!erieS(on1er 2 of98Ol1949atft.S9paft). Cat. No_460/0619 £19.15

• RMISeseMr)g,

• FREESewis1gllasl:etkatlYcase (lnterio(aJIour mayvary) and buillinacO!:S$O(jes. Cat. No. 460/0406 £109.00

JONES &BROTHER VX 1200 uGHTWEIGHT FREE-ARM SEWING MACHINE. • 3 atJ10matic stitches; straight; Zig. zagand~lin. • Freeannlftatbed. • Twinl1¬ ii!dlel3need1eposillQn. • Villiable speed foorc:ontJO(. • 5nap-oo fOOl • Automatic botAlin wlncjer. • SlitdlesJndude maquai appfq.oe,

TOYOTA 2400 lIGHlWEIGHT FREE·ARM SEWING MACHINE. • 6.automaticstitthes. • Free armlflat bed. • Twinneedje. • Variable speed laotconuol. • Automaticbobtiinwlndef. • Slitches iIldude~ bRnd hemizfg-zag and merdng stitch. • Four Step lirttonholing. • RM!se sewmg.

• ManualbuttonhoHnq. .R~sewing. • 8ul!·inligllt• • Wlthdust~.




• AccessorIes. • ~stitctt1englhanddlop feedb'darn~ and ~

• In·homeselVia! - see He!prlflt. • Manu(.xwre(s2")'1!argUdramee. Cat. No. 460/0592 f114.00

• Manufactufe(s5·~iItguarantee (2-ywl11O!Ol). Cat. No. 460/0602 £124.00

TOYOTA 2260 UGHlWEIGHT FREE·ARM SEWING MACHINE. • IS automatic SIltches. • free armlllatbed. • Twin needles. • Variabie ~ foorcontrol. • Aulomaticliollbinwindef. • S!itches1nclude blind~m.Zig.zag. satin. sualglJl stretch and straight: • 4 step buttonholing. • RMISe sewing. • Builf,ioligllL • Withsolt coYe!. • Manufacture(s S·yeat' gualaIllee (2·yeat'f1'IOlOI). Cat. No. 460/0341 £134.00

JONES & BROTHER VXl 033 DE LUXE UGHlWEIGHT FREE-ARM SEWING MACHINE. .11aulOO'l,)tic~ • FreeamVflat bed. • Twin needleI3 needle position. • Variabie SDeed loot cootroL

• Soaf>.OOfoot.

• Automa.tlctiobblnwinder. • S!itches blind'hem. zig-zag. eIasOCOYeI~, sadn. straight suetd\and~ • Embroidery and utilitySlitches. • 4~ buttonhOjing/seINs on bullllnS. • RE\'e1Se se:wIng. • 8niIt~ntighl. • WIth<Ol'el. • In'homeseMO!' see He!pIlne. • Manufacturer·s2·~af~rantee. Cat. No. 460/0372 1139.00


MACHINE. e,30autornaticslitches:wlthpaltem discs supplied, .4stepbtittonhoing, • Twinneedle. • Stitch lengrlu!nchlg-:ag width controls. • RM!se 5e'MJg, • Ooub!e lift presser foot fo( \hider

MACHINE. • • • •

• • • • • • •

21 automatic stitches. ffee·atmiflat bed. Twin needIeI3 needle polItion, Variable ~ root comrol. tJ](Jged fool. . Automatic bobbin windeI. Stitd-,esitldude'2ig-zag. welch stitdtandstraigllt. Embroideiy and applique stitches. Onestep fullautomaticbuttonhol«. RM!se sewirlg. 8uilr-in light. WithC(7Ier.


• Aut~tlc bobbin winder. • Variablespeed foot control. • Stitches include 17 embroider( and decorative. bind~. super oYerlock. SlJPef stretdt, leather and !£aIIop. • Feather andscaiop simp!! by seleaing the appropriate disc SlJPOIied •• BUilt-1I11igh1. • Soli C<7Ier. • >yeatguarcwltee.(2~motor}. CIt. No. 460/0561 £119.00

• In-horneseMce-seeHelpline. • Manu(acture(s.2")'1!ar~ee.

Cat. No. 460/0475 £179.00 HElPUNES

5houldyou en<oUI1teI' initial difficulty Of any fault intheoperation of your sewing machine, the tedlnical staff of the following companies willbe able to assist during nannal off'Ke·hours.

Singer CUstomer SelVices Depariment: 0533769471. toyota SewingQlieries;0812987264. Service Department; 0274727555. Jones & Brother Senrice Department: 061-3306531.





SINGER LlGtl1W£IGHT FREE·ARM SEWING MACHINE. .3Sstitches0l12camslaru.. • TIWI need1e13 needle position.

JONES & BROTHER VX963 ELECTRONjCSEWlNG MACHINE. • 21 automaticstiches. .lCOfeam-and·sewcisplay. • Free armillal bed. • Twin need'.eI.rneedle PQlitlon. • Variable speed loot conltOl. • Snap-oo lOOl • A,utornatlcboWn Winder.

• Free-arm/ftatbed.

• • • •

• • • • •

AutomaticbobbinWinde!. vaJtable ~ loot <lmuol. SnapOll foot. Stitches include a range 01 decoralivtand Slretch stilche$. 4 stepautomaticbuttonholing. ReYefSesewing. Bul1I·I~haodIe and light Built·inaccessories, With CoYer.

Cat.No. 46010554

• Stitchesindudeblindhem,zig·zag, elasticoveOOc~ satin, slretch and


• 1step bunonhofjnglsewson

buttons. .~sewing. • Built·in Bght. • Will1cover.


.In·homeseMce-see~pline. • Mamrfacturer's 2-ytar guarantee.

Cat. No.

SINGER 14U132AOVERlOCKEIl. • Sews. cuts andOYer-«lges aMtypes 01fabric In oot operation. • Sinqlo!needle, thr~thread oYerIod: stitch II)( proles.sional seams. • (reate decorative stitches With embroidery thread and woollen


OVERlOCKER. • Sews. cuts and oveN!dges alltypes OS lalxic in oot operatJon. • 2 ~e, 4 thread overlock stllch

yam. • Numbeled telisioodials andcdou! codinq foreaY! threading. • Stitchlength 1mnrSmm. • Ovef·edgestitchwidth3.5mm.


profes.sional seams. • Free arm.

• Numbered ttnSlOJl &als and colour mdingloreMY threading. • BUDt4n ooedle"9ht. • Seamgu~ li~ • Ca~ng MndIe.

• Free-armiftat beQ. • Variable ~ loot control.

• Ca~nghandle.

• SuIllJlled alreactt Ihleaded. • Wi'thsok cover and <l{cesSOfies,

Cat. No. 46010365

• Supplled al!l!~ Ihreaded. • With acctSSOries

Cat. No. 46010523




ISI_~9ERI BONO 'CLASSIC KNlmNG MACHINE • • llghtwelghtaridwoyeaS)' 10 use. • t(nltsaUpopularMndknmingyarns includirogdollble kni~Aran. moM~. cotton and chuMy. • StilchesIJ1dudecable laceand FaIr I$le. • Plaure knitting (tntarsla), • Includes VHS instructional video I!pe. • Wilh FREE pallernbookand accesl()f~. Cat. No. 46010413


@SUPERSTORESONlY BROTHER10095 CONV~RnBLE KNlnlNG MACHINE, • 110 needle bufky galJge. • 220 fleedle standard gauge. • Reference chan lorhand knll1lng needle numbers. • Stitch patterns Indude Fair ts!~. plating,slipand tuck. • PicturekIIilting Ontat5ia). • Withlools provided kIIilSlaer, cable, plain and pu~slilti1es. • Wlthvideo, needle selectorandknit leader brackets .

• In-homeseNic.e-seeHelp6ne. (at. No. 46010499 £159.00


5hould you encounter initia i leu ty or any fault in the operation of your sewing machine, the technical staff of the following companies will be able to assist during normal office hours.

Singer: Customer Services Department 0533 769471 Toyota: Sewing Queries OB1·298 7264 Service Department 0274-727555 Jones & Brother: Service Department 061·3306531. books_to_bytes


o o


RICHAROS 40450 • Button grOO\'e. • Sakl)'thetmofuse. • Wf!iIjII.1Jb apptIl(. Cat. No. 410/4256 £10.75

eW~2~apflIIIlt e FReE ironing boanI CO\I'I!f'or own glOve via voucfIer. cat. No. 41014108


TRAVEL • Thermostalcontrol with indiGltorligiu. .~li!pwater.

• Fold flat handle. • Ilua1voltage. 120124I1V ec, • Sak\ytheiinal(ut~

• Non-stickcoatedsole-~e. • Complete with uave! poodI. Cat. No. 41013233


STtAM/DRYPHIUPS HD1491. • Valiab!eS1ealTl. e Selfdean. eVISibIe_taIlk. e I'.emo¥abfearni-s(aIe deYKe.

.2-yearguaraoree. cat. No. 410/4249


e LeIt/righ1 haiid use. e U5eStapwater. e E>.teoded lOJe.p!ate fer cfffiaJttareas. e Coed stC¥age. e Weight·2.Shapp.ox. Cat. No. 41014232


MORPHY RICHARDS 41500 TRAVEL e ThermostatCOf1lfoL

• Tap water 1M! irdica!or. • OuaIwItage. 110124OVac. • SafetylheimalaJt~ • Non-stict;CDaled sole-pIate. • CCJl'll)iete\Wh trMIpouch. • Weql10.9bapprox. • 2')'&Yguarantee. Cat. No. 4tO/4218 £13.50

COROfI),I(ORIllBS5UPER PHlUPS HL21n. .Pllolli¢L • Thermostat cmtroL • water 1M! incicaIcr. • ~tlpwatff. e SafEtythennal~~

e !.eItIIl#handU5e.




• UghtweigIn. • Thermostatcontrolwith Iabric glide. • Neonitdcator light • AIumii'iiwI soIe-pIate. • Saktythermalrot-oot • 8.EA8. appnlOl'd.

40286 UGIfTWEIGHT. • TheIrnostatClll11lol. • leftlti¢t hand use. • Pilot light. • PusI1but!oo IjnIe sp-ay. • ~ I.SIb awrox• 2'\'11Nguatantee. Cat. No. 410/4225 £12.75

UGfIlWEfGHT. • ~tapwater. • ButtongrOO\'e. • LefTJr9\thand use. • AIumitlium sole-plate. • ~ 1.9ibapprox.

• We9n2.51bapprox. Cat. No. 410/1493

ARE YOU TAKING YOUR APPlIANCE OVERSEAS? Seepage 227 for voltage details.


SlEAMISlFAMISPRAYIDRY • Selfdean. • Button grOO\'e. • Abnirio.msole-jJlale.


• FREE PmiIand Comfort p;tdc via wud!er. Cat. No. 41014407

CORDEDICORDlBSSHOTOFSltAMISTfAMlSPRAY/DRY MOUUN£X 23404. el'l1otlqlt. • TranSlucent watff taIlk. • An!j.fluff filter. • Thermostalcon[1ol e CocdSlorageJb(Jtton • WaterlM!lndicatllr. e~li!pwater. e Safetythermal<Ui-out

• I.eftIrigIlI hand use. e variabiesteamcoouoL • Autodean leature.


• AltJminiLmsoJe.plate. • Weight 3.311 apptIl(. Cat. No. 41013862 £34.00

• toc:mg base ·io!lUlnbe seanOOIl to base lor ad!ed safety.


.~handU5e. • Coed SlOIage. • Bunnngroo.oe. • Weqlt2.8liapprox. Cat. No. 41014184 £44.50

STEAM IRONS FROM ONLY books_to_bytes

~ ~





·~=.l:tn<_initiII diffi<Ulty with tho opetllion ofyour iton1)f you rtqUInTtf""",~wlmflltets. thotwdltllcaI.taff oftho following companies will beableto wist. TlifAL: CUSt_SflViCH Tet: 0604 762726 ROWEHTA: Custom .. Smices

Ttl: 0604 760291 MOIU'HY RICtlARDS: Customer Smices

Ttl: 0800414 848 BLACK' DECXlRtTtl: 0153 500 7799

STEAMISl'RAYIDRY BLACK & DECKER SE 2OS. e SilvIDlonesole-piate. • Usestapwalef. • Cord storage. e Weight 2.S1bappfOX. e Button groove. • Plus freeIroning

• ThermostatCOfluoI. • P1lotlight. e Safety~rmalClll-out eWateflevelindicator.

STEAMlSPRAYiDRYMORPHYRI0fARDS42300. e Large transparent water e Welgl121b approx. e Manufacturer's2·yea, tank. e F'onewaterspray. guarantee. e Cord saxage. Cat. No. e All round oonon groove. 410/4263 £16.75 e PiIotIlghL

board cover or own

glovevia voudItr. Cat. No. 41013549 £17.50




STEAMISPRAYIDRYPHIUPS HD 1493. • Variable SleamconlJOl. • Safety~rmalCIII-out e Selfclean. e Pilot light. e Removable and·scale de-IIce. e Lefthight hand use. e VlSiblewCMellank. e Cord wind. e Usestapwatef. e WeigI1l2.61bl!flp(OX. e SilllelStone non1l!dt so!ee Plus free Persll and plate. Comfort pachla e lMton !JOCM!. voucher. e Extendechole-plate Icr Cat. No. difficult areas. 410/4304 £21.75


STEAMISPRAYIDRYROWENTA DA216. e SelfclfanlngvalYe. eleMlglthanduse. e Removable trall!98,ent water e Stainless stet! sote.p!ate. I<1ntwitt! IndiaitOl. • 8.E.A.B. approved. e Thermostat control. • Weight 2.911 approx. cat. No. e Pilotlight. e SafetythermalCUl·out 410/4366 £29.50 • Usestapwatef.

STEAMISPRA YIDRY PHILIPS HD 1494. • Eledron1cshut-offlcrsafer eleftlriQluhanduse. ironing after 30 sees when e Silve6tone non-Slicksole-plate. horllontalandSmlnswhen e Extendedsofe.platelcr

e Aulosensor for safety and energysavings. • Easyglide coated non-stkt so!e-pIale.

e P1lotloghL e Weigl! 21bapprOII. e MMufadurers 2·yeat

e LargellansparentwBteflank. e Pushbunonfinespl3Y.

Cat. No. 41014328

• Button groove and cord Wind.



HO 1492. leMighl hand use. CordslOrage. Usestapwate!. e Extended sole-plate t4l for difficult areas. • WeigI1l2.51b approx. Cat. No. 41014287 £18.50

STEAMiSPRAYIDRY PHIUPS • Variable $learn feature. • e Selfcl\!an. e e TranslUcent water tan~ e

e RemovableantJ.scaIe deYk:e. e Bulton groove. • ~tcontrol. e PikltlighL e Safety thermal CUI-OUL

STEAMISPRAYIDRYTEFAl1600. e Constant steam OUtpUI. e Safetytherrnal cut-out. • Uluaglide sofe.pIate. e Pilot 1[gIll. e VariabiethermostaL e T~rentwater.tanlc. e Vaffablesteam. e Watefspray. e Selfdl!an, e Wa'l!f~jncbtof. e Uses tap water. e Extralong cord. e leh/right hand U5C!. • Wei~t211 aj)p!ox. cat. No. 410/4146 £26.75

• Thermostat cOOtroI.

JETOfSTEAMISTEAMISPRAYIDRYMORPHYRICHARDS42971. e 8l-dr!!Ctionaieasygiide sole- • Extra large tapw;lter fri. plate. e Weight2.4Ibapprox, e Pushbutton fmespray. e Manufadure(s2·year e IMton groove andcord wind. guarantee. • Pi1otQghr. Cat. No. 410/4270 £21.50


• Variablesteam. • Thermostat control and safety thermal cut-OUl. e Visiblewater tank. • Usestapwatef. • Selfdean. , e Rl!f\'IO\'CIbjeant"5Caledev!ce.

• e e e

dCfflcukarea~ Button grooVe.

Cord wfnd. Weight 2.71b approx. Plus free Perill and Cornfortpackviavoucher. Cilt. No. 41014342 £29.50

JETOf STEAMISTEAMISPRAYIDRY KENWOOD ST4SO. e Soo5t ofsti!am. e Cable W!aP fadtlty. e Push button SpIa)'. e Button groove. • Xyloncoatedeasyglidesole· e Saltty~rmalcot-out. plate. • TemperattJIeindcator!ight • Transparen, walef tanl:. e Weight 2.6Ibapprox. • Uses !<lPwaler. Cat. No. .lefttrighthanduse. 410/4294 £22.75


SURGEOF STEAMNAAIA8lf SE 455. e 3 level variable steam.

• 3 metre Pex.

e Slfvetstone soIe-plate, e Selfdean1nganti·ICaIt~. .Watef~i"dicator/pllot fight e Button g!I)()'o'eIcoro StOfage. • Safety thermal cut-OUt,

STEAMISPRAYIDRY BLACK 8r DECKER e Weight 2.Sbwox. • Plus free ironinfl boant cover or oven glove via voucher. Cat. No. 41014036 £19.75

El(IRASTEAMlmAMISPRAYIDRYTEFAl UlTRAGUDE UGHlWElGHT 1417. e Ooubiesteam oonon. e l.eltlriglll hand use. e Uluagiideso~pIatefor • flAlternwamrange • easier ironing. Ihermos1at. • Transparent water tanlc e Pilot light. lot watef level e Weigli12.21b apprOlC. indication. Cat No. e Anti·scalesystem; 41014335 £24.75 • Uses tap water. e Button !JOCNeIcord storage.



DOUBLE 800ST Of SltAM'STEAMISPRA'I'IDftY PHJUPS HD1505. • Ilooble boostolsleam lot • left/r9lthaod use. ~and~iooing. • Suuongrooye. • Se(rdeanbunonrorlOnger~ • Extendedsole-pjatelor • Variable steam. cifflCllltareas. • Larwwateltankwilhwate< • &:tlilIongCOld8reet~ lMtindicator. • Weigh12.8Ibapprox. • Usestap wale!. • Plus free Pmil and • Pilotllght Comfortpadc m voudler. • Them1Ostatconuoi. cat. No. 410/4359 £25.50 • The11nalrut-out.



POWER STEAM. • 10levels orvar.abIe 5!f.1m •C_ ~ 0UlpIJl. • Seffdean. • Transparenttapwur_ • CoedSlOl'agflbunongrtlCM. • LlItIright hand use.

• ~

• HealIe5istant Iong-iIt. nonkink. non-fray <DId. • PiIoI &ghI. • SafetythermalOJt-out • 8.eAB.~ • W8jtt2.7billlP'W'-

cat. No.

41013893 £27.75

DOUBLE BOOST OF STEAMlSTEAMISPRAYIDftYPHIUPS HD 1516. • Iloubltboost 01steam lot • Buttongr(l(wt. qukk and easy ~oning. • Extended!Dle-plaIe lor • S'eIIdean button lor lOngerIffe. difflClAt «eas. • y.nable steam • &:tliliong COld8 ~ apprcIIC. • ~ wale! IaA~WlIhwale! • Coed wind. indQlOr. • ~t 2.94bapprox. • tapwate<. • PIuS free Pet'5iI and • Pilotlignt Comfort pICk Iliavoudler. • ThermosLllconuoi. cat. No. : =~-:-use. 410/4313 £29.50 • Non-SUdc SjfveIStooe soIr-pIate



JeT Of STE.AM'STEAMlSPRY/IlRYTEFAl. UlTRAGUOE AUTO STEAM 1610. • setdtan, • Au!ofMtic'4riatlle steam • Uses tap watl!! 0UJpUt. • Watl!!SjD(. • Superllooslolsteambuncn. _ Diarnondsl1aped~ • Transparentwater tanl scft.pIace 101e_ioning. • 1llem'oosIalCDl1UlllIigl1. • 8uttoo~~. • Safely thermal rut-out. • Extralong<DId. • WateriMI irdicatoI. • Weqlt 2.8lupplOlt • ConstanI_ 0U1pJ!. cat. No. • Anti-1CaleYM. 41014191 £34.00

• Dooblfboostofsteamlot QIricK and eaw ironing. • 6posidonllariabli!stelllll. • UsestapwaterlstKdtan. • Unique drip stop system pftYenls the iron leaking 0fIt0 clo1hes..

• Unique long life system automatically stops the build-up oflimesOtle inside the iron. • Leftlrighthanduse.

.1hermoSIatconuoland tht!!maI OJt-out • Non-stidSi~tooe~. • BUItonglOOl'l!lco!dstOragf. • Extendedsoleillatelor cffflCuIt areas. • Extra Ionq COld • WtIglt 3bapprox. • PIuSfreePersil and Comfort padc Iliavoudler. cat. No.

410/4421 £.34.50

TURBO. • A.AD_1oI saIeIy and MrI9'f saYIng (auIOmaIicIIy SWltdles 011tile irOnWlll*l 2S It(S dleft Rat and WIlhn6 nn~ldIon It$h!d

~. • a..doteaional nwror hII


• VanableSlNm.

• • • • • •

I'I.Ish buttonlint SjD( Largt tap waterlaAk. Button gtOOYe. leldtanfdty PIlot rq.. Wti!t« 2 .., approx.



cat. No.

• Pressure steam.

Stainf6s steel sofe.pIate. leftlright hand use. Thermostat oonuol. long rrlenon lray,non kink. heat resistant CDlli • Tra!lSParI!nteasylilltank.

• • • •

• ~system.

• Wale! IeYeI irIdica'tor. • 8uUon ~IighL .1hermoSIatCDOUOI. • Wate!lPfa'f·

• TrarcspaIeIll water tank. • (oed 5IDraCJe • Uses tapwater, • Safely IIlermaI rul-ool. • Extra long cord. • Weighl2.8lbawox.

Cat. No, 410/4160 £28.75

JeT Of STEAMISTEAMISPRAYIDRYTEFALUlTRAGUOE VAAl· STEAM 1606, • VarilltJlU16lm 0U1pUL • Constant steam pres!OJrt. • T~ wale!t.ri. .lelol_button. • Tht!!moIlaI rt.a6t IgI1l • SeffclNn anti"lQle system. • Usestapwattr.

• Watl!!lPfa'f. • Ultraglide soIe-piatt. • SUlton~d storage. • Extralong COld.

• Wt9112.4lbapprox. cat. No.

410/4043 £31.50

41014397 £29.50

POWERSTEAMISTEAMISPYIDftY ROWENTA DE 53. • Anthraotecolour. • COOSIant SIeam. .IOlMIsofvariablesteam. • leflh91thand use. • ~steeI.plale. • Chrornf button grooo;e • Thermostat <011Il0l. • longlire non fray. non kink, healrMantCOld. .T~~filltank (1arge27Om1capacity).

_ CoedSlorage. Safelyh!d rest. • Usestapwale!. • Vapounell dean vaNe. • SafetythermaiCUl-out • Pilot Ilght. • WeigIlt2 .91bawox. Cat. No. •

410/4414 £35.50



steam Itarure lor sn.tiJom 0'e4SeS. .lJI1JagIidesoie-piate.

• TOliliardCDl1Ulllwithout Ios.sol pcJM!ror heal • (oed reels and unreels into base automaticaltt wt.1st iIonisin use. • Wide base f<if stability

• • • • • •

1ntfgr.l1COldstorage. Usestapwattr. Self dean valve. Safetytl1ermalOJt-oul. Pilollighl Weight 3.9-:bapproot. cat. No. 41014438 £39.50

• ~wale!tank.

• variable steam control • .8oa1. shaped bklireC1ional ~~foreasier


• Plblan(h~re l • TherrnosIatCDnllOl. • BIl~~. ..Iet ..... n1adIity. • Safety lhermal CUI-out .10llll~4.6Ibapp!0IC. • Manulaaure(s 2·)W'guarantee. cat. No.



BIANCA IRONING TABLE. e ironlngSijr!are43)t 12 inch e =:heig,t531hinch ilflIlIOX. . e 3 positioos. rrii1l28 inch ilflIlIOX. Cat. No.


BElDRAY REGENCY 'CASCADE' IRONING TABLE. e 4 p¢tioos: min 24 inch, max 3llndl. e'roningS(lIiace42'/lx



• folded heighI5~'fl inch. e ManufacMer s IO;-eiIl guarantee. . Cat. No.



e All steel consuuctioo. e Steel mesh top lor steam ironing. . - Noll'slipir,oning well. e Inflnl!ehe9Jt ~USIJ1lent up 1033ind1. - Thidc foam padded ironing surface 38 x 13inch. - ManufaClurel's.5-year guarantee, Cat. No.



- Surface 36 x 13inch. e 4height.positlon$: min 24 inch, max 33 inch. e 'Folded height 52 '11indJ. e Manulactuter:s 1Ij.year guarantee, Cat. No. 85012225

ironing. e Non·slipiron well e thiCk foampadded ironing sutface Oil4 jnch. e Muld-position adjusll!1en1 up 1036inch, e folded ht;ght 56 inch. - W~hflexguide. e MatltJfacfurel's .S-~r guarantee. cat. No. 850/2115


BElDRAY 'FlvtSTAR' IRONING TABlE. e All steel consItuctlOfl.

e Ironing sutfare 38 x Wh

Inch. e Multi·posilion~pt037 iocI1. e folded helght56Ylinch. e Manuia(Mers1O-year guarantee. Cat. No. 850/1295

BflORAY DIAMOND MESH 'ETERNAL BEAU' IRONING TABLE. - Steel meshlop for steam irOning. - Ironing surfaGe 48 x 14'1l e -


Multi·position up to 36 inch. Reoactable iron weR. Foldl!dheight 58 ind1. Manufacturer's 10-year guarantee. Cat. No.




e Steelmeslnop 101steam

e Steel mesh topior steam

e £Xua large il'Ofl1ngsurface. e Multi-posilion adjustmentup to 37 inch. e Stable 41eg 1X)1\SIIUCtIof1. e Co-ordinatedsleeve board

-!ronresl. elronlngsurface48x 15 inch. e Mu!tl·heigln adjustment up IOJ6inch. e folded height601flt1lCh. e Matching r~trover. - Manufacturer's IO-year guarantee. cat. No.



e ManufactllJers $-year


Cat. No. 850/2524




Sleet mesh top for $!eam


e Steel mesh lOPfor s~am ironing. - Iroriingsurface48~ 14'h inchapprox. - Muld·position up to 371nchl e Retraaable wire iron well fOf easeo! Slorage. e Unentiay.

- Co-otdinated sieeveboalJl and replaceme1ltcOYef. - Manufact\l1ef' SlO·yeat guarant~. Cat. No.



MINKYTABLE TOP IRONING BOARD. • H~ sized iIonl"9 table lor qulcl:, CIlI1'Ief\ientIroning or for U5ev.11ere spa<e Is





• IlIlf1ingsurface 31 x 12 inch. • Stee Iegs.IoIds away lor easy storage. • Foam padded cot1OOCO'll!l. • Folded 1~lg11l31 irlch. depth I'll inc:happrox. Cat. No, 850(2359

12. HOZELOCKROTARYAlRERCOVER, Tidy COYer for rotary airel'S or parasols, Provides nea~ dean SIllIage, Size 62 x Il'h indlapprox. Cat. No. 850(2445

13.HOZELOCK"TIDYlINE" RETRACTABLECLOTHESUNE. Gives up to 40 feet of NC coated hne v.ilen pulled OUtAulomaticreooil. The line can be lQdcedal arrypoint Plastic case. Cat. No. 850(2153


14. m NOVA MWJ.l 5SUPAWASH AUTOMATICWASHING MACHINE, Compa(t a)1d portable. Sitson sink drainer and stores inOJpboard,No plumbing required. Hot or coid fill. Dlalns Inlo sink. AuIOrMrse drum ensures efficientwash action, Aulomadc rinsing SYSlem.Maximomcapacrty 3 gallons/14 iltres,4'lllb dry load washed in 10 minutes. AutornatKoverioad saletycut-

OOt Polypropylene consuuction to prevent

HOZELOCK"TIDYSPlN" 3 ARM ROTARYCLOTHES AlRER. • 90ft 01poiyestl!fllne.

• LinesSpII<ed lor maximllf11ah !low arid fas!ef drying. • Rustr~tant frarne, • EasytoKl5ta1llOilspearlor

immediate u~,

• 2 poIItloiIllne IMSloning,

iodt inro uprighl positlon lor storagt. • Rotating liameler A-9O inch, • Arms

SOllSPEARlROTASPIKE. No concrete required. Simply place wooden blodc over soli spear and hammer Into soft

• Manvlaaurer's3·year guaraOlee. • Ideal size lor a couple or smaU



Cat. No. 850/2397



• Unes spaced f()(maximum all flow ilI1d !as!ef drying. • Easy 10 ,nsUllllOil speaf for immedialeU5e. • 2 position line lenslonlng and difl5lo plMflIsagging.

• Rusl resistant Itame. • Arms lode inlo Uprighl posi1lon lor $Iorage • Rotatingdiarneter A-lOS inchapprox. • Manufaaurer's3-year


• ideal size lor a smaillami~ Cat. No. 850/2407 £19.99

rusung. Plus FREEAriel padc. SIze20 x 17'h x 21'12 Inc:h 8pp!O)t

cat. No. 850(2328


HOZELOCK"TIDYSPIN" 4 ARM ROTARYCLOTHES AIRERWITH COVER. • 150ft 01Slroog poI~leI fine. • Unes spaced lOr maximum air !low alldlaste!drying. • Easy 10qperate umb!~1a lilt mechanism. • RuSI rosIslant Irame. • Easy 10Installsoli speailor Immediale use • 2 posiuonltne lensioning

• Arms lode uprighllor Siorage, • CompleleWlthweamer

Rotating Diameter. All theairers on this page vary in width when fully


• ROtalingdiame. lef A-l0S0n • DotrbleclwetCO'leffuson OUtef11ll6,

• Manufaau,ei's 3·year gualllntee,

• Ideal lor a medium see lami~,

cat. No.


open, For individual measurements look to

·Ac.;"in the tenforeach Item.

HIllS 4 ARM ROTARY CLOTHESAIRERWITH COVER. • 16SftolPVC OOWIed line. • Galvanltedsleelandpalnted lor addillonal rustproleaion. • Easy IOlnsrailrotaspike fOf Immediate use. • Wilh weali1t, CO'II!IIOp!Olea ai1ef~n nolln use.

• Manulaaurer's4-year guaranlte on (Iilme. • ROtaiing c5ametel A-Ill inch. • ldeallor a medlU11llo large


cat. No.






8ESCO BARON BLUEDIAMOND IRONING BOARDCOVERS, Spedally designed 101usewith steam irons, MultipeOorations allowsleam 10 disperse quickly.

saves time and energy

as healis

refleded giving a 2·sided ironing effect Foam backed. Can be usedwith any type ofiron. 15. Siandard ~e fits boards up to 38 x 14'12inch approx Cat. No. 850/2232 £2.99 16, large size filS boards up 10 48 x 15 inchapprox. cat. No. 850(2249


BElDRAY 'SUMMERCHINTZ" COTTON IRONING BOARDCOVERS. 3mm foam backed forpasier ironing. 17. Standard sizefits boards ~pto 38 X 14'h inch approx. Cat. No. 850(2294 B.45 18. Lar)jE!sizelitsboardsupto48x 14'h inch approx. Cat. No, 85012256



• Easy 10instalilOil spike for

• 1501101 PVC qwefed l!!le. • Polished aluminium for ligh~ht handling and

ImrileOOle use • Rotating diameter Am 102 inch. • ldeajlor a medium si~e

• Lockiog mechanism lor easy use and fine tensior1ing.

cat. No, 850(2139




• Une5 spaced lor ma>cimum air


flow and las~ dryin9' • EasydJdc'n' uftele(lJOn


oonstructioo. durable. IUSI r~tant coalrng, • Easy 10inSIaDsoil spear witt>

T=O' •· H'


ea'IYwmsocKellot immediateI&'.

• 'Arms Iod: U1l'igIltfor~,

• Rotaringdlame!efA .. l05 inch, • 3 positio!1 nne tenslonlfl!! and dips to p<Mnllme 5399"'9 • DotrbledU'lellitso~loooler lines. • WIlalhertOVeI and peg bag, • Manuf1lElure(s 10-year


• Ideal for medium to largesize famlly. Cat. No. 850/2421 £39.99


1. SUPERFAMILY ·16· ORIPORYEIHOI bath. 16railsgMi!g27 feet of dryingspace. PoIy1heoe cpated steel. Height 4~ inch approl(, £4.89 Cat. No.85011745 2. 3 FRAME 6 RAIL ClOTHES AJRER. Plastic coated sjeeI frame giving 34. feet of diying space. Height 47 inch aPJll~ 1lSe0Yel

Cat. No.85012469 £5.99 3. ADOSPACE fOLDING AJRER. PoIythene coated s,teel frame, Expands to 42'h iI1ch high gMng 26 feet 01 dlying space. Folds flat lor stooge, Cat. No.850/1714 £6.99 4. 4 FRAME 6 RAILAIRER. Plastic coated steel flame giving 45 leel 01drying s~. Height 47 inch a~ Folds flat !Of storage, Cat. No. 850/2483 £1.99 5. WlREWORLDFOLDINGAlRER. PlastIc coated steel frame. Expands to 47 inch high giving 42 leet oIhanglng spa<e, KlIds flat fO( storage• • ClIt.No.8son081 £9.99 6.lUBULARAJRER, White epoxy coated

13. 81SSEU OQUBLE8 FLOOR/CARPET SWEEPER. Two rotary corner brushes sweep alor1g slcirting and around furniture. Nylon bristle main brush. Varlableheightadjustment. Twolift-out dustpans. Sweeping width 12'hinch. CasesiZe 11 x9'/linchapprolr. Manufacturers I()·year guarantee. CIt. No. 855/1195


14.81SSEll QUADRO FLOOR/CARPET SWEEPER. Nylon blistle main brush. Four rotary corner brushes sweep along skirting and around fumlture. Variable surface selector lor all noor pile surfaces. Two llft-out dtlstpansfor~asyemptylng, Case size 11 x9'hinchapprox. ManufiK1l.lrel's , Q.year guarantee.

Cat. No. 85Sn055

t1Jblilar Steellrame giving 45 feet of drying

space. ~ended locking feature. gives prO'/ision 10act as flatdryer 101 woollens, Height511nchapprox. Folds flat 104'12 inch {or storage. Cat. No. 850/2490 £9.99 7. ADOSPACE MAX! ORYERFOLDING AlRER, ~nds to 44 inch hig~ giving 75 leet 01 airing Sjlace approx.lncluding flat drying space fOIalnng moIlens. Folds down 101 easy stOlage,

Cat. No. 850/1893



"BIG O' A1RER, Stove enamelled t1Jblilar steel lrame with plastic coated rails, Automatic locking device, Expands to 55'12 inch high, giving 44/eet approx of hanging space. Folds Ila1 for slOlage.

ClIt.No. 850/0636 £14.99 9. WlREWORLDSETOF4 RADIATOR AJRERITOWEL RAILS, Plastic coated, length 24 Inch each giving 16 feet 01 drying space,

Cat. No.850/1958 £4.49 '10.HOZElOCK ·TIOY ORY"INDOOR CLOTHES UNE. 5 nnes extend up to 15 feet giving 70 feet oIdrying space, Automatic re<'Oil.

Cat. No.850/ll6! £4.99 11. BISSEll EASISWEEP FlooRlCARPET S'N1:EPER.N~ bristle, 8uilt~n brush COI'Ilb. BrusI1 heig~tselector(smooth floors to long pile carpets}. Independently SPlUIJ9 Ir0l11 v.ileeIs. Push tQgetller Ilandle.Casesize lOx 10 Inch approx. ManufacttJrers 1Q.year guarantee.

Cat, No.855/2017 £9.99 12.LEIFHElTTUR80 FLOOR/CARPET sweEPER, Edge bnJshe5 to sweep along slcirtilJ9 and aroundfumiture. 3 he19hl adjustments 101 efficient sweeping of all carpet ~ andsmooth flooo.lndudes sepal~te brush comb. Case size 8'11 x 10'h Inch approx. Manufacture(s 1().yea.r guarantee.

Cat. No. 855n048 _._ Item nos 23 Ispackedflat for home assembly.


1S.lElFHEJT ROTARO flOOR/CARPfT SWEEPER. Natural hog bristle. Wheel

dIM!n comer brushesswtep around fumitlul! and along skirtirwj edge. ~ to empty. Brush height aqustment. SCrew together handle. Sweepingwidth 12'/. inch approx. Case size 10'h x lPh 11th approx. Manufactwer's l().year guarantet' . Cat. No. 85512103 £19.99 16. EWBANKClASS1C flOORICARPET SWEEPER.Natural bristle which gves effeoive edge to edgedeaning. Indepeodent wheel suspenslOIl. ~ to artj carpet/floor heighll.aJge brim open1ng dustpanS and plOtl!CliYefumitlfl! guard. Case 5Ize 13'/2 x 9 inch approx. Manufacturer's 1().yearguarantfe. Cat. No. 855/1582


17. LEIFHEITROTAROS flOOR/CARPET SWEEPER. Nawral hog bristle. Wheel driven comer brushes sweEp ri!1lt up to the edge. lift out double dustpan. Brush height dial (SIllOOIh floOIS to Ior9 pile tarpetsl. Separate hand brush comb. SCrew together handle. Sweeping width 12'/. Inch. Case size 11V.x' P/,inch approx.Ma~rer's I()')\'III guarantee. Cat. No. 855/1623


18. BISSEll MU1l18lAD£ ROTACI.EAN. 140 durable rubber blades dean up anylhlng from mud to pet hairstocake mixture. Bladescan be removed for washing. WndoNpanels enableyou to see when deaner needs en'4ll)'ing. 6 Independently sprung wheels provide aU the I!aaion you need to dean¥rf ftooI CMring. Low profile body and long handle fOi deanlng under furniture. 4 comer brushes IOf up to the edge ooning. Maoofaaurer's 1().\'I!8t guCIIsnlee. cat. No. 85512019 £29.99 19. 81SSElL 'CARPET MASTER' SHAMPOOER. 3 foam roIle!s produce and spread foam which is massaged into carpet I7f 6rows ofbristles.leaYe until dry, then vacuum up.1.aJge rear toile!for easy manoelM3b11ity.Complete"';!h 5OOm1 botileof carpel shampoo.


Cat. No. 85511740

20. BISSEll'SPlNFOAMER· ELEaRI( CARPETSHAMPOOER.1.aJge capacity tank with automatic disptnsing of carpel shampoo at the toudI of a bunon. Brush roIIe!s IOtate at 700rpm, massaging foam inlO Cillj)et. Lealieuntil dry then vacuum up. CompletewnhSOOmI bonleo! C8IJlI!I shampoo. 170 watt. 240'.' ec,


Cat. No. 85512093

21. LEIFHElTTlPTAPSHOE RACK. Extends from 21 to 39 inch.1kAds up to 10 pairs of shoes. Rust-proofrails. Additional unhs can be sli!Cked on each other. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee. Cat. No. 85510514 £7.49 22. STANDUPSHOERACK.PoIyIhene coated steel. Holds up to 15 pairs of shoes. sae 23M')x8(Dlx25 inch high approx. Cat. No. 85512062 £6.99 23. SHOESTORAGECABINET. ~dean white Melamine.firish. Holds upto 20 pairs of shoes. S~ied pad(ed flat Waft 1ixabIe. sae 29 x lOx 34 inch high approx.

Cat. No. 855/1922




24. V1LEOASUPERMOP KIT. Comprises 12 litre bucket-..ith pouring tip. wringef. absorbenrsupermop head and 3 pan handle. Cat. No. 855/1917 £8.49 books_to_bytes

GOBliN 900 COMPACT CYUNDER ClEANER. • 900wau motor. • 4'17 litredust box. • NDduslbagreqLired. • SuaioncoouoliolvariabledeanWlg power. • Supplied with tools. • Weighl 7.3Jb apjlIOl(. • Manufacturers 2-year patlSilI1I fabourguarantee. Cat. No. 405/4272 £4450

GOBLIN "RIO 1000' CYUNDER ClfANER. ·'OOowaUmotol. • On-board 1001SIC)rage. • 3.5 rl!re dust bag. • foolconuols. • TlMlcanying handles. .1Iclg tOnditioll indiCator. • WeighIB.2IbapjlfOll. • B.EAB.appr~. • ManUfacuuer's2'yea, patlSand fabourguasalltee. Cal No. 40514351 £54.50

GOBLlN "RIO 1000" REflEX


ElECTROlUX 1860 "DE lUXE" ClEANER. • I'tMIerld 1000 wan !WinIan rIll!IX. .~airfiltraOoo. • ()t.boardtoolstorage. .M~. • OusIbag<hed:rdicalOr. • ~4illeclJslbag. • COld revNId. • WeIfjlll3lbappox. Extended guarantee available. see page493 for details. Cat. No. £89.50 40514681


CYUNOER ClEANER. • 1000 watt mocor wi!h eIearoruc powercootrol • 1200wau ~ Ixlost.


• foolopel3tedOlYcifl SlWitdIand ma:!,e.Wd • Bag luiindicalOr. • Includes I(lsealedruuilagl. • lkIit.fitool. A(~. • Wetdll ISil i!flIlIUIt. Exteni!ed guarantee available. see page 493 lor <ktaJ'ls. Cat. No. 405/4722 £119.00



• • • •

lOOOwan mQIOI. AutoOOld rewind. On-board 1001storage. Foot opetatedorVoff switch. • f!ag coridi1ion indicator. • Weiglu8.4Ib app!OX. • 8.EA8:apprOi'ed. • Manufacturers 2-yeat patIS~ labour guatantee. Cat. No. 40514375 £64.50

• 1100wanmaxinunpowermotcr. • NOdrsI bag reqtired_ • Dust bag fulindca!Ol. • fool operated onfllIf SVo11d!. • COld reIWld. • ~Sl.IClDIcootrol • B.EA8.appIOIed. • ~tooIs. • We9u 9.51billlPll'lExtended guarantee avalIahIe. see page493 for~ Cat No. 405/4399 £74.00



• lOOOWalImotOf. • Tripleair filtration.

• ReusabledUllbag.

• FOOlopetaled 00I0ff SIYitch. • On-board toolstcnge. • Weight 101bappro!<.

Extended guarantee available. see page 493 fotdetails. Cat. No. 405/4588 £59.00


looowanlWi!ilanmotcr. QuamJpfeair fillralion. DIIsI bagchect indicator. Reusable'4 61redusl bag. Fool ope!ated on/off swild!. On-board tool storage.

• Weig!l110IbapPlQX.

Extended guarantee avat1abie. see page 493 fordetails. Cat No. 40514629 £79.50

• l100waumaxi1unpcM'e<mota. • 45 i1re drsI bag. • Dust bag hAlinlicalll<. • COIdteYMd. • S'hltausl1proolhose. • IMth tools SlOIedilSIde dei!ner. • We9't9.!ilbapjlfOll. Extended guarantee available. see page 493 for details. Cat No. 40514667 £84.95

PHILIPSHll6302 COMPACJ CYlINDER ClEANER. • IOOOwanbNnoisemotOf. .1.JghtweicjtI. • I.Isesdsposable pi!Ilef~ • fooloperaled onfllIf swit<h. • 8uiIL·in _filer p!O!eCbon. • Supp5ed....moneadlilblaltool. • Complete wit115 fREE bags. .8.EA8.~ • WeIght 10.SIlapjlfOll. Extended guarantee available. see page 493 for details. Cat. No. 405/4564 £59.50








ClEANER. • 1100wan motar. • Turilocompresor for 20% eXlla



• 1300wanmoIOI. • PIJshbUttonva.ri<iblepower2501 65010 1300watt • Eneigysaving settiJ1g, • Electronicsuction poweI regulation . • unique Jl)krofi~er cassette which I1eIps remoye99.9%61 finedUSl particles. too~ and pollen with the [Our stage ·Quatro"1il1ering

• Conlrewind .• T00I5lOf<l!Ie.. • Clean comfortcassette forh)iJieniE removal of dust bag. • 4.5 litre duslbag•• fool conuol. • Handgriplor~carrying. • 3 fdterdeanair system dOublelaver dust bagand molO! proteaioo fifte<. • We;gh1131b approx. ExtenCled guarantee available. see page 493 fOr details. Cat. No. £69.50 405/4447

system. • Oust bag full and microliller change warning lights. • Sell searig duSt bag. • On-boardIOOlStOf~. • TeI!!scopicci)lomeexlension rube. wilhsteppedheigbt aqUStmenl • Aulomatic~rewind. • ~Y9r1deVario3000deaning head • Quiduelease hose. • weight 16.5Ibap{l!OX. • Manulacnlfer's S·year pans guaranlet. Cat. No. 405/4203 £154.00


AUTOFlEX' CYlINDER CLEANER. • l000wanJ1lOlor. • Autoflex cord$torage. • Bagd1«ttindkatar.


• Reusablebag.

• • • •

OQ·boardtooISlO'age. 10fREEbags via voud1er. Weiglt 1lib apflIOIC. MantJfactull'l's5-yearpans. '.year labour guarantee. Cat,No. 405/4643 £84.50

@ SUPERSTORESONLY MIELES251iCYtlNDERClEANER. • 1200wanmoloc, • Variablepowel2SO·r200walt • Multiple 61lering~Iem with "Super Air Clean fi~er. • 41hre cruStbag I'Iithdosingflap and ~change indicalor. • Twopie<e suction lubewjthdip for easycanying. • rtdystorage . • Pamng system. • 3 point manoeuY1abirltywith !hlet




• Eiearooicvariabiepoweroontroi 32Q·ll00wan motOt. • Aut~ cord slOi"age. • ~ched<ildcalOI. • ~dustbag. • On-board tool SIOIage. • Weqltl3.4Ibapprox. • ManufacbJrer's5-yearpatts, l·year labour guilf~tet. Cat. No. 40514708 £99.50


• 95moperating raOlIS. • Smoothturning floor bM~, • Rotating hose c:onneaion. • Weight 17.4lbapprox Extended guarantee available. see page 493 for details. Cat. N'D. 405/4179 £149.00

AEGVAMPYR 7Sli CYliNDER ClEANER. . • 1300watt motor. • VanabiepoWer2SOlo 1300 walt mo\O(. • Enelgy.saving settlrg. • E~iC SIJCIiaopower regulation. • Unlquemiaofjltercassenewllich he!psrem<JYe99,~ of h duSl particles, bacteria and pollen with the fourstage 'Quatro' fiite(ing


system. • • • • •


Sell seaGng dustbag. OlIstbag fuIlwaming fig~l On-board 1000s1OIage. Automatic Cable te\..,nd. Easy gf1deVaria 3000 deaning


2 Ehromee,xleosionlubeS. Quick hose release. we~1 'S.4U,aJlPIOIt. Mariufacturets5-year pariS gualanree. Gat. No•. 405/4155 £119.00

• • • •


AEGCUSTOMER SSlVlCES07s3872IIS GOBUN 0345 089106 MIEL£0235554455 SIEMENS08I-8483n1

ARGOS MAil ORDER We offer a mail order service for vacuum cleaner bags, filters and accessories. can 061 -976 4505 (24 hours) for credit card orders or pick up a leaflet from your local Argos store.

• 1300 wan motor. • Hygienic filter trapsa3 dust and pollen panicles. • Automaticcab!e reWind with bralcing action, • E1earonk suction Strength se1ectllf. • Bag ful1;ndicatOf. • Heigbladiustable Ielescoplnube. • Tool storage. • Par\lngapdstQlagecrp for dEaninghead. • Wejg!l120Atb aptl(Ox. • Manvlacture<'s5-yearparts guatalIteeCat. No. 405/4210 £154.00

ELECTROlUX0S82585858 HOOvm0345H2113



ISIEMENSI books_to_bytes


• Reusable and ~ filtration bag. Ucarpet pile height settings. • Cord storage hook. • Welgllll.21b appIOX. • Man~s5-year partS,

l;oear Iabotn

guarantees. • Plus FREE set of 1IIoIs vii VOUCher,

Cat. No, 40514612


r-----,......... ~_:_~ HOOVERU2462


PHIUPS H136871B UPRIGHT ClEANER. • I'owerhA800 wan motOf• • Brushedejlgedeatting.

• 800 watt quiet motor. • Bag check indlcatof. high Oltralioo bag suppfJed. • SJeo.oeI miGo filualion and carbQn flke! to refl10Ye

• Brush height adjustmenL • Jposilion hand!!!, • ~ paper bag and bagfuJlindlcator. • Cord storage.

odooJ5. • Carpetheighl seie<:tOf, • PowerfIA soctlorl rose,

• BrusI1ededgewaUto wall

deanifl!l. ·BuRHn~s.. • Weight 17.4lbapproc • Manufacture(s 5·yearpans, I·year iabourgualantees. Cat. No.

• Buill·lntools. • Weight 14lbapprorc. • Extended glNtalrtee available011this prod~

cat. No. 40514650





HOOVER TURBO'POWER UPRIGHTCLEANER. • 450 watt motor, • Takes reusable dim bags. • • • •

4 C8IpeI Might sdectors. COIdsto!agt. With tools. ManufacUJre(sS')'I!ar partS, I')'ear laboUr guarantees. cat. No.




ElECTROLUX I070lWlN TURBO SUPER UPRIGHT ClEANER. • SSO wan twin Ian motor, • OUstbag check Indicatot.

• 8OOwal1 motOf. • UniqueAUTOSENSE ffaMe serrses the power needed and ~USIs the suctIoo automatically. • Powerboosl lor really stubborn din. • Unique' activator" cleans taIptIS ~ down. • Sieve! filtlation!of cleaner alrincl~1Ilg m(cio and C8rbQn Rkers. • tow noise levtl, • Brushed edge to edge ~rightuptothe

• St.ue reusabledusl bag, .3pos1tionhelghtaqustment • Wrde tract ~ dear1ing. • All round PVC lurniture guard. • WIth tools. • B.EAB. apprtNed. • Weighl15.4ibapprox. • Extended guarantee Willable 011this product, see page493. cat. No.


sItInIngboatd. • ~ dle<k indicator.


• 8ulk-lnNgh suctIoo

cleaning tools.

• Weighl 17 ,<lib appro .. • Manufacture(s 5')'1!at paru.

'-year labour guarantees..

Cat. No.


HOOVER TURBO·POWER TOTAl SYS'TEMClEANER, • S7Swan IU'lJo.j)()WeI motor. • Tai<esretrSabie dust bags. • 4 ca!pel height seIeaors.

• Fullsafety bnrshededge

deal1lfl!l. • Built-In tools. • Welghll S.41b approx. • MallUfaawe.-'s s,year parts. l·)'Wlabour


cat. No, 40514715 £114.00


ELECTROLUX1250 "GUOER" UPRIGHT CLEANER. • 600waa twin Ian motor.

• 6OOwaltmoIOl, • Dust bag lullilldlcatof. • Wrdeheadw1thside lIJCIloo channels lor wall towall cleaning. • WIde~deaningbrush and beater bar, • (arpetpile adjustments. • WIth tools. • Weight 13,21bapprox.

• FIJII)'variable floor type selector. • Widt ttadt brushed edIge c~anlng, • Tripleairmllatio~. • Bag full lnd1cator, • 5 Rt:tereusable, d!5jlO5&ble dust bag. • COld $tOfaC)e facUiiy, • Withlools. • B.EAB. apprOYed. • Weight 16.Slbapfl!OX. • Extended g_tee wallable 011this product. seepage493 Cat. No.

• Extended guarantee available on this ~seepage493, Cat. No,









ElECTROlUXEUTE 1380 CONTOUR UPRIGHT ClEANER. • SOOwattsinglefanmolOr. • Built-in hose and aa:essories. • Exua hose gives 1feetreadl.


• S~i1Jereusabledustbag.

• 2 5Iage air filtration.

• Ef!e<:tivecarpetedgl! deri1g. • Quidc release hose. • 12indl track wldth brush


• 6 metre cord.

• We'rJil15.21b approx. • Plus fREE spares padc via

voucher. • ExtencIed guarwrtee availableon this product.

_.,.493. Cat. No. 40514698


EtECTROlUX 1460 ·CONTOUR· VARlPOW£R UPRIGHT ClEANER. • SOOwattmotor. • VariabiepowefClll'ltrOl. • Fully variable floor type

PANASONICMC..£SSW UPRIGHT ClEANER. • 900watt motorv.l1!l variaI:ie

powerClll\tJOl. • WaD IDwalI cleaning.

seIeaor. .WdeuacX~~

• Reusable dJst bag. • AutDmaIic carpet height

cleaning. • Triplesttetd! hose \II) !O8


• Bagfulindicator.



• BagcheckindicalOr. .Siln!T1!IISabItdustbag. • Airlreslleller. • Built-lntClOis, • Weight 16,SIb approx.

• Cord5lDlagewnh autll cool


• Suit·inDO!S.

•.~I6.1lb~ Headarr4l.

• Exttnded guannt!!e availablr on this ptOduct,

• ExtencIed guarantee availableon this product. _.,.493. cat. No. 40514801 £169.00


Cat.No. 405/4m


PANASONIC MC·E44 UPRIGHT ClEANER. .700watlmotor. • wall tqwa1J cleaning. • AuIOrna1ic catpet height ~t • 6rrtre reusable dust bag. • Dust bag fUl 1i1dica1Or. • 4 filler dean air system. • BuiIt·in tools. • B,EAB. approved. • Weight13Ab owox-


We offer a mail order senrice for vacuum deaner bags. filters and accessories. call 061-976 4505 (24 hrs)for aedit card orders or pick up a leaflet from your local Argos

• Exttndedgu;rantM availableon this product. _page493. cat. No. 40514674



~~."" ~~








CLEANER.180 watt motor. Mot9rdriven brush. Bell shaped nozzle for comers and edges. ideal for stairs. carSand pet haIr. Large heil'Yy dvty dust bag. 6 metre CCffd. 2201240V'!C malns. Cat. No. 405/4409 £39.50 2. GOBUN HANDY HAND·HELD MAINS VACUUM ClEANElt 1SOwatt motor, Hand·beld forstairs,cars and fight

deanlog. No dUst bags required. 5 mel1e cable with cOrdstorage. Wnhtool$, IJjjhtweight. Manilfacturer's 2-yearparts and labour guarantee. Cat. No. 405/4382 £18.50 3. BLACK & DECKER11C425 'SUPER SPIUBUSTER·. Wetand d.yhand-held rechargeable cordlessvacuum deaner. Powerfulsuction lor dirt and liquids.,wall mounting base. Washable filter, Squeegee attachment Plug ci)arger included. Cat. No. 405/4186 £26.50 4. HOOVER "DUBl·DUTY' WET & DRY CORDlESS RECHARGEABlE ClEANER. Lightweight. Powerful suction to pick up both dirt and liquids. Washaole anti·

bacterial m~.


Cat. No.40513118




Should you encounter jnitial diffiruftywith the operation of your deaner. contact theappropriate numberfor assistance: CUSTOMER SERVICES,


.cordlessvacuum deaner, Taddes everyday deaning tasks,Wall mounting base. Washable filter. Plugcharger included. Cat. No. 405/4090 £19.75 6. BLACK & DECKER HC 411 'DUSTBUSTER'. Hand·held rechargeable cordlessvacuum deaner. Tacklesevel)'day cleaning tasks. Upholstery brush and creo.1ce100lstored inwalt ll1()unting base. PllIQ charger included. Cat. No. 40514117


GOBLINAQUA VAC: 0345 089106 ElECTROlUX: 0582 585858 VAX: 0905 795959 HOOVER:03A5112113 BlACK & DECKER: 0753 500779

£24.]5 HC421 SUPER

·DUST8USTER·. Hand-held rechaI,geable c(I(dJessvacuum deaner. Powerful suction with upholstel)l blUsh and crevire tool ~ored in wall IiloIlnting base. Plug chaIger incfuded. Cat. No. 40514241 £29.25 8 €}SUPERSTORESONlY ELECTROLUX 'DUSTY". Hand·heId


rechargeable cordless vacuum deaner. Ughtweight and easy to use. Indudes IOOlsandwall mounL Weight O.6kg approx, Cat. No. 405/4784


VAWUM ClEANER. • PtO\lides 3P minutes01 v'aCUUmlngpowe<.


• Powereddeaning head.

• Fully~enclng handle. • Oetacn~ hand·heldunit


givesgreater ~bility of deaningaR arOund the home, • Includesaevi<e tool. • TOlalwelght9.2Ibappro,,:




Cat. No. 40514337

We offer a mail.order service for vacuum cleaner bag.s, filters and accessories. Call 061-976 4505 (24 hrs) for credit card orders or pick up a leaflet from your local Argos store.

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AQUA VAC BOXER WET/DRY VACUUM CLEANER. • l000wan molQr. • PIcks up domestic mess, bulkydebiis and liquids.

• • • •

20 6tre recO'll!!y lanlt. SlJppIied with fun let 01 tools. Topcanying handle. ManufacUJre(s2.year parts and labour guarantfe. Cat. No.



PHILIPSHR6676 TRfoVAC 3·IN-l ClEANER. .• S~carpels. deans up Ilquldsandvacuumsall in one ·tneco.le home vacuum cleal)el. • 1100 wan motor and spedaI blowing (ullClionleaves !he carpet dry.enough 10walk on. • Speciall1OZ1le for uphoIsleIY cleaning. • F~lselo"ools. furrnllrre


• 17 fille recl7i\'ry lank. • SISf\(!f bottle of shampoo.


available, see p;1ge493 for details. Cat. No. 405/4746 £139.00


GOBLIN PLUS l000WETI DRYVACUUM CLeANER. • l000wan m®lI. • FCifuseln~Clfgarage. • Pidsupawi<lc!langtof household din indudlng fiquids. • 22 hlle capacity lank. • Has1dy IleXSl,Olage.

• 10SOW81lmotor. • Variable speed switch. • A vacuUm cleanenhal

• Wilhlools • Manufacturer's 2·yearparu and labourguarantee,

capaciiy. • Cord Sioragef.xiIlly.

Cat. No. 405/4423


shampooscarpelS too. • Trl-tXMsures)'StemIOf icnpro'led II1ampooil19 and svong suction pow«. • 171111edryl13litrewet • All round lutniture guard • With 10015, carpel cleaning "uld. • Man"lactu!et's S·yea<parts guaflllllee Cat. No. 405/4760

GOBLIN MUm·SYSTEM. • Acompk!tehomecleaning SYSlemwf\lchcan ladeleall household ~aning!aSks ftom domesllc vacuuming, dearing up Roods and 01'1' waste, to carpel ck!anlng With the speoal blla(hmenl. • Handy fk!~storage. • l000W811 molCif. • Wide 10inch cleaning head.

VAX 2000 COMPlETE CARPET CARE MACHINE. • IOSOwatlmotorgivesyou mOle powet ICifdailY


• WashescarpclSand upholslery ~sn by circulalrng acjeanlng soIuuon

Ihrough the fibresand leaves carpelSdry enough 10 walk on.

• Aisosucjts upspills.

• Compk!lewill1tools and mliti·clean concenllalO. • Manufacture!'s 2-year parts and labou(guarantee.

solution. • 8.EA8.~<M!d

Cat. No. 405/3338

Cat. No.


• Whtuoo!s and cleaning • Manulacturfl's 2.year pans andlabo\IJ guarantee.



MUln·SYSTEM CLEANER. • 1000wan molar. • 3.nllesI1ampoo lank. • Blilledry

• 7litrerecOl'elYlank. • S stage filualionsystem· molOf filler, doth iBll!r,paper rdter. d~ bag and exhaust fi,,(!t. • 121i1re non·rMallle dust bag. • 6 metre cable. • Supploed With I~I aaessorie5 inct1Jding dryuphoiSlecy neule, crevice I1OZ1leand dUSling brusnand a Slaner boule of $Ilampco. • Plus3 FREfbottlesof

Vanish shampoo via

voucher. Extended guarantee available, seep;1ge 493 for details.

Cat-No. 405/4313



€) SUPERSTORESONLY VAX·POWA4000· CARPET (ARE MACHINE. • Variable pow« cO(l1,oI from 4SO·1200wall (max) lor gtealervaruumlngconllol. • Power assisted waslling

aaJon 01Slair5and upholstery. • Washes carpelS and upholsterydean by circuialing a dearing solution through the fibresand leaves carpelScrtenough to wa1k.on. • Also,sUds upspills.

• With loolsand cleaning solution. •!lM!d. • Manufacwrer's 2·yearpans andlabourguarantee.

Cat. No. 405/4818

£129.00 books_to_bytes


ARGOS MAil ORDER To cner far all yourneeds, we also offer a mall order Ml'Vicefor repiacementfllters for MoWI .... Tefaland De LanghI fryers. Slmplyc.1I 06'-9764505 (Z4hows) fora.ditcard orden or alternatively pick .. an order fannfrom your Argos store. ALL ITEMS WITH THIS SYMBol ARE SUPPLIED FITTED WITH A PLUG

Rise & fall baskets enable the raising and lowering of the basket without opening the lid.

MOUUNEX MASTERFRY COMPACT FRYER. • Upintoilcapacity. • I.3Ib food capacity. • lodinglid with anti-odo<Jr charmal fiher. • Pre-sel thermostat • Temperaturel!ght Cal No. 420/9412 E23.S0

I~' TEFAl SUPER DE LUXf 'COUNl'f" COMPACTFRYER. • 1.76Jlint 00 capacity. ·l.Ilbfood~. • Anti-odourchalCllal filter. • Pre-sellhe!moslill. • TI!I1)peI'atureCOOlrol5ghl. • B.EA8.iIjlfl!OIil'd.

• Other·Coor\ty"itemsavaiable. Cat. No.





CORDON8lEU 2 HEATSLOW COOKER. • 53 plntcapacity.


• ;z heat leIlin9S. high to low, • TemperallA'econllOl. • Removable Crod:pol • Cool toUcb body. • !'leOn power indicalOt. ·Redpe~t. Cat. No. 42 114672

.4ApintOiI~. .2.2Ibfood<.apaOty. .loding lidwithanti-odour charmal filter. • Pre·setthermostat • Te~tureUghl. • CordslOfage.




• 4.4pint~ty. • 2 heat settings_. • Av1omaticallyswitchesllomhiglllo Iowsettil1g. • Removableceramic ooci • Neon ~ Indicator. • Recipe booklet

pint oilcapacity. .2.2IbfoodcapadlY. • Hermeticallyse~lod:ing lid with new ~oved an~r charcoal ft~er. • Filler oonllol indicator. • Pre-set thermostat • locking basltet handle. • TempI!Iature cooliollighl.

• Other·EtemalBeau· itemsava8able. Cat. No. 421/2832 £32.50

• Cord~tOtage. . • B.fA8. approved._ • Other ·CooO'Y·items available. Cat. No.

TOWER 'COUNTRY SJYl.E' AUTO SlOWCOOKfR. • 53piillcapadty. • 2heatsettingsplu~auto. • SwitclJes autotnatlcaliy110m high to Iowsetting. • Rernovableceramicoock. • Cool toodt body.




• Neonpowerindicator. Cat. No. 42013676

SWAN 'ETERNAl BEAU· FRYER• • 4.4pintolf~. • 1.odcing rdwith anti-odour charcoalliltet. • Variable thermostat. • Neon ioolCdtodlgllL • Other ·Ete,nalBeau·ltems

SUNBEAMMUm SLOWCOOKER ANDCROCKPOT. • fl'fS> roasts, casseroles. stews and

available. Cat. No.

bakes. • Non stickcoated. • COOI'eItS 10sIowoooket with ceramlc aodc.


• fultywashable. • I\emovabIe thermostatic probe. Cat. No.421/4122 £46.50



MORPHY RICHARDS "SAfE 'N' ctfAN COOl'NAlL FRYeR. • 4.4 pint oifcapacily.

TEFAl5UPER SAfETY ELITE FRYeR. • 3.5pint oil capaciIy. • 211b food capacity. • Hermetically sealed lading III withantkJOOur chatalaI fil1ef. • J're.set thermostaL • Rise & laUbaskeI control. • TeI\l)eratIR control bghl


• 2.21b rood """';ty.

.~Iid;:U;~~ washable filter.

• Variable thermostat


• Rlst& fanbaslieL • CooIwaQ. • Non-stid(boWl Snil1g. • UnIQue rerno--abIe. dishwa5l>er sa~bowI and lid.

• TlITll'rlbel. • Cord storage,

• VrM9w!ndow. e Condensation nap.

• B.EAB.~

Cat. No.

e Non1IIp lei!t andaxd storage. e McwMa<:bftr'S 2.year


9~· Cat. No. 421/4098





.1SpintOiIcapaci!y . • 2.2Ibfoodcapacity. • ~lIystaiedlodi1glll with anb-odoUt super charcoal fillerand fi~er control1tdcator onlld • Prf-stl thermostat. • Rist & lambasket. • CooIwa" • TemperaturecontrolllglL • B.fAB,approved. Cat. No. 421/2904

elodci1glidWlthwashabie ft~et thai,_. rlftds replaong. e Vilflabk!thermO$taL • RIse & IaII basktl • Cool wag. • NoII-stk\: IxrM fining. • VltWlngwindow

e 4.4 pill Ctlcapadty. e 2.2Ibfood~ty.

• TeI\l)er8lurtllghL

• Cord storage.

Cat. No.






• 4.4p1oto.capaciIy. • 2.2111food capaciIy. • Locking Iid""th antl-odoUt chartoaI filter. • vatlalile thermostat • Rise &fall basket. • Cool wall. • Cord$l(l<agf Cat. No.

• 4.4 pint oil c:apaoty. • 2.2Ilfood~ty.

.lodtingl;dWlthwashablefdter that,_. rlftds replacing. • variable thermO$tal • RIse &fan basket v.t\jdl

autOlllatJCil!ly riles aher CIlObnglimt. • CooIwiJIL • Non·sttdtboYAGniI1g • Tlmerlbell. VIEWIngwindow. • Ternperal\lrl! IlgIll • CO!dstoragt. Cat. No. 421/2399 £79.95


I~~I DElONGHI ROTOFRYERS, Require hall the usual amount 01 011 wt1idI mecm w,;ng


ternperaturescanbertached more rapicIy andma:nWled longer. The angled basktu revoM! on a motoriledaxil, !eSUltingin the foodbeing atternatelycipped into and taken oulol the hotoiL Food is left unifofm!y fried, less satll:aled and aisper. Shoutd anobstacle hamper the progress 01 the baskt~ It rMBeSitSrotallon automatical~. Both fi)'I!15 feature: • 1.7Spintolicapadty. • 211b food capaCIty. • H~icaIIy sealedfid¥Oth

17. DElONGHI FPEC COOL WAlL ROTOFR'fER. • Also featuresatJniqueoIIdsaln tubev.t.i<h allows oil 10be rl!lTlO'ledeasi~ ¥Otl'ou! 1l!In1(1g

the ftyef (Mr. eCooIwafi. Cat. No. 421/4108


arui-odoufd\ilfcoal filter.

• Variable thermostat. • Safetyrlle&falibaske\. • Condensation coIIetmg


• TeI\l)erature controllighl • Cord storage.


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HINARI2 SLICETOASTER. • Vafiable b!C1Nning COIltrol. • Hingedaumti"uay. Cat No. 421/2296 £11.95

HINAAI "COUN1RY KITCHEN" '2 SLICETOASTER. • VariablebrC1Nning (onllol. • Hinged qumb tray. Cat. No. 421/3563 £11.95

9NAN 2 SUCE TOASTER, • 6 posllionvaria~ browning coouol. • frozen bread setting. Cat, No. 421/1462 £14.75


• Varlalliewid'ih'bread ,slots, • Frozen bread sellIng, • Hinged crumb tray, • COfdS1Orage. Cat. No. 421/4012 £19.50

RUSSEll HOBBS "SEASONS COLLECTION" 2 SU(E COOL WAlL TOASTER. • 1positlOO microchip browning control,

• Variable width biiad slots. • Frozen bread setting.

• Mid·cycle canc~ oouoo. • COfd stOlage, • Other "Seasoos Colleaion" items ava1lable. Cat No. 421/4029 £21.50



• EIectronlc variable brownlog cootrol. • Frozen bread setting. • Mkkyde taIl(el ootton • Crumb nay, • Cord S!OIage_ • Non-srrp feeL • Manufacturer's 2·year guara~. Cat. No, 421/4562 £19,50

• Miaochip blownlng mnnol. • Wide loasling slots. • Mid·c:ycI!!cancel Moo. • O~ -CoumryStyfe'ilems available. Cat. No. 421/4579 £19.50

KENWOOD 2 SLICETOIXSTER. • Variable,browning cootrol, • Variable width bread slot • Frozen breadsening. • Grumbtray. • Cord storage. Cat. No. 421/,4036

lmorphif richardsl SUNBEAM 2 SUCE COOL WALL TOASTER.


• 6~\!onbrOWl1lngcootrot • Varia~ width bread slot. Cat, No. 421/4586 £16.95

• 7 POSItion tl)lqocflip brow011lg


• Variable widlh bt~ad sIOl, • Mid·cycIe cancel buttoo, • COld storage. • Other "CounIlyStyle- items


Cat. No. 421/3628



IRussell Hobbs



• 7 positionmiaocn;p.browning coollill, • Variab~widlh bread slot. • t,fld~c'anctfbllnon. • Cordstorage. • Olller "Reflections" items avanable, Cat. No. 421/3594 £21.50


• El«)loni( b'oIYIling, • Vadable width bread slot. • Integ(alfrozen bread setling. • FuUlengthaomb uay. .Cordstor~. • Other 'EtemaIgeau" items


Cat. No. 42114593



4 SLICE TOASTERS HINARI4 SLICE TOASTER. • VariablellfGWnill9cootroi. • HingEdoumbuay. cat. No. 421/4603 £16.95

HINARI "COUNTRY KITCHEN" 4 SUCE TOASTER. • VariablebrOM1ingronrrol. • Hinged (n,mb Iray. cat. No. 421/3635 £16.95

~ENWOOD 4 SLICE TOASTER. • VariabiebfOMlIllgCOOlroL • Frozen bfead senMlg • Crumb she". Cat. No. 421/1967 £21.95

SWAN'CLAS~C'4SU(ECOOL WALL TOASTER. • 6 position varialliabrowning control. • EJearonic ronuol. • Frozen bfeidsenlng.

• Cntnbuay.

• Ccrdslorage Cat. No. 42113642


IKENWOOD I SWAN "mRNAl BEAU" 4 SLICE COOL WAll TOASTER. • vaoaIJIebrowolng rontrol WlIIl eIecI1onoc stnl()(. • Frozen bread sening. • Crumbuay • Cord storage • Other '(lema! kau' Iterns avadiIble. Cat. No. 421/3776 £27.50

RUSSEll ti08BS 'COUNTRY STYLE" 4 SLKE TOASTER. • 7 posilion microchip va. blown'll!l coouol. • Mkkydecancel bonoo • varoaije widlh breid slOIS. • Other 'COlJnuyS~"ltemS ava,lable Cat. No. 421/2784 £24.75

RUSSELLHOBBS "REFlEaIONS" 4 SUCE TOASTER. • 7positionmlCJochlp boowI'Iing tonlrol. • Variablfwidthbreidslol~ • Mid<)'de caned button. • Cord lIorage. • Olher 'ReftectfOOS" 'I~avilliable Cat. No. 42114043 £28.50

RUSSElL HOBBS "SEASONS COllEcnON" 4 SLICE COOL WAlL TOASTER. • 7 position mJcrochipvariable browning tonuol • variablewidlh breid sIoU • Frozenbreidsettill9. • MJej·qde cancel button: • Cord storage. • Other "Seasons Collection' ;,~ avaaable. cat. No. 421/2791 £29.50



ELECTRONK 4 SlICE COOL WAlL TOASTER. • Vanaille coouol willi • slot. "Hi-RISe"Iao!ityfilis loast cleat 01 eIearonocbrownong _ • Varialliewidthblead~ • ToucIIcontrol I102enlnad, manual ejeam~rideandreheat

• Tw!nho~crumblrays. • Ccrdllorage. cat. No. 421/1974




TOASTERS FROM ONLY books_to_bytes

rr.=\l ~



HINARI SANDWICH TOASTER. • Takes 1 rouodol~. • Seals~edges. • Noo-sticke<sjdean P,iates. • lIe<IctttlXllOlt irldicatOf. • Cord stoiage.

KENWOOD ElECTRIC HANDHELD CAN OPENER. • Opens allstandaldsize cans. • Magneticlidholdef • • Dismantles forcleaning. cat. No. 421/3680 £9.75




• • • • • • •

Takes'2rour,dsofsandwiches, Seals sanctwich edges. , Noo-stick easyde.m plates. Ready·tCKooklndicatOf. Cord storage. S.EAB. apprCMd. Manufacturer's2·)'Nf guarantee. ' cat. No. 421/4610 £19.50

• Opens aHstandard sill! cans. • Magnetic lid hoIdes, • IlOsmantlesloreasy cleaning. • COld Storage" • Other "ReQections" items available. Cat. No. 421/4146 £9.75



• Takes2!OOndsor~ • Exdusiye CUlilnd seal action. • Oeepscalloped 1lOMtid: coaU!d plates. • Neon power and ready·to·use

• Opeos all standald sizeocans. • MagI1eIlc lidholder, .lntegralknifeshaJpener. • Dlsmantleslorea$j'cleaning. • Cord SIOfage. • 01her "CounuyStyle· items available. Cat. No. 421/4689 £12.75


• SlJitabIe for up-ight sto<age. Cat. No.



KENWOOD HEaRIC KNIFE. • Se<rated Slainless steel blades. • Pl6h buttoo blade release. • Safetyonloff'buuon, Cat. No.

• Takes1 rounds 01sandwiches. • variable browning control. • Udusive Cut and seal aaion. • ~p sta!lOpednon·stidt coated




• Neonpowerand ready·to-use lOOicato~ • Suitable rOt ~pright storage. cat. No. 421/4081





• Selfsha!pening blades. • Additional set 01coarse ll4ades. • WaUsupport. Cat. No.

• Takes 2 rounds 01Wdv.iches. • Non-stn easy dean coolting plates. • ReadylO cool< and powe( 00 inCKator lights.• COld Storage faaiity. • Other ·E~N)aI8eau· itemsaYailable. cat. No. 421/4782 £22.75





StleER. • Uniquesafeiyfeaturemeansb!ade 1";1not tlJm unless rood holder and safety hand guard are inposition. • Thicknessaq'uslmem. • Removable stafl11esssteell$de. • foodcolfeC1ion tray. • f<lidsforstorage. cat. No.

• Takes4 !OOnds 01sandoMches. • fJrdusi\oe cut andSeal action, • Oeep scalloped non-stidt ~oated plates. • Neon power and ready 10 use indicators. cat. No.





KENWOOD POWERUNf HAND M1XEII. ' • 3~. • Slainiess steel beatClS. .WallbracXeL • 120watl,

Cal No.



MOUUNEX TURBO HAND BLENDER. • S~steeI blade• • Whisk anachlllenL • Measuring beaker and filtergob!eL • Detacl1abfearm for de.lt1ing . ·l5Owatl.

Cat. No.



IKENWOOD I sao HAND MIXER. • 3 spero, • Metal sulp beatel5W11h pu$h

PHIUl'S Hili


• Wall brnckel. • cord Storage. .170watl. • B,E.A.8.approwd,

Cat. No. 42114469

I t.




BRAUN • MULTIQUICK' 350 SET. • Three aooIiances inone . • Hand bfeOder haSs~nieSS$teef blades for liquidising, bItn6ng and


• Choppefattadvne!lt also haS stainless steel bladeS lor cI10ppmg nulS and hems. onlcm, brei!dclllml)s eIC. • Whisk attacl1lroent for aeam. egg oMlitesand evenst.nnmed milk; • l111eespeeds for Wlsatilily. • Wall bracket. IOOwatL • 'iupplied cOi'npk!teWilli beaker.

Cat. No. 421'3783



KENWOOD MINI CflOPPER. • 0.2pint (apiI01y, • Chops mt&t. rlSh.nutsand breadclIJlliIs etc, • Makesmayonnai!e .

• ~tspero,

• Safely inlerlocijng fid.

Cat. No. 42114768



SAlTONYQGURT MAKEII, • Mali.esl4llo S POlS(1.25 pin! 3P1l'oxl • Combinedmeasuring spoon and yogon thermometer. • Wihlsbmaltedlpsandfrcmagefrais, • 'nmeout' dlalto indicate yogun Is ft'ady, • Glass polS.

Cat. No. 421/4809


Isalim I MOULINEX 728 HAND BLENDER. • Pulse action. • Stainless stee! blade. • De~arm fQ(cieanlng • HOwall




KENWOOD Bl300 BLENDER. • 1.75 pinl capacity. • Staiofess Stee! btm. • Wide base ensuresst.lbility. • Cord storage. .3001N8IL

Cat. No. 421/4005


MOUUNEX BLENDER/MILL .1.75p1ntcapaClly. .lock~lld. • Malauachmeol for nutS, coffeeelc • COld storage. .380wan.

cal No.



PHIUPS BLENDER/MilL • 2.6 pontcapacity

• Mill attachment fornulS,


• Two speed plus poise.

• Detachable blades: • Two pan lid. • Non·slip!eeL • Cord storage • • 4OQwan

C;st.No. 42,,4555







MOULINEX MASTERCHEF 350 . • '.4pint~, • 1.8Ibdryweigtucapa(ily.

KENWOOD HM400 HAND MIXER AND STAND. • Makes Up to 2.5ibofcakemix. • Sspeed. • Detachable SUind.bowl and SlBlniess steel beaters. • ROlaung bowl.

• Single Sjlee(I and pIJ!se, • Twin feedenube. • Slainless steel {hopping blade. • Staillless steel OISCinsetllOl shreddiag. gral'ng and slJcing • WhlslclngdiS(.

• COld SIOIage• .300wall.

• ,80wan.

Cat. No. 421/4476

• Plus FREEleI 014 kflchenknives.

Cat. No. 421/2636





l_~~~. ~,.,..

It..-io......-.. __


I 4 pint cap;JChy. 3lbdryweighICapacily TWIOSjlee(IandllUlsc. Slainless SIi!ef knife bIOOe. Slalnless sleel snap III blades 101 slandard shredding al1(J slICing, • Dishwasher safebowi • Cord SlOlage.

KENWOOD Al80 CHEFETTEHAND MIXERANDSTAND. • Makes~lo2,Slbof((lkemix. • 3 speed. • DeliKhabie stand, powej driven

bowl. I pml blerlder auachmenl

.400wan . • Plus FREE(lIIUIpress, Cat. No. 421/4500 £49.50

and stainless sleel beaters.

• 190wall. Cat. No. 42114483





Makes up 10 6Ib 01 cdke mix Varrable el~uonl(speed comrol. UniquepanclarymoongaC1ion. IllCludes'K" cake miKbealer. ballooo whisk. dOIJgh hook. • SOOwait • Plus fREE splash guard

• • •

1.4 pint capacrl'( 2.6Ibdryweightc~ly. 3speedlelHngsal1dllUlle. Stainless Sleel chopping blade. PlastIC blade (or beadnglblendlng Slalnl~ Sleet diSCS for .slicing, graling and (hipping. Whisking (fISC, COld SIOl<fge.

• 4OOwan. Cat. No.

Cat. No. 42113752






KfNWOOO fP310 GOURMET. • 1.75pi"lcapacity~USedWllh rna» blendcanopy, • 31bdryweight capacity. • T...;n speed and pulse. • Stainl& steel knife blade. • Stainless steel disG for standard shreddingand 5IiOng and a

• • • •

US pili capacity . 3Jlbdtyweightcapacity. 1.75 pint blender anachmenl Variable speed and pulse. • T...;nleeder wbe. • Staiolelssteel dloppIng blade. • Plasticblade for bea~nding.

• MetaiwIlist • St~51ee1djsGforsrlCing. gratingaoochipplng. •

chipping disc.

• Ooughtool.

• PadOleeggwNsk. • IiisITNas1Jersafellowl.

• SOOwall • Plus fREE selol 41citd1en knives.

• (Of(! stO<age.

• 400 watt • Plus fREE IiIluspieS. Cat. No.


Cat.No. 421/4490

MAGIMIX'3000. • 2 pint capac:!ty, • {Sib d1y weight capacity. • Mini processor 101 quaotilles. • AUtomaticspeed(l)lluoi aoo pulse. • Stainless sleel dloj)ping~. • Plasticdoogl1blade. • Stain1essSleel cIiscs lor sIlcingI

KENWOOI> FP5OS. • 1.8pint capacilywllen used~h maxi blend canopy. • 3b<lJyl'leighl~. • 1.75pinl~ndefall~t. • variable speed and pulse. • Stainless steel chopping blade. • Stainless5leef cIiscs lor (standard and fine) slicing. shredding and a chipplng.disc. • Oough tool. • Twinbeater geared whisk. • Dishwasher saf~bowl.



• Gearedeggwllisl,

• OoubIe~spi!bila. • LargeshanelJl'OOlbowi. • StotageUQ)'. • Card storage. • 650 wall commercial grade indtJctioh motor.

• Cordstorage.

.5OOwall. • PlusFREE mea -Food P.roces!O< (ocker( by Michael Bar!y. Cat. No. 421139&9 £84.50

• Manufacturets5~year

guarantee on motor.

eat.No. 421/4517



KENWOOD FP700 . • 2.1 pinlcapadlywhenusedwitl1

MOUUNEXGENIUS 1000. • 5pintcapacity. • 4.4Ib dryW!lght capacity. .1.7Spi\tb!e®erattachment • Aut9lllatical~ 5e1S correa Speed for luke exuaaorldtnls press. • ~rity ~em green IiglJI indic.1tes acces.sory COIlecUy placM, red light ifincooeCtly piCKEd· ptOCeSSOfWlll not function. • CardIMnd. • vaiiablespeed .• Qigitalcfisplay. • P!JIseIIUlbo buttons. • Metal blade. dough hook ar)d whisk. • ~graril)gJs!icin9discs. • MagnetiCse<urityplate. Cat. No.

maxiblend~. • 4.9lbdryweighl~. • 2 pinl bIeoder altacIunenl • Twinfeeder tubes. • Twin speed andpu1se. • Slainlesssteelchopping blade. • Stainlesssteeidiscs lor(SlaOCIaId and fine) slveddil'f!l and sflringand achipping disc. • ~ whlslt and dough tool. • Oislr.\oashef sale bowl. • Cord storage. • COYer• • 600wall • PJusfREEmuilimi1l1or~lfee and2~ caL No.








MElI.£IlWARE Kmlf. • Maxcapadly2.6pint • 2200watt. ·8.EA8.approved. Cat. No. 42111682

KENWOOD KETTtf. • Max capacity 3 pint. • Water levelirxicator. .2200wan. Cat. No. 421f2162




• Maxcapacity 3 pilI. • Water1MlindicalOr. .2200~ cat No. 421/0322


HADENKEmE • Maxta;lilCi1y3porn. • .5afeIy krling6d. • WalerleoeillldiCalOr •• 2400wan. • ptusFREE~s3-year 9uarantee via in-padc leaflet. cat. No. 42111716 £14.95

HADENKmlf. • Maxcapacity 3 pin!. • Wilhwater IMls9n gauge. • 2400wan. cat. No. 421/4359 £11.95

MOIU'HY RIOlARIl5 KETfl£. • Maltcapaoty3 pjnt

• waterlellEt.oc;noc. ·2200war•

TE.FAl'COUNl'Y' KETTtf. • Max capacity3 pint • Scale freewaterlMl indiGIlOf.


• aEAa ajlJlIlM'd.

• Manutacturer's2·yearguatan!ee.

Cat No. 421/4342

SWAN 'ClA5S1CWHITE" KEmE. • Maxcapacity2.6pinl. • Water level indicator. • Non-slipfeet. • 2200wan. • Other "ClaSlicWlile' ilemsavailable. Cat. No. 42113367 £14.50

£ 15.50

• Other -Coonty" hems available.

cat. NO.421f3013


PHILIPS FILTERUNE KETTtf • FinedWlth a removalJle. washoble ~Iill! nltel designed 10prM0111in)esca1e panides ~ng poo-ed inloyourdtink. • Maxcapaoty 3pint • Hflged IoctitIg lid • Watfflevel indicator. • Neon powe!indicatOl •

• 2200 watt. cat. No. 421/3790




Simply IItt kettle 10 dlsconnecl

MOUUN&X CORDLESS KrnLE. • ~ capacity 3 JlIn~

• Water levelindicalOf. • Non-slip fee\. • nOOwan. Cat. No. 42113886

from base.

HADEN CORDLESS KrnLE • Max capacity 3pint • Safety locking lid

MORPHY RICHARDS CORDLESS KEmE. • Max capacity 3 pint

• Wale(ievellridicaIOf•• 2200walt. • PlusfREEmanufacturer's 3·yeil. guarantee via in-pad< leaflet Cat. No. 420/8736 £18.75

• Waterlevel.ndkaIOr. • NOIl'lHpteet.. 2200wan • S.fAB. apprO'/eO • Manufa<turef's2·yearguarantee. Cat. No. 421/4366 t 19.45

SWAN "CLASSIC WHilE" CORDLESS KmlE • Maxcapacity 2.6plnt. • Waler levellndicatOl'.

• 3waycordoutle\S)'Ilemi~base. • Non·$I!P.'ee~• 2200 wall.

• O!h« Classic W!1lle'ltem$aI'ailable. Cat. No. 421/3398 £19.50


KrnLE. • Max capacity 3 pnt,

• xalerreewater leveliOOicalOl ·2200walt.

MORPHY RICHARDS FILTtRMASTtR CORDLESS KmLE. • With spouLScale fiiler 10'etoove 1imescaIe. • Mampacity 2.6 pill1. • f11f19'dlocki!l9 Od. • Twinwalerie'JI!fi11daIM forlehlrtght hand use. • Neonpower indicaiOf.

• 2200wat~ • Manufacturer'sz-yea.rguaranlee. Cat. No. 421/4407 £26.50

IlUSSELLHOBBS 'SEASONS COLLECTION" CORDLESS KrnLE. • Wilh scale filterto remove hmescale partkJes. • ~ capacity 3pint • Water~ india!!01 onlelt olIld ikJht • Power looicatOl visible on left and right • Cord sto<aQe/non.slip feel•• 2200 walt

• Pfus2fRlEmugsviavoiKMrseein·store forejetails. • Other'SeasonsColleaion'ilemsavaJlable. Cat. No. 421/4397


PHILIPS FtlTERUNE CORDLESS KEntE. Fmed with a ~able. washable. Joog hiefiller. designedto preventtimescaleparticles being poured into your dnnk. • Max capadty 3 plnl •• Hingedlockinglid. • Waler level ipdicator. • Neon power IIldicalOl.

• COldslOlage With 2 GlIdetpositions. • Non-slip (eel, • 2200 watt. Cat. No. 421/3800 £29.50


• Otht>r'County' tiemsavaiable. cat. No.421/4380 £24.75 .'_




MORPHYRICHARDSSTAINlESS STEELKETTLE. • Maxcapadty 3pint. • PdIshed Slai~ Sleej body • • lid or lpOOtfdl .2000f2400wan.

• Mamifacturer's2·~ar guarantee. Cat. No. £24.75 421/4311


PHIUPS HD4384 KEmE, • Max capacity 3 piIlt. • Safety IcxX~ lid. • 2200wan. ·8.EAB.~. Cat. No.

• Maxcapacity3 pint • Polishedstainless steel body. • Plasti.clid • • WaterlevElindicalor. • NO!1-s1ipieet • 2400 wan. • B.EAB. approYed. Cat. No.




MORI'HY RICHARDS KEmE. • Maxcapadty 3pill!. ·UdOl~fiI1. • Safetylod:io$llid. ·Z200watt. • B.EA8.apprOYed. • Manufactum's 2-year

SWAN 'ClASSfCWHITE' CORDtESSKEmE. • Max<apaeily 3pinL • UdorspoutllJl. • StaycoOlsaf~lod:inglid. • 3 waycordoutfetS}'Siem in base. • Ncfl.sjipfeeL .2200waU. • Other 'CJassjcWljr,e"items available. . Cat. No.

guMantee. Cat. No. 42113824

SWAtf"ClASSlCWHll£' ~ElTlE. • Non-slip

rubOOr feel

• largespoutIOleasyfi •. • 2200 wan. • Other "(JasslcW!lite"lterns available. Cat. No.

PHIUPS CORDLESSKmtE . • Maxca~1)'3pinl • lidorspout fill • Safety Iodciog tid. • Neon power indicator. • Non,s!ip{eet. • CordslOfagewith3 outfet positions. ·Z200"l3tL • B.EAB: <lflPIoYed. Cat. No.


421/4328 SWAN"ETERNAl



• Maxcapacity 3 pint • Cool touch lid with twist Jock actiOn.



• Waterlew!ltld'ocaiOr. • Non-sj~IlJbber-leet • Olher "Elemal Beau" kerns w<\ilab!e. Cat. No.




• Maxcapaci!y 3 pint • Cool walf lid wilh twist Jockaction.


KEffiE. • • • •

Maxcapacity 3 pint PoIiShedstainlesssteeibody. Plastic lid. Wate! level indc.ator. • Non·sip feet • 2400 watt. • B.E'AB:aiJjJ(oYed.



COlLEcnON" KElTlE. • • • •

Maxcapati'Y:3 pint. lid OfSl1!)IIt t;1t. Sl< PIaSlic lid and lpOO~ Neon poWer indicator.

RUSSEll HOB8S "COUNTRY SlYlE" C01lOlBS I(EmE. • With ~Ie r~lertorenlO'le-imesc<lle

• Water lew! IldicatOf. • No!!·srlPf~. 2400wau.

.~1)'3pinl • Udoqpoutnu. • Safel)'1oddng lid. • Water level indialtO(. • Neon poWer inootor. • Non·sIlpfeet.. Cord~torage. • 2200watt. • Other "COOfltryStyIe'llern5 available. . Cat. No.

• Plus RleE 2 mugs via voud1er. See in-store for details. • Other "SeasoosCoIIeaion" items

available. No. 421/2478


421/4335 books_to_bytes


ROGANTRAVElKfTllE SET. • Maxcapadty 13 pirt.

KETTlE. • Ma>ccapilCity I.OSpint

• f(fll~use.


• Eor1Jcr.'eIIhomeIeYeI)'dayuse

• Auto swiIch off. • NeonpoWerindica1Dr. • 0etad1abIe lead. • 900 watt • Univmalvoilage 110-2«lV at. CaL No. 42113422 £11.75

• AutosvritdJoli. • De1achabIeJead. ·900watt • IJrweIsaI YOItilgel00-24OV at. .1ndudes2~ caLNo. 421f3109 £12.95


• ~YOItilge 120-2«lV at. • 1ndudes2 ~ 2lpOOr\'S andteal a&!blllal ~ inside. Cat. No. 421/4854 £14.75


vegelables. • 2V.pintcapadlypUpcornairlef. • Cord SlOIage.

• • • • • • •

Auto 5Wltd1-off when tea is ready. Usesteabagsaleao.e. Neonoololfiitdicator. Oriptray. Cad staage. Includes 2 smaB~. wall OlOIIfltable. cat. No. 421/4452 £23.50



• Auto sv.itch off. . • Concealed noMtict coated element

PHlliPSTEAfORlWOTEAMAKfR. • Walffl~ foronea IWOsmall

MOUUNEXJU1CE EXTRACTOR. • SUi1able lor use with hard fruitand

Cat. No. 421f3192

PlKO MINI Kf11lE. • Maxcapacity 13pint.


@ SUPERSTORES ONLY KENWOOD CITRUSJUICER. • Alltostar1fstop. • Rellerse action motor. • Separate 700m! jug ~ off lor pouring. • Cad storage. cat. No. 42114775 £14.75

SODA STREAWGEM1NI' AZZY DRINKS MAKER. • Makesupto I iileoffizzydtm-at the touch 01a button. • Automaticdoa opening. • Supplied withgas cyfmder. sample '/.liIteconcerlttate, plus t and 'll fueimpaclIesiStam bo!tles. cat. No. 841/0537 £26.99

SWAN COMPACT AUTOlEAl COffE£MAKER. • Photo frame pallet • Removable ceramic: teapoL • IlIuninafedqtJilrtz qodt with alarm

andSIlOOIe. • Re!nIHabIe 2 cup tray.

• Illuminafedconuds. Ci!1.No. 42113958



• Moniloririg5)'5lffl1 measures liherlire • wm top water puriflef. • Motorized flow for fast and efIeaive filtralion. • ~ remove a widerange of lmpuri1les. • Cartlidge lastsb 300 itres depende!lIOO legion. • Jug capaciIy2 Gtres. • 240V de mains. Cat. No. 87010694 £59.00



Capildty2,3 pint. BUMt-inhotpjate. Swing out filter holder. Permaoent filter. Non·dripvalve. TWVlwater gauges fOriargeand small cups. • "stc.ver Head" system fOl maximum flavour. • Other 'SeasonsCoIlectiOn" items available. Cat. No. 421/3453 £28.50


~ENWOOD FILl'ER (oFfEE MAl(ER. • CapaCity 2.,3pim. • 10 cups<apaclty. • Permaoent swingOlJtw~ble niter. hotplate. • Hlgh t~rallJre • Waterleve1indltator. • Anti-dripvalve, • CordSlorage. Cat..No.421/4414 £19.75

MA~R. • Capac\ty 2.4 pint. • Bullt·in hotplate. • Heat resistant glass jtrgIndicating smaMa<gecupcapacities. • Swing out filter holder. • Non·drip valve. • M;!QnifiedVW!er level iI1dicator. • (O(d storage • Illuminated wof! switch. Cat. No. 421/4720 £29.50

MORPHY RICHARDS ~FE' RIO ESPRESSO/CAPPUCCINO COFFEE MAKER. • 2-4cupsesplesso~city. • Steam noule froths milk lor


• • • • • • •

Permaoent stain!ej.s steel filter. Heat resistant jug. RernovaOledrip lJay. Safety pressure valve. Neollpower IndiCator. Plus FREEpack of coffee. Manufacturer's 2.year guarantee. Cat. No. 421/4421 £36.50



COmE MArtER. • • • • • •

Capacity 2.6 pint. 8uilt·inexlJa hothotplille. Heat resistant glass jug. Permanellt filter. Anti·dripvalve. Water lewl,ndicator. Cat. No. 421/3903

~resso or 2 cups cappuccino capacity. • Uniquelpa!ented ·froth enhancer'" fO(perfectc.apptr<tino. • Complete with glass jug. 2 cup. adaptor and measuring sppon. • Refr,oyabJedrip tray. • Cord storage. • Plu$FREEfrothin.gmllk~!1' Cat. No. 421/3460 £64.50 • 4 cups


• Variosystem lor maJ\lmum OBYOur. • Mrtk frother with air inclusion design. • Glasscatafeand2cupadaptO(. • Ret1)OIIabledrip tray. • Swivelsteam pipe. • On/off pilotlighl • Plus FREEeasy to use instruction video. Cat. No. 421/4438 £39.95




filtel coffee features Indude: • 8cup (l.9pinO capacity. • BUilt·inlhermostaticaJ!tcontrolled hotplate. • HirtQedf~ter holder fOfeasy fllfiog and' cleaning/permanent nylon filter. • Non-drillvaNi! •• Walergauge. • Ileatleslstant glass jug .. EsprewGljlIlIJCcino fearures include: • 4 cup ~reslO capacity. • Permanent stainlessst~ filter. • Steam nozzleJO(frothIng, • Heal resistant jug. • RemovabJedrlp tray. Cat. No. 421/4445 £59.50

Capadly 2.1 Mt. BulIt-l'n hotplate. Unique higl) speedpump. Showerheadsystetnfornmlmum Oavour. • He~t rellSfallt g~ss jug. • Permanentstalnless steel filterwilh swingoutfliter .• Anti-dripva1ve. • Water level iQdicator.• S.EAB. aeproved. Cat. No. 421/3927 £22.50 • • • •


@SUPERSTORES @ SUPERSTORES ONLY MOUUNEX DUOMO COMBI GOFFEE MAKER. • Makes espresso. CilJlI)lJd:lfloand Ililer(Ol!ee. .'.9Pntfihercapacity. • 10cupf~tercapacily. • Removable swing out fiileil1Olde<. • Nylon permanent fillfi. • Steam rtQZZle.

• Glassjug.

E5pressI)'cappoccino feawres indtJde: .4·cupesjl!essocapac;iy, • Pe«naneotfiher. • SteaITItube for frqthing. • GlassGllafe. • Drip.tray. • CordstOlage. Cat. No. 421/3471 £89.50

• An~-dripsystem. • 4 CI4le5IlfeSSO capacity.


• Collee spooo.

• On/o« switch Iorfilter and ~esso function~

• Cordstorage.

Cat. No. 421/4144


RUSSEll HOBBS FILTER.ESPRESSo/ CAPl'UCCINOCOFfEE MAKER. Filtercof!ee features incitJde: • 8 CI4l(1.9 pint) filtercoffee c:apaOty, • BUilt-inhotplate. • Sli;fngoutfilterholdedor cisposable filtoo. • Non-drip valve. • Watccgauge.



GRILL • Max J)O\'Rr 2000 walt • CM!ncapacityo.6cuft • 10 position tilefmostat in lempe<ature cllnlCol • Protected qtJaf1Z elementgri!l; uilla {a51warmup. • Grills as il on embe!s. • 90 minute timer. • Use as O\'eIlOJ grill. • NCIl'5lic:kbaking tray. • Self-dean Unillg. • Sill! 17l/oxI 5l/.~11'/.inch high approx. cat. No. 421/4696 £87.50



RUSSELl HOBBS ClASsic STAINLESS STEEL PERCOLATOR. .2·12cupcapadl}', • AutQlllalically keepscolfee 1101. • SlainleS5 steel filler basket and pelcolaull91ube• • Ready to seM' indl(atOJ light Cat. No. 421/4737 £39.50

CORDON BLEUMINI OVEN WITH TIMER. • Max power 2000watl. • Ovencapacil}'0.52 cult. • IOOm"'ute timer. • Selfdeafllng Interior. • 2 position slltU. • Enamelled baking uay. • Roast1!l99rid• • Powe!(l)(d hader. • Size17'hX'12I(.~10'/. inch high approx. Cat. No. 421/4799 £69.95


• MaxJlO\'VI!r2SOOwan. • CM!ncapadty0.9 cuIt. • 7poWon~rrnOsGllktempelalure conbol . • llntegrall1Otp!ates lorlrying or oolilng. • \Jseasoveo0l9rilL • Baking tray and gijll radt. • S® W/.. 14'1/ x 13J/ii~ high 3P1l'OlC.



All items with this symbol are supplied fitted with a plug.

CORDON BlEU DOU.BLE BOILING RING. ·2.IOOOwatlllngs. • 5heal sewngs. • RemOvabIedripuays. • Sile 20'/i.11.3 inchapprox. Cat. No. 421/41 53 £34.95


DElONGHl MW300. • 700wanOU1pU1.


• • • •


0.6QJIiin\eriorc.apadty. Spower~ngsindudingderrOSl. 60 mIoute limer . 1111.75. WI9.S,D 14.2Sfndl


• W~133.5Ibapprox. Extendedguarantee avai~ this product,.seepage 493. Cat. No. 400/1256




~ ~


SAA1SUNG M6135. • 600 wan output

• Heatingc.ategol}"(.

The Benefits of a Miuowave Oven • Microwave ~

can be UIeCI for most types of cooking, for defrostin& and for reheating pre-prepared foods. • Cooidn, by microwave Is up to 75",... than a conventional and, as _ Is used, Is more economical. • Food cooked In a microwave remains nutritious and taSty Since tMfood Is cooked 10 quIddy that It retains more of Its aoodness. with of vitamins and minerals. Most food can also be cooked without the addition of fat.



How a Microwave Oven Works

• • • •





categOfy for small packs -..gtime


0.6QJltjn~rcapaOty. SIlOV(e(se!Iings. 3S miI1U~ timer. H to.3. W 18.6. 012.4 iociI

• Weigllt28.6!bapptox. • Supjitiedwith M',qofaas heIpcaId. Ex1efIded guarantee available on tfIis product. see page 493. Cat. No. 400/1005 £89.00

t\NIlng time.

By matchina up the Infonnadon on the food pack


with on ct.e own, you will be able to more KCUrately the head", time

MOUlINEX163101. • 650 walloulpUt • Heating c.ategcxy8. • O.SSQJ ftinter'IOrcapad!y. • Spqwersetlings. .30minulelimer. • H·10.8.W 17.9, 0 13.1ioci1

required. For further Information please call the Independent Food Safety AdvIsory Centre on 0800 2820407. -Reproduced by permission of MAFF from "A Guide to the new Microwave Labels",


.~I34lbWo)\' Ext~ guarantee available on this product.see page 493. Cat. No. 400/1029

Points to Remember

• Allow sufRdent standi", time Microwaves produce heat by alter cooking for lteato pass friction, caused by the moisture to the cenqoe of ct.e food. molecules in food vibrating apinst each other very quickly. • If possible, stir or rearrange food halfway throuah cooldng, MIcro_ves penetrate ct.e food reheadng or defrosti", to surface and ct.e heat Is then ensure even headng. transferred to ct.e centre of the be • RehelUing of food food by means of conducdYity. carried out at a temperature hence the need to allow for higher 70·C for at least 2 standing time and stilTin,. minutes. Quality and Safety • Food strai&flt from a refrigerator Is colder All our miC1'O_ve OYens room ~re and conform to boct. British and allowances should be made International Electrotechnical when calculating cooking Commission Standards of timeL Safety. They are also appraised • All Instructions for mk::ro1RIf'tl. by our own Quality Control cookery are to be used as a Department. guide, foods may require Most n_ mI~ __ ns slightly more or less cooIdng, now display a label reaating to . reheating or defi-osdng time. the headnglnstructions on • Always follow manufacturer'. small food ~ (ec readyInstructions and any cooking made meals for I or 2 people). Instructions on the food pKk.




GOLDSTAR MA 68()SE. • 800 wattootpU~ • ~atingca1egOlyE. • 0.6 QJItiolerior c.apadty• • 5 powersettings. .60 mfrw Iimer. • De!rosl • ~9.5. W 18.5. 0 13,0Indlapptox.

• ~1'33.OIbapprox. Extendtd guarantee available on this product, see page 493. Cat No. 40011328

H1NARI M)(416. • 700wanoolpUt • ~atil'lg talegoffC. .o.66QJft1nteriorcapaOty. • 10PQWersettings. • 99 inInute timer. • $eQuelncooldng: 3stage. • DelaySlilrt. • AiJIoweighl

• • • •


24hour dock. H 10. W J8.0 13.7indlaj)fllOX. Weig!1t 291b apjlrox. SlJWjiedwith recipe boolt

Ex1efIded guarantee available on this produCt, see page493. Cat No. 400/1081


SAMSUNGMSI34. • 850wanoutput. • Heatilg Glle!JlIY E. • 0.8 aJltinteriOr capacity. • 9variable power:settings incltdng defrost • 60minute tiner. • H 12.7S,W 19.5,0 14.SInch appI01I.

• We91t 411bawrox·

Extec1ded guaranteeavailableon this product, see page 493. cat. No. 400/1263



............. 1m

of tile



key exctusave to toudI COIItroi


c•• lller ........ ,..






ThIs leMure allows you to ~ the _ to cook at cIIffenInt power tev.a. for Siz("lCapaciNi different tenaths of dme,In The of a mioInt..-ioi ~ II n-.ured In sequence, enabllnJ you to defrost, cook and keep food cubic feet. tNs can be UMd .. an warm until you are ready to eat. hMlcation of the an-.nt of food autornMkaIty. which can be cooked. ct.r. otC.t '}rogl'a rna e or relulltiell. Our microwave _ ranp from 0.55 cu It, \it"morit-s Some rnkrowave ovens have a wtUc:h would cater for unaller quantides, up to t .11 cu It. memory facility which enables you to store your most used <';011troI8 sequenc4I of cIefroItInlt cooIcinl All our ovens are controlled by or reheatlna. either a dial or. for more\ ~h r ~ timIna· and proaramminI. by touch control. ThIs dow. you to delay the Itart of your cooIdnJ while you .... AI have dmert, autornadcaIIy out. 10 that your meal II ready switchInI off the cooldnc cyde wt.n you a-ne. once cooIdnt Is complete. ."...

GOLDSTARMA68DME. • SOOwanoutput • HtatingGltegory E.

• 0.6 cu It imeriorcapacity. • 5power settings. • 99m1nutelimef. • Auto welgIlt defrosl • H9.S, W 18.5,0 131ndlapprax.

• We91t 29ib approx.

Extended guarantee available on this jWOduct. seepage493. cat. No. 40011294 £119.00

lito Def""~

ThIs feature ,,_. that'the power level Is p-aduaIIy reduced In scaaes to __ that food Is thorouahIY and evenly defrosted.

HINARIMX120B. • 8SOwatt 0IIIpUt.


• Heatingca~E.

• 1.12 cu It Intedorcapacily. • 10 pC7Nef5ettitl9$• 99 minute tIme!. 3 stage.

•5cooijng: • mn.

• defrosl • 24 hout clock. • 1113.9,W22.0, 0 15.4InCh IIIJIlCllX.

• Weight 431bapprOlt. • SUpplied with recipe boot. Extec1ded gUll'lll1tee available on thisproduct, see page 493Cat-No. 400/1074 £139.00



HITACHIMR8210. • 900 wan ouqlUl • • • • •

Heating Gltegar'f E. 0.7 cu hinterior capacity. 6power :settingsinc defrost 99 minute6mec. 5equer(emolUng:2S1age.

• 2programmab1ernemories. • Auto defrost

• Rapilreheal • Delay startIre<aIl • H 12.0, W19.0,D 1S.2ird1 approlC. • Weight36.4Ibapprox. Extended guarantee availableon thisproduct, see page 493. ta1.No. 40011373 £139.00

. r

AI of our microwave

CMIftI have

roatint curntabIes -- .-ciaI _ cooIdnISome tohaw ~twnabIeI which return to the orip.I startina pcMIdon wt.n cooIdnt IIflnisMd • which II UMtuI for ......-Inl handled pots from the oven. All twnabIeI .... remcwabIe (or easy ct.nIna.


-1 H <uogP



'l(1J I n(~lrost

Simply key In eM WfIiaht, type of frozen food and the power level. and the defrottinl time witt utomatic:aIIy be calculated (or you .

(.j ri lis Some microwave ovens have a ..... -"Ich wII brown and criIpen food whilst combifIInl the speed and con_lienee of a microwave oven. Grills can be UMd sImuIaneouIIy on _,... of ow models. (See IndMduaI mocIek, on for detaIIs.) >

IAl n- provide Instant heat

.\nto Wei~ht LoOk

SImply key In the -,pc. type of food and the power level, and the cooklnl dme will automatkaIIy be caIc"I.**, for you.

Extended Guarantees mkrowave 0¥«tI have a Iyear manufacturer's parantee. However. for added peace of mlnd you can take out an Arp 1 or 5 year Extended Guarantee. s.........3 for cIetaIIs. 3 year cover 18510t 7] £1..." 5year cover 1151067.0 ••" We also ofrer Free Ac:cidenaI

Dama&e<=- .... ,... ..'3or

uk In-store for deaiIs. and are faster than standard mia_ave Jri" For your safety and 'They are"""" Into the _ ~ convenience. products roof and covered enabIinI easy ~ showing this symbol are cIunInasupplied with a fitted plug. ~



I <


~ books_to_bytes


SANYOEM746. • 800walt outptrL • ~tingcategoryE. • 0.8 qJ Itinterioi capacity. • Fulyvatiabl_e pcwer.

• 30 rniOOletimer.

• H lH,W 19.3, 0 13inchapprox. • Weight 39.6Ibapprox. • Plus FREEmanufacturets 3-year guarantee via in-padc


cat. No.


SAMSUNGM814S. .8S0waIlOutpUt. • ~atingcatt!!lO'YE. .0.Scultintenorcapacity. • 10powersettin~ • 99 minute timer. • S«juet)<~cboklnq: 3s~. • 3 iJ(C9tamI1Iablememones. • Delays~ • Standing lime timer. • AutoweightdefroSl. •• AIlJowei9h tc:ook• Instarltml1ute boost. • 24 hour clock. • Ii 12.75, W195, 0 14.Sincnappro,IC. • Weigh1411bapp<9X. . Extended gl.lal'antee available on this product. see page 493. cat. No. 40011304

SANYOEM755. • 700 watt OUtpUL


• ~Iingcategoryo. • 0.8 OJ It interIOr capacily. • Stainless steel interior. • 5 PQWefsettill9l_ • 800 walt rapidf1!~at. • 90 minute timer. • Se<juence<ooklng: 2 stage. • OeIaySIan. • • 8oor[lerang turntable. • H 12.6. W 193.0 13inmapprox. • Welghl39.6lbappfOX. • Plus FREEmanufacrurets 3'year gLWan~ee via in-padc


Cat. No. 40011218


SHARPR3A53. • • • • • • • •

750 watt output. Healing categoryO . 0.6cultinll!riorcapacily. S power settings. 99 minute fimer. Autoweight defrost. Auto we;Qh1~ook. iJ1stant action·aHowir)g autoolatic ~ 01jirlelporaloes. wgetables. fisll. rice/pasra. • H 11.2. W 17.7, 13,SinmaIJProx. • Weigllt30.8Ibapprox. Extended guarantee available on this product. seepage 493. Cat. No. 400/0941

@ SUPERSTORESONLY HITACHI MR80SS. • 800 w~trootput, • Heating calegory E. • 1.0adtlnleriOr@padly. • StaInless steellnteriof. • 5 variable jlOWef settings. • 90 minute limer. • Sequen<e<oolting: 3slage. • 3 programmable _les. • Delay slanlrecal .• Defrost. • Autowelght defrosL • Ailto weiglll coot. • H 13. W 20.9.0 1S;Sinch apptox. • We'JghI40.SJbapprox. EXtended guarantee available on this product. see page 493.



SHARPR4E54. • 8S0wa1l0uiput. • Heali~g category E. • 0.9 OJ Itinteriotcapacity. • Slainless 5teellntetior • . • 5powersettingsindud'lI1gdefrosl. • 99 minute timet, • $equen<e<ooking: 3stage. • OeIaylVln • H 12; W20.5. 0 15.9 inch approor.. • WeJght37.5lbappfOx. Extended guarantee available on this product. s~ page 493, Cat. No. 40011342 £169.00


SAMSUNG M6138G WITH G8RL • 800 output • IOOOwan.grili. • Heating category 6• 0.6 cu h inteiiof<apacily. • 9 power settings'indUdingdeliosL • 30 inil1iJtetimer. • H 103,W IS.6. 0 1311l<happrox. • W~hI311bapp!ox. • Supplied with grillrad:. Extended guarantee available on this product. see p3ge 493. Cat. No. 400/1270 £139.00


@SUPERSTORESmllY SA,MSUNG 81356 WITH GRILL • S50 lVall outptJ1, • 1300wattgrill • Heating calegory E, • Mlaowave and griUcan be used sjrnu1taneously. • 0.8 OJ IIin,tenor (Opacity. • 9powersetti~indudin9 defrosL • 60 minute timer. • H 12,75, W 19.5. 0 15 ItKhapprOx • Weight 431bapprox. • Su~ied with gollrack. Extended guarantee available on this product. see ~ge 493. Cat. No. 400/1335 £159.00


MOUUNEX 027101 W11H GRILL .SOOwatl~ • 11COwan 9111. • Heaoogcalegocy O. • MfcroNaIoe and griI GIll be used simulta~. • 0.6 (II Itll1leliol capacity. • Stainless steel interior. • 9powersettil1g5. • 30mitMe timer. • H 11.1,W 17.9.0 13.9iod1 approx. • We;g! • ~pp1il'dv.ilb9'illshe~. • Plus FREE mIcrowave c:asserole dish via in~ leaflet. Extended guarantee available on this product.see page493. Cat. No. 400/10.50.

SAHYOEMG71 WITH GRIlL • 8SOwatloutpUL • 1300wangri. • ~categocyO. • MiaoWawe and." can be used ~. • 0.8 (II ft interior capaoty. • Slai6steelilterior. • Ellyvariablepower . • 60 minAe tiner. • BoorneIaIlg tI.Il1IiIIJIe. • H 12.6. W 193. 0 13.6 inch ~ox. .Wei!,tlt41.8b~ • ~witIIgJSIand. • Plus FREE minufactum's 3-year9__ via jn.pack leaftet.

CaL No.



HITACtil"POWERSOOST 900" WITH HALOGEN GRILL • 800 wan otstpUl. .900wartHalogengril1. • Heatingcat~ E. • 0.7 cu It inteoor c.apadty. • Stainfesssteel interiOr • 4 variable ~ ~ttings • • 900wan boos!' [apldreOOal. • gg mil¥Jte timer • SeQue!1cecooking: 2~ • 2 programmable memooes. • Delay SW1Irecal • Delrost. • H 11.5.W 19, 0 16ind1approx. • We91tS2.81b~ • Suppbed with 9(iII r.rl. Extended guarantee available on tliis product.see page493.

Cat. No. 400.11122




MOUUNEX 030101 WITH GRilL • SOOwanoU1fl!Jl. • ll00wanglill. • HeatingcalegOl'fo.. • Miaowaoe and grilcan be used • • • • •


O.6cuftinteliolcapaoty. St.ainlesssteelimeliol. 5power settings. gg nillUtetimer. QUick touch memory. • AIItO defrOst. • H 11.1. W 17.9;0. 13.9inchapprox. • Weiglll38lbapp:ox. • Suppjiedwith ~ shelf. Extended guarantee available on this product.see page493. Cat. No. 400.11115 £179.00

SHARPR4G54 WITHGRILL • 8S0wart output. • 1000wan retessedquat1Zgril • Healing allegory E. • MICItlwaVI!andgrill can be used 5lIllultaneously. • 0.9 OJ It intenor ci!jlaCily. • Stmess steel interior. • Spower sellings.• gg ninute &net. • AUlovteigl1tdelrosl • Autowt'iglt cooll • Instant actJO(I. 31Jowi1lgautomatic cooking of jacket potaloes, vegetables. rice/paSla and fish • '112, W20.5, 0 IS.90013ppcOiL • We;g!1t39.71bapprox. • Supp1il'd with 2 grilr racks. Extended guarantee available on this product.see page 493.

CaL No. 400/1201




• lOOOwan~quanzgil • HeatinQca:egocyO. • Q.6 (II ft interiorc.apaciIy •.gg_timer 5power settings.. • AutoW!igltde6ost. • AIlIOwiiju cook. • InstaoI ac:1ion• allowing automatic CDCiilgof'jackeI potOlOE$. vegetables, ri:e{pasta andfish. • H 11.2. W 17.7,0 14iOOlapprox. .~33.l1b~ • SUpjiied wrth griIr.rl. Extended guarantee available on this product.see page493. CaL No. 40011191 £179.00



MOUUNEX O9(W1 WITH GRIlL • l000wan CJU!PUt • ISOOwatl~ • HeaIJIg calegOl'fD. • MiaONaoe andiPi1Ican be used lirooItaneousIy• • 1.0cu ItintBior capaIiIy. • StanessStel!litterior. •.gg_limer. 5~ seI1ings. • QJicktoudunemay. • AlF.o deIrost.

• H 12.5, W 19.6,0. 17~iOOlapproilL • WeiojIt485bapproilL • SupPIoed -Milt 2." sheM5. ExteixIed guarantee available on thisproduct.see page493_

CaL No. 400/1139



..... PU.._ Should you have any queries about your combination _. pIeue call the appropriate hefpline during ofIice hours. flMAIa OIl SM U61 IIIOUUNEX 02 I 200 nu at nil SAMSUNG OtS11f2l61 ext llJS SHARP Ofl lOS 161)

HlNAR1MX880CG COMBINATION OVEN•• • SOOwanOUlpU!. • • l400wa!lgil • • Hetn]categcryO. •

SIaWes.s s.tedillerior. 5powe<seniogs. 99mirutelimer. Sequerncooking: 4stage~ • Autodefrost • 6pcogrammable memories. • Oe!aySlalt. • Recall.

• UseI1liaowcM.gilor ~CM!IIrrit. or ~CM!II.

• O.9wftirleriorcapacily.



SHARPR·7ES3COMBINATlONOVEN.• 1.00lnllllMlrapadty. • • • •

850wanOllljll1L lOOOwangii. ~categoryE. Use roo_. !JIor

• SIainIess Sled iltemr. • SpowetsetIings. • CorweaiorliemperallJre


ITICJOoYa'JI!{gri8or ~

MOUUNEXR93101COMSINATIONOVEN•• SpowI!f~ • 900 watlOIJ1IXIl. • 1SOOwangrill. • ~categoryE. • Use1TlIaOWaVe. grill or

~OYeflontt.or ~1I.or

microwa'leltorM!oveo. .1.0wltinterJorcapadty. • StalnlessSlEefimelior.

• eft shelf and tart uay. • PIlls AlEE 6 pi«>e IIIiaowaw_ disIlset with lids. via in-pack leaflet andpe. Extendedg_ • H 12.5.W21.9,O 19.7ind1 available, see page 493. app!OIt. Cat. No. • Weight 61.6111~ 40011366 • 9911ioote 1I(I)eI. • Quidc1Ouch111el!Oy. • Auto defrost. • ~progaonmeslorpizza


. .-'. ~ . .


• H 14.2,W 20.7. 0 18.6 indl • Weight 5 I.SIb ~ox. • SuppI~ with grill rack. Extendedguarantee available.seepage 493. Cat No. £199.00 400/1359


99milute~. • Sequern(1)Ol:jqq: 4 stage. .Hl2.3.W21.9.D193inch

• WeigIIS31b<lj)plox. • Suppliedwith 2 grill racks. Ext~edGuarantee av~.see page493. Cat. No. 400/0824 £279.00


SHARPR7A63 COMBlNATION OVEN. • S!ainlesss.teel intenor. • Autoswt/deITostIalol • 8SOwanOUlplJl. • H12S.W21.7.0 19.5inch • SpowerStllings. • IOOOwan9iapprox. • CorNecOOn ~rature COIlIJOl • ~categcryE. • WefghlS3lb approx. • Use~.!JIor • 99 ninor.e timer. • Supplied with 2 grill tacks. OlIM!(tionCM!ll only OfrflI ExtendedGuarantee • Instant action . allowing micIowiM' or COIM!CIiJn atnomaticcooting of jade! available. see page493. <MnIl1'IicJowiM'. potalDeS,vegetables. fish, Cat. No. • 1.0 til ItinteriJr capacity. riceIpasta. 400/0989



K£NWOOO ROOO AUTOMATIC RICE COOK£R. • 3 pint capadty (2·10selVings~ • AutomaOcal1y9M~offaf1el '~andOCeSta)'ShOtfor sevmlholtt e RemoYabIebooilordeaning. • N«ln pOwer indicator. • BooMs aod~notindJiled. Cat. NO.


SONA THREE PlATE HOTTRAY. e T~gJass. heated surfaa. • SoIidtealcllaf1dles. • N«ln JIOW'!f incflCatOl. • 541itab1e fOf use 01'1 sldeboaId. • Size26x8x IlfIinchhighapproX. • USwaft. Cat. No.





PHILIPSMODERN MAHOGANY EFFEa HOSTESSTROLLEY. • M~veneerwoodfinishwith wood veneer wrap aIOU11d slid'ing


SERVER. . • Hilt 2·pini heal resislaql glass dishes willi stainless steelTids. • TOIJ!tlened~ dtopdown dooI. • Healeda.¢oald. • Size 28'/1 x Ill/u 73/.inch high CIIlIlIOX. Cat. No.

topS. • ~compa<tmetlt

witIIthree dearPyrex rjass disheswith lids,

• ReI1lO\IabIe~

l'ddeIsSO)OlJl I7M1 dishes f,afI be used.

• FilllIeIlgIII~veJleeIed doors. Double lIleIved heaU!d~ Onloff neon IighL


COOO!aled ca51OO. • Size 29'1~x 17(O)x28'hinch Ijgh app!01I. 410wan. cat. No. 421/4830



PHIUPSCOSMOPOUTAN HOslBS TROlL£YS. • Sliding lOP trays. • Heated CIlI'Ilpaf1IIltwith three large dear Pyrex glassdishes with lids. • Remo'IabIe dish hoIdets so your CJWII cisIies can be used. e Tooghenedheatre!istantgiass door. • He3tellwpboard. el.afgeunheatedbonomsl!etf. • Neon pq.oRr Indicator. • Size 28'hx 1S'hx27'/~inch high


e 3SSWim. 10. Mahogany Iamioate flllish. cat. No. 42"4823 £199.00

PHfllPS CONSOLE HOSTESS TROLLEYS. • srlding top Ilay$. e Heated~ with three large dear Pyrex glas.$ dishes with lids. • Rt'f1l()VabIedish~soyaul own dishes canbeused. • full1ength doors. • DoubIes!1elvedheatedcupboald. • Size 28'h x 16~27'hinchhigh


• 410wat1. 12.MaI¥lgany laminaoo flOlsh. cat. No.



13. Teakiami,nate linish, cat. No.





3 PIECE'WIlD ROSE' SAUCU'ANSET.Enamel interior and exterior finish. Stainless steel rims on pans and fjds, Easy 10 DishwasheI dean. Comprises 2, 3 and 4 plOI~. safe. Cat. No. 860/8222 2. 4PIECE 8LACKCOOKWARESET. Enamelledexteriols with X~n non-slid: imerio!s. Comprises 1,3 and 4 pint saucepans and 9Yl inch open hy pan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8545 £14.99 3. 5 PIECEWHITE COOKWARESET. Enamefled exterioIs. withX)ian non.slick interiors. Compiisesl. 3 and 4 pint saucepans, I y. pint milk pan and 9'11 indl open fry pan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8136 4. SPIECEGREENCOOKWARESET. E.namelled exterioo with Casco Nobel non·stick interiM. Comprises 2'11, lV. and 5 pint saLKepans, PI. pint mill: pan and 9'11 inch open frypan. Dlshwashef safe. Cat. No. 860/8442 5. SPIKE GREY COOKWARESET. Enametledexlef10rS with Casco Nobel non·slick IfIteri<n.Composes 2 VI. 33f. and 5pintsaLKepans, II/_ pimmilk pan and9'h inch open (rypan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8466 6. 5 PltcE BLACK ANDGOLDCOOKWARESET. Enamelled exteriors with Telloo 2' non-stidc Ime~ Comprises 2'11. 3l!.and 5 prnt salKepans. J 'If'JlInt milk pan and 9'/1 indl open frypan. Oishwashel safe. Cat. No. 860/7247 7.5 PlECEREDCOOKWARESET.Enamelled exteriors wilh Teflon r non·slick mterlOrs. Comprises 2'Il,31/. and 5 PlOt saucepans, J 31.pint m~k pan and9'h ,neil openfrypan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 8600632

8. RELIANCESPI.ECEBLUECOOKWARESET.Enameiled etlellOrS with Teflon 2' non-stidinleOoo. Manu!iICIlIIed from he~ gauge steel. 1000000000ting lid supportS onpan body to.faciUtalesteam release. Comprises 2, 3 and" pint saucepans. J 'hpim milk pan and 9'11 inch open frypan. Dishwasher safe. £21.50 eat. No. 860/8143 9. SPIKE 'PAlMA' COOKWARESET.fine porteIain enamel on steelm beige spedcle with stainless steel oms and flame guaJd. Teflon 2' non-stic:k imerio!s. Comprises large capacity 2'11, 4 and S pirltsaLKepanS. Ilf~ pint milk pan and 9'hindl open hy pan. Dishwashef safe. Giftboxed Cat. No. B60/8473 £21.50 10 @SUPERSTORESONLY

REUANCE• COUNTRY DEUGHT"S PIECE COOKWARE SET.Enamelledexteriorsand Teflon 2·non-stidcmleriors. Manufactured from heavy gauge $Iee1 [Of even heat distn'bution and durability. Incorporating lid suppofts In pan body to facifitate steam release. Comprisesl. 3 and4 pint saucepans. 1'/1 pint milk pan and 9Yz inchopenfrypan. DiShwashersafe. Cat. No. 860/8239




5 PIECEGREENCOOKWARE SfT. EnameAed exteriols and

Teflon 2· non-sticXinteriOlS.Comprises2:Y•• 4 and 5V.pint saucepans,l pint milkpanallcflO inch open fry~. 0isIlwasher sale. cat. No. 860/8404 £29.99 12


5 PIECEGREYCOOKWARE SEl. Enamelledexlerio~and

Teflon 2c non·slld interioo. Comprises 2lf••4 and SIJ. pint SQuc;epans. 2 pint milkpan and 10 inch open frypan. Dishwmf sale, £29.99 cat. No. 860/8411 13.5 PIECE "BIANCA" WHITE(OOKWARESET Fine

porcelaln enamel on steel with Tenon 2 ~non-stick intenoo. (om~ largeCilpadty 2'12,4 and 5 pintsaucepans. PI. pint milk pan and 9'/2 Inch fry pan. Gift boxed. cat. No. 860/8617 £29.99 14


RAYWARE "FARMHOUSE COUNTR)' COUECllON" 5 PIECECOOKWARE SET. Enamelexterio~ Teflon 2'lI0IIstjckin~ comprises 23/••31/2 and 5'1.pint saucepanS. (1/2 pint miikpan and 10inchopen liypan. Cat. No. 86017180 AlIcapaci1iesaretothe "brim" and are


approximate. Mud! of the tOOIcware sold by Argos is ~ dishwasher safe (see symbols). Continual use of certain types of product at Wf'J high temperatures may reduce their life expectancy.


Pleaserefer to your manulacturer's instruttions regarding use in a dishwasher. Always condition IlOIHIicksurfaces lightly with Vf!gftabIeoilafter use in a dishwasher. ·011Pont registered trademaTk.


There are a variety of non-stick coatings on cookware sold by Argos. As a rough guide the more layers the coating consists of. thelonger lasting it willbe. Ustedbelow are the types of non-stick coatings and their number of layers.




1. MORPHYRICHARDSSUN5ETRE04P1KECOOKWARE SET. Aluminiumcooicwarewith Teflon 2' non·sticl: !ntms. '$oIar' silk $(reen base. Comprises 2'I" :331., 5 pint saucepallS" and 10inch lidded fry pan. Steam vent

knobsand heat resistant handles with ~let. Dishwasher safe. cat. No. 860/8040 £29.99 2. MORPHYRICHARDS"MISlY GREY' 4 PIECE COOKWARESET.Teflon2' non-stidcinteriors. Comprises 2'1.. 3'!t..5 pin! saU(~ and 10indl fielded frypan. Heat resistant handles with eyelets. Steam vent knobs. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860(7498 £29.99 3



MORPHYRICHARDS'FARMYARO' 4 PIECECOOKWARE SET.Aluminium cooicwarewith Teflon 2' non-sticl: interiors. 'Solar' sillr.screen base. Comprises 2'1., 3'/.and 5 pint saucepans and 10 Inch frypan. Steam vent knobs and heat resistant handles with eyelet. Disl)washel safe. Cat No. 860(7955 £39.99 4. MORPHYRICHAROS'SllVERlINE' 4 PIECE COOKWARESET.Heavy gauge aluminium with 'Thermastore' heavy duty base. Silve6tOlle' non·stid: interiors. Steam vent knobs. Non·stick lid interiors. C::omprises2. 3'/., 5 pint sau(epansand 10inch lidded fry pan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/6815 £56.99 S. SWAN 'ETERNAl BEAU' 4 PIECECOOKWARESET. EnamelledeXtefIors. Teflon 2' non·sticl:interiors Comprises 2'11.3'h, 4'/. pint SlIU(epansand 10'/1inch open frypan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/6891 £36.99 6



SWAN' ALPINEMEADOW' 4 PIECECOOKWARESET, Vllreous enamelled exteriOfs. Teflon 2' non·sliddntetiolS. Comprises 2'/1, 3 'II and 43(. pnt saU(epansand 10'11Inch open fry pan. Revolutionary woodlook phenolic handles and lidgrips. Suitable for use on gas, radsant rings, hot plate and induction. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8260 £49.99 7. SWAN 'FRESH FIIUIT' 4 PIECECOOKwARE SET Enamelled e~teriors. SilverStone' non·slick interiors. Ashwood handles and knobs. Compnses2'/., 4'/1. 61/1 pin! saucepans and 11.nch frypan. Cat. No. 860/7663 £56.99 8. TEFAL'PROFllE' 5PIECECOOKWARESET.Super T·Plos non,slick interiors. Stainless steeflids with steam vent knobs Speoal profiled base for impr!Weddurabtfl!y. Compnses 2'/" 31/',4'/1 pint saucepans. 2 p'int milk pan ancl9'h mch open frypan. Manufacture(s lifetll11!! 9uarant~e against blistering of non'sllck coaling. Dishwasher safe. Plus exclusive offer to Argos- FREE omelette pan. Cat. No. 860/8167 £28.99 9. TEFAl 'PROFllE' 5 PIECECOOKWARESeT. Super T·Plus non-Stick InteriOIS,sUlinless steel lids with steam venr knobs. Special profiled base for improved durability. COlllprlses 2'/., 3'/•.4'/1 pint saucepans, 2 pint milk pan and 91h inch open frypan. Manufacturer's lifeUme guarantee against peeltng and blistenll9 of non·slick coating. Dishwasher safe. Plus exclusive offer to Argos • FREE omelette pan. Cat. No. 860/8552 £28.99 10. TEFAL5PIECECLASSICSILVERCOOKWAIIESET. Super T·Plus non-stick exteriors/interiors for easy cleaning. Stainless steel lids with steam ven! knobs. Comprises 2'/ •. 3lJ.. 5 pint saucepans, 2 pint milk pan nnd g'll inch open hv pan. Manufacturer's lifetlllle guarantel! against blisterlngo! non·stick surface. Dishwasher sale. cat No. 860/8590 £39.99 11. TEFA1' ARalC WHlTf" 4 PIECECOOKWARESET. Porcelain enamel exteriofs. Uilla T·Plus non·s.lick inteliolS. Ullrabase for fast and even heat dlstnbution. Stainless steel adswith steam vent knobs. Compnses 2 '/', 3V,. 4'/1pint saucepansand 10Vlinch fry pan. Manufacturer'slffenme guarantee against blistering of non-stick coating. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8332 £49.99 All capacities stated are to the "brim" and are approximate.




12. TEfAL ·RUSSe:rnES1STAL" 4 PIECECOOKWARE SET. Honeycomb textured non-stid SIlrface far imprlMd scratch resfstance and non·slide performance. New exterior base for imprOllt'({Ileal distribution. Steam vent knobs. COIRprises 2'h.3¥••5'/2 pint saucepans and 9'/2 inch fly pan. Manufaaure( s Ufetime.guaraQteeagalnst blistering 01I10Il' suck <Ilii!inC.J. Oisl!w.isher safe. Endolsed by !he "RO\!)( Brothels Plus FREEset of 3 cook books. Cat. No. 860/8363 £59.99 0.




mAL "EGGSI:IELLWHlTE RESISTAL" 4 PIECECOOKWME SET. ~OIRb textllrednon-stidc,surface'for impro'ied SClaldi reSlS1anceand performance. New exteri9r base fOl

improvedheat distribution.2'11. 3V•. 5'12 pint saucepans and 9'/2 Inch flypan. Steam venl knobs. Manufacturer' 5 lifetime guarant~ againslblistering of non·stldc coating. Dishwasher safe. Endo~by the °RouItBrotherso. Plus FREE set of 3 cook books. Cat. No. 860/8291 £59.99 14. PRESTIGE" DEBUT" NON·STICK 4 PIECECOOKWARE

SET. Durable porcela1{l el\ilmel in attractive Nibus Bla<lc. CompOsing 2'12. 3'{2. 5 pintsaucep,ansand·9'h InchI", pan. 3 layer non·stickcoatingfor effectiveco.o1cingand e~ dea~.·Heat resiStan~Slrenglhened glass trds. OishwaShel safe. Cat. No.860/8569 £69.99 15 @ SUPERSTORES ONl V ·LACAMPAGNE· 4 PIECE "VULCANIC ORANGE" CAST IRON COOKWARE SET WITH WOODEN STORAGE RACK.

EMmelied intertors and exteriors with Mtural WOOd handles. Storage rack can be free StaIlding 01 wall mounfed. COmprises2. 3. 4 pint saucepans and 1'/2 pint milk pan. Manufacturei's IS'year guaranl~. Cat. No. 860/8428 £99.99 EASY REFERENCE GUIDE


[J]-~...~-fI] CGA.MIO




51 MumofthecookwaresoldbyArg05is ~

dishwasher safe (see symbols). Continual use of certain types of product at very Iligh temperatures may reduce their life expedancy. Please refer to your manufacturers instructions regarding use in a dishwasher. Always condition non·stick suifaces lightly with vegetable oil after use in a dishwasher. 'Du Pont registeredtTademark. COAnNGS

There are a variety of non-stick coatings on cookware sold by Argos. As a rough guide the more layers the coatin9 consists of the longer lasting it will be. Please refer to page 297 for the types of coatings.


, 0 SUPERSTORESONl Y PREMIER5 PlECESTAINLESSSTERCOOKWARESET.Heat reistant handles and knobs. C~rises3'h. 4'1. and 5 pint sallCtpans. W. pinl milk pan and9'1. indl frypan. Maoofaaurets 2·year.guarantee. cat. No. 86018521 £19.99 2 ~


SUNNEX4 PIECESTAINLESSSTEELCOOKWARESET. Comprises3/3'h. aoo S'h pin! saucepans and 9'hiqch fry pan. Aluminium sandwich bese fO/ even heat distribution. Dlshwashefsafe. Manufacturer's I().yearguarantee. £29.99 Cat. No. 86018215 3. MAGEXSTAINLES$STEEL4PIECECOOKWAflESET. Comprises 2.3 and 4'/2 pint saucepans and 9'11i!\Chopen fly pan. StainieSS'steel/aiuminium sandwich base.(or efficientheat distribution. Mjrrorfiriish Insldeand out Rolled edges on all saucepans and lids lor improved durabOity, Hea, resfstant handles and knobs. Dishwasher safe. Manufacture(s 10·yearguarantee. cat. No. 86017618 £34.99 4. VlNERS'CIASSIC" 5PIECEST,A.lNLESSSTEEl COOKWARESET.Comprises !l/.,2'1.and 311lpint saucepans, PI. pin~m~k pan and 9'Il inch fiy pan. Stainless steel/aluminium sandwich base for fast and effjdent heat distliliution. Dishwasher sale. Manufacturer's 'O-year guarantee. Cat. No. 86018435 £49.99 5 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY

ESSENTIALS'SATURN" 5PIECESTAINLESSSTEEL COOKWARESET.Stainless steeValuminium sandwich base. Comprises 3, 4aod 5'11pin! saucepans, 2 pint milkpan and 91/2inch fry pan. Manufacwrer's 10·year guarantee. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 86017735



VlNERS5 PlECE-STAINlESSSTEELCOOKWARESETWlTH WOOD HANDlES.Aluniioium thermocore base. Suitable for all heat surfaces except induc:1ion.Bead and step rolled edged saucepans. Comprises Pl.,21/. and 3'/2 pint saucepans, PI.pint milkpan and 91/2inch frypan. Presentation bo~ed. Manufaawet s !().year guarantee. Cat. No. 86018387 £59.99 7. SlJNNEX5PIECESTAiNLESSSTEELCOOKWARESET WITH 24 CARATGOLDPlATEDFITTINGS.Aluminium sandwich base for quidc andeven heat distribution. Comprises 2lf., 3YI and 5'/2 pint saucepans, 9'hinch-fry pan and steamer unit to fit the S'll prO! saucepan. Manufacturer's' ().year guarantee. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 86018538 £59.99 8 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY SUNNEXSTAINLESSSTEELCASSEROLE.With 14 carat gold p!aterffittings. Aluminium sandwich base for:even heat distIibution. Capa<ity.9'llpinl approx. Manufacturet s 'O-yearguarant~. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 86018583 £19.99 9. PRESTlGEFIRSTCHOICE5PIECESTAINLESSSTEEL CQOKWAREset. Comprises 2,3 and 41/.pint saucepans, 2 pint nu1kpan aild 10'1, inch open flY pan. Copper bases spread heat e/enly and efficiently. Beaded rims form vapour seal which help retain nutrients. Black phenolichandles and knobs. Manufacturer'S l().yearguarantee. Cat. No. 86016365 £78.99 10. MORPIf'i RICHARDS4PIECE STAINLESSSlEEl COOKWARESET.Comprises 2, 2'/2 and 4 pint saucepans and9l/. inch open Irypan. Quadcore toppe( base. Teak stai~ash handles and knobs. Solidbrass fitments. Manufacturer's lifetimegu¥anlee. DisIlwasher safe. cat No. 86018129 £79.99

296 books_to_bytes



PRESTIGE "CUISINE" MIRROR POUSHEO 4 PtECE STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE SET.Thd thefrooalre bases ensUJe even and efficient heat distribution. Comprises 3. 4'/. and 6 pint saucepans and 4'/. pint steamer which fits corresponding size pan. Vapour seal lids help retain IAtamlns" and nutrients. Steamer oIfeIs a healthierCDOIcingmethod. Manufacturer's lifetimeguarantee. Oishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8459 £99,99 12. MEYER "COPPERAL" 5 PIECE STAINl.ESSSTEEl COOKWARE SET. Comprises 2'/',3'/',5 and 6'h pint saucepans. plus a steamef S\Ii~ble fOl use with the three largest pans. SUpeio(Onductive aluminium and oopptr

sanct.vkh base. Teak wood fmings. ManufactUre(s 2S·year guarantee. Cat. No.860mS9 £99.99 13. PRESTIGE "CUISINE" 4 PIECE STAINLESS STEEl COOKW,ARE SET. Cornprises3. 4'1.and 6 pint sauetpans and 10Inch open fly pan. Solid wood handles and knobs. Thetmocopper sandwich bases spread heat quickly, evenly and effitiently. Beadedrims form vapour seal which help retain nutrients. Manufacturer's ijfetime guarantee. Gift boxfd. Cat. No. 860fl168 £113.00 14. PRESllGE "CUISlI'lE" 5 PIECE STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE SET. Complises 2, 3 and 4'1'plnlsaU(epans,2 pint milkpan and 10 inch open fry pan. ThermOcore sandwich bases. heal resistant handles and knobs. Beaded rims form vapour seal whkh help letain nutrients. Stainless steel eyelet in haodle (or hanging, Manufacturer's IIfe~me guarantee. Dishwashe, safe. Cat. No. 860/6664 £119.00 15


PRESTIGf.COlLECnON 5 PIECE STAJNLESSSTtEL COOKWARE SET. ThIck Thennocopper bases forquJd( and even heat distribution. Solid wood knobs and handles. Cornpnses 2, 3 and 4'/. plnt saucepans, 2 pint milkpan and , 0 inch optn fly pan. Beaded rims fOllll vapour seal which help retain nutrients. Hanging loop Inhandles.

Manutacture( 5 Iffetime guarantee. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 860/6671 £136.00 There art a variety of norH1lck coatings on cookware sold by Algos. As ill rough guide the more layers the coring consists of,the longerlasting It will lit. Usttd IItIow are the types of non-stick coating and tIlelr numbtrofl~. EASY REFERENCE GUIDE


Ir~~-CI Continual use of certairI types of product at mayrtduce Hie expectancy. Please relef to)'OlII' manufactu~s InstNctloos. Akways (A)lldition non-stlck surfaceswith vegetable oil after useIna dl~. Allcapacities stated are to the "brim· and are approximate. ~









• IiiTiW]


1.rOWERFA,MILY ALUMINIUMPRESSURECOOK~R. Bodycapadty 81hpint Steam control in4icator.lod(i~g device. Trivetand ~parator. RecipeJinstruction booklet. Manufa<liJre(s 1O-year guarantee. Cat. No. 860/6932 £25.99 2. PRESl)GEQUICK'N'EASYALUMINIUMPRESSURE COOKER.Body capacity 8)/~pinl 2 steam releases. Lockingdevice: Rea~l!o$elVe iridkator. Trivet and ~parator. RecipeJinstruction booklet. ManUfaaure(s IO·year.guarantee. . £31.99 Cat No. 86017216 3. PRESTlGERISE'N'TIME A1,UMINIUMPRESSURE COOKER.sodycapadlY 83/.pinL Steam control indicator. 2 steam releaSes. Locking device. Ready to seNe indicatOl. Trivetand~parator. Recipe/iQSlru(tlonbooklet. ~~ufacturer s 10'year guarantee. Cat. No. 86017209 £34.99 4.TEFAlSENSORSTAINLESSSTE£LPRESSURECOOKER PLUSfREEnMER. Body capadty 8 pint. t steam release. Total ~uritYsensorl6cl:ing device..Stainless steellliVet separator af1(l Io6d basket Double safety overrid~ system. Sa~ base. Instruction booklet. Manufaaure( s 10-year guarantee. FREE timer. Exdusive offer to Argos. £45,99 Cat. No. 86018325 5. PRESTtGfRISE'N' nME STAINLESSSTEELPRESSURE COOKER.Sodyeapadty gIll pint Steam conuol indicator. 2 steam releases.lod\ing device.Ready 10seNe indicalOl. Trivetand5eparcltor. Recipe!instruction b.ciol(let Manulacturel':s IO-yearguarantee. Cat. No. 86017223 £49.00 6



PRESTIGESTAlNLESSSTEELAUTOMA TICPRESSURE COOKER Bodycapadty 9thplot. Steam control indicator. 2 steam releases.lod\ing device. Removable timer. Automallc steam release. Readytqser.te indicator. Trivet al)dseparatOl. ReciPelinslTuctionbooklet. Manu!actUlel'S 1O-yearguarantee. Cat. No. 86017917 £69.00 7. 3TIERSTEAMER Stainless steel with saj1dWich base forMn heat distribution. Matt bJaa phenoHc f1aQilJes. ConsistSof 3 separate sectlQns, tWo of I'/hidl have steaming holes. 5'12 pint saucepan. Dishwasher . safe. M~nufacturer'.s IO-year guarantee. £24.99 Cat. No. 860/8105 8. 'MAGEX'lWlN FRYPANSET.Xylan non·stick int~ors and enamelled exteriorwith stailll~ steel rims. (o~ 9'hInch hypan ciild Si~h ol11elettepan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8576 £4.99 9. TEFAllWlN UlTRABASEfRYSET.8inchomelettepan and IOincn openfly pan. Ultra T-Plusl1()O,stickfntellot;. Porcelain enamel exteriors. Manufacturer's lifetime gu~rantee against bIIs~ng of non-stidecoating. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 860/8631 £13.99 10.TEfALRUSSETREOULTRABASEfRYPAN.1ieavy gauge aluminium widl Ullra Hlus non-stici: in~iorand Ultrabase porc,el.Jin.enameUed~erior. Heatreslstanlg!ass Iid,Use tolly, stewand braise. Diameter 9th inch approx. Dishwasher safe. Manufaaure(s flfetime guarantee against .bliste~ng of non·sIlck.coating. Cat. No. 860/8033 £18.49 11.PREMIERDEEPfflYER.Porcelain enamel interior and ~erillf, with ·sray-<.OOl·bakeUlehandles. 10 pinteapadty. With Pyrexlid and fine mesh wire basket. Cat. No. 86017979 £9.99

12.TABLETOP 11 PIECEFONDUESET.Porcelain ~namelled Steel with wooden handle and ~nob,Comprises 7 inch diametel (apprOXlpot with caver, stand, base, alcohol burner and set 016 woodi!n hanOied, colour coded forks. Fullinstructions supplied. Dishwasl1e1safe. Cat. No. 86017443 £16.99 13. ENSEESINGLEHANDED,cHINESEWOK.Steel wok 1O'/zjnCh in·diameter. Supplied V(lth 1pair of cooking dlopst1dcsand recipe booldel. Suitable rorgas. eIectOc 'ceramiChob and solid hotplate. Cat. No. 860/8181 £4.99


1121 £1699


14. ENS¬ ETRAOmONAI. CHINES¬ WOK. Steelwokwith wooden handles and knob. Aluminium lid. 12 inch <fiameter.Supplied with SIilnding ring. steamer 00, ~ra rack. ladle. spatula, ri<epaddle. 100 woodenskewers, 10pairsoreating chopstmand 1 pairof cookingchopstidcs with redpeJinswaion bookleL Cat. No. 86014934 £9.50 1 S. MEYER FLAT BOTIOMEO WOK. Heavy gauge aluminium with porcelain ename!led ex!eriol and TeRol)2' 1'IOIl-stid: interior. 12inch diameter. Suppliedwithdraining! tempuraTaCk.spatula,1palrofcoomgchopstiOO. 6 pairs of eating chopstidcs and recipe booklet Cat. No. 86015218 £14.99 16. MEYER WOK. Flat bottomed aluminium with Teflon 2' ron-stlCk interior. Diameter 14 inch approx. POIceiain exterior. Supp!ieCwith steaming rack.spatula and Ieclpe booIdel Exdusive to Argos. Cat. No. 860n412 £16.99 TRAOOlONAl OiINESE WOK. Heavy dutycarboo steel bowl with flat base 12'/. inch diameter. Handles are decorated WIth the mythica1 Chinese dragoo. Includes spatula v.;th matding handle. With reope/insUuction bookieL Cat. No. 860n814 £17.99

18. KENHOM WOK ANDCOOKERYCOURSE. Flat bottomed. heavygaugecarboosteel bowl Singlewooden handle. Diameter 12'12Inch. Suppliedwilh spatula. lid lor stearninglbraising. Qoickandeasy coo~course consists 01auoocasselte and recipe book.


Cat. No. 86018648 £16.50 19. ClASSIC ·UlTRA2' NON-S11CKROASllNG SET. Comprising 1S x 12 inch roaster with meat racldoflhe health conscious, also leaturing new safety Itlling handle. plus hi-domed duaI-purpose roaslinglcasseroledish.NOlIslid exteriotlinterior lor easy cleaning Cat. No. 860n436 £8.49 20. ClASSIC 20 PIECETINPlATEBAKEWARfSET Comprises two Slle 11 and 13 inch roasting-dishes. two

san6Mch~, 12hole btlnsheet and 6 hole bun sheet. Pie plate, loaf pan, oven tray. SWISS100 uay. Yorlcshise pudding UGy, prm pie pilfl. 4 tndividual Iruitpie tins and 41l11alple dishes. Cat. No. 860/8624 £6.99 21. (lASSl03 PIECENON·SllCKBAKEWAAE SET.Ultra 2 nOII-5tick intenors and exteriors. Composes IWO7 inch sandwich pans; two oval pie dishes, 11 inch roastiilg dish. 21bloa! pan. 12 cupbtin sheet. oven tray, 4 (UPYoruhlr~ pudding UGy and 10inch pizza pie pan. ftusJ IndIVidual lruit pie tils. Cat. No. 86On429 £9.49

22 PIIOGRESSBAl<£R'SDOZENNON·STICKBAKEWARf SET.CompnsesSWlSSrolltray. oven tray, 12 hoIebunsheet. IWO8 inch sancMliChtins, 4 hole Yorkshire puMII19 tin, 21b seamlessloal pan and 4 pie dishes. 3 pasllYcuners. 3 bIscurt aJtIers. pasuy brush andiong bag set WIth4 noules.


Cat. No. 86016554 23



ClASSIC ·ULTRA4- 8 PlfCENON-SllCKBAKEWARE ser, Double coated IlOIl-Slick inlErioC and exteriOr. Comprising 12 inch roasting dish, two Smell sandwich pans, 21bloaf pan, 9 inch square cake pan, 12 cup bun sheet. baking sheet and 7 inch round cake pan. ManufaClltle(s 3·year guarantee. Dishwasher sale. Cat. No. 860n821 £16.99 'ou Pont registered trade marl(, All capa<ffies stated are to thebrim and are approlCimate. IIElPUNES AllPrestige pressu~ rookers sold by Argos are nowfullyassernbledand ready to use. If you have anyqueries on Prestige pressure cookers please call the Prestige Helpline: 0800 262218. SparesiRepairs:0282831016.

Please note the Prestige guarantee does not cover perishable items such as gaskets and ready to serve indicators.



reslstantglass (efaIlIic. Comprises PI', 2Yund 4'11pint saucEpanS. Can be used with all hea\lOUKeS (eXcept induction). MiCrO'lt'iNe,fr~ and diShwasher safe. Manu~e(s l(}yeai guarantee against thelTllai bfea~. cat. No. 860/7072 £19.95 2. CORNING 'PYREX' 3 PIECE CASSEROLE SET. Clear heatresls1antglass. Comprises, '/" 2'/.4a003'~ pint casseroles. Oven, micrO'lt'iNe,freezer and dishwasher safe.

cat. No. 860n027



opaque glass with attrac1ive floral pattern. Unique sutfact to maRe deaning easy. COmprises W., 2'h and 4'h pint casseroles. Oven, microwave, freelerand dishwasher safe. Cat No..860n711 £14.99 4 @SUPERSTORESONlY 3 PIECE 'WlLD ROSE' DEEP CASSEROLE SET. fn;ImeI interior alli extfrio( fillish. Stainless steel rims. Easy to dean andcan be used in theO'll!fl.Comprises 3, 4'11 and 5'11pint

casseroles. Dishwasher safe. Matches hern no 5. Cat. No. 860/8394 £14.99 MAGEX3 PIECE 'WILD ROSE' SAUCEPAN SET. Enamel

interior aOO exteriqI finisll. Stainless steel rims on pans and ffds. EasylOdean. Comprises 2, 3 and 4 pint saucepans. DIshwasher safe. Matches It ern no 4. Cat. No, 860/8222 £9.99 6 @ SUPERSTORES ONl Y CORNING 'PYROflAM'


CompriSes 1'11.2'14 and 4 pint casseroles, Suitable !of all heat sources(exeept induction). Oven, miaowave, freezer aOO dishwasher safe. Manufacturer's IlJ.year guarantee against thermal breakage. cat. No, 860n993 £17.99 7. CORN)NG'PYROflAM" 3 PIECE 'AUTUMN BERRIES' CASSEROLE SET. Comprises "h, 2'/. and 4 Jlintcasseroles. Total~ veJsable Pyroflam can be used with aDheat sources (eJCCeptjndUctlon).oVen. midowave, freeler aOO dishwasher safe. Manufacturer's 10·yearguarantee agaiflSl

thelTllal breakage. Cat. No. 860n450


8 @ SUPERSTORES ONl Y LARGESTOCKPOT. Teflon r non-stickstockpot manufaaured from heao.y gauge enamel on steet 8'11 pint

capadty. Stainless steel rims. Oishwashl!r safe. £11.99 Cat. No. 860/8301 9.4 PIE'CEWHITEOVEN TO TABLEWAIIE SET. Comprises 10 inchcasserole dish. 9 inch oval roaster. 9 inch !lao dish aoo 9lnch rectangular roaster. Oven, miaO'lt'iNe, freezer ariddisnwa~ safe. Cat. No. 800/8389 £11.99 10. HERITAGE 4 PiECE OVEN TO TABLEWARE SET. Comprises3 pint oval casserole dish. 9'11 inch oVal roaster.

10 inch flan dish. 10inch rectangular roaster. Oven. microwave. freezer and dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 800/9041 £12.99 11.3 PIECE 'REClPE' OVEN TO TAS.$VAIIE SET. Each plece features an appropriate recipe suggestion. C9mprises

9'11il'ldl quichedish, lOY. x 8'/. irlch lasagnedish aIli II J/. il1Chpiua plate. Oven. miaO'lt'al'e. freeler and .dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 800/8949 £9.99 12. SETOF 2 'EGGtN THE SHELL' BOILERS. It is now possible to mlr:rGYia'O'eeggs in their shells in minutes with these ingeniously designed~ boi~ Hard or soft boited eggs are possible with lhesimple.lo follow instructions. Cal No. 86018507


300 books_to_bytes


14. tv\ICROWAVEPOTAT0A1'lDVEGETABlE SET.The t\eEp divlded <fIShwith an open/shutvent is perfectfor miCrowaving 2 fumily portions of vegetabks or fOr storing leftover}. Thepotato baker erseres ~ thorough even coolOngof up 10 4jadeel potatoes at a lime. £4.99 cat. No. 86018497 15 @SUPERSTORESONLY

MICRO·STIR. The firstevermicr<1Navedil!l that coW and stirs. The 3 pint non-Slide boWl can be used to toOk SOUp. custard. porridge, saambled eggs and a widel'ari!!tyof foods with a simple wm of the handle ensuIin9 even

cooking. cat. No. 860/8514



MICROWAVE 8 PIECE ESSENTlAlS SET. Includes 2 plate stackersand plate CO'Ief f04'leheating meals. 2 purpose designed lidded dishes. lroond. 1 square (capaci1y 1 pint

each), a defrosllrack/cooking platform for all round even cooldng and defrosting. a 1 pint saucepan for hot drinks. custald and grail)' and an oblong dish for stews, casseroles and Mfyd;rf cooking. Cat.No. 860/8600 £9.99 '7. ANCHOR HOCKING FREE2E.HEAT AND SERVE 10 PIECEMICROWA'/£ SET.COfllJ)lises 2 boWls. 2 CiIOO'oIes. 2 planers and 4 ramekins all with lids (lids for storage and micrDWaveweonly), Forosein fridge.lretzer. mlaowave and conventional oven (up to 400"F1200"C. gas Marie6), Dishwasher safe. Exdll$ive offer to Argos. FREE bacon/roast t'iKIt. cat. No. 860/7113 £9.99 18. WOOD & SONS "ALPINE MEADOW' TABLEWARE. MiCrowave and dlshwashet safe. 30 piece set cat. No. 800/8114 £44.99 19 @SUPERSTORESONLY

BRABANTlA • AlPINE MEADOW" ROLL TOP BIlEAD BIN. QualitySleelcorl$uuction. Size 171f~x 10 x 6'hinch high

approx. Cat.No. 841/0599



BRABANTIA • AlPINE MEADOW' PEDAl8IN, Quality steel consllUction with removable plastk buckeL SlIong pedal



mechanism. Capacity

cat. No. 841/0609

12 Rue. Height 15'hlnchapPIolC,.



BRABANllA "ALPINE MEADOW" STORAGE CANNISTERS. Store your tea. coffee and sugar in this set Helghl6'l,lnch

apprax. Cat. No. 841/0582 22 @SUPERSTORESONL

£8.99 Y

SWAN" AlPINE MEADOW" 4 PIECECOOKWAR£SET. VilleousenamelJedexter~. Tellon2' non-stiddnteriors.

Comprises2'h. 3'/1 and4o/,p1ntsaUcepaflSand fOIhindl open flypan, RMlutiona"l wood look phenolk l)andles. lid gnps. SUitable for use on gas. radiant rings. hot plate and Induction. ~sale. £49.99 Cat. NO. 860/8260 23. MICROWAVE OVEN BRACKETS.Bradeets support ovens up to 132tb. Depth adjusrablelTom 12·18 inch wax. Suitable for any width of microwave or combination oven. Manufactul1!('s >year ~antee. Customers are atMsed to check the suitability of ~ bracicelSagainst their own miCrowave before rlXing them 10 the wall. Cat. No. 840/9287 £16.49 24. CHINESHABLE SETTlNG. Orielltal design Melamine table selling. Comprises 8 inch round large serving bowl. 4 rice boWls. 4 spoons and 4 pairs of chopsticks. Allitemsare dishwasher and miaowave safe. Cat. No. 840/8886 £9.99


OMELETTEMAKER.Restaurant style folded omIenes can be made in minutes in ~ microwave. No fat or ollis neEded. Simple to loIlowinstructions.lndudes exclusive offer to Argos· FREEpair of egg poachers, which enableeqgs tobepoachedln~miCIowavelnapproXimately I minute. cat. No. 860/8480 £4.99 • OIl Pont registered 17ade ·marie.


1. WAYMASTER KITCHEN SCAlf. DeIadlab1e PI. pint plasticP<ln~ktl inveltSforeasy stOfage.Weighs upto 10IbiSkgin lolf25g graduations. Manufacturer's s-year guarantee.

portions. Weighs up to Ik~. Weighs up to ~OOgiin5c: graduations and 500 to lOOOg in 109 graduations. Imperial measurement ~weighs up 10 lib in Vooz and from I to 21bin VIOl graduations. Complete Yoithjug ~ktl can be usedseparate~ and has a capacityof 50 (entJijtJes.

cat. No. 841/0805 £4.95 3. EJ(S °ADD 'N' WEIGH" KlT01EN SCAlf. Weighs up 10 ll1b1Skgin lolf2Sg graduations. Zeroadjusting fadlity for weighing eachingredlent Diameter of mixingbowlS ind1


cat. No. 840/8219


4. SALTER'CLEARWElGH69"ICITCHEN SCALE.Weighs up to SlbI21kg irl10lI25g graduations. Manufacturer's 2·yearguarantee. Cat. No. 840/3472 5





61/lMkgin lolf25ggraduations. °Add'n'~o facility with large multt-purpose IlllXingbowl. Manufaaurer's 50 year guarantee.

to 10lblSkgin 10lI25ggracluauons. Add'n' facility.Non-silp leel Matdung pan measuring 1 Inch approx. Manufacturer's 2"\'@arguarantee Cat. No. 841/0111 I



SALTER ETERNAl. BEAU 1(ITCHEN SCAlf. Weighs up to Slbl2.2kg In lolf25g graduations. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee. Cat. No. 841/0836 £9,99 8. SALTER"STAfFORDSHIREoICITCHENSCAlE. Cast metal scaleoltradtlional design. LargecapaclIYbrass scoop 101 easy pouring.lndudes 21b, lib. Boz, 4oz. 20l, lot VIOland 1/. oz wetghlS. Manufacturer's 2·year gu.xantee. Cat. No. 840/6228


9. UBRASCO "QUEEN ANNE" KITCHEN SCALE.Cast uon scale of uaditional design. Two solid brass pans WIth lib. Sol. 402. 10l. loz.1flOZand 1/4OlreproclucuonVlctonan blass bell shapedweigha.

CASTIRON SCAlE. With two solid brass pans and lib. Soz. 4oz, 20z. loz, I/ZOZ and t/4()Z cast iron and brass Weights. £27.99 cat. No. 84110032 11. EKS 1001 ELECTRONIC KITCHENSCAlE.lndudes FREEbowl (as shown). Easyread df91ta1LCD display. Weighs up to 500g in 2g graduations and from 500g to 2kg In 5g graduations, or from zero to 41hlb in I/ooz

?rad"uations. Easyconve~on from imperialto metric. •Add n' weigh" facility.Auto $hut off.Requires 6LR61 battery (order I of98010971 at £2.45). Cat. No. 841/1127 £18.79 12. EKS 3002 HEORONIC KITCHEN scm. Digital LCD display. Weighs up to 500g in 29 graduations andfrom 500g to 2kg in 5g QfaQuationsor '/4()Z from zero to 41hlb. EasyCOIlveIsionfrom lm~1 to metric. large capacity.

rem<wableuay. 'Add'n welgI,"laolity. Requires6LR61 battfly (order 1019BOlO971at £2.45). Cat.No.B4111110


Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.


KITCHEN SCALES books_to_bytes





1141 £24991 13 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY

EKSElECTRONIC KITCHENSCAlf. Weighs up to l1lb15kg. Graduates in Sg up to 1250g. 109 from 1250gto Skg melric,and '!40Zin~l"Add'n'wegh" fadlity,lCD Q5pIay and large detadlable 1Ittf·lmpeliai{metric ~ control p!us auto lEIoand onIoff cOlluo1s. Requires 6lR61 banay(Order 1 of 98010971 at E2.4S). Exdusive to Argos. Cat No. 841/0544 £24.99

14. SAlTER "MiCROTRONICPlUS" ELECTRONIC KITCHEN SCALE. LCOa.gitaldisplay. Calibrated In VaozJ2g lIP to 5lWg with meuicJimperial conversion switth. AUIO ~ust lor any container. "Add 'n' weigh" facility,auto zero adjUStmelltand auto sOOt oft. Requires 6lR61 banelY (order 1 01980J0971 at £2.45). Cal, No. 840/9641 £24.99,

15 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY HANSON "OOMl'IS" ElECTRONICKITCHENSCAtE.lCO <ispf<Iy. WeitjI'>up 10 10IbI5kginVIC115g graduations. "Add' n'weigh" laallty and amosilut oft function. Food can be weghed cirealy on to the platfOlTTl or in lhebov.i prOYided. Manufacturer's2'~9uaral1tee. Requ~ 6lR61 baRel'f(o«!er 1 of98OlO971 at'f2.45). Cat. No. 841/0128 £29,99 16. SAlTER 5002 FUTlJRA ELECTRONICKITCHENSCAlE. Easy read lCOdisplay.lndudesbowi. Weighs up 10 111b1 Skgin '1AOl15ggratfuatlons, with "add 'n'weigh" feature.

MEIri<IinperiaIc~ button. Auto zero. Automatic or manual switch oft. AUIOadjust for anycontai!ler. Requires 6lR6i baReI'f(ocdef 1 01980/0971 at £2-45). Cal, No. 841/0434 £29.99

17. SAlTER5ElECTRONIC PlUSSSOOml:HENSCAtE. large lCDdspIay. 60 nJoolecooldng timer. Strain-gauge WEii}ht sensor afkrNs accur.lIe weighing of up to 1111¥Skg in '!4OZI5g dMsions with tonYeI5ion switch. 3 litrebowl has an easf grip han<fte and pouring lip. Auto zero al!ov6 101 any conramer. "Add 'n' weigh" faci61puto switch oft With manualO'JE!l'ide. Requires 6lR61 batte!y(O!der 1 of98Ol 0971 at E2AS). Cat. No. 841/0427 £34.99 18 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY UBRASCO"QUEEN ANNE" KITCHENSCAlE. Whitecast iron sc.aIe 01traditional design. Two solid brass pans. Includes lib. Boz. 4oz. 2oz. loz, 'hoz and '!40Zweights. Cat No. 84OI645S £27.99 19 @SUPERSTORESONlY

TRADffiONAlCAST1ROI'lGREEN KITCHENSCALE.With soIidbrasspansilnd llb.Soz,40l. 20z, toz, ~and I!ICZ reproduction VICtorianbrass bell shapedweighlS. Cat No. 84110812 £29.99 20. UBRASCO "VICTORIAN" TRADITIONAlCA$1IRON KITCHENSCAlE. With solid brass pans, fittings and lib. Soz, 4oz, 2oz. 101. 'Iloz.and '/40Z reproduction Vl((onan brass bell shaped weights. Cat No. 840/554.2 £39.99 HELPUNES: EKS- 081-446 8297, 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 9a.m-4.30pm Friday. Salter- 0732360783, 9.30am-4.30pm Mon·Fri.


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1. TRS NATURAl PINEROll TOP BREAD BIN. Higl) quality pine. lacquered to give a p!il<ti(al and attractive finish.

Familysize 161/a 11'1.x 71/.inchapprox. Cat. No. 840/9603 2. NATURAl'PINE 2TIER ROll tOP BREAD BIN. Comprises twoIargecompaftmell1s divided byashElf. Size 13'hx

1PI. x 15¥.!ox. Cat. No. 841/04n


TRSNAlURAl PINE BREAD BIN. Ufi-upIld, l.aQluered to ~ a praajcal and attractive finisl). tollSU'UCtedfrom ScandiniManPlne, Sire 16'hx 11'/4x 7,/.inchapprox. Cat. No. 84016266 £10.49 4. TRSANTIQUE STAINED PINE ROLLTOP BREAD BIN, Highqualitypine.1acqtierl!d to give a P.lacticaland attractivefinish.5'12e 16'/. x 111/.x 7'1.inch approx. Cat. No. 84111093 £12.99 5. TRSANnQUE STAINED PINE SPICEIlACK. 12iars filled With herbs and spices. Plywood baded. Screws fOlwall fixill95!Jpplied.Size I f¥. J( 23/.) 11¥. inch approx. Cat. No. 84111103 £13.99 6. TRS NATURAl PINESPICERACK. 12 jars filled with heros and 5!lM;es.PIyNoodbaded. screws for wall fIXing supplied.

Size 1PI. x 23/. x 1Jl/. inch high applox, Includes FREt ·Recipe·booklet Cat. No. 840/6761 7 @ SUPERSTORES ONl V

TRSNATURAl PINE sPla RACK. I tier of 6. llier of B jars fi{1ed.With herbs and spices. Size 6'12X6Yl x 12¥. inch high approx. Cat. No. 840n21 0 S. TRS NATURAl PINE SPICERACK. 18jars fdledwithhelbs and spices. PIyMlod bad;ed. Screws for wall fixill9suppfred. Size 11·%x 23/,x 17l!. inch high approx.lnclurJes FREE ·Recfpe·booklet Cat. No. 840/4141 £16.99 9. TRSNATURAL PINE SPICERACK, 24';ars filledWithherbs aflll sp~. Plywood backed. Screwsfor wall flXill9supplied. Size 1S'la x 23J.x 173/. inch high approx. Cat. No. 84110056 10 @SUPERSTORESONlV BEECH EFFtCTREVOlIJ1NGSPICE-RACK.Contains 16jars filledwith gourmet spices, Designed 10$it on the worktop. Size 11Ihx 6'Ilx 6'/linch approx. Cat. No. 840/9861 11. EDWARDIAN STYLE A1RER.The traditional drying ratk, can be stained. painted orvamished. Cail also be used as a decorative item fO( pans. dried flOY.<ersetc indudes 4 pine slats. 2 hand cast rad; ends. single and double pulley. deat. sash cool and 4 hoob. Wrth full fittings and instr(l(1ions. £21.99 Cat. No. 84110496 12. NATURAl PINE WINE RACK. HoIdsup to "2 bottles up 10 I litre. FUrther units ton be added. Sfle when assembled 91!2XIO'hx IS Inch approx. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 840/8006 13 @ SUPERSTORES ONl V NATURAl PINE 30 BOTflE_WlNE RACK. Easy to assemble. HoId>boitJesup,to lli1£e. Size201!u9x20'1z inch high

approx when ass,mbIed. Gift bo~, Cat. No. 84018721

14 @ SUPERSTORES ONl V PINE AI'W WtRE PAN RACK. Natural pine lacquereil side5 with 4 brownpfamc coated wireraoo, Easy to assJ!mble, Size 27 x 12x 10inchaj)prox. (Saocepansnolinduded.) Cat. No. 840J9854 £14.99 15


CElEBRflY PINE VEGETABLERACK. High quality nalural pine sides. Brown plastic COOled steel baslc.elS.Size 17'12X l1x 24indl applox. Cat. No. 840/8824 £18.49


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PROGRESSMUlTl-PUR!'OSE PINETROUEY. FeatuteS pan shelves.8 boolewine radI and \WI) rert1ClYable plasdc baskeiS. Size 30'11 x]Ox 12'/.inch appro:c. Cat. No. 841/0348 £39.99 17 @ SUPERSTORES ONl Y

HERffAGE I'tNE KITCHENTOOLSET. 7 piece set comes completewidl a pineshelf. ideal for spices e!C (spice jatS1lO1 induded). Chrome plated blades.. £11.99 Cat. No. 84111158 18. WOOOEN SAlAD SET.One 10 inch

bowl. four 6 inch and a pail 01 leM!lS. Cat. No. 840J8312





AIREDAlE 6 PIECE REVOLVINGIVORYGADGET SET. Comprism9 paring knife. peder. SCOOP.grater. garlic Pless and do! luxe can opener. With anti-sfip base. Site to x 5'/I inch approx. Cat. No. 841/0898 £8.99 20. AIREDAlE 12JAR IVORYSPICERACK.Includes 12 SdrNartz spices. supplied in sachet I.oon. to fiU 'IlIhejar• Completewllhspicelabels. Size 7x 7 x91/zillChapprol<. Cat. No. 841/0960 £9.99 21. 'FRESH ERUIT' CERAMICSTORAGEJAR5.Setcor 3. Compnsing tea. coffee and sugar jars. Height 7'/i in<:h appmx. Cat. No. 841/0324 £19.99 22. 'ffiRNAl BEAU" CERAMICSTORAGE JARS.A set of 3c~SIOIage jars inthe 'EtemalBeau' design.Heighl 7'11iflch approx. Cat. No. 841/0142 £18.99 23. "SUMMER CHlNlZ" SETOF 3 STORAGEJARS. ~1CtOrian SIyIe inopaIglas.s. 7'11inch high appro:c. Cat. No. 840m08 £9.99 24. NATURAl PINEPlATE RACK.High quality naWl&1[l1Oe with IacqlJefed finish. Holds up 10 I i plates. Useful top shelf. Six hooks on botIom 'Of cups. 1c.ey5, etc. Sire when assembled 24 x 8¥.x 17 inch IIIgh apptOl<. Cat. No. 841/0489 £19.99 25. WHlTE CERAMICBREADCROCK. Tracfitionalloolc wllh anractive embossed front HEight including fid 12 inch approx.

Cat. No. 841/09n £9.99 26. SET on CERAMICSTORAGEJARS. Fotstoring rea, coffee and sugar. Withcodclids. Helght6'1.,nchappro:c. Cat. No. 841/0953 £6.99 27 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY

16 JAR WHlTE PIAS11( REVOlVINGSPICERACK.Comains 16 jars rdledwith goIlmletspices. Design«! tositon the WOIXrop.Size 9'hx 6'hx 6'/1 UlChappro:c. Cat. No. 840/9744 £17.99 Wood is a natural product, therefore (olours may vary.

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1. WHITE CAFtrt~Rf_ C1earheat(esistam



I bUe.6cupcapad1y. Cat. No. 841/0214 £6.49 2. BODUM 'BRAZJL' B CUP CAFEn~RE. Heat resistant

glass. PoIypIop'yieneflame. Dishwasher sale. Cat. No. 841/0104

110mborosilicate glass. Caletiele has I litre capacity. Dishw~safe.


Cat. No. 841/0850

4. CAml£RE. Cllfome plated. Heat reslstant Pytex9~ jug. 6 (lJP tapadty.


Cat. No. 841/1055

S. CAF~n£RE. Goidcoloured finish. Heat resistant Pytex glass jug. 6 (lJP capacity. Cat. No. 84111048 £13.49 6. 'FRESH FRUIT' CAF8rtRE. Cerallll( bOOtwhidlcan be used asan altractlvejug. Capacity Ilitle. o.shwashersafe. Cat. No. 841/0939 £19.99 7. 800UM ·l~POT'. AA unusually designed teapot. Made Irom borOSilicateglass which withstands temperawres 110(11 - 3O"Cto 530"( Ideal for malong iced tea ()(regular lea.

Capaoty Illue ilIlProx. Dishwasher sale Cat. No. 84111024 £8.99 8. SONA TEAPOT. Mltror polIShedalumllllunt. Tea~ handl4!

and knob. Capacity 1'/.p,nL


Cat. No. 840/8879 9



5 PIECESTAINLESSSTEEl TEA SET.Composes teapo~ corr~eJhot water pot, cream jug. sugar Ix7Mand allay. ConSUucted Irom1ong lasung, nlIrror fillished stainless steel.


Cat. No. 841/0269 10




'TEATIME' BREAOANOPEOAl BINSET Indudes tHue decOlatedmetal pedal bin with separate internal bucket with carrying handk!, The decorawe metal bfead 001 has a loll tOp aCbOltandwipe clean surface


Cat. No. MI/0908 11



WILLIAM LEVENEPASTA MACHINE. QulCltand easy to use, the pasta machflle enabl4!s)'OUto make delidous fresh pasta. With a handy clamp for flJdng to)'OUrWOIttop. Exclusive offer to Argos fREE stainless steel serving tongs. Includes recipe booklet. Cat No. 84110922 £26.50 12



WINE COOLER.ICEBUCKeT& TONGS. Wine cooler IS designed to hold up to I Utrebollies. Ice bocket win hold up to 2 hlle 01 ice~eeplng n dry and cold. Doublewall

Insulated. ke tongs also supplied. (Wine 1101supplied.)


Cat. No. 841/0221 13



CLOVERLEAf 'IVORY CATS' SETOF 6 TABlE·MATSANO COASTERS. Set 01 6 diflerent cat designs by Lesley Anne Ivory. laminated. heat and stain resistant. Table·mat size 9x8 inch approx. Coastel SIZe4 lndl square aJlPfO'C. Cat. No. 84110245 £14.99 14



CLOVERlEAF 'POTPOURRI' SETOF 6 TABLE-MATSANO COASTERS.laminated, heat and stain resistanL Tabie-mat SIZe9 x 8 inch approx. Coastel size 4 rnch square approx. Cat. No. 841/0252 £14.99




15. SOOASTREAM'GEMINI' FIZZY DRINKSMAKER. Makes up to 1litre of fizzy ciink at the touch of a button. Automatic door opening. Supplied with gas cylindel. saJT4lIe 'I.liue concentrate plus I and1h lim! If'I1IlCICI resistant bottles. Cat. No. 841/0537 £26.99 16. TEDDYTEAPOT. Hand painted reramic teapOL Decorative and functional. Capacity 4 standard cups. Cat. No. 841/1086 £6.99 17.CEflAMICTEDDYCOOKlEJAR.Handpaintedwitha saijconseal to keep biscuits fresh inside. Htight II Inch aPPlox. £9.99 Cat. No. 84110393 18 0SUPERSTORESONLY

TEDDYSALTAND PEPPERPOTS.A parr 01hand painted ceramic salt and pepper poIS.At11a<tNeand funaional. Cat. No. 841/0874 £3.99 19 @SUPERSTORESONLY

TEDDYUTENSILfiOLDER Hanel painted ceramlClcitchen tool holder, Height 9 inch approx. £5.99 Cat. No. 841/0881 20 0 SUPERSTORES ONLY PIG COOKIEJAR.Hand painted <eIamIc jar. Airtight seal to keep contents fresh. Height IO'h inchapplox.


PROGRESSMOllY HOUSEWARES 'COUNTRYCOTTAGE' COFFEESTORAGEJAR.Hand painted ceramtC jar with a sillCOfl sealed lid to ket'p contents fresh. Heigll 7'h inch approx. Cat. No. 84019933 29 0 SUPERSTORES ONLY

PROGRESSMOllY HOUS£WARES 'COUNTRYCOTTAGE' ~Ca~t.:..:.;N::.o:.::. 8~41~/0:.::9",,15::.,__~ --=£=.;9.::.9.:.9 TtASTORAGEJAR.Handpalntedttfal1'icjarWlthasicoo 21. DOG COOKIEJAR. Hand pail1(edceramicjar. Airtight sealed lid to keep contents fresh. Height 91.indlapp!OJ(. seal to keep contents fresh. Height lOY. lOChapprox. Cat. No. 840/9926 £4.99 Cat No. 841/1079 £9.99 30

22 0 SUPERSTORES ONLY PROGRESSMOLLYHOUSEWARES'MOTHER GOOSE' COOKJEJAR.Hand painted, Ideal lor biscuits. can also be used as bathroomJbedroom stor~ jar Height I I'll Inch applox. Cat. No. 840/9579 £9.99 23 0


PROGRESSMOllY HOUSEWARES 'COUNTRYCOTTAGE" TEAI'OT. Hand pained. AIlraaM and funalonaI Capaory 3 standard 0JpS. Height 6lI.1IlChapprox. Cat No. 841/0362


PROGRESSMOllY HOUSEWARES' MOTHERGOOSE' KITCHENTIDY,Ausefulnefn for the kitchen. Hand pa,nted, Suitable for housing SCOOIIIlg pads. soaps or sponges, Height Slf.lnch approx. (Sponge not ioducIed.) Cat. No. 841/0379 £3.49 24 0


PROGRESSMOllY HOUSEWARES'MOTHER GOOSE' UTENSILHOLDER.A useful item fO(the kitchert Hand painted. Holds various kitchen tools (tools IlOUnduded) Height 71hindlapprox, Cat. No. 841/0386 £4.99 25 0 SUPERSTORES ONLY

PROGRESSMOllY HOUSEWARES'COUNTRYCOTTAGE' SUGARSTORAGEJAR. Hand painted ceramic jar with a SIliconsealed ltd to keep contents fresh Height 8 inch approx. Cat. No. 84019940 £8.49 26 0 SUPERSTORES ONLY

PROGRESSMOLLYHOUSEWARES'COUNTRYCOTTAGE' COOKIESSTORAGEJAR. Hand painted ceramiqar with a silicon sealed lid to keep contents fresh. Height 9 tnd1 approx. Cat. No. 84019957 £11.49 27 0


PROGRESSMOLLYHOUSEWARES'COUNTRY COTTAGE' BREAOBIN.This hand painted ceramicconage wiDtdia nonnal sire 800g loaf. Height 121h tnd1 approx. Cat. No. 841/0647 £19.99





1. 5 PIECE KITCHEN TOOL SET.Plus hanging rack- Beige handles with matt black nylon heads. Ideal fOl non-stick pans.



2 @SUPERSTORESONLY SPECKLED GREY KITCHEN TOOL SET. A 6 piece kitchen tool setwith nylon blades and a hanging 00. ,Cat. No. 841/0630 £4.99 3 @SUPERSTORESONLY WHITE Kl101EN TOOL SET. 6pieces Including hanging rack. White nylon heads and handles with stainless steel shafts. Recommended lOt use with nonslide pans. Dishwasher safe.

Cat. No.841/0355 £5.99 4. BLACK AND CHROME KITCHEN TOOL SET. 6 pieces plus a chrome hangIng rade. Black nylon blades. Can be usedwith non-slide pans.

Cat. No. 841/0410 £4.99 S. HERITAGE KITCHEN TOOL SET. Nawra,1 pine handles with "",on blades. 6 pieces including matdling pine hanging rack. Recommended lor non-stide pans.

£5.99 6. HERITAGE KITCHEN TOOL SET. 8 pieces Including hanging 00. Natural Cat. No.840/6486

pine handles. Chrome plated blades. cat. No. 841/1141 £6.99 7 @SUPERSTORESONlY STAINLESS STEELKITCHEN TOOL SET. Consists of 5pl«es and hanging 00. cat. No. 841/0843 £9.99 8


PROGRESS SPECKLEDGREY 8 PIECE KITCHEN SET. Comptlsing large dishl cutlery drainer. 5 section cutlery !fay. soap dish. SClubbing brush. dish mop. dish doth. 10litre graduated budcet and 121h IndlboWl. Cat. No. 841/0867 £4.99 9.lEIFHEIT KITCHEN ·ROlLSERVE·. Holds three rolls up to 12 inell wide. Two sliding CURtIS for film and loil.lntegral kItchen roll holdef (roDs not supplied). Screws and plugs included.

Cat.No.840/86~8 £10.99 10.20 PIECE FOOD STORAGE SET. Freezer. dishwasher sale and microwave reheatabie (except Jug). Snap on lids.

Cat. No.840/9256 £9.99 11. CORNER PLATE RACK. Space saving storage for approx 24 plates of various sizes. Manufactured in steel wire. coated in easy to clean plastic, Size 13x9x8 inch approx. (Plates not Included.) cat. No. 84111062 £3.99 12. 'GUIDER RJDER" ROLLERS.Allows lorward. backward and sideways movement. Can be guided using the steering mechanism for easy ponabllily. Maximum load 6OOIb. Salelybrakes. txtends from 161ne1l to 23 Yl inch approx. Product is ,111, inch high. Cat. No. 840/2521 £9.99 Wood is a natural product therefore colours may vary.

, 3. PROGRESSSPECKLED GREY BINS. With a unique removable Rap fOl easy cleanlll9. and a 38 litre capacity base. Complete with 10litre flip lop bathroom! bedroom bin with new easyemply Ud.

£9.75 Cat. No.841/0063 14. MOBILE VEGETABLE RACK. 3 plastk baskets that can slide out lor easy fimng. RoIle!s for maximum mobility. Size 12x 17 x 25 inch high applOJ(.

Cat. No.840/6675

'5. MOBilE


VEGETABLE RACK. 4 Plastic baskets that can slide OUt lor east filling. RoIle!s for maximum mobDiIy. Size 12 x 17 x 34inell high approx.

Cat. No.840/8123

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RICHARDSON SHEFRELD 'CARLTON" 12 PIECE KNIFE SET. Coinprisiog a steak. grapefruit, c:heese, paring, vegetable, cook's,codctai~caMnQ, tomato,bread and allpurpose knife plus a carving forlt Sheffield stainless steel bladesand polypropylene handles. Dishwasher safe. Made in Sheffield. ManUfaaure~s.IO·year ~arantee. Cat. No. 841'0623 £6.99 17. RICHARDSON SHEffiELD "CARUON"KNlfE5ET IN WOODEN BLOCK Five knives with surgical stainless steet blades and polypropylene handles in a wood block. Dishwasher safe (ex<ept block). Made in Sheffield. Manufacturers I O-year guarantee. Cat. No. 841'0070 £8.99 18. WILTSHIRE STAYSHARP lWO PIECE KNIFE SET. Exclusive design to Argos. One 8 inch carving ~nife and one 5inch utility fq1He,stored In self sharpening safety scabbards. Stainless steel blades. Knives are dishwasher safe. Manufa<turersUfelimeguaramee. Cat. No. 840/7258 £13.50 19 @SUPERSTORESONLY

RICHARDSON SHEfAELD KNIVES AND SCISSORS11'1 WOODEN BLOCK. Foor kitchen knives and pai~of sOsSOlS. Stainless steel blades and poIyprOl7ilene handles. ManufactUrers IO·year guarantee. cat. No. 840'9483 £14.99 20. RICHAROSONSHEFflELD "lASER" 5 PIECE ~IFE SET IN WOODEN BLOCK. Exdusive to Argos. Knives feature Sheffield stainless steel blades with unique Laser edges which never need sharpening. Polypropylene handles. Dishwasher safe (exduding block). Made inSheffield. Manufacture~ s 25·year guarantee. cat. No. 841'0984 £16.99 21 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

KITQiEN DEVILS SET Of 3 SELF· SHARPENING i(JTCHEN KNIVES. Yegetable. unTItyand carving knives. each in itsown auiomalicsharpener and storage scabbard. Surgical steel blades. cat.No,840'~SOO £11.99 22. RICHARDSONSHEFAELD COMBINATION BLOCK SET. Exdusive to Argos. Set oomprises 4 knives, a pair of sdiSOlS, can opener and peeler all stored in wooden bJocJ:. Dishwasher safe (exduding blildc). Made 10 Sheffield. Manufacturer's 1O-year guarantee. Cat. No. 841'09~1 £18.99 23. KITCHEN DEVIls KNIVES. SCISSORS AND SHARPENER SET. Exclusive to Argos.lnbl~woodeoblock.Aseto!S kitdlen knivesand ~ pairo! sdMrs with stainless steel blades and polypropylene handles. Also indudes a handy knife sharpenet'. Oishwashersafe (excluding block). Manufaaurel's guarantee. .Cat. No. 840'9892 £19.99 24. KITCHEN DEVILS ·SERIES 1000" KNIFE AND ~SOR SET IN PINE BLOCK. Exdusiveto Argos. SeiofS kltchen knives and a pair of sdSSOlS withstainless steel blades and polyplopylene handle~ Dishwasher safe (exduding block). Manufacturer's guarantee on knives. Exdusive offer to Argos, 6 FREE steakknives. Cat. No. 84111000 £21.99

25. RICHARDSON SHEfFIELD 12 PIECE "lASER" KNIFE SET IN WOODEN BLOCK. Exdusive to Argos.Six assoned kitchen knives and six steak knives. Stainless steel blades and polypropylene handles. Manufacturer's 25·year guarantee. DishwasheI safe (except block). cat. No. 840'8745 £24.99 26. RICHARDSON SHEFFIELD·Y" SABATlER KNIFE SET IN BLACK BLOCK. S kniveswith polyprop>yiene handles and stainless steel blades. Made in France. Dishwasher safe (exduding bjock). Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. Cat. No. 840'6864' £21.99 27 @SUPERSTORESONlY

ENSEE 3 PiECE sossoas SET. Stainless steel blades. Acrylic handles. 81hinch gener.l1 purpose. 811zinch houseOold and SIll inch needleworksdssors. Cat. No. 84017375 28 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

PROGRESSCARRIER BAG BIN. Turns carrier b,ags into waste bins.lInique flap and roIIar system rec:ydesalTjsizeof carrier bag by turning them inlO useful waste bins· there is no need to bUy special bin liners. Easy to fix to walls. doors, QJPboards etc; using pads. hooks or scre.-v:sprovided. Perfect for use Inthe kitchen. bathroom. garage, caravan etc. size 11'hx51f~x6 inchapprox. Cat. No. 841'0678 £3.79 29


PROGRESSBAGSTOR. The tidy way to slOfe used plastic bags. rldi~ stores and dispenses up 10 20 used carrier bags. Just place them in the topand pull tlJem out for use. one b¥one. Readily assembled, the Bagstor fits easlly to ooors, walls or cupboards using padsorscre.-v:s provided. Can be used anywhere and isan ideal companion to the Carrie' Bag Bin. Size 123/.x 6 x 31f. inch apprcix. Cat. No. 841'0685 £3.79 30 @SUPERSTORESONLY

PROGRESSCAN CRUSHER Saves space 101 re<yding. Crushes aluminium cans to 20% of original siZe, ready {Of ~ing. Made of a durable steel construction it has a comlOltsoft grip handle and a simple lever action for smooth easy can crushing. waU motJnted, the Can Crushercomes complete with easyfu screws. cat. No. 841'0692 £5.99


1. BRABAlffiA 'FRESH FRUIT' PEDAL BIN. QuaJltysreel coostrudlonwith removable plastic bucket Strong pedal mechanism. Capacity 121[lre. Height 15'11 Inch approx. Cat. No. 840/9689 £11.79 2. SWAN 'F~€SH FRUIT' 4 PIECE COOKWARE SET. Enamelled exteriors. SilverStone' non-stick inleriors. Ashwood handles and knob5. Comprises 23/•• 4'I•.6'Il pint saucepans and IIinch fry pan. Cat. No. 860/7663 £56.99 3. CLOVER lEAF 'fRESH fRUIT" TRAY. Strong Melamine finish with wipe dean surface. Willl1!sist temperawres up to 150"(, Size 19'12x 12 inchapprox. Cat. No. 840/9720 £8.99 4. BRABANllA 'FRESH FRUIT' ROll TOP BREAD BIN. Quality steel construction. Size 17'11x lOx6'h inch apprO)(. Cat. No. 840/9672 £ 11. 79 5



CLOVERLEAF 'FRESH FRUIT' MElAMINE KITCHEN BOARD SET.COmprises g'll inch chopping board and 11 x 17inch kitchen board. Finished in tough heat and stain resistant Melamine. Cat. No. B41/0551 £9.49 6


V1NERS'FRESH FRUIT' KNIFE BLOCK..Set of 5 knives In plastic stOlage blOck with' Fresh Fruit' design. PolyproPYlene handles.l(n.ives are dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 841/0465 £19.99 7



'FRESH FRUIT' KITCHEN ROLL HOLDER. High quality plastic. Complete with paper kitchen roll, foil and film roiL Size 14lfH 3'12 x IS inch approx. Cat. No. 841/0317 £16.49 8. BRABANTIA 'FRESH FRUIT' FOOD WARMER. With 2 burners. Keeps sauces and food hot at lhe table. With candles al1d easy to operale snuffers. Cal. No. 840/9665 £10.49 9


'FRE~H FRUIT' WORKTOP SAVER. Can be used as a cUlting board and to protect yourWOlk surface. Does 001 retain odours. taint or bacteria. Heat and scratch resistant. Useful for all food preparation. Made from toughened glass wilh non-slip feel. Size 12 x 161nch aPPfox.

Cat. No. 84110575 10



'FRESH FRUIT' SPICERACK. Made from high quality plastic. Complete with 12 jars of assorted spices and herbs. Size II x 23/S x 12 inch approx. Cal. No. 841/0166 £13.49 11.'FRESH FRUIT' SETOF 3 STORAGE JARS. Opal glass wlth green screw top lid. CompriSing tea. coffee and sugar jars. Height 4'h Inch approx. Cat. No. 840/9658 £7.99 12. 'FRESH FRUrr' CERAMIC STORAGE JARS. Sel of 3. Comprising tea, coffee and sugar jars. Helghl 7 'Ii inch approx. Cal. No. 84110324 £19.99 13


BRA8ANT1A 'fRESH FRUIT" BISCUIT BARREL Easy to dean plastic liner. Ol}ing capsule in lid to keep biscuits Jtesh.With canying handle and l1!Cessed rid. cat. No. 841/0568 £9.50 14. CLOVERlEAF 'FRESH FRUIT' TABLE MATS. Set of 6. laminated flnlsh resists stains and temperawres up to IOO"C. Wlpec!ean. Size 11'hx8'/l inchapprox. Cat. No. 840/9706 £11.99 15. 'FRESH FRUIT" CAF~TI~RE. Capadty lliue. Ceramic bodywhlch can be used as an anraC1ive jug. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 841/093.9 £19.99 'Du Pont registered trade mark.


FRESH FRUIT FOR books_to_bytes






"fRESH FRUrr" OVAl TABLECLOTH SET. 50% cottonlSO% polyester. 68 x 88 indl oval for use on ~r oval or rectangular table. madline washable.lndudes 4 napkios; siZe 17 x 17indl appr~ Cat. No. 120/6339 £19.99 JOHNSON BROTHERS "fRESH FRUIT" FINE ENGLISH TABLEWARE. MlqOWcl\leand dl5hwasnersafe. 17. 30PlECE SET.Comprises 6 each dinner plates, side plates, soup/cereal bowls. cups and saucelS. Cat. No. 800n988 £69.99 18. COMPlETER DINNER SET.Comprising oval meat dish. 2 oval.serving bowls, 9r.1Vfboat and stand. Cat. No. 800/8059 £39.99 19. VlNERS "FRESH FRUrr" 24 PIECECUTlERY SET. Stainlesssteel wilh durable plastic handles. Giftboxed. Comprises 6 each knives. forks, dessert spoons and

teaspoons. Cat. No. 820/4334 20



CRUET SET. Cat. No. 80018619 £11.49 21. CLOVERLEAF "FRESH FRUrr' TABLE MATS. Set of 6. laminated finish resists stains and temperatures up to

lOO"C.Wipeclean. Size l1'hx8'hiriCh approx. Cat. No. 84019706 £11.99 JOI1NSON BROTHERS "FRESH FRUIT' FINE ENGLISH TABLEWARE. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 22. SETOFFOUR MUGS. Cat. No. 800/803S £12.99 23. COMPLETER TEA SET.Comprising teapOt. cream jug and sugar bowl. Cat. No. 80018042 £31,99 24



COFFEE SET. Comprises coffee po~six coffee cups and

saucelS. Cat. No. 80018736



YOUR COLLECTION books_to_bytes


COMPOsmON OF SETS: 30 PIECe SET: Sixeach dinner

plates. side plates. soup/cereal

bowls, cups and saucers.


SET: Sixead!

Imives,forks, dessert spoonsand teaspoons.

1. 'EltRNAL BEAU' OV/>J..TABLEaOTH SET. 50% cottonISO% polyester. 68 x 88 inch oval for use oneither oval or rectangular table. Machine washable. Includes 4 napkins, size 17 x 17 inch approx. Cat. No. 120/6315 JOHNSON BROTHERS 'ETERNAl BEAU' ANE ENGUSH TABLEWARE. Miaowave and d'lSImashersafe (except cutle!y and

glassware). 2. 30 PIECESET.

Cat. No. 800/4273 £56.99 3, COMPlETER DINNER SET.Comprising meatdish,lWOservingboWls,~boat andstand. Cat. No. 800/4637 4. COMPtEltRTEASET.


teapot cream jug andsugar I:lo'M. Cat. No. 800/4510 £24.99 5


'2 PIECETEA SET. ~rising 4 each tea CUJl5, saucers and side plates. Cat. No. 800/8341 6


CRUET SET. Cat. No. 800/4998 7.SETOF4MUGS. Cat. No. 800/5447 8


13 PIECE COFFEE SET.Comprising coffee pot. six coffee cups and saucers. Cat. No. 800/4819 87.99 9


'ETERNALBEAU'12PIECETUMBLER SET. Comprises six hi·bantumblers and six

mtxer tumblers. Cat. No. 815/5311 10. 'ETERNAL 8EAU' WINE GlASSES. 6pfecesei. Cat. No. 815/3502 JOHNSON BROTHERS 'EltRNAlBEAU' fiNE ENGUSH TABLEWARE. Microwave anddishwashersafe (exceptcutIeIy and

glassware). 11


12 PIECE DINNER SET.Cornprising4 each dinnerplates, side plates and souplCI!fi!al

bowls. Cat. No. 800/8444 12


7 PIECE DESSERTSET. Comprising one

desseJt bowland 6dessen dishes. Cat. No. 800/8327 £15.99

312 books_to_bytes

13. VlNERS"ETERNAL BEAU" 24 PIECE CUllERY SET.Stainless steel with durable plastic handles. Giftboxed. Cat. No. 82014303


14. YN~ "ETERNAlBEAU" 4 PIECE COOKWARESET. Enamelledexterio~. Teflon 2' non-stid: inteliors. Comprises 2'Il. 3'h and 40/, pint saucepans and 10'/2inch open fry pan. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 86016891



SALTER"ETERNAl BEAU" KITCHEN £CAlE.Weighs up to SIbI2.2kg In 102/ 25ggraduations. Manufacturer's 2·year

guarantee. Cat. No. 84110836 £9.99 16. "ETERNAl BEAU' PEDAL BIN. Metal

construc1ionwilh removable plastic budc.el Capacity 10 Ii1res approx. H~gh! 14'Mnm approx. Cat. No. 840n997



VlNERS"EJERNAl8EAU" KNIFE8LQCK, Set 015 kitchen knives ina plastic storage boxv.ith "Etemal8eau" design. Knives have poIypr~handlesand are dishwasher safe. Giftboxed. Cat. NO.8411013S £19.99 18. VINERS 'ETERNAl8EAU" KITCHEN TOOLSET.6IMeces including rack. For use with non-stickpans.Giftboxed. Cat. No.840/830S £9.99

19 @SUPERSTORESONlY "EJERNAlBEAU" KlTCHENROLL HOI.OOl Foruse with paper. kitchen film and aluminium mils (supplied), Size WI. x l'n x 15 incl\ apjlrox. Cat. No.84019407 (:

~ ~ (-



I; ( j

'": i-







"ETERNAlBEAU" CAKEllNS. Setof3 alameters 6. 7 and 81nd!.


Cat. No. 840nS40

RACK. 12jarsoitlerlls'andspiCesSlZe 12 x 2 x 11in<h h1gI! approx. Cat. No. 84018958 £12.79

22. BRABANTlA"ETERNALBEAu' 5 PIECEGADGETRACK. Hand can openEf. apple corer, food peeler, garlic Pless and jar/bollle opener. With rack for wall fixing orfreestanding. Size 10x2 x 9'!. inch . approx. Cat. No. 84019232



"ETERNAl BEAU"WORK TOP SAVER. kfeal as a food preparation board. ManufactlJ!ed from safe, hygienic tempered gloss which"';" ac<ept cookware ditect from II1e 0'IeII. Fitted with anti-s!ip feel Size 16 x 12 inm applOiC. Cat. No. 841/0829


24. ·ETERNAlBEAU· ROll TOP BREAD BIN.Size 16'hx lO'!.x 7'/2 incl\lIPPlOll Cat. No. 840n980 £9.89 • Du Pont registered trademark.

~ ~


Iinil l!I.!!J

Eternal Beau

1. CLOVERLEAF'ETERNAl8EA,U' TRAY.SlIong Melamineconstruction induding handles.Heatand slOin resistant Wipe clean.Size 19'11X '2inch approx. Cat. No. 840/861! £7.99 2. 'ETERNAl8EAU' BISCUITBAJlREl. Moisture-freeairtlght containel. With crisper Inlid. Height 7 Inch. cat. No. 841/1134

JARS. Clearglass.Lid IsdecoratedYvilh Etemal8eau design.Height eadl Jar6'/2 inch approxCat. No. 840/94!4 £7.79 4. 'ETERNAl BEAU' CERAMIC STORAGEJARS.A set913 ceramic storagejars in the Etemal8eau design. Height 7'11 inch approx. Cat. No. 841/0142 5. 'ETERNAl8EAU' SETOF 3STORAGE JARS.Opal glass.Heighl4 '12 inch approx. Cat. No. 840/6376 £7.79 6


SETOF 5STORAGE JARS.lndudesthree 'II kilo jarsand two 1 kilo jars. OpalglassYvithcream screw lOP,sugar,flourand biscuitjars. Height01'12kilo Jars,4'11 inch appl'OJC;1kilo jars,6 inchapprox. Cat. No. 840/9830 £12.99 'ETERNAl8EAU'



"ETERNAl8EAU' TEXTILESET. Comprisessingleovenglove,tea cosyand tea towel. '00% cotton. Machine washable. £9,99 Cat. No. 840/9971 8. CLOVERlEAf 'ETERNAl8EAU' CHOPPINGBOARDS.Onekitchenboard , 1x 17 Inchapprox and one chopping board, diameter9'12Inchapprox.Heat and stain resistant. Cat. No. 840/B941 9. BRABANTIA'ETERNAlBEAU' FOOD WARMER.With 2bumers.Keepssauces and food hot at the table. Completewith candlesand ear-j to operatesnuffers. Cat. No. 840/9225 £10.49 10.CLOVERLEAF'ETERNALBEAU' TAl)LEMATS.Setof six.Heat resistantfilm laminate tops, Wipe dean. Size9 inch approx. Cat. No. 840/5487








'I~'. " "



.: .~ i·



" "



~, ,,



.: ,'. ,'. fo {. ~ ,. ~ tt







1'. J~



Sixeacb dinner plates, side plates, soup/cereal bowls, cups and saucers. All crockery on page 315 is

miaowave anc!di~hwasher safe unless otherwise stated. JOHNSON BROTHERS'KATRINA" ANt ENGUSH TABlEWARE. 11. 30 PIECESet cat. No. 800(8884 £69.99



COMPLETERDINNER SET.Comprises meat dish. two seMnq bovds. 9~ boat

and stand. Cat. No. 800/8994




COMPLETERTEA SET.Comprises leapot

cream jug and sUgar bowl.

cat. No.



JOHNSON 8ROTHERS 'SUMMER CHINTZ' FINEENGUSHTASLEWARE. For 'SummerChinl2' storagejalS see page 305. 14.30 PIECESET. Cat. No. 800/6257 £54.99 15


COMPLETERTEA SET.Comprises teapot. cream jug and SlIgar bowl. Cat. No. 800/6329 £25.99

16 @ SUPERSTORESONLY COMPLETERDINNER SET.Comptises meat dish, twoserving bowls. gravy boat


cat. No. 800/6336




CRUETSET. cat. No. 800/6886



COMPOsmON OF SETS: 30 PIECESET:Six each dinner

plates. side plates. soup/cereal bowls. cupsand saucers. 20 PIECESET: Four each dinner plates. side plates. soup/cereal bowls. cups and saucers. 21 PIECETEASET:Six each tea plates. cups and saucers. one each cake plate. sugar bowl with lid and cream jug. 24 PIECEDINNERSET:Six each dinner plates. salad/dessert plates. soup/cereal bowls. one each (overed vegetable dish. open vegetable dish. oval serving dish and gravy boat with stand. 1




SET.Mkrowave and dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 800/4163 £27.99


'PEONY" PORCELAIN DINNER SET.With attrac1JVefloral design

and silveredge. 20 ple<e sel. Cat. No. 800/8918 3




SET.With at1lactivedesign. 20 plecese1. Dishwasher safe. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 800/8901 4


DECOR'~NTHA'PORCE~N DINNER SET.With gold edge. 20 plece set, Dishwasher safe. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 800/90S8 £19.99

5. RAYWARE 'ARIEL' fiNE PORCELAIN DINNER SET.With double gold band. 20 pleceseL Cat. No. 80019199



TEASET.With anractiVeIlotaldesign. IS piece set comprises 6 each tea cups. saucers and lea plates. Cat. No. 800/S774 7



SET.Withat1lactive floraldesign and gold edge. 30 piece set. Cat. No. S0018190 CHURCHILL 'SLUE WILLOW' TABLEWARE. Microwave and dishwasher

safe. 8


COMPLETER DINNER SET.Comprises meatdish. two selVingbowls. gravy boat and stand.

Cat. No. S0016075 9


3 PIECETEAPOT SET.Comprises teapot. cream lug and sugar bowl.

Cat. No. 800/6068 10 @SUPERSTORESONLY


Cat. No. 800/6109






CHINA DINNER SET.MktOWcM!,oven, freezer aoo dIShwasher safe. 10 piece set cat. No. 800nno 12


£46.99 ONLY

ROYAt OOUl TON EXPRESSIONS 'SUMMER CARNIVAl" FINEENGUSH CHINADINNERSET.Microwave, oven, freezeraMdislwlasller safe. 20 piece set cat. No. 800m37


IVONAf1NECHINAWilhalland decorated real gold edge. Singlepieces to complement your set can be ordered. 0etai15are endosedwilh each set 13. 21 PlECETEASET. £25.99 Cat. No. 800/4857 14.24P1ECfDINNERSET. cat. No.800/4864 15.21 PIECETEA SET. "Country Roses". Cat. No. 800/8925



16. 24 PIECEOlNNERSET "CountryRoses". Cat. No. 800/8932




16 PIECESET:4 each dinner plates, side plates, soup/cereal bowls and mugs. 20 PIECE SET: 4 each dinner plates. side plates, soup/cereal bowls, rups and saucers. 24 PIECE SET: 6 each dinner plates, side plates, soup/cereal bowls and mugs. 30 PIECE SET: 6 each dinner plates, side plates, soup/cereal bowls, rups and saucers. 45 PIECE SET: 30 piece set plus teapot, sugar bowl. cream jug. 6 mugsand 6 eggrups. Allaockeryon pages 318 and 319 are microwave and dishwasher safe. 1


BllTONS·MEZZO·, 16 PlEa SET, Cat. No. SOO/8657


2. JOHNTAMS·SOLEll· 16 PIECESET, Cat. No. 80018286



3. BILTONS ·TAPrnRY· 20 PIECE SET. Cat. No. 800/8561 £11.99 4. CROWN DYNASTY BAROQUESHAPE 20 PIECE SET. Cat. No. 800/9034 £9.99 5. ARCOPAl "FOUGERE" 20 PIECESET. Freezersafe. Saatch resistant. Cat No. 800/8956 £29.99 6. JOHN TAMS 'CARNIVAL' 24 PIECE

SET. Cat. No. 80017476



PlECESET. Cat. No. 80017579



8.IaLNCRAfT 'SUMMEjlFlEL08LUE" 40 PIECE SET.Comprises 8 each of dinner

plates. side plates. souploo:eal bowls.

cupSand saucers. Cat. No. 800/8365 £29.99 9. 8JLTONS'HA!lMONY8LUE" 45 PIECE SET. Cat. No. 80017304 £29.99 10. KlLNCRAFT "PROVANCE" 45 PIECE SET. Cat. No. 800/8358 £34.99 11. BILTON5 'ROSE GARDEN' 45 PIECE SET, Cat. No. 800/4644 £37.99 12. CHURCHILL 'ECUPSE" 60 PIECE SET. Coinprises30pieceaodcelYse~ 6 wine glasses and 24 pie(:estainles5 steel cutlery set: 6 eachJmives, fOlks.dessen spoons and teaspoons. Cat. No. 800/9175 £49.99 JOHNSON BROTHERS "HERITAGE" FINE ENGUSH TABlEWARE. 13


COMPlETER TEA SET.Comprises teapot, cream jUg and sugar bowl. Cat. No. 800/4778 £18.95 14


COMPLETER DINNER SET.Comprises meat dish, two selVing boWls.gravy boat and stand. Cat No. 800/4785 £26.99 15.30 PIECESET. £42.99 Cat. No. 800/3810 16


ENGUSH IRONSTONE "STENCIL CHERRIES" 30 PIECE SET. Decorated Cefami< spongeware. £21.99 Cat. No. 800/9120





COMPOSITION OF 30 PIECE SET: Sixeachdinner plates. side plates. soup/cereal bowls. cups and saucers.

Allcrockery on pages 320-321 are microwave and dishwasher safe unless otherwise stated.

1. "WOODLAND" BYS1AFFORDSHIRE TABLEWARE. 30pie<esel Cat. No. S0019209 £15.99 2 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY BILTONS "SAffRON" 30 PIECESET. cat. No. SOO/6525 £19.99 3. ENGUSH IRONSTONE "MARIA" 30 PIECESET. Cat. No. SOO/S310 £19.99 4. BllTONS "ALMOND BLOSSOM" 30 ptECESET. Cat. No. soomS7 £19:99 5. KILNCRAfT 'CHARNLEY' 30 PIECE SET. Cat. No. SOO/S293 £21.99 6 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY l<JLNCRAfT "MONACO' 30 PIECE SET. Cat. No. SOO/6707 £24.99 7. BllTONS "fRUITGAROEN" 30 PlEa SET. Cat. No. SOO/9106 £24.99 8. CHURCHilL' PARTHEN0N" 30 PIECE SET. Cat. No. SOOn32S £24.99 9 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY CHURCHIU "CAMOMILE" 30 PIECESET. cat. No. soonS23 £29.99 10. WOOD &SONS •AlPINE MEADOW' 30 PIECESET. cat. No. 800/8114 £44.99 11 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY CHURCHIU 'TAMARIND" 30 PIECESET. cat. No. SOO/9137 £39.99 12 @SUPERSTORESONLY BARRATTS 'CHELSEA" 30 PIECESET. Cat. No. SOO/8145 £59.99 13 @SUPERSTORESONLY JOHNSON BROTHERS'SUMMERfIELOS' fiNE ENGLISH TABLEWARE. 30 pece set. Cat. No. SOOI5272 £59.99 14. CASUAL DINING "BOROlO" 30 PIECESET. Cat. No. SOO/9096 £24.99 15. CHURCHILL "ROSAMUND' 30 PIECESET. cat. No. SOO/9113 £29.99





16PIECESET:four ea"dLdi'lner _

plates. side plates. sOuP/CtlleaJ bowls and mugs. . 20 PIECESET:four eaen dinner

plates. side plates. soup/cereal bowls. cups and saucers. 30 PIECESET:six ead1 dinner plates. side plates, soup/cereal bowls. cups and saucers. 1. CASUAl DINING 'BOROlO' 30 PIECE SET.Mloowave and dishwasher safe. Cal No. 800/9096 £24.99 2


ENGLISH IRONSTONE 'STENCll CHERRJES' 30 PIECESET.Decorated ceramicspongeware. Mloowave and dishwasher safe. cat. No. 800/9120 £21.99 3. ARCOPAl 'fOUGERE' 20PIECE DINNER SET.Scratch resistant microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. cat. No. 800/8956 £29.99 4


BllTONS 'MEZZO' 16P1ECESET. Microwave and dishwasher safe. cat. No. 800/8657 £10.99 WOOD & SONS 'AlPINE MEADOW' TABLEWARE. Miaowave and cflShwashef safe. 5.30 PIECESET. Cat. No. 800/8114 £44,99 6


TEAPOT SET.Comprises teapot. cream jug and sugar bowl. Cat. No. 800/9151 £21.99 7 @ SUPERSTORESONLY COMPLETER DINNER SET.Complisesoval meat dish. 2 serving bowls, gravy boat and stand. cat. No. 800/9168 £29.99 8 @ SUPERSTORESONLY ITAlIAN FLORAl DESIGN HAND PAINTED 16 PIECESET. Cat. No. 800/8970 £39.99 9


GRINDLEY 'CABANA STRIPES' 16 P1ECE SET.Freezer. microwave and dishwasher sale. Cat. No. 800/8853 £29.99 10. JOHN TAMS 'VICTORIA PLUM' 20 PIECESET.Microwave and dishwashef safe. Cat. No. 800/9182 £19.99


CHOICE AND VALUE books_to_bytes

11. ENGUSH IRONSTONE 'MONET' 20 PIECESET.Microwave and dishwasher

safe. Cat. No. 80019089


12. ENGUSH IRONSTONE 'MIRO' 30 PIECESET.Microwave and dishwasher

safe. Cat. No. 80018877 13




and dishwas~r safe. Cat. No. 80018695




. .-




-' -

. ..

"-.- -;--



:1IJ111H':'Q;UAL/~Fl,AAlO_S·p!I;.~'~] books_to_bytes



Mugs on page 324 are dishwasher safe and supplied In sets of six unless otherwise stated. 1. KlLNCRAFT ~EClPE COFFEEMUGS. Two eachof threedesigns. Microwave safe.

Cat. No. 80018808



MUGS. Two each of three designs. Microwave safe. Cat. No. 80017139 £4.99 3. "FLORAl GARDEN' FINE CHINA MUGS. Two each of thiee designs. Microwave safe.

KlLNCRAFT OCTAGONAL MUGS. Two each of three colours Yvith real gold edged

rims. Cat. No. 80018743



ENGLISH BONE CHiNA BEAKERS. With aSSOtted floral decorations and pink colour rim.

Microwave safe. cat. No. S0017995 7


JASON ENGLISH BONE CHINA "flORAl' MUGS. Decorated in a delicate noral pattern. Cat. No. SOO/S224 8. KINGSBURY ·ORIENTAl··ENGLISH 80NECHINABEAKERS. Two each of three Orieotal designs. Miaowavesafe.

Cat. No. SOOlS516 9




"CAT LOVERS" ENGLISH BONE CHINA BEAKERS. With individual designs. Miaowa'li! safe. .

Cat. No. S0017926



"popPY COLLECTION' ENGLISH FINE BONEl':HINA BEAKERS.Two ea<l1of three Poppy designs. MKrowavesafe.

Cat. No. SOOlS523



'ORCHARD fRUIT" ENGLISH FINE BONE CHINA BEAKERS.Two each of three deSigns. Microwave safe.

cat. No. SOOl9027 12. "FRUIT COlLECTION" ENGLISH BONE CHINA BEAKERS. Two each of three designs. Microwave safe.

cat. No. S001754S


13. "TEDDY BEAR COLLECTION" ENGUSH FINE BONE CHINA BEAKERS. Two each of three designs. Microwave safe.

Cat. No. 80018633

324 books_to_bytes



Sixeach knives, forl<s,dessert spoons and teaspoons. 14. 12 PIECE STEAKSET.Stainlesssteel with wooden handles.Setcomprises six steakknivesand sixsteal(forks.Supplied completein a presentation box. Cat. No. 82014437 £9.50


15. SPENCER FORGE "ElON" 24 PIKE STAINlESS STEELCunERY SET. QishYlaShersafe. Cat. No. 820/4523



Dishwashersafe. Cat. No. 820/4413 £6.49 17. SUNNEX24 PIECE STAINlESS STEEL CUTlERY SET.With durableplastic handles.Suppliedcompiete with acutlery stand. Cutlery is dishwasher safe. Gift boxed. £9.50 Cat. No. 820/4705


Dishwasher safe. Gift boxed. Manufacturers guarantee. Cat. No.820/4547




Dishwasher safe. cat. No. 8.2014516 21



MONOGRAM 'GLENDALE' 24PIECE STAINLESs STEEl CUTlERY SET. Dishwashersafe. Supplied completeina

presentatiOndisplaycase. £14.99 cat. No. 82014585 22. VINERS • SATIN lEAf' 24 PIECE STAINLESS STEELCunERYSET.

Dishwasher safe. Giltboxed. Manufacwrer' 5guarantee. Cat. No. 82013328 £13.99 23. VOGUE ELEGANCE 24 PI~CE CUTlERY SET. Stainless steel with woode~ handles. Supplied completewah a woodEn cuUery tree. cat. No. 82012666 24



VlNERS BISTRO STYlE 24 PIECE CunERY SET. Wlth.durable plastic handles.

Dishwashersafe. Cat. No. 820/4712


When dishwashing cutlery it is advisable to remove the cutlery and wipe dry as soon as the dishwasher cyde is complete. It is not advisable to wash silver plated orwooden handled cutlery in a dishwasher. Setsare plain boxedunless otherwise stated.







Sixeach knives, fortes.dessert spoons and teaspoons. 44 PIECESET:

Sixeach table knives, table forits, dessert knives, dessert fooo, dessert spoons, soup spoons, teaspoons plus two serving spoons. 58 PIECESET:

Eight each table knives and fooo, dessert knives, forits and spoons, soup spoons, teaspoons plus two serving spoons. 1. VlNERS 'ffiRNAlBEAU' 24 PIECE CUTtERY SET.Stainless steel wilh durable

plastic handles. Giftboxed. FOf' ()-ordinating tablewm see page 312. £36.50 Cat. No. 820/4303 2. VlNERS 'fRESH FRUIT' 24 PIECE CUnERY SET.Stainless steel with durable

plastic handles. Gift boxed. For co-ordinating tableware see page 31 t. cat. No. 820/4334 £36.50 3 @SUPERSTORE50NLY MONOGRAM 'CARMEN' 44 PIECE STAINLESS STEELCUTLERY SET. ~ishwasher safe. Cat. No. 820/4592 £19.99 4. VINERS 'SiLVER ROSE' 44 PIECE STAINLESSSTEELCUn.ERY SET. Oislmasher safe. Giftboxed.

Manufacturel'sguarantee, Cat. No. 820/4121

5. BOULEVARD 'KINGS' 44 PIECE STAINLESSSTEELCumRY SET. Dishwasher sale. Cat. No. 820l46t9 6. BOULEVARD 'SEAD' 44 PIECE STAINLESSSTEELcumay SET. DishWashersale. cat:No. 820/4626 £29.99 7. BOULEVARD 'DUBARRY' 44 PIECE STAJNLESSSTEel CUTLERY SET. DishWasher sale .. Cat. No. 820/4633 £29.99 8. BARON 'CORAL' 44 PIECE STAINLE5S STEEl CUTlERY SET. Hand finishedbyeaftsmen. Dishwasher sale. Supplied ina printed box. Manufacturer's 10'yearguarantee cat. No. 82014341

STAINLESS STEELCUn.ERY SET. Dis/masher safe. Supplied ina wooden canteen. Manufacturer's guarantee.

cat. No. 820/4183


10. VINERS 'KINGS ROYALE' 44 PIECE STAINLESSSTEEl CUTLERY SET. DishWasher safe. Supplied in a wooden canteen. Manufacturer's 2S·year guarantee. Cat. No. 820/4657 £58.99 11. VINERS 'BEAD' 44 PIECE STAINLESSSTEELCUitERY SET. Dishwasher safe. Supplied in awooden canteen. ManuOOure(s 2S'year' guarantee. Cal. No. 820/4664

. I




12. VINERS 'OUBARRY' 44 PIKE STAINLESSSTEELClJTlE~Y SET. Dishwasher sale. Supplied in a wooden canteen. Manufaaure(s25-year guarantee. cat. No. 820/4671 £58.99


13. BRONZEANDROSEWOOD44 PIECE ClJTlERYSET.Each piece lsindiviclually hand crafted. therefore no two peces are identical Supplied ina WMden canteen. cat. No. 820/4389 £59.99 14 @SUPERSTORESONLY

VINERS'MAYfAIR' 44f'1ECE STAINlESS 51tH CUnERYSET. Cutlel)' is mirrOl flllishedwith a distinctive 904d accent on eath handle. Di~er safe. Supplied In awoodeil presentation canteen. Manufaaurer's SO-yearguarantee. cat. No. 820/4468 £124.99 15. HOUSlEYINTERNATIONAl 'CHARNlEY' SO PIECESTAINLESS51tEl CUnERY SET.Dishwasher safe. Supplied In a presentatiOn d~ay case. Manufacturer's 2S"year guarantee. Comprises44 pieceset plus six coffee speons. Cat. No. 820/4750 £44.99 16 @SUPERSTORE50NtY

VlNERS"KJNGS·44 PIECESILVER PlATEDClJTlERYSET.Supprledina wooden presentation canteen. ManulaaUler's I S-year guarantee. cat. No. 820/4729 £99.99 17. VlNERS"BEAD·44 PIECESilVER PLATEDClffiERY SET.Supplied in a wooden canteen. Manufacturer's IS·year guarantee. £99.99 cat. No. 820/4695 18. VINERS"KINGS' 58 PIECESllVER PlATEDCUTLERYSET.Presented fn a wooden canteen. Manufacturer's IS.year guarantee. Cat. No. 820/4372 £129.99 19 @ SUPERSTORESONt Y

VINERS"BEAD' 58PIECESilVER PLATE.DCUTlERY SET.Supplied in a wooden canteen. Manufacturer's IS-year guarantee. Cat. No. 820/4736 £129.99 20 @ SUPERSTORESONt Y VINERS'OUBARIW 58PIECESilVER PLATEDCUTlERYSET.Supplied in a wOoden canteen. Manufadu.rer's IS.year guarantee. Cat. No. 820/4743 £129.99 When dishwashing cutlery-it is advisable to remove the cutlery and wipe dry as soon as the dishwasher cycle is complete. It is not advisable to wash silver plated or wooden handled cutlery In adishwasher. Sets are plain boxed unless otherwise stated.


WHISKY GlASSES. Set of six. Cat. No. 815/6671 4 €) SUPERSTORESONLY CANDYBOWt WITH LID. Cat. No. 815/6530


VASE. eig t 10i • Cat. No. 815/6523


6 €) SUPERSTORESONLY RAVENHE:AO PILSNERGlASSES. Set of Six. Dishwasher safe. Cat No. 815/6554 £3.69 7. LUMINARC WINE GlASSES. Set of six. Cat. No. 815/3210 £6.49

8. DtMAINTERNATIONAl "RENAISSANCe" WINE GlASSES. Set of six. Cat. No. 815/6688 £7.99


WINE GlASSES. Set 01six. Cat. No. 815/5672 £8.99 10.CRlSTALO'ARQUES "LONGCHAMP" WINE GLASSES.240/0 lead crystal. Set 01 six. Cat. No. 81512527 £12.99 11. 'ETERNAL BEAU' WINE GlASSeS. Set ofsix. Complementstableware range and accessories (see page 312). Cat. No. 815/3502 £15.99 12


RAVENHEAD "CAMILLA" 12 PIECE SET. Comprises four eadtof red wine. flute and wfUtewine glasses. OisImasher safe. Cat. No. 815/6619 £6.99 13 €) SUPERSTORESONLY "ETERNAl BEAU' 12 PIECETUMBlER SET. Comprises ~xhi·ballwmblersand~ mixer tumblers. Complements tabh!ware range andaccessories (see page 312). Cat. No.815/S3!! £17.99


BOHEMIAOVffi24%lEAD CRYSTAL Stri!ling,cutinaJfjlOCilong 'Pinwheel" design. Glasses supplied in seis of silt

(exceptbtandy). A1filems are supplied in

an attracti';e presentation box. 14. WHISKY. Finecut Suppfied in a silk

lined presentation boJt Cat. No. 81513605 £23.99 15. DECANTtR. Fine(llt. Cat. No.81516695 16. BRANDY (PAIR). Fine(lit Supplled in a sill( lined presentation box. ~ Cat. No. 81514154 £11.99 17. WlNE.Finecut. Supplied in a silk . lined presentation box. £23.99 Cat. No. 815/3588 18. FLUTE. AnecutSupplied ina silk fined presentatioll boJt Cat. No. 81513595 £23.99 19 @SUPERSTORESONLY

HI·BAll GLASSES.Fine cut Supplied in a silklined presentation box. Cat. No. 815/5517 £24.99 20. FRUITBOWL Hand cut. Cat. No. 8151545·2 £19.99 21 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

Vf!.5f. Hand (lit Height 7 inch al1P!ox. Cat. No. 81516444 £14.99 22 @SUPERSTORESONLY

ROSE BOWl. Hand (lit IndL(llesnet Diameter 5 inch approx. Cat. No. 81516451 £15.99


TANKARD. Haiid cut Cat. No. 81515469



ARCOROC"ASPEN' 12PIECETUMBLER SET. Comprises silt each of hi-ball and juice tumblers. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 815/6145 £5.99 25. OEMA INTERNATIONAl'VII(ING' 12PIECEBEERSET.Comprisessixone pint glasses and sixhalf pint glasses. Cat. No. 81515957 £5.99 26. RAVENHEAD'FJORD' 18PIECE SET.Comprisessilt each ~i·ball. whislcy and juice glasses. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 815/6561 £5.99 27. RAVENHEAO'STYLE' 18PIECESET. Con)prises six each of wine. hI·ball and mixer glasses. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 81515689



~ ~


24% fine cut lead aystal: Glasses are SlJppJiedin sets of six. Allitems are supplied in an attractive gift box.

1. WHISKY. Cat. No:815/6712 £19.99 2. WINE. Cat.No.B15/670S £19.99 3. FLUTE. Cat. No. 815/6736 £19.99 4. BRANDY. Cat. No. B15/6729 £19.99 • EDINBURGH CRYSTAL" CONTINENTAl COll.ECOON ·LORRAlNE". 24% lead aystal (impO!ted). Glasses supplied in sets of six(exc~t bfandy). All items supplied in a satin ~nedpresentation box. 5


WlfISKY. Cat. No. 815/6750 6

SQUARE DECANTER. Cat. No. 815/601 t 7



BRANDY (PAIR). Cat. No. 815/5971 9



WINE (lARGE). Cat. No. 815/6004 8






hi-balf.whisky tumbler and juice glasses. DishWasher safe. Cat. No. B15/6437 £8.99 10.LUMINARC ·OCTIME" 18 PIECE SET. Compnse.ssix ead! of hi-ball, v.t.isJcy

and juice tumblers. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 815/4415 £9.79 11. RAVENHEAD ·AVAlON" 2APIECE ENTERTAINER SET. Comprises six ead! of

red wine. white wine. hi-ball·and mixer glasses. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 815/6406 £12.99 12. RAVENHEAD ·HOME STARTER· 36 PIECESET.Comprises six each 01 brandy glasses. wine goblets. flule. hiball. juice an.dwhisky glasses. Dishwasher safe. Cat. No. 815/5964 £18.99



PURPOSEDISHES. Sel of 'four, Dishwaslie(

safe. Cat. No. 815/4642

330 books_to_bytes


14. DEMA INTERNATIONAL ·BOUNlY· PUNCH BOWL SET. Comprises a punch bowl. tWelve cups, hooks and a ladle. Cat. No. 815/6767 £9.50. 15. ARCOROC 7 PIECE FRUITSET. <;omprise.s a serving bowl and six side bowls. DiY1wasller safe. Cat. No. 815/6547 £3.99

BOHEMIA ".CATHERINE"COUEenON. Traditional design. Glasses supplied In 5etsofsix. 16 €) SUPERSTORESONl V

WHISKY. Cat. No. 81516626 17 €) SUPERSTORESONl V

BRANDY. Cat. No.-81516657 18 €) SUPERSTORESONL V

FlUTE. Cat. No. 81516640 19 €) SUPERSTORESONl V

WINE. Cat. No. 81516633 20. SHERATONDECANTERANDWINE GlASS STAND.Selofsix 24% lead crystal sIlertylsmallwine with matching decanter. Supplied <ornpIerewith a mahogany finishstand with solid brass fittings.

Cat. No. 81515304 21 €)


LUM1NARC"VJN~" DECANTERSET. Comprises decanter and fourwine Cat.No. 81516602 22 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

CRISTAlD'AAQUES "MASQUERADE" BRANDYSET.Comprises24% lead aystal lirandydecanter and twO matming glasses. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 81516664 £14.99 23 €)SUPERSTORESONLY

STERLINGTABlEWARE BRANDYSET. Comprises 24% lead aystal hand OJ~ mouth blown, brandyde<anter and two h.1ndOJ! brandy glasses. Supplied eomplete with a mahogany finish staIld. Cat. No. 815/6279 £49.99 24 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

·EDINBURGHCRYSTAl" WHISKY DECANTERSET.ComprisesBritish made. 24% lead aystal squarede<anlerand twO matchfng whisky glasses. Supplied complete witha mahogany finishstand with sofid brass fittings. Cat. No. 81516286 £59.99 25 €)SUPERSTORE50NLY

DEMAINTERNAllONAl GOO DECANTERSET. 24% lead aystal. GoIIe! design. Comprises de<ante! and four glasses. Cat. No. 81516743 £19.99






PAIROF CU1E BtACKANDWliITE PRiNTS. featuring 'Fil3t Kiss' and'A

C~nd·sWorid·.Size9'h x 11 'hinch approx. Cat. No. 262/4666

2. StTOF 3ATIRACTM R.ORAL PRINTS.Pine frames. Size 9'/~x 11'11inch approx. Cat. No. 26V4532


3. COLLECTIONOFTRADmONAL PRINTS. 3 print;with •gilt" look frames. Size 16x 8 inch with two rnatching 4xS inch approx. Cat. No. 262/4549 4. TWOOil PAINTINGS. ·Original" hand

painted landscape views. Gllt flnished.oval flames. Size 12.x 10 inch approx. Cat. No. 26V4037 £14.99 5


ABEAunFUl PAIR OF ROSE PRINTS BY PIERREREOOUTE. Supe!bJyflamedin PI. inchgold coloured moolding.SizeJOl/.x 1231.indl approx. Cat No. 262/4288 6. SETOF 5 (lAUDE MONETPRINTS. Superbly co-ordinated water scenes with 1inch goldcoloured frames. Exdusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 26V4556



20. HAND PAINTED lWO PiECE JARDINIERE. Embossed roses In pink. and green, Height 18 inch approx. Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 26214264 £16.99 21. WHITEJARDII'IIERE. Pedestal and planterwh;ch can also be usedas vases. Height 14 inch approx. Cat. No. 26214446 £8.99


SETOF 3 OIL PAlN11NGS. "Original" landscepe ~ with gold coiool1!d decoratil'eframe. Sizes: large 12 x 10inch and 2 matching 9 x 6 inch approx, Cat. No. 26214673 £19.99 8. KEY 80XWITH fLORAL OIL PAINTING. Hand palnted •original". Velvet lining. Giltframe. Size 7'!Jx 8¥.x 2'h inch approx. Cat. No. 26214563 £9.99 9. WOODEN CUIIIO CABINET. 17mirror backed compartments for your curios. Can be wall rung or free standing. Size 11 x 9 inch approx. £9.99 Cat. No. 26214518 10. SETOF 4 DECORATED PORCElAIN




SETOF 2 TRINKET OR POT·POURRI BOXES. A delightfuilloral uinket boxand pot-poem holder. Sizes3l/••3 and 2 inch approx. cat. No. 26214628 £6.99

PlATES.FeaturingChillese ladies. Comple)! with stands.Diameter 8'/. inch apptolt

Cat. No. 26214501


BRASSWATERING CAN FILLEDWlTf\ ATTRAcnvEARRANGEMENT O~ORI£D FLOWERS.7 x 10 inch approx. £9.99 cat. No. 26214594




SETOF THREEFRUrr JElLY MOULDS. Embossed fruitdesign. hand painted with a co-ord!nating decorative edge. Easy to hang. SIze 41nd1.Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 26214343 £8.99

·CHANnLL Y" JUG AND BASIN. Fine china pitcher and basin illCOlJlOrating a delicate lace embossment and a hand ~e china flower. Height 01jug 6 Inch. diameter of bowl 7 Inch approx. Cat. No. 26213739 £8.99 25. AnRAOlVE SETOF 2 PORCELAIN TEMPLE JARS.Height 6'12 inch approx. Individually gift boxed. cat. No. 26214525 £9.99 26. SETOF THREEHAND PAINTED VASE. TEMPLEJARAND BOWL Height of vase and jar 6inch. bowl diameter 5 indl


·UlYFROG· HAND PAINTED TEAPOT. Capacity3 cups approx. Height6 inch approx. Attractive and functional. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 26214013 £6.99

approx. cat. No. 26213973


COUECTABLE DECORATIVE CERAMIC TEAI'OT.ln the Slyle of O1deWoJ1de Antique Shop. Gift boxed. Height 6 inch approx. Not for domestic use. Cat. No. 26214006 £6.99

FRUIT PYRAMID. Hand madeand hand painted ceramic fruit pyramid in bowl. An attractive table centre piece. Height 7 mch approx. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 26213416 £9.99

14. CRICKETTEAI'OT FROM THE LEONARDO COUEOION. Delightful ceramic novelty teapot in the style of a cricket pavilion. Height 6 'I,lnch approx. Not lor domestic use. GiftboXed. Cat. No. 26214460 £6.99 15. HENRYVIII TEAPOT FROM THE LEONARDO COLLECTION. Ceramic OOI'eltyteapotaafted inthe caricature of Henry VIII. Height 6 inchapprox. Gift boxed. Not for domestic use. Cat. No. 26214477 £6.99 16. CROWN CERAMIC NOVELTY TEAPOT fROM THE LEONARDO COLLEC1l0N.ln the shape of the Crown. ·S<ept1e and Orb. Heiglll 6 inch approx. Gilt bOxed. Not 101domesticuse. Cat. No. 26214271 £1.99 17. PAIR OF FlNECERAMfC FLORAL VASES. Height 10 indlapprox. Exclusive

toArgas. Cat. No. 26214707




1261 £1599



18. SETOF THREEfiNE CERAMIC flORAL PlANTERS. Height 4. 5and 6 fnch apprOlt Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 26214697 £9.99 19. ·CHRISTOPHERWREN" 3 PIECE PlANTER SET.Comprises SIT1aIl.medIum and large po~in hand painted cEfall1ic. Oiamelers 5. 6 and 63/. inch approx. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 26214453 £12.99



DECORATIVE BRASSSCALE PlANTER WITH WOOD BASE. Each piece indMdually hand enamelled. Height 15 inch approx. Non functional. Cat. No. 26214312 £9.99 29. ORNAMENTAL ELEPHANTPLANT STANO. Individually hand crafted. painted aod highlighted with genuine gold leal. These traditional techniques ensure that each elepham is unique -a feature v.tJ1ch adds to !heir charm and attrac;tion. Height 10'/,indl approx. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 262142.33 £15.99 All dimensions are approximate.




DELIGHTfULHAND PAlI'olTEDPORCELAIN TEDDY FROM TliE LEONARDO COUEenON. Sitswith toys on a cushion. Height S'll inch approx. Gilt boxed.This is not a toy. Cat. No. 26214604 £5.99

OUSTEDPINK EMBOSSEDSETOf TWO DUCKS. Small and large. Lengths 8 and 5 inch approx. Cat. No. 26214154 2


SETOFTWO DUCKS. Small and large Ina dark ruby colour with black marbling effect. Lengths 9and 5 inch approx. Cat. No.26214161 £7.99 3. 'FOREVtR FRIENDS" LAMP AND WASTE·BINSET. Comprising ceramic based bedside tighUleight lO'h inch approx and metal waste'bin, height 8'h inch approx, ~iameler S'llinch approx. Cat. No. 26112678 £17.99 4. DUCKOOORSTOP. Colourful and useful cast iron doorstop.omamenL Height 9 inch apptox. Cat. No. 26112881 5. NOVELlYDUCK. This ceramiC duck will brighten up any bathroom. complete with tOiletbrush. Height II inch approx. Cat. No. 26113309 £12.99



COLO0\5T ELEPHANTFIGURINEFROM THELEONARDOCOLLECTION.Polished wooden base. Height 4 inch apprOx. Gift boxed. Cat. No.26214611 £12.99 7 • ELEGANTlYDRESSEDLADY WITH flOWER PEDESTAl.Exquisite cold cast figurine on polished woOden base with Leonardo medallion In base. Height W. inch apptOx. Gift boiced. Cat. No.26214439 £14.99 8


SETOF 2 COLOURFULBOOK ENOS.With cute mouse ~n. Size6 x6 x 4 Inch approx. Cat. No. 262/4642 £5.99 15 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

MUSICALRABgrTHOUSE. Cold cast mU5icalmushroom and rabbit house.A treasuredgilt to enhance anyhome. Height 91.1nch approx. Cat. No. 26214635 £14.99



EDWARDIANLADYFROM THE LEONARDOtOUEenON. Cold cast figurine on poIishe'dwooden base. Height lOV. inchapprox. Gift boxed. Cat. No.26214082 10 @SUPERSTORESONLY

LARGESNOWY OWL A realistic ffgure in hand painted poice!ain. Mounted on a wooden basewith brass name plaque, Complete height 12 Inell. Giftboxed. Cat. No. 26213526 £49.99


TWO SQUII\RELSON TREEBRANCH FROM TliE LEONARDOCOUEenON. Cold Cast figurine on polishe<lwooden base.Height l¥.inch approx. Gift boxed. Cat. No.26214075 £19.99



PLAYFUL puppy IN smrn:o WICKER HAT. Made of poIystone. SiZe 3 'hx 3 'h inch appro)(. Presentation boxed. This is

not atoy. Cat. No.26214680 12..DECORATIVEEARTliENWARE TRAIN.Hand palmed. Size 5x 4 inch approx. Gift boxed. This is not a toy. Cat. No. 262/4422 £4.99



40/.X3'h inch 8PPfOX. Size 6 x 5 ioch approx. Gift bom. Cat No. 26214587 £5.99 17. COLOCASTFRAMEAND PHOTOGRAPH AlBUM. To enhance artj photograph collection. Will ta~e up to 61 photographs. Size 3 'h x 5 in<h approx. Cat. No. 262/4570 £5.99 18.SETOF 3 PHOTO FRAMES. Forprint sizes 31f.x4Vl. 6V.x4'hand 7Vlx SIb inch approx. cat. No. 26214484 £6.99 19.0EUGHTFUlPAIRO.FWAU HANGING FRAMES. With attJactiVe backing ribbon will enhaoce arPJ room. Takes print size 5'1. x 33/. inch approx (will need to be trimmed to frt). cat. No. 26214491 £6.99 20 @SUPERSTORESONlV

SETOF 3 OVALRESIN FLORALFRAMES. SuitabJt: lor sizes 6(H) X.4(W). S(H)x 3(W) and 3(H) x 2(W) inch photographs approx. NB pictures will need to be trimmed to fit.

cat. No. 26214099


21. SilVER PLATED 3 PiECE ORES5ING TABLE SET.Comprises brush, comband mirror. each with fine detail. Gilt bam. Cat. No. 26411577


22. ROYAlDOULTON 'RQCHEUE" ATOMISER.Roest English30% lead crystal. lias a pink puffEf and includes funnel lor e~ remnng. Gilt boxed. Height 3 inch approx. cat. No. 264/1474


23. PETITEBORDEAUXPAIROF CRYSTALCUT EFFEG GLASSOILlAMPS. Silver plated burnelS. InclUdes 80z Ultra pure red o~, Height 9 inch ead) approx. Cat. No. 264/1553 £10.99 24 @SUPERSTORESONlV CRlSTAl D'ARQUESPAIR OF 24% LEAD CRYSTAL CANDLESTICKS. Height8 inch

each approx. cat. No. 26411010 £11.99 25. SILVERPLATED PHOTO FRAME WlTHAlBUM. Oval aPEf(Uredesigned to take 7(H) x 5(W) Inch photograph (pho109f8ph win need to be trinvned to fit).Album section holds epto thirty 3(H»)( 5(W) inch photographs. cat. No. 264/1223 £4.99 26. SETOF30RNATE METAL FRAMES FROM THELEONARDOCOll£C1l0N.

With In-buDt stands. Size 31/. x 4'11 inch approx. Gilt boxed. Cat. No. 26411591



Sil VCR PLATED PHOTO FRAME. With gUt bow. Will hold one hundred 4 x 6inch photographs. Photo forIramewill need to be !rimmed to fit Cat No. 26411515 £8.99 28. SETOF 3 GLASS PHOTO FRAMES. Reaangular, heal! and oval shaped frames with attractive [rostedglass "rose" design border. Hei9hI4~/Alnch approx. (Photographs will need to be lJimmi!d to fit.)

cat. No. 264/1735







ANElYDECORATtDPORCElAIN ANNIV£lISARYPLATt.Oiameter9Vl IncIt eat. No. 26214408 £3.99 2


ABEAUTIFULFOOTtDVASECRAmD INTOA HEARTSHAPE.Idealwedding present or gilt for that someone special to you. 24% leadayslal. Height 5 inch. Exdusive to Argos. eat. No. 26411601 £4.99 3


BRIDEANDGROOMHEDGEHQGS, Cuddly toys in wedding ~ dress. Height ~inch. Cat.No. 26113646 £9.99 4. COLDCASTORNAMENTAl WA TtRBAll.. Features a pair of wedding bears indlUrch encasedina water globe with snowand glitter, Height 4 inch, Cat.No, 26411728 £6.49 5


BRIDEANDGROOMPHOTOFRAME. Beautiful design instone !JYllSWll.Makes an ideal gift. Height linch. eat. No. 26214659 £7.99 6. CRJSTAlO'ARQUES'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY"SET.SiIve/·plated tray with twO Cristal d'Arques 24% lead crystal champagne flutes. Diameterof tray lOinch, £9.99 eat. No. 26411144 7


SILYER·PLATtOKEEPSAKE BOXES.To preserve a child's filSl tooth and first lock 01 hair. Giftboxed. Size 1Va x 1Inch, Cat.No. 26411405 £5.99 8


SILVER··PlATED MUSICAl.CA1l0USEl MONEYBOX,Box rotates on the musical base. Height 5l/.inclt £8.75 eat. No. 26411199 9


SILVER·PLATtDTtODY FRAME.BRUSH ANDCOMBSET.Idealchristening gift Complete with ptesentation box. Frame size 3lhx3'hinch, Photographwillneed to be trimmed to fit eat, No. 26411395 £7.99 10 @SUPERSTORESONtY

CRYSTAlDUMMY,SupPlied with a circular mirror base, Withpink and blue ribbclrlfor gift personal~tion. Height 1 inch. Giltboxed, Cat.No. 26411058 £9.49 11 @SUPERSTORESONtY

24% LEADCRYSTAlMODELTRAIN.With highly polished wooden base, length linch. Cat. No, 26411034 £19.99 12


CRYSTALART8EARONHONEYPOT. Made from the finest preOsion cut Austrian aystal. With mirror base, Presentation boxed, Cat.No. 26410987 £8.99

13, SETOF 3SILVER·PLATtDANIMAlS. COITlflriseskitten. teddy and frog, With aystal eyes and body. Sizes; frog:lf. inch. ieddy 1V. inch and kitten Vllnch, eat. No. 26411632 £9.99 14. CRYSTAlOWL Made from the finest predsion cutAustrian aystal, Set on a hand crafted frosted glass tree, Height l'hinch. Presentation boxed, Cat.No, 26411625 15

20, CRYSTALFROG,Made from the finest precision cut Austrian crystal,With hand crafted frosted glass rushes and base. Length 2 'IIinclt Presentation boxed. Cat.No, 26411649 £14.99 21. LEAPINGDOLPHIN.Madefromthe finest precision cut Austrian crystal. With gold coloured rock~nd Crystaloyster with round mirror base, Height 131.inch. eat. No. 26411656 £14.99



CRYSTALSNAILON A MUSHROOM. Made from the finest I!fecislon cut Austrian crystal. Presentation boxed. Cat,No. 26411467 £9.99

CRYSTAlPIANO.Madefrom the finest predsion cutAustJian crystal. With black keys, length l'hinch, Presentation boxed.



SETOF.2 CRYSTAlFtOWERS.Made from the finest precision cut Austrian aystai. Set in hand aafted glass flower basl;ets, Height:lf. inch. Presentation boxed. Cat.No. 26411766 £10.99

CRYSTAlSWAN. Made from the fmest predsion cut Austrian crystal. Presentation boxed. Cat, No, 26410547 £16.75 24. FINELYCRAfTEDMODELOF THE • MARYROSE·, Glass shipin bottlewith gilded sails and sealed Slopper. Mounted on polished wooden plinth with name plate. length 7l/.lnpl, eat. No. 26411371 £8.99


CRYSTAlDUCI( Made from the finest predsion cut Austrian crystal. Set on a hand aafted glass chair. Length 1inch. Presentation boxed. eat. No. 26411773 18. CRYSTAlARTSETOF4 MINIAlURES,Madefromthe Onest predsion cutAustrian crystal Comprising Bear. Oyster. Sna~and Tortoise, Presentation boxed. eat. No. 26411247





HANDCRAfTEDGlASS BAllOON, Coated with 22 carat NQuidgold. Suspended in a glass dome over a hand painted resin miniature S<ene of the 8ritish countrySide. Heighl4 m. eat. No, 26411797 £9.99

ARABIANFANTASYCRYSTAlCASTLE. Hand crafted and mounted on mystical coloured ~untajn. Height 3 inch, eat. No. 264/0750 £54.99 books_to_bytes


Hei9~t6Inch. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 264/1663

£9.99 27. WOOOEN CURIO CABINET. 17 mirror bad;ed coll'\Jl(lnmems (or your curios. Can bewail hung or free standing. Size 11x 9 Inch. Cat. No. 262/4518 £9.99 28. CRISTALO'ARQUES BOUTIQUE 24% LEAOCRYSTALREARING HORSE.Ona

frosted base. Height 6 Inch. Gift boxed. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 264/1261 £9.99

29. ORNAMENTAl MUSICAL WATERGlOBE. Pair01domencasedlna globe01water and gliner flakes. Plays the theme frOll) • love Story". Height 5 inch. Not suitable (or dlildren under 14 years, Cat. No. 264/1364 £9.99 30. HANO CUT 30% ENGliSH lEAD CRYSTAl ClOCK. With quartzl!lO\'elTlenL Size 2'hx4 inch. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 264/1694 £12.99 All sizes are approJCimate.

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1. FOOTED BUD VASE. Withattlactive floral print design. Height 10 inch. Cat. No. 26411326 £4.99 2. ~DCUTOVER 24% l£ADCRYSTAI. VASE. In an attractive pinwf1eel design. Height 6 inch. Cat. No. 26411285 £6.99 3. ENGUSH ROSETRAOrTIONAL5TYlE 24% LEAD CRYSTAl. flOWER VASE. Crafted from fine continental aystal. lieight 8 inch. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 264/1670 £9.99 4


WHITE IRISDECORATED LARGE FLOWER VASE. Fine quality blown continental glassware. Height 9)/. inch. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 264/1807 £9.99 5. "EDINBURGH CRYSTAl.' CONTINENTAL COLLECTION VASE. Hand made hand (lit 24% lead aystal. Exdusively designed and Impo!ted lor Edinburgh Crystal. Height 7 inch. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 26410695 6. BARRELVASE. Hand cut over 24% lead aystal. Wnh delkate fantail design. Height 8'11 illCh. Matches hem no 7. Cat. No. 264/1302 £14.99 7. FRUITISAlAD BOWL Mouthblown hand curover 24% leadaystal. With delkate fantail design. Width 8 inch. Matches ilem no 6. Cat. No. 26411319 8.3PIECE 24% LEADCRYSTALGIFT SET. Crafted in the oIde worlde tradition. Consl5tsolfooted flowervaseheighlS'h Inch. footed oval bowl diameter 6 inch and candy box with lid diameter 4 inch. individually gift boxed. Exdusiv.e to Argos. Cat. No. 264/1704 9. 'FLORALlQUE"M ACRYliC FLORAl. ARRANGEMENT. Frosted pink dahlia finelyC/afted to look like glass. Height 11 Inch. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 26411742 10 €)SUPERSTORESONlY HAND CUT GLASS 3 FOOTED ROSE BOWL. With sillier plated net Diameter 4 Inch. Cat. No. 26411218 11. SOGA GlASS OVAL BASKET. Frosted fruit design. Aayllc handle. Size to x 7 inch. Gift boxed. cat. No. 264/1687 £12.99 12 €) SUPERSTORESONLY "EDINBURGH CRYSTAL· CONTINENTAl. COLLECTION BASKET.Crystal baske~ exciusfvelydeslgned and impo!ted for Edinburgh Cryslal. Height 5 inch. width

6 inch. Cat. No. 264/0774 All sizes are approximate.



13.lEAO CRYSTAlFLOWERBOWL With silver plated mesh grid and base.

Height 5 inch. Cat. No. 264/1168 £9.99 14. SOGAFOOTED BOWL Frosted c.ydamen deslgn. Height 5 inch. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 26411333 £6.99 1 S. 'VIOORIAN' DESIGN GlASS CAKE PLATE.With eleg~nt silver plated handle and cake slke. Oiarnetef 10inch. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 26411711 £4.99

16. flAN DISHAND PiESERVERSET. Decorated ceramic flandish with tamish resistant sliver plated frame. With pie server. Diameter of flan dish 9 inch. Cat. No. 26411113 £9.99 17. SETOF SIXSILVERPLATED PlACE MATSONA STAND.Witha.tltacfive pattern design. Place mat diameter lV. inch. Matches item no 18. eat. No. 26411584 £14.49

22. NOVEliYDUCl( Thisceramicdud< will brighten up alTf bathroom. complete wiIh toilet brush. Height II inch. Cat. No. 261/3309 £12.99

New Exdusive to Argos 12assoned single and multi·headed splay camatlOlls, giving up to 20 blooms. New to Argos 18100gstem SInglecamationsWiih added greene!)'. Fresh fIQwers delivered anywhe!e in ~ U.K. direa from Je~ by FlYJNG flOWERS fir51class post. Personal message card (up to 10wards). Includes flowedood, care instructions. giftpackaginganddelivelY. To Older, call our Aower HOtlinenumber on 0S:34 865635 quoting your CJeditcard or Argos Peoonal Accountnllmber and reference ARG·(A-4OA: lines open Mon·FnSam.6pm. Sat8am-lpm. Or altemarive!ycomplete ~ coupon on page 4 and send With)'O\)rchequeJpos1ill ordef-payable1o Flying FlowelSArgos BoUQuetOffer. FlyingfJowers, PO Sox 373,Jer;ey JE4 8UO. Although the Dowers are detivered by first class post lheexactdebvery datecan!1Ot be g,uaranteed. To allow for specific • reqoired by date' please alloW 10days from placement of order. The dosrng dateior (hriSUTlas Is 14th December 1993. fIoweIs will be despatchecHrom 17thDecember 1993. Plea$!!nore when O{dering.lhe two reJerenteS are: 11200 I Ooe.dozen assoned carnations. ffiMOO Ejghteencamanons wiIh greel\elY. Flyingfl0wer5 are dellwred 'in bud" so they lastlqnger. Their PI~ state:S 'In the event of any complaint recei>'edwithin 7 days of recelpt we wllr replace ~ bouq~ to the same value as ordered or retund in full'. This proouctis excluded fro,rn The Argos 16 day rooney·bad promise.

* *


18. SILVERPLATED COASTERSON STAND.Six coasters and stand for Wine bottle. Coaslefdiameter 3Ifz inch. Matches item no 17_ Cat. No. 26411560 £2.99 19. SILVERPLATED 3PIECETEA SET ON TRAY. Comprises tea pot. covered sugar bowl and cream jug. Diarneterof 11i11 12 inch. Cat. No. 26411759 £23.99 20. COFFEECARAFE. Comprising silver plated frame, handle and stopper. Glass contalnerwithapprox IOcupcapacity. Candle wannerand container irtduded. Ideal table centre-piece. Height of jug 9 inch ariOholder 6'/s inch.

eat. No. 26411539

£10.99 21. SILVERPLATEDWlNECADDY. Complete with (oor sWirlstem design glasses. Ideal tabl.ecentre-piece. Size 73/. x 7'12inch. Cat. No. 26411412 £16.99



FARM ANIMAL DOORSTOP. Castiton. Height 11'12inch. Cat. No. 261/3141 £9.99 24. DUCi(OOORSTOP.COlourful and useful cast iron doorstOpomalTtenl Height 9 inch.

One box of 12 carnations

ONLV£8.75 ONLv£12.75


One box of f8 carnations

Dynasty. Roillhese 2 smooth chrome' chiming' bafls togetherin the palm of your hand. One tuned high, the other low. they create an harmonious sound· soothes and relaxes. Each ball, 2 inch d'tameter. Housed in sllkbrocade gift box. (Colourolbox mayvaty.)Wnh instruaions.

eat. No. 26113691


ceoualorvlder. 2 note sections. 6 aed"rt card slots and 6 additional open pcxkets

ncence. stamps etc.

for re<:eipts.drM~

Size9/. x 4'/. x linch. Giltboxed Cat. No. 261/3196 £5.99 2. REAl lEATHER DOUBLE FlAP PURSEl

SHOULDER SAG. large main

NOT£CASt.Compartments fOi bank notes. aed~ cards and receipts.laIQe coin !lOCket ~h zip pocket divider. Size W. x ~Ihinch.

compartment under flap with magnetic closure. Front slip pcxket, inside and outside2ip pocket AdjUStableshoulder Size jO'/2 x31f.x 10 inch.

Cat. No. 261/2805 £9.99 5. REAl lEATHER ORGANISER PURSE AND PEN. 6 credit cardcompanments. 6 note sections, zipped coin pocket, ciiving Ikencelbus pass holder. cIleque book holder and notebookladdr~ book. Size 8'1. x 4 x If.inch. £9.99 Cat. No. 261/3079

SHOULDER BAG. Withgrab handle. Magnetic closure to flap under "show' buckle. Main compalti'Mf1t has centre zipped cf1Vider pocket and zipped mirror pocket Front panel zip and slip pocket Size t2'1lX3'hx9 inch. Cat. No. 261'2733 £19.99

6. REAl LEATHERPURSE.Double coin

section. 3 note compartments. zipped pocket and photograph wirdow. ~ile 7 x )111Inch. Cat. No. 261/0962 £9.99 7. PUUMAHBlUHAPESTRYSNlE ORGAHISER.Features IncludecflafY' noles, financialand usefulinform. ation.leiepI1oneand address pages and variousolller sectbos. Sill! 6 x 2 x 7'hinch. Cal No. 261/2496 £9.99 8. COHST£lLATIONTAPESTRYSlYlE MATCHING SHOPPING BAG AND PURSE SET.Shopping bag has zipped top. Pu~ with 3 c~rtments. interior zip pocket and card holder. Bag sIze 18'11 x 12 x 4 '12 inch. Pu~ size 7'/1x 3'h inch. Cat. No. 261/2788 £9.99 9. Tom ·SNUGGlESOX·. Suetdlknit thermal· shppersox" with sped&1 tract'1OII sole to aid footing. One size fits all. Washable. Gin bOxed. f«more socks. see pages 354.369 and 370. Cat. No. 261/0713 £3.49 10. lADIES' REAL LEATHERGLOveS. black leather with knined lining.. Medium~e. Cat. No. 261/3811 £9.99 11.Tom ·SNUGGlEGlOves·. Stretch knit thermal rjaves. tread on

lal £999 I


palms and fingelS One size fits allvv8lNo,.,. um

strap. 3 zip top companments and an inside zip pocket Size 12'/lx 2'1z x 9 inch. Cat. No. 261/2771 £12.99





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REALlfATHER ORGANISER AND MANICURE SET. Funflap.8d'dferent pedets and compartmentS, Z zipped foI

added security. Centlal zipped compartment has pedet for detachable mirror and manicure set, Fulo/fined. Adjustable shoulder strap. Size 10x 4 x 6V2inch. ExdusiVe to Argos. cat. No. 261/3543 £21.99 19 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

BLACK.LEATHERSHOULDERBAG.With grip I1andleand shoulder strap. Ful¥ lined with inside zipped divider pocket ami interior zipped pocket, Size 12x 3'Iu 8 inch.

cat. No. 260/8266



SOfT BlACK lEATHER SHOPPER BAG. Ful¥ lined with Inside zip podcet. Magnetic closure. Handle arTallgerneRt with through rings allowing use as a shoulder bag or double handled shopper. Size 14xS'/lX 10'/linch.

cat. No. 26111569



TAPESTRYSTYlE BRiEfCASE. With bIacJ( I'Vetrim. Red flock finingand fully fined interior; Brass combination locks. Size 17 x 13)(3 inch. Cat. No. 261/3330



REALlfATHER BRIEFCASE.Ooubleflap detail. inner Ilapopens 10re;eal 0Iganiser S«1ionwlth perspex window, open pedelS and zipped pod(etlor added security.2 main compartments. Fully lined.Grip handle and adjustable, detachable shoulder strap. Size 14'11x 4 x 11 inch.Exciusiveto Argos.

cat. No. 26113550


23. REAllfATHER roUO/BRIEFCASE. 8 different peden and ~rtments, 1 zipped for added security. Perspex pocket and pen slots. Fullylined.lod: fastening,Withgrip handle and detachable shoulder strap. With matching businesscard holder and key case. Size 14'hx3'hx 11 inch. cat. No. 261/1947 £34.99 24 @SUPERSTORESONlY

TULASOFT LEATHERORGAN1SERBAG. 9 differenlpod:ets and compartments, 5 zipped, plus (re(!'n card SE(tions.Fully lined. Flapwith magneuc fastener and adjustable shoulder strap. Size 9'/2)( 3 x 6'1liiich. Cat. No. 26113983


All sizes are approlC.imate.


1 ~


"TROPICANA" WATERPROOf SHOPPING BAG. FuJtjfined with zfpped pockelS. Wilh matching zipped ooin

purse. Size21 x 13inch. Exdusive to Argos. Cat. No. 26113172 £5.99 2 ~


TOTE SHOPPING BAG. features blade cat

design on a geonium patterned ba<kground. Made in 55% PVCl45% conon. Size 13)/.xSx 17'Moch. £5.99 Cat. No. 261/3189 3 ~


"TROPICANA" SUPERMINI FOLDING UMBRELlA. Fullsize umbrella folds down

to JUSt 9 inch. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 26113158 £5.99 4. TOTESULTRA MINI BLACK UMBRELLA.lngenfous construction enables this full size umbrella to fold down

to ontj 9 inch. Fitsinto most handbags and large pod(ets. Windproof frame. Exduslveto Argos. £5.75 Cat. No. 261/0027 S. CONSTELLATION BLACKVANIlY CASE. With red trim. Fullylinedwllh elaslkaled pocket and mirror Inlid. With lock. Size 12'11x 10Y.x6'h inch. (Contents not included.) Cat. No. 260/8778 £9.99 6. CONSTELLATION TAPESTRY STYlE LOCKING VANITY CASe. Fultj lined with elasticated pod(et and mirror in lid. Size 12x 7'/1 x 8 inch. (Contents not included,) Cat. No. 261/3787 £14.75 7 ~SUPER5TORESONlV CONSTELLAll0N ROSe TAPESTRY VANIlY CASE. Zipped. Fullylinedwith

minorln lidand internal pockeL Size 11x 8 x 7 inch. (Contents not Induded.) Cat. No. 285/6252 £14.99 8 ~



combination lock. Fullylined with drop down mirror. 4 elastlcated pctllelmake up holders and an elasUcated pocket Removable accessories tray and personalised lenering kit. Size 12x 8 x 9 inch. (Contents nol included.) £23.99 Cat. No. 261/2207 9. CONSTELLAnON ASS RIGIOVANIlY CASE. Minor and 2 elasticated pockets In lid. Lift-oot tray. Fullyfined throughout. Additional elastlcated pod(et in base. Size 1PI.x8x 8Vlinch. (Contents not Included.) Cat. No. 26019179 £24.99 10 ~ SUPERSTORESONLV MARKETEER "FLIER" SHOPPING TROLLEY. Lightweight frame with strong bag. Bag has zip top and carryiog handles.

Bag size 14'/1 x 8 x 24 inch.(Contents not Included.) Cat. No. 261/1040 £17.99


11. MARKETEER SHOPPING TROlUY. Leatl\E(·look detachable bag with zipped lOp. umbrella Idlerand a front podcet on a folOlIl9frame. Bag size 14 y. x 8'hx 23 inch. (Umbrellaand contents not

Indulled.) Cat.No.26014844 £19.99 12. MARKEmRSHOPPlNG TROlUY. Lealher-look detaehable bag with zipped top on a folding lramewith four wheels for extra stabuity. Bag size 14Yzx 12Vzx 26 inch. (Umbrellaand contents not

included.) Cat. No. 26016392 13



MARKETEER'COmINENTAl' SHOPPING TROLLEY. Detachabfe bag with zipped top, canying handles. umbrella holderanda zipped front pocket, size 14'hx 9 x 25 Inch. folding frame also doubIesas a case carrier. (Umbrellaand contents not induded.) Cat. No. 26019863


14 €) SUPERSTORESONLY MARKETEER "SHOPPY" TROLLEY. A srurdybox shaped rube andwire frame with foorwheels.large capacity lidded shopping bag instrong I'fj!on PVC coaled

malenal. Bagsize 14'hx 14x 23 inch. Folds flat for easy stcrage. (ContentsnOl induded) Cat. No. 26112939


15. PUUMANEXTRAlARGEHOLDAlL Tough nyfonwith pleated iiont podcet and 2 end zipped pouch podcelS.Webbed corlying handles and adjustable shoulder strap with IlOIHIipcomfort pad. Sile 23 x 12 X 12'1.inch. Cat. No. 28516245 16



CARLTON lARGE HOLDAlL Black nylon with tan PVC trim.Twofront pooch pockets with Zips. webbed C31!)ing handle with PI/Coover and adjustable,

detachable shoulder strap. Sile 21 x IS x 8inch. Cat. No. 28516300


17. EQUATORGIANTHOlDAlL OfM! green polyester with tan trimandwater resistant backing. With 2 front podcets, sidepodcet and ~ustab1e shoulder strap. SIZe2S'I.x 14x 12 Inch. Cat. No. 2851S992 18



JAGUAR E·TYf'EPU BAG.lnblac:i:with tan trim.With a zipper podm and additional hall~pel podcet at each end. Callying handles andadjustable, detachable shoulder strap. Size26x lOx

II inch. Cat. No. 28516070 19

£17 .50


SPARTANDESIGNEROVERNIGHTffi. SpacIous grey ol1!ll1ightbag with suitcase compartment TwoItont pooch podcets with flap over lid andquicl: release buckles.Cany handJeand detachable shoulder strap. Sile 22 x 14 x 8 inch. Cat. No. 28515930


20. PlEAAf CARDIN "TREKKER" WUWlD BAG.In green nybIwith water resistant baaing. contrasl tan trim andantique brass fmish fittings, With 2 iaIgelront zipped podcets. iaIge cenue canpartment and zipped suitldothes section at the rear.Canying hande and detaehable shoWIer strap. Size 13 x 8 x

22 inch. Cat. No. 28515899

All sizes are approximate.


1. SPIRITPVCEXECUTIVECASE.Two folio compar1l)1ents. Combination locks, Fullylined interior. Size 16x Z.l/.x 12inch. £9.99 cat. No. 270/9622 2. SPARTANBlACKPVCBRIEfCASE, Fearuresdouble folio, two pockets. and three pen holdelS. Fully fined printed interior. With twin combination security locks. Size 18x 12'12 x 3inch. Cat. No. 27019828 £12.99 3. (ONSTELLATIONPVCSINGLE EXPANDINGEXECUTM CASE.With combination locks. Fully lined interior includes folio pockets and penlcard holders. Size 17'12 x4 x 1-2'12inch. Cat. No. 270/9835 £14.75

4. EXECUTIVEGIFTSET.Slimline leatherlook PVCbriefcase features expanding double folio, 2 pockets. i pen holdeJs and calculator slip hoIdeI· fully lined with combination locks. Includes stationetyset containing matchlng address book, notebook and writing set with ballpen. Size 17'lIx3".x 12112 inch. Exdusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 27019859 £19.99 S. PULLMANEXPANDINGATTACHE CASE.Finishedindurable black leatherlook vinylwith PVCfining. Completewith desk·top facility,pen loops, 3 document folios and pod(ets for calculator, cards etc. Combination lOcks. Size 18 x41fv( 13 inch. £29.79 Cat. No. 270/6560 6

9.SPARTANA8S EXECUTIVECASE. lightweight aluminium alloy ftame, featurescemral key Iod:, double IorIO section,two pouch pockets and personalised lettering kit Cany handle and detachableshoulder strap. Size 17'12 ~5x 13'11 inCh. Cat. No. 270/8238 £18.99 to. SPARTANABSEXECUTM BRIEFCASE.Combination locks with FuUylined •anti-grav1ty' opening~. Interior includes twin stays, double 100io, twO pockets, twin pe!l holders. With personaGsed lettering kit. Size 20 x 5'12x ISinch. cat. No. 27019000 £29.99 11.ANltERABSBLACKATTACH£ CASE,With key and combination locks for double security.Greyimeriorwith two document larlOS. Fulllength slip pocket half:rip pocket with calculator slip heldel. Size 19x5'hxl5inch. Cat. No. 27017710


TAPESTRYSlYLEBRIEFCASE.With black PVClrim. Red flodtUningand fully fmed interior. Brass combination locks. Size 17 x 13x31nch.

Cat. No. 261/3330 £23.99 7. SPARTANPVCPilOT CASE.featUres dlvider, 3 pen holders and cakulator pockeL With twin'combination locks and one end pouch pocket Size 17'/2 x 12 x ]'/2 inch. cat. No. 270/9842 £24.99 8


SPARTANSMAlL BLACKABSCASE.With qetachable shoUlder strap. fIXedcanying handle, central keylode. double Iolio ana 2 pouch pod:ets. Light aluminium alloy frame. With personalised lettering kit Size r5'hx'4 x 11ioch. cat. No. 210/8393 £14.99

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17. BLACK LfATHER PILOT CASE.TWO side podcelSwith locks. Combination locks and mounted handle. Interior dividelS.card holder and pen bolder in the lid. Size IB x 7'Il x fW. inch. Cat. No. 27019220 £42.99 18. SPIRITEXJ:'>VIDINGEXfCUTM CASE.In blacktop Qlain leatherwith leathellioed interior. features document folio in ~d,2pen holders and twin

combinationlocks. Size18lC4 x 13 inch. Cat. No. 270n617 £44.99 19.CONSTEllATION All LEATHER DOUBLEEXPANDING EXfCUTM CASE. Leali1.erInterior. With combination locks.

detachable desk facility. expanding lid and base. mUltiplepockelSlcom~tS. Size 18x 5 x 13 inch. Cat. No. 270/9866 £49.99 12




SPARTANTWO-TONE LEATHER EXfCUTM CASE.Blade with brown lealher trim. fully rlOed In suede. Wilh

~rdwearing and lightweght features double foliosectiOl). Pen holdets. 2 integral. hinged companmeo~ and dual combinatfon and ~eylocking system fOI enra se<rurlty. Wah personalised lettering kit Size 18xlSx4inch. Cat. No. 270/9990 £34.49 13

twin rombinarionlocks.Interior includes twin folios. cakulator pocket. plus pen and cardholders.Size 17'hx3x 13inch. Cat. No. 270/9110 £54.99



ANnER lEATHER EXPANDING ATTACH CASE.With flontpanel !letail. Pigskin ~ning with !hree document folio sectioos. central Hap POC~e\.2 pen hoIdelS. aedit card section and calculator pocket Combinationlocks. SiZe lBx4 x 13'1.

SPARTANBLACK~ONDEDlfATHER EXECUTlVfCASE. Withdesktopfacitity. twtn combination locks. suedette lining.

twinfolios. 3 pen holders. open pocket and pouch pocket. Size 18x 13x4 indl. Cat. No. 270/8434 £27.99 14. BLACKLEATHERATTACH~ CASE. With combination Jocks; linedint~ with 2 ad stiIYSand 2 folio pockets in lhe fidSize 17'hx4x 12'hinch. Cat. No. 270/9024 £29.49 15. SPARTAN BLACK LEATHER EXECUTIVECASE. WithDlStinctlve central stripe.Twincombination locks. Suede nnedinreriof features twin follo hol~. 2pen holders. open pocIIet and pouch po4<et Size18x3'hx 13 inch. Cat. No. 270n600 £36.99 16. BLACKlfATHEREXPANDING ATTACHE CASf. With combination Ioriks. 2 lid stays plus 2 folio pockets in the lid. Size 17'hx 5'hx 12'h inch. Cat. No. 270/9031

inch. Cat. No. 270/9237 22



ANTLER QUAlIIY LEATHEREXPIXNDlNG ATTACHt CASE.Withstitch panel detail. Pigskin lining. multi folio document holdelS. calculator pocke~ pen holders

and zippocket Combination locks. Size 18x4x13inch. Cat. No. 270/8472 £74.99 All sizes,are approximate. Contents not included wi1h exeartive cases unless specified.




lEAlHER·lOOK DOCUMENT CASE. With generous main compaltl1lent incorporating zippoci:ets. Front pocket

with flapovercfosure. Reuaaable canying handles and adjustable, derachable shoulder strap.Size 16'12x 3 x 11'12inch. cat. No. 27018623 £8.99 2 @SUPERSTORESONlV

CONTEMPORARYSlYLE BRJEFCASE.Soft vinyl. Roomy interior with two compartments,twin gusseted exteriof poci:elS al1d 3 pen holders. AdjUSlable, derachable shoulder strap. Nidcel finished fittings. Size 17 x 12 x 6 inch. Cat. No. 271/0006 £19.99 3. SPARTANREAl lEATHER FOlIO. Roomy with lull length top opening lip, reuaaablehandles. derachable shoulder strap plus a central inll!rior cflvider. Front of case features a foliocornpal1ment with a central key lock. Size 11'11 x 161/.x2'h inch. £25.99 Cat. No. 270/9639 4. REAl L~THER FOllOl8RIEFCASE. 8 different poci:eu and compartments. 1zipped fO! added security. Perspex pocket and pen slots. Ful~ lined. loci: fastening. With grip handle and detachable shoulder strap. With matching business card holder and key case. Size 14'/2x 3'/2 x 11 inch.


Inner nap opens 10l'e\leiil onlaniloef section with perspex window, open poci:elSand zipped pocket fO! added

security. 2 main companmenlS. Ful~ lined. Grip handle and adjustable, detachable shoulder Strap. Sae 14'Iz x 4 x II inch. Exclusive to Argos. (<It. No. 261/3550 £38.99 6. SPARTAN TWIN HANDlED BROWN REALLEATHERGLADSTONECASE. An overnight/executive case WIth twin combination locks, drop down O! removable fofio with storage COlT1partmenl in the rear, threefolio sections, two open poctets and 4 pen holders. Size 18 x 6'12 x 14 inch. Cat. No. 270/8506 £49,99 7 @SUPERSTORESONlV

RMLAnON BUSINESS FOlDER. Black grain embossed PVC.lndudes slip pocket andA4 pad with pen. Size lOx 12'hx 'II inch. Cat. No. 271/0013 £9.99 8 @SUPERSTORESONlV LEA lHER UNDERARM PORTFOUO. Zip around case. 3 folio sections, pen loops

and credit card holders. fui~ rifled (colour 01fining may vary). Size 16'hx l'llx 10'12 ,nch. cat. No, 270n088 £12.99 9 @SUPERSTORESONlV

SPARTAN lEATHER UNDERARM PORTFOlIO. FoBwidth lip poci:et at real, Iront flapwith magnetised fastening stud. 3 pen holders, calaJJalOf pocket with velao fastening, I lip pocket plus 2 card holders andslide insectionforM pad. Suede fined.Size 10>;. xIS x I inch. Cat. No, 27019677 £19,99



OOCUMENT ORGANISER. Comprises 9 d'rfferent podcelS and <ompartments. 3 zipped for added Sectllity. Frontopens 10 reveal sectlons ideal for tlckets. passport. <UITency etc. Press stud dosure and detachable handstrap. With matching <reditcard holder. Size 10 x 6 x 2 inch. Cat. No. 270/9646 £19.99 22. REAl lEATHER BLACK WALlETI NOTECASEAND MATCHING KEY CASE. WaPet has 2 note sectlons. room for 5 oedit cards and serurity section lor driving licence etc.l<ey case holds 6 keys with a lipped sectlon for coins etc. Wallet size 4)/.x 4 inch.l<eycase 4 x 2'11inch. Gift

boxed. Cat No. 270/9275


23 @SUPERSTORESONlY TWOTONE BROWN LEATHER WAlLET. With 3 note sections. window section. 6 creOn card slots and zip coin section. Size 4'11X4 inch. cat. No. 271/0020 £3.99 24. REAl LEATHER WAllETINOTtCASE. Slack with red stripe. Compartments fOf bank notes. credit cards. driving ficence! bus pass. stamps and zip coin pocket Size

3'hx4'/. inch. Cat. No. 270/4407



GENl)' WOODEN JEWEllERY BOX. Rosewood effect. Brass name plale which can be engraved.Lift up Ild with ring holder and storage compa~ts. 5l~ 9'Il x 5 x 2 Inch. (Contents nollnduded.) Cat. No. 270/9512 £9.99 11. GENTS' WOODEN DESK TOP ORGANISER. With IOU top compartment. post/lener organiser section and sliding drawer. Sil:e WI. x 6 x 6'11Inch. (Contents flOl induded.) Cat. No. 270/8180

26 @SUPERSTORESONlY POCKET CHANGE OlSH. W~. baize lined dish - a pla<tlca1w&f to keep your change in one place. Dfameter 6'11 Inch. Cat. No. 270/8520 £3.99 27. AFTERSHAVE COllECTION GIFT SET. 8randed eau de tollene miniatures from france. Presented In a minored gilt box. Cat. No. 270/7923 £12.75 28 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

19. PUllMAN BlACK BONDED lEA TliER POCKET SIZEPERSONAl ORGANISER.lnducles diart. year planner. telephone and address pages. and a compartment for credit cards etc. Size 7'1.

,ADRIEN MANN GOLD PlATED TIE SLIDE AND CUfF·lINKS. RRP£14.95 Cat. No. 26314601 £7.99 14.GOLDPIATtD "DENNIS THE MENACE' CUFF·lINKS. £4.90 Cat. No. 26314443 1 S. GOLD PlATED ·THUNDERBIRDS· CUfF-LINKS. Cat. No. 26314632 16. GOLD PIATtD P,AffiRNEDCUff· UNKS. RRP£8.99 Cat. No. 263/4450 17. PIERRECARDIN GOLD PLATED TWO TONE nE BAR AND CUfF-LINKS. RRP£12.99 Cat. No. 263/3949 18. PERSONAl ORGANISER. Black


25. PIERRECARDIN R~AlLEATHER BlACK WAllET. CornpanrnenlS forbank notes and 8 credit cards. Size 4 x 4 fnch. Cat. No. 270/6254 £9.99

xV.x4'hlnch. Cat. No. 270/6319 20. PUllMAN BlACK BONDED


Fealures include dialY.ruler. year planner. maps. usefullnformatlon. sections for aedit cards and address pages etc. Size 51J2x I'hx 7'!z[nch. Cat. No. 27017002__ ...:£:.:9..:.,:.7...:5


IAWTEX GENTS' DE LUXE AUTOMATIC UMBRELLA. Nylon cover and case. Sleel frame. Opens (0 full sile at touch of a btJlton ..Length 18 inch when folded. Cat. No. 270/4342 £7.99 29. TOTE.SULTRA MINI BlACK UMBREllA Ingenious construction enables this full sil:e umbrella to fold down to only 9 Inch. Fits into most handbags and large podcelS. Windproof frame. Excfusive to Argos. Cat No. 261/0027 £5.7S 30. CD DiSeASE. Fortravellcar use. Vinyl cover with 5 clear plastlc sleeves. Holds up to 10 CDs (witl)oul cases). Size 6 x 731. x 1'12 inch. (CDs not included.) Cat. No. 270/9969 NOVELTY MUG. 'Needa refillor atop-up'. JUSt ring the ben to get artentlQn. Belf is removable !Of washing mug. Height 3'/z inch. Cat. No. 270/9718 £4.99

All sizes are approximate.

leather·1ooIcfinish.lndudes 12 month diart. telephone aod address section. planning sheets forleisure.liStlngs. <ash and notes. Size 5'/zx l'hx 7'11 inch. Cat No. 270/9880 £4.99




lABYRIt>lTfi.A lull sizewooden version 01 !he game or challenge. Use Ihe handles to tilrlhe tray and get the ball Qlrough to the end 01the maze. Watch out 101aillhe holes thoughl,Compiete with two metal balls. Size 12x 14 x 4 inch. Gilt boxed. Not suitable for children under 14 years, Cat. No. 271/0044 2



EXECUTIVETABLE·TOPTENPIN BOWliNG GAME. Wooden bowling alley leaturesadirectiooaldelivelycue to provide realistic bowling actiOn. Wnh 10

bra5Ssl:inJes and Ixass ball. length 15'12 indl. Not suitable for children under 14years.

£14.99 Cat. No. 270/7882 3. WOODEN GAMESSET.Features chess, draughts and baci:gammon. With 2 i"laid playing surfaces. Contains 2 sets 01dice and 2 cups. Size 14x 14x 2 inch. Cat. No. 270/9914 £19.99 4. EXECUTIVEMINIfOOTBALLMetal frame with brass rods and fully marked out bafzecpilch. Com.mplelewith 6 balls. SfzeBx S'h x 2'12 inch. Cat. No. 270/9921 £9.99 5



EXECUTIVETABLETOPMINI POOL TABLE.Complete with full set of numbered balls. weigllted(lies and rack, Ported balls rerum to ooilec1ion point lor easyretrievai. Table length 8inch. Not suitable for children under 14years. Cat. No. 270n899 £9.99 6. 121N 1 GAMES COMPENDIUM.

bank autOlOalicaliy sorts coins into their awropriate drawers. Forwithdrawals, just open !he door and pull out the

drawer. Hefght9Ylinch, Cat. No. 270/9653 £7.99 11. ONEARMEDBANDITISAVlNGS BANK. Metal casting. Accepts any currency. fieight 8 inch. Notsuitable for

Indudes~, checl:'ers, backgammon, pool. blackjack, roulette. Chinese checkers, cribbage and dOlOinoes. Size II'hx6xlinch. Not suitable for children under 14years. Cat. No. 270/9945 7

children under 10 years.

Cat. No. 270/9581

40 YEAR CAlENDAR. Brass calendar mounted on a marble base. Easy to use for


year alter year. Diameter 3inch. Cat. No. 27019536 £6.99


CORONATIONSTREET DARTSSET.True "Rovers Return" 5ty1e. COIOprisespack 01 playing cards, set 01darts and a ~ey·ringJ bottle opener. Cat. No. 271/0082 £5.99 8. WENGER THE GENUINE "SWISS ARMY OfFICERS j(NIFE·. Contains blade, naif file, naD deaner. corooew, screwdriver, caplifter, wire bender, can opener. reamer and scissors. Cat. No. 270/9952 £12.75


'PERCY PENGUIN" ICESCRAPER.Furry mitt with durable plastic scraper. Washable. length 11 inch. Cat. No. 271/0051 £5.99 14 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

BAODINGBAlt:S.SUes$ reliellrom the Ming Dynasty. Rollthese 2,smooth cJvOlOe • chiming"balls togelher in Ihe palmolyour halld. One tuned high, the



AllPIJRPOSfSURVIVAl OOL Wi 7 lunaiQns: hammer, spade. hatchet edge, saw edge, bottle opener, wrenchand COlOpass. Indudes mini·survival kit illSide handle· fishing line, hooks, sinker. SlTl<lII knffe, nails, matches and match lighter.

sound that soothes and relaxes. Each ball, diameter. Housed in siik brocade gift box. (Colourolbox ~vary.)Wi!h instruaions. Cat. No. 26113691

length 12 inch.

Cat. No. 27110116




352 books_to_bytes

15. STIlESS REUEF DUMMY. Silu~e the dummy and watch it rerum to ilSoriginal wpe. Height S inch.Not suitable for children under 14 years. cat. No. 27019299 £4.99 16 @SUPERSTORESONLY

·STRESS EXPRESS·. Press the buttonand

watch the helioopterrise into1he air. ta~ingallyourtroubleswith il. Requires2 xAAbaneries (order 1of 98011 949 at fl. S9 palr).Giftboxed. Not suitable for children under 14 years. cat. No. 27018582 £8.99 17 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

MAGNETIC PAPER CliP SCULPTURE. Use the magnelicpoWer 10 bulid yourown

sculptures. Brasscentreand wooden base with protective rubber feet COmplete with paperdips. Sile5'hx5x 1inch. Gift boxed. Not suitable for children under 14 years. Cat. No. 27110075 £5.99 18. EXfCUT1VE TIl.IO TUSES. 3 separate plastic lubeswith IncfMdual synchronised frquidactions. Height 5 inch. Cat. No. 27019897 £4.99 19 @ SUPERSTORESONLY


liquid tricklesslowly through. creating numerous effects. Height 8 Inch. cat. No. 271/0037 £5.99 20. ·PEPSI· CANUNDRUM PUZZLE CAN. Free sliding squares have millions of bafflingcombinations· but only one

the Qdtouse asa desk soIulion.~ tidy.Height4'12 inch. diameter2'12 Inch. Cat. No. 27019907 £4.99 21. EXfCUTM I(NOCKour, Anatksof lerribletemper.blind paniC and aQ the daily frustrations01 the offICecan be worked out on this spring mOUnted bOxing ball. Every punch is loudly rewarded with the sound 01a big match qowd. Height13001. ~ires 2xAA batteries (order10198011949 at£159 pair). Cat. No. 270/9660 £14.99 22. EXfCUllVE CHEERING BASKETBAll HOOP. Position 0YeI waste baskeland

discard papers through the basket hoop. A direct sholinto the net willactivate cheering soundsol congratulations. Also' indudes foam ball. Size 121/2x lOx 7 VI inch. Batteriessupplied.(Bin nol included.) Cat. No. 270/9938 £9.99 23. RELUM ·NICE PUTT' PUTnNG MACHIN[ Rerums the ball (not supplied) if the putt is correct. Can be used 1nd9OlS 01 outdoors. RequJres2 x LR14batteries

(order 1 of 980/1451 ar £2.49 pair).

Cat. No. 321/3241 £9,50 24.3 DIMENSIONAL PIN SCULPTURE. Reproduce the image 01anyobject by plaong it behind the board and allowing the pins 10slide through and IOJ1Tla replica of the item. Size7x 5 inch.Not suitable for children under 14 years. cat. No. 27019309 £9.99 Allsizes are approximate. Batteries are not induded unless otherwise stated.

AT THE RIGHT PRICE books_to_bytes

1. TOlES MENS ·SNUGGLESOX". Stretch knit thermal·.slippe~· with ~llraction sole to aid footing. One sizefllS all Washable. Giftboxed. For more soos, seepages 340. 369 ~nd 370. Cat. No. 270/9983 £3.49 2

• •

• •


6 detachable ringson a spring loaded dip. Solid brass with gold plated finish. Lenglh 3V.incl). Cat. No. 271/0099 £8.99 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

"NOSE" GLASSESHOLDER.The perfect perchlorgiasses. SilSon desk or mounlS on wall or dashboard with double-sided adhesive tape (included). Height3'/2 inch. Cat. No. 27017930 £4.99 6


• •

"KEY MATE". Quick release key ring with





WAU. CLOCKKIT.Easily applied to any wall with template supplied. no tools required. Qualtt 1'IlO\Ieme~t.Oiametet complete. 12 inch. Requires 1 X AA batlely (order 1of 98011949 at £t.59 par~. Cat. No. 271/0109 £9.99 3. RfMINGTONFUZZ·AWAYClOTilES SHAVER.Removesu~ghtlypills. thread and fuzz Irom dothes arid other fabricS usinglightstrokes. VactJI!mpick ep, stainless steel inner Cutlet. Requires 1xC batlely(otder 1of98OJ1956al E2.S5 pair) for up 10 120 minutes runnlng lime. Cat. No. 270/4988 £9.49 4


AUTOMATICnE RACK.Easilyattaches to wallonloOr. 24 hangeBlO hold ties. RO!ateseilherwayv~tIl the flickof·the switch for easy viewing.Accessory storage compartment Requires2 X 0 batteries (order 1of 98J)11963 at £2.99 pair). Cat. No. 270/9574 £9.99 7. Mum BElT KIT.3 reverslble bonded leather belts. 2 interchangeable buckles. J gold colour. 1silvEr~oIourtoaeate 12 differentcomblnatiorls. 8eltlength 44 inch. Cat. No. 270/9354 £6.99 8. POCKmELESCOPE. With4 chambers extending to 13inch. 25 ~mes magnifICationand IV.inch lens. set in a spun brass casing and bound in Jeathef. Completev.i!h pouch. Cat. No. 270/9976 £,25.99 All sizesare approXimate.


MORPHY RICHARDS STRID.ES TROUSER PRESSES. SEERGLASSWITHSEU. FOrrefills· nng 30 ninute push oonon tiner. for attention! Bell is easily removable for lherrnostaticallycontrolled. ~ washing glass. Capacity 16 oz. Height6 heated panelfOl tum ups. Free staOOilg inch. 01 walllllOlA"llable. 'Mth removable jacket Cat. No. 27110068 £5.99 hanger. tl'ay and tieraa. Neon on hgllt and 10. PEWTERTANKARJ).(Ias.slc Old cord storage. Manufacture( s3-year English design oompIete with "Sheffield guarantee. Mint Presentation Sox". Capacity I pint 15. MAHOGANYS1YlE ANISH. Height 41/2inch. £69.50 Cat. No. 210/9347 £6.75 Cat. No. 441/0452 9


16 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY WHITEANISH. Capacity V2.fiue.Height 7'12inch. £69.50 Cat. No. 27017961 £9.99 Cat. No. 441/0139 CORBY 2200 TROUSER PRESSES. Pushbutton tIner. ThetmosIat. Streteher S bars 10remove badofthe kneewrinldes. PEWTERTANKARD.Traditional"belr Cushioned heamg padior all thidcnesses shape. Hand made with highly polished finish. Capacity 1 pint Height 431.inch. of material and nmups. Maoofaaure(s Gift boxed. S-yearguarantee. B.EAB. approyed. Cat. No. 27019141 £12.99 17 • WHITE RNISH.

11. TRAomONAl GLASS SEERSTBN. Wlthstag decoration and full pewter lid.




mOUSER PREsS. EIectroI!it timer with IS,

Cat. No. 44019621


18 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY 30 and 45 minutesenings and neon indicatOr fight. TheflllOS1aticaltt BLACK RNISH. controlled. SeH adjusting panel for tum £75.00 ups. Free standing or wall mountable. 13 Cat. No. 440/964S CORBY 4400 TROUSERPRESSES. amp socket 00 top trim forhairdryel etc. IS and 30 mlnutetimer. Thermostat With jacket hangef,lray and tie rail. Cord storage. Mahogany st)ie finish. 5trelcherbars 10reIllC10Ie bad of theblee Manufacturer's 3·year guarantee. wrinkles. Cushiooed heating pad for all £79.95 tI1icknesses of material and tUfIHIPS. W<ll Cat. No. 441/0483 mounting kiL ManufactweJ's >year 14 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY guaramee. HAB. approved. MORPHY RICHARDS AMBASSAfXlR 19. MAHOGANY EFfEG RNISH. mOUSER PRESS.Elearonictimer wnh 15, Cat. No. 440(8990 £89.00 30and 45 minute settings and neon indicatollight Thermostatically 20 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY conlrolJed. Cancel bunon. Self adjusting WHITEANISH. heated panel fOlIlrn ups. Free standing Cat. No. 440/9009 £89.00 OIwall mountable. 13 amp socket on top trim fOlhairdryer etc Withremovable jacket hanger, tray and tie raa. COld storage. Mahogany style finish. Gold plated trim. Manufacwre(s 3-year

guarantee. Cat. No. 441/012.2


E_ ..




TAKI~li CARE QE YQUR ~HAVEB In order to p'rolong the effidenc:y/life of your shaver, frequent. thorou~ d~ is requiredinacco n<:e . your manufacturer's instructions. Foils and cutters should be TeP,laced regula~. These are available via our mai order service, pleasesee page 359 for details. 112liAI~ MMIMUM SHAYI~li ~EREQBMANCe Due to the sensitivity of your skin you should allow approx 2-4 weeks for it to adjust to your ciIosen shaver. IELE~IIQ~E IIEL~LI~ES Panasonic: 0344 853943 PIliIishave: 081-689 2166 Ext 8014 Remington: 0800 212438 1. HITACHI AV7110P MAlNS5HAVER. UI,Irathin loil wi'!'Juard. Retraaable trimmer. Soft Ira pouch. Dual voltage, ll0i24OVac. &.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 440/7654 £19.95 2. REMIf'lGTON XLR810 MICRO SCREEN MAIN5SHAVER. Superthin twin fOil. Intercept wtters for stray/awkward hair. Trimmer. Presenta.1ioncase. Dual vohage. II0I24OV ac. Cat. No. 440/9425 £26.50 3. REMINGTON XLR9200 'EUTE' MAINS SHAVER. 'TwinMicroScreen' shaving srstem. Pop-up trimmer. De luxe plesentallOncase. Universal~. 100· 24OVac. cat. No. 440/9164 £31.50 4. SRAUN 238 MAINS SHAVER.Platinum coated foil. Trimmer. Combination shave fao1ity. Dual voltage, 120/24OV at. Cat. No. 44110270 £19.50 S. BRAUN 2020 MAINS SHAVER. Platinum~loil EXtendable trimmer. Soft iravel pooch. Dual vollage, 1201240V ac. B.EAS. approved. FREE mirror. Cat. No. 440/9432 £29.50 6. BRAUN ACTION LINEMAINS SHAVER. System 1·2·3: Shaving performance 10 suit the differenl dimensions oftheface. Platinum coated Iou. Tri_.50fttravel pouch. DuaJvoItage, 1100040Vac. cat. No. 440/9463 £34.50 7. KENWOOD KS300 MAlNS5HAVER. Ruthenium hypo·aUergemc ullra thin foil. Palented telescopie angled trimmer. De luxe presentation case. Universal VOlt~. 110·24OV ac. Cat. 0.44110074 £29.75 8. PHILISHAVEHS 260/8 TRAaRMAINS SHAVER.2 lift and cut selkharpenil1g CJJtterblades.90·slot floau~ds. Trimmer. Travel pouch. WaH erlstand. Dual VOltage, 110/24OV ec, B.EAB. apPioved. cat. No. 440/9896 £25.50 9. PHlliSHAVE HS 545 MAINS SHAVER. Trimmer. Travel pouch. Universal voltage, lOO·240Vac. HAS. ~ Cat. No. 440/9449 4.50 10. PHILISHAVEHS 555 MAINS SHAVER. Trimmer. Presentation case. Universal voItage,IOO.24OVac.B.EAB roved• Cat. No. 440/9456 8.50 11. PHlliSHAVE HS 715 MAINS SHAVER. JliIt and cut sell·shalpening CJJttei .blades. go-slot fIoatin!' heads. Trimmer. Presentation case. Llnrversalvoltage. 100·240V ac. Cat. No. 440/9061 £49.50


AREYQU 1AKINli YQUR APPllNiCE QYERSEA51 Seepage 361 forvoltagedetail.s.

16. SRAUN ACT10N LINEMAINS! RECHARGEABlE SHAVER.System 1-2-3: shaving performance to suit the ~rent cimensions of the face_Platinum coated foB. Trimmer. I hour !uR charge for upto 10 days (30 minutes) cordfesS.shaving. Soft triweI pouch. Universal voltage. 12·24V dc and 1OQ.240Vac. cat. No. 440/9511 £59.50 17. BRAUN 4S 10 fl£X CONTROL MAlNSlRECHARGEABLESHAVER. Twin foil head with pivoting actlon. Shaver continua~ adjusts and adaptS itself to follow the contours of the face or can be locked inlOpiace. Extendable trimmer. 1hour full charge for up to 16days (SO minutes) coo:IJessshaving. Charge inlicalOl r'!lht Switch lock. Soft iravel pouch. urwersal voltage. lOO·24OVac. £94.50 cat. No. 441/0335


cobalt foil with guard. Retractable trimmer. 5 hour lull charge10rup to 10 days (30 minutes) coidtess shaving. 30 minute quick charge. Recharge tignL

Soft travel pouch. Unflersal voltage, 1()()'240Vat. BUB. approved. cat. No. 441/0287 £29.95 19. REMlNGTONXLR1110MAINS/ RECHARGEABlE SHAVER.Twin micro SCIl!enfoIl.lnter~1 omer fors'!!1':li awkward hairs. Tnmmer. 14·16ooullutl charge forup to 10days (30minuleS) cOldfessshaving. Charge indieator light. Soft rraveI poudl. Dual vorlage, 110I240V ac. £36.50 cat. No. 440/9937 20. PHIUSHAVEHS 360 TRACERMAINS! RECHARGEABLESHAVER. 2 lift and WI self-sharpenjnQ cutter blades..90-slol floalfngf1eadS:-Trimmer.8 hourfuU charge for up 10 14 days (42 minutes) cordless shaving. Charge indieator light Travellodc. Presentation case. Universal voIIDge, 1()()'24OV ac. B.EA8ap[lfoved. Cat. No. 440/9920 £29.50 21. PHIUSHAVEHS655MA1NS! RECHARGEABLESHAVER.Trimmer• Shour futl charge for up to 14 days (42 minutes) coIdIess shaving. Charge indicator IighL PreseJltation case. Univefsalvoltage. 1()()'24OV ac. S.EAB. approved. cat. No. 440/9669 £49.50 22. PHILlSHAVEHS.a2SMAINS! RECHARGEABlE SHAVER.3 tift and cut self'sha!penin9 CJJtter blades. 9O-slot floating heads. Trimmer. 8 hourfuD charQe forup to 14 days (42 minutes) cordfess shaving. Charge indieatOltight. . Presentation case. Universal voltage. 1()()'24OVac. cat. No. 440/B866 £58.50

13. BRAUN 250 MAlNSlRECHARGEABLE SHAVER.Platinum coated loil. Trimmer. 4 hourfull charge Iorup to 8 days (25 minuies)cortlless shaving. Charge indicator lighl Switch kxf. UrWooal'lOlrage.I2-24Vdcandl()()' 240Vac. Cat. No. 44019913 £29.50 14.8RAUN 278MA1NSI RECHARGEABlE SHAVER.P1atioom coated foil. Trimmer. Ihour luidlalge lor up 108 days (25minutes) cordless shavi~. charge indicalOl lighl Sv.itch lock. Soft tr.lveI pouch. UniYersaI voltage. 12-24Vdcand 1()()'24OV ac. cat. No. 440/9504 £37.50 15. BRAUN 2530MAlNSI RECHARGEABlESHAVER. P1annum coated loil. EJctendabIetrimmer. 1 hour lullcharge 101up to 10 days (30 minutes) cOIdIess shaving. $Oft travel poudl. Uriiversal voltage. 12·24V dcand 1()()'240Vac. cat. No. 441/0294


lift and cut seH-sharpenin~ blades. 9O-slo1 floating heads. Trimmer. position skin romfon control. De luxe presentation case. Universal voltage, lOQ.Z40Vac. S.fAB. approved. Cat. No. 441/0476 £64.50



SHAVlNGTIMES These are approximate and are based onan ave~ of 3 minutes


shavingperday.lJ1eyarealso dependent upon the strength and thickness of the beard.

ABLE SHAVER. New mIcr<>-groove shaving heads with lift and OJl Trimmer.

Comfoit conlllll. Soft leell;;cquer finish. Snelllpower.l hour lull charge fcr upto 21 days (63 minutes) cordless shaving. 5 minute quidcharge. Chaf~teve inlficator with permanent of minutes left Electronic warning 10 deaning prOQram~. Audible low charge alarm. Chal9111gligh15. Plesentatioo case, pouch and walfbrad:etJstand. Universal IIOIcage, 1 1·24V dc and 1()()'24OVac. Cat.No. 441/0500 £109.00 27. HITACHI RM8600 RECHARGEABlE SHAVER.Exnawide shaving foilwith guard. RetlaCtable trimmer. 8 hour luU Chargeiorupto 10 day5(30 miruJteS) COIdlessshiMng. BuOHnrechargeurit. Travellock.Soff travel pouch. 240V ac ooIy. B.EAS. approved. Cat. No. 440/9470 28. PHIUSHAVE HS80S RECHARGEABLE SHAVER. 3 lift and cut self-sharpening cutter blades. 90-5101 floatingheads. Trimmer. 8 hour fuD charge lor up to 14 days(42 minutes) cordless shaving. Charge indicator light. WaUbrad:etDua!voItage.l101140Vac. Cat. No. 440/8859 £37.50 29. PANASONICES301B RECHARGEABLE WET/DRY SHAVER. $uper·thinstainless steel foil. Trimmer. 8 hoIir fullcharge for up to 14 days (42 minutes) cordless shaving. Soft travel

pouch. UnNersal voltage,



coated loa. Trimmer. 8 hour iuDcharge for up to 18 days (54 miouteS)cordless shaving. Reserve power. De luxe present· atioocaSe. Univefsal voltage, loo·24OV at. Cat. No. 44110490 £59.75


Phlllshave Rechargeable The powerful perfonnance 01 a mains shaver retained for up to Ihree weeks 01 cordless Independe]lce at home or away.

NEW PHILISHAVE HS990 RECHARGEABLE/MAINS • New miclO-groove shaVing heads with lilland cut

• Comfort eonlrol

• New large lrimmer for

sidebUrns and mouSlaches.

tAl bi.IcTc Of.sllavar)

.~powfuI Phllishave Mains Highly fealtll8d, powerful mains s~avel1i lor the ultimale close shave evelY day.


• New.SOft"feellalIquer


• 1 hourfull cha~ for 3 weeks' cordless shlMRg • Quick charge • Universal vOltage 100-240V N:and 12 ·24V DC

• New charge-level indicator

with permanent display minUtes left Phllishave

• New 'green' high energy cells (NiMhy)

Ballery Good grooming on the move(or

. • Audible iow-chargealann

the travelling man. Keep in the caror office as a 'top-up'

• Ql\MJIng light ------

._~ecase, ~ & wall btacketfsland

lor Wei or

dry shavel1i.

(at. No.44110500



For the full Philishave range see pages 356-357. books_to_bytes

ARGOS MAil ORDER A mail order service

is available for replacement foils, cutters and other accessories for


Credit card orders Tel: 061·9764505 (24hour service) or get an orderfonn

in-store. No stamp required.

1. ~£MINGTON XlR 380MICRO SCREEN BATIERYSHAV£R. Compact size. Twin Micro S<reen lo~ shaving system. Includes mirror. deaning brush and protective (over. FREE batteries. Cat. No. 440/9401 E9.75 2. HITACHI PHASE2 BATIERY SMVER WITH TRIMMER. Ultra·thinextra wldefoll. Retractable trimmer. Includes Io<k button, cleaning brush and ~ pouch. FREE batteries. cat. No. 440/8299 £15.95 3. PHILISHAV£HS 165BATIERY SHAVER W1TH TRIMMER. Twin 9O·siorsell· slJarpening fIoa~ng shaving heads. Trimmer. On/off switch with travel lock. Protective cap. TrawIlstO(age cassette. FREEbatteries. Cat. No. 44017977 f18.45 4. PHILIPSBATIERY BEARDI MOUSTACHETRIMMER. Trims beard mouslaChe and sideburns. 'ZO()(fl' control adjusts trimmer to cut hair to desired length. Indodes storage stand. comb. lubricating oil and cleaning blush. FREEbatteries. Cat. No. 44017740 5. PHILIPSRECHARGEABLEBEARDI MOUSTACHETRIMMER. Trims beard. moustache and sideburns.'Zoom' control adjusts lrimmerto cut hair to deslred length. Includes storage stand. comb.lubricaung oil and deaning brush. lED to indicate charging. 240V ac, Cat. No. 44011'164 £26.50 6. REMINGTON MB2 RECHARGEABLE BEAROIMOUSTACHETRIMMER. AdjuSUlbie hair.length control and angled head. Trimsbeard. moustache and sidebums.lncludes storage' stand. comb. cleaning brush and lubricating Oil 240Vac. cat. No. 440/8464 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.

TAKING CARE OF YOUR SHAVER. In order to prolong the efficiency/life of your shaver. frequent, thorough deaning is required in accordance with your manufacturer's instructions. Foils and cutters should be replaced regularly. These are available via our mail order service. please see panel.


ARE YOU TAKING YOUR APPLIANCE OVERSEAS? See ge361 forvolta edetails.

7. REMINGTON PROFESSIONALHOME HAIR CUTIING SET.Adjustableblade control dipperwith 4 comb attachments for cutting/trimming different lengths 01 hair. Suppliedwith SC;~. comb. lubricating oil. instruction booldet and demonstration video. 240Vat. Cat. No. 44110407 E24.50 8. WAHL HOME HAIR CUTTINGKJT. For IIimmingand cutting hair. Adjustablecutting h_eaddf]iper with 4 comb attachments fO( cutting diffeJent lengths 01hail. Supplied with scissors.comb and InSUUCtionbooklet. 240Vac. S.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 441/0359 £23.95 9. REMINGTON HYGIENICCLIPPER. Safe personallrimmer for nose. ear and eyebrow hair. Requires IxMsi2ebattery (order 1 of9B011949 at £ 1.59 pair). cat. No. 440/8347 £9.75


TELEPHONE HELPLINES Should you have any queries conceming your appliance. please call the appropriate helpline during office hours. PHILIPS: Tel: 0816892166 ext 8014. REMINGTON: Tel: 0800 212438 (untiI4.30pm). WAHL: Tel: 0227 740066 ALL ITEMS WITH THIS





A111~quotedare . approximate. 1. MORPHY RICHARDS HAlRDRYER. 1000 watt 2 heat/speed settings. Hanging loop. 6 ftcable. Manufacturer's 2·yearguarantee. Cat. No. 441/0177 2. C!AIROL TURBO HAlRORYER. 1200 watt. 2 heat/speed settings. Non· slip pads. Hanging loop. 6 It callie. Cat. No. 441/0555 £8.75 3. REMINGTON TRAVEL HAIRDRYER. 1200 watt. 2 heaVspeed sellings. Folding handle. Hanging loop. 6 It cable. Dual voltage. 12D124OV ac. Cat. No. 441/0184 £8.75 4. C!AIROl SNOOPY HAlRDRYER. 1200 walt 2 heat/speed settings. Unique dual action tamper·proof switch opera~on. Hands·free stand. 6 It cable. Cat. No. 441/0218 £19.50 S. KENWOOD MISTRAL HAIRDRYER ANDIlIFFUSER.1200watt.Lownoise. 1beat, 2 speed settings. GoII ball diffuser. Non·slip pads. Hanging loop. 6It cable. Cat. No. 440/9322 £9.75 6. FORMAT HAlRDRYER 8Y ClAlROL 1600 watt. Low noise. 2 heat. 2 speed settings. Non-slip pads. RetlaaabJe hanging loop. Cat. No. 441/0029 7. MORPHY RICHARDS HAlRDRYER. 1500 watt. Low noise. 3 heal/speed settings plus cool shot. Hanging loop. Sit 8 Inch cable. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee. £13.75 Cat. No. 440/8550 8. 8A8YUSS COMPAa PROFESSIONAt HAIRDRYER. 1400 wan. LighlWeight. 2 heat/speed settings plus cool shot. Patented vented COO<entlator nouJe. Removable air filter. Non-slip pads. Hanging loop. 7 It cable.

13. ROWENTAMAlNSIRECHARGEASLE TOOTHBRUSH. Helps fight decay and keeps gums healthy. 4 brush stems wit" 4 colour coded blUshdtps fOl adults. and 4 101children. Wall mountable. Recharging light. Plug for use via a shaver sockel (suppliedj. or can be used via an adaptor (not supplied). Removable banelY charger for travelling. Cat. No. 44110438 £34.50 14


ROWENTA DENTAl CENTRE. Feal\lfes a rechargeable toothbrushwhl(h helps fight plaque and keep gums healthy. 4 blush stems With 4 colour coded blush clipS Joradulls. and 4 forchOdren. Oral spraywith pulsating water je~ ensuring thorough cleaning. 4 colour coded, multi· functional nozzles. Adjustable water pressure. jetlS1lrav option. Wall mountable. Cord storage. Plug for use via shaversocket (supplledl. or can be used via an adaptor(notsupplied). Cat. No. 441/0548 £69.50 1S. MORPHY RICHARDS HAlRDRYER AND DIFFUSER. 1000 walt 2 heatlspeed settings. Hanging loop. 6It cable. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee. Cat.No. 44019858 £8.95 16. ClAl.ROl COMPAa TIJRBO HAlRDRYERAND DIFFUSER. 1200 watt. Low noise. LlghlWeight.1 heat/speed settings. Non-slip pads. Hanging loop. Sit 9 inch cable. Cat. No. 441/0225 £12.75

£14.75 Cat. No.441(0191 9. BRAUN SlLENCIO HAlRORVER. 1600 watt. Low noise. 3 heat/speed settings. Non-slip pads. Hanging loop. 6ltcable. £14.50 Cat. No. 441/0201 10. PHILIPS SILENCE PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRYER. 2000 watt. Low noise. Ughtweight 2 heal speed settings plus 2 cool shot facilities (constant and pulse). MOld-dJrectional switch. Hanging loop. 5 It9 inch cable. Cat. No. 44019827 £22.75 11. SPARKLE BATIERYTOOTHBRUSH SET. Helps 10 keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Free standing or wall mounted unit holds toothbrush and toolhpasle (fIXings nol supplied). 8 colour coded brushes. Requires 2 x C size batteries (Older 1of98011956at £2.85

palr). Cat. No. 440/8062 12. BRAUN 05 RECHARGEABLE ORAL·S


A mall order service Is available

PlAQUE REMOVER. Theultimate in tooth and gum care. With 2 blUSh heads that clean deep between each tooth and along gum line. Recharging unit. 240V ac. Cat. No. 44019205 £59.50

for replacement brush heads on

Braun and Rowenta dental products. Credit card orders Tel: 0619764505 (24hour service)

or. altarnatively. getan orderform In-store. No stamp required. books_to_bytes

17. HAIRDESIGN HAlRDRYER AND DIFFUSER.1400watt. Lightweight. 2 heatJspeed settings. Hanging loop. 6ft cable. Dualwltage. 1201240V ac. Cat. No. 440/8756 £12.95 '18. MORPHYRlCHARDSHAIRORYER ANDDIFFIJSEJl1200wan.Lowncise. 3heat!speedsettings pluscool sIvJt. Hanging loop. 5 ItSindl cable. Manufacturers 2-year guarantee. Cat. No. 441/0562 £14.95 19. BABYllSS SIl£NT PlUS HAlRDRYER AND DIFFUSER.1600 wan. Low noise. Lightweight 2 heallspeed settings plus

cool shot Non-slip pads. Hanging loop. 6ftcable. Cat. No. 441/0579 £16.95 20. BRAUNHAlRDRYER AND DIFFUSER. 1200 watt. Low noise. 2 heatJspeed settings. 2 stage diffuser with removable end plate for soher saunch styles.6ft cable. B.EAB. approyed. Cat. No. 44019085 £17.50 21. ClAlROl PROFESSIONAl. HAlRORYERANDDIFFUStR. 1200watt 2 heat, 2 speed settings. Removable air filter. Hangirv:j loop. 9 Itcable. Manufacturef's 2-year guatantee. Cat. No. 440/BI96 £19.50 22. ClAlROl BIG SHOTHAlRDRYER AND DIFFUSER. 1500watt 3heat, 2 speed settings including cool air. Removable air filter. Non-5llppads. Hanging 1oop.9ft cable. Manufacturer's 2-year guarantee. cat. No. 44017599 £24.50 23. CARMEN PROFESSIONAl HAlRDRYERANDDIFFUSER.I500wan. 5 heat. 2 speed settings including cool air. Removable air filter. Harlg1ll9loop. 6 Itcable. Manufacturer's 2-year


Hairdryers wi1h diffuser attachments are idealfor scrund! drying, or gently drying naturallyanty. permedor fine hair. Some models have a pre-set diffuser heat/speed setting. A low heat settingshou1d be selected on all other models, unless otherwise stated in the manufacturel"sinstructions.

1201 £17501 1CA&\EN


guarantee. Cat. No. 440/9841 £24.50 24. BABYUSSSALON ClASS HAlRDRYER AND DIFFUSER.1500wan. Real salon dr,oer. 2 heat. 2 speed settings

plusoold air trigger. Removableairfilter. Paten1ed vented concentrator nozzle. Hanging loop. 9ftcable. Diffuser mousse and styfing booklet Manufacturer's 3yeargualantee. FREE haircarevideo

offer, ask in-store for details. Cat. No. 44017915 £28.95 25. PHIUPSTOUCH 'N' DRY HAlRDRYER AND DIFFUSER.1650 wan. Low noise. A unique hairdryer which automatkally oper.ne5 when pided up and SlOpS \'vi1en put down. 3 heat. 2 speed settings

induding cool shot SlllIId-byindicator light NorKIip pads. Hanging loop. 5ft 9 inch cable. Cat. No. 441/0036 £25.50 TElEPHONE HELPUNES: Should you have any queries concerning YOUJPhilipsor

Remington hairdryers. please call the appropriate telephone helpline, Monday to Friday, during office hours: Philips:081 689 2166, ext8014 Remington: 0800 212438 (untlI4.30 pm).




1. MORPHY RICHARDS SlYUNG TONG. larger barrel for fulier ouis. Cool tip. Heat readydot. Tangle-free swivet cord. Buik.jn

stand. ManufacllJJe( s2-year guarantee.

cat. No. 441/0232


2. MORPHYRICHARDSSTYlING BRUSH. larger barrel 101 fullerClJrIs. Rotating barrel 101easy CUllrelease. Cool tip. Heat readydot. Tangte-~ swivet cOld. ManUfacture( s 2·year guarantee. Cat. No. 441/0593 £4.75 3. FORMATCOMBITONGIBRUSHBY ClAIROL SUmsl)1ing tong adds solt CUlls and waves, dip-on sl)1ing brush attachment fOlextra body and volume. FaSlheat up. Cat. No. 441/0043 £8.95 4. (lAIROl flfXlBRUSH SlYUNG BRUSHWITH 51tAM. 2 sets or interchangeable flexiblebrisdes fOlIong 01 short hair. Automatic curi release. Cool tip. Heat ready dot. Tang.le·freeswivel cord. Heelresl Univelsal vokage. ll0024OVac. Cat. No. 440/9690 £9.50 S.MORPHYRICHARDSsmlNG TONGI BRUSHWITHSTEAM. Detachable styling brush. Cool tip. Heatreadydo~ Tanglefree SWM!I COld. Safety stand. Automatic ~perawre conl/al. UnIve~1 voltage, Il0024OVac. Manufactute(s 2·year guarantee, Cat. No. 440/9102 £9.75 ClAlROl "fREE CURL"CORDL£SS STYLERS. Piezo Ignition. Powered by disposable Thermacel butane gas canridges. No plug, lead 01 socket Canbe usedanytime. anywhere. Unique safety on/oft Bghl Stay-cooltravel C!Nf.f. Suppjied with one dIsposable gas canridge. Manufacturer's 2·year guarantee. 6. "FREECURL" COMBI. Cat. No. 440/9384 £17.50 7. "fREE CURL" BRUSH. Cat. No. 441/0249 £14.50 8. "FREECURL"COMBIWITHSTEAM, Steam facilityfOiIonger lasting cu~s and


Cat. No. 441/0256 £19.50 BRAUNINDEPENDENT2000 HAIR STYLERS, Piezo ignition, Powe!ed by disposable butane gas cylinde<s.No plug. lead 01 socket Can be used a"Jllme, anywhere. Stay-cool travel cover. Supplied with one disposable gas cylinder. Manufacturer's 2·yearguarantee. 9. STYLINGTONG. Cat. No. 440/8244 £14.95 10.STYUNGBRUSH. Cat. No. 440/8251 £16.75 11. STYLINGDUOTONGIBRUSH. Cat. No. 440/8268 £19.50 12. (lAIROl CRIMPANDWAVE A ye~tile styling tool. 2 sets of styling plates. one fOicrunping. one for waving. Universal voltage, I l00240V at. Cat. No, 440/9889 £14.95

14. PHIUPSHOTAlRSTYLER. Hot air brush dries and allis Inone. Warm air blows througO styling brislles for lasting curl. Detachable brush for easy deaning and storage. 2 speed settings. low noise. Tangle-free swivel cord Barrel rest. Hanging loop. Cat. No. 441/0603 £13.50 15.BABYLISSlOOK HOTAIRCURLER. Holair curler dries and curls inone. Supp6ed with 2 bfush attachments. NonnaJ curle! brush and through-Row bristle brush to add volume and lasting aliI. 2 speed settings, Tangle-free swivel cord, DoaIvoitage. 1201240Vac. Cat. No. 440/9353 £16.75 16. CARMEN"BLOWAND CllRl PLUS· HOTAIRBRUSH. HOI air brush dries and CUllsinone. Warm air blows througll styling brisdes for lasting.curl Retractable bristles for easycu~ release. Cool tip. 2 heat settings, Tangle-free swivel cord. Cat. No. 440J9793 £18.50


Are you taking your appliance overseas1See page361 for

voltage details. Alllengths quoted are approximate. 17. Pj"IIUPS'GEOMETRIOO'








4 SET.

Versatile multf-stylerwith 4 anachments· spiral tong, WiNe long, barTe! tong and brushsleeYe, Cool tips. Ready dots. Heel rests. Safety' on'light.langle-free ~ cord Cat. No. 44OJ9360 £19.50 18. BABYlISSVOLUM'AIR. Unique warm

airSlyieffOiliftartdvolume. Canbe used on dryor damp haii. Fingers slideeasi~ in and out of hair. Ideal for roollift. shaping and de-tangRng. Makes IIOlumeanddJrl while drying, 2 heal/speed ~ 7ft tangle-free ~(Drd Cat. No. 44110586 £18.75 19. ClAJROl LOCK'N' ROlL 24soit flexiblehealed tJairstyie!s 101curls Of waves. 2 sizes. Quickand easy10 use, roll up and flip fNe( to lock in place. No old-fashioned cUpsor pins needed; Supplied cornpletewi!h ~ingleaflet • £24,50 Cat. No. 44019724 20. ClAJROl S1YI.E SfTTER. 18 traditional wax filled heat retaining rollers.2 sizes.Coo16ps.Re~dot. COIOpactcase for portability. Supplied COIOplete with dips.. Cat. No. 441/0263 £23.75 21. CLAIROl CURL CONTROL. 20 wax filled heat retaining roners. 3 sizes.With easy grip soft rubber surface for manageable style and curl, and is also kind to hair. Complete with dipsand styling guide.


1161£1850 I


Cat. No, 44019717 £28.50 22, BRAUN 'UNO' COMPACT SOFT HOOD HAlRDRYER. 400watt

2 teinpe!aturelairflow settings induding 0001 curl feature. POftallle and gives freedom 01mOllefT1elltwhen in use.. Fold up hood. Carrying bag. 12.5ft cable. Cable storage. Cat. No. 44110012 £29.50 23. CARMEN SALON SlYLE PROFESSIONALSAlON HOOD DRYER. 3 heal/speed settings induding cool. Sits

c~l\Iendy on arrt table lop.Height adjustment Foldaway for easy storage. Car!)ing Ilandle for ponability. 9ft cable. ManUfacturer's 2-year guarantee. Cat. No. 441/0153 £39,50 24. BABYU)5SAlON ClAS) PROFESSIONALHOOD DRYER. BOOwan. LOw noise. 10 position hand he'.d

temperature control. Height adjustment FoIdawaystand Manufacture(s 2·year guarantee. Cat. No. 44110160 25




BABYUSSPROFES)IONAl SUPER HOOD DRYER. 1200 watt. Uses \'I'atIl1air and infra·red lighLAdjustable airflow: nOrTnal or ciffused for cflfferenthair lengths.. 3 heat seUings induding cool, Adjustable '(isorwhidl activates the hood to tum off when it is lifted up, or tum on when it is pulled down. On/off switCh. Swrdy. extendable. foldaway stand. RemQllabie filter. long cable; Cat. No. 441J0469



22 £~950

I books_to_bytes

TAKING CAREOF YOUR SHAVER. Please see page 356 for details. AREYOU TAKING YOUR APPUANCE OVERSEAS?See page 361 for voltage details. TElEPHONE HELPUNES

Should you have any queries abOU1your appliance, please call the appropriate helpline during

office hours. BEAUTRONIX Tel: 0273 495111 PANASONIC Tel: 0344 853943 PHIUPS Tel:0816892166 ext8014. R.EMINGTON Tel: 0800 212438 (untiI4.30pm).

~=~~~~=:::::~~~~~=:::::~~::'_j Foil head with




trimmelS. Foilprotection cover. (oired cordfor tangle free use. Cleaning brush. cat. No. 441/0397 £19.95 2. BRAUN lADY HfGANCE 3 MAINS i'9lII~":"::""":::""'=-" .. 1 SHAVER. Straight and curved trimmers. Platinumplaled foel. Foelltrill1mer

comblna6onfor a smoolh finish.TraVel pouch. Dual voltage, 1201240V at.FREE mirror.

Cat. No.440/9748 £18.50 3. PHILIPS COSMETlC:SET.Mains operated Ladyshavewi!h 8beauty artachmenls.l.adyshave has fine fOilwith Sllaighrandcwved



at1achmenls lor manicures/pedicures, 3 massage at1achmenlS pluscreamllotion applicator. Casewith cordslorageJmirror. Dual voltage, 1101240V at. cat. No. 44110098 £32.50

-=====:.......__ -=======_j




... I"'JI"P.".. ~ ......



TwinOlamond honedcuttetS for fast close shaving. TraveJ.(X!UCh.Requl~' x CsizebalteIY(orderlof980f1956al f2.85pair).

cat No. 441/0366 £9.75 S. PHILIPSLADYSHAVE DE LUXE BATTERYSHAVER. Str~jghl and curved trimmers wilh fine foil. Foilpro~i()l) cover. Cleaning brush. FREEbatteries. Cat. No. 44019951 £17.50 6. PHILIPS LADYSHAVE WET AND DRY BATTERY SHAVER. Sl1aight and curved

lrimmers with fille foil. Fo~protection CCNef.Cleaningbrush. FREEbatteries. cat. No. 440199"" £14.75 7. PANASONICWETANDDRYBATTERY

lADY SHAVER. Angled ~ad v.ith smooth shaving foil. Precision blade Culter. Pop-up tmuner, FREEbatteries. Cat. No. 44019535 £ 17.75 8

~ ~


A~ V



11. EPllADYCOMPAa. Soh. ftexible, rotating spiral grips and plucks hair out at rcotlevei, leaving legs smooth and hair· free for up to Sweeks (depending on hair !:Jrowthl. 2speeds fordifferent hair types. Includes 240V ac mains adaptor, cleaning brush, long cord and traVel pouch. £29.50 Cat. No. 44019786 12.lAOY REMINGTONSMOOTHAND SILKY.Removes hair instanlly from below the surface of lhesldn at root level. Leaves legs hair free forweeks at a time. Automa1lc built·in light. Hairlihing brush forStubborn hair. Magnifyfng lens. Ea$)' to use. With 240V ac mains adaptor, spare roUer,deaning brush, long cordand travel/storage pouch. FREE afterepilation gel. Cat. No. 44019968 £29.45 non· drlpwaxing $)'Stem In a compact self· contained umt. Removes dead skin celis, leaves skin smooth and silky, eliminates nid<s, rots or razol stubble, diminished regrowth with continued use. The dean fast w~ to remove unwanted hail from your legs. arms, face and body for up to six weeksat a rime. Complete with lhermoStatlcallycontrolledelectric wanner, disposable roll-on wax applicators for face and body, wax remover strips and ~ to follow Instructions. Mains operated. 240V ec Cat. No. 441/0081 £19.75 14.ONETOUCH HOME ELECTROLYSIS KIT.Long term hair removal system. ElectJoIyslsallows the safe removal of unwanted hair. Simply placethe stylet tip at the base of the h;J]rto be lemovl!d and Inseconds the treatment Iscompleted. Comfort control eIlalallows treatment of allhair types. 3 extra stylet tips. FREE battery and FREE One Touch RolI·On Depilatory. Cat. No. 44019566 £27.95

'''IS 'W&jiowijoldM

Item nos 15. 16 and 18-22are not suitable for people with varicose veins. 18. ClAJROl CEUUTHERAPIE.Cordless massage system to help Impra;e skin tone and texture on cellulite prone areas. Oil dispensing massage head gives a smooth drag-free actlon, and concentrator massage head for an invigorating massage.lf1(Iudes massage 011. finishing aeam. cosmetic ~g, travel pouch and plug·in charger. Massage is most effective when used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Cat. No. 44019195 £29.50 19.CARMENDEEPHEATMASSAGER. Heat treatment combined with vibratory massage. Variable levels of heat and massage intensity. Provides quick temporaryreliefto aches and pains. With fIVe applicato~. UghtweighL Mains operated. 240V ac. Cat. No. 44019810 £19.50 20 ~SUPERSTORESONlY

CARMENBODYHEATMASSAGER.Heat trea\l11entand vibratory massage. Provides quidt temporal)' relief to minor aches, pains and rheumatism. Can be used togethef or independently. 5applicators for muscle. bWj, scalp. intense and general massage. Push bunon applicator release. Two Jeyelsof vibration. Long handle. Mains operated. 24OVac. Cat. No. 44018127 £24.50 21. REMINGTONDEEPHEAT MASSAGER.Heat ueatment combined with vibratory massage. Massage and heat features can be used individuallyor simultaneously. Pr()',ides quick temporary relief to aches and pains." attachments for fadal, scalp, body and deep muscle massage. Malll$ operated. 240V se, Cat. No. 44110610 £14.75 22 ~


BEAUTRONIX MACHINE CARMENINTRASONICMASSAGER. Developed to aid temporary pain relief, COMPACT. FOIII' pad, pottable elearonk muscle stimulator. With •soft stat!' help Increase mobility of stiff aching joints system and comfort control. Exefcises and muscles. and aid relaxation. specifK areas of the boctf. Toning and Combines vibratory massagewith firming. helps smooth out bulges and soothing penetrating Intrasonlt sound tighten flabbiness, whiteyou rela~ low waves that reach deep into the muscle. level usage eases muscle strain and The effect felt on the skin will be gende. tension. For best results use in Thisis qllile normal and does not conjunction with a calorie minimise the effeaiveness of the controlled diet. Supplied in sl(lIage Intrasonic massage. Features Include casewith instructions and demonstration 4 appllcato~, long handle with flexible video. Bane!Yoperated (supplied). 'nedt°jointfordifficult to reach areas Cat. No. 44110531 £49,50 and vibratory intensity control dial. Can be used in conjunction with your fa'lOurite 011 16. BEAUTRONIXlEAN MACHINE.Ten ormolsturiser and is ideal for foot padetectJonl( muscle stimulatOl. With reflexology. Supplied comptete with •soft start· system and comfort contrOl. Storage case and 240V ac mains adaptor. Exercisesspecific areas of the boat. Cat. No. 44110146 £49.50 Toning and firming, ~elps smooth OUt bulges and tighten flabbiness while you 23. GOLDMARKINFRA·REDlAMP. relax. Low level usage eases muscle strain Helps to relieve aches and pains, and and tension. For best results use in SOOthestrained muscles. Adjustable stand conjunction with a calorie fordifferent angled serungs. Mains controned diet. With storage case. Dpe!ated. 240V ae. instructions and demonslTation video. Cat. No. 441(0380 £14.95 Mainslbanert operated. Batteries are not supplied unless Cat. No. 44019212 £94.50 otherwise stated. 17 ~


SUNBEAMBLOODPRESSUREMONtTOR. Compact dig1talmonitor !of home use. Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressuleand pulse rate. Easy 10 read LCD display. Over/undef inflation indicato~. low battery indicator and automatic: flOWI!roft fUllinstructionsincfuded. Requires 4 x AM size batteries (ordef 2 of 98011932at £1.59 pajr~ Cat. No. 440192.81 £34.50


rr;¥lgMT':f l~WgED books_to_bytes



.Multl'jXl5ition. • RWA. • 30 minute auto OJI~ safety 1imeI. • Remotecoouo1.

ShanerprooflamlnaledtlJbes. Spjingassisted height adjustment tasy gtide 0lSI0IS. L.igli1Wt!iQh~ easy 10 ~ore. Su!talJlefor upright storage.


RUVAreflector tubes give more effective tanning. All of our solaria come with safety goggles and instructions. When using a solarium always wear the safety goggles provided. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended exposure times.

• Multi-posmon.

·WA. • S~Jongwl!h5tLb!s. .80wau. • 30 mirrute auto llmer. • Reroote oonuol. • Shatterproof laminated lUbes. • Springassisted variable he~lI adjustment • Easyglide caslOlS. • Lightweight,easy to store. • Suitable fOfupright SlOtage. • FREE moisturiser. cat. No. 445ft 129


Should you have any queries regarding your solarium, please call the appropriate helpline during office hours. SUMTAN FINESSE:021-5256320. HI-TECH: 0734 268777. PHIUPS: 081-689 2166Ext8014.

S. PHILIPSFACIAl SOlARIUM. WA. 4 x II Inch Ouorescent 16wau tubes. 60 minute timer. AutOmatic switch 011. 2 taMing session (ounlelS. free standing. Compact and easy 10 store. Complete with 2 pairs of goggles and



• Mulli-position. • RUUA.

Cat. NO.441/0627 £54.50 CLAIROL FOOT SPAS. A luxury foottare

• IOOwall. • 30 m1nuleauto timer. • Remote oonvol with alllOfnalfcsWltchol1.

system that proWles a refaxlng combination of warm water and deep massage. ThermosTaticallyconllol1ed heatrng element maintains water temperature. VrbralOlYmassage I'IIth 4 switch settings includlll9 a soothing pulse vIbro action.With 5peCJal~sloped. contoured foot rests, pumice stone and

• Gasasslstedhcighladjusunenl

• Easyglide castors.


• tSultablefOfUpngh151Q1age. .1fREElannlng pack. 6FT LONGWITH 6 TUBES. cat. No. 445/1181 6 FT LONGWITH 8 TUBES. cat. No. 445/1198


6.CIAIROlFOOTSPA. cat. No. 440/9607 £39.50 7. ClAlROl FOOT SPAWITHWHIRL. Additional irMgoranng wate, whi~ leature. Cat.No. 441/0421 £44.50 8. CARMENFACIAl SAUNA.Helps to keep sftinhealthy and soft. Cleans away impuntles. RelIeVeSnasal and chest congestion. Mist and steam senings. Meastlling beaker. Universal voltage, IOO·24OV ec,


• Multi·position. ·RWA.

.IOOwan. • 20 miollle alllo timer. • Safety sIUeIdIOf protection.

Cat. No. 441/0373

• Cooling fan maintains correa lempefature lor

efflCienloperation. • Variableheiglll adjUStment • Easygllde castors.

• Ughtweigh~ easy 105lOfe. • Suitable forupright ~Ofage. • FREEtanning pack. 6FT LONGWITH 6 TUBES. Cat. No. 445/1174 6FTLONG WITH 8 TUBES. cat. No. 44511208

FREE ~ ~




9. CARMEN STEAMTHERAPY FACIAL SAUNA.for beauty and medical use. Deep deans po,es, keeps sftinhealthv and soft. Usewilh nasal inhalerfOfthe ,ene! of coughs. colds and chest ailments. 3 heal settings. Digital timerfalarm. Measu,ing jug. Drainage chameI !o,liquids.Cord storage. Automatic shut off. UnlveJsaJ voltage. lOO-240Vac. Cat.No. 440/9047 £28.50 10.MORPHYRICHAROSILLUMINATEO DOU8Lf.SIDED COSMETICMIRROR. Plain or magnified mirrors. Rotatinglamp whichoperates from mains or batteries. 5uppIfedwith 240Vac mains adaptor. Wall mountable. Foldaway STand. ManufactlJrer's 2-year guarantee. cat. No. 441/0445 £14.75





page 361 for~etails. 11. MAXlMASQUE.A unique tempe!ature controlled elewic face . mask. The maximasqtK! I'I)Oisrurises!he sldn. helplng all skin care preparafuns to penetrate deeper and WOIk more elfective~. Used lor years as an anD· wrinkle atd in ften<h beauty salons. ~ps reducefacial nnes~nd alleviate wrinkles temporarily alia use. Malns operated, 240V at. Cat. No.44110414 £29.50 12. "BURLEIGH' LEATHER MANICUIIESET.Blue zipped case with 16 assorted implements Induding nail file,dippers. scissors and olller grooming Items. Size 9Vzx 5 inch approx. Gilt bo.xed. Ca~.No. 26112544 13.FASHIONNAILSNAlLCAREAND POLISH KIT. Comprises base <oat. top <oat.ruticfe remover. ridge filler.emery boards, orangesti<ks, nail dipPm, 3 nail polishes, nail poliShremoverand cleansing lorion. With naRcare leaflet. Exdusive de$ign to Argos. Cat. No. 26113921 14. CRISTINAOFlONDON "THE

fiSSENTIAlSOF AROMATHERAPY". The na!U11l1answer to lIle pressures of modem IIle.Pack of 4 pure essential oils. 2 bottles of carrier oils and 3 bollles for miXing.Wrth leaflet which has suggesuoos and redpes lor various applkallons. Cat. No.26112568 £9.99 15


MANICUREANDSEWlNG SET.Tapesuy styIe-z1ppedcase contai(lS maniruce implementsand sewing aids. Ideal lor home and uaveffing.Length 6Y. inch approx. Cat. No. 26112795 £5.99 16. PURSESTYLEMANICUREIBRUSH SET.Contains fun~tof manicure implements plus 3 make-up brushes and a mirror. Brown rose fabri< and gilt fittings. Length6'hinch approx. Cat. No.26112245 £5.99 17. CARMENTOTAlNAILCARE SYSTEM.Shapes, filesand polishes naHs. Indudes slimbattery operated wand. Eight inte{changeable heads and nail d~r for lacquer polishes. All in a CQlT1pact portable storage case. Requires 3 x AA balteries(O(der20198011949 at £1.59 pair}. Cat. No.44019614 £14.95 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated. All ITEMS WITH THIS SYMBOL ARE SUPPLIED FIlTED WITH A PLUG

~ ~::_~ •••







1. HEART SHAPeO COSMEnC SET. Contains 1 blueand 1 black mascara. 8 6p glosses and 2 lip gloss applicalOf5, 2 nail poijshes, 1eye pencil, 24 eyeshadows,

3 blushers and blusher1lMh. a ptessed powderwith puff, 2 double ended applicators and mitTOrin 6d. Cat. No. 26113938 £14.99 2. SWIVEl COSMETIC BOX. With 4 different layers that ~ around. Contains 1 mascara, 1 eye pencil, 3 lip glosses in separate pots plus applicator. 2 nail poUshes to match fip gloss. 18 eyeshadows plus2 applicatOISand blusherbJUSh, 7 additional 6pglossesand appficator, powder cake and puff, 1 lip pencil and mirror in lid. Cat. No. 26113378 3. 'TRAY CHIC' COSMETICAND ACCESSORYORGANISER.Oeepand wide storage bins lor jaIs and bottles. Holder forlipstkks, eye pencils and applicators. With retractable canying handle. length 13inch. (Contents not inclOOed.) Cat. No. 26112537 £9.99 4


COSMEnC ORGANISER.With puU-OUI supportarms, trayfi1s across anysink. S'ae 12x7x "hinch. Cat. No. 26113581 £9.99 S.·SNUGGLER". Modemversionof the traditional hoi water bottJe-OOlno wa~ is requited. Filledwith non-toxic "Miaagel' il healS up in milllJtes in a mkroWave· stays wann lor hours. Complete with washable. quilted 100% cononcowr.Size 12'hx8x 1inch. Cat. No. 26113828 £12.49 6


SETOF THREEflORAl PRINTTOIlETRY BAGS. With walerresistam hnings.l.arge cosmetic bag. siZe 6 x8 x 5 inch. smaH cosmetic bag. siZe 5 x 7x 2 inch and cosmetic purse, size 3 x 2 inch. Cat.No. 261/3574 £5.99 7


C()'()RDlNATiNG BEDROOM ACCESSORIES.Consists of lace trimmed. elasticated waste liin cowr(fits siz!!s up to 6inchdia~x 10inch high).3sc.ented coat hangers and scented hanging bunerfly airlreshener. CBJnnotlnduded.} Cat.No. 26113684 £6.99 8. LUXURYCOSMETICCOLLEGION. Blackcase with mirror iii hd. Features 18 eyeshaclows. 3 blushers. 3 Upcolours in IJandysizedpots, face powder. concealer. mas<ara. eye pencil. lip penal. lipbrush. blusher brush and 2 double ended applicators. Cat. No. 26113354





TOTESCHILDREN'S 'TIGER' SOCKS. Fun and practical stretch knitthermal 'slippersox' with 'paw pad' treaclto aid footing. Washable. For ages 4 to 12 years. Exdusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 26113653


Argos is against testing cosmetics on animals. None of our finished cosmetic products have been tested on animals.

9. PYRAMID COSMETlC SET. (Iose~to form a PY1amld.Contains 1lipstick. 18 eyesIIadows, 4 blushers. I powdet and puff. 3 lipglosses. 1blue mascara, 1 black mascara, 1 blackeyependl. 1brown eye pendl. 2applicators. 1 blusher brush. WilhvanitymirrOi. Cat. No. 26113385 10

16. UNISEX TOWEUING BATHROBE. Wrap around style with I'M> pockets and belL 100% conon.length 46 Inch. Cat. No. 12016621 £7.99 All sizes 8reappnoxlmate.

For more socks. see pages 340.



354 and 310.


lES PARFUMS DE FRANCE.A collectlon 01 5miniature ~19ner fragrances. Gilt boxed. Cat. No. 26113608 £7.99 11. SETOf 10 FRENQI PERFUMES. A selectlon of 10miniature designer perfumes from France. Gilt boxed. Cat. No. 26111978 £9.79 12. SET OF 12 FRENCH PERfUMES. Aselection of 12 miniature designer per1umes from France. Gilt boxed. Cat. No. 26110728 £15.99 13. TOTESLADJES ·SNUGGLESOX·. Streich knit thermal' sllppersox' with spedal traction sole to aid footing. One size nlS all. Washable. Gilt bo~ed. Cat. No. 26110773 £3.49 14


TOTESlADIES "HOT UPS' SOCKS. Stretch knit thermal' sllppersox' with 'kisses' tread to aid footing. Washable. One size f~ aU. Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 261/3660 £5.99


10. PORTA PUZZLE. Jigsaw puzzle holder/calTier. Provides a rigid surface to work on and storage when on the mcwe. Non·sliplining secures pieces in place.For up to 1000pieces. Size29'/2 x 21 inch. Indudes 500 piece jigsaw. (Jigsaw will

JEWELLERYCOSMEPAIC Organise Y()ur child's hairbrushes, combs and jewellery etC: Diameter 9 inch, height 3inch. Cat No. 261/3323 £6.99 4. "PERFECTLY PRETTY" COSMEllCS. Comprises 3 ~ crayons, 4 cream eyeshadows. 4 cream blushers, 1 [Jail varnish,.2 boltles of penume, 1lipstick, 1hean shaped nqil board, 3 sponge tippe<iappijcators and 1 make-up brush.


Cat. No. 261/3835 £24.99 11. DISNEY 'MINNIE MOUSE' NIGHTDRESSCASE. Hean shaped "in bed" design. 65% polyester135%(otton quilted coverwith broderieanglaise trim. Fullystyled "Mimie" head. Size14x 14 inch. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 261/3897 £6.99 12. ORGANISERIACTMlY PACK. Featuresdiary, puzzles and games pack, colouring~Is, ruler,secretthoughlS and M'1Ckey notebook and lelephone section. Size7'hx5x "hinch. Cat. No. 26112506 £3.99

SupPlied in robUst plastic case with safety mirror. Size 11 x 8'/.inch. cat. No. 261/3914 £10.99 5. HAlRAemSORY CARRY CASE. Comprises 2 cotton hair bands with bow, 2 large and 2 small heart ponyJaii holders. 6 miniterry por¥ail holderS and a laf!je bowwith curlyrassles on a melal dip. In dearplasticcarrycase. Exclusive to

Argos. Cat. No. 261/2647 6. BARBIE HEARTSHAl'iD BEAUTY ORGANISER. (ontains 2 terlY,ponytail holders, pair of earrings, set of stick·on jeweDef)', necklace, biaceler and lipqJoss

palette. With canyhand1e. Size6 x ')x2'h Inch. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 261/3880 £5.99


13. OISN.EYMICKEY AND FRIENDS '8ENDYPEN" SET. 2 soft lalex pens which can be bent in many witf5.


Sharpener, magnetic memoholder and peodl topper complete thefamily.With a pen pot lor easy storage. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Exclusive

design to Argos. Cat. No. 385/3704


14. DI$NEY"MICKEYMOUSE" DRINKS FlASK.Attaches to a bell or waiSJb;Jndof skirt/trousers, 3D head. Bendy straw can be\lsedasawhistle.Capadty 1 fltre. Height 12indl. Exclusive offerto Argos· FREE belt clip. £3.85 Cat. No. 261/3859 15. SECRETBOOKAND 12 COLOUR PEN.Contains beaotifullydesi9ned book withpadlock and keys and giant "leddy" design pen thaI writes in 12 different moulS. FOrages 3 years and over. Exclusive design to Argos.

1111 £699



EMBROIDERYKIT. Coonted cross stiKh design. Contains AnchOrstranded cotton, Aida labrie, needle, full instructiolls and thread OIQanlser.Finisheddesign is suitable lor a mount 8 inch In okllTleter. (Frame not induded.) Forever FriendsC 1992 The Andrew Brownsword Collection. Cat. No. 261/3976 £8.99 17. CHILDRENSAPRONSET.Play apron with three clear pod{elSand side velcro lasteoing. With 'Iedctj" sha~ crayon and paint sets, mini pad and 6 sheelS of plain paper. Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 26113842

SET.Comprises backed nylon bad<pack andpenol case with matching

~walielBac~has~ straps, widelip opening and fronlpockel Sizes~backpack 17x lOx 6!12 inch, pend! case 7.3/4x2'1zx2'hlnch and wallet 5112x 3'hinch. Exclusi.veoffer to Argos· ~REEpencil case and wallet. Cat. No. 26113718 £6.99 19.FORMR FRIENDSlAMP AND WASTE BINS(T. Ceramic based bedside light height 10'11 inch andmetal waste bin, height 8'12 inch,diameter8'll ioch. FOreverFriend~ 1992 The Andr~ 8rownsword Collection. Cat. No. 261/2678



BEARS"EMBROIDERYSET, Counted cross slitch design. ComainsAnchor stranded cotton, Aida fabnc, needle, full fnstnrctionsand thread o(9aniser. Fjnisheddesig" ISsuitable for a mount S lochin diame!er.(Frame not included). Forever Friendsi'J1992 The Andrew BrownswordCollection. Cat. No. 26113024 £8.99 21. FOREVERFRIENDSSEWING BASI<ET. Hand crafted straw with paddedfabric lid. Size8it 3'/2inch. Forever Fnends~ 1992 The Andrew Brownsword CoIlecl1On, Cat.No. 26113763 £4.99 All sizes are approximate.



COUNTRYCOMPANIONS'SLEEPY TIME' NEEDLEWORKKIT.Counted cross stitchs\)'le. Con~lns 14 count Aida fablle, DMCsiranded conon, needle, chart-and east 10 follow instructions. Finiihed size 12'/2x8'l2inch. (Frame not included.) CountJyCompanions CD Gordon Fraser GaOE!l}'.

Cat.No. 261/3529



COUNTRYCOMPANIONS 'TEATIME' NEEOlEWORKKIT.Counted cross stitch style. Contains 14count Aida fabric, DMC stranded ~onon. needle. chart and easy to follow instructions. Finished size 12'hx 8'Iz inch. (Frame not included.) Counlly Companions 10 Gordon Fraser Galle'Y, Cat. No. 261/3536 £8.99




'FRIENDSHIPBEARS' NEEDlEWORKKIT. Cross stitch design printed 011 poiyeswl cortoo fabric. Contains OMCsuanded (otton, colour graph, needle and ea~ to follow instructions. Finished size,20 x 10 inch. (mme JlOt irJduded.) Cat. No. 261/1466

FOREVERFRIENDS• BABYBEAR' EMBROIDERYm, Counted cross stitch design. Contains Anchor suancied conon. Aida fabric. needle. lull fnstructjonsand tI1read organiser. Finished desijjn is sUitablei'o! a mount S inch in diameter. (frame not included.) FOrevef F~C1 1992TheAndrewBrownsword Colledion. Cat. No. 261/3976 £8.99


'TOY STORE' NEEDlEWORKKIT.Cross stitch designon poIycononfabri( v.i!h a coloured background. Includes OMC stranded cotton. needle and instructions. Finished size 14x 14 inch. (Frame not irichJded.) Cat. No. 261/1473


'ROSES ON lACE' CUSHION EMBROIDERYKIT. Features design printed on conOil fablic, backing fabric, OMCstranded (otton.lace, needle and easy to follow instructions. Finished size 14 x 14 inch plusiace. Cat. No. 261/2094 £13.99 9. ENGLISHROSESEWINGBASKET. Matches it,em no 16.Hand·made and covered with traditionai design fab!ic. Ful~ lined v.i!h satin. With interior tray, pocket and pin cushion. Carryhandle. Size 91/4 X 7lfl xS inch. (Contents not included.) Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 261/3770 £9.99 All sizes are approximate.


"BASKETBOUQUET' NEEDLEWORKKIT. Counted cross stitch design. Conlains 14 (ount, Aida fabric. DMCstranded conon. needle, chait and easy to folloW iilSlJuctions. Finished Size 11 x 14 inch. (Frame no!Included.) Cat. No. 26111909 6, FOREVERFRIENDS'SWINGING BEARS' EMBROIDERYKtT.Counted cross stitch design. ContainS Andior stranded cottOn. Aida fabric, needle. full Instructions and thread organise!. Finished design is suitable for a mountS Inch in diameter. (Frame not Included.) Forever Friendso 1992TheAndrew Brownsword Collection, Cat. No. 261(3024 £8.99

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10. DISNEY'MINNIE MOUSE" NIGHTDRESSCASE. Healtshaped 'in bed" design. 65% polyes~135% conon quilted (owr with broderie anglalse trim. Fullystyled "Minnie' head, Size 14x 14 Inch, Not suitable for children under 3 years. Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 261/3897 £6.99

11. "RODERICKRABBIT' NIGHTDRESS CASE. Cuddly rabblt with zipped compartment lor nightwear.length 15 inch, For ages 3years and over. Cat. No. 26113907 £10.99 12


BRIDEAND GROOMHEDGEHOGS, Cudd~ ~ In weddlng day dress. Height 6 inch. Cat. No. 26113646

13. 'HIPPO" HOTWAnR SOmE COVER,A plush appealing character, Complete with hotW8te1 bott!e. Size lOx 14 Inch, Exclusive to Argos. cat. No. 261/3873 14. "JESSICABEAR'. Omamental bear with floral dress, reading glasses and choir book. sitting on a Iace-tlimmed wicker chair, Height 16 inch. Notsuitable for children under 14years. Cat. No. 261/3952 15. "BERTIEBEAR'. With jointed arms and legs. Complete with special gilt box. Size 12 x 8 inch, For ages 3 years and over, Exclusive design to Argos. £4.99 Cat. No. 261/3804



ENGUSH ROSE KNlmNG NEEDLE CASE, Matches item no g, Traditional design fabriccover,Zipped, Complete with 10 pairs of sta~dard k/lirting needles, sizes

2,25,2.75,3,3.25,3.75,4,4.5, 5,5.S al)d6mm, Sire 14 x 5 inch,Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 261/3512 £9.99 17. WOODEN SEWING BOX. Concertina design. Walnut stain flnisl1with blaa lIim. Detachable legs. Size 161hx8'/~ x 18inch high. Simple self assembly. (CootelllS not il)duded.) Cat. No. 260/0628


·COUECTOR'S POIICElAJN DOLlS. Porcelain head. hands and feet with soft body. Adjustable stand induded. Not suitable for

children under 14 years.

1. PAIR Of DECORATIVECLOWNS. Hand painted ceramic faces with soft bodies. Height 8 Inch. Not suitable for children under 14 years. Exclusive design to Atgos. Cat. No. 26113093 2




head. hands and feet Withsoft bodies. Height 12inch.Ford«oIation only. cat. No. 261/3220 £19.99 3. "LUCY" .In creamcoloured dress trimmed with matchinglaceand ribbons.

Height 17 inch.· Cat. No. 26113110 4




cotton dress and white aproowith matdl,ng blue felt hat. Height 16 loot • Cat. No. 26017573 5



AlBERON OOLLS "NAOMI" .In pink sam

dress with matchingbonnel holding floral bouquet Height 12 inch.· cat. No. 261/1703 £19.99 6. MUSlCAl8ABY IN HIGHCHAIR. Porcelain head and hands with soft~. Baby doll gentlylllOYeS her head as she fallsasleep to the tune of "Srahms'

lullaby". Decorated Sinchwooden high dlalr. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Exclusive design to Argos. Cat. No. 26113794 £19.99




AlBERON DOllS "PElER THE SCHOOLBOY". In a bluevelwt SUI! with

waIStcoat and white shIJt with blue bow. MatdUng blue cap. Height 16 inch. • Cat. No. 260/9980 £19.99 8. AlBERON DOllS "Gill".


cooon dress with white angIalse pinafore and lace trimmedmob cap. Height 14 inch.· Cat. No. 261/1150 £19.99 9


AlBERON DOllS "MOllY".lnaeamand pink flower print dress with spec1acIes and straweffecthat Height 14 inch.. Cat. No. 26110687 £23.99 10 @ SUPERSTORESONL Y

AlSERON DOLlS "ADRIAN". In a!Jn7M1 and green corduroy suit and gJeen d1ect shirt with matchingcap. Height 14 inch.• cat. No. 26113244 £24.99 11 @SUPERSTORESONLY

AlBERON DOlLS "TANIA ".Inpink floral print dress. whiteapron trimmedwith pink ribbon. White straw effect hat with roses. Height 16 inch.· cat. No. 26111882 £24.99

COLLECTABLE DOLLS books_to_bytes



Al.BERONDOUS 'SOPHIE'. In lace Irimmed pink and blue fbaJ dress 1'I!1h SI1aW.Jook hat with pink rifilon bow. Heiglt 15 iI1ch." cat. No. 26113251 £25.99

AlBERON DOllS 'CHARlOTTE' .In pea<h and cream lace trimmeddress with matching hat and lace parasol. Heigllt 16

13. 'AUSQN' WIllI VIOlIN. Inwhite bIoosewith dress inblueand pink fIoweIs uinvnedwithwhite"lace and pink ribbon.


cat. No. 26112575


inch.· cat. No. 26019069



'USA". With beautiful aubum hair and

pleated darkgreen sam dress with lace trim andmatching hat. Height 18 indI." cat. No. 26113615 £39.99


AlBERONDOllS "BIANOR" .In blue corduroydress with white anglaise pinafore.~ matding bluebow around head Height15 inch.·

cat. No. 26113268



AlSERON DOLlS "FRANCESCA '.In white Silkypartydress trimmed wilh blue rosettes. HoId'mg gift wrapped present, Wearing heart shaped locket Height17 inch.· cat. No. 26113282 £39.99 22 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

AlSE80N DOllS '1<ATY'.Inpinkand grey lIoIal pMldresswith matching hair band. OOIdingflowerbasket Height 17 inch.· Cat. No. 26113622 £45.99 23 @SUPERSTORESONLY

AlBERON DOllS 'HANNAH' .In cream and burgundy IIoIaI print dress. holding a suawhat trimmed with fiowes. Height 18

inch.· Cat. No. 26113639 £49.99 24. 'DEBORAH' 81\10£IXlLL In full

lightcream dress with lace. ribbons and pink satin roses. MatChinghead piece and fullEngth tJain. Height 18 inch. * Cat. No. 26112953 £39.99 All sizes are approximate.

Al.BERONDOUS "RCM'ENA'. In blue and pink fIocaf print dress with Yoilite lace trirMled pinafore and blue'<eIour Ira!. Heqit 15 inch. " cat. No. 26112850 17. Al.BERONDOllS 'SARAH' .In darlc blueand pink &ral dresswith cotton angIaise lace pinafore and Iklwet trimmed hal With Dower basket Height 17inch. • Cat. No. 26112290



'JUlIA' BAlLERINAOQU.ln wIlitesatin

dress, lace Mil and sOOings with pink satin trim, matdling shoes and pearl SIyIe

accessOOes. Height 1S indI." Cat. No. 26113275




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• Round CUlIlp fora nannllook. • PIbstlc hinge brac:teuand roIed bact wn eods 10 eliminate sIIaIp and poinltd edges. • Branches fold QUI &om the IMk and the !Ode brandlessplNd .• EasyIO~ • StUllttgteen meLlfSlaOd • Flarnt _~t cat.. No. 269/0346 £12.99


.405gIIts • 46 ~ decor.luonslllduding gold bows, ltd bows. goIdCllnrS, assoned ~ swags.Wooden shapesand nua tinsel

• WiIhSWld.


cat No. 269/0126



OUTSTANDING books_to_bytes

• 28 as.sot1edde<oIatlolls irlcWng bows. wooden shapts. memor,baHs. wooden siicks. gold lace swirls. '-Sng and lameaa tinsel. Cat. No. 269/0133 £9.99




6 FEETNAKED SCANDINAVIAN FIRTREE. - Popular 'naMal" greefluee.

- luxuriousappearana.

• Melalslilnd. cat. No. 269/0353






IrxhapPl0x.~mayvarylrom Illustrated.One rollsupplied.




cat. No. 2



GIANTROll OF QUAUlY CHRISTMAS WRAJ'1'ING PAPER. Size 30 leetx 27'h Inch approx. Design m~vary from those Illustrated. One roll supplied. £1.49 Cat. No. 269/0391 3



AlL·IN..()NE 5FT "Uff UKE" DECORATED CHRISlMASTREE. -Withstand. - 201ghts. - 39aSsor1eddecofaUlns=bows.9dd

~:~t«ArrK!rrafbals. 269/0360

cal. No. 9



PACKOF 12LUXURYCRACKERS.'Mth VI(lQrianSan., mouI. Each containing a puzzle 01 game togMhoursof ~ to the whole family. Length 12l1lCh each.

(Contents may vary.)Notsuitable for children under 3 years. t Cat. No. 269/0418 £5.99 10 ~SUPERSTORESONlY

LUXURY CRACKER PACt 6 h9l quality crackefs With supenOf quality Ii&lgs (contents mayvary).leng1hofCJad(er 12 inch approx. Not suitable for children under 3 years. t Cat. No. 269/0425 £7.99



CRACKER PARTY PAct ContalflS 8 crackers5lze10mch.12S11e~, 4 trumpets. 8 partypoppers, 4 blOWOUts al)d 8 balloons. (Contents mayvary.) Not suitable for children under 3 years. t

Cat. No. 269/0401



PlKO 80 ELECTRONICMUSICAl. UGHTS. PI¥ 21 CIvISlmaS carols With 4 visual effects: allampsOll roosic allvgMow YOkJme WIth IWinIdr1g lights. Of lWIOkIing iIjlts v,;!h no muSIC. Safe kJ,y voltage. sutabIe for indoor/outdoor use. Supplied WI1hr:NeI8 metres 01 cable. cat. No. 269/0195 £29.99 19 ~SUPERSTORESONlY

SANTA'S MARCHING BAND. Conlains a big bass ciun and 6 cifferent IfIUSIOanS v.tIo tum andSI1iKe 12 UllCJuetjruned bmsbeIs 10play 35 CIvlsanas carols II 4-jIartharmony. Herghlof flgUles 4 inch

cat. No. 26910456 20 ~



MOVING MUSKAL SANTA.As hewaves lis cande. Santa f11(M!SWith !hemusic which can be turned off 01on as reqund. Requues 1x LR14 banery(order 1of 98011451 al£2..49pa11).HeghI12inch


vary.)NOlsuitable for children under 3years.t Cat. No. 269/0267 £3.99

CONES. • Oens.ebranches Wlch flltfd nabJl1i 11ft CDn!S. - Metal stand. £45.99 Cat. No. 269/0377


widevariety01humorousandtradinonal designs. Cat. No. 269/0119 £2.49 BOX Of 12 CHRISTMAS CRACKERS. Each contains hal. novelty.mono and snap. Length121nch approx.(Contents may








lWinktingassorted colours which produce an allTaCtivelWinI:Iing effect. Dresses uees up to 6 feel Exdusive to Argos. Cat. No. 269/0315 £10.99 13 ~SUPERSTORESONlY


cat. No. 269/0432


Pleasenote that items 1·20 are excluded from the 16-0ay Money Back Guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights.

10 MUSICAL MERRY BEllS. Extra kJ,y voltage sel of '0 musical beIs v.;th lights inside the bell ~ a seleaicJloI Chnsunas Carols inharmony. 'Mth

volume conuol Cat. No. 269/032.2






11 1£6950 I

1. AAtNSTANTMEMBEflSHIPPACKWITH RElAY.The qlJidceslway IOfoInlhewoMs iealingmOloringorganisalion. Purchase Ihe packand you Inslanltfli«ome a member of IheMlndudes InlerimMembership Certiflcale. Member'sHa~ Ikence OISCholder and official Regfsl(alJOnForm. A stJpefb and original gill. Plusa FREEfS Argos GlftVouchef. Cat. No. 75014736 £69.50 2. SETOFFOUR 13 INCH WHEEl TRIMS. Hlghqualilyfinilh. Unlve~ltofitmoSl13 Inchwheels. Che<kwheel size on lyre wall before purchase. Helpline· Tel: 0509 814445. Cat. No. 740n682


HALOGEN SPOTliGHT.Many times blighter than carheadlfghts. Approx lJ. miliioncandfe power enables InlenslVe beam 10penetrate up 10 'I!a mile;may. Handle unscreM 10reveal attached tripod fOlhands rreeoperation. Ope!atesrrom carcigarene lighter socket.With 20 feet approx of cable. Cat. No. 740(7503 £14.99 4. MElWAY HAND-HELD INSPECTION lAMP.Williguard. reflector, claw grip andapprox 16feetolcable. All rubber unbreakable handle. 240V ac, Conforms 10854533. 60 wan btIlb not supplied. Cat. No. 75010383 £7.99 S. TEKNIXCARPETCAR MATS. Set 014. Charcoal Heao.y duty ribbed with non·sJ1p backing and reinlorced drivel's heel pad. UnivelSaito fit most cars. P~e 100% polyplopylene. Cat. No. 740(3497 . £4.99 6.TEKNIX RUBBER CAR MATS. Sel 014 heavy duty mats. UnlvelSaJ shape.Anti· slip backil19.ReinfOlced drive( s heel pad. Cat. No. 74014135 £6.99 7. TEKNIXSTARUGHTLUXURY VELOUR CAR MAT SET. Selof4. Tultedvelour carpetwfth sta~lghtdesign. Durable rubber backing. Trimmed"borders and driver's heelpad with contrasting red mm. Pile content 100% polyamide. Cat. No.740n668 £12.99 8. RICHMOND LUXURYCARMAT SET. Heavy duty set of 4 rubber mats with inlaid carpe~ Non·slip backing and reinlolced driver's heelarea. Unive~1 shape 10fn most cars. Cat No. 74017424 £16.99 9. RICHMOND REAR SEAT DOG COVER. Durable.tear resistant PVC wiih elasticated borderlOl uniYersallining. Protects rear seat from mud and dirt. Easilydeanedby sponging or washing. Ca1.No. 74017613 £7.99

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7401 7383

Frt-flite "Atlanta" Front Seat CoYe<s With Separate Headrest Covets. Malching Rear SeatCoWrs available fTOm





100% polyester




Exclusive 10

£14.99 Centre:7O%aayIic

:3O%OIhe< Iibtes

SurroI.WId:100% polyester





Iibtes SUrround:100% polyester

7401 7338 toAigos.

SCS 'Champagne" with Separate Headrest GoYeIs. SpIll Rear Seat Cover Option - see footnote. Helpline no 0716074481


Centre:60% ao:ry!lc 4O%oIher Iibtes

Sur-roood:100% polyester


Rt-Rile "-ladelra" Cal.No.

7401 7194

10. PADOYHOPKIRKUNIVERSAlOOGICARGOGUARO. Fits most estate and hatchba<:k cars without use of tools. HighqualityS1ee1,pretreated lorrustpre\ll!l1lion.~er finish. Saleguards driver, passenger and dogs. Cat. No. 740/6858 £16.99 11. ~KNIX BEADSEATCOVER.HlIldredsoi poI5hed wooden beads give a gende massaging action and allow continuousorculation of air for comfortabledrMng allyear round. Simple univelsal fitting. Size 17 x 54 indl approx. Cat. No. 740/7369 £5.99 12. ~KNlX MASSAGECUSHION.Suitatilefor use in the car or on any seatJchair. Cushion has a carefuflydesigned ball pattern to provide a gentle massage and helpease tension and stress, Simpleuni\lmal fitting. Cover 100% polyester. Cat. No. 740/7455 £9.99 13. RT-R{TE WXURY TRAVEL RUG. fuUywashabie. Size 67 x 51 inch approxinduding fringe.80%aayIic and 20% other fibres. Cat. No. 740/6951 £4.99 Forany queries regarding the sunabilityof a seat cover, ring the helpline number listed next to product during normal office hours. Split rear seat covers may be obtained by purchasing the relevant set andsending the endosed form and rear seat cover (with a small charge) to the manufacturer.

~rs. Split Rear Seat Cover Option - see

Iootnote. Helpline no 0926831161. Exclusive design to Argos.

Frt-Rile "Majorca' with Separate Cal.No. 7401 7651

Headrest CoveIs. Split Rear Seat Cover Option - see footnote.

Helplineno 0926 831161. Ext:tusNe design to Argos.

pytSurround:100% polyester


Main Panel:100% polypn> pyIene Trim:100%


"Spa Roy with Separate Headrest

Covers.. SpIlt Rear Seat Cover Option

-see footnote. =meno 814445.

100% poIypm-


Brad:: Cal.No. 74{)/ 7431


l00%nyton Baddng:67'lf> poIyestetl 33%coUon Surround:100% polyester

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SEATS Over9,OOO dlildrenare lcilledor •

Injured In car

accidents l!!tIefY year. Itis now law that all children and adults mustbe correctly $!rapped into rear seats of CaJS where appropriate restralnlS are fitted. For further information regarding our range of car safety seats, please see pages 52()"S2t.

1. SECURON STATICADULTREAR SEAT 8EL1 lap and dia.90nal static seat belt complete with fittln~ for most cars. Adjusts to suit individual weater. Suitable fOl use with dlWd seats and boosters. ECE

approved. Cat, No. 740/7077

£15.99 2. SAfEFfT SEAT 8ELTADJUSTER. Ideal

for chOdren aged 4 years upwards (approx)· whO are too big fur child seats and too small for seat !>efts.Adjusts shoulder bellS so it doesnotrub against child's face or neck. Suitable for most types of lap and shoulder belts. Fitted and rerTlO'll!d in seconds. ReversJl* for left or right hand use. Well padded, with a Wipe dean surface. Cat. No. 740/7675 £8.99 3,MMLSUPERHIGHPOWER 12vCAR VACUUM CLEANER. Operates from car dgarene righter SOcket.Powerful 95 wan motor. Complete with crevice tool, brush attachment and IS feet applox of cable. Cat. No. 750/4808 £9,99 4. 8LA~I<& DECKER 12VSUPERCAR VACUUM CLEANER. Operal5 from dgarene l'9hter sockt~Lock orJoff switch for easyconttolled used. Cord storage fadlity. 0ve!1oad protection to j)(MIlt overheating and damage to urut. Complete with cr~ce iQoI, upholstery brush, dust brush, extra filter bag and 16 feet approx of cable. Cat. No. 750/3146 £19.75 5. HllKACARWASH SET.COIT¢5eSCiII care brush with extension handle, $pray gun, 10shamPOOSlids, 3 hose and lap connectors, aluminium exmosion pece. wax atomi5el, 10 wax sticks and a jet


Clit. No. 750/4815 £12.99 6. MASTER MECANIC 2 TON TROLLEY JACK. Heavy duty all SteelcoosUUOJon. Uhlng range from 5·1 51/.inch approx. Weight 361b apptox. Cat. No. 750/4530 £26.99 7. MASTER MECANIC I.S TON TROLlEY JACK. Heavy duty aUSteel constrUction. Uf1ing rangeS·I) inchapprox. Weight 221bapptox .. Cat. No. 750/2903 £21.99 8. WATERPROOF COVER. Tear·resistant and mildew·proof, this cover has a multitude of uses including coveflng rool racks, boats, cars. trailers, paddling pools, garden furniture and barbecues. Can also be used as a pi<r1k groundsheet in summer. WfIh reinfOlced ed9es and grommet holes Mry fOOLS,ze 7'/1 x 9'h feet approx. Cat. No. 74017644 £4.75


9. QU8E CAR COVER. Made of durable heavy duty polythene. COIIefScar completely for ma)llI11umptotec1lOn aga!Ostla,n, frost and snow. Fully adjUSlabie to fit most models. Size 18 x 12 feel approx. Cat. No. 740/2986 £9.79 10. RICHMOND MOTOR CYCLEI SCOOTERCOVER. Madefrornstrong pvc. Shaped 10 fit most mow cycles anc! scooters up to 500cc SiZeapprox. Cat. No. 740/7620 £4.99 11. QU8E CAR CAP. Ensures that screen and windows are free from frost and snow e«, fully adjustable to fit most models. Made 01heavy duty polythene. Size 9 x 8 feet approx. Cat. No. 740/2515 £3.49 12. 8U5Y80DY31N 1 CAR ClEANING TOOL Operates from Vl!hide cigarette lighter socket. QuiCk and ea~way to maintain a clean and shiny Vl!hide. Twin interdlangeable heads foi waxing, buffing/polishing and scrubbing. 17 feet approx 01cable. Cat. No. 750/4846 £14.99


13. RICHMOND METAl FOOTPUMP. Robust design, pressure gauge. Thumb lode lever valve connector for car and motOr (}'de lyres. Plus adaptors for biC)'de lyres and oiller inflatable items. Cat. No. 750/4592 £8.99 14. RICHMOND HiGH PERFORMANCE lWIN CYLINDER METAlFOOTPUMP. Robust design. pressere gauge. Thumb lock lever valve connector fOl car and motor cycle lyres. Plus adapto~ for bicyc~ lyresand other inflatable items, Cat. No. 750/4602 £13.99 15. HIlJ(A 31N 1MINI 12 VOLT AIR COMPRESSOR. Plugs dfrectly into vehide Cigarette lightel socket. Complete with 12 foot cord. 30 inch air hose with snap-on lyre valve connector, 2110zzIe adaptors. needle adaptOl, emergency fight, amber flash and lyre pressure gauge. Cat. No. 750/4822 £14.99 16. BUSYBODY 3·IN·l AIR COMPRESSOR I(IT.Operates Irom car cigarette lighter socket. Incorporates 12V Inflator with continuous reading pressUJe gauge. Bright worldlghtlhazard beacon operates on 10 feet approx lead. Adaptor supplied lor other Inftatables. Buill Inside carryill9 case with reHectOl on lid. Cat. No. 750/4619 £19.99 17. BUSYBODY CASECOMPRESSOR. Operates from cigarett.e lighter socket 01 battery terminals usiog spedal adaptor provided. Incorporates powerfuf 12V Innator and continuous readlog plessure gauge. Bright worfdightlhazard beacon detaches lor use on 12feel approx lead. Bullt Inside carrying case with rel1ectoron lid. Supplied with adaptors for Innatables. cat. No, 750/4695 £26.99 18. GUNSON'S 5 AMP BATTERY CHARGER. FOI12V batteries. Fast and normal charge rate, Automatic thermal cuto()lJt with IuDshort cll(uit and reve~ polarity protection. CompQes with Eleancal Equipment (Safety) Regulatlons and BS34S~, Cat. No. 750/0462 £9.99 19. GUNSON'S AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER. For 12V batteries. Alitornatically ful~ chatges with no danger 01 overcharging. Batteries may be left permanently connected. SUitable for • maioWlance (ree· and sealed car batteries. fncludesthermafcut-outand full short drcultlr~ polarity protection. Ideal lor camping, boating. wheelchairs etc. Conforms to EleculCill Equipmeflt (Safe!)') Regulations and 853456. Cat. No. 750/0479 £19.99 20. BRAoEX 8 AMP BATTERY CHARGER. Powerfuf charget offering two charge rates onhlgh8amp RMSandlow 4 amp RMS. Suitable lor use on fN and 12V batteries. Features include bullt·in carrying handle plus unique cable tidy and plug storage point With fitted plug. Cat. No. 750/4750 £14.99 21. KINGAVON MUm·FUNCTlON RECHARGEABLE PORTABLE t 2V POWER STAnON. 6.S amp hour instam engine sllIrterfor flat batteries Qump leads not suppPed), May be recharged from mains or carwh~ driving. Also powers 12V operated Plodu<ts lor motoring, camping, boating and DIY, Can also be used to ulcklecharge both 12V and Ni-cad batteries (check battery InstJuCtions). Manufacturer's Helpline: 0473219131. cat. No. 750/4626 £31.99



DUTY STARTER/CHARGER. For boostiog a vehlcle'sbatterywhen it Is 100flal to start the engine. With fast battery charging at 15 amp RMS and boost charging at 26 amp RMS. Ove~oadprotection. Con,orms

to Electrical equipment (Salety) Regulatlons and BS3456. cat. No. 750/4839 £38.99 23. RlCHMOND MICROMmR TORQUE WRENCH. 'II inch square drive with ¥e Inch square drive adaptor. Complete with 5 inch extensi(J(l bar and tOll9h storage. case. Operatlngrange 10lblli 10 1SOIbift (1.4m1kg to 20. 75ni.1cg). Cat. No. 700/B775 £19.99 24. TEKNIXAU PURPOSEMOTORISrS KIT. Comprising 2 we\Vdrivers. '/. inch drive spinner handle, 911. inch drive sockets, 3 spanllefs, adjuslllb~ pliers, 624~h t~teranddlp, assoned,uses, tyre pr~sure gauge, anti· freeze tester, peltol syphon pump, booster cabl~, plastic groundsheet, pair of gloves. 12V magnetic inspection lamp, s~ plug tool, feeler gauge and insulation tape. All In a lough CClrtylng case. Cat. No. 150/3160

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Smoke detectors provide an early warning system setting off an alarm loud enOuQhto waken the family. Smoke fumes are the major causes of death inhouse flres with mostfataJities occurringat night· once a fire starts you could have as little as 3minutes to escape. All Argos smoke detectors comply with the British Standards B55446 Part 1and canythe -Kite Marte-. Smoke detectors are endorsed by the Fire Authorities. Complete With all instructions, fixings and batteries necessary for use. For any queries about your smoke detector ring the appropriate Helpline during office hours. Black & Decker: 0753 s00779 Dieon: 024225166.1 1. OICONMICRO300SMOKEAlARM. loud 85dOObelhom. low battery Indicator, large dished test button and full circuilly testing. With banery, fixings and siting instructlons. CaL No. 700/9592 £3.75 2. BLACK& DECKERCOMPACTSMOKE OrnCTOR.lOUd 85 dOObelhom. low battery Indkator.lEO power indicator and testbunon. With battery. fltlingsand siting Instructions. Cat. No. 700/9413 £6.75 3. OICON350 SMOKEDETECTORWITH ESCAPELIGHT.Loud 85 dedbel hom. low banelYindicatOf. LED(lOWellndicator. test bunon and light which rums on when alarm is activated. With banefies. fIXings and siting instructfons. C"t.No.70019073 £9.99 4. ·CARlOK·IMMOBlllSER. Provides instant vehide soorri))' and protection. It adjusts to fit most velildes with acenllal handbrake andis suitable fOlmanual and autOlnatic cars, For vehldes with removable gear knobs. a securing collar is provided which lodes onto the gear levet. With 2 keys and window decals. Cat. No. 7400565 £14.99 5. SPARKRITESR77CARALARM.Highly effective radio (ontrol car alarm. Protects by electronic sensing and sounds an ear pierdng 128 decibel siren against unauthorised enllY. AdIustable sensing feaMe. Oll approved. ~ernote(ontrol panic alen facilityfor JleIsonal plotection. Simple installation • on~ 2wires to connect direct to banelY ~mlnals On most cars. Exdusiveto Argos. Helpline: 0429867720. Accessories available via mall Older, see panel. Cat. No. 740(7572 £39.00 6. UNWOOO 'WASP' INSTANTfiT CAR AlARM. locks onto steering wheel to provide Inslant protection. flashln~ lEO. Interfefence with vehicle trig~~ high pitched 116 dedbel siren wllKIl makes it painful to stay inside thevehicle. Adjustable sensitivity and variable entry delay. Uses8 x lR6 banefies which give 6 months use approx (not supplied. order 4 of 98011444 at £ 1.39 pair). Cat. No. 7400417 £26.75 7.KROOKLOKANn· THEfTDEVICE. Made from steel for toughness and durability with a high soorrity lock and nuorescenl hcoks for visibility. Cat. No. 740/230.2 £7.79 8. STEERINGWHEELLOCK.Hjg)l~visual devicecan be installed inseconOs. Deters thieves by making driving virtually impossible. HiQhsecurity lock. Tough hardenedSteeT. With virlyl coating 10 prOtect interior fit1lngs. Cat. No. 74011486 £14.99 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.






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light Provides peoonal protection with a pank alarm. Motion detector alarm senses mowmem and detelS Inll\JdelS, suhaijle to be hung on a door handle. 95 decibel siren. Uses 2 x lR6 batteries and 1 x 6LR61 battery (order 1of 9801' 444 at £ 1.39pair and 1of 98010971 at £245 each). Cat. No. 98212540 £8.99 1 O. SElMARSYSTEMPLUSCARALARM WITH AmNG. DTiapPlCYed radio remote alann features: voltage sensing. shock sensing. built·in siren. Slaner irilrnobifi5ation. flashing hazard$. flashing lEO. boot and bonnet protection and 2 transmitters. With voucher and homefrt freephone number to a~n~ professional Installation. The frtting !eMce Isavailable during offke hours. Monday to Fridayand can be arranged at the horne orwo~ place. Cat. No. 740nS96 £129.99 11. HOMESECURITYSYSTEM.EaSily installed. Contains mufti-zone fully plOgrammabie touch sensitivecontrol panel. back,ur lri<k1echar9ed battery. bell box with t 5decibel siren. self actuating bell module with fitted anU· tamper switch. 21mernal passive mIra red detectors and 2 pairs of magnetic contacts. With 100clips, SOInof6core cable, fIXingscrews, waUplugs and comprehensive inslJ\lCtlons,with helpllne. Cat. No. 701/0842 £114.99 12. MICROMARKCOMPLETEHOME SECURITYSYSTEM.Ea~ to install. poWered bv standard plug in adaptOf (supplled). Wrth Pl99rammable keypad comrol with panic bOtton. back'up baller(.lntemal 9Sdeobel siren and external bell box with 110 decibel siren. 2 intemal passive infra red detectors and 3 pairs of magnetic contaCl5. Siren autornaticaTlycuts off and reselSafier a fixed time (selectable). EOIlY/exittimer. With 30rn cable. dips. fIXingscrews. walt plugs and comprehensive InslnKtions and telephone helpllne. Cat. No. 70111030 £69.99 13. MICROMARKREMOTECONTROL BAlTERY/MAINSCOMPAa INTRUDER AlARM. Senses human movement 9S dedbel siren. Sounds for I minute before automatically resettln9. Activated by remote (ontrol the unrt gives a 30 second delay to leave the room and ISseconds for disqrming on rHl1tlY.lEO low battery Indicator. Ideal for shedor caravan. With mains adaptOf. 5m cable. remote control unit. wall blacketand screws. Uses 3 ~lR6 batteries (otder 2 of 98011444 at £1.39 pair). Cat. No. 70111023 £19.99 14. REMOTECONTROLHOME SECURITYSYSTEMWITHCORDLESS DETEaORS BYMOSSSECURITY. Comprises control (enlle. 2 passive infrared movement detectors, cordless doorl Window detector. remote control with batteries and panicbunon. 110decibel e)(temal silen and 12V power adaplOf. 30m of cable forconnecting extemal siren. 50 cable cHps.spare fuses. wall plugs. screws and fOOnq templates. The Intrusion detectors anaremote control are Unkedto the control centIe by the latest radio frequency technolqgy requiring no wiring. Control centre allOWsspe<ifiC areas to be protectedand incorporates 'panic" buttons. status incflClltors and an internal alann sounder. Facilityto Install a rechargeable back·up batter( (op!lona~. Remote control allows the user to control the system around the home. With comprehensive InstructiOns and Moss Securityhelpline. cat. No. 70111047

ARGOS MAIL ORDER We offer a mall order service for hom.. security systems and Sparkrlte car alarm accessories. Call 061·927 7298 (24 hours) for credit card orders or pick up a leaflet from your local Argos store.


Recent Govemment statistics show that recorded crime is rising at the rate of half a million crimes a year while actual crime may be four times greater than the number of recorded crimes. Launched in 1988 and totally supported by a charitable trust. Crimestoppers provides a system for anyone to heJp stamp out crime IN TOTAL ANONYMITY. The0800 555111 FREEPHON.E telephone numl:\er is a national number; you don't have to give your name and cash rewards are payable. As a result of Crime5toppers. 150 arrests and £1/. milion stolen goods are recovered f!Ntfy month.


1. 12 P1ECE METRIC SPANNER SET. Chrome vanadium.steel in Individual pouched wallet Sizes6·14. 17. 19 and

22mm. Cat. No. 701/1092 2. HILKA10 PtECEWRENCH,~ut·" ...r'l.I.oo GRIPSET.Comprises 6, 8 and adjustable wrenches. 5, 7 and 10i~ locking grip wrenches and combination, long nose, diagonal cuning and 10 inch water pump plie!s. Cat. No. 70110763 3. HIL~24 PIECESPANNERSET. Chrome va.nadium.s<eeIin indMdual~ pouchedwaUet 12 M,sizes 1f~to 1 inch and 12 metric. sizes 7-Umm. Cat. No. 700/6519 £19.99 4. RJCHMOND41PIECEAF/METRIC COMBINEDSET. '/4 and lis inch square drive. 34 sOckets, 7 accessories and case. Cat. No. 70110220 £7.49 5. STANlEYSOPIECEM ANDMETRIC COMBINEDSOCKETSET.40 '/. and)/3 Inch standard length sockets in high grade vanadium alloysteel. 3 deep drive sockets, 2 flipdrive ratchet handles, 2 extension bars, 2 spark plug sockets and a spinner handle. Contained In a tough nylon zip case. Cat. No. 70110598 £29.99 6. HILKA110 PIECETOOt KIT.Comprises 10 piece lh inchsquare drivesocket set, melljcsizes 10-22mm. 59 piece l/aand '/. inch square drivesocket and I0OI set. 6 AF and 6 melriC~penend spanilefs, 6 AFand 6 metric combination spanners, 5 assorted S(Jewdrivers. 8 metric AUenkey$, combination and mlilti-grip pliers, metric feeler gauges and four row wire brush. All in a 5 lIay cantliever tool box. Cat. No. 70110536 £34.99 7. RJCHMOND34PIECETOOLSET.16 piece inch and Va inch square drive sOcketset with ratdlet handle. spark plug socket. extension bar, spinner and adaptor. 6piece melrie comblnaOOt:' spanner Set 8-17mm, 3 M S(Jewdrivers. combinatiOll plie!s. multi-grip wrench. wire blUsh and feeler gauge. With case. Cat. No. 70110196 £14.99


8. DRAPER135 PIECE TOOLKIT. Comprises 15 piece lh inchsquare drive mellk socket se~41 piece magnetic handle screwdrfver and socj(et set 6 AF and 6 metriC (ombirlation spanners,S M and 5metric open end spanners. 8 ignition spanners, combination pijers. multi-grip pliers. ball pein hammer. 10M and 10 metric hex key$,imperial and metric feeler gauge$. junior hacksaw. wire blush. plug wrench and brush. 12Vdrcuit tester, 13piece HSSdrillset and 6 piece S(Jewdriverset.lna Stray tool box. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 70110488 9


STANlEY66 .PIECEAF ANDMETRIC COMBINEDSOCKETSET. 491/" lfs and 'Iz Inchstandard length sockets in high gIade vanadium alfoy steel. Wilh 5 x 1/, inchand 6x l/Sinch deep drive sockets. 3 Hip drive ratchet handles. 2 extension bars and a spark plug socket With case. Cat. No. 70110244 £39.99 10. RICHMONDSDPIECECHROME VANADIUMSOCKETAND BITSET. II metric ". inch drive sockets and 7 accessories, 13 mellic '/2 inch drive sockets and 6 accessories plus sae« bits and hex keys. Wilhcase. Cat.No. 701/0237


11. RICHMOND 91 PIECHOOl KIT. Portable moulded 1001cabinet with twin doors. Also ideal to! hanging on garage{ workshopwaJl. Conta!m 183/,inch drive sockets· with 6 accessories. 13 'I. inch 16 drNe sockets· with 5 acr~ assone<! screwbits plus adaptOf.l scr~. 6Pf and 6 metric combination spanne!S. adjustable wrench, combination pliers. long nose pliers. water pump pliers. universal gjps. oimping tool, ball pein f1.muner. haildy haclcsaw. feeler gauge, ignition file, melal battery brush. lyre gauge, 6·12 volt circuit tester and teste! dip and 2 elecuital tapes. Plusassonment of screws nails • and terminals. Cat. No. 701/0983 £69.99 12. 72 PIECEPi/MElRlC SOCKEl SET. Comprises 19 'I.inch drive sockEtS M 3116·'llinch. 4·12mm. 161/ainchdrive socketsAF 3fa.l/. inch. 9-19mm. 7 deep drive lisinch sockets. With ratdlelhandle and accessories. All i~a tough case. cat. No. 701/0873 £14.99

13. DRAPER80 PIECEAF/METRK SOCKEl AND BIT SEl.ln chrome vanadium steel. Accessories in tempeled ~ steel. Comprising 'I. inchsquare dnve.ratchet. universal joint. 6 irdl extension bar, T-baf headldriole<OOVe!IOI 9mellicsockets,8AFsockelS,lJaildi ' square drrve ratdle~ universal joint. 8 inch


bar, T·bar headldrive convertor, 8 metJicsockets, 5 Pi sockets, 5 metric and 3 AF deep sockets, 'Iz inch square drive ratchet, 10inchextensiln bar T·bar head/drive COIM!nor,7 metric sock~. 7 Pi sockets. Bitholder, 3 plain sIot,l cross sIo~2 pozj and 3 hex bits. 6 Draper

lX·star bits.and case. Cat. No. 701/0794 £49.99 14. RICHMOND MICROMETERTORQUE WRENCH.'hinch square drive with lis inch square drive adaptor. Complete with 5 inch extension bar and tough storage case. Operabng range 100b1ftto 1501b1ft (l.4mJkg to 20.75m1kg). Cat. No. 700/8775 £19.99 15. RICHMOND BRIEFCASE1OOl1(Jl AND ACCESSORIES.A host of tools to! the hQIne,~arage and workshop. tOOudes a 39 piece socket set 12 combination s~. 14 hex key vwenches. 10

screwdrivers, 7 nut drivers, knife. 6 p!eCisionscrewdrivelS,lllftmeasuring tape. 7 ioch universalgop, 8 fnch Clilnping IO?I,6 Inch long nose and diagonal pliers. 9 mchwater pump pfie,'S, 8 inch adjustable wrench. mini hacksaw,80z daw hammer. 250 assoned accessories. Housed ina sman attache case. Cat. No. 701/0354 £69.99 16. RICHMOND 53 PIECEroot KIT. Comprises 9 1/. inchdrive sockets 410mm, 831s inch drive sockets lD-22mm, 'I.x 1/8 inchadaptor, 1/8 x 6 inch extension bar, ratchet handle, 16and 21mmspar1c. plug sockets, magneoc screwdriver, water pump pliers, tape,8 hex keys. 12 screw bits. a 6·12V tester. 6 inch combination pliers and 6 combination spanners 8· 17mm. Housed ina SlO!agecase. Cat.No. 701/0710 £19.99


SCREWDRIVER SET.CornpatiliewithtOlX fixingsOONfitted on IIlO5Iroodem 'lehides. CompisessiZes T6, T7.18, 19.

no, ns, 120. rzs,T27. T30andT40. Cat. No. 701/0701 19



TEKNIX 35PIECECOMBINATION TOOl SET.Comprises 8 inch and 5 Ihinch drive sockets. 1ratchets with ruIlbef ~ 5 piece combination spannerset 3 screwdrivers, 2 pfieIs, extensIOn bat. 4 pieceAllen key set sp;n plug socket wire brush.leeIer gauge. insuIatiIg tape and pack of assorted saews. Contained in a tough canyingIstoragecase. (at. No. 70018469 £19.99




TEKNIX 52 PIECESOCKEl ANilCHROMt VANADIUM BIT SET. Contains 22 inch drive sockets. 27 assoned saewdriYer bits, adaptor and attachmenl fOfuse with pclINef tools. With ratchet and case. Cat. No. 701/0433 £9.99 21


RICHMOND MElRINCH SPANNERSET. Spamers grip the Hats of a nut not the comers, turniog ~oIdones easily. The same spamerfits memc and ss nuts plus IIlO5IWN and BSf. This 7 piece set equates to a 22 piece uaciOOnaI set Fits 1D-19mm, 3fs.¥. inch AF; If,&-lJa inchWW. '/•.1/l6inch8SF.~ vanadium Sleei. £16.99 Cat. No. 7001B768 22. RlCHMQND41 PIKE COMBINAl1ON TOOl AND SOCKETSEl. Comprises 13 piece 'hinch drive chrome vanadium sodetset Ratchet handle, sliding l-handle, 2 ext~ bars, u~rsal joint. 21mm spark piug soctet. CI1II1pIlg tool. bag of teminals. hammer, 6 piece hex key tool. banerytermilal

brush. muhi-9riPwrench. adjustable wrench. 8 piece combinalionwrench sel 5 sa~ fee1ergauge. 6-11V tes!er ancltester dip. Wnh case.

Cat. No. 701/0206 23



RICHMOND METRlNCH SOCKETAND SPANNERSET.Chrome vanadi\m Slee. Socketfspanners grip Oats 01 the AA not the comers. turning rounded-<ll! old rw easily. The same spanner 01 socket WInS both mEtflC andPi rw. and IIlO5IWN and 8Sf also. T1is 50 piece set I!q!IateS 10 a 126 piecetraditional set Incbles 'h inchdrive~ If.inch drive~ in standanl andJong length. 'I.inch dnYe

sockets and 17 comIination spanners. Cat. No. 70019884 £99.99 24



COMBINAnoN 1001. AND SOCJCETSET. Contains 28 'hioch drive· comprising 7 ss 'h.1inch. 13 metnc 10· 22mm. 8 imperiaI1/Jr¥t Ilchwith 6 accessories. With45lf.mchdrivesocket:s comprising 9 AFSln"1z lOCh. 9 memc 4·1Omm. lISA ().10. 8 metric deep socI:et4·11mm. 8Af deepsocket:slf,.·Y, inchand 7 acc.essories. CoolpIelewidl 7 assoned saewdiM!r bits. 6 hexbits. 2 ratchets, 10 cornbinationspamers and

moulded SlO!ageIcarryingcase. Cat. No. 70110615



1. HILKA TOOl BELT. Leather tool belt with 10podtetsfor tools. riansaild accessories. CUp for measuring tape. Fits waist30-46 inch. Cat. No. 700/8225 £9.9 9 2. NOVUSJI6STAPlER·NAlLER. For use with both flat and round wire staples, 6-14mm and 16mm nails. Features mu ltistrike CKtion to ellSlJll! full penetration 0f sta~e\len inoo hardwood. With 200 IOmmstapiesand 150 16mmnails. £14.9 9 Cat. No. 700/9219 3. DRAPER COMBINED PlANE SET. CoosislSof a6'/. inch block plaoewith I'llinch blade width and a 9,/. inch smoothing plane with Ill.inch blade width. Carbon steel blades. Cat. No. 70019121


4. 44 PIECEGENERALPURPOSETOOL t:1T.Comprises 21 piece lfaand 1/.inch dIM! metric socket set in case, 1()'(v combination MM spannelS. 7-01 screwdrivel>, measuring tape, snap off trimming kniie, combination pliers, long nose pliers and junior hacksaw.A11 supplied Vvith an 18 inch canvas tool hag Cat. No. 70110976 £19.9 9 5


TEKNtX 28 PIECEHOBBYISTSKIT. Comprises 18 <molted blades. 3 knWes, 4 wood carving blades, 5 inch saw, sand'mg blockand 5'h Inch mitre box. Complete with moulded storage case. ;Cat.No.70019750 £9.99 6. RAPlTEST DIGITAl.MUtnMETER.ldeaJ

fOIhome, \'IOI1(shop or laboratory use. Features 'hinchLCD readout. 30 position r~functionlrange selector, polarity selecnon and over range indiG;tion. Diode,audible continuity and transistor (MFE)test, 10amp facility. ~asures ACI DC volts, ACIDC current and resistance. With case, test probes and instruaions. Requires 6LR61 battery (order 1of 9801 0971 at £2,45each). (Colourmay vary.) Cat. No. 70110574


7. THETRACKERCOMBINED DETEaOR looItes hidden pipes and cables, indicates when a cablet Ifve. Pinpoints joists. battens and other wooden studwotk. Sensi1ivl! and adjustable for greater accuracy. Requires61R61 battEl)'(order 1 of980f0971 at £2.45 each). Cat. No. 70019547 £13.99 8. RAPiTESTELEaRICAl TEST METER. Helps ensure alleiectrica.1WOIkis callied outsafely. Tests fuses, bulbs, wiring ciJtlJits, appliances and helps locate faults. Checks batteries up to 15Vdc Inducling car baneries and elearics. Con(()rms to 8S5458. Requiles6LR61 battery (order I ol980f0971 al£2.45 each). With cornplehensive ins1ructions. Cat. No_70110103 £9.99 Batteries are not suppli~ unless otherwise stated.



PlUMBERS' KIT.C~ 3 Stilson pipe wreodles.l0. 14and 18inchsileswith serrated pipe jaws, a tubing cunerwith built-in pipe reamer and spare cutting wheel fur cutting copper. alunriHn and brass tubing up to 30mm and a basin wreoch fa! nuts located in awIcwatd positions. All<XlI'Itainedin a heavy duty zip top 18 inchcanvas tool bag. Cat. No. 701/0691


10. PERMA-l£DDECORATIVESElFADHE5M LEAD STRIP. An altladM! and economicWiJ'f01turning plain windows into leaded lights. Can be used on ~ doorfuml1ure and mirrOtS. 25metreIl!el With template. Cat. No. 700/9107 11. TEKNtX 7 PIECE RATCHET SCREWDRIVER SET. Robust ratthet handle feaMes focward. revtrse and standard drive. Supplied with 6 assorted screwdriver bits and an adaptor to enable their use with pclWI!f tools. AUbtts and adaptor are conveniently stored in the

handlecase. Cat No. 70t(0749



' ',s] £999

DOXwith slots lot 'arv1IPH,,,rir.h1Ilanded cutting.



timberapprox. Cat. No. 701/0684


16. DRAPER50 PIECEGENERAl ~RPE~TRY TOOLKIT.Compri5es an extensive range 01hand tools and accessories from the Draper range, Complete with a water resistant canvas tool bag. FREEmetal and voltage detector exclusive to Argos.

21. DRAPERMITRE'>AW.ldeal for the accurate cutting 01various angles 01 mitres on piaure frames. Comprises saw, diecast aluminium saw table, fibreboard basewith feet, 4 guide rods and adjustable length Slop. Maximum cutting width at 45°· 7Omm,90" - lOOflllll. Maximum cutting heighll00mm approx. Spare blades available via mail order see page 396. Cat. No. 701/0392 £27.99 22. RICHMONDMITRE'>AW.foc cutting a variety of angles accurately, when

installingcoving, skirting. beading 01 making (ramesOl futniture. Comprises saw, saw tallie, base, guide rods. ~justablelength stop and woriqlie<e clamp. Blade length SSOmm. Saw table length 400mm. Maxcuttlng width flOmm. Max cutting height 110mm apprQX. Cat. No. 701/0897


withanvil back alloysteel jaws. Jawwidth 7Smm. JaW Ope!llng to 85mm. Cat. No. 700/9516


Alldimensions are approximate.




DRAPER 181N'CH 6 TRAYCANTlLEVER PlASTICTOOLBOX.HeCI\Yduty construction. Rainproof and rust free fittings and ha.ndle.Size 18x9 x9inch. Manufacture(s 5·year guarantee. Cat. No. 700/8823 £19.99 10.MUm.J>URPOSE STORAGEBOX.2 cantilever action trays with many compartments. Made from hi.impact




plastIc to protect contents. Size 12 x 5 x 6

1. POWER TOOLCASE. Robustand durable too.'case with co-polymer polyproPYlene consuuaion.1)eep storage. capable Of housing I1)Ostpower tools arid at(essOOes.Size Whx Blf< x 5 inch. Cat. No. 701/0811 £4.99 2. METAlCANTllMR TOOLBOX. 5 tIa}'S. tubular steel handle and padlock ladlity. (lock not included.) Size 21 x 8 x 8 inch. cat. No. 701/0268 £8.75 3. STACK...()N19INCH PLAS1ICHIP .ROOfTOOl BOX.Sturdyco-polyn)er constructionwiih toogue and groove lid design. Deep bottom storagearea. rea!Ssedcanying handle. tOle tIay and padJockeye. Size 19x9x 10 inch. cat. No. 701/0275 £9.99 4. STEELSTORAGECABINET. 43 tl'(\llSpalentdrawE!l'Swhkh cen be subd'riided. For{Jarage. worohop. sewing and general use. Size 12 x 5l/.x 20 inch high. Cat. No. 700/4470 £14.99 5. AlUMINIUM TOOLCASE. featutes interiof panels v.;th adjustable d'MdefS.2 catch lockswiih kefs and a webbed shOOldersttap. Capadty 2Skgapplox, Size 18x 13x6inch.


cat. No.




BElDRAYlOFTYSTEEl2WAY COMBINATIONlADDER. VeTSatHe steel ladderlsteps. For use indoorsIoutdoors with lilt and locksafety action in all positions. Provides instant access to the loft Manufacturer's 1().year guarantee. cat. No. 700/8971 £25.99 12. BElDRAYALUMINIUMSTEP LAOOER. Strong figh\weight ladder. Non· slip treads and feet lor safety. Platform he~ht43 inch. Manufacturer'S 10·~ar guarantee. Conforms to BS2037 Class 3 domestk.

cat. No. 70013945


13. BElDRAY3WAY ALUMINIUM LADDER. A 'll!TSaU1elightweight alwninium domestic ladder for use both indoors and outside. Can be use(j offset on the stairs. as an extending ladderor as household steps. Special lockingdevice for use in the step ladder or offset mode. cat. No. 700/3354 £29.99 14. BELDRAYLOFTlAGDER Ughtweight 2 section aluminium ladder. Easy to operate and install. Automatic locking safety catches. Tucks inside the loft when not in use. Max floor to loft floor heightS feet 9 inchapprox. Requires min hatch opening 18 x 18 indh: Wiu, insuuctlons. Cat. No. 700/4566

388 books_to_bytes



oontrolled ope!iItJOn ensumg smooth and easy raising and kMtiJng. Em wide n0nslip treads and hand rail lor eXtra$cllety. Quiet and easy to fit using instructions. Fitslolt halchesdown to20x 17inch and max floor 10Iolt height 3 metre. Manufacturer's lG-yearguaranlee. Cat. No. 701/0969 £49.99 16. YOUNGMAN'S 2 SECTION ALUMINIUM EXTENSION lADDER. extending to 6,2Sm approx. Manufactured to BS2037 Cla$s 3 domestic. Suitable for domestIC use. duty rating 95kg. Box section stilesanci Wlap around topcti~ lor maximum Strength.

Free home delivery. see page 3. Cat. No, 705/1227 £69.99 ZAMBA mEL SHELVING UNITS. Flat packed. Foroffice, garage and home. Shelves adjustable every 2 inch. Further units can be added.(For eICtIa rigidity'M! recommend wall flxing.) 17. RED4 SHElf LIGHT DlJTY UNIT. Size 28 x 12 x 59 Inchhigh. Cat. No. 700/6557 £9.75 18. BROWNIBEIGE 4 StlELF UNIT. Size 32x 12x65 inchhigh, Cat. No. 700/4126 £14.99 19 €}5UPERSTORESONLY

BLACK 4 SHElf UNIT. Size 28 x 12 X59

inch high. Cat. No. 700/B964



WHITE 4 SHElf UNIT. Size 28 x 12 x 59

inch high,

Cat. No. 700/9554



lAMBAPlUS 5 SHELVING. 5 big shelves supplled in Rat pack. Industrial quality nuts and bolts with cross braces to add Strength and rigidity.Rollformed uprights . no sharp edges.looal lor heavief duty storage. 881b (4Okg) spread load per s/1eIl. Size34x 16x 73 inch highapprox. Cat. No. 701/1078 £24.99 22. BUDGET FOLOING DOOR. ~th integral nexible hinges. With instructions and track. Slots togethef in minutes. FilS

opening of up to 2 feet 9 inch x 6 feet 6 inch high. In woodgrain colour. Cat. No. 701/0990 £14.99 23. GWED SPACESAVER DOOR. Easy to install with runningtradcand insllUctioos. With individual hinges. Fits an opening of up 102 feet 9 inch x 6 fee!6

inch.lnv.Allte. Cat. No. 70111009



H.LPLI••• BoschAdviceUne 0895 838402 0565 650230. Powerstretcher Black& DeckerService TechnicalDepartment 0753 500719


o help you CIIIOGIe-the

Two Speed


right tools for DIY

Drills with two speeds allow greater flexibility In drilling through hard or soft materials. A two speed drill will also allow you to select either fast or slow speed measured In RPM (revolutions per minute). The higher the RPM, the faster the rotation of the drill. When drilling Into hard materials like masonry, you need to use higher speeds with hammer action.

The drill Is able to rotate In the opposite direction to normal. This is handy for Krewdrlvlng or removing a sticking drill bit.

T Jobs at home we hava exp1ainM some of the more common features. Power Drills and Screwdriver Features

Input Wattage The power of the motor In your drill Is meuured by "Input wattage". For tough heavy duty Jobs, or frequent and prolonged use, a drill with a high rating Is Important.

Chuck Size This refers to the diameter of drill bit shank which can be put Into the drill.

Speed Varying materials and hole sizes require different speeds and power.

Variable Speed Drills For more control and precision a variable speed drill may be suitable. It will allow you to tackle a variety of tasks In different materials and thicknesses with greater accuracy than the two speed drills. Always read the manufacturers' Inltructions before using variable or two-speed drills.

Single Speed

Hammer Action For tough lobs like masonry or concrete drilling. A drill with a hammer action literally "hammers" the drill bit Into the wall (thousands of times a minute), as well as rotating It.

Torque Speed Drills with torque control continuously monitor the "reslstance" to the drill bit. This means that If you suddenly encounter an Impenetrable area, the drill will stop rather than risk damage to Itself. Torque control Is particularly useful If you Intend using your drill as a Krewdrlver as It "feels" the resistance of the screw and prevents over tightening.

So whatever your DIY needs are, Argos takes care of it.

For straight forward drilling Into wood, metal and plastic, a single speed drill may be suitable.


..... 'I'Y'I'IP. In conjunction with OItoefM· the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, we have put together the following safety advice. .. Always read and follow the manufacturer's Instructions before starting work. Ifyou lend equipment, make sure that the user reads the Instructions for reference. .. Always fit a residual current device (RCD) to the electric socket and test it before using a power tool. This disconnects the electric circuit If there is a fault (order Cat. No. 982/1321). .. Wear safety goggles for DIY activities. .. Unplug the drill before fitting bits and use good quality sharp bits in the drill, making sure they are secured firmly In the chuck. .. Don't leave cables trailing over the edge of the work surface. When the Job is finished, put the drill away.

IBOSCH I 131 £37751 SKIL 6400 BASEliNE DRILL.

• 380wan.

• VI inch chud. • Vartable $peed. • Speed(s) ().2700 1J)flI.

• ReYe<slll9. • Hammet aaion. Cat. No. 710/7614




• Hammer BClioo. • 10 sandill9 discs. assoned wall plugs and 4 masonrydlQl bits indlJded. Cat. No.



DRilL • Hammet aauln • Cat-No . 710/7968

• 1IainchchlJck. • Speed 2500 rpm.

BOSCHPSB 400·2 DRILL. ·400wau .

• llairlch chock. • Twospeeds. • Speed(s) 200012800 1J)flI.

• tiammet action. • froolgrip~andle . Cat. No.



BOSCHPSB 400 DRill. • 400 watt



• 14inch c~ud. • Speed 2600 rpm.

• Hammet aaloo. Cat. No.



BLACK & DECKER 8D564 DRILL .400wall. • Hammet aaion. • 14 Inchchud:. • +fREEAccessorykitoffe.via • Variable speed. leaflet. see in-store for details. • Speed(s) 0·2500 rpm. Cat-No. • Reoersill9fadroty. 71017944 £49.50

BLACK & DECKER BD163V e 55Owan. e 'II ~ chuck. e Vanable speed. e Speed(s) ().~OOOrpm e HammeraaJOn.

BOSCHCSB 550·2 DRilL e 55Owall. e 'IIinch chuck. eTwo~ e Speed(s) 250013000 rpI1I.

DRILL e Depthstop and (rom handle e +fREE Acemer)' kh ofle1 leaflelsee in-stOle (Of det.ln~ Cat. No. 71017951 £57.00


e Hammer aaioll. e Acmsories kll illduded

Cat. No. 71016873


'/linch chuc:k.

e Carryil19case InckJded.

e Iiariablespe«(. e Speed(s)0·30001jl11l. eRe'II!rsil19

Cat. No. 71014198


BLACK & DECKER BD1S5RTK QUATTRODRllL .570W3n. • Hammeraction • '/linchdluc:k. • TOIlIuecontrol. e Variable!lj)eed. • CenY'"9case ioduded. e Spee«s)().3000rpm Cat. No. • ReYefSfl1g. 71017243 £74.50



1131£8400 I

114~10900 I

BOSCH (SB S50RET DRILL. e 55Owan. • Hammer aaloo. • 'llinchdluck. • TO'lluoconlroi. • Variable speed. (at-No. • Speed(s)0-30001jlll1. 71016921

e Rewrsing.



BLACK DECKER BD I S4RMA DRilL e 570 watt. e HammeraaiOO.


e 650wan.

• 'II 'ndld1uc:k.


e Twospeeds. • Variable speed. e Speed;s)0-1000. ()'3000rpm,

• RevelSlng. • Hammeraaion. Cat. No. 71017645


BOSCH PSB420RE DRilL. e 420W8n. e Hammeraam e In inch dlld • DriM bits and saewdriVerbit • Variablelj)eed drum included e Speed(s)0.2liOO rpm. Cat. No. e Rewmil19. 71017432 £54.00


• 'llinchd1udc.

• Variablespeed. e Specd(s)O.3000 rpm. • Rcven;119

e Hammer 8CllOn.

• Carrying(ase Ioduded. Cat. No. 71016897

BLACK &DECKER BD252KE QUATTRO DRilL e 8SOW3t1. e Hammeraaion • e 'IIinch dlutk. • Jorquecootlol . e Two speeds/m«hanical gears. e Double runaloo saewdriwr e Vaiiablespeed. bit • Spee<i(s)O' 1200. 0·3000 rpm. e CaIcying case included.

• Rmrsing.

cat. No.





POW ••


uying the right tools for the job can tlte key B to successful DIY. be

As cordless drills and screwdrivers have rechargeable batteries and no extension leads, tltey can operate at any distance from a matns supply. Cordless drl.lls can stili be used to drill holes In wood, metal, plastiC and masonry If they have a hammer action facility. Those featured with variable speed and reverse can also act as a screwdriver. Cordless Drill and Screwdriver Features

Voltage The higher the voltage o( a battery the more power the drill has (or tougher jobs.

Trickle Charge

Removable Battery

The batteries are charged slowly while the tool Is not in use (Ie ovemlght). They can be left on continuous charge with no hann to the batteries, so the tool Is always ready to use.

A rechargeable, removable battery allows greater flexibility and continuous use, as a second ba.ttery can be charged whilst the drill is in use.

Fast Charge The batteries can be charged in approximately one to three hours depending on specification (but cannot be left on charge permanently).

Spindle Lock Spindle lock allows a powered screwdriver to be used as a conventional hand screwdriver, particularly useful for exceptionally tough screws.

H.LPL ..... For any queries about your drill ring the appropriate telephone number during normal office hours. Bosch Advice Line 0895 838402 Powerstretcher 0565 650234 Be Decker Service TechnicalDepartment 0753 500779

So whatever your DIY needs are, Argos takes care of it.

1. BlACK&DECKfR30 PIECEDRill 6. COMO MINI DRill KIT. Power:ful AND SCREWDRIVERBIT SET. (ontains 7 miniature drill for fine precision WO!I:. For modeners. engraws etc. !-iSS.6masonry and SwoocibilS.cemre punch. countersl,* bi~ 9 screwdriver bits. Featuresvariable speed mains transformer, storage case wit/116 tools for magnetic bit hoId!!rand storage case. cat. No. 701/0440 £23.99 CUI1ing.polishing and {8Mn9 etc. Cat. No. 710/3216 £29.99 2. BlACK & OECKER23PIECEDRIll 7. R((HMONO SAFElY KIT. Compri~s BITISCREWORIVERBIT SET. Contains 6 set of adjustable ear defenders to HSS drill bits, 5 masonry drill bits. 5 wood BS6344/1. adjustable non·fogging dnn bits. one magnetic saev.'Ciriv!!rbit ventilated goggles to BS2092/1. filter holder and 6 saewdriver bilS (4 straight maskwith 5 replacement filters and pair and 2 Pozldri'le bits). 01heaVf duty split leather gloves (not heat Cat. No. 700/9925


UlilKA 19PIECEDRfll BtTSET. High speedtwist drill set,wilh "letricsizes from 1.510 TOmm.AllSIlppfiedin a metal cantilever tool box.

resistant). Cat. No. 701/0660 8



TEKNIX38 PIECE ORiLLAND BITSET. Cat. No. 701/0543 £7.99 Comprises 13 HSS drills lor met(!1or wood. With chrome vanadium accessories 4 @ SUPERSTORESONLY wnich indude 6 nut drivers, 14 x SOmm .saewdri'ler bits, coUlltersfnk. adaptor. BlACK & DECKERPOWER DRIVER extension and 2 ~ locators. All ACCESSORY SET.lndu~s 6 ind1vidual supPlied ina durable moulded canyingl sockets. 1socket adaptor. 1coomerslnk ·storage case, IMt,r pilot dril!bh. 1magnetic bit OoIder. Cat. No. 701/0323 £9.99 1flexlble drive shaft and 9 screwdriVer bits all contained in a tough storage case. 9 (§) SUPERSTORESONLY ld!!aJfOl u~with allpowered TRADESMEN'S DRILLBITSHARPENER. screwdrivers with'I. inch shank. Wilh variatlle (lilting angles and stone Cat. No. 701/0880 £12.99 dressing attadvnenlRe·sharperu steEl and masolll)' bits from l/J2 to '1.2inch 5. HllKA COMPlETE SOlDEIlING TOOL (2mm 10 12.Smml. for usewith elEctric SET.Comprises 100 watt soldering gun. drills (minimum cfiuck size SfI6inch). 30wan soldering iron. spare tips lor gun. Cat. No. 701/1085 £26.99 holder forsoldering iron. one piece each 10. MARTEK 'STAYSHARP'MULTI· soldering pump. soldering wire and a PURPOSE SHARPENING aNTRE. The soaper, Allcontained ina small plastic complete home sharpenerfOI drillbits case. (3·10mm). chisels. planer blades. Cat. No. 71017559 £17 .99 scissors. shears. rotary moo.verblades and many more household items. Powered by your electJic drill.



Cat. No. 70"0031

£19.49 books_to_bytes

D•• LL•

'I'Y .......

In conjunction with O~· the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, we have put together the following safety advice. ... Always read and follow the man.ufacturer's Instructions before starting work .. If you lend equipment, make sure that the user reads the instructions for reference. ... Always fit a residual current device (ReO) to the electric socket and test it before using a power tool. This disconnects the electric circuit if there is a fault (order Cat. No. 98211321). ... Wear safety goggles (or most DIY activities. ... Unplug the drill before fitting bits and use good quality sharp bits in the drill, making sure they are secured firmly in the chuck. ... Don't leave cables trailing over the edge of the work surface. When the job is finished, put the drill away.

8LAO:: & DeCKER80602 COROlESSDRill. • 7.2 volt. • Too speeds with me<hankai gean.

POWERSTRETCHER PS409 CORDlESS DRJl.L • 7.2vo1l.. TIWspee<K. • Speeds 3851520 rpm. • Charger induded. • )/1inch c:Illck. • Torquecoolllll.. Cha<ge1llne3hows. • ~Iacilily .• 7 sqewdriver bits. • 8piecesocl:et set and GiIr!)'ca!e incWed. Cat. No. 710n456 f44.99

• • • •

Yariallle5pEed .• SpeedsO·3OOIO-600 rpm. CbaIgef incWed• Ih inch dlucIr.. 2 S1age hammetactioI1. Chargetine3houcs.. ~laciIity.

• Oot& functionsa~

bit irlduded.

cat. No. 710/6464 £69.50

CORDtESS DRJl.L • 7.2volt • Speed600lpn. • Charger fdoded. .14indldluclr.. • ileIrooIIabIebanfly. • Chargetine 1hcu. • RI!YetwIacity. cat. No. 7100858

1201 £87751 BOSCH PBM 7.2VES COROlESSOIIIU. • 7.2vo1l.. Yariablespeed. • No load speed 0-600 rpm. • Charger included.• 1h inchchuck. • ~baulf)' .• Charge 00Ie 1hIu; • RMf5I!ladlity .• ~cfM:k. Cat. No. 710n762 £87.75


BlAO:: & OEexER 9042 CORDlESSDRILl. • Two speeds with mechanical gears,. 9.6vo1L. YariabIe~. .~04501O-11001{l''l. • Charger irlJded .• 1/1inchcOOck. • Remt)t.oabIebaUert. • Hammer action. • ~ Iaclity. • Cha<ge tine 2 hoots. Cat. No. 710nS65 £89.00

10. BLACK& DECJ(ER WORKMATE 2. OiJal woridng heights: 550mm and 75Omm. Rear jaw can be positiOfled in

3ways fOf exua width damping. max gripping v.idth 452mm. Plywood jaws have Plotractor/angle markings and inch/mm mafi<ingsforeasy measuring. Folds flalfOf storage. Cat.No. 71014064 £84.50 11. BLACK&DECKERWM300 WORKMATE.Single heightWOlkmate v.ith 30 inch working height. Gripping v.idth 4 inch (max) v.ith a load capacity of 160kg. Folds flatfor storage. Cat. No. 71017717 £32.99 12. BLACK&DECKERBD1200 WALLPAPERSTRIPPER.for fast. ealY aod dean removal.ol all typesof wall coverings. Ready lor use in less than 60 5e<;ondsafter fillinggiving almost continuous use. Detachablewatertank can be filledstJa1ght from tile tap. Ughtweight. can be used at any angle on walls and ceifings. 1200 watt. Cat. No. 710/60S6 £29.50 13. EARLEXSTEAMAWAlLPAPER STRIPPER.For fast removal of all types of wallpaperinduding paimed. multi·layered and artex.large ultra-light steamplate. 12 foot hose enables e~ access to most areas. Approx 60 minutes continuou.s LIse from one fill.t6SO watt. Cat. No. 710/6529 £28.75 14. SKIL4200 BASELINEJIGSAW.Single speed. 3200 strokes per minute. 380 watt. Cutting capacities: wood SOmm. steej3mm. aluminium 6mm. Mitre culting 0-45°. Blade guard and blade storage fadlity. Cat.No. 71017690 £27.99 15. BLACK& DECKERB0531 SINGLE SPEEDJIGSAW.With dustexuaaion iacility. blade guard and blade s10fage facility.Mitre cutting ladfity0-45°. Cutting capacities: wood 5Omm. steel 3mm. aluminium 8mm.plastic 35mm. 3200 strokes per minute. 350 watt. £.34.50 Cat.No. 71014217

I7'Rl ~

SKIL"TWIST" 2105HP CORDLESSSCREWDRMR. ·2.4vo1l. • Speed 130 rpm, • Cha'gef included.

• Charge time6 hours. • 2 double (unaion saewdrille! indtJded.



SlACK & OECKER90 19 CORDLE.SSSCREWDRMR. .16vo1t. • Speed 180 rpm. • Charger iiduded. • 6 selting torque conuol. • Charge time .2 hoors.


bitinduded. • SpiIldIe tod.. Cat. No. 71014837

Cat. No. 71016471

.2AvoIL • Speed 130 !pm. • Charget ilKluded.

• Charge lime6 hours.

• Double function screwdriver

bits;6 bitsand holder

Cat. No.

SlACK &DECKER9018 CORDLESSSCR~RIVER. • 2.4 volt • Speed 130 rpm. • Chillgefinduded. • Chalge time 12 hooTs.




BlACK& DECKER90 18KCORDLESS SCREWDRNERKIT. • 2.4volt. • Spindletod... . • Speed 130 rpm. • 12 screwdrivet bits, magnetK • Chall}!rinduded. bitholder andcase induded. cat. No. £29.75 • Charge time tz hoors. 7f0/6677





• 2,4I1OIL

• Speed130rpm. • Chargerinduded.

• C11argetime 6houts-

• 9screwdriverbits. magnetic bitholderandcase induded.

Cat. No. 71017669


• OovbIe function screwdriver bil indudEd.

• Automalicspindlelock. Cat. No.



RICt-(MONDCONVERTIBLEC:OIIDlESS SCREWDRMRIDRIU. ·3.6vo11. • Charger included. • Speed 2001Pffi· • Reinovablebattety. • Tocqueconlrol • Delachable l,t inch hours• • Varia elime4 gripangies chudc. foreasy access. • COtlntersinli.11 screw bits and case Cat. No. 71016684 indu<fed. £34.99


·3.6vo1L • Speed ISO rpm.

• AullJl1lalicspindielodt. • Ch3lget included. •. Magnetic bit I)oIderr 12 screwdriverbits andcase • 6 settiflgtocque incfuded. control. • 12hour charge Cat No• dme. 71017298 £39.75

All items with this symbol are supplied fitted with a plug.


• 3.6vo1l. • Speed ISO rpm.

• Charger¥1duded. •• Charget~


• 9 saewdtiver bits. magnelic bltliolder and case ~Iuded. Cat. No • 710/7676


, 6. 80SCH PST54E VARIABLE SPEED JIGSAW. SpeEd from 500·3000 rpm. Max cutting depth 54fnm wood. 3mm steel. Mille cutting facility. Roller guide suppoIt. 350 wan. £54.75 Cat No. 710/6048 '7. 8lACU DECKERBDS3BSE VARIABLE SPEED SCROUER JIGSAW. Variable speed for cootroOed cutting in all materials. 800·3200 strokes per minute,

Saoll[ng I'aGTrty.Mille culling Idly 0-45°. Dust extraaiGn faality.Blade guard and blade storage. Cutting capacities: wood SSmm, steel3ri1m, a1uminiumBmmandp!astic35mm. 350 wan. £64,50 Cat. No. 710/4284 18. BlACK & DECKER80 755PE PENDULUM JIGSAW. 380watL Variable speed, 800·3200 S1roIcesperminute. Mille cutting facility 0-45·. Dust ex,traction fao1ity. jjlade guard and blade stOlage fac~ity.Cutting capacities: soft wood 6Smm, hard wood 30mm, steel 4mm. aluminium 1(lmrn, plastic ISmm. 4 stage pendulum action. Cat. No. 71017906 £69.00 19. BOSCI1PST65PAEJIGSAW. 3 stage orbitql action. With guide rollm. Variable

speed SOO-3000rpm. Mittecurong twlily. New • die system' blade fitting. Max cutting cfepth 65mrn wood, 6mm steel, Baseplate pivots for bevel cuts up to 45°. Oust extraction facilily.400watt Cat. No. 710/6828 £89.99 20. Si('ll660 ORBITAL SANDER. ISO watt '13sheet size. Finefmishing sander. 20,000 ornitsper minute. Cat. No. 71017896 £27.75 21. BlACK&DECKER8D 175'/aSHEET ORBITAL SANDER.Can be connected to a vacuum cleaner (fordust extraction) usIng the adaptor supplied. 10,000 orbits per minute. 135 watt. Cat. No. 71 017308 £34.50 22. BOSCH PSS23 'Il SHEETORBITAl SANDER. Sheet size 92 ~ 182mm. Dust EXlIactionJacility. lA,OOO orbits per minute, no load spee(ll2,OOOrpm. lSOwalt. Cat. No. 71017315 £41.00 23. BlACl<&OECJl:ERBD273 SM 'h SHEET'ORBITAl SANDER Single speed, 10,000 orbits per minvte. Oust ex!r'action facililyl'<ith Integral dust bag. 250watt Supplied with 10assorted sanding sheets. Cat. No. 710tn79 £48.00 24. BLACK&'OECKER8D 1905 RANoOM OIlBIT SANDER. Adjustable side handle forcomfOit and control. lspeeds, 7500 and 10.000 rpm. Dust extraction facility with integral dustbag. Disc speed control fQrsmooth stan on

25, BLACK & DECKERBD 190E RANDOM0RBIT SANDER.330 wan motor. Variable speEd, 7500,10,000 rpm.

Adjustable side handle for comfort and conllol. Dust extraction with integral dust bag. Palm grip. disc speEd ~ontrol fof smooth start on surface, Uses 125mm quiCk-fitdiscsfOl easy cllanging. SandS convex/concave surfaces including wood, metal, paintworhnd filler. Supplied With 6discs.

£54.75 Cat.•N.o. 71017683 26. BOSCH PEX 125AE MUlTI-SANDER. 5 inch disc. Variable speed, 0-11,000 rpm. Oust extraction.250 watt Sands Oal/convex/concave surfaces. Forwood, metal, paintworl: and filler. Front~port handle lor controlled USE. lode on bulton. Cat. No. 71016732 £64.99 27. 8lACK & DECKER80 16001(PAINT STRIPPfRIHEAT GUN. 1 heatsetting: easy and controllable melhod of stripping oil based paints and varnish. Allows paint to be removed qUicklyand deanly without scorching the woodwork. I400 walt. Supplied with scraper and glass protector nozzle. Cat No. 71017803 £24.50 28. BOSCH PHG S3()'2 HOT AlR GUN.

Forstripping old pain~ shaping plastics, defrosting pipes. fightingbarbecues etc. 2 heat settings: 4()Q"Cand 530'C and cold airsetting for cooling operalklns. Endosed handle for safeone handed USE. 2 speed air flow. 1600watt Cat. No. 71017810 £'36.50 29. 8lACK&D£O(ERBD 1666PAlNT STRIPPER/HEAT GUN. 2 heal settings: 300'C and S6O'C.In-line position used

with integral scrapefS for optimum heat. ma~n9 oil-based paintstriPl>lngquicker and easier. Enables one handed USE, increasing safety when moving on ladde!s and Increased access to hard to reach places. 1600 watt

cat. No. 710/6718 £31.00 30. HITACHIFCS5,6.1CIRCUlAR SAW. 6 lOchTeT blade wit!) adjustab~cuning angle and depth. Maxculting deplh 46mm. No load speed 4800 rpm. 710 wan motor. eO(1lpfetewitll rip fence. Cat. No. 71017250 £54.75 31. BLACK & DECKERPROLINE Pl40 CIRCUlAR SAW. 7 'Itinch blade. No load speed 4000 rpm. Mitreculting fadnty 045°. eutting depthadjuslable 106Smm. Oust extraction facility. 1150 watt Complete with rip fence guide, block change spanner and TCT blade. Cat No. 71017535 £97.75


see page


sunace. SandsconvexJooncave surfaces including wood. metatpainlWOlk. fillEr. 330walt. Suppliedwith 3 discs. Cat. No. 710/7487 £49.75



1. 8LACK& DECKfR BD713K PlANER. Front handle Iorgreatercomrol. lmm depth of cut. Supplied with dust bag to collect shavings. Rewrsible TeT blades for longer fife and a bettercuL Planing width 82mm. 15.oo0!pl1l. Rebating and

chamferillg faci~ty.400 walt. Cat. No. 71017511 £52.00 2. BOSCHPHO 100 POWER PlANER. 8alanced ~id Garbidetipped reversible blades·rotate at 19.000 rpm. Depth of OJI adjllstableo, Imm. Rebaungdeplh ()'8mm. Planing width 82mm. Oust extooOfllacility. 450 walt. Cat. No. 710/3539 £58.00 3. BOSCHPOF 400A ROUTER.400 wan. ColI~tsiZe V.inch. Parallelguide. centring pin. If, Inch rooter biland dust extractor adaptor included. No Ioad'speed 27.000 rpm. Max pkJnge d~th 48mm. For jointing. groovfng. rebating. bMlling and profile OJrung.

Cat. No. 710/7339



GRIND.ER. Wilh dust extractionfaolity. Icleallor fast. easy sharpening 01ganlen andworlcshop tools plus general metal shaping/grinding. Completewith 1coarse and 1 medium grinding wheel. adjustable eye shlelds and tool rests. 24(JV ac mains. Cat. No. 710/7023


5. SPIRAlUXELEClROMAGNEllC FRET SAW. Cuts hardwoods. plywoods and thin sbeets of metal. Variable speed adjustmenL Ideal for making models. to'fS

9. DRAPER 10 INCH TABLESAW. Ideal for the DIY enthusiast. ~th 01 an 3 in(h (77mm)approx at 90" and 2'h inch (64mm)approx at 45·. With a 2'1zHP motor. front and rear locking rip fenceand mitrecutting slot !oracOJIaleand controlled use. Blade lacililies indude rile and fall tilting aroor. ripping. straight mitreand compound angle OJtting. With VDE safety approved switch.

£158.00 Cat. No. 71017724 10. ClARKt ·HlPPO· WATER PUMP. Ful~subnle!sjb1efOlempl)'ing flooded cellars.pits. tterdles and 101Cll!ating fountainsand water (ails.Pumps up 10 1000 gallons per hour. lifts water up 10 6m and can pump (0within 'fa inch from the floor. Long tiie seaiedin oil moto(. WIIh '!l.lf.and 1inch hose adaptor (10 becutlOsiZeJ.1Omofcableand instructioos. A residual current circuit breaker (RCD)mustbe used when pumping from ponds or swimming pools and is recommeoded for other applications see item no 16 on page 398. Cat. No. 71017913 £67.99 11. SIPHOBBYAIR 210 COMPRBSOR. Portab1eoilfree compressorwith hMjI OUtpUL1'Iz HP molO!produces 7 '12CFM giving excellent results when sprayi1g pain~ varnish and for other uses. Complete with spray gun and hose. 24(JV at mains.W~~# IOkg. Cat. No. 71017920 £129.99

and puzzles.With spare blades. 40 walt. Cat. No. 710/6749 £49.99 6. SIPWlZARC PORTABLEARC WELDER KIT.Twin settings. 100 amp. Ideal for baskcar repairs and general welding up to 5mm thick mild steel. ComplEtewith face mask. earth damp, elec1rOdeholder. eieclfOOes. chipping hamrnerlbrush and fullinstrlKtions. 240Vac mains. Manufacwler's 2-year guarantee. Weight 13.5kg approlt.

Cat. No. 71017566 £49.99 7. 80SCH PWS 61 I 5 ANGLE GRlNDER. 4'12inch<fISC. Forcutting/grinding metal. masonry and stone. RigIltorleft hand use. Noload speed 11.000 rpm. 600 walt mOtor. With cup brush. rubbetbad:ing pad and grinding discs. Cat. No. 71017119 £79.50 8.KEW kOBBY70POWERWASHER. Ideal for palhs. patios.,garden furniture. lences. boats and cars. Powerspeed nozzle gives 2000 PSIWithvt'f)' Iowwater consumption.Usescold or hot watet up to 30"(. With·shoulder SlIap. hose COIIp6ng. nozzle cleamng tool and suspension hook. 240Vac is re<ommendedthat a residual current circuit breaker is used. see item no 16, on page 398. Cat. No. 71017748 £139.99 The Bosdh Service Centre can cater for all repairs. maintenance and spare parts. The following numbers are available during office hours. After Sales Service: 0895 83B 782. Advice/Help line: 0895 838402. Accessories: 0895 838416.

12. ClARKEWOOD LATHEWI1H 3 PlEC.EWOOD TURNING CHlSEl. SET. Ideal fortumingof~ lampstands. chair legs etc. 5 speeds (48Q.3065 rpm). 37 inch ~h between centres. Tuning capacity up (0 12 inch diameter. SjlincIe prOlrudeson outSide for (uning larger items. Precisiong10und bed oompIele with 6 and 12 inch locking 1001 rests. face platedrivecenlIe. 24(JV acrnolO!with no \'OIt safety switch. Optional accessories availabledirectfrom supplier. Free home

delivery, please see page 3. Cat. No. 705/1186 £189.99



stefl. With stainless steel screws, 2 roof light panels. futllength guttering. double sliding doors. and gardening gloves. Wilh anchor kit lor lixing to concrete base or flagstones (Ilot supplied) and assembly manual. Sile 9 left 4 inch x 6 leet 9 inch approx. Manufacturer'S 10·year guarantEf. Re<ommended IOOIs:flat head andaoss·head screwdrivers. plielS and drill. Requiredassembly lime: 2 people x 6hours approx. Free home delivery, see page 3.


Cat tio.70511289 £279.99 14.6~4 FEETWOODEN GARDEN SHED. Fullytongue and grooved madllned timber. Complete with floor. rooflng felt, glazed Window,hasp and staple. lostructions supp~ed. Recommended tools: hammer. wewdriver, saw and Stanley knlle. Requifed assembly time: 2 people x 2 hours approx. Free home delivery, see page 3.

...Cat. No. 70511296


15. 8x 6 FEETWOODEN GARDEN SHED. fully longue and grooved machined ~mbel.With factorytreatment Complete WlIh floor.roofing felt, glazed window and lockable door.IOStructionssupplied. Recommended tools: hammer. screwdriver,saw and Stanley krie, Required assembly time 2 people x 2 hours.Free homedelivery, see page 3.

...Cat. No. 705/1272


16. 6x4 FEETPLAYDEN. Features factoryfltted saletygla%ing and magnetic safety door catches. 67 Inchridge height. fully tonge and grooved ma<hlned timber. Completewilh floorand roofing Ielt. With Instructions.Recommended tools: hammer. wewdriver. saw, Stanley knile. Requited assembly time: 1 person x 2 hours approx.

...Cat. No. 70511344




For any queries ring the appropriate telephone number during normal office hours. Yardmaster Metal Sheds: 064828449 Waltons Wooden Sheds: 0636821215 Clarlte Power Products Service Oepar1ment: 071-2546421 SIP Technical Depar1ment: 0509503141 Bosch: 0895 838402 Black & Oe<ker: 0753500779


Georgian stylewindows and door with safety glallng. Magnetic safety door catches. 2 window boxes. 18 inch open verandah and fuU 68 inch ridge height. Fullytongue and grooved machined limber. Complete with floor and roofing leillnsllUctions 5upplied. Recommended toots: hammer, wewdrlver. saw and Stanleyknife. Requited assembly~me: 2 people x 2 hours approx .


Cat. No. 70511351 £399.99 _. Item nos 13·17are packed flat for home assembly. All sizes are approllimate. Items 16 and 17 suitable for children 3 years and over.


1. pLUG·IN 24 HOUR TIMER. Maybe timed on or off by useof 8 colour<Oded pegs to nearest '/1 hour during 24 hour period. Willi manual oYeIride switch. Swirchesany plugged-in load up 10 13 amps. Conforms to 8S3955; 1986. Not recommended for usewith ifllll1ersion heaters Of radian Itype electric fires. Cat. No: 98212344 £9.75 2. SMITHS "TIME CONTROLLER" 24 HOUR PlUG·IN TIME SWITCH. Plugs Into 13amp sockelto give automaticonloff control. Capable ofmultipJe switching operations in 24 hour periods. Owrride facility. For most domestic appliancesvp to 3kW.ldeal for Sl!airity. eat. No. 982(1833 £11.99 3. PHILIPS24 HOUR TIMER. 13 amp plug·in ti~. 96 onIoff switchings per day. Owrride faciRty.Constant "on" position allows timer to permanently remain in socket if required. Repeats INery 24 hours when in plOgramme position. For appliances up io 3kW. Cat. No. 98212227 £12.99 4. SUPERSWITCH24 HOUR PLUG·IN TIMER. Automalical~(ontrols appliances up to 3kW from arPf 13 amp walisockeL Ideal for security. Non·removable slide in segments for easy programming. Up to 96 onIolf switching !)peratlons per day. ~nimum InteIVal15 minutes. Permanent override ladhly. Neon light showing powi!Ion. Cat. No. 982/0188 £13.49 5. SMITHS 24 HOUR PlUG·IN ELECTRONICMULTI·PURPOSETIME AND TEMPERATURECONTROLLER.Plugs inlo any 13 amp sockeL D!ghallhermometer WIth 3 optiOMI SWItching selections. Switches electrical appliances on and off by temperature, time selection or a combination of the two. Temperature rangeO"C to 40"( (+ t"(accuracy). Preci$ioo 24 hour digital ~odUtiT!1el( temperature display. 3 onIo(f SWitching programmes per day. Self-<:anceiling OYeIride for InsUlllt on/off switching. With iOlegral bauery pov;er allowing plogrammlng outof the mains sockel Suilable for electrical applfances up 10 3kW. Cat. No. 982/2526 £22.99 6. 7 DAY PLUG·IN TIMER. May be timed on or off by USe01 16 colour-<oded pegs. to nearest two hours. during a 7 day period. With manual overnde switch. Switches any plugged·in load up to 13 amps. CooformSlo BS3955: 1986. Not recommended for use with Immersion heatersor radian! type electric Ures. eal No. 98212485 £11.99 7. SMITHS "TIME CONTROLLER" 7 DAY PlUG·tN TIME SWtTCH. Plugs into arPf 13 amp socket to give automatlc'orl/off oonuol. Will give variable switchill9 pauerns over a seven day p!!fiod Automaticallyconltols domeslic appliancesaOd lighting up to 3kW. 24 hour dock. Switching start time in 2 hour IntelVal5. Switchlngonloff periods In 4 hour inteMls.ldeal lor security. eat. No. 982/2234 £12.75 8. MICROMARKElECTRONIC 7 DAY AND 24 HOUR TIMER. Automatic and random senings up to 98 jettings. Silen! operation with LCDdJsplayfor easy reading. Built·in battery back up (supplied), Switches QI'f/ plugged in appUanceup to 13 amp rnax. Manual ovellide faolity. Cat No. 98212351 £16.75






_ ao.

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-151 £2299





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•.. Iii"'"


9. SUPERSWITCHDAILY OR WEEKLY 13 AMP ELECTRONIC PLUG·IN TIMER. Silent in operation. simple. ve~tile programming. 6 ontoll seuings available allows maximum 0142 onloff sWltchlngs OYeIJ days. Override facility. Integral rechargeable standby battery providing I year memory back up. Precision tlmlll9. Cat. No. 98211895 £19.99 Please note: Itemno 16 must always be plugged into a wall socket and not an extension lead or cable reel socket.

10. SMITHS 7 DAY ELECTRONIC IMMERSION HEATERTIME CONTROLLER.Electronic accuracy PlOliiding economical and convenient conuoiolirnmerYon heater systems up to 3~W. Easi~ programmable. 7 onIoff switching programmes. with automalic every day allocatiOn. providing up to 49 onIoff settings per week. Optional boost facility enables instant ovetride for I 0( 2 hour periods. Integral memorybacj( up bal1eryrelainsprogrammesin evemof power failure. Cat. No. 98212502 £21.99

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MICROMARK NIGHT LIGHT. Autornatical~ lurns Ught on at dusk and 011a dawn. Plugs direct into 13 amp socket Genlle light provides comfon and safety. Ideal lor use In nurseries. young children's bedrooms. landings and hallways. Spare bulb supplied. Cat. No. 982/2306 £4.99 12. )0-)0 EXTENSION CABLE REEL 10 metre of cable (33 leelapplOx) on a heal resistant red wilh integral handle. Fined with two ch~d·prool socketS and 13 amp plug lused atS amp. Suilabfe for appliances up to I.2kW when fully unwound. Cat. No. 98212337 £9.99 JO·)O EXTENSION CABLE REELS.Heat resistant reels with integral handles. Fiued with two 13 amp child·proof socketS. Thermal safety CUt'OUtswitch for added protection. Complete with .3 amp fused plug. Suitable lor appliances up 10 1.4kW when fully unwound, 13. 18mof cable (60leet approx). Cat. No. 982(0322 £ 18.49 14. 12mofcable (401eel approx). eat. No. 982/0511 £14.75 15. SCAN ROLL30 METRE EXTENSION CABLE REEL 30 melre (100 feet approx) of 10 amp cable fined with two child safe socketS. Complete with 10amplused plug. Suitable for all appliances up to 2400waus when (ully ullWOund. Cat. No. 98212416 £24.99 16. POWERBREAKERADAPTOR. This double pole RCD provides added protecUon to reduce the risk 01 e1ecuoculion and also' trips" IIplugged into an incolTecrly wired socket, Ie live and neutral reversal or lost earth. or losl neutral. Suitable forboth 2·wire and 3· wire appliances. It plugs fnto a $tandard 13 amp socket Recommended lor use with iawnmowers. hedge trimrtlels. DIY tools and domestic appliances etc. eat. No. 982f1321 £19.75 17. MICROMARK PERSONAL ArrACK ALARM AND TORCH. A compaa 3·way alarrnllight. can be used as a hand torch. Provides personal PlOtection with a panic alarm operated by rip-<:ord or press bunon. Motion detector alarm senses mOYement and detelS intruders. suitable to be hung on a door handle or placed on an object to be protected. 95 decible siren. Requ~es 2 x •AA' batteries and I x 9Vbanery(order 101980/.949al (1.59 pair and 1of98011970at£2.9geach). Cat. No. 98212540 £8.99 Batteries are not supplied unless othe.lWise stated.


,.-',._ _"."


18. WATERRESISTANTSPOTUGHT. Rugged coCl$lllJction designed for ouldoo! ~ use. WrtheX1ra bright Klyptonbulb. ,-----------. Requires4x "0" baneries(order 201 98011963al£2.99 pair). Cat. No. 98212162 £3.99 19. M M.L. "PIONEER" WEATfiERPROOF fOCUSING TORCH. With adjustable beam. He""Y duty pJastic casingwithsliplreehandgrip. Silicone . rubber switClcap and w.oven nylon hand . strap. With powerful Krypton bulb. Requires3x '0·baneries(OJ(Ier 201 9801f963 at £2.99 pair). Cat. No. 98212399 £4.99 20. OURACELLPROfESSIONAl TORCH. Wnh Krypton buIll lor powerful light beam. Head can be tll ted lor IT\Ultidirectronalbeam. Compietewith4 ·C· baneries. Cat. No. 98212557 £12.99 21. evERREAOYMAGLIlt HAND TORCH. Spot to flood. FOQIsbeam.·Spare Dulb supplied. Requiles 2 X lR20 baneries (order 1 01980/1468 at £2.49pair). Gat. No. 98212447 £16.99 22. EVERREADY ENERGIZERHALOGEN TORCH. 300% blighter halogen bulb. Completewith Energizerbaneries. Cat. No. 982/2423 £6.99 23 •.EVERREADY NIGHT VlSION GIfT PACK. Unique built·in braexet for easy fit and removal. Powe!fullaypton Dulb. Complete with batteries. Cat. No. 982/2478 £17.99 24. EVERREADY "NIGHTRIDER' FRONT AND REARCYCLE lAMP 61fTSET.Hlgh performance lens. Complete with bracketS '-and 4 xR20S batteries. Cat. No. 98212492 £13.99 25. OORACELLLOCKA8LE CYClE lIGHT SET.With Krypton bulb foqxlWerfullight beam. Detachable and fully adjustable non·scratch bracketS fit to most pans. Lockable and pilfer-prool. Ant~1heft sticker enclosed. Can only be switched on and off with keys provided. Reference card forbane!), andbulbinformation. Complete with 4 '0·batteries. Cat. No. 98212076 £21.99 26. UNIROSS RECtiARGEABlE. SPOtlIGHT. Swivelling reftector'head. cha'9ing indicator light. Flashes automatically inthe eVent of a mains faHUle. Up to 1hour continUous usage from a full charge. Complete with charging bracket and mains plug.charger. Can also be charged from a I N de car cigarette socket (Wilh engine running). Charger lead with cigarette socket plug supplied. Cat. No. 982/1204 £9.99 27. BLACK&OECI(£ll"SPOTUTER' RECHARGEABLETORCH. Completewlth wall mounting unit and plug charger. Up to 1 hour continuous use from afun charge. Adjustable beam lor either a strong direct beam or diffused light Cat. No. 98211211 £14.75 All batteries are sold in padcs. our battery recommendation may therefore, require you to purchase 1 more battery than required.




lANTERN. Ideal for campirlg. caravanning and in the car. batte!)' or direct from thecarnghtersockel. Feawres a powerful spodight. Gwan fluorescent tube and red and amber hazard wamifl!J. lights. Supplied with a Sm lead with lighter socket plug. R~uires6x '0' batteries (order-3 £2.99 pair). Cat. No. 98212430 £9.99 29. BUSYBODY 4 FUNCTlON RECHARGEABLE LAMP.Bright fluorescent tube to !Ruminate a WIde area. poweiful spotlight jor seaJthing. flashing red waming 6ght to signal dsuess, Can be set1n emergency mode to automatical1y switch the tube on if mains power fails. Gives up to Ph hours use between charges. Mainscharging plug supplied. Cat. No. 98212454 £12.99 30. MML "COBRA" RfCtlAAGEABlE MUlTI·fUNCTlON LANTERN. Wrth6wan f1uOfes.centtube ~asting up to 5 hoUrs Irom a single.charge). JXIVv'EIfuIspodight (up to 2 hOurs) and waming blinker (up to 10hours). Emergency mode automatically lights fluorescent tube In the E'«!nlof a mains power failure. With plug charging unit Cat. No; 982/2210 £17.99 31. MMLRECHARGEABLE MULll· FUNCTION lANTERN. Wrth powenul swivelling multi·angle.spoIOght and tIoublewaming blinker. 2 x 6wall fluorescent tUbes can be used singly or together. HIgh outpUt sonic emergeDCY alarm. Emergency mode autornatkaOy swIt<hes fluorescent tube on in the event of a mains power failure. Withplug cha)9ing unit. Awrox functioning times ona lull charge: single tube 5 hrs. spo~ight m hrs. waming bUnkers 10 hrs. Cat. No. 98212461 £22.99 32. BUSYBODY All·WEATHER RECHARGEABLEMUlTI-FUNCTION LANTERN. ·U· shape 8 watt Ouorescent tube produces bright 360" Ooodlight. Powerful Krypton spotlight for seardling, Flashing beeeon and coloured signal cap! lens protector. Tough ASSweatherproof casewlth retractable handlshoulder strap. Automatically switches itsell on in the event 01 a mains p<lW\'r failure. Recharges from mains or 12V cIc car cigarette socket (both charging plugs supplied). Single charge powers lube or searchflght for up 10 Ghours. and beacon up to 10 hours.



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8. EVERREADY FCH10 8AnERY CHARGER:Charges 2. 4 or 6 x RXlO. RX14 Of RX6 rechargeable baltelies in 5·7 hours and up to 2 x RX22 rechargeable baueliesin 14· 16 hOUlS: Cat. No. 982/2519 £9.75 9. UNIROSSCXSOO+ 8ATTERY CHARGER. Recharges 20r 401 RX60r 00 rechargeable batteries in 5 hours. or 1or 2 RX22 recflargeable baueries in 14·16 hours (4 xRX6 Uniross recflargeable baueries suppliedJ.lED charging indicators. Charger plugs directly into mains. Cat. No. 98211644 £9.50 10. UNIROSSCX520PLUG'INSUPER FASTNt·CAD SATTEIlY CHARGER. Recharges 2 or 4 x RX6+ high capacity. longer lile. rechargeable batteries in only 2 hours (4 x RX6+ ba"eOeS supplied). Ule eXpectancy up to 1000 recflarges or as long as 4 years. LEDcharge indicators. reverse polarity protection. Buill·ln electrOl1lctitller. Cat. No. 98211936 £12.99 11. UNIROSSDElUXE BATTERY CHARGER.8u1IL·lnbanery test meter. LED charging indicators and reverse polarity protectIOn. Recflarges 8 of either 00. RX6, RX14. RX20andlor3x RX22 recflargeable battenes (not included) in 14·16hours. Seeitem nos 1·3. Cat.No. 982/1709 £14.99 12. UNIRDSSUNIVERSAl CHARGER PACK. Recharges 2 or 4 01RX3 in 5 hours. 2014 ofRX6.RXI4. RX20andlor Ior h RX22 rechargeable baueries In 14·16 hoUIS, Supplied with 2 x 00.4 x RX6,2 x RX14 and 2 x RX20 Uniross rechargeable batteries. £19.99 cat. No. 982/1668 13. UNIROSSCXl20S RECHARGEPLUS SUPERFASTCHARGER PACK. Recharges 20r4 RX6+, RXI4+, 000+ in 2 hours, 2 or 4 RX3ln 5 hours, or RX6. RX14. RX20 In 10 houls and I or 2 002 In 14·16 hours. lEO charging Indicators, reverse poIanty protection. built'ln electronK timer. SuppRedwith 4 x RX6+. 2x RX14+, 2 x 000+ battenesJasting 25% longer than conventional ni·calls. lile expectancy of up to 1000 cycles or up t04year~ Cat. No. 98212296 £26.99 14. UNIROSSHIGH CAl'ACIlY RECHARGEABLENI·CAD BATTERY PACK. Comprises 401 RX6+. 2 01 RX14+ and 20fRX20+ batteries. tests up to 25% !ongel than conventional n!-cad batterres.lile expectancy up to 1000 cycles or up to 4 years. Rechargeable in apploximately 2 houl1 vAlen used WIth suitable char gel. Cat. No. 982/2124 £12.99 1 S. REGULATEDMUm-VOLTAGE MAINS ADAPTOR. S·way connectOr. Converumains t03. 4.5,6. 7.5. 901 12V de undelload. Max 300mA. Polarity setting. reversible lunction. For most radl~ personal stereos, calQJiatol1, toys etc. (Not home cornputefS or cordless telephones ·consult your appliances' instructions). Cat. No. 98211905 £4.99 8atteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated. All charging times stated apply to batteries supplied or recommended.

All batteries are sold In packs, our battery recommendation mall, therefore, require l/ou to purchase 1 more battery than required. Battery safety warninqnever mix zinc carbonI chloride, alkaline or rechargeable batterlesnever mix old and new batteries· never attempt to recharge ordinary batteries.



16. UNIROSS "REGULATED· HIGH POWtRMULTI·VOLTAGE MAINS ADAPTOR. C(lfIIIerts 240V ac mains to 1.5.3,4.5.6,7.5, gor 12Vdcvia a multl·way selecto(switch. Supplied with 2m lead and 6 intercf!angeable connecto,l plugs. LEDindicatOl. Output current 1200mA maximum. Suitable for use with most rad'lOIcassene players, electronic hand·held games. toys. cakufatOlS. keyboa(ds. LCDcolour television and ponable compact disc players. (Not home computers or cordless telephonesconsull YOUrappliances' instructions). Cornplieswith BS41S: '1990. Cat. No. 98212241 £9.99

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27. ROSSRF420 RECHARGEABLE NI·CAD CAMCORDER BATIERY. 61/. I700mA. for Sony type 8mm cam<Ordels. (Consult camcorder instructions for batteryYOltageand type.) Ihour straight recording. camcorder battery help line: 0703 666383 elrt. 100. £14.99 Cat.No. 570/2853 ~8.UNIROSS6 VOLT 180OmA4·WAY CAMCORDER BATIERY. Designed for use with most of the curre0l6 volt camcorders from the rangesol SonyIPanasoniclJVCI SaJl)l)'HltachilCanol'\ and others. (Consult cam<order Instruaions lor batteryYOltage and type.) Running time depending on usage Ihour 20 minutes applox. camcorderbatteryhelpline: 0275 858101. Cat. No. 57013577 £19.99 29. ROSSRF450 RECHARGEABLE NI·CAD CAMCORDER 8ATIERY. 9.6V. 1200mA. For NCIPanasonkIFergusoni Sharp type VHS·C cam<orders (grip style battery). (Consull camcorder Instructions lor battery voltage and type.) Ihour stralghl recording. Camcorder battery helpllne: 0703 666383 elrt. 100. Cat. No. 570/2860 £19.75









ENERGIZER New from EVER READY, up to six limes longer Itle than ordinary batteries.

OURACELL BATIERIES. Lasts up to 6 times longer Ihan ordinary zinc carbon ballenes.

38. 13 AMP FUSED4·WAY TRAILING SOCKU. Mains indicator light. External fuse.With 2.7 metre of cableand a 13 amp fused plug. For use up to 3kW. £6.99 Cal. No. 98211163 39. 'PANDA" 13AMP3·WA.Y SWITCHED EXTENSION LEADWiTH NEON. COl\VeftSone powersocj(eI to three individually switchedsockel outlets. with one metre of ca~leand 13 amp fused plug witIi slee'i'ed pins. Max loading 3120watt(13 amp). Cat. No. 982(2564 £11.99

30. UNIROSS6VOlT 2400mA4·WAY CAMCORD~RBAmRY. Designed for use wit~most orllle cullenl6 volt can'(Orders from the ranges oj Sony/PanasoOiclJVCI SanyolHlJachVCanon and others. (COIlSUlt camcorder insuuctions for battery voltage and type.) Running time depending on usage 2 hours 15 mfnutesapprox. Camcorder battery helpline: 0275 858101. Cat. No. 570/3584 £34.99 31. 13 AMP FUSEDPlUGS. With sleeved

pins. Padc 014. Cat. No. 982/0566 £2.29 32. EVERREADY13AMPFUSEDP.lUG. Sleeved pins for added safety. With repJacement3 and 5 ampfuses. Cat. No. 98Q/1822



33. iRAVEUER INTERNATIONAL TRAVElADAPTOR.Takesstandard UK 13 amp, 3 pin one end and selected connector at the other. Suitablef0l2 pinS amp shavers. (NS Appliancernust have cooectvohage for couneyvisited.) Cat. No. 98210315 £4.99 34. "FLEXllEAD". 13 amp fused plug witliinsulated pinson one end and sodcet on the QlIier.Coiled for non·.tangle and easy storage. Extends to 16 (eel. For use ts,ot03kW. Cat. No. 98210126 £7.99 35. )0·)0 3 METREEXTENSION CABLE REEL.3 metre (lOftappr~ 01 cable. Fined v,oith two 13 ampd]lld proof sockets, Complete with 13 amp fused p!og. Suitable for all domestic household appliancesUP to 3120 wanlully unwound Cat. No. 98212313 £6.49 36. MASJERPlUG 2·WA.Y EXTENSION LEAD.8 metre (26ft approx) of cable. Finedwithtwin sodcet with neon indicator andresilienl13 amp plug. Max load13amp (3000wat1)24OVac. tat. No. 98212155 £7.49 37. MASJERPlUG4·WAY TRAlUNG SOCKET, Mains indicator IlghlWith 1 melreapproxor cable and 13 amp fused plug With iRSulated pins. For use UP to 3kW.ldeal for use in the horne,workshop or.gara9f. Cat. No. 982/1187



On/offswilch, mains indicator fight With 1metre of cable approxand 13 ampfused plug. For use up to 3kW •. Cat. No. 98211077 £7.49 41. 13 AMP FUSED4WAY TRAiliNG ·SOCKET.With on/off switch. mains indicator light el(ternal fuse, 2 meue cable and one 13 amp(used Jliug. For use In the home, offkeandwor!cshop, Mal< loading 3kW. Cat. No. 98212100 £6.99

Iffil AlLlTeMS ~

• IIICIl 10 •

10 Inch

8 Inch •

10 IIICIl 10 InCh

• • • •

9 340


to 350


£23.50 • £29.00 • • • a £34.75 £39.00 •

• • J:!. £42.00



Items bearing this symbol come complete with cable. Forextra safety, we recommend the Safety Kit.See item no 7on page no 392. Flymoelectric trimmers carry a 3-year parts and l-yearlabour guarantee.




Ryo1;>114' HedgeTrimmer Black & DeckerGT150 He<lgeTrimmer Qualeasl HC40Hedge Trimmer Black& DeckerGT220Hedge Trimmer Bosch PHS36G l1edgeTnmmer Bosch PHS 48G Hedge Trimmer

14 Inch













Inch 18 Inch


• • •

•• •• ••


No Gable No Cable No Cable 12


•• • • • •• ••

I For quenes regarding Bosch products ring 0895 838402 - B.30am - spm Mon - Fn I


£49.50 £52.00 Free Garden DebrisBa.

£59.99 £74.00 £79.99 £89.50



'OUlllOUNO' BREATHABLE WATERPROOFSUIT.Two piece suit with sort handle finish. SIlltabiefor all outdoor activities. SIZE2. For up to 40 inchcflest. cat. No. 321/6468 £69.99 SIZE3. For up' to 44 Inch chest. cat. No. 321/6475 £69.99 10. GOlf UMBREUA Multi~red nylon cover with 8 double nuted ribs. 30 Inch lrame. Diameter 51 inch approx (opened). High Impact plastichalldle. (Colours may\'ary.) £5.99 Cat. No. 321/6406 11.0UTBOUNOWATERPROOfTWO· PIECESUIT.NyIonwith PVCbacking. welded seams andconcealed hood. Elasticated stoon culfs andWaist. 2 front pockets and lull length zip. Trousers have elastlcated waist. adjustable bottom width and removable elasucated stirrup bottoms. For chest up to 44 inch. £19.99 cat. No. 321/5847 12. MALIBU·TOURER· GOLFBAG. 7 Inch nylon goIl bag. Supponed with solid ridged base.Withdothing. ball and accessory pockets and padded canying strap. cat. No. 321/6516 £19.99 13. DUNLOPCOLlAPSIBLEGOLFSAG. 7 Inch durable hoI~9rHn PVCgolf bag. Fulllength clothing pocket 2 zipped ball pockets and umbrella frunents, Complete with matching adjustableshoulder ~trap and detadlable hood. Cat. No. 321/6561 £24.99 14.DUNLOPBLUeANDWHITEGOLF BAG. 7 Inch goll bag In sturdy nylon and PVC. Features Incfude lull length clothing pocket. 2 zippedbaUpockets and umbrella fitments, Complete with shoulder strap and matching hood, Cat. No. 321/6358 £29.99 15. ·SPAROYALE· GOlf8AG.81nch simulated leather golf bag. 14·way separator with 10 full tubes. features include large zipped clothing pocket and scorecard pocket. Ball pockeL Umbrella liltings and adjustable padded shOUlder strap. Complete with hood. Madeln the U.K. £32.99 Cat. No. 321/5854 16. JAGUARGOLFBAG. 7'1:inch golf bag In PU matenal. Features Indude 4·way dlvider.large clothing pocke~ ball. tee and goIl card pocket With shoulder sltap and matching hood. cat. No. 321/6413 £34.99 17. SPALDINGGOLf BAG.7'1:inch rigid goll bag with red and white Spalding brancled nylon golf umbreUa. Indudes 3·way dividers and clothing pocket with separate ball p(ldcel. Compiete with adjustable padded strap and detachable rain hood. Cat. No. 32116578 £34.99 18


HEAD· OALLAS"GOLFBAG. 7 Inch PVC bag with 4·way dividers, padded sling, full length do1hiogpocket. additional ball pocket umbrella holder. lOPquality fittings and matching hood. Cat.No. 32116224 £39.99


DUNLOPBLACKGOlf BAG. 7 'I:inch gall bag. With full length clothing pockel3 Zipped pockets and 4·wt'/ dub divider. Padded shoulder strap and matching hood. Cat. No. 321/6547 £39.99 20


DUNLOPBLACKGOLf BAG. 8 inch SllIrdy trolley bag indurable PVCwith gold trim. Includes spacious dothlng pocket ball pocket and 6·way divider. Complete with matching hoQd Cat. No. 321/5885 £49.99 21


DUNLOP ·MA)(fU EUROTOUR'GOlf BAG. 7inch rlg,d golf bag m leatheriook PVCwith 6-waydMder. Fulllength clothing pocket and 3balVtH pockets. Complete with matching hood and WH head covers. Cat. No. 321/5562 22


DUNLOp· ALL·WEATHER·GOLFGLOVE. Made Irom synthNic suede lablic with reinforced palm. Medium size. left hand glO'le. Wrth detadlable ball roarkef, (cotovrs mayval)'.J £4.75 Cat. No. 321/4790

'i' sW'MMNijii'Wt-

SLAZENGER·CHAtLENGE GOLF GLOVE.Synthetic leather material with reinforced palm. to give the performance of a leather g~ Indl)' weather and an all·weather glove Inwet weather. Medium size. left hand glove with velcro fastelling and deta~ble ball marker. Cat. No. 321/5603 £5.99 24



STYLOMATCHMAKER·WOODlANOS· GOlf SHOES.lightweight leather shQe, Achlileshefl styling lor comfort and eXIra support Traditional brogue style. SlZ68. Cat.No. 321/6293 £32.99 SIZE9. cat. No. 321/6303 SIZE10. Cat. No. 321/6310


STYLOMATCHMAKERS·TROON" GOLf SHOES.lnjeaion moulded hardweanng brogue style shoe. Guaranteed 100% waterprool. SIZE 8. Cat. No. 32116262

SIZt9. cat. No. 321/6279 SIZE 10. Cat. No. 321/6286 books_to_bytes


DUNLOPJUMBOMETAl DRIVER. CMfsrzed head lor iooeased confidence and distance. Designed with larger sweetspotto be more forgiving. Gun metal grey linishwith steel shalt. Cat.No. 321/6592 £39.99 2


MAUBU"FORCE' METAlWOODSNOS 1ANDS. Stainless slfe! shafts and an· weathetgrips. No 1 ·Driver· and No 5 ·FairwayWood· . Cat. No. 32 t 16509 3 @SUPERSTORESONLY

MALIBU"FORCE"NO 3 WOOD. Stain!ess steel shall. Traditional style wood with metal head and all·weather gllp. Cat. No. 321/6482 £19.99 4 @SUPERSTORESONlY

MALIBU• FORCE" NO 3 GRAPHITE WOOD.Features low lOIque graphite shaft 101 long distance drMng. A traditional style wood with metal head. Cat.No. 321/6499 £24.99 5 @SlJPERSTORESONlY

MALIBU·CHIPPER".Features flat sole and the loll 01a no 6iron. With malt bIad stainless Steelshalt, finished head and rubber gnp. Ideal for those diffICUltshots to the green. Cat. No. 321/5720 £12.99 6 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY

MAliBU "TOURLEADER"PUnER. Manet style head With (avity back. stainless Steelshalt and malt black ami· daule finisll.AlI·weathelgop. With alrgnrnent marker Cat. No. 321/S919 9 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY

MALIBU·TOURSElECT" COMPLETER GOLFSET.Comprises nos 3, 4, 6 and 8 irons, sand Ironand pll(hing wedge with barrefflnlsll. Cat. No. 321/6437 10.MAliBU "TOURSELECT"GOLF STARTERSEl. ComprISeSno3 metal wood. nos S. 7 and 9 IronS With new barrel finisll.and black VIP 1 punel. Cornpletewith 7 Inch sturdy tubed bag. with pockets and (arlYlng sllap. Complete with tees. pitch fork.baHmafkers and 3 golf bails. Cat. No. 321J6372 £69.99 11 @SUPERSTORESONlY

PRECISION"REACTION"1A0IE5' HALf SETOFGOLFCLUBS.A perfect set for a ladygolferbuying her firstset of golf dubs. CornPlises no 3 metal wood. nos 5. 7. 9 irons. sand wedge and puuer to match. Heel and toe weighted with "L" flex shafts and fitted grips. Cat.No. 321/6554




PRECISION·MADEJUNIORGOlf SET. Comprises no 3 wood. nos S. 7and 9 heel and toe weighted irons and a putter. Ughtweight golf bagwith pockets. For ages 7 to 12years. cat. No. 321/5878 £69.00 13. MAiIBU 'FORCe" SHORTSETOF GOlf CLUBS.Comprises nos 3,5,7,9 and sand irom with mirror fmish. Cat.No. 321/6420 £49.99 14. MAlIBU "fORCE" HAlF 5CTOF GOlf CLUBS. Comprises nos 4. Uirons and pitcl1ing wedge with mirror finish. Complete with no3 metal wood and face balance mark 1putter. Matt black finish


Cat. No. 321/636S £59.99 SlAZENGER 'CAlJFORNIANU" GOlf CLUBS.Melal woods featureperipheral weightiog for better control and alStance. Irons feature cavity backs and ailroad

sole. 15. HAlf SETOFGOlf CLUBS, Comprises no 3 metal wood, nos3. S, 7.9 irons andsand iron. Complete with heel and toe putter. cat. No. 321/5823 £99.99 16 @SUPERSTORESONLY

COMPlETER SET. Nos 1and5woods,nos 4,6. 8 irons and pltching wedge. cat. No. 32115830 £94.99 DUNLOP "PQWERMAX" GOLFCLUBS. Highlychromed finish.Woods have ridged sole for cleaner stoKe. ilonshave a cavity back. Lamm grips. 17 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

FILLER SET.Nos 1 and 5 woods. nos 4, 6, 8irpns and pitching wedge. Cat. No. 321/5689 £119.99 18 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

'11 SETOF GOlf CLUBS.'11 set including 7 inch rigid bag. Set corrqJrisesoo 3 wood, nos 3. 5, 7. 9 irons. sand iron.lXJtter and golf bag. Wood has ra<frusedsole for easier alignrnElltaocl deanerstrike.lrons have a wfde ra<f1USsole and low cenlre of gravitygfving confidence lor shot making and inaeased trajectory. Golf bag is nylon and PVC constructionwith fulllength clothing pocket and 2 zipped ball pockets completewith matching sling and hood. Ideal fOl canying 01 uolley use. cat. No. 32116602 £129.99 19 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

SPAWINGTOUR OBIGN FULL5ETOF GOlf CLUBS.Set comprises nos 1.3 and 5 metal matrixmods. 3 to 9 irons. sand iron and pitdmg wedge plusputter. Spalding lite shafts and Eaton grips. Six FREE Spalding Pro-Flite golf balls. Exclusive to Argos. cat. No. 321/6444 £199.99 20 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

MAiIBU "TOUR-liADER" FUU SETOF GOlfCLUB5. Se! cornprisesnos '. 3 and 5woods. 3 to 9 irons. sand iron arid pitching wedge. Putterwilh off·set haste and man black fll1M Irons have polished satin heads. ~ backs. MeLli woods. Alldubs ha\'estainlessSteeJ shafts. matchingan·weather~andantidazzleflnisll. Complete with sweetspot Indicator to helpalignmenL Cat.No. 321/5988 £159.95 21 @SUPERSTORESONlY

FUU SETOF ·ED" GOLFIRONS. Comprises nos 3 to 9 irons. pitching wedge and sand 11011- Heeland toe weighted. BritishApollo shafts. AIweather grips.

cat. No. 321/6011



~ ~

1. PENFOLD "COMMANDO" GOlf BALLS. One piece constsUCtion. AmeriGan size 1.68 ind1.Pad of 12. £4.99 cat. No. 321/3265 2


PENFOLD"ZX' GOLFBAllS. High performance two piece goKballs in hi· visibmtylunar yellow colour. Size 1.68 inch. Pad of 12. Cat. No. 321/5737 3


Sl'ALDING "MOLITOR" PACKOFGOlf BAlLS. Ideal for mid and hjgh handicap players. Two piece ball. Pack of 15. cat. No. 321/6451 £11.99 4


DUNLOP65IGOlfBAlLS.If'9h pe!(ormance two piece golf balls. PadoflL Cat. No. 321/4594

S. SlAZ£NGER ·CHAlI.ENGEXO' GOlf BAllS. High performatn two piece golf balls. Size 1.68inch. Pad of 12. Cat. No. 321/5153 £9.99

6. PENFO[DGIFTPACK, ConllllllS double ball deaner for dean and dirty use, 8 Penfold "ZX· high performance two piece golf balls (4 white, 2 lunar yellow and 2

$Olarred), 5 golftees, 2 ball matkersanda metal pi1chmarkrepairer. Cat. No. 321/6585 7


PENFOLD"ZX" GLOVEGIFTPACK Containsone afl.weatherleft hand medium size golf gltm. Synthetic material (colour may vary). 4 golf balls (2 white and 21unaryellowl, 6 golf tees, 4 ban markers and a metal pitchmark repairer. Cat. No, 321/6327 £9.99 8. SPAlDING 'TOP fUTE PLUS n" GOlf BAlLS. New Zytinroveredballs providing distance and durability, Pad of 15. Exclusive to Argos. Cat. No. 321/6389 £14.99 9. GOlf BAll PERSONAUSER KJT. Brass finishgolf aid that lets you personalise your golf balls wilh your own initials and prevents failway confusion. Includes leners, ink and varnish. Ballsnotlnduded.

cat. No. 32115933







umbrellas. Cat. No. 321/6107 11




HOCKEYBAll. 36 inclllull size. General purpose stkt lor school or dub use. 4 peee laminated handle. fine qualitys)1ort mulberryhead. 2 colour grip. Cornplele v.ith r19htWeightnylonstick bag with 2 stick capacity. adjustable shoulder strap. High quafityseamless tournament standard Iiockey ball. Cat. No. 301/8800 £16.50

teehOlde!. tees. plusbag strap. Cat. No. 32116530


MAliBU GOLF PRAcnCESET. With slm~latedgrass mat. tees, (hipping net. pultUlg cup and lour indoor/outdoor goIl


baUs.(Club nO! inCluded.) Cat. No. 32114862


approx. Cat. No. 30116857

(order 1 0198011451 at£2.1I9pair). Cat. No. 321/3241 £9.50




SETOFSIX BOUlES. Chrome plated Steel booles lor IWOpIa)'e~.With virrt!callying case, jack and instruction leaflet Cat. No. 30018906 £29.99

'4 €)

SUPERSTORESONLY PUTTINGPARTNER.Adjustable automatic ball return lor variable putting

distances.Mains operated. Cat. No. 32116619



HEAD "PERFORMANCe' RACKET THERMO. Nylon racket therrnowhich ean hold approx 3 rackets. With detachable


MALIBU DRIVING NET. Goff practice driving qet. Tubular painted steellrame with ~Ion net. Size9 feet wide by 71eet high. Ideal fOl use in thegarden. Cal. No. 32114893 £44.99



SLAZENGER "ECLIPSE" HOCKEYSllCK, features tight Mulberry head lot imprci'led ball control. Synthetic grip. length 36 inch


MACHINE. Returnsthe baQ(notsupplied) ilthe pun is correct, Can be used indoors 01 outdoorS.Requires2 xlR14 batteries




MALI8U TUSE TOWEL Strong i~ection moulded rube. 'Mth cotton towel which keepsdryby simply retJaC1inginto its protecti'll!tube when not needed. With



OUN~OP xr SQUASH BALLS.Pad ol3. Premier UK tournamentball. SRA approved Cat. No. 30119108 £3.49

"SROll YMATe" .Atta<hes to your gotl trol~ and ~Ids umbrella in near uplight poSItIOn. Sultable.lor most sized _golfing

shoulder strap and front lastening pockel Cat. No. 30116895




P~MA SOCK PACK. ~ 013 sportsI lelSulesodcs; 70%conon. lS%rrt!on. 10% elastane and 5% aoylk. Fitsadult shoesi2e7·11. Cat. No. 30116338


CARLTON CLUB SHUJTlECOCKS. A tube 016 rrt!on shuttlececks giving consistent ftighlldeal for leisure and casual playets. cat. No. 30117605 £3.50

'7 €) SUPERSTORESONLY DUNLOPTENNIS BAlLS. Pack of 6 tennis ballsideal for practice or match use. Pressurised ballSwhich ensure ideal playability and packed in a pressu(tsed container. Cat. No. 30119098



1.KINGfiSHERY0UTH'S FISHING OUTFIT.Consists of 7 feet solid nbteglass rod. fIXedspool reel with monolilament line.pad; of hooks. disg<lf~. bait box, floats, float rubbers, zinker billie!. plummet and lead-free shot With instnlctions and 'lotrOOUCliOilto Angfing" booklet. Cat. No. 325/2453 £14.99 2. KINGfiSHERCOARSEFISIjING OUTFIT.Consists of 3 piece. hollow fibreglass 10 feet match rOd.fIXedspool reel with mooofilament nne, disgorger, packet of hooks, bait box. noats. float rubbers, plum,met and Iead{ree shot. With instructloosal1d "Introduction to Angling" booklet Cat. No. 325/2460 £19.99 3





I, _







KINGfiSHERPOLEOUTFIT.An fdeal inlroduaion to pole fIShing.Comprises 5 metre fibreglass telescopic pole, monofilament line.disgorger, 2 pole floats, 2 winders, a pad;et ololiVeltes. packet of hooks 10 nylon. lead·free shot, plummet and bait box. Complete with instructions and "IntrOduction to Angling" bookle~ cat. No. 325/2484 £19.99 4


KEENETSANGLERSOUl'FIT.Comprises 3 piece carbon cQlllposite 12Ieetmatch rod, JX20stern drag reelwith nne, quick dlykeep net and bank Slick. landing net and Ilancile, rodTest,bait box, hooks. floats. float rubbers, lead-free shot. disgot:gel and plummet with illUSlrated instructions. Cat. No. 32513067 £37.99 5. KINGFISHERTRAVEllER'SFISHING OUTfIT,Comprises 61eet telescopic hollow Gbreglass rod. fixedspool reel with monofilament line. packet of hooks, disg<lfger.floats, sea Hoat,swivels, lead· free shot. plummet; zinkerbullet and instructions. With call)'ing case. Cat. No. 325/2477 £18.99 6

9. CHEVRON12 fT MATCHROD. Consists 01 3 piece. 12 feet carbon composite match rod, EVAhandle. sliding reel fining. black chromerings, lined butt and tip rings. With caro~ng bag. cat. No. 32512910 £22.99 10


KlNGFISHERlEGERFISHINGOUTFIT. Comprises 9 feet carbon composite leger rod, graphhe reel. monofilament IlOe. quiver tip, swing tip, 2 svAmfeeders. 5 leger srops,5 swiVels.5legerweights. 10 assoned hooks and disgorger. With ins!JlJCtionsand "'ntrodualon to Angling" booideL cat. No. 325/2879 £38.99 7




CHEVRON11 fTCARP ROD.2 piece carbon composite rod. 21blestCUiVe.EVA abbreviated handle wilh SCleIN wii1ch fittfng. Ceramic Unedrings. Witlidoth bag. Cat. No.325/2824 £31.50 12. KEENETSDELUXEFISHINGROD HOlDALLConstrUcted from heavy duty nylon. Features umbrella and rod resV bank slic!: pockets with soap·lock budcJes, Adjustable webbing shoulder strap. Compfetewith:3 xS feet capped tubes for lull rod p/otecHon. Cat. No. 325/2525 £19.99


CHEVRONSTIRLING8M POLE.SUm.light and ngid carbon fibre. "Take Apart" pole With put m joints. Complete with elasticaU!d kit and instructions. Weight 7599 apptox. With doth bag. cat. No.325/2721 £59.99


CHEVRONQUIV£RTlP 10 fT ROD. 3 piece carbon composite rodwith 2 interchangeable test curved pushin qUiver tips. With cofklEVAlufllength handle and ceramic guides,Compiete with doth bag. Cat. No. 325/2941 £31.50





CHEVR.ON-9fT LEGER ROD.2·piece carbon composite rod lorlegering. swing and quiver tipping. EVAhandle and sliding reel filting. With cIolh bag. Cat. No. 32512628 £19.99

Ughtweight carbon bodied reel with shallowmatch.spooI. Auto,tmanual trip bail. silent antl-reverse.lelt hand wind and stern drag pointing iNlay from rod, Cat. No. 325/2367 £10.99


14. ZEBCOPROSTAFF 20 REEL Ughtwejght. graphite bodied reel witl1 auto trip ba~.Brass gears. ball bearing drive. rear drag. 3 w~ anti· reverse and ambidextrous handle. [lotating line roller and tine dip protects Hnewear. Gear ratio

5:1. Cat. No. 325/2769'



KfENETS DE LUXE5 TUBEROO HOLDALL Constructed frOm heavy dulY nylon, Featureszipped umbrella and bank sucl: pocI:elS with snap-loci: bucl:les. Solid ~, complete with 5 capped tubes for full rod protection. Adj~table shouldei strap and carrying ~andle, Cat. No.325/3012


16.l(fNGFISHERFRfSHWATER ACCESSORY OUTFIT, CompriSes one troy tacl:1e box. monofilament line. disgorger. floats, float rubbers, swivels, lead-free shot, plummet, swimfeeder. hooks, salebcrnb, bait box and bullet.

Cat. No. 325/2707


17. STORAGE BOX. 2 cantilevEf action tra~ wilh many companmenlS. Made from hi·impact plastic to protect contenlS. Size 12 x5 x6 TO(h appJox. cat. No. 32SJ136B £3.75 t 8. MAliBU FISHING BOX. Designed with a strong moulded shaped seat for maximum comfort Web carrYing strap and detachable Iadde trays. Size of top 17 x l1x 14inch applOx. Size of bottom ISx 9'h x 12 inch approx: Cat. No.325/3005 £18.99 19 @SUPERSTORESONlY

KINGfiSHER SEATAND TACKLE BOX. Ughtweight box complete with twolid u¥, east slide,catmes and detacllable tadde tray,Withpadded shoulder strap, Size 22'hx 17x 18'hindlapprox.

Cat. No.325/3029


20. KINGflSHEf\ flOAT BOX AND FLOATS. Robust plastic float boxwith foam inserts. Gontains 20 popular freshwater floats and FREE Starlight nightfloat attadlment. Styles may

vary. Cat. No. 325/3050



MAliBU FISHING COMPENDIUM. CompriseS fish,iJ)9box with moulded seat and baitlr~. Rod holdallwith umbrella pocket and keepnet bag both made from PVCfnyton. Set comes complete with bait box. 7 fishingfloats. 7 float rubbers. accessol'f box, 30 hooks (10ea<h of sizes 12. 14 and 16). non toxic sbot, 5 spinners, 2 swim feeders, disgorger. -3 swivels, 3 spools of monofilament line (21b, 411>and 61b). 6 non toxic Iege.r weights. sdssors, 3 bread punches, rod rest and rod r~ head. 12 hooks to nylon (size 16)/ swing tip, plummeJ, l:alilpultandwirespin trace. Cat. No. 325}2752 £69.99

AT LOW PRICES books_to_bytes




KEENElS UGHlWEIGHT lANDING NET AND HANDLE. 18 inch lolding mix'mesh pan landing nelon glass libre frame with telescopc 3·piece gla5S fibre handle. Extends from 3 feet Sinch to 10 feet 6 jnchapprox. Cat. No. 325/2855 2


KEENETS10fTMICRO-FLOMESH KEEP NET. 10leetx 18 inch diameter. Adjustable angle tilting top ring. Supplied with telescopic bank stick. Extends from 24 to 40 Inch. Cat. No. 325/2862 3.I<EENETSKEEPNET AND lANDING NETOUTFIT.Comprises 10 leet x 18 inch minnow mesh keep net with alloy bank slick and 18 jnch mix-mesh folding pan landin~ net head with telescopic alloy handle. Extendsfrom 41eet to 71eet 6 inch. Complete wilh plinted net bag. Cat No. 325/2800 £19.99 4


KtNGFISHERBITEAlARM. For day or night fishing. Elearonic indicator fits a standard bank stICk and incorporates a rod resl PrlMdes audible warning with visual conllrmatlon. Requires 6LR61 batlelY(orcler I of9801097t at £2.45). Cat. No. 325/2745 £15.99 5



'OUTBOUND" 100% WATERPROOF QUllTEO FISHINGSUIT.He.lV'fdutyonepiece polyester filled nylon suiL Detachable h90d. For up to 42 Inch chest. Cat. No. 325/2549 £64.99 to. ·OUTBOUND" fiSHING SHElTER. Made in 190 denier PUcoatednylonwilli flbreglass poles. glly lines and pegs. Sewn·in groundsheet. 7 pegging points. Width 79 Inch. clepth47 inch. helght47 inch apPlox. Welght 3. Sib approx. Cat. No. 325/2604 £34.99


KEENETSBAITACCESS06Y OUTFIT. Comprises 12 inch diameter heavy dulY oylon folding bait mildog bOwl. set 013 bail boxes (1 each 'Il pint. 1 pint. 2 pint). maggouiddfe. bait catapult,lIshlng multi· tool (scisSOls. forceps. shot and crimpers) and a set 013 disgorgelS (1 each small. ll1edium and large). Cat, No. 325/3036 £14.99 6


DINSMORESAFESHOTSELECTION. Compnslng an assonment of 6 sizl!Sof

non·toxicshoL Sizesno I. no 4. no 6.

SSG. AM, 88. Complete with disgorger and storage tray. Cat. No. 325/2927 7.TILTACTIONFISHINGUMBREllA. Coatednylon cowr. Mooring ring. 43 Inch rib. Black f)IIintedsteel frame. Cat. No. 325/1210 8


FIStiERMANSGLOVES.Macle from flexible and extra comlonable neopre~. with nco·sllp palm and top 01 thumb a"~ lirst IWO nng4!fSremoved for precision work. Cat. No. 325/3074


11. MAlIBU HAVERSACK STOOl. Steel framewitb blaEk powder coa~ng.Wrth nylon PVC 100% wateq>roof havefsack withbuckle fastelling. Folds for easy

storage and complete with canying strap. Cat. No. 325/3081



MilliE MULTI·MOULDFOOTBALl.. Hardwearing rubber covered foolbalt. ideal for practiceand U<lining.Offidal size andweighL Suppliedwith inflation needle.Size5.

cat. No. 301/6826



PUMAARMALITESHINGUARDS.One piece moulded tron~guard. PadcWankle protec1ion'with high dens1tYprotective ankle cups. Elasticated leg strap. F1FA approved. One see to filyoUth or man. Length 14 indl apPlox. Cat. No.301l31 04



13. MITREDELTAlEAGUHooTBAll.. 18 panel, see 5,hand Slitched synthetic leather foolbal!. FIFAand FAapproved. Exclusivelyendooed by the new FA Premier Le\l9ue. Supplied willi lull instructions. Cat. No. 301n966


14. MITRE"DElTA MAGNUM" fOOTBALL 18 panel hand stitched synthetic football. FooibaU League logo with distinctive red delta markings. Supplied with inflation adaptOl' and il1SUUaions. FlFAapproved. Size 5.


G.B. NETBAl.LRING.WI.inch diameter approx black steel iing WTIhintegralarm to fit under sepatall! waliplate. Complete wilh net. wallplate. raWiplugs. saewsand Cat. No. 301/1766 £12.99 instruClions..(Ballnotinduded.) 15. AIRBORNElEAlHER FOOTBAll.. cat. No. 301/6840 £11,00 Hand stitched. 32"J)anellaceless football 24 €) SUPERSTORESONLY With inflationadaptor .lIecommended by Bobby Charlton. Size 5. MITREMUl TI·MOULDNETBALL Cat. No. 300/2940 £6.99 Hardwearing nJbber ccwered netball. Ideal for practice and training. OffICialsize and 16. AOIDAS'ElRUSCO SCORPION" fOOTBAlL. 32 panellaCeless PVCfootball weight. Supplied with inRadon needle. Size:;. with inflation adaptcl'. FIFAapp(()IIed, . Cat. No. 301/6833 SizeS. Cat. No. 30117289


17. PUMA' REflEX' GOAlKffPER'S Gl0vtS. Made of cotton with pimpled rubber palmand ft~rs.. YoulllsiZe. Length 8 inch approx.


G.B. BASKEl8ALl RINGAND NET. 17lJ. inch diameter approx black steel ring with neIll!taining dips. 20inchlong approx net. With integrai wall mounting £3.99 neon Cat. No. 3010942 plate. supporting bars and fittings. (Ball notinduded.) 18 €)SUPERSTORESONlY £15,50 Cat.No. 301/6204 ADIDAS•ADIGRIP' FIRST GOAU<EEPER'SGLOVES.Highlydurable 26 €) SUPERSTORESONLY hone'}tomb embossed palm. Maile from MITRESIZE7 MUmMOULD shockabsorbenLmaterials. Elasticwrist BASKETBALLHardweilring rubber match band with velcro fastening.leI1glh W. and praclice ball. OfflCfalsize and welght. inch approx. £11.99 Supplied willi inflation needle. Cat. No. 301/5346 Cat. No. 301/4354


19. UMBROMAAACANASHINGUARDS. 27. G.B. 8ASKETBAll RINGANDNET One piece S1IOI)9shellmoulded PWS BASKETBALL17lJ. ioch approx shinguards. Foam ~king and velcro black steel ring ~ net retaining integral fastelling. Youth size. LeIIgth 7'h inch dips. With long yellow neon net, illlegral approx. mounting plate and supporting bars. Cat. No. 301/8532 £2.99 walJ Includes size 7 durable nylonwound 20. PUMA ·SHIElD· SHINGUARO. rubberpebblegrain ball of offICialweight Made of H.D.P.E.polyester. Removable and size. Adaptor included. inserts foe added protection. Padded ankle Cat. No. 301f7973 £19.99 protKtion. One size. Length l3'h inch 28. FOOTBALL GOAL Zinc coated approx. steel frame wilh po!yesterfinish. cat. No. 301/7959 £6.99 tubular Height to crossbar 5 feet. \WlIII 7 leet. 21. SONOICOPROUTESHINGUARDS. depth 3 feet 4 inch. Suitable fOluse on Anatomi<allyshaped PEsheD with velcro grass or concrete surfaces.. Complete with str.Ip5 and padded ankle protection. Adult ground pegsa!J(l net. Easy lOassemble. size. Length 1PI. inch apprlix. Cat. No. 300/8463 £24.99 Cat. No. 301/8549 £8.99 books_to_bytes

Stay In shape at Argos Our range of In-home exercise equipment will enable you to exercise where and when It suits you. We have equipment to develop strength and stamina for men and women of all ages. for beginners and for experts. Whether YOl.l'relooking for light exercise or for something more "serious", at Argos, we know how to taJce care of It. Strength


There Is a variety of keep fit equipment available at Argos which primarily helps to build up your strength.

We.lghts and Benches are the simplest way to Increase your strength. With weights you can use either a barbell or dumbell bar depending on the type of exercise you want to do. If you use a bench in conjunction with a set of weights it will allow you to develop your own training programme.

are the most comprehensive fitness and body building machines for developing your muscles. They are fully adjustable so that you can progressively increase and decrease the weights and resistance on them. Our multigyms will suit everyone, whatever your age, sex or level fabill Look out for our dimensions box which shows size and also remember to allow extra space for the sports equipment when in use. Stamina

If you are looking to build up your stamina through exercise then have a look at our range of exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines, Steppers and Treadmills. help to build up your aerobic capacity and are particularly

Rowing Machines are the single best machines for all round exercise by strengthening your legs and exercising your upper body.

Steppers provide one of the best fonns of cardiovascular workout, using the largest body muscle groups and strengthening, toning and contracting muscles. Steppers are available in various fonnats from basic mini-floor steppers to stepper climbers with electronic monitoring.



Exercise Bikes

good at helping to tone up the muscles In your buttocks, hips, thighs and legs. Dual action cycles have adjustable pivoting handlebars enabling you to pedal and row, exercising the upper and lower body at the same time.

are similar to jogging and walking and are reno¥med as one of the mOlt intensive work-out machines. Now we've gitlen you some key tips on keep fit equipment, have a look through the catalogue to see our full range and let Argos taJcecare of it.

•• I=ETY TIPS Before you start we recommend two key safety tips. • Always consult your Doctor before starting a new exercise programme. which will involve a major Increase In exercise compared to what you are used to. • Never let children near any equipment wIlllst in use as serious InJuries can be caused by moving chains, wheels and spokes.

1. YORK 50l;G CAST IRON BARBELIJ DUMBELl SEJ. Comprises 6 x O.5kg, 6 x 1.25\:90 4x 2.Skgand4.xSkgdoogiving SOlJifferent~ghlcombinations. With 2 x 14inch dumbell bars and as feet barbell bar. both solid chromEd with spiOlock collars. features speaal nJbberrings to reduce disc movement. Exercise instructiOns included. Cat. No. 301/6118 £49.99 2 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY YORK 20KG SPINLOCK ADJUSTABlE DUMBELL kIT. Comprjses 2x 14 Inch chromEd and knurled dumbell bars with spinlock collars incorporating rubber rings to reduce disc movement. 4x O.Skg. 4 x 1.2Skg and 4 x 2,Skg cast iron discs. Adjustable from 610 20kg giving 7 combination$. Training c1lan induded. Cat. No. 301/9050 £24.99 YORK CAST IRON WEIGHTS. For use with dumll and barbell b<lrso[ 1inch diameter. Rounded edges for easier

2 x SKG CAST IRON WEIGHTS. Cat. No. 301/7825 £9.99 5 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY 2 x 7.5KG CAST IRON WEIGHTS. Cat. No. 301/9036 £14.99 6 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY 2X 10KGCASTIRONW~IGHTS. Cat. No. 30117849 £19.99


7 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY YOIlK 5 FTBARBELl BAR. Safid chromed and Knurled barbell bar with fixed inner coJlarsandtwospiniockcoUars.1 inch diameter bar. cat. No. 301/7832 £14.50 8 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY YORI(TRICEP AND CURL BAR. Consuuaed from 1inch round Steel tube. With 2 spring dip coliars.lncludes inslnKtions. Cat. No. 30119043 £16.99 9. YORJ02KG BARBELUDUMBElL SET. Comllrlses6x 1.lk9. 6x2.3kg and2x 4.5kg discs giving 16differentwelght combinations. 2 x 18 inch plated dumbell bars coin~tewilh revolving sleeves. 5 feetc:hromebar and handgripsanCI8 locking collars. Can be combined with item no 10 to make a 54kg set. Training book and wan chan induded. £18.50 Cat. No. 30111230 Total weight of barbeltldumbell sets includes the weight of the bar.


2 x 11,3kg discs. Extra V.'liigh1Sfor item no 9 to make up a 54kg~L Cat. No. 30111254 £9.99 11. YORK 15KG DUMBEll SET. C()mpri~s 4 x 1.1kg and 4 x 2.3kg discs with imerlockingcollars. 2xIS inch plated bars with revolvingsleeves and 4 lockingcollars. Complete with exercise charts. Compatible with item nos 9 and 10.

Cat.No. 30111247 12




lealllerwelght-lifting belt and double stitched gloves_Bell has double prong buckle for ~ntyand thlCl(~dding for lumbar suppon. To fitwaisl28· 36 inch. Gloves have padded palms Clodthumb ereas. vekre fastening. To f\tsize 9'/2. Cat. No. 301/6541 £14.99 13. YORK WEIGHT lIFTlNG·GlOVES. Tough leatllelgloveswith Iy<raexjlaoding backs. Palm and thumb-areas reinfOiced wi1heXfTaleather. Velcrowristdosures. Tofit up to glove size 9'11inchappt'ox. Cat. No. 301/7447 £4.99 14. YORI( "6600' BENCH WITH lEG LIFT.AIl adjuslable bench which features uniqueJeg exerci~ attachment. reniovable forimproving exercise potentlal Thickloam upholstery. Fixed barbell support with 3 position incline back restwith safety lock. Includes elCElcisewallcharts. Size6S x 40Y. x 28'Il inch approx, (WeighlS not induded.) Cat. No. 30113977 £37.00 15



SQUATAIT,ilPIMENTS.3position incline ba(jc rest 1'/2 inch square tubing bunerfly adjustment provides peclchesl musde exer~. "Quick change' designtI\ anachmenllO Improve bench exercises: Squat attachment fordeveloping calves and thighs, \WeighlS oot included.) cat. No. 301n801 £74.99 16 €) SUPERSTORESONLY YORK '8000~WIDE STANCE EXffIClSE BENCH. Thick foam upholstery. 5 positlon adjustable incline back rest and adjustable barbell suPports. With leg curl and thigh extension attachment Complete with exefci~ challS. (WeighlS not included.). Cat. No. 301l367B £49.99 17



PREACHER,CURLANDTHIGH EX'fINS10NATTACHMENTS. Complete system. Includes 3 position incline backrest,leg extension and preacher curl are detaehable to provide flatbench. Butterfly helps develop chest muscles. Thickfoam uphoistery.lod~ e«erdse wa" chalts. Slze6S x-40 ~ 28 inchapprox. Cat. No. 30116527 £69.99

When purdlasing these items remembersomeare of a heavy and bulky nature. Before undertaking a training programme, you should consult your doctor if you have any medical problems. All keep fit equipment issetf assembly. HElPUNE York: 0327 78911. Bam-S.30pm. Monday-friday.


1. YORK "250" ABDO BOARD. Slant board for sit up exercises. Thidi foam and vinyl upholsie'Y forcomfon. Large foam

rollers for ankle and knee support. Folds flat for easy storage. Completewith exerdse inslllKtions. Cat No. 301/3661 £29.99. 2


YORK,204 CURLBENGHAND EZ CURL SET"BI(EP BUILDER".(Takes lessSJ!!Ke than a chair.) I'11incl1sqUatI.' tubular steellrame with thick padded upholstery. Indudes EZ curl bar, 4 x 2.2kg vinyldiscs and 2 spri"9 collars. Gorlinginstructions

endosed. cat. No. 301/6534 3



YORK CHINNII'otGBAR. For "chin·ups".

Sit-upsorstretchingexerdses. Willfit dooIW<¥ up to 40 inch wide. Complete with training imtfUctions. cat. No. 300/9754 £7.95 4


YORKPUSH·UPSTANDS.BuildspoweIful Shoulders. cheStand arms from a standard pWr-up. Reduces stress on wriStSand forearms. Constructed from heavydul)l steel with ~prene grips. cat. No. 30112473 £9.99 5


YORKFAMILYDUMBElLSET.Strong plastic dumbells complete with stOrage stand and exer~ chart. Comprises 2 x 1.lkg,2 x 2.2kg and 2 x 4.S~ dumbells. Cat. No. 301/9012 £17.50 When purchasing these itemsfrom our·showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature. All keepfit equipment is self assembly. Before undertaking a training programme, you should consult your doctor if you have any medical problems. The total weight of barbeU/dumbell sets indudes the weight of the bar.

6. YORK"1001" FlTNESSSYSTEM.Free· standing, self.<on'taiMd home gym p(oviiJingup La3-5 exeroses.lncludes full length bench, leg curl and thigh, short pulley bar. bench press barwlth 6position adjustment. Supplied with Pee·Dec fOI upper body deVelop(nenl Allows 12 increases in weight up to 6Okg. Complete with tlaining book. Size 129x82x42 inchapprox. Requires minimum ceiling height of 7 feet Free home delivery, see page 3. Caf.No.33S/11S8 £199.00 7. YORK"200 1• HOMEFITNESS CENTREWlTHpee MATE. Free-;tanding, SE:llo(Ontajnedunit. ~oviding more than 54.execoses. Includes lull size bench, leg cu~ and thigh attachment. fat bar, pulley bar and bench press bar with squat attachment Supplied with pee attachment for upper bo<t,< development. Provides )2 ,ncreases in weight resistance to 65kg. Complete with execdse book and 4 lullcolour wall charts, Size 120 x B2 x 38 inch approx. Requires minimum ceiling height of 7 feet Free home delivery, see page 3. cat. No. 335/1361 £299.00 8. YORK"3001' MEGAMAXHOMEGYM. Space saVIngvertical press des~n. Free standing. sell contained Ifnil providing O'Ier29 exeroses. Indudes a 9Skg weight stack with 21 resistance levels and on·line cable system which meam no cable d.1a"ge5.With pee dec for.upper body development,lat bar, short pulley bar, ankle stlap, leg extension,leg curl, stirrup handle and vertical press. Complete with comprehensive instructions and fullcolour wallcharts. Size84x81 x39 inchapprox. Requires minimum ceillng height of71eel. Free home delivery, see page 3. cat. No. 33511471 £399,00 9.YORl( • 200 I" COMPlETEFITNESS SYSTEM.Fullsize gym providing more than 54 exerdses. System includes bench press. crossbar.latbar. short pulleybar, leg curl and thigh extension. Detachable freestanding bench lor plJlloversand nat flyingexeroses. Pee Mate for inner pee exercises. Shape M,lte designed to strengthen and tone~ stomachand lowel bac!:. 51LMate is an adjustabfe sit·up board enabll~ 2 people to u~the gym at the same time. Provides 12 increases Irnveight up to 65kg. Complete with training book and 4 wall charts. Size 120xB2 x92 inchapprox ..Requires minimum height of 7 feet Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat.No. 335/1330 £449.00



YORK Tel: 0327 789118.00amto LS.30pmMon. tofri.





2. WEIDER31KG "OLYMPI~" VINYL BARBElLIDUMBElLSET.With fREE ,gloves.Comprises 5 feet solid steel barbell bar with revolving sleeve ~ collars, Zincplated 15inch dumbell bars with reVolvingsleeves and collars. 4 x 1kg. 4 x 2kg. 2 x 6kg Olympian~vinyl plates whidl provide up to 15 diffetent weight combinations. Complete....1th a universal exerdsechart. Cat. No. 301/91 15 £22.99 3. WEIDER'REO SABRE"32KG BARBELLSET.Comprises 5 feet chromed and knUJledsolid steel barbell bar. 2 cast iron smooth action safety spin lock collars, 2 x lkg. 2 x 2kg, 2 x 4kg and 2 x 6kg (9St Iron plates giving" 4 combinations. With comprehensive exercise g~ide. Ca,1. No. 301/0475 £34.99 4. WEIDERFB200 FOLOINGEXERCISE BENCH.Sturdy square section tubular steet Adjustable height and locldngleg unit. Padded rollers and fullypadded vinyl seat with 4·position iodine. Fixedbarbefl stand. Folds (orstorage, Easy to assemble, With ualniJ1gguide. Size67'h~ 20)(40 Inch approx. Weights not included. Cat. No. 301/6077 £59.00 5. WEIDER'Ol YMPIAN'I'"VINYL20KG WEIGHTSH. 2 x IOkgdiscs. Compatible Ivlth item no' 2. (aLNo.suiBliu) a.35 6. WEIDER"REDSABRE"iOKG OUMB~LLSET,Eompr~ 2 xts inch dlromed and knurled sortd steel dumbell bars. 4 cast iton smooth action safety spin IocXcoIlars.8 x tkg,4 x 2kg cast iron plates giving 4 combinations. With comprehensive exercise gulde. Compatiblewilh item no 3. Cat. No. 301/0468 £24.99 7. WEIDERWEIGHT-LlfTlNGBELT.Real leatherfor maximum back support. To fit waist sizes 28·36 inch, Cat. No. 301/7430 £8.49 8, WEIOERfB200B FOLDINGBunERFL Y BENCI:l.StulCfysquare section wbular steel construction. With adjuStable heigh.t and lockingleg unit Padded rollers and rupypadded vinyl seat with 4·position indine. FIXedbarbell stand. Butterfly attaChment (Of addltional chest exercises. Foldslorslorage. Easy 10 assemble. With uainingguide, Sile 67'hX'43'hx 40 inch approx, Weights nollncluded, Cat. No. 301/6084 £74.00 9



WElDERWEIGHT·LlfTlNGGLOVES. Leather gloves with padded palms and double stitched seams. Nylonexpamex backs with velcrostyle fastenings for extra comlort. Size9-9'l2iarge. Cat. No. 301/3654 £5.95 10 ~

1. WEIDER120 EXERCISEBENCH.sturdy square sealon tubular steel construction, Fullypadded vinylseat with 4-posltion lndlne fad~ty. Legunit with padded rollers and fIXedbarbell st4nd. asselTlbk. Indudes comprehensive bench training andexercjseguide. Size66x41 x 21 inch ",pprox. Weights not included. Cat. No. 301/6060 £42.99





WEIDERTOTAlARMBLASTER.Aids arm stabili(yduringcurling exercise. Fully adjustable. Spedllcally designed \0 isolate working arm muscles whilsl training mcep. bicep and forearm muscle groups, Cat. No. 30D/9B71 £16.99 Before undertaking a trainIng programme, you should eonsult your doctor if you have any medical problems.



11. WEIDER 'OLYMPIAN" MUSCLE BUILDER. Ideal fOfactive people espEOally

those involvedInspons of any!ype. CarefuUyformulated willl added free form amino<lcids to aid tile muscle building Pl0ce5S.Each30g(21.6g of protein) selVingwhen mixedwith skimmed milt and taken as dire<1edwiD provide apptOJe 329 of protein. Eachpack 014 ContalllS approx 13 dayssupply. Cat. No. 301/1838 £18.99 12. WEIDER"OLYMPIAN" CRASH WEIGHT GAIN. For sportSpefSOIls WIShIng (0 gain weight as part of thetrfitness programme quiddy and safely. Enriched with essential vitamins andminerals it [lfovides a rutritioos. detlCious ard convenient caloriepacked drink. Each 759 (290calories)5e!Ving. when mixedwith fuil fat milkand takenaslirected. will provi&! approx457 calories. Each pact 01 6contains approx 20days supply.

WEJDERHElPUNE Tel: 0800 220 532 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Thursday. 8.30 amt0330 pm friday. The total weight of barbellidumbell sets indudes the weight ottlre bar. All keep fit equipment is self

assembly. When purchasing these items from our showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and buIlcy nature.


Cat. No. 30111845

BUILDER. Designedto help develop shoulders. chest. arms and back muscles. With 5 slIength settings. Includes fuD

instructions. Cat. No. 30012957 £9.49 14. WEIDERW8320BSEXERClSE BENCH. Heavy duty tubular steel conslllKlion. 4 position deep padded back rest and multi·position barbel stands. Lockingleg extension. butterlly attachment and lullyintegrated unique design adjustable squat stands IOf additionalext!fOse'/ilriation.Complete with ext!fciseinstructJonsand exerose guide. Size 79x42'hx 54¥. indlapprox. Weights notinduded. Cat. No. 301/8446 £99.99 15


WEIDERE-490 EXERCISEBENCH.A heavyduty bench (orserious woO:O\Jts. Rugged square tubular steet frame and

uprights with black "hammer" fini~ coating. Multi-position barbell stands and deep padded 4 position backrest for exercise variation the bench is complete with a leg ElJrflexten5100 unit wllh padded supportS. Complete with assembly instructions and exercise guide. Size 67'/. x31 x 64'h inch approx. Cat. No. 301/8518




I SEE PAGE 1 I 1.WEIDERC08RA HOMEGYM.Sturdy, gym without the need to cnange cables. With over 30 exercises, the systelllinciudes removable fullsize bench. leg curl attacfunenL I~tbar and pulleybar. System delivers 50kg o( smooth reslstanCe. Complete with l1Iusllatedtraining instructions. Size 78 x 86x 24inch approx. Free home delivery, fee page 3. Cat. No. 335/1433 £199.00 2. WEIDERfLEXSTACKMASTERHO~E GYM.Robust heaw duty construCtion with epoxy coated frame and deep padded bench. Exercises can be performed without changing cables, doubling welght resisUlnce to 90kg (or most majocexercises. With over 20 exercises. the system indudes bench press, butterfly • Pee Dec', rat pull down, legcu~s and leg extensions. With dumbell handle. leg strap, extension cable and Iat bar. Complete wllh assembly Instructions and training manual. Size 84 x 71 x 39 inch approx. Free home delivery, see page 3. cat. No. 33511457 £249.00 3. WEIDER"flEX Ell0' HOMEGYM. Unisex.compact and IlghlWeight. Uses nex band reslsUlncewhich is lully adjustable up to a maximum o( 50kg. Complelely safe and allows the user to exercise. 111mand tone alll'l1ajorbocIy palt$without using heavy weights. Size 52 x 64 x 34inch approx. Cat. No. 30117526 £99.00 COlTlpac1 fuiliunction


4. D.P. ·Q!ALl.ENGER· FOLDAWAY 8ENCH.Welghtllaining bench. Made from 1'/1 inch square tilbularsteel. Features Include adjustab~ leg liMeg curl feature and fixed barbell stand. padded rollers, padded vinylcovered bench with adjustable incline. Foldaway (adlity (or storage. Includes lIa10lO9guide. Size58 x 51 x42'hlnchapprox. WeighlSoot Included. Cat. No. 30118707 £79.99 5. D.P. "GLADIATOR'WEIGHT TRAINING8ENCH. Made (rom square wOOlalsteel (rame with padded vinyl bench (eaturing adjustable Inclineand padded IOliers.lncludes butterfly atUJchmenl (or extra chest exeroses. Leg IIfVcu~and fixed barbell stand. Includes training guide. Size 58~51 x42'h inch approx. WeighlS 001Included. Cat. No. 30118439 £64.99 6. D.P. ·CHALLENGER"16.5KG REVOLVINGDUMBELlSET. Comprises 2 x 18 inch dumbell bars with 2 sleeves, 8 x 2k9lnte~ocklO9 vinyldiscs and 4 dumbell collars. Complele with instrllctions. Cat. No. 30017402 £14.50 7


D.P.WEIGHTUF11NGBELTANDGLOVES. Belt manufactured flOmrealleathel (or maximum back ~uppoit. Double buckle filtlng for security in use. To filwaist 28 to 361ndl. Gloves manufactured from quality lea\i1e1wilh spandex two-way silelch back and sell adhesive dosure. Cat. No. 30119029 £13.99 8. D.P. SOKGCASTIRON8A~BEW DUM8ELlSET.Comprises 5 (eet solid Sleelbartell bar. 2 dumbell bars and cast irondiscs(8xO.Skg.6x 1.2Sk9. 4x 2kg and 4 x 5kg) giving over 120 welshl combinations. Set indudes collars, hardware and instructions. cat. No. 30118460 £44.99 Before undertaking a training programme, you should consult your doctor if you have any medical problems. The total weight of barbelUdumbell sets indudes theweightofthe bar.


BAR8ELl1OUMBEllSET.Sleet 6 Indl barbeUbarwith 4 x Ikg,4 ~2kg.2x4kg and 4 x 6. 5kgdiS<Sgiving (Ne( 100 weight comliinations, 2 x 18 inch dumbell bars. can be.USEd inconjunCtionwith Item no II to lonn 70kg set.lndudes collars,revolvingsleeves and instructions. Cat. No. 301/8453 £29.50 10. D.P.'TRAC 20' MULTI-GYMAND BUTTERFLYUNIT. Acfjuslable for

slienuousOIOghtexerdse.2.0exercises lor eve('{ major muscle group.lndudes indine bench. rowing/curling bar and beneh pt.essIsqual bar. With anadlable butterfly unit which mounts easi~ onto mul~·gym. Excellentfor fllll1ingand contouring dlest mosdes, Features unique single cable change operation. 70kg.variable weighl slack with 60xg weight stack on bunerfly unit Maximum ~e 71 x 80 x .38inch Includlng unit. Folds·lorS1orage.TOlalweighl I 22kg. With full workotJl booldet. Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat No. 335/1213 £299.99 11. D.P. 'CHAllENGER" 20KGWEIGHT SET.2X I OkgvinyldiS<s.EXlraWl!ightsfor

i!fmno9. Cat. No. 300/6142 12


D.P. CURL BAR.Constructed Irom I ,nd1 dlromed Wbularsteel. fa< ultimate biCl'p and uicep training. With twO inside and twooutside cast iron conn Includes InslrUC!ions. Cat. No. 300/9864 £9.95 When purchasing these items from our showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature. All keep fit equipment is self assembly. HELPLINE Weider: 0800 220532 8.30am·500pm Mon. to Thur. 8.30am·3.30pm Fri.


18. WEIDERXR660 OM fAN CYCLE. Combinedair Ian and tapevariable aqus«lble mne am resistanceconlloi. resistance syslem with interlinkedpedals Digitalreadout moMOts speed. distante. and handlebass for synchronised cycling and rowing action. With aerobic and lime, caIoIies. aUIibIe alann, rpm and toningbenefits. Thefasleryou pedal. ihe scan facility. With wheels lor easy mal1ClelMilbiily. CoOapsibierorStOfage. greater the resistance. HandlebarHan Baltelies included. Free home delivery, also be r.nked for cycle function only.Fully adjustable padded saddle. S function see page 3. eat No. 335/1110 £175.00 eleatonk console with calorie. distance. speed.limer and scan pluspulsemeier 3 ~SUPERSTORESONlY anachment. Banerie3lnduded. Cat. No. 30116132 £128.00 WEJD£RXC·2 CROSSCOUNTRY WAlWlISl<lER. Helps plO'Iide one of ihe 19. O.P.AlRGOMETERCYaE. With best aerobicWOfi:outs wiIh!headded variable resistance. The [asteryou pedal benefitof stretchilg and lOlling up ihe !hegreater !heresistance. Chain driven legs, thighs and tips. Wilh lesistance cycle with adjustable saddle. BioniX fitness aqustrnent and timef for exercise campuler features lime. speed. alstance, monitoring. Fddab!e rOtstorage. Size cadence. calorie use. pulse, pulse larget when assembled S2'h x 24 x 64 incb and scan mode. Aerobicand toning benefits ofbolh cyding and rowif19,with atJPfDll cat. No.301/8989 £99.99 synchJOnised dual action. MonitO! suppfled wiIh baneries. When purchasing these items from Free home delivery, see page 3. our showrooms, remember some eat No. 335/1220 £269.00 are of a heavy and bulky nature. Batteries are not supplied unless Before undertaking a training otherwise stated. programme. you should consult your doctor if you have any medical All keep fit equipment is self problems. assembly. 2. BOOYSCULI'TURf"2500' TREADMillSelf ~ treadm~1wilh



I SEEPAGE] I 1. WEIDERCAD£NCE2100MOTORlSID FITNESS TRAlC.ElearicaIIvpcw;ered by at: mo\Of wilhvariabfe~ conuol from 1.25 to 4.1 mph. Heavt lillY frame Wlih twin suppclIIilg haIQ-aiIs and5 JIDlitiDn aqustaIie incline. featuresWlde


I'IIlIl-Slip IoooalIs.• safetey'''· emefgl'fl(y S1DP~em and 9111lC1ion

elecuooicalIlSClIe with pulsemetet. MooitOf~wilhbatteIY.Size5h 63x24 home delivery. see page l.

eat. No.335/1464









, .lEISURMSE STEP·UPMACHINE. SIUrdy(onsuuction feaMing two hydraulic cylinders and vaiiable lension ~nings~o simulale variable stepping resistance. Helps 10 trim. lone and strengthen the legs, hips and !highs. Cat.No. 301/8776 £28.95 2. WEIOERXR920 STEPPER.Simulates uphill walking and siair climbing to help trim. tcne and streng!hen legs. hips and thighs. Sturdy lubular steel frame. Dual aaJon hydraulic resistance. Wilh adjuslable handlebar andvanable resistance settingsfor graduated exercise. Comp~tewi!h 5 function electronic data unit wi!h scan featuring dod<. alarm. timer, counter and tempo functions. Batteries S!JPplied. Cat.No. 301/6053 £69.00 3.WEIDEJ\XR910 RAILSTEPPER,Sturdy lubular steellrame with integral fullwid!h safelY,rail.With (ul~ adjustable aual hydraulk;unllS lor graduated exercise. Electronicmonitor feature5-dock, alarm. timer. counter and tempo. Batteries supp6ed. Cat. NO.301/7117 £79.00 4. WEIDERXR900MOUNTAINCLIMBER. Designedto Plovide a no impaa lotal bodyworkOUI. Provides lower body suength and toning combined with upper body strelching and nexibilflywith a • dJal a tension' variable resistance and adjusta~ reach height Wi!h electronic monitor measuring distallC~. timer. counter, calories.lempo. pulse pIuS scan. Batteries supplied. Free home delivery, seepage 3. Cat. No. 335/1488 £149.99 5


SONDI~DYN·A-STEP". One or the best ways of exercising your heart Alsogood for !he lhighs, calves and buttdd<s. Easy to erect, with 3 variant resistance. Easy to (oldaIVay· Cat. No. 301n8s6 £49.99 6


D.P. fOLDAWAYSTEPPER.Easily. assembled unit which (olds flat lor storage PUIp05es. Exercise to ImprOvelegs. hips aod !highs and help weight loss. S1Urdy tubular steel frame wilh adjustable loam covered handlebar. Variable resistance via a dual action hydraulic.sy5lern. Helps monilor improvement Cat.No. 301/B972 £59.99 7


D.P. SINGLEARM ROWER.Easi~ assembled saUdsteel unil wilh adjuStable resislance.111e smooth running. loam padded, vinylseal can be fixed or movable along the channel. Compaa for storage. Cat.No. 30119067 £39.99 Before undertaking a training programme"you should consult your doctor if you have any medical problems. books_to_bytes

8. o.P. "ISO· ROWINGMACHINE. Hydrauliccylinders offer a wide range of resistance settings forprogressive body building. shaping and athletic improvement. foam padded seat with vilffl covering. Exercise guide included, Cat. No. 300/6221 £49.99 9. S0DYSCUlPTURf·2000· ROWER. Smoo!h hydraulic action whh adjuslable resistance for ptogressive exercise. Electronic computer to monilOr time. strokes, calories and tempo. Auto scan ladli1yand audible snoke set or counldown. Padded vinylseat and footplate5- Batteries supplied Cat.No.301nS19 £74.99 10.LEISURMSE 'POWER GLIDE fOUR' ELECTRONICROWING MACHiNE.ful~adjlislable hydraulic resistance, EIE<ilronicronsoIe featuring timer, strokes, tempo, auto scan1acility and audible stroke set or countdown. Padded vinylseat, footreslS and top straps. BalteriessuppRed, Cat.No. 301/2930 £84.99 11 @ SUPERSTORESONLY WEIOERXR120 SCULLERROWER. features sturdy tubular steel frame and guide rail. Full 360" scuIRngaaJonwith 'dial a tension" hydraulic resistance for increased user exercise Intensity. Padded roller mounted seal and velao styiesllaps on variable angle footplares. B,atteries supplied. Cat. No. 301n863 £99.99 12 @ SUPERSTORESONLY YORl<X3000 "GLIDER·ROWER. Quiel glide action. Conloured foam padded seat and moulded pivoting footres15 wi!h vekro fOOlstraps. Multiple tenSion setting. Lowprofile enables easy Slo(.!ge in flat or upJight position. Includes !Jaining book.

Cat. No. 300/9912 13



YORKX3500 'EXECt:Il1VE"ROWER. 360" oar rota lion providing genuine rowing action withaluminrum glide channels for lighlneSSand slreng!h. AdjUStable hydraulic shodc absorbers and multiple resjslallQ! settings. Electronic monllor features tinJe. strokes. tempo, clock. alarm and countdown. Padded vinyl seat and fOOlrestS with velcroiootstraps; Complete wi!h training manual. Balleries supplied. Cat.No. 301n021 £129.99 14. D.P. 'EUROTONE' ROWER.Mull.. ~erdseunit wflh eMled rowing position. Easilychanged inlo upright positioo lor upper body exercises. Moulded seat wilh pivotal foolplales and ssaps, Cat. No. 301/5047 £95.00 1S. D.P. ·375BODYTONE·ROWING MACHINE.Multi·lunaion adjustable exerciser, allowing up 1018 different exercises. including rowing. Hydraulic cyli~rs open out for butterfly exercises. Wilh c(\lnch pad to film and strengthen .stomach muscles plus olher standard "Bodytone' exercises. Telescoi>idor storage. Cat. No. 301/0578 £134.99 When purchasing these items from our showrooms, remember some are of a heavy and bulky nature. All keep fit equipment is self assembly.

ROWERS FROM ONL Y books_to_bytes


1. YORK "TUMMY' TRIMJ'<1ER. Comfortable sit1Jp bEnch for trimming

waist/stomach andhips. AdjustS to 5 heighlS. Folds flat (or storage. Safely locks on frame. Includes exercise ios1lqCtions. (Max capacity90kg.) Cat. No.301/3960 £18.50 2.LEISUREWtSE "ABDOMEX· STOMACHEXERCISER.Str~thens all major st(lrnach muscles. A 5 minute worl:out isequivaleot to 20 minutes of vigorous sit·ups. Complete with variable spring strenglhs aod exerdse chart. Cat. No.301/3764 £9.99 3


YORKFOLDINGAEROBICMAT WITH CARRYING HANDLE. Folds in half to act as a seat cushion. Wale! resistant Easily cleaned with a damp doth. Size when fully opened 42 x 1~x '12inch apPlox. cat. No.301/8996 £7.50 4


PUMA ·PHYSIQUE' fiTNESS MAT. Nylon/PVCbacked frtness.mat. with thick padding for increased comfort. Size 47 x 22 inch apPlOx. Removable shoulder strap. Cat. No. 301n784 £13.99 5. LEISUREWISEEXERClSEMAT.ldeal for· exeidslt'1g and aerobics. Illustrates 16 bask exercises lor men and women.Size 24x 70 inch approx. £9.50 Cat. No.301/8147 6.LEISUR£WJSE ANKLE.lWRIST WEIGHTS. Easily adjusted to fitihe ankle 01 wristwith velo()-slyle straps. Ideal for Joggihg. aerobics and general exel~. Weight 2 x 2'1I1b. Cat. No.30118123 £4.95 7. KmLER llBANKLE.lWRISTWBGHTS. Helps tone the arms and tJpper body. No suaps or bucklessocan be worn (omfonably during aerobic workouts. Cat. No. 301/8116 £4.95 8


WEIDER'HOME GYM KIT.Comprises rolled padded polycotton exercise mat with carTy haodles. 1pair of 21b ankle! wriSI weights ~th velo()-style lastenings and Ipairol IIbworkwefgh15lotuseas panofyourexerciseor aeroble conditioning pr(lQIamme. Cat. No. 30111791


9. BONDI PAJROF llBSOFT AEROBIC WEIGHTS, Comprises 2 x lib soft aerobic weig~LS.Weight balanced for a more effective workout Contoured foam

covered grip for extra comlort. Hand washable. Cat. No. 30118130 £5.99 10


WEIDERSKIP ROPE. Regarded as one 01 the best formsof cardio vascular conditioning and (()-oldinalion improver. With Ireely rotating handles and hea..y nyloo cord.

Cat. No. 30117760 £3.99 HELPUNES Weider: 0800 220532, 8.30am·S.OOpm,Mon.-Thur. 8.30am-3.30pm, Fri. 8odySculpture: 0532 380616, 9.oaam·123Opm,1.00pm-4.30pm, Mon,·Fri. York:032778911, II.OO,,""'·!>.cmOlm.Mon.·Fri.



Compl~2x l.5kg. 2 x3kgand2x5kg dum~Us. Cat. No. 3011'1223



busy exe<utive.lncludesvariable chromed dumbeUs. 4x llbandBxSoz. foam padded bar grips anddurable call'/ing


Cat. No. 301/5456 £19.50 B.lEISUREWlSE SIT·UP BAR. Exerdser designed 10 firmand reduce stomach and

thighS.Attaches to the bollom ora door. (NBplease ensure door is of strong construction.) Supplied with full illSlructio!lS. Cat. No. 301/8697


',HS f1'@MN;!ii'WN D.P. WAIST TIlIMMER. Heips IIim,1irm and tone tflewaisl Stimulates body heat alound mid sealon. Supports 10000rback and abdomen. Easy10use. Wear v-nifst exercising 01wofl(ing. Cat. No. 300/9747

£5 .50

15. LEISUllEWISETHIGHTRIMMER. Designed to develop lean muscle tone and build stamina. Easy to use and completely ponable.reguJar usewlll assistae!obid cardro vascular and muscle strengthenlng. HelPSexercise the area 01the body that needsltmost th!ough a muscular workout agaillSt a balanced resistance coil. COII1{Ilete with muStrated ins.trualons. £7.99 cat. No. 30117478 16. BODY SCULPTURE FIGURE TWISTER.

With smootllswivel aalon. SimpfyStand on and Stall IWisting and tUlning. Helps trimwaist and lone legmuscles. Cat. No. 301/7461 17 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY WEIDERTHIGHTRIMMER. Small compact

and hTghlyversatllemulti-exeIOser.ldeilf [olloning and shaping arms. legs, shouldels and thighs. Complete with exercise guide. Cat. No. 301/7777

All keep fit equipment is self assembly. Before undertaking atraining programme, you Should consult your doctor if you have any medical problems. Total weight of barbefUdumbell sets indudesthe weight of the bar.


1. BRYAN PUNCH·BAG AND MmS. Canvas filled punch·bag complete with integral hanging ropes.lnciudes pair of leather mitts with foam padded Icnudde protection and elastkate<l wrists. Cat. No. 301/2868 £41.99 2 @ SUPERSTORESONLY BRYAN flOOR TO CEILING PUNCH·BAlL Leather punch-ball with elastlcated cord flttings,leather stJaps with bockles for adjustment and rings. Complete with heavyduty hooks. inflator and assembly instnlCtions. Cat. No. 301/6675 £23 .50 3


BRYAN TRAINING MITTS.All leather gloves with foam padded knudde protection. Men's sUe. For use with punch·bags. Cat. No. 301/0884 £10.50 4 @ SUPERSTORESONLY BRYAN HOOK AND JAB PADS. Traditional style. Canvas CO'Iered pads with laced ends and leather finger/hand fitmems.. Ideal forboxing practice. Cat. No. 301/6682 £19.99 5


BRYAN BOXING GLOVES. lOoz leather boxing gloves. Heavy loam padding and preformed shape. Complete with laces. Men's size. Suitable for boxing. Cat. No. 301/6699 £12.50 6. BULLWORKERSUPERX5. For body buAding using isometric exerdses. BuUt-iil power meter for suength measurements.. Includes.fullcolour wall chan and !laining manual. Plus FREEBuUworXEf IOweI. Cat. No. 300/3640 £26.50 7


BODY SCULPTURE36KGWElGHTlImNG SET.Cornpri~ 4 x 2kg. 2 x 4kgand 2 x 6kg vinyl discs giving 15 arfferent weight combinations. With 5 feetsteel barbell bar .and 2 x 18 inch dumbells with sleeves and collars. Complete with illustrated waD

chan. Cat. No. 301/8525


8 @ SUPERSTORESONLY G2LEOTAROANOLEGGINGSSET.46% conon.46% polyester and 8% 1ycra. leotard features scoop froot and back neck6ne and fullpant bade with logo embrOidered on hip. Below the knee leggings with elastica ted waist and embroidered logo on front of leg. SfZE10. Cat. No. 301/8941 £24.99

SflE 12Cat. No. 301/89S8


SIZE 14. Cat. No. 301lB965 £24.99 9. D.P. JOGGER.Aerobic reboundel

allows healthy progressive exertise. Sleel frame with hea"t duly nylon surfil(l!, Edge prOlected with lhicl:poIyfoampadding with vinyl badeed covering. 6 tubularsteel legs and 32 steel springs. 36 Inch diameter. Cat. No. 300/6915 £18.75

mt] STAY IN SHAPE AT ARGOS books_to_bytes

to. D.P. STEPUP BOARD. Solid board with metal frame and non·slip suria<e. ffldines for sit up exercises. Step exerCise accelerates weight loss burning up calorie~ faster than running. 5l\imming or siding. Ideal for iIlcreasing rn~le tone, toning hips, thighs aI\d butroos. Adjustable [0 4'h and<l1 high approx. Folds flat for storage. (Weights not induded.) Cat. No.30118769 £28,95 11. WEIDERAEROBICSTEP SHAI'ER WITH VIDEO. Made from durable high density polystyrene with adjurnble height frorn4 to Bind! lor a mqll! demanding workout. 061gned to help bum fat. shape and tone legs and calves and also increase cardlo vascular fitness. Complete wilh workout video. (Weights not induded.) Cat. No. 30117557 £47.50 12. KErnER STEP'N' TONEWITH VIDEO. A complete mini fitnes$ (enlIe giving a whole bodyWOrKOOtir9fllone piece of equipment. Used as a.s[ep 'n' tone, With its 2 heighladjustments, will slIengthen the legs and worK the hean and lungs. The patented pulley system offers 7 resistance variations allowing !he whole body [0 be worked. With [he hand grip. bar and loo[ attachments every muscle group can be trained.lndlides an introductory exerqse eIlan and video. (Weights not included.) Cat. No. 301/8154 £59.95 YORK'NEOPRENE' SUPPORTRANGE. Provides lnsulation, retention of body Ileal, stimula[es blood drculation, compression sUlJj)Onand welches as required. Supports do nolallsoro water. 13 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

YORKWRISTSUPPORT.Shaped, snug fitting sleeve providing warmth and compression. SMAlL Cat. No. 301/8295 £5.50 MEDIUM. Cat. No. 301/8305 £550 14 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

YORKSTABIUSERKNEESUPPORT. Suppons knee cap with metal slayS praviding moderate lateral slabiUty and comfortable fit MEDIUM. Cat. No. 301/8374 £19.99 lARGE. Cat. No..301l8381 £19.99

YORK'NEOPRENE" SUPPORTRANGE. Provides insulation. retention of body heat, stimulales blood circulation, compression support and welches as required. Suppons do nolabsorbwale!. 18


YORI(LUMBARSUPPORT.Provides warmth. flexibilityand comfortable compression [0 the lewerback'and ahdolllel1. Velcro fastening for adjusunent to fitwaist size 30·38 inch. Cat. No. 301/8367 19 @ SUPERSTORESONLY


SMAlL Cat. No. 301/8336 MEDIUM. Cat. No. 301/8343


YORl(ElBOWSUPPORT. S!laped sleeve. AdjusLlble velcro pressure strap. Cat. No. 301/8350 £8.99 16


YORKKNEESUPPORT. Provides warmth. llexibilityand comfortable comptesslon 10 damaged1lssue. . MEDIUM. Cat No. 30118312 £9.99 lARGE. Cat. No. 301/8329 £9.99 17 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

YORKWARM UP SHORTS.3 ply sandwiCh of nyIonIIycra malerial arid aspecfal hydrophilk membrane giving fullsupport yet lessthan half the weight of neoprene. lycra based foruse in all sports from aerobks to l1!9by indUding all walersports. Walerproof and windproof. SMAll.

Cat. No.30118398 MEDIUM. Cat. No.30118408 lARGE. Cat. No. 30118415

£29.99 £29.99 £29.99 books_to_bytes

1. SlAZENGER 'PANTHER CUP· BADMINTON RACKET. Steeland aluminium ooel. Synthetic grip and strings. Matching)1ead cover. Cat. No. 3010904 £7.99 2. SlAZENGER'PANTHER POWER' BADMINTON RACKET. Steel shaft. aluminium head. synthetic sUings and gOp. Matching head cover. Cat. No. 3010911 £12.99 3


CARtTON "INTEGRA FLEX" BADMINTON RACKET. Aluminium head with flattened steel sI1aft lor flex and durabgity. Complete with malching head COVEl.

Cat. No. 301/8783 4



CARLTON 'CRS20' STARTERPACK. Contains 2 good qualitY all steel robust raaets together with shuttlecocks'in a doolile pack head cover. Cat.No. 301/6192 £19.99 5


CARLTON "INTEGRA STRETCH" BADMINTON RACKEllotlg string aluminium head badminton J'acket for added power. Complete with matching

headoover. Cat. No. 301/8790 £21.50 6. SlAZENGER 'CHAllENGER PRO" BAOMINTON RACKET. Graphite reinforced shaft lor increased power. Aluminium headwith synthetic strings and gnps. Complete with matching head



CARnON 'POWERFLO AC" BADMINTON RAE:KET.Unique· ·Powerllow· one piece graphite handle and shalt, with intemal iolnt on to alumintum head. Complete with matching 3/. length head oover. £29.50 Cat. No. 301/6778 9


CARLTON' AEROGEAR 6OOAP" BADMINTON RACKEt. 100% gJ'ap!lite raaet lor strength and I~ghtness.Slim parallel shaft and head for u,nifonn nexibility and shot control Wrth matching 3/. lEngth head. cover. Cat. No. 301/6785 £34.99 10. SlAZENGER 'PANTHER FLYER" SQUASH RAEKET.Aluminium frame lor dUJ'ability.long string gives increased PQwet. Complete with matching ¥.Iength head cover. cat. No. 301/9081 £14.99 11. SlAZENGER 'CHAUENGE 70· SQUASH RACKET. Graphit~/glassfibre construction pro'lidil)g medium flex. Ideal for the beginner{Ul1provel. Features'<l360 sq on "drop tmoat" head design. WIth matching 1/<length head cover. cat. No. 30117265 £29.50 12 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

HEAD "ATlANTIS 190" SQUASH RACl(ET. Graphite racket 410 sq em head size. Completewith 1/.length headcover. Cat.No. 301/8484 £39.00 13 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

£19.50 7


CARLTON "INTEGRACOMP' BADMINTON RACKET. GJ'apilite coated shalt with aluminium slim Style head. Superb shalt flex and dUJ'ability. Complete with matching head cover. Cat. No. 30119074 £19.50

DUNLOP 'PRO DRM' SQUASH RACKET. Graphit~/gIassflbre construction suitable fOf all levels 01play. Features 380 sq on "long string· head design and an 18mmparalletwidebocfylrame. With3f. length matching head cover. Cat. No. 301n511 £39.50 14 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

DUNLOP ·PRO FORMULA· SQUASH RACKET. Graphite/glass fible consuuction provides stiffness for increased power. features 440 sq em super OVEISire head design combined with 22mm tapered wide bodyprofile providing a racket 01 tremendous power. With matching 3/. lengtl1 head cover. cat. No. 301/6802 £49.50 15. DUNLOP "POWERPLAY JUNIOR" TENNIS RACKET. 26 inch length. Aluminium constl1Jction lor lightness and durability. Slimline throalpiece.ldeallor the beginner. Complete with matching)f. length head cover. Cat.No. 301/5803 £14.99


21 ~SUPERSTORESONLY DUNLOP xr SQUASH BAllS. Premier ul( tournament balls, SRAapPfoved. In 3 ball


eat. No.



22 ~SUPERSTORESONLY GUNN AND MOORE SHERWOOD HOCKEY STICK, STICK COVER AND HOCKEY 8AlL. 36 inch ful! size. General pLnpOSesticldor school 01 dub use. 4 piece laminated-handle. fine quality short Mulberry head, 2 colour grip. Complete wflh fighlWeighl nylon stid( bag with IWO slick capacity. adjustable shoulder strap. High quality seamless PU toumamenl standard hockey ball. Cat. No. 30118800 £16.50 23 ~SUPERSTORESONLY SLA2ENGER "ECUPSE" HOCKEY SliCK. Features light Mulberry head for improved baUconuol. SyntJietic grip. Length 36 ioch approx. Cat. No. 301/6857 £9.50 24 ~


SETOF SIX SOULES. Chrome plated steel boules lor tWoplayers. With Yi'n~C<lnyfng case, jack and instruction leaflet. eat. No. 30018906 £29.99

16 ~SUPERSTORESONlY HEAD JUNIOR 'STAR 4" TENNIS RAC~.Aluminiumrramewilhala(ge 660 sq an stn1:ing area. With graffiti designed dual abSOlbing grfpwhich helps loabsorb Yilii'allon. Complete wiih matching head cover. eat. No. 301/7612 17. DUNLOP "PQWERPLAYSENIQR" TENNIS RACm. Alumjnium collStruction for lightness and durability. Slimllne throatpiece.ldeal forlhe beginner. Complete wiU1matching l/41ength head

26 ~SUPERSTORESONLV PUMA SOCI( PACK. Pad: of 3 ~!1SI leisure socks. 70%conon, lS%nylOA. 10%e1astane and 5% acrylic. Fitsadult


Cat. No. 30115810


eat. No.

18 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY DUNLOP "PRO QUART2" TENNIS RAem. Graphite composite frame for increased ~ and performance. Mid head sizeviilh wide bOdy. Syntne!ic strings and grips. Complete with malchin9 Ileadcover. Cat. No. 301/8491 £39.50 19 ~SUPERSTORESONlY CARLTON CLUS SHUTIlEeOCKS. A tube of6 nylon shuttlec6cl:s giving consistent flight Ideal forleisure and casual players. Cat. No. 3010605 £3.50 20 ~ SUPERSTORESONLY DUNLOP TENNIS BAlLS. Pack of 6 tennis balls ideal for practiGe ormalch use. PressuriSed balls whkll ensere ideal playabifrty and packed in a ptessurised container. Cal No. 301/9098




1. UNICORN DARTS COMPUTER SCORER. Ughtwefght for lland held use. Slandard dartboard conf!9uration allows score to be entered bylceys corresponding

to the daft position. tM!pre-set dan formats. MiCl(KOmputer cakulates single, double, treble points and nUJllbef of darts thrown. Double in option. 'Bust' feature. Allto switch off. FullinstnJCtions. Requires 2 xAAAbatteries (Older t of 98011932 at £ 1.59 pair). Cat. No. 30117306 £15.50 2. WINMAUBOO "CUPLE' BRISTLE DARTBOARD."(liple' increases larget area, reducing bounce out. One set of brass darts: Brillsh Darts OrganiSatJon approved. Cat. No. 30114976 £14.50 3.WlNMAUDIAMONDWIREBRiSTlE DARTBOARD.Urnque shaped wire incorporating the new "Clip!e' system, virtuallyeliminates bounce out Complete wtth set of 22g niCkelsilver dans. British Darts OrganiSation approved. Cat. No. 301/2837 £19.99 4.lJNICORN 21g "JOHNLOWE"DARTS SET.Precision brass dans with exdusive silver finish patented metallic 'Slik Su1<" shafts and metallic mghts. Oneextraselof 'SnkSlik' shafts and metallic "Q' Rights. Completewtth slimnne cas,e. Cat. No. 30111175 £4.99 5






RILEYPOOL CUE.4 piece cue with finen wrap grip section. Ramin shaft with hardWood bun. Complete with canycase. FREEmembership to Riley snooker dubs, via leaflet in pack. Cat. No. 301/8817 £13.99





RlLEVHAADROCKMAPlE POOL CUE ANDCASE.2 piece cue featuring four prong bun with coloured inlaysplices. brass joint and llardrock maple. Med1um weight 13mm tip. Complete with leather look carry case. FREEmembershipto Riley snooker dubs via leaflet in pack. Cat. No. 301/8824 £29.99 14. Rim "LEAGUE"STEPHENHENDRY CUEANDCASE.2 pieceselected'ash cue with 4 prong hardwood spiked butt and enhanced grain. 2 colour inlays, quality brass joint and ferrule. Cue length 57 inch. medium weight Complete with leather· look cany case and endorsed with Stephen Hendry'ssignatule. FREE membership to Riley snooker clubs via leaflet in padt. Cat. No. 301/8006 £19.99 15. RILEYCUEJ(IT. Complete with 2 piece ash cue. 2 chalks. a Rileycue lowel and leather·look canycase. Cue reatures llardwood bun. coloured inlays and brass joint and tip section. 10mm tip. Med1um weighL FREE membership to Riley snooker clubs via leaflet in pack. Cat. No. 301/8556 £19..99

9. WlNMAU"NEW PROFESSIONAL STYl£" OARTBOARDCABINET.Strong case with wlid vinylveneered chipboard backing. Ble<kboards on inside of doors for "Home & Away' scoring. Finished in leak effect veneer wtth IIf!oN magnetic catches. dartboard hanging bracke~ door handles and wall fittings. Size 23 x 22lJ. x 3~8i!prox. Cat. No. 301/4983


UNICORN23995% NICI<ElTUNGSTEN DARTS.NiQceltungsten anOY·barrels.Mati black etc~optimum grip. Smallest size to weight ratio for extra dose grouping. Flairanodised aluminiulIJshaft VJithself lockadaptor. Super "Q" peartiseddart mght with super·wave riolling for improved stability and drag.With two sets of extla·ftights and twosetsof extra shafts. Cornpletewith dart sharpener. point protector and nylon dartsak walieL Cat. No. 30116864 £14.75



HARROWS80% TUNGSTENDARTSAND VIDEOGtFTSET.Tungsten dans with 5 diffefent flights and 5 types of shafts. Complete with EricBristow instructional vioeo.lu1CUtywallet and dart.sharpener. Cat. No. 301/8471 £19.99

HARROWS24g NICKELSILVER"nGER" DARTS.Complete wilh spare dimplex flights. embossed wallet. point guard, dan sharpener stone and hurricane shafts. Cat. No. 301/3111 £4.99 HARROWS"VORTEX"23g lUNGSTEN DARTSANDlUNING SET.80% tungsten dans with alamo shafts and vortex Rights. Complete with walle, spare dj~Jex nights, hurricane shafts and sharpening stone. Tuning set indudes tile 5 most popular ffight shapes to enable you to find the one thatbest suits your throwing st)ie. Cat. No. 301/4378 £7.99 7. HARROWS25g NICKELTUNGSTEN "ERICBRISTOW·CRARYCOCKNrf" DARTSSET.90% nkkellUngsten darts complete with wallet. With spare set 01' dimplex Rights and hurricane shafts, dan sharpener and out·soot cakulator. Cat. No. 300/8140 £9.99


10. WlNMAUHOMEDARTSSET.Bristlelook paper coil dartboard in cabinet with ble<kboard inside doors.lndudes 2 sets of brass dans, dart sharpener, dtalk,.dustet and PVC mat withochemarldngs. Cat. No. 301/8288 £19.99


RllEYENGlISHASH SNOOKERCUEAND CASE.Made in England. 2 piece superior English ash cue with enllanced grain and exotic hardwood butt 2 colour inlays. quatity brass joint and ferrule.Cue length 57 inch. IOmm tip, medium weight. Complete with attache style carryingcase. FREE membership to Riley snooker clubs via leaflet in pack, Cat. No. 301/6888 £39.99





lat~tin cue technologf 2 p~soljd wood core permanently encapsulated with graphite for extra strength. durabUity andwalPresistance. Cue length 57 inch. 10mm tip,l)ledium weight. With leather 1001:carrying case. FREE membership to Riley snooker dubs via leaflet in pack.

Cat. No. 30116297




polished. Consists of one cue ball and 15 with numbeted spots and stripes. Diameter 41 mm approx. SUitablefor use on 6 feet SIlool:er tables. cat. No. 301/4581 £18.99 19. POT8LACK'REGENT" SNOOKER CUEAND CASE. 2 piece ramin cue with 4

point harONoodbutt. 2 colour inlayswith brass joint Cue length 57 inch approx. MediumweighL Cornpletewith~ase. cat.No.301n9BO


20. POWERGUDE "GAlAXY SilK" SNOOKER CUE AND SOFT CASE. 2 piece grained ash shaft with striped ebony butt. Man "silk" fmish.9mm tip. Cue lenJjth 58 inch. Medium weight. Hand made in England. Complete with soft leather-look padded case. Cat. No. 301/5834 £39.99


ANDCASE.Made in England. Hand crafted 3 piece rue. Grained ash shaft with ebonised hardwood butlLeather buffer.1,t. brass joint Cue length 58 inch. 10mm tip. medium weighL Complete with hardwood butt extension. Soft leather·look padded case. cal No. 301/6747


'" sfirHYi"h'ii.!."M

RilEYATTACH STYlECAlIRYCASE COMPlETE WITH ACCESSORIES. Designed to carr( a 2 piece cuewith room for an extellSlon. Features brass combfnatiOnlocks. Rileycue tOWEl.chalks and cue tip triJTUl1el.FREEmembership to Riley snooker clubs via leaflet in pack. Cat. No. 301/8831 £29.99 2.3. POTBLACK SNOOKER TABLE.Fully

upholstered cushions with brassed pocket plateS and leatherenegaiters. finished In

mahogany dark woodeffect. Supplied with twO:36inch cues, scoreboatd. balls. triangle. chalk and InstnKtions.legsare delilChable for storage. Endorsed by Sieve Davis.Size4 feet 6 Inchx 2 feet 3 inch aJlllfox. Cat. No. 301/1797 £69.99 24. POTBLACKSNOOKER TABLE.6x3 feellab1e with 18mm thid: bed and good quality doth. Profiled high speed rubiler

cushions. Flnedwith brassed comers. cenue plates and leatherette gailers Sturdylegs offer rigid suppon and fold down for storage. Complete with two 48

inch BlackDiamond cues. set ol38mm balls. triangle. scoreboard. chal~ and playinginslrUctiQllS.Endorsed by Steve Davis. Free home delivery. see page 3.

Cat. No. 33511354


with a high qUality beddoth and high spe¬ dd rubber cushions. Oar\;finishedsides with brassed pocket fittings. Complete with 2 cues. selol SIlOOkerballs. scoreboard. triangle, chalk and rules. Folding legs. Free home delivery. see page 3. Cat. No. 335/1093 £199.00 26. POTBLACI("MANHATIAN" POOL TABLES.With fold legs. Mahoganyeff~ finlsh. High spe¬ dd rubber cushions and good quafitycloth. Complete with two 48

inch Black Diamond cues. selol48mm pool balls. triangle. chalk and ins!rUctions. Free home derlVery. see page 3. SFEETx 2 FEET6INCHTABlf. Cat. No. 335/1495 £129.00 6x3F£ETTABLE. cat. No. 33511426 27. DUNLOP 'MAXPLAY" TABLE TENNISTABLE.Fulicompetition size with playbacHadlity for practice play. Roils

away for easy storage. Brakeson wheels for added safety. Includes two bats. two

£99.00 balls. net and poSt set and rules. For

Indoor use only. Sizeopen I09x60x30

inch approxSlZl! dosed 73 x60 x 21 inch approx. Free home delivery, see page 3. Cat. No. 335/1189


1. HEADlADIES' SPORTSHOLDAlL Leather'look PU material. Full!englll zip. Zipped side pockel svitable forracket and zipped end pockel forwet dothing. Willi canying handles ~nd a removable. adjUS1ableshoulder strap. Size 14 x lOx 9'/2 Inch approx. Cat. No. 30115872 2


HEAD·ST.MORITZ"HOLDALLSlIOng PU leather ·Iook materiall'oilll main and wet<1Pped pockeJS. "U' shaped zipper to main.companmenl. outer pouch pocket and zipped end pocket. With carrying handles and a removable. adjustable shoulder strap. Size 14'12 x 10'/.x 10'/. Inch approx. Cat. No. 301/6929 3



HEAD"ST. MORITZ"HOLDAlL.SIIQng PU iealher·IoClk materiall'oith main and wei zipped pockets. outer pouch pocket and zipped end pocket 'U' shaped Zipper to main compartment. With canying handles and a removable. adjustable shoulderstrap. Size 14'Iu IO'/4x 10'1.inch apptox. Cilt.No. 30115401 4.HEAD'51MORlTZ"HOLDAlL SlIOng PU lealller·!ookJ1lillerial Withmain and wet zipped pockets. OIIlerpouch pocket al1!lzJpped end pocket. With carrying handles and a removable. adjustable shoulderslrap.Size 14'Ilx JO'/4X 10'1. inchapprox. Cat. No. 30116912 5. HEAD"ST.MORITZ"lJiDIES' HOLDAlL Sirong PUleather·look holdalL With main compartment. I'oith 'U' shaped zJpper opening andwet zipped pockets. outer pouch pocket and zipped end pocket. With canying handles and a lefTlO'1able.adjuslable sIloulder strap. Size Wllx 10'14x10'/. Inchapprox. Cat.No. 301/0262 £16.00 6

9. JAGUAREl(ECUllVEflVC HOlP~L lipped main compartment and Zipper end pockel. With canying handles and removable. adjUS1abieshoulder strap. Size 15x IOx9inch. !;at. No. 30118570 £9.99


HEAD·ST. MORITZ"HOLOALLSlIOng I'U leather·looR material with main and

wet Zipped pockets. outer pouch pockel and zipped end pocket. 'U" shaped zipper opening to main compartl!1enl. With carrying handles and a removable. adjustable shoulder strap. Size 14'11 x IO'/.x 10'/. inch approx. Cat. No. 30117708 7. JAGUARLEGENDP\Jc HOLDALl.Wilh canying handles and adjustable shoulder strap. Zipped main compartment and two ~ poc;kets. Size 22 x II x 10inch. Cat. No. 301/8594 £12.50 8



JAGUARSPORTSBAG. flVG materialwilh double zipped opening. Twozipped end pockets. With canying handles"nd a remavabJe. adiustabie shoulder strap. Size 22 x 11 x 10 inch approx. Cat. No. 301/6905 £12.50

~ ~


JAGUARlADIES' EXECUTIVEPUSPORTS BAG.Sports bag with zipped main pockel and Zipped end pockeland metalJaguar badge. Size 15x 10 x 9 inet!. Cat. No. 301/8879 £12.99 11.lAGUAR lADIES' EXECUTIVUU HOlDALLZipped main «mpanmem, Two zipperendpockeis. Willi cauying handles and remoVable. acJjUS1able shoulder strap. Size 18 x 9'11 X I j inch. Cat.No. 301/8642 £13.50 12. JAGUARHOLDAlL.Strong PU malerial. Large zipPed main' compartment. lip-of!end pocket. Double zipped main pocket. With hand grips and a removable. acJjustabie shoulder strap. Size22x IO'h~9inchapprox. Cat.No. 30110372 £16.50 13.JAGUAR"E·1YPE" SPORTSBAG. PU malerial with two zipped end pockets. each having additional hall pockets with zips. With carrying handles and a removable. adjustable shoulder strap. Size 26x lOx II inch approx. Cat.No. 301/8051 £19.00


JAGUAR"[·1YPE' SPORTSBAG. PUmateri~1with two lipped end PQd<ets eadlhaVingadditiooal hair pockets with lipS. With carrying handles and a removable; adjustable shoulderstrap. ~ize 30~ II x 12inch~prox. Cat. No. 301/5432 £21.99 15 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

HEAD'S1 TROPE2"HOLDALLStrong PU lealher·loofI material with lip-off end ~eL locking malncompartment and fuillength wet pocI:eL • U' shaped zipper opening to main comparunenL With canying handles and a removable, adjustabieshoulderSliap. Size 18x 10V. X9¥4 inchapprox. £18.00 Cat. No. 301/6936 16. HEAD~ST.-mOPE2' LADIES" HOLDIIlLStrong PU leather·1ook holdall with zip-of(end pocket Loddng main compartment with ·U· shaped zipper opening and fuillengthwet pocket. Wtth cartying ~andle5 and a removable. adjustableshouldetstrap.Size 18x 10'/. x 9)/. inch approx. Cat. No. 301/5889 £18.00 17. HEAD"MONTECARLO' LADIES' HOLDALLConsuuCledofstrong PU leather·lookmaterial.Zip-01l end pocket. lull length wet pocket and locking maiij pocket With caJrylnghandles and a reltlO\fjlble,adjustable shoulderstrap. Size 23 x 11~ 10inch apprO)(. Cat. No. 30111759

22. HEADSPORTSHOLDALL.L~ather· 1~ PUmaterial. Vel'( large capadty bag. Fulllength zip. Zipped side pocket suitable for racket and zipped erid pockelforwet dothing. Withcarrt!ng Ilandles and a removable. adjustable shQuldeJstrap. Size 26VlX 11 x 13inchapprox. Cat. No. 300/5246 £19.99 23. HEAD'VIENNA' HOLOALL.Strong leather- look PU materiaLfealures full length wet podcet.kding main pocket with ·u·shaped zipper openin(tand lWO end pockets. one or Whlc;hzips·off.With caJrylng handles and a removable, adjustable shoulder stlap. Size30 x 11~ 13'/. indl allprOx. Cat. No. 3()117423 24 @SUPERSTORESONLY

HEAD VIENNA HOLDALL.Strong leather·IOOkPU material. Features full length wet peckel, lockingmain pocket with' U' shaped zipper opening and two end pockets. one of which zips off. With caJrylnghandles and a removable, adjustabieshouJdel'suap. Size30x 11 X 13'/. inch approx. Cat. No. 30117454 E23.S0


HEAD'MONTE CARLO' HOLDALt Features' U· shaped z'pper opening and outer pocket. zip-offend compartment, fulllength storage compartment with loddng zip. separale wet comparUllent anddetachableshOilldersliap. Size 93/. x 22 x 1 PI. inchapprox. £19.00 Cat. No. 301/8855 19 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

HEAD'MOt-ITECARLO' HOLOALL. Strong PUleather~oo~ material. Zip-off end pocke~ fuillenglh wet pocket and locking main pocket With ·u·shaped zipperopening. With caJrylnghandles and a removable. adjustable shoulder slrap. Size22 x 1PI. x 10 inch aJllllOl<. Cat. No. 30117090 £19.00 20. HEAD'MONTE CARLO' HOlDAlL ConstructeC of strong PU (eather·looI: mateJiaL Zip-offend pocket. fulllength wet pocket~ndlocking main pocket lliitli ·u·shapedzipperopelling. WithcaJrylng handles and a removable adjustable, shouiderStrap. S'ae 22x 1PI.x Winch approx. Cat.No. 301/0042 £19.00


HEAD·SANTlAGO·HOLDALLStrong PU material. Zip-offend pocket and large capacity mam compartment Double zip opening withsmallzip pocket on nap. Adjustable. detachable shoulder strap and desfg11erlining.Size 23 x IO'hx 11 inth apprQx. Cat. No. 30118862 26 @SUPERSTORESONlY

HEAD"PRO' TEAMHOLDAlLlarge heavy duty nylon sportS bag whfch featules double zip opening. separate end compartment and reinlorced base. With adjUStable. detachable shoulder strap. Size 27'12x 1 W. x 11)/.inch-approx. Cat. No. 30117722 £19.99


HEAD'PERFORMANCE"HOLDALL NylOnmaterial with fulllength zipped main comparunent and zipped end pockel With.carryinghandle and a removable. olljustable sh9ulder Strap. Size 24'hdl'f2x IllnchapprolCCat. No. 30t/7083 £12.99


1.PUMA 'PROFILE" HOLDAU. PVC backed nylon hoIdalJ c~sling 01 zipped top opening 10 large compallmenl.

Carryinghandles and a removable. adjuslableshoulderslraps. Size 22x lOx 10 inch appfQI(. Cat.No. 30118563 £8.99 2. PUMA'IMPERIAl' HOLDALLPVC hokIali. A4 capadty main compallmenl, IWO zipped end pockets. Wilh carrying handles and a removal)le, adjustable shoulder strap. Size 18x II x II inch approx. Cat.No. 30117313 £9.99 3. PUMA' APPROACH"HOLDAlL.Made Irom non-woven PVc. Zipped A4 main companmenl and IWO zipped end poc:kets.Wilh carrying handles and a removable. adjuslable shoulder strap. Size 19 x II It II inch approx. Cat.No. 30118240 £12.99 4. PUMA'DISC- HOLOALL.PVCbacked nylon. Double zipped lOPlor access 10 malOcompanmem. Twozipped end pockets and Ironllipped poc:kel. With carrying handles and a removable. adjustable shoulder SUap.Size 23 x 10 It II Inch approlt £14.99 Cat.No. 30118037 S. PUMA'SPORTSUNIlY" HDlDAlL PVCbacked nylon holdalJ.With embroidered branding. IWO zipped end pocketsandonezlpped Ironrpoc:ke~ 'U' shaped zipped opening 10 main companmenl. Carryinghandles and shoulder suap. Size22x II It I 1Inch. Cat.No. 30118635 £17 .99 6. PUMA'FINESSE'LADIES' HOtDAlL Made Irom PVc. 'U' shaped zipperlor access 10 A4 size main companmenl. ZIpped end pockeL Wllh carrying handles and a removable, adjustable shoulder Slrap. Size 16x IOx9 inchappsox. Cat. No. 30118068 £9.99 7. PUMA 'ENCHANT' LADIES' HOtDALL MadeIrom non·woven PVc. A4 size zipped main companmenl. Two zipped end pockets. Wilh carrying handles and a removable, adjustable shoulder Slrap. Size 18 It 10x II Inch apPfOX Cat. No. 30118075 £12.99 8. ADiDASMOBILETEAMBAG. 100% nylon with large end pocket and double zip access to main compartment and zipped end pocket 'Mlh adjustable carl)' straps. Size 19'h It 91/4It I I'/lInch

11. Ntl(E'SWOOStt" HOLDAU. PVC haldall. feature$ '\J' shaped zipped maio compartment with two zipped end pockets. Wilh carrying handles and an adjustable shouldel strap. Size 21 x 10'h x 12 inch applOl\. £14.99 Cat. No. 30118020 12.NIKEPREMIERHOLDAtL Strong nylon material with PU bacl<ing.Water resistant. • U· shaped 2ipperlo main companment and twoside zipped pockets. Adjust~ble shoulder strap. Size 201J~x I 1'hx 13 inch appsOlC. Cat. No. 301/8611 £17.99 13 @ SUPERSTORES ONLY G2 'BODY AlIT' LADIES'HOLDAlL.PVC material with ·u·shaped zipperopening and twO zipped end pockets. Wilh carrying handles and a removable. adjustable shoulder stlap. Size 12'/2 x 171hx 10lnchapprox. Cat. No. 30116307 £9.99 14 @SUPERSTORESONLY UMBROMATCHBAG.PVCholdall wilh A4topopening. Zipped end pouch. Top accessed end pocI;et with expanding wet companmentleature. Woven grip handles and detachable shoulder strap. Size 19'12x II x 101/)Inchapprox. Cat. No. 3011B848 £9.99 15 @ SUPERSTORESONLY GUNN &MOORECRICKETBAG.Extra strong nylon with PU coated interior. Strong nylon fittlngs to shoulder sllap and nylon '0' ring attachment. Zipped PVC lined end poc:ket. zipped bat pocket. Will carry a pal! of pads. gloves. dothing and a bat. Size 28x II x 12 inch approx. Cat. No. 30117681 £17.99


Cat. No. 30118604 £12.99 9.ADIDASNEWYORKHOtDALL.l00% nylon. large main compallment WIth IWO front (Ompanmentsand studded base. Cany handles and shoujdfr wap. Size 22lf.xBlhx 13V.inchapprox cat. No. 30118628 £17.99 10. NIKEBASICHOLDAlLSllOng nylon material Viith PUbacking and polyester webbing. Wate! ~stant. One zip 10 main compartment and Iront pocket with zip. Canying handles wllh padded cuff and adjustable shoulder strap. 5ize 19'hx II x 11 inch approx. Cat.No. 30118587 £11.99


SPORTS BAGS FROM ONL Y books_to_bytes



25 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY HEADATBFASHIONBACKPACI{; SpacioJJSmain compartment allows you to load and unload easiJy.Features flVC badge. waist straps, variety 01 pockets and is made Ina durable polyester fabric Size 18x 14'h)[7'hinchapprox. Cat. No. 301/8927 £27.50



size boWlsbag. Suong Wovenoyion. PU COOtedint~ with separate reinforced zipped lower compartment wnich can hold 4 bowlsor 2 bowls and shoes. Spacious upper companmenl and zipped sidepockel Size 1 I'll x 14x 10inch approx. cat. No. 30114361 £13.99 17. HEADBACKPACK.Nytonback pack. features OUtsidezipped pocket with inner penlpendl compartments and pocket underll.1p. With can'jing handle and adjustable. padded shoulder straps. Size 141hx 12 Va7 inch apprQX. Cat. No. 30115896

26 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY HEADSTREETHIKEBACKPACK.Features Includea varietyof multl-purpDSepockets. adjustable.shouldes straps and waist belt and metal grip handl~. Size 20 x 133/.x 4)/. inch apptox. cal. No. 30118934 £28.50 27. NlKE"JUSTDOIT" BACKPACK. PUbacked nylon back pack. Features two way zip to main compartment, SIdepocket with padded back and adjuslable shouldefsuaps.Size 18x 12x 7 inch

18 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY HEAD·PERFORMANCE"BACKPACK. Nylonmaterial. Features outsidezipped pocket and a pocket (0 hold the head of a rackel With peg loopand adjuslable shouldersuaps. Size 17x 13Vex5 inch approx. cat. No. 30116943


Cat.No. 301n37S


28 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY NIKE BASICBACKPACt( Suong nylon material with PUbacking and polyester webbiog. Water resistant main compartment with draw cord covered by II.1pwith 1 snap dosure and 2 side pock~ts with zips. Hanging loop. padded back panel and shoulderstraps. Sile 16x 11 x 61i1ch approx. Cat.No. 30118886 £9.99

19 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY HEADlEGENDBACKPACK.Malklrom durable nylon fabric. FeattlIesindude padded shoulder strap, internal pull cord pouch, large main compartment and flVC badge. Size ISx 14x6VulChapprox: £11.99 Cat. No. 30118893 20. HEAD"STREET FASHION"BACK PACK.Nyion back pack. large capacity main compartmen~ two side pockets and zipped pocker forvaluables u(1derflap. 'Mthcarrying handle and adjuSiable shoulder Straps. Size 14'hx 15x 7)/. inch approx. Cat. No. 301/5913

29 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY NlKECHALLENGECOURTBACKPACK. $(leng nylon backlng wilh flVCtrims. Water n!Sistanllront racket compartment. Embroidefed logo on Iron!. Main compartment wI!I) zipand 2 side pockets with zip. Adjustable. ~ded shoulder strap and padded backpanel. Size 11'Il x 18'It)! 6'1.inch a'pplox. Cat.No. 301/8903 £13.99 30. NIKE'SIGNATURE"BACKPACK. Cotton canvas hoIdall with PUbacking. Zipped main Companllll!lllwith two zipped side pockets. Water resiStant front covering II.1p.AdjUSlabiepadded shoUlder straps, and padded back. Size 15 x 11'/2x 5inch approx. £17.50 Cat.No. 301/8109 31. ADIDASFORCEBACKPACK.100% nylon. Extra long zip for main (ompanment. Three adjuslable pockets. With adjustable cany strap and peg loop. Size 17 x 12'1. x 5 inchapprox. cat. No. 30118659 £7.50 32. ADiOASNEW YORKBACKPACK. 100% nylOn. large main comparunent with II.1p.Adjusta!lje bad strapsand peg loop. Size 15V. X Illfu 63/.inch app'OIt Cat.No. 30118666 £12.99 33. PUMA"DISC" RUCKSACK.PVC backed nylon. With "U' shaped lipped main compartment. Two zipped side pockets and zipped Iront pockeL Padded shoulder straps. Size 18 x 10x 7inch

21 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY HEAD"ENDURANCE"BACKPACK.,With reflective panels. zip pockets in flap and double zip opening. With adjuslable can'jing straps: Size 17x 14 x 43/. inch approx. Cat. No. 30118257 22. HEAD'TRAVfLlER" BACKPACK. Nylonback pack. large capacity main compartment, two side pockets. With can'jing handle and adjustable shoulder straps. Size 17'1l x 11x 7 inch apptox. cat. No. 301/7540 £16.50 23. HEADRENEGADEBACKPACK. Made from duraoie nylon fabric. Features include large main capacity comp.wneot. padded back area. fourside pockets, adjuslable shoulder straps and PVc badge. Size 18'/.)( IW.x Jl/.inch apprOX' Cat. No. 301/8680 24 €) SUPERSTORES ONL V HEADZONEBACKPACK.Made in durable nylonfabric. leatures indude main compartment. two large sfde pockets. padded back area. adjustable shouJdef slfaps and waist belt. Size 15 x 14 x 6". inch apprOit Cat. No. 301/8910


Cat.No. 30118082 £11.99 34. P-UMA'SPORTSUNfTY"RUCKSACK. f1VC badced nylon ru.dsack. Two zipped side pockets. Ski locknap top with draw (ordopemnglo main comparunenL Paddedshouldersiraps. Size 17 x 16'11 x 6ihch. Cat.No. 30118673 £13.99


FAlCON fATTRACK BOYS MOUNTAIN BIKE. • 12 speed indexed gears. • Sidep<JUbI,ake$. • Deep tread tyres. • (ornpJelewithwaterbolde.


• Suilable for ages 9 10 12years; • Wheel size 24 inch,

Cat:No. 330/1287


• • • •

12speed indeocedgea~ . Sidepollblakes. Colour (l)-Ordinated cables. Compielewi!hchalnwheel gllilrd.


• Suitable for ages 910 12 years. • Wheel si2e 24 inch.

Cat. No. 33011294


• AlI'lfft;linframeJorsryieand ccmlon on andoff lhe road. • 5speed Shimano iIldeoced gea~ with hand!clla, thtJmllll1iftlewrs. • ladil?s··s8ddle with Iuxllrygralned

Falcon: 0652 656000



brakes. • 26 inch wltee~ .• Cafiper • Frame size 16Tnchsuitablefor inside leg 2;'29 inch approx. See guide for measurement. Cat. No. 330/1304 £139.99 • Frame size 18 rnch suilable for iI1sideleg 27·311nd1approx. See guide for meaSUlement.

Cat.No. 330/1311




• Powerful alloy cantiJevel brake$.

• 8ullhofnhandlebar. • Black steel ejlairuillgs with powerful (olll!fiess cranks, • lightweight alloy rimswfth deep tresd lyles for comlon and grip.

• SelleRoyalMount saddle. • 26 inch wheels.

• Framesi2e 18 inch suhable for inside leg 27·32 inchapptox. See guiile 101measurement.

Cat. No. 330/1407 • Frame size 21 Inch suitable fo( inside leg 30·36 inch app!ox. See guide lor measurement

Cat. No. 330/1414







5. RIOERlGIFT PAde High security shackle lock complete with frame carrying bracket and 2 kEYS: Immobilizes bicycle. 15 jnch high capacity pumflwith fixings. Triangular frame fitting tool bagwith lip acts as shoulder paddIng If carryingyour

bike. Cat. No. 301/8752 £19.99 6. See page 399 fordetailS. Cat. No. 98212076 £21.99 7. See page 399 fordetails. Cat. No. 98212492

BIKE. • Filii 18speedShimanoindexed ge~rs. • Cantileverbrakes. • Deep tread lYfeswith alloy rims andalloyhubs. • Bu. hom handlebar with inlegral batends.

8. See page 399 for details. Cat. No. 98212478

• Completewithwa~rbo~and

• ~I

size 26 inch. • Frafllesize lBioch suitable for fnslCfe,11!g 27·3 2"inchapprox. See guide lor measurement. Cat. No. 330/1359 £159.99



HELMET.Lightweight moe shell helmet Interchaogeable pilds give added comfort and the perfect fit Conforms to BS6863:89and Snel 890. One size fIlS teenagelS and adults, Cat. No. 301/8738 £14.99 10. PATHfiNDERClASSICCYCLE HELMET. The Pathfinder high visibility yellow helmet is eaSilyseen inpoor Ughi conditions. Bright micro shellsurrounded by relleaive tape. lightweight. Imerchangeable pads givl! added comfort and the perfect fil Conforms to BS6863:89 and Snell 890. One size fits

teenagers and adultl. Cat. No. 301/8745

SIZING GUIDE Check your inside reg measurement (without shoes) to find the correct frame sire to suit your needs. For off road use. choose a cydewith asmaller frame size in the range shown. For road usea

£19.99 larger frame wil.1suit

E.G. inside leg 30 inch

• frame size 20incIJ suitable for inside leg 29·34 incIJapJWox.See guide Ioimeasurement. Cat. No. 330/1366 £159.99 • Framesize 22iilch~table fOf inside leg 32-37 incIJapprox. See guide for measurement. Cat. No.

• frame size 18lndisuitabierOf lns1de1eg 2J.32inell·approx. See 81KE. guide fOfmeasurement • 15 speed ShimaI10 Indexed gears. Cat. No. • Rugged tyres and alloy rims. • (anlM power blakes. 330/1328 £149.99 • Complete will1 matching bonle and cage. • WI1eeI size 26 inch.

• Frame size 10 inch suitable lor inside leg 29· 34 i~h approx.5ee guide 10' measurement. Cat. No. 330/1335 £149.99 • (",me size 22 inch~uitabre lor inside leg 32-37 inch app.ox See guide for mea!urement Cat. No.

RAlElGHACTIVATeR 15ALl· TERRAIN BIKE. • Moontaitl bike frame wilh !lop~g lOp tube and Enet~rseat slay$. • Exdusl\-e Synchro·Shock suspension fo<k~. • 15 speed ShimaIlo indexed gear system with ilMnbslih levers. • Bug horn handlebar. • Chu~oII·roadtyres. • A1loycanu1ever brakes vAlh black mounia1n bike lever. • 26inch wheels. • frame size 18inch suitable lor i!\Side leg 27·32 inell approx. See guide formeasuremenl (at.No. 330/1380 • Frame size 211'lchsaltable lor ins1de1j!g 3~36{nchaPPlox.,See guide for measurement Cat. No. 330/1397

off road 18 inch frame on road 20 inch frame:

fAlCON ARCTICFOXMOUNTAIN • Frame size 18 inCtl suitable lor • Frame size 22 inell sultablefOf inside leg 27·32 inch approx. See BIKE. inside leg32·37 inch approx. See guide Ioi measuremen~ guide lor mea!uretnent • 18 speedShlmaoosTIindexed gears wilh unclerbat speed Cat. No. Cat. No.

Shifters. • Off road tyreson black alloy r1TIs. alloy hubs and C<ln61eo1e!blakes. • IceWhite Anishl\\l11 watel bottle and cage. • Quid( release saddle. • Wheel see 26 inch.

330/1421 £189.99 33011445 • frame size 20 inchsuitabfe lor i!lSide~ 29·3~inchapprox. See guide lor~uremenl Cat. No. 330/1438 £189.99


FAlCON MOUNTAIN PEAK All"TERRAIN BIKE. • Reynolds 500ATB hand buill lugged lrame. • 21 Speed Shimapo sn indexed gealS with under bar shinelS. • Shimano'1luhi-Condilion cantilever brakes. • Off road tyres. • Shimano alloy hubs. • AIIoyrims. • Quid release Iront wheel.


• frame size 20 inch suitable lor • QuiCk release saddle • inside leg 29· 3lI inch ilPerox. See • Withba,ends. toedip'sand straps. water bottle and cage. guide formeasuremenl. • Finished inIrost.si1Ver. Cat.No. 330/1469 £235.00 • Wheel size 26 inch. • Framesize 22 Inch suitable for • frame size·18 itlch suitable for insiQe1eg32·37 inchawox.See inside leg 27·32 inch appIOX. See guide lor meaSlllement. guide Iormeasuremenl. Cat. No. 330/1476 £235.00 Cat. No. 330/1452 £235.00

150100 film is suitablefor good

lightingconditions,with bright sunshineandfor indoor pictures USinga flash. ISO 200 filmissuitable when the lightingconditionscan't be relied on. Foruse insunshine.shade or dull weather and indoors withflash.

Look out for a Photo Points CollectOr Card next

time you call Into your local Argos stOre. Every time you use die !TI3lj order Argos film

Service you will recelv. Photo Poinu Tokens to collect (see In-stOre for dec:aIb).

Pick up a Photo Points Collector Card today with your mall order envelope and you'll be on your way to some great developing and processing offers.

I. PRINT ·,·lms


S":xaJI3~ Album

135 F 77::-=.:.=._--=.-"-,,,n.:...,_~6=,· X,,-,:-4" 110 Alms 5" x4"


7" X 5" Prints available for 35 mm users.

Disc FUms 5" x.oJ" IiIIIIIIr.... Matt finish now available for .:..12::.:6:...;F..::il",m:=_s _--:-:- __ --'4'...;' X,,-,-4" ......... 35mm users. Processing offer available on Kodak Gold film purchased ~ Enlargement service from Argos, see item nos I available. Envelopes available and 1. in-store with details.



Availableat all Argos showrooms. Business ReplyService needs no stamp.

I ...


FOR DEVELOPJNGAND PROCESSING Prices start from £ 1.75for standard si%eprints with up to 24 exposures, plus 4Sp rewm post ~nd pacbging per fllm.For more details. pick up an envelope from your local Argos showroom.

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2 SETS DOUBLE PRINT OPTION An e-xtra set of prints from yO'urfilmat the time of processing,

See envelope for details.

1. KODAK GOLD II fiLM. 135·36. ISO 100. Triple pack. 3 x.36 exposures. Plus 4 FREEKodak. mercury free, alkanne banefl6. Vyfth processing ofjervouchers. £9.99 Cat. No. 55511372 2. FUJICOLORSUPERG 100FILM. 13536, ISO 100. Twin pack, 2 x 36 exposures. Cat. No. 55511468 £6.25 3. KONICA SUPERSR·1 00 ALM. 135·36, ISO 100. Twin pack. 2 x36exposures. Cat. No. 55511004 £4,29 4. KONICA SUPERSR·1oo ALM. 135-24, ISO 100. Twin pack, 2x 24 exposures. Cat. No. 55511224 £3.29 5. KONICA SUPERSR·1 00 FILM. 135-36. ISD 100. 4 rolls,4x36exposufes. Cat. No. 55511413 £7.99 6. KODAK GOLD IIFILM. 135-36,1.50 200. TwinPGd<. 2x36exposures. Plus 2 fREEKodak, mercwy free.alkaline baneries.lNith processing offer vouchers. Cat. NO.55511406 £7.49 7. FUJICOLORSUPERGFILM.13S-36, ISO 200. 4 roUs. 4 x 36 exposures. Cat. No. 55511444 £12.99 8. KONICA SURERSR-200 ALM. 135-36. ISO 200. 5 rons. 5 x 36 exposures. Cat,No.55511420 £10.49 9. FUJICHROME CRFILM. 13,,36, ISO 100. Hi?h resolution film for c9!our slides. Pl'ocesstnglncluaed in price. 36 exposures. Cat. No. 55511482 £6.50 10. KONICASUPERSR-200ALM.1IO24.ISD 200. Twin pack, 2 x 24 exposu[es. F0I110 cameras. Cat. No. 55510988 £2.69 11.IlOIAROID600 PLUS HIGH SPEED INSTANT FILM. FOr Polaroid 6005eries and IffiJl\Ilse cameras.Twin pack. 2x 10 prio~. iluilt-inbanery~ all camera functIOns. Cat. No. 555/0885 £20.75


110 PRINT ~

Konica~- t.(Dnica

~rmllla -'

Ij@·ijbf,'i,.].j.,!;, W. __

.mallon:t..... ~

tw ........ allthlum blltUries and Pal.-old Vision film. For ..... 1t.. nlhoI ............ rIng 06'''27 7H8(24 hour~ .. ) ....alternatively pick up.n

on:t.,fomI_ yourArgo. showroom. Nostamp Is ....lrecI onyour_lope.



... -

lECliC 110 CAMERA OUTFIT. • VvIdeangle at1d telephotoJe!lSeS. • Bu~t,ln ele<tronic 1IasIl. • Case Induded. • Batteries induded: • Film induded. Cat. No. 561/1212 £9.99

GOLDUNETElEFlASH 110 CAMERA OUTFJT. • Normal and lelephotO lenses,

• Bu.II·jnelearohi, flash. • Film ident~ication window. • case and strap induded, • Batteries Induded, • Film induded. • Photo album Induded. • Manulactu!er's5·yearguarantee. Cat. No. 561/1229 £12.99


BUJ!t·inetooroolcflash. focus Irl!('41ootlo Infinity. Close uplaciHI)'10 2 fee~ Plcluresde¥elopwhhin 90seoonds. Complete with I x 600 Plus Instant film(1Gp!ints). • Uses Polaroid 600 Plus film (order I 0155510885 at £20.75 lor 2 films

120printsD. Cat. No. 561/1205


HANIMEX 11 0 EFTM CAMERA OUTFIT. • Bu~(oj~elearooic flash. • Normaland telepholo lenses. • Motoriled advance, • Caseinduded. • Batteries induded. • Aim induded. Cal. No. 561/0897 £14.99

@ SUPERSTORESONLY PREMIERMINI 110 CAMERA OUTFIT. • MIni sizedcamera Ihat fitseasily into a pod«!tOlhandbaQ. • Cartridge loading. • BuQI·;nflash. • • Red-e)'e' reductioo. • 3 eiemenl23mm lens. • iRnI (!)'m. • Manufacturers S'year guarantee. • Case. batteries and 111m. Cat. No. 561/1047 £19.99

@ SUPERSTORESONLY POLAROID'VISION" INSTANT CAMERA AND FilM SET. • Easy to use and I~ compact design makes this carneta easy tocany.

• Single lens reneJC. • AUlD1ocuI.

• Automalic flash. • Selltjrnet, • Ut)Iquepicture S10tage compartment and YiewI!lgwirldow. • Producesa podcet sizepictule wnlch de¥eiops "";thkl90seconds.

• S·yearwwanly.

• COIllplete"";lh "V!skln· ntmwi1lch conlllins 1Qexpowros. Further film packs available via Argos mall order services. Htlplineno: 0800317151. Cat. No. 561/0718 £109.00


• fixed filmspeed. • focuslree. • Case Induded. • Batteries Induded. • Film Induded. Cat. No. 561/1236


.8uill-inflasll. • Manual dalll bade ladlll)' allows date to beprintedcn pholographs K



• Case Induded. • Batteries Induded. • Film Induded. Cat. No. 56111250



GOLDliNE ClASSIC 2 OUTfIT CAMERA. • Bui~·inflash. • SenSOlialfto flash • fill in flash. • • Red-eye' reduc1loll. • Double eJqlClSUreprevention. • Case induded. • lIatteries induded. • Fllminduded. • Manufaautet's 5')1!ar guatantee. CaU.o.561/1243 £14.99


• Buill·lnljash. • Axed focus. • Case induded. • Batteries induded. • Film included .. Cat. No. 561/1308


ost cameras .... fitted

M wttll adcItttonai ... tures liVe.... ater to

flexibility wilen taldnl pIIOtopap Some key ,.. turu explained

.... ow.



Motor Drives

MotorlDd load winds die film to the first frame automadcally or by P..... lnl the shutter reiease button. After each shot, motorized advance automatically winds the film onto the next frame. At the end of the film, ftIOtor1DcI rewind will rewind the film ready to take out.

Auto Focu/ FocasLock


A BuIlt-In flash works dl...cdy off the camera batteries and Is usually effective for up to 15 feet. A low light h,dlcator shows when to tum the flash on. An Auto/S4tMOr wllI_rk automadcally when dlere I. Insufftdent IIJht. On some cameras, a sensor flash can be tumed off for atmospheric shots, or used as "fill-In" flutl when the subfect Is In the .hade or .... nst a baclqNund.


Red-Ey. Reduction udll... a pre-flutl to contract the toavold



This allows you to brlnl the subject doser and frame the shot as required without havlnl to move. The bluer the zoom (measured I" mlillmetres) the nearer the lmaae, and so the ..... ., It will appear.

This shows the current function status, .. selected flash. focus mode, battery level. and number of pictures taken.

TwtnLens This enables you to choose between normal or a close-up shot dependln. on how you wish to frame the subject.

Macro FadUty This allows you to take dear, fOQlsedclose-up shots.


BasIc cameras have a fhced focus, which does not vary with subject distance. Cameras with auto focus automadcally focus on the subject In the centre of the viewfinder. "Focus lock" allows you to focus on your .ubJect and then recompose the shot, sdll holdlna your subject In focus.

Auto Ezposure The shutter speed automadcally adjusts to alve the rlaht exposure for the exlsdn. IIpt condldons. On more sophisticated cameras,

a bacldllM compensation facility allows for brlJht backVOUnds such as snow or sand.

This feature Is used when takln. lonl distance shots or for shootlnl throuJh atass with an auto focus camera.

DXCodJ.wr The camera wilTautomadcally adjust to the speed of film you are uslnl.

SeUTimer This enables you to set the camera to take a photograph approx 1 seconds later, so that you can be In the shot as weill A dual self dmer takes two pictures In succession whilst a spedal muld.frame self dmer allows you to take up to four conHQItlve shots.



Auto film loading. 210 ltetN..;de lens. Bu~t·ln flash. Batteries. film and case inclueled. Cat. No. 56110725 £16.99

HANIMEXIC 2000 35MM COMPACTCAMERA. • • • • • • • •

Data Back

This allows the option of data to be printed on the face of your photoaraph enabllnl you to remember when the picture was taken and Is available In two forms: I. A .......... data back will print the month and year If NClIU'''_.I_ 1. A quartz data back offe" a clock fadlity with LCD display and will print dmeldaylmonthl year If required.

Panoramic This facility produces spec1aJ "stretch" prints to create IncNdlble scenic views or artIsdc compositions. These cameras either udllse an adaptor which Is Inserted prior to loadln. the film, In which case the whole film must be shot In panoramic mode, or a switch mechanism which will allow for shots to be mixed on the same film. N•• Fllms contalnln. mixed exposures will Incur addldonal processln. cost and _ NCommenci that you advise the processor before havln. the film developed.


BuUt·inflash. • Seo!or/auto flash. fjJ~lnflasll. -Red·eyf·lfductJon. MotD!1zedloacl'advantf/rewilld. DXcod1ng • Setltlf!le1. Auto elIpOSu~. Case Indueled. Batteries induded. Film Indueled. Manufacturet's S·~argU31antee. Cat. No. 561/0907 £29.99


Bui~·inllasil. Sensor/auiO flash. Motorized load. Motorized advance. Motorized few\nd. Focus free 34mm lens. OXcoding(tOOl400). Case. bat1eries. and film Indueled. Cat. No. 561/0880 £19.99

8uWHnliash. • SefllOr/auto Rash. fill·1n Rash. Mollllile<lloacl'advanceJrewiflll. D.lta bad: Iacilitytnables time or date to beprinted on phoIographs II required. - OX coding . • Case. batteriesanclfilm. • Manufacturer's S·ytar guarantee. Cal. No. 560/9547 £29.99



• • • • • • •

BuNt·inflash, Sensor/aulO Rash. MOtorized load. Motorizedad'iance. Motorized rewind. 0Xcodil1g. Case. batteries andfl1m Indueled. Cat. No. 560/9516 £24.99


• • • •

• • • • • • -

BuUt·inllash. Motorized load. Motorized ~tf. Motofized rewind. Auto exposure . Poud! Included. Batteries inclueled. Cat. No. 561/0567



FUJI 3SMM COMPACT CAMERA. e Suilt·in flash. e SeIlS9t/auto.ftash. e Motorized load. e Molorized advaI1<e. • Mo.IOrized rewind. e OX co.ding. e Auto exposure. e Batteries induded. e Rlminduded. Cat. No. 56019310 £39.99

OLYMPUHRIP JUNIOR 35MM COMPACT CAMERA. e 8u1I1·lnfl.lsll. e Motoriled advance. e Motoriled rtWind. e Batteriesinduded. Cat. No. 561/0244 £39.50

CANONSNAPPV El3SMM COMPACT CAMERA. e BuOI-ii1 flash. e MoloriZed advance. e MOlOrized rewind. e Low Iig~twarning indicalOC. e Close-.up~. e ReqlJires 2Jt LR6balteries (not siJpprted.order 1 0198011444 al £1.39 pair). Cat. No. 56110574 £49.00

ICano1l1 CONCORD990AFA~FOCUS 3SMM COMPACT CAMERA. e Built-inflash. e 5ens<xfaUlQ flash. • "Red-eye" reductioo flash. e Motoriled load. e Molorizedadvance. e Motoriledrewil)d. e 2,slage euto rocus. • OX cOding. e Auto expostJre. e Caseinduded. e Batteries induded.

e Rim Induded.

Cat. No. 56110921



FOCUS 35MMC{)MPAG CAMERA. e Bulll.inflam • Sensor/auto flash. e "Red·t!)!1" reduction.

e Motorizedload. e Motorizedadvance. e MOloriledtewind. e Auto focus. e Focuslock. e DXcOOlng. e AutoeJq)OSllle e Self 1ine1. e Case. batteries and film induded . • Manufaqvrer's S.yearguarantee. cat. No. 56110598 £39.99

PRAKTICA SPORT NOVA AF "DATA BACK" AUTO FOCUS 35MM (OMPACT.CAMERA. eBuilt·inflash e MolOliled load. e MOtorized advance. e Motorizedrewind e Auto focus. e Focuslocl:. e OXcod1ng. e Data baddacl1iryenables time/date to be prilled on pOOtographs if required. e Case induded. e Requres 2x LRObatteries (no! supplied;ordcl 101980/1444 al £1.39 pair). Cat. No. 561/0615 £37.99

VIVITAR E2250 AF AVT0 FOCUS 35MM COMPACT CAMERA. e8tJijHnflash. e SeIlSOl/autOflasll. e "Red-eye" reduc:tlof1 system. • Mollllizl'd loadiadvance/rtWind. e Auto focus e Mulli-exposure faqIiry. e Ill(l)Irect film load indication. eDX~.

PREMIER P(·84SAVTO fOCUS 3SMM COMPACT CAMERA OUTfIT. e Baat.inflash. e 5etlsoi/auto flash. e MoIOii1edloadiadvancelrew1nd. eAutofcicllS'. e OXcoding. e easelndueled. e Batteries included. e FIIminduded. e Manu!acltuers >year guarantee. Cat. No. 56110811 £29.99

• LCD dispiay•• SelI·timer. e Case. batteries and film induded. Cat. No. 56110608 £44.99

HANIMEX 1(3000 D BACK" AUTOFOCUS3SMM COMPACT CAMERA.. e Buil-in flash. • SetlSOf/autOflash. e "~" reduction. e F~~in flash. e Mo!oriled loadIadvanceirewind.

• Inlta red auto focuS.

e F«uslocX. e

e Data bad facjhty allows time/date

lObe printedlln photographs if requiied.

Battetiesar~not supplifllunless othlfWfse stated. Camer.lithiUIII batteries Ire

waDableviamill order.seepa~ 442for details. books_to_bytes

e Case,batteries<lndfilm

Induded. Cat. No. 561/0945


445 .


FUJI OlSO AUTO FOCUS 3SMM COMPACT CAMERA. • Buill·inflasll. • Sensor/aUIO flash.

• 81Ji114nflash.

• Sensor/aulOnasi!.

• Motonzeq loadIadvancelrewind. • AulOrocu~. • FoC\l~lock.

• 'Red-eye' redQn.

• Fill·inrIash. • Motorized loadJadvanceirewind .

• OXcoding. • AUIOexposure.

• Batterieslnduded. • Filmincluded. Cat. No. 560/9286

• • • • •

AlJlofocus, Focusiock. OXcocing. AutOexposure. Self timer. • Panoramic adaplOl • For Information leaflet call


0645237192. • Case Induded. • Batteries included. • Filmincluded. Cat. No. ·561/0639 £69.00

OLYMPUSTRIPAFS·2 AUTO FOCUS 35MM COMPACT CAMERA. • Buill·lnflash. • Sensor/auto nash.

PENTAXPC 500 Af AUTO FOCUS 35MM COMPACT CAMERA • Buwt·in flash. • Sensor/aulOnash.

• MolOriledloadladvarKl1/rewind.

• AUIOfocus • Focus lock.

• • • • • • •

• oXcodlng.

• Batteries Included. Cat. No. 561/0866 £59.00

'Red·eyt' reduction flash • MololizedloadJadvance/rewind. Inf,a red auto focus. Focuslodt. OXcoding. AIllOellpOsure. Selhlmer.

• Case Included. • Batteries included.

Cat. No. 561/0969 SAMSUNG AF220 AUTO FOCUS 3SMM COMPACT CAMERA • Buill·1nflash. ·~/aulOnasil. • Motollzed Ioad/advafl{etrewind


• AIlto locus. • focus lock. .OXcoding.

~::::..~~ r-:::-::-=~~--~

• AUlo~u,e. • Setltimer. • Case, film and batteries induded. • For information leaflet call

• • • • • •


Cat. No. 561/0251


Stnsor/auio flash. 'Red-eye'reductiortflash. MotOOled load/advance/rewind. AIlIO10CU1. Focus lock. OXcoding.

• Auto exposure.


• Selhimer.

• Caseincluded. • lithium battery included. • Extended guarantees available on this product. see page 493. Cat. No. 561/1315 £99.00

MINOLTARIVAAF35 EX AUTO FOCUS 35MM COMPACT CAMERA • Buill·inRasil. • Sensor/aulo ilalh.

• "Red·eye' reduction flash. • Motorized loadIadvafl{e/rewind. • Infra red aUlo focus.

• focus lock..

CANON SURESHOTT£LEMAX AUTO FOCUS. TELEPHOTO35MM COMPACT CAMERA • Built-inllash. • Sensor/autonash. • 'Red·eye· reduction flash.

• OXcoding.

·Auto~ure. • Selftimer. • Batteries included. Cat. No. 561/0952 £59.50

• • • •

PANASONIC C0426 Af DATA BACKAUTO FOCUS 35MM COMPACT CAMERA • BuilHnnash. • Sensor/auto flash. • MotorizedloadiaMfl{e/rewind.

MOlorl2ed load/advance/rewind. Auto focu~. Focus lock. OX·codng.

• Auto exposure. • Sell timer. • Twin lens: 3Bmml7Omrn. • Caselnduc!ed. • lithium battery included. • Extended guarantees aVailable on this product, see page 493 •

• AIlIOfocus, • Focus lock. • OXcodlng.

Cat. No. 561/1401

• DatabackfadiityallowstimeoH!ate 10 be printed on photographs if


required. • AUIOexp(!5ule,

• Case Included. • Requk~ 2 x LR6baneries(not SUIlIlIied.orde! 10198011444al ffJ9pair).

Cat. No. 56110622


Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated. C.mera lithium batteries are available via mail order. 5ee page 442.



OLYMPUS TRIP Af MINI AUTO FOCUS3SMM ULTRA c.OMPAa CAMERA. • Buat-inflash. • Sensor/auto Dash. • MOloMd ioad'ad\'anre/rewind •. • Active auto locus.

• FOcU51ad. • DXcOOJ119.

• AutoeJqlOSUle. • Se1himer. • LCOdisplaypanel, • case, batteries and 2 films Induded. Cat. No. 561/0976 £99.50

HAtlNA VlSfON XMS ZOOM 3SMM COMPAa CAMERA. • Budt·inllash. • SeruoI/auto flash. • MotoMd load/adyaflWrewind. • ()~cOdiog. • 35-S2mm motoriltdroom lens with zooming optical viewfinder. • Shqnerlocl:lpo'Ner oniolfSWitch. • case induded. • Batteries Induded. • Film induded. Cat. No. 561/0660 £49.50

€) SUPERSTORESONLY PRAl(TIKA SPORTNOVA ZOOM HY70 3SMM COMPAa CAMERA. • Buat·jn~ • SeIlsorIauto flash. • Motoriled loadiadvanc:elrewlnd. • Autor~. focuslodc, • OXcWif)g. • sell timer. • lIvtoexposure. • 3S·70mm motorizedzoom. • ReqUtles2 x LR6batteries (order 1 of 980/1444 at £1.39 pair). • Case included. • Extended guarantees available on this product, see page 493. Cat. No; 561}0732 £89.00

FUJIOll90 Z00M 3SMM COMPAa CAMERA. • BuRt·inflasll. • Sensor/aulo [lash. • 'Red~' reduttlon flash. • Fill·inllash. • MotorizedlOadlad'laoce1rewind. • Aulolocus. • FocllSlad. ·OXcoamg. • Autoexposure. • Selftimer. • lCOdi$p(ay panel. • 3S·SSmm motoriltd zoom. • Batteries included. • Fihn,induded. • Extended guarantees avaUable on this product. see page 493. Cat. No. 56110677 £99.00

CAMERAS FROM ONLY £49.50 books_to_bytes

OLYMPUSMJU·l UGHlWEJGHT AUTO FOCUS3SIylM ULTRA COMPAa CAMERA. • BUiIt·inIlash. • fiW·1l1(lash. • sensocJauto nash. • "Red·eye" reduction flash. • MotoriZed loadIad'ianceirewind. • Auto locus. • Focus lock. • DXcoa'"9". Self timer. • Autoexposure. • lCD display. • Macro facaity. • Batteryinduded. • Extended guarantees avallable on this product, see page 493. Cat. No. 560/9602 £139.00

MINOLTA·RlVA ZQOM PICO 3SMM COMPAa CAMERA. • BuIlt'ln flash. • sensor/auto nash. • "Red·eye' leduaion nash. • Fill·inflash. • Motoriltdloa(llad'ianceirewind . • 250 Step inira red auto locus. ··Focuslod:. • DXcodillg. • Auto exposure.


• LCDd'1SpIay panel. .38·6Ommmotorized2oom. • Battery induded. Cat. No. 561/0983 £129.00



SAMSUNGAF ZOOM 777i 3SMM COMPAa CAMERA. • Built';n flash. • selllOllauto flash • • "Red~" reduction flash. • Motorized Ioadiad'iance/rewind. • AutOfocus. • Focus lock. • DXcoding.. SeUtimer. • AulOexpDltlre .• LCDdisplaypanel • 3S·70mmmotorizedzoom. • Lithium battery and case induded. .l'oo1railZOOIl\Ifuzzylogic. • For information leallet call 0645237192. • Extended guarantees available on this product, see page 493. Cat. No. 561/0110 £139.00


CAMERA • 8uill·inflash .• Sensor/auto Qash. • "R~" reduG!ioo flash. • Motorizedloadfaoiian<elrewlnd. • Auto 10CIISIf0cus kldc. • OX coding .• AUtoexposure. • Sell timer. • LCDd'lSPlaypanei. • 3S·8Omm motori.zedzoom. • Panoramic:funoioo. • Batteries included. • Film included. • Extended guarantees available 00 tltis product, see page 493. Cat. No. . 561/0756 £149.00



Buat·jn flash. • Sensor/aula llash. '~ed-eye'reduction nash. fill·inllash •• LCDiIi$p!aypanel. MOlorill!d loadlacmnwrewind. Infra-red auto focus. !-===~ • Focuslock. e DXcodiOjl. r:;.;..;;;;..;;:;,;.t'"J • AlltOexposuIt. • Self moo. • • • • •

• 3S·7Ommmotorized:room. • Data back facility allows time/dale

10be p!inledOl1 photographs. • PortraitlmaaolflJz!y Icgic. e Multipleexposure. • Case and lithium battery included. • For information leaflet call 064S237192. • Extended guarantees available on this prOduct. see page 493. (at. No. 561/1054 £169.00

PENTAX ESPIO35MM ULTRA COMPAa ZOOM CAMERA. • Slow~lIasl>. • MolOl1Zedloadiadvance/rewind. • Infr;rfed auto focus. e FOCIiS lad. e I)Xcoding. • AutoeJq)OllJfe. • Selftimer. e LCDdisplay pam!l. • 35·7Cmm motOrized:room. • AuIOmaao function. • litI)ium battery included -. • Extended guarantees avadable on this prOduct, see page493. 561/0684



PENTAXESPIO 115 ZOOM 35MM ULTRA COMPAa CAMERA. • BuOHnflash. • Sensor/auto nash. e • Red~' reduction flash. • Fill·in nash .• SIowsyncflash. • Mllorized loadfad\oaf1(e(rewind. elnlra·redautolocus. • FocuSlode. • OXcoding• • Auloexpostlle. • self 1imfI. • lCOdisplaypanel. e 38-115mm motOfize(l:room. • Auto/super macro. • Swildlablepanoramicfadlity. • Muftipie.exposure. • lithium battery included. • Extended guarantees available on this product. see page 493. Cat. No. 561/102;) £299.00


• Built·in·lIash.

e SensOliauto!lash. e ·Red~· redllClXlnnash.

Cat. No.


• e • •

Built-innash • SeRlOl/autoffilsil. SloW sync'flasI>. ·Red'¥· reductlOn Rash. • Motorized loadiadvance/rewind. • 3 poa!1tauto locus. • Focus loCk. .OXcoding. • AuIO.~UI!.

• Sell timef. .lCOdilplay. • 38- 76mm motorized zoom.

e Maaomode. • Caseincluded .. • Battery included. e Extended guarantees available on this· 493. Cat. No. £199.00 561/1009



Ol'(MPUSMIUZOOM35MM ULTRACOMPAa CAMERA. • Buih·inffash. • Sensor/aUlO 1Iasi1. • "Red·eye" reduction nash. • Fill·in flash. e MOlorized loadJadvanceirewind. e Infra red aulO focus. • Focuslode. • DXcOding. • Autoexpo5Ure. • Selftimef. • LCD<fi5pIaypanel. • 38·70mm motoM!d zoom. • Battery included. e Extended guarantees available on this product. see page 493. Cat.No. 561/1061 £239.00

O(YMPUSSUPERZOOM 110 35MM COMPAITCAMERA. • Built-inllash. e Sensor/aula Rash. • .~. reduction llash. e Fil~inllash. • MoIOrizedloadiadvanceirewind. • (J1frCHedaulolocus. • Focus lode. • OXcoding. • Auto exposUre.

• Selftirner.

• lCDdrspiaypanei.

• 3a.i IOmmmotorized:room.

• UtIlium battelY included. • WeathelpfOOf. • Extended guarantees available on this product, see1l'l9t 493. (at. No. 561/0$59 £299.00


e Bull.inflasjl. • Sensor/auto flash. e ·Red'¥· reduction flash. • rlil-inflash. • Motorized loadiadvanceJrewind. • Infra red auto locus. e focus lode.• DX coding. • Aula fJq)(lSule, • Ooubfeseftimef. • LCDolSpiaypam!l•

• 38-9Omm motoriled zoom. • Case Included. • Batteries Induded. • Extended guarantees avaifabl~ on tills product, see page 493. (at. No. 561/1016 £199.00

SAMSUNG ZOOM 1050 35MM COMPAa CAMERA. • Buat·lnIlash. • Sensor/auto IIash. • "Red-eye· redudion llash. • MotoM!d loadIad\oanceJrewind e Auto locus.. f«rls Jock. e Auto exposure,• OXcoding. • lCO dlsplay panel .• Selftimef. • 38·\OSr/unmotorized ~ • Automatic portrait zoom. • Fuziy Iogjcima(l'Olsupermaao facility. • For infortnatiollieaftel caB 0645237192. e Case induded. e lithium battery induded. • Extended guarantees available on this product. see page 493.

Cat. No. 561/0873



e Buih·inRash.

e Sensor/aoto flash.

• 0RA.'d-eye0 redU(!jonHash. • Motojized kiiIdIadvance/lewind eAutolOM.

• Focuslodc .


• DXcodin.9. • AutOexJl<lsure.

• Selfllmer. • lCOdrsplaypanel . • • e •

35·IOSmmmotorizedzoom. Case induded. lithium banery induded. Extended guaranleesavailable on tliis product, see page 493.

Cat. No. 561/0086


o 10 €) SUPERSTORESONLY NC GR-323 VliS·C CAMCORDER.8x power zoom. full range auto focuswith ~eato-manual power focus. Multi-speed shutterwit.h 7 slepSup 10'/.000 sec setting. Age insert; 3 lux low light sensitivity. aUIOheaddeaner. 16:9 dnema mOde, miqophone wim wind filter switch. long play/record IdlY anddigital superimpose with 8colours.Withcase. tripod, 3VliS·( cassenes,shoulderstrap, 2 rechargeable banerypacks. ACpower adaptor/charger.VHS·Cadaptorforplay badeand NV outputcable. See above panelfor accessory offer. SeefoolllOtet. Cat. No. 561/0402 £599.00 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated. Camera lithium batteries are availablevia mail order, see page 453 fordetails. tPlease note item nos 10-12 are excluded from the 16-day money back promise. This does notaffed your statutory rights.


KITONE.Comprises a camcorderllghl cornplelewith rechatgeable bane!)' and charger.ujpod. grip/btacket and discharger. Can be purchased for only f5 when (lUJdlased witha Sony.NC or Sanyocamcorder lealuredon pages 449 and 450. Cat. No. 570/3711 £109.00



KIT lWO. Comprises a camcorder bag.

tripod. reehaJgeable banery. discharger and a tie dip microphone. Can be purchased for only£5 when purchased with a Canoncamcorderfeatured on page 451. Cat. No. 570/3735 £109.00

powerzOOlO.Twin speed. F~Iogic, auto focus•.aUloexposureandautowhite balance.Highspecijshutter to ';'0.000. Long play tadlity. 5 pre-sel director controls and 2 lux minimum ~Iurrilnation. Dale/timeinsert.With remote (ontrol. Jechargeable banery.charger.mains leads and RF ac!aptorand lead for playback. See above Pilnet loracc~ ofler.Seefootnotel. Cat. No. 56111085 £569.00

INSTANT CREDIT AVAILABLE SEE PAGE 2 ------~------------------------~----------~-------------books_to_bytes


allows you Acamcorder to capture vision. gives

action In sound and It IIISh .... Ity 110 YkIeo recordln.. and a wiele range of features to Jive

socket TV, you will need to buy an RF lead and adaptor available from Argos Mall Order Services (telephone 061 927 1298 or ask In-store for detalls).

you ..... ter flexibility.

To lIelp you elloose. our



below explains some

of tIM technical terms and featuns.


Fader Power Zoom This gives a smooth zoom-In action for dose-up shots. The greater the zoom, the greater the magnification.

Tape Formats There are 2 camcorder fonnats, using different types of tape.

Bmm tape Is a small cassette which gives up to 90 minutes recording, or 3 hours with long play. Tapes are played back by plugglnr the camcorder directly into your TV or video recorder usinr the leads supplied. Recordings can be edited onto VHS~ via a video recorder. YHS-C is a compact tape which can be played In your VHS video recorder, usinr the special adaptor supplied with all of our VHS-C camcorders. They give up to 45 minutes of recordlnr. which can be extended to 90 minutes with a

long play faclltty.

VHS-C tapes can also be played bade by connectinr the camcorder directly into a TV or video recorder 21 pin SCART socket. If you do not have a video recorder or 21 pin

Full Range Auto Focus This ensures that the subject stays In focus, no matter how close or far away.

Intell1genl Auto Iris The auto focus facility works through the lens to give clearer shots and a better colour balance.


This allows you to smoothly fade in and out of difl'erent shots.

Hying Erase Head When recording over old scenes this gives a cleaner transition from old to new recordings.

Title Memory Tide or dates can be superimposed onto recordings as a permanent reminder.

Age lnaert By entering your child's birth date, you can have an on-screen display of their age on future recordings.

A macro facility allows clear and focused close-up recordings.

Edlt/Camera Searcb

Shutter Speed

Previous recordings can be viewed through the camcorder for editing or to find the correct position to resume recording.

A variable shutter speed allows slower speeds in low light conditions, whilst a hlp speed shutter gives clear shots for high speed action.

Lux mum'nation The lower the lux minimum illumination, the lower the light conditions In which the camcorder can still effectively record.

Long Play/Record This _ture allows you to record and play back for twice the normal time. Ie 3 hours on a 90 minute tape.

Insert Edit This allows a new recordinr to be inserted between exlstinr scenes.

Infra-Red Remote Contro~ . This allows you to operate the playback features of your camcorder from the comfort of your armchair.


For any queries about your camcorder please ring the appropriate helpline during office hours. Sony 0817841144 0814503282 JVC Canon 0814591266 Extended


Argos 3 and 5 year Extended Guarantees are available on all our camcorders. See page 493 for details. 3 Year Cover 885/0245 £79.99 5 Year Cover 885/0740 £149.99 Argos Personal


With an Argos Personal Account you can buy your Camcorder now and spread the cost to suit your budget. See page 1for details.

1. VIDEO KIT. £nables you to transfer and 3 @ SUPERSTORESONLY edit video pktures and sound from a video recOlder or camcOlder to another video 5,ANYOVMEX-30 8mm CAMCORDER recorder. Connects virtually every typeof WITH COLOUR S(REEN IN HANDS£T. viifeo recorder lOanothei' or to a IOxpowel200m. CoioullCDsaeenin handset. Editing ween inhandset. Fuzzy camcorder or videocamera.lndudes SCARlconnection5. main1YPeS of vi~ logk. auto focus. exposure and whit~ balance.lf!9hspeed Shutter 101/'0,000.6 audio socke~plugs. pre-set director con1l0ls. 2 lux minimum Cat. No. 535/6285 £12.99 illumination. Date/lime insert With 2 @ SUPERSTORESONLY remote cootrol. Rechargeable battery. chargfr. mains leads aQdRFadaptor and SONY CCDTR333 ULTRA COMPACT lead for playback. See footno!et. 8mm CAMCORDER. CompaCt camcorder Cat.No.S61J1133 £799.00 with high resolutlon colour vieWfinde:r. lOX power zoom with fullrange auto locus indud'mg maClo.lnfr~ red remote control. Twin speed (5P/lP) fcrup to 4 hours recording. Battery capacity indicator in vieWfinder. Fader lor professional edits


between scenes. ProgramA.E. lor aea~

effects and 4 lux minimum iUumination. Indudes carrying case with shoulder strap. AC adaptor/charger. rechargeable batter( and leads for playba<k. See loolOOtet. Cat. No. 561/1126 £849.99


tPlease note item nos2· 7 are excludedfrom the 16-daymoney badepromise. This does not affect your statutory rights. books_to_bytes





KITONE. CQIllprisesa camcOlder light compjete with battery and charger. tripod. grip/bradcetand discharger. Can be purchased lor only £5 when purchasedwilh a Sony. NC 01Sanyo camcorder feahlled on pages 449and 450. cat. No. 570/3711


lOTlWO. Comprise~ a camcorder bag. tripod,

redwgeablebattery, dischargerand a uecl'1P miCrophone,.can be pllf(Iwed lor only £5 when ptlr~with a Canon camcorder featured on page 451.

Cat. No.57013735 4



SONYCCDfX400 Smm CAMCORDER. 10x2·speed powerzOQmwith lUllrange auto fOCIlS.including macro lor ddse-ups. Inlra red remote control lor fflming you~f Of playbadc at hOIne.HoudllV comector. Faderfor professional edits between scenes. 3 lux minimum !Rumination. 'Mth AC adaptorfc.harger. Rechargeable batley and leads lor playback. See footno\e!.

cat. No. 56111119 5



CANONBOOSmmCAMCORDER. lOx room lens. 2 lux minimum illumination. f'o!l-upllideo fighL lnfra·red auto locus with manual oveniile and macro. 3 mode

programme auto time! dale fadlily with ageinseIL 18O"flexible grip fl?flow leveLshooting. rade to white. standard o/Iong play. automatic bad<

li§htcompensation. With femote control. shoulderSllap. rechargeable battery. power adaptor and RF adaptor and lead lorpiayback.See footJ1Glet. cat. No.56111102 £749.00 6


SONY CCDfX200 &11m CAMCORDER. 8x2-speed power zoom with lull range auto focus. including macro forclose·up$. Cornpaa.desjgn.1win Speed (SPILP) {or UPto 4hours re(Ording time. Oateilime record. 3·mode programme AE lor

creativeelfects.4lux!l1inirmm Rlumination. With AC adaptor/charger. Rechargeable bane1)'and leads lor playback. See lootnolet. cat. No.56111092 £599.99 7


CANON E200 8mm CAMCORDER. 8x room lens. 3 lux minimum iUumination. 180" nexigrip enables low levelrecordi!1g. Dual beam auto locus with manual override. Fade to wh~e.Clip on video Ught pr<Mdes instant illuminatiooiorsubjects up \0 3 metre <IvR/. Charaaer lilieSand

dateltime lunction. With (el11Otecontrol. \ii!eolight. r$rgeable battery. AC adaptor/charger and Rf adaptor and lead lor playback. See footnotet. Cat. No. 561/0787 £649.00


451 books_to_bytes

1. PULLMAN (()MPAQ CAMERA POUGH. In black polyester with foam

padded insert and cOIllTastingred piping on front Features adjustable detachable shoulder strap. zip Iront PQ<ket lor films and main zip pocket with bell loop !)older at back. Size 6 x 3 x 3'/2inch approx. Cat. No. 570/3027 £3.99 2 0


PULlMAN COMPAQ GADGETI CAMCORDERBAG. Inblack polyester with loam padded Inserts.f1!atures adjustable Sl10ulderstrap. 2 end pod:elS, Iront pocket and main compartment and dual zip. vekro adjustable padded section and film loops. Size 10~6x6inchapprox. Cat. No. 57013254 £14.99 3. PULlMANGADGETICAMCORDER BAG. In black polYester, with loam padded inserts and red piping on !root Features adjustable shoulder slTapwith pad, rubber feet, 2 end pockets with zip opening.lront pocket with zip opening and accessory holder. Marn compartment with dual zip. flap top opens to reveal velcro adjustable padded sections. Size 15'Ilx 6 x 7 inch approx. Cat. No. 570/3034 £14.99 4. PUllMAN SUPERpRO SLRGADGET BAG. In black po~ester with loam padded IlIserts and COf\lTastingred piping. Featuresadjustable slioulder SlTapwith pad, quick release lid topslraps, 3 extemal pockets with zip openings, main compartment with velcro adjustable sections, loops and accesSOlY (ompartmen~. With adjustable ttlliO!! straps. Size 14x 7'izx 73/, inchapprox. Cat. No. 570/3041 £19.99 5 0


range 01photo/optical otvldeo equipment together, ot can be spiit into 4 separate bags when only some equipment needs to be carried. One section lor camcorder and accessorieswith adjustable partitlonsand shoulder strap, another section for compac!lSLR camera and additiOnal lens. End pockets detach and can be fitted to belt, useful forcompaG camera or, bifl(l(ulars. Cat. No. 57012774 £24.99 6.VANGUARDVlDE0/PHOTOGRAPHIC CASE.Strong aluminium Irame with anocflsedfinish. Protective cotner pieces, Inside lid with wave loam Insen, bottom with prHUlloam which (an be arranged as desired. With canying handle and shouIdenl1ap. Sill' 18x 13 x 6 inch approx. Cat. No. 570/3405 £24.50 7 0SUPERSTORESONLY

CAMCORDERCASE. Sman carrying case lor camcorder and accessories. With adjustable cflViderportions and aluminium lrame with black ribbed side panels. Size 16'12 x 10'12 x 6 inch approx. Cat. No. 57013278 £34.99 8 0

9. VANGUARDTWlNVIDEOUGHT.3 wayswitchable video lighl giving 30. 20 ot 10 watts lotbright. normal and low light Illumination. Complete with battery and charger, Cat. No. 57013247 10 0 SUPERSTORES ONLY

V1VANCO20 WATTCAMCORDERLIGHT ANElBRACKET.Ideal rot all camcorders espeCiallypalm(Orders, a 20 watt light with speOal reflectot to ensure even~ distributed lighting, together with a universal mounring bracket enabling you to add additional accessories. The IlI'acket acts as a support grip lot extra stability when recording. light powered byyour spare battery pack. Cat. No. 57013515 11 0


COBRAMO 210 MULTIDEDlCATED FlASHGUN.Features bounce head, 2 auto settings, nash ready and auto check lights. Wide angle adaptot a~d filter set Uses 4 x l~6 catteries (otder 2 01980/ 1444 at.£1.39 pair). Cat. No. 57012925 12.TOKVHH EC-45lW1N VIDEO CASSETTEPACK.2 x45 minute VHS-( cassenes lor VHS-Ccamcorders. Cat. No. 570/2846 £9.99 13.TOKEC'45HS VHS·CCAMCORDER CASSETTEPACK.5x 45minute VHS-C cassette pad: lot VH5'C camcorders. £19.50 Cat. No. 57013429 14 0SUPERSTORESONLY

lOK EC·30 VH5-CTRIPLEVIDEO CASSETTEPACK.3 x 30 minute high qualityVHS·C video cassettes lorVHH camc01ders. Cat. No. 570/3285 15 0


VIVANCOVHH ClEANING CASSHTE. AUC?amcordershave video heads which must be looked alief. Cleaning tape romplelewithdeaning Quid.Ensures careful cleaning 01the picture and sound head5.

cat. No. 570/3508 16. TElKHS·90SMM 1WIN VIDEO CASSETTEPACK:2 x 90 minute Smm video cassettes lor Bmm camcorders. Cat. No. 570/3302 £9.95 17. TDKHS·908MM VIDEOCASSETTE HACK. 4 x90minuteBmrlivideo cassettes lor use with 8mm camcorders. Manufacturet's liletime guarantee. Cat. No. 570/3560 £18.50


KEWMODEWIRElESSMICROPHONE. Clip-on cotdless microphone transmits sound back to receiverwhicflcan I'll' plugged Into camcorders equipped with a microphone socket. For ~tuations where the camcorder microphone can not get suffKiendyciose to pick up the sound (eg at a wedding, sports. school plays etc). Uses 2 x 6lR61 batteries (order 2 01 98010971 at £2.45 each). Cat. No. 570/3340 £49.99


18. SONY MP9&8MM lWIN VIDEO CASSETTE PACK. 2 x 90 minute 8mm '-Ideo cassettes lor 8mm c.amc:aden. Send away for a FREE Sony PS90 camcordertape-offer.

with this pact. Cat. No. 57012712

via voucher


19 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY SONYP5-9OHG lWIN VIDEOSMM CAS5E1TEPACK.h 90 milute high grade ~ cassenes for 8mm camcorders. Cat. No. 57013498


20 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY SONYHi-3 METAlPARTIClEVlDEOSMM CASSETTI.9O IIJIIJteHi-8 VIdeocassette lor use with Hi-&vn camcOldefs. Cat. No. 570/3632


21 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY VlVANCOSMMClEANlNGCAS5E1TE Cleaoog tape CCITlPeIe Wllh dearing fk.ud.Ensuresc.areftj~ollhe p!CWrt!and SOIIld heads. Cat. No. 57013481 £7.49 22. ROSSRCA-08 Vli5-CCASSmE ADAPTOR. CorMJIS a Vli5-C camccrdef casseue into Vlis.tape for VIiS video recorders. Medlanlc.aI operatIOn. Not suilable for use Vvith8nvn VIdeo cassettes. Cat. No. 570/2956


23 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY PliIUPSMOTORIZEOVHS<CASSffiE ADAPTOR. COI'NeftSVIiS< tape into VIiS formal Automadc Ioadlllg into adapIor ensures ClMTecttape alignmenl and lenlIOIl I1lIIlrmi!lng atrf possible damage. Suilable 101all VIiS VIdeo players InduQng Nicam an:!1WIl speed models. B.ll1eIY an:!1IlSWCIionsinduded Not SWlabielor Smmtapes.

Cat. No. 57013168 £23.99 24. VANGUARD T060 TRlI'OO. FeatUJes

3 ~ pan an:! 011head. ~elevaIOl. rigid leg kxlcs, rubber reet. 3secllOn legs. pan harde and qud release head. Height folded 19lIlChextenciog to 50 lIlChapplOlt. £19.99 Cat. No. 570/3412 25. VANGUAROT120 TRIPOO. for both video and sUI catnef;)S.Featuses 3 wlIf pan.uh and flip head with quick release platform. GearedcentrecolllM. Adjustable ljlIkedleel £xtend$1rorn24 II1Chto 60 ltd! approx. With canymg case Cat. No. 57013436 £29.75

26 €) SUPERSTORES ONLY COBRACTSS CAMCORDER TRIPOO. Feawres precision engineered 2 wlIf pan and lilt headwithquid: releaseplatform, lltegral SJirilIeo.-eI. 3 section dosed channelkgsandgearedcenlTecolumn. ~eods from 23'h to 59 inchiPJlfox. cat. No. 57013072 £39.99 27. PHOTOUBRARY. BoxedselOf 3 matching 'leather·look" tlipaibums. each hokI~Eighty 4x 6 ind1 photographs. Cat. No. 57012372 £4.99

Batteries not SIIpplied unless otherwise stated.




WOOD GAllERY fRAME WI1M MULTI APeRTUREMOUNT. Size 16 x 20 Inch approx. Specoally designed to hold ten 4 x 6inch photographs. (Photographs ~

need 10 be IIimmed to fil) Hardboard back with metal hangelS. Can be hung venicallyorhorizon~. Cat. No. 57013694 £4.99

USE YOUR PREMIER POINTS 141531 AND SAVE MONEY '"to books_to_bytes

1. ROSS Rf 420 RECHARGEABLE NICAD CAMCORll£R BATTERY.6V. '700mA. For Sony r;pe 8rmI<i!IllCOIde!s (C<ll1Sd1 <amcooler IIISInJ<tioo.s for=1IOhage and type). ,tw SIrilP. . .

eamcorder compatibility help ine no: 0703 666363 ext 100. eat-No. 57012853 £14.99

2. UNIROSS6V 18OOmA4WAY CAMCOROO!BATTERY.Foruse~ most 01the amnt 6V camcorde!s from ~ of Sony. Panasonic, NC. Sanyo.Hi1adl. Canon and others. Consult camcorder instructions for battery IIOhage and ~ Running time (depenlingon usage) Itw 20 minutes approx.

camcorder compatibility helpline no: 0275 858101. Cat-No. 570/3577 £19.99 3. ROSSRf 450 RECHARGEABLE MCA() CAMCOROfRBATTERY.9.6V.12OOrM. For NC. Panasonic. feIguson and ShaIp type VMS·C camcorde!s (grip SI)'Ie battery) (consult C3I1lCllIdetins1ruaioos for battl!l)' IIOhage and !)Pel. 1hour straight

reroriing. camcorder compatibility helpline no: 0703 666363ext 100. eat. No. 57012860 £19.75 4. UNIROSS6V24OOmA4-WAY

CAMCORDER BATTERY.For use~ most 01 the currenl6V C3I'IlCllIlIe!s from the Iange5 of Sony. Panasonic, NC. Sanyo.lfrtadi. Canon and othefs. COn5utt camcorder instructions lor battery..atage and type. RumilQ time (deperdngon usage) 2 hooo tSmirW5 ClWox.

camcorder compatibility helpline no: 0275 858101.

6V Sony. Pentax, Sanyo. NC.

Panasonicand 0f0tmIxIs CiIITlCOI1Iers (c:onsukcarncortIer ins1ruaioos lor battery 'fOItaQe and !)Pe). 2-wayunivesalbattery with (CO capacity tes!eI. 2000mAH.

camcorder compatibilityhelpline no: 0703 666363 ext 100.


3OOOmAH. or in call1COIdeIs instructions for con..,alillily. Running time (depending on usage)3hooo

approx.Cam<order compatibility helpline no: 0275858101. £39.99 eat. No. 570/3292 7. UNIROSSVP 4OOCAMCOROfR BATTERY DlSCHARGEPJTESTER. Wi!I discharge and recondilOn the ~e!)' to the optimum IeYel and eoabIes<hedOOg theIeYel 01 remainingcapacity. Compatible wnh most6V. 7.IVand 9.6V camcorder batteries. 3 wayseleaor S¥ntch. 5 lfObattery SlaIUSind'lCatorsand aucibIeaIann ilcficitor. (ChecI:G!mCIlIlIer

instructions !of ~tiiity). eat. No_570/3319 £14.75 8. UNIROSSVP 121 CAMCOROfR BATTERY OISCMARGERICHARGERI TESTER.Discharges and reanIitions the battery tooplinun IeYeland automaticaly recharges to maxirruncapadty. LEOdisiiIay tester forcheOOnapower 1M!. (ompalillewith most (N. 7.Nand 9.6V camcorder batteries. AC mains charge or DC charQe-.ia carciyarene lighter mel ~AC power adaptor ~nd IN DC me!adaptor and lead. Cat. No. 57013591 £39.99

I!~i •





ROSSOOOBlf CAMCORDER BATTERY CHARGERIOlSCHARGER.Compatible with &I. 71V and 9.6V battfries used with cenain Sony. NC, Panasoriic and Canon~ (dlecI: catnCIlIder instruaions fOf ~tibility). AC mains chatgeor direct DC chaIge from car cigarenelightermel With AC adaptor. leadsand cigarettelighter met adapla. eat. No.s7013364 £32.99

12 0


ROSSAVWlOESCOPE; Compauble with most 8mm and VIis-<: camoordet,(checl: camcorder instructions fOJ compatibility). Videoenlatging 10 tvvice the size. Can be used as a simple monitGf. WIlh built-In speaker and adjustable volume control. Complete with carrying bag.

eat. No. 57013326 £19.99 13. TELE-CINECONVERTOR. Transfers dne, slides and even phbtographs(upl06 ONLY x4 inch)ooto\1deo. Malceyourown 10 0 SUPERSTORES video album ~ this 3 in 1unil Filter AleOCOMPAG CAMCORDER LENS SET. hoIderena~specfal effects using colour Comprises 1.& telephoto Ierls !ofcJose. fitters (filters not suppliedl. Wrth ~and O.6xwide angle Ierls • ideal for aqustable screen and built-in maao lens. shooting outdoorevents. birthday panies Not SlJitabie fOf camcorders withoutzoom a!100pshots. FilScameorders with 27. lens fadnty. Interior Ught reqcires 2 x 3701 46mmfrltertlueads. (Caselpouch 6lR61 baneries(OIdeI2 of980/097I at may¥alY.) £2.4Sead1). eat. No. 57013649 89.99 Cat. No. 57013261 £49.00 11 0SUPERSTORESONLV

A1COCAMCORDER l£NS5ET. Comprises Ix telephoto lensand O.Sxwide angle lens. Supplied with case and rings to fit 37mm.46mm. 49mm and 52mrn. eat. No. 57013656 £49.99 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.



RER..ECTA1800AlITO FOCUS SLIDe PROJECTOR.Wrth 90mm 2.8 mufti.. coated lens andAl116 superilectalamp (24V 1'YJN). Single slide e<itor: Remote contlolled slide change. Accepts C5,lJ(M and Geanan standard DIN magazines. AlsoacceplS rolaJ}'tray if used with adaptor. Tape socket £99.00 Cat. No. 570/3450 15


fiAHNEl DB 120M VJEWERIPROJECTOR. Features a 120 x 12Ommcoloutcorrected daylight screen. It also projects up to 300 x300mm picture onto awaU. Takes

universal slide magalines. With fOCUSllg lever and indedor magazine numbers.

£49.99 Cat. No. 57013663 16. VANGUARDSOUNDMIXERAND VIDEO ENHANCER.The switdlable mono/stereo soundmixer can add music and/or narTation 10video tape production. with left and right visualvolume displays. The enhancer allows conuel of pictIn brightness. contrast and sharpness from original Video tape onto video tape production. Cat. No. 57013539 £49.99 17. CAMlIN!: VMX 2000 VIDEO MIXER

Ea~ to use video processor/enhancerwith audiovisual fade and stereo mixer allows quick,and e~ editing of home video rapes plus the adcfl1ion of background musitand nartation. Supprled with instructions, miuopnone, adaptor, connecting leads and full instruaional

video. Cat. No. 57013601


18. CAMUNK VMX5000 VIDEO PROCESSOR/EDITOR.Enables the change

of brightness. colour; contraSt toimproVe thevideo picture.~atures a split fine ~reen faCIlity to show befOfNnd after results. a paure fadefor ecfiting and an audio mixer 10allow music and nartalion to be added. 5upplied with ~ instructions, microphone, conneaing

leadsand full instructionalllideo. Cat. No. 570136t8 £169.00 19. VJDEOMOVIEOWlACTER GENERATOR. Su~ titlesonlO home movies. Createtitles beforehand and losert with the touch of a button. 15 page sWraQe, titles can scroll up or down and left to right and room in and OUL With AC adaptor andl connecting cables. Cat. No. 57013522 £169.00 20 €} SUPERSTORESONLY SONYRME 33F FAIv'JLY STUDIO EDITOR. Cutout the unwanted parts of your home videos, Edit your videos by pressing jusl4 buttons on this ull/a·simple editor. This editor controls a camcooIer and video recorder 10 give professional edits in 4 simple steps. Also features autOfMtic assembly edIting of up to 4 scenes. For Sony and most other 8mrn camcorders

andalmost anyvfdeo recorder. Wrth remotecontroi, all cables andbanenes included. Cat. No. 570/3670


21 €) SUPERSTORESONLY SANDRIDGEffiUMBS UP PORTABLE HOME VIDEO EDITOR. Editing madeeasy. Simplypress the • thumbs up' button to keep the good parIS of your movie and 'thumbs down' to forget !he bad! Unique on screen 'thumb' aidsyoo through the editil11JJlIocess Other advanced (eaMes indudefade to black.

pictureenhancernenLVitclimecoding. and up to 62 scene autOmatic assembly editing. Cat. No. 570/3687 £279.00



24. TASCO9118 ASTRONOMICAl RERECTOR TEl£5COP£. With4'h«h ~alurnitised minor!tMga theoretical rnamrum of 375x magrification. Optimll1rusage up to 225x ~tion. FocaI1ength 5OOnvn. Focal ratio F4.5with interchangeable lenses of 4 and 2Omm. Heavy ciJtytripod

magnffication. 50mm objEcti'le lens. Precise rack and ~ fOCllling andgun type peep sight on barrel. ~tev.i1h ligh1\oJeight tripod and pamead lever. Manufacturer's ICl-yearguarantee. withaccessoryuay. Equatorial mount. Cat-No. 580/2210 £49.99 hour/decinalioncirdes and micro ~ eornpeteWllhastronomy 23 €} SUPERSTORESONLY booklet. moon map and manufaaurel" s TASCO lUNAGROSSA II R£R..ECTOR lCl-yearguarantee. ASTRONOMICAl.lElESCOPU 'hinch Cat. No. 5801t 864 sphencalaltmnised minor gives a 25. TASCO'STAR1!1IlGHT" 525 x 60MM theoretical maRmum of 450 limes TElliCOI'¬ ..6Omm~1ens Ijviog a magnification. Optilrun usage up 10 225 theon!ticaI maJOmum of 525x times magnification. F8 focal ratio. Focal magnification. 0pIiTaJm usage up to Ieng1h 9OO!nm. Resolving pO'.'IeI 1.6~. 12OxITla!o'ification.4mmand 12.Smm truerchangeable lenses (SR 4rnm. H ilterdlangeable eye tenses, 3 x Ballow 20mm). 2x Barlow lens. Moon fitter. 5x lens. 1.5erectilg BaIIowIens, 5 x 24 24 fJnde&ope. Equatllriallll(U1{, houri ~ diagonal prism. JlIease rack dedination<irdes. With ~ and pinion focusing and fljlength booldelandmoonmap.~ wooden tripod with alt-azmsth mount wooden tripod. Manufaaurer's ICl-year YMImicroaltitudecrotroi. Compie!e guarantee. with moon map,booklet and Cat. No. 580/1792 £259.00 manufaaurer's 1().year guarantee. Cat. No. 580/2038 £99.99


Binoadars are useful for a vari~ of hobby and lei.5ureactivities. The keel rambler or nature observer. sports fans eager to capture a race

finish or get doser to the action. and concertltheatre goers who want a dose up view.Manybinoculars featured have coated lenses to improve image brigh1ness. Some are of a compactdesign and fit easily into a podcet or handbag. Most have fold down rubber eyecaps allowing spectacle wearers to fold back theeye-caps and get doser to the eye piece to 5fta dearer image.

1. HAUNADISC0VERY8X3OMM BINOCUlARS.llghlwetght and robust ~ 8umes magrwficalion. fold down rubber eye-peces and coaled lenses. ~eW!thCilSl'. suap. cloth and ~Oteaive caps. Cat. No. 580/1967 £16.99 2. HAUNADISCOVERY16XSOMM 8INOCUlARS. 1611l!leSmagrwficailOll. IJ91twetght and robust ~ fokl down rubber eye-pie(es and coated lenses. Complete with CiISl'.SIIlIp. cloth and ~otectivecaps. Cat. No. 58012052 £29.99 3. HAUNADlSCCMRY 20X SOMM BINOCUlARS. 20 tines magnificallon. Ugh~1 and robust with fold down rubber eye-pieces and coated lenses. COfllIIete with CiISl'. suap. dolh and plotl!C1M caps.

Cat. No. 58012076


4. TASCO lOX SOMMWlDE ANGLE BINOCUlARS. 10 times magIlIfication with a wide angle fJe!dof ~. Fast "zip" focusing. fulycoated optics. bladrubber bodycoveMg and fokl down rubber eyecups (ideal for spectaCles). Supp6ed with case. suap andpolishing doth. l00yeilf guarantee. Cat. No. 580/2117 £39.99

5. HAUNAOISCOVEAYlOX SOMM ZCF RU8BERCOATEDBINOCUlARS. I'cweIfu! 20 tinesmagMJcation rubber coated binoaJIaIs.liIIgeCA!ll!re vheI focusing for faster, easier use. r911 eyepiece adjustmenl,. coated lenses.suppJtd with rubber eye-<ups. rr;ton pouchCilSl'. straps. lens caps and IlliIIRlfacture s 5-year guarantee. Cat. No. 58012258



1101 £36751


6 (§) SUPERSTORESONLY BRESSERMPS7X, 10X& 12X50MM BINOCUlARS. The first binocular with interchangeable high-<OI!l1asl~pieces giving 7, 10, or 12 times magnfficatioo. Three instru~!S ill one. Non·slip rubber armoured. Jumbo, easy-t()ouse focusing wheel. With case, neck strap, lens dot!) andmanufacrurer's S·~algllarantee, Cat. No. 580/2272 £69.00 7.PRISMA8·20X50MMZOOM 8INOCULARS. Offers 8·20 times magnification. features ioqude M~ coated optics, rubber coated bocfyand rubbe<~ps. Completewitncase, neck strap and lens doth. Manuiacrurer's 1O·year guarantee. Cat. No. 580/2100 £79.99 8. SUNAGOR 10-40 X 50MM SUPER ZOOM BINOCULARS. The world's most powedul zoom binoculalS, Offers 10·40 times magnification. Black rubber armoured exterior. SOmm objective lens for bright dear viewing. Fold down rubbe! eye-<ups.(tdeal for spectacles). Wtlhcase, l1ipod adaptor, straps, caps, polishing dOlhand manufacrurer's 10·~ar guarantee.

Cat. No. 580/2090


9 (§) SUPER5TORESONLY PRAKTlCA8X 21MMCOMPACT BINOCUlARS. Compaa roof-prism biooollars with 8 times magnifica~on. Rubber COllefed for maximum protection agatnstshock, coated optics, fold down rubber eyHupS helps usewilh spectaCles. Centre-focusing and adjustable ri9lu eyecup. Compiete wlthcase and lanyard. Manufaauret's l().~arguarantee. Cat. No. 580/2289 £32.50 10.PRAKJI0ASPORT 10X2SMM COMPACT ROOF PRISM BINOCULARS. 10 times magnification, with fold bade rubber I¥-<UPS. muld coated prisms and lenses, rubber coated for maximum protection. Wrth case, ned< strap and manufaaurer's 1O·~ar guarantee. Cat. No. 580/1981 £36.75 11. PRAKTICA 10X25MM ULTRA COMPACT BINOCUlARS. 10 times magnifKation. Compaa modem styfJng with fold down eye-cups for speaade wearers, quality BAI<4 prisms and multi coated optics. Size 43/. ~ 30/. x 1'/1 inch approx. Complete with case, lanyard and manufacture!' s 1().~ar guarantee. Cat. No. 580/2241 £39.99 12

14. PRAKTICA 12'X25MM COMPACT BINOCUlARS, 12 times magnifICation. Rubber coated exterior with fold down rubber eye-<ups Qdeal for Spectades). Wilh case, strap and mal\u[actUTerrs lO'year guarantee. Cat. No. 580/212.4 £44,99


15 SUPERSTORESONLY TASca 10X 26MM "INfQCUS' COMPACT BINOCULARS. 10 times magnlfkadon. Special optical design incorporating roof ~s. eUminates the need to focus. Fully coated Qptics. Focus range 15m to lnffnity. Coated In black rubber for additiooal protection and fitted with fold down rubber eye-cu~ Wilh case. Manufacturers 10·~argualantee.

Cat. NO.58011857 16



PENTAX 10 X 24MM COMPA~ RUBBEll COATED BINOCUlARS. 10 times magnification. Bright ima~ and f1ghlWeighl Small enough to fit into !he palm of your hand. High refraaion glass prisms. ~argefocusing ring. Lockable diopter adjustment. Case iriduck!d. Cat. No. 580/2i96 £99.00

r.;;;;;;;~~~--;::=====::;1(§) 17


PENTAX 12X24MM{QMPACT BINOCUlARS. 12.timesmagnificatioo. Rubbercoated, bright image.lightweighL Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. High refraction glass prisms,large focusing ring,lockable diopter adjustment Case Incruded. Cat. No. 580/2306 £109.00 18 @SUPERSTORESONLY NIKON 9 X 2SMMCFIII COMPACT BINO.cUIARS.9 times magnificatfon. Pwo prism type compact binoculars with quality multH:oaled optics and ergonomical design. lightweight and easy to carry. Supplied with case and strap. Cat. No. 580/2155 £115.00 19 (§) SUPERSTORESONLY PRAKTICA 6·12l(23MM COMPACT ZOOM BINOCUlARS. With 6·12times magnificatiOn. Features multi cQated lenses and BAK 4 prisms. Fold doWn rubber~psaiOsPectadeweale~. Complete with case and strap. £59.99 Cat. No. 580/2069 20. PRAKTICA7-21 X25MMCOMPACT ZOOM BINOCUlARS. Magnlflcatloo variablebetweell7 and 21 limes. Dioptrjce COf{eclion or eye piece. Centre' focusing, with magniflcatloo adjusted by sman le~r in right ocular. Utinses multi coated lenses and prisms. Quanty BAI( 4 prrsm construction. Fold down eye-pieces aid spectade wearers. With case and lanyards. Manufacturer's IO-~ar guaraniee. Cat. No. 58012344 £79.99 21. SUNOMAR9·25 X 25MMUllRA COMPA~ ZOOM BINOCUlARS. Powedu19·25 times zoom magnification. Measures only 4 x4'h inch approx. Quality coated optics. Features fold down rubber ~ups (iileal for spectacles). Vwffh case, strap, caps, poHshingcloth and manulaaurer's 1O-year gUilIantee. Cat. No. 580/2265 £99.99


SUNAGOR1!X 21MM MINrPOCKET BINOCUlARS. Probab~theworid's smallest 8 times magnification bincx:ula~ QuaBty ~asuring 2'hx3'hindlappiOX coated optics, Witncase, strap, caps~nd polishing doth. Cat. No. 58012193 £39.99 13.PRAKTICA 12X2SMMCOMPACT BINOCULARS. Compaa roof·prism binoculars, specially designed for comfon and ease of use. t2 times magnification, utilises top-qualitymulti coated BAK 4 prisms and folddown rubber eye·cups to aid spe'Ctade wearers. one eye-piece is dioptricallycooectable. Complete with case. Manufacturer's 10-yearguarantee. cat. No. 5BO/2313 £44.99

II.1S] £49991. AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD books_to_bytes

1. 0010 SA5 SONGBANKKEYBOARD. 3lmrni keys. 2 note polyphonic. 100 sound vpriatiGllS (25 pre·~ts with 4 variam using lOne edit function). 24 rf¥hm pattems. 5 so'og banll (unes and headphone jack. 240V acmalns via adaRtof(not svpplied. avanable via ma~ order-see panel)'or battery operated (supplJed). SiZe 382mm(W) x 125mm(O) approx. £24.50 Cat. No. 540/4096 2. YAMAHA PS5-SOElECTRONIC KEYBOARD. 32 keys. 8 note polyphonk. FealUlesinclude 100 voices, 19PCM rhythms. CAM (cornp'uter aided music) giving auto ad lib and harmony. 13 intemal demo tracks, melody play·along andsing~ fmgerchord. 24r:N ac mainsvia adaptor' 016 x LRGbatteries (order 3 of 98011444at £1.39 pair). Sile 495mm(Wj x 171mm(D)approx Cat. No. 540/3176 £29.50 3. YAMAHAPSS·ll ElECTRONIC KEYBOARD. 32 mini keys. 12 note polyphonic. features l00AWMvoices. auto accompaniment sectlon with 2S rf¥hms. 15 j.lm tracks and 15 demo songs, 24r:N ac mains via adaptor· 0I6x LR6 batteries (order 3of 980/1444 at £1.39 pair). Sile495mm(W)x 195mm(D) .approx. Cat. No. 54013767 £39.50 4. YAMAHA PS5-21 ELECTRONtC KEYBOARD. 37 mini keys. 12 note poIyphonic.Feallfres l00AWMsou~ drumpads-. auto accompaniment sectlon with 25 rhythms. 15 jam tracks and 15 demo songs. 240V acmainsviaadaptOl or G x LRGbatteries (order 3 of 980/1444 at £ 1.39 pair). SiZe611 mm(Wj x 195mm(D) applOlC. Cat. No. 540/3774 £64.50 S. YAMAHAPSS:31 ELECTRONIC KEYBOARO.49 mini keys. 12 note polyphonic. Features drum pads. auto accompanimenlsection vvith SOrhythms. 20 jam tracks and 20demo songs. Stereo. 24r:N ac mains via adaptor' or 6 x lRG baneries(order 3 of980/1444at £1.39 pair). SiZe80Smm(Wjx 195mm(D) approx. Cat. No. 540/3781 £84.50 6

ARGOS MAIL ORDER Weoperat..m.llonIerMlViatfor c.Iopower IIdiIpton (forClllfo


K1d"""",~,tutorf muslc:booIcs. videos..,.. replaqmentgultarstrings. For aeditQrd orders. pleasering 061-9764505 or iIItemIdIveIy pidlup _orderformfromilny Argos .,__. No sump required.



PORTABLEKEYBOARD STANO WITH 4 METRE EXTENSIONCABLE. Tubutar steel frame vvith music stand and 13 amp plug and socket with 4 metre stralghtcable. Adjustable to 3 helghls. Black end caps and webbing suap. Velcro pads lIold keyboard ste~. Cat. No. 540/3915 £19.99 10. YAMAHADD3 OIGITAl DRUM MACHINE. With 2 tood! sensitive pads. . 12 perarssion SOUnds and 12 siyles induding 80 variations. Complete with 2 drum sticks. 240V ac mains via adaptor' or6x LR6 baneries(notsvppfled. order 3 of 980(1444 at £1.39 pair). Cat. No. 540/4113 £49.00 11 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

YAMAHA 008 DIGITAL DRUM MACHINE. With 410uch ~nsitive pads, 52 percussion and sound effects and 100 pre-set rhythms, Otherfeatures include 10 pre-set drum kits. svpef se~ion and aU10 roll feallfres. Complete with 2 drum sticks. 240Vac mains' or 6 x LR14 battelies (order3 0198011451 at £2.49 pair), Cat. No. 54014144 £89.50 12. CAStOCA·l10ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD. 49 full sile keys. 8 note polyphonic. Feafures 100rhythrns. 100 sounds. Casio c"herd function. Demo tune. Complete with keyboard stand. 240Vac mains via adaptor (not svpplied. avaflable Viamail order-seepaneJ) or battery operated (suppUed). SiZe 878mm(Wj x 260mm(D) approx, Extended guarantee available on this product. see page 493. Cat. No. 540/3798 £99.00 13 €) SUPERSTORESONt y

0010 CTK 200 SONG BANK KEYBOARD. 49 full sile keys. 8 note polyphonic. 100 tones. 100 rhythms, 40 songhank tunes with ·melodyoff· feature that allows you to play along with the song ilCcompaniments. 'Casiochord' system giving full accompaniment chords with anyof the 100 rhythms by pressing a ~Ie key. 240V atmains via adaptor (not svpp[ied, available via mail order·see J)9nel) or 6 x LRGbatteries (not supplied, order 30f98011444 at £1.39 pair). Size 857mm(W)x286mm(D)applO,l<. •


YAMAIiAPSS·51 ElECTRONIC KEYBOARD. 61 mini keys. 28 note polyphonic. Feallfres 100 AWM sounds, 80 advanced rhythms. 8 memory. vector synthesiler. drum and sound effeapadSc Stereo. 24r:N ac mains via adaptor· or 6 xUH4 batteries(order 3 of 98011451 at £2.49 pair). S'lle 716mm(W) x302mm(O) approx, Extended gval'l1ntee available on this product. see page 493. Cat. No. 54013846 £239.00 7. YAMAHA KPA·3 POWERADAPTOR, For u~With Yamaha products featured. (Not witable for Casia keyboardSc) Cat. No. 540/2744 -£7.25 8. ARONSTEAO PORTABLEKEYBOARD STANO. With rnusiEholder. Suitable (or most popular portable keyboards from lISOmm to l000nvn wide. Steet construction. matt black finish. 6 height poshfonScFolds flat when notin use. Cat. No. 540/3262 £14.50

Extended guarantees avail.ableon this product, see page 493. Cat. No. 540/4120 £.119.00 14 €) SUPERSTORESONLY

0010 CT·647 ELECTRONICKEYBOARD. With FREEadaptor, 61 full sire keys. 16 note polyphonic. Features 120 sounds(4O solo. 40 duo. 40 ensemble), ad·Flb musician (adjusts keyboard IIIthat any key played matches the accompaniment pattem!song), real time chord memory (128 chords max) and expert logic .accompaniment Stereo outpUt 240Vac maIns via adaptor (svpplied) or 6 x LR20 batteries(OIder3 of 980/1468 at £2.49 pair). Size 939mm(W) x 337mm(D) approx. Extended guarantees

available on this product. see page 493. Cat. No. 540/4034

KEYBOARDS FROM ONL Y£24.50 books_to_bytes


'Pleasenote item nos 2-6. 10. 11 and 15-20 require a power adaptor (not supplied) for mains operation. Forsuitable adaptor see.item no 7. Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.

15. VAMAHAPSR·3 elECTRONIC KEYBOARD. 49 full siZe keys. 8 note polyphonic. 100 sounds. 22 rhythms, compule! aided music, 15 internal east play songs, ad fib and harmony elfe<tS. With song book. 240V a<mains via adaptor> or 6.x LR20 batteries (order 3 of 98011468 at £2.49 pair). Size 844mm(W) x 2S3mm(D) approx. Extended guarant'ees available on this product, see page 493. Cat. No. 540/3475 £89.s0 16 @ SUPERSTORESONL V VAMAHAPSR·75 ELEmONIC KEYBOARD.49 full size keys. 12 note polyphoniC. Features 100 AWM swnds, auto attompaniment sectlon with 2S rhYthms, 15jam ItackS an,d 15 demo tunes. 24(JV ac malns via adaptor' or 6 X t.R20 batteries (not supplied, Older 3 of 98011468 at £2.49 pair). S"lZe842m~ x 262mm(O) approx. Extended guarantees available on this product, see page 493, Cat. No. 540/3808 £99.00 17. VAMA!iAPSRll0ELEGRONIC KEVBOARD,49IuU size keys. With 100 AWM sounds and SOrhythms. Othel features include drum and sound elfe<! pads, 20 demo and jam trad<s. Stereo 24(JV ac matns via adaptor' or6xLR20 batteries (orde! 30f98011468al £2.49 pair). Size92Smm(W) x 266mmi0) approx.ixtended guarantees available on this product, see page 493. CaLNo.540/4199 £149,00 18. VAMAHAPSR·150ELEaRONIC KEYBOARD. 61 lull size ~eys. 12 note polyplioni<. Slereospeakers. Features 100 AWM sounds, drum and souoo effe<! pads. Auto acrompaniment section with SOrhythms, 20 jam trades and 20 demo songs, 240lIac mains via adaptor' or6x LR20 batteries (order 3 or98011468at £2.49palr). Size93Omm(W) l(341 mm(D) approx. Extended guarantees available on this product, see page 493. Cat. No. 54013918 £169.00 19. VAMAHAPSR·200 ELEaRONIC KEYBOARD.61 full size keys. 28 note ROlyphonk.Srereospeake!5110QAWM sounds, SOrhythms, 15 digital songs. chord memories aoo hatmony effeas. With music. 24fJV at mains via adaptor· or 6 x lR20batteries (order 3 of98Ol1468 at £2.49 pair). Size93Omm(W)x 347mm(D)approx. Extended guarantees available on this produ<t,seepage493. Cal No. 540/3499 £199.00 20. VAMAHARSR210ELEGRONIC KEYB6ARD.61 full size keyswith touch response. 100 sounds and SOrhythms. Otherfearuresfoc;ludedualV()ice, IS demOsongs and chOId memory. Stereo. 24fJV at mains via adaptor or6 x LR20 batteries (order3 of 98011468 at £2.49 palr). Size 908mm(W) x 344mm(D) approx. Extended guarantees available on this produ<t, see page 493. cat. No. 540/4209



1. ENCORE SlUDENT ClASSIC GUITAR. With nyfon strings lor fingerstyle playing.


Solid spruce lOpwith laminated back and sides. High gloss ftnish and nylon roller machine heads. The ideal beginne(s inSlJUrntnl.lenglh 36inch epprox, Cat. No. S40/369S £29.50 2 €) SUPERSTORESONLY ENCORESTUDENTSTEel STRUNG GUITAR.Constructed lrom laminated 'HOOds, Sunburst finiShlOp With mahogany coloured back and· sides. Rolle. machine heads and steel strings. Length 36 inch approx. Cat.No.S40t3114 £29.50 3. HOHNERCONCERTCLASSIC ACOUSTICGUITAR.Full size. Spruce coloured top. ebony coloured fingerboard, brass frets and chrome plated machine heads with perloid buttons. Cat.No. S40/3413 £32.99 4

10 €) SUPERSTORESONLY HOHNER ·SUNBURST" ELEORIC LfAD GUITAR.Single cut'away guitar with cream Olncfing,22 silver nicl::el frets and diecasted machine heads. Additional (eatures iilclude ume-e-matk style briClge. 2 humbucke. pick·ups. volume, 2 tone controls and 3·way toggle switch. Cat. No. 54013817 £149.00 11 €) SUPERSTORESONLY FENDERSQUIREII STRATOCASTER ELECTRICGUITAR.Fender designed liardware, contoured body lor ease of playfng, 3 single coKpick·ups and tremolo system. With 5·way piCk·up selector switch, 1volume and 2 tone controls. Cat. No. 540/4065 £174.00


HOHNERFOU<STEEL STRUNG ACOUSTICGUITAR.WIIh steel reinforced necI;, Incorporating adjustable bridge. Spruce coloured tOpwith mahogany coloured back and sides. Cat.No. 540/4041 £49.99

12 €) SUPERSTORESONLY ROCKTEK20 WATTDUALCHANNEL COMBO AMPLIfiER.This guitar amp lncorporatesgain and dean channels. With an equalization system providing treble. middl.e. bass and pie5ence control: fadnty to connect a headphone set and foot switch. Cat. No. 54013891 £74.99

5 €) SUPERSTORESONLY 'ENCORE" JUMBOACOUSTICGUITAR. Wrth natural beech t9jl,maple badI and sides and quick playing reinforced maple neck with rosel'lO(ld finge!board Fitted wiih black scratchplate and q~ality chrome macl\ine heads. Gloss finish. Cat.No. 540/41S1 £69.99 6 €) SUPERSTORESONL Y E]'ERNAFOLKGUITARBVYAMi\lfA. Features include spnJee top and mahogany back. Steel strings with qlJa!lty fulkize machine heads. Cat.No.S40/4168


SUNN MUSTANG ElECTRICGUITAR. Made under Fender direction. the body is based on Ihe {amous Stratocastet design, contoured for ease of playing, features 3 single coil picl::-ups.vintage tremolo design. S-way pick·up selector switch, 1volume and 2toneconllols. Cat. No. 540/3729 £129.00



ROCKTEI(RI(08 GUITARAMPLIFIER. 8 wan versatile amp can be powered from the mains or banerypower. Requires8x LR6 batteries (order 4 0/98011444 in £139paid. features jack socket. gain. volume. tone controls and headphone socket Cat. No. 540/4072 £54.99


7. ENCORED-STRINGELEaRIC lEAD GUITAR.Double cut·away design with one }1umbucker pick·up, tone and volume controls. Black gloss finish. Adjustable bridge. With Flyspeck headphone ampUfier. cable, lightweighllofding amplifier battery. Ideal hea~and lor practiSfng in noiSe restricted areas. Cat. No. 540/3822 £89.99



SEIKO51600 GUITARTUNER.Suitable for tuning both acousticand eleclnc guitars. Slider note selection.An outpUt socket ...",aw, eoeoll< guitars to be IUnecjduring a ""If,,,m;,oc,, Battery induded.

8 €) SUPERSTORESONLY ENCOREElECTRlCGUITAR.ln uaditlonally shaped double cut·away Qeslgnwith contoured body. features 3 single coil pick·ups. 1volume and 2 tone (0}111015. 5-wayseiectorswitch, standard tremolo system, rosewood fingerboard and red gloss finish. . Cat. No. 54013712 £109.99 Wood is a natural product therefore there may be some variation in colour and grain pattem. Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.

FLYSPECKHEADPHONEAMPliFIER. Suitable lor use with electric guitars. Ideal for practising in noise restricted areas. Featu(es volume control. headphOne socket and Glble. Complete with lightweight folding stereo headphones and belt dip. Battery induded. Cat. No. 540/3059 £13.99





State-of·the-art Nintendo software. Altiflcial intelflgence and music technologycreate the pe!fect teaching program for arPJOl1ewho has eve!wanted to learn to playthepiano. Comprises keyboard \\1th 49 fullsize touch sensitive keys. 128 digitatised instruments and sound effects. splil keyboard effect and stereo speakers. Complete with software. sQstainpedal, earpllones and mains adaptor. Amlga fOllllilt (compatible with allCommodore Amigas)with enhanced graphics, mouse support. cenificales fOl lessons achieved and 8 uack recording of any 01the 128avanablesounds. Requires monitor(nol supplied) and Nintendo controldeck (not supplied. see page 625. item no 13). ForCommodore Amiga (not supplied) see page 132.item nos 1and 2, Cat. No. 54013932 £229.00 17 @ SUPERSTORESONLY

0010 VA10 'VOICE ARRANGER" I(EYBOARD. 32 mini keys. 6 note polyphonic. Features 12 rhythms. 60 preset digital effects and 100 tones. Unique pitch sensor function enables play without touching the keyboard. Human voke pitch

Isdelected through the headset and converted 10any 01the 100 keyboard sounds. 1300 note memcJlY.Effectscan beedited and stored and indude reverb. chorus. delay. distortIOn.dual PItch and vocoder. 240V ec maills VIiI adaptor (not supplied. avaUabie via maU Older) or 6 x LR6baneries (order 3 0198011444 at £1.39 pair). sae 564mm(W) x 245mm(D) approx. Cat.No.S40/4137



GM2S MKIIDISCO MIXER. For the budcllngOJ. 01anyone wishmg 10mOl2 channels. either record decks. CDs. tapes 01 keyboards, Removable ~fade 101 Plolessional SO'atch mixing. Cat. No. 540/4089 £89.99



KARAOKE 1 €) SUPERSTORESONl V PHIUPSS8C3020108 DYNAMIC MICROPHONE. Suilable [or home tape recording at any angle. With Iable stand. two wind shields. lSmm plug, 6.3ml1\ adaptor and 2,9 meue COld Frequency response 100-16.000 Hz. Sile SJ/.x 7l{. x 1111inch approx. Cat, No,53514232 £9.99


KARAOKEBOX. This set 0 3 Karaoke lap6gives you a chance to let your hair dciwI1and sing-a· long to over 3 hours of yourfavourite lJilS from ihe 70s and 80s, Tracks indude: "I Should Be So Lu""": 'UptownGiri', 'Come On Eileen", "I )ustCaliedTo SayI love You'. ~Dandng Queen·. and "Hi-HqSilver Lining', These ueos contain inuoductOl)' lyrM:sonly. Please note this product is excluded from the 16-day money bade promise, This does not affect your statutory rights. Cat. No, 53811315 £8.99 3. ALBA KARAOKE SYSTeM. FeallJres single cessene dedwith autoslOp. voice e!aSe facility (using Karaoke tapes). microphone volume control. echo. balance and tone controls. twfn speake/so one-touch record. CD input socket and catty handle. 240V ac mains or 6 x LR20 batteries (order 30198011468 at £2.49 pair), Complete with microphone and tape. Cat. No. 54014003 £49.99 4 €)SUPERSTORESONlV PLAYTECH "KARAOKE KID" PORTABLE VIDEO KARAOKE.lndudes microphone and 15 track Karaoke VHSVIdeo tape, Connects to video and TVlhi·fi or cassette player or stands alone. Features full SI.e!eO facility. 2 mic jacks for duet singing. mic volumellIebleleci)o (Onoois and LED fights which synchroJlise with singing, 24Wacmains VIaadaptor(nqt supplied. available via mail Older, see page 461) or 6 x WO batteries (order 3 of 98011468 at £2.49 pair), Cat. No. 54013949 £59.99 5. HOME KARAOKE. Feawres SOwatt peak music power. twin cassenedecks with f1ighspeed dubbing and continuous Play, LW/MWIFM tuner. mic !Ming, echo facility and 3 band graphic equalizer. With 2 microphooes. a tape slaner pack and inuodUClOl)' guide. Mains operated. For home u~oril)'. With additional mixil1!J facility to aOow playbacl: of Video Karaoke tapes on a video recorder (video recordet must have audio OUtfacility), This enables piCtures and lVO!dstO appear on a TV screen while playing !he SOUndthrough the Home Karaoke. Cat. No. 540/4010 £99.99 Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated. HElPUNE For helplines see page 464 •




6, GOODMANS "BOOGIE BOX PRO· KARAOKE, Features twin casselte decks With sequential play. Iowan RMS output twoway speakerwith Bloch bass unit and ,,1hioch tweeter, 2 I11ic inpUl jacks with separate volume conllOl. echo. super bass .and multip~x facility. AMlFM radio. tape COUnterand 3 band graphic equalizet. Supplied with microphone. Karaoke audio cassette and video cassette. Mains operaled. Video input alloWs playback of .video Karaoke tapes on a video recorder ~video recorder must have audio out facility), This enallies,piaures andvlQfds to appear on a TV screen willIe playing !he sound through !he Karaoke. Cat. No. 54013839 £129.00 7.lABGEAR 'SUPER lOOp· TV AER!AL for all ponable TVs. Compact electronic room aerial Incorporating a unique rnicrochipconlro1led signaf For improved signal suength. the booster will automatically swildl i!Se1lon and off When needed. An LEDindicator light shows when each leawre is being aaivated. Manual override allows unattended'video recording or use with LCD minl TV· for which 3.5mm jack plug adaptor is induded. Uses 1x lR6 batleries torder I of 980/1444 at £1.39 pair). Maoufacturers2·~arguaranlee, £19.99 Cat. No. 53515011 8.LABGEAR QUICKflX TV AERfAL, A DIY aerial for all UHF TV channels. Can be loll orwaO moUnted 101best performance, Suitable forusewilh. aU types of televislon, fomple,e with an fixings. 33 feet of cable ~ndfull instructions. Cat. No. 53516443 £9.99 9.lABGEAR ·TRI·STAR' TV AERIAl.. A high periormance room aerial for quanty UHFreception on ail mains and portable Jvs. B.E.A8, approved. Manuiaaure(s 1O·~ar guarantee. Cat. No, 53511589 £6.95 10.lAB.GEAR ·TRI·STAR· AMPUFlEO TV AERIAL, With high gain boOster fO lmprove tile inooming signal in poor receptIon areas, Ideal for all UHFTVs, Especially suitable for portable TVswhere reception may differ from room to room, B.EAB. approved. 240V ac mains. Manufaaure(s 10'year guarantee. Cat. No. 535r4191 £19.75 TElfVtSION SIZES: Television sets have always been described by the nominal size of the glass tube across its greater diagonal. The figures shown in bradeets e.g, (V34on) refer to the actual viewable picture diagonal. Reception Olfficulties" A good TV aerial. correctly positioned. will reduce reception problems of noise and reflection. A signal booster will amplify weak Signals or supply ~veral TV sets from one aerial. However, a signal booster without a goodaerial mil not always solve local reception problems,

• books_to_bytes

CASlOlVl00 1.6 CTVPOCKET SIZElV. • 1.6inchIiKJhresolution {olout lCO


• • • •

Telescopic aerial. Earpl10ne jack. DCsocIcet Operates from 4 Jt AAbanenes (ordtr 2of 98011949 at £ 1.59 pair). • Optlooalmains adapoouee item no 14. In orderto enhance1he picture quality itis recommended lIlat an amplified aerial is used, see item no 15. Cat. No. £79.99 530/6314

ROADSTAR 5.5 MONO lV400 BlACK & WHITE lV. • 5.5 inch (V12.7tm) model. • Telescopic aerial. • Externalae<ial504et. • EaIllI1onesodel

• VoIumeJbrighmessconuois.

.24OVac:mainsOl12V<kcarbaneIY (cordinduded). • Sl1eirbooM mount. • CarIY handle. • Sile6'h x S x 7 inch BflIX())I. In orderto enhanCe the picture quality it Is ~ommended that an amplified aerial is used. see itelllno15. Cat. No. 53016321 £49.99

• OCsodeL

ROADSTAR7"lV415MONOIWtI FM RAOIOI8LACK & WHIle rv, • 7irldl(V17.8cm)inocIeL • 2 band AMlFM radio. • Te1esc;cpw;aerial. • Externalaeriahod<eL

• Ope<ates from 4 xAA batteries

• Yolumeibrightness controls.

CASIO lV480 POCKETSIZElV. • 2.2 inch high re301ution colour LCD


• 8ui1t·in telescopicaenal • Ealphonejade. • Externalantl!Ma jack.

• Earpllone sockel

(oidl!( 2 of 980/1949 at £1 .59 pair). • Optional mains adaptor. see item no 14. In order to enhan<e the picture quality iUs recommended that an amplified aerial isused, see item no IS. Cat. No. 53016307 £99.99

• 240V Be maislsor 12V de(ead induded). • HeadJlhone sockeL • Carryhandfe. • Si2e8x7'1l~8'/linchafllXox. In order to enhance the picture quality itis rec:ommendedthat an amplified aerial is used, see itemno1S. Cat. No. 53016338 £74.99



CASIOlV 14S0POCKETSIZElV. • 2.7lnch lCD screen. • AUIO channel search, • Indudes personal earphone. • Uses4xAAbanerles(OIder2ol 98011949al £1.59 pail). Test batteries 0Il~ sUpplieda optional maillsadaptor(see item no 14~ • SiZe3'hx l'hxS'I,lIlchapprol<.

In order to enhance lIle picture quality it is rec:ommended that an amplified aerialls used, see item no 15, Cat. No. 53015425 £129.99

• S.Sinch.

• TelescopkaeriaL

• Extemalaerjal 504et. • Earphooesodet.

• YoIurneibri9hlnesscon11Ols.

l2Vdecarbanery (cordinduded). • Carry handle. • Monitor 1Vfad&ty. • Sile6'h(W)x 1O'Il(0) x6'!I(H)inch app'ax. In order to enhance the picture quality it is ~ommended that an amplified aerial is used, see item no 15. Cat. No. 530/6400 £169.99 • 24OYacmalnsOi

AlBA CTV 100.

14. CAStOADI(<6SEMAINS TVADAPTOR. Plug in ladity K:reaoy_ ForuseWl1hitem nos




15. S£I.MAAMINIACllVE lVlfMAERlAl Forusey,'1hitem nos 11-13andl6-1&~ifoessma.saeen1V.lllIril{o1V .ndFMsignals.Uses2~LR6baneries(order 10198(ll1444al fl.39pai), orACadaplOl(J1otlnduded),lv.;n lele!coplc aerials.15mm jade ~ad'Plor andc~ adaptor,SUe 4'h x I x 2)f.; Inch i1j)ptQX. Cat. No. 53514225 £11.99




. • 10inch(V24an)modet • On soeen cisplay lordlannel, volume and nmer. • Steep dmer up to 90 minutes. • 12 channels. • AudioMdeo in sockets. • Remote control with batteries. • Telescoll1caerialwilh 7Sohm sodet lor conneclion tootJldoorl Ioftlroof aenal <able. • 240Y Be mainsor 12Ydecar baUery (OOIdinduded) . • Si2~10'll(W)x13'/.;(0)x1()l/.l(fi) inchwox• In order to enhance the picture !\ualitywhen not connected to a fixed aerial it is rec:ommended !hatlln'amplified aerial is used, see item no 7. Cat. No. 53016118 £194.99

ALBA C1V840 • • 14ir1d1(V34cm)I!lOd'!I. • Sleeptirnef. • Rernoleconuol ful~luooional uses 2 x Ul03 batteries (order 1019801 1437at £1.39 pait). • 32 chaMeI memocy. • On saeen d'iSplay forchannel. vdum.!. coIout. brighUle$s, (OOttas\ andsleep. • loopaerial. • 24OVacmains. • Size 14{W)x 14'/«0) x 13'/«H)1nd1 approx. Inorder to enhance the picture quality when not connected to a fixed aerial ItIs rKommended that an amplified aerial isused, see page 462, Item no 7. Cat. No. 530/6280 £139.99

f you are IooIdng for a I larp screen or portable television, Argos lias a wtde

ran.. for you to choose front WIth a variety of featUreS. Features Guide

FST This stands for "flatter squarer tube", which gives you Improved definition, a wider vi_ing angle ancIless light reflection.


BUSH 3114A. • 14 inch (V34cm)model. • LED channellndrcator. • 30prHeIci1aMeis. • Twin (non-St!Ieo) speaj(eIS. • ReInlie controluses 2 x UlO3 baneries(order 1 of 98011437 al £ 1.39 paif). • Size 16(W)x 14(D)Ic13'Il(H) inch



In order to enhance the picture quality wilen not connected to a fixed aerial itls recolftl'l1ended thatan amplifi!d urial isused, see page 462,ltem no 7. (at. No. 530/5339 £159.99

NICAM Is a hlJh quality diIitaI audio sIpaI which Is transmitted simuttan-nly wid! television pictures, Jiving a simHar sound quality to compact disc. To receive the __ NICAM signal a television or video must Incorporate a NICAM receiver which pIdcs up the sIpaI ttJrough your existin, TV aerial. A NICAM video recording must then be replayed ttJrough a NICAM or Stereo TV to maintain the stereo sound.

BUSH 33145 "SUNRISE". • 14 inch (V34cm)model. • • SIlnrise' alarm Iunctioo aas in sameway as a docX ra® alarm. • Sleep limer. • On saeen display. • f1M function remote con~oI uses 2 x LR03banerlfS(Qlder 1ot98Ol1437 at EU9 palr). • L£Ddoctand auto frequency control. • SOprogrammab1echannels. • 240Vacmatos. • Size 14{W)x 14'1l(O)x 13'h(H)inch approx. In order to enhance the picture qualitywllen not connectedto a fixed aerial it is recoF11mended that an amplified aerial is used, seepage 462. item no 1. (at.No.530/5834 £174.99


Information on a wide range of Extended Guarantees subjects such as travel, news, sports and television All our televisions have programming. Teletext also gives alor2year subtitles on selected television manufacturer's programmes. Fasten is an updated system to auarantee. but for added give you quldcer access to your peace of mind you can buy an chosen paseof information. Arps 3 or 5 year Extlehded Guarantee. We also offer Free SCART Socket Accidental DanIa .. Cfltver. SCART leads can be used to See pap 493 for details. connect your television to your VCR, audio system or satellite receiver dish. They can also be At'gos Personal Account used to connect your Camcorder to the TV to play back recordings. Spread the cost of a ~. new television wIttJ an Sleep & Wake-up




SANYO (TV CBP3024. • 14iI1ch (V34cm)model • ~ time! witl>half hour settings. • 32 pre'sel channels. • Onsaeen diipIay.


Arsos Personal

• FulI321tmc1ionremole conuol

(baneries SlJpplied). loopaeriat AV inpultem1inal. 240V acmalns. Size 13(W)x 15(D}x14(H)inch approx. In order to enhance the picture quality when not connected to a fixed aerialit isrecommended that an amplified aerial is used, seepage 462,item no 7. Cat.No. 530/6187 £179.99

Particularly useful Ifyou want to Ac:c:ount. See paJe 2 for details. watch television In ttJe bedroom, you can programme the timer HIILPu... to switch the television set to For any queries about your TV standby automatic:ally, after you please ring die appropriate have fallen asleep. A wab up telephone number during timer also acts as an alarm dock. normal office hours. Bush/Alba: 081 5942363 On Screen Display Toshiba: 0276622n A visual display on ttJe TV screen 0705660521 will show wftIch channet you have Goodmans: lVC: 0814503282 turned to, or any adjustments to the volume or colour.

• • • •




BUSH 14521 TElETEXT. (See teletext footnote.) • 14 iI)ch (\'34on)model. • Cojoormded teleleXt. • Sleep tiiner. • 00 ween display. • 32 p'rogrammememory. • Remote ronuof uses]X LR03 baneries(order 101980/1437al '£1,39pair), • 240Vac mains. • Size 13)/«Wjx 13'1z{D)x I2Ih1H) inchapprot . In order to ensure satisfactory text receptil)n it is recommended that this item is used In conjunction with an external aerial. cat. No. 530/6125 £184.99

HlTACHICI414R. • 14 inch (V34on) model. • SCART socket. • FrootAV~e~ • 60 channels. • Onsceen display. • Headphone socket. • loop aerial. Ontofttimer. • RemoIPconuofuses2xLR6 batteries (Oldet 10198Ol1444al £139 pair). • Size 14'll(W)x 15(ll) x 13)/4(H)inch approx. In order to enhance the picture quality when not COMected to a fixed aerial itis recommended that an amplified aerial Is used. see page 462. item no 7. Cat. No. 530/6345 fJ89.00

SONYKVMI400. • 14 inch ('{34cm)model. • 81ad<.trinitron SC1~. • li11design. • Wah retllOte conuof (banery supplied). . • On ween d'lSplay. • 6OdlaoneillJoing. • Sleep timer (3Q/601Wminutes): • SCARTsocke~ • Qurput4W(RMS). SW IMPO). • Size 14{Wlx 16(ll)x 13'h(H)iod1 apprpx. 10order to enhance the picture quality when not connected to a fixed aerial it is retommended 1IIat an amplified aerial Is used. see page 462. item no 7. Cat No. 530/6352 £199.99

TOSHIBA 1400TBTTElE'fE)(T. (See teletext loolilOte.) • 14 inch (V34cn) model. • Sleepoff Qmer. • NosignalpoWeroff. • Remoteconuol with batteries. • 4Od1annel auto luning system. • 00 SCeel1 display. • loop aerial.

• 240'1ac mains.

• Size 13'l.c(W)x )41/4(0) x 15'h1H) inchapprox. In order to ensure satisfactory text reception it is recommended that this item is used In conjunction with an external aerial. Cat. No. 53014990 £239.99

€) SUPERSTORES ONLY BUSH CTVIS57NTX NICAM. • 14lnth (\'3400) model. • NICAMdig~aIstereo. • TeleleXt. • On screen display. • Steep ~mer•• 40 channe1s. • SCAlIT socket. • Recommended 101usewith $ega


• Staiidby laOlily.• 24iN ~ mains. • Remote (ontto! uses 2x lR03 batteries(OIdel I of 98011437 al £13.9pair~ . • Size l4(W)xI3lf,(O)xI6'h(H)lI1ch appro•. In order to ensure satisfactory text reception it is recommericled that this item is used in conjunction with an external aerial.

Cat.No.530/6417 £239.00

€) SUPERSTORES ONl V SONYKVM 1401. • 14inch(V34oo)model • fastex1with 4 page memory. • 81ad( trin"roo Screen . • Remoteconuof(bauE!I}'suppiied). • O!l weerulilplay. • 60 dianne! tuning. • Sleep limer(30i601'.l0minule$). • SCARl socket. • OUtput4 wan (RMSt 5 IVau(MPO~ • Size 14(W)x 16(0) x I3'h(H) lod1 i!pIlfOlt.

In order to ensure satisfactory text receptlon it is recommended that this item is used in conjunction with an external aerial. Cat -,No. 530/6424 £249.99

€) SUPERSTORES ONLY HITACRIC1414TTELrnXT. • 14inch(V34(m)modeI • • Faslex1 with 8 page memory. • 6Ochannets •• 0nI0ff1imel. • Headplione socket and on sceen display. • Front AVsocke~ • ,SCARTsocket. • Remote conboi which requi~s 2. LR6baneries (Older I 01980/~444 al £1.39 pai,~ • Si2eWh(W)x 15(0)x 13lJo(H)Inch approL In orderto ensure satisfactory text reception i1is recommended 11131this item is used In conjunction with an external aerial. Cat. No. 530/6431 £239.00

€) SUPERSTORES ONLY PliIUPS 17INCHTELrnXTcrv. • 17inch(V41oo) model • Telelex1lFaslelll • 24 hour onIoff sleepwalie up timer. • Remote control{baneries suppiied)• • SCARTsocket. . • Standby iaciiity. • FronlAVronnec:tion. • AlJto9flil(h off. • Size l6(W)x 16(0). 16(H)ind1


In ensure satisfactory text reception It is recommended that this item is used in conjunction with an external aerial. Cat. No. 530/644B £299.99

COLOUR TVs FROM ONLY £139.99j4651 books_to_bytes

@ SUPERSTORES ONLY AlBAcrV600. • 20 In<h (V48anJ model. • 30channel melllOlY. • ~o aridmanualsearch wnlng. • Onsaeen 015P1ay fOl dlannel, volume, colour etc. • Sleep timer lor up to go·minutes. • Funfunction remote conltol whicll reqOl!eS2 x LR03batteries (Older 1 01980/1437 at £1.39 pail). ·24OVacmilins. • Sile20(W)x 17(D) x lS'h(H)Inch approx. . • Forsuitablestand see page 468, kem no 5, Cat. No, 530/6194 £199.00


@SUPERSTORESONLY AlBACTV601 TELETOO. • 20 Inch (V48an) model. • Telelext fadlity . • 32channelfl1emotY. • Auto and manual seard1 toning. • On saeen display 101channel, lI!lIume, colour etc. • Sleepti~forupto 120millU!eS,

• Fun function remote ~ontrolWitich

requ~es 2x ~R03batteries (order 1 0198011437 et £1.39 pair), • 240V ac mains, • SCARl socket • Size 20(W)x 17(D) x lSIh(H) inch approx. • Forsui!ablestandseepage468, item no S. Cat. No. 530/6211 £219.00

This offer only applies anywhere within a lO-mlle radius of any Argos Superstore (mainland only).




BUSH CTV 2002. ·20Inch(V48cm)mocIeI. • 90 miIIute slee!> tilTte{. • Onscreendisplay .• 240Vat mains. .40programmememol)' . • RemoteconltOl uses2x LR03 batteries(order 10198011437 al £ 1.39 palr). • Size 19lf«W) x 19'/4(D)x 16'!J(H)


inch app<ox.

If your TV requires repair away from your home, we wHl be happy to provide a loan set if required (this service is only available on the TV. featured on paps '"'''68).

• •

Cat. No. 530/6204 £219.00 BUSIi 2052TTElETOO. Sirrilar 10aboYe but with teletext • Size 19'/I(W) x 19(D)x 16(H)inch apflIOX.

Cat. No. 530/5944


@ SUPERSTORES ONLY BUSH 2152TfST/JRETEXT . • 21indt (VSlan) model . • Auto seaKh tuning. .90minute skep dmer. • ClI1 screen display. • Fullfunction remole conltOl uses 2 x LR03batteries (order 10f98Ol1437 al £1.39pair) . • 240Vat mains, • Size 20(W)x 19(D)x 17 '!J(H)inch

INSTANT CREDIT AVAILABLE See pap 1for full details.

EXTENDED GUARANTEES available on all TVslVCRs featured paae for full detaJlL


- See


• For suilable slBnd see page46&, ~emnoS.

cat. No.


TELEVISION SIZES: Television sets have always been described by the nominal size of the glass tube across its greatest diagonal. The figures shown in bradcets eg (V34cm) refer to the actual viewable picture diagonal. For FST sets which are normally quoted in em we have rounded to the nearest Inch'for ease of compari.son. Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.









8USH 20S9 NXTNICAM T£l.ffiXt • 2Oind!(V48cm)modeI. • Nicam ~stereo san!. • Teletext • Onsaeendi!j)lay. • SCART lOCket. • 4OcIlarIi1a prHelS. • 120nnr.esleeplimef. • R«notewnllOlwl;mrequres1x 1.R03baneries (otder 1 of 98CY1437 al £1.39 pail). • 24IW atmails. • Size23lf(W)x 18Yl(D)x 19(1OincII


• For suitabIP Slandsee page468,

itemncs. Cat. No. 53016651 ~


• 2j ind!(V51an)mode! • 20 wan perdlanoel audio.OUIpOt (IlMS).

• 2 SCART !Oda!1S. • 0nI0ff liner and no si!JlaIpo.·..ef


• • • • •

Remo1f oontroiwithbattl'ries. SOdlanoellll1i1g. Onsaeencisplily. 5-VHS CDIlIie<lOr. 24W at mains. • ~25(\'I)x 19Vc(O)x 18V«H)ind!


• C~tewith

cat. No.

TElETEXT. • • • • • •

21inch(V51an)model NlCAM stereo5ClJnd. Blade matrix FSTtube. Fasleluwitl!4PagemetnOry. Unified (emote mnllOl (with batteries). SealIId handsel

.Onsaeen~. • • • •

Autoswitchoff umer. front AVsod:e~ C~e wid! stand. Size~'h(W)x 19'Il(O)X18'/l(J;) iv:h approx. £50 Argos cashbade offer with this item. Complete and return daim back fonnto re<eive a cheque made payableto the


(at. No.



SANYO C8P2168TElETEXT. .211i1ch(VSlanlmodel. .8JadcmatrixfSTl1Ibe. • FasteXlwith 4 page memoty. • Unified ~tecOf\IlOl(witl! battefies). • On screen dsplays. • Auto switch 011 timer. • Hoot AV!Oda!t • (ompletewithstand. • Sile201h(W)x 19'1l(0)x 181/ol(H) inchawOl. £20 Argos cashbade offerwith this item. Complete and return claim bade fomi to receive a ~=~~etotlle




HITACHIQ114TlElE1EXT. • 21 ind!(V51an) mode!. • FaSIeXlwith 8 page mE'IllOIJ. • SCAAr lOCket. • frontAVsoCkel .60dlaMeIs. • Onsaeenci5p1ay. • 0nI0fI1imef. • ~tewithstand. • Front SoVFISillJUL • RemoIfCllll11Cl (wilh baIteries~ • Size20(W)x 19(1»x19(1Oind!


Cat. No. 530/6455













FSTIFASTOO. • 24ilch(V59an)modeI. • Onsatellli5jllay. • Sleep Iime!. • 2x 20_, audio ou;pu!. • s.vHSar.d~ sod<&. • Twin Et.IocllmeaoISCART lOdce!s. • 6OPf~d1<YIneIs. • flLlleatlRmred_COOllllI{order 1 01 98011431 at f 1.39 paif~ • 24W at mains. • Size 221fl/y(Jx 18V.(t»xZtmind! approx. • CanpIeIe..rn stand. Cat. No. 530/60U

£369.99 ~


SANYO CBP 2576A NlCAMllliTOO. • 24incI!(V59an) model. • NICAM Slefeosound. • 2x 10 wan (RMS)output. • Btack matrix FSTtUbe. • FasteXtwith40page memo<y(usinq


• Unified remote control (with banerifs). • flOOtAVsod:e~ • SeanlflandseL .On5Cleen~ • Auto sYoitdl all 1lITIl!I. • CompielewithSland. • Sire i6:¥oO(W) x t 7Jh(O) x 2Ol/«I1) inch


cashbade offer with this item. Complete and retum daim bade form to receive a cheque made payable to tile purchaser. Cat. No. ~SUPERSTORESONLY MITSUBISHICT·2IAS STXNICAM




• Size19'h(W)x 19(0)x 17'1l(H)Inch


Cat. No. 53016486



.21lnch(V51an1toode!. • Nicamdigita! steleo sound.. • Faslext colourcoded teletext • Remoll! conlllll (WIthbatteries). • Twin SCARl sodtelS. • 10wanllMSoutpuipetcll<ilUlei. • Onsaeendisplay. • TlI!lefforalltl)lnalicswitchoff. • 4-w~ loud ~ake< syl!em.







• 25 inch (VS9an) model. • Hiblack trinhron screen fOf lmprovedconuast and reduced

• 21 inch (VSIan) model. • R~bIad: llinillon screen lor improvedcoolrast and reduced

,eIIeaion. • Spatial sound system.

reflection. • Spatial sound system. • FaSla! with 5 page memory. • ReveJSibie remote control (batteries iIlckJded). • On screen menu system (allows a varielyoflunctions to beaccessed fromthe remoteconuol). • SOchanriel wnfng. • 1~.9mode. • 2 SCARY sockets, lronlAV connector. • Outpu!2x 12wan(RMS),2x30

• FastextwithSpagememory. • ReveISille remote conllOi (paneries 51!PPiied). • Onscreen menu system. • SOchannehunlng. .16.9~. • 2 SCARTsockets, frontAV connectOt. • Output 2 x 12 wan (RMS), 2 x 30 waU(MPO). • Size 22l/«Wj x 19(0) x 19l14H) Inch approx. Extended guarantees available, see page 493. cat. No. 530/6527 £62,.99


• Size20(W)x 18(0) x 171/«H)inch '!PP'0x. Extended guarantees avanabte, see page 493. cat. No. 530/6503 £549.99





NfCAM FSTIFASTEXT. • 21 Inch (VSlan) model. • NICAM digitalstereo sound. • Alldlo output 2 x 15 watt (MPO). • On saeen DISPlay. • Twin SCARTsocXets. • 6Ochanne!s. • Front audjoMsual input sockeL • S·VHSlnpulviaSCART socket. • Unffied inlra red remote conl1ol with batteries. • Sile24(W)lll9(0)~ 181/.o(H)Inch

• 24 filch (VS9an).model . • NICAMdfgilalstereosound. • Audiooutput2~ 10 + 20wan (MPO). • On screen display. • 3 SCARTsocket3. • 59 channels. • Front audio/vistJal input socket, • S·VHSinput.;a SCARYsOcket. • Menu driven unilied remole conlIOl with batteries. • Size27'Il(W) x 18'/.I(D)x20'1l(H) inch approx. .Wrthstand. Extended guarantees available, see page 493. cat No. 53016273 £629.00


• With siand. Extended guatantees available, see page 493. Cat. No. 530/6259 £529.00



BUSHlVSTAND. • Universal TV stand with video shelf. • Size21'/2 x 13x 1111llnchaptlfox. Cat. No. 53516175 £ 14.79

NORMAL CAT. PRICE £139.99 FORONLY £50 When you buy a Sony or Hitachi large screen Nicam TV on this page. For portable TV specification see page 464, item no 1.


ROTODlSCMUlll·PURPOSE TURNTABLE. • 13 filch diameter turntable ideaHOf lVs. computer monitor and Other Items. • Finger1lp conllOl. tums easily tl1tough36O". • Supports up to 325bwtight. • Madelromnon·saatchnorHfip material. cat. No. 535/6759 £11.49

Order Cat. No. 530/6280.



ll our VCR'sallow you to record one A pro .... m.... whtlst

watchtng another. W. also sell vtdeO playen for watchtngpre-recorclecl vtdeos,whtchcannot be used for recordtnl.

tape, however the quality of the recording may not be quite as good as when recorded at normal speed.


NICAM Is a high quality stereo sound signal. To receive the stereo sll"a1, NICAM televisions Programmlng and VCR's Incorporate a NICAM , receiver which picks up the signal VCR s are proarammed to through your existing TV aerial. record by using a remote control A NICAM video recording must handset. Many have a visuallCD then be replayed through a panel on the handset or an onNICAM or Stereo TV to screen display showin, the maintain the stereo sound. details entered. Extended Guarantees Event Timer You can programme most VCR's All our VCR's to record a number of events ~ have a I·year over a period of weeks. CX'_ manufacturer's Twin Speed luarantee, but for A twin speed (or "long play") added peace of mind y~ can facility allows the VCR to record also take out an Argos ] or 5 and then play back at half the year Extended Guarantee. usual operatln, speed. The onscreen Image appears as UIUal. VOl We also offer FREE but the recording time of a tape ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE Is effectively doubled. This gives COVER. See page 49] for details. a houn of recording on a " hour

7. VIDEO PtUS+. Programmlngyour VIdeomade eas,er. Everyday. next to the rv programmes ,n most national newspapers, 'Radio TImes', 'lVTirnes', 'What'sOnTV' and "lVQuICk', Willbe Video Plus Code'" numbers. Simplytap the code number olthe programme you want to record into the Video Plus handset, press the appropriate ool;lon,lO set on<e, daily or weekly and Itwill tell ytlIIrvideo what to record. Video Pius stores up to 14 programme selections and works with virtually allvideos and satellite receivers whiCh have an Infrared remote control. Cat. No. 535/5633 £49.50

8. RG REMOTECONTROL. Ideal replacemenl lor losl or damaged remote comrols. Replaces three remote controls wilh one. RepealS Ihe basidunctions 01 most popular lV. VCR and satelfite/cable remote conlrols. Uses 4 xAlIA banl!lies (order 2 0198011932 at £1.59 pair). Easy 10 set up by using the three digit codes in !he enclosed code book. or by using the search method. Freephone customer services helpline number 0800 269412 (Mon·Fri office hours). Cat. No. 535/6474 £ 19.99

A1BAVCP3000VIDEO • Twinspeed. • Repeal function.

• • • •


Dlgltallracklng. Rewindand laSIfOlWard. Standby and pause. 2 Sleppicturesearch.

A1BA 'MIDI' VCR6100.

• Midisize. • On screenp!ogramming. • Use TVon screen displaylOf doc1c limewhen recording. • EaSYplogrammlng:stepbySleplnslcualons displayedon TVsaeen. • Cue/reviewpicturesear,h. • HQpiClurefacility.

ALBA V(R7900. • On ween programming.

• EasYPIogrammlng:stepbysleplnsllUCllons dlsplayon TVween. • Twinspeed fOfUp 10 10 hOtII5 play/record. • One lauch record. • Multi·function remole controlwilh batteries. • Dighallrac~n9·

BUSH MIDI VCRI61. • MldiSll.e.

• Centre loadUl9. • One toueh tecord, • Realtime counler. ·8eve1lt28daylimer. • Twinspeed forup 10 10bours playlteCOld.

• Remote control whIch requires 2 x lR03 baueri6 (nolSupplied,Ofder 1ofS8OI1437al £1.39 pair). • Size ltJ!.(Wjx 13(D)x m{H)inchapprox. • PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS A VIDEO PLAYER ONLY AND Will NOT RECORD.

Enquiries Helpline: Alba 081·594 2363. Cat. No. 530/6644 £164.99

• Tv,4nlPfedforllplO 10hour5p1ay/record. • One louch record. • rug lunction remote conlrol with ballerifls. • 8 even~ 30 day programmable timer, • 32 dlannel memory. • Auto play!)'Stem • Size 13l/4(W) x 13'/A(D)x3'Il(H) inchapf)Iox. enquiries Helpline: Alba 081-5942363. Cat. No. 530/5865 £179.99

• Autorewlnd and playback. • 8 evenl4v.oeektimer. • SCARl sockel.

• 33 d1annel memory.

• Size 1SJ/o(Wjx 13)10(0)x3'/.(H) inch approx EnquIries Helpline: Alba 081-594 2363. Cat. No. 530/6132

• Remotecontrol uses 2x LR6 banenes (order 1of 980/1444 at fl,39pair). • 33dlannel memory. • Alllo headcfeaning.

• Size 14(W)x I3(O)x 3'/l(H) inchapprox. Cat. No. 530/6369 £209.99




@ SUPERSTORESONLY SAMSUNG VlK 320 VCR. • long play fadlity. • Easy on screen programming. • O!le toudl record. • 1month.4ewnttimer. • Auto tape speed ~ect from SPto LP. • lode>I search system with introscan.

• • • • •

Shuttle dial. CI1lldlodc. SCARTsocket. f(OnlNV ja<ks. Remote Cllf1trolt.IIeS2xlR6batteries(ordef 98011444 at £1.39 pair). • >Ile 16'1I(W)x 12'h(D)x3'h(H)lnd\llp~t~.

Cat. No. 53016534

SHARPVCRVC·A30HM. • Simple index search systellt • SCARTsocket. • Child lock IadNty. • Onetoudl timet 'e<ord. • SbN motion. • Frnmeby frame a<Nana!. • 8even~ 1year rimer.

• • • •

1 01


AMSTRAD UF40 USER FRIENDlY VIDEO PLUS+ ™VCR. • VideoPlus+1"easyprogramming. • UniqUeautQ set luning system. • O!le touch time! ,ecording. • Digital auto mingo • AIJtohead cleaning. • Blank rape search. • Twin speed play/record. • RemoteCllf1l101withbaueries. • 8evem. I yeartimer.


SANYOV'Hf\ 33SE VIDEO PLUS+ ". VCR. • Midisize. • Twin speed. • One loudl record. • VJdeoPlus+'Measyprogramming, • Real ~me counter. • Indexseatch. • Digitaluacking. • On screef1 pcogramming.


Cat. No. 53016390




SCARl socket. Twospeed piclUresearch. Parentalloclt. 32 channel pre-sets. HQhi~qualityenhancemenL Sire 14(Wjx lI(D) x 3 'h(H)inch approx. Extendedguarantees.availableon \his product. see page 493.

39 channel pre-set voltage synthesiSed wner. RemoteCOlluolcompletewithbatteries, S'lle 17(W)x 13)f;(D)x3'/.r(H)lnchappiox. Extended guarantees available on this product. see page 493.

~t. No. 530/5401

BUSH VCR 166 WITH VIDEO PLUS+ • Twinspeed. • One toudlrecor'd. • VldeoPjus+""handset~tllbaneries. • Real time counter. • Userlriendlyoption, • 8ewnt, 28aay timer.

• • • • • • •

• Rernolecontrol t.IIeS2xlR6battefies(OIder 980/1444 at £1.39 pair). • 33channeJmemory. • Auto head cleaning. • Centn!ioad. • Size 14(W)x 13(O)x31h(H)inchappfOl(.

Cat. No.53016376

1 01

NC HR·J200 "VIDEO PlUS +'t.I VCR, • 5step slaw motion. • Valiable search. • VideoPfuH'" easy programming. • DigitaluadUng. • Auto head cleaner. • Centre mount full loading mechanism. • Chlidiod.

• Iyear.8prograrnrne1evem timer. • Remoteconuol uses 2xLR6baneries(order 1 of 98011444 at £1.39 pair). • Real time counter. • Next function memory. • Repeat playbad. • SCART SocIreI. • SizeI4'1~x 12'/.r(D)~31/.r(H)incbapplox. • Extended guarantees available onthis produ~seepage493.

Cat. No. 53016541



€} SUPERSTORESONLY • I year, 6 event timer. • SCART socket • Remote contiol with tia.tteries. • Size 14(W)x II'4(0)x3'1i(H)incllapprox. Extended guarantees available on this product, see page 493.

Cat. No. 53016383


AKA!VSoG44EK VIDEO PLUS+ ""VCR. • 4 head standardlloog play. • VideoPIus+ ''''easy ptogrammtng. • FrontNV sockets. . • LCDdouble sided remote control complete with batteries. • QukX stall system. • Index seatdt.

• 8event, 1 year timer. • Reallime tape counter . • Dualdigitaltooillg. • Child lock IadUty. • Size 17(W)x 12'12(0)x 3'Il.(H)illch approx. Extended guarantees available onthis product, see page 493.

Cat. No. 530/6558



SHARPH84 NICAM VCR. • NICAMhi·fi5tefeosound. • CeIllie IoaOilg medIaI1ism. • Autopicrurecoouol. • User friendly ·palmcommand· supplied with baaeries. • 8 even!, I year limef. • Simpie index:search 5)'5lem. • •NoI!eIess' still frame.

• ffamebyframeadYam. • Variable lileedsb .."notion. TOSHIBAV7038 NICAM VIDEO PlUS+""VCR. .au;dSlillt~ • NICAMcigita Slereosound. • Sinulcastrecmingcapatijl)'. • Video 1\.Is+'M easypRX1GllllTing. • SCARTsodifIand ado inIoot a:mectQIS. • T"';" speed. • One toudllOOJlli • ChiIc%Jroof IocX. • Real tine_.•4 headsymm. • Sill! l5(W)x 12lfA(l»x3'h(H)inch ~ .DiojIaI~ Cal No. 530/6156 £349.99 ..,...._....1--1-_---.




Slow lIlIltion. Frameby frame advance. SCARTiphcnlscrlet. Childlod. Size17(W)xl1.l/A(l»x3'/'(H)ilch~ cal No. 530/6565

DECCACOtOUR DVR 8241 NlCAMYCR. • NlCAM digital stereosound. • FuUunctionremolecooudwilhbaaeries. • 39p<~channels. • 8event, 1yeaninerwithdaiiyMeel:ly ~IS.

SANYO YHR 390E NICAM VIDEO PUJS+'''YCR. • NlCAM lll'feo5OUlld. • Video Plus+ n.teasyprogramniing remote control with baneries. .4headsyslem. • Twill speed. • 0ne1OtJch retOrd • RealtimeCDllnter .• Indexsearm.

• • • •


• Midl5ize. • 0icjIaltraddng. .Onsaeen~ • 1year. 6 e>'I!IlIIimer. • SCARTscrlet. • Auto head deanI1g. • Size l4(Wjxll'h(O)x3'h(H)inchajlplOl. cat. No. S30/65n £429.99

4head twilspeed. NICAMdijtaISlereo5OlA'Id. vdeoPlus+ ""easy progamming. ShsaJeciai.


• Super index:searchSj5Iem.

€) SUPERSTORESONLY MlTSUBISHI Hs-MS8V NICAM VIDEO PlUS +'M VCR. • NICAM ~ llereO t-i-6lC1J1ld • Video PIus+ II.easy programrring. • Twinspeed. • 4 headsymm. .1ndex~. .DigitaI~

• • • • •

On saeen programmirg. 1year. 8 MIlt1Imer. Twin SCARTlOClcets. RemoIt conuol with baneries. Auto head deaoing.

• Va!iablepkruresem

• Central1oacing. • SizI! 17(W)x 13(D)x3lf4(H) inch appnlIc. Cat. No. 530/6589 £479.00

• On saeen ~iG and programming. • Digitalauto uadcmg .• Childlock. • If1StaOtrecord tlmerwith real timeCllLllTtef. .SCARTsackel. • RernotecontrOluses2xLR6batteries(0IdeI t of 98011444 at £1.39 pa~). • Size l5(W)x 12lf«D) x 3'/4(H)inch iIAlrox. Cat.No. 530/6596 £499.00

On soeeo progtammlng. UserlriendlyOjlefation. 8t!'o1!11~IlT1CNlthllmer.• TwinSCARTlOdcetS. Child led: Iacility•• Audio dub. Remote (l)<1uo1 with battelles. Blanksearchsyslem. Date and time record •• JogIshuttle dial Size 16¥«W)x t3lJ4(D)x3~iIlch~P!!fIlll Cal No. 530/6606 £499.99

• • • • • • • •

€) SUPERSTORESONLY SONYSlY-E8 NICAM VCR WITH VIDEO PlUS+"'REMOT£ COtrnlOL • NlCAMlI-fiS!f1eOsound. • lCD remote contrOlwith baneries. • AdcitionaIVideoPlus+1M ~asy PIO!JaITV1lIII9 reIII01e CIlIWOl .l'rogamcleivByOllllrol. • long playlreo:wd facility. • Triogic0j)Iirrun pK1ure corurcj and eIlharced picn.requafity. • 1month,8ewot timef. • Auto head deane<. • VH5 index system. • Oualmodeshutde. • Size 17(W)x 14lfo(O)x3'1l(Hlinch~ Cat.No. 53016613 £579.99 All ITEMS W11H THIS SYMBOLARE SUPPlIED FITTEDW11H A PLUG

NICAM DIGITAL STEREO SOUND 14711 books_to_bytes

1. (HEETAH BUGJOYSTICK.Supremely comfortable ergonomi«lily designed joystick. Suhable for right or left handed players. Ultra·sensitive microswitched 8·way directional control. With Svper· qui<:kmicrosWitched firebuttons. Auto' firefunaion. Strong metal shaft. Automatic centering. ForAtan and Commodore computers and vjdeogame ~tems, Amstrad CPCcomputers and Spectrum computers (interface required), Cat. No. 535/6632 £14.99 2, POWERPLAYZll'Sl1CKSUPERPRO AUTOFIRE JOYSTICK.8-way directional control. Fullymicroswitched. Tripleaction autonre for high scores. Strong SOCtion feet Britishmade. Foruse with Amiga. Al,ari.Commodore V1C20.C64. Amstrad. Spectrum (when used with an interface). MSX. Cat. No. 5351.6780 £11.99 3. LABGEARQUICKFIXTVAERIALADIY aerial for all UHFTVchal1/1els.Can be loft or wall mounted lor best perfonnance, Suitable lor usewlth all types of television. Complete with an fIXings,33 feet 01cable and fullinstructions, Cat. No. 535/6443 £9.99 4


AVf ROTOOISCMULll PURPOSE TURNTABLE.13i~ dlametertumtable for TVs.cqmputer monito~ and other items. fingeltipcontroltums items easily th!Oll!Jh360".Supports up 10 3251b weighL Made from IlOn·scratch.non·sfip material in black. Cat. No. 535/6759 £11.49 5. AVFPORTABLETVBRACKET.ldealfor televisions and moOilO1Sup to 16inch screen size, Supports welght up to 601b. Adjustable s~1 and tilt lor easy viewing. Manufaaurer's 5-year guarantee. Made in me UK. Cat. No. 535/2423 £14.50 6. SYNERGYPlUS TElEVISIONWALL BRACKET.Swivelsand tills lor a wide range of viewing posftions. Willsupport TVup to 22 inch screen. ~.wejght 11otb. Fullinstructions, fixing screws and wall plugssuppfied. Manufacturers 5· year guarantee. Cat. No. 535/6625 £19.99 7. AVfTELEVISlONWALLBRACKET. Icteaifor television up to 24 inch screen size. Supports weight up to 80lb. Adjustable platform width from 12Jo 20 inch. Fingertip adjustment ioroptimum viewing. featuring aniculated arm and wall and platform swivel points. Manufacturer's S-yearguarantee. Made in IheUK. . Cat. No. 535/2313 £27.75 8. AVFTELEVISIONWALLBM-eKET. Ideal fortelevision up to 26 inch screen siZe.Supports up to Ilotb welgh!. Adjustable platform width from 12 to 20 inch. FlOgertipadjustable foroptimum viewing. featuring articulated arm and wall and platform swivelpoints. Manulacturer's $oyearguarantee. Made in the UK, Cat. No. 535/3477 £29.99



AVF"MEGA1W1STER'TVWALL BRACKET.Wall bracket foriarge TV and monitor up to 32 inch screen siZe. Supports weight up to 1SOlb.Adjustable platform width from 14t031 inch. Pivots in Z positions to allowoptimum viewin9. Manufacturer's 5·yearguarantee. Made in the UK. Cat. No. 535/6357 £56.99 10.AVF'VIDEOVlSION"SUPPOIlT SYSTEM.Spa(e saving unit for both television and fromioading VCR.Svitable for most TVsup to 21 inch screen. SUpportS up toa combined weight of tOOlb.Rotates10 give optimum viewing. VCRcradle adjustable (width 14·18)/. inch. height 2¥.·4Inch). Dual damping of VCRforadded safety. Manuract~rer's S· year guarantee. Made inthe UK. Cat. No. 535/5585 £29.75 11. MICROMARK10 METRETVAERIAL EXTENSIONLEAD.With moulded plugs and bade to back.adaptor. Cat. No. 535/1620 £3.50 Reception Difficulties - A good TV aerial. correctly positioned. will reduce reception problems of noise and reflection. A signal booster will amplify weak signals or supply several TVsets from one aerial. However a signal booster without a good aerial will not always solve local reception problems.


12. PULLWAY 15 METIIElVEXTENSION KIT. Runs 2 televisions from a single aerial. Kit enables safe pennanent conlle(tlon for a second TV able to receive both TV and video pictures. Complete kit comprisillg cable. conllEdor. wall sodcet. dips and instruc1lons. Cat. No. 53515035 £6.99 13.lABGEAR "MULTlS£T I'TV/FM RADIO SiGNAL BOOSTER.Willlncrease TV or FM aenal signal power by up to 30 times(lSdB). Improves TV pictures in areas of poor reception and enhances video recording. Fully automatic. requires no user adjustments. Easy to Install. B.EAB. approVed. 240V ac mains. Manufacturers 101earguarantee. Cat. No. 535/3927 £14.75 14.lABGEAR 'MULTI SET TVNlDEOI FM RADtO DISTRIBUTION BOOSTER. For distributing TVNideo and satellite receivel signals or fM radio signals to 2 sets. FM radio aerial Is required lor fM reception. Also lnaeases stgnal power up to 15 dmes(12d8). Fullyautomatkrequlring no user adjustments. Easy to Install. 240V ac mains. B.EAS. approved. Manufacturer's 10'year guarantee. Cat. No. 53513B86 £15.99 1 S. MAXoIIEW 3 SETTVIFM VARIAB~E RADIO SIGNAL SOOSTER. RUM up 10 3 TVIFM sets from one or more aerials, video or satellite tuner. Separate fM aerial Is required for FM reception. increases slgnaltoeachootletsetbyup to 10 times Variable gain control 10enable optimum reception In any area. With nytead. 4 co-axial plugs, 3 amp fuse and Instructions. 240V ac mains. Manufacturet's 5-yearguatantee. Cat. No. 53514160 £20.99


16 €)SUPERSTORE50NLY lABGEAR 'MULTI SET 4' TVNlOEOIFM RADIO DISTRIBUTION BOOSTER. For distributing TV, video aJ)d satellite receiver signals and FM radio signals to 4 rooms In your home. Up to" sets are fed from your main aerial and an Input is provided for a separale FM radio aerial. WiD Increase slgnal power by up to 10 limes (10dB), Fully automatic. 240Vac mains. B.E.A.B. approved. Manufacturer's 10-year guarantee. Cat. No. 53515028 £20.99

17. VlDEO KIT. Enables you to transfer and edil video pktures and sound from a video rerondei or camconder to another video recorder. A1low5you to connect virtually every type of video record_erto aoother video recorder or to a camcorder 'or video camera ooifn.Kil indudes SCART connections for latest Video equipment and contains all main typeSof video/audio sodcel.llplugs for lhe connection of different manufacture( svideo equipment. Cat. No. 53516285 £12.99 18 €)5UPERSTORE50NLY PHIUPS SBC 3020/08 DYNAMIC MICROPHONE. Suilable for home tape recording al any angle. With table stand. IWOwindshlefds. 3.5mm plug, 6.3mm adaptor and 2.9 metre cord. Frequency response 100·16,000 Hz. SizeSJ/,x 71/.x I'll inch approx. Cat. No. S35/4232 £9.99 19 @SUPER5TORE50NLY TEKCEl2 PRAWER VIDEO STORAGE CABINET. Oak effect Onish. Holds up to 24 VHS. Beta or V2000 video cassenes, Size 17 x 16'/, x 5'11inch approx. Cat. No. 535/4005 £8.95 20. MEMOREX VIDEO CASSenE PROTEGOR SOOKS. Pack of 10. Siores V!jS cassettes. Vinyl video books with gold effect book-end print. Cat. No. 535/5554 £4.49 21. MEMOREX 2 DRAWER'JIDEO CASSme STORAGE UNIT. Holds up to 24 VIiS or Bela video cassenes. Stacking facility. Size 5x 15'/. x 16'/1inch approx. £8.95 Cat. No. 53514579 22. MEMOREX4 DRAWER VlDEO CASSmE STORAGE UNIT. Holds up to 48 video tapes. Stacking facility. SlZe9lf. x I 51/. x 16'hInch apl)IOl<. Cat. No. 53514610 £14.50


1. MEMOREl(RECORO STORAGE CASE. PVC covered. Holds up to SO 12·inch tp recordsOll2 inchsinglesSlle 13x 7)hx 13 inch approx. Cat. No. 53515509 £4.99 2. f;1EMOREXAUDIO CASSmE CAROUSEL Will hold up to 40 cassenes with rthrai)'ca!e (64 without case). Revolves Olrough 360". Size 6'Il x 6'/1)( JOl/.inch approx. Cat. No. 535(2083 £3.99 3. MEMOREX DE LUXEAUDIO CASSETTE CASE. Vinyl covered, Holds up to 45 casseues. Removable Insert 10 allow use asadoaJmentcase,Size ISlf.x 121/. x 3V.lnch apPlox. Cat. No. 53513350 £4.50 4. MEMOREX 3 DRAWER AUDIO CASSETTESTORAGECABINET. Holds 36 cassenes. Offers slaCking laoHty. Size 3'/1 x lOx 14'12inch<Jpptox. Cat. No. 53514548 5 ~



TEKCEL 3 DRAWER AUDIO CASSETTE STORAGE CABINET, Oak grain finish, Holds up 10 36 audiocassenes, Size 15112

x 10'11x 4 Inch approx,

£5.99 Cat. No. S3513989 6. MEMOREX 6 DRAWER AUDIO CASSem STORAGECABINET. Holds up 10 72 cassettes. Black ash effect ffnish. Offers staCking fadllty. Size 7 x 10x 14!f. inchapprox.

Cat. No. 535/4971 7 ~




CASE. Blade woodgrain effect finish. Holds up 1057 audio cassettes or 33 VHS(C) or 36 8mm Camcorder tapes. SlBdcable. Size IS'lIx 16V1X4 inch approx. Cat. No. 53515530 8




MEMOREXAUDIO 'UPRIGHT' STORAGE CABINET. Holds 132 audio casseues. Unique· upright' storage system. Con~porai)' design v.ill enhance any de<or, Precision engiliee!ed 101sltength and durability, Superior black ash V!neer

finish. Cat. No. 53516735


STORAGE UNIT.lnterlodcs in both directions. Holds 18single COS.Size 4'/.x 6 x 12'h inch approx. Cat. No. 53512258 £5.95 10. MEMOREX 2 DRAWER COMPACT DISC CABINET. Holds 40 single CDs or 20 doubles. StaCking facility,Size II )/.x II x 61f2 inch approx. Cat. No. 535f4593 £8.79 11. MEMOREX4 DRAWER COMPACT DISC STORAGECABINET, Holds ep to 80 Single COSor 40 doubles. OffelS stacking facility. Size 111f.x II x 1211zinchapprOx. Cat. No. 535/4641 £11.95 12. TEKCE13 t:lRAWERCOMPACTOISC STORAGE CABINET. Bladeash effea finish. Holds up to 60 single CDs or 30 doubles. Size 18\12 x I )lfd7 inchapprox. Cat. No. 53514438 £11.99


QUALITY CD & TAPE STORAGE books_to_bytes

29. TDKE·180 VlDEO TAPES.Triple pack. 3 hours recording/playback on each. For use with aUVHS videocassette recorders. Manufacturer's fi[etime guarantee. cat. No. 53512818 £7.45

13. TECHSlYl.£ 60 COMPAQ DISC UBRARY CABINET, Black ash effect finish. Holds up to 60 COSlnduding 6 doubles. Wall mountable. Size 12'h x 5 V. x lfY/. inch approx. Cal No. 53514139 14. TECHSlYLE lOOCOMPAQDISC UBRARY CABINET. Black ash effect finish. Holds up to 100 single COs. 1nduding 10 doubles. Wall moun,able. S'lZe !2'1i x 5'/4 x 27Yl inch approx. Cat. No. 53514988

30 ~SUPER5TORESONLY MEMOREX VHS E·18O VIDEO CASSETTES.Four pack. 3 hours re<ording/ pfaYback 0/1 each. For use with all VHS video cassene re<orders. With 12rE!us~blewnte onfwipeoff viaeo.cassette labels. Cat. No. 53516656 £7.99 31. SCOTCH IOHGURV1DEO PACUx E180 tapes giving 3 hours recording! playback and 1x E240 tape giving 4 hours recordlnglplayback. Fo( use with all VHS video casseue recorders. Manufacturer's nfetfme guarantee. Cat. No. 53516515 £8.75 32. 50NYE· 180 CD VIDEO TAPEs. Four pack. 3 hours recording/playback on each. For use with all VHS video re<orders. Plus freeEI80 'v'video"lape a premium grade 3 hour tape suitable for Nicam recordfng.


Holds 96 compact discs. Traditional design. Can be stained 10complement any decor. Free slallding or wall mounted, Cat. No. 53516742 £16.99 16-20.For information on camcorder tapespleca!e reiertopage 453.

21. SCOTCH BX90 AUOIO CASSETTES. fIVe pad:. 90 mTnutes recording/playback on each. PlUS ONE EXTRA TAPE FREE. Cat. No. 53516364 £4.49 22. BUSH SfC90 AUDIO TEN PACK. 90 minutes recordinglp!ayback on each. Cat. No. 535/6814 £4.99

Cat. No.53516522 £9.99 33. BASF'VISION" 12'11HOUR YlDEO


PACK. 3xEl80 tapes giving 3 hours recordinglplaybackand I x E210 giving 3'/2 hours re<arding/playback. For use with all VHSvideo cassette retarders. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. cat. No. 53516508 £9.99 34. PHIUFSE240V1DE0TI\PES. Four pack. 4 hoUrs re<arding/playback on each. For use with all VHS video cassette l'ecordersinduding Nicam. IvI;Inutacrurers lifetime guarantee. Cat. No. 53514115 £9.99

MEMOREX DBS+ COOAUOIO CASSETTES.Pad: 011 0 tapes with 60 minutes (ecoldingiplayback on each. Manufacturers fJfetilne guarantee. cat. No. 53514249 £4.99 24 ~SUPERSTORESONLY

BASK·90 CHROME AUDIO CASSETTES. F'M! pad:. 90 minUtes re<ording/playback on each. Manufa<turer's lifetime guarantee. Cat. No. 53515389 25. TDK 1).90 AUDIO CASSETTES.Six pack, 90 minutes re<ordil1g/playbacl; on

35 ~

each. Cat. No. 53514452 26. SONYfX·! AUDIOCASSETTES. Ten pack.90 minutes recording/playback on

each cassette. Cat. No. 53516481

36 ~

2]. TDKI).90AUDIOCASSETTES. Ten pack. 90 minutes recording/playback on


BUSH EI80VIDEO PACK. 11 XE180'video cassettes giving 3 hours re<ard,ng! playback on e<!.chcassette. For usevlith all VHS videocassette recorders. ManufactUrers rlfeume guarantee. Cat. No. 5.3516663 £19.99 37. MEMOREJ(WETIDRYVHSHEAD ClEAl'lINGYlDEO CASSETTE.Built·in cleaning Ouidwith spray a(tion. High· quality non·ablasive soft tape cleaning cassette. Compatible'with rnosthi·fi. digital and standard video reCordM. cat: No. S351409B £6.75

each. Cat. No. 53514634 28. 8USHEI80VlDEO PACK.3XE 180 video tapes giving 3 hours re<Ofding/ pI~ on each. For lise with all V~S video cassette recorders. Manufaaurers lifetime guarantee. Cat. No. 535/6498 For additional


TDK 14 HOUR VIDEO PACK 2 xEI80 tapes each g1ving 3 hours ofrecordingl playback and 2 x E240 tapes. each giving 4 hours of recording/playback. Manufacturer's IIfet1meguarantee. Cat. No. 53513910 £10.99

audio and visual

storage itemsplease~eepages 144-145.148·149and 351. 38 ~


MEMOREX TOTAL CARE KIT. Includes Mernorex';deo head cleaner for VHS video recorders. Auto dean cassette SYSlem10 keep your cassette recors[J1 player in optimum condition. CO cleaner for removing dJrt and oils frOlTlyour compact disc. ThiS ensures f113Ximum digital sound reprC}ductiOlJ. Cat. No. 535/672j1 £9.99


ALBA lR3640


• Medlumand FM wavebands. • Fulllengih wry hand!e. • Earphqne sockel. • 24OVacmainsor2xlR2O banl!(ies (order 101 980/1468al £2.49 pair).

€) SUPERSTORESmil Y MORPHY RICHARDSR 192 9·8AND WORLDWIDE RADIO. • Long.medium, fM and 6 shot!wavebands. • Tuning rtghllndkalor. • Tone cbnuol. • Earphone sod:el. • DCinsod:et

• SiZe 5'/4x2 x9'hinch appro)(' Cat. No. 50017572 £9.99

• World lime chan on rear of cabinet. Canying map. • Uses4xLR6balteries(order 2019801144401£1:39 pair). • Size4'hx WIX 7 inch


• Manufacturer's 2-year guaJaIltee.

Cat. No. 500/7149

wavebands. • lEDpowetievej indicalOfS.

• Bassanduebleconuols. • Twospeakets. • EarphOilesod:el. L-

SONYICF 38OW2·BAND COMPAQ RADIO. • Medium and FM wavebands: • farpiloqesockel • LEDtuning indicator.

SONY ICF480t3-BA/IID COMPAQ RADfO. • Long. medium and FM • Operaleslrom 3x LR6 wavebands. baneries(order 2 of • Toneconllol. 980/I444al fl.39pair). • Earphonesod:et. • Size7'/zx Pl!xW,inch • LEDluning inOlCator. approx. • DCinsoQcel Cat. No. 500/6528 £19.99

BUSH R214 4·BAND RADIO. • Long. sIrort. medium and FM wawbands. • Fijllfengthcanyinghar\dle. • Ealphonesod:el • 240V ac mains 014 x LR20 bal1enes (ordel 2 of 98Of1468at f2.49pait).

€) SUPERSTORESONLY .24OVacmalns0f4xLRI4 baneries(orcier2o1 98011451 al £2.49 pair). • Manufacture(s2·~at guarantee. • Size 71;. x 10'hx2'Iz inch

applQlt Cat. No. ....:.::50:;,017785


• Operales lrom 2x LR6 baneries(orderlof 98OI1444al £1.39pair~ • Size 6 x 1'Iu 3inch afllJlox. Cat.No. 500/6511 £14.99

• Slze5'hx 3'/.. 11 iJ1ch


Cat. No. 50017596




MORPHY RICHARDS 130 HAND RADIO. • Long. mediumandFM • Manu!aauSI!('s2-year wavebands, guarantee. • Tonecontrol. • Size8'1zx2'/cx 5 inch • LEO luning indicalor. apptox. • 24OVacmainsoruses4x Cat. No . LR6balteries(ercier2of 50017589 £14.50 980/1444 at £ 1.39 pair),

ROBERTSRPI5 3·BAND RADIO. • Long. meOlUmand FM wavebands. • Toneconupl. • Rotary luni~g. • Earphone sod\el.


• PoweronJlldicalOl.• 26/Nac )1lains. • Uses 4x lR20 balleries(order20f98(V1468 al £2.49 pair\•• Size II x 3¥. x6'/AlnchaPlJ!llX. • Manufactllrec's2·year 9I'aranlee. Cat. No. 50017668 £29.99

PHIUPS AmOS 9·8AND PORTABLE RADIO. • Long. meOrum. FMa!1d 6 shon wavebands. • Sma" sized World receiver. • large tunin9cootrols. • LEDtuning Indicator. • VoJumecoolloiwithorVoft

• MainSopef3tioo fOl ec:onOII1yandbaneries lor Slandby/occasjonal use. • 240VilC mains Qf 4 xC batteries (Older 2 01 98OI1956al £2.8) pair). • Size 11 'Izx3'Iz x 5 inch approx. Cat. No. 50017651 £24.50

• DCin sod:el • Earphone cpnMCtion. • Hand strap. • Uses]X LR6batteries (ordet 2of 98011444 at fl.39

Paill. • Size 4'/0 I'Iz x 7 inch approx. Cat. No. 500/6889



SONY ICF 780l3·8AND RADIO. .loog. medium and FM wavebands. • TonecorJUoi. • LEDtuningiiidiGalor. .24OVaEmainsor4'HR6 batteries (Older 2 of 98011444al E1.39 pair).

• S'I2eB'IAX2x4'1zinch approx. Cat. No. 50017606 £24.99

€) SUPERSTORESONLY SONY ICF880l HAND RADIO WlTH'3 PRE·SETS. • Long, medium and FM wavebands. .3pre-selS. • Variab4etDnecontloi. • LEDtuning Indicator.

• DC In socket. • 240V at mains or 4 x LR6 batteries (orde! 2 of 98011444 at £1.39pall~ • SizeSx 2'hx JOinch aPpiO)(. Cat. No. 50017675 £39.99



PRE·Sm. - Pll digitalrtlMrwith long. medjumand FM wavebands; - IS stalion pre-sets. • LCDfrelJ!lency display. • Scan andmetTIOIY pre-set

• loog me<Hum FMand 9 shortwiM!ba~s. . • Eled10nic mediumlfM selection switdies Wilhlode btmoolopre;'efltaccideillal switching. - Tonecooltoi. _ lEDtuningandslereo

- Blrilt·lnolQitai clodVtimer. - Battel}' Iile inOlCator. - Uses3 xAAbaneries(order 201 98011949at £1.59 pair). - Slze7'hx3lfoxl'l.incll approx. Cat. No.



- Thumb~ltun1ng. • Dynamlc bass boOst


• DClheadphone sockets. • Suppl'<edwi1h~wave



• Uses 2 x 1.A6banenes (order I ~198011444 at £1.39 pair). , • - Size4¥.x I Va3 mdt • Sloragepoucit Cat. No.





• 5,Jl(e'lelSon each wawband. • tCO <il91ay time and frequency .• ~L • S~ timet (fall asleepto music. wakeup 10alannioolO).


D\9italluner ~th 20 pre-sets. Aulostore staOOM. Alarm. Sleep function. Dual lime filcility. Earphone socket. ShortWave booII. OCinsocl<el. Uses4xAAbanefies(order 2 0198OI1949at £1.59 pair). • SIze4l/u 1'hX4l/. inch approx. Cat. No. 50017792 £69.99

€) SUPERSTORtSONLY R08ERTSR808 12·BANO DIGITAl WORLD RADIO WITH 45 PRE·SETS. - PU digital tUnef with lorlQ. medium. FM and 9sholtwayebands;.4Spre-selS. . • Direct keying. aut!l'manual5tunhlQ methods. (Medium wave widelnarlOw filler.) - Mono Dxlocalswitches. - Frequency,pie-set channet. time, signal and st!engt~.Iock, sleep . and stereo IndlaiIOf.- 3colour display. _ Radioibleep alarm. - Dual lime alalmwilh 59 minutes sleep timer. - DC in socke~ - Uses 6.x AAbaneries (ordel3 of 98011949 al £1.59 ~r) 2 olwhich are for memory back up, - Size 7V.. I'll X 5inch approx.

ROBERTSRP283·BAND RADIO WITH 6 PRE-SETS. - long, melIium and F¥ waVeband~ - 6 pre·sets(4 on FM. Ion medium and Ion Ioog wavebands). - TonecoWol. • Malnsope~tion 101 economy and bane<ieSfor standby! occasional use. - 240V acmains0(6~C batteries (ordel3 of 9801 1956at £2.85 pair), • SizelOll.. 3'1u 7lJHnch approx. Cat. No.



£99.50 SONYTCM919CASSEm • Suitable for most typeSof homecompuw. • Built.., rniQophone and speaker . - Microphoneand earphone sockets. • One touch reco(ding. - TapecOUIlter. • CueJrevieYl. • ftJIl auto slop. - 24OVacmainsor4xLRI4 baner!eS(orde; ~019801 1451 aH2.49pair~ - Size 23(.x 6 x 9V.1nch apprQx. Cat. No. 51117754 £24.99

Suit<lblelormOSl types 01 home computer. - BlJUl·inmkrophoneand .speaker. - Mi.COilhone andearphone sockets .• Taperount1!f, - Onelouch recClrolllg. - Autostop,pausecontroi.OJe and review. • DlNsocke~ .24OVacmainsor4x1.A14 baneries (order 2 of 9801 1451at f2,49 pair)· • Size 10xS.".x2incllapprox.

Cat. No. 511/6274


• • • •




PHILIpS AE3625 DIGITAl WORLD JW)IO WITH 20 PRE· SETS. - Mediu(rI, FM and 13 shon



alannfunttioos. e' Sa!ely lock to preYElltacddentai S\"tching ooIGf. e Ea~IOCkeL e MainsopecallOO lorecooom~ and balteries lOr standby! oc<asioIlaI use.• 24IN a< mains or 4xC baneries (2 of 9801195601 U.8Spait). • Slze5'1lx2V.x9'1.inchajlplolt Cat. No.


€) SUPERSTORESONlV SONY ICF M 750L3·8AND RADIOWITH 15PRE·Strs. - Digltaltuner with 1000g. medium and FM wavebands. • ISpre·sets. • Built·indigitaldock/timer. -lCOoiSplay. - Scan arid memoJ'/ preset tuning. • Toneconvol - BatielYli[eindfcator. - 24OYacmajnsor~xAA batteries (Otde! 2 of 9801 1949at£1.S9pah). - S'l2e4'/lx2V·x9'1zi11dl approx.

Cat. No.

• Tone COIjuoI.. full dxIci



Music Output

-Po ....p you dloo,e, we

take over when tape one has

• have explained ...... tIM technical tenns.

finished .




Digital Tuners Phase Lock Loop (PLL) dlJitai tunen seek out stations by searching the whole waveband automatically for the next strongest li..,aI.

Pre-set Buttons Your favourite stations can be recorded In the memory, and then recalled at a touctI of a button.

Dolby tB' & 'C'+

reproduction available. On CO midi systems, a search button allows you to select which trades you want to hear. A memory facility allows you to programme a sequence of tracks In any order.

Auto Reverse When your tape has finished, the cassette player automatically plays the other side.

High Speed Dubbing· Graphic Equalisers This allows you to "shape" the tone of the music played by Inaeaslnc or fading particular sounds. The greater the number of bands, the more precise the equaliser.


Spectrum Analyser

Dolby is a noise reduction facility that reduces the hiss when tapes are played, espedaJly on "quiet" music. Dolby 'c' is the enhanced version of Dolby 'B', ping even clearer sound reproduction.

This pt"OYides a visual display of the sound level In the form of "dand", lights", enabling you to make fine adJustments to sound and tone levels.

Relay Play

Compact Disc

This allows the second tape on a twin tape deck to automatically

Compact discs, or CD's provide the most accurate sound



On twin tape decks, this allows faster tape copying usually at twice nonnal speed.

The higher the number of_tts the creater the capacity of the amplifier and the louder the sound will be. 2 It 20 _tts music power means that there are 2 speakers with a maximum music outputof 20 watts per speaker. Manufacturers generally express the potential maximum volume In one of three terms: As a comparison Iw RMS == 2w MPO == <4w PMPO The NCOI Md playb8ck of cert8In y only by

Belt driven decks ensure Jl constant rotational speed. Fully automatic decks place the stylus on the record for you, and retum It after the record ends. Semi automatic decks only retum the stylus, you have to place It on the record.

be,....... ,.....1•••. .............. totbe

~t.,.......MCI Patents Act • t88 and the Performers ProtectIon Acts •• S8-71+ Dolby" • TRADEMARK of Dalby Laboratories LIcensing Corporation.

Speakers Within each speaker Is a series of either 2 or 3 cones (known as "2 _y" and "3 way"speakers). J _y speakers usually give a better quality of sound. Acttv • .,.akers for use with personal CD's and stereos have their own power source to further amplify the sound.

.. 111..... 111•• Alba 081 5942363 Goodmans 0705660521 Sharp 0612052621 Panasonic 03.... 853943 Bush 08.1594 2363 Sam.sung 0952292262 ext 2135 Morphy


081 7580338

SONY CFM !4O MARK 2 MONO RAOfO/CASSffiE RECORDER. e Earp~ socI:et. e Auto stop. elooJ.shon.mediumandFM waVeband~ e 8uih·lnmicrophQne.

e 24OVacmainsOf4xU!14 ba1telies (oroo2 0198011451 at £2.49 pai!). e Sile5Vu3'hx 12'1.111(h


Cat. No. 51117778




ROBERTS 818 MUlTI-BAND DIGITAl STEREOWORLD RADIOWITH PRE·SETSAND CASSmE RECOR!)ER. • DlgWalfcld'lOwithlong.S\l0I1, • ftJUcoverage on shottwave medium and FMwavebands. e 45 pre-stts(90n long. medium andfM.18onshottwave). e 5 tuning methods -direct frequency keying. autosc.Jn. manual scan. memory rec')l!and rolary luning. e Signal and balte.y indicator. • MediumwaYl!y.ideJnarrow mter. e LCDdisplay. • S9 minutesleEp ti_. • FultclodcJalaonlunc1ionswit/l wake to ra® Ofbuzzer. • Variable tone control and saleI)' IocJc to PlEVentaccidemal switching 001011. e Stfleoon fM (viaadaplor 5IJflP1ied).


~om 120M to 11M. • St~ndbyt!)furnontadio,buzzer Ofll.'Olfdingsatple-stltimes. • Dual time indicator. • Adjilslilhleam control Rf gain. e 8£0 control for reception 01CN and SS8 tJansmissions. • Auto·stopon play and record. • NormaVchrometape Iaciti!y.. e DCand ettemaI aeria!sodI!ts: e Ealphol*! socI:et e 240V acmains lorecono'l'rfor with4 x I)and 3 x M batteries forstandbvloccaslonal use (~2 0(98011963 at £2.99 pair and 2 x 98011949 at £1.59 pair). • Size 7'flx2lfu 11'hlflCh. Cat. No. S11n204 £199.00

AlBA SCR 134 STl:REO RADIOfCASsmE RECORDER. • Medium and FM vr.webaods. • LEDFMsleteOlndicalOl. • CassenerOO)r~rwithautostGpandonelCMJCh record. • 8tJi1t·inmiaophone. • TotaICIJtjlut6wan(PMPO).

PANASONICRXfS 41 0 STEREORAOIOfCASSffiE RECORDER. • lQn9.medium. short and FM wavebal1ds. • 8ulh~n 111iaophone.

• Headphone lOcket • 240V acmains0l4xLR20banenes(Ol!Ier 2 of 98OI1468at£2.49pa~). • SQe 12'/.x 13lf4XlS¥,inchapprOil. Cat. No. 511n785 £19.99

• • • •

AUlostop. 0Iw toudi recording. Cue and reviewfunctions. Tota!output 16wan (PMPO).

• 2lWVac mains or 6 x LR20banelies(orded of 980/1468 at £2.49 pair). • Size5lJ.. 6 x 18 inch approlt Cat. No. 511/5354 £54.99



_. Medium and FMwavebands. • Totaloutput8watt(PMPO). • full auto SIGpOlSlA!ttemechanism. • One tCIJchrOO)rding. • Bu~t·inmlaop1lone 10< mono voice re<Plding.

• 3 band graphic equalizer. • xes bassboOSl mtem. • 2 way 4 spealter system. • Tota!ou1ptJt20wan(PMPO~ • lOI19. medium. shonand FM wavebands.


• ,Stereo headphooe lOckeL • 240V ac t11<Jinsor6x000 baneries(order 301 980/1468 at E2.49 pair). • Sile 5'/.. 5 x 14lf'inch approx. Cat. No. 51117431 £26.99


• 24OVacmainsor6xLR20baneOes(order3of SANYOMl035 STEREORAOIOfCASsmE RECORDER. 980/1468 at £2:49 pair). • Med'lUm and FM wavebands. • Total ou1Wl6 watt (pMPO). • Cassette deckwilh fullauto stop. • Bu~t·inrOOophone. • one tou<h le«)rd, • Silt 5'1,• 4>{.x J 1 inch. • 2way speaker system. Cat. No. 511/6913 £44.99

• Cassenedel;k wilh fullauto loop. • 8uaHn microphone. • 24OV'acmafnsor 6 x LR20baneties(order 3 01 98011468 at £2.49 pair). • S'lZeS!/.. 6x 18inchapprox. Cat. No. 511/4960 £64.99

SONY(,FS 200lSTEREO RAOIO/CASSmE REfORDER. • long, sIlon. medium and FI)1wavebands. • 2way speaker. • • • •

Total ouljlUt 25 watt (PMPO). fultaulOSlOP. Toneconuol Buift.inf!1icrophone,

• 240Vac mamor 6. LR20batteries(~ 3 of 98Q11468atE2.49palr). • Size5'/Jx 5lJcx 11'hincnapproIC. £54.99 Cat. No. 511/7819



• • • • •

.·Medium and FM wavebands. • Twin cassette deckwith high speEddubbing and continuouspjay. • One'touch record. • Aulostop. • Built·inmicrophone. • Total outpUl 6W3lt(PMPO).

Mediomand FMwavebands. Casse~deck with fullauto stQP. Automatic[evelcontrol. 4 speal<er system. To!aloutputISwan(PMPO).

• VariaOlewund monitoring system. • Microphone lOckeL • 240Vacmainsor6xLR2()battelies(order30f 98011468at£2.49pair); • Sile5x41/-x 1]J/.incha~1C. Cat. No. 511/5976 £46.99


• H_eadphone 1Ock~. • 240V ac mains 016 ~ LR20baneties(order 3 01 98OI1468atf2.49pait) . • SQe 7lfox 4 x 19'Il inch apprOIC. cat. No. 51117792 £29.50

1ml~~~lRwru~k ~_FlTTED_W_ITHA_PLUG

AlBA SCR 880 STEREO RADlOICASSrnE RECORDER • 4 speakersystl.'l1lwithsullOIIndsound and XBS bassbooslladlity. • Twincassetteded<wilhconlilloous play.high speeddubblng and aulOSlop. • MediumandFMwavebands. • One loudl retOld.

SHARP\\Q 280X STEREORADIOICASSETTERECORDER. • Suit·'uniaophone andhe~ sOOecs. • TotaI0IIIpUI6wall(PMPO~ • 24OVacmainscr6xlA2Obaneries(oa!ef 301 98OI1468al flA9 paiIl. • Size6xSx22'hincbapprox. Cat. No. 511/5316 £39.50

PHILIPSAW70 10 STEREORADIOIGASSETTERECORDf!t • MedIum and FM wa'lebands. • Headphone sodel. • Twincassetteded< witjlconunuous play and high speeddobbing. • One looch recoiling. • AUiOSlop. • To1al0ulplJllowan(PMPO~

€) SUPERSTORESONt y SANYO MW 803f STERW RADlOICASSETTE RECORDER. • Twincassette dedt with one louch recording and high speed dubbi"9. • TOlaloutpuI12wan(PMPO). • fullauloslOp •• Toneconuol.

• 240V acma;nsor 6xlR2Obaneries(0IdeI301 98OI1468al£2.49pa1). • Size SVu l'n x 19Y.inch approx. Cat. No. 511n802 £49.99

8ass X-panderbass boost Mediumand FMwaw!baRIs. Headphooesodcet. 2way 5jleaker system. 240'1 ec mains016xIA2Obaneries(orded of 98OI146Sal £2A9pair). • SizeS'llx Sx 2O'Ilindl~. Cat No. 51111729 £54.99

• • • • •

• Medo.rnandFMwaw!baRIs. • T~ cassene.dedt witJlligl speed clJbbing and


• TOG!IOIIIpUI20wan(PMI'O~ • Automatic IMICDnIJoi. • Onetouclllecot~

.2way4speakerSYSlem. • BuiIt.inmiaopIJone. • 24GVac mainsor6xLR20 bal1Elies(order 3 01 98011468 at (2.49pair~ • SIZe6 x S¥. x 22.il1chapprox. Cat. No. 511/8423 £62.99

PANASONlCRXFTS10STEREORADIOICASSETTERECOROER. .long.short.mer:iumandfMwMbands. .2way45jleakersystelll. • Twin~ dedtwidllelay play. highspeed • 240'1 acmains or 6x LR20batteJies(orde< 3 or «itlOOg.ltlauUlstopandsohejectsy5(em. 98OI1468atf2.49pair~ • lOlaiOlllpUl20wan(PMl'O}. • Size6'!4x 6'1l x 22'/.inchapprolC. .CObinand~sode!s. Cat. No. 511/5402 £74.99

AmACA·W12 STEREORADIOfCASsmE RECORDER. • long. medumandfM wa'Iebands. • 20pre-s& • local 0U1pUt 4Owan(PMPO). • 5bandgraphlc~. • Twin taSSeIlf dedt with aIJU!SlOP.high5jleed drIlbing.

.COinpuL .Iwx,mic input. • Matching 2way bass reflexspeakers. • 24OVacmatnsor6 x LR20batteries (oroo 3 of 98011468 at £2.49 pair aI1d 2 xLR6balleries (Olderl 0198011444 at £!.39pail). • Sl2e 10x8'/I x22¥. il1chawrox. Cat. No. 51117833 £99.99


SONY CfS DW38l STEREO RADIO/CASSmE • long,short, medium and FMwavebands. • Mega bass bass enhancemenL • 4bandgraphlcequalizet. • To~lou!J!Ut 60wan(PMPO). • Autoshuloff(p1ay!jacl<alldt«ord). • Twin cessene de<:k. • Sanery indkalOt. • Full auto stop.

RECORDER. • CD IJne inand mix~L • 24()\1acmalns 016 x LR20barreties (order 3 of 98011468at£2.49palr~ • Size Wu 6lju 21'1.inm app<ox, Cat. No. Sl1n826 £99.99


PANASONIC RX·FT600 STEREO RADfOI CASSETTERECORDER. • PlL digital tuner with long, med'wmand FM wa~s.

• 24 pte-sets. • XlI5 bass boosL • 3 band graphicequarlle(, 40wan (I'MPO).



• Twin cassette deck with Nil' speed dubbing and continoous play. • Long. shon. medium alld FMwavebands. • 5 band graphic equaflzet .• SutToondsou!1d S)'SIem.

• Twlncassene dedt with contiouous play.and high speed dubbing. .2way4ljleakersyslem. • 24011at mains or hLR20batreries lor occasiooal use (order 4of 98011468 a1 £2.49 pair). • Slze6Vox6'hJr22'/AlnchapprOt. Cat. No. 511/5093 £119.99

3D acousticsupeswoore{. 3~fier/3ljleaker system. TotaloUlplJl80 wan (PMPO). 24()\1ac mains Of 8 x LR20baneries (Ofder4 of 98011468at£2.49palr). • keadpl10qe ~nd COline ip socket • Sileh lOx 24)/,inch approx. cat. No. 511/6937 £129.99

• • • •


CD p!ayerwith 20 track Pfogrammabiftty. SKlp,search, repeal and memcxy play. Cassette dec!: with auto stop. Onetoudltecord Totlt'conuol. . MedlumandfMwavebands.

SAMSUNG RCD980COISTEREO RADIo/CASSETTE RECORDER, • CDplayerwith 16uack programmability, Inuoscan and repeat trade 01 disc. • CDsyochrodubbing. • Sfnglecasseltedeci:. • Loog. melfium and fM wavebands.

• TotaJootpul20wan (PMPO). • 240V ac mains or 6 x lR20 batteries (Older 3of 98011468 at £2.49 pal1). • Size 18x7x7JflinchappttlX. Cat. No. 5110857 £99.99

BUSH SRC 280CD CO/STEREO RADIO/CASSETTE.lIECORDER. • TW1t1cassettedeck with h<ghspeeddubbing and • CDplayer with 2G1tadt programmability. • Skip, search aod repeat continuous play. • Tu(letwit)t medlomand FM wavebands. • One touch reCXJ(d. • 240Vacmalnsor8 xLR20 balteries(orcef 40! • LCDmulti (unction display. • 3band graphic equapzer. 980/1468 at £2.49 pair). • TotaJoUipUt 10watt(PMPOJ. • Sire6'hx9'1.x221Mnchappro •. • Headphone socket. Cat. No. 511/7448 £99.99

SANYO MCDZl CD/STEREO RADIO/CASSETTERECORDER. CO piayllrwith 16 uadt pjogrammabnity. CDfealUJesskip, search. tEDd'lSPIayoltiaclC<number. Cassette deck with auto sropandCD synchto ~bbing. • long, medium andfM wavebands • TOlilloutput 32 watl{PMPO). • 12cmfullrangespeaker.;.

• • • •

• 24011ac mams or 8]( LR20banenes (orde, 4 01 98OI1468atf2.49palr). • Size 22 x 6lfu 8 inch approx; £109,99 Cat. No. 511/7864


• Tota!ou;put 10 wan (PMPO). • Headphooesockel . • 240Vac malnsor 8x LR20ballel)eS(otder ~ of 980/1468alE2.49pailJ. • Sjze6x8Vu 17inch appn»<. Cat. No. 511n841l £84,99

• CDpla',-et with 20 tradt programmabir.ty. • DSl(~superr,qearbass)bass enhancement .. . • TWlAcasseue t;Iedt Withhigh speW dubIiIng • TOlalou~t 24 wan (PMPO). • LOIl9,medium and fM wa\'ebands. • Tonecont1ol. • Autoloudness


• Headphone met. .24OV.xmalnsos8xLRI4batteries(order4of 98011451 al £2.49 pair). • Size 7 x gIllx 23 iqeh<jlptox. Cat. No. Sl1n895 £139..~~...----......,

SONY CFD IOL CDISTEREO R.A,DlOiCASSETTE RECORDER. • CD piayEf wilh 22 trade programmability. repeal «()I1e. a~.shuffle, random). • 8 x oversamping. • LCDdisptay. • Cassettede«wiIhCOsynchrodtAlbing.

• TOlaloulpUl25wall(PMPO). • MixingMlCjade. • ·24OVac mainsor 6x LR20batteJies(order 3of . 98011468al £2.49 pair), • Size6'14x9'/.x 191/4inchapprox. Cat. No. 51111888 £139.99

• Tunerwithlong,shon.mediumandFM WiM!bands

SANYO MCDZJl CDlSTEI\EO RADIOfCASSETTE RECORDER. • COplayer with 16l1ade programmability and repeat pay. • Twin cassett~ dedc withcontil1uousplay and tigh speed ckJbbing. • Co synchro dubbiog.

• Fullautostop. • One lOIJchrecording.

• Headphonesocl:et. • long, med'lUIIlandFMwavebands. • TotaloutpUl32 wan (J'MPO). • 12cm lull range speakm. • 240V acmai!l5or8xlR20baneries(order4of 980ft468at f2.49palr) . • Size611. xS'1/x 24'/. iI1chapprox. Cat No. 51111905 £149.99

.30pre-sets. • Clock with timer function. • TotaloUlput 20 wan (PMPO). • Remot~ control operates CD. lIInl!f,lIO!ume and power (suppliedwilh baneries~ • 240V ac mainsor6 x lR20 batteries (order 3 of 980/1468 at £2.49 pall). • Slze.16'1z x6 x9lf.inch approx. Cat. No. 511/8492 £169.99



• CO player with 16 l1ade programmability, I01f05«ln,

• Twincassettededcwilh high speed dubbing. • CDsynchrodubbing. • long, medium artd FMwavebands.


RECORDER. • long. shott medium and FM wavebands. • Bass boost • COS)'IlChro dubbing. • T()tleCOflUoL



• Size7x7lf.x'22'hindlapprox.· • 24OVacfl1<llns. • Uses6 x LR20batteries (order3of 98011468 at £2.49 pair). £139.99 Cat. No. 51111811

• CDpfa\lerwith 16-uackprogrammabijity, intr0SC311.repeatdisc and l1ac1< andsynchro dubbing and shuflle play. • Twin cassene dedt with high speed dubbing. .8assboosL • Long. medium andFM wavebands.


• tnllOscan facility to lislen 10lrade fIltros. • Repeallshuffi('}RMS.

• Size6Vu 4 x 8'1.inch approx.

• 240V ec mains or 6 x lR20 batteries (Older 3 of 98011468 al £2.49 pair). Cat. No. 51118485