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Slock& Decker RSICS Slock& Decker Rl Slock& Decker HSICB Block & Decker RM2C 6

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£75.00 Variable


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7. Black &Decker D5Electric Lawn Edger. Replaces traditional edging shears. Quick,llill'tand

~~~l~t~~i~~rt~~~d~~ 19o watt. cable required.

cat. No. Ret. Retail Our Price £32.95 720/3824 £46.50 8. Black& Decker Power WeederWl 00. An all-purpose gardenin~tool with 2 handles for


~~~~;it~rUi'~~y out weeds, hoes and conditions the soil to leave a finesoil surface - it can also be used between ~~:~~~~ir~~ watt motor. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 120/1404 £50.50


9. BIack&DeckerLR400 Electricbawnraker. Takes the hard work out ofiawncare. Low ~:t~~~!~~_o~~ns~~~~ clears leaves. Large collection box. Efficientacetyl plastictines. 380 watt. Double Insulated. ~~~ ~~~;[~~~~~K~~[:h~~tl~or gathering up garden rubbIsh. cat. No. Rec.RetaIl OurPri«; 720/4191




Gorden Debris


~~:~' Cylinder





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£29.95 Gorden Debris






~~~,~ Tidy


Black& Decker Manual Feed Strimmers. Lightweight, manoeuvrable. single handed operation. Complete with 6m of

cutting line.cable required.. 16.GLIIO. 9 inch cut. 230 watt motor. cat. No. TlJJI7480

aec. Retail

cat. No. TlJJ/7497

Ret, Retail £41.00


Our Price £21.95

17.GL120.10inchcut,heavy duty guard. 230 watt motor.



18. Black& Decker GU10 Auto FeedStrimmec. 9 inch cut. Tap 'n' Go line release. Ideal for smaller gardens to cut around trees, posts and along fences and

d:~~ii~:~~g~~Jh~'(. required.

cat. No.


Ret. Retail £36.50

OUf Price


19.BIack&DeckerGL420Auto FeedStrimmer.l0inchcut.Tap 'n' Goline release. Two handles for greater control. Secondary haridle can be rotated to use strimmer as lawn edger. Complete with 9m of cutting line. 240 watt. cable required. Ret. Retail 720/7538 £50.50

cat. No.

OUr Price £34.95

Black&DeckerCOmmand Feed Strimmers. Forthe toughestjob. Bytouc?1ngthe buttonon the


for greater controf. Supplied with 15mofheavy duty cutting line. cable required. 2O.GL620. lOinchcut. 425 watt motor. cat. No.


Ret. Retail £51.00

Our Price


21. GL630. 12 inch cut. 450 watt motor. cat. No. Rec. Relail 7'1JJ/7576 £63.50

Our Price £44.95

ItemSbearing thissymbol requirecablesimllartoitem ~ DOS4 and 5 00 page 154. Forextra safety we recommend the Black &. ~=~~:r~~seepage

1. Greenspear Stainless Steel

2. Ibbotson Grow Frame. Rigid

Automatic Super Vent. Helps galvanized tubulargrowing maintain optimum growing frame, easily erected and conditionsm the greenhouse. dismantled. Groundstaked for Wi~hbuilt-in thermometerand highwind resistance. Givesyears calibrated scale. Max openmg ~8 of cost effective lifeagainst inch approx. SUitableforall temporary frames.Stringnot makesofgreenhg~~ce in~luded:Length6 ~eetx 2 feet 720/3635 £10.99 wide, adjustable height to 7 feet.


cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 720/3453 £18.99 £12.99 3. Dog Loo. Keep your garden

and neighbourhood clean and hygienic. Collectyour pets' waste with the scoop provided and drop intothedogloo. Thechemica1 does the rest, dissolving the waste into the ground and renderingit harmlessto humans. Completewith approx 12 months supply ofchemical.Size 12x 17 inchdeepapprox. cat. No. 720/3642

Our Price £10.99

4. Tudor Lawn Edging. 30m (98 feetapprox), Greencoloured PVC. 3 inchdeep. Easilycut to requiredlengrh. can be shaped around lawn contours forneat and tidyedges. cat. No.

7.Essex Large Enricher Compost Bin.converts kitchen and garden waste to compost. Ridgedheat retainingcyhnder, ventilatedbase ensures convectionofair forfaster Rec. Retail OUrPrice decomposition.Capacity10.2 cu

~~:: Victo£r~~~ Planters~~'7 of2. Lightweight,robust and durablepolypropylenewith built-in water tray. Idealfor around [hehome. the patioor decoratingthe garden. Acce~ts ~~~f~.lOinchacross.sef cat. No.


~c~~~r!ggr~~~h,diameter26 cat. No. Our Price 720/3697 £21.99 8. Incinerator. 24 gauge

galvanizedsteelbody. Body25 ~npcp~~~~E3~~


cat. No. OUrPrice 720/43&6 £1.99 9. ZambaGalvanized

Our Price £9.99

£12.50 6. Hozelock Garden Kneeler Seat. Idealforgardeningor DIY

Steel Shelving Unit. Idealforgarden and greenhouse. Shelvescan be

~:~a:ct~~~ ~~~tso upsidedown. Easy snap assembly.

~ol~~~u~pli!t~nt~~:~~:t~ pack. size 65x 12x 31'/2 inch approx.



cat. No. Rec.Retail 120/8245 £18.95

Our Price cat. No. £tl.99 720/8238

OUrPrice £13.99

10. Tudor 9 Inch Rotary


Aerator. Springloadedspikes penetrate turf at approx 150 holespersq m. ~/~


13. Black & Decker DN401 G

Chain Saw. 10 inch cut. Powerful 1200watt motor for heavy duty sawing.fellingandlogging.Anti-


°u:t;~~; ~i~f~~:d~~:r;;~:l~di~~t~~

11.Wolf121nchLawn Spreader. Distributes powdered orgranularfenil,izers, seedand sandev~nly, quicklyand economically.

withpushbuttonoilinssystem and safety lock-offswitch. ~:~~~;~~~~;,~~es and required. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price



cat.No. gee.Retail' OurPrice12011394 £88.00 £64.95 120/8180 £19.95 £13.99 14.QualcastHC200COrdless

12.Black&DeckerTough Truck. Atough versatlle truck. Converts froma 2-wheel toa 4wheel mode trolley. Max load 100kg.

HedgeClipper.8 inchblade. Rectiargeable,light and easy to use.ltis idealfortidying up shrubs, bushes and hedges however remote they are froma



rill' Items bearing this symbol

FREEattachment which

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page 154.



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For extra safety we recommend theBlack& See page

~:~~:~ ~:~f&~t.



15.Black&DeckerCH330 CordlessHed~eTrimmer.13


19.Black&DeckerGT240 HedgeTrimmer. 24 inch dual

~~~i~~~ au~~og:~a7h~~e~s. :~~~ric~~~~ih~fdl~fg~ blades ~~~~~~?ti~ ~;'~;;~e~8~ foruse. i~r-~ff~;~~~~~ ~~~~~O~t Safety cat. No.



~~~~~~& ~~~~~GT200£64·95

accidental starting. Poweredby

Hedge Trimmer. 13 inch dual

~~~r~6)~hg~~~~h:S~Owatt conditions. cable required.




~o~~ 00;:':

:~cr-~ff~:r~~n~ ~~~~O~t Safety ~~~r~e~i~I1~~~~dN:d. 18 accidental starting. cable inch cutting blades fore'Hlcient, 6a1u~:. 40~:~ 72017600 £70.50

Price ~~~~~:h~to~:s~llandling. £49.95 ToughsaTetyguard. safety lock-


~~~~~~~;~~f~ ?Jct22ual ~v~&"':lbcPee~fr2~)ttoF~feli~d

action. precisionground blades and enclosed handle for improvedcuttingcontrol.Safety lock-offswitchprevents accidental starung, Cable required.420 watt.

FREEgarden bag.

cat. No. sec, Retail 72017473 £79.45

Our Price £54.95

21.Bosch PHS36G Electric HedgeTrimmer. 14 inch dual action hardened steel blades. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price Quickstop safety feature. Closed 72017611 £83.00 £59.95 handleandguardrailprotectuser 18. Black & Decker GT230 fromthorns etc. 380 watt. cable HedgeTrimmer. 20 inch dual required. ~~~0e'ric~~~~~~n%~~~~blades R~~~~ OU~: improved cutting control. Safety 22.Bosch PHS46G Electric lock-offswitch prevents HedgeTrimmer. 18 inch dual accidentalstarung,Forreliable. actionhardened steel blades. high performance cutting. Cable Quickstop safety feature. Closed required.420 watt. handle and guard railprotect user cat. No. Ret. Retail OUrPrice fromthorns etc. 380 watt. cable 12011624 £95.50 £69.95 required.




cat, No. sec. Relail 120/4263 £94.50

Our Price £69.95


1. Wards Thermostatically Controlled Electric Propagator. 221(2 x 111/2 X 93/4 inch high. Pre-set thermostat provides

4. Wilkinson Sword Medium Professional Pruner. PVC coated

alloy handles with precision ground chromed steel blades and compost temperatures ofaround cutting notch forgarden ties. Curs 65-70"F. Doubleinsulated. 65 stems up to 15mm diameter. watt. Completewith six seed Manufacturer's s-year trays. guarantee.

cat. No.

sugg'd Retail OUrPrice cat. No.

nee. Retail


720/7318 £47.99 £32.99 720/4610 £19.95 £14.99 2.Wilkinson Sword Notched 5.Wilkinson Sword Long

~~~lded ~~~~~r:d:;:~~~~~; ~~~gin~dles forcomfortand cat. No. Rec.Retail 720/3563 £20.95

~~h~~e!~~f~[~~~i:~~s ~/2th

~~~~~;;~~~T~~~al:S with

Our Price cushiongrips. £14.99 cat. NO. Rec.Retail

~s';;'~~~~?~~c~~g~a~~~~~~~~ ~~~~son


~~:r~ Medi:~6.99

;S~c:n~~i~~e:l~g~~~~~~~~~ith ~~~si:a~~dblaa~~f;:;~~~~ion ~~g~[e~~7in~f~~~'i~:~~~~~ing ~~~~~.c~~~~~dh~t~df:st,es~fety conditions. catch and leafspring mechanism. Ret. Retail Our Price Manufacturer's5-year 720/3477 £26.45 £18.99 guarantee.

cat. No.

cat. No.


Ret. Retail


Our Price

£9.99 12. WolfBypass Secateurs. !e~~~~~g Non-stickcoated hardened

~~~~t~r~~ ~~~i~~e pockets, two holsters and a pull out apron pouch. Fits up to 46 inch waist. Manufatrured from heavy duty Oxfordnylon. cat. No. 720/8207 8. Ro!cut3

stainless steel blades with sap run-offchannel. Moulded handles on steel with safety lockingcatch.

OUrPrice cat. No. sec. Retail £7.99 720/8135 £12.95

Our Price

£8.99 Piece Garden Cutting 13. Single Handed Grass Shears Set. COntainslawn edging and Pruner Set. Shears have 3 shears, hand shears and all steel cutting positions, 8 inch steel bladesand handles with vinyl ~~~~~~~'Ei:fd~~;ri~dae~~ for gGps.Pruners have 23/4 inch tidyall year round. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price w~~e:af~~1~~k~griPhandles £28.50 £15.99 cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 720/8142 720/8128 £11.50 £8.99 14.Tarnpoint5 Piece Garden Tubularsreei handles, length 32 ToolSet. Comprisingtrowel. inch. fork,mini-rake, 3-tined weeding caL No. sugg'd Retail Our Price [001 and interchangeable handle. 720/8166 £13.95 £8.99 Suitablefor indoorand outdoor 10. Rolcut "Professional" use. Our Price Secateurs. PVCsleeved handles. cat. No. 720/6890 £9.99 Twopositioncatch. Knifecut action. Length 8 inch. ~'~n~~~el cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 720/0621 £7.50 £4.99 blades. Tubular steel shafts fitted with comfortableplasticgrips. 11. Rolcut Notched Hand Shears. Edge-hardened, 15. Edging Shears. precisionground 71(2inch blades. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 720/3879 £15.95 £10.99 Naturalfinish hardwood 16. Lawn Shears. handles. Madein Sheffield.


~h:~~ ~~~~~h

cat. No. 720/3556

Our Price cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £15.95 £10.99 £6.49 720/3886


~~~~~~el blades with pruning notch. Weather-proofedhardwood handles. Cat.No.

Sugg'dRetail Our Price

720/3862 £ 1'3.45 £8.99 18.Spear & jackson-trusty: LoppmgShears. Forpruning branches up to 1 inch thick. carbon steelblades. 18inch ti~~d1ecoatedtubular steel cat. No. 720/3013

OurPrice £11.99


Forkand TrowelSet. 5 inch hardwood handles, carbon steel epoxy coated heads.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 720/4689 £9.89 £7.49

~~i~E:~:J:~~~l~:~Pse ~~rfriJ:~~~:::tht~~~ fork,~utChhoe and gar~ rake allwith tubular steel.shafts and a weed forkand trowel. All tools are epoxy coated with comfon grips. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 720/8221 £45.28 £24.99

Speare.jackson"Trusty" Garden Tools. Weather-proofed hardwood shafts. Spades and and andcomfongrips. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price zs.tawnRake. 21. Spear&)acksonEclipse DiggingFork and Spade Set.

~:~~~~t~~~~~~~~:;r ~~e~i~~O~¥:s~~t~~~:ads 720/8173


£11.99 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 720/3817 £8.79 £6.99

22. COrrie"cadet" Wheelbarrow. Galvanized steel body. solid tyre. Bodysize assembled 26 x 22 inch. capacity 23/4cuft approx.Supplied in carry home pack. Easily assembled. cat. No. Rec.Retail 720/1651 £26.10

24.Garden Rake. 10tooth.

cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 720/3972 £8.79 £6.99

25. Border Spade. Cat,No. 120/3941

Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce £15.55 £9.99

26. BorderFork.

OUrPrice cat. No.

Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice

£15.99~~;ng~~~~~inchbla~::99 cat. No. 120/3989

Sugg'dRetail OUr Price £8.79 £6.99

28. DiggingFork.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 720/3934 £16.09 . £10.99

29. DiggingSpade. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 720/3921 £16.09 £10.99

5. Black&Deckercassette Hose. 15 metre (50 feet approx) oflay flat reinforced hose 10


1.Black & Decker PS5000

~~:~;~~f!~~;~i:fe. cal. No. Our Price 723/0019

3. Black & Decker Cassette Hose. 20 metre (65 feet approx)

~~ili~n~~ff~\~~tc5hl.i~i~~cityof hose. Winds flat after use into nozzle and comfortable shoulder lightweight cassette. Atough, lightweight and compact hose strap. Battery powered (not supplied) . Ideal for continuous system. Includes tap connector and spray nozzle. spraying in gardenand greenhouse. cal. No. Ret.Retail OurPrice £28.50 £18.95 OUr Price 723/0086 720/8197 £34.95 4. Black & Decker Hoseand Reel. 20 metre (65 feet approx) 2. Biack& DeckerDeLuxe cal. No.

nee. Retail £49.95

of hose on thru-flow cassette. Allows a continuous flow of hose. Easy wind system. Rollers water whilst hose is wound or unwound. With tap connector squeeze water from hose as it winds in. With tap connector and and spray nozzle. spray nozzle. cat No. Rec. Retail Our Price Reinforced Hose and cassette.

20 metre (65 feet approx) of

cat. No. Ret'.Retail 123/0093 £33.45

Our Price 723/0134 £21.95




6. Black& Deckercassette Hose. 15 metre (SOfeet approx) of hose. Winds flatafter use into lightweight cassette. Atough. lightweight and compact hose system. Includes tap connector and spray nozzle. cal. No. gee. Retail Our Price 723/0103 £24.95 £16.95 7. Black&DeckerThru-FIow

Hose and Reel. 30 metre of hose. Completewith automatic quick clickfinings, tap connector and adjustable spray nozzle. With the thru-flow reel only the required length of hose needs to be unwound for use.

cat No. gee. Retail OUrPrice 123/0299 £44.95 £29.95 8. Lotus Garden Pond Kit. Contains lOx 8 feet pool liner

(willmake approx 7 x 5 feet pond) with 5-yearguarantee.

~~~~!I(~~~~N;;~t~-~~ar 3456), stone ornament fountain and full instructions. (It is recommended thatan earth leakage protection plugis fitted see item no 23 on page 141.) cat. No. 720/8269

gee. Retail £19.95

Our Price £59.95

9. Rehau

PVC112 Inch Garden Hose with Fittings. 50 metre(160 feet approx) reinforced PVC hose. Completewith rap ~~~~r~:_'~Nfa~ili~ZZ!d~~1 mounted hanger foreasy storage. Complieswith 5S 3746.

car, No.


R«. Retail £25.02

Our Price £14.95

10. Rehau Quanrotlex Professional Quality Water Hose. 50 metre length with 1/2 inch bore and 50 bar pressure ratin~.lncJudes male and female gun and Complieswith BS3746

11. Rehau


gee. Retail £48.27

OUrPrice £27.95

13. Hozelock


OUrPrice with as much hose unwound as £1.95 required.Completewith 12. HozelockThru-FIowHose automatic hose fittings. Reel.Holdsupto60merre(200 caL No. Rec.Retail OurPrice feet approx) of liz inch hose (not 123/0309 £34.95 £24.95 supplied). Wallmounted or free- 14. Hozelock cassette Hose.

caL No. Rec.Retail 123/0121 £11.66

:id~i~~d~~~e~ry~i~r~~~ Wallmounting brackets

rack. ~e~rJ6~~J~~~~~~~f~~ ~ith swing handle for easier reeling.


~o~~~n~~~i.I(~::~~~~~~~d hose similar to key 11 page 14 for connectors. use with this hose reel.) cat. No. Rec. Retail cat. No.


cat. No.

Reinforced PVC

Xol~~~(t~~f!!i:~p~~r =':n~k:~i~6:0~~~~rox) COmplieswith BS 374'6. allows a continuous flowof water


gee. Retail £26.15

OurPrlce 123/0268 £11.95





Hozelock "COurier" Pressure Sprayers. Feature an internal pump with lock-down handle ~~~~~~rc;~~~~~~alve. 15. 12 pint. cat.No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice 720/3422 £31.25 . £18.99 16.8 pint. with automatic hose connector. Ret. Retail Our Price Area coverage up (0 200sq cat.No. 720/3109 £24.65 £15.99 metre. 17. 4 pint. cat.No. cat.No. Rec.Retail OurPrice 723/0024 £13.75 £9.99 720/3415 £19.65 £12.49 20. Hozelock DialSprinkler. A 18. Hozelock "Vari-Spray


Plus". Fully adjustable multiup to )~aW~:~~~~~p~~th including shut oFf.compfete with automatic III inch hose connector and detachable spray rose for seedlings. cat.No. 723/0017

Rec.Retail Our Price £8.25 £5.79

~~~iJb1~~~[ ~!~ ~g ~~~~

choice offive different watering patterns.square,circular, half-

~~~~l~;~~?tf~~~~~ti~~~ inch hose connector. cat.No. 723/0062

Rec.Retail £6.35

1•• 1.

OUr Price £4.79

21. Hozelock "Super

cascade 400" Submersible Fountain Pump. Operates as either fountain or waterfall pump alone or as a combination. Deliversup

~: ~;~/i~~j~4s:'fe~g~n~r~OX) ~ead for wide variety ofspray patterns. Completewith step down transformer from mains (0 24 volt for complete safety and ease of installation. cat.No. 720/4809

Rec.Relail OUfPrice £69.95 £54.95


featured on ~ages 16-11is constructed fromimpact resistant uv stabilised resin. It contains DO metal parts and may be left outside allyear round.

1. "Capri" Patio Set. Comprises4 allweatherstacking chairs and table (see item no 6). Complete with tablecloth and 4 seat cushions filled with Safeguard flame retardant foam. Height adjustable parasol with tilt action, diameter 59 inch. Table diameter 35 inch. Base not included (for suitable base see itemno 4). This item will be delivereddirect toyour home. Please see footnote. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail £164.99 652/0113

OurPrice £89.99

4, Parasol Base. Willsupport most ~~~~~~~'~~i~ir~~ ~~ie~:C~S~~sc~~~ e:h:~°rift~d ~:tr~~~~ ~;~~~~r~iameter and table (see item no 6). Complete with tablecloth and 4 seat cushions

cat. No. 650/2265

Sngg'd Retail £7.50


Price £4.99

r~~~~~~~~t~~u~~~~~{:~l~i~~ _ Itemnos 1.2

tilt action, diameter 67 inch. Fabric 100%

and3willbe delivereddirect to your home, Theyare not cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price available for collectionfromour 652/0120 £199.00 £119.99 showrooms (exceptArgos 3. Keter "Valencia" Patio Set. ~~C~~~~normall bemade within 14days. Full/etails are available at all ArgosSbowrooms. ~oa~ln~~~~~itiu~~~ri~~\r:l\~ili flame retardant foam. Heightadjustable parasol with tiltaction, diameter6 7 Inch. fabric 100%cotton. Table size 53 x 35112 inch. Base not included. This itemwillbe delivereddirect toyour home.Pleasesee footnote.

cotton. Base not included (for suitable baseseeitemno4).This item willbe delivereddirect to your home. Pleasesee footnote.


;~~~~~~~-~~a6~~r ~~~~ ~:~:i[em

cat, No. 652/0137

Our Price £129,99

5. "Ravenna"

Parasol. Adjustable

~~r~~i;~i~ret~~~~~it~~~~~~67 cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price £24.99 650/3721 £30.99 6. All-weatherTable. lIVstabilized resin. Size 35 inch diameter. OUr Price cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 650/2519 £42.45 £24.99 7. "Flair" All-Weather Patio Chair. Easy self-assembly legs. Sturdy

construction made ofllV stabilized resin. Stackable and weatherproof.

cat. No. Sugg'd Retatl OurPrice 650/3398 £18.99 £12.99 8. "Ravenna" Patio Chair Cushion. To fit item no 7. 100% cotton cover. filled with flame retardant foam. Size 16112 x


cat. No.



"Flair" AIl-weatherWheeled

~~~~~~yM~~~~)~~~~o~~ti~ ~~~~d flat foreasy storage. Made ofuv stabilized resin material. Weatherproof. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our PrJce 650/3415 .£94.99 £69.99 10. "Ravenna" Wheeled Lounger Cushion. To fit item no 9. Reversible

cushion filledwith flame retardant foam. 100% cotton cover. Back height 283/4 inch. full length 743/4 inch, width 24 inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 650/3422


11. Chelsea Multi-Position Chair Cushion. To fitchairsimilarto item no 14.Reversible cushion filledwith Safeguard flame retardant foam. Elastic loop fitting. 100% cotton cover. Back seat depth 21 inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price

~1~tlol i~~h~'

650/3518 £16.99 12. "Ravenna" Luxury


M,ultiPosition Chair Cushion. To fit chair similar to item no 14. Reversible cushion filledwith flame retardant foam. 100%cotton cover. Backheight 291(2 inch, sear depth 191(4 inch, width 191/2 inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 650/3714 £26.99 £18.99 13. All-Weather Oval Patio Table. UV

14. e-sosmon Chair. High backed armchair.Folds flat

stabilized resin. Legs detach foreasy storage. Adjusonent foruneven surfaces. Size.53 x 351h x 28 inch high. cal. No. Our Price

f%~~bJ~e~~:Si~~~:~~1n~~~or suitable cushions see item nos 11 and






Our Price £21.99

Sugg'd Retail £7.99

Sun Pear' "Patricia" Collection. Deep buttoned cushions filled with Safeguard f1ame retardant crumb-foam. The heavy duty tubular steel frames are polyester


coatedto give addedprotection. British made. 1. 3-Seater Swing Hammock. Sprung frame. Two scatter cushions. heavy ~~~~~nOPy.Size



Thisitemisdelivered IBII~ directly to your home. It ~ isnot avallable for collection from our showrooms except






=~~~~~~;;:~et7::'. IOOU_ Fulldetails are avaiiableataU ArgosSbowrooms.

2. Hammock Night Cover. Green

polypropylene. Twin zips enable front to be folded back and hammock used without completely removing cover. Loopsand pegsenablecover [0befixed securely to ground. Size 81 x 58 x 59 inch high. cat. No. Sugg'd getail 650/3697 £32.99

OUrPrice £19.99

3. Automaticleg Rest Chair. Multiposition. Leg rest rises as head rest reclines. Cat. No. 650/3233

Sugg'd Retail £47.95


~it~~r;~ID1~~U:tr:~~ ~~~~~~~gi:6r suitable base see item no 7. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 650/1606 £32.95 £19.99 5. LUXUry Sun Bed. Adjustable head rest.

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 650/3226 £49.95 £33.99 6. Multi-Position Chair. Adjustable


cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 650/3202 £39.95 £26.99 7. Parasol Base. Will suppon most

~:W~~d ~~~~~gr~iameter


cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 650/2265 £7.50

OUrPrice £4.99

cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii 650/3219 £47.95

Our Price £32.99

8. "Relax-Sir" Chair. Mulri-poslrion. Adjustable back rest.

tOm ~ ~

;:J ~ ~

Z ~

;:J 0I ~ ex::: r--


Z ~

Q ~ Sun Pearl "Riviera" Collection, These attractive reversible cushions are filled with Safeguard flame retardant foam wrapped inpolyester fibre,The heavy

duty tubular steel frames are polyester coated to give added protection. 9. Automatic Leg RestChair. Multiposition. Legrest rises as head rest reclines. Cat, No. 650/3t85

Sugg'd Retail £49.95

Our Price £37.99

10. Luxury Sun Bed. Adjustable head rest.

Cat. No. 650/3192

Our Price £39.99

tt.Deluxe Headrest and seat fill flame retardant foam pads Ie ann straps for varying positions. Folds for storage. cat, No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 650/3680



12. Deck Chair. Wooden frame. Attractive hard wearing cover. Cat. No, 650/0872

Sugg'dRetail £13.45

Our Price £8,99

13. Parasol. Adjustable height with easy tilt action. Diameter 67inch approx. Forsuitable base, see item no 7. Cat. No. 650/3178

Sugg'dRetail £39.95

Our Price £24.99

14. AllWeather Table. UVstabilized resin. 35 inch diameter. cat. No. 650/2519

Sugg'dRetail £42.45

Our Price £24.99

15.FoldingPatio Chair. Polyester coatedtubular steel frame. cat. No. 65011998

Sugg'dRetail £13.55


Price £8.99

16.Patio Chair Cushion. Foruse with item no 15.(Not~eversible.) Cat. No. 650/3154

Sugg'dRetail £6.49


Price £4.99



Sun Pearl "Chelsea" COllection.The British made "Chelsea" collection is a luxury upholstered range combining comfort with durability. The deep buttoned boxed style cushions are filled with safeguard flame retardant granulated foam. Piped with contrasting blue tape. The heavy duty tubular steel frames are polyester ~~~P.Xdj:~~fh~~ec~~~theasy tilt action. Diameter 67 incfapprox. For suitable base see item no 13. cat No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £39.95 £24.99 650/2588 2. Automatic Leg Rest Chair. Multi-

position. Legrest rises as head rest reclines.

cat No. Sugg'd Retail 65013295 £64.50 £42.99 3. "Relax-Sir' Chair. Multi-position. cat No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 650/3264 £64.50 £42.99 4. LUXUry Sun Bed. Adjustable head


Cat. No. 650/3288

Sugg'dRetail £66.75





5.Multi-Position Chair. Adjustable backrest. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our PrIce

~~~E:g~~~~c:ifo~~~~[~d~i8t Safeguard flame retardant foam. car, No. Sugg'd Retail 650/3240 £17.00

OUrPrice £11.99

7. a-seater Swing Hammock. Sprung framewith heavy duty PVCcanopy. Padded arms.Size 79 x 46 x 59 inch high. This item isdelivereddirect to your home.Pleasesee footnote. cat. No. Sugg'd getatl OurPrlce 652/0096



8. Hammock Night Cover. Green polypropylene. Twin zips enable front to be foldedback and hammock used without completely removing cover. Loopsand pegs enable cover to be fixed securely to ground. Size 81 x 58 x 59 inch high. cat No. Sugg'dRetaii 65013697 £32.99

OurPrice £19.99


COllection. This Kettler "Provence" de luxe range is modern, comfortable, robust. scratch and weather resistant. The double sided cushions are filled with flame retardant foam and have

d~bl~~~[J~~~!fe~~~I~~~~~ ~W~h allows you to remove the cushions and leave them out overnight in the summer months. The heavy duty square section steel frames are white powder coated for added protection. 9. Parasol. Diameter 65 inch approx. Adjustable height with tilt action. For suitable base see item no 13.

car, No. OUr Price 650/3336 £27.99 10. High Backed Multi-Position Patio

Chair. Fully adjustable back rest cat. No. OurPrice 650/3343

11. Automatic Lounger. Multiposition. Leg rest rises as head rest reclines.

14.Kettler"Nistac" Allweather Garden Bench. Made from reinforced resin impact resistant UV stabilized cat. No. OUrPrice polypropylene, With robust white 650/3367 £54.99 slatting. Length 4 feet 11 inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 12.All weather Extending Oval £39.99 Table. UVstabilized polypropylene and 65012698 15.Kettler "Provence" .3 Seater SWing Hammock. Cotton canoPy, padded arms. Size 66 x 44 x 59 Inch high.For ~fg~~~~~~~~;~ ~ ~~he~~~~ch suitable cover see item no 8. Please see maximum length of72 inches. footnote.

~~~~O:~;~~t:~~~Fa:~~~~~~~~or Price cat-No. £79.99 65210106

cat. No. 65013484


13. Parasol Base. When filledwith sandor water willsupport most parasols up to approx 72 inch diameter. cat. No. 650/2265

Sugg'd Retail £7.50

Our Price £4.99



Itemnos7and 15willbe

delivereddirect toyourbome. They are not available for collection from ourshowroomsexcept ~fi~~~~:~Ybe

:r.":ils~~v~i:I:a:l Argos Showrooms.


Kettler "Panama" Collection. This modern range is comfortable, robust, scratch resistant as wellas weather resistant. The cushions are filledwith flame retardant foam and have elegant dark blue piping. The chairs have robust polypropylene slatting, which allows you [0 remove the cushionsand ~~~~~re~oOn~~~~~h~~~~~yt~~ty square section steel frames are white powder coated foradded protection. t~~~tir~:!~Ca~Oh~~~~~·s~~~~iite~~ition. cat. No. Our Price 650/3329 £49.99 2. Parasol. Diameter 65 inch approx.

Adjustable height with easy tiltaction. Forsuitablebase see item no 5. cat. No, Our Price 650/2320


3. High Backed Multi-Position Patio Chair. Fully adjustable back rest. cat. No. Our Price 650/3312


4. All Weather Oval Patio Table, UV stabilized resin. Legs detach foreasy storage. Adjustment for uneven surfaces. Size 53 x 35 t/;< x 28 inch high. cat. No. Our Price 650/3439


5.Parasol Base, When filledwith sand ~~~~~~:~~!r.arasols up Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price

i~::~;~;;~ 650/2265



Aluminium Patio Garden Furniture. High quality cast aluminium alloy. Weather and stain resistant finish.

ends with iroko hardwood slats. Length

Lightand easy to move. 4 feet 2 inch approx. car. No. 6. Chair. Seat height 16 inch approx. £79.99 cat. No. Our Price 650/2942 9. Carver Chair. Seat helghr 16 inch . 650/1644 £19.99 7. Table. Hole pre-cut for parasol, inch diameter approx. Our Price

26 inch high, 27 Cat. No. 650/1651



cat. No. 650/2722

OUrPrice £24.99

10. DeLuxe Table. Hole pre-cut for parasol. Diameter 311/2 inch. height 271/4 inch approx. cat. No. 650/2708

19. Sun BedCover. Replacement heavy duty cover for mostsun beds similar to item no t 8. Completewith hooks and bands. cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price £4.75 650/0779 £7.50 Sun Pearl "Chelsea" Replacement Cushions. Reversiblecushions filled withSafeguard flameretardant foam. Elasticloopfitting. 20. Luxury Sun Bed Cushion. Overall length 78 inch, width 25 inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 650/3673 £19.99 £27.99 21. Automatic LegRest Chair Cushion. Backheight34 inch, seat depth 38 inch, width 20 inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 650/3628 £21.50 £14.99 22, Multi-Position Chair Cushion. i~nCC;' sear depth 21 Our Price cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 650/3518 £16.99 £11,99 All dimensions quoted are


Sun Pearl "Avebury" COllection.This ~~!f~~r~1s"i~~g:rlt~d~~~~red for added protectionagainst rust. The arms are producedfrombestquality beechwood.The coversare produced fromheavyweight material. 11. Sprung Sun Bed. Adjustable headrest. cat. No.

Sugg'd Retail Our Price 650/3123 £2195 £14.99 12. Upholstered Sprung Bed. Cushion f~~~~~~~:~b~~a~~~.retardant cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price 650/3130 £32.95 £19.99

13, Automatic Leg Rest Chair, Multi-

position, Legrest nsesas head rest redines. Thecushion isfilledwith safeguard flameretardant foamand has a shaped head rest. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 650/3147



14,Sun Sed, Adjustablehead and foot rest. cat. No, Sugg'd Retail 650/3109 £18.95 £12,99 15, Sun BedCOver.Replacement heavy ducycoverto fit most sun beds similar to ltem no 14.Completewith hooks and bands. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 650/3082 £7.95 £4.99

CUIVerCoolBoxes. polystyrene insulated. Ideal forcamping. picnics and frozen food shopping. 9. capacity 32 litre approx. Cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 34511601 £17.50


~;;;;;;;;;;::;=~~~:n"T1~:;~~;'_1ITTT~10.capacity 25 litre approx. Price No.

cat. sugg'd Retail OUr 345/1591 £11.50 £8.99 11. Odell Barbecue Tool Set.


Chromium plated steel.

~~b.£~:~~~~~~~~~~~~ sausage broiler. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUr Price 340/2911 £6.55 £4.99 12. Fir Tree Barbecue Charcoal

Briquettes, Convenient carry home box with handle. Suitable forall barbecues.5kg box, car, No. Our Price 340/4012

1. Thermos "The Real Ghostbusters" Lunch Kit. Durable lunch box and tough foam insulated flask. COntainsno glass, (Colours may vary.j Cat. No. Our Price 34511735 2. Stainless


Steel 1 Litre Vacuum Flask. This flask is virtually unbreakable and carries a manufacturer's to-year guarantee. It has a comfonable ~~!~,gT~i~~I~ ~~gJ~i~~:hd seal prevents leakage. Wide mouth accommodates ice-cubes. cat. No, sugg'dRetail our Price £19.99 345/1821 £27.50 3. Thermos "vogue" 1.8 Litre

Vacuum Flask. Supplied with

~f;g~y~~~~~~~~g~~y. (Coloursmay vary.) cat,No. OurPrice 345/1443 4. Twinco 24


Piece "Parasols" Design Picnic/patio set.

SetofFour 500 Gram 13. Fir Tree Trolley Barbecue, Wheels and handle, Four Ice Packs. Foruse with all cool bags and boxes. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £1.99 bottom condiment tray ~ools not 345/1845 £2,69 6. Thermos CoolBag. Insulated to keep contents hot orcold. Ideal ~~W~:I'f~~~~berWl~~e ig~~:~d 103/4 inch. Overall height 33 inch forbeach,camping or for canyingfrozen foods, take-away approx. caL No. our Price meals etc. Capacity 22 litre 340/3549 £19.99 approx. Cat. No. Our Price 14..Buffalo "New Yorker" 34511223 £5.99 Barbecue. 20 inch grill. Choiceof 7. Giostyle "Summertime" Cool four cooking positions. Large condiment tray and useful Bag. Insulated to keep contents warming rack. comes complete hotor cold. Ideal for camping, with spit. Overall height 33112 inch, ~~~~~F~d~~~':;h~a~i~~ong Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price carrying handles. Capacity 26 £19.99 340/3556 £29.99 litreapprox. Cat. No. Our Price 15. Flair Garden Trolley. Strong, 345/1742 £9.99 weather resistant resin with 8. Primeur CoolBag. Insulated to keep contents hot or cold, Ideal forbeach, camping, picnics or for forbarbecues. summer parties etc. Size 25 x31 x271hinch carrying frozen foodsetc. Shoulder carrying strap. Capacity high. Sugg' Retail Our Price cat. No. 17 litreapprox. 340/2928 £29,99 £23.99 cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price

5. Primeur

~~~Fs?~~~~k~~:e~~ ~~~~Pa~~s, 34511096 spoons. Manufactured from S.A.N.break resistant plastic. cat. No. OurPrice




~fJ~~~I~:ili~~~ C~~:~~~nd

~~f~ ~~~~;i~~~ ~~~~tfd<!!l



t!~~~~b~~~~~j~~~~Fe';~'to the equivalent of80 wan, Runs

forupto6 hoursonaC206 cartridge (supplied). Complies wi[hB53879

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 340/0513 £24.99 £11.99 20. FirTree Build-In Barbecue.

Fourposition cooking heights. Chromedfoodgrillwith built-in ~fud~~~~f~~~~nd~~i~\~~l,e~ll building instructions enclosed, Bricksnot supplied. Size26 x 17 inch. cat. No. 340/3044

Our Price £16.99

~!~g~::~a~!~:~~~ng barbecue which neatly stows away into its own case for completeportability and easy

~~~~:~g«~~~:~~;ri~~?;~ 20x23mchhigh, x closed: Illhx


cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 340/2681 £34.95 £22.99 22. FirTree "Wagon"

Barbecue. Fourcooking positions. lS:%x 12 inch

~~~~~fc1ri~~~~ririi,~I:s. roasting. Three handy wooden shelves. Completewith warming rack, spit and meat forks.Size46 x 17x40inchhigh. cat. No. 340/3068

23. Fir Tree "Ftrenza 1,. Barbecue. Long, wheeled trolley

~~~~~~i~~ag;lr~fd~h~~~diment tray. Grillsize 23 x 15inch. Adjustable[05 cooking heights, Completewith spit assembly. Overallheight 42 inch. cat. No. 340/3996

OUrPrice £34.99

16.Primus "Poacher" Camping Stove with Grill.Two low pressure burners with stalnless steel plate. "Press and tum" safety control knobs with pre-set highand simmer positions. Folds fr~~~~~~l~i~h~~n~fe~~~~plete withgriUpan.Sizeopen 183/4 X


~l~~~ ~~4\ag~~i~Ch high approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 340/3989 £69.49 £39.99 17. campinglPicnic Table.

Laminatedwipe-clean top.

~~I~!~g2~t~~~~t~\~~h~; approx. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OUrPrice 340/1181 £13.49 £8.99

18.CampingGaz "Bleuet' PicnicStove. Powerfulburner. Stabilizerbase. Windshield. Gas cartridgesupplied. Complieswith B53879 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 340/0566 £15.99 £11.99


~~I~b1~~ ~oa;~n

!4~~~~:s~~ffll~A~: lining. With nylon cover. cat. No. 340/3680

1. Chieftain Sleeping

Bag. 380z

~~heri0~~I~~!e/ 00% cotton lining

Sugg'd Retail £19.99

Our Price £12.99

5. COmfyQuilts "Scout" Sleeping Bag. . 380z hollow fibrefilling.Mummy shaped bag which folds into attached hood. 100% cotton inner with wet look nylon cover. Ideal for camping. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price

£24.99 £14.99 cat. No. Our Price 340/3006 Sugg'd Retail 34012227 £15.95 £9.99 6. Dongora Sleeping Ba$' 380z polyester hollow fibrefilling. 2. ComfyQuilts Sleeping Bag. 380z

polyester filling.Nylon/viscose cover, t 00% cotton lining.

Polycotton liningand cover.

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £22.99 £14.99 cat-No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 340/3491 340/4232 £17.99 £10.99 lS6~l~~~t~~rin1~~~~l~~7 3. ComfyQuihs De Luxe "Moon Bag" viscose cover. Sleeping Bag. 300z (apprcx) 100% Sugg'd Retail Our Price eat. No. polyester filling.100%cotton lining. 340/3697 £26.95 £15.99 Woven nylon cover with "Milium"


aluminised inner coating to reflectbody heat. Compactsinto nylon bag provided.

cat. No. 340/2801

Sugg'd Retail £IS.50

~b~~il~~~ IS6~~~~t~~~~1~~~c~~~~~ polyester cover.

Our Price cat. No. £11.99 340/3422

Sugg'd getatl £2S.95

Our Price £16.99

!LiillLu._l:: OCII






---:4~~lfol~r:fi~i~~~~~~~~~~~~ft~;g· lining with nylon/viscose cover. cat, No. 340/3707

Sugg'dRetail £29.95

Our Price £17.99

~~O~~~I~~nfi~~iffii~~.Sf~6~~~:~~· lining with cotton/polyestercover. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 340/2818 £31.99 £18.99 11. Slumberdown "Togline" King SizeSieeping Bag. 480z hollow fibre fillingfeaturing dual tog rating. 9 tog

rating is increased to 10.5 tog at bottom ofbag to provide extra warmth for feet. 65% cotton/35% polyester lining with polyester/cotton cover.

eat-No. 340/3714

Sugg'dRetail £29.95

Our Price £22.99

~;g~~\:f~~;Js~~~~g:~~I~~~g~r;~ filledsleeping bag with cotton lining and nylon/viscose cover. 160z pillow with matching pillowcase. Complete with zip-up cany bag. cat. No. 340/3745

Sugg'd Retail £36.99

Our Price £24.99

13. Slumberdown

LUXUryDuvet Bag. . bag. 600z polyester 65% cottonl35%

hpolyester/cotton cover. Tog rating 13.5. Completewith carry bag. eat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 340/3752 £34.95 £24.99 14. Chieftain "Double Decker" King Size LUXUrySleeping Bag. Unique

~~il~~W6r~fini~~g~~ ~iit~~ri~tng with nylon/viscose cover. Comes completewith two matching scatter cushions. cat. No. 340/3518

Sugg'd getatl £4799

Our Price £29.99

All sleeping bags have fuUlength zips for conversion into a bed quilt or to enable two bags of the same style to be joined togetherexcept item no 5.

18.Cobmastec"Explorer I" Ruck-

sack. Lightweight sack constructed from heavy duty, urethane coated nylon with internal alloy frame, Four large pockets, padded back panel. shoulder and hip belt. 6 7 litre capacity. caL No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 340/3446 £34.50 £19,99 19, Porta Patti. Two tank. take-apart flushing toilet, with swivelling spout

and air circulation burton forease of

~Fo~~W::~~~:p~J~c~~63gillon. cat, No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 340/2698



~~~~~~n~~~~g~W~~~~t~:~~h;et. Breathable inner tent with sewn in polyta~ ground sheet and mesh inner

~~~~r ~e~cs~:~d~[~f~~a;~~~~isx


feethighapprox. Weight3.2kg.

Car. No, Sugg'dRetail OUf Price 340/3185 £95.00 £49,99 21, Lichfield Combat One. Two person

"Canadienne Style" ridge tent. Nylon

~!~~~t ~~~;;J's~:~. i~~e~(~c:Jtwith

complete with steel UPdg~tand ridge 2

Fn~~sxf(e~~~e~ ~~~ g~~c~ihfJ~eet cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price £38.50 340/3910 22. Ccbmaster Outbound


"Explorer 5"Rucksack, Internal frame. Padded b~~kld:~:f~~Jp~1~dh~~b~f1odred comtort.2 side pockets, one lid pocket and mesh pouch on front. Capacity 84 litre. Made of heavy duty nylon. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUfPrice

340/3965 £39.50 23. Cobmasteroutbound


''Trail2'' Rucksack. Internal frame. Adjustable

~~~b~d~~~~:S~a~k~~~~:tf6~~rm~~, 2 side pockets and mesh front pocket. Stabilizerstraps. capacity 50 litre, Made of high density PUcoated nylon. cat, No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 340/3958 £27.50 £16.99 24. Cobmaster Outbound "Koreana" Dome Tent. IOOOmmPU aluminium


J 'g. er n

11 rice l.99

g ng



~ ill

coated fly sheet for heat retention. Breathable inner tent with sewn in nylon groundsheet and mesh inner door. Taped and welded seams on fly and groundsheet. Shock corded fibre

fn~~~~~Si;~~~:~ h!~~ ~aITe~;~' inch feet 3 inch high. feet inch x4

15. Uchfield "Challenger 5" Ridge Tent. Ideal for up to five people. Extended proofed nylon flysheet with sewn-in PVC windows to give spacious living area. Breathable inner tent with

~i%n;:~efrid~~~~7~~~ru;~h~~g~~~ . fn'sl!X:;~~~i~~~ te~~~ri~~~~ 8 feet x 6 feet high approx.

Cat. No. 340/3439

Sugg'd getatl £115.95

OW Price £79.99

16. CobmasterOutbound "Rambler 4" Rucksack, Heavy duty PU coated

nylon bare' Padded shoulder straps with

~cke~~~i~kiiil~~;~~~b~C~S. 32 litre capacity. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 340/3532 £18.95 17.Cobmaster"Trecker2" Ridge

Tent. Ideal fortwo people. Lightweight nylon construction.

With ridge pole.

Mesh inner door and rearwindow.

~~nf~f6\ Size 7 x Cat-No. Sugg'd Retail 340/3099 £39.99

OurPrice £24.99



extension at front for storage and added weather protection. Weight4kg. car. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price




Box Sided Airbeds. Rubberised cotton fabric with pillows and built -in side walls. Airbeds can be reversed to reveal red underside.

Sizes when deflated. 1. Double size 79x46 inch approx. cat. No. 5ugg'd Retail Our








2. Single size 79 x 27112 inch approx. . cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price

3. Airbed

Foot Pump. High volume. (Coloursmay vary). cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price




4.Sunselect Beach Parasol. Selectively blocks the harmful rays of natural sunlight to enable

df:~~~~~nfo~ ~~~~Irig~~

provided. tnarrerer-te inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 340/4225


i-Tubed Airbed. Rubberised cotton fabricwith built-in pillow. Size 72 x 28 inch approx. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 340/3769



6~Convertible AirbedlChair.

Rubberised cotton fabric. Separately inflated pillow. Convens from airbed [0 chair with straps supplied. Size 72 x 28 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Relail Our Price 340/3776




7.Titleist··Turfglider"Golf Trolley. Wellbalanced lightweight can with full folding action and quick release straps. Incorporates a spring loading catch for instant assembly. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 32114116



8. Kingslaw

"Mastercart" De Luxe GolfTrolley. Sturdy. well

~ili~r:tre1~~~~~tthe:e ~~~~~:s~~~~~~t&t~~~:~ed position, cal. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 321/3894



9. "cade!"· GolfTrolley. Lightweighteasyto pull with a well balanced, simple one-piece foldingaction. Fitted with detachable wide wheels. cal. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 321/3533 10. Karobes



"Granada" Full


and infviaual c1u~separator. 6 x 9 inch top tlng. Ballpocket. clothes pocket and umbrella holder. Padded adjustable shoulderstrap. cal. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 32114879



11. Karobes "SuperlmperiaI" Full Size Tubed Golf Bag. Simulatedleather.f Ofulllength

rubeswith centrale-way divider. Largeballpocket and clothes

~d~~br:e~~=~fo~l:er strap. 8 inch diametertop ring.

cal.No. 321/3368

RocRetail 0UcPrice £49.99 ,. £29.99

12. Dunlop GolfBag. 7 inch rigid gclfbagwith -l-way dividerin reather-lookPU material. Features include large clothing pocket and two separate ball pockets. COmplete with matching hood. cat.No. Sugg'dRetailOUtPrice £43.99 321/4604 £54.99

13.Slazenger "Ballesteros" GolfBalls. High performance two piece balls, American size 1.68 inch. Boxof12. cat.No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 32113605 £14.99 £9.99

14. Penfold "Tornado" High Visibilio/GolfBalis. Lunar yellow. One piece construction. American size 1.68 inch. Box of12. eat. No. Sugg'dRetai1 Our Price 32113708 £8.76 £5.99

15. Penfold "COmmando" Golf Balls.One piece construction. American size 1.68 inch. Box of12. eal.No. sugg'dRetail OurPrk:e 32113265 £8.40 £4.99

16. Relurn"Nice Putt" Putting Machine. Returns thegolfbalJ to you ifthe putt is correct. can be used indoors or outdoors. Balls ~~\S4g~:~e~~~~~~s/~~;o~ 1451 at£1.99pair). cat. No. SUgg'd Retail 32113241 £15.95

Slazenger "californian" Golf Clubs. Clubswith Avon SOvereignrubber grips. Irons have investment cast stainless sreel heads. Woodsoflaminared maple with black face pieces. t 7. Half Set of Irons. Nos 4, 6, B irons, pitching wedge and sand iron.

109 >S.

caL No. SUgg'dRetail OUrPrice 321/4013 £112.00 £72.99

Price ~9.99 e

car.No. Sugg'dRetail our Prk:e 32113519 £135.00 £84.99

18.ShortSe(N03 wood, nos3, 5,7and9ironsandaputter. 19. GolfUmbreUa. Multi·



Is. ~.

W:J~~~~~~~~a~d~~uble (COloursmay vary.)


~ce Price 9.99

her ig .6x

Price :5.99

caL No. 32110189 20. CObmaster Rainsuit.



weather protection. Double

~ggjdv~~':!3~~:~~:bJ~w. suitable forup to 42 inch chest. With carry pouch. .

caL No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 321/3904 £22.50 £15.99

21.SIazengerGolfBag.7inch rigidgolfbag with a-way divider in theSlazenger "house" colours. Features include side

~~~g~~~:~~;~g~~~~ strap and umbrella holder.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail ourPrice 321/3887 £52.9~

[!BI~ ~ ~





"-' .

7. Ascot "Star Ace" Graphite Squash Racket. Synthetic

~~~~~~aK~:~~f~~~~~i~evlar stringing. Synthetic grip. Constructed from graphite/glass reinforced construction, Synthetic stringing. Complete ~~~~;~ation. Completewith with head cover. OUrPrice OurPrice cat. No. Cat.No.




2. Siazenger "Challenge" Tennis Racket. Mid-head size racketwith aluminium alloy frame.Synthetic stringing. ~~~~~~~r~hgrip. Completewith Cat. No. OurPrice 301/0310


~i~~h~~g;;;~~k~t~~t~Cket. aluminium frame. Synthetic stnngmgand leather-tech grip. Completewith head cover. eat.No. Sugg'dRerail OUrPrice 301/0341 4. Adidas



"Match" Tennis Racket. Mid-head size racket withaluminium alloy frame.



8. Jaguar

"Regent" Graphite Squash Racket. Synthetic

:a~~~!t~~s~s~~~~e~fa~ combination. Completewith head cover. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 300/8401 £29.99 9. Siazenger "Panther


Power" Badminton Racket. Synthetic stringing. Aluminium head. Steel shaft with leather-tech grip. Completewith head cover. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 300/9929



10.carlton 4.7Badminton R;acket.Synthetic stringing.

~~~le~~~~~si~i~~h~~d. Completewith head cover. eat. No. OurPrice eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 301/0066 £8.99 L___ 30110334 .£24.99 £19.99 11.Slazenger "Panther Cup" 5. Dunlop "White Max" Squash Badminton Racket. Synthetic stringing. Aluminium head. Steel ~r~~~'i~~~~~~~~sntfl~l' Irarne. "Tru-Grip" synthetic grip. shaft with leather-tech grip. Completewith head cover. FUll Size head. Completewith 3/4 eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price length head cover. 30110293 £11.99 £7.99 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 300/9091 £44.99 £39.99 12. Gala "Swift" Badminton 6. Slazenger "Challenge U" rr:~:~~h~~~:m~[ri~~g. Steel Squash Racket. Grahhlte Completewith hea1cover. Our Price ~i~fo~~~j ~~~~~~o£ass fibre cat. No. £5.99 Sxntheticstringin~. Leather-tech 300/3925 ~g~frl.etewit 3/4length cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice

~~~~~~~~~~e~~' ~~~J~~e~r.







~~":'_j '----"='--

~t~O~~;I~~lhcl~~~~h ~~ 14. Puma Back Pack. PUcoated pockets. Fulllength zippedmain compartment. Carrying handles andshouldersrraps.Size 11 x 11 X18 inch. caL No. Sugg'd Retail 30110389 £19.99

~fi~~ld~~~t~~~~S~~~~ll~ x 4 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OUrPrice

301IOOO4 £8.99 £5.75 Our Price 15. Head Back Pack. Nylonback £13.99 pack with adjustable shoulder

t~~~i~i~~'W:J~oeBag, ~=a~~A~~1th~~erpeni material. Outsidezipped pencilcompartments. Size 1·7 x waterproof compartment forwet 14x 3lh inch. gear. Size 18x 11 x9inch. With cat-No. sugg'daetatl OUrPrice matching shoe bag. 300/8511 £10.95 £7.49

~~'I=6ssu?t':.~i!our£,:~~~g~~~f~~~~e!~~~ 13. Puma "Bomber" Sports Bag. PVC hoJdaUwith

sports bag made in a pearlised PVC material. DoubleziRped



~It.I:o~ t 300/8487

i~~~~~~~jl Ourrrtce ~~i~~n~a~dfe::!=eodUt~~~h £12.99 £7.99 snap.sue zax n x 7 inch max. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrIce 30110396



Airborne Leather Football. Handstitched. 32 panellaceless football.With inflation adapter. Recommended by Bobby Charlton. Size 5. 21.


No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 30012940 £9.99 £5.99 22. Puma "World Class" Shin

Guards. Lightweightguard.


maximum protection. Removable inserts. Velcro strip closure. Fullywashable.

cat. No. Sugg'dRe(3jJOUrPrice 300/1835 £8.99 £6.99

23. Football Goal. Tubuiarsteei frame. Height to crossbar 5 feet. width 7 feet. depth 3 feet 4 inch. SuirabJe for use on grass or concrete surfaces. Complete with ground pegs and net. cat.No. Sugg'd ReIaiI OUr PIke 300/8463 £29.95 £24.99 17. Puma"Bomber"Pink


19. Mitte "Delta Astra"


~:h~~1la~~:::~~o~j~~~ ~~~:::::fcf;orb:~I;~~!RtChed ~:'iJ~i~~~eldi~~~~~~' ~e~6l~~I~~;::~e red <

Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice SUP~iedwithinflatiOnadapter 301/0406 £14.99 £9.99 and full instructions. 18.Head"St.Moritz"Holdall. caiNo. OUr Price


£10.99 CJ) StrongPUleather-lookholdall 30019974 withhandlesand shoulder.strap. 20..Puma SportcatFootball. Full size footbaUin fluorescentyellow ~ Mainand wet Zipped compamnerus.slze 10lf2x 12 x !eather-lookPVC.flFA 10 inchapprox. approved. Suppliedwith inflation




dee i.75



~ ,


x. dee ;,99

sU~'~.~~tail· ou:t:~

~~~~~. Sugg'dRetailour rrtce






7. Guinness Brothers Snooker

1. WinmauHomeDartsSet.

Table. 6 feet x 3 feettable with rnri:i~~~hhbl~~~g:~~~e foldingmetal stand. Dark finish


doors. Includes 2 sets ofbrass dans, dan sharpener, chalk. duster amd PVCmat with oche markings. cat. No. 300/4218

t~~p~~~ gf~~~&!~tes. balls. 2 cues, scoreboard. ~~~nfo~ti.~~~~ and rules.Please Sugg'dRetail Our Price £29.95

£19.99 cat.No.


335/0049 £109.00 2. Winmau Bristle Dartboard. Conforms to all tournament 8. Unicorn Striker 22g matchplay specifications.British Tungsten Darts. 80% Darts Organisation approved. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice ~~~~~~~~ftan%,c~~'~t~: 300/0980 £19.95 £13.99 dartshafts and rainbow dan flights.Completewith slimline 3. Harrows 25g Nickel Tungsten "Eric Bristow" Darts. darts case. 90% tun~ten darts complete in Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 301/0413 £9.99 £1.99 wallet with spare set of dlm piex flights and shafts, dan sharpener 9. Winmau Diamond Wire and out-shot calculator. Bristle Dartboard. Unique cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price diamondshaped wirevirtually 300/8140 £19.99 £9.99 eliminates bounce out,leading to


r~~~~~~~~~~~~Wfc~I~od 1 6~~~~~~~~~~~::h~~~" board of the BritishDans ~~~fd~~\e~~:~~~d~6:Kare Organisation. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice tops.

£11.99 cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 300/1110 £26.50 300/5741 £5.99 £3.99 10. Wirunau Full Size Dartboard

Cabinet. Blackboardson inside of 5. Guinness Brothers Snooker Table. 4 feet 6 inch x 2 feet 3 inch doors for "home" and "away" scoring. Wallfittings induded. Size 23 x22J/4 x3lh inch. Suitable for item nos 2 and 9. cat.No. sugg'dRetail OUrPrice ~~tti~~~~~~~al~mple[e 300/4021 £17.75 £13.99 scoreboard: triangle, chalk and rules.

~:~fiv~~~~d!i!e~~r~ b~'

1=========~~~~~~=~~~~~~ ::

~~r:!~!~~fa~:~~~ ~~;'

cat. No. OurPrice 300/5215 £64.99 silver dans with distinctive "Andy Capp" flights. Complete 6. Guinness Brothers Snooker Table. 6 feet x 3 feettable with a with wallet, dan sharpener. spare shafts andflights. high quality bedclothand high cat, No. sugg'dRemit OUrPrice 30110073 £8.99 £4.99 rn~ei1~rd~s~~b~~k pocket fittings.Complelewith 2

cues. sncokerballs,scoreboard. ~~~n~~al~~~I~~~~~~ded footnote.

<:ill.No. 33511093


OurPrice £165.00

" L



se rice


12.Kettler"Belmont" Fold-AwayTable- Tennis Table. Fullcompetitionsize. Stable nestle fromround tube. Folds awayforeasystorageSelf

16.WinmauSnookerCueand Soft case by Leisurewise. 2 pieceramin wood shaft with aluminium joint. brass ferrule andsplicedbutt.4 COIOUf inlays.

Completewnhnet,batsandbaUs Slze opena x Sfeer Sizefoldede (CCL x I foot 9 Inch Wheeledfor easy manoeuvrability. Forindoor

30110107 £19.95 £12.99 17. Pot Black"Romford" Slate Bed Snooker Table. 6 feet x 3

~~i~~~ro~~~~~~c~~~.m 0 ~t[:rtt~~~~~~~~~;~~t~~l~~lf cat. sugg'dxerarl Price use only. Pieasesee

cat. No.



footnote. feet (able with half-inch Italian OurPrice slate bed. Coveredwith 100%


case. 2 pieceash cuewith enhancedgrain and hardwood splicedbutt. 2 colourinlaysand brassjoint.Cuelength 57 inch. Mediumweight Softcarrying case.EndorsedwithJimmy Whitesignatureon cue. Cat. No. 30110145

rice 7.99



plates.Completewith 2 cues,set ofsnookerbalis. triangle,cue withnylon crossrest,scoreboard withbrassed railsand instructions.Weight80kg. Please see footnote.

cat, No. our Price 33511024 £24.99 Itemnos6,12and

Our Price £399.00

17willbe 14.RileySnooker Cueand Soft delivered direct toyour home. Case.2 piececuewith an They are notavailable for enhancedgrain ash shaftand collection from our hardwoodsplicedbutt. 3 colour showrooms except Argos Inlaysand brassjoint.CUelength Superstores (excluding 57inch. Mediumweight SOft item 1T).Dehverywill normallybe _ carryingcase. Endorsedwith SteveDavissignature on cue. made Within ~ Cae.No. Our Price 14 days. Full • ~D £22.99 details are !BIll 301/0121 15.RileySnookerCueandSofi available at -.. Case.2 piececuewithan all Argos F~L~ enhancedgrainashshaftand Showrooms. hardwoodsplicedbutt. 3 colour Inlaysand brassjoint. Cuelength 57Inch.Mediumweight.Soft carryingcase. Endorsedwith StephenHendrysignatureon


are nce 1.99


Cat. No. 30110114

Our Price £19.99




7. Weider Dynamic Muscle Builder. Highquality meat and fibrebased protein supplement speciallyformulated to aid in the musclebuilding process. Mix with milkas instructed. Apack of fourcanisters equates [0between 6-13 days supply - dependent on usage. cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice 300/9060 £23.99 £16'.99 8. WeiderFCl Family Fitness Centre. Free-standing selfcontained home multi-gym allowing 18differentexereses. 72k.gvanableweightstack. Total weight of unit 147.5kg. Heavy gauge enamelled square tubing with firmupholstered bench. Includes legcurl and thigh attachment, lat bar and pulley

~~E~~~\~i~~~de~ nr&I~~in

will be delivered direct to your home. It isnotavailable for Rec. Retail Our Price collection from our £12.99 showrooms (excTKtArgos 30011701 £19.95 6. Weider Crash Weight Gain. Crashweight gain isa calorierich ~~~4 instant drink mix formulated to days. Fulldetails are helpthose who desire to increase available at all Argos overall bodyweight. When used Showrooms. as directedasa supplement to the cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice 335/0056 £499.99 £319.00 normal daily diet it willprovide approximately 1425 calories per day. Deliciousvanilla flavour. Packofsix canisters equates to at least20 days supply. NBdue to the differingmetabolicrate of each individual, weight gain cannorbe guaranteed. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUr Price 300/8669 £29.99 £18.99



WeiderDesigned Super Strength Builder. to develop shoulders, chest, arms and back musclesusing isometrtc/isotoiuc exercises. With fullinstructions. cat. No. Rec. Retail OurPrice 300/2951 £11.99 £1.99 10. Weider canvas Training Bag. When suitably hung can be

~i~i~~.~:;~IT:~ri ~~hf~~~~lcg~i~~~=~~lh apprcx when filled. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice 300/5150 £19.99 £14.99 11. Weider foldaway Fitness ~j~~[a~l~~~J:~.sf:~~e~~ion variable forgraduated exercising. Lightweight. Foldsforstorage. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUr Price 300/3808 £29.99 £19.99 1.Weider 34KgVinyi BarbeUl 3. Weider 120 Exercise Bench. Dumbell Set. Comprises5 feet Withsquare tubing frame. solidsteel barbellbar. 2 x 16 inch Paddedseat and back rest. 4dumbellbars,2 x6k.gand6x position incline.COmpletewith 2k.gvinyl discs. AUbars have leglift unit and pads. Easy to revolving sleeves. Collars build.Size58x20x41 inch' supplied. Discswill not mark approx. Weights not included. floorsand are quiet in use. cat. No. nee. Retail OUrPrice £59.99 £41.99 illustrated instruction course and 30110420 wall charts included. 4. Weider 120SExerciseBench. cat. No. gec.xetau OurPrice Legliftunitwithpadsand 301/0451 £41.17 £22.99 .adjustablesquatstands.Made 2. WeiderVinyl20KgWeight fromsquare tubing with padded Set. Extra weights foritemno 1. seat and padded four-position 2 x lOkgdiscs. backrest. Easy to build.Size 71 x cat. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice 321/4x 55112inch approx. 300/5095 £18.99 £9.99 Weights not included. cat. No. Rec.Retail 301/0431


17. Weider330 BSExercise Bench. Sturdy heavy duty bench with adjustable lockable leglifi unit. adjustable squat stands and butterfly attachments. Constructed from 1.5inch square tubing with padded adjustable seat and padded adjustable back rest with central incline/decline facility. Allows a comprehensive set of weight training routines. Size 711hx45x571f2inch approx. Weights not included. cat. No.

Rec.Retail OurPrice £144.99 £99.99 18. Weider Weight-Lifting Belt. .


Real leather for maximum back support. To fit waist sizes 28 inch - 36 inch. t 2. Weider De Luxe Foldaway Illness Cycle. Features pedal urapsand adjustable saddle, I'edal tension variable to enable

~~i~~:h~~~;~a~~~~~~ travelled.

Rec.Retail our Price £23.99 £44.99

lbe rts

ith !81/z

er Price


ion sing, e. Price 19.99

13. Weider"

AerowbicSupa Plus" Rower. Fearuressmooth hydraulicaction. 3 position resistance facility. Ideal for exercising anns, shoulders, legs lindstomach, Folds com~aaly f~~~d~e. Exercise gui e Cat. No,

Price £34.99


Ret. Retail £49.99

14. Weider

"Red-Sabre" 20Kg


~'~h~hr~~id ~dk:rie~~~lrd ~(eelbars with screw ends; 4 cast

Ifon spin lockcollars; 8x 1kg, 4x 2kgcast iron plates.lnstructlons !Inawall charts included.

Cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice JOII0468 £46.99 £31.99 I Weider AnkleIWrist


Weights. Easilyadjusted to fit theankle orwristwith velcronyle straps. Idealforjogging. eercbrcsand general exercise. Weight2 x21/2lb.

cal. No, 300/5806

Rec. Retail £8,99

Our Price £5.99

16.Weider "Red Sabre" 32Kg Barbell Set. Comprises 5 feet chromedand knurled solidsteel bMbellbar with screw ends; 2 castironsptnlock collars:2 x 2kg.2 x 4kgand2 x 6kg cast iron plates, instructions and wall charts. Cat. No, 301/0475

sec.Retail £61.99

Rec. Retail £11.49

Our Price £9.99

,.-~,~ homeMulti fitness-Gym. Free-standing cenneforperformanceofover20 different exercises. Tough rubularsteel frame with a variableweightstackup1065kg. Includes leg curt andthigh . attachment. lacbar and pulley bar. Foldsawaywhen nottn use. Totalweight120~approx. full instructions included. Please see footnote. cat. No. nee. Retail 33511062 £349.99

rAil Q ~




Our Price £199.00

~~~~ut~~~~~~ Rowing exerdserwhich converts from stand and horizontal rowing position to a vertically positioned muhi-~. OtTers a complete

~~~Oe[~~~~:~;S~f~~~~~~~~' cylinders for progressive exercising.

caL No. 30110547

6. Yolk30KgBarbeU5et. 5 feet 6 Inch solid_I bar, with plastic sleeve, 2 x4.5kg, 4 x2.25kgand 4 X 1.1kg,lnterlocklngdiscsand collars. TmlnIngcharts Induded. Compadblewithitem no7. cat.No. Suag'dRelall OUrPrioe 30014144 £35.45 £19.99

1.Yolk IOKgDumbell5et. Comprises2 x 15Inch barswith sleeves, 8 x 1.1kglnterlocking discs. Compadblewith item n06. cat.No. SUgg'd ReIaIl OUrPrb 30015106 £18.00 £13.99 8. YolkSolldV1nyICoaterl

DumbeIls. 4.5kgeach,Keep ilt course Included.

cat.No. Suag'dRelall 0Ur1'lke 3OOf.J822 £10.95 £7.99

9. Yorl<Weight-Lifting Gloves. Dwable, expandable nylon backedldoves with double stitx:hecfreinforced palm and veIao fastening. cat. No. SUgg'd ReIaIl OUr PrIoe 30016M6



sugg'd Retail Our Price £110.00



F'~~~~~~g1~~~;~~r Androwing attachment With 4 Interchangeable pads. Also butterfly attachment which can carryuptcaolb perstde. Useto develop biceps. triceps and chest muscles. Folds flat for easy 'Iorage. Overall width with

:~~t::Nfe~~~~~f~i~ ~~f~ts not Included. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 300/8513 £115.00 £19.99 II. D.P."Chalienger" 33Kg

Barbell and Dumbell Weight-

~~~~~Rg::: ~~ef~~~~~~~t~~ell bars. 4 x2kg. 2x4kgand2x ~e~tFv1~~c;1:e~~r~~~~h~ar.

~~1~~~~:r1~ ~~~~~~~~~n

course included.

lD1Il1 4RtforUfe

cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £35.60 £21.99 L300/5600




16.Spenby "Paunch Killer" Exercise Bench. Ideal for f~deU~~1e~~c?srr:~n~~~~~3ist-

~~We~~n~~:e~~l~:;~~l~ Wa~~~~ 12.D.P."Challenger" 20Kg

Weight Set. Extra weights for Itcmno 11.2x lOkgvinyldiscs. Cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 300/6142 £15.99 £9.99 13. D.P."Challenger" 16Kg

f~~~~:d~ourse of exercises cai. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 300/3626



17. Bullworker "Super XS". For body building using Isometric exercises. Built-in power meter DumbellSet. compnseszx 18 for strength measurements. Wall Inchdumbell bars with revolving charts and comprehensive sleeves, 8 x2kgvinyldiscs and 4 training booklet. Endorsed by collars. Completewith Barry McGuigan. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price Instructions.

£31.95 £28.99 Cat.No. sugg'd Retail OUr Price 300/3640 300/7402 £22.95 £14.99 18. D.P. "Trac20" Multi-Gym.

14.BodySculpture 34Kg Barbell Set. Comprises 6 feet Chromedbarbell bar, 2 x 7lhkg, 2 x Skg cast iron discs and 2 instant release collars. Complete with exercise wall chan.

Free-standing home gym. Adjustable for strenuous or light exercise. 20 exercises for every


curl bar ,lat bar, bench pressl squat bar and workout chart. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price Fearures unique cable design 300/8931 £36.99 £21.99 allowing movement from one IS. BodySculpture 18Kg exercise to the next with miniDumbell Set. Comprises two mum disruption. SOkgvariable chromed anti-slip bars, 4 instant weight stack. Maximum size 69 release collars, 4 x Vakg.4 x 1kg, x 96 x 38 inch. Folds for storage. 4 x 2kg cast iron discs. Complete Total weight of unit l02kg. with exercise wall chart. Please see footnote. tat. No. 300/8920

Rec.Retail £29.99

Our Price cat-No. sugg'dRetail.OurPrice £350.00 £249.00 £21.99 335/1086


1. Leisurewise 51000 Exercise

Cyde. Heavy duty steel frame with large comfonable adjustable saddle and handlebars. Features 20 inch disc wheel and enclosed

~~~~~n~~;:~n~r:~ Adjustable work load.

eaL No. SlIgg'dRetail OUr Price 30110482 £114.95 £59.99 2. Leisurewise"4000" Exercise

Cyde. Features chain driven weighted solid steel flywheel for smooth pedalling action. Adjustable saddfe and handlebars, Speedometer and ~=~~~r~~~~defrom heavy duty tubular steel.

caLNo. SUgg'dRetafl OUrPrice 300/8229 £118.50 £64.99

~========j~;1l3.Kettler"Pacer"Exercise •

~~~rdIJ~~~~~tetand handlebars. Smooth pedal action. variable forprogresslve exercising. Fitted with double=~;e~r~d~ometer. caL No. Sugg'dRetalI OUr Price 300/6180 £132.50 £69.99 4. Leisurewise "3OOOS" Exercise Cyde. Features chain

driven solid steel flywheel for

Saddle th s_peedometer.odometer and nmer,Weighted pedals have adjustable straps.



SUgg'dRecall 0Ur~ £139.50 £84.99

~~~~~:::;:'~: adjustable saddle and handlebars. Variable tension


:~~~~~~~~e speedometer and distance meter.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 300/5882 £89.95 £52.99

6.D.P. ExerciseCyde. Sturdy ligIIrweightcycie. Height variable on handlebars and

~~:~~~~:d.n. S~meter and distance meter, Splithandlebars.

ce, No. Sugg'dRetalI OUr I'ri« 30110200 £75.00 £49.99 7. Sit-Up Bar. Exerciser designed to fum and reducestomachand thighs. Attaches to the bottom of adoor. (NB please ensuredooris

~~~rwi=~~~') Supplied

cat. No. sugg'dRetaIl our Price 300/6331 £9.99 £4.99

8. Kettier "Regatta .. Rower. Sturdy steel frame. Parallel chromium plated runners allow almost noiseless exercise.

~~C~I~'~"~~~'~~~~nders offer a wide range of resistance SCtlin~ forprogressive exerCISin~.Foam padded seat covering. Instructions

~~~~il~%I~~~~~~ki~ ~~I~d~ Upholstered seat and fOOl rests with retaining stmps.

~/:~ sUlf:l~U Ou~~ ~ohl~~~~~U~'=~~th

Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 300/6221 £88.00 £44.99

11. TarnpointSpringExerciser.


exercising arms, shoulders. legs eafr.~i;':~"::; ~':'~~IC and stomach. Complerewith

~ntoured t Incl mou~ resta whh vtl<roll',I"

CtIl.~ 3OO/tl.'\t


foot exercise leaflet.

cat. No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price dlltWJ OutPr1ce 300/7983 £9.95 £6.99 (69,99


llemnos 15,19and20wlDbe deUvereddlrecttolIourbome. TbeyarenOlavaillib1efor coUection from our

12. Body Sculpture 2000 Exercise Cycle. Robuststeel frame. Features a chain driven cast iron flywheel with tape tension system. Fined with

14.Gympac "Cyclone" Cycle. Heavy duty mouldedbody. Smooth~edallinga~on~th automancpro~lve resistance.

~~rR'tg~:;'~~=~lf~fg'801 1444 al£1.09 pair).


sbowrooms (exceptAlgOo SupetStores). DelIVery WIll DOlmallybe made within 14 days. FUlldetallsare avilllnbleatallArgos Sbowrooms.

~f:!~~;~er. ~~~::th re~~~~~~~~~fctj~~l~eter. ~:~rit~~~~~e. Ret. Retail Our Price caLNa. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice £99.95 30110499 £94.99 £79.99 30110152 £120.00 13. TunturiFamilyElectronic IS. Body Sculpture 3000 cat. No.

Exercise Cycle.Ughtwei¢.'1 compact exercise cycle with adjustable saddle and handlebars. Smooth pedalling actionwith adjustableworkload. Fined with electronic speedometer, distance meter and timer. UsesLR6battery (order 1 of9801 1444at£1.09pair). cat.No. 301/0509

OUrPrice £99.99

ExerciseCycle. Enclosed heavy flywheel for smooth and quiet performance. 6 function digital computer featuring mph. reset distance meter, timer and audible alattn. Adjustable resistance and

ci~t~~fa~;f~rde:ip6rter 980/1444 al£1.09 pair). Please see footnote.

g~/~~21 ~7~:X



1. Leisurewise


4. Malibu "Fun Runner"

7. Jogger. Aerobic rebounder

~=~1:a:ri~;ade. i~~~~i~~~ge;~~~~ons. ~~~~fs~~:~rtf!~~~ea speedometer and timer with Continuous vinyl running mar. duty nylon rebound surface.

~i~~fi~~~J:Jdfe ~~:a~6~ ~~~~~g~~j~!~~OOth adjustableindividual ~f=::;=:::g~:ter ~:,I~gr~~h~ia~~~~~arste ~~E!~~~~~~~W~C~aCked

to requirements, cat. No. Sugg'd Retail out: Price cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price cat. No. Sugg'dgetail oar srrce 335/lt03 £144.65 £109.00 300/6915 £29.99 £24.99 300/4924 £139.50 £74.99 5.Kettlec"Swing"Exercise 8. BodySCUiptureTreadmill. 2. BH454R ExerciseCycle. Cycle.l:leavy duty dual exercise Adjustableinclineand tension

features independent cycling

cycle.Smooth,quiet pedalaction, running beltand safety side rail.

:~~t=l~ith~~j~~:dY ~~d.~~d~~b:cic~;e~~~~l~rk ~lfta~~e:~~ti~e~~~ee saddleand handlebars. Variable "auEo-row''!u;sidonto exercise foreasy manoeuvrability. ~~~~~~~~~!~~=~[~. ~~~rfg~~~~I~di~~~gor ~~~~~~f 4x4~Ra~~~~gg~~\)~der cal. No.

our PrIce AdjusGlblesaddle and £19.99 handlebars. withspeedometer and distance meter. Stablhzer Features independent cyclin~ with wheels forrnoblllty,

301/0224 3. SHI7 Exercise Cycle.

:~~~I~~d~~i~~ With lly ~/~



handlebars.Speedometer and distancerecorder.Timerand

6. BH700RexerciseCyde. Independent adjustable C}'Clln~

ft~h~~~fJ~tic;ncg~l~ro~ed smooth pedallingaction, cat. No. SUgg'dRetaii Our Pnce 300/3619 £154.00 £99.95

~~d!~~~'he:gdf:Sis~I~:~e~ speedometer. dlsrance meter, tlmerandculorielhourlndlclI(Or, Largenywheeirorsmoo. h pcdalllrig. PednI81mps car. No. JOlIOSl6

Our Price tI49.99

Please see footnote. Cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price


10, Kodacolor Gold Film. 150 100,135-24. Twin pack.z xza exposures. Cal.No. Our Price /lt07 £4.99


II. KodacolorGold Film. ISO 100.135-36. Twin pack, 2 x36

U -

uposures. ('III.No. .166/1097

OurPrice £6.29

12.FujicoiorSuperHR 100

111m.135-24.lSO 100. Twin po"lck,2 x24 exposures. Cal.No.

Our Price




13. FujicolorSuper HR 100 111m.135-36.150 100.1\vin f)i_lck.2 x 36 exposures.


OUr Price

(Jt.No. M&/0902




135-36.150100. Twin pack. 2 x J6cxposures. tae.No.

OurPrice £3.19 15.KonicaSR-V110Film.11O-


24.150200. Twin pack, 2x24 exposures. cat. No.

Our Price £2.49


16.Fujichrome RDFilm f~"!o\:fu'rtlii~~h~:~;'.~~~ film Included in price. 36 exposures.

ISO100. Cat. No.


17. Kodachrome 64 Film

1~:~~~~~ ~~f~~~iJ:fe~~~~ded

expcsures.tso64. ~/0445

Standard Super

Our Price


cal. No.

• Developingand processing charges

OUr Price £6.79

15 Exposures £ I.70 20/24 Exposures £2.05 36 Exposures £2.35 Plus 3Sp return post and packaging per film.

£ 1.85 £2.25 £2.85

• Double Print Option An extra set of prints from your film at the time of processing. See envelope for details. 18.Polaroid 600 Plus High

• Film Envelopes

cameras. Twin pack, 2 x 10 prints. Cat.No. OurPrice 6M/0885 £14.99

Available at all Argos Showrooms, Business Reply Service needs no stamp. Envelopes supplied with our Kodacolor Gold, Fujicolor HRand Konica SR-Vtwin-packs.


• Print Sizes

19.Kodachrome 40 Silent MovieFilm (Type A) Super 8. Triplepack, 3 x50 feetcarttidge. Processingincluded in price. tat. No. 555/0854

Our Price £19.99

135 Films IIOFilms DiscFilms 126 Films

Standard 3W'xS" 3';'''x4W' 3W'x4W' 3W'x3'/2"

Super 6"x4" S"x4" 4"XS'/2" 4"x4"

• Matt finish now available for 3Smm users • Enlargement service • available, Envelopes available instore with details.

i iocamera" Outfit. complete with camera and film. Bullt-inflash andready

4. HaUna "Sprite"

~rmta~E~~~~~~r~~4~ (gde'r~~t~8~71~~~~ speed film.Suppliedwith wrist



56011738 £9.99 5. Hunter 110 Pouch case. Durable nylon pouch with

carrying handle. Suitable for 110 cameras with built-inflash.

cat. No. Our Price 570/2169 £1.99 6. HalinaSTB r iocamera.

Nonnal and telephoto lenses. Accepts 100-400 speed film. Built-in flash. Thumb slide film winder. With wrist strap. Uses 2 x LR6 batteries (order 1 of9801 1444atEl.09pair). cat,No. 560/3024

OurPrice £13.99

7. SiriusTEF 110 Camera. Builtin flash. Easy filmloading. Normal and telephoto lenses.

~~~!!~~;==~~~~~~~~~ batteries (order 1 of980/1437 at Withwriststrap.Uses2xl,.R03 El.09pair). cat.No. 560/7886

OUfPrice £9.99.

8. Halina Champagne camera Outfit. 1lOpockelcamerain

~~~~~1;~;~~;ra normal and telephoto lenses.

Supplied with wriststrap, film, batteries and pouch. cat. No. 560/6265

1.Polaroid "Impulse" camera. Built-in flash system with exposure control. Fixed focus


"r~trt~~d~~~~'i~duJ~te Uses Polaroid 600-Plus film. cal. No. 560/8256

Our Price £43.95

2. Polaroid "Spirit600" Instant Print camera. Automatic flash system. Automaticexposure. Fixed focus from 4 feet [0 infinity. Completewith free case. cat. No. 56011121

Our Price £29.95

3. Hanimex LF 110 camera. Built-in flash. Takes 100-400 speed film. Manual wind. Uses 2 x LR6batteries (order 1 of9801 1444at£1.09pair). cat. No. 560/6014


Our Price £18.95

17. Panasonic C-31 OEF 35mm Compact camera. Built-in electronic flash. Accepts 100 or 400 ISO speed film. With carrying case and wrist strap. Manufacturer's5-year guarantee. Uses 2 x LR6batteries (order Iof980/1444at£1.09


cat. No. 560/7350

OurPrice £29.95

18. Pentax "Pino I"35mm Compactcamera, Fixedfocus with close-upfacilityforportrait shots. Built-Inflash.Complete

b~~e~~~d~ ~~f9~dg414~ ';:6 £1.09 pair).

cat. No.


OurPrice £34.95


9. Hanimex 110CameraOutfit. I 10 camerawith normaland



and ready li~t. Motorizedfilm ~r~~-in advance.Slidinglens cover.Uses bauenes.caseand album. 2 x LR03battenes (order1of Suppliedwith filmfor lifeoffer. 980/1437 at£ 1.09 pair). ~re!:~I~~ingenvelopesupplied ~/~36 0Ur~~ Cat. No. OurPrice 15.PrakticaSportMD-235mm &60/8263 £16.99 CompactCamera.Built-inflash 10. Hanimex "35ES 35mm withreadylightand LED Compactcamera Outfit.Built-in indicator.Motorizedfilm demonic flash.Flashready advanceand rewind.COmplete light.Suppliedcompletewith withcase. Uses2 x LR6batteries batteriesand ~~~~r 1of98011444 atE 1.09 OurPrice Cat. No. OUrPrice Cat. No. &6017329 £18.95 560/8081 £27.95 11.Hanimex 16. Sirius "M-22" 35mm Outfit.3Smm camerawith COmpactcamera. BUilt-insensor normallens and telephotolens. flash.Motorizedfilmadvance Built-inflashand double and rewind.Easyfilmloading. tt



~~:ri~d£~h~~Y:,s6;~eries, caseand photohints booklet. (0~r1 of980/1444at£1.09 CUt. No. OurPrice pair). &60/8287

£29.95 cat.No.

12.Hanlmex 350 Compact 56017855 35mmCamera.Built-inflash and readylight Slidinglens cover.Uses2 x LR6batteries (order! of980/1444 at£1.09 pair). tat. No. OurPrice 560/8414


~~~~~u~I~~~fl~~~~~~~ ~rJ3S~~~~~!~(~;3:rer'o~~~~x \437 at£ 1.09 pair). OurPrice £14.99

taLNo. 560/4748

OUr Price £29.95

1. Praktica "Sport" 35mm Compact camera. Motorized film advance and rewind. Built-in flash with ready light and LED indicator. Under -exposure LED in viewfinder. Manual film s~eed


(order 1 of98011444.1£1.09 pair). cat.No. OurPrice 560/7556 £32.95 2. Hanimex 35RF Compact camera Outfit Built-in electronic

flash and indicator. Motorized filmloading. advance and rewind. Automatic film speed selection. Sliding lens cover.

~g~~~~~w~::rfif~~g~~ries and photo hints booklet. car.No. 560/1367 3. Sirius B-1OAuto

OurPrice £31.95

Focus ~~~~~~mKI~~~~r~. Built-in motorized"advanceana rewind. Completewith case and strap. Uses 2 xLR6batteries (order 1of 9801l444'1£1.09pair). OUrPrice cat. No. 56017783 £39.95 4. Panasonic C-420 Auto Focus

35mmCOmpactcamera.0.81 34mm lens. Built-in flash. Motor driven filmadvance with automatic loading and rewind. Automatic filmspeedsetting. 5-

at b~~t~W~(o~d:' ~~~~t~~4

£ 1.09 pair). cat. No. 560/8108

our Price £41.95

5. Olympus "Trip MD" 35mm

Compactcamera. Automatic film advance and rewind. Built-in pop,up flash. Fixed focus with long distance correction switch. With case and batteries. car. No. 56017176

OUr Price £48.95

6. HalinaAF 700 CompactAuto Focus35mm camera Outfit. Built-in flash. Motordriven film advance with automatic loading and rewind. Automatic film fi~~~~a~'pC:~~~~~Udes batteries.


Automaticwind and rewind. Uses 2 xLR6batteries (order 1of

98011444 al£I.09 pait). OUfPrice cat. No. 560/8201


8. Hanimex 35 AFXAuto Focus ~:h~~~k~~~~~~~focus

~:r~~~~~~~ ~it~~~h~

speed setting. Motorized film loading. advance and rewind. Uses 2 x LR6baneries (order 1of 96011444at£I.09 cat. No. 560/7314


r;:;----:::==:----;:;;:;;;;:;;;;:;;;:;'I13. [iQ]


"Sureshct Ex"

~;~~:fJ~5~j~~~I~~~~i in flash. Selfumer. Automatic film load/advance/rewind. Multi

shot mode. Automatic filmspeed setting. Supplied with lithium battery. case and wrist strap. cat.No. OurPrice 560/8421 £89.95 14.0IympusAF-I035mm Auto Focus Compact camera. f3.5/35mm lens. Auto flash. Motorized film load. advance.

rewind. Auto focus from 2.1 ftto infinity. Focus lock. Self timer with 12 second delay. Automatic

film speed setting. Batteries supplied. (at. No.


OUrPrice £94.95

~~~~J~~n~~~~ap~~~~: houses compact camera with


r----;am.-------,~~~.e~h~~C~j3~: cat. No.

Our Price

'-===--' ~~~~:erNYIOn35mm


Compact camera Pouch. Outside ~ocketwith velcrofastened flap

s~~If!'si!~i~ri[~t~~~:~[~h: loop. Size 51/2 x 3112x 2 inch approx. caL No. 510/1971

OUrPrice £2.49

Batteries are notsuppUed unlessotheJWise stated.

IM2AI 9. HalinaAF810AutoFocus ~~~w%.mfo:s~dt~ra. Auto Motorizedfilm loading. advance and rewind. Auto exposure. Automatic fllm speed !e3~t~~~rs~~d~r~' t444al£1.09pair).




Cat.No. 560/6337

Our Price £51.95



to. RicohXF-30 COmpact 35mm Camera audit. f4/35mm lens. 3 zone focusing with auto pop-upflash.Selftimer.Fully motonzed filmload, advance and




cat. No. 560/8407

~r. 10f

Price 19.95

cus It. m ·1of

OUrPrice £59.95

11.Olympus "AM-lOO" 35mm COmpactcamera. f3.5/35mm lens.Auto flash. Auto load, advance and rewind. 3-zone manual focusingsystem. Auto exposure. Automatic filmspeed setting. Selftimer. Completewith caseand batteries. cat. No. 060/8067

Our Price £69.95

12.MinoitaAF-EIl35mm compact Camera. f4.5/35mm lens. Infra-redauto focuswith ~~ri~~A~~:~tti~~~~P~ed ~~~~: ~~~~~~t;g~ab~~~ (order2of98011437 al£I.09 pair). cat. No. 560/7824

Our Price £79.95



OurPrlce £249.00

6. Hunter Universal Effects Round Filter Kit. 6 filters; portraitsoftspot. full rotating graduate violet, warmtone IN. portrait soft focus, orange and 6 pointstar-fractor. Filtersare 5Smm. Kit is sup~lied with 2

~~t~~~~~s~~rep~~~O~~~~ilit S2mm or 55mm filters. Suitable formost major brands ofSLR camera. Lifetimeguarantee. cat, No. 560/4858

Our Price £19.99

7. Slik Compact Tripod. Sturdy and compact with 4 sectioned telescopiclegs. Height 14 inch, extending to3 feet 8 inch. With pan and tilt head and carrying pouch. car.xe, Our Price 570/1964


8. Hakuba HK202 Tripod. Sturdy lightweight tripodwith ~h~~g~~0~kW~~7ck3~~~~n clamps, a-way pan and tilt head on geared centre column with elevator lever and tension adjustment. With carrying case. cal. No. Our Price 510/2183

I. Canon "SureshotAce" 35mm Auto Focus Compact Camera. f3.5/35mm lens. Builtin flash. Waist level and eye level viewfinder. Detachable remote control. 5elftimer. Focus and exposure lock. Automatic film load/advance/rewind. Automatic filmspeed setting. With lithium battery, wriststrapandcase. cal. No. Our Price



2. Ricoh FF9 35mm Auto Focus Compact Camera. f3.5/35mm lens. Multimode facilities:auto

~~~ir~j~end~~iouriu~~flk~~~t Automatic film load. advance. rewind with singleor continuous framewind-on.lmerval timer, delayed action. mule-exposure. 1V mode. night scene setting. infinity position modes. Lithiumfocus battery included. cat. No. Our Price 560/8122 3. Pentax Zoom 60



Camera. Built-in motorised38-60mm power zoom lens. LCD display panel. Au[Ofocus and auto exposure control. Automatic film handling. auto flash and macro facilities.With lithium battery. cal. No. OUrPrlce 560/8452


4.Pentax 70S Power Zoom Lens Camera. 35mm to 70mm zoom lens. Built-in flash with auto/ manualon/offfacility. Auto


LCDdisplay panel. Motorised filmload. advance and rewind. included. Lithlumbattery andcase

cat. No. 560/8139


Our Price £191.00





ble L'rIce 9.99

vI h. th

L'rIce 7.99




9. SLRGadgetSag. Showerproof. Adjustableinteriorcompartment divisions.Tripodstrapsandthree OUtsidepockets for filters etc. Size 18 x 9x 7 inch approx.

14. Optex SLR Zoom Holster. Willtake SLRcamera with zoom lens attached. Made from well paddedcordura. Double zipped

Cat. No.

}~rs~~:c~~~~~~~~~J;lice~t with shoulderstrap and carrying handle. 5-year guarantee.




10.Pullman SLRGadget Sag. Showerproof.padded nylon. Main companment will house an SLR camera, two lenses and a Hash-


Cat. No.




II. Pullman Pro SLR Gad.\let


will house an stxcamera. spare body, lenses and flashgun. 3 outside pockets for filters, negatives etc. With tripod straps. Size 13 x 8lh x 7 inch approx. nylon. Main compartment

CIl.No. &60/5060

OUr Price £16.99

~~j·~Cl~;~t~~~r;. ~ifii room lens and flash. Storage for


Shoulderlbeltsrra~. Rear zipped

Wa~~~6~~~~~~i:~~~-~~r guarantee. Cat. No. &70/2176

OurPrice £9.99


compartmentwilJ house an SLR camera, additional lens and flashgun. Outer pockets for ntters. films etc. Size 8 x 6 x 6112 Inchapprox. tat.No. &60/4841

OUrPrice £7.99

car.No. 570/2121


OurPrice £9.99


be cut out with knife provided, to fit any outfit. Includes carrying strap. Size 18x6x 131hinch approx. cat.No.




6. Tasca 8 x 21 mm Rubber Armoured Compact Roof Prism

8. Tasco

10x25mmCompact Roof Prism Binoculars. Fully

~~mi~i ~~de:a~~~b~i~~~!~~~~n~.

~WO~!~d'~t~~~ rubber eye-cups. Manufacrurer's 10-yearguarantee. cat.No. 580/1613


£39.99 caLNo. 580i1314

~i=~~~~K~rb:~a~~~aact roof-prism binoculars with foldback rubber eye-cups. Coated optics. Completewith carrying case. cat.No. 580/1699

t. Hanimex Auto Focus Projector. f2.8/85mmitms. focus projector with remote


forward/rev Slidepre-viewi with24voltl15 alogen lamp. Suppliedwith 36 straight DINmagazine (circular magazine not supplied). cat.No. 570/2190

OUfPrice £74.95

2. Hanimex "Rondex" Circular Magazine. Foruse with


Hanimex Auto Focus Projeaor.

Holds 120 slides. cat. No.



tg~~~:;:& ~~~~h~f~f,iN~o photographs 4 x 6 inch and

comes complete with case. Colour 'may vary. cat. No. 560/6203 4. Zeiss 10 x SOmm jenoprem

Binoculars.centrefocusingwith multi-coaled optics. Complete with carrying case and strap. Manufacturer'slifetime guarantee, cat-No. 58011060 £61.99 5. Zeiss 8 x 30mm jenoptem

Binoculars. Centre focusing with multi-coated optics. Complete withcarrying case andstrap. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

cat, No.



Completewith case. Manufacturer's to-year guarantee.

OUrPrice £49.99

9. Tasco 12 x 50mm ZipFast

~;h~ft~go~:J~p~~Wo11ht back rubber eye-cups. Complete with pouch case. Manufacturer's OurPrice lO-yearguarantee. ,£37.99 cat.No. 580/1273

OurPrice £32.99


10. Tasco lOx50mm 13. Tasc07x21 x 40mrn Zoom ~{iO~~~';~rci.:~f~6~t Binoculars. Offersfrom7 to 21 rubbereye-cups. Completewith ~~~~~yg~ro~griJ~g:r ~~;~:;n~~Ufacturer's 10~b:t::eO!~. (It. No. OUtPrice Fast"zip"focusing.Complete &80/1266 £29.99 with case. Manufacturer's




~l~ 6~~~e!bg~~y~:;s~ocus. Completewith pouch case.


~~:'lite Ra ide £67.99 Sunglasses. Blac~aviator style.

~1~~ rea~~::~~~~oi::6alt~ t 2.Tasca 16x 50mrn Long toughenedglass. The lensesalso RangeBinoculars. Fullycoated protecteyes fromultraviolet optics.Foldback rubbereyeradiation.Metalframe.Complete cups.Completewith case. with case. Manufacturer'sIO-year cat. No. OurPrice guarantee. 580/1510 .£8.49 (at. No. OurPrice





i to ensure "on target". 2 lens. Diagonalprism.Supplied with H.5 and H. 12.5eyepiece.'. Rackand pinionfocusingwith alt-azimuth mount. Accessories suppliedwillallow 320x magnification.Optimalusage up to 120 x magnification.Manufacturer's 1O-yearguarantee. cat. No. OUr Price 58011606 £89.99


lcatherdoth. Setcomprises 30, 28and 22 inch cases. 22 inch case has twin locks and security strap. 28 and 30 inch cases have twin locks, straps, inset wheels and towing handle.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice £49.99 285/3150 £94.00

2. Hawa 2 Piece Luggage Set. Comprises30 and 28 inch lightweight expanding cases. Tough nylon laminated with PVC.Leather-look vinyl trimmings with contrasting webbing. Bothsuitcases have inset comer wheels and rowing handles. Zippedfastening with padlock and security straps. cat. No. 285/4681

rJ:~e:~~e~r~~!7~pper suitcases in charcoal with stylish webbing. Expanding gussets give extra capacity, With3 straps foradded security. Both cases have strong polyester zips with padlock, wheels and towing handles.


car, No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 285/4144 £31.99 £17.99 Size30'h x22V2X9inch, car,No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 285/4151 £35.50 £19.99

Sugg'dRetail Our Price £65.95



4. Revelation Black.Nylon Luggage. Steel frame construction. Lightweight gussetted zipper cases mtough nylon with waterproof PVC backer. PVCcomer patches and security straps with buckles. 28 and29'h inch cases have inset ~~$~~B~~~~fui~~;~d~~e;irap.

~~f~s:ir:g~/~?:c~~en[S, cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our 285/3767 £12.99

SuitcaseSize26x16V2x cat. No. Sugg'dRetail 285/3413 £31.99 Suitcase Size 28 x cat. No. Sugg'dRetail 285/4632 £36.99

SuitcaseSize29'hx21 inch. cat. No.

Alfexy 5 Piece Luggage Set. 18 inch empnseszs.zeand ,(t-sided expanding suitcases 11hlocks, straps and buckles. ~lalchingvanity travel case and ipped flight bag. «.I,No. Sugg'dRetatl OUrPrice £68.50 £44.99 I 14326

•o~~ri:~ ~~~ci6Li~~~~::~d

dutht bag. Dark brown metallic ,,~on with tan leather look vinyl If m, 28 inch suitcase has wheels Adtowing handle. Both

wl~~~i~p~1~~ ~1Ccfs~:~~~g

Millching flight bag with outside tippocket and adjustable strap. '.1. No. .1ts/4610

gee. Retail OUfPrice £58.95 £39.99

9. Constellation Black Nylon Locking Suitcases. Allwith inset wheels and towing handles. Completewith security straps and buckles. Size 25 1/2 x 17x71/2inch. cal, No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 285/4601 £30.50 £17.99 Size273/4 xzox 7lf2 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 285/4618 £33.00 £18.99 Size 293/4x 22 Ih x 71h inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 285/4625 £34.80 £19.99


id !8


ap. nts.

'ria> 9.99 tch. 'ria> 9.99 1. Jrlce 4.99




10.AntlerDeLuxe"Rally" ~~Wn~fthHs~~~~~e b:~~ Both cases have twin locks,security catches and quickrelease

~;u~r~~~~~~~~;r~~~fn_ zippedfront pocket,webbed carryinghandles and adjustable shoulderstrap. Size 18 x 5 x 12

'rice 9.99

~~~ih~~:'i~ll~tl~~~~ls and ~~~NO. Our Price Size27x17lf2x7inch. 285/3437 £5.99 cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 13. Pullman Tapestry Hoidall.

md bed


II ale

2t;:il~inch. £.34.99 ~~~~~~~i~ ~i~~ ~ui~i~rh. Price cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 285/4663 £59.99





11. Hawa Travel Suit Cover. All sizes are approximate. Protectsclothesagamst damp and dust. Generoussidegussets. Length36 inch,width 23 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 285/1570



1. Pullman 3 Piece Luggage 20,26 and28 inch zipped


suitcases. Blacknylon with red trim. Fully lined withetasticated straps and internal pocket in lid. 26 and 28 inch suitcases have wheels and [owing handle. cat. No. 285/4388

4. carlton 2 Piece Luggage Set. Comprises 30 and 28 inch

~!h~::i~~i.~i~~!~lrhester nylon zips, padlocks and conrrastingquick release security straps. Detachable wheels and Sugg'dRetail Our Price towing handles for mobility. £75.00

£49.99 cat. No. 285/4711 5. carlton Travel

2."Aiiexy'3 Piece Luggage Set.

Comprises28,26 and 18inch soft-sided leather -look vinyl expandin! suitcases with locks, fJ~~)toarnOv~~~~h~U~:.inch case

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 28512926 £54.95 £34.99

3-.·Aridii"iWinlockSuitcase. Strong aluminium framed suitcase in "leather-look" vinyl with scuff resistant bufferedges. Fullylined. Two security straps. Stylish webbing trim on front

Price £44.99


HoldalJ. A large capacity bag made in heavy duty polyester and fitted with strong nylon zips. Fulliengrh external

~~S!~j~gbl~ ~~I~~ ~~~~~e

Size 21 x 15 x 8 inch approx. Our Price cat. No. 285/4735 £9.99

~~~%l~ j~~ho;;~/~

r,~~dll~~jt~e inch.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 28513846 £58.99 £37,99

8. Revelation DeLuxe Twin Lock Luggage. Textured vinyl

li~~~ ~~~i~s~tk~~S~t~

Fully Expandinggussets give extra capacity. Recessed wheels and towing handle on both cases. Size 263/~x 173/4x 9 inch.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 28513817 £48.50 £29.99

Size 291/2 x 1gJ/~x 9 inch.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 28513884 £53.50 £34.99

., Antler De Luxe ABS Lu~ge. ~~~IT~vfg;~~~r!n~i~~A~. r\~iFr~~~~ei~r~~~~~~~h~~C~~~' "raps in lid and base. Ite29x24x 10112 inch. (ill. No. Sugg'dRetailOUrPrice ua/4106 £75.99 £49.99

size 26 x 201/4 X 91/4 inch.

(.t.No. sugg'd Retail OurPrice £44.99 If.5I4498 £69.99

10. Jojule2 PieceLuggageSet. com~rises30 and 28 inch cases.

~l:gk~~:n~:~~i~~~~th strong metal frame. Each suitcase has two straps forextra security,inset wheelswith towing handleand a strong polyesterzipwith padlock. caL No, 285/4591

Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice £69.00 £39,99

~~mC:J~n3~~:d~~i~~~~' Heavyduty blackpolyesterwith contrasting tan trim. Steelframe.

~~~iSe~.iWe~~~r ~:::fI~ :~~ retractablepullinghandle, cat, No.

Our Price




fer ice


ice .99

12.Constellation soft-Sided Luggage, Leather-lookvinyl with attractive contrastin~ trim.


~ Uy


99 ice 99


~~~~~o~t~~g~~~wheels and towing handle. Size28x20x 7 inch.

14, Carlton

a PieceDeLuxe

i~8fsi~~h~i~1f~[2c~ie~ colour.Lightweightnibbertzed ~~~ b~~~.c:i:ct~~rhs:~fon gripcarryinghandles and quick

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice releasesecuritystraps. 26 and 28 285/4838 £31.25 £17.99 inchsuitcases have detachable Size30 x 22 x 7 inch. wheelsand towingstrap. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price cat. No. OurPrice 285/4845 £34.00 £19,99 285/3561 £52.99

13.Constellation Soft-Sided



~f!%sj~r~chnd suitcases have wheels and rowinghandle. Size26x t71/2X 7112 inch. No. sugg'd Retail 285/4560 £27.95


Size28 x 20x 7]12 inch. cat. No. 285/4577

Price £15.99


Sugg'dRetaii Our Price £31.00 £17.99

Size30x22]hx 7]12 inch. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 285/4584



Allsizesquoted are approximate.

I. Spartan Black Leather "Pilot" case.

Interior sidestoragepocket and pen holder. Exterior includes two end pockets, two-pan ovcrlocking lid, reinforced handle and quality "franzen' combination locks. Size t 71/2 x 13th x 71lzinchapprox.

car. No. Sugg'd Retail 270/3855 £69.95

OUfPrice £48.99

2. Antler Black Leather Executive case. With gilt comers. Beige leather interior features adjustable multi-

document folioin lid. Pcn holder. Additional pockets forcalculator, cards etc. Quality combination locks. Size 18x 13x3inchapprox. Sugg'd Retail cat. No. 270/6223 £95.00

Our Price £59.99

i'Revelation Expandable Executive Case. A blackvinyl case with expand sset in base forextra capacity. ment portfolio' combination locks. Size 18 x 14 x 41h

inch approx. cat. No. 210/6010

Sugg'd Retail £45.99

Our Price £29.99

4. Antler BlackLeather Executive


folioin lid. Pen holder. Additional Q:fityrt~~bti~o:ti6~c:~~'s~~i&;'x

121f2x 3112 inch approx. car. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 270/4964 £85.99 £49.99 5. carlo Burgundy Leather Executive Case. Brass comers. Combination locks. Leather lined interior with document pockets and zip compartment. Size 171/2x 12112x3112 inch approx. caL No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 21016553 £74.99 £44.99 6. Pullman Black Leather Executive Case. Lined interior with 3 document 1oo~~~'~~~~~~~~;~~~SilJ! 171hx 13x4inchapprox. car. No. Sugg'dRetail 270/6584 £69.99

OUr PrIce £44.99

7.Pullman Expander Attache case. Finished in durable black "leatherlook" vinyl with PVClining. Complete fu\~~s~~~~&[~~~~~t~~d~~ket and pen pockets. Size 18x 13 x 41h inch approx. (Coments not included.) Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 21016560 £4 t.50 £29.99 8. BlackLeather Attache case. COntaining2 interior dividers and =l~:~~a~p~~~:ee:raab~~e shoulderstrap.Size 16lfzx llValnch approx. cat, No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 27014006 £37.50 £24.99 9. Burgundy Leather Executive Case. Lined interior. Document folioin lid, Combination locks. Size 171hx 12112x 4 inch approx. sugg'd Retail car. No. 270/6591 £49.00

Our PrIce £29.99

10. Pierre cardin Executive Case. "Hitech" style quality black vinyl case. Anodized black combination locks. The fully lined interior has expandable document foliosand pockets for cards. pens etc. Size 12lfzx 13x3~~inch approx. car, No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 27014621 £44.95 £31.99

II. Black Leather Executive case. lk\ed interior, document folio in lid. ombination locks. Size 1 7]12 x 12!b x

tlnch approx . • C.No. '10/3848

Sugg'd Retail £49.00

OUr Price £29.99

U.(arrington Black Leather r..ecutive Case. fully lined interior luresdocumentfoliainlid. With kets far calculator, pens. cards etc. 17!/2x 12]!2x3Ihinchapprox. we. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price

11>/6089 £698() £39.99 t~,Strit Expanding Executive


11~ d~~~~~~:61i~~d ~r!~~l~~h

ombination locks. Size 18 x 13 x 4 happrox. til.No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 10/6577 £29.99 £19.49 '4, Carrington Executive Case. fln1s~~nitnf~i~~~ir.'f~:~I~~~~~ with ks. Size 1 7 x 12]12 x 3 inch approx. tit. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 10/4256



15,Custom ABS Executive Case. Documentfolioin lid. fined with desk ~ :~C~Ii!Y43~~~~n~~~::.{~O~~~~ts lnduded.) Sugg'd Retail Our Price 10/4885 £41.00 £28.99 16,Corby 3000 Electric Trouser Press.

(At No.

lh~lrn~t~g~~b~~~~oJ:!r. Jacket nger. Universal fittings included for ee-srandingorwall mounting. 240V

ocr rnce


OUr Price £73.95 • T. carmen

Man Crease Trouser 1ess. Thermostatically controlled. 40 luute push button timer. Caters far all kknesses and rypes ofmaterial. freendingorwaUmountable. With cccssory tray and jacket hanger. White , er, finish. 240V ac. OUr Price




It.Tassia Black Leather "Double" r pander Executive case. This ous design incorporates

pagr:gFs ~~~:~~i~e~o~~~~~~~s

ude adjustable multi-folio in lid plus kets for calculator, pens etc and nratezlpped pocket. Size 17]h x If.! x 43/4 inch approx. c. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price




1'1.rassle Black Leather Executive se. Leather lined interior, complete h 2 document folios. calculator and . 11~~eU~i~:~~~:~~~. Ix 13x3lhmchapprox. lnduded.) tlC.No. Sugg'd Retail 10/4878 £88.95

Size (Contents Our Price £49.99

Tassi. HighQualityTop Grain .:,~[!u6F.en~:~~~~~Tnterior. mresdccumenrpockets. pockets for , ~:.lQ~~~nc~~g~r:~~~~g:. Size "':Ix 13x4 inchapprox . . No. Sugg'd Retail Ow Price 1014940



t. tawtex Telescopic Umbrella.

n cover and case. Steel frame. k handle. Length 16]h inch approx enfolded. ~ sU'1~~~etail , dimensions~ven are • roxlmate and refer to exterior .. measurements.


1. Pullman "COmbination" Personal Organiser in Black Leatherwith Red smpe. Comprises 2 organisers. Standard size has maps, information, financial and other useful sections.

~~~~~~~~ie1:~h~~~J:53r~=~~~m and credit card section. Pages are

interchangeable. Sizes 8 x 6 X 13/4and 7lf4 x41/2x3/4inchapprox. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 270/6292 £38.99 £19.99 2. Pullman "COmbination" Personal g~~pnJ~~no:;~~~t~~~d~~lslize has maps, information, financial and other useful sections. Removable pocket size o~n:iser has diary .notes, ~;J~~~~~~~:~~temandcredit interchangeable. Sizes 8 x 6 X 13/4inch approxand 71/4 x 4 1/2X 3/4 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 210/6302



:~¥ill~~~~~~~~~g~fs~~r organiser. Packcontains diary, year


~~t~~~~%,~~ii;~~P~r~~ih and personal telephone/addresses. Packcontains 67 double sided sheets. Size63/4 x 41/2inch approx. Sugg'd Retail Our Price cat No. 270/6601 £6.95 £3.99 4, Spirit Embossed Beig:eLeather

Personal Organiser. With diary, meetings, financial. telephone/address and note sections. Size 71/4x 5x 11/2 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 260/7896



5.Pullman Black Leather Pocket Size Personal organfser. for storing vital information ma pocket size unit. Includesdiary and planner. With telephone and address pages, plus pages for notes etc. COmpartmentfor' creditcards. Size 71/4x 4 1/2X 3/4 inch approx. cal. No. Sugg'dRetall OurPdce 270/6319 £15.95 £7.99 6. Spirit Embossed Blue Leather

Personal Organiser. With diary, meetings, financial, telephone/address and note sections. Size 71f4 x5 x 11/2 inch approx. cal. No. Sugg'd Retail OUfPrice

260/7652 £24.99 7. Pullman Maxifile Leather


Personal Organiser. Features include diary, ruler. planner, maps, useful information. With sections for credit ~tva~~~~~~:r~~~f:~~~a~~~~yoU to be organised and store vital information in a portable unit. Studded. clasp. Size 711zx6x 11/2inch approx. cat No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 270/4919 £27.95 8. The Complete Personal


Organiser by Pullman. Forstoring all vital information. Includes a diary, ruler,

t1~eg~~~~~~~~~t~s:C~~~~~e~riJIY ~ousehold information and sections for creditcards. Size 73/4 x 6'14 X 13/4 inch approx. cat No. 270/4483

Sugg'd Retail £15.99

OUfPrice £7.99

:n~Ji~~~~~~~b~~n~~r~~e :~P~~i~~~~~~~~tef6ji~i~I~C:~ combination locks, plus a fully fitted personal organiser, Organiser features dtary,meetings, flnandal. telephone/ address and note sections. case size 171fz x 121(2 x3 inchapprox. Organiser size7x5x 1 inchapprox. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 210/6041



Gino Ferrari Black Leather If(Ucive case and Personal ~~~ft~~~I~~~~~:~I~~;11o combination locks. Personal


in lid

nlser,complete with insens. Case ,. tI7J/4x13x31hinchapprox. _ ~niser size 7 x 43/4 X 1 inch approx . •t.No, Sugg'dRetaii Our Price I




.lm~l!~~eB:ftr~~k~g~e#~rsonal t~~~~~~'~~~~~~fo~;~~~~i~~~~ .,.,.d pouchand shoulder strap. kctsize organiser contents include ry,year planner. address and. phone section. maps and lIonnation sections. Casesize 1 7lf2 x 2111x23/4 inchapprox. Organisersize '14 x 4 1/2 x I inch approx . Sugg'd Retail Our Price . No. 18864



U, Remington Fuzz-Away Clothes r~d~'!dmfu;fr~~~1~i:ref~~d other des.Vacuum pick up. stainlessstee! "ner cutter. Powered by LR14battery ncrsupplted.order 980/1451 at£ 1,99 20.Leather OrganiserWallet. Fitted Ir)forup to 120 minutes continual with Sharp calculator. gilt pen and tunningtime. 12 months' guarantee. notepaper. Compartments forbank It. No, Our Price notes, credit cards and cheque book. 70/4988 £9.45 Size 71/2 x 4 inch approx. Giftboxed . •3.Vlctorinox the Original "Swiss cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OW Price ArmyOfficers' Knife". COntains2 270/3491 £23.99 £14.99 des. 2 screwdrivers, corkscrew, can 21.Pewter Tankard by David =~~~~~::fs~;~O~~ri~~~~~a~~r, ~hrt~~~~~'r~;i~w.aga~~~f:~~~~ with ftng.Length 31/2 inch approx. approx. Cit.No. , Our Price cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 10/4823 £13.99 t 4. 3 Piece Combination

Set. In Iftloothblack leather with attractive ey leather interior. Includes cheque k holder. passport wallet and credit rdwallet. Giftboxed. C.t. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price




~G~k';~~~~~~~~treGboJ~E!~th~vi~~ brush and razor complete with stand. Accepts all main brand twin razor blades.Gifi boxed. eat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 70/4067 £14.99 £9.99 270/6230 £21.95 £12.99 15.3-in-t Travel Set. Blackground 23.Chess, Backgammon and tatherzipped case. Containing mirror. ilrft~~~~01~~~ nail games board.Board size ~21hx 121/2 IOOthbrushand pasteholder. soap inch epprox. CompleteWithwooden holder,various needles and threads. chess pieces, draughtlbackgammon jlz.e 71hx5·%x 13/4inchapprox. pieces. dice and shaker. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price cat. No. Sugg'dRecail 70/3563 £21.99 £14.99

~;~:W&d~.', ~~~~~~hs~gg~:~ ~e~~~r, 16.Briarlea Real LeatherTobacco touch. com~lete with cigarette paper


;g~~l~n:~~~ot~gc~ocket moist.Size 3J/4x 61/4 inch approx. (Pipe eorsupphed.j Cit. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 110/4438



11.Real LeatherWalletlNotecase. Blackwith redstripe in soft hide leather. Comprisingmulti-compartments for banKnotes, credit cards. driving Ictncelbus pass, stamps and zip coin ~~~~.Size 170/4407

4~~~~~!~i~ ap~:Pnce £9.49


IS. Leather Billfold. With coin pocket pluscompartments suitable forcredit Urds. stamps etc. Giftboxed. (It.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 170/1730



19.Pierre cardin Black Leather emfoldlWallet. With compartments for blnk notes and credit cards. Cit. No. Sugg'd Retail 110/6254




1: Mistral ~ipe.Smoker's Gas Lighter. Ptezo igrunon hghter with horizontal name. Easy one action operation forthe g~:e~~oker. Engraving panel. Gift

cat. No. Rec, Retail OUfPrice -?7812890. £14.95 £9.99 2. Mistral Piezo Ignition Gas Lighter. Goldcolour with vertical diamond cut design. Giftboxed. Can beengraved. Our Price Cat.No. Rec.Retail 278/2931 £15.95 . 3. Mistral Slim Piezo Ignition



Cat.No. 278/2948

OUfPrice £11.99

~~Fo~i:d ~:~~~;~~i~~O:~~.gOld Rec. Retail £16.95

4. Mistral Piezo Ignition Gas Lighter. Matt black body with gold coloured top. Manufacturer's 6-months guarantee. cat. No, Rec. Retail OurPrice 278/2883 £6.99 5. Mistral Solid Brass Petrol



~i~~~h~e~cU~~ig~tgg~~ee~l.ld Cat. No. 278/2917

OUfPrice £6.99

Rec. Retail £12.95

6. Colibri "Ritz" Piezo Ignition Gas

Lighter. Goldcoloured finish with panel forengraving. Giftboxed.

OUf Price Cat. No. Rec. Retail 278/2852 £14.95 £7.99 7. Colibri "Savoy" Piezo I~nition Gas

~~fg~i:d ~:~~~d~~~~~ii~g boxed. cat. No.


Our Price £9.99 278/2601 8, Colibri "Visitron" Piezo Ignition Gas Lighter. Tortoiseshelllacquer and Rec. Retail £15.95

black lacquer with gold coloured trim. Window showing gas level. Panel for engraving. Cat. No. Rec. Retail OurPrice

£32.95 278/2371 9, Colibri "Romantic" Piezo


Ignition ~as Lighter. Goldcolourheanshaped iighter.tdeailadies' gift. Plain heart g~~~~~ntop suitable forengraving. Gift Cat. No. 278/2979

Our Price £16.99

Rec. Retail £19.95

10. Colibri "Carlton" Pen and Gas Lighter Set. Goldcoloured piezo ignition lighter with matching ballpoint pen. Giftboxed. OUfPrice cat. No. nee. Retail 278/2900 £23.00 £14.99 11. Win "Statesman" RoUerAction


~~ld~~~~~e with engraving. Solidbrass case. ~1tb~~~~rer's full z-year guarantee.

cat. No.

aec.Retail Our Price 278/2955 £16.95 £9.99 12. Win "Consul" Piezo Ignition Gas

Lighter. Finished ingenuinc black leather with gold coloured trim. Panel forengraving. Manufacturer's full 2year guarantee. CaL No. Rec. Retail Our Price 278/2869 13. Hadson

£17.95 "Electra 6" Piezo

278/2010 14. Hadson

£9.95 "Electra 21"


Ignition Gas Lighter. Goldcoloured case with black trim. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price £4.99


~1r~~:~~~~~~~~~ld Jgl~~~~d~~. Gift


cat, No.


Rec. Retail £11,95


Our Price £7.99


batteries. Unless otherwise stated all lighters have a manufacturer's 1-year guarantee.

15, Sarome Pen and Lighter Gift Set. Black lacquer piezo ignition gas lighter

~~~c~?~~ bOi~~~i~/~~~: gffig~~:d~ith

cat. No.

Rec. Retail Our Price 278/2663 £21.20 £10.99 16. Onyx Marble Table set.ught

green onyx flint gas table lighter and ashtray.

Cat No. Sugg'd RecOIn Our Price 278/2962 £17.95 £9.99 17. Parker "25 stalnlesssteet' s..;U-

Pen. Stainless steel cap and barrel. Blue ink,

cat, No,


aec, Rtwl1 £7.50

OUfPrice £4.99

18,Parker "Arrow" 6nUPen,Man ~~(:~~~Ih gold I~~:!W' lIIU~~~~c.



flO 00


ll. Parker "fetter Stainless Steel" Ball ttn and Pencil Set. Stainless steel caps

A~~~~~~~Pe~~llh~h~.~~~ I~:cisand


No. W/1768


Rec.Retail £11.98

OUfPrice £7.99

13. Parker "45" Bail Pen and PenciI Set. Stainless steel finish with gold plated trim. Ballpen has blue ink. Pencil has O.5mmleadsand an eraser. Cat.No. :\85/2547

Rec. Retail £17.00

OUf Price £8.99

l.4. Parker"Vector" Fountain Pen, BallPen and Pencil Set. Fountain~n



el{t~d~~~~~~i~~~rt~~:~~ has blue ink. Pencil has O.5mm leads and an eraser. Cat No. 385/2413

Rec.Retail £12.99

Our Price £9.49

26.Parker "25 Stainless Steel" Fountain Pen, Ball Pen and Pencil Trio Set. Supplied with 5 ink cartridges. I ball pen refill, leads and an eraser.


No. 385/2602

Rec. Retail £28.05

OUf Price £14.99

~6atfbfa~l/f~~i~ ~~~l~~d·~~~~~d~. "Powerpomre'' refill. withblueRec. Retail Our Price


Cat. No. 385/1926



21. Paper:Mate®Gold Plated BallPen. Fitted with blue "Powerpoinrs' refill. Cat. No. ~/2035

Rec. Retail £15.50

Our Price £10.99

28. Paper, Mate" "Dynasty®" Ban Pen

~i~P~ldi~~i~~r~~~ia~I~~e~R~~h refill. Pencil has O.5mm leads and an eraser.

wirh ~Jue "Powerpomte'' Cat No. )85/2286

Rec. Retail £23.00

Price £14.99


~~'t~~~e~~:!d)i~!~~i~~rn~~~~f~~ ~~.e~~~barrelRec. Retail £19.90 )85/0972

Our Price £13.99

30. Sheaffer "Sentinel" Stainless Steelcartridge Pen and Ball Set. Medium nib, blue ink.


Cat. No. 385/2073

Sugg'd Retail £16.90

Our Price £11.99

31. Sheaffer. "Sentinel" cartridge Pen .nd Ball Pen GiftSet. Finished in black withgoldcoloured trim. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OurPrice 385/2420






32. Fisher Space Pen. Tested and selccredby NASAfor use on all i\~llo s{lace The pressurised

manned o~~i~!:{a:~d~~~~n


~~rts~~:c~L underwater. Manufacturer's lifetime ti.r~~~ee. l4S/2530

Sugg'd Retail £8.99


Price £6.99

J3. Helix"Treasure Chest". To keep 4lI your secrets and treasured

r:~::~~~~~~~r~~~K~;~TI~~t In

plaStiCtray and keys. Contents not pplied. CIt. No. W/2107

gee. Retail £7.50

Our Price £4.79

.14.SheaITer calligraphy GiftSet. cnrarns"No Nonsense"cartridgepen with3 italicnibs, 6 ink cartridges, writing pad, blotting paper, spacing Idesand step-by-step calligraphy rroduction booklet. elt, No. 145/2561

Sugg'd Retail £9.95

\11pens are giftboxed.

Our Price £5.99

--D I




ITl 1. Pair of Solid Brass Vases. With matching etched designs. Height 9:'';;4 inch approx. Cat. No. Sugg'd Rerail Our Price £9.99 £6.99 262/1566

2. Pair of Hand Polished Solid Brass Decorative Loving Spoons. An ideal hanging decoration. Length 91h inch

approx. cat No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 262/0763 £4.49 £1.99 3. Hand Polished Brass Hanging

Planter. With brass chain and solid brass bracket Overalllength 16 inch approx. cat. No. 262/1126

Sugg'd Retail £5.00

OUfPrice £2.99

4. Pair of Wall Plaques. One mounted with a brassstag's headand the other a brass horse's head. Plaque size 4 x 3 inchapprox. Cat. No. 262/2170

Sugg'd Retail £16.99

Our Price £12.99

5. Solid Brass Tortoise Trinket Box. The tortoise shell lifts for use as a trinket box. Length 5 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 262/1511



6. Traditional Brass CoalFlatIron on Trivet.Overallheight 53/4 inchapprox. cat-No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 262/2132 £7.49 £4.99 7, Set ofThree Brass Coinson Strap.

Farthing,halfpennyand penny. Length 131/2 inchapprox. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 262/1810



8. Ornamental Hanging Planter. Brass decorativewallplanterwithwooden handle.Length 18 inchapprox, Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 262/1212 £8.65 £5.99 9. SolidBrass Key Shaped Key


re~:~i~~~~~~l Width9112 inchapprox. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail

Our Price

262/1487 £3.99 £2.79 10.SolidBrass Birdon Perch in Cage. Overallheight 8 inch approx.



Our Price

262/1906 £10.99 £6.99 11. SolidBrass Owl Sitting on a Branch. Height51/4 inchapprox.

cat- No,


Our Price

262/1470 £6,60 £3,99 12.SolidBrass ToiletShape Ashtray.

Foruseeitheras a noveltyornament or as an ashtray. Height31/4 inchapprox. (Matchesnot included.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 262/1528



I . Solid Brass Footed Kettle. ~~~~V~f~~~~~~:~t811%inch rox. Sugg'd Retail t 2/1542 £9.49 ~t. No.

OUrPrice £4.99

14.Pair of Solid Brass Bookends. fh:n~~~~~~~:Srih~~rgr::~ ~;;I:nCh rex. Sugg'd Retail Our Price

CII" No. 62/(731



18,Setof3 Brass Planters and Mist ray. Beautifulhand polished brass to enhance your favourite plants. Otameters61f4, 511l and 41/2 inch .pprox. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 2/0299



16.Solid Brass Eagle on Branch. ttelght 7 inch, wingspan 171/2 inch


Cil. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 162/1700 £15.99 £9.99 CrystalArt Figures. Madefromthe

ftnestprecisioncut Austrian crystal. All t ~~l:~~~npresentation boxes. (1[. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 16211779


18.Set of Three Bears. Sugg'd Retail

Cit. No. l62/2046




Our Price £19,99

Cit. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price ~2/1353 £14.00 £9.99 20. owl. tit. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 162/1377 £11.00 £7.99 ~I.24% Lead CrystalBasket. With

Mild painted ruby bird design. Height

Ol/~inchapprox. Cu. No. sugg'd Retail £20.75 .162/0718

Our Price £13.99

U. Setof3 Ducks. Handcraftedbrass. l'llItedwith copperand blacksteel to ve a tri-coloureffect. Lengths 81/4, 1/:1: and 4 inch approx. Cit. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 162/2156



~. GoebelFrosted Ea~e. 24%lead W4sf~~~a;~~r~~~on a c ear base. Height ht.No, Our Price '62/2060


24. Edinburgh Crystal Continental CollectionVase. Handmade hand cut 14%leadcrystal. Height 7 inch approx. CIt. No. Our Price 162/1298 l&. Traditional


Solid Brass Warming t~n.This idealwalldecoration has a ecoden handle. Length 28 inch tpprox. Ctl. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 162/1597 £17,99 £8.99 16, Solid Brass Hanging Planter on nd. A novel and attractive way in

i£lj;~~~~.i~):ltg:d~~~~i~;! ~;~ht ippcox. o't.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 262/1573



tr. Alfretto Porcelain Flycatcher and (hick on Log. Hand crafted and painted Ihowinggreatdetail. Height 8 inch Ipprox. (It. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price

62/1975 £17.95 £1l.99 la, Hand Polished Solid Brass Basket.

29. Alfretto Hand Painted Porcelain

~r:~~~~~~i~f~!:~~'i~ ~~al~~~J~~gr 5 inch approx.

dtal foruse either as a fruitbowl ora cat, No. nter. Attractivedesign with grape 262/1755 motlfatbase of handle. Scallopededge. Ilelght9'14 inch approx. (it. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 6211717



Sugg'd Retail £15.50

Our Price


1. Grained Effect Real Leather Barrel Shaped Baa' With twin handles, large ~~~o~i~ s~~ga~~:~~~~~hai;~~~~.r cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 260/8826 £27.99 £14.99

Rea] Leather Shoulder Bag. fully lined interiorcompanmem has 2 sections divided by a zipped compartment. Additional zipped pocket. Adjustable shoulder strap. Coated with a PU layer giving a stain resistant finish you can wipe clean. Size IOx8x2 inchapprox. 2. Black. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 260/8802 £22.95 3. White. cal. No. Sugg'd Retail 26017779 £2295 £12.99 4. Multi-Compartment Zip Top

Shoulder Bjlg. In soft fullgrain leather. 2 slip in pockets and concealed from zip pocket. Opens to a spacious interior with an inner zip mirror pocket, Full width rear zip pocket. Fullyadjustable strap. Size II x 7 x 2 112inch approx. ca[.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice £34.99 £22.99 260/8857 5. Real Soft Leather Drawstring Duffie

Shoulder Bag. Fully lined with inside mirror pocket. Adjustable shoulder strap. Size t 1 x8inchapprox. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 260/8596 6. Real Soft



Black Leather Shoulder



approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 26017157 £24 99 7. Black Leather Shoulder


Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 260/8819 £22.99 8. Black Leather "Hunter"


Bagwith Pointed Flap. Fully lined interior with 2 compartments and zip pocket. Magnetic lock fastening. Adjustable shoulderstrap.ln coated leather. Size 71/2 x lOx4inchapprox. Style Shoulder Bag. Fullflapoverwlth


~ui~W~~J1,~~~i~ ~i~edflap. compartment. Adjustable shoulder strap. Size 81/2 x 7x 2 inch approx. cat. No. 260/8792 9. Stylish

Sugg'd Retail £18.99



Our Price £10.99

Real Leather Shoulder Bag. Magnetic flap closure. Leather-lined flap, cotton hned body. Inside zip pocket. Adjustable shoulderstrap. Size 8 x 8 x- 1112 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price £8.99

~~~;ll:~~~~iaf:~~~i~dhand'e. , 1~j~:~~1;~~~d~;gt~~ Main ~t~~ f~~~d~ngth 11112inch approx ~~t:~~uet~~ ~~i;~:nZ~~F~~~~~' ~/~~54 sugz~~9R:taii oureT~: ~~\e~i~~4~~hl~~~i~~Ieather.Size9 cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUfPrice II. Leifheit "Shoppy London" Shopping trolley. Large detachable _ ~:~~Leathe~2~;:niser Ba:'~~99 !~~~~er~~~ ~a~~~~i~~~~~:I~roOf attractiveshoulderbag.idealfor tippedtop. Twin carryinghandles. everyday use. Leatherlinedfoldover SoUdbox base which canbe wiped flapwith magneticstud fastener. clean. Chromium plated frame with largeshock absorbing wheels. Carries fastener and zipcompartment. The upto lOOlb.Bag size 221llX 121h x91h main compartment has zipaccess with lnch approx, Manutacrurer's z-year interior zippocket. There are seven


Shopping Trolley. Detachable nylon bag in black and red with bottle rack lind umbrella holder. Folds flat foreasy storage. Bagsize zo x 131hx 13'12 inch approx.{Umbrellanot included.)

~~~~~~~~oI1~~ili~~~:~~~ments in Adjustab~ shoulderstrap.ln coated leather.Size8x 113/4 x23/4 inch approx. 20. White. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price ~~~~:. £32.99 £18.99 cat No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price

13. MarketeerShopping

260/8022 £32.99 22. Black Leather Organiser


Rec. Retail OUf Price 160/6093 £44.99 £24.99 t2. Norland GazeUe 4 Wheeled



sUf~g.~tai1 o~~~

Trolley. uxury leather-look detachable bag



Shoulder Bag. Foldover flapwith vanity mirror, 8 different pockets, 3 with zf access for



!iK~:~ ~~i~~t~f~~~~lf~~~~ ':~ ~i~s~~~~n:1~~~~~~'e 26x 14'hx 13inchapprox. (Umbrella key case, chequebook coverand credu not included.) card holder. Bag 11"X 9 x 4 inch apprcx. cat No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price cat No. Sugg'd getall Our Price 260/6392


£19.99 260/8039



i1a~~~~~kd;~~Kf~l;b~:~fft; zippedtop, umbrella holder anda front pocketon afoldingframe.eagslze za x 14112x 9 inch approx. (Umbrella not ~;u~~.)

~~~~~:r:~~~:~s~~~~~8er. ThiZI.p·~dagohraasdd6ecdoSmecpuanrttyme. Tnhtse'ftwroOnt 1'''' fe ~~~~~h~e~~:f~~W;~~~1 slot throughout,Adjustable shoulder strap. Personal orgamsersupplied with pen 260/4844 RealLeather Umbrella. ~~g~~~d~£~ofpersonaIOrganiSer 1\'.'0 c<?mpartmentshoulderbag ~ithfits 23. Navy. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 26017793

24. Black conceals 2 compartments, one with 26017786 mirrorzipped pocket, zipped pocket, doubleticket pocket and 2 slip-in pocketson front. Further zippedpocket on back. Fully adjustable shoulder strap. Coatedin a PUlayer giving a stain resistant finish you can wipe clean. Bag size 8 x 11 x 3 inch approx. Umbrella size 10112 inch approx when folded. IS. Black. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £22.99 260/8077 £34.99 16.Navy. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 260/8060



17.Banana Style Leather Handbag withAdjustableShoulderStrap. Two main compartments. both with zipper closure.Inner pocket with zip. Size 1 13/4 X 73/4 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrtce 260/8462 £19.95 £9.99 18. Soft Black Leather Shoulder Bag.

Magneticcatch fastening. Front pocket feature.Interior compartment has two largesections divided by a zipped compartment. Additional zipped pocket. fully lined. Adjustable shoulder srrap.Size 11112 x 8 x 33/4 inch approx. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 260/6158







1. MeleJewel Case. Automatic tray and drawer. Necklace bar and pocket. Simulated leather covering. Fined lock. Size 12lhx5x8inchapprox. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 260/1610 £35.75 £18.99 2. Mele Jewel Box. Covered in

simulated leather. Automatic lift-up tray. Necklace bar and pouch, holds up to 10 pairs ofearrings and has many storage compartments. Size 12112x 8 x 31h inch approx. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 26017171 £26.95

~~~~:nd~~~~~~bi~~d~f~i~~~~ With plain and magnified lenses. Height 13.inch approx.

car, No.

Sugg'd Retail Our Price 260/6608 £24.99 £14.99 4. Mele Wooden Jewel Wardrobe.

~~:~~~~S~~o~l;!l~~li~i':i~~~~in multi-sectioned compartment with spacious pull-out drawer lined in suedene. Size lOx 53/4 X 13 inch approx. cal. No. Sugg'd Retail 260/6251 £53.95


5. Wooden Chest Style IewelleryCase. Floraldesign etched glass lid.Top ~~K:~~~~~~c~~~[lp~~~~~a~~~s. Fullylined in suedene. Size 111/2 x 61/2

X 61/2 inch approx.

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 260/8747 £41.95 6. Design Philipp Jewel Case.

Automatic tray and drawer, necklace bar and pocket. Simulated leather covering. Size 12 x 8 x 5 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 260/3254 £31.95

OUfPrice £15.99

~~d~6~~~ige~~tf~1,~~~~~~ cutgiass doors. Carved wood surround encloses main storage area. 2 chain carousels hold up to 16necklaces. suedene b~:C~~~~~~~:;;t1~~a~,!:fenand fronted drawer at base for further storage. Size 113/1 x91/2x5lhinch approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 260/6086 £43.95 £24.99 8. Mele Wooden Jewel Wardrobe.

Enamel-look floraldesign ~assdoor. Thefull back-dropmirror highlights chain holder and rin~ cushion. Also has

~r~~~~!~~~~~z~~~ !o;~t~t~fnch approx.

Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 26017748 £29.95


9. Design Philipp Musical Jewel Case. Revolvmg ballenna. Size 53/1 x 4 x 31h inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 260/3096 £9.50

10.Mele Wooden Jewel Box. Anractively lined with rhree handy

22. Wooden Sewing Box. Concertina design. Walnut stain finish. Size 16112


~~~~~j!~vl!1Ie~~'%hc~cl~~~~~~:ir rn~l~~~~r high approx.(Contents nOI

l>textraspace,Size5x 7x 11th inch cat. No. Sugg'dRetall £17.95 £12.99 IIpprox. 260/0628 Cit. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 23. ConstellationLadies'BlackVanity 160/4961 £35.60 £19.99 TraveiCasewithRedTrim.Beautifully

:Jli~~~~~~~~fl~~~~l~~~1 Case. l~n,~~: ~r~~ir;i~~ £~~~'xR~g~~ ~;~~~

Ilmulatedleather, with hooks and insidelid.Size 12x Cae. No. Sugg'd aeau Our Price 260/8228 £25.50 £14.99 t 2. DressingTable Mirror. Afree

approx. (Contentsnorinduded.) su'ft'~. ~~tail our£r:;~ 24. "Hannah" Porcelain Doll. Porcelainhead,handsandfeetwithsoft body. Dressedin a blue dress with lace

r~g~~7a~i~~~s~~~i~~~~~~~~~~I~. IOIf2 inch approx. (Accessoriesnot

~~U~rb~~~~t~\~~~~~ (Unsuitableforyoung children.) Height


Included.) Cat.No. Sugg'dRetaii £9.49 260/4576



16inchapprox. OurPrice cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii £5.99 260/8682 £34.95

OurPrlce £16.99

~if~!ror ~~:!~fn ~i~cI~~~ri;:If;:~in~~~~ci~~ ~~~~~i~a~~~t~rgf~~~f~;' ~~d)~Jk'~ ~?:e~~J: ~~~Fitf~~h;~~:ox.

~i~~i%~~~~~~~o~~rt~~~~~~~~s~ie lOx 7 x 3lh inch approx. Cat. No. 260/0879

Sugg'd Retail £16.50

(Contents not included.)

Our Price Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail £9.99 ~26~0!!:/4~5,:!45"--o=",£2"2",.5",O __ --,,,~

14.woodenjewellerycase.Attractive angledlidfeatures matching heart shaped decorated glass inserts. Lined with compartments forallyour lewellery.Size93/4x5x4inchapprox.

26. ArgosGiftVouchers. Cat. No. 888/0105 cat. No. 888/0208 cat. No. 888/0507 Cat. No. 888/1001

£1 £2 £5 £10

Cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrlce 260/8730 £24.95 £14.99 IS, Pierre cardin Soft Black Leather

PurselWailet. Includes sections for creditcards and bank notes. Season ticketholder and zippedcoin section. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 260/8675



16. Real Leather BlackScalloped Purse/Wallet.lncJudes 2 coinsections withfurther press stud coinpocket, creditcard section, note compartment and identity card window'. Cal.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 260/8479 £5.99 £3.49 17,Real Leather Brown Framed

OrganiserPurse. features double coin sections, interior zippedpocket, four creditcard sections, Identity card windowand various open compartments. Giltcomers. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 260/8510 £7.99 18,Real Leather Multi-Pocket


~~hid~l~!ih~r~~~~risi~gI~h~~~~ bookholder, coinzip pocket, note sections, driving licence/bus pass holderand 6 creditcard cornpartments. Size8 x 4 inch approx. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 260/6653 £22.95 £13.99 19. Real Leather Black Framed OrganiserPurse. Comprising2 coin

sections, interiorzipped pocketand variousopen compartments, Foldover ~~~r~~.dfastening. Size 7 x 3%

rn~~ Cat.No. 26017463

Sugg'dRetail £17.99

Our Price £9.99

20. Fragranced Froggies. The ideal gift. 2 frogs with floralbouquet. htrractively~ackaged. Toadd

~;~~~~~~;he~~~ ~~~h ~;;~x.

Cat. No. Our Price 260/8132 £3.49 21. Aero Knitting Needle Gift Set. 14


and spring stitch holder in zipped PVC case. Cat-No. 260/3003

Sugg'dRetaii £18.12

Our Price £12.99

lotus Double Row Simulated

16. Six Pairs of Gold Plated





~g~?e~~ ranreeonpearls.

• No.

17 and

Sugg'dRetail Our Price 26311659 £7.88 £4.99 ~ sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 17. Elizabeth Duke Complete ["""""""'"

. ~:~93RO~~::duate/18.99 ~~eSs~~~~~~~~~t~~~~ive mirror. Set comprises cleansing lotion, skin tonerand

enulated Pearl Necklet. Lrt\gths 17, 18and 19inch

rox.20-yearguaranteeon •.uts.

Sugg'dRetail Our Price

moisturizing lotion(all

W ~



N~~fj~~~~~~sf~C~n~~!eige 0

~:derdc~~~~~~~b~~irh~~S8 u 0 k6~1~e'!!~~h~d~~~~-~~1ed

1~~Singl~~~:G[ad=': .4mtdatedPearl Necklace. shades ofeyeshadow, [Win lrn~gt~~~c~e~Fs~ox. 20-year 1.(, No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce lacquerand lipstick.nail ~~ /0715 £23.99 £13.99conditioner,top/basecoat •. ThePromise CollectionSilver lacquersan~ nail.lacquer rtnted Hand Engraved Bangle. ref! ~ 1:i/~~i4su~~~::ran ~1~~~~~~:ol~~~~uSg1ftand , Pierrecardin 5 Pair Earrin$ companion., . Oddy. Contains4 pairs ofwhite car.No. suggdRerail OurPrIce with goldplateand 1 pairof 268/~ £49.95 . £24.95 IUlmanteearrings. 18. Elizabeth Duke chmese



our~: ~?th:~:~:d~g~a~~:~~hest


0,3 Row Simulated Pearl Chokerwith Simulated Pearl DropMotif

Containing12eyeshadows, 1 kohlpencil. 3 doubleended applicators, 4 blushers, 2 cal. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice lipsticks, 1 ~ascara, 1 blusher 163/1738


£13.99 brush.e najllacquers.Semery

7.Pierre Cardin GoldPlated boards and 3 m~rucur~sticks. ttlngedBangie. Withdelicat~ ~/~~i4 sU~~.~~rail !1owerpattemandsafetycham. 19 Cristma flo d 0!1 on au. No. OurPrIce' 163/2414 ~.99 &~~~~;r:x~XI~ll~~onof e. Kopy-KatzGoldPlated With three slim compacts in agift box. 8lacKEnamel:Look Necklace Eyeshadow compactcontains; 4 and DropEamngs. . two-tone eyeshadows with 2

Z 0







£r:: ~~~~~~t!~~g~~ gt~h~~

9. GoldPlated Coffee Bean ~~~~~~~i~n'k~~~~cS~ipprox. ~/~~1



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sU~~5~eraii o~r~~

with blusher brush. Lipcompact gC;:;~i.ns4 lippaints with lip ~/~~31

SU~~:Setail our:.~

10. Pierre Cardin GoldPlated Olan.lllnteKnot Necklaceand Earring Set.

20. Elizabeth Duke fashion case. Top tiercontaining 3 lip colours, 3 lipgloss, 2 lipbrushes Cat. No. Our PrIce and mirror.Bottomtiercomprises 26J/~263. £11.99 9 powder eyeshadows, 1 ll.PlerreC3rdm.GoldPlated mascara, 1 tube ofliquid makeCurbBracelet. With padlock up, I eye pencil,2 blushers, 1 rasrenerandsaretycham. highlighter, I blusher brush and Cat. No. OurPrice 2 double-ended applicators. 263/1996 £4.99 car, No. Sugg'dRerailOurPrice l2. Pierre cardin GoldPlated 3 268/0941 £13.49 £8.99 BarGate Bracelet. Wit~padlock 21. COsmeticSet. E1egantblack Ihstenerand safety cham. case with mirror.Contains 8 OUrPrice powdereyeshadows, 1 mascara, Cal.No. 263/2287 £8.99 2 powderblushers, 1 powder 13. Two Row Simulated Pearl highlighter, 3 lipcolours, blusher Necklace.With a diamante set brush, lipbrush and 2 doubleheartmotif. ended applicators. cat.No. sugg'dRerail Our PrIce car.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 263/0375 £42.50 £15.99 268/0992 £9.99 £6.99 14. GoldPlated Diamante Set 22; Cristina of London Uzard Brooch from Palace. "Specialist" Make-Up Kit. Cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrIce Attractivecase with a wide range 263/2304 £12.50 £9.99 ofcolourcosmeticsforevery l5. Kopy-Katz Earring Caddy. occasion. Consistsof 18 powder

~~~:~~ri~:i~~~~~ ~~~~~~s6tb~~~~~: 1 concealer, lip'Bnerpencils,

Cat No. sugg'dRerail Our PrIce 263/1958 £18.50 £8.99



Allitemsoffashionjewellery eresupphedinapresentarton

eye liner pencils, 2 mascaras, 1 blusherbrush. 1eyeshadow brush and 1lipbrush.



~?s::=Ccttg~~~rc:t ~:~~~c~:r~~eb.~ rights,



is a very special collection of gem stone rings which have been selected to represent superb design and exceptional quality at an affordable price. This


4. getGoldFancyEmeraldand DiamondClusterRing.Setwith5 emeraldsand4 diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/4821 £220.00 £139.00 5.9etGoldRubyand Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith4 rubiesand 14 diamonds.(AvailableinsizesHtoT only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 230/6032 £378.20 £265.00 6. scrucld Rubyand Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith 18diamonds. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUfPrice £460.00 £259.00 230/3482 7. 9etGoldFancy3 TierDiamondand sapphire ClusterRing.Setwith8 sapphiresand 13diamonds.(Smallest sizeavailablel.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 230/3396 £156.40 £74.99 8.getGoidHalfHOOpDiamond EternityRing.Setwith5 diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price


~~~3~:~ Fan:~~~O:ond CI~!~e~'oo


jewellers offeringyou time to choose at your leisure, and our

trained sraffare there togive help and advice if you need It. MORECHOICE.In our extensive 1989j~elleIYcoUectionwe offer a.wlde range of products featunngmanynewdesigns. LOWPRlCES. Elizabeth Duke jewellery is sourced directly from the most reputable



~~~Ns:.twi~u6ggdi'~~~~~1~1· Our Price ... 230/477.3 .£155.00 ~99.99 ~ ~~t\~~hG~:dd~~~~~~ clusternlng. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3334' £425.00 £t95.00J:,LJ 11.getGold3 TierDiamondCluster , Ring.Setwith2! diamonds. ~ cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price.....J 204/1438 £565.00 £299.00 12.getGoldOpaland Diamond



0 U

and, ~~cause webuyinlargequantities.we

~t~~~~ngs~~~~~~8ia~~~~ce 230/3516 £320.00 £199.00 r 1"\ a.rea~le to ?ffery~)U the best 13.9etGoidFancyDiamond V .J possible prireswithout WishboneRing.Setwith8 diamonds compromising on quality. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii ourPrlcew A QUALlTY GIFT. Our quality 230/3626 £150.00 £84.99 control and gemology 14.9etGoldEmeraldand Diamond de~~ents are constantly HalfHoopEtem!tyRing.Setwith4 revrewmg manufacturing emeraldsand3diamonds. methods toensure that cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price ~ Elizabeth Duke jewellery is both 230/3602 £225.00 £10:>.00.,._, beautiful and lasti In 15.9~Gold HeartShapedsapphire r"\ ~dditiOn.allElizab~~Duke ~~~Fa:~:~~ClusterRing.Setwith ~ jewellery is hallmarked to legal cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price specifications and is presented 230/3406 £160.00 £89.99 ~ in an exdusive gift box. 16.9etGoIdRubyand DiamondHalf ~ YOUR PEACEOF MIND.All HOOp E.ternityRing.Setwith4 rubies manufa.cturers.


::r:: U



Elizabeth ~ke jewellery, with theexcepncnofeamngsfor

~~~~ ~~:y ~~;:;~g~ the

guarantee. Inaddition. all

~~.3~~~mo~~~'d Retail Our Price 230/3592 £200.00 £105.00 ~~ii~o~~I~~~~l~i~~~;.~~:~~~~d marquiseshapedsapphiresand8


Q <5

~t~~~~s. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice ~

Di:~~:dooC <i'

:f~~~~~~~~~O~!:fi~~!. for insurance purposes, will be issued for any piece of jewellery upon request.

~~~:~~:Idsa~~~~;~~nd HalfHoopEternityRing.Setwith4 sapphiresand4diamonds. ~'/~~5 sut4~~~oe~il O:~~~

1.9ctGoidHalfHoopDiamond EternityRing.Setwith9diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3554 £225.00 £139.00 2. getGoldFancyEmeraldand DiamondClusterRing.Setwith3 emeraldsand22diamonds. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 230/4845 £315.00 £229.00 3. 9etGoidFancyRubyand Diamond C!usterRing.Setwith5 rubiesand4 diamonds. car, No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/4814 £170.00 £105.00

19.9etGoldChannel~etDiamond ~ishbone Ring.SetWith10 diamonds. cat, No. Sugg'dRetail our snce 230/6018 £195.00 £109.00 2~. 9etGoldDiamondRing.Setwith7 diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3547 £195.00 £99.99 unless otherwise specified, please note that all ringsin the Duchess CoUectionareavaUableinslzeslto Tonly.

21, 9ctGoldSapphireand Diamond FancyHalfHoopEternityRing.Set wlth9 sapphiresand 18diamonds. (AvailableinsizesHtor only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 230/6025 £160.55 £115.00

23.9etGoldSolitaireDiamondRing. (AvallableinsizesHtoTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/2919 £233.90 £159.00 24. 9ctGoidSolitaireDiamondRing. Withdiamondsetshoulders. (AvailableinsizesHtoTonly.) cac No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/2902 £173.95 £122.00

26. getGoidSolitaireDiamondRing. DiamondCUtpatternon shoulders. (AvailableinsizesGtov only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/4041 £59.00 £29.99

27. 9CtGoidSolitaire Diamond Ring. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice £34.83 £24.99 28. 9crGoids StoneDiamond Ring. With twisted shank. Sizes H rc'r only. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 230/6070 £51.00 £34.99 29. 9ctGoid Solitaire Diamond Ring. (Available in sizes H toT only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OU(Price 230/2634 £32.00 £19.99 230/2854

30. 9ctGoid Solitaire Diamond Ring. (Smallesrsizeavailable I.)

o DiamOndls~~~~tsubstance .....lO knowntoman.ltisalsoconsidered

oneofthe mostbeautlful. The most popularcmofadiamondisknown [__, astheBrilliantCUt,eachdiamond r-" having 51 facets to give maximum U reflectionandrerractionoflight 00 andbrilliance.AGiftofLovethat T""""I will last forever.



carat. 100points = 1carat.

by the

cat.No. sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 230/4065 £112.50 £64.99 31. 9ctGoid Rubyand Diamond Cluster Ring. (Availablein sizes FtoS only.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price £36.00 £17.99 230/4175 32. 9et Gold Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring. Set with 6diamondsand 7 rubies. (Smallestsize available L) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3114 £105.60 £49.99 33. 18ctGold Ruby and Diamond Clusterjung.serwnh 10diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1407 £543.00 £349.00 34. set Gold Diamond and Ruby ClusrerRing. (Availablein staes F!OT only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3080 £59.20 £29.99 35. get GoldRuby and Diamond duster Ring. Setwith 12diamonds. (Smallestsize available G.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3918 £156.00 £105.00 36. get GoldRuby and Diamond Cluster Ring. Setwith 4 diamonds. (Availablein sizesG (0 Vonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £74.99 230/4182 £129.50 37.9et GoldRuby and Diamond Cluster Ring. Set with Sdiamonds. (Availablein sizes FtoT only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3097 £84.20 £39.99 38. 9etGoid Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring. Setwith 12diamonds. {Availablein sizes Hto Ronly.} cat, No. Sugg'd'Retaii Our Price 230/3138 £131.60 £82,99 39. 9ctGold Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring. Setwith 14diamonds, cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £99.99 230/3145 £154.23 40.9et GoldOpal and Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith 12diamonds. (Availablein sizes H toVonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/4199 £85.40 £42.99 41.1BerGoldDiamondSolitaire Ring. Setwith asingle brilliant cut diamond. weighing aminimum Ofl/4 carat (25 points). The exact carat weight is engraved on the inside of me shankofyourring . cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 20411562 £378.00 £249.00 42.18ctGoldDiamondSolitaire Ring. Set with a smglebnlllamcur diamond weighing a minimum of!/:; carat (33 points). Theexactcarat weightisengraved on the tnstdecfthe shank ofyour ring. cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1579 £525.00 £349.00 43. 18etGoidDiamondSolitaire Ring.Set with a single brilliant cut diamond, weighing a minimum of 45 points. The exact carat weight is engraved on [he inside of the shankof yournng. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 20411586 £855.00 £549.00 100 points = 1 carat.

1. 9et Gold Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring. Set with adiamcnds.

(Availablein sizes H to w only.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/4223 £140.00 £14.99 2.9et GoldEmerald and Diamond Cluster Ring. (AvailableinsizesFtoT only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3202 L6l.().4 L29.99 3.9et GoldEmeraldand Diamond Ouster Ring. Setwith 8 diamonds. (Availablein sizes Fto T only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3279 £84.20 £39.99

7. get GoldHalf'Hoop Diamond Eternity Ring. Setwith 7diamonds. (Smallestsize available I.) cat. No, Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 23012177 £74.BO £37.99 8.IBetGoldHalfHoopDiamond Eternity Ring. ser with 7 diamonds. cat. No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 204/0314 £018.00 £385.00 9. lSetGold2 RowDiamond Ring.Set with 14diamonds. (Sizes H to W only.) cal. NO. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1218 £539.75 10.set GoldChannel Set Half HOOp Eternity Ring.Setwith 9diamonds. (Availablein sizes Ito Tonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/4292 £175.49 L99.99 11.get GoldDiamond HalfHoop Eternity Ring.Setwith Sdiamonds. cal, No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 230/4230 £51,00 £34.99 12. 9et GoldFull EternityRing. Set with 12diamonds. (Availablein sizes] to Tonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3200 L154.oo 13. 18etGold5 Stone Diamond Ring. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1153 L447.00 £295.00 14.9ct GoldDiamond HalfHOOp Eternity Bing.Set with 9 diamonds. (Availablein sizesH to Vonly.) cal. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/4285 £104.80 £52.99 15. IBetGold3 Slone Diamond Ring. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1036 £534.00 £335.00 16.18ctGold3StoneDiamondRing. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1270 £735.00 £459.00 17. 9et GoldHalf HoopSapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring. se with 3 sapphires and Sdiamonds. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 230/4704 £73.00

4. 9et GoldEmeraldand Diamond Cluster Ring.Set with 12diamonds. (Availablein sizes H to Ronly.) cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3286 L140.90 £91.99 5. get GoldEmerald and Diamond Cluster Ring. (AvaiiableinsizesFtoS only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/4209 £36.40 £IS.49 6. 9ctGoid Diarnondand Emerald Cluster Ring. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/4584 £34.35 £21.99

27. 9etGoldHalfHOOp Rubyand DiamondEternityRing.Setwith4 diamonds.(Smallestsizeavailablel.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3231 £76.40 £37.99 28. scrcotd Rubyand Diamond VictorianStyleRing.Setwith3 rubies and 2 diamonds. 40. 9etGoldSapphireand Diamond cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price ClusterRing.Setwith 18diamonds. £51.00 £34.99 {AvailableinsizesH tc'ronly.) 230/4247 cat-No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price £122.55 £87.99 230/4144 41. scruold sapphire and Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith 12diamonds. Garnetand Diamond VictorianStyleRing.Setwith3 garnetsand+damonds. (Smallestsize availablef.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3176 £84.62 £54.99 30. 9etGoid

'--_J___.....l. __


18.9ctGoldFull EternitjRing. Set with6sapphires and 6diamonds. (Availableinsizes J to T only.) Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3224 £120.00 £82.99 19.getGoldSapphire and Diamond VictorianStyle Ring. Setwith3 sapphiresand 2 diamonds. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/4254 £51.00 £32.99 20.9etGoidHeart Design Sapphire andDiamondHalf HOOpEternity Ring.Setwith4 sapphires and4 diamonds.(SmallestsizeavailableI.) Cat No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £71.60 £35.99 230/3310 21.18etGoIdSapphireandDiamond Ring.Setwith8 diamonds. Cat No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1177 £510.00 £329.00 22.tact GoldSapphire and Diamond HaifHoopEternity Ring. Setwith4 sapphiresand 3 diamonds. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1476 £399.00 £259.00 23.9ctGoldVictorian StyleSapphire andDiamondRing. Set with3 sapphiresand 4 diamonds. Cat No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/1886 £65.00 £42.99 24.9ctGoldHalf Hoop Sapphireand DiamondBrernfty Ring.Setwirh 4 sapphiresand 3 diamonds. (Available insizesGtoVonly.) Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/2225 £66.50 £38.99 25.9etGoldSapphire and Diamond HalfHOOp Eternity Ring.Setwith5 sapphiresand 4 diamonds. (Smallest sizeavailableI.) Cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 230/2012 £68.80 £35.99 26.getGoldHalf HOOpRubyand Diamondzterntry Ring. Setwith4 rubiesand3 diamonds. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/1068 £222.90 £135.00

~~~~~leinss~:,~r~~~~IYJur Price ,230/4120 £73.75 £49.99 42. getGoldSapphireand Diamond duster Ring.Setwlthz cvalsapphires and 16diamonds. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3688 £109.00 £74.99 43. sctuold sapphire and Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith 12diamonds. {AvailablelnsizesHroRoniy.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3073 £111.40 £67.99 44. getGoldSapphireand Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith24 diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/2823 £191.00 £125.00 '-----45.get GoldSapphireand Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith16diamonds. car, No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/2005 £210.00 £145.00 46. getGoldSapphireand Diamond ClusterRing.Setwithtodamonds. (AvailableinsizesGtovonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £125.30 £67.99 230/2658 47. 9ctGoidSapphireandDiamond duster Ring.Setwith36 sapphires and 7diamonds.(Smallestsize

.ll ~~~~~~~~d:~=~fra~~~h;::."1th ruby,emerald,sapphireand tourmaline.(AvailableinsizesHto'r only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/1941 £96.80 £57.99 32. 18etGoldEmeraldand Diamond HalfHoopEternityRing.Setwith4 emeraldsand3 diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 204/1483 £378.00 £249.00 33. 9ctGoidEmeraldand Diamond HalfHoopEternityRing.Setwith4 diamonds.(SmallestsizeavailableI.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/3248 £74.00 £37.99 34. 9etGoldEmeraldand Diamond VictodanStyleRing.Setwith3 emeraldsand2 diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/4302 £62.00 £39.99 35. 18etGoldHeartShapedSapphire avanablej.j and DiamondClusterRing.Setwith cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 12diamonds.(Smallestsizeavailable 230/2816 £180.32 £119.00 G.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 48. 9ctGoldFancySapphireand 204/1359 £618.00 £399.00 DiamondRing.Setwith6 diamonds. (AvailableinsizesHtoTonly.) 36. getGoIdSapphireandDiamond cat- No. sugg'd Retail Our Price ClusterRing.Setwith 10diamonds. 230/2483 £76.60 £57.99 (AvailableinsizesHtowcnly.j cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 49. 9ctGoid75 StoneDiamond 230/2744 £87.00 £59.99 ClusterRing. 37.9ctGoldSapphireandDiamond ClusterRing.Setwith8diamonds. (AvailableinsizesFtoTonly.) Cat.No. Sugg'dRetall Our Price 230/3255 £75.00 £36.99 38.9ctGoldOvaISapphireand DiamondClusterRing.Setwith6 diamonds.(Avatlablelnslzesrtos only.) cat. No. sugg'd aeratl Our Price 230/3035 £62.60 £29.99 39. 9etGoidHeartShapedSapphire and DiamondClusterRing.Setwith 12diamonds.(Smallestsizeavailable G.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/2689 £228.00 £139.00




so. 9ctGoid100StoneDiamond ClusterRing. car. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 204/1380 £418.50 £249.00 S1.9etGoidSOStoneDiamond ClusterRing. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/2988 £224.00 £129.00


1. 9et Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Cluster Ring. Set with 20 diamonds. cat. No, Sugg'd Retail OUr PrIce


230/3901 £194.13 £129.00 2. 9etGoidBlueTopazandDiamond ClusterRing.Setwith 6diamonds. cat. No, Sugg'dRetail Our PrIce £51.00 £32.99 230/6201 3. 9etGoldBlueTopazand Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith 12diamonds. (AvailableinsizesHlOTonly.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUr Price 230/3891 £123.60 £15.99 4. getGoldAmethystand Diamond ClusterRing.Setwith 12diamonds. (AvailableinsizesHto Ronly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price £126.80 £82.99 230/3303 5. 9etGoldAquamarineand DiamondOuster Ring.Setwith8 diamonds.(AvailableinsizesGtoV only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 230/4010 £109.80 £54.99 6. 9etGoldAquamarineand DiamondClusterRing.Setwlth20 diamonds.(SmaUestsizeavailabieG.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 20411373 £539.25 £349.00 7.9etGoIdAquamarineand DiamondClusterRing.Setwith10 diamonds.(AVailable insizesItoT only.) car. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce 230/3808 £156.26 £89.99 8. 9ctGoidAquamarineand Diamondduster Ring.Setwith 18 diamonds.(AvailableinsizesG10V only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/4034 £253.80 9.9etGoldAquamarineand DiamondOuster Ring.Setwith 12 diamonds. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/6063 £165.00 10.9etGoldCeylonSapphireand DiamonddusterRing. Setwith8 diamonds.(AvailableinsizesFto V only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice £101.20 £49,99 230/4137 11.9etGoldCentreDiamondand SapphireClusterRing. caL No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 230/3028 £39.84 £28.99 12.9etGoldSapphireand Diamond TripleOusterRing.Setwith14 sapphiresand3diamonds.(Available insizesGtoVonl~.). 20. 9etGoidDiamondcJusterRing. cat, No. Suggd Retail Our Price Setwith16diamonds.(Smallestslze 230/2311 £88.40 £49.99 availableG.) 13.9etGoldSapphireandDiamond cat. No, Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 3StoneRing. 230/2061 £241.50 £159.00 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 21.9etGoIdDiamondClusterRing. 230/4096 £41.55 £28.99 Setwith 19diamonds.(Availablein 14.9etGoldCentreDiamondand sizesH to-r only.) SapphireClusterRing. car, No. Sugg'dRerail OurPrice cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrtce 230/2782 £101.70 £19.99 230/3011 £30.30 £22.99 22. 9etGoldDiamondClusterRing. 15.9etGoldSapphireand Diamond Setwith9diamonds.(Availablein duster Ring.(AvailableinsizesGtoT sizesGtoVonly.) only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRerall OurPrice cat. No, Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 230/4089 £81.40 £39.99 230/4113 £55.40 £26.99 23.9etGoldDiamondClusterRing. 16.9etGoldDiamondand Sapphire Setwith7diamonds.(Availablein duster Ring.(AvailabieinsizesftoS sizesftoTonly.) only.) cat-No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice Car.No. SUgg'dRetail OurPrice 230/3107 £69.20 £34.99 230/4106 £34.20 £16.99 24. 9etGoIdDiamondClusterRing. 17.9etGoldCentteDiamondand Set with25 diamonds.(Availablein SapphireClusterRing.(Smallestsize sIzesGtoVonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce availableG.) cat No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 230/2074 ~82.50 £149.00 230/3004 £53.84 £32.99 25. 9ctGoidDiamondClusterRing. ~t!~~~!:~~dClusterRing. ~~th~~!~rnds.{AVailablein cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OUrPrice cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice~ 230/6214 £324.00 £199.00 230/2971 £101.10 £74.990 19.9etGoldDiamondduster Ring. 26. 9etGoldDiamondClusterRing. c.,:) ~~Gth~~~n~rnds. (AvailabJein ~~~e4g.famonds. (smallestslze








40. 9ctGold Double Hearts Ring. car, No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Pnce £14.99 23111254 £29.18

41. 9et GoldHeartShaped Engraved Signet Ring. (Sizes J to Q only.) caL No, Sugg'd ReEail OUrPrice 23114440 £22.65 £14.99 42. 9etGold DoubleWishbone Ring. caL No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Pnce 23110073 £29.56 £14.25 43.9etGoId Heart Design Wishbone Ring. (Smallestsizeavailable I.) cat, No. sugg'd Rerail Our Price 23112301 £41.60 £18.99 44. 9aGoId HeartShapedSignet Ring. (Availablein sizes ltoTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our PrIce £18.99 23114017 £34.29 45. 9aGold DiamondCutWishbone Ring. (SizesFtoSonly.) Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23114282 £27.40 £12.99 46.9aGoIdWishbone Ring. (AvailableinsizesKtoQonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/3290 £13.99 £8.99 47.9etGoldFancy Ring. (Availablein sizesHtoYonly.) Cat.No. SUgg'dRetail Our Price 23112253 £30.75 £18.99 48.9et Gold sr. Christopher Signet Ringwith Fancy Shoulders. (Smallest sizeavailablel.) car, No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/4024 £34.20 £21.99 49.Ladies' 9ctGoldMedallion Signet Ring. (SizesJtoTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/4464 £39.50 £24.99 SO.22etGold 'I20thAngel Coin. Setin a9etgoldmount. (Smallestsize available/.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 240/2857 £112.49 £63.99 51.22«GoldHalfSovereign Coin.Set in9etgold mount (Smallestsize K.J cat. No. sugg'd Rerail Our Price 240/3186 £241.99 £109.00 52.9etGoldDiamond Cut Dress Ring. (AvaUableinsizesDtoVonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 231/3245 £29.38 £18.49 53. 9etGoId Double RowKeeper Ring. (Smallestsizeavailable F.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £39.99 231/1302 £67.52 54. 9et GoldBuckle Ring. (Available insizesKtoUonly.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23111292 £55.62 £23.99 55. 9et GoldFancy Open Weave Ring. (Availablein sizes FtoTomY.J cat.No. Sugg'd gerail ourPrice 23113568 £51.40 £24.99


t. 9ctGoidcameo DressRing. (SmallestsizeL) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 23]/1742 £45.20 £21.99 2. 9etGoldCulturedPearlRing.(Sizes FIOTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23113300 £30.60 £13,99 3.getGoldSnakeRlng.Setwitha ~ _ singlegarnet.(SizesFtoVonly.) cat,No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23112875 £38.61 £19.99 4. scmcldwtshbone Ring.Setwith5 diamonds.(SizesK toQonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £19.99 231/3331 £35.99 5.getGoldSapphireand Diamond WishboneRing.Setwith3 sapphires and2 diamonds.(SizesFwSonly.) Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 231/4299 £58.60 £28.99 6. 9etGoldWishboneRing.Setwith4 sapphiresand 5diamonds.(SizesGto vonly.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 231/1175 £9240 £5499 7.getGoldWishboneRing.Setwith9 diamonds.(SizesG toVonly.) cat, No. sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 231/1182 £102.90 £56.99 8. 9etGoidDiamondCutSignetRing. Setwithasinglediamond.(SizesF toS only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 23114529 £4200 £1999 9, 9etGoldDressRing.Setwith3 diamonds.(SizesHtoUo.nly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 231/0743 £43.57 £26.99[GoldAmethystDressRing. (Smallestsize I.) cal. No. Sugg'dRetail 231/2662 £62.00 11.getGoldVictorianStyleGarnet Ring. cac No. 23111209



12. 9et Gold Victorian StyleS Stone Garnet Ring. (Sizes H to Uonly.) Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23110200 £57.30 £37.99 13.9etGold"Gypsy"SapphireRing. (SmaHestsizeD.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail 23111216 £48.17 14.9etGoldWishboneRing.Setwith 5cubiczirconiastones.(SizesItoQ only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 23112181 £27.45 £16.45 15.9etGoldFancyRing.Setwith6 cubiczirconiastones.(SizesJ to Q only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/2569 £61.72 £29.99 16.9ctGoldBowShapedCubic ZirconiaDressRing.(SizesF [0 V only.) cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23114536 £32.11 £16.99 17.9etGold3StoneCubicZirconia Ring.(LargestsizeS.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £29.00 £IB.99 23113465 lB. 9etGold9 StoneCubicZirconia ClusterRing.(SizesltoTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23112442 £34.88 £19.99 19.geEGold9 StoneCubicZirconia ClusterRing.Withdiamondcut shoulders.(SizesIto Tonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/4347 £44.70 £24.99

cat, No.

20. 9etGold25StoneCubicZirconia Ring.(SizesItOTonly.)





21.9etGoldOvaIOnyxSignetRing. (SizesjtoQonly.) Sugg'dRetaii Our Price C) £20.B5 £13.99 23114488 22. 9etGoldOnyxSignetRing.With CUt-outheartshoulders.(SizesGtov Q'l only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23114079 £26.26 £15.49 23. 9etGoldHeanShaped onyx SignetRing.WithCUE-out heart shoulders.(SizesJtoQonly.) caL No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/4471 £21.30 £13.99 24.9etGoldHeartShapedOnyx SignetRing. (Smallestsizel.] cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23114086 £28.68 £~8.99

cat. No.


25. 9etGoldHeanShaped Onyx SignetRing.Inlaidwith2 goldstripes. (SizesHto!?only.) . cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23114093 £34.71 £21.99 26. 9etGoldOnyxSignetRing.Inlaid withagoldstripe.(Sizes]tOTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/4512 £34.99 £21.99 27. 9etGoldSingleStoneCubic ZirconiumRing.(SizesGto Sonly.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/3362 £21.40 £9.99 28. 9ctGoldCUbicZirconium WishboneRing.(SizesJ toQ ol11y.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/4392 £19.05 £12.99 29. geEGoldSapphireand Cubic ZirconiaRing.Withheartdesign shoulders.(SizesltcSonly.j cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 23113379 £29.99 £19.99

45. get Gold Double Wishbone Ring. Set with4sapphiresand3 cubic

zirconiastones.(staesrtovcmy.) cat. No. sugg'dRetaii Our Price 23112064 £56.43 £29.99 46, 9etGoldSapphireand Cubic ZirconiaRing.Set with 3 oval sapphiresand 16cubiczirconiastones. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/0860 £89.00 £49.99 47. 9cIGoldSapphireand Cubic ZirconiaRing.(SizesHtoTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 23112215 £37.55 £26.99 48. 9etGoldHalfHoopSapphireand CubicZirconiaEternityRing.(SizesG loVonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23110822 £35.00 £19.99 49. 9etGoidsapphire and Cubic ZirconiaEternityRing. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 23112600 £35.49 £21.99 50. 9etGold9 StoneSapphireand CubicZireoniaEtemityRing.(SizesI [oQonly.) cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 23114419 £42.25 £27.99 51. 9ctGoidEternityRing.Setwith7 cublczlrcontasrones.(SizesH toS only.) cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 23113520 £41.00 £19.99 52.9etGoldHa1fHoopCubicZirconia EternityRing.(SizesJ toSonly.) cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/0956 £56.42 £29.99

40. 9etGoldSapphireand Cubic ZirconiaClusterRing.Diamondcut

31.9ctGoidSingleStoneCUbic ZirconiumRing.(SizesltoTonly.) Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/2978 £33.73 £18.99 32. 9etGoldCubicZirconiaRing. g.~~~~oQ~~~~dRetai1 OurPrice 23114402 £35.75 £23.99 33.9et GoldSapphireand Cubic ZirconiaClusterRing.Withheart designshoulders.(SizesItoT only.) Cat. No. Sugg'dRelaii Our Price 23111962 £47.78 £26.99 Cubic Our Price £16.99

36. getGoldSapphireand Cubic ZirconiaClusrerRing.Withheart designshoulders.(SizesEtoVonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23114354 £38.02 £24.99 37, 9etGoldClusterRing.Setwitha centresapphireand 10 cubiczirconia stones.(sizesltoTOnly.) cal. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 231/2497 £49.86 £28.99 38. 9etGoldOval SapphireandCubic ZirconiaClusterRing. (SizesItoS only.) cat. No. sugg'd getall OurPrice 231/3410 £47.99 £29.99 39. getGoldSapphireandCubic ZirconiaClusterRing:(SizesGtoV only.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23113441 £68.25 £37.99

~~~~~~. (~~~'~:eo~~')ourPrice 23110987 £53.50 £29.99 41.9ctGoldClusterRing.Setwitha

0 .....J 0

~~!~~~§l:~~~~~~I~~!CZirConia C) cal. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price ~ 23112514 £65.36 £34.99 U 42. 9etGoldSapphireand Cubic (j'I ZirconiaClusterRing. with fancy shoulders.(SizesIto Q only.) Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23114378 £50.25 £32.99 43. set GoldClusterRing.Setwitha centresapphireand 16cubiczirconia stones (slZesltoTonly) car. No. sugg'dRetall OurPrice 23113025 £72.38 £39.99 44. 9c[GoldSapphireand cubic ZirconiaWishboneRing.(SizesFtoV only.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23113513 £31.16 £16.99



l:) ZirconiumRing.Withdoubleheart

Z ~~~~~. (~~::::e~t) OurPrice


1.Sterling Silver Double KnotRing. (SizesjtoQonly.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/4213 £11.58 £4,49




2. Sterling Silver Triple Heart Design Ring. (SizesHtoRonly.) Sugg'dRetail OUr Price cat. No.

d g~'/~~8 su~'g.:tail






18.SterlingSilverSapphireand ~uS~n~;;niaEtemityRing. (SizesF


ca(.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice £11.99 231/4330 £15.52 19.5terlingSilverSapphireand U) cubicZirconiaWishboneRing.{Sizes FtoVonly.} cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 231/2428 £15.88 £7.45 20. SterlingSilverSapphireand CubicZirconiaFancyRing. (Smallest sizeJ.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £9.99 23112947 £14.17 21,SterlingSilverSapphireand CubicZirconiaClusterRing. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23110884 £13.98 £9.99 22. SterlingSilverSapphireand CubicZirconiaClusterRing.(SizesF rovonly.j cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 23114323 £19.32 £9.99 23.9etGoldMaochingRings.Single stonediamondringwithpatterned weddingring. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 203/2478 £61.00 CJ7.99 24.9ctGoldMatchingRmgs.Ruby anddiamondring withdiamondrut weddingring.(SmaUestsizeI.) cat. No. Sugg'dRe~ OUrPrice 203/2753 £114.80 £54.99 25.9ctGoldMatchingRings. Sapphireanddiamondring with diamondcur weddingring. (Smallest size l.j cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPric.e 203/2485 £125.60 £59.99 26. 9etThreeCoiouredGoldRussian WeddingRing.(SizesItOQonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23114244 £39.92 £24.99 27.9etThreeColouredGoldRussian WeddingRing. (SizesltoQonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price CJ6.99 231/4251 £55.95 GoldPlainD-ShapedWeddingRings. (SmalIestsizeF.). 28. 9ctGold.Width4mm. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 203/2313 £30.17 £16.99 18etGold.Width4mm. 232/0094 £75.57 £39.99 29.9ctGold.Width6mm. 203/2069 £44.35 £24.99 IBet Gold.Width 6mm. 232/0104 £102.25 £54.99 30.9etGold.WidthBmm. 203/2423 £58.53 £34.99 t8et Gold. Width 8mm. 232/0458 £156.24 £79.99

t.r.J f--4

14.BoxedSetof2 SterlingSilver Rings.Comprisesonewishbonering andonekeeperring.(SizeSDtoT only.) Cat.No. sugg'd Retail 231/3173 £7.76

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail' OUrPrice 231/3915 £12.50 £8.45 So,meitems are enlarged toshow detall .:


~?r~~~:~~~;~(~~;~~~~~~lc cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/4309 £9.28 £5.49

d ~;~~I~i~~~~:~sS~~::':r!sF U) toVonly.)

23113159 £4.22 £3.49 3. SteriingSilverHeartShapedSignet Ring.(SmaliestsizeF.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail. Our Price £6.32 £3.99 231/3953 4. SterlingSilverSnake Ring.Setwith asinglegamet. (SizesFtoVonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/4220 £9.32 £4.99 5.SterlingSilverBuckleRing.(SizesJ toRonly.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £3.99 23112772 £4.99 6. SterlingSilverSt.Christopher SignetRing.(SmallestsizeJ.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPdce 23114433 £8.49 £6.99 7.SterlingSilver"OldThreepenny Bit"SignetRing.Setwithagenuine coin.(SizesFto Uonly.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £8.49 231/3991 £11.15 8.SterlingSilverHeartShapedonyx SignetRing.(SizesHtoQonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 231/4426 £7.50 £5.99 9.SterlingSilverOValOnyxSignet Ring.(SizesHtoTonly.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice £6.95 £4.99 23114000 10.Ladies'SterlingSilverOnyx SignetRing. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 23113977 £8.00 £4.25

11.Children's9ctGoidDiamondSet HeanShaped SignetRing.(Largest sizeL) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 231/3939 £22.BO £11.99 12.Children'S9ctGoidHeanShaped EngravedSignetRing.(Largestsize




Gold Plain HeavyweightCourt


d OU~;~ Z


~~/~;i5su~~.~tail IBaGold. Width 3mrn.


~~~~5~ld. vii~~15~m. £64.99



~~~:ci:ld.~~~67~m. £124.95 200/2818






£119.00 £69.99I--( £164.00


~J::~~t~~~~~~~~~ian Q cat. No. sugg'd Retail OurPrice ~ 231/4268 £75.45 £49.99 Gold Plain a-shaped Wedding Rings. setwith3diamonds. (SizesltoW.)

~i:~o~lds~~~~~:il OUrPrlce ~~~~~Widt~~~.



SUff~~~5e~i1 ou~:

Q .....:l


gf!~~~~r~~ti~a~~Fsi·zeF.) d 36.9ctGold.Width6mm. ~ ~i/~ su~~.::tail°U::7~~U 00

~~/~~~i Wid~~~.~6


~3~~~~d.w~~~~m. 18ctGold.Width8mm. 232/0238 £163.38

£34.99 ~ '"'~ £89.99 "<)

~ gr!~~~~r~:'~~~~I:~~~F.) ~i.9~o~ldS~:·~~~:ll OurPrice U ~~~~~~ Wid~~~~. £27.99 (J\ 232/0290 £109.36 £59.99 39. 9ctGold. Width Bmm. 203/2461 £61.82 £34.99 I8ctGold. Widtll8mm. 232/0489 £163.38 £89.99 GoldD-Shapedwedding Rings. Diamondcurpattern.(SmaUestsizeG.) 40. 9ctGold.WidthSmm. cat, No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 203/2612 £43.81 £22.99 18ctGold.WidthSmm. 232/0812 £105.90 £52.99 GoldDiamondCutwedding Rings. (Smallesrsizef'.) 41.9ctGotd.Width8mm. 203/2045 £61.82 £34.99 18ctGotd.Width8mm. £89.99 232/0214 £163.38 GoldO-ShapedDiamondCut WeddingRings.(Smallestsize D.) 42. 9ctGold.Width6mm. car.No. sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 203/2661 £53.05 £21.99 18ctGold.Widrh6mm. 23210164 £126.90 £59.99 43. 9ctGold.Width8mm. 203/2146 £67.45 £34.99 18ctGold.WidthBmm. 232/0850 £164.65 £89.99 GoldD-ShapedWeddingRings. . Diamondcutedges.(SmallestsizeF.) 44. 9ctGold.Width4mm. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OUrPrice 203/2296 £33.46 £19.99 18ctGold.Width4mm. 23210180 £82.68 .£44.99 45. 9CtGold.Widthemm. 203/2117 £41.64 £27.99 18ctGold.Width6mm. 232/0191 £109.36 £59,99 18ctgotd weddlngringsare available to order. please aUowup to 14daysfordeJivery. ~

1. Sterling

Silver Engraved


ShapedPendant. Chainlength 18 inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 234/0342 £5.40 £3.49 2. Sterling Silver Heart Pendant. Chainlength J6inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 234/1695 £4.38 £3.99 3. Sterling Silver Bear Pendant. Chain length relnch.

cat. No.

Sugg'dRetail Our Price £6.60 £4.99 4. Sterling Silver Clown Initial Pendant Chain length 16 inch. Certain lnltiais may have to be ordered. Please allow upto 14days fordclivery. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 234/1114

~~:e~~;SiIVC~:::dMade £4.99cc:: Buuerfly Pendant. Chain length 16


~~i/~~98 SU~~~I~etaiiour~~~; 6.SterlingsilverBookworm

~ >-




~~~ai~;i~~~~~~:~~~~~il~~~. caL No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price ~ £11.10 £3.79 ~ 7. SterlingSilverCruciflX. Chain


0::::: W

~f~~.6 in~~gg'd Retail OUfPrice 234/1839 £5.99 £2.49 ~ 8. SterlingSilverCross.Chainlength (f)


~;~~~. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2522 £5.37 £3.99 Q 9.SterlingSilverDiamondCutSt. ~ T~~~:~~herPendant.Chainlength



sU~~~3~tail ourt7.!;

IO.SterlingSilverSt.Christopher Pendant.Diamondcutfinish.Chain length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £6.49 £3.99 234/0782 1I.SterlingSilverDiamondCutSI. ChristopherPendant.Chainlength 16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £5.31 £3.99 234/1846 12.9etGoldTagwlthSmallcutout HeartMotifon t61nch Chain.Canbe engravedwiththenameofyour choice.Maximum9 letters. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail £14.99 234/3662


~U 0""



13. set GoldSweetheanPendant.Can 20.9etGoldClubCrosson 16Inch beengravedwiththe nameofyour Chain.

o ~~~~'c~~~~~~~~t~~~neach ~



~/~~93 sU~':.~~tail our£~: cat. No. SUgg'dRetail Our Price Zl.9ctGold"Wedge"Crosson16 234/2821 £26.99 £IB.99 InchCbain. 14.9ctGoldScriptlntftlal.Chain cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce

0"" ~e~~ol:ei~~~r~~:~~~~l~\~~~ to 14daysfordelivery. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/1956 £19.26 £13,99 15.9ctGoIdNameChain.Totallength IS inch.Anynameup to91euers availabletoorder.Pleaseallowup 10 14daysfordelivery. ~/::'4 SU?~~.~~tail O~~:

~~~::g~dDi:~:~~Ocu[cros!.17.99 Chainlengtbl8inch. cat. No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/3112 £34.86 £24.99 23,9ctGoldDiamondCutCrudftx. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2034 £IB.50 £10.99 24.9ctGoldClubCrucifix.Chain

16.9ctGoldSweetheanTags.Each ~r~~.8In~h~gg'd Retail Our Price raghasasmallcut-outheartmotlfand 234/2072 £43.89 £29.99

~i~!.e~:~~;~~e~~:~~~:::~ Chainlength161nch

25..9ctGoldCruciflX.Chainlength 18mch.

0u_:t:: ~/~2

~~}:36 su~g.~~tall

17.9c(GoldDiamondCutCross. Chainlength161nch

26,9ctGoIdDiamon~SetHean~d ArrowPendant.Chamlengthtelnch.

~);gi9 su~·~.~gtall our£.~!;~/~i6 18.9etGoldCross. ChaInlength 16lnch. cat. No. SU88'd Rcltlll Our Price 234/2:027 £1<1.$0 £7.49 19.9etGoldDIamond CutCross. chalnkngrh 18lnch. cal. No. SUSS'dRetail Our Price 234/0957 £32.09 £19.99





27. Coral F!owerPendantwith9et GoldFittingsand 161nchChain. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/3624 £14.49 £8,99

37. 9ctGoidOvai Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Pendant. Chain length ISinch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2230 £95.40 £59.99 38. 9ct Gold oval Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Pendant. Set with centre sapphire and 10diamonds. Chain length 16 inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price

234/1626, £96.51 £54.99 39, 9ctGoidHeartShapedPendant. Setwithacubiczirconiastone.Chain length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/1279 £24.20 £17.99 40. 9ctGoidCameoPendant.Chain length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2687 £35.35 £22.99 41. ge[GoldWishbonePendant.Set witha cubiczirconiastone.Chain lengthl6inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23411963 £18.63 £11.99 42. getGoldRoundSt.Christopher with 16InchChain. . cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/3734 £14.99 £8.99 43. 9ctGoidSt.ChristopherPendant. Withdiamondcutborder.Chainlength IS inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 234/0919 £35.36 £22.99 44. getGoidSt ChristopherPendant. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 234/2340 £20.37 £9.49 45. getGoidSt. ChristopherPendanc. Sati~finishwith.diamondcutborder.




f~~~~apendant Chamiength cat. No. Sugg'dRetail ourPrtce 234/1743 £57.60 £29.99 29. 9ctGoidSapphireandCubic ~~;~ila69::~~r Pendant.chain

~~~~~~gths1:;~hRetail Our Price 234/1303 £62.13 £39.99 46.9ctGoldDiamondCutOvaISt. Christopher.Chainlength16inch. su~~.~~tail O~fs~:

(j'\ cat. No, Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 234/0995 £39.81 £18.99 30. 9ctGoidBlueTopazandCubic ZirconiaPendant.Chainlength 16inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2924 £59.36 £29,99 31.9ctGoldOvaiGarnetPendant. Withropedesignsurround.Chain length t 6 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1255 £21.45 £14.99 32.9etGoldCubicZirconiaand SapphireHeartShapedPendant. Chainlength16ineh. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2869 £32.60 £18.99 33. 9ctGoldDiamondSetCluster Pendant.Chainlength18inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2986 £135.70 £89.99 34. Heart5hapedCrystalPendant 9etgoldchain,length 16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 234/0696 £9.50 £6.99 35. getGoldPendant.Setwiththree culturedpearls.Chainlength16inch. Matchesitemn03 on pageSS. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/3088 £63.20 £32.99 36. 9etGoldHeartShapedDiamond and SapphireClusterPendant.Chain length16inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Prtce 234/0263 £49.S9 £28.99

47.9ctGoldDiamondCutOvalSt Christopher. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 234/3741 £56.99 £36.99 48. 9ctGoldOpenSt.Christopher Pendant.Chainlength20 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 234/0160 £61.50 £42.99 49. 9ctGoidSt.ChristopherPendant. Canbeengravedwiththeinitialofyour choice. ChainlengthIS inch. car. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 234/3033 £42.62 £29.99 All lengthsqueted are

o d F-"











1. 9et Gold Hand Engraved Heart


ShapedLocker.Chainlength16inch. ~

~/~~M SU~:.:Oetail

o~~: 0 C>

2.9ctGoldHeanShapedLocket. Handengravedwithdiamond centre.Chainlength16inch.


~/~~ Sll?~.~:tail O~~ 3. 9ctGoldFullEngravedDiamond ShapedLocket.Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2010 £82.46 £49.99 4. 9etGoldHandEngravedOVal Locket.Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £32.99 234/2412 £61.38 5. 9etGoldHandEngravedOVal SwivelLocket.Chainlength16inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/0634 £30.75 £24.99 6.9etGoldOval''Oyster"Locket. Hingedattop.Chainlength16inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £18,99 234/2993 £27.99 7.9etGoidEngravedRoundLocket. Chainlength 16inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 234/3686 £63.99 £39.99 8. 9ctGoidHandEngravedOval Locket.Chainlength18inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2481 £98.75 £64.99 9. getGoldHeanShaped Locket.With whitegoldbow.Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £23.99 234/1994 £39.85 10.set GoldScrollDesignEngraved HeanShaped Locket.Chainlength16 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/3679 £35.99 £22,99 1I.9etGoldDiamondCUtFloating HeanPendam. Chainlength16inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £8.99 234/1884 £17.99




12.9ctGoldScissorsPendant.Chain lengthl einch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2577 £17.70 £11.99 13.9etGoidDolphinPendant.Chain lengthteinch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1217 £25.36 £10.99 14.9etGoldHorse'sHeadPendant. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2357 £24.67 £14.99

16.9ctGold''LuckyHorseshoe" Pendant.Chainlength16inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2553 £10.55 £7,49 17.9ct GoldCross.Inattractiveprayer bookstylepresentationbox.Chain lengthtetnch. car, No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/3095 £20.50 £14,99 18.getGoldDiamondSerHean ShapedPendant.Withthe inscription "'love YouMoreEaehDay"and space(ora nametobeengraved.Chain length16inch.Attractivepresentation boxwithspacefortwophotographs whenrbependantis removed. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1262 £36.50 £24.99

o 29.9crGoldTwinHeartsPendant.Set withdiamond.Chainlength 16inch.


o ~~~31 c.:>




19. 9etGoldHis 'n' Hers"Pieceof My Heart"Pendants. Namescanbe engraved.Chainlengths;one 18and one16inch.Presentationboxed. cat. No, sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/1932 £49.99 £34.99 20.9cWold"I tovevcu' Heart ShapedPendant.Chainlength ina 16inch.Beautifullypresented musicalbox. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/0490 £41¥99 £29.99 21.9etGold''CoffeeBean" Pendant. Chainiength16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £13.25 £7,99 234/1200 22.9ctGoIdHummingBirdPendant. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £19.99 £12,99 234/3648 23.9ctGoidAnchorPendant.Chain length18inch. car. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2199 £22.75 £16.99 24.9etGoldCirdedTwinHeart Pendant.Chainlength16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/3631 £14.40 £9.99 25.9etGoidHeartShapedPendant. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/0830 £12.55 £8.99 26.9crGoIdFootball Pendant.Chain length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2663 £.30.67 £18.99 27.sctccld "1 LoveYou"Keys Pendant Chainlength18inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1918 £37.76 £18.99 28. 9etGoId"Hom ofLife"and Dice Pendant.Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1073 £16.50 £8.49 Alliengthsquotedare approximate.




30. 9etGoidPumaPendant.Chain length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price ~~!~~dH~~~~~Ped"lLo~:·99 You"SpinnerPendant.Chainlength 16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1231 £34.09 £18.99 32. 9etGoldSeaHorsePendant. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2584 £18.60 £12.99 33. 22etGoid1/10 BritanniaCoin.Set with4 diamondsina getgoldmount. Chainlength18inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 234/3284 £21 t .68 £104.00 34. 22ctGold1/2SovereignCoin,set ina 9etGoidMount.Chainlength 18inch. car. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2814 £225.40 £109.00 9ctGoid"ComingofAge"Charms. 35.18Key. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/0281 £21.42 ... £12.99 36.21 Key. cat No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/0294 £21.42 £12.99 31. 9etGoid"HomofUfe" Pendant. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2388 £14.15 £8.99 38. 9etGoid"Tutankhamen" Pendant.Chainlength 16 inch.

,_J ~/~~i8


su~~.~~tail 39.9etGoldMaskPendant.Chain length16inch. ~ cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price U 234/2656 £24.91 £16.99



(j\ ~~~e~;·;~~~~~ti" Pendant. car. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £23.79 £10.49 234/1080 41. set GoldTrebleClefPendant. Chainlength16inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2209 £24.92 £13.49 42. StedingSilverHandEngraved OvalLocket. Chainlength16inch. car. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/3576 £20.05 £8.49 43. SterlingSilverHandEngraved HeartShapedLocket. Chainlength16 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRerall OucPrice 234/3590 £22,80 £8.99 44. SterlingSilverHandEngraved Oval Locket.chain length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/2515 £24.20 £8.99


coI N


1. get Gold aebbnshapcd


Earrings. ~~/~~i2 SU~~~6~etail ouri;~~; 2. 9etGoldTeddyBearStudEarrings. ~~/~~39 su~~~~etail our:t!;

Q ~

0 c.:>


3. getGoldButterfly StudEarrings. (j'\ cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/6064 £5.10 £3.29 4. getGoldRoundStudEarrings. Withdiamondcutcross pattern. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6071 £7.99 £4.99 5.9etGoldSheliShapedStud Earrings. Cat.No, sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/4334 £7.14 £4,99 6.9etGoldBallStudEarrings. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/1629 £5.97 £3.49 7,getGoidDolphinStudEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6040 £6.99 £3.99 8.getGoldDiamondCutStud Earrings. Cat.No, Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 233/4341 £7.00 £4,45 9, getGoldBabyMouseStud Earrings. cat, No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/9023 £11.10 £6.99 10.9etGoldLargeDiamondCut CreoleEarrings. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6480 £45.15 £29.99 11.9etGoidFancyVictorianStyle CreoleEarrings. Cat-No. Sugg'dRetafl OurPrice 233/2680 £55.56 £37.99 12,9etGoldCreoleEarrings. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 233/5199 £39.39 £27,99

sugg'd Retail Our Price £55.56 £34.99 14. set GoldRidgedCreoleEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/9119 £48.50 £27.99 sugg'd Retail Our Price £41.40 £27.99 sugg'd Retail Our Price £46.71 £28.99

:::""':':':":-c::-"'''''':':'-;--=-== 18.9etGoldFacetedCreoleEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23311100 £14.50 £8.99 19.9etGoldPlainCreoleEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/9092 £23.97 £15.99 20. 9etGoldRidgedCreoleEarrings. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/9102 £28.35 £15,99 sugg'd Retail Our Price £25.20 £16.49 Sugg'dRetail Our Price £15.75 £8.99 23. 9etGoldLargeFanStudEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/5515 £17.50 £12.49 24. 9etGoldFacetedCreoleEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 233/5948 £36.24 £24.99

27. scrGoldButtonStudEarrings. Withswirleddiamondcut pattern. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/6222 £18.99 £9.45 28. 9crGoidScallopedStudEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £14.50 £7.99 233/4925 29. set GoldDiamondCutLarge ButtonStudEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/2271 £25.85 £16.99 30. 9crGoid"CoffeeBean"Stud Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/5773 £6.93 £3.99 31. 9etGoidDiamondCut Sutton StudEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/4365 £8.99 £6.49 32. 9ctGoldLargePolishedLeaf Stud Earrings. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/6253 £15.75 £10.99 33. 9etGoldChinaFlowerStud Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/7685 £7.49 £4.99 34. PrettyCoralFlowerStud Earrings.With9etgoldfittings. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/6985 £8.99 £5.49 35.9ctGoldLargeOvaISimulated PearlStudEarrings.Withropedesign surround. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/4774 £14.28 £7.99 36. 9etGoldPearShapedDrop Earrings.Setwithsimulatedpearl stones. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6693 £21.94 £12.99 37.9etGoldSimulatedPearlStud Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £7.74 £5.45 233/2886 38. 9ctGoldSrudEarrings.Eachset withan8mmsimu\atedpearl. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaiJ Our Price 233/6662 £5.73 £3.19 39. 9etGoldLargeOvalSimulated PearlStudEarrings. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 233/4231 £24.08 £13.99

s« Gold6mmSimulatedPearl ;:~~~ings. Withropedesign




41.9crGoldOvalSimulatedPearl ;~~~~~ings. Withropedesign




p:: I--(


~~/~~95 susz~~~etail Our 42. 9ctGoldGlassPearlDrop



Sugg'dRetaii Our Price ~ 233/9212 £10.44 £6.99 :~~~~~ldSimulatedPearIStud



Sugg'dRetail Our Price ~

!!~~:~OIOU!~~:~dLeafD!~O.99 ~~~~~~. w~~~~~~~c;rt 233/6435 £16.68


~~~rice c.:J £11.99 ~



~~/~~46 su~;~.~~tail oU:il~~;



46. 9et3 ColouredGoldLarge DiamondCutStudEarrings. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/3218 £21.15 £13.99 47. 9et3 ColouredGoldDiamondCut StudEarrings. • Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/0163 £15.00 £9.99 48. 9et3 ColouredGoldBombDrop Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/2525 £31.50 £18.99 49.9ctGoldDiamondCutLeaf ShapedSrudEarrings. cat. No. sugg'dnetail Our Price 233/6095 £14.50 £8.45 50. 9crGoidFanStudEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Rerail Our Price 233/6088 £9.45 £5.45 51. 9etGoidStarStudEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 233/9054 £11.25 £7.99 52. 9etGol~InitialStudEarrings. certatninitialsmayhavetobeordered. pleaseallowup to 14daysfordelivery. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/9009 £10.89 £7.49 53. set GoldTwistedKnotStud Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23312251 £13.95 £9.49 54.9crGoidPigStudEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/9030 £14.00 £8.99 Earrings are for pierced ears only. please exercise caution especially juniors. when pushing butterfly fastener on to stem of earring. For reasons of health and hygiene earrings for pierced ears are excluded fromthe Argos 16day guarantee. This does notaffect yourstatutory rights.





.1. 9etGoldBowDesignand 2 Strand

23. 9etGoldSapphireand Cubic HerringboneChainDropEarrings. ZirconiaDropEarrings. Sugg'd Retail Our Price . cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price £59.20 £29.99 233/6404 £15.99 £9.49 233/6954 2. act GoldBow Earringswith 3 24. 9etGoidFancysapphireand StrandHerringboneChainDrops. CubicZirconiaDropEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price £25.25 £17.99 233/4853 £47.44 £34.99 233/4516 3. set 3 ColouredGoldPlaited HerringboneChainDropEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price

cat. No.

~~~OUIed:I:52SttandP=: _,""".,,__.""""'----"'~ HerringboneChainDropEarrings. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 233/4884 £19.99 £10.99 5. set GoldPlaitedHerringboneChain DropEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6370 £11.90 £8.99 6. 9ct GoldSingleStrandDiamondCUt HerringboneChainDropEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/3380 £7.99 £.4.49 7. 9etGoldTasselDropEarrings. cat. No, sugg'd Retail Our Price £17.50 £9.99 233/3407 8. 9etGoldGarnetStudEarrings. Withropedesignsurround. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/1526 £15.08 £10.99 9.ThreePairSetof9etGoIdStud Earrings.Comp.risi~g ~sapphires, 26. s« GoldLargeDiamondCutHOOp

cat. No.


~~~~~~nd~~~~~~~tto;..~·Price ~d~~. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 233/1966 £22.75 £13.99 233/3003 £15.30 £10.99 9ct.GoldSapph!reand Cubic 27. set GoldDiamondCutHoop


~:.o~~~ DrOtu:~;~~iI OUrPrice ~~r~~. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/9267 £29.49 £19.99 £10.50 £5.99 1~.9et.GoldSapphir~andCubic 28. 9etGoldDiamondCutHinged zirccnta Cluster~rnn~. HoopEarrings.






11·g.:;tail our~:


~th9~6~~;U~i~ ~~~~i1f:~;:~~e~t

~i 9~oGOldHingedHoopEarrings.

~~/:99 su?t'~.~;tail

233/5890 su~;~.:gtail



13. set GoldCreoleShapedDrop ~~~t GoldDiamondCutHoop Ear~n~. Ei;'chsetwitha heartshaped cat. N~' Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice cubtcairconlumsrone. . 233/5917 £24.70 £14.99 ~~/~~ su~~.-:;tall OU::-:~ 31.9ctGoldHoopEarrings. 14.9ctG~ldCubicZirconiaCluSler

g;/~~ su~~:;elail

~~ ~n~~gg'd Retail OurPrlce 233/9243 £24.75 £16.49 15.9etGoldOval Sapphireand Cubic Zirconiaduster Earrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 233/2202 £56.35 £29.99 16.9etGoldSapphireandCubic ZirconiaClusterEarrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/2185 £31.84 £16.45 17.9ctGoldSapphireandCubk ZirconiaFlowerStudEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrlce £50.26 £34.99 233/9281 18. 9a GoldHeartShapedSapphire and CubicZirconiaClusterEarrings.

32. set GoldplainHOOp Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/6552 . £6.54 £4.49 33, ~ctGoldOiamondCutHOOp Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 233/2697 ~11.35. £7.99 34. set Gol.dTwistedWireEffect HOopEarnngs. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 233/6590 ~0.99. £12.49 35. 9etGoI.dTwlsted wire Effect HoopEamngs. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 233/3658 £21.10. £12.99 36. get GoldHOOp Earrmgs.With


~~~~~lee~OU~dRetail OurPrlce 233/4255 £4.35 £2.99




~~~~~~~~~!~ ~~~o;~~~op 37. ~etGoldDiamondCutHoop zirconiumstones. Earnngs.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 233/5302 £36.28 £26.99 233/4059 £15.70 £11.49 9ctGoidFancyClusterEarrings. 38. ~etGoldDiamondCutHoop



Wit~~~?JC:!~~ri~n;.~t~~ 233/2972 £22.25 £13.49 21. 9et GoldHeanShaped stud Earrings.Eachsetwithaeubic zirconiumstone. cat. No. sugg'dgeratl OurPrice 233/5931 £25.08 £15.99 22. 9etGoldSapphireand Diamond DropEarrings.Eachset with 2 diamondsand4 sapphires. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce 233/6882 £84.40 £39.99 --.


Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/6576 £13.50 £7.99 39. ~e[GoldDiamondCUtHoop Earnngs. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/9171 £4.95 £3.29 40. 9ctGoldPlainHoopEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23317513 £20.97 £13,99 41. 9etGoldDiamondCutHOOp Earrings. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 23317441 £15.50 £8,99

42. 9ctGoId Ridged Hoop Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 233/3593 £11.35 £7.45 Sugg'dRetail Our Price £25.49 £14.99 44. 9et GoldTWistedWire Effect HOOpEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/9188 £32.50 £18.99 45.get Gold Plain Hoop Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/1131 £12.00 £7.49

Sugg'dRetail Our Price £25.30 £17.99 GoldTwisted Wire Effect Hoop Earrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/4190 £12.20 £6.49

48. 9et

sugg'd Retail Our Price £3.69 __ £1.99 Sugg'dRetail Oor'Price £7.50 £4.99 Sugg'dRetail Our Price £6.99 £4.79 52.9etGoid "Pull-Through" Horn of LifeEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/3531 £14.16 £8.99 53. 9ctGoid "Pull-Through" Coffee Bean Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £9.45 £5.99 233/6655 Eaningsare for pierced ears only. Please exercise caution, especially juniors, when pushing butterfly fastener on to stem of earring. For reasons of health and hygiene earrings for pierced ears are exdudedfrom the Argos 16-day guarantee. Thlsdoesnotaffect your statutory rigbts.


ex::I -c ex::

I. 9et Gold Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings. Each set with a 5·511.!mm cultured pearl. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price caL.NO. 233/4181 £14.22 £8.99 2. 9etGoidCuitured Pearl Drop Earrings. wlrhcrcss-overdesign.


O~lT~ 3. 9et Gold DropEarrings. Each set with 3culturedpearls. Matches


U 0"

~~~~~. ite~~~~ ~~~fe ~~'r Price 233/3809 £73.60 £35.99 4. 9et GoldCultured Pearl Stud Earrings. Each set with a 6112. 711.!mm cultured pearl. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6134 £18.42 £11.99 5. 9ct GoldLargeOval Onyx Stud Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6992 £25.01 £13.99 6. 9et GoldSwiri Stud Earrings. Each set with a round onyx stone. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/6918 £7.86 £5,99 1.9et GoldFancy Set Onyx Stud Earrings. caL No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/5553 £12.99 £1,99 8. 9et GoldBow Design Earrings. With tear-shapedonyx drops. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 23311001 £20.67 £12.99 9. 9et GoldRound onyx Stud Earrings. With ropedesign surround. cat. No. Sllgg'd Retail Our Price 233/9298 £11.64 £1.99 to. 9ctGoid RopeHalf Hoop Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/9151 £26.16 £16.99 11. 9et GoldLarge DiamondCut Half HOOpEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/5128 £55.15 £34.99

12. 9ct3 Coloured Gold Staggered

27. 9ctGoidOval

~~~:~~p OUf ~~::d ~~:~'RetaU


Sapphire and


42. scr Gold Diamond Cut Bomb Drop


CI~~~~~~~'ff' Our Price ~~~~~~. Sugg'dRetail Our Price


Dia::d ~~~:2~:ldFan:'~:op

Z <t:::~

~~~~831~lou!~3G~~d 99 :~~=dsa::~~~~d 99 Earring~·49 ~~~~.dCUJ~~~feiail OurPrice ~~:a~rp~r:e~:r7nfa~~~~etwith~i/~~61SU~'~.~~tailour:;: ~

233/1825 £20.59


cat. No. 233/6851


sugg'd Retail £102.21

OUf Price £69.99

44. get Gold Large Diamond Cut Bomb Drop Earrings.

29. 9etGoldVictorianStyleDrop

cat. No.







sugg'd Retail Our Price £20.34 £12.99



our~~: Q giI!~ilsu~'g.~~tail


gi/~50 su~g.~~tail



46. get GoldBombDrop Earrings.


31. 9ctGoldSapphireand Diamond



~;~:~~:~:Si.amond CutFanShaped

0 C-'


~~}:~i8 5u~'g.~;tail


sUff~~~e6tail ou~~:




~~';:;-=~:i:;-;;==£6C'.99=32. 9etGoldDiamond5etStud

48. 9etGoldGateStyleChainDrop ~~ii~~~=~~~~Old Staggered Eacar,"Nngs. S 'dR '1 0 Pti caEar,n. ·Nng.,..sugg'd Retail our Price ~ cat. No. 5ugg'd Retail Our Price . o. ugg etar ur ce V 233/5962 £29.64 £19.99 233/9236 £43.44 £26.99 233/2587 £28.55 £13.99

Our Price ~~~:~r~~~ =~~~.and Ruby ~20~::::-:'S:c.::==£4".4=9cat. No. Sugg'd Rerail OurPrice 22. 9etGoldFacetedBlackCrystal 233/6868 £65.76 £38.99 DropEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 36. 9etGoldEmeraldandDiamond 23311973 £6.66 £4.99 ClusterSrudEarrings.Eachsetwith8 diamonds. 23. sc GoldHollowRo~eChain cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price eadrc =~.Loopedfrom 233/5498 £122.08 £69.99 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 37. 9etGoidAquamarineand 233/3115 £21.20 £13.99 DiamonddusterSrud Earrings.Each setwith6 diamonds. 24. 9etGold"HomofLife"Drop Earrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/5474 £135.26 £79.99 38.9etGold"CoffeeBean"Drop :;;=;=;;:/5:;82,::1=.;:£;:IO::; .e:;;8==-=£~7.4=5 Earrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price Our Price 233/5845 £12.96 £7.45 £9.99 26. 9ctGoIdCrystalDropEarrings. 39. 9etGoidDiamondCutBombDrop cat. No. 5ugg'd Retail Our Price Earrings. 233/9229 £8.94 £5.99 ~~'/~~il su~g.~~tail 0U:i5~: 40. 9ctGoid"Push-up"Leaf Earrings.Earringsarepushedthrough so thattheleafdesignisdisplayedup the ear. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/1313 £20.75 £16.99 41. 9etGoldVictorianStyleBomb DropEarrings. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 233/2491 £19.95 £13.99

Earrings are for pierced ears only. please exercise caution, especially Juniors, when pushingbutterfly fastener on to stemofearrlng. For reasons of health and hygiene earrings for pierced ears are excluded from the Argos 16day guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights.

51. 9etGoldFrostedHeart Drop Earrings.Eachsetwithapaste stone. With"Andralck" swivelearfitting. cat. No. Our Price 233/6813


52.9ctGoldSimulatedPearlDrop Earrings.With..Andralok"swivelear fitting. cat. No. Our Price 233/3988 £9.99 53. 9ctGoldStudEarrings.Eachset witha cubiczirconiumstone.With .•Andratok' swivelear fitting. Our Price Cat.No. 233/6806


54. 9ctGoidCrystaiBallStud Earrings.With"Andralok"swivelear fitting. Cat.No. 233/6796


8.9ctGold2BarGateBraceiet.Set Q 1.9a GoId28arTwiJled UnkODIC WllhlAfecychnln Onacdec. ~~n~ opaltnptersrcnes. Withsafety CAl.NO. SI.I$Ii'dRcwU Our Price 236/1710 £51,90 £29.99 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 23611109 £84.50 £46,99C) ~~~~~t~~~~~r~~n~~and :~:~~l~~:~~=~t~~~~and Sllfelychaln. cat, No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2485 £66,13 £39.99 ~:,~~~ain.SUgg'd Rerail OUr Price (j'\ £82.80 £49.99 236/0360 3. 9etGold3 Bar Gate Bracelet. With 1.9et Gold3 Bar Crimped Link Gate padlock fastener and safety chain. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice Bracelet With padlock fastener and 236/1448 £81.50 £38.99 safety chain. cat. No, sugg'dRetail OurPrice £81.80 £49.99 236/1228 8.9ctGold4 Bat Gate Bracelet. Wilh padtockfastenerandsefety chain. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OurPrice 23611235 £110.02 £52.99 9, 9ctGoId 4 Bar Gate Bracelet. With padlock fastener and safety chain. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice £114.40 £56,99 236/2519 10.9ctGoId 4 BarGate Bracelet. Wilh padlock fastener and safety chain. cat, No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 236/2148 £105.30 £59.99 11.9etGold4 Bar Crimped LinkGate Bracelet. With padlock fastener and saferychain. cal. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23611242 £104.08 £69,99




tr:l 13.9aGold4BarFanStyleGate ~ ~

Bracelet Withpadlockfastenerand safety chain.

d ~~/~~ sUff~~~e:il ou~~

Z -<

14. get Gold 5 Bar Gate Bracelet. With padlockfastenerandsafecychain.

CO i;~/~~55sUff;:,~e~i1 ou~~ t:G 15. 9et Gold5 Barfan Style Gate W araceler.wnhpedlockfastenerand

>. safety chain. ~ ~~/~26 SUff~~~:Slail 0U:::~ sr: 16.9ctGoid5 BarCrimpedLinkGate d


::l cG

Bracelet. Withpadlockfasrenerand

~:.~~~ai\ugg'd Retail OUrPrice 236/1747 £118.45 £79.99 17. 9et Gold6 Bar Gate Bracelet. With

20. 9ctGoldDiamondCUIExpanding BabyBangle. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/3154 £36.99 £24.99 21. 9etGoldDiamondCutBangle withSaretycatch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £33.99 236/2540 £58.50 22. 9ctGoldDiamondCutSlave Bangle. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/3178 £66.80 £34.99 23. RolledGoldEngravedHinged Banglewith SaretyChain. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £53.50 £34,99 236/2557 24. set GoldTorcBangie. cal. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/2564 £78.80 £39.99 25. 9etGoldSlaveBanglewithHearts Design. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/1424 £86,10 £52.99 26. set GoldSnakeBangle. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice £82.23 £54.99 236/0384 27. 9ct GoldDolphinBangle. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/1785 £91.20 £57.99 28.set GoldBangle.Setwithcubic zirconiastones. • cat. No. Sugg'dRetall OurPrice £69.99 236/2511 £106.17 29.9ctGoldEngravedIdentity Bangle. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/2588 £132.99 £73.99 30. 9etGoldVictorianStyleBangle. Setwithan opalmpletstcne. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23bI2636 £129.40 £74.99 31.9c[GoldEngravedHingedBangle withSafetyChain. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/2595 £147.50 £84.99 32. 9et3 ColouredGoldRussian SlaveBangles.Width2mm. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/1431 £105.00 £69.99 33.9ct3 ColouredGoldRussian SlaveBangles.Width3mm. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/2629 £167.39 £99.99 34.SterlingSilverPatterned AdjustableBabies'Bangle. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/1352 £5.70 £4,49 35.SterlingSilverPatterned AdjustablcChildren'sBangle. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/0470 £8.04 £5.99 36. SterlingSilverPatterned AdjustableLadies'Bangle. cat. No.. sugg'd Retail Our Price £9.5S £7.99 236/0023 37.SterlingSilverDolphinBangle. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2045 £13.76 £9.45 38.SterlingSilverLeopardBangle withGarnetEyes. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 236/2306 £18.18 £14.45 39.SterlingSilverCobraBangle.Set wtthgamets. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/3068 £17.29 £12.99


~~~~~.fastes~~,~d~~C~~~Pnce ~ 236/1455 £152.00 £71.99 (f) 18. 9ctGold6 Bar Gate Bracelet. With padlock fastener and safety chain. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUr Price 236/2533 £195.00 £99.99 19. 22ct Gold Half Sovereign Coin. Set in a 9ctgold 5 bar gate bracelet. With padlock fastener and safety chain. cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 236/2980 £382.80 £147.00



1. 9ctGold "Hom of Life" Charm Bracelet. cat-No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price

£11.60 £1.99 236/3123 2. 9ctGoid"LuckyHorseshoe" CharmBracelet. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 23613130 £11.60 £1.99 3. 9ct Gold"CoffeeBean"Bracelet. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price ?36/2117 £19.65 £10.99 4:9ctGoldChannBraceletwith Padlockand safety Chain. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2423 £38.20 £28.99 5.9ctGoidDiamondCutCharm Bracelet.With padlockfastenerand sefetychatn. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/1668 £63.35 £38.99 6.9ctGoldHollowCurbCharm Bracelet.Withpadlockfastenerand saferychaln. cat. No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price 236/0119 £115.33 £64.99 7.9ctGoldHollowRopeBracelet. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2344 £16.91 £12.99

8. 9et Gold Hollow Rope Bracelet. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUf Price

15. 9et Gold Herringbone Chain Fancy Bracelet.

236/1572 £27,57 £16.99 9. 9ctGoldHoilowRopeBracelet. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/2016 £35.99 £18.99 10.9ctGoldHoilowRopeBracelet. Cat-No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2351 £43.84 £29.99 11.9ct3CoiouredGoldBraid HerringboneBracelet. cat.NQ. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2447 £ 17.99 £10.99 12.9et3CoiouredGoldEntwined HerringboneBracelet. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23611675 £25.99 £14.99 13.9ct3 ColouredGold6Strand HerringboneBracelet. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2454 £53.95 £28.99 14.9etGoldFigaroBracelet. cat. No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price 236/1534 £21.99 £11.99

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/3082 £40.15 £26.99 16.9etGoidCurbChainIdentity Bracelet cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 236/1699 £49.71 £28.99 17.9ctGold3 BarGateStyleIdentity Bracelet. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaiI Our Price 236/2124 £82.00 £45.99 18.9ctGoldPaperChainBracelet. car, No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/1510 £8.99 £5.99 19.9ctGoidOvalBelcherBracelet. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/2313 £11.91 £6.99 20. 9etGoldFourRowOval Belcher Bracelet. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2337 £45.90 £29.99 21.9ctGoldTwisredRopeBracelet withlmitationPadlock. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 236/0717 £14.66 £8.99 22.9ctGoidHerringboneBracelet. cat-No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price 236/1383 £9.50 £5.49

and Anchor

27. gel Gold Entwined Herringbone Bracelet. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUfPrice £17.99 2:36/1620 £35.95 28. 9et Gold6 Plait Diamond Cut Herringbone Bracelet. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 236/2409 £93.50 £54.99 29.9ctGoidFancyHerringbone Bracelet. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/3075 £26.99 £14.99 30. 9ctGoid Graduated Curb Bracelet. cat. No. sugg'dgeran OurPr:lce 236/0779 £81.30 £54.99 31. 9et Gold V·Shaped Entwined

Herringbone Bracelet. With heart motif. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUf Price £39.99 236/3109 £60.45 32. set Gold Diamond Cut V-Shaped Herringbone Bracelet cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUf Price 23611589 £14.99 £8.99 33. 9ct Gold Twin v-shaped Herringbone Bracelet. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £17.99 236/2090 £27.50 34. Sterling SilverV -Shaped Diamond Cut Herringbone Bracelet. cat.No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 236/0865 £4.84 £2.99 35.Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet. With heart shaped charms. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 236/3037 £7.95 £5.99 36. Sterling Silver Curb Bracelet. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/3020 £3.80 £2,99 37. Sterling Silver Entwined Herringbone Bracelet. With 2 gold plated strands to create a 3 colour effect. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 23611479 £10.65 £7.99 38. Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with Padlock Fastener and Safety Chain. Cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUf Price £11.20 236/0243 £7.99 39. SteriingSilver3 Bar Gate Bracelet. With padlock fastener and safetychain. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 236/0463 £20.80 £10.49 40. Sterling Silver 4 Bar Gate Bracelet. With padlockfasrener and safety chain. cat-No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/1345 £30.20 £15,99 41. SteriingSilver3 Bar Gate Style Identity Bracelet. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 236/3044 £30.70 £16.99 AUladies' braceletsare approximately 7 inch to 7I,~ inch in length.








g; ~

23. 9et Gold Herringbone Bracelet.

V) ~~/~~ SU~~,~~!ail c..:> 24.9ctGoldDiamondCut

Z Herringbone


Bracelet. 1--"4 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price _.l236/2375 £27.50 £15.99 25. 9et Gold Herringbone Bracelet: ~ cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price ~ 236/3099 £52.99 £29.99 U) 26. sctccld Double Braid Herringbone Bracelet. cat. NO~ sugg'dRetail OurPrice 236/2368 £17.50 £8.99


1. getGoidBelcherChains. Length181neh. Cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/0693 £13.23 £1.99 Length20 inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £14.49 £8.99 235/0103 2. 9ctGoldOvalBelcherChalns. Length18lnch. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/2163 £23. IS £13.99 Length20 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 23512170 £25.76 £15,99. 3. get GoldOvalBelcherChains. LengthIS Inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3481 £.38.50 £24.99 Length20 inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3511 £42.50 £21.99 Length24 inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £5.1.00 £34.99 235/4431 4. 9etGoidBelcherChains. Length 18 inch. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail oui Price 235/0710 £42.50 £28.99 Length20 inch. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £47.50 £32.99 235/0121 Length24 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price '235/0734 £56.25 £39.99 5. 9etGoldOvalBelcherChains. Length 18 inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £10.55 £44.99 235/2181 Length20inch. Cat. No.- Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2194 £78.40 £49.99 Length24 inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3528 £93.95 £59.99 6. 9etGoldOvalBelcherChains. Length20inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £93.12 £59.99 235/0158 Length241neh. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our PrIce £122.17 £74.99 235/4448 7.getGoIdDiamondCutBelcher Chains. Length18lnch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2804 £97.75 £59.99 Length20 inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/2811 £108.00 £67.99 Length24 inch. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/4455 £131.05 £79.99 8. 9etGoidHeavyweightBelcher Chains, Length 20 inch. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £94.99 235/4462 £157.75 Length24 inch. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £189.45 £115.00 235/4479 9. 9etGoIdPaperChain.Length 16ineh. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3470 £22.88 £15.99 10.getGoldPaperChains. Length18ineh. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail' Our Price 235/1623 £32.26 £17.99 Length20 inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/1630 £35.48 £19.99 11.9etGoldAnchorChain.Length 18inch. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3016 £36.44 £25.99 12.getGoldCulturedPearlBar Brooch. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23711335 £37.00 £24.99 13.9etGoIdBroochwithHand carvedcameoand FoldAway PendantAttachment. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 237/1359 £56.99 £36.99

Q 14.9etGoIdButterflyBrooch. -:l'~~/~~42su~:.~~tail O~::.~ 15,9et GoldBowand TasselBrooch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23711823 £19.35 £12.99 U 16,9etGoIdBroochwithHand 0" ?e~~dn~:C~~~~~ldAWay cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 237/1146 £144.40 £69.99_ 17.9etGoIdHummingBirdBrooch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 237/1593 £35.99 £23.99 18.9ctGoldSwanBrooeh. Cat.N.o, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 237/1603 £51.68 £29.99 ~



19,9etGoldVictorianBar Brooch.Set ~~~~:me~~gg'dRetaii OurPrice 237/1744 £78.80 £39.99 20. 9etGoidTwistedRopeChains. LengthIS inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice ~~~~6inc/15.25 £9,~ Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/1018 £16.27 £10.99 21.9etGoidTwistedRopeChains. LengthlSineh. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2828 £24.37 £15.99 Length20ineh. ~~~7 sU~~.~~rail ou:r:.~

22. 9et Gold Twisted Rope Chains. Length 18 inch . cat. No. Sugg'dReraii OUr Price 235/0394 £47.43 £29.99 Length20inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our PrIce 235/4534 £51.63 £32.99 U 23. 9et GoldHollowRopeChains. (J'\ Length 16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dReraii Our Price 235/3542 £45.10 £29.99 Length IBinch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUr Price 235/3559 £50.75 £34.99 length 20 inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3566 £56.40 £39.99 Length22 inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 235/4486 £60.33 £44.99 Length24 inch. cat,No, sugg'd aerau Our Price 235/3573 £67.70 £49.99 24.9ctGoldHoUowRopeChains. Length t 6 inch. car. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £69.72 235/2615 £39.99 Length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/2622 £94.99 £44.99 Length20 inch. cat-No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2639 £103.50 £48.99 Length22 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price .235/2646 £113.99 £54.99 Length24 inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 235/3140 £11S.00 £59.99 25. 9etGoldHollowRopeChains. Length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3597 £94.02 £69.99 Length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3607 £105.33 £74.99 Length20inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3621 £115.86 £79.99 Length22 inch. Cat.No. sugg'd netau Our Price 235/4510 £128.29 £84.99 Length24 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 235/3645 £143.00 £89.99 26. 9etGoldGraduatedHollowRope Chain.Length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/0789 £156.60 £99.99 27. getGoldFigaroChain.Length J8inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2608 £45.50 £26.99 2S.scr GoldHollowFigaroChains. Length16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 23513315 £69.90 £39.99 Length18inch. cat, No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3968 £73.70 £44.99 tengthzolnch. cal. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice £81.50 235/4589 £49.99 29. 9etGoldBevelledFigaroChain. Length20inch. cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3975 £137.10 £79.99 30.9crGoIdHeavyweightFigaro Chain.Length23112 inch. cat-No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/1867 £190.50 £129.00 31. 9etGoldCurbChain.Length 18inch. cat. No. 235/1609 32. 9etGoidDiamondCUICurbChain. Length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail 235/1063 £26.30

Q ......l


t:.:l E-<


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Z :::::J


W E-< tI)

33. get Gold Diamond Cur Curb Chains. Length 18inch. cat-No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price 23512732 £51.99 £29.99 Length 20 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 235/3432 £51.93 £34.99 34. get Gold Curb Chain. Length IBiRCh. cat. No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price 235/4424 £55.95 £36.99 35. 9et Gold Curb Chains. Length18lnch. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 235/2598 £69.99 £39.99 length 20 inch. eat.No. Sugg'dRetall Our Price 235/3229 £76.50 £44.99 36, 9etGoldDiamondCutHollow CurbChain.Length20inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3463 £114.00 £74.99 37. 9etGoldDiamondcur HeavyCurb Chains. Length18inch. cat. No. sugg'd getau Our Price 235/1238 £145.50 £99.99 Length20 inch. cat. No.. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 235/1245 £161.75 LI09.00 3S,9etGoldCleopatraStyleNerklet. Lengthtemch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3982 £61.23 £39.99 39. 9etGoldCleopatraStyleNecklet. Length1Sl.,'i inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/1874 £74.10 £4S.99 40. SterlingSliverHummingBird Brooch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Prtce 237/1799 £6.49 £4.99 41. SterlingSilverBowand Tassel Brooch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 237/1256 £4.95 £3.99 42. SterlingSilver8rooch.Adrctecf bowssetwith8 realsapphires. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 237/1809 £26.97 £17.99 43. SterlingSilverFiligreeButterfly Brooch. cat. No. 5ugg'd Retail OUrPrice 237/0037 £15.97 £9.99 44. SterlingSilverOnyxBarBrooch. cat. No. Sugg'dRctai! Our Price 2371!311 £11.S8 £8.99



-l -l ~

W -. ~




Z -l

0::: W

Eir: ~

Q -l


d E-



C9 dt I


eat. No.

0 0

Sugg'dRetail Our Price ~ 235/2617 £12.99 £7.99 c...:> 2. 9etGoidHerringboneChain. Lengthtemch.




0" 3. 9etGoldHerringboneChains. Length16inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2842 £31.95 £17.99 Length18ineh. eat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3676 £39.50 £21.99 4. 9etGoldHerringboneChains. Length16ineh. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2134 £50.50 £29.99 Length18ineh. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3690 £57.99 £34.99 5. 9ctGoldHerringboneChain. Length16inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £44.99 235/3281 £78.99 6. 9ctGoidHerringbonechains. Length16inch. eat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/2859 £101.50 £59.99 Length18 inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3717 £112.50 £67.99 7.getGoidHerringboneCh.ain. Length16ineh. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/4541 £144.99 £79.99 8. 9ctGoid3 StrandHerringbone Neeklet Length.16inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £54,99 235/3731 £93.50 9. getGold3 StrandPlaited HerringboneNeeklet.Length16inch. eat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 235/2938 £39.08 £29.99 10.getGold6 StrandPlaited HerringboneNeeklet.Length16inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2921 £110.99 £64.99 11.9et2 ColouredGoldPlaited HerringboneNeckler. Length16inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/4558 £161.99 £89.99 12.9etGold6StrandPlaited HerringboneNecklet. Length16inch. eat.No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/2969 £223.99 £129.00 13.9c[3 ColouredGoldCollarette. Length 16inch. eat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3126 £319.00 £185.00 14.getGoldAnkJeChain.wlthdouble heartmotif. Length9 inch. eat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 23511520 £20.65 £12.99 15.9etGoid"CoffeeBean"Anklet Length9 inch. eat No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/4596 £23.05 £14.99 16.sctcoldDiamondcurv-sbaped HerringboneNecklet. Length16inch. eat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3298 £31.50 £17.99 17.9etGoldDiamondCutV-Shaped HerringboneNeckjet. Length16inch. eat. No. Sugg'd'Retaii OUfPrice 235/2866 £40.50 £23.99 18. 9etGoldDoubleV-Shaped HerringboneChain.Length.16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 235/3748 £45.99 £27.99 19.9etGoldPlaitedV-shaped HerringboneNeekJet.Length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3755 £40.00 £28.99 20. 9etGoldEntwinedHerringbone NeekletwithHeart.Length.16inch. eat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/2880 £56.50 £32.99 21. 9et3 colouredGoldPlaitedVShapedHerringboneNeeklet.Length 16ineh. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3779 £56.85 £37.99

22. 9ct Gold Double V-Herringbone 39.SterlingsilverV-Shaped Necklet. Length 16 inch. Diamond Cut Herringbone Necklet. Sugg'd Retail Our Price Length 16 inch. cat. No. 235/3786 £71.50 £39.99 cat. No. Sugg'dRerail OurPrice 23. 9ctGoIdV-ShapedHerringbone 235/2316 £7.50 £5.99

Necklet.Length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £87.99 £49.99 24. 9ct3 COlouredGoldEntwinedVShapedNecklet.Length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/2567 £72.15 £49.99 25. 9ct3 ColouredGoldV-Shaped PlaitedHerringboneNecklet.Length 16inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/3906 £139.99 £79.99 26. 9etGoidHeavyV-Shaped 235/4565

0::: ~

~~;:.bon~~:~e~~~Rgt~:: £154.50


40.GoldPlatedSterlingSilver EntwinedNeckler.Length16inch. cat. No. sugg'd aerau Our Price 235/1939 £21.72 £14.99 41.SterlingSilverEntwined DiamondCutHerringboneNecklet. Length16inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3425 £22.45 £16.99 .42,SteriingSilver6StrandPlaited HerringboneNecklet.Length16inch. car. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 235/4417 £25.70 £17.99

~~~ ~~: ~~I~~h~rrlngbone Necklet. £89.99 car. No. sugg'd xeratl Our Price 235/3951 £56.50 . £32.99

::> 27.9ctGold8StrandV-Shaped

d ~~~on~~~~e~e~~gth~~~~ £186.99 £99.99


c.:> Z



28. 9c(3 COlouredGoldV-Shaped

::i~~~~eD~~~~~~~~hbowand tassel.Length 16inch. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price

~~a~~~e. L~~~J it~~~ChourPrice :~~~e!~~gSil:~~a~ond cu~8,99 £169.30 £109.00 HerringboneNeckler.Withbowand



~~~~~!f:u~~:=~~~~~ith ~~~~~h~vera][len~hincJ~dinglaSS~l cat. No. Sugg d Retail Our Price j:.t..:J 9ctgoldclasp. Length16inch. ~ cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPric::e 235/2031 £9.69 £7.99 U) 235/3999 £179.50 £89.99 46.SterlingSilverDiamondCU[ 30, CulturedPearlNecklace.Each' HerringboneNeckler.Withheartand pearlindividuallyhandknotted.With ~el. Overalllengthincludingtassel 9ctgoldsafetyclasp.Length16inch. 19Inch. , . cat. No. Sugg'dRerail Our PrIce cat.No. Sugg d Retail Our Price £208.50 £139.00 235/4400 £12.40 £9.99 235/3009 31. 9etGoldBeadand BlackOnyx CleopatraStyleNecklec. Length tetnch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/4606 £42.75 £29.99 32. 9ctGoidHeartDesignNecklet. Length16inch. cat. No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/4620 £119.45 £69,99 33. SterlingSilverBelcherChain. length 20 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/1465 £5.50 £3.99 34. SterlingSilverTripleRopeChain. Length18inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 235/2718 £6.73 £4.99 35. SterlingSilverCurbChain.Length ~~n~~. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 235/4390 £9.50 £6.99 36. SterlingSilverDiamondCUt FigaroChain.length 20 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 235/3377 £11.85 £8,99 37.SterlingSilverCurbChain.Length 20 inch. cat. No, sugg'dRetail OurPrice 235/3391 .£20.76 £13.99 38. SterlingSilverHoUowRope Chain.Length20 inch. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 23512684 £20.10 £14.99 AIllengths quoted are approximate.


I. Sterling Silver Round St. . Christopher Pendant. With diamond cut border. Chain length 18 inch. Sugg'd Retail Out Price cat. No. 234/3600 £10.49 £6,99

2. SterlingSilverRoundSt. Christopher Pendant. wlthdtarnond cut border.Chainlength !8 inch.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/2546 £11.28 £9.99 3.SterlingSilverSquareCurb Bracelet.Length8 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/2021 £11.48 £1.99 4. Gents'SterlingSilverOnyxSignet Ring.(SmallesrsizeO.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 240/3409 £9.30 £1.99 5. Gents'StcrlingSilverHaernatire SignetRing.Diamondcut shoulders. (smallesrslzeo.)

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 240/3423 £12.82 6. Gents'SterlingSilverHaematite SignetRing.(SmallestsizeI.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 240/2606 £11.42 £9.99 1.Gents'SterlingSUverOnyxSignet RingwithSterlingSilverStripes. (smallesr stzef.) cal. No. Sugg'dRetail 240/2141 £15.30 8. Gents'SterlingSilverHaematite SignetRing.Diamondcutshoulders. (SmaliestsizeK.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail 240/2613 £15,95 9. SterlingSilverHalfEngravedCuff Links and TieTack.Withplasticfitting tonetack.Ametaltleretamer canbe suppliedfreeofcharge(seeinset). cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Prtce 237/1328 £16.86 £12.99 10.9ctGoidRidged"HornofLife" Pendant.Chainlength18inch. Cal.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1554 £36.00 £19.99 II. 9etGoidDiamondCutMaltese Cross.Chainlength!8 inch. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/3710 £42.50 £23.99 12.9ctGoldDiamondCutRoundSt: ChristopherPendant.Chainlength tatnch. cat, No. Sugg d Retail Our Poce 234/3758 £83 15 £4999 13.9etGoldLargeAnchorPendant. Onheavyweight chain.length20 inch. ~/~~5 sU";~~~tall °U::9ri~ 14.Gents'9ctGoidOnyxSignetRing. (Sma!iestsizeL.) cal. No. Sugg'dRetaii our snce 240/3203 £42.00 £26.99 15.Gents'9ctGoidOnyxSignetRing. Inlaidwith 2 diagonalgoldslripes. (SizesQtoW.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Out Price 240/3454 £46.74 £29.99 16.Gents'9ctGoidDiamondSet OnyxSignetRing.(SmallestsizeI.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 240/3117 £47.50 £29.99 17.Gents'9ctGoldOnyxand ~~~~)nd Cut SignetRing.(Smallest cal. No. SuggdRetatl Our Price 240/3124 £6534 £39,99 18.Gents' set GoldOnyxSignetRing. Diamondcutshoulders.(SizesM[0 V.l cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUTPrice 240/3447 £34.95 £24.99

, 19.Gen~'9ctGoldOnyxSignetRing. (SizesKtoW.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 240/3430 £36.18 £19.99 20.Gents'9etGoidCushionShaped OnyxSignetRing.(SizesMtoX.) cat. No. sugg'dgeran Our Price 240/3100 £42.15 £29.99 21. Gents'9etGoldOnyxSignetRing. Setwitha singlediamond.(Smallest sizeK.) cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 240/3210 £69.95 £44.99 22. Gents'9ctGoldHaematlteSignet Ring.(SizesQtoW.) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 240/3478 £41.67 £26,99 ~




~~.e{~~~:s~~~~ ~~matlteSignet cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce t:) 240/1834 £78.87 £42.99 ~ 24.Gents·9ctGoldHaematiteSignet U Ring.Diamondcutshoulders. (J'\ (SmallestsizeM.) cat, No, Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 240/3227 £85.60 £39.99 25.Gents'9ctGoldSquareHaematite SignetRing.(SmalIestsizeM.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 240/2761 £49.69 £29.99 26.Gents'9ctGoldHaematiteSignet Ring.Withfancyshoulders.(Smallest sugg'd Retail Our Price 240/3485 £57.93 £34.99


27. Gents'9ctGoidDiamondSet SignetRing. With fancyshoulders. (SmaUestsizeM.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUTPrice 240/3519 £50.95 £34.99 28. Gents'9etGoidDiamondSet SignetRing.Pattemedshoulders. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 240/3265 £72.15 £49.99 29. Gents'9etGoIdDiamondSet SquareSignetIUJ:tg. Withtwo . diagonalonyxsmpes. (SmallestSIZe ~L No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 240/3258 £61.49 £39.99 30. 9etGoldDiamondCutCUfflinks. cat. No. sugg'dRetail our snce 23711610 £74.10 £49.99 31. 9etGoldOvalCufflinks. car,No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 237/1373 £47.15 £34.99 32.9ctGold Cufflinks. Each lnlaidwith S car. No. 237/1847

39.Gents'9et GoldSignetRing.Set with 7 cubiczirconiastones.(Smallest sizeM.) Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 240/2338 £71.25 £37.99 40.Gents' 9etGold9 StoneCubic ZirconiaRing.Diamondcut shoulders.(smallesrslzeo.j Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £63.85 £41.99 240/3399 41. Gents'9ctGoid"Identity" Ring. can beengravedwithupto9 letters. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 240/1803 £51.00 £34.99 42. Gents' get GoldDiamondCUt SignetRing. (SmallestsizeP.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 240/3090 £82.95 £43.99 43. gel GoldDiamondCutTieSlide. Withintegralsafetychain. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 237/1775 £41.50 £29,99 44. set GoldEngravedTieSlide. Cat.No: Sugg'dRetail Our Price 237/1517 £33.36 £22.99 45. 9ctGoidTieChain.Forkeeping necktiein place. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 23111562 £21.90 £15.99 46. Gents'9ctGoldIdentityBracelet. Length8inch. • Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail our snce 236/3147 £119.95 £79,99 47. Gents'9ctGoidLargeLinkCurb Bracelet.Length8inch. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 236/0810 £117.00 £79.99 48. Gents'9etGoidCurbBracelet. Length8inch. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £119.00 236/2430 £198.99 49. 9etGoldHeavyweightCurb Bracelet.Length73/4 inch. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 236/0133 £437.28 £199.00 Someitems are enlarged roshcw detail. Alllengths quoted are approximate.

33. Gents' 9ctGoid Hand Engraved Victorian Style Signet Ring. Cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 240/3296 £75.00 £49.99 34. Gents' 9ctGoid Medallion Signet Ring. (SmaUestsizeL.) Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 240/1872 £115.57 £59,99 35. 22ct GoldHalfSovereign Coin. Set in 9ctgold mount. (Smallest size K.)

Cal.No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 240/3186 £241.99 £109.00 36. Gents' get GoldCubicZirconium SignetRing. (SmallestslzeM.) Cal.No. sugg'd Retail OUr Price 240/2462 £63.20 £29.99 37.9ctGoldCiawSerCubic ZirconiumSignetRing.(SmaUestsize N.)

Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 240/2792 £46.38 £27.99 38. 22ctGold'!.2oth AngelCoin.Setin a9ctgoldmount. (SmallestsizeJ.) Cal.No. sugg'd Retail OUf Price 240/2857 £112.49 £63.99

I, Boxed5e1 o(Thrcc 9a Cold tklK't'lru COfI1(XixlO'Iolbdther, ~C'1Jnltb.nd Mnlnponr


('.1 NO ,ulbl'd l\C't.U Our rrtce l..Wl.1JO U2 &0 £12',99 !C:I~~~r:IJ~dt~:,~~~~JI~fe~~~ I()Inch, Presenumcn boxed. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price £32.99 23~/4110 £54.99 3. 9ct Goldv-shaped Herringbone Neckletand BraccietSet. Necklet length 16 inch. Presentation boxed. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUf Price £29.99 235/3162 £50.99 4. 9ct GoldHerringbone Chain and BraceletSet Chainlength 16inch. Presentation boxed. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 235{3669 £40.50 £21.99 5.Presentation BoxedSetof9ct Gold Earrings. sercompnses diamond cut hoops, bands and studs. cat-No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPOce 233/9047 £22,62 £14.99 6. Presentation BoxedSet of9ctGoid Earrings. setcomprtseshoops, "hom oflite" studs and singlestrand herringbone chain drop earrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 233/4413 £16.50 £9.49 7. Presentation BoxedSetof9ctGoid Hoop Earrings. Set comprises one plain and 2 diamond cut pairs ofhoop earrings. cat. No. 233/6260 8. Presentation BoxedSetof9ctGoid Earrings. Set comprises coffeebean studs, diamond cut hoops and diamond cut button stud earrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 233/6284 £20.99 £12.49 9. Presentation Boxed Set of9ctGoid Earrings. Set comprisesbows, bells and horseshoesrudearrings. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUf Price 233/0929 £17.43 £13.99


10. Presentation Boxed set Gold Diamond and Sapphire Pendant and EarringSet. Chain length 16 inch. ear.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 23411657 £117.00 £79.99

11.Presentation Boxed set Gold Lion's Tooth Pendant and Earring Set. Chain length 16inch. ear. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/3765 £21,50 £15.99 12.Presentation Boxed set GoldFan Pendant and EarringSet. Chain length Ieinch. eat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 234/1901 £31.99 £IS.99 13.Presentation Boxed 9ct Gold Leaf Pendant and EarringSet. Chain length 16inch. eat.No, Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 234/2632 £2S.50 £16.99 14, Presentation Boxed set Gold Leaf Stud Earringsand Brooch Set. car, No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 233/9308 £28.50 £IS.99 15. Presentation Boxed set Gold UzardSrud Earrings and BroochSet. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/9315 £44.50 £24.99

16.SterlingSiiverEntwined Herringbone NeckletandBracelet Set. Neckletlength 16inch. Giftboxed. cat. No. Sugg'o.Retaii OUrPrice 2351341S £16.65 £12.99 11. Town TalkJewelsparkle. A complete cleaning kit foraU gold. preciousstones and cubiczirconia jewellery. NB- not suitable foruse with pearls, coral or paste stones. car. No. Our Price 190/0006 £1.99 IS.Town Talk Silver Sparkle. A completecleaning kit forallsilver, preciousstones and cubiczirconia jewellery. NB- not suitable foruse with pearls, coralor paste stones. cat. No. OUr Price 190/0013 £1.99 19.Presentation BoxedSetof Sterling Silver Earrings. Setcomprises coffeebean drops, plain hoops and dolphin srudearrings. car. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 233/6019 £8.99 £4.99




o: d

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O '""I sr: 0 Er.r.J


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20. Presentation BoxedSetof Sterling Silver Earrings. Set comprises pair of plain, twisted.and diamond cut hoop earrings. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 233/4310 £5.99 £3.99 ~t~rrr::~~I~:~oEna~~~:~.~~~~mprises ~:~t~~~a:.e knot studs and twisted cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £4.99 £7.50 22.PresentationBoxedSetof SterlingSilver Earrings. Set comprises 233/4327

C/) ~i~:.fassg~::,~a~~. 233/6033 £10.85

OurPrice £6.99

23. Presentation BoxedSetof Sterling Silver Earrings. Set comprises diamond cut hoops. bands and studs. cat, No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £9.S1 £6.99 233/9016 24. Presentation Boxed Sterling Silver "Horn of lffe' Pendant and EarringSet. Chain length 16inch. eat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 234/1121 £9.05 £5.49 25. Presentation Boxed Sterling suver spnngyxncrsendemand Samngser.chalnlength telnch. eat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price ::e~:Squ~:::re approximate.


1. Seiko Gents' Quartz Chronograph Watch. Features include: chronograph with split time capability, day/date calendar, luminous hands. Hardlex scratch resistant glass. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Splash proof. cat, No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/81OS £175.00 £115.00 2. Selke Gents' Quartz DressWatch. Gold plated case and bracelet. Hardlex scratch resistant glass. Sweep second hand.

cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price £49.95 25118930 £77.50 3. Seiko Gents' QuartzWatch. Date. Sweep second hand. Gold plated case and bracelet. Scratch resistant glass. cat. No. sec. Retail Our Price 251/7498 £99.50 £67.95 4,SeikoGents'QuartzWatch. Stainless steel case and bracelet Sweep second hand. Day/date calendar. Batterylifeindicator. Luminoushands.Hardlexscratch resisrarugtass.waterresisranrtc 100m. cat. No. nee. Rctail Our Price 25114934 £69.95 £49.95 5,Seiko Gents' Quartz calendar Watch. Gold plated case. teathersrrap. Hardlexscratchresistantglass. cat. No, Rec. Retail Our Price 25118095 £65.00 £44,95 e.selkocenrs' QuaftZAnalDigi Alarm Watch. Digital functions: alarm, stop-watch, dual time zone, month/day/date calendar. Scratch resistant glass. Backlight. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price ·251/4044 £95.00 £57.95

7. selkcuenrs' Quartz Ana/Digi Watch. Goldplated case and bracelet. Digitalfunctions: dual time zone, alarm. stop-watch, month/day/date. Backlight. Hardlexscratch resistant glass. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25113629 £105.00 £67.95 8, SeikoGcnts' Quartz Ana/Digi Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Digital functions; dual time zone. alarm, stop-watch. month/day/ date. Back light. Hardlexscratch reststamglass.splashprocf cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price 251/3605 £72.50 £47.95 9.SeikoGents' AutomatlcWatch.Self winding automatic watch.Luminous dial markings and hands. Day/date, statnlesssteelcaseandbraceler. Hardlex scratch resistant glass. Splash proof. cat. No. 251/8497 to. Romey Gents' Quanzwatch. Date. Goldplated case and bracelet. Sweep second hand. cat. No. gee. Retail 25118569


1 t. Botary Gents' Quartz Watch. Date. Goldplated case and bracelet. Sweep second hand. Diamond serer tz c'clcck. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8576 £99.50 £69.95 12.RotaI)' Ladies' Quam Watch. Goldplated case. Leatherstrap. Splash proof. cat. No. nee. Retail OUf Price 251/8600 £59.50 £39.95 13.Rotary Gents' Quartz Moonphase Watch. Day, date and dual time zone dials. Two tone stainless steel and gold plated case and bracelet. Sweep second hand. cat. No. aec, Retail OUf Price 25118583 £125.50 £89.95 14. Rotary Ladies' QuartzWatch. Day and date. Sweep second hand. ~z~rated case and bracelet. Splash

cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8624 £87.50 £57.95 15.Botary Ladies' Quartzwatch. Goldplated panemedcaseand bracelet. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25118590 £87.50 £57.95 16.Rotary Ladies' QuartzWatch. Goldplated case. Diamond set at . 12o'clock. Leather strap. cat. No. aec, Retail Our Price 251/8617 £75.00 £49.95 17.Rotary Ladies' QuartzWatch. Goldplated panemedcase and bracelet. cat. No. nee, Retail Our Price 25118631 £92.50 £59,95

18. Rotary Ladies' Quam Watch. Goldplated case and bracelet Diamondsetat 12o'clock. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8648 £149.50 £99.95 19. Seiko Ladies' Quartzwatch. Date. Bi-metal case and bar link bracelet in gold plate and stainless sreel.sralnlesssteetcaseback. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price' 25119142 £89.50 £59.95

30. Rotary Gents' QuartzMoonphase Watch. Gold plated case. Leathersuap. Date. Inset second dial. Ret. Retail Our Price 251/8545 £85.00 £57.95 31.Rotary Gents' Quartz Watch. Day/date. Sweep second hand. Gold platedcase and bracelet. Splash proof. cat. No. Ret. Retail Our Price 251/8552 £87.50 £59.95 32.Pulsar Gents' Quartz Watch. Two lnserdtalstndicaungday/date.Sweep second hand. Goldplated case. Padded leather strap. cal. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/8064 £49.95 £39.95 33.Pulsar Gents' Chronograph QuanzWatch. 30min stop-watch to 1/10thsec.AMlPMdisplay. Tachymeter facility. Goldplated case. Padded leather strap. Snatch resistant

cal. No.

21. Seiko Ladies' Quartzwatch. plated case and bracelet. HardIcx scrarchreslsramgless.

cat. No.


Ree.Retail £15.00


Our Price £49.95

22.Solvil etTltus Gents' Quartz MoonphaseWatch. Goldplated case. Full minute track. Sweep second hand. Dateat 6o'clock. Leather strap. cat. No, sec, Retail Our Price 251/8136 £49.50 £27.95 23.Solvi! etTitusGents' Quartz Watch. Gold platedcase.Blackdial with finestripes. sronesetatz. 6and 9 o'clock. Leatherstrap. cat. No. nee. Retail Our Price 251/3849 £69.50 £32.95 24.sclvll etTitus Gents' Quartz Watch. Gold plated integral bark textured bracelet. Two diamonds serer 12o'clock. Mineral glass. FuUy adjustable bracelet. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/1539 £15.00 £39.95 25.Solvil errnusquartzwatch. Gold plated case. Stainless steel case back. Small second hand. Leather snap. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8961 £69.50 £38.95 26.Solvi! er Titus Ladies' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case.learherstrap. Blackdial with fine stripes. Stone set at a.e andao'ctock. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUr Price 251/6518 £69.50 £34.95 21.Solvil etTltus Gents' Quartz Watch. Gold plated case. Blackdial with finestripes. Stone set at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.Leethersrrap. cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price 25118954 £19.50 £39,95 28.RotaryGents'QuartzWatch. Date. Goldplated case. Leatherstrap. Sweep secondhand. cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price 251/8538 £19.50 £49.95 29.Rotary Gents' QuartzWatch. Date. Gold plated case. Blackleather strap. Sweep second hand. Splash proof.

g~}~~21 ~~:;~il


cat. No.

Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25118088 £99.00 £59.95

Allquartz watches are dependent on batteries for their power source. Accordingly,customers returning watches with expiredbaueJieswill be cbarged for the fitting of replacements. onrsuppuers edoprapolicyof continuous improvement, Hence there may be during the life of the catalogue, minorvariationsin models. specifications and colours. Watches that are designated splash proofare suitable for wearing whilst water isbeing splashed but NOTunder any pressure ieswimmingand showering. Watches that are designated water resistant have been tested to 50metres static water pressure unless otherwise stated, These watchesaresunabletcrweartng whiistswlmming.


o .--I


I.Avia plated

Gems' skeletcnwarch.


case. Madein Switzerland. Leathersuap. Elegantmechanicall7 jewellevermovement Requiresdaily winding. Shock resistant. Rec. Retail Our Price cat. No. 251/1333 £44.95 £29.95 2. Accurtst Ladies' Quartzwatch. Goldplated case. Leather facedstrap. Stonesetat 12o'clock. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OUr Price 25112864 £34,90 £24.95 3.Accurist Ladies' Quartzwatch. Goldplated oval case and integral bracelet Stonesetat tz c'dock. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/2888 £44.40 £29.95 4.AccuristLadles'QuartzWatch. Goldplated case and integralbracelet with rosepattern motif. cat. No. sugg'dRerail OurPrice 25114226 £52.90 £37.95 5.AccuristLadles' Quarrzwatch. Goldplated case and integral bracelet Champagne face. cat No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/5146 £59.90 £39.95 6. AccuristLadies' QuartzWatch. Goldplated case and integralbracelet. cat. No, Sugg'd Relail Our Price 251/8215 £59.90 £44.95 7.AccuristLadies' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case and integralbracelet. Blackdialwith diamondset at 12 o'clock. cat. No. SUgg'd Relail Our Price 25116035 £69.90 £49.95

15. AccuristGents' GoldPlated QuanzWatch. two tone stripeeffect dial. Blackscrap. cat.No. Sugg'dRetall Our Price 25118820 £39.90 £27.95 16.AccuristGents' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case and leather faced strap. sweep second hand. cat. No. Sugg'd Relail Our Price 251/4178 £36.90 £28.95 17. LimitGents' Quant DressWatch. Goldplated wickerstyle case and braceler.stamlesssteelback. cat,No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8916 £59.99 £34.95

8. AccunsrLadles' QuartzWatch. Goldplatedcase. Stainlesssteel back. Leathersrrap.jwotonedial. car, No. Sugg'd Retall Our Price 251/9063 £29.90 £22.95 9. Accurist Ladies' Bi-MetalQuartz Watch. case and bracelet in two tone goldand blackion plate.sraintesssteel back. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 25119070 £89.90 £69.90 to.Accurtsrcenrsquartzwarch. Goldplated case and integralmesh bracelet. cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/6619 £69.90 £46.95 11. Accunstcenrs' QuartzWatch. Goldplated caseand integralmesh bracelet. Diamondserer 12 o'clock. Blark dal. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 25114202 £79.90 £59.95 12. Accurist Gents' GoldPlated QuanzMoonphaseWatch.Showing waxing. full and waning lunar phases. teamer snap. nate andsweepsecond hand. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/8882 £44.90 £34.95 13. Accurist Gents' Bi-MetalQuartz DressWatch. Caseand bracelet in two tone goldand black ion plate. Dateand sweep secondhand. cac No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25118899 £95.00 £69.95 14. AccurtsrGents' GoldPlated Multi-PhaseQuartzWatch.Sunl moonphase plus threesmall dial indicatorsshowing day. date and 24 hour timewith dual timezone facility. teathersrrap. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25118875 £54.90 £39.95

nee. Retail Our Price £59.50 £34.95 30, Imado Ladies' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case and diamond curs bar gate bracelet. cat. No. nee.Retail Our Price £59.50 £34.95 251/8411


18. Limit Gents' Quartz Watch. Gold plated case and integral bracelet Stainless steel back. Stone set at each quarter. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUr Price

25111896 £62.99 £37.95 19.UmitGents' QuartzWatch. Gold plated case from and matching bracelet. Twodiamondssetat 12 o'clock. cat. No. xec. Retail Our Price 25117979 £74.99 £34.95 20. Limit Gents' QuartzWatch. "Tlger'seye' effectdial. Goldplated case and integral bracelet. Stainless steel back. cat. No. Ret. Retail OUr Price 251/3911 £59.99 £31.95 21.LimitGents'QuaItzWatch. "rtgerseye' effectdial. Goldplated case front on metchmgbracelet. Stainless steel case back. cat. No, Rec.Retail Our Price £59.99 £28.95 251/7962 22. LimitGents' Quartz Calendar Watch. Chrome plated case front with gold plated bezeL Matching two-tone bracelet. Sweep second hand. Stainless steel caseback. cat. No. nee. Retail OUrPrice 251/7986 £59.99 £24.95 23. LirilitLadies' Quartz Watch. Gold plated case and integral bracelet. Stainless steel back. cat.No. Rec.Retail OUrPrice 25119472 £47.99 £25.95 24. Limit Ladies' Quartz Calendar Watch. Chromium plated case front with gold plated bezel. Date and sweep second hand. Two-tone bracelet Stainlesssteeicaseback. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 251/8260 £59.99 £24.95

25, Limit Ladies' QuartzWatch. "rlger'seye" effectdial. ncldplated case front on marchingbracelet sunnlesssteelcaseback. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice 251/7656 £39.99 £29.95 26. Limit ladies' Quartz Watch. Gold plated wicker stylecase and bracelet. Stainless steel back. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice 251/9087 £59.99 £29.95

27. AlfexSwissladies' Quartz MoonphaseWalch. Showing waxing. full and waning lunar phases. Gold plated case and leather strap. calendar and sweep second hand. cat. No, sugg'dRetail OUr Price 251/6004 £59.95 £37.95 28. Alfex SwissGents' Quam Moonphase Watch. Showing waxing. full and waning lunar phases. Gold plated case and leather strap. Calendar and sweep second hand. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/5995 £59.95 £37.95

31.lmado Ladies' Quartz Watch. Heart shaped Face.Goldplated diamond cui lnregralbraceter. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price £39.95 £21.95 25117797 32.lmadoGents' Quartz Moonphase Walch. Showing waxing. full and waning lunar phases. Integrated gold platedcase andbrarelet.Date and sweep second hand. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8947 £79,95 £47.95 OursuppUers adopt a policy of continuous Improvement. Hence there may be, during the life of the catalogue. minor variations in models. specificatIonsand colours. Allquartz watches are dependent on batteries for their power source. Accordingly.customers returning watches with expired batteries wUl be charged for the fitting of replacements.


o .---I <r o

1. Sekonda Ladies' Quartz Watch. Manually adjusted perpetual calendar, moonphaseand minute track. Gold plated case with stainless steel back. Sweep second hand. Leather strap. Splash proof. . cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8370 £44.99 £32.95

2.Sekonda Gents' Gold Plated Quartz Watch. Manually adjustedperperual calendar. Date. Sunrise and sunset feature. Leatherstrap. Stainless steel back. Sweep second hand. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25117371 £-44.99 £29.95 3.Sekonda Gents' Quartz Moonphase Watch. World time. Sweep second hand and small second hand. Stainless steel back. Goldplated bezel. splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/7388 £49.99 £31.95 4. Sekonda Ladies' Quam Watch. Goldplated case and integral bracelet. Stainless steel case back. Heart shaped face.blackdial. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25111041 £37.99 £24.95 5. Sekonda Ladies' QuartzWatch. Goldplated case with stainless steel case back. GUtadjustable bracelet. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8363 £29.99 £19.95 6. Sekonda Ladies' QuartzWatch. Goldplated case. Stainless steel back. teatherstrap. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/3540 £25.99 £17.95 7.Sekonda ladies' Quartzwatch. Goldplated case, stainless steel case back. Sweep second hand. Gilt expanding bracelet. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25114673 £24.99 £16.95

8. Sekonda Ladies' Quam Watch. Goldplated case. Stone setat 12. o'clock. Stainless steel case back..Gilt adjustable bracelet. cat. No. gee. Retail OUf Price £19.95 251{9692 £29.99 9.Sekonda Ladies' Quartz ·'Nostalgia"Watch. Goldplatedcase with stainless steel back. White ceramic dial with black hands. Minute track and Roman numerals. Small second hand. Tan leather simp. cat, No. nee..Retail OUf Price 25117034 £39.99 £22.95 10.Sekonda Gents' "Nostalgia" Quanzwatch. Goldplated case with stainlesssteel back. White ceramic dial with black hands. Minute track and Roman numerals. Small second hand. Tan leather strap. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/3193 £39.99 £22.95 11.Sekonda Ladies' Quanzwatch. Goldplated case. stainless sreel case back. Giltandblack hands. Sweep second hand. Leather strap. cat. No. Rec. Retail OUfPrice 25114659 £18.99 £13.95 12.Sekonda ladies' Watch. Gold plated oval case with stainless steel back. 17 jewellever shock protected movement. Giltadjustable bracelet. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25114666 £19.99 £12.95 13:Sekonda Ladies' Mechanical Watch. Goldplated case with stainless steel back. t 7jewellevershock protected movement. Blackleather Strap. cat. No. nee. Retail Our Price 251/9465 £16.99 £10.95 14.Sekonda ladies' Watch. Gold plated case with gllt expanding bracelet. Stainless steel case back. Mechanical! 7jewellever shock protected movement. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25011965 £16.99 £11.95

15. sekondacenrs' Watch. Gold platedcase. stainless steel back. Mechanical19jewellevershock protectedmovement. Leatherstrap. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/0299 £14.99 £9.95 16.Sekonda QuartzSponsWatch. Nickelplated case and bracelet. Date and sweep secondhand. Luminous hands and hour markers. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8978 £29.99 £19.95 17.SekondaGents' Quartz Date Watch. Goldplatedwith stainless steel back. Minute track. Luminoushands. Sweepsecond hand. Water resistant cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/7395 £64.99 £39.95 18.Sekonda Gents' QuartzWatch. . Goldplated case and adjuslable integralbracelet Stainless steel back. Sweepsecond hand. cat. No. Rec. RetaU Our Price 251/5342 £39.99 £23.95 19.Sekonda Gents' QuartzcaJendar Watch. Goldplatedcase with stainless steel case back. Leatherstrap. cat No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25118851 £29.99 £19,95 20. Constant Ladies' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case. Stainless steel case back. Leathersrrap. cat. No, Our Price £24.95 25118772 2l.ConstantLadies·Quanzwatch. Goldplatedcase and bracelet. cat. No. Our Price 25118789 £24.95 22. Constant Ladies' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case and bracelet. Mineral glass. Our Price Cat. No. 251/8741 £18.95

31. Constant Gents' Quartz AnaJDigi Watch, Gun metal plated case and bracelet Peaturesmdude. stop-watch. alarm. calendar. luminous hour indices,sweep second hand. Water resistant. Back lighton digitaldisplay. cat. No. Our Price 251/8734 £24.95 32. Constant Gents' Quanz AnaJDigi Watch, Fearures include:alarm. stopwatch, calendar. 12/24hour digital display. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Splash proof. cat. No, OUfPrice 25118727 £22,95 All quartz watches are dependent on batteries for their power source. Accordingly, customers returning watches with exptredbarreneswnlbe charged for the fitling of replacements. Oursuppliersadopta policy of conlinuous improvement. Hence there may be, during the Ufeof the catalogue,minorvariatlons in models, speclttcancnsand colours. Watches that aredesigoated splash proofaresuitable for wearing whilst warerts being 23.Constant Gents' Quartz Dress splashed but NOTunder any Watch. Goldplatedcase and integral bracelet.Sweep second hand. Mineral pressureie swimming and showering, glass. Our Price Watches that are designated water cat. No. 25118679 £29.95 resistant have been tested to 50 meuesstaticwaterpressure 24.Constant Gents' Multi phase quartzwarch. Goldplatedcase. Sun/ . unless otherwise stated. These watcbesaresuitable (or wearing moonphase plus three smaUdials whilst swimming. showing day. date and 24 hour time, aUowingdualtime facility.Leather , strap. cat. No. Our Price 251/9386 £34.95 25. Constant Gents' Dual Time QuanzwalCh. Blackchrome plated case, tearherstrap. 'rwcfndependem quartamovemems. cat. No. Our Price 251/9379 £27.95 26.ConstantGents' Moonphase QuanzWatch. Showing waxing, full and waning lunar phases. Dateand sweep second hand. cat. No. OUfPrice 251/9018 £27,95 27. constant Ladies' QuanzSun/ MoonphaseWatch. Goldplatedcase, Stainless steel case back. Sweep second hand. Mineralglass. Tan leatherstrap. car. No. Our Price 25118796 £24.95 28. constant cents' QuanzSun/ Moonphase Watch. Goldplatedcase. Stainless steel caseback. Sweep second hand -.Mineralgiass. Tan leather strap. cat. No. Our Price 25118703 £24,95 29, Constant Gents' QuartzWatch. Goldplated case. Stainless steel case back. Leather strap. cat. No. Our Price 251/8686 £24.95 30. ccnsrantcents' QuartzAnaJDigi watch. Goldplated case and bracelet. Featuresinclude:step-watch, alarm and calendar. 12/24hour digital display. Splash proof. cat. No. Our Price 25118710 £27.95


~l ~I o


1.TimexLadies'QuarlZWatch. Gold tone case. Blackand gold coloured cable style bangle. no adjustment needed. cat. No: 25114398 2. Timex Ladies' QuartzWatch. Gold plated case. Gile hands. Sweep second hand. Leather strap.


gee.Retail Our Price £19.95 £14.95 251/4415 3.Timex Ladies' Quartz Watch. Gold plated case with integral fully adjustable bracelet. Champagnedial. Sweep second hand. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25111807 £32.95 £24.95 4. Timex Ladies' QuanzWatch. Gold plated case with integral fully adjusUlblemesh bracelet. Sweep secondhand. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 25118394 £33.95 £24.95

6, TimexGents'QuartzAnaiDigi Watch. Gold platedcase.Jeatherstrap. Digital functions: month, day, date. second time zone option. daily alarm, alarm tester, hourly chime, slop-watch to III OOthsec. Start, stop and lap facility. t 2/24 hour. Splash proof. Rec. Retail Our Price cat. No. 25116712 £32.95 £24.95

7. Timex Gents'QuarlZ AnaJDigi Watch. Goldplated case, adiusrable bracelet. Digitalfunctions: month, date and day, second time zone option. daily alarm, alarm tester. hourly chime, stop-watch to l/lOOthsecwith start,stopandJapfacility.12/24hour. Splash proof. car.No. gee. Retail Our Price 25112936 £45.95 £34.95

8. Timex Gents' Quartz Watch. Gold plated case. Adjustablegilt expanding bracelet. Champagne dial. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price £14.95 251/8174 £19.95 9.Timex Gents' Quartz DateWatch. Goldplated case,stainless steel back. BJackleatherstrap. Sweep second hand. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25116705 £25.95 £18.95 10. Lorus Ladies' QuartzWatch. Gold plated case. Blackstrap. Sweep second hand. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 251/8291 £17.99 £12.95 1t. Lorus Ladies' Quartz watch. Gold plated case. Champagnedla\. Leather strap. Sweep second hand. cat. No. Sugg'd'RetailOur Price £21.99 £16.95 251/6925 12, Lorus Ladies' QuartzWatch. Gold ptatedcase with leatherstrap. Black dial. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 251/6860 £24.99 £15,95 13.torus Ladies' Quartzwatch. Gold plated case. Roman numerals. Leather strap. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 251/2046 £24.99 £18,95 All quartz watches are dependent on batteries for theupcwerscurce. Accordingly.customersretumlng watches with expiredbattertes will be charged for the fitting of replacements.

17. Lorus Gents' QuartzWatch. Sweep second hand" Blackresin case and strap, Splash proof. cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25114776 £14.99 £9.95 ta.t.oruscentsouerrzwarch.

28. Ingersoll Ladies' QuartzWatch. Sweep second hand. Champagne dial. Goldplated case. Stainless steel case back. Blackteamersrrap. Cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 25118217 £29.95 £16.95 zs.tngersoll Ladies' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case and bracelet. Safety chain. Stainless steel case back. Stone set bezel. sweep second hand. Cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUf Price 251/8284 £38.95 £21.95 30. Ingersoll Ladies' QuartzWatch. Goldplated case and bracelet. Mineral glass.Stainless steel case back. Sweep secondhand. Cal. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/5957 £37.95 £21.95 3J . Ingersoll Ladies' Quam Watch. Goldplated case and integralbraceler. Safety chain. srcneserar tz c'dcck. Mmeralglass.Stainlesssteelcase back. Sweep second hand. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25119104 £39.95 £22.95 Watchesthataredesignatedwater resistant have been tested to 50 metres static water pressure unless otherwise Slated, These watchesaresuitableforwearing whilst swimming.

~~a~e~e~.Pi~~;:~~~~~~!:. ~~~ plusday/date. Splash proof. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25112118 £21.99 £14.95 19.torus Gents' Quam Watch. Gold plated case. Roman numeralsand sweep second hand. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUr Price 25117429 £23.99 £14.95 20. Timex Quartz "Night Watch". Unique electro luminescent dial. The whole dial lights upby pressing the bunon. Sand blasted chrome plated case and bracelet. Sweep secondhand. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail our Price 25118985 £39.95 £29.95 21.TimexGents'QuartzWatch. Anodised aluminium case. Beigedial. Leatherand canvas strap. Date, sweep second hand. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/8992 £26.95 £19,95 22.Timex Gents' "Titanium" Quartz natewarch. Solidtitanium case with rugged resin strap. Scratch resistant glass. Luminous hands and markers. Waterresistamto 100m. cat. No. nee. Retail OUrPrice 25117553 £39.95 £29.95 oursuppJiersadopta policyof continuous improvement. Hence there may be during the life of the catalogue, minor variations in models, specifications and colours.

14. LorusLadies' Quartz Watch, Re_ctangular gold plated case and fully adjusrablebracelet. Blackdial with stone set at tz o'clock.

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 251/4879 £47.99 £32.95 15.Lorus Ladies' Quartz Watch. Gold plated case. Dateand sweep second hand. white strap.Splash proof cat.No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 251/9111 £24.99 £19.95 16. Lorus Ladies' Gold Plated QUartz Watch. Goldplated case and bar-link bracelet. Stone set at 12o'clock. sratnlesssreel case back. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 251/9128 £34,99


23.Timex Gents' Quartz Watch. Gold platedcase. Stainless steel back. Black dial with raised gilt batons. Sweep second hand. Leatherstrap. Cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25114343 £26.95 £18.95 24.mgersoll Gents' QuartzWatch. Goldplated case, stainless steel back. Leather strap. Sweep second hand. Splash proof. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25111126 £32.95 £19.95 25.Ingersoll Gents' Granite Quartz Watch. Goldplated case with genuine Swissgranite dial and bezel. Leather strap. Mineral glass. Each watch is unique and therefore will vary slightly from the item photographed. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 25117467 £14.95 £49.95 26.lngersoU Gents' Quartz Watch. Goldplated case. Stainless steel case back. Adjustable bracelet. Mineral glass. Sweep second hand. Splash proof. cat. No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 25117993 £39.95 £24.95 27.lngersoll Ladies'Quartz Watch. Goldplated case. Stainless steel case back. Blackdial set with ten genuine Swarovski crystalsronesin heart shape. Blackleatherstrap. Mineral glass. Cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 25117649 £42.95 £24.95 watches mat are designated splash proof are suitable for wearingwhllstwater isbeing splashed but NOTunder any pressureieswimmingand showering.

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watches that are designated splash proof are suitable for wearingwbUstwaterlsbeing splashed but NOTunder any pressure Ie swimming and showering.

Watchestbataredesignared water resistant have been tested to . semerres static water pressure unless otherwise stated. These watchesaresuitableforwearing whilst swimming.

1. Timex Ladies' "Watercolors" Quanzwatch. white resin case and strap. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price £14.95 251/3698 £19.95 2. Timex Ladies' "Watercolors" Quartz Fashion Watch. Satin finished aluminiumcaseandbezel. While resin , strap. Stainless steel caseback. Sweep . second hand. Coloureddial. Splash proof. cat. No. 251/4408 3. Avia Freestyle Ladies' Quartz watch.Goldcoloured bezel. White dial and strap. Mineralglass. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25118325 £19.95 £t3.95 4.Avia Freestyle Gents' Quartz Watch. Slripeddial. Mineral glass. Blackstrap. Splash proof. cat. No. nee, Retail Our Price 251/8057 £24.95 £16,95 5, Avia Ladies' QuanzWatch. Gold plated case, steel back. Roman numerals. Tan leather Strap. cat, No, gee.Retail Our Price 251/8332 £24.95 £17.95

All quartz watchesare dependent on batteries fcrtheupowerscurce. Accordingly, customersretuming watcheswitb expired batteries wiD be cbarged fer the fitting ofreptacements. Oursuppllersadopta policy of continuous improvemeOL Hence theremaybeduring the lifeof tbe cacalogue. minor variations in models, speCifications and colours ..

9. Avia Ladies' QuartzWatch.


resin case and soap. white dial with redheart and imitation stone. Scratch reststamglass. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice 25113832 £24.95 £15.95 10. Sekonda Ladies' GoldPlated Quartzwatch. Stainless steel back. Sweep second hand. White leather strap. cat. No. aec, Retail Our Price 25115175 £19.99 £13.95 It. Ingersoll Ladies' QuartzWatch. Gold plated case and bezel with Roman numerals. Stainless steel back. Leather strap. . cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 25119094 £42.95 £21.95 12. Avta cents' sportsquaruwatch.

6. Alfex Ladies' QuanzWatch. Gold plated bezel with black printed Roman numerals. stoneserat+z o'clock. sweepsecond hand. White strap. cat. No, sugg'd Retail Our Price 25118222 £29.95 £19.95 " torus Ladies' Quartz Watch. Gold plated case. White leather-lookstrap. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £17,95 25118428 £22.99 8.Avia Ladies' Quartz Watch. Black dial with red heart surrounded by imitation stones. Scratch resistant glass. Splash proof. cat. No, Rec. Retail Our Price 251/5816 £27.95 £17.95

Dateand sweep second hand. Luminous hands and hour markers. Scratch reststanrglass.Stainless steel bracelet. Water resistant. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25118923 £29.95 £24.95 13.LimitGents' "Sports" Quartz Watch. Resin case and strap. Stainless sreelback. cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price 25118909 £24.99 £14.95 14.LorusGents' sponsQuartz Watch. White hands. Dayanddate. Strong black resin case andsrrap. Waterresistantto 100m. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/8033 £24.99 £19.95 15.torus Gents' Quanzwarch. Resin strap. Splash proof. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail our Price 251/5830 £12.99 £9.95 16,Parmex Ladies' Quartz Watch. Dressstones set in bracelet and on bezel. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/7326 £39.95 £29.95

17. Lours Ladies'QuartzWatch.Gold plaredcasefromwnhrtunesroneser bezel.Doublerowsimulated pearl bracelet. cat. gee.Retail Our Price 25t18253 £39.99 £27.95 18.Alfex Gents'QuartzWatch.Gold platedbezelwith blackprintedRoman numerals.Stonesetat 12o'clock. Sweepsecondhand.Leatherstrap. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 25118655 £29.9S £19.95 ts.Avtaaenrs' QuartzWatch.Gold platedcase,stainlesssteelback. Romannumerals.Tanlearnerstrap. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 25118040 £24.95 £17.95 20.Avla Ladies'QuartzWatch.Gold. platedcaseandintegralribbed bracelet.Stainlesssteelback. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 251/9135 £39.95 £29,95 21. Avla Ladies'QuartzWatch.Oval goldplatedcaseandintegralbracelet. 23.TimexLadles'"Marathon" S~inlesssteelcaseback.Fully sportsQuartzLCDAlarm/Chrono adjustablebracelet. . Watch.Resincaseandstrap.Normal cat. No. gee.Retail Our Price time,day,dateandmonth.24 hour 25114714 £39.95 £29.95 srop-watchtcIJI OOthsecwithnet, 22.Avia Ladies'QuartzWaoch.Gold pauseandlaptimes.Dailyalarmtester. platedintegralfullyadjustable hourlychime.12124 hour.Backlight. bracelet.Goldplatedcasefront. Splashproof. Rec.Retail OUfPrice caL No. Rec.Retail Our Price cat. No. 251/8349 £34.95 £24.95 25112620 £12.95 £8.95


24. Casic Ladies'LCDQuartzWatch. Fashionablewhiteresincaseand strap.Normallimeplusdate. cat, No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice 25114587 £5.95 £4.95 25. HermesLadies'FashionWatch. Quanzmovement.Giltcase.steel back.Whitedialwith seven interchangeable colouredbezels (supplied).Screwfittingaction.White leather strap. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 25115878 £35.45 £18.45 26. Accunsr"LittleBenTinytime" Children'swatch.wtthread-along cassetteand40pagestorybookrime teacher. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 25118813 £12.50 £9.95 27.Accurist "Tlnytime'' Children's Watch.Withstorybooktimeteacher. Fullyfigureddialwith secondhand. cet. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 251/6633 £10.95 £7.95 28. ThomastheTankEngine Children'sLCDWatch.Raisethelidto revealan LCDdisplay.Withday,date, hour.monthandsecond. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Prtce 251/8507 £6.99 £5.45 29. BetaLCDStop-Watch.Digital display.III OOthsecondstop-watch with lap,countingto 1hour maximum.Incorporatesclockwith hours,minutes,seconds,month,day anddate. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our'Price 251/1171 £19.95 £9.95 30. IngersollQuartzNurse'sFob Watch.Chromeplatedcaseandclasp. Sweepsecondhand.Luminous numeralsandhands. cat. No. sugg'd Retail 251J5~



3 OJ

26. Timex Gents' LCD Quartz "Ironman" Chrono Sports Watch. Day. date and month.1'wostop-watch operations to I II DOthsec. Lap counter. rwoccunrdown timers. Daily alarm and hourly chime. Backlight. warerreststamto100m. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/5689 £34.95 £25.95 27. Timex Gents' "Triathlon" sports LCDwatch. Day. date. am/pm. 'two 16 hoursrop-watch operations to 11 1DOthsec.991ap count plus 8 lap recall. Three 10 hour countdown timers. Crescendoalarm, hourly chime. 12/24 hour. Back light. Water resistant. Rec. Retail Our Price cat. No. 251/2950 £29.9S £22.95 28. CastoCents' LCD Digigraph ChronoAiarrnWatch.IOOmwater resistant. LCDdisplay ofhours, minutes with graphic display of seconds. III OOthsecstcp-watch with countdown and 30 memory lap facllily. 9 pre-programmed sports timers. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/9032 £27.95 £24.95

counter. Daily alannand time signaL

29. Timex Gems' "Marathon" Quartz AnaIDigiWatch. Digital functions: dual time, daily alarm. houriychime, 60 minute step-watch to III OOthsec with lap time. Month, date and day, 12/24 hour. AmJpm indicators. Splash



cat. No. Rec. Retail OUfPrice 251/6877 £11.95 £9.95 23. (asia LCDDivers' Watch. Dual time, day, date, Daily alarm. III DOth secstop-watch with lapfearure. Hourly timesignalcoumdown alarm. Backlight. Waterresistantto200m. cat. No. nee. Retail Our Price 251/1401 £22,95 £19.95

cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/1597 £24.95 £16.95 30. Lorus Gents' LCD ChronolAlarm Watch. Time. calendar. alarm. stopwatch to 111DOthsec.Split time facility. hourly time signal. Splash proof. Cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 251/6808 £8.99 £4.95

24. Timex Gents' "Marathon"Quartz Chronol Alarm LCD Watch. Water resistant. 13 hour stop-watch to II 1DOthsecwith split times, Dual time. Daily alarm and hourly chime. Back light. Countdown timer. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 251/9056 £19.95 £16.95 25. Timex Gents' "Marathon 50" LCD Chrono Watch. Month. day and date, t Sbcurstop-watch to 1I100th sec,pauseand split time faoury. Daily alarm and hourly chime. Back light. Water resistant. cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price 25115672 £16.95 £12.95

31. caslo "Data Bank TeleMemory" LCD Watch. Chrome plated caseand stainless steel bracelet. Holds 50 sets of 8 leiters and 12 numbers split between telephone numbers and schedule memos. ] 5 digit display. 24 world time zones. Daily alarm, stop-watch to II 100thsecandcountdowntimer.Back light. Splash proof. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 25111810 £34.95 £29.95 32. Lorus Gents' LCD spcrtswatch. Displays hour, minute. seconds,day. date and month. 12124hour. Stopwatch to I/]OOlhsec.A1armand hourly time signal. Water resistant. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 251/7584 £11.99 £8.95


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6. Westdox

Quartz Anniversary


~~tfn~~:,\~~~I~.~~ght9 inch approx. Requires 1x R6S


battery (order 1of980/1406at 59papair). cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 255/6837 £33.99 £18.95

~·uI;:'~X~~~~s;ory~~~k. Polishedgilt finish case, plexiglassdome and rotating ball pendulum. Height 6 inch approx. Requires 1xR6Sbattery (order 1 0[,98011406 at59papair). cat No. Rec.Retail Our Price 255/7946 £27.00 £14.95


Polished gilt finish. Plexiglass dome. Height 9 inch approx. Requires 1xR6Sbattery (order 1

of980/1406 at59p a pair). cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price £18.95 255/8732 £34.50 9. Staiger Quartz Anniversary

Clock. Polishedgiltcoiourfinish. Height Sva inch approx. Requires

1x R6Sbattery (ordest of980/ 1406at59papair). cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 255/8725 £29.99 £13.95

to. LimitAnniversary Dome Clock.Brassdial, diamond turned with black Roman numerals. Giltfinishbase with ~~~~~~r;'R~~fah~~(~~der

1 of980/1406at59pa pair). cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price 255/9621 £23.50 £12.95

Sugg'dRetail Our Price 255/6590 £24.99 £9.95

2. President Chiming Quartz Carriage Clock.Goldcoloured ~~~~~~~c~~I~~~1t~s~~i~s~~' melody or Ave Mariaon the hour. Height 51/4 inch (excluding handle). Requires 1x R145 battery (order 1of980/1413at 99papair). cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 255/9023 £39.99 £19.95

3. London ClockCompany ~;:~~~rJe~:o~~'t~~~~into a white dialwith goid finishspun zone. Height 5 inch (excluding handle). Requires 1xR65 battery (order 1 of980/1406at 59papair). No. Rec.Retail 255/8952 £19.90 car.

Our PrIce £12.95

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g'u~~:~;l~~:g~~~'h~h ~~~~:i~~ ;~~~~~!~~1~df~~

4. London ClockCompany Traditional GiltQuartz carriage coloured case. Goldcoloured Clock.Spun gold finish dialzone. Height 43/4 inch apprcx {excludinghandle). Requires 1x handle). Requires 1xR6S battery (order 1 of980/1406at R6Stiattery (order I of980/ 59papair). 1406 at 59p a pair). cat. No. gee. Retail 255/9377 £19.90

Rec.Retail Price cat. No. £11.95 255/1881 £21.00


Our Price £10.95






51 C


13.Kamini CeramicQuam I I. Ingersoll Quartz Mantel Mantel Clock. Featurestwo Clock.With Chineseblack 2earat lacquereffecttinish. Gilt colour rox. decoration. Height 93/4 inch. (order! . Requires1 xR6Sbattery(order 1 ). of980/1406 at 59p a pair). caLNo. Sugg'dRetailOurPrice cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 255/7814 £114.95 U.95

12. TimemasterTompion QuartzMantel Clock.Blackcase with giltcoloured filigree decoration. Hei®tSlt"4 inch (exdudlnghandle), Battery supplied.




14.AcctimSolid Wood Bracket ~~~~=~~e~~~o~thgOld background. Height 8'1, inch approx. Requires 1 x R6S battery (order 1 of980/1406 at59pa

pair). caL No. Sugg'dRetail. OUr Price cat. NO. 255/5216 £11.95 £11.95 255/9580

Rec. Retail £32.90

OUr Price


~~~~~~~~I~~Wa~nWall Clock.Mahogany finish. Size 131f2x9x21hinch. UsesR14S battery (orderl of980/1413at 99ppair).

11. WestdoxWalnutFinish Regu!atorQuartzWaHCIock.Grid


strikeson the hourwith guanerly and halfhourly chime. SlZe27lf2 x 11';' x 5 inch. UsesR20Sbattery Cat. No. our Price 255/9731 £23.95 (order 1of980/1420at£I.09 pair). 8. AoctirnSolidWood Quartz cal. No. Rec. Retail OUr Price Regu!atorWaHClock.Vienna £135.00 £79.95 Romandial.Glasspanels withgold 255/9140

~~~~~~~=~~ . approx. UsesR14Sbattel)' (order lof980/1413at99ppairJ. cat. No. 255/9717

Rec.Retail £119.90

Our Price £69.95

9. Cavendish Quartz Regulator Pendulum Clock.Fuil4 x 4 Westminster chime. Mahoganycolour. ~::~~~:~t'lgr<fs~iy~~~4S 99ppai~. Cal. No. 255/9700

Retail £69.99


our Price


10.Sunbeam Wilmington Quartz Pendulum Clock.In mahogany effect cabinet. Glass panel with westmlnsterchlme andstrikeon the hour. Height20 inch approx. UsesR14Sbattery (order 1of980/1413 at99p pair). cat. No. 255/9690

1. President Presentation Quartz Arch LanternAnniversary Clock. Polishedbrass case. bevelledglass

~~~~~~rrIT-:'~~:ro~':::'cy. approx (indudingliandle). Uses R6Sbattel)' (order I of980/1400 at59ppair).

Sugg'd Retail ourPrice 255/9511 £170,00 £79.95 2. EsIyIlla carriageClock.SOlid caLNo.

brasscase, Polishedfinish.White dial, blackRomannumerals. Height 7 inch (indudingbandle). UsesR6Sbattel)' (order I of9801 I 400at 59p pair). cat.No. 255/9597





3. MetmIecQuartz carriage Clock.Solidbrasscasewitli turned (~~~J;'~~y':di~e~~inch supplied. caLNo. 25517135





arenotsuppHed unIessotberwise stated. Batteries

4. Estyma Traditional carriage Clock.Solidbrass case. White dial. Roman numerals. Westminster strike and chime. Height 6 inch. Requires 2 x R6S batteries (order I of980/1406at 59ppair). Cal. No. 255/9607

sugg'd Retail


Our Price


5. London ClockCOmpany RotatingPendulum Quartz Anniversary Clock.Brasscase. plexiglasspaneis. Goldcoloured ~~)~::,:~~c=~(~1 of980/1406 at59ppairJ. Cat.No. Ret.Retail OurPrice 255/8969 £49.50 £29.95

6. AoctirnHexagonal Quartz Presentation Clock.Polished brass and meralcase, glasspanels. Goldooloureddial.Rotatingball pendulum. Height 6-'14 inch (exdudinghandle). UsesR6Sbattel)' (order I of980/1400 at 59p pair). Cat. No. 255/5979

Rec. Retail £93.00

Price £41.95


OUr Price £39.95

19. Staiger Pendant Barometer. Fitted with thermometer and hy~ometer. Mahogany coloured plated chainsand weights. Weight finish. Polished brass coloured driven brass and steel movement. bezels. OVerall height 17lf2 inch mechanical chime movement. 3 approx. chimes,St. Michaels.Whittington cat. No. sugg'dRetail OUfPrIce or Westminster. or can be silent 255/9999 £29.95 £18.99 running. Height 6 feet 5 inch. cat No. Sugg'dRetaUOUr PrIce 2O.MahoganyGrandmother 251/0026 £819.00 £595.00 Clock. An elegant floorstanding long case with brass plated A Item nos 20 and 21


chams and weights. Weight driven brass and steel movement, mechanical chime movement with 3 chimes. St. Michaels. whiningtcn or Westminster, or can be silent running. HeightS feet t 1inch.

willbedelivered direct [0your home at no extra mainland~~'i::~~



caLNo. Sugg'dRetail OUr PrIce from our Showrooms. 257/0019 £699.00 £475.00 Dellverywillnormally be made Within 28days, Full

detaIlsavailable at all Argos Showrooms.

Size 16 x lOx 2 inch approx. Uses 2 x R6Sbattectes(order 1 of9801 1406 at 59p pair). cat. No. SUgg'dRetail OurPrice 255/6521 £39.95 £17.95

16.Handcrafted Quartz "Pocket Watch" Clock COllage.Hand made from watch and clock pans. Wooden frame. glassfront. Size 111/4x9lf4inchapprox. Uses R6Sbattety (order 1 of9801 1406at59ppair). cat. No. 5ugg'dRetail OurPrice 255/8433 £41.00 £27.95

17. "Rhythm" Steam Loco, motive Clock COllage.Dual purpose walVtable clock in moulded glass fronted woodgrain frame. Height 73/4 inch approx. Battery supplied. cat. NO. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 255/9119 £37.95 £29.95

18.MarineClocklBarometer. 4 inchsolidbrassquanzclockand matchingharometer. SOlid polished mahogany mount, size 113/4 x 6 inch. Uses R6S battery (order 1of980/1406 at 59p pair). cac No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 255/6239 £32.95 £19.95

8. Hanson QuartzWall Manufaaurer's2~year


guarantee. Diameter 8 inch. Requires R6Sbattery (order 1of 98p/1406at59ppair). cat. No. Sugg'dRetaU OurPrice 255/8550 £5.95 'E.3.~ 9. Remington Quartz Kitchen

Wall Clock.White diaJwith full. Arabic numbers. Diameter 83/4 inch. Requires R6Sbattery (order 1 of98011406 at 59p pair). caLNo. 255/9645

ourPrice £5.95

10. English China Blue Delft Pattern "TeaPot" Clock.Height 5112inch. Requires R6Sbattery (order 1 of980/1406at59p ~~o. SUgg'd ReIall OUr PrIce [2J 255/9652 £14.95 £9.95

11. HansonQuartzWallClock. Mouided plate with floIa!design. Diameter 103/.·inchapprox. Manul3cturer's2-year guarantee. Requires R6Sbattel)' (order 1of98011406at59p pair). cat. No. Sugg,'dRerafl OUrPrfce 255/6143 £8.99 £5.95

12. HouseMartin "Thomas the Tank Engine" QuartzWall Clock. Diameter 83/4 inch approx. Requires R6Sbattery (order 1of 98011406 at 59ppai~. caLNo. 255/6961

1. carpenter's Workshop NatuIa! Pine Wall Clock.With glass lens. Size 9 inch squ_are. ~3~:fo~:k~~~rj"rder 1of caL No. 255/9669

OurPric:e £9.95

2. Hanson Wood Quartz Wall Clock.Octagonal, dark stained, wooden case with metaldlaland glass lens. Manufaaurer's 2year guarantee. Diameter93f4 inch approx. Requires R65 battery (order 1 of980/1406at 59ppai~. taLNo. SUgg'dRelail 255/6480 £15.95



3. Hanson Pine Effect Quartz WallCloclt. Cleareasy-to-read dial. Manufacturer's 2-year rantee. Diameter 91/4 inch. uires R6S battery (order 1of 11406at 59p pair).


taLNo. Sugg'dRetail ourPrice 25517609 £10.99 £5.95

4. Spectrum Natural Pine QuartzWallClock. Traditionai

h:~rBf:!~:~i4 ~~g.brass

Requires R6Sbattery (order 1of 980/1406at59ppair). Cat. No. SUgg'd Retail 255/7960 £16.75

our Price


5. Hanson Quartz Wall Clock. NatuIa! pine case. FloIa!design dial. Brass plated bezel with glass lens. Diameter 8 inch approx. Requires R6S battery (order 1of 980/1406 at 59p pair). Cat.No. Sugg'dRetailourPrlce 255/8828 £13.15 £8.95

6. President "Savoy" Quartz Wall Clock. Goldcoloured case, handsandbatons. BlackdiaJ. Size 111/4 x 91h inch approx. Requires R6Sbattery (order! of 980/1406at 59ppair). cat. No. 255/7991

SUgg'd Retail


our Price


7. London Clock company QuartzWall Clock.Polishedgilt finished case. BlackdiaJ. Size lOlJz x 91J2 inch approx. Requires R6Sbanery (order 1 of9801 1406at59ppai~. cat. No. Ret. Reran our Price 255/8574



Price £5.95


17. London Clock Company CUbe LCD Alarm dock. 12 hour

alarm ~Iaywith amlpmand wor~t~~~~:~;:'~e~~~~~~t. inch. Battery supplied. cat. No. Rec.Retail 255/5924 £11.50

OUr Price £5.95

22. Timemaster Console Digital Alarm Clock.Red LEDdisplay with lJmindicator. Snooze function, Operates from 240V ac mainswith PP3Sbattery back-up should mains fail (order Iof9801 1042 at 99p). cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 255/6741 £12.99 £7.95 Digital Lamp Alarm


}.f~e2i~\t!~nl.Wo"~~r.;ru 23.Estyma Snooze fadlity. Operates Worn

240V acmains. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUtPrice 255/8701 £11.99' £4.95

19.Westclox LEDDualAlarm .Clock. Red display witham/pm indicator and snooze feature. O~erates from 240V ac mains

Clock.RedLEDdisplay. Snooze

~a~~~:r:,~~~~~tr;:,\~J:t;Ktith (closed) inch. Operates from 240Vac mains with PP3Sbattery back-upshouldmainsfan (order 41{4

Iof980/1042 at99p). cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 25517733 £24.95 £15.95



cat. No. 255/9236

.Rec.Retail £11.99

Our Price £8.95

~c~":.l~g~s~a~oze feature. Height2 Inch approx. O~eratesfrom 240V acmains

~~rcr~i~~~~:r(~~J:;~~f9801 1042 at 99p). cat. No. Ree.Retail 25517063 £13.99

oui Price £6.95

21. Philips Digital Alarm Clock. Red LEDdisplay. Snooze facility. O~rates from 240Vac mains ~~~:;r~~~~~:r(~~~;~~f9801

1042at99p). cat.No. 255/8426

OurPrice £7.95

~:::~;;-~ """--- J -/el/:: •• 1_ 0







....-I I CD ....-....--

13.MarilYn Monroe Picture Clock. Blockmounted print. Size 14 x II inch. Requires R6S banery (order I of98011406 at 59ppair). caL No. Sugg'dRetail OUtPrice 255/9126 £11.99 £7.95

14.DancingHippoQuartzWalI Clock. Attractive easy to read Hippoclock.Height 15'1. inch approx. RequiresR6Sbattery (order! of980/1406at59p pair). cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 255/8112 £15.99 £8.95

15.Man with ChUdPicture Clock. Block mounted print. Size

~t~ ~1:g\~J~~-;,}"qUires 980/1406at59ppair).

cat. No. SUgg'dRetail OUrPrice 255/9803 £11.99 £7.95 16. Ferrari GTO Picture dock.

Blockmounted print. Size 14 x 11 inch approx. Requires R6S battery (order I of980/1406at 59ppair). caLNo. SUgg'dRetailOUrPrice 255/9810 £11.99 £7.95

Batteries are notsuppHed unless otherwise stated.


7. Limit "Fob Watch" Clock

10. Philips White Quartz


Clock. Heightapprox 3 inch. ':1;:.~~:m~~~i~~I~~~ Requires R6S battery (order! of printed Arabic figures. Diameter 980/1406at59pperpair).


OUr Price 255/9755 £6.95 11. Staiger Quartz Alarm Clock.

cat. No.

59pperpair). cat.No. Rec.Retail 255/9779 £28.95

OUr Price £19.95

8. Westclox CrescendoBuzzer

~~~~~~:;;~0":~"o~3gtes 1406at59pperpair). cal. No.


~~g~ei~~h~~~q~~~lti b~~~; (order Iof980/1406at59pper pair). cat. No. Rec.Retail 255/9951 £13.99

OUr Price £9.95

9. Westclox Mechanical Alarm Clock. Black numerals and hands. Metal case. Height 41/2 inch approx. cat. No. sec, Retail 255/0022 £8.50

1. Remington Quartz Travel

Alarm Clock. Case slides over dock. Width 51J2inch approx when open. Requires R6S bauer)' (order! of98011406at59pper pair). cat.No, OurPrice 256/0061 £7.45 2. Remington TouristQuartz

Travel Alann Clock.Repeater alarm. illuminated dial. Hinged face ~otection flap. Compact 21/2


59p per pair). cat.No. 255/6246

OUrPrice £7.45

Quam White Alarm Clock. Luminous tipped hands. Diameter 3 inch. Requires

3. Remington

R6Sbattery (order Iof9801 1406at59pperpair). cat. No. OUr Price 255/9748 £6.95 4. Remington Classic Quartz

Alann Clock. Crescendo alarm with snooze feature. Dial light. Luminous hands and dots. Height 33/<1inch approx. Requires R6Sbanery (order I of9801 <1406 at59p per pair) . cal. No. OUr Price 255/9212 £6.95

5, WestdoxBigBenMechanicai Repeater Alarm Clock. Wbite case. Easy to read dial and hands.

Height 5 mchapprox.

cal. No. Rec.Retail OUrPrlce 255/9171 £10.99 £5.95 6. casio Quartz Alarm Clock. BeepaJann,lwninous hands.

Sweep second hand. Size 211<1

inch square. Battery supplied. Ret. Retail OUrPrice £8.95 £6.95

cat. No.


OUr Price £3.95


Ret.Retail £9.99



12.Braun Reflex QuartzAlann dock. Move your hand in front oftheciockand the alarmwill stop. Five minute snooze at ~~~~~.(~;&~:r~t9~~7r406 59pperpair). Ret. Retail £19.95

cat. No.




19. London Clock Company

QuanzAlarm Clock.Crescendo repeatalann. Snooze feature. Diallight. Height4 'I,inch

approx. Requires R6Sbattery

(order 1of980/1406at59pper pair). car, No. Rec.Retail Our Price 255/8653



20. RemingtOn Multi-Feature calculator/Clock. Including alarm, snooze, currency convener, dual time, 120r24 hourclock and day Hag.Size open 5 x 2 x ]12inch approx. Battery supplied.

our Price

cat. No. 255/9786


21. ThnexMiniQuartzLCD Alarm Clock. Dual time. Integral stand. Includes repeat snooze anddualalarmfacllities. Back light. Features month. day and date. Height 13/4inch. Battery supplied. car, No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 255/9793



22. PresidentLCD Alann Clock.

~1~~~~{:~~j ;~~~z~ :::e~~~&~~2 xl


X J/4inch.

caL No. 255/8419

Sugg'd Retail £14.99

24. Lion LCD Travel Alarm with

calclilator. features snooze back light. 8 digit calculator with four key memory. Batteries and walletsupplied.

OUr Price £7.95 button,

23. Synapse LCDAlarm Clock.


cat. No.



Sugg'dRetail OurPrfce £8.95 £6.45

Please note with quartz docks the quartz movement is$.enerally accurate to WIthin a few minutes per year. Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.

~~I.~~~~~:~~:tta:ry supplied.

caLNa. 255/9229

13. Braun Voice Control Quartz Alarm Clock.Ascending alarm. Snooze function. Talk to the clock and theaIann stops. Requires R6Sbattety (order 1of 98011406at59pperpal~. cat. No. 255/6040

Rec. Retail £16.95

R6Sbatte 1406 at

(order! of980/ ir).

cat. No. Our Price 2551 £14.45 17. junghans

14. torus Quartz Alann Clock. Ascending beep alarm with snooze function. Luminous tipped hour hands and minute inchapprox.

~~rs~~;reJ.3 cat. No. 255/8901

b~~.n=~~~:"~':'case Height21/4 inch approx. Requires £3.95

Quartz Folding Travel AIarm Clock.Spot luminous dial. Height3 inch. Requires R6Sbanery (order 1of 980/1406 at 59p per pair). cat. No.


Sugg'dRetail £9.95

OUr Price £4.95

OUr Price £8.95

18. London ClockCompany Quartz Repeater Alarm Clock. 15. torusQuartz Alarm Clock. Crescendo alarm with snooze Beep crescendoalann with feature. Diallight. Height2'I, inch approx. Requires R6S ~~:~ ~u~~Wed~eight 31/4 inch. battery (order! of98011406at cat. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice 59pperpair). 255/6918


£6.45 cat. No. 25511001

Rec. Retail £16.95

OUr Price £9.95

1. Toyota2400Ughtweight

OJ =~~tk~~:'~~~~'~r rcarurcs. Cit. No.

Our Price



2. Toyota8002 AUlDmatlc UghtwelghlFree-Armsewing Machine. 20 automatic stitches Indudlngdecorauvepattemsand embroidery. See chart for features.




simplicity. 5automatic stitches induding 4 stepbutton-holing. see chart forfeatures. cat. No. 460/0183


4.Toyota2702Ughtweig!lt =~~~~&~~~~e.30 including decorative patterns and

=:~~~~h:?ordroPfeatures. car. No.


OUr Price £134.00

theoperation of

Shouldyou encounter initial difficultyin your sewing/knitting machine, the technical staff of the followingcompanies will be able to assist: Jones & Brother: Service Department.Tel:061-330 6531 Singer:CustomerRelations ¥:r~25656291

~~L~;:~~~epartment. Bond: CUstomerServices Dept. Tel,0993776761

460/0035 TOYOTA2400 ••





• •• •








• • •

Allthesewmg;~~hin;·;e;.;o:n~~~::::::::::::::~~~~~~:;-r~:::_~::::==:::;~~~~~~~~~~ thesepageshavestra~t


~=~::~c::ns:n::~~~t~~!~~2Je~=~hi~~ 13 automatic stitches including decorative patterns and

;:ho~da;':t~~~~~t!t forfearures. caL No. 460/0169

OUr Price .00

6. Singer 6211 rree-Armsewt 3 automatic stitches. Easy to load top drop-in bobbin. Extrawide stitch width up to 6mm. Manual embroidery. Seechan for fearures. car. No. 460/0255

7.jonesVX860 De Luxe Ughtweight Free-Arm Automatic5ewingMachine.7aura-

~~~;:8~~:~d~~~:3ery. See chart for features. cat.No. 460/0042 8. Bond Knitting

OurPrice £119.00


~~fn~dfr~~c~~~~e~~~t Knitsall popular handknityarns

~~~~~N~~~~ .d~io~~~it, fancy stitches indudingiace,



S31' r .---

lightweight machine comes with instruction booklets plusVHS videotape, caLNo. 460/0231

I '

OUrPrice £94.95

9. carmen RUVAMulti-Position FdldawayFull Body Solarium. 6 x efeet. 100 wattRUVA retlector tubes, Less than 6&per hour to

~&~~:fur::ndO:~f;~tect COOlingfan maintainscorrect temperature for efficient


~~;V:o~~~lc{~~~cti~~~ B.E:A.B.approved. eat.No. 445/0034

OurPrice £299.00'

12.SdlndaSoIUVAMultiPosition Foldaway Full Body Solarium. 5 x 5 feet, 85 watt, scanda safe shatter-proof laminated tubes. Lessthan 5p per

e~ri~leh~i3t~~:~;~~ 30 minute automaticswltch-off i!t~s;~~~;:~~dtostore, instructions,


cat.No, 445/1019

:~~~~~~!"a:;:~b'es. Less than 6p per hour run.

~13. Philips Facial Solarium. Free standing. for face and upper body. 4 x l l vainch. 16watt UVAtubes.60minutetimer. Auromaticswitch-off. With goggles and instructions. cat. No. our Price

~f~~~:mx~fe:~~~~for to


switch-offtimer, Ujlhtwei&ht easy to store. Withmstructions. lO.6x6feet, 100 watt. With FREEsuntan starter kit containing one tanning blanket. UVA Plus Tan enhancer moisturizer, UVA Care AfterSun moisturizer and slimline safety goggles. cat. No. OurPdce 445/1003


1l.5x5 feet.BSwatt With safety goggles and UVA PlusTan enhancermoistunzer. cat No.




!~J:=~~~w~:L~ ~e:&~~e: provided. Do manufacturer's recommended exposure times. .

SjI.1 .---1


OurPrice £159.00


14. Philips Face and Shoulders Solarium. Free-standing. For face and shoulder area. 6 x 18 inch.23 watt UVA tubes. 60 minute auto shut-off timer. Integral carry handle. With goggles and instructions. cat.No. 440/6114

OurPrice £87.95

lIems9 -12 willbe delivered direct to your home. See pages 2-3 for details.


I. ""1I1~2000Sllcn ce Pro IU'lr~I)'Cf.:zooowau, Low notse


~~~I~~I~~I~~~O~ curls. giving longer lastlng results. Concentrator

nozzle and

hanging loop. With freeplug. cat. No. 44017094

our Price £19.45

2. Philips Super 1500 Professional Style HairdIyer.

1500 watt. 3 heatl2 speed combinations. Concentrator nozzle and removable air filter, With freeplug. cat. No. 44017087

our Price £14.75

3. Philips Voyager 1200

4. Philips Power 1500 Haircbyer.1500watt.2heati speedcombinations. With concentratornozzle and hanging loop. With free plug. caL No. 44017018


Lightweight. 2 heatlspeed


5. Philips Lady 1000 Haircbyer. 1000 watt. 2 heat/speed combinations. Ughtweightwith blow wave nozzle. With free plug.

~:~~~:~~i~~~~~ar:v~rct pouch. With free plug. Dual ac.

voltage. I20/240V caLNo. 44017025

OurPrice £1.95

CaLNo. 44017001 8. Kalorik Hood Haircbyerand

Stand. 700 watt. 10 position hand-held temperature control. Height adjusnnentand foldaway stand. cat. No. 440/6215

OUrPric:e £24.95

9. Hair Design Hairdlyer and Styler SeL 1000 watt. Haircbyer with 2 heaUspeed combinations. Dual voltage. 110/240Vac. Plus matching styling brush. 240V ac. 12.Clairol1200Professiottal CsLNo. . OUrPrice Haircbyer. 1200 watt. 4 heatl 440/6521 £9.95 speed combinations. 10.RemingtOn Travel Plus COncentrator nozzle and hanging Haircbyer.1200watt.3heatl2 handle. Removable airffiterfor speedcombinations. With =c1=J;=.~~:et removable concentrator nozzle. Folds to compactsize.With travel guarantee. pouch. Dual voltage. 110/240V cat. No. our Price ac. 440/5883 £15.75 cal. No. OUrPrice 13. Cairol Tecniques 1600 440/6727 £7.95 Haircbyer. 1600 watt. Low 11.Braun Silentio 1600 noise. 3 heat/speed Hairdzyer. 1600 watt. Low noise combinations. Clip-onstyling with 3 heat/speed combinations. nozzle. Hangingloop. Fittedwith With blow wave nozzle. anti-slip plug. pads and hangingloop. cat. No. our Price

cal. No. 440/5151

6. PifcoCreatiottS 120'0 Hairdryer.1200watt. Lightweight. low noise. 2 heatl speed settings. Concentrator nozzle and hanging loop. Antislip pads. cat. No. 440/6253 7. PifcoCreations

OUr PrIce £7.45 1500

Professional Haircbyer. 1500 watt. 2 heatlspeed settings. Concentratornozzle and removable filter. cat. No. 440/6026

OUrPrice £9.95

our Price 440/7049 £13.75 £13.75 14. Cairol TecniquesTravel

Haircbyer.1200watt. Ughtweight.low noise. 2 heat/ speedcombinations. Foldstoa compactsizefortravel. Fitted with plug. Dual voltage. 1101 24OVac. cat. No. 440/6985

our Price


15.CairoI1600Lower-Noise PowerHaircbyer ..1600 watt. Lightweight. 4 heat/speed combinations. clip-on styling nozzle. anti-slip pads and retractable hanglngloop. Fitted with colour matched plug. CaLNo. 440/6978

OUrPrice £12.95

16. Cairolt200 Haircbyer. 1200watt. LightweighL 2 heatl speedcombinations. Styling nozzle. Fittedwith plug. Manufacturer's 2-year guarantee. cal. No. 440/6789

OUrPrice £10.45

17. Clairol Compact Turbo Hairdryer.1200watt. Lightweight. 2 heat/speed combinations. Complete with styling nozzle. cat.No. 440/3919


OUrPrice £7.95

18. BaBylissSalon HeatCOnrrol Hairdryer.1600watt. Low noise, Pre-set at ideal drying temperature. Instant boost button for extra heat when required. Fastorslow airflow. 2 heat/speed settings. Longlead. Styling nozzle. cat.No. 44017070

OurPrice £16.75

19.Carmen Whispa 1200 Hairdryer. 1200watt. Low noise. 2 heat/speed settings. Detachable nozzle and hanging loop. cat.No. 44017032

OurPrice £9.75

21. Carmen Whispa 1600 Cool SetHairdryer. teoowan. Low noise with 2 heat/speed settings. Cold air setting for cooling hair and fixing style. Detachable styling nozzle. Hanging loop. cat. No. Our Price 44017063 £14.45

22. Carmen Pro 1500 Hairdryer and Diffuser. I500 watt. 4 heat! speed combinations plus cool air. Removable concentrator nozzle and air filter. Push on diffuser (for use on low heat/speed settings) for naturally curly, permed orfine hairstyles. cat. No. 440/6813

20. Carmen 2000 CoolSet Hairdryer. 2000 watt. 3 hear/ speed settings. Coldair setting for cooling hair and fixing style. Removable air filter for easy cleaning. Concentrator nozzle andhangingioop. Long 2 metre cable fitted with plug. cat.No. 440/6239

OurPrice £18.95

23. BaByliss Salon Class Hairdryer and Diffuser. 1500 watt. 6 heat/speed settings. Cold air trigger. Removable air filter and concentrator nozzle. Long lifemotor. 9 feet long cord. 3year manufacturer's guarantee. Push on diffuser (for use on low heat setting only) for scrunch drying, finger styling with no blown away effect. cat. No. 440/6806

Our Price £24.45



Interchangeable soft bristles for long or short hair. Steam facility, automatic curl release. Multivoltage, I 10-240Vac.

OUrPrice £8.75 2. ClairolBodybullderStyling

cat No.


Brush with Steam. Unique thermalloogs transmit neat, ~e~I~~J,~~~~~aset convert to a styling brush for

~li~e:~.~:l~~~e~fgg_ 24OVac. . cat. No.


OUrPrice " £9.75


3. Hair DesignStyling


T~~~:.~W;oek~t. ~Ubber ~tectivecool

tip. 240V ac.

cat.No. 440/7104

OurPrtce £3.49

4. Hair Design QuickCUrl


~a;~o~ee swivel cord. safety stand and protective cool tip. 240V ac. caL No.


OUr Price £3.49

5.Hair Design Hairdtyer and StylerSet IOOOwatt.Hairdtyer With 2 heaUspeed combinations. Dualvoltage, II0/240V ac. Plus matching styling brush. 240Vac. cat. No. 440/6521

OurPrice £9.95

6. PhUlps Finesse

Styling Tong. Thinbarrelled styling tong for tightiycurled hair. Tangle-free swivel cord and cooltip. Multivoltage, I00-240V ac. cat. No. 44011128

our Price £5.75

7.Philips Finesse Styling Brush. Braun Independent2000 Hair A hot brush forquick.easy styling. Stylers. Piezoignition powered Tangie-li:eeswivelcord.Multiby butane gas. Uses disposable voltage,100-24OVac. butane gas cylinders. Noplug, cat. No. OUr Price lead or socket. can be used 440/1111 £4.15 anytime, anywhere. Stay-cool 8. Philips Hot Air Stylinj!Brush. Hot air blows through bnstles 10. Styling Brush giving firm and !ongerlasting cat. No. OUrPrice curls. Rollamatic facility means £14.75 no tangle and easy removal from 440/6583 11. Styling Tong. hair. Tangle-free swivel cord.


240Vac. cal No. Our PrIce 440/1135 £13.95 9. Cannen Blow'n' CurlPlus

cal No. 440/6576 12. Duo BrushITong

cal No.

OurPrice £12.95



£17.75 Styling Brush. Swivelcord.Hotair 440/6590 13. Braun Independent2000 stream blows

~~cr.~~~~~r:!~~s ro,in 11 and 12 only.

cat. No. 440/6686

our Price £2.70

ButaneGas PoweredStylers are permitted on planes in


dhand diSCretion. Gas refills are not permitted.

16.1 prof ctim fash plate with drieG 240'


440/: 17.(

Versi and, setsc plate wavi 240\ caUi




with a refillable gas cylinder and aFREE disposa61egas cylinder.


cat. No. 440/6820

OurPrIce £14.45

15. Philips jet Set Crimper.Piezo ignition powered by butane gas. Heats up quickly to optimum temperature forcrimping or waving for today's modern high


leadorsock:et - idea] for travel: cat.Na. 440/7319

~!l::~:Sw";y~;~~r. The ~~=.~~.:'x3tiu~Jbeat :;:~~~t7e1~~:~~~heat plates for fast etfecrs and using withmousseofs:el. Useonly on driedhair. Muln-voltage, 100240Vac. cat. No. 440/3665

PrIce £10.75


17, ClairolCrimp 6< Wave. Velllatilestyling tool forcrimping

retaining rollerscan be useddJy, with water mist or conditioner. Heat ready light and thermostatic control. 240Vac.

cat. No. 440/2288

OUr Price £24.45

19. Clairol Benders. 14 heared f1.exibleshapersin two sizes.

cat.No. 440/6930

OurPrlce £14.75


overrurls, waves orspirals. Easy to use- no pinsorclips needed. Includesnavel pouch and 20page stylingbook.Multi·voltagefor worldwidenavel, 120·240Vac.

cat. No. 440/7142


;"~~f~:!"~E:~~~t~o ~~~r~~'~::3~~~or plates, one for crimping, one for

waving. Multi-voltage, 10024OVac.

20, BaBylissHotsticks Travelpack. 14 heated flexible

pins needed. 240Vac.

cat. No. 440/6837

OarPrice £24.15

OurPrice £19.95

~h~~~~~6~gress~~;d t~~~ir.

Protective cap. Completewith FREEAvon Eyeshadow. Uses 2 x LR6batteries (order Iof9801 1444 atE 1.09pair). cat. No.




51 01

OUf Price £9.95


2. Philips Ladyshave De Luxe


:~~J ~~~~~ ~~~~tg:lh~~d

aI 51 in

fora smooth finish. Complete with travel cover and FREEAvon Eyeshadow. Uses 2 x LR6 batteries (order Iof980/1444 at £1.09pair). cat. No. OUf Price 440/1348 3. Philips Ladyshave







el, th li!

DeLuxe Mains Shaver. Foradoseand smooth shave. Foil head, straight and curved trimmers. 240Vac. ~~~s~~~~~i.thFREEAvon cat. No. OUrPrice



be ar m rei vc sa


Co 44

4. Braun Lady Elegance3 Mains

Shaver. Platinum coated foil,

7. carmen Waxworks. COmplete roll-on cool wax hair removal system. Thermostatic heater unit. Supplied with small and large applicator and remover stnps. Super-smooth results last for4/6 weeks. 240V ac.


FoiVtrimmercornbination fora smooth finish. Travel pouch. Dualvoltage, 120/240Vac.

cat. No.

Our Price cat. No. 440/5319 £15.95 440/6181 8. carmen Waxworks 5. Clairol BeaUJ>;Line Battery

Our Price £16.95

ReplacementWaxApplicators. ~~~b;~~frne ~~~~:~.ull~:r Large size plus remover strips.

Twin pack. b:~~d~~ler;r~fg~~if:~~6 cat. EI.09palr). No. 440/6693

cat. No. 440/6150

Our Price £11.75

6. Remington Lektro Blade Razor. High speed oscillating

~ti~~ fo~~c:~

~:tdseh~ei!itfi far less dragthan conventional blade razors. Takes any grO£rierarystandard fixed twin s~p;'i:ct~~~~r::JZ~cluded. cartridge fitted. cat. No. 440/6916

Our Price £9.45

Our Price £8.75

9, Oris Epilady. Electricepilator. Metal spiralhead rotates around its own axis, grips the hair and removes it from the roots. Legs are left smooth forup to six

~;;~:J~~~~~~:~~~ 240Vac. cat. No.


Our Price £34.75



at home. Electrolysis allows the safe removal ofunwantedhair.

~}~l&~~~~s:K~~~~~t,ase seconds the treatment is

completed. Powercontrol dial allowstreatmentofall hair types.

IClAlROL I ~J~:,I~s~~~='~ (order! at£2.19).

cat. No.



OurPrice £26.95

=~I~;.;'~r~;ith electricallr heated wrap for therapeutic heat relief. Slim. lightweight, designed to wrap around and fit ali areas of the body. soothes ali kinds of aches and pains.Unique. detachable massage attachment fbrextra relief. 2 heat settings. Extra low voltage transfonner for extra safety. cat. No. 440/5508

Our Price £:1.9.75

''''~\---;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;:;:;::;:lUniqueBaByliss Body Toner. natural massage system 12.

with 12 slowly rotatingfirigers. Tones up muscles, stimulates


gentle or firmmassage. In luxury case with a free sachet of massegecream andacolour .bookietof'!""S"!letechniques. With transfonnerandlongcord. 240Vac. ,..-


cat. No. _/7362

OurPrice £34.45

16.carmen Deep Heat Massager. Heat treatment

=~~~:I:e~~fheatand ;~~~~C;;UJ~~~:w. two levels ofvibration.With five applicators. 240Vac. ~~!~=con:~riti~~.~ety

cut -out, 2 heat settings, steam and mist. Multi-voltage, 100240Vac. caLNo. 440/5797

Our Price £14.45

14. Philips InfraphiJ Health Lamp. JnJia-ted rays penetrate skin to relax achinglstitfmuscles and can relieve symptoms of rheumatism etc. Adjustable stand,

L"::::::::::::::__:::~~~~ ....j__..:t.~===:::J


caLNo. 440/2903

Our Price £14.95

15. ClairolFootSpa. Invigorating~e with or withoutwater.Thennostatically controlled heating maintains the watertemperarure. Foot-shaped arch rests, relax and refresh reel 240Vac. B.E.A.B. approved. caL No. 440/3878

Our Price £33.45

caLNo. 440/4516

1. Braun Linear 230 Mains

Shaver. Full width trimmer. ComblnOllonshave faclillYfor ~,,~~u~ l~OVIIC. It.No.



Full width trimmer and intercept

Our PrIce £19.75

cat. No. 440/4798

vc ac

2. Braun Linear 235 Mains Shaver. Combination shave facllity. Trimmer for longer hairs! sideburns. Platinum plated foil. Travel pouch. Dual voltage, 1201 240Vac. cat-NO.


Our Price £21.45

3. Braun 3025 Mains Shaver. t-2-3shavingsystem.l for normal shaving, 2 fortrimmer/ normal (under chin etc), 3 for trimmer only. Travel case. Dual voltage, 120/240Vae. cat. No. +40/6868

Our Price £29.95

OUr Price £16.75

5. Remington MicroScreen Ultimate 2 Mains Shaver. Micro screentwin foil and trimmer. Adjustable closenessbar for closershave. Travel case with mirror. Dual voltage, 110/240V ac. cat. No. 440/6349

OUr Price £32.45

6. Remington XLRSOOMicro ScreenDe Luxe Mains Shaver. Twin foil headwith intercept cutter to remove stray whiskers. Full width trimmer, Travel pouch. Dual voltage, llO/240V ac. cat.No. 440/3177

10. Philishave HS 705 Mains DoubleAetion Electronic Shaver. 3 double aetionselfsharpeningcuner blades,90-s10t floating heads. Largetrimmerfor cat.No. OurPrtce sideburns and moustache. Travel 440/6851 £27.45 case. Multi-voltage, 100-240V ac. 8. Philishave HS250Tracer MalnsShaver. Twin so-slotsett- Cat,No. 440/7317 £38.95 shatpeniJ!8 floatingheads. Trlmmerforsidebums. Travel 11, Philishave HS 755 Mains pouch. 0IIal voltage, II 0/240V DoubleAction Electronic Shaver. 3 self-sharpening cutter "c.


OUr Price £20.75

9. Phi!ishave HS 550 Mains Shaver. 3 self·sharpening 90-

~~~e:~~~~ti~or voltage,100-240Vac. CoLNo. 44017300

OUr Price £29.45


moustache. Variable closeness control foreomfort. Deluxe travel case. Multi-voltage, 100-240V ac. cat. No. 440/1324




U 2-


he IIi


ar vc 2~



OurPrlce £19.45

7. Philishave HS540 MaIns Shaver. 3 self-sharpening rotary Ooatingheads. Pop-up IIiromer. Dualvoltage,

CoLNo. 440/6000



ch sh IIi



!~1~~Fn~~~~~~~ ~~~~hin flexible fall for super closeshave.

11 II< sk he lio M,

Co 44


N. Ttl bb Ch br.

Be Co oM


N. Sb sh tdI





12. Braun Linear 265

14. Braun 351 0 Universal 2-

RechargeableShaver. Full char$egives 30 minutes shaving. Full width longhair trimmer. Platinum plated foil. Charge indicators. Automatic voltageadjusnnent.100-240V ac. cat. No. 440/6129

fo~~~~~hi~~;'~oslstem. 1 trimmer/normal

OurPrfce £33.45

17. PhlIlshave HS350Tracer RechameableShaver. Twin 90sIotseII-s~ninglloating heads.quick Chan!e and nutins IiIdllty.TrImmer.'travel pouch. ~~~ottage, l00-240~.Prk:e 44016617 £31.75 lB.PhillshaveHSSOODouble ActiDnRechameableShaver. Trimmer.3 seIr-sharpening blades. 9O-slotIIoatingheads. =,indicatorlight. Wail ~c. Duaivoltage.110/240V

(under chin etc),

3 for trimmer only. Quick charge facility. Travel case. Multi-voltage. 12-48Vdc.100-240Vac.

Our Price

cat. No. OurPrice 440/6882 £28.45

13. Braun Linear 266 Universal 2-Way Mains/Rechargeable Shaver.! hour quickcharge.e hour fullcharge.Fullwtdth trimmer.Platinumplatedfoil. Chargeindicators. Travel pouch and wall bracket Automatic ~~~:~djustment.12Vdccat. No. 440/6136

Way Mains/Rechargeable


~~e~~~~~~&~~OO Micro Rechargeable Shaver. MainS! rechargeable operation. Twin foil micro screen with full width


11 0-240Vac. cat. No. 440/5292

OurPrice £28.95

16. HitachiRM2401 Phase 2 Shaver. ~ith

20. Philishave HS900 Double ActionMain~eable Shaver. 3 self·sharperung cutting blades.90-s10tfloating heads, hairtrimmer.QUIck




MUlti-~tage, lOO-240Vac.





21. phftishave HS950 Double Action Mains Electronic RechargeableShaver. 3 double


OUtPrice trimmer. Unique LCDcharge £33.15 -Ievelmerer.Lowchargealsrm. 19.PhlIlshave HS850 Double Quickcharge mains facility.

C8t.No. 440/6356

~i=::t1:j~::~~:~~~ ~~~~e. cer. No.

s~cutterblades.Large trimmerforsideburnsand


:m~~~'5~~cility. cat.No. oHOI6363

our Price tA9.45






M .--

1. Braun Battery 100 Shaver. COmpactshaverwith platinum coated foilhead. Full width trimmer Completewith FREE -



5. Philishave HS155 Battery Shaver with Trimmer. Twin90slot self-sharpening floating heads. Trimmerforsidebums.


440/4554 £13.85 cat, No. 2. Braun Pocket BatteryShaver. 44011191

OurPrice £14;95

Ultra-thinplatinum plated foil. Protectivetravel cap and brush. Completewith FREEbatteries. cat. No. 440/7173

6. Philips Beard andMoustache Trimmer. Trimsbeard, moustache and sideburns. OurPrlce Adjilstabletrimmingdepthg\!ide. £9.15 Withstorage stand, comband

~~~~~~~~I~t~rh~rd b~:~~~1:;:d~~ ~~~~A~~4 at case with mirror.Completewith £.1 ,09 pair).

FREEbatteries, caL No.

caL No. OurPrlce 440/5632

OurPrice £14.15

~~~~~veHS100com~~95 Battery Shaver. Twin 90-slot self-sharpening floatingheads.

~~:.g=e~,M1~~le hair length control.Trimsbeard, moustache and sideburns. With



FREEbattertes. caLNo. 440/1180

(order2 of98011444at£1.09

pair). £12.15 cat. No.



Our PrIce £14.15

Batteries'are not supplied unless ctberwtsestated;




=~~~1~~~o~~~n, foruse orwithout cord. With with

scissors,comband deaning brush. car,No. 440/5663

OurPrlce £28.15

9. Remington Lektro Blade Razor. Highspeed oscillating :~~~fo~~sc~:~:t~eh~e~~t'fi far less drag than conventional blade razors. Takes any gro~rietarystandard fixed twin S~P;lr:d~~*~~i~!ncIUded. canridgefitted. caL No. 440/6916

OurPrice £9.45

~p~~~~r~fJ~~mer fornose, ear and eyebrow hair.

7:le~~ pam.


cat. No. 440/6909

OurPrtce £9.95

11. CarmenMan cIeanShave. A =~~~=~l=o~ttt


12 co

ga Ut



ca :!£

1~ Cy


ad fOI




ci! In,


in! du

included.UsesLR6battery(o~r lof98011444at£1.09pair). caL No. OurPrice 440/7331 £9.45

re nu otl



ca :!£


c~ In



lit lit






cit be


ex nc

Co 75

(/) ~ bagand ap1"Re"X,k~~eto::::';;CA! £16.20 £14.99 19. Bradex "Sigma6" 6 Amp Battery Charger. With6Vor 12V

charge feature and automatic thermal cut-out. Complies with ElectricalEquipment (Safety) Regulations.

cat, No.

Retail Our Price £16.95 £9.99 ·750/2075 20. Bradex 8 Amp Battery Charger. bVor 12V with high


o ~


and low charge rate facilities. Automatic thermal overload crorection saf~$UMds user and ~~~~t(~~~ty~l(:,~~o~

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr ence 750/3201 £24.72 £14.99 21. Bradex "Charge Fast" 10 Amp Battety Charger. With micro-chip control. For6V or t2V


batteries. High or low charge


overchargingandto indicate when charge is complete. Complies with Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations. caL No. 750/2068





22. Bradex 2 in 1 Battery Charger and Engine Starter. Heavyduty charger with 15amp normal and 25 amp fast charge facility. with 100 amp startboost forquick starting. 12Vsysterns

~n~c::,o~~:J::Ep~~~1 ~~c:1~~~~~~:r:~~e~uto

na~~~~~~~~~~~ietewith ~g~~~j,~~~~mf~!th~~tor. only. Complies with as 3456. adaptor for inflating bicycle tyres, Features extra wide nozzle with air beds etc. flexible hose for fast. efficient cat. No. Sugg'd Retail our Price cleaning. Detachable brush and


75012J05 £10.81 £7.49 crevice 13. SIIS (Bluemels) Twin caL No. CylinderFootPump.Pressure 750/3153

Fev~~~~:;~:~:v~m:~~ck ~:.l1~~~':J=~ves.ldeal


« I

CsLNo. SUgg'dRetaiI. OurPrice £34.99 750/3191 £59.90




W ~

« CCl


cat No.

sugg'd Retail our Price 150/3249 £22.50 £12.99 14.3 in 1Intlator.Operatesfrom

cigarette lighter socket. Incocporates 12Vportable inflator rated up to 200 psi with

~~~t~=~~f~~:g red lamp. Inflates tyres in minutes while lantern warns other motorists. Adaptor supplied r:;.rL";,~rab~;~·dR.tail



750/2673 £29.95 £19.99 15.2 in I Inflator. Operates from dgarettellghtersocket.

Incorporares 12Vportable

~:s~~ra;~~f':J!~lh~~h mainbeam. Inflates tyres in minutes. Adaptorsupplied for inlJarables. . car, No. SUgg'dRetail Our Price 750/3184 £24.95 £14.99

16.Pifca High Power car

;::~~~!o~~t~~~om battery (clips supplied). Powerful

~~:s%~':~C~I~~~t~ nozzles. caL No.


OUrPrlce £12.99


1. Paddy Hopltirk Pair of Axle Stands. Capacity 1500kg (I 'h ronnesapprox) each.Extends from lO1J2 to 161f4inchapprox.

4. Kingavon Lightweight Roof Rack. Allsteel. easily assembled.

~~y~~::s~~C:Sr~S:g :as:Ch. 1~~8~cik:~' Maximum spread

Conforms to BS AU223. cat.No. Our.Price 750/3177 £8.99 cal, No. 740/6559 2. Master Mecanic 1.5 Ton

aec. Retail £11.85

Our Price £6.99

5. Paddy Hopkirk Universal Trolley lack. Allsteel construction. Lifting range51/4- Roof Rack. Polyester coated. 12Lhinchapprox. Weigfit22 Ihlb Quickandeasytoassemble. approx. Cat.No. 750/2903

nee. Retail £50.37

Our Price £22.99

3. Test Rite 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack. Heavyweightall steel construction. Swivel bearing for easy operation.

~:l~~~~~~~~~~~~:::: i~;h~~~~~~~r~d8~~ Our Price

cat. No. Rec.Retail 740/3758 £22.13


6. Paddy Hopltirk Roof Bars. Pair of steel bars with protective plastic extrusion. Polyester sec, Retail OurPrice coated feet and clamps. Notools

r~~fn~~~~igs71~~~p5~~~ cat. No. 150/2666 £65.30 £35.99 ~~~~~:~Jrra~~~~i~~ddt~~ for easy storage.

cat. No. Rec.Retail 740/3411 £18.12

Our Price £9.99

7. Paddy Hopltirk Dog/Cargo Guard. Adjustable between 36 inch and 54 inch wide, 2 7 inch and 44 inch high. Fits most estate cars and vans. Easily fitted with adjusters for precise fitting,


paint.: ~ri~fo~~~~~i~rfoa;_~~irs cat. No. 74013435 £11.35


8. Qube Car Cover. Made of ~~~e~~~~ie~r;~ene. maximum protection against


Size 18x 12 feetapprox. cat. No.

sugg'd Retail OUrPrice £9.99

7 ll.99 ~j~~bl~~~i~~~t~~els.


10. Gunson'sTachostrobe Xenon TimingUght with Ignition System Guide Book.

9. Teknix Motor Cycle/Scooter Cover. Made from strong PVC. Shaped to fit most motor cycles

and scooters up to approx 500cc size. car, No.


OUrPrice £4.99

~~~~fo~~fu~~~~~~ea~t petrol driven engines. Indicator showing rpm ensures correct ignition timing is obtained. .COmpletewith full instructions. Carries A.A. Seai of Approval.

cat. No.


Sugg'dRetail Our Price £31.66 £18.99

11. Gunson's



~~Fes~~:~d~~~:;~~al~w rpm, volts, amps, ohms. dwell ~~t,i~1lr~i~~ ;~3~:=onic ignition systems.For4, 6and 8

cylinder engines. Full instructions supplied. Carries A.A.sealof Approval.

cal. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice 750/2862 £4t .29 £27.99 12. Gunson's Testand Tune Up



Kit.COmprehensively covers lIT ignition, timing andcarburation. Kit also includes a remote starter and two informative books on ignition and tuning, Full instructlonssupphed.

cat-No. sugg'dRetailOurPdce £34.99 750/3139 £51.75

13. KrooklokAnti- Theft Device.A visibledeterrent. Strong steel shaft with fluorescent hooks. cat.No. OUrPrke 74012302 £6.49 14. Bosch CarAIann. Activared

by hidden internal switch. Proteasdoors, bonnet and boot


fittedtwo spare switches are provided.)Alarm soundsfor 30 second intervals when activated


~e~6b=~~hrC):~tiOnand =~g~~~~:3crimPing pliers included. Cat.No. .gec.Retail 140/6391 £49.64

OUr Price £29.99

15.SelrnarCar AIann. Contains a fully adjustable pendulum system which sounds car hom on interference with car. Horn also


light fitted) plus ignition immobilization.

cat. No. Sugg'dRerall OurPrice 740/30t9 £17.50 £12.99


16. Linwood "Tornado" KeylessCarAlarm. 120 decibel siren. Features include ignition immobilization, door protection (plus boot/bonnet where courtesy Ughtfined). Audible stal on arminfi;Pre-wired l~m wt simple 3 wire


cat No. SUgg'dRetail OUr Price 740/4049 £26.00 £19.99

17. Linwood Eliminatorcar Alarm. Fullremote control operation with audible/visual annJdisarm.lntegnU high power siren pulsating on-off headlights when activated. plus

and ;1~16:=0~~t~~~mand car, No. SUgg'dRetailOUrPrlce 740/6566



1. Teknix All Purpose

~~~~~~\~~h~~~~2 spinner handle, 91!4 inch drive sockets, 3 spanners, adjustable pliers, 6-24 volttesterandclip, assortedfuses, eyrepressure

~~~na;~~~~~~r:!~l plasticgroundsheet, pairof protective gloves, 12 volt

~r:I~~re~u~~~lcispark Insulation tape. Allin heavy duty carrying case. caL No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 750/3160 £34.17 £19.99

2.Richmond Tool Bag. Strong simulated learner incorporating

24x6x6inchapprox. car,No. Ret. Retail

our Price 740/1994 £9.99 £5.99 3. FischerC-Box car cassette

carrier. Holds6 cassettes (not included) in dust proofdrawers. Push button release forquick selection. Fits either above or below dashboard, withadhesive pad and adjustable bracket supplied. Size 9 x 4 X 33/4 inch approx. cat. No. 740/2584

OurPrice £12.99

4.SynapseLCAcarClock.3~~:~~l~~~~~h:~back light. Easily fitted todashboard (no drilling) or used free standing. Battery included. cat.No. OurPrice 740/3923 £6.99 5. A.A. Instant Membership with Relay. The quickest way to

~:a~~~~'~~~~~~~~~~~~ and you instantly become a member of the A.A. Pack includes Interim Membership Certificate,Member's Handbook, key. licencediscand official registration form. A1somakes a superb and original gift. Plus a FREE£5 Argos GiftVoucher givenattimeofpurchase.

cae,No. 888/5117

Our Price £51.50


12. cartrend CarTidy. Made from 100% PVCbackednylon. Designedto fiton the back of ~g:~f-1:%bei~~~~f~~~le front carseats with or without driving lamps with removable insulated. Acceptsstandard bc head-rests. An ideal in-car grillecove", quartz bulbs and bulb (not supplied).240Vac storage holdall for awkward bits cablefbrwiring. Uruversalfitting mains. Rec. Relail. OUrPrice cal-No. OUtPrlce and pieces. cal No. t=d}f~~=~~~p



£20.85 £9.99 750/1966 £6.99 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 740/6573 £12.99 £8.99 7,HeDaUniversal Higb Level 10.Turbowash selfContalned 13. Metro "Boot Tidy". Brake Light Increases other PowerWashSystem. Attaches Removable nylon storage holdall drivers' awareness of braking, to agardenhose, running direct fortools. tow rope, footpump etc. Forcentral fixingin either frommains watersupply to 740/3514

Press stud fixings fit most cars, hatchbacks. estates and vans. Includes three pockets with flaps forsecure storage. Size 12 x 40 OUrPrice inchapprox.

pendantorupright position. For

produce a jet ofwaterlsuds.



~~~m~~~~i~fi:~:~~ ~%~~~:~s~~~~a~C!r% caL No. 740/6494

0UrPrk:e cat-No. £8.99 150/2886


8. Fluorescent Lantern. Safe

11. Swirlon Two-in-One Wash

fluorescent lantern, flashing amber lightand red warning light. Operates from 6 x R20S batteries (not supplied, order 3 of 980/1420at£l.09pair).

attachment. With removable translucent soap reservoir and extension facility. Makes light work of tough c1eaningjobs. cat. No. OUrPrlce

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 140/4128 £14.49 £.8.99

14. Richmond Stowaway. ~~I~~c:,o~r:~ncylight~~:n;ga:'~d~~~id Matching pair ofholdalls in

cat. No. 150/1557

OUr Price 150/0297 £6.99

nylon with multiple storage compartments. Both suspend fromeasily fitted press studs and are detachable. Handles make £29.99 them excellent carrier bags which can be clippedtogether. Idealfor shopping. picnics, campingetc. Size20 x 13 inch approx each. Ret. Relai.l OUf Price £9.99

w (9

« ~

o l-


00 (9



« w __J

U ~



~ :

'3,,~ -: ~" .....,



,...,> ~



















3 ,:,:::: 4


1< I» I} 1< I} 1>< .8



1< 1/ I>


A",,, Card


Am"j Card

Mgos Card


Diners_l Visa Card


I Prom., I Vouch.

















k k t










Amexl Card



Diners Card



I prom1,j


Vouch, Vouch


.g g. :-_.__..__.._----------------+----------------------"'-I ~ ~: :S:....


.f?1 I.._I

CD, "el 01


, {IIi!!>' 'n


















3 ,,:,:; 4










I> I>





I> Cash



I> I} 1<> 1< I·} I»










{II;!!>' ...

Amex Card



j_ Argos Card

Diners Card




I J prom..








I Access Card






Diners Card


Card e

I Vouch. promi.[ Gift Vouch.



THE ARGOS PROMISE If you change your mind and decide that a product you have bought does not meet your exact requirements

we offer you the

opportunity of returning it within 16 daysof purchase, for a full refund or exchange. We simply askthat it isreturned in itsoriginal and unspoiltcondition, with itsoriginal wrapping and your receipt. Please note this promise does not apply to earrings for pierced ears. Thisguarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

OPEN AN ARGOS PERSONAL ACCOUNT THE MOST CONVENIENT WAY TO PAY Please ask for written details. Argos is a Credit Broker. Acceptance is subject to status.


GIFT VOUCHERS It's so easy- even forthat "I just don't know whatto buy" person. Simply letthem choose their present by giving an Argos Gift Voucher. With more than 3,000 gift ideas available in over 200 stores nationwide, anyone will be able tofind their perfect present.

£1 Cal.No.888/01 05 £2 Cat.No.888/0208

£5 Cat.No.888/0507 £10 Cat. NO.B8R/100l



Jomon "Regal" Grey









Customogic "Raid" Blue/Greystripe


Centre panel 60% D, 40% F Surround 100% C

Cusiamogic "Raid" Red/Greyslripe


Centre panel 60% D, 40% F . £31.25 Surround 100% C














Cenrend "Voyager"



Grey with Block stripe side panels



4 740/3655 5 740/6353

Filrite"Bloze" Grey with Red stripe

6 740/4025

Customogic HTrend" diagonal stripe centre ponel, tweed effect surround

Standard Standard

Centre ponell 00% A SlretchsurroundlOO%C

7 740/4063 8 740/6463

SCS "Symphony" Blue with Blue/Red poHerned centre ponel

9 740/6535

Cortrend"Lozer" Block with Red chevron stripe

High Bock

Centre panel 94% C, 6% B Side panel 100% B 35%D,30%B,15%E 15%C,5%F



Cortrend"Velvet" Blue with Grey centre panel

High Back

Club Royale "Miami" Brown stripe


12 740/3277 13





£29.99 £29.99



High Bock

Side/centre panels 100% B Piping 100% D




Certrend "Vogue" Bluesidepanels,2toneGreycentre panel. Blue piping

High Bock

Side/centre panels 100% B Piping 100% D





15. Club Royale Reversible Seat Protector. Woven cloth on one side and synthetic sheepskin on the other. Deep foam cushioning and stretch bands for instant fitting. Washable. car. No. sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 140/6591 £6.95 £4.99

16.Britax Static Rear Car Seat :IT~i~Joi~~~e~~~~bFelf~~ ~~~t cars. Fu~ adjustable to carer for most sizes. Suitable,foruse with booster seats. infant carriers and the Britax Recliner. cat. No. OurPrice 140/3318 £12.99 17. Club Royale Travel RuS.

Fullywashable. 80% acrylitl

20% other fibres. Size 51 x 67

inch including fringe.


cat. No. 140/2694 18. Teknix



W ~

OurPrice £4.99

Rubber Car Mats. Set of4. universalShahe. Driver's


cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 140/4135 £11.28 £6.99 19. Teknix Carpet CarMats. Set

« u

of 4. Charcoalheavy duty ribbed with non-slip backing and reinforced driver's heel pad. Semi-universal. Pile 100% polypropylene.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 740/3491 £10.17 £5.99' 20. Teknix Carpet car Mats. Set

of 4. Brown heavy duty ribbed, with non-slip backing and reinforced driver's heel pad. Semi-universal. Pile 100% STANDARD polypropylene.



cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 740/4104 £10.17 £5.99

Please note: All seat covers are soldas fullsets (two front HIGH BACK and one rear).






ii;~~.e~t:i~t~I~~;I~~~~lur 6~~~~~~~~ht~F~~en socketto giveautomaticon/off weather resistant.Ideal for ~'t~~~~~~g~;g~: ~~~g~~w, a~~~;e!' ~~~!i~O~n~' patios.

that indicatethat the programme Suppliedwith 300 watt halogen willrepeat every 24 hours Ideal bulb, fullfixingkit and forsecurity Ovemde facility instructions. Max bulb 500 watt. OUr Price cat. No.

;c:;:=,=====--,£"-13,,,.99'-'.:.~:~~ Manualovemde Indicatorhght ~o~~~~~ha~HI:~~~~~~~~

Sugg'dRetail Our Price

A:~~ntern. ~i~5.99

~~;~l.~~\~~~ti~~;~~ on at dusk and offatdawn. 2201

~~g~i~~') ~ax bulb 100 watt(not

Our Price cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £18.99430/8313 £39.95 £29.99


~:ph~~~:_fn4t~~~ ~~~~~~;r~~~a:~eb~~~~r~go~~~en wea~e~rOOffi[ting. Suitable for hour time selectors allowing ~fn~°%o°v~:~c~~d~!n~s~Jc' ~fth';b~I~~h~~~~~dW!rng easy setting. Foruse with bracket. appliances up to 3kW. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice cat-No. OurPrice 430/8966 £24.95 £16.99 £11.99 12.lnfra Red Bulkhead Light. 4. Smiths "Time Controller" Detectsapproach of person up to


io~~~~!~:b'~'~rs 0h~~~6~~e~~~:~~~~~~~' remains on for5 minutes, then

nu:~n into multipfeswitching operations in 24 hours. Overridefacility.To ~~n~~lk'WstdomestiCappliances Cat.No. Our Price 982/0171 £14.49 5. Smiths Immersion Heater Time Control Switch. 24 hour repeater time control switch. Simpleto install with override switch forinstant ~rogramme change. Foruse with appliances upto akw. cat. No. OUrPrice 982/0061

automatically switches off. Night ~r1fe:~~~i.osn~ ~~ ~eK;; ~nl~e inch approx. Max bulb 60 watt (not supplied). Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 430/9219 £49.99 £34.99


6. Smiths ET07 Electronic Time fn<>ti:~~~~it~h~aro;Joff~~ft~lf ings per day. LCDclock.Foruse with appliances up to 3kW.

g;~~11~h~iZ~~:{bU~!~:03 pair). OurPrice

of980/1437 "£1.09




7. Smiths ET24 ElectronicTime


~~~~llJ~:~~~~: switchings per day. LCDclock. ~~~~6:~~dgFaliciU~~~~_ heldsetting uses LR03 battery

(10[98011437,'£1.09pair). OUr Price




8. Home Automation

Passive Infra-Red Sensor and Sun Flood. Upto 15 metre detection ( range with a 90 angle. Night only operation. Switches offafter 7 minutes. 240Vac mains, 700 wattswitching. 300 watt sunfloodbulb (supplied). cat. No. OUrPrice 0



13. FirstAlenSA 76RD Smoke Detector. Features loud 85dB alarm hom, lowbattery indicator (hom beeps at least once a


~~~te~:e~ a test)runon plus LEDwhich both confirmcorrectfunctioning at all

g~~isS~Jd~i~~~:~:~~~ Complieswith BS5446 Part 1, carriesthe "KiteMark" symbol. cal. No. OurPrice 700/8555


14. "FamilyGard" Smoke Detector. Features loud 85dB alarm hom and fullfunctioritest switch. Lowbattery indicator (hom beeps at least once a

:~~~~:e~~ ~~~~~~~fn Battery supplied. Completewith simplefittings.Complieswith BS 5446 Part 1. cat. No. OUrPrice 700/8421" £7.99

21.PowerbreakerTwo Adaptor. The latest in portable RCD technology, with double pole protection and a combination of extra safety fearures to protect against electrocution from cut, frayed or wet cables,loose ~~~'fa~hs~~~c~~~e~d~for use Withall electricalappliances, especially lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, extension leads, power tools etc.

cat, No.


Our Price £15.99

22. Qualcast Power-Safe Adaptor Residual Current Device. Designed to reduce the risk of electrocution from cut. frayed orwet cables. Double pole protection in the'event of an Incorrectlywired plug or socket. features electroruc reset and power-on indicator. cat. No. Our Price 982/1273 23. "Powerbreaker"


Plug. Residual current circuitbreaker forprorectlon againstelecrrocution fromcut, frayed orwet cables or loose connections. 18. Chubb3G114 s-tever R.erommendedforuse with all 15. Black &Decker Smoke Mortice Deadlock. conforms to electricalappliances especially Detector. Detects smoke and fumes providing early warning of BS3621 1980 (for thief resistant lawnmowers, hedge tnmmers, locks). Designed to secure main extension leads, power tools etc. fire. Incorporates test button and entrance wooden doors. Supplied cat. No. Our Price with key plates, three keys and 982/0298 £14.99 fullfitting instructions. 24. Black& Decker "Power Complieswith 55 5446 Part 1. carries the' 'Kite Mark" symbol. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice Stop" Residual Current Device. £16.49 for added protection against cat, No. sec, Retail Our Price 700/4999 £21.94 £10.99 19. Chubb Window Locks. Easy electrocution. Test button, on/off 700/2843 £16.95 to fitwindow lock forsecuring switch, power on and trip wooden framed casement indicators, reset button. windows. Pack contains four Recommended foruse with all early warning offire. features window locks, fixing screws and Black& Deckerlawnmowers, auto battery testing (for when hedge trimmers, power tools etc. battery needs r1lacing) and test one key.

~~~~;:~h;~~~e~:~~. ~t:~Sf~~fe~~d~~~r;i~g car. No.

Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice eat. No.

Our Price

700/6045 £14.26 £10.99 ·982/1132 £29.99 ~~~o;·;~g~:n~:~:o~s. 20. Chubb Door Security Bolts. Please note, items 21-24 must Complieswith BS5446 Part 1. car.teo. Our Price 700/8579 £7.49 ~~~~fJi,~~n'!~~~P~~dbb~~om 17. Yale "Brasslux" Automatic ~~h~:rdcio~~s~oo~fg~~z!~~~e. ~e:.~~:r!~~e~:~~le Deadlatch. for normal stile doors. Non-tarnish finish. Bolt ~~~t~g~~~nn:l~d~~~v~~ible to Lead. COiledlead fitted with a 13 deadlocks each time door is closed. Lockable inside handle to intruders. Setoftwo with key and amp fused plugwlrhinsulated fullfitting instructions. F~~~~~lili~o~~Cl~i;~i~~~s. foilintruders who may break cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price cet. No. Our Price glasspanelled doors.





u UJ (/)


j5 I

~ :!';:l:!:!!~fi~::n~~:ll UJ

eat. No. Rec.Retail 700/6124 £38.74

Our Price 700/6083 £26.99


£5.99 982/1307 26. Home Automation


Passive Infra-Red Intruder. Deterrent Alarm.Detects intrusion up to 15 metre and over a 90° angle. Emits 100 decibelnoise level. for permanent or portable internal use. Plugs into 240V mains. caL.No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 700/7893 £39.95 £29.99 27. Tasley 4-ln-1 Portable

Alarm.Includes smoke detector

=~~,~~c:!~e~~~~:~!gfc~ when attached to door willsound alarm ifdoor opened}, torch and detachable digital cIockalarnt all within one small pocket size unit -idealfortraveL With carry pouch. Uses PP3S battery (order lof9801l042at99p). cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice ·700/8641 £24.95 £19.99





o I I




u UJ (/)



1. cantilever Tool Box, British made. 5 trays. Size when closed 22 x 8 x 8 inch approx. Cat.No. gee. Retail 700/6399 £16.45

OUfPrice £8.99

2. Talco Power Tool Tidy.British made. Metal case forstorageof electric power tools etc. Size 153/4 x lOlhx41h inchapprox. Cat.No. Rec.Retail 700/4504 £9.08

Our Price £5.49

3.1ta15- Tray Cantilever Tool Box. Size when dosed 17 x 8 x 8

inch approx. Cat.No. 700/4047

OUfPrice £4.99

4. Holt 18 Inch Plastic Cantilever Tool Box. Leathergrain finish. Features 00rust hinge pins, rivets and links. Suitable for hand tools, fishing. sewing andgenerai storage. 5yearguaramee.Sizelax lOx 8:% inch approx. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 700/8122 £21.95 £12.99


5. Holt Steel Storage Cabinet. 43 transparent drawers which can be subdivided. Suitable for garage, workshop. sewing and general use. Size 12x53/4 x20 inch high approx. (Contents not supplied.) cat. No. 700/4470

OurPrice £14.99

6. M & K 15 Drawer Storage cabinet. Drawers can be subdivided to store small items. p,

with carrying Size 83/4 x 61/2 X 7lf4 inch high approx. (Contents not supplied.) cat. No. 700/4133

OurPrice £4.99

7. Teknix 25 Drawer cabinet and Contents. Approx 2100 nuts, bolts. screws. washers etc. Free-standing orwall mounted. Completewith labels. drawer dividers. gauge and wall chart. Size I 13/4 x43/4 xs inch high approx. cat. No. 700/4786

Sugg'dRetail OurPrice £24.21 £14.99

12. HardIife Triple Extension Ladder. 3 section aluminium ladder for easy handling and f~~;~;~~f~afe~~ ~~i~~~gen closed 9 feet 6 inch. Maximum extended height 19 feet 4 inch.

Approved to 85203 7 Class3 domestic. Kitemarked. Please see footnote. cat.reo. '105/0022 13. HardIife Aluminium

Extension Ladders. Lightweight


~~:Sa!;yrh"l~~:e feet.Conformsto 652037 Class 3 domestic.Kitemarked. Please see footnote.

~3~~~ ~f:~~tf~A~~~~~~j:d. cat.No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice 705/0008 £145.25


Height 13 feetclosed,23 feet 10 inch fully extended. .

cat.No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice 705/0015 £178.20 £76.99 14. Beldray3-WayLadder.

Madefromaluminium. Converts toextending ladder, household steps oroffsetladderon stairs. rJ~6i~!~~o~~~f~~~~df~~s~ition ladderpositions. Highest usable tread when in step position4 feet 5::;/4 inch. cat.No. 700/3354


Price £24.99



A1liW ......

1 forsafety.Platformheight 43

inch. Manufacturer's 5-year guarantee. COnformsto 6S203 7 Class3 domestic. cat.No. OUf Price 700/3945 £14.99 16. Abru BlueSeal 3 Section

LoftLadder. Features twin in-

~~ehna~~t~Al~~I~fi~~~~~i1e treadsforcomfortand ease of '-=-'-_.lL--' iI1~b;~~n~~~tT~~~~oloe~i~g loftheight 3 metre (9 feet 10 inch approx.) 8. Raaco Family Workshop. The cat.No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice total workshop storage system 700/6461 £92.95 £44.99 17. Duraflex Loft Ladder. ~io~:~~6i~~C t~aha~J:~~e Li~hrweight2 sectionaluminium storage bins attached to a backingpanei and a hand-tool l~s~r: ~~ki~~~d~!;;~~K!IJ~ wall panel with 18 toolhooks/ holders. (Toolsandcontents not ~~~~~;l~~nd~~tr~~d~~l~d~er supplied.) . cat.No. OUfPrice down with hook provided. 700/8634 £22.99 Maximumfloorto loftheight8 feet 9 inch. Requiresminimum Zamba Steel Unit. Suppliedin convenient flatpack hatchopenin~ l8x l8inch. form.Idealforoffice,garage and f~full;~ei~i~~~~~~~ and easy general use. Shelves adjustable No. sugg'd Retail OUfPrice every 2 inch. Furtherunits can be cat. 700/4566 £80.34 £24.95 added. nos12and 9. Finished in brown/beige. Size _Item 13 wiIIbe 31'hx 12x65inchhigh. delivereddirect cat.No. OUfPrice [0your home. 700/4126 £12.99 hey are not 10. Finished in fed. stzezrvax available for collectionfrom12 x 59 inch high approx. cat. No. Our Price our showrooms (except 700/6557


11. Finished in white. Size271h ~fi~~~~S~~~IYbe x-12x 59 inch high approx.

cat. No.


Ow Price £10.99


Argos Showrooms.

1. Talco 145PieceToolKit. Contains 23 piece Ih inch square drive socket set; 61~iece 1/4 inch

3. Talco39 Piece Tap and Die Set. Made from carbon steeL

ring spanners; BAspanners: assorted screwdrivers: 5 piece punch and chisel set; combination pliers; multi-grip pliers; ball petn hammer; 8 AF and 8


f~~,~~in~t~~sta!ic~~~~~s ~~;~~rS~~;~~F~n~6e~~f~~t ~e~~~ntati~e~~~~fe cg~·Price OlE spanners; 5 Af and 5 metric metricAllenkeys; 1eachAFand metric feeler gauges; junior




all electricalwork is camedout safely. Tests fuses, wiring

f6~~~~a~r&~i~~~C~~:~~ up

15 voltdc. A1sousefuiforear ~~~~~;s~~it~%=~~p~~1 electrics. Designed BS5458. testerscrewdriver; set of7 Operates fromPP3 battery (order to


chrome vanadium drills. All in a s-tray tool box.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 700/4016 £92.&4 £59.99

2. Talco 100 Piece Tool Kit.

lof98011042at99p). cat. No. Rec.Retail 700/6881 £13.15

Our Price £8.99

5.Rapitest M~lti-CheCkn~~~ns

~g;::gi~~38; s~~gr~, ~~~l~ce inch and Inch AFand metric buIband batt ~~~~~t ~i~cf~~:J~~q2u~~eCe Completewi

1 10 and



drive socket. set,.. combination e


~b~~!~~~-~~n~sa~sJ~~te~er signal. Poweredby PP3battery (order 1 of9801l042at99p).

(Please note; under no circumstances should this item be connected to live mains.) cat. No. Rec.Retail 700/8658 £19.95

Our Price £14.99


1m act


ro~~~~rIJ Blowmoulde case.

cat. No. . 100/8603 £1.99 7. Teknix 50 PieceChrome Vanadium Socket and Bit Set. Comprises 11 metric 1/4inch drive sockets and 7 accessories, 13 metric Ih inch drivesockets and 6

accessories plus screwbits and hex keys. Carrying/storage case. cat. No. sugg'd Retail 700/8414 £48.43

OU(Price £29.99

t!t~~:Cllc!d:tle~~t ~e:~~_ to. Test Rite~4Pieces~anner inch square drive. Containing34 ~6~c~!~ :!TI~t~~ ~n~;i chrome alloy sockets and 7 to 1 inch and 12 metric; sizes 7 S~~~/4


~~~~:y £~!::

cat. No.


Our Price cat. No.

AFand £5.99 Metric Combined Socket Set. 1/4 and 3/8 inch square drive. High grade vanadium alloy steel sockets and tools. Containing29 sockets, with a flipdrive reversible ratchet plus 6 accessories allcontained in a tough plastic carrying case. 36




COmbinationSpanner Set. Alloy steel in individually pouched wallet. Sizes'S - zemm Gat.No. Rec.Retail Our Price 700/4597 £14.11


12.Talco Crimping Tool Set. For crimpingterminals, cuningand stripping electricalwiring. feO~~%~ith 125 assorted cat. No. gee. Retail OUrPrice

R~~~ ou;l~~




13. Draper 3 Piece Self Grip Pliers Set. Drop forged. Chrome plated for corrosion protection. With quick release lever. Sizes 5, 7 and 10 inch. cat. No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice 70011491 £9.96 £4.99 14. Spiralux3-Way Riveter Kit.

~~e~fe~S!~fet:~s~ riV!!~ra~dl~;~

Suitable forusewi~lf8i 5/:;2.3/16 inch rivers. Comes complete with 60 assorted rivets. cat. No. 700/7570

OUfPrice £5.99

15. Richmond 5 Piece Plier Set. Matchingset of7 inch combination pliers, 6 inch diagonal nippers and 6 inch longnose pliers. Allof chrome vanadium steel with heavy duty moulded insulation grips. Plus wire crimper/curter/stripper. 7 inch universalgripphersand cat.No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice






16. stanley 44 PieceAFand MetricCombinedSocket Set. '/2 inch squaredrive. High grade vanadium alloy steel sockets and tools. Containing 36 sockets and 2 plug sockets, with a flipdrive reversibleratchet plus 5 accessories. Allcontained in a tough plastic carrying case. cat. No. Rec.Retail 700/4755 £72.75

Our Price £39.99

17.Teknix 34PieceTool Kit Comprises16 piece 1/4 inch and ~H:~~t~6~~hea~~le~ ~~~~kt~I~~ socket, extension barspinner and adapter, 6 piece metric combination spanner set 817mm, 3 screwdrivers, insulated



~~l~~feF;~e~~~rre contained in a mOul~d carrying/ storage case. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 700/6430 £28.40 £15.99

18. Teknix30PieceMechanic's Tool Kit. Comprising5piece 112inch drive socket set, ratchet ~~~~;io2n1b~~:~!~~p~~ti~Cket,

g~~~:tJ~~~~ ~o~~:~;~rs, rg:~~;:j~~i:::.t~~r~~tt~!~~rr~'


~e:;e.:,~gc~~~li~Fe~~~!s~e~ng tape and battery hydrometer. Containedin heavy duty moulded carrying/storage case. cat. No. sugg'dRetall Our Price 700/6526 £50.81 £24.99

19.Teknix41 Piece Combination Tool and Socket


~g~~~h~~m~h with rubber grip, slidingThandle, 2 extension bars, universal joint, 21 rnm spark plug socket, crimpingtool, bag of terminals. hammer, 6 piecehex key tool, baueryterminal brush,

~i~~~r.~ ~~~~~~~g~~~i~e wrench set, 5screwdrivers, feeler gauge, 6-12V tester and tester clip. With moulded heavy duty carrying/storage case.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price 700/6715 £69.36 £39.99

t. Richmond 30 Piece Tool Kit. Comprisinga selection of Richmond tools and accessories, all contained in a zip-top tool bag. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 70017563 £74.99 £39.992. Richmond 8 Piece Screwdriver Set. Comprises5 slot head and 3 crosspoint screwdrivers. Made of chrome vanadium steel. Four largest sizes have hexagonal bolster at the base tofitaspannerfor stubborn screws. Rec.Retail Our Price 700/6478 £15.99 £9.99 3. Stanley "Yankee" Handyman Screwdriver. Spiral ratchet action. COmpletewith 1 slotted bit and no 2 point Pozidriv bitstored in magazine handle. cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice 700/2166 £14.40 £8.99

7. Test Rite 10 Piece Screwdriver Set. A useful setof 5 slot head, 3 crosspoint and 2 chubby screwdrivers. All contained in a handy storage hex, 3 spline. With screwdriver wallet. handle and bit holder, lf4 inch cat. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice drive socket adaptor and 700/6155 £9.00 £4.99 universal bit adaptor enabling 8. Talco Tool Belt. With 10 use with power tools. In tough pockets for tools, nails and plastic case. Tape measure clip. cat. No. Rec:Retail OUrPrice accessories. 30-46 inch. Toolsnot 70017408 £15.99 £7.99 Fitswaist supplied. 5.Talco "Craftsman's" cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price Screwdriver. 17-24 inch spiral 700/8225 £17.50 £10.99 ratchet screwdriver with 3 bits. 9. FootprintSetof3 Bevel cat. No. Ret. Retail OUrPrice Edged Wood Chisels. Sheffield 700/3718 £24.28 £12.99 made.Sizes 1/4, 112and 1 inch. 6. Talco 22 Piece Magnetic Shatterproof plastic handles. RatchetScrewdriver and socket Conforrnsto BS 1943. Set. Comprisingscrewdriverwith cat. No. Rec.Retail OUrPrice £9.99 flexibleshaft and ratchet facility. 700/7642 £16.39 Completewith 11 assorted bits, 9 to. RaboneChesterman assorted lf4 inch drive sockets 900mm (36 inch approx) Box Section Aluminium Level. and socket adaptor. cat. No. Ree.Retail Our Price Plumb and horizontal vials 700/8407 £11.50 £7.99 guaranteed for 5 years. cat. No. Rec.Retail OUr Price 700/7381 £13.46 £7.99

19. Bosch PSS230 Orbital ~~:t~~:~~t1n~~~asuper assorted sanding sheers,150 teeth make it idearfor accurate wanmoroc. Completewith jointing work. cat. No. Roc. Retail OUrPrice mouldedplug. II. Spear & Jackson 10 Inch Tenon saw. Heavy steel backed blade with beechwood handle, forstrength and rigidity. Ground



£8.99 cal. No. Ret. Retail 710/4758 £45.95

OUrPrice £33.95

20. Bosch PBS60 Belt sander. ~;J:~~d~~~~~~back Withdust collectionbag. 550 blade with beechwood handle

and extra sharp bevel ground teeth.Ideal [or curs along and across the grain. cat. No. 100/8586

nee. Retail £11.99

wattmeter. Beltspeed 280rnl min. Sand surface 113 x 6Omm. COmpletewith mouldedplug.

Ret. Retail OUrPrice cat. No. £8.99 710/4253 £81.00

Our Price £59.95

21.BoschPEXI15AMulti13.SranleyH.1204 Sander. The new methodfor "Handyman" Smoothing polishingand sanding. Uses Plane. 2 inch Sheffieldsteel blade.Adjustable fordeprhof cut. 115mmdiameter discs with fast cat. No. Ret. Retail OUrPrice velcrc-typedlscfbdng. 100/4188 £21.15 £13.99 Dependingon the disc type used itsandswood. metal, painrwork 14. SOnicTape Distance and filler. 140 watt. COmplete Estimator. Measures distances by means of an ultra sonic sensor withdusrexuactionbagand mouldedplug. by Polaroid with approx 99% cat. No. gee. Retail our Price accuracy between 2 feet and 30 710/6031



rrt.~~~~~~?g~dt7eStal 22. Black& Decker BDI602 lifium battery.Ideal~r fastand ElectricHeat Gun. Fast, easy method ofstripping oil-based cat. No. Ret. Retail OUrPrice C:t~rggt~~~~~:~n~~d 100/8689 £39.95 £31.99 blisters the paint which issimply

ili~=~ah~~~~~~~~r ~m~~~n:=~~~f~~~d

tomm nails.front pressurefiring 56QOC, 1600 watt. Cal.NO. ReC. Retail our Price actionand advancedflush £22.95 stapling. Quick release magazine 110/4356 £32.10 23. Bosch PHG520 Hot Air Gun. Applications- thawing. nails. cat. No. aec.Retail OUfPrice ~!"!J~~ig~a~;;el~~~~~i~s 700/8548 £16.95 £11.99 prior to bending. soflering of pipe 16. Black & Decker BD170 ~o~~~c:!iti~~~~~~~~80~~lnt. Orbital sander. 10,000 omits 1500wan. per minute, Ihsheetsize.135 Cal. No. gee. Retail OUrPrice watt motor.


cal No. Ret. Retail 110/4246 £31.70

£37.80 £27.95 OUrPrice 710/3649 £26.95 24. Black& DeckerWallr,per

17.Black&DeckerBD 180E Orbital Sander. Electronic variable speed control, 6,50011,000omitsperminute,I!J sheetsizewith dust extraction fadlity.135wanmo(or.

easy ~o~~';;~~~r~~r

f~~~~~~oS~~i~J).1,~:W steam switch and detachable water tank. Ready to use atter our Price one minute. 1200watt.

cal No. Ret. Retail R«. Retail 110/4239 £48.90 £34.95 cal. No. 710/6086 £42.00 18. Hitachi FS 10SAOrbital

Our Price £29.95

For extra saretywe sander.vs recommend the Black &. orbitsperminute,180watt maroc.Comescomplete with dust =~=:&~I.5eepage skin. cal No. Rec. Retail 110/4741 £44.68

OUrPrice £33.95


BOSCH 500-2

1101 4899

BOSCH 400-2

7101 3467

BOSCH 520·2E

7101 4909


7101 4916

80SCH 7001RE

7101 4992

8lack& Decker Pl20


81ack& Decker BOSSI

















Free Accessories Kit




Free E.tensian


£4B.6O £35.95






YES Free Carrying Case









~~tg~~~~~ 650






26001 3100



2600/' 3000





Free Accessories Kit




Free Drill Bits






Free Carrying Case





























£69.90· £49.95


£122.90 £89.95








YES £132.50


YES £162.00 £119.95 Free Carrying Cose





Free Accessories Kit






£109.25 £82.95

7. Black & Decker 02035 DeLuxe VerticalDrillStand. Adjustable depth stop and

~~~~~~I~~W~I~a~~~eFitts all rechargeable drills). (Dn~lnot included.) cat. No.




Our Price £24.99

8. Black & Decker DIYSafety

~j~;~br;~1~~eaf:~~~~s adjustable,non~?fo~~;V~~~'~~~~~i~ to



~~:~~d~~~~fi~re~~~~g~es (not heat resistant). Offersextra h~o~eeC~~d ;~d~n~sing tools in cat. No. 70018665

Rec.Retail £13.55

Our Price £9.99

14. Black & Decker BDK200

~~f~~rlll~!~eCi~~g~i~~ for


c:~ing sanding sheets, wire brush, circularsawblade, HSSbits, masonry bits, sanding and polishing kit and wall plugs. cat. No. 710/4215

Rec.Retail Our Price £125.90 £89.95

1. Richmond Rechargeable COrdless Screwdriver. With 20 chrome vanadium bits, 4 plain

6. Hitachi FDV 100 Rechargeable Cordless Impact Drill. 3/8 inch chuck. Singlespeed

~~~;,c~~~~~~th~~:BS' 3 ~;~~~~~fi~~S:n~ri~~;~ countersink bit. Body hinged to improve access in conlined

facility.With charger and chuck key.

spaces 170 rpm With 6 torque

cat. No.

settings Supphed With removablerechargeablebattery and charger Comeswith handy


Our Price

710/4538 £100.00 £66.95 7. Black & DeckerPlus SC522 R Rechargeable Cordless Drill! Screwdriver. Two speed 3001

Our Price 600 rpm with reverse,


3/8 inch

~~~; [o~~:. ~~~~~e;i~~~I~~~~

~~!~~~~~:forward ~jt~J~~~~~~~~~d~~:i6i and reverse action with a locking cat. No. gee. Retail OUr Price devicegivingextratorgueif required. Comes complete with charger, wall mount and doubleended screwdriver bit.

710/3704 £79.20 £57.95 8. Bosch PBM 7.2YE Rechargeable COrdless Drill. 3/8 inch chuck. VariablespeedO-650

~i:~~ ou:t:~

~/~~7 ~~~t:~~vdriil~~~~~i~~d:r~ 3. SkU "Twist" Rechargeable screwdriving. Complete with COrdless Screwdriver. Compact, removable rechargeable battery convenient and easy to use. and charger.

f~~~~~~~~~~~~etri~ld~g ~~/~ R~~:~il ou::.~; charge ensures it's always ready

foruse, Spindle lock for ~nal

9. Bosch PBM4.8V Cordless Rechargeable DrilV

~~~:i~t:r~~r~;jt~~~ do~le ~n~~:~k~~;~$:t:~~ mounting bracket, charger and

ended bit. cat. No. Rec.Retail 110/4112 £30.00 4. Biack&Decker9013

Our Price screwdriver bits. £13.95 cat. No. Rec.Retail Two710/6024 £58.00

~~ill.~/~frig~~:~~~~t~ed~OO rpm. Complete ~th double function screwdnver bit, chuck ~i~~~cha~~~Retail 710/6011 £63.70

::,!;c1k tie~~~rill'~~i~~Comprises tough carrying case (with extra storage tray),

OurPrice ~~~~:~i~~~~~~~1;j~,3flat £44.95 wood bits, 2 glass/tile bits, 2

ie~~~~~~C~~::30 Screwdriver. Single speed. 120 rpm. Forward/reverse. Complete with charger and screwdriver bit. Continuous trickle charN.e ~~U~~~itis~~~~~a ~~~ 110/4222 £39.60 £21.95 Drill bits not supplied with item nos 6-9.


OurPrice £42.95

r~:~~~~r~~h.asonry bits and Rec.Retail OUrPrice 100/6368 £46.95 £29.99 11. Black & Decker "Handyman" 16 Piece Drill Bit

cat. No.

~e~~~b~~~d~o~g~h?tS~ Each set in its own storage unit. cat. No. aec, Retail Our Price 700/6351 £17.95 £11.49

12. The Protector. Thesafety device for every tool kit. Foruse when drilling or cuttlngwalls,

18. BoschPFZ550 All Purpose

~~~ch~~b~~~~~~l~~~, tubing etc. Stroke rate 2600 pm. Input

~~~d~:~b~~~~~~~~(ector screws etc and even indicates when a hidden cable is live. Requires PP3S battery (not supplied,order I 0[98011042 at 99p). cat. No.

Sugg'dRetail Our Price £10.95 £6.99 13. Rapitest Joist and Stud


Detector. will quickly and accurately establish safe and secure place for fixtures and fittings.calibrated to detect floor and ceiling joists and timber frames in walls. Detects through



P1J~~ one

cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice 110/3814 £94.50 £69.95 19. Hitachi FM 8 Router. lf4 inch

~~~~ ~t~w :~~~~~~~~e ~1~ ~~~~ih~i~~~~':~~rf~~~~guide, Rec. Retail OurPrice cat. No. 11014923 £71.40 £62.95 20. Bosch PHO 100 Power

Planer. Balanced, solid carbide tipped blades rotate at 19,000 rpm. Blades can be reversed for longer life. Depth of cut adjustable 0-1 mm. Planing cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice width 82mm. 450 watt motor. 710/4930 £13.45 £8.99 Complete with moulded plug. 14. Martek "Handy" Drill cat. No. Rec.Retail OUrPrice Sharpener. Resharpensblunt 110/3539 £67.50 £49.95 drillbits in seconds. Forsteel and 21. Black& Decker SO 720 masonry bits from Smm to Power Plane. 3lf4 inch cutting 1Omm. Operates by attaching to width. Cutting depth Il2mm (1/50 any conventional power drill. car.No. Rec.Retail OUr Price ~11;J~s~:~~'v~~~~~~~tta~ 700/8287 £12.95 £1.99 (not shown) and fence guide. 15. Black & Decker BD531 Rec.Retail OUrPrice cat. No. 110/6062 £67.10 £47.95 Single Speed Jigsaw. Withdust extraction facility and tilt base. 22. Bosch PKS46Circular Saw. 350 watt motor. 3200 strokes 6 inch blade. Max cutting per minute. Complete with blade. capacity 46mm. Complete with cat.No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice caibide tippedblade and tip 110/4211 £40.50 £28.95 fence. 600 watt. 4600 rpm. 16. Black&Decker BD53BSE Complete with moulded plug. Variable Speed Scroller Jigsaw. cat. No. Rec. Retail OurPrice 710/3546 £81.00 £59.95 ScroUeraction provides precise and accurate control when 23. Black& Decker BD7392 cutting curves and rightangles. Circular Saw. 71/4 inchTCT 350 watt. 800-3200 strokes per blade. 62mm (21/16 inch) cutting minute. Complete with dust depth. 1100wan, 5500 rpm. extraction facility and blade. Complete with rip fence.


cat. No. Ret. Retail OurPrice cat. No. Rec. Retail 110/4284 £62.90 £44.95 710/6079 £81.90

17. Bosch PSTS4E Variable

~~~:l!~~~d ~;~5~~~~~~ rpm. Complete with 13 amp mouldedplug.

cat. No. Roc Retail OurPrice 110/6048 £62.10 £45.95

OurPrice £59.95

1. Black & Decker Proline PLB5 9lnch Angie Grinder, 1BOO watt

~d!ha~~~;~~~~~~tro~k~~der, metal grinding disc. Suitable for grinding orcurnng metal, stone or masonry. Rec.Retail Our Price cat. No. 710/4655 £118.70 £94.95 2. Black & Decker Proline PL8D

4'/2 Inch Angle Grinder. 600 watt motor. Completewith spanner, side handle. spindle isc.

.brick cat. No.


3. Black & Decker Proline PL40 710/4310 £63.90 £49.95

7. Weller Solder and CraftKit. Comprises25 watt soldering! pyrography iron with 3 amp plug and stand. Supplied with tweezers, screwdriver, solder, 1

~~I~~~~~~1~~1~tfSo~bl:-~~ded tips and 5 patterned tips forwood burning and leatherwork. . Completewith carrying/storage case.

12. Black& DeckerWorkmate 2. Dualworking height 23 and 30 inch. B inch distance between jaws. Rearjaw can be removed. Folds flat forstorage. car. No. nee. Retail 710/4064 £90.90 13. Clarke Jumbo Air

Our Price £64.95

Compressor. Compact3.5 cfin piston type compressor with self regulating air supply suitable for cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price spraying most types of paint 710/4026 £20.95 £11.49 including cellulose,gloss and emulsion. Many other DIYuses 8. Clarke Jet 100 Powerwash. Powerfulwater jet action up to 1500 psi pressure. Operates from ~i~h~~:;~~~ks~~J~ ~~m;~ed hose and quick fit connectors. coldor hot waterup to 50 C. With instructions. 240V ac. Completewith sm power hose, G

~~~~bi~~~~~~~~1~~~p hose fordetergemand 5m electrical

cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 710/3924 £148.92 £119.00

t 4. SIP "Weldmate 140" Welder and Accessories. ;~~~~~~aed~~~~~nl~a~~e 1nt-~i~~~~~~:~ cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price protection plug is fitted, see item 110/4325 £93.70 £74.95 n023 on page 141.) cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price }~~~:!;~:~~agg~1d~~~~arth 4. Black&DeckerPL20 Proline 710/6093 £274.85 £219.00 clamp, leads, wirebrush, Hammer Drill. '/2 inch chuck hammer. 20 electrodes and 9. Clarke Pioneer 100 Air with 600 watt motor. 2 variable illustrated weldingmanual. Compressor Kit. 3.5 cfinpiston Suitable foromamental iron compressor. Completewith 10 ~~~g~~~g;c1~j~s work. metal fabrication, carbody litreair receiver, automatic stop/ handle, depth gauge and metal repairand general DIY. 240Vac. start pressure switch control. canyingcase. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price satetyvalve. pressure gauge and 710/2767 £98.90 £59.95 drain valve. Adjustable pressure 710/4992 £87.40 £69.95 re~latoruptomaximum 115 5. ComoMini Drill Kit. Powerful ~;;~~~ll~~~~~~~~~~~or miniature drillfor fine precision fountains, emptying flooded ~~ ~~KK~1~::~nd4u~kftn, cellars, pits, trenches, pools and connectors. Completewith work. Formodellers,hobbyists, glass engravers etc. Features ponds. Pumps up to 1000 gallons instructions. 240V ac. variablespeed mains per hour, liftswater uI;lto 6 metre cat. No. aec, Retail Our Price transformer, storage case with 16 710/4442 £249.55 £199.00 and can pump to withm '/8 inch tools for cutting, gnndingand from the floor.Long lifesealed in lO..Clarke Bench Pillar Drill. For polishing etc. hobby or workshop use. Suitable oilmotor. complete with 1/2, 3/4 cat. No. nee, Retail Our Price and 1inch hose adapter. 10 710/3216 £46.37 £31.95 fordrillingwoods, metals and flastics. 5 speeds 5 70-2500 rpm. metre offitted waterproof cable 6. Weller9200SolderingKit. and fullinstructions. 240V ac 100 watt instant heat soldering mains. (Itisrecommended that gun with fingertipcontrol. an earth leakage protection plug 240Vac. Suppliedin attractive storage cat. No. Rec.Retail OUfPrice is fitted, see item no 23 on page ~~3e~~~ ~~are tips, solder and 710/3917 £102.92 £89.95 141.) cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 11. Black&DeckerWorkmate cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £59.95 536. Dual working height 23 and 710/3900 £73.60 710/3137 £22.01 £11.49 30 inch. Willgrip up to 24 inch. Foldsflatforstorage.

~~t~~~o;af:Ci~~~~g ~~~~'c~ust TCTblade. t020watt. 21/16inch (62mm) max depth of cut.

~~Fcte~~~~ ~~~



cat. No. gee. Retail 71014765 £69.90

Our Price £49.95

16. Test Rite6 Inch Heavy Duty Bench Grinder. Forgenerai grinding and sharpening purposes, Supplied with two replaceable 6 inch grinding wheels - Icoarse and I medium. 240Vac. cat. No. Rec.Retail OurPrice 710/4095 £88.30


17. Clarke 5 Inch Bench Grinder. Ideal forlight workshop and home use. Supplied with 1 medium and 1 fine wheel. Adjustable tool rest and clear spark shields. 240Vac. cat-No. 710/4411


Please note: Toobtain the full benefits fromthisrange it is recommendedthat the instructions supplied with each itemare read beforeuse. Forextrasafetywe recommendthe Black& DeckerSafety Kit. Seepage 148for details.

1. Scan Roll Extension cable Reel. 10m of cable (33 feetapprox). Heat resistant reel with canyin~ handle.

6. Selmar Extension

cable. 150 feet

:~W~e1~~ili~~~ ~~~~gcc~~e~nl a 13amp fusedplu~. Suitableforuse ~/~W~tier:full~Pu:~~sn1. to a total cat. No. Our Price

~~~k~~.i~~!;~i~ !~g~~~~-£~o~r'

Jdl:~~~ag~~~~P to Our Price 982/0102

~~~~~~~~e cat. No.

982/0858 jo-jo Extension


CableReels. Heat resistant reelwith integralhandle.

~:~~~~~:'~~e3:afs~f~~~:;' switch foradded protection.Complete with 13 amp fused plug. suitable for appliancesup to l.4kW when fully unwound. 2. 18m of cable (60feetapprox). cat. No. our Price 982/0322



Extension cable Reel. 30m (approx 97 feet)ofcableon a heat resistant reel fitted with two 13 amp childproofplugsockets. COmpletewith 13 amp fusedplug.Thermal cut-out for added protection.suitable for appliancesup to 1.4kWwhen fully unwound. cat. No. OUr Price

7. )0-)0

982/1280 8. selmarCable


Reel. 14mofcable (4S feetapprox). Fittedwith fused plug. to 1kWwhen fully cat. No. Our Price

3. 12m of cable (40 feet approx). Our Price cal No.


982/0511 £11.99 4. Black & Decker Safe 'n' Tidy. 2Sm (82 feetfopro~ of'z-corecable.


~~~~~~~~~k~~~~g~I~~I~wer unwound. car, No. Our Price

;:ri;~~ ~~~~K~Nt~~~::~~~~1~ switched 60 watt inspection lamp.



5. Black&Decker "De Luxe Safe 'n' Tidy" cable Reel. 40m (130 feet approx) ofheavy duty 2-core cableon easywindreel.Suitableforall double ~fi~~~Fefui1~t:~~8~~.2.4kW cat. No. our Price 982/0535



9. Busybody Combination Reeland Lamr.l0m (32 feetapprox) of cableon

~~~~~~~~ld.I:~~efo~r!g~~when supplied. cat. No. our Price 982/1297


10. Selmar 6 Way Distribution Block. Completewith 6 universal plugs with a maxrmum loadingof 6 amp each. Ideal foruse with hi-f units, computers, 'IV1

~i~~ ~~ob~~~~~e~i6~~f~:~~eJa 13 amp fused plug. Max totalload 1.4kW.

cat. No. 982/0528

Our Price £12.99

16. Micromark 4 Way Trailing Socket. ~k~s;~d:~~tgf ~~~ ~~~f1e~in~i~sed plugWifRinsulated pins. Foruse up to 3kW.ldeal foruse in the home, workshop or garage. cat. No. Our Price 982/1187


17. Kambrook PB3 Power Board. 3 way trailing socket the safe alternative to adaptors. Converts one power socket to three individually switched outlets. With 1 metre (approx) cable and 13 amp fused plug. Max loading3kW. cat. No. Our Price 982/1266


1~~~~~~~~bl~~~~~~6f~~,~iih double pole protection and a combination of extra safety features to r~~~dtgf!~~e~i~;~'~stieOc~~~~~~s ~~~o~a~::dffgr~~~~i~~~electrical appliances, especially lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, extension leads, power tools etc. cat. No. Our Price 982/1321 19. "Powerbreaker Plug.'


982/0298 ;ZOo Qualcast


Residual current circuit breaker forprotection ~~~ir:61~~~~fo'cist!Oc~~~~~~~:,rayed or Recommended for use with all electrical appliances especially lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, extension leads, power tools etc. cat. No. Our Price

11. Masrerplug6 into 1Mains Connector. Enables 6 appliances to be connected safely and compactly into one mains outlet. Completewith 6 outlet plugs with a maximum loadinfoof

~~tr~gl~~ci~:~t1t~ti~~~~1~!db;~h ~r metre approx of mains cable and 13 amp plug. Max total loading 13 amp. Canbewall mounted. cat No. Our Price 982/1242


12.Masterplug 4 into 1Mains connector. Enables 4 appliances to be connected safely and compactly into one mains outlet. Completewith 4 outlet plugs with a maximum loadi1c of ~~tre~gl~~ci~:~t1tf~:tig~~}1~!db;1ih or ~~ae~~pr~~~~~~~6~~6;~:~:nd 13 amp. can be wall mounted. Our Price

cat No. 982/1194


13. Micromark Extension Lead. 13 feet approx of3-~ore cable, fitted with a twin rubber adaptor and 13 amp fused rubber plug. Foruse up to 3kW. cat. No. Our Price 982/1170 14. Selmar


13 Amp 4 Way Trailing Socket. On/offswitch, mains indicator light, plus built-in fuse. Completewith 1 metre of cable approx and 13 amp fused plug with insulated pins. Foruse uptockw. cat. No. Our Price 982/1017 15. Micromark


13 Amp Fused 4 Way

ro~~~~;~~~e1' ~~~~s~fc~hl:~~I~t. 13 amp fused plug. Foruse up to 3kW. cat. No.


Our Price

Power-Safe Adaptor

~d~~~~~~~k~fte?e~~~~~~~~~1~~ ~~t, . frayed or wet cables. Doublepole protection in the event ofan incorrectly wiredplugorsocket. Features. . electronic reset and power-on indicator. cat. No. Our Price 982/1273


~~~rJ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~&;~d protection against electrocution whilst


button, indicators, reset button. Recommended foruse with all Black& Decker lawnmowers. hedge trimmers, power tools etc. cat. No. Our Price 982/1132


Pleasenote: items 18-21 must :~';kltS::i!~ra~de~~n~~:~ead or cable reel socket. Kettle Lead. Coiledlead fitted with a 13 amp fused

£8.99 22. MicromarkSafety

r~~~~~uii~bl:~~~ g!~s:i~g ~6~~el0 amp kettles. Extends to 1.3 metre approx. cat. No. Our Price 98211307 £4:99 23. "Flexilead".13ampfusedplug.

with insulated pins on one end and socketon the other. Coiledfor nontangle and easy storage. Extends to 16 feet. Foruseup to Skw. Cat. No. Our Price 982/0126


24. Powerbreaker "S" Reo Single Socket. Forprotection against electrocution fromcut, frayed orwet cables and loose connections. Easy installation into an exlsting twin socket. Features power on indicator and combined offltest and on/reset bunons. Suitable for use with all electrical appliances especially lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, power tools etc. cat. No. Our Price 982/1338


1. Uniross Rechargeable Lantern. Powerfultwin tube fluorescentlantem with automatic emergency light should mainsfail. With integral rechargeable battery and_charger.

cat. No.

Our Price £19.99 Lantern. No batteries required.SUEpliedwith wall

982/0700 2. Pifco Rechargeable

~~~~~tf~~~~:~~~t~~1~ihe ~~~~?~:elfr~~:~~~~~~iili~i~ il:fup=o)n bulb. (Standard bulb

cal No.

982/0353 3. Ever Ready Rechar~eable

10. Traveller International Travel Adaptor. Takes standard UK 13amp 3 pin plug atone end and selected connector at the other. (NB

appliance must have correctvoltage for counnyvisited.) cal No. OurPrice 982/0015


11. Traveller International "BuzzOff" MOsquitoPest Killer.Emits a faint odour, pleasant to humans but deadly to mosquitoes and other flyinginsects. :~s~~g~i~:;~~~~~~o~f~~.10

worldwide voltage 110/240V. OUrPrice Our Price cal. No. £5.45 £15.99 982/1345 Torch. No 12. Smiths "Time Controller" Plug-In

~~~~n~:~~h~u~~tU::Wo~~1l charge with extra bright xenon bulb. (Standard bulb also supplied.)

cat. No.


our Price

cal. No. £17.99 982/0171

4. Ever Ready Nightrider Front Cycle ~~ie~~~i~~~~~~~lb:~kets, Operates from2 x R20Sbatteries (supplied). cat. No. 980/1705

our Price £5.29

5.Ever Ready Nightrider RearCycJe 26m~ie~~~i~~~:h~~lb~~kets. Operates from2 x R20Sbatteries (supplied).

cat. No.


OurPrice .£5.29

:n~ifCO~~~:~~~~~~~te~irom3 x R201batteries (order2 of980/1420at Ll.09pair).

cal. No.


~:J~}~urJ~Fe~~i~chka;t~~~et. tions in24 hours. OverridefaciWcy.For most domestic appliances up to 3kW.

OurPrice £2.99

7. Micromark3-in-l Lantern. Triple function lantern with 9 inch fluorescent tube, torchlightandtlashingorange

OurPrice £14.49

13. Smiths Immersion HeaterTime ControlSWitch.24 hour repeater time controlswitch. Simpleto install with


~~~~~ ~~:~C:p~~n~:~:~ cal No. 982/0061

OurPrice £16.99

14. Smiths ET24 ElectronicTime Controller. 24 hour, 13 amp plug-in timeswitch. 4 on/off switchings per day. DigitalcJockdisplaywith quartz

~ir~~h~~~3~~~li~P~~~~~kf setting uses LR03 battery' (order 1of 980/1437 al£I.09 pair). cat. No. Our Price 9_82/0889


15. Smiths ET07 ElectronicTime ~ft~ti.llse:~~nd~~~J:;:fc~~~i~:rme day. DigitalcJ6ckdispiaywith quartz


setting uses LR03 battery (order 1of arzt.ospatn. ~s~~~~~~;Jer~~t~~~J~~~J~ cat. OUr ~;e~i~r1J:P~~r~A~I~~~rfor socket. Length 1QiJ4 inch. cat-No. 982/0968


cat. No.


980/1437 No.


982/1314 £19.99 16. Philips 24 HourTimer. 13amp OurPrice plug-In nmer, 96quanerhourtime £7.<J9 selectors allowing 8 onzotfswlrcblngs perday. Manual override and hands for easy setting. Forappliances up to 3kW. OUrPrice £2.49

cal No.


OurPrice £11.99

17. Superswitch 24 Hour Immersion Heater Timer. 96 quarter-hour time OurPrice selectors. Manual override. Indicator £0.69 ~1r:;J~~~~~cesupto3.8kW. With cal No. OurPrice

9. Ever Ready 13 Amp Fused Plug. Insulated pins foradded safety.

cat. No.







V 28 29 30

zinc chloride batteries.

£0.99 £0.59 £0.99 £1.09

31 32 33 34 35

980/0971 98011437 ~~e~i:~~~~ld Seal 980/1444 ~erformance alkoline 98011451 oUeries. 98011468

£2.19 £1.09

36 37

98211565 98211558

Dvrocetl Batteries. lost longer than ordinary zinc corbon batteries.


38 39 40 41

980/0548 980/1475 98011482 98011499

rechoq~eda minimum ofSOOhme-s.

RXl IR "1,Pockof2. RX20 R20 . Pock of 2.

42 43

98211572 98211589 982/1596 98211606

Memorex Rechargeable Bcfteries, Con be chorged up 10 1000 limes for as long cs four years.

R03.Pockof2. R6. Pock of 2. R.14.Pock of 2. R20. Pock of 2.



£1.09 £1.99


~~~~ i:t~)~P~~k~:2. £1.99 ~-;re~:~~!~torgeable ~~:rt~~I~fS!~gIY,£5.59 £6.59 £5.49

£5.89 £3.29 £3.29 £5.49


:':J:~:E,~=~~~~6~TbA:='::CJ:t:l ft~'VA~V~~Nfe~~?:O~Y,


13. Glen "Carrick" LogEffectFire. 2.7SkW. Period style. Three separately switched 650 watt silica sheathed elements. Plus separately.switched BOO

watt therrnostatcontrolled convector unit. Logeffectworks independently. Size2B1hx 9 x27 inch high approx. B.E.A.B.approved. cat-No. 415/3719




13. MicromarkMM8903


Desk Fan. Adjustable tilt. 80° oscillation. 2-speed push button control. 9 inch blade. cat. No. 425/1013

OurPrice £29.95

14.TatungDS-12POscillatingDesk Fan. 3-speed push button control. 12 inch blade. Adjustable till. cat. No. 42511044 £34.95 15. Pifeo 1063 Oscillating Desk Fan. Adjustable tilt. 60° oscillation. 3-speed push button control. 16 inch blade. cat. No.

Our Price

42511020 £43.95 16.Pifco10650sdllatingPedestal Fan. Adjustable tilt and height, minimum 49 inch, maximum 60 inch push button control.

~~~~h ~;Sde~ed cat. No. 425/1037

OUrPrice £59.95



:~~~~~!~ ~~~t~!(ob~~~1rtt!l ~:~:rb~;k~t~i~~~~~r'~d ~7e:i(-hl"nl,el1!~,a~~rm;" 1~~~~~~bt~:e~~7I1a~~r

hovllfuliovsrheolprOledion. Underblankels must be swilched off heroregening inlo bed. Personal Comfort 0a7e°a~l~ffeme:n:~~~1 pains ?ndlenSion~ Personal comfort"products deliver'tonrenlroleil soothing warmth directly to I~e.offeded Il~Q5.• • ~t-

~~:i:~!::~ !:~:~~d:~id i~:,t:,~~~bu~he~~olw~::'

24.3 Light cafe Seyle Pendant.

Brass finish arms with globe style

fJc~~~~~i:b;~b6g~!tt (not supplied). cat. No. 430/9800

our Price £19.95

:~i~fe~~~~~::tt:h with crystalstyle glass shades. Diameter 22 inch. Max bulb 3 x 60watt(notsupplied).

cat. No. 430/3325

Sugg'dRetail OurPrice £39.99 £22.99

23. Glass Droplet 3 Light Pendant. 40 pink glass droplets on brass finish stems. Spread 14 inch. Height 18 inch. Max bulb 3 x 60 wan (not supplied). Cat No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 430/8014 £105.00 £54.99

24.Pink Tipped Flower 3 Light Pendant. Ideally suited for low ceilings. White arms. Diameter 20 inch. Max candle bulb 3 x 60 watt (not supplied). Cat.No. 430/7297

Sugg'd Retail Our Price £39.99 £24.99

25. EmessCrystal"Waterfall" Chandelier. Bohemian crystal. Brassed frame. Diameter 8 inch. Max bulb 100watt (not supplied). Cat.No. 430/2917

Sugg'dRetall £25.99 £15.49 Basket" 2 Light

26. "Flower

Flush Fitting. Brass finish with leafand glass flower decorations. Max 60 watt candle bulbs (not supplied). Height 12 inch. Spread 14 inch approx. Cat.No. 430/8698

9, Home Automation

Remote Control Dimmer Switch. On/off

18. Emess "windsor" Aluminium Framed Lantern.

~cn~g:~~riir~~~;~~~fte~UCh or operated handset. Batteries Included.Max load 250 watt.

~g~i~~!~;.O~~~~is~60f~ Height 16 inch. Max buili 100 watt (not supplied). Sui£ablefor outdoor use.

Cat-No. Sugg'dRetail our Price 430/9879 £49.95 £24.99 cat. No.

10. Home Automation Plastic Dimmer Switch, Replaces existingcne-wayswitches withoutadi:litional wiring. Rotary on/off and light level adjustment. Max load 250 wan.

Sugg'dRetaU OUrPrice £44.95 £21.99


19. Home Automation Passive Infra Red Sensor and Sun Flood. Up to 15 metre detection range with a 90 angle. Nightonly operation. Switches offafter 7 tat. No. Sugg'dRetaU OUtPrice minutes. 240Vac mains, 700 430/8612 £9.95 £4.99 wattswitching, 300 watt sun floodbulb (supplied). 11. Home Automation Brass Dimmer Switch. Two-way cat. No. Our Price 430/8894 £44.99 switch with push on/offbunon and rotary light control. Replaces 20. Micromark DIYBell Chime existingoneJtwo way switches Kit.Two note chime. Includes without additional wiring. Max bell push and 9 metreofbell wire. load 250 wan. cat. No, .our Price ?cfra:t~so~:t;~~~ 430/8629 £8.99 pair). Size 6x2x4 inch. cat. No. OurPrice 12. Lightweight Plug-In 0


64017841 £8.49 ~:~~I~~~I~~;~~;~!~Wcla~r 21.Lockable cat Flap. Draught foreasy' Installation. Light output

and weathe;Kroof. Four locking

equivalenrto z x 100wanlight bulbs. Double insulated. Fined with a crystal effect shade. Diameter 16 inch.

g~~~ti~~~~~o~:df~r ~~~~~~;: io xax twtnch.

13. Circular Fluorescent Light Fitting. Easily installed. sowan circu1artubeincluded. Light output equivalent [0;2x 1oowarr

for most sizes ofdog. Waterproof. Size 24 x 15'hx8 inch high.

car. No. cat.No. Sugg'dRerail OUtPrice 64011810 430/4881 £32.83 :£19.99

~~~~~~im~~~ag~ec~.ass cat.No. Sugg'dRetail 430/7163 £30.95

Price £19.99


14. Emess Glass Flush Fitting ~~t~·g0~~(~~~~~~~ii~ ~/~~

SU~~~:getail our~~

Our Price £6.99

~l~a~~f!ti~: ~gb~i,i~~a:KiC

cat. No. 640/6251

OUrPrice £7.99

23. Pet Igloo. Ideal forcats or small dogs. Tweed effect outer


acrylic/50% polyester). Base mat removes forwashing. Size 13x 17x 14 inch highapprox·. cat.xe, 640/7982

OurPrice £9.99

~~J;~b~=o;;go~~~n ~:t~:ia~:;;X~~ti~~~~Lead.

:&;:.a~~~~~:n~~~~~~for paths and patios. 240Vac.


instant stop and brake control. One hand operation. suitable for small and medium sized dogs up to301b. Extends to 16 feet.

~~r~~e~~{~!~O~~~~~.~: bulb 500 watt. caLN~. Sugg'dRetall OUrPrice 430/7493 £19.95 £11.99 16. Infra Red Bulkhead Ught.

Detects approach of person up to 4 metres away and switches on. When movementceases the lampwill remain on for 5 minutes, then automatically ~;!~~~Sn~1o~ir~~~ngleOf detection. Size 11 x 4 '/2 x 4'/2 inch epprcx. Max bulb 60watt (not supplied) .

cat. NO. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 430/9219 £49.99 £34.99

17. Tasley Auto Lantern. Die ca~taluminiurh with "anti~:s-' .220/ watt (not

cat. No. 640/6275

Our Price £5.99 '------------'

Hawaii cane Suite. Attractive floral design. Genuine Malaysian rattan arms with metalframeseatandback.

Removable100%cottoncovers. l1.caneChair.Size33x31 x25inch wide. cat. No. OUr Price 610/6953 £74.99 12.Cane Settee.Twoseater.Size33 x 31x47inchwide. cat. No. Our Price 610/6960 £99.99 13.HandcraftedNaturalcane Framed Mirror.In naruralrattan.Overallsize 16x21 ihchhigh. cat. No. Our Price 640/5630 £9.99 14.FoldingMagazineRack. Handcraftedfromnaturalcane. Suppliedfolded.Opensto size171J2 x 11x 15inchapprox. cat. No. OUf Price 640/7700 £9.99 15.HawaiiNaturalcaneSwivelChair. Size30x291hx41 inchhigh.Please see footnote. cat. No. OUfPrice 645/4825


16.HawaiiNaturalcane Papasan Chair.Movableseattoaccommodate ~~~hi:'~1::~ti~;f~~~~~:. 30 cat. No. OUr Price 645/4863 £59.99 17."Fantasia"Mahoganycane SwivelChair.SiZe30x29lhx41inch high.Please see footnote. cat-No. Our Price 645/4856 £99.99 18.GenuineMalaysianRattanFrame 3 TierShelfUnit.Woodshelvesand backsuppon Lacqueredmahogany finish.Size251h x 1511-1 x 40 inchhigh'

"Fantasia"cane Suite.Inmahogany stainedfinish.GenuineMalaysian


19.Settee.Size33 x31 x47inchwide. cat. No. Our Prtce 610/6362 £109.00 20.Chair.Size33x31 x25inchwide. car, No. OUf Price 610/6355 £79.99 21. "Fantasia"Mahoganycane PapasanChair.Movableseatto accommodate manySittingpositions, Size52x 30 inchhigh.Please see footnote.


OUf Price ~~/~~70 OU~~~~ 610/6025 £64.99 gitemnOsl- Itemnos2 6 11 12 18 19and20are' and21 willbe packed·home ~) delivereddirect to assembly_ ~ nlr.~~~tO:l~·lcf:eyare collectionfromour showrooms exceptArgosSuperstores.

!!i~74~y~~~:lfle~eil~:~ee available at all ArgosShowrooms.

23. Hat and Coat Stand. In

traditional bentwood style. Polished toa dark walnut colour. Five hooks at top revolve on a spindle. Diameter 21 inch at base x 72 inch high: cat. No. 610/2335

OurPrice ÂŁ11.99


Itemnos 1,2,3,12, gg 13,15and16wUl =e=i' be delivered direct to your available f~r~~iI~i(O:6~~t our showrooms except

~fi~~~!iiiS:i:allY be

!ie~~~~~v~t:~r:a~ ArgOSShOwfOOms. Itemnos1-4,9,14,17,19,20 and 23 are packed flat for easy home assembly.

The "Touchwood" symbol indicates that the item is finished in a real wood veneer. As this is anatural product there may be some variation incolour and grain pattern. All items are packed flat for easy home assembly.

20. White Hi-Grip Step Stool. Tubular steel frame, folds away when not in use. Two steps with non-slip rubber treads and non-slip feet. Top step height 18 inch. Safe working toad 3001b. cat. No. Our Price 600/2088 £14.99 21. Foldaway Step Stool. Tubularsteel

frame with beige enamel finish. High safety handle doubles as back rest. Folds flat when notin use. Top step/seat height211/z inch. Safe working load 3301b. cat. No. 600/1618

Our Price £12.99

22;Gateleg Drop Leaf Table. Bright plated tubular steel frame. Heat and stain resistant teak effect laminate top. Sizeopen 39 x 24 x 28 inch high, closed 24x 81J2 x28 inch highapprox. cat. No. 600/1780

OUfPrice £36.99

23.Natural Pine Stool. Constructed from solid pine. Clearlacquered finish. Height 27 inch. cat. No. Our Price 600/1560 24. Natural


cat. No. 600/1791

OUrPrice £14.99

Pine Bar Stool with Back Rest. Constructed from solid pine. Clear lacquered finish. Seatheight27 inch.

25.White Multi-Purpose Metal Frame Stool. Plastic seat. Height26 inch. cat. No. Our Price 600/2310


26. FoldingChair. White rubular frame with plastic seat and back. Convenient fold-up space saving action. Height 31lhinch. cat. No. Our Price 60012253


Item nos 1-15,17, 18,23-25 are packed flat for easy home assembly.

Argos Personal Account Monthly Instant Repayment Credit of £5 £120 £10 £240 £20 £480 £40 £960



"'" Of"'"

~·~K~Z~~I~~~/R~~~~:::ss. !h1[~~~~~~~e·~~ggf~~~

::om frontpane~ reversible formatching colourfinish. Selfassembly. 13. White Bookcase. In easy clean Melaminefinish with choiceoffour colourco-ordinated plinths (red/white/ pinkJgrey).Size 29 x rx 31 inch high. cat. No. Our Price

Deep mattress.'R:Uyupholstered. Available in three sizes. Homedelivery'.Please see footnote. Size 2ft 6 inch.

eaLNo. 645/4667 Size 3ft. 610/6379 £9.99 cat. No. 645/4674 14.5-DrawerChest.Size24x 15x33 Size 4ft 6 inch. Inchhigh. OUf Price cat. No. Our Price cat. No. £59.99 630/2252 £25.99 645/4681 15.2-Door HangingWardrobe. 21. Closet Organiser. Coatedsteel \n7c!~~e~~~fnlc~~l~~shelf, Size 30 x frameproviding shelf and hanging

cat. No. Our Price ~~~~fe~o~!~ili~~~~~~eft~pacity. 630/2276 £39.99 cat. No. Our Price 16. Bedside Cabinet. Size 13x 12 x24 64017803 £19.99 inchhigh.

cat. No. 630/2238 17.3-Drawer inch high.

cat, No. 630/2245 18.Student's


Chest. Size 18 x 15 x 26


Desk. Comprises3 drawers, work area and bookcase. Size 46x 171h x281h inch high. cat. No.

630/2269 £28.99 19. Swivel Chair. Red metal frame with

height and back adjustment. Mounted on castors. Fabriccontent 100%acrylic, Maximum hei~ht 311h inch, seat diameter 15:V4Inch. eat. No. Our Price 610/6977


ltemnos 1and 20 will be delivered direct to your home.


fo~Oe~fori~~~ailable our showrooms.Deliverywill normally bemadewithin 14days. Fulldetails are available at all Argos Showrooms.

~, \·1




{""4 <:

DIYRoller Blind. Easy trim blind. roiler and wooden lath. Blind doth in printed polyester/cotton. coated with non-fray

~~g~~~~~~i~~S~~~ 41~ ~~%S!~:fe ~rg~~~~h d~~p~s and 10. cat. No. 120/2012 PastelFields 11. cat. No. 120/3624 Meadow

12. cac No. 120/1994 GreenFern

13. cat. No. 12014207 Bows No.120/1822 Hedgerow


:;d~~~li~'gi~:.~~g~~~~~~~~~~~ ~i~~6 ~~~ j~~~ic/50% C3t.No.120/3387





I, I rartley "Salc6mbe" Duvet reverser. COmprisesduvet co:ver .,nd matchtng pillcwcasets). ~ polyesterlS0% cotton'. Single. '. COI.No.

102/6533 llouble.


'OUr Price ÂŁ14.99

I. I torrockses "Daybreak" (jrnnde Duvet. With 2 FREE hilled pillowcases. 68%

polycster/32% cotton fabric

cover with siliconised polyester

nbrefilling.Tog rating 6.0. tunatnsavanable. see item no 3. i)ouble. C,,1. No. 102/1645

OUfPrice £59.99

Cat. No. 102/4669 2. "Rosabelle"

OurPrice £69.99

CUI.No. 102/6111 3. Horrockses

Our Price £49.99

cat. No. 10212245 4. Horrockses

OUfPrice £19.99

Cat.No. 10212032

OurPrice £26.99

Cat.No. 102/2049



DesignerDuvet. 100%polyester fibrefilling. 100% printed polyester cover with a 50% polyester/50% cotton backing. Completewith 2 pillow shams. Tog rating 4.5. Oouble. "Daybreak" Curtains. Pairof ready-made curtains with 3 inch heading tape. 50% polyester/50% cotton. Size66 inch wide x 54 inch drop. "Daybreak" DuvetCover Set. Comprises reversibleprinted duvet cover and matching pillowcases. 50% polyester/50,*, cotton. Curtains available, see item no 3. Double. KlngSize.


5.Siumberdown Continental Quilt.White goose feather and down filling.Walled channel construction. 25%cottoncov 12.0.Pillowspol . Doublewith 2 FREE pillows.

cat. No.


OurPrice £39.99

KingSizewith 2 FREEpillows.

cat.No. Our Price 102/8146 £49.99 6. Fogarty Continental Quilt.

Whitegoose feather and down filling.Walled channel construction. 50% cotton c 13.5. Pillows Doublewith 2 FREE pillows. cat.No. 102/6991

OurPrice £44.99

cat.No. 102/8153

OUfPrice £52.99

KingSize with 2 FREEpillows.

7. Slumberdown Continental Quilt. White goose feather and down filling.Walled channel construction. 75% polyester/ 25% cotton cover. Tog rating 13.5. Single. cat.No. 102/4298

OurPrice £28.99

cat.No. 102/4308


cat.No. 102/4315

OurPrice . £48.99




Duvet Cover Sizes Single bed size, 4 feet 6 inch x 6 feet 6 inch with one pillowcase. Doublebedsize, 6 feet 6 inch x 6 feet 6 inch with two pillowcases. King Size: 7 feet2 inch:x 7 feet 6 inch with two pillowcases. Please note: the thennaI insulation (warmth) ofa Continental Quilt is expressed by the term "tog". The higher the tog rating the warmer the quilt. The new British Standard minimum togbands are as follows, 4.5 tog, 6.0 tog, 7.5 tog, 9.0 tog, 10.Stog,12.0tog and 13.5 tog. All our quilts conform to BSS33S.

I, John Conon "DoubleIkcker" Duvet. Hollow fibre

1. Slumberdown "Togetherness" Continental

nliing.Channelstitched. 50% Quilt. Twoquilts (4.5 tog and 9.0 :~ge. tog)whichmaybejoined(13.5 Tograting 15. tog quilt) orused individually Double. according to season. Hollow fibre C:lt.No. OUrPrice polyesterfilling.7096polyesterl 10215668 £28.99 30% cotton cover. KJngSize. Single.

~:~~!i~/~?: ~~;to~ COt.NO. 102.15682

OurPrice cat. No. £34 99 102/5510

:1.Horrockses "Extra warm" Continental Quilt. Hollowfibre !X)lycsterfilJing.68%poiresterl 32%cononcover. Togratlng' 13.5.Pillowspolyesterfilled. Press packed for carry-home convenience. Singlewith 1FREEpillow. Ctll.No. Our Price

Our Price £29.99

Double. car. No. ~gl§~e

Our PrIce



102/1480 8. Dongora




"Relaxer" Pillow. Idealforrelaxation. Beneficialfor the bedridden and nursing 102/6935 £19.99mothers. Washable, polyester Doublewith 2 FREEpillows. filling,non-allergenic. Cotton Cat. No. our Price covered. k~~~t.iewith2FREEpill~~ ~~'/~~OI ~~: 3. COmfyQuilts Single


our:,: (/) I-Pillowcase. 65.':6polyester(~5% --l

9. Dongora "Relaxer"

. Continental Quilt. Polyester co~n. Bro~ Snow~k~ flliingwithchannel construction. design on white. Use with item ~ Cover50%polyesrer/50% n08. ___, ~~~,Tograting9.0. OUCPrice ~/~ our:.: 102/0577 £9.99 10. Dunlopillo "Neckcare" 4. Fogarty "GoldStar" Pillow.Supponsneckand head Continental Quilt. Hollow in healthy comfort.Keepsyour polyesterfillingwith random spine in its natural profileso you stitchedconstruction. Cover70% wake refreshedand freefrom polyester/30% cotton. Tograting aches and pains. Non-allergenic. 10.5. Press packed for cattyDust free.66% cottonl34% ~fn~e~nvenience. ~~~~e cover.Size24 x 14112 car. No. Our Price cat N 0 Pri 102/0900 £4 . o. ur ce Double 1 .99 102/6430 £12.99 cat NO' Our Prt 11. John couon Pack of4 10U09i7 £19.: Fi~refillPillows.100%poIY,ester fillmg.l?O%cononcover.SlZe 5.S1umberdown"TogIine" CosyToes Hollow Fibre 27x 18mch. Press packed for Polyester Continental Quilt. 2 carry-homeconvenience. rogratings,15togatthebotcom cat-No. OurPrice ofthe quilr forextra warmth for 102/6409 £9.99





~d~~~:~~J:'k~8J~the ~:~;~~~~~:f~ther stitched.COver70%polyesterl . filling.70%cottonl30% 30%cotton. polyestercover.Size27x 18 Single. inch. cat. No. 10216454 ~~~~. 102/8043

Our PrIce cal. No. £22.99 102/6928 our Price 13. Fogarty" Ariel"

cal. No. 102/1758

OUrPrice 10216423




cal. No.

OurPrice cat. No. £32.99 102/6911

Our Price £8.99

Pair of £29.99Fibrefill Pillows. 100%polyester KingSize. filling. 100%cotton cover. Size cal. No. OUrPrice 27x 18 inch. 102/8177 £34.99 cat-No. OUrPrice 6.Slumberdown "Extra Warm" 102/6375 £5.99 Continental Quilt. Hollowfibre 14. Dunlopillo "Golden Lullaby" Pillow.Soft latex foam. polyester filling.Random stitched. 70%po!yester/30% COttoncover. Non-allergenic. canon cover. Tograting 13.5. Size29x 19inch. Single. cat-No. Our Price


~~~~~=~) 102/1772


£18.99 15 F "AI' I Pill C;U;1~er~~~. 70~w. cononl30%po!yesrercover.Size 27x 18 inch.

Pleasenote, the thermal

Our Price £3.99


Of~essed ~gg~~g:n~~~e~b;iz~fl; 18 by the term "to2". T1t~lgber inch. thetogratingdiewarmer the cat. No. Our Price

quilt.thenewBritlsh 102/6904 Standard minimumtogbands are as follows, 4.5 tog. 6.0 tog.

ioi~~:i~~X'J~;!~:;'O conform to 855335.



1. Hamilton McBride "Snatch 13. Lan-Bar Storage Unit. For and Company" Novelty Duvet bathroom or kitchen. Plastic Cover Set. 50% polyester/SO% coated steel wire. Size 15x 33/4 x cotton. 25 inch approx. cat. No. Our Price Cat.No. OUr PrIce 102/6052 £18.99 830/2463 £7.99

2. "Postman Pat" Novelty OuvetCover Set. 50% polyesterl 50% cotton.

cet. No.


~~·i~~~;ih'1org~ro~1ti~:n. Plasticcoated steel wire. Size

OurPrice lOlhx 10112x25·inchapprox. £14.99 cat.No. OurPrIce 830/2470 £7.99 Novelty

3. COloroD"Snoopy" OuvetCOverSet. 50% polyester! 15.Allibert "W.C. Boy" Toilet SO%cotton. TidyUnillncludingtoiletbrush. tnt. No. our Price Free-srandinRorWailfixing. 10216551 £18.99 ~if!gfn:pp led,Size 6x63/ .. x of. Hamilton McBride "Free OUrPrice Cheeseand COmpany" Novelty Cat.No. £13.99 OuvetCoverSet 50% polyester/ 830/2827 50% cotton. 16. Plysu "Splash Pastel" Linen 0.1. No. OurPrice Harn~er. Made fromhigh density J02/6564 £18.99 pol eneandPVC.Ugnttocany an easy to clean. Height25 :So Horrockses"Thomas the inch, diameter 16 inch. Tank Engine" NoveltyDuvet Our Price caL No. COverSet. 50% polyester/50% 830/6751 £9.99 cotton. Cat.No. OurPrice 17. Prestige Linen Bin. 102/1909 6. Monitor "Teddytime"


Novelty Duvet COverSet. 50% polyesterlS096 cotton.

r:a~~~t~~~;~i~~~K~ approx. Suppliedpacked flat.

cat.No. OurPrIce £16.99 cat.No. OurPrice 830/1653 102/5606 £17.99 18. "His and Hers" TowelSet. 100% cotton. Luxury gift towels. 7. COloroU"Noah's Ark"

Embroidered"His" and "Hers" Novelty Ouvet COverSet. 50% in contrastingco!our. Size20x polyesterlSO%cotton. car. No. OUt Price 36 inch approx in giftbox. £12.99 Cat.No. 120/2807


AllNoveltyDuvetCoverSets comprise p'rintedduvet cover and one pillowcase. Designed to fit a standard single siie bed. 8. White Lace Table-Cloth. TraditionalNottingham design. Madein easy care 100% polyester. Machine washable. Size70 x 90 inchapprox. cat. No. 120/2113

Our Price £6.99

Our Price £9.99

9. "Eternal Beau" Table-Cloth Set. 50% cottonl50% polyester. 68 x 88 inch rectangle with rounded edges foruse on either

f;£~~~e~~~~~ ~~~ei 7 x17 cat. No. inch. 120/2034

OurPrice £19.99


~hi~~~~~~~~~~et. mirroredslidingdoors and interiorshelfoveropendisplay shelf.Size22x 18x5inch approx. Suppliedpacked flat. cat.No. 830/3431

OurPrtce £16.99

11. GilacThreeMirroredDoor


Size2 l1f2X 13'hxSlhinch approx. ~/~9

~~1~: L_ ::~i:~~~~~s:~~k=~_l

12. Chiltern "cathedral" Bathroom Cabinet. Twin hinged mirror' 'cathedral" style doors that may be painted in the moulded recesses to. match existing decor.Two fixed shelves. Size24 x 193/.. x 6'I.. inchapprox. car,No. 830/4021

OurPrice' £32.99




co co .-----

18.The Carpenter's Workshop Natural Wood Bathroom

Cabinet. Mahogany finish. Twin mirrored doors with matching


clean surface. Size 24 x 16~;' x 6 inchapprox. Matches item no 13. cat. No. 830/4980

our Price ÂŁ44.99

19. RytonsSolidWood Toilet Seat Mahogany fmish. Willfit most pans. Size 18'l2x 15 inch. Fixings supplied. cat. No. 830/4832

our Price ÂŁ29.99

20. Wicker Linen Basket Barrel shape with overlapping lid and fastener.Height22'h inch approx. caL No.


I Aqualux sbowercublclewuh

.. ~C. Side panel and pivot door 111 while coated alurrunium. Door

Anbe installed to open from left ,. nght, Toughened safety glass. l\4sEslze760x760mm. Total

11.Triton T.80ShowerHeater .

~~~e~~6~~~~~~O maintain temperature down to 12 psi water pressure, Combined flow and

s~~I~yr~e:is~t~~;e~~~~ual ~k:tel~ ~:;P~:·t2o~~~.~ selection. Low water pressure indicator. Designed to be ..t. No. 83511012 ..r NO. 835/1029 .. c. No. 835/1036

installed with pipes and electrical connections concealed. With

8:~~6~ilh~~~~rid R;,7fri~~~~g~~~

(please see footnote). B.E.A.B. approved. cat. No. 830/3039

Our Price £82.45


ordinates with item no 14. Size 70 x 70 inch. Completewith rings. cat.No. 830/6517

OurPrice £4.99

13. "Airflow" Luxury Slip ResistantWhite Bath Mat. Mouldedsuckers on underside. Size30x 14 inch. car,No. 830/6641

OurPrice £3.79

14. Neptune "Marquee" Slip ResistantSafety Bath Mat. Mouldedsuckers on underside. Machinewashable. Co-ordinates 22. EKS.BathroomScale. Cork with item no 12.Size28x 14 mat. calibratedto 19 stoneI120~g. inch. oursnce Cat. No. OUfPrice car. No.

26. Salter "Electra-Thin"

~~~~~C~ifa~o~~d~~to readdigita~L~D read-out in stoneslp.oundsor kilograms. Automaticswitch-off,auto zero £5.99 andlowbatterywamingsignal. 830/6548 £5.99 830/3709 23. Salter '.'Kent" Bathroom calibrated to 21 stone/136kg. 15;Triton T.100E Electronic ~~~r~~g;~~:~~:Fo~e ~~~~g~~f~~tf:t~)~order 1of calibrated t020 stone/125kg. car. No. OurPrice temperature down to 12 psiwater cat, No. OurPrice 830/4643 £24.99 830/3792 £11.49 ~~~~;e\:~~~~i~fg~~ystem 24.Salter "Computer" temperature response and low water pressure sensor. With riser BathroomScale. Padded vinyl plaiform.Easyto readdigitalLED ~~it~:~~~~hari~~ti~~~~~tions ~~s~~ri~~~cX~i~~~i~~{fo~~~~ (pleasesee footnote). B.E.A.B. weight" indicator,low battery approved. cat. No. OurPrice powerindicatorand automatic 830/3967 £104.95 switch off.Calibratedto 21 stone! 136kg.Uses6LF22battery 16.Hanson BathroornSca1e. (order1of980/0971 al£2.19). Brownvinyl mat. calibrated to OurPrice cat. No. 19stone/120kg.


cat. No. 830/3905

OurPrice 830/6067 £4.99 25. Soehnle Digital


Bathroom Scale.Beigevinyl platform.Easy

17.Hanson Bathroom Scale. Basketweave effectmat. ~h~i~~~t~A~~:~~~r calibrated10 19stonel120kg. cat. No. . OurPrice 830/3352 £4.99 to 20 stonel125kg. calibrated 18. Hanson "Studio" Bathroom Uses 3 x LR6batteries (order2 of ~~edii~~~~ft~:Z&:~ie~ltite ~,o~~444at£1.09pair)ourPrice plasticmat. 5-year guarantee. 830/6043 £19.99 Calibratedto 19 stone/120kg. cat, No. OurPrice Batteriesare notsupplied.




~~t:r~:;~~~~~g~!red calibrated to 19 cat, No. OUfPrice

~~g~gftl~g~~. 830/3998


20. Hanson Bathroom Scale. Corkmat with pine surround, finishedwith an attractive brass effectbezel. Calibratedto 19 stonell20kg. cat. No. OUfPrice 830/6036


21. Hanson Bathroom Scale. Pinkcarpeted platform. calibrated10 19stonel120kg. cat.No. 830/6029

OurPrice £6.49


Itisl'ecommended that shower heaters are ~~:e~2nu:'tbe plumbed to cold water mainsand pennanently connected to 240Vac electricalsupply.Items 9 and 11to30amp. irem 15 to 40145 amp. COmplleswithBritish Sran<lards (853456).

4. Addspace FoldingAirer. Polythene coated steel frame. Expaods to 42 'h inch high giving31 feet of drying space. Folds flat for storage. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail OurPrice 850/1114 £11,45 ".49 5. Dennison "Mistral" Folding

Airer. Stove enamelled tubular steel frame with plastic coated tails. Largeflatdzyingshelffor airing woollens. Automatic locking device. Expands to 53 inch high giving 52 feetapprox ofhangiog space. Folds flat for easy storage, Cat.No. Ret. Retail OurPrice 85011855 £23.95 £14.99 6. Dennison "COb" Folding

Airer. Plastic coated rails, stove enamelled tubular steellegs. Expands to 50 inch high giving



.s: (f)




.s: -+0)

Rec. Retail 850/1613 £21.95 £11,99 7. Wireworld Set of 4 Radiator

Alter/Towel Rails. Plastic coated. Length 24 inch each. 16 feet of dtying space. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 850/1958 £11.95 £4.99

8. Addspace Maxi Dryer. Expands to 44 inch highgiving 75feet of airing space approx including fiatdtyingspace for airing woollens. Folds down for easy storage. Cat.No. SUgg'dRetaIl OUr PrIce 850/1893 £19.95 £12.99

9. Tefal"Washboy" De Luxe AutomaticMini-washing Machine. Lighrweightand compact, ideal where space isa problem or for small loads. No plumbing required. Fills from hot tap. drains into sink. Automatic .programme for pre-wash. soak. 5 minute final wash and three stage rinse. Programmes to suit delicate and lightly or heavily soiled fabrics. Forward/reverse washaclion. Capacity 4'hlb dry load.Size 15inch wide x IS inch deepx 18lf2 inch high approx. 240Vac. cat. No. 850/1411 1. Hozelock 5 Rail 3 Fold Airer. Polyrhenecoated steel frame giving 28 feet approx of dtying space. Height43 inchapprox. cat. No. Sugg'dRetall OUrPrice £11.45 £5.49 850/1934

2. Auriol Super Family "16" DripDryer.Foruseoverbath.Lo

=;!~~~:~lcK~~ feature of converting into clothes horse.

cat. No. SUgg'dRetail Our PrIce 850/1145 £13.35 £4.99

3.Dennison "Big0" Airer. Stove enamelled tubular steel frame with rclastic coated rails. =3sti~~~~~d~~~ving 46 feet of hangings pace. Folds flat for storage. cat. No. sec. Rerail Our Price 850/0636



OUrPrl", £51.99

10. Hozelock "Tidydry 5" IndoorClothes Line. Slines extend up to 15 feet giving 70 feetofdryingspace. Automatic recoil. Cat.No. Rec. Retail 850/1161 £7.95

OUrPrIce £4.99

c: !......

0 U


0 0)




U '-+-







1. TridentlroningTable. Foam backed. Ironing surface 36 x 13 inch. Plated steel iron stand. Adjusts to 3 heights- min29 inch, max 33 inch. cat. No. 850/0605'

Our Price £9.99

~~~f~~~~~e~e~g~~~~ 24 inch, max 35 inch. Ironing surface 42 '12x 12 inch. Manufacturer's 5-yearguaramee. cat. No. Our Price 85011817 £11.99 3. Beldray "Invincible" Ironing

Table.Ironing surface So x 13 inch. All steel construction for strength and stability. Nonasbestos iron well. Adjusts to 4 ~c~~~~~a~~~~~~1r3 guarantee. cat, No. 850/0045

Our Price £13.99

ia~~~;Srs~ce,~g~~i~~~gg}~~ strength and stability. Adjusts to 4 heights: min 24 inch, max 33

:~~~: ~a~~~=~;;~~:e~l


cat. No. 850/1532


Our Price £14.99

~~f~~~rsJeilc~~~c~~~~ strength and stability. Ironing surface 38 x 14112inch. Nonasbestos iron well. Multi-height adjustment up to 37 inch. Manufacturer's 5-yearguarantee. car, No. Our Price 850/1295 £17.49 6. Beldray International Ironing

Centre. Ironingsurface 42112 x 12 inch, adjusts to 4 heights: min 24 inch, max 35 inch. Doublelinen tray and iron well. With freeflex

ro~~~~~~i;~~~r ~~~~~~ guarantee.

cat. No. 85011862

Our Price £19.99

7.Beldray "Arena48" Ironing Table. Steel frame. Ironing surface 48 x 14 inch. Multi~f~fh~1~~~~;o%~~i~~~~~~h. and retractable iron welL Manufacturer's to-year guarantee. cat. No. 850/1910

Our Price £22.99

8. Brabantia "De Luxe" Ironing


surface 48 x 14112inch. A~jUSts

to 4 heights: min 28 inch, max

36 inch. With freeflexguide. Manufacturer's 10-year guarantee. cat. No. Rec.Retail 85011491 £51.03

Our Price £25.99

:~':tb'!fati~:~~np1fe~~~~et" sleeve~oard.Chromed frame and linen rack. Ironing surface 48 x 14112inch. Adjusts t04 heights: min 28 inch, max36 inch. Manufacturer's to-year guarantee. Rec.Retail Our Price cat. No. 850/1831 £58.75 £29.99 10. Beldray Metallized Ironing

TableCover. 3mm foam backed. _10_0%spun viscose rayon cover. Suitable for tables with ironing _ surface upjo 38 x 14112inch. Suitable foritem nos 1,3, 4and5. cat, No. 850/1642

Our Price £2.99

11. Beldray Large Size Metallized ironingTable Cover. smm foam backed. 100% srcun

~~i~:~~fiir~~f;:~u~~~bu~ ~6r

48 x 141h inch. Suitable n052,6,7,8,9and12. Cat-No. 850/1666

for item


12. Beldray Lattis Ironing Centre. Diamondmesh li$htweightsteel [OtE, for improved ironing

fn~i~gf~~~ni;~~~~~ 14 17. Hozelock "Tidyline" Retractable Clothes Line. Gives ~~~~I~:;~e1.~~i~~~. up [040 feet of drying line with pull-outandautomaticrecoil. :~rg~~~ds~~~~~d. The line can be locked atany Manufacturer's 10-year

point. Plastic coated weatherproofsteel case. Our Price

guarantee. car.No. 850/1879

OurPrice cat. No. Rec.Retail £24.99 85011226 £20.95

~~ii~~d~a~e~~~~~~y Enables immediately.Adjusts [0 accommodate any size ofdomestic iron. Steel frame with aluminium coolingpiate. Fixes todoororwall. Screwsand instructions included.


IS.Ibbotson Extending Line Prop. Two piece tubular steel construction. Outer rube coated ~~:J~b~c~~ ru~~~~~:h~6~in nylon. Adjusts Worn4 feet 6 inch feet.

[0 8

Size 13x8 x3]/2 inchapprox. cat. No. Our Price cae, No. Our Price 85011185 £3.99 850/0540 £3.99 19. Hozelock "Tidyspin" 14. Hozelock 4 Arm Rotary RotaryClothesAirer. Two Clothes Alrer. 125 feetofPVC section tubular steel frame. 120

covered line. Polished aluminium

feet of PVCcovered line.

with easy to install soil ~~~~U~~~~b~~R~c~~ toi~asy Complete spear for immediate use, no use and 2 position line concreting necessary. Rotating diameterA= 112inch. ~~~g~n3~~~~r~~n?g~~~i~·. cal No. sugg'd Retail Price cal. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice OUf

85011776 £38.45

85011051 £30,45 £15.99 £17.99 20.PolyetheleneTearproof

~~t~~:~~~!fthri~~~:r ~i~~:~~~l~~~:~o~~

Socket. Polished aluminium with 150 feet of drying line. Umbrella clipfor easy use and two position line tensioning. Rotating diameter A = 110 inch. Cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 85011903 £44.99

in use. Size 62 x 111/2 inch approx.

cal No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price 85011123 £4.75 £2.99 21. Hozelock "Tidyspin" 4 Arm Rotary Clothes Airec. 150 feet of

£19.99 PVCcovered

16. Hozelock "Tidyspin" Clothes Airer. Rust-


line. Rust proofed tubular steel frame. Umbrella clip foreasy use and 2 position line tensioning. Complete with easy to install soil spear for immediate use, no concreting necessary. RotatingdiameterA= 110inch.

~~~~Wc°c~~~~~~~~i~el easy to install soil spear for immediate use, no concreting necessary. 90 feet ofline. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Rotatingdiameter A = 88inch. 85011752 £45.45 car, No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 85010928 £23.75



OUf Price


.: le=l路

I Black & Decker SE40 SteamJ \pfay/Drylron. Thermostat c"(II:ucoLPolished sole-plate. Cllt.Ho. 41013202

! s I~ s .1 ~ ~ I ~

OUr PrIce


;~~:'::~~~~060/6 rbermosiatconnol.

~ ~





1 410/32l12 Black & Decker SE40 2 410/3061 Morphy Richards 4206(L16 3 "0/3020 Tefal1431 Lightweight 41013257 RowentaDA27 teamlSpray/Drylron. 5 41&'3037 RowentaDA23 41013138 Morphy Richards 42694 c.t.No. OUrPrke £19.95 1 "0/2643 Philips HD 1262 .1013020 41012715 Philips HO1263 4. RowentaDA27"TapWater" Sleam/SpraylDrytron, 9 41013161 Philips HO 1462 Thermostat control. Two-level ,.41013044 Tefall641 Steamfearure for easier ironing. 11411J12533 Tefal1676 Sclf-c1eaningvaive. caL No. OUr PrIce 12 41D13226 BJaCk& Decker SE60 410/3257 £19.75 13.'0i3051 Black & Decker SE70 14 4111125C12 Rowenta DA47.6 stat control. Removable trans15 41Il13099 RowentaOA33 parent water tank. Stainless steel 1641013264 Tefall564 sole-plate, self-c1eaningvaive. 411112825Tetall643 17 Cit. No. OUr PrIce £24.75 1841012959 Morphy RiChards 42680 410/3037 6. Morphy Richards 42694 1941was Tefall696 ~e:r:~f:~~~~~f.elDry 20 41013123 Philips Hl 2172 Iron. cat No. OUr PrIce 21 41013%71 MOrphyRiChards 42647 410/3130 £19.95 22 41013154 RowentaCSOl eat, No. 41013068 3, Tefal1431

Our PrItt £16.45



• • •

• • • • •

•• ••


7,PhilipsHD.1262 "Super Steam" SteamJSpraylDry Iron.



14. RowentaDA47.6 "Tapmastec" ExtraSteam/



~ ~ ! j;~ 8

•• •• ••

• •• •• •••




2.5 2.5 2.5 2.75 3.0 2.5 2.5 2.75 2.5 3.0 3.0 2.5 2.5 2.75 3.0 3.0 3.0 2.25 2.25 2.5 2.0 3:0

19, Tefal1696FreelineDouble

~=~~'%.~7elron re~ta~%~~~~~ Thermostatcontrol. COrdlessfor more freedom and easier ironing.

steamchamberfornon-drio ironing. Thermostat control cat No. OUr PrIce ironing. rhermosrar control. self410/2643 £19.95 cieaningvalve. caL No. OUr Price 8. Philips HD.1263 "Super 41012502 £25.45 Steam' SteamJSpraylDry Iron. 15. Rowenta DA33 "Aquagllde" Extra SteamJ

~~r::,~ ~!!~~~~~;~~

Reheats in 10 seconds for a full 45 seconds insteam mode. Duragiidesole-plate which gives easier and betterironing results,

re=:fea~~~~~ rr~~~h=;~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~~~~id!:~~·. No. PrIce ironing. Thermostat control.

cat. 410/2715

OUr £21.75

9. Philips HD.1462 Sreaml SpraylDry Iron, With variable steam feature. Thermostat control.

Stainless steel sole-plate for faster, smoother ironing. Removable ttanslucentwater tank. Self-cleaningvalve.


caL No.

410/3288 20. Philips HL.2172

OUrPrlce £38.45

Two-Way CordiCordlessShotofSreami cat, No. OUr Price SteamJSpraylDrylron. With 410/3099 £29.15 variable steamfeature. Use cordless for normalironing and 16. Tefa1IS64 Variable/Jetof

au:l~: ~='~=;~~~J~\,:,n

~~~~61 10. Tefal 1641 "Long!lfe" DoubleSteamJSteamiSprayl steam controlgraded 1-6. DryIron. Extra steam feature. IJuragildesole-plate which gives ,UngDiqeueVl.'ce. easierand benerironi~ results, ThremennOVabostaletaconb~troscalil. eli is hard-wearing, long lasting and Cat-No. OUrPrice easy to clean. Handcushion pad. 410/3044 £23.45 Uruque,removable anti-scaling 11. Tefall676"DeLuxe device. Longlife"JecofSteamNarlabie caL No. OurPrice SteamJSpraylDrylron. 410/3264 £29.75 ThennostatcontroL Variable

17. TefaI 1643 DoubleSteamJ

sreamcontrolgraded H.. SpraylDrylron. DuraglidesoleUnique,rer:novableanb-~ platewhichgiveseasierand device.spooN load~dcord betterironingresults. is hard~t~~~' Han cushionpao'!;rPrice cl~!:~=~n~l~asyto 410/2533 £26.75 Unique,removableanti-scaling 12.Black&DeckerSE60Shotof device. SteamlSteamlSpray/DryIron. cat. No. OUr ence Thermostat control. Polished 410/2825 £26.15 sole-plate with unique self-clean 18.Morphy Richards42680 feature forbetter ironing results "Cordless" Steam/Sprayl andlonger iron life. Surge/Dry Iron. Allows total cat No. OUr PrIce freedom in ironing. Powerful 410/3226 . £19.95 performance. reheats quickly. 13. Black&DeckerSE70 Thennostatcontrol. Base has "Autosafe"SteamJSpray/ stability clamp foratraching to SurgelDry Iron. Thermostat ironing board. control.Polished sole-plate. cat No. ""'Price

~~~~:r~~;a:&WI~&ture 410/2959 unattended. caL No. 410/3051

0UrPri<e £24.95


~~~~~'ili~kY!fe~~I:teeFor longer heat retention. cat. No. OUrPrIce



21 ,Morphy Richards 42647 Corded/Cordless Sreaml~raYI ~e!i~~e;:'~~~~.~its every ironing style. The freedom of cordless ironing- yeta simple connection gives mstant corded ironing. ideal for tackling heavy fabrics. caL No. OUrPrtce 410/3271


22. RowentaCSOI "Mode2"

Cord/Cordless Extra Steam!

SreamiSpraylDrylron. Thermostatcontrol. With twolevel steam feature forgreater ironing control. Detachable water tank. Use corded for heavier tasks, cord1essfor normal ironjng.

cat. No.




Themajor beneHtof "cordless" kons isan end to


bavetobe returned to the ~~~":;:f..~.nt optimum performance.

5. Remington Steam/Spray/Dry Travel Iron. Thermostat control




I ~;~:d~~l~~~I~~~~t: ,j: fr~~e~~~~~h~~~if~r~ 2.5


2.5 L.l'-'-'L.:C-=-..L.J__LL.L_j_L_J

240V ac. Safety cat. No. 410/3233

thermal cut-out.

Our Price £12.75

6. Morphy RichardsTravel SteamIDry Iron. Thermostat

~ti~~r~~~~~ %~re~~Fa~~~~s~~ water. Cord storage facility. Dual voltage, 110/240Vac. Complete with travel pouch. Safety thermal cut-out. cat. No. 410/3312

OurPrice £12.45

7. BlackS; Decker Stowaway Travel Pack. Comprises mini travel iron with non-stick coated sole-plate and mini 600/1200


cat. No. 410/2928

Our Price I201240Vac. £15.95 car,No. 3. Philips HD.1461 Steam/Dry 410/2881


OurPrice £19.95

Iron. With variable steam feature. Transparentwatertank. ~p~~~~~~~~~~t~~~~~th. cat. No. Our Price indicator light. Non-stick coated 410/3240 £14.95 sole-plate. fold flat handle. 4. Rowenta DA25 "Tap Water" Complete with travel pouch. Dual voltage. 1201240Vac.Safety SteamlDrylron. Thermostat thermal cut-out. control. Translucent water tank. Our Price cat. No. Self-cleaning valve. £9.45 cat.No. OucPrice 410/2588 410/2784


'''M 9. Morphy Richards 40203 Lightweight DryIron. Thermostat control. Suitable for

W~~~~ I;~~b~~~¥:~ t~~~~ht.


cat-No. 410/2980

our ettce £9.95

10. Morphy Richards 40283 Spray/Orylron. Thermostat control. Cordstorage facility. Suitable for right or left hand use. Pilotlight.Weight I'1,lb.Safety thermal cut-out. cat. No. Our Price 410/2997


i~ef~~~~!~~r~i~f£7a~~~n. guide. Neon indicator light. weight 21121b.Safety thermal cut-out. cat-No. 410/1493

Our Price £7.99


t~~~~~~~ fJ'r~=~~~h:~~S Ifbt15tles. Large rear rollerfor

r.uymanoeuvrability. SOOml boule of shampoo supplied. ,., No. .'\~/1740

Our Price £25.99

1.).Olssell"Spinfoamer" Ilectrlc Carpet Shampooer. lArge capacity tank with

17. Bissell Quadro carpet' Sweeper. Natural hog bristle. Fourrotary comer brushes sweep around furniture and skirting boards. Variable surface selector (smooth floors to long pile r 10

inc approx. ufacrurer's 10~ year guarantee. cat. No. 855/1898

Our Price £15.99

~f~~ft~h. ~~:~~~~~:~COg

:1~~:~~~~i~~:~6~~~ nrush rollersrotate at 700 rpm, lI\J\SSagingfoam into carpet. Completewith 500ml bottle of Ihnmpoo.170wan.240Vac. (in. No. &58/1836

l-i.l.eifheit Regulus


~~;t~~ ~se~~dh~6~~gfong pilecarpets). size x Case

11 7

Inch approx. Manufacturer's 1O~

OUr Price year guarantee. £49.99 Cat.No. 855/1874 Floor!

~~ii~r~b~:~c~~~~g Brush heightselector (smooth noors to long pile carpets). Four wheel sprung suspension. Screw

Our Price £17.49

19.Ewbank Classic ~et ~~ilt~f~b'~;~~~~~~~~~heel sprung suspension to adjust to any carpet thickness. Leverfor emptying twin dustpans. case size 13112 x 9 inch approx. Manufacturer'S IO-year guarantee.


'ffiei~ce~~~~~~~'. Io-yeerguaranree. Cal.No. Sugg'dRerail ourPnce 1&5/1915 £23.99

£10.99 Cat.No. 855/1582

~~e~~::,~~~~I~o~c:E~Shes ~W~j~!~~~~~i~:tI~d=~nd brush. Variableheight adjustment forboth smooth and long pilecarpets. Twolift-out dustpans. Sweeping width 121/2 Inch.Case size 111/2x 91/2 inch approx. Manufacturer's m-yeer guarantee. tat. No. 855/1795

~~~~:~~~~~~~i~nJ~tpan. Brush height dial (smooth floors to lonE pilecarpet).


g:~~e~~e~~Tn~!id~ ~~~Ather inch. Case size 111/4x I11J4inch Our Price approx. Manufacturer's to-year £13.99 guarantee.

~!e~;~r~~~~~1'tio;b~s'if:Pet Built-Inbrush comb. Fourwheel sprung suspension adjusts to any carpet thickness. Lever for easy emptying of dustpan. case size 12 x 8 inch approx. Manufacturer's to-year guarantee. cat. No. 855/1362

Our Price £18.99

20. Leifheit Rotaro S Floorl carpet Sweeper. Wheel driven comer brushes sweep right up to

Our Price £14.99

cat. No. Sugg'dRerail Our Price 855/1623 £39.99 £19.99

1. Goblin "CommanderXPC" Upright Cleaner. z-speed.

420 watt motor. Uses disposable ~~WJi~a~ar~1i~Ii.~~~/sro~ge facility. cat. No. 405/2841

Our Price £69.95

2. Panasonic MC-E41Upright Cleaner. Wall-to-wall cleaning, Automatic carpet height adjustment. Reusable dust bags.

r:c~~~ ~~~~~I~~~I~~~~ watt motor.

cat. No. Our Price 405/3101 £89.95 3. Hitachi Powerhouse CV460D

gf~rn~~~e~~tioEnd~~i~tdge control. Reusable disposable Fn~~~~gou~::gfull cat. No. 405/2425

~•• (=il!;;;;;•• '::'.~

Our Price £84.95

4. Hitachi Powerhouse CV460DPDe Luxe Upright Cleaner.600wanmotorwith variable power control. Edge-toedge cleaning. 3 position height control. Reusable disposable fu~~fgrA~~~~r~~ind. cat. No. 405/2865

Our Price £104.95

5.Hoover Turbomaster U5094 Upright Cleaner. 575 watt ~~:~di~lh;~~fl~~~re~~fn~ro' facilityand illuminated paneL ~~fI~~~'~~~~~s:~1~~rr bags. indicator. Headlamp. Built-inair freshener. cat. No. 405/3187

Our Price £143.95

6. Philips HL.3686 Upright Cleaner. 700 watt motor. 3 position handle. Variable position height control. Reusable ~d'i:~~~~~~rs~~~eBf~~i~~ . cat. No. 405/3091

8 6

OUr Price £19.95

7. HooverTurbopowerU2408 Hard Baj!Upright Cleaner. Llghtweight, II inch cleaning gath. Reusable disposable paper

~fte~~~lli;(:~~b~~~i~ 3 position handle. 4: "heightright" cleaning settings. Cord storage facility.400 watt motor. car, No. 405/3170

Our Price £109.95

8.Electrolux614Upright . Cleaner. 550 watt twinfan motor. 4 position height control, ~~~ii~P~~tl~·~~e:rbags. Cordstoragefaciliry. "Green· Leaf" air freshener. Built-in tools. cat.No. 405/3228

Our Price £124.95

9. Electrolux 616 Upright Cleaner. 560 watt twin fan motor with variable electronicspeed control. 4 position height control. ~~~~~Fein~~~!g~~~:le storage fac8i1¥.."Green Leaf" air freshener. BUilt-intools. cat. No. 405/3235

Our Price £134.95

16. Goblin WetlDryVacuum deaner. Picksupa wide range of household and workshop din inciudingliquids. Handy flex ~~~a~~[~ ;~l~~otor. cat. No. Our Price




~~~~~acY::~~~~fc~~ea~de ~~~h~~od~ei~~~~di~~ liquids. Handy flex storage. 1000 wart ~n~~\/;fnig~i~:~i~r i~~l~~ch cat. No, OUr Price 405/2487

10. Electrolux lOSS Upright


~~~~o~~ :~~:edge cleaning. 550 watt twin turbo motor. Reusable disposable paperbags. Check-bag indicator. Cordstorage facility. "Green Leaf" airfreshener, cat. No. Our Price

13. Goblin Steamatic. Nota vacuum cleaner, the Steamatic uses a steady pressure ofsteam to clean carpets, floorand wall tiles, windows and curtains. Helps degrease ovens and can even be used to steam offold wallpaper. With accessories. cat. No. OUr Price

405/2951 £99.95 405/3204 £99.95 II. Electrolux 1065 Upright 14. Vax Complete Carpet


Cleaner. 3 position height control. Wiae track brush-edge cleaning. 560 watt twin turbo motor with variable electronic speed control. Check-bag indicator. Reusable disposable paper bags. Cordstorage facility. "Green Leaf" air freshener. cat. No. Our Price

Machine. The vacuum cleaner that washes. 900 watt motor gives you more powerfordaily vacuuming. Vax washes carpets and upholstery clean by circulatingacleaningsolution through the fibresand leaves carpets dry enough to walkon. Vax also sucks up spills. Comes 405/2999 £109.95 complete with tools, carpet 12. Aquavac Multisystem. A cleaning fluidand defoamer. complete home cleaning system cat. No. Our Price which includes toocwanwer/ 405/2975 £139.95 ~~:~~~~i:t~~'i~a~rs~ex Plusacarpetshampooer, with

~6~~~g,U;gi~~ ~~tfz~;

iO;r:~~re device to deep clean carpets, the powerful vacuum cleaner then ::~Sth~r~~~~~c~:~~;tng virtuallydry. cat. No. OUr Price 405/3194


15. AquaVac620WeUDzy

Vacuum Cleaner. Picksup a wide range of household and workshop din Including liquids.900wan. Completewith tools. cat. No. Our Price 405/1646



11. Hitachi "Powerhouse"

1'300 Cylinder 1000 watt motor. Uses

~~~~~ tf~h~~~i6:~fe~e~er' -1~~~~~~.~[~~g~I~~erWitha 1000 watt motor. Foot

Our Price • 11:\,1 £49.95 fII(I'S3708 "Compact. Cleaner. 900 watt motor.

operated on/off switch and autocord rewind. Dust container with dust full indicator. requires no bag. Foldaway carrying handle . Completewith tools. Cat. No. Our Price

I, w~~l'i~i1:~i~t~r~ Autoner, Tools store inside , Reusable disposable a . Complete with tools.



12. Hitachi "Powerhouse"

CV4200 Cylinder Cleaner.


Our Price watt motor. Dust bag full J'~h £84.95 indicator, auto cord rewind. Foot ~'O\IerS3710."Compact operated On/offswitch. Reusable If

lronlc"Cieaner.l000warr whh electronic variable

~ft~~~r~~~g;i~~~:~sroan~~e:e and tools. 'built- cat. No. :t:,n~~~~ Our Price neshener. Toois store inside 40513053 £74.95 .L('r, Reusable disposable 13. Goblin "Rio" Compact bJg. Complete with tools. CYlinderCleaner. Dust H(J, Our Price container, requires no bag. BOO ,'1071 £99.95 watt. Completewith tools. I Iob"n "Solo" 1000Cylinder Cat.No. OurPrice


ner. IOOOwatcmotor. Uses



'" wble paper bags. Complete I reels.

14. Goblin "RioXPC" Twin Speed Electronic Cleaner. 2 No. OurPrlce suction levels, 750 or 1000 watt. l803 £49.95 gg~~I~re~rrht;~(s~ires no bag. I: trolux 1800 Lite Super ~UllderCleaner. 1000 watt cat. No. Our Price . Reusable disposable erdustbag. Dustbagcheck

utor.Jntegrated carrying ..,ldle. "Green Leaf' air ener, Foot operated on/off .... ch. Integral [001storage. tfllpletewithtools. No. Our Price 3156


15. Moulinex "Petlvac" Mains Cleaner. Lightweight hand-held cleaner for stairs and soft furnishing. 150 watt. Complete with tools. Cat. No. Our Price

405/1031 £19.95 ~ £59.95 16. Black & Decker Dustbuster

rJe<:trolux1820 Lite rome Cylinder Cleaner. wattmotorwnh variable ercontrol. Reusable able paper dust bag. Dust checkindicator. Auto flex Ind."Green Leaf" air hener. Integral tool storage. .rlplete with tools. •• No. Our Price ~163



Powerbrush Cordless

~~~e~~f:~~~~:~:b~~:';~~rush attachment. Unique rwo motor system. five inregrat rechargeable cellsforgreater suction and longer running time.

~h~~~~~ :~W~~~~~~~~~:gk~i and plug charger .

£79.95 Cat.No. Our Price r!lectrolux2230 "Dolphin" 405/3008 £38.49 UnderCleaner. 1000 watt 17. Hoover "Dubl-Duty" Wet

or with variable power II'Itroland1200wattsu~er, ~~h~;na~I~g~b~s;~.ejaa:er Indicator.Foot operated on/ lind cord rewind. Integral tool ..ocage.Complete with tools. et. No. Our Price 13211

and Dry Cordless Rechargeable Cleaner. Powerful suction to pick up both dirt and liquids. Ideal for


a~~li~~~k~~~~d plug mcharging unit.

Cat.No. OurPrice 405/3118 £29.95 £104.95 lB. Black & Decker Dustbuster.

.8and402CylinderCleaner. -full indicator. Uses cloth

Hand-held rechargeable cordless cleaner. Li~htweightand

:~~~:~.~~~tsg~~~~:d>'o~g~ Itch.650 watt. Complete with Is. Our Price

Cat. No. 405/1701



Philips T520 Cylinder leaner. 1000 watt motor with

~~~gi~~: b~~J~~~I~h~all mounting unit and plug charger. Our Price £19.45


~~C:3_h~lder rechargeable cordless cleaner. Greater suction and longer cord runnlngtlme.Includes witch.Uses ~sposable paper accessories stored in base. Completewith wall mounting :fit~~lg~:~~~~%rt~~I[:.mal unit and plug charger. 'lU.No. Our Price Car. No. OurPrice

:i~~~ Fo~~;r ~~~~d~~~W

13242 10.Panasonic Me-EB9

£69.95 405/2243

Compact linderCleaner.lOOOwatt torwith variable power ntrol. Auto cord rewind. Foot ratedon/offswitch. Reusable

%~~~:~~~~~lt~iI~~~~~e. cmplerewith tools. r.No, Our Price 13084



Hoover S 1248 Portapower Cleaner. Versatile, lightweight, portable cleaner with the power ofacylindercleaner. Cleans carpets, stairs, cars and also dusts. Cloth dust bag. Complete with tools. BOO watt motor. CaLNo. Our Price 20.



1. Two Tier Dish Drainer. Plastic coated steel with plastic drip tray. Sizeapprox 16lf2x81hx141f2

inch high. cat. No. 840/3063

Rec.Retail £9.99

6. Vileda Supermop Kit COmprises 12 litre bucket. wringer, absorbent supermop head and 3 part handle.

Ret. Retail OurPrice OUrPrice cal. No. £6.79 £4.99 855/1812 £12.69 7. Five Piece Stack asrore.

2. Mobile Vegetable Rack. 3


Modemgeneral purpose storage

set Easy clean plastic. 2 of the boxes stack together [or easy 25112 inch high approx. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price storage. 840/6675 £14.95 £8.99 cat. No. OurPrice 855/1881 £9.99 3. Sodastream "Classic" Fizzy 8. Leitheit Tip Tap Telescopic Drinks Maker. Supplied with sample concentrate, two empty Shoe Rack. Extends from 21 to bottles and refillable gas cylinder. 39 inch. Holds up to 10 pairs of cat. No. OUrPrice shoes. Additional units can be 840/7155 £17.99 stacked on each other. Rust proof rails. 4. Synapse Electronic Kitchen LCDdocktTimer. Times from 1 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail our Price £4.99 second to 24 hours in one second 855/0514 £9.32 intervals. Count-up and count9. Addspace Door Hanging down facility. Battery included. Shoe Rack. Takes up to 10 pairs cat. No. sugg'd Relail. OurPrice of shoes plus polish, brushes etc. £6.99 No fittings required. firsanydoor 840/5645 £12.99 with special brackets provided. 5. "Guider Rider" Rollers. cat.No. Rec.Retail OurPrice Allows for forward. backward 855/1173 £13.95 £8.49 and turningmovement of most 10.Shoeshine Box fromSeleer domestic appliances. Maximum load 600ib. Safety brakes. Extends from 16 inch to 23112 inch approx.

Plastics. Has in-built carrying handle and non-slip heel stop. Top lifts up to provide large cal. No. sugg'dRetall OUrPrice storage space. Height 8 inch, 840J2521 £12.35 £9.99 depth 11112 inch approx.lncludes polish. brush and duster. cat. No. 855/1867

OUrPrlce £4.49

I t.SonaTeapot.Mirrorfinish »luminium. TeakhandJeand

knob,Capacity 13/4 pint. British "mde.

17. SOlidMarble Pastry Board. Suitable for preparing most foods. Size 12 x 12 inch approx.

cat. No. Sugg'dReran OUr Price Cal.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 840/6235 £4.99 £11.50 M0/5261 £15.99 £9.99 18. Set o{Six SOlidMarble 12. Zodiac Stainless Steel Napkin Rings. Napkins not

~~e:~~~~~~~~~~~:Ch supplied.

cat. No.

Sugg'dRetail OUr Price

ponions. Complete with lids. Size 840/7184 £1.99 £4.99 lOx 7inchapprox. 19.SOlidMarble Rectangular Cat No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price Cheeseboard with Wire Cutter. 840/5298 £19.19 £9.99 No need for loose knives. Easy 13. Ensee5 Piece Stainless Steel Tea set. With rosewood trim on

andquicktouse. Size8x5 inch

approx (exdudinghandle).


cat. No.


hOl water

jug, sugar bowl, cream jug and tray. Cal.No.

Sugg'dRetail OUr PrIce £7.50 £3.29

20. SOlidMarble RollingPin .. COmplete with wooden handJes

Sugg'd Retail OUr Price and stand. An attractive and £19.99 £13.99 unusual item which isboth 14. 7 Piece Teakwood Salad Set. decorative and functional. One 10 inch bowl. four 6 inch Length 181f4inchapprox. bowlsand a pairofservers. cal No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice Cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 840/5920 £8.95 £3.79 840/5315 £18.99 £11.99 21. SOlidMarble Breakfast Set IS. SOlidMarble Cheese Board Toast rack with cork inlay for salt with Glass Dome. Diameter 71J2 andpeppershakers (3 inch high Inch approx. Height SIn. inch approx). With six egg cups approx. (height 2lf..inch approx). cat No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 340/6390 £9.50 £6.49 840/1430 £28.99 £11.99 16. SOlidMarble Kitchen Roll 22. SOlidMarble Salt Shaker Holder.Height 12 inch approx. and Pepper Mill. Decorative and (Kitchen rolfnot supplied.) useful table accessory. Height 4 cat.No. SUgg'dReraUOUrPdce inch approx. 840/6802 £6.99 £3.49 cat. NO. sugg'dRetail OUr Price 840/5944 £8.95 £3.79 840/5281

Marble !sa natura) product andgralnsmayvary.

Richardson Kitchen Knife Set. Sixpieces with stainless steel blades and hardwood handles with brass rivets. With hanging rack. Made in Sheffield.Manufacturer's 1O-yearguarantee. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OurPrice




~~k~iFer~h~~ih~~e~~~clf~' FromRichardson of Sheffield. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £23.95




£9.99 7. Hanson

2. Wiltshire Staysharp Knife Set. 1carving knifeand 1utility


6. wahmaster Kitchen Scale. ~;~cl gl~7s~;b~c f~2~:ighS graduations. Manufacturer's 5-yearguarantee. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice


"Gourmet" Kitchen Scale. Elegant design, weighs up to 1Olb/Slig in 1 oz/2Sg

graduations. Detachableplastic tray. Manufacturer's 5-year guarantee. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 840/7399



S. salter "Clearweigh 69" KitchenScale. Weighs up to 51bl

3. Richardson "Laser" KnifeSet 2.2kgby lozl2Sggraduations. Manufacturer's2-year in Wooden Block. Six red guarantee. eA~~~&1~r;t~:{b1~efe~tx:~e cat. No. OurPrice £8.49 in Sheffield.Manufacturer's 25- 840/3472 year guarantee that they never 9. EKS "Add 'n'Weigh" need sharpening. Kitchen Scale. p to 61b cat. No. sugg'd Retail OurPrice f Ooz/Skgby1 du840/5188 £41.50 £19.99 for 4. Richardson Sabatier 3 Piece nt. 9 inch ~~~~gk~Sn:fe~~;~~F-~~ose


~~fe'.ss:~leas~~?e~i Made in France. Manufacturer's lifetimeguarantee. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 840/5700



5. EKS5005 Electronic Kitchen BowlScale. Easy to read digital display. Add and weigh feature. Auto zero, auto off. Switches from lb/oz to grammes. Weighs up [0 11lb/Skg in the useful mixing bowl top. Operates from 6LF22 (I of980/0971 at£2.19).

cat. No. sugg'd Retail OurPrice 84017681




I I.Salter "2000" Electronic Kitchen Trimscale. Automaucally adjusts foruse with any

~~g~~~gg~ b~pl~ci::gc;~ plotform.Easytostore.


~~'p1~~~~'~ri~WeCOttage" Collection. Sheffield stainless steel with hygienic dishwasher safe polypropylene handles. Manufacturer's to-year guarantee.

touch" add and weigh facility. Uses6 x LR6 batteries (3019801 Cat 'No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 1444at£1.09pair). 840/5652 L14.95 £6.99 CIt-No. OurPrice 17.Librasco "Victorian ,. 140/6242 £29.99 Traditional cast Iron Kitchen 12. Brabantia "Anti9ue"WalI Scale. With solid brass pans, Scale. Removable solid brass pan rolds over calibrated dial when ~:~~;~~~J~i4~~Zb:J':h;g:d nor in use. Wall fixings included. weights. wet,s up to 61b/3kgby 10zl25g Cat. No.

~e~;~~a~:~utacrurer's Cit. No. flee, Retail Our Price 140/6716 £30.51 £22.99 13. Richardson "Laser" Knife

840/5542 18. Wilkinson

Sword Kitchen SCissors. Stainless steel blades. Suitable for meat, vegetables and ~~~~ ~g~'n?~~hwasher safe.

set. five knives, surgical stainless _I blades,hardwood handles Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price withbrass rivets. Hardwood 840/2545 £8.99 £5.99 hangngrack, Made in Sheffield. 19.Salter "Staffordshire" Manufacturer's 2S-year Kitchen Scale. Cast metal scale of guarantee. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUfPrice ~~~~tii~~~f6:rariee;;;~c~~~nd 840/4385 £24.10 £13.99 easypouring.lncludes2Ib, lib, 14.Richardsonsabatier Knife sea, 4oz, zcz, loz, 1/20Z and Seem Wooden Block. Five lf4ozweights. Manufacrurer's stainless steel bladed knives. Made z-yearguarantee. ln France. Manufacturer's lifetime Cat.No. guarantee. 840/6228 £29.99 cat.No. sugg'dRetail our Price 20.Librasco "Queen Anne" 840/6864 £64.95 £32.99 Kitchen Scale. cast iron scale of 15.Richardson "carlton" Knife traditional design. Two solid Setin Wooden Block. Sixknives brasspanswith lib. soz, 4oz, with surgicalstainlesssteelblades zoz, toz. lhoz and lf40Z reproduction Victorian brass bell =g~~~~d~~ag~~e~i.Shshaped weights. Manufacturer's10-year Cat,No. sugg'd Retail Our Price guarantee. 840/5384 £44.95 £27.99 Cat.No. sugg'd Retail 840/4952 L18.15

5. Natural PineWine Rack. Easy to assemble. Spare dowels enable you to construct extra unitto shape of space available. Holds pans, helping to avoid scratches. up to 12bottles. further units can Presentation boxed. be added on. Size (as illustrated) cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 131f2x 1P/4X 13lf4inch high 840/4916 £13.65 £6.99 approx. 2. Set of3 Dual Usage Kitchen cat. No. Our Price 840/5449 £4,49 Boards. Comprising large carvingboardlservingtray (19 x 6. Leifheit Kitchen RollHolder. 11 inch), chop 'n' pour/snack Holds three rolisup to 12 inch platter (14 x8 inch). chopping wide. Two sliding cutters for cling boardlbread board (13 x 9inch). filmand foil.Adjustable hangers Allsizesapprox. Microwave and hold kitchen towel rolLScrews dishwasher safe. and plugs included. (Rollsnot Sugg'dRetail Our Price supplied.) 840/7478 £10.97 £7.99 cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 84017959 £14.99 £7.99 3. Heritage Kitchen Tool Set. Seven pieces plus matching 7. Celebrity Pine Vegetable hanging rack. Chromium plated Rack. High quality natural pine tools with wooden handles. sides. Brown plastic coated steel cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice baskets with plastic dust tray. 840/5504 £13.11 .£7.99 Size20x lOlf2x24 inch high 4. Traditional 30 Bottle Wine approx. Rack. Easy to assemble. Steel cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 840/3795 £27.95 £17.99 and wood consnuction.ldeal storage for standard litreand 8. Natural Pine Spice Rack. 18 most halfbottles. Gifiboxed. jars filledwith herbs and spices. Assembly instructions included. SCrewsfor wall fixing supplied. Size (as illustrated) 2011lx81fsx Size 113/4x23/4x 173/4inch high 2011l inch high approx. approx. cat. No. Our Price cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 1. Probus Kitchencraft Nylon Bladed Kitchen Tool Set. Six



£8.99 840/4141 £23.49



9,Natura]PineSpiceRack.12 ~rs filled with herbs and spices. Screws for wall fixing supplied. Includes FREE "Hints and Menus" booklet. Size 1 13/4x23/4 cat. No. Our Price )( t t 3/" inch high approx. 421/0133 £2.95 Cae.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 15.W.L."Lift-Ofr' CanOpener. 840/6761 £16.99 £11.99 Unique cutting action cuts 10, Pine Spice Rack. Will hold up through Sidewall of can lifting to 32 spicejars (not included). the whole lidoffin one easy

19 s

Size18 x 15 x 33/4 inch approx. can,Leftorrighthand use. Cat.No. sugg'd Retail Our Price cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 140/7746 £9.99 £6.99 840/4598 £4.19 £2.99


Screwsforwall fixing included.

action. Nodirty lids (0fall into the

11.7 Piece Tool Set. Natural pine handles. Chromium plated blades with hanging rack. Cal. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price

16. Natural Pine Multi-Purpose Rack. Holders foraluminium foil, cling-filmand kitchen rolls (rolls not included). Shelfand hooks 84017753 £12.25 £5.99 for keys, mugs etc. Size 233/4 x 12. Prestige "Cook's Collection" 3lJ4X 123/4 inch high approx. Kitchen Tool Set. 5nylon bladed cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price pieceswith hanging rack. 840/4165 £13.40 £9.99 Dishwasher safe. (Includes FREE 17. Natural Pine RoUTop Bread peeler.) Manufacturer's IO-year Bin. High quality pine, lacquered guarantee. togive a practical and attractive cat. No. Our Price finish. Family size 16'12 x 12'/4 X 84017760 £8.99 7112 inch apprcx. 13,7 Piece Stainless Steel Tool cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price Set. 6 stainless steel tools with 840/5157 £17.20 £10.99 atrractlvewhite handles. With 18. Teak Stained Natural Pine stainless steel hanging rack. RollTop Bread Bin. High quality car. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price pine stained in attractive teak 84017777 £17.95 £9.99 coloured finish. Size 161hx 121/4 x 71h inch approx. cal. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 840/6754



Woodis a natural product, therefore coloursmay vary. Pine is a natural product, therefore shades may vary.

1. Brabantia "Spring Bouquet" 6. Summer Chintz Set of3 5 Piece GadgetRack. In chromed Storage Jars. VictorianStylein steel. Hand canopener,apple opalglass. 71/2inch high approx.

corer,foodpeeler,garlicpress cat.No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice andjar/bottIeopener.Complete 840/1708 £12.45 £7.99 with rackforwall fixingor free 7. CloverLeaf"Summer standing. Size lOx2x91/4inch Chintz"Table-Matsand high apprcx. COastersSet. Comprises6 round cal. No. Rec.Retail Our Price table-matsand 6 round coasters. 840/6541 £17.26 £10.49 Heatandstainresistantlaminate 2. Brabantia "Spring Bouquet" tops.Corkbases to protectthe FoodWarmer. With2 burners to table, keepsauces and foodhot at the cat.No. OurPrice table.Completewith candles. 84017715 £14.99 cat.No. Rec.Retail OurPrlce 8. Brabantia "Harvest" Pedal 840/6637 £12.41 £7.49 Bin.Allsteelconstructionwith 3. Brabantia "Spring Bouquet" removableplasticbucket. Pedal Bin. Allsteelconstruction capacity 21/2gallonapprox. cat. No. Rec.Retail OUf Price with removableplasticbucket. capacity2 1/2gallonapprox. 840/4093 £15.65 £9.49 cat.No. Ree.Retail OUrPrice s.arabennavnarvesr-eread 840/6417 £15.65 £9.49 Bin.Dropfrom.Brownand beige 4.Brabantia "Spring Bouquet" colour.Allsteelconstruction. Bread Bin.Dropfront.Allsteel Size l8x lOx 71/4inchapprox. construction.Size 18xlOx71/4 cal.No. Rec.Retail OurPrice inchapprox. 840/4086 £18.90 £10.49 car, No. Ree.Retail OurPrice to. Brabantia "Harvest" Food 840/6400 £18.90 £10.49 Warmer. With2 burners to keep 5. "Spring Bouquet" Setof5 sauces and foodhot at the table. Storage Jars. Two6 inchand Completewith candles. three 4'/2 inchhigh approx. cal.No. Rec.Retail OUf Price cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 840/4660 £12.41 £7.49 84017179 £14.50 £9.99

16. Cristald'Arques "longchamps" Wine Glasses. Set of six. 24% lead crystal. Giftboxed. ell

cal. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 815/2527 £19.99 £10,49 6730 £10.55 £6.99 17.Cristal d'Arques "Satin

CloverLeaf"Etemal Beau" Ie-Mats. Setofsix. Cork kedwith heat resistant film Inatetops. Size 91/2 inch


Fuseau" Glasses. 24% lead crystal with attractive frosted design. sets of six. Giftboxed. RedWine. cal. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 815/4848 £29.99 £17.99

White Wine.

cal. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 815/4824 £28.99 £15.99

18.Cristal d'Arques Maintenon 7 Piece24% Lead CrystalWater Set. COmprisingwater jug andsix matching tumblers. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 815/4130 £29.99 £18.99

19. "Opera" 24% Lead Crystal Whisky Decanter Set COmprisingsquare decanter and six matching tumblers. Gift boxed. cat. No. 815/4817 £29.99 £17.49 20. Fruit Bowl with Sundae

Dishes. 24% lead crystal footed fruit bowl and six sundae dishes. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail 815/4518 £29.99

I, Bohemia OVer 24% Fine Cut

~~~%~g~~:~g~~, design. Decanterhas~ound

~?SIT(~~~~~=Jt, ~:.illiteS: presentation boxed.

Brandy. (Pair) caL No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 815/4154 £22.58 £9.99


cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 815/3588 £47.20 £19.99 Flute. f-;':j;'i;;";;;~~;;;;r;;;;;hi;;;'l cat. No. sugg'dRetail 815/3595 £-48.25

Square Decanter.

car. No. Sugg'dRetail 815/3629 £63.00 Whisky. cac No. Sugg'dRetail 815/3605 £-48.25 2. "Etemal Beau" Wine

Glasses. Setofsix. Complements tableware range and accessories

(seepage215). cae.No. Sugg'dRetail 815/3502 £17.95

10. Lumlnarc "Octime" 7 Piece Water Set. COmprises waterjug and six matching tumblers. cat No. SUgg'dRetail OUr Price £7.65 £4.99 815/4240 11. "Apple" FruitSet.

Comprisesserving bowl and six dishes. Textured glass in an g~g:e1.ple shaped design. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 815/3203 £7.49 £3.99

12."Piazza" 18Piece Wine Set. com8,riSin~sixeach wine, roblet :~~S~~i~~~~d~th spira car. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 815/4190 £19.99 £9.99

13.Ravenhead "Style" 18Piece

Set. Sixeach ofWine,mixerand


Cat No. 815/5689

Sugg'dRetail £69.99

OUr Price £39.99

, "SOn Brothers "Eternal Beau" ~ English Tableware. Distinctive . ~1~~~!ri~7fo;~~sc~~~~t~~~\knot , ribbons. Clearwhite glaze. rowave and dishwasher safe. For chlngglasswareseepage212. 13Piece Coffee Set. Comprising nee pot and six coffeecups and


ICCrs. No. Sugg'd Retail 1-1819 £39.99 5<, or 4 Mugs. • t, No. Sugg'd Retail 15447 £14.25 • t.


to. CruetSet. Consistingofsaltand ·rppcrshakers.

.1. No.


Sugg'd Retail £12.50

14998 11,30 Piece Set. lit. No. Sugg'd Retail 14273 £74.25

~l.CoveredVegetable Dish. • t. No. 15007

Sugg'd Retail £31.99


IJa~d~g~:~ ~~~~~~ ~6~Y~'a~ng

kl.alandsmnd. Cat.No. 100/4637

Sugg'd Retail £40.75

Our Price £27.99

t, No. t10/2632

Sugg'd Retail £20.50

Our Price £13.99

CIt. No. iIOO/4510

Sugg'd Retail £31.25

OUrPrice £19.99

,ot, Casserole. 3.9 pint capacity.


16.Viners·'EternalBeau"CutlerySet. Stainlesssteel with durable handles. Dtshwashersafe. l4 Piece Set. Giftboxed. CIt. No. 120/3562

Rec. Retail £83.72


(at. No.

Rec. Retail £189.99

OUfPrice £99.99

44PieceSet. In deluxe canteen.


hiltons "Chelsea" 45 Piece Set. ate peach and mink floral mucn. Comprises 30 piece set plus I. sugar bowl, cream jug, six mugs etxegg cups. Microwave and hwashersafe . • f No. Sugg'd Retail 16714 £69.45 £31.99

, Ulltons"ShirIeyRose"pottery Attractive floraldecoration, ermealglaze. 30 piece set. Microwave Iddishwasher safe.

f..bleware. Ut. No. .0<>/4503

Sugg'd Retail £40.04


I.Blltons "Spring Bouquet" Pottery tableware. Adelicate pink crocus Ikslgn. Oatmeal glaze.30 piece set. \ilcrowave and dishwasher safe. For matching coffeeset and oven-to-table wnteseepage220. No. 100/4541


Sugg'd Retail £47.39

9. Biltons "Saffron" Pottery tableware. Attractive floraldecoration, atmealglaze. 30 pieceset. Microwave linddishwasher safe. Cal. No. 800/6525

Sugg'd Retail £47.39


10.Biltons "Rose Garden" 45 Piece Set. Delicatepeach and green climbing rosecn trellis background. Comprises 30 pieceset plus teapot, sugar bowl, ~~r:~~:~~ddi~~~~~~~~~~e~Ps. Cat. No. 800/4644

Sugg'd Retail £69.45

Our Price £31.99

Compositionof SO PieceSet: 6each cups, saucers, side plates, soupl cereal bowls, dinner plates.

(oloroll Kilncraft "cascade" 45

Set. Pinkandgreyfloral rlon on a clearwhiteglaze. ItltpriSes30 piece set plusteapot. rbowl, creamjug, six mugs and six cups.Microwave and dishwasher


All.No. 16532

Sugg'd Retail £66.14


• ColoroDKilncraft "Bamboo" f\;CleryTableware. Attractive eggshell eenand brown bamboo design. 30 set Microwave and dishwasher fe. be. No. 100/6219

Sugg'd Retail £47.39

to. COloroIlKilncraft "Prairie"


Pottery flbleware, Brown and beige wheat Ign.30 piece set. Microwaveand hwashersafe. Cat,No. 11)0/6202

Sugg'dRetail £47.39


If. CoioroIlKiIncraft"Monaco" PotletyTableware. Attractive bold blue Nnd of intricate design with the

:::r~~~~eo~:~C~~?e~~:~ on bud Mkrowave and dishwasher safe.

CIt. No. tOO/6707

Sugg'dRetail £50.23

Our Price £21.99

12.Denby "Maplewood" Stoneware T'ableware. Attractive autumnal floral decorationunder asofibeige glaze. 30 pece set. Microwave, dishwasher. oven and freezer safe. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 100/6570



COmposition of30 Piece Set. 6 each cups, saucers, side plates, soup! cereal bowls. dinner plates.

1. Churchill Mu!!'!. Set of 6 on a mug

tree. Mugs are dishwasher safe. COmplementary to Churchill"Country Lane" tableware, see page216. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 800/6549 £12.99 £6.99 2. Biltcns "Queensway" English Bone China Beakers. Set of 6 with

assorted floral decorations. Finished with gold trim. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 800/4156 £14.98

Our Price £6.99

3. Kirkham "Bouquet" EnglishBone China Beakers. Setof 6. Two each ~o1t~~~~~~~~o~~v~i~~rOny dishwasher safe. Cal No. Our Price 800/6556 £8.99 4. Biltons "Woodland Animals"

Mu~. Setof 6.1\\10each ofrabbit. b1~h!,e~h~~lehog illustrations. Cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 800/4101 £7.70

Our Price £3.99

5. Biltons "Spring Bouquet" 9 Piece CoffeeSet. A delicate pink crocus

~~ffrep~t~~~~%~s~~~g~:lS 6

coffee mugs. Microwave and dishwasher safe. For matching tableware see page 21 7. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 800/5100 £27.19

Price £10.99


6. "Pyrex" byCorning "Woodland" 3 Piece Casserole Set. White heat resistantglassovenware. Sizes 1'12, 2IJ4 and 3'/2 pint. Suitable for microwave use. cat No. 810/2209

Our Price £11.49

Biltons "SpringBouguet" Cookware. Delicatepink crocus design. oatmeal glaze. Dishwasher. microwave and freezer safe. For matchingtableware seepage 217. 7.3 Piece Set. Comprises3 pint capacity covered casserole, 10 inch flail dish and 8 inch souffle dish, car, No. Our Price 810/2807


810/3026 9. "Pyrex"




a.serorz casseroles.CapacityIlf2 pint each. car, No. Ow Price byComing"Iris":3 Piece Casserole Set. White heat resistant glassovenware.Sizes 1'h. 2IJ4 and 3'12 pint. Suitable formicrowave use. cat, No. Our Price

10. "Pyrex"byCorning"Blossom" Tableware. 24 pieceset. Heatresistant oven/tableware. Comprises 6 mugs, 6 tea plates, 6 dinner plates and 6 soup/ cerealbowls. cat No. Our Price 810/3033


11. "Pyrex" by Corning3 Piece casserole Set. Clearheat resistan~ass ~~;~s:~r:foar~~~d~:~~ cat. No.

]~:~ 3lf2 Our Price

£9.99 810/2072 12. "Pyrex" by Coming 5 Piece

"Classic" Clear Kitchen Set. Clearheat resistant glass ovenware. Comprises 3 '12pint mixing bowl, 7:;;4 inch round pie/sandwich dish. 1 pint measuring Jug,9 inch quiche dish and 1 pint oval piedish. SUItablefor microwave use. cat. No. Our Price 810/2979


Mlcrocuisine Designer Microwave


'''ware Set. Comprises a three roasringdish for separate




, J~Kl,~~~~~~~~~:C~fu~~~:n~ ."$or poultry and a transparent

tr rorsteaming androasting. that Inverts for stews and casseroles.



~ 'dJshandrackaremadeof rmcsetpolyester. The cover is for rewave use only. All items ace hwasher safe. Designed and .1tluf'ncruredin Great Britain. Height linch. Diameter 111/4inch . •, No. .10/2302



OurPrice £12.99

Ig~~ ~ls~~~~nr~~~~~:

\~n Made 11.4bleforgas, ra~ant ring. solid ~plnteorceramichob. Microwave (,

ti.Setof3 Saucepans. Sizes 13/4,2112 Ice


Ice .99



~ e.

ail ice .99

o11hpint AI. No.



(41. No. .,0/2704

Our Price £11.99


16.Microwise Microwave Cookware. t J piece set. Made from a temperature tolerant thermoplastic material that is virtually transparent to microwaves. n-stick.freezer and dishwasher safe.

:k~~:i~a3 ~~~'kifo~i~~

;~wn~~s~ poachers, dlvideK tray, 1pint saucepan With spoon, two 120z cook pots, 1·% pint lidded casserole dish/food storer.

ta['No. ouernce .10/2481 £13.99 t T. Nordic Ware Microwave Browning Griddle. Non-stick surface for easy

deenlng. The specially designed cooking plate enables you to brown, searand fry foods safely and quickly. Madeofrhermoser polyester. Diameter 11inch. To claim your £3 Argos Gift Voucher, see "in-pack" leaflet for derails. ca['No. '10/2247


18. Nordic Ware Microwave Browning Dishwith Cover. A deep dish browner nnd high dome cover WIthadjustable


d~~~·n~~~!~~~¥ili~~:~!t~r;,ester. Diameter 11 inch. To c1aimyour£3 ~~~?d~d~~Js~er, see "in-pack"




, nt I



'Iz ice

~ at

ice .99

OUf Price Cat. NO. 810/3040 £19.99 19."Pyrex"byCorning5PieceSet.

~lifJ~~ioc~:~~~~~~f~~~~ in microwave ovens, conventional ovens. dishwasher and freezer. Comprises two B inch pie dishes. 91/2 inch pizza plate. 63/4 inch cake dish and 1()3/4 inch quiche dish. Cat.No. Our Price 810/3019 £19.99 20. Microware Freeze Heat and Serve 20 Piece Microwave Set. Comprises 2

~:~t~~!i~1fd; (~ldsttio~:r~~a~e and microwave use only). Made from

Chill-Thenn which allows use from freezer to microwave and conventional oven (up to 400°F,gas Mark6). Dishwashersafe. Cat. No. 810/2773

OurPrice £8.99

Please note that it isadvisable to check the internal dimensions of your microwave oven before g~r;:~~:~~~:Svi~~t~cts. necessary to remove ordisconnect the turntable when using large dishes.

21.Microwise Microwave Cookware. 5piece "Essentials" set, made from temperature tolerant rhennoplastic materialthat is Virtually transparent to microwaves. Non-stick, freezer and dishwasher safe. Comprises potato baker. defrosUpie rack, 2 plate stackers and plate cover for reheating meals. cat. No.


22.Microcuisine'·Springtime"11 Piece Microwave Set. Comprising 8 inch round dish. 8 inch Han dish. 3


with removable bun cases/egg poachers and 9 x 7 inch rectangular dish. Freezer and dishwasher safe. For Our Price microwave use only. Made from £9.99 reinforced polypropylene. cat.No. OurPrice 810/2670 £9.99 Thermoset polyesters allow almost total transmission ofmicrowave ~::~~t~~af~~~~e'!;~:::~of 400-410"F.Dlshwashersafe.

1. Ensee "Bark" Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. 24 Piece set cat. No. Sugg'dRetail our Price £8.99 £5.99 820/2965

44 Piece sec

cal No. SUgg'dRetail OurPrice 820/3122 £15.99 £10.99 2. Viners "satin Lear'24 Piece

Stainless Steel Cutleryset Gift boxed. cal No. Ret. Retail our Price 820/3328



3. Housley "cascade" 24 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. In leatherene canteen. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrlce £13.99 820/2714 £26.49·

4..Ensee 24 Piece Red Handled CUneI)'Setwith Stand. Solid stainless steel with red plastic handles. Dishwasher safe. cat. No. sugg'dRetail our Price 820/3603 £22.99 £12.99

5. Ensee 24 Plece Wooden Handled Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. With pine cutlery tree. cal No. Sugg'dRetail 820/2666 £21.99

OurPrice £14.99

6. Viners "Eternal Beau" Cutlery Set. Stainless steel with durable handles. Dishwasher safe. Forco-ordinating tableware see page 21 S. 24 Piece Set. Giftboxed. cat. No. 820/3562

gec.getall £83.72

OurPrice £39.99

44 Piece Set. In de luxe wooden canteen.

cat. No. nee, Retail our Price 820/3641 £189.99 £99.99

7. Eosee "Bead" 44 Piece Stainless Steel cutlery Set. Traditional design. Presentation boxed. cat. No. sugg'dRelail. OurPrice 82013036 £37.99 £24.99

8. Ensee "Harley" 44 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. Traditional design. Presentation boxed. eat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 820/3342 £37.99 £24.99

9. Eosee "Dubarry" 44 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. Traditional design. Hollow handle knife. cal. No. segg'dRetail our Price £44.99 £29.99 820/3098 10.Eosee "Kings" 44 Piece

Stainless Steel cutlery Set. Traditional design. Hollow handle knife. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 820/2176 £44.99 £29.99

11, Viners "Summer Chintz" 24 Piece CutlezySet. Stainless steel with durable handles. Dishwashersafe. Giftboxed. For co-ordinating tableware see page 214. cat. No. Rec.Relail. OUrPrice 820/3634: £83.72 £39.99

12. Housley "Fiesta" 44 Piece Stainless Steel Cudel)' Set Gift boxed. cal. No. 820/2958

Sugg'dRetaU OurPrice £32.80 £19.99

13. Viners "ExerutiveSuite" 44 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. Presentation boxed. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 820/1296 £66.00 £29.99

14. Monogram "Helene" 44 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. Made from high quality 18/8

stainless steel. Presentation boxed. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 820/3012 £92.49 £42.99 15. Viners "Harvest" 44 Piece

Stainless Steel Cutlery Set In wooden canteen. cat. NO. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 820/2707 £99.13 £49.99 16. Newbctdge"Kings"

E.P.N.S.AI Quality Silver Plated Cutlery. Traditioual design. With stainless steel knife blades. Hand finishedby craftsmen. 44 piece setin polished wooden cabinet. Manufacturer's to-year guarantee. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 820/1849 £175.00 £99.99 17. Housley "Dubarry" Silver

Plated Cutlery Set. Traditional design. Stainless steel knife blade. 44 piece set in wooden canteen. Manufacturer's20-year guarantee. Made in Sheffield. cat, No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £139.99 820/3665 325.00 18. Sanders & Bowers "Bead"

E.P.N.S.AI Quality Silver Plated Cutlery. Traditional design. Stainless steel knife blades. 44 piece set in wooden cabinet. Manufacturer's 20-year



cat. NO. Sugg'dRetail Our Price guarantee. Made in Sheffield. 820/3218 £325.00 £139.99 19. Solid Bronze 44 Piece

Cutlery Set with Rosewood Handles. In wooden cabinet. Each piece is hand finishedand no two pieces are identicalgreatly adding to the appeal of this set. car, No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price 820/2422 £135.00 £79.99 20. Solid Bronze "Hexagon" 44

Piece CUtlerySet. Each piece is hand finished and no two pieces are identical, adding to its appeal. Presented in a high quality wooden canteen. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrIce 820/3689 £135.00 '£79.99

COmposition of Sets: 24 Piece Set; Sixeach knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons. 44 Piece Set: Sixeach table knives, table forks, dessen knives, dessert forks, dessert ';,fr'--"";-,,~I.spoons, soup spoons, teaspoons plus two servingspoons, Disbwashingmachines provide a welcome relief from the task of washing up, however when washing cutlery It is advisable 10 remove the cutlery and wipe dry as soon as the dishwasher cycleis completed. as it is undesirable to leave the cutlery for any length oflime intbedamp atmosphere ofa dishwasher. It is not advisable towash silver plated or wooden handled cutlery in a dishwasher. sets are plain boxed unless otherwise stated.

1. Silver Plated Christening Set. Comprises fabric teddy bear and ~~~~~tated brush and comb. Gift cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 280/4417 £9.99 £5.99

2. Clipper Gifts Silver Plated :r~%~oney Box. Height


cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OUr Price 280/2787 £5.99 £3.49 3. Highlands Silver Plated

"Humpty Dumpo/" Egg Cup and Spoon Set. Giftboxed. cat. No.

Retail Our Price

sugg'd Retail Our Price 280/3982 £8.95 £3.99 6. Silver Plated Posy Bowl from

the Mayfair Collection. With mesh. Tarnish resistant. Height 41h inch and diameter Svs inch approx. cat. No. 280/4376


7. Seba Silver Plated Christening Set. Comprisesegg cup, spoon and data tray. Tray can be engraved with baby's name, weight, date and time of birth. Giftboxed. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price 280/3621 £11.40 £6.99

s. les Tla!

~ :er ers ;in

14, Pentland Silver Plated Coasters on Stand. Set comprises .wnd for wine bottle and 6

20. Queen Anne Chippendale Style "Happy Anniversary" Tray. Embossed"Old English'

ecasrere. diameter 3 inch approx. scroll pattern. Tarnish resistant OurPrice ~i1~~rchl~~egr~~~Sh. Diameter ~:.n~~~resi~:~~'Retail .tao/3470 £7.99 £4.49 cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OurPrice 1~.AttractivePOSYBowI.24% 280/2244 £12.BO £6.99 ead crystal bowl with silver 21. Queen Anne Brandy Set.

plmedmeshandbase.Tarnish resistant Height 5 inch and dlometer6 inch approx. cal. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price

Comprises4 brandyglasseson

silver plated Chippendale style

tray. Diameter oferay 7 inch approx. ;110/4424 £19.95 £9.99 car. No. Sugg'dRetailOurPrice t6.QueenAnneSilverPlated 280/3937 £15.45 £7.99

OudVase. Complete with rose. Tnrnish resistant. Height SIf4

22. Queen Anne Silver Plated OblongGallety Tray. With side


~~~:gpro~~~~~~~~~. Our Price 280/4132 £3.85 £1.99 inchapprox. Giftboxed. 17.SetofFour Glass Coasters cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price with SiIver Plated Rim. Diameter 280/3016 £29.65 £14.99 4 inch approx. 23, Silver Plated 2-Light Cat. No, Sugg'd Retail OUrPrice Candelabra from the Mayfair 280/4228 £6.25 £2.99 Collection. Rose tinted glass shades. Tarnish resistant. 18.Silver Plated Pint Tankard. Handcrafted in Sheffield. Height Candlessupplied. Heightof 51/2 inch approx. candelabra 91/4 inch approx. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price cat. No. Sugg'dRetaii OUrPrice 280/3975 £17.89 £7.99 280/3968 £19.95 £10.79 19.Highlands PairofSiIver 24. Silver Plated 3-Light Plated Wine Goblets. Height Candelabra from the Mayfair 5 inch approx. COllection. Tarnish resistant. Cat.No. Sugg'dRetarl Our Price Height91h inch approx. (Candles £10.49 £5.79 notsupplied.) 280/2804 cat. No. Sugg'dRetail 280/4297 £15.80

1. Queen Anne Salad Bowl and Silver Plated Servers. Tarnish resistantsilverplated rim. Diameter 91h inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'dReTaUOUr Price 280/2529 £13.30 £6.79 2. Queen Anne Fruit Design

i~a;i~o~~~:~~~h~ X

prox. Frame matches Porcelain Flan Dish. Silver item no 6. plated Roman gallery frame. Tarnish resistant finish. Diameter cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrIaI 280/3229 £17.20 £7,99 of dish 9 inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 8. Silver Plated OVenproof 280/2763 £19.95 £9.79 Triple Serving Dish from The MayfairCoUection. Finely 3. Queen Anne 5 Piece Silver Plated Cruet Set. Revolving centre. COmprisessalt and pepper ~;~ccetidv~fu~:rc~~!rs~~City 2 pint each dish. Tarnish shakers, mustard pot, oil and resistant. Dimensions 9 x 16 inch vinegar bottles. Dtameter61h approx. Matches item no 9. inch approx. Tarnish resistant.

cal. No. sugg'd Retail OurPrice cat. No. Sugg'd Retail . OurPrk:t 280/1977 £13.15 £6.99 ~il~:r6plat~~:np~ootI9.~ 4. Queen Anne Set of 6 Silver

Plated Napkin Rin~. Attractive scroll pattern. Tarnish resistant. cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OUrPrice 280/4125 £5.75 £3.99

S. Set of 6 Silver Plated Place

Mats from The Mayfair

Collection. Delicatedesign. Heat and tarnish resistant. Diameter 9 inch approx.

~~lle~o~~SF~~~?:p~~e~~~~ gallery frame. Attractive fluted cover. Capacity 3 pint. Tarnish resistant. Dimensions 7x 12 inch approx. Matches item no B. cat. No. Sugg'dRerail OurPrlcI 280/3858 £24.75 £10.91

10. WSLSilver Plated 4 Piece

cat. No. Sugg'dRerail OurPrice Tea/Coffee Set with Tray. 280/J906 £.34.85 £13.99 com~rises teapot. coffeepot. milkJug. covered sugar bowl and 6. Three Division Round Hors large rectangular tray with d'OeuvresTray from The handles. Size oftray IBlf4X 133/4

:~~~~~:~fi~i:~~~~a~ed frame with handles. Three division glass dish. Diameter 81h inch approx. Frame matches item n07. cal. No. 280/3542

Sugg'dRetail OurPrice £10.25 £4.99

inch approx. Giftboxed.

cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPr1CI £69.99 280/3872 £149.95

11. Clipper GiftsSilver Plated3 Piece Coffee Set. Comprises

~~~~gg;I~~~ j~~'ncd~~r~ Diameteroftray 121hincb approx. cal. No. 280/4273

12.Ensee Traditional Chinese Wok.Steel wok with wooden tl4ndlesand knob, aluminium leI. 12 inch diameter. Supplied withstanding-ring,steamer rack. dr'ainingttempura rack, ladle,

17. Sona Stainless Steel Healthy CookSteamer. Allows food to be cooked in a healthy natural way by steaming. COnsistsof3 separate sections, 4 pint casserole pot withheavy duty base, steamer


~:~f~g?n~~en dIopsticksand 1 pairofl4 inch chopstickswith recipe! ~[fUctionbookiet. Forgasonly. (ae, No.


~~sS:~~fu~~~li~~~~~~~at f~~~J~~~~~~h~~~th

One Price £9.99

13.MeyerFlat Bottomed Wok.

rii~W::~h~~:f~~:::T!'forall types of hob. Manufacturer's 10vearguarantee,

tat. :~laFn~~~e~~i:J~~f1:~ 860/6578 non-stick interior, 12 inch No.

diameter.Supplied with draining!


18. TefaJ Red Ultrabase


~~~P~~~~~:~~~e~~r. :~~~~~:C:l~o~::~f Diameter 2~cm. Use to fry, stew,

air ~ee <I h

inch Pri,"

~ e


tatingChopsticks and recipe book.For gasor radiant ring. Cat No. 160/5218

braise and roast. Suitable for all 1ypesofhob.

One Price tat. No, £13.99 860/6695 Wok. 19. Prestige

14.TefaJ Flat Bottomed Heavy gauge aluminium nonstickexterior and T-Plus nonmck interior, Insulated handles. Withspatula, Diameter 14 inch. Forgas orradiantring.


Classics 10 Piece Bakeware Set. Seamless, easy clean, 12 cupbun tin, two 7lJ4 inch sandwich tins, 7% inch square cake 'tin, large loaf tin, 6

cat No. 860/5892

Our Price ~~~ ~eri~~~Y~~~~i~~~d~ £15.99 tin and I11hx81hinchroaster. 15.Pres~e Cook's COllection car, No. OUr Price SeIf-BasnngOvaJRoaster. . 860/6547 £5.99 Siliconenon-stick interior. 20. Prestige Classics 8 Piece length 13 inch. Non-StidtBakewareset,12CUp cat. No. OnePrice 860/6035


16.Floyd's GrillPan. Traditional cast iron pan with a solid flat base.Pouring lip. hardwood handleand hanging hook for easy storage. WithKeith Floyd's Instructionand recipebooklet. Suitablefor alltypes of hob.

~/r::i9 ~i2~~

~~d~~g t~~~i~r~~hj~

inch square cake tin, Swiss roll tin, 103/4 x 7inchoblon1;cake tin and two 7t;4 inch sandwich tins. tal. No. 860/6262


Our Price £9.99


t. Prestige Family Pressure Cooker. Polished aluminium body and heat resistant handles. Single 15lb weight, trivet, separator and instruction booklet included. Suitable for most types of hob except induction. Manufacrurer's lO-year guarantee. capacity 71f2 pint. cat.No. 86016640

OurPrice £19.99

2.Prestige Ultra Quick 'n'Easy Pressure Cooker. Polished aluminium body, heat resistant handles. Lid has a cook control and ready-to-serve indicator. ~~~er~~re~~~~~~~tb~~arator includ~ capacity Sif4 pint. For ~~~~7f~i:r~sO~o-year guarantee. cat-No. 86015500 £21.99 3. Prestige Ultra Rise 'n' Time

Pressure Cooker. Polished aluminium body, heat resistant handles. Lid has a cook control, rise 'n' time and ready-to-serve indicators which take the guess workoutofpressurecooking. ~~~er~~fe:~~~~~~~[b~karator include~ capacity 81f4 pint. for ~~~~7a':~~sOfo-year guarantee. cat.No. 86015304


4.Prestige Ultra Automatic Pressure Cooker. Polished aluminium body. Automatic steam release and new built-in removable timer. Lidhas a cook . control.risen'tlme andreadyto-serve indicator. Trivet. separator and recipe/instruction B1J4 pint. Manufacturer's to-year guarantee for the cooker and 1year for the timer.

~~~~~c:~:s ~~~g~ty

cat.No. 86016482 5. Prestige Lifetime

OurPrice £36.99

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. Mirror

~~~~~ ~~~~~f J~~~~:~e ~~dd ready-to-serve indicators to take ~~~n~.s Ou~!~ gpu;~~Fc;~~ure

Stainless steel tnvet and separator. Recipe/instruction book. Capacity 9'h pint. Thennocorebase. For most types of hob. Manufacturer's to-year guarantee. cat No. 86016286

OurPrice £39.99

6. Prestige First Choice 5 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set. Comprises2,3,41f4p'im saucepans,2 pint milk pan and 101/4 inch fry pan. Copperbases stfiead heat~uickly, evenlfeand ~c~~';!~~~sg~~shersa e. for Manufacturer's to-year guarantee. cat.No. 86016365

OurPrice £59.99

7. ColoroU "Jade" 5 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set. Comprises 2, 3and 4 pint saucepans, 11/2 pint milk pan and gl/2 inch fry pan. Stay cool

stainless steel handles and knobs. Heavy aluminium sandwich base. Suitable formost types of hob. Manufacturer's 10yearguarantee.

Cat.No. 860/6585 £64.99 8. Sitram "MondiaIe" 5 Piece

Cookware Set. Pans constructed ofaluminiumlstainless steel sandwich throughout to ensure even heat distribution over the whole pan. Comprises 23/4, 4, SI/2

~~~~~~i~~~~tl~~~ ~~~~b;~Yo~n ~~~~t~~~~sOfo_year guarantee. Cat.No. 860/6651 £79.99 9. Prestige Lifetime Cuisine

SrainlessSteel5 Piece Cookware Set. Dishwashersafe. Contouredshape with thennocore bases. Suitable for mosttypesofhob. Ccmprisesg,

~a~ ~~~i~b~~~~~~a~'p~~~ntmilk Lifetimeguarantee, Cat.No. 860/6664

OurPrice £89.99

10. Prestige Lifetime Collection Stainless Steel Mahogany 5 PieceCookware Set. Contoured ~griFve~i~~~~:~~Sg~~ bases Mahogany knobs and handles. Comprises2, 3, 4'14 ptru saucepans,2 pint milk pan and

~~~~ ~~~s~g~b: iiler:~for

guarantee. cat-No. 860/6671



11.PrestigeLifetimeCuisine Stainless Steel Cookware. Contouredshape with thermoco~perbases which spread heat quickly, evenly and efficiently. Teak handles and knobs. For ~~~~7:~~:r~~?fetime guarantee. Cat-No. OurPrice 860/6293Saucepan2 Pint £21.99 860/6303Saucepan3Pint £24.99 860/6310Saucepan41J4Pint £25.99 860/6327Saucepan 6 Pint £28.99 860/6334Fry Panwith Lid 101/4inch

1. Swan 4 Piece Red Designer

CookwareSet.Teflon2 nonstick interiors. Setcomprises 2112. 3112. 43/4 pint sauceKans (with


radiant ring.



2. Swan 5 Piece Cookware Set. Teflon 2 non-stick interiors. 21/4. 3lf4,41/4pintsaucepans, 1 1/4pint


~i~~fv~~~rds!&I:S~~btl toi~as

or radiant ring. Cat.No, 860/6396

OurPrice £23.99

3. Swan 5 Piece Cookware Set. Teflon 2 non-stick interiors. 21/4, 31/4,41/4 pint saucepans,IV4 pint

~~~~~~~rds!?el:s~f..!tb)~ to:~as

or radiant ring. cat.No. 860/6211

OurPrice £26.99

4. Swan Herb 4 Piece Cookware Set. Teflon2 non-stick interiors,



~~N~~rgasorradiantri~~~Price 860/6190


5. Swan Spring Bouquet 4 Piece Cookware Set. Teflon 2 nonstick interiors. Comprises 21/4,

fsafe. 61~~~f~~~~~~h~~::h~~ Forgas or radiant ring. cat. No. 860/6406

OurPrice £27.99

6. Swan Spritz 4 Piece Cookware Set. Porcelain enamelled exteriors. Teflon 2 non-stick interiors. Comprises 2, 3lf2. 43/.. pint saucepans and ~~2r~~~ta~th~~d~~~:tating knobs, stainless steel rims. Dishwashersafe. Forgasor radiant ring. cat. No. OUf Price 860/6509


7. Tower 5 Piece Red Cookware Set. Non-stick interiors. . Comprises 2, 2lf2and 33/4 pint saucepans, milk pan and 8'12 inch fry pan. Forgasorradiam ring. cat. No. OUf Price 860/6712


S. Mellerware Bunermilk5 Piece Cookware Set. Two-tone exteriors. Teflon 2 non-stick imeriors.llh,2,31hpint saucepans. Ilf2 pint milk pan and 9ring. inch fry pan. Forgasor radiant cat. No. OUr Price 860/4336


Please note that aUcapacities quoted for pans are gross, working capacities may be less.

Please refer to the instructionsand recommendations of your ceramic hob manufacturer before purchasing cookware.


9. Mellerware Terracotta 4 Piece Cookware Set. Contoured shape with two- tone chip-proof exteriors, Teflon 2 non-stick

~~~~~~~~~S?~~~~h 1i~d'e~~~t h~b:Suitable for most types of Cat. No. Due Price 860/4903 £27.99 10. Mellerware Farmhouse 5 Piece Cookware Set. Teflon 2

non-stick interiors. Comprises 2.

~~'a~~i~[p~~~Kk~~'n~ ~~~~~ or radiant ring. Cat. No.


!!!'~----~--~ 860/5885


11.Tower CountryStyle 4 Piece

Cookware Set. Tower Diamond

coar non-stick interiors. 2112,


~~~~~~~ie~~ ~I~t ~!j~~

knobs. for gas, radiant ring or ceramichob. Cat. No. 860/6431

OurPrice £36.99

12. MellerwareTri-Line 4 Piece Cookware Set. Black enamelled exteriors. SilverStone non-stick interiors. Steam vent knobs. Comprises2, 31/4. Spine saucepansand 10inch liddedfry pan, Forgas or radiam ring. Cat.No. OurPrice 860/5029 £29.99

Mellerware Silverline

~~':n~f~~ ~~~~ fn~Nheavy duty base. Darkgrey easy clean

exteriors. SilverStone non-stick interiors. Steam vent knobs. Non~sticklid interiors. For most types of hob. 13.3 Piece Pan Set. Comprises 2112,33/4 and 5 pintsaucepans.

!iI!;:=::f~ ...

cat. No. 860/5737

14. rryzan cat. No. 860/5744

Our Price £34.99

with Lid. 10inch.

Our Price £15.99

15.TowerSuper Diamond Ash Grey 4 Piece Cookware Set. TowerDiamond Coat non-stick interiors. Steam vent controls.

;~~~~~fn~s:~l iO'I~Y~cgh~~ed fry pan. Forgasorradiantring. cat. No.

Our Price



Royale 4 Piece Cookware Set. Hazelnut exteriors. SilverStone non-stick interiors. Comprises 23/4, 4.53/4 pint saucepans and 101/4 inch fry 16. Tower

~~bs~tp~~d~~~~;p~~fh~b except halogen. cat. No. 860/6523

Our Price £44.99

I Coodmans Cuisine 7000 \HcrowaveOVen, 1.0 cu ftcapacity. lO

powcrsenings. Autcdefrost. 3 stage \wklngand delay stan. OurPrice £169.00

rAt. No. .ao/Ol85

J.GoodmansCuisine5000 MlcrowaveOVen.l.2 cuftcapacity. 7 power levels. Timer automaticaHy stops ccoklngcycle. (;,1(.No. 400/0099

OUfPrice £137.00

J. Coodmans Cuisine2000 Microwave Oven. O.6cuftcapacity.10 power levels . .3 stage memory cooking. Autodefrost, delay stan facility. at. No. 400/0006

OUrPrice £119.00

.., Moulinex QuickchefCompact SOD MlcrowaveOVen.0.55 cuftcapadtyg power levels. Timerautomatically stops cookingcycle. Our Price ~/~~54

11. Toshiba 7620 Microwave Oven.


5. Moulinex 059 Microwave Oven. 1.2

gej~~a~~~~~%: iFm~~~~~~rcaUY ~t~~ft~~Wy;tgg~;~~~~~cT~~er stops COOkingcycle. Our Price Cat.No. Our Price £144.00 ~/~:'5 ~00/0178 6. Goldstar ERS35 Microwave Oven.

Cat. No. 400/0233

~1~h~~~~~f~ g~~~~ ~~~rr.i;t~~

Our Price £129.00

1.Goldstar ER4350 Microwave Oven.


~~~~~:bfeo~-~ru~~~£~~c~oh~~~te. 7

0.7 cu ftcapacity. IOpowerlevels . .3 stage memory cooking. Autodefrost, delay start facility. .

grill conventional oven. Size 14llz x 9 x 7 inch high. Maximum power 1000 watt. Cat No. OUf Price 421/0786


13.Moulinex Mini Oven Grill.Variable ~i~~~!~~~;~Zi,r~~;:~~~~' cycle. heat control. Canbe usedasagrilloran

Cat. No. Our Price oven. Will rakea 3lf2lbchicken. Self400/0161 £109.00 cleaning with non-stick baking tray. 8.5amsung 990CT MicroConvection Oven. 0.9cu ftcapacity. Canbe used as ~fp;:~agl~21?n~hr~~h.~~i~~~ ~::V~r microwaveonly, convection oven only 1200 watt. orcombined. 5 microwave power levels.Convectionmode 100-250°C, 4 ~~'/~~40 14. Criterion Double Boiling Ring. 3 stage sequence programming. cat. No. OUf Price heat setti?o:s.Removable chrome




9.Samsung 630TC Microwave Oven.

!~d~~~~ :a~~ln~~~~:1':I~ox~~~

43/4 inch. B.E.A.B.approved. cat. No. OUr Price ~;~~~u~~i~:tsi.~~~ip~~~~e 420/8303 £29.95 controlprobe. Delaystan facility. cat No. Our Price 15.salton MiniKitchen. 400/0068 £174.00 Thermostatically controlled. Roasts, bakes orgrills. 2 hotplates for flying, to. SWanCompact Microwave Oven. boilingetc. Glassoven door.Size23 x O.6cu ftcapacity. 5 powersettings. 131hx 13 inch high. Maximum power Timerplus auto cut-out. cat-No. OurPrlce 2500 watt. 400/0020


Please ensure you read the microwave oven's instruction book prior to use.


li if




~== ~I i§. II

Goodmons7000 400/0099 Goodmons 5000 400/0006 Goodmons 2000

4 400/0154

Moulinex Com ocl 500

400/0178 Moulinex 059 400/0233 Goldslor ER535 400/0161 Goldstor ER4350

8 400/0123 Somsun




Somsun 630TC 10 400/0020 Swon Com ocl '11 400/0075 Toshibo 7620



AlIitems on theselaages can be ~~~~~~intostan rd 13 amp

~ i jl ~!














































1 Jff ~I i.e" 11 J~r

• • • • • • • • • • •




























• •

• • •

100· 250

Isalim I

1. Moulinex Masterfry De Luxe Fryer. Lockable filter lid. Filtrex clean oil system. Variable thermostat. Integral handle to raise and lower basket with lid closed. Cooking timer/bell. Oil capacity 4.4 pint. Cat. No. Our Price 421/0731 £46.95

~~Mo~'ki~~dfi~~~~i~~~i~~ Fryer. construction. Variable thermostat. Integral cord storage. Oilcapacity 4.4 pint. cat. No. Our Price 421/0896


~oJ~clf:d~;~~:rfid.ro1r~~~~~~~r cat. No. Our Price 420/8970


4. Moulinex Compact Fryer. Thermostat. Lockable filterlid. Oil capacity 2.6 pint. CaL No. Our Price 420/9412


~·e~:tlj~r;~;a(!d~~hl~:nh~:tdr. with viewing window . Two thermostat settings. Cooking timerlbell. Basket can be raised or lowered into oil with lid 13. Swan Autumn Berries De Luxe closed. Oilcapacity 3.5 pint. Fryer. Lockingfiherlid. Variable cat. No. Our Price thermostat. Viewing window. Basket 420/8633 £48.95 can be raised or lowered into oil with lid closed. Plug and cord storage. Oil ~·e~:~~;~;a1~ro~k1~~·filterlid. capacity4.4pint. Stainless steel body. Thermostatically cat. No.. controlled. Basket can be raised or 42110700 £39.45 lowered into oil with lidclosed. Cord 14. BrevilieSGIOl Multi Snack 'n' storage. Oil capacity 3.5 pint. Sandwich Toaster. Takes 4 rounds of cat. No. Our Price sandwiches. Theonlymaketharcuts 421/0717 £38.95 and seals. Non-stick plates. On/offand 7. TefaiSuper lOOOFryer. Fiiterlid. ready to use indicator lights. Thermostatically controlled. Oil cat. No. capacity 3.5 pint. 420/4493 cat. No. Our Price 15. Breville SG6 Multi Snack'n' 421/0047 £29.45 Sandwich Toaster. Non-stickcoated 8. Tefal su~er Cool Safety F:n;erElite. plates. Takes 2 rounds of sandwiches. Browning control with 5heat settings. w~i{lid Theonly make that cuts and seals. Onl construction. Variable thermostat. offand ready to use indicator lights. Basketcan be raised or lowered into oil Flexand uprightstorage. with lid closed. Cooking timer/bell. Cord cat. No. Our Price and basket handle storage. Oilcapacity 420/7067 £18.95 3.5 pint. 16.BrevilleSG91 Multi Snack 'n' cat. No. OUr Price Sandwich Toaster. Non-stickcoated 421/0085 £58.95 plates. Takes 2 roundsofsandwiches. 9. Teral safety Fryer. Hermetically Cutand seal action. Ready to cook indicator. ~~\~~~c~~s~~;~~~~'~k~~~~i~ostat cat. No.



cat. No. OUr Price 420/7809 £35.45 10. Moulinex Masterfry Fryer. Lockable filter lid. Filtrex clean oil system. Variable thermostat. Retractable lead. Oilcapacity4.4 pint. cat. No. Our Price 421/0078


11. Philips Fryer. Lockable filterlid. thermostat. Viewing wmdow. Micro oil filter. Cordstorage. Includes FREE 3 position

~!1ti~~~~o1fe~~t. cat. No. 420/9436


17. Glen sandwich Toaster. Non-stick coated plates. Takes 4 rounds of sandwiches. Ready to cook indicator light. cat. No. 421/0690


18. Glen Sandwich Toaster. Non-stick coated plates. Takes 2 rounds of sandwiches. Ready to cook indicator. cat. No. Our Price 421/0030


19. Tower Auto SloCooker. Removable stoneware crock. 3 heat OUrPrice settings. Switches automatically from £48.95

12. Moulinex Masterfl Automatic

~i7s~~~.~tl~~~~~~d ~~t~xo~~~~

when correct temperarure is reached food is automatically lowered into oil. When cookingcycle isfinished the basket automatically rises and bell indicates food is ready. Oil capacity 4.4 pint. cat. No. Our Price 42110092


g~1~~~ ;~ip~e~~~~.f~~~~~~tJ~~~~t. OurPIice

car, No.

420/3676 £28.95 20. Thor Multi Slow Cooker and Crock Pot. Table top cooker that can roast, fry, casserole, stew and bake. It converts to slow cooker with ceramic crock. Nonstick coated, can be fully immersed for washing.

cat-No. £68.75 421/0748

~~~!':. ~!Pa;:}!ifo:s manufacturer's instructions.




t. Swan Autumn Berries Automatic Toaster. Variable browning. Electronic control including frozen bread setting. Variable width bread slot for bread, crumpets, muffins etc. Removable crumb tray. Cord storage. Other Autumn Berries items available.


No. 420/9395

OUfPrice £24.45

2. MorphyRichards CoolWall Automatic Toaster. Variablebrowning control. Variable thickness facility automatically adjusts to thickness of bread, buns. crumpets etc. cat. No. 420/9955

OUrPrice £18.75

3. Hinari Automatic Toaster. Variable browning control. Variable thickness facilityautomatically adjusts to thickness ofbread. buns, muffins etc. Cat. No.



4.Kenwood 421/0652 CoolWallAutomatic £12.75 11.RussellHobbsCoolWall Toaster.Variablebrowningcontrol Automatic Toasters. Microchip w,.~he,fie'noZt ethn"cbkn,eaedssseesttoinrg,'eAadju, mstsumtons variablebrowningand frozenbread d LI' 5 d control.self adjustingbreadslotfor ere.Integralcrumbtrayand cord rolls,muffinsetc. Integralcrumbtray. storage. Cordstorage. cat. No. OurPrice country Style. 420/9371 £18.45 cat. No. 5. PhilipsCountry FlowersCoolTouch 42018956 AutomaticToaster. Variablebrowning Reflections. control.Variablewidthfacilityadjusts cat. No. tothicknessofbread•buns, muffinsetc. 420/8145 OtherCountryflowersitemsavailable. '12.Swan Autumn BerriesAutomatic


~~/~~79 6. Swan EleganceCoolWall AutomaticToaster. Variablebrowning controlincludingfrozenbreadsetting. Variablewidth breadslot forcrumpets, buns etc. OtherEleganceitems available. cat. No. 42018138

OurPrice 42110669

£17.75 7.Swan EleganceTwinSlotCoolWall AutomaticToaster. Variablebrowning controlincludingfrozenbreadsetting. Takesup co4slicesafbread. Variable widthbreadslots farcrumpets,buns etc. OtherEleganceitemsavailable. cat. No. Our Price 421/0676 £27.75 8. Tefal "County Design" TwinSlot Thick 'n' Thin AutomaticToaster. Takesup to4 slicesofbread. Automaticallyadjuststothicknessof bread,muffins,crumpetsetc.Variable browningcontrol.


~l~~sl~~~~~~~~l~tri~~~ffi~ntrol AurumnBerriesitemsavailable. 2 Slice. cat. NO. OUr Price 42110645 £16.75 4 Slice. cat. No. OurPrice £23.45 '-------------~-----

13.SwanRedDesigner2Slice AutomaticToaster. Variablebrowning controlplus frozenbreadsening. cat. No. OurPrice



14. RussellHobbs CountryStyle MicrochipAutomaticToasters. Microchipelectroniccontrolfar cansistentresultsoverwiderangeof browningsettings.OtherCounnyStyle itemsavailable. 2 Slice. cat. No. Our Price 42017768


OUb~~~ 42017933


Our Price £25.95

9. TefalThick 'n'ThinAutomatic Toaster. Variablethicknessfacility

15.Salton 2 SliceAutomaticToaster. ~~r:na.g~;~,:",ning control.Easy dean

b~~~d.b~~i,l~~%ri~e~~.rt~~~ of browningcontrol. cat. No. O.DC Price 420/9962 £19.45 10. Russell Hobbs ReflectionsTwin SlotCoolWallAutomatic Toaster. MicrochipvaIiablebrowningand frozenbreadcontrol.Doubleslotstake

car. No. OurPrice 42110621 £13.95 16.Morphy RichardsAutomatic Toasters. Variablebrowningcontrol. 4 slicemodelhas economyswitchfor use with2 slicesonly. ~t~~~. OurPrice 420/9931 £14.75 4 Slice. ~t/~3

ifo~~i~~ffi"J~:~ ;t~.fI~~~~rg crumbtray. Cordstorage.Other Reflectionsitemsavailable.







1. Moulinex

Masterchef 45 Food

7. Braun UK22Multipractic DeLuxe

Processor. Variablespeed plus g~~~: Food !'~J~,t~g:ihSh~~~~;:iSk g~~~: ~~~ig::~~igg~~~~~:,~lices, anachment. Will mix, knead. blend, grates and mixes. Plus whisking disc for ~~:f~frmg,:~~~t}g~h~tf~~c~~"d creamleggwhites etc. 400 watt. f~~~~~~~~i~r~i~~:~ ft~~t

cat. No. OUrPrice storage. 500 wan. 420/9302 £44.45 cat No. OUr Price 420/8891 £68.95 2. Moulinex Masterchef 55 Food Processor. Electronicvariable speed ~p~~tir~c~fs~~~ pint glus pulse. 1.5 raintbowl.Stainless steel ~~~~::,~ bowl. Stainless steef bladeand disc. Will r~~~~£~s~~~~~iir~~g~~~~~J,Pili~e: mix, knead, blend, puree, slice.shred etc. Cordstorage. 460 wan. ro~~:a~': ~~~sa~~. ~g~~~~~sk cat No. Our Price £48.95 cat No. Ow Price 420/9876 421/0470 £58.95 9. Swan Food Processor. 2 speed plus 3. Moulinex Masterchef 65 Food ~~~n1e~~~le\btl~~~~~~~;r~&':ent Processor. Electronicvariable speed and universal discwith interchangeable ~1.~~ppf~tebl~;!e~n~gti~i~~:~~:lft~~ blades to slice,chip and grate. 350 wan. cal No. Our Price ~~~~~:~~~d~~~r~n~~~, 2 42110463 £34.45 whisk. CoversaIrnormalprocessor 10. Moulinex Hand Blender. Stainless functions plus more efficient steel blade. Mixerann detaches for liquidizingtblendingin the blender cleaning. Mixesand purees. 130 watt. goblet. 400 watt. cat No. . Our Price cat No. OUr Price 420/9340 £9.95 420/9326 £11.95 11. Moulinex Multi Moulinette Mini 4. Magimix Grande Cuisine 2800S Food Processor. Forchoppingmeat, Food processor-S pint bowl. Sabatier nuts and fine herbs. Mixessoups, stainless steel master blade, plastic purees, baby foods etc. 260 watt. cat No. OUr Price ~f~fe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ruscs. 42110487 £14.75 commercial~rade induction motor 12. Moulinex Blender/Mill. Forsoups, purees, baby foods, etc. Blender ~~o~na~I(orag~~~:~l~h~:.otor

~We~~~~~~ g~~:

puree, liquidize, mix. knead, blend, ~~~~g.h3~~n~~J. sliceand grate. cat No. Our Price cat. No. Our Price 420/9364 £19.75 42017490 £88.95 13. Philips Blender/Mill. Single speed 5. Kenwood FP600 Gourmet Variomatic DeLuxe Food Processor. g~~.t Vanablespeed plus pulse. 1.4 pint coffee,nuts, sugar etc. 300 watt. bowl, (31bcapacity). Stainless steel cal No. OUrPrice blade and 4 stainless steel discs. 420/9687 £19.75 Kneads, blends, chops, mixes etc.Plus 14. Kenwood Blender. 1.75 pint twin beater geared whisk and juice capacity. Stainless steel blade. Cord extractor attachments. 500 wan. cat. No. Our Price g~~l~~~~~£~(,P~~~s, sauces, 420/9333 £78.95 cal No. Our Price 6. Kenwood FP400 Gourmet DeLuxe 420/9351 £17.75 Food Processor. 3 speed plus puJse. 1.4 15. Braun Multipractic DeLuxe Hand Blender. Stainless steel blade. Variable ~i~~~~~~~!~~~::~~~eISd~~iilteel speed. Wallbracket. whisk attachment, mixing beaker, 2 bowls and recipe ~:sa~::ct~'!~t~~1oe;~~~~~~~~ites etc. 500 watt. ~~~: :~~::~i~~f~;~t~~f~~~~J. cat No. OUf Price cat.No. .0Ur Price 420/9319 £67.95

g~~~;~~~e~ i11ft~~:~~~~fE~'



Enter the q'fritILiPS £25,000




£1,000 Shopping Sprees at Argos to be WON


Everyentrant receives a Philips Voucherbook containing£50 worth of discounts on Philips products purchased at Argos.





,---"_~""'_:"_AA-_~_~~~-~ ••;:;;",V::;:;;C:,.,'_2)~_J1~ I+FREEZER BLADE I


1. Moulinex Continuous Juice

;;t~:c~j~i~~h~~:~~frg:'les, 11. Kenwood3-Way

Deliversfreshjuice from the spoutand pulp into a separate container. Cord storage. Cat. No. 420/9917

Our Price £39.45

2. Philips Whiskette. Rechargeable

Electric can

~fa~~~~rM:re:~~~~ ~~~~eg:b~ttJe

tops. Canbe free standing, mounted on wall or under shelf/cabinets. Cat.No. 421/0889

Our Price £14.75

12. Oster Power Pierce ElectricCan OpenerlKnife and Scissor Sharpener. Magnetic1id lifter. Knife/scissor sharpener on rear.


~h'iSk beater,puree stick andstir paddle~Wall mountable charging unit. Safe to use over a cooker.

Cat. No. OurPrice 42018554 £14.95 3. Philips Hand Mixer. a-speed.

Stainless steel beaters, wnf wall

bracket. 150 watt. Cat. No. 42017500

OurPrice £14.75

Cal No. 421/0762 13. Oster Food

Cat.No. 421/0779

!i~~~i~~:~jb~=~~s~~~:a-~~eed Cat. No. 420/9852 5. KenwoodA380

OUrPrice £11.75 De Luxe Chefette

Mixer. 3:speed. With detachable stand,


approved. cat.No. 420/9285

OUrPrice £33.95

~e~~~~It;i::~~~drb:;~:~15'ciith watt. cat.No. 421/0456 7. Moulinex

OurPrice £19.45

Variable Speed Knife. Electronicvariable speed control. MX system. Stainless steel blades plus for frozen food. Security


car. No. 420/9481 8. Moulinex

Our Price £14.75

Electric Knife. Twin serrated stainless steel blades. Push button blade release. cat. No. Our Price 420/9474 £9.75 9. Kitchen Craft Electric Knife. Twin


Cat.No. Our Price 420/8994 £7.95 10.Kenwood ElectricKnife. Stainless

steel blades plus additional set for frozen food. Push button blade release. Our Price

cat. No. 421/0755



Slicer. Thickness adjustment. Removable stainless steel blade. Safety hand guard and food collection tray. folds for storage.

IOster I

OUrPrice £24.95



I _

!..!!= -l III In I16'1OOWMIOEI1Oe


~ ."eo



1. Russell Hobbs Reflections Espresso/cappuccino Coffee Maker. 2-4 cups of espresso in minutes. Steam

nozzlefroths milk for cappuccino.Heat

9. Philips Tea For Two Tea Maker, Water reservoirforone or two mugs. Auto switch offwhen tea ready. Uses

~a~~~~~~v2e~~;~~~frge. ~;:~~6~fr~:J~~·i~~~~~~~v~1Fable. mountable. Marchins Duoclock radio

cat. No. 42018781

OUrPrice alarm available (see Item no 10). £39.45 cat. No. Our Price 420/8035 £18.65 10. Philips Duo Clock Radio Alarm.

2. Morphy Richards CoffeeMaker. Reservoir with hinged lid. BUilt-in hotplate. Heat resistant glass jug with lid.Cordstorage. capacity 1.9 pint. Cat. No. 42110418

OUfPrice £16.45

LCDwith clock, alarm and snooze control functions. FM/MW radio reception. Foruse with Philips cafe Duo

~~~Ji~::~~t~ ~~~~~; ~~d~r~)~f ~On:~~k~;!~~~~';te~~~~~6in 980/1444 at£1 .09 pair).

minutes. Steam nozzle froths milk for making cappuccino. Stainless steel filter. Removable drip tray. Cat. No. 421/0432

Price £37.95


4. Cordon Bleu Filter Coffee Maker. Reservoir with hinged lid. Built-in hotplate. Heat resistant glass jug. capacity 2.1 pint.

cat. No. 420/9845 11. Swan De Luxe

Teasmade Automatic Tea/Coffee Maker. Bedside light Luminous clock hands. Keyboard controls. Detachable kettle and 1 pint ceramic teapot. cat. No. OUf Price

420/2914 £49.45 OUfPrice 12. Rogan Mini Jug. Suitable for travel. £14.95 Polypropylene body. Maximum

Cat. No. 42110906

~~~~~Z i

5. Russell Hobbs Country Style Filter i~~~~toe~~.wan. MultiCoffeeMaker. Built-in hot tray. Antidrip device. Integral permanent filter. cat. No. OurPrice capacity 1.95 pint. Other Country Style 421/0391 £8.95 items available. 13. Pifco Worldwide Travel jug. Fully Cat. No. Our Price washable Kematal body. Ca~aclty 420/9797



6. Russell Hobbs Reflections Filter Coffee Maker. Built-in hotplate. Heat element. 700 watt. Universal voltage, resistant glass jug. Water level 120-240Vac. indicator. Anti-drip device.Integral cal No. permanent filter. Capacity 2.3 pmt. 420/8530 £11.45 Other Reflections items available. Cat. No. Our Price ~!iic~~!P~ffA:~~~b6We~.i~~~tle for 420/8750 £23.95 travel. Spout or lid fill.Maximum 7. Philips Goldfilter CoffeeMaker. MUltiBuilt-in hotplate, Water level indicator. ~~~~~~ Ig~~~·49oOS>a~~tt. 23ctgotd permanent filter.Brew control cat. No. OurPrice with auro-dri stop. Capacity 2.1 runt. 420/9766 £12.75 ~~~c~~~.Wjt FREE£5Lyonsco ee 15. Russell Hobbs Travel Jug. Maximum capacity O.9 pint. COntains cat No. OUr Price two cups, spoon and container. 42110425 £22.45 Permanent mesh coffee filter.500 wan. 8. Philips cafe Duo Filter COffee Dual voltage, 120/240Vac. cat. No. ~~~:~~~rs~fct ciG~K:~~:ad~t 42110401 Completewith.z cups. Canbe wall mounted. Matching Duoclock radio alarm available (see item no 10). cat. No. Our Price







1. Glen Automatic Kettle. Water level indicator. Maximum capacity 2.5 pint. 2200 watt, Our Price cat. No. 420/9182 £11.75 2. Glen Automatic Kettle. Maximum


13.Morphy Richards Automatic Kettle. Kematalbody, hinged lid.Water capacity 2.5 pint. 2200 watt. . level indicator on both sides. lust lift cat. No. Our Price 42110315 £10.95 kettle to disconnect from power base for pouring and filling. Maximum capacity 3. Haden Automatic Kettle. Water 2.5 pint, 2200 watt. level ~auge. Locking lid. Maximum cat. No. capacity 3 pint. 2400 watt. 420/9223 Manufacturer's s-yearguaranree. 14.TefalFreeline De Luxe Automatic cat. No. OurPrice Kettle. Lidor spout fill. Water level 42017658 £14.15 indicator. Unique trigger/release 4.Haden Automatic Kettle. Locking mechanism and power base system ~ lid. Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2400 which disconnects kettle from base for watt. Manufacrurer's a-year guarantee. pouring and filling. Maximum capacity cat. No. Our Price 3 pint. 2200 watt.

5. Rogan Rapide Automatic Kettle. Lid orspoutfill. Water level indicator. Maximum capacity 3 pint, 2200 watt. OUr Price cat. No.


£12.45 cat. No. 420/9759 15.Tefal Freeline



·£12.75 421/0377


Automatic Kettle. Newsoft-techstyling. Lidor spout fill. Water level indicator. Unique power 421/0322 £11.95 base system which disconnects kettle 6. Swan Siimline Automatic Kettle. from base for pouring and filling. Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2200watt. Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2200watt. cat. No. OUr Price cat. No. Our Price 16. Breville Automatic Kettle. Water ~~~~~~~~~~~~I~V~~~d~~r level indicator. Just liftkettle to Maximum capacity 3 pint 2200watt:

cat. No.

420/7672 8. Swan Autumn

Our Price £15.75

Berries Automatic Kettle. Enamelled steel body. Spout filling.Water level indicator. Maximum capacity 2.6 pint. 2200 watt. cat. No. Our Price

disconnect from base for pouring and filling. Variable length cord. Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2400 watt. . cat. No. Our Price

421/0346 17. Swan Elegance


Automatic Kettle. Kematal body. Water level indicator. Just liftkettle to disconnect from base 421/0353 £18.75 forpouring and filling. Cordstorage. Philips Automatic Kettles. Water level Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2200 watt. indicator. Neon on-light. Maximum cat. No. Our Price 420/9135 £21.75 2200 watt. 18.Haden Automatic Kettles. Water cat. No. OUr Price 420/9728 £14.75 ~~~~~~~to~ie~~~~~:~~~~~ base 10. Brown/Beige disconnect~om base for pouring and cat. No. Our Price filling.Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2400 421/0339 £14.75 watt. Manufacrurer's3-yearguarantee. 1r. Russell Hobbs Reflections Top Brown/Cream. Line Automatic Kettle. Kematal body, cat. No. Our Price soft grip handle, locking lid, Water level 420/8736 £18.95 indicator. Maximum capacity 2. 7 pint. RedlWhite. 2000 watt. cat. No. OurPrice Cat. No. Our Price 420/8729 £18.95


42017995 12.RussellHobbs



~~ea Country Style MidlineAutomaticKettle. Kematal event of the kettle being empty body. Water level indicator. Maximum when switched OD. capacity 3 pint. 2000 watt. cat. No. Our Price



19.Philips Automatic Kettle. Water level indicator. Just lift kettle to disconnect from base for pouring and filling. Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2400 watt. cat. No. Our Price 421/0360 20. Philips COuntry Flowers


Automatic Kettle. KemataI body. Water level indicator. Just liftkettle to disconnect from base for pouring and filling. Cordstorage. Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2400 watt. Other Country Flowers items available. cat. No. OUfPrice 420/9742 £19.45 ntEAUTOMATICKEITLESON ntESE PAGESSWITCHOFFWHEN BOILEDANDBOILAS LITILE ASONE CUPOFWATER.

1. Breville "Minutemaster" 3 Pint AutomaticKettle. Recessed base allows as littleas one cup of water to be boiled. Polypropylene body. 2400 watt. Our Price cat. No. 421/0281


2.PhiIips3 Pint Automatic Kettle. Oarkgrey stripe on white body. 2400 watt. cat.No. Our Price 420/9704 3. Swan Autumn




Berries 3 Pint. Automatic Kettle. Stainless steel body with decorated exterior. 2200 watt. Other Autumn Berries items available. cat.No. OurPrice

5.RusseIlHObbSK3P/2'3~p~in~t~A:ut;O::----~~;;;;;;;;;;;::;;;;;;;;;:==~=;:~~=:::;:~~~=~======::;;;;;;;;;~~ marie Kettle. Polished stainless steel body. 2400 watt. B.E.A.B. approved. car.No. OurPrice 420/6862 £23.75

~'P~~~X~~:~g~ ~~~. ~n'!~i1I~rle

stainless steel body. 2400 watt. Other Country Style items available. car.No. OurPrice 420/7634 7. Morphy Richards3




Pint Automatic Kettle. Chrome on copper body. 2400 watt. Cat. No. Our Price 8. Philips Cordless Automatic Kettle. The firstcordless traditional kettle on the market. Just lift kettle to disconnect frombase for pouring and filling.Cord storage with 3 cord outlet positions. Maximum capacity 3 pint. 2200 watt. car. No. 421/0267

OUr-Price £18.95

9. Haden 3 Pint Electric Kettle. Aluminium with enamelled exterior and Tuff Lined interior. 2400 watt. Manufacrurer's3-yearguarantee. Cat No. Our Price 420/4541


10. Haden 3 Pint Automatic Kettle. Aluminium with enamelled exterior and Tuff Lined interior. 2400 watt. ~~X:~~~;;~~sv~lear guarantee. car, No. Our Price 420/3865


:r~~Fa~:~f~~s~fe~~~;:a event of the kettle beingempty

when switched on.


11. Sanyo M 115 Compact Cassette ~~~~a~:~3;~~~~~~~'[y;i~~~~~~~~~er ~~i~:~~:~[~p~~~~c6~:n~~~~~~~~e~~~~~ after conversation ceases. Quick record! ~~vJ~~~:rdt~.g~~~:

t 1.09 pair).

Rec. Retail £77.05

Our Price £32.99:

12.Sanyo TRC3550A Mini Cassette Dictating Machine. Features one touch recording, slide control mechanism, safety-hick switch and quick review/ record. BUilt-incondenser microphone. lncludes carry-case and hand strap. £Xt~~~ ~~~\~ries(order I gee.Retail OUf Price Cat No.

~~~~7U~04~t 670/6267

cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 670/64.70 £19.95 £13.99 16.Parrot Sigma 51/4 Inch Diskettes. Pack of I0 double-sided, double density

g~~~ec~~~r~1 f~~3 diskettes. 48TPI. British made.

digit tape counter. Operates from 2 x LR6baneries (order Iof980/1444at

Cat. No. 670/64.87

15. Select 31h Inch Diskettes. Pack of 10 double-sided. high quality diskettes. 135TPI.Certified 100%error free.



13.Sanyo M5440 Micro cassette Dictating-Machine. Features include 2· speed recording, quick review/record, auto stop and pause function. Comes complete with hand strap. Operates from 2 x LR6 batteries (order 1 of980/ 1'444 at£1.09 pair). . cal. No. Rec. Retail OUf Price 670/6243 £63.25 £36.99 14. select Sit" Inch Diskettes. Pack of 10 double-sided, double density diskettes. 48 TPI. Certified t 00% error free. Sugg'd Retail OUfPrIce Cat. No. 670/:4692 £9.95 £6.99

Completewith convenient storage box. Cat. No. 670/6580

Price £8.99


17.ABA Lockable Diskette Storage Box. Holds up to fifty Sif4 inch floppy disks. Moulded in anti-static plastic

~~~~g~~d~~~r~~1n~~ ~~~~~~~ ~lfe~!i!~dJ~~k~~~~~n~dividers, index cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 670/4070 £21.85 £12.99 18. Pierre Henry A4 Deep Metal File.

~,~~~~fu~~~o~~ !~d~:~~g~~pn;~ur documents contidential. Completewith 6 suspension files. tabs and indexes. cal. No. 670/4898

Sugg'd Retail £14.99

Our Price £9.99

~?~;~~~g~~!~ l~~n~;(e~~ili'10 f:~~~t!~~h ~~6 t~~~~~~~~i·ed.

Sugg'd Retail cat. No. 670/6229 £30.95

Our Price £16.99

20. Brabantia Cash Box.Madefrom seamless steel. Lift-out tray. Cylind~r 670/2704

21. Twinlock ody coristruction. Dropfrom. Completewith 10 suspension files, tabs and inserts. Lockablewith two keys supplied. Cat No. 670/4702

Rec. Retail £31.95

OUfPrice £18.99

22. Systema Type-Right Computer Tutor. Provides an interactive course in the art of touch typing. Teaches basic finger positions and co-ordinates with


af:~i~~~~~e~e~e: minute. Error key foraccuracy. class key for lessons and games key. With easy-to-follow manual.Uses 4 x R 14S batteries (order 2 0[980/1413a,


cat. No. 670/4915


Our Price £29.99


4. Smith Corona PWP40Word Processor. WorkingmemOIyof42,QOO

characters. Built-in disk drive for disk storage of 100,000 characters. 8 line by 80 character display. Cursor keys enable block move, copy, delete, insert, search and replace. "Spell Right"


~l~ ~~~h carriage. Features include halfspace, erasure table and elite type. Black ribbon only. Complete With carrying case..

Cat. No.

Ret. Retail

Our Price

670/6047 £59.95 £38.99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zn:n~.f~~~~h 11. AEGOlympia Traveller De Luxe Portable Manual Typewriter. 9iJ2 inch ~~e[v~:~~b:~rf~ig~~~e~tOrial carriage. 88 character keyboard with

instructions. Free in-home service is available for this product. Please ask in-store fordetails. Cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price 670/6573



preset tabulation. Black/red ribbon. Complete with carrying case, cat. No. Rec. Retail OUrPrice 670/3918



Consumables ~~~~ ~U~~~;ri~t~~~re~hO~:chine ENQUIRIES

number :Turing normal officehours: BROTHER· AEGOLYMPIA SHARP SMITH CORONA -

061-3306531 £XL 301 OI-2626788"HelpDesk" 061-205 2333 0923 777111

and Accessories

We now operate a mail order service for spare pans and accessories for your offlceequipment.Forcreditcard orders. please rtng061-927 72,98 (24 hour service) or alternatively pick up an order form from your Argosshowroom.Nostamp is required on your

envelope and your goods will be despatchedto you Ireeof'all carrlagechargcs.

670/6353 670/6432 670/6511 67016298 670/6504 670/6308 670/6494 670/6322

98 SmitbCorona Xl 2500 Smith Corona XUllOO 8""" AX15

Brolhe, AX25 Broth~ AXlS Sharp PA3100S

98 13 im;h 12 ineb 12 jom 12 inm 12 iom

98 96 96 96 96 96

••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••

lline Iline 2 lines I line 1 line Iline Ilin! lline

••• • • ••• • • •••• ••• • •• • • •• ••••••• •• ••••••• •• • • •• •••• • II

5k 6k





10,12,1512 10,12

• •••

























• •









1. Shar~ EL-S69S Solar Power Credit

~dd~~~!~~~~e~ ~i~~~~g~£I~Cet~ . with pouch case. cat. No.

680/2271 2. The x-changer.

Our Price


Simplerouse foreigncurrency converter. Complete with neckcord,keyring and belt clip. cat. No. Rec.Retail Our Price

680/2752 £5.99 £3.99 3. Casio SL300-JWallet Calculator. Solarpowered". 8 digit LCDdisplay. 3-

~;~s~~:;n~~~: w~ha~~h~~minus cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 68012707



4.Texas TI-50S calculator. Solar powered by" Anyllte' cellsallowing use in reducedlight'. Tilted 8 digit LCD display. 3-key memory, %, v'and plus/ minus keys. Manufacturer's z-year guarantee. car. No. Our Price 680/2714 £6.99 5. casteHS-8G calculator. SOlar powered'. 8 digit LCDdisplay. a-key memory. V. % and plus/minus keys. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 68012697 £3.99 £2.99 6. Systema 6 Ringed Ruler/Calculator. A solar powered' ruler/calculator which


auto shut off. Length 6.3/4 inch approx. Cat. No. Our Price 680/2408 £4.99 •All solar powered calculators operate in sunlight. normal :~~~~a!~t~~i::e~lightand

7. PullwayTelephone Extension Reel. Contains 50 feetof standard four-way

~~r~gck~~I~I:~ri~fh~~~ 6~0~~!du~~

Cat. No. 535/2571

Our Price £7.99

~~~~~~~~e ~6~~~~ot~ey~~ension ~!~K~~~~k~~~:~b~~i~~~~~~ns~~~~d extension. fordetails see item no 12. cat. No. Our Price 535/2454 9. Six Metre Curly


COrdTelephone Extension Lead.The neat and tidy way to bring mobilityto your telephone. cat. No. OurPrice 535/3257 £4.99 10. Telephone Extension Kit. Use

existing phone socket and this kit to fit


secondary socket and cable clips. cat. No. Our Price 535/2650


It. Second Telephone Extension Kit. Tobeused in conjunction with item no 12 and wired fromsecondary socket. Use this kit £0 fit second or third extensions. Comprises to metre of cable. secondary socket and cable clips. cat. No. Our Price 535/3264


12. Telephone Socket Doubler. Enables the use oftwo telephones from one socket. can also be used in f~a~~fu;~~~i~t~I:~~~efe~i~~~~~~ion ends. cat. No. OUf Price 53512447



~~J:~~og;n~r~~~~e ope<ationfortotalsimplicity.~ .

monirorwith volume control.Variable outgoing messagelength. call counter, 'one-touch message play back. Remote control enables you to listen to messagesfrom any location over the telephone. Operates from 240V ac mams via adaptor (supplied). Remote control comes complete wnhbanenes; cat. No. OUr Price 550/2534


17. Panasonic KX-T2386BE AnsweringMachine and Telephone in One Unit. Answering machine with

I z


bl.J ~:~~:~~~F~:i~~/~~~~Iume

both a


other. Seeitems 7to 11 for telephone extension leads and ages 154-155 forpowerextension Ceads. For infonnation about the instaJIation of these telephones please refer to page 255.


f:':g~';n~~~~~g~~~ng~~6!Ckor remote control (not Complete V) with niicro cassette. Push button telephone with iUurninated key pad. 15 memories (3 directaccess ana 12 Via memory store). last number re-dial,


Items DOS 13 to 19require




~~fn~~~:~~~~ z

~:r:ni.~~~:rfr~~~:,g:! o malns viaadaptor (supplied). REN3.0.

Cat. No. 550/2541 18. Answercall"

OUr PrIce £99.95





--1 ~~~~:~n;~ri:!~~i:~~· bl.J standard cassettes. FUll voice activated

remote control facility enabling you to listen to messages an)"Vhere. Desktop or wall mounted, Variable outgoing message length and memo faCility. ~~~~~J~~~ac mainsvia

~ ~ 13. "Kingfisher" Telephone AnsweringMachine from British Telecom. Multi facility machine with remote control bleeper which enables

~~~~~~gv~/ili~:fe~~~~ Features include

dual cassettes, call monitor.

~e~~~~::c!~/~~~~~~~f: adaptor (supplied). cat. No. 550/1513 14. "Robin"

OUfPrice £148.95 Telephone Answering

Machine from British Telecom. Combines compact.Iowprcfile styling

~~~~%~~S:n~~K~~n~!'l7re~idd ~Jl~~~~~~J'e~fla~~~~~:~left

which can be stored for future listening. "Robin" features a voice activated remote interrogation facility enabling


Complete with (60 cassette and socket doubler. 240Vac mains via adaptor (supplied). cat. No. OurPrice 55012259


}!'!~~~;ht::~~d~~I~:~~~e in One Unit. Easy to use, message record

and playback, automatic reset, call screening and interception, memo

~~~~~2f;~~ie1~~~~~~ice activation or remote control (not supplied). Completewith C60 micro

~r::o~~~~ri~~~~~a~~,e~~th nurnberre-dia1 and battery back-up for

~~~~~~gre~r~~~~e:Jp=)~r 240Vac mains via adaptor (supplied).

RENl.O. cat. No. 550/2266

Our Price .£128.95

Cat. No. 550/1841


OUr PrIce £74.95

19. Betacom LRIOTelephone AnsweringMachlne. Withadouble rape in a single cassette. built-in =~enj~ea~f=~dfast Takes up to 50 x 30second messages.

%~~¥~~~~~~=~t:~ mute

[e~d~, button,on/cffringerand off-hock LEDdispiay. Completewith spare cassette. Operatesfrom 240Vac mains. REN 1.5 caL No. OUr Price 550/= £64.95 20. Dialatron 40 Memory Feature Tel!mhone. Featuringbandsfree dialhngwith call progress monitor. last numberre-dial, mute and an on/off


compatible. cat. No. 550/1999

OUrPrice £32.95

21. Betacom 2-WayHanda Free ~Phone. Dial and converse wtthoutliftinghandset. Features 13 memories (3 directaccessand 10 accessed VIa memorystore) , loudspeakervolume control. mute button.lastnumberre-dial. ringer volumecontroland PABX compatible. cat. No. Our Price 550/2008


22. PanasonicKX-T2342EEasa Phone, z-plece push button telephone. z-way hands Cree speakerphone. dial andconverse withoutliftirighandaet. Speaker volume control. PABX ~~~~s~~~ableto cat. No. 55012527

OUrPrice . £54.95

1.Dialatron "Model 66" IvoryOne-Piecc Telephone. Push burton telephone with last number re-dial and mute facilir:y.Onloffringer switch. Wallholstcrwith indexcardandcable tidysuppJied. cat.No. OurPrice 550/2187 £8.75 2. "ModeI66-1O"lvoty. As above with 10 memory. butnc mute facility. cat.No. 550/2204 3. Dialatron One-PiectTclephone with Extension Kit Apush button telephone with last number re-dial. The kit comprises adaptor to fit mastcrBTsocket, ts metreotcable. secondary socket and cable cUps. cat. No. 55011920 4. Dlalauon Model 55 Two-Piece Basic Telephone. Keyboard in the base with mute button. Lastnumberre·dial. tone ringer with onzoffswttcb. car, No. 550/1931 £13.75 5. to MemoryTelephone. Asabove but featuring 10 memory but no mute facility. cat.No. OUr Price 550/1944 £15.95 6. AnswcrcaU "Montana" Starphone. Stylish slimlinedesign push button two- piece telephone. Ringeron/otl'switch. Dual signalling. Able to receive BTstar services. cat.No. OurPrice 550/2493 £17.95 Answercall "Hollywood 1000" Two-Piece Telephone. Stylish push button telephone featuring illuminated keypad, last numberredial. mute burton and adjustable electronic ringer. . 7. White. cat.No. 55011719 8. Black. cat. No. 550/1968 "Tel~29"9 9. Audioline Push Button Telephone. re-dial. Onlofflingerswitch

MemoryTwo·Piece With last number and mute fadllty.

cat.No. OurPrice 550/1951 £18.95 Betacom"Phoenix" SL30Two·PlecePush Button Telephone. Wim lastnumberre-dial andmutefaclny.on/offnngerswnch. 10. White. cat.No.. ' 550/2053 11. Black. cat. No. 550/20n



~ :li ~ .~ ~ ~ .:~ ~ .~ '0 g j :li ~~ ~ z• j :r ~ I ~ 0 ] j J ~& .~ r


20 40


21 13 22 26



••••• ••••• •••••

t2.Dialatron "Phonanza l"TwoPiece Push Burton Telephone. With last numberre-dialand mute facility. Tone caUerwith adjustable volume control. cat. No. OurPrice 550/1896 £16.95

OUr Price £19.95 14.Betacom "ceravelle'' 3325 TwoPiece Push Button Telephone. With on hook dialling. 4 direct memories, plus 10memorystore. pluslast number re-dial. Ringervolume control. Variable loudspeakerlevel. Mute button. Dual signalling able toreceive BTstarservices. PA8Xcompatible. cat.No. OUrPrice 550/2091 £34.95 15.Dialauon"Big Button" 10 MemoryTelephone. Fearures Include large push button key pad for easy diallingandlastnumberre-dial. cat. No. OurPrice 55011755 £19.95

J6.AUdioliite"Tel32"JOMemoryTwoPlectPush ButtonTelephont. 'With "Music on hold" feature. last numl1er re·d!al, hillo/oft" ringer.swftch. cal No. OurPrice SOOJ24M £28.95 17.C-O$m~500tLMTwo-PlccePush-Bunon On Hook Dialling IOMemory 'relephcne. With lastnumberre-dfal.rlnger and loudspeaker volume control. cat. No. 550/2211 £24.95

18.BeracomCar~hapedtwc-nece Push-

Button Telephone. With last numberre.diaJ and mute facility. OnlotTringerswitch. Cat. No. Our Price £18.75 !eO/1872 19.PhlJlPS1>9026TwO'Ple,~OMCmolY--

~:I!s~~~!~h~~farsh. non keypad cat. No.


~ :5 ~ is .:!l':2 .; ~ ~ j~ z l ,s- ~ ] <) z i .~



•• •



" :.








13 10

15 10 10

17 10 18


19 10 20

• • • •• •• • • • •• • •• • •• • •• • ••• • •• • ••••

21 22



• • • •• • • • •• •••• •••• •••• •• •• ••• ,. ,. • •• •• •• • • • • ,. ••• •• • 2




.~ .II

1 2








5S0/2510 £23.~ 20. British TelecOm React Two-Plece Push BuuonTouch 'rene' TeJephonc. Ringerwlrb adjustable volume control. DualsignalUng. Abletol'eCCivcBTStarserviCl!S. (at. No. !S!S012503 21. Gf!I' "Designer"Two-Piece Push Button Telephone. Wllh lastnumberre-diaI. Tone ringer with adjustable volumecon"'trol. CIt.No. ourPrIce 56011148 £21.95 22.Geenuirc "Florence"Two~ieceWhlre Telephone.feanlres I~I numbefrc-dial. dual tone ring. rlngcrontolTSWitdl· call hold. CaI:. No. OUrPrIce 5SO/2tOI £19.95


(subject to environmental conditions). Lastnumber re-dial and mute facility. Handset may be paged from base unit.

~nn~~~~~~lzS:J~~c~~~~~s;:~ents recharges on base unit.

cat.No, OUfPrice 550/1463 £88.95 2. Dialatron 40080 Cordless

Telephone. With 100 metre range (subjectto environmental conditions). A five number memory, paging feature, lastnumberre-dial.

on base unit.


Our Price cat. No. 550/2015 £69.95 3. Goodmans "Llberte" GTt 0

Cordless Telephone. 100 metre range (subject to environmental conditions). to number memory . last number re-

dial and mute facility. Handsetcan be paged from base unit. Battery hack-up allows outgoing calls without power, PABXcompatiblc. Handset recharges on base. security coded. Battery backup operates from 9 R6S batteries (order 5 of98011406 at59p pair). cat. No. 550/2486 4. Geemarc400M Cordless

Our Price £87.95



~~g~ftions). Volume control,S number memory . last numberre-dial, call hold, mute facility. Handset recharges on base. Security coded.. cat. No. 550/2462 5. Autophon

Our Price £99.95

"Solo" COrdless Telephone. New generation cordless telephone. 100 metre range (subject to environmental conditions), 9 number memory, last number re-dial and mute


~~fl:l~i~~es in base unit allows outgoing calls during power cut. Security coded. Handset recharges on base. cat. No. 550/2479

Price £129.00


6. Betaccm FCRSOOOTeiephonel

Clock/Radio. Long, medium and VHF


~:~~a~~l~~:~~~c~~~~.r~~~~i~~ radio oralarm facility rowake up to.

~~~~~i~~~;r~~d~~!ei:g~~~::;lr ~;~~~;~~ ~~~~6a~~~-~~~~~I~f

9801l042at99p). cat. No. OUrPrice 550/1906 £24.95 7. Betacom FeR SOOO Telephonel

Clock/Radio. Long. mediumandVHF waveband coverage. Dual alarm. Sleep and snooze functions. Wake to alarm or radio. One piece push-button telephone with last number re-dial, mute fadlity, on/offringerswitch. Battery back-up for alarm operates from PP3S battery

(order Iof980/1042 at99p). cat. No. OurPrice 550/2242 £27.95

Forinformation about the installation of these telephones please refer to page 25$. NB Therecordingand playback of certain material mar only be possibleby permtssion. Pleaserefer 10 COpyright Act 1956. The

Performers'Protection Acts 19581972. Item nos 1-9 operate from240V ac mains and require both a telephone

~~~s:~~~~~~t";act:gtt~~e;le°int -cage 252 for telephone extension ee:r~~:::,~~:::.154-155for power

8. Dialatron

Telephone/Clock/Radio. Mediumand VHf' waveband coverage. indicator. snooze facility, hi-low dimmer for swivel display. One

LED tuning

~~~~~1i~Fo~~iW~~~~:~Wc~t mute facility. Radio mutes when relephone is in use. Batteryback-up for alarmoperates from PP3S battery (order 1 of980/1042 at99p) Cat. NO. OurPrice 550/2228 £19.95 9. Morphy Richli.rds TX.380

Telephone/Clock/Radio. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage.

~;~~~~a~?:~~~~~~ radio or buzzer. auto dimmer, calendar function. One piece push-button

ra~c~Wa~~~~~~h~~~~P~Ou~~iS in use. Battery back-up for alann operates from PP3S battery (order I of 980/1042at99p). caL No. 55012273

OurPrice £27.95

14. Philips 02042 3-Band Radio. Long. medium and VHFwavebands,

~~~~Je;fJc 980/1406at59ppailj.Size5x

I 'hx

8112 inchapprox. Cat.No. 500/6353

Our PrIce £11.95

15. Sony ICF750L3-Band Radio.

~aIi"t,~~~~~t~~J;,.~:?C,~· 24OVacmainsor~

x LR6baneries

=tx~~~g~,!;;df~:o~' Cat. No.

OurPrice £19.95


16. Alba ORI60 cassette Recorder. Rewind. fast forward, pause control, auto stop. tapecocmer, built-in microphoneand earphone socket. COmpatible with mosehome computers'. 240V ac mains or4 xR 14S batteries (order 201980./1413 at 99p pair). Size 5'14x lOx2 inchapprox. caL No. 511/2292


OurPrfce £14.95


computers' forward.

pause control, auto stop, tape COURter. Built-inmicrophone and speaker. Remote microphone andearphone sockets. 0per.Uesfrom 240,Vacmains or4 x RI4Sbatteries (order2 019801 1413 at99p pair). Size5'hx 2'hx 9'1, inchapprox. Cat. No. Our PrIce 5lt/2405


18. cathayRC514 MonoRadioi

cassette Recorder. Mediumand VHF

wavebands. Built-in condenser


10. Morphy Richards RI65 4-Band Radio. Long. medium. short and VHF

wavebands. LEDtuningindicators and separate bass and treble controls. Twin

~~a:~~4~~~:eZ(:;;le~~~~~~ttinS 1413at99ppair).Size 112fsx 3IJ" x

91/5 inch approx. Cat No. 500/4647


11. 50ny ICF850L 4-Band Radio. Long, medium, short and VHF

wavebands. Variable tone control. 92mm speaker.Operatesfrom 240Vac mainsor4xR6Sbatteries

(order2 of

980/1406at59ppair). Size5 xz x 11112inch approx. Cat No. 500/6360

12. Morphy Richards R150 Battery/ Mains Portable Radio. Long. medium and VHF wavebands. Toneandvolume

controls. LEDtuning indicator, Operatesfrom 24QVacmains or 4 x R6Sbattenes (order2 of98011406 at 59ppair). Size 8lk x61/4 x2V" Inch approx. car. No. 500/4520


13. Sanyo RP5065 2-Band Radio. Medium and VHF wavebands, Supplied with wriscstrap.Uses 3 x R6S bauerles (order 20198011406 at 59p pair). Size 5lf4X lVa x Stnch approx. cat, No. 500/4630

ac mains or4 x RI4Sbatteries (order2 0I980/1413at99ppai~.Size II x3x 51/sinch approx. caL No. Our PrIce 51111592 £18.95 19. Alba CR63Mono RadioICassette Recorder. Mediumand VHF wavebands, cassette features built-in condensermi~hone. one-touch record.COmpletewith canyingstrap.


£1.09pair). Size4x2x9'h inch approx. Cat. No. Our PrIce 51112560 £22.95 20. Bush 6221 Mono Radiolcassette Recorder. MediumandVHf wavebands. ALe. autoStop. one-touch recordand condenser microphone. ~==~~~~~~~fa:,7;:Ioat £1.09pair).Size 11'/,x6'/, x3inch approx. C8LNo. 511/2254

OurPrice £22.95

21.Hltachi l'RK510 Mono Radiol Cassette Recorder. Mediumand VHF wavebands. Pausecontrol. auto slop. Built-in microphone and one-much ~~ar:sn!(~~%~~:!nsor 1420ar£1.09 pai~.Size 7>1.x4'1ox 10.'1<inell approx. caL No.


510./9559 £29.99 "ltemnos16and 17arenotsultable foruse with Commodore Yic20, COIDmodoreM or Atari home


1. PyeCC10StereoRadio/Cassette Player. Medium and stereoVHF wavebands. Illuminated mono/stereo, waveband change. Auto stop cassette mechanism. Fast forward and eject buttons. Output 20 watt (total music power). DIN O. Size7x6x 17/10 inch


cal No.

500/6281 £39.95 2. HarvardF980XCar StereoRadio/ Cassette Player. AM and stereo VHF

waveband coverage. Push-button waveband selector. Stereo indicator. Balance and tone control. cassette has autoswp. Output 2 x6 watt (rms). DIN

D.Size77/10x5x 14/sinchapprox.

OUr Price

cal No.

500/6322 £27.95 3. SharpRGF272EStereoRadio/ Cassette Player. AM and FM

wavebands. ANSS.Tone control. Auto

~;:~~:;~~nl~6~~~1~tJ~~rd. DINE. (rms).

Size 7 x 4~8 X21/16inch


cat. No.




4. Goodmans GCE214 car Stereo

Radio/cassette Player. Long.medium and stereo VHF waveband coverage.


cassettewith metal rapefacility. l..oudnesscontrol. NightiUumination. Output2 x 1 watt (max). Size 63/4 x 13/4 ~;pl~ii~nJ~f£~~t~p~~~:~:~~~~ item nos 12-t1. cat-No.

500/6377 £49.95 5.SharpRGF558Ecar StereoRadio/ Cassette Player. Long. medium and stereo VHFwavebandcoverase. Featuressynthesized tuner With 16 presets. ASPM (auto station programme memory). ANSS(auto noise

~~~t:~~~~~lifI~g;{n:S~~ fu~~t18 watt per channel (max). DINE. Size 1lJ,S x 53/5x2lJloinchapprox.

cat-No. OUr Price 500/6315 £89.95 6. Audioline403 Car Stereo Radio/ Cassette Player/Graphic Equalizer. Long. medium and stereo VHF waveband coverage. Rotary controls forvolume, balance and tuning. 5-band graphic equalizer. Interference absorption circuit (lAC). LEDstereo indicator. Cassette section features LED tape running indicator . locking fast forward/eject. Output 2 x 25 watt

br~~~ih~;iie~ ~ ~~ip~~h l~6"u~' speakers. please see item nos 12-11.

8. PyeCC25CompleteIn-carSound System. Long. medium and stereo VHF

cat No.



500/5048 £74.95 7. Hitachi CSK2.'32Digital CarStereo Radio/Cassette Player. Long. medium and stereo VHFwaveband coverage. Rotary controls for volume. tone. wning and balance. 18 station pre-sets to'::ta.itor:f~~~~"!a:ctu::r~drse, controY.Multi-function LEDdisplay including dock. Night illuminatlori, Output2 x 8 watt (max). Spindlemount (DIND)completewithDINEadaptor plate. Size2 x 74f5 x 57Jsinchapprox. This item is supplied without speakers. please see item nos 12-17. cat- No. OUr Price 500/5055 £99.99

illumination. OU~ut 2 x 10 watt

h~:Z~;~Pg~i~a~~~~:~ two

handling speakers. DINE. Size main unit 7 x 2 X 51J4 inch approx. cat.No. Our Price 500/6391 £59.95 9.GoodmansGCE276Complete IncarSound System. Long, medium and stereo VHFwaveband coverage. Rotary controls faron/off. volume. tone ~~~~~~~~f!r:a~~~:~f~~~facility. Loudnesscontrol.Output2x 7 ~ua~U:~ii~~~~n~~:!~OflUSh mount40watt max power handling speakers. DINE. Size main unit 7 x 1% X53/4 inch, cal No. OurPrice 500/6308 £49.95

approx. caLNo. 500/6030


~=~~~~~~~~£~~d stereoVHFwavebands.QuanzPLL digital tunerwith clock. 18 electronic pre-set memories. AutoseekJscan and manual tuning. bassand treble. Interference absorption circuit FronUrearspeaker fudercontrol. Metal tape fucility.Night iUutalnation.Output



cone 70 watt max power handling speakers. DINE.SIZemain unit 7 x2 x 6 inch approx. cat. No. 500/6401

Our PrIce £89.95

~2.~ar#~;rJ~s4';~~~fer. 2= mid ra~e unit. 1inChtweeter. Rearshelfmounnng. Power handling I00 watt (max). Cat. No. OUr Price 500/6432


13. Goodmans GLS 100CarSpeakers. 3·way bass reflex. 75mmhoneycomb flatdiaphragm bass unit. 50mm mid range unit. 25mm tteble unit. Rearshelf mounting. PowerhandUng50 watt (max). Frequency response 150· 20.000Hz.

cal No. 500/6418

Our Price £19.95

14.HitachiSX200COnvertibie POD CarSpeakers. Fordoororshelf mounttng. Power handling30 watt

CARCOMBINATIONS.There are twodifferent standard sizesofcar


andmelhodof6tting. DIN E -latest standard desIgn to easily fit in almost all cars made Since approximately 1983. Whilst DIN E can be fitted to most ordinary cars, some trimming of the dash-

~::t~t~rture :::h~;gi.cessary :~~b~~i1:g~~~~:~:e~~~o~ [0

DIN D· su~ smaller than DIN E and will fit abilost every model of

~!1!~~:e'lti~fel;~~'J~~ doubt manual orvehic?e manufacturer.


Please see our audio care produCl on page 260.

1. Cathay

SRC 626Q



Cassette Recorder. Medium and stereo VHF waveband coverage. Features 3-

band graphic equalizer and four

speakers, built-in microphone for mono

sound recording and auto stop. Operates from 240V ac mains or 6 x m asbenertes (order.3 of980/1413 99p pair). Size 6 1/2 x 4 l/S x 17 inch


approx. Cat. No. OUfPrice 511/.1602 £27.95 2. Alba SRC850 Stereo Radio/Cassette Recorder. Medium and stereo VHF

waveband coverage. Twin cassette deck with high speed dubbing, s-band


LR14 batteries (order30f980/1451 at £1.99 pair). Size 5 x 4 x 18 inch B~fr~~~;w:,~~e~o~~~i~~j~:g:':r~ .



Cat. No. OUfPrlce 51111626 £39.95 3. Cathay SCR728Q Stereo Radiol Cassette Recorder. Medium and stereo

VHFwaveband coverage.Twin cassette player with 3-band graphic equalizer.Continuousplay. Onetouch ~~il:~:~~~d~~~~ogi~~o~h~~s: f~ntrol. monosound recording.Operatesfrom 240Vac mains Dr6 x LR14batteries (order30f980IJ451 at£1.99 pair). Size53/~x 53/~x 19 inchapprox. cat. No. Our Price 51111619 £37.95

08092 Stereo Radio/ 4. PhilipsRecorder. Cassette Long,mediumand

stereoVHFwaveband covera~e. Automaticrecordinglevel.BUilt-in microphone.OutputS watt (PMPO). Operatesfrom240Vac mains or 6 x R20Sbatreries (order3of9S0/1420at E1.09pair).Size 153/4 x S.sfl6x 37/s inch approx. cat. No. 511/1169



5. Sharp QT250Stereo Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long,medium,short and stereoVHFwaveband coverage.2-way 4 speakersystem, variable tonecontrol. auto stop. Output 16watt (PMPO). Operatesfrom240Vac mainsor6 x R20Sbatteries (order 3 of980/1420at £ 1.09 pair). Size51/8 x47Jsx 173f,~inch approx. 511/1671 £39.95 6. Sony CF5212 Stereo Radio/ cat. No. Recorder. Long,medium, Our Price Cassette

shonand stereoVHFwaveband coveragewith SWfinetuning. 3-band t~~~cn~~~ii~f~·~ic~;~~~~;.i~~to stop. Totaloutput 4 watt musicpower. Operatesfrom240Vac mainsor6 x R20Sbatteries (order 3 of980/ 1420 at El.09pair).SizeI8x51Ilx52/.sinch approx. ~~'/~~05



f====~~~~i~~~~~i~~;ii;~:=l~~~~~~~~ 7. 5anyo 707F Stereo Radio/Cassette Recorder. Mediumand VHFwaveband coverage.Twincassette deckwith one ~~bb~~~:~~~~h~~he~~c~r~~tPU[ 14 watt (PMPO)"Operatesfrom240Vac mains or6 x R20Sbatteries (order3 of 9S0/1420 atE 1.09 pair). Size 5 III x5 x 20 III inch approx. cat-No. OUrPrice 511/1729



~~e~~ }p~oc~r~~~jn car, personalstereos and computerdata recorders. cat. No. Our Price 535/3219 9. Philips 08098


Stereo Radio/ Cassette Recorder. Long,mediumand stereo VHF waveband coverage.Twin cassene deck with high speeddubbing and continuous play. Headphone socket.Output 8 watt (PMPO). Operatesfrom240Vacmainsor6x R20Sbatteries (order 3 of980/1420at £ 1.09 pair). Size5 x411lx 18113 inch approx. car. No. OUr Price 511/2302


Toensure continued hi,m sound quality, clean tape heads regularly. Please see audio care item no 8. Batteries are not supplied.

II. Sharp WQ268 Stereo Radiol cassette Recorder. Long. medium. short and stereoVHF waveband



Automatic level control. autosrop, 2* way 4 speaker system. Variable tone control. Output 14watt (PMPO).

Operaresfrom240Vacmainsor6 x RI4Sbatteries (order30[980/1413at 191hx41/4 x41hinch



cat. No. 511/1640

Our PrIce £59.95


medium. short and stereoVHF waveband coverage. Twin cassette deck with high speeddubbingand

continuous play. Aurostop. Built-in

microphone. OUtput I I wau (PMPO).P1us tree pair MDROO5 'RoadrunnerStereo Headphones. Operates from 240V ac mainsor6 x R20Sbatteries (order3 0[980/1420at £t.09pair).


Sizc2 I x 5112 x5IJ4inch

cat. No. 51112412

Our Price £79.95

13.Philips 08278 Stereo Radiol cassette Recorder. Long. medium. shonandstereoVHfwavebands. Twin cassette deck with high speeddubbing


stereo headphones. Detachablea-way, 4 speaker system. Output 16watt 10. Toshiba RT8038 Stereo Radiol Cassette Recorder. Long. medium, short and stereo VHF waveband ~~~~~l!I;~ina=~i~~~~~~~.igh synchrOnise~ recording. Tone balance controls. Output 16 watt (PMPO). Operatesfrom240Vacmainsor6 x R20Sbaneries(order 30f980/1420ar £1.09pair).Size51I:!x5V4X 193/4inch approx. CaL No. 511/1657


NBThe recording and playback of certain material may only be possiblebypenmsslon. Please refer IOCOpyrightACll956.The Performers'ProtectionActs 19581972.

~~~~~~':'~~(~~:~jgt9~~t 1420at£I.09pair).Size211/2

43/4 inch approx. CaL No.


Our Price

51111183 £14.95 14.Sharp WQT238 Stereo Radiol Recorder. Long. medium. shonand stereo VHF wavebands. 3bandgrnphic equali2er.Twin cassette decks with back-to-back cassette system. continuous play. hi2h speed dubbing. auto stop and bassooost. OUtpUlSOwatt (PMPO).Operates from 240Vac mains or 8 x R20S batteries (order4 0[98011420at£I.09 pair). Size 73/sx 71/sx2 t I/S inch approx. CaL No. Our Price cassette



15.Hitachi TRKW350 Stereo Radiol Cassette Recorder. Long. medium. shortandsrereo VHFwaveband coverage. 3-band grn_l>hic"9ualizer. Twin cassette deck WIthhigh speed dubbing. continuous play and auto reverse on tape deck one. Sockets for CD input and stereo headphones. Output rowan (PMPO).Operates from240V ac mains or 6 x R20Sbatteries (order3 0[980/1420at£I.09pair).Size201j" X5%x6s/16inchapprox. cat. No. 511/1482


OUr Price £19.99

7. SanyoMCD45KCOmpactDisclStereo Radio/CassetteRecorderwith Remote COntrol.Medium.2 shonandstereo VHF wavebands. Auto-reverse cassettedeck.


headphone sockets. Remote control operatescn.tapeplay and volume. Outputeowatt (PMPO).Operatesfrom 240Vac mainsor lOx R20S batteries (order50198011420 at£I.09 pair). Remoteconttoloperatesfrom2 x LR03 batteries(order10198011437at£1.09 pair).Size6x 7x21 Ih inch approx. cat. No.


:~~:~~~lSat~:t:~l~:~~ cleaning fluid and spare cleaning pads.

cat. No. 535/2698

Our Price £9.95

2.Sharp WQT352EStereoRadio/ cassette Recorder.Long, medium.short and stereo VHFwavebaii.dcoverage. sband/:phic equalizer.Twincassette ~~~,;;,~~r.~~d~~g. programmesearchsystem)on "'1"2. 0ulput60watt (pMPO).operatesfrom 240Vac mainsor 8 xR20S batteries (order4of98011420at£I.09 pair). Size 21 x 71hx6% inchapprox. cat. No. Our Price 51112261


3. HitachiTRK3D8Stereo Radiol Cassette Recorder. SUperwoofer. Long. mediwn, shortandstereo VHF

=~d~~=~ dubbing CDline-insockel3D-5-way speakersystem. Norm.CR02&meral tape selector.ourpureowau (PMPO).

Operates from24OVac mainsor8 x R20Sbatteries (order4 0(980/1420 at £1.09 pair). Size 22 x 71f2x 73/4 inch


cat. No. 51110421

Our Price £129.99

~=:lfo~~~~S!~E,~. medium and stereoVHFwavebands, 3~=e~e:~~~~~~· recordingsystem.headphoneand microphonejacks. Com_pactdisc-feawres


~:r~~~~a~k~~=~esfrom (order40198011420at£ 1.09 pairJ. Size

6lf,3 x 6 x23 cat. No. 511/2319

inch approx.

our Price £129.00

5. Philips 08892 "Compact Disc Sound Machine" CD/Stereo Radiol CassetteRecorder. Long. medium and stereo VHF wavebands. One touch


OUlput24watt (PMPO).Operatesfrom 2.40Vac mainsor8 x R20S batteries (order40198011420at£I.09pair). Size6x5x22 inchapprox. cat. No. 511/1695

Our Price £149.00

6. SharpQT-<D20EStereoRadiol Cassette with CompactDisc. Long. medium,shottandstereo VHf wavebandcoverage.3-bandgraphic equalizer.COmpactdiscfearurescue/ review.2-way4-speakersystem.Output


~x~~~r~~~=es~rd~~~~f 98011420at£I.09pai~.Size24'I.x 61h x 61J4 inch approx. cat. No. OUfPrice 51112065


Our Price

51112089 £279.99 8. Alba CP35 Persona] Stereo cassette Player. 3-band graphic equalizer. Fast forward and auto stop. Complete with headphonesand belt clip. Operates from2 x LR6 batteries (order 1019801 1444at£1.09pair).



~ te



~ te

at !IS

our PrIce

~=~~arui~~ 535/2557 17.So'I}'SRS-5Minl~.


stereo input jack. Maximwnpower hanc!fuJg400mDIiwattperspeaker. SIleakem join together for portability. Size 3 x2 xs inChapprox. car.No. our PrIce 53513202 £9.95 18. Binatone "SOundSac" Active Stereo SpeakerSystem. Suitable for mostladlos. cassettesand personal stereos. Built-in amplifterwith auto poweroif (when disConnected) •4 speakersystem. 2 woofers.2 ~. With=seand=lestr8!>.

~~/1444"'W~pail).=~r2 waU(pMP). car.NO.




19. RossRE-4220Mlao5pe;lkers.

PtovidesloudspeakeroutpUlfrom I'<tsOnaI stereo cassette systems through spedal Oat 2'/4 inchsquan; drlveimlts. With leadsandplug. Size 23/4 x31f2 X t 112inch approx. car.No. our PrIce 535/2643 £7.99 20. TarnpolntMultl-Vo(tageMalns




! af l! ] .i!


I• :i•

~~':=·;'~6. 7.5. 90r 12Vde. ForpetsOnaistereos.




8 ., 10 11 12 13

51111286 511/1736 511/2340 51111224 511/1743 511/1767

• • • • • •

• •

• •

• •





~~~~r:r::~.home car. No.

• •


our PrkIe


1. Sony Walkman WMBl 0 Personal

cassette Player. Auto stop and normal! metal tape selector. Lightweight headphones, belt dip. Operates from 2 x LR6 batteries (order 1 of98011444 at £1.09 pair).

cat. No.


511/1853 £19.95 2. Sony Walkman WMBF22 Personal

Stereo Radio/Cassette Player. Medium/stereo VHFwavebands. NormaVmetal tape selector. Lightwei~h[headphones and beltclip. ~f~~~'~4~04~~11~~:~:i~~ries (order1 cat. No. OurPrice 51111860 £29.95 3. Sony Walkman WMB39 Personal Stereo Cassette Player with Mega Bass. Auto-reverse. Dolby SO noise

reduction. Normal/metal tape selector. 2-band variable mega bass. Ughtweight headphones. Operates from 2 x LR6 batteries (order 1 of9801 1444at£1.09pair). cat. No. OurPrice Sf1/2t06 £34.95 4. SonyWalkman WMBF40 Mega

Bass Personal Stereo Radio/cassette Player. Medium and stereo VHF

wavebands. Mega bass on/off control. ~~r~~~i8~~~~~;:~~~a~'~ ~~gphones, batteries (order 1of980/1444at£1.09 pair). cat No. OUr Price 511/2357 £39.95 5. SonyWaikman WMBF60 Mega

I ~

z o en

Bass Personal Stereo Radio/cassette Player. Medium and stereo VHF wavebands. Mega bass with on/offand variable controls. NorrnaUmetaltape selector. Auto reverse and DolbyB· noise reduction. Lightweight "in-the-

fr;~ ~e:tk~ob~:g~ ~~~~~Pi ~F~~J;S 1444at£'1.09 pair). car. No.


OurPrice £49.95

6. Sony WMBF64 Mega Bass Personal Stereo Radio/Cassette Player. Medium and stereo VHFwavebands with pre-set tuning. 3 position mega bass. With lightweight folding "in-the-ear" headphones. Operates from 2 x LR6 batteries (order 1 of98011444at£1.09 pair). cac No. 51112364

OUr Price £79.95

7. Sony 020 Discman Personal compact Disc Player. LCDdisplay for track number, repeat function. AMS search, 3 inch CDcompatible. With


1444 at£1.09 pair). cat No. 511/2429

OurPrice £149.95

8. Toshiba KT4048 Personal Stereo Radio/Cassette Player. Medium and stereo VHFwavebands. 3-bandgraphic equalizer. Dolby' noise reduction. FM stereo indicator. Normal/chrome/metal tape facility.Auto reverse. auto stop. Anti-rolling mechanism. With stereo headphones. Operates from 2 x LR6 batteries(order lof980/1444al£1.09 pair). car.No. 51111822


Son,WMBl9 So.,WMBF4D

Price £49.95


Please note, batteries are not

Son,WMBF60 S,,",WMBF64

~g~~~~~a~:~~OfDOlby Laboratories Licensing COrporation.



. Sony"MOP2S

s..nyoMOR64 So",."MOPI4

·· .. ··.... ••••

9. Toshiba KT4OJ8Personal Stereo Radlo/cassette Player. Mediumand stereo VHFwavebands. 3-bandgmphic equalizer. FMstereo reverse,auto stop. Nonnallchrome/ metal tape facility. Anti-roiling

~:;r:~~s~~C!~~~=' from2 xLR6 battenes (order 1of980/ 1444 at£ 1.09 pam. OUr Price

cat. No.



10. Toshiba KT4028 Personal Stereo Radlo/cassette Player. Mediumand stereo VHFwavebands. FMindicator. ~=~~d~=rC=~th headohonesand beit clip. Operates from2 x LR6batteries (order 1of980/ 1444at£1.09pai~. cat. No. Our Price 51111798


11. Toshiba KT4568 Personal Stereo Radio/cassette Player. Mediumand stereo VHFwavebands with digital synthesizertuner and to station random presets. 3-bandgrnphic equalizer. tJolb NRsystem. auto ti.Compietewith es and cradle-type carryingcase.Operates from2 x LR6 banenes (order 1of980/1444at£1.09 pair). cat. No.

Our Price

511/1839 £79.95 12. Toshiba KT4128 Personal Stereo cassette Player. 3-bandgraphic equalizer. fast forwardand rewind.

~l~~~~~t~:!;~~~~w~esan batteries (order 1of98011444 at£I.09 pain.

cat. No. 511/1097




13. Sanyo MGP25PersonaiStereo cassette Player. 3-bandgmphiC ~~~~=~'~=~th 1igh=~~~~~~,:,~~II~er2 ~80/1444at£I.09~.

cat. No.


Our Price £19.99

14. SanyoMGR75 Personal Stereo Radio/cassette Player. Mediumand stereo VHFwavebands. 3-bandgmphic equalizer. Locking fast forward. rewind ~=~~~~';f~:~~p~rates from3 x LR6 batteries (order2 of980/ 1444at£1.09p~. Cat. No. 51111774

our Price £29.99

, 15. SanyoMGR64 Personal Stereo Radio/cassette Player. Mediumand stereoVHFwavebands. t.ockingfast forward and auto stop. Beltclip. ~~~rm~4":.~il~~g:rr").nes (order 1 Cat. No. 51112333

Price £22.99


16. SanyoMGP14 Personal Stereo cassette Player. Auto stop and locking ~fg=eS~~~d~fi~~~'7f,f.;'4mJx £1.09pai~. cat. No. Our Price 511/2326 £12.99 Due to lIuc:tuat1onslndemand of

these products IImay sometlmesbe

necessary to offer analtemalive c:oIour.We sbaU doourutmostto

keep thlsto. minlmDDt. Toensurecontlnuedhillhsound CIUalltv.deanta~healsregl!larly. . ~easi... ouralidiocareprOduct , onpage260.

I. Ross Lightweight "In-the-Ear" Stereo Headphones. For personal stereos. Complete with 3.5mm right-angle plug. 6.4mm adapter and compact stylish storage case. Frequency

response50-20,000 Hz.onesupplied.. Colour will vary. cat. No. OUr Price 535/2966 £5.99 2. SonyMORE414 Fontopia Style"In-theEar" Headphones.With acousticturbcdurt circuitry forsuperiorfrequencyresponse.2020,000 Hz.Completewith 3.SmmL-shaped stereomini-plug. cat, No. Our Price 535/2973 £6.95 3. SonyMOR005RoadrunnerllStereo Headphones.Completewith Unimatch 3.5mm plugwith 6.4mmadapter.Cord iengtfi 1.5metre.Frequencyresponse20-20,000 Hz.One supplied. Colourwill varY. (at. No. ' OUr Price 535/2942 £6.95 4. SonyMDR-W05L Fashionable"In-theEar" Headphones.Lightweight. With acousticductturbocircuitry forenhanced Hz. cat. No. Our Price 535/3051 £9.95 5. Philips SBC487 StereoHeadphones. Mono/stereoswitchandindependentvolume controls.Frequencyresponse20-20,OOO Hz. Coiledconnectingcord. cat. No. 535/1912 6.Sony MDRPI NewOesign Hi-Fi Headphones.LaJgesizeearpadsfor comfortablewearing.rcmpletewnh stereo Unlmatchplugadaprer.Frequencyresponse 20-20,000 Hz. caL No. 535/3020 7,Philips SBe464 Mono/Stereo Headphones.Separatecontrolbox incorporatesmono/stereoswitch andseparate volumecontrols.Frequencyrespcnsezo20,000 Hz. Suppliedwith adaptertoconvert e.amm jackto3.5mm jack. cat,No. 535/1929 8. PhillpsSBC31e I EleruodynamicMono/ StereoHeadphones.Separatecontrolbox with monczsterecswltchandvolumecontrols. FrequencyresponseI 0-22,000 Hz.With adaptertoconven3.5mmjack tce.amm jack. cat. No. Our Price 535/2980 £16.95 9, PhllipsSBC3171 Stereorcmpaccmsc DigilalHeadphones.Lightweight headphonessuitableforall stereoequipment especiallyCDplayers.CDvideoandOAT.Semi open backacousticsystem.Higheffici!!ncy samanumcolbahmagnets.High sensitivity, low distortionandlow impedance.Frequency response10-27,000 Hz.Suppliedwith adaptertoconven3.5mmjackto6.3mmjack.


535/3192 £19,(}5 rcaL No. OurPrice IO.Cheetah125+ Joystick.Ergonomically designedhandlewith dualfirebuttons. Additionalbasemountedfirebuttonsfor quick leftor right handoperation.Non-slipsuckers. Autofire functionwheresoftwareallows. compatiblewith Spectrum+2, +3.Arari, Commodore64 andAmstradCPCcomputers. OUr Price cat. No, 535/2849 £7,99 11.CheetahMach tjoysnck. Professional quality joystick with microswitchesandmetal shaft forprecisioncontrolandlong !ife. Ergonomicallydesignedhandlewith dual fire buttons.Additional basemountedfirebuttons forquick leftor right handedoperation.Nonslipsuckers.Auto-fire function where softwareallows.Compatiblewith Alarl. Commodore64, Amiga,AmstradCPC computers.Interfacerequiredfor C1band spectrumcomputers(notsupplied). cat. No. Our Price 535/3240 £9.99


12. Amstrad


System. Tuner: long.mediwnandsrereoVHF waveband coverage. Semi-automatic 2-speed beltdrivetumtable. Twlncassettedeckwkh cominuous play. 3·bandgraphicequalizer. compaadiscwllhLEDtrackindicalQr.OU!pul


caL No. OUrPrke 51111310 £199.00 13. PhUlpsFCO 185CompactDlscMIdI System. Long. medium and stereo VHF waveband coverage. 5-bandgraphic equalizer. LED function indicator. semi aucomaticz·speedbeltdriverumGlble. Twin cassettedeckwltllhighweeddubbingand continuous play. Microphonesound mix. CD syncrostart. FuUyprogrammable COplayer with 24 uack memoryand music search. 3 Inch CD single prepared matchingZ-way speakers. 0UtpuI2 x20watt (rnuslcpower). Size maln unit 153!-1X 1411Jx 14 inch approx. cat. No. oar Prtc:e 51112388 £249.00 14. Toshiba MS8 CDMidISystem.Tuner: Iong.mediumandstereoVHFwaveband drive turntable. Twin cassette deckwithhighspeeddubblngandcondnuous. p1ay.Compaadiscwllh 16trackrandom memory. CDFFIRevandsearch. 2-way bass reflexspeakers. 0UtpUt2 x20watt (music tJ3lsx15x ISlltoinch =~ma1nunl[ cat.No. OUrPrloe 511/1963 £299.95 15.PblUpoFCOO85COIIIpactDis(:Mldl 5ystem.Wilhdynamicbassboost.dIgItaJ tuner with lOng. mediumandstereoVHF waveband coverage, 24 presets. 5-band graphicequaUzer. LEDsoun:e lndicaIor. Semi automatic 2-speed belt drive nuntable, rwin cassette deck with high speed dubblngand continuous play. SeparateCDplayerwith 20 trackrnemory fully prognunmabJe. music search. 3 inchCD single prepared. Matching 2-way bass reflexspeakers. OUtput 2 x20 watt (mUSicpower). Size main unit 3 II.!x 141/4x 14 inch approx. cat.No. oar Price 51112395 £299.00

==~~Act NBThe_glDllpJaybadtof_

1956,ThePerfOJmaS'ProIecIIonAcls 1958-1972-

I AIIlaMSq!lOCO"'l"tlOIIO(Mld .


- 1111"

• 'I


"u",and ,'~IIObAl


1'Will f' ... ~ "llhc lllUIIUO\lJplUy.

~~II::I~1~'h'~r~';tll~~d(aiiK~:crwlth .ft,ldphoneufldmfcroPhoncSOCkets.

Mmchlng2·way loudspeakers. Output 2 x 10 watt (MPO). Operates From 240V acmalns, Sizemain unit 173/]ox 14x 14 Inch high approx;

OurPrice £179.99

cat. No. 51111956

2. Alba MS4300 Midi System. Tuner: long. medium and stereoVHF waveband coverage. 6-bargraphic equalizer (31eftJ3right). 2-speed belt drive turntable. Twin cassette deck with high speeddubbing and continuous

~~ke~~~~~h?ri:~~~~~~~g~;ut 2x

~~~xz:?~ ~

~~~~. ~r;.po~~~Pne~ti~~ 14415inch high approx. car.No. 511/1891

OurPrice £89.95

3. Alba MS150 Midi System. Tuner: medium and stereo VHFwaveband coverage. 2-speed belt drive turntable. Twin cassette deck with cominuous play. Headphone socket. 3-band graphic equalizer. Complete with matching speakers. Ourput2 x 4 watt (PMPO).Operates from 240V ac mains. Size of main unit lOx 113/sx I 24fsinch highapprox. Cat.No. 51111884

Our Price £69.95

4.AmstradMX100MidiSystem. Tuner: long, medium and stereo VHF .waveband coverage. Beltdrive turntable. Twin cassette deck with continuous play. Matching2-way speakers. Output 2 x 5 watt (PMPO). Operates from 240Vac mains. Size of main unit 13% x 13 x 14lfs inch high approx.

car. No. 51111901

5. Hitachi SM10 MidiSystem. TUner: long. medium and stereo VHF waveband coverage. Separate semiautomatic belt drive turntable. Twin


CDcompatible. Output 2 x 10 watt

~:~lc~~b~~~ ~~~ ~1~X6a~ ~3aj/~:X

14112 inch high approx. CaL No. 511/1925

In-home service is available forall items on this eage. Please ask instore for details. All items are complete with separate loudspeakers.

6. ToshlbaM27 Midi System. Tuner, long. medium and stereo VHF

waveband coverage. Semi-automatic belt drive 2-speed turntable. TWin cassettedeck with highspeed dubbing andcontinuousplay. 5·bandgraphic equalizer. OUtput2 x 15 watt (music power). CD coml"'tible. Size main unit 15x 141i!ox 13mchhighapprox. Cat.No. 511/0988

OUr PrIce £129.95

7. Phllips 1275 Midi System. Tuner, long, medium and stereo VHF waveband coverage. 3~bandgraphic equalizer. Two-speedbeltdnve turntable. TWincassette deck with high speeddubbingand continuous play. Matehlng2-way speakers. Output Z x 10 watt (musicpower) .Operates from 240Vacmains. Sizeofmain unit 131110 X 14th X 142f5 inch high approx. Cat.No. 511/1918

OUrPrIce £119.00

8, PhllipsF1385 Midi System. With dynanuc bass boost. Digitaltuner with long. medium and stereo VHF waveband coverage. 24 presets. 5band graphic equalizer. Semi automatic z-speed belt drive turntable. TWin cassette deck with high speed dubbing and~~~~~~fe~


2?4~:~i~~~;~pe~ 511/2371

OUrPrioe £169.00

'Dolbytsa Trade MarkofDolby Laboratories Lioenslng CoIporatlon. NBTherecordlngattd playback of certain material mayonJV be PQ!Slb1e!>l! permission. Pleaserefer lO"!>JlYlIgIltAct 1956,The Perform ers ' Protection Acts 19581972.

1. Morphy Richards "Touch-Me 2" Clock/Radio. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. Pressure sensors forsnooze and sleep. Operates from 240Vac mains. Battery back-up for clockonly operates from PP3Sbanery (order! of98011042 at99p). Size2 x 63/4 X 43/4 inch approx. CaLNo. Our Price 510/8938


2. Morphy Richards CR366 "Weekender 2" Melody Dual Alarm ClocklRadio. Long. medium and VHF :n~~~a~~dc~~:~~~~a~f~~i~~rcator with two colour LEOs.Wake to alarm 1 or 2 with radio or melody. Auto dimmer. Operates from 240V ac mains. ~~e~~;c:~~~(~~d~~f~79~~rtes 1042 at99p). Size 2!/5x 5!/5 X 9115 inch approx. Cat. No. OUf Price 511/0270


3. Morphy Richards CR360Clock! Radio. Mediumand long waveband coverage. Operates from 240V ac mains. Banery back-up forclockonly operates from PP3Sbattery (order 1 of 980/1042 at 99p). Size 2 x 5x 6Vz inch approx. Cat. No. Our Price 510/8952


4.Morphy RichardsCR339 Dual Alarm Clock/Radio. Long, medium and VHFwaveband coverage. Push button snooze control for repeat alarm. Alarm-on indicator. Auto dimmer control. Operates from 240V ac mains. Battery back-up forclockonly . OperatesfromPP3Sbanery (order 1 of' 980/1042 at 99p) .Size 8V4 x 4 liz X 2 inch approx; CaLNo. Our Price 510/7348


g'u~(~~~~R~~~k1~::l:s~~y Recorder. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. Radioorcassette sleep functions. Wake to radio, cassette or melody. Auto stop, microphone socket. Operates from240V ac mains. Battery back-up forclockoperates from PP3Sbanery (order 1of9801l042 a' 99p), Size IOlfzx6!hx2lhinch approx. cat. No. OUr snce 511/1499


6. Morphy Richards CR371 Lampl Clock/Radio. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. Wake [0 radio or melody. Pressure sensors for"2-hour" sleepl"9 minute" snooze facility. Auto dimmer. Operates from 240V ac mains.

KEY NUMBERS SLEEP SNOOZE CLOCK BATTERYBACK·UP MUSIC OR BUZZER Size 12 x 5th x 9Vz inch approx. DIMMER Cat. No. Our Price 51111138 £19_95 DISPLAY HOUR 7. Binatone Moontime MK3 Clock/ DATE Radio with Lamp. Long, medium and DUAL ALARM VHF waveband coverage. Wake to musicoralarm. snooze and sleep facility. 12 hour LED electronic clock, adjustable high intensity lamp with on indicator. Operates from240Vac

~::~g r6~~~ur gf~:O~~ J~~"!i:~g).

~~~~~ g:~~g ~:rd~~ur6?:Jb~69~in~t £2.19). Size4 x3 x 9lfz inchapprox.

car, No_ 51111987

OUr Price £17.95

8. Bush CR440DualAlarm CLock! Radio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. thumbwheel ~~!~~~~r~i~~fr~~o~~~~sa~~"!rn;~

:::g r;r~~-rurg~~~~~~~"!r:~g).

Size 91f:!: x 5th x23/tf> inch approx. Cal. No. OUr Price 51111523






•• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••• •• •• •• ••• • 12











12 24


•• ••

•• •• •

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•• •• 24

•• ••


12 12 12


~:fu~~~~~~· ~';.~r:;,a:!~:~~ttery

~;:;~fgfg~~~2":.;:~!':~~)?'Size 71ll x S!Y& x 25fainch approx. caLNo. oarPrIce 511/2285


IO.SonyICfCIOI DigiCUbeCIockI Radio. Long. medium andVHf

~.f;~~~~~e. H~,:/~:m24OV

ac mains. Battery b=upope:mtes from 6Lf22 battery (oroer 1 of9801 0971 at£2.19).Size4'hx4'hx4'1. inchapprox. cat. No. Our PrIce 51111585


II.Sony ICf220WedgeShaped Dual Alarm ClockiRadio. Long. medium ~~~Io~~~~~~~b~~tes operates from 6LF22 battery (order of 980/0971 at£2.19). Size9'1. x 50/,sx 311f16inchapprox. oarPrIce caLNo.




12. Philips D3702 C1ock/Radiol cassetteRecorder. Long. medium and VHfwaveband coverage, Repeat alarm andsnooze. Built-in condenser microphone. full recordingand piaybackfacilities via cassette. Automatic record level control, Earphone socket. Opetatesfrom 240V ae mains. back-up operates from PP3S battery (order 1 of9801 1042at99p). Size 1(>'I.x2 x 7'hlnelf approx. caL No. oar PrIce




~~~:~~~CUbe waveband covetage. Opetates from ~~~~~'h~ac~~~erl 9801l042at99p).Size4%X4'!"X4 inchapprox. (at. No.



£23.95 3622 C1ockiRadio. Long. VHfwaveband coYetage. 240Vae mains.


~:~fgfg~=.m~)~=,~ x 2 x6 inchapprox. caLNo. 511/0151



15. Alba C400 Dual Alarm C10ckJ Radio. Long. medium andVHf wavebandcovetage. Push button control forsnooze and duaialarm. caiendarfaalities. operates from24OV aemains. back-upoperates from PP3Sbattery (order I of9801 r042at99p). Size9% x 51/8 X2Winch approx. caL No. oarPrioe 51111042 £14.95 16.AlbaC600DualAlarm2-Band CIockJRadio. Mediumand VHF wavebandcoverage, Operates from


=~'i:o~~~~~~rlof 98011042at 99p). Size 9'1,.xs 'hx 2 inehapprox. caLNo. oarPrioe 51111152 £12.95 17. AlbaC76 CIockJRadio. Medium and VHFwaveband coverage. Snooze and sleep controls. Opetatesfrom24OV

~=-3S~:,~b(~~~=: 1042 at99p). Size 8 x5'1, ~2 inch approx. cat. No. OurPrice 511/2278 £9.95



15. Discit Portable Compact Disc Storage Unit. Offersstacking fadlity, Holds 18discs.Size5lhx5lhx 12% inch approx. OUt Price cat. No.'

535/2124 £5.99 2. Cambra sound 6 Drawer Cassette

16. Purpax Compact Disc Library. dear front with stacking facility. Holds 20 discs. Size 5:;/4x 51/2 x 13 inch approx. cat. No. Our Price £4.99 535/3013 17. Liftboy junior Compact Disc Storage Unit. Holds 20 discs with unique flick-rhrough browsing action. Size 12:;/4x 61/a inch approx. cat No. our Price

.1' 'fUr" Ollt''' "lttdulIgloidtiIY. Mubbr"n'1 511:(,IS 'h x 1011.x 4 !fa Imhllpptox Oat. NO. Our Price


Storage Cabinet. Woodgrain effect finish. Holdsup to 72 cassettes. Flat top

~~;:: :~I~~~t:I~~~ ~~~~~:.rfeet. Size cat. No. 535/2100

OUrPrice £12.75

3. Cambrasound Cassette carousel. Willhold up to 64 cassettes without library case,Revolvesthrough 360°, Size 6112x 61/2 x 11 inch approx.


Cat. No. 535/2083 4. Purpax cassette

Our Price £3.95

cat No. 535/2076

OurPrice £3.79


535/1682 20. MaxeU UR90 Audio


Cassettes. Pack of 5. Playing time 90 minutes each. Our Price cat No.

153/4 X 123/4 X 3 inch approx. Cat.No. Our Price 535/2090 £4.95 6. Purpax RecordStorage case. Vinyl L,


covered. Holds up to fifty 12 inch LP


535/1668 19. Agfa C90 Audio

Cassettes. Pack of 5. Playing time 90 minutes each. eat No. Our Price

5. Cambrasound De Luxe Cassette Case. Vinyl covered. Holds up to 45 cassettes. Removable insert to allow use as document case. Twin locks. Size

Our Price £5.95


18. Sony HF90 Audio Cassettes. Pack of3. Playing time 90 minutes each. cat. No. Our Price

Carrying Case. Vinylcovered with internal compartments to hold 32 cassettes. Size 14112 x 9 Ih x 31h inch approx.

~~~~: 535/2038


535/2605 £4.49 21. TDK 090 Audio Cassettes. Pack of 3. Playingtime90minuteseach. cat No. Our Price 535/1675 £2.95


~~~{Jd~~id~~~ ~~rfi;~ ~~sy~~~ records. cat. No.

535/2021 8. Haropa

Our Price £3.99 Adjustable Floor Speaker

~~nldfi~ghd~~~IT~~~~redO~,inch swivels at a touch. Height adjustable from 1 to 8 inch. Max weight 50lb each. cat. No. Our Price

535/2832 9. Cambrasound 3 Drawer




Video Cassette Cabinet. Rosewood finish. Holds up to 36 VHS.BETAorV2000 videocassettes. Size 253/4 x 161/4 X 51/2 inch approx. cat No. Our Price

10. Video Cassette Cabinet. Rosewood effect finish. Holds up to 24 VHS.BETA orV2000 video cassettes. Size 15lf4x 163/4 X 51/2 inch approx. cat. No. Our Price


22. BASFChromdioxidC90Audio Cassettes. Pack of3. Playing time 90 minutes each. cat No. Our Price


It. Video cassette Storage Cases. Will store 6 of eitherVHS. BETAorV2000 video cassettes in simulated leatherlook video books. eat. No. Ow Price

535/2186 12. Video Cassette


535/2210 13. Purpax System




24. BASFE-240 Chromdioxid Video Tape. For 4 hours recording/playback. Foruse with all VHS video cassette recorders. cat. No. OUrPrice

2000 Compact Disc Storage Cabinet. Holds up to 24 fa~~;i~~~~~:~I~~0~:g5~a~~g~g approx. eat. No. Our Price



Video Cassette Head Cleaner. Non-abrasive wet/dry head cleaning cassene with unique push button operation to release deaningfluid. cat. No. OUrPIice

Carousel. Holds up to20VHS. BETAorV2000 video cassettes. Revolves through 360". Size 9 x 9 x 9 inch approx. cat. No. Our srtce



~c~~g(;4Lh~;r~~~~~~~~~'b~~~ each. For use with all Beta video cassette recorders. cat. No. OUt Price


14. Cambrasound 16CDCompact Disc Storage Unit. With automatic ejection system. Units interlock horizontally or vertically and can be freestandingor wall mounted. Holds 16 discs. Size (horizontally) 9 x Sif4 X 61/4inch approx, cat. No. Our£5.49 Price '535/3226

535/1699 23. Bib WetIDryVHS




26. Memorex ElSO High Standard Video casseue. Twin pack. 3 hours each recording/playback. For use with aUVHSvideo recorders. cat. No. Our Price 535/1802 £5.49

guarantee. cat. No.

our Prlce



28. Goldstar E-240 Video Ta,PeTriple

::'~O~=~:=g=~CkOn cassette recorders. cat. No. 53513185

OUJ; Price


~re~~'l-";~~N~;~I!~o'Zl playback on each. Foruse with aUVHS vic:feo cassette recorders. OUr

31. SooIchE-240Video Tape. Twin

=}!~=m'~ckon cassette recorders.

our Price

cat. No.



32.AVF SuperiorQuality s~r

=~~~6~1~;::'a,~;::~J weighing up 351beach. cat. No.


OUr PrIce £16.99


33. AVFspeakerWail Brackets.Will


351beach. cat. No.

OUr PrIce £12.49


34. AVFSpeakerWall Brackets. Designedwith shroud to cover

~P:'=~~=gf.\:s~~ I Olnchindepth. WlIIltiitandswivel features.

car. No.



our Price £14.99

}4~~h ~ic~)~~cf7:~~~~~~rJ~"V' Clght

,hannd tuner. Pushbutton

~:;~'~Il:;~~ro~!irj~~:~~~~c;,t~:~d aer1al, hN~hlnMl,ontrol Jnd loop

0pi'tu(r~lIfOITl2"OV acmams,

Cili. No. Our Price 1!J014275 £129.95 z.unach! CPT 1474 MonitorStyle CoJour1V. 14 inch (V33cm) model. B channel push button runioN-

~~ri~r.~~~~J~~fn~h~agdj~~p Manufacrurer's2-yearguarantee. Operates from 240Vac mains. Cat.No. 530/3362

Ow Price £159.99

3. Bush 2114 Remote ControlColour

~a~~eitp~~~~~~~b~~~~/~op aerial. Operates from240V ac mains. IpI!I~~~

Remme control unit operates from PP3S

banery(order 1 of980/1042at99p). cat. No. Our Price 53014282 £149.95 4. Pye 2012 RemoteControlColour 1V. 14 inch (V37cm) model. 40

programme synthesized wning, on screen display for review of pros:rammes and function control settings, including sleep timer setting. E;~~~~~I~J;:~t~Pr~~~d4~~~st. mains. Remote control unit supplied with batteries.

cat. No. Our Price 530/4574 £169.00 5. Philips2201 Remote Control Colour 1V. 14 inch (V37cm) model. 40 pre-

selectable channels, on screen display channel indicator. Darkglass tubefor improved contrast. Sleep control offro standby mode at end of pre-set time (up to 59 minutes). Loop aerial. Operates frombe 240Vac mains. toRemote enables1Vto programmed switch control unit supplied with batteries. Cat. No. Our Price 530/4457


t~~~fto~rW g:gc~Wg~~m)

model. Features up to 40 pre-selectable channels with video/audio input. Headphone socket. Satellite and cable 1V prepared. Loop aerial. Operates from 240V ac mains. Remote control unit supplied with batteries. cac No. 530/3977 £245.00 7. Alba 14RSRemoteControlCoiour

lV.14 inch (V37cm) monirotsryle model with automatic frequency control. 16 function remote control offersa quick start system and 32 channel selection and tine runing. On screen display channel indicator. Rotary contrast, brightness and colour controls. Detachable loop aerial. Operates from 240Vac mains. Remote control unit operates from 2 x LR6 batteries (order 1of980/1444at£1.09 pair). Cat. No. 530/3960 8. Hitachi CPT 1476


RemoreControl Monitor Style COlourTV. t 4 inch (V33cm) model. 16 channel

~~~~~~~~~ea~~T~~~~ae~~~~~eSSed carrying handles. Manufacturer's2year guarantee. Operates from 240Vac mains. Remote control unit supplied with batteries. cat No. 530/3379



Goodmans Quadro901 BJackand

=~~~Jr.s~~g:J=~c antenna. Headphone socket. Two

position tone control. Foldingal}gie stand. Aerialadapter. Operates from 240Vac mains, 12Vdccar battery (lead ~¥g~~~~~f6~tXi?~=ries (orderS cat No. 530/4196

OUr Price £59,95

15. Alba1'IV12 Black&.WhiteTV. 4.S inch (V11.3cm) model. Features thumbwhee1 tuning, Slidingon/off, tone and volume controls. rotary brightness and contrast controls, telescopicaerial. Operates from240Vac mains (mains adapterinduded), or 10 xLR14 batteries (orderSof980/14SI at£1.99 pair). cat. No. OurPrice 530/4251 g~f:Stexr,

next page access, 55channel programmable tuner, loop aerial. Operates from 240V ac mains. Remote control unit operates from PP3S battery (order! of980/1042at99p). cat. No. 530/4299


aeriai. Theset will tiltbackwatdsorrest "9U3relyon its base 10 give angled vteWingofyourchoice. Operatesfrom 240Vac mains or 12Vdccarbatte~ ~=lil:::t'::t/if~~~ri~~ote contro unit caL No. OUr Price

Our Price £189.00

10. Sony KV-M!4 TVGY FSTTeletext Remote COntrol Colour TV. 14 inch (V36.8cm) model. 30 pre-selected channels, on screen display for review of programmesand function control


~~~iWon iu~l~~e~~;~~~~ogn~~sCt~ Our Price £299.95

11. AVF"Uttle Twister" Portable TV Bracket. A television bracket with a unique Swivel and tilt facility, enabling sets up to 351b to be wall mounted. Takes up to 15 inch (V36cm) screen1V. Styled to blend harmoniously into livingareas. White finish. Cat No. 535/2423 12.AVF Television

Wall Bracket.£13.95 Will


~tftrg~~j~~W;~~~i~h:j~~~~b. 13. Goodmans (width).

Cat. No. 535/2313

Price £24.4S


Television Sizes: Television sets have always been described by the nominalsize of the ~ tube across its greatest bra~k:~e~t~)S:'~~~~e actual viewable picture diagonal. For FSTsets which arenormalIy

it':~~c:?n~h ~oarVe~~~'!,fded to comparison.

Quadro 905 Black& WhiteTV/ClocklRadio/cassette Player. Combined unit comprising

~~~1~g'i;d~~ ;~e~~:~~ ~r:a~' !':J~~~~ei~O~~~j~~~iti~ g~~~~tes cassette player, LED clockwith battery

will switch offlV or raaio. Headphone socket. Operates from 240V ac mains, 12V dc car battery or9 x LR20 batteries (order5 of980/1468 at£2.25 pair


~~~;~,~fba~mpl~~:~b:t~rn batteryrecharger~ruse in conjuntion with rechargeable batteries. Cat No. 530/4433


Batteries are 1l0tsuppUed Wliess otherwtsestated.

Loop aerial, earphone socket, SCART sccketfor audio/video connections. Operates from 240V ac mains. Remote control unitsupplied with batteries. Cat No. 530/4464


16,Pye I11SFSTTeletextRemote Control Colour TV. 11inch (V26cm) model. 40 programme pre-selectable channels. Headphone socket (headphones supplied). Audioand videosockets. Euro-connectorsocket. Frontspeakerforimproved sound

9. Bush 2114T Remote Control Colour

TV. 14 inch (V34cm) model. With

Our Price £84.95

I. ubgenr





=:~~:J'~~~~I~~C'flClon "I "~"I'''''"''I

, .., "'" \"JI","

11.casioPTIOOElectronicMini Keyboard. Fearures 32 keys, 8 preset tones, 8 auto rhythms, castochord.6 note polyphonic, preset demonstration rune, tempo control. Size 503mm(W) x 170mm(D) x 41 mm(H}. cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 54012108 .£.39.95 £29.95 12. Casio PT-I0 Monophonic Electronic Keyboard. 29 keys. Includes 4 preset sounds, 10auto rhythms. one key play and melody storage. Built-inspeaker. Battery operated (supplied) or 240Yacmains via adapter (not supplied) . Size 36mm(H) x 346mm(W) x96mm(D). cat. No. Rec. Retail Our Price 540/2407 £24.95 £19.95 13. Portable KeyboardStand. With integral music holder. Suitable for keyboards from 450mm to 980mm wide. 3 height adjustments. folds flat Coreasy storage. Finishedin mat! black epoxy coating. (Keyboard not

Ourl"t'lcc £6.75

!,~~:~~'~ ~~j:~ !~~~r~~~es

with 11mliins powered umplulertc Improve!the picture up to three times in poot'"rtCeptionareas. Ideal forall UHf TVs. Especially suitable forponable TVswhere reception may ditTerfrom room toroom. Amplifier operates from 240Vac mains. B.E.A.B. approved. ~~/~~i3

"":1'i'~ ill

Single set amplifier improves incoming 3. LabgearTV signal by upto Reception 3 times where Amplifier. reception is less than normalandloramplifies the signal toa videocassette recorder. lntegralaerial fly lead. Operates from 240Vac mains. B.E.A.B. approved. cat. No. OUr Price 535/1606 £14.75 4.Labgear "TwoSet"TVReception Amplifier. The incomingsignal from one'tv aerial can operate twc'rvsets. Ifused with a videocassette recorder, the video picture can be distributed to both lVs.lmcgral fly lead. Operates from 240V ac mains. Extension lead for secondtvnorsupplted (seeitem no 5). B.E.A.B. approved: cat. No. Our Price 535/1596

~=~:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§~~~~:==~ Included)

cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price . 540/2658 £20.95 £14.99 14. Encore StudentdassicGuitar. Narural wood top with mahogany coloured maple back and sides. Laminated wood with high gloss finish. Cat.No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 540/2294 £29.99 £21.99



5. Labgear IOMetreTV Aerial Extension Lead. Complete with plugs and back to back adapter. cat. No. Our Price 535/1620 £3.75 6. Maxview 3 Set Signal Booster. Runs up t03lV sets from one aerial, increasing the signal power to each TV by 10 times. Ifused with a video recorder. the video picture can be distributed to all 3 rvs. Complete with extension lead, 4 coaxial plugs, 3 amp fuse. Operates from 240Vac mains. 5-yearguaramee. cat. No. Our Price 535/3116


7. Maxview Selflx Loft Aerial. A DIY loft or outside aerial for quality UHF reception on all mains and portable 1Vs. With universal fixing bracket, 33 feet of cable and fittinginstructions. cat. No. Our Price 53512461 £9.99 8. Maxview FM Stereo Aerial. This DIYloft or outside aerial is suitable for all FM stereo stations including Radio 1.Complete with 10 metre low loss cable. coaxial plug and fixing kit, with fullfitlinginstructions. cat. No. Our Price 535/3037 9. casioCT370


Electronic Keyboard. 49 full size keys. 10 note polyphonic. 210?eM tone variations, 43 percussion tones and20 PCM rhythms. castoflngeredchord system. Pitch control. Battery operated (supplied) or 240V ac mains via adapter (not supplied). Size 867mm(W) x274mm(D) x 76.4mm(H). cat. No. gee. Retail Our PrIce 540/2146 £169.00 £149.95 10. casioPT -87 Monophonic ElecrronicKeyboard. 32 key. Easy to learn with pre-recorded ROMpacks and melody guide system. Fourpreprogrammed runes. auto-play, four scoring levels. 8 preset sounds. 12 auto rhythms and one key play. Self assessmentCacility. Batteryoperated (supplied) or 240Vac mains via adapter (not supplied). Size 36mm (H) x40Bmm{W)x 130mm(D). cat. No. gee. Retail Our Price 540/2438 £59.00 £49.95

ICASlol : CAmo


'jl~'la'(rJ'il"ll -



'I' ;';j",;;,,~;


____ JIJ'iji&!lj5(.~iit


~':'m:'~~~~~~~::h~~:k ~~~~~~~O:e~:rr~~tE ::c ~~~-=. ~~~~:n~~,'!O~~~~~ c:c


or6XMNI400ballenes(order30f 98211558at£I.99pair).Size

(order30f980/1468at£2 25palf) SlZe90mm{H)x 860mm{W)x







III:. ~

~/~ ag1~ 0:::': ~~:!a~~~~:!49.95 >16.YamahaPSS-t70Electronk Keyboard. 44 keys. Voicebank. 100 synthesizedvoices. 10 rhythms. single and fingered chord. opeatesfrcm 240V acmalns' or6x

Keyboard. 32 keys. fealures8 rhythms. 8 voices. melodymemory. operatesfrom 240Vac mains' or4 x MN 1400 batteries (order 2 of9821 1558al £ 1.99pair). Size 43mm(H) x MNl400baueries (ordet3of982J 500mm{W) x 175mm(D). 1558at£l.99pair).SizeSOmm(H)x cat. No. flee. Retail OUrPrke 62Omm(W)x t9Omm(D). 540/2421 £49.99 £39.95 cat.. No. Rec.RetaiJ OUrPrke 21.YamahaKPAI-3PowerAdapcer. 54012452 £99.99 £79.99 Forusewithallvamahakeybcards 17.YamahaVSS200 Electronic featuredonthispage. caL No. OUr Price Keyboard.49keys.lOOdigitalvoices. voicesampler.l0rhythms.single 540/2744 £6.99 fingerlfingered chords.Operates from 22. YamahaPSS-JO Electronic 240Vacmains'or6xMN14oo Keyboard. 32 keys.reamresa batteries (order 3 of98211558 at rhythms. 8 voices. melody memory. operaresfrom 240Vacmains' or4x £ 1.99 pair).Size90mm(H) x 6SOmm(W)x28Omm(D). MN 1500batteries (order 11l(982J car, No. Rec..RetaU OUrPrice 156Sat£2.15for4).Size38mm(H)x 54012171 £149.99 £129.95 380mm(W) x 116mm(D). 18. YamahiPSSt40Elearonic caL No. Rec. Retail ourPrice Keyboard.Fearures37 keys. 100 540/2414 £39.99 £29.95 digltalvoices. 10rhythms.Singie 23. YamahaDD10 Digital Drum linger chord.5 drum pads. Operates Bank.98 preset rhythms. 8drumpads from 240V ac mains" ore x MN ISOO and 2 percussion buuons. 26 sounds. batteries (order 2 or982/1 56Sal 2 track programenng 'rwofoot pedals digitally





55Omm(W)x 190mm(D). speakers.ShoulderSlrap included. ('.at. No. Rec.RetaiI OUrPrice operatesfromz-tovacmalnsorex 540/2098 £79.99 .£69.95 MNI400baueries(oroer30f9821 1558at£I.99pair).Size 72mm(H) x 543mm(W) x 173mm(D). Rcc. RefaIl OUr PrIce 540/2191 £119.99 £99.95

Cat. No.

24.YamahaPSS680Electronic Keyboard. 61 keys, stereospeakers. IOOdigitaivoices. digilal synthesizer. 5 track memory. 100 rhythms. PCM rhythm generation. Drum pads. Single fingcrlfingered chords.operaesfrom 240Vacmains'or6 xMN I 400 batteries (order3of982/1558at £1.99pair).SIze 70mm(H) x 77Omm(W) x3OOmm(D). caL No. Rec. Retail Our Price 540/2184 £249.99 £199.95

Batteriesare notsuppUed unless otherwise seated. 'Pleasenor.eItem nos t5--20and 22·24requireapoweradapter(not supplied).For suitable adaptersee IIemQo21.


i J.'ta.\IPSS-:S:U;:l:r::::.:::;::;,.-':::'

::. :;;:_




... ~..





~1~~~I~":&J~l)'''ll, .'


--~I~I~I~\~li,[- ,~!~11~~'~'~,1~: .'~"-~



1. Brttax "Babysure" Baby car Seat. Fora baby from birth to 221b (approx 9 months). Faces rearwardson front orrearseats with most approved 3 point seat belts. Two cradle positionsand handles forcarrying around.can also be used in the home. Cover removable and washable. Approved to BSAU202. cat No. 315/3282

OurPrice £26.95

2. KLjeenay 830 Child's Reclining carsear. Suitable foruse from birth up to 4 years approx. Used rearwardfadng from birth to 20lb


~~in~:~i~e~~~:~le~~~tment converts it to forwardfadngseat foruse from 20 to 40lb (9 months to 4 years approxj. Fully

'~~h~~r!~eN~d ~!ltSc~~~.~~;~:3~BS AU202 and BS3254. catNa. 315/3031 3. Britax 2-Way Baby Seat. Fits

Our PrIce £38.95

in two ways, rearward fadng tosecure a baby from binh to 201b(approx 9 months) and forward facing to securea child between 20 and 401b.(approx4 years old). can be fitted with most lag and

~~~~~~:I~~~ci~:;d~:~~~~e ~sri~~ur "lock off" device holds the seat firmly in place. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~en~n~~ikfle.

cat. No. 315/3402

OUfPrtce £48.95

7. Britax Child'S car Harness. extra widewebbing with unique instant adjusters. Fora child weighin~ 40-801b (a~prox4to II years old). With fitting kit suitable for most cars. Approved to BS3254. cat. No. 315/2049 8. KangoiHi-RidercarCushion.


cat No. 315/2733 9. Britax "Star

OUfPrtce £8.15


OUrPrIce £12.95

PrIce £11.95

Easy fit car cushion that allows a child to see outofthe vehicle whilst protected. Suitable forfittingto rear 3 pointseat belts of most vehicles. For a child weighing 331band over (approx 4 years old and over). Washable fabric cover. Approved to BSAU185. Riser" Booster Seat. Allows a childto see outof the vehicle whilst protected. Fora child weighing 331band over (approx 4 years old and over). can be used with most adult 3 pointseat belts, or safety harnesses (see Key 7). Soft padded base foradded comfort. Approved toBSAUI85. No. 315/2032

All sizesand weights are approximate.

10. Tomy "Baby




~~mB~Jb~:'·~~~e!~~".A ~~n~i~~::~1~ea~ ~~~~~~C~~~~he mechanism and lightweight frame ideal nursery. Then plug the receiver into

~~~~:~~ftl ~~:~~~~~~%gs

any 13 amp socket in the roomyou are in. Requires no cable between units. There are two receiving settings. on .•Auto" the monitor is activated by a soundfrom the nursery. "Boost" is sa sensitive you can even hear your baby

rings. Suitableforchildren up to 331b. COmplieswith BS4792, 1984.' cat. No. 375/3567

~~~~~~s~~:b~~e~~::ta~e working. Complies with ElectricalSafety Regulations (1975) BS415. Cat No. Sugg'dRetail 375/3220 £29.95

Our Price £24.95

11. The Safe and Sound Mobile Baby Monitor. Completely ponable. The

~~~~~%~~~~~Js~~erin an upright or recliningposition.Folding lightweightwhite frameforeasycarrying and storage. Completewith shopping tray, brake and Swivelwheels. Framecan be converted to pram by using carrycot. COmplieswithBS4792 1984.

~~~~~T~:;~ ~~~~ll:;;~~;:~~~ the cat. No. nursery and has two channels to select 375/3842

from. Switched on, its built-in microphonewiII pickup soundsup to 9 feet away . These sounds are then transmitted to the receiver which can be usedin two ways. Either mains operated via an adapter (supplied) in the room you are in, or as a completely


~;:;~~~red~~~~~i~t69r:~2 0971 at£2.19). Enables youtoconduct everyday household duties up to approx 300 feet away fromthe transmitting unit. Features include two channels (ensure that the channel selected corresponds to the one in use on the transmitting unit), on/off volume control ana belt clip.The "power on" indicators on both units guarantee that they are both in operation. Complieswith Electrical Safety Regulations (1975) BS415. Cat. No. 375/3392

Price £22.95


14. Cindico"Cloud9" BUggy.Padded "pastel" seat with safety harness for

OurPrice £84.95

~~~~ti~~b~:.:~gv7iliieeBm· seat with full harness allowsChil~ face forwardor face mother inseveral locking angles togive maximum Hexibilityand comfort. Spongeable PVClfabricseat. Paintedchassis with lockableswivel bu=to~~~:~~~gswith cat.No. 375/3907

OurPrice £66.95

lJ'~:dr:y~~~b~b:U:~~f~~~~h[ light and a cuddly toy. When baby cries bunny'scheeks give a reassuringglow and he plays music to sooth baby back to sleep. Both music and lights will continue forapproximately four ~~~:~a8:s'tr ~gt~~~b:h~~onge (order 1of98010971 arzz.taeachj.

OurPrice Complieswith 5S 5665. £32.95 cat. No. 12. Combined Hood and Apron Buggy 375/3615 Cover. Protects child fromwind and 17. MacLaren Cub Cot and

OurPrice £21.95

Buggy. Comprisesbuggy with multiadjustable, reversible, deep rigid, padded seat. Seatis easily removed to OUrPrice take matching canycot. Includes £12.95 ~~~~g~~~t~~~~olds with buggy.

rain. Easily fitted to most types of buggies. Canbe used with items 15 and 17. Made fromsee-through PVC. Cat. No. 375/3141

cat.No. 375/3835

OurPrice £109.95

5. Hago Extending Fireguard. Suitable for most types of open fires.




~2."B"ritax=Re'--s-tm-o-r H"'ig-Ch-CC~ha~ir-':":d",6d:"': ~~~~~~~t~~~~t;d~rr~~ ~~~~


seat with harness. footrest and tray. Converts to swing (suitable forupto6 months), recliningbaby seat, low feedingchair, pony chair. restaurant! dining chair (hook provided). Coordinates with item nos 15and 16. Cat. No. OurPrice 375/3646 £38.95 3."Rainbow" Baby Gate by Hago. Fitsdcorwaysandsratrcases.Extends from2 feet 41hinch to 2 feet 8lJ4inch approx. Recommended foruse with childrenunder2 years. With centre opentngroallowaccessforparerus. Safetycatch on centre openinggate. Conformsto BS4125. cat. No. Our Price

Cat.No. OurPrice 375/1538 £15.95 6.Playskoo'''ActivityQuilt''. Convertsfroma carrying bag to a playmat with ten fun activities. Machinewashable. Forages3to 18 months. Cat. No, 352/7016 7.Baby Start Folding High Chair. Foldsnat foreasy storage. Attractive modem white framewith soft padded seatin easy to clean fabric. Rigidhigh lippedplasticfood tray helps prevent spillage.Integral footrest and crotch! waistsrrap. cat. No.

"ActivityBear". :e~9~~ activities induding rattle, bell.

Washable cover. Completewith


~~~~~a~.o~~ia~~~~~~~t!le frombinh.

cat. No. 35217061 SAFElY TESTED!


~r:~~~~~iu~~n Cat.No. OurPrice 375/3622 £9.95

be packed away L9.-B.... o-""'pe;.:;ep;:.;w"'"O"'Od:::e;;;nS~"i!le!>ty"'__j G""'ate-. OurPrice Featuringlockingknobmechanism £9.49 andswinggateaction.Adjuststofit docrwayszz toaavatnchapprcx. Height30 inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 375/3598 £16.95

11. Playskool"Playtimewith Baby". Auniqueplaygroundofover lOOfun activities. The padded playmat with peek-a-boo window and shatter reststamrrurror. folds lruoasrorage andcarrycase. Accessoriesinclude puJJ-uprings, links. bearrante and three inflatable toys. With illustrated booklet and cassette. From birth to 24 months.

cat, NO. OUrPrice 35211030 £48.95 18.PlayskooJ"Busy Elephant". A soft, cuddly toy with six activities including crinkly and rattling ears, ciickingdiaiandsafetymirror. With detachable squeaky mouse. Machine washable. Height 17 inch. Forages 6 t024 months. cat. No. OurPrice £12.15 35211023

10,KiddicraftMusical Mobile. 4 flexiblearms rotate and bounce the ditTerentcharacters up and down, while playing two soothing runes. Spring wound movement. Easily mounted toanycorsde. Suitable from birth. cat-No, OurPrice 35216237 £13.45

14,Tomy "Push'n' Merry" MerryGo-Round. PUsh the knob roringthe belland stan the dancing animals. Suitable from birth. Cat.No, Sugg'd Retail OurPrice 35214514 £4.45 £3.45 15.BritaxTravel Cot. Alightweight

~:~i:~f:h6;~~ir~ ~:elch~~rht allows baby to share meals at the table with rest of the family. Converts to a lowchairand stool or table for playtime. Hardwood frame. Wipe clean PVCseat. cat.No. OurPrice 315/3811 £49.95

~~~g~~~~ purposes. Size22 x 22 x 44 inch high when open. Use from birth to 6kg (I Sib) in weight. Co-ordinates with item nos 2 and 16. cat. No, 375/3660 "-'6"' .s","',,,,,,""cRestm--o,-'p::-'ay-p-en-. :-"dea"',"'ro<",

12,KiddiproofChildGate. Fits doorways andstanceses.Extends from 2 feet4 inch toz feet 7inch approx. Central opening to allow easy access for the parent. Completewith exttacupsforwallmountingandantitrip moulding foradded safety. Complieswith BS4125. cat-No. OurPrice 315/3608 £21.95 13.TomyLullabyLightShow. A musical night light which prclecrsa revolving display ofanimals and figures on nurseryccilingand walts as itsends baby to sleep with the sounds of Brahms' lullaby . Suitable from birth. Requires3 x LR20 batteries (order 2 of 980/1468a[£2.25 pair). cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 352/8709 £16.95 £10.15

keepingbabyourcfhami'sway.Gives an uninterrupted viewofbabythrough mesh (fine mesh toavoidcatchingon toys, buttons etc). Foam filledPVC covering top rail and base. Fold~flat for storage.slzeopenatx29 x43mch high. Size folded 31 x 4 x 43 inch high approx. co-ordinareswlth item nos2 and IS., Our Price 315/3653 £38.95




I Tomy"AlomkPtnball".l\filJtlir'ldl\lnouS

I,:,,·m ~:Ill.tU~;II:~~~;~~:t:~ L+J .~fd '~~c.oycal1 -<:: 4,ltUOb;lUctkl(oroer2of < ,I

j ......


~I ~NhHJ l~palt}. 36()/1444





up and down the pitch and the ball can be automatically "thrown-in". Completewith scoreboard. reserve players and balls. Uses2 x MN 1400 banertes (order 1 of982/1558 at £l.g9pair).

cat. No. 360/1437

3. Tomytronic "Sky Attack" 3-0 Electronic Game. Amazmg a-dlmenstonal effeaofbattle

in thesky. Uses3x LR6batteries(order2of 980/1444 at£1.09pair). cat. No. 360/0951 4. Tomytronic"Thundering Turbos" 3-0 Electronic Game. A supercharged road race game. Useyour skill tocbaseandovenake the liercecompetition.but bewareoFthehigh speeddangers. Uses3 x LR6 batteries {order 2 or98O/l444at£l,09pairj. car, No. 360/1420

5. Tomy "Dlngbot". Ahappybutconfused robot who has lost his way. Watch him bump into to himselfand then whizzoffin theopposnedlrecnon. UsesLR6 battery (order 1 of980/1444 <It£I.09pair). cat. No. Oue Price 360/1619 £5.75 6. Tomy"Spotbot". Apetofthefurure. He wanders around bumping into objectsand then runs away yapping and chasing his [ail. Uses LR6battery (order I of980/1444 at £1.09pair). cat. No. Our Price 36011918 £5.95 SAFETY TESTED! aartertesare norsupphed/requtred with any item unless otherwise stated.

7, Novag "Solo" ElectronicChess Computer. Pocketsize. 8skililevels. Featuresinclude move. take-back and positionverification. Uses4 x LR03 batteries (order2 of980/1437 at£1.09pair). cat. No. Our Price 360/1822 £15.95 8. "Body Rap". The ultimate rhythm 'portable' drum machine has 8 rap pads which give six electronicallygenerated drum sounds - snare drum. cow bell.high-hat cymbal, bass drum. high and low tom-tom and thetwo words 'B-B·BODY·and 'R-R·RAP'.Fearures fullrange speaker, 7 adjustablesrraps. LED on/offindicator, headphcne/curpuuack. Uack cordnOIincluded.) Coloursmay vary. Uses4 x ~~)~atteries (order2 of980/1444 atE 1.09

12. Systema "Pinball" Hand-Held Electronic Game. Includes3differentgames. Withbonus score, built-in alarm facilityand sound effects.Batteriessupplied. car, No. OuePrice 360/2319 £9.95 ta.systema "Hero and Princess" Hand. Held Electronic LCDGame. Wilh simultaneous 2 screen action, 2 skill levels. digitaltime and alarmfacility,plus highest scorememory and sound effects.Batteries supplied. cat. No. OUfPrice 360/2010 £9.95 14. Systema "Formula One gadngcar'' Hand-HeldElectronic LCDGame. 2 skill ~~~e~:lf:L~~:~~a~~:I~~itywith

cat. No. OurPrice 360/2326 £29.45 9. Game &Watch "Donkey ~~ng'·.Electronic Game.With 2 LCD.screens,dlgltal.omean~ alann feature. 2 skilllevels. Battenessupphed. Cat.No. OurPrice. 360/0933 £18.95 10. Game& Watch "Squish" Electronic Game.Simultaneous 2 screen action. 2 dlfferentgames.getatnsand displays highest score. Digitaltime and alarmfadliry. Batteries supplied. Cat.No. Our Price 360/1743 £19.95 11. sysrema "GolfChaUenger". The LCD display accurately recreates an 18-holegolf course. With3skilllevelsofplay,annospheric conditionsandsoundelfects. Fingertip c.on.trolsletyou choose the right club and. ornmgof each stroke. Scoresare automa~cally reco~ed for 1or 2 player matches. Battenes supplied. cat. No. OurPrice 360/2340 £29.95

cat.Nc, OurPrice 360/2000 £4.95 15. VTECH"SmaUTalk" Talking ElectrOniC Learning Aid. Interactive activity centrewlth 6built-in activities inciudingtalkingphone, shapes. sounds. numbers, coloursand music. Forages2 years and over. Uses4 x MN 1400 batteries (order2 of982/1558 at£I.99 pair). cat. No. Our Price 360/2106 £24.95 16.Texas Instruments "Little Professor". Over50.000 mathsproblemswith 4 skill levelsand scoringfadlity. Animated LCD display. Forages 6years and over. With carryingcase and activity cards. Batteries supplied. cat. No. OUr Price 36011358 £10.75 17. Texas Instruments "Speak & Spell" TalkingElectronic LeamingAid.lmproves spellingof childrenages 6 years and over. With4 skilllevels. Includesseveral games and activitybook.Uses4xMNl400batteries (order20f982/1558at£1.99pair). Cat.No. OorPrice 360/0177 £31.95

18. Grandstand


23. Tomy Aurora "Daredevil Rally", Contains Peugot 205 GTiand GolfGTi performance cars. Plus 2 71tz feet track that features loop-the-loop. ride the walland treacherous "5" curve. Complete with mains power transformer. Operates from 240V ac mains. Our Price cat. No. 371/1248 ' £44.95 24. Action GTTyco Grand PrixRadng System. Track. chicanes and cross-overs to make 36 feet of track (space required 7 feet 6 mchx afeeremchj.tnoudestwo rorrmua 1 cars. digital lap counter and mains transformer plusconrrolters. cat. No. Our Price 370/8086 £59.95 25. Hornby "Intercity 125" rrafnset. Contains lighted power car, lighted dummy power car, two coaches and rail track (space required 44 x31 inch). With mains power controller. Operates from 240Vac mains. cat, No. Our Price 370/1492 £44.95 26. Pole Position scalexmc. Contains two Formula 1 TalbotandWolfcarsthatfcature rollers and srnokegenerarors toallcwwheets to spin and smoke and20 feet of track (space required sfeerz inchx3feet3inch). With mains power controller. Operates from 240V acmarns. cat No. Our Price 370/1526 £56.95 27.scalexUicMighty Metros. Contains rwo 6R4 Metrocarsand fully banked figure 8 curved track. length 13 feet 4 inch (space required 5 feet 9 inch x 2 feere inch). With mains powereontroUer. Operates from 240V acmalns. cat. NO. Our Price 371/1255 £27.95 28. Scalextric NightStages Set. Contains two EscortXR3i saloon cars with working lights and J:; feet 4 inch track (space required 5 feet 9 inch x2 feet6 inch). With mains power controller. Operates from 240V ac mains. cat. No. Our Price £42.95 370/1519 29. Hornby ··MidnightFreight"rramsec With diesel loco. 8wagons. goods shed. car loading ramp and more. With 6 feet 0 inch x 2 feet 7 inch rail track and mains power controller. Operates from 240Vacmains. cat. No. Our Price 370/3854 £53.95

Whizz Kid". An

educational roy with 50 learning cards that help to reach maths. music. spelling and memory skills. with easy to read LCDdisplay screen and built-in computer voice. For ages 5 years and over. Uses 6 x MN 1400batteries (order 3 of982/1558at£ 1.99 pair). Cat. No. Our Price 360/1736 £49.45 19. Grandstand Universal MainsAdap[er. can be used with item nos 18.20and21. cat. No. OUr Price 360/2199 £7.45 20.Grandstand "FirstTalkingComputCr". Electronic learning aid. coveringmaths. spelling. music, logicand deduction. Features 19 activities. touch sensitive keyboardand fnendlycompurervoice.lnsrrucdonmanual supplied. For ages 5 years and over. Operates from 6 xMN 1400 batteries (order 3 of9821 1558at£1.99pair). cat No. OurPrlce 360/2364 £43.95 21. Grandstand "TalldngListen and Learn".

!~~~~~~~~~~~';::%O~~~~~! 0 Z U

~=~~,:~~c:~~o~~'eq~~:~~~~swer. Whenrestartedtheanswerisgiven. Uses 4 x MN1400batteries (order2 of982/1558at ~ £1.99pair). cat No. Our Price 360/2357 £16.95


~s~e~~~~~FJ~t~~~~~~~=~~~on withtherangeof"FirstClass"booksplus


~~~;;fu~~~t~'t!ep~~i~e1~::~l1~~~~~· game in a smart robust carry case. Forages 4


~0~~~~6~h~t~~o9~.oLF22batte!)'(Order cat, No. Our Price 360/2065 £17.95

LU ...J




12. "90 Minutes", All the thrills of real soccer in a board game. ~:ct~~~~r~~~~s~~~I~Cks, penalties and goals are scored or missed. They also commit fouls and get sent off. For 1-5 players. Ages 7 years and over. cat. No. OUr Price 370/9250 £12.75 13. Peter Pan "TestMatch".

~:~~~~~~~d~~Fie~ fielders. A game of skill and timing. Ages 6 years and over.

cat. No. 370/0950


£13.75 14."A Question orsporr'e. Based on the popular Tv quiz

~~;~~~~~~:;:~d~ picrureboards plus mystery 240

personality questions. cat-No. OurPrlce 37017939

1. Tomy "Centre CourtTennis" . Becomea centre court tennis


~~~~~l{~:;l b'!W ~6rC~ions players, Ages 3 years and over. car. No. OurPrice 371/0988 £6.95 2. Tomy "Screwball Scramble". An obstacle course game played ~Fo~ik~~~~~~~lr:~~~~~~~tc~_e ordination and quick thinking to win, Ages 3 years and over. cat. No. Our Price 370/1021 3. Tomy "Kongman".


can you conquerKongMoumain? Move the steel ballover the steps, across the bridgeand up to the rocky plateau. The higheryougo the higher you score. Ages 3

L~~g ~~~~~e{O~de~~~f9~~~ 1468at£2.25 pair).

cat. No.



4.MBGames "Ghost castle". Enter at your own peril.Avoid the creepy rraps and lay the ghost to rest by dosing the coffinlid. For 2-4 players. Ages 6 years and over. . cat. No. Our Price 370/0871 5. MBGames "Hungry



7. MBGames "Bed Bugs". Use giant tongs to catch the coloured

bugs jumping on a vibrating bed. An hilarious game of skilland action. For 2-4 players. Ages 5 years and over. Operates from 2 x £8.75 MN1400batteries (order I of 98211558 ate I ,99 pair).

~~CC.~s~o~a~~?bI~!~f&~ssing Its tall. For2-4 players. Ages 3 years and over. cat. No. Our Price


~~/~~7 8. MBGames

"Feed Me". Feed the hungry littleplant with marbles but use a steady hand 370/0895 £9,45 and hope it doesn't snap shuton 6. MBGames "Buckaroo". Take yourrurn. (Itwon't hurtl) For 2 ~ ~m~~~ebe ~~~6~~flayers. Ages years the player to make the mule kick cat. No. . OurPrice ~V~~~nl~~o~~~~:.L~~~~I~r~~;~ 371/1004 £8.95 players. Ages4 years and over. Q.. cat. No. OurPrice V"'\

~dcti!~ ~~~i~bJ~~~




e::= C


21. The Neighbours

Game. The




~~~i~i~~Sc~~~~~e~et~~ ~msay Batteriesare Street. Allyour favourite Neighbourscharacterswill come alive when you create your own

DOt supplied/

Neighbours story as you move

around the board. For 2-8

N ~?~~ Ages9 yearsto~~~l~ce


371/2924 £9.75 25. Waddingtons "Block,.,....".;22. Waddingtons "Monopoly". buste~s". Based on the popular

'-' ~~~~g~rsl~~~P:n!S~ll~~8r~e 16dg~~e~~~;,~n~~:r~r:r~ players.Ages8 years andover. "Blockbusters' play frame. fa_[a cat. No. Our Price minimumof'Splayers ormoreln 31017812 £6.95 teams. Ages 12 years and over. cat. No. OUfPrice 23. Parker Trivial PursuitMaster Game, Now with 6000 NEW 370/3438 £11.95

2i~:~~,~~~=~~~~~~ ~~'i;~~~~I~d~~~~e~~

and many more.Thegame of knowledgeto test everyone.



24.Parker "Pictionazy". Played like charadesonly on paper.You and your team-mates have to identifyvariouswordsusing sketches. For3 to i6 players.Ages to adult. OUrPrice 370/7795


questions covenn~ span, people, places, showbiz, history. slang


creek". Players using move around the board answenng quesuons. Ages 8 years and over. eat. No. OurPrice ;;~~;;'~7.~~"'~=;::Ce'7-;-'An . =s:CwC::er=-=e"ac:;:h-,£",9,,,,,25 ~uestion with either true or false. ~;~~~~f~g~d~~~se~r Over 1000 dares/questions. For 2-12 players. Ages I3 years and over. eat. No. OurPrice 370/7788 £11.85 28. MBGames "Game of Knowledge".Over200D questions and answers with two skilllevels. Agame forall the family. for 2-6 players. Ages 7 years and over. cat.xc, OurPrice 370/0974 £14.75

10. LEGOLAND 6381 car Racing Scene. Includes two racing cars,

cameracrew, pit laneand five figures. Forageszyears endover. cal. No. OurPrice 37011757 £9,25 11. LEGOLAND6395 GrandPrix RacingScene.Includesfour racing cars,pieswith full serviceequipment 1V cameraman,ambulanceman, four racingdriversand sevensupportteam figures.Forages8yearsandover cat. No. Our Price 371/2979 £32.75


6481 Roadworks

Set.Includesflashing light barriersand lit roadsignsplustwo workmen. Operatesfrom 6LF22 battery (order I of980/0971at£2.19}.Forages7 yearsandover. cat-No. Our Price 371/2962 £12.95 13.LEGOLAND6066 "Robin Hood's Secretcave" . Featureshingedcave and tree.Includessix outlaw figures andatreasurechest. Forages7 years andover. cat. No. Our Price 37111114 £10.95 14. LEGOLAND6085 Black Fortress. Featuresa drawbridgeand poncullis. completewith twelve knights and four horses.Forages8 yearsand over. cat. No. Our Price 37110036 £31.45 15. LEGOLAND6941 Blacktron Prowler. Land-basedexploration vehiclewhich canbeseparatedinto threesectionsand re-built intoa space craft. With astronaut figure. Forages8 yearsand over. cat. No. Our Price 371/1097


16.LEGOLAND6987 Blacktron srarbase. Coveredlanding bay opens up for spacecraftto land. Complete with ground vehicleand four astronauts. Forages9 yearsandover. cat. No. Our Price 371/0029 £31.75

1. LEGO540 BasicSet.With bricks, windows. doors,wheelsand figures. Forages5 yearsandover. cat. No. Our Price 370/1162 £16.95 2. LEGO1577Standard Bucketof Bricks. Containsa rangeofassoned basicbricks,windows. doors,wheels and figure.Forages3yearsandover. cat-No. OUrPrice 371/2955 £9.95 • 3. LEGO1613 LargeBucketofBricks. Containsa rangeofassoned basic bricks,windows, wheelsand figures. Forages3yearsand over. eat. No. Our Price 37111066 £16.45 4. LEGOLAND6379 RidingSchool. includestWO horses,two riders.stable, staUsanddrinking trough. Forages8 yearsandover. car, No. Our Price 370/1272 £13.45 5. LEGOLAND6J80Town Hospital. Includesa ward, theatre,an ambulance.threemedicalstatTand rwcpanenrs. Forages7yearsand over. Our Price eat. No. 37017733 £13.75

6. LEGOLAND6394 Parking and ServiceCentre.Inc\udesapetrol station, carwashbay, carparking lift, four cars.a motor cycleand six figures. Forages8yearsandover.


371/1080 7. LEGOLAND6386 PoliceH.Q.With patrolcar.two motor-bikes,four policemen,helicopter.launchpadand cell. Forages8 yearsand over. eat. No. Our Price ~70/7740 £16.95 8. LEGOLAND6482 Rescue Helicopter. Withflashinglighesand siren.Carriespatient. medical equipmemand two flight crew.With openingand closingreardoors,roof and cockpit.operatesfrom 6LF22 battery (order Iof980/09! 1at £2.19). ForagesByearsandover. cat. No. Our Price 37112986 £15.95 9. LEGOLAND6385 Fire Station, Includesfireenginewith ladder. commandroomwith computerand sirensand fire chiefs car. Forages8 yearsand over. eat. No. Our Price 370/3658 £21.95 Batteriesare notsuppliedl requtred with any item unless crherwtsesrered.

17. LEGOLAND 6990 9V SpaceTrak Centre. MonoraH transport system with flashing light and detachable

container.Includescomainervehkle. twccontainerloading systemsand figures. Forward. reverseandstop controls.Uses6LF22 banery (order 1 0(980/0971 at£2.19). Forages8 yearsandover. cat. No. Our Price

~t~~~::~I~:~~e~~~n~'a movmgprstonengme Canbeused ~~~ ~~~~rsmaon~~~~er~ n022). For





~~/~~)1 22. LEGO8700Technic Battery Motor. Canbebuilt into Technic models.Includesswitch for forward 37111107 £72.95 and reverseoperation.Operatesfrom:; 18. LEGO8855 Technic Seaplane. x LR 14batteries(order2 of980/1451 Withjoy stick controller, turning at£I.99pair). Forages9yearsand propellerand apiston engine.Also over. includesfigure. Canbeusedwith LEGO eat-No. Our Price motor (item no22). Forages10years 370/1368 £16.45 andover. 23. rtsher-Pnceconsrrux Power eat. No. Our Price Creations6100. 2 15piecesetwith 371/1145 £23.,15 motorsystemdesignedto make 19. LEG08853 Technic Digger.With motorizationeasierfor young children. sreerablerearwheelsand controllable With "action parts" tocrearevehtdes scoopand ann. Canbeused with LEGO that moveforward andbackward.lift motor (item no 22). Forages9years and turn. Molor unit canbe usedasan andover. integral part ofccnsrrucncnor for cat. No. Our Price remoreconrrct Uses2 xMNI400 37111121 £16.25 batteries(order 1of982/1558al £ 1.99pair). Forages7yearsandover. 20. LEGO8865 TechnicTest car. (!at.No. Our Price With V4 engine.rack and pinion 370/1485 £21.45 steering.4 wheel independent suspensionand 2-speedgearbox.Also featuresadjustableseats.Canbeused with LEGOmotor (item no22). For agesII yearsand over. cat. No. Our Price 37111152 £41.7!?



28. Micro Machines Air Transporter. Air transporterwtth featuressuchas front and rearloadingramps.lift and retractingwheels.tncludesoneMicro Machinevehic1e.Transporterlength 113/4inchapprox. eat. No. OUr Price 371/1231

24. Fisher-PriceConsrrux Starforce CommandSet0587.180piecceasy assemblysetenablingchildren tobulld a variety ofspaceships.Includes action figureanda numberolvglow in the dark" pieces.Forages5yearsand


31. Matchbox MOlordty Road Playset. Eight Matchboxdiecastcars completewith playmar (size30 x 26 inch approx). roadsignsand traffic cones. cat. No. Our Price Our Price 371/3002 £4.75 £13.95 32. Britains Farm Playbase.lncludes 25. Fisher-PriceConstrux Lights buildings. animal pens. Inventions 6185. Dcluxe set.Over pig-sty. gates.trees,hedgesand 300 pieceswith new action hghta.2 assortedanimalsand farm people.Size light channelsand speciallenses 24 x J 7inch approx. produceglowing and flashing lighlS. eat. No. Our Price With "glow in the dark" andaction 371/1217 £15.95 pieces(wheels.pulleysand axles). SAFETY TESTEDI Uses2 x LR20batteries(order I of 980/1468at £2.25 pair). Forages7 yearsand over. cat. No. Our Price 371/1176 £27.95 26. Micro Machines "Big Rig" COIiCOOT'S case. Holdsup to 50 Micro Machinevehicles(not included).With carryhandle. Our Price car, No. 37112993


27. Pack0(20 MicroMachines. Collectionof20 highly detailedfreewheelingminiarurevehicles.each 11/~ inch long. Modelsmay vary. cat. No. Our Price £10.45 37110469'


1. Action Force "Dragonfly Assault COpter". Features button activated rotor blades, extendable winch. chain gun cannon and removable rockets and missiles. Includes pilot figure. Length 1911linchapprox.

cat. No. Our Price 310/8347 £9.95 2.Action Force"Sky Sttiker". The wingssweepinand curesthewheels raiseandlowerforsimulatedflightand landing.Includespilotfigure.Length 23 inchapprcx. cat No. Our Price 310/8354 £14.95 3. Action ForceHovercraft."Killer Whale". Featuresbuttonactivated twin propellers. depthchargelauncher, surveillancecycleandbuttonactivated bowdoorstoreleasethehydroreconnaissancecraft.lndudespilot "Cutter;·.Sizelax 11 xa inchapprox. cat. No. OUrPrice 311/1396 £19.95 4. ActionForce"AWEStriker"'. AIlweatherandenvironmentvehiclehas removableengine.4-wheel suspensionandsimulatedTV scanner. cannonswivelsandelevates.Driver figureincluded.Length 71t). inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 310/8316 £5.95 5.Action ForceH.A.V.O.C.Roving vehicularfortressfeatureshingedfront canopy.removablereconnaissance craft, pivotingdualtracks.a raising gun platfonnandmovablenoseguns. Includesdriver -ocssccuncy'. Length14inchapprox. cat. No. Our Price 311/1358 £12.45

6."MantaForce". Entirespacebattle 10.Trans-Formers Pretender forcein onegiganticship.Features Aurobor "Cloudburst". Openthe includeattackship/commandcentre outershellof thePretenderto reveala andshipwith rocketswhichcarries Trans-Formerrobotinsidewhichcan vehiclesfor me3 forces,20 troopsand transformintoa high-speedvehicle. battlecopter.Size(open)23x 15 x 11 Includesdetachableweapons and helmet.Pretenderheight 7 inch. inchapprox. cat. No. Our Price cat. No. Our Price 3",7."01",8464",=:-=-=_--::-,£30"",.9,,,5 311/1293 £6.95 1.MantaForce"RedVenom". Nine 11.Trans-FonnersPretender Aurobcrcar "Gunrunner". Free fighting machineswhichcombineto formthegiganticRedVenomattack rollingvehiclesplits opento reveal ship.Includes21 articulatedfigures. robotsthattransform to Jetplanes Size23 x I 7 x 71/2inchapprox. Length63/4inch apprcx OurPdce cat. No. OurPrice cat, No, 371/1413 £21.75371/3019 £9.25 TRANS-FORMERS:Wustration 12.Trans-FonnersPowermaster shows item before and after Autobot "Getaway". Powermaster driverconvertstea racecarengine conversion. Only one item supplied. whichcan thentransformmesleek S.Micro Trans-FormerDecepticon racing carte an awesomerobot.Robot Strike Planes.IncludesfourMicro height6inch. Trans-Fonnerplaneswhicheach cat. No. Our Price ccnvenlnrcrobotwamcrs. 371/1262 £9.75 cat. No. OurPdce SAFETYTESTED! 37113466 £3.75 BattedesarenotsuppUed/ required unless otherwtse stared. 9. MicroTrans-FormerAutobot RaCingcars.lncludesfourMicro Trans-Formerrating carswhicheach convertinto robotwarriors. car, No. OurPrice 311/3459 £3.75

13. 'rrens-rcrmers Powermaster Optimus Prime Autobot "Super Hero". Convert the driverintothe powermaster engine and transform from cab to robot. Trailer transforms to battle station. Combine the cab and base to fonnSuperOptimusPrime. Includes detachable weapons and accessories. Super robot height lOIn inch. Cat. No. 371/1303 MASK:AlIMASKitems include one action figure (unless otherwise stated) andremovablemask. Wustrationshows ttembefcre and afterconversion. Only one item


18. "Skybolt" MASK. Powerful jet fighter converts into a turbo jet plane and a thruster car. Complete with action figure andits computer image. cat. No. Our Price 37113071 £9.95 19. "Afterburner' MASK. Dragster converts into a high altitude stealth set anda pivoting cannon launcher. Completewithaction figure and its computer image. cat.No. Our Price 371/3064 £8.65 cat. No. our Price 20. "Goliath" MASK. car transporter 37113033 £5.45 with race car that is launched to 16. "Buzzard" MASK. SleekFonnula become a jet fighter. Complete with two One race car that converts into a threearticulated action figures. pronged attack vehicle. Complerewith Cat. No. Our Price two figures. 371/1334 £19.75 Cat. No. Our Price 2].MASK Backpack. Includes 371/0074 £9.95 adjustable back straps and two 17. "Jackal" MASIlSleekjetcycle waterproofcompanments with zip converts into a jet glider and a booster closures. Size lOx3lnx 13 inch high. cycle. Complete with action figure and cat. No. Our Price its computer image. 370/8213 £4.95 cat. No. Our Price 37113026 £4.75

14. "Detonator" MASK. CUstomised Volkswagen Coupe ccnvensmtoa flying hovercraft and an attack bike. Complere with action figure and its computer image. cat. No. Our Price £7.85 37113040 15."Dynamo" MASK. OtT-road vehicle converts Intca flying turbine chopper and an assault jeep. Complete with action figure and its computer image.

22. mnc-atders Rulons Triceratops. With motorised walking action. Inc1udesfuUyarticulated Evil Rulons HammerheadandSidewinder figures. Complete with fullbattle accessories. Dinosaurheight 7iJ4 inch. Requires LRI4 battery (order 1 0[980/1451 at £ 1.99 pair). cat. No. Our Price 371/1547 £17.45 23. Dino-Rlders Rulons Deinonychus. Includes fully articulated Evil Rulons "Antor". Deinonychus has powerful battleaction kicks. Complete with fun battle accessories and spring-action dinosaur trap. Dinosaur height 41n inch. cat. No. Our Price 371/1523 £7.75

25. Dino-Riders Rulons 1)'rannosaurus Rex. With motorised walking action. Includes Evil Rulons Krulos, Bitorand Cobrus figures. Completewith full battle accessories. Dinosaurheight 14 inch. Operates from LR20 battery (order 1of9801 1468at£2.25pair). cat. No. Our Price 371/1578 £38.95 26. Dine-Riders Diplodocus. With motorised walkingaction.lndudes heroic Dine-riders Quesrar. Mind-lei and Aries figures. Complete with full battle accessories. Dinosaur height 811.! inch. Operates from LRI4 battery (order 10[980/1451 at£1.99pair). cat. No. OUr Price 37111554 £31.75

1. chosrbusrcrs zcto-z Vehicle. The chosrbusrers heroes are now equipped to taketothe skiesin the ecro-z. Doors drop 10 form wings. complete with bomb and trigger -actlvated propeller which operates the rescue winch. Length 10112inchapprox. Figure not included. cat. No. Our Price 37113181 £6.95 2. Ohcsrbusters EClo-1 Vehicle. Speciallyoutfltted ambulance for transportingthc Ghostbusters. Push the vehicle along and the chostwtnder winch claws aghosunrcthe rear of the vehicle. Removable, swivelling roofgunner seat. Opening and closing doors and rear hatch. Ghost included. Length 13inch approx. figures not included. cat. No. 371/0256 3, ehosrbusrers FircStation. The Features homeofthe Ghostbusters. include a fire pole, agoopgrate. through which the tub ofEclo-Plazm may bepoured and a ghost containment unit. Garagedoors open and close. Figure not included. Height 21 inch approx. cat. No. OUr Price 31111468 £38.95 4. Ghostbusters Air Sickness Vehicle. This ultra-light plane and pilot become hauntedghosts. Plane converts intoa haunted vehicle, a winged bat and a propelled ghost. The head of the pilot extends tobecomeascary figure. vehicle length 4112inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 31113114 .£4.95 5.Ghostbusters Prolan Pack. Child sized Proton Packtobewom like a back pack. Features "Ntttrona Blaster" with a soft foam wand and mechanical zapping sound anda ghostseeking meter with a "locating" sound and rotanngantenna. Complete with a Ghostbusterannbandand identity card. cat. No. 37t/1451 6. Ghostbusters "Egon Spengler" Fright Feature Figure. Absent-minded

feea~~ur~~~i~"~d~~~~~~£~~~ ~~tt extends with a flapping tie. Complete with Sore rhrcargbost and Terror 'rweezerweapon. Figure height 51/~ lnchapprcx. cat. No. Our Price .311/3129 £3.1.5

7.Ghostbusters "PeterVenkman" Fright Feature Figure. Leaderolthe group comes with his own fright features, eyes pep-outand jaw drops. Complete with Gruesome Twosome ghost and Hook Shot weapon. Figure height43/~ inchapprox. cat. No. Our Price £3.75 311/3088 8.Ghostbusters "Winston Zeddmore" Fright Feature Figure. The practical memberofthegroup comes with his own fright features. the head rotates whilst the jawdrops. Complete with Scream RoUerghost and Spud Thud weapon. Figure heighlSI/4 inchapprox. cat. No. Our Price 371/3095 £3.75 9.Ghostbusters "Ray stantz''Fright Feature Figure. Thisenergetic charactercomescompletewirhhis own fright features. ears pop-out revealing extended eyes. Complete with JailJaw ghost and Fork Lift weapon. Figure height 43/4 inch approx. cat-No, Our Price 371/3112 £3.15 10.Ghoscbusters Backpack. With padded shoulder straps, zip and two sldepockets.staeraxt r x3inch. cat. No. Our Price 371/1415 £4.95

11.chostbusrerschost zapper. Light and sound zapperprojecrsghost images. Features can be moved. Pull the trigger 10emit an electronic sound "zapping" the ghosts.Operates from 2 xLR14and 1 x6LF22 batteries (order 1 of980/1451 at£t.99pairand 1 of 98010971

arsz.: 9).

cat. No. Our Price 31111444 £12.45 12.Ghostbusters GhostPopper. The Ghost popper uses alrto shoot soft foam projectiles up to 12 feet. Complete with 6 soft projectiles stored on top of Ghost popper for quick re-loading. Length 15inch approx. Forages 4 years and over. cat, No, Our Price 311/0232 £8,95 13.chcstbusrers"x-cop''Haunted Human Figure. Liftthe head of x-cop and he converts into a ghostly skeleton figure with extending arms and legs. Figure height 5IIIinch approx. cat. No. Our Price 311/3143 £3.15 14, Ghostbusters "Mail Fraud" Haunted Human Figure. Mail man changes into the haunted Mail Fraud at the pull of his shin, revealingjagged teeth and two eyes. Figure height 43/4 inchapprox. cat. No. OUr Price 311/3136 £3.15 15.Ghostbusters Stay-Puft. The .....ildestand largest oftheghostsand the Ghoscbusters biggest challenge. Movable head and arms. Height 6inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 31110218 £3.95 SAFETY TESTED!

16. Ghostbusters Green chosr. The bungrtesrofall the ghosts! Movable annsand tail. Complete with "Pizza, warer-melonand'r-sone steak''. Height 51/2inchapprox. car.No. OurPrice 371/0201 £3.95 17. Superstar Sindy. Fully poseabte with brilliamglittering hair and goldcoloured outfit Completewith microphone. matching hair tie. belt and four bracelets. Dollheight Ill/.! inch. cat. No. OurPrice £6.75 371/1846 18. Freewheelin'Sindy. with beaurffulcrimped hair. trendy sweatshirt and mini-skirt. Complete with hair-Mist sunglasses. personal stereo with headphones. knee pads andfreewheelin' roller boots. Doll ~r~~.ll/2inch. OurPrice .... __



£5.75 37113215 19. study'sKitchen/cafe. Exciting new playset fearuringa cooker hob. dishwasher. fridge. telephone. two stoots anda microwave oven with realistic sound effect. a 1V. kettleand "pop-up" toaster. With imitation food, cutlery, mugs. dishes and other accessories. Size 15x 12x7inch approx. For ages 3 years andover. (contamssmatlparts.j cat. No. Our Price 371/1853 £18.75

20. Perfume Pretty Barbie. Wearsa 25. Fashion StarFilIie "joelle''. New pinkruffiegown that transforms from Yorkthoroughbred who wears a short dress to a long evening gown. sparkling nets, star-clustered barrettes Completewith ruffled stole. bow and blue ribbons. complete with comb necklace, earrings. ring, comb and 10 create new hairstyles. Height B inch shoes. Also includes If.! ounce bottleof approx. Barbie's special fragrance. Doll height cat. No. OUf Price I I 1/2inch. 371/3284 £7.45 cat. No. OurPrice 26. Sylvan ian Family "Home". £9.25 conramsacounrrycouage. furnished 371/1798 zt.jeans Barbie. With extra-long with a bed. table. rwochairsanda crimpedhairandnew trendy denlmWelsh dresser. Alsoincludes mother look outfit. Completewith ring. bear and daughter bear. Cottage hairbrush and pink boots. Dollheight requires assembly. 1 Ill.! inch. OUfPrice cat. No. cat.No. OurPrice 370/8873 £19.95 37113198 £6.45 27. Sylvanian Family "School". Includes desks and chairs. Complete 22. Barbie Colour Change Make-Up Head. Allows Barbie (0 be made-up withschoolbeU.Size 12x811.!x 12 without any mess. Using water, apply inch high approx. Figures not theappltcarortc hereyes. eyebrows, included. lipsand cheeks and watch the makecet. No. OUf Price up magically appear or disappear. 37112670 £14.95 Includes make-up case, applicator with 28. Sylvanian Family "Bakery". sponge. 2 watercomainers. brush, Includes bakery counter. shelves and comb. hairslide, necklace and earrings. units. Completewith bread and cakes Height 10 inch approx. for the Sylvanian families 10 buy. Size cat.No. OurPrice 12x9xBinch. 37113208 £16.95 cat. No. OUf Price 23. "Pastiche" DolI'sFashions.Setof 371/2003 £15.95 fourourflts in latest styles specially 29. Sylvan ian "Grey Bear Family". made to fitBarbie, Sindy and other Consists of dad. mum. brother. sister and baby poseable figures. Complete (Dollsnot I I II.! inch induded.) dolls. Fashions may vary. with cot and pram. cat. No. OurPrice cat.No. OUfPrice 370/2460 £3.95 370/8859 £10.95 24. Fash.ion StarFillie "Chloe". Royal 30. "Maple Town'tPost Offlce/House Austrian princess who wears a gold and Furniture Set. Opening windows crown. jewelled tail wrap. cameo and doors. rearuresa selection of barrettes and a fur cape. Complete with furniture forthe house indudinga comb to create new hairstyles. Height glowing fire. Battery forfire supplied. OUfPrice ~~~~~~prox. Our Price cat.No. 370/8907 £14.95 371/3260 £7.45 Ba«eriesare not suppliedl requtredwith any item unless otlterwisestated.




1. Fai(}'ta,ilsCurly-Q Boutique. . 4. Fafrytalls FuzzieTummy Beauty parlour where the Fairytails "Downy" Tails. Colourfulbird with can tryout new hairstyles. Includes 10 inch long silky hair and fuzzy, TiffanyTailsand features mirrored fluffy fur-covered tummy. With perch, vanity unit, spinning bird bath and lots comb and hair ribbon. Birdheight 3 of perches. Complete withcomb, inch approx. brush, ribbon, barrettes and curlers. cat. No. OUr Price Height 12inch approx. 311/3246 £4.25 cat. No. Our Price 5.Fairytails Tropical "Pina colada" 311/2065 £10.15 Tails. Brightexotictropicalblrd with 2. Pairytalls Baby Flyer "Teddi 10 inch long silky hair. Canslton a Tails". Curelittlebaby bird with long child's finger, on perch orstand up. With palm tree perch. comb and sil.kyhair. Comes in own ~nted "e~" with shoulder strap. can siton a child's ribbon. Birdheight3 inchapprox. finger. on perch or stand up. Complete cat. No. Our Price £4.25 with comb andribbon. Birdheight2112 311/3239 Jnchapprox. '. 6.0hPennyBigHouseSet Beautiful car. No. Our Price eight-roomed house where Penny 311/2034 £5.45 liveswithherfamily.Featuresgarage 3.Fairy tails Fantasia "Fancy" Tails. forthecar and kennel forthedog. Elegantbird with 10 inch long silky Includes Penny, Mum, Dad. brother Ben, baby Skip, cieo the cat and Danny hair and sparkling fan tail thetopens and closes. With perch, comb and the dog. Completewith furniture ribbon. Height5 inch approx including accessories foreach room. Size 18]!.!x fan. 93/4x 81/4 inch approx. cat. No, Our Price cat. No. Our Price 371/3253 £4.95 311/2096 £22.95 S~TESTED!

1.DhPenny Stable Set. Playset includes Penny. Mum. Dad,brother Ben and baby Skip. all dressed for working in the stable. Completewith animals, hayloft, two loose boxes, feeding pen and a wagon. Stable height 7 inch approx. cat, No. 31112089 8.Oh Penny Tree House Set. Playset includes Penny, Mum, Ben and baby Skip, all dressed for playing, Penny's hide-away home has roof-top lookout. Completewith secret slide, swing-seat. ladder, pony and trap. Cleothecal, twogeese and two birds, Height81/4 inch approx. cat. No. OurPrlce 37t12807 £10.45 9. My little Pony Satchel. With adiustablestrap. Ideal for school and outdooruse. Size lSI!.!x9!!.!x31f4 inch. . car. No. 310/2138 10.Bluebird My Little Pony Lunch Boxand Flask: Washable. Decorated with the popular"MyLinlePony" character.slze a'e x 71!.!x4 inch. cat. No. Our Price 31012893 £425 11. My little Pony Crimp 'n' Curl Hair salon. Three room furnished playset includes Pony' 'Fifi". completewith pony smock. hair net, make-up compact with play make-up, "penning foam" for Pony's hair, working shower and many moreaccessories. Size i r x rox totnchclosed. cat. No. Our Price 3711t884 £28.95

12.My Little Pony croomlngsarlour. NEW GroomingParlourincludes NEW Pony "Kiss Curl" and her friend Snowball the cat.Includes twO ribbons, two hats, hairbrush, blanket. saddle, bridle with reins andabasker. Size II x 93/4 x 5 inch. cat. No. 311Jt811 13.My Little Pony LovingFamily "Apple Delight". InC\udesMummy. Daddy and baby ponies. complete with three ribbons. brush and comb. Our Price cat, No. 31tJ3222 £8.95

14. ']oyfuland.

Bow~Tie" Keypers.


whose shell unlocks to reveata secret hiding placefor her finder friend BowTie. Completewith hairbrush, bracelet. story-book and key. Height 8 inch approx. cat. No. OurPrice 37111956 £9.75 15."Diamond andDash" Keypers. Diamond isa Shfcpretty Fu:ny WIth


~~~~~~n~ft~a::~h~~g~~~~fiiend bracelet. story-book and key. Height 7 inch approx. cat. No. OurPrice 371/1963 £9.75 16. "Princessand Perkins" Keypers.

:t~~~~~~ll~I;;~~I~:~~~~~ioo 26. Dolly Surprise "Molly". Molly has nair, whose shell unlocks reveal a to


secrethiding placefor her finder friend a pony tail ofbeautiful blonde crimped hair. Whenyouliftherrightarmher Perkins. Complete with hairbrush, hairwiUgrow. When you wave her left bracelet. srory-bcokand key. Height 7 inch approx. arm her hairwill shorten again. Molly cat.No. OurPrice comes dressed in a pretty dress and 371/1987 £9.75 shoes. Height 101/2 inch approx. t 7. "Fancy and Footloose" Keypers. cat. No. Our Price Fancy is a charming snail with new 371/3291 £8.25 27. Telitoy "Gordon the Gopher" ~~~~~6ci:ea~~e~I~~I~c:~~~~~ secret hiding place for her finder friend Glove Puppet. From the popular'rv series. Fashionablydressed in r-sbtn Footloose. Complete with hairbrush, and matching boots. Features squeaky bracelet, story-bookand key. Height mourn. Height 16 inch approx. 6 inch approx. Our Price cat. No. OUrPrice cat. No. £10.95 37111970 £9.75 352/9186 28, "Brush-A-Love" by Matchbox. A 18. "Keypers" Satchel. With secret zipped pocket and carry handle. Size softcolourful friend with soft bristle 12 x 1()3/4 X 31/4 inch. brush in its rail, a safery mirror in one paw and scented powderpuffin me ~~/~il oura.~ other. Features hatrforcombtngand 19. Matchbox "Monster Pet" . tail for grooming. Height 14 inch approx. ~:~~~~~~~~~~~:a~u~~ains. cat. No. Our Price Height 12 inch approx. £12.45 352/9155 cat. No. Our Price 352/9193 £12.95 29. Fisher-Price Puffalumps. Pretty. silky, soft toys in pastel colours. 20. Matchbox "My Pet Monster" . Machine washable and dryer safe. Height 12 inch. One supplied. cat. No. Our Price attached toanythlng. Height26 inch 35217669 £14.75 approx. cat. No. Our Price 352/7700 £27.75 21. WisecrackingA.L.F. (Alien Life Form) by Coleco. Lovable alien from thepcputar rvseries.PressA.L.F. 's rummy to hearten cypicaIA.L.F. wisecracks. Battery included. Forages 3 years andover. Height 17 inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 352/9210 £27.45


~i:Co~~ig~~~~f~I~~~~~~from ~1ooSe~~a~YJ~~~:c~r::;o;~ears cat. No. OUf Price 35217683 £16.85

~~~~:~~~~o~~ffi:~~~~h which herthree pups sleep. Mother In

17inch long. Pups3 Inch long. Completewlthcertflcate ofownership. Yours will differ from illustration. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 352/8077 £25.49 £16.45 24. NewBorn Pound Puppy. Cuddly ~~Kffil~:g~e:o~f~~ill~~~:m illustration. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrtce 35217542 £6.49 £3.95 25. smooshee's FantasyVilla. The


House features hinged doors and roof, afold-outdeckandgreenhouse window. Includes two chairs, a bed, a dresser unit with drawer, a table with an umbrella anda swingseat. House size IOX~/4 x6inchapprox. cat No. Our Price 371/2120


8. superjcuer Doll's Nursery Centre. Complete baby doll care activity centre with a range of accessories for feeding, dressing and washingyourbabydoll. Our Price Size 32 x 16 x 19 inch high approx. £19.95 (DollnotincJuded.) OUfPrice 2. Blackboard and Easel. Doublesided cat. No. 352/8596 £28.75 blackboard and easel with chalks. duster and tray. Detachable legs enable s.jcm "Baby Ooll'tCare Set. the blackboard to be used on a table or Accessories foryour new baby doll. ftoor standlng. Size24 x 16 x39inch Contained in a useful vanity case. highapprox. Includes cards that help you care for cat. No. OUfPrice yourdolt'rcrages 3years andover. 35218376 £12.95 cat. No. OUfPrice 352/6952 £5.95 3. Toy aox seat.overallslzeza'e x J6x26inch highapprox. to. Superjouet Doll's Feeding and cat. No. OUfPrice vanity Set. Comeswith a feeding 35118623 £19.95 bottle, dummy, plate. cup, knife, fork, sponge, empty talc pot, brush and 4. Wells Kelo "Mini-Mum" Toy comb to help look after your doll. For Cleaning Set. Comprises iron with ages3 years and over. lead, ironing-board, carpet sweeper. cat. No. OUfPrice dustpan and brush. £7.95 cat. No. Rec. Retail OUfPrice 352/8558 £14.48 £9.95 11.Chelful DoII'sMoses Basket. For 350/8884 canyingdollsupto 18inch long. In 5.Casdon "Electrolux 550" Toy attractive jigsaw design. (Dollnot Cleaner. With a hinged dust pan lid, included.) flexand "safety plug". cat. No. Our Price cat. No. 352/8565 352/3034 £5.95 12.Playskool "Lil'Lady" BUggy. 6. rtsher-rrtce Magicvac. when Swivel the red hood: one position u'sa pushed along, light glows and pram. the other it's a buggy. Musical "motor"makes sound as "dust chime bell. Forindoor oroutdcoruse. particles" fly up into thecollecting (Dollnot included.) tank. Nobatteries required. Forages 2 cat. No. Our Price to 6 years. 351/3116 £12.45 cat. No. OUfPrice 35217944 £14.75 13.Reversible Doll's Cot/Rocker. An anracuvedolrs cot with dropside. can 7. Bluebird "Pretty Baby" Dollcare be reversed to form a rocking cradle Centre. Peatures aprettybabydoll in (seetnset).willtakedotluptoze inch her own bedroom and babycare high. (Dollnot included.) activity cenrre.lncludcsa variety of cat. No. OUrPrice accessories forbathing, fcedingand 351/5808 £11.95 baby doll care. With her own night light. Height ofdoU9 inch approx. For 14. Chelful Doll's High Chair. Strong ages3 years and over. Requires 2 x painted steel chassis and attractive txebatrertes (order 1 of980/1444 at jigsaw design fabricchair. Features plastic tray and footrest. Folds flat for £J.09pair). cat. No. OUfPrice storage. Chairheight30 inch. Fordolls 352/8620 £29.95 up to 1Binch high. (Dollnotinduded.) cat. No. Our Price 352/8589 £7.95


26. Chelful DoII's Pushrhair. Anracuve print. Removable seat for washing. Complete with moulded ptasuc parcel tray. Handle height 26

mchapprox. (Doll nor included.) cal. No. Our Price 352/8156 £12.95 27. Maclaren "Dreamer" Toy Doll's Buggy by Chelful. Seat can be adjusted tothree positions. Astrong painted tubular chassis with swivel wheels and integral shopping tray. Handle height 29 inch approx. (Dollnot included.) cat. No. Our Price 352/8644 £19.45

15. Superjouet "Beauty case" . 21. A1lexy"Royale" Doll's Pram. Includes comb. mirror, make-up Bluequilted bodywilh dark blue piping. Chromesprung chassiswith compact and a variety otbonles for you to fillwith your favourite tales. safety brackets and brake. Complete bath salts etc. Allin a neat carry case. with shopping tray, purse and duver Forages 3years and over. set.Handle height32 inch approx. OurPrfce(DoUnotincluded.) cat.No.

~:~U~M~~,~~u~re-n-"L-U-lIa-ey..-~-y~:~~~~~%~~~~~~~~~2~ ~~~ Buggy/Pram by Chelful. Robust 22. Fisher-Price "Cherry" Doll.A multi-position tubular painted chassis child's first doll. 14 If.! inch high. with swivel wheels. Completewith Machinewashable. Outfitdesign may foldingshopping tray. Handle height vary. 2SIf.! inch approx. (001\ nouncluded.) cat. No. cat-No. OurPrice 351/9464 £10.95 352/8266 £27.45 23. Fisher-Price "My Best Friend 17.A1lexy "Sarah" Doll'sPram. Kelly".Asoftbodied 16inchdoll. Partemedbodywlrhgreypiping. Grey Machinewashable. Forages 3 years powder coated steel chassis. Handle and over. Outfitdesign may vary. height24 lnchapprcx.(Dollnot cat. No. Our Price included.) 35212987 £14.45 cat. No. OurPrice 24. "Little Darling Bubbles". Ababy 352/8637 £17.95 doll whocan feed, blow bubbles and 18. "Lady A1lexy" Doll's Pram. Red wet hernappy. Completewith feeding quiltedbody withgreypiping. Powder bottle and potty. Height 16inch coated steel chassis with safety approx. Outfitdesign may vary. brackets. Completewith shopping tray cat. No. Our Price 352/6024 £12.45 and purse. Handle height28 inch approx. (Dollnot included.) 25. LlIMiss Make-Up by Mattei. A cat. No. OurPrice 13 inch doll with a "magical" make-up 352/8651 £29.95 change. Just apply warerandwatch 19. "Princess Alle~:y"Doll's Pram. eye-shadow, lipstick. nail varnish, Aqua quilted body with grey piping. earrings and a beauty mark appear. Powder coated steel chassis with Can beused over and over again. Her safety brackets and brake. Complete outfit changes from playsuit toa dress. with shopping tray and purse. Handle Dollcomescomplete with hair ribbons, height32 lnchapprcx. (Dollnot towel. compact, sponge applicator. included.) comb and shoes. Suitable forages z cat-No. OorPrlce years andover. 35218675 £39.95 cat- No. OurPrtce £15.95 20. "Miss A1lexy" Doll's Pram. Grey 353/0876 quilted body. Powder coated steel chassis with safety brackets. Handle height26 inch approx. (DollnOI lncluded.) cat. No. 352/6976

Our Price £9.95 SAFETY TESTED!

1. Fisher-Price Mini chef Kitchen Centre. Features many play items including cooker and oven, fridge freezer with drink dispenser, sink with spray nozzle. telephone and pop-up toaster. Many accessories provided tnctudtngutenslts. storagebeskers. toast and ice-cube tray. Suitablefor

:rv;x~~~~~e7~~~~~~~~ cat-No. OUrPrice 35Z:8778. .. £56.95 2. Flsher-Pr~ce MIDI.Chef Breakfast Set. E:-'~I}'thlnga child n.eedsto ~reate a uadluonal brea~as[ with a frymg pan that actually sizzles at a tum of the dial. Housed in the durable egg carton ~~;c~~.~=~~~~~~jiue

5. Parker "Spirograph". way to drawpattemsand

The unique pictures. For

ages 6years andover. (Boxdesign


Our Price 352/2767 £8.45 6.Peter Pan"Etdt-A-Sketch". A unique drawing toy with "magic" screen thata1lows you to create pictures again and.again. For ages 4 years and over. cat. No. Our Price 35216914 £7.15

scrambled).lndudes bread, knives



amaze your friends Forages8years

~~.7Joe_ars. Our Price ~~~~~ £14.95 35217425 352/8147 3. Kiddicraft Kiddivac. A modern toy vacuum cleaner with flexible hose and extension tubes. Vacuum can be pulled along on its swivel wheels. Push down pedal operates lidto reveal a mop bucket. sponge, dustpan and brush. Forages2 - 6years andover. car. No. Our Price £16,95 35218967

Our Price £7.25

8. Play Stuff Hairy Horrors by Peter Pan. Set comes complete with '3 hairy horror characters, fun machine, multishape strip, modellingand cleaning tools, sefetysdssorsande tubsofPlay stuff dough. Suitable forages 4 to 7 years. cat,No. 35218431 9.Play StufTFun Machineby Peter Pan. Contains '3tubs of Play Stuff',one multi-shape slide and one 4 in I tool. Hours and hours of modelling fun. Suitable for ages 4 years and over. cat. No. Our Price 353/0986 £5.95 10. LJN"Plantster's"Greenhouse. Everything provided to grow your own covered garden. Setcontains "greenhouse", 6 assorted packers of Sutton'sseeds (contents may vary) , 1Osoil pellets. 4 pots, watering cup, 6 identity tags and 18special animal shaped "growers" toassistplant growth. Suitable forages5 years and over. car, No. 352/8462 11.Tomy "UghtsAlive". 6special tools create pictures or colourful designs with bright lights on the screen. Operates by '3x R20S batteries (order 2 of980/1420 at£ 1.09 pair). car, No. SUgg'd Retail OUr Price 35119684 £14.95 £8.95

13.Bluebird "East EndMarket Stall" .On one side it's a fruitand vegetable stall and on the other a hamburger bar. complete with scales, telephone, griddle and chip flyer. Many accessories including sauce bottles, plates, cutlery, tongs and assoned"foods". Height27inch approx. Ages '3years and over. cat. No, OurPrice 35211195 £31.95 14.Retil:e.Kitchen Activity.Centre. Featuresinclude hob with two pretend , rings, oven, cupboard. play clock, cookingurensils, two place settings and play food. Forages '3 to 7 years. car,No, Our Price 352/8888 £14.75

15.Petite Office Deskand Chair Set. Features large worktop, two opening filedrawers, storage compartment with secret drawer and a high backed officechair. Accessories include bear shaped clipboard, snail shaped rape dispenser and rabbit decorative ink stamp. Desksize22 x28x 16inch approx when assembled. Chair size 251/2X171/4xIOinchapprox.Height toseat 12inchapprox. Forages '3 years and over. Our Price cat, No. 352/8912 £34.45 16.petiteBigKitdten.AfulIy equipped toy kitchen. Featuresinclude hob unit, lift-out sink with tap, oven andfridgewithopeningdoors,pans, dishesandutensUs.Size30x 12 x22 inch high approx. Assembly required. For ages '3years and over. caL No, . OUrPrice 352/6653 £29.95

17. Crayola "Draw & Do" Desk. An activity centre with a double-sided writing board. Comeswith 3 doodle disks and holder. drawing bar, 48 wax crayons and other accessories. Our Price cat. No. £8,95 352/2750 18, Crayola 72 Crayon case. Contains a variety of wax crayons induding fluorescent. metallicand pastel shades. Sturdy plastic case with built-in sharpener. cat. No. OUr Price 352/6880


19. Petite OfficeActivity Centre. With play telephone. play clock. clipboard, address and telephone books and other features. Forages a to 7 years. cat. No. Our Price £14.45 352/5221 20.MB"Dtal-a-Design''. creates thousands of designs. With cassette, design wheel, papercirdes, 6design discs, pen and colouring pencils. car. No. Our Price £4.75 352/2736 21. Torny "Hobby Girl" Knitting Machine. Enjoyable and easy touse and it works! Completewith pattern sheets. wool. instructions and project book. cat. No. sugg'd Retail OUrPrice 352/0570 £36.95 £27.95 22. Petite Post OfficeAcdvttycenrre. With servtngsheff scales. postbox, toy money and otherfeanires. With integral carrying case. Forages 3 to 7 years. cat. No. Our Price 352/7315 £12.45 23. MB"Fashion Wheel". Turn the wheels redraw a beautiful fashion wardrobe. IncJudesscissors, crayons. pencilsand paper. Boxdesign may vary. Our Price cat. No. 351/5145 £8.45 24. Dryad LacemakingStanerKit. Contains all the items necessary to produce a variety ofattractive lace designs. Completewith instructions. cal. No. Sugg'd Retail OUr Price 352/5953 £17.45 £10.95

25. Petite 990Toy Typewriter. FullSO character, four row keyboard with lowerand uppercase type. no mess reversible casserte ribbon and integral carrycase. cal. No. Our Price 35217339 £23.95 26. Casdon Electronic calculator cash Register. LCDdisplay. With play money and till roll.Operatesby R6S battery (order 1of98011406at59p pair). cat. No. Our Price 351/9354 £16.95 27. "Thomas the Tank Engine" Big BigTrain Set by Merit. Agiant bauery-poweredgoods train set. Comescomplete with 14 feetof track. Forindoor or outdoor use. Requires2 x LR20batteries (order 1of9S0/1468 at £2.25pair). cal. No. Our Price 352/8998 £29.95 28. Tomy "Train Set I". Abanery powered train, with 3 trucks that connect by "magnedccoupung''. runs along 8 feetof track. With reversing and stop rails, points, station, tunnel. figuresand orheraccesscnes. Forages 3yearsandover. usesz xLR6 batteries (order 1 of9S0/1444 at £1.09pair). cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 35217140 £22.95 £15.45 29. "Thomas the Tank Engine" GoodsTrain Set by Hornby. Clockworkset fearuringThomas locomotive,IWOgoods wagons and 10 pieces of track. Forages ::;years and over. cat-No. sugg'dnetan Our Price 352/8929 £12.99 £9.45 30. TomyTrain Se13. Battery powered train with freightengine and carriages that connect by "magnetic coupling". Runsalong20 feetof track. With forklifttruck, working crane, freightstation and a range of accessories. Suitable forages 3 years and over. gequires a x LR6batteries (order2 of980/1444 atL 1.09 pair). (Base not included.) cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 352/8819 £39.95 £2S.95 SAFETY TESTED! 8atteriesare not supplied.

9. Kiddicraft "Websterthe Spider". Pull-alongtoy with funny walk and rattling feet. With wobblingaotennae and bow-tie. Forages Ill.! [0 4 years. cat.No. OUrPrice

1. Fisher-Price "Play Family" Main Street. 24 piece town playsetinduding

shops, tire station, fire engine, bank and post office. Complete with 5 family figures and many street accessories. Forages 2 to 6 years. cat. No.


"Play Family" Garage. With elevator. turntable for parking cars and ramp. Complete with 3 cars. rorages z roeyears. cat.No. OUfPrice 350/8712



3. Bluebird

"MrChimney Pot". Stands 18inch high with "winking" eyes and squeaky nose. Opens up [0 reveal the chimney house home of the Sootfamily and their pets. Includes pieces of furniture. For ages 3 [0 7 years. cat.No. OUfPrice 352/3333



10. "Thomas the Tank Engine" by Merit. Pull along toy and shape sorter. 6assorted shapes to "post". Makes -chuffing''noise in motion. Over 8 inch long. For ages 15 months and over. eat. No. Out Price

.35217092 2. Fisher-Price


4. Bluebird "BigYellowTeapot".A teapot playhouse with revolving rooms and merry-go-round under lid. Take a short cut down the spout and "drop in" fortea. Many pieces of 7'Fisher-priceAnima1S0UndsBarn".~""'i;;~;~~~~~~~~~~~~l fumitureand family items induded. Featuressixchildactivated n. Por eges s to 7 years. movements and sounds of the farm cat.No. OUfPrice yard. Pull the bone and hear the dog 351/4438 £15.45 bark. squeeze the duck and he quacks plus other similar actions and sounds. 5. 'romyvsnappyshots''. Watch the nash cube spin and the picture pop out Fully portable with canying handle. and "develop" before your eyes. Six Forages 9 months to 3 years. cat. No. Our Price snapshots can be used over and over 352/9997 £11.95 again. rorages s to 7 years. cat. No. sugg'dnean OUfPrice 8. Kiddicraftwebster's Playhouse. A 352/4765 £7.95 £5,75 complete Webster family in their own 6. Fisher-Price "Play Family" cobweb and drainpipe playhouse. Featuresa wind-up lift. [WO runways, Airpon. 22 piece airport terminal a winch with suction pad. trapdoors. playset.lncludesservicevehicles. rvaenat. roofgarden. TVand helicopter and 7 family figures. For ages2to6years. furniture. complerewtth 4 fully mobile cat.No. OUfPrice websters. The playhouse folds into 351/5970 £20.95 neat carrying case forsrcrage. Size lOx 16x 12lnchapprox. forages 3yearsandover. cat. No. Our Price 352/8974



11. Fisher-Price Medical Kit. Includes a stethoscope that really picks up heart beats. a blood pressure gauge with dial that "works" and other medical accessories. For ages 3 to 7 years. cat.No. OurPrice 35111493 £12.95 12. Fisher-Price Power workshop. Actlvirywcrk bench with "power tool" for sawing, driUingand polishing etc. Includes spirit level and attachments forpowerdriil. Allpacks into workshop caddy. For ages 3 to 7 years. Requires 2 x LR6 batteries (order 1of980/1444 at£1.09 pair). cat. No. OurPrice 352/7085


13. Fisher-Price Discovery Cottage. Many delightful and surprising activities including hinged roof, chimney slide, opening frontdoorwith ratchet sound and much more. With tricycJeand2 play figures. Forages 1 [0:3 years. eat.No. OurPrice 35211957


14.Matchbox "Mushroom Playhouse". stands 17inch high and opens up to reveal a house with furniture, family figures. acar. pool and accessories. Potages ts monrhs andover. cat.No. ourPrice 352/8864


15. Matchbox' 'Schoo!Boot" Play Set.The root:sideand front open. Figuresand manyaccessories included.Forages18 monthsand over. Our Price eat. No.

23. Torny "Talking TUtor Robot". Insert cardand he asksthe question. Pressthe answerkey andhe will tell you if you are right or wrong. Comes with 100questions.Forages s years andover. Operatesby LR20battery 351/9725 £12.25 (order 1 of980/1468at£2.25palr). eat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 16. Playskoo! "Humpty Dumpty". £16.95 £10.85 Pressthe leverand watch him burstup 35217133 into the air. Thecolourful piecesare 24. Tomy "Hi-Fi".ApretendradiOi easnysreckedto put "Humpty cassene player lor children. Popin the Dumpty" togetheragain. Forages 1to "cassette" and pressthe play button to 3years. heara favourite rune.Turn on the radio cat. No. our Price to "rune in" to lots of musicselections. 352/3120 £4.85 Forages3-7 years. RequiresLR14 battery (order 1of980/1451 at£I.99 17. Unilite "Thomas the Tank pair), Engine" Torch. Astrongdurable cat. No, Sugg'd Retail Our Price children's torch that lookslike your 352/8802 £12.95 £8.75 favourite train character Thomas. 25. Torny "Record Player". HandCompletewith "YO R 14 "Thomas the Tank Engine" batteries.Suitablefor wound musicaldiscplayerwith ages:; yearsandover. assorted discsand runes.Ages 3 to 7 eat. No. Our Price years. 353/0931 £4.95 cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 352/1885 £10.95 £7.95 18.Tomy "Tutor Typer". Learn the alphabetand spelling.Rerumthe 26. Tomy "LirtleStarGuitarand carnagefor a new word to spell.Ages:; Player Piano". Theguitarplays yearsand over. "TwmkleTwinkle Llttle Star". The eat. No. Sugg'dRetaii Our Price piano plays "This OldMan", Ages 1112 35117851 £10.95 £7.85 to 4 years. 19.Mattel"The Farmer Says". See'n' cal. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 352/3209 '£7.95 £5.95 saytalking toy. Pointthe indicator, pull the ring and listen to the 12 27. Playskool "MrFrosty" Ice different animal sounds.Forages2 Crunchie Machine. Makesrnouth yearsandover. watering icecrunchiesand drinks. cur Price Cat. No. Our Price eat. No. 35217205 £11.95 350/9807 £9.75 20. Fisher-Price "Chatter 28. Playskool "Flashlight", A strong Telephone". Eyesroll and voice durableplasticflashlight which shines "chatters" when pulledalong. Bell in 3different colours.Automatically ringswhen dial is turned. Forages2 to shutsotTafter 30secondsifleft eyears. unattended. rorages z yearsendover. cat. No. Our Price Requires2 x LRI4 batteries(order 1of 352/4806 £4,25 98011451 at£1.99 pair). Cat,No. Our Price 21, Animated Musical Television. 352/6316 £7.95 Playsmeiodyaspicruremovesacross thescreen.wtnd-up mechanism. Bartenesare not supplied unless Durablecasewith easyto carry handle. otherwise stated. {Designmay vary.) SAFETY TESTED cat. No. Our Price 352/1274


22.Tomy "BrlngAlong a Song". playercompletewith 2 "cassettes" that play nurseryrhymes. Agesatc ryears. cat. No. sugg'd Rerail OUfPrice 351/1868 £10.95 £7.45 wind-up

1. supertouer Pony Rocker. can bea rocker or sit and ride toy by adjusting the wheels on metal base. Size 23 x 28 x 13 inch approx. cat. No. Our Price 351/2935 £24.95 2. Superjouet Police Car. High quality plastic. A sir and ride toy. Complete with telephone. hom, toy box and liftingbonnet.Size22 x 12 x l]if4 inch approx. Cat.No. Our Price 351/4531 £11.95 3. "ThomastheTankEngine"Sit 'n' RideToy by Merit. With toy box under seat.Forages 9 months andover. eat. No. OUfPrice 352/3436 £11.65 4. SuperjouetTelephone Sit 'n' Ride Toy. Whenpushedalongmakes "popping" sound. Completewith telephone receiver. dial and beads. Size 12x 11 x 161/.1:inchhigh approx. cat. No. Our Price 352/5331 £9.95 5.Superjouet ActivicyDrivingCenrre. Brightly coloured rocker with safety straps. steering wheel, hooter, gearchange.telephcneand ignition tor driving fun. Forages 9 months and over.


352/9021 6.Superjouer "Tractor and Trailer". Asit 'n' ridetoy with hooteron steering wheeland detachable trailer. Forages ,"-__ tz monthsandover.slzearva x lOx 15 inchapprox. eaLNo. 352/7377


7.6arval Super Trike and Tipper. Sturdy steel frame safety trike with tipper. rcregesz years and over. Size 221/.1:x 171/.1:x211/.1: inch highapprox. eat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 352/9016 £19.99 £12.95

Our Price £14.95 Tricycle. Sturdy steel frame. Tilting plastic sand box. AdjuStableplastic seat Forchildren up rc+yearsold. car.xo. Our Price 352/2475 £18.95 11. Raleigh "MagBumper" Bicycle. Tough BMXstyle frame and fork. 12 inch nylon mag wheels with studded tyre tread. Features mart black .mtnt-rtse handlebars with cross brace, deep foam saddle, 2 lightweight pads and handlebar grips. To suit inside leg 15·19inch. Ages 3 to s years. eat. No. Our Price 352/8046 £53.95 12.eantela-wheetjuntorscooter. Height30inchapprox. eat. No, sugg'd Rerail Our Price 350/0129 £16.75 £9.95 13.BanteIRacerTrike.Achild'sfirst trike ..vim adjustable seat. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 350/0136 £21,95 £9.95 SAFETYTESTED! 10. Kettler Trucky




""i~;:;:==;;:::=:;----;:;;;';;-------------::;~~t-;;iii.iii~~ Bcrse.Achud'sfustrocldnghorse '• -



with safety seat and straps. Thesecan be removed so that children can ride the horse by themselves. For ages 8 months and over. cat. No. OUfPrice 352/3443 £19.95 21. Trolley Cartwith Bricks. Canbe adapted to a trolley or cart by its2 position handle. Complete with setcf 15 plastic bricks with letters/numbers. cat. No. Our Price £10.95 352/7360 22. Mini 'rracrcrand Trailer. With attractive character face and detachable trailer. ronndooror outdoor use. Size 14 x31 x totnch approx. cat.No. OurPrice 352/3412 £6.95



23. Dekkenoys Play HODse. Tubular plastic frame. Flame retardant conon walls, roofand door. Sizeapprox 3 feet 4 inch x2 feet6inchx3feetBinch hightoapex. cat.No. OurPrice 351/6199 £9.95 24. Dekkenoys Play Tent. Tubular plastic frame. Flame retardantconon cover. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.Sizeapprox4 feet6 inch x4 feet x 3feethightoapex. cat. No. Our Price £9.95 352/8015 25. RFGoodtimeToys caravan Play Tent. tubularplasncframe. flame retardant vinyl. Size 4 feet 2 inch x 2 feetS inch x 3feel 3 inch highapprox. cat. No. OUf Price £16.95 351/8197 26. Peek-A-Boo HideawayTunnel. Youcan crawl. hide. rolland peekyour head through the upper holes. flame retardant and ventilated. Size 72 x24 x 28 inch when inflated. Suitable for ages 3 to 6years. cat. No. OUf Price 353/1002 £22.95 27. rtsher-Prtcej'op-tjpslayuouse. Durable, Harneresistant fabric play house is uniquely easy to set up and foldsaway in seconds. compterewith hook for easy storage. Size approx :3 feetl lnchxa feet2 inchx4 feet z inch high. rcrages z to "years. cat. No. Our Price 352/8273 £21.95

14. Bantel Senior Scooter. Wide ribbed platform. footbrake and parking stand. Height 36 inch approx. cat. No, Sugg'dRetail Our Price £10.95 35116168 £23.35 te.supertouetActtvnyxock'n' Ride car. Child's colourful car with removable rocking base. can be used as a car or a rocker. Complete with safety strap. hooter and "ignition key",Size3Jl/2 x I6 II.!x 18inch approx. Suitable as a rocker for ages 9-18monthsandasacarfor ages3 yearsandover. cat. No. OurPrice 35219045


t 6. Sharna-Triang "Noddy's" Pedal car. plastic body with steel pedals and sturdy wheels. With spare wheel at back of car. Forages2 005years. Size 28x 15 II.!x 14 inchapprox. cat.No. OUfPrice 352/7391 £21.45 17. "Smiler" Sit 'n' Ridecar.Achild's

firststeerablesit 'n' ride toy. With toy boxunderseatSize 1711.!x8x lOinch approx. cat. No. 35217353 18. Superjouet Train Sit 'n' rude Toy. Completewith tetephcnedlel. beads, hom and under-seat storage space, Size 19x91hx 17inch highapprox. cat. No. Our Price 352/5348 £12.85 19.ToddlerTrike. Baby's first sit 'n' ride toy. Sturdy, for indoor or outdoor use. Fully assembled. Size 19 x 12 x 14 inchapprox. cat. No. 35112942


l[!Iii(!]C!lrn~~(;I1 --=====:_~~_~~ _.:::_



o y o

o (Y)

1. Salter Science "Chemistry Set". work through 82 fascinating experiments guided by a fully illustrated manual and instructive audiocassette. Forages 12 years and

6. casdcn BackSeat Driver. Steering wheel toy for home orcar. Complete with dashboard, keys, speed indicator and rev counter, windscreen wiper and light indicator arms. For ages 3 years


andover. cat. No.

cat. No.

Our Price

Our Price

:?:,=~,-"/:"::':":c'ccie~nc~eC::"I--CnU~O-Cdu~ctCCio~n-"t!9",,'~5 ~~~::~:~ceTurbo. Twistthe £4.15 Electronics". Makea radio, police accelerator, tum the handlebars and siren, Morsecooe and more. Forages watch the Toadon the screen move, 10years andover. Operates from R6S Completewith siren, lights, battery (order 1of980/1406at59p microphone. ignitionand "roll-apair). longvwhecls. the "motorcycle" cat. No. OurPrice provideshours of simulated driving 352/6859 £14.95 fun.Requires4xMNI400batteries 3. Salter Science "Microscope SCI" (order2 of982/155Bat£ 1.99 pair) With63differentexperiments. and6LF22battery (order 1 of9801 0971 at£2.19). Forages4 years and Magnificationx50and x 100. With introductory cassette by johnny Ball. over. Forages8yearsandovcr.Uses2x cat. No. Our Price aesbanenes (order I of980/1406 at 352/8936 £19.95 59p pair). 8. Tomy RacingTurbo Dashboard. cat. No. Our Price Simulateddriving fun with instrument I 352/6866 £16.95 panel. ignition, gear lever. fuelgauge, 4. Humbrol world of Discovery rev counter and unlimitedmoving Terrestrial Telescope. 40 x 40mm, 2 roadway screen which responds to section telescopewith 280mm metal steering. Operates by 4 x LR20 tripodand universal mount. Extends to batteries (order2 of980/1468 at 70cm. £2.25 pair). cat. No. aec.Retail Our Price cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 352/5867 £19.50 £13.95 352/1988 £26.95 £11,95 9. "Subbuteo" ClubEdition. An 5. Fisher-Price Telescope. A real 15 power magnification telescope exoungfoorball game including designedforchildren. Completewith players, balls and other accessories. built-in slide viewcrforusc with six For2 players. Ages 8 years andover. slides featuring 30 fasclnanngspace cat. No. Our Price £12.75 images. Includeswide angle safety 352/3656 eye-piece. detachable tripodand explanatorybooklet. Forages 6 years andover.

10.Pot Black "Junior" Snooker Table. Durableplaying surface. Completewith accessoriesand lnsrucuons. Overallsize25x I6x3il.! inch high approx. cat- No. Our Price 35116142 £9.95 11. Pot Black "Steve Davis" 4 Feet Snooker Table. Playing surface is coveredwith agood quality doth. Completewith legs and accessories indudingballs, triangle, two 30 inch snooker cues and instructions. cat. No. Our Price 352/6835 £29.95 12. superlcuer "Football Table" Game. Detachablelegs foreasy storage. 22 players. Size 37x 18x29 inch high approx. cat. No. Our Price 352/6828 £18.45 13. Pot Black "Steve Davis" Snooker Table. Includesballs. triangle and2 tippedcues. Size 49 x 25 x 3 II.!inch high approx. cat-No. OurPrlce 350/8822 £19.95 14. Pot Black DeLuxe Snooker Table. 4 x2 feettable. quality cloth cover. brassed comer plates and detachable legs. With 2 x30 inch cues, balls (with 6 extra yellowsforpool), 2 triangles, chalkandinstructions cat. No. OUr Price 352/3687 £39.95 15.Kiddicraft Cassette Recorder. Brighrlycoloureddurable plastic. Comescomplete with headphones and built-tn condenser microphone. Suitableforages 3 years andover. Uses 4 xLR14 batteries (order2of 980/1451 at£1.99pair). cat. No. Our Price 35311019 £26.95



'llW!l~~~" ,

TrulOYSHigh rlyer skareboard. 30 inch concave laminated wood deck with noseguard. pivot brake, side rails andrear lapper.elnchwide undercarriage, rubber suspension and

longJasting wheels with precision bearings. cat.No. OurPrice 352/8314 £16.95 24. TrutoysSkateboard Accessory Pack. Comprises polyethylene helmet foam lined with etasticaredchinstrap


both cup. fitted1palrofknee with protective plasttcshelt and andelbowpads and elastkated straps. cat. No. . Our Price 352/8297 £9.95 25. Dckkertoys Trainer Punchball. Inflatable PVCcover, adjustable tubular metal column with return base spring and plasttcbaseboard. Height 10 cemreotballadiustable from 361045 inchapprox. cal. No. OUfPrice 352/6804 £9.95


'----------------16, Fisher-PrkeCassetteRecorder. Goodquality recordand play-back. Built-in condensermicrophone. Requires4 xMN 1400batteries(order 2 of98211558al£l. 99 pair). Cat,No. OurPrice 35117941 £26.95 17. My FlrstSony "Sing-a-Iong". Strongand durablein fashionable bright colours.Popinyourfavourite


:nn!~i~~np~~~~l~~~er. Suitablefor ages4 yearsand over. Uses 4 xLR14 banenes tcrderz ct 980/1451 al£t.99 pair). Cat-No. 353/0911 18. My Flrst Sony Radio/cassette Player.Strongand durablein fashionablebrighl colours.Listen to the AMlFM radiochannels OTto your favourite cassettetape.tnctudesbulltin microphone.Suitablefor ages4 yearsandabove. Requires4 x LR14 batteries(order2 of980/1451 al £1.99pair). . ca[.No. 353/0924 19, My FirstSonyWalkman. A strong,durablechildren's Walkman with shoulder vibrant colours. With headphonesand volume control. Suitablefor ages4 yearsand above. Requires2 x LR6 batteries(order I of 980/1444 at£ 1.09pair). cat. No. 353/0900 20. Bontempi Polyphonic25 Key Keyboard. Tablemodelcompletewnh instruction bookletand music. Operatesfrom 3x R20Sbaneries (order2 of98011420a[£1.09 pair). cat.No, Sugg'd Retail OUfPrice 352/8338 £17.99 £10.95

Our Price £4.75 27. Junior RollerSkales. Adjustable for shoesizes""9luntonc-r adult. Cat.No. OurPrice 352/2262 £4,95 28. Fisher-Price Junior RoJlerSkales. choiceofforward only wheel COntrol. fer the novice.Filled toe and heel steps. Adjustablefor shoestaese II.! 10 101l.!junior.Poregesstceyears. Cat.No. OUrPrice 352/8280 £9,75 """::::..""":::-" -l 29.LittleTikesBasketbaIlSct. Includesbackboard.hoopand net. standand ball. Adjuststo three different heightsfrom 4 feetto 6 feet. 21. Bomempi Polyphonic 25 Key Madefrom durablepolyethelene. Keyboard with6Chord Buttons. Tablemodelccmplerewuh instruction Suitablefor ages 3yearsand over. eat. No. Our Price bookletand music.operates from 3x £44.95 353/0993 R20Sbaneries(orderz of980/1420al £ 1.09 pair). cat.No. sugg'dRetail Our Price 352/8345 £26.99 £19.95 22. casdon Indoor Flat GreenBowls Set constsnngof'acolourmarched bowls.jack. bowling "mat" andother accessories.Forfour players. cat.No. OUt Price 352/5726 £13.95

1. KettlerGo-KartHockenheim GLS. Sturdy steel frame and safety chain guard. Features sports wheels with wide tread lyres, adjuslable seat and handbrake for rear wheels. For ages 4 to z years.

Cat.No. Our Price 35215410 £46.95 2. Kettler Junior Pedal Go-Kart. Sturdy tubular steel frame. Adjustable seat. Safety chain guard. Forages 4 to 7years. Cat.No. Our Price 352/2169 £33.95 3. Kettler "Grand Prix:' Pedal 00Kart. Sturdy tubular steel frame with safety chain guard. Features sports wheels with wide tread. handbrake for rearwheels, adjustable seat, speedometer and racingstripes. For ages 6years and over. eat.No. 352/5421

4. Petite "Action Tennis and Badminton". Complete to play softball tenmsand badminton. Canalso be used for volley ball (ball not Included). Setcompriseseasily assembled white UPVCpoles. durable net (8 feet x 2 feetj.z softball tennis rackets plus foam ball, 2 badminton rackets and shunlecocks. Securingpegsincluded. cal. No. Sugg'.d Retail Our Price 366/0155 £28.99 £22.95 5, LinleTikes Playsllde. srurdy wide base, sure-grip handle on ladder. For indoororoutdoorplay. Size 44 x 19 x 27inchhighapprox. Ages Ill.! to4 years. Cat,No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 366/0014 £33.95 £23,95

6. Guinness Brothers Senior Slide. Prameconsuucted from tubular steel. Durable and weather resistant polyethylene chute. Stabilizer bar for lateral stability. Easilyassembled. Heightto platfonn 3 feet 11 inch approx. Length of chute 7 feet 6inch approx.ltisrecommended that item is concretedinto cheground. Ground pegsprovided. cat. No. 366/0016 1.Guinness erothersjumorsllde. Constructed from tubular steel with weacherresistantchute. Easily assembled. Heighttoplatform 26 inch. Length ofchute 56 inch. eat-No. 366/0124 8.Hills DualLevel Climbingframe. Strong tubularsteelconsttuction. Comprises three ladder sections and fireman's pole. Framecan be used either complete orlusr the top section foryounger children. It is recommended chat this product is concreted into the ground (pegs provided). cat. No. 366/0210 9, Hills fun Gym. Acompleteoutdoor activity centre. Made of strong tubular steel. Comprises twcseareruudertde unit, single swing, Roman rings. trapeze, two ladders and a two seater boatswing.1t is recommended chat chis product isconcreted into cheground. Ground pegsprovided. Please see footnote. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail 368/0063 £t 97 .80


10. Hills Child's Garden Swing. Plasticseat. Easily assembled. Height 6 feet8 inch apprcx.u is recommended that legs are concreted into the ground. Ground pegs provided. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price £35.81 £19.95 366/0045 11. Hills3-WayBoatSwing Multiplay. One single swing with tough polypropylene seat, one boat swing and one 2-seater glide ride unit Easily assembled. Size 87 x tOOx87 inch high approx.!tis recommended that legs are concreted into the ground. Ground pegs provided. Please see footnote. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail our Price 368/0032 £126.12 £89,95

12. Hills 3-Way MuItiplay Swing. Comprising two single swings with tough polypropylene seats and one 2seater glide rideunit. Easily assembled. Size 100 x 80 x87 inch approx.u isrecommended that legs are concreted into the ground. Ground pegsprovided. Please see footnote. cat. No. sugg'd Retail Our Price 368/0001 £85.16 £64.95 13. Hills 2-Way MultipJay Swing. Comprisingone single swing with tough polypropylene seat plus cnezseater glide ride unit. EasUy assembled. Size 76x65x 79inch high approx. It is recommended that legs are concreted into the ground. Ground pegs provided. Please see footnote. cat. No. Sugg'd Retail Our Price 368/0025 £69.66 £49.95

Itemnos9and l1-13wUlbe delivered direct to your home. They are notavaUable for cctlectton from our showrooms. neltverywnl normally be made within 14days. FuUdetails are available at allArgos Showrooms.

SAFETY FIRST Itis important that your children are supervised by parents espedaUy in group play situations, ms recommended where stated that outdoor activity toys are pennanentlyconcretedintotbe ground.

~~f!~~e~~w~~r~~g!~~ sturdy vinyl base. With drain plug. 1.Size 6 feet diameter x 15 inch high approx. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OurPrice 365/1023 £18.99 £12.95 18inch 2.Size8feetdiameterx high approx. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail Our Price £18.95 365/1047 £26.99 ~~~~~6~:~:~!~nrfa~~I~c lining with drain plug. Easily assembled. 3.4 feet x 4 feetx 12 inch deep approx. cat. No. 365/1016 £12.95 4. 6 feet x 4 feetx 15 inch deep approx. cat. No. 365/1000

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~!rl~t~~!~~efe~~~~:g~i~~rner seat. Comes complete with lid which has "harbour" feature. Size including lid, 31 x25x 71h inch approx. cat. No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 365/1102 £21.00 £14.95

I Pleasesend;;;-y

freecopy oftl;A;g;Incentive Planner 1 =~~a:n:e:n~~ne metoarrangean

~~~drJ;~~i~s~i~~trOng moulaed item with castle effect featuringone corner seat.

~h~~~~~~;!~~~~~:;~ i~~fuding lid. 43 x 32 x 7 inch high 1/2

approx. cat.No. Sugg'dRetail OurPrice 365/1119 £34.60 £23.95 bn~r~~lf~~~efift~~ilin!~~~r, the other with sand. May be used as storage area when noun use. Complete with carryins handles. Size 42 x37xBinchhigh apprcx. cat. No. sugg'dRetail OUfPrice 365/1092 £29.99 £21.95


and sales The Argos Achievement Awards Incentive Planner tells you all you

parents especially in group play situations. 5.Team Playway Standard SandpiUPool Plus Lid. A strong colourful item, moulded in

Avebury, Avebury Boulevard, CentralMiltonKeynesMK92NW. Tel: 0908 690333


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I POST~ODE I ~~:~:~gOS I ~::,~Yr;::~~=t:d, Avebury, A,!eb:i, Boulevard, I~~~to~es, __ CAT/'"_





Adopters Aerial Amplifiers Airbeds AirCompressors Airers Air Purifier Alarm Clocks Alarms Audio Equipment Badminton Equipment 8akewore Barbecues Barbells Barometers BathroomAccessories

183-184 Duvets 84-8'1,100-101 Earrings Electrical Accessories 140-141,154-155 162 Electric Blankets ElectricDrills,Tools& Accessories 147-154 158-160 ElectriCHeaters 243-246 'ErectricKettles/Jug Kettles 241 ElectncRnives 282-283 Electronic Games &Toys 276-277 Electronic Keyboards 129 7 -74,77-78 152 70,72,77 56-58 36-42 ~xercise Equi~ment 154-155 ExtensionLea s 160 Extractor Fans 129 Facial Sauna 158,160 Fan Heaters 161 Fans Fashion Jewellery 68 247 FilinsCases 43 Films&Processing 176,281 Fireplace Accessories 31 FishingEquipment 24 Flasks 247 Floppy Disks 166 Fluorescentlishts 238-240 Food Mixers &Blenders 238 Food Processors 33 Football Equipment 129 FootBath 227-231 Frying Pons 168-178 Furniture 59,284-295 Gomes, Boxed 282-283 Gomes, Electronic 4-15 Gorden Equipment 8. Tools

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Microwave Ovens &Accessories 221,232 267-269 Midi Systems 66,169,171 Mirrors MotorcycieCover 135 235 Multi Cooker 276-277 Musical Instruments 267-269 MusicCentres 94-98,100-101 Necklaces/Necklets 67,122 Needlework 224,278-281 Nursery EqUipment NurseryToys 279-281 Office Equipment 56-59,61,174,247-249 62-63 Ornoments/GiMs Outdoor Toys/Gomes 30,300-301,303-306 233 Ovens/Grills 215,220,227 Ovenwore 153 PaintSprayers 147 ~~~nr'l ~~$e~i;~y 77,81,85, 97 80-83,98,1 00-1 OJ Pendants 60-61 Pens &Pend Is Personal Eleclrics 57,123-132


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~~~~~~:~epers 61 Casseroles 215, 220, 227 Cassettes, Blank 273 Cassette Cases 136,263,272 Cassette Players 260-262,261-269 63 Ceramic Ornaments Chains, Gold 94-97 Choirs 169,174-177 Charm Bracelets 92-9~ 83 Charms Chess/Backsammon Sets 59 China, Tableware 214·2~6 60 Cigarette lishters Clock Radios 270-271 Clocks 114-121, l'j~ ClothesLines 193, 195 Coffee Grinders 239 Coffee Makers 242 Compact Disc Lare/StoraQe 262,273 Compact Disc Players 262<264,267-268 Computer Accessories 247 Computer Tables 174 Continental Quilt Covers 180-182,186 Continental Quilts 183-184 Convector Heaters 158 Lookers, Mini 233 Cookware 220-221,227 231 Cooler Bogs 24 Cosmetics 8. Accessories 69 Lufflinks 98 99 CurlingTonss 126-127 Curtain Rails 176,188,190 Lutlery 215,222-223 Cydelamps 156 Dartboards/Darts 34-35 Decanters 211-213 Deep Fat Fryers 234 Dicfatins Machines 247 DimmerSwitches 166 Dinnerware Sets 214-220 DIY 142-153 Door Be1ts/Chimes 167 Daor&Windowlocks 141 Dress Rings 75 78 DrillAccessories 148-153 Drills&Tools, Electric 147-153 Drinks Maker 204

Glassware I ~ssware


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56,69 6:f.2T2-213,22 •• 226 'Yslo1 211·'13 2829 168,178 '76

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Gres& Acceuorle,

Jewellery JeWefleryBoxes JeWellery Cleaners J ig~aws Power Joystic s Juice Extrcctor

~~Ji~~~~~SsetteStereos 58, 65 263-266 167 Pet Care photo Frames/Albums Photographic Equipment 24-25 PicnicEquipment pillows 185 Pine Kitchenware 175,2~if9 151 ~~~~Hsoidoe~:r 62-6·~16~,171 156 lS]ugs l'orcelOln Ornaments £67 1 53 PowerTools 294-295 228 ~ookor. 50 ProfoClof,SlIde 12·13 Pruners 67 r.... rnJ 779 Pu.hchof .. & OugOln .. 18318, 18018',186 158


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177711 11 1'&,15' 191 SCfll.... Klll'I"'1 '106 '07 ?O7 S<,"t", St,nw,I, ......, 11&,110 S"tutt',O...,..., 11~,lAO 141 SltwlngMII.IIIII.'~ Alj .", " .., 67, 11? !'tnu'''j>llll'

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101 151 266 2.0 36.2 276·277 232."6 2if4·211

~:;b:~trds KitchenElectrics KitchenE ui men! Kite en Furniture 20~~~~~ KitchenScales KnifeSets 206·207 KnittinsMachines 8. Accessories ~7,122 ladders 143 ladies' GiMs 6l·67 128 La ies'S overs i9~-198 laundry Equipment 4.9 lawnmowers Leather Goods lishters 156,163:;67 lighting 18T-189 linen Baskets &Bins lockets 82·83 41 locks 2-55:-67 lU99age 169.,171 ~~~~z~~e&R~~~~SSOries 6 Massagers Microscopes 302

Shulln" Sh..tlt. Sh"rllIllU Sho"Rcul.,

59 '1ft, 110 131 8, 1'13

10,III 1&9,171,177 20'

~~:~;'I~a,~~~~I~·A: ( It.




~:P.'::'~:~ii.,., .. Ig, B VI,15VI.76,18.98 99 9),91 101 ItO



~:i,~::'f'f.~,~V(' SndItP,oj"'tltH

56-59tg42~~ S'OwCC)(l~n"


Smoll. D"hu 1o,.

r Sock",s.."

Snoolt", (1IIIIIfu"",

??A 226 26 7<l 50 '35


" 3S,302 1U 1.5 168 Sora A"d. So](ltiu 123,129 152 Sold",,,\U K~h Spanrll'" t\ Mllthunlc',Tool. 1"1~6 Splc.Ruck. '08 209 1.[6 SPllllt."It'

32-33 Sports Bags 28-42 Sports Equipment 29 Sportswear Squash Equipment 30 Stainless Steel Tableware 205,222-223 143 Step ladders 175 StepStools 258-269 Stereo Equipment 175 Stools 142 StorageCobinets 210-211 Storage Jars 9 Strimmers 52-54 SuitCorriers 52-55 Suitcases 51 Sunglasses 123,129 Sunlamps 163-165 Table lamps 187,210-211 Table linen/Mats Tables 168,170-172,174 35 Table Tennis Equipment Tableware 210-220,222-226 59,225 mard 242-243 Teamakers Tea Sets 205,214-220,226 TeJeOhones & Accessories 252-255 51 Ie escapes 274-275 Televisions & Accessories TelevIsionGame AcceSSOries 266 30 TennlsE ulpment 27 ents 156 TimeSWitches 236-237 188-189 T 142 & Cabinets T 144-146 136,156 Torches 188-189 TowelRoldafs 186 Towel, 282-283 282-306 156,243,281 Trevel Accessanes 127 TrovolCurlers 124·125,198 TrovolRcllrdryers 198 Trcvellrcns 156 Trov(llPlugs 59,128,130-132 Trov IShovers Tro)'. 208,211 Tripods 48 Troiley" O;:In~S 24,175




i~~~:!~'p~:~~9 8. Lorr):ing 10, ~i 248-249 u,pewriters 29,31,57,64 mbrellos Vacuum Cleaners 8. Accessories 133,200-203 24 Vocuum'Flasks 204,208 Storage 273 ~ilee~<?~:s~~t~~s& 116-119 WollClocks 193 WoshTnQMachine 210 Wo.loBms 102113 59,67 79 men! 36-39,41 153 s 208 WInoRocks 227 Wok. 146 Woodwork Tools 153 Workmotes Argos Distributors limited,48~-499

~r~ "'

~:~~~~J~9~eNW~{{r~dti~~r~kl~~~.) OUIlIRADINGPOLICV 'h~~Q'W:~~~;d:~~n~;~~~~!~~~d'::re ~ll!Jelt~dRcl("lplkesp,ovidedbyoursupptiers f'r1l.••• ,OI1!d'nlhlscotologueweleestoblished dll"IIgOclobc.1988ondolreodyinciudeVAT How""cr,lnlheeventofchongesinlheVATrote,ol 'O'Qn~othe"l!osonbeyondourconlrol,wemoy htlVOIom(lkeodiustments,sopieosechecklhe Rllfo,oncoCotoiogueinyourArgosStore,AlIsiles, we'l/hlondcopocitiesoreopproximole.Some tkuc"plionsmoyvoryilosupplie,hoscnongedor oll~l1!dthe"specificotionsolterlheco!ologuehos boI!nprinted,Thiscotologue,eUeclivefrom23,d Jonuory1989,supe'sedesallpreviouscotologuesar blO(nvr(lsandremOinsineUeclunlillurthernolice tnlOlmOlloniscompiledwithollpossiblecore,butlhe pubhuhersdonolholdthemselvesresponsiblefor e"').~orom;ssions. ALTERNATIVES Wew,lflrytoovaiddisoppoinlmentonaccasions whenillusl,oledgoodsorenotovoilablebyoffering ItofOlofsimiiorspecifiCOlionondvaluetoyour o<lglnolcho;ce


- Great Victoria Street - Royal Avenue

BIRKENHEAD BIRMINGHAM Superstore Priory Queensway

- Kings Heath - The Rotunda



- Corporation Street CRAWLEY CREWE CROYDON Superstore Church Street - London Road



King William House, Market Place - Ferensway



- St. John's Centre LONDON (CENTRAL) - Edgware Road (Morble Arch end) - Hclbom

Gray's Inn Rood

- New Oxford Street - Old Street - Victoria (Wilton Rood/ ~OU~~IBSOi~6t~~d) LOWESTOFT LUTON MAIDSTONE MANCHESTER Sup."t ••• Central Retoil P(lIk. Great Ancocts SIlf1o' - Oldham StrOOI - The Arndolo Ct111Hr" MANSFIELD MARGATE IInwley ~". 1 METRO CENTRe Superstore Gotesh od MIDDLESBROU " NEATH NEWARK (cu'. NEWBURY NEWCASTL NEWPORT NORTHAMPTON








Argos No.31 1989 Spring/Summer  

Argos catalogue from 1989 filled with lots of retro goodies. From

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