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You are assured of satisfaction when buying from the Elizabeth Duke collection of jewellery.

You will be entirely satisfied with the quality of the jewellery you buy because every piece is selected by Mr Brian Selwood a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Tn addition the law lays down very specific requirements for hallmarking gold and silver jewellery and Elizabeth Duke jewellery fully meets those requirements. There is the extl'a surety of a valuer's certificate with all engagement and eternity rings as well as most other pieces of gold jewellery, Of course a ring sizing service is available for your convenience. Our ability to buy large quantities of jewellery direct from the manufacturer and sell itefficientiyenables us to dispense with the traditional jeweller's high profit margins, but maintain high standards for our jewellery. When you purchase you can be assured of satisfaction because all jewellery is covered by our money-back guarantee (see page 267 of this ('.atalogue).

1. Diamond Claw Set Half Eternity Ring. 7 weight 0.42 ct. 18ct. yellow and white gold , Cat.No. 204/0374

Rec.Retail £424.00

Our Price £289.00

2, Diamond Cluster Ring. 18 ct. white gold setting and shank.Total weight 0,75ct. Cat. No. 20010781

Rec.Retail £572.00

Our Price £395.00

3. Single Stone Diamond Ring. Set in 18 ct. white gold with 18 ct. yellow gOldshank. Carat weight 0.30 Cat. No.200/0314

Rec. Retail £429.00

Our Price £295.00

4. Sapphire and Diamond Half Hoop Ring in Victorian Style. 18 ct. gold carved mount. 3 sapphires total weight 2.00 ct., 4 diamonds total weight 0.08 ct. Cat No. 200/4750

Ree.Retail £351.00

Our Price £240.00

5. Two Perfectly Matched Good Quality Diamonds. Mounted in a dainty 18 ct. white gold 4 claw setting as a pair of stud earrings. Diamondsweight 0.36ct. .......Cat. No. 207/3327

Ree.Retail £335.00

Our Price £234.00

6. Three Stone Diamond Ring. Set in 18 ct. white gold with 18 ct. yellow gold shank. Total Weight0.30ct Cat No. 200/0493

Ree.Retail £370.00

Our Price £255.00

7. Sapphire and Diamond Claw Set Hall Eter· nity Ring. Total weights: sapphires 0.62 ct, diamonds 0.16 ct. 18 ct. yellow and white gold Cat No. 204/0044

Ree.Retail £297.00

Our Price £205.00

8. Two Sparkling Diamonds. Mounted in 18 ct. gold. Suspendedfrom a smooth 18ct. gold 15" chain as a most elegant pendant. Diamonds total weight 0.11ct. Cat No. 207/3420

Ree.Retail £203.00

Our Price £142.00

9, Diamond Single Stone Ring. Mounted in 9 ct. gold with modern, diamond cut shoulders that match wedding ring item no. 16 on page 4. Diamondcarat weight 0.10.....Cat. No. 200/4633

Ree.Retail £156.00

Our Price £72.49

10. Diamond Cluster Ring. Set in 9 C1 white gold with 9 ct. yellow gold shank. Total weight 0.30ct Cat No. 200/4664

Ree,Retail £265.00

Our Price £122,00

11, 9 ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring. With Wide textured shoulders. Total weight 0.21 ct Matchesitem no. 16on page4 Cat. No. 200/4530

Ree.Retail £199.80

Our Price £92.49

12. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Heart Shapa Ring. DalnWy set with a small diamond....... Cat No. 20611315

Ree.Retail £32.50

Our Price £20.49

13. 9 ct. Gold DI.mond Stud Earrings. Diamonds total weight.O.04 ct. An extremely dainty pair of the highly fashionable Single stone diamond earrings .......C.t. No. 207/3695

Ree.Retail £50.00

Our Price £23.49

14. Single Stone Diamond. Mounted In 9 ct. gOld suspended from a beaullful 9 ct gold cobra stylechain 16"long. Caratweight 0.12. Cat. No. 207/3626

Ree.Retail £154.00

Our Price £72.49

15. 9 ct. Gold Half Eternity Ring. Set In modern stylewith 7 diamonds.Total weight 0.07ct Cat. No. 204/0563

Ree.Retail £83.00

Our Price £61.45

16.9 ct. Gold Elegant Necklet Set Witha small diamond. Length lS· Cat No.207/3815

Ree.Retail £75.00

Our Price £56.49

17.Lady's 9 ct. Gold Entwined Hearts Ring. Set with a small diamond Cat No.206/1164

Ree.Retail £60.00

Our Price £26.99

18. Single Stone DIamond Stud Earrings. Mounted in 9 ct. gold. Diamonds total weight approx. 0.2Sct.. Cal. No. 207/3619

Ree.Retail £156.00

Our Price £73.49

19. Diamond Half Eternity Ring. 7 diamonds. total weight 0.35ct. 9 ct. gold.Cat No. 204/0367

Ree.Retail £300.00

Our Price £139.00

20. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Diamond Ring. Carat weight 0.03 Cat No. 20611243

Ree.Retail £31.05

Our Price £25.49

21.9 ct. "Bar of Gold" Pendant Attractively set with a single diamond. carat weight 0.03.Chain length 16" , Cal. No. 207/3798

Ree.Retail £49.91

Our Price £40.99

All items are enlarged to show detail. Earrings are for pierced ears only.

weight 1.00 ct. Matches Item nos 2 and 16. CaL No. 200/4451

10. Sapphire and Diamond Fancy Cluster Ring. Mounted In 9 ct gold with diamond cut shoutders Diamondweight 0.02ct .. 4 sapphires,total weight O,SOct. Matches Item no. 15, Cat. No. 200/4705

Ree.Retail £135.00

Ree.Retail £72.00

1. Centre Diamond and Sapphire Ring. 9 ct. gold mount with wide textured shoulders Diamond weight 0.03 ci., 8 sapphires. total

Our Price £62.49

2. Sapphire end Diamond Cluater Earrings. Mounted In 9 ct. gold to match the nng item no, 1. 16 sapphires,total weight 2,OOct..2 diamonds, total weight 0,06ct..... ....... Cat. No. 207/3310

Ree.Retail £115.80

Our Price £54.49

3. Centre Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring. 9 ct. gold mount Diamond weight 0.03 ct .. 10 sapphires, total weight 3.00 ct. Cat. No. 200/4743

Ree.Retail £170.00

Our Priee£79.99

4. Sapphire and Diamond Cluater Ring. 9 ct. gold mount. 30 sapphires, total weight 3.25 et., 7 diamonds. total weight 0.21ct. Cat. No. 200/4602

Rec.Retail £315.00

Our Prlee£145.00

5. Sapphire and Diamond Triple Cluster Ring. Mounted on 9 ct. gold. Attractive textured shoutders. 14 sapphires, total weight 1.40 ct.. 3 diamonds, total weight 0.045ct. Cat. No. 200/4626

Ree.Retail £100.00

Our Price £44.99

6. Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring. 9 ct. gold mount. 17 rubles, total weight 1.10 ct.. 4 diamonds. total weight 0.07ct. Cat. No. 200/4729

Ree.Retail £145.00

Our Priee£66.99

7. Sapphire and Diamond Wishbone Ring. Mounted in 9 ct. gold. 4 sapphires. total weight O.SO ct., 5 diamonds. total weight 0.075ct. Cat. No. 20611298

Ree.Retail £120.00

Our Price £55.99

8. Oval Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring.

Modern style 9 ct. gold mount. Sapphire carat weight 1.00.. 8 diamonds, total weight 0.20 ct. Cat. No. 200/4640

Ree.Retail £180.00

Our Priee£83.99

9. Sapphire and Diamond Ring. 9 ct. gold mount. 3 sapphires. total weight 2.SOct., 6 diamonds. total weight 0.15 ct. Cat. No. 200/4736

Ree.Retail £166.00

Our Price £76.99

Our Priee£33.49

11. Sapphire and Diamond Half Eternity Ring.9 ct. gold mount, 4 sapphires, total weight O,SO ct., 3 diamonds, total weight 0.06 ct. Cat. No. 204/0556

Ree,Retail £100.00

Our Priee£45.49

12. Diamond and Ruby Cluater Ring. 9 ct. gold mount with wide textured shoulders, Diamond carat weight 0.03.. 8 rubles. total weight 1.00ct MatchesItem no, la ,.,Cat.No. 200/4767

Ree.Retail £145.00

Our Priee£66.99

13. 9 cL Gold Band Ring. Modern style mount set with 7 small sapp.hires....".Cat. No,204/0532

Ree.Retail £57.06

Our Price £39.99

14. 9 ct. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Width 8 mm "" .." Cat. No.203/0786

Ree.Retail £90.00

Our Price£54.99

15. 9 ct. Gold Wedding Ring. Width 4 mm, Matchesitem no. 10 Cat. No.20311620

Ree.Retail £45.20

Our Price £26.49

16. 9 ct. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Width 6 mm. MatchesItem nos. " 12and on page3 item nos. 9 and " " Cat. No.203/1606

Ree.Retail £75.00

Our Priee£43.99

17. Gent's 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with a cushion shaped black onyx stone. Cat. No. 240/1236

Ree.Retail £98.00

Our Priee£51.99

18. Gent's 9 ct. Gold Textured Oval Signet Ring.Star set with a diamond. Cat. No. 240/1450

Ree.Retail £115.00

Our Price£53.49

19. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with an oval black onyx stone Cat. No.206/0639

Rec.Retail £60.00

Our Price £35.99


20. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Signet Ring.

Hand engraved


Cat. No. 206/0835

Our Price£24.49

21. Genfs 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with a cushion shaped haematite,intaglio carved with a centurion's head Cal. No. 206/1023



22. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Modern Style Signet Ring. Set with an oblong black onyxstone. Cal. No. 206/1274



23. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Wishbone Ring. Made from tightly twisted wire with a plain shank. Cat. No. 20611140

Ree.Retail £34.50


24. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Ring. Rope edge design set with an oval black onyx stone. Cal. No. 20611250

Rec.Retail £37.35

Our Price£30.99

25. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Buckle Ring. Cat. No. 206/0952

Rec.Retail £53.30

Our Price£34.99

26. Gent's 9 ct. Gotd Engraved Buckle Ring. Cal. No. 20611030

Rec.Retail £165.00

Our Price£97.99

27. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with 3 garnets in Victorian style Cat. No. 206/1236

Rec.Retail £47.95


28. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with a cluster of 7 garnets. Matches item no. 13 on page 15 Cat. No.206/0976

Rec.Retail £63.00

Our Price£37.99

29. Lady's 9 ct, Gold Dress Ring. Set with a cluster of 7 garnets. Heartshapeshoulders. Cat. No. 206/0732

Ree.Retail £46.00


30. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Fancy Dress Ring. Cal. No. 20611102

Rec.Retail £28.70


31. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Multi·Heart Ring. Cat. No. 20611229



32. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Twisted Wire Reef Knot Ring Cat. No. 206/0921



33. Lady's 9 ct. Gotd "Friendship" Ring. In the form of clasped hands Cat. No. 206/1157



34. Lady's 9 et, Gold Triple Wishbone Ring. Madefrom red. yellow and white gold. Cat. No. 206/1322


Our Price£29.49

35. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with a cluster of 21 sapphires Cat. No. 206/1339



36. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with a cluster of 7 sapphires Cat. No.20611267



All items are enlarged to show detail. Earrings are lor pierced ears only. Guarantee: We offer a full rnonev-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.


ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain Cat. No. 21511610 1. 9

Rec.Retail £125.00

Our Price £65.99

2. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain Cat. No. 21511627

Rec.Retail £105.00

Our Price £74.99

3.9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Neatdouble link. Padlock fastenerwith safety chain.......Cat. No. 215/1490

Rec.Retail £116.50

Our Price £91.99

4. 9 ct. Gold Double Link Open Chain Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain. Cat. No. 21511957

Rec. Retail £240.00

Our Price £158.00

5. 9 ct. Gold Highly Polished Solid Chain Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safetychain. Cat. No. 21511988

Rec.Retail £455.00

Our Price £335.00

ct. Yellow and White Gold Chain Jewellery. A most attractive variation of the traditional "Prince of Wales" style. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3848 Necklet. Length 15*£136.00£80.99 215/2121 Bracelet £71.00 £42.49 6.9

7. 9 ct. Gold Tapering Jewellery. Featuring a combination of highly polished yellow gold and textured red, yellow and white gold. intricately worked into a most unusual design. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3444 Necklet £429.26 £282.00 21511940Bracelet £222.81 £128.00 8. 9 ct. Gold Rope Design Jewellery. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3152 Choker, length 14Y £180.00 £128.00 215/1751 Bracelet £95.00 £68.99 9. 9 ct. Gold Interwoven Jewellery. Three strands loosely woven together. The neckle! neatly tapers into one strand and the bracelet maintains the three strands throughout. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3365 Necklet £61.00£42.49 215/1885 Bracelet £49.00£33.99 10. 9 ct. Gold Jewellery. Two "spaghetti" strands braided together. The necklet graduates into one strand while the bracelet has two strands throughout. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3413 Necklet £260.00 £185.00 215/1933 Bracelet £175.00 £124.00 Item numbers 1-5 are enlarged to show detail.


1.9 ct. Gold Necklel Falls into three strands at the front. length 16" Cal No. 207/2720

Rec. Retail£150.00


2. 9 ct. Gold Slide Necklace. Madefrom serpennne chain. The slidt! motif enables the chain to be worn as a choker or at longer lengths. length 29" overall _ Cal No. 207/3585



3. 9 ct. Gold Ankle Chain. In a daintyserpentine pattern. length 9" Cat. No.207/3561


Our Price£10.99

4. 9 ct. Gold Fancy Chain Jewellery. A neat chain Interspaced with an attractive motif. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3059 Necklet. length 15" £38.00£26.49 215/1809 Bracelet £19.00£12.99

5. 9 ct. Gold Serpentine Chain Jewellery. This elegant chain will complement all styles of dress. Rec. Our Catalogue Retail Price Number 207/3578 Necklet. Length 15' £100.00£58.99 21511816 Bracelet £47.00 £28.49

ct. Gold Box Chain Jewellery. A slim box link style. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/2555 Necklel. Length 18" £72.00 £42.99 £32.00 £18.99 215/2028 Bracelet 6. 9

10. 9 ct. Gold Twisted Foxtail Chain Jeweilery. A very attractive chain Catalogue Rec. Our Retail Price Number 20113475 Necklet. Length 16" £155.00 £72.49 215/2004 Braoelet £55.00 £32.49 Please note: Item nos. 1-3 and $.10 are enlarged to show detail.

7. 9 ct. Gold "Cobra" Chain Jewellery. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3150 Necklet. Length lS!" £31.25 £20.99 21512091 Bracelet £15.00 £10.49

8. 9 ct. Gold Dainty Serpentine Chain Jewellery. A lightweight cham in the latest style. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3736 Necklet. Length 15" £16.50 £10.99 215/2080 Bracelet £9.95 £5.99

9. 9 ct. Gold Rattened FoxtailChainJewellery. A medium weight chain with a diamond cut finish. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3n4 Necklet Length 16" £60.00 £34.49 £30.00 £16.99 215/2107 Bracelet

FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE We fully respect all your legal rights as a customer. But In addition to your protection under the law we wiil exchange or refund you for any unused Item that does not meet your exact requirements. Just return the Item to us in Its original covering, together with your receipt, within 14 days of purchase.

Argo. Gift Voacbers •

available in values of £1, £2 and £6. Ideal for tboee 8peCbJ gift eeea-

eioos and can be used at an,y Argoe showroom.

ct. Gold Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastenerwith safety chain. Rec. Our Catalogue Number Retail Price 1. 215/1658 3 B~r £95.00 £69.99 £172.00£125.00 2. 21511782 6 Bar 3. 21511823 7 Bar £185.00£135.00 4.215/18307 Bar £199.00£132.00 5. 215/1n5 5 Bar £140.00£99.99 6. 215/1768 4 Bar £124.00 £87.49 9

7. 9 ct. Gold 4 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastenerwith safetychain.......Cat. No. 21511665


OurPrice £85.49

8. 9 ct. Gold 5 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastenerwith safetychain.......Cat. No. 215/1672

Rec. Retail£145.00


9. 9 ct. Gold 3 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastenerwith safetychain.......Cat. No. 215/1641

Rec. Retail£97.38


10. 9 ct. Gold 4 Bar Straight Gate Bracelet. Traditional Victorian design in "0" shaped wire. Padlock fastenerwith safetychain. Cat. No. 21511919



11.9 ct. Gold 7 Bar Gate Bracelet. An unusual version of the traditional design In heall)/ "D"

shaped wire. Padlock fastener with safety chain Cat. No. 21511911

Ree.Retail £241.95

Our Price £192.00

12.9 ct. Gold Fancy 8 Bar Gate Bracelel. Made Irom "0" shaped wire. Padlock fastener with salety chain Cat. No.21511964

Ree.Retail £234.60

Our Prlee £156.00

13. 9 ct. Gold 4 Bar Gale Bracelet. Attractive varlatlon 01 the tradllional design in heall)/"0" shaped wire. Padlock fastener with safety chain Cat. No. 215/1926

Ree.Retail £168.00

Our Prlee£125.00

14. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. With a neat rope appearance Cat. fIlo.21511892

Ree.Retail £75.40

Our Priee £53.99

15. 9 ct. Gold Flexible Brecelet. Featuring two different textures of gold prolliding a contrast that is most striking Cat. No. 215/1995

Ree.Retail £468.85

Our Price £285.00

16.9 ct. Gold Identity Bracelet. Ropedesign. Cat. No. 215/1713

Ree.Retail £45.54

Our Priee £32.49

All Items are enlarged to show detail.

ct. Gold Creole Earrings. Amodernversion of the traditional favourite Cat.No. 207/3712 1.9



2.9 ct. Gold Hoop Earrings....Cat.No. 207/2380



3.9 ct. Gold Faceted Creole Earrings. Cal No. 20711532



4.9 ct. Gold Small Faceted Creole Earrings. Cat. No. 20711989



S. 9 ct. Gold "Stick" Drop Earrings. Triple strandand bead Cat.No.207/3688



6. 9 cl Gold Drop Earrings. Double strand chain with SWingingdiamond cut stars, Cat. No. 207/370S



7.9 ct. Gold Rose DeSignStud Earrings. Cat. No. 20711154



8.9 ct. Gold Bead Stud Earrings. Cat. No. 207/2775



9.9 ct. Gold Flower Stud Earrings. Cat. No. 207/2971



10. 9 ct. Gold Stud Earrings. In the form of a flower with attractive open work petals. Cat. No. 207/3286


Our Price£10.49

11.9 ct. Gold Triple Ring Stud Earrings. Cat. No. 207/2964


Our Price£9.99

12.9 cl Gold Star Shape Stud Earrings. Cat. No. 207/2328



13. 9

ct. Gold C\lbe StudEarrings. Cat. No. 207/3224

Rec.Retail £18.00

Our Price£9.99

14. 9 ct. Gold Stud Earrings. In the form of a cross.Diamondcut finish CaL No. 207/2919

Rec.Retail £15.00

Our Price£8.49

15.9 ct. Gold Twin HeartStudEarrings. Cat. No. 207/2940

Rec.Retail £19.32

Our Price£9.99

16.9 ct. Gold HeartShapeStud Earrings. Cal. No. 207/3657

Rec.Retail £12.95


24.9 ct. Gold EngravedEarrings. Cal. No. 207/2414



25.9 ct. Gold EngravedEarrings. Cat. No. 207/1202



26.9 ct. Gold EngravedEarrings. Cal No. 207/1178


Our Price£17.99

27.9 ct. Gold Earrings. Octagonalshape. Cal. No. 20713231



17. 9 ct. Gold Stud Earrings. In an attractive randomlog style Cat. No. 207/3516

28. 9 ct. Gold Sleeper/Hoop Earrings. With detachableSI. Christopherpendants. Cal No. 207/3200

Rec.Retail £36.75


Our Price£17.99

18.9 ct, Gold Knot DesignStud Earrings. Cal. No. 207/3248



19. 9 ct. Gold Drop Earrings. Made from 2 dainty strandsof serpentinechain. Cal. No. 207/3499


Our Price£9.99

20.9 ct. Gold Earrings. Madefrom 3 strands of chain that hang beautifully from the ear in a loop when the scroll fitting is in place. Cal. No. 207/3293



21. 9 ct. Gold Stud Earrings. Each set with a clusterof 9 sapphires Cat.No. 207/3729



23. 9 ct. Gold Claw Set Sapphire Siud Ear· rings Cat. No. 207/3664

Rec.Retail £13.30

29. 9 ct. Gold Twisted Wire Earrings. To fit around theear Cat. No. 207/3530


Our Price£19.99

30. 9 ct. Gold Sleeper/Hoop Earrings. With detachablecross pendants....CaL No.207/3217

Rec.Retail £8.65

. OurPrice£6.49

31. 9 ct. Gold Sleeper/Hoop Earrings. With detachableheartpendants.....Cat.No. 207/2744



Item nos. 1-4. 7·18 and 21·23 are enlarged to show detail. Please note: Earrings are for pierced ears only.

Our Price£38.99

22. 9 ct. Gold SnOwflakeStyle Earrings. Each set with a clusterof 5 sapphires. Cat. No. 20713547



Our Price£8.49

FULL MONEY·BACKGUARANTEE We fully respect all yo.urlegal rights as a customer. But in addition to your protection under the law we will exchange or refund you tor any unused item that does not meet your exact requirements. Just return the item to us in its original covering. together with your receipt, within 14 days or purchase.

°0 ._




o ~

9 ct. Gold Ingot Pendant with Featured Hall· mark. Each ingot is supplied with an 18" chain sufficiently substantial to bear the pendant weight. Weights approximate. Our Catalogue Rec. Price Number Retail 1.207/2641 ! oz £105.00 £61.49 2. 207/2799 ~ o"z £346.00 £207.00 3. 207/2816 ~ oz £230.00 £135.00 4. 9 ct. Gold Ingot Earrings. Featured nanmark Cal No. 207/3138

Rec. Retail £62.00

Our Price £28.99

5. 9 ct, Gold St. Christopher Ingot Pendant. With featured hallmark. Weight approx. 1 oz. Chainlength 18N•••••••••••••••••••••• Cat. No. 207/3406

Rec. Retail £170.00

Our Price £105.00

6. 9 ct. Gold Cross and Chain. Diamond cut finish. Chain length 18N Cat. No. 20711862

Rec. Retail £45.95

Our Price £21.99

7. 9 cl Gold Cross and Chain. Diamond cut finish. Chain length 18· Cat. No. 207/3358

Rec. Retail £67.95

Our Price £32.49

8. 9 ct. Gold Heart and Arrow Pendant. Chain length 18" Cal No. 207/2490

Rec. Retail £54.75

Our Price £34.49


ct. Gold SL Christopher PendanLDiamond cut edge. Complete with a 16· serpentine chain CaL No. 207/3602


Ree.Retail £52.00

OurPrice £30.49

10. 9 ct. Gold Double Heart Choker PendanL Chain length 14" CaL No. 207/3035

Ree.Retail £37.00

Our Priee£19.99

11.9 cL Gold Heart Shape LockeL Chain length 18" CaL No. 207/1666

Ree.Retail £62.50

OurPriee £46.99

12.9 cL Gold Wishbone PendanL Chain length 16· CaL No. 207/3781

Ree.Retail £57.00

OurPrice £40.49

13. 9 ct. Gold Pendant. Set with a cluster of 7 garnets. Chain length 18".Matches item no. 28 on page 5 CaL No. 20113145

Ree.Retail £90.00

Our Priee£41.99

14. 9 cL Gold Pendant. Single garnet set in a fancy motif. Chain length 16".CaL No.20113161

Ree.Retail £29.95

OurPrice £24.49

AJlltems are enlarged to shOWdetail. Earrings are for pierced ears only.

9 ct. Gold Neck Chains. See insel enlarged to show detail. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price

1. 20711257 Rope link 18" 2. 207/0928 Curb Link 2a'

£60.75£43.49 £55.20£39.49

9 ct. Gold Belcher Neck Chains. Length 18" See Inset, enlarged to show detail. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 3. 207/3808 Lig~tweight £70.00 £44.99 4. 207/3822 Heavy £134.00£105.00

5. 9 ct. Gold Fluted Bell Shaped Pendant. CUltured pearl drop suspended from dainty gold 16"chain Cat.No.207/3334

Rec. Retail£34.80

OurPrice £26.49

6. Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings. 9 ct. gold fitlings Cat.No.207/1563

Rec. Retail£18.20

OurPrice £13.99

7. 9 ct. Gold Black Onyx Jewellery. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3509 Slud Earrings £23.25£11.49 207/3743 Pendant. Length 16" £36.75£18.49

8. 9 ct. Gold St. Christopher Jewellery. Diamond cut edge. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 207/3523 Stud Earrings £37.00 £17.99 20711240 Pendant.Leng1h18'£111.50£52.99

9 ct. Gold Charms. 9. Gun Oog ...........•.•........•........ Cat. No. 216/0900

Ree.Retail £18.75

OurPrice £11.99

10. Balierina

Cat. No. 216/1112

Ree.Retail £12.35

OurPrice £6.99

11. St. Christopher

Rec.Retail £11.25 12. Dolphin

Cat. No. 21611019

Rec.Retait£23.00 13. Crown

Cat. No. 216/1105

Our Price £6.49


Our Price£14.49 Cat. No. 216/0986

Sugg'd Retail £119.56 OurPrice £63.49 14. Baby Hedgehog

Sugg'd Retail £55.40 15. Holy Bible

Rec.Retail £60.00

Cat. No. 216/0979

OurPrice £28.99 Cat. No. 216/0962

OurPrice £45.99


Cat. No. 21611002

Sugg'dRetail £10.95

Our Price£6.49

17. Latch Key

Ree.Retail £21.95 18. Horseshoe

Ree.Retail £21.00

Cat. No. 21611129

OurPrice £10.99 Cat. No. 216/0618

OurPrice £13.49

19. Cross

Cat. No. 216/1095

Ree.Retail £7.45

Our Price £4.49

All Items are enlarged to show detail. Earrings are for pierced ears only. You are assured of satisfaction. All gold jewellery Is hallmarked and you are fully covered by our money-back guarantee.

1. Hallmarked Jewellery. Catalogue Number





Rec. Our Retail Price 207/3839 Necklet Length 26" £55.00£36.49 £17.00£10.99 215/2114 Bracelet. 2. Sterling design

Sliver Bracelet. Heart shape Cat. No.215/0996

Rec.Retail £9.95

OurPrice £6.99

3. Sterling Sliver Hallmarked Charm Bracelet. Padlockfastenerwith safelychain. Cat. No. 215/1012

Rec.Retail £32.50

Our Price £23.99

4. Sterling Sliver 5 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock tastener with safely chain.......Cat. No.215/1407

Rec.Retail £37.50

Our Price £18.99

5. Hallmarked Sterling Sliver 7 Bar Gate Bracelet. Butterflf desIgn. Padlock fastener with safely chain Cat. No. 215/2035

Rec.Retail £53.10

Our Price £26.49

Sterling Sliver Hallmarked Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safely chain. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 6. 215/1397 4 Bar £31.20£15.99 7. 215/1469 6 Bar £44.70£22.49 Sterling Sliver Charms. 8. WeddingBells

Cat. No.216/0388

Sugg'd Retail £9.24

Our Price £3.99

9. Hedgehog

Cat. No.216/0742

Sugg'd Retail £11.38

Our Price £4.49

10. Holy Bible

Cat. No.216/0663

Rec.Retail £17.50

Our Price £6.49

11. Wishing Well

Cat. No. 216/0429

Rec.Retail £12.25

Our Price £7.99

12. Sterling Sliver Bo)( Unk Neck Chain. Length 18·. See inset. enlarged to show detail Cat.No. 207/2311

Rec.Retail £10.50

Our Price £7.49

13. Sterling Silver Heart Shape Locket. Chain length 16· Cat. ~o. 20711nS

Rec. Retail £15.00

Our Price £11.49

14. Hallmarked Sterling Chain length 2O"

Ree. Retail £46.00

Sliver Round Locket.

Cal. No. 207/1738

Our Priee £24.49

1S.Sterling Sliver Cross and Chain. Diamond cut finiSh.Chain length 1S".....Cat. No. 207/1109

Ree. Retail £7.60

Our Priee £4.49

16. Sterling Sliver Ingot Pendantwith Featured Hallmark. On a 20" chain. The Ingot weighs approx. ~oz Cat. No.201/2407

Sugg'd Retail £33.71

Our Prlee £12.49

17.Sterling Sliver Ingot Pendantwith Featured Hallmark. On a 20" chain. The Ingot weighs approx. ~oz Cat. No. 207/2809

Sugg'd Retail £41.02

Our Priee £14.99

18. Sterling Sliver St. Christopher Dog Tag Pendant.Chain length 1S·......Cat. No. 207/2988

Ree. Retail £23.00

Our Price £8.99

19. Sterling Sliver Ingot Pendantwith Featured Hallmark and St. Christopher. On a 20" chain. The ingot weighs approx. , oz. Cat. No. 207/3073

Ree. Retail £65.00

Our Price £39.49

20. Sterling Sliver Hallmarked St. Christopher Pendant. A most unusual shape. Completely unisex.Chain lenglh 20" ......... Cat. No. 207/3341

Ree. Retail £22.50

Our Priee £16.49

21. Sterling Sillier Ingot Earrings. Featured hallmark Cat. No. 201/2933

Ree. Retail £17.00

Our Priee £7.99

22. Sterling Sliver Drop Earrings. Heart stud with double serpentine chain and bead drops Cat. No. 207/3671

Ree. Retail £11.77

Our Priee £5.49

23. Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant. Diamond cut edge. Chainlength 1S·. Cat. No. 207/1491

Ree. Retail £31.90

Our Priee £16.49

All items are enlarged to show detail. Earrings are for pierced ears only.

QUARTZ WATCHES We offer two types of quartz watch, at the heart of both a small crystal vibrates at a steady frequency and is responsible for high precision. ANALOGUE watches possess conventional dials, the hands being driven by a small motor governed by the vibrations of the crystal. LCD watches have a continuous Liquid Crystal Display, showing the time in figures. Varying features on individual watches allow additional information to be given, at the touch of a button. Full instructions with each watch. For an easy guide to the main features of our LCD watches look at the symbols beside each watch and refer back to the key opposite.

1. Selko World Timer Alarm. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Constant display of hours. minutes and day. month and date or seconds. World time feature displays the time of 19 different time zones and a map of the world indicates the zones shown. The alarm can be set to operate in home or world time and can be used simultaneously Cat. No. 250/4858

Rec. Retail £72.50

Our Prioe £62.99

2. Selko Gent's Calculator Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Will show hours, minutes, seconds, a.m.lp.m., day, date and month. Eight digit calculator with 5 functions and floating decimal point. Alarm can be set for hourly chime and specific time. Complete with pencil/probe for calculator operation. Cat. No. 250/5345

Rec. Retail £105.00

Our Price £69.99

3. Selko Gent's Quartz Analogue Alarm Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Day. date calendar with instant setting. Second setting device. Battery life indlcetor. Alarm rings at preset time. Water resistant.........Cat. No. 250/5376

Rec. Retail £95.po

Our Price £69.99

4. Selko Quartz Analogue Sports 100 Watch. Water resistant 10 100 metres. Luminous. Day, date calendar with instant setting. Second setting device. 5 year battery life. battery life indicator Cat. No. 250/5383

Sugg'd Retail £123.00

Our Price £89.99

5. Selko Gent's LCD Quartz Chronograph Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Will show hours, minutes, seconds. day, date and month. 1/100 second stop watch, start/stop and lap time. Memory recall. Night light. Battery hatch Cat. No. 250/4456

Our Price £49.99 6. Selko LCD Chronograph with Quartz Analogue Combination Wlltch. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Two watches operate independently. giving dual time tacitity, Will show hours, minutes. seconds. day and date. Chrono stop watch. start/stop and lap time. Counter function for tournament score up to 99.99 or single counter up to 9999.Memoryrecall. Cat. No. 250/4614

Our Price £65.99







®CALCULATOR 7. Seiko Gent's Quartz Analogue Slim Watch. Gold plated case with stainless steel back. White facewith Romannumerals. Cat. No. 250/5369

Our Price £59.99 8. Seiko Gent's LCD Chronograph. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Will show hours, minutes,seconds,day,date andmonth. Chrono stop watch, start/stop and lap time. Memory recall. Night light feature........Cat. No. 250/4597

Our Price £39.99 9. Seiko Gent's LCD Alarm Chronograph Timer. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Will show hours. minutes, seconds,a.m.lp.m.. day, date and monthr 1/100 second stop watch. Alarm can be set for hourly chime and specific time. Waterresistant. Cat. No. 250/5338

Rec. Retail £52.50

Our Price £44.99

10. Seiko Gent's Quartz Analogue Watch. Stainlesssteel case.Dateandday calendarwith instant setting plus second setting device. Battery life of five years. battery life indicator. Waterresistant Cat. No. 250/5352


Rec. Retail-£57.5O

Our Price £46.99

11. Seiko Gent's Quartz Analogue Watch. Stainlesssteel case and bracelet.Dayand date calendar. Sweep second hand. Cat. No. 250/4580

Sugg'd Retail £42.50

Our Price £33.99

12. Selko Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet.Stainlesssteel back.17jewels. Cat. No. 250/5390

Rec. Retail £69.50

Our Price £54.99

13. Selko Lady's QuartzAnalogue Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet. Stainless steel back Cat. No. 250/5417

Our Price £72.99 14. Selko Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet.Stainlesssteel back.17jewels. Cat. No. 250/5400

Rec. Retail £82.50

Our Price £62.99

It should be noted that all Quartz watches

are dependent on batteries for their power source. Accordingly, customers returning watches with expired batteries will be charged for the fitting of replacements.

1. Bulova Gent's Automatic Day/Date Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Water resistant. (Swiss) Cat No. 250/5448

Sugg'd Retail £89.50

Our Price£57.99

2. Bulova Gent's LCD Multi-Function Alarm Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet.Will show hours. minutes. seconds. day and date. Timer, alarm set, dual time. chronograph with start/stop, lap time and memory recall. Night light feature .' Cat. No.250/4676

Sugg'd Retail £89.50

Our Price £49.99

3. Bulova Gent's Quartz Analogue/Digital Watch.Stainlesssteelcaseand bracelet.Digital sectioncanbe settoa diflerenttimezone. Shows hours, minutes, and month. With stop watchfeature.(Swiss)....Cat. No.250/5455

Sugg'dRetail £120.00 Our Price £64.99 4. Rotary Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet.stainlesssteel back. 17 jewelled lever movement,shock protected.(Swiss). Cat No. 250/5510

Rec.Retail £77.50

Our Price £64.99

5.Bulova Lady's 06artz AnalogueWatch.Gold plated case with stainless steel back and leatherstrap.(Swiss) Cat No. 250/5424

Sugg'd Retail £89.50

Our Price £49.99

6. Bulova Gent's Automatic Day/Date Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet.Stainless steel back.Waterresistant.(Swiss). Cat No. 250/5462

Sugg'd Retail £110.00 Our Price £79.99 7. Bulova Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet.Stainlesssteel back.(Swiss). Cat No. 250/5431

Sugg'd Retail £59.50

Our Price£54.49

8. Citizen "Digi-Ana" Chronograph Dual Time Alarm Watch. Stainlesssteel caseand bracelet. 24 hour digital display.Analoguedial can be set to a different time. Hourly chime. Alarm function. Stop watch with lap time. Night light feature Cat No.250/4841

Rec.Retail £89.50

Our Price£77.99

9. Citizen Gent's Quartz Analogue Calendar Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet.Day/ date with sweepsecondhand.Scratchresistant mineralglassfacecover Cat.No. 250/5503

Rec.Retail £49.95

Our Price£39.99

10. OmegaGent's Day/DateAutomaticWatch.

Stainlesssteelcaseandbracelet.(Swiss). Cat. No. 250/4638

Sugg'd Retail£145.00 OurPrice £119.00 11. Old England Lady's Bangle Watch. Gold plated case and bangle. 17 jewel lever shock protectedmovement.Stonebutton.(Swiss). Cat. No. 250/4724


Our Price £39.99

12. Old England Gent's Day/Date Quartz Analogue Watch. Gold plated case on leather strap. Champagnecoloured dial with raised faceted batons and sweepsecond hand. Cat. No. 250/4834


OurPrice £35.49

13. Old England Gent's Quartz Analogue Bracelet Watch.Goldplatedcaseand bracelet. stainless steel back. Day, date and second hand.(Swiss). . Cat.No.250/5479

Ree.Retail £68.90

Our Price£54.99

14.Old EnglandLady'sWatch.Rhodiumplated bark finished bracelet 17 jewel lever shock protectedmovement.(Swiss).CalNo.250/3550


OurPrice £35.99

15. Old England Lady's Quartz Analogue Watch.Gold platedcaseon leatherstrap.White dial with Roman numeralson face. Stone in button. (Swiss) Cal No.250/5008

Ree.Retail £49.90

Our Price£37.99

16. Old England Lady's Watch. Gold plated. diamond cut "brick" bracelet Champagnecoloured dial with raisedfacetedbatons. 17 jewel levershockprotectedmovement.(Swiss). Cal No. 250/4360


OurPrice £42.99

17. Old England Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet. Champagnecoloured dial with raisedfacetedbatons.17jewellevershock protectedmovement(Swiss).Cat.No.250/4717

Ree.Retail £45.90

OurPrice £38.99

It should be noted that all Quartzwatches are dependenton batteries for their powersource. Accordingly, customers returning watches with expired batteries will be charged for the fitting of replacements.


1. Ogival Gent's Quartz Analogue Watch. Gold plated case with leather strap. Black dial with raisec batons. Sweep second hand. Date. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/5039

Rec.Retail £49.50

Our Prioe£29.99

2. Ogival Lady's Quartz Analogue Watch. Gold plated case. White dial with Roman numerals. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/4102

Rec.Retail £48.00

Our Price£28.99

3. Ogival Gent's Quartz Analogue Watch. Gold plated case. White dial with Roman numerals and calendar. Sweep second hand. (Swiss). Cat. No. 250/4243

Rec.Retail £49.50

Our Price £28.99

4. Ogival Lady's Bangle Watch. Gold plated case and bangle. 17 jewelled lever movement with Incabloc shock protection. White face with batons. (SWiss) Cat. No. 250/5242

Rec.Retail £42.50

Our Price £27.99

5. Ogival Lady's Watch. Gold plated case with diamond cut bracelet. 17 jewelled lever movement with Incal!loc shock protection. White dial with batons. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/5235

Rec.Retail £47.50

Our Price £29.99

6. Ogival Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet. 17 jewelled lever movement. Incabloc shock protected. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/4188

Rec.Retail £42.50

Our Price £27.99

7. Ogival Lady's Watch. White gold plated case and bracelet. 17 jewelled lever movement. tncabloc shock protected. (Swiss). Cal No. 250/4700

Rec.Retail £45.00

Our Price £28.99

8. Chalet Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet with heart shaped case. 17 jewelled lever movement with Incabloc shock protection. Champagne coloured dial with batons. Cat. No. 250/5228

Rec.Retail £37.50

Our Price £25.99

9. Chalet Lady's Bracelet Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet. Champagne coloured dial with gilt batons. Fully jewelled lever movement. Cat. No. 250/3907

Rec.Retail £37.50

Our Price £26.99

10. Sandoz Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and integral bracelet. Champagne coloured dial. 17 jewelled lever movement. tncabtoc shock protected. (Swiss) Cal. No. 250/4504

Sugg'd Retail £57.00

Our Price £30.99

11. Saga Gent's Watch. Stainless steel adjust· able bracelet. Satin finish dial with raised batons. With dayldate calendar. Sweep second hand. Water reslstant.. Cal. No. 250/5273

Our Price £11.99 12. Saga Gent's Automatic Watch. Gold plated case. With strap. Sweep second hand. Date. Water resistant. Cat. No. 250/5297

Our Price £13.99 13. Saga Gent's Watch. With strap. Satin finish dial with raised batons. Date. Water resistant. Cat. No. 250/5280

Our Price £9.99 14. Sega Gent's Watch. Gold plated case and adjustable bracelet. Gold coloured dIal with Roman numerals. Sweep second hand. Water resistant Cal. No. 250/5266 Our Price £12.99 15. Saga Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and adjustable integral bracelet. Champagne coloured dial with raised batons. Cat. No. 250/5211

Our Price £15.99 16. Saga Lady's Watch. Gold plated case. With strap. White dial with Arabic numerals. Cat. No. 250/5259

Our Price £10.99 17. Saga Lady's Watch. Gold plated case. Satin finish dial with Roman numerals. Cat. No. 250/3512

Our Price £9.99 18. Saga Lady's Watch. Gotd plated case and adjustable Integral bracelet. Satin diat. Cat. No. 250/5204

Our Price £15.99 19. Saga Lady's Watch. Gotd plated case and adjustable bracelet. White dial with Roman numerals Cat. No. 250/5194

Our Price £12.99

1. Saga Glrl's Watch. Chromium plated case. Full figured dial Cat. No. 250/3062

OurPrice £6.99 2. Saga Boy's Calendar Watch. Chromium plated case. Tough boy's strap. 24 hour dial with sweep second hand. Luminous. Cal. No. 250/5307

OurPrice £7.99 3. Nurse's Watch. Chromium plated case. Shock resistant. Luminous figures and hands. Sweep second hand. (Swiss). Cat. No. 250/3275

Rec.Retail £13.50

OurPrice £9.99

4. Boy's Watch.Chromiumplatedcase.24 hour dial with sweep second hand. Luminous. Cat. No. 250/2702

Rec.Retail £7.95

OurPrice £5.99

5. Commodore Boy's Digital Alarm Watch. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. seconds. date and month. Alarm has snooze featureWhichrepeatsafter5 minutes. • Cat. No. 250/5321

Rec.Retail £15.95


6. Commodore Girl's Digilal Watch. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. seconds,date and month Cat. No. 250/5314

Rec.Retail £14.95

OurPrice £8,99

7. Gent's Calendar Bracelet Walch. Chromium plated case. Stainless steel back. 17 jewels. Sweepsecondhand Cat.No. 250/2740

Rec.Retail £11.40

OurPrice £8.49

8. Lady's Watch. Gold coloured case and expandingbracelet.Jewelledmovement. Cal No. 250/3220

Rec.Retail £10.35

OurPrice £7.69

9. Lady's Walch. Gold coloured case. Silver coloureddiaLJewelledmovement. Cat. No. 250/2881

Rec.Retail £9.50

OurPrice £6.99

10.Gent's Slim CalendarWalch.Gold coloured case. Champagne coloured diaL Sweep second hand...................... ..Cat.No. 250/4339

Rec.Retail £10.65


11. Texet Gent's LCD Alarm Watch. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. seconds. day, date. month and year. Alarm feature. Complete with spare battery .. Cat. No. 250/4793

Rec.Retail £18.95

Our Price £12.99

12.Texet Gent's LCDDualTime ChronoAlarm Watch.W,ll show hours. and date. Dual time feature.Chrono with start! stop and lap tome.Front alarm. Hatch back for easybattery replacementplussparebattery. Cat. No. 250/4786

Rec.Retail £24.95

OurPrice £17.99

13. Beltime Gent's LCDWalch. Stainlesssteel back and bracelet. W,ll show hours. minutes and and month.Batteryhatch for easybatteryreplacement.......Cat. No.250/4748

OurPrice £9.99 14. Beltime Multi-Function LCD Alarm Chronograph. Stainlesssteel strap. Dual time will show hours. minutes.seconds and day in two time zones. Chrono stop watch with lap time. 24 hour alarmsystem.....Cat. No. 250/4762

OurPrice £15.99 15. Zelron Lady's Quartz Analogue Walch. Gold plated caseand bracelet. Cat. No. 250/5015

Sugg'd Retail £25.50

OurPrice £19.99

16. Zetron Gent's Dual Time Melody Alarm Chronograph. Stainlesssteel integral bracelet. Will show hours. minutes and seconds In dual time. day. date and month. Musical alarm with test tacrtity plays "Yellow Roseof Texas". Cat. No. 250/5170

Sugg'd Retail £22.50

OurPrice £16.99

17. Zelron Lady's LCD Watch. Gold plated integral bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. seconds.dateand month.......Cat.No. 250/50n

Sugg'd Retail £15.95

OurPrice £12.99

18.Zelron Lady's LCDAlarm Watch.Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. mmutes. seconds. date and month. Snoozeand test facility on alarm Cat. No. 250/5084

Sugg'd Retail £13.50

Our Price £11.99

1. Riva Gent's Ultra Slim Dual Time LCD Chronograph. Stainless steel bracelet. Watch only 4.5 mm deep. Will show hours, minutes,

seconds, date in two time zones. Day flag, ,~osecond stop watch. Battery hatch for easy replacement. Cat. No.250/5101

Rec.Retail £47.95

Our Price £27.99

2. Riva Lady's LCD Watch. Stainless steel strap. Will show hours, minutes, seconds,date and month. Hatchback lor easybattery replacement. Cat. No.250/4827

Rec.Retail £19.95

OurPrice £11.99

3. Riva Gent's LCDWatch.Stainlesssteelstrap. Will 'show hours, minutes. seconds. date and month. Hatch back for easy battery replacement. Cat. No.250/4731 Rec. Retail £14.95

Our Price £9.99

4. Riva Gent's Dual Time Solar Alarm Chronograph. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. seconds in dual time ptus date and month. Full solar panel with rechargeable accumulator Cat.No. 250/5132

Rec.Retail £29.95

Our Price £19.99

5. Riva Gent's LCD Chronograph. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. minutes, seconds. day. date and month. Chrono stop watch with start/stop. lap time and memory recall. Hatchback for easybattery replacement. Cat. No. 250/4755

Rec.Retail £21.95

Our Price £12.99

6. Timex Gent's LCD "World Time" Alarm Chronograph. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours, minutes, seconds,a.m./p.m., date and month. Day flag. 7 pre-proqrarnmedtime zones with 6 additional user programmable zones. 60 second alarm with hourly chime feature. 12 hour countdown timer with beep signal lor start/stop Cat. No.250/5125

Our Price £21.99 7. Timex Lady's LCD Watch. Gold plated case. With strap. Will show hours, minutes.seconds. date and month Cat. No. 250/5053

Our Price £18.99 8. Timex Gent's Chronograph. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours, minutes. seconds, day. date and month. ,.so second chrono with start/stop and lap time Cat. No.250/5163

Our Price £14.99











!!.<>CK LK3HT

9. Caslo Gent's LCD Watch. Resin case and bracelet. 8 digit display showing hours. minutes. seconds. a.m.lp.m.. day and date. 3 yearbattery life Cat. No.250/5187

Rec.Retail £10.95

Our Price£8.95

10. Callo Gent'. LCD Calcul.tor Watch. Resin case and bracelet. Will Show hours. minutes. seconds. a.m.lp.m.. day. date and month. ,~second stop watch. 12124 hour time. Calculator can be operated with pencil tip or fingers.8 digit. 4 function.......C.t. No. 250/5118

Rec.Retail £27.95

Our Price£24.95

11. Caalo Gent'. LCDChronograph.Resincase and bracelet. Will show hours, minutes. seconds. a.m.lp.m. and date. second stop watch C.t. No. 250/5156


Rec.Retail £14.95

OurPrice £12.95

12. Caslo Gent's LCD AI.rm Chronograph. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. seconds,a.m.lp.m.. day. date. month and year. r:. second stop watch. alarm with hourly chime feature.3 year battery life. Cal. No. 25015091

Rec.Retail £27.95

OurPrice £24.95

13. Caslo Gent's LCD Chronograph. Stainless steel bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. seconds. a.m.lp.m.. day. date. month and year.,~.second stop watch. 4 year battery life Cat.No. 250/5149

Rec.Retail £19.95

OurPrice £17.95

14. Caslo Lady's LCD Watch. Stainless steet bracelet. Will show hours. minutes. day. date and month. 1 secondstop watch featureor dual time Cat. No. 250/5060

Rec.Retail £18.95

Our Price £16.95

15. Casio Gent's LCD Alarm. Resin case and bracelet with stainless steel trim. Will show hours. minutes, seconds, a.m.lp.m.. day, date and month. Chrono stop watch.Alarm Cat. No. 250/4865

Rec.Retail £17.95

OurPrice £15.95

It should be noted that all Quartzwatches are dependent on ballerlell for their power source. Accordingly, customers returning watches with expired batteries will be charged for the fitting of replacements. For details of Quartz watches see page 20.

1. Estyma Travel Alarm Clock. Barrel shaped with silver coloured dial and attractive oatmeal coloured case. Luminous Cat. No. 255/3005


Our Price£6..29

2. Estyma Travel Alarm Clock. Folding case with gilt trim. White dial. Luminous. Cat. No. 255/2226



3. Europa Travel Alarm Clock. FOlding case with gold coloured numerals.Luminous. Cat. No. 255/2109


Our Price£4.99

4. Europa Calendar Travel Alarm Clock. Leatherettefolding caseand satin dial. Cat. No. 255/2240


Our Price£7.99

5. Eurastyle Single Bell Alarm Clock. White casewith white and gilt finisheddial. With black Romannumeralsand hands.Luminous. Cat. No. 255/2817

Rec.Retail £7.95


6. Splendex Double Bell Alarm Clock. Polished copper plated case with white dial and bold black numerals. Luminous markings on dial and hands Cat.No. 255/3407


Our Price£4.79

7. Westclox Alarm Clock. White dial with black numeralsand hands Cat.No. 255/0022

Sugg'd Retail£5.25


8. Smiths·Timetal "Clarion" Repeater Alarm Clock.White metalcase.Luminoushands. Cat. No. 255/2721



9. Columbia "Minerva Drowse-DlaUte"Electric Alarm Clock. Glowing dial for easy night reading. Alarm repeats every 7 minutes unlil switched off Cat. No. 255/2264

Sugg'd Retail£11.00


10. Metamec Electric Repeater Lamp Alarm Clock. White moulded case.Two position light switch for subdued or full lighting. Illuminated dial. Cat. No. 255/3414



11. Acctim Electronic Digital Alarm Clock. 12 hour green fluorescent display with a.m.lp.m. indicator. "Snooze" feature gives a 9 minute repeater alarm. Woodgrain finish case. Operatesfrom 240VA.C.mains......Cat. No.255/3050

Sugg'd Retail£17.95


12. Acctim "Memento" Quartz Travel Alarm Clock. Ruby red case with gold coloured trim. White dial with black Arabic figures. Removable photograph holder servesas a snap-shutcover. Operatesfrom 1xAA (MNl500) battery (order 1 01980/0098 at 35peach).........Cat. No.255/3548


Our Price£8.99

13. Acc1im Electronic Digital Alarm Cloclt. 12 hour red LED display with a.m./p.m. indicator. Woodgrain finish case with metallic front. Snooze feature. Operates from 240V A.C. mains Cat. No. 255/3555

Sugg'd Retail £17.95

Our Price £11.99

14. Status Electronic Digital Alarm Cloclt. 12 hOur LED display with p.m. indicator. Features day/date read-cut. "Snooze" feature gives 9 minute repeater alarm. Dimmerswitch for night reading.Operatesfrom 24(lVA.C.mains. Cat. No. 255/3232

Sugg'd Retail £16.95

OurPrice £12.99

15. Metamec Quartz Alarm Clock. Moulded case with woodgrain finish. Luminous hands. Interrupted bleep alarm signal. Operatesfrom 1xC11 battery (supplied) Cat. No. 255/3531

Sugg'd Retail £11.95

Our Price£9.49

16. Estyma Quartz Carriage Style Alarm Clock. Brass case with silvered linen finish dial. Brass coloured zone with Romannumerals.Operates from MNI500 battery (order 1 of 980/0098 at 35peach) Cat.No. 255/3452

Sugg'd Retail £25.75

OurPrice £18.99

17. Status Quartz Alarm Clock. White plastic case. Black dial with luminous hands and Arabic numerals. Easyto operateon/off alarm switch on top of case. Operates from 1x MNI500 battery (supplied).....Cat.No. 255/3524

Sugg'd Retail £9.50

OurPrice £6.49

18. Kienz.leQuartz Alarm Clock.Blackdial with luminous numeralsand hands.Effectivealarm. Operates from MNI500 battery (order 1 of 980/0098at 35p each) Cat. No. 255/3421

Rec.Retail £13.95

Our Price £8.99

19. Acc1.imMini Travel Quartz Alarm Clock. Black case with silver coloured metal trim and gold coloured dial. Completewith travelpouch. Size 2l·x2t'x1~·. Operatesfrom MNI500 battery(supplied) Cat. No. 255/3201

Sugg'd Retail £15.95

Our Price£8.99

zo. Westclox "Hunter"

RepeaterQuartz Alarm Clock. Black case with silver coloured dial. Alarm repeats every 2 minutes. Features a lighted dial operated by pressing a switch for easy reading at night. Operatesfrom MNI400 battery (order 1 of 980/0139at 60peach). Cal No. 255/3218

Sugg'd Retail £15.95

Our Price £11.99

21. Bra..n "Signal" QuartzTravel Alarm Clock. With alarm. Operatesfrom Cll battery (order 1 of 980/0146at 26peach) Cat. No. 255/3043

OurPrice £11.99 22. Toshiba LCD Alarm Clock. A compact 24 hour digital alarm clock with snooze facility. Complete with leatherette wallet and supplied with a battery.Sizeapprox. li-·x ~ ·x4". Cat. No. 255/3469

Rec.Retail £13.95

OurPrice £10.99

Please note: Batteries are not supplied with any item unless otherwise stated.


\ \


",II :"10 -,


1. Hanson Quaro: Battery Kitchen Wall Clock. Brown case. almond coloured face with Arabic numerals and brown hands. Operatesfrom Cll battery(order 1 of 980/0146at 26peach). Cat. No. 2.55/3562

Ree.Retail £9.20

Our Priee£6.49

2. Hanson Quaro: Battery Wall Clock. Brown moulded case. Fawn dial with brown figures. Operatesfrom ell battery (order 1 of 980/0146 at 26p each) Cat. No. 255/2752

Ree.Retail £10.95

Our Priee£7.49

3. Quaro: Battery Wall Clock. Attractive brown case with raised gold coloured numerals. Suitable for use as kitchen, lounge or general purpose wall clock. Operates from MNl500 battery (order 1of 980/0098at 35peach). Cat. No. 255/3249

Our Price £9.99 4. Pentland Quaro: Battery Wall Clock. Brown casewith white numerals.Sweepsecond hand. Operatesfrom dt 1 battery (order i of 980/0146 at 26p each) _ Cat. No. 255/2855

Our Price £6.99 5. Smiths-Timecal "Denver" Quaro: Kitchen Battery Clock. White case and dial with black numerals. Operatesfrom ell battery (order 1of 980/0146at 26p each) Cat. No. 255/3256

Ree.Retail £10.95

Our Priee£6.49

6. Smiths-Timecal "Denver" Electric Wall Clock. White moulded case....CSt.No. 255/2381

Ree.Retail £13.50

Our Price £8.99

7. Helitron 1 Hour Timer. 0-60 minute timer. Hand wound mechanical movement with loud alarm signal. (Swiss) Cat. No. 255/3579

Ree.Retail £5.75

Our Priee£4.99

8. Pentland Battery Wall Clock. Whitemoulded case with chromium plated bezel. Operates from ell battery (order 1 of 980/0146 at 26p each) Cat. No. 255/1832

Our Price £6.79 9. Pentland RP20 Battery Wall Clock. White moulded case. Black hands and numerals. Sweepsecond hand. Operatesfrom Cll battery (order 1 of 980/0146 at 26p each). Cat. No. 255/2738

Our Price £5.29

10. Eurostyle Ouartz Battery Wall Clock. Brass case. diameter 11". Operates from MNl400 battery (order 1 of 980/0139 at 60p each). Cat. No. 255/3122

Rec. Retail £24.95

Our Price £17.99

11. Metamec Quartz "Sunray" Battery Wall Clock. Finished in polished brassand simulated wood. Operates from Cll battery (order 1 of 980/0146at 26peach)•............Cal No.255/3359

Sugg'd Retail £39.95

Our Price £29.99

12. Metamec Quartz Decorative Lounge Wall Clock. Brass and simulated wood finish. Diameter 13".Operatesfrom Cl1 battery (order 1 of 980/0146 at 26p each) Cat. No. 255/3311

Sugg'd Retail £29.95

Our Price £22.99

13. Hanson Battery Wan Clock. Moulded "plate" effect. Brown floral design. Operates from ell battery (order 1 of 980/0146 at 26p each) Cat. No. 255/2862

Rec. Retail £10.80

Our Price £7.49

14. Westclox "Aster" Pull·fo-Wind Wall Clock. Simulatedwoodgrain case.....Cat. No. 255/2934

Sugg'd Retail £15.95

Our Price £11.99

15. Pentland "Chester" Picture Wall Clock. Chester Roman Wan scene. Size 2O~Hx16r'. Operatesfrom Cll battery (order 1 of 980/0146 at 26peach) CaL No. 25511045

Our Price £12.49 16. Mirror Wall Clock. In attractive gilt frame. Mirror panel has "Art Nouveau" decoration. Size 191Hx9l". Operatesfrom Cll battery (order 1 of 980/0146at 26p eac;h)......Cat. No. 255/3490

Sugg'd Retail £17.50

Our Price £12.99

Please note: a) With quartz clocks the quartz movement is generally accurate to within a few minutes per year. b) Batteries are not supplied with any item.

1. Schatz 8 Oay Carriage Clock. Polished brass case with white diat.and black Roman nornerals. Features moving escapement and plexi glass panels. Height (excluding handle) 5j".

Pleasenote' This is a traditional spring wound carriage clock and requires winding approximatelyevery8 days Cat. No. 255/3263

Rec.Retail £44.95

Our Price£34.99

2. Ac:ctimOuartz Anniversary Clock. Attractive polished brass case with glass front Features rotating ball pendulum movement. Height (excludmq handle) T. Operates from MNl500 battery (order 1 of 980/0098 at 35p each). Cat No. 25513270

Sugg'd Retail


Our Price£46.99

3. Acctim Quartz Dome Anniversary Clock. Polished brass case with gilt and glass dome. Features rotating ball pendulum movement Height 9". Operatesfrom MNl500 battery (order 1 of 980/0098 at 35p each). Cat. No. 255/3328

Sugg'd Retail £46.95

Our Price £29.99

4. Hanson Ouartz Pendulum Kitchen Wall Clock. Br.wn case and hands, almond cotoured with Roman numerals and bronze pendulum. Operatesfrom 1xSP2 battery(order 1of 980/0036 at 22peach) Cat. No.255/3586

Rec.Retail £14.95

Our Price £9.99

5. Hanson Pendulum Battery Wall Clock. Black case and dial with white Roman numerals. Operatesfrom SP2 battery (order 1 of 980/0036 at 22peach).......................•..... Cat. No. 255/2666

Rec.Retail £13.05

Our Price £8.99

6. Acctim Quartz Regulator Clock. Brazilian mahogany case with brass coloured dial. Romannumeralson white zone. Operatesfrom ell battery (order 1 of 980/0146 at 26peach). Cat. No. 255/3610

Sugg'd Retail £81.50

Our Price£49.99

7. "QuartzOlaster" Bell Strike Carriage Clock. Brass case with traditional style handle and pendulum. Silver finish dial with brass zone. Passing bell struck on the hour. Height 81". Operates from 1><MNl400 battery (order 1 of 980/0139 at60p each) Cat. No. 255/3593

Sugg'd Retail £49.95

Our Price £34.99

8. Acctim Pine Pendulum Wall Clock. Satin finish pine case with white dial and Roman numerals. Battery operated pendulum movement. Size 81'x31'x18" high. Operates from SP2 battery (order 1 of 980/0036 at 22p each). Cat. No. 255/3074

Sugg'd Retail £38.90

Our Price£23.99

.>~/" 'Y" .. \ ~I /



.~ .

4t ~

9. Lu)Curla Green Ony)C Marble Quartz Battery Mantel Clock. Gill handle. Size 4¥,x21"XSA" hlqh (excluding handle). Operates from MNl500 battery (order 1 of 980/0098 at 3Sp


Sugg'd Retail £45.95

Cat. No. 255/2941

Our Price £32.99

10. Sliver Plated Quartz Carriage Clock. Brushod satin sillier plated case With black Roman numerals on Silver COlOuredzone. Height (O)(Cludinghandle) SJ". Operates from MN1400 battery (order 1 of 98010139 at SOp oach) .. . Cat. No.255/3294

Rec. Retail £37.95

11. Acctlm Quartz Carriage Clock. Brass finished case. Silver coloured dial With black RomAn numerals. Height (e)(cludlng handle) 5:". Operates 'rom Cl1 battery (Order 1 of 9801014Sat 2Speach) ......... Cat. No. 255/3108

Sugg'd Retail £39.95

Our Price £22.99

12. EurastY'e Quartz Mantel Clock. Satin brass ptatedcaseand dial. Black Romannumeralson raised gill zone. With black hands. Height (exctudlng handte) 4~".Operatesfrom MNl400 battery (order 1of 98010139at 60poacn). Cat. No. 255/3287

Rec. Retail £33.95

Our Price £25.99

13. Quartz Carriage Clock. Brass plated case With traditional white dIal and black Roman numerals. Height (excluding handle) 41". Operates from MN1400battery (order 1 of 98010139 III SOpeach) Cal No.255/3476

Rec. Retail £28.70

Our Price £21.99

14. Estyma Quartz Carriage Clock. Brass finiShedcasewith a brown dial. Brasszone and black Roman numerals. Height (excluding handle) 5'''. Operatesfrom Cl1 battery (Order1 0'980/0146 at 26peach).........Cat. No. 255/3483

Rec. Retail £37.50

Our Price £26.99

15. Smiths "Colchester" Quartz Carriage Clock. Grained and polished heavy brass case with lacquer finish. Hinged handle and brass leet. Romannumeralson a white dial. Operates 'rom Cll battery (order 1 of 980/014Sat 2Sp each) Cat. No. 255/3603

Sugg'd Retail £28.50


Our Price £26.99

Our Price £19.99

Pleasenote: a) With quartz clocks the quartz movement is generally accurate to within a few minutes per year. b) Batteries are not supplied with








."-., 1,1


Braun Roundstvler cool-curl

Braun Hairstyling-Set

1. Braun RS67K "Roundstyler". 2 heat/speed settings (3501700 Watts). The first round styler with a special "cool-air" control to hold curls longer and give hair more body and bounce. Complete with a comb. 2 brushes.curling tongs and spray bottle. Features a no-tangle swivel cord for easeof use Cat. No. 440/2848

Our Price £14.99 2. Braun 50.800 Hairstyling Set. 2 heat/speed settings (360/800 Watts). Safety cut-out. Suitable for styling. shaping and detangling hair. Complete with air concentrator. waving comb. brush. curling tongs and styling handle. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.440/2831

Our Price £13.99 3. Moutinex 600 Round Styler. 2 heat/speed settings (400/800 Watts). Featuresa rollomatic curling brush which releasesthe curl automatically when operated. Lightweight and compact. Attachments include blow wave nozzle. comb and short curling brush C8t. No. 440/3146

Our Price £15.49 4. Clalrol "Power Styler". High powered styler set. 2 heat/speed settings (450/900 Watts). Complete with detangling spine brush. styling brush. directional nozzle and no·tangle swivel cord for easeof use C8t. No. 440/2680

Our Price £11.99 5. Calor Electric 9051 "Salonette" De Luxe Halrdryer. Variable heat control. Height adjustment. Folds down to hat box size. B.E.A.B. approved Cal No. 440/1722

Our Price £23.99

199111992 "Boutique" Halrdryer and Stand. Remote control heat switch. Foldaway stand. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 440/0053 6. pjfco

Our Price £21.99 7. Carmen 700F Styling Set. (700 Watts). Complete with detangling brush. soft bristle brush. styling comb. attachment handle and air concentrator Cat. No. 440/3012

Our Price £11.99 8. Moullnex 384 "Styler-Dryer" Set. 2 heaV speed settings (375/750 Watts). Complete with brush, two combs, spray attachment, styling handle and nozzle. Automatic safety cut-out. cat. No. 440/2594 Our Price £13.99 9. Braun SDE.850 "Protector" Electronic Sensor Hairstyling Set. Variable temperature control (850 Watts maximum). 2 speed airflow. When you adjust the temperature control to the required heat setting the built-in sensor keeps heat output constant to help protect hair. Complete with 5 attachments for versatile styling. Cat. No. 440/2460

Our Price £15.99


_.~,~t!O'~"J ~~_~t;J


1IOIi~1ItII'1J(Ir:,a,~IiJ'P.t ....... p.ta...,9.rf1t:n.:OlO: crfI_)~


1. Moulinex New No.1 Halrdryer. (700 Watts). Combined onloff and cool/not switch. Light-

weight with blow wave nozzle attachment. Safetycut-out Cat. No. 440/3122

Our Price £5.79 2. Clairol 1200 lightweight Halrdryer. (1200 Watts). 2 heat/speed settings. Blow wave nozzle attachment. With safety cut-out. Cat. No. 440/2446

Our Price £9.99 3. Moulinex No. 16 Hairdryer. (1200 Watts). High powered. Lightweight and compact. 2 heat/speed settings. Complete with blow wave nozzle attachment. Automatic safetycut-out. Cat. No. 440/2800

Our Price £7.99 4. Philips HP.4218 Compact Hairdryer. (800 Watts). 2 heat/speed settings. Lightweight and high powered. Complete with blow wave nozzle attachment. Safetycut-out. ....Cat. No. 440/2659

Our Price £6.99

5. Braun

PGC 1000 Super Compact


(1000 Watts). 2 heat/speed settings. Lightweight power dryer. Complete with blow wave nozzleattachment... Cat. No. 440/2666

Our Price £8.29 6. Carmen PRO 1000 Hairdryer. (1000 Watts). High powered, well balanced and lightweight. 4 heat/speed settings. 1000 Watts high airflow for fast drying: 500 Watts in 2 airflow settings for styling: 250 Watts low airflow for a gentle finish. Complete with blow wave nozzle attachment and hanging ring Cat. No. 440/2817

Our Price £13.99 7. cannen BS20 "Cascade" Hair Curler Set. 20 heat retaining rollers in 3 sizes which can be individually sprayed with carmen "Condition 'n' Set"lotion (supplied). B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 440/2161

Our Price £25.99 A. Clairol UK400 3 Way Halrsetter. 20 rollers

can be used dry. with water mist or conditioner (supplied). B:E.A.B. approved. cat. No. 440/2288

Our Price £17.99 9. Dateline DLC.24 Heat Retaining Hair Curler Unit. 24 interchangeable rollers in 3 sizes. cat. No. 440/1832

Our Price £18.99 10. Dateline DLC.1616 Heat Retaining Hair Curlers. 16 interchangeable rollers in 3 sizes. Cat. No. 440/0352

Our Price £13.99 11. Carmen 88 Hair Curler Set. 16 heat retaining rollers in 2 sizes, '8 medium and 8 small. IdealforshoJ1!medium length hair. cat. No. 440/3043

Our Price £14.99 12. Carmen BD20 Hair Curler Set. 20 heat retaining rollers in 3 sizes. B.EAB. approved. cat. No. 44012147

Our Price £19.99 13. Clairol "One-for-the-Road" Hairdryer. (1200Watts). 2 heat/speed settings. High powered and lightweight. Folds to a compact size for travelling. Complete with snap-on blow wave nozzle attachment. Dual voltage, 120/240 V A.C Cat. No. 440/3005

Our Price £9.99

1. Braun "Quick Style" Styling Brush. Specially developed bristles to prevent tangling. Automatic heat regulator to protect hair. Swivel cord. Operates from any voltage between 1()()'240V A.C Cat. No. 440/3108

Our Price £7.99 2. Clairol Styling Brush. A hairbrush for styling in waves.curls and to give extra body. Features curl release button and swivel cord. Operates from any voltage between 120-240VAC. Cat. No. 440/3006

Our Price £8.79 3. Carmen "Rolla" Steam Styling Brush. A hot roller brush for quick. easy curling. Operates from any voltagebetween110-240VAC. Cat. No. 440/3153

Our Price £9.99 4. Pilco 1187 Hot Styling Brush. This styler creates waves and curls as a finishing touch. Single voltage.240VAC .........Cat. No. 440/3029

Our Price £6.79 5. Clairol CK2 "Crazy Curl" $learn Styling Wand. Compact size with heat shield making the wand portable immediatelyafter use. Multi· voltage. 1()()'240VAC Cat. No.440/2312

Our Price £7.99 6. Pilco 1186 "Baby" Mist Styler. f'diam'eter non-stick. steam mist.roller. Operatesfrom any voltage between 1()().240VAC. Cat. No. 440/2707

Our Price £6.79 7. Pifco 1183 "Easy Curl". Roller diameter 1'. With stand. Double insulated. Operates from 240VAC. B.E'AB. approved..Cat. No.440/2295

Our Price £4.99 8. Moulinex 171 Curling Tongs. With stand. Operatesfrom 240VA.C.........Cat. No.44011863

Our Price £3.79 9. Pifco Folding Make-up Mirror. Featuresone normal and one magnifying mirror with an illuminated border. Central light with filter adjusts to daylight or artificial light. Integral stand folds awayinto casing..Cat. No.440/3232

Our Price £13.49

10. Pifco 1558 Deep Heat Massager. Twin action massager with the benefit of deep heat treatment combined with vibratory massage. 2 levels of heat with 2 levels of vibration. With 5 applicators. 240V A.C.B.EAB. approved.

Cal No. 440/2350

Our Price £14.79 11.Helitron Ultrafast Solarium. This unit comes complete with versatile stand on easy to move castors and can be used vertically or horizontally. It features 3 ultra-violet bulbs, 1with safety filter for sun tanning and 4 infra-red elements for deep heat treatment. Complete with 2 timers, 1 with automatic cut-out, instructions and goggles Cat. No. 440/3050

Our Price £134.00 12. Philips HP.3115"Ultraphil" De LUlie Sun/ Health Lamp. Combined ultra-violet and infrared lamp. Features an electronic timer and built-in treatment programmer to enable you to select the right output to suit your skin type. Built-in distance measure. Adjustable stand. Complete with full instructions and goggles. Operatesfrom 240VA.C Cat. No. 440/3225

Our Price £39.99 13. Philips HP.3609 "Infraphil" Infra-Red Health Lamp. High intensity filament. For treatment of stiffness. rheumatism and aching muscles.Adjustable stand. 240V A.C. Cat. No. 440/2903

Our Price £11.49 14. Sundial "Solarium Special 131" by the House of Carmen. (850 Watts). Sunbathing luxury at home. Features individual skin type selection tanning programme to prevent burning. Automatic safety cut-out and timer/alarm. Adjustable portable stand.' Separate infra-red function for muscular treatment. Instructions and goggles supplied Cat. No. 440/2745

Our Price £179.00 15.Sundial by the House of Carmen 128Health Lamp. Combined infra-red and ultra-violet model.With goggles Cat. No. 440/2075

Our Price £18.49 16. Sundial by the House of Carmen 120/F Mk. 2 Health Lamp. Combined infra-red and ultra-violet with quartz glass filter. With timer/alarm, measuring gauge, tanning chart and goggles Cat. No. 44012927

Our Price £37.99


[J 1 I

1. Braun "Lady Elegance" Lady's Electric Shaver. Features narrow shaving head. tncorporates 3 shaving systems: curved long hair trimmer for under arms, flat long hair trimmer for legs and the Braun foil system for a smooth finish. Dual voltage. 120V/240VAC. Complete with travel case Cat. No. 440/2910

Our Price £14.49 2. Philips HP. 2111 "Ladyshave" De Luxe ElectrIc Shaver. Two trimmer shaving head. 240VAC. B.EAB. approved..Cal No.44012202

Our Price £12.49 3. Lady Remington LRSOOO De Luxe Lady's Electric Shaver. Designed to remove both long and short hair. Features coil cord and on/off switch. 22OVl240VAC Cal No.440/2570

Our Price £12.79 4. Carmen "Smoothie" Battery Lady's Shaver. Features two shaving double sided and one f~" head for a smooth finish. Complete with travel pouch. Operates from 1xMN1500 battery(order 1of 980/0098 at 35p each). Cal No. 44013201

Our Price £9.99 5. Philips HP.2207 "Ladyshave" Battery Shaver. Features two double edged cutters. Requires 4xHP7 batteries (order 4 of 980/0029 at 13p each) Cal No. 440/3218

Our Price £10.79 6. Clairol "Skinvention". A complete skin care system.Complete with a facial brush to cleanse the skin. large brush for allover skin cleansing. pumice stone and buffer to help smooth the skin. Complete with case. Operates from 2xMN1500 batteries (supplied). Cat. No. 440/2n6

Our Price £8.49 7. Pitco Facial Brush. A new aid to complexion care, especially for younger people. Complete with medicated soap, two brushes and travel case. Operates from 2xHP11 batteries (order 2 of 980/0012 at 23p each).........Cat No. 44012769

Our Price £4.49

8. Remington "M3" Battery Shaver. Twin nickel foil head with unique "Intercept Cutter", High carbon steel cutting blades. Full width trimmer. Compact travel case. Operates from 4> MNl500 batteries (order 4 of 980/0098 at 35p



Our Price £13.99 9. Ronson RS.95 "Spirotechnic" Battery Shaver.Stainlesssteelfoil head.Completewith trimmer. Operatesfrom 4xHP7 batteries(order 4 Of980/0029 at l3p each)......Cat. No.440/3160

Our Price £11.99 10. Philips HP. 1207 "Philishave De Luxe" Battery Shaver. Twin "90 Super" floating heads. Complete with travel case. Operates from 4yHP7 batteries (order 4 of 980/0029 at 13peach) Cat.No.440/2714

Our Price £13.79 11. Philips HP. 1213 "Phillshave Compact" Battery Shaver. Twin "90 Super" floating heads.Operatesfrom 4x HP7batteries(order 4 of980/0029 at 13peach) Cat. No.440/1966

Our Price £11.99 12. Braun "Sprint" Battery Shaver. "Micron" foil head. Complete with trimmer and travel case with built-in mirror. Operates from 2x MN1400batteries(order2 of 980/0139 at SOp each) Cat. No.440/2367

Our Price £13.99 13. Pifco 1560 Facial Sauna. Stainless steel inner container. Safety cut-out. B.EAB. approved , Cat. No.<\40/0424

Our Price £11.99 14. Pifco "Broxobrush" Battery Toothbrush. Complete with a wall mounted cabinet which featuresan integral mirror and batterycompartment.4 brushesare supplied and the brushing angle can be adjusted from 15° to 40" for effectivecleaningof the teethand massagingof gums. Operates from 4xMNl300 batteries (order4 of 980/0490 at SOp each). Cat_No. 440/3074

Our Price £10.79 Please note: Batteries are not supplied with any Item unless otherwise stated.

1. Remington M3 Micro $C1'eenDe Luxe Mains Shaver. Twin foil head with unique "Intercept Cutter" to removeany stray long whiskers. Full width trimmer. Presentationcase. Dualvoltage. 11O-127V/220-240VAC. B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 440/31n

Our Price £19.99

2. Braun "Synchron Plus" Mains Shaver. Platinum coated foil shaving head.Built-in trimmer. Complete with travel case. Dual voltage. 120V/240V AC. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 440/1681

Our Price £22.99

3. Braun "Compact" Mains Shaver. Ultra-slim. Platinum coated foil head. With long hair trimmer. Comt>letewith robust ira vel case. Dual voltage. 120V/240V AC. B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 440/2381

Our Price £19.99 4. Remington "Lek110Special" Mains Shaver. 2 "micro-slot" heads with open slot centre cutter to remove long stray hairs. Trimming edge. Complete with travel pouch. Single VOltage.22OV-240VAC Cat. No. 440/2879

Our Price £11.99 S. Philips HP.ll34 "Phillshave Standard" Mains Shaver. Twin "90 Super" floating heads with 12 blade cutters. Dual voltage. 11(J. 130V/220-240V A.C.lD.C. B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 440/1980

Our Price £17.99 6. Ronson RS.2SMains Shaver. Foil head with trimmer. Completewith travel wallet and cleaning brush. Single voltage. 220V-240V A.C. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 440/2374

Our Price £11.99

Ronson RS.8S "Spirotechnlc" Mains Shaver. Stainless steel fOil head. Complete wIth trimmer and travel case. Dual voltage. 110120Vl220-240V A.C .............••. Cat. No. 440/3184

Our Price £19.99 8. Philips HP.1133New "Philishave De Luxe" Mains Shaver. Re-deslgnedcase style for ease of use. 3 "90 Super" floating heads with 12 blade cullers. Integral trimmer. Complete with travel case Dual voltage. 110-130Vl220-240V A.C.lD.C.B.EAB. approved..Cal No. 440/2862

Our Price £26.99 ~. Braun "Micron" Mains Shaver. Platinum coated tort, traps hair faster, shaves closer Extendable long hair trimmer With a mumpurpose travel case,built-in mirror and bracket lor wall mounting. Dual voltage. 120V/240V AC B.EAB. approved Cal No.44012257

Our Price £28.49 10. Braun "Intercity" Rechargeable Shaver. 'M,cron" foil head. Complete WIth charger Iravel case. wall bracket and cleaning brush. Operates from any voltage between 100-24OV A.C _.... ..Cat No.440/2501

Our Price £29.99 11. Ronson RS.7S1 Rechargeable Shaver. Stainless steel foil head and trimmer With charging umt Dual voltage l00-120V/200-240V A C.B.EAB. approved......... Cal No. 440/2398

Our Price £21.99 12. Remington M3 Micro Screen De Luxe Rechargeable Shaver. Twin fOIlheadwith urnque 'Intercept Cutter" to removeany straylong whiskers. Full width trimmer. Built-in charging urnt, Complete with presentation case. Operates from any voltage between 10>24OV A.C Cat. No.44013191

Our Price £26.99

1. Alfa 950 Free-Arm Automatic Ughtwelght

Sewing Machine. Features a free-arm for ease of sewing awkward corners on cuffs. sleeves. collars etc. Stitch length and zig-zag width control. Built-in automatic devices for buttonholes. blind hemming. straight and zig-zag. stretch sewing and overlock. Complete with flat bed extension. buitt-in light. dust cover and illustrated instruction book. Weight 19i Ib approx...................................•.. Cat. No. 44013067

Our Price £89.99 2. Ardis "Contura" Oressform. Measuring windows enable programming of waist and bust measurements when adjusting for size, Covered with foam-l)acked brushed nylon. Bust 33"-39". Complete with hem gauge. Cat. No. 260/0367

Rae.Retail £40.54

•• ~

OurPrice £26.99

3. New Home 632 Zlg-Zeg Automatic Ughtweight Sewing Machine. Features colour coded stitch selection panel. zig-zag width and stitch length controls. Selector allows choice of straight. zig-zag. stretch or tricot stitches. Automatic button-holer and blind hemming. Complete with button-hole foot. zipper foot. blind hem guide. spare needles and bobbins. seam ripper and instruction book. With cover and extension table. Weight 26llb approx. Cat. No. 44OI2S63

OurPrice £84.99 4. Jones 1681 Free-Ann Zig-Zeg Sewing Machine. Features a free-arm for ease of sewing awkward corners. Stitch lengttl and zig-zag width controls. Sews forward and reverse. makes button-holes. dams. embroiders. oversews raw edges and sews on buttons. Built-in sewing light. automatic bobbin winder and variable speed foot control. With case and extension table Cat. No. 44012783

Our Price £79.99 5. Five PIece ScIssors Set. Contains household. straight sewing. drapers. embroidery and manicure scissors. Made in Sheffield.

Cat. No. 260/1775

Rae.Retail £3.70

Our Price£2.69

Sylko Sewing


Size 40. 36 reels each

91m/100yd. Assorted colours. Suitable both hand and machine sewing. CIIL No. 26012011

Our Price £7.49 300 Zig-Zag Sewing MlIChlne. Fea· stitch length and zig-zag width controls. forward and reverse.makes button-holes. embroiders. oversews raw edges and buttons. Built·in sewing light. autornawinder and variable speed foot conWith case and extension table. CIIL No. 44012893

OurPrice £59.99 Knitting M.chlne. Eight button ,!!"'utonlat,icknitting machine with 200 needles. produce thousands of patterns and knit double-knit wool down to finest yams. lacing attachment to produce true lace. Fair Isle. tuck and skip stitches. and weaving. A special slide dial for zig· pattern. carry cover and tuition pack. CIIL No. 26012767

OurPrice £139.00 WI,lkh,sc.nSword Needlework ScIssors. Pre· ground stainless steel. Lightweight 1 oz). Suitable for right or teft hand use. 5· CIIL No. 26012334

Retail £4.45


Sword General Purpose Scl8PrE!CiSlonground stainless steet. Light. and comfortable to use. (Right hand Length 8~" CIIL No. 260/0893

Retail £6.25

OurPrice £4.79

WlllkI~lSOnSword Dressmaking ScIssors. designed scissors for use in dressmaktailoring. Precision ground stainless Shaped handles for extra comfort. (Right only.) Length 91 C.L No. 26012781

Retail £8.55

OurPrice £6.49

Sword Nail ScIssors. Specially cutting nails. Stainless steel. l.iOlhtv,ei.,htG oz). Suitable for right or left hand 4" C8L No. 26013027


OurPrice £2.99

1. Wooden Sewing Walnut stain finish. (excluding handle)

Box. Concertina design. Size 16~·x8!"x1~· high CaL No. 260/0628

Rec.Retail £12.80

Our Price£8.99

2. Flair "Sit 'n' Sew" Sewing Chest/Stool. Deep inner compartment, lift-out tray and carrying handle.Height1?",diameter n". Cat. No. 260/1476

Rec.Retail £6.21

OurPrice £4.49

3. Needlework Box. Features lifl-out bobbin tray with storage compartment below. complete with pin cushion. Size 13!"x9·x3~". (Bobbins and accessoriesnot supplied.) Cat. No. 260/3120

Rec.Retail £6.00

OurPrice £4.49

4. Tapestry Sewing Box. Satin lined with a quilted lid. Size 16"><8·x5" .....Cat. No. 260/3137

Rec.Retail £10.00

Our Price £7.99

5. Fold Away Knitting Basket. In attractivelined fabric. Supplied in various designs and colours CaLNo. 260/2877

Rec.Retail £5.31

Our Price£3.79

6. Fold Away Knitting Basket. Wooden frame. Hardwearingfabric bag CaL No.

Rec.Retail £5.99

Our Price

7. Cottage Sewing Holder. Attractive wool, sewing thread, buttons etc. Has ion and carryinghandle CaL No.

Rec.Retail £5.86


8. Knitting Bag. Large capacity bag knitting accessories. In an attractive material. Needleholesat end of bag. Full zip-top. S1ze16!·x6~·><4· ........CaL No. ?I:'H<lJMnI

Rec.Retail £2.99


9. Aero Knitting Pin Gift SeL 14 pairs knitting pins; sizes mm-2mm, together set of 3 cable needlesand spring "W·"hhnIIA"rJ In zipped PVCcase CaL No.?""nl<llV1


Rec.Retail £10.18


10. Aero Crochet Hook Gift Set. Contains 16 different sizes, 0.60 mm·7.00 mm. In a zipped PVCcase "" ""."",, Cat. No. 260/3113

Rec.Retail £5.30

OurPrice £3.99

11.Travelling Sewing Kit. Containsall essential sewing equipment including 12 shades of thread. scissors, buttons, needles. safety pins and other accessories. Zipped case, size Stx4"xt ..""",, Cat. No. 260/3144

Rec.Retail £5.25


12. Cosmetic Set. Elegant tortoiseshell effect box with mirror, Containing a range of COS· meticsand applicators.Size S"y5~· x H". Cat. No. 260/3151

Rec.Retail £7.36

OurPrice £4.99

13.Swivel Make·Up Mirror. Plain mirror on one side, double and triple magnifying mirrors on the reverse.Moulded case.Size 10'x4t. Cat. No. 260/3089

Rec.Retail £6.46


14. Traveller Manicure Set. Includes two pairs of SCissors,tweezers, nail file and six other manicureaids.Zipped case....Cat. No. 260/1696

Rec.Retail £3.50

Our Price£2.49

15. Make-Up/Manicure Set. 4 make-upbrushes with mirror plus 7 manicure aids. All in a smart ivory coloured zip casewith contrasting lining. Size5!·x<ij·xr .......... "".......... Cat. No. 260/2798

Rec.Retail £5.99

Our Price£3.99

16. Mascot 5 Piece Dressing Ta.bleSet. Cornprising hair and clothes brushes. hand mirror. comb and powder bowl. Rosedesign. Cal No. 260/0037

Rec.Retail £19.38

OurPrice £11.49

17. French Perfume Pack. Ten different perfumes in presentation box. Approximate total 0.9II oz. " Cal No. 26011490

Rec.Retail £5.75

OurPrice £4.49

1. Mele Jewel Box. Leatherette covering. Liltout tray can be used as a travelling jewel case.

Size 12~·x8·x~'

Sugg'd Retail £29.95

Cat. NO.260/3106

Our Price £16.99

2. DesIgn Philipp Blael<Jewel Case. Finegold blocking on lid. Lined in Quality flock. Automatic tift-up tray with compartments. Fitted lock Cat. No. 260/0879

Sugg'd Retail £10.50

Our Price £7.49

3. Mele Jewel Case. Walnut finish. 2 drop compartmentsfor rings.3 putt-outdrawers. • Cat. No. 260/2358

Sugg'd Retail £19.95

Our Price £11.99

4. Mele Jewel Case. Suedine interior with mirror in lid. Leatherettecovered. Cat. No. 260/2372

Sugg'd Retail £16.95

Our Price £10.99

S. Design Philipp Jewel Case. Ivory coloured exterior. Lined in gold coloured rayon flock. Fitted lock Cat.No. 26011397

Sugg'd Retail £21.00

Our Price £15.99

6. Mele Trinket Case. With ring rolls. pierced earring holder and assortedcompartmentswith mirror inside lid. Patent vinyl covering. Especially suitable for travelling. Size 10"xS·x2" Cat. No. 260/2750

Sugg'd Retail £10.35

Our Price £6.99

7. Mele Jewel Case. Automatic tray and drawer. Necklace bar and pocket. Simulated leathercovering.Fitted lock...Cal No. 26011610

Sugg'd Retail £24·.00

Our Price £14.99

8. Tweed Gift Jewel Box. A selection of Tweed perfumery, talc and bath cubes in a presentation box. The box can be used as a jewel case when the contents are removed. Cat. No. 260/3199

Sugg'dRetail £21.45


9. Wooden Jewel Case. Treasure chest shape with lift-out trinket tray Cat. No. 260/2365



10. Design Philipp Musical Jewel Case. Ivory coloured exterior with red lining. Automatic liftup tray. Revolving ballerina. Fitted lock. Cat. No. 26010192



11. Mele Trinket Case/Manicure Set. 7 piece manicure set with sectioned base for jewellery. Size7;!"x5"x 1~N •...................... Cat. No. 260/1373



12. Design Philipp Musical Jewel Case. Revolving ballerina. Size51"x4"x3~". Cat. No. 260/3096

Sugg'dRetail £5.95


Argoe Gift Vouchers

available in values of £1, £!J. and £6. Ideal for tboee special gift oeeaeWns and can be used at 8DY Arir08 showroom.

2. Leifheit "Combl" De Luxe Shopping Trolley and Load Transporter. Reinforced vinyl bag. Chromium plated steel trolley also carries bins, sacks, crates etc. The swingdown bracket and steel platform accommodate loads up to 88 lb.

Bagsize lS"x 14..x7r


Cat..No. 260/3041

Our Price£21.99

3. Shopping Trolley. Detachable zip-top opening and front pocket. I irlhtwpin~,tl collapsible tubular frame. 22f'x13l·x9· Cat. No. 2tiIOnllli81


Our Price£11

4. ShClpping Trolley. Adjustable handle. Detachable shopping 22"x 13"xS" Cat..



5. Shopping Trolley. Folding able shopping bag with pencil um Size 1S..x13..x6!" Cat. No. 260/:172~1


Our Price

6. Shopping Bag. Vinyl. Zip-top opening zippedfront pocket. Fully lined. Cat..No. 26(112:1



7. Shopping Bag on Wheels. Nylon zip-top opening and zip front able handles.With removablebaseto

10. Goatskin Leather Wallet. Zipped pocket, large flap pocket, bank note compartment, window compartment and stamp pocket, Size


Cat. No. 270/2849



11.Real Leather Cheque Book HolderlWallet. Brass corners. Compartments for bank notes and2 credit cards. Size 8}·x3!". Cat. No. 270/2832


OurPrice £2.49

12. Leather Purse/Notecase. 3 note pockets. Dividedpocket in purse. Steel frame. Cat. No. 260/2035



13.Lady's Leather Purse/Notecase. Coin and note sections with flap over fastening. Gilt cornerprotectors Cat. No. 260/3182



14. Leather Purse. With section for coins. Snap fasteningframe Cat. No. 260/2808


OurPrice £2.79

15. Leather Billfold. In best quality goatskin. Space for credit cards. Window compartment. Cat. No. 270/2337



16. Leather Billfold. With removable coin poeket plus compartments suitable for driving licence,stamps etc .' Cat. No. 270/1730


OurPrice £2.29

17. Gent's Leather Wallet. Zipped inner poeket. ." """,, Cat. No. 270/1455 Sugg'dRetail£3.50 OurPrice£2.29 18. Lawtell Lady's Telescopic Umbrella. Plain Proofednylon with matching case. Supplied in IIIiSortedCOlours, Cat. No. 260/04n

Rae. Retail£8.00

OurPrice £5.79

18. Lady's Telescopic Umbrella. 100"10nylon. With matching case. Supplied in various designsand colours " Cat. No. 260/3175

Rec:. Retail£3.75



Unisex Quilted W.IsIco .... nd perfect garment lor keeping you still fashionable. Ideal lor outdoor Lightweight and compact, anowuse under a topcoat or slipping on top 01

or blouse. Material is water repellent, rip Quilled 3" vertically in ICI feather· P3 TERYLENE (polyester). Deep welt heavyduty corrosion prooled zip, side with straps and studs. Tailored long in the to protect the sensitive kidney area. WASHABLE. with Lightweight Sleeves. Knitted padded collar. 36".38'. Green ........•......Cal No. 270/2894 36"·38". Beige C.l No. 270/2911 40"-42". Green Cal No. 27012904 40"·42". Beige Cal No. 27012928

iI £27.62

Our PrIce £18,49

Round Neck Waistcoat Red only. 27 ·29'. .. ..Cat No. 27012935 3(Y'.32"................. ....Cal No. 27012942

Retail £12.90

Our Price £8,99

Neck W.istco.t 96".38". Green 36'.38". Beige 40"-42". Green 40"-42". Beige

Cat. Cat. Cat. Cat.

Retail £20.01

No. No. No. No.

270/2605 27012629 27012812 270/2636

Our Price £12.99

Full Length Lady's ToweDlngWrap. Wide ~ length sleews. Stitched Tie belt. To fit size 12·14. Cat. No. 26013209

Our Price £13.99 Knee Length Towelling Wrap. 100"10 Full length sleeves. Stitched navy borTie belt. To fit chest 38"·42" Cat. No. 27012870

Our Price £13.99 Tartan Dressing Gown. TradItional tie-belt and two pockets. 80% wool. To lit chest 38"-42". Cat. No. 27012887

Our Price £12.99 Length Houseco.t In a Lace Design. through style with dainty stand collar . . Size 12·14 ..... Cat. No. 26013065

Retail £11.95

Our Price £8.99

Shooting StIck. Wjth leather seat with rexene (Ieatheretle) backing klc:k·dlov.'nplate. Ideal for outdoor leisure Adjustable Cal No. 27012502

Retail £14.99

Our Price £10.49

Manicure Set. 12 essential aids in a case.Size S·x3!·xr ...Cat. No. 27012076

Retail £7.99

Our Price £5.79

Toilet and Shav. HoIdaII. Zip-top. 2 1 large interior pocket. Size ............................ Cat. No. 270/2739


Sugg'd Retail £8.75

Our Price £4.49

Our Price £6.49

13. Pewter Tankard. Engraved effect with scenes of London. Solid base, Capacity 1 pint approx _ Cst. No. 27011170

Sugg'd Retail £9.45

Our Price £6.79

14. Pewter Tankard. Traditional hammered design. Capacity 1pint approx. Cat. No. 27011527

Sugg'd Retail £9.45

Our PrIce £6.79

15. Corby P.10 EJec:tric: Trouser .". ... WIth accessory tray, hanger and tie bar. Thermostatically controlled. 22O-24OVA.C. Cat. No. 44OI089S

Our Price £48.99

Our Price £1.99

leather zipped casewith hang-up scissors. 1weezers,nail clipfile, comb. shoe horn and 3 manicure 1 Wx 2'x2' Cal No. 27012825


12. Hand CnIHed Pewter Hlp Flask. Capacity 6 fI oz. Size31'x4·x1l·appro)( ..Cat. No. 27012856

Gua,.,m"': W. olter full money-badl gu.rantee rights.

In IIddtllon to your statutory


1. Revelation A.B.S. Executive Case. Light weight aluminium frame. Combination locks Zipped interior pockets. Gravity lock prevent! upside down opening. Size 17"x13"x3l"

Cal No. 270/2811


Our Price£23.9

2. Vinyl Covered Expandable Executive Case Fitted with Presto combination tacks. Flocl lining with two pocket document folio in lid Will expandby 1!" to 5~".Size171""12~")<4!·. Cat. No. 270/271!


OurPrice £27.~

3. Executive Case in "Leather·Look" Vinyl Suedette lined Interior with three documen pockets. Brassedlocks and corners. Size 17'. 12~"x.3!H Cat. No. 270/2560


Our Price £22.~

4. Vinyl Brief Case. Three interior divisions brassedlock and swivelhandle.Size 1T'x 12". Cat. No. 270/1401


Our Price£7.~

5. Executive Case. Vinyl covered wilt aluminium frame. Two separatecompartment in lid. Size 17"" 1~"Y3!· Cat. No. 270/196;


Our PriCe£9.4

6. Regent A.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminiurr frame. Die-cast locks. Two pocket documen folio in tid. Size 17·Y 11~·x3t.Cat. No. 270/2301



7. R.egentA.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminiurr frame. Die-cast locks. Two separate compart ments in lid. Size15;"x11;"x3". Cat. No. 270/2~


Our Price£14.4

8. Custom A.B.S.Executive Case.can be used as a desk top or weekend case. Lsatherette portfolio contains pockets for pens and visiting cards. Underside of desk top divider contains pockets for passport. diary and envelopes Ample space beneathdesk top for documents and personalbelongings.Size 19"x14"x4;". Cat. No.



9. Custom Soft-Sided Executive "Leather-look" vinyl with aluminium frame. Portfolio in lid containing card and pen pockets.Size 17~·~l2tx4· Cal No. 270/2801

Sugg'dRetail £34.50


10. Custom A.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminium frame. Fitted with document folio in lid. Size l6i")' l2"x4~" Cat.No. 270/0133

Sugg'dRetail £27.50

OurPrice £17.99

11. Lawtex Gent's Telescopic Umbrella. Nylon cover and case. Steel frame. 8 ribs. Crook handle Cal No.270/0023


OurPrice £6.99

12. Set of 3 Pipes. One each, bent. apple and billiardpipes Cal No. 270/2959


OurPrice £5.99

13. Faberge "Brut 33" Travel Bag. Comprises deodorant.talc, "splash-on" lotion. cotton face cloth and two tablets of soap. All in a nylon zipperbag Cal No. 270/2485

Rec.Retail £6.70

OurPrice £5.49

14. Bartholomew Graphic Atlas of the World. Portrays the Earth's surface as seen from a satellite. Contains geographical. political and economic maps. Useful.for students and anyone interested in geography and world affairs , Cat, No.2701'Z146

Rec.Retail £6.00

OurPrice £3,99

15. Faberg8 "Brut 33" Sportspack. Contains Shampoo,laic and deodorant spray. Complete WIth a nylon zipped holdal!. Size 2(Y'xll"x Tl" " Cat. No.270/2863

Rec.Retail £8.75


Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee In addition to your statutory rights.

Luxuria Natural Onyx Marble Smoker's Accessories. 1. Cigarette Box Cat. No. 278/1554

Sugg'd Retail £19.50

OurPrice £12.99

2. Gas Table Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requiresno flints or batteries. Cat. No. 278/1547

Sugg'd Retail£14.00

Our Price £9.99

3. Set of Two Ashtrays

Cal No. 278/1561

Sugg'd Retail £11.50

Our Price £7.99

4. Luxurla Onyx Marble Gas Table Lighter. Flint action Cat. No.278/1190

Sugg'd Retail £7.50

Our Price£5.49

5. Klngsway Onyx Smoker's Set. Comprises matching gastable lighter and ashtray. Cat. No. 27811396

Ree.Retail £13.90

OurPrice £9.49

6. Litex by Maruman Gas Ughter. Piezo electric ignl/ion. Windshield. Requires no flints or batteries Cat. No. 278/1121


OurPrice £3.19

7. Rodan "76'" Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requiresno flints or batteries. Cat. No. 278/1145

Sugg'd Retail £7.99

OurPrice £5.49

8. Sarome Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requiresno flints or batteries. Cat. No. 278/0658

Ree.Retail £10.30

Our Price £6.99

9. Klngswliy Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requiresno flints or batteries. Cat. No. 278/1327

Ree.Retail £6.95

Our Price£4.79

10. Braun "Duo" Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requiresno flints or batteries. Cat. No. 278/1138

Ree.Retail £7.94

OurPrice £5.99

11. Ronson "Comet Firefly" Varaflame Gas Lighter. Flint action. Adjustableflame. Cat. No. 278/0809

Ree.Retail £5.25

Our Price£4.29


12. Ronson Electronic Gas lighter. Battery operated(supplied).Adjustableflame. Ca!. No. 27811413



13. Ronson "Varatronic Sovereign" Gas lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requires no flintsor batteries........•............ Cat. No. 21811499



14. Ronson "Varatronic Softronlc" Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requires no flintsor batteries Cat.No. 218/1509



15. Dunhill Gold Plated Gas lighter. Flint action Cat.No. 218/1444



16. Sarome Electronic Gas Lighter. Touch

ccntrot, Batteryoperated(supplied).Adjustable flame


Cat.No. 218/1523

OurPrice £12.99

11. Colibri "Molectric Standard 88" Gas Lighter. Prezo electric ignition. Requires no flintsor batteries Cat.No. 21811516


OurPrice £12.99

18. Colibrl "Molectric 80" Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requires no flints or batteries Ca!.No. 21811334

Rec.Retail £10.95

OurPrice £8.99

19. Clipper Refillable Gas lighters. Pack of three.Flint action. Adjustableflame. Cat. No. 218/1530



20. Fliptop Gold Plated Gas Lighters. Flint ecnon.Adjustableflame.Availableseparatelyin four branded designs. Bensonand Hedges Ca!. No.218/1451 JohnPlayerSpecial Ca!. No.218/1468 SilkCut Cat. No.21811415 555StateExpress Ca!. No.21811482



Guarantee: We otter a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.

Parker "25" Range of Pens, Stamless steel caps and barrels. Available as follows: 1. Fibre Tip Pen. Refillable ..... Cat. No. 385/0721


Our Price£3179

2. Fountain Perr.Convertible filling system. Cat. No. 385/0604

Rec.Retail £5.95 3. Ballpoint Pen.


Our Price £4.79 ....Cat. No.385/0769

OurPrice £3.99

4. Fountain and Ballpoint Pen Set. Cat. No. 385/0790


Our Price £8.79

5. Parker "45 Classic" Fountain Pen. Stainless steel cap and nib. Convertible filling system. Cat. No. 385/1160


OurPrice £6.99

6. Parker Calendar Ballpoint Pen. Black and stainless steel with chrome trim. An inexpensive ballpoint pen with a famous name. Cat. No. 385/0941


Our Price £1.69

7. Parker "45 Flighter" Ballpoint Pen.Stainless steel barrel Cat. No.385/0233

Rec.Retail£6.00 8. Parker "tnternational Pen. Rolled gold barrel


Our Price£4.99 Insignia" BallpOint Cat. No. 385/0288

Our Price£16.99

9. Parker "Lady" Ballpoint Pen. Rolled gold. Supplied with pochette to protect the pen from scratches. EngraVIngpanelon barrel. Cat. No. 385/1122


OurPrice £17.99

10. Parker "61 Custom Insignia" Fountain Pen. Rolled gOld cap and barrel. 14ct. gold nib. Convertible filling system. Matches item no. Tl Cat. No. 385/0'130


Our Price £32.99

11. Parker "61 Custom Insignia" BallpOint Pen. Rolled gOldbarrel. Matches item no. TO. Cal No. 385/0989


Our Price £17.99

12. Sheaffer "Targa" Fountain Pen. Stainless steel cap and barrel. Stainless steel inlaid nib. Convertible filling system. Matches item no. 13 Cat. No. 38511108


Our Price £7.29

13. SheaVer "Targa" Ballpoint Pen. Stainless steel barrel. Matches Itemno. 12. Cal No. 385/1115


Our Price£4.49

14. Papermate "Replay 2000" Ballpoint Pen. With the ink you can rub out. The ink becomes permanent as time passes. Fully retractable twist action. Black and brushed metallic finish. Refills available. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee Cat. No. 385/1153

Rec.Retail £4.95

OurPrice £3.79

15. Lady Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen. Brushed chrome finish with chrome "Florentine" band. .. Cal No.385/0738


Our Price£3.79

16. Sheaffer "Imperial" Ballpoint Pen. Gold plated with fluted line finish. EngraVIngpanel on barrel. Cat. No. 385/0972


Our Price £9.99

17. Papermate "Powerpoint" Ballpoint Pen. Brushed chrome finish. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee Cat. No. 385/0312

Rec.Retail £5.75

Our Price£4.29

18. Papermate "Powerpoint" BallpOint Pen. Gold plated, brushed finish. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee Cal No.385/0305


Our Price£6.99

19. Platignum "Big 3" Gift Set. Comprises cartridge pen. propelling pencil, ballpoint pen, 6 ink cartridges. spare nib unit, 2 erasers. leads and a ruler. A comprehensive writing set for all children Cat. No. 385/0659


Our Price£2.79

20. Pentel "Roiling Writer" Pen. Brushed chrome finish. Writes at any angle with liquid ink. Cushioned ball tip is suitable for carbon copying.Refill$available Cat. No. 38511139



21. Papermate "Lady" Ballpoint Pen and Notelets. Fully retractable twist action on ballpoint pen. Complete with 10 notelets and envelopes.Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. (Coloursmayvary) Cat.No. 385/0965

Rec.Retail £4.46


22.Helix "Europa" HighSchool Set.Comprises Siltcoloured pencils, lead pencil. clutch pencil and refill. retractable ballpoint pen, compass, pencilsharpener.rubber, two set squares,protractor and ruler. In attractive PVC case. An idealgift for everyChild Cat. No.385/0996


Our Price£3.99


1. Silver.Reed "Mini 101DP" Desk Top Cal· culator. Displayand/or print out on plain paper roll. Non add key for dates, product identification etc. With rechargeablebatteriesand mains adapter/rechargerunit Cat. No. 670/2395

Rec.Retail £68.95

Our Price£43.49


Rec.Retail £2.59

Our Price£17.49

Our Price£29.99

Our Price £2.39

4. Toshiba BC-8111BCalculator. Batteriessupplied Cat. No. 670/2467

Rec. Retail £13.75

Our Price£8.59

5. Texet 880M Calculator. Operates from 1x PP3 battery (order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each) Cat. No. 670/2388

FEATlJRES No 01 digits

11·30 LC-mA 8

Algebraic LogiC

MemO!)' Constant facility %Klly

..foY Dry cell powerl &iHery No. Rechargeable facility Mains adapter facility

Case Included




• • • • •

• • • • •

Ix PP3

2x RW49




O;gitron Display Red LEO or LCD

8C8111B LC-857 BC1015 HL.a07 FX·31



HR-l0 10


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •2x

• •

• • •

2, HP7


• • •

2. HP2

2x HP7

2)( HP7

4" HP7



2x HP7

MiNI lalDP

EL·SS12 EL..ss13 EL-401



• • • • • •



10(8+2) 10(8+~





• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

tx PP3



• • • • • • • • •

2x LR44

2x G12

• •


I/' Y


1 l-




6. Casio HL-807 Calculator. Batteries supplied Cat. No. 670/2357


Our Price £4.99

7. Texet 1800 Digitron Calculator. Operates from 2xHP7 batteries (order 2 of 980/0029 at 13peach) Cat. No. 670/2450




Rec.Retail £6.45 TEXET


Oar Price £3.49

Rec.Retail £5.99




Rec. Retail £35.95



Rec. Retail £29.95

Casio Mini Print Replacement Rolls. Packof 5. Suitable for use with Casio HR·l0 Mini Printer. (Not illustrated) Cat. No. 670/2522



2. Toshiba BC-l015 Desk Top Calculator. Fea· tures gross profit margin key and Delta% key. Batteriessupplied Cat. No. 670/2508 3. Casio HR·l0 Mini Print Calculator. Display and/or print out on thermalpaper roll. Will print out any full month calendar between'January 1901and December2099.Batteriessupplied. Cat. No. 670/2515


1 C

Rec. Retail £9.95

Our Price £6.39

8. Texas Instruments "TI-30 Slide Rule" Scien· tific Calculator. Suitable for "0" levelstudents. Operates from 1xPP3 battery (order 1 of 980/0074 at 49peach) Cat. No. 670/1815

Our Price £9.59 9. Casio FX·31 Scientific Calculator. Suitable for "A" level studies. Batteries supplied. Cat. No. 670/2364

Rec.Retail £14.95

Our Price £12.99

10. Sharp EL·5812Scientific Calculator. Suitable for "A" level studies. undergraduatesand professional use. Features46 pre-proqrammsd functions. 12 levels of parenthesis and actual formula entry. Batteriessupplied. Cat. No. 670/2481

Our Price £16.99







11. Sharp El-S813 Scientific Programmable Calculator. Suitable for undergraduates and professional use. Features 30 step programme with 6 storage reserve areas, 1S levels of parenthesis and 37 functions. Batteries supplied. Cat. No. 670/2498

Our Price £21.19 12. Toshiba lCoaS7Calculator. Batteriessupplied. . Cat.No.670/2474

Rec. R~tail £12.95

Our Price £8.59

13. Sharp El-401 Wallet Calculator/Clock! Alarm. Features hour and minute display with a.m.lp.m. indication. alarm and stop watch facility. Audible input check to indicate each entry. Batteries supplied. Cat. No. 670/2539

Our Price £14.39 14. Etron LCo263A"Credit Card" Calculator. Auto-power off. Batteries (supplied) last approx.2000hours , Cat. No.670/2230

Sugg'd Retail £11.50

Our Price £7.99

lS. Ring "Brainbank" Microprocessor languageLaboratory.Canbe usedto learnforeign languages.Translatessimple phrasesand sentences in three languages instantaneously. Designed to accept the next generation of memory capsules.which will store even more information on an ever increasing number of subjects and languages. Complete with English. French and German language capsules. Size 6r'x3~·x1~. Operates from 4x MNl500 batteries(order4 of 980/0098at 35p each)or mainsadapter(supplied). . Cat. No. 670/2412

Rec.Retail £211.85

Our Price £139.95

Please note: Batteries are not supplied unless otherwise stated.

Arg06 Gift Voucher!!

available in values of £1, £2 and £5Ideal for thoee special gift ocea910118 and can be used at aey Arg06




1. SlIver·Reed "Silverette" Portable Type· writer. All metal construction. Black ribbon. Cal No. 67011468


OurPrice £37.99

2. Olympiette "Special" Portable Typewriter. Cat. No. 67011956


OurPrice £47.99

3. Olivetti "Lettera 35" Portable Typewriter. Cal No. 670/1499



4. Smith-Corona Sterling Cartridge Portable Electric Typewriter. Quick change cartridge ribbon system. Ribbon available in nylon (2 colours). carbon film (4 colours) or corrector. Supplied wIth black nylor>ribbon only. Cal. No. 670/2546


OurPrice £119.99

5. Silver·Reed SR2200 Portable Electric Typewriter. Features repeat line spacmq and power back sl>ace. . Cal No. 670/2553


Ree. Retail £189.50





6. Texet Portable Mini Photocopier. Produces A4 size SIngle sided comes in less than a minute. Housed in black teather-took orietcase.Operatesfrom 240VA.C.mains. Complete with SO sheets of sensitised paper and aerosol developer. Size 19":><14"x3l••HCal No. 670/2429

Ree.Retail £39.95 OLYMPIETTE SPECIAl.








Carriage size






Number 01 characters






Black/red ribbon Stencil position Tabuilltor control Erasure table Margin r~


Carriage loci< EleClric ke)tloard AulomStic ribbon nMlfSe Elite ~1yIe Carry casellid


•• •• •• •• •

•• •• •

•• •• •• •• ••

•• •• •• •• •

See itemnb. 4

••• • •• ••

Our Priee£21.99

Texet Photocopier Refill Padt. Contains 100 sheets of sensitised paper and two aerosol cans of developer. (Not iIIustrated).Cat.No. 670/2436


Our Priee£3.99


L f. ir

1 ft

a 7. Twinlock Personal File. Steel casewith builtIn lock and carrying handle. Complete with 12 foolscap headedfolders Cal No. 670/1846


OurPrice £12.99

8. Purpax Home File. PVCcase.Complete with 10 headedfolders Cal. No. 670/2326


Our Price £8.29

9. Flair Home File. With 8 COloured headed folders. printed labels and pencil tray. Cal. No. 670/2319


OurPrice £5.99

10. Moullnex 513 De Luxe Electric Carving Knife. Twin serrated stainless steel blades. Incorporates special safety button. Complete with wall support for knife and blades. Cal No. 420/3535

Our Price £13.99 11. Moulinex 382 Electric Carving Knife. Twin serratedstainlesssteel blades. Cat. No. 420/1214

Our Price £10.99 12. Krups Etectrlc Food Slicer. Slice thickness adjustment. Blade guard and stainless steel blade.safetypush button switch. Foldsfor easy storage.B.E.A.B.approved....Cat. No.420/0772

Our Price £27.99 13. Moulinex 343 Electric Can Opener/Knife Sharpener.Can opener has magnetic lid lifter. Sharpener attachment will sharpen most domesticknives.Freestandingor wall fixed. Cat. No. 420/3731

Our Price £11.79 14. Bel De Luxe Electric Yogltrt Maker. Makes plain or flavouredyogurt. Capacity6:<5tt oz. Cat. No. 420/3542

Our Price £6.99 15.Tefal Automatic Egg Boiler. Within minutes up to 7 eggs can be boiled as you wish. sott, medium or hard. Buzzersounds and automaticallyswitchesoff when boiled Cal No. 420/3827

Our Price £11.49 16. Leifheit "Tronlc" Plezo Electric Gas Lighter. NeedS no flint. fuel or battery.Suitable for all gasappliances.Completewith wall hanqing bracket.Manufacturer's5 yearguarantee. . Cat. No. 420/4417

Our Price £2.79 17.Calor Electric Piezo Gas Lighter. Needsno flint. fuel or battery. Suitable for all gas appliances Cat. No.42011379

Our Price £2.99

FULL MONEY·BACKGUARANTEE We fully respect all your legal rights as a customer. But in addition to your protection under the law we wilt exchange or refund you for any unused item that does not meet your exact requirements. Just return the item to us In its original covering. together with your receipt, within 14 days of purchase.



Calor electric

1. Robot Chef Food Processor. Sabatier stainless steel blade and 2 discs. Will chop. mince.

liquidise, puree, mix, knead. slice and grate in a matter of seconds. Powertul, quiet and simple, draws up to 1000Watts. 1~pint bowl. Complele wilh food pusher and spatula. Cat. No. 420/4369


Our Price £54.99


2. Tefal "Robot" Food Processor. Chips, minces, slices, grates, shreds, grinds and purees. Will whip egg while. Creamsand mixes for cakes and sponges. Automatic cut-out safety releaseswitch. 5 year guarantee. Cat. No. 420/4211

Our Price £64.49



9 3

a s E

3. Pifca Food Processor. Chops. grates.shreds. slices, mixes. whips. kneads. blends and purees. Onlotf switch ptus pulse action. Safety lock lid. Four culling attachments. Complete with one cup measure/food pusher and spatula. 700 Watts Cat. No. 420/4132



Our Price £47.49 4. Kenwood A531 Food Processor. Will slice, shred. chop, mjnce, grate, knead, mix, mash, puree and blend. Clear tinted bowl, cover and pusher. Complete with storage rack for 3 slicing/shredding discs and blade etc. Onloff and pulse switches Cat. No. 420/4376

Our Price £39.99 5. Moulinex 396 "Major" Mixer and Liquidiser. 3 speed. Finger tip control for speed selection and blade ejection. With stand and powered mixing bowl. 1 pair each of kneading hooks and beaters. Detachable mixer for hand use. Liquidiser attachment. capacity: pint, complete with stabiliser foot. Cat. No. 420/3841

Our Price £22.49 6. Moulinex 614 Food Processor. Automatically geared to the correct speeds for cutting up solid food stuffs or mixing dough. Grates. shreds. chips, chops, blends. mixes, kneads and whisks. Includes 2 sets of blades, 4 stainless steel discs, food pusher and spatula. Oouble security lock Cat. No. 420/4352

Our Price £51.99

tr b a'


1: sl rr

1: w p. S' D



s~ at


7. Moulinex "Jeannette" Soin-1 Kitchen Machine. Minces. grates. slices and shreds. With citrus fruit squeezer and hamburger mould, B.EAB. approved ...... Cat. No. 420/0394

Our Price £19.49 8. Philips HR1191Food Mixer. 3 speed.finger tip control. Complete with stand. bowl, stainless steel beaters. dough hooks and spatula. Mixer can be detached for hand use. Cal. No. 420/4486

Our Price £16.99 9. Krups 327"Combi" FoodMixer/Blender Set. 3 speed. Powered mixing bowl. With whisks and dough hooks. Complete with stand and spatula. Blenderlliquidiser. capacity 1 pint. B.E.A.B.approved Cal. No.420/2206

Our Price £25.49 10. Kenwood A920"Che'" Mincer Attachment. For A901"Chef" mixer Cal. No.420/2622

Our Price £11.99 11. Kenwood A901 "Chef" Food Mixer. Electronic variable speed control. With bowl. beater. whisk, spatula and free A989liquidiser attachment. Capacity H pints. 8.E.A.B. approved Cal. No.420/3858

Our Price £69.99 12. Kenwood A386 "Mini Combi". Mini-mixer, stand. bowl and beaters. 3 speed. Detachable mixerfor handuse.B.E.A.B.approved. Cal. No. 420/4345

Our Price £18.49 13. KenwoodA380"Chefette" Mixer. Complete with beaters, dough hooks and. liquidiser. Power driven smoky acrylic bowl. 3 speed.· Storage compartment for cable and plug. Detachable mixer for. hand use. B.E.A.B. approved Cal. No.420/4101

Our Price £34.49 14.Oster Complete "Kitchen Center". Variable speedcontrol. Blender, mincer, food processor attachments.Dough and beater hooks. 2 mixing bowls.Completewith instructions. Cal. No. 420/4118

Our Price £84.99

1. Kenwood A520A Blender. For soups. purees. omelettes etc. Will also chop nuts and make bread crumbs. Capacity H pints. B.E.A.B.


Cat. No.420/0624

Our Price £19..99 2. Braun "Multi-Quick': Food PreparationSystem. Consists of cliopper and liquidiser. 2 speed plus pulse selting. Chops. minces, grinds, purees. grates. mixes and liquidises. Safetylock Cat. No.420/4242

Our Price £28.49 3. Moulinex 531 Blender/Mill. Suitable for soups, purees.drinks. babyfoods etc. Blender capacity H pints. Mill attachmentcapacity2.12 oz. !'or coffeebeans.nuts.sugaretc. Cat. No. 420/4125

Our Price £14.49 4. Moulinex 583 Mixer/Chopper. A chopper unit with mixing bowl attachment.Will mince meatand makepastrywithin seconds. Cat. No. 420/4149

Our Price £24.99 5. Moulinex 327 "Moulinette" Blender/Chop. per. Blender capacity 2~ pints. For soups. drinks, purees and baby foods. Chopper head chops raw or cooked meat, fish, nuts etc. Choppercapacity7 oz Cat. No.420/2275

Our Price £22.99 6. Moulinex 518 Blender and Coffee Mill. For baby foods, purees. coffee .beans, nuts etc. Blendercapacity~pint............Cat.No.420/3645

Our Price £9.49

7. Sunbeam "Supreme" AFP 5C Multi·Cooker. Consists of non-stick multi-cooker and slow cooking removable glazed dish. Therrnostatically controlled. Will roast, fry, steam. braise. bake and casserole. B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 420/4170

Our Price £39.99 8. Sunbeam De Luxe Non·Stick Multi·Cooker. Will fry. braise. roast. bake.casseroleetc. Variable temperature control including "keep warm" setting. Detachable lead. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.420/3054

Our Price £33.99 9. Westbend Multl·Purpose Cooker.Non-stick coated decorated exterior. High dome lid. Detachable lead. Variable thermostat. Will roast. stew. bake and fry. Cook body fully Immersible for easy washing. B.EAB. ·approved Cat.No.420/4400

Our Price £28.99 10.KenwoodA366 "Duet" Mixer.3 speed.With beaters. Includes blending wand for milk shakes,soups,moussesetc...Cat.No.420/~1

Our Price £15:'99 11.KenwoodA385"Mini" HandMixer.3 speed. Completewith beaters Cat. No.420/4338

Our Price £13.99 12. Moulinex 274 "Minor" Beater. 2 speed. Completewith set of beatersand whisks.Push button blade ejection for easy cleaning. B.EAB. approved Cal No.420/0325

Our Price £9.99

1. Tower 2917 Electric Auto Sio-Cooker. Removable glazed stoneware bowl. Switches automatically from high to low setting. Capacity 5~ pints. Detachable lead. 120/180 Watts. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.420/3676

Our Price £30.99 2. Tower 2761 Electric SIc-Cooker. Glazed stonewarebowl givesevenoverall temperature. Capacity 5~pints. High and low cooking heats. Detachable lead for kitchen-to-table serving. 75/130Watts. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/2990

Our Price £24.79 3. Tower 2439 Electric Sio-Cooker. Glazed stonewarebowl gives evenoverall temperature. Capacity 3j pints. High and low cooking heats. Detachable lead for kitchen-to-table serving. 75/120Watts.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/2361

Our Price £18.49 4. Kenwood Automatic A136 Electric Slow Cook Pot. Removableinner stonewarecooking pot. Two heat settings, high/low or auto. Transparent lid. Capacity51pints....Cat. No. 420/4228

Our Price £25.49 5. Pifco 4851Electric Slow Cooker. Familysize. two heat settings, high/low. 4.4 pint removable white Corning-ware casserole. Indicator light. 80/140Watts Cat. No. 420/4462

Our Price £19.99 6. Prestige l8100 "Crock-Pot" Electric Slow Cooker. Glazedstoneware crock conducts low heat and is removable for serving/washing. Capacity 3} pints. Two-way control switch for high/low setting. 115/160 Watts. B.E.A.B. apprcved ; Cat. No. 420126'60

Our Price £29.99 7. ·Prestige l3200 "Crock-ette" Electric Slow Cooker. Ideal for 1 or 2 servings.Glazedstoneware crock with printed sleel outer casing. Indicator light. Capacity 2 pints. 55 Watts. B.E.A.B.approved Cat_No.420/3755

Our Price £14.49

IPrestige I

8. Russell Hobbs 5907Electric Deep Fat Filter Fryer. ThermostatiCcontrot with indicator light. Capacity4~pints. Completewith wire basket. Cat. No. 420/4455

Our Price £27.99

9. Moulinex 625 Electric Deep Fat Fryer with Filter Lid. Thermostatic control. Safety cut-out.

Capacity41 pints. Slide knob for heat settings. Basket can be raised or lowered into cooking oil with lid closed.All cooking isdone in second container with filter at bottom, enabling fat to be perfectlyfiltered after use..Cat. No.420/4479

Our Price £35.99 10. Moulinex 391 Electric Deep Fat Fryer. Thermostaticcontrol. Safety cut-out. Capacity 4~ pints. Slide knob for heat settings. Filter lid with easilyreplaceddisposablecartridge.Completewith wire basket Cat. No.420/3511

Our Price £29.99 11. Tefal "Super" Electric Deep Fat Fryer. Variable thermostatic control. Pilot light. Will fry up to 4 Ibof chips. Completewith basket. Cal No. 420/3528

Our Price £29_49 12. Tefal 22510De Luxe Super Electric Deep Fat Fryer. Basketcan be loweredor raisedinto cooking oil with lid closed.Stainlesssteelbody and filter lid. Thermostatic control. Working capacity approx. 4 pints of oil. Lid lock hermetically seals pan when in use. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No.420/4194

Our Price £38.49 13.Rima "Trio" Three-in·OneAppliance. Slow cooker with removable ceramic crock pot, capacity 2~ pints. Mini deep fryer with chip basket requiring only 1 pint of oil. Electric saucepan, capacity 2! pints. for soups and vegetables.Teflon 2 coated.Variableheat control. With two lids and recipe book. B.E.A.B. approved : Cat. No.420/4259

Our Price £20.49 14. Swan "Herb" Electric Deep Fat Fryer, Decorated stove enamelled aluminium body. Adjustablethermostat.Completewith wire basket. Working capacity 4 pints of oil. Matches electric kettle item no. 12 on page79 and pan set item no.7 on page105 Cat.No.420/4187

Our Price £28.99

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.

1. Moulinex 542 MicrowaveOven.2 heat settings. high speed for cooking and reheating, pulse speed for defrosting and slow cooking, Timer from 30 secondsto 30 minutes,Power output, cooking 600 Watts, defrosting 300 Watts.Door securitylock. Completewith glass tray.Size23"x15"x13;" high..Cat.No.420/4431

Our Price £174.00 2. Proctor-Silex 4201 De Luxe Automatic Oven/Grilier/Toaster.Variableheatsettings.2 largeracksadjust to 3 levels.Grill pan.Pop-uo toaster with "selectronic" browning control. Removablecrumbtray.1500Watts. Cal. No. 420/3267

Our Price £41.99 3, KeylockSingle Boiling Ring,3 heatsettings. Removablechrome surround for easy cleaning. Size 10")(10"x4~". 240V A.C. B,E.A.s' approved......... . Cat.No.420/4204

Our Price £11.49 4. Berry Magicoal 3003"Minoroook" Cooker. Vitreousenamelfinish.2 hi-speedradiantrings with independentsimmercontrol. Thermostatically controlledoven.Both rings,grill andoven can be used simultaneously.Removablehob for cleaning.Plugs into 13 or 15Amp supply. 3 kW. Size 18"x 14"x161" high. B.E.A.S, approved " Cal. No.420/3274

Our Price £79.99 5.Power-IectrlcH8/6W CookerHood.Incorporates grease retaining and deodorising filters. Wall rnountinq type does not require holes or ducts. 2 speed fan. Built-in hob light. White stove enamelledfinish. Width 23!", depth 17r. 80Watts. ...Cat.No.420/2385



Our Price £39.99

6. Rima 568 "Superflow" De Luxe Cooker Hood.6 position rotating switch incorporating 2 fan speedswith or withoutlight, separatehob light and "off ''. Suitablefor extractionor recirculation. Complete with template. Size 24'·;<21">.6r'.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/4424

Our Price £49.99

7. Tricity 9024W Cooker Hood. Grease retaining and charcoal deodorising filters. Built-in fan and booster. Hob light. Wall mounting type does not require holes or ducts. Width 23::", depth 21·.114 Watts. B.E.A.S. approved. Cat. No. 420/3298

Our Price £52.99 8. Ekco "Hostess Carousel". Electrically heated food server to keep food hot without drying it out. Circular rotating. removable ceramicdish with four compartments.Suitable for vegetables.foreign meals etc. Complete with smoke coloured transparentcover.Diameter14!" Cal No.420/3786

Our Price £37.49 9. Ekco"Hostess Royal" HeatedFoodTrolley. 4x2 pint heated lidded dishes. Heated cupboard. Bottom shelf for sweets etc. Sliding serving leaves. Size 28"x 281"x15". B.E.A.B. approved Cat.No.420/2598'

Our Price £83.99 10. Ekco "Hostess" Cabinet Heat Tray. Stainless steel top with heated compartment.Size 28tx 1i!"x 6~",B.E.A.B.aperoved. Cat. No. 42011135

Our Price £34.99 11.Ekco "Sideboard Hostess".4x2 pint lidded dishes and heated compartment.Size 28:"x l1!"xn". B.E.A.S.approved. Cat. No. 420/1850

Our Price £43.99 12.Salton H.4"Hotray" HeatTray.Thermostatically controlled to keep food piping hot without drying it out. Incorporatesliquid "hot spot.. feature. Size 12!'x29"xH", B.E.A.B. approved Cat.No.420/3425

Our Price £24.99


1. Pifco Sandwich Toaster. Will make up to 2 rounds of sandwiches at a time, heats filling and seals the edges within minutes. Indicator light for on and ready to cook. Thermostatically controlled with non-stick cooking plates. 700 Watts Cat. No. 420/4156

Our Price £18.99 2. Kenwood A102 Sandwich Toaster. Makes 2 rounds plates

of sandwiches. Easy-clean coated Cat. No. 420/4390

Our Price £18.49 3. Proctor-Silex 4 Slice Automatic Toaster. Chrome finish. Two independent variable browning controls. Hinged crumb tray.6.EAB. approved , Cat. No. 42011647

Our Price £23.99 4. Rima 903 Infra-Red Family Cooker. Variable thermostatic control. Grill can be opened to provide two ~ooking surfaces, Teflon 2 coated grill plates remove for washing. With baking tin and recipe booklet. Cooking area 14·x8~·. 1750-2000 Watts.B.EAB, approved. Cat. No. 420/3030

Our Price £28.99 5. Rima 902 Infra-Red Grill. Pre-setthermostat. Teflon 2 coated grill plates remove for washing. With baking tin and recipe booklet. Cooking area 9"x7~'.1400Watts.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No, 420/3236

Our Price £22_49 6. Rima 900 Infra-Red Grill. Pre-setthermostat. Teflon 2 coated grill plates. With baking tin and recipe book. Cooking area 9"x7~·.1200Watts. B.E.AB, approved Cat. No. 420/0765

Our Price £18.99 7. Sunbeam GR9 Combination Grill. Variable heat settings with thermostatic control. Can be used either fully open or closed. Two reversible detachable hotplates, ribbed one side. flat the other. Non-stick surfaces. 1800Watts, Cat. No. 420/4163

Our Price £35.99

8. Proctor-Silex "Tandem" 4 SIi"e Automatic Toaster. Attractive "wheat" design. "Selectronic" browning control. Hinged crumb tray. 8.EA8. approved Cat. No. 420/4084

Our Price £18.99 9. Morphy Richards 448602 Slice Automatic Toaster. "Wheatfield" design. 5 position browning control. Easyclean crumb tray. Complete with fitted plug. 8.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 420/4314

Our Price £19.99 10. Morphy Richards 4409 2 Slice Automatic Toaster. 5 position browning control. "Quick release".easyclean crumb tray.Completewith fitted.plug. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/0497

Our Price £14.99 11. Morphy Richards 442602 Slice Automatic Toaster. Chromium plated. Variable browning control. Easyclean crumb tray. Completewith fitted plug. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/4321

Our Price £10.99 12. Kenwood A1212 Slice Automatic Toaster. Chromium plated with black end plates. Variable browning control. easyreleasecrumb tray. 8.EAB. approved Cal No.420/4307

Our Price £15.99 13. Wigo T1069 2 Slice Automatic Toaster. Mechanicaltimer. Removablecrumb tray. Cat. No. 420/3171

Our Price £10.99 14. Philips H0413~2 Slice Automatic Toaster. Adjustable browning settings with humidity control. B.E.A.8.approved.....Cat. No.420/2433

Our Price £14.99 15. Proctor-Silex 2203 2 Slice Automatic Toaster. "Selectronic" browning control. Mirror finish chrome body trimmed in black. -Hingedcrumb tray. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/4053

Our Price £11.79

1. Sona PJ.51G1 Coffee Percolator. Mirror finish bOdy with teak handle. Strength selector and keep hot element. 9 cup capacity. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 420/3401

Our Price £19.49 2. Sona PJ.62G1Automatic Coffee Percolator. Black pearl colour. Strengthselectorand keephot element. 9 cup capacity. B.E.A.B. approved........ . Cal. No.420/4297

Our Price £20.99 3. Russell Hobbs 3010Automatic Coffee Percolator. Brusiled stainlesssteel. Keep-hotelement.Capacity2 pints. 8.E.A.B.approved. Cal. No. 420/0143

Our Price £21.49 4. Sona PJ.30Coffee Percolator. Mirror finish body with teak handle. a coo capacity.B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No.42011575

Our Price £15.99 5. Russell Hobbs CP2 "Poppy" Automatic Coffee Percolator. Ceramic body by Wedgwood. Keep-hot element. 8 cup capacity. B.E.A.8.approved Cat. No.420/0150

Our Price £21_99 6. Moullnex 522 Filter Coffee Maker. 2 speed water flow and filter control fo.rstrength variation. Teflon coated built-in hotplate. 12 cup capacity. . Cat_No.420/4022

Our Price £19.99 7. Goblin "Teasmade 860" Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker. With clock/timer/alarm and luminous hands. Full widlh light. keyboard switcheslor clock only. light. teanow and auto. 1.4pint stainlesssteel kettle and 1 pint ceramiC teapot........... . Cal. No.420/2914

Our Price £43.99

8. Goblin "Teasmade 855" Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker. W,th crock/nmer/atarrn. Twin light panels and detachable tray. Suppl.ed with 2 prnt chromed cooper kettle and cerarnic teapot. 4 position master switch operates off lights. auto and tea now Cat. No. 420/3614

Our Price £42.99 9. Goblin "Teasmade 854" Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker. With clock/timer/alarm. Iurrunous nands. light. 2 Pint chromed copper kettle and ceramic teapot. Cat. No. 42011252

Our Price £36.99 10. Goblin "Teasmade 850" Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker. Neon pilot light mdrcates "on". 2 pint chromed copper kettle and ceramic teapot... Cat. No. 420/3418

Our' Price £28.49 11. Braun KF35 Traditional Filter Coffee Maker. Special filler action for greater economy. Thermostatically controlled hotplate. 12 cup capacity. ...... ........Cat. No. 420/4235

Our Price £24.49

15. Melitta Filter "Automat 111 Special" Coffee Maker. Tinted water tank. Heat resistant jug. Burtt-in hotplate. 8 cup capacity. Cat. No. 420/3607

Our Price £18.99 16. Wigomat 12 Filter Coffee Maker. Built-in hotplate. Tinted water tank. Clear glass Jug. 8 cup capacity Cat. No. 420/4280

Our Price £15.99 12. Rowenta "Filtermatic FK11" Coffee Maker. Lift off tinted water tank. Thermostallcally controlled hotplate. 8 cup capacity. Cat. No. 420/4039

Our Price £22.49 13. Russell Hobbs 3302 Filter Coffee Maker. Vanable flow control. Built-in hotplate. Smoke tinted reservoir with non-drip filter funnel. 8 cup capacity. B.E.A.R approved ... Cat. No. 420/3779

Our Price £22.99 14. Melitta ACM6 Filter Coffee Maker. Hinged I.d water tank. Water level gauge. Jug can be removed wrthout filter. Buitt-rn hotplate. 6 cup capacity. ...Cat. No. 420/3834

Our Price £15.99

17. Teeboy De-luxe Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker. With Metamec clock/timer/alarm. Chromium plated 2 pmt kettle and cerarmc teapot. Cat. No. 420/2897

Our Price £36.49 18. Goblin Radio "Teasmade 870". WIth clock! timer/alarm and luminous hands. Full width light. Keyboard switches. clock only. light, tea now. auto and radio on/oft. 1.4 pint stainless steel kettle and 1 pint ceramic teapot. FM/MW waveband radio has automatic setting or can be used Independently Cat. No. 420/4046

Our Price £65.99

IRussell Hobbs I

1. Russell Hobbs 3636 "Futura" Automatic Kettle. Spout tilling with water level indicator. Cannotbeswitchedon unlessthereis sufficient water covering element. Switches off when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400Watts.Capacity31 pints.B.EAB. approved Cat.No.420/3573

Our Price £23.99 2. Russell Hobbs K2P Automatic Kettle. Polished stainless steel. Switches 011 when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400 Watts. Capacity3 pints. B.EAB. approved Cat.No.420/4008

Our Price £18.79 3. Russell Hobbs K2S Automatic Kettle. Brushed stainless steel. Switches off when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400 Watts. Capacity3 pints. B.EAB. approved Cat.No.420/2103

Our Price £19.99 4. Russell Hobbs K2R Automatic Kettle. Chromium plated. Switches 011 when boiled. Safety cut-oul. 2400 Watts. Capacity 3 pints. B.E.A.B.approved Cat.No.420/0136

Our Price £21.49 5. Sona KJ92 Automatic Kettle. Polished aluminium. Switches otf when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400Watts.Capacity34 pints. B.EAB. approved Cat.No.420/2828

Our Price £14.99 6. SonaKJ82Automatic Kettle. Polishedstainlesssteel with teak handleand knob. Switches 011 when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400 Watts. Capacity3~pints.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/3384

Our Price £18.99 7. Mellerware "Summertime" Automatic Kettle. Aluminium with stove enamelledexterior. Switches011 when boiled. Safetycut-out.2400 . Watts. Capacity3 pints. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/4266

Our Price £13.99 8. Haden Decorated Automatic Kettle. Aluminium with polyester finish. Switchesoff when boiled.Safetycut-out.2400Watts.Capacity3 pints. B.E.A.B.approved.Cat.No.420/3865

Our Price £13.49

9. Haden Automatic Kettle. Decorated aluminium. Switches off when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400 Walts. Capacity 3 pints. B.E.A.B.


Cat. No.420/3119

Our Price £13.79 10. Swan "Autosonic" Automatic Kettle. Chromium plated. Switches off automatically and "buzzes" when boiled.Safetycut-out.3000 Watts.Capacity3 pints.B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 420/3762

Our Price £21.99 11.SwanCA363FAutomatic Kettle. Chromium plated. Switches off when boiled. Safety cutout. 3000 Watts. Capacity 3 pints. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No.420/1032

Our Price £19.49 12. Swan"Herb" DecoratedAutomatic Kettle. Aluminium with enamelledexterior. Switches off when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400 Watts. Capacity3 pints. B.E.AB. approved.Matches deep fat fryer item no. 14 on page 71 and pan set item no. 7 on page105......Cat.No.420/3872

Our Price £18.99 13.SwanElectric Whislling Kettle.Snapaction spout cap incorporating whistle. Aluminium with stoveenamelledexterior.Capacity3 pints. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No.420/4273

Our Price £9.99 14. Haden Decorated Electric Kettle. Aluminium with polyester finish. 2600 Watts. Capacity3 pints .. .Cat.No.420/4015

Our Price £8.99 15. Swan "Commodore" Electric Kettle. Polished aluminiurn. 3000 Watts. Capacity 3 pints.B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No.420/1056

Our Price £13.49 16.Pilco Mini Boiler. To boil singlecup (or heat resistantglass) of water up to approx. ~pint. Suitablelor 120/240V AC. Safetycut-outincorporated Cat. No.420/2835

Our Price £4.99 17. Mellerware "Contrast" Electric Kettle. Satin finish. 2750 Watts. Capacity 3 pints. B.E.AB. approved.Matchessaucepanset item no. 1on page104 Cat. No.420/1908

Our Price £9.99

I~ brabantial

1. Brabantia hTropicana" Pedal Bin. Attractive brown decoration on polished chromed steel. W,th removable plasnc bucket. Capacity 2.S gallons. . Cat.No. 840/2868


Our Price£7.99

2. Brabantla "Tropicana" Roll Top Bread Bin. Attractive brown dacorauon on polished chromed steel with brown metal SIdes. Size 17. v 10" Cat. No.840/2844

-sr ..



3. Brabantia Pedal Bin. Polishedchromedsteel wIth brown trim. W,th removableptasuc bucket. CapacIty2.2 gallons Cal. No. 840/1656


Our Price£6.79

4. Flair Swing Top Plastic Waste Bin. Complete top ISremovablefor easyemptying. Capacity7 gallons.HeIght21' . Cat. No. 840/3025


Our Price£3.49

S. Melal Box Roll Top Bread Bin. Stainlesssteel

WIth conlrasting black plastic sides. Size IS'" 10!',,6!" approx Cat. No. 840/2624


Our Price£4.99

6. Metal Box Roll Top Bread Bin. Attractive decoration on polished stainless steel with contrashng brown plastic SIdes. Size lS-" lO!", 6i" approx Cat. No.840/3207


Our Price£5.69

7. Metal Box Pedal Bin. Stainless steel WIth black otasnc lid and removable plastic container Capacny 2.3 gallons....Cat.No. 84011663


Our Price£4.99

8. Metal Box Pedal Bin. Coppercoloured finIsh on steel. Brown plastic lid and fittings. With removableplastic bucket. Capacity2.3 gallons. Cat. No. 840/2875


Our Price£4.79

9. "Oe Luxe Treadle" Pedal Bin. Spacious. ptasncpedalbin with beIgebaseandbrown lid CapacityS gallonsapprox Cat.No.84013331

Sugg'dRetail £7.36


10. Natural PineEgg Rack.Holds 1 dozeneggs. Screws for wall fixIng supptred. Size 15" <Sr' ><3·· Cat.No.840/3393



11. Natural Pine Kitchen 12 Jar Spice Rack. Complete with sprees Screws for wall f,xing supplied.Size 11"" 1H",,3".... Cat. No.840/3379



12. Natural Pine Bread Bin. FamilySIze.Fall front can be used as curnnq board. Size 18l"v12!"vSf' approx Cat. No.84013324

Sugg'd Retail£12.88


13. Natural Pine Kitchen Roll Holder. Screws for wall fixIng supplied.Size11l" "3~").3l". (Roll not Included) Cal.No.84013386



14. Brabantia "Navarra" Bread Bin. Fall front. All steel construction. Size 18~"~1(Y';" 7. Cat. No. 840/3317


Our Price£6.99

15. Brabantia "Navarra" Roll Top Bread Bin. All steelconstruction.s.ze 17~·>·1(y··<6'" Cat. No. 84013283

Rec.Retail £9.78


16.Brabantla"Navarra" Canisters.Set of 3.All steel construction Form, lift 011lids. HeIght 6. . .. Cat. No.840/3427



17. Brabantia "Navarra" Pedal Bin. All steel construction with removable otasuc bucket. Capacity2~gallonsapprox.....Cat. No.840/3348

Rec.Retail £10.70



1. Tower Food Slicer. Aluminium body in white enamel finish. Folding base covered in white plastic laminate with 8 table suction feet. Sliding food carrier Cat.No. 840/3056

Sugg'd Retail £14.75

Our Price £8.49

2. Tower Food Slicer. Aluminium body. Folding brown Melamine covered base with vacuum suction foot. Stainlesssteel blade. Sliding food carrier CaL No. 840/3362


Sugg'd Retail £19.55

Our Price £11.49

3. Tower Food Slicer. Aluminium body. Folding Melamine covered base with vacuum suction loot. Stainless steel blade. Sliding lood carrier Cat. No. 840/2394

Sugg'd Retail £19.55

Our Price £11.49

4. Potato Peeler and Salad Drier.Spins lettuce crispy dry. Peelsapprox. 2 Ib of vegetablesin a minute Cat.No. 840/2916


Rec. Retail £19.95

Our Price £13.69

5. Prestige Wall Can Opener.Moderndesign in strong plastic. Mechanism in chrome plated steelwith magneticlid lifter... Cal. No.840/3087

Rec. Retail 27.99

Our Price £5.49

6. Prestige Wall Can Opener.Chromiumplated steelbody. Magneticlid lifter. Cat. No. 840/0561

Rec. Retail £5.65

Our Price £3.79

7. Prestige "Fold-Away" Wall Can Opener. With magnetic lid lifter. Chromium plated steel body swings away into plastic casewhen not in use.Easilydetachedfor cleaning. Cat. No. 840/2686

Rec. Retail £15.95

Our Price £10.99

8. Spong Kitchen Set. Mincer top in hard nylon with 3 steel cutters. Second nylon top with plunger and 2 conesfor slicing and grating. Cal. No. 840/2466

Rec. Retail £9.99

Our Price £7.49

9. Spong Suction Base Mincer. With 2 sizesof cutting plate Cat. No.840/3245

Rec. Retail £6.25

Our Price £3.99

10. "Mouli Julienne" Slicer/Grater by Moulinex. 5 separate discs for grating. shredCling.grinding. cutting and slicing. Cat. No. 840/3403

SU99'd Retail £4.99

Our Price £3.49

11. Nutbrown Icing Outfit. Contains turntable. marking and deSign rings. icing pump. 6 assortedstainlesssteel nozzlesand instruction booklet.. CaL No. 840/3252

Rec. Retail £7.65

Our Price £5.49

12. "Superspoon" Kitchen Scale. Highly polished aluminium alloy ladle with a balance which will weigh accurately in ounces or grammesoWeighs up to 7 oz/200 g. Ganbe used for hot or cold ingredients CaL No_840/3355 .

Sugg'd Retail £4.95

Our Price£3.49

13. Krups "Record" Kitchen Wall Scale. Weighs up to 3~ Ib by i oz graduations. 3l-6? ib by 1 OZand O-H kg by 10 g. H-3 kg by 20 g. Removabletray folds flat when not in use.Gan be used with Krups mixing bowl, model 302 and bowl of mixer/blender set. model 327 item nO.9 on page 6f CaL No. 840/3049

Sugg'd Retail £11.60

OurPrice £8.49

14. Waymaster Kitchen Wall Scale. Pan closes after use.Weighs up to 7 Ib by 1 OZgraduations and 3 kg by25 g Cat. No. 840/2370

Rec.Retail £8.99


15. Tower "Anette" Kitchen Beam Scale. Weighs up to 25 Ib by ~ OZgraduations. Metric conversionchart included CaL No. 840/1151

Sugg'dRetail £10.95


16. Pyrex Brand "Add and Weigh" Scale. Weighs up to 5 Ib by 1 OZgraduations and 2 kg by 25 g. Zero adjust for individual weighing of ingredients. 2~ pint Pyrex "Mix 'n' Measure" bowl. """." ...".""."""""." .."".Cat. No.840/3269

Our Price£9.~9 17. Salter "Lowline" Kitchen Scale. Scoop inverts when not in use. Weighs IJP to 5 Ib by 1 OZgraduations and 2.2 kg by 25g. Cal. No. 840/1522

Rec.Retail £7.49

OurPrice £4.99

18. Hanson Kitchen Scale. Weighs up to 10 Ib by 1 oz graduations and 4,5 kg by 25g. Cat. No. 840/2734

Sugg'd Retail £4.25

OurPrice £2.99

19. Waymaster Kitchen Scale. Weighsup to 10 Ib by 1 OZgraduations and 5 kg by 25g. Cat. No. 840/3032

Rec.Retail £6.40

Our Price£3.99

20. Leifheit Bag and Sack $ealer. Single automatic action seals refuse sacks, freezer and sandwich bags etc. Complete with 2 rolls of vinyl tape. 100seals per ron....Gat. No.840/3434

Rec.Retail £5.45


21. Leifheit Kitchen Roll Holder. Holds 3 rolls (kitchen towers, greaseproof paper and foil) up to 12!' wide. 2 sliding cutters for easydispensing. In attractive beige/brown plastic. (Rolls not included.)""" ...." ......"""""",,.CaL No.840/3159

Rec.Retail £9.95

Our Price£5.69

1. Cole & Mason Spice Rack. Mahogany rack with 12 Jarscontaining herbs and spices. Size

1H"",Z'x9;" hlgh

Cat. No. 84011216

Rec.Retail £12.29


2. Cole & Mason Spice Rack. Mahogany rack with 24 jars containing herbs and spices. Size 16"x2~""13r Cal No. 84012507



3. Celebrity Mobile Vegetable Trolley. 3 plastic coated steel baskets. Complete with dust tray. Size 16"" 10~"x24~·hlgh Cal. No. 840/3214



4. Cole & Mason Clear Acrylic Pepper and Sail Mill Set. 5~"high. .. Cal No. 840/2662



5. Wooden Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker Set. Heightapproximatety n" ....... Cal No. 840/3094



6.2 Tier Dish Drainer. Plasticcoatedsteelwire. With plastic drip tray. Size approximately 16r,,8!"x 14\" Cat. No. 840/3063

Rec.Retail £6.55


7. Defrosting Set. A hygienic set to simplify thawing of Irozen foods. Three pieces-one perforated container holds frozen food. altowing liquid to drain into larger vessel. the other perforated part protects the food from flies etc. The set can also be used for washing and draining salads.Easyto store. Cat. No. 840/3173



8. 7 Piece FridgelFreezer Set.Comprises1~.3t and 5! Pint rectangular containers. ,. 1. 2 and 3 pint Circularcontainers.With seal tighllidS. (All Sizesapprox.) . Cat. No. 840/3238



9. Homeproud 3 Tier Dish Drainer. Plastic coated steel. Top section is removableto make two units Size 20"v15l"" 12r. Cat. No. 840/2208


Our Price£6.69

10. 9 Piece Basin Set. Suitable lor steaming puddings.•• ~.t , 2 and 3 pint basins Withsnapon lids. plus 4 Pint mixing bowl. 91" and lIt mp(lngspoorfsand 9r' cooking spatula Cat. No. 840/2655

Sugg'd Retail£3.75


11. Prestige Kitchen Tool Set. Stainlesssteel with bonded wooden handles. 6 piece with hanging rack. Gift boxed Cat. No. 840/0451



12. Prestige Nylon Bladed Kitchen Tool Set. Enamelled ceramic-took handles. 5 piece With hanging rack. Recommended lor non-suck pans.Gilt boxed Cat. No. 840/3135

Rec.Retail £9.49

Our Price£6.49

13. Prestige Kitchen Tool Set. "Superchrome" plated steel tools with enamelledceramic-look handles. 5 piece With hanging rack. Gift boxed Cal No. 840/2796


Our Price£5.49

14. 6 Piece Cutlery Set. Stainless steel With wooden handles. Consisls of 5 useful kitchen knivesand carving fork Cal No. 840/3104



15. Prestige Kitchen Knife Set. 5 pieces.Stainless steel blades.Bonded wooden handles.Gift boxed Cat. No. 840/0585




16. Prestige Kitchen Tool and Knife Set. 6 chromium plated tools. strainer and hanging racl( with 3 piece kt"ile set. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 840/2064


Our Price£11.99

17. Wilkinson Sword Kitchen Scissors. Starnless steel blades. Suitable for meat. vegetables and tough gristle. Dishwasher proof handles. Right handonly Cat. No.840/2545



lB.Tullen All Purpose Kitchen Cutters. Will cut VIrtuallyanything in the kitchen-food packaqing. chicken and fish bones, meat and even metal cans. Self sharpening blades. Complete with wall holder Cat. No. 840/3142



19. Kitchen Tool Set. s.pteces plus matching hanging rack. Stainless steel with wooden handles Cat. No.840/3128



20. "Guider Rider" Rollers by Braby. Allow for turning movement (not just backwards and forwards) 01 most domestic appliances. Max· imurn loading 600 lb. Safety brakes. Extend from 16"to 23l" Cat. No. 840/2521



21. "Easy Rider" Rollers by Braby. Fit under most domestic appliances to allow movement and cleaning. Max. load 600 lb. Salety brakes. Extendfrom 16"to 23~· Cat. No. 840/2167



1. Oueen Anne Sliver Plated Gallery Tray. Engraved base. with spherical feet. Tarnish resistanl Diameter 9" Cal No. 280/2165


OurPrice £5.99

2. Grenadier Sillier Plated Adam Style 3 Ught Candelabra. Height approx. 8~·. (candles not supplied.) Cat. No. 280/2309

Rec.Retail £12.50

Our Price£8.99

. 3. Queen Anne Silver Plated Oval Gallery Tray. Tarnish resistant.Length 15"..Cat. No.280/1881

Rec.Retail £20.18

OurPrice £13.99

6. Queen Anne 5 Piece Sliver Plated Cruet Set. Revolving centre. Tarnish resistant. Comprises salt and pepper shakers. mustard pot. oil and vinegar bottles. Diameter6t..Cal No.280/1977

Rec.Retail £11.87

7. Grenadier Silver Plated Serving Tray and Servers. Complete with cheeseboard and butter dish. Size 15!"x9'· Cat. No.280/2189

Rec.Retail £31.00

Rec.Retail £13.00

Our Price £9.99

5. An Elegant 4 Piece Tea/Co(fee Set by Mason & Riley. The classic simplicity is enhanced by the finely shaped spouts and handles. ThiS beautiful set is heavily plated in gleamingsilver Cat. No. 280/2127

Rec.Retail £149.90

Our Price£74.99

OurPrice £19.99

8. Queen Anne Silver Plated "Happy Anniversary" Tray. Embossed "Old English" floral design edge.Diameter1H".... Cat. No. 280/2244

Rec.Retail £9.15 4. Queen Anne Silver Plated Sandwich Tray. Swing handle.Tarnish resistant.Size 16"xS". Cat. No. 280/0961


. OurPrice £5.99

9. Grenadier Silver Plated Rose Bowl. Reproduction Georgiandesign.Diameter7~". Cal No. 28010160


Our Price £16.99

10. Grenadier Silver Plated Georgian Style Petal Vase. Complete with attractive everlasting rose.Height approx. 6".....Cat. No.280/2299

Rec.Retail £6.00

Our Price£4.99

11. Grenadier Silver Plated 2-Ught Candelabra Vase. With artificial flower and 2 candles. Height ~ Cat. No. 280/2024

16. Queen Anne Salad Bowl and Servers. Tarnish resistant. silver plated rim and servers. Diameter9· Cat. No.280/196()

Ree.Retail £9.00



12. Queen Anne Sliver Plated Gallery Tray. Regencystyle legs. Tarnish resistant. Diameter 14" Cat. No. 28011915



13. Queen Anne Hors d'Oeuvre Set. 5 division glass dish with silver plated lid to centre. Silver plated gallery stand with embossed edge and handles. Regency style legs. Tarnish resistant. Diameter 12" Cat. No. 280/2220


17. Queen Anne Silver Plated Cheese and Cracker Service. Glasscovered centre section. Heavilyembossedfloral edge.Tarnish resistant. Diameter14" Cat. No•.280/2275


Our Priee£12.49

18. Queen Anne Silver Ptated Coasters. Set of 6. Embossed floral design. Tarnish resistant. Presentationpack Cat. No.280/1032


Our Priee£7.99

Our Priee£12.99

14. Queen Anne Silver Plated Folding Party Dish. Oystershaped Cat. No. 280/2282




19. Italian Silver Plated Photo Frame. For vertical or horizontal display. Takes print size S·x3!". Polishedwood back. Size6"x4~·. Cat. No. 280/2330



15. Queen Anne Silver Plated Condiment Set. 'Blue glass liners on a heavily embossed floral edge tray. Size n"x3~" Cat. No.280/2347

20. Pair of Italian Silver Plated Pheasant Figures Cat. No. 28011362




Our Priee£12.99


of Sets on pages


7 Piece Place Setting: 1 each table knife. table fork. dessert knife. dessertfork, dessertspoon. soup spoon and teaspoon. 26 Piece Set: Six each knives. forks, dessert spoons. teaspoons and 2 serving spoons. 44 Piece Set: Six 7 piece place settings plus 2 table spoons. 58 Piece Set: Six 7 piece place settings plus 6 cake forks. 6 fruit spoons, 2 table spoons, 1 cake server and 1 fruit server. 76 Piece Set: Eight 7 piece place settings plus 8 pastry forks. 8 coffee spoons and 4 table spoons.

A1 Quality E.P.N.S.Silver Plated Cutlery. Traditional designs. With stainless steel knife blades. Hand finished. In polished wooden cabinet. 1. "Dubarry" pattern available as follows: Catalogue Sugg'd Our Number Retail Price 82011870 44 Piece Set £199.00£109.00 2. "Kings" pattern available as follows: Catalogue Sugg'd Our Number Retail Price 82011849 44 Piece Set £199.00£109.00 820/1856 76 Piece Set £299.00£169.00 3. Housley "Regency" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 piece set in wooden cabinet. Cat. No. 820/2336

Rec.Retail £76.20

Our Price£52.99

4. Oneida "Danish Style" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 piece set with attractive "Serva" tray. Cat. No. 820/2329

Ree.Retail £27.30

Our Price £19.99

5. Vlners "Studio" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 piece set in wooden cabinet...Cat.No. 820/1674

Rec.Retail £139.20

Our Priee£94.99

6. Viners "Country Garden" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44piece set in wooden cabmet, Cat. No. 82011722

Ree.Retail £112.90

Our Price£76.99

• 7. Viners "t.ove Story" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 piece set in wooden cabinet. Cat. No. 820/0084

Ree.Retail £96.75

Our Price £65.99

8. Viners "Chippendale" Silver Plated Cutlery. 44 piece set in wooden cabinet. WIth stainless steel knife blades Cat. No.820/2305

Sugg'd Retail £109.50 Our Priee£79.99 9. Viners "Style" Stainless Steet Cutlery. 44 piece boxedset. Cat. No.820/2312

Rec.Retail £28.75

Our Price £20.99

10. Vine.s "Executive Suite" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44piece boxedset....Cat. No. 82011296

Ree.Retail £38.45

Our Priee£26.49

11. Viners "Splayds". AII-in·one party eating piece for buffets etc. Has a cutting edge. 4 prongs and is shaped deep enough to use as a spoon.Stainlesssteel. Set of 6. Cat. No. 820/2068

Ree.Retail £8.10

Our Priee£5.49

12. Viners "PrOfile" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 26 piece "Homemaker" set in presentation box. Cat. No. 820/2284

Ree.Retail £14.30

Our Price £9.99

1. Housley "Silverdale" lery. 44 piece boxed set.

Rec.Retail £31.00

Stainless Steel Cut· Cat. No. 82011942

Our Price£20.99

2. "Symphony" Stainless Steel Cutlery. Catalogue Sugg'dOur Number Retail Price 82011454 44 Piece Boxed Set £16.00£10.49 8201176058 Piece Boxed Set £19.95£12.99 3. Steak Knife and Fork Set. 6 of each.Stainlesssteelwith wooden handles. Cat. No. 820/2075

Sugg'd Retail £5.60

OurPrice £4.29

4. Stainless Steel Serving Dish and Cover. Length 12f' Cat.No. 825/1796

Sugg'd Retail £8.95

OurPrice £5.49

5. Stainless Steel Spiked Carving Dish. Size 12">-.10"approx Cat. No.825/2434

Rec:Retail £4.42

Our Price£2.99

6. Stainless Steel Roasting Dishes. Set of two. Sizes14ffx10" and 12..xS·.......Cat. No. 82611916

Sugg'd Retail £7.95

Our Price.£5.29

7. Corncob Set. Comprises 4 stainless steel dishesand 4 pairsof holders..Cat. No.825/1648

Rec.Retail £3.68

Our Price£2.39

8. Stainless Steel Casseroles. Set of 3. Can also be used as serving dishes. Sizes 5~·,6!· and diameter Cat No.82511806

Rec.Retail £11.n

Our Price£6.79

9. Tea/Coffee Pot. Mirror finish stainlesssteel. Capacity2.4 pints Cat. No.825/1514

Rec.Retail £6.87

OurPrice £3.99

10. Sona Teapot. Mirror finish aluminium. Teak handle and knob. Capacity 1i pints (6 cups approx.) Cat. No.825/2427

Our Price£7.49

11. Sona 5 Piece Tea Set. Mirror finish aluminium with teak handles and knobs. Comprises 13 pint teapot (6 cups approx.).hot water

jug, sugar bowl. cream jug and tray. size 16"x12r Cat. No.825/2403

Our Price £21.49 12. 3 Piece Stainless Steel Set. Comprises sugarbowl. creamjug andtray. Cat. No. 825/2269

Rpc.Retail £7.80

Our Price£4.99

13. Sona 4 Piece Tea Set. Mirror finish aluminium with hammered pattern and black handlesand knob. Consistsof H pint teapot (6 cups approx.). sugar bowl. cream jug and tray. size 16"><12i" Cat.No. 825/2410

Our Price £15.49 14. 5 Piece Stainless Steel Tea Set.Comprises g pint teapot. 1 pint coHee pot/hot water jug. sugarbowl. creamjug and tray,size13·x9·. Cat. No. 825/1301

~ugg'd Retail £11.35

Our Price £7.49

15. 5 Piece Stainless Steel Tea Set. With rosewood trim on handles and knobs. Cornprises1~pint teapot. 1 pint coff~ pot/hot water jug. sugar bowl. cream jug and tray. size 13~·x9 Cat. No.825/1318

Sugg'd Retail £13.95

OurPrice £8,99

FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE We folly respect all your legal rights as a customer. But in addition to your protection under the law we will exchange or refund you for any unused item-that does not meet your exact requirements. Just return the item to us in its original covering, together with your receipt, within 14 days of purchase.

1. Stainless Steel Salad/Fruit Set. One 9' servmq dish. 6 Individual dishes and 2 servIng spoons cat No. 82511844



2. Stainless Steel Canisters. Set of 3. Height5" approx __ . ._ __ _ Cat.No. 825/1772



3. Stainless Steel Sundae Cups. Set of 6. Diameter3~·._ __ __ _ __ .._Cat.No_825/1363



4. Pair of Goblets. Stainjess steel. Height 5-approx. . ....._.._._. __ ._. .__ ..Cat.No. 825/2283



5. Stainless Steel Table Set. Compnsestoast rack, 2 egg cups and2 spoons.teastrainerwith drip bowl, butter dish. salt and pepper shako ers.. ..__ _._ ..__ . .__ .__ __ .Cat. No. 825/1473


Our Price£3.49

6. 4 Division Stainless Steel Party Dish. Size 1~·)<10~'approx.. _ ..Cat. No.825/2441


Our Price£4.49

7. Stainless Steel Dishes.Setof 3_SizesS', 10·, 15·long Cat. No.825/2173



8. Stainless Steel Cake/Pastry Set. Compnses tray. drameter 9:- and wooden handled server __ . ._._.._._._ Cat. No.825/1655


Our Price£2.39

9. Luminarc Beer Tankards.Set of 6_Capacity 12II oz each _ Cat. No.815/2424




10. Ravenhead "White Fire" Fruit Set. Glass servingbowl and 6 matching dishes. Cat. No. 815/1535



11. Arcoroc Coffee Mugs. Set of 6. Clear glass Cat. No. 815/2431



12. Ravenhead "Siesta" Wine/Beer Set. 18 glasses.6 each sherry 5: II oz, wine 8 II oz and beer 13fl oz Cat. No. 815/1092



13. Ravenhead "Sfesta" Tumbler Set. 18 glasses.6 each5, 9 and 11 fl oz. In textured glass. Cat. No. 815/0598



14.Lumlnarc Irish Coffee Glasses. Setof 6. Cat. No. 815/2022



15. Luminarc Hock Glasses. Set of 6. Clear bowl with greenstem and base. Cat. No. 815/1810



16. RavenheadTumblers. Set of 6 heavybased highball glasses (12~ fl oz), Decorated with an attractivetwo-tone wheat design. car, No. 815/2479



17. Ravenhead "Tubbies" Glass Storage Jars. Set of 6 with cork stoppers.Two each8. 16and 26II oz Cat. No. 815/0574



18. Candlelight Kitchen Storage Jars. Set of 6. Labelled. air-tiqh! jars in clear glass. Overall height4t Cat. No.815/2383


Our Price£4.99

Cristal d'Arques "Longchamps" Glasses. Sets of 6. Lead crystal. Gift boxed. Our Catalogue Sugg'd Price Number Refall

1. 2. 3. 4.

815/2541 815/2534 815/2510 815/2527

Tumbler Rule CIlampagne

Sherry Wine

£10.75 £14.50 £12.50 £13.25

£7.99 £10.99 £9.49 £9.99

5. Square Spirit Decanter. Lead crystal. With largeground stopper Cal No.815/2314 Sugg'd Retail £9.99 Our Price £7.49 6. "Captain's" Decanter. Leadcrystal."Ships" stylewith wide base.Elegantdesign.with large ground stopper Cat. No. 815/1676 Sugg'd Retail £11.55 Our Price £8.99 7. Cristal d'Arques "Diamond" Whisky Tumblers. 6 leadcrystal"old fashioned"glasses. Cat. No. 815/2486 Sugg'd Retail £7.50 Our Price £5.49 8. Luminarc "Fleur" Water Set. 6 tumblers and Jug in smoked glass with an attractive petal design in relief Cat. No.815/2462 Sugg'd Retail £4.25 Our Price £2.99 9. Arcoroc "Pleur" Punch Bowl Set. 18 pieces comprising large glass bowl, 8 glass cups. plastic ladle and hooks Cat. No. 815/2493 Sugg'd Retail £9.75 Our Price £6.99 Royale CountyGlassware. Hand-cutlead crystal decanters. Gift boxed. Sugg'd Our Catalogue Refall Price Number £27.95 £20.99 10. 815/2572Square £27.95 £20.99 11.815/2589 Round 12. Royale County Fruit Bowl. Hand-cut lead crystal.DiameterS".Gift boxed. Cal No. 815/2565 Sugg'd Retail £26.00 Our Price £19.99 13. Royale County Bell. Hand-cut lead crystal with silver plated handle.Ingift box. Cat. No. 815/2132 Sugg'd Retail £7.25 Our Price £4.99 14. Royale County Tankard. Hand-cut lead crystalwith silverplated handle.Capacity~pint. Gift boxed Cat. No. 815/2558 Sugg'd Retail £12.99 Our Price £9.99 Royale County Glasses. Hand-cutlead crystal. Sets ot 6. Gift boxed. Sugg'd Our Catalogue Refall Price Number £28.50 £21.49 15. 815/23'52 Sherry £31.00 £21.99 16. 815/2369 Wine £26.75 £19.99 17. 815/2376 Whisky

1. Pyrex Brand Heat Resistant Tableware. 'Autumn GlOry" decoration. 30 piece set consistmg of 6 each cups. saucers. side plates. dinner plates and soup/cereal bowls. Cat. No. 810/1767

Our Price £19.99 Pyrex Brand Heat Resistant Ovenware. "Autumn Glory" decoration. 2. Set of 3 Casseroles. Capacities1. 2 and 3 pints Cat. No.81011365

Our Price £6.59 3.Set of 6 Steak Plates

Cat. No.810/1705

Our Price £5.99 4.Setof 3 "Serv-Its". Capacity~pint each. Cat. No. 81011743

Our Price £4.79 5. Pyrex Brand 7 Piece Kitchen Set. Heat resistant ovenware.Clear g.ass. Comprises 5 pint mixing bowl, 1 and 2 pint pudding basins. 2~pmt squarecasserole.squareroasting dIsh. 1 pint measuringjug and "flavour saver" pre dish Cat. No.81011217

Our Price £11.49 Pyrex Brand Heat Resistant Ovenware."Market Garden" decoration. 6. Set of 3 Casseroles. Capacity 1, 2 and 3 pints Cat.No.81010012

Our Price £6.59 7. Setof 3 "Serv·lts". eapacity~pint each. eat. No. 810/1750

Our Price £4.79 8. T. G. Green Tea. CoHee. Sugar Jar Set. WhIte glazed earthenwarewith black lettering and cork lids.Capacity16fl oz each. Cat. No. 800/3102

Rec. Retail £10.05

Our Price £6.99

9. T. G. Green "Granville" Ovenware.Set of 2 casseroledishes.Featuringa ricl:!brownglazed rim.Capacities1~and2~pints. Cat. No. 81011664

Rec. Retail £8.84

Our Price £5.99


of sets on this page is as follows:

Dinner Sets 24 pee. 6 each dinner plates, soup plates, side plates, 2 serving dishes and lids, meat plate and gravy boal

Tea Sets

18 Pee. 6 each cups, saucers and side plates. 21 Pee. 6 each cups, saucers and side plates, plus bread and butter plate, sugar bowl and cream Jug.

10. Broadhurst "Driftwood" Mugs. Set 01 6. Stonecastdesign in brown.....Cat. No.800/3597

Sugg'd Retail£4.81

OurPrice £2.99

11. Royal Stafford "Clovelly" Engll'h Fine Bone China. Attractive floral decoration with a gold band.21 piece teaset.....Cat. No.800/3645


Our Price£26.99

12. Queen Anne '''Mlranda'' English Bone China. Queen Anne is a product of the Royal DoultonTablewareGroup.21 piecetea set. Cat. No. 800/3731


OurPrice £21.99

13. "Bramble" Fine Bohemian China. Spray decoration.18piecetea set....Cat. No. 800/2316

Sugg'd Retail£13.30

OurPrice £8.49

14. Duchess "Violetta" English Bone China. Spray decoration of violets and gold trim. 18 piecetea set....."""" .."""",, ....Cal No.800/2969

Sugg'd Retail£19.50

Our Price£14.99

15. "Brigitta" Fine Bohemian China. Elegant white china with gold band. Catalogue • Sugg'd Our Number Retail Price 80011874 24 Pee.OinnerSel £53.35 £34.99 80011898 21 Pee.TeaSet £21.75 £13.99 16. "Scattered Rose" Fine Bohemian China. Delicatedesign of rose buds on a white glaze. Catalogue Sugg'd Our Number Retail Price 800/371724 Pee.DinnerSet £50.73 £29.99 800/3724 18Pee.TeaSet £14.65 £9.49

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statut.ory rights.

Composition of Sets All the sets on these two pages excluding Denby are 30 piece pottery tableware sets comprising: 6 cups and saucers 6 side plates 6 soup/cereal bowls 6 dinner plates' Please note: Denby Tableware sets are 20 piece sets comprising: 4 cups and saucers 4 side plates 4 soup/cereal bowls 4 dinner plates 1. Denby "Cotswold" Stoneware. Rustic design with a textured finish on the cups. Optional dinner and tea extras. Catalogue Sugg'd Our Number Retail Price 800/3755 20Pee.Set £49.36 £41.49 800/3762 Sugar Bowl & Cream Jug £6.69 £5.79 8OO/3n9 2 pint Vegetable DISh £13.25 £11.29 2. Denby "Sahara" Stoneware. SandCOloured with attractive brown banded finish. 20 piece set.. Cat.No. 800/3748

Sugg'd Retail £40.40

Our Price £33.49

3. J. & G. MeaJein"Hedgerow" Pottery Tableware. Delicate design of pressedwild flowers on a creamcoloured base.30 pieceset. Cat. No. 800/3535

Sugg'd Retail £43.75

Our Price£29.99

4. J. & G. Meakin "Windswept" Pottery Tableware. Delicate brown design on a cream coloured base.30 pieceset. ........Cat. No. 800/3418

Sugg'dRetail £29.50

Our Price£19.99

5. Arklow "Glenwood" Pottery Tableware. A gentle floral design on a plain white background.30 pieceset.. Cal No. 800/3683

Rec.Retail £46.50

Our Price £24.99

6. J. & G. Meakin "Wayside" Pottery Tableware. Flowers in delicate pastel shades on a speckledglazewith a brown rim. 30 pieceset. Cal No. 800/3700

Sugg'd Retail £42.95

Our Price£29.99

7. Kiln Craft "Amberstone" Pottery Tableware. Rich brown banded design on an amber cotoured base.30 pieceset. ........Cat.No. 800/2897

Sugg'dRetail £19.99

Our Price £15.99

8. Furnival"Blue Denmark" PotteryTableware by EnochWedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd. Distinctive traditional pattern.30 pieceset. . Cat. No. 800/2134

Rec.Retail £32.25

Our Price £21.99

9. Kiln Craft "Biarritz" Pottery Tableware. Blue floral designwith a creamglaze.30 pieceset. Cat. No. 800/3690

Sugg'd Retail £28.99

Our Price£23.99

10. Broadhurst "Folkweave" Pottery Tableware. Wickerwork pattern with a rich oatmeal glaze.30 pieceset. Cat.No. 800/3676

Sugg'd Retail £19.49

Our Price£13.99

11. J. & G. Meakin "Poppy" PotteryTableware. Attractive floral design with an olive green band.30 pieceset. Cal. No.800/2811

Sugg'd Retatl£37.95

Our Price £25.99

12. Biltons "Shetland Brown" Pottery Tableware. Attractive two tone brown bandeddesign on an oatmealcoloured base.30 pieceset. Cat. No..eOO/3566

Rec.Retail £26.20

Our Price£14.49

1. Tower "Royale" Cookware. "SilverStone" long-life non-stick interiors by Du Pont. Heavy gauge aluminium with brown vitreous enamel. Fitted with heat resistant handles and knobs. Steam control vent in lid knobs. Suitable for gas, radiant ring, solid hotplate or ceramic hob. Catalogue Our

Number 860/3973 860/3980 860/3997 860/4006

Saucepan6· Sauce,an r Saucepan 8" Frypan with Lid 1().},'

Price £9.49 £10.79

£11_79 £12.99

2. Pilot "Enterprise" 5 Piece PanSet. 6". 7" and 8" saucepans,1ij" milk pan and 9· trypan. Heavy gauge polished aluminium with "SilverStone" non-stick interior by Du Pont. Teak knobs and handles.Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Cat. No. 860/4350

Rec. Retail£39.45

OurPrice £25.99

3. Mellerware "Fanfare" Cookware. Heavy gauge aluminium. Coated inside with hard wearing "SilverStone" non-stick coating by Du Pont. Crown enamel chip-proof exterior with attractive embossed pattern. Heat resistant handles and knobs. Saucepanset sizes 6", r and 8". Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate. Sugg'dOur Catalogue Retail Price Number £36.19£21.99 860/4154 Saucepan Set 860/4161 Frypan with Lid 10" £15.49£9.99

4. Le CreusetlCousances Cookware. World famous French cookware in fine grain cast-iron fused to resilient. non-fade enamel. Economi· catty distributes heat to avoid "hot spots". Ideal for all types of stoves. Pans without wooden hal .dtes can be used in oven. Either Le Creuset or Cousances pans supplied. both identical in type and quality. As pans are hand finished no two will match exactly. Available as follows:

5 Piece Saucepan Set. Sizes 51". 6l", 7",8" and 8~·.Woodenhandles.Completewilh stand. Cal. No. 860/4226

Our Price £65.00 11~·"Mama" Frypan. Black satin enamel interior with wooden handle. For high temperalure cooking Cat. No.860/4233

Our Price £11.99 7"'ron Handled Saucepan.....Cat. No.860/4271

Our Price £9.99 8" Iron Handled Saucepan.....Cat. No. 860/4264

Our Price £12.99 8"Casserole. 4~pints 9~"Casserole.

n pints

Cat. No.860/4257

Our Price £10.99 Cat. No.860/4240

Our Price £16.99 5. POinterware "Carmona" Cookware. Heavy gauge steel with stick, stain and chip resistant enamel. Pattern will never fade. "Atumactad' base to prevenl "hot spots:' Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 860/4295Saucepan r (2I pints) £11.44 £8.49 860/4305 Saucepan 8' I3l pints) £12.62 £9.49 860/4312 Frypan with Lid 1()' £15.54 £11.49

1. Tower "Diamond Chef" Coffee.lCream Cookware. Smooth coloured exterior for easy cleaning. with pewter coloured Teflon 2 interiors. Fitted with heat resistant handles and knobs. Saucepan set sizes 6}". 7" and


Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Catalogue Number 860.13911 Saucepan Set 860.13928 Frypanwith Lid 101"

Our Price £18.99 £7.99

2. Copperfield Copper Clad Aluminium Cookware. Highly polished copper exteriors. pure brass fittings and the practicality of aluminium interiors. Saucepan set sizes 6" and 7" plus 5" milk pan. Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Catalogue Our Number Price 860.14185 Saucepan Set £26,99 860.14202 Casserole 5" £9.49 860.14192 Frypan with Lid 9" £11.99 3. Tower HI-~peed Pressure Cooker. Polished aluminium with heat resistanthandles.Trivet. 3 separators. special visual indicator weight. Recipe/instruction booklet included. Total capacity 12! pints. Suitable for gas. radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No. 860.14051

Our Price £17.99 4. Tower Hj...SpeedPressure Cooker. Polished aluminium with heat resistanthandles.Trivet. 3 individual separators, special visual indicator weight. Recipe/instruction book included. Total capacity 8 pints. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No.860/2936

Our Price £15.99 5. Hllyang Norwegian Stainless Steel Saucepan Set. Heavy aluminium basesensure more efficient and effective cooking. Saucepansizes 6!", 7" and 7~·.Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No.860/4020

Sugg'd Retail £27.78

Our Price £19.99

6. Swan Ground Base Twin Pan Set. 2 separate foods can be COOkedon one ring. Polished aluminium. 3 pints each. Suitable lor gas. radiant ring or solid hotplate..Cat. No. 860/1250

Rec. Retail £20.08

Our Price £13.49

7. Swan Ground Base Triple Pan Set. 3 separate foods can be cooked on one ring. Polished aluminium. 2 pints each. Detachable handle.

Suitable for radiant ring or solid hotplate. Cat. No. 860/1243

Rec.Retail £21.01

Our Price £14.29

8. Swan 3 Piece Ground Base Aluminium Pan Set. 6". 7" and 8" saucepans. Suitable for gas. radiant ring or solid hotplate. Cat. No. 860/2352

Rec.Retail £33,33

Our Price £21.99

9. Meyer "Wild Country" Multiware Set. A unique concept in cookware. All of 'the pans. can double as casseroles if used without detachable handles. Each saucepanis supplied with a metal lid for cooking and a plastic sealer for easyfood storage. Comprises6l". 7" and 7'f' saucepans, 9~·frypan, 2 detachable handles and 2 pot holders. Teflon 2 interiors and enamel exteriors. Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Cat. No. 860/3942

Rec.Retail £31.57

Our Price £21.99

10.Tefal Non-Electric Deep Fryer. Deodorising tilter in lid. Thermo-couple temperaturedial for perfect deep frying. Working capacity 5 pints of oil. Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Cat. No. 860/3296

Rec.Retail £32.67

Our Price £19.99

11. Tefal 5 Piece Pan Set. Grey non-stick coating inside. Famous for "slidability". guaranteed tor life against peeling or blistering. Tangerine coloured non-stick coating outside for easy cleaning. Set comprises 6!", 7" and 8" saucepans.6" milk pan and 9!" frypan. Suitable for gasor radiant ring Cat. No.860/3186

Rec.Retail £41.40

Our Price £20.99

12.Tefal 5 Piece Pan Set. Polishedaluminium exterior with pure P.T.F.E. non-stick interior. Famous for "slidability". guaranteed for life against peeling or blistering. 6}", 7" and 8" saucepans,f1' milk pan and 9~"frypan. Suitable for gasor radiant ring Cat. No. 860/4130

Rec.Retail £38.10

Our Price £23,99



1. Mellerware "Contrast" Cookware .. Fluon' non-suck mtenors. Fitted With heat resistant set sizes 6 T and 8". 6" milk pan and 9" frypan. Suitable lor gas or radiant flng. Electric kettle to match.see Item no. 17 on page 79 Sugg'd Our Catalogue Retail Price Number £33.65 £20.99 86012558 Saucepan Set £9.90 £5.99 860/2565 ChiP Pan 8'

handles and knobs. Saucepan

2. Mellerware 5 Piece Aluminium Pan Set.Two tone exteriors and (ods.The 6". T' and S" saucepans are with plain Interiors: 9" omelette pan and 5~' m'lk pan with "Fluon" non-stick InlenOrS.Suitable for gasor radiant ring. Cat. No. 860/4336

Sugg'd Retail £21.90

Our Price £13.99

3. Mellerware "Butterscotch" Cookware. Sturdy aluminium. finished externally with two tone chip-proof crown enamel and internally with "Fluon" non-suck coating. Saucepanset sizes 6". 7" and 8" Extra large 9" chip pan with new style basket. All feature teak handles and knobs. Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Catalogue Sugg'd Our Number Retail Price 860/3894 Saucepan Sel £22.25 £14.99 860/4147 Chip Pan £17.35 £10.99 860/3904 Frypan with Lid 10"£8.72 £5.99 4. Mellerware "Gourmet De Luxe" 5 Piece Pan Set. 6". 7" and 8" saucepans.6" milk pan and 9" frypan with lid. Teflon 2 coated Interiors. Surtable for gasor radiant ring.....Cat. No. 860/2187

Sugg'd Retail £47.70

Our Price £28.99

Aluminium Kettle to match above. Capacity3, pints. For gasor)ly Cat. No. 86013100

Sugg'd Retail £7.10

Our Price £5.49

5. HUite "Lookin' 'n' Cooking" Poacher and Frypan Set. Polished aluminium exteriors with

black non-stick Interiors. Heat resistant glass lids to give continuous view of contents while cooking. Poacher7!", frypan 10" diameter.Suitable for gas or radiant ring.....Cal No. 860/3959

Ree.Retail £16.45

Our Price £11,49

6. Meyer "Everything" Pan. 12" diameter. Heavy gauge aluminium. Porcelain enamel exterior. Teflon 2 interior. Can be used to stir ;,y, deep fry. pan fry, stew or steam.Strainer lid. SUItablefor gas or radiant ring. Cal No. 86014367

Ree.Retail £18.99

Our Price £13.99

7. Judge "Herb" 3 PIece Pan Set. 6!". 7" and 8" saucepans. Stainless steel rims. Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Matcheselectric kettle item no. 12 on page 79 and deep fat fryer tlem no. 14 on page71 Cat No. 860/4329

Ree.Retail £23.49

Our Price£16.99

8. Judge "Pottery Wheel" 3 PIece Pan Set Chip resistant enamel with stainlesssteel rims. Saucepansizes 6~·,7" and 8".Suitable for gas or radiant ring Cal No. 860/3870

Ree.Retail £25.69

Our Price £16.49

9. Concordia "Buttercup" 3 PIece PIIn Set. 6", 7' and 8" enamelled steel pans in attractive design with green lids. Stainless steel rims. Suitablefor gasor radiant ring. Cal No. 860/4123

Our PrIce£15.99 10.5 Piece Pan Set Satin finish heavygauge alumrruum wtth leak fittings. 6", 7" and 8" saucepans, 6" milk pan and 10" frypan have 'Fluon" coaled non-stick interiors. Suitable for gasor radiant ring , Cal No. 860/2716

Rec.Retail £17.99

Our Price £13.99

1. Prestige "Lifetime" Stainless Steel Cookware. With copper bases which spread heat Quickly, evenly and efficiently. The saucepans and chip pan come complete with lids. For gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate. Manufacturer's 10

year guarantee. Catalogue Number 860/2819 Saucepan 3 pints 860/2826 Saucepan 4! pints 860/2833 Saucepan 6 pints 860/2840 Milk Pan 2 pints 860/2857 Frypa~ 101" 860/2864 Chip Pan 6 pints 860/4374 Kettle 4! pints

Rec. Retail £18.85 £20.85 £22.95 £13.85 £20.95 £24.45 £18.25

Our Price £12.99 £14.49 £15.99 £9.99 £13.99 £17.49 £12.99

2. Prestige "Lifetime" Stainless Steel Pan Set. 2,3 and 4! pint saucepanswith lids. Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Pans have manufacturer's 10 year guarantee. Each set complete with free knife set comprising paring, utility and French cook's knives Cat. No. 860/4178

Rec. Retail £44.75

Our Price £31.99

3. Prestige "Lifetime" Stainless Steel Cookware. Bellied shapewith copper basesand teak knobs and han·dles.The saucepans and chip pan come complete with lids. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate. Manufacturer's 10 year guarantee. Rec. Our Catalogue Retail Price Number £21.75 £14.99 860/4075 Saucepan 2 pints £23.75 £16.49 860/3320 Saucepan 3 pints 860/3337 Saucepan 41 pints £25.55 £17.49 £27.95 £19.99 860/3344 Saucepan 6 pints £22.75 £15.99 860/3351 Frypan 10!" £29.75 £20.99 860/3368 Chip Pan 6 pints £18.75'£12.99 860/3492 Milk Pan 2 pints

4. Prestige "Hi-Dome" Pressure Cooker. Polished aluminium with heat resistant handles. Trivet, separator and recipe/instruotion book included. Total capacity 12! pints. Suitable for gas, radiant 'ring or sotid hotplate. -Manufacturer's 10 year guarantee. Cat. No. 860/0512



5. Prestige "OR" Pressure Cooker. All the advantagesof pressure cooking plus "finger. tip" pressure release control. Polished aluminium with heat resistant handles. Trivet, separator and recipe/instruction book included. Capacity 94 pints. Suitable for gas. radiantring or solid hotplate.Manufacturer's10 yearguarantee Cat. No.860/3667.


Our Price£28.49

6. Prestige "Automatic" Pressure Cooker.All Iheadvantagesof pressurecooking plus "autotimer" for automatic pressurereleasecontrol. Polished aluminium with heat resistant handles. Trivet, separator .and recipe/instruction book included. Capacity 9~pints. Suitable for gas. radiant ring or solid hotplate.Manufacturer's guarantee of 1 year for the timer and 10 years for the pressure cooker. Cat. No. 860/3674


OurPrice £33.50

7. Skyline "Minor" Pressure Cooker by Prestige. Polished aluminium with heat resistant handles. Trivet. separator and recipe/instruction book included. Capacity7! pints. Suitable for gas.radiant ring or solid hotplate.Manufacturer's 10yearguarantee Cat.No.860/0529

Ree.Retail £24.29


1. Skyline 8 Piece Non-Stlcl< Bakeware Set by Prestige. With unique brown non-stick silicone glaze. Comprises 12 hole bun tin. two 7!"

sandwich tins, two 6" pie plates, 7f' flan tin. Swiss roll tin and 71" square cake tin. Cat. No. 860/2455


Our Price £7.49

2. Skyline 12 Piece Bakeware Set Top quality seamless bakeware with satin finish. Comprising: 2 "easy out" sandwich tins, 1 square cake tin. 2x6 cup bun tins. 1 small and 1 large loaf tin, 1 pie plate, 1 Swiss roll tin. 1 Yorkshire pudding tin, 1 roasting tin and 1 flan tin Cat No. 860/4219


Our Price£5.99

3. Prestige 5 Piece Bakeware Set. Comprises 1 each 12 cup bun pan. loaf pan, square cake pan and 2 sandwich pans. Seamless aturnimum non-stick silicone glaze surface used extensively throughout the baking industry. Cat. No. 860/3265


Our Price£10.99

4. Tower Katie Miller "Tea Time" 4 Piece Bakeware Set. Teflon 2 coated interiors. Caramel coloured exteriors for easy cleaning. Comprises 7" cake pan, two 7" sandwich pans and 12 hote bun pan..· Cat. No. 860/4044


Our Price£4.79

5. Skyline 3 Piece Roasting Set by Prestige. With unique brown non-stick silicone glaze. Comprises 9i"xn" roasting tin, 12~"x9t roasting tin and 9}'x9~"Yorkshire pudding tin. Cat. No. 860/3502



6. Skyline Aluminium Roaster by Prestige. Seamless construction. Twin handles. Self basting lid with vapour seal rim. Size 123'·x9'·)(5,~" Cat. No. 860/2981


OurPrice £4.99

7. Triple Pan Set. Energy and space savinq. Detachable handle. Satin finish aluminium. 2 pints each. Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Cat. No. 860/4343

OurPrice £8.99 8. Prestige Whistling Kettle. Polished aluminium. capacity 4! pints. Suitable for gas. radiant ring or solid hotplate..Cat. No. 860/4381








OurPrice £7.99

9. Queensway Aluminium Maslin Pan. Bail and back handles. Suitable for jams, marmalades. beer making etc. Capacity 2 gallons. Suitable for gas or radiant ring Cat. No. 860/3306



C d

Our Price£7.99


Be 55

10. Moulinex "Pellvac" Cleaner. For uphOlstery pelmets and curtains. 150 Watts. Complete with tools. _•.................... Cal No. 40511031

Our Price £13.49 11. Moulinex "250" Lightweight Cleaner. For floors, carpets and curtains. 250 Watts. Complete with tools. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 405/0025

Our Price £17.49 12. Hoover "DusteHe" lightweight Cleaner. For use around the home and in the car. 140 Watts.B.EAB. approved Cat. No.405/0063

Our Price £29.49 13. Aqua Vac Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. P,cks up wide range of houselworkshop dirt including liquids. 850 WaHs.Complete with 11" and 21" diameter setsof tools.Cal No.40511206

Our Price £49.99 14. Goblin "Compact Super 666" Cylinder Cleaner. Incorporates bag-full indicator. Cloth dust-bag or disposable paper bag. 600 Watts. Complete with set of tools. B.E.A.B. approved Cal No.40511282

Our Price £44.99 15. Goblin "Compact 555" Cylinder Cleaner. Cloth dust-bag or disposable paper bag. 500 Watts. Complete with set of tools. B.EAB. approved Cal No.405/0702

Our Price £34.99 16. ETA 418 Cylinder Cleaner. Cloth dust-bag. Bag-full indicator.·Foot operated onloff switch. 5SO Watts.Completewith set of tools. Cat. No. 40511378

Our Price £27.99

1. Electrolux 502 Cleaner. Powerlul suction plus double brush beat and sweep action. Cleaning head automatically self-adjusts lor cleaning carpets and hard floors. "Bagchange" signal. 425 Watts. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 405/0881

Our Price £64.95 2. Moulinex 535Cleaner. Re-usablecloth bag. Bag-lull indicator. Double sided brushededge cleaning.Quick cord release.Largerearwheels for strength and manoeuvrability.2 position height control. 400Watts.Completewith range of tools Cat. No.405/1402

Our Price £52.99 3. HooverF4002Sha.-.pooPolisher.Shampoos carpets. waxes. polishes. buffs floors and power scrubs. Shampooor scrubbing solution automaticallydispensed.Completewith accessories.160 Watts.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 405/1048

Our Price £59.99 4. Moulinex T.804 Cylinder Cleaner. Bag·full indicator. Foot operatedon/off switch. Built-in carrying handle. Moveson 3 with 360· turning capability. 800 Watts. Complete with tools Cat. No.405/1385

Our Price £49.99 5. Philips H.R.6242 "Swivel Top" Cylinder Cleaner. Foot· operated on/off switch. 360" swivel hose. Extra large hardwearing rubber wheels and furniture protectors. 700 Watts. Completewith tools Cat. No.405/1426


Our Price £54.99 6. Complement BS08 Cylinder Cleaner. Foot operated on/off switch and flex rewind. 360" swivelhose.650 Watts.Completewith tools. Cat. No. 405/1457

Our Price £39.99


7. Hoover U4014 "Ranger Senior" Cleaner. "Beats as it cleans" action. Top fill bag. lour position height right control. fitted headlight. quick release cord winding Clip. Special edge cleaning side vents. 400 Watts. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 40511055

Our Price £83.99 8. HooverU1036"Junior" Cleaner."Beatsasit cleans" action. Height right control. double edged brush cleaning.integral handlerelease andswitch.300Watts.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 405/1299·

Our Price £59.99 9.Th&NewHooverU2128"Compact" Cleaner. Double brushed edge cleaning. Height right control. Hygienic throw-awaydisposal bags. 300 Watts.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 405/1471

Our Price £65.99 10. Hoover "Freedom 750" Cylinder Cleaner. Bag-lull indicator, throw-away disposal bag. 750 Watts. Complete with tools. REAR approved.......... .. Cat.No.405/0647

Our Price £49.99 11. Electrolux "Automatic 345" Cylinder Cleaner.Automaticcleaninghead.bag-change control and'Ilex rewind. 750 Watts.Complete with tools. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 405/0410

Our Price £69.95 12. Electrolux96 Cylinder Cleaner.Cloth dust bag. Air lilter. Foot operated onlofl switch. 550 Watts. Complete with tools. B.EAR approved Cat.No.405114~

Our Price £39.95 FULL MONEY-BACKGUARANTEE We lully respect all your legal rights as a customer. But In addition to your protection under the law we will exchange or refund you for any unused item that does not meet your exact requirements. Just return the Item to us In Its original covering, together with your receipt, within 14 days of purchase.

1. Leifheit "Rotaro" Floor and Carpet Sweeper. Twin rotary brushes sweep up to wall and around furniture legs. Brush height control dial. Brislle brush and built-In comb. Case size

Cat. No.855/1197




2. Leifheit "Delphin" Carpet Sweeper. lndependentlysprung wheelS.Flick-opendustpans. Bristle brush.Casesize II"x7~·. Cat. No. 855/1427



3. Leifheit "Regulus" Roor/Carpet Sweeper. With steel case. Dial control for smooth floors and all carpet thicknesses.Three pure brislle brushes.main pick-up brush and two dirt collectors. Independently sprung suspension. Casesize 11'x Cat. No.8SS/1 496



4. Leifheit "Super S" Floor and Carpet Sweeper.Twin rotary brushessweepup to wall and around furniture legs. Singlelarge capacity lift-out dustpan. Brush height control for smooth floors and all carpet thicknesses.With handbrush comb. Casesize f2")<9~· Cat. No. 855/1465



5. Leifheit "Supercontainer" Floor and Carpet Sweeper.Twin rotary brushessweepup to wall and around furniture legs. Single. large capacity lift·out dustpan. Window indicates when dustpan is full. Brush height control for smooth floors and all carpet thicknesses. Case size 12"x91" Cat.No. 85511142



6. Sabco "Crown" Carpet Shampooer. Thorough cleaning ensured by unique system of 16 brushes and 12 sponges. With Iluid control. Trial bottle of shampoosupplied. Cat. No. 85511379


Our Price£9.99

7. Sabco "Moppit" Floor Mop. Requires no special bucket. Self adjusting rollers squeeze out thewater Cat.No. 85511472



8. Judge Plastic Dustbin. Metal handlessecure lid. Capacity3l cu (t. Cat. No. 85510624



9. Dustbin. SecureClipon tid. In strong plastic. Capacity2.6cu ft. Cat.No. 855/1513


Our Price£4.99

10. Leifheit Telescopic Shoe Rack. Extends from 21" to 39". Holds up to 10 pairs of shoes .• Additional units can be stacked on each


Cat. No. 855/0514



11. Door Hanging Shoe Rack. Takes up to 10 of shoes plus polish. brushes etc. No fittings required. fits any door with special bracketsprovided Cat.No. 855/1173



12. Ewbank "1200" Carpet Sweeper. Built-in comb cleans brush whilst in use.Independently sprung wheels.Flick-up leverfor emptyingtwin dustpans. All round protective bumper. Case size 13f'x9l· Cat. No.855/0181



13. Ewbank "555" Carpet Sweeper. Independently sprung wheels. Leverfor' easyemptying of dustpan. Built-in brush comb. All round protectivebumper.Casesize 11~".l(8~". Cat. No. 85511362



14. Ewbank "525" Carpet Sweeper. Built-in brush comb. Simple pressopen twin dustpans. Casesize 11!..xs; Cat. No.85511207



15.Ewbank"575" Floor and Carpet Sweeper.4 position brush height control and leverfor easy opening 01 dustpans. All round protective bumper. Built-in brush comb. Case size 11~"x8,\· Cat. No.855/1355



16. Ewbank "Minit" Mop by Prestige. Lever action wringing. Replaceablecellulose sponge head.All round protectivebumper. Cat. No. 855/0284



17. Bissell "Casset1e 3~" Carpet Sweeper. With removable dustpan. Incorporation comb continuouslycleansthebrush. Surfaceselector from smooth floors to plush carpets. Bumper band protects furniture. Casesize 10~"x9!". Cal No. 855/1506



18.Bissell "Foam-Master" Carpet Shampooer. Three roller action. Hip level lever for foam control. 500ml bottle of shampoosupplied. Cat. No. 855/0215



19.Bissell "9000S" Carpet Shampooer.4 roller action. Hip level leverfoam control. With2x500 ml boruesof shampoo Cat. No.855/0222



1. Dennison "'Big 0" Airer. Stove enamelled tubular steel frame with plastic coated rails. Expands to 59" high. giving 46' of hanging space. Folds flat for storage ... Cat. No. 850/0636

Rec.Retail £14.15

Our Price£9.99

2. Beldray "Countess" Airer. Polythenecoated steel framegiving 40' of hangingspace.Height 50" Cat. No. 850/1006

Rec.Retail ~4.25

Our Price £6.49

3. ASUairflow "Tidyframe" Airer. For useover bath or free-standing.30' of hangingspace. Cat. No. 850/0760

Rec.Retail £9.75

Our Price £4.99

4. ASUairflow ''Tidydry'' Indoor Clothes Line. 5 lines extend to 15'. giving 75' of hanging space Cat. No. 850/0117

Rec.Retail £9.95

Our Price£5.99

5. Radiator AirerlTowel Rails. Set of 4. Length 24}"each Cat. No. 850/07n

Rec.Retail £7.06

Our Price£4.79

6. ASUalrflow RotaryClothes Line. Galvanised tubular steel frame. Heavyduty mouldings.PVC covered line. Complete with soil spear for immediate use. no concreting necessary. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 850/0928 90' £19.95£9.99 850/1051 120' £24.95£12.99 850/0784,150' £38.95£17.99

7. Creda "Debonair" Spin Dryer. 2800 r.p.m. spin speed. Fitted with safety interlock. 6 Ib load. Gravity drain. Height 253". Dia. (excl. spout) 14H". B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 41011730

Our Price £65.99 8. ASUairflow Replacement Rotary Clothes Une. 150' of plastic coated line. Suitable lor most rotary clothes airers Cat. No.85011068

Rec. Retail £3.~5

Our Price £2.49



used at any showroom.


1. Trident Ironing Table. Foam backed. Plated steel iron stand. Ironing surface 35l"x 13".

Adjusts to 3 heights; minimum height 28~", maximumheight 33" Cat. No. 850/0605

Our Price £9.99 2. Beldray "Invincible" Ironing Table. Ironing surface 36"x 13" Asbestos iron stand. Adjusts to 3 heights; minimum height 24", maximum height 34" Cal No. 850/0045

Our Price £10.99 3. BeJdray"Five Star" Ironing Table. Ironing surface 38·x14l". Asbestos iron stand. Adjusts to 12 heights; minimum height 24". maximum height 34".... _ ... _ ..Cat. No. 850/0038

Our Price £13.99 4. ASlIairflow Slmptu. "De liJxe" Ironing Table. Milium cover.Tubular steel legs. Ironing surface 38")( 14~·. Adjusts to 12 heights; minimumheight 23". maximumheight 33". Cal No. 850/0801

Our Price £14.99 5. Beldray "New Europa" Ironing Table. Foam backed metallised cover. Retractable iron .stand Ironing surface 48"x14~·. Adjusts to 12 heights; minimum height 24". maximumheight 33" Cal No. 850/1013

Our Price £15.49 6. ASlIalrflow Simplu. "Super" Ironing Table. Lightweight ironing table with an all metal framefor strength and stability. Flexholder and built·in iron rest with special storage faoility. Milium cover. Ironing surface 38!"><'14".Adjusts to 12 heights; minimum height 23". maximum height 33" Cat. No. 850/0894

Our Price £16.99 7. Beldray Ironing Table Cover. Foambacked metallised 100% cotton cover. Fits any lable with Ironing surfaceup to 38"x 14:". , Cat. No. 850/0739

Our Price £2..99 8. Trident Ironing Table Cover. Foambacked, metallised rayon cover. Fits any table with ironing surface up to 38"" 14~". Cat. No. 85011037

Our Price £1.99

9. Beldray Iron TIdy. Enablel\ hot iron to be put immediately away. Adjusts to accommodate any size domestic iron. Steel frame with expanded metal cooling plate. Easily fixed to door or wall. (Iron not supplied). Size


CaI. No.850/0540

Our Price £2.49 10. Pllco Dry Travel Iron. Salely cut-out. For l00/240V A.C. Folds flat for storage.With travel c8Se " Cal No.41011242

Our Price £9.29 11. Morphy Richards 40360 "Classic" Dry Iron. Variable thermostat with pilot light. Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight 2~ lb. Complete with fitted plug. B.EAB. approved. Cal. No. 41011905

Our Price £11.49 12. Morphy Richards 40150..Dry Iron. Variable thermostat. Fabric guide. Weight 2 Ib 5 oz. Completewith fitted plug. B.EA B. approved. Cal. No. 410/2014

Our Price £8.99 13. -MorphyRichards 40380 De Luxe "Classic" Dry Iron. Variable thermostat with pilot light. Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight 2! lb. Completewith fitted plug. B..EAB. approved. Cal. No. 41011912

Our Price £12.49 14. SunbeamAD19H UghtwelghtStandard Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Fabric guide. Weight 24 lb. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 41011022

Our Price £9.99 15. Pifco 1042 Lightweight Dry tron. Thermostatic control. Fabric guide. Weight 2: .lb. B.EAB. approved Cal No.41011493

Our Price £6.49 16. Ajax 162 Lightweight Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Fabricguide. Weight2 lb. Cat. No. 410/1826

Our Price £4.79

1. Hoover 4004 Steam/Dry 'ron. Thermostatic control. Fabric guide. Weight 3~ lb. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 410/0315

Our Price £11.99 2. Morphy Richards 42580De Luxe Steam/Dry 'ron. Variable thermostat with pilot light. Control knob has HLCCsettings.Thumb switch for steam.Weight 3! lb. Complete with fitted plug. S.EAB. approved Cat. No.410/1936

Our Price £14.99 3. Morphy Richards 42550 Steam/Dry Iron. Variable thermostat. Control knob has HLCC settings. Thumb switch for steam.Weight 3} lb. Completewith fitted plug. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/2021

Our Price £11.49 4. Proctor-5l1ex3201De Luxe Steam/Dry 'ron. Thumb switch for steam. Fabric temperature guide. Weight~ lb. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/2007

Our Price £11.99 5. Morphy Richards 42780 De Luxe Steam/Spray/Dry Iron, Variable thermostat with pilot light. Contro] knob has HLCC settings. Thumb switch for steamand pressbutton tor spray. Weight 3~ lb. Complete with fitted plug. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.41011950

Our Price £16.49 6. Morphy Richards 42760 Steam/Spray/Dry 'ron. Variable thermostat with pilot light. Control knob has HLCCsettings. Thumb switch for steam and press button tor spray.Weight 34lb. Completewith fitted plug. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/1943

Our Price £14.99 7. Plfco 1041 Steam/Spray/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Fabricguide.Weight 2llb. Cat. No. 41011871

Our Price £11.49 8. Hoover 4404 Steam/Spray/Dry Iron. Water level gauge. Thermostatic controt. Fabric guide.Weight 3llb. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 41011857

Our Price 14.99 9. Tefal De Luxe 1519 Jet-of-Steaml Steam/Spray/Dry 'ron. Thermostatic control. Visual water level. Seff cleaning action for hard water areas.Weight3~fb. S.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 41011998

Our Price £19.99

Sunbea"l SD30 Oe Luxe Sleam/Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control and fabric guide. Weter level gauge.Weight 3! lb. B.EAB. approved Cat.No. 410/0346 10.

Our Price £18.99 11. Rowenta DA15 "Powersleam" Steam/Spray/Dry Iron. With extra burst of 'Powerstearn". Fabric guide. Pilot light and water levelgauge.Incorporatescord storageat heelrest.Weight4 lb. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/1981

Our Price £22.99 12. Sunbeam ISS1 "Super" Shot·of· Steam/Steam/Spray/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Fabric guide. Stainless steel water tank. Water level gauge.Weight 3! lb. B.E.AB. approved Cat. No. 41011606

Our Price £19.99 13. SU'lbeam GSS3H De Luxe Steam/ Spray/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control and fabric guide. Stainlesssteel water tank plus water levelgauge.Weight3~lb. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 410/0982

Our Price £17.99 14. Sunbeam XSS23H Steam/Spray/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Stainless steel water tank. Weight3! lb. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/1338

Our Price £15.99 15. Tefal 1503 Lightweight Steam/Spray/Dry Iron. ihermostatic control. Fabric guide. Visible water tank. Centre cord for left/right hand use. Weight 2~ lb. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 41011259

Our Price £13.99 16. Rowenta DA21 "Aquasteam" New Tap Water Steam/Spray/Dry Iron.With lift off transparent water tank for tilling straight from the tap. Weight 3 lb. Centre cord for left/right hand use.Pilot light. Cat. No. 410/1967

Our Price £18.99

GUSfsnteB: We offer a full money·back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.

1. Rima 408 Fan Heater. 3 kW with thermostatic control. Choice of 1. 2 or 3 heat settingsor fan

only. B.E.A.B.approved

Cat. No.41511443

Our Price £18.99 2. Prilect 500 Fan Heater.2 kW.Choiceof 1 or 2 heatsettingsor fan only. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/2497

Our Price £14.49 3. Rima 407 Fan Heater. 3 kW.Choiceof 1. 2 or 3 heatsettingsor fan only. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/2057

Our Price £17.49 4. Rima 406 Fan Heater. 2 kW.Choiceof 1 or 2 heatsettingsor tan only. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 41511450

Our Price £15.99 5. Belling "Tango 3" FanHeater. 3 kW. 1,2 or 3 heat settings or fan only. Woodgrain effect finish. B.EAB. approted........Cat. No.41511728

Our Price £21.99 6. Power-IectrlcFan Heater. 3 kW. Choiceof 1. 2 or 3 heat settings or fan only. Fitted with thermalcut-out. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 415/2246

Our Price £18.79 7. Ekco FH50Fan Heater. 2 kW. Choice of 1,2 or 3 heat settings or fan only. Woodgraineffect finiSh.Adjustablefeet.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/2404

Our Price £19.99 8. Ekco FH62 Fan Heater. 3 kW. Variable thermostatic control. ChOiceof 1. 2 or 3 heat settings or 2 speed fan only. Adjustable feet. Woodgraineffectfinish. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/22n

Our Price £23.99 9. Philips Twin Turbo T.3 HD3234Fan Heater. 3kW. Choice of 1. 2 or 3 heat settings or fan only. Adjustable thermostat. B.EAB. approved..... .. Cat. No.415/2507

Our Price £26.99

[PRILECTI 10.Glen ConvectorHeater.2kW.Variablethermostat. Can be wall mounted as well as free standing. Size 25~·x18· high. B.E.A.B. approved. Our Catalogue Number Price 415/1759White £22.49 415/1766Teak Effect £22.99 11. Prilect Reflector Fire. 2 kW. Chromium platedreflector.Choice of 1 or 2 heatsettings. Size14">.9!"'<91" high. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/1649

Our Price £11.79 12. Belling "Tivoli" Radiant Heater. 2.4kW. Period style. Coal effect works independentof elements. Choice of .8, 1.6 or 2.4 kW heat settings. Size 28!"x9"x19;" high. B.EAB. approved Cat.No.41512095

Our Price £65.99 13. Bruno "Trlstar" Log Effect Fire Suite. 2! kW. Fuel effect independentof heaters.Three angled fires separately switched. Surround finished in Atrican walnut veneer. Size 38i1"x9rx22" high. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 41512325

Our Price £68.99 14. Regal "Cullis" Fuel Effect Fire. With 2 kW fan heater. Inset or free standing. log effect works independently.Choice of 1 or 2 heat settingsorfan only.Size19")(1J!"x 14,"high. Cat. No. 415/2442

Our Price £49.99 15. Bruno "Everest De luxe 405" Fuel Effect Portable Fire. 2kW.Fuel effect independentof heater. Choice of 2 heat settings. Size 15"'7f'--<18l"high.B.EAB. approved, Cat. No. 415/2514

Our Price £23.49 16. Bruno Convector/Radiant Heater. 2kW. 2 elementsseparatelyswitched for convectoror radiantheat.Size261·x 16}"...Cat.No.415/2538

Our Price £33.99 17. Prilect Convector Heater. 2 kW. Variable thermostat.Overall size 26l"x2Qf'. Illuminated grill. B.EAB. approved Cal. No.415/2521

Our Price £19.99

1. Rima Ceiling HeaVLlght Unit. 750 Watts. Heat and light will operate separately or combined. Cord operated. Diameter 13". depth·7~ff. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 415/0884

Our Price £15.49 2. Rima De Luxe Ceiling HeaVLight Unit. 750 Watts. Heat and light will operate separately or combined. Cord operated. Diameter 14J··. depth Cat. No. 415/0891


Our Price £17.79 3. Bomac Single "Infralux" Heat and Ught Unit. 250 Watt infra-red lamp. Housed in oft white heat resistant polypropylene with black trim. The unit is fully insulated and can be mounted in place of any existing light without additional wiring or switching. Diameter 6". depth 8!" (excluding cord)......Cat. No. 415/2435



Our Price £7.99

1 Rima Slimline Oil Filled Radiator. Variable heat control. Height includes feet. Catalogue Our Number • Price 4. 41512569 46"x26"high. 1.5kW £41.99 5. 415/2552 ~')..26" high. 1 kW £33.99 6. 415/2545 33!'x2O" high.750W £31.99 7. Valor 200 "Heatmiser". Modern 2-burner convector oil heater. Vinyl coated casinq and door in woodgrain effect. Lift off front panel for easy access to burners. Maximum heat output 2~kW. Burns lor approx. 18 hours on one filling at full IIame, using both burners. or 72 hours at low flame, on one burner. Fitted with the Valor salety device. Size 14!"x8~">.23"hIgh. Conforms to BS 33OO Cat. No. 415/2473

Our Price £53.99 8. Aladdin "Aladdinette" Paraffin Heater. Tank capacity 41 pints. gIving up to 15 hours 01 burning on maximum flame. equivalent to 1.75 kW. Size 9""'11"x25" high. Conforms to BS 33OO Cat. No. 415/1883

Our Price £32.99 9. Vent-Axia 150 WindOWor Wall ExtractVentilation Unit. On/off switch and shutter operated by cord. Fits n" diameter hole. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 415/2576

Our Price £28.99


1. Ie


11 AI tTl



m ca



10. Xpelalr FXC6 Window Extractor Fan. Blade diameter 6". Cord operated. Fits 7l" diameter

hole. B.EAB. approved

Cat. No.415/0028

Our Price £19.49 11. Xpelair GXC6 Window or Wall Extractor Fan. Blade diameter 6·. Cord operated. Fits 7!' diameter hole. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 415/0035

Our Price £26.99 12. Bruno Infra.Red Wall Heater. 1 kW.Adjust· able angle brackets. On/off pull cord. Length 28".B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.415/2291

Our Price £10.99 13. Sunhouse 164 Inf,a·Red Wall Heater. 750 Watts. Heat direction can be adjusted. On/off cord switch. Length26"'. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No, 415/2284

Our Price £12.99 14. Vo:tice "Nordik 20" OSCillatingTable Fan. 2 speed.Blade diameter8".....Cat. No.415/2026

Our Price £19.99 15. Pifca "Splnair" Oscillating Table Fan. Fit· ted swivel joint to adjust angle. 2 speed. Blade diameterS· Cat. No, 415/2019

Our Price £13.99 16. Timac Plug-In 24 Hour Timer. Plugs into 13 Amp wall socket to give automatic onloft control for appliances up to 3 kW. 96 quarter hour time selectors indicate the programme, will repeat every24 hours. For usewith lighting and most· domestic appliances. Clear "on" indio cater Cat. No.415/2459

Our Price £12.99 17. Smiths "Time Controller" Plug-in Time Switch. To control most domestic appliances up to 3 kW. Capable of multiple switching operationsin 24hours Cat. No.415/2363

Our Price £11.99 FULL MONEY·BACK GUARANTEE We fully respect all yovr legal rights aa a customer. But In addltfon to you, protection under the law we will exchange 0' refund you for any unused Item that does not meet yovr exect requIrements. Just return the Item' to us In Its origInal coverIng. together with your receIpt, withIn 14 deys of purchase.


• •

1. Slumberheat Pre·Heating Electric Under· blanket. 86% viscose/14% cotton. illuminated control with 3 heat settings. B.EAB. approved.

Catalogue Number 45011024SO'v2S" 450/1031 SO">43'

Our Price £10.99 £13.49

2. Cozee Cumfort Pre·Heating Electric Underblanket. 85% viscose minimum. Illuminated switch with 3 heat settings. Double size has dual controls. B.E.A.B approved. Our Catalogue Price Number £11.49 4501112760">.30'" £16.99 450/1134 60"-.:50" 3. Sunbeam De Luxe All-Night Electric Overblanket. 83% v,scose/17% cotton. Double size 79"" 72:' with dusl controls. 11 heat settings. B.E.A.B. approved.......... .....Cat. No. 45011251

Our Price £30.99 4. Hot Waler Bottle. With 100%cotton. removable cover Design of cover mayvary. Cat. No. 450/1268

Rec. Retail£3.25

OurPrice £1.99

5. Dreamland Pre-Healing Electric Underblanket 96% viscose/4% other fibres with satmbound top edge. Illuminated switch. B.E.A.B. approved Our Catalogue Price Number £10.49 450/1103 48- ,.24" £14.99 450/1110 48"v44" 6. Dreamland Pre-Heating Electric Under· blanket. 96% v,scose/4% other fibres. satin bound top edge. 3 heat ,lIuminated control. New "Safety Seal Pius" protecbon against overheatong.B.EAB. approved Our Catalogue Price Number 450/1512 56" ><24" £13.99 45011529 56",,44" £11.99 7. Dreamland Pre-H~ating Electric Under· blanket: 96% visoose/4% other fibres, satin bound lop edge. 4 heat settings including extra foot warmth. New 'SafetySeal Plus" protection against overheating. B.EAB. approved. Catalogue Our Number Price 45011536 60".,3(}" £11.49 45011543 60",,48" £26.99 8. Dreamland Heating Pad. Helps ease'away aohes and pains by localised heat. 2 heat settings. Washabletowelling cover Cat. No. 450/1505

OurPrice £9.49 9. Monogram All-Night Electric Overblanket. 8~·o v,soose/17% cotton. Variable heat settings.. Automatically maintains a comfortable level 01 warmth all-night long. protected by a continuous "Sensor Safety" system Washable. B.EAB. approved. Catalogue Number 450/0908 78·><56" 450/0915 78·,'72:' 450/0922 78'" 7'Z'. Dual control,



1. Oongora "Relaxer" Pillow. Designed for universal relaxation. Is especially beneficial for the chair bound and bedridden. Cotton covered. 100"10 polyester filling. Non allergenic. Washable Cat. No. 101/8785

Sugg'd Retail £10.90

Our Price £6.99

2. DunlopillO"Roly-Poly" Pillow. Multi-purpose roll pillow filled with 100"10Dacron Hollofil (polyester)fibre. Washable.51%polyester/4~'o cotton outer cover. To provide comfort and support to head. neck or back. Especiallysuitable for use when driving or watching T.V Length 1n° Cat. No. 101/8527

Our Price £6.49 3. Fogarty Ambassador Pillow. New curled feather filling. 100"/. cotton cover.Size27"x 18". Conforms to BS1877 Cat. No. 101/0721

Rec.Retail £4.25

Our Price £2.79

4. Dunlopillo "Golden Lullaby" Pillow. Soft latexfoam. 100"/. cotton cover.Size29"x19". Cat. No. 101/0824

Our Price £5.49 5. Fogarty "Ariel" Pillow. TERYLENE(polyester) P3 filling. Continuous filament fibre. 100"/. cotton cover. Washable. Size 27")<18". Conforms to BS1877 Cat. No. 101/6505

Rec.Retail £5.99

Our Price £3.99

6. Fogarty "Ariel" NO.3 Pillow. New duck and curled feather filling. 100"/. cotton cover. Size 27"x 18".Conforms to aSI877. Cat. No. 101/8060

Rec.Retail £7.25

Our Price £4.99

7. Pair of Oongora Boxed Pillow Casas. Fancy lace edge. White on white. 100"/. cotton. Size 19·x29".Completein presentationbox. Cat. No. 101/8541

Sugg'd Retail £4.60

Our Price £3.29

8. Dongora Pair of Cotton Pillow Cases. Housewife style. Size19'·x30 Cat. No. 101/8833

Sugg'd Retail £2.55

Our Price £1.99

9. Oongora Bleached Cotton Sheats. Plain hemmed.Supplied in pairs. Size90"x 100". Cat. No. 101/3948

Sugg'd Retail £15.00

Our Price £9.99

10. Oongora Boxed Sheet Set. Comprisesone fancy lace edged sheet. one plain lower sheet and pair of lace edged pillow cases. 100"/. cotton. Size sheets 90"x 100"; pillow cases 19"x30".Completein presentationbox. Cat. No. 101/8534

Sugg'd Retail £34.50

Our Price £24.99

11. Finlay's "Easy esler/5O"k cotton.

Care" Sheets. 50%, polySupplied in pairs. Size

00' x 100". While Cat. No. 101/8558 Pink Cat. No. 101/8565 Blue............................•............. Cat. No. 101/8572

Sugg'd Retail £20.60

Our Price £13.99

12. Witney Honeycomb Blanket. 84% Courtelle (acrylic)I16"1o nylon. Providing warmth without weight. Machine washable. catalogue Our Number Price 101/8967 Camel 71',,94" £6.99 101/8194 Camel 91'x98~ £8.49 10118637Pink 91·x98· £8.49 13.3iederlack "Golden Blanket". A fully reversible blanketlbedcover. Thick soft pile giving a lUXUryeffect. 100"!.acrylic libre (DRALON) on a catIon warp. Size 9O'xl00". Fully washable. Brown Cat. No. 10118974 Pink Cat. No. 101/8981

Our Price £24.99 14. Biederlack "Horses' Head" Reversible Blanket. lOO"!.acrylic fibre on a cotton warp. Can be used as a blanket or bedcover. Thick soft pile giving tuxury eftect. Fully washable. Size60"x 80" cal No. 10118077

Our Price £13.99 15. Blederlack "lassie" Blanket. lOO"!.acrylic fibre on a cotton warp.Canbe usedasa blanket or bedcover.Thick soft pile giving luxury effect Fuliywashable.Size60"'<80".Cat. No. 101/8462

Our Price £13.99 16. Blederlack "Bengal Tiger" Reversible Blanket. 100"10acrylic fibre (DRALON) on a cotton warp. Can be used as a blanket or bedcover. Thick soft pile giving lUXUryeffect. Fullywashable.Size60"x80". Cal No. 101n504

Our Price £15.49

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee In addition to your statutory rights.

1. Cotton Rannelette Sheets. Shadow stripe design. Supplied in pairs. Rec. Our Catalogue Retail Price Number

10118792 7fY'x97" 101/8802 88"x97"

£12.00 £8.99

£15.75 £10.99

2. Thrells "Wintlux" Co-Ordinating Sheet Set. Comprising flannelette sheets, 1 plain dyed, one printed. 100% cotton. Size 9O"x100" CaL No. 101/8826

Rec. Retail £20.00

Our Price £13.99

3. Christy "Mix and Match" Flannelette Sheets. Superquality sheetsto give both comfort and warmth. 88"A. cotton/12% polyester. Oneplain, one printed. Size9O"x102". Supplied in pairs Cat.No. 101/8819



de C; NI

10 10


sa er Ca

Our Price £18.99

N~ 10 10

4. Cotton Aannelette Sheets. Multi·check design. Supplied in pairs. Rec. Our Catalogue Number Retail Price £15.00 £9.99 10114806 ttr» 1ocr £19.35 £11.99 10114813 90"" 10fY'

12. Ed val

Rec. Retail £25.95



Re 5. Flannelette Sheets. In mink-brown shade. Minimum 85% cotton. Supplied in pairs. Size 9fY'x 1ocr Cat. No. 10tnS03

Sugg'd Retail £18.30

Our Price £12.29

13. Ea: iblE

Reo 6. Flannelette Sheets. Multi-stripe design. Minimum 85% cotton. Supplied in pairs. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 101n700 7fY'x10fY' £13.25 £8.99 101/n17 90"x1ocr £16.25 £10.99 7. Flannelette Sheets. Multi.stripe design. Minimum 85% cotton. Supplied in pairs. Size 9fY'x1ocr Cat. No. 101/S170

Sugg'd Retail £18.30

Our Price £12.29

S.Vantona "Minuet" Bedspread by Ewart lid· dell. A top quality Jacquard woven bedspread with fringe. 1~'" cotton. Size 95"xlocr. Machinewashable Cat.No. 10118950

Rec. Retail £32.50

Our Price £21.99

14. car bee BlIli

Re 15.

9. Dongora Brushed Si:re 96" x 100"

Colton Lace Bedspread. Cat. NO.101n944

Sugg'd Retail £21.75

OUfPrice £13.99

10. Horrockses "Santa Maria" Duvet Cover. Reversible easy care cover SO"k TERYLENE (polyester)/SO"kcotton. Modern fashionable design 'inlshed In moss green colour. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 101/8596Single 4'6''1(6'6'' £15.95£11.99 101/8606Double 6'6''I(6'S'' £21.95£16.99 11. Threlfs Gaynighls "Salfy" Duvet Cover. 50% polyesterlSO"/o cotton. An attractive modern design in brown/while. Catal(l~ue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 101/8864Smgle 4'6"x6'6' £14.75£9.99 101/8871 Double 6'6"xS'6' £20.00£13.99 12. GJenaire Quilted Nylon Print Bedspread. Edged with contrast frou-frou and two-tone valance fuffy gathered at the top, with additional gatheredfriff at the point where contrasts meet To fit 4'6" bed Cat.No. 101/8943

Rec.Retail £23.00

Our Price £14.99

13. "Fred Basset" Printed Panel Pillow Case. 50% pOlyester/50"locotton. ReversIblepillow case.Size 19'''30''.Cat. No. 101/8620

Rec.Retail £3.45

Our Price £2.49

14. "Fred Basset" Printed Bedspread. Easy care '60% polyester/40% viscose. Throw-over bedspreadfeaturing that lovable hound "Fred Basset". Size70"x 1(J()"" Cat. No. 101/8613

Rec.Retail £14.50

Our Price £8.99

15.DongoraThermal Underblanket.Thefteecy pile of the underblankethelps retainand reflect body heat. to give you warmth and comfort. Reslnatednon-slip back, tie tapes on top and foot. Machine washable. 80% acrylic/2O"k polyester. Catalogue Sugg'd Our Number Retail Price 101/8479Single 36"x6O" £8.45 £5.99 101/8486Double 54""'60" £10.85 £7.49


1. Ashtons "Kashmir" Duvel Cover Set. Comprises printed duvet cover. plain dyed frilled titted sheet and two printed pillow cases.50% polyester/50"loVinceI (modat).Double bed size 6'6"x6'6". Brown Cat. No. 101/8929 Blue Cat. No.101/8936

Rec. Retail £40.95

Our Price£27.99

2. Slumberdown "bnte" Duvel Cover Set. Comprises printed duvet cover. plain dyed titted bottom sheet with valance. 65"10 polyester/35"1o cotton. Single bed size (with one printed pillow case)4'6"x6'6". Double bed size (with two printed pillow cases)6'6"x6'6·. King size (with two printy<1pillow cases) 7''Z'>- 7'6". Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 101/8998 Single £37.95£20.99 101/9007 Double £46.95£29.99 10119014 King Size £53.95£34.99

3. Thralls "Monlque" Duvel' Set. Comprises printed dvvet cover. one plain dyed box fitted frilled sheet with two printed pillow cases.50"10 polyester/5O"1o cotton. Double bed size 6'6")(6'6". Blve Cat. No. 101/8280 Brown Cat. No. 101/8297

Rec. Retail £47.00

Our PrIce £25.99

4. Christy 3'n'Easy "Fariba" Duvel Cover Set. Comprises printed duvet cover and plain dyed fitted frilled sheet. 50% polyesterlSO% Vincel (modal). Single bed size (with one printed pillow case) 4'6"xO'6"; double bed size (with two printed pillow cases)6'6·x6'6". Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 10118888 4'6"x6'6" Sand £37.95£24.99 101/88954'6')(6'6" Fern Green £37.95£24.99 101/8905 6'6"x6'6" Sand £49.45£32.99 101/8912 6'6"x6'6" Fern Green £49.45£32.99

Just shake and pat these Continental Quilts to make your bed. Heat retention without weight keeps you warm in winter. Covers should be used with Continental Quilts. For covers and accessories see pages 129-131.

Please note: The thermal inSUlation(warmth) of a Continental Oullt is expressedby the term "tog". The higher the "tog" rating, the warmer the quilt. The four categories in accordance with British Standards are: 7.5 "togs" minimum, 8.5 "togs" minimum. 9.5 "togs" minimum and 10.5 "togs" minimum. All quilts conform to BS 5335.

1. Slumberdown Continental Quilt. New feather and down filling. 1()()OA. cotton cambric C<!Se"Tog:;_rating 105 Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 101/6251 4'6"x6'6' £44.95£24.99 101/6268 6'6",,6'6£67.95£37.99 101/8857 7'Z·x7'6· £84.50£49.99



2. Siumberdown King Size "Hi·Lott" Con· tinental Quilt. r.c.i, TERYLENE(polyester)P3 filling. Wall type channel achieved with patentedconstruction to ensureno cold spots. as warm as down. W,th easycare 50% polyes· terlSOOfo cotton case. "Tog" rating 10.5. Size 7'2"x7'6 Cat. No. 101/8424

Rec. Retail £59.95

Our Price £36.99

3. Vllaluxe Continental Quilt. Polyesterfilled. 65% polyesler/35··~cotton cover. "Tog" rating 8.5. Ree. Our Catalogue Number Retail PrIce 101/8266 4'6")(6'6" £20.50 £12.99 101/82736'6'''6'6' £26.50 £15.99

4. Fogarty "Ariel" Continental Quilt. New duck down filling. 100% cation cambnccase.Walled channel. "Tog" rating 11.5. Calalogue Ree. Our Number Retail PrIce 101/8840 4'6",,6'6" £84.00 £49.99 101/8589 6'6"' 6'6" £123.00 £69.99

5. Fogarty "Amba.. acl«" TERYLENE(polyes· ter) P3 Continental Quilt. Made to I.C.I. Pink Label Standard to give extra warmth. With 100% cotton cover. "Tog" rating 10.5. Catalogue Ree. Our Number Retail Price 101/8084 4'6"><6'6" £28.99 £17.49 101/8091 6'6",,6'1) £38.99 £22.99

6. Fogarty "Ariel" Continental QuIlt. New leather and down filling. 100% cotton cambric case.With walled channel construction."Tog" rating 10.5. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail PrIce 101/8101 4'6·x6'6" £47.50 £26.99 101/8118 6'6")(6'6" £66.00 £38.99

Please nol.: 4'6" size fits 6'6" size fils 7'2" size fits

Continental Quilt size.: 3' bed. 4'6" bed. 5' bed.

1. Place Mats and Napkins SeL Easy care 50% polyester/5O% linen. 4 mats. size 12"x 16" and 4 napkins. size 17"xl7". Ecru coloured. Cal. No. 12011279

Ree.Retail £9.80

OurPrice £6:99

2. Nottingham Lace Tablecfoth. White polyester (TERYLENE).Machine washable. Catalogue Ree. Our Number Retail Priee 120/0957 Round 7CY'diameter£11.50£8.49 120/0940 Rectangular 52"x7CY'£9.50 £6.99 3. Lace Tablecfoth. Madeira (two tone) style. 95% cotton/5o/. polyester. In two convenient sizes. Catalogue Ree. Our Number Retail Priee 120/1255 Round 68" diameter £8.49 £5.99 120/1262 Rectangular 68""90" £9.99 £6.99 4. Vinyl Tablecfoth. Attractive plain and floral check pattern. Wipe clean. With 100'%polyester flannel backing. Size SZ'x7CY'. Cal. No. 12011097

Ree.Retail £5.45

Our Price £3.99

5. Horrockses Terry Tea Towels. Two quality tea towels in an attractive "Copper Kettle" design. Suitable for useasa kitchen hand towel or tea towel. Size21..x36" Cat. No. 120/1176

Ree.Retail £3.69

Our Price £2.69

6. Laraine Spotted Terry All Cotton Tea Toweill. Set of 3. Size 18"x28" each. Cal. No. 120/0373

Ree.Retail £2.75

Our Priee£1.79

7. Dongora Cotton Tea Towels. Set of 6. In assorted designs and colours. Size 18'><27" each Cat. No. 12011303

Sugg'd Retail £3.50

Our Price £2.49

8. Horrockses "Regatta" Towel. 100%cotton. In a distinguished check design. Catalogue Ree. Our Number Retail Price 120/102829"x56" £7.19 £4.79 1201103521"x40" £3:59 £2.49 9. Ussadell "Mayflower" Beach Towel. In attractive colours and design. lClO"kcotton. Size30')( 56" Cat. No. 120/1183

Ree.Retail £t.99

Our Price £5.29

10. Osman "HarmonylWlndsor" Towel SeL In presentation box. Contains one floral Jacquard design bath towel. size 27"x48" and two coordinating plain dyed hand towels, size 2O"x36".lClO"/o cotton Cat. No. 120/1310

Sugg'd Retail £14.95


11. Osman Towel Pack. Luxurious towels in 3 beautiful pastel colours. designed to blend or contrast with any bathroom. lClO"/ocotton. Pack comprises: 2 face cloths 12"x lZ'. 2 hand towels 2rrx36", 1 bath towel 27"x 50", 1 bath sheet 4CY'x60'.

Honeysuckle carnation Pink Glacier Blue


Sugg'd Retail £26.00

Cat. No. 120/1190 Cat. No. 120/1200 Cat. No. 120/1217


Our Price £16.49

12. Osman "English RoselWindsor" Towel SeL In presentation box. Contains two floral Jacquard bath towels, size 27"x 48" and tWocoordinating plain dyed hand towels. size 2O'x36". lClO"k cotton. Blue Haze CaL No. 120/1327 Mistietoe CaL No. 120/1334

Sugg'd Retail £21.50

Our Price 13.99

1. Baby Relall ·'oresserette". A complete changing and storage unit. PVC foam padded changing top with 4 roomy storage drawers underneath. Complete with shelf for tOiletries and towel rail. Folds away neatly to

19!Hx2Q"y3n". high


Sugg'd Retail £47.95

open 19~·x3T). 3n' C8t. No. 375/1459

Our Price £37.99

2. Child's Drop Side Cot. Polished frame and side rails with white enamelledend panels.S,ze 4'x2'. Complies with British Safety Standards (BS 17531977).(Mattressnot supplied) Cat. No. 375/0962

Our Price £34.99 3. High Chair. With tray, footrest and table top Chromium plated lubular frame.Upholstered In washablePVC Easilyconvertsto low chair and separate table. Supplied packed flat with instructions for home assembly. Cat. No. 37511507

Our Price £19.99 4. Oongora Baby's Continental Quilt. Cotton covered with TERYLENE(polyester)filling. Size 52">'38' Cat. No. 37511215

Rec. Retail £10.56

Our Price £7.79

5. Curver Baby Care BOil. Made in poly· propylene with metal handles.Suitable for carrying all baby'S accessories in the house or when going out. Can also be used as a sewing or tool box Cat. No. 37511442

Rec. Retail £10.35

Our Price £7.99

6. Zorblt "Popular" Napples. Pack of 6. 50% cotton/SO%viscose.Sizeapprox. 24"",24". Cat. No. 375/1370

Our Price £5.99 7. Swando Sleeping Bag/Dressing Gown. As child grows. the bag bottom can be removedto convert item to a dressing gown. One size for both babiesand infants. 100%acrylic. Cat. No. 37511435

Our Price £4.99 8. Oongora Baby's Sfeeping Bag. Zip opening. Polyester panel print on face with nylon back. Lined in cotton with TERYLENE (polyester) filling Cat. No. 375/1349

Rec. Retail £10.25

Our Price £6.99

9. Baby Relax 7·i"..1 High Chair. Padded seat with harness, footrest and tray, Converts easily 10 swing (suitable for up to 6 months), reclining baby seat, low feeding chair, potty chair, carrying chair and restauranVdining chair (hook provided) __ Cal. No. 37511514

Sugg'd Retail £31.85

Our Price £24.99

10.Maclaren Baby Buggy. Polished aluminium frame with striped synthetic seat. With "batloon" tyres for smoother riding. Easy fold action. Conforms to British Safety Standards (BS4792).Weight 6Ib........._._..Cat. No. 375/1521

Our Price £23.49 11. Cindlco "LI·Bak" Pushchair. Two position adjustment allows the child to sit up or lie back. Folds for storage and carrying. WashableAstra cover fabric (100% polyester). With "balloon" lyres for smoother riding. Conforms to British SafetyStandards(8S 4792).Waightnib. Cal. No. 375/1466

Our Price £32.99 12. Baby Griffin Food Heater. Will heat bottles of milk. jars or cans of prepared food to the correct temperature. Thermostatically control. led. B.E.A.B.approved....__ ......Cal. No. 37511428

Our Price £5.99 13.Hago Extending Flreguard. Suitablefor use with all types of tires. Completewith Child-proal wall fixing devices with spare set 01eye-hooks lor another room. Conforms to British Salety Standards (8S 3140). Height 27', depth 18', width extendsfrom 4Z'-60".....Cal. No. 37511538

Rec. Retail £18.00

Our Price £12.29

14. Pifco Batlery Translstorlsed Two·Way Intercom/Baby Alarm. With approx. 45' of flex and batlery Cat. No. 37510900

Rec. Retail £9.45

Our Price £7.99

15. Child's Extending Safety Gate. Fits doorwaysand staircasesfrom 2'3" to 2'10"wide. Cat. No. 37511387

Our Price £9.99 16. Britax "Comly Rider" Car Safety Seal. Incorporates head wings for greater protection and comfort. 5 strap harnesswith push release buckle. Seat coveredwith brushednylon fabric. Suitable for children from 6 months, weighing 2O-4Olb.Conforms to British Safety Standards (6S3254) _ ..Cat.1>10..375/1129

Rec. Retail £37.93

Our Price £23.99


1. Tower Bathroom Scale. Padded PVC top. centre handle. dual dial calibrated to 20 stone or 125 kg Cat. No. 830/2779

Rec. Retail t17.95

OurPrice t9.99

2. Tower Bathroom Scale. PVC upholstered padded top. Chromium plated headpiece.Cali. brated to 20 stone or 125 kg..•Cat. No. 83011873

Sugg'd Retail t10.75


3. Krups "Nova LC" Bathroom Scale. Fully upholstered with easv-reae dial. Calibrated to 20 stone or 130 kg................•..Cat. No. 830/2391

Sugg'd Retail £10.59


4. Hanson De Luxe B.throom Scale. Padded vinyl mat. Calibrated to 20 stone or 125 kg. Cat. No. 830/2243

Ree. Retail £8.75


5. Hanson B.throom Scale. Brown plastic surround incorporates carrying handle. Corl<mat. Calibrated to 20 stone or 125 kg. Cat. No. 830/2162

Sugg'd Retail £10.65

OurPrice £5.99

6. H.nson B.throom Scale. Two nOn-5lipmats. Calibrated to 20 stone or 125 kg. Cat. No. 830/1866

Sugg'd Retail £5.15


7. Weight Watchers uSuper De Luxe" Bathroom Scale. Carpeted platform. Calibrated to 19 stone or 125 kg Cat. No.830/2Sl11

Rec. Retail £13.95

OurPrice £8.71

8. 3 Piece Bathroom Set. 100%Courtelle pile (acrylic). Comprising bath mat. pedestal mat and seat cover. Chestnut Cat. No. 831:1/2E121,' Avocado C.t. No. A'1III~"

Ree. Retail £9.70


9. Alilbert "UtIle Wonder" Storage Unit. in ashtray. toilet roll dispenser, shelf for roll. space for cleaning materials. A<>nt1,nralll block tray. toilet brush and ~·x5rx3Ol·high Cat. No.

Sugg'd Retail £16.85


10. Allibert "W.C. Boy" Toilet Tidy Unit. Fea· tures ashtray. toilet roll dispenser. shelf for spare toilet roll, space for cleaning materials, deodorant block tray, toilet brush and holder. Freestanding or wall fixing. Screws and plugs supplied. Si2:eS~"x61li"x21~·. Cat. No. 830/2827

Sugg'd Retail £12.65

Our Price £9.49

11. Skyline Unen Bin. Melaminelaminatesurfaceswith cork seatpad.Si2:e17·x14"x 12". Cat. No. 830/1653

Sugg'd Retail £21.85

Our Price £14.99

12. Asir "Mini Topper" Pair of Waste Bins. Useful for bathroom. bedroom or kitchen. Height1S!". diameter8" Cat. No.83012559

Rec.Retail £4.91

Our Price £3.49

13. Gardex Bath Bar. Moulded in polystyrene. Features a central mirror and sheff storage compartments. Fixing screws supplied. Size 65"x3~·x9:rhigh Cat.No.830/2573

Sugg'd Retail £21.78

Our Price £11.99

14. Storage Corner Unit. For bathroom or kitchen. Plastic coated steel wire. Size HY'>10"x24!" high _ Cat. No.83012470

Rec.Retail £9.99

Our Price £6.49

15. CrownMerton Bath Rack.Chromiumplated with plastic soap dishes. Adjustablefor differ. ant bath sizes. extends from 261" to 29i"x5!" wide Cat. No.83012645

Rec.Retail £6.57

Our Price £3.99

Storage Unit. For bathroom or kitchen. coated steel wire. Size 1S"x3:rx24!i' ......................................... Cat. No.830/2463

Retail £9.99

Our Price £6.49

Allibert "Florina" White Toilet Seat. Easily to standard toilet pans. Cal !"Io. 830/2676

Our Price £5.99 Non-Slip Rubber Bath Mal Moulded on underside.Size22" x 14'. Cal No. 830/0403

Our Price £2.19



1. Palette Bathroom Cabinet. Pine coloured Melamine finish with twin sliding mirrored doors and separate locking compartment. Size


Sugg'd Retail £25.65

Cat. No.830/2803

Our Price £15.99

2. Palette Bathroom Cabinet. White Melamine finish. TWInsliding mirrored doors and interior shelf.Size22j"x 13"x S· Cat. No. 830/2212

Sugg'd Retail £19.65

Our Price £11.99

3. Palette Bathroom Cabinet. White Melamine finish. single hinged mirrored door. two Interior shelves.Size9·x2g"x6" deep. Cat. No. 830/2786

Sugg'd Retail £20.75

Our Price £12.99

4. Palette Bathroom Cabinet. Pine coloured Melamine finish. Twin sliding mirrored doors. Interior shelf. Size22!,'x13"xS-. Cat. No. 830/2528

Sugg'd Retail £19.65

Our Price £11.99

5. Skyline Bathroom Cabinet. Twin sliding mirrored doors. Locking side cupboard. interior shelves. Melamine laminate surfaces. Size 22/0'x 13l"vS" Cat.No. 830/1835

Sugg'd Retail £23.30

Our Price £15.49

6. Skyline Bathroom Cabinet. White Melamine laminate with dark oak coloured panels. Twin mirrored doors. Opendisplay shelf and loCkif)g side cupboard. SIze 24l·x24:""S". Packed flat for home assembly Cat. No.830/2614

Sugg'd Retail £34.95

Our Price £23.49

7. Allibert "Sea Spray" Bathroom Cabinet. Two mirrored doors. one with safety lock. Adjustable interior shelves. Door back balconies.Size25;"" 17!"xS~"....Cat. No.830/2229

Sugg'd Retail £38.88

Our Price £26.99

8. Allibert "Silver Dawn" Bathroom Cabinet. White with silver coloured trim. Interior fittings include adjustable shelves. door back batconies and toothbrush holder. Size 24;" x lS~··"6~" Cat. No. 830/0056

Sugg'd Retail £34.20

Our Price £23.99

9. Garde" Splashback. Sliding mirror conceals cabinet. Lower shelf fitted for 2 tumblers and 4 toothbrushes.Size21!·y3r" 33" high. Cat. No. 830/2085

Sugg'd Retail £20.25

Our Price £11.29

10. Cascade Shower Frame and Curtain Set. Aluminium frame adapts to 3 styles. Pair of embossedvinyl curtains. size 54"x72" approx.. eachwith hooks Cat. No.830/1622

Sugg'd Retail £12.53

Our Price £7.99




U L L 11. Cascade Shower Curtain and Telescopic Rod Set, Extends from 3' 6" to 8' 6". Embossed IImyl curtain, size 54"x72" approx., with hooks Cat No. 830/0276

Sugg'd Retail £8.05

Our Price £5.29

12. Matador Foldaway Shower Frame and Curtain Set Single fixing point allows easy installation in any bathroom layout. Curtain extends to full width 01bath. Fotds completely away Cat. No.830/2748

Rec. Retail £21.26

Our Price £9.99

13. Cascade "Golden Sands" Shower. Handset on adjustable wall bracket. Flexible tubing with push-on tap connectors.........Cat. No. 83011952

Sugg'd Retail £5.25

Our Price £3.19

14.Neptune Complete Shower Spray. Forstandard bath taps. The unit is fitted by rubber tap connectors which can be left permanently on. Simple diverter valve can be pulled up for bath or pushed down for shower....Cat. No. 830/2535

Rec.Retail £14.44

Our Price £8.99

15. Matador Shower Unit. Variable temperature control. Vallie operates independently of taps, no j)lumbing required. Includes pressure relief lIallle lor direct mains supply. Flexible hose, adjustable shower head. "Securifix" tap connectors plus all fittings Cat. No.830/2542

Rec.Retail £21.26

Our Price £11.49

16. Matador De Luxe Shower Mixer Unit. vanable temperature control valve operates independenlly of taps. Includes pressure relief valve. "Securifix" tap connectors plus all fittings. Fully adjustable shower headand stainless steelriser rail. No plumbing required. Cat. No. 830/2755

Rec.Retail £30.31

Our Price £15.99

17. Redring 7 kW Instant Shower Unit. 3 heat selection plus cold to suit all seasonalchanges in water temperature. With handset. flexible hoseand riser ralt. Connect direct to mains cold water supply-no tank required. Complieswith British Standards (BS3456).II is recommended that this shower be installed by a qualified tradesman , , Cat. No.830/2449

Our Price £54.99 18. Redring Heated Towel Rail. Chromium plated. Suitable for floor or wall mounting. Size 24"x 29" high, projects 4~"from wall. 120 Watts 240VA.C,mains.B.E.A.B.approved.(Flex is not supplied and it is recommendedthat towel rail flex is fitted by a qualified electrician), Cat. No. 830/2652

Our Price £36.99





F 8


9. T t.J


Electrical Safety路 Always tum off the supply at the mains before starting your electrical work. Always replace old or damaged Hexwith new flex of the correct type. Always remember the wiring code. BROWN is LIVE and is connected to the pin marked L BLUE is NEUTRAL and is connected to the pin marked N. GREEN/YELLOW Is EARTH and is connected to the pin marked E or .;" . Always fit bulb.s of the correct Wattage and fuses of the correct Amperage. ALWAYS CONSULTA QUALIFIEDELECTRICIAN IF YOUHAVE ANY DOUBTSAT AlL

er HE W


12 FI@



13 lat




Me ref 14.

TO MATCH YOUR DECOR Cobra Adjustable Spot FIttings. Satin a.luminium.Max.bulb 60 Wattsmushroomor 75 Watts reflector type. 1. Wail/Ceiling Spot Lighl Pull cord switch. Length 7" Cat. No.43011547


OurPrice £6.49

2. Double Spot CeilIng FItting. Centre column 12" Cal No. 43011530

Sugg'dRetail £16.95 OurPrice £10.79 3. Triple Spot Ught Fitting. Ceiling plate diameter 12"


Cet. No. 430/2388

Our Priee£14.99

4. Floor Spot Standard lamp. Foot operated switch. White base.Height40". Cal No. 430/4616


Our Price£14.99

5. Table Spot Ught. Flexible arm. White base. On/off switch.Heightapprox. 15~. Cat. No. 430/4609


OurPrice £7.99

"Reflectorlite" Adjustable Spot Ught FIttings. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder reflector type. 6. Triple Ceiling Spot Ught Fitting. Ceiling plate diameter7· Cat. No.430/4245


Our Priee£12.99

7. Wail/Ceiling Spot light. .....Cal No.430/4214


Our Price£4.49

8. Double Spot Bar Fitting. can be used for ceiling or wall mounting. Length 15!". Cat. No. 430/4238


OurPrice £8.49

9. Pifco Executive Adjustable Fluorescent Table lamp. Onloff rocker switch on base. Max. height 15". Head length 18·. 15 Watt tube Cet. No. 430/4599


Our Price£16.99

10. AngIepolse lamp. White epoxy enamelled metal work. chromium plated springs. Reach 28".Max.bulb 60Watts Cat. No.43011877

Ree.Retail £22.28

OurPrice £13.99

11. Anglepoise Adjustable Ught. A new concept of putting light where It Is needed. enhanced by an elegant and simple design. Height when extended 3H". Max. bulb 60 Watts Cal No. 430/4874



12. "Reflectorllte" Flexible Table Spot lamp. Flexible neck. Switch in base.Haight 13".Max. bulb 60Watts Cal No.43014018


Our Price£7.29

13. Maclamp Adjustabl.e Desk lamp. Simulated wood arms. Metal shade.Height 24".Max. bulb 40 Watts Cat No. 43011035


OurPrice £4.29

Maclamp Aluminium Adjustable Spot Ughts. Max. bulb 60 Watt mushroom or 100 Watt reflector type. 14. Double Spot Standard Lamp. Independent switch. Height 6O" Cat No. 430/2357


Our Price£17.79

15. Clip-on Spot lamp. A versatile spot light with fibre glassclip , Cat No. 430/4850


Our Price£5.49

16.Table Spot Lamp.Max.height 23". Cal No. 43011059


OurPrice £7.49

1. Pair of Union Pottery Table Lamps. A pair of white pottery table lamps with attractive brown floral shades. Height 12".Max. bulb 60 Walts.

Cat. No. 430/4946

Rec.Retail £11.75

OurPrice £8.49

2. Tiffany Pendant Shade. Stylish belga-brown shade with deep brown fringe. Size9" deepwith fringe, 11"diameter. Max. bulb 150Watts. Cal. No. 430/5000


Our Price£2.99

3. Anglepoise Adjustable Desk Lamp. An ideal lamp for the bedside, office or workroom. The chrome coiled arm stays in the correct position for your own selective lighting needs. The heavy duty base keeps the lamp stable. Height 18".Max. bulb6OWatts...•.......Cat. No. 430/4867


Our Price£10.99

4. Trident Tiffany Style Pendant Shade. White Broderie Anglaise with fringe. Diameter 11". Max. bulb 100Watts Cat. No.430/4410


Our Price£2.49

5. Trident Table Lamp. Tiffany style Broderie Anglaise shade. White ceramic base. Height 13".Max. bulb6OWatts Cat. No. 430/2735

Rec.Retail £9.65

OurPrice £6.99

6. Cascade "P,CifiC" Table Lamp. Chrome coloured baseWithpottery inset With matChing trimmed shade. Height 21". Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat. No.430/4393


OurPrice £13.99

7. Table Lamp. Ceramic base.Beigeshadewith gold coloured trim. Height 13". Max. bulb 60 Watts Cat. No. 430/2742



8. Table Lamp. Ceramic base.White shadewith silver coloured trim. Height 14". Max. bulb 60 Watts Cat. No. 430/2759


OurPrice £4.79

9. Carriage Style Optic Lamp. Featuresaoprox. 8.000black fibres. Spread24". Cat. No. 430/4111

OurPrice £19.99 10. Children's Night Light. Spaceman night light in decorated acrylic. Max. bulb S.B.C. 240Vl15Watt pigmy (supplied). Cat. No. 430/4991


OurPrice £7.99

11. Trident Electric "Oil" Type Table Lamp. Victorian style. Brass finished base with glass glObe.Height 14r'. Max. bulb 100Watts. Cal. No. 430/3459


Our Price£7.79

12. Thurber 'Wooden Table Lamps. Teak finish with attractive beige shades. Set of 2. On/off

switch. Shade diameter 7". Height 1 H". Max. bulb 60 Watts Cat.No. 430/4764



13. Table Lamp. Brass finish with amber cotoured glass,in Spanishcandlestyle.Height 12". Max.bulb 60 Watts Cat. No.430/4939



14. Pottery Table Lamp. Brown pottery base with a second heavy ivory glaze. Beige shade and brown trim. Height 28". Max. bulb 60 Watts Cal No. 430/4953



15. Pendant Shade. Modern design combining wooden frame, fabric petals and rigId vinyl. Diameter13".Height9!". Max.bulb 100 Watts. Cat. No. 430/4788



16. Pendant Lamp Shade. Colourlul "Mr. Men" designs Wooden frame. DIameter 12". Height 8l". Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat.No. 430/4805



17. Lamp Shades. Pack of three attractive handy lamp shades. Suitable as pendants or table lamps. Small: height 6". dia. 4": medium: height 61", dia. 7~": large: height 6f' dla. 11t. Maximum Wattage: small 40 Watts; medium 100 Watts:large150 Watts.....Cal. No. 430/4960



18. Trimlite Dimmer Switch. Replacesexisting onloff switches WIthoutadditional wiring. Rotary ani off and light level adjustment.Max. load 250 Watts Cat. No.430/3851



19. Trimlite Dimmer Switch. Push knobs to switch on and rotate for light mtensrty Can be used In songleor two-way circuits. Max. load 250 Watts per control. ......Cal. No. 430/3868



20. Dimmer Switch. One gang push ormrnar switch suitable for one or two-waywirIng on a solid cast brassplate. Max load 250 Watts Cat. No.430/4984


Our Price£10.99

21. Touch Dimmer. One gang touch cimrner suitable for one-way wiring only. Touch of top pad raises the level of light, bottom pad lowers level. Luxurious brassellect tascia. No moving parts. Plate size 3l" 3~..> :!". Max load 250 Watts Cal No.430/4977


Our Price£8.49


_) ...

Lomond Electric "Oil" Type Ughl$. Onyx with cognac coloured glass shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts. 1.Table Lamp. Height1S·..... Cat. No. 430/4386

Rec.Retail £15.99

OurPrice £10.99

2. Wall Light Height 1S".Depth from waIl9". Cat. No. 430/4757


Our Price£10.99

3. Pendant. Heightexcluding chain 15". Cat. No. 43014740


OurPrice £11.99

Cascade Onyx Light Fittings. Brass finish with tinted glass shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. 4. Wall Light. On/off pull cord. Height S·. Depth from wall 8l· Cat. No. 430/4733


OurPrice £11.99

5. 3 Ught Pendant Diameter 14". Max. drop 26" A.. Cat. No. 430/4726


OurPrice £34.49

Cobra "Victoriana" Light Fittings. POlished brass finish with clear optic glass shades. . 6. Pendant. Drop 21·.Max. bulb 100Watts. Cat. No. 430/2546


OurPrice £8.79

7. Pendant Max. drop 20". Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder Cat No.430/4661


OurPrice £20.99

8. Wall Ught Height 9". Max. bulb 100Walts. Cat. No. 43012553

Sugg'dRetail £11.30

OurPrice £7.49

9. Table Lamp. Height 9". Max. bulb 100 Walts Cat. No. 430/4678


Our Price £6.49

E.lectric "0"" Type Lights. Decorated floral pottery centre with opal coloured glassshades. 10. Table Lamp. Height 14!". Max. bulb 60 Walts Cat No. 430/3806

Rec.Retail £14.95


11.Pendant. Max. bulb l00Watts. Cat. No. 430/4489


Our Price£11.49

Electric "Oil" Type Ughts. Decorated pottery centre with opal white glass shades. 12. Table Lamp. Height 14;'. Max. bulb 60 Watts .......................•.....•.•........ Cat No. 430/3196



13.Pendant Max.bulb 100Watts. Cat No. 430/4685

Rec. Retail£12.65

OurPrice £8.99

Cobra Ught Fittings. Attractive fittings in a pOlishedand reeded brass finish. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder, 14. Wall Light Height9" Cal No.430/4908


OurPrice £8.49

15. Pendant Drop 26'

Cal No.430/4898

Sugg'd Retail£37.50


16. Crystal "Waterfall" Chandelier. Bohemian crystal on brass frame. DiameterS". Max. bulb 100Watts Cat No. 430/2911



Spanish Style Ught Fittings. "Antique" brass finish with candle drips. Max. bulb 60 Wattsper holder. 11. Three Ught Chandelier. Spread 19,". Cat. No. 430/3291


OurPrice £15.49

18. Two Light Wall Ught. Height 10". Cat No. 430/3356


OurPrice £6.79

19. Cascade 6 Panel Penqant Ught. In smoked patterned glass. With brassed frame. Chain suspension. Diameter 1". Max. drop 21". Max. bulb 100Watts Cat. No.430/4812



20. Crystal Chandelier. Single light. pear shaped basket. Gold plated finish with chain. Graduated "jewel" 10 be self assembled. Diameter 9". Body length 14!". Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat. No. 43014692



Gu.ran'_': We offer a full mone,..oaclc guarantee In addltJon to your statutory rights.

1. Cobra Ught Fittings. In polished brass and darkwood finosh with amber coloured glass shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Catalogue Sug~'d Our Number RetaIl Price 430/4915 Pendant.Height151" £25.95 £17.99 430/4922 Wall Bracket. Heightr: £9.25 £6.49 2. Light Fittings. Teak finish with glass shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 430/2443 Pendant. Spread 16}"£25.30£16.99 430/2450 Wall Light. Height 74"£10.10£6.99 3. 3 Light Pendant Fitting. Teakand brass finish with glass shades. Spread 28". Max. bulb ~O Wattsper holder Cat. No. 430/3325

Rec. Retail £26.46

Our Price £18.49

4. 3 Light Pendant Fitting. Teak finish with aluminium anodlsed brass cups. glass shades. Overall spread 17f'. Max. bulb 60 Walls per l'lolder Cat. No.430/4506

Rec. RetaU'£29.t5

Our Price £20.99

5. Rise and Fall Pendant. Ochre coloured acrylic shade. Chromium plated handle.Diameter 14", max. drop 64". Max, bulb 100 Watts. Cat. No. 430/4283

Our Price £14.99 6. Emess "Suffolk" Metal Porch Lantern. Hand blown amber coloured glass diffuser. Heighl 12~·.Max.bulb 100 Walls, , ....Cat. No.430/2065

Sugg'd Retail £17.90

Our Pric:e£10.49

7. Emess "Warwick 1" Metal Porch Lantern. Height 15". Max. bulb 60 Watts, candle bulb.

Cat. No. 430/1444

Sugg'd Retail £16.50

Our Price £9.49

8. Emess "Hereford" Metal Porch Lantern. Height 14". Max.bulb 100Watts. Cat. No. 430/0407

Sugg'd Retail £13.00

Our Price £7.99

9. Trident 3 Light Pendant Fitting. In brass coloured effect, with amber coloured glass shades. Max. drop 22". Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder.., Cat. No.430/4056


Rec. Retail £19.45


Our Price £12.99

10. Thorn "Arrowsllm" Ruorescent Fitting. 30 Watt tube, equivalent to a 150Watt light bulb. Can be mounted on wall, ceihng or behind pelmetsetc. Length 36". width 11". Cat No. 430/2395

Our Price £10.99 11. Plug·in Fluorescent Ught Fitting. 95 Watt consumption. equivalent to a 150 Wall light bulb. Plugs into suspended or fixed lampnolder. Length 36". width 51"........ Cat. No. 430/3198

Rec. Retail £11.25


Our Price £7.99

12. GEC "Europa" Fluorescent Fitting. Cornplete with diHuser and 40 Watt tube. gIving more lIght than a 150 Watt light bulb. Length 48" Cat. No. 430/2261

Our Price £14.99 13. Philips "Home Kombi" Set. 15Walt fluorescent lIght equivalent to 40 Watt bulb. SUItable tor use In kitchen cupboard, bedroom furniture and where small light is required Length 18!·, depth 3!" Cat.No. 430/4623

Rec. Retail £12.25

Our Price £10.49

14. Thorn "Homellte" Ruorescent Fitting. 40 Watt "U" tube, equivalent to 2,<100WaUlight bulbs. Length 23" Cat. No.430/2405

Our Price £16.49 15. Flush Fitting Opal Ught 3 screw gallery. Completewith lamp holder and connector box. Diameter7~".Height4". Max.bulb 60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/4829

Rec. Retail £6.60

Our Price £4.79

16. Emess Crystal Glass Rush Fitting. Diameter 10".Max. bulb 100Watts... Cat.No. 430/3253

Sugg'd Refa!1£7.80

Our Price £4.49

17. Lightweight Plug·in Circular Fitting. Pltigs into existing lampholder thereby saving tnstatiation costs. Saves average 50% normal electricity. Ught output equivalent to 2" 100 Watt bulbs for average95 Watt consumption.Double insulated. Fitted with an attractive crystaleffect shade.Conforms to BS45532.2. Fully guaran· teed Cat. No. 430/4881

Rec. Retail £21.50

Our Price £15.49

18. Thorn Circular Fluorescent Light Fitting. Clear prismatic diffuser. 60 Watt tube. eqvivalent to 3_,75Watt light bulbs.Diameter17'!" Cat. No. 430/4472

Our Prioe £23.99


1. Friedland u£>·Yoursel." Chime K"rt. Two note signal. Comprises chime, push button, 30'

of bell wire and fixing screws. Operated by 4xHP11 batteries (not supplied, order 4 of 980/0012at 23p each) Cat. No. 640/2695

Rec.Retail £7.45

Our Price £6.29

2. Friedland "Warbler" Chime. Black housing with diamond polished disc. finished as Danish silver. Repeating two-note signal for front door and a double-note for a second door. For use with Friedland 752 transformer (not supplied) or 4xHP2 batteries (not supplied, order 4 of 9S0/0043at 26p each) Cat. No. 640/4033

Rec.Retail £11.95

Our Price£9.49

3. Ingerson Electronic Multl-Chlme. 24 different built-in tunes to suit every occasion. Operates by 2xPP3 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0074at 49p each) Cat. No. 640/4026

Rec.Retail £25.50

Our Price £17.49

4. Bird Cage. Fitted with perches. swing and feeders. Removable tray. Chromium plated. Size lS·x9~·x 1~· high Cat. No. 640/4473

Rec.Retail £15.64

Our Price £9.79

5. Cat Door and Lock. 2-way. Providesa private entry and exit door for your pet. Made in plastic. Complete with fitting instructions and template. Overall size S!"xSf' Cat. No. 64014198

Rec.Retail £8.97

Our Price £6.29

6. Clover Leaf "Country Garden" Melamine Table Mats. 6 piece set. Heat an'CIstain resistant. ''Vivelle'' backed to protect your table top. Size9~·xn" Cat. No. 640/4686

Rec.Retail £10.40

Our Price£6.49

7. Electronic Air Freshener. With time control. Operated by 2xHP2 batteries (not supplied. order 2 of 9S0/0043at 26p each). Cat. No. 640/3955

Rec.Retail £6.07

Our Price £3.99

8. Air Freshener Refills. Set of 6. 2 each of Hint of Orange. Hint of Lemon and Hint of Strawberry. For use with item no. 7.Cat. No. 640/4222

Rec.Retail £3.77

Our Price £2.49

9.1110%Coir Door Mal Size 24"x 14". Cat. No. 640/3876

Our Price £2.69 10. Rice G;ass Mat. Tile effect deSign. Size 48"x24" Cat. No. 640/4480

Our Price£2.49 11. Marley Consort "Peel & Stlck" Floor nles. Self adhesive backed. hard wearing with builtin shine. Each tile size 1H"x11l" (3OOmmx 3OOmm).Sold in packs of 9 to make up 1 sq yd approx. Woodgrain Cat. No. 640/4648 Cork Cat. No. 640/4655

Rec.Retail £5.82

Our Price£4.39

12. Dunlop Springtex Carpet Tiles. 100%polypropylene fibre. Loose-lay carpet tiles for easy OJ.Y. installation. Can be removed individually for cleaning. Each tile size 12"x12". Sold in packs of 9 to make up 1 sq yd. Cairngorm Brown Cat. No. 640/3986 Exrnoor Gold Cat. No. 640/3993

Our Price£4.99


13. Sparldet. Bee, Tap. Fits 4. 5 and 7 p.nt cans. Dispenses and keeps bee, fresh for weeks c.t. No. 64010240

Our Price £7.49 14. Auriol "Connoisseur" 5 Tie, Bottle Plastic coated steel Holds 25 bottles. Racks can be Jo.nedto make la'ge' units. c.t. No. 84011670

Ree. Retail £10.25

Our Price £6.99

15. Soda.tream. Makes a wide range of fiuy drinks. Supplied with gas cyhnde' and 6 bottles, three of which contain sample concentrates c.t. No. 64014325

Our Prloe £20.99 16. Sparldet s

"Ho.trn .... , .. Syphon.


H pints approx. Instant soda water C.L No. 64010257

Our Price £10.49 17. Thorn C..cade Fluy Drinks Maker. Supplied with gas cylinder and 6 bottles. three of which contain sample concentrates Cat. No. 840/4703

Ree. Retail £31.79

Out Price £19.99

18. "Old M.n .nd Wom.n" Pair of Figurines. Hand painted porcal•• n He'ght6!" approx. c.t. No. 840/3656

Ree.Retail £3.38

Our Price £2.29

19. Set of 3 Clown Figurine •• Hand pa.nted porcelain. He'ghtS" approx. Cat. No. 64013931

Ree.Retail £7.75

Our Price £5.49

20. of 8lrd •• Attractive hand painted pores'"in Itgunnes. Helght4r apprpx c.t. No. 840/4631

Ree. Retail £5.75

Our Price £3.99

21. "Elizabethan" Love Bell. English fine bone chma Rosa bouquet He.ght 41". Gift boxed Cat. No. 64014466

Ree.Retail £7.20

Our Price £5.49

22. "Elizabethan" Trinket Box. English bone china. Rose bouquet D.ameter 4". Height W. Gift boxed Cat. No. 640/4459

Ree. Retail £6.01

Our Price £4.79

23. Dongera Cotton Settee Set. 2 charr backs and a 54" settee back. Edged with Nottingham lace Cat. No. 64014260

Ree. Retail £5.00

Our Price £3.49

24. Poulte. Covered .n Dralon \lelvet (100% acrylic pile). Size 16"diameter, 12"high. c.t. No. 640/4143

Our Price £15.99 25. SewIng Stool. Upholstered in figured velvet. Satin interior Queen Anne style legs. Size 16·x 12">< 14"high Cal No. 640/0460

Our Price £13.99

Guarantee: We offer a full guarantee In addition to you, statutory rights.



1. Rotocrop Spiral Planter. White plastic planter suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Can be used singly or stacked. Has drainagesystem to preventwaterlogging. Single unit, height to"; diameter 15"approx Cat. No. 640/4600

Rec. Retail £5.95

Our Price £4.79

2. Barrel Shape Mirror. Teak veneer surround. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. Overall size 30~"x 1H" Cat. No. 640/4693

Our Price £9.99 3. Weathermaster Combination Barometer/ Thermometer/Hygrometer. Thermomeier calibrated in Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Barometer in inches and millibars. Mounted in handmadehardwood case Cat. No. 640/4662

Rec. Retail £20.9,S

Our Price £14.99

4. Telephone Consote. Teak veneer. With undershelf for directories. Size 14",<9!"'<4" high. Supplied with screws and wall plugs for mounting Cat. No. 640/4624

Our Price £8.49 5. Corner Unit. Teak veneer shelves with solid wood legs. Size 12'·Y16~·)(3O"high. Packed flat for home assembly Cat. No.640/4617

Our Price £8.49 6. Planter. White with black trough. For indoor or outdoor use. Size 24~·)f7~·x23¥' high. Packedflat for home assembly. Cat. No. 640/3041

Rec. Retail £13.05

Our Price £7.79

7. Telephone Console. Glass top shelf. Undershelf for directories. Size17"x 10"x8~·high. Cat. No. 640/3216

Our Price £6.99 8. Telephone Console with Mirror. Teak eHect finish. With undershelf lor directories. Size 15~·'<9l"'<24·high. Packedflat for homeassembly Cat. No. 640/4301

Our Price £10.99

Rack. Hand carved In Spain from Pyrenean pinewood. Burnt and polished finish. Size 19"x6~"x 17:1"high Cat. No. 640/2750

9. Magazine

Our Price £7.99 10. Magazine Rack. 16"x9"X12" high

Teak veneer. Size Cat. No. 640/4679

Our Price £8.49 11. Dialene 2 Tier Circular Trolley. Diameter 18". height 21". Packed flat lor home assembly : Cat. No. 640/3319

Our Price £6.49 12. Darlyn 2 Tier Trolley. Anodised aluminium frame and tray surrounds. Fixed heat and stain resistant Melamine trays. Size 19"x14"v29" high. Packed flat for home assembly. Cal. No. 640/3285

Rec. Retail £32.50

Our Price £14.99

13. Woodmet 2 Tier Folding Trolley. Nontarnishing anodised aluminium frame. Heatand stain resistant trays. Easy manual opening. Overall size 241'>. 18"x28" high. Folds to 37"x18·xn· Cat. No. 640/4105

Our Price £27.99 14. Darlyn 3 Tier Trolley. Anodised aluminium frame. Fixed Melamine laminated teak finish trays. Size 22"v14"x3O" ·high. Packed, flat for home assembly Cal. No_640/3072

Rec. Retail £40.00

Our Price £18:49'

15. Oarlyn 3 Tier Trolley. Removable top tray. Anodised aluminium frame and tray surrounds. Melamine trays. Size 24"x16">.30" high. Packed flat for home assembly...,........Cat. No. 640/3591

Rec. Retail £52.00

Our Price £23.99

16. Woodmet 3 Tier Trolley. Removable top tray. Non-tarnishing anodised aluminium frame and tray surround. Heat and stain resistant Melamine trays. Size 28~·Y14""29" high. Packed flal for home assembly. Cat. No. 640/3601

Our Price £39.99

IPrestige I



1. Prestige Step Stool. Chromium plated tubular steel frame. Washable padded seat. Fold· away steps with grooved rubber treads. Height 24'. Blue _ Cal No. 600/0114 Yellow Cat..No. 60010286

Our Price £24.99 2. Step Stool. Chromatic finish tubular steel frame. PVC upholstered seat. Foldaway wooden steps with grooved treads. Height 24~" Cat..No. 60011003

Our Price £10.99 3. Step Stool with Detachable Back. Chromium plated tubular steel frame. PVC upholstered seat.. Foldaway steps with grooved wooden treads.Seat height 23!· ,Cat..No. 60011209

Our Price £16.99 4. Brabantia De Luxe Step Stool. Chromium plated tubular steel frame. PVC upholstered seat. Foldaway rib~d aluminium steps. Seat height 24· Cat..No. 60011405

Our Price £18.99 5. Aluminium Foldaway Step Stool from Abru. PVC upholstered seat. Grooved treads. Height 24·. Weight only 5~lb Cat. No. 600/1412

Our Price £10.99 6. Bar Stool. Chromium plated tubular steel frame. PVCupholstered seat. Height 28". Cat.. No. 60011168

Our Price £9.99 7. Wooden Stool. Beechwood frame with PVC upholstered seat. Height 21".. CaL No. 600/1106

Our Price £7.49 8. Folding Wall Table. Ideal for use where space is limited. Teak effect laminated top with lock· ing stay. Size 32"x2O"x3O" high when raised. Projects only4" from wall when closed. Cat. No. 60011254

Our Price £16.99 9. Pine Shelf Unit. Constructed from Scandlnavian pine with gloss finish. Size 3O"x6"x3O" high. Fixing screws supplied..Cat. No. 60011371

Our Price £9.49

10. Cheval Mirror. Fufllength float glass mirror. Teak veneer frame. Size of glass 10"x47". Size

overall 13"x12"x52". Weight 30 lb. Cat No. 63010931

Our Price £19.99 11. Folding Guest Bed Cover. Disguises the guest bed when it is not in use. Designed for item no. 12. Suitable lor other beds of a similar style· Cat No. 630/0924

Our Price £5.99 12. FoIdirig Guest Bed. Upholstered mattress with floral viscose cover. Easily opened to 6'3"x2'3"x 113"high. Weight 25 lb. Cal No. 630/0429

Our Price £24.49 13. Homecharm BedSide Cabinet. White tarninate finish. Size 14!"x12"x231" high. Weight 22 Ib Cat. No. 630/0876

Our Price £12.99 14. Underbed Rack. White laminate front board. Plastic coated wire frame and nylon wheels. Provides extra storage space under any bed with a minimum clearance of 5!". Size 271"x24'x7" high (Iront lascia). Cat No. 630/0742

Our Price £8.79 15. Homecharm Storage Unit. White laminate finish. Ideal for blankets. toys, clothes etc. Suitable for any room. Size 36"x15~'X15f' high. Weight 35 Ib Cat. No. 630/0883

Our Price £18.99 16. Dressing Tabfe StOOl. Removable oover. 100% acrylic pile. Foam filled seat. Chromium plated swivel stand. Height approx. 16". Cal No. 630/0498

Our Price £17.49 17. Homecharm BedSide Cabfnet Teak effect finish. Size 14inX12"x23!" high. Weight 22 lb. Cat. No. 630/0838

Our Price £12.99 Item nos. 9·15 and 17 are packed flat for home assembly.



1. Homecharm Audio Storage Unit. Teakeffect finish. Adjustable shelf. Stores L.P.sand accessories. Holds up io 80 l.P.s. Size 3Or>' 15"...21· high. Weight 42 lb Cat. No. 610/1941

Our Price £19.49 2. Hi.Fi Storage Unit. Teak effect finish. Stores up to 80 L.P.sand 28cassettesand accessories. Size32",,16·x 16"high. Weight 481lb. Cat. No. 610/2287

Our Price £22.99 3. Cambra Mobile Audio Unit. Teak effect finish Record section holds up to 185 L.P.s. Two drawers with trays hold a total 01 84 cassettes. Shelf for headphones and accessories. Castors for' easy movement. Size 44"xlS!·,,20" high. Weight 49lb. Cat. No. 61011958

Our Price £37.99 4. Multi-Purpose Table. Teak effect top. Size 2H"x 16" Adjustable height and angle. Mounted on castors.Weight 121b. Cat. No. 610/1367

Our Price £11.99 5. Occasional Table. With undershell lor magazines etc. Teak veneer (Redwood veneer on underside). Size 40":-,. 19"xl6" high. Weight 18Ib........................•................. Cat. No. 610/2256

Our Price £21.99 6. Flair Set of 3 Stacking Tables. High grade plastic material. Usefularound the house,in the garden or for picnics. Not suitable for use as stools. Size 12">< 12"hlgh Cat. No. 610/1350

Our Price £5.79 7. New Home Sewing Table. Suitable for machines which measure 14;" 10ng.><7" deep with liUlOghales at the rear 01the machine93" apart. Machine folds away when not in use. WOOdgrain effect finish. Size closed 211">.17"x30"high. Opens to 43!" long. Weight 28Ib Cat. No. 61011556

Our Price £34.99

8. Telephone Se.t. In leak eflect laminate with vinyl covered seat which is hinged to reveal a roomy storage compartment. Size 37")" 144"

x 2fT high. Weight33 lb

C.t. No. 610/1886

Our Price £33.99 9. Attr.ctiv. Clrcul.r Occasional Table. Teak veneer (Redwood veneer on underside). Oia. 19",height 16" Weight 121b...Cat. No. 610/2263

Our Price £11.99 10. A comfortable chair with attractive brnwn hardwearing 100"10 nylon cord cover (with woven polypropylene back). matched to 8 modern chrome frame,Size22">1 27\·x 29"high. Weight21 lb. .. C.t. No.610/1862

Our Price £25.99 11. Avalon Ov.' Smoked GI... Top T.ble. Teak veneered surround. Size 42"><21·x 16~' high. Weight22 lb C.t. No. 610/0186

Our Price £39.99 12. Telephone Se.t. In teak effect finish. Drawer and shelf for storage. PVCupholstered seat Size311·)(21·x16i" high. Weight33 lb. Cat. No. 610/2294

Our Price £27.99 13. Vii. luxe Se.t/Occaslonal Bed. ConvertsIn seconds from chair to single bed with pillow. 100%polypropylene cover. Size 26" widex74" long. Weight 121b C.t. No. 610/2029

Our Price £37.99 14. Avalon Nest of 3 T.bles. Teak veneered tops. Large table size 22"x 15}"xl9" high. Weight32 lb Cat No. 610/0258

Our Price £39.99 15. Nest of 3 Tables. Teak veneer (Redwood veneer on underside). Large table size 24",.. 16"x16". Weight21~lb....Cat No. 610/2270

Our Price £35.99 Item nos. 1-7,9-12 and 14-15 are packed flat for home assembly.

1. Reetella Ready Made Curtains. A satin print featuring a traditional design. Ideal for any setting where elegance and nne taste are the main priorities. Supplied in pairs. Washable. 100% viscose. Rec. Our Catalogue Widthlength Retail Price Number 46"x72" £18.95 £13.49 140/0056 Beige 46",,90" £22.65 £16.79 140/0063 Beige 2. Rectella Ready Made Curtains. A rich textured fabric that handles and drapes like fine wool. Supplied in pairs. Washable. 900h. acrylicl10% nylon. Rec. Our Catalogue Widthlength Retail Price Number 66" x 72" £20.35 £14.99 140/0018 Beige 66""72" £20.35 £14.99 140/0025 Brown 66",,90" £24.15 £17.99 140/0032 Beige 66',,90" £24.15 £17.99 140/0049 Brown 3. Rectella Ready Made Curtains. An exciting new fabric featuring a lustrous crushed pile surface which is bOth rich and warm. 3" deep pleat tape suitable for gathered heading or pencil pleats if required. Supplied in pairs. Washable. 800/0 triacetate/2O"k nylon. Catalogue Rec. Our Number WidthLengthRetail Price 140/0070 Brown 46",,7Z' £28.40 £20.99 140/0087 Beige 46""'72" £28.40 £20.99 140/0094 Red 46"x72" £28.40 £20.99 140/0104 Brown 66",,72" £43.70 £30.99 140/0111 Beige 66·x72" £43.70 £30.99 140/0128 Red 66" x 72" £43.70 £30.99 140/0135 Brown 66"x90" £52.25 £39.99 140/0142 Beige 66"'x9O" £52.25 £39.99 140/0159 Red 66"')(90" £52.25 £39.99 140/0166 Brown 90">.90" £69.30 £52.99 140/0173 Beige 90")(90" £69.30 £52.9e. 140/0180 Red 90">.90" £69.30 £52.99 4. Ready to Hang Curtain liners. Easyto hang liners to enhance the look and give additional life to your existing curtains. No sewing necessary, simply hook the special tape to your curtain hook behind the curtains. Easily detached for washing. Hand or machine wash. 1000!" colton. Rec. Our Catalogue Width length Retail Price Number 46"x9O" £9.50 £6.99 140/0283 66·,,90" £14.50 £10.49 140/0290 90""90" £19.50 £13.99 140/0300 5. Reetella Ready Made Curtains. Dralonvelvet with 8 rich deep pile giving an antique effect. 3" deep pleat tape suitable for gathered heading or pencil pleats if required. Supplied in pairs. 77% acryllcl23% colton. Dry clean only. Catalogue Rec. Our Number WidthLengthRetail Price 140/0197 Brown 46")(72" £38.20 £27.99 140/0207 Gold 46"x72" £38.20 £27.99 140/0214 Green 46" x 72" £38.20 £27.99 140/0221 Brown 46" x 90" £45.90 £32..99 140/0238 Gold 46""gO" £45.90 £32.99 140/0245 Green 46"'x9O" £45.90 £32.99 140/0252 Brown 66"x9O" £69.95 £49.99 140/0269 Gold 66",,90" £69.95 £49.99 140/0276 Green 66· x 90" £69.95 £49.99 Please nole: With curtains having a 3" tape If a pencil pleat Is required please ensure that the total width of each pair is twice the width of your curtain track. Hooks not supplied with any curtains.



1. Constell.lion Soft.sided Ca.... In "Skai" material. Zip fastening with straps and buckles. With handy size overnight bag which has two partitions plus two front pockets suitable lor documents, passport etc. Flight bag incorporates carrying handle and shoulder strap. Flight bag size 11t'x1H·xS·. overnight bag size 18"><14l"x8". C.talogue Ree. Our Number Retail Price 285/2232 24·x1~·xlij" £25.25 £14.49 285/2249 26" x 17"x r: £27.38 £15.49 28512256 28")( 181"x 8" £29.42 £16.99 28512225 Flight Bag • £16.41 £9.99 285124,21 Overnight Bag £21.82 £12.99 2. Constellation Dress Wardrobe Case on Whee .... In "Skai" material. Zip fastening with straps and buC!Cles.One carrying and one towing handle. Incorporates three hangers and elastic retaining straps. Size 23"x 21"x9". Cat. No. 285/2490

Rec. Retail £35.50

Our Price £19.99

S. Constellation Hanging Wardrobe. In "Skal" material. Large capacity inner pocket. With elastic retaining straps and three hangers. Zip fastening with straps and locks. Extra folio pocket and split pocket with two zips on outside. Size fully open 38"x22"x31". Folded size

22"x1rxr Rec. RetaU£26.98

C.t No.285124a3 Our Price £15.99

4. HoIctau.POlyurethanematerial. Zip-top opening with separate large compartment. Two side pockets and pouch. Complete with carrying handles and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap. Size 17"x 12")(7~· Cat. No. 28512476

Ree..Retail £16.05

Our Price £10.99

5. Trallel Bag. Rayon material. ZIp-top opening. Two zip pockets plus one open pocket. Complete with carrying handtes and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap. Size 17~")(101"x7l"

Cal No. 285/2517

Ree. Retail £12.00

Our Price £7.99

6. Expanding-Overnight Cu e. Fully IInod. Zip· ped outer pocket. studded base and nickel plated lo-:k.S,,;e 18")( 14·YS"..Cal No. 28512139

Ree. Retsil £15.06

Our Price £10.49

7. Troll.' B.g. Nylon fabric with full lip-top opening Reinforced handles. Size 23l"x 14"). 8" .. .. ..Cal No. 285/0959

Ree. Retail £7.49

Our Price £4.99

8. Haw. 5 Piece luggage Sot. Complete set of soft-sided luggage with trolley. Set comprises 28" and 26- expanding suitcases with lips. straps and buckles. Large capacity bag with outer pocket and umbrella section. Canbe used with I.uggagetrolley converting to a shopping trolley. The outer pocket can be used for trolley storage. Shoulder bag has two lipped pockets and adjustableshoulder strap. Cal No. 285/2500

Ree. Retail £56.90

Our Price £37.99

9. Antler Vinyl Cales. Zip fastening with straps and buckles. Shoulder bag size 13"x14j"x6". Catalogue Sugg'dOur Number Retail Price 285/1666 25t"x lS"). 7j" £28.50 £17.99 285/1855 27t'><19!·xS" £29.50 £18.99 285/2115 Shoulder Bag £21.50 £14.49 10. Constellation Soft-Stded Cases. Twonlock with straps and buckles. Catalogue Ree. Our Number Retail Price 285/245224·x16"x6i" £23..06 £14.99 285/2469 27"')(19"xS" £25.87'£16.99

1. Constellation Soft-Sided Suitcase on Wheels. In "Skai" material, Spring-loaded extending handle for easy manoeuvring. Size

27"x19 ..«r:

Rec.Retail £39.14

cat. No. 285/2122 Our Price £22.99

2. Luggage Identification Straps. Rayonmalerial. Fits cases up 10 30" If handle. zip or locks break luggage is secure and can be carried by straps.Supplied in various colours. Cat. No. 285/2531

Rec.Retail £3.25

Our Price £2.49

3. Norland Gazelle "Speedy" LuggageTrolley. Platiorm folds automatically for quick loading Compactfor SloraBe Cat. No.285/1581

Rec.Retail £9.75

OurPrice £6.99

4. Folding Luggage Carrier. Chromium plated wilh locking wire device and elastic strap. Compaclfor storage Cat. No. 28512108

·Rec.Retail £7.13


5. Constellation Nest 01 2 Fibre Cases. Sizes 241"Y11"x 1" and 26;" x 19"xn". Cat. No. 28511934

Rec.Retail £21.05

OurPrice £11.99

6. Spartan Expanding Fibre Case. Flip-back locks. Size 28""21" <7". When expanded 28"x21"> 9" Cat. No. 28511927

Rec.Retail £17.99


7. Folding Suitcase. Rayon fabric with zip opening. Open size 24..x16·x5~". Closed size 24..xSr>.2" Cat.No. 28512555

Rec.Retail £8.50

OurPrice £5.99

8. Travel Holdall. In quality polyurethanematerial, encompassinga twin sleel frame With two comfort grip handles. Zip-top opening with movable partition 10 provide a firm basewhich gives a generous 7" width lor packing. Two zip pockets on one side, each pocket being 11"x91" and one 17"')(11" zip pocket on reverse side. 14" opening to allow easy access lor packing.Size 21" x 13 Cat. No.285/2304

Rec.Retail £21.50

OurPrice £15.99

9. Jekmoth Travel Suit Cover. Protects against damp and dust. With generous side gussets. Length 36·, width 23" Cal. No. 285/1570

Rec. Retail £3.00

Our Price £2.29

10. Hawa 7 Piece Soft·Slded Luggage Set. Comprises one each 28", 2S" and 24" suitcase. Each case complete with lock. comfort grip reinforced handles.strap and buckle fastening, A large capacity general purpose bag is included to give a useful addition to travel requirements. Bag incorporates lock and outer pocket. Also a shoulder bag which hall two zipped pockets with own locks plus adjustable shoulder strap. Set is completed by a tOilet bag and passport holder Cat. No. 285/2311

Rec. Retail £58.80

Our Price £39.99

11. Travel Holdall. A quality hardwearingtravel bag in the popular barrel style. Made of textile backed PVC. Fully lined in Moire, With large inside pocket. Centre strap fastening over ziptop opening. Size22" x 13V'x 13:". Cal. No. 285/2438

Rec. Retail £24.85

Our Price £13.99

12. Flight 8ag. Polyurethanecoated vinyl material Zip-top opening. 3 zip pockets. Shoulder strap. Size 13")<11"x7" cal. No.285/1109

Rec. Retail £7.69

Our Price £5.99

13. Large Capacity Flight 8ag. In tan Lama. With zip-top opening. Two large outside pockets with zipper openIngs plus two pouch pockets at either end of bag. Complete with carrying handle plus detachable and adjustable shoulder strap Cal. No. 285/2445

Rec. Retail £14.99

Our Price £7.99

14. Constellatlon Overnight Case. Silver cotoured trim. Moire lining. Cheney lock. Size 15f'x14!"xS" Cal. No. 285/1831

Rec. Retail £11.90

Our Price £7.49

1. "Huggybea," by Cart,end Car Cove,s. In luxurious stretch fur Iabrlc. 100% acrylic deep pile. Easily filted to most bucket seats. Fully washable. Rec. Our Catalogue Retail Price Number £15.18£8.99 74011860 Front Seat. Grluly £15.18£8.99 740/1949 Front Seat. Honey £29.90 £15.99 740/2027 Rear Scat. Honey

2. Ke,obes "Sleata" Front Seat Cover. 75% acrylic/25% cotton with '000/0nylon trim Fits most bucket seats C.l No.74011750

Rec. Retail £10.29

Our Price £6.99

3. Karobea Beige Simul.ted Sheepakln Front Seat Cover. 60% acryllc/40% polyester trimmed with 1000/0 nylon Fully washable.Fits most bucket seats C.l No.74011626

Rec. Retail £8.91

Our Price £5.99

4. "SI,etchees" Simulated Sheepskin F,ont Cover. 100%Courtelle pile. 1000/0 polyes· ter backing... . Cat. No•.74012010

Rec. Retail £6.25

Our Price £4.99

S. Genuine Sheepakln Front Cover. Complete with holding straps. Fits most bucket

::::"R~t~il'£2id8.....·t;:·:rr~;~~ 6. Dongo,a Travel Rug. Royal Stewart tartan, 90% wool/l0o;. mixed fibres. Size including tringe 56' x 72/' Cat. No. 740/1396

Rec. Retail £10.70

Our Price £6.99

7. Anex Car Vacuum Cleane,. Operates from 12V car Cigarette lighter socket..Completewith tools. .. Cal No. 750/1698

Our Price £5.99 8. Plfco Ca, Vacuum Cleane,. Operates Irom 12Vcar battery.Completewith tools. Cat. No. 750/0266

Our Price £6.99 9. Moullnex Ca, Vacuum Cleaner. Operates direct from 12V car battery or cigarette lighter socket. Complete with tools. Can be used to inflate/deflate airbeds etc......Cat. No. 750/0259

Our Price £12.99 10. Sola, Twin Rear Warning Lamp Kit. 2 "E" approved lights to comply with latest regula· tions. Supplied with switch, cable and fitting instructions. Eachlamp size 5ffx23"x2i". Cat. No. 740118n

Our Price £6.99

11. Smiths Universal Mudffaps. Set of 4. Not suitable for Mini fronts or VW "Beetles", Cal No. 740/0342


Our Price£4.99

12. Plfca Rubber Toren. Operatesfrom 3xSP2 batteries (not supplied, order 3 of 980/0036 at 22peach) Cal No.750/0352


OurPrice £1.99

13. Fluorescent Lantern. Safe outdoor emergency light with 4 functions. Torch. fluorescent lantern. blinking amber light and red warning light Complete with adjustable carrying strap. Operates from 6xSP2 batteries (not supplied, order 6 of 980/0036 at 22p each) Cal No. 750/1557


OurPrice £7.99

14. Stadium Mains Operated Inspection lamp. Adjustable jaw grips anything from !"4.r. Ideal for all needs. Fully insulated. Completewith approx. 12' of cable. Usesstandard a.c. bulb (not supplied).Cal No.75011146


OurPrice £7.99

15. Hand-Held Spot-Ughl ReplaceableOuartz Halogen bulb. High intensity pencil beam reaches up to ! mile. Complete with cable and plug to fit into 12Vcigarette lighter socket. Hanging hook and a protective lens cover which can double as a stand..Cat. No. 140/2034


OurPrice £6.99

16. Cameroo-Price "easy Air" De luxe Foot Pump. Strong lightweight plastic construction gives easy operation. Fitted with dial pressure gaugereading 0-100 p.s.i. With special adapters for bicycles. airbedsetc.. Cal No. 75011605 h ......

Rec.Retail £9.71

OurPrice £5.99

11. PCl "E35" Foot Pump. Universal titting. Preset dial gauge. Complete with adapter for inflating airbedsetc Cat. No. 750/0132


Our Price£7.49

18. Aerll.e Footpump_With dial pressure gauge reading 1).100 p.s.r, Universalfitting. Complete with adapter for inflating airbedsetc. Cal No. 150/1708


Our Price £8.49

19. Command Air Compressor. Operatesfrom 12V cigarette lighter socket. Rated up to 100 p.s.i, Will inflate car tyres. airbeds etc. in approx. 10-15 minutes. Topping up air pressure in 2/3 minutes. Supplied with pencil pressure gaugeand adapter Cal No. 750/1715

Rec.Retail £17.19

Our Price £9.99

20. Raydyot "Executive" DoorlWing Mirror. Flat glass, universal fitting, for nearside or offside door or wing. Conforms to E.E.C.regulations.Full titting Instructions supplied. Cat. No. 740/1963


OurPrice £4.99

21. Desmo "Boomerang" Wing Mirrors. Slainlesssteel backed with flat glass and chromium platedarms.Supplied in pairs. Cal. No. 74011970

Our Price£8.79

1. Bradex 10 Amp R.M.S. Max. Battery Charger. Suitable lor all 6V11'ZV car batteries.

Steel case with simulated woodgrain finish. Packs enough punch into a flat battery within 15minutes to start anengine. Cat. No. 75011681

Rec.Retail £25.64

Our Price£15.99

2. Bradel( "Standard 1" Battery Charger. 3.5 Amp D.C. mean Suitable for all 12V car batteries. Capable of fully recharging a "at battery in less than 24 hours AA Seal of Approval. B EAa. approved. .... .... Cat. No. 75011124

Rec.Retail £20.35

Our Price£12.99

3. Bradex 4 Amp R.M.S.Max. Battery Charger. Suitable for all12V car batteries Fully insufated case fitted with automatic safety cut-out. Complies with HomeOffice safety regulations. Cat. No. 75011526

Rec.Retail £14.95

OurPrice £7.99

4. Selmar "Startrite" Battery Charger. 4 Amp D.C. mean (5.5 Amp r.m.s. max.) For 6 or 12V batteries.. .. .Cat. No. 750/1478

SU99'dRetail £13.89

OurPrice £9.99

5. Jumper Leads. Suitable for 6 or 12V batteries Cat. No.75011100

Rec.Retail £3.31

OurPrice £1.99

6. Command Spark Pfug Cleaner. Easy and efficient method of Cleaning oiled and fouled spark plugs. Operates tram 1'ZV battery. Complete with abrasive sand and gap adjustment tool _ Cat. No. 75011739

Rec.Retail £5.59


7. Gunson's Tachostrobe Xenon/R.P.M. Timing Ugnt. Produces a high level white light output for daylight use on all pettol driven cars and motor-cycles. Indicator for r.p.m to time at manufacturer's specified speeds. Suitable for 22O-240VA.C. A.A.approved..Cat. No. 75011571

Rec.Retail £19.44

Our Price£12.99

8. Gunson's "Colortune 500". Savespetrol by

ensuring a perfect fuel mixture. Fault diagnosis features A.A. approved ........Cat. No.750/0211

Rec.Retail £11.39

Our Price£7.99

9. Command DIagnostic Tune-Up Analyser. Operates on 6 or 12V systems for 4. 6 or 8 cylinder engines. Measuresthe idle r.p.m.. cam dwell angle. condition of paints. voltage potentials and output current 01 charging system. Cal No. 750/1210

Rec.Retail £24.73

OurPrice £15.99

10. Mobelec "Max" Constant Energy Transls· tor Ignition System. Ensuresmaximumpertormance with smoother idling and quicker starting. With unique variable dwell circurt which makes the most of your fuel and saves money on polnts and spark plugs. Easily fitted to all negativeearth vehicles. ...Cat. No. 75011588

Rec.Retail £34.50

OurPrice £22.99

11. Smiths Rear Screen Heater. 12V. Ensures

trost·free and mist-free vision within minutes. Element adheres directly to glass. With illumi· nated switch and cable. Size3O"x9l Cat. No. 740/2072

Rec.Retail £6.84


12. Lucas Rear Screen Heater. 12V. With illuminated switch and cable. Size32":><10". Can be trimmed to fit screen Cat. No. 740/1640



13. Advance Warning Triangle. Height 19" With sturdy firm base. Width 20". Folds away into storage case. Essential in most European countrias. .. .Cat. No. 740/2089

Rec.Retail £8.67

Our Price£5.99

14. Bell "Ready·Can" Petrol Can. 10" long vented spout. Capacity 1 1 gallons. Conforms to HomeOffice regulations..... Cal No. 75011629


OurPrice £5.49

15. Metallifacture Axle Stands. Extend from 10" to 143". Capacity 3 tonnes per pair. Cat. No. 75011667

Sugg'd Retail £10.40

Our Priee£7.99

16. Car Creeper. Wooden frame with padded headrest 4 independent running castors on ball bearings. Size 15!":><35j"approx. Height from ground 3" approx....... .. Cat. No. 75011148

Ree.Retail £10.95


17. GLT International Car Ramps. For use with vehicles weighing up to 2 tonnes. Supplied in pairs. .. Cst. No. 75011595

Sugg'd Retail £13.30

Our Price£9.99

18. Weber·Hydraulik Trolley Jack. A compact easily transportable hydraulic jack. Lifting capacity 1 tonne. Hydraulic lift lor' with safety overload valve. Max. height 14~ Cat. No. 750/1519


Our Price£39.99

19. Harry Moss Hydraulic Car Jack. LIlting capacity 2 tonnes. Hydraulic lift 4". Screw extensions 2". Heights-closed 6". extended 12' Cal No. 75011674


OurPrice £5.99

20. Metaltlfacture Scissor Jack. MaXimum vehicle weight 30 cwt. Closed height 4' Extended height lSi . ........ ...... .........Cat. No. 75011007

Sugg'd Retail £10.36

Our Price£6.29

21. Holts No.1 Bodywork Repair Kit. Contains all the materials needed for a complete and permanent repair of torn or rusted metal Cat. No. 75011612

Rec.Retail £4.0&

Our Price£3.49

22. Supertrol 0.1.Y. Anti·Rust Kit. For treatment of Internal box sections of cars. Contains 4.4 pints of anti-rust fluid. durable spray bottle complete with spray attachment, 21" flexible extension tube and one packet 01 sealing blanks. Full instructions supplied Cet. No. 750/1643

Rec.Retail £14.37


23. Slmonlz Cer Care Kil Contains chrome cleaner. G T wax. colour restorer. car wash, screen wash and oil. Cat. No. 750/0280

Rec.Retail £8.37

OurPrice £5.99

24. Wash-Matik. Specially developed priming valvedraws clean or soapy water to brush head from bucket (not supplied). Ideal lor cars. boats, caravans, windows. walls and paintwork. _ Cat. No. 75011241

Rec.Retail £7.25


GuarsntH: We OH8' a full money-back in addition to your statutory

1. Harry Moss "Classic" Roof Racl<. Steel tubing and alloy castings. Adjustable gutter fittings. Carrying area 4O"x34·.

Cat. No. 74010029

Rec.Retail £16.04


2. Desmo Ladder/Dinghy Racl<.Tubular steel. Adjustable fittings. Cross bar length 50". Cal No. 740/1657


Our Price£14.99

3. Desmo "AcCOI"dlan" Roof Rack. Coated steel. Folds down when not in use to fit in boot or back of car. Adjustable gutter fittings. Carrying areaapprox. 39"x39" Cat. No. 740/1695



4. Stretch Nel To fit roof racks or camping trailers. Will secure baggage or awkward shaped luggage Cat. No. 740/2041


Our Price£3.29

5. Paddy Hopkirk Dog/Cargo Guard. Fits most estate cars and vans.Easilyfitted. safeguarding driver. passenger and dogs. Complies with Home Office regulations. AA Seal of Approval. _ Cat. No.74011808


Our Price£9.99

6. D.Dekker Motor-cycle/Scooter Cover. PVC sheeting with transparent top panel. Shaped to fit most motor-cycles and scooters up to 5000c. Coverswindscreen and luggage rack. Givesallweather protection Cal No. 74011815


Our Price£5.99

7. Autotech Quartz Car Clock. Black with illuminated red LED digits. 2 separate buttons allow easy setting of ncues and minutes. 12V negative earth only. Complete with filting kit and instructions. For 3 position fitting: in/on top/or under dash.Size 1·x2!"xH". Cal No. 74011987

Rec.Retail £16.67


8. Krooldok Anti-Theft Device. Also acts as a visible deterrent. Supplied with two keys. Extended length 31·, Closed 22f'. Fits most cars Cat. No. 740/0816



9. Bradel! Fire extinguisher. Contains 2102 approx of B.C.F.Complies with BAMA code of practice aerosol fire extinguisher recommendations CENTRISB. For car or home (not to be used on chip pan -fires). Complete with fixing bracket. Cat. No. 750/1722

Sugg'dRetail £7.59


10. Slmonlz "Hi-Speed" Fire ElI1ingulsher. With mounting bracket. Contains ICI'sfire fighting chemical B.C.F. Minimum contents 130z. Suitable for home, car etc......Cat. No.75010307


Our Price£3.49

IiiilRil I ,0

11. Coffee Maker. Ideal for tea, hot chocolate etc. Made from heat resistant plastic. Plugs into 12V cigarette lighter socket. Heats up in 10 to 15 minutes. Capacity 1! pints approx. With metal hanging bracket Cal No. 740/2058

Our Price £3.99 12.Talco Multigrip Wrench Set. 10" wrench and 9t multigrip pliers Cal No. 700/2331

Rec. Retail £6.90

Our Price £4.99

13. Gordex by Gordon 150 Piece Combination Tool Kil Contains 18 AF sockets, 18 metric sockets, !·x,>.' AF brake adjuster. 6 AF OlE spanners, 6 metric OlE spanners. 6 AF combination spanners, 6 metric combination spanners, reversible ratchet, tommy bar and T-piece, 5· e><lension,10" extension. universal joint, speed brace, 39 piece IN and t· square drive socket and attachment set. crimping pliers. combination pliers, diagonal cutting nippers. vice grip, adjustable wrench, steel wire brush. ball-pein hammer. rubber mallet, mini hacksaw. oil filter wrench, 4 punches, 1 chisel. feeler gauge. 18 miniature combination spanners. 5 screwdrivers. spark plug socket. 8 AF Allen keys. 8 metric Allen keys, gear puller, 5 tray cantilever box. padlock and 2 keys. Cal No. 700/3062

Rec.Retail £152.00

Our Price £84.99

14. Gedore Combination Spanners. 11 piece set. Chrome polished. In attractive wallet marked with sizes. Rec. Our Catalogue Number Retail Price £16.0829.49 700/3172 AF 700/3189 Metroc 7mm-22mm £14.48£8.99


15. Talco 41 Piece Combination Socket Set. I" and i" square drive, :I" AF sockets ;.'4'; metric 4,5-12mm: AF sockets iffy': metric 10-19mm. Supplied with 7 accessories...Cal No. 700/2898


Rec.Retail £14.26

Our Price £7.99

16.'Talco 15 Piece in Square Drive Socket Set. Polished alloy steel set containing 11 sockets and 4 accessories. AF f-1· ~ Cat. No, 700/31)79 Metric 10-22mm Cat. No. 700/3086

Rec. Retail £14.72

Our Price £9.99

17. Kamasa 24 Piece i·Square Drive Combi~ atlon Soci<et Set. Comprising 11 AF sockets r-1"; 7 metric sockets 10-2Omm.5" and 10" extension bars. sliding T-bar, ratchet and speed brace Cat. No. 700/3093

Rec.Retail £31.74

Our Price £14.99

18. Kamasa 42 Piece i·Square Drive Socket Set, Industrial quality chrome vanadium steel. AF metric 10-22mm, Whitworth "".:1", Reversible ratchet, sliding T-bar. speed brace. universal joint and extensions, Cat No. 700/2733


Rec.Retail £74.75

Our Price £29.99

1~'TOOLSl/ ~

!Xarobesl 1. Cantilever 9 Tray Toolbox Trolley. Sizewhen closed 17"x8~"x14"high cat. No.100/3103

Rec. Retail £17.95

Our Price £13.99

2. Raaco 1 Tier Tool Storage Box. Attractive and lightweight yet virtually indestructible, high impact polystyrene material. For the OJ.Y. handyman or for sailing, camping. fishing etc...................................•......•. Cat. No. 10013251

Rec. Retail £14.95

Our Price £9.99

3. Talco Cantilever Tool Box. 5 trays. Blue stove enamelled 1inish. Size when closed 17"x8"x8"...............................• cat. No.10012216

Rec. Retail £11.30

Our Price £6.99

4. Karobes Tool Bag. Strong simulated leather incorporating extra strong handles and reinforced base.Size24"x6·x T".. Cat. No. 140/1994

Rec. Retail r:t.76

Williams'" .• ,


Our Price £5.29

5. Gedore AF Motorist's 29 Piec:e Tool Roll. Includes 6 OlE spanners !·xA·-f.·xf. 6 ring spanners lOv,\''-f'xr. plug spanner, screwdriver set. set of Ignition. spanners. feeler gauge, ball-pein hammer and combination pliers Cat. No. 100/2269

Sugg'd Retail £34.95

Our Price £22.99

6. Williams SUperslimMotorist's 30 Piece Tool Roll. Includes 5 AF N'-'!' and 1metric 6-19 mm DIE nickel plateq spanners. screwdrivers, brake adjuster. plug spannerand pliers. cat. No. 10012531

Rec. Retail £21.82

Our Price £16.49

1. Norbar Torque Wrench. Automatic reset. Dualscaled,20-110 Ib.ft, 3-15 kg m. Reversible 48 tooth. ~.square drive ratchet headand pushpull steeladjusting knob. Length 161·. Cat. No. 70012151

Rec. Retail £21.06

Our Price £14.99

8. Raaco Sleel $lorage Cabinet. With 25 transparent drawers which can be subdivided to store small items. Size 12"x5'!'xl3" high. Suitable lor garage. sewing room, fishing tackle etc. Contentsnot supplied.....Cat. No. 700/2582

Rec. Retail £13.57

Our Price £8.99

9. Raaco Storage Cabinet. With 151ransparent drawers, Suitable for nuts, bolts, fishing tackle. cotton reels etc. Size 12"x~"x~· hIgh. Contents not supplied Cat. No. 700/2393

Rec. Retail

Our Price £3.99

10..Raaco Steel Storage cabinet. Complete with over 2200 screws, nails, washers etc. Cabinet contains 20 transparentdrawers which can be subdivided to store small items. Size 12"x5?'x7r' Cat. No. 700/3134

Sugg'd Retail £20.70

Our Price £13.99

11. alack & Decker L0100 Smoke Alarm. Bat· tery operated. betects smoke and fumes provid-

ing early warning of fire. Incorporates test button and low battery warning. Supplied with simplefittings andbattery Cal No. 700/2843


OurPrice £10.99

12. Yale Automatic Deadlatch. Double locking twin cylinder automaticdeadlocking nighllatch. Ideal for added home security. Size 2t "3,~"X1(&" Cat. No. 700/2946


Our Price£11.79

13. Copydex Patio Door Lock. Compact lock suitable for all known types of patio sliding doors. The bolt action is especiallyeffectiveas not only does tt lock the door securely.but also prevents the door from being lifted out of its track Cal No. 700/2939


Our Price£3.49

14. Chain Alarm. Simply yet robustly constructed. Emits pOWerfulscreech if chain is forced. Easi!.yfitted on any door. Chain length 6~".Size 4")0. 4"x g", Requires 2" HP7 batteries (not supplied. order 2 of 980/0029 at 13p each) Cal No. 700/3220


Our Price£2.99

15. Copydex Window Stay Locks. Pack of eight. For wooden window frames.Easilyfitted to existing stay locks for added home protection.Suppliedwith three keys. Cat. No. 700/2922



16. "Housewarm" Cylinder Jackel Nominal uncompressed3" thicknessflameretardantjacket will fit cylinders 36")<18". Supplied with securing straps and simple frtting instructions Cal No. 700/2829



17. Marley "Eurodoor" Folding Ooor.·Easily assembled space saver door in light oak WOodgraineffect. Made from rigid PVCpanels. Completewith magneticcatch handlesand full f,x,ng instructions. Size when closed 6'S" high>-.2·S·wide Cal No_700/3110


Our Price£21.99

18. Yale Draught Excluders. Standard 3' lengths. Easily cut to fit most doors. Neatly shapedextruded aluminium with nylon bristle moulds to floor contours. Supplied in of two Cat. No. 700/2953


Our Price£5.49

1. Whitmore No.4 Smoothing Plane. Sheffield steef blade. Cast body Cat. No. 70011174

Rec.Retail £12.04

Our Price£7.79

2. Stanley No.4 Smoothing Plane. FIne grey iron casting.Sheffieldsteel2" blade. Cat. No. 700/2159

Rec.Retail £17.64

Our Price£13.49

3. Whitmore Carpenter's 20 Piece Tool Kit. Contains a selection of fully guaranteed carpenter's tools and accessories. Cat. No. 700/2506

Rec.Retail £31.38

OurPrice £19.99

4. Spear & Jackson "Work Horse" Tenon Saw. 10"bladewith steel back Cat.No. 700/3031

Rec.Retail £7.06

OurPrice £4.99

5. Spear & Jackson "Work Horse" Hand Saw. 22" steelblade, Beechwoodhandle. Cat. No. 700/3048

Rec.Retail £6.76

OurPrice £4.79


c F

s s






6. Rabone Chesterman "Setrite" Aluminium Spirit Level. 2 plumbs and level.Length 48" Cat. No. 700/0539

H to te be

Rec.Retail £18.81


OurPrice £12.99

c, 7. Stanley Aluminium Spirit Level. Replaceable vials. 1plumb and 1 horizontal.Length 24". Cat. No. 700/2104

Rec.Retail £6.93

OurPrice £5.49

8. Burgess Powerline NuVScrew Driver Set. Pistol grip handle incorporates 2-way ratchet Set comprises: 2 slotted screwdriver bits. 2 "Philips" screw bits, 10. 9. 8, 7. 6, 5.5mm sockets and extension bar. Comptete wIth robust plastic snap-shut box..Cat. No.700/3309

Rec.Retail £9.99


16 S~

17 to



OurPrice £5.99


9. Stanley "Yankee" Handyman Screwdriver. Spiral ratchet action. Complete with 5 bits storedin magazinehandle.....Cat.No. 700/2166

18. 36(

Rec.Retail £10.39

OurPrice £7.99


10. Arrow Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit. Useful for ceiling tiles, carpeting. furniture recovering etc. With spare boxes of staples in a storage carryingcase. ...Cat.No. 700/2599

19. Scr 6)'.

Rec.Retail £25.87

Our Price£17.49

11. Spiralux Swing Head Riveter. All purpose snap riveter capable of setting ~" or f, ,. aluminium rivets with minimum effort. 100 assorted rivets included Cat. No. 700/3316



12. Copydex Mitre Clamp. For quick. easy. accurate assembly of picture Irames etc. 4 clamps with instructions Cat. No. 700/3237


Our Price£4.79

13. Eclipse Saw Sharpener. For successful sharpenong of cross-cut. rip and tenon wood saws (not hard-point teeth). Full instructions. Cat. No. 700/3165


Our Price£5.49

14. Copydex "Joint Master Mk. 11". Precision made sawmq jig for making a WIde variety 01 wood joints. Size 01 base plate 8l"v8l". With fully illustrated instruction leaflet. Cal. No. 700/2386


Our Price£9.99

15. Vitrex Electrician's

Tool Kit. Four essential tools for most D.I.Y. electrical jobs. Circuit tester complete with long life Duracell MNl500 battery and spare bulb; mains and luse tester with 5. 10 and 13 amp fuses; wire-stripper and cutter; insulated screworiver. Cat. No. 700/3244


Our Price£6.99

16. Footprint Bevel Edged Chisels. Set of 4. Sheffield steel. Sizes !". J" and 1". Cat. No. 700/1679



Our Price£9.79

17. Stubs Home Filing Kit. Contains three files to cope with most tiling jobs around the home. Halfround. round and dual- cut. Supplied with a file care booklet Cat. No. 700/3213


Our Price£7.49

18. Paramo Mechanic's Vice. 3" file cut jaw. base with locking lever. Cat. No. 700/0515

360" swivel



19. Sandvik Pair of "F' Clamps. Slide and Screw tor fast and easy clamping. Max. opening 6!", bracket width 3!". With plastic removable caps to prevent scratching of delicate materials Cat. No. 700/3196





1. Camping Gaz "Soudokit S" Blowlamp Set. Includespaint burner.soldering iron. fine flame burnerand 2 cartridges Cat. No. 700/3323

Rec.Retail £15.95


2. Harris 203 Painting Set. Sel 014 pure bristle paint brushes.Sizes~'.1".1~"and 2". Cal. No. 700/0773


Our Price£3.99

3. Ronson RBT.10Blowtorch Kit. Consists 01 blowtorch. soldering tip. flame spreader and diffuser head.Completewith cartridge. Cat. No. 700/0807



4. Pasting Table.,Hardboard top with tubular metal legs. Folds flat lor storage. Size when open 70·'''22'' Cat. No. 700/2135


Our Price£8.99

5. OpeflaTap ConversionKit. Suppliedin pairs. To fit most taps. Smoke grey colour. ideal for matching with chrome plated taps.Pleasenote this kit contains a non.rising valvemechanism (for longer lile) as well as the attractive tap top. Simple to fil. Completewith instructrons. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 700/3268 ~" Sink/Basin £8.70 £5.49 700/3275~' Bath £9.02 £5.79 6. Opefla Plumbing KIt. For quick and efftcient plurnbinq-in 01washingmachines.dishwashers etc. No brazingor compressionjoints - just one hole to drill and lasten bracket to the wall. Supplied singly for either hot or cold. Approved by NationalWater Council. Completewith easy to follow instructions Cat. No. 700/3282


Our Price£4.99

7. Opefla Kitchen Mixer Taps. Pleasantto use. easy to clean and install. To fit most kitchen taps.With instructions Cat.No. 700/3299



8. Black & Decker 03000 3-Way Ladder. Made from aluminium. Converts to double sided step ladder. adjustable extension or lott ladder and stair ladder where the specrai construction allows tor use on interrupted levels.Extended

height9'4". Closedheight6' .. Cat.No.700/2410



9. ASL "Summit Double 5" Convertible Step Ladder. Tubular steel frame. Wide wooden Ireads.Extendsfrom 5-10 treads.Safetylocking oevice Cat. No.700/0388

Rec-:-"Retail £36.95


10. ASL 7010 LadderLink.4 treadladder.When usedwith itemno. g canbe usedasa trestleset, or an offset staircase ladder.Completewith 2 clamps which lock the plank (not provided) safelyin position Cat. No.700/3141


Our Price£12.99

11. SunPeartAluminium Step Ladder.3 treads plus reinforced platform. Polypropylenenonskid leg caps and step protectors. Platform helght36.................... ...Cat.No.700/2874

Rec.Retail £20.99


12. Sun PearlAluminiumStep Ladder.4 treads plus reinlorced platform. Polypropylenenonskid leg caps and step protectors. Platform height45t Cat. No.700/2867


Our Price£16.49

13. Beldray "Top Flight" Aluminium Loft/Step Ladder. Converts from household steps to exlension ladder at variable heights. Non-slip treads.Safetylocking device.Maximumheight 9' 11·. ...Cat. No.700/2496



Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.


Black & Decker

All the following Black & Decker drills are double insulated for maximum safety. 1. H720HDrill Cat. No. 71011926

Rec.Retail £47.00









Input Watts









Chuck Size







Speed Control






Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Electronic Acceleration Trigger Feedback

Speeds r.p.m.

900 2400

1300 2900

Drilling Capacities Steel

• •,





r ,..


Hammer Action







,. ,

200·1300 400·2900

•. I"

0-900 0-2400

•, I·

900 2400





f' !"






Electrical Gearbox Diode 2600 3100

900 2400

•.. • • • ~. •~. · • r · •." )0'







Please Note: Drilling capacities may vary according to nature and density of material. The H40and H40S models are suitable for chuck mounted accessories and for use with drill stands only.


2.0222 Drill

Rec.Retail £60.00 3.0226 Drill

Rec.Retail £71.00 4. H68VDrill

Rec.Retail £51.00 5. DNJ62Drlll

Rec.Retail £41.00 6. H40Drill

Rec.Retail £27.00 7. H40SDrill...................

Rec.Retail £30.00 8. H264Drill

Rec.Retail £39.00.

OurPrice £31.99 Cat. No. 710/2138

Our Price£44.99 Cal No. 710/2145

Our Price£54.99 Cat. No. 71011933

Our Price £37.99 Cat.No. 71010178

Our Price £29.99 Cat. No. 71012114

OurPrice£18.99 ....Cat. No. 710/2121

OurPrice £21.99 Cat. No. 710/1919

OurPrice £26.99

9. DN31S Power Jig-Saw

Rec.Retail £35.00

Cal. No. 710/2004

Our Price£25.99

10. DN31E Power Jig-Saw with Electronic Feedback Cat. No. 710/2066

Rec.Retail £42.50 11.DN31PowerJig-Saw

Rec.Retail £28.00

Our Price£31.99 Cat. No. 71011995

Our Price£19.99








No. of Strokes per minute


2400/ 3000

500 to 3000

• •

Alp Fence


No. of Blades supplied Depth of cut Softwood Hardwood Steel

21" 1"

' ..


~ .. 1"




2~' 2~'



12. Black & Decker Super Sander. The complete sanding tool. The rotary sanding disc is rdeal for sanding flat surfaces and the flap wheel sands intricate shapes. mouldings. chair legs etc. Supplied with flap wheel and refill. cushion pad with 3 sett-adbesivediscs and a benchmounting bracket. Cat. No. 710/2255

Rec.Retail £52.00

Our Price£38.99

13. DN59 7i" Circular Saw. 1020 Watt motor. 3700 r.p.m. Cutting depth 2.','. For use on timber and man-made boards. With blade, rip fenceand riving knife Cat.No. 710/2080



14. DN565' Circular Saw.450Watt motor.3000 r.p.m. Cutting depth H". For use on timber. metal, masonry and man-made boards. With bladeand rip fence Cat. No.710/2169

Rec.Retail £36.00

OurPrice £24.99

15. DN5560 Power Finishing Sander. Large ~ sheetsize,4000orbits p.m.....Cat. No.71012152

Rec.Retail £36.00

OurPrice £24.99

16. DN44Power Finishing Sander.• sheetsize. High speed10.000orbits p.m.Cat. No. 710/2248

Rec.Retail £29.00

Our Price£19.99

Lfl/ack & Decker

1. Black & Decker DN75Power Plane. Twin 3" blades rotate at 13,700 r.p.m, Depth of cut adjustable to 1.5mm. Snap-up guard allows plane to be used on the edgesof materialsand tor rebating. 450 Watt motor. Double insulated Cat. No. 710/1696


Our Price£59.99

2. Black & Decker Flexible Drive Shaft.Can be fitted directly into the threaded end of the D111A"Powercentre" and used for jobs ranqing from heavy wire brush work to delicate model making in balsawood. Canalso be used with electric drills Cat. No. 710/2097



3. Black & Decker D111A"Powercentre" and ,l\ccessories. A universal power source ideal lor homeand workshop. 5"grinding wheelwith eye shield and tool rest. Threadedshalt wh,ch accepts standard chucks or accessories.Supplied with wire cup brush. 2 polishing bonnets. rubberpad and sandingdiscs. Cat. No. 710/2073



4. Black & Decker 0988 Finishing Sander Attachment Cat.No. 71010233



5. Black & Decker 0984 CirCtJlarSaw Attachment. Saws wood up to l,'l.". Adjustable for depth and angle 01cut. Includes rip lence and combinationrip and cross cut blade Cat. No. 710/0271



6. Black & Decker GD80 Vertical Drill Stand. Converts your Black & Decker drill into an accuratebenchdrill Cat. No.710/0642



7. Black & Decker 0986 Jig-Saw Attachment. Cutting depth in hard wood, 1" in soft


wood. ,

Cat. No.710/0264

Rec. Retail £16.50

Our Price £9.99

8. Black & Decker 0600 "Majorvac" Workshop Cleaner. Designedfor tough and awkwardjobs in the home, garage and workshop. 525 Watt motor. Capacity 4 gallons. Complete with extensiontube Cat. No.710/2224

Our Price £35.99 9. Black & Decker WM626"Workmate". Dual height, mum-purpose portable work bench. Vice 29" with 41"jaw opening. Folds for storage. .. Cat. No.71011586

Rec. Retail £53.00

Our Price £35.99

10. Black & Decker WM400 "Workmate". Single height portable work bench. 4!" jaw opening. 24" vice jaws with taper action. Supplied in simple self-assemblyform. . Cal No. 710/1737

Rec. Retail £29.00

Our Price £19.99

11. Black & Decker J1 "Jobber". A portable worktop. vice and 1001 caddy all in one. (TOOls not supplied.) 16"jaws provide the pei1'ectviCOil for general woodwork and maintenance tasks Cat.No. 710/2176

Rec. Retail £22.00

Our Price £15.99

12. Black & Decker 0764 Hammer Drill Work· shop Kit. Contains H2642speeddrill. 0984saw attachment. 0988 sanding attachment. 0986 jig-saw attachment, percusstonbits, twist drills, A9101sandingand polishing kit. assortedsanding sheets. wire cup brush. saw blade and jigsawselectionpack Cat. No.710/2028

Rec. Retail £98.00

Our Price \:69.99

1. Burgess Powerline "Model 72" Hobbyist Kit.

2 speed engraver and 15 accessories. For engraving glass. ceramic tiles. plastic. melals. also embossing leather and tino, wood carvmq, stencil cutting etc Cat. No. 71011287

Rec.Retail £18.34

Our Price£13.99

2. Weller Soldering Kit. Contains heat gun with built-in spollight. 2 spare copper soldering tips and accessories Cat. No. 710/1294

Sugg'd Retail £19.84

Our Price£14.49

3. Weller General Purpose Soldering Kit. Contains 25 Watt soldering iron. one spare tip. solderh'ogaid and solder........ Cat. No. 710/2279

Sugg'd Retail £7.51

Our Price £4.99

4. S.I.P. "Mini Welder 90" Arc Weider. With variable Amperage from 30-90 Amps. Warning light and automenc cut-out. Supplied with face mask, chipping hammer. electrode holder. leads. earth clamp and 20 electrodes.Will weld up to ,3,." thickness. SUItable for wrought-iron work. metal sculpture, car or OJ.Y. Cat. No. 710/2035

Rec.Retail £74.75

Our Price £49.99

5. S.I.P. "Topweld 140" Arc Weider. With selection of Amperagefrom 30-140 Amps.Capableof welding stieet metal up to .'." truck. Overload cut-out and warning light. Supplied with lully insulated electrode holder and cable. earth clamp cable. mask, safety glasses. hammer. brush. 50 electrodes and full instructions. Cat. No. 710/2200

Rec.Retail £105.80

Our Price£74.99

6. Burgess "Powerline 708" Compressor Spray Unit. Ideal for commercial and domestic uses. For paints. varnishes.cellulose.emulsion. insecticides etc. ! h.p. motor. Air delivery 3.7 C.f.m. at 30 p.s.i. Complete with spray gun. internal and external mix nozzles and 15' air hose Cat. No. 710/2286

Rec.Retail £162.73

OurPrice £119.95

7. Burgess "PowerUne Sprayil 122" Compressor Spray Unit. Sprays paint, varnish, cellulose and insecticide. Ideal for spraying car bodies. tencinq, furniture etc Cat. No. 710/1744

Rec.Retail £83.98

OurPrice £64.99

8. Wolf "Portapoint" Portable Cable Reel. Approx. 49' of 3·core cable. Capacity 1000 Walts Cat. No.710/0044



9. Volex VT305Cable Reel. SO' of cable.Fitted with 13 Amp plug with 5 Amp fuse.switch and pilot light. Suitable lor appliancesup to 1,200 Watts Cat. No.710/2011



10. Ever Ready 13 Amp Fused Plugs. Conform to 9S1363. Pack of 10 Cat. No. 710/0415

Rec.Retail £8.50


11. Akro·Mils Drill Mate. A practical way of storing and carryingan etectnc drill and accessories. Designedto hold a 1" or i" drill with a 25 hole drill bit index.Pocketslor tools. 2 drawers. Size6.\"" 13A"-<9!· Cat. No.710/2107



12. Mason Master Concrete Drilling Set. Converts your drill to hammer action. ,"." chuck. With two double duty drills. sizes 10 and 12. Cat. No. 71011713

Rec.Retail £12.65


13. Talco 21 Piece Twist Drill Set. Chrome vanadiumsteel. For handor power drills. Sizes ,'."to t.With full shanks Cat. No.710/0374



14.Eclipse Drill Bit Sharpener.Handoperated. A simple and inexpensiveway lor successful sharpeningof high speed twist drills. Suitable for drill bits ]" to t C~t.No.700/3158



Black & Decker Electric "Strimmers". Cuts where a mower can't go: lawn edges. paths, against walls. fences and around trees and posts. Adjustable length nylon line (which replaces traditional blade) revolves at high speed. 15. Model 0409-9" cutting width. Lightweight controlled one handed action. Quick release linefeed.Doubleinsulated.....Cat. No.720/2557



16. Model 8209-12" cutting WIdth. For the tough trimming [obs, Front bale handle for additional control. Automatic line feed.Double Insulated Cat. No.720/2849



Guarantee; We offer a full money·back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.

1. Flymo OLE Air Cushion Electric Mower. 12" cut. Floats on a cusmcn of air. No grass box necessary as cuttings are finely mulched. Weight 15 lb. 900 Watt motor. Complete with

56' of double insulated cable. Cal No. 720/2636

Rec.Retail £69.95

Our Price £47.99

2. Flymo GLE Air Cushion Electric Mower. 15" cut. Floats on a cushion of air. No grass box necessary as cuttings are finely mulched. Weight 20 lb. 1000 Watt motor. Completewith 56' of double insulated cable. Cat. No. 720/2643


Our Price £69.99

3. Flymo DXEAir Cushion Electric Mowe,. 15" cut with grasscollection. Floatson a cushion of air. Weight 26 Ib 8 oz. 1350 Watt motor. Complete WIthgrassbag and 56' of cable.Approved to B.EAB. standard Cat No. 720/2753


Our Price£89.99

4. Black & Decker H1D E1ect,ic "Hove," Mower. 12" cut. Floatson a cushion of air. Will cut long or wet grass with ease. Features a powerful industrially proven 1000 Watl motor. Pram type handle and side operated onloff switch. Completewith SO' of cable. Cat. No. 720/2715


OurPrice £39.99

5. Black & Decker 0808 "Super r' Electric Rotary Mower. 12"cut. With grass box. Height adjustment.Safetycut-out and rearsafety-flap. Double insulated. 525 Watt motor. Complete with 50' of cable Cat. No.720/2416


OurPrice £29.99

6. Black & Decker 0404 "Lawnderelte" Elec· tric Rotary Mower. 12"cut. Height adjustment Double-insulated. 400 Walt motor. Complete with 50' of cable Cat. No. 72010281


Our Price£27.99

7. Oualcasl "Concorde E30" Electric Cylinder Mower. 12" cut. 3 cutting blades with height adjustment. 280 Watt motor. Double insulated. Complete with grass box and 52' of cable. B.E.A.B. approved CaL No. 720/0401


OurPrice £44.99

8. Oualcasl "Concorde RE35Dl" Electric Cylinder Mower. 14" cut, Height adjustment. Supplied with side wheel and continuous front roller as' Interchangeable fitmenlS. 325 Watt motor. Double insulated. Complete with grass box and 75' of cable Cat. No.720/2746


OurPrice £55.99

9. Oualcast "Punch EP30" Electric Cylinder Mower. 12" cut. 5 cutting blades.Height adjustment. 340 Watt motor. Double insulated. With grassbox and 52' of cable......Cat. No. 720/0360


Our Price £79.99

10. Oualcasl "Jelslream" De luxe Rolary Mower. 18" cut. 31 h.p. 8riggs and Stratton 4stroke engine. 5 cutting levels. 3 handle posttions with throttle lever.Automatic grassdeflector plate. With grassbox.........Cat. No.720/2629


Our Price £124.99

11. Oualcast "Rola-Mo .E30" Electric Rotary Mower. 12" cut. Height adjustment. 350 Watt motor protected by automatic over-load cutout. Double insulated. COmpletewith 52' of cable Cat. No.720/2722


OurPrice £32.99

12. Webb "Wizard" ElectriC Cylinder Mower. 12" cutting cylinder. Twin rear rouers and full set of front rollers. 300 Watt motor. With grass box and52' of cable.Double insulated.B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 720/2739


Our Price £44.99

13.Oualcast 030 Side Wheel Mower. 12"cut. 5 cutting blades. Height adjustment. With grass box Cat. No.720/1606



1. ICI 12" Lawn Spreader. For distribution of fertilisers etc. Holds approx. 61lb Cal. No. 720/2344

Rec.Retail £16.64

OurPrice £10.99

2. Tudor 9" Rotary Lawn Aerator. Spring loaded spikes penetrate turf at approx. 150 holes per lsq yd Cat. No. 720/2090

Rec.Retail £25.95

Our Price£15.99

3. Black & Decker ElectrIc "Lawnraker·'. Takes the hard work out of producing beautiful lawns. Scarifies - quickly removes moss and dead grass without harming the lawn grass. On the hIgh setting will quickly clear fallen leaves.WIth collection box Cat. No. 720/2856

Rec.Retail £55.00

Our Price £39.99

4. Spear & Jackson "Neverbend" Lawn Edging Knife. Weatherproofed hardwood handle. Length 2'101" C8t. No. 72011895

Rec.Retail £8.95

Our Price£6.29

5. Spear & Jackson "Flexo" Lawn Rake. Steel head with 20 floxible unes. Hardwood handle Length 5' W Cat. No. 720/0494

Rec.Retail £8.12

OurPrice £5.79

Burgon & Ball Shears. SY' Sheffletd steel blades. 2'S" PVC Sleevedtubular steet handles Nylon handgrips lor comfortable use Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 6. 720/0085 Edging Shears £12.17£7.99 7. 720/2832 Lawn Shsars £16.27£9.99 8. Wilkinson Sword Edging Shears. Chromed steel blades Epoxy coated tubular stool hand· les wllh PVC grips. Blade length 11". overall height 3' . Cat. No. 720/2777

Rec.Retail £17.75

OurPrice £12.99

9. Wilkinson Sword Lawn Shears, Chromed steel blades. Epoxy coated aluminium alloy handles which detach for easy storage. Blado length 71", ovorall helghI3' .... Cat. No. 720/2760

Rec.Retail £23.75

OurPrice £16.99

10. Wilkinson Sword W435 Hand Shears. S' chromed steer. rust resistanl, hollowed, notched btades. Spring loaded centre bearing, cushion stop. Beechwood handles. Overall length 1'8", , Cal. No. 720/0889

Rec.Retail £15,95

OurPrice £11.99

11. Wilkinson Sword W420 Notched Hand Shears. S" chromed steel braces. Beechwood handles Overall length l'S"i,,Cat. No. 720/2234

Rec.Retail £12,45

Our Price £9.79

12. Wilkinson Sword W433 Lightweight Hand Shears. 61" chromed steet, rust resistant. notlow blades, Spring loaded centre beanng, cusnion stop. Beechwood handles. Overall length .1 '5", Cat. No. 720/2351

Rec.Retail £14.45

OurPrice £10.99

13. Burgon & Ball Notched Shears. S" hollow ground, carbon steel braces. Hardwood hand· les ,', " Cat. No. 720/2241

Rec.Retail £6.49

OurPrice £4.29

14. Wilkinson Sword Lopper. For pruning high and heavy branches up to ll" thrck. Chromed steel rust resistant braces. Tubular steel hand· leswith PVCgrips, C8t. No. 720/2784

Rec.Retail £13.85

Our Price£10.49

15. Wilkinson Sword "Sword" Pruner. Chromed steel. rust resistant blades, Flick' thumb catoh. Polymer coated contoured handles for comfortable grip. length 8", Cat. No. 720/0896

Rec.Retail £11.95

OurPrice £8.99

16. Rolcut "Professiona)"' Secateurs. PVC sleeved handles. Two position catch. Roll and cut action. Length 8" Cat. No. 720/0621



17. Wilkinson Sword "Medium" Pruner. P.T.F.E. coated blades for efficient cutting. Superlock safety catch. Moulded nylon handles. Length8" Cat. No.720/2894



18. Black & Decker 0982 Garden Clipper Attachment. 12" double edged. zinc coated bleves. For use with double insulated drills only. Overalllength 1'7"..........Cat. No. 72011974



19. Black & Decker GC12 Mains Electric Garden Clippers. 12" double edged blades. Wrap around handle. On/off safety switch, Double insulated.Overalllength 1'10". Cat. No. 720/2650


Our Price£21.99

20. Black & Decker GC16Mains Electric Dual Action Garden Clippers. 16"double edged.zinc coated blades. Onloff safety switch. Double insulated.Overalllength 2'4". Cat.No. 720/2667



21. ASLlairllow "KillaSpray Major" Pressure Sprayer. CapacIty 1 gallon. Onloff switch. Adjustablespray nozzle and push button control tap. Height27"......... .Cat.No. 72011541


Our Price£9.49

22. ASLlairllow HKillaspray Cadet" Pressure Sprayer. Capacity 4 pints. On/off adjustable spraynozzle.Height24"..........Cat. No.72011644


Our Price£6.49

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.

Spear & Jackson "Neverbend" Digging Tools. Carbon steel. solid socket. Ash shafts with polypropylene handles. Catalogue Rec. Our

Number Retail Price 1. 72011833 Spade. Lgth 3'2~" £14.95£9.79 2. 720/1840 Fork. Lgth 3'3~" £15.65£9.99 3. Spear & Jackson "Neverbend" Dutch Hoe. Weatherproofed hardwood handle. Length 5' Cat. No. 720/1905

Rec. Retail £8.28

Our Price £5.79

4. Spear & Ja.ckson "Neverbend" Garden Rake. Weatherproofed hardwood handle. Length 4'7;" Cal No. 720/1888

Rec. Retail £8.63

Our Price £5.99

Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools. Forged carbon steel working head. Ash shafts with polypropylene handles. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 5. 7201Z791Border Spade. £10.25£7.49 Lgth 3'0;" 6. 720/2801 Border Fork. £10.25£7.49 Lgth 3'W 7. 720/2564 Digging Spade. £10.95£7.99 Lgth 3'3" 8. 720/2571 Digging Fork. £10.95£7.99 Lgth 3'3" 9. Eltex "Brighton" ParalHn Greenhouse Heater. Double wick burner Size 21"><26!"A 7". For healing a greenhouseup to 8' )'6' Cat. No. 72011314

Rec. Retail £35.82

Our Price £26.99

10. Hag.oIncinerator. Stove enamelled finiSh. Size 1St>. 15;"x27" high. Folds flat for storage Cat. No. 720/0700

Rec. Retail £12.82

Our Price £7.99

11. Rotocrop QB14 "Quickrich" Compost Bin. 14 PVC panels interlock to form cylinder which can be raised for easy removaI of compost.

Complete with rigid lid and foundation venti· lator. Will convert gardenand kitchen vegetable wasteinto rich compost. Cat. No. 720/2708

Ree.Retail £26.95


12.Rotocrop "Strawberry Tub". A spacesaving way of growing strawberries.Twelve interlocking PVC panels have room for 44 plants. Plant supports. watering systemand full instructions provided. Height29",diameter23·. Cat. No. 720/2698

Ree.Retail £14.95


13. Poly-Gard "Thru-Paed" Hose Reel. cornplete with snap on connections. wall plugs and screws. Holds over 300' of I" hose (not supplied).•...................................... Cal No. 720/2818

Ree,Retail £22.95


14. Homeproud Hose Reel and Stand. Takes 120'of l" hose(not supphed)..Cat. No. 720/0645

Sugg'd Retail £8.85

OurPrice £5.99

15. PVC i" Garden Hose. Reinforced with polyester fibre. Manufacturer's 10year guaran· tee. Conforms to BS 3746. Catalogue Ree, Our Number Retail Priee £15.98£9.99 720/2052 100' approx 720/2382 SO' approx £7.99 £4.99 16. Hozefock "Lawn Queen" H700 OSCillating Sprinkler. 4 watering patterns. Complete with autornatfc]" hoseconnector. Length 19". Cat. No. 720/2045

Ree.Retail £9.52


17. Corriewise "Com-Pak" Wheelbarrow. Gal· vanised steel body, rubber tyre. Body size assembled 26"v22", height Irom ground 20". Capacity 2~ cu It approx. Supplied in carryhome pack. Easilyassembled. Cat. No. 720/1651

Ree.Retail £21.62


18.Shama Watering Can. Capacity2.2gallons. Plasticmoulded. Detachablerose. Cat. No. 720/2203

Sugg'd Retail£4.65


19. Black & Decker DN30110"Chain Saw. 1100 Watt electric motor. Visual oil level Indicator. Safety reck-ott switch fitted to prevent accidental starting. Enablesyou to log. trim. prune and fell trees up to 20"diameter. J" chain cuts wet or dry wood. ...Cat.No.720/2368

Ree.Retail £55.00

Our Priee£37.99

20. Black & Decker LH) "Logger". Powerlul 1100Watt electric motor and 10"blade.Will log. trim. prune and lell trees up to 20" diameter. Many safety features Include double insulation and wrap-around handguard. Cat. No. 720/2870

Ree.Retail £41.00


21. McCulloch 120 Petrol Chain Saw. 30 cc 2· stroke engine With 12"sprocket nosed bar will cut trees etc. up to 24" diameter. Can be used also as a pruner, trimmer or hedge cutter. Featuresa wrap-around chain brake.automatic and manualoiling and a guardedexhaust. Cat. No. 720/2887



5. Carlton Tournament Shuttlecocks. Durable nylon. The performance and characteristics are readily acceptable to league players. Medium speed.Set of 6 Cat. No. 300/3372


Our Price£2.59

6. Dunlop Football and Goal Set. Comprising one set of goal posts witn net and football. Provides youngsters With the chance to oractice their skills at goal scoring and goal keepIng Cat. No. 300/3413



7. Dunlop 4 Person Table Tennis Set. Contains 4 bats. 2 balls. a net and posts. Complete with lull table tennis rul~ Cat. No. 300/3396


Our Price£4.99

8. Airborne Tennis Starter Set. Aluminium tennis racquet with cowhide grip and synthstrc stringing. Complete with PVChead cover, wristlets and 3 balls Cat. No. 300/3121


Our Price£8.99

1. Dunlop ··Swingball". A great competitive

game lor all the lamily. Playit on the beach or In the garden. Completely portable. ideal for camping and holidays Cat. No. 300/3406



9. Dunlop "Maxply Fort" Tennis Racquet. 8 ply frame. Leather grip. Synthetic strung with Dunlop "Superlastek" Medium weight. Cat. No. 300/3310

Rec.Retail£32.50 2. Carlton 3.7X Badminton Racquet. With stain' less steel head and chromium plated steel shaft. Perforated leather grip. Nylon strung. . Cat. No. 300/3334



3. "Pony" Blue Badminton Racquet and Cover. Aluminium frame with tempered steei shaft. Synthetic strung with cowhide gnp. Cat. No. 300/3365




10. "The Siazenger" Tennis Balls. Set 01 six. Chosen lor every Wimbledon since 1902. Made from the finest matenals and covered with a long lasting nylon armoured cloth. LTA approved Cat. No. 300/3358


Our Price£4.69

11. Airborne Squash Starter Set. 6 ply squash racket With towelling grip and synthetic strings. Complete with PVC head cover. wristlets and one yellow spot squashball. ..Cat. No. 300/3389

Sugg'd Retail£11.99


4. Sportivo Badminton Starter Set. Single shatt metal racquet. Complete with vinyl head cover. two shuttlecocks and pair of towel wristlets. cat. No. 300/2902

12. Adidas "County" Squash Racquet. 5 ply ash bamboo frame. Synthetic stringing. Towel grip and vinyl headcover........Cat. No. 300/2919



Our Price£9.99

Our Price£14.99

13. S'azenger "Challenge Tournament" Squash Racquet. Championship frame constructed to a tine weight and balancespecificstion with cane laminahon. "Durotastek" strung. Leathergrip Cat.No. 300/3341

Rec.Retail £23.45

Our Price£19.99

14. Dunlop "Maxply Fort" Squash Racquet. Square.section shaft. Leathergrip. Framesturdily constructed from selectedtimbers. SyntheIIc strung with "Durolastek".. Cal No.300/3327

Rae,Retail £28.99

OurPrice £23.99

15. Pat Jennings Vinyl Sports Holdall. large capacity.Size 19"" 111".:7".....Cal No. 300/2304

Rec.Retail £7.25

OurPrice £5.49

16. Pat Jennings $ports Holdall. In strong vinyl material. Wa(erproof lining. Pocket at base for soiled or wet footwear and cfothing. Size 21·'''11'' 1<8" Cal No_300/3444

Rec.Retail £8.50

OurPrice £5.99

17. "800t" 8ag. "Kick off" with this football boot shoulder bag. Will take full sports kit and school books Cat. No.300/2971

Rec.Retail £5.10

Our Price£3.79

18. leather Football. 32 panels. Size 5. lacelesswith mtlatlorr adapter......Cat. No.300/2940

Rec.Retail £8.51

OurPrice £5.99

19. Pat Jennings Sports Shoulder 8ag. In strong vinyl material.Size 15" ~10·x5". Cat. No. 300/2988

Rec.Retail £5.25

Our Price£3.79

20. Adidas PVC sports 8ag. large capacity. Size21"A 12">< 10" Cat. No.300/3437

Ree.Retail £8.99

OurPrice £6.99

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee Ih addition to your statutory rights.

1. Ablec Massage Machine. Vibrating head. adjusts from 25" to 37" high.4" wide cotton belt.

With instruction book. Foldsfor easystorage. Cat. No. 300/1903

Ree.Retail £64.n

Our Price£49.99

2. Weider 25 Kilo Weight-Lifting Set. Durable vinyl plates will not mark IIoors or rust. Designed for beginners. general keep fit or body building. Comprises 5' barbell. 2>-14" dumb-bells. 6 interlocking vinyl plates. Completewith full instruction course. Cat. No. 300/3066

Ree.Retail £34.95

Our Priee£25.99

3. Weider Vinyl 131 Kilo Weights.Extraweights for item no. 2. Consistsof 2-.:4.5 kg and 2'\(2.25 kg weights Cat. No.300/3420

Ree.Retail £16.10

Our Priee£11.99

4. Weider Vinyl 20 Kilo Weights.Extra weights for increasing your body power. 2x10 kg plates Cat. No.300/3073

Ree.Retail £21.99

Our Price£15.99

5. Spenby "Trimtone" Exerciser. Suitable for keep fit and body building for ell the family. Springs detach to vary resistance. With full instructions Cat. No.300/3190

Ree.Retail £9.91

Our Priee£5.99

6. Spenby Body Building Set. Suitable for all the family. Consists of musculator. chest expander, hand grips. foot stirrups and wall attachments.With full instructrons. Cat. No. 300/3200


Our Price£13.99

7. Super Strength Builder. Used by Arnold Schwarzenegger.Designed to develop shoutders, chest. arms and back muscles using isometric/isotonicexercises.Completewith full instructions. An inexpensive way to build a healthybody Cat..No.300/2957

Ree.Retail £11.50

Our Priee£8.99

8. Askrod De Luxe Two Piece Snooker Cue with ConcealedJoint. Madein U.K.with Maple shatt, Rosewoodsplicedbutt and Elkmaslerlip. Fullypolished.Mediumweight Cal. No. 300/3468

Sugg'd Retail £24.99

Our Priee£18.99

9. "Pot Black Woodstock" 5' Billiard/Snooker Table. Woodgraineffect finish. coveredin quality cloth with brassedcorner plates. Complete with legs. 2 cues, tnangle, set of 35 mm balls. scoreboard and instructions. Packed IIat for easy home assembly. Size erected approx. 60"> 3O~·Y30~" high Cat..No.300/3176

Sugg'd Retail £139.95 Our Price £99.99

10. "5 Minute Body Shaper." Designed to help slim. trim and firm up the total figure with one 5 minute exercise twice a day. HookS onto door handle. With instructions Cat. No. 30012146



11.Spenby RowingMachine. Upholsteredsolid seat.8 chromium plated steel spring.sdetach to form a 5-strand chest expander. Adjustable strength to suit all the family.. Cat.No. 30011594



12. Ablec Folding Exercise Cycle. Metershows comparable road speed and distance covered. Weighsonly 14lb..•................. Cat.No. 300/2311



13. Hawk Cycle Exerciser. Adjustable handlebars and saddle. Meter for comparable road speedand distance covered.Variable pressure control. Cat. No. 300/2476



14.Slim Cycle Exerciser. Designedto help tone muscles and shape legs. hips and thighs with 10 minutes use per day. Complete with vinyl matand instructions Cat.No. 30012593



15. M.Y.Tungsten Nickel Alloy Darts. Set of 3. With polyesterflights andporvair wallet.Weight 23grammeseach Cat. No. 300/2445



16. M.Y. "Pro-Dart" Set. Tungsten nickel alloy darts with nylon shafts in porvair wallet.Weight 28 grammes. Complete with 2 sets of self. adhesiveflights and set of aluminium shafts. In presentationbox Cat. No.300/2926



17. Winmau Bristle Dartboard. Conforms to aU tournament match play specifications. B.D.O. approved Cat. No. 300/0980



18.M.Y.Dart Game.4 colour. 18"xl¥' dartboard with wire divider and interchangeablenumber ring in wooden cabinet. Completewith 6 tournamentdarts Cat.No. 300/3169




Bioua uaed

01£1, a aDd .£5. Ideal for a..8I)eCIa1 sift oeeaaDd can be

at auy abowroom.


1. Fishing Umbrella with Tilt Action. Heavy duty nylon cover. 8 ribs. Frame size 45". Open size approx. 7' Cat. No. 325/0967



2. Karobes 5' Fishing Rod Holdall. Umbrella pocket and name card holder. Adjustable handle. Drainage holes in pocket and bag. Cat. No. 32511038



3. Fisherman 10' Ferruless Match Rod. 3 piece hollow glass fibre. finished in blue with black whippings. Cork handle and chrome rings. Weight approx. 12 oz Cat. No. 32511021



4. Fisherman 13' Ferruless Match Rod. 3 piece hollow glass fibre, finished in blue with black whippings. Cork handle and chrome rings. Weight approx. 14 oz Cat. No. 325/1014



5. Fisherman 7' Hollow Glass Fibre Telescopic Spinning Rod. Cork handle, screw reel fitting. Chrome rings and ring protector. Weight approx. 4~oz Cat. No. 325/0709



6. Youth's Fishing Outfit. Comprises 5f solid fibreglass rod, skirted spool reet. 100 yd monofilament tine, swivel lead weight. float and hooks to nylon Cat. No. 32511100


Our Price£4.49

7. Actio 102 Fixed Spool Spinning Reel. Folding bail arm with internal trip mechanism. Capacity 215 yd of 5 Ib line ..... Cat. No. 32511117


Our Price£2.99

8. Relum Fishing Bag. Made from rubberised cotton




compartment inner lining. Deep divided front pocket 12">- 9" and adjustable shoulder strap .......Cat. No. 32511148

16"y 10" with detachable waterprool


Our Price£5.49

9. Fisherman 2·Tier Tackle Box. Constructed in high impact plastic to protect tackle. Assorted colours...................... ........Cal No. 32511007


Our Price£3.99

10. Topcrest British Size Golf Balls. Ideal for practice. Set of balls Cat. No. 321/3100




11. Penfold "Ace" Golf Balls. Professional standard three piece wound ball with solid centre and cut resistant "Surtyn" cover. British size 1.62". Set of 12 balls .......... Cat. No 321/3193



12. Dunlop "65" Golf Balls. High performance. British size 1.62". Set 01 6 balls. Cat. No. 321/3210



13. Karobes Golf Bag. 6~"top ring. Solid base. Full length zipped clothing pocket, tee and card holder on zipped ball pocket. Club divider. Carrying handle and shoulder strap. Cat. No. 321/2912


Our Price£13.99

14. Karobes "Granada" Full Size Golf Bag. Simulated leather with spring steel side supports and individual club separator (see inset). Separate pocket, name and score card holder and umbrella holder, Padded. adjustable shoulder strap Cat. No. 321/3179



15. Golf Umbrella. Multi-coloured nylon cover. 30" double frame. Wooden handle. Cat. No. 321/0189



16. "Stowaway" Ace De Luxe Golf Trolley. Filled with wide lightweight tyres for fairway and ground protection Cat. No. 321/3021


Our Price£22.99

17. "Nice Putt". Battery operated machine which returns the golf ball to you if the putt is correct. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Balls not supplied. Requires2'<SP11batteries (not supplied. order 2 of 980/()(x)5 at 19p each) Cat. No. 321/3241



18. Bronty Golf Club Set. Comprisesnos. 5. 7 and 9 cavity back irons. no. 3 wood and centre shafted putter. High quality British made clubS. ...Cat. No. 321/3117


Our Price£49.99

19. Dunlop "Blue Flash" Half Set of Golf Clubs. Comprisesnos.3. 5. 7 and 9 irons.nos. 1 and 3 Woodsand a putter. Highquality clubs. Cal. No. 321/3227


Our Pri«e£84.99

De Luxe Tent. Ideal for 3-4 people. Proofed cotton with nylon ny-sheer.3way zip closure. inner tent. triangular end for storage and sewn-in polyethylene ground· sheet. Size erected 9' (inci. 2' 6" triangular end))(S' 5" high with 12" walls. Size in valise 31"" 12"diameter. Cat. No.340/1950 1. Hawa "Capri"



2. Hawa Lightweight "Hiker" RidgeTent. Ideal for 2 people. Nylon with mesh window, rear ventilator and sawn-in polyethylene ground· sheet. Weight approx. lb. Size erected 5')(7"3' 6" high with 12" walls. Siz.ein valise 26")0.9" diameter Cat. No. 34011943



Our Price£21.99

3. Camping/Picnic Table. Metal frame. Wipecleantop. Foldsfor storage.Size29!"x21r' .... 24" i:ligh.Supplied in assortedcolouredtops. Cat. No. 340/1187

Rec.Retail £9.95


4. Camp Bed. Continental style with raised head. Cotton cover. Dismantlesfor easy storage.Size72"x24". .Cat.No. 34011046

Rec.Retail £8.95


S.Aronstead DualPurposeCampingMattress. Foam filled told-up mattresswith floral cotton cover. Zipped sides allow use as beach/camping bag.Size64"x 22"x;:"........Cat.No. 340/2007



6. Hawtin International Box Sided Airbed.With pillow and side walls. PVCcoated nylon material. Designed to sleep two persons. Deflated size78·x51· Cat.No. 34011747

Sugg'd Retail£21.24

Our Price£16.99

7. Hawtin International Box SidedAirbed. With pillow and side walls. PVCcoated nylon material. Deflatedsize 7S"x28!".....Cat.No. 340/1730



8. Hawtin International Foot Pump. High volume. Suitable for inflating airbeds. Cat. No. 340/1259



9. Hawtin International Tubed and Cross ReededAirbed with Pillow. Rubberisedcotton fabric. Deflatedsize83"x30"..Cat. No.34011228



10. Hawlin International Convertible Airbed/ Chair. Rubberised cotton fabric. Separately inflatedpillow. Deflatedsize72")<281". Cat. No. 340/1565



11. Hawtin International Tubed Airbed with Built-in Pillow. Rubberised cotton fabric. Deflatedsize 72"y 281". .....Cat. No.34011211



12. Caroline Sleeping Bag. 44 oz TERYlENE (polyester)filling. Nyloncovered.All round.full lengthzip for conversioninto a bed quilt. Cat. No. 340/1400


Our Price £9.99

13. Caroline Sleeping Bag. 38 oz Gold Label TERYLENE(polyester) tilling. Nylon covered. All round, full length zip for conversioninto a bed quill Cat. No.34011273


Our Price £8.99

14. Polywarm Sleeping Bag. 38 oz polyester filling. Nylon covered.All round. full length zip for conversioninto a bedquilt. Cat. No. 340/1819



15. Polywarm Sleeping Bag. 38 oz polyester filling. Nylon covered.All round. full length zip for conversioninto a bedquilt. Cat. No. 340/2083



16. Campari Multi-Purpose Knife. Comprises stainlesssteelknife. fork. spoon.bottle-opener. saw.scissors. file. screwdriver.corkscrewand punch. Inleathersheath.........Cat. No.340/1888



17. Haw!in International "Hiker" Mini Rucksack. Zip pocket. adjustable straps and belt loops. Folds into compact bag for easystorage. Open size 22"~12")(5".Ideal for camping. picnics.schoolsetc Cat. No.'340/1998



18. Cobmaster Frame Rucksack. Heavyduly urethenecoated nylon bag divided into 2 compartments.4 side pocketswith coveredzips and extra flap pocket. "L" shapedaluminiumframe. Adjustable straps and bands. Frame size 29"x 15".Totalweight 21b12oz. Cat. No. 340/1974



19. Hawtin International Scout Frame Rucksack. Weatherproofnylon bag with 2 side pockets and front pocket. Adjustable straps. "L' shaped aluminium frame. size 22"" 13". Total weight21b2 oz Cat. No.340/1981



Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee In addltlon to your statutory rights.

1. Camping Gaz "Super Grillogaz" Double Burner Stove. Stainless steel hob. large grill tray. Integral side windshields. Lid acts as splashback and windshield. With regulator. CaL No. 340/0597



2. CampingGaz "Mod S2005"Stoveand Cartridge. . Cat.No.340/0566


Our Price£6.99

3. Camping Gaz "Lumogaz C200S" Lantern. Equivalentto 75Watts.Completewith Camping Gaz"International200" cartridge. Cat. No. 340/0573


Our Price£10.49

4. Brexton "Sirram" Picnic Case. For four people. Comprisescutlery. 2 vacuum flasks, milk and sugar containers. food boxes. plus blueplasticcups.saucersandplates. CaL No. 345/0705



5. 2-in-1 Fluo,"escent Camping Lanternl EmergencyTorch. For indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for the car. in the house or camping. Completewith car lighter lead and carrying strap.Operatesfrom 6xSP2 batteries(not supplied.order6 of 980/0036 at 17peach). CaL No. 340/1905



6. Tilley ParaffinPressureStormlight.Givesup to 12 hours light on one filling of paraffin. Equivalent to 40 Watts. Will operate in all weathers.Height13!". ...Cat.No.340/1637



7. "THERMOS" Brand Vacuum Jug. Pourthroughstopper.Capacity36 fl oz. Suppliedin assortedcolours Cal No.345/0389


Our Price£3.99

8. "THERMOS" Brand "Hi·Line T" Vacuum Flask.Separatemilk container.capacity7 fl oz. Flask capacity36 II oz. Supplied in assorted colours.................... .. Cal No.345/0066


Our Priee£2.69

9. "THERMOS"Brand "Hi-Line" Giant Flask. Screw stopperand litted wIth 2 cups. Strong carryingtlandle. Drip Iree pouring.Capacity3 pints approx. Size 16]"x1H"" 13".Suppliedin assortedcotours..; .. Cat.No.345/0956


Our Price£2.99

10. "THERMOS" Brand Vacuum Flasks. Set of two. Polypropylene cases. capacity 16 fl oz each. Supplied in assorted colours. Cllt. No. 345/0499



11. "THERMOS" Brand Touch Top "Airpot". Touch the top and hot or cold liquidS can be dispensed. Capacity 1 litre. Unique marble effect in brown. For use at home. in the otnce, or on the patio for parties Cat. No. 34510970



12. "THERMOS" Brand Food Flask. Ideal for carrying a complete hot or cold meal for camping or picnics. Capacity 1 litre. Supplied in assorted colours Cat. No. 345/0925



13. "THERMOS" Brand "Snoopy" Lunch Kit. • Strong durable lunch box with a tough foam insulated flask. Will keep liquids hot for up to 5 hours. Contains no glass making it safe for children. Suitable lor hot or cold drinks. Capac· Ity 15~fl oz............. ...Cat. No. 345/0963'



14. Curver Cool Box. Foam insulation. Ideal for camping, picnics and frozen food shopping. capacity 36litres Cat. No. 345/0918

Sugg'dRetail £18.30

Our Price£13.99

15. Curver Ice Box. Foam insulation. Ideal for camping. picnics and frozen food shopping. Capacity 25Iitres Cat. No. 345/0853



16. "THERMOS" Brand Solid Ice Packs. Pack of 3. For use with all cooler bags and ice boxes Cat. No. 345/0860



17. "Thermosbag" Cooler Bag. Insulated to help keep contents hot or COld. Ideal for camping or picnics. Capacity 14 litres. Supplied in assorted colours Cat. No. 345/0475


Our Price£5.99

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee rights.

in addition

to vour


The Sun Pearl "Blue FloraJ" ra'nge Is produced from heavy gauge zinc plated steel tube which gives added protection against corrosion for longer life. The arms are produced from best quality beechwood.

6. Sprung Bed. Collon canvas cover. Multiposition ratchets In the head rest. Cat. No. 65011091

1. Picnic/Garden Chair. Heavyduty cotton canvas cover Cal. No. 65O/1_()84

7. Parasol. Cotton cover. Steel shaft tilts and adjusts in height. Diameter 7(1' approx, (Parasol base extra, see item no. 6 on page 200). Cat. No. 65011101


OurPrice £3.99

The "8 Position" Chairs have luxurious foamfhled cushions which are supported by a nylon harness for extra comfort. The cushions also have a shaped head rest and are covered in high quality cotton canvas material. The arms have tempered steet plates tor extra strength. 2. "8 Position" Armchair ........Cat. No. 650/0731


Our Price£16.99

4. "8 Position" Automatic Chair. Leg rest rises as head rest reclines Cat. No. 650/0889


Our Price£14.99

8. Upholstered Sprung Bed. Luxurious foamtilled cushions with cotton canvas cover. Multiposition ratchets in the head rest. Cat. No. 650/0896


Our Price£14.99

9. Sunbed Cover. Replacement heavy duty cotton canvas cover to fit most sunbeds similar to item no. 5. Complete with hooks and elasticised bands Cat. No. 650/0906



Our Price£16.99

5. Sun lounger Bed. Cotton canvas cover. Frame has munl-position ratchets in the head rest. Cat. No. 65011204




Our Price.£14.99

3. "8 Position Relax.Sir" Chair. Cal. No. 65010748



Our Price£7.99

10. Sunbed Cover. Replacement heavy duty cotton canvas cover to fit most sunbeds similar to item no. 11 Cat. No. 650/0779

Rec.Retail £6.36

Our Price £3.69

11. Sun Lounger Bed. Heavy duty cotton


vas cover. With multi-position ratchets in the headrest Cat. No.650/0188


Our Price£7.49

12. Picnic/Garden Chair. Courlene seat and back. Frameis reinforcedby twosteelplates. Cat. No. 650/0700


Our Price£3.49

13. Sprung Bed. Heavy duty cotton canvas cover. Multi.position ratchets in the head rest. Cat. No.650/0865

Rec.Retail £17.86


Argoe Gift Voucihers

available in VlIluee of £1, S!:J, aDd £4Ideal for tboee 8J)edal gift oeeasIon8 aDd can be used at any Al'If08 showroom. •

Sun Pearl "Super Luxury" Garden Furniture. With porv-cortoo (50% pOlyester/~. cotton)

cushions, polyester coated steel frames and white plastrc arms 1.High BackPicnic Chair.With Integralpadded cover. . .. . Cat. No.650/1486

Ree.Retail £17.17

Our Priee£9.99

2. Automatic Chair. Adjusts to 8 posmons. Leg rest rosesas headrest reclines. Cat. No. 65011424

Ree.Retail £45.85

Our Price £28.99

3. Parasol. StOOlshalt nus and adjusts In height.Diameter 7(1'approx...Cat.No.650/1493

Ree.Retail £28.29 Our Priee£16.99 4. "Relax·Sir··Chalr~Adjuststo 8 positions. Cat No. 65011431

Ree.Retail £47.00

Our Priee£28.99

5. Garden Bed. Extra wide. Ideal fOf use as 8 spare bed. With adjustable head rest. Size 76""261'~12' high Cal No.65011417

Ree.Retail £51.19

Our Priee£28.99

6. Parasol Base. Whenfilled with wateror sand will support most parasols up to approx. 72" diameter . .Cat.No.650/1297

Ree.Retail £7.45

Our Priee£4.29

Sun Pearl "luxury" Patio Furniture. Polyester coated steel rabte and chair arms. seat and backonwhile plastic. Foldsflat lor easystorage 7. Table.Holepre-cutfor parasol. Cal No. 650/1510

Ree.Retail £22.95

Our Priee£11.99


Ree.Retail £17.8D 9. Binoculars. ZC.F. coated optical lenses Central locusmgand right eyecorrection.Complete with carrying case and neckstrap Catalogue Ree. Our Number Retail Priee 580/0690 10,50 £25.87 £16.99 58010700 16, 50 £29.32 £19.99

10. Tasca Zoom Binoculars. Magnification 7X15x3Smm Field of view 325' at 1000 yards Fully coatedoptics giving extremely high definrtion, Complete With neckstrap. foldmg rubber eyecaps and carrying case 10 year guarantee... . ..... ... ......Cat. No. 580/0652

Rec. Retail £76_50

Our Price £44.99

11. Zeiss 8·30 MC Jenoptem Binoculars. Superb generalpurpose lightweight binoculars with multi-coated optics and a broad field 01 view. CompleteWitha leathercarryingcaseand strap... .. .. Cat. No. 58010748

Sugg'd Retail £59.95

Our Price £38.99

12.Tasca Refractor Telescope.40" magnification. Metal table top tripod. 40mm fully coated objective lens. CompleteWith moon and space maps ..Cat. No. 580/0803

Rec. Retail £23.50

Our Price £14.99

ReactoUte Sunglasses. Photochromic lenses, using Pilkington "Reactolite Raplde" glass. Change from very light to dark in seconds. according to the brightness of the surroundIngs..Specially toughened glass. 13. Unisex Sunglasses. Silver coloured metal frame.... . Cat. No. 580/0669

Sugg'd Retail £13.95

. Our Price £7.99

14. Gent's Sunglasses. Gold coloured metal frame Cat.No. 580/0542

Sugg'd Retail £13.95

Our Price £7.99

FULL MONEY-BACK aUARANTEE We fully respect all your legal rights as a customer. But In addition to your protection under the law we will exchange or refund you for I!Iny unused Item that does not meet your exact requirements. Just return the Item to us In Its original cover-

Ing, together with your receipt, within 14 days of purchase.

1. Polaroid "Model 1000Combination" Instant Picture Camera. All the ease and simplicity of the model 1000 with the added advantageof electronic flash. Uses4xMNl5(J() alkaline batteries(supplied) Cat No.56013299

Our Price £36.99 2. Polaroid "Model 1000" Instant Picture Camera. Just aim and shooL Automatic exposure control and print delivery. Dry prints developin your hand.No batteriesneeded. Cat. No. 560/3093

Our Price £18.99


Instant print film iO'~.·po:",'-'

d'e l=' t•

3. Kodak Film. Available as follows: Kodacolor IIFilm. For colour prints. Processing not included in price. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 555/0689 Cl26-20 ASA 100 £1.51 £1.29 555/0696 Cll()'24 ASA 100 £1.58 £1.39 555/0706 CGl1()'24 ASA 400 £1.82 £1.59 555/0713 Cl35-24 "'SA 100 £1.67 £1.49 555/0720 CGI35-24 ASA 400 £2.07 £1.79 555/0737 CI35-36 ASA 100 £2.12 £1.79 Kodachrome 35mm Daylight Film. For colour slides. 36 exposures. Processing included in price. 555/0438 KMI35-36P ASA 25 £4.98 £4.59 555/0445 KRI35-36P ASA 64 £4.98 £4.59 KodachromeSuper 8 Movie Film.SO' cartridge. Processing included in price. 555/0469 40 KMA 464P £4.52 £3.99 Kodak Instant Print Film. For usewith all Kodak Instant Picture Cameras. 10 colour prtnts per film. 555/0500 PRIO Single Pack £5.53 £4.99 555/0658 PRIO Twin Pack £10.45 £9.49 4. Polaroid Film. Available as follows: Polaroid Type 88 P2Film. For Instant10,20and 30 cameras.8 colour prints....Cat No. 555/0115

Rec. Retail £3.43 NEW ARGOS PROCESSINGSERVICE. When you have exposed your Kodacolor film why not try our new developing and printing service? Compare the prices shown below which are fully inclusive of developing, printing and postage. 12 exposures - £1.50 20 exposures - £1.95 24 exposures - £2.35 36 exposures - £2.75 Remember No Hidden Extras. Full details with each Kodacolor film sold. Note:- For colour prints use Kodacolor II film. The film must match the camera type i.e. 110,126or 135 (35mm).With 110 and 35mm cameras use ASA 100film in bright conditions and ASA 400 In dull conditions. For colour slides (35mmonly) use Kodachromefilm. UseASA 25In bright conditions and ASA 64 in dull conditions.

Our Price £3.29

Polaroid SX70Film. Twin pack. For usewith all SX70 system cameras. 10 colour prints per film Cat No. 555/0665

Rec. Retail £9.55

Our Price £8.59

The Kodak "Ektra" Camera Range. All Ektra cameras have three shutter speeds, one of which is 1/250 second, automatically available when using Kodacolor 400 film, particularly useful for "action" pictures. The appropriate selection of Kodacolor II or Kodacolor 400 film (combined with one of the three shutter

speeds) enables pictures to be taken under a wide variety of conditions, including dim conditions and increases scope for flash pictures indoors. A cover/handle protects the camera when not In use, so no need lor a case. In the open position it provides a steadying handle for ease of use and sharper pictures. All Ektra cameras are backed by the Kodak three-year warranty. All models come in presentation outfits with film, wrist strap, instruction leaflet and batteries if necessary. 5. Kodak "Tele-Ektra" 32 Camera Outfit. Normal lens for standard pictures. "tete" lens to bring your subject closer. Supplied with flipflash bar Cat. No_ 560/2922

Our Price £21_99 6. Kodak "Ektra" 22EFCamera Outfit. Built-in etectronic flash plus a three-position weather selector which enables the exposure to be set moreaccurately.. . Cal No.560/3000

Our Price £29_99 7. Kodak "Ektra" 12EFCamera Outfit. All the benefits of the "Ektra" 12 plus built-in electronic flash Cal. No.560/3237

Our Price £24.99 8. Kodak "Ektra" 12 Camera Outfit. Simple to use with fixed focus lens lor sharp pictures, easycartridge loading ·..Cat.No. 560/2908

Our Price £14.49 9. Kodak "Instamatic 77X" Camera Outfit. Completewith 126Kodacolor II film. Magicube andwrist strap Cat. No. 560/2623

Our Price £9.99 10. Kodak "Instamatic 177X" Camera Outfit. Weather guide set1ings. Complete with 126 KodacolorII film, Magicubeand wrist strap. Cat. No. 560/2630

Our Price £13.99 11. Kodak "EK160" Instant Picture Camera. Automatic exposure control with a fixed focus lenscombine to give fuss-freeinstant pictures. Motorisedprint ejection. Dry prints develop in YOurhand.Batterysupplied...Cat. No. 560/3309

Our Price £23.99 12. Kodak "EK160-EF" Instant Picture Camera. An instant camerawith built-in efectronic flash.Automatic exposure control with a fixed focus lens. Dry colour prints delivered by rnotorisedsystem and develop in your hand. Ilatteriessupplied Cat. No. 56013316

Our Price £37.99

1. Canon AV-1 Single Lens Reflex Camera. Fully automatic exposure control. Through·thelens reading exposure meter. Shutter speed

display In viewfinder Speeds of 2·1/1000 sec. and B. Selt timer. Split Image focusing. Supplied Withf1.8/5Ommlens.... Cat. No. 56013361

Rec. Retail £170.13

Our Price £109.99

2. Canon "Canonet 28" 35mm Camera. Compact automatic camera with built-in range finder and light meter. f2.8/40mm lens with programmed shutter from 1/30· 11620 sac. With caseand strap. . .Cat. No.560/3347

Rec. Retail £68.94

Our Price £49.99

3. Hallna 3000 35mm Camera. With built-In exposure meter. f2.8/45mm lens. Shutter speeds 1/3Q-l1250 sec. Hoi shoe and 3mm flash contacts.With carrying case•.Cat. No. 560/2166

Rec. Retail £36.05

Our Price £21.99

4. Halina "Autoflash" 35mmCamera. Compact automatic camera With bullt-rn flash. f2.8 lens Programmed meter and shutter from 1/3(). 1/250 sec. Complete with caseand strap. Uses 2 'MNl 500 battanes (order 2 of 980/0098 at 35p each). .. .. Cat. No. 560/3330

Rec.Retail £68.88

Our Price £29.99

5. Halina Automatic Super 8 Cine Camera. 118/12-24mm manual zoom lens. BUilt-in CdS exposure meter and bad light Indicator. Direct optical viewfinder Footage counter. Uses 2" MN1500batteries (order 2 of 980/0098 at 35p each) Cat. No. 560/0584

Rec.Retail £61.92

Our Price £37.99

6. Canon 318M Super 8 Cine Camera. fl.8/1030mm power zoom lens With Macro setting Automatic throuqh-the-Iens-meterinq. Filming speed 18 f p.s. and single snot Complete with case. Uses 3·.MN1SOObatteries (order 3 of 980/0098 at 35p each) Cat. No. 560/0560

Rec. Retail £104.39

Our Price £69.99

7. Sunpak "Auto 114" Computerised Elec· tronic Flashgun. Gives correct exposure automatically. Designed to give soli even light coverage.Uses2....AA (MN1500)batteries (order 2 of 980/0098 at 35p each)......Cat. No.560/3172

Sugg'd Retail £17.95

Our Price £10.99

8. Hanimex PRO 550 Flashgun. Handle gnp gun with bar. Vertical and horizontal till. Bounce reflector. Computer or manual control. Auto-check device for ensuring correct exposure achieved. Auto-ott facility lengthens battery life. (Guide no. 100' at ASA 100). Uses 4yAA (MN1500)batteries (Order4 of 980/0098 at 35p each) Cat. No. 560/3385

Rec.Retail £39.90

Our Price £29.99

9. Olympus OM10 Single Lens Reflex Camera. Fully automatic exposure control. Electronic shutter coupled to through-the-Iens reading exposure meter. LED shutter speed display in viewfinder. Shutler speeds of 2-1/1000 sec. and 8. Self timer with warning light. Split image focusing. Supplied with fl.8 Zuiko lens. Cat. No. 560/3378

Our Price £122.99 10. Olympus "Trip 35" Compact 3SmmCamera. f2.8/40mm lens. Automatically proqrarnmed shutter and meter with low light warning signal and shutter lock. 4 position zone focustOg. Complete with pouch case and wrist strap Cat. No.560/2795

Our Price £44.99 11.Pentax 110SLRCamera."The familySLR". The smallest 110 SLR with interchangeable lenses. FI111yautomatic cartndge loading. Through-the-lensmetering. low light warning signals,programmedshutter from 1-1I7SOsec. Split image focusing. Suppliedwith f1.8/24mm lens Cat. No.560/3323

Sugg'd Retail £99.95

Our Price £69.99

12. Pentax MV Single Lens Refle.xCamera. SImple to operate through-the-Iensmetering amberand green lights in viewfin· der - Justshoot on green. Speedsof 1·1/1000 sec. and B. Unique "magIc needle" film loading. Split image focusing. Supplied with f2/SOmmlens Cat. No.560/3354

Sugg'd Retail £134.35 Our Price £99.99 13. Revue£)(3 CameraTripod. Rigid3 section locking legs. Geared centre column with pan and tilt head.Heightclosed23r, openS9t. Cat. No. 560/2214

Rec. Retail £29.59

Our Price £19.99

14. Praktica MTL3 SLR Camera. f2.8/SOmm ZeissTessartens. An SLR camera with super accurate throuqh-the-lens metering. Split image range-finder screen. Shutler speeds from 1-1/1000sec. and B. Quick loading system.delayedaction mechanism. Cal No. 560/3275

Sugg'd Retail £112.45

Our Price £69.99

Please note: Batteries are not supplied with any item.

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.

fi31 .~



c'======::=,~, 1. HaHna "ST8" 110 Camera. Built-in fla~h Exlended rango If used with 400 ASA film Normal and tole photo Ions Thumb slide film winder Complete with wrist strap Uses 2 .M tMNI500) bauenes (order:? of 980/0098 at 35p each).. Cat. No.56013024

Rec.Retail £30.95

Our Price £15.99

2. HaUna "RBT/3" 110 Retractable Pocket Camaro. Bullt-rn flash. photographs up to 15 when used wllh 400 ASA film Normal and tolephoto tens. Push/pull film wlI\dlng With double exposure prevenuon. Complete With wrist strap. Uses4· MN2400battortes (Order4 of 980/015301 35peach) Cat. No. 560/3158

Rec. Retail £32.95

Our Price £19.99

3. HaUna "Mini Electro" 110 Camera. With built-in flaSh. Extf'nded range capobility whon usinq 400 ASA film .PuSh/pull film advance Complete With wnst strap Uses 4 < MN2400 batteries (order 4 of 980/0153 at 35p each). Cat. No. 560/2513

Rec.Retail £32.77

Our Price £16.99

4. HaHna "S8" 110 Camera. Bull"'n flash. Extended range capability With 400 ASA film Complete With WIISI strap, Uses 2 MNI500 batteries(Order2 of 980/0098 at 35peach) Cat. No. 560/3141

Rec. Retail £26.95

Our Price £13.99

5. ITT "Magicflash" 110 Telephoto Camera. Built·in flash with rapid recycling time and extended rAng" If usedWith400ASAfilm. Flash readylight Inviewfinder. BUlIt·1ntelephoto lens. Complete With wrrst strap Uses 2 AA (MNl500) batteries (order 2 of 980/0098 at 35p each) ... ..... .. Cat. No.56013244

Sugg'd Retail £39.95



Our Price £27.99

6. Keystone "XR40S" 110 Camera. Built-in flash. CdS ~electric eye' for automatic exposure seiling Low light warning SignalIndicates insufficient light for proper exposure.Extended range capability when using 400 ASA film Silicon transistor In flash reduces recycling time to 4-5 seconds and doubles battery "fe Uses 2' AA (MN1500) batteries (order 2 of 980/0098 at 35peach) ... , ...Cal. No. 560/3134 Everllash

Rec.Retail £49.85

Our Price £29.99

1. Sankyo "Dualux 1000" Silent Projector. Dual gauge standard/super 8 projector. 11.4/15-25

mrn zoom lens Vanable projection speed.torward/reverse projection. Automaltc threading still Irame facility. multi-voltage.3 year guarantee.Completewith 400' reeland power cable. Cal. No. 510/1401


Our Price£79.99

8. Eumig 6140 Dual Gauge Silent Projector. Dual gauge. standard/super 8 projector. Automatic threading. 17-30mm zoom lens.3 projecnon speeds Forward and reverse projection. l00W lamp. Supplied complete with 400' reel and mainslead .. CaL No. 51011359

Our Price £92.99 9. Gat ··Pana·Vue" Automatic Table-top Viewer. 4 "magnification. Holds stack of up to 36 cardboardor 24 plastic mountedslides.Uses 2' SP2 batterres or equivalent (order 2 01 980/0036at22p each)...... ...Cal. No. 510/0152


Our Price£8.99

10.Hanimex "Rondette 1500RF" Slide Projec· tor. 12.8/85mm lens Automatic projector with remote control focusing and fqrward/reverse slide change. 24V/1SOWHalogen lamp. With straight and rotary magazines. Cal. No. 510/1342

Rec.Retail £97.18

Our Price£54.99

11. Malroy Projector Table. Teak effect Vinyl top and shelf. White enamelled tubular steel legs. FoldS tlat when not in use Height open 38" Topshelf size 16"/ 12".....Cat.No. 510/0921



12. Silber Lenticular Tripod Projection Screen. ng tension roller Screen retracts for storScreensize40".0<40" ....... Cal. No. 510/0226



note: Batteries are not supplied with

not try the new Argos Developing and I'rn.,.. ....";;nn Service, see page 202.

1. Sharp RG6550 Car Stereo Radio/Cassette Player. Long, medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Radio features digital frequency readout. 15station microprocessorpre-

set memory tuning and automatic noise sup' pression system (ANSS). Cassette features automatic programme search system (APSS). auto-stop. auto-eject at tape end and lockable fast forward/rewind. Digital frequencyreadout also doubles as a 24 hour clock. Output 2x8 Watts(music).Size7'x H"x~·. Cat. No. 500/2845

tone, tuning and waveband selection. Automa~icnoise suppression system (ANSS).Cassette features full auto-eject and auto-stop at tape end. Output 2x8 Watts (music). SiZe rx1l'x51Cat. No. 500/2821

Our Price £67.99

3. Sharp RG5800Car Stereo Radio/Cassette Player. Long, medium and VHF stereo wavebandcoverage.Rotarycontrols for onloff. balance.tone. tuning and wavebandselection. Our Price £159.00 Automatic noise suppression system (ANSS). Cassette section features full auto-eject and 2. Sharp RG5801Car Stereo Radio/Cassette auto-stop at tape end. Output 2x8 Watts Cat. No. 500/2838 Player. Medium and VHF stereo wavetSand (music).SiZeT'» 1~x5'·......... Our Price £74.99 coverage.Rotary controls for on/off. balance,

4. Pye 2400Car Stereo Radio/CassettePlayer. Long. medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Rotary controls for on-ofl/volume. balance.tone. wavebandselection and tuning. Push button controls for AFC. stereo/mono radio. cassette eject and fast forward wind. Radio section features interferenceabsorption circuit and stereo beacon. Cassette section featuresauto-stop and tapeend indicator. Output 2x7 Watts (music). Size 7"x1r'x4f'. Cat. No. 500/2742

Our Price £66.99 5. Pye 2662 "Graphic" Equaliser and SP37 Speakers. Producesa maximumof 2,,30 Watts (music).LEDdisplaysfor eachchannelindicate power boost level.5 equalisationchannelswith

individual slide oontrols. Complete with pair 01 2 way hi-power speakers suitable for flush or surface mounting. For use with most car radios/cassette players and oar combination units., Sizes. unit 6!"x51"x2~·: speakers


Cal No. 500/2962

auto-eject. Ouput 2x7.5 Watts (music). Size 7"xH")(51Cat. No. 500/2735

Our Price £59.99 7. Harry Moss 334 Car Stereo Radio/Cassette Player. Medium and VHF stereo waveband

Rotary controls for on-ott/volume, tuning, tone and balance. Push button oontrols for wave change and cassette eject/last forward wind. Output 2)0,5Watts(mUSiC). Size6~"x1~".-<7!". Cat. No. 500/1918

Our Price £39.99

Our Price £59_99 coverage. Rotary oontrols for on-off/volume, 6. Audiollne 415 Car Stereo Radio/Cassette Player. Long. medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Rotary oontrols for onofl/volume. balance. tone, tuning and waveband selection. Slide oontrol for oassette eject and Jooking fast forward/rewind. Radio seotion has interference suppression circuit and stereo indioator light. Cassetteseotion has

tone, balance and tuning. Push button controls for waveband selection. mono/stereo radio reoeption and cassetteeject/fast forward wind. Cassette seotion features auto-stop. Output 2x5 Watts(music).Size6i"x 1f'x5)". Cal No. 500/2711

Our Price £44.99 8. Waltham W117 Car Radio/Stereo Cassette Player. Long and medium waveband coverage.

Please note: a) All car radios and cassette players are supplied complete with speakers and fixing kit. b) It is imperative that the manufacturer's Instructions regarding the use of head cleaning cassettes are followed carefully. Failure to do so will reduce the performance of the equipment. c) All items are 12V negative earth only.

1. Sharp RG2800 Car Stereo Cassette Player.

Rotary controls for volume. tone and balance. Lockable fast forward/rewind. Auto-eject at tapeend. Output 2)<8 Watts(music).12V negative earth only. Size7"v 1~""5~·. Cat. No. 500/2876

Our Price £42.49 2. Pye 2276 Car Stereo Cassette Player. Slider controls for volume. tone and balance. Push button for eject/fast forward wind. Output 2.,6 Watts (music). 12V negative earth only. Size 4;">.11'" 6!'· Cal. No.500/2869

Our Price £26.99 3. Harry Moss "Promenade" Car Stereo Cassette Player. Slide controls for volume. tone

and balance. Pushbutton control for cassette eject/locking last forward Wind. LED tape run indicator. Output 2" 3.2 Watts (rms). 12V nega· tiv~ earth only. Size5r A 1~")< 5~". Cat. N9. 500/2766

Our Price £23.99 4. Audioline Boosterand Speakers.Capableof producmq a maximum of 2;<20Watts (music) without distorting Ihe quality 01 the sound. On/oH contr.otswitch. Suitable for usewith 4 or B Ohmsystems.12V negative earth only. Complete with pair of wedgespeakers.filtongsand instrucnons. Suilable lor lise with most car radio/cassette players and car combinahon units. Size12t" lrV4~" ..........Cal. No.500/2852

o'ur Price £33_49

5. Nippon Car Roof Aerial. Replacementstainlesssteel two section mast.CompleteWIth7' 6" of cableand fitling instructions. Cal. No. 740/1956

Our Price £2.79 6. Binatone Stainless Steel TelescopicAerial. 4 sections. Fully retractable.Wing fitting. CompleteWIth4' of cable.fiXingbracketand key. Cal. No. 740/1901

Our Price £1.99 7. Nippon Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Car Aerial. Operates automatically from radio on-off switch. 12V.With fuse.cable. relayand fixing kit., Cal. No.740/1925

Our Price £14.99

, ~acUD

"w !l3Q




.TATtI;: 7aO 170


1100 2250

1&00 ItH. 300




8. Binatone Semi-Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Car Aerial. For use in cars with 12V negative earth only. Pressthe rocker switch to extend or retract aerial. Completewith fittings and universalplug to fit all car radios. Cat. No. 74011918

Our Price £9.99 9. Sharp AR947APush Button Car Radio.Long and medium wavebandcoverage.Rotary conIrols for on/off. volume,toneand tuning. 5 push buttons will select station of your choice. Output 5 Watts (mUSiC).12V negative earth only. Size61·x2"x~" ..: Cat. No. 500/2955

Our Price £34.99 10. Alba ACR5 Push Button Car Radio. Long

and medium waveband coverage.5 push buttons for pre-selectedstations. Rotary controls for on-off/volume, tuning and tone. Output 4 Watts(rms).12Vpositiveor negativeearth.Size 6l..x2"x5" Cat. No. 500/2429

change for 12Vpositive or negativeearth. Size 6f'x2"x6" Cat. No. 500/1839

Our Price £12.99

Our Price £16.99 11. Pye 4162P Car Radio. Long and medium waveband coverage. Output 6 Watts (musiC). 12Vnegative earth only. Size~·x 13"><3/,". Cal No. 500/2890

Our Price £19.99 12. Binatone "Thunderbird" Manual Car Radio. Long and medium wavebandcoverage. Rotary controls for on-off/volume and tuning. Output 4 Watts (music). Automatic polarity

Pleasenote: a) All car radios and cassette players are supplied complete with speakers and fixing kit. b) It is imperative that the manufacturer's instructions regarding the use of head cleaning cassettes are followed carefully. Failure to do so will reduce the performance of the equipment.

_ .....




A' '1'11"'~'111'"1111111'1'1111111"lllllt'lllfl

Isonatell n "



.~.~ .... ~

.. _.~_



lime set and sleep. Switches for buzzer on/off. 1. Sonatel CR301Clock/Radio. Long. medium and VHF wawband coverage. Touch sensor tone highllow and dimmer. 12 hour red LEO controls for on/oH and snooze. Push button . clock display with p.m. indication. Size No. 510/4891 controls for time/alarm set. 12 hour red LEO 1()"x6}"x2"""".""""""".""".,,Ca1. clock display' with a.m.lp.m. indication. Size Our Price £19.99 9"xSi·x2i". "." .."" ...""" .."'''',,Cat. No. 51014884

Our Prl~ £17.99

._ !4~:$"'_~~.Wft!TH~~ ---, 11'. .. . ~"'"





.......,. ., •



..._ .... -'''''' ,.,.



1®1 WftLTHftml

for wavechange. tone. balance and function. Touch sensor control for snooze. 12 hour red LEO clock display with a.m.lp.m. indication. Auto brightness control and LEOtuning cursor. Size 13')(S""l!",." ...".."....._...C8t. No. 510/5096

Our Price £29.99

2. Blnatone "DlgItron" Clock/Radio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary controls for volume. tuning and brightness. Push button controls for time/alarm set. sleep and snooze. 12 hour red LEOclock displaywith a.m.lp.m. indication. Size 1cy,"x51"x3{". Cat. No. 510/4619

4. Waltham W169 Clock/Stereo Radio. Long. medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Rotary control for tuning. Slide controls for tone. balance and volume. Push buttons for time/alarm set. Touch control for snooze. Flick switch control for brightness. 12 hour red LEO clock display with p.m. indicator. LEO stereo radio reception indicator. Size 12"xSi·x3~·. Cat. No. 51014561

6, Sonatel SCR306 Clock/Stereo Radio. Long. medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Rotary controls for tuning. volume. balanceand tone, Push button controls for timelalarm set. Touch sensor for snooze. 12 hour red LED display with a.m.lp.m. indication. Sockel for stereo headphones (not supplied). Size lH"x6"x2~· , " "".C8t. No. 51015012

Our Price £17.99

Our Price 225.99

Our Price £27.99

3. Ingersoll XK802Clock/Radio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary controls for volume and tuning. Push buttons for alarm/

S. Pye1414Clock/Stereo Radio. Long. medium

7. Ingerson XK801Clock/Radio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary controls tor volume and tuning. Push buttons for

and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Rotary controls for volume and tuning. Slide controls

ITngersoll I _


I." _ ..

,,_.. .... _




time/alarm set. sleep and snooze. 12 hour red LED clock display with p.m. indication. Size 8:·x5~·x2" Cal No. 510/5302

_ ..00.....



,....., ....,







clock display with a.m.lp.m. indication. Size 10"xSj"x23" Cat. No. 510/5285

Our Price £18.99

Our Price £16.99 8. Pye 7412 C1ocl<1Radio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary controls for volume and tuning. Slide controls for wavechange and function. Push button controls for sleep and snooze. Auto brightness control and LEDtuning cursor. 12hour red LED display with a.m./p.m. indicator. Size 9")(9.'x 1!1' Cat. No. 510/5065

10. Blnatone "Royal" Clocl<IRadio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage.Rotary controls for volume, function and tuning. Push buttons for time/alarm set,snooze.dimmer and sleep. 12 hour red LED clock display with a.m./p.m.indicators.Size 113"x6·x3~·. Cat. No. 510/5261

Our Price £19.99

Our Price £21.99 9. Binatone "Musiclock" Clock/Radio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage.Rotary controls for volume and tuning. Push button controls for sleep, snooze and time/alarm set. Two position dimmer switch. 12 hour red LED

11. Bush BW 55008 Calendar Clock/Radio. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotarycontrols for brightnessand tuning. Slide controls for volume. function and waveband selection. Push button controls for time/alarm set and snooze/date display. 12 hour red LED

clock/date display with p.m. indication. Size 11!·xrx2j· Cat. No.510/4578

Our Price £26.49

12. Ferguson 3196 Clocl<IRadlo. Long. medium. short and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary control for tuning. Slide controls for volume and lone. Push button controls for time/alarm set. sleep. snooze and waveband selection. 12 hour red LED clock display with a.m.lp.m. indication. Size18·x6·x4f'. Cal No. 51014592

Our Price £29.99 Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee In addition to your statutory rights.

Sonatel CR307 Clock/Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary control for tuning. slide controls for volume and tone. Push button for lime/alarm set. Built-in condenser microphone. 12 hour red LED clock display with p.m. indication. Size 1H..xa·x2f" Cat.No. 510/4901

Our Price £39.99 Waltham WHO Clock/Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary controls for volume. tuning and tone. Touch sensor control for snooze. Flick switch control for brightness. 12 hour red LED clock display with a.m.lp.m. indicalion. Built-in condensermicrophone. Lamp indicates that a message has been left on tape. Size 101'x5"x3?" Cat. No.510/5089

Our Price £35.99

3. Ferguson 3T13 Stereo.. Radio/Cassette Recorder with Oolby" Noise Reduction System. Long. medium and VHF Slereowaveband coveragewith AFCon VHF.2 built-In condenser microphones. Manual recording with variable monitor. Auto-stop at tape end. Combined LED indicators for peak level recording and power output. Sockets for extension speakers, 5 pin DIN. stereo headphones, twin external microphones (not supplied) and car aerial. Operates from 240V A.C. mains. axHP2 batteries (order a of 9aO/0043 at 26p each) or 12V battery.Size 17~·x9;"x43". Cat. No. 510/4963

Our Price £89.99

4. Ferguson 3T09 Stereo Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. medium and VHF stereo wavebandcoverage.2 built-in condenser.mic-

rophones. Autometic recording level and autostop at tape end. Meter for recording level and tuning/battery level. Rotary control tor tuning. Slide contr.ols for volume, tone and balance. Flick switches for waveband selection, function and mono/stereo mode. Push buttons for cassette operation. Operates tram 240V A.C. mains or 6xHP2 batteries (order 6 of 9aO/0043at 26p each). Size 15~"x4A"x10". Cat. No. 510/4688

Our Price £66.99

5. Waltham W19S Clock/Stereo Radio/Cas· sette recorder. Long. medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Stereo cassette recorder can be pre-set 10 record from radio. Twobuilt-in condenser microphones, 12 hour blue LED clock display with a.m.lp.m. indicators.Sensor touch snooze and sleep controls. Lamp indi-

cates that a message has been left on tape. Size 1<4"x63"x3~" Cat. No. 510/4255

Our Price £49.99

6. Ferguson 3T17CompactStereo Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. mediumand VHFstereo wavebandcoveragewith AFCon VHF.2 built-in condenser microphones. Auto-recording level and auto-stopat tapeend.LEDrecordleveland signal strength indicators. Rotary controls for volume. tone, balance and tuning. Push button controls for cassette operation. Sockets for 5 pin DIN.stereo headphones,external microphone and extension speaker (not supplied). Operates from. 240V AC. mains or 6xHP11 batteries(order 6 of 980/0012at 23peach).Size 13~"x2~·x6?,· Cat. No. 510/5120

Our Price £79.99

7. Jones SKC5500 Stereo Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. 2 built-in condenser microphones. Automatic recording level control. Auto-stop at tape end. Rotary controls for volume right-left and tuning. Toneswitch. Push button controls for cassette operation. LED indicators for recordingand stereo radio reception. Operatesfrom 240VAC. mainsor 4xHP2 batteries(order 4 of 980/0043at 26peach).Size 14~"x7!"x4" Cat. No. 510/4956

trois. Loudness control switch. Auto-stop at tape end. Auto-level control. Output 15 Watts total music power. Sockets for headphones. external microphones and extensiop speakers (not supplied). Operatesfrom 240VAC. mains or 9xHP2 batteries(order 9 of 980/0043at 26p each).Size23~'x13?'·x5;1" .......Cat.No. 510/4970

Our Price £119.00

Our Price £54.99

• Dolby is a trade mark of Dolby Laboratories Ltd.

8. Crown CSC 850 Stereo Radio/Cassette Recorder.Long. medium.short and VHFstereo waveband coverage. 2 built-in condenser microphones. 4-way speaker system. 2 VU meters. Front loading cassette. oil damped ejection. Separate bass and treble tone con-

Please note: a) Batteries are not supplied with any item. b) It is imperative that the manufacturer's instructions regarding the use of head cleaning cassettes are followed carefully. Failure to do so will reduce the performance of the equipment.

1. Sharp GF-28oo Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. ·Automatic programme search system (APSS). Built-in condenser microphone. Tape counter. Rotary controls for volume. tone and tuning. Push button controls for cassette operation. Sockets for DIN, external microphone (not supplied) and earphone (supplied). Operates from 240V AC. mains or 6xHP2 batteries (order 6 of 980/0043 at 26p each). Size 121"x8!·x3~". Cat. No. 510/4932

Our Price £62.99 2. Pye 8923Quartz LCDClock/Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long, medium and VHF waveband coveragewith 'AFCon VHF. Built-in condenser microphone. Automatic recording levelcontrol. Rotary controls for volume and tuning. Push buttons for cassette operation and time/alarm

set. Sensortouch snoozecontrol. 12hour clock display with a.m.lp.m. indication. Clock can be programmed to switch'on radio or recorder at predetermined time. Operates from 240V AC. mains or 4xHP2 batteries (order 4 of 980/0043 at26p each).Size 12;j·x8f'x3i". Cat. No. 510/4949

Our Price £59.99 3. Jones KC300 Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. Built-in condenser microphone. auto-stop at tape end and automatic recording level. Rotary controls for volume and tuning. Sockets for 5 pin DIN. earphone and external microphone (not supplied). Operatesfrom 240VA.C. mains or 4x HP11 batteries (order 4 of 980/00'12at 23peach).Size 11"x7·x31·....Cat. No. 510/5106

Our Price £25.99

4. Waltham W169 Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Built-in condenser microphone, auto-stop at tape ~nd and automatic recording level. Rotary controls for volume. tone and tuning. Sockets for 5 pin DIN and external microphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V AC. mains or 4xHP11 batteries (order 4 of 980/0012at 23p each).Size103"x21·x7i· Cat. No. 510/4633

Our Price £25.99 5. Ferguson 3T11 Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. Built-in condenser microphone. Automatic record level. Auto-stop at tape end. Rotary controls for VOlume.tone and tuning. Push button controls for cassetteoperation. Sockets for 5 pin DIN, external microphone (not supplied) ~nd earphone (supplied). Operatesfrom

240VAC. mains or4xHP2 batteries (order 4 of 980/0043 at 2Sp each). Size 8f'x12!·x3f'. Cat. No. 510/4925

Our Price £34.99 6. Ferguson 3T16 Compact Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Built-in condenser microphone. auto-recording level and auto-stop at tape end. Rotary controls for volume, tone and tuning. Push button controls for cassette operation. Cue and review facility. Sockets for 5 pin DIN and external microphone (not supplied). Operates from 240VAC. mains or SxHP7 batteries (order 6 of 980/0029 at 13p each). Size 9!"x21·x5H••••••••• ; ••••••••••••••••••••• Cat.No. 510/5113

Our Price £47.99 7. Pye 9014 Radio/Cassette Recorder. long.

mediumand VHFwavebandcoveragewith AFC on VHF. Built-in "electret" microphone. autorecording level and auto-stop at tapeend. Slide controls for volume and tone. Push button controls for cassette operation. Toggle switch controls for waveband selection and onoH/sleep.Socketsfor 5 pin DIN.externalmicrophone and earphone (not supplied). Operates from 240VAC. mainsor 4xHP2 batteries(order 4 of 980/0043 at 2Speach).Size 11rx31·x7r. Cat. No. 510/4224

Our Price £33.99 8. Blnatone "Fleetwood" Radio/Cassette Recorder. Long. medium short and VHF waveband coverage. Built-in condenser at tape end and automatic recording level. Slide controls lor volume and tone. One touch recording and cue-review

facilities. Sockets for 5 pin DIN. earphone and external microphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V AC. mains or 4xHP2 batteries (order 4 of 980/0043 at 2Sp each). Size 11i"xS'·x3f'. Cat. No. 510/5278

Our Price £37.99 Please note: a) Batteries are not supplied with any item. b) It is imperative that the manufacturer's Instructions regarding the use of head cleaning cassettes are followed carefully. Failure to do so will reduce the perfonnance of the equipment.

Gua,antee: We offer a full money-back guarantee In addition to your statutory rights.

_ ....

1. Jones KCl170 Cassette Recorder. Built-In condenser microphone. Auto-stop at tape end and automatic recordong level. Push button controls tor cassette operation. Sockets for 5 pin DIN, earphone and external microphone (not supplied). Operatesfrom 240VA.C. mains or 4>.HPll batteries (order 4 of 980/0012 at 23p each) Size5">.10"'<21" Cat. No. 510/5137

Our Price £14.99

3. Crown CTR375 Cassette Recorder. Built-in condensermicrophone Automatic level control andauto-step at tape end. crO, tape faCIlityand LEO recording indicator Slide controls for volume and tone. Push buttons for cassette operation. Socketslor 5 pin DIN.earphone and external microphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V AC. mains or 4)CHP11 batteries (order 4 of 980/0012 at 23p each) Size 6~'Y10"...2l". ... ..Cat. No. 510/4750

Our Price £23.29 2. Alba R31 Cassette Recorder. BUilt-in condenser microphone. Automatic level control and auto-stop at tape end. Rotary controls for volume and tone. Push button controls for cassetteoperation. Sockets for 5 pin DIN.earphone and external microphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V AC. mains or 4'<HP11 batteries (order 4 of 980/0012 at23p each).Size 5rx9f·)o;2f· Cat. No. 510/4729

Our Price £17.69

headphones.Output 2)18 Watts (rms).Size unit 21!"X 143"x6t: speakers.81"xS')< 12]'. Cat. No. 510/4808

Our Price £79.99

5. Fidelity UA10 Stereo Record Player. Slide controls for volume (left and right) and tone. Push button control for on-off. BSR 2-speed auto-change deck features 6 record capacity and ceramic cartridge. Socketsfor headphones and5 pin DIN.Output 2x2 Watts(rms).Size unit 18!'x 14~">.6t;speakers.61'x41")(10!". Cat. No. 510/4138

Our Price £48_99 4. Fidelity UA9 Audio Unit. Long. medium and VHF stereo wavebandcoverage.Automatic frequeneycontrol and stereo radio reception indicator light. BSRsemi-automatic2-speedrecord deck with ceramic cartridge and cueing device. Rotary control for tuning. Slide controls for volume (left and right). bass and treble. Push button controts for on-off, wavebandselection. phono and AFC. Sockets for 5 pin DIN and

6. Pye 9110 Cassette Recorder. Built-in condenser microphone. Auto-record level control and auto-stop at tape end. LED recording indicator. Slide control for volume. Push button controls for cassette operation. Sockets for 5 pin DIN. external microphone (not supplied)

Ie PHILIPsl 1111111" II II III II "" 11111111111111111 I "'" ""'III "" 111111111111111111111 """ 1111111" 111111111 11111111111 II II 1111111 " III " " 1111II 11111111111 II 1111 II III III '" 1111111111111111 II II 11111111 .J .. ........... ""..,


and earphone (supplied). Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4><HP11batteries (order 4 of 980/0012at 23p each).Size2j"><Sj")(10!". Cat. No. S10/5144

Our Price £18.99




.. ~~




phone and external microphone (not supplied). With earphoneand C30cassette,Operatesfrom 240VA.C,mains or 4x HP11batteries (order 4 of 980/0012at 23p each).SizeS~·x10"x2.". Cat. No. 510/4736

Watts (music). Size 123"x10~N"4". Cat. No. 510/2147

Our Price £19.99

Our Price £19.99 7. Philips N2233 Cassette Recorder. Built-in condenser microphone. Automatic level control and auto-stop at tape end. Cue and review facility. Slide control for volume. Push buiton controls for cassette operation. Sockets for tape in/out and external microphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 6xHP11 batteries (order 6 of 980/0012 at 23p each), Size6}·x9rx2~" Cat. No. 510/4743

Our Price £24.99

9. Fidelity UA8 Stereo Record Player. Slide controls lor volume (left and right), treble and bass.Push button for on-off. BSR2-speedsemiautomatic deck features ceramic cartridge and cueing device. Sockets for headphones and S pin DIN. Output 2><8Watts (rms). Size unit 21~"x14f'x6r: speakers,8A"xS"x1:!l". Cat. No. 510/3445

Our Price £59.99 8. Ferguson 3T07 Cassette Recorder. Built-in condenser microphone. Automatic level control and auto-stop at tape end. Slide controls for volume and tone. Push button controls for cassette operation. Sockets for S pin DIN, ear-

10. Fidelity HF4~ Mini Record Player. Rotary controls for volume and tone. 3-speed record deck. Takes full size L.P. record. Output 1.S

Please note: a) Batteries are nor supplied with any item. b) It is imperative that the manufacturer's instructions regarding the use of head cleaning cassettes are followed carefully. Failure to do so will reduce the performance of the equipment.

1. PhilipS AH990 Music Centre. Radio section features long, medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage, Record player section features 2-speed deck. ceramic cartridge and cueing device. Cassette section features automatic record level control and auto-stop. Suitable for ferro or chrome tape. Socket for microphoneltape in-out (microphone not supplied). Output 2x5 Watts (sine wave). Size unit 23;"xSj·x1S!": speakers, 9!'x 131"x5".

Cat. No. 510/4987

Our Price £120.00 2. Pye 1602 Music Centre. Radio section featureslong, mediumand VHFstereowavebands: LED stereo radio reception indicator. Tuning meter and automatic frequencycontrol. RecOrd playersection features single play. 2-speedbelt driven 'deck, ceramic cartridge and cueing device. Cassette section features CrO tape facility and automatic level control. SOCk~tsfor 5 pin DIN,headphoneand externalmicrophone (not supplied). Output 2x7.5 Watts (rms). Size

unit 22l"x14f'x7i": speakers,9txS")( 1~' .. Cal No. 510/4767

Our Price £119.00. 3. Pye 1606 Music Centre with Dolby'. Radio section features long. medium and VHF stereo wavebands with stereo radio reception indicator and automatic frequencycontrol. Record player section features BSRsingle play3-speed record deck with "5" tone arm, ceramic cartridge and cueing device. Cassettesection fea· tures "Dolby-B noise reduction system and manual recording level control. Output 2x16 Watts (rms). Size unit 22i"x13!"x6~": speakers. 9~"x6'x 15:" Cat. No. 510/4781

Our Price £169.00 4. Alba 90768 Music Centre. Long. medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. Record player section featuresSSRsingle play 2-speed record deck with "5" tone arm and cueing device. Cassette section features automatic level control and tapecounter. Socketsfor 5 pin

DIN. headphones and microphones. Pair of stereo microphones supplied. Output 2x7.S Watts (rms). Size unit 2<)i"xS"X15";speakers. 91"Xl4'·x5l" Cat. No. 510/4994

Our Price £139.00 5. Ferguson 3948 Mini Hi-Fi System. System comprises front load cassette deck with Dolby' NR, LED recording level display, LED power and Dolby NR indication, memory rewind. damped eject and 3 posttlon tape switching. Tuner with long, medium and VHF stereo waveband coverage. LED signal strength and VHF tuning display. Amplifier with LED audio power output displays, loudness and filter switches. Facility for 2 pairs of speakers.Sockets for 5 pin DIN, stereo headphones and second pair of speakers. Output 2x25 Watts (rms). Complete with 2 twin unit speakers and all necessary connecting feads. Size (unit stacked) 10~'X11~'x14~.r, speakers, 10f·x6~·x5~" Cat. No. 510/5175

Our Price £259.00

6. Blnatone Pair of Microphones. 2 omnidirectional microphones and 2 stands. Fitted with 3.5mm jackplugs. Supplied with pair of ~" socket plugs to allow .use with most music centres and cassette recorders. Cat. No. 510/5223

8. Amstrad TSR 401 Storage Rack. Will store records and cassettes.Can be usedvertically or horizontally with item no. 7. Packed flat for homeassembly. Size 16~'X16~"x13i". Cat. No. 510/5292

Our Price £12.99

Our Price £13.99 7. Amstrad TS40 "Tower" System. Tuner section featureslong. mediumand VHFstereowith stereo radio reception indicator. Signal strength meter and automatic frequency control. Amplifier section features click-stop rotary controls. rumble and scratch filters. 2 power Watt meters and loudness switching. Record player section features BSR belt driven single play deck. ADC magnetic cartridge and cueing device. Cassette section features 2 VU meters. noise reduction switch and CrOz tape facility. Output 2x 12 Watts (rms). Size unit. 19.1"x161"x133".speakers.191·x1OV'x7l". Cat. No. 510/5151

Our Price £170.00

9. Waltham STM 50 Music Centre and Clock. Radio section features long. medium and VHF stereo with automatic frequency control. Record player section features 2-speed single play record deck with cueing device. Cassette section features auto-stop at tape end and manual recording level control. Twin VU meters. 12 hour green LEO clock display with a.m.lp.m. indication. Sockets for headphones and microphones (not supplied). Output 2x7 Watts (music). Size unit 23" x 17"x5". speakers 9'x6"x 14· "' Cat. No. 510/5168

wavebands with stereo radio receploon indicator, tUning meter, automatic frequency control and indicators to show which waveband has been selected. Record player section features BSR single play 2-speedrecord deck with "S" tone arm, viscous damped cueing device and Audio Technica magnetic cartridge. Cassette section features Dolby- noise reduction system. 2 second fade in/fade out facility. 2 VU meters, automatic or manual level control and air damped cassetteejection. Sockets lor 5 pin DIN, microphones and headphones (not supplied). Output 2x22 Watts (rms). Size unit 231"x 15f'x6!". speakers.11"x71·x17". Cat. No. 510/4798

Our Price £225,00

Our Price £99.99 10. ITT MC22Music Centre with Dolby'. Radio section features long. medium and VHFstereo.

'Dolby is a trade mark of Dolby Laboratories Ltd.


1. Pye 1082 Portable Radio. Long and medium waveband coverage. Rotary controls for onoH/volume and tuning. With Wrist strap and earphone. Operates from 2xHP7 batteries (order 2 of 980/0029 at 13p each). S.ze 4!"x


Cat. No. 500/2577

Our Price £6.59

4. Philips Al 172 Portable Radio. Long and medium waveband coverage. Edge mounted on-off/volume control and slide control for tuning. With wrist strap and earphone. Operates from 3xSPll batteries (order 3 of 980/0005 at 19peach).,Size6:".;.(2">.4". Cat. No. 500/2584

Our Price £8.49 2. Realsound Portabte Radio. VHF and VHF-air waveband coverage. Rotary controls for on-oft/volume and tuning. With earphone and wrist strap. Operates from PP3 battery (order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each).Size 23".,..1!" .-<6~ Cat. No. 500/2560

Our Price £7.99

5. Philips Al 162 Portable Radio. long and medium waveband coverage. Edge mounted control for on-off/volume and thumb wheel for tuning. With wrist strap and earphone. Operates from 3xSP11 batteries (order 3 of 980/0005at 19peach).Size8!·X2".,..4!". Cat. No. 500/2618

Our Price £10.99 3. Ingersoll XK791 Portable Radio. long. and medium waveband coverage. Complete with wrist strap and earphone. Operates from '3/HP7 batteries (order 3 of 980/0029 at 13p each).Size5~',(3,'''yl~" Cat. No. 500/2900

Our Price £5.99

6. ITT "Pony" Portable Radio. long and medium waveband coverage. Edge mounted controls for on-off/volume and tuning. Socket for earphone (not supplied). Operates from 4xHP7 batteries (order 4 of 980/0029 at 13p

each) Size6~"x2"x4!·

Cat. No. 500/2601

Our Price £8.99 7. Fidelity "Rad 24" Portable Radio. Long and medium waveband coverage. Rotary controls for on-off/volume and tuning. Slide switch tor waveband change. Socket for external aerial. Operatesfrom ppg battery (order 1 of 980/0067 at 93peach). Size 1().,..2:!"><51". Cat. No. 500/1688

Our Price £11.99 8. Pye 1380 Battery/Mains Portable Radio. long, medium and VHF waveband coverage Rotary controls for on-Off/volume and tuning Socket for earphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSP11 batteries (order 4 of 980/0005 at 19p each). Size 9!":'2r"5;" Cat. No. 500/2474

Our Price £16.99 9. Ferguson 3R05 Battery/Mains Portable Radio. long. rnedium and VHF.With earphone

Operates from 240V A.G: mains or 4xHP7 batteries (order 4 of 980/0029 at 13p each). Size 8i"x2r'<5A" Cat. No. 500/2467

Our Price £12.99 10. Binatone "Diplomat" Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long and medium waveband coverage.Slide control f,orvolume, rotary control for tuning.Toggleswitch controls for on-off and wavebandselection.Socket for car aerial. Operates from 240V A.G. mains or 4xSPll batteries(order4 of 980/0005at 19peaoh).Size 9"X2~."'(51" ~ Cat.No. 500/2591

Our Price £9.99

12. Pye 1421 Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary control for tuning, slide controls for voturne and tone. Push button controls for wavebandselection and on/oH. Socket for earphone (not supplied).Operatesfrom 240VA.G. mains or 6xSP11 batteries (order 6 of 980/0005at 19peach).Size111"x3!"x61". Cat. No. 500/2924

Our Price £19.99

13. Grundig "Music Boy" Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long. medium. short and VHF waveband coverage.Slide controls for volume and tone. Socket for earphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V AG. mains or 6xSP11 batteries(order 6 of 980/0005at 19peach).Size 12"x2f'x6r Cat. No. 500/2948

11. Ingersoll ~K 724 Battery/Mains Portable Long. medium and VHF waveband Rotary controls for on-off/volume Our Price £29.99 tuning.Withearphone.Operatesfrom 240V mains or 4x HP7 batteries (order 4 of at 13peach).Size8">.2"x5r. Cat. No. 50012443 14. Philips AL 380 Battery/Mains Portable Our Price £12.29 Radio. Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Rotary controls for on-offlvolume

and tuning. Socketfor earphone(not supplied). Operates from 240V AG. mains or 4>SP11 batteries(order4 of 980/0005at 19peach).Size 9~·.< 3"0.: 7!" Cat. No. 500/2395

Our Price £'18.99

15. Ferguson 3R02 Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long, medium and VHF waveband coverage,with AFGon VHF.4 push buttons for pre-selectedVHF stations. Rotary controls for volume and tuning. Complete with earphone. Operates from 240V AC. mains or 6xSPll batteries(order6 of 980/0005at 19peach).Size lOr x2i"x6j" Cat. No. 500/2814

Our Price £27.99

Please note: Batteries are not supplied with any item.

1. Binatone "Worldstar" Battery/Mains Port· able Radio. Multi·band facility covers long. medium. VHF, aircraft, marine and public service wavebands. Slide controls for volume and tone. push button controls for waveband setection. LED tuning indicator. Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSP2 batteries (order 4 of 9BO/0036 at 22p each). Size 123"x41"xBt. Cat. No. 500/2979

Our Price £29.99 2. Waltham W144 Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long, medium. VHF and aircraft wavebandcoverage.Rotarycontrols for tuning. volume, tone and waveband selection. Slide switches for automatic frequency control and on-off. Socket for earphone (not supplied). Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSP11 batteries(order 4 of 980/0005at19p each).Size


Cat. No. 500/2261

Our Price £16.99 3. Waltham W152 Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long, medium,short and VHFwaveband coverage. Slide controls for volume and tone, rotary control for tuning. Push buttons for onoff, waveband selection and automatic trequency control. DIN socket for tape recorder. Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSPll batteries (order 4 of 980/0005at 19peach).Size 10i"x3f' x af' Cat. No. 500/2649

earphone sockets (earphone not supplied). Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSPli batteries (order 4 of 980/0005 at 19peach).Size 12rx21·x7~· Cat. No. 500/2687

Our Price £25.99

Our Price £16.99

5. Philips AL 590 Battery/Mains Portable Radio.Long, medium,short andVHFwaveband coverage. Rotary controls for on-offlvolume. tone and tuning. Automatic frequency control on VHF. Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSP2 batteries (order 4 of 980/0036 at 22p each).Size 11"x2i"x7" Cat. No. 500/2663

4. Bush BW5777 Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long, medium, VHF and aircraft waveband coverage. Rotary controls for volume. tone and tuning. Push button controls for on-off. waveband selection and AFC. DIN and

6. ITT "Tiny" Battery/Mains Portable Radio. Long, medium. short and VHFwavebandcoverage. Rotary controls for on-off, volume and tuning. DIN and earphone sockets (earphone

Our Price £26.99

not supplied). Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 6xSP11 batteries (order 6 of 980/0005 at 19p

each).Size 10"x~"x7"

Cat. No.500/2656

Our Price £23.99 7. Ferguson 3848 Portable Black and White 625 Line UHF T.V. 12" screen. Electronic varicap tuner with rotary programme selector. Slider controls for contrast and brightness. Operatesfrom 240VAC. mains or battery Cat. No. 530/0530

Our Price £67.99 8. Sonatel T750Portable Black and White 625 Line UHF T.V. 12" screen. Rotary control for tuning. Slider controls for volume. brightness and contrast. Operatesfrom 240VA.C.mainsor battery Cat. No. 530/0956

Our Price £59.99

9. Pye 196 "Rambler 12" Portable Black and White 625 Line UHF T.V. 12" screen. 6 push button programme selectors. Rotary controls for volume. contrast and brightness. Operates from 240VAC. mainsor battery. Cat. No. 530/0884

Our Price £65.99 10. Ferguson 3847 Portable Black and White 625 Line UHF T.V. 14" screen. Rotary programme selector and volume controls. Operates from 240V AC. mains or 12V D.C. car battery Cat. No. 530/1089

Our Price £75.99

button controls. auto-stop at tape end and tape counter. Buitt-in condenser microphone. Operates from 240V AC. mains or 12V D.C. car battery. Size 19~"x1H"x 10l". Cat. No. 530/0963

Our Price £165.00

/-----------------------------------12. Pye 179 Portable Black and White 625 Line UHF T.V. 14" screen. 6 push button programme selectors. Slide controls for volume. brightness and contrast. Operates from 240V A.C.mainsor battery. Cat. No. 53011096

Our Price £81.99 11. Sharp lOP 18H Combination Black and White T.V.lRadio/Cassette Recorder. Screen approximately 10". Long. medium and VHF waveband coverage. Cassette has 6 push

Please note: Batteries are not supplied with any Item.

1. Grundig 1514 141" Portable Colour T.V. 625 line UHF system. S push button controls wIth LED display for tuning. Compatible with most video cassetterecorders. 240V A.C.mains. Cat. No. 530/1106

VHS systemvideo cassetterecorders. Cat. No. 510/4846

Our Price £219.00

4. AVF Television Wall Bracket. Will support televisIons up to a maximum weight of SOlb. Platform adjusts from 13·'·IS" in depth and from 12/(.17l" in width. Bracket will allow T.V to pivot and tilt. Cat. No.510/5254

2.. Pye 7225"Studiocolour" 14" Portable Colour T.V.625 loneUHFsystem.Compatiblewith most video cassette recorders. Push button controls for tuning. Rotarycontrols for volume and tone. Socketfor 5 pin DIN. 240V A.C.mains. Cat. No. 530/0901

Our Price £199.99 3-. Thorn VHS "Pal 1" Video Cassette. E-1S0 for 3 hours recording/playback. For use with all

Our Price £9.99

Our Price £22.99 5. Bush BC 7200 Colour T.V. 625 line UHF.20"' screen. Six push button tuner. Compatible WIth most VIdeo cassette recorders. Teak effect finoshcabinet. Completewith stand. Heightwith stand m.. xlS·x2S;" Cat. No. 530/1113

Our Price £245.00

6. Bush BC 7300 Colour T.V. 625 line UHF. 22" screen. Usesthe lalest 30 AX 1100 in line tube. 6 push buttons for tuning. Compatible with most video cassette recorders. Teak effect finish cabinet.Completewith stand. Heightwith stand 31i"xl73 ..x271· Cal No. 53011120

Our Price £270.00 7. Crown Merton 51SOHi·Fi Stand and Storage Unit. Storagesection holds 30 cassettesand up to 60 12" L.P. records. Reversible top offers either black oak or teakeffect finish. Packedflat for homeassembly.Size26"x 15")<17". Cat. No. 510/5247

Our Price £19.99

11. TI Adjustable Music Centre Stand. Width adjustmenl between 21" and 34". Height 17". Fitted with gliders for easymovement. Cat. No. 510/4145

14. Bush YX9003Stereo Headphones. Nominal impedance 6-22 Ohms. Frequency response40 Hz-15 KHz. Individual volume controls and coiled connecting lead Cat. No. 510/3823

Our Price £11.99

Our Price £8.49

12. Bush BX9301Stereo Headphones. Nominal 9. TI Music Centre Stand and Storage Unit. impedance8 Ohms. Frequencyresponse20HzHolds 60 cassettes and up to 60 12" L.P. 25 KHz. Individual volume and tone controls. records. Easy glide feet. Size 35?,'x15"x2O~" Coiled connecting lead Cat. No.510/4815 high Cat. No. 510/4530 Our Price £12.79

15. Ross RE246 High Velocity Stereo Headphones. Nominal impedance 8-16 Ohms. Frequency response18Hz·22KHz.Coiled connecting cord. Weight 160grams....Cat. No. 510/5230

With pull-out drop down drawer. Holds up to 69 cassettes and up to 17012" L.P. records. Fitted with castors. Packed flat for home assembly. Size assembled 243"Y15·l"x2C»". Cat. No. 51014389

Our Price £24.79

Our Price £10.49

Our Price £31,29 10. TI Pair of Speaker Stands. Width adjustable between8" and 13".Height from ground 9". Cat. No. 510/4152

13. Alba H7 Stereo Headphones. Nominal impedance8 Ohms.Frequencyresponse20 Hz18KHz.Coiled connecting lead. Cat. No. 510/4822

16. AVF Superior Quality Speaker Wall Brackets. Will pivot. lilt and clamp speakers from'6" to 10"in depth and weighing up to 351beach. Cat. No. 510/4365

Our Price £12.49

Our Price £5.79

Our Price £13.99

1. Purpax Cassette Carrying Case. PVC covered with internal compartments to hold 32 cassettes Cal. No. 510/3171

cabinet and 33 in drawer. Teak effect finIsh with translucent. hinged lift-off lid Size 15}"x11"Y6~· Cat. No. 510/3483

Our Price £2.79

Our Price £10.99

2. Cambra Oe Lu.xe Cassette Case. Padded. vinyl covered. Holds up to 45cassettes.Remov· able insert to allow use as document case. Twin locks. Size 15~" x 12~·x3!" Cat. No. 510/3861

5. Crayonne Cassette Rack. ASS thermoplastoe. Holds up to 28 cassettes (14 outside. 14 inside). Can be linked to the record rack (item no. 6)to create one unit. Size 10"x10"x4~". Cat. No. 510/5027

Our P.rice £4.59 3. Cambra Cassette Storage Cabinet. Holds 33 cassettes. Teakeffect finish with smoked translucent. hinged lift-off Iid. Size 15·x10"y31". Cat. No. 510/2635

Our Price £5.49 Cambra 69 Cassette Cabinet. Holds 69 cassettes in separate divisions. 36 in top of

Our Price £3.99 6. Crayonne Record Rack. ASS thermoplastic. Ideal lor storing records. books etc. Can be linked to the cassette rack (item no. 5) to create one unit. Size 10"x10·,,4:" ..... Cat. No. 510/5010

Our Price £3.99

wltn removable smoke coloured lid. Holds up to 60 12" L.P. records Cat. No. 510/3153

Our Price £9.29 8. Purpax Record Storage Case. Vinyl covered. Holds up to 50 12"L.P.records. Cat. No. 510/3098

Our Price £3.69 9. Purpax Record Storage Case. Vinyl covered. Holds up to 50 7' SInglerecords, Cat. No. 510/3108

Our Price £2.49 10. Bib Universal Tape Head Maintenance Kit. Comprises mutti-anqte cleaning tool. cleaning liquid. cloth, brush and inspection mirror. Suitable for cassette recorders of all kinds,

music centres and in-car entertainment units. Cat. No. 510/4839

Our Price £2.69 11. Bib Car Stereo Tape Head Cleaning KiL Provides a sale and effIcIent way 01 cleaning tape headsand capstans.Designedlor usewith all typesof in-car entertainmentunits. Cat. No. 510/5182

"groov-kleen". cleaning brush. stylus cleaner. record dust-oft, cassette head cleaner, rerecord tabs,extractor tool and pack 01 replacementtiUe labels. . Cat. No.510/3476

Our Price £3.69 Bib "Musicentre" Care Kit. AII-in-one and cassette care kit. Comprising

Our Price £2.99

Our Price £4.99 14_Memorex MRX3C90 Cassettes_Pack of 3 Play,ngtime 90 minuteseach Cat. No. 510/5209

Our Price £4.29

Our Price £1.99 12. Bib Record Care Kit. Comprisingautomatic . groov-kleen", stylus and turntable cleaner. dust-off, cleaning cloth and spirit .. , Cat. No. 51011612

17_EMI C90 Standard Cassettes. Pack 01 3. Each cassette gIves 90 minutes. of playing time Cat. No. 510/3122

15. TDK O-C90Cassettes. Pack of 3. Playing time 90minuteseach. . Cat. No. 510/5216

Our Price £2.99 16. Scotch Superferric C90Cassettes. Packof 3. PlaYingtime90 minuteseach. Cat. No. 510/5199

Our Price £4.69

18_Contek C60 Audiogold Low Noise Casseues. Packof 5. PlaYIngtime60 minuteseach. Complete with mtartockable/stackablestorage rack • •............... Cat.No. 510/3830

Our Price £2.49 19. Contek C90 Audiogold Low Noise Cassettes. Pack of 5, Playingtime90 minuteseach. Complete with mtartockabte/stackablestorage rack . Cat.No. 510/3737

Our Price £2.99

1. Atarl Video microprocessor

Computer circuitry

System. The use of allows many varied

and complex games to be played.You can even challenge the computer (it usuany wins!). Each cartridge instructs the computer to display a totally dif!erent game which can have as many as 112 vanauons. Each unit comes complete with one 27 game cartridge (Combat). 2 sets of remote controllers, mains adapter unit and aerial switch box. Built-in sound and timer systems and on screen scoring. Operates from 240V AC. mains through an AC. adapter which is supplied Cat..No. 530/0839

Our Price ÂŁ99.99

Outlaw (16 games). Air $aa Battle (27 games). VideoOlympics (50 games).

2. Blnatone Mk.6 Colour Video Game. Connection to the aerial socket of your T.V.enables you to play tennis. squash. squash practice. football. target and practice shooting. Complete with pistol and two hand controls. Built-in sound and handicap systems. Operates from GxHP2 batteries (order 6 of 980/0043 at 26p each) or 9V AC. adapter (available separately. see item no. 6) Cat. No. 53011034

Our Price ÂŁ17.99 Cartridges for the Video Computer System. Available as follows: Catalogue Number 530/1041 Breakout(12 games). 53011058 Superman(1 game). 53011065 SpaceInvaders(112 games) Basketball(2 games).

3. Grandstand "Kevin Keegan" 3600 Mk. 111 Colour Video Game. Connection to the aerial socket of your T.V. enables you to play six games. football, tennis, squash. squash practice, pistol 1 and pistol 2. Complete with pistol and two hand controls. Full sound effects. Operates from 6xHPll batteries (order 6 of

at 23p each) or 9V A.C. adapter (availableseparately.see item no. 6). Cat. No. 53011072

(order 6 of 980/0029 at 13p each) or 9V A.C. adapter (availableseparately.see item no. 6). Cal. No. 530/1003

Our Price £18.99

Our Price £9.99


4. Blnalone "T.V. Masler Mk. 6" Black and While Video ·Game. Connection to the aerial socket of your T.V. enables you to play tennis. squash. squash practice. football. target and practice shooting. Completewith pistOland two hand controls. Buill·in sound and handicap systems.Operatesfrom 6xHP2 batteries (order 6 of 980/0043 at 26p each) or 9V A.C. adapter (availableseparately.see item no. 6). Cal. No. 53011027

Our Price £12.99 5. Ingersoll XK400 Mini Black and White Video Game. Connection to the aerial socket of your T.V.enables you to play tennis. football. squash or squash practice. Built·in sound and handi· cap systems. Operates from 6xHP7 batteries

6. Bina10ne A.C. Mains Adapter. 9V operation. Suitable for use with item nos. 2. 3. 4 and 5. Converts 240VAC. mains to 9V D.C. Measures approx 3"'>(2~"x2" Cat. No. 530/0688

Our Price £3.99 Please note: T.V.s and batteries are nol supplied with any item. The games shown on Ihese pages are suitable for mosl colour or monochrome 625 line UHF T.V. sets. Bla<.:kand white games used with a colour T.V. will produce a black and white display. Colour games used with a black and white T.V. will also produce a black and while display. Nol to be used on piped or T.V.s without fine luning conlrol.

1. Mattei Hand-Held Electronic Soccer Game. The computer defends. you have 45 simulated minutes in which to score as many goals as possible. Pass the ball. find an opening and shoot. If you score, hear the "victory sound".

Operatesby 1xPP3 battery (not supplied, order 1of 980/0074 at 49peach) Cat. No.360/0122

Sugg'd Retail £23.25

Our Price £16.99

2. Mattei Hand-Held Electronic "Sub Chase" Game. Computer controlled enemy submarines, you control the destroyer. Move and listen for the "beeping" sound, signalling the "subs" position, the nearer you get the faster the sound. Sink the enemybefore he torpedoes you or you lose the game.Operatesby 1x PP3 battery (not supplied, order 1of 980/0074 at 49p each) Cat. No. 360/0218

Sugg'd Retail £19.95

Our Price £14.99

3. Mattei Space Alert Hand-Held Electronic Game. Computer controlled alien raiders attacking. It is up to you to "intercept". Digital scoring with sound effects.Operatesby 1xPP3 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each) Cal. No. 360/0067

Sugg'd Retail £19.50

Our Price £13.99

4. Palitoy "Merlin" Hand-Held Electronic Games Machine. Try to beat him at 6 fascinating games of strategy. memory and skill, Operates by 6xHP7 batteries (not supplied, order 6 Qf980/0029 at 13peach) Cat. No. 360/0139

Sugg'd Retail £32.99

Our Price £21.99

5. Chad Valley "Qu~zWiz" Game. The computer game that challenges you on 1001 questions, Green light'if your answer is correct, red light if incorrect. Complete with wallet and book of questions. Operatesby 1x PP3 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each) Cat. No.360/0036

Sugg'd Retail £23.99

Our Price £17.49

6. Invicta Electronic "Master Mind". Play against the machineor an opponent. 9 exciting games in one. Complete with wallet. ball pen and score pad. Operates by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplied. order 2 of 980/0029 at 13p each) Cat. No. 360/0043

Rec. Retail £15.90

Our Price £11.99

7. Texas Instruments "Speak and Spell" Electronic Learning Aid. Hours of fun whilst learning to spell, with electronic voice and computer brain. Added gamesfor the whole family. Operates by 4xHP11 batteries (not supplied, order 4 of 98010012 at 23peach) Cat. No. 360/01n

Our Price £39.99 8. Texas Instruments "Little PrOfessor" Electronic Learning Aid. Not a calculator and more than a toy, to make learning fun. Preprogrammed problems at 4 levels of difficulty, children give the answers.Operatesby 1xPP3 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074at 49p each), Cat. No. 360/0012

Our Price £10.99

9. MB Electronics "Microvision Blockbuster" Hand-Held Computer Game. "Microvision" has its own miniature screen with easily readable display and superbly designed controls for effective' game play. Control the paddle which "swats" Ihe ball towards the wall and break through. block by blook. 2 different speeds, 2 paddle sizes. Operates by 2x PP3 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0074 at 49peach).

Cal. No. 360/0287

Sugg'd Retail £46.21

Our Price £29.99

10. MB Electronics "Computer Battleship" Game. Advancedcomputer lechnologyenables you to pursue and sink yous opponent's fleet. Hear the hunting of the sonar, the whistling of your missiles and the explosion of a direct hit. Claim victory with Ihree "whoops" on your destroyer's siren. Operatesby 2xPP3 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0074 at 49p each) Cat. No. 360/0146

Sugg'd Retail £38.50

Our Price £24.99

11. MB Electronics "Simon" Game. Try to outwit "Simon" and repeat correctly all his signalSin an ever-increasingsequenceof lights and sounds. Three different games and four levels of skill. Operatesby 1xPP3 and 2xSP2 batteries (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074 at 49pand 2 of 980/0036 at 22peach). Cal. No. 360/0160

Sugg'd Retail £32.74

Our Price £19.99

12. Palitoy Electronic "Striker" Soc,cerGame. Two full teams of 11 players. Kick-ott. pass, shoot and score. See the goals appear on the electronic scoreboard.Two playingspeeds.For one or two players.Ages6 to adult. Operatesby 1,.(PP3 and 3xHP7 batteries (not supplied. order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p and 3 of 980/0029 at 13peach), Cal No. 360/0249

Sugg'd Retail £32.99

Our Price £22.99

13. Ideal Electronic "Detective" Game. The ultimate"Who-Done-Ir' gamecombining human deductive reasoning with advanced computer logic to solve over 130,000 different murder mysteries. For 1-4 players. Operatesby 6xHP7 batteries (not supplied. order 6 of 980/0029 at 13peach) Cal. No. 360/0270

Sugg'd Retail £36.9.9

Our Price £25.99

14. Chad Valley "Star Wars" Electronic Battle Command Game. Micro-computer which allows you to simulate all the exciting action and strategy of interspace combat. 3 levels of skill. LED scanner alert and combat signal. For '-4 players. Operates by 6xHP7 batteries (not supplied. order 6 of 980/0029 at 13p each). Cal. No. 360/0225

Sugg'd Retail £26_50

Our Price £18.99

15. Action G.T. Electronic "Intercept" Game. Exciting el.ectronic search and destroy game for 2 players. With the sounds and lights of galactic warfare. Operates by 1xPP3 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each) Cal. No.360/0098

Sugg'd Retail £24.95

Our Price £15.99

1. MB Electronics "Big Trak" Space·age Vehl· cleo can be programmed to travel forward.

backwards,left or right. Listen to "Big Trak" as it moves and triggers off its flashing light. Operatesby 1xPP3 and 4xHP2 batteries(order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p and 4 of 980/0043at 26p each) cat. No.360/0263

Sugg'd Retail £41.00

Our Price £26.99

2. Radiotron "BMW" Radio Controlled Car. Two channel digital proportional radio controtled car hasforward/reversesteeringandspeed. Differential gear system. Operates by 1x PP3, 4xHP11 and 6xHP7 batteries (order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each; 4 of 980/0012 at 23p and 6 of 980/0029 at 13peach)......Cat. No.351/2296

Sugg'd Retail £39.00

OurPrice £29.99

3. Corgi "Interstate Crime Buster" Sonic Car. Direction changes by sound emitted from the click of the "microphone". Operatesby 4xHP7 batteries(order 4 of 980/0029 at 13peach). cat. No. 35112272

Sugg'd Retail £16.99

OurPrice £12.99

4. Corgi "School of Motoring" Radio Control· led car. Layoutyour own courseand the digital proportional radio controller gives you full manoeuvrability through the obstacles. Complete with marker cones. detachable roof sign and driving manual. Operates by 2xPP3 and 4xHP11 batteries (order 2 of 980/0074 at 49p and4 01980/0012at23p each). Cat. No. 351/2289

Sugg'd Retail £39.99

OurPrice £29.99

5. With item nos. 1,2,3 and 4 we recommend the use of Berec rechargeable batteries. They are more expensivethan the conventional type but can be used a minimum of 500 times. catalogue Our Number Price 98010517 RX6=,Packof 4 HP7 £1.60 980/0524 RX14=Packof2HP11 £2.13 980/0531RX20=Packof 2 HP2 £2.66 980/0548 RX22=PP3 £4.69 The Chargers required for the above are: Catalogue Our Number Price 980/0555 For RX22 £7.36 980/0562 For RX6.RX14.RX20 £16.10

6. Ideal "nn Can Alley" Electronic Target Shooting Game. Simulated Winchester repeater rifle fires. a beam of light which. when accurate, will send a tin can target flying into the air. Operates by 1 xPP3 battery (order 1 of

980/0074 at 49p each)

Sugg'd Retail £39.94

Cat. No. 360/0153

Our Price £27.99

7. Pall10y "Atomic" Pinball Game,. A pinball game with all the advantagesof modern etectromcs. As the ball hits the atomic power bumpers,electronic bells are set off. Automatic scoreboard.Operatesby5x HP2batteries (order 5 of 980/0043 at 26peach)......Cat. No. 360/0232

Sugg'd Retail £30.99

Our Price £21.99

8. Palitoy "Wildfire" Pinball Game.A hand-held electronic game featuring all the authentic pioball sounds. Variable speed selector for three different levelsof skill. For 1-4players.Operates by 6xHP7 batteries (order 6 of 980/0029 at 13p eacn) Cat. No. 360/0256

Sugg'd Retail £35.00

Our Price £24.99

9. MatchboX PT4000 Powertrack Racing Set. 21' of track and two cars with working headlights. Pistol grip controls. Works from 6V transformer (supplied) Cat. No. 351/0205

Sugg'd Retail £43.95

Our Price £29.99

10. Matchbox PT8000Powertrack. With 15' of four lane racing track. Four cars all with working headlights. Operates from 6V transformer (supplied) Cat. No.351/2186

Sugg'd Retail £65.00

Our Price £44.99

11. Matchbox PT6000"Race & Chase". Cornprises 14' of track and 2 cars with working headlights. Cars can turn on their own tracks and also jump the bridge. Operates from 6V transformer (supplied) Cat. No.35111046

Sugg'd Retail £45.00

Our Price £31.99

12. Aurora GX2850"Slop Police" Racing Sel. Catch the hi·jacked 10-wheelertruck as it races over the suspension bridge with flashing roof lights and blazing headlights.Cal. No.351/2179

Sugg'd Retail £45.00

Our Price £31.99

Please note: A model control licence is required before you use Item nos. 2 and 4. Batteries Bre not supplied with any item.

1. Ideal "TCR Super 4 Twin Raceway". Two separatetracks are linked to a four lane crossover track to enabledrivers to switch from one circuit to another. simply by using the lane changingswitch on their controllers. Cat. No. 351/2193


Our Price£49.99

2. Ideal "TCR Lighted Jam Car Speedway".All the features of "TCR" racing with the added features of headlights on the "TCR" cars and also the"Jam Car' Cat. No.351/1060


OurPrice £44.99

3. Playart "Supertrack 2" Slot Racing Set. 2 cars with engine roar noise and figure ot 8 circuit. Operatesby 4xHP2 batteries (not supplied. order 4 of 980/0043at 26peach). Cat. No. 351/1015


Our Price£9.79

4. Hornby "Flying Scotsman" Train Set. Renowned "Flying Scotsman" locomotive. 4 "varnished teak" style coaches including a sleeping car. Oval track including rerailer/uncoupler. power clip. card tunnel, level crossing and mains power unit. (Signals not included.) .oat, No.35111008


Our Price£42.99

5. Scalextrlc Twin Car Pack. One each "Elf Renaull Turbo R5-01" and the "Elf Tyrrell 008" Cal. No. 351/2162

Sugg'dRetail £18.40


6. Lima Models (OO Scale) Freightliner Terminal Train Set. A fantastic line-up for the goods yard wilh the Class 55 "Deltic" diesel loco. a host of wagons, container lorries. track and siding and a fully operational container unloader.Mainspower unit included. Cat. No. 351/2203

Sugg'd Retail£43.95

OurPrice £31.99

7. "Scorcher Chamber" by MatteI. "Rev up" the scorcher car, set il on thetrack and watch it go; climbing the walls, defying gravity. Knock down all four flags for a successfuldare devil stunt. Simpleassemblyrequired. Cat. No. 351/2265


Our Price£9.99

8. Recticel Sutcliffe Roadway Playmat. Suitable also as a bedsidemat or table cover. Fully marked to help teach children road safety. Indicating a comple~ village roadway layout with roads. roundabou1and a box junction. The surfacemay be cleanedby vacuumingor shampooing.Size40"x2S' Cat. No. 351/2241

Sugg'dRetail £7.99


9. Toy Works 3 Tier Garage.Handoperatedlift. exit ramp and 2 petrol pumps. Supplied flat. easilyassembled.Size22~"Y11"x12"high. Cat. No. 350/5052

Sugg'dRetail £13.95

Our Price£10.79

10. Matchbox Playland Garage. Versatile.easy to assemblepush-fit parts. can be arranged to construct a varietyot differentgaragestyles. Cat. No. 351/2258

Sugg'dRetail £11.95


11. Ideal "Evel Knievel" Stunt Cycle. Gyro· powered, will do "wheelies", mid-air somersaults and much more. Includes7" fully flexible "Evel Knievel" figure Cat. No.350/5038

Sugg'dRetail £12.49

OurPrice £9.49

12. Pantoy "z Victor 4" Police Car. "Radios" six authentic messages.Operates by 2x HP7 batteries (not supplied. order 2 of 980/0029at 13peach) Cat. No. 350/6374


Our Price£4.49

13. Matchbox "S400 Streak Racing" Set. With 18' ot track and 2 cars Cat. No. 350/4967

Sugg'dRetail £8.25


1. "Stock Car Smash Up". 2 gyro-powered toy stock cars smash into pieces on impact but are easily reassembled Cat. No. 350/6824


Our Price£6.99

2. Corgi "Slam Bam Sam" Cars. Try to disrnantie your opponent's car and keep your own intact. Carseasily re-built. Eachcar operatesby 2xHP2 batteries (not supplied, order 4 01 980/0043 at 26peach) Cat. No.350/8389


Our Price£7.99

3. Palitoy "Rom" Space Knight. Fiveelectronic programmes give rockets, respirator, neutraliser. translator and energy analyser.Complete with flashing chest lights andeyes.Operatesby 1xPP3 battery (not supplied. order 1 of 980/0074 at 49peach) Cat. No. 351/2234


Our Price £14.99

4. Palltoy "Action Man Eagle Eye" Helicopter Pilot. With moving eyes, movable Joints and gripping hands.Height 111......Cat. No. 35017106


Our Price£5.49

5. Palltoy "Action Man" Talking Commander. New dynamic physique and pull string talking mechanism.Will give five different commands. Batteriesnot required Cat. No. 351/2227


OurPrice £7.29

6. Palitoy "Action Man" Training Tower. Easy 10 assemblekillncludes rope ladder and climbing net. Height 35~·.For use with figures (not included) up to 12" high Cal No.35017737


Our Price£15.79

7. Corgi Military "Walkie-Talkie" Set. Working compass. Speech without batteries. Morse code signalling operates by 2xPP3 batteries (not supplied,order 2 01 980/0074 at 49peach). Cat. No. 351/0047


OurPrice £6.49

8. Cherilea Jeep and Trailer. With operating winch and tow hook. Fold down windscreen. The supply trailer-carries 17 pieces of military and survival equipment. Length 29". For use with figures up to 12" high Cat.No. 35017902


OurPrice £7.99

9. Palitoy "Action Man" Pursuit Craft. Converts to 4 different vehicles, seaplane with working winch, land-car,seacraft and aeroplane. Cat. No. 351/0023



10. 15" "Darth articulated


Action F1gure. Fully Cat No. 35111132

Sugg'd Retail £6.50

Our Price £4.99

11."Star Wars" Laser Rifle. Authentic model of the "Stormtroopers" rifle with a secret button activated laser sound. Revolving barrel movement. three position folding stock. Cat No. 35111156

Sugg'd Retail £11.50

Our Price £8.99

12. M8 Games "Star Bird" Command 8ase. Complete action control centre for "Star Bird", including launch/landing pad for the "ship", separate launch/landing area for intercepters, moon buggy. crane and spaceman. Cat. No. 351/2337

Sugg'd Retail £12.18

Our Price £8.99

ta. MB Electronics "Star Bird". The amazing spaceship with realistic engine sound slmutating acceleration and deceleration. Featuring flashing laser guns. Operatesby 1xPP3 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each) Cat. No. 35111273

Sugg'd Retail £20.50

Our Price £13.99

14. "Fantom 4 Hovercraft". The base station recharges the hovercraft which can then be launched to glide, hover or spin on a.cushionof air. Suitable for ages5 yearsand over.Operates by 4xHP2 batteries (not'supplied, order 4 of 980/0043at 26p each) Cat. No. 351/2320

Sugg'd Retail £14.95

Our Price £10.99

15. "Stretch HUlk". He will stretch up to 4 times his normal size.Normal height 13". Cat. No. 35111259

Sugg'd Retail £12.75

Our Price £9.49

16.Chad Valley "Stretch X·Ray". Amazingseethrough booy that can be stretched in numerous poses and will then resumeits normal size. Normal height 13" Cat. No. 351/2306

Sugg'd Retail £12.75

Our Price £9.49

17.Airfix "Micfonauts" Battle Cruiser. Remote controlled space jet of the future, armed with firing rockets. It can become as many as eight different space toys. Operates by 2xHP11 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0012at 23p each) Cat No. 35111242

Sugg'd Retail £24.00

Our Price £17.99

1. Lego 928 Space years and over


Sugg'd Retail £19.85

Sel. For ages 6 Cat. No. 351/0968

Our Price£16.49

2..Dupto by Lego 045 Playfarm Set. Designed for the very young child. Complete with figures, furniture. farmyard animals and a tractor. Cat. No. 351/2131

Sugg'd Retail £19.90

Our Price£16.49

3. Lego 350 Fabuland Town Hall. A fantasy world with appealing animal characters. The units are large and therefore easy to put together. For ages3 years and over. Cat. No. 351/2124

Sugg'd Retail £18.25

Our Price £14.99

4. Lego 50 Basic Set. Build hundreds of different models. For ages3 years and over. Cat. No. 350/6628

Sugg'd Retail £15.85

Our Price£12.49

5. Lego 733 Advanced Set. A wide variety of pieces make it possible to build large eXCiting models. For ages7 years and over. Cat. No. 351/2117

Sugg'd Retail £18.85

Our Price£15.49

6. Lego 30 Basic Set. Build hundreds of differ· ent models. For ages3 yearsand over. Cat. No. 350/8781

Sugg'd Retail £8.45

Our Price£6.79

7. Lego 744 Advanced Set. Suitable for ages 7 yearsand over. . Cat. No. 351/2155

Sugg'd Retail £26.85

Our Price £21.99

8. Lego 107 Complete Motor Set. For motor;" sing Lego models. Operates by 3xHP11 batteries (not supplied. order 3 of 980/0012 at 23p each) Cat. No. 351/0243

Sugg'd Retail £9.50

Our Price £7.79

9. Lego 381 Police Headquarters Set. For ages 6 years and over Cat. No. 351/0951

Sugg'd Retail £12.95

Our Price£10.49

10. Lego 8860 Technical Set Car Chassis. For experienced Lego builders from the age of 9 years.Detailedworking models to build. Cat. No. 351/2148

Sugg'd Retail £24.75

Our Price£19.99

11. Thomas Saller "Linka" Brick and Stonework Set. A new model building system for children and adults. Using a Simple moulding process you can produce sections of walls with brick and stone indentations. windows. doorways etc., which can be joined together

and painted. For ages8 yearsand over. Cat. No. 351/0315

Rec,Retail £19.99

OurPrice £13.99

12.Thomas Salter "Microscope Lab 2". Equipment for 99 experiments. Microscope magnification ,..50 and Y 100. Instruction manual Included. Operates by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplied. order 2 of 980/0029 at 13peach). Cat. No. 350/8310

Rec.Retail £20.99

OurPrice £13.99

13. Thomas Salter "Science Lab 1". Equipment to carry out 90 simple experiments in the laws of elementary physics. Fun to do and also educational. Instruction manual included. Operates by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0029 al13p each). Cat. No. 351/0944

Sugg'dRetail £15.99

OurPrice £10.99

14. Thomas Salter "Electricity & Magnetism 3". Equipment and instructions to carry out 101 experiments In magnetism and battery electncs. Operates by 2xHP7 batteries.(not supplied. order 2 of 980/0029 at 13peach). Cat. No. 351/0937

Sugg'd Retail £16.99

OurPrice £11.99

15. Thomas Salter "Chemistry Set 4". EqUIpment for 104 experiments. Instruction manual Included..........................•.•...... Cat. No. 35017074

Rec.Retail £12.99

OurPrice £9.49 Argos Gift Vouchers available in values .. of .£1, £!J and £J). Ideal for tb08e special gift oecasions and can be used at any Argos showroom.

1. Palitoy "Drill 'n' FiU" ptay-Doh Set. The large plastic head has a mouth that opens, and inside are holes to be filled with play-doh teeth; thai you can then "drill 'n' fill". Set includes hinged

teeth moulds, mechanically operated drill. tooth extractor and mouth mirror. eat. No. 351/2375



2. Palitoy "Barber Shop" ptay-Doh. Crank the barber's chair handle and "hair" grows on the Fun family. Possible to clip, shaveand style the "hair". With accessories Cat. No. 350/9797



3. Harbutt's "Funstuff" ~ Advenee SeL Create models of rockets. spacemen and aliens with the dough provided. Set contains moulds, plastic accessories. moonbase playboard. 4 tubs of re-usable dough and rocket shaped extruder. Extruder easily converts to a space vehicle eat. No. 351/2399



4. Ideal "Big ~adge Factory". Choose one of the 18 different badge designs provided, or design your own; place it in the badge "whomper", "whomp" it and you have a badge eat. No. 351/2344



5. Harbutt's "Disco Puff Paint" Set. When heated. either with a hairdryer or ironed on the reversed side. will "puff up" to create colourful 3-D badges. Set includes 5 bottles of "puff paint", gold and silver glitter paint and 9 outline designs -: Cat. No. 351/2351



6. Dekkertoys "Horror Make-Up" Set. Includes "Flex Flesh". facial feature moulds. imitation blood. teeth and adhesive: Illustrated instructions included. For ages 10yearsand over. Cat. No. 35111297



7. Talking "Dusty Bin" by Peter Pan. From the T.V. programme 3-2-1. Pull the string to hear "Dusty8in" talk. You can change his eyes.ears. nose and mouth with the features provided. He is also a money box Cat. No. 351/2368



8. Palitoy "Buzby" Talking Telephone. Will ring until the receiver is picked up then it will say one of 6 different sayings. Operates by 1xHP11 battery (not supplied. order 1of 980/0012 at 23p each) Cat. No. 350/9821



9. Corgi Movie Vision. Projects from standard cassettes onto either a frontal or external screen. Remote control panel allows film to stop. reverse and run fast or slow. Focusing knob for fine tune adjustment. Complete with snap-in sealed cassette. Operates by 6xHP2 batteries (not supplied, order 6 of 980/0043 at 26p each) Cat. No. 351/2447

Sugg'd Retail £22.50

Our Price £16.99

10. Berwick's Luxury Casino. A roulette compendium of gamesfor all the family. Contains a large roulette wheel and additional accessories to enable you to play many other games,which include Chuck-a-luck. Casino Craps. Blackjack, Poker. Gin Rummy,Handicap HorseRace etc Cat. No. 351/2409

Sugg'd Retail £9.99

Our Price £7.79

11. Berwick's "Mr. Frosty" Ice Crunchie Machine. Ideal for manufacturing mouth watering ice crunchies, ice lollies and cooling drinks Cat. No. 350/9807

Sugg'd Retail £10.50

Our Price £6.99

12. Chad Valley "Spirograph". 22 precision plastic parts, 4 pensand pad. Instruction booklet inciuded Cat. No.350/5423

Sugg'd Retail £7.11

Our Price £5.49

13. Ideal "Magna Doodle". Use the magnetic pen or markersto draw pictures. play gamesor write. Screen sliding the eraser arm across Cat. No. 35111321

Sugg'd Retail £11.98

Our Price £8.49

14. C8sdon "Dispensacash" Cash Register. Fingertip price control and spring drawer release.Automatically sorts coins into correct columns, coins are then easily dispensed from transparent storage tubes. Plastic coins supplied but will accept 1p, 2p, Spand 10p coins. Size 12!·x5f·xS'· Cat. No. 351/2461

Sugg'd Retail £6.99

Our Price £4.99

15.Telephone Set. A two unit toy telephone set. Cable length 30'. Operatesby 4xHP2 batteries (not supplied, order 4 of 980/0043 at 26p each) Cat. No.35012000

Sugg'd Retail £13.60

Our Price £8.99

1. MatteI


'n' Learn"



Playa lune following the included song book. or by swilching 10 Ihe "learn" button and depressing any of Ihe 10 keys; you can follow the light sequenceand play the selected lune. To listen only, press Ihe appropriatekey and it plays automatically. Operates by 6><HP7 batleries (not supplied, order 6 of 980/0029 at 13p each)......."""".""".,,",, ...,,......Cat. No. 351/2045

Sugg'd Retail £19.95

Our Price £15.49

2, "Magical Musical Thing" by Mattei. A unique electronic inslrument that gives music at a touch.25 note scale.The keyboardis numbered and colour-coded to the song book (included). Tough durable casing. Operates by 1xPP3 battery(not supplied,order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p each)...""""""""" .."" ......" ...,,Cat.No.351/2038

Sugg'd Retail £14.95

Our Price£10.99

3. Marx Toys Electronic Guitar. No strings bul note plates. Has 12 pre-recorded favourite songs plus a two-octave record and playback function. 3· speakarand tone control. Operates by 4xHPll batteries (not supplied, order 4 of 980/0012 at23peach) Cat.No. 351/2052

Sugg'd Retail £29.95

Our Price£20.99

4. Bontempl Electric Reed Organ. 3 octave keyboard comprising 22 white keys and 15 black keys. plus bass section of 12 buttons which play 6 major and 6 minor chords. Onloll switch and a double intensity volume control Incorporated. Complete wilh music stand and oetacnebtelegs,.." Cat.No. 351/2069

Sugg'd Retail £59.95

Our Price£49.99

5, Giaccaglia Plano Accordion. 17 keys and 8 bassnotes "" Cat. No. 350/8877

Sugg'd Retail £10.13

Our Price£7.29

6. Bontempi Plano and Stool.25 noIe toygrand piano wilh woodgrain finiSh top. 25 white keys plus imitation black keys. With instruction leaflet.Height of piano In". ".Cat. No. 351/0339

Sugg'd Retail £12.75

Our Price£9.29

7. Bontempi Battery Operated Reed Organ. 2 octave keyboard. Instruction booklet wilh music supplied. Operatesby 3xHP2 batteries (not supplied. order 3 of 980/0043 at 26p each)," "."",, Cat. No. 350/8846

Sugg'd Retail £14.99

Our Price £12.49

8. Bontempi Electric Style Guitar. Six strongs with machine head tuning. Fitted with tremolo arm andshoulderstrap......"".Cat. No. 351/0913

Sugg'd Retail £6.95

Our Price£5.79

9. Oekkertoys "Girl·about·Town" Umbrella and Accessories Set. Four piece fashion accessory set comprising umbrella. PVC shoulder bag with matching purse and wallet. For ages 6 years and over Cat. No. 351/2454

Sugg'dRetail £7.25

Our Price£5.49

10. Petite "Supertouch 80" Junior Typewri. ter Cat. No. 350/6051


Our Price£16.79

11. Charton Superboard. This double-sided superboard can be used as a blackboard and artist's easel. Comes complete with clock, drawer containing chalk, clips and rubber. Size 39!"x24t)(20~" approx Cat. No. 351/2083



12. Casdon Washer. Tumble washes, rinses and spin dries. Supplied with handle for hand operation, measuring tub. detergent measure and instruction leaflet. Operates by 2xHP2 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0043 at 26peach) Cat. No. 351/2478



13. "Homepride" Baking Set by Peter Pan. RemoveFred Flourgrader's hat-it. becomes a flour shaker. his head a mixing bowl and his feet pastry moulds for gingerbread flourqraders. Includesmeasuringjug, measuringspoons and baking cases.Complete with recipe book. let. Cat. No. 351/2382

Sugg'dRetail £9.99

Our Price£7.79

14. Welsotoys "Minl·Mum" Toy Cleaning Set. Comprises iron with lead and sucker, ironing board, carpetsweeper,dustpanand brush. Cat. No. 3S0/8884


Our Price£6.99

15. Welsotoys "Hoover Junior" Toy Vacuum Cleaner.Authentic working model.Nobatteries required.Height23" Cat. No. 350/5681


Our Price£5.99

16. Petite Battery Operated Sewing Machine. Controlled by a pedal switch. Complete with needle threader and spare needle.Operatesby 2xHP2 batteries (not supplied. order 2 of 980/0043 at 26peach) Cat. No. 351/1905

Sugg'd Retail£8.50

Our Price£6.29

1. Palitoy "Girl's World". Head has "growing" hair and a variety of different styles can be created. Includes hair styling accessories and a selection of make-up Cat. No. 350/6903

Sugg'd Retail£15.25

OurPrice £9.99

2. "Jamie's Hair Styling Boutique". Head has long rooted hair to style and soft "skin" for making-up. Head lifts off base to reveal cosmetic tray with accessories Cat. No. 350/9670

Sugg'd Retail£12.23

OurPrice £6.49

3. Palitoy De Luxe "Girl's World". New tilting eye movement allows for eyesto change colour with a choice of blue, brown. green or amber. Choose an eye colour. style and colour the hair with one of the five colours included. Lots of different colour combinations can be created. Shampoo. conditioner and a full range of makeup and hair styling accessoriesare included. Cat. No. 351/2519

Sugg'd Retail£19.25


4. Berchet Beauty Trolley. Complete with 35 items including a working. battery operated hairdryer (takes 1xHP7 battery-not supplied. order 1 of 980/0029 at13p each) and adjustable mirror. Height 29¥, Cat. No. 350/9711

Sugg'd Retail£24.50

OurPrice £17.99

5. "Tomorrow's Girl" Make-up Set. Complete with authentic cosmetics and accessories for the young girl to learn about beauty. Full illustrated instructions supplied. Cat. No. 351/2485

Sugg'd Retail£12.50

OurPrice £7.99

6. Dekkertoys "Learn about Beauty" Cosmetic Sel. Includes cleansing lotion. tonic/skin freshener. moisturiser, cotton wool, make-up, manicure aids and hair-care items. For ages 7 years and over Cat. No. 350/9694

Sugg'd Retail£6.40

OurPrice £4.79

7. Palitoy Fashion Designer. Create hundreds of fashion designs using the plates and pencils provided. Simply rub the pencil over the designs to create fashion pictures of skirts, casual outfits and evening wear. Cat. No. 351/1369

Sugg'd Retail£8.00


8. Combex Vanity Case with "Sindy" Cosmetics. Includes talc, soap, 2 bath cubes, shampoo and bubble bath with brush. comb and mirror set. Size 11"><93")(4" Cat. No. 35018619

Sugg'd Retail£10.95

OurPrice £6.99

9. Thomas Saller "Sew Simple" Sewing/Embroidery Sel. This set covers all practical applications of basic sewing and embroidery techniques. Complete with easy to follow instructions and all working materials.......Cal. No. 351/2090

Sugg'd Retail£12.49


10.3 "MinI-Mod" De luxe Outfits. Suitablefor

all 1H" dolls including "Barbie" and "Sindy". Comprises the latest styles; disco fever, "sleepytime" andeveningensemblesets.(Dolls not supplied.) Cal. No. 351/2564

Sugg'd Retail £5.50

Our Price £3.99

11. Mattei "Barbie's" Playhouse. The living room and bedroom contain various units of furniture. Closethe playhouseand it becomesa "carry case". Suitable for aU 1 g" fashion dolls Cat. No. 351/2557

Sugg'd Retail £12 ..95

Our Price £9.99

12. Mattei "Barbie" PerfumeMaker.Makeyour own perfume. Select a perfume stick, place in the petal mixer. turn the handle until desired fragrance arrives and you have a lovely perfume. Complete wilh bottles, labels and gift boxes Cal No. 351/2526

Sugg'd Retail £13.99

Our Price £10.79

13. Mattei "Barbie Starcycle" Scooter. Sturdy plastic construction. With realistic motor sounds and underseatstorage. Completewith carrier basket.Suitablefor 11!"dolls. Cat. No. 351/2540

Sugg'd Retail £5.50

Our Price £4.29

14. Mattei "Barbie" Pretty Changes Doll. 11~" glamorous fashion doll with hair you can style. Completewith interchangeableaccessories. Cal. No. 351/2533

Sugg'd Retail £5.95

Our Price £4.49

15. Pedigree "Sindy" Shower Unit. Shower with detachablesprayunit and batteryoperated pump.Glazeddoors, completewith spongeand towel. Operates by 2xHP2 batteries (not supplied,order 2 of 980/0043 at26peach). Cat. No. 351/1424

Sugg'd Retail £10.99·

Our Price £8.49

16. Pedigree "Active Sindy" Doll. Fully poseable. Posingstand included. Removeher ballet skirt and she becomes a gymnast. Height 1W Cal No. 350/8530

Sugg'd Retail £6.99'

Our Price £5.29

17. Chad Valley "Strawberry Shortcake" Snail Cart and Doll. Convertsinto picnic table with lots of accessories. Doll is strawberry scented Cat. No.351/2502

Sugg'd Retail £12.00

Our Price £8.99

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights.

1. Ideal "Snuggles and Rocking Horse". Pull Ihe string and watch her snuggling movemenl make her horse rock Cat. No. 351/2571

Sugg'dRetail £14.98

Our Price£10.99

2. Chad Valley "Cuddle Up Baby" Doll. 13· baby doll cuddles up when you squeeze her bottle. Remove Ihe bottle and she closes her eyes.Nobatteriesrequired.....Cat. No.351/2588

Sugg'd Retail £15.00

Our Price£11.49

3. Palitoy "Baby Alive" Doll. Life-like babydoll eats and drinks. Complete with bottle and special food. Height 16". Operatesby 2xHP11 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0012 at 23peach) """ " ..,, Cat.No. 35017816

Sugg'd Retail £18.99

Our Price £14.99

4. PaUtoy"Tiny Tears" Care Set. Can be used ascarry cot, feeding chair or changingtray Cat. No. 35017799

Sugg'd Retail £12.00

Our Price £8.99

5. Palitoy "Tiny Tears" Baby Doll. Drinks, cries and wets her nappy.HeIght16". Cat. No. 350/6893

Sugg'd Retail £12.75

Our Price£9.49

6. Blossom "Miss Walkalone" Walking Doll. Walks unaided. Can also sit and have her long flowing hair brushed and COmbed.Sleeping eyes.HeighL23". Operatesby 2xHP2 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0043 at 26p each)." """ ,, Cat. No.351/2595

Sugg'd Retail £21.75

Our Price £15.99

7. Dekkel10ys Draped Doll's Cot. Metal and plastic frame with patterned drapes, fnlled hood and coverlet.Size21"y 11r)( 28". Cat. No. 351/1448

Sugg'd Retail £10.35

Our Price£7.99

8. Telltoy Carrycot with Doll. 20" carrycot with lace trimmed hood and pillow, Attractive design apron 14"doll hassleepingeyes. Cat. No. 351/3044

Sugg'd Retail £11.15

Our Price £7.99

9. Luxitoy "Countess" De Luxe Doll's Pram with Tray and Bag. Chrome folding chassis. Nylon fabric body. Body length 26' approx Handleheight 31"aoprox.......Cat. No.351/0717

Sugg'd Retail £44.95

Our Price £36.99

10. "Vicky" Dolls' Twin Pram.Chrorruurnplated folding ChasSIS, Fittedwith 7"metalisedwheels Bodylength 27".Handleheight 30"approx. Cat. No. 351/0700

Sugg'd Retail £42.50

Our Price£32.99

11. Wesba "PrIncess" Doll's Pram with Bag. Chromium plated folding chassis.Stylon fabric body, Body length 26". Handle height 32" approx " " Cat. No. 35111761

Sugg'd Retail £46.60

Our Price£35.99

12. Luxitoy "Elizabeth" Doll's Pram.Chromium plated folding chassis. 61ue nylon body wllh vinyl interior and motif. Body length 21".Handle heIght27;" approx " Cat. No. 350/9003

Sugg'd Retail £27.50

Our Price £22.99

13. Tri-ang "Gloucester" Doll's Pram. Wine coloured stylon body with white motif. Chromium plated folding chassis. Body lenglh 26".Handteheight 31"approx. Cat, No. 351/31011

Sugg'd Retail £39.95

Our Price£28.99


.. _.




--_----- -~ ---


14. Doll's Pram.Folding chromium plated chassis. Brown stylon body. BOdy length 211". Handleheight 28!'"approx Cat. No. 351/3075

Sugg'd Retail £25.99

Our Price £19.99

15. Welsotoys Doll's Folding Pushchair. Lightweight aluminium frame with PVCseat.Handle height 24" Cat. No. 350/5117

Sugg'd Retail £9.57

Our Price £7.29

16. Grazioli Hi·Chalr and Walker. Adaptable doll's high chair with base for "baby walker". Can also be used as rocking-chair. Height approx.28" Cal No.351/3051

Sugg'd Retail £13.75

Our Price £8.49

17. Grazioli Baby Toilette. Brightly coloured Iree standing baby toilette. 3 "trays" fold togetherfor easystorage.Height 24". Cal. No. 351/3068

Our Price £11.49

1. Eagle "Dodger" Fun Bike. Chain guard and padded saddle. Kick stand. Front and rear caliper brakes. Inside leg measurement 21"-27". Pump not supplied Cat. No. 370/0699

Sugg'd Retail £90.00

Our Price £72.99

2. Eagle "Seeker" 20" Fun Bike. Light metallic blue. 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears. Kick stand. Disc guard. Front and rear caliper brakes. Inside leg measurement23"-28".Pump not supplied Cat. No. 370/0109

Sugg'd Retail £115.00 Our Price £94.99 3. Eagle 20" Folding Cycle. Silver frame and chrome guards. 3-speedSturmeyArcher gears. Sprung padded saddle. Kick stand. Front and rear caliper brakes. B.SA crank fitting. Inside leg measurement2!?"-34" Cat. No. 310/0682

Sugg'd Retail £95.00

Our Price £74.99

4. Raleigh "Chippy" Cycle. With buill-in stabilisers. Rear wheel 9". For inside leg 14!·In· Cat. No. 350/6491

Sugg'd Retail £19.75

Our Price £15.99

5. Raleigh "Scrambla" Cycle. For junior riders. Inside leg 17"-20"' Cat. No. 351/0652

Sugg'd Retail £23.95

Our Price £18.99

6. Eagle Cycle. Strong steel bike with 12" solid lyre wheels. front caliper brake and rear wheel brake operated by pedals. Complete with stabilisers. For inside leg 15"-IS". Cat. No. 351/1888

Sugg'd Retail £35.00

Our Price £25.99

7. Ampatoys "Leopard" DII Luxe Go-Kart. Robust. tubular steel frame with fully enclosed chain. Adjustable seat. Hand lever brake. For ages5 yearsand over Cat. No.351/1723

Sugg'd Retail £45.00

Our Price £32.99

8. Pines "Moto Police" Trike. Foot controlled with rechargeable6V battery (supplied). Speed 3-5 km per hour. Foot brake included. Cat. No. 351/3037

Sugg'd Retail £85.00

Our Price £59.99

9. Combex "RAC" Motorcycle and Sidecar. Providing additional stability the sidecar also makes a convenient toy box. Length 2S~. Cat. No. 351/2997

Sugg'd Retail £21.05

Our Price £14.99

10. Sharna Tractor and Trailer. Large moulded

front wheel drive. Detailed engine and steel reinforced forks. Steel cranks and axles. Large steering wheel and seat. Tractor front wheel includesextra reinforced tyres.Length 48~·. Cat. No. 351/3006


OurPrice £16.99

11. Sharna Police Motorcycle and Sidecar. 3wheel bike with plenty of pedal power and a tough sidecar for passengers. Realistic nontoxic engine details and removablepetrol cap for imaginative play. Colourful police stripes and simulated radio panel under moulded seat. Length 251" Cat. No. 351/3013


OurPrice £17.99

12. Sharna Sunny Pedal Car. Light but robust moulded body fitted with strong steel pedalpower framework. Tough go anywherewheels. Realistic dashboard with gear lever control. Size26"x15"x 17~ Cat. No. 351/2966


Our Price£11.99

13. Bantel Racer Trike. Adjustable seat. A child's first trike Cat. No. 350/0136



14.Bantel3-Wheel Scooter. Height30". Cat. No. 350/0129


OurPrice £6.99

15. Flyer Senior Roller Skates. Rubberwheels :.villi ball bearings. Adjustable for shoe sizes 9 junior to 8 adult. Cat. No.350/5564


Our Price£7.99

16. Dekkertoys Play House. Mounted on tubular plastic frame. Colourful cover has flame retarded cotton walls with PVC roof and door. Sizeerected 40"x3O"x44"high to apex. . Cat. No. 351/3099



17. Dekkertoys Playtent. Lightweight tent mounted on tubular plastic frame. Plastic brackets are provided. Easilyassembled.One piece nylon cover. No guy lines required. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Size4'S"x4'x3' high. Cat. No. 351/3082


OurPrice £8.99

18.Corgi "Hulk" Hopper. Inflatesto 55"circumference Cat. No.35111802

Sugg'dRetail £4.99

OurPrice £3.79

a.roil 'lit

1. Mayco "Shu-Shu Rider". Break resistant plastic. Steerable with safety stop on steering. Size 2H"x 15tx10r Cat. No. 351/2959


OurPrice £8.79

2.. Blackie Sit 'n' Ride Horse. Moves its legs

forward and backwardswhen ridden. His.head can be steered left or right when guided. Size 17"xla'x233" approx Cat. No. 351/2973


Our Price£13.99

3. Combex Hatch Back Sit 'n' Ride Car. With steeringwheel and horn. For ages g to 3 years. Length 1n" Cat. No.351/0580

Sugg'dRetail £12.50

Our Price£8.79

4. Super Scooter. Baby's first sit 'n' ride toy. Sturdy and safe. For indoor or outdoor use. Easilyassembled.Size 1~" x 18"x 93"approx. Cat. No. 351/2942

Sugg'dRetail £6.58

Our Price£3.99

5. Fisher-Price "Explorer". Indoor or outdoor riding toy. Steerableaxle, horn "beep-beeps", makes"roaring" noise and has its own figures and storage space.Length 183".For ages 1 to 4 years Cat. No.351/3020

Sugg'dRetail £22.35

OurPrice £16.99

6. Berwick Happytime "Bucky" Wonder Horse. Makesrealistic "clippety-clop" sounds and has galloping action. Pull his bridle and he "whinnies". Big wide wheels enable a smooth and safe ride. Storage compartment under saddle. For ages 1 to 3 years Cat. No.351/2980



7. Combex Lion Baby Walker. Converts to a ride-on-toy.Handleheight 18". Cat. No. 350/9285


OurPrice £8.29

8. Playskool "L'iI Lady" Buggy. Swivel the red hood; one position it's a pram, the other it's a buggy. Musical chime bell. For indoor or outdoor use Cat. No. 351/3116


OurPrice £9.49

9. Charton Walk 'n' Play. Can be adapted to a trolley or cart by its 2 position handle.Complete with setof plastic bricks Cat. No. 351/2870

Sugg'dRetail £12.25

Our Price£7.49

10. Pony Rocker. Can be used as a rocker or a sit and ride toy, by adjusting the wheels on metalbase.Size23.l"x28·x13·. Cal No. 351/2935

Sugg'd Retail £35.15


11. Chad Valley "Huggy Bear". Will cling to your arm, leg, the edge of a table etc. No mechanicalparts Cat. No. 350/9481

Sugg'd Retail £10.00

OurPrice £7.79

12. Tebro "Dusty Bin". From the T.V. series 3-2-1.Washable.Heightapprox 18·. Cat. No. 351/2605

Sugg'd Retail £12.99

OurPrice £8.99

13.Tebro "Dusty Bin" Toy Tidy. From the T.V. series 3-2-1. Detachablecover. Large interior for storing all those toys. Washable. Height approx26 Cat.No. 351/2612

Sugg'd Retail £23.49

OurPrice £16.99

14. Pull-Atong Mouse. Mouse moves its head from side to side aspulled Cat. No. 351/2863

Sugg'd Retail £11.50

Our Price £7.79

15. Fisher-Price "Jack-in-the-Box". Jack pops up squeaking. Press lever, he squeaksagain, with eyes and mouth moving. For ages 2 to 7 years Cal. No.350/9333

Sugg'd Retail £6.99

OurPrice £5.49

16. Fisher-Price "Turn and Learn" Activity Centre. Many intriguing features, on easy to turn swivel base. For ages 6 months to 2 years Cal. No.351/2849

Sugg'd Retail £7.99

OurPrice £6.29

17. Fisher-Price Music Box Mobile. Plays a Brahms lullaby for 10 minutes. Revolving figures.Suitablefrom birth to 1year. Cat. No. 35017153

Sugg'd Retail £14.99

OurPrice £10.99

18. Fisher-Price "Jumping Jack Scarecrow". For in and out of cot. The large ring pulls easily to make Jack "squeak" whilst his arms. legs and eyes move simultaneously. For ages 3 months to 3 years Cat. No.351/2825

Sugg'd Retail £4.99


1. Berwick Happytime Musical Playland. For baby's cot or playpen. Features stand-up attachment to enable play anywhere. 10 fun activities.For ages3 months to 3years. Cal. No. 351/2928

Sugg'd Retail£15.99

Our Price£9.99

2. Berwick Happytime "Popping Pais". Pusha button, slide a lever.turn a knob, movea dial or flick a switch and one of the farililiar Disney characterswill pop up. Eachmechanismmakes a different sound. Featuresa built-in carrying handle.For ages2 1,0 4 years..Cal. No. 351/2856



3. Berwick Happytlme Bathtime Funcentre. 9 water powered activities to encourage your child's curiosity and development.For ages 1~ to 6 years Cal. No.351/1668



4. Fisher-Price Activity Centre. Comprises 10 intriguing activities. For ages 3 months to 2 years Cal. No.350/7160

Sugg'dRetail £11.49


5. Fisher-Price Ferris Wheel. When music box is wound it revolvesand plays the tune "In the Good Old Summertime", 4 play family figures ride in bucket seatsand the-operator cranks as thewheel turns.For ages2 to 6 years. Cat. No. 351/2911



6. Fisher-Price "Xylo Drum". A completeactivity toy. For ages9 months to 3 years. Cat. No. 350/9261

Sugg'dRetail£5.49 '-





R. ~!"CIi1





7. Kiddicratt "Clatterplllar". WObblesand clatterswhen pulled. For ages Ii to 4 years. Cal. No. 35111644




~~ ....

8. Fisher-Price "Rolypoly" Chime 8all. Rockto hear chimes sound and see animals move. Watertight and floats. Diameter6*". For ages3 months to 3 years Cat. No. 350/8657

Sugg'dRetail £5.49

Our Price£4.29

9. Mr. Men ABC Playt.ray.26 chunky wooden "stand-up" pieces are raised for easyhandling by young children Cat. No. 351/2818

nee. Retail£3.95

Our Price£2.79

10. Mattei "Farmer Says". See and say, listen and learn. Point the farmer at one of the animals, pull Ihe talking ring and hear about them Cat. No. 351/1675

Sugg'dRetail £8.95

Our Price£6.99

11. Playskool Shape Sorler. Teddybear actsas post box for different shapes.Post through the cut-outs in his tummy. Squeaker in the top of his liftable yellow hat. Cat.No. 351/1613


Our Price£3.99

12. Fun Clock. A pre-schoolshapesorter clock. Educational.Diameter1(}f·.....Cat. No.351/2832



13. Ladybird Teact,lng Toys "Learning to Spell" by Peter Pan. Full set of magnetic letters, cut-out spelling cards and coloured chalks. which store in the integral tray. Surface is magneticand washable......Cat.No. 351/2887

Sugg'dRetail £11.99


14. Ladybird Teaching Toys "Learning Frame" by Peter Pan.A simplewayof teaching children the answers to a variety of problems. Cards store in unit Cat.No. 351/2904



15. Ladybird Teaching Toys "Learning Clock" by Peter Pan.A simplewayof teaching children how to tell the time. As the minute hand passes over each hour the numbers automatically flip over to revealthe minutes......Cat. No. 351/2894



1. Musical Telephone. Educationalphone with

a numbered dial, picture clock and counting beads.Playsmusic when the receiveris lifted. Cat. No. 35111527

Sugg'd Retail £7.90

Our Price £5.79

2. Fisher.Price "Chatter" Telephone. For ages 2 to 6 years Cal. No. 350/5825

Sugg'd Retail £5.29

Our Price £3.99

3. Fisher.Price "Two Tune" T.V. Music box movementplays 2 well·known tunes.For ages2 to 5 years Cat. No. 350/5832

Sugg'd Retail £9.49

Our Price £7.29

4. "Wall Disney" Musical Television. Wind·up and watch the picture move as the music plays Cat. No. 35111510

Sugg'd Retail £9.00

Our Price £5.99

5. Airfix "To~dle" Typewriter. Illustrated alphabet. The eyes spin and bounce when the yellow keys are pushed. the hat pops up and down and the roller clicks when turned. Press the red spacebar and the toy will squeak. Cat. No. 3Stl2629

Sugg'd Retail £6.50

Our Price £4.99

6. Airfix "Weebles" Playschool. A new "Wee·~ ble" item comprising a piano for children to playa tune upon, a "Weeble" climbing frame, tricycle and blackboard and chalk. Cat. No. 351/2636

Sugg'd Retail £8.50

Our Price £6.29

7. Palitoy "Big Mouth" Singers. 8 note keyboard allows tunes to be played as "big mouth" singers open their mouths in time to the music. With colour coded song book. oeerates by 1xHP11 battery(not supplied. order 1 of 980/0012 at 23peach) Cat. No.35017847

Sugg'd Retail £15.00

Our Price £10.99

8. Fisher·Price Music Box Record Player. With 5 double sided nursery records. No batteries required. For ages2 to 6 years. Cat. No. 350/8688

Our Price £9.99

9. Flsher·Prlce Cash Register. Includes cotour/ size coded coins. sale and change keys plus change chute. Cranking handle rings bell and opens drawer. For ages 2to 6 years. Cal. No. 350/8671

Sugg'd Retail £11.29

Our Price £8.49

10. Flsher·.PrlceMedical KII. Includes a stethoscope that really picks up heart beats. a blood pressure gauge with dial that "works" and other medical accessories. For ages 3 to 7 years Cal No. 351/1493

Sugg'd Retail £11.99

Our Price £9.29

11. Flsher·Prlce 24 Piece Kitchen Set. Includes 2 ring cooker. Simply rotate control knobs and heating elements "turn red". 2 complete place s!3ttingstogether with colourful tablecloth. For ages2 to 7 years Cal No. 351/2698

Sugg'd Retail £12.49

Our Price £9.79

12. Flsher·Prlce 23 Piece Tool KIt. Featuring a wind-up drill that really works. The easy to fit attachments can be used to assemblea 3 piece work bench. Stored in its own carrying case. Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years..Cat. No. 351/2708

Sugg'd Retail £12.99

Our Price £9.99

13. PUll-along "Salarl Car". By pressing picture buttons the built-in voice box gives realistic. sounds of jungle anrmals. Pictures of animals .rotate. Complete with imitation telephone. Operatesby 1 x HP2 battery (not supplied. order 1 of 980/0043 at 26peach)......Cal. No. 351/2760

Sugg'd Retail £18.50

Our Price £12.99

14. Berwick I-leppytime Fun Driver. "Sight and sound" action dashboard. For ages 18 months to 6 years Cat. No. 351/1558

Sugg'd Retail £9.50

Our Price £6.79

15. MatchboX "Playboot" Play Set. The roof. side and front open. Figures and manyaccessories are included Cat. No. 350/8750

Sugg'd Retail £14.95

Our Price £10.99

16. Mayco Cottage Clock. Complete with 3 funny characters. a clock with movable hands. removable furniture. a big slide. plus swinging pendulum. Full of fun and surprises. Size 1tr«6!" x 1 Cat. No. 351/2681


Sugg'd Retail £14.16

.Our Price £9.79

1. Fisher-Price "Play Family" Garage. With elevator. turntable for parking cars and ramp. For ages 2 to 8 years Cat. No. 350/8712

Sugg'd Retail £22.99

Our Price £15.99

2. Palitoy "Fun Flyer". All the fun of flying with two easy to control handles.Takeoff. land and loop-the-Ioop.Watch out for the office block or mountain. Operates by 2x HP11batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0012 at 23peach). Cat. No. 351/2674

Sugg'd Retail £13.25

Our Price £9.99

3. Berwick "Zap Zap" Racetrack. Plastic staytogether track snaps into place easily and will not comeapart until dismantled.No batteries'or power required. For ages3 to 8 years. Cat. No. 351/2784

Sugg'd Retail £19.99

Our Price £13.99

4. Palitoy Family Tree House. Opens at the touch of a button. Includes tree top family, furniture. family ~ar, folding staircase and a handoperatedlift. Forages2 yearsand over, Cat. No. 35017830

Sugg'd Retail £16,00

Our Price £12.49

~. Palitoy Tree House Playground, An extension to the TreeHouse.or a toy in its own right. Hours and hours of play with the many fun items. .. Cat.No. 351/2667

Sugg'd Retail£12.50

Our Price£9.49

6,Fisher-Price"Play Family" Airport, 19pieces including plane, helicopter and vehicles, For ages2 to 8 years Cat. No.35017146

Sugg'd Retail £22.99 • Our Price£17.99 7. Fisher-Price "Fun Jet". Pilot looks left and right as jet is pulled along making a whirring sound. 4 passengersand 2 suitcases,For ages 2 to 6 years.......... ..........Cat.No. 350/9340

Sugg'd Retail £7.29

Our Price £5.79

8. Fisher-Price Play Desk, 63 pieces including activity cards, magnetisedalphabetand chalk. For ages3 to 8 years Cat. No, 35017122

Sugg'd Retail £11.49

Our Price £8.99

9. Corgi First Electric Train Set. Battery operated loco with passengercoach, goods wagon, two hump bumps, two points. freight loadand a passenger. Operates by 1x HP11 battery (not supplied,order 1of 980/0012 at 23peach). Cat. No. 351/2650

Sugg'd Retail £11.99

Our Price £8.79

10. Playskool Electronics "Alphie". Helps children to learn colours. counting, tetters, numbers and much more. Operates by 1x PP3 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074 at 49p


Sugg'd Retail £25.63


Cat.No. 351/2801

Our Price £16.99

11.Playskool Electronics "Major Morgan". To play, simply insert a song card and touch the electronic keyboard according to the letters, numbers, colours or symbols shown. 16 note keyboard.Completewith 10songs.Operatesby 1xPP3 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0074 at 49peach) Cat. No. 351/2643

Sugg'd Retail £10.22

Our Price £6.49

,2. Fisher-Price Dare Devil Sports Van. Complete with kayak,paddle,scramblerracing bike, parachuteand two "AdventurePeople" figures with moveablejoints. For ages 4 to 9 years. Cat. No. 351/2715 Sugg'd Retail £12.99

Our Price£10.29

13. Fisher-PrTce "Play Family" Uft & Load Depot. 18pieces including crank operatedbucket conveyor with automatic dumper. roof-top crane on movable track, loading vehicles and "cargo". For ages2 to 6 years. Cat. No. 351/1503

Sugg'd Retail £19.99

Our Price £15.49

14. Chad Valley "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep". Action play centre with real sound effects. Mother bird catches food in her beak, goes along the track and up into thetree to feed her hungry chicks who arecheeping.Oncethey have taken all the food she sets off to collect more. Operates by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0029 at 13peach). Cat. No. 351/2430

Sugg'd Retail £17.00

Our Price£12.99

15. Palitoy "Merry-Go-Zoo". Meet the animals in a wO'lderful trip around the zoo. Operatesby 1x HP11 battery (not supplied, order 1 of 980/0012 at 23peach) Cat. No. 351/2777

Sugg'd Retail £17.99

Our Price £13.79

16.Paliloy Big Loader. It goesround and round changing its functions-picking up cabs and cargo all round the track. Route can be varied by pressing the trackside keys. Operates by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplied, order 2 of 980/0029 at 13peach) Cal No. 351/1345

Sugg'd Retail £16.00

Our Price£11.99

1. Mattei Pre-school "Tuff Stuff" Baby Buggy. Sturdy with durable cloth carriage. Easily assembled Cal. No. 351/2753

Sugg'd Retail £15.95

Our Price £12.79

2. Mattei Pre-school "Tuff Stuff" Shopping Trolley. Complete with 12 play groceries. For indoor or outdoor use. Minimum assembly required Cat. No. 351/2746

Sugg'd Retail £14.95

Our Price £11.79

3. MatteI Pre-school "Tuff S1uff" Workshop. This sturdy workshop comes wilh 12' interchangeable vehicle parts. workbench and 3 toots that reallywork Cat. No. 351/2739

Sugg'd Retail £14.95

Our Price £11.79

4. Fisher-Price "Play Family" Village. Two streets comprising fire station. post office. denlisl. theatre. roof-top restaurant, police station. barber's shop. aparlment and garage. Cars, shop accessorles and figures are also included. Village folds and locks shut. For ages 2 to 8 years Cat. No.350/9223

Sugg'd Retail £24.99

Our Price £18.99

5. Fisher-Price "Play Family" House. Wilh carrying handle. 15 pieces including 4 people. dog. furniture and car. For ages2 to 8 years. Cat. No. 350/8695

Sugg'd Retail £18.99

Our Price £14.79

6. Fisher-Price Off-Shore Cargo Base. 24 pieces including 3 interchangeable platforms, lugboat, barge and helicopter. 4 "Play Family" figures and cargo.All unsinkable. For ages 210 6 years Cat. No. 351/2791

Sugg'd Retail £17.99

Our Price £13.79

7. Fisher-Price "Play Family" Ferryboat.A pullalong loy Ihal has a "toot-toot" whistle. wheelS Ihat make a "click-click" sound. a dinghy. 2 vehiclesand 3 figures. For ages210 6 years. Cat. No. 351/2722

Sugg'd Retail £13.99

Our Price £10_79

8. Marx Toys "Cosmic Robots". Fighting robots conlrolled by individual handcontrols. A flurry of well aimed puncheswill result in eilher robot's head springing up with the accompaniment of a space-likescreech..CaI. No.35111266

Sugg'd Retail £14.99

Our Price £10.99

9. Palitoy "Turn the Terrible Tank". The menacing machine turns against its own commander with its revolving nose. Fire steel balls to try to turn the tank: run out of steel balls and the tank keeps coming. until it knocks the gun out of commission. For 2 players. Operates by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplied. order 2 of

980/0029 at 13p each)

Sugg'dRetail £15.25

Cat. No. 351/2423

OurPrice £11.49

10. Chad Valley "Crazy Maze". A game of skill and concentration. The object is to steer the metal ball along a maze of eight different obstacles without incurring faults at anystage. The winner is the one to completethe coursein the fastest time. Special timer for different skill levels Cat. No.351/2416

Sugg'd Retail £13.25

Our Price£9.99

11. Marx Toys "Colossal Fossil". Prehistoric combat with dinosaurs snapping their jaws; grabbing at bones. challenging the opponent and knocking their bonesaway.Theplayer who scores most points in this primeval fight. wins........................ . Cat.No. 35112313

Sugg'd Retail £12.50


12. Marx Toys "Chutes Away" Game.Sight the target through reduction lenswhilst controlling the movementof the aircraft over target. Drop the parachuteto savethe survivors. Cat. No. 351/0511

Sugg'd Retail £16.99


13. Thomas Salter "Chips" Helmet Set. Help Jon and Ponch tackle the law breakers. Comprises realistic helmet and communications set... ..•.......••_ .......•.•........•.........Cat. No. 351/2210

Sugg'd Retail £8.79

OurPrice £5.99

14. Thomas Salter "The Professionals" Crimebuster Kit. Contents include breakdown rifle with cap firing action and a real camera. Cat. No. 351/1084


OurPrice £5.79

15. World Cup Pin Ball Machine. Has two flippers and illuminated score. Makes super noise when hitting players.Operatesby 4xSP2 batteries (not supplied. order 4 of 980/0036at 22peach) Cal No. 35112021

Sugg'd Retail £12.95

OurPrice £9.99


1. Charton Table Football Game. Polished wooden frame. folding metal legs. 22 players. Sizeapprox. 37-x 17!"x28" high. Cat. No. 350/5533



2. "Pot Black" Billiards/Snooker Table. Includes 18 balls. triangle and 2 tipped cues. Size463"x23·x31" Cat.No. 350/8822



3. "Pot Black" Pool Table. Supplied complete with two cues, a set of pool balls, triangle and how to play Instructions.Size 45j·x22~"x4r. Cat. No. 351/0384



4. Pafitoy "Supel Striker" Football Game. Compnses Wembley "tast pitch". 8 kicking figures. 2 diving goalkeepers.goals and nets. Length331" Cal No. 35017878

Sugg'dRetail£17.00 I

IPalltoy I


5. "Test Match" Cricket Game by Peter Pan. Real over arm bowling, genuine batting action and full team of fielders. Hit the ball into the pocket in the fielder's feet and it's a "catch". A gameof skill and timing Cat. No. 350/8286,00

Sugg'dRetail£12.99 OurPrice£8.99189 ---------------------------49 ACTION

GI' 4,,,,, 'II,~"

6. "Perfection" Game. Put all the shapes into the correct holesin the timeallowed or theywill ;, be shot into the air when the clock stops. For s any number01players C81.No. 351/1819 18 Sugg'd Retail£7.99 OurPrice£5.4972



7 Peter Pan "Clobber" Game. A chase game _ but watch out for Mr. Clobber who can whack me you around the track. A "pop-o-rnatlc" board '95 game for 2-4 pl?yers.Suitable lor ages 4 years "19 and over Cat. No. 35111974



8. Ideal "Crossfire". A goal-shooting game Shoot ball bearings to knock the puck onto opponent'sgoal Length38~".Cat.No. 350/5502



Argos No.14 1980 Autumn/Winter  

Argos catalogue from 1980 filled with lots of retro goodies. From

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