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100 .ArgOs erices shown here are, where possible, oompared with the IWcommended Retail Prices as provided by our suppliers.. Where no IUrl\ prices exist, generally our u'ppliers have provided Comparatiye ftAlwil Prioes. Inrespect of those , 11008 marked with an asterisk, a market research study was carried uut in December 1978 which establisbed an average retail price, lind this has been described as the Comparative RetaitPrice. These are usedto show the gen't'.ripe savings we offer.

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All sizesand capacities are approximate. It is possible that descriptions may have changed if the supplier, for instance, has aftered his specifications or that there has been a change of the supplier after the catalogue has gone to press. ., This catalogue, published February ;-1979, supersedes all previous ,.~ catalogues and remains in eiIect until further notice. Argos prices stated in the catalogue were established during December 1978. Information is oompiled with all possible care, but the publishers do not hold themselves responsible for errors or omissions.

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1. Qualcast "Jetslream" De Luxe Rotary Mowet'. 18" cut. ~ h.p. Briggs and Stratton +stroke engine. 5 cutting levels (from to 23''). 3 handle positions with throttle lever. Automatic grass deflector plate. Complete with grassbox. Cat. No. 72012629




2. Qualcast

Standard "Jetslream" Rotary Mower. 18" cut. 3 h.p. 4-stroke engine. Recoil starter. 4 cutting levels. Grass deflector plate and grassbox.. .. Cat. No: 720/2021



3. Black It Decker D404 "Lawndet'eHe" Eledric Rotary Mower. Height adjustment. Double insulated. SO' of cable......... ....Cat. No. 72OJ0281


OurPrice £24.99

4. Flymo GLE "Hovermower":l"

cut. Floats on a cushion of air. No grassbox necessary as cuttings are finely mulched. Weight 20 lb. Complete with 52' of double insulated cable .... Cat. No, 72012643


OurPrice £63..99

5. Flymo DLE "Hovermower". 12" cut. Floats on a cushion of air. No grassbox necessary as cuttings are finely mulched. Weight 15 lb. Complete with 52' of double insulated cable .... Cat. No. 72012636


OurPrice £45.99

Decker 0808 "Super r' Erectric Rotary Mower. With grassbox. Height adjustment. Safely cut-out and rear safely flap. Double insulated........................... ...CaL No. 72012416

6. Black "




1. Black & Decker0615ElectricCylinderMower. 12"cut. 3 cutting blades.Heightadjustmentwith grassboxandSO'of cable.Doubleinsulated. Cat. No. 72lJ10Z74



2. Oualcast "Concorde" Electric' Cylinder Mower. 12" cut. 3 cutting blades.Heightadjustment with grassbox and 52' of cable. Double insulated.RE.A.R approved... ,Cat.No. 72lJ/0401



1 Black & Decker0982 HedgeTrimmerAttachment. 12"double edged,zinc coatedblades.For II' with double insulated drills only. Overall Cat.No.72lJ11974 ~ nqth t ' 7"



• Black & Decker GC16 Mains EleCtric Dual II. .tIon Garden Clippers. 16"double edged,zinc I

",tod blades.On/off safetyswitch.Dollble insuCat. No.720/26ffT

I..hld Overalllength2' 4"

R.c. Retail£34.50


3. Oualcast "Panther" Electric Cylinder Mower.

12"cut. 5 cutting blades.Heightadjustmentwith grassboxand52' of cable.Doubleinsulated. Cat. No. 72lJ/036O



4. Oualcast 07 Side Wheel "Mower.12" cut. 5 cutting blades. Height adjustment.With grassbox Cat.No.72011606



5. Webb "Wasp" Cylinder Mower. 12" cut. 6 cutting blades for "superfine" finish. Steel rollers. Positive height of cut ·setting.With grassbox · Cat.No.720/2ffT4


II Black & DeckerGC12Mains Electric Garden

e lIP9t'rs. 12"doubleedgedblades.Wraparound '

, dlo On/off .~fety switch. Double insulated. "'11 length·l··10" Cat. No.72lJ/2650



10 Black& DeckerD409"Strimmer". Cutswhere ., mower can't go:-Iawn edges,paths, against W ill ,fonces andaroundtreesand posts.Adjust· IIbl longth nylon line (which replacestraditional blldo) revolvesat high speed....Cat. No.72lJf2557

Rec. Retail£25.00


OurPrice£37.99 Argos Gift Vouchers

6. Black & Decker DN30110" Chain Saw.·1100 Watt electric motor. V~al ott level indicator. Safetylock-offswitch fitted to preventaccidental starting. Enablesyou to log, trim, prune and fell up to 20" diameter. j" chain cuts wet or drywood Cat.No.7:zW2368



1. Wilkinson SWord W43S Hand Shears. 8" chromed Sleet, rust resistant, hollow ground, notched blades. Spring loaded centre bearing. cushion stop. Polished beechwood handles. CaL No. 7201088& Overalllength l' 8". ····.·


aur Price £8.99

Sword W433 Lightweight Hand Shears..6!" chromedsteel, rust resistant,hollow ground blades. Spring loaded centre bearing, cushion stop. Polished beechwood handles. Qveralllengthl' 5" Cat. No.72012351 2. WUldnson

nee. Retail£10.60

Our Price £1.99

10 8urgon & Batl Pocket Pruner. Curved cutting wi holding anvilblades. Mouldednylonhandles. I cmgthr............ . Cat. No.72012485


,, Rotcut ''Pmfessii)nar' SecateuI's. PVC ,I Mlved handles.Two position catch.Roll and cut cuon. Length8" Cat. No. 72010621

ec.. Retail£3.99

Rec..Retail £8.60

aur Price £6.49

4. Burgon &; Bal. De Luxe NetdIed SIteass. IW rust resistant chrome armoured blades. PolyCaL No:72OI2548 propylenehandles.·····

Rec.Retail £8.59

Our Price £5..79

5. Burgon & BaD NoIdted Shears.. 8" hollow ground. carbon steel blades. Hardwood handles _..•..••............ _ ,cat_ N'a..'J2OJ22'41

Rec. Retail £4..59

OaF Prke£2.99

6. Sheen X300 Parat6n F1amegun. Built"'n pump unit and pressuregauge.Capacity1gallon,gives 1 hour of burning.length 3' t"..CaL No.72OI073rti


0.6 Price £22.99

1001, rust resistant blades. Flick thumb catch. Nyloncoatedhandles.Length8". . Cat. No. 12010896


Our Price £5..99

8. Burgon& Ball lawn Shears. BJ" stainlesssteel blades.2' 8'" PVCsleevedtubularsteelhandles. Cal. No. 720/0126


Our Price£8.49

9. Burgon & Ball Edging Shears. 8;' stainless .steel blades. 2' 8" PVC sleeved tubular steel handles '" Cat. No.720/0133

Rec.Retail £11.83

Our Price£7.99

Our Price£6.99

13 WUklnson Sword W51 "Cutlass" Pruner. (,hrome steel rust resistant blades. Heavvduty ( oiled spring. Flickthumb catch.Length8". Cat. No. 720/2595

Rec. Retail £5.90

Our Price£4.49

14. Rotocrop "Accelerator 14" Compost Bin. f'VC panelsinterlock to form cylinder. Complete WIthhingedlid andbaseventilator. Cat. No. 720/2519

Rec. Retail £20.95

Our Prioe£16.79

IS. KIrtl-Dyson "Ballbarrow Economy". Rides "ver soft or broken ground even when tully loaded. Capacity 2~ cu ft. Size 4S"x 22"x 18" htqh . ......Cal. No.720/2612

Rec.Retail £20.95

Our Price £15.99

18. Hago Incj~erator. Stove enamelled finish. 15~" x 15~"x 27" high. Folds!Iatfor storage. Cal. No. 72010700

I >ire

Comp.Retail £8.83 7. Burgon & BaD Edging Shears.. ~". Sheffield steel blades. 2' 8" PVC sleeved tubular steel handles. ...Cat. No. 72010085

Our Price £2.99

I' Wilkinson Swanl "Sword" Pruner. Chromed

Rec..Retail£8.80 3. Wilkinson SwordW420NofdIed Hand Sheous. 8" chromed steel blades. Beechwood handles. Overalllengthl' 8".····· CaL No.. 72012234

Our Price£1.99

Our Price£5.99

17. Corrie ''Com-pak'' Wheetharrow.Galvanised sleel body, rubber lyre. Body size assembled ?6"><22". Height from ground 20". Supplied in carry-home pack.Easilyassembled. .. Cat. No. 72011651

Ree.Retail £17.28

Our Price £11.99

We fully respect all your legal rights as a customer. But in addition to your prote~on under the law we will exchange or refund you tor any unused item that does not meet your exact requirementli. .Just return the item to us in its original covering, together with your receipt, within 14· days of purcttase.

Wilkinson Sword Digging Tools. Forged carbon steel working head. Ash shaft with polypropylene handle.

Rec. Retail 1.72012564 W524Spade. length 3' 3"£7.95 2. 72OI2S71 W526Fork. length 3' 3' £7.~5 Catalogue Number

Our Price £5.99 £5.99

t t Hoae Reel and Stand. Takes 120' of~" hose , It ~upplied) Cat. No. 720/0645

romp. Retail £5.95 " PVC '''"mclor

1" Garden

" 3746 Digging Tools. Spear & Jackson "Neverbend" Carbon steel, solid socket. Ash shaft with polypropylene handle. Catalogue Ree. Our Number Retail Price 3.72011833 Digging Spade. 19th. 3' 2!"£10.58£7.29 4.720/1840 Digging Fork..19th. 3' 31"£11.06£7.49 5. 72OI2t55 Border Spade. 19th. 3' £9.01 £6.49 6. 72011857 Border Fork. 19th. 3' 2~'£9.94 £6.99

7. Spear & Jackson Weatherproofed

"Neverbend" Dutch Hoe. hardwood handle. length 5'. Cat. No. 72011905

Rec. Retail £5.96

. (.JurPrice £4.29

8. Spear & Jackson "Neverbend" 2' 10!".···..·····..······

Lawn Edging hardwood handle. length : Cat. No. 72011895

Ree. Retail £6.26

Our Price £4.49

Knife. Weatherproofed

9. Spear & Jackson "Neverbend" Garden Rake. Weatherproofed hardwood handle. Length 4' 7~·. Cat. No. 7201188s

Rec. Retail £6.22

Our Price £4.29

Our Price £3.99

Hose. Lengthapprox. 50'. Tap and 'adjustable nozzle. Conforms to Cat. No. 72011637

( amp. Retail £4.29

Our Price £2.99

PVC I" Garden Hose. Length approx. 100'. , II connector and spray nozzle. Conforms to Cat. No!'720/2186

II , 3746

Our Price £5..49

amp. Retail £6.99








(1' f1YLENE) polyester fibre. Manufacturer's r guarantee. Conforms to B.S. 3746 ! Iogue • ber ." (112382 L..en!;jthapprox. , '0/2052 Length approx.



Comp. Our 50' 100'

Retail Price £5.99 £4.29 £11.99 £7.79

Shama Waterlng Can. Capacity 2.2 gallons. 1'1, I tic moulded. Detachable rose. Cat. No. 720/2203


Retail £3.15

Our Price £2.29

1'. Hozelocll "Lawn tlnkler. .ulomolic

Queen" H700 Oscillating 4 watering patterns. Complete. with I" hose connector. Length l' Cat. No. 72012045

Compo Retail £6.42


Our Price £4.79


Hasel "Thni-Feed" Hose Reel. 'Cast aluminium flanges. Unwinds and waters as you w<:,lk. Takes up to 200' of ~" hose (not supplied). 'Complete with wall mounting bracket. Cat. No. 720/2193

Ree. Retail £27.00

Our Price £18.99

17. Hozelock 403 De Luxe Rotating Splinlder. 2 IIrm sprinkler with adjustable jets, to alter direclion and density of spray. Complete with automatic I" hose connector Cat. No. 72012588

Rec. Retail £6.53

Our Price £4.79

"Killaspray' Major" Ptessure 1. ASUairftow Spl'ayer. Capacity 1gallon. Onloff switch. Adjust. able spray nozzle and push button control tap. Height 27". ··.··•.·..·.•..... : Cat. No.. 720/1541

Ree.Retail £12.95

OW"Price £8.99

2. ASUairffow

"KHlaspray Cadet'" .Pressure Sprayer. Capacity 4 pints. On/off switch. Adjust~ able spray nozzle. Height 24· .....Cat. No.72OF1644

Rec. Retail £9.45

OUF" Price £5.99

3. Tudor De luxe Pressure Spl'ayer. Capacity ".1 gallon. Onloff switch. Adjustable nozzle. Shoutder strap. Height 21" Cat. No. 720F1039

Ree.Retail £12.99

Our Price £7.49

4. ASUairffow "POIyspray" Hand Spl'ayer. Capacity 2 pints. Adjustable spray nozzle. Quick charge pump and trigger action. Height 12". Cat No. 72OF2124

Ree.Retail £6.95

Our Price £4.49

Electric Propagator. Can 6e used inside the home or greenhouse. Provides gentle "all-over" base heat (6O"-70"F) necessary to raise seedlings and cuttings etc. 16 Watts.

S. Halls "retite"

Cat. No: 720/2605


Our:Price £7.29 '.

Greenhous& Heater. Double wick burner. Size 21·x26!"x7". Suitable for a greenhouse up to 8' x6' .... Cat.. No. 72011314


8 Position ''ReIaII,Sir'' Chair., Foam filled ushions covered in attractive floral ~ign cotn fabric. Metal {('arne with wooden arm rests. I

Comp. Retail £21.25

Cat. No. fi5OI1400

. Our Price £15.99

6. EHex "Brfghton"Paralfin

Ree.Retail £27.16

Our Price £18.99

. '.

7. Netlon Garden NeHing. Protects seeds, seed. lings. fruit etc. against birds-aid the elements. Size 32' 6"x13'. Meshsizef' .. :..Cat. No. 72012179

Rec. Retail £5.42

Our Price £3.79

, • • Position Luauy AutomatIc Chair. Foam

, led cushion coWfed in attraetive floral design , tton fabric. Metal frame wflh wooden arm rests. rest rises as head reclines .. Cat No. 65011390 • Retal'£2"6.9s Our Price £15.99 Ganten Chalr. AttraCtive floral deSign cotton

lc, Metal frame with woOdenann rests. .

8. Rsons

Lawn Spreader. For distribUtion of fertilisers, weed killer etc. Holds approx. 6! lb. Cat. No. 72012;t44

Rec. RetaiJ£10.99

Our PriCe£7.79

9. Spear & JaCkson "Ftexo" Lawn Rake. Steel head with 20 flexible tines. Hardwood handl';'. Length 5' H" ~ Cat. No.. 720/0494

Rec..Retail £5.70

Our Price £4.29

Tudor 9" Rotary Lawn Aerator. Spring loaded spikes penetrate turf at approx. 150 holes per 1 sq yd· ..· Cat. No. 72OF209O

Ree.Retail £16.99

Our Price £10:.99

Comp. Retail £6A8

Cat. No. .65011376

OurPrice£3.99 .

15, Garden Table. Easy clean top. Plastic coated Wilelframe_ Provision for ~e 10be cu.l in cenb'e nf table top for parasol stem. Table-top J3~·.Dismantiesforstorage,._._eat.Nc!,.6i5OJ'09:20<

Comp. Retail £23.25

Our Price~7.99

18. Garden Armchair.

EasY,clean seat and back. Plastic coated steel frame. Stacks for storage. Cat. No. 650/1149

Comp. Retail £13.25

Our Price £9.99

1. Garden ChaIr. Floral design cotton Metal frame with wooden arm rests.


Cat. No. 65011084

Our Ptk:e £3.99 .

2.. Garden Para_r~ Fforal cotton cover wiftT .fr~nge. Steel shaft tilts and adjusts in height. DIameter7fY'approx, ........•.....•.. Cat. No. 65011101

Comp. Reta" £22.75

Our Price £14.49 ",I


with water will support most garden parasols to 7'Z'dlame!er..............•.......•.... Cat. No. 65011297


Qur Price £3.99


4. PosItIon Foam Cushionect Chair; Ftorat deSIgn cotton fabric. Metal frame with wooden arm rests.···•···.· .........•................. Cat. No. 650/C1731

COmpo Retail £22.95

Our Price £12.99

5.'Sprung Bed. Roral design cotton fabric. Metal with multi·position ratchets in the head rest. ········.·.··._· ,....•...•.....•... Cat. No. 65Ot1091

COmpo Retail £15.75

Comp. Retail £26.00


7. 8 PositIon "Retax..slr" Chair. Foamfilled eush.,ons COVered in floral design cotton fabr~c.Metal frome with wooden arm rests:...Cat. No. 65010748

Comp. Retail £27.25 Our PrIce £15.99 t. 8 PositIon Luxury Automatic Chair. Foam filled ,,,$hion floral design cotton fabric. tal frame with wooden arm rests. Leg rest rises head recfines................•........Cat. No. 65010889

3. Garden Para_I Base. In plastic. When filled

COmpo Retail £5.73

s. Spnmg Bed. Upholstered mattreSsoovered in lIoral design cotton fabric. Metal fmme with tnulti;:>asitionratchets in the head rest. Cat. No. 650/8896

Our PrIce £8.99

Comp. RetaH £26.95 Our PrIce £15.99 t. Swing Hammock. 3-seater with adjustable bRck and canopy. Foam filled cushions and arm rusts covered in cotton. White polyester coated llfael frame. Will be delivered direct to your home. Normally allow approx. 28 days for deliVery. .. Cat. No. 65011352

Comp. RetaiJ.£97.20

Our PriCe £64.99

10.Sunbed Cover In Floral DesIgn. Replacement cotton canvas cover tofitmost sunbeds similar to' Item no. 11. COmpletewith hooks and elasticised bands : ~..Cat. No.· 6!iOI0906

Comp. Retail £6.05

Our PrIce £3.79

11.Sun LOungeTBed: Florafdesign cotton fabric. Metal frame with multi-position ratchets. Cat. No. 65011204

Comp. Retail £13.28

Our Price £7.99

1. Hawk Garden ParasOl, Floral cotton cover with fringe. Steel sbaft tilts 'and adjusts .in height Diameter 70f' approx ~, Cat. No. 65011242



Our PriCe £14.99

10. Hawk Relaxer' Garden Chair. Foam filled cushion. Floral -design viscose fabric. WhltEf enamelled metal frame witt\.plastic arm rests. Leg rest rises as head reclines Cat. No. 65bi1211

Comp.Retail £39.30.

OUf Prlee£25.99

. ,,~ 11. HaWk Luxury Padded Garden High Chair. Floral design viscose f~ric. Adjustable back rest, White enamelled metal frame 'with plastic arm rests...........................•................ Cat. No. 65011228

Compo Retail £27.40

Our Price £18.99






p contents hot Of cold.\ Ideal for campin§ or I cnies. Capacity 14 litteS:Sl!J>Plied In assorted :'..•tat.. No. 34510475 otours t ec.Retail£7.90 , OUrPrice£5.49

11. C001el"Bag. Insulated to help kf!ep contents hot or cold. Capaclj 15Iifre!i....Cat- No. 34510808

Comp. Retail£3..45

Our Price £2.49

11. ''THERMOS'" Brand "HI-Une T' Vacuum Separate milk container, ·eapacity 7 11 oz. I 'aSk capacity 36 fI oz. Supplied in assorted " ...Cat. No. 345100&6 , otours.............•........•............ I 'ask.

Rec. Retail£2.60·

OurPrice £1.89

'4. Hawtin International aJ.l[ Sided Afibect. With pillow and side walls. PVC coated nylon rriaterial. Deflatedsize 76"x28!"•. !"\; : cat. No. 34011730

Comp. Retai. £"f3.SO

Our Pric:8 £9:99

TUbed and ~ 5. HawIIn Intemational Reeded Afrbed.. Rubberised cotton fabric. DeflatedsiZe8;3"x3O" .....•........... Cat. No. 340/1228

CompoRetail £1Q.75

Our Price £7.99

6. Hawtin Inbnnational Tubed Airbed with BuiltPillow. Rubberised cotton fabric. Deflatedsize 7Z'x2~" _ " Cat No.340112,t1

CompoRetail £8.99

Our Price £6.79

Spenby Musculator. Chromium plated steel ",'ng and shafts. Moulded grips. Designed to ,.lld powerful arm and shoulder muscles. Cat. No. _1800

1. Ablec Massage Machine. Vibrating head. adjusts from 25" to 37" high. 4" wide cotton belt. Complete with instruction book. Cat. No. 300/1903


OurPrice £41.99

, K.

OurPrice £40.99

3. Hawk Cycle Exerciser. Adjustable handlebars and saddle.With speedo/milometer. Cat. No. 300/2476

Compo Retail£80.00

Our Price £58.99

4. Slim Cycle Exerciser. Designed to tone muscles and shape le~. hips and thighs with 10mins. use.per day. Complete with vinyl mat and instructions Cat. No. 300/~


OurPrice £5.49

Our Price £4.79

''Walstshrlnker'' Exerciser. Designed to slim ur waistline with S minutes use per day. With Cat. No. 30012823 ..II Instructions

2. Ablec Folding Exercise Cycle. Meter shows comparable road speed and distance covered. Weight 15 lb Cat. No. 30012311 .

Rec. Retail£55.96




Our Price £3.79

til "S Minute" Body Shaper. Designed to slim, 1,lnd finn up the total figure with one 5 minute <:100twice a day. Hooks onto door handle. "plote with instructions Cat. No.30012146


Our PrIce £2.29

Admiral Sports Shoulder Bag with Zip PoeIn strong waterproof matelfal. Size I Ij'x S" ~ ,.Cat. No. 30012610

p. Reta" £5.25

Our Price £3.79

5. Spenby Sculling Exerciser. Upholstered solid seat, 8 chromium plated steel springs detach to form a 5-strand chest expander. Adjustable. strength Cat. No. 30011594

1111Jennings Vinyl Sports HoIdaIl. Large , .ty. Size 19"x11!·x7" Cat. No.3OIW2:304


,tIc1mJral. Sports Shoulder Bag. In strong 11tOOf material.Size 1S"x10"xS". . Cat. No. 30012603

OUrPrice £21.49

6. "Superstar II" 53 Kilo Barbell & Dumbell Set. Comprises 12 interlocking "orbatron" discs, n' barbell bar, two 18" dumb-bell bars and full instruction manual. Wi)i be delivered direct to your horne. Normally allow approx. 28' days for delivery L Cat. No. 300/2816


OurPrice £37.99

7. Spenby Home Gym KIt. Comprises adjustable 5-strand chest expander, foot stirrups, wall attachments, hand grips and. course of exercises Cat. No. 30011831


OurPrice £4.49

Our Price £2.99 Ih4IrFootball. 32 panels. Size 5. laceless ,I lion adaptor Cat. No. 30011295


Our Price £5.49

Ir.1 Sports ,large Grip Bag. In strong nof material.Size 18}"x12"x7". . Cat. No. 300/2627


OurPrice £5.49

OurPrtce £6.29

8. DigItal "'Skip-Rope". Counter in handle.shows how many revolutions rope makes. Cat. No. 30012830

Compo Retail£5.25

p Retail£5.'65

OurPrice £3.49


: We offer a:full money-back In addition to your statutory

1. FIe~aster Aluminium Tennis Racquet. nylon. leather grip. Strung with "Hy-sheep" Complete with head cover ...•.....Cat. No. 30012809

Comp. Retail £13..95

Our Price £9.99

2. Lew Hoad "Powermaster" Aluminium Tennis Racquet. Synthetic stringing. Leather grip. Medium weight and grip Cat. No. 30012799

Comp. Retail £9.95

Our Pric:e £7.49

Tennrs Racquet. laminated frame. Spiral nylon stringing. leather grip. Cat. No. 30011989 Weight 13~oz.

3. Lew Hoad "Champion"

Comp. Retail £6.75

Our Price £4.99

4. Refum "Gold Cup" Badminfon RacqueL laminated wooden frame with steel shaft. Braided nylo,:, stringing. With absorbent grip. ' . Cat. No. 300/1817 .

Our PrIce £4.99 5. Ullywhite Frowd ''Viscount" Badminton Racquet. Multi-ply frame with steel shaft. Nylon ,stringing. Cat. No. 300/0856

Comp. Retail £8.89

Our PrIce £6.99

10. SportIvo Squash S1arter Set. Racquet frame of ash-beech and bamboo with towel grip. Complete with vinyl head cover, squash ball and pair ot towel wristlets Cat. No. 30012892

Comp. Retail £10.69

11. Lew Hoad "Condor" Squash Racquet. Steel shaft with laminated head. Clear synthetic stringIng. leather grip Cat. No. 30012153

c;otnp. Retail £9.99

Compo Retail £14.95


Our Pric:e £11.49

7. Rexmaster Squasb Balls. Set of 6. Nonmarking. S.RA approved, Slow speed.


CompoRetaU £2..68

30012782 Our Pric:e £1.99

. Cat. No.

Our Price r:r.79

12. Rexmaster "Black S1at" Squash Racquet. 6 ply ash-bamboo frame with black fibre facing. Synthetic stringing and leather grip. Complete with full cover Cat. No. 300/2775

Comp. RetaB £13.95

OurPrIce £10.49

13. SportIvo "Mexmay" 5quas" Racquet. Wooden shaft with nylon stringing an<wowelling grip t..•..... Cat. No. 30011510

Comp. RetaU £8.75

Our Price £6.29

14. Golf Sag. 6!" top ring. Solid base. Full length zipped clothing pocket, tee and card holder on zipped ball pocket .. Club divider. Body carrying handle and shoulder strap Cat. No. 321/2912

Comp. Reta~.~6.75 ...,

6. Flexmaster Badminton Radluet. Aluminium head with synthetic stringing. Tapered shaft. leather grip Cat. No. 300/2768

Our Price £7.49


Our Price £10.79

IS. "Stowaway" Ace De Luxe GoIfTl'OlIey. Fitted witt! new wiOOlighiweigtrttyms. Cat. No. 321/3021

Comp. Relail£26.95 1&. Golf IJmbnilla.

Our Price £18.99


nylon cover.

30" doubile frame. Wooden handle. Cat. No. 321/0189

Comp..Retail £i6.9S

Our Price £5.49

8. "Court" Tennis Balls. Set at 6. Cat. No. 30012218

17. SIqN!T .Jet 1.620 BritIsh SIze Golf ·BaDs. Conform to R & A regulations. Set of 12 balls. . Cat. No. 32113007

Rec. Retail £2.97

Comp. Retail £4.80 \

Our Prk:e·£1.99

9. Hatex "Ken RosewaH" Tennis Trainer. Fill base with sand or earth. With spare elastic. Size

tr« 7l'x 2!

Rec. RetaU £4.25

.cat. No. 300/2414 Our Price £2..99

Our Price £2.99

1.. ''tnIemationaI'' Starter Set Golf Clubs. Comprises 3 w~, 5, 7 and 9 irGnsand centre shafted blade putter

CompoRetail £63.00.

Cat. No. 321/3038

Our ",Ice £39.99

Youth's Frshfng OutfIL Comprises !;!' solid fibreglass rod, screw fitting. fixed spool reel.100 yd line, hooks and float. Cat. No. 32510723

1. Frsherman

Our Price £4.49 2. Fisherman 7' Hollow Glass Telescopic Spinning Rod. Cork handle,screw reelfitting. Chrome rings and ririg protector Cat. No. 32510709

COmp. Retail£6.88,

OurPrice £4.99

3. FIsherman 13' BeachcastJng Rod. 3 piece hollow fibreglass. Ceramic rings and screw reel fitting. Rubberhand grips Cat. No. 32510912


OurPrice £14A9

4. Fisherman 12' Ferruless Match Rod. 3 piece hollow fibreglass. Ceramic b:IItt and end rings with hard chromed intermediates: , Cat. No. 325/0802


OurPrice £9.29

5. FIShing Umbrella lftIlth TIlt Action. Heavyduty nylon cover. 8 ribs. 'Frame size 45", Open size approx. 7' Cat. No. 32510967


OurPrice £11.99

6. Fisherman Ambldex FIxed Spool Match Reel. Stove enamelled finish. Ball bearing operation. Capacity365yd of 8 Ib line........Cat. No. 32510974



7. Tackle Box and Accessories. Rigid polystyrenetackle box with cantilever tray. Includes3 reels with 0.012 line, hooks to nylon, bait dispenser,floats and shot etc........Cat. No. 32510929


OurPrice £5.99

, I""ng Rod Holda". Umbrella pocket and card holder. Adjustable handle. Drainage In pocket and main bag. Length 5'. Cat. No_32510510




OurPrice £5.99

lI~wHn International 'Wave-Rlder" 3 Person ,.bte Boat. In 24 gauge PVCwith 5 inflation ubors. Deflated size 103"x56·. Oars and Cat. Not3OOl2861 '11 not supplied (np.Retail£21.95 I OurPrice£19.99 C

San Roat. In nylon 11'. size 91"x36·. Packed size 5O"x12"x6". II. 38 lb. Will' be delivered direct to your Normally allow approx. 28 days for deliv.......,,:..: Cat. No_30012878 ari "Pegasus"

flH'ood marine fabric. Sail height 9'

, p. Reta'ii£139.99

Our Price £99.99

mpari M"-25 21 h..p. OuIboard MOIor_ cylinder forced air cooled. Maximum outlOr.p.m. Re-coil starter. Three blade prop"'dla. x Si"pitch.Dryweight18Ib_Willbe ,I!(j direct to your home. Normalty allow ?8 daysfor delivery;:......Cat. No. 3OOf2885


OurPrice £149.99

International "Sea Quest" 2 Person Boat. In rubberised nylon. Suitable for lit! outboard motor up to 2! h.p.. With ling oar locks, marine type brass valves. , n chambersand repair kit. Supplied with Id pump. Deflated size 9O"x52"_Will be 'direct to your home. Normally allow "8 daysfor delivery.......Cat. No. 30012452


OurPrice £52.49

Set. With wire divider and 12Iongflightdar.ts ..Cat.No.3OOI2421·

2. •• Y. Dart 18"x1!& Dartboard

RtH:. ...

Our PrIce £4.29


3. ... Y. Dart 3-CoIounId 18"Kti" Dartboard. Wire divider and single 'interchangeable number ring. with 6 toumamentdartsand wooden cabinet c cat.. No. '30012438

Our P!iCe £12.49


7. Expandlng-'Vlnyl' c-.. Fully lined with gusFIapoover fastening andsaf8ty locks.. Larger has additiOnal lochs at eadt end. Iogue ,. COmp.Our

RetaIl ~ £25.30 £16..99 £27.10£1" •




Quality kpanded

v nyt Comfortgrip handleSandadjusJable straps. fo!lue' Comp. Our RetiIIt PrIce


£18.50 £12.99 £21.25 £t4A9


&elusive E)!panding Gr_.tlBd c-...Suit( have'cdfilparlment di.vider in lid for sepa. r I packing. BeautifUlly lined. Retaining straps. cutive style OOIdalI is aJso lined and has parate document, c:ompa!1ment ;


S. Pot Blac:lc 5' ... ...........,,, Pool Table.. Fmish8d in gl"ained ':wood look" material with sinwlaled leather poclt&t surrounds. The ~ suffiH:e is ~ with quality cfoth.. Detachable matching leg assembly includes It ball r;ICk. Supptie{f with two 42" cues, triangte, setof 38 mm balls and "how to PlaY' instructiol'l$. PaGked flat fOr home assembly. Size &2'x32"'x~ higtt. wm be-defiwred direct to-YQ.Ur hOme. Normally allOw approx..,28daysfordeliwry ...•..•Cat..No.388f2847

'CanJp.. Retaa£l08.00

Our PHc:e £79..99

"'_II.V. DiHtTungsten Nftkef Alloy DarIIi.. Set of .3. With polyester flights· and porvair ~wallet. Weight23gr3ms~ch ....••.._••_.Cat.. No. 30012445

Rec. RetaIl£12.80

OUr PrIce £8.29


Comp. Our RetaIl PrIce £40.00 £26.99 £35.50 £ 128.95 £I9.A9 .

1. Ronchl '~", C!;aees. ABS' polypropylene shell with anodized aluminium frame. Cloth interior with elasticated ~ning straps.' larger case has wheel rollers and pull handle-. Catalogue Comp. Our Number RetaH Prtce 28512263 2m"x18"x8" 241.50 228.49

28512270 27!·x191·x8"

f" Contfnenlat Slyfe·Zlp- Top Cases and Holdait. I \ 1ge coloured vinyl with overStraps. ". Compo Our ( talogue' umber' Retail Price .''1511518 22"x1S!"xS!" 214.65 29.99 £8.85 2629 1501 1!Wx14"xEW


2S2.8Q 236.49

1525 2S!"x17"x6" 511941 Holdall 2O"x12"x9"

Expanding FIbre Case. Aip-ba~ 28"x21"x7". When expanded 28"x21"x9" ...•............................. cat. No. 28511927

215.95 210.99 ·£5.65 24.29

2.. . ~rtan

lockS. Size

Camp..Retail 212.50

• Spartanlte Cases. SuPple PVC material on "lIoy frames, Snap-over locks. Adjustable straps. talogue 'Comp. ~r umber Retail Price 0344 Weekender' 21'x16l"x61" £20.60 215.49 0351 Traveller251"x19"x7}" 224.95 .218.49 0368 Jumbo$x21"x61" tt1.95 £20.49

Our Price 29M

3. FoldIng ,sUitcase.. Black watch tartan. Zip fastening on Open size 24·x 15"x6". Closed size 24·x8"x2" Ca.: No. 28510997

Comp. Retall-£6.00


J'Ur Price 2429




0vemIgIIt Case. Fully lined. Zipped ou1er pocket. studded base and nickel plated Jock. Size 18"x 14"xS" .'.. cat. No. ~39 4;. Expanding

Comp. Retall·£12.~

Our PriCe 28.99

5. ~ Travel Suit Ccwet. Protects against damp and dust. With generous side gussets. Length 36", 'lII(idth23"...•••...•....•.•cat. No.285115lO

Comp. RetaU 22.25.

Our Price 21.49


FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE « We fully respect all your legal rtgI:Its a~ a customer. But In addition to your prptedlOn under the law we will exchange or refund you for any u~ item that doesnot your exaCt require ........ ~ return· the Item to us Its original covering, together wtIh your,(_receipt; wtlhln. 14 days of purchase. .•


1.. Antler Vinyl Cases. Zip fastening with straps and buckles. Shoulder bag size 13·x14:1"x6". Catalogue Comp. Our



£24.25 £16.49 £23.25 £15.49 £25.25 £17.29 £1&.95£11.79 2. ConsfeHalion Soft-51ded Cases. ,In Skai material. Zip fastening. With straps and buckles ..




Comp. Our . Retail Price· £20.48 £11.99

7 lady's Tra~ Cosm~ Case-. Full'y II and fittedirlterior. SiZe10l·x7!~~7:l". i. Cat. No. 28512146 • ConsteHation SQft.SIded SuitJ:ase on WIMefs.. " Skai material. Spring-loaded extending handle , easy manoeuvring. S"1Ze'21"x19"X~ . I Cat. No. 28512122

II11p. RetaB£31.30 •

£22.18 £12.99 £2a88 £13.99

285f22SS 28"x181~x8" 28SI'2225 Right Bag 111"x11l"x5"£13.34

OUr Price£19.99

Right ~ PolyUrethane material. Outside .kets.Size 1~·x11¥x8l· ......Cat. No. 28511972.

Our ~.£5.99

omp. Retail£&6s


F1IgIIt ~~~olyur~





omp. Retalt£620


Cat. NO.'285I1C109

Our Price £4.49M'r'::"~~~A;


4. Nodand Gazelle ~ Luggage TrOlley. PIatfonn folds automatically for quick ~ing. . .'~:.~ Cat: Ho:28Sf1587 Compaetfo(~




[,5.,CcllIJ81lelildioIllVanityCase.Vinyl covered. Two 'boltIes in. interior pod(et. With lock and twopositionadjustablestmp.Size13i~)(13·x5·. Cat,.Ho.. 28511154

Our Price £4.29


:=:::;:==:::::;:~;;;;;==;__ ;;;~

;nnyt rna"

Zip-top opening. 3. zig: pocketS. Shoulder

'P. Size 13"'xt1·xT

3. FaIdIiIj LIgage c:ant8r. Chromium plated *ith Jocking wire deIiioe and-elastic simp. . Cd.. No. 285121 ..

COmp. RetaII£5.90 . :~

Our Pric:e £9.99 '

omp. RetaR £14.75

"R~.~ FIIgIlVTraVltt Bag. Vinyl Ilh full zip;-toPopening. Ha~gripsandshGulder . • .p. Side pocket Size 16l"x 12'x&r. Cat. NO. 285118t7

Comp. RetaU £8.451.

Our Price £5.!&


2.. Reactollte Gent's Sunglasses. PhotoChromic lenses change very light to dark tint in according to the br)ghtness af the surroundings. Gold co10urOOmetal frame. Complete with case _Cat: No•


OUfPrice ttO:A9

CQmp.Retail £16.87 °ll. Re-actollte lady's Sungla~

Photochromic lenses change fmm very light to dar:k tint in seconds. according to the brightneSs of the surroundings. Ug!:tt brown plastic frame. CoITh plete with case Cat, No. 58010676

Comp. Retall £14.43

Our Price £8:29

available in values of £1, £2 and £5. Ideal for those special gift occasions and can be used at'irny' Argos showroom.

110. Camem. to. Berlrey ~'~ I xlended range capabili!i'r-'hen using400 ASA film. gives better pictures oUtdoors ir:l [ower light and doUbles the flaSh range. CdS f onditioflS "I ctrie eye alitamatically Sets el,CPOSUreand justs aperture. low..Jigbf Warning signal itodi: , res when insuflicientamount of light for proper , posure. Uses 2xAA ~til1500) batteries: cat No. 56012'18& Rae. Retail £47.25(i)ur Pflc:e £29..99

3.l(Odak"Btra 22" Camer.a 0uIfIt. Built-in cover and support handle. Bright-line viewfinder. Weather selector operated by a simple "Slide.The weather symbol -selected appeal'S in ~ viewfinder. Shutter speeds of 1/250and 1/40 sec. ~ No. 56012915

Our Price £18.49

~!~t====~~~~~===~~:;~;;~~~~~~~;;;:;~::::::~f=~~~~~~~;::~ and handle to 12" protect camera arid give rigid 4. KOdak"Ektia Camera Outfit. BuiltCincover support when taking pictures. Precise shutter button wjth double exposure prevention. Shutter speed 1/250 and 1140sec Cilt. No. 56012908

Comp_ Retail £17.77

PE285 110 rnslant LOad ". 8efkey ~ne C mera. Wtth built-'On electronfc flash whiCh t ,kes approx. 150 flashes from 2xAA batteries. I'ullt·in portrait lens slides into, po$ition with a flick of the finger fon:fose-upat3!-4'. , Cat. No. 56812946

Rue. Re~~ £35.18,

OUt PrICe £22.99

Natlorral c.R1110 Cament wftb RadfO.!Built11250 sec.. Radio has a, poaker and rotary coonots for tuning and vel;. Uses 2xM (penligllt)I'iatteries or equiva~,nl. _ _Cat. No.!i60J3848 "

fit' flash. Sf\utter s~.


Retail £84.29


Our Price £12.79

5..Kodak "-4·1" 90cket Camera 0uIfIt. Takes pictures from '4' 'to"infinity. Complete with 110 Kooacolor'l film. wrist strap and case. Cat. No. 5601301'1

Retail £29.34

Our Price £9.79 6. Agfa "Autostar" 110 Pocket Camera Outfit.' f11 ~ns. Shutter speed 1180sec. Automatic flash speed of 11110se.c. Complete with 110 colour film. Magicube and wrist cord ..;;...., ..Cat. NO.56012678

'4 Hanimell''VIF 1iro" 110 CameM. f9.5l26 mm t olement lens" Built-in electronic flash. Uses AA(penl~~riesorequivaient. Cat. No. 560/3031

Comp. Retail £10.25

R.c. Retail £29.95


Our Price '£8.99

7. KOdak "Instilmatic77X" Camera Outfit. Complete with ,126 Kodacolpr 11 film. Magicube and wrist strap .' CaL No. 56bI2623

Comp. Retail £11:~

.Our Price £8.29

Our Price £21.49

16 Halina MF200 110 Pocket Camera. Easy to


instant load camera, Complete with flash attachment and wrist strap. Uses 2x MN2400batteries or equivalent . Cat. No., !i6OJ2939


Rue. Retail £8.95

Our Pi'icie 26.~

I , Hallna "STB" 110 Pocket Camera. Telephoto .nd normal lens. Built·in'eleCtronic flash. 'Thumb lide and double exposure prevention. Uses MN1500batteries or eQui1(alent. ' " Cat. No. 56013024

... Our Price £16.99 , sse note~'Unless otherwise stated batteries •• not supplied. '


"SP 35'" 35 mm camera. f5.6138mm coated optical lel1s.BUilt-.i'"integrated electronic flash. Four position focus control. Uses 2xM (penlight) batteries or equivalent. Complete,with case...............•........~ : eat. No. 56013055

4. Hanlmex

Ree. Retail£51.12


5. Hallna '~toflasb 35" 35 mm camera. 12.8/40 mm lens. Pregrammed shutter speed from 1/3().. 1/250sec. Built-in CdS light meter and electronic flash. Uses2xMN15OO (M) +1 xPX625 batterieS. Complete with carrying No. 56013062


OurPrice£38.49 ,

6. Rlcoh "500 G" 35 mm Camera. 12.8lens. Fully automatic with manual override. Shutter speeds i to 1/500 sec. plus delayed action. Complete with pOuchcase.····· ::': cat. No. 560/3086



7. Sunpak "Auto 14" ComputeriSec! Electronic. Rashgun. Gives correct exposure automatlcauy. Hot shoe or co-axial connections. Uses

'-':=:;:::=;;::=====~:::~:::====~~===;:::;:::::!::t:==::::::~===:::=:::;:==~=~ -

zx MN1500 batteries or !KIuivalent. , "". :1'Cat. No: 56012393 Ree.Retail£20.25 OurPrice£12.99

10. Kodak EK100 Instant Picture Camera. Electronic exposure control for daylighl Of flash::' SHutter speeds 1/2()'1/300 sec. Automatic print delivery. Dry prints develop in YQurhand. Takes Kodak PR10 film. Uses 1x7K67 batteries {suppl.ied)............•.................••............ cat. NO.56012609

Compo Retail£31.00


Ree.Retail£51.84 Please note: Unless otherwise stated batteries 1.,...-;.......;.. ........... _.., are not supplied.

Blnatone "Thunderblrd" Car RadIo.I..WIMW. ual tunifl9. Automa~ic polarity change for 1. 1mac100 Super 8

;:s6..~~..~: ..~.~:..;~5.:.:n:. __.__1~ p!!ILlpsl 0-

a- Projector.

f1.5/20 mm lens. ~ing andsPooling. 4OO'""Sprooke.tless .-eel .........•............................. Cat. No.57Of1263

Retail £16.25


.2. ca-ex 797 Dual Gauge 8 mm a-ProjecIor. 11.5120-32 mm zoom lens. Auto-threading. Forward/reverse. variable sj)eeds plus still picture. Capacity 400' offilm: Cat. 57011012

Motorora 154 Car RadIo. LW/MW. Manual 1 'Ing.Variable tone control. 12V negativeearth ,. Output 5 Watts (rms).Size7i"x1¥x4i" . Cat No.. 50012498

Retail £42.30


3.. SillMr lentIc:u1ar Tripod Projec:tioh'Screen. Spring tension roller. Screen retracts for storage .. Screen size 4O"x4O" Cat. No. 57010226

4. "any Projector Table.. Teak effect vinyl top and shelf. White enamelled tubular steel legs. Folds flat when not in use. Height open 38". Top shelf size 16"x 12" Cat. No.57OIC19a


I PhIlips AN36fJOS Car RadIo. LW/MW. EOpush I ,nons for pre-setected stations. Output:5Waifs. I' negallve earlb only. Size ]A' x 1i"x5l'. Cat. No. 50012292 J c, Retail £~ 16 Our PrIce £31.99 I.' Alba ACRS Car RadIo. ~W/MW. 5 push I ttons for' pre-selected stations. 12V pas .. or •• earth. Output 4 Watts (rms). Size2"x5" ; Cat. No. 50012429

Compo Retail £23.60

Our Price £16.99

Our Price £7.99


5, Gat ''Pana-Vue'' Automatic 4xmagnification. Holds stack board or 24 plastic mounted batteries or equivalent

Tablft-lOp Viewer. of up to 36 cardslides. Uses 2x U2 Cat. No. 57010752

, MotDmIa 142 Car Radio. LW/MW. 5 posh , Illons for pre-selected stations plus manual lining. 12Y negative earth only. Output«> Watts (." ). Size 7/,·x·tl'x4,.........l.....Cat. No. 50012'481


Our Price £8~99

Comp. Retail £12.45



:f Our Price £3.19 l'

7. G1Mxne 7185 ".lagu'" Fully Automatic Slide Projector. f2.8/85 'coated lens. Remote control slide change and focusing. Fan cooled. With 24 VI150 WTungsten Halogen lamp and:rotary magazine , ; Cat. .. o.57OI1225


OutPrice £60.99

8. Gnome 7102 ".laguar" Automatic Slide Projeclor. 12.8/85 coated lens. Remote control push-button slide change. Side lever focusing with 300 W to. lamp andstandard magazine. . Cat. No. 57011050


Our Pric8 £47.99

Our Price £38.49

RadIornobIJe 1160 RK Car Radio.. lW/MW. 5 buttons for pr~ected stations. 12V neg&earth only. Output 5 Waifs. Size 1l'x 4l'. " ,:; _ _..CaI:. No..500I:I62&

6. Revue Slide Y_.Viewing area 4"x2f'. Uses 4xU11 baUeiies C3t. NO.57011304

Ree. Retail £69.31

OUr Pricet27..99

Our Price £12.49

Ree. RetaO £21.95

Ree. Retail £88.84


Our Price £57.49

Ree. ~etaO £83.95

Ree. Retait £5.19

PriC:e£1-1...... ~.

Our Price.£35.49

Ree. Retail £'62.79






Our Price £39.99

ShaIp AR947 Ca~ Rac!fO. LW/MW, 5 pw;h ttons for pre-selected stations. 12V pas. or earth. Output 5 Watts. SIze61·x2"x~. Cat. No. 50011406


Retail £41..95

. Our PrIce £33.99

Moss 331 Car R~ lW/MW. 5 p'ush ",Itons for pre-selected stations. 12Y negative ribonly. OutputS Watts. Size 6"x2"x7". Cat. No. 50012285

1. Hany

Retail £36.00

Out Prk:e£:ia99

note: a) All car radios are supplied fa wllft spealier and tbiIng Idt. . b) Batlleries are not"sUppited willi any 1IIem. _

I Harry Moss I

Pye2275ea. Stereo CassettePJaye,. Rotary ,,"trois for volume and tone. Slide cont1'ol1or lance. Pushbutton eject and fast forward wind. ( Itput 2x6 Watts. 12V negative eadb oaJy. Size f 4'·x61· Cat. No. 50012522

Retail £43.34


OW'Price £26.49

, t Binatlme G1'X Car Stereo Cassette Player. loder controls for volume, tone and balance.

button ejeet and fast forWard wind with to-stop.Output 2x3 Watts. 12V negative earth •Size6!{x6" x 2" Cat. No. 50011925

Retail £37.50

Our Price £23.49

1. ~ Waltham W118 Cal' Stereo Cassetle Player.


Retail £122.70

4. Sharp RG5801 Car SteI'eo Radio/Cassette Player. MWNHF radio with MPX for stereo broadcasts.Automatic noisesuppressionsystem. With auto-stop 8r:ldeject. Output 2x8 Watts_12V negative earth only. Size5~Hx7"x11'. Cat:.eNa. SQI)J21508

,hder volume arid balancecontrols. Pushbutton •. ' ~ eject and fast forward wind. Output 2x 5 12V negative earth only. Size W tts. • 7}·x2" Cat.No.5OOI1554

omp. Retail £31.95

Our Price £21.99

. Sharp RG2700 Auto Reverse Car Stereo _tte Player. Output 2x7 Watts. 12" negaearth only. SizeE>rx6l"12". Cat. No. 50012326


Retail £69,95 '4.

Our Price £57.99

Philips AC060/97 Car Stereo


, yar. Auto-stop. Slider balance control. SepaI

I volume, tone, fast forward controls. L.E.O. od ot tape indic;:ator.Output 2x.5 Watts. 12V

tiveearth~i;IIJ. Size7"x51"x H". . CaL No. 50012340

Rec. Retail£68.1&

Our Price £44.99

lISe note: a) All car radios and cassetleplay.... ale supplied compte_ wiIb speakers and

~'ng kit.

. b) It is imperative that the manuI durer's instructions regardfng the use of ad deanlng cassettes aw'foltewedcarefully. Ule to do so will reduf:e. the perfonnance of equipment. We fully respHt all yout leg,at rightS as a customer. But InadditIOn to yoUr PI'Otef'l'On under Ih& faw we will excbang& or refuflcl you for any ~Iwsed lIem ttiat d:oesnot meet your exaCt req.uirements:'.:Just lefum the Item to us In lis orJginalcovering. ~Iher with your receipt.; willlr.. < 14 da~ of pun:ltase.

1. Pye 1372 Radio. LW/MW. Tone control. Of)eratesfrom 4x SP2batteries.Size 1H·x3"xEij·. Cat. No. 50012450

Comp. Retail £1Q.95


Our Price £14.49

2. -Pya ~12 Pocket ~adlo. t.W/MW. With wr-ist strap and earphone. Operates from 2x HP7 batCat. No. 500/1664 teries.Size4.x 1!"x2f'

CompoRetail £10.77

Our Price £6.99

3. Pye "Pippin" 1172 Radio. LW/MW. Earphone and carrying strap. Operates from 3xSP11 batteries.Size4"x 63"x 13" Cat. No. 50011217

Comp. Retail £13.48

Our Price £9.49

4. Hlra Pocket Radio. MWIVHF.With earphone,

carrying strap and case. Operates from PP3 battery.Size3!"x H·x6" Cat. No. 50011712

n. Ingersoll XK742 Battery/Mains Radio. LWI "'WIVHF. Telescopic VHFaerial. Rotary controls. ( mplete with earphone, 240V ;IlC. mains or , HP7batterieS.Size8"'x2"x5!.... Cat. NO. 50012443 Rec. Retail £19.95

Our PriCe £12.;49

1 Ferguson 31,898 Battery/Mains RadIo. LWI ...WIVHF with AFC. Telescopic VHF aerial. earI 1'1&. Qpefates nom Z40VA.C. mains Of 4xSP7 .. t1eries.Sizen~x2Ifx51": Caf:. N"o.5IlU12'4ST

Our Price

~11~Jr~~~~~~~~~~~~;;;;lli:~~~~~~~~~~;;;~ Comp. Retail £12.50

Our.Price £7.99

Rec. RetaU £11A95

Our Price £7.99

5. Blnatone "Navigator" Radio. AMNHF/Air. craft. Telescopic aerial. Operates from PIiI3 batCat. No. SOO/2096 tery.Size3f'x2f'x61·


6. Blnatone "Europa" Battery/Mains Radio; LW/MW.Slider volume control, rotary tuning. Car ael'ial soGket. Operates from 240V "-C. mains or 4)1:SPHbatteries.Size-8i"x3i"x-5i". Cat. No. 50012223

Rec. Retan £14.95

Our Price £9.29

7. Flden., "Rad 24" RadIo. lW/MW. Socket for extef"nalaerial. Operates from PP9 battery. Size. 10"x2f'x5l" Cat. No. 50011688

O~r Price £11~99

Rec. RetaD £16.70


14. Pye 1416 BatterytMalns Radio. lW/MWI VHF. Telescopic- aerial; Socket for earphone: rates from 240\1 A.C. mains or 4xSP11 bat,ies. Size 1O"x2i"x 61"............•CaL No.50012247

CompoRetail £31:95

Our Price £21.99'

IS. FIdelity "Rad 23" Portable Radio. lW/MWI ,


Rec. RetaU £30.00

I Our Price £21.49

UI. Ultra 6193 Battery/Mains Radio. lW/MWI VHF with AFe. Telescopic VHF aerial. Operates fr m 240V A.C. mains or 4xSP11 batteries. Size x 2i"x5V :.•............... Cat. No. 50012120 p. Retail £22.78

Our PriCe £17.49

8. Ultra 6192 BatterylMaIns-f(adlo. MWNHF with AFC. Telescopic VHF aedal. earphone. Operates from 240V AC. mains Clr4xSP7 batteries. Size ~x21·x4f' Cat..No.50012539






9. GruncP.g Boy 700" Batli!MYJMaIns RadIo. lW/MWIVHF. Slider volume cOntrOland press button wa\leband selection. Earphonesocket. ~ from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSP11 batteries.Size t H·x21·x6" ..••....Cat. No. 50012144


Reta" £35.50

Our Price £31.99

10. GrimdIg ... Boy 310" BatlerylMains RadIo. lWIMWIVHF. Slider volume control. Telescopic VHF aerial, soGket for earphone. Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xSP11 batte.ries. Size 8f'x21·x5" .................•.........••..... Cat.,No. 5OOI22S4

Comp. RetaU £27.00

Our PrIce £24.99


button wavebandselection. Extemal ~ F. Push ,Ial and earpiece/tape sockets.·Operatesfrom Cat. No. 58010964 battery.Size 12\"x3"

/ <

.Argos Gift (available in values of \ £1, £2 and £5. Jde.'lt for those special _//' gift occasions and can ~/%/ be used at any Argos 'showroom.· .


1. Philips AL380 BaIteq.lMaa. LW/MWIVHF. Telescopic VHF aerial.~i;arphone socket. Operates from 240 V AC. maill!i or 4xHPH batteries. Size 9l'x3"x7}· (handle talsed)..··............•,,:::. Cat. No. 500/2395

Our Price



PhIfps Al.57O BatterylUains Radio. LW/MW/SWNHF with AFC on VHF. Variable tone control. Telescopic VHF aerial. Earphone socket. Operatesfrom 110/220-240 V A.C. mains OT 4xHP2 batteries. Size 11!"x3:1"x83"(handle raised) :. . Cat. No. 50012405

Our Price \


Ferguson 3188 BatterylUalns Radio. LW/MW/SWIVHFwith AFC. Telescopic VHF/SW aerial. Slider volume. and rotary tone controls. Earphone.Tape socket. Operatesfrom 240 V A.C. maim or 6xSP11 batteries. Size·lOj"x23"'l<6i. Cat. No. 50012175

Our Price £24.99 4. Watlharil W144 8aIteq.IM~ Aadib. L~IMWIVHF/AiTGraft bands with AFC. Rotary Telescopic VHF aerial. Earphone socket. 0pe13tes from 240 V A.C. mains or 4xSP11 Cat. No.. 50012261 batteries.Size 11·x3"x71·

Comp. RetaH £29.95

Our Price £20.99

[1~[=;;=:::;;:;:===;;::;,:;;;:;;=~~==::;==~===::::;:==:;::====:::::==;:::4 5.Grundig"EllleBor7fJO"8aIIery.lllainsRadio. LW/fiAW/SWIVHF. Large thum~1 tuning control. Telescopic VHF aerial. Sookets for tape and earphone. O~ates 'rom 11.01240 V AC. mainsor4xSP11 batteries. Size103"x2"x61", ,.. ,,~ No. 5IIIOf2546

Comp. Retail £38.00

.: Our Price£34.99

Blnatone ''Worklsta~';BaHeryIMalnsRadio. LWIMWIMB1IMB2IRjIIIVHF11VHF2' .,including marine and Aircraft bands. L.E.D. tuner. Two 1e1escopic aerials !Plus built-in fQniIe '-00 antenna. size 123"><41"><81". ()perales fi-om-240V AC. mainsor 4xHP2 batterles..Cat. No. 50012412 6.

Rec. Retail £55.00

Our Price ~

7. Blnatone.~" BatterylUains Radio. LWtMWNHF and Aircraft bands. Push button wavechangeanit on/off, slider volume and tone controls. Telescopic aerial. Sockets tor ~bone and 5 pin DIN. Operatesfrom 240 V A.C. mainsor 4xSP2 batteries. Size 112"x2J"x6!". Cat. No. 50012151

Ree. Retail £32,00

Our Price £19.99

. b) It Is Imperative'that the manuI :turer's instructions regarding the use of h d cleaningcassettes.are followedcarefully. UTe to do so will reducethe performanceof equipment.

8. Sharp RT1157 Front loading Slereo Dolby CasseHe Deck. Automatic programme search .ystem. long life heads. independent bias and ualiser switches. Twin V.U. meters and L.E.O. peak level indicator. 240V A.C. rnalns., (Must be uaed In cOnJunction with stereo amplifier or .tereo system) , ~..CaL No. 51'0/4444

Rec. Retail £139.95

Our Price £109.99

10. Philips N2213 BaHery/Malns Cassette Rocorder. Boot-in "electret'!· mjcrophone, Autor cord level, long life heads, pause control and quick repeat facility. Recording indicator light. OIN sockets for amplifier and external microphone. Operates from 240V AC. mains or lCHP11batteries.Size 1Oi"x7!·x2!". . Cal. No. 51013359

Our Price 1. Sharp GF 1704Battery/Mains Radio/CasseHe Recot'der. LW/MW/VHF. Buili-in miCrophone and tape counler. Auto-stop. LED. record/battery indicator. Operatesfrom 240VAC. mains or 4xHP2oatteries. Size 12"x4·xSl". Cat. No. 51011011

Rec. Retail £59.95

Our PrIce £48.99

2. PhHips AR060 "Hipster" 8aHerylMaiml Radio/Cassette. Recorder. MWNHF radio with telescopic VHF aerial. Built-in "electret" microphone, radio inlerference filler and auto-record level. Operates from 22O-240VAC. mains or . 6xHP11 batleries.Size9l'x2~.x6f' .. Cal. No. 51013658

Our Price


3. BatterylMalns Radio/Cassette Recorder. LWIMWNHF radio with ALCand auto-stop, Built-in condenser microphone. DIN socket. Telescopic anlenna. Complete with cassette, mains lead, 'earphone and external micro. phone. Operatesfrom 240VAC. mains or 4xSP2 . , batteries.Size11·x3·xS·: CaLNo.510/4248

,I~;;::;:::::::~:;;;;~=:;~::;::;::~~::;;;::;:;~~:~~:::===~~:;=:::=~;:==:;;::;::===~ ~/Comp. Reta" £48.95

Our Price £34.49

i 4. Alba R29 Batlery/Malns

CasseHe Recorder. , Built-in condensermicrophone and ALC.Sockets ,for DIN, earphone and external microphone. Operates from 240\( A.C. mains or 4xHP11 batteries ··· · : CaL No. 510/4451

Our Price


5. .lones 5150 Batlery/Malns CaSsette Recorder. Built-in microphone, auto-stop and ALe. Sockets for DIN and remote control microphone. Operates from 240V A.C. mains or 4xHP11 batteries.Size 10l·x5f'x2¥' CaL No. 510/3696

Rec. Retail £27.95

Our Price £15.99

6. Pre 9103 BaHery/Malns Cassette Recorder. Built-in Condensermicrophone.'Auto-stop.Slider volume control. Sockets fg~J>'N.earphone and separale microphone. Operates from 240V AC. mainsor 4xHP11 batteries........CaL No. 510/4262

Comp. Retail £26.54 .' j'

Our PrIce £19;99

7. Sharp RD610BaueiylMalns Cassehe Recorder. Built-in condE!nser and remote control microphones. Autom~tic recording levei and auto-stop. Operales from- 240V AC. mains or 4xHP11 batteries. Size 10!"x5f'x2i". Cal. No. 51014396

Rec. Retail ~4.95

Our PrIce £19.99

8. Pre 3210 Ba\terylMalns CasseHe ~. Built-in "electTet" microphone. Auto-stop and electronic tape speed control with auto-record level. Operalesfrom 240VAC. mains or 6xHP11 baHeries··.._ CaL No. 510/4286

Comp. Retail £35.39

Our Price £25.99



t1. Blnatone "8.oyal': LE.D. Electronic ClOck! .. It.dlo. LW/MWNHF.; 1'2 hour automatic clock with amJp.m. indicator. Will awaken you at I 'ected time (alarm or radio). Sleep and snooze twitch, fast and slow se\ (time and alarm). Size 1 If'x6''x3!· ~ CaL No. 510/3579

Ree. Retail £39.95

;~,\Our Price £22.99

12. Pre 7411 LE.D. D~ltal nWpl8y Clock/Radio. IW/MWIVHF. 12 hour clock w~1la.m.lp.m. inditor. Will awaken you at selected time (alarm or ,. dlo). Sleep facility. Size 9"x7"x2!". . Cal. No. 51014406

CompoRetail £40.50

Our Price £27.49

13. Waltham. W146 LE.D.. Digital CIaicklRadJo-:\ W/MWNHF. Will awaken you at selecled time ( Iarm or radio). Sensor touch snooze.switch. f tsry tuning control. Slider volume control. Size lOI·x6!·x3f' : CaL No. 51014200

mp. Retail £29.90

Our Prk:e £21.99

14,. Blnatone "Digllron Mk. II" ClockIRadlo. ,W/MWNHF; 12 hour'clock with a.m.lp.m. indi,. nor, Will aWakenyou at selectedtime (alarm or '0(10). Sleep, snooze and dimmer controls. Size CaL No. 510/4468 II)!'x5l·x3i"

Ree. Retail £29.95

Our Price £19.99

Fidelity CR-I LE.D. ClocklRadlo.lW/MW. 12 ~~~~~~~~~~~ ur clock with a.m./p.m. indicator. Will awaken ~ y u at selected time (alarm or radio). Sleep witch. Automatic display dimmer,.slider volume I ntrol and earphonesocket. Size 12!·x6"x3!". Cat. No. 51&14004 R c. Retail £39.50 r Our Price £28.99 18. Blnatone "MaJestic" Electronic CIocIc1 reo Radio. lW/MWNHF. Will awaken you at lected time (alarm.or radio). Adjustable bril" nce with snooze and sleep switch. Headphone cket. Size 13f'x6!"x~· CaL No. 51014217

Ree. Retail £49lJ5

Our Price £29.99


Wsltham W155'LE.!). Dlgifal CIOckIStereo , dlo/Cassette Recorder. LW/MWNHF stereo wavebands.Stereo cassette recorder'with'piano 'II)' controls. Two built-in condenser micro"hones. Pre-set alarm to awaken you by radio. r ssette recorder or buzzer. Gan also be pre-set t record from radio. Sensor.touch snooze and 1 P switches. Messa~ light, Size 1~"x6!"x Cat. No. 510/4255 ."

mp. Retail £79.95

Our Prk:e £57.99

.1Ie nole: a) ~Herles iare not supplied.~1Ib Any Item. .bf It Is lm.,.ralW!' that the manuI cturer's Instructions regarding the use of ad cleaning cassettes are followed"carefully. .IIure to do so win reduCe'the .,.rformance of t equipment.

A5022HMusic Centre. Output 2x30 Watts

1. Bush SA 5453 Ballery Alann CIodcIRadio. ~W/MW. Ideal as a travel clock/radio. Analogue clock. Will awakenyou at seleclecltime (alarmor radio). Operates. from 3xSP11 batteries. Size n·x3"x3!" , ~at. No. 510/3586

Comp.Retail £31.40

u c). LW/MW/SWIVHFstereo radio with AFC. '.peed automatic single play record deck. Cas-

recorder with automatic record and playlewIs and C~ facility. Size (unit) Cat. No.S1014310 1IijwxT

Our Price £21.99

2. IngersoU XK12 Traveller's Clock/Radio. MWNHF. LC.D.. quartz clock with stop watch, dual time modes and back light. Sleep and snooze controls will awakenyou atselected time (alarm or radio). Operates from 4xHP7 and 1x 10L14(Malloty) batteries.Size6f'»2!"x H". Cat. 'No. 510/4475

Rec. Retail £47.95

Our Price £29.W

p. Retail £279.99*

OUr Price £204.99

Pye 1685 "Black Box" 1lusic-Cen1re. Output 20 Watts (music). LW/MWIVHF stereo radio " AFC. BSR3 speedauto/manual record deck " cuei.ngdeviCe and ceramic camii:fge. t deck has Dolbynoisereductlcinsystem, V.U. r and auto-stop. Sockets for head"hones If'" 5 pin DIN. Size(unit) 22f')X13f'xT. Cat. No. 51014437


£189.99 3:. Alba 80708 Stereo Record Player/Radio. Output 2x10 Watts (rms), LW/MWIVHF stereo radio

AH970 Music Cen1re. LW/MWIVHF foo radio. Output ~x 6.5 Wattscont. sinewaw. opeed single play record deck with cueing lee, ceramic cartridge and diamond stylus. tte deck has{RJ.F.filter, pausecontrol, ALC auto-stop . indicator. Socket for 5 pin " ,tape in/out. Size (unit) 22i"x15"xT. Cal. No. 51014114

with MC on VHFand tuning indicator lights. BSH multi-speed single play stereo 'record deck with 's' tone arm. Sockets for headphonesand 5 pin DIN.Sim (unit) 23!" x 14~·x6"....Cat. No. 51014523

Comp.Retail £146.00



Our Price £114.99



4. FIdelItY UA8 Stereo Record Player. Output 2x8 Watts (nns). BSR,mUlti-speed single play record deck with cueing device. SIiElercontrols for volume right and volume left, treble and bass. Socketsfor headphpiiesand 5 pin DIN: Size(unit) 2H"x 14f' x6!~ ~, , Cat. No. 51013445

Rec..Retail £81.00'·'..

Our Price t58.99

, PrIce

Ferguson ''Studio 200" Music Centre. Output 6 Watts (rms). Dolby noise reduction system. , ' R P182single play record deck with damped I

I 5. FIdelity UA18 Stereo Record Player. Output 2x2 Watts (rms). 2 speed auto-ohanger.-Slider controls for volume (L and R channel) and tone. Spckets for headphonesand 5pin DIN.Size(tAnit) 18l"x14j·x6!" Cal No.S10/4138

Rec. Retail £63.00

OurPrice £44.99

, •.,

Ing device and stereo j::eramic cartridge. /MWIVHF stereo radio with LED. tuning r. Socket for stereo headphones.Size (unit) 14f'x61' , Cat. No.51014;:l07

mp. Retail£235.65 I



Our Price £17.49

Our Price £179.99

.sa note: a) ~atteries\ are not supplied iNlIh


6. FIdelity HF42 "Min'" Record Player. Output H Watts (music). Takesfull size LP. Individual tone control. Size 12!"x10~n)(4· Cat. '51012147



b) It Is Imperativ.ethat the manurer's ,Jitstructlons regarding the use of d cleaning cassettes are followed carefully. lIure to do so will reduce the perfOrmance of equipment.



Crown Merton

1. Waltham STM15 Music Centre. Output 2x8 Watts (music). 3 speed BSR auto record deck. LW/MW/SWNHF radio with stereo decoder and AFC. Top loading cassette deck. Slider controls for volume, balance and tone. Storage campartmentfor 6 cassettes. Siz-e.(unit)~·x15"x7.r. . Cat. No. 510/4097

OUrPrice £104.99 2. Alba 9072 Music Centre. Output 2x10 Watts (rmsj. BSR 3 speed single play automatic/manual record deck wjth cueing' device, ceramle cartridge and dual sapphire stylus. LW/MWNHF radio with stereo decoder and AFC. Stereo cassette recorder with automatic cr02 tape facility. Single record level control and twin microphones. Sockets for additional speakers. 5-pin DINand headphones.Size (un'it)3O¥'x15A"x61". Cat. No. 51014293



OurPrice £159.99

, Crown Merton Music Centre Stand and Storu- Unit. Holds up to 60 cassettes and 60 L.P's. 5y glide feet. Size35f'x 15"x 20¥' high. Cat. No. 510/4530



;/ OurPrice £24.99

• AVF Superior Quality Speaker Wall Brackets. Will pivot, tilt arid clamp speakersfrom 6".to 10"in ,Jopthand weighing up to 35lb e~ch, DesIgnedby professionals for the true enthusiast, . Cat. No. 51014365

Compo Retail£14.00

Our Price £9.29

Alba' H2 Stereo Headphones. Nominal lmanea 8 Ohms. Frequency response 20-18,000 117. Curl cord with standard stereo jack-plug. Cat. No. 510/4372


Compo Retail£6.98

Our Pri~ ~.49

10. Bush VX9003 Stereo Helldphones. N&ninal


rmpedance 6-22 Ohms. Frequency Itt·15KHz.Individual volume controlsresponse.40 and coiled r I onnecting lead Cat. No. 51013823

Compo Retail£11.40



n. Bush YX9OO2 St~ Headphones. Nominal impedance- (stereo) 4-22 Ohms. Frequency , sponse 20 Hz-15KHz.Ind!vidual s~idervolu~e eontrols mono/stereo SWItch. Coli lead with lereo ja'ck-plug~.: No. 510/2219' 4. Pye 1601 Music Centre. Output 2x6.5 Watts (music). LW/MW/VHF stereo radio with stereo indicator light. 2 speed automatic belt driven record deck with cUl~ing device· and ceramic cartridge. Cassette has ALC, cr02 switch and auto-stop on both r~cord and playback. Sockets for headi)hone ant! 5 pin DIN. Size (unit) 24i"x 13j·x6f' :.:.: : Cat. No: 510/4420

Compo Retail£155.50*· OurPrice £129~99 5. Crown Merton Adjustable Music Centre Stand. Width adjustment between 21" and .34". Height 17". Fitted with gliders for ea\!}' rnove-. ment. ··..·····..· ·, _.Cat.No. 51014145

i Ree. Retail£17.28

OurPrice £12.99

12.Cambra Record Storage cabinet. Teak effect with removable smoke coloured lid. Holds up to ixty 12" L.P. records Cat. No. 510/3153

Comp. Retail£11.88.

Our Price £8.29

13. Purpax Record Storage~. Vinyl covered. ~toldsfifty 12"LP. records......:.Cat. No. 510/3098


Our PrIce£2.99

14. Purpax Record Storage Case. Vinyl covered. Holdsfifty 7" single records Cat. No. 510/3108


OurPrice £!.79

OurPrice £8.99

6~Crown Merton Pair of Speaker Stands. Width adjustable between 8" and 13". Height from ground 9" ··· · Cat. No. 51014152

Rec. Retail£17.71

Comp. Retail£16.65·


ptease note! It Is Imperative lite. the man... I c:tuNr's Instructions regarding the use of head deanlng cassettes are followed ca~. .lIure to do so wHI reduCe'the perfonnance of ItIe equipment.


1. Cambra 88 Music Mobile. Teak effect finisb. With pulJ..out. drop down dJ'2W6r.Holds up to 69 cassettes .and ~ to 150 LP. records. Fitted with castors. P.acked flat for home assembly. Size 243"x15l"x.2Oi" (assembled) ..... Cat. No. 51014389

Comp. RetaU £28.95

Our Price £20.49

2. Cambra 69 Cassette Cabinet. Holds 69 casseflel;)n separate divisions, 36 in top of cabinet and 33 in drawec. Teak effect finish with Hansluoent l1inged lift-off lid. Size 15jMxl1"x6f'. . Cat. No. 51013483

Our Price £9.79 3. Cambra "De Luxe" CasseIle Case. Padded, vinyl covered. Holds up to 45'cassettes. Removable insert to allow use as document case, Gilt tocks: Size 151""x 12j"x31~ Cat. No. 51013861

CoIqp. BetaU £5.55

Our Price £3..79

4. Cambra CasseIle Storage Cabinet. Holds 4s cassettes with or without libmrycases in separate divisions. Teal<effect finish with smoked 1ranslucent hi~ged lift-off lid. Size 15t'x14!~x4l·. Cat. No. 51014358

Comp. Retail £8.99

Our Price£6.49

.5, Purpax ~ssette Carrying Case.'PVCcovered with intemal compartments to hold 32 cassettes Cat. No. 51013177

Ree. Retail £3.~

Our Price £2..39

6. Cambra Cassette Storage Cabinet. Holds 33 cassettes, Teak effect finish With smoked trans< lucent, hinged lift-off lid. Size 15"><10"x~W. C,at. No. 51012635

Comp. Retal£!6.99

,~;:[ Our Price £4.~

7_Bib "Musicelltre:' Ca." iat. AII-in-one record and cassette care kit. Comprising "gr6ov-kleen",

-;ii:ii~~~:ii~2:;:;=~~~~~;;:~~;:;=~~~~~~~;;;;;;;;;;;~ cleaning brush, styIu~ cleaner, record dust-off. cassette heal;! cleaner. re-reoord tabs. extractor


tool and pack of rep,aeament title tab9ls. ( .Cat. No. 51013476

ReC..Relail£5..15 •.

Our PIice£3.79

18._ ReeonI Can!! Kit. Comprising automatic "groollf-kleen". stylus and \turntable cleaner, record dust-off, cleaning doth and spirit 1!;MIl. cat. No. 51011612

Our Price £2.79 9. EMI Staftdanl Cassettes. Pack of 3. Playing . times C90-90 mins., 060-00 mins. Catalogue Rec. Our Number RetaU Price 51013122


51014341 060


£5.34 £2.99



N, 1013830


10I:Tn1 COO


, 1 Sc:ofdt HJ'gh EneqJy Fenfc" CSO • 5. Each cassette gives 90 MInS.of plallmg tlme~Complete with free 48 page Cat. No. 5101~' tte recording guide

CompoRetaU £10.45

Our PriCe £6.29

., Pye "Rambler" Portable Qlack and White 625 II UHF Television. 1~ screen. 6 push button ''''gramme selectors. Rotary controls for vol" • contrast and brigh~. Operates from , 0 V A.C. mains or 12 V D.C. car battery. Cat. No. 53010602

CompoRetail £97:.33

Our Price Nt A9

Black and WhIle 625 '""".......,_,_,~ Sharp 12P37H ~ UHFTelevision. Approx. 12" screen. Rotary ogramme selector. Opet"atesffOm240 V A.C. ", ••Ins or 12V D.C. car battery ... Cat.. No.53Ctf0619 I


Our Price 276.49

Retail £99.95

I... Ferguson ,3787 "Movie SIar" 14" Portable f r T.V. 625 line UHF system. 8 sensor touch " nnel selectors' with illuminated indicators. , Ight 32 lb. ~ fJOm240 V .A.C.mains or " Vcar battety Cat. No. 53010750

omp. Retail £264.95*

Our Prk:e£239.99

" Ferguson,~ ,ortable Black andWhlle 625 II UHF TeleVfslon. 12" screen. Electronic vartuner with rotary programme selector. Slider • rttrols for contrast and brighlness. Operates m 240V A.C. mairn>or12V.D.C. caFbattery. Cat. No. 53010530

Our Price £65.49 Walltlsm W154 P'OffabIe Black and White T.V. RadiOlea-tle RecOider. fI' screen operon 625 line UHF. lW/MWIVHF radio. Cas110 has 6 push button controls. Rotary controls , volume and tone. Auto.stop and ALC. Oper." from 240 V AC. mains. 9x HP2 batterres or 12 Il C car battery : ,.Cat. No.53OIf1167



Retail £169.95

Our Price £137.49 note: a)·Batteries are nOt supplied with


. b) It Is imperative ..... the manucturers InstrucIfons regarding the use of cleaning ca_~.are followed carefuBy. "' to do so will the performance of equipment.


1. Binatone Colour T.V. Video Game. By con, necting to the aerial socket of your T.V. set enables you to play tennis. football. squash and practise. Individual speed control .and built-in sound system.(N.R Will operateon most 625 line UHFT.V. sets but colour is or:llypicked up from a colour T.V.' set.) ' Operates' from 6xHP2 batteries '...•.Cat. No.. 530/0628

Comp. Retail £25.95

Our Price £14.99

2. 8inatone "T.V. Master Mk.4" BlaCkand While Video Game. By connecting' to aerial socket of your T.V. enables you to play tennis. football. squash and practise.- Remote control levers. Automatic score recording. Speed control and built-in sound system.Suiteble for most colour or monochrome 625 line UHF television sets but image will appear in black 'and white on1v-:-even on a colour T.V. set. Operates from 6xHP2 batteries.......................•....... :.....•Cat. No. 53010523

.. ReiiiU£f9.95

Our Price £9.99

3. Ingersoll ~'Uillversal" (4-Way Spider) A.c. Mains Adaptor. 9 Volt ~on. SuHablefdr use with home video gameS and calcutators. Mea. suresapprox. 3"x2l"x2" C8t. NO. 53010688

Compo Reta" £~.95

Our Price ,£3.49


4. Ingersoll Black and White T.V. Video Game. By connecting to aerial socket. of Your T.V. enables you to play 6 games (tennis. football! hockey. squash.solo/practise. targ.t 1and target .2). Pistol included: Individual attack buttons, automatic scoring. Operates on 6xHP7 batteries 'Or AC. -adaptor"(available-separately). '(N.B.Will operate on most ti25 line UHF televisions but image will appear in black and white only-even on a colour T.V.set) Cat.No. 530/0671

Comp. Retail £19.'95

Our PriCe £16.99

5. Ingersoll CQlour T.V_.YJdeo Game.. By connecting to aerial socket 'of your T.V. enables you to play 6 games (tenniS. football/hockey. squash, !lolo/practise. target 1 and target 2). PiStol included. Automatic scoring. individual attack buttons. angle ·andspeed controls. Operates on 6xHP7 batteries or A.C. adaptor (availableseparately). (N.B. Will operate on most 625 line UHF televisions but colour is only picked up from a ~N0..53OI0864 colourT.V.set) ...........•...,

COmp. Retail~.9S

Our Price £12.49

7. Kay Guitar Ouifli Stud~nt size guitir with 6 steel strings. Wittlj·bag.plectrum. neck cord and instruction booklet plus demonstratiqn record. Cat. No. 54010784

Our Price £18.49 8. BoRtempi 8105 Electric Reed Organ. 2 octave keyboard. 8 button bass section which plays 4 major. 4 mirlor chords. With instructions. Size 253"x11.l"x27"high (incl.legs) ..C8t. No. 54010911

Comp. RetaD£37.99

'0 Schreiber HI-FIStorage Cabinet. Teak effect ,I h. Size 42"x17¥'x21" high. Packed flat for y assembly. Will be delivered direct to your .mo. Normally allow approx. 28 days for deliv: " "" Cat. No. 61011714 f """


Our PrIce £25.99

Please note: Batteries are not supplied with any item. c.:""" •

c. Retail £40.90

Out Price £30.99

If Schreiber HI-Fi Storage Cabinet. Teak effect II h. Size 32i"x16"x25~" high. Packed flat for . 'it assembly. Will be delivered direct to your 'I",mo. Normally allow approx. 28 days for deliv-

:y~i~;~~~~················~·~~~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Skyline by Prestige Bookcase Unit. AddilIul units can be stacked and linked. Teak ct Melamine laminate finish, Size 30:1"high Cat. No. 61~/1439

mp. Retail £24.95

Our Price £23.99

6. StrJophOne Portable Electronic Organ. Built,in amplifier and speaker. fully transistoris.g. 11 chromatic octaves.Notes arepicked out by stylus on a ftat keyboard. Output socket for external amplification. Qperates trorn PP3 battery. Demonstration record included. Size 61·x3i"x H· : [':.;i. Cat. No. 540/0928

Rae. Retail £14.99;'{

Schreiber Extending HI-FI Storage Cabinet. llhlble for positioning into on around a corner Impiy along a wall. Teak effect finish. Top can xtended from' 47" to 7CY'. Depth 15i':. height I Drawer for cassette storage. packed flat for , y assembly. Will be delivered direct to your 11'1'10. Normally allow approx, 28 days for delivy " " : Cat. NQ.610/1707 Our.Prlce£52.99 U c. Retail £67.72

,Our Price £16.99

Skyline by Prestige Mobile Multl·Purpose ,,,". Teak effect Melamine finish. Adjustable tves. Size 3H"x17l"x15k" .. Packed flat for 110 assembly Cat. No. 610/0928 c ••••••

mp. Retail £33.40'



Our Price £22.49

'. Centa Telep~,~,!eTable. Vinyl covered foam hlon. Drawer'l!lnit is reversibleeither right or Ihandfacing. Size39"x16"x21" high. Cat. No. 610/0272



( mp. Retail £35.00

Our p'rice£24.99


Telephone seat. In teak effect laminate with III nyl covered seat which is hinged to reveal a >rnystorage compartment.....Cat. No. 610/1886

"' Easy Chair. A comfortable chair with attracbrown hardwearing 100"10nylon corp coyer ",1111 woven polypropylene back). matchedto a dorn-took chrome' frame. Size 22"x2n"x29" Jh " " ~.Cat.No. 61011862

~ c. Retail £32.75 (Our Price £21~49 I' Seat/Occasional· Bed~Converts in seconds


an attractive chair unit ,.ioto a single bed. II for the. unexpected guest. 100% polyIpylenecover Cat. No:610/1927

mp. Retail £42.50

.. Our Price £29.9.9


1. Slocombes

Nest of 3 Tables.

Teakcraft Troile, T.bIe. A really strong yet ant multi-purpose trolley with solid teak , smoked glass top and tWinwheel castors. I 33·x1~"x17" high. Supplied packed flatfor "ne assembly \ Cat. No. 61011848

top with atromosla lipping. Large. 22"x t~"x 19" high ~Cat.No.I:1I"n!)!UI

Comp. Retail£37.25

Our Price

2. Nest of 3·Tables. Gold anodised alull!!llrll.Ulm .frames with smoked glass tops. Largest Cat. No.l:1I"1·7A. 17"x17"x17" high



3. Sardan Trolley Nest. Four circular tables nesting into an occasional table on tors. Teak veneered tops. Large table high. Circular tabies size, 24"x16!"x22" diameterx 18!" high Cat. No. 61tIlJ1:2U



. Retail£42.95

p. Retail£6.25



5. Reproduction Wine Table. Solid mahogany stem and legs. Gilt AI11,hn ...... ..t leather insert. Diameter 14",height .. Cat. No. 1:111/1.:117.


Comp. Retalt£17.00'

Our Price

6. Siocombes Oval Smoked Glass Top Teak veneered surround. Size 42"x21 high ~ : C8t. No. 61t~/"f ...



•• Stacking Stool. Enamelled tubular metal " me. PVC upholstered seat. Height 2(1'. • Cat No. 60011096

OurPrice £3.99

p. Retail£5.15

4. Reproduction Nest· of 3 Tables. Malhogm"l veneered tops with gilt embossed Solid mahogany legs. Large 2H"x 13"x2Of' high Cat. No. ti'IJnl!i1l&


OurPrIce £27.99

\\ \

, Folding Stool. Enamelled'foetal frame. PVC ..,holstered seat Folds flat when not in use. _Ight 20" ..:: Cat No. 60011027

Wooden Stool. Beechwood frame with ·PVC Istaredseat. Height 21" .....Cat. No. 60011106

p. Retail£7:10_



II Flllir Set' of 3 Tables. High grade plastic

,~t rial. Useful around the house, in the garden lor picnics. Not suitable for use as stools. Size ' .. )(12"high : Cat. No. 61011350 of

mp. Retail£6.55

OurPrice £4A9


flair Occasi~1 Table. High grade plastic , t rial. Useful around the house, in the garden .. lor picnics. Size 15"x15"x1~ high. Cat. No. 61011343

p. Retail£4.75


OUrPrIce £3.49

,. step Stool with Detachable Back. ChrollFlium I tod metal frame. UpholsteJiedseat. Foldaway ''''P8 with grooved wooden treads. Height 35", _ t height Cat. No. 60011209


mp.Retail£18.50 "

'OUrPrIce £12.99

Bar Stool. Chromium plated frame. PVC· Isteredseat. Hl!ight 28" .....Cat. No. 60011168 .

p. Retail~~j50'

Our Price £7.49

step Stool. Chromatic finish tubular metal 8. PVC upholstered seat. Foldaway steps with glOOvedtreadS. Height 24·. , Cat. No. 60011003 "

p. Retail £11:50

OurPrIce £8.49

,; Bllr Chair. Shaped seat and:back upholstered ~, PVC. Chromium plated frame. Overall height • seat height 27". Packed flat for 'easy home .:Jembly ~.Cat.No. 600/1364

R . Retail£17.75

OurPrice £12.99

J' • Prestige Step Stool. Chromium plated tubular .1 I frame. Washable padded seat. Foldaway .f s with grooVed rubber treads..~ight 24".

flluo ',lIow

R.c. Retail£26.95


:CSt.No. 600/0114 Cat. No. 600/0286

'Our Price £17.99


1. Pine Table and Bench Set. Solid pine construction. Table size approx. 48"x24"x30" high. Pair of benches each approx. 4S"x12"x17" high. Packed flat for home assembly. Will be delivered direct to your home. Normally allow approx. 28 days for delivery Cat. No. 60011120

Compo Retail£72.00


2. Traditional Style Pine Welsh Dresser. Pine construction throughout with plastic sided drawers for smooth operation and pine veneered backboard. Size 36"x16"x64" high. Will be delivered direct to your home. Normally allow approx.28daysfor delivery Cat. No. 60011261

Compo Retail£103;50

kyllne by PrestigeTeenager's Bedroom Unit.' mbination wardrobe with hanging robe and II! Sing table. Base cupboard and top storage upboard. Built-in adjustable mirror. Size < rx201"x66" high. Packedflat for easyassem"iy. Will be delivered direct to your home. Nor, lJyallow approx. 28 days for delivery. Cat. No. 630/0845

Compo Retail£165.45

• P.destal Mirror. White surround. Pin tray. For sinqfabte or bathroom use. Diameter 12", Cat. No. 630/0687

"'p. Retail£4.79


3. Folding Guest Bed. Upholsteredmattresswith floral viscose cover. Easily opened to Cat. No. 630/0429 6'3"x2'3"x 1H" high



~. Skyline

Continental Style


'Ii Dressing Table Stool. 100% acrylic pile. .. ovable cover. Foam filled seat. Chromium "Mod swivelstand.Height lS"..Cat. No. 630/0498


C mp. Retail£21.00 by




~E~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~iiiiiiij~ii~~~Sij~f~~~~9i~~~Mb~~~~~~ dark oak trim. Side cupboard can be fitted to left or right hand side of unit. Complete with light fitting. Size59"x471'high. Will bedelivereddirect to your home.Normallyallow approx. 28 daysfor delivery :.Cat.No.630/0539

Compo Retail£75.95


5. Underbed Rack wl~ \l(hlte laminate Front Board. Plastic coated"wire frame and plastic wheels. Providesextra storage space under any divan with a minimum clearance of 5~". Size 27~"x24"x7"high (f!0'ntfascia).Cat. No.630/0742

Compo Retail£9,95 "

Single Drawer 'x 16k"x2W' high

Bedside Chest. Size Cat. No.630/0735

" c. Retail£19.50 "

OurPrice £14.99

3 Drawer Ch,~ Size 30"xl6t"x24i" high. ''',- ; " Cat. No. 630/0797 " C. Retail£35.60 OurPrice£26.99 Dressing Unit. Size

" c. Retail£56.50 ,. Headliner Headboard'" Fantail shape. '.nlshed in washable nylon' coating. To fit 4' 6" only :..Cat. No. 630/0625

p. Retail£22.00



7. Overbed Table. Adjustable height and angle. Teakeffect Melaminetop. Mountedon castors. Cat. No. 610/1367

Compo Retail£14.95


OurPrice £6.49

6. Folding Wall Table. 'Idealfor use where space is limited. Size 32"x20"x30" high when raised. Projects only 4" from wall when closed.' Teak effect laminatedtop with locking stay. Cat. No. 600/1254

Compo Retail£17.35

All ttnsulte "Nice 'n Easy" Bedroom Furniture.

OurPrice £9.99

• • Bedside Cabinet. Teak effect finish. Size I l·x121/'x231','high.Packed flat.for easy home mbly ::Cat.No. 630/0838

mp. Retail£18.30

OurPrice £9.99

,. 2 TIer Circular TroD. ,. Dillnieter 1n". Height )1', Packed flat for home a~bly. Cat. No. 640/3319

mp. Retail r:1.'75

Our l'rlce £5.29

Darlyn 2 11er Trolley. Anodised aluminium e and tray surrounds. Heat and stain resistIt fixed trays. Size 19"x14"x29" tligh. Packed .t for home assembly Cat. No. 64013285

p. Retail £25.00

Our Price £12.49

II Dartyn 3 Tier Tea Trolley. Gold coloured

hsed aluminium frame. Melamine laminated finish trays. Size 22"x14"x3O" high. Packed I for homeassembly cat. No. 64013072

mp. Retail £34.00

Our PrIce £16.~9

Darlyn 3 TIer Trolley. Removable top tray. ICIdlsedaluminium frame and tray surrounds. ""'I mine trays. Size 22"x15"x3(r high. Packed . cat. No. 64013591 "or homeassembly .: "

S. Auriol "COnnoisseur" 5 TIer' Plastic coated steel.;Holds 25 bottles. be joined to make larger uniti;...Cat. No. 1I4l1J'11~

Compo Retail r:1.75

Our PrIce

6. Sewing Pouffe. Nylon covered with ded seat.Accessory tray Cilt.

Comp. Retail £14.20


Our _" ... ··c'O

7. Sewing Stool. Upholstered in Satin.interior lining. Queen Anne Cat.

Our 8. Footstool. Dralon (acrylic) pile

p. Retail £48.00 "

Our DPI ...... C!'7

Our Price £21.29

Our PrIce £30.99

Woodmet 2 11er Folding TroIle¥. HeatIEISis-.

.. t tray bases with anodisedraluminium frame. o y manual opening. Size 241"x18"x28" high.

padded, buttoned top. Queen Anne Size 16"x12"x 1H" high•............Cat.

Comp'~Retail £10.15

. Retail £45.00

Woodmet'3 TIer Trolley. Removable top y Anodised aluminium frame and tray sur~lnd8. Heat and stain resistant trays. Size rail 25"x15"x29" high. Packed flat for home mbly Cat. No. 64013601


Cat. No. 64014105

p. Retail £35.00

Our Price £22.29

Friedland "I)o..ft-Yourself' Chime KIt. Two" signal. Comprises-chime.push button, 30' of II wire and fixing screws. Chime size ,"·x1l~.O~r~~ by 4xHV ~aby batteries. >1 supphed) ::.: , Cat. No. 640/2695

()mp.Retail £5.55 _

Out PrIce £4.49

, Friedland "Warbler" Chime. Black hOusing ,Ill diamond polished disc finished as Danish r. Repeating two-note signal for front door a double-note for a second door. For use 4x1W mono batteries (not ~supplied) or land 752 transformer (not supplied). Gat. No. 640/4033


p. Retail £8.85

Compo Retail £4:00 12. BlaCk& Decker LD100Smoke operated. Detects smoke and eal'lywarning of fire..Incorporates t&!;,t button' low battery warning. Supplied with . and battery : Cat. No.

Ree. Retail £14.95


13. HandWovenMaize Leaf Table Naturalcolour. Diameter91'••••••• Cat.

Comp. Retail £4.1.0-

Our Price £6.79

Ingersoll Electl'onlc Multi-DOor Chime.' 8 rent built-in tunes. Operated by 2~ PP3 bat(not supplied) : Cat. No. 640/4150

p. Retail ~18.9S. Ingersoll E~

\ Our PrIce £12.99 Multl-Door ChIme. 24

II rent built-in ·tunes to- suit.every occasion.

• reted by 2xPP3 batteries (not supplied). Cat. No. 640/4026

.Our Price £16.99


1. Topsy Bird Cage. Chromium plated. Complete 11. Goatskin Pleceplate Rug. Size 54"x24". Cat. No. 640/4253 with feeders, perches,. tray, swing and seed guards. Size 19"x11"x13¥' Cat. No.640/3113 CompoR,tail £17.20 Our Price £12.29

CompoRetail £9.63

Our Price £6;49


12. Polypropylene Doormat. Non-slip rubber 2. Topsy Hamster Cage. Chromium plated wire- backing. Size18"x27" Cat. No. 640/4239 Our Price £2.79 Work and plastic tray. Complete with house and CompoRetail £3.65 playwheel.. Cat. No.640/3924 _

CompoRetail £5.78

Our Price £3.99

3. Magazine Rack. Hand carved in, Spain from Pyrenean pinewqod. Burnt and polished finistJ. Size 19"x61"x 17i" Cat. No. 640/2750

CompoRetail £;12.00

Our Price£8.79

13. Dunlop Sprlngtex Carpet Tiles. 100"10 polypropylene fibre. Loose-lay carpet tiles for easy D.I.Y. installation. Can be removed individlJally. for cleaning. Each tile size 12"x12", Sold iri pack of 9 to make up 1 sq. yd. Gold : Cat. No. 640/3993

· 4. Magazine Rack Table. Teak effect with Brown smoked glass top. Size 16f'x12"x14" high. Blue.i.;..· Cat. No. 640/4136 Green

CompoRetail £15.63


Cat. No. 640/3986 Cat. No. 640/4215 Cat. No. 640/4208


Our Price£11.79 CompoRetail £5.89

BambooBead Curtain. Idealas a spacesaver, Ilvldlng rooms or replacing doors. Size 33"x74" '''gh, Cat. No. 640/3852 X)

.cmp, Retail £10.75

11. "Old Man and Woman" Pair of Figurines. I nd painted porcelain. Height 7". Cat. No. 640/3656

omp.Retail £3.00

' Our Price£2.29

Victorian. Style Porcelain Figurines. Height ,ft

....talogue Number 0/4174 Boy MO/4181 Girl J

Our Price £3.79

Comp.Our Retail Price £4.99 £3.29 £4.99 £3.29

Porcelain Baker Figurine. Hand painted, Cat. No. 640/4167 light 5i"

.omp.Retail £9.99 5: Cat Door and Lock. 2 way. A unique design 14. Butterfly Picture. Create this picture, just providing a private entry and exit door for your using wire and pins. 'Materials provided. Size. ~.·: Cat. No. 640/4246 • pet. Made in plastic. Complete with fitting 16"x 13" instructions and template Cat. No. 64014198 CompoRetail £5.99 Our Price £4.49

Rec.Retail £6.26

OurPrice £3.99

15. Vintage Car Watch Collage Kit. Create this 6. Electronic Air Freshener. With time control. beautiful watch collage, fun to make, easy to Operated by 2xHV batteries (not supplied). follow instructions. All materials provided. Size Cat. No. 640/3955 12"x9". (N.B. Components vary from pack to Cat.·No.640/4019 Our Price £3.99 pack.) ,..:

CompoRetail £6.95

'" 9"r Price £4.99

7. Air Freshener Refills. Set of 6. Delicately perfumed. 2 of each Hint of Orange, Hint of 16. Set of 3 Clown Figurines. Hand painted Lemon and Hint of Strawberry. For usewith item porcelain. Height6" approx.;:....Cat. No. 640/3931 no. 6 · · · Cat. No. 640/4222 CompoRetail £7.15 ,) Our Price £4.69

CompoRetail £3.41

Our Price£2.39

, . I" x 2B", mp.Retail £11.40



ramp. Retail £~;~5,

Our Price £2.29 _---:-

10. 100% Coir Door Mat. Size'24"x 14". Cat. No. 640/3876



".j9. Corner Unit. Teak effect finish shelves with

solid wood legs. Size 16~"x12"x30" high.'\ Cat. No. 840/4129

Our Price £2.49 CompoRetail £11.95

Our Price£6.!Jg

Our Price £6.99

I , Corner Unit:-White with black shelves. Size

'1i'xB"x34j" s-. embly


.amp.Retail £8.25

Packed flat for home Cat. No. 640/3182

Our Price £5.79

If. Telephone Table. Glasstop shelf. Undershelf 'It directories. Size Bl"x17"x1<»". , Cat. No. 640/3216



Our Price £7.49

Plant Pot Stand. White plastlc with 3 holding ekets containing 3 pots. Overall height of , nd 37" Cat. No. 840/4002

18. Telephone Table. Teakeffect with undershelf 9. "Wishing Well" Nutcracker. Wooden bowl can for directories. Size 19"x9i{'x6" high. be used for nuts and fruit. Bowl diameter n". • Cat. No. 640/3845 Cat. No. 84013948 C~mp.Retail £10.25 Our Price £5.99


Cat. No. 640/3209


CompoRetail £9.75

Our Price £12.29

Our Price £6.29

14. Wall Mirror. White'scroll surround. Slfitable r hanging vertically or' horizontally. Size

17. Barrel-Shaped Mlrrd.r.Teak effect finish. Can 8. Weathermaster BarometerlThermometerl be hung vertically or horizontally." SIze Hygrometer. Brass bezel, wooden mounting. 1H"x3W :.,.Cat.No. 840/3838 Size 11~"x5" : Cat. No. 64010642 CompoRetail £10.50 Our Price £7.99

Rec.Retail £1&.50

Our Price £7.49

.Our Price £6.29

1 . Flower Tub. Diameter 1<»",height 9". ·Cat. No. 840/4112

omp.Retail £2.95

Our Price £1.99

Magazine Rack. 24 ct. gold plated. Size I" x 13f'x 6i" ~ Cat. No. 640/3917

Comp.Retail £7.00

Our Price £4.79

10. Planter. White with black trough. For indoor I outdoor use. Size 23i"xB"x24}". Packed flat I It homeassembly ' ,..Cat. No. 640/3041

.amp. Retail £9.85

Our Price £5.49

j- __


_ _,.--_~





1. Rima 408 Fan Heater. 3 kW with thermostatic control. Choice of 1, 2 or 3 kW settings or fan

only. B.E.A.B.approved

Rec.Retail £23.50

Cat. No. 415/1443

Our PrIce£15.49

2. Rima 407 Fan Heater. 3 kW.Choice of 1, 2 or 3 kWsettings or fan only. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 41512057

Rec.Retail £20.99

Our Price£14.79

3. Rima 406 Fan Heater. 2 kW. Choice of 1 or 2 kWsettings or fan only. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 415/1450

Rec.Retail £18.99

Our PrIce-£13.49

4. Ekco FH62 Fan Heater. 3 kW. Variable there mostatic control. Choice of 1, 2 or 3 kW settings or fan only. Woodgrain effect finish. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 41512ZT7

Rec.Retail £26.99


6. Philips 3240 "Mini Turbo" Fan Heater. 2 kW. Choice of 1 or 2 kW settings. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 415/2253

Comp.Retail £19.87

ICc. Retail £14.93

Our Price£14.91


- Reity4! pints, giving up to 15hours of burning maximum flame: equivalent to 1.75 kW. Size ')( 11" x g" Cat. No.415/1883

11 . Retail £35.n

Our Price£24.99

• Glen Convector Heater. 2 kW. Thermo.'.Ucally controlled. Can be wall mounted~Size • Ox 18" high. B.EAB. approved. , .lIIlogue Rec. Our

Retail Price £28.03£16.99 £29.05£17.79


.,,1./1759 White • 11/1766 Teak Effect

Glen 011 Filled Electric Towel Rail. 60 Watts. romium plated rail can be swung out from wall IIlQuired.Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. 22l"x24!" ~.~ Cat. No. 415/2071

. Retail£21.60

Our PrIce£13.99


Dlmplex 011 Filled Radiator. 750 Watts. AirIng thermostat. Size31i"x2H" high. B.EAB. • tproved Cat. No. 41511577 II

. Retail£42.55

Our Price£29.99

Our Price£49.91

Our PrIce £8.71

Argos Gift available in values~,I' £2 and £5. \Id~l for, those special _/gift 'Occasions and can . be used at. .any Argos . '. showroom. ~\

Our PrIce£9.41

10. Bruno Infra·Red Wall Heater. 1 kW. Adjust. able angle brackets.On/off pull cord. Length 28". B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No. 415/2291

Rec.Retail £12.42

OurPrice £13.79

'4- Aladdin "Aladdlnetle" Paraffin Heater. Tank

9. Prllect Reflector Fire. 2 kW. Chromium plated reflector. Choice of 1 or 2 kW settings. Size 14")( 9!" x 9!". B.EAB. approved,.....Cat. No. 415/1641


Our Price£11.79

. Retail £19.25

Our Price £16.91

8. Belling "Tivoli" Radiant Heater. Period style. Coal effect which, works indepim«;lentlyof elements. Choice of ~. 1600 or 2400 Watt settings. Size28~"x9"x1!W high. B.EAB. approved.. Cat. No. 415/209S

Rec.Retail £72.60


• , Rima De Luxe CeIling Heat/Ught Unit. 750 ,'I"Us. Heat a;"d light will operate separately or ,."bined. Cord operated. Diameter 14~".depth .......................................... Cat. No. 415/0891

7. Belling "Tango 3" Fan Heater. 3 kW. Woodgrain effect finish. 1, 2 or 3'-kW settings or fan only. B.E.A.B.approved"..,,. Cat. No. 415/1728

Rec.Retail £25.16

Our PrIce£9.99

II Rima Ceiling Heat/Ught Unit. 750 Watts.Heat • ld light will operate separately or combined. rd operated. Diameter 13". depth 7'0". B.E.A.B. • proved Cat. No. 41510884

Our PrIce£19.29

5. Ekco FH51 Fan Heater. 2 kW. Thermostatic control. Choice of 1 or 2 kW settings or fan only. Woodgraineffect finish. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/2138

Rec.Retail £23.45


Sunhouse 164 InfraoRed Wall Heater. 750 , Heat direction can be adjusted. On/off lid switch. Length 26". B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/2284

, \ .Ct,

. /~~~~;;;-", ./.:& ,,,",-'


Cascade Rise and Fall Pendant. Acrylic nude.Chromedeffecttrim and handle.Diameter t1l", Max. drop 55". Max. bulb 100 Watts. :Cat. No. 430/3741.

Retail£22.85 Compo


I L Sheerllte Rise and Fall Pendant. "Fume" otouredacrylic shade.Chromiumplatedhandle. mnmeter 14". Max. drop 64". Max. bulb 100 ,Ylllls Cat. No.430/2436

Compo Retail£19.35

IXpelair I

1. Rowenta 2 Speed 7~" Folding Fan. Can be used free standing or wall mounted. Has cord storagefacility at baseof unit. ..Cat. No.415/2394


Our Price£9.99

2. Plfco "Splnalr" Oscillating Table Fan. Fitted swivel joint to adjust angle. 2 speed. Blade diameter8" Cat. No.415/2019



3. Vortice "Nordlk 20" Oscillating Table Fan. 2 speed.Diameter8" Cat. No.415/2026



4. Xpelair GXC6Window or Wall Extractor Fan. Bladediameter6". Cord operated.Fits n" diameter hole.B.E.A.S.approved Cat.No. 415/0035



5.,Xpelair FXC6 Window Extractor Fan. Blade diameter 6". Cord operated. Fits n" diameter hole.B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.415/0028



6. Superswltch "Tlmac" Automatic Plug-In Timer. One or two programmes in 24 hours. With manual over-ride switch. Fits most 13 Amp wall sockets. For any electrical appliance up to 3 kW.

~~~~~~~~::~~::~~::::::::::::::::::::::::::==::::::::::::~ Rec.Retail£14.00 ~I

/Cat. No. 415/1924 OurPrice£9.79

7. Smiths"Time Contrl?lIer"Plug-inTimeSwitch. To control almost any electrical appliance.Capable of up to 48 on/ott operationsin 24 hours. Cat. No. 415/2363



9. Trident Rise and Fall Pendant. White with chrome coloured trim. Diameter14". Max. drop 36".Max.bulb 100Watts Cat. No.430/4276


I'. Sheerllte Rise and Fall Pendant. "Ochre" Iiouredacrylic shade.Chromiumplatedhandle. Inmeter 14". Max. drop 64". Max. bulb 100 "'lIl1s Cat. No.430/4283

Compo Retail£19.35


• Cobra 3 Ught Pendant Fitting. Sinn brass 11111 ted finish with white and gold coloured glass nndes.Diameter11".Max.drop23".Max.bulb 60 ""(llIsper holder Cat. No.430/4032

Compo Retail£17.35

Our Price£11.49

IA. Trident 3 Light Pendant Rttlng. In brass

oloured effect. with amber coloured glass hfldes. Max. drop 22". Max. bulb 60 Watts per llder. Cat.No.430/4056

Compo Retail£14.60

Our Price£9.99

Lumex Pendant Shade. Crystal polystyrene ><1 copper coloured trim. Diameter 15". Max. lib 150Watts Cat. No.430/0036

c. Retail£7.99

Our Price£5.29

, Cascade"Colony" Shade.Caneeffect shade ItI1contrasting \~if!1. Diameter 16". Max. bulb 00Watts :.:.:.~ Cat. No.430/3844

Compo Retail£9.45

Our Price£6.49

"Tiffany" Style Pendant Shade. White uooerleAnglaisewith fringe. Diameter11", Max. lib 100Watts Cat. No.430/4410


Compo Retail£2.99

Our Price£1.99


8. Smiths "Imerset" Immersion Heater Time Switch. Switcheson/off twice in 24 hours. With over-rideswitch. For immersionheatersup to 3 kW ,. Cat. No~·115/1632


Our Price£12.99

Our Price£9.99

II, Sheerllte Pendant Shade. Self-assembly. "Ino effect finish. Diameter16". Max. bulb lSO ....,.115 Cat. No.430/4104

Compo Retail£5;50

Our Price£3.69

l . Sheerllte Pair of Pendant Shades. , IIQmbly.Max. bulb 100 Watts. Pack of two as 1.,lIows:Fawn-tan-brown(12"°diameter). Fawn'HI (9"diameter) Cat. No,430/4094



Light Fittings. Dark oak wood and brass finish, with amber coloured glass shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Catalogue Compo Our

Number 1. 430/4317

Retail PrIce £11.15£7.49 Spread 18"£30.69 £20.79

Wall Light. Height8!"

2. 430/4300 TriplePendant.

3. Crystal "Waterfall" Chandelier. Diameter 8". Bohemian crystal on brass frame. Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat. No. 43012917

Compo Retail£17.85

f • 3 Ught Pendant Rttlng. Rosewood finish ms with aluminium cups and glass shades. rail spread 19". Max. bulb 60 Watts per Ider : Cat. No. 430/2474

( mp. Retail£22.74

our Price £13.99

1 • 3 Light Pendant Fitting. Teak and brassfinish ...lth amber coloured glass shades. Overall road 17". Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Cat. No. 430/3765

mp. Retaii£17.73

Our Price £12.49

OurPrIce£11.99 14, Reflectorllte 3 UghtSemI Flush RttIng. Brass

4. Balena· "Georgian" Lantern. Reproduction Georgian pendant in brass finish with glass cylinder and chain suspension. Length including chain 25". Max.bulb 60 Watts....Cat. No. 43013758

Compo Retail£17.10


Cobra Electric Reproduction "VIctorlana" Watts each. Lamps. Glass shades.Max.bulb Catalogue Compo Our Number Retail Price 5.430/2553 Wall Light. Height 9" £8.55 £5.79 6. 430/2546 Pendant. Drop 21" £10.35£6.79


Ish with amber coloured glass shades. Max. ,Ib 60 Wattsper holder Cat. No. 430/4324

omp. Retail£18.96

OurPrice £12.99

nol na Light Rttlngs. Teak and brassfinish with shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Catalogue Comp. Our Retail Price Number . 430/3387 Wall Light. _", Length 12" £7.75 1::0.29 430/3325Pendant.Spread28" £22.45£14.49 t RttIngs. Teakfinish with glassshades.Max. jib 60 Watts per holder.

Catalogue Comp. Our Number Retail Price , 430/2450 Wall Light. Height 8" £8.18 £5.49 430/2443 Peqdant.· Spread 16" £18.61£12.29

7. Cascade "Harp" Pendant Lantern. Brass finish. chain suspended. drop easily adjusted If required.Width W!". Max. bulb 100Watts. Cat. No. 43014070


Compo Retail£14.65 - J' OurPrice £10.39

III Cobra 3 Light Semi Flush Rttlng. Teak and finish with crystal structure glass shades. oo from ceiling 1ta". Max. bulb 60 Watts per Ilder Cat. No. 430/4049 .JlS

8. Electric "Oil" Type Pendant. Decorated ceramic and brass plated metalwork. Max. bulb 100Watts : Cat. No. 430/3277

Compo Retail£12.95

OurPrice £9.99

9. Electric "OU" Type Pendant. Real onyx. Max. bulb 60 Watts Cat. No. 43014290

Compo Retail£14.65

Our Price£9.99

Spanish Style.Ught Fittings. Antique brassfinish with candle drips. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 10. 43013291 Chandelier. Spread 2H" £22.30£12.41 11. 430/3356 Wall Light.Height10''£8.98 £5.49

, mp. Retail£19.10

Our Price £12.99

10.Sheerllte Table Lamp. Brown pottery base. Beige shade with velvet trim. Height 1H". Max. bulb60Watts " Cat. No.430/4355

Compo Retail£7.45


It. Trident Table Lamp. Tiffany style Broderie Anglaiseshade.White ceramtc base.Height 13~". Max.bulb 60Watts Cat. No.430/2735

Compo Retail£7.86


12. Electric "Oil" Type Table Lamp. Real onyx bose and stem with cognac coloured shade. Height15". Max.bulb 60Watts..Cat. No.430/4386

Co",p. Retail£13.30


13. Electric "011" Type Table ·Lamp. Metal base with decorated pottery centre and opal coloured alassshade.Height 14!". Max.bulb 60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/3796

Compo Retail£9.95


14. Electric "011" Type Table Lamp. Decorated floral pottery base with opal coloured glass hade.Height14!". Max.bulb 60Watts. Cat. No. 430/3806

Compo Retail£12.45


III. Trident Electric "011" TyPe Lamp. Victorian tyle. Glass globe. Brass finished base. Height Cat. No.430/3459 14!'~Max.bulb 60Watts

Compo Retail£8.99


18. H.H."Light 'n' Shave" Strlpllght and Shaver ocket. Suitable for bathrooms, with 60 Watt tungstentube. Length 16" Cat. No.430/3222

Compo Retail£21.50


oured base with pottery inset. HeigAt 21". Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat. No.430/4393

17. Thorn "Homellte" Fluorescent Fitting. 40 Watt "U" tube, equivalent to 2xl00 Watt light Cat. No.430/2405 hulbs.Length23", width 8"

Compo Retail£13.75

Compo Retail£18.00

1. Cascade "Pacific" Table Lamp. Chrome col-



2. Cascade "Cellini" Table Lamp. Chrome coloured and black pottery base. White acrylic shade.Height20". Max.bulb 100 Watts. Cat. No. 430/4403

1B. GEC"Europa" Fluorescent FItting. Complete with diffuser and 40 Watt tube, giving more light thana 150 Watt light bulb. Length48". Cat. No. 430/2261

Compo Retail£24.95

COmpo Retail£15.19



3. Table Lamp. Ceramic base. Ribbed shade braided with gilt coloured trim. Height 1~". Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat. No.430/4379

19."Cadet" Fluorescent Light Fitting. Complete with diffuser.40 Watt tube,equivalentto 150Watt IIQhtbulb. Length48" Cat. No.430/4269

Compo Retail£9.99



4. Pottery Table Lamp. Urn-shapedbase,cream pleated shade with contrasting gold coloured tassel trim. Height 20". Max. bulb 100 Watts. Cat. No. 430/4362

Compo Retail£9.99


O.Thorn "Arrows11m"Fluorescent FItting. 30 Wntt tube, equivalent to a ~80 Watt lig"'" bulb. Con be mounted on wall, ceiling or behind fl'llmets etc. Length36",width H". Cat. No. 430/2395

Compo Retail£11.75 5. Table Lamp. Ceramic base.White shade with silver coloured trim. Height 1.4". Max. bulb 60 Watts Cal. No.430/4331

Compo Retail£5.75


6. Table Lamp. Decorated pottery base. Height 11".Max.bulb 60Watts Cat. No.430/3428

Compo Retail£3.18


7. Table Lamp. Ceramic base. Beige shade with gold coloured tri~. Height 13". Max. bulb 60 Watts Cat. No.430/2742

Compo Retail£5.20


8. Table Lamp. Ceramiebase. White shade with silver coloured trim. Height 14il". Max. bulb 100 Watts. . Cat. No.430/2759

Compo Retail£5.95


9. Trident Table Lamp. Brown/beige tiffany style shade. Brass coloured fittings. Height 13~".Max. bulb 60Watts....................... ..Cat.No. 430/4348

Compo Retail£5.99



Our Price£7.49

t. Plug-In Fluorescent Light Fitting. 95 Watt nsumption,equivalentto a 150 Watt light bulb. Plugs into suspanded or fixed lampholder. t nnqth36",width'S!" Cat. No.430/31.98





22. Thorn Circular Fluorescent Fitting. Glass <I"fuser.Diameterj7". 60 Watt tube, equivalentto ,,75Watt Iight bulbs Cat. No.43011114

Compo Retail£22.50


3. Ablec Cir~ular Fluorescent FItting. With crysI I effect shade. 40 Watt tube, equivalent to 150 Willi light bulb. Plugs into any ceiling type lampII Ider.Diameter16", Cat. No. 430/1145




Plug-In Circular Fluorescent Light Fitting• •1 ar diffuser shield. 40 Watt tube, equivalent to ,,' 00 Watt light bulbs. Plugs into suspendedor Ilxod lampholder. Diameter,·S". Cat. No. 430/4252



1: Cobra Triple Spot Ught Fitting. Ceiling plate dIameter 12". Max. bulb 3x60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/2388

Compo Retail£17.60

OurPrice £11.69

2. Cobra Wail/Ceiling Spot Light. Brushed finish aluminium cowl, length 7". Max. bulb 60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/1547

Compo Retail£7.50

Our Price £4.99

3. Cobra Double Spot CeIling Fitting. Centre column 12". Max. bulb 2x60 Watts. . Cat. No. 43011530

Compo Retail£13.25

Our Price £8.79

4. Reflectorllte Double Spot Bar FIttIng. Can be used for ceiling or wall mounting. Spots fully adjustabts. Length 15*". Max. bulb 2x60 Watts reflector type. Cat. No.43014238

Compo Retail£10.99

Compo Retail£16.99 '":"If OurPrI~ £11.79 6. RefiectoriHe Wail/Ceiling Spot Light. Max. bulb 60 Watts reflector type CeL Nq.430/421.

OurPrice £3.99

7. Reflectorllte Double CeDIng Spot Fitting. Spots can be individually directed. Centre column 13". Max. bulb 2x60 Watts reflector type. Cal. No. 43014221

Compo Retall,£12.75

witch in base. Height 13". Max. bulb 60 Watts. Cal. No. 43OIM)18

Comp. Retail£8.80

OurPrIce £5.79

Anglepolse Lamp. White epoxy enamelled '. talwork, chromium plated springs. Reach 30". ,1(lX. bulb 60 Watts CaL No.43011877

Retail£17.82 1I1tC.

Our Price £11.49

1,'.Madamp Desk Lamp. Simulated wood arms. III tal shade. Height 24". Max. bulb 40 Watts. cat. No. 43011035


OurPrIce £3.59

'2. Sheerllte Clip-On Spot Ught. Adjustable spot. 1.4 x. bulb 60 Watts CaL No. 430/4001

Comp. Retail £6.85

Our Price £'lJ.79

Our Price£7.49

5. Reflectorllte Triple Ceiling Spot Light FIttIng. Spots can be individually directed. Ceiling plate diarneter 7". Max. bulb 3x60 Watts reflector type Cat. No. 43014245

Compo Retail£5.99

It Sheerllte Tabla Spot Lamp. Flexible neck:

OurPrice £8.89

~ . Maclamp Spot Table Lamp. Max. height 23". M.x. bulb 60 Watt mushroom or 100 Watt refleer type cat. No. 43011059


OurPrice £5.79

, 4. Maclamp Double Spot Standard Lamp. • Ight 60". Max. bulb 2x60 Watt mushroom or It 100Watt reflector type CaL No. 43012357

ee. Retail£24.75

Our PrIce£13.49

Trlmllte DImmer Switch. Replaces existing IMoft switches without additional wiring. Rotary ,n/off and light level adjustment. Max. load 300 >Y tts Cat. No. 43013851

c. Retail£5.39

.Our Price £3.49

. Trlmllte Dimmer Switch. Both control knobs I~ h to switch on or off .and rotate for light

8. PIfco "Studio" Table Spot Lamp. Flexible neck. Push button switch in "base. Height 19!". Max. bulb 60Watts CaL No.43011860

Rec. Retail£9.50

OurPrice £7A9

..,tensity. Can be used in single or 'two-way Ircuits. Max. 'Ioad 300 Watts per control. Cal. No. 43013868

.C. Retail£12.94

Our PriCe£8.69

1. Emess Porch Lantern. Black polypropylene body with amber coloured panels. Height 21~' Max. bulb 60 Watts Cat. No. 430/4025

Compo Retail£11.45


2. Emess "Hereford" Metal Porch Lantern. Height 14". Max. bulb WOWCat. No. 430/0407

Compo Retail£11.60


3. Emess "Suffolk" Metal Porch Lantern. Hand blownambercolouredglassdiffuser.Height121'. Max.bulb 100Watts Cat. No.430/2065

Compo Retail£13.99


4. Emess "Warwick" Metal Porch Lantern. Height 15". Max. bulb 60 Watts, candle bulb. Cat. No. 43011444

Compo Retail£14.99


5. Thorn Garden Light. Weatherresistantspike. Glassdome. Loopin block for fittings and cable. Max.bulb60Watts Cat. No.430/4427

Comp. Retail£14.85

Our Price£9.99

6. Thorn Garden Light. Fullyadjustableweather resistantspike. Hard glass 100Watt flood lamp, loopinblock andcable Cat. No.430/4434

Compo Retail£15.95


7. Emess Crystal Glass Flush Fitting. Diameter 10".Max.bulb 100Watts Cat.No.430/3253

Compo Retail£7.90


8. H.H.Clarkllte FlushFitting. Glassdiffuser.Dia. 5".Max.bulb 60Watts Cat. No.430/3246

Compo Retail£3.92

Our Price£2.69

15. Philips HD4139Automatic Toaster. Adjustble browning settings'with humidity control a,EAB. approved Cat. No.420/2433

Compo Retail£16.98

" Our Price£12:49

16.KenwoodA120Automatic;Toaster. Variable browningcontrol.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/2189


Our Price£12.49

17.KenwoodA121AutomaticToaster. Polished chrome.Variablebrowningcontrol knob.Crumb .. '...Cat. No.420/3638 tray,,


Our Price£13.99

18. Morphy Richards 4407 2 Slice Automatic Pop·UpToaster. Satin finish body with motif Largebreadslots. 10 position browning control -asycleancrumbtray.Completewith fitted plug. Cat. No.420/2873 B.EAB. approved

Compo Retail£23.31

Our Price£15.79

19. Morphy Richards 4409 Pop·UpToaster. 5 position browning control. "Quick release",'easy clean crumb tray. Cornpletewith fitted plug.B.EAB. approved Cat. No_420/0497

Compo Retail£24.60


20. Morphy Richards 4403 2 Slice Automatic Pop-UpToaster. With toast motif. 10 position browning control. Easyclean crumb tray, Cornpletewith fitted plug.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/3621



10.CarriageStyle Optic Lam!):Featuresapprox. 8.000blackfibres.24"spr~alf'...Cat.No.430/4111

21. Sunbeam XAT-OS De Luxe Pop-Up Toaster. Browning control. Hingedcrumb tray. fl EAB. approved Cat. No.420/3748

Compo Retail£58.59



11.. Fibre Optic Lamp. Changescolour and reo volves.Approx.7,400glassfibres givinga spread of 24"approx.· , Cat.No.430/2780

Compo Retail£42,95


12. Crestworth "Glitterlite". Silver coloured flakes move slowly through blue liquid giving a Cat. No.430/2814 twinklingeffect.Height1n"

Compo Retail£10.50

Our Price£6.99

1~. Crestworth ''Telstar'' Bubble Lamp. Filled With two contrasting liquids which give ever changingpatterns.Height1n". Cat.No.430/2151

Compo Retail£10.50

Our Price£6.99

14. Nursery "Night Light". Handdecoratedpot. tery. Height 7". Completewith miniaturefigures and 15Wattbulb Cat.No.430/3569

Compo Retail£6.99


Our Price£4.99

Our Price£13.49

22. Russell Hobbs .5503 "Poppy" Automatic Toaster. Sideways action. Browning control lover.Largebreadslots.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/3164


:'Our Price£17.79

23. Wigo T1069 2 Slice' Automatic Pop·Up Toaster. Mechanical timer. Removablecrumb Cat. No.420/3171 Iray,


Our Price£9.99

24. Proctor-Silex 4 Slice Automatic Toaster. Chrome finish. Two independent 5 position browning controls. Hingedcrumb tray. B.E.A.B. npproved Cat. No.420/1647







Compo Retail £10.74

filling with water level indicator. Switches off when boiled. Safetycut-out. 2400Watts.Capacity 3l pints. B.E.A.B.approved.. __ ...Cat. No. 420/3573

Haden Electric KeHle. large capacity 5! pints. Polishedaluminium. 2600Watts. Cat. No. 42013597

Our PriCe£7.99

.2. Haden Electric Kettle. Polished aluminium. 2600Watts.Capacity3 pints......Cat. No.42011355

Comp.Retail £9.76

Our PrIce£6.~

3. Swan "Commodore" Electric Kettle. Polished alumlntum" 3000 Watts. Capacity3 pints. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 42011056

Rec.Retail £13.99

Our Price£9.79

4. Swan "President" ElectrIc Kettle. Chromium plated. 3000 Watts. Capacity 3 pints. B.EAB. approved.; ; Cat. No. 42011048

Rec.Reta" £17.95

Our PrIce £12.79

5. MellelWare "Contrast" Electric Kettle. Satin finish. 2750 Watts. Capacity 3 pints. B.EAB. approved.Seematching range on page 105. Cat. No. 420119011

Rec.Reta" £2&U

Our Price £20.99

12. Russell Hobbs K2R Automatic. Kettle. Chromium plated. Switches off when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400 Watts. Capacity 3 pints. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No. 42010136

Rec.Retail £24.85

~;;;;;;:;:;;;:;;;:=:: t;;;

Our Price £16.99

13. Russell Hobbs K2S Automatic Kettle. Stainless steel. Switches off when boiled. Safety cutout. 2400 Walts. Capacity 3 pints. B.E.A.B. apprQYect ..__ __ Cat. No. 42012103

Our PriCe £15.79


14. Haden Automatic Kettle. Decorated aluminium. SWitchesoff when boiled. Safety cutout. 2400 Walts. Capacity 3 pints. Cat. No. 420/3119

Compo Retail £15.80

Our Price £11.49

Our Price £7.49


6. PIfco MIni Boller. To boil single cup (or resistant glass) up to approx. l pint. Suitable for 120/240V. SafetYcut-out incorporated. Cat. No. 42012835

Rec.Retail £5.50

Our PrIce£4.49

7. MellelWare Aluminium KeHte. Capacity 3l pints. For gas only. Matc!1Jitem no. 6 on page 103.· Cat. No. 86013100

Compo Retail £6.59

Our PrIce £3.99

8. Prestige Whlstllng,Kettle. Polishedalumlnlum, Capacity 41 pints. '1or gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate : Cat. No. 86013117

Rec.Retail £10.25

Our Price£6.99

9. Calor Electric PIeza Gas Ughter. NeeOsno flint, fuel or battery. Suitable for all gas appliances Cat. No. 4201137'9

Rec.Retail £4.80

Our Price £2.99

16. Swan CA363F'Automatic Kettle. Chromium 1--,..... plated. Switches off when boiled. Safety cut-out, 3000 Watts.'., .Capjicity 3 pints. B.EAB. approved :.:.~__ ..__ : Cat. No. 42011032

Rec.Retail £22.99

Our PrIce£15.79

17. Mellerware "Hantestnme" Automatic EIec- .ME1.LEF~""~RE trIc Kettle. Switches off when boiled. Safety cutout. 2400 Watts. Capacity 3 pints. . CaL No. 42013580

Our PrIce £10.99

Compo RetaU£17.23

18. Sona K.J92 Automatic Kettle. Polished aluminium. Switches off boiled. 'Safetycutout. 2400 Watts. Capacity 3l pints. B.E.A.B. approved __ CaL No. 420/2828


Compo Retail £17.73\

Our Price£12.49

10. Creela "Corvett&" Water Heater. Audible noise when boiling. Wall mounting with hose and tap connector. Boils up to 7 pints. Plugs into 13 or 15Amp socket. 2500Watts, protective cut-out. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 42011788

19. Sona KJ82 Automatic Kettle. Polished stainlesssteel with teak handle.andknob. Switches off when boiled. Safety cut-out. 2400Watts.Capacity 3l pints. B.EAB. approved.......Cat. No. 42013384

Rec.Retail £37.65

Comp.Retail £22.12

Our Price£26.99


Our PrIce£15.49

1. Goblin ''Teasmade 860" Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker. With clock/timer/alarm and luminous hands. Full width light. keyboard switches. 1.4 pint stainless steel kettle and 1 pint ceramic teapot ..........................• Cat. N_p.420/2914

Rec. Retail £52.45

Our Price £37.49

2. Goblin "Teasmade 855" Automatic Tea or CoffeeMaker.Withclock/timer/alarm.Twin light panelsand detachabletray: Suppliedwith 2 pint chromed copper kettle and ceramic teapot. 4 position masterswitch operatesoff. lights. auto andtea now Cat. No.420/3614

Rec. Retail £52.45

Our Price £38.49

3. Goblin "Teasmade 850" Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker. Neonpilot light indicates"on". 2 pint chromed'copper kettleand ceramicteapot. Cat. No. 420/3418

Ree. Retail £27.,0

Our Prl,ce £19.99

4. Goblin "Teasmade 854" Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker.With clock/timer/alarm.luminous hands. light. 2 pint chromed copper kettle and ceramicteapot. Cat. No.42011252

Rec. Retail £43.75

Our Price £30.99 '\

5. Teeboy de Luxe Automatic Tea or Coffee Maker: With "Metamec' clock/timer/alarm. Chromium plated 2 pint kettle and ceramic Cat.No.420/2897 teapot.

Rec. Retail £37.95

Our Price £27.99

6. Russell HobbS3010 Automatic Coffee Pereolator. Stainless steel. Keep~hot element. Capacity2 pints. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/0143

Rec. Retail £24.95

Our Price £17.79

7. Sona.PJ30 Coffee Percolator. Mirror finish with teak handle. Capacity 2~ pints. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.420/1575

CompoRetail £18.48

Our Price £12.99

8. RussellHobbsCP2"Poppy" AutomaticCoffee Percolator.Ceramicbody by Wedgwood.Keephot element.' Capacity 2 pints. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.420/0150

Rec. Retail £25.25

Our Price £17.79

9. Swan "Salisbury" Automatic Coffee Percolator. Polishedaluminium.Keep-halelement. Capacity2! pints. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/1582

Rec. Retail £19.35

Our Price £13.79

10.SonaPJ51G1CoffeePercolator.Mirrorfinish body with teak handle. Strength selector and keep-hot element. ,9 cup capacity. B.E.A.B. approved :: ~.< Cat.No.420/3401

CompoRetail £24.38

Our Price £16.99

11. Moullnex 349 Coffee Maker. Visible neon light, on/off switch. Filter principle. Built-in hotplate. Thermostaticallycontrolled. Capacity 2 pints Cat.No.420/2859

Rec. Retail £20.95

Our Price £14.99

12.Moullnex377AutomaticFilter CoffeeMaker. Can be programmedto switch on automatically at any pre-settime. Built-in24 hour digital·clock. Thermostaticallycontrolledhotplate.CapacityH Cat. No.420/3133 pints

Rec. Retail £37.95

Our Price ~6.49

13. Melitta Filter "Automat 111Special" Coffee Maker. Safety filter. Tinted 'water tank. Heat resistantglass jug. 8 cup capacity. 1x4 Melitta filter bags Cat.'No.420/3807

Rec. Retail £20.42

Our Price £14.99


l I


1. Kenwood A901 "Chef' Food Mhcer.Electronic variable speed control. With bowl, beater, whisk and spatula. REAR approved. Cat. No. 42012608

Rec. Retail £94.33

OUrPrIce £63.99

2. Kenwood AnB "Chef' SlICer/Shredder Attachment. For A701 and A701A "Chef" and Kenwood "Major" mixers Cat. No. 420/1805

Rec. Retail £19.95

Our Price £15.49

3. Kenwood "Chef" Mincer Attachments. Avail· able as follows: A920 for A901 "Chef" mixer Cat. No. 42012622

Rec.Retail £12.99

Our Price £9.99

A720 for A701, A701A "Chef" and "Major" mixers Cat. No. 420/0679

Rec. Retail £12.99

Our PrIce £9.99

4. Kenwood "Chef' Uquldiser Attachments. Available as follows: A989 for A901 "Chef" mixer Cat. No:'42012615

Rec. Retail £11.21

Our PrIce £8.99

A788 for A701. A701A "Chef" and "Major" mixers Cat. No. 420/0655

Rec. Retail £14.95

OUrPrIce £1Q.99

5. Kenwood A991 "Chef' Potato Peeler AtIachment. For A901and A701A"Chef" only. Cal- No. 42012639

9. Moullnex 395 Food Mixer. 3 speed. Finger tip control for speed selection and blade ejection. One pair of beaters, one pair of kneading hooks. With stand and DO.."Iwhich rotates by drive of motor. Detachable mixer for hand use. . Cat. No. 42013463

Rec. Re~1Im.95

Our PrIce £15.99

'Odr PrIce £13.99 6. Kenwood A363 "Mini" Mhcer. 3 speed. With stand and bowl. B.EAB. approved. . • Cat. No. 420/0703

-OurPrice £14A9 7. Kenwood A360 "Cheffette" Food Mixer. With liquidiser. stand and bowl. REAR approved. Cat. No. 420/0693

Our Price £26.49


8 •.Krups 327 "Combl" Food'MhcerlBlender Set. 3 speed. Powered mixing bowl. With whisks and dough hooks. Complete with stand. spatula and recipe book. Blender capacity 1 pint. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 420/2206


Comp. Retail £29.75

Our Price £20.79

10. Sunbeam "Kitchen Center". Incorporates food mixer. small arld large bowl. liquidiser and mincer unit. 10 speeds and "pulse" button for short bursts of power Cat. No. 420/2213

Rec. Retall£104.99

Our Price £65.99

11. PhUips HR1171Food Mixer. 3 speed fingertip control. With stand and bowl. Mixer can be detached for hand use. B:E.A.B.approved: Cat. No. 42011166

Compo Retail £17.92 .

Our PrIce£13.99

GuaralJletl: We offer a full ",oney-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rlghbl -see page 2.


1. Moullnex 394 Hand Mixer. 3 speeds. Finger tip control for speed selection and blade ejection. One pair of beaters, one pair of kneading hooks Cat. No. 420/3449



2. Moulinex 274 "Minor" Beater. 2 speed.Complete with set of beaters and whisks. B.EAB. approved ~at. No.420/0325


'.Our Price£7.99

3. Kenwood A361 "Mini" Mixer. 3 speed. Completewith beaters.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/2237


Our Price£10.99

4. Moulinex 241 Blender/Grinder. For babyfood, coffeebeans,nuts, sugaretc. Blendercapacity1i pints,grinder capacity·21oz Cat. No.420/0332



5. Moulinex 518 Blender and Coffee Mill. For baby foods, coffee beans, nuts etc. Blender capacityi pint.. Cat. No.420/3645



6. Kenwood A520A Blend~r.'For soups, purees, omlettesetc. Will also chop nuts arid makebread crumbs.Capacity1'1 pints. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 420/0624



7. Moullnex 228 "Super Junior" Coffee Grinder. Safetyswitch activated by lid of mill. Capacity2~ oz. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.420/2268


Our Price£6.29

8. Moulinex 327"Moulinette" Blender/Chopper. Blender capacity 2:1:pints. Chopper head chops raw or cooked meat, fish, nuts etc. Chopper capacity7 oz Cat. No.420/2275



9. Moulinex 353 "Vegetable Chef" Hopper Fed Attachment. With 3 stainlesssteel discs for fine or coarseshreddingand slicing of rawvegetables and chip potatoes. For use with item nos. 8 and 1O Cat. No.420/3487


Our Price£10.99

10. Moulinex 320 "Moulinette" Chopper.Chops raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables, bread crumbsetc. Capacity7 oz Cat. No.420/2969



11. Moulinex 390 Complete Food Preparation' System. Consists of blender/chopper (327)and vegetablechef hopperfed attachment(353). . Cat. No. 420/3652


OurPrice £29.99

Moulinex "Jeannette" 5-ln-1 Kitchen Machine. Grates,slices, shreds. With citrus fruit squeezer and hamburger ",ould. B.E.A.B. approved ~ eat. No.420/0394


Our Price£15.99

13. Sona FP1J Food Processor. Chops, grinds, slices, shreds,minces, mixes and blends.On/off switch plus "pulse on'<button.. Cat. No.420/366~

Compo Retail£64.58


Argos Gift Vouchers available in' values of £1, £2 and £5. ""~.\Id<,al for those special


1. Moullnex 513 De Luxe Electric Carving Knife. Twin serrated stainless steel blade. Incorporates special safety button. Complete with wall support , for knife and blades ,.Cat. No. 420/3535


Our Price £10.99

2. Moullnex 246 Electric Carving Knife. Twin serratedstainlesssteel blades..Cat. No.·420/1214

Rec.Retail £12.65

Our Price£8.99


3. Krups Electric SliCer. thickness adjustment. BladeFood guard and Slice stainless steel blade, safety push button switch. Folds for easy storage.B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.42010n2


Comp. Retail£32.16

OurPrice £23.49

4.; Bel De Luxe YOfIurt Maker. Makes plain or flavouredyogurt. Capacity6x5 fl oz. Cat. No. 42013542

Rec.Retail £8.SO

Our Price£5.99

5. Bel Electric Yogurt Maker. Capacity6x6 fl oz. With recipe/instruction leaflet. B.E.A.B. , approved Cat. No.42011221


Our Price£4.99

6. Moullnex 343 Can Opener/Knife Sharpener. Can opener has magnetic lid lifter. Sharpener attachment will sharpen most domestic knives. Freestanding or wall fixed Cat. No:42013731





_!::.J Rec.'Retall£14.75

OurPrice £9.99

7. Ekeo HO 31 "Hostess Royal" Heated Food Trolley. 4x2 pint heated lidded dishes. Heated cupboard. Bottom shelf for sweets etc. Sliding serving leaves. Size 28"x 28f'x 15". 460 Watts. B.EAB. approved Cat, No.420/2598


Our Price£64.99


8. Ekco "Hostess" Cabinet Heat Tray. Stainless steel top with heated compartment. Size 28!"x 11f' x 6!". 450 Watts.B.EAB. approved. , Cat. No. 420/1135

Our Price£26.99 9. Salton H.4 "Hotray" Heat Tray. Thermostatically controlled to keep food piping hot without drying it out. Incorporates liquid "hot-spot" fea~ ture. Size12i"x29"xH" Cat. No.420/3425

Rec.Retail £27.24

Our Price £:18.99

10. Ekco "SIdeboard Hostess". 4x2 pint lidded dishes and heated compartment. Size 28~"x 11j"x 7!". 450Watts.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 42011850

Our Price£32.99

1. Prestige L3200 "Crock-ette" Slow Electric Cooker. Glazed stoneware body with enamelled steel outer casing. Indicator light. Capacity 2 pints Cat. No. 420/3755


Our Price£12.99

2. Prestige L3100 "Crock-Pot" Slow Elecklc Cooker. Stonewarepot with paintedenamelsteel outer casing. Two-way control switch for high/ low setting. Detachable lead. Capacity 5 pints. With recipebook..· Cat. No.420/3683


Our Price£19.99

3. Prestige L8100 "CrOCk-Pot" Slow Electric Cooker. Glazedstonewarepot conducts low heat and is removablefor serving/washing. Capacity 3l pints. Two-way control switch for highllow setting. With recipelinstruction booklet. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No,420/2660


Our Price£24.99

4. Sunbeam De Luxe Non-Stick Multi-Cooker. Will fry, braise, roast, bake, casseroleetc. Variable temperaturecontrol including "keep warm" setting. Teflon 2 coated interior and detachable leadfor easycleaning.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/3054


Our Price£28.99

5. Tower "Auto Sia-Cooker" Electric Casserole. Removable glazed earthenware jnner body. Switches automatically from high to' low setting. Capacity5~pints. Detachablelead'for easycleaning. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.420/3676


Our Price£20.49

9. Tetal "Super" Fryer. Variable thermostatic heat control. Will fry up to 4 Ib of chips. Supplied with basket which can be suspended to allow deepfried foods to drain Cat. No.420/3528


Our Price£22.99

10. Tetal 26500 Standard "Super" Fryer with Filter. Thermostaticallycontrolled. Charcoalfilter for reducing cooking smells.Working capacity3! pints (2 Ib chips or 4 chicken quarters).Polished aluminium body. B.EAB. approved.



g~~ ~~~~~~::

11. Moullnex 391 Deep Fat Fryer. Thermostatically controlled. Safe:lycut-out, Capacity4! pints. Slide knob for heatsettings.Filter lid with disposablecartridge for easyreplacement. ,<:., " Cat. No. 420/3511


Our Price£25.49

12. Swan Deep Fat Fryer. Decoratedenamelled aluminium body. Adjustablethermostat.Working capacity 4 pints of oil. Matc~es item no. 4 on page 106 and item no. 15 011 page 87. Cat. No. 420/3250



Our Price£18.99

7. Tower 2439"SIa-Cooker" Electric Casserole. Glazedearthenware'inner body givesevenoverall temperature. Capacity ~ pints. High and low cooking heats. Detachable lead for kitchen-to-table serving. With recipe/instruction booklet. B.EAB. approved.......Cat. No.420/2361



Our Price£22.49

6. Tower 2761"SIa-Cooker" Electric Cass.erole. Glazedearthenwareinner body givesevenoverall temperature. Capacity 1> pints. High and low cooking heats. Detachable lead for kitchen-totable serVing. With recipe/instruction booklet. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.420/2990


8. Kenwood A135 "Cook Pot" Slow Electric Cooker•. Glazed earthenware bowl gives even overall temperature and can be removed for serving/washing. Food will not burn or boil dry. Capacity 5f pints. With recipe/instruction Cat. No. 420/3009 book

Our Price£14.99

13.Rima Mini Deep Fat FlYer. Requireslessthan 1 pint of oil .tor fast, economical frying of small quantities of food. Teflon coated interior. Completewith chip'basketand recipe book. Cat. No. 420/3243


Our Price£13.99

iiiiiiii~iiiii!.~~~~~~~~C~~=:=;~=~~=~~~~~ll. Rima 903 Infra-Red FamUyCooker. Variable thermostatic control. Grill can be opened to provide two cooking surfaces.Teflon coated grill plates remove for washing. With baking tin and recipe booklet. CoOkingarea 13"x?!". 175()..2000 Watts.B.EAB. approved.........•Cal No. 42013030

Rec. Retail£36.99

Our PrIce £24.99

8. Berry Magicoal 3003 "Minorcook" Cooker. Vitreous enamel finish. 2 hi-speed radiant rings with independent simmer control. ThermostatiCally controlled oven. Both rings. grill and oven can be used simultaneously. Removablehob for cleaning. Plugs into 13 Amp supply. 3 kW. Size 18"xl4"x 1!W high. B.EAB. approved. Cal No. 420/3274

Rec. Retail£77.48 2. Rima 900 Infra-Red Grill. Pre-set thermostat. Teflon coated grill plates. With baking tin and recipe book. Cooking area W'x7". 1200 Watts. Cat. No. 42010765 B.EAB. approved..·.·

Rec. Retail£22.99

OurPrice £15.49

3. Rima 902 Infra-Red Grill. Pre-set thermostat. T,,:flon c?at~ grill plates remove for washing. With bakmgtm and recipe booklet. Cooking area 8"x7".1400Watts Cat. No. 42013236

Rec. Retail£28.99


4. Krups 23SPancake-Maker. Non-stick cooking surface. Neon indicator light incorporated in handle.Supplied complete with ceramic plate for, holding the mixture and spatula. Cal No. 420/3700

Compo Retail£22.55

OurPrice £59.99

9. Glen "Speedgrill" GrllIlBoII~", 2 kWelement enables fast boiling. grilling or toasting. "Sirn-


10. Tricity 2000 Microwave Oven. Provides instant heat without warm up period. Control panel with on, off and cook buttons with 28 minute timer.' Bell rings automatically at end of cooking period. Interior light. "see through" oven door. Loading 50 Hz6 Amp. frequency 2450MHz. Plugs into 13or 15Amp supply.Cat. No. 42013308

Rec. Retail£213.79

Our Price £169.99

OurPrice £15.99

s. Moullnex S07 "Express"

Cooker. Suitable for up to 4 persons.Thermostatcontrots for required temperature and grill heating. Removable nonstick ribbed plates and drip-sp~t. Completewith baking tray. 1600Watts Cal No.42013494

Rec. Retail£34.75

OurPrice £23.99

12.Tricity 9024:w.Cooker Hood. Greaseretaining and charcoal "deodorisingfilters. Built-in fan and booster. Hob light. Wall mounting type does not require holes or ducts. Width depth 21".114 Watts.B.E.A.B.approved Cal No. 42013298



Our Price £39.99

6. Proctor-Silex 4201 ~ Luxe Automatl~ Ovenl Griller~oaster. 2 baking racks adjust to 3 levels. Non-stick coated grill pan, Pop-up toaster with "selectronic" browning control, Removable crumb tray. 1500Watts Cat. No. 42013267

Rec. Retail£53.45

Our Price £34.99

7. Moullrn:x ass Rotlssolre. Table top oven. Spit roast faCIlity.Thermostaticallycontrolled. H hour timer. White enamel casing. Pastry tray with remova~le base and separate baking tray. 1300 Watts.Size In'xll"xl1" Cat. No. 420/3717

Rec. Retail£59.95


14. Power-Iectrlc H8W Cooker Hood. Intorpor. ales greaseretaining and deodorising filters. Wall mounting.type does not re.<;Iuire holes or ducts. 2 speedfan. Built-in hob light. White stoveenamelled finish. Width 23!". depth 18". 80 Watts. B.EAB. approved Cal No. 420/2385

Rec. Retail£51.47

OurPrice £35.49


Provincial" Cookware. 1. Prestige "French Stainless steel with copper bases and teak knobs and handles. Suitable for gas. radiant ring or solid hotplate. Manufacturer's 10 year guarantee. Catalogue Rec. OUI"

Number 860/3320 860/3337 860/3344 860/3351 860/3368 860/3492

Saucepan3 pints Saucepan4k pints Saucepan6 pints Frypan ror Chip Pan 6 pints Milk Pan 2 pints

Retail Price £17.85£12.49 £19.35£13.49 £21.05£14.79 £17.05£11.99 £22.70£15.79 £13.95£9.99

2. Prestige"OR" PressureCooker.All the advantages of pressure cooking plus "finger tip" pressure release control. Polished aluminium with heat resistanthandles.Trivet,separatorand recipe/instruction book incl.lfded. Capacity 9~ pints. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate.Manufacturer's10yearguarantee. Cat. No. 860/3667

Rec.Retail £31.95

Our Pric~ £21.99

3. Prestige Automatic Pressure Cooker.All the advantages of pressure cooking plus "autotimer" for automatic pressure release control. Polishedaluminiumwith heat resistanthandles. Trivet, separator and recipe/instruction book included. Capacity 9! pints. Suitable for gas, . radiant ring or solid hot plate.'Manufacturer's guaranteeof 1 yearfor the timer t~ yearsfor thepressurecooker Cat.l!Ia. 860/3674


Rec.Retail £37.95

Our Price £24.99

4. Prestige Stainless Steel Cookware. Radiant heatcore. Suitablefor gasor radiantring. Manufacturer's 10 year guarantee. Rec.. Our Catalogue Number Retail PrIce £9.95 £6.99 860/0488 Milk Pan 2 pints 860/0457 Saucepan3 pints £11.65 £7.99 86010464Saucepan41 pints £13.25 £8.99 86010471 Saucepan6 pints £14.95n,99 £16.50'£11.49 860/0505 Chip Pan 6 pints 86010495 Frypan 101" £13.65 £9.99 5. Prestige Stainless Steel Cookware.With copper bases which spreadheatquickly, evenlyand efficiently.For gas,radiantring or solid hotplate. Manufacturer's10 year guarantee. Catalogue Rec.. Our Number Retail PrIce 86012819 Saucepan3 pints £14.25 £9.99 86012826 Saucepan41 pints £15.75 £10.99 860/2833 Saucepan6 pints £17.45 £11.99 86012840Milk Pan 2 pints £10.55 £7.49 860/2857 Frypan 101" ' £15.55 £10.79 86012864 Chip Pan 6 pints £18.95 £13.49 6. Skyline "Minor" PressureCookerby Prestige. Polishedaluminium with heat resistanthandles. Trivet, separators and recipe/Instruction book included. Capacity 7! pints. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate.Manufacturer'.s10 yearguarantee Cat. No.860/0529

Rec.Retail £17.80

Our PrIce £11.99

7. Prestige "Hl-Dome" Pressure Cooker• Polishedaluminiumwith heat resistanthandles. Trivet, separator and recipe/instruction book included.Total capacity12}llints, basecapacity 91 pints. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate.Manufacturer's10yearguarlmtee. Cat..No. 860/0512

Rec.Retail £29.35

Our PrIce £16.49


1. Tower "Royale" Heavy Gauge Cookware. New "Silverstone" long-life non-stick interiors. Regency red vitreous enamel exteriors. Steam control vent in lid knob. Suitable for gas, radiant ring, solid hotplate or ceramic hob. Catalogue Rec. Our

Number 860/3746Saucepan6" 860/3753Saucepan7" 860/3760 Saucepan8" 860/3777Frypan 1m" 860/3784Chip Pan 8" 860/3791 Milk Pan 6"

Retail £8.53 £10.17 £12.11 £14.03 . £14.03 . £7.15


Price £5.99 £6.99 £8.49 £9.79 £9.79 £4.99

2. Tower "Diamond Chef" Cookware.Polished aluminiumwith Teflon 2 coatedinteriors.Saucepan set sizes61", n" and n". Suitablefor gas or radiant ring. ' Catalogue Ree:'> Our Number Retail Price 860/3612SaucepanSet £22.33 £15.49 860/3629Frypanwith Lid 10t £8.66 £5.99 860/3636 Chip Pan n" £10.35 £7.29 3~Tower "Black Diamond Colour" Cookware. Colfee/cream exteriors with Teflon 2- coated interiors. Sultable lor gas or radiant ring. 4 Piece Pan Set. 7" and 8" saucepans,milk pan and 10"frypan Cat. No.860/3540

Rec. Retail £39.24

Our Price £20.99

8"Chip Panto matchabove......Cat.No.860/3478

Rec. Retail £12.90

Our Price £7.99

"Ye Olde Forge" Cookware. New Silverstone" long-life non-stick interiors. Polishedaluminiumwith teakhandlesand knobs. Suitablefor gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate. Catalogue Number 860/3564 Saucepan6l" 860/3571Saucepan 860/3588Saucepan7ft 860/3595Frypanwith Lid W" 860/3605Chip Pan 'w


Com¢ Retail £7.25 £8.75 £9.95 £10.75 £11.75

Our Price £4.99 £5.99 £6.99 £7.49 £7.99

5. Tefal 5 Pie~ Pan Set. Greynon-stickcoating inside and tangerine coloured non-stickcoating outside for easy cleaning.6:1-", 7" and 8" saucepans,6" milk pan and 9~"frypan.Suitablefor gas or radianl ring Cat. No.860/3186

Rec. Retail £29.50

Our Price £16.99

8"Fish Fryerto matchabove....Cat. No.860/3461

Rec. Retail £9.40

Our Price £5.79

6. Mellerware "Gourmet De Luxe" 5 Piece.Pan Set. 6", 7" and 8" saucepans,6" milk pan and 9" Irypanwith lid. Teflon2 coatedinteriors.Suitable for gas or radiant ring. Matches item no. 7 on page86 Cat. No.860/2187

Comp. Retail £35.20

Our Price £21.49

8" FishFryerto matchabove....Cat. No.860/3155

Comp. Retail £9:40

Our Price £5.79

Aluminium Pan Set. 7" and 8" saucepans, 6" milk pan and 9" frypan. Teflon 2 coated interiors. For gas or radiant ring Cat. No. 860/2723 I



i 2. 5 Piece Pan Set. Satin finish heavy gauge aluminium with teak fittings. 6", 7" and 8" saucepans. fY' milk pan and 10" frypan have "Fluon" coated non-stick interiors. Suitable for gas or radiant ring Cat. No. 860/2716

Comp. Retail£15.00


3. Mellerware

5. Swan 3 Piece Ground Base Aluminium Pan Set. 6", T and 8" saucepans. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate. Cat. No. B«j0/2352



6. Swan Ground Base Twin Pan set. 2 separate toods can be cooked on one ring. Polished aluminium. 3 pints each. Suitable for radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No. 86011250


OurPrice £9.99

"Atlas" 5 Piece Non-Stick Aluminium Pan Set. 5", 6" and 7" saucepans, 6" milk pan and 9" frypan. Satin finished extertors. Suitable for gas or radiant ~ing. Cat. No. ~O/~V09

7. SWan Ground Base Triple Pan Set. 3 separate loods can be cooked on one ring. Polished aluminium. 2 pints each. Suitable for radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No. 86011243

Comp. Retail£15.20',


OurPrice £9.49

4. Sftram Stainless Steel CoOkware. With copper bases for more efficient and effective cooking. 3 PIece Pan Set. 61", 7k" and Cat. No. 86012792




Milk above

8. Mellerware "Contrast" Cookware. "Fluon" non-stick interiors. For gas or radiant ring. Kettle to match see item no. 5 on page 86. S Piece Pan Set. 6", 7" and 8" saucepans, 6" milk pan and 9" frypan Cat. No. 860/2558

Compo Retail£26.41 Pan


91" Frypan Set to match Cat. No. 86013643

Comp. Retail£9.74

OurPrice £7.49

Our Price £10.49


8" Chip Pan to match above ..., ..Cat. No. 860/2565

Comp. Retail£7.45










1. Judge "Provencale" Set of 3 Enamelled Steel Saucepans. With teak handles and 'knobs. Sizes 61", 7" and White stain resistant interiors,


Suitablefor gasor radiantring. Cat.·No.860/3416



9" Frypanto match above ........Cat. No.860/3430


Our Price £8.79

3. Kingcraft "Fleur" 3 Piece Enamelled Steel Pan Set. Sizes61", 7" and n". Suitablefor gas or radiantring.·..····· Cat. 1'00. (160/3423

Compo Retail£18.25


4. Judge "Marigold" Set of 3 Enamelled Steel Saucepans. Stain resistant white enamel interiors. Sizes61",7" and T]". Suitablefor gas or radiant ring. Matches item no. 12 on page 97. Cat. No. 860/3409




Our Price £5.29

2. Kingcraft "Vltoria" 3 Piece Enamelled Steel Pan Set. Brown enamel interiors. Sizes 6:1", 7" and n". Suitablefor gasor radiantring. C..t. No. 860/3227

Compo Retail£9.99

8. Skyline 8 Piece Non-Stick Bakeware Set by Prestige. With unique brown non-stick silicone Qlaze.Comprises12 hole bun tin, two 71"sandwich tins, two 6" pie plates,7;" 11antin, SWissroll Cat. No.860/2455 tin and71"squarecaketin


7. Prestige 5 Piece Bakeware Set. Comprises1 each 12 cup bun pan, loaf pan, square cake pan and 2 sandwich pans.Seamlesswith a non-stick silicone glaze s!+rfaceusedextensivelythroughout the bakingindustry Cat. No.860/3265



8. Tower "Black Diamond" 4 Piece Bakeware Set. Comprises12 hole bun pan,7" cake pan and two 7" sandwich pans. Teflon 2 coated interiors , Cat. No.860/0880



9. Mellerware Aluminium Kettle. Capacity 3~ pints. Forgasonly Cat. No.860/3100

Compo Retail£6.59


5. Skyline 3 PieceRoastingSet by Prestige.With unique brown non-stick silicone glaze. Comprises 9!txn" roasting tin, 12~"x9i" roasting tin and 9!"x~" Yorkshire pudding tin. Cat. No. 860/3502

10. Prestige Whistling Kettle. aluminium.' Capacity 4:1 pints. For gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No.860/3117










~- ---_-~



1. Tefal Non-Electric Deep Fryer. Deodorising filter in lid. Thermo-couple temperature dial for perfect deep frying. Working capacity 5 pints of

oil. Suitablefor gasor radiantring. Cat. -No.860/3296




3. Tefal Safety Pressure Cooker. Polished aluminium. Basket, dividers and recipe book included. Capacity 1~ pints. Suitable for gas, radiantring or solid hotplate.....Cat. No.860/3258



4. Tower Pressure Cooker. Polishedaluminium with heat resistant handles. Trivet, 3' individual separators,visual indicator and recipe/instruction book included.Total capacity14:1pints,base capacity9~pints. Suitablefor gas, radiantring or solid hotplate Cat. No.86012943



5. Tower Pressure Cooker. Polishedaluminium with heat resistant handles. Trjyet, 3 individual separators,visual indicator "!Inti recipe/instruction book included. Total capacity8 pints, base capacity7 pints. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No.860/2936



Pyrex Brand Heat Resistant OIIenware. Opal olass bases with "Market Garden" decoration. Clear glass covers.Availableas follows: II. "Easy Roast" Chicken Casserole. With "hiCat. No.81010029 dome" cover

Compo Retail£5.02 Our PrIce £3.99 10. RoundCasserole.4! pints..Cat. No.810/0672 Compo Retail£4.02 OurPrice£3.29 11. OblongCasserole.3 plnts...Cat. No.81011200

Compo Retail£4.80


12.Set of 3 Casseroles.1,2 and3 pints. . Cat. No. 810/0012

Compo Retail£6.33


13. Round Casserole. 2 pints. With serving Cat. No.810/1255 sland

Compo Retail£3.87

OurPrice£2.99 4

~4. Pyrex Brand 7 Piece Kitchen Set. Heat resistantovenware.Clearglass.Comprises5 pint mixing bowl, 1 and 2 pint puddingbasins,2~pint square casserole,square roasting dish, 1 pint measuringjug and2 pint "flavour saver". . Cat. No. 810/1217

Compo Retail£10.62 "~



15. Pyrex Brand4 PiecePatlsserleSet.Comprising 9" flan dish, 71"brioche,7" souffledish and t t" loafdish , Cat. No.810/1640

Compo Retail£6.04



6. QueenswayAluminium Maslin Pan. Bail and back handles. Suitable for jams, marmalades, beer makingetc. Capacity2 gallons.Suitablefor gasor radiantring............... .Cat.No.860/3306


Compo Retail£6.33


2. Tefal Safety PressureCooker.Stainlesssteel. Completewith basket.dividers and recipe book. CapacityHI! pints. Suitable for gas, radiant ring or solid hotplate Cat. No.86013650


II. Pyrex Brand "Autumn Glory" Heat Resistant Ovenware.Set of 3 casseroles.Opalglassbases wllh clearcovers.CapaCities1, 2 and3 pints. Cat. No. 81011365

Our Price £5.79

Gourmet "Smoke" Heat Tableware. Available as follows: 16.81" SouffleBowl and 101".RanDish. Cat. No. 81011444

Compo Retail£4.35 17.OvalCasserole.7 pints


OurPrice~.99 Cat. No. 81011437

Compo Retail£5.35 OurPrIce£3.49 18. Set of 2 Recipe PIe Plates. LemonMer[ngue

7. Skyline Aluminium Roaster by Prestige. seamless construction. Twin handles. Selfbasting lid with vapour seal rim. Size 12J"x9b"x .............. Cat. No.860/2981


Cat. No.81011619

Comp. Retail£3.45



Compo Retail£5.35


19. Set of'2 Round Casseroles. 2 and 3 pints. Cat. No. 810/1413 '


Composition of Sets Please note that the 7 piece place settings mentioned in each of the sets below comprise: 1 each table knife, table fork, dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon, soup spoon and teaspoon. 44 Piece Set: Six 7 piece place settings pluS'"2 table spoons. . 58 Piece Set: Six 7 piece place settings plus 6 cake forks, 6 fruit spoons, 2 table spoons, 1 cake server and 1 fruit server. 62 Piece Set: Six 7 piece place settings plus 6 pairs fish eaters. 6 pastry forks and 2 table spoons. 69 Piece Set: Six 7 piece place settings plus 6 pairs fish eaters, 6 fruit spoons, 6 pastry forks, 2 table spoons and 1 fruit server.

8. Steak Knife and Fork Set 6 of each.Stainless teelwith woodenhandles Cat. No.820/2075

CompoRetail £6.80

Our Price £4.49

9.Vlners "Splayds". AII-in-01epartyeating piece lor buffets etc. Stainlesssteel.Set of 6. Cat. No. 820/2Q68

Ree. Retail £7.25

Our Price £4.99

10. A1 Quality E.P.N.S.Silver Plated Cutlery. Traditional designs. Hand finished. In polished wooden cabinet. "Kings" pattern available as lollows: Compo Our Catalogue Retail Price Number £120.00 £74.99 8201184944 Piece Set £205.00 £119.99 8201185676 Piece Set "Dubarry" pattern availableas follows: Catalogue Compo Our Number Retail Price 820/18704A Piece Set £120.00 £74.99 11. Vlners "Executive Suile" Stainless Steel Cutlery.44 pieceboxedset. Cat. No.820/1296

1. "Heidi"


Steel Cutlery.


Compo Our

Number 820/1777 44 Piece Boxed Set 820/1784 69 Piece Boxed Set

£15.99 £9.49 £22.95 £13.49

Retail Price

2. "Symphony" Stainless Steel Cu"ery. Catalogue CompoOur Number Retail Price 8201145444 Piece Boxed Set £17.80 £9.49 820/176058 Piece Boxed Set £21.95 £12.79

Rec. Retail £32.00

12.Vlners "Love Story" StainlessSteel Cutlery. In wooden cabinet. Rec. Catalogue Retail Number 820/008444 Piece Set 820/126562 Piece Set 13.Viners "Penthouse" StainlessSteel4:utlery. 44pieceboxedset. Cat. No.820/1739

Camp. Retail £19.75 3. "Provencal" Stainless Steel Cutlery.44 piece boxedset. Cat. No.820/1650

Compo Retail £18.57

Our Price £11.99

Rec. Retail £35.40

- .. Our Price £27.99

5. Oneida "Capistrano" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 piece set in "Burnham" storage box. Cat. No. 820/1337

Rec. Retail £62.70"

Our Price £44.99

6. "Fiesta" Solid Bronze Cutlery. Rosewood inlaid handles. Each item is individually hand finished by craftsmen, therefore no two pieces are identical---greatlyadding to the appealof this set. 44 piece set in wooden cabinet. Cat. No. 820/2051

CompoRetail £n.95

Our Price £49.99

7. Housley "Silverdale" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44pieceboxedset. Cat. No.820/1942

Rec. Retail £23.32

Our Price £15.99

Our Price £12.99

14. Vlners "Studio" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 pieceset in woodencabinet Cat. No.820/1674

Ree. Retail £107.50 4. Oneida "Cameo" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 piece set in "Burnham" storage box. eat. No. 820/1928

Our Price £21.99

Our Price £69.99

15. Viners "Cd.llntry Garden" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 piece set in wooden cabinet. Cat. No. 82011722

Rec. Retail £84.00

Our Price £53.99

16. Vlners "Style" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 pieceboxedset. Cat. No.820/2044

Rec. Retail £23.50

Our Price £15.99

FULL MO!ilEY-BACKGUARANTEE We fully respect all your legal rights as a customer. But in addit,on to your protection under the law we wilf exchange or refund you for any unused item that does not meet yourexact requirements.Just returnthe item to us in its original covering, together with your receipt, within 14 days of purchase.

1. 5 ~


Steel Tea ,Set. Comprises


pint teapot, 1 pint coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream jug ana tray, size 13Hx9" ........•...Clit. No. 82511301

Comp. Retail £9.50

Our Price £5.99


2. 5· Piece Stainless Steel Tea Set. With rosewood trim on handles, Comprises 1! pint teapot, 1 pint coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream jug ani':!tray, size 13¥'x9" Cat. No. 8251.1318

Comp. Ret:ti! £11.95

,Our Price £7.49

3. 5 Piece Stainless Steel Tea Set. Comprises H pint teapot, 1 pint coffee pot, sugar boWl, cream jug and tray, size 12'><:10"...•...... Cat. NO;.825/2197

Comp. Retail £18.95

Our Price £11.99

4. sta,lnless Steel ServIng Tray with Handles.

;;~~2;~~~~~;;:~~~s::~~~~~~ ~:·~~:i .. £4:90'::·············~r ~~~

5. Sona 5 PIece. Tea Set. Mirror finish aluminium with teak handles and knobs. Comprises H, pint .teapot, hot water jug, sugar bowl " cream jug and tray : ::: Cat. No•.86OI0615

Ree.Retall £24A8

Our PrICe£17.79

. 6. Sona Teapot. Mirror finish(aluminium. Teak handle and knob. Capacity 1i pints. . " .Cat. No. 860/0622


if 7. Set of 3 . •

Our PrIce £5.99 Canisters. Height 5". Cat. No. 82511772

Our Price £"4.99


8. StainlesS .Steel Cake/PaSlryi!tmprises tray, diameter "",1IftdAl1 H server. \.).nlt'tt .825/2094

,.nTl .

Comp.lIUlb:.2 . . . Our Price £1.99

3. Stainless

Steel Rose Bowl. Diameter 5~". Cat. No. 825/2018

Our Price £3.29

4. Pai~of Goblets. Stainlesssteel.Hei.ght5~". Cat. No. 82511128

Our p:rice£2.29

5. Serving Dish and Knife. Stainless steel. SizO . 15"x81" Cat. No,,825/19811

Compo Retail £3.33

Our Price £2.49

6. Stainless ..steel 3 Division Leaf Dish. Size approx. 13"x10" Cat.'No. 825/2051

Compo Retail £3.65

Our Price £2.48

7. Stainless Steel Dishes. Setof 3, Sizes8",10" and 15"long Cat. No.825/2173

Co":,p. Retail £4.35

Our Price,£2.99

8. Stainless Steel Wine 'ed€ler. Height 63". . Cat. No. 825/20Q

Compo Retail £10.95/ l

Our Price £7.48

9. Five D!vislon St\Jnless Steel Hostess 01,11. Size 14"x10~" : Cat. No.825116201

Compo Retail £7.15

Our Price £3.91

'Brabantla Pedal Bins. Polished chromed steel Removableplastic bucket. Rec.· Our Catalogue' Retail Price Number . 10. 840/2105 31 gall. Square . £13.12£8.48 £9.98 £5.29 11. 840/1656 21 gall. Round £10.45£5.99 12. 840/2095 2! g'all. Round

H Salter "System 80 ~'Multlwelgh" . 'til 10hsup to 6llb by 1 oz !)r~d~ations and 59.Zero adjust facility for individual weighing Ingredients. Scale also Incorporates ealorie surernentswith reference chart included. Cat. No. 840/2363

c. RetaH £9.99

Our PriCe£6.99

12 Salter "SupelWelgh" Kitchen Scale. Weighs

I to 5 Ib by 1 oz graduations and by 20 g. •0 adjust facility for individual weighing of "Iradients. Scoop inverts forstorage. . Cat. No. 84011979

c. Retail £6.89

Our Price £4.79

Salter . "Lowilne" KItchen Scale. Scoop rts when not in use. Weighs up to 5 Ib by 1 oz " duations and 2.2 kg by 25 g..Cat. No. 84011522


" c. Retail £5.59

Our Price £3.99

I~"Tower "Anette" Kitchen Beam Scale. Weighs 1 oz up to 25 ·Ib. Metric conversion charI , .tuded : Cat. No. 84011151

C mp. Retail £8.95

Our Price £5.79

, . Pyrex Brand "Add 'n' Weigh" Scale. Weighs to 5 Ib by 1 oz graduations and,2.2 kg by 25 g, I, ro adjust for individual weighing of ingre. ,.,. nls. 2! pint measuring/mixingtlowt'. 4 I Cat. No. 84011539

mp. Retail £9.0""

Our Price £6.49

• . Hanson Kitchen Scale. Weighs up to 10 Ib by I 02 graduations and 4.5 kg by 25 g. . Cat. No. 84012734

Rae. Retail £3.25. '.

Our Price £1.99

17.Hanson Kitch~:; Scale. Weighs up to 10 Ib by I oz graduations and 5 kg by 25 g. Cat. No. 840/1955

.c. Retail £5.50

Our Price £3.79

18.Waymaster Kitchen Scale. Weighs up to 10 Ib

uy 1 oz graduations and 5 kg by 50 g. Pan inverts I r storage

ec. Retail £9.50

Cat. No. 840/2349

:. Our Prlce £6.29

111. Waymaater Kltc:!'en Wa!1Scale. Pan closes fler use. Weighs up to 7 Ib by 1 OZ graduations nd 3 kg by 25 g Cat. No. 84012370

.c. Retail £7.15

Our Price £4.49

. Krupa "RecOrd" 'Kltchen Wall Scale. Weighs up to 3; Ib by ~oz graduations, 3;-63 Ib by 1 oz and <> 11 kg by 10 9. 1,1-3 kg 6y 209. Remol/able tray lolds flat when not in use Cat. NQ.840/0743

CompoRetail £8.79

Our Prl~ £6.49


1. 10 Piece Knife SeL Made in Sheffield from stainless surgical steel with heat resistant polystyrene handles CaL No. 840/28"

Rec. Retail £5.95

Our Price £4.21

2. Skyline Kitchen Cutlery Set by Prestige. & pieces. Hollow ground surgical steel blade. Polypropylenehandles Cat. No.840/2404

Rec. Retail £7.45

Our Price £5.21

3. Prestige Kitchen Cutlery Set. 5 pieces.Stain lesssteelblades.Bondedwoodenhandles. CaL No. 84010586

Rec. Retail £10.15

Our Price £6.9i

4. Skyline Nylon Bladed Kitchen Tool Set b" Prestige. Ceramic-look handles. 5 pieces and hanging rack. Recommended for non-stick ..CaLNo.840/2051

.Our Price £

H, Salter "Super Chef" Food Slicer. Stainless " I blade. Folding base with suction pad. I'IIlhfoodcarrierandcatchingtray. CaL No. 84011508

II c. Retail £20.99

12. Food Slicer. Folding Melamine laminated utse.Stainlesssteelblade.Aluminiumbody.With I d carrier CaL No.840/0774

~loc.Retail £8.50

Rec. Retail £5.59

Our Price £3.99

Our Price £5.99

13.Prestige"Fold-Away"WallCanOpener.With magnet. Chromium plated steel body swings "wayinto plasticcasewhennot in use. CaL No. 840/2686

~ec. Retail £10.65

Our Price £7.29

/ 14..Prestige Wall CanOpener.Chromiumplated I1eelbody.Magneticlid lifter. ...CaLNo.840/0561

Rec. Retail £3.89 5. Skyline Kitchen Tool Set by Prestige.Super chrome plated steel tools with ceramic-look handles.5 piecesand hangingrack. CaL No. 840/2798

Our Price £14.99

Our Price £2.79

15. Spong Suction Base Mincer. Nylon top. 3 Cat. No.840/2442 teelcutters

Rec. Retail £5.95

Our Price £3.99

6. Skyline Kitchen Tool and Knife Set b" Prestige. 6 chromium plated tools and strainer with 3 pieceknifeseL CaL No.840/2064

16.SpongMincer/Slicer/Grater.Nylonbodywith suction base. Steel cutters. Slicing and grating drums.......................... . ...CaL No.840/2466

Rec. Retail £12.65

Rec. Retail £8.95

Our Price £8.99

7. PrestigeKitchen Tool Set. Stainlesssteelwith bondedwoodenhandles.6 piecesand rack. I Cat. No. 840/0451

Rec. Retail £21.10

'"". Our Price £14.49

8. KitchenTool SeL6,piecesplus rack.Stainless steelwith plastichandles CaLNo.840/2900

Compo Retail £6.~0

Our Price £4.29

9. 9 Piece Basin Set. ttl. 2 and 3 pint basins with snap-onlids. plus4 pint mixingbowl.!)!" and 111"mixingspoonsand 9~"cookingspatula. Cat. No. 840/2655

Compo Retail £2.92

. Our Price £1.99

10. Tower FoodSlicer. Aluminiumbody.Folding Melamine covered base with vacuum suction foot. Stainlesssteelblade.Slidingfood carrier. CaL No. 840/2394

Compo Retail £16.95

Our Price £9.99

Our Price £6.49

17. "Maxi Rlc!er.':, .Rollers by Braby. For easy movementof largeappliances.Maximumloading 1.000lb. Safetybrakes.Extendfrom 21"to 32". CaL No. 840/2514

Rec. Retail £6.83

Our Price £5.49

18. "Easy Rider" Rollers by Braby. Fit under most domestic appliances to allow movement and cleaning. Maximum load 600 lb. Safety brakes.Extendfrom 16"to 23Ji'.Cat.No.840/2167

Rec. Retail £4.99

Our Price £4.29

19. "Guider Rider" Rollers by Braby. Allow for turning movement(not just backwardsand-torwards) of most domestic appliances.Maximum loading600 lb. Safetybrakes.Extendfrom 16"to 23~" : :.Cat. No.840/2521

Rec. Retail £6.59

Our Price £5.49

1. Cole & Mason Spice Rack.24 jars containing herbsand spices.Mahoganyrack.Size 16"><21"· Cat No.840/~SOl 1~" high

Compo Retail£16.75

OurPrice £13.~

Mason Spice Rack. Mahoganyrack with 12 jars filled With herbs and spices. . Cat. No. 840/121.

Compo Retail£9.75

Our Price £7.49

~ I Goblet. Hand cut lead crystal with silver 1"lod stem and base. In presentationbox. , Cat No. 815/2259

omp. Retail£7.50

II.I"dle. In presentationbox.......~at. No.815/2132

Compo Retail£7.25

Compo Retail£6.95

Our Price £5.49

4. "Pastabar" Storage Jar. Cork stoppers.With wall fixtures and screws.Length (excl.stoppers) 23" Cat.No.815/1920

Compo Retail£3.85

OurPrice ~.49

OurPrice £4.49

13. Square Spirit Decanter. Lead crystal. With I rqegroundstopper.. .. /......Cat No.815/2314

Comp. Retail£7.95 3. Clear Acrylic Peppermlll and Saltmill. 5!" high Cat. No.840/;662

.Our Price £4.79

I~. 8ell. Hand cut lead crystalwith silver plated

Our Price £5.49

14. Whisky Glasses. Heavybased lead crystal. 'lot of 6 Cat. No. 81511896

Compo Retail £6.99

OurPrice £5.49

16. "Captain's" Decanter.Leadcrystal."Ships" .Iyle with wide base.Elegantdesign.With large groundstopper Cat. No.81511676

Compo Retail£8.95

OurPrice £6.79

16. lumlnarc HockGlasses.Setof 6. Clearbowl withgreenstemandbase Cat. No.81511810 5. Ravenhead "Tubbles" Glass Storage Jar•• Setof 6 with cork stoppers:Twoeach8, 16 and28 fl oz Cat No.815/~4

Compo Retail£4.64

Our Price £3.29

Compo Retail£3.30

Compo Retail£2.85 6. 8ormioli Set of 2 Rialto Jars. Attractive "smoke" blown glass. Overall height'9". Cat No. 815/%321

Our Price £3.99 7. Casc,adeMelon Dishes. Set of 4. Handmade. Texturedglass Cat. No.8151~59

Compo Retail£7.13

Our Price £4.49

8. Ravenhead "White Fire" Fruit Set. Gass serving bowl and 6 matching dishes. Cat. No. 815/1535

Compo Retail£3.60."

Our Price ~.49

9. Williamsport 26. Piece Punch Set. Comprses glass bowl, 12 cups with plastic ladle end hooks. . Cat. No.815/2149


Our Price £5.99

10. Cascade Clear Glass Spaghetti Jar. !-and made.Heightwith lid 24" Cat. No.815/1&84

. Compo Retail£8.65

Our Price £M9

Our Price £2.49

17. lumlnarc S~rry Glasses. Set of 6. Clear bowl with amber coloured stem and base. Cat. No. 815/2039

OurPrice £1.99

18. Ravenhead "Siesta" glasses.6 each sherry5} fI oz, wine 8 fl oz and beer13 fI oz Cat. No.815/1092

Compo Retail£6.56

Our Price £4.49

19. Ravenhead "Siesta" Tumbler Set. 18 glasses.6 each 5, 9, and 11 fl oz. In textured glass. ...Cat.No.815/0598

Compo Retail£s.112

Our PrIce £3.99

20. lumlnarc Irish CoHeeGlasses. Set of 6. Cat. No. 815/2022

Compo Retail £4.25

OurPrice £2.99

21. Ravenhead"Solar" TumblerSet. 18 glasses. 6 each 5. 8 and 13 fl oz. Attractive~w textured glass Cat. No.815/2307

Compo Retail£6.25

:. Our Price £4.49

Argos available in value, of \£1 .. £2 and £5. 1ilII!.... J.:JI.\ Ideal for those special "rift..occasionsAnd. can be used at any Argos showroom. '

• Staffordshire Potteries "Brambl.e" Pottery hbleware. From the "Kilncraft" range: 30 piece -mblnatlon set. Cat. No. 800/3353

Comp.Retail £25.80

24 Pee.6 each dinner plates. soup plates and plates. 2 vegetable dishes and lids. plate and gravy boat. Combination Set 30 Pce. 6 each cups. saucers. side and plates and soup/cereal bowls.

1. Enoch Wedgwood {Tunstall) Denmark" Pottery Tableware. Distinctive tional pattern. 3O"piececombination set. Cat.. No. 80[112;'.


Our Price

Our Price £17.49

J. &: G•.Meakin "Windswept" Pottery Tabh!• reoFrom "The Bull in the China Shop" range. piece combination set... Cat. No. 800/3418

CompoRetail £22.95

Our Price £16.49

• ..J. &: G. Meakin "Hedgerow" Pottery Tableware. From "The Bull in the China Shop" range. piece combination set...........Cat. No. 800/3535

CompoRetail £34.25

Our Price £24.99

v. J. &: G. Meakin "Poppy" PotterY Tableware. 'rom "The Bull in the China Shop" range. 1')0 piececombination set. !.....Cat. No. 80012811 Comp.Retail £29.50

Our Price £20.49


3. Enoch Wedgwood {TunSJaIl)Ltd. Pottery Tableware. "HifatKergates" decoration, 30 piece combination set Cat. No••


CompoRetail £23.60

10. J..&: G. Mealdn '$Iue .willow" P..otteryT.ableware. From "The Bull in the China Shop" range. Traditional p<!ttef,non octagonal plates. 30 piece combination Cat. No. 800/3360


Comp.Retail £26.80

Our Price £19.49

Our Price

f 11. Biltons "Stonehaven" Pottery Tableware. Catalogue CompoOur Number Retail Price 800/2835 30 Pee.Combination"Set £21.32£14.29 800/2426 18 Pee.TeaSet £10.50£6.99

5. Staffordshire Potteries "Amberstone" Tableware. From the "Kilncraft" range. . combination set Cat. No. 1IOI1J21i197


Our Price

12. Blitons "Meteor" Pottery Tableware. Mqdern circular design· in dark olive green. 30 piece combination set Cat. No. 800/3346

Comp.Retail £21.32

Our Price £14.29

T. G_Green EIan.Dlsh. With"Qufche Lorraine clpe in base. Good resistance to normal oven u , , , Cat. iIIo.80013542

p. Retail£3.65 2. Carrlgaline "Blue Moon"


Attractive banded design,in blue and grey on clear white glaze. 30 piece combination set. Cat. No. 80111/3'11011

O,,!rPrlce 3. Arcoroc "Smoke" Heat Resl8tantTolugt18ned. Glassware. Please' note: combination set soup plates, not bowls as described in the "composition of sets" on page 122. CatalogueNumber 80012907 30 Pee: CombinationSet ,8001291412 Pee. Tea Set


4. K1lncraft "Baltic" Mugs. Set of6. Cat. No. 800/3504


6. ~IJton_s "Stonewa~" desIgns :::

Compo Retail£3.,2

Mugs. Set of 6. Various Cat. No. 80013291



10. T. G. Green Tea, Coffee, Sugar Jar Set.White qlazed earthenware with black lettering and cork Cat. No. 800/3102 lids. Capacity 16 fl oz

Compo Retail £8.41

OurPrice £6.49

11. Crown Devon "Carnival" Tea, Coffee, Sugar J"r Set. Modern design en white glazed earthenware with self-sealing lids. Jar heights 6~".CapacIty 26 fl oz Cat. No. 800/3315

Compo Retail£10~95


12. "Henriette" Fine Bohemian China. Floral pattern wlth _gold rims. 30 piece combination set. , , , Cat. No. 8OO/3~7

Comp. Retail£29.95

OurPrice £1&.99

13. "Brlgltta" Fine Bohemian China. Elegant white china with gold band. Catalogue Number 8001187424 Pce. Dinner Set 800/1898 21 Pee. Tea Set 14. "Bramble'" Fine Bohemian China. Spray decoration with gold rims. Catalogue Number 800/2581 24 Pce. Dinner Set 800/2316 18 Pee. Tea Set 15. Duchess "Wild Rose" English Bone China. 21 piece tea set. Gold rims...' .....Cat. No. 8oo/33n

7. BroadhUl'lft "ChurChill" Mugs. Set of 6. Various designs Cat. No. 800/3494

Compo Retail£20.50

Compo Retail£3.25

16. DuChess ''VIoletta'' english Bone China. 18 pieee tea set. Gold rims Cat. No. 800/2969


Compo Retail£15.50lOur 8. Crown Devon "Hen-on-Nest" Egg S~r. ,White glazed earthenware.........Cat. No. 80013047

Comp. Retail£4.80.

Our~ce £3.29



17. Duchess· "Pink Roses" English Bone China. 21 piece tea set. Gold rims...:.....Cat. No. 800/2976

Compo Retail£20.50

OurPrice £13.99

3. Dongora CO,Hon Damask design. Size 5'\"x7-O"


Talbledcjth. Cat. No. 12l11100411.'


4. Ussadell "Beleek" Towel. In two sizes. 100% spun c~tton. Medallion design in brown. Catalogue CompoOur Number Retail Price 12010902 20"><36" £2.10 £1.39 120/0919 27""50" £3.75 . £2.49 5. Nottingham Lace Tablecloth. White polyester (TERYLENE).Machine washable. Catalogue CompoOur Number Retail Price 120/0957 Round 7rJ' dia. £9.90 £6.99 120/0940 Rectangular 52"x72" £8.00 £5.49 6. Lissadell "Coventry" Towel Set. Set of 6. In 3 sizes. 100%spun cotton in oriental design. Sizes 2 each, 15" '27". 20" "38" and 27"x52". Cat. No. 12010926


OurPrice £11.99

7 laraine SpoHed Terry All CoHonTea Towel•• Set of 3. Size 18..x28 Cab No. 120/0373


Our Price £1.49

8. All Cotton Tea Towels. Sel of 3, Size Cat. No. 120/0964 II3..x27"



9. Melova Curtain Net. In a modern Raschel lace deSIgn.Made in ICI polyester/l'erylene easy care fIbre. Rea~y to hang with sJitched rod pocket. Colour white. Pack of 1Q-yif length. Catalogue . CompoOur Number Retail Price 120/1042 45" drop, £12.60£7.99 120/067272" drop £18.36£11.49 10. Horrockses "Regatta" Towel. In ·two sizes. 11)()01o cotton. Check design. ' Catalogue CompoOur Number Retail Price 12011004 29"x56" Brown £5.50 £3.99 120/1011 21")(40" Srown £2.75 £1.99 12011028 29"x56" Green £5.50· £3.99 12011035 21"'(~rJ' Green £2.75 £1.99 11. "Schmid" Novelty Clock. 8 day movement. Revolving pendulum under plexl-qlass shade. Polished gilt baseand bezel......Cat. No. 255/2635

Rec. Retail£24.95

Our Price £17.49


Ac:ctim Quartz Carriage Clock.· S_ilvercollUred dial with black Roman numerals, Height I Kcluding handle) 5U' . .operates from SP11 batI ry Cat. No. 255/3108


OurPrice £19.99

f 5. Luxurla Onyx Marble Quartz Mantel Clock.

Quartz movement. Gilt mounts on top and botI m. Size 5!"xll"x7". Operates from lW bat10ry Cat. No. 25512·178


OurPrice £29.99

16. Luxurla Green Onyx Quartz BaUery Mantel Clock. Quartz movement, Gilt handle. Size 4!"x2~"x5V' high (excl. handle). Operates.from MliIl500 battery., Cat. No. 255/2941


Our PriCe£24.99

17. Estyma Quartz Brass Carriage Clock. Quartz movement. Roman numerals. Operatesfrom Cl1 battery Cat. No. 255/2594


Our Price £22.99

18. Estyma Quartz Ca~rlageCjock. Quartz molfemerit. White dial with bladk Roman numerals. Height (excl, handle) SiN. Operates from MN1500 battery : , Cat. No. 255/2893


OurPrice £19.99

19. Splendex MIniature Grandfather Clock. White case with ,floral design. Roman numerals on white dial.~jzg;3f·x2.1"x10l". ". f Cat. No. 25512130


OurPrice £5.29

20. Splendex Ba.UeryMantel Clock. Wood veneered case with brass trimmings. Gold coloured dial with Roman numerals. Operates from 011 battery Cat.,No. 255/2611


:. OurPrlce£7.79

21. Smiths ''TImecal'' Quartz Mantel Clock. AcryliC}case with brass corner mounts' and'gilt coloured metal base. Size 8"x6i" high. Operates from 1x SP11battery Cat. No. 255/3098

Rec. Retail£19.95

OurPrice £14.99

Please note a) With quartz clocks the quartz move'ment rs ge,nerally accurate to within a few minutes per yea~. • b) BaHerles are not supplied with any Item.

2. Hanson Battery Wall Clock. Black pial with Roman numerals. Red hands. from HV battery............•.....•...... Cat. No.

Ree. Retail£8.75


3. Hanson Battery Wall Clock. effect. Brown floral design. Operates battery _ Cat.·No.

Rec. Retail£9.95


4. smiths- Tlmecal "Denver" Electric White moulded case.: Cat. No.

Ree. Retalr£10.90


5. Acctlm Pine Pendulum Wall Clock. pJne case with white dial and Roman flUI"",...IIe., Battery operated pendulum mo~ement. Size Si"x 3~"x1S"high. Operatesfrom HP2battery. Cat.' No. 255/3074

OurPrice £19.99 6. Pentland Quartz Battery Wan .Clock. Brewn case with white numerals. Operates from SP11 battery.··.·.· Cat. No. 255/2855

Compo Retail£10.95


8. Kienzle 1 Hour Kltc.tlen Timer. Smalt horne timer with clear ring ;!... Cat. No. 255/3081

Comp. Retail£5.50

. OurPrice£3.79

9. Smlths·Tlmecal "Domestic 5 Hour .Rlnger Timer. White moulded case Cat. No. 25511942

Rec. Retail£7.SO


10. Pentland BilttI!ry Wall Clock. White moulded case with chromium plated bezel. Operatesfrom. SP11battery , " Cat. No. 25511832

Comp. Retail£8.25


11. Eurastyle Quartz Battery "Sunray" 'Wall Clock. Brass coloured case and bezel. Operates from MN1400battery.....•.....•.....Cat. No.255/2697

Compo Retail£28.95



14. Eurastyle QuartZ Wall Clock. Brass case. .llometer 11".Operatesfrom HV battery. Cat. No. 255/.3122

amp. Retail£21.00

OurPrice £14.99

15. Smiths-Tlmecal Quartz Battery "Marine" CloCk.Polished brass case. Diameter of case 5". Operatesfrom SP11battery......Cat. No. 255/2910


OurPrice £12.49

16. Quartz Wall Clock. Wooden case with polished VTass comer pieces and dial "track. Black Roman numerals and hands. Case.size 1OJ" x 1OJ"x 2~". Operatesfrom 11V battery. Cat. No. 255/3146

Compo Retail£29.95

OurPrice £21.99


7. Hanson Quartz Battery Wall Clock. Brown moulded case. Fawn dial with brown figures. Operatesfrom SP11battew:(. ...Cat. No. 255/2752

Ree. Retail£13.95

Palco Quartz "Sunray" Style Wall Clock. ",I!lhed in brassand wood. Diameterof case15". ,,, ratesfrom 1!V battery Cat. No. 25513139


17. President "Cambridge" Regulator Clock. 30 day striking, ~hc:!ulum movement. strikes the hour and half~hotir Cat. No. 2S!i/3153

Comp_ RetaJl,£47,SO

OurPrice £34.99

18. Pentland "Chester" Picture Wall Clock. Chester RomanWall scene.Size2O!"x,16tH•Operates from SP1i batiery Cat. No.,255/1 045

Compo Reta~1 £15.50


19. Spectrum "Sha«espearEi's Birthplace" PIcture Wall Clock. Finished on aluminium with hessian backing and hardwood frame. Case·size 221"x11"x1¥'.Operatesfrom.1xSP11 battery, Cat. lito. 255/3115

Compo Retail£23.76

OurPrice £16.99

Please note~j.·a)With quartz clocks the quartz movement 'Is gene,ally aCCl.irateto within a few minutes per year.' b) Ba~rles are not supplied with any Item.

1. Junghal18 Quartz Alarm Clock. luminous spots and hands. Features a which is operated by lifting the clock for reading at night. Effective alarm. Operates 1AVbattery ..•...• ;,•.•..•..••..••..•....•..•Cat. No.

Ree. Retail£15.95


2. Braun 4Slgnli"j" Quartz Alarm Clock. effective alarm. Operatesfrom 1~Vbattery. Cat. No. '2515/3l1M1

Our Price 3. Westclox ''Wayfarer'' Quartz Alarm ClocII. Black dial with fully luminous- numerals and hands. Effective alarm. Operates from HV battery. ··.........•..........•...................... Cat. No.255I302t

Ree. Retail£11.50

Our Price £8."

4. Columbia "Minerva Drowse DlalHe" EIecIrIo Alarm ClocIt. Glowing dial for easynight reading Alarm repeats every 7 minutes until switched ,.....Cat. No. 255122&1 off.............••.................•.•.......

Comp.Retail £7.85

.Our Price £5.71

5. Hanson Battery Alarm Clock. Brown casewIth beige luminous dial. Operates from SP11 battery · Cat. No. 255/301.

Ree. Retail £9.95

Our Price £6.91

6. Smiths-llmecal "Auto8onlc" Battery Alarm Clock. IvaI)' coloured case with black dial. Spot luminous. Jewelled movement. Operates from SP11battery..•........,.................•.Cat; No. 25512281

Ree. Retail £10.90

Our Price £'1.91

t • Europa Calendar Trllvel Alarm Clock. Leathar Hefolding case



Retail £9.80

Ree. Retail £11.25

Our Price £8A1

8. Hanson Pendulum BatteW Wall Clock. Black

Cat. No. 25512240

Our Price £6.79

I . Estyma Travel Alarm'Clock. Barrel shaped IIh sil'ler coloured dial and 'attractive t.uxan Cat. No. 25513005 ( loured case. luminous


'Our Price £5.49


Estyma Travel Alarm Clock. Folding case "'IIh gilt trlm, luminous ......." ....Cat. No. 255/2226

mp.Retail £4.30

Our Price £3.29

I . Splendex Alarm Clock. 30 hourmovement, I rass and black coloured case with gold coloured dial... , Cat. No. 25512518

CompoRetail £5.12

Our Price £3.99

17. Smlths-nmecal "Clarion" Repeater Alarm lock. White metal case. luminous hands. " Cat. No. 255/2721

ee. Retail £7.25

Our Price £5.79

18. El!rasty1e Single Bell Alarm Clock. White case with white and gilt finished dial. With black numerals and hands Cat. No. 255/2817

CompoRetail £6.95

~r Price £4.9!

19. Columbia Double Bell Alarm Clock. Fla~e coloured case with white dial and black numerIs Cat. No. 255/2525

CompoRetail £5.40 7. Westcloll "Aster" Pull-IO-Wlnd Wall CIocIc. Simulated woodgrain case with gold coloured dial. -.._ .':....•., C&t. No. 25512934

r ••;

Our Price £4.29

20. Acctlm Electronic Digital Alarm Clock. 12 hour green fluorescent display with a.mJp.m. Indicator. "Snooze" feature givesa 9 min. repeatr alarm. Woqdg.f~in finish case. Operates from 240VA.C. mains.· : Cat. No. 255/3050

case.and dial with white ADlOannumerals, Oparates from 1!V battery C8t. No.255/:¥68

CompoRetail £16.95

Rec. Retalll£12.25

21. Sankyo Electronic Digital Alarm Clock. 12 hour l.E.D. display. Alarm setting and snooze alarm feature. Operatesfrom 240VA.C. mains. Cat. No. 255/2848

Our Price £7.99

9. Tempora ,Battery Wall Clock. Wooden case with gilt cououred and black metal dial. Roman numerals. OJperatesfrom SP11!;lattery. Cat. No. 255/2415

Ree. Retalll£15.50

Our Price £10.99

10. Estymal Travel Alarm Clock. Blue folding case with 91i1ttrim. White numerals and hands. Luminous.......•, Cat. No; 25512233


CompoRetail £24.00

OurPrice £11.99

.OurPrice £16.99

22. Eurastyfe Digital Repeater Alarm Clock. Ivory coloured case. 12 hour l.E,O. display. Operates from 240VA.C. mains Cat. No. 25512831

Ree. Retail £16.95

OurPrice £12.99

Our Price £5.49

11. Europa Travel Alarm Clock. Tan case with raised gold <colourednumerals. Luminous. Cat. No. 255/2109

Our Price £4.79

Please not4\': ~) With ql!artz clocks the qU!lrtz movement. Is generally accuNlte to within a few minutes per year. b) Batteries are not sl!pplled with any Hem.

9. Ogival






gpld plated cash,Whitedial w.ith Romannumerals and. calendar. Swe.ep seconds hand. (Swiss). .-. .-. . ,'__.. __ -.~at.No.250/4243

. Compo Retail ÂŁ62:50

. Our Price ÂŁ37.99


Gent's L.E.D. 9uartz. Watch•.Chrome plated case. ·Features hours and minutes. seconds. month and date. date and day: ,Cat. 1110. 25OJ419S

O~rPFice£15.79 2. Beltlme Gent's LC.D. 'Quartz Chronograph Watc". Slim chrome case with stainless steel bracelet. 6 dil'lit in-line display. Night-light fea· ture · _.I.Cat.No. 250/4023

Compo Retail £55_00~

Our Price£29.99

3. Beltlme Gent's L.C.D. Gluartz Watch. Chrome plated case. Front push button selection. Constant display of hours. minutes and seconds. At the press of a button. month and date.·Night-light feature :· Cat.'No. 250/4229

Compo Retail £43.00

Our Prlee.£24.99

Our Price£19.99

. . \ '5, !'vanti Lady's L.C.D. Quartz Watch. Stainless steel bracelet. Constant dis'play of 'hours and minutes: At the press ofa button. seconds. month and date. Night-light feature......Cat. No. 250/4238

Compo Retail £29.95

Rec.Retail £10.95

Our Price£16.29

17. Luxuria Onyx M,rble Smoker's Set. Com.. prises cigarette box. gas ligl;tter and two ashtrays Cat: No. 21811224


Compo Retail £16.95: ;,t

Our Price£19.99

18.' Sarome Gas j.Jghter. Piezo electric ignition. Requires no flints or batteries...Cat. No. 218/0658

Our Price£6.29 r-------

Rec. Retail £10.70'

19. Sarome Gas Ughter. Piazo'electric ignition. Requires no flints or·balteries.":Cat.<No:"'218109j2

Rec.Retail £13:90

Our Pric.e£8.29

20. Hira "R()dan '76" Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Reqwiresno flints or batteries. Cat. No. 27811145

Compo Retail £6.70, Quartz Watch.' Stainless steel bracelet. 'Constant display of hours' and minutes. At thepress of aJ;u11on.seconds. monte and date-.Nightclight fea.ture. Cat. No. 250/4205


Our Price £7.79

ce""p. Retail £3.5.50

4. Beltlme Gent's L.C.D. Quartz Watch. Chrome plated case and stainless steel bracelet. COnstant display of hours, minutes and seconds. At the press of a button. month and date. Night-light .feature :., " Cat...NQ.25013983

Compo Retail £33.80

16. JP "Rock ClYstal" Smoker'S Set. tlas lighter in crystal base witt; matching ashtray. -Cat. 'No. 278/0926

Our Price£4.99

21. Ronson,·.;"eOmet Firefly" Varaflame Gas Llghter.Adjust~ble flame Cat. No. 278/0809

Rec.Retail £4.25

Our Price£3.29

Our Price£9.99


7. Rlva Gent's L.C.~. Quartz Chronograpl}, Stainless stee~ bracelet. \'Constant display. or-hours, minutes. seconds. At tbe press of a/button. month. date. day. Chrono stop-watch 1/100 sec. Start/stop. and lap time. Memory recall. Nightlight feature. l.:., Cat. No. 250/4212

Compo Retail ~.95

Rec.Retail £9.35

Our Rrlce£17.79 24. Noble Gas LIghter. ,Flint-action. Adjustable flame ,..:.......... .. Cat, No. 278/0878

C_omp. Re~ail~7.5D Please note: necessary . .. oj




QUI!eR Sliver Plated Cake Stand. Swing han(!jle, Tarnish resistant. Diameter 9". , , Cat. No. 28011836

,Our Price £S.79


The .J')14fe-

collection offers you more jewellery for your ,money

Mr. Brian Selwood, a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, has been responsible for the selection of our prestige range of elegant jewellery by Elizabeth Duke. Mr Selwood writes: . "There are many reasons why the Elizabeth Duke collection offers you more jewellery for your money. Firstly, we have cut out the middlemen-We buy direct. Secondly, we buy ahead to avoid the increases caused by the ever-rising costs of gold, silver and. precious stones. Thirdly, apart from jewellery, we sell a wide range of products; so our huge turnover enables our Jewellery Division to operate withoufthe'jeweller's traditionally high profit margin." Valuer's Certificate. Guarantee. Free Insurance. Ring Sizing Service. The lifetime skills of experts ensure the value of the jewellery you buy from us. With each engagement ring or eternity ring you have the extra surety of a Valuer's Certificate. But whatever you buy you also have the reassurance of our Guarantee. With each engagement ring or eternity ring, we also give one year's free insurance. A ring sizing service is available for your convenience.

1.9 ct. Gold Identity Bracelet. Ropedesign. Cllt. No. 21511713

Our,Price £:14-49

15~9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Rope design. Matches 2.9 ct. Gold Identity Bracelet...Cat. No.21511634

rtern no.25 on page145.

CompoRetail £62.75

CompoRetail £56.90

Our Price £29.99

3. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Matches item no. 26 on page1.45.···..· · ·· Cat. No.21511809

CompoRetail £12.20



"Our Price £6.99

4.9 ct. Gold"Serpentln,," ChainBracelet. " Cat. No. 215/1816

CompoRetail £24.35

....Cat. No:215/1751

Our Price £33.49

16. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safetychain Cat. No.21511627


Our Price £29.99


9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safetychain ', Cat. No.21511490

CompoRetail £58.50

Our Price £38.29

Our Price £12.49

\ 9 ct. Gold Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain. Catalogue Comp.Our Number Retail Price 5. 21511830 7 Bar £95.00£57.99 6. 21511823 7, Bar £95.00 £57.99 7. 215/1641 3 Bar £52.70£31.99 8. 21511658 3 Bar £52.70 £31.99 9. 21511665 4 Bar £66.65£38.99 10. 21511782 6 Bar £88.30 £51.99 11. 215/1672 5 Bar £76.70 £46.49 12. 215/1775 5 Bar £76.70 £46.49 13. 215/1768 4 Bar £66.65 £38.99

18. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safetychain Cat. No.21511610

CompoRetail £49.99

.. ~,::.~

Our Price £24.49

Argos Gift available in values of £1, £2 and £5. Ideal for those special gift occasions and can be used at' any Argos showroom.

11.9 et. Gold '~SnoWflake"Stud earrings . cal No. 207/2957


. ~.


Comp. Retail £9.30

O.urPrice £4.99

,.12.9 ct. Gold'Rower Stud Earrln9s. Cal No. 207/2971

Comp. Retail £8.75 . 3. .9

ct. Gold Heart Shape Stud Earrings.

Diamondcut finish•...........·

Cat. No. 207/2751

Comp. Retal'.£9.50

Ol,lrPrice ,£4.99


d.Gold ,:ancy Stud Earrings.

. . Cat. No. 207/2366

Our Price £4.7'9

Comp •.Retilil£9.30

Our P.rlce£4.99


Compo Retail £9.20

Wire Stud EarCat.-No.2f1713028



. Our .Prlce£6.49

. Our Price £7:49



18.9et. Gold Bead Stud Earrings. cat. No. 207/2715

Comp. Retail £10.65c. 9.9 et. Gold Faceted Stud Earrln9!l.. . Cal No. 207.11965

Our Price £5.79

17.9 ct. Gold Rose Deslgp Earrings. . ,~ Cal No. 2f1711154

. Comp. Retall-£21.45, Comp. Retail £13.00

Our Price £5.79

19.9 ct. Gold H~ Earrings.....Cat. No. 207/2380 Comp. Retail £11.75 Our Price £4.99

10.9 ci. Gold ;"J"rlple Ring S~d earrings: .~.':20" 9 ct. Gold Sleeper/Hoop Earril19!l. With " . Cat. No. 207/2964 detachablecross pendants Cat. No. 207/3217·

Our Price £4.99

'Our Prlce,£3.79 ;;...-'-

23. 9 .et. Gofd Sleeper/Hoop· earrings. c, With detachableSt. Christopher pendants. . Cat. No. 207/3200

Our Price £3.?9

Our P1ce £9.49

16.9 ct. Gold Cube Stud Earrings:' 'i!" :"al No. 207/3224

8. 9 et. .Gold Fancy , :


Comp. Retail £6.50

Comp. Re~11£37.00

Our Price £3.29

Comp. Retail £4~70

14.9 ct. Gold Knot DeSignEarrings. \ . Cat: No. 207t3248

15. 9 ct. Gold Ingot Earrings. Featured hallmark.······ ..· ·· : Cal No. 207/3138

Compo Retail £~.90

rc .

22. 9 et. Gold Sleeper/Hoop,.Earrings. With detachablehe"rt·Penci"nts Cal No.2f17/2744 - :;-;. -;

13:"9et. Gold Twin Heart Stud Earfthgs. . ca\ No. 207/2940

Our P.rice£4.99 . Cofup.Retail £16.15

7. 9 et,Gold Stud Earlings. In form of a cro~. .Diamondcut finisfi:. Cat. No. 207/2919.

'1." -l!;- -:~


Compo Retail £4.70.

Our Price £3.19

25.9 et. Gold-Earrlngs.Octagonalshape.. '"'.. cat. No. 207/3231

Comp. Retail ~17.30

~Our Price £9.99

26. 9 ct. Gold'a:"rlg,avedEarrings. , • , Cat. No. 207/2414

Comp. Retail £18.00

Our Price £10.~

27.9 ct. Gold Earrings. Diamo~dcutf!~iSh1' " Cal.No •.207/1934

Comp. Retail £39.50 .

Our PrI~ £20.49

28. 9 ct. Gol~ Earrings. Catalogue Nuniber 207/1192 Plain 207,/1~ Engraved 29.9 i:t.Gold ElJ9I:avedEarrings. _, ."j 7 _ cat. No. 2f1711178

Comp •.Retall~.25

"' '«·OurPrlce£12.29

All·earrings are for pierced ears only and Item numbers 1-18·iand.&29 are enlarged to show deta,I.' . .

1. 9

ct. Gold Heart and Arrow Pendant. Chilln

length 18"



Cat. No;~7/2480

Our Price £16.41

2.9et. Gold Oval Locket.ChainIe_ngth 18". Cat. No. 207/1613

Our~rlce £27.91 3. 9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Locket. Chain length 18" : Cltt..No.207/1881

Comp.Retail £33.55

Our Price £21.00

4.9 et. Gold HarePendant.Chainlength 16". Cat. No. 207/3258

Our Price £14.411 5. 9 ct. Gold Double Heart Choker Pendant. Cat..No.207/3038 Chainlength 14"

Comp.Retail £16.80

Our Price £9.49

9 ct. Gold Ingot Pendantwith Featured Hallmark. Each ingot is supplied with an 18" chain sulll ciently SUbstantialto bear the pendant weight Weights approximate. Catalogue Comp.Our Number "Retail Price 6.207/2641 l oz £59.47 £29.29 7.207/2799 ! oz £166.00£86.49 8.207/2816 1 oz £104.00£53.49 9 ct. Gold Neck Chain. Catalogue Number 9.207/2555 Box Link 18" 10.207/1257 Rope Link 24" 11.207/0928Curb Link 20" 12.207/0894 Trace Link iIfJ"f

Comp.Our Retail Price £43.90£23.00 £26.65£18.99 . £27.50£17.99 £10.95£7.79'

13.9 et. Gold Bark Finished RusticCross. Chain length 18" Cat. No. 207/1697



Our Price£14.99

14. 9 ct. Gold Cross.and Chain. Chain length 18" Cat. No.207/3004

Comp.Retail £14.80

Our PriCe £9.99

1.6.9 ct. Gold Pendant. Set with a cluster ot 7 garnets.Chainlength 18".Matchesitem no. 35on page149.. . Cat. No.207i3145.


Pendant.Diamond ut edge.Chainlength 18".':U.:Cat.No.207112.40

CompoRetail £42.50

'\,OurPrice £20;99

18. 9 ct. Gold Tedd~Bear Pendant.Chain length Cat. No.207/3121 16"

CompoRetail £25.90

Our Price £16.29

19.9 ct. G~ld"4 Leaf Clover Earrings. Cultured pearlmthe centre Cat. No.207/1587

CompoRetail £18.15

Our Price £12.49

20.Cultured PearlStud Earrlngs.·9ct. gold. Cat. No. 207/1563

CompoRetail £14.90

Our Price £8.49

21-,Cultured Pearl Pendant. 9 ct. gold loop and chain.Length15" Cat. No.207/1556

CompoRetail £13.60' . ,

Our Price £8.49

22.Cultured Pearl Necklet. 5 pearlson 9 ct. gold Cat. No.20711570 chain.Length 15"


OurPrice £12.2?

23. 9 ct. Gold Fluted Bead and Chain Necklet. Interspersedwith 3 cultured pearls.Length15". Cat. No. 207/3114.

CompoRetail £34.25

Our Price £14.79

24. 9 ct. Gold "Namechain" Pendant. Total length 15".Any.w.ardup to 9 letters available to order. :.~.: Cat. No.207/2737

CompoRetail £42.60

Our.Price £26.79

25. 9 ct. Gold Rope Design Choker Necklet. Length14~".Matchesitemno. 15on page140. Cat. No. 207/3152

CompoRetail £97.00

:.Our Price £62.00

OurPrice £9.29

15. 9 ct. Gold Cross and Chain. Diamond cut finish. Chainlength 18"..c ••••••.•••• Cat. No.20711862


f 7. 9 ct. Gold St.

Our Price £21.79

26. 9 ct. Gold Choker Necklet. Length 1~". Matchesitem no.30n p, 140.....Cat. No.207/3059

CompoRetail £23.45

Our Price £13.00

27. 9 ct. Gold Necklet. Falls into 3 strandsat the front. Length 16 -,_..Cat..No.207/2720

CompoRetail £81.00

Our Price £52.00

9 ct.' Gold Charms. 1. Wishbol'!e.. : .

Cat. No.216/1002

Comp. Retail £6.50 .

Our Price £4.29

14. Sterll.ngSilver St. Christopher Dog Tag Pen22. Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant dant. Chainlength 18" Cat. No.207/2988 :. Diamondcut edge.Chainlength 18". Comp. Retail £11.95 Our Price £6.29' Cat. No. 207/14111

Compo Retail £10.50 2. Horseshoe

Cat. !\io.216/0618

Comp. Retail £11.20"

Our Price £6.29

3. Sea Shl!ll. .i...'.:

Comp. Retail £10.30 4. Dolphin

.,..Cat. No.-216/1040 Our Price £6.29


Cat. No.216/1019

Comp. Retail £13.99.

Our Price £7.49

5. Baby Hedgehog


Comp. Retail £25.40.

.Our Price £12.49

6. Stork and Baby

Cat. No.216/0106

Comp. Retail £33.35

Our Price £18.49

15. Sterling Silver Ingot Pendant. With featured hallmark and St. Christopher on a 20"chain. The ingot weighsapprox. 1 oz..........Cat. No. 207/3073

CompoRetail £35.00

<16.Sterling Sliver Ingot Pendant wIth Featured Hallmark. On a 20" chain. The ingot weighs approx.~oz Cat. No.207/2809

Comp. Retail £23.08



Hallmark. On a 20" chain. The ingot weighs approx, j oz Cat. No.207I24()7

Our Price £8.99 'Comp. Retail £8.12


Cat. No. 216/0962

Comp. Retail £35.40 ~'

Our Price £19.99 Cat. No.216/0065

Comp. Retail £20.60

,Our Price £8.99

1i Ingot...~

Cat. No.216/0955

Comp. Retail £32.20 12.Ctown

Compo Retail £53.70

Our Price £17.99

13."I-Love-You" Keys

Cat. No.216/0649

Comp. Retail £41.80

Our Price £19.29

Cat. No.216/0704


CompoRetail £5.56

Our Price £3.29

32,Tower Bridge

Cat. No. 216/0474

CompoRetail £7.96 33.Wishing Well

Our Price £5.99

19. Hallmarked Sterling Sliver Round Locket. :··Chainlength 20" _. Cat. No. 207/1738

·Comp. Retail £22.20

Our Price £11.79

Our Price £5.99

24. Sterling Sliver Pendant Tag-, Chain length 20" Cat. No.207/2304

CompoRetail £5.52

Our Price £3.29

Compo Retail £9.04

35.Teddy Bear

Cat. No.216/071-1

Our Price £4.49

36. Holy BIble 25.Sterling Sliver Neck Chain. Length 18". Cat. No. 207/2311

Our Price £4.99

26. Sterling Sliver Cross'and Chain.Diamondcut finish. Chainlength 18" ::Cat.No. 207/1855

CompoRetail £~.90


Our Price £2.49

27.Sterling Silver Cro'5sand Chain. Diamondcut finish. Chainlength 18" Cat. No. 207/1109

CompoRetail £4.~0

Our Price £3.29

CompoRetail £14.30

Our Price £8.99

21. Hallmarked Sterling Silver Apple Pendant.' 29. Sterling Silver Rectangular Locket. Chain Chainlength20" Cat. No. 20711714 length 18" "N Cat. No.207/2342

CompoRetail £16.00

Our Price £7:29


Our Price

Cat. No. 216/0742

20. Sterling Sliver Round Locket. Chain length 28. Sterling Silver Book Shape Locket. Chain 16"..~ Cat. No.20711745 length 18" c ••.•....• Cat. No. 207/2359

Comp. Retail £8.12

Our Price £3.99 Cat. No. 216/0429


34. Hedgehog

Cat. No.216/0986

Our prlc;e £22.99

Our Price £2.29


CompoRetail £4.70

Our Price £9.29 .Compo Retail £5.90

18. Sterling Silver Heart Shape Locket. Chain lengtti 16" Cat.. No..207/1776

Comp. Retail £15.70


Our Price £3.49

. Our,Price £~.49· Cat. No. 216/0931 ~hristoPher:

CompoRetail £8.04

Cat. No. 216/0388

CompoRetail £4.60

CompoRetail £2.50

8. Old Boot.

9. Holy Bible

23. Sterling Silver Shell Pendant. Chain length 18" :~Cat.No.20712928

i ....•.. Cat. No.21Iii0900

Compo Retail £10.85'. /

Our Price £10.99

17:Sterling Sliver Ingot Pendant with Featured CompoRetail £20.12.

7.Gun Dog

Our Price £13.49

Our Price £6.71

Sterling Sliver Charms. 30. WeddingBells

CompoRetail £12.75

-"Our Price £7_79

CompoRetail £5.99 37.Big Ben

CompoRetail £4.60


Our Price £1~9 Cat. No. 216/0663

Our Price £3.99 :.-Cat.No. 216/0395

Our Price £2.29

17. Sterling Silver Earrings. Diamond cut · Cat. No.20711477 finish


Our Price £4.29

Ring. ~t with a 18. Gent's 9 ct. Gold ~t' . cushionshapedblack onyxstone. / . Cat. No. 24011236 Comp.Retail£50.25

Our Price £24.29

19. Gent's 9 ct. Gold Slgqet Ring. Set with a cushion shapedhaematite•.-intagliocarvedwith a centurion's head :.Cat.No.20611023


Our Price £27.29

20.Gent's 9 ct Gold SIgnet Ring. Setwith an oval haematite. intaglio carved with a centurion's head · ., Cat. No. 24011360


OurPrice £26.49

21.Gent's 9 ct. GOld Textured Oval SIgnet Ring. Cat.·No.24011456 Starset with a diamo~d

CompoRetail£55.75 '1. Sterling Silver Haiim.arked Charm Bracelet Padlock fastener with safety chair. Cat. No. 21511012


OurPti~ £11".99

Sterling Silver Hallmarked Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain. Catalogue Comp.Our Number Retail Price 2. 215/1407 5 Bar £24.55£14.79 3. 21511469 6 Bar £28.00£16.79 4. 215/13803 Bar £15.70£10.49 5. 21511397 4 Bar £22.50£12.79 6. Sterling Silver Hailmarked Charm Bracelet. Padlockfastenerwith safetychain. Cat. No. 21511005


OurPrice £12.29

7. Sterling Silver "Butterfly" Bracelet. Cat. No. 215/1706


OurPrice £5.99

8. Sterling Silver Bracelet. Heartshapedesign. Cat. No. 215/0998

OurPrice £3.99 9. Sterling Silver Bracelet. Heart shape design with diamondcut pattern Cat. No. 215/1500


OurPrice £6.49

10. Sterling Silver Hailmarked Hinged Bangle design. With safety chain. , Cat. No. 21511294

OurPrice £10.49 11. Sterling Sliver Hallmarked Hinged Bangle. Engravedfront. With safetychain. Cat. No. 215/1304


OurPrice £10.49

12.Sterling Silver Hallmarked'Bracelet. 3 strand braideddesign,Matches'itelf;no. 13. Cat. No. 21511517


OurPrice £12.99

13. Hallmarked Sterllhg Sliver 2 Strand Braided Necldet.Length 1~". Matchesitem no. 12. • Cat. No. 207/1879


OurPrice £18.99

14. Sterling Sliver Earrings. Diamond cut finish Cat. No. 207;2043


OurPrice £3.49

15. Sterling Silver Ingot Earrings. Featuredhall· mark Cat. No.207/2933

Comp.Retail£10.25 16. Sterling Silver finish ·


OurPrice £5.29

Earrings. Diamorid CuI Cat. No.207/2036

Our Price £4.29

OurPrice £26.79

22. Lady's 9 ct.Gold.BuckleRing. Cat. No. 206/0952

CompoRetal{£24.50 '" Our Price £13.99 23. Gent's 9 ct. Gold E~':~lIed Buckle Ring. Cat. No.20611030


Our Price £37.79

24. Lady's 9 ct.Gold Signet Ring.Setwith an oval Cat. No.20610639 blackonyx stone


Our Price 16.29

25. Lady's.9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Signet Ring. Cat. No.20610835 Handengraved


OurPrice £11.79

26. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Fancy Dress Ring. Cat. No. 20611119



27. Lady's 9 ct. Gold' Fancy Dress Ring. Cat. No. 206/1102

CoIl1P.Retail £14.30

OurPrice £8.29

28. lady's 9 ct. Gold Fancy Knot Ring. Cat. No. 206/0866


OurPrice £11.79

29. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Twin Heart Ring. Cal. No. 206/0914


OurPrice £8.21J·

30. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Twisted Wire Reef Knot Rlng........................ .. Cat. No. 206/0921


OurPrice £8.49

31.Lady's 9 ct. Gold FancyTwisted Wire Ring. Cat. No. 206/0897

CompoRetail £8..15

Our Price £5.29

32. Lady's 9 ct:"G6id Dress Ring. Star set with 3 sapphires -Cat. No. 206/0945


OurPrice £14.29

33. 9 ct. Gold Fancy Twisted Wire Open-Ended Rlng· ·..·..· Cat. No.20611205


OurPrice £6.79

34. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress .R'ng. Set with a clusterof 7 garnets.Heartshapeshoulders. Cat. No. 206/07a2


OurPrice £13.79

35. Lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with a clusterof 7 garnets.Matchesilem no. 16 on page 145· ··..· ··..· Cat. No.206/0976


OurPrice £15.79

Please note earrings are for pierced ears only. Rings are enlarged to show detail .

, -11. 9 cl.rYeliow Gold Wedding Ring.. Width 6 mm Matches item no, 27, ,..""-"",,,,,.GaL No.2031147V

Compo Retail£29.25 " 2: .Dlamon!' ",Claw Set diamonds, total weight 0.42 ct. 18 ct. yellow and,



~{"12. Diamond Cluster. 9 ct. gold. Total weight 0.21 . ct. Matches i~m no.-7.. t: CaL No~200/4530 t, Compo Retail£1"34.50 -Our.Price£62.99 0



13. Centre Diamond and 8 .Sapphlres.o9ct. gold " mount with wide.textured_ShdlJlders. Diamond carat weight 0.03.Sapphires total weight,f.OOct .,.~ Matches iterri no. 7..: :~-~Cat. No. 200/4451


. Compo Retail£!?4.25

O.urPrice £31.99

14. Sappl)lre and D.lamond Cluster. 9 ct. gold mount. 30' sapphires, total weight 3.25 ct; 7 diamonds, total weight 0.21 ct. / . Cat. No. 200/4602

OurPrice £n.oo

Crimp. Retail£170.00'

'" 15. Diamond Cluster. Set hi 18 ct. white gold -

. Total weight 0.7&ct.

i.. -

.. Compo Retail£456.00

Cat. No. 200/0761


16. Centre Diamond and 8 R~bles.'Set in 18 ~f. .whitegold wHh 18 ct. yellow golCrtexturedshank, Diamond carat weight O.~. Jl'ubies total.w!3ight - 0.57ct.; ......,.....:........." ......:~...."CaL No. 2~/4499

f:omp. Reta.iI£144.00. ~



OurPrice £87.00

. ' 17.4 Rubles and 17 Dialnonds. Set in 18ct"white Matches item nos. 12and 13..."CaL N~. 20311606c< ,~ gold with ,18ct. yell01g0ld shank. Tot<i.1 w~ights: OurPrice £15.99 rubies 0.55ct. diamonds 0.30 ct. • "':::_'_~-;--------"4--':_' --'~'.,..::_"--",,: Cal. No. 200;2972 .8. 9 ct. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Width 10 ~omp. Re~iI £270.00:. .;OurPrice£148.00 ·mm."""":."""""."""".""."":,,.,,CaL No. 203/0975

Comp_ Retail.£60.00

OurPrice £29..79 ,- 18. Single Stone' Diamond. -Set in .

9. ,9 ct. Yellow. Gold ~Weddlng .Ring. Width 8 mm. "·""."."""'''''".".,,.,'''',, .......Cat. No: 203/0786

Compo Retail£40.00 . "!. -;,;.

Our Price£19.79 ,\,-"


18 Ct. white ': gold with 18 ct. yellow gold shank..Carat weight O.33·..····.· " :" ".: ..CaL No. 200/0314

Compo Retail£348.00

OurPrice £188.00

. Centre' Sapphire and 10 Diamonds: Set in 18 ct. yellow gold shank. '1apphire carat weight 1.10. Diamonds total ight 0.17 ct Cat. No. ~/3139 t, white gold with 18

Comp. Retail£203.00

Our Pri~ £127.00

21. 3 Sapphi~e~·and 12 Diamonds. Set,in 11;1 ct. white gord with 18 ct. yellow gold textured sh.ank. Total weights: sapphires 0.80 ct., diamonds 0.35 r.t. · :.: ,..: , Cat. No. 200/3Q36

Compo ~etai,1£2(10.00 Our Price£127.50 22. Centre Sapphire and 2 Dlamo'1ds. Set in 18 ct. white' gold with 18 Ct. yellow golo shank. Sapphire carat weight 1.30:- Diamonds" total weighrO.~ ct. Cat..No.-2oo/3191

Comp. Retail~70.00


23. Centre Ruby and 2 DI~monds. 9 ct. gold. Ruby carat'weight 0.20. Diamonds total ,weight 0.10ct...: CaL No. 200/4475

Compo Retail£75.25 0;:..




24. Centre Sapphire and 2 Diamonds. 9 ct. gold. Sapphire carat weight' 0..20. Diamonds total weight 0.10cb.;.\L: ...:.'........:.....Cat. No. 200/4468

Compo Retail£75.25

OurPrice £38;99.

25. Single Stone Diamond. 9 ct.: gold. Carat weigh.t0.05 ,..-; :Cat. N.o,200/4035

Com~. Ret~il£48.65

Our Price£23.29

'26.Three Stone Diamond. 9 ct. gold. Total weight 0.20 ct.,; c~ : , , :,Cat. No. 200/4482

Compo Retail£109.50

Our Price £53;49

27. Slng'e Ston~ Diamond:. 9 ct. g~ld ~ith diamond .cut shoulders. Carat weight O.OS. Matches item no. 1,1 CaL ~o. 200/4286

Comp': R~!3i1~6l);75

Our Price £27.79

28. Sing'e Slone Dlamo_nd.S!tt in 9 ct. white gold

19.3 Stone Diamond. Set in 18·cf.white gold with 18 ct. yellow gold shank. Total weight OAOct. . -' Cal. No. 200/0493

with 9 ct. y~lIow gold textured shank. Carat weight 0.0,15 :...' "Cat. No. 200/4444

Compo Retail£337.00

Compo Retail£37,00.

OurPrice £178.00

OurPrice £23.99

1. Wooden Jewel Case. Treasure chest shop. with lift-oul trinket tray. ....Cat. No. 260/2311

Compo Retail £4.75

Our Price£2.71

11. Mele Jewel Case. Automatic tray and drawer. Necklace bar and pocket. Simulated leather covring. Fitted lock Cat. No. 26011610

Compo Retail£21.50 2. Design Philipp Musical Jewel Box. Revolvl"" ballerina.

Compo Retail£3.50

...Cat. No. 26011601

Our Price£2.48

3. Design

Philipp Musical Jewel Case. Ivory coloured with red lining. Automatic lift-up tr8~ Revolving ballerina. Fitted lock. Cat. No. 260/01"

Compo Retail £12.50

Our Price£8.48

Our Price£13.99

12. Mele Jewel Case. Walnut finish. 2 drop !.ompartments for rings. 3 pull-out drawers. Cat. No. 260/2358

Compo Retail£16.25

Our Price£9.99

13. Mele Jewel Case. With Suedine interior. I.eatherette covered with mirror in lid. . Cat. No. 260/2372

Compo Retail £13.70

Our Price £9.49

4. Design Philipp Black Jewel Case. Lined In quality flock. Automatic menls. Fitted lock.........

Compo Retail£8.95

lift-up tray with compart ...Cat. No. 260/0879

Our Price£6.28

14. Mascot 5 Piece Dressing Table Set. ComprisIng hair and clothes brushes. hand mirror. comb nnd powder bowL Rose design. Cat. No. 260/0037

Compo Retail£14.32

Our Price£8.49

5. Design Philipp Jewel Case. lvory coloured exterior. Lined in gold coloured velvet. Fitted lock :Cat. 'No:26011397

15. Lady's chain


Umbrella. With carrying Cat. .No. 260/2602

Compo Retail £18.95

Compo Retail £2A5

Our Price£1.~

Our Price£12.98

6. Design

Philipp Musical Jewel.Case. With automatic lift-up tray. revolving ballerina and ...Cat. No. 260/2248 mirror. Fitted catch. .......

Compo Retail£9.50

Our Price£6.79

16. Lady's Telescopic Umbr~lIa. Plain proofed nylon with matching case Cat. No. 260/0477

Compo Retail £6.75

Our Price£4.49

17. Lady's PurselWallet.. ....

Compo Retail £2.85-. 7. CoroeraH Earring Ensemble. 1 pair each of flower stud. wedding band and star drop all III "goldentone." Gift box~:I'For pierced ears only Cat. No. 260/2657

18. Leather Pl.lrsetNotecase. 3 note pockets. Divided pocket i~' purse. Steel frame.

Compo Retail £3.25

Compo Retail£3.40

Our Price£1.99

Cat. No. 260/2035

19. Leather Purse/Notecase

OUfPrice £2.29 ••..Cat. No. 26012499

8. Coroeraft Gold, Plated "Zodiac" Charm Bracelet. Features the twelve signs of the zodiac Gift boxed \ Cat. No. 260/2"664

Compo Retail£3.99

Compo Retail£6.95.

20. Lady's Cosmetic Bag Set; Fully lined toilet bag and make-up bag to match:Cat. No. 260/2389

Our Price£4.49


CorocraH Gold Plated "Lucky" Charm Bracelet. Five charms. Gift boxed. Cat. No. 260/2640

Compo Retail,£3.75

Our Price£2.29

Compo Retail£5.25

Compo Retail£3.75

Our Price£2.29

Our Price £2.99

21. Aronde Cosmetic

Bag Set. Toilet bag and make-up bag. "Holly Hobbie" design. Cat. No. 260/2396

Compo Retail£3.60 10. CorocraH "Hearts" Necklace and Bracelet Set Heart shape design finished in "goldentone." Gift boxed Cat No. 260/2671

Our Price £2.79

Our Price£2.49

22. Griffon Trav~lIer Manlcure·Set. Includes two pairs of scissors. tweezers. nail file and six other manicure aids. Zipped case .......Cat. No. 26011696

Compo Retail £2.85

Our Price£1.99

1. Flair "Sit 'n' Sew" Sewing Chest/Stool. Deep inner compartment, lift-out tray and carrying handle. Height 17", diameter 11". Cat. No. 26011478

Compo Retail £4.84

Our Price £3.49

.2. Sewing Box. Floral print covering. Lined with 'satin, quilted lid. Size 11"x9~"x5". . Cat. No. 260/2004

Compo Retail £6.75

Our Price £5.29

3. Wooden Sewing Box. Concertina design. Wal nut stain finish. Size 16~"x81"x 14~". Cat. No. 260i0628

Compo Retail £10.35

Our Price £6.99

4. Wooden Sewing Box. Concertina design. Wal· nut stain finish. Size 12i"x61"x7". . Cat. No. 260/1816

Compo Retail £7.50

Our price £,4.99

5. Fold-away

Knitting Basket. W0C!den frame Hard-wearing fabric bag Cat. No. 260/2200

Compo Retail £5.35

Our Price £3.99

6. Sewing Cabinet. Walnut colour finish cabinet with legs on castors. Tray in top lid. Size 19i" x 14" (excl. handle) x 19~"high C4It. NO.·260/2310

Compo Retail £21.50

_ J~ur Price £14.99

7. Sylko Sewing Thread. Size 40. 36 reels each holding 91m/100 yd. Assorted colours. Suitable for both hand and machine sewing. , Cat. No. 260/2011

Compo Retail £6.84(

Our Price £4.79

8. "HI-Grip" Dressmaking Scissors. Stainless steel blades with adjustable pivot screw. Length 91" overall. Cat. No. 26012341

Compo Retail £3.65

Our Price £2.99

9. Ardis "Venus" Dressform. Measuring windows enable programming of measurements when adjusting for size. Covered with foambacked brushed nylon. Bust 33"-39". Cat. No. 260/0367

Compo Retail £30.58

Our Price £20.49

10. Wilkinson' Sword Needlework Scissors. Finost stainless' steel cutting edges. Lightweight (under 1 oz). Suitable for right or left hand use. Cat. No. 260/2334

Rec. Retail £3.60

Our Price £2.79

11. Wilkinson

Sword Scissors. Stainless steel blades. Ught; versatile and comfortable to use. Right hand only : Cat. No. 260/0893

Rec. Retail £5.25

Our Price £3.99

12. Five Piece Scissor Set. Contains household, straight sewing, drapers, embroidery and manicure' scissors. Gold plated handles. Made in : : Cat. No. 260/1775 Sheffield

Compo Retail £2.95

Our Price £1.99

13. Lady's Quilted Housecoat. Full length with pockets. 100% nylon fabric with acrylic filling. Size 12/14 Cat. No. 260/263a4

Compo Retail £9.30

'Our Price £6.99

14. Glenalre Full Length Towelling Wrap. Ideal for beach or bathroom. 73% cotton/27% nylon. Catalogue Compo Our Number Retail Price 260/2406 12/14 £12.75 £8.99 260/2413 16/18", £13.25 £8.99


15. "Princess" Luxury Towelling Lounger. Loose fitting with wide sleeves and zipper. 100% cotton towelling. Com;:'. Our Catalogue Number Retail Price

260/2420 12/14 260/2437 16/18

£29.95 £19.99 £29.95 £19.99

16. Lady's Reversible Waistcoat and Skirt Outfit. Offered separately. 100"A. cotton. Ouiltedwaistcoat with two pockets, to fit sizes 12/14. Wrapover skirt with tie waist and contrasting stitched design, to fit sizes 10 to 1~. Catalogue. Compo Our Number Retail Price 260/2688 WaistcOatBrown/Beige, £11.99 £7.99 260/2705 Skirt Brown/Beige £11.99 £7.99 260/2695 Waistcoat Plum/Lilac £11.99 £7.99 260/2712 Skirt Plum/Lilac £11.99 £7.99

1. Norland Gazelle,"Kangaroo" Shopping Trel ley. Telescopic handle. Detachable bag h

pouch pocket,Size23"x13"xS". Cat. No. 26OJ2OJt

CompoRetail £14.50

Our Price £11 ..

2. ShoppingTrolley. Folding handle.Detach." shopping bag with pencil umbrella holder SI IS"x 13"x6i';. (Umbrellanot supplied). Cat. No. 260/212t

CompoRetail £8.45

Our Price £5.91

3. Shopping Trolley. Adjustable telescope handle. Detachable shopping bag. Sin 22..x13..x8" Cat. No.260/1)549

Comp. Retail £12.50

Our Price £8.41

4. RayonTote Bag.With umbrella. Cat. No. 260/2481

Our Price £3.91 5. Abaca Fashion ShoppIng Bag. Size 15i"x12~ with~" gusset............. ..Cat.No.260/262t

Co,mp.Retail £3.50

Our Price £2.49

6. ShoppIng Bag on Wheels. Nylonbag with ZiP top openingand zip front pocket. Cat. No. 260/2224

CompoRetail £6.85

OurPrice £3.99

7. DenIm Bag. Zip-top and two zipped fronl pockets.Carryinghandlea~d;lOulder strap. . Cat. No. 26011768

CompoRetail £2.99

, . Custom A.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminium Il1Ime. Fitted with compartment in lid. Size Cat. No.27010133 I !"x 12"x4~"

Aec. Retail £22.50

Our Price £15.99

1•. Custom A:B.S.Executive Case. Can-be used


desk top


19" ~ 14"x4~

Rac.Retail £34.95

15. Custom A.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminium 'rame.Size15"xll ..)(2~ Cat. No.270/0140

Rec. Retail £20.95

Our Price £1.49

CompoRetail £10.50

Our Price £2~49

10. Shopping Bag. Vinyl. Zip-top opening with •zippedfront pocket.......... ..Cat.No.260/2217

Our Price £3.49

11.RayonTote Bag.Two front pockets. Cat. No. 26012619

CompoRetail £2.99

lOur Price £8.29

17. Regent A.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminium Irame. Die-cast locks. Two stage pocket in lid. Size17"x1H"x3~" Cat. No.27012306

CompoRetail £19.95"

Our Price £14.99

18. Executive Casfi!'InLeather Look Vinyl. Fitted Interior with twin filing compartmentin lid. Flush fitting locks.Size18"x 12J"x3"..Cat. No.27012313

Our Price t1.99

Our Price £19.99

19. Executive Case. Vinyl covered. Twin filing compartmentin lid. Size17"x121"x31". Cat. No. 270/1950

CompoRetail £10.45 9. Tartan ShoppingBag. Reinforcedhandlesand base.Waterproof............. ......Cat. No.260/2475

CompoRetail £4.65

Our Price £14.79

16. Executive Case. Vinyl covered with nturninlurn frame. Twin filing compartmentin lid. Cat. No.27011967 Size17"x121"x31"

CompoRetail £30.00

Comp..Reta" '£3.45

Our Price £23.99

Our Price £1.99

8. MaizeStyle Basket.piastic lining. Cat. No. 260/2444

CompoRetail £2.25

weekend case. Size Cat. No.270/0126

~~~~~=:;i.ii~~~~~~~~~~~==jii~ r

.our Price £6.99

20. VInyl Brief Case. Three' interior divisions, brassedlock and swivelhandle.Size 17"x12". Cat. No. 270/1400

CompoRetail £8.15

Our Price £5.~9

21. Leather Brief Case.With centre partition and two front pockets.Size 16rx 12". Cat. No. ;270/0171

CompoRetail £11.95

Our Price £7.99

1. Faberge "Brut 33" Travel Bag. Cornprt deodorant, talc, "splash-on" lotion, cotton ,.... cloth and two tablets of soap. All in a nylon zlllVbag , Cat. No. 270/2411

Compo Retail£5.5p


13.Sliver Plated Tankard. Georgian style with docorativehandle.Capacity1'pint approx. . Cat.'No. 270/0535

Compo Retail£18.90•


2. Faberge."Brut 33" Gift Set. Comprises...,. deodorantand "splash-on" lotion. Cat. No. 270/24e'

14. Plfco Clothes Brush. On/off slide switch. Cleaning brush/comb provided. Operated by 2x HP11batteries(notsupplied). Cat.'No. 270/1802

Compo Retail£3.25



3. Faberge"Brut 33" Gift Set. Comprisestalc IIn.' "splash-en" lotion Cat. No.270/2471

Compo Retail£2.20

Our Price£1.71

4. Cougar Bath/Shower Gift Set. Comprises1111 and "soap-on-a-rope" Cat. No.270/2430

Compo Retail£3.15

Our Price£1.91

5. Cougar Gent's TOiletry Set. Comprisesafter shave,talc and "soap-on-a-rope". Cat. No. 270/2423

Compo Retaif£7.15



15. Seven Piece Bar Set. fork, spoon, strainer, cheese knife, can and bottle opener,corkscrewandtongs....Cat. No.270/2382

Compo Retail£6.65


16.Gent's Telescopic Umbrella.Nyloncoverand case.Crook handle.8 ribs Cat. No.~70/0023

Compo Retail£8.50

Our Price£5.99

17. Digital "Thermo"/Desk Calendar/Pen Holder. 3-yearcalendarby month with thermometer showing correct temperature in C. and F. Size 5"x23" .. , Cat. No.270/2399

Compo Retail£8.0~


6. Cougar Gift Pack. Comprises "splash-on' lotion and ..soap-on-a-rope "i..; Cat. ~o. 270/2454

18. Chess Board. Hand inlaid wood of American walnut andsycamoreveneer.Squaresizeapprox. 2" Cat. No.270/2052

Compo ~etall £5.15

Compo Retail£12.35


7. Cougar Shaving Gift Set. Comprises shave foamand aftershavelotion.......Cat. No.270/2447

Compo Retail£5.95


Compo Retail£24.30 8. Corby PI Electric Trouser PressNalet Stand. Thermostaticallycontrolled. Built-in hanger and tray Cat. No.440/0895

Comp. Retail£51.00

Our Price£44.99


19. "Mandarin" Chess Set. Made of hanc:l, finished ground stone/resin, Colours jade green/ivory.King heightapprox.4". Cat. No. 270/2045


20. Leather Cheque Book CoverlWallet. Space for notesand 2 credit cards.......Cat. No.27012083

Compo Retail£3~99


21.Gent's LeathetWallet .........Cat. No.27011455 9. Gent's Valet Stand on ,clillltors. Trouser bar. Trayfor cufflinksetc : . Cat. No.270/0047

Compo Retail£10.00 .



10. Relum Shootlng,.Stick. With leather seat r~inforCedwith rexe~e(Ieatherette)backing and krck-down plate. Id,eal for outdoor leisure activities .. Cat. No.270/2502

Compo Retail£11.99


11. Pewter Tankard. Traditional hammered design.Capacity1 pint approx..Cat. No.27011527

Comp. Retail~7.95


Compo Retail£2.68

22. Leather Billfold. In best quality goat skin. Spacefor credit cards.Windowcompartment. Cat. No. 270/2337

Compo Retail£3.75

Compo Retail£7.95


Our Price£2.49

23. Leather Billfold. With removablecoin pocket plus compartmentssuitable fcyrdriving licence, stampsetc :Cat. No.270/1730

Compo Retail£2.80

Our Price£1.99

24. Zipped Leather Writing Case. Containswriting pad,envelopesand calendar. Cat. No. 270/1479

Compo Retail£4.95 12. "London Scenes" Pewter Tankard. Solid base.Engravedeffect of London scenes.Capacity 1pint approx Cat. No.27011170



25. Dual Road Atlas Britain. D.eluxe gift edition of the Road Atlas Britain and a specialisedatlas of motorways.Forall motorists.Cat.No••270/2492

Compo Retail£9.50

Our Price£6.99

KRUPS 1. Clairol PolN_!!' Styler. (900Watts).2 heat/speed settings. High powered. Complete with detang. ing spine brush. styling brush. directionaf nozzte and no-tangleswivel cord Cat. No,44O/2680

9. Braun RS6S"Round-Styler" Set. Consisting of hairdryer (550 Watts), two' round brushes. half brush. comb. air concentrator and curling tong ,. Cat. No. 440/2343




Our PrICe £15.99

Krups 400 All Round Styler. (800 Watts). 2 .heat/speed settings. Complete with 3 round brushes. brush. comb. styling nozzle and spray bottle. Angle of handle adjusts for use as a normal hair dryer Cat. No. 44012697

10. Braun HLD.80 "Plus 2" Hairstylll19 Set. (800 Watts). 2 speed/heat settings. Safety cut-out. Completewith waving and styling combs. styling brush. air. c.oncentrator, curling tong. styling handleand mist sprayattachment. . . Cat. No. 440/2453


Compo Retail£22.95


3. Dateline DLC.20Heat Retaining Hair ~urfert. 20 interchangeable rollers in 3 sizes. B.E.A.B approved Cat. No. 440113011



11.Braun SDE.850"Elech'onlc Sensor" HairstylIng Set. Variable temperature control (850Watts max.).2 speed airflow. Built-in sensor keeps heat output constant to protect hair. Complete-with 5 attachments .: Cat. No. 440/2460

Compo Retail£24.95 4. Dateline DLC.1616Heat Retalnll19 Hair Cur· lers.. 16 interchangeable rollers 'in 3 sizes Cat. No. 440/0352 B.EAB. approved ::




Our Price£14.99

"";t. 6. Clalrol UK4003 Way Hairsetter: 20 rollers can be used dry. with water mist or conditioner (supplied) ...Cat. No. 440/2288



{ 'c

7. Carmen BD20 Hair Curler Set. 20 heat r~tain. ing rollers in 3 sizes.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No•.440/2147



B. Carmen BS20 "Cascade" Hair Curler Set. 20 heat retaining rollers in 3 sizes which can be individually sprayed with Carmen "Condition 'nI' Set" lotion. B.EAB. approved..Cat. No. 440/2161


Our Price£23.79

Our Price£18.99

12. Moulinex 384 Styler-D!'yI!rSet. Consisting of hairdryer (750 Watts), brush, two combs. spray attachmentand styling handle.Safetycut-out. Cat. No. 440/2594

Rec.Retail£16.75 S. Dateline DLC.24 Heat Retaln,ng Hair Curler Vnlt. 24 interchangeable rollers in. 3 sizes. B.EAB, approved Cat. No. 440/1832

Our Price£15.79


13. Carmen 710R "C.~rl and Style" Halrdrylng Set. (700Watts). 2 heat/speed settings. With two round brushes. curling tong, drying/-styling nozzles,stylir>9'co'mb~~;;d swivel cord. Cat. No. 440/2226


Our Price£:13.99

14. Lady Remington HW.701"Vogue·Set Pius". (600 Watts). With curling .tong, two brushes. comb. airflow concentrator and swivel cord. 2 heat/speedsettings _Cat. No. 440/2233

Compo Retail£19.95


FULL MONEY-BACKGUARANTEE We fully respect all your tegal rights as a customer. But in addition to your protectiQn under the la~. we will 'exchange or refund you for any unused Item that does not meet your exactrequlrementi!l.Ju'_ return the Item to us. In Its original covering, together. with your receipt,'wlthln 14 days of purchase.

1. Moullnex 162 Halrdrye~. Coollhot and"on/oll switches in handle. Automatic safetY"cut-out With blow wave nozzle Cat. No. 440/1780

Rec. Retail £7.75

Our Price £5.2t


11. Philips HPA218 ComP~ Haildryer. Watts), 2 heat/speed settingS!\1-ightweight and high powered.' Complete with blow wave nozzle I)ttachment:'Safetycut-out Cat. No_440/2659

Comp• .Retafl"f9.95 2. Morphy"Richards "Classic" Hairdryer. With "blow wavenozzle attachment, Safetycut-out. , . Cat. No. 440/2415

£7.99 r

3. Krups 945 "Thermic 450" Halrdryer. Cool/hot air. With blow wave nozzle attachment. B.E.A.B. appwved Cat. No. 440(1818

CompoRetail £8.95

Our'Price £6.79


12. Braun PGC 1000 Compact Halrdryer, (1000 Watts). 2 heat/speed settings. Lightweight and high powered, Complete with blow wave nozzle ettachment · , Cat. No. 44012666 '

Comp. Retail £13.95

·Our Price £7.99

13..-Claiml '1200 UghlweigM ftaildtyel'. (1200 Watts). 2 heat7speedsettings. Blow'wave nozzle attachment.With safety cut-out. Cat. ~ 440/2446

4. Dateline DLHD.40 Hairdryer. 2 speeds. Blow wave nozzle attachment Cat. No. 440/2439

Ree, Retail £16.95

Rec. Retail £8.30

14.MouHnexNo. 1~ Hajrdryer. (1200Watts max.). 4 heat/speed settings. Automatic safety cut-out" Complete with blqw wave nozzle. • , . Cat. No. 44012587

Our PriCe £5.29

5. Plfco 2800 Jet Halrdryer. Lightweight. With blow wave nozzleattachment...Cat. No. 44012422

Rec. Retail £7.95

Our price £5.99

6. Moullnex 355 Halrdryer. Two he~t and speed settings. Automatic safety·cut-out. .' Cat. No. 44011777

Rec. Retail £10.95

Our Price £7,79

1. Carmen 500FTraveller Halrdryer. {SOOWatts). Compact and lightweight. Dual voltage, 1201240V A,C.REAB approved Cat. No. 44012673

CompoRetail £15.95

Our Price £10.99 ,'''' :;f .,

8. Kitlorlk 5526 Ught\V:'ght Halrdryer. (600 Watts). Complete with slYling nozzle and clip on stand ~! Cat. No. 44012642

Re~. Retail £7.35 .;

Our Price £,5.49

9. Plfco 1991/1992, "Boutique" Halrdryer and Stand. Remote control heat switch. Foldaway stand. RE.AB. approved Cat. No. 440/0053

Rec. Retail £24.50

Our Price £16.99

Ree. RetaU £15.75

Our Price £10.99


Price £10.79

15.Plfco 1560Facial Sauna. Stainlesssteel inner container. Safetycut-out, REAR approved. Cat. No. 440/0424

Ree. RetaU £13.50

fOurPrice £9.99

16. Calor Electric 9051 Halrdryer. Variable heat control. Height adjustment. Folds dOWA to. hat box size. B.EA.B. approved....__ ...... .__ .• .. Cat. No. 440/1722

Ree. Retail

£27_.8_Q, •

Our Price £19.49

"- t,

17. Ronson TB720 Battery Operated Toothbrush. Complete with 5 brush heads and stand. Requires 1xHP2 battel}'.(notsupptied). ~at. No. 440/2752

Ree. Retail £12.50

-our Price £8.99

18. PhHIps l'IP.2503 'Efectric tjome Trim. For family use. Precision trimmer cutters and adjust· able cutter guards control depth of cut. ':?2QV ~ 240VA.C.REAR approved.....Cat. No. 440/2240

Comp. Retail £17.80

Our Price £13.99


HP.4618195 Hood Halrdryer and 'Stlind. Variable heat. control. B,EAB. approved: , , Cat. No. 440/2H6

CompoRetail £23.42

Our Price' £17.99

19. Ronson S;002., "Escort-oe 'Luxe" 'Halldryer In Vanity Case_Variable heat control. Complete with shoulder strap, hood. wa;.m-air brush and comb attachments. REAR approved. . ~t. No•• 1540

Rec. Retail £25.95

Our Price £17.49


10.Bratin~ EleitricSha~. Ultra.slim. Platinum coated foil head, With trimmer. Travel case. Dual voltage, 12OV/240V A.C. B.EAB. approved z: Cat. No.-44OI2381 "()ur Price£15.99 Comp•.aetailn0.9S 11. BraUn ~~.Shaw!r. PJatiODm coated foil 'trapsflair faster, 'Shaves Closer. Practsiontrimmer. CasiilwitlT'bt.H1l-ln trawl mirror plus wall bracket. Dual ·.voltaga, 12OV/24OV A.C. B.EAB. approved Cat. 44012257

Comp. RetaU £35.95


.Our Price i'25.99

12. Braun ~ Plus" EJec$jc stIaver. Platinum coated .foil shaving he8d. Built-in tnmmer.'raveT case. Dual voltage, 12OV/240V A.C. Cat. No. 44011_1 8.EAB. approved

Comp. Retail £26.95

Our Price £19.99

4. Ronson AS.25 MaIn$ SIaner. Foil trimmer: Corrrpletewith travel walletand brush. 200-240V A.C. B.EAB.approved. Cat. No. 444l11ZiIlII

Rec. Retail £15.95

Our Price

5.,BatlefySha_. Push trimmer. Requires 4xl<lP7 batteries (not sup" pl~) ................•..•.••......•.........•... Cat No. 440114. Rec. Retail £15.50" 6. ~


Our Price

HP.1213 "PhIIlsbave Compaef' .....

Shaver. Twin "00 ~uper" flOating heads.


Requires4xHPTbatteries (not sUpplied). Cat. No.

Our PriCe £9.21 "' .f 7. Remklglon ''GT3'" BatIeIy Sbavei'. Adjustable trimmer. Requires 4x HP7 batteries (not supo plied). With travel slee~ Cat. No. 44011958

Comp. Re~1I £10.95'·

Our ~


14. RemlnglDn "M3"Triple Action Mains~. Twin foil head with unique ;'Interoept Cutter" to remove any stray. long whiskers. Full width trimmer. Trawl case. Dual voltage. 110-127\11220240V A.C. B.EAB. approved.....Cat. Mo.440/2408

Camp. Retail £26.95

Our Price £18.99


15. Braun RechaIg88ble Shaver. "Micron" foil head. Complete with charger. travel case. wall br3~t"and cleaning brush. Operates f1'OmanyYoltagebetween100-2400 A.C. Cat. No. 440/2501

Comp. Retail £39.95

'Our Price £28.99

16. Ronson RS.751Rechargeable Shaver. Stainless steel foil head and trimmer. With Qharging unit: Dual voltage, 100-120V/200-240V A.C.· B.E.A.B.approved :· Cat. No. 44012398



9. Braun .~ 'Batliefy Shaver. "Micron!' toi. head. Complete with.trimmer and travel case with bUilt-in mirror. Requires '2x1W batteries (not supptied) : Cat. N().440/2367

17.Remington "M3" Triple ActIon Rechargeable Shaver. Twin foil head with unique "Intercept Cutter" to remove any stray, long whiskers: Full width trimmer. Compact eharger operates from any-voltage~en 1U5-240'l A.C. Cat. No. 44012484

Comp. Retail £17.95

Comp. Retail £36.95

Our Price £12.'99

Our Price £28.99

1. Jones 671 ZIg-Zag Sewing Machine. Sews forward and reverse. Will overcast raw edges, blind hem, buttonhole, darn. embroider and sew on buttons. Built-in sewing light. Complete with table. 220VI240V A.C. ease and extension B.EAB. approved CaL No. 44012549


7. Toshiba LC851 "Credit Card" Calculator. Operatedby Sanyobatteries.....CaL No.670/2120


OurPrice £17.99

OurPrice£59.99 8. Decimo "Super Vatman" Calculator.

2. New Home632 ZIg-ZagAutomatic Lightweight Sewing Machine. Features automatic buttonhole. stretch-stitch. blind hem. tricot stitch and twin needle sewing. Complete with base, cover and extensiontable.Weight~ lb. caL No. 44OI2S63



3. ~lfa 606 Semi-Automatic ZIg-Zag Sewing Machine. Will buttonhole, overcast raw edges, blind hem.satin stitch, cord. hem.quilt, darn and embroider. Automatic bobbin winder. Complete with 20 cams for producing various patterns, carry cover and base. 240V A.C. CaL' No. 440/2556



caL No. 670/1970



9. Decimo "Vatman" Calculator.

CaL No. 670/1963



10. Binatone "Mastermind Mk. .." Calculatol'! caL No. 670/2137



11. Commodore "LCSK" LCD Calculator. Battery lastsup to 5.000 hours CaL No. 670/2003



12. Binatone ;'MiCt'O"Cassette Recorder. Builtin microphone, pausecontrol and earphonesocket.Batteryoperated.M3insadaptor facility. caL No. 670/2089

4. Jones 1681FreearmZig-ZagSewing Machine. Features freearm for ease of sewing corners. sleeves,trousers etc. Sewsforward and reverse. Will overcast raw edgE\s,blind hem, sew on buttons and darn. Completewith built-in sewing light. caseand extensiOntable..CaL No.44012783



13. Personal Home File. PVC casewith carrying handle.Manilla index :·..CaL No.6701142O


Comp. Retail£7.24 5. Texas Instruments "T1-30 Slide Rule" ScIentific Calcufator. .......... ............CaL No. 67011815



6. Toshiba LC830 Calculator. Operatedby Sanyo batteries.... .....CaL No.670/2113




OurPrice £5.29







No. of digifs






Digitron Display



• • • •

• • •

• •


Red LEO or Uquid Qystal


Algebraic logic·


14. TwinloclcPersonal FIle.Steel casewith builtin lock and carrying handle. Complete with 12 foolscapheadedfolders CaL No.670/1846


OurPrice £9.99

Constant facilily %Key DIy cell powerlBat1e<y No.' Rechargeable facility

Please note: Dry celllmteries are not supplied with any item.


Mains adaptor facility

Case Induded

.. • •



• •


3xlO1U14 1x LF·l13W

• •



• •

• • • • • •


MAS1ElI. MIND 111<.11


SRl2TPD 12

• • • • •


• •


• • •


• • • • •



OlIvetti "t.ettera35" Portable "TYPewriter. cat. No. 670/1499 C. Retail £95.70_ - Our Price £64.99 ,/

, , Parker "45-c1asSic:"Fou~inP;8n: 14ct,gOld Stainless steel cap. Convertible filling sys....._ cat. No. 38510783

~ --Our PriCe £6.49

Retail £8.00


Paricer "61-custom ~ia" ~tain Pen. "oiled gold. 14 ct: gold!nib.. Convertible filling tem.....................••...... _......• No;385I0130


Retail £22.50

OUr Price £16.99

at1cer .~ _Staialess .steel. Available .as '"ows: _ ,_ , ~r "25" Fountain Pen. Convertible filling ..ystem ..•....•••••••••••••ii cat. No. 38SI0604

Retail ~~

OurPrice £3.99

'4. Parker "25" FibIv TIpPen. Refillable. -Cat. No. 38510721

Aee. Retail £3.50

OUr Price £2.79


15. Parker "25" Bal~

Ree. Retail £4.00


Pen..Cat. No. 38510769

Our Price £3.29

Idcb1ng FountainPentmdBaJlpoint Pen Set. . '\(, \cat. No. 385/0790

Aec. RetaR £9.00 ,--

Our Price m.99

16. Parker "F1ig11terDe Lmte" ~llpoint Pen. Stainlesssteelwith gold.pJa1edclip. cat. No. 385/0958

Rec. Retail £7.50

Our Price £5.79

17. Parker "45 FUghter"Ballpoint-Pen. Stainless steel.. Cat. No. 38510233 1. SiJveT-Reed "SR12TPD" Desk Top Ca!Ic:U1etl1Io Thermal print-out on paper tape play. Seechart on page 169 Caf.

Ree. Retal~£75.00

Our Pri,ce-l["49'_'

Rec. Reta" £4.50

OUr Price £3.59

18. Parker --"International Insignia" Ballpoint Pen. Rolled gold .........•.............. :cat. No. 38510288

Ree. Retail £10.00 ,

Our Price £7.49

19. Parker LadyBallpoint Pen. White-mlled gold. Engravedfinish _ -Cat. No.:385J0831

Ree. RetaH £10.00 Scotch Copier. Copies letters, invoicee photographs etc., quickly on A4 size paper (SO sheetsSUPPlied). Machine size 15"x 1H"x Q"_ caL No. 67011851 3. 3M

-Ree. Retail £74.95

Our Price £63.98

4. Imperial "202" POrtable Typewriter. Cat. No. 670/2034


Retail £66.40

OurPri~ £42.99

Our PrIce £7.99

20. ~rker calendar BallpOint Pen. Black --and stainless steel with chrome trim. An inexpensive cat. No. 38510941 OOllpenwith a famousname

Ree. Retay £1.85

Our Price £1.49

21. Sheafter "'friumph" Gift Set. Comprises fountain pen.with convertible filling system, OOIll'loint pen and propelling pendil. Black with brushed satin chrome finish Cat. No. 385/0642

Ree. Retail £10.70

Our PriCe £7.49

22. Shealler "Triumph" Fountain Pen. Brushed

5. Bro"er


Ret. Retail £75.95 IMPERIAl Qru:'iage size Number of ct.iracters

















• • • • ••__~~~_____ • -E,;~~;-~----~----------~~----~~--~--_:----~~----~ •• • • • • • • • - c;~;-;;-_':_----__;_--::-__ • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • .-• • •• •• • • • • -. • • • • • • IJEJ ,

Erasure table

Margin release key

Carriage lock

Electric keybo;Jrd

Cany case/lid

Elite type,5tyIe

Automatic ribbon




'Our Price £48.49



satin chrome finish-with stainless steel inlaid nib. Convertible filling system Cat.-No. 38510068

Ree. Retail' ..£5.90 ./

Our Price £4A9

Cat. No. 670/1956

23. Lady Sbealler Ballpoint Pen. Brushed satin finish with chrome "Florentine" band. Cat. No. 385/0738

Our Pri~41.49

Rec. Reta" £4.25

6. Olympietle "Speclal'Y>Portable Typ~writer.


lll" !,.

Black/red ribbon

Stencil position

TY~Writer. Cat. No. 670/1475


Cat. Price No. 67011468 Our £35.99

24. Papennate "Powerpolnt" 8aUpoInt Peil and PropeIRng Pencil Set. Brushed chrome finish. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. cat. No. '38510518

Corona- "Courier" Portable TYPewriter. Complete with free touch typing course comprising "flip-over", char1s.and2 cassettes. Cat. No. 67012OZ1

25. Papermate -"Powerpoint" Ballpoint Pen. Brushed chrome finish. Ma!1UfacttJrer's lifetime guarantee....•............... ! cat. No.3isJ0312

7. Silver-Reed "SIi~eretle" Portabie Typewriter. All metal constructi6n. Black ribbon. *, ,_

Rec. Retail £58.95

s, Smith

_Rec.Retail £61.83

Our Price £48.99

9. S"mitttCorona "AutO~Electrfc Typewriter. eat. No. 67012041 Ree. Retail £129.60: Our Price £93.99

Ree. RetaD £8.70

Ree. Retan £4.35

Our Prlce£5.99

Our Price £2.99

26. Papenmile "Powerpolnt" Ba1lpo1nt Pen. Gold plated, brushed finish. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee Cat. No. 385/0305

Rec. Retan £5.70

Our Price £3.99

1. QeIckertolfS Junior Play Tent. Woven nylon.

S~5' x4"x3'

Cat. No.35O/U2II8

COntp. RefaR £8..18

OUr PriCe £5.79

2. DeIclceftoys Wendy HouM. Tubular plastic frame. Flame retarded. cotton walls with PVC roof and door.: Size 46"x3O"x46"high to apex. Cat. No. 35015588

OUr PrIce £8.29 3. Paddling ~. Self"Stlpporting walls. Drain plug in base. Diameter4' Cat. No.35Of482t

Comp. RetaU £8.95

Our PrIce £5.99

Swing. Stovee~n~a~me~lI~ed~·~~!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!~~~~~~~~~ tubular stel;!l frame. Galvanised chain. Swing dismantles into carrying package, ,length 4'. Assembledheight 7'3" Cat. N,o.35OI7476

Compo Retail £25.16

Our Price £17.49

12. Gyro Tennis by M.Y. Dart. A game for two players. to improve your tennis.' Made in steel tubing thans planted in the ground or can be used in a garden parasol base, see item no. 3 page 14.Total length of pole B"!". Cat. No. 35019144

Camp. Retail £10.38

Our Price £6.99

PooL Tutiurarsteelframe with four plastic corner pieces. PVC liner with drain plug. Size 4·x4'x12" C8t. No. 35017452 4.. ~


COmp. Retail £13.32

Our Price-£8.29

S. Mayco 1S Piece Picnic set. For ~ penlOflS. Basket has many separate uses. Cat. No. 35tlO78l

Our Price £2..99 6. Cricket Set. Comprises size 4 bat, 4 ·stumps, double, bail and composition ball. Cat. No. 351/0771

OUrPtjce £2.71 7. Delckerspor1s Junior Barbell Set. Mounted on strong tubular metal bar. the four weights are made ot hollow plastic and can.,tlefilled with sand or water. For ages 8 years"'arff over. " Cat. No. 351/0391

Our PrIce £4.99 8. Superfouet TroIIey.Set. Com'plete with rake, spade, sieve, bucket !;lnd watering -ean. Ideal for bealChor garden. Height 28"__....Cat. No. 351/0803

Comp. RetaU £10.75 . _ Our PriCe 27.29 9. P<eter Pan "Roar"_" TPJ Lawn __ • In plas.1ic with "etarter" cord, MakeS a Gliclcing soutnd when pushed. For, indoor and outdoor plaYl.Handle height 22'•...: Cat. No.~18291

COmp. Retail £2.99

.OurPrice £1..99

10e , lRustic Wheelbarrow. Made from sturdy-plasllnatlH"ial.· Wheelbarrow has two handles, legs and.spoked front wheel. Cat. No. 351/tp48

Comp. Retail £S..5O-

Our Price £2.99

14. Dekkeiioys Paddling Pool. -Tubular steel frame with four plastic comer pieces. PVC liner with drain plug. Size6' x4' x 5". [' Cat. No. 350/6123


Comp Retail £16.14 e,

Our Price £10.99

15. CorgI "Spacehojlper". Moulded vinyl. Inflates

to 60" clrcumference.i.. ......." No. 35010026

Comp. Retail £4.13

Our Price £2.79

16. Badminton' ~i Comprises 2 racquets and 2 shuttlecocks. For beach or garden. Cat. No: 35014802

Comp. Retail £1.50

Our Price £1.19

17. Tennis Set. Comprises 2 racquets with h;~ather grip and three balls " Cat. No. 350/9137

Compo Retail £7.65

. Our Price £5.29

18. "Thundershof' Outdoor Rocket. Propelled by air to reach heights of SO' and distances of 100'. Complete with parachute. For ages8 and over. , Cat. No. 351/0762 Camp. Retail £3.95

Our Price q,79

19.Combex ..~ Borg" Pelikan Tennis Game. Superfast "Super bali". For jildoor or outdoor use ' " Cat. No. 351/0793.

Comp. Retail £6.50

Our Price £4.49


1. Sunbeam by Strong wedge frame, handlebars, frofII and rear caliper brakes. 11"front wheel, 16",.., wheel..For inside leg 20" to 24"..Cat. No.3~

OurPrfc:e £4UI

Comp. Refaif~

2. Sunbeam by Raleigh "Champ" Junia{ Bicyde, For boys or gins. "Hi-rise" handlebars. Front wheel cable brake. 14"wheels with cushion ty.._ For inside leg 17" to 21Y ...........•Cat. No.3701U111M

Our Price £31 AI

Comp.RetaH£41..5& ,

Sunbeam by Raleigh "Snipe" .Junior Bk:ycIe. For boys or girls. 14" ffame, 16"wfieels. Camp .... with saddlebag. Forinside leg 21" to '2S'. Cat. No. 37010801

Our'Price £39.91 4•. Play·Way "Laser Sport" Bicycle. For boys. Semi-rise handlebars. Front and rear caliper brakes. 16"wheels. For inside leg 2fJ' to 26". . Cat. No: 370/0613

Our Price £39.99 5. Raleigh' "Bobcat" 'Cycle. With detachable stabilisers. Front wheel cable brake. 11" w~s. For inside leg 15' to 18".........•...•Cat. NO.3511067&

Comp. Retail £32..95 6. Ralefgb ''Scramb~' Inside leg 17"to 20"

Comp. Retail £18.35

Our Price £25.99 Cycle. For junior riders. ,Cat. No. 35110652


'?ft' Price £14.29

. 7. C.I.T. "Concorde" Special Cycle. with 12"solid lyre wheels, front caliper brake and rear wheel brake oper~ by,pedals. Complete with stabilisers. For insifle leg 15"to 16". , . \Cat. No. 351/0669

Comp. Retail £25.9S . '. Our Price £18.29 8. Raleigh "ChipPy" Cycle. With built-in stabilisers. Rearwheel 9". For inSideleg 1~"to 17!". . Cat. No. 350/6491

Our Price £11.49 9. Bantel R.acer Trlk&. Adjustable plastic seat A Cat. No. 35010136 child'stirst trike ....•_......•••....•.•...

Comp. Retail £10.10

Our Price £6.99

10.BanteI,3-WheeI SCOOter. Height 39".: , Cat. No. 35010129

Comp. Retall..£7.85

. Our Price £5.29

11. Shama ..~an" Pedal Tractor. With detachable trailer. For ages 2!-S years. Length 46~" : Cat. N~. 350/5076

Camp. AetaU-£17.00

Our Price £11.79

12. Shama '''Smlley'' Pedal Car. Moulded phistic body. For ages 2-3lyears. Length 28j". . CaL No. 3501e284

Comp. Retail £15.65

Our -Price £10.99

13. RaleIgh "A.A.. H Vehicle. Fi~ with teJephone. hooter and a load platform with wirn:klp crane. For inside lllg 15" to 20".' Length a7". . , -cat. No. '"35110&45 Retail £32.50 .. ,


Ptic:e £24.99

14. Shaina Pedal Police -Car. Plastic body with telephone and boot space. Blue flashing light is operated by 2><HP11batteries (not supplied). For ages 21r-5years, Length 33" eat. No. 3501752~

Comp. Reta" £28.50

,00r.Price £18.99


15. Shama Super Anny Car. In moulded plastic. Action accessories include fitted telephone, aerial, boot and ins;gnia. Adjustable pedals, wide wheels and twin dummy lights. For .ages 21r-5 years. Size 33"><19">< :l~' Cat. No. 351/0638

Comp. RetaU.£25.45

Our Price £16A9

16. Combex ~ Back Sit 'n' Ride Car. With steering wheel and hom. For ages 1!-3 years. Length 17!" Cat. ·No. 351/0580

Comp. Retail £8.99

Our Price £6.29

17. Mayco Sit "n' Rideftorse and Cart. Made of heavy duty polytl1ene. Size 37"x12!"x17". For ages 1!-3 years ,.....•..,•..Cat. No. 351/0597

Comp. Retail £9.50 .


Price £6.49

18. Skateboani "Ride'" Sit 'n' Ride. For' the younger child. With large platform and wheels. ... cat. No. 35110573

Comp. Retail £8.05

Our PrIce £S.~9

19. Shams "elty" Sit 'n' RIde MUk Float. With 10 plastic mill( bottles. For ages 1!-2! vears. Length 15f· Cat. No. 35017933

Comp. ~il£7.2S

Our PrIce £4.99

10. -Hornby B.A. HIgh Speed Passenger Train set. Full cab interior detail. Powered byRingfie1d Silver Seal motor. IUl,!minatedheadlights. 10' of oval traCK and card tunnei. .......:Cat.·No.35:tI01<Ut

2. Ideal "TCR Jam Car Speedway". Revolutionlilry "Formula 5000" cars. Incorporating instant ~~nechanging. with third car independently circlIng the track at a slower speed. Overtake or be : ' Cat. No. 35110212 jammed. ,'

Comp. Ri!tfall£46.95

Our Price £34.99

Comp.Retail £25.95 ,

Our PriCe£HA9

11. Homby-R900"'__-ConInJIIei".For use with electric trains. Two circuit 06ntrolJers can be to·three trains. added·to supplY4M>wer . cat. No. 35014936

Comp. Retail £14.1~

Our Price £11.99

"C606" Car Racing-Set. Figure of 8 3: ~lextrfc c~rcUit. 2 cars and power pack. -Laid out size 8':!f'x:3'6" · Cat. No. 35014943

12. PaillOY "Z Victor 4" Police Car. "Radios" six authentic messages. Operated by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplkKI) Cat. No. 3501~4

Comp. Retail £33.60.

Comp. Retail ~

Our Price £26.49

,,:.~IeJttric "~. Car Racing Set. Rallycross circun, -2 cars and poweF pack. Laid out size 7' x3':!f' , Cat. No: 35014950

Comp. Retail £37.10

Our Price £29.49

5. TWvlnPack Scalextrfc RaHy Racing Cars. One each "Porsche Turbo 935" and "Ford Escort Mexico" cars., cat. No. 351/0188

Comp. Retail £12.70

Our Price £9.99

6. Playart '~~ck 2" Slot Ract'ng Set..2 cars with engine roar noise and figure of 8 cireuit, Operated by 4x HP2batteries (notsupplied).

.~'l.r";,.ce~ 1. Hornby Clockwork TJ'l!IInset. Comprises model lacomotive. 3 wagons, 2 cars, level crossing and circle otplaslic track ......~:.........Cat. 1b.35OI16'Z1

Comp. RetaA£5.2S


OUrPrice £4.~

8. ~omby "Diesel EXpress Freight" Sedrtc Train Set. Comprises "CQ-Co" locomotive and 6 assorted freight wagons, large oval af track (12'), eard tunnel and mains power unit. Cat. No. 351/0157 .

Our PrIce £2'1.~

9: Hornby "L.M.S. Duchess" ElIpr!Hs, Passenger Train Set.. Comprises locomotiVe, 3 coaches I~rge of track (12'). card tunnel and !"ai~ power umt.. , , Cat. No. 35110164


Comp. Retail £34.65

Our PriCe £27,99

Our PriCe£3.49

13. Palltoy ..BatmobHe". For use with thaBatrnan : ;cat. -No. 35017751 figure. length 13"

Comp. Retail £4.82

Our Price £3.29

14. Tonka Construction Set.Set-of 4building Site vehicles. Made'from pressed-steel with non-toxic enarneJiinish and plastic fittings. . ~Cat. -No. 3soI9948

Comp.Retaii £8.95

Our Price £5.79


15. "Sonic" Cat:- No wires, operates by remote control from ::50"00" emitted from hand'COrrtrol. Operated by 25<HP7batteries (not suppl.ied). -Cat. :No. 35019979



16. CorgI Cdme FighlerSet. CombinStion of your favour-Heheroes' .cars/machines. cat. No. 35019924

Comp. Retail £2.94


Our Price ~

17. CorgI "Starsky & Hutch" Torino Car. Complete with miniature figures of Starsky and Hutch and a criminaL ~ Cat..No. 35110119 Comp.Retail £2.64 ()ur Price'~'U9 18. CorgI' ~'JaRle.8 Bond Lotus Esprit". Model car/submarine includes retractable stablliser fins, hydrop.lanesand rockets..•Cat. tIlo. 35019917

Comp. Retail £2.85

Our Price £2.29



',,, @


~ -


.:JUnIcw' IJ""'" CaL

4.'PetiIe ~aO"

No. 35qI&G51

OUr·Price £13..91

s. nOtes. =;:;;~~;::;;:;:::::~;;;::;::;;;:s;:::=;:;:;:;::::::;::::::;;:;:::;j~::::~=::::=;:=:::::==~~~~=~==::;Comp. Retail £8..55

GIIIccagtIa Pta_ AcconIfon. 17 key!; Bpd 8 bass Instruction boQklet.CaLNO..'3m181t17

Our Price £5..91

6. Bontempl ElectrIc: Style GUItar. S-strin~ with worm gear tuning and shoulder'strap. Fitted with a tremolo arm. length 24~·..... ,.~Cat.No.35OI8853

Comp. Retail £6.20

" Our ~£4.29"

7. BontemPi ,Battery Operatect Reed Oigan. Table madel. 2 octave- keyboard .. 'nsvudtion booklet with music,s(lpplied. Size 17"x8}"x 3l'. Operatedby3xHP2batteries (not supplied). Cat. No. 35018848

OUrPrice. £9.99

"Action Man" figure. With external airpump 10 control diving,and surfacing .....Cat. No. 351/0016

Comp. Retail £10.19

Our Price £7.49

18. P!llltoy "ACtIon Man Eagle Eye" Soldier. With moving eyes. movablejOiQts\and gripping hands. Height H~ :) Cat. No. 35017696

Coinp. ~etail £5.08

Our Price £3.99

19. Pa'itOy"Actkm Man Eagle Eye" Helicopter Pilot. With moving eyes. movable joints and gripping hands. Height 1H·..... :.Cat.No: 35OJ7706

Comp. Retail £5.08

OUrPrice £3.99

8•.Bontempl Plano and Stool. 25 note toy grand piano with. woodgrain finish ontop. 25white Icey8 plus imitation black keys.SiJppliedwith 3 detachable legs and instruction leaflet with simple tunes to play. Height of piano f7!". :....Cat. No.3511033t

20. PaIiIDy'''Action Man"Tr8Inlng To.wer_ Easy to assemble kit Includes rope ladder and climbing For use with figures ~not net. Height ~.. included) up to 12"high Cat. No. 35OI7'7tU


Comp. Retail £14.15

RetaU £12.21

Our Price £8.29

Our Price £1Q.79

Ii. "i~~~~~~~~~~~~;;~;;~~~~~;;;~~~~~~~;;~~~~~~~Ea~1. clip-onSided tray, clJa!ks!lnd ToyWi:!,"clock, WorkS Dou~ Blackboardwiper. and Height 35:1 .~t. No. 35018815


Comp, Retail £9.20

Our Price £6.79

10:.Denys Fishel' "sb'etdi Monster". H~ "Scaly" skin, hideous eyesand fearsomefangs. Stretches then shrinks back to normal size. cat No. 35019900

Our Price £6.29


11. Matchbox "S400. Streak set.. With 18' of track and 2 cars.............•..Cat. N.o.35&/4967



~- 0Ur-Prk:e"U'.48


12. FIsher "Stock Car Smash ..... 2 gyropowered' toy stock cars smasH into pi~ on impact but are easily reassembled. . Cat. No. 35016824

Our PrIce £5.49 13. CherIIea- "§:ub" Patrol Car. S";'ivel action firing machine gun. length 15". For use with figures up to 12" high , eat:. No. 35017531 ~""""Ii~

Comp. RetaU £,5.60

Comp. Retail £6.51

Our Price £4.79

23. Ideal "Evel Knievel" Stunt CyCle. Gyropowered. will do "wheelies", mid-air somersaults and much more. Includes 7" fully fleXible "Evel Knievel" figure Cat. No. 350/~

COmp. Retail £10.45

Our Price £7.79

24. Ideal "Evel Knievel" SUper Jet Cycle. Streamlined super- bike has blazing jet pods at either side of rear wheel which spit sparks on gyro-powered .high speed runs. With 7" fully flexible '.:EveI.KAieveJ" figwe.•~Cat.--No..35011'9li8

Comp. Retail ~2:09

Our-Price £8.79

.t ~...

,.. .~ur Price £3.79

14. Cflerllea ~Jeep----anct-Tralfer;-\ With- operating winch and tow hook. Fold down.windscreen~The SUI3PIy trailer carries 17>fpiecesof mil~ry and survival equipment. I:ength 29".' F\or use with figures up to 12..l'ligh .. i, Cat. No.35OJ1902

Comp. Retail £9.56 ,.~

22. P8Iitoy ..~. Talking TeI8phone. Will ring until the receiver is picked up then it will say 6 differentsayingS Cat. No. 35019821

Our Price £6.29

26. Palltoy Talking "Oalet.:". Spea1(s 4 commands. Modelled on the T.V. ~ "Or, Who". Operatedby 2x HPI batteries (not supplied). Cat. No. 35017715

Comp. Retail £5.08

Our Price £3.29

Xl. Denys Fishei' "Dr. Who" Figure. ReplIca of T.V. character. Fully poseable with "sonic" sc_driver. Height 9!" Cat. No. 350/8097 Palltoy "Actioh Man" Pursuit Craft. Converts

4 dlffererit Ilehicles i,e. seaplane with working

Comp. Retail £4.49

OUrPrice £2.79


winch, land-car,seacraft and aeroplane', Cat. No. 35'1/0023

'28:Buibarik "Superrn<ln" "Figure. Fully poseable l~B aCtionfigure_ Cat. No. 351/0102

Comp. Retail £10.19

Comp.lJetaii £3.99

OUrPrice £7.49

OUr Price £2.79

t Milton ~ ''1Wtster'' Game. An indoor or ,"tdoor g8!1le.' Each spin' requires players to a hand or foot into a different coloured ftcle on the game rug. firSt-one to topple is the

" r.p:~E5:25



• Palitoy "Barber Sh!Jp" Play Doh. Crank the II rber's chair handle and "hair" grows on the

t un family. Possible to clip, shave and style the hair". Completew.ith~~. . " Cat. No. 35019797


OUr Price.£4.79

17. Beniid(s' "Mr. -FnJsty" Ice cronc:hle Machine.. Ideal.for manufactUring mouth watei· ,ng ice crunchies.·ice1011iesand'COOiingdrinks. . Cat. No. 3SOI9807

Comp. Reta" £1.35 ,

. OurPdce£4.99

.I..CaIeco ~"~-Race past showers af asteroids' and meteors or your sl:lip wUI be flit with dramatic socmd effect. Takes 6)( HP2 batteries~not supplied).Cat. No.3S1J0566 Comp. Retall£1~


OurPriCe £9.99

19. Freddie True~an's ~e'st MaI1:h" Cridret Game bY Peter Pan. Real\ ~ arm bowling, genuine batting action and full1eam of fielders. Hit the1lal1 inlothe po¢ket in tIle-fielder's feet and irs a :.(:atch". A game of skill and timing. Cat. No.. 350l82Il6

Comp. ReIaiI £9.50

-Our PriCe £6.29

20. -n-as Saller ."Starsky A }hdch"-De -luxe Police Scrt.' Equipment includes binQCUlarsand play "Walkie-Talkie".set. Cat. No. 351J18303 7. Ideal "BUck-a-Roo" Game. Lbad:tI:Ie bucks when 01lel'l6aded. For any players .......•.............................•.. Cat. NO'.;t:...I1_ Compo RetailD.58 uu'r-PirtcIII!Dl'J

Comp. Reta" £5.99

Our Price £4.29

21. 17' 2 CoIoIHDadboanI. With wire divider and stencilled numbers. Complete. with 6 brass , , Cat. 111o. 351/0360 I=";;"0i=""";; darts

Comp. Retail £2.60

. Our Price £1A9

22. HattJutt's "P!a$tidne" Mu"pet Set. Make Miss Piggy. Fozzie. Kermit and Animal in-appropriate colours. With plastic modelling tools and Cat. No.3S0J9780 instructions , 9. W3ddlngtons "Monopoly". The ing game.For 2-6 players.....•....Cat.



10. Denys FISHer "PerfeeIIOn" Game. Put all shapes into the correct holes in the time wilt be shot- into·the' air w~ the or ~ stops. For any number otplayers. Cat. No. 35ltll1, •.

Our Price £4. 11. Spear's ''Scrabble''.The famousword game For 2-4 players _ eat.: .

Comp. Retail£3.9,1



1~ Palltoy "Blip" Tennis G• Use skill and speed to·make a return shot, The game features digital scoring 'and timi"'g. No T_V. needed -,Requires2,",HP7!?<Jt1eriesfnot supplied). Cat. No. 351/05519 For one or two players..L

Comp. Retail £8.48 '(

Our Price-£6.29


13. Milturi BradJey "Opet'aHon" Each "doctor" must operate to win' money. Buzzer and nose lights up if you slip. Operates frofTT2:xU2batteries (ROt supplied). .» Cat. No.. 351/0410

cOmpo RetaRD.DO

Our Price £'1.99

23. ToyWortcs-BllJlardslSnookerTabIe.lncludes 18 balls. mangle and 2 tipped cues. Si;ze Cat. No. 35018822 46)">'23"x3~·

Comp. Retail £27:..84

our Pripe £19-.99


24•. TabIe Football Game. Polished wooden frame. folding metal ~. 22 players. Size 33"x17l"x26" high Cat. No. 35015533

Comp. Retail £18.90

Our Price £13.49 u;::::=~

25. Denys Fisher "Tbe Outrider" Skateboard. Three-wheel rider nas-a "T"'handle at the ffont for steering anQ.~noeuvrability. ' •._ p' -Cat. No. 351/0353

Comp. Retail£19.99

Our Price £9.99

26: Ayer $enior Roller ·Sl(l~tes.-Rubber wheels with ball bearings. Adjustable for shoe. sizes 9 juntor to 8 adult. (:at. No. 350/5564

Compo Retail£7.70

Our Price £5~29

27. Wembley "Trophy" Football. Regulation size' and weigtrt. Size5.'Diameter8;". . Cat. No. 35017225

Comp. Rittan £2.48

Our Price £1.49

Our Price £4.7914.. MIllon Bradley "Connect 4" Game. The winner is th& first to complete a line of four counters. For all ages Cat. No. 35110449

Comp. Retail£4.99

Our PrIce £3.79

Guarantee: We offer a' full guarantee in addition to right!>.

1~>Combex Varilty Case willi "$Indy" C0smetiCs. tncludes talc, soap, '2 bath cubes, shampoo and bubble batfI, with brush, comb and mirror set, Size 1.1:~9!7x4"..•....Cat. No. 35018619

Comp. RetaU £l~4~ , 2. Luxltoy "Duchess"

DoB's Pram. Chromium plated folding chassis. Brown nyloll body with vinyl Interior and motif. With pram tray. Body length 26". Handle height 30'" approx.


cat. No.


Our Price £22.49 3. LuxIIoy "Countess"l)e< Luxe Dotrs Pram willi Tray and Bag. Chrome folding chaSsis. Nylon fabric body, Bo(Iy length 27". Handle height 31" approx.•...................... : Cat. No. 351/~17

Comp. Retail £34.50

Our Price £25.99

.4. WeSba "Pauline" Doll's Pram. Folding chrome effect chassis. Two tone vinyl body with stylon fabric hood and apron. Body length 2j3". Handle height 29" Cat. No. 351/0680

Comp. Retail£24..95

pur Price £17.79

5. ~ersotoys Doff'S" Folding Pushchalr. Ughtweight aluminium frame·with PVC seat. l'Iandle Cat. No. 35015117 height 24"

Comp. Retail £8.65

Our Price £5.99

6. Doll's Combination Chair. Convert!;,from high chair to separatewalker and rocker chair. Height 2n" __ Cat. No. 35016563

Camp. Retail £12.25

OUr Price r:1.49

7. Denys FIsher "SwImmIng SUe" Doll. When placed in the water a mechanism works her arms · to Simulate the backstroke. With multi-coloured swimsuit and yellow bathing Gap.Height 12". Cat. No. 35019577

Our Price £3.99 · 8. Palltoy ''Tiny Je~rs" Baby DOli. OJ'inks,cries · and wets her nappy. Height 16".Cat. No. 35016893

Comp. Retalf£9.05

Our Price £6.49

9. Palltoy ''Tiny Tears" Care set. Can· be used as carry cot. feeding chair or ehanging tray. Cat. NO..3!iOI7799

CompoRetail £9.05

~u.tPrlce ~.49

10. Ideal "Suntan Tuesday Taylor" FasMon Doll. Tans in daylight. then when she's taken out of the lightshe loses her tan. Heightl1!". ,." Cat.·No. 350/9553

Comp. Retail £4.40


Our Price £3.29

11. Ideal "Suntan Ttiesd~Y TaYlor" SUmmerWinter Vacation House. Converts from a summer beach house to a 2-stQrey winter chalet. Complete with furniture. Size 2Ol-xM"x2!>i'" when folded. Doll not included ... :.....•.Cat. No. 35019560

CompoRetail £15.35

Our Price £10.99

12. Teliloy "Paddlnglon Bear" 4 Ptece BeddIng Set;.'Fordoll's cot or pram. Printed transfer. Quilt and pillow in nylon, trimmed with lace. Set also iiiciudes PVC mattress and pair of o:verloc~ nylon sheets.Washable:_ Cat. No. 351/0724

Comp. Rertail£3.25

Our Price £2.29

Our Price £5.29

14.. PalilDy "Giii's WOttd". Head has "growing" hair and a variety of.' different styles can be created. Includes hair styling accessories and a selection of make-up..•.•............Cat. ~o. 350/6903

Comp~Retail £11.31

~,~\ Our Price .£8_99

is:. Oenn Fisher ....alme·s Hair Styling B0utIque", has long rooted hair to style and soft "skin" for making up. Head lifts off base to reveal cosmetic tray with accessories.Cat. Mo. ~9670


Comp. Retail £11.49

Our Price £8.29

16. Burbank Beauty Salon: ~d has long wavy hair to style'and fabe to make-up. COlJlpietewith accessories C8t. No. 350/9687

Comp. Retail £t.99

Our PrIce £7.79

17. Palltoy "Baby Alive" DOli. Uf&-like baby doll eats and drinks. Comes complete :withbottle and special food. Operated bV 2x HP11.battet'ies (not supplied). Height 17" _ Cat. No. 35017816

Comp. Retail £13.60

Our Price £9.79

18. Denys FIsher· "Baby Needs You" 0011.Lay heJ;_down and first Shesleeps, then cries. Pick up and she stops by herself. OpElratedby 2xHP11 batteries (not supplied). Height 1n". Cat. No. 35018121

Comp. Retail £13A9

Our Price £9.79

19. p~1ftoy Twin Set. Carrie in pInk and her twin brother Christopher in blue. Each has a toy "baby bouncer" -.C1II.No. 35019584

Comp. Retail £5.32

Our Price ~."J9

plete with 35 items including a working, battery 20. BerchetlSUperjouet Beauty Trolley. Comoperated hairdryer (takes '1xHP.7 battery-not supplied) and adjustable mirror. Height ~". Cat.·No. 350/9711



Our Price £11.99

21. Denys ~,; 4'BJonicWoman and Mission Purse". Figure has a "bionic" ear which "pings" when head is turned. Roll up the "skin" on her ann to reveal "biomc" module. Mission purse oontains pretend cosmetics and dOOurne.nts. Height 12"......•........: __ Cat. No. 35018080

Comp. Retail £6.49

Our Price £4.49

22. Pedigree "ActJve.SIndy" Doll. Fully paseable. Posing stand included. Rem!>V6 her ballet skirt and she becomesa gymnast. fleight 12". Cat. No. 35018530

Comp. Retail £4.99

OUr Pric<e £3.79

23. Knlckerbocket" "Holly Hobble" Bag. Miniafure "HaUy-Habbie"i"agdoll in pocket, Cat. No. 35015313

Comp. Retail £4.32

Our Price £3.29

24. Knld!eibOcker "Holly 1'IobbIe" Rag Doll. M_1iIIII! Height 27"


Comp. Retail £10.80



Our Price r:1.79

1. Combex LIon,Baby Walker. CQnverts to-a Odeon-toy. Handle height 18" ,Cat.. NO. 3tiOI928S

Compo Retail £a.99


Our Price £6.29

2. Crescent Baby W~: Wooden body. Plastic wheels'and st~enamelled tubular steel handle. Plastic brickS. Ha,ldle height 20¥'. .Cat.. No. 3501851.

Our PrIce £8..29 3., MaIdIbox uPlayboot" Play

Set. The roof, side

and front open. Figures and many accessories am included ............•......: Cat. No.35OI8750

Comp. Retail £11..80

Our ~


4. Alffix 'Weebfe" Daredevils. Complete with trapeze, see-saw, cannon and' trampOline. With ladder removed, base 'can be turned over to form roundaboutfor "Weebles" ...._...Cat. No,350J9443

Comp. Retilll£6.99 _

Our Price £4.49



5. AlrfIx Pl8yground. "Weebles" can see-saw,swings and a4roundabout. For use slide,"Weebfe" ages 2-7 years : Cat. No. 350n191

COmpo Retail ~.49

Our Price £3.79

6. Pa~y Family Tree House.Opens at the touch of a button. Includes tree top. family. furniture. car. folding-staircasE!and a hClndoperated lift. For ages 2 years and over: ...Cat. No.3501llI3O

Comp. Reta" £11.32

Our Price£B.49

.7. Palltoy "Big Mouth" Singers. 8 note keyboard allows tunes to be-played as "big mouth" Singers open thei~ mouths in. time to the music. With colour coded song' book. Operated by 1x HPH battery (notsupplieCI) Cat. No. 350/7847

Our Price £6.99

Compo Retalf£9.64.

8. Palltoy Melody TralfL SWitch on and the train moves and plays a tune. 4 double sided records in?'uded> Operated by Zx HPZ batteries (not supplied). For ages 2-5 years Cat. No. 350n184

Comp. Retail £10.75

Our Price £7.99

9. Rsher-Prlce ''Row'''' Hand'; Puppet.

Piano playing character of .the "Muppet Show" T.V. series. Made of machine washable shaggy pile. For ages 2-:8years ~.Cat. No. 35019515

lii~ii~i~~~~~~~1:~:~=t:::::::~=:::::~::::::::::;:::::~~:::==::::;:::~p:i~±;:~=i I!

Comp~Retail £9.99


. ,d Our PrIce £6_99

10. "Slinky" pUl_l-Along~. When pulled the do~ stretches and walkSalong with awiggle. • Cat. No. 35019450

OurPrfce~ 11. Burb,ank Talking "Buzby". Pull ~ string to hear him say bis random T.V. catch phrases. No batteries requirlld. Height ZO"....Cat.. No. ~

Comp. Retail £12.99

Our PrIce £9.49

12. Fisher-Price "Kennft .... Frog" • .From the "Muppet Show" T.V. series. Velcro patches on nlfnds and feet ,"Cakecharacter fully poseable. Machine washable. For ages 2-:8years. Cat. ~ 35018&4&

Compo Retail £BA9

Our Price £6.69

13. FisMr-Prb "fItay F~ VDIage. Two streets hinge to cross over 'bl:idge. Village comprises fire station, .post office. dentist, .Jheatre. roof-top restaurant, police sta~on, barber shop, apartment and garage. cars,. shop accessories and figures are also il1C1uded.Village folds and locks shut. For ages2-:8 years... cat. No. 35019223

Comp. Retail £22.49

Our 'Price £17.29

14. FJsber-Pril:e "Play Famlly".AlrpOrJ. 19 pieceS including plane. helicopter and vehicles. For ages 2~ years : Cat. No.35On146

Comp. RetaH£19.99

Our Price £14.99

15. FisMr-Prlce "Play Family" Garage. With elevator. turntable fOTparking cars and ramp. FaT ages 2-:8')1ears cat.. No.-35018712

COmp. RetaU£19.99

Our Price £14..

16. :FJsher-'Pril;:e "Play FaniUy'" House. ,With canyirtg handle. 151)ieces"includjng 4 people, dog. fumlture.and car. For ages 2-8 years. Cat. No. 35018695

Camp. RetaU ~6..


Our Price £12.79

17. Fisher-PrIce "Play Family" ScIIooI. With canying handle. Roof and wall open. 62 pieces including ehalkboard, Chalks, rubbe~, magnet, ised letters and numbers, clock an<;fbell.For ages 2-:8years Cat. No. 35018705

Comp. Retail £16.99 . .

, Ow:.Pric:e £l2.~

18. FiSher~ _:P.Jmr Faml!y" Clilldren's H0spital. Jncludes 7. play family .people, ambulance. stretcher, X-ray machine. scales etc. Patio1I-ont shuts for storage. Carrying handle. For ages 2-6 years , Cat. No.35019405

Comp. RetaU £16.99

Our Price £12.'49 ~-=&..II

19. FiSher..Prk~:1<t;un.Jet". Pilot lookS left and


right jet is pulled making 4 passengers andalong 2 suitcases. Forwhirring ages 2.. r6 years Cat. NO..35019340

Comp •.Reta1l rs.99

OUr Price £4~69


20. RlJher"PrIce .. Family" Toy cCamper. Versatile. fully equipped camper with 19 pieoes, including 1'owing boat and motor-bike. camPer home lifts .off and vehicle ,*comes a pick-up truck: For ages 2-'8years", .......:.Cat. No. 350/5849


.Our PriceD.59

21. Rsher4'rice'CIn:Us Tmtn.. Engine has-driver and whistle. Coach 'doors open, animals' limbs mow, elephant holds people in trunk. For a~ 27years Cat. No. 35019395


Our PriCe £9..99

2i ~~

Ally Desk. 63.pieces including actiVity cams, magnetised alphabet and chalk. For age!!:3-:8 years. sx, Cat. No.35017122

Comp. Retail £9.99

Our Price £7.79



"Happy Apple" Musical ChIme. Soft pliable leavesana stem for teething. Floa" in water. Forages3months to 3 years. . Cat. No. 35019254

2. Fisher-Price

OurPrice£2.• 3. FiSher-Price "Two Tune" T;V. Music box movementplays2 well-J(llowntunes. Forages2~ years. Cat. No.35OJ58G2

COmp. RetailN.99



13. "Traveller" Pushchair. Weighs lb. Easi~y and quickly folded. Washable cambrelle fabric seat Conforms to British Safety. Standards (BS4792) : Cat. No. 37511174



14 Britax Playsafe Child Car Safety S~m. Ra"arseat lap tielt and back restraint. Convertsto "playtable". Supplied with fitting kit. instructions, crayonsand colouring book. For ages 4-10 years Confdrms fa British Satety Standards (BS , 3254): , C3t. No. 37511301 6. Fisher-Price "Rolypoly" Chime Ball. Rock to hear chimes sound and see animalsmove.Watertight floats. Diameter6.1-". For ageS3 months to 3 CaL No.350/8657 years..··..········



7. Flsher..flrfat "Sha.,. Sorter".. Four different shapesfit through holes falling behind matching doors which open different ways. Smiling face bobs up and down and squeaks when pushed. For ages6 monthsto 3 years.....CaL No. 350/9278

Comp ..Retail£4.99


8. F-I$her-PriceCash Register. Includes colour/ coded coins. ~Ie and change keys plus chute. Cranking handle rings bell arid opensdrawer..For ages2-'6 years. . CaL No. 350/8671

OurPrice£7.59 9. Fisher-Price "Chatter" Te'epJ,lqJ(e. Forages2. 6 years CaL No.35015825

COmp. Retail£4.49



15~Pllco Battery Translstorised Two-Way Intercom/Baby Alarm. With approx. 45' of flex and battery ~ ; Cat. No.37510900




16. Britax "Comfy Rider". Car Safe~ Seat. Improved design incorporating. head wings for greater protection and comfort. 5 s":ap ha~ with push release buckle. Seat covered wfn brushed nylon fabric. Conforms to British Safety Standards(BS3254) !.. Cat. No.37511129



17. High Chair. Chromium plated tubular frame. Upholstered in washable PVC. Converts to low . chair and separatetable Cat. No. 37511026

Comp. Retail£;21.95


18. Baby ~ax~BabySe~t. Designed for.correct back support frnm 4 weeks old. With adjustable angle. Can be used as low feeding chair, potty chair or carry chair., Cat. No. 37511260

Compo Retail £9.70 10. FISher-Price Horse. H9fse rolls along 'on wid~track wheels making/'clippity clop" sound. Pull rein handle for "whinny" sound. "Size 17i"x9:l"x1~". For ages1-3'Years. r' Cat. No. 351/0607



19. uLuxiciOt'" Carry Cot. Nylon fabric materi~t. Reinforced carrying handtes, Complete WIth fitted apron and washable. mattress underlay. Size 3IY'x141'.Conforms to .British Safety Standards (BS3881) Cat. No. 375/1325

Comp. Retail£16.50

. OurPri~ £1;!.99

2IL Zorblt

''Sqperior'' N~S. 50% cotton/5O"1o viscose. Pack of six. Sizeapprox. 24·x24". Cat. No. 375(1208

·COmp. Retail·N.25 1.2..Fisher-Price ACtivity centre. Comprises 10 intriguing activities. For ages 3 months to 2 years..··· ·..· CaL No.35On160

Comp. Retail£10.29

21. Rabbit$ty)e NlghJdre~


case. Zip opening.

Cat. No. 37511277

Comp. Retail£5.34

OurPrice£7.99 .. >


'~uper" "Shot-of-Steam" ,. or SpraylSteam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Stainless steel water tank. Water level gauge. Weight3~lb. REARapproved. CaL No. 410/1606

11. Pmctor-Sllex 1299WUgbtweightSteamlllly Iron. Fabric guide. Thermostaticcontrol. Wetght 2 Ib 5 oz. REAR approved CaL No.41011682

Rec. Retail£24.99.

12. Sunbeam GS23 SteanvDry Iron. Fabric guide. Thermostaticcontrol. Stainlesssteelwater tank.Weight~ lb. B.EARapproved. CaL No. 41011235


2. Sunbeam 8030 De Luxe "ShoHJf.SIeam"/ SteamlDry Iron. Thermostatic control and fabric guide. Water level gauge. Weight 3~lb. REAR approved CaL No. 41010346

Ree. Retail£22.99


3. Calor ElecIricITefal De Luxe "Jet-Gf-Steam"/ Spray/Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Visible water tank. SeH cleaning action for hard water areas.Weight3~lb CaL No.410/1785

Rec. Retail£27-;65


Ree. Reta" £17.2S

Ree. Retail£17.99



13. Morphy Rtchards4186Standard Steam/ Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight ~ lb. B.EAB. approved CaL No.41011541

Comp. Retail£17.75

Our Price£11.79

4. Proctor-Silex1598W "Super" "Jet-of-Steam"/ Spray/Steam/Dry Iron. Jet of steam from base. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight3llb. CaL No. 41011699

14..Morphy Richards 4187 De Luxe Steam! Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight ~ lb. REAR approved CaL No.41011558

Rec. Retail£21.95



5. Sunbeam GSS3HDe Luxe Spray/ Steam/DrY Iron. Stainlesssteel water tank and levelgauge. Thermostatic control. Weight 3~ lb. REAR approved CaL No.410/0982

Ree. Retail£20.99


Our Price£12.99

15. Hoover 4004' SteamlDry Iron. Thermostatic control. Weight~ lb. REARapproved. CaL No. 410/0315

Rec. Retail£15.96


6. Sunbeam XSS23H Spray/Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Stainlesssteel water tank. Weight~ lb. REAR approved. CaL No. 41011338

16.Morphy Richards4157Lightweight "Classfc" De Luxe Dry fron. Thermostaticcontrol. Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight 2 Ib 15 oz. REARapproved CaL No.41011534

Rec. Retail£19.50

Comp. Retail£15.94

Our Price£12.99

7. Morphy Richards 411J6Standard Spray/ Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Thumb switch for steam,press button for spray.Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight ~. lb. REAR approved ~ No.41011778


bur Price£13.29

8. Morphy Richards 4197 De Luxe Spray/ Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Thumb switch for steam,press button for spray.Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight ~ lb. BEAR approved .': CaL No. 41011572

Comp. Retail £20.50


9. Hoover 4404 Spray/SteamfDry Iron. Water level gauge. Temperature control. Weight 4 lb. B.EAB. approved CaL No.41011857

Ree. Retail£19.58

Our Price£12.99

10. Calor ElecliictTefal 1503 Lightweight Spray/Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Visible water tank. Centrecord for lefl/right hand "use.Weight21b9 oz. REAR approved. CaL No. 41011259

Ree. Retail£20.75

Our Price £12.29


17. Morphy Richards 4117 "SenIor" Dry Iron. Thermostaticcontrol with pilot light. Weight3i lb. REARapprov~, CaL No.410/0353

Comp. RetaiU~13.67


18. Morphy Richards 4150UghIweigIIt "Classic" Standard Dry Iron. Thermostaticcontrol. Control knob has HLCC settings. Weight 2 Ib 15 oz. REAB.approved CaL No.410/1761



19. Sunbeam AD19HUghtweight De Luxe Dry Iron. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight 21lb. REA-B. approved , CaL No.410/1510

Rec. Retail£12.99


20. Sunbeam AD19HUghtweight Standan;l'Dry Iron. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight 21lb. REAR approved CaL No.41011022

Ree. Retail£11.99

. OurPrice£7.99

Please note: All Morphy Richards' Items are complete with fitted plug.

1. Hoover P2002 Ughtweight Dry Iron.' Thermostatic control. Weight 2 Ib 10 oz. REAR approved Cat. No. 410/11133


Our Price£8.49

2. Ajax 162 Ughtweight Dry Iron. ThermostatiC control. Fabric guide. Weight 2 lb. Cat. No. 41011826


10. Befdray "Five Star" Ironing Table •. 'roning surface 38"x 1~". Adjusts to 12 heights. Cat. No. 850/0038

Rec.Retail£18.75 3. PIk:o 1042 Lightweight Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Fabric guide. Weight 2i lb. REAB. approved Cat. No. 41011493


Our Price £5.99

Our Price£10.79

11. Beldray "Invincibte" Ironing Table. Ironing surface 36" x 13". Adjusts to 3 heights. Cat. No. 850/0045


Rec.Retail£15.75 4. Plfco Travel Iron. Safety cut-out. For 100/240 V A.C. Folds flat for storage. With travel case. Cat. No. 410/1242


Our Price£7.99

12. ASLIaifflow Slmplus "De Luxe" Ironing Tubular steel legs. Ironing surface Table. 38" x 14~".Adjusts to 12 heights. Cat. No..850/0801

Rec.Retail£18.95 5. Kenwood 851 Rotary Iron. Heated sole plate and padded 24" roller. Thermostatically controlled. Adjusts for pressure and fabric thickness. Indicator light for on and heater. Pedal control. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 41010102




13. ASLlairflow Simplus "Super" Ironing Table. All metal top with strong tubular steel legs. Flex holder and built·in iron rest with special iron storage facility. Milium cover. Ironing surface 38"x14i". Adjusts to 12 heights. Cat. No. 8l>1JI~_IJ'

6. Tetal "Washboy"



14. CoHon Covered Ironing Table. Tubular steel legs with wood composition top. Ironing surface 42~"x 12". Adjusts to 4 heights from 27"to 34". Cat. No. 850/0887

Washing Machine. 3'lb load. Wash time 3·5 minutes according to material. Hoses and tap adaptor included. Size 20f' highx lSi" widex19" deep. Reduces to 15" high for storage. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 41011620

Our Price£34.99


Compo Retail£9.50'. 7. Hotpolnt 1730 "Liberator E" Tumble Dryer. Will take 6 Ib load. 2 heat settings. Free standing with front venting. Complete with 1fted plug. 2.4 kW. Size 27"x l!ij"xoverall depth Installed 23~". Weight 53 lb. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No.. 41011864


; OurPrice£74.99

8. Creda "Debonair" Spin'IDryer. 2700 r.p.m. spin speed. 6 Ib load. Gravity drain. Height 253", diameter (excl. spout) 14H,-".B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/1730



9. Burc:o F33L "Baby Burc:o" Washboiler. Stainless steel casing, 6' Ib load. 2.5 kW element. Variable heat switch. Auto re-5etting cut-out. Height2Oi", diameter lSi". B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 41011383


Our Price£27;49

15. Ironing Ta~: Adjusts to 3 heights



Our Price£6.49 surface 35¥'x 13". Cat. No. 85010605

Our Price£7.99

16. "Jumbo" Ironing Table. Floral cover. Ironing surface 48"x 13". Adjusts to 3 heights. Cat. No. 85010715



17. Beklray Iron Tidy. Enables hot iron to be put immediately away. Steel frame with expanded metal cooling plate. Easily fixed to door or wall. Cat. No. 85010540


Our Price£1,99

18. Beldray Iro"lng Table Cover. Foam backed Milium lined '100% cotton coller. Fits any table with ironing surface up to 38" x 14~". , Cat. No. 850/0739



1. ASUahflow Rotary AJrer. Galvanised tubular steel frame with heaVY'duty mouldings. Complete with soil spear which saves both time and money-no concreting is required, themfoTe enabling the airer to be used immediately.

Rec. Our Retail Price £27.45 £13.79 ,£15.95£7.99

Catalogue Number

850/0784 150' 850/0928 90'

2. ASUairflow Rotary Clothes Une. Galvanised tubular steel frame. Heavy duty mouldings. PVC covered rayon line. 120' of hanging space. Cat. No. 85010155



3. Probus "UneIock" Twin-Hooked Hangers. Hold securely on a line. Ideal for rotary dryers and ordinary clothes lines. Set of 12. Cal. No. 85010870

OurPrice£1.99 4. Dennison "Big D" Alrer. Stove enamelled tubular steel frame with plastic coated rails. Expands to 59" high, giving 46' of hanging space. Folds flattor storage Cat. No. 850/0636

Rec. Retail£11.98

OurPrice £7.99

5. ASUairflow "Compact" Airer. Expands to 49" high, giving 29' of hanging space. Folds flat for storage : CaL No. 85010131



6. !H'oId Alrer. Plastic coated steel frame, giving 50' of hanging space. Folds flat for storage. Cal. No. 850/0746



''11drfYame'' Airer. For use over bath or free-standing. 30' of h,mging space.

7. ASUairflow

Cal. No. 85010760



8. Radiator AirerlTowel 24!" each

Rat1s. Set of 4. Length CaL No. 85010777

Rec.Retail£4.99 9. ASUairflow lines extend


"l1dydry" Indoor Clothes Line. 5

to 15',giving 75' of

hanging space.

cal. No. 85010117

OurPrice£4.79 10. Ali. 8aba Unen. BaskeL Hand made from natural straw. Size approx. 271" high. . Cal. No. 830/2487

0ur"Price £8:99 11. eox-cabot

Unen Bin. Melamine

surlaoes x 12". -






17"x14" CaL No. 83011653



Our Price £11.29

12. Leifheit Telescopic Shoe Ra~ Extends from 21" to 39". Additional units can 6e stacked on one another. Holds up to 10 pairs of shoes. Cal. No. 85510514



13. Door Hanging Shoe'I.Rack. Takes up to 10 pairs of shoes plus polish, brushes etc. Fits neatly onto any door with special brackets provided. No screws or other fittings needed.Cat. No. 85511173



'Guarantee: We offer a full money-bac:k guarantee in addition to your stalUtory rights.


16. Bissell "Foam Master" Carpet Sliam'P9OeI'.~ Three roller action. Hip leVer lever for control. 5OOmloottle of shampoo supplied.

Cat. No. 85511121&

Our Price £&:.99. 1.7. BiSsel~ ''9000s'' Carpet Shampooer. Four roller action:·Htplevel leverfor toam control. 500 ml bottle oi shampoo supplied..Cat. No, 855/0222

Bee. Retail ~6.95

Our Price £10.99

U. Hoover "F4002" Shampoo Polisher. Shampoos carpets. waxes. poMshes. buffs-tloors and poWer scrubs. With accessories. 160 Watts. No.405tf04lt B~EAB. approved: ~


Rec. Retall272.87 3. Hoover U2068 U.JanIor" De Uae 'ae_. "Beats as it cleans" action. ~ht t"ight control. Hygienicthrowaway disposal bagS. Wide sweep path.350 Watts. B.EAB. apprOlled. . Cat. No. 40511330 Rec. RetaH £82.99 Our Price £54;99 .4. Tools forth8 above Item Cat.Wo~4osI1347




5.. Hoover 04014 "Ranger Sei1Ior' Vacuum aea-:' Top-till bag. Jie!ght right .cantrol.Fitted headlight. "Beats as itsweeps" action.400 Watts. B.EAB. approved Cat.


"Rec. RetaD£96AS

Our Price £65.99

6. Tools for the above 'Senior" model flO. 04002

Item· anct pre~. ~ No. 40510812

Rec. Retail £16.32

Our Prtce £12.99 ,


7~ux ·'502" Gieaner.-Poweiful-suction 'plus beat and sweep aGtilm. Self adjusts for cleaning carpets and har# floors. "Bag-change" signal.425 Watts.,8.EAB~~proved. . . Cat. No. 405i0881

,DurP·dee..£S1...99 8. Tools_for the a~

Rec.~etall £15.87




12. SIioIArae .Heavy Duty Will pick up,grit. wQOd chips. bulky debris. leavesetc. Fer use around th& home, including gpr.,Iges. workshops. attics; basements;fire-places. 670 Watts. Completewith comprehensive setof tools. Cat. .No. 40511127

Rec. Wetail£62:95


Our PHce £3T.!I!t


13. "Aqua- VaeI' Wet aDIt I)ry vacuum CliltaDel'. Picks up complete range of household dirt iricludin.g water. 850 Watts. cemp.rehensi_ rangeof acC9SS0ries ..•..••.•......... Cat. No. 40511206

Ree. RefaiI.£77.95

OU, Price £49"••

14-. PrIncess ~ CarpetlFfoor Cfea_. LightweIght machine- for use on most types of floor. Removabledust bag; 1IDWatts. On/off{oot pedal..•....•.••....•........................... Cat. No. 40511213




15. Moulinex "250" ~efght Cleaner. For floors. carpetsand curtains. Completewith tools. 250 Watts.B.EAB. approved..•.Cat. No.. 40510025

Rec. Retail £20.95

" Our Price £14A9

Cat. No. 40510898



17. IfcIuIfII'ex '"PIetiWac" and ToolS. For upholstelY.pelmetsand curtains. 150 Watts. Cat. No. 40511031

Rec. RetaH ~4.55

Our Price £9.99

1. Ho_OVer "Freedom . 'eytincte~_ Clean,r. Bag-full iooisatQr. ltlrow-aWay diSposal bag. 750 Watts. B,E.A.8. ~prQved. COmplete with compre-hens"""set of toets.. :.,Cat: No.4qliIQ647

Ret:.. Retail £57.71


2. Hoover "ConstellatlQn'~ Cleaner. Floats on a cushion 'of air. Finger tip suction control. 600 1II[atts.B.E.A.B. approved. cOmplete with comp~hleset of tools ..•.........•..Cat. NcJ. 40510135

Ree. Retail £54.99

Our price £37.99

3., Mouiinex "T803" Cylinder Cleaner. Bag-full indicator. Foot operated on/off switch. Built-in carrying handle.' MovElson four wl1eels.600 Watt motor .•B.E.~.B. approved. Complete.with comprehensive set of tools , Cat. No. 40511110

Bee. Retail £64.95 ,

Our PrIce£44.99

'4. Philips H.R.6222 "s-wlve" TOp" .Cylinder Clal'ner. 360" fu!1 cirefe swivel top hose. Extra large dust b<ig, Suction powe.r regulator. 600 Watts.. B.EAB. ,approved•. COmplete with comCaL No. 40511275 prehensive set of tooJ$

COmp...Retail £55.64

Our Price £39.99

5..Hoover "Celebrity Ai"rde" Cleaner. Air ride feature;-King-·s~disposalbag: Wrap- rOtlrnt furniture guard. B.EAB. approved. 800 Waffl;. Comprehensive setof tools.......Cat. No. 40511268

Ree. Retail £57.87

Our Price £39.99

6. Electrolux "Automatic 345" Cylinder Cleaner. Automatic cleaning ..head" bag-change -contro! and flex rewind. 7S<t Watts. B.E.A.B. approved. Complete with compnihensive set of tools. ' Cat. No. 40510410

Ree. Retail £98;~'1

Our Price £62.99

7. EJecIrofux "3O:r ~ncfer Cleaner. Finger..tip suction control. Foot switch. 65U'Watts. B.EA.B: approved; Complete with comprehensive set of toals , : Cat. No. 40510829

Ree. Retail £69.27

Our PriCe£43.99

.8. Goblin' "CQmp'ac;t 555":'Cyifnder Cleaner. Cloth dust-bag or disposable paper bag. 500 Watts... B.E.A.B. appro.ved. Complete with comprehensive setottools. .........:....Cat. No.405Joi02

Re~ Retail £40.45

o..r Pricec£29.99

9. Goblin "Com~ct Super 666" Cyllhder Cleaner: lnoorporates bag-full indicator. Cloth dust-bag or di5pOl!8ble paper bag. 600 Watt motor. B.E;,A.B.approved. Complete with comprehensive set of tools.._ Cat. No. 4051128a

Ree. RetaA £45.10

Our Price £33.49


1. Blade & DeckercD2C)6 2 Speed "Masten:raff" Drill. Electronic feed-back plus hammer action. !" chuck. Required speeds are pre-set and motor .automaticauy'compensates when extra power is required. For wood, masonry or -Steel with.depth stop attachment. Double insulated.

eat. He. 71011988

Our'Price £41.99 2. Black & Decker 0202 2 Speed "Mastercraft" Drill. Plus hammer action. ;" chuck. For drilling materials. Depth stop concrete and difficult attachment Double insulated ... Cat. No. 71011940

Rec. Retail £48.00

Our Price £34.99

3. Black & Dectcer 0203 2 Speed "Masten:raft" ·Drill. Plus hammer action and acoeleration trigger. ~. chuck with depth stop attachment. Double insulated CaL No. 71011964

Rec. Retail £53.00

Our Price £38.99

4. Blade & Decket' H264 2 $peed "BIocIcbuster" Drill. Plus hammer action.

iI" chuck.

Double insu-

~:::R~~ii'£3Ci50 ..· ·~::.:.:~:;: ~i~:i~~~~!~~~~~~~a~~~~e=~~~:::::==~~



Black -& Decker -H72OH 2 -Speed Drill. hammer action.!" chuck. Double insulated.

for straight and intricate Double insulated



cuts. With tilting shoe. Cat. No. 71011995

Our Price £15.79

11. Black & Decker SSSO Power Finishing Sander. For general purpose sanding. No load speed 11,000 orbits p.m. Double insulated. Cat. No. 710/1SSS

Ree.Retail £23.00

Our Price £15.99

12. Black & Decker 5562 Power Finishing Sander. 375 Watt motor. 4,000 orbits p.rn. For heavy duty jobs. Dust ext~action for cleaner working. , Cat. No. 71011706

Ree.Retail £40.00

Our Pri~ £29..99

13. Black & Dectcer DN31S 2 Speed MultiPurpose Power Jig-Saw. Cuts straight or intrf. cate shapes. Cutting depths Z' in soft wood, 1" in hard wood. Tilting shoe for cutting angles. 5 blades supplied free. Double insulated. Cat. No. 710/2004

Ree.Retail £29.00

5. Black & Decker H68V 2 Speed orin. Plus hammer action and acoeleration triggElr. ~"chuck. Double insulated CaL No'. 71011933

Rec. Retail £39.00

10. Blade & Decker DN31 Power ,Jig-Saw. cUtting depths, 2" in soft wood. 1" in hard wood. Versatile

Our Price £20.99

14. Blade & Dectcer D111 Power Centre. Induction motor. and eye shield. One end 60 grit grinding wheel, other end standard thread for flexible drive shaft, chuck or other standard accessory mounting for increased versatility. Cat. No. 71011885

Ree.Retail £40.00

Our Price £29.99

.: CaL. No. 71011926

~Ree.Retail £36.50

Our Price £26.49

7. Black & Decker DNJ52 2 Speed Drill. iI" chuck. ' Double insulated Cat. No. 71010154

.''. Ree.Retail £29.00

Our Price £21.29

15. Black & Decker DN75 Power Plane. Twin 3" blades rotate at 13,700 r.p.rn. r;>epth of cut adjustable to 1.5 mm. Snap-up guaril allows plane to be used on the edges of materials and for rebating.

450 Watt motor. Double insulated . Cat. No. 71011696

8. Black & DeckerD.NJ62 2 Speed Drill. !" chuck. Double insulated ! Cat. No. 71010178

Rec. Retait£65.00

Rec. RetaH£32.00

g:Black & Decker oNJ2S0 Single Speed ori".'O'" chuck. Double insulated Cat. No. 71011768

16. Blade & Decker DNS4 5" Power Circular Saw. 450 Watt motor. Cuts timber up to H". Ang'e cutting up to' 45°. With combirilltiOl1 blade and rip fence Cat. No. 71011579

Ree.Retail £18.00

Ree.Retail £25.50

Our Price £23.79

Our Price £12.99

Our Price £49.99

Our Price £17.99

1. Stanley ~'Topline" 4 Speed Drill. ~" chuck.

Double insulated

Rec. Retail £44.93


Cat. No.71011971

Our Price £33.29

11. BI~ & Decker·0986 .Jig-SawAttachment. Cutting depth if" in hard wood. 1" in soft wood. Cat. No. 71010264

Rec. Retail £12.60

Our Price £8.29

2. Wolf 3926 2. Speed Drill. i" chuck. 420 Watt motor. Complete with carrying/storage case. Double insulated Cat. No.710/1957

12. Black & Decker D988 Rnishing Sander Attachment. Cat. No.71010233

Rec. Retail £37.80

Rec. Retail £9.00

Our Price £29.99

3; RocIa(vell4150 Variable Reversing Drill. For materials ranging from wood to masonry and glass. f' chuck and drill speed ranging from 01200 r.p.m. Also a reversingswitch for removing screwsand jammedbits etc Cat. No.71011861

Rec. Retait£36:95

Our Price £28.""99

4. Rockwell 4400 Power Orbital Sander. For -sandiflg fight -up-to..ertfcak!dges~-hafldles for positivecontrol. 10.000orbits p.m. Cat. No. 71011847

Our Price £5.99

13. Black & Decker D984 Circular Saw AItacbmem. Sawswood up to 1....". Adjustablefor depth and angle of cut. Includeslip fenceand combination rip and crosscut blade cat. No. 71010271

Rec. Retail £9.50

Our Price £6.29

14. ')PI Flexible Drive Shaft. Length 40". Complete with arbor. Indispensableaccessorywhen drjlling etc. in restrictiveareas•.Cat. No.7101"t468

Rec. Retail £10.26

Our Price £6.99

5. Rockwell 4320Variable Speed PowerJig-Saw. Ideal for intricate scroll work etc. Cutting depth is 2" with a calibrated tilting base for angle cuts of ~ up to 45°...........•...•...................... Cat. No.11011854

15. Black & Decker 0764 Hammer Drill Workshop Kit. Contains H2642 speed drill. D964saw attachment. D988sanding attachment. D986jigsaw attachment, percussion bits. twist drills~ A9101sanding and polishing kit•.assortedsanding sheets. wire cup brush, saw blade, jig-5fw selection pack :Cat. No. 71012028

. Rec. Retail £32.95

Rec. Retail £76.00

Rec. Retail £29.95

Our Price £21.99

Our Price £24.99


Price £56.99

6. Wolf "Portapoint" .portable Cable Reel. 49' of 3-core cable.Capacity 1.000Watts. Cat. No. 71010044

16. Talco Set of 8 DrIlls. 4 high speed twist drills. sizes"'", ·.l".fo" and 4 masonrydrills. sizes6, 8. 12and 16 Cat. No_71010398

Rec. Retail £8.50

Comp. Retail £5.45

Our Price £6.29

7. Volex VT305Cable Reel. SO'of cable. Fitted with 13Amp plug. switch and pilofiight. Suitable for appliancesup to 1200Watts. .Cat. No. 710/2011

Rec. Retail £9.99

)' Our Price £6.79

Our Price £3A9

17. Talco 21 ~ Twist Drill Set. Chrome vanadium steel. Fo~hand or power drills. Sizes N' to ~".With full shanks Cat. No.710/0374

Comp. Retail £9.35

Our Price £6.49

8. Ever Ready 13 Amp Fqsed Plugs. Conform to BS1363.Packof 10 ., Cat. No.710/0415

18. Mason MasterConcrete Drilling Set Cow verts your drill to hammeraction. fo" chuck. With two double duty drills. sizes10and 12. . Cat. No. 710/1713

Rec. Retail £5.85

Rec. Retail £9.19

Our Price £3.99

Our Price £6.29

9. .JPIDrill Accessory Kit. Consistsof wire brush. grinding wheel.arbor. wire cup,brush and accessories Cat. No. 71011.366

Comp. Retail £6.05

Our Price £4.49

10. Black & Decker GD80 Vertical Drill Stand. COnvertsyOur Black & Decker drill into a highly accurate benchdrill... Cat. No.710101j42

Rec. Retail £13..40

Our Price £8.99

':-of-"('l ._.irt.·i




Dual 1. Black & Decker WM62S ·'Workmate". height, mul~urpose portable work bench. Vice 29"with 4H jaw opening. Folds fOT storage. Cat. No. 7101151J6

Rec. Retail £42.95

Our Price £29..95

2. Slack & WM400 ·'Workmate". Single height portable work bench. 4H jaw opening. 24" vice jaws with taper action. Supplied in simple self-assembly form •...................•Cat: No. 710/1737

Rec. Retail £24.95

Our Price £18.99

3. Black & Decker WMl40 ''Wodonate'' Saw Table. Includes mitre guide. large and small rip fences. For use with any Black & Decker "Workmate" Cat. No. 710/1359

Rec. Retail £13.95

Our Price £10.99

4. Black & Decker WM110 ·'Workmate" Extender Anns. Set of 4. Accepts 'sheets of wood up to 6'x3'. For use with any Black & Decker 'Workmate" •......................................... Cat. No. 71011342

Rec. Retail £6.95

Our Price £-5.79

5. S.I.P. "Mirriwelder go" Arc Welder. With variable Amperage from 30-90 Amps. Warning light and automatic cut-out. Supplied with face mask. chipping hammer, electrode holder. leads earth clamp and 21) electrodes. Will weld up to -h" work, metal thickness. Suitable for wrought-iron sculpture. carorO.I.Y CaL No. 71012035

Rec. Retail £60.00

Our Price £39.99

6. Weller Soldering KiL Contains instant heat gun with built-in spotlight 2 spare copper soldering tips and accessories Cat. No. 710/1294

Rec. Retail £16.88

Our Price £11.79

7. Burgess "Powerllne" Model 72 Hobbyist Kit. 2 speed engraver and 15 accessories. For engraving glass. ceramic tiles. plastic. metals. also embOssing leather and lino,wood carving. stencil cutting etc Cat. No. 710/1287


Rec. Retail £14.20

Our Price £10.79

8. Burgess "Powerllne" Soldering Kit. Ughtweight with insulated handle. Includes solder. holding probe. tweezers and heat 'dtsslpator etc CaL No. 710/1524

Rec. Retail £7.51

Our Price £4.99

9. Pasting Table. Hardboard top with tubular metal legs. Folds flat. Size when open 70"x2Z'. CaL No. 700/2135

Comp. Retail £8.20

Our Price £5.99

10. Hams 203 Painting Set. Set of 4 pure bristle paint brushes, sizes ~". 1". H" and 2". ,CaL No. 70010773

Rec. Retail £3.76

Our Price £2.99

11. Harris 216 Painting SeL Set of 4 de luxe pure bristle paint brushes. Sizes ~". 1", H" and 2". Cat. No. 700/2771

Rec. Retail £5.01

Our Price £3.99

12. Austin White "Standeasy" Ladder Tray. Steel welded plastic coated tray will hold tools. paint brushes. pots of paint .etc. Simply hooks onto ladder rung _._'..Cat. No. 7001Zl88

Comp. Retail £4.57


Price £3.29

13. Austin White "Standeasy" Ladder Platform. Steel welded plastic coated platform allows maximum support and safety, Recessed rubber tread provides non-slip surface. Simply hooks onto ladder rung CaL No. 700/2795

Comp. Retail £8.86

Our Price £5.99

14. Gravity RandaD "HandiweighY' Alumimum Extension Ladder. Extends from 12'11"to23'9". Non-sllp inverted triangular rungs. Will be delivered direct to your home. Nonnally allow approx. 28 days for delivery ....... Cat. No. 700/~12

Rec. Retail £67.SO

Our Price £49.99

Rec. Retail £7.25 16. Camping Gaz "Soudoklt S" BIowlamp Set. Includes paint burner. soldering iron. fine flame burner and Camping Gaz cartridge. CaL No. 70012283

Rec. Retail £11.81

Our Price £8.99

17. Ronson RBTS Blowtorch Kit. Consists of blow1orch, soldering tip. flame spreader and diffuser head. Complete with cartridge. CaL No. 700/0807

Rec. Retail £9.95

Our Price £6.99

18. Auriol "Kwlk·Kast Fantasia" Screen Block Mould. Fibre glass. Galvanised steel ejector plate and ramming tool. Produces concrete screen wall blocks size 1H"x HI·x~·..Cat. No. 70012661 fiO:'~"""'~iC'JJ_=;;;="""'=~~""-

Rec. Retail £9.00

.: Our Price £5.99

19. Burgess "Powerline" 969 Electric Airless Sprayer. With flexible and injection noZZles. Sprays paint. insecticide or creosote. Capacity 1 pint :..CaL No. 710/1270

Ree. Retail £16.99

Our Price £11.99

20. Burgess "Powerfine Spraylt" 122 Compressor Spray Unit. Sprays paint: varrush, cellulose and insecticide. Ideal for spraying car bodies, fencing, furniture etc CaL No. 710/1744

Rec. Retail £71.76

Our Price £52.99


OurPrice £15.99

Salmen's ;'Unlon" Portable Tool Chest. Mahoganyfinish. Fittedwith 5 felt-lineddrawers, carryinghandle,lock and keys.Suitablefor precision tools, measuring instruments etc. Size 18t"x1H"x8¥' Cat. No,70012197

2. ASL HanctYman"Ladder Pack". Consistsof a 5x5 convertible and "Ladda-Link" for use together (overall length. 13' 6") or individually. Also;includes plank clamping devicefor ladders to be usedastrestles(planknot supplied). Cat. No. 700/2609

10. Raaco Steel StorageCabinet.With 25 transparent drawers which can be subdivided. Size 12"x51"x13".high. Suitable for garage, sewing Cat. No. 700/2582 room,fishing tackleetc

1. ASL "Summit Double 5" Convertible Step ladder. Tubular steel frame. Wide wooden treads.Extendsfrom 5-10treads.Safetylocking device Cat.No.70010388

Rec. Retail£25.45

Rec. Retait £41.95


3.ZambaSheffUnit.4 shelves.Adjustableheight from 37"to 61". Shelfsize31~"x12". Cat. No. 70012740

Rec. Retail£10.37


4. Beldray ''T1lP Right" Aluminium LoWSlep Ladder.Convertsfrom householdstepsto extension ladder at variable heights. Non-sliptreads. Safetylockingdevice.Maximumheight9' '11;I!'. . Cat. No. 700/2496

Rec. Retail£37.25

Oiir""lce £20.99

6.. Beldray "Gazelle" AluminiUmStep Ladder. 2 non-slsp treads and platfo~. Platform height 2' 2~" ;,:.~ Cat. No.70011631

Rec. Retail£18.50



7. Belmay "Gazelle" Aluminium Step ladder. 4 non-slip treads and platform. Platform height 3' 8" Cat.No.70012290



OurPrice £31A9


11.1alco CantileverTool Box.5 trays.Bluestove enamelledfinish. Size1Tx8"x8". Cat. No. 70012Z16

Compo Retail£10:00


12. RaacoStorage Cabinet.With 15transparent drawers. Suitable for nuts, bolts. fishing tackle, cotton reelsetc. Size12'·x~·xQ". Cat. No. 700/2393"


, OurPrice£3.49

.OurPrice £23A9

5. Black & Decker 00000 3-Way Ladder. Made from aluminium. Convertsto double sided step ladder, adjustable extension or loft ladder and stair ladderwherethe specialconstructionallows for use on interrupted levels. Extendedheight 9' 5".Closedheight6' 4" Cat...,No. 70012410

Rec. Retail£34.95

Rec. Retail£46.76


13- Whitmore Carpenter's 20 PIece T01lI KIt. Comprisesa selection of fully guaranteedcarpenter'stools and accessories ..Cat. No.700/2506

Comp.Retail£23.82 '

14. Stanley No. 4~'SmoOthin9 Plane. Fine grey iron casting.Sheffieldsteelblade. Cat, No, 700/2159



15. Whitmore No.4 Smoothing Plane. Sheffield steelblade.Castbody Cat. No.70011174


..Our Price£5.99

16. Rabone Chesterman "Selrile" Aluminium SpIrit Level. 2 plumbs and levels. Length 48": . Cat. No. 700/0539

Rec. Retail£13.24 "Housewarm" Cylinder .Jacket. Nominal uncompressed 3" thickness flame retardant jacket will 1it cylinders 36"x 18". Supplied with securingstrapsandsimplefitting instructions. Cat. No. 70012829




Rec. Retail£6.79

Our Price £4.79

17.Stanley Aluminium Spirit Level. Replaceable vials, 1 plumb and 1 horizontal. length 24". Cat. No. 700/2104

Rec. Retail£5.01


"Black Prince" Saws. "Teflon S" coated Sheffield steel blades. Polypropylene handles. Catalogue Rec. Our Number Retail Price 1.70010285 Tenon 10" £7.15 £5.49 2. 70010302Hand 22" £8.90 £6..29 Spear & Jackson

3. Copyc:lex "Joint Master Mk. 11". Precision made sawing jig for making a wide variety of wood joints. Sizeof base plate ~"x8~". Wilt1fully illustrated instruction leaflet.....Cat. No. 70012386

Rec. Retail£11.38

Our Price £7.49

4. Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit. Useful for ceiling tiles. carpeting, furniture recovering etc. With spare boxes of staples in a storage/carrying case CaL No. 70012599

Rec. Retail£22.95

Our Price £14.99

5. Paramo Mechanic's V'ace.3" jaw. 360° swivel base with locking lever. CaL No. 70010515

Rec. Retail£10.52

OurPrice £6.99

6. Footprint Bevel Edged Chisels. Set of 4. Sheffield steel. Sizes 1".!".iff and 1". CaL No. 70011679

Rec. Retail£9.23

Our Price £7.49

7. Talco Pair of Tubular Steel Shaft Hammers. 16 oz adze eye claw and 10 oz jOiners/Warrington. With shock absorbent handles..CaL No. 700/2616

Comp. Retail£8.00 8. Hand cityf."

Our Price£5.79

Drill. Double pinion. 3 jaw chuck. Capa-

Rec. Retail£7.83

CaL No. 700/0577

OurPrice £5.79

9. Stanley "Yankee" Handyman Screwdriver. Spiral ratchet action. Complete with 5 bits stored in maqazinehandle CaL No. 70012166

Rec. Retail£7.33


Our Price £5.79

10. Gordon Tools 71 Piece Combination Socket! Tool SeL Comprehensive kit containing-5 OlE spanners AF ~"·i". 5 metric 8-19 mm; 5 ring spanners AF i"·j". 5 metric 10-19 mm; 5 combination spanners ~"-i";Y' square drive sockets. 9 AF 11"-1", 12 metric 10-22mm. 5 Whitworth l"·~";push through reversible ratchet, 5" extension. 14 mm plug spanner. brake adjuster, 6 assorted screwdrivers, hacksaw, ball-pein hammer. flat 'point chisel, pliers, spark plug tester, feeler gauge,wire brush. valve grinder. metal rule. Suppliec;lwith oantilever tool box. .... ....Cat. No.700/2812

====~::::;:;;:::;;;;;~~;;:; Rec. Retail£101.58

Our Price £59.99

11.Gedore 23 Piece ~"Square Drive Socket Set. Chrome vanadium steel. AF "'''-i''. metric 11-22 mm. Ratchet, speed brace. universal joint, 2 extensions and sliding tee CaL No.'7oo/2630

Rec. Retail£42.35'

OurPrice £23.99

12.Gedore 32 Piece 1" Square Dlivl(SocketSeL Chrome vanadium steel. AF il"-lJ". metric 11-32 , mm. Ratchet, speed brace, sliding tee, universal joint and extensions CaL No~700/2575

Rec. Retail£58.20

" ,OurPrice £34.99.

13.Gedore 41 Piece I" Squ~re DrIve SocketSeL Chrome vanadium steel. AF 1."-1". metric 10-22 mm and Whitworth ,".," ..r sockets. Ratchet,speed brace. universaljoint and extensions. CaL No. 700/0962

Rec. Retail£75.00

OurPrice £42.99

14. Kamasa 42 Piece ~"Square DrIve Socket SeL Industrial quality chromed carbon steel. AF 1."-1". metric 10-22 mm. Whitworth ~.-i".Reversible ratchet, Sliding tee. speed brace. universal joint and extensions CaL No. 700/2733

Rec. Retail £70.20

OurPrice £32.99

15. Kamasa 52 Piece ~"Square Drive Socket Set. Industrial quality cllrbmed carbon steel. AF i"·l ..... metric 10-32 mm. Whitworth ?i'·f'. Reversible ratchet, T·bar. universalJOInt.speedbrace, 5" and 10" extensions. 15" flex bar, 2 plug sockets (14 and 18mm)............ .., . Cat. No. 700/2805

Rec. Retail£96.12

Our Price £49.99

G. Gedore 1ting spa~rs. vanal:lluJl\ steel. Met<,ic 8,.,9--18x 19mm:

A,F 1-'x ,·,(=1"x," _ .Rec.Retail£4.99

Set of 6. Chrome , . _ Cat. NO. 7,0012025 _ Cat. No. 7001201.8

Our Price £3.49

7. Lew-waYt; Axle Stands. Extend from W: to .1£".

Gapacily 2tons-per,\>air:

Cat. No. 75011014


O,urPrice £5.99

Index Airers Audio Equlpment


196-197 43-57

Baby Linen 187-188 Badminton Racquets...............•..................... 26-27 Bakeware 107,113 Bangles , 148 Bar Accessorles 64, 159 BathroomAccessories 75, 189-191 BathroomScales 189 Battery Chargers;.:~ : 216 Beauty Aids , : 153, 160-165 68-73,188 Beddlng Beds & BedroomFurniture 62-63 Bedspreads , 68 Bicycles 174-175 .,i:..:.. 36 Binoculars Bird Cage :.\.. e 66 Blankets & Car Rugs : 72,218 90-93 Blenders..': Bracelets 140-141,148, 152 Bread Bins 115 Briefcases 157 153 Brush & CombSets Calculators.~ 169-170 : : 38-41 Cameras CampingEquipment 19-23 CanOpeners 94,119 CarAccessories 45,159,187,217-218 43-45 Car Radios& Cassette Players , CarTools 213-216 Carpet Shampooers : 198-199 198-199 Carpet Sweepers Cassettes& CassetteCases 55-57 Cassette Players/Recorders 49-50, 169 146-147,152 Charms China 122-125 Cleaning Equipment 198-203 : 127-131 Clocks Clock Radios 51-52 Clothes 155 Clothes Lines 196-197 _ 89 Coffee Makers/Percolators Continental Quilts 71, 1qa Continental Quilt Covers 68, "10 Cookers& Grills I 98-99 CookerHoods 99 188 Cot 126 Curtains Cutlery 110-111 DecoratingEquipment Developing& .priti.tirlg DimmerSwitches Dinghy D.I.Y Dress Form DressingGowns ~ Drills (Power) Dustbin Earrings _ Electric Blankets Electric Casseroles Electric Fires Electric Toothbrush EngagementRings Eternity Rings ExecutiveCases Exercisers , Extractor Fans

209-210 37 83 29 206-212 154 155 204, 206-207 198 142-143,145, 148, 152 73 , 96 74-75 163 151 1.150 157 , 24-25 :.~; 76

Fans Fan Heaters Films Fishing Equipment Food Mixers Food Slicers Football Furnlture


76 74 37 28 90-92 94, 119 25, 181 59-63

Picnic Equipment Plllows , Polisher PowerTools PressureCookers Projectors& Accessories..Purses , Quilts'

Games& Toys Garden Furniture Gardening Equipment Gent's Gifts Gent's Rings Glassware Golf Equipment.. Hair Care ,Handbag HeatTrays & Trolleys HeatingAppllances HomeExtras , Ironing Tables Irons Jewel Boxes Jewellery :

58,159,172-186 13~18 ~12 157-159,169 :.149 120-121 27 160-164 156 95, 116 74-76 64-67 195 192-194


152-153 140-152

Keep Fit Equipment Kettles Kitchen Cutlery Kitchen Appliances Kitchen Equipment Kitchen Furniture Kitchen Scales Knitting Machine

24-25 86-87, 107 113, 118 86-98 115-120 61-62 117 154

Ladders Lady's Gifts Laundry Equipment Lawn Mowers Lighters Lighting Liquidisers Luggage

210 152-156 192-197 4-7 137 75,77-84 90-93 31-35

Manicure Sets Massagers Mincers Mirrors Mugs Music Centres Musical Instruments Neckchalns Notecases Nursery Equipment Office Equipment Optical Ornaments Outboard Motor Ovenware

153 s 164-165 90-93, 119 67 124 52-54 58,179 144-145, 147-148,152 159 187-188 169-171 36 67 29 109

::~n:I':i~~~~.~.:::::::::::::::::::::::i::::::::::::::::::::::::~~~ Pendants& Lockets , 144-145,147 Pens& Pencils, 171 Percolators : : :.: 89 Personal Electrlcs 160~167 PhotographicEquipm~nt 37-42


19-21 72 : 201 204-207 100-101,108 .42 153 71, 188

Radiators Radios& RadioCassettes RecordCases RecordPlayingSystems Roof Racks Rotlssolres

75 43-52 55 52-54 217 98-99

Sail Float Saucepans Scissors Sewing Ma'chines SewingStools& Boxes Shampooers(Carpet) Shavers Sheets Shoe Racks , ShoppingBags & Trolleys Shower Equipment.. Silverware Sleeping Bags : Spice Racks : SpongeMop Sports Equipment Squash Racq4ets Stainless SteelWare Step Stools & Stools StopWatch, StorageJars Sunglasses Sun Lamps

29 100-106, 108 . 116, 154 168 61, 64, 154 199 , 165-167 69 197 156 190-191 138-139 21-23 120 198 24-30, 173 26-27 112-115 61 , 135 :· ~ 120, 124 36 , 164

Table Lamps Table Linen Table Mats Tankards

80, 83-84 126 64 :159

i:: ~:t~~~.~.:~~::;.Z~::=::::::::::::::::::::::::122 Tea Towels Tea Trolleys : Telescope Televisions TeleviSionGames Toasters Tools : Towels Toys & Games Type,writers

126 65 36 57 58 85 206-216 126· 58, 172-186 170

Umbrellas-Gent·s t.ady's Sports

159 153 27

VacuumCleaners VacuumFlasks, Valet Stands..! VegetableRack..~

200-203 19 158 116

Wallets Watches WeddingRings Wine Bottle Rack Writing Case


159 132-136 150 64 159

. ALDERSHOT Hippodrome, House, Birchett Road - BALHAM 223 Balham High 'Road . (Nr, Ritherdon Road),


BARNSTAPLE 1-2 Northgate Development, 57 High Street BATH 3 Marchants Passage, Southgate Development BEDFORD 12-16 The Harpur Centre , BELFAST 15-17 Cornmarket BIRMINGHAM 16 High Street/The Rotunda, Subway 2 "...," t Kings Heath 38-44 High Street Solihull59 ..61 Mill Lane BOLTON 71~77Newport Street BOSCOMBE 501-507\ \' Christchurch Road \-'"~\ (The Crescent) ..... BRIDGWATER 7 Binford Place BRIGHTON 41-45 St. James Street BRISTOL 89-91 Fairfax Street BROMLEY 11 Elmfield Road (Behind the Mall Shopping Precinct) CANTERBURY Park House, Sturry Road (A28 East) , CARDIFF 14-15 & 22 Oxford Arcade, The Hayes CHELMSFORD 22-23 HighChelmer CHESTER 91-95 Foregate Street (Opp. ABC Cinema) CHISWICK 382-384 Chiswick High Street COLCHESTER 108-109 High Street COVENTRY 1-3 The Burges (Nr. Bus Station) ,

NORWICH 2-4 Back-of-the-Inns (Cnr. White Lion Street) NOTTINGHAM 5-6 The Broadmarsh Centre (Nr~Bus Station) OXFORD North Bailey House, New Inn Hall Street' (Nr, WestgateShopping Centre) PLYMOUTH 12-14RoyalPararle PONTEFRACT 15 Salter Row PORTSMOUTH 29-32 TheTricorn ~RESTO~ 61-63 Friargate.Walk, St. George's Shopping Centre , READING 3-6 St. Mary's Butts, The Butts Shopping Centre RUGBY 16-18 Regent Street SALISBURY 16 Fisherton Street (Opp. General Hospital) SHEFFIELD Rockingham House, 32-62'The Moor SHEPHERDS BUSH 158-161 Shepherds Bush Centre (Opp. Shepherds Bush Green) SLOUGH 12-14 Old Crown, High Street SOUTHAMPTON 86-88 East Street SOUTHEND 1-3 Talza Way, Victoria Circus Shopping Centre ST. HELENS 30-32 La Grange Arcade, The Market Centre SWANSEA Metropole House, . 47-49 Wind Street SWINDON 28-34'Canal Walk, BruneI Centre WALSALL 10 Stafford Street WAL THAMSTOW 50a High Street WANDSWORTJI-}67 -173 Wandswertli'High Street (Nr. Police Station) WARRINGTON 34-36 Bridge Street WATFORD 42 The Parade, High Street . WEMBLEY Chesterfield House, 444 High Road WIGAN 1 New Square, Standishgate . WILMSLOW 47-49 Alderley Road WOOD GREEN Wood Green Shopping City, 82-84 High Road. WORTH~G 90 Chapel Road . (Nr. Railway Station)



1-2 Fleet House, Corporation Street , CRAWLEY 1Jl"High Street CROYDON 9-11 London Road (Nr. West Croydon Station) DALSTON Security House, 1a Sandringham Road DARTFORD 4-10a Lowfield Street ; DONCASTER 13-14 North Mall, Arndale Shopping Centre

DUDLEY 179-183 High Street EAST HAM 90-96 High Street EDGW ARE 47 High Street EDMONTON 273 Fore Street EVESHAM 43 High Street EXETER 29 Guildhall Shopping Centre GLASGOW Sauchiehall Street Centre, 179 Sauchiehall Street GLOUCESTER 22-26 Northgate Street GUILDFORD Norfolk House, 193 High Street HANLEY 16 Piccadilly HASTINGS 20-22 Castle Street HENDON 43-45 Watford Way ,"". HOLLOWAY 67-75 Seven Sisters Road ILFORD 187-191 High Road ILKESTON 14 Bath Street KINGSTON 28-30 Castle Street LEEDS 1~-21 Eastgate LEICESTER 17 East Street/ Calais Hill (Opp. Railway Station) LEWISHAM 72-73 South Mall, The Lewisham Centre, Riverdale LINCOLN 180 High Street LIVERPOOL 227-235 Walton Road


183-186 Elliot Street, St. Johns Centre LONDON (CENTRAL) Oxford Street 80-110 New Oxford Street Bond Street 10-10a Old Bond Street Old Street 189-197 Old Street (Nr. Tube Station) LUTON 200-204 Arndale Centre MANCHESTER 46-50 Oldham Street


Store 6a, The Arndale Centre MIDDLESBROUGH ..20-20a Newport Road NEWCASTLE 19 Whitecross Way, Eldon Square Shopping Centre NEWPORT 4 Emlyn Square, Kingsway Centre NORTHAMPTON 31-33 Abington Square '.t





ARGOS DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED, 112 Station Road, Edgware, Middlesex. , QREEN SHIELD TRADING STAMP CO. LTD., Green Shield House, Station Road, Edgware, Middlesex. '<0.





Argos No.11 1979 Spring/Summer  

Argos catalogue from 1979 filled with lots of retro goodies. From

Argos No.11 1979 Spring/Summer  

Argos catalogue from 1979 filled with lots of retro goodies. From