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Britains best shopping deal. But remember that while every:possible effort will be made to maintain these low prices for our current trading period, we must reserve the right to make adjustments in the event of VAT changes or for any other reason beyond our control-so please, check the Master Catalogue In your Argos Showroom.

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. The Argos prices shown here are, where possible, compared with the Recommended Retail Prices. Where no such yrices exist our suppliers have provided Comparative Retai Prices, except where asterisks are printed against the Comparative Retail Price. In respect of those cases (with asterisks) a market research study was carried out in •June 1977, which established an average retail pnce and . this has been described as the Comparative Retail Price. Cheques of up to £50 will be accepted immediately if These~are used ~oshow the genuine sayings we offer: accompanied by a Banker's Card. You may use Access or Every Item In this catalogue IS as descnbed by the Barclaycard to purchase goods at any Argos Showroom. manufacturer or supplier, although all sizes and capacities are approximate, It IS Argos policy to offer the most . up-to-date merchandise-so descriptions are subject to Full money-back guarantee. change if a manufactureralters a specification after this catalogue is printed. "

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This catalogue is your key to a revolutionary new way of saving.

Here's why. The Argos shopping system combines all these advantages: I A catalogue that makes it easy for your family to ' • choose the best buys in the quiet of your own home. Once you've chosen your bargains from this 2 Attractive, efficient, easy-to-reach Showrooms, where • you can buy the items. Showroom addresses are listed catalogue, make your purchase at your local Argos Showroom. Many items from the catalogue are on on the back cover. display-and each Showroom has a large stockroom 3. A wide, exciting.range with thousands of attached. Assistants are there to serve you and help if savings. required. 4~ The reliability of branded products from famous In the Showroom you complete an easy selection household names you trust. form for the items you want. Just fill in the catalogue 5• A money-back guarantee of satisfaction. number and the quantity required as shown in the But above all ... example. An assistant will then check your 6 Permanent savings on every single item. All year selection form. • round Argos offers genuine savings off the prices you would normally expect to pay in conventional shops.


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Argos gives you further protection with a Full • Money-Back Guarantee. We will exchange or refund you for any unused item that does not meet your exact requirements. Simply replace the item in the original carton or wrapping and return it to us with your receipt within 14days of purchase. We want you to be entirely satisfied with every purchase you make at Argos.


Lower prices mean we sell more. So we gain from • bulk purchasing. . All this adds up to a better deal for the customer. It means big savings for you.

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The items you have selected will be brought from Argos prices already include VAT so there's no extra the stockroom while you make your payment, then "hidden" cost to pay. simply take them home. IT]

In addition to your statutory rights as a customer, Argos gives 1 you a generous Full Money-Back Guarantee. 1 All customers are protected by the law when buying • goods. Argos fully respect these rights.


Argos low, low prices come from a completely new shopping idea. I Our system uses less shop space. So we save on rent • and rates for example. 2. Computerised warehousing cuts costs


Argos Gift Vouchers are available'at your iocal Showroom in values of £1, £2 and £5. They are ideal for:- Prizes, ChristmasPresents, Birthdays, Weddings, ' Anniversaries and other special gift occasions. They can be used at any of our Catalogue Showrooms. ' '

Argosfrequently offers quality branded merchandise at even greater savings.' .. items from this catalogue at further reduced prices or additional lines that ~e can offer at especially good savings. Be sure you don't mISS them. Keep visinngyour local Argos Showroom and look out for these additional savings in special displays. .

This catalogue, published August 1977, supersedes all'previous Argos catalogues and remains in effect until further notice. Prices stated in this catalogue were .established during June'1977. The information contained in this catalogue is compiled with all possible care, but the Publishers do not hold.themselves responsible for errors or omissions.


The iFli:Zd~.DuK~ collection offers you more jewellery for your money

Mr. BrianSelwood, a Fellow of the ~emmological Association of Great Britain, has been responsible for the selection of our prestige range of elegant jewellery by Elizabeth Duke. Mr. Selwood writes: "There are many reasons why you get better jewellery for your money at Argos. Firstly, we have cut out the 'middlemen-we buy direct. Secondly, we buy ahead to avoid the increases caused by the ever-rising costs of gold, silver and precious stones. Thirdly, apart from jewellery; Argos sells a wide ranqe of products; so our huge turnover enables our Jewellery Division to operate without the jeweller's traditionally high profit margin." . Valuer's Certificate. Guarantee. Free Insurance. Ring Sizing Service. The lifetime skills otexperts ensure the value of the jewellery you buy-at Argos. With each engagement ring or eternity ring you have the extra surety of a Valuer's Certificate. But whatever you buy you also nave the reassurance of the Argos Gucirantee (see details of our fIJIl money-back guarantee on page 3). With each engagement ring or eternity ring, we also give one year's free insurance. . Argos offer a ~ing sizing service for your convenience.

1. Single Stone Diamond. Set in 18 ct. white gold witl;)18ct. yellow gold shank. Caratweight 0.33. Cat. No. 200/0314

CompoRetail £263.00

Argos Price £159.00

2. Centre Sapphire and 2 Diamon~s. Set in 18 ct. "{hite gold with 18 ct. yellow gold shank. Sapphire carat weight 1.30.Diamondstotal weight 0.30ct. . Cat. No. 200/3191 CompoRetail £292.00

nmp. Retail £124.00

Argos Price £74.50

1ft Inglo Stone Diamond. Set in 18 ct. white gold , ,IA ct. yellow gold shank, Caratweight 0.15. , Cat. No. 200/4279

mp, Retail £150.00

Argos Price £97.50

I nhodolfte Garnets and 4 Diamonds. Set in 18 11uw gold , Cat. No. 20011746

'IlIP Retail £117.00

Ar.gosPrice £80.00

Argos Price £140.00

4. Centre Sapphire and 2 Diamonds: Set in 18 ct. white gold with 18 ct. yellow gold split shoulder shank. Sapphire carat weight 0.33. Diamonds total weight 0.06ct. Cat. No. 20011382

CompoRetail £125.50


Argos Price £170.00

3. Diamond Cluster. Set in 18 ct. white gold with 18 ot. yellow gold shank. Total weight 0.65ct. Cat. No. 200/4516

Comp.l'letail £195.50

fhroo Stone Diamond. Set in 18ct. white gold with I ' .I yellow gold split shoulder shank. Total .weight I, t Cat. No. 200/0455

Argos Price £77.50

5.3 Sapphires and 12 Diamonds, Set in 18 ct. white gold with 18 ct. yellow gold textured shank, Total weights: sapphires0.80ct., diamonds 0.35ct. Cat. No. 200/3036

Argos Price £126.00 6. Diamond Cluster. Set in 18 ct. white gold with 18 ct. yellow gold shank.Total weight 0.20et. Cat. No. 200/4293

Argos Price £59.95 7: Three Stone Diamond. Set in 18ct. white gold with 18ct. yellow gold shank. Total weight DAD ct. Cat. No. 200/0493

I Itublos and 17 Diamonds. Set in 18 ct. white ,lIh 18 ct. yellow gold shank. Total weights: () ~f> ct., diamonds0.30ct.....Cat. No. 20012972 flip

Retail £226.00

Argos'Price £129.00.

(."tr Dlamond'and 8 Sapphires. Set in 18 ct. t (julll with 18·ct. yellow gold textured shank. fltl carat weight.O.OS.Sapphires total weight 1 I Ca.-:No. 200/3146

II1P Retail £125.50

Argos Price £76.00

14 llLllnond Cluster. Set in 18 ct. white gold. Total

,1075 ct. IIIP

Retail £367.00

Cat. No. 200/0761

Argos Price £200".00,

, ,,1'0 Sapphire and 10 Diamonds. Set in 18 ct. O<lldwith 18 ct yellow gold shank. Sapphire , • ""light 1.10.Diamondstotal weight 0.17ct. .. Cat. No. 200/3139 flip.

Retail £175.00

Argos' Price £11~.00

Argos Price £149.00

gold with 18 ct. yellow gold textured shank. Diamond carat weight 0.03.Rubiestotal weight 0.57ct. Cat. No. 200/4499

Argos Price £80.00

0, ,,"ond Cluster. Set in 18 ct. white gGlldwitt) 18' 't1W flold shank.Total weight 0.17 ct. Cat. No. 200/4509

"P Retail £151.00

Argos Price £95.00

1. Single

Stone Diamond.



9 ct. gold. Carat weigf>t Cat. No. 200/4.035

Argos Price £19.95

11. Centre Sapphire and 2 Diamonds. 9 ct. gold. ."pphire carat weight 0.20. Diamonds total weight o 10 ct... Oal. No. 200/4468

CompoRetail £52.50

Argos Price £29.95

2. Centre Ruby and,2 Diamonds. 9 ct. gold. F.!uby carat weight 0.20.Diamondstotal weight 0.10ct. Cat. No. 200/4475

12.9ct. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Width 10mm. Cat. No. 203/0975

CompoRetail £52.50 ,

CompoRefail £37.00

Argos Price £29.95

'-!........... IiIW_ '3.9 ct. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Width 8 rnrn. Cat: No. 2Q3/0786

CompoRetail £33.00

Argos Price £17.95

13. Diamond Craw Set Half Eternity Ring. 7 umrnonos. Total weight 0.42 ct. 18 ct. yellow and white gold Cat. No. 204/0374

CompoRetail £254.00 4. Three Stone Diamond. 9 ct. gold. Total weight 0.20ct......... ....Cat. No. 200/4482

CompoRetail £75.00

Argos Price £42.50

Argos Price £22.50 6. 9 ct. yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Width 6 mm. Matchesitem no. 5 .........:.....Cat. No. 20311479

CompoRetail £24.25

Argos Price £14.50

7. Single Stone Diamond. 9 ct. gold. diamond cut fancy shoulders. Caratweight 0:05.Cat. No. 200/4028

CompoRetail £42.35

Argos Price £22.50

8. Centre .Diamond and 8 SaRphires. Set in 9 ct. white gold with 9 ct. yeliow gold shank. Diamond carat weight 0.02.Sapphirestotal weight 0.60ct. • Cat. No. 290/4303.

Argos Price'£37.50 9. Centre Diamond and 8 Sapphires. 9 ct. gold mount with wide textured shoulders. Diamond carat weight 0.03.Sapphirestotal weight 1.oq ct. Cat. No. 200/4451

Argos Price £26.95 10. Single Stone Diamond. Set in 9 ct. white gold with 9 ct. yellow g@,ldtextured shank. Caratweiqht 0.015 , Cat. No. 200/4444

Camp. Retail £34.00

Argos Price £149.00

14. huby Half Elemity Ring. 7 rubies. 9 ct. yellow lIold , Cal. No. 204/0381

CompoRetail £39~25 5. Single Stone Diamond. 9 ct. gold with diamond cut shoulder. Caratweight 0.05.Matchesitem no. 6. Cat:' No.' 200/4286

Argos Price £21,00

Argos Price £23.95

lb. 9 ct. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Width 6 mm. .Cat.No. 20311493

CompoRetail £24.25

Argos Price £14.50

16. Emerald and Diamond'Half Eternity Ring. Total ights: emerald 0.15 ct., diamonds 0.09 ct. 18 ct. y,\IIowgold Cal. No. 204/020~ WI

CompoRetail £115.75

Argos Price £72.50

17.Ruby and Diamond Claw Set Half Eternity Bing. IOlalweights: rubies0.60ct.. diamonds 0.30ct. 18ct. yl1llowand white gols Cat. No. 20410161

CompoRetail £239.00

Argas Price £145.00

18. Diamond Half Eternity Ring. 7 diamonds. Total woight 0.35ct. 9 ct. gold · Cat No. 204/0367

CompoRetail £125.00

Argos.Price £59.95

19. Diamond Elernity Ring. '.10 diamonds. Total weight 0.10ct. 9 ct. yellow gold:......Cat. No. 204/0501

CompoRetail £43.75

. Argos Price ~7.95

20. Sapphire and ·Diamond Claw Sel Half Eternity Ring. Total weights:- sapphires 0.62 ct., diamonds 0.16ct. 18ct. yellow and white gold. v . C~t'- No. 204/0044

CompoRetail £174.00

Argos Price £99.50

Argos Price £23.50 Please note: All rings are enlarged to show detail. I.

2. Gent's 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with a cushion shaped haematite. intaglio carved with a centurion's head Cat. No. 206/1023

CompoRetail £42.35

Argos Price £23.95

3. Gent's 9 ct. Gold Ollal Signet Ring. Patterned shoulders Cat. No. 240/1449 CompoRetail £35.75

Argos Price £17.95

4. lady's 9 ct. Gold Buckle Ring.....Cat No. 206/0952

CompoRetail £19.00

A.rgosPrice £11.95 (Imp.Retail £37.25

5. lady's 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with a cushion shaped haematite, intaglio carved with a centurion's he~d Cat. No. 206/0983

CompoRetail £28.25

Argos Price £15.95

Oent's 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with an oval Cat. No. 24U11250

, k onyx stone

• omp. Retail £38.7S

6. lady's 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with a cushion Oat. No. 206/0969 shaped black onyx stone

CompoRetail £25;50

9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with an oval ~., Cat. No. 206/0639 black onyx stone ,

COmpoRetail £25.35

1 Llldy's 9 ct. Gold Signet Ring. Set with a natural , 1f17

Argos Price £13.95

r lady's

Argos Price £2.1.00

"Tiger's Eye". TexttJred"Sl'1oulders, Cat. No. 206/0378

( ornp.Retail £32.30

Argos Price £18.45

.' II'dy's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with a cluster of

Argos Price £13.95

, . ""0(S, Heartshapeshoulders... Cat. No. 206/0732

amp. Retail £21.25

8. lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring.' Star set with 3 rubies Cat. No. 206/0938

CompoRetail £13.50

Argos Price £11.45 limp. Retail £6:50

9. lad~'s 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Star. set with 3 sapphires·.................. .. Oal. No. 206/0945

CompoRetail £13.50

Argos Price £12.45

.Argo~Price £11.45

10. lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with an oval cameo. Matches item nos. 23, 24 and 26, on ",age 15 : Cat. No. 206/0749

CompoRetail £31.35

Argos Price £17.50

11. lady's 9 ct. Gold' Dress Ring. Set with an oval amethyst.Matchesitem nos. 28 and 29,on page 15. Cat. No. 206/0756

Argos Pri.ce£18.45 12. lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with an oval smoky citrine. Matches item nos. 21 and 27, OR page 15 : ·.Cat. No. 206/0794

Comp. Retail £28~25 .

Argos Price £15.95 '

13. lady's 9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Signet Ring. Hand engraved Cat. No. 206/0835

CompoRetail £16.75.

Argos Price £9.75

14. lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Set with an oval garnet. Matchesitem nos. 22 and 2!i>, on page ~5. Cat. No. 206/0804

(.omp. Retail £16.90

Argos Price £13.45 15. lady's 9 ct. Gold Dress Ring. Setwith a cluster of 7 garnets Cat. No. 206/0976

CompoRetail £24.50

Argos Price £14.50 "I


1. Hallmarked Sterling Silver Two Strand Bra,ided Necklet. Length 1n" (44.5 cm). Matches item no. 7. on page 12 Cat. No. 207/~879

Camp. Retail £30.00

Argos Price £17.75

2. Sterling Silver Earrings. tings for pierced ears only

Diamond cut finish. FitCat. No. 207/2036

Camp. Retail ~5.25

13 Sterling Silver Cilequer, Board Pendant. CRain ~,l.. Cat. No. 207/2421

""'Hth 24" (61 cm) Camp.Retail £13.50·

' Argos Price £8.45

. Argos Price £l3.45 14. Sterling




Chain. .

CompoRetail £5.10 I~




Argos Price £3.99 Chain.

• 111) 4. Sterling Silver Earrings.. Textured surface. Diamond cut pattern. Fittings for pierced ears only . . Cat. No. 207/2043

Camp. Retail £4.10

Length 18" (45.7 Cat. No. 2071188.,


Length 18" (45.7 Cat. No. 207/1903

Argas Price £3.75

Argos Price £2.99

5. Sterling Silver' Earrings. tings for pierced ears only

Diamond cut finish. FitCat. No. 207/1477

Argo'sPrice £3.95

Camp. Retail £5.40 6. Sterling

Silver Initial Pendant. Chain length 18" (45.7 cm) ...lnitials available as follows: A :, Cat. No. 207/2098 B Cat. No. 207/2108 C , Cat. No. 207/2115 E Cat. No. 207/2122 J L Cat. No. 207/2146 K... . Cat. No. 207/2153 L .. : Cat. No. 207/2160 M Cat. No. 207/2177 P "..... . Cat. No. 207/2184 R Cat. No. 207/2191 S .. Cat. No. 207/2201

CompoRetail £8.44

Argos Price£5.25

7. Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant. Diamond cut edge. Chain length 18" (45.7 cm). Cat. No. 20711491

Camp. Retail £9.30

Argos Price £5.45

8. Sterling Silver Cross and Chain. Diamond cut finish. Length 18" (45.7 crn).. ....... Cat. No. 207/1109

Camp. Retail £3.90

Argos.Price £2.45


Hallmarked Sterling It 11 th 20" (50.8 cm)

Siiver Oval Locket. Chain : C;!t. NO..207/1790

CompoRetail £26.00

)3. Sterling Silver Book Shape Locket. Cliain length In" (45.7 cm).. .. Cat. No. 20712359

CompoRetail £11.70 9. Hallmarked Sterling length 24" (61 cm)...



Pear Pendant. Chain . Cat. No. 207/1501

Camp. Retail £15.70

. . Argos Price £7.25

10. Hallm,![kec;l Sterling.SiI)ler length 20" (50.8 cm)

Apple Pendant. Chain Cat. No. 207/1714

CompoRetail £11.70

'4. Sterling

Silver Rectangular Ill" (45.7 cm)

Camp.Retail £10.35

Argos Price £6.95 . Locket. Chain length Cat. No. 207/2342

Argos Price£6.25

Argos Price £5.95

11. Sterling Silver Cross and Chain. Diamond cut finish. Length 18" {45.7 cm) Cat. NO.-201l1855

Camp. Retail £3.40

Argos Arice £14.95

Argos Price £1.95

GIVE ARGOS GIFT VOUCHERS Ideal for priies, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£1.00, £2.011, £5.00. Available from 1111 showrooms. •


Sliver Hallmarked Hinged Bangle.

t tront. With safety chain...Cat. No. 21511304

11Jl 2. Sterling Silver. Hallmarked 5 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety cbain. Cat. No. 215/1407

Retail £18.50

Argos Price £12.~5


tail £16.95

,11r,u '>lIvor Charms. 0<1.11"11 BeUs I II R loll £3.35

33. Windmill

Cat. No. 216/0041

Camp.Retail £15.30

Argos Price £7.95

Argos Price £9.45 34. Nor-manChurch CompoRetail £27.75

Argos Price £15.95

Cat. No. 216/0113

35. Slorkand Baby Cat. No. 216/0388

.'Cat.No. 216/0106

CompoRetail £27.05.

Argos Price £15.95

Argos Price £1.99 36. "I-Love-You" Spinner Cat. NO..216/0H5 Cat. No. 216/0395 CompoRetail £23.25 Argos Price £16.95 'I' fI loil £3.40 Argos Price £1.99 37. Claw and Ba" , , , Cat. No. 216/0223 ................................... Cat. No. 216/0412 COmpo Retail £20.55 'Argos Pric~£13.95 I Hl'lall £3.65 Argos Price £2.95 38. Eternizy Set. Cat. No. 216/0209 ., , I"Q Well Cat. No. 216/0429 CompoRetail £38.00 Argos Price £24.45 fill I~Iloll £3.65 Argos Price£2.95 39. Eros Cat No. 216/0326 .11,1.. Flsh Cat:No.216/0498 CompoRetail~11.85 Argos Price £6.45 I~Itoll £6.25 Argos Price £3.25 40. Horseshoe Cat. No. 21610618 , llrldge Cat. No. 216/0474 compoRetail £9.25 Argos Price£5.25 II tall £5.95 Argos Price £3.25 41. "I-Love-\':ou" Keys. Cat. No. 216/0649 ......:..........Cat~No. 216/0515 .CompoRetail £33.10 Argos Price £16.95 Argos Price £3.25 ~2. Footba" Cat. No. 216/0632 ......................Cat. No. 2~6/0560 CompoRetail £10.50 Argos Price £6.95 p Argos Price £3.25 Gun·Dog " Cat No. 216~0900 .......................Cat. No. 216/0656 ·Comp.Retail £8.65 Argos Price £4.95 , Argos ~rice £3.25 44. "love" .. " ......." ...... ,.." ........"" ...Cat. No. 216/0797 1.1. With "Lord's Prayer" inside. CompoRetail £13.75 .:ArgosPrice £9.95 ,,,

3. Sterling Silver Halln;arked 6 Bar Gate Bracelet Padlock fastener with safety chain. Cat. No. 21511469

Camp.Retail £22.70

Argos Price £15.45

4. Sterling Silver Ha"marked 3 Ba~ Gate Bracelet Padlock fastener with safety chain. Cat. No. 215/1380

Camp.Retail £14.30

Argos Price £9.45

5. Sterling Silver Hallmarked 4 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain. Cat. No. 215/1397

comp, Retail £16.50

Argos Price £10.75


7. Sterling Silver Ha"marked Bracelet. 3 strand braided design. Matches item no. 1 on page 10. Cat. No. 215f.1517

Argos Price £11.95 8. Sterling Silver Ha"marked Charm.Bracelet. Clasp fitted with safety chain Cat. No. 215/1445

Camp.Retail £20.00

Argos P.rice£15.45

9. Sterling Silver Haflmarked Bracelet. Safety chain fitted to clasp ,..,." , .Cat. jIIo. 215/1184

Camp.Retail £16.50

Argos Price £12.45

10.Sterling Silver B~acelet. Heartshape design. Cat. No. 215/0996

Argos Price £3.95 U. Sterling Silver Bracelet. Heart shape design with diamond cut pattern Cat. No. 21511500

Camp.Retail ~9.10

Argos Price £5.75

12. Sterling Silver Ha"marked Hinged Bangle. Bamboo design. With safety chain.........Cat. No. ~1511294

CompoRetail £17.00

Argos Price £9.45

Cat. No. 216/0663 45. Heart. With overall floral pattern. Cat. No. 216/0917 "01"'111 Cat. No. 216/0687 CompoRetail £8.65 Argos Price·£4.95 I) RoieU£4.45 Argos Price £2.95 46. St. Christopher Cat. No. 216~0065 ...................' ..Cat. No. 216/0694 CompoRetail £16.20 Argos Price £7.95 Argos Price £3.45 47. "'-Love-You" Circle Cat. No. 216/0924 ",wn " :, Cat. No. 216/0704 CompoRetail £9.95 Argos Price £5.95 I 11,1 R tail £4.45 Argos Price £2.95 48. Old Boot..." Cat. No. 216/0931 , It lin, Skaller. .. Cat. No. 216/0773 CompoRetail £13.25 Argos Price £7.95 III Retail £3.95 Argos Price£2.95 49. TQb!lJug Cat. No. 216/0948 I .'I1VBear , Ca't.No. 216/0711 CompoRetail £25.75 Argos Price £14.45 "'11 Rotall £2.35 .' Argos Price £1.99 50. Ingot " Cat. No. 216/0955 II ,I, hog Cat. No. 216/0742 CompoRetail £27.95 Argos Price £14.95 1IJ1 Retail £4.35 ' Argos Price£2.95 51. Bible. Witn "lord's Prayer". "Ten Commandments" and "23rd Psalm" inside.... Cat. No. 216/0962" I r."ld Charms. Argos Price £16.95 CompoRetail £31.75 IV r Ign Holder. .. Cat. No. 21,!i/0003

Argos Price £3.45

"p. Retail £14,25 • Horse "

Argos Price £8.95p."' __


·tlp Retail £19.05 , I•• Iblo Flsh

,"P, Retail £58.00



Cat. No. 216/0027


Guarantee:We offer a full money·back guaranArgos Price £9.95 tee in' 'addition to !lour statutory rights--see Cat..No. 216/0247 I ,page 3. " •.•.

Argos Price £39.50



1.9 ct. Gold Identity


CompoRetail £51.60

Cat. No. 215/1634

Argos Price £27.50 .

2. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety . Cat. No. 215/1610 chain.

CompoRetail £40.85

Argos Price £21.50

a. 9 ct. Gold 4 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safetychain Cat. No. 21511665 CompoRetail £58.00 4.9 ct. Gold Charm Bracelet.

CompoRetail £40.95

Argos Price £34:95 Cat. No. 215/1218

Argos Price £32.50

5. 9 ct. Gold 3 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain Cat. No. 215/1658

CompoRetail £47.00

Argos Price £28.95

6. 9 ct. Gold 3 Bar Gate Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain. . Cat. No. 215/1641

CompoRetail £47.00

Argos Price £28.95

7. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain ,........ . Cat. No. 215/1490

CompoRetail £51.90

Argos Price £34.00

8. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Padlock fastener with safety chain : Cat. No. 215/1627

CompoRetail ,£28.00

Argos Price £21.00

9: 9 ct. Gold Braeelet. Heart shapedesign. Cat. No. 21511603

CompoRetail £25.65

Argos Price £13.45

10. 9 ct. Gold Bracelet. Heart shape design with sunray pattern Cat. No. 215/1074


Argos Price £23.50

1:1.9ct. Gold Bracelet. Star shape design. Cat. No. 215/1029

CompoRetail £25.85

Argos Price £17.45

12.9 ct. Gold B~ Link Neck Chain. LeAgth 1·8"(45.7 cm). : Cat. NO. 207f2555

CompoRetail £38.85

Argos Price £21.50

13~9 ct. Gold Neck Chain. Length 18"(45.7cm). , . Cat. No. 207/0894

Argos Price £6.~!i

14. 9 ct. Gold Neck Chain. lalogue Number ')07/0928 LengtM 20" (50.8 ern) '07/1271 Length 24" (61 cm)


24. 9 ct. G'oldPendant. Set with an oval cameo.Bope .

Comp.Argos pattern border. Chain lenqth 18" (45.7 ern), Matches Retail Price ite!J)nos.23 and 26.and on page 8, item no. 1@. £18.70£13.75 Cat. No. 207/2586 £20.35£14.95 CompoRetail £35.75 Argos Price £19.75 .\

15.9 ct. Gold Neck Chain. Lel'lgth'24"(61cm).» Cat. No. 20711257 25. 9 ct. Gold Drop Earrings. Set with garnets. pattern border. Fittings for pierced ears CompoRetail £19.25 Argos Price £13.95 Matches item 1'19. 22 and on page 8. item no. ~4. Cat.' No. 2071'2531 1(, 9 ct. Gold Necklet. Falls into 3 strands at the . Argos Price £18.45 Ir""t. Length 16"(40.6cm). ........Cat. No. 207/2720 CompoRetail £33.85

COl)'lp.Retail £65.00

Argos Price £42.95 __





26. 9 ct. Gold Drop Earrings. Set with matching " 9 ct. Gold Butterfly Choker Pendant. Chain cameos. Rope pattern bonder. Fittings tor pierced ears only. Matches item nos.'23 and 24. and on page "'"qth 13"(33ern). Matches item no. 19. .. Cat.No. 207/2081 Cat. No. 20712517 8, item 1'l0. 10

CompoRetail £23.50

Argos Price £15.95 CompoRetail £34.50

Argos Price £18.45.

III 9 ct. Gold Diamond Set Flowe', Pendant. Chain . "'''9th 15"(38.1 ern), Matyi:!esitem no. 20. r I Cat. No. 207/2689

CompoRetail £49.38

. Arges Pdce £29.95

19.9 ct. Gold Butterlly Ear~ings.Fittings for pierced CompoRetail £33.85 ,',Irs only. Matches item no. 17........Cat. No. 207/2397 .--~--'=-.,.-~~~-~------.,....::_ CompoRetail £11.35 Arg~s Price £7.45

?o. 9 ct. Gold Diamond Set Flower Earrings. Fittings lor pierced ears only. Matches.itemno. 18. Cat.. No. 207/2713 ·Comp.Retail £47.75


Argos Price £38.50

--~~~~~----~~~~~~~ "" .

. .

. 21. 9 ct. Gold Pendant. Set with a smoky citrine. 29. 9 ct. Gold Drop Earrings. Set with amethysts. nope pattern border. Chain length <18"(45.7 ern). Rope pattern border. Fittings for pierced ears only. Matches item no. 28 and on page 8. item no. 11. Matches item no. 27 and on page 8, item no. 12. . Cat. No. 207/2593 Cat. No. 207/2562

CompoRetail £35.75

Price £19.75 ..,Argos .

Cemp. Retail £4~.00

Argos Price £25.95,

22, 9 ct. Gold Pendant. Set with an oval garnet. Rope 30. 9 ct. Gold Pendant and Earring Set. Fittings for pattern border. Chain length·18" (45.7 cm). Matches pierced ears only. Chain length 18"(45.7ern). uom no. 25 and on page8, item no. 14. 1 Cat. No. 207/2548 Cat. No. 207/2579 CompoRetail £32.55 Argos Prlee £16.95

CompoRetail £35.75

Argos Price p9,75

23. 9 ct. Gold Brooch. Setwi.tha 30 111m. cameo.Rope 31. 9 ct. Gold Pendant and Earring Set. Fittings for pattern border/Matches item nos. 24 and 26: and 01\1 pierced earsonly. ehaiA length 18"(45.7em). . . Cat. No. 20111130 poge 8, item 1'10. 10 Cat. No. 207/2067

CompoRetail £65.00

Argos Price £31.95 CompoRetail £33.25

Argos Price £17.45

14. 9 ct. Gold Diamond Set Flower Pendant. Chain '; Cat. No. 207/2627 length 18"(45.7cm)

Comp. Retail £37.35

Argos Price £22.50

'6.9 ct. Gold Round·Locket. Chain length 18"(45.7 39.9 cf. Gold Faceted Creole Earrings. Fittings for ' Cat. No. 20711680 pierced earsonly Cat. No. 207/1532 '/1'1)

Camp. Retail £28.00

Argos Price £18.95 Comp. Retail £16.30

Argos Price £10.75

n. 9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Locket. Chain length 18" (45.7em)

Camp. Retail £26.75

Argos Price £8.75

Camp. Retail £50.00

4. 9 ct. Gold Cross and Chain. Diamond cut tinish. Chain length 18"(45.7cm) Cat. No. 207/2452

Comp. Retail £18.20

Argos Price £11.95

Comp, Retail £7.90

Argos Price £12.45 Comp. Retail £9.85

Argos Price £7.95

18. Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings. 9 ct. gold f·ittings for piercedearsonly Cat. No. 207/1563

Comp. Retail £9.55


Argos Price £6.75

19.9 ct. Gold.4 Leaf Clover Earrings. Cultured pearl in the centre. Fittings for piercedearsonly. Cat. No. 207/1587'

Comp. Retail £14.42

Argos Price £10.95

8. 9 ct. Gold Cushion Shaped Tag Pendant. Featured hallmark on OReside, plain other side. Chain length 20. Cultured Pearl Necklet. 5 pearls on 9 ct. gold 18"(45.7cm) Cat. No. 207/2603 chain. Length 15"(38.1ern) Cat. No. 20711570

Comp. Retail £29.00

Argos Price £19.95 Comp. Retail £14.58

Argos Price £10.45

9. 9 ct. Gold Dice Pendant. Chain length 18" (45.7 21.9 ct. Gold St. Christopher.Pendant. Diamond cut em) Cat. No. 207/2610 edge.Chain length 18"(45.7cm) ,Cat:No. 20711240

Camp. Retail £28.00

Argos Price £21.00 Compo Retail £35.45

Argos Price £16.45

10.9 ct. Gold Garnet Set Necklet. Total length 15~" 22. 9 ct. Gold Horseshoe Shape Pendant. Chain (39.4cm) Cat. No. 207/2696 length 16"(40.6cm) Cat:"No.207/2483

Comp. Retail £54.30


Argos Price £5.95

Argos Price £35.00

19. 9 ct. Gold Fancy Stud Earrings. Fittings for 1>" rcedearsonl)':..... .. Cat. No. 207/2366

5.9 ct. Gold Cross and Chain. Textured finish. Chain 17. Culture!:!Pearl Pendant. 9 ct. !Jold chain, length length 15"(38.1cm)......... . Cat. No. 20712469 15"(38.1cm) Cat. No. 20711556

Comp. Retail £16.85

Argos Price £18.95 Comp. Retail £7.95

'8. 9 ct. Gold Diamond Set Stud Earrings. Twisted 41. 9 ct, Gold Hoop Earrings. Fittings for piercedears <;:at.No. 207-12380 wIre border. Fittings for pierced ears only. Matches onlY nom no. 24 on pag",9.........:...J..... Cat. No. 207/2706 ·Comp. Retail £10.95 Argos .Price £6.95

3. 9 ct. Gold 'Cross and Chain. Diamond cut finish. Length 18" (45.7 cm) Cat. No. 207/1862

Comp. Retail £16.85

40. 9 ct. Gold Faceted Stud Earrings. Fittings for Cat. No. 20711666 pierced earsonly Cat. No. 20711965

Argos Price £31.00 Comp. Retail £22.20

Argos Price £13.95

23. 9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Choker Pendant. Chain length 13"(33cm) Cat. No. 20711549

Comp. Retail £25.25

Argos Price £14.95

24. 9 ct. Gold Oval Locket. Chain length 18" (45.7 em)....................•................................Gat. No. 20771673

Compo Retail £32.35


Argos Price £23.95

25.9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Locket. Chain length 18" (45.7cm). . Cat. No. 207/1659

Comp.l;letail £41.75

Argos Price £28.50

Argos Price £6.45

'10.9 ct. Gold Heart Shape Drop Earrings. Hook wire Cat.l'ilo. 20712029 hllings for pierced earsonly

Camp. Retail £16.05

Argos Price £10.75

11 9 ct. Gold Drop Earrings in tile Form of a Cross. I ,llmgs for pierced earsonly Cat. No. 20111161

Camp. Retail £9.10

Argos Price £5.45

'12. 9 ct. Gold Rose Design Earrings. Fittings for poerced earsonly Cat. No. 207/1154 46.9 ct. Gold Engraved Earrings. Fittings for pierced CompoRetail £16.90 . Ar.gos Price £8.95 earsonly : Cat. No. 207/1178

Comp. Retail £20.75

Argos Price £10.75

Comp. Retail £37.15'

Argos Price £18.95

'13.9 ct. Gold Star Earrings. Fittings for pierced ears ,,"Iy Cat.'No.207/2328 47. 9 ct, Gold Earrings. Diamond cut finish. Fittings Comp. Retail £8.60 Argos Price £4.95 tor piercedearsonly Cat. No. 207/1934 34.9 ct. Gold Horseshoe Shape Earrings. Fittings for plorced earsonly.. .. Cat. No. 207/2335 48. 9.ct, Gold Engraved Earrings.•Fittingsfor pierced CompoRetail £9.10 Argas Price £4.95 earsonly. .. Cal. No. 207/2414

Argos Price £8.95 35. 9 ct. Gold Drop Earrings in the Form of a Cross. Comp. Retail S;16.30 Diamondcut finish. Fittings for piercedearsonly. Cal. No. 207/1941 49. 9 ct. Gold Earrings. Diamond cut finish. Fittin!Js for pierced earsonly Cat. No. 207/2012 CompoRetail £9.30

. Argos Price £4.99

Comp. Retail £16.05

Argos Price £10.75

36. 9 ct. Gold Daisy Ea~rings. Fittings for pierced 50. 9 ct. 'Gold Earrings. Diamdnd cut finish, Fittings O[lrsonl , : Cat. No. 20?/~958 fer pierced earson I... . .. Cat. No. 20712476.

Camp. Retail £12.15

Argos Price £7.45 Comp. Retail £28.00

Argos Price £15.95

37.9 ct. Gold Earrings in the ForQ'lof a Bow. Fittings lor pierced earsonly Cat. No. 2<t711525

Camp. Retail ~13.5Q

Ar~QSPrice £7.50


38. 9 ct. Gold Small Faceted Creole Earrings. Fit- 1,'ldeal for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special longsfor pierced earsonly ........Cat.•No. 207/1989 occasions~£1.00, 1"2.00,£5.0.0.Available from Camp. Retail £10.30 Argos Price £7.75 ...a;;,;I,;.1 ,;,Sh,.o ..w_r_o..;,o_m_s ... ~...


1. Queen Anne Silver Plated Folding Cake Stand with Handle. Tarnish resistant. Size 16"x9~" (40.6x24.1 em). ......Cat. No. 280/1874

I iI. Sliver Plated 3 PieceCondimentSet. Comprises .llt ce)lar,peppershakerand mustardpot with blue Ulll s liner and spoon Cat. No.28011575

CompoRetail £11.94.

CompoRetail £13.50

Argos Price £9.45

Argos Price £9.25

16. Sliver Plated "Candle Glow" Candle Lamp.With

2. Queen Anne Silver Plated Cake Stand. Swing handle.Tarnishresistant.Diameter9"(22.9em).~ Cat. No. 280/1836

IlIlISS shade.Height9~"(24.1cm)....Cat. No.280/1898

CompoRetail £5.98

CompoRetail £20.00

Argos Price £4.75

3. Queen Anne Silver Plated Coasters. Set of 6. Embossedfloral design.Tarnishresistant. Cat. No. 280/1032

CompoRetail £6.50

Argos Price £4.99

4. Queen Anne Silver Plated SandwichTray. Swing handle. Tarnish resistant. Size 16"x6" (40.6x15.2 ern). . Cat. No.280/0961

CompoRetail £7.64

Argos Price £6.25

5. QueenAnne Silver Plated SandwichTray. Swing handle. Tarnish resistant. Size 9}"x5" (24.1x12.7 em). . Cat. No.280/1001

CompoRetail £3.68

Argos Price £2.99

6. QueenAnneSilver PlatedButter Dish.With cover. Regencystyle legs. Tarnish resistant. Size 5~"x4~" ....Cat. No.280/1018 (14x11.4cm)..

CompoRetail £4.92

Argos Price £3.75

7. Queen Anne Silver Plated Oval Gallery Tray. Tarnishresistant.Length15"(38.1em). Cat. No. 280/1881

CompoRetail £12.10

Argos Price £9.45

8. QueenAnne Silver Plated ServingTray. Regency style legs. Tarnish resistant. Diameter 14" (35.6 em).... ..Cat.No.280/0992

CompoRetail £10.16

Argos Price £7.75

9. Queen Anne Silver Plated Gallery Tray. Regency style legs. Tarnish resistant. Diameter 14" (35.6 em). .. Cat.No.280/1915

CompoRetail £13.20

Argos Price £9.95

10. Silver Plated Champagne/Wine Goblet. Georgianstylewith gilt interior. Height6~"(16.5em). Cat. No. 280/1850

CompoRetail £8.65

Argos.Price £5.45

11. Silver Plated Wine Goblet. Georgianstyle with' gilt interior. Height5"(12.7em).......Cat. No.280/1678

CompoRetail £8.10

Argos Price £4.75

12. Grenadier Silver Plated Miniature Cannon and Gun Carriage; For "After Eight" mints. Length 13~" (34.3em)... . . Cat. No.280/1908

CompoRetail £13.25

Argos Price £14.95

16. Grenadier Silver Plated Miniature Riding Boots. H fl oz (28 <It 42 ml)drinks measure.Height3~"(8.9cm). Cat. No. 280/0703 ( In be usedto give an approximate1 or

CompoRetail £6.50

Argos Price £3.99

17. HeathwareSilver Plated Rose Bowl. Diameter5" .Cat. No.280/1867

(I:> 7 em)

CompoRetail £7.53

Argos Price £5.75

10. Sliver Plated Photograph Frame. Removable h.ICk, Takesprints size3~"x3¥'(8.9x8.9em).

Cat. No. 280/1829

CompoRetail £5.60

Argos Price £4.45

Sliver Plated Family Tree. Five oval photo ...... Cat. No.280/1812 "mIlOs..

CompoRetail £4.99


Ar9.osPrice £3.75

Sliver Plated Corinthian Bud Vase. Height 6~" ...........Cat. No.280/1843

It 5 em).......

omp. Retail £6.50

Argos Price £5.25

Grenadier Silver Plated 5-Arm Candelabra. p,oduetionGeorgiandesign.Height 14"(35.6cm). ..nvorts to singlecandleholder....Cat.No.280/0136 I

omp. Retail £28.00

Argos Price £17.95

, Grenadier Silver Plated Rose Bowl. ReproducGeorgiandesign.Diameter8" (20.3ern). Cat. No. 280/0150


CompoRetail £18.00

Argos Price £11.45

3. Grenadier Silver Plated 3-Arm Candelabra. 11t1productionGeorgian design. Height 10" (25.4 'III) Cat. No.280/0129

CompoRetail £17.00

Argos Price £10.75

:14. Pairof Silver PlatedPheasantFigures. Cat. No. 28011362

CompoRetail £18.95

Argos Price £12.75

26. Pairof Silver PlatedFightingCock Figures. Cat. No. 280/1386

CompoRetail £20.35

. Argos Price £14.45

Argos Price £8.75

13. Silver Plated Shell ShapedDish. Length6" (15.2 em)...... . Cat. No.28011805

CompoRetail £3.30

constant height flame device. Fluted ruby coloured

Argos Price £2.60

Guarantee:·We offer a full money-backguarant e in addition to your statutory rights-see p9ge 3.

1. Ronson "Firefly" Naraflame Gas Lighter. Black finish. Adjustableflame Cat. No. 278[0809

f S. Penguin Electronic Lighter. Battery operated at til touch of a button. Gilt finish with black button.

Rec.Retail £3.25

(Untterynot supplied)

Argos Pric€£2.45

CompoRetail £1·1.65 2. Mondor by Colibri Gas. Lighter. Silver m'etallic satin finish with chromium plated top, Cat. No. 278/0957

Rec.Retail £3.45

Argos Price £2.75 .


, 3. Noble Gas Lighter. Adjustable flame. Chromium plated : Cat. No. 278i0878

Rec.Retail £5.95

Argos Price £3.99

4. JP "Compact" Lady's Lighter. Gold plated with :" Cat. No. 278/1004 rose design

CompoRetail £4.95

16. Kingsway "Fleetwood''''Lady's Lighter. Piezo ,I, ctric ignition. Requires no t'lints or batteries. Gilt ""th mother-ot-pearlp.lating.Adjustableflame. Cat. No. 278/0885

Roc.Retail £9.15

CompoRetail £7.95

Argos Price £5.75

18. Mondor by Colibri Molectric Lighter. Piezoelecignition. Requires no flints or batteries. Black "tI,sh with chromium platedtop.....Cat. No. 278/0823



c. Retail.£6.95

Argos Price £5.25

6. Luxuria Gas Table Lighter. Set'in a green onyx marble base Cat. No, 278/0861

1<). Sarome Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. JI .quires no flints or batteries.Gold plated. Cat. No. 278/0665


R C.Retail £9.75

Argos Price £6.25

CompoRetail £12.95

Argos Price £9.95

CompoRetail £12,75

Argos Retail £7.95

9. JP "Rock Crystal" Smoker's Set. Gas lighter in crystal basewith matching ashtray.Cat. No. 278/0926

CompoRetail £9.50

Argos Price £6.95

. 10. Sarome Gas Table Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Requiresno flints or batteries.Cat. No. 278/0706

Rec. Retail £14.75

Argos Price £9.45

11. "Dice" Gas Table Lighter. Chromium plated in translucent amber coloured base...Cat. No. 278/0081

Rec.Retail £6.90

Argos'Price £3.99

12. Luxuria Gas Talile Lighter. Ceramic base with traditional "Dancing Ladies" design. Cat. No. 27811059

Comp;Retail £7.50

'''quires no flints or batteries.Silver anodisedfinish Hil barleypattern Cat. No. 278/0892

Argos Price £8.25

*--------------------14. Colibri "Sport 77" Electronic Molectric Lighter.

Requiresno flints or batteries. Black matt finish. Cat.. No. 278/0854

Rec. Retail £5.95

Retail £6.75

Argos Price £5.25

'I Win Gas Lighter. Piezoelectric ignition. Requires

flints or batteries. Gold anodised and black t.: Cat. No. 278/0919 I quer finish

II c. Retail £8.95

. Argos Pri«:e£6.95

Sarome Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition: I"qulres no flints or batteries.Gilt with black lacquer ""!oh,,, Cat. No. 278/0902


Hac.Retail £10.95

Argos Price £6.95

1 Sarome Gas Lighter. Piezo electric ignition. Inquires no flints or batteries.Chromium plated. Cat. No. 278/0658

Rec.Retail £9.15

Argos Price £5.45

4. JP "Topaz" Slimline Lighter. Piezo electric ignilion. Requiresno flints or batteries.Cat. No. 278/1011

CompoRetail £7.50

Argos Price £5.45

Argos Price £4.75

13. Zaima E.C. Electronic Lighter: Latest electronic circuit. Requiresno tlints or batteries. Cat. No. 278/1035


Argos Price £5.95

'0. Win "Barbi" Gas Lighter. Piezoelectric ignition.


8. Luxuria Gas Table Lighter. Piezoelectric ignition. Requires no tlints or batteries. Mounted in hand finished onyx marble base Cat. No. 278/0940

Argos Price £4,99



f 7. Penguin Lighter. Piezoelectric ignition. Requires ~, ,," flints or batteries. Gold plated with red lacquered : Cat. No. 278/1028 «tus

Argos Price £6.95

7. JP Onyx Cigarette Box. Gold plated frame. Cat. No. 27811073

~~~ .. '---"__~"'--- --"-~--~-'

Argos Price £5.25


Argos Price £3.99

5. Alabaster Compound Smoker's Set. Comprises' ; cigarette container, ashtrayand gastable lighter. Cat. No. 278/1066

CompoRetail £10.75

Cat. No'.278/1042

Argos "rice £8.45

Access Card and Barclaycard are welcomed In all our Catalogue Sh.~o=w=ro=o=m==s=. ====


1. Lady Parker Ballpoint Pen. 12 ct. white rolled gold. Diamond cut and gold plated facets around the barrel....... . ....Cat. No. 385/0594

"1"""0 note: Paper Mate offer a Guaranteefor the fll.. of all their items shown on' these pages.


I', PuperMate "Lady" Ballpoint Pen.Whitestarson blue barrel. Fully retractable twist action. ( I1Ipllltewith "Powerpoint" refill. Cat. No.385/0776 It c. Retail£2.60 Argos Price£1.99

Argos Price£7.95

2. Parker "Custom Insignia" Ballpoint Pen. Rolled gOld ( Cat. No.385/0147


'Argos Price£7.95

3. Parker "Cirrus" Ballpoint Pen.12ct. rolled gold in mattfinish.. . Cat. No.385/0587


Argos Price£9.45

4. Parker "International Insignia" Ballpoint Pen. Rolledgold. . Cat. No.385/0288


Argos Price£6.25

5. Parker "25" Ballpoint Pen. Stainlesssteel. Refillable. . Cat. No.385/0769


Argos Price£2.75

Parker "25" Fountain Pen. Stainlesssteel nib and barrel.Convertiblefilling system... Cat. No.385/0604

Rec.Retail£5.00 Parker"25". Setof above


Argos Price£3.75 Cat. No.385/0790

Argos Price£6.75

Parker "25" Felt Tip Pen. Stainless steel. Refill. Cat. No.385/0721 able.


Argos Price£2.25

6. Parker "45 Flighter" FountainPen.Stainlesssteel. 14ct. gold nib. Convertiblefilling system. Cat. No. 385/0226


Argos Price£6.25

Parker"45 Flighter" Ballpoint Pen.Stainlesssteel. Cat. No. 385/0233


Argos Price£3.25

Parker"45 Flighter". Setof above.Cat. No.385/0240


In PoperMate "Talisman" Ballpoint Pen.With gold ,I"d cap Cat. No.385/0336

III c. Retail£4.30

Poper Mate "Powerpoint" Ballpoint Pen. Gold ,I.,I"d brushedfinish. . Cat. No.385/0305

11, c. Retail£5.70

II, c. Retail£11.40

Argos Price£5.25

9. Lady Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen.Brushedsatin finish with chromed"florentine" band.....Cat. No.385/0738


Argos Price£2.45

In Pnper Mate "Profile" Ballpoint Pen and PropelCat. No. 385/0329

Ih c. Retail£3.98


Argos Price£6.75

11. Sheaffer "Silver Imperial" Ballpoint Pen. Cross hatcheddesign.Hallmarkedsterlingsilver. Cat. No. 385/0752


Argos Price£10.45•

12.Sheaffer "Triumph" Ballpoint Pen.Brushedsatin chromefinish. . : Cat. No.385/0044


II c. Retail£3.95

Ihlc. Retail£7.90

Argos Price£5.45

'1) Sliver-Reed "SR1000" Semi-Electric Pertable I VI)"writer. Manualcarriage,electric keyboard.ConCat. No.670/1509 I ""'" to B.S.I

I~c c. Retail£139.95

Argos Price£;84.95

I SlIver·Reed"SilvereHe" PortableTypewriter.All ""I,tI construction Blackribbon... Cat. No.670/1468


II, c. Retail£58.95

Argos Price£35.95

• 'lCM "Calypso" PortableTypewriter. Cat. No. 670/0713

" c Retail£54.00 "

Argos Price£36.95

Olivetti "LeHera35" PortableTypewriter. Cat. No. 67011499

Argos Price£66.95

Argos Price£6.45

Features Carriage size

I tlrotner "800T" PortableTypewriter. Cat. No. 67011475 Number of characters





" H'

Kocutive"Telephone Index. Piano key opera, "' (','pnble of holdingover800entries. Cat. No. 670/1585

Argos Price£3.45

Matchbox Pen Stand. Simulated onyx base. .',H.nlod with a model of a "Crossley" coal cart. I ""'plAte with ballpoint pen. ....Cat. No.670/1592 "I


c. Retail£5.25

Argos Price£3.95

I, 1'''''.

Platlgnum "Big 3" Gift Set. Comprisescartridge propelling pencil, ballpoint pen. 6 ink carl' ""IPs. sparenib unit, 2 erasers,leadsanda ruler. Cal. No. 385/0659 H c. Retail£2.12 Argos Price£1.60

"InllBC note: All pens shown on these pages are 'flmplete in presentation box.

Argos Price£4.25

14.Sheaffer"Triumph" Gift Set. Comprisesfountain penwith convertiblefilling system,ballpoint penand propelling pencil. Black with brushedsatin chrome finish. . Cat. No.385/0642


Argos Price£2.99

I'"PM Mate "Powerpoint" Ballpoint Penand Propel""11 PencilSet. Brushedchromefinish. Cat. No. 385/0518

Argos Price£2.50

13.Sheaffer "Triumph" FountainPen.Brushedsatin chromefinish with stainlesssteelinlaid nib. Convertible filling system :..... ...Cat. No.385/0068


Argos Price£2.99

III Paper Mate "Powerpoint" Ballpoint Pen. ''''',Iu'd chromefinish. ....Cat. No.385/0312

omp.Retail£4.95 10. Sheaffer Gold Plated Ballpoint Pen. "Barley corn" finish Cat. No.385/0745

Argos Price£7.95

11"11 PencilSet.Chromiumplatedcaps.

litH. Retail£93.96


Argos Price£3.99

I'''pnr Mate "Powerpoint" Ballpoint Penand Propel""11 PencilSet.Goldplated,brushedfinish. Cat. No. 385/0635

Argos Price£15.45

8. Parker "45 Classic" Fountain Pen. 14ct. gold nib, stainlesssteelcap.Convertiblefilling system. Cat. No. 385/0783

Argos Price£2.99


Argos Price£8.95

7. Parker "61 Custom Insignia" Fountain Pen. RoIled gold. 14ct. gold nib. Convertiblefilling system. Cat. No. 385/0130


I' ,.10·1

(.IVE ARGOSGIFT VOUCHERS 1110111for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£1.00, £2.00, £5.00.Available from ..II showrooms.

Black/red ribbon Stencil position Erasure table Margin release key Carriage lock Electric keyboard Carrying case Elitt;type-style Automatic ribbon reverse













•• • •• •

•• •• •

••• •• •• •

•• •• • • ."•

SR1000 12"


••• •• •• ••

1. Decimo "Vatman"

Calculator ..... Cat. No. 67011523


Argos Price£8.95

Decimo Mains Adaptor. For use with items nos. 1 and 2. . Cat. No.67011619



2. Decimo"Super VatmanII" Calculator. Cat. No. 67011774



3. Casio "Computer" Quartz Clock. Hours,minutes,, dayof week,stopwatch, lap timer and alarm(4alarmtime positionsper 24hours). ' Cat. No. 67011839



4'.Casio"Memory Al" Calculator..Cat. No.67011767



5.Commodore"X24" RechargeableCalculator. Cat. No. 670/1743



6. Binatone "Mastermind" Calculator. Cat. No. 67011640



7. Binatone "LCD-l" Calculator. Battery lasts up to 400hours. .. Cat. No.67011808



8. Binatone "Junior Slide Rule" Calculator. Cat. No. 67011657






10. Texas Instruments "TI-30" Student Maths Kit. Comprises "TI-30 Slide Rule" scientific calculator and comprehensivernatnsbook.....Cat. No.67011815



of digits

r"d LID/Liquid 'IlqlllJriliC




Super VatmanII











13.Silver-Ree,d"SR8" Calculator..Cat.No.67011750



14. Twinlock Personal File. Steel casewith built-in lock and carrying handle.Completewith 12foolscap headedfolders Cat.No. 670/1846



15. Personal Home File. PVC case with carrying handle.Manillaindex Cat. No. 670/1420



16. Scotch Copier. Copies letters, invoices, photographs etc.. quickly on A4 size paper (50 sheets supplied). Machine size 15"x11~"x5\" (38.1x 28.6x14cm) Cat. No.67011853



Please note: No dry cell, batteries are supplied.


Barclaycard and Access Card are welcomed

~-'Qo""odml'Osln..,~ .• ,..,Ir....,.... 11




Junior Mastermind Sliderule














,II'V Case inclusive

Cat. No. 670/1736





I II 835







f~,.III,c:o~ryl__ 11l'~wnt facility







'.t)" '" "daptor





Rec.Retail£39.95 12.Novus"835" Calculator


• • • • • • • • • •• • •• •• •• • •• • •• •• •• •• +---__ +---=:......+___:~-+_~--!_..:::.._+----~_+-----::_+........::---+_-=---!_~_j---=-_+--=:....._+........::----1 • •• •• •• • •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• t,.y,---------~--------------~----4_~~+-~--+_~~~~~~~~~~_+--~_t~~4r~~,_~~+_~~t-~~I " ell" • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

,"'1'11 dlgltron

11. Texas Instr-uments "TI-5100" Desk Top Calculator. Completewith mainslead.Cat. No.67011822

Argos Price£33.95




Memoryl f IHitures 'Illmher

9. Sharp"Scientific EL500" Calculator. Cat. No. 670/1798



d,' lor Batteries

No dry cell batteries









c,:"fil< .... 'PO.:'

1..See page 46 item no. 1. 2. Dekkertoys "Batmen" Play Suit Costume. Nylon jerkin and trousers with PVCaccessories.For-inside , leg measurement16"(40.6em).......Cat. No. 350/8231

CompoRetail £6.52

4. Spider-man Inflatable Punchbag. Water filled base ensures punchbag returns to upright position when hit. Inflated height 41" (104.1ern). Cat. No. 350/8224

Argos Price £1.35

5. Corgi "Batmobile and Batboat" Set. Length 10¥' , (26.7cm)... .. Cat. No. 350/6422

CompoRetail £2.95


Argos Price £4.75

3. See page 47 item no. 23.

CompoRetail £1.80

I I Ideal "Evel Knievel" Stunt Cycle. Gyro-powered "otor racesover 100' (30.5m) at top speed.Includes (17.8 em), fully flexible "Evel Knievel" figure. Cat. No. 350/5038 :, Argos Price £6.75 t amp.Retail £8.99

Argos Price £2.25

Ookkertoys "Six Million Dollar Man" Play Trackull. Nylon with elasticated cuffs and "trouser botI ,n Jacket has badge depicting Colonel Steve II tin. For inside leg measurement16"(40.6cm). Cat. No. 35017517 C

amp.Retail £5.37

, Ideal "Evel Knievel" Scramble Van. The vehicle ! OS workshop, kitchen and caravan. Complete 1111 furniture, tools, bike trailer and ramp. Length (41,9cm) : Cat. No. 35017995

( omp.Retail £8.99

Argos Price £2.99

,mp.Retail£11.50 7. Palitoy "Batman" Figure. Fully poseable TI" (19.7 cm) action figure Cat. No. 350/7744


Argos Price £1.99

8. "Batman" Helicopter. Helicopter has automatic turning action. With blinking light and rotating blades.Operated by 2x HP11batteries (not supplied). Length 11"(27.9cm)... .. Cat. No. 350/8217

CompoRetail £5.15

Argos Price £3.45

9. Peter Pan "Super Heroes:' Modelling Kit. Featuring Superman, Batman and Robin. Comprises 2 moulds, 2 plaques, moulding powder, paints and brush. No baking required Cat. No. 350/8262

Argos Price £6.75

Id al "Evel Knievel" Dragster. Dragchute pops whon front wheels of the gyro-powered car drop ..." Includes 7". (17.8 cm), fully flexible "Evel Cat. No. 350/6996 rv I" figure

6. Palitoy "Batmobile". For use with the Batman figure. Length 13"(33cm) Cat. No. 350/7751

CompoRetail £4.15

Argos Price £3.75



O.nys Fisher "Six Million Dollar Man Mission To " .. Outfit. Comprising space suit, helmet, rubber I gloves and a chest pack respirator/com,Icrttor Cat. No. 350/8073

mp.Retail £3.75 t,

Argos Price £2.75

n nys Fisher "Six Million Dollar Man" Figure. «mlc" arm has roll back "sktn" to reveal removI module. Fitted with "bionic" eye. Height 13"(33 'l "" Cat. No. 350/6855 amp.Retail £5.99

Argos Price £4.45

10. Palitoy "Spider-man Figure". Fully poseable T/" (19.7cm) action figure Cat. No. 350/7768

Denys Fisher "Six Million Dollar Man Bionic" " .."aporter and Repair Station. The rocket opens lit Into a complete operating theatre with revitalisaIOnOQuipmentfoi his "bionic" system.. Cat. No. 350/6862

CompoRetail £2.89

'.omp. Retail £8.99

COmpoRetail £2.00

Argos Price £1.45

Argos Price £1.99

11. Ideal "Evel Knlevel" Chopper and Funny Car. 2 detailed die-cast stunt vehicles featuring stuntman "Evel ~nievel". .. Cat. No. 350/8004

CompoRetail £3.20

Argos Price £2.50

12. Ideal "Ev~1 Knievel" Super Jet Cycle. Streamlined super bike has blazing jet pods at either side of rear wheel which spit sparks on gyro-powered highspeed runs. Complete with 7" (17.8ern),fully flexible "Evel Knievel" figure Cat. No. 350/~988

CompoRetail £10.50


Argos Price £6.75

n Palltoy "Starsky & Hutch" Figures. Replicas of

TV characters. Fully poseable TI" (19.7 cm) action I lI"os."

omp.Retail £4.99

Cat. No. 35017782

Argos Price £3.45

I Thomas Salter "Starsky & l1utch" De Luxe 'nllce Set. Equipment includes' binoculars and ~ IV "WalkiecTalkie"set Cat. No. 350/8303.

omp.Retail £5.99

Argo\i Price £3.99

1. Palitoy "Action Man'" Training Tower. Easy to assemblekit. Completewith ropeladderand climbing net. Height 441" (113 em). For use with figures (not supplied)up to 12"high (30.5cm)...Cat. No.35917737

CompoRetail £11.99


Cherilea "Viper" Tank. Rotating turret with ,Ung gun and openlnq hatch, Moving tracks • nrticulated wheels. Length 20" (50.8 cm). For with ligures up to 12"(30.(5C!11) high. . \' Cat. No. 350/7885

Argos Price £8.95

, amp. Retail £9.20 2. Cherilea Military Ambulance.Two seatercabwith opening doors. Removable canopy and stretcher. Length'21" (53.3cm). For usewith figures up to 12" high (30.5cm) Cat. No.35017926

CompoRetail £9.30


Cherllea Military Helicopter. Easyto assemble D tailed moulded body with working winch. .Ior blades operated by 2x HP11 batteries (not Ilpll d), Length24"(61ern), For usewith figures up I (30.5cm) high... .......Cat. No.350/6295

Argos Price £6.45

3. Paliloy "Action Man" Power Hog. Recoveryand , service vehicle. With crane winch. Length 131"(34.9 cm). For usewith figures up to 12"high (30.5ern). Cat. No. 35017720

CompoRetail £5.99

mp. Retail £8.50


mp. Retail £3.99 . , "If

Argos Price £2.99

nip Retail £4.49

mil Retail £4.49

Argo$ Price £6.95

10.' Meccano "Army" Multikit. Sufficient parts to build 10 different models,one at a time. Instructions included.Forages10yearsand over. Cat. No. 350/6707

Comp. Retail £10.95

Argos Price £8.75

11. Cherilea Motorised Missile Patrol Boat. With elevating triple.soft nosed safety rocketsand swivel action firing machine gun. Poweredby 1xHP7 battery (not supplied). Length 231"(59.7 cm). For use with figures up to 12"(30.5cm) high. . Cat.-No. 350/7919

CompoRetail £7.50

omp, Retail £7.60

Argos Price £4.99

Argos Price £2.45

9. Meccano No.4 Set. Instructions lor building 51 models. Forages7 yearsand over..Cat. No.350/8358

CompoRetail £8.95

Argos Price £3.45

C h rllea Jeep and Trailer. With operatingwinch tow hook. Fold down windscreen.The supply '"' carries 17 pieces of military and survival "Ipotlont.Length29"(73.7cm). Forusewith figures '<112" (30.5cm) high Cat.No.350/7902

'. Argos Price £2.99

8. Airfix Pontoon Bridge Assault Set. Comprises bridge,boats,armouredvehiclesand soldiers. . Cat. No. 350/6594

CompoRetail £3.20

Argos Price £3.45

IItoy "Action Man Eagle Eye" Helicopter Pilot. movinq eyes, movable joints and gripping Ii Ight 1H" (29.2ern)..J Cat. No.350/7706

Argos Price £3.99

7. Palitoy Talking "Dalek". Speaks4 commands.As seen in the T.V. series "Dr. Who". Operated by 2x HP7batteries(not supplied).......Cat. No.350/7775

CompoRetail £4.25

Argos Price £2.99

"lIl1toy "Action Man Eagle Eye" Soldier. With Iflll eyes, movable joints and gripping hands. ht 11~" (29.2cm)....... .....Cat.No.350/7696

6. Denys Fisher "Dr. Who Tardis".Turn the "light" on top to makeDr.Who "disappear" and "reappear". Cat.No.350/8107 Height13:\"(33.7cm)

CompoRetail £5.99

Argos Price £2.99,

I'nlltoy "Action Man Red Devil" Parachute Cat.No.350/5636

~lp. Retail £3.99

Argos Price £5.95 .

5. Denys Fisher."Dr.·Who" Figure. Replica 01 TV. character. Fully poseablewith "sonic" screwdriver. Height9i" (24.1crn).. Cat. No.350/8097

Comp~Retail £4.25

ArgOsPrice £5.95

P IItoy "Action Man" Walkie-Talkie.2 handsets nncted by a 22' 11" (7 m) length of wire. No Cat. NO. 35017713 I II 5 required

Argos Price £4.45

, 4. Denys Fisher "Stretch Armstrong". Pull, stretch or tie him in knots, see him slowly unravel and resume normal' size. Maximum stretch length 48" (121.9cm),normalheight 13"(33cm). , Cat. No. 350/8114

CompoRetail £7.99

" Argos Price £6.45

Argos Price £4;,99


Chorllea "Cub" Patrol Car. Swivel action firing ul"no gun. Length 15" (38.1 cm). For use wi,th "'" up to 12"(30.5cm) high.......Cat.No.350/7531

, amp. Retail £4.10

Argos Price £2.99

n Chorllea "Howitzer" FieJd:Gun.Elevatingbreech " tiling gun. Fires soft nose shells. Length 20i" (52 ,I for usewith figures up to 12"(30.5cm) high. Cat. No. 35017892 mp, Retail £5.35

, r

Argos Price £3.99

Cherllea Motorcycle and,Sidecar. Germ~nmiiittnslqnia. Firing machine gun. Length 15~"(39.4 ) r or usewith figures up to 12"(30.5cm) high. Cat. No. 350/6305

C Hnp. Retail £6.15

ArgoSPrice £4.45

1. Burbank "Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise". Flies in a 40" (101.6 cm) orbital circle. Model can hover, glide, move forward and reverse. Operated by 3xHP2 batteries (not supplied) Cat. No. 350/8468

CompoRetail £10.49


Ar.gosPrice £7.95

2. Revell U.S.A.F.Phantom F4EFighter Aircraft Kit. Munitions stored under-winq, Fuselagelength 20" (50.8ern). Wing-span14"(35.6"cm).Cat. No.350/8475

CompoRetail £3.60


Argos Price £2.45

3. Airfix "Super" Flight, Deck. Catapult launcher sends Phantom Jet on flight line. Simulated flight· deck for landingcontrolled byjoy-stick.For useup to 40' (12.2m). .. Cat. No.350/6587

CompoRetail £7.61

Argos Price £4.99

4. Airfix "Super Waco" Model Aeroplane Kit. 25" (63.5 cm) wing-span.'Complete with full assembly instructions.Canbe built andflown the, Cat. No. 35017665

CompoRetail £3.41

Argos Price £2.45

5. Airfix "T-Hawk" Glider Kit. Freesoarinqqlider has 43r (110.5cm) wing-span.Completewith full assembly instructions. Can be built and flown the same day ,........................ .. Cat. No.350/6604

CompoRetail £7.30

Argos Price £4.99

6. WembleyPairof "Zoom" Fighters.Catapultaction Spitfire and Messerschmitt.Assemble nose hook, apply decals and the planes are ready to fly. VVingspans14~"(37.5ern). Completewith instructions. Cat. No. 350/8396

CompoRetail £2.50

Argos Price £1.85 -'-~-..,.


7. Wembley "Barnstormer" Stunt Kite. 2 independent nylon control linesenablekite to performloops, divesandother stunts..., ...Cat. No.35017500

CompoRetail £2.95

__ !!l't',=""",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Argos Price £1.99

8. Scalextric "C606" Car Racing Set. Figure of a circuit. 2 cars and power pack. Laid out size8' 3"x 3' 6" (251.5x106.7cm) Cat.No.35014943


Argos Price £21.00

9. Scalextric "C607" Car Racing Set. Rallycross circuit. 2 cars and power pack. Laid out size 7' x 3' 3"(213.4x99.1cm) Cat. No.350/4950

CompoR~tail £30.62

Argos Price £23.95

10.Scalextric Car Pack.Two super formula carsfor the Scalextricracingset.. Cat. No.35017641

CompoRetail £12.06

Argos Price £9.25.

11. Airfix "G.W.R." Electric Train Set. Comprises model locomotive, 2 coaches and circle of track.' Operated by A.C. mains with the use of a power controller (not supplied). Included in the set is a 2 speed reversible battery controller operated by ax HP11batteries(notsupplied).....Cat. No.35017658

CompoRetail £19.43

Argos Price £13.95

12. Playart "Supertrack 2" Slot Racing Set. 2 cars with engine roar noiseand figure of a circuit. Operatedby4x HP2batteries(not supplied). Cat. No. 350/6226

CompoRetail £1.2.·24

Argos Price £7.95

13. Hornby "Intercity Express" Elect,.icTrain Set. ComprisesmodeldieseJlocomotive,3 coaches,card tunnel and oval of track with a 10' (3.05m) running length....... .. Cat. No.35017610

Comp: Retail £21.75,

omp. Retail £11.75

Argos Price £9.45

Argos Price £16.95

14. Hornby "Freightliner" Electric Train Set. Comprises model diesel locomotive. 3 wagons each carrying 3 containers,card tunnel and oval of track with an 11'(3.35m) running length. Cat. No. 35017603

CompoRetail £21.95,

• Hornby R900 Power Controller. For use with rtrlc trains. Two circuit controllers can be added upplypowerto threetrains........Cat.No.350/4936

III Hornby Uneside Pack." Comprises "tlqe, signal box, 2 signal's and level crossing. , Ick not included) , Cat.No.350/7634

( omp. Retail £8.83

Argos Price £6.95

Argos Pric;.e£17.45

Please note: All Hornby trains can be op,;'ratedby A.C. mains with the use of a power controller (item no. 15) or by use of the battery control module . supplied with each set and 2x996 batteries (not supplied). •

Hornby Clockwork Train Set. Comprisesmodal' "motive, 3 .wagons, 2 cars, level crossing and 10 of plastictrack Cat.No.350/7627

omp. Retail £3.95

Argos Price £3.25

J:o:u~s:t~ra~"Bull Charger". The remote control hand set' operates drrving in all directions, raising/lowering of the scoop, loading/unloading of the scoop, Operated by 3x HI"2 batteries (not supplied). I,.ength 21" (53.3 cm) : Cat. No. 350/8451


CompoRetail £19.65

( omp.Retail £7.50

Argos Price £2.75


\ '\

Argos Price £5.25

I I, Tonka"Fire Engine. 6-wheeledfire engine with I ,IIy rotating and,elevating extendable ladder unit. "I 01 steel with plastic parts. Length'26~"(67.3 .. Cat.No.350/8327 III) ,..........

omp,Retail £17.50

3, Snoopy Composite Set of 4 Motorised Toys, , Friction powered,no batteriesrequired Cat. No. 350/8437;

CompoRetail £4.25

Tonka Forklift Truck. Swivel cab, hand operated '1I1gmechanism. Completewith pallet and pallet ) , Made of steel with plastic parts. Length 12:¥' I 1 em). .. Cat. No.350/8334

Argos Price £13.45

2. Snoopy Composite Set of 4 Push 'n' Pull Toys, Featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy. The figures areall interchangeable.......Cat. No.350/8420

CompoRetail ~3.85


Argos Price £11.95

ToyWorks 3 Tier Garage. Handoperatedlift, exit and 2 petrol pumps.Suppliedflat, easilyassemd Size22~"x'11"x12"high (57.2x27.9x30.5cm). Cat. No. 350/5052


Argos Price £2.99

.4. Snoopy's Aeroplane, Snoopy as the famous World-War 1 flying ace ready to fight the "Red Baron" in a die-castaeroplane.......Cat. No. 350/8444

Imp. Retail £9.95

CompoRetail £2.10

Matchbox'''Service Station". Plasticgaragewith car wash, fuel pumps and upper deck car park :... .. Cat. No.350/8743 III ramp

Argos Price £1.45

5. Palitoy "Ricochet Racers". The carsaremagazine loaded and fired from tRe gun at the target barrels Completewith 2 cars, cartridges and target barrels Pleasenote double safetydevices must be released Cat. No. 350/6367 beforegun will fire,

CompoRetail £7.99

, r"p. Retail £4.79

<Imp.Retail £4.30

unp,Retail £9.75

Argos Price £6.45

Dinky Toys "Eagle" Transporter, With detachI, container. Replica from T.V, series "Space .. .. Cat. No. 350/6415

Argos Price £4.99

lmp. Retail £3.49

Argos Price £2.75

Dinky Toys "U.S.S.Enterprise". Undersidehatch f1S to revealshyttlecraft. Model fires small plastic , >. Asseenin the T.V.series"Star Trek". Cat. No. 350/8341

9. Casdon Tower Crane. Tower rotates manually through 360°,Movablegantry rnakes.tull use of long . jib: Winding gear has non return ratchet. Height23l" (59.7cm).. .. Cat. No.350/8499

CompoRetail £4.80

Argos Price £2.99

NYII~tSafari Wago_n.Six compartments under on canopy for different animals. Includes 6 1ll,lls.Madeof steel.Length'14Y(36.2cm). Cat. No. 350/8406

Argos Price £3.99

7. Mettoy "Slam Bam Sam" Cars. Try to dismantle your opponent's car and keep your own intact. Cars easily re-built. Operatedby 2xHP2 batteriesfor each car (not supplied).......... .......Cat. No.350/8389

CompoRetail £6.99

Argos Price £3.4~

I rm Set. 100pieces:Consistingof toy animals, Idlngsand implements Cat. No.350/3487

Argos Price £5.95

6, Matchbox "S400 Streak Racing" Set. Complete with track and 2 cars.... .....Cat. No.350/4967

CompoRetail £5.48

Argos Price £6.95

amp. Retail £3.49

Argos Price £2.75

Argos Price £3.45 !I Matchbox Commando Task Force Set. Com-

10. Palitoy "Z Victor 4" Police Car. "Radios" six authentic messages.Operated by 2xHP7 batteries (not supplied) Cat. No. 350/6374

, CompoRetail £4.25



landingcraft with 3 vehiclesand 6 figures, '. ."I Cat. No. 350/6453

mp. Retail £2.86

Argos Price £1.99

Argos Price £2.99

11. Tonka Mighty Dump Truck. With tipping action. Madeof steelwith vinyl tyres.Length 18!"(47cm). ' , Cat. No. 350/6381

, CompoRetair£13.95



Corgi Emergency Police Set. Comprisespolice una, Range Rover,helicopter and 2 ,figureswith' Icher. ........Cat. No. 350/8372

mp,Retail £4.65

Argos Price £~.45


Argos Price £3.45



1. Palitoy "Baby Aiive" Doll. Life-like baby doll eats and drinks. Comes complete with bottle and special food. Height 17" (43.2 cm). Operated by 2xHP11 batteries (not supplied) Cat. No. 35017816


Argos Price £8.75

I' COlorforms "Kolly HObbie" Old Fashioned Gen.' I Store Stand-Up Play Set. 3 dlmensionat.r s uri up figures readyto be dressed. Pressthe PVC • IS to the background set. lift to remove.Put away "'10 again. No adhesives or scissors required. "11th15~"(40 cm) Cat. No. 350/8413

imp. Retail £4.40 " 3. Palitoy "Tiny Tears" Baby Doll. Drinks. cries and wets her nappy. Height 16"(40.6ern). Cat. No. 350/6893

CompoRetail £7.76

Argos Price £5.95

Argos Price £2.99

Knickerbocker "Holly Hobbie" Bag. Miniature Illy HObbie" rag doll in po'cket...Cat. No. 350/5313

.)mp.Retail £3.49

'\ Argos Price £2.75

KnickerbOcker "Holly Hobbie" Rag Doll. Height (010.6 cm) Cat. No. 350/5320


, mp. Retail £4.49

Argos Price £3.45

Knickerbocker "Holly Hobbie" Dolls' House. ,uprlses house with carrying handle. 2 miniature bed. rocking chair. swing. see-saw.well. dog " with dog and fences. Height 10"(25.4cm). Cat. No. 350/8523

"mp. Retail £8.99

Argos Price £6.75

(hod Valley "Holly Hobbie" Toy Cookery Set. 'w,ses 5·saucepans with plastic lids and other rI accessories.In metal and plastic. ' Cat. No. 350/8578

'"po Retail £4.20

Argos Price £2.99

had Valley "Holly Hobbie" 6 Cup Tea Set.

nnses metal saucers. plates and tray with h d design. plastic cups and accessories.

Cat. No. 350/8585 I1lp. Retail £5.75

7. Pa'itoy "Tippy Tumbles" Doll. Tumbles backwards and forwards without being touched. Operated by x HP2 batteries (not supplied) in a hand control unit. : , Cat. No. 35017809

CompoRetail £9.99

f\rgos Price £3.99

, hod Valley "Holly Hobbie"·D'e.Luxe Vanity Set. "rises hand mirror. brush, comb. jewellery box. tnt. brooch. clip-on earrings. ring. bracelet and 11', plaque Cat. No. 350/8592

Argos Price

rnp, Retail £6.25

Argos Price £4.45

8. Casdon "Bernie and Bath" Set. Soft vinyl dol rooted hair and accessories. Height 12"(30.5 Cat. No. ~"'O/~;~~·7.

" dlgree "Active Sindy" Doll. Fully poseable. Ill) stand included. Remove her ballet skirt and

CompoRetail £4.95

h. comesa gymnast.Height 12"(30.5cm).

Argos Price

Cal. No. 350/8530 9.-Burbank "Brownie" Doll. Wears nie" uniform. with badges. Rooted hair. (35.6cm) Cat. No.

CompoRetail £6.99



nys Fisher "Baby Needs You" Doll. Lay her " ilnd first she sleeps.then cries. Pick up and she by herself. Operated by 2x HP11 batteries (not IIOd).Height In'' (44.5cm)......Cat. No. 350/8121

Argos Price

10. Dekkertoys Doll's Dressmaker Set. Contai simple patterns for dolls 11" to 20"'(27.9to 50.S materials. cottons. trimmings. safety scissors. dies. tape measureand thimble......Cat. No: 350/Ei7901

CompoRetail £3.64

Argos Price £3.75

Argos Price

.nnp. Retail £11.99

Argos Price £8.95

Oenys Fisher "Jennie" 1;1.011 and School Set. '.ud in smart uniform. 'Desk and blackboard tudod. Doll height7!" (19.1cm).. Cat. No. 350/6848

11. "Little Betty" Miniature Hand Sewing Machine. Adjustable tension. ing doll's dresses Cat. No. 35,0/Eise,.

Ilmp. Retail £6.15

CompoRetail £7.15


. Argos Price £4.45

12. Dekkertoys "Fairy" Rocking Cot. with patterned drapes. hood and height 26"(66 cm).......... ........Cat. No. 35()/5:l8!1.

Oenys Fisher "Bionic Woman and Mission ". Figure has a "bionic" ear which "pings" II head is turned. Roll up the "skin" on her arm to .1 "bionic" module. Mission purse contains preI cosmetics and documents. Height 12" (30.5' ) ..... "............... .......Ca~.t'io. 350/8080

CompoRetail £6.64

mp. Retail £6.49

Argos Price


Argos Price £4.75


, lohn Bull Jewellery Craft Kit. Componentssup,d to make necklets, chokers, earrings and t t lets , ,..Cat. No.350/7098 I

mp. Retail £4.54

Argos Price £2.99.

P IItoy "Girl's World". Headlias' "growing" hair I il variety of different styles can' be created. ',Iudos hair styling accessoriesand a selection of ~,,·up Cat. No. 350/6903

omp, Retail £9.49'

. Argos Price £6.95

I Combex Vanity Case ,with Sindy Cosmetics. hIdes talc. soap. 2 bath cubes. shampoo and I1hlobath with brush. comb and mirror set. Size I 9:l"x4"(27.9x24.8x10.2cm)... Cat. No.350/8619

, omp. Retail £5.99

. Argos Price £3.99

ClIsdon Cash Register. Decimal currency price I raised by 13 button control. Spring release .warand paperreeI.L · Cat. No. 350/5698

omp, Retail £4:66.

Argos Price £3.25

CUsdon Toy Electric Washer. Tumble washes f qpin dries. Operated by 2x HP;t batteries (not


mp. Retail £6.05


Cat. No. 350/6927

Argos Price £3.99

Merit "Emergency Wardl,'Nurse'SBag. Moulded Iythone bag with selectio~ of toy medical instruCat. No.350/7043 "It~ and accessories

mp. Retail £3.35

\ Argos Price £2.25

Gontempi Electric Style Guitar. 6 stringed with geartuning andshoulderstrap.Wiih devicefor hIeing Hawaiianeffects.Length24¥'(62.2ern).' Cat. No. 350/8853


ornp,Retail £5.40

, Ilontempi Battery Operated Reed Organ. Table f I. 2 octave keyboard. Instruction booklet with ic supplied. Size 17"x81"x3~"(43.2x21x9.5 ern). "lIed by3xHP2 batteries(not supplied). Cat. No. 350/8846

1. Luxitoy "Duchess" Doll's Pram. Chromium plated folding chassis. Brown stylon body with vinyl interior and motif. With pram tray. Body length 26" (66 ern), Handle height 30" (76.2 cm) Cat. No. 350/9027

CompoBetail £25.99

'IInp. Retail £13.93

Argos Price £18.95

·'lIlp. Retail £7.27

""1p. Retail £29.95

Argos Price £12.95

'ltOp.Retail £2.49

Compo'Retail £14.25


Argos 'Price £9.95


Argos Price £4.99

7. Welsotoys "Mini-Mum" Toy Cleaning Set..Comprises iron with lead and ~cker, ironing board, carpetsweeper,dustpan,brush and mop. Cat. No. """~/R:AA,il.

I Ilire

CompoRetail £5.62


8. Welsotoys "Hoover" Junior Toy Vacuum Authentic working model. No batteries Height23"(58.4cm) Cat. No.

CompoRetail £5.09

, Argos

Argos Price £5.95

Purnell Book Set for Early Readers.. 1 picture uonary and 1 set of "6 Ronald Ridout Books For r0 Read"-Blue series.Fo~.ages 3 to 7 years. Cat. No. 350/8891

Argos Price £6.45

Argos Rrice

Argos Price £11.95

foy Works DoubleSided Blackboard and Easel. II Clock. clip-on tray. chalks and wiper. Height (90.2cm) s Cat. No. 350/8815

omp. Retail £8.15

6. Grazioli Doll's Combination Chair. Convertsfrom high chair 'to separate walker and rocker chair Height27¥'(69.9cm) Cat. No. 350/6563

Argos Price £1.75

Supertouch80" Junior Typewriter by Petite. Cat. No. 350/6051

"mp. Retail £14.75

5. Welsotoys Doll's Folding Pushchair. . aluminium frame with PVC seat. Handle height (61cm) Cat. No. 350/51

CompoRetail £9.61

Argos Price £19.45

, n. ycliff Sch,!ol Satchel. Front pocket in fluoresorange. Fluorescent binding and scotchlite "r pieces. Approved by R.O.S.PA Width 11" I em) ; : Cat. No.350/8925

4. Kingfisher "Judy" Doll's Pram. Folding chassis,2 tone'vinyl body. Body length 18" (45.7em). Handle height 23~"(59.7em) Cat. No. 350/9034

CompoRetail £6.99

Argos Price £4.99

r.laccaglia "P~t" Electric Re.edTable Organ. 2 vo keyboard with 25 keys and 8 bass notes. uctlon booklet with music supplied. Length 24j!" m).A.C.mainsoperated ,..Cat. No.350/8860

Argos Price £14.95

3. Luxitoy "Elizabeth" Doll's Pram.'Chromiumplated folding chassis. Blue stylon body with vinyl interior and motif. Body length 21" (53.3cm). Handleheight Cat. No. 350/9003 27!" (69.9cm)


Argos Price £9.75

IlIccaglia Piano Accordion. 17 keysand 8 bass , Instruction bookletwith musicsupplied. Cat. No. 350/8877

2. Luxitoy "Sarah" Doll's Pram. Chromium plated folding chassis. 2 tone stylon and vinyl body with vi"nylinterior and motif. Body length 26"(66 cm). Handleheight 29"(73.7cm) Cat. No. 350/9010

CompoRetail £21.99

Argos Price £3.99

''Imp.Retail £3.75

.Argos Price.£2.99

, Sun Pearl Set of 18 Coloured Pencils and 24 Tipped Pens. .. Cat. No.350/8901

omp. Retail £2.25

Argos Price,£1.45

Page Water Colour Paint Box. Contains 24 12' round paints. 6 tubes and 2 paint. .hos Cat. No.350/8918

I oro and

omp, Retail £3.25

Argos Price £1.99

t 090 Town Nursery Brick Model Set. Large size

1. Rod Hull's "Emu" Arm Puppet by Denys Fisher. Put your arm up his back and your fingers in l1is beak to bring him "alive". He can also be used as a pyjama case. Overall length 22" (55.9 ern) ... Cat. No. 350/8138

CompoRetail £7.99



k' and figures incluoed., ~or ages H years and , Cat. No. 350/8774


-unp.Retail £9.35 ,

logo Police Nursery Brick Model Set. Large size kn and figures included. For ages H years and , .. Cat. No. 350/8767

2. Mettoy Movie Viewer and Cassette. Can be played forward/reverse, fast or slow. With Disney cartoon Cat. No. 350/5708 l\!l. cass~tte.No batteries required

CompoRetail £4.60

mp.Retail £4.35

I go 90 Super Set. Woodenstorage box includes wheels, trees, windows, doors and extra , to build hundreds of different models. A ling book with many model suggestions is tried. There is also spare storage spacefor extra Forages3 yearsand over....Cat. No. 350/8798


Argos Price £7.45

'''l1p. Retail £21.45

4. Roger de Courcey's "Nookie Bear" by Denys Fisher. Insert your hand in his back and make his mouth move.You can also make his eyesroll. Height 22'~"(57.2ern). .. Cat. No'.350/8145

CompoRetail £12.99

Argos Price £8.95

IIIp. Retail £18.65

Argos Price £2.25

Hlp. I

Argos Price £1.65

, p. Retail £8.65

CompoRetail £9.32

Argos Price £6.45

.~CompoRetail £7.60

Argos Price\.


Argos Price £6.95

logo 182 Train Set. Complete with motor, sig, hunting switch and circle of track. Instructions IlIlod. Forages6 yearsand over. Cat. No. 350/6666

Argos Price £3.99

" 11. Chad Valley Talking Chimp. Speaks 6 random 4 phrases, operated by a pull cord. No batteries ! required. Height 15"(38.1cm).........Cat. No. 350/8602

Argos Price £4.75·

, go Oil Rig and Tanker Model. For ages6 years . v r Cat. No. 350/8808

Argos Price £13.95

10. Crescent Baby Walker. Wooden body. ! wheels and stove enamelled tubular steel handle. ~. Plastic bricks. Handleheight 20~"(52.1cm).· 'I' Cat. No. ~''''/A<;1f;.


go 30 Basic Set. Build hundreds of different I' For ages3 yearsand ~ver..Cat. No. 350/8781

Argos Price £5.95

9. Gwentoy Teddy Bear. Fully washablewith lock-in safetyeyes,Height25" (63.5cm).....Cat. No. 350/8633


Argos Price £8.95

I go Family. Dad, Mum, Grandma and two h,m For ages.3yearsand over. Cat. No. 350/6635

8. Sharna Musical "Neddy" Donkey. Covered in non-inflammable acrylic material. Strong moulded base.Hand grips and musical tinkle chimes.For ages Ht03year's. Length 25"(63.5em).. Cat. No. 35017911

CompoRetail £19.75

Retail £10.85

"'p. Retail £5.75

Argos Price £6.45

7. Sharna Twin Horse Rocker. Sit-in-seatwith safety strap, play tray, play rings and foot rest. For ages1 to 2 years.Length 263"(67.9cm).........Cat. No. 35017964

CompoRetail £8.20

Argos Price £14:95

lllgo 50 Basic Set. Build hundreds of different Is. Forages3 yearsand over..Cat. No. 350/6628

6. Telephone Set. A two unit toy telephone set. Cable length 30' (9.1 mi. Operated by 4xHP2 batteries (not supplied) Cat. No. 350/2000

CompoRetail £9:86

Argos Price £16.45

I go 912 Advanced Basic Set. Contains motor many specialised ·components. Basic instrucmctuded.Forages6 yearsand over. . Cat. No. 350/6642

5. Burbank "Mickey Mouse" Talk-up. Body acts as a pull cord to hear8 random phrases. Cat. No. 350/9041

CompoRetail £2.99

Argos Price £3.45

Argos Price £3.25

3. Denys Fisher "Talking Basil Brush". Speaks 4 random phrases. Operated by a pull cord. No batteries required. Height 15"(38.1cm). . . Cat. No. 350/8152

CompoRetail £9.99

Argos Price £7.45

Argos Price £5.95

'"poRetail £16.75 1

Argos Price£13.75

"'oslic Meccano No.2 Set. Strong plastic parts ' "lIlldlng models on a Meccano principle.Jnstruc- . Included. Forages4 yearsand over. , Cat. No. 350/8365

mp.Retail £6.95

Argos Price·£5.45

P IItoy "Play-Doh" Fun Factory. 10 different ~can be made Cat. No. 350/5997

Imp.Retail £2.49

Argos Price £1.65

Fisher-Price "Play Family" Airport. 19 pil~ce,sl. including plane, helicopter and vehicles. For years Cat. No.



Argos Price-£1

2. Fisher"Price "Play Family" Farm. 22 including barn, silo, figures and fence. For ages : · Cat. No. 350171 "years


Argos Price £10.95

,I.her-Price "Play Family" School. With carrying lin Roof and wall open. 62 pieces including 'kboard, chalks, rubber; magnetised letters and ,II rs. clock and bell. For ag~s2-8years. '\ '. Cat. No. 350/8705

mp. Retail £13.75

Argos Price £10.95

I I"her-Price Music Box RecOrdPlayer. Complete • " double sided nursery records. No batteries Cat. No. 350/8688 Mild. For ages2-6years

mp. Retail £8.95

Argos Price £6.95

f laher-Price "Play Family" Garage. With "or, turntable for parking cars and ramp. For ·8 years Cat. No. 350/8712

4. Palitoy Melody Train. Switch on and the moves and plays a tune. Complete with 4 couoie •• . sided records. Oper-ated by 2xHP2 supplied) Cat. No.

CompoRetail £9.49

Argqs Price

5. Palitoy Family Tree House. Opensat a button. Complete with tree top family, rrrrru'ntr ... _ family car, folding staircase and a hand nn..r.,t",i_ lift Cat. No. 35C)1783C~.

Comp,Retail £9.98

Argos Price

Ill1p. Retail £14.75 I

CompoRetail £7.77

Argos Price

7. BUfbank "Clown" Jack-in-1he-Box. Wind handle to playa merry tune and seethe clown up , Cat. No. <t.. 'n/~ln~_

CompoRetail £4.25

Argos Price

8. Matchbox Musical ,"Rhyme Time" move separatelyfor time teaching. Carryi[1g large fun winder Cat. No. 35IJnj8~.

CompoRetail £5.48

Argos Price

I her-Price "Two Tune" T.V. Music box moveIlloys 2 well-known tunes. Fer ages2-5 years. . Cat. No. 350/5832

1111'. Retail·£5.95

Argos Price £4.75

" her-Price Play Desk. 63 pieces including ,Iy cards. magnetised alphabet and chalk. For 8 years : Cat. No. 3.5017122

n,p. Retail £7.9,5 I

6. Palitoy "Big Mouth" Singers. 8 note allows tunes to be played as "I)ig mouth' "irl'n•.rqll. open their mouths in time to the music. Cc,ml)let9l. with colour coded song book. Operated battery(included) Cat. No.

Argos Price £11.95

Argos Price £6.25

I hor-Price "Chatter" Telephone. For ages 2-6 · Cat. No. 350/5825 'Jl Retail £3.25 Argos Price £2.50


hor·Price "Play Family" Toy Campef. Ver. fully equipped camper 'jVith19 pieces, includIng boat and motor-bike. Camper home lifts I v hicle becomesa pick-up truck. For ages2.8 · : Cat. No. 350/5849

Retail £7.95

Argos Price £6.25

h ,·Price Cash Register. Includes colour/size coins, sale and change keys plus change (.ranking handle rings bell and opens drawer. ,2·6 years Cat. No. 350/8671

nIp Retail £7.95

Argos Price £6.25

'I her·Price "Rescue Helicopter" -,Trigger actio ,'Ipper to pick up raft. Two crewmen.For ages ,,~.................... . Cat. No. 350/8729

'p. Retail £7.25

Argos Price £5.95

II her-Price "Safari Set". '19 pieces including II III r, collapsible cloth tent, people, animals, 1I1d stockade. For ages5:9 years. Cat. No. 350/8736

Argos Price £11.95

CompoRetail £4.99 11. Matchbox "Playboot" Play Set. The and front open. Figures and many ",,,r,,,',,,cl·ri.,,, included Cat.

CompoRetail £10.45


'I h r-Prlce "Kermit the Frog". From the "MuplUW" T.V. series. Velcro patches on hands and I Iko character fully poseable. Machine washo. Iges2·8 years Cat. No. 350/8640

. Retail £6.95

Argos Price £5_95

1. Freddie Trueman's "Test Match" Cricket by Peter Pan. Real over arm' bowlinif.· "",n,,;n ..'.

batting action and full team of fielders. Hit into the pocket in the fielder's feet and it's a A gameof skill and timing. . Cat. No. 351(}/B128S.

Compo Retail £7.95

Argos Price

Argos Price


Argos Price £7.45 1<, 01"Rebound". The puck slides up the alley

,~) Retail £12.29

Argos Price


Argos Price

7. Denys 'Fisher "Perfection" Game. shapes into the correct holes in the time al they will be shot into the air when the For any numberof players Cat. No.

Compo Retail £5.49

Argos Price

Compo Retail £4.25

Argos Price

9. Denys Fisher "Generation ·Game".Based TV. game featuring Bruce Forsyth. For 2 to .............................................. Cat. No. 350"696.

Argos Price 10. "The Muppet Show" Game by characters based on the T.V. series. For players. . Cat. No. ,>",'/7'"",.

Compo Retail £4.25


Argos Price £3.45

, .' .1 "Jaws" Game. Use the gaff hoek or your. to removethe pieces from the shark's mouth. 11mshut beforeall the piecesare removed.For rnberof players Cat. No. 350/8028

"p. Retail £4.25 ',I

Argos Price £2.99


"Kerplunk" Game.Try to removethe sticks It dislodging the suspended marbles. Height I, em).For 2 to 4 players Cat.·No.350/8059

p. Retail £3.25

8. Waddingtons' "Monopoly". The ,game.For 2 to 6 players Cat. No.

Argos Price £8.45

ddlngtons' "Lose Your Shirt" Horse Racing H horses,gralJdstand,starting stalls and play , I or 3 to 6 players J Cat. No.350/8932

IJ Retail £4.95

Compo.Retail £6.99

Argos' Price £4.25

I"IIt Table Ga":,e. An ideal family game with' tic scoring and ringing bell. Operated by I botteries(not supplied).......Cat. No. 35017689


6. Rod Hull's "Emu" Game by Denys Fisher the chips into the revolving Emu's mouth. For players. Operated by 1x HP11 battery plied) : Cat. No. .,,,nI

Argos Price £6.95

I "Sky Battle" Game. Shoot ball bearing to your opponent's wing supports away.Hit both .. planecrashes.Length31"(78.7cm). Cat. No. 350/8042

JP Retail £5.75

Argos Price

5. Denys Fisher "Up Periscope" using a miniature periscopeto locateand enemyships. For 2 players Cat. No

Compo Retail £5.99

lip. Retail

hounds into a scoring position. Length 33" ItI). . Cat. No. 350/5492

4. Denys Fisher. "Morecambe and 'Wise" Beat your opponent ·to push out of the frame double sided picture block that correspondswith picture on the 4 dice thrown. A wrong block againstyour score. For 2 players....Cat. No.

CompoRetail £6.49

'/lflngs to knock the puck into opponent's goal. Cat. No. 350/5502 III381" (97.8 cm)

Argos Price

3. Palitoy "Salvo" Sea Warfare Game.Set the ang judge the distance and fire to eliminate your nent's fleet. A light under the board indicates' the shot hits. 2xHP11 batteries required plied). . Cat. No. ~~M.""'._

Compo Retail £9.99

Argos Price £1.75 lot 01 "Crossfire". A goal-shooting game. Shoot

2. Palitoy "Super Striker" Football Game. prises Wembley "fast pitch", 8 kicking figu diving goalkeepers,goals and nets. Length cm) Cat. No. ·,.",n'A7_

Compo Retail £10.99

" I&r Pan "Frustration". The famouschasegame iop-o-matic dice shaker,For 2 to 4 players. .\ Cat. No. 350/8279

Argos Price £2.45

I I ., "Beat the Black Bait" Game. Be the last 1(1"beat the black ball" down the centre chute II high, follow the black ball and get a minus. I lor 2 to 4 players : Cat. No; 35017005

fi1P Retail £4.50

Argos Price £3.45

,ID .. I "Junkyard" Target Game. With pinball " Hit the spring-up targets to 'score points. timing, accuracy and" concentration. III :>0"(50.'8 cm).. .. Cat. No. 350/8035

1p. Retail £7.95

Argos price £5.95

1. Brunswick's Air Soccer Game by Aurora. motor drives air through small holes in surface. The puck skims over the top for moving game. Wooden sides. Size 45"'>< (114.3x58.4x11.4 ern) ............•........ 35(1/6:24~.

CompoRetail £37.00

k.rtoys "Olympic" PunchballMk·.II.Mounted noden footboard. Height to centre of ball 'hln (rom36"to 45"(91.4to 114.3cm). Cat. No. 350/5571

Retail £8.98


kkorloys WendyHous.e.\['ubularplasticframe. 'olnrded, cotton wallswithPVCroof anddoor. 30"x46" high .to apex (116.8x76.2x116.8 ..........Cat. No.350/5588

2. Dekkertoys Table Football Game. mounted on metal rods. PlayiQg area (69.9x39.4cm) Cal.

CompoRetail £10.90


Retail £10.86

3. Table Football Game. Polished

folding metal legs. 22 players. Size high (83.8x45.1x66 cm) Cat. No.

CompoRetail £16.88

". Rotall £1.99


Rotail £7.40


~~~~~~:;:~~:;,6.Toy Works Bar Billiards Table.

Argos Price £1.25

r De Luxe Skate Board.. Plywoodplatform, ,," under-carriagefor suspensionand.steer,hlo ball bearing rubber wheels.Length 23§" Cat. No.350/8949 .......................................

5. Works Billiards/Snooker frame. Includes 18 balls, triangle and 2 Size24"x16"(61x40.6 cm) Cat.

CompoRetail £9.95

'Argos Price £7.25

nbl y "Trophy" Football.Regulationsizeand ',110 S.Diameter8~"(2t.6 cm). Cat. No. 35017225



4. Toy Billiards/Snooker Table. balls, triangle .and 2 tipped cues. Size (118:7x58.4ern).' Cal. No.35()/8:B2~.

CompoRetail £23.50

Argos Price £5.95

Argos Price £4.99

S nior Roller Skates. Ball bearingwheels.


,iI (or shoe sizes 9 junior to 8 adult (27 to ...........Cat.No.350/5564


rails,automaticball return and scoreboard. skittles, 8 balls and playing instructions. .... Cat. No. ~"fl/R:R~I. (67.9cm)."'"''''''.'''

I tail£7.10

Argos Price £4.99

7. Thomas Salter re Kit". Equi ."""~"",,. cludesbinocularsand realcamera.Cat.

, nl "Clockmaker" Kit. With pendulumand I dle-casr movement. Clock diameter 12" Instructionhandbookincluded. Cat. No. 350/5193

CompoRetail £5.99

It tail £13.85

.CompoRetail £11.20


. Argos

Argos Price £9.45

Fisher "Spirograph". 22 precision plastic pens and pad. Instruction booklet ............... ,.......Cal. No.350/5423


tall £4.99

Argos Price £3.75

Salter "Microscope Lab 2". Equipment " rlments. Microscope magnification xSO I J Instructionmanualincluded. Cat. No. 350/8310 II••

Argos Price £9.75 ttt • Salter "Electric Lab 3". Equipmentfor

riments in electricity and magnetism. Cat.No.35017081

III manualincluded I

fl tall £10.49

Argos Price £7.25

nu" Salter "ChemistrySet 4;'. Equipmentfor !II,I-;;....;"'\t-'--.......... ..Iiio I nrnonts, Instructionmanualincluded. . Cal. No. 35017074

..Argos Price £5.95 flV ~I.her "Potter's ~~eel:'. With clay,paint ,,', No baking or firing IS required.OperHP2 batteries (not supplied), instruction "" luded Cat. No.350/5753

lIotell £7.99 Mou Inflatesto 60"(152.4cm)circumference. Cat. No. ~""/~ln'JI.


Argos Price £5.95

"Oress-a-Peg" Set. 12 dolly pegs'and lit to' paint and dress each in different " : " Cal. No.35017050


" tall £5.95

Argos Price £3.99


1. Denys Fisher "Batmobile" body design with imitation microphone. trol and "bat wing" steering wheel. Assembly' tions included. For ages 3-7 years. Length cm) Cat. No. ",,::,'\lo<ftl.

Compo Retail £34.99

IIRma Pedal Police Car. Plastic 'body with h<orH) and boot. space. Blue flashing light is . d by 2x HP11 batteries (not supplied}. For

105years.Length 33"(83.8ern),

, Retail £23.65

Argos P~ce

Cat. No. 35017524 Argos Price £15.95 . \

2. Plastic Wheelbarrow. With novelty indoor or outdoor play. For the young ,.,,,,·rl,,n..l. Cat. No. ~"'n"A~I .. Length 26~"(67.9cm)

Compo Retail £4.62

Argos Price

., "9 "Golden Arrow;' With 'hlo stabilisers. F-rontwheel cable brake. 12" J Ill) wheels. For inside leg 18" to 21" (45.7 to , I Assemblyinstructions included. Cat. No. 350/8963

Argos Price £21.00

3. Peter Pan "Roar Mower" Toy lawn Mower. plastic with "starter" cord. Makes a clicking when pushed. For indoor and outdoor play. height 22"(55.9cm) Cat. No.

1'19 "Mars" Trike. Adjustable seat. For inside o 17"(38.1to 43.2ern). Assemblyinstructions


Compo Re'tail £2.50

I .........

Argos Price £:1

Retail £15.00

4. Sharna "City" Sit 'n' Ride Milk Float. plastic milk bottles. For ages H to 2~yea 15~"(40cm)......... .......Cat. No.

Compo Retail £6.00

Argos Price

, Retail £38.09

Compo Retail £4.20

R tail £9.71

Argos Price

Argos Price £6.45

W(lY"Skippy" Cycle. With built-in stabiliswheel 11" (27.9 cm). For inside leg 11" to .......Cat. No. 350/5148 ! In 44.5cm)......

tail £13.15

Argos Price

Argps Price £9:45

,,, 11mby Raleigh "Chippy" Cycle. With builtrs. Rear wheel 9" (2:;;.9'cm).For inside leg (36.8to 44.5cm) Cat. No. 350/6491

7. Sharna "Smiley" Pedal Car. M b~dy. For ages2 to 3! years.Length 28~"(73 . Cat. No. '''''\In',''

Compo Retail £12.60

Argos Price £25.95

,.1 I Racer Trike. Adjustable steel seat. A It I trike Cat. No. 350/0136

6. Mayco Sit 'n' Ride Freighter. With built-in toy and lift up lid. FOil horn. Length 23~"(59.7 cm). ages Hto 4 years Cat. No.

Compo Retail £6.69

Argos Price £11,45

Way "MX Sport" Cycle. With detachable . Front wheel cable brake. 12Y (31.8 ern) or Inside leg 18"to 22f' (45.7to 57.8cm). Cat. No. 350/8970


5. Sharna Sit 'n' Ride Fire Engine. Moulded pi Forages 1i to 2i years. Length 18~"(47.6cm)',,::,nn'oAi. Cat. No.

......... Cat. No. 350/6460

!tetail £11.95

~rgos Price

Argos Price £9.95

I. I 3·WheelScooter. Height 30"(76.2cm).

Cat. No. 35010129

8. Sharna "Winkie" Car. No pedal design the ideal "teach to walk" car. Plastic body. imitation gear lever and speedometer: Runs on castor action moulded plastic wheels. For ages 1 2i years.Length 21"(53.3cm) Cat. No.

CompoRetail £8.85

Argos Price £4.99 I "rln

Sit 'n' Ride "Midge" Tractor. With. " trailer. For ages H to 3 years.Length 35¥' ......................Cat. No. 35017957

Argos Price

Argos Price £4.99 9. Raleigh "Trundle Racer" Racing Cilr. wheels. For inside leg 13~"to 17" (34.3 to Length 30" (76.2cm) ': Cat. No. ~"'(lIA'~_

Compo Retail £9.45

Argos Price

II "rill "Countryman". Pedal Tractor. With ,I trailer. For ages 21;to 5 years. Length 46" I) Cat. No. 3!j0/5076

f .tail £14.10

10. Sharna Pedal Go-Kart. Stove enamelled metal frame..Seat adjusts to 2.positions. For to 5 years.Length 34~"(87.6cm).....Cat. No.

Compo Retail £22.75

Compo Retai! £32.35

Price £9.95

,box "Speedwheel" Cycle. With "sit-up"


, . For ages 2 to 5 years. Length 3U' ~76.2 mbly instructions included.. Cat. No. 350/8626

Argos Price

11. Tri-ahg "Silverstone" Go-Kart. Chain drive. adjustable padded seat. Complete with brake. inside leg 16" to 21:' (40.6 to 53.3 cm). Assern instructions included.


Argos Price ~6.95 "',. "

Fisher "Batcycle" Pedal 'Motor Cycla. plastic body. Easily assembled. For ages r-. Length 29" (73.7cm). Assembly instruc""Iod.................... ........ Cat. No. 350/8200 11(1


lall £12.99

' Argos Price £8.95


0 by Bath Set. Comprises bath, potty and lit lid I, ••• Cat. No. 375/0931


I I II £8_10


Argos Price £5.75

I 'Imperial" Carrycot. Rib nylon tabrie with

!mod and apron. Size.'with !iooa erected III' high (76.2x.35.6X45.7ern). Complete • Ihlo mattress. Conforms to British Safety Cat. No. 375/1143 I (liS 3881)

2. Fisher-Price Floating Family. Three "tamity" figures, one in a boat, one in a turtle ina jug. For ages6 months to 3 years. "'''\17''_ Cat. No.

CompoRetail £4.45

t II £14.99


3. Fisher-Price "Click 'n' Clatter months 10 2 years: : Cat-

Comp. Retail £3.45

Ar~os Price £11.45

~'o.ltlon Baby Seat. For ages 3 months 10 2 'ux Complele with harness,foam filled pad ::' Cat. No. 37511040 .hlo tray


I II £8.50

,ArgosPrice £6.25


lie," Push Chair. WeigMs Ib (3.40 kg). I qUickly folded. Washable nylon fabric hums 10 Brilish Safety Standards (BS Cat. No. 375/1174 .................................

Argos Price £16.95

5. Fisher-Price·"Rolypoly" Chime Ball. chimes sound and see animals move. Waiter-tiC'. floats. For ages 3 months to 3 years. Cat.lI1o. (15.9ern)

CompoRetail £3.75

Comfy Rider" Car Safety Seat: Improved ,!,orating head wings for grealer protec5 strap harnesswith. push release 111110rl. .1 covered with brushed nylon fabric . • Hnlish SafetyStandards(BS3254). . Cat. No. 37511129

Argos Price

6. Pilco Battery Transistorised T",,,_IlI/,,,v Baby Alarm. Complete with 'approx. 45' flexilnd battery Cat. No.

Rec, Retail £7.75

Argos Price £16.45

Argos Price

'I Multi-Purpose High Chair. Polished hardOf

Comp. Retail £9.90 ,...... ~-

......... ~~~..,._"""':"".,

II t II £25.75

Argos Price

Comp. Retail £4.30

H I II £20.45

9. Witney Honeycomb cot Blal1ket. TELLE (aerylie)/nylon with nylon bound 39"x 59".(1OOx150.em) Cat.


Argos Price £1'9.95

• .halr. Chromium plated tubular frame. I d m PVC. Converts to low chair and I .l>lu Cat. No. 375/1026

8. Rabbit Nightdress Case....

CompoRetail £3.50

WashablePVC upholstery. Converts Cat. No. 375/1150

I lid separatetable

7. Child's Extending Safety Gate. Extends to 2' 10"(68.6to 86.4em) Cat. No. 'U"III1'_

Argos Price £14.95

" rk", Small mesh nylon net. PVCcovered .Idod base.Foldsflat for storage. Diameter

n.:: __ ....

f I f

"1 II £19.50

A~g~~t.p~?~!7:~!~:~ ';r~~;~~~~~=;!:=L.:;;~S=::::;t::~~::::s~~~


Cot. Polished frame and. side rails with "mllod end panels. Size 4'x2' (121.9x61 ...........Ca,. No. 375/0962

A;og'osPi'ice £24.95

~"':~'; ... ~,r:

1I'88S. Sprung interior. wash-



wllh "r:m)

nursery motif. Size 46".X 23". , C,at.No. 375/0!!48

I II £10.30

Argos Price ~6.95

II. t", All-chrome cot, complete with mattor travelling. Can be used'as play-pen by "'1' .. .' Cat. No. 375/1136

11 , II £39.20

Argos Price £31.50


Hugh P&~~Ban~1 Racing B~ycl~ 5 Derailleur gears. Weinman brakes. 21" frame, 27" (68.6 em) wheels. For inside leg 30" ........Cat. No. (76.2 to 86.4 em).

CompoRetail £87.75

"'''I~ .. Mossage Machine. Vibrating head, adjusts ", III :17" (63.5 to 94 em). 4" (10.2 cm) wide • ,II Complete with instruction book. Cat. No. 300/1903

Argos Price

2. Hugh Porter/Bantel Boy's Racing speed Derailleur gears. Weinman brakes. 18;" frame, 24" (61 em) wheels. For inside leg 27" ....Cat. No. (68.6 to 78.7 cm).

CompoRetail £84.95

uloll £49.50 AIoI..,

Folding Exercise Cycle. Meter shows road speed and distance covered. , ,II> (6.8 kg).. .......... Cat. No. 300/2311

• ,10'"

Argos Price

3. Edward O'Brien "Californian" Bicycle. Fer 3 speed hub gears. 171"(44.5 cm) frame, 20" wheels. For inside leg 27" to 34~" (68.6 to 87.6 Comp:ete with holdall, front and rear lights .. Cat. No. dynamo..... .

CompoRetail £77.99

, Relail £46.69

CompoRetail £79.95

Argos Price

""I III £24.69

CompoRetail £46.99

Argos Price

6. Play-Way "Sioux" Bicycle. For girls. rear caliper brakes. 16" (40.6 cm). wheels. leg 20" to 26" (50.8 to 66 cm).. ... Cat. No.

CompoRetail £49.10

n.lnll £81,13



Argos Price

8. Sunbeam by Raleigh "Snipe" Junior Bicycle. boys or girls. 14" (35.6 cm) frame, 16" (40.6 wheels. Complete with saddlebag. For inside I to 25" (53.3 to 63.5 cm).... ........... Cat. No.

CompoRetail £43.65

Argos Price

9. Sunbeam by Raleigh "Cobra" Junior High rise handlebars. 14" (35.6 cm) front and 1 cm) rear wheel. For inside leg 21" to 25" (53.3 cm)....... .......Cat.No.

CompoRetail £45.75

Argos Price

Argos Price £56.50

Argos Price £4.25

& Full" Bust Developer. Lifts bustline and 'PI" arms and pectoral muscles. Complete Ie II('IIOn guide Cat. No. 300/2328

, It III


CompoRetail £32.95


""by Musculator. Chromium plated steel ,,,I ""8ttS. Moulded grips. Designed to build ,I,ll III ano shoulder muscles. Cat. No. 300/1800

Argos Price

7. Sunbeam by Raleigh "Champ" Junior For boys or girls. High rise handlebars. Front cable brake. 14" (35.6 cm) wheels with cushion For inside leg 17" to 21 i" ( 54.6 cm). Cat. No.

Argos Price £17.50

I •• tV "Sprite" Training Cycle. Wide adjustment ",,<idle and handlebars. Tubular steel I,"" Load adjuster and combined ,dorncter.. . Cat. No. 300/1910

Argos Price

5. Play-Way "Laser Sport" Bicycle. For boys. rise handlebars. Front and rear caliper (40.6 cm) wheels. For inside leg 20" to 26" (50.8 cm).... ......Cat. No.

Argos Price £32.50

"by Sculling Exerciser, Upholstered solid v ouuurn plated steel springs detach to form I, ""51 expander. Adjustable strength. Cat. No. 300/1594

4. Bricross "Trekker" Folding Bicycle. For adu speed Sturmey-Areher hub gears. 20" (50.8 wheels. For inside leg 29" to 35" (73.7 to 88.9 Complete with front and rear lights and dynamo. Cat. No.


Argos Price £34.50

Rclail £5.99

Argos Price £4.25


Fit Kit. A compact home gym. Incorporates _.~i"""",,,.""--' __~_."_ Cfllp exerciser, chest expander, "5 minute" II" 'I plan and skipping rope. Cat. No. 300/2225

IIIp Rclail £9.99

, Argos Price £7.45

~ Minute" Body Shapero Designed to slim, trim ,,,", up Ihe total fiqure-with one five minute " twice a day. Hooks onto door handle. • I" with instructions. .......Cat. No. 300/2146

Il lail £3.99

Argos Price ,£2.25

'Iu'"by Home Gym Kit. Comprises adjustable 5I,,'sl expander. foot stirrups. wall attach""(lel grips and course of exercises. Cat. No. 300/1831

1l(IIaii £7.69

Argos Price £5.45

Iywhlto Frowd "Viscou~n~t~"~B~ad~m:in~t~o~n~~~R~a~c:-t~~~~7:;;::::::::;;~~=:;===::==~:;:::~~~=:::=:::====::::::;::==~=d " II, ply Irameand steel shaft. Nylon string-


, 111tall £8.27

Argos Price £6.45

JlI. illig. 3 largezippedpocketsincludingone ,.. plus compartment for racquet. Size r (44.5x29.2x17.8cm). Cat. No. 30011556

, III tall £6.20 3. Bristle Dartboard. match play specifications ...


Rec. Retail £14.35

I..nnlnqsVinyl Sports Holdall. Largecapac'. I 1)"x7"(48.3x29.2x17.8cm). Cat. No. 300/2304

, lit tail £5.40 4. LeatherFootball.32 panels. inflationadaptor....... ."

5. Lew Hoad"Condor" SquashRacquet.Steel with laminated head. Clear synthetic ~tr·;n(l;n,.. Leathergrip.... ......Cat.No.


Argos Price .

6. Lew Hoad "International" Squash Woodenshaft with laminatedhead.Spiral .Cat.No. .stringing.Leathergrip

CompoRetail £6.75

Argos Price £3.75

II. Ilng. Largefront pocket.Adjustableshoul-

CompoRetail £6.99

CompoRetail £9.95

Argos Price £4.25


17"x111"x6~"(43.2x29.2x16.5cm). Cat. No. 30.0/1721

II H tail £2.95

Argos Price £2.25

."111' Fishing Holdall. Rubberisedcotton duck • I llIII;ochablewaterproofinner lining.Adjust11'1' ';1/0 16"x11"(40.6x27.9ern), front pocket " I (:lO.5~22.9 ern). ......Cat.No.325/0819 I

Argos Price

H tail £5.35

Argos Price £3.99

IIIIIIl RodHoldal!.Umbrellapocketand name


Adjustablehandle. Drainageholes in lid mainbag.Length5' (1.52m). Cat. No. 325/0510

7. Relum Steel Twin-Shaft Badminton Strung with "Hi-sheep" nylon. Leather grip.. .....Cat.No.300/:'2ja

CompoRetail £15.75

It till £8.59

Argos Price £5.45

Argos Price £11 II"rman 12' (3.66 m) 3 PieceFerrulessMatch

8. Lew Hoad Junior Tennis Racquet. Lam frame with fibre insert. Synthetic stringin leathergrip... ..........,.....Cat.No.

CompoRetail £7.25

Argos Price

10. Lillywhite Frowd "Champion" Squash Caneheadandshaft,nylonstringing. Cat. No. 300/1

CompoRetail £14.30

Argos Price

11. Sportivo "Mexmay" Squash Racquet. shaftwith nylonstringing... ..Cat.No.

CompoRetail £8.22

H, toll £12.10

Argos Price £8.95

Argos Price

9. Relum "Gold Cup" Badminton Racquet. nated wooden frame, steel shaft. Braided ...Cat.No. stringing.Leathergrip.

Rec. Retail £6.65

.lIow fibreglass,ceramicbutt and end rings "I c hromadintermediates ...Cat.No.325/0802


Argos Rrice

lI..rmon Youth'sFishingOutfit. Comprises5!' 'I .' piece solid fibreglass rod, reel spooled ,I"". spinner,floatand hooks. :. Cat. No. 325/0723

III toll £5.33

Argos Price £3.99

, 'HI,man TelescopicSpinning Rod. Length7' I ",) Complete with guide protector which IIl"XlmUmprotectionto rings during storage ."lllnq Cat.No.3251'0709

H tall £5.85 III

Argos Price £4.45

.lllox. 3 cantilevertrays.......Cat.No.325/0235

II tall £5.15

Argos Price £3.99

, Ilog. Insulated to keep contents hot or Uy 51gallons(24Iitres).Cat. No.345/0561

1. Telescopic Fishing Umbrella. Showerproof cover. With tilt action and extension tube for adjustment. Frame size 42" (106.7 cm). S ribs. Cat;. No.

CompoRetail £14.95

Argos Price

CompoRetail £6.95 3. Lee Trevino "Signature" Half Set of Controlite steel shafts. Rubber grips. Com and 3 woodswith laminatedmaple heads,3, 5. 7 9 ironswith stainlesssteelheadsand putter. Cat. No. 321

Rec.Retail £68.80

Argos Price

4. Christy O'Connor "World Cup" Half Clubs. Comprises 1 and 3 woods with mapleheads,3, 5, 7 and 9 irons and goose putter. Irons have stainless steel heads with backgiving heel/toe characteristics. Cat. No. 321

CompoRetail £72.95

Argos Price

5. Falcon Golf Balls. Set of 12. High velocity. balls.. . .....Cat. No.321

CompoRetail £3.60

Argos Price

6. Falcon "Black Knight" Putter, Sui left or right handedplayers.CompletelyDrCltecte," a bakedblackenamelcoating ...Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £4.35

Argos Price

7. Practice Putter. Ball is automatically batteryoperatedmecAanismwhenputted i (Batteriesand balls not supplied)...Cat. No.

CompoRetail £6.55

Argos Price


, II £5.31

Argos Price£3.45

" ··No·Glass" Insulated Jug. Polyurethane Wide mouth for easyfilling and cleaning. " nmts(369Iitres) Cat. No.345/0729 " t ,II £6.00 Argos Price£4.25 ""0 bag" Cooler Bag. keep , ',n' '" cold. Ideal for camping or picnics. " "I.lIlons (14Iitres)approx. Cat. No. 345/0475 Argos Price£4.99 1II'lnll £6.99


"Pac-Ice" Sachets. Pack of 4. Each """"cal gel for freezing to 12°F(-nOC). II, "II cooler bagsand ice boxes. Cat. No. 345/0736 11,tall £2.92 Argos Price£2.25 1,1. reo Box. Ideal for camping or picnics. 1114 '1illiOnS (22Iitres)......Cat. No.345/0578

"II £13.68

Argos Price£9.45

II liMOS" Brand "Big T" Vacuum Flask. uutk container, capacity 7 II oz (199 ml), " ily 36II oz (1.02litres)....Cat. No.345/0066 III lail £2.20 Argos Price£1.75

.t liMOS" Brand Vacuum Flasks. Set of two.



cases. Capacity 16 II oz (454 ml) .. Cat. No.345/0499

tall £2.40

Argos Price£1.75

'" RMOS" Brand Vacuum Jug. "Pour topper.Capacity3611 oz (1.02litres). Cat. No. 345/0389

, HI tail £3.85

Argos Price£2.99

U HMOS"Brand Vacuum Food Jar. Capacity vr II litre). .......Cat. No.345/0640 II Rclail £2.95 Argos Price£2.25 """"g Table. Non-Slipsurface.Convertsto an ','''y tray. Size 19"x14"x6" (4S.3x35.6x15.2 ................................Cat. No.34011534 H, Inll £5.02 .Argos Price£3.45

'•• '0"

Picnic Bag. With shoulder strap. Com-

II", k. 2 plastic cups, milk container.sandwich

I·" containerand spoon.....Cat. No.345/0592

I' R tail £8.24 11.Golf Bag. n" (19.1cm) round top. 14club Vinyl body. Clothing aha accessory pocket. hood... ............Cat. No.

CompoRetail £21.20

Argos p,rice£1

Argos Price£5.75

.'on Picnic Case. Fortour people.Comprises

oarthenware, stainless steel cutlery, III .md milk containers. 2'tood boxes and 2 " fI.ISks Cat. No.345/0138 '11 Retail£37.86 Argos Price£25.95 'nd


1. "Rally" Tent. Light-weight ridge tent in proofed nylon with sewn-in reinforced grou 3-way zip closure, ventilators and canopy. r-nmr11p.1. with poles, pegs and guy lines. Packed in valise. 6' 6"x4' 6"x3' 6" high (198.1x137.2x106.7 cm) .....Cat. No. 9" (22.9 cm) walls.......



.1 ( '055 reeded.Rubberisedfabric. Deflated Cat.No.340/1228 'HY' (2108x76.2 cm)

I Iletail £8.99

" Alrbed with Built-in Pillow. Rubberised , "oiledsize72"x28~"(182.9x72.4cm). Cat. No. 34011211

Argos Price

, Retail£7.75 2. Camping Gaz "Super Grillogaz" Double Stove. Stainless steel hob, large grill tray. side windshields, lid acts as splash-back windshield.Completewith regulator. Cat. No.


Argos Price



Argos Priee£1

Argos Price

5. Camping Gaz "Globetrotter" Stove. with 2 cooking pans,pan handle,built-in G.T. cartridge. Designed to stowaway in easycarrying.. . .......Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £11.16

Argos Price

6. Camp Kitchen. Three shelves and chro plated plate rack. Completewith windshield. flat for transportationand storage.Size23"x1 high (58.4x35.6x106.7cm).(Stovenot supplied). Cat. No. 340/1

Ree.Retail £16.63

Argos Priee£11

Argos Price£6.75

,nlm Sleeping Bag. 24 oz (0.68kg)TERYLENE 10,,)IIIling.Nyloncovered....Cat.No.340/0346

'P Retail£6.20

Argos Price £4.45

nplng Bag. 38 oz (1.08 kg) polyester filling. OIvIII'ed. All round, full length zip for conver, '.f "Dubie bedquilt. Cat.No.340/1280

'II Retail£7.45

Argos Price£5.45

",I Pump. High volume, suitable for inflating ................................. Cat. No.340/1259

'l' Retail£1.65


l"Ulo Air Mattress with Built-in Pillow. Rubber""c Deflatedsize76"x28"(193x71.1ern). Not '" lor usein saitwater Cat. No.340/1235

7. Relum"High-Pack" Rucksack.Inbuilt spring frame.Weatherproofred nylon with draw-stri One inside pocket, two outer zipped side and map pocket on hood. Waterproof . base. Leather fittings with felt padded straps..... .. Cat. No.

lip Retail£14.50

CompoRetail £13.25

lJl Retail£21.00

Argos Price

Argos Price£7.95

Hollne" Sleeping Bag. 38 oz (1.08kg) Gold " IIYLENE(polyester)filling. Nylon covered. I 11111 lengthzip for conversioninto a double I ..Cat. No.340/1273

4. Camping Gaz "Mod 5200" Stove. Completewi windshieldand cartridge.. ....Cat. No.


Argos Price£5.75

I ..aline" Sleeping Bag. 44 oz (1.25 kg) .1 NI (polyester) filling. Nylon covered. All , rllil longth zip for conversion into a double II Cal. No.340/1400

3. Camping Gaz "Ranch" Double Burner Complete with regulator and tube. Back a windshieldsfold downfor storage.Usewith Gaz904or 907containers(not supplied). Cat. No. 340/1


Argos Price£6.75

Argos Price£10.95

,"hlo Air Mattresswith Built-in Pillow. Rubber',III,e. Deflatedsize78"x51" (198.1x129.5 ern). 1.1I,le for usein saitwater.....Cat.l\{o.340/1242


Argos Price£15.95

Comp.Argos Retail Price . £15.75 £10.95 £18.95 £:13.25 £20.95 £1.4.25 ,ttl Travel Suit Cover: Protects against €lamp , I ongth 36" (91,4 em) witM generous side "",Cat. No. 28511579

Argos Price £1.35

1. Continental Style Cases. Cluality expanded Comfort grip handles and adjustable straps. Catalogue Compo

Number 285/1563 '29¥' (74.9 cm) 28511556 25¥' (64.8 cm)


Retaii £17.85£1 £16.50£11

,,' ('",don Chair. Courlene seaf and back. ,,"', .., , , Cat. No. 650/0700

t III £5.40 I


""Or. Replacementcotton canvascover

I until ,


Completewith hooks and elastiCat. No. 650/0n9

t til £4.53


1. Karobes Stretch Nylon Front Seat Covers. design. Fully washable. Offered in pai(s. Fits bucket seats. Red Cat. No. "A'~H_.

, "c" Roof Rack. Steel tubing and. alloy Adjustable gutter fittings. Carrying area Cat No. 740/0029 ,nl 6x86.4 em)

t II £17.23

Cat. No: 7A'~/1..... Blue...............................•...................

Rec. Retail £7.56

Argos Price £11.95

Argos Price Ladder/Dinghy Rack.. Tubular steel, fittings. Cross bar length 51" (129.5em). Cat No..74011657


2. Karobes Simulated Sheepskin Seat Cover. med with black stretch nylon. Fully washable. versal fitting. Catalogue Rec. Number Retail 740/0256 Front Seat £7.51 740/1482 Rear Seat(excl. arm rests) £15.66

Argos Price £9.45 Rear Screen Heater•.12 V. Complete wilh • I switch and cable. Size 32"x 10" 4 em). Can be trimmed to fit smaller ............................ Cat..No.74011640

3. Customagic Genuine Sheepskin Seat Complete with holding strap. Fits most seats Cat. No. 7/JJ~/~o?lI.

Compo Retail £18.55

t 11"£6.59

Argos Price £1

III Rear Screen Heater. 12 V. Multi-circuit , 10screen. Complete with switch arid cabie. Cat NO•.74011217 'II" (76.2x24.1 ern)

4. Karobes Simulated Sheepskin Front 100"10 high pile acrylic. Fully washable. bucket seats Cat. No. ., .,,,.ft".

Rec. Retail £12.91

1,,11 £5.9.6

,'),ot Rear Screen Heater. 12 V element fits creen. Complete with switch, warning light I.. Size 26!"x 9:!" (67.3x23.5 cm). Cat. No..740/0579

Argos Price

7. Dongora Travel Rug. Royal Stewart mixed fibres. Size including (142.2x 182.9cm)........•.................... Cat. No.


Compo Retail £8.15

Argos Price £3.25

Argos Price

6. Karobes "Ombre Ocelot" Front Seat Cover. nylon pile with 100"/. cotton backing. Trimmed matching stretch nylon. Fits most bucket seats. cleaning recommended Cat. No. 740/1

Rec. Retail £7.51

Argos Price £3.99

Argos Price

5. Karobes Beige Simulated Sheepskin Cover. Trimmed with 100"/. nylon. Fully wo,,,,h,,h" Fits most bucket seats Cat. No. 74'~/1..~.

Rec. Retail £7.51

Argos. Price £4.45

.,I),ot "700 Series" Halogen Lamps. Stainless I II 55 Watts. 12 V. Vertical or horizontal «"U Complete with lens cover. onloff switch lin Conforms to European standards. Council tri(ll Design approved. I Imp . Cat No. 740/0531 20. Sparto Telescopic Car Aerial. Chromium plated. 1"11 Lamp Cat No. 740/0672 4 sections. fully retractable. Wing fitting. Complete lell £9.99 Argos Price £6.25 with co-axial cable and key Cat. No. 74011145


Rec. Retail £3.95

Argos Price'

Argos Price £1.60

Rearguard Red Lensed Fog Lamp. 21. Raydyot "Executive" .DoorlWing Min:or. Stain'tilTl plated with ABS plastic body. 12V. Cat. No. 740/0634 less steel and chromium plated finish. Replaceable shatterproof convex glass. Adjustable, universal Argos Price £4.75 fitting. Manufactured to E.E.C.regulations. Cat No. 740/15.30


8. Scotia Travel Rug. Check design. 100"10wool. including fringe 55"x71" (139.7><'180.3 em). Cat. No. 7A'~I1"".

Compo Retail £6.70

Argos Price

9. Stadium "Carbrella" Folding Umbrella. door trim with special spring brackets Top quality frame with nylon cover.Cat. No. 7An/11.. A:.

Rec. Retail £5.95

Argos Price

10. SmitJls Battery Operated Top dash fitting. Black case and dial with hands and figures. Red centre seconds hand. 2x 1! V batteries (not supplied) Cat. No. "A'~H'&:A'_

Rec. Retail £14.63

Argos Prife

Argos Price £4.25 " rto Reversing Lamp Set. Comprises two Rec. Retail £6.73 ~teel surface mounting lamps, illuminated ttldeable.12V CatNo.740/11"38 22. Sparta "Floria" Rear ViE1wMirror. Wing or door Argos Price £3.25 mounting. Fully adjustable. Desiqned to be sprayed notall £5.22 to match colour of car. Cat. No. 74011169 Rec. Retail £3.4;8

Argos Price £2.25

411 non Electric Car Aerial. 5 telescopic sections. I t. automatically from radio on/off switch. 12 23. Raydyot Springback Convex Wing Mirrors. "plote with Cable.harnessand fitments. Stainless steel and chromium plated finish. Supplied Cat. No. 740/0689 in pairs Cat. No. 740/0524

Argos Price £15.75 Rec. Retail £9.79

Argos Price £6.25

• fluttery Charger -, D,esigned to charge at , hour (d.c. mean). '12 V only. Complies Illhr.o regulations ...\ ......Cat. No. 750/1083 HII £12.20 Argos Price £7.45

6. Scissor Jack-. Maximum vehicle (1524 kg). Closed height 4" height 15,',"(38.4 cm) .. ~ CompoRetail £5.88

'Standard 1" Battery Charger. 3.5 Amp I:' V only. Capable of fully recharging flat ',1 hours. AA. Seal of Approval. B.E.AB. .. Cat. No. 75011124 Argos Price £10.45

7. Command 4 Piece Tune-Up Kit. Comprises uum and fuel pump tester. neon timing light, starter switch and compression tester. finding and engine tuning Cat. No. 7<;nl1ln . Rec. Retail £18.90 Argos Price £1

.., II ttery Jumper LeadscSuitable for 6 V .......... Cat No. 75011100 Argos Price £1.50

8. Command Tune-Up Analyser. Operates on 6'or V systems for 4,6 or 8 cylinder engines. Measures idle r.p.rn., cam dwell angle, conditions of voltage potentials and output current of charclI". system.... ...Cat. No. Rec. Retail £23.22 Argos·Pr!ce


9. Gunson's "Colortune 500". Saves petrol by ing a perfect fuel mixture. Valuable fault di .. Cat. No. features. A.A. approved. Rec. Retail £7.78 Argos Price


10. Dixco Nelln Timing Light. To adjust timing, check automatic spark advance and aid correction of ignition troubles Cal. No. 150/1 Rec. Retail £6.50 Argos Price

2. "Tecagun" Grease Gun. Capacity 3·'. oz (99 g) Trigger action. Suitable for heavy oil to grade 2 grease. . .......Cat. No. 750/0187 Rec. Retail £8.73 Argos Price £4.99

12. Moulinex Car Vacuum Cleaner. Operates fro", V car battery. Complete with tools. Can be used inttate/detlate airbeds etc. . .....Cat. No. Rec. Retail £14.45 Argos Price


tube. A.A. Seal of Approval. Cat. No. 75011265 Argos Price £5.95

"per Beam" lan,ern. Adjustable head. on/ott switch. Operates from 1,<6 V Cat. No. 750/0345 ., (liot supplied) • t.tll £4.75 Argos Price £3.60 Ilubber Torch. Operates from 3;..SP2 bat'''Jlpliod)... . .....Cat. No. 750/0352 ,t.II£1.95 Argos Price £1.50

Moss Petrol Can. Capacity 1 gallon (4.55


t4. Wash-Matik. Specially developed priming draws clean or soapy water "to brush head bucket. Ideal for cars. boats. windows, walls paintwork.. . .....Cat. No. Rec. Retail £4.25 Argos Price

16. Davenset "Mark 6" Battery mean). Suitable for 6 V or 12 V batteries. rnnfrlrm", B.S. 3456.. ......Cat. Nq. Rec. Retail £19.95 Argos Price £1

,,11'1 Inspection lamp. Operates from 12 V If ",',Iormer. With automatic polarity setec-


3. Car Creeper. Wooden frame with padded headrest. Four independent running castors on ball bearings. Srze 15!"x35~" (38.7x90.2 ern). Height from ground 3" (7.6 cm )..; ..... Cat. No. 750/1148 CompoRetail £8.40 Argos Price £4.99 . 15, Selmar "Star" Battery Chargei. 4 mean). Fully automatic and self-resetting 4. Lew-ways Axle Stands. Extend from 10" to 16' .output short circuit. 12 V only. B.E.A.B. a (25.4 to 40.6 cm). Capacity 2 tons (2032 kg) pet Cat. No. ; pair... . ...,.. ......... Cat. No. 750/1014 Argos Price Rec. Retail £11.25 CompoRetail £8.52 A!rgosPrice £5.45 5. Weber Hydraulik Ca~ Jack. Lifting capacity 2 tons (2032 kg). Hydraulic lift. 4,'," (10.5 cm). Heights-closed 6,:" (15.5 cm). extended 13.'~."(33.4 cm).. . .... ,.. ....Cat. No. 750/1227 Rec. Retail £11.01 Argos Price £7.75

Charger. 4 Amp. Cat. No. 750/0383 Argos Price £6.75

"'Multigrip" Inspection lamp and 1I'.t"l)le jaw grips. ;" to 4~" (6 to 120 min). t"(1 240 V AC. .. Cat. No. 750/0761 t II £6.95 Argos Price £4.99


13. Simoniz Car Care Kit. Contains G.T. wax. colour restorer shampoos, wash and duster.. . .. Cat. No. 7","" Rec. Retail £4.27 Argos Price



11. Pifco Car Vacuum Cleaner. Operates .. car battery. Complete with tools ..... Cat. No. Argos Price Rec. Retail £8.95

1. Eversure Trolley Jack. A compact easily transportable hydraulic jack with lifting .capacity of 2500 Ib (1134 kg). Hydraulic lift 10" (25.4 cm). Incorporates swivelling crutch and overloadinq valve. Cat. No. 750/1045 Rec. Retail £59.40 Argos Price £39.95


I I:' V batteries only It II £9.56



to Home Office regulations. Cat. No. 750/0039' Argos Price £4.45


Anti-Theft Device. Also acts as a Supplied with two keys. Extended


29. Fiam "Sport" Twin Air Horns. 12 V. Conforms to current regulations. Complete with compressor. fittings and instructions. AA Seal of Approval. Cat. No. 74011475 Rec. Retail £14.85 Argos Price £9.95 30: Aerite Foot Pump with Dial Pressure Gauge. Reading 0-100 p.s.i. Universal fitting. Overload release valve. ..Cat. No. 750/0053 CompoRetail £9.07 Argos Price £5.75 31. PCl

E35 Foot Pump. Pre-set

dial gauge. Com-

(III I em). closed 22.:'"(57.8 ·em). Fits most plete with adaptor for mHating airbeds etc. Universal ..... ;.... Cat. No. 740/0816 fitting.. . Cat. No. 750/0132

Argos Price £3.50

'Ii Universal Mudflaps. Set of 4. No drilling I Nllt 'HJ,table for Mini fronts or VW "Bee................... Cat. No. 740/0342 .1.,11 £5.75 Argos Price £3.75

Rec. Retail


Argos Price £5.45

32. PCl E35 Foot Pump. Includes chromium plated tyre gauge and adaptor for I inflating airbeds etc. Universal fitting... . Cat. No. 750/1258 Rec. Retail £5.50 Argos Price £3.75

" ..I, '"Hi·Speed"' Fire Extinguisher. With See page 77 for socket sets and spanners. 11",I(·:kel. Contains I.CTs fire fighting chem,"I"hID for home. car etc. Guarantee: We offe'r a full money-back guaranCat. No. 750/0307 tee in addition to your statutory rights~see 1.,11 1:2.56 Argos Price £1.75· 'pa-ge""3:-"

2..Black & Decker 7900/0385 De Luxe Grinder. 5" (12.7 ern), lnduction motor grinding wheels, tool rests and eye r.p.m. For domestic use only Cat. No.£40.00

Argos Price

4. Black & Decker 55f?2Power Finishing heavy duty jobs. Dust extraction for 4000or.bits p.m Cat. No•

. Rec.Retail£35.00


5. Black & DecRer DN75 Power Plane. Twin cm) blades rotate at 13700 r.p.rn. Depth adjustable to 1.5 mm. Snap-up guard allows be used on the edges of materials and for 450 Watt motor. Double insulated ...Cat. No.



Argos Price

6. Black & Decker DN65 Power Router. For grooving etc. With a speed of up to 30000 Takes bits up to i" (19 rnm) diameter. Supplied one straight !" bit and edge guide fpr straight circular cutting Cat. No. 71.1

Ret. Retail£27.00

~rgos Price

7. Blaclt & Decker DN340 Power Jig-Saw. depths 2" (5.1 ern) in soft wood, 1" (2.54 cm) wood. Versatile for straight and intricate cuts. insulated Cat. No.


Argos Price

8. Black & Decker DNJ62 2 Speed Drill. chuck. Double insLilated..........-:.......Cat. No.


Argos Price

.. Decker D720H 2 Speed Drill. Plus ctlon, ~'.. (13 mm) chuck, Double insu..................................... Cat. N.o.j10/0707

I. "£33.00


... Docker DNJ264 2 Speed '~Block Buster" hommer action. (9.5 mm) chuck. Double I Cat. No. 110/1672 ............................


., II £27.50


ridges XJ500 2 Speed Drill. ¥' (13 mm) t switch speed control. Double insu-



Rec. Retail £9.31 3•.Black & Decker 0977 General Cable. 100' (30.5 m) of 2-core cable. double insulated tools Ca·t.

Rec. Retail £5.35


4. Ever Ready 13 Amp Fused Plugs. : Cat. . 1363.Pack of 10

, Rec. Retail £5.20

Argos Price

5. Talco 21 Piece Twist Drill Set. Chromed steel. For hand or power drills. Sizes N' to f'. shanks , Cat. No.


CompoRetail £8.85


ridges XJ504 Super Power 4 Speed mm) chuck. Manual speed cl;)al'lge. II d........ . Cal: No. 710/1627

II 39.91

Argos Price £31.95

Bridges XKSH 6" (15.2 cm) Powered Tilting base enables angle cutting from III of cut H" (3.8 cm). lncludes 6" (15.2 ross cut blade and guide fence. Double , Cat. No. 710/1445


II £32.35

Argos Price £25.95

eker 0750 Power.Workshop. V850 de peed ~" drill, wood auger bits. D980 hili stand, 0984 cireular saw'attachment, utachrnent, A9102sanding, drilling and U1220wire cup brush, U1201wirewheel o potishinq bonnet, 08002 circular saw III ,............... . Cat. No. 71011232

I II £88.00


Cat. liIo. 710/,1603

Argos Price £28.45

8. JPI Flexible Drive Shaft. Length Complete with arbor. Indispensable accessorv drilling etc. in restrictive areas Cat.

Rec. Retail £11.88


Argos Price £67.95

pphlre" Electric arill. &" (13 mm) chuck -. otor, 2 speed, double insulates. B.S.1. ,Ih carrying case Cat. No. 710/0037 11 J £36.18

Argos Price £28.95 -

Cocker 0986 Jig-5aw Attachment. Cut(19 mm) in hard wood, 1" (25.4 mm) in .......Cat. No. 710/0264

Argos Price £7.95 Ocker 0984 Circular Saw Attachment. IIJl to 1...." (30 mm). Adjustable fm deJiith I lit. Includes rip fenee ar:rd,combil:lation' cut blade. .....Oat; No. 71010271

111 £8.65

ArgosP.rice £5.95

0983 5" (12.7 cm) Attachment. Maximum cut 1",," (30 11 II S to 45°. Features sawdust and .ehip rltlllioaded guard fl)r additional' safety, Cat. No. 710/1005 'Ii

Argos Price £9.45 Oocker '0988 Finishing Sander Attach.....Cat. No. 71010233

Argos Price £5.95

Blowtofch. ......•

'Complete with 'earCat. No. 700/2458

~rgos Price£4.45. n RBT5 Blowtorch 'Kit. Consists of blow- . Itlorlng tip, flame' spreader' and diffuser "plete with cartriClge Cat. No. 700/0807

1. Black & Decker WM625"Workmate". Dual multi-purpose portable work bench. Vice 29" cm) with 4" (10.2 cm) jaw opening. Adjustable Folds for storage Cat. No. 71

Rec.Retail £42:95

I II £8.65 J

Argos Price£31

Rec.Retail £24.95

Argos Price

3. Black & Decker WM120Vice Cladding for "Workmate". Fits over vice jaws to give . protection. Horizontal and vertical "V" grooves holding tubes and conduit. Length 29"(73.7ern). Cat. No. 71


"Powerline" 969 Airless Sprayer. Comxlble nozzleand injection nozzle.Sprays "Hcide or creosote. Gapacity 1 pint (o.5i ....: Cat. No. 710/1270 •


2. Black & Decker WM400 "Workmate". height portable work bench. 4~"(10.8 cm) jaw ing, 24" (61 cm) vice jaws with taper action. Cat. No. in simple self assemblyform

Argos Price£6.45

. ,

Argos Price £9.95

.. Powerline "Sprayit" 122 COI;npressor Unit. Sprays paint, varnish. cellutose and I. Ideal for sprayinq car bodies. femci(lg. IC................. . Cat. No. 710/1744

I II £54.84

Argos Price £42.95

Argos Price

4. Black & Decker WM110 "Workmate" Arms. Set of 4. Accepts sheets of wood up. (1.83xO.91 m). For use with any Black "Workmate" Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £6.95

Argos Price

5. Black & Decker WM140 "Workmate" Saw Includes mitre guide, large and small rip fences. use with any Black & Decker "Workmate". Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £13.95

Argos Price£11

," line Heavy Duty Staple Gun·Kit. Useful-for " I"", carpeting, furniture recovering etc. Built r mover. Complete with two 'boxes of lid slorage/carrying case..Cat. No. 700t2599

I ,t "£20.00 6. Black & Decker GD80 VeHical Drill Stand. :: verts your Black & Decker drill into a highly bench drill Cat. No. 71

Rec.Retail £12.75

Argos Price


,,,lor. Carpenter's 20 Piece Tool Kit. ConI,'ctlon of fully gua~anteedcarpenter'stools' orles ,.Cat. No, 700/2506

Argos Price £14.25

, I. II £21.04 \e\


"ilil4m~'" Plane. Sheffield steei blade. Cast body.

Rec. Retail 064 14" (35.6 em) Jaek No.5 £8.75 111491' (24.1em) Smootfiing NO.4 £7.32 QU.

Rec.Retail £34.95 6. Raaco Steel Storage Cabinet. With 25 drawers which can be subdivided. Size 1 l1igh(30.5x14.6x33 em).Suitable fot Cat. No. room and for fishing tackle etc

Rec.Retail £10.80



Argos Price £6.45 £5.75

1Drill. Double pinion. 3 jaWchuck. Capacity ) Cat. No. 700/0571 II

I "£6.42

Argos Price£5.25

",. Chesterman "Setrite" Aluminium Spirit tumbs and level. Length 4W(121.9cm). Cat. No. 700/0539

Argos Price £7.95

Portable Tool Mahegany finish. Fitted with 5 felt-lined carrying handle, lock and keys. Size 1 (Ml.3x29.2x21.5 cm) Cat. No.

Ree.Retail £40.61

Argos Price

9. Salmen--;sTool Set. 4 firmer chisels, sizes a", 1" (6, 13, 19, 25 mm), beechwood mallet and em) sharpening stone Cat. No. 7nn,f~"_

CompoRetail £9.94

12. Stanley No.4 Smoothing Plane. Fine casting. Sheffieldsteel blade Cat. No. 7,nti,.,11_

Argos t'ncet:IS."

13. Stanley "Surform" PlanerfNe. Rp.vp.rsil'llp. for plane or file action. For wood, plastics and metal up to the h",'nn,,,,," steel. Needs no sharpening Cat. No. ""'117"_

Bee,Retail £3.23

Argos Price

15. Stanley "Steelmaster" Claw Hammer. /(454 g) head weight. Chrome-alloy handle, absorbing rubber grip Cat. No. 701lr/2!i.

Rec.Retail £6.64

I t II £7.71

Argos Price £5.45

n's Tool Cabinet. Polished mahogany III d with drawer, tool racks and clips. door. Size 22"x17"x6~" (55.9x43.2x17.1 " : :..Cat. No. 700/2513


tail £28.94

Argos Price £19.95

'1lIIon's Carpenter's Tool Cabinet Kit. V finished cabinet with drawer, fittings and , I ,g"x21!"xS" (73.7x54x20.3 cm). With a Ill! 45 quality tools and accessories. Cat. No. 100/2317

Argos Priee£52.95 1,,1 n's Carpenter's Tool Kit. Deep fronted lit !II w rack, spring catches and removable ;>6l"X103"x6~"(67.9x27.3x16.5 cm). With r maoequality tools and accessories. . . Cat. No. 700/1019

'l.tall £62.42

Argos Price £41.95

Argos Price

14. Stanley Aluminium Spirit Level. vials, 1plumb ami 1 horizontal. Length 24" , Cat. No.·7n~1I2'1_

Rec.Retail £4.26

nter's Vice. 5" ~12.7 cm) jaw opening. Cat. No. 70011040 Illng

Argos Price

Footprint Chisels. Setof 4. Sheffield steel.Sizesl", ~" and 1" (6, 13. 19 and 25mm). Catalogue Number 10.700/1703 Firmer 11.700/1679 Bevel

Rec.Retail £10.32


Argos Price

•• , Card and Barclaycard are welcomed II C1urCatalogue Showrooms: ' '~:;"""'."'I

. I

,V/~ ... '

..... -" ~



1. Cpp!(deic."Joint Master Mk. II". Precision sawing jig for making a wide variety of wood Size of base plate 8'i"x8~" (21.6)<'21.6cm). Com with fully illustrated lnstructlon leaflet. . Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £10.45

Argos Price

Rec. Retail £7.50 3. Spear & Jackson "Black Prince" S" coated Sheffield steel blades. handles. Catalogue Number • 700/0302 Hand 22" (55.9 cm) 70010285 Te~Qn 10" (25.4 cm)


OlE Spanne~s.Set 01 6. Chromed vanI

Cat. No. 700/2472 Cat. No. 700/2489

, <l" , lSI< 19 mm

, "£4.99 4. Spear & Jackson Hacksaw. Adjustable ch plated frame with die-cast handle and 10" (25.4 blade. Also takes 9" and 12" (22.9 and 30.5 blades,(not supplied) Cat. No.

"-, __,,-,,,_J

Rec. Retail £5.20

Argos Price £3.25

Combination Spanners. Set of 6. ted, highly polishea. .. Cat. No. 700/1992 .....,..\' Cat. No. 700/2001

Argos Price


Argos Price £2.45 I

Spanners. Set of 6.' Chromed 6. Peace Plier Set. 4 piece. I':nmn"i<.ii",n pincers, radio. diagonal and combination Cat. No.

Argos Price 7. Paramo Mechanic's Vice. 3" (7.6 cm) swivel basewith locking lever......:..Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £9.39

Argos Price

..........•.......... Cat. No. 700/2018 . Cat. No. 700/2025 181<19 mm.... t. II £5.60

. Argos Price £3.75

"II "Superslim" 30 PieCe Motorist's Tool Ii 5 AF "'''-~'',7 metric 6-19 OlE nickel


rs. screwdrivers. brake adjuster, plug d pliers Cat. No. 700/2537


"'ri;=J•• ..:

8. Burgess "Po~erline" BKI Bandsaw Kit. cuts up to 3" (7.6 cm) in wood, 1" (2.5 cm) steel, copper, brass etc.. Table size 1 (35.6x30.5 em), tilts to 45°. Made from alumi


die-casting. Complete with fence, goggles accessories'.Ideal for rnodel makers,engineers, byistsetc ·Cat.No. n

Rec. Retail £85.26


I. II £17.25

Argos Price £11.95


AF Motorist 28 Piece Tool Roll. Includes nn rs ~"X~I/~"xilt. 6 ring· spanners i"xf6"I -panner, screwdriver set, set of ignition I Icr gauge, ball-pein hammer and comII r Cat No. 700/2269 t, " £26.85 . Argos Price £17.75

" ' Cantilever Tool Trolley. On 4 castors. 6 11ft-outtray. Blue ptove·enamelled finish. Ilttlng . and !'lull along handle. Size 10\" (55.9x41.9x26.7 ern). Cat~No. 70012379

Argos Price £15.95


'"llllk "Auto 14" Computerised Electronic Givescorrect exposure automatically. Hot • co-axial connections. Uses 2xMN1500 bat• qulvalent (not supplied).. Cat. No. 560/2393


• I •••


• •• I I I


I •

Ih toll £16.12

'Argos PJice£11.45

IIMIII PE170Electronic Flashgun. Flashfactor

SA25film. Recycling time 8 seconds. Uses 00 batteriesor equivalent (not supplied). Cat. No. 560/2180


, Argos Price £8.45 . Type X Magicub~s. For use on cameras I botteries are required to operate flash. 3 Cat. No. 56011332 lIowing 12flashes :

f~etail£1.30 PROCESS-PAIDKODACOLOR" FILM. 1. Top qual,ity developing and printing at an inclusive price. Simply place your exposed' mailing envelope supplied, affix stamp a direct to the processing laboratory. NOTHING MORE TO PAY. Your film oped and printed to enprint size on h ....rtl'~rl,...... lustre finish paper and returned to you. voucher will be given for any unprintable neaativi. redeemable against your next purchase paid Kodacolor II film at Argos. Rec. Catalogue Retail Number 555/0531 110 Size Film. 20 Prints £5.03 555/0524 126 Size Film. 20 Prints £4.98 555/0555 135 Size Film. 20 Prints £4.94 55510548 135 Size Film. 36 Prints £7.87

Argos Price £1.05

Flashcubes. For use on cameras where ure required to operate' flash. 3 cubes, I:.' flashes Cat. No. 560/2458

I otail £1.30' Ink

Argos Price £0.99

EK6 Instant Colour Picture Camera.

'f'roods exposure control for daylight or flash. 1/20-1/300 sec. Motorised print 3 seconds. Dry prints which develop in III Takes Kodak PR10 film. Uses 2x7K67 (. upplied). : Cat. No. 560/2616


I otall £47.31

\ \ Argos Price £37.95 .\

I k EK4 Instant Colour Picture Camera. I<' exposure control/or daylight or flash.

I,nods 1/20-1/300 sec. Manual print delivprints develop in your hand. Takes Kodak Uses1x 7K67battery (supplied). Cat. No. 560/2609


Argos Price £29.95 2. Agfa-Gevaert Super 8 Valupak. 4x50' Agfachrome Super 8 cine films. For day or light. Processing included in price. Cat. No.

CompoRetail £13.18


t 3. Kodachrome KMA464P Super 8 Movie Film. (15.2m) cartridge. Processingincluded in price. Cat. No.


CompoRetail £3.30

Argos Price

4. Kodachrome' Daylight Film. For colour Processing and mounting included in price. KM135-36PASA2535 mm Cat. No. &;r;;''i/nl<Ul. KR135-36PASA6435mm Cat. No. r;r;;!C;/n"-tl.

CompoRetail £3.53

Argos Price '

5. Kodachrome KM459P Daylight ASA25.50' (15.2m). For standard 8 sing included in price :: Cat. No. 55!5/CI4!1.

CompoRetail £2.78

k PR10 Instant Print Film. 10 colour prints " 7x9 cm) with "Satinluxe" finish. For use 1k Instant Picture cameras,item nos. 15and Cat. No. 555/0500 ...............................

Argos Price

It tall £4.80

Argos Price £4.35

,..Id Type 87 Black and White Film. 8 prints. 3'<8.6 cm). For "Super Colour Swinger" r COlourSwinger 111" cameras. Cat. No. 555/0108

Argos Price £1.69 , lid Type 88 P2Colour Film. 8 prints, 3~"x3f' ern). For "Colour Swinger" and "Super '''Cler'' rangeof cameras. Cat. No. 555/0115

Argos Price £2.65 (

, Id Type 108 P2 Colour Film. Sprints, J < 10.8 cm). For use with ,"Super Colour III" camera. .. Cat. No. 555/0397

6. Photoflip 16 Photograph Storage and Unit. Holds 16 pictures-up to 3~"x5" (S.9x1

" tall £4.73

~~~;ra~eC~~s~y.~~.a.~I.e.s ..t~.~ ..:.i~t.~.~:t.t~o. "~,n/~'7'11.

.old Type SX70 Colour Film. 10 prints. ( I) 7.9 cm). For use in all Polaroid SX70 IIIl1ras Cat. No. 555/0476

Rec. Retail £6.50

Argos Price

7. Cambra "Photoslide" Carrying Case. covered. Holds 1S0slidesin separatecompartm Index card. Size 13lf'xS4"x2~"(34.3x21.6x7 Cat. No. ,,~,n/~'7'J.

CompoRetail £2.80

Argos Price £1

8. Web "Selfix" Photograph Album. mounted on coated board, protected by tra film. 5 double sided leaves.Large capacity for tionalleaves. Size 12"x 12"(30.5x30.5cm). Cat. No. 56(112;'.

Rec. Retail £3.75

Argos Price

9. Sunpak "Auto 24" Computerised Flashgun. Hot shoe or standard tions, Built-in exposure computer.with aperture settings. Uses4xMN1500 valent (not supplied) Cat. No.

Rec.'Retaii £28.87

Argos Price £1

10. Sunpak GX14 ElectroniC Flashgun. enough for most home situations. Hot shoe axial connections. Uses2xMN1500 batteries valent (not supplied) :.Cat. Ng. 560/:131.

Rec. Retail £8.62

Argos Price

1 toil £4.99

Argos Price £4.15

Argos Price £4.45

",Id "Super Colour Swinger" Instant Picture nnsluve "electric eye" and electronic shutI rloct exposures for black and white and fI"I' , which develop in seconds. Three ele'nd easy focusing. Takes type 87 and 88 ?>(MN1500batteries (supplied). Cat. No. 560/2111'


Argo'sPrice £18.45 ,,,III "Colour SWinger" Instant Picture Cam,Clv "electric eye". and electronic shutter 1.1 exposure for" colour prints, which " I minute. Three element lens,easyfocus- ' Iyp 88 colour film only. Uses2x IylN1500 .upplled), Cat. No. 560/2427

, , II £21.56

Argos Price £17.45

old "Super Colour Swinger 111'" Instant ,'moro. Sensitive "electric eye" and elec.11 r give perfect exposures for black and ,·"IOur prints, which develop in seconds. • III lens and easyfocusing. Takestype 87, nd 108 films. Uses 2xMN'1500 batteries I Cat. No. 560/2410

I. t II £31.30

Argos Price £23.45

"t "Super Mini.88" 110 Pocket Camera. Vn to "compact" pocket size when not in o mm lens. Push/putrfilm advance.Comn fh"'h cubeextenderand wrist chain. Cat. No. 560/2324

Argos Price £9.75 •

"Pocket lnstamaflc 130" Camera Outfit. cover. Complete with 110 Kodacolor II dill. Magicube.wrist cord and free camera .. .. Cat. No. 560/2290 1

3. Kodak "Insfamatic 277X" Camera element "Reomar" lens for sharp pi guide settings..Complete with 126 Kodacolor Magicubeand wrist strap Cat. No. 56IJ/2:641.

CompoRetail £20.62

Argos PricQ£1

4. Agfa "Autostar X126" Camera.Fixed mm lens. Shutter speed1/60 sec. Automati of Magicube.Completewith 126colour film cord Cat. No. 56()/2541.

CompoRetail £7.25


",Il-UP at the flick of a switch. fll lens.25 • mm focal length. Complete with "flip" wrist strap. Takes 110 colour film cart.........Cat. No. 560/2520

Argos Price £19.95 "Pocket Tele-Instamatic 330" Camera Innses. one for standard shots and a tele I

Argos Price

brings the subject into close-up at the Itch. Completewith 110Kodacolor II film .I9,cubeandwrist cord. I Cat. No. 560/2300

Argos Price £21.50 "Loadmatic lEF" 110 Pocket Camera. Illree element lens. Optical viewfinder. Ith clip on/clip off electronic flash attach.1' t strap. Flashuses2,<MN1500batteries ................................ Cat. No.560/2331

., II

7. Agfamatic "2000" Pocket Camera Outfit. release system for sharper pictures. f9.5/26 m element lens. Shutter speed 1/) 00 sec. and 1/50 for flash. Sunny/cloudy exposure settings. 110 colour film. Magicube. extender and. chain. .. Cat. No.560/1

CompoRetail £23.15

"PF 628 Tele-Hanomatic" 110 Pocket

ictudes a tele lens which brings the sub-

Argos Price

6. Agfa "Autostar" 110 Pocket Camera lens. Shutter speed 1/80 sec. Automatic of 1/40 sec.Completewith 110colourfilm. and wrist cord................. ..Cat. No. 5611l12~till.

Comp. Retail £10.25


Argos Price

5. Halina "Micro-matic" 110 Pocket Camera. use instant load 110 camera. Complete cubeextenderand wrist strap.........Cat..No. 56()/25:J1.

Rec. Retail £7.95

Argos Price £12.95

Argos Price £21.95 'Mini Electro" 110 Pocket Camera. With Itonic flash. Closes down to "compact" when not in use.Push/pull film advance. 1111 wrist chain. Uses4x MN2400batteries .............Cat. No.560/2513

Argos Price £21

:.Argos Price £19.95 "PE 410" 110 Pocke.t Camera. With -erronlc flash. f5.6 lens. Shutter .speed lIullt-ln portrait lens for close-ups at the Ilch. Uses2xMN1500batteriesor equiva1111 I with wrist cord........Cat. No. 560/2661


Comp. Retail £14.75 9. Kodak "Pocket Instamatic 230" Two weather guide settings and bright der. Complete with 110 Kodacolor II film Magicubeand wrist cord. ...Cat.No. r;;",n/~"A.

Comp. Retail £22.52

Argos Price £1

1111 £36.00

Argos Price £25.95

Batteries are. not supplied with any


1. Halina" 3000 35 mm Camera. With bui 'exposure meter. f2.8/45 mm tens. Shutter

1/30-1/250 sec. Hot shoe and 3 mm flash Completewith carrying case Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £27.95

Argos Price

2. Halina 2000 35 mm Camera. f2.8/45 mm Bright line viewfinder. 'Shutter speeds<..1 sec. Hot shoe and 3imrri flash contacts. with carrying case :: Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £22.95;

Argos Price

3. Mamiya MSX50035 mm SLRCamera. mm lens with 42 mm screw.mount. TTL metering with spot system.Focal plane speeds from 1·1/500 sec and B. Hot contact. Cat. No. 5611/26111.

Compo Ret~iI £119.95


4. Mamiya M135Compact 35 mm ~un. f2.8/38 mm fully automatic lens.Sh '1/30-1/650 sec. Features "flash ready" i viewfinder: Coupled rangefinder and- built-in meter.Completewith caseand wrist cord. Cat~No.

Compo Retail £79..95


5. Praktica LTL3 35 mm SLR Camera. f2.8/50 mm lens with 42 mrn screw closed aperture metering, centre weighted. steel focal plane shutter with speeds from secand B. Completewith case.......Cat. No. 561~n_.

. Compo Retail £144.38

':,.. Argos Price £87.50 "'ll 6050 Dual Gauge 8 mm Cine Projector. mm zoom lens. Three speeds in both "Icl reverse,including slow motion. 100 W mp Cat. No.570/1177

tall £110.00

Argos Price

6. Canon 318 MB Super 8 Cine Camera. . mm power zoom with Macro setting. Autorna'_ through-tha-Iens metering. Filming speeds and single shot. Complete with case. 561~/[I!iII. 1500batteriesor equivalent. Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £98.95

100SMDual Gauge 8 mm Cine Projector. mm zoom lens.Automatic reel to reel film Vllrillble speed including slow motion and lion. 12V/100W QuartzHalogenlamp. Cat. No..570/1184


7101 "Jaguar" 35 mm Slide Projector• 'puration. f2.8/85 mm lens. Turbo fan cool,.Iote with standard magazine.300 W I.Q. .. Cat. No. 570/1043 t,

'lIe 7102 "Jaguar" Automatic 35 mm Slide , 12.8/85 mm coated lens. Remote control Ion slide change and side lever focusing. with 300 W I.Q. lamp and standard ............................ Cat. No.570/1050

,t II £59.86 I

Argos Price £31

9. GAF 102A Super 8 Zoom Cine zoom. f1.8 colour coated lens. Fully CdS electric eye for correct exposure. at 18 f.p.s. Push button trigger. Optical with exposure warning signal. Removable 'strap attaches to either side for firm effortless Uses4x MN2400batteriesor equivalent. Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £65.00

Argos Price

10.RevueS3CameraTripod. Rigid s-secnon legs. Rising centre column with pan and' ti Height closed23~"(59.7cm),open 59~"(151.1 Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £22.95

Argos Price

11. Cinerex 707 Dual Gauge 8 mm Cine Prc)ject41 f1.5/20-32 mm zoom lens. Auto-threading. reverse, variable speeds,plus still picture. 400' (122m) of film Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £78.95

Argos Price

12. GAF 1200Super 8 Cine Projector. f1 zoom lens. Features include film cutter. automatic film threading and a 12 V/100 W lamp.Supplied in self-containedcarrying case. Cat. 1"0. 57011

Rec. Retail £97.15

Argos Price £31.50

Argos Price £42.50

Argos' Price

8. Fujica P1 Single 8 Cine Camera. f1.8/1 fixed focus lens. Automatic CdS exposure Provision for film speeds 16-400 ASA. 4xMN1500 batteries or equivatent. Complete pouch and wrist strap Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £44.56

t. "£43.68

Argos Price

7. Halina Automatic Super 8 Cine 24 mm manual zoom lens. Built-in meter and bad light indicator. Direct der. Footage counter. Uses 2xMN1500 equivalent. Cat. No. 5l)lg/tl:.ll.

Rec. Retaii £49.95

Argos Price £82.50

Argos Price

101 Slide Projector with RotaryTray. f2.8/85 MllOualforward/reverseoperation.Turbine V/150 W Quartz Halogen lamp.Complete dlt 36slide tray and 100slide rotary tray. Cat. No. 570/1160

,I "£59.95

Argos Price £33.95

, ,olor 50 Slide Projector. Push/pull slide mm lens.Stack loading for 2"x2" (50x50 Halogenlamp Cat. No. 570/0893

toll £28.45

Argos Price £25.95

III' lC "Rondette 1500A" Slide Projector. ",n Hanimar lens. Remote control forwardl IIclo change. Impeller cooling. 150 W I.Q. ull d with standardmagazine. Cat. No: 570/1067

Argos Price £55.95 3103 Rotary Magazine. Takes 122x35 ultablefor all Gnomeand most Hanimex .. Cat. No.570/1081

II £3.46

Argos Price £2.75

PAnD-Vue"Auton'iatic Tabletop Viewer. II. Ilion. Holds stack of up to 36 cardboard uc mounted slides: Uses2xU2 batteriesor I Cat. No. 570/0752

tall £11.95

Argos Price £8.95

Mode' 10 "Viewmaster". Daylight stereo III5 magnification.Completewith 2 "View,,·,,1stereocards Cat. No. 570/0879

, "£5.00

Arg0!i Price £3.99

t : Batteries are not supplied-with any



1. Regent Binoculars. Fully coated ChancePilkington optical lenses.Central focusing and riqht eye correction. Complete with carrying case and neckstrap. Rec. Argos Catalogue Retail Price Number £22.78£16.95 580/06838,,40 £23.79£17.95 58010690 10)(50 £27.00£19.95 58010700 16x50 2. Tasco Zoom Binoculars. Magnification 7><15>.<35 Ii11m.Field of view 300' at 1000 yards (91.4 m at 914.4 m). Fully coated optics giving extremely high 'definition. Complete with nsckstrap and carrying ease.Manufacturer's10yearguarantee. Cat. No. 58010652

CompoRetail £67.95

Argos Price £43.95

3. Lumex 40>.<40 mm Telescope. 40 x magnification . with 40 mm coated objective lens. Complete with table-toptripod. Idealfor the younq observer. Cat. No. 580/0717

CompoRetail £10.13

Argos Price £7.45

4. Tasco PocketTelescope. 30 x rnaqnificationwith 30mmfully coatedobjective lens...Cat. No. 580/0614

Rec. Retail £7.50

Argos Price £5.25

5. Reactolite Sunglasses. Photochromic lenses change from very light to dark tint in seconds, according to tne brightness of the surroundings. Gold colour metalframe.Completewith case. Cat. No. 580/0542

Comp.Retail £12.95

Argos Price £7.95

6. Silber Lenticular Tripod Projection Scr.een.Spring tension roller. Screen retracts for storage. Screen size40""40" (101.6/101.6cm)........Cat. No.510/0226

Rec.Retail £19.95

Argos Price £7.45

8. Lumex Astronomical Refractor Telescope. Cornplete with full size adjustable wooden tripod, terrestial eyepiece et 44 power and two astronomical eyepiecesof 64 and 88 power. Accessoriesinclude sunfilter, diagonalmirror and accessorytr-ay. Cat. No. 580/0124

CompoRetail £50.76

, <1>iaccaglia 3718"Condor" Electric Organ.37 keys plu.s-18 bass notes and 1 row of trebles. 2 speed "I"otric motor for soft/loud effect. Shock proof poly·,Iyr.enecabinet. On/off pilot lamp. Musical mstruclion book included. Size 28a"x13~"x3oa"(73x34 78,1ern). ...Cat.No. 540/0935

Re«.Retail £65.96

Argos Price £45.95

10.Stylophone Portable Electronic Organ. Built-in unpllfier and speaker, fully transistorised. 11 hromatlcoctaves.Notesare picked out by styluson , fla! keyboard.Output socket for externalamplificalion. Complete with free demonstration record by lIolt Harris.Operatesfrom PP3battery(not supplied). ';lIe6~" '3~"~ 1~"(15.9'9.5x3.8cm). Cat. No. 540/0928

Rec,Retail £12.99

Argos Price £10.95

II. Bontempi B105 Elect~ic Reed Organ. 2 octave ""yboard, comprising 15 white keys and 10 black '''ys plus 8 button basssection.Completewith music ,I.,,,dand instructions. Size25~"x11~"x28"high (inc. 1,,'1 ')(65.4.>< 29.2" 71.1cm) Cat. No. 540/0911

CompoRetail £30.68

Argos Price £23.95

12. Bontempi B9 Electric Reed Organ. 3 octave "yboard. comprising 22 white keys, 15 black keys pills, n2 button bass section. Complete with music r.ind and instructions. Size 36~".,12~"'<3H" high inc. legs)(92.1><31.1'<80.6 ern)......Cal. No.54010904

CompoRetail £50.89

Argos Price £39.95

Argos Price £11.95

7. Malroy Projector Table. Teakeffect Melaminetop and shelf. White enamelledtubular steel legs. Folds flat when not in use. Height open 38" (96.5em).Top shelf size 16"x12"(40.6cmx30.5 ern). Cat. No. 570/0927

CompoRetail £10.20


Argos Price £34.95

13.Ka,y.Guitar. Student size. 6 steel strings. Deco,Indsound hole. Full rich tone......Cat. No. 54010760

Con1J? Retail £17.25

Argos Pr~ce£12.45

14. Kay Classic Guitar. Intermediate-sizecelluloid body, nickel silver frets and natural top. ,(lll\ lete with nylon strings which are.easyon the .. Cat. No_540/0942 ''''«(ers.


com, Retail £25.16

Argos Price £17.95

15 Kay Guitar Outfit. Studentsize guitar with'6 steel 'lin S. Completewith.bag, plectrum, neck cord and "il action booklet with demonstrationrecord. Cat. No. 54010184

Argos Price £15.95

1. Binatone "T.V. Master Mk. 4" Video Game. By connecting to aerial socket of your T.V. enables you to play tennis, football, squash or handball. Remote control levers. Automatic score recording. Speed control and built-in sound system. Suitable for any colour or monochrome 625 line UHF television sets. Operates from 6 x 1.5 Volt U11 batteries. Cat. No. 530/0523

Rec.Retail £39.95

Argos Price£19.95

2. WalthamW136PortableBlack andWhite625Line UHF Television. 12" (30.5 cm) screen. Rotary programme tuner. Complete with earphone, loop antennaand battery lead. Operatesfrom 240V A.C. mainsor 12V battery Cat. No,530/0554

CompoRetail £97.95

Argos Price£67.95

3. Sportel "Series 600" Colour T.V.Video Game.By connecting to the aerial socket of any colour or monochrome625 line UHFT.v. enablesyou to play football, table tennis',squashor handball.Individual controls with vertical and horizontal movementof players, ball speed control, manual or automatic service.On screenscoring, ball soundsand different colouredplayers.(N.B.colour is only picked up from a colour T.V.set).Operatesfrom 240VAC. mains. Cat. No. 53010561

Rec.Retail £69.50

Argos Price£42.50

4. GEC M1501HPortable Black and White 625 Line UHFTelevision. 15"(38.1cm) screen.6 push button tuner and automatic frequency control. Complete with loop aerialand earphonesocket.Operatesfrom 240 V A.C. mains or 12 V D.C. car battery. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No,530/0547

CompoRetail £114.19

Argos Price£95.00

5. Pye 177 Portable Black and White Television. 12" (30.5cm) screen.6 channelpush button selectorfor UHF625 line operation.Completewith loop antenna and outside aerial socket. Operates from 240 V A.C.mainsor 12V battery.. Cat. No.530/0509

CompoRetail £116.91

Argos Price£79.95

'6. Ferguson 3816 Portable Black and White Television. 12"(30.5cm) screen. 4 channelpush button selector for UHF625 line operation. Completewith loop antenna and outside aerial socket. Operates from 240 V AC. mains or 12 V D.C. car battery. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.530/0451

CompoRetail £94.98

Argos Price £69.95

7. Ferguson3848Portable Black and White625line UHF Television. 12" (30.5 cm) screen. Electronic varicaptuner with rotary programmeselector.Slider controls for contrast and brightness.Operatesfrom 240VAC. mainsor 12V battery. Cat. No. 530/0530

CompoRetail £94.98

Argos Price£69.95

8. Bush YX9002Stereo Headphones.Nominalimpe· dance (stereo) 4-22 Ohms. Frequencyresponse20 Hz-15KHz.Individual slider volume controls, mono/ stereoswitch. Removablecoil leadwith stereojackplug. . Cat. No.510/2219

CompoRetail £15.95

Argos Price£11.95

9. Alba H6 Stereo Headphones. lmpedance 4-16 Ohms.Frequencyresponse25-18000Hz.Max.power rating 0.3 Watt. Curl cord with standard stereo jackplug.....................................•..Cat. No.510/3782

CompoRetail £7.60

Argos Price £8.45

11. Music Centre/T.V. Stand. Width adjustable between 21"-34"(53.3-86.4cm). Height 16" (40.6 cm). Completewith castorsfor easymovement.Matches speakerstandsitem no. 12 Cat. No.510/3816

CompoRetail £13.50

Argos Price£9.95

12. Pair of Speaker Stands. Each stand raises speaker 12" (30.5 cm) from ground to reduce resonances and improve stereo separation. Matches musiccentrestanditem no. 11 Cat. No.510/3892

CompoRetail £11.50

Emitape Hi-DynamieC90 Cassettes. Pack of 3. cassettegives90 mins.of playingtime. ·...11 Cat. No. 510/3122

U c. Retail £5.35

Argos Price£2.75

,. Audio Magnetics Standard Low Noise Cassette '.pos. With built-in headcleaner.Packof 10.Playing '"" C9()'-90 mins., C60.-60 mins. each. Complete 1111 plastic storage/carrying box. , ,,!ologue Rec. 'iurnber Retail Price 10/3847 C90 £16.35£7.45 10/3854 C60 £13.00£5.95 1'1,Audiogold Low NoiseCassetteTapes.Packof 5. 'I,'y'ng times e90-90 mins., C60.-60 mins. each. ompletewith interlockable/stackablestoragerack. « ~tnlogue Rec. Argos [umber

10/3737 C90 10/3830C60 t

Retail Price £5.60 £2.75' £4.30 £2.25

Bib Record Care Kit. Comprising automatic ("oov-Kleen", stylus and turntable cleaner,record ,,,,t·off,cleaninqcloth and spirit level. Cat. No. 51011612

, C.

Retail £3.13

Argos Price £2.35

If Bib "Musicentre" Care Kit. AII-in-onerecordand ".sette care kit. Comprising "Groov-Kleen"clean111.) brush, stylus cleaner, record dust-off, cassette "', cleaner,re-recordtabs,extractor t001and pack I roptaeementtitle labels Cat. No.510/3476

~I c. Retail £5.15

Argos Price£3.75

Argos Price £5.95

10, Bush YX9003 Stereo Headphones. Nominal impedance6-22 Ohms. Frequencyresponse40 Hz15KHz.Individual volume controls and coiled connectinglead Cat. No.510/3823

CompoRetail £10.90


Argos Price £8.7:5

Bib 109Cassette RecorderCare Kit. Comprising .'",ette head cleaner with hub retaining clip, casfie tape splicer, title labels, reel of splicing tape, .,," winder and T-pin. Supplied in plastic storage IX : Cat. No.510/3799

c. Retail £4.47

Argos Price£3.25

Bib "Auto-Change" RecordCare Kit. Comprising ,I"'changer "Groov-Kleen",stylus cleaner, record .nolen,recorddust-offand cleaningbrush. Cat. No. 510/!Ja09

c. Retail £2.60

Argos Price£1.99

"I lise note: Batteries are not supptled with any I In.

1. Cambra "Music Mobile". Teak effect finish with hinged dust cover. Holds up to 69 cassettes and 150 L.P. records. On castors. Size 2H"x23r;14~" (54.6x60.6x37.2 ern). Packed flat for home assem..Cat. No. 510/3885 bly.....

CompoRetail £26.99

Argos Price £18.95

2. Crown Merton Cassette Storage or Carrying Case. Holds up to 42 cassettes. Slide-away handle. Size 11"x 14~"x3" (27.9'<37.2x7.6 cm). Cat. No. 510/3878

Rec. Retail £6.50

Argos Price £4.99

3. Cassette Storage Cabinet. Holds 32 cassettes. Teak effect finish with smoked plastic removable lid. . . Cat. No. 510/2635

Argos Price £4.99

CompoRetail £6.99

4. Cambra 69 Cassette Cabinet. Holds 69 cassettes in separate divisions. 36 in top of cabinet and 33 in , drawer. Teak effect finish with transparent hinged lift off lid. Size 11"x 15:", 6~" (27.9v38,7 ~ 17.1 ern). Cat. No. 510/3483

CompoRetail £14.05

Argos Price £9.75

5. Crown Merton "Case-bar" Revolving Cassette Storage Unit. Holds 21 cassettes. Designed for multistacking, Diameter (19,7 cm). height (18.7 cm).. . .. ,Cat. No. 510/2343


Rec. Retail £4.99


Argos Price £3.45

6. Crown Merton "Keyboard" Cassette Storage Unit. Easy selection. Units can interlock and are stackable. Size 9;"> 3~"Y5~" (241,<9.5'< 14.3 cm). Cat. No. 510/3160

Rec. Retail £2.95

Argos Price £1.75

7. Cambra "De Luxe" Cassette Case. Padded vinyl covered. Holds up to 45 cassettes. Removable insert to allow use as document case. Gilt locks. Size 15rx3]"'<12~" (38.3'<8.3x31.4 cm). Cat. No. 510/3861

CompoRetail £5.18

Argos Price £3.75

8. Cassette Carrying Case. PVC covered with internal compartments to hold 32 cassettes, Cat. No. 510/3177

Rec. Retail £3.25

Argos Price £2.25

9. Record Storage Case. Vinyl covered. Holds fifty 12" (30.5 cm) L.P. records.. .....Cat. No. 510/3098

Rec. Retail £3.30

Argos Price £2.45

10. Record Storage Case. Vinyl covered. Holds fifty 7" (17.8 cm) single records Cal. No. 510/3108

Rec. Retail £2.40

Argos Price £1.75

13, Sharp RT2000 Stereo Dolby Cassette Deck. Pre..up with built-in automatic Cr02 selector and autotop. SL<!e16"x4~"x10k" (40.6x11.4x25.6 em). (Must " used in conjunction with stereo amplifier or .toreo system)....... ."".".Cat. No. 510/2965

+lcc. Retail £111.25

Argos Price £89.95

14, Ferguson 3279 Stereo Cassette Deck. CrO bias MId equalisation switch, pause control. twin2 V.U. moters, illuminated function control. auto/manual ,,,cord level, tape counter and auto-stop, Sockets for tureo microphone. headphone and DIN input. Size 1'''/12r'x9'' (8.6x32.4x22,9 ern). (Must be used in lonjunction with stereo amplifier or stereo sysI m) " .." ..".,,"""" ..".".Cat. No. 510/3373

CompoRetail £71.43

Argos Price £53.95

16, Duette 1004 Battery/Mains Radio/Cassette lIocorder. LW/MW/SWIVHF. Built-in microphone. auto-record level and auto-stop. DIN socket. Oper.t,)S from 240 V A,C, mains or 5xSP2 batteries. Size 1:Ii"x 1O,;"x51" (35x27x14 ern). " .... Cat. No. 510/3603

~ec. Retail £72.95

Argos Price £49.95

16, Alba

CR28 Battery/Mains Radio/Cassette lIilcorder. LW/MW/VHF. Built-in microphone, auto'"cord level, 3 digit tape counter. auto-stop, battery condition/racord level meter and "sleep" switch for witchinq off radio automatically, Slider volume and controls. Operates from 240 V A.C. mains or ~. HP2 batteries. Size Ji"xln"x3" (19.1x29,6x7.9 111). ." " "" "".Cat. No. 510/3593

CompoRetail £53.70

Argos Price £39.95

11, Ferguson 3283 Battery/Mains Radio/Cassette II corder. LW/MWIVHF with AFC, Built-in "electret" • ondenser microphone, auto-record level control, "ll)ital tape counter and auto-stop, Sockets for earIlhones, external microphone record and playback, Operates tram 240 V A.C. mains or 4x HP2 batteries, >lie 121"x8~"x3~" (32.4x21 x8.6 ern). Cat. No. 510/3311

CompoRetail £65.56

Argos Price £48.95

18, Pye 9012 Battery/Mains Radio/Cassette Recor110r.LW/MW/VHF. Built-in "electret" condenser rnicrophone, auto-level control, 3 digit tape counter and "iter SWitch to eliminate interference when recording horn radio. Auto-stop, slider tone and volume conlrots. Operates from 240 V A.C, mains or 4xHP2 IIIltteries. Size n"x 11~"x3&" (19.7x30.2x8,9 ern). Cat. No. 510/3634

CompoRetail £70.77

Argos Price £52.75

11. Cambra Record Storage Cabinet. Teak effect with removable smoke coloured lid. Holds up to seventy 12" (30.5 cm) L.P. records .. Cat. No. 510/3153

to, Mobile Multi-Purpose Unit. Teak Melamine finish. Acllustable shelves. Size 3H";.,17~"x15~" (80x43,8 38.4 cm). Packed flat for easy home assembly, Cat. No. 610/0928

CompoRetail £10.80

nec. Retail £27.85

Argos Price £7.75

12. Duette 1005 Battery/Mains Radio/Cassette Recorder. MV)/IVHF with AFC. Built-in condenser mi crop hone, auto-level control and auto-stop. "Sleep" facility and telescopic VHF aerial. Denim carrying case has pockets for cassettes and accessories. Operates from 240 V A.C. mains or 4" HP11 batteries. Size 7rx9~"x2t (19.1 ,<24.9x 7 cm). Cat. No. 510/3335

Rec. Retail £53.95

Argos Price £31.50

Argos Price £2'0.95

20. General Purpose Storage Unit. Teak effect Melamine laminated surfaces. Three sections. Dividcan be used as shelves, Size 45fx 151"x 19~"high (116.5x40x48,6 cm). " .." ......" ...." ...Cat. No. 610/1295


Rec. Retail £4t.95 Please note: Itom.


Argos Price £29.95 are not supplied

with any

rundig C260 Battery/Mains Cassette Recorder. "II rn condenser microphone and auto-record "I '-0ng life sound head fitted. Operates from 240 A C mains or SxHP11 batteries. Size 10';"x2g"x6t 6" 16.8 cm). . Cat. No. 510/3689


Argos Price£43.95

Philips N2208 "Hipster" Battery/Mains Cassette order. Built-in "electret" microphone. Auto-level IIlrnl. Operates from 220/240 V A.C. mains or IIP11 batteries. Size 9k"x61"x2~" (23.2x 1S.9x6.4 ) .. .. Cat. No. 510/2927



, mp.Retail£35.36

Argos Price£27.95

Pye 3214 Battery/Mains Cassette Recorder. Builtelectret" microphone. Auto-record level, long life .•lIs. pause control and quick repeat facility. Auto'11 with indicator light. DIN sockets for amplifier. IIHnal microphone and record player. Operates "n 240 V A.C. mains or 6xHP11 batteries. Size ~-. n"x2~" (27.6x19.1 x7 cm) .......Cat. No. 510/3359

mp.Retail £46.39

Argos Price£35.95


W104 Battery/Mains Cassette Waltham 11.. order. Auto-level control. DIN socket. Piano key mtrots and slider volume control. Complete with rrrophone, mains lead and earphone. Operates II"n 2201240V A.C. mains or 4 x HP11 batteries. Size • 2;"x9;1" (14x7x23.S cm). Cat. No. 510/2604


Argos Price£15.95

II. Ferguson 3289 Battery/Mains Cassette 'Iftcorder. Built-in condenser microphone. auto-stop ·"d slider control for volume. Sockets for external ucrophone and earphone. Operates from 240 V A.C. batteries. Size 10i}"xSil"x2ii" uuns or 4xHP11 ........ Cat. No. 510/3342 '05><14.3x6.5 cm). ...

omp.Retail£26.74 ,.



Argos Price£21.00 Battery/Mains


I corder. Built-in condenser microphone and auto2. Waltham 123 Battery/Mains Recorder. LW/MWIVHF with AFC. Built-i denser microphone. Tuning/battery level Auto-stop and ALC. Slider controls for volume tone. Sockets for external microphone and phone. Operates from 240 V A.C. mains or 4xH batteries. Size ?f'x 12il"x3~" (19.4x32.1 x8.6 cm).

Cat. No. " ..""".,,_


Argos Price 1....1).:'....

top. Slider volume control. Piano key function ontrols. Sockets for earphone and external microI.hone. DIN socket for direct recording from external iurce. Operates from 240 V A.C. mains or 4xSP11 I",fteries. Size 10~"x5~"x2~" (26.7x 13.6x6.7 cm). . Cat. No. 510/3665

CompoRetail£25.10 f.



Argos Price£17.95 Battery/Mains


II corder. Built-in condenser microphone with ALC. Auto-stoP. tone control and piano key operation. Operates from 240 V A.C. mains or 4x HP11 batteries. ,lIe 10"x5"x2~" (25.4x12.7x7 cm). Cat. No. 510/3366


Argos Price£18.45

14. Alba R29 Battery/Mains Cassette Recorder. Ih,,'I·in microphone. auto-stop and A'-C. Sockets for e.irphone and external microphone. Slider volume control. Operates from 240 V A.C. mains or 4xHP11 hnftenies. Size 9~"x5~"x2~" (24.1 x 13.3x6.4 cm). Cat. No. 510/3672

Compo Retail £27.20 Rec.Retail£49.95 5. Philips AR060 "Hipster". Radio/Cassette Recorder. MWIVHF scopic VHF aerial. Built-in "electret" radio interference filter, auto-record level volume control. Operates from 220/240 V or 6xHP11 batteries. Size 9!,'x6~"x2¥' ern). . Cat. No.


Argos Price£41

6. Pye 9003 Battery/Mains Cassette Remote control microphone. Auto-record level auto-stop. Operates from 240 V A.C. mai 4xHP11 batteries. Size 6k"x8i!"x2';" (1S.9x21.9 ern). . Cat. No. !'i11112'g.t1'"


Argos Price

Argos Price£18.95

15. Jones 5150 Battery/Mains Cassette Recorder. lIudt·i" microphone, auto-stop and ALC. Sockets for IJIN and remote control microphone. Operates from '40 V A.C. mains or 4xHP11 batteries. Size 10:"><5rx2~" (26x14.6x6.4 cm) ...... Cat. No. 510/3696


Please note: Item.


Argos Price£16.95

are not supplied

with any

GIVE ARGOS GIFT VOUCHERS Ideal for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£1.00, £2.00, £5.00. Available from all showrooms.

facility. Auto-stop,auto-recordleveland pausefacility. Socketsfor headphonesand5 pin DIN.Size(unit) 30~"x7~"x13l" (76.5x19.1)<'34cm). Cat. No. 510/3414

, Ferguson3471 Music Centre. Output 2x9 Watts (music).LW/MWIVHFwith stereodecoderand AFC. Multi·speedsingle play auto/manual record deck o'IIlhcueing device. Cassette player/recorder fea· hiles auto-recordlevel,auto-stopand pausecontrol. -ocketsfor stereo microphonesand stereo headphones. Size (unit) 22"xI4~"x6J" (SS.9x36.8x16.S 111). . Cat.No.510/3407

Rec.Retail £254.95

CompoRetail £176.35

1. Sharp SG315 De Luxe Music Centre. Output 2)(15 Watts (rms). 2 speed semi-automatic rim driven radio with stereo record deck. LW/MW/SWIVHF decoder and AFC. Stereo cassette recorder with Cr02

Argos Price £199.50

2. Alba 9071 Music Centre. Output 2x7.S Watts (rms).BSRmulti-speedsingle play record deck with cueing device. LW/MWIVHF radio with stereo decoderandAFC.Stereocassetterecorderwith Cr02 switch. Auto-record level and twin microphones. Sockets for additional speakersand headphones. Size(unit)211"x16",",7]"(55.2,,40.6x18.4cm). Cat. No. 510/3005

CompoRetail £230.00

Argos Price £149.95

3. Mobile Storage Unit. Teak effect foil finish. 3 drawersfor cassettes,accessoriesetc. Sliding horizontal shelf. Size S1i"'(15l"/19" high (130.8x 39.4x48.3cm).Packedflat for homeassembly. Cat. No. 610/1453

CompoRetail £59.20

Argos Price £39.95

4. Akai 40000SMk. 11 Stereo TapeDeck. 3 heads, off-tapemonitoring,sound on sound,sound mixing. Auto shut-off,pausecontrol and two V.U.meters.3~" or 7r (9.S or 19.1 cm) I.P.S. Size 12rx1Sj"xn" (" 19.3 cm). B.E.A.B.approved.(Must be used in conjunction with stereo amplifier or stereo system)........................... . Cat.No.510/0912

Rec:Retaii £208.50

Argos Price £155.00

5. Extending'StorageUnit. Teak effect vinyl finish. Top can be extended from 4n" to 78~"(121.6 to 199.4cm). Suitable for use in a corner. Depth lSi" (39.7cm). height 19"(48.3ern).Packedflat for home assembly Cat.No.610/1446

Rec.Retail £51.95

Argos Price £39.95

Argos Price £129.95

T, Waltham STM 45 Music Centre. Output 2x 10 Wntts (music). Multi-speed auto-changer. LW/ MW/SW/VHFradio with stereo decoder and AFC .toreocassetterecorderfeaturesCr02 switch,oscil'.llor switches and auto-stop. Socket for headphones. Size (unit) 8"x2S~")<, lSl" (20.3x64.8x40 (111). .. Cat.No.510/3397 CompoRetail £183.27

Argos Price £132.50

S, Fidelity MC3 Music Centre. Output 2x8 Watts (rms).LW/MWIVHFradio with stereo decoder and "FC. Multi-speedsingleplayrecorddeckwith cueing doviceandbiascompensator.Stereocassetteplayer/ rocorderfeatures ALC, oscillator switch, auto-stop .tndtape position indicator. Socketsfor stereornicrophones and headphones. Size (unit with lid) hl"x2H"x 141"(16.Sx54x37.5cm)..Cat.No.510/3380

Rec.Retail £159.50

Argos Price £119.95

. GEC 5019 Music Centre. Output 2x 10 Watts (music).LW/MW/SWIVHFwith stereo decoderand IIFC. BSR 3 speed auto-changer.Stereo cassette "corder with automatic Cr02 facility and pause witch. Sockets for headphonesand stereo rnicrophone. Size (unit) lSJ"x23~"x7l" (39.4xS8.7x 16.4cm). ..Cat.No.510/3421

CompoRetail £192.02

Argos Price £132.50

1. Waltham STM 25 Audio Unit. LW radio with stereo decoder. Push (to prevent VHF programme drift), selection, gram and on/off. BSR 3 change record player. Slider controls for balance and tone. Sockets for headphones 5 pin DIN. Output 2x8 Watts (music). (unit) 7"x 17"x 14~"(17.8x43.2x36.8 cm). Cat. No. 51


Argos Price

"rnhill Stereo RecordPlayer.Output2x3 Watts ) BSR 3 speed auto-changer. Size (unit) cm).. 1:1:."><7l"(41.9x34.3x19.1 Cat. No. 510/3050

, Retail£59.60

, Idolity UA4 Stereo Unit. Output 2x2.5 Watts ) BSR 2 speed auto-changer.Separate volon/off. tone and balance controls. 5 pin DIN for tape. Size (unit) 15"x7;"x 15~" "I .Cat.No.510/0039 I 18.4x39.4ern). t

2. Fidelity HF42 "Mini" Record.Player. Output Watts(music).Will take full size L.P.Individual control. Size (unit) 12~"x4"x10!;"(32.4x10.2 .__ ..... ... ... __ Cat.No.51 ern),


Argos Price£1

3. Duette 100 Audio Unit. LW/MW radio. multi-speedauto-changerwith cueingdevice. 2x4 Watts(music).Socketsfor headphonesand Size(unit) 171"x13l"x5~"(44x34x 13cm). Cat. No. 51


Argos Price



Argos Price£37.50

, _Huh 8S3023Stereo Record Player. BSR auto"'II' record deck. Rotary controls. Output 2x3 It. (music). Sockets for headphonesand 5 pin Size (unit with lid) 16~"x15!('x6~"(42.5x 17.1ern). ....__ .__ ......._._ Cat.No.510/3775 ArgosPrice £52.50 nIp. Retail£64.00

,In Illy UA8 Stereo Record Player. Output 2.>(8 h (rms).BSRmulti-speedsingleplayrecorddeck

r ueinq device.Slider controls for volumeright volumeleft, treble and bass.Socketsfor head,.... and 5 pin DIN. Size (unit) 6~"x2H"x14~" ~;;:::;::~~;~ , ',4x37.5cm).... ..... .Cat.No.510/3445 E

Retail£73.50 4. GECA4023HAudio Unit. LW/MW/SWIVHF with stereodecoder.BSR3 speedautomatic deck. Separate bass and treble controls. 2x 10 Watts (music).Socketsfor headphones pin DIN. Size (unit) 16~"x15~"x7!('(41.3x39 em). . Cat. No.• ",n"'7_.


Argos Price

rguson 3047.Stereo Record Player. Output W:ltts (music). BSR auto-chanqer.Slider confor bass,treble and balance.Socketsfor tape headphones. Size (unit) 17"x6:"x13~" , 17.1x34.9cm).____ __ .:.CaLNo.510/2116

·/tlp. Retail£71.10 lOSS

5. Fidelity UA9Audio Unit. LW/MWIVHFradio stereo decoder and AFC. BSR multi-speedsi play record'deck with cueing device. Output Watts(rms).Socketsfor headphonesand tape. (unit)6~"x2H"x14~"(16.5x54x37.5cm). Cat. No. 'an/'aII.



Argos Price£52_50

Argos Price£49.95

Card and Barclaycard are welcomed

,,'" 0"' Catatoque




• Radiomobile309CSRCar Radio/StereoCassette Inyer. LW/MW manual tuning. Volume, tone, h,lInnce,fast forward and eject controls.Output2x4 ,~,lIls. 12 V negative earth only. Size n"x2"x5t . Cat. No.500/2041 liB I x 5.1x 13cm).

~loc.Retail£109.35 2. Binatone GTX Car Stereo Cassette Player. Slider controls for volume, tone and balance. Push button 'eject and fast forward wind, with autostop. Output 2x3 Watts. 12 V negative earth only. Size 6Y;<6"x2" (16.5.>< 15.2x5.1 cm). ..... ...Cat. No. 500/1925


Argos Price£23.95

3. Pye 2272 Car Stereo Cassette Player. Slider volume, balance and tone controls. Automatic or manual eject. Fastforward/rewind controls. Output 2><4Watts.12V negativeearth only. Size5~"x6rx2" ...Cat.No.500/1585 (13.7/16.5/5.1 cm)..


Argos Price£37.95

4. Radiomobile 321CS/A Car Stereo Cassette Player.Slider controls for volume,toneand balance, Fast forward wind and manual eject. Output 2x4 Watts. 12 V negative earth only. Size 5~"x6"x2*· (133)<15.2x5.7cm). ....Cat.No.


Argos Price",..'u."""

5. Pye 2273 Car Stereo Cassette Player. reverse system. Fast forward/rewind. Output 2x4 Watts. 12 V pos. or neg. earth. Size 4;;",,71"x2" (12.4x 18.4,,5.1cm). . Cal. No.500/1561


Argos Price

6. Binatone "Stereo Expander" Speakers.Pnw."f1"IU 5~" (13.3 cm) co-axial speakers suitable for mounting, giving clarity of sound from any etc. 40 oz ceraQ1ic magnet oz magnet ferite core), built-in tweeter. 20Wattsmaximumeachspeaker.

Rec.Retail£27.50 7. Binalone "Stereo Expander"Am cally boosts output of any car cassettepi etc. Fits under dash. Independentvolume Output40Waits maximum.12V negativeearth Must be used with item no. 6 or similar. 8i"x5yx2~" (21.6x13.3x6.4cm).... Cat.No.


Argos Price

Argos Price£83.45

Seepage 65, item no. 19. 10.See page 65, item no. 20. 11. Waltham Wl17 Car Radio/Stereo Cassette Plpyer.Manuallytuned LW/MWradio. Push button change,eject andfast forward controls. Rotary ontrols for volume, tuning, tone and balance.Out,",, 2x5 Watts. 12 V negative earth only. Size , 7:"x H" (16.2x18.4x4.5cm).....Cat. No.500/1918


Compo Retail£64.75

Argos Price£45.95

IJ. Duette TR 44A Car Stereo Radio/Cassette "'oyer. MW/VHFradio with MPX for stereo broad,',15. Controls.forvolume,tone, balance.tuning and eut forward. Auto-stop facility. Output 2'<5 Watts ., V negative earth only. Size T'x5"Y1~" 8 '12.7x3.8 cm)...... ..... Cat.No.500/1932


, c. Retail£79.95

Argos Price£59.95

II Sharp RG5200 Car Stereo Radio/Cassette '.'nyer. MW/VHFradio with MPX for stereo broad"'Is. Auto-stop and eject. Output 2x7 Watts.12 V ,.O"tive earth only. Size6~"x6~"x2"(17.5>15.9><5.1 III) . Cat.No.500/1547

I c. Retail£73.95

Argos Price£59.95

.. Sharp RG5300 Car Stereo Radio/Cassette , yer. LW/MWIVHF radio with MPX for stereo o.idcasts. Auto-stopand eject. Output 2x7 Watts. V negative earth only. Size 6~"x6j"x2" "" 15.9x5.1cm)..... . ..Cat.No.500/2072




Argos Price£69.95

Radiomobile310 CSR Push·ButtonCar Radio/ reo Cassette' Player. 5 push buttons for pre'"cled stations on LW/MW. Output 2x5 Watts. •ntrols for volume,tone, balance,tuning, fast.tor,,'/rewind, manualor automaticeject. 12V nega~ oarth only. Size5"xrx2~" (12.7x17.8x5.4cm). tit doormountingspeakers Cat. No.500/2065

, c. Retail£153.00

Argos Price£110.00

nsenote: All car radios and cassetteplayers are ppltedcomplete with speakers and f!xing kit.

1. Pye "Popular" 2050 Car Radio. LW/MW. tuning. 12 V pos. or Output3

T'x2"x4~"(17.8x5.1x 10.8cm)




Argos Price£1

Hira Pocket Radio. MWNHF. Complete with strap and case. Operatesfrom ':1 battery.Size6"x3j"x 1t (15.2x8.9x3.8cm). Cat. No. 500/1712

~ c. Retail£12.00

Argos Price£7.95

II Taiyo CX97Pocket Radio. MWNHF..With tele-

Variabletone control. 12V pas.or 3~Watts.Size7"x5"x2" (17.8x12.7x5.1cm). Cat. No. 'inll/nll!lll.


Argos Price

.,P'C aerial and wrist strap. Operatesfrom PP3 (13x7.5x4 ern). Cat. No. 500/2089

utory Size5k"x3"xlr

It c. Retail£8.75

Argos Price£6.45

3. Binatone "Thunderbird" Manual tuning. 12 V pas. or neg. earth. Watts.Size6~"x2"x6"(16.8x5.1x15.2cm). Cat. No... "II1/"JI:< ... ,

,'. Bjnatone' "Sandhurst" Military Style Radio. ".4WIVHF. Telescopic and built-in aerials. Carrying I",p an€] earphone supplied. Operatesfrom PP3 IIlery.Size5"x3!"x13"(12.7x8.3x4.5cm). Cat. No. 50011640



Argos Price£11

4. Radiomobile330 RK Car Radio. LW/MW. tuning. 12 V negative earth only. Output 6 SizeT'xH"x4" (17.8x4.5x10.2ern). Cat. No.


Argos Price >;'''''','''''11

5. Motorola 114Car Radio. LW/MW.5 push OU((Un5'.. for pre-selectedstations.Variabletone control. pos. or neg. earth. Output 3j Watts. Size (17.8x12.7x5.1cm). . Cat.No."11111"""'7',


Argos Price

buttons for pre-selected earth only. Output 5 (17.8x4.5x12.1cm)...

7. Sharp AR947Car Radio. LW/MW.5 push for pre-selectedstations. 12 V pos. or Output 5 Watts. Size 6~"x3tx5~" (15.6 cm). . Cat.No.

Argos Price

8. Philips RN454Car Radio.LW/MW.5 push for pre-selectedstations.12 V negative earth Output. 5 Watts. Size 6,..'x H'x4~" (16x4.5x ern). . Cat.No.


Argos Price

9. Binatone "Lotus" AM/FM Car Radio. 5 buttons for pre-selection of stations on VHF.Maximumoutput 5 Watts.12V negative only. Size7"x7"x2" (17.8x17.8x5.1ern). Cat. No. 50011



Argos Price

Argos Price£6.45

I . Fidelity "Rad 24" Radio. LW/MW. Socketsfor xtornal aerial and earphone/tape.Operatesfrom 1'9 b:attery.Size10"x5~"x2~"(25.4x14x7 cm). Cat. No. 50011688

1 c. Retail£15.40

Argos Price£10.95

U. Pye "Pippin" 1120 Radio. LW/MW. Socket for "pIHilne.Carrying strap. Operates from 3xSP11 I itteries. Size3~"x6j"xH" (9.8x16.5x4.5cm). Cat. No. 500/1217

Compo Retail£13.92

Argos Price£9.45

, . Philips RL152 Pocket Radio. LW/MW.Circular 'unmgdial. Completewith wrist strapand earphone. Oporatesfrom 3xSPll batteries. Size 6~"x4"x1~" cm).... .. Cat.No.500/2106 1f17><10.2x4.7

CompoRetail £14.76




Argos Price £9.95

IG. Pye 1072Pocket Radio. LW/MW.Completewith •."sl strap and earphone. Operates from 2x HP7 IllIeries.Size4~"x2~ "xl,,\; "(12.4x7.1x3.3cm). Cat. No. 50011664

Compo Retail£10.68

Argos Price £7.25

11. Binatone "Navigator" Radio. AM/FM/Aircraft 1,.lI1ds. Telescopicaerial.Operatesfrom PP3battery. •lIe 61"x3g"x2~" (15.9x9x6 cm).....Cat.No.500/2096

f1 C. Retail £11.00

~rgos Price£7.95

10.Ferguson 3189 Battery/Main'sRadio. MWNHF "llh AFC.TelescopicVHFaerial,earphone.Operates 110m 240 V A.C. mains or 4xSP7 batteries. Size 11-, 5\\"x2k"(19.1x 13x15.4cm)......Cat.No.500/2113

Compo Retail£16.03

Argos Price£11.95

j'loase note: Batteries are not supplied with any It m.

~II car radios are 'suppliedcompletewith universal 'fixingkit and speaker.

Fidelity Battery/Mains Radio. LW/MW/SW and marine bands. Rotary controls for tuning, tone and volume. Push buttons for waveband change. Socket for earphone. Telescopic aerial for SW/marine bands. Operates from 240 V AC. main. or PP9 battery. Size B~""14"x3~" (21.9x35.6x8.6



Rec.Retail £33.00

Argos Price £23.45

Ferguson 3187 Battery/Mains Radio. LW/MWIVHFwith AFC.TelescopicVHFaerial.Slider volumecontrol. Plug in earphone.Operatesfrom 240 V AC. mainsor 4x SPll batteries.SizeB1"x5il"x 2~' (21.6"14.3,,6.4cm).. .......Cat.No.500/2120

CompoRetail £23.20

Argos Price £32.95

4. GEC R7001H "Starfinder 1" Transistor Radio. LW/MWIVHF.TelescopicVHFaerial'.Earphonesocket. Operatesfrom 6x HP7batteries.SizeBl"x4~"x 2~' )(6.4cm)... ........Cat.No.SOO/1750 (21><12.1

CompoRetail £23.67

Argos Price £17.95

5. Ajax "Solar" Mk. 11 Portable Battery/Mains Radio. LW/MWIVHF.Slide dial tuning. Rotary volume and tone controls. Swivel antenna. Operates from 240 V AC. mains or 4xHP2 batteries. Size 7rx3"A 10~"(lB. 1x7.6x26.4 cm)....Cat.No.500/2137

Rec.Retail £23.29

Argos Price £15.95

6. Philips AL 260 Portable Radio. LW/MWIVHF. Roller type tuning and volume controls. Complete with wrist strap.Operatesfrom 4x HP7batteries.Size 7"x4~"xH" (17.Bx10.5x4.5cm)......Cat.No.50011736

CompoRetail £26.91

Argos~rice £17.95

7. Fidelity "Rad 15" Portable Radio. LW/MWIVHF. Car aerial and earpiece/tapesockets.Operatesfrom PP9 battery. Size 12i"Y7{"x3;" (31.4xlB.4xB.9 cm). .. Cat.No.500/0421

Rec.Retail £29.90

Argos Price £21.95

8. Fidelity "Rad 23" Portable Radio. LW/MWIVHF. Push button wavebandselection.Socketsfor external aerial,earpiece/tape.Operatesfrom PP9battery. Size12!"xBi"x3" (31.1x21.6)(7.6ern). Cat. No. 500/0964

Rec.Retail £25.50

11 . Retail £35.00

Argos Price £24.95

,.1 GEC R8oo1H "Starfinder 2" Battery/Mains ".ulo. LW/MW/SWIVHF.TelescopicVHFaerial.Earsocket.Operatesfrom 220/240V AC. mainsor ';1'11 batteries. Size lH"x6~"x2f' (28.6x16.5x7 .) Cat.No.Soo/1n4


mp.Retail £40.82

Argos Price £29.95

Argos Price £17.45

3. Grundig "Party Boy 700" Battery/Mains Radio. LW/MWIVHF.Slider volumecontrols and pressbutton wavebandselection.Car aerial socket.Operates from 240 V A.C. mains or 4xSPll batteries. Size 11.\"x6""21"(2B.6x 15.2x5.7cm)....Cat.No.500/2144

CompoRetail £42.60

26" Battery/Mains Radio. fidelity ,'. MWIVHFwith AFC. Rotary controls for tuning. wu" and tone. Push buttons for waveband WIJO. Earphonesocketand telescopicVHFaerial. urtos from 240 V A.C.mainsor PP9battery.Size 14"x3il"(21.9x35.6xB.6 cm)....Cat.No.Soo/1963

Argos Price £18.95

Blnatone "Dolphin" Battery/Mains Radio. LW/ '.IW/SW~VHF. Push button wavechangeand onloff, dnr volumeand tone controls. Aerial for VHFand W Socketsfor earphoneand 5 pin DIN.Operates 11m 240 V A.C. mains or 4x SP11 batteries. Size Ir,,6~"x2~:'(29.5x 16.5x6.5cm)...Cat.No.500/2151 C.

Retail £35.00

Argos Price£19.95

Ferguson 3188 Battery/Mains Radio. LW/MWI WIVHFwith AFC.TelescopicVHF/SWaerial.Slider ,Iume and rotary tone control. Earphone. Tape eket.Operatesfrom 240 V AC. mainsor 6x SPll x 6il"x 2f' (26.5x17x7 cm). h.•tteries.Size1OJ" Cat. No. 500/2175

CompoRetail £33.75

Argos Price £24.95

13. GEC R8004 Battery/Mains Radio Receiver. I W/MW/SWIVHF.Preset MW. Slider tone and voluma controls. DIN socket for tape. Operatesfrom nO/240 V AC. mains or 6xSP2 batteries. Size 1:>j"x3~"xB" (31.8x8x20.3cm).......Cat.No.500/2182

CompoRetail £49.61

Argos Price £36.50

14.Grundig "City Boy 700" Battery/Mains Radio. I wfMW/SW/VHF. Slider controls for volume and lone.TelescopicVHFaerial. DINsocketfor tapeand nnrehone.Operatesfrom 110/240 V A.C.mains(automatically switched) or 4x HP11 batteries. Size "''''8~''''2~''(17.Bx21><6.4 cm)....:....Cat.No.500/2168

CompoRetail £50.45

Argos Price£37.95

15.~jax "Worldmaster" Battery/Mains Radio.VHF I, 2 and 3/FM/MW/MB1/MB2/SW1/SW2.Flap top world time chart. Swivelantenna.Operatesfrom 240 V A.C. mains or 4xSPll batteries.Size 9"x12"x4" (22.9x30.5)'( 10.2ern). .. Cat. No.500/1798

Rec.Retail £37.95

Argos Price £26.75

note: Batteries are not suppli~d with any

1. Binatone "Royal" L.E.D. Electronic Clock Radio. LW/MWIVHF. 24 hour automatic clock will awaken you at selected time (radio or alarm). Sleep switch turns radio off at pre-selected time up to 59 mins. Features "snooze" switch, fast and slow set (time and alarm). Size 1H"x6"x3)" (30x15x9 cm). Cat. No. 510/3579

Rec.Retail £45.00

Argos Price£29.95

2. Bush BA 5453 Battery Alarm Clock Radio. LW/MWradio.Idealasa travelclock/radio. Analogue cloek. Will awaken you at selected time (radio or alarm). Operates from 3xSP11 batteries. Size 7?"x3"x3¥'(19.1x7.6xB.9 cm)..,.....Cat. No.510/3586

, Comp.Retail £27.25

Argos Price£19.95

3. Duette E.O.1L.E.D.Electronic Digital Clock Radio. AM/FM. 24 hour automatic clock will awakenyou at selected time (alarm or radio). Will switch off automatically at pre-selectedtime up to 59 mins. Tone control, adjustable brilliance, fast and slow set for alarm and time plus push button "snooze" control. Size2i!"x7"x 11"(7x 17.B)<'27.9cm). Cat. No. 510/3555

Rec.Retail £45.95

Argos Price £32.95

4. Digitron 3000 L.E.D.Digital Clock Radio. AM/FM radio. 12 hour clock has green neon display and AM/PM indicator. Will awakenyou at selected time (alarm or· radio). "Snooze" button. Will switch off after pre-selected period up to 59 mins. Size 6±,'x3i"x3}" (16xBxB cm) Cat. No.510/3304

Rec.Retail £32.49

Argos Price £23.50

5. Ferguson 3190 L.E.D. Electronic Digital Clock Radio. MWIVHFradio. 12 hour automaticclock with a.m./p.m. indicator will awakenyou at selectedtime (alarm or radio).Will switch off automaticallyat preselectedtime up to 59 mins. Fastor slow setof clock or alarm. adjustablebrilliance and "snooze" switch. Size3~")"1H"x6!" (B.Bx29.5x16.7 cm). Cat. No. 510/3562

Comp.Retail £46.83

Argos Price£34.95

6. Pye 7400 Digital Clock Radio. LW/MW. 12 hour leaf type automatic clock will awakenyou at selected time (alarm or radio). Will switch off after preselected period up to 59 mins. Size 13"x3Yx6" (33xB.9x 15.2cm) Cat. No.510/2329

Comp.Retail £44.38

Argos Price £29.95

• 7. Ajax Digital Clock Radio. LW/MWIVHF.24 hour leaf digital clock will awaken you at selected time (alarmor radio).Size 10-1" (including knobs)x5Yx3~" (27.3x14xB.3 cm).......... ............Cat. No.510/2800

Rec.Retail £36.79

Argos Price £23.75

8. Binatone "Digimatic" Clock ~adio. MWIVHF.24 hour leaf type automatic clock will awakenyou at a selected time (alarm or radio). Radio or alarm switches off automatically after pre-selectedperiod up to 59 mins. Size 11"x3~"x6~"(27.9xB.9x 16.5 cm) ".... .. ..Cat.No.510/2312

Rec.Retail £42.50

Argos Price £22.95

Pllco Battery Digital Alarm Clock. 24 hour dial. lV,11 shapedwhite case.Requires1xHP2 battery.

Cat. No. 255/2295 ,


Retail £18.95

Argos Price£14.25

10,L.E.D.Electronic RepeaterAlarm Clock. 12 hour IIlplay. Incorporates high intensity lamp (adjusthlo).Shadeservesas lid when closed. Cat. No. 255/2305

Retail £35.00 Compo

Argos Price £23.95

j,. Electronic "Snooze" Alarm Clock. 24 hour dis"llY with bleep tone alarm. "Snooze" featuregivesa I minuterepeateralarm...,.......""" ..Cat. No.255/2556 CompoRetail £23.95

Argos Price £16.95

12.Binatone "Elite" Electronic Alarm Clock. With -mooza"feature that cuts out alarm for 9 minutes. Ihonresumesringing until switchedoff. Cat. No. 255/2549

CompoRetail £19.95

Argos Price£15.45

13. Europa Calendar Travel Alarm Clock. Leath~rettecase....." ...." .."". ...""Cat. No.255/2240

CompoRetail £8.84

Argos Price £6.25

14.EuropaTravel Alarm Clock. Tan casewith raised uoro colourednumerals.Luminous. Cat. No. 255/2109

CompoRetail £5.40

Argos Price £4.25

15.Estyma Travel Alarm Clock. Blue case with gilt trim.Whitenumeralsand hands.Luminous. Cat. No. 255/2233

CompoRetail £6.85

~rgos Price £4.99

16.Estyma Travel Alarm Clock. Folding case with gill trim. Luminous." ..""" "Cat. No.255/2226

CompoRetail £4.05

Argos Price £2.99

17. Estyma Travel Alarm Clock. Clear white .dial, Foldingcase.Luminous..." ........"".Cat. No.255/0163

CompoRetail £8.40

Argos Price £5.95

Please note: Batteries are not supplied with any Item.

2. Standard Battery Wall Clock. White with chromium plated bezel. Cat.

CompoRetail £7.91

Argos D.I,;. .. ··4~1:

3. Smiths-TImecal "Duo" Battery Wall porates 1-hourtimer Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £13.50

Argos Price

Iyma Quartz Battery Wall Clock. Quartz move( ccurate to within a few minutes. per year). bronze' coloured case with simulated : Cat. No. 255/2439 ". od

p. Retail £22.70

Argos Price £15.95

I ndard "Chester" Picture Wall Clock. Ohester

n Wall scene. Battery operated. Size21,>."x1n" 44.5 cm) Cat. No. 255/1045

Retail £14.50

Argos Price £10.95

mlths-Timecal '''Burnenville'' Battery Wall .. Black wrought iron effect case. Roman nurn.....................................Cat. No. 255/2422

Argos Price £10.95 Rec. Retail £11.45 8. Standard Battery Wall Clock. face with embossed gold coloured n Cat. No.

CompoRetail £7.91

Argos Price

9. Hanson Battery Wall Clock. Carriage lamp White dial with black Roman numerals. Cat. No. 255/1

Rec. Retail £9.95

Argos Price

10. Battery Wall Clock. Wooden case with gilt cured and black metal dial. Roman numerals. Cat. No.

Argos Price £1 11. Cuckoo Clock. Original Black Forest style. wooden case.Weight driven with cuckoo call. Cat. No.

CompoRetail £11.40

Argos Price

n'lIhs-Timecal "Shanklin" Battery Wall Clock. IImoulded easewith gilt coloured dial. Cat. No. 255/2680

Argos Price £12.95 Ico "Sunray" Battery Wall Clock. Brassed nd dial with wooden rays. Roman numerals. Cat. No. 255/2484

Argos Price £16.75

1. Crown Merton Corner Unit. White with shelves. Size 18"x9"x35" high cm) " .

'Nomad" Doormat by 3M. Traps dirt, easy to , and retains its shape..Suitable for indoor or I or use.Size 30"x 18"(76.2x45.7 cm). Cat.! No. 640/3735

Rec.Retail £7.88

Argos Price £4.25 horrock Portable Burglar Alarm. Self C"ontained II ystem. Scans up to 15000cu ft (424.8m3) and movementup to 30' (9 m) within protected mits a powerful siren for up to 5 mimi. Needs Iring. Plugs into domestic eircuit, Rechargeable "OS to cope with mains failure and attempts at .. ring. Weight 11 Ib (5 kg). Size 10"xl0"x6¥' 25.4x 15.8cm) Cat. No. 640/3766


Retail £180.00

Argos Price £149.50

Auriol "Connoisseur" 5 Tier Bottle Rack. Plastic old steel. Holds up to 25 bottles. Racks can be , Cat. No. 840/11;70 <I to make large'runits

Ip. Retail £6.85 5. Crown Merton Magazine R'ack. with reproduction brass rubbings. Size CaL No. 10}"(38:1x"41.9x26 cm)

Rec. Retail £12.15

Argos Price

6. Crown Merton Planter. White with black Size 23~"x8"x24~"(60.1x20.3x61.8 cm). Cat. No.

Argos P,'",,,·'I-·4.


'p. Retail £14.75

Argos Price £16.95

• porklets Beertap. Fits 4, 5 ~nd 7 pint (2.2, 2.8 19 litres) cans. Dispenses and keeps beer fresh '" oks CaL No. 640/0240

Com!?Retail £4.65 8. 'Hago Extending' Fireguard. Extends from 60" (106.7to 152.4cm). Size 18"x27" (45.7x68.6 Complete with wall fixing screws. Conforms to ish Safety Standards, BS 3140/1959. • Cat. No.


9. Brass Coal' Hod. With steel base. prevent tarnishing. Height 1H" (28.6cm). Cat. No.

CompoRetail £11.95

Argos Price £10.75

K.nwood "Sodastream". ,Makesa wide range of , drinks at home. Supplied with gas cylinder and " oz (225 ml) bottles, th~ee'of which contain ,.~.:'.,..Cat. No. 640/2994 III concentrates

( Retail £22.90

~omp. Retail £11.73

Argos Price £4.75

Homebar Gift Pack'. Comprises bracket and nser, automatic .poliring measure gill (2.3 cl) pourers for liqueurs and juices. . Cat. No. 640/3625

Argos Price

( Retail £6.95

Argos Price £5.45

porklets "Hostmaster" Syphon. Capacity 1'1 (1 litre). Instant soda water .....Cat. No. 640/0257

Retail £10.95

Argos Price £9.45

1'1 pints Cat. No. 640/3003

if) rklets "Aquarius" Syphon. Capacity

, ). Instant soda water

Retail £11.60

Argos Price £9.95

porklets De Luxe "Executive" Syphon. 22cl. plated head fittings. Capacity 1'1 pints (1 litre). t soda water Cat. No. 640/0271

Retail £14.15

Argos Price £11.25

In,u'ex Ice Bowl. Hermetically sealed, double III ulated. Keeps ice for up to 6 hours. Capacity 3 (t.7Iitres) , Cat.No. 640/3618

1p. Retail £5.77 Comp.Retail £10.50 The following items are hand carved in Pyrenean Pinewood. In matching burnt and finish. 12. Magazine !'Jack. Average size 19"x6U'x (48.3x17.5x44.1 cm) ,..Cat. No.

Comp.Retail £11.25


13. Hanging Plant Holder. Average height 1 cm) -, : Cat. No.

CompoRetail £4.95

CompoRetail £4.95

nrlyn 3 Tier Trolley. Removable top tray. Anodtuminium frame and tray surrounds. Melamine rze 24"x 16"x30" high (61x40.6·x7!:l.2cm). Cat. No. 640/3591

Ip. Retail £40.95

~rgos Price £22.75

Woodmet 3 Tier Trolley. Removabfe top tray. II'. d aluminium frame and tray surrounds. Heat 1,IIn resistant trays. Size 25"x 15"x29" high 38.1 x73.7 cm) :: Cat. No. 640/3601

Argos Price

14. Friedland "Do-It-Yourself'" Chime Kit. signal. Complete with chime, push button, bell wire and fixing screws. Chime size (1!ii.2xl1.4x4.8 cm). Operated by 4xH V (not suppned) Cat. No.

Argos Price £4.25

. Retail £43.20

Argos Price £25.95

rlyn 2 Tier Trolley. Anodised aluminium frame I"'y surrounds. Heat and stain resistant fixed ',lze 19"x14"x29" high (48.3x35.6x73.7 em). Cat. No. 640/3285

Argos Price £11.45

Argos Price

Tier Folding Trolley. Steel frame on castors. loan trays with aluminium beading. Tray size lb· (61x40.6 cm). Height 30!" (77.5cm). .CaL No. ~/3089

Argos Price £13.45 n rlyn 3 Tier Tea Trolley. Gold coloured anodtuminium frame. Melamine laminated teak .roys. Size 22"x14"x30" high (55.9x35.6x76.2 , rcked flat for home assembly. , ·~L ·No. MO/307-2

, Argos Price £15.75 II" Circular Trolley. Diameter 18" (45.7 cm). I 'OJ'' (52.5em) : CaL No. 640/3319 f)

Retail £6.00

Argos Price £4.75

1. Topsy Bird Cage. Chromium platea. with feeders, perd!'les, t~ay, swing and seed Size 19"xlj('x13~" ('48.3x27.9x34.3 em). . Cat. No.

Argos c,1l!rlc,e'k:iii.' 2. Genyk "Rotastak" Hamsfer Hbusing Unit. A , plete healthyand'hygienic hometor your pet. , Cat. No.

CompoRetail £6.50


Argos Price

, 3. Prints for Pleasure "Nostalgic Street Set of 3. Blockmounted. Ready to hang, no 'required. Each 12"x9" (30.5x 22.9 em). Cat. No.

Comp: Retail £7.35

Argos Price

4. 'faylor L.C.D.Thermometer. Anodised .case. Liquid crystal digital display in between 66° and 86°. Centigrade conversion below. Length 8" (20.3 cm) Cat. No.

; CompoRetail £5.21

Argos P~ice

5. Weathermaster rometer. Brass bezel, wooden 1W><5" (29.2x12.7 cm) ~ Cat. No.

Ree.Retail £14.50

Argos Price

6. Footstool. Dralon covered, foam padded, top. Queen Anne style legs. Size 16"x12"x (40.6x3(1.5x29.2 em) Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £8.75

Argos Price

7. "Wishing Well" Nutcracker. Wooden bowl can used for nuts and fruit. Bowl diameter 6" (15.2 em). Cat. No.

Argos Price 8. "Ship's Wheel" Nutcracker. Brass mounted wooden bowl. Diameter7" (17.8 em). Cat. No.

CompoRetail £12.75

Argos Price

9. Barometer/Thermometer. Brass bezel. 6" em) scroll pattern dial an walnut mounti 21"x 6!" (53.3x 11'1.5 em) .cat, No.

CompoRetail £26.65

Argos Pri.ce

10. Handwoven Maize leaf Table Mats. Set of , Natural colour. Diameter 9" (22.9 em). . 'Cat. No.

Argos Price

1. Duo Range Wall Units. Teak effeGt vinyl finish white drawer fronts -,Packed flat for home .

A. Drawer Base. With three shelf top Unl~. 23i"x16¥'x58~" hi@h(60x41.3x148cm). . Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £38.60

. Argos Price

B. Drawer Base. With drop flap top unit. 23r'x1~"x58~" high (60x41.3x148 cm). . Cat. No. 61

Rec.Retail £45.45


Argos Price

Drawer' Base Unit. Size 23~"x16!"x (60x41.3x33.9 cm) CaL N? 61

Rec.Retail £21.25

Argos Prtce

2. Nest of 3 Tables. Teak . afromosia lipping. Large table size (55.9x39.4x48.3 em) Cat. N?

CompoRetail £31.50

Argos Price

3. Centa Occasional Table.. Wood veneered polished teak colour. Slatted undershelf. 41"x 17"x15~"(104.1x43.2x39.4 cm). Cat. No.

Argos Price £1

Multi-Purpose Storage E!ase Unit. Adjustable .lOdvertical divisions Cat. No. 610/1099

Retail £29.95 '

Argos Price £21.95

upboard Base !Jnit. lnterior shelf. Cat. No. 61011116

Argos Price £25.95 , mic Tiled Table. Polished hardwood frame. '?~"x17"x12~"(83x43x32.5cm): »: 1. Cat. No. 610/1549 5. Octagonal Glass Top Table with Und~rshel~; effect finish. Diameter30" (76.2cm). Height 16 cm) :..CaL No.

COlJlp.Retail £28.25


6. Nest of 3 Tables. Chromium plated tile tops. Large table size 2~"x 13¥'x 1 (64.8x34.3x45.1 cm) .; Cat. N?

CompoRetail £41,.95

Retail £41.40

( Id Plated Coffee Table. Tubular frame with gold plating. Smoked glass top. Size t 'x 15"high (94x48.3x38.1 cm). Cat. No. 610(1525

Argos Price £29.95 mbi-Trolley". Teak effect laminate finish with ch frameon castors.Side panels slide out to two tables; Trolley size 30"x16"x26" I'ligh 40.6x66 em). Table size each 19"x15"x14" 8.3x38.1x35.6 ern) Cat. No. 610/~563

Argos Price

7. Occasional Table. Chromium plated gl~ss top and ceramic tiles to top and Size 17i"x39"x 15;\"high (45.1x99.1l<38.7 Cat.

CompoRetail £41.95

Retail £39.92

Argos "nce ..~ I

8. Wall Units. Teak effect Melamine . Top and base-units can be combined in any ment. Packed flat for home assembly. . Top Units. Siz?31¥'x9~"x4&~"high (80x25x1'18 A. Top Unit. Drop flap cocktail cabinet. shelf Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £47:45

Argos Price

B. Top Unit. Threeadjustable shelves. Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £31.75

Argos Price

Argos Price £29.95

Argos Price £29.95

lIey Nest. Four circular folElingtables nesting

.n occasional table on castors. Teak veneered Large table size 24itx16!,'x21" h.igh ~1.9x53.3 cm). Circular tables size '15" x 18!" hi9h.(38x47 ern)...,.Cat. No. 61011264. II Retail £43.45 Arg,?sPrice £3~.95 I.

I Glass Top Table with Undershelf. Teak finish. Size 48"x20"x 16" 'high (121.9 40.6em): ..: Cat. No. 610/1484

" Retail £36.10

Argos Price £25.95

Centa Kitchen Table. Drop flaps. Beech frame. Illmine laminate top. Size open 32"x36" I • x91.4 em), closed

15~'!x36"(40x91.4 em). , Cat. No. 600/0932

mp.Retail £25.80

\ Argos Price £19.95

• Wooden Stool. Beeehw~od' frame with PVC ·Mlstered seat. Heigh'!21" (53.3 em)., , CaL No. 60011106

A.rgosPrice £5.25 Drop Leaf Table. Melamine laminate top. Diar 42" (106.7 em). Size closed 42"x24" (106.7x61 CaLNo. 600/1113


I mp.Retail £37.00 '.

Argos Price £27.95

Pair of Chairs. Beechwood frame, PVC upholr d seat. cat. No. 60011137

omp.Retail £18.30 "

Argos Price £12.95

Prestige 'Step Stool. Chromium plated tubular ,I frame. Uphofstered seat. Foldaway steps with ved rubber treads. Height 24" (61 em).

..~:I~;:,· ••••••••••• :::::::::;:::::.::::::::::::::::::::g:~::: c. Retail £21.75 Comp;Retail £12.45 6. Smoked Glass Top Trolley Table on effect finish. Size 41"x15"x15" high :.Cat. x38.1 em)

CompoRetail £36.95


II Skyline Step Stool by Prestige. Enamelled tubu, teel frame. Upholsteredseat. Grooved hardwood ds. Height 23" (58.4 em) Cat. No. 600/1089

c. Retail £12.88

Comp.Retail £5:95

Argos p' riCt~It:~I ••

Argos Price £9.45

Folding Stool. Enamelled metal frame. PVC , holstered seat. Folds flat when not in use. Height CaL No. 600/1027 I (53.3 em)

amp.Retail £4.85

8. Flair 'Setof 3 Plastic Stacking Tables. for use as stools. Diameter 11A", (29.5x29.2 em) Cat.


Argos Price £15.45

Argos price £3.45

ro Stac1<lng-stool. Enamelled 'tubular metal frame. I'VC upholstered seat.Height 20" (50.8 em). CaL No. 60011096 omp.Retail £4.30.-

Argos Price £3~25

I Bar Stool. Chromium plated frame. PVC uphol"red seat. Height 28" (71.1 cm).....CaL No. 600/1168

omp.Retail £8.95

Argos Price £6.25


Step Stool. Tubular metal frame. PVC uphol"red seat. Foldaway steps with grooved treads. , Ight 24~"(62.9 cm) CaL No. 600/1003

Comp.Retail £9.95

11. Round Smoked Glass Top Table. surround. Diameter30", height 16" (76.2x Cat. No.

CompoRetail £32.45

Argos Price

12. Centa Pair of Dining Chairs. Beech upholstered in teak effect PVC........Cat. No.

CompoRetail £18.82


Argos Price £7.25

, • Telephone Seat. Chromium plated frame. Two moked glass shelves. Foam seat upholstered in I'VC. Size35"x15"xlB!" high (BB.9x38.1x47 em). Cat. No. 6101.14n

amp.Retail £50,00

Argos Price £29.95

. Centa Telephone Table. Vinyl covered 'foam hion. Drawer unit is reversible either right or left


".,nd facing. Size'39"x 16"x21" high (99.1 x40.6x53.3 111)


omp.Retail £35.10

Cat. No. 610/0272

Argos Price £27A5


1. Solid Pine Triple Shelf Unit. Size 3H"x5~"x28f' high (79.4x 14x73 cm). Packed flat for home assembly. Fixing screws supplied Cat. No. 600/1144

9. Dressin!;fTable Stool. 100% acrylic pile. Remov" . able cover. Foam filled seat. Clilromium plated swivel stand. Height 16" (40.6 ern) Cat. No. 630/0498

CompoRetail £26.50

CompoRetail £18.35

Argos Price £19.95

Argos Price £12.95

2. Solid Pine Triple Shelf Unit with Sliding Doors. Size 38f'x5~"x30" high (97.5x14x76 em), Packed ffat for home assembly. Fixing screws supplied. . Cat. No. 600/1151

10. Bedside Cabinet. Melamine laminate finish. One drawer and adjustable shelf. Size 1§f'x11i"x23i" high (40x30x60 em). Packed flat for home assembly : ~ ,Cat. No. 630/0649

CompoRetail £31.50

Rec. Retail £18.65

Argos.Price £23.95

3. Pine Table 'and Bench Set. Selid pine construetion, Table size 48"x27"x28" high (121.9x68.6x71.1 , cm). Pair of benches each size 48"x12"x17" high (121.9x30.5x43.2 cm). Packed flat for home assernbly Cat. No. 60011120

CompoRetail £75.00

Argos Price £49.95

Austinsuite '''T~easure Chests" Bedroom Furniture. Supplied packed fl.atwith clear instruetions for home assembly. .' 11. 5 Dra,!er Ij:h,est. Size 30"x1S1(,x37f' high (76.2x41x9"5.Sern) Cat. No. 630/0601

Rec. Retail £54.10 12. Mirror Unit, (49.2x11.3x47 cm)

Rec. Retail £12.30

5. Headliner Headboard. Fantail shape. Finished in washable nylon coating. To fit 4' 6" (135 cm) bed only Cat. No. 630/0625



Argos Price


7. General Purpose Storage Unit. Melamine finish. Especially suitable for teenager's can also be used in lounge. Size 3H"x13¥'x (80x3!l.3x96.5 cm). Packed flat for home bly , ,. . , Cat. Nn ."

Ret. 'Retail £49.95

CompoRetail £4.37

Argos Price


Argos Pride £13.95

Argos Price £42.95 Size

19i1"x4N'x18¥" high, Cat. No. 630/0584 J Argos Price £9.95

13. Dressing Unit. With 3 drawers. 44"x 16~",,"24f'high (111.8i<4tx62;9 em), . Cat. No..630/0577

Argos Price £37.95

CHEST /,..


11. Osman Pillow. TERYLENE (polyester) filling. 100% cotton cover. Washable. Size 27"x18" (68.6x45.7cm) Cat. No. 101/0707

CompoRetail £4.75 2. Laraine All Cotton Flannelette Sheets. AVl3ilabie in white, lemon, pink or blue. Supplied in 90"x 100" (228 x 254 cm) : Cat.

CompoRetail £12.90

Argos Price

12.Ariel Pillow. New feather and down filling. 100% cotton cover. Size28"x 18"(71.1x45.7 cm). . Cat. No. 101/7872

CompoRetaii £9.00

3•. Laraine All Cotton Flannelette Sheets. Multistriped design. Supplied in pairs. Pillow case size 19"x29" (48.3x73.7 em). Catalogue Comp.Argos Number Retail Price 101mOO 70"xl00" (1nx254 cm) £10.40£6.95 101/n17 90"xl00" (228x254 cm) £13.45£8.95 101m24 Pair Pillow Cases £2.00 £1.45

CompoRetail £7.95

4. Laraine Multi-Stripe All Cotton Sheets. Supplied ~ in pairs. Catalogue Number 101/4033 70"xl00" (177x254 cm) 101/4040 90"xl00" (228x254 cm)

CompoRetail £8.00

5. Dongora Bleached Cotton Sheets. Plain hemmed. Supplied in pairs.Size90"x 100"(228x 254cm). . Cat. No. 101/3948

CompoRetail ~16.60

Argos Price £8.95

Argos Price £5.95

16. Glenaire "Festoon" Fitted Nylon Bedspread. With matching valance. To fit 4' 6"'(135 em) bed. Oyster , Cat. No. 101/7982 Pink · ' Cat. No. 10117999 Cat. No. 101/8008 Lilac

CompoRetail £11.50

Rec. Retail £12.98

Argos Price £5.25

14.GI.enaireFitted Nylon Bedspread. Printed centre paneL To fit 4' 6" (135 em) bed. Pink Cat. No. 10117951 Lilac .'; , Cat. No. 10117968 Gold Cat. No. 10117975

Argos Price £7.95

7. Flannelette Sheets. In mink-brown shade. Supplied in pairs. 85% cotton. Size 90"x 100" (228x254 ern) Cat. No. 10117803

Argos Price £6.95

13. Ariel Pillow. New duck feather filling. 100% cotton cover.Size27"x 18"(68.6x45.7cm). Cat. No. 10117865

6. Wintlux Cotton Flannelette Sheets. Multi-check design. Supplied in pairs. . Catalogue Number 101/4806 70"x 100" (177x254 cm) 101/481390"><100" (228x 254 cm)

CompoRetail £12.70

Argos Price £3.45

Argos Price £8.75

16.Dongora Brushed Cotton Lace Bedspread. Size 96"x 100"(243)<254cm) Cat. No. 10117944

Argos Price £10.95

17.Bedspread. Printed nylon centre panelwith deep dyed valance. Polyester filling. Available in pink, orange or blue. To fit 4' 6" (135 cm) bed. Matches item no.6on page 120 Cat. No. 101/68

CompoRetail £9.30

Argos Price £6.75

8. Ambassador Pillow. New curled feather filling. 100%cotton cover. Size27"x 18"(68.6x45.7cm). Cat. No. 101/0721

18. Dongora Flannelette Sheets_ Printed top sheet with matching plain pasteldyed bottom sheet.In pink and peach. 85% cotton. Size. 90"x 100" (228x254 cm) , "' Cat. No. 11)117834

Rec. Retail £2.95

CompoRetail £16.60

Argos Price £2.25

9. Dunlopillo "Golden Lullaby" Pillow. Soft latex foam. 100% cotton cover. Size 29"xI9" (73.7x48.3 cm) Cat. No. 101/0824

CompoRetail £5..65

Argos Price £3.75

10. Ariel "Red Label" Pillow. TERYLENE P3 filling. Continuous filament fibre. cover.Washable.Size27"xI8" (68.6x45.7cm). Cat. No. 101/6505

Rec. Retail £4.25

Argos Price £2.99

Argos Price £11.75

19.Dorcas "Harlequin" Flannelette Sheeis. printed top sheet with matching co-ordinated plain dyed bottom sheet. 85% cotton. . Comp.Argos CatalOgue Retail Price Number 1011781070"x.H10"(Inx254 cm) £12.25£8.45 1011782790"xH)0" (228x 254 cm) £15.25£10.75 Please note: Unless otherwise stated only sheet is supplied.

DUVEI Quilt cover. Two 'pillow cases and fitted bottom shee, which incorporates valance.



The thermal



Continental Quilts is expressed by the the higher the "tog" rating, the warmer The four categories in accordance with Standards are: 7.5 "togs" ·minimum. 8~5"togs" minimum. 10.5 "togs" minimum. The following quilts all conform to B.S.I. 5335. 1. Siumberdown"Fjord Kingsize" Continental New duck down and feather filling. 100% covered.Minimum "tog" rating 9.5.Size7' 6" (228x218ern).-; Cat. No.1

Comp. Retail £89.95


2. NestlewannContinentalQuilt. feather filling. 100% cotton "tog" rating 10.5. Catalogue Number Retail 10117896 4' 6"x6' 6" (135x198 cm) £47.50 10117906 6' 6"><6'6" (198:><198 cm) £68.50 3. Fogarty "Gold Star" CQntinentalQuilt. feather and down filling. 100% cotton covered. Minimum "tog" rating approx, 1 Catalogue Rec. Number· Retail 101176074' 6"x6' 6" (135x198 cm) £33.20 101176146' 6"x6' 6" (198x198 cm) £49.00 4. "Vitasleep" Continental Quilt made by Siumberdown. TERYLENE (polyester) P3 100%cotton covered.Minimum "toQ' Catalogue Rec•. ' Number . Retail 101/21144' 6"x6' 6" (135x198 cm) £17.95 101/6206 6' 6"x6' 6" '(198x198cm) £27.50 5. SiumberdownContinentalQuilt. Newd and down filling. 100% cotton cambric Minimum "tog" rating 9.5. Catalogue Rec. Number Retail 101/6251 4' 6"x6' 6" (135x198 ern) £32.00 101/62686' 6"x6' 6" (198x~98 cm) £47.00

6. Nylon Continental Quilt Cover. Nylostudfastener. Availablein pints,orangeor blue.Matchesitem no. 17 on page.119. ' Catalogue Number 101/69 4' 6"x6' 6" (135x198 cm) 1011706' 6"x6' 6" (198x198 cm) 7. Christy "Three 'n' Easy" Continental Quilt Cover Set. 50% cott6n/50%vincel modal. Includesprinted cover, pair of pillow casesand fitted bottom sheet Size 6' 6"x6' 6" (.19,8x198ern). Flamingo Cat.No. 10117913 Coffee Cat. No. 10117920 , Cat. No. 101/7937 Sapphire

CompoRetail £33.50


Argos Price £23.95 ~ ;;,

8. Dorcas Continental Quilt. New duck feather and ~ down filling. 100%cotton covered.Minimum "tog" rating 9.5. r Compo Argos ~ Catalogue Number Retail Price 101176454' 6"'x6' 6" (135x198 cm) £28.50 £21.50 ([~ 10117652 6' 6"x6' 6" (198x198 cm) £39.95 £29.95 9. Dorcas Printed Continental Quilt Cover. 50% TERYLENE (polyester)/50% cotton. Available in brown, burgundy or turquoise. Catalogue Number 101171 4' 6"x6' 6" (135x198 cm) 101172·6' 6"x6' 6" (198x198 cm) 10.Gay Nights "Romance" ContinentalQuilt Cover Set. Comprises printed duvet cover, frilled fitted

Comp.Argos Retail Price

£23.60 £14.95 £23.60 £14.95 £30.35 £19.95 pO.35 £19,95 Please note: Continental Quilt Sizes: 4' 6" (135 em) size fits 3' (90 cm) bed. 6' 6" (198 cm) size fits 4' 6" (135 ern) tied.


approved. Catalogue Number

450/1127 60"x30" (152x75 cm) 4501113460"x50" (152x1.27 cm) 2. Cozee Cumfort Pre-Heating Electric Underblanketo85% viscose minimum. B.E.A.B,approved. Catalogue Rec. Argos Number Retail Price 4501100050"x25" (·127x63 cm) £10.40 £6.95 £13.65 £8.75 4501101750"x42" (127x106 cm) 3. Siumberheat Pre-Heating Electric Underblanket. 86% viscose/14% cotton. 3-heat settings. B.EAB. approved. Catalogue Number 4501102450"x25" (127x63 cm) 4501103150"x43" (127x109 cm) 4. Biederlack "Bengal Tiger" Blanket. 10oolo acrylic fibre (Dralon)on a cotton warp. Fully washable.Size 60">\80"(152x200cm) Cat. No. 10117504 Compo Retail £21.45 Argos Price £13.50 5. Witney All Wool Blanket. Nylon taffeta bound ends. Available in gold or rose. "- Catalogue Number : 10113871"x94" (180x240 cm) 101/37 91"x98" (230x250 cm)

Witney Polychromatic Dyed cosel7% acrylic. Whipped ends. Size 59"x79" (150x2oo.7cm) Cat. No. 10117858 Compo Retail £5.20 Argos Price £3.99 8. Dreamland Pre-Heating Electric Underblanket. 96% viscose/4% other fibres. B.E.A.B.approved. Catalogue Rec. Number Retail 4501110348"x24" (122x61 cm) £9.96 £7.45 45011110 48"x44" (122x 112 cm) £14.92 £10.45 9. Dreamland Pre-Heating Electric Underblanket. 96%· viscose/4% other fibres. a-heat settings. B.EAB. approved. Catalogue Number " 450/1141 56"x24" (142x61 cm) . 450/071956":-.:44" (142x112 cm)

10. Dreamland Pre-Heating Electric Underblanket. 96%viscose/4%{other fibres. Double size has dual control. 3-heat settings plus extra foot warmth. B.EAB. approved. Catalogue Rec. Argos Number Retail Price 450/0805 60"x30" (152x75 cm) £17.16 £11.95 450/0812 60"x48" (152x122 cm) £24.19 £17.45 11. Cannon "Velveteen" Hot Water BoHle: Removable washablecover 8oo/o acryljc/15% polyamide/5% otherfibres Cat. No.450/1220 Compo Retail £3.00 Argos Price £1.99 12.MonogramKing SizeAll Night Electric Overblanketo83% viscose/17%cotton. Double size has dual control. Variable heatsettings with continuous "sensor safety" sysfem. Washable.B.E.A.B.approved. Catalogue Rec. Argos Number Retail Price 4501120671"x82f' (180x210 cm) £35.44 £24.95 4501121382f'x91" (210x230 cm) £43.31 £29.95 13. Monogram "Peeress" All Night Electric .overblanket. 83%viscose/17%cotton. Variable heat settingswith continuous "sensor safety" system.Washable. B.E.A.B.approved. Catalogue Rec. Argos· Number Retail Prjce 450/0908 78"x56" (198x142'cm) £2().72£1'9.45 450/0915 78"x 72:' .(198x182 cm) ~32.06 £22.45 450/0922 Double;'Dual Control £36.00 £25.45 All underblankets have illuminated switches.

1. Berry Magicoal "Berrywarm" RadianVConvector Heater. Coal effect with teak finish surround. Choice of 940 or 1880 Watt radiant heat and/or 750 Watt 25f convector heat settings. Height 22ji"xwidth (57.5x65.4 cm). B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 415/2f05

Rec. Retail £61.65

Argos Price £43.75

2. Belling "Tivoli" Radiant Heater. Period style coal effect. Choiceof 800,1600or 2400Watt heatsettings. Length 28!"xheight 19~"xdepth 9" (72.4x49.5x22.9 Cat. No.415/2095 cm). B.E.A.B.approved..... .

Rec. Retail £64.00

Argos Price £44.75

10,AGNI 584 L.P. Gas Heater. Operatesfrom gas yllilije~.3 heat settings of 1.685,3.223and 4.777kW ILlivalent. Fitted with castors. Manufacturer's 12 ionths guarantee.A 32 Ib (14.52kg) cylinder of gas I urns for approx. 110hours on the 1.685kW setting. 1'1 ase note: This is the heater. only. Gas cylinder 11(1 regulator are not included. These can be sup,.II,! by local dealer (nameand addresssupplied) at I costs as follows: cylinder hire £12 to £16 I!IdJ.t!.£na 'I'p~. (incl. VAT), regulator £4.50. approx. (incl. VAT. First fill of gas £4.10appnox, (VATnot applicCat. No.415/2129 h~

Co B. Retail £79.92

Argos Price £55.95

3. Prilect Coal Effect Radiant Heater. Choice of 1 or 2 kW heat settings. Teak finish surround, Length 25~"xheight 21" (64.8x53.3 cm). B.E.A.R approved...................... . Cat. No.415/1797

II. Rima Oil Filled Radiator. 750 Watts. ThermoIlltlcally controlled. Length 331";;:height 19i" (85.1x 1<) 9 em).B.E.A.B.approved Cat.No. 415/0547

Rec. Retail £28.92

Rec. Retail £29.99

Argos Price £22.95

4. Glen Convector Heater. 2 kW. Thermostatically controlled. Can be wall mounted. Length 25!" height 18" (64.8x45.7 cm). B.E.A.B.approved. Catalogue Rec. Argos Number Retail Price 41511759 White £23.95 £13.50 415/1766 Teak Effect £24.95 £14.50 5. Horstman Oil Filled Electric Towel Rail. 60 Watts. Chromium plated rail can be swung out from wall if required. Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Size 24"x24" (61x61 cm). Manufacturer's 12 months guarantee.B.EAB. approved Cat. No.415/2071

Rec. Retail £15.58

Argos Price £10.95

6. ASUairflow Convector Heater. 1 kW. Canalso be wall mounted. Length 15~"xheight20" (40x50.8 cm). B.E.A.B.approved............. ...Cat. No;415/0626

Rec. Retail £19.95

Argos Price £12.50

7. Dimplex 500 Watt Skirting Heater. Can be wall mounted. Length 35tx height 5"xdepth 2~" (89.5x 12.7x6.4cm). B.EAB. approved....Cat. No.415/2088

Rec. Retail £15.16

Argos Price £11.25

8. Aladdin "Treble-O-Three" De Luxe Paraffin Heater. Featuring unique flame-out safety systemwhen knocked or tilted. Tank capacity 7t pints'(4.17 litres) giving up to 24 hours of burning on maximumflame, equivalentto 1.75kW.. ....Cat. No.415/2112

Compo Retail £34.50

Argos Price £26.95

Argos Price £21,45

12.I\SUairflow' Oil Filled Radiator. 1 kW. Thermo1f1I1~ally controlled. Length 33~"xheight 27" (84.5x em).B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.415/0561 110.6

Rec. Retai,1£33.95

Argos Price £18.45

13. Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator. 1 kW. Air-sensing Ihermostat.Length 36~"xheight2n" (92.7><69.9 cm). I! E.A.B.approved , Cat. No.415/1735

Rea. Retail £43.69

Argos Price £30.75

14. Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator. 750 Watts. Air'o'1.sing thermostat. Length 3\!"x height 2H" cm). B.EAB. approved. (00)<:55.2 Cat. No. 415/1577

Rec. Retail £37.80

Argos Price £25.75

IS. Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator. 500 Watts. Air'lensing thermostat. Length '5.2 em).B.E.A.B.approved

Rec. Retail £31.91 16. Smiths "Imerset" Immersion Heater TIme Switch. Switclies on/off twice in 24 hours. For Immersionheatersup to 3.3kW Cat. No.41511632

Rec. Retail £13.55

Argos Price £9.75

17.Myked "Tempset" Plug-In Thermostat. Fits 13 Ampwall socket. Suitablefor heatersup to 3 kW.Can beusedwith item no. 18. ......(;;at.No.415/1931

Rec. Retail £7.29

Argos Price £4.99

9. Aladdin "Aladdinette" Paraffin Heater. Featuring unique flame-out safety system when knocked or tilted. Tank capacity 4Jpints (2.56litres) giving up to 15 hours of burning on maximum flame, equivalent ......Cat. No.415/1883 to 1.75kW.

18. Myked "Tymset" Automatic Plug-In Timer. Fits 13Amp wall socket. One or two programmes in 24 hourswith manual over-ride switch. For any electric appliance up to 3 kW. Can be used in conjunction wiln item no. 17 Cat. No.415/1924

Rec. Retail £29.15

Rec. Retail £14.00

Argos Price £21.95

Argos Price £9.45

1. Rima De Luxe HeaVLight Unit 750 Watts. Heal and light will operate separately or combined. Cord operated. Diameter 14~" (36.8 cm), depth 6~' (17.1 cm). B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 415/0891


Unit. 750 Watts. Heat and lighl will operate separately or combined. Cord operated. Diameter 13" (33 ern), depth 70" (18.1 cm). B.EAB ....Cat. No. 415/0884 approved......................

Argos Price£13.75

13. Ekco Fan Heater. 2 kW. Choice of 700,1300 and ?OOO Watt heat settings or fan only. Woodgrain effect Cat. No. 415/1704 I,nish. B.EAB. approved


Argos Price£14.45

Argos Price£9.95

3. Dimplex Wall Heater. 750 Watts. Length 26~" (66.7 cm). B.EAB. approved... ...Cat. No. 415/1508



Argos Price£11~95

2. Rima HeaVLight


12. Rima Fan Heater. 3 kW with thermostatic control. Choice of " 2 or 3 kW settings or fan only. B.E.A.B. Cat. No. 415/1443 upprovsd


14. Ekco Fan Heater. 2 kW. Thermostatic control. Choice of 1 or 2 kW heat settings or fan only. Woodgrain effect finish. B.E.A.B. approved. Cat No. 415/2136



4. Berry

Magicoal "Firebrand" Radiant Heater. Choice of 990 or 1880 Watt heat settings. Length 26", height 9!" (66x24.1 cm). B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/2143



5. Prilect Reflector Fire. 2 kW. Chromium plated reflector. Choice of 1 or 2 kW settings. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 415/16411



15. Belling Fan Heater. 3 kW. 1. 2 and 3 kW heat sattinqs or fan 'only. Woodgrain effect finish. B.E.A.B. . Cat. No. 41511728 npproved....................


Argos Price£16.25

16. Dimplex Fan Heater. 3 kW. Thermostatic control. Choice of 1. 2 and 3 kW heat settings. Simulated pigskin finish Cat. No. 415/2064



6. Xpelair

Window or Wall Extractor Fan. COJd operated. Fits 71" (18.4 cm) diameter hole. Will extract 10000 cu It (283 m3) of air per hour. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 415/0035



7. Xpelair Window Extractor Fan. Cord operated. Fits 7l" (18.4 cm) diameter hole. Will extract 8000 cu It (227 m'') of air per hour. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/0028



8. Horstman Window Extractor Fan. Fits


(19.7 cm) diameter hole. Will extract 6000 cu ft (170 rrr') of air per hour. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 415/2002


Oscillating Table Fan. Fitted swivel joint to adjust angle. 2 speed. 25 Watt motor. Diameter 8", height 14" (20.3x35.6 cm). Cat. No. 415/20111


10. Rima Fan Heater. 2 kW. Choice of 1 or 2 kW .settings or fan only. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 415/1450



11. Rima Fan Heater. 3 kW. Choice of 1. 2 or 3 kW settings or fan only. B.E.A.B. approved. Cat. No. 415/2057




18. Horstman Fan Heater. 1 kW heat setting or fan only. Size 6"x6"x5~" high (15.2x15.2xI4 cm). B.EAB. approved... ............ Cat. No. 415/2040


Argos Price£6.75


9. Pifca "Spinair"


17. Power-Iectric "Nordik" Oscillating Table Fan. fitted swivel joint to adjust angle. 2 speed, 35 Watt motor. Blade diameter 8" (20.3 cm), height 14" (35.6 .. Cat. No. 415/2026 em).


GIVE ARGOS GIFT VOUCHERS Ideal for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£1.00, £2.00, £5.00. Available from all showrooms.

1. Nursery PendantShade. Printed "Florie Mouse" character on white·fabric "pumpkin" shade. Diameter 14" (35.6 ern). Max. bulb 100 Watts ..Cat. No. 430/3033

Compo Retail £4.32

Argos Price £2.99

2. "Tiffany" Style Shade. White Broderie Anglaise with fringe. Can be used as pendant or for table lamps. Max. diameter 1H" (29.2 ern). Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat. No.430/1798

Compo Retail £2.85

Argos Price £1.99

3. "Tiffany" Style Pendant Shade. Moulded plastic cane effect. Height 11" (27.9 cm). Max. bulb 150 Watts Cat. No.430/3514

Compo Retail £5.10

Argos Price £3.50

4. Sheerlite PendantShade. Beigefabric outside on moulded styrene base.Diameter12"(30.5cm). Max. bulb 100Watts Cat. No.430/3497

Compo Retail £3.87

Argos Price £2.75

5. Sheerlite Pendal\t Shade. White fabric on moulded styrene inner. Diameter16"(40.6cm). Max. bulb 150Watts Cat. No.430/3507

Compo Retail £5.70

Argos Price £3.99

6. Lumex Pendant Shade. Crystal and copper coloured polystyrene.Diameter15"(38.1cm). Max.bulb .. Cat. No.430/0036 150Watts

Rec. Retail £6.43

Argos Price £4,45

7. Ritelite Dimmer Switch. Interchangeablewith all square type on/off switches. Onloff and light level adjustment. For loads up to 250 Watts.Not suitable for tluorescentlighting Cat. No.430/3590

Rec. Retail £3.88

Argos Price £2.49

8. Myked "Guardian" Security Light Switch. Operates as normal onloff light switch and can be set to switch lights on and .off at frequent intervals giving the impressionthat the houseis occupied.Max.load Cat. No.430/2962 500Watts

Comp_ Retail £5.67

Argos Price £3.99

9. Pendant Shade. Copperfinished aluminium. Louvered diffuser.Diameter14"(35.6cm). Max.bulb 150 Cat. No.430/3538 Watts

Compo Retail £7.30

Argos Price £5.75

10. Pendant Shade. Satin finish aluminium. Louvered diffuser. Diameter14"(35.6cm). Max. bulb 150 Watts. .. Cat. No.430/3521

Compo Retail £7.30

Argos Price £5.75

11. Sheerlite Pendant Shades. Self assembly.Pack of 3 as follows: Vogue-Yellow,11"(27.9cm) dia. Max.bulb 75 Watts. Nova-Amber,9" (22.9cm) dia. Max. bulb 100Watts. Disco-White, 14" (35.6 cm) dia. Max. bulb 150 Watts Cat No.430/3026

Compo Retail £4.58

Argos Price £3.45

18.Satin "Bell" Shade. Cream with gold coloured 111m. Suitablefor most traditional pendantsand wall

12. Single Pendant Fitting. Cognac coloured glass with brown sconce.Diameter9" (22.9cm). Max.bulb 100Watts : Cat. No.430/3284

Ilohts including item nos. 1,2,6 and 7 on page 130. (),ameter5" (12.7cm).Max.bulb 60Watts. Cat. No. 430/3095

Compo Retail £10.96

CompoRetail £1.31

Argos Price £5.95

13. Rise and Fall Metal Pendant. Copper coloured finish. Louvered diffuser. Max. drop 42" (106.7cm). Diameter16"(40.6ern).Max.bulb 150Watts. Cat. No. 430/3617

Compo Retail £17.95

Argos Price £12.95

14. Rise and Fall Pendant. Opaqueamber coloured glass. Diameter 109"(27 cm). Max. drop 52" (132.1 cm). Max.bulb 100Watts Cat. No.430/3239

Compo Retail £18.38

Argos Price £8.95

15. Emess Pendant Fitting. Amber coloured glass with gold coloured sconce. Diameter11" (27.9ern), Max.bulb 100Watts Cat. No.430/3260

Rec. Retail £8.50

Argos Price £5.25

16. Rise and Fall PendantFitting. Whitewith chrome coloured trim. Louvereddiffuser. Diameter14"(35.6 cm). Max. drop 54" (137.2 ern). Max. bulb 100 Watts Cat. No.430/3088

Compo Retail £14.95

Argos Price £10.45

17.Sheerlite Rise and Fall Pendant."Fume" coloured acrylic shade. Diameter14" (35.6cm). Max. drop 64" (162.6cm). Max. bulb 100 Watts. For matching Cat. No.430/2436 itemsseepage132........ ..

Compo Retail £14.95

Argos Price £10.95

Argos Price £0.99

19.Emess Crystal Glass Flush Fitting. Diameter10" (~5.4cm).Max.bulb 100Watts........Cat. No.430/3253

Rec. Retail £7.00

Argos Price £3.75

20. H. H. Clarklite Flush Fitting. Glass diffuser. fl'3meter5" (12.7cm).Max.bulb 60Watts. Cat. No. 430/3246

CompoRetail £2.67

Argos Price £1.99

CobraElectric ReproductionVictorian Lamps.Glass hades.Max. bulb 100 Watts each. Catalogue Compo Argos Number Retail Price 21. 430/2553 Wall Light. Height 9" (22.9 crp) £7.50 2. 430/2546 Pendant. Drop 21" (53.3 cm) £8.99 loetric "Oil Type" Fittings. Decoratedceramicand nrass plated metalwork. Max. bulb 100Watts each. lor matching table lamp see page 134,item no. 10. Catalogue Camp'. Argos Number Retail Price 3. 430/3277 Pendant. Drop 25" (63.5 cm) £12.31 £8.45 )4. 430/3404 Wall Light. Height 15f (39.4 cm) £1i98 £7.95

1. Triple Pendant Fitting. 'White antique" finish with gold coloured infill. Height 15~" (38.7 ern), diameter 18" (45.7 cm). Max. bulbs 3x60Watts. Shades extra If

11.Wall Light. "Rustic" finish. Completewith shade. 'Ioight 9~"(23.5cm).Max.bulb60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/3600

required,seeitem no. 18on page129. Cat. No. 430/3332

CompoRetail £4.98

CompoRetail £16.30

Argos Price £10.95

2. Wall Light. "White antique" and gold coloured finish. Height 1H" (29.5cm).Max.bulb 60Watts. Cat. No. 430/3394

Comp.Retail £5.12

Argos Price£3.25

3. "Marie Therese" 3 Light Fitting. Brass plated construction with glass overlayand fitments. Crystal droplets. Overall spread 21" (53.3cm). Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Can be fitted with candle bulbs or , with shades,item no. 18on page 129.Shadesextra required. . Cat. No.430/2988


CompoRetail £27.63

Argos Price £18.95

4. Crystal "Waterfall" Chandelier. Diameter8" (20.3 cm). Bohemiancrystal on brassframe.Max.bulb 100 Cat. No.430/2917 Watts

CompoRetail £18.15

Argos Price £11.75

5. Crystal "Waterfall" Wall Light. Brass frame wilh Bohemian crystals and mirror backing. Diameter6\" (16.5cm). Length9i" (23.5cm). Max.bulb 60Watts. Cat. No. 430/3411

CompoRetail £18.00

Argos Price £9.95

6. "Flemish Style" Pendant Fitting. Polished brass With candle drips. Diameter 17t" (44 cm). Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Shades extra if required, se item no. 18on page 129 Cat. No.430/3301

Comp.Retail £26.58

Argos Price £12.95

7. "Spanish Style" Chandelier. Antique brassfinish With candle drips. Spread21!('(54cm). Max. bulb 60 Wattsper holder. Cat. No.430/3291

Rec.Retail £16.35

Argos Price £8.95

8. "Flemish Style" Wall Bracket. Polished brass. Height n" (20 cm). Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder Matchesitem no. 6. . Cat.'No.430/3363


Argos Price £6.95

9. "Spanish Style" Wall Light. Antique brass finish Height 10"(25.4cm). Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder Matchesitem no. 7. Shadesextra if required. . Cat. No. 430/3351

Rec.Retail £6.62

Argos Price £3.99

10.Cobra Pendant Light Fitting. Copperfinish arms, teak centre column. glassshades.Overallspread19}· (49 ern). Drop 1H" (30 cm). Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder.. ...Cat. No.430/2993

Comp.Retail £16.25

Argos Price £9.95

Argos Price£3.75

12. Triple Pendant Fitting. Hardwood with dark rustic" finish. Complete with shades. Height 15" (38.1cm), spread 15~"(39.4cm). Max. bulb 60 Watts perholder Cat. No.430/3349

CompoRetail £17.75

Argos Price£10.95

13.Wall Light Fitting. Max. bulb 60 Watts. Height 8" (~0.3cm).Matchesitem no. 14 Cat. No.430/2450

CompoRetail £6.93

Argos Price £4.45

14. Triple Pendant Fitting. Teak finish with glass ~hades.Overall spread 16" (40.6 cm). Max. bulb 60 Wattsper holder Cat. No.430/2443

CompoRetail £15.70

Argos Price £9.95

15.Balena Wall Bracket. Length 12"(30.5cm). Max. bulb60Watts.Matchesitem no. 16. Cat. No. 430/3387

CompoRetail £6.50

Argos Price£4.50

16. Balena 3 Light Ceiling Fitting. Teak and brass "nish with glass shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder.Drop 22"(55.9ern),spread28"(71.1cm). Cat. No. 430/3325

CompoRetail £18.50

Argos Price£11.95

Ight Fittings. Rosewoodfinish armswith aluminium cups and glass shades. Max. bulb 60 Watts per holder. Catalogue Comp'.Argos Number Reta.1Price 17.430/2474Triple Pendant. Spread 19" (48.3 cm) £18.35£11.50 18.430/2481Wall Light. Height 9".(22.9 cm) £7.20 £4.75 19.Cobra Wall Light. Black and satin brass plated 'Inlsh. Height 9" (22.9em), depth 5" (12.7cm). Max. hulb60Watts Cat. No.430/3370

CompoRetail £6.50

Argos Price£4.45

O. Cobra3 Light Pendant Fitting. Satin brassplated ',nish with amber coloured glass shades. Diameter 10;"(26.7ern),max. drop 23"(58.4cm). Max.bulb 60 WAttsper holder Cat, No.430/3318

CompoRetail £15.99

Argos Price£10.45

Access Card and Barclaycard are welcom'ed In all our Showrooms.


Anglepoise Lamp. White painted metalwork, Ilromium plated springs. Reach 30" (76.2 cm). Max. jib 60Watts Cat. No.430/1877

I" e.Retail £16.79

Argos Price£10.75

Cobra WalllCeiling Spot Ught. Brushed finish luminium cowl, length 7" (17.8 cm). Max. bulb 60 '{nils Cat. No. 430/1547

CompoRetail £6.75

Argos Priee£4.50

, Cobra Triple Spot Light Fitting. Ceiling plate !lometer12"(30.5cm). Max.bulb 3x60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/2388

'Compo Retail £15.75

Argos Price £10.50

1,Cobra Double Spot CeUingFitting. Centrecolumn t?" (30.5cm). Max.bulb 2x60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/1530

CompoRetail £11.99

Argos Price £7.95

, Maclamp Desk Lamp. Simulated beechwood srrns. Metal shade. Height 24" (61 cm). Max. bulb 40 Cat. No.430/1035 Wntts

Aee.Retail £5.50

Argos Price £3.25

0, Sheerlite Table Spot Lamp. Flexible neck. Switch t" base.Height 14"(35.6cm). Max.bulb 60 Watts. Cat. No. 430/3143

CompoRetail £5.99

Argos Price £4.50

1. Pifco "Studio" Table Spot Lamp. Flexible neck. Push button switch in base. Height 19!" (49.5 cm). Max.bulb 60 Watts Cat. No.43011860

Ree.Retail £8.50

Argos Price £6.75

8.Cascade Standard Lamp. Onyxcolumn with brass fillings. Gold coloured shade.Height 60~"(153.7cm). Max.bulb 150Watts Cat. No. 430/2670

CompoRetail £32.95

Argos Price £21.95

9. Floor Lamp. White and chrome finish. Complete with white "pumpkin" shade.Height 5H" (130.8cm). Max.bulb 150Watts Cat. No.430/3057

CompoRetail £13.35

Argos Price£8.95

10. Wooden Standard Lamp. Teak coloured finish with gilt coloured spacers. Height 57" (144.8 cm). Max.bulb 100Watts Cat. No. 430/2663

CompoRetail £12.25

Argos Price £7.95

11. See page 129 item no. 17. 12. Sheerlite Standard Lamp. "Fume" coloured acrylic shade, chromium plated base. Height 55k" (140 ern), diameter 16!" (41.9 cm). Max. bulb 100 Watts.Matchesitemnos.11and 13.Cat. No. 430/3480

CompoRetail £24.99

Argos Price £17.95

13. See page 134 item no. 9. 14.Laronde Spot Table Lamp. Height 16"(40.6cm). Max.bulb 60 Watts Cat. No. 430/3150

CompoRetail £9.25

Argos Price £5.75

15. Laronde Triple Spot Light Fitting. Spots can be Individually directed. Drop 17~"(43.8cm). Max. bulb 3x60 Watts Cat. No.430/3181

CompoRetail £15.25

Argos Price £9.75

16. Laronde Wall Spot Light. Height 6!" (16.5 cm). Max.bulb 60Watts Cat. No.430/3174

CompoRetail £6.75

Argos Price £3.99

17.Laronde Double Spot Standard Lamp. Height 52" (132.1cm). Max.bulb2x60Watts ...Cat. No.430/3167

CompoRetail £22.95

Argos Price £14.45

18.Maclamp Spot Standard Lamp. Height 60"(152.4 em).Max.bulb 60 Wattsor 100Watt reflector type. Cat. No. 430/1042

Rec.Retail £16.95

Argos Price £9.25

19. Maclamp Double Spot Standard Lamp. Height 60" (152.4cm). Max. bulb 2x60".Wattsmushroom or 2x 100Watt reflector type : Cat. No.430/2357

Rec.Retail £22.95

Argos Price £12.75

20.Maclamp Spot Table Lamp. Max.height 23"(58.4 em).Max.bulb 60 Wattsor 100Watt reflector type. Cat. No. 430/1059

Rec.Retail £9.35

Argos Price £5.25

21. Disco Projector. Makes changing patterns on waUor give "disco" atmosphere to your parties.Completewith one patternwheel and projector bulb Cat. No.430/2955

CompoRetail £37.95

Argos Price £29.95

1. Table Lamp. Decorated pottery base. Height 11

(27.9cm).Max.bulb 60Watts

CompoRetail £2.56


Argos Price £1.95

2. Electric "Oil" Lamp. Victorian style. Etched gla I globe. Brassplated base.Height 141"(36.8ern). MaM bulb 60Watts. ...Cat.No.4301345.

CompoRetail £7.99

Argos Price £5.75

3. Table'Lamp.Ceramicbase.Beigeshadewith gold coloured trim. Height 13" (33 ern). Max. bulb 60 Watts Cat. No.430/2742

CompoRetail £4.25

Argos Price£2.99

4. Table Lamp.Ceramicbase.Whiteshadewith silver coloured trim. Height 15" (38.1 cm). Max. bulb 100 . Cat. No.430/275. Watts.

CompoRetail £4.92

Argos Price £3.45

5. Table Lamp. Ceramic base. Height 19"(48.3cm) Max.bulb 100Watts..... . Cat. No.430/3105

'Comp.Retail £7.88

Argos Price £5.45

6. Table Lamp. Genuine alabaster base with seal-

loped nylon shade.Height16"(40.6cm).Max.bulb 60 Watts. Cat. No.430/3468

CompoRetail £8.00

Argos Price £5.95

7. Table Lamp. Ceramic basewith curtained shade. Height14"(35.6ern). Max.bulb 60Watts. Cat. No. 430/3435

CompoRetail £3.20

Argos Price £2.45

8. Table Lamp.Tiffanystyle BroderieAnglaiseshade. White ceramicbase.Height 13~"(34.3cm). Max.bulb 60Watts. . Cat. No.430/2735

CompoRetail £6.55

Argos Price £4.75

9. Sheerlite "(able Lamp. "Fume" coloured acrylic shade.dia. 12"(30.5cm). Chromiumplated baseand column. Max. bulb 100Watts.Matchesitem no. 17on page129and no. 12on page132....Cat. No.430/3473

CompoRetail £16.50

Argos Price £11.95

10. Electric Reproduction Oil Lamp. Decorated ceramic body. Brassplated fittings. Height 14~"(37.5 cm). Max. bulb 100Watts.Matchesitem nos.23 and 24on page129 Cat.No.430/2560

CompoRetail £11.23

Argos Price£7.50

14.T.V. Lamp. Gilt coloured frame. Realdried flowI. Height9r' (24.1ern). Max,bulb 60Watts. Cat. No. 430/3071

CompoRetail £4.52

Argos Price £3.50

I , Valcol "Laboratory Glass" Lamp. Liquid rises 11(1 falls with heatfrom bulb. Completewith 10Watt I,ulb. Height16"(40.6cm) Cat. No.430/3576

CompoRetail £20.00

'Argos Price£14.95

10. Crestw~rth "Glitterlite". Silver coloured chips slowly through blue liquid giving a twinkling flect.Height1n" (44.5cm) Cat. No.430/2814


CompoRetail £9.73

Argos Price£6.45

17. Crestworth "Telstar" Bubble Lamp. Filled with two contrasting liquids which give ever changing IlIltterns.Height171"(44.5cm)........Cat. No.430/2151

CompoRetail £9.73

Argos Price£6.45

18. Fibre Optic Lamp. Changescolour and revolves. Approx. 7400 fibres giving spread of 24" (61 ern) .,pproX ,.. .. Cat. No.430/2780

CompoRetail £34.75

Argos Price£23.50

19. Fibre Optic Colour Change Lamp. Approx. 4800 fibresgivinga spreadof 20"(50.8cm) approx. Cat. No. 430/3545

Ree.Retail £26.95

Argos Price£15.95

20. Sheerlite Fibre Optic Colour Change Lamp.With

limber glow effect on base.Approx. 850fibres giving Cat. No.430/3552

spread of 9" (22.9cm)approx

CompoRetail £35.50

Argos Price£22.95

21. Laronde "Cine" Lamp. Revolving cylinder creates"waterfall" effect.Height10"(25.4cm). Cat. No. 430/2182

CompoRetail £9.99

Argos Price £5.95

22. Barbapapa Nursery Night Light. Glows from headto toe in the dark.Completewith leadand plugm transformer to give safe and economical 6 Volt operation. from standard 13 Amp (squarepin) socket. Cat. No.430/3583

CompoRetail £7.50

Argos Price£4.99

23. Nursery "Night Light". Hand decoratedpottery. Completewith miniature figures and 15 Watt bulb. Heightn" (19.1cm) Cat. No.430/3569

CompoRetail £6.26

Argos Price£4.45

11. "Mushroom" Table Lamp. Moulded plastic base and shade. Height 17" (43.2 em). Max. bulb 75 Watts. . Cat. No.430/3442

24. Emess "Hereford" Metal Porch Lantern. Height 14"(35.6cm).Max.bulb 100Wafts..Cat. No.430/0407

CompoRetail £5.80

CompoRetail £10.00

Argos Price £4.45

12. Table Lamp. Smoked glass shade. Height 6!" (16.5cm).Max.bulb 60Watts Cat.No.430/3064

CompoRetail £4.85

Argos Price £3.25

13. Laronde Bouquot Flower Lamp.Fill with waterto keep flowers frosh FIndgive "dew drop" effect. With artificial roses for u 0 when flowers not available. Height8" (20.3em) Cat.No.430/2821

CompoRetail £12.99

Argos Price£7.95

Argos Price£5.75

25. Emess "Suffolk" Metal Porch Lantern. Hand blown amber coloured glass diffuser. Height 12~" (32.4cm).Max.bulb 100Watts........Cat. No.430/2065

CompoRetail £13.00

Argos Price£6.95

26.Springfield "Shire" Metal Porch Lantern. Height 15;"(39.4ern). Max.bulb40Wattscandletype. Cat. No. 430/1444

CompoRetail £9.95

Argos Price £6.95

'I Palette Bathroom Cabinet. Teak effect laminate II h. Two sliding mirrored doors. Interior shelf. Size x 13"xS"(S7.8x33x12.7 cm).... Cat. No. 83011512

omp.Retail £13.50'

Argos Price £8.75

, • Allibert "Niaide Luxe" Bathroom Cabinet. Two .Irrored doors, one with safety lock, interior and r back shelves. Size 19i"x2Sf'x7k" (6SxSOx18 '") Cat. No. 83012030

'I c. Retail £38.88


>.,Argos Price £26.95 .

I • Allibert "Starlette"

1. Ablec Circular Fluorescent Fitting. effect shade. 40 Watt tube. equivalent to a light bulb. Plugs into any ceiling type mn,hnl<i ...


Rec.Retail £18.14

Cat. No.

Argos Price

Thorn Circular Fluorescent Fitting. Glassdiffuser, Watt tube, equivalent to 3x 100 Watt bulbs. Catalogue Compo Number Refail 2. 43011121Dia. 16" (406 cm) £19.95 £20.25 3.430/1114 Dia. 17:~"(43.9 cm) 4. Plug-In Fluorescent Light Fitting. 9S sumption, equivalent to a lS0 Watt light 36", width S~"(91.4x14 cm). Plugs into fixed lampholder Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £8.60

Argos Price

5. Plug-In Fluorescent Light Fitting. 9S Watt consumption. equivalent to a 200 Wat:flight bulb. Length 24", width 4~"(61x 12,1cm). Plugs into suspendedor ......Cat. No. 430/3208 ceiling lampholder........

Rec.Retail £10.45

Argos Price £7.45

6. HH "Lumina" Bedroom Striplight and Shaver Socket. With 60 Watt tungsten tube. Not suitable for bathrooms. Length 13~"(34.3cm)...Cat. No. 430/3215

CompoRetail £5.68

Argos Price £3.99

7. HH "Light 'n' Shave" Striplight and Shaver Socket. Suitable for bathrooms. with 60 Watt tungsten tube. Length 16"(40.6cm) Cat. No. 430/3222

CompoRetail £15.89

Argos Price £12.75

8. Thorn "Arrowslim" Fluorescent Fitting. 30 tube, equivalent to a 180 Watt light bulb. Can be mounted on wall. ceiling or behind pelmets etc. Length 36".width H" (91.4X3.8cm). -, Cat. No. 430/2395

CompoRetail £8.94

Argos Price £6.45

9. Thorn "Homelite" Fluorescent Fitting. 40 Watt "U" tube, equivalent to 2xl00 Watt light bulbs. Length 23".width 8" (S8.4x20.3cm). Cat. No. 430/2405

CompoRetail £14.19

Argos Price

10. GEC "Europa" Fluorescent Fitting. Complete with diffuser and 40 Watt tube equivalent to 150Watt light bulb. Length 49*" (12S.Scm). Cat. No. 430/2261

CompoRetail £14.47

Argos Price £9.95

Bathroom Cabinet. Three rrored doors with magnetic catches, door back ; II Ives and adjustable interior shelves. Size b ··lj"xl$ tr x6il..(62x40x17cm) ........Cat.No.83010056 ~ .



Retail £19.98

Argos Price £14.95 :

14. Cox-Cabot Bathroom Cabinet. Twin cupboards, IIding lockable mirror conceals medicine compart, nt. Size27"x 13¥'xS"(68.6x33.Bx12.7ern). Cat. No. 830/2023

'tec. Retail £21.50

Argos'Price £14.75

16. Cox-Cabot Bathroom Cabinet. Two sliding mirrored doors. Two locking compartments. Melamine lnminate surfaces. Size 27"x 13~"xS" (6B.6x33,8x 12.7cm) Cat.No.830/0049

Rec. Retail £21.25

Argos Price £14.45

16.Cox-Cabot Bathroom Cabinet. Two sliding rnirrored doors. Locking side cupboard. interior shelves. Melamine laminate. surfaces. Size 22¥'x13!"x5" Cat. No. 83011835 (66x33.Sx12.Scm)

Rec.Retail £15.95

Argos Price £10.95

17. Cox-Cabot Bathroom Cabinet. Two mirrored doors. Interior shelf. Melamine laminate surfaces. ' IzelBk"x12W'xS"(46x31.4x 12.7cm). I Cat. No. 830/0025

Rec. Retail £15.85

Argos Price £10.45

18. Cox-Cabot Bathroom Cabinet. Two mirrored doors. Melamine.laminate surfaces. Size 2O~"xlS"x H (Sl.2x38.9x12.7 cm) Cat. No. 830/2016

Rec.Retail £20.45

Argos Price £13.95

19.M. I. Flair Bath Bar. Moulded in polystyrene. Full I ngth shelf for toiletries and two recessesfor soap, ponge etc. Fixing screws supplied. Size 64!" 93"x3-!" (163.8x24.8x8.9 cm).......Cat. No. 830/1880

Rec.Retail £11.77

Argos Price £7.25

20. M. I. Flair Double Bath Shelf. Moulded in polytyrene. Fixing screws supplied. Size 26~"x9~"x3¥' (67.9x24.8xB.9cm) ..: Cat. No. 83011897

Rec. Retail.£6.16

Argos Price £3.99


Barclaycard and Access' Card are welcomed in all our Catalogue Showrooms.

1. Weight Watchers "Beauty" Bathroom Scale. peted platform. Weighs up to 19 stone or 125 kg. Cat. No.


CompoRetail £10.92

( amp.Retail £4.25

Argos Price

Cascade "Golden Sands" Shower. Handseton 'justablewall bracket.Flexibletubing with push-on p connectors Cat.NO..83011952


Argos Price £2.75 i

, i

2. Weight Watchers De Luxe Bathroom Cushionedvinyl mat. Chromium plated handle dial surround.Weighsupto 19stoneor 125kg. Cat. No. ><:<11111""'.'

CompoRetail £11.50

amp.Retail £8.96

Argos Price

3. Tower BathroomScale. PVCupholsteredpadded top. Chromiumplatedsurroundand trim. Weighs to 20stoneor 125kg..... ....Cat.No.

CompoRetail £8.15

Cascade"Riviera" Shower. Handseton adjust10 wall bracket. Flexible chromium plated tubing Cat. No.830/0207 Uhpush-ontap connectors

I •

Argos Price

I . Cascade Shower Curtain and Telescopic Rod I. Extendsfrom 3' 6" to S' 6" (106.7to 259 ern). mbosssdvinyl curtain. size 54"x70" (137.2x177.S Cat. No.830/0276 Ill)with hooks

Comp;Retail £6.95 4. Weight Watchers Bathroom Scale. Circular'dial for easierreading.Cushionedvinyl mat.Weighsup to 19stoneor 125kg Cat.No.830/2054

CompoRetail £10.56

Argos Price £6.25

5. Krups "Diva LC" Bathroom Scale. Upholstered mat.Weighsup to 20stoneor 130kg. Cat. No. 830/2047

Rec.Retail £6.20

Argos Price £1.99

7. Hanson "Super De Luxe" BathroomScale. Vinyl upholsteredmat.Chromiumplated handleand trim. Weighsupto 20stoneor 127kg.....Cat.No.830/1581

Rec.Retail £7.75

Argos Price £4.75

8. Hanson "Smiley" BathroomScale.Weighsup to 20stoneor 127kg Cat.No.830/0795

Rec.Retail £4.95

Argos Price£4.45

14. Redring 6 kW lnstant Shower Unit. No tank quired.Completewith handset,flexible tubing and userrail. Complieswith British StandardBS3456.It I recommended·that this shower be installed by 'Iualifiedtradesmen Cat. No.830/2078 I

Iilec.Retail £49.90

Argos Price£35.95

Argos Price £4.75

6. Hanson Bathroom Scale. Two non-slip mats. Weighsup to 20stoneor 125kg.....Cat.No.83011866

Rec.Retail £3.25

Argos Price £6.25

Argos.price £2.99

15. Cascade Shower Frame and Curtain Set. Aluminiumframe. Size30"x30"(76.2x76.2cm). Pair of embossed vinyl curtains, size 54"x70" each (13Y.2xl77.Scm)with hooks .....Cat. No.830/1622

CompoRetail £8.86

Argos Price£5.95

16.Cascade "Sunshower". Handseton adjustable wall bracket. Flexible chromium plated tubing with push-ontap connectors.Aluminiumframeadaptsto five styles. Pair of embossed vinyl curtains, size 54"x70"each(137.2x177.Scm)with hooks. Cat. No. 830/0331

CompoRetail £15.95

Argos Price £10.95

9. Allibert "Little Wonder" Storage Unit. Toilet roll dispenser,shelf for spare roll, built-in ashtray and deodorant block holder. Fitted with toilet brush and (76x17x15 cm). holder.Size30~"x63"x5~" Cat. NO.830/2092

17. Cox-Cabot Linen Bin. Melamine laminate surfaces with cork seat pad. Size .16i"x14"x1H" (42.3x35.6x29.9cm) Cat.No.830/1653

Rec.Retail £10.96

Rec.Retail £13.50

Argos Price £7.95

10. Gardex Splaahback. Sliding mirror conceals cabinet. Lower shelf fitted for 2 tumblers and 4 toothbrushes.Size 21!"x3!"x33" high (54xS.9xS3.S cm). .. Cat.No.830/2085

CompoRetail £12.34

Argos Price £6.95

Argos Price£8.95

18. Cannon Non-Slip Rubber Bath Mat. Moulded suckers on underside. Size 27"x15~" (6S.6x39.4 em). .. Cat. No.830/0403

CompoRetail £2.50

Argos Price£1.75

11. Leifheit "Super Floor and Carpet Sweeper. Brush height eorrtrol dial. Bristle brushes. rwo ancillAry brushes to loosen dirt. Independently 'prungwheels. Casesize 13"x9~"(33x24.1 cm). Cat. No. 855/0679

Rec.Retail £13.75

:A.rgosPrice £8.95

12. Leifheit "Regulus" Floor and Carpet Sweeper. rush height controldial. Bristle brush. Two ancillary brushes to loosen dirt. Case size 11"x73" (27.9 x 19.7 Cat. No. 855/0473 em)

Rec.Retail £9.50

Argos Price £5.95

15. Leifheit "Rotaro" Floor and Carpet S"'feE!DE!r. .. Twin rotary brushes sweep up to wall and round (urniture legs. Brush heighl controt dial. Bristle brush and built-in' comb. Case size ~H"xHi)~" (29.2x27.3 em). Tango . ........_ : Cat. No. 855/0480 Blue .. .. Cat. No. 855/0569

Rec.Retail £15.25

7. Ewbank Carpet Shampooer. Waist controls shampoo. Supplied wilh bottle Foam" carpet cleaner Cat. No.

Rec. Retail £10.95

Argos Price

Argos Price £9.45

16. Bissell "8oooR" Floor and Carpet Sweeper. Slide lever brush height adjustment, Lift out dustpans for ease of emptying and cleaning. Twin rotary brushes. Casesize 1H"x 10"(29.8x 25.4 em).Cat. No. 855/0583

CompoRetail £13.95

Argos Price~£9.45

17. Bissell "C-as~ette6000" Carpet Sweeper. '5 -row bristle.brush, Lift out dustpans for ease of emptying and cleaning. Casesize 1H"x 1(!Y' (29.8x25.4 cm). Cat. No. 85570703

CompoRetail £11.95

:.Argos Price £7.-95

18. Bissell "Foam Master" .Carpet Shampooer. Three roller action. Hip level (ever for foain control. 176 fl oz (500ml) bottle of shampoo supplied. . . Cat. No. 855/0215

CompoRetail £11.95

Argos Price £7.75

19. Bissell "9OOOS"Carpet·Sham"ooer. Four roller action. Hip level'lever for foam control. 17.6 fl oz (500 ml) bottle of shampoo supplied ...... Cat. No. 855/0222

CompoRetail £14.95

Argos Price £9.95

;lf1~'TT~ ..... "'i!:"~~~~1l""'-"""";':::';;;;;;;''';;'''::':'; 15. Hoover "Junior" Cleaner. "Heiqht-riqht" control. Top-fill bag. 250 Watts. B.E.A.B. approved .. Cat. No. 405/0939

Rec.Retail £62.63


16. Tools for the above item and previous "Junior" model no. 1346A. Cat. No.405/0269

Rec.Retail £10.85

Argos Price£9.45

1. Shop-Vac Heavy DuW Cleaner. 'Powerful670 motor. Will pick uP.grit. wood chips, bulky leaves etc. For use around the home, i

3. Moulinex "250" Ught-weight C1eaner. For carpetsand curtains.Completewith tools. 230 REAR approved »»»Cat, No.

Rec. Retail £18.85

Argos Price £1

1. 5-Fold Airer. Plastic coated steel frame, giving 5,0' (15.2 m) of hanging space. Folds flat for storage. Cat. No. 850/0746

Rec.Retail £9.15

Argos Price£6.25

2. Dennison"Big D" Airer. Stoveenamelledtubular steel frame with plastic coated rails. Expandsto 59" (1.5 m) high, giving 46' (14 m) of hanging space. Foldsflat for storage Cat.No.850/0636

Rec.Retail £9.88

Argos Price£6.95

3. ASL/airflow "Compact" Airer. Expands to 49" (1.25m) high, giving 29' (S.S3m) of hangingspace. Foldsflat for storage Cat.No.850/0131

R.::c.Retail £8.95

Argos Price£5.45

4. Dennison "Community" Airer. Expands to 521" (1.33m) high. giving 3S' (11.6m) of hangingspace. Foldsflat for storage Cat.No.850/0753

Rec.Retail £8.37

Argos Price£5.95

5. ASUairflow "Tidyframe" 3-Fold Airer. Plastic coatedmetalframe.22' (6.7m)of hangingspace. Cat. No. 850/0100

Rec.Retail £5.95

Argos Price£3.99

6. ASUairflow "Tidyframe" Airer. For useover bath or free-standing.30' (9.1m)of hangingspace. Cat. No. 850/0760

Rec.Retail £5.75

Argos Price£3.45

7. Beldray Iron Tidy. Enables hot iron to be put immediatelyaway.Steelframe with expandedmetal coolingplate.Easilyfixedto door or wall. Cat. No. 850/0540

Rec.Retail £3.15

Argos Price£1.75

8. Leifheit "Rollfix" Indoor Clothes line. 5 lines extendto 12' (3.66rn),giving 60' (lS.3 m) of hanging space. ..........Cat.No.850/0519

Rec.Retail £6.25

Argos Price£3.99

9. ASUairflow "Tidydry" lndoor Clothe~ line. 5 lines extend to 15' (4.57m), giving 75' (22'.~m) of hangingspace Cat.No.850/0117

Rec.Retail £5.95

Argos Price£4.25

10.RadiatorAirerslTowel Rails.Setof 4. Length24;" each(62.2cm)..... .......Cat.No.850/0777

Rec.Retail £4.25

Argos Price£2.99

12. ASL/airflow Rotary Clothes line. Galvanised tubular steel frame. Heavy.duty mouldings. PVC coveredrayon line. \ Rec. Ar!)os Catalogue Retail Price Number £11.95£6.25 850/0148 90' (27.4m) £13.95£8.45 850/0155 120' (36.6m) 13. ASUairflow "Tidyspin Skyliner" Rotary Airer. Galvanisedtubular steel frame with ABS mouldings. 150' (45.7m) of hangingspace.Completewith soil spearwhich requiresno concreting. Cat. No. 850/0784

Rec.Retail £21.35

Argos Price£11.75

14. Beldray Ironing Table Cover. Foam backed, Milium lined 100%cotton cover. Fits any table with Ironingsurfaceupto 3S"x14~"(96.5x36.Scm). Cat. No. 850/0739

Rec.Retail £3.19

Argos Price£2.25

15.Beldray Sleeve Board. Free-standingfor use on troning table or any flat surface. Folds flat for storage. Overall size 23"x4"x4" (5S.4xl0.2xl0.2 cm) Cat.No.850/0629

Rec.Retail £4.64

Argos Price£2..45

16. Trident 71 Ironing Table. Ironing surface 3si"x 13"(90.2x33cm).Adjuststo 3 heights. Cat. No. 850/0605

Rec.Retail £9.95

Argos Price£6.95

17. Trident "Jumbo" Ironing Table. Floral cover. Ironing surface48"x 13"(121.9x33cm).Adjuststo 3 heights Cat.No.850/0715

Rec.Retail £12.35

Argos Price£8.45

18. ASUairflow "Sovereign" Ironing Table. Ironing surface 54"x14~" (137.2x36.8 cm). Adjusts to 12 heights Cat.No.850/0722

Rec.Retail £18.25

Argos Price£10.95

19. Beldray "Five Star" Ironing Table. Ironing surface 3S"x14~" (96.5x36.S cm). Adjusts to 12 heights Cat.No.850/0038

Rec.Retail £14.85

Argos Price £9.45

20.Beldray "Ideal" Ironing Table.Tubularsteellegs with wood compositiontop. Ironingsurface36"x1H" (91.4x29.9ern).Adjuststo 3 heights. Cat. No. 850/0708

Rec.Retail £11.34

.. Argos Price£5.95

21. Beldray "Invincible" Ironing Table. lroninq surface36"x13"(91.4x33cm).Adjuststo 3 heights. Cat. No. 850/0045

Rec.Retail £12.31

Argos Price£7.45

11. Pair of Radiator Clothes Airers. 19' (5.79m) of hangingspace.FOldawayfor storage. Cat. No. 850/0526

22.Beldray "Mayfair" IroningTable. Ironingsurface 4S"x14Y (121.9x36.8cm). Retractableiron stand. 100% cotton Cover, milium lined. Adjusts to 12 heights. .. Cat.No.850/0021

Rec.Retail £4.75

Rec.Retail £19.43

Argos Price£3.45

Argos Price£11.75

Sunbeam ISS1 "Super" "Shot-ol-Steam"/ Spray/Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Stainless steel water tank. Water level gauge. Weight 3ilb (1.59 kg). B.E.A.B. approved.

Cat. No. 41011606

Rec.Retail £21.50

Argos Price£17.95

3. Proctor-Silex1598WIron. Jet of steamfrom basel spray/steam/dry functions. Thermostatic control Weight 3i Ib (1.48kg). Cat. No. 41011699

Rec.Retail £18.50

Argos Price£13.25

4. Sunbeam SD30 De Luxe "Shot-of-Steam"/ Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control and fabric guide. Water level gauge. Weight 3i Ib (1.59 kg) BEAB. approved Cat.No.410/0346


Rec.Retail £19.60

Rec.Retail £16.99

Argos Price£11.95

Argos Price £14.95

Rowenta "Vapopress" "Burst-of-Steam"/ Steam/Spray/DryIron. Thermostaticcontrol. Water level indicator. Weight 4 Ib (1.81 kg). B.EAB approved..... . Cat.No. 410/1709

Rec.Retail £26.25

9.SunbeamGSS3HDe LuxeSpray/Steam/DryIron. Waterlevelgauge.Thermostaticcontrol.Weight3~Ib (1.59kg). REAR approved. Cat. No. 410/0982

Argos Price£13.75

10. Morphy Richards 4197 De Luxe Spray/Steam/ DryIron. Thermostaticcontrol.Weight3):Ib (1.59kg). B.EAB. approved.c.... ......Cat.No.410/1572

Rec.Retail £17.00

Argos Price £12.25

11.RowentaDA08De Luxe Spray/Steam/DryIron. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight3 Ib (1.36kg). B.E.A.B. approved Cat.No.410/1596

Rec.Retail £18.50,

Argos Price£12.95

12.Calor Electric 1503Spray/Steam/DryIron. Thermostaticcontrol. Visiblewater tank. Centrecord for left/right hand use. Weight 2 Ib 9 oz (1.16 kg). B.EAB. approved Cat.No.410/1259

Rec.Retail £17.99

Argos Price£10.95 I


13. Proctor-Silex 1299W Steam/Dry Iron. Fabric guide. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight'2 Ib 5 oz (1.05 kg).BEAB. approved Cat.No.410/1682

Rec.Retail £14.50

Argos Price£9.95

5. Sunbeam GS 23 Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control.Weight3~Ib (1.59kg). BEAR approved. Cat. No. 41011235

14.Hoover4004Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight3J:Ib (1.59kg). BEAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/0315

Rec.Retail £14.99


Argos Price£10.50

6. Morphy Richards4186StandardSteam/DryIron. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight3~Ib (1.59k!!J). B.E.A.B approved... . Cat.No.410/1541

Rec.Retail £14.25

Argos Price£10.25

7. Morphy Richards 4187De Luxe Steam/DryIron. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight3):Ib (1.59kg).B.E.A.B. approved...... . Cat.No.41011558

Rec.Retail £15.65

Argos Price£11.45

8. Sunbeam XSS23HSpray/Steam/Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Weight 3; Ib (1.59 kg). BEAB. approved................ . Cat.No.410/1338

Rec.Retail £15.99

Argos Price£11.25

Argos Price£10.95

GIVE ARGOSGIFTVOUCHERS Ideal for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£1.00, £2.00,£5.~0.Available from all showrooms.


Barclaycard and Access Card are welcomed in all our Catalogue Showrooms.

1. Pilco 1042 Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. guide. Weight 2~Ib (1.13 kg) Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £7.50

Argos Price

2. Philips HD 1120 Dry Iron. Thermostatic Weight2 Ib (0.91kg). B.E.A.B.approved. . Cat. No. 41

CompoRetail £10.92

Ar90s Price

3. Pilco Travel Iron. 240V .

Rec.Retail £8.95 4. Morphy RichardsCA75Senior Dry Iron. Thermostatic control. Weight 3~ Ib (1.7 kg). B. approved Cat.No.410/0353


Argos Price £8.25

5. SunbeamAD19HDe Luxe Dry Iron. Thermostatlo control.Weight2~Ib (1.13kg). B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 410/1510

Rec. Retail £11.50

Argos Price £7.95

6. SunbeamAD19HStandard Dry Iron.Thermostatic control.Weight2~Ib (1.13kg).B.E.A.B.approved. Cat-.No. 41011022

Rec. Retail £9.99

Argos Price £6.95

7. Morphy Richards 4157 "Classic" De Luxe Dry Iron. Thermostaticcontrol. Weight 2 Ib 15 oz (1.33 kg). B.E.A.B.approved......... .....Cat.No.410/1534

Rec. Retail £12.90

Argos Price £8.95

8. Kenwood Rotary Iron. Heated sole plate and padded 24" (61 cm) roller. Pedal control. B.E.A.B. approved Cat.No.410/0102

Rec.Retail £92.25

Argos Price £69.95

9. Creda "Compact 3" Tumble Drier.6.6 Ib (2.99kg) load.90 minutetimer. Heatselectionswitch.Coolair finishing cycle. 2200Watts. Height 26il",width 19~". depth 18~" (67.9x49.2x47.6 cm). B.E.A.B. .. Cat.No.410/1716 approved..

Rec. Retail £87.18

Argos Price £65.95

10. Beldray "Home 'n' Ory" Electric Clothes Airer/ Drier. Approx. 30' (9.1 m) of drying rail. 1 kW convector can be used as room heater. Folds for storage :.. .. Cat.No.41011307

Rec. Retail £34.02

Argos Price £21.95

11. Telal "Washboy" Washing Machine. 3 Ib (1.36 kg) load. Wash time 3-5 minutes according to material. Complete with hoses, tap adaptor and instructions. Size 20~" highx15);" widex19" deep (52.1x39.4x48.3 cm). Reducesto 15"high (38.1cm) for storage.B.E.A.B.approved........Cat.No.410/1620

Rec.Retail £45.00

Argos Price £28.95

12. Creda Autopump Spin Drier. 2700 r.p.m. spin speed.6 Ib (2.72kg) load. Fitted with pump to clear water away. Height 26~", width 14~",depth 16,Ji' (67.6x36.8x40.8cm).... ..........Cat.No.41011747

Rec. Retail £85.33

Argos Price £56.95

13. Burco F33L"Baby Burco" Washboiler.Stainless steel casing. 6 Ib (2.72 kg) load. 2.5 kW element. Variableheatswitch.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 410/1383

Rec. Retail £31.47

Argos Price £22.95

14.Burco Mini WashingMachine.Takes2.2 Ib (1kg) load in 4l gOllon (2'1.59litres) of water. 4 minute timer. 2.5kW I m nt for heatingup to boiling point. Stainles t I CII, Ing.B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 41011723

Rec. Retail £62.50

Argos Price £46.95

15. Cr dO "0 bon' Ir" Spin Drier. 2700 r.p.m. spin sp (l It) (:> 12 kg) load. Gravitydrain. Height25~", dl m I r (I )I( I ~p til) 14!!" (65.4x37.3cm).B.E.A.B nppr vfl{l ... ..........Cat.No.410/1730 R C. R t II 70.14 Argos Price £46.95

alter "Super Chef" Food Slicer. Stainlesssteel .Itie.Folding basewith suction pad. Completewith o<,d carrier and catching tray Cat. No.84011508 C.


Argos Price£13.45

PrestigeWall Can Opener. Chromium platedsteel , ldy Magneticlid lifter Cat. No.840/0561


C. Retail £3.29

Argos Price£2.45

, Prestige "Fold-Away" Wall Can Opener. With ",onel. Chromium plated steel body swings away '"10 plastic casewhen not in use....Cat. No.840/0633

'lloc.Retail £8.80

Argos Price£6.45

10. Wilkinson Sword Kitchen Scissors. Stainless lcel blades.Suitable for meat.vegetablesand tough lIr1stle.Dishwasherproof handles.. Cat. No.840/2545


Argos Price£3.25

11.Leifheit BottlelJar Opener. Opens all sized lids liP to 4" (10.2 ern) diameter. Built-in crown cap IIller. Cat. No.840/2181

Flee.Retail £1.99

Argos Price£1.45

12. Leifheit Can Opener. Hardened steel cutting wheel.Built-in crown cap lifter and lid priser. Cat. No. 840/2198

Ree.Retail £3.25

Argos Price£2.25

13.Brabantia Pedal Bin. Stainlesssteel.Capacity2.6 00 lions (12Iitres) Cat. No.840/2095

Re&.Retail £10.05

Argos Price£6.25

14.Brabantia Pedal Bin. Colouredsteel.Capacity2.6 qallons(12Iitres) Cat. No.840/2301

Ree.Retail £8.50

Argos Price£5.75

15. Brabantia "Bouquet" Pedal Bin. Decorated stainlesssteel.Capacity2.6 gallons (12litres). Cat. No. 840/2318

Rec.Retail £10.50

Argos Price£7.25

16. Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin. Stainless steel. Size17;"x9,"x6;" high (44.7x24.9x15.8cm). Cat. No. 840/1728

Ree.Retail £9.10

Argos Price£5.95

17.Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin. Colouredsteel. Cat. No. 840/2325 1. Cole & Mason Spice Rack. 24 jars containing herbs and spices. Mahogany rack .. Cat ..No. 840/2507

Rec.Retail £7.92

CompoRetail £16.40

18.Brabantia "Bouquet" Roll Top Bread Bin. Decoratedstainlesssteel. Cat. No.84012332

Argos Price£12.95

2. Romsey Woodcraft Spice Rack. 10jars containing herbsand spices.Sapelemahoganyrackand lids. Cat. No. 840/2480

CompoRetail £8.56

Argos Price£6.45

3. Cole & Mason Spice Rack. Mahoganyrackwith 12 jars filled with herbsand spices Cat. No.84011216

CompoRetail £8.95

Argos Price £6.95

4. Romsey Woodcraft Spice Wheel. 12 jars containing herbs and spices. Sapele mahogany revolving stand Cat. No. 840/2497

CompoRetail £13.52

Argos Price£9.45

5. Geka Food Slicer. Folding teak effect Melamine base. Stainless steel blade. Aluminium body. Completewith food carrier. Cat. No. 84010774

Rec.Retail £10.20

Argos Price£6.45

Brabantia Pedal Bins. Stainless steel. Catalogue Ree. Argos Number Retail Price 19. 840/1656 2.2 gal (10 L) Round £9.50 £5.75 20. 840/2105 3.3 gal (15 L) Square £12.75£8.45 21. Regency Pedal Bin. Stainless steel with black plastic lid and removableplastic container. Capacity 2.3gallons (10.5litres).. . Cat. No.84011663

CompoRetail £6.22

Argos Price£3.99

22. Regency Stainless Steel Drop Front Bread Bin. Size16~"x10"x6}" high (41.9x25.4x16.5em). . Cat. No. 840/1735

CompoRetail £8.63


Argos Price£6.95

6. Tower Food Slicer. Aluminium body. Folding Melamine covered base with vacuum suction foot. Stainlesssteelblade.Sliding food carrier. Cat.. No. 840/2394

CompoRetail £18.30

Rec.Retail £9.46

Argos Price£5.45

Argos Price£10.95

GIVE ARGOS GIFT VOUCHERS Ideal for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£1.00, £2.00, £5.00. Avail~ble from all showrooms.

1. Kitchen Tool Set. 5 pieces plus rack. Stainles steel with wooden handles. ... ......Cat. No. 840/1625

CompoRetail £6.20

Argos Price £2.99

2. Frozen Food Set. Comprisesfood saw/knife and cleaver/knife. Stainless steel blades'with rosewood . Cat. No.840/2411 handles...

Rec. Retail £5.50

Argos Price £3.99

13.Krups "3-Weigh" Kitchen Wall Scale. In normal lise weighs up to 6 Ib 1'2oz and 3 kg. Can also be usedas a calorie counter and recipescale.Walletof recipe and calorie cards supplied, which slot over Cat. No.840/2387 rnal.

Rec.Retail £8.91

Argos Price £6.95

14.Krups "Record" Kitchen Wall Scale. Weighs up 3j Ib by ~oz, 3~-6~Ib by 1 oz graduationsand 0-H kg by 10 g; H-3 kg by 20 g. Removabletray folds flat whennot in use Cat. No.840/0743 10

3. Leifheit Freezer Bag Sealer. Completewith ono Cat. No.84012~38 roll of tape

Rec. Retail £3.75

Argos Price £2.75

4. Tefal Stay-Sharp Knife. Knife withdrawn from sharpenerfor useand returnedafterwards.Adhesivo padson sharpenerfor fixing to tableor wall. Cat. No. 840/2428

Rec. Retail £5.95

Argos Price £3.99

5, Skyline Kitchen Tool Set by Prestige. Chromium plated with enamelledhandles.7 piecesplus rack in presentationbox ...Cat. No.840/2435

Rec. Retail £6.20

Argos Price £4.45

Rec. Retail £7.40

'15.Pyrex Brand "Add 'n' Weigh" Scale. Weighs up 5 Ib by 1 oz graduationsand 2.25kg by 25 g. Zero adjustfor individual weighing of ingredients.2! pints (1.42litres)measuring/mixingbowl. Cat. No. 840/1539 10

CompoRetail £6.56*

Rec. Retail £5.89

Argos Price £4.45

7. Prestige Kitchen Tool Set. Stainless steel with bonded wooden handles. 6 pieces' plus rack in presentationbox. . Cat. No.840/0451

Rec. Retail £16.75

Argos Price £12.45

8. Skyline Kitchen Tool and Knife Set by Prestige.6 chromium plated tools and strainerwith 3 pieceknife set. In presentationbox. ......Cat.No.840/2064

Rec. Retail £10.35

Argos Price £7.75

9. Prestige Kitchen Cutlery Set. 5 pieces.Stainless steelblades.Bondedwoodenhandles.Gift boxed. Cat. No. 840/0585

Argos Price £5.95

Argos Price £5.25

16.Salter "Superweigh" Kitchen Scale. Weighsup 5 Ib by 1 oz graduationsand 2.2 kg by 25 g. Zero adjust facility for individual weighing of ingredients. Cat. No.840/1979 Scoopinvertsfor storage 10

Rec. Retail £6.15 6. Skyline Nylon Bladed Kitchen Tool Set by Prestige. 5 piecesand rack in presentationbox. Hecommendedfor non-stickpans Cat. No.840/2057

Argos Price £5.75

Argos Price £4.25

17.Salter "System 80 Multiweigh" Scale.Weighsup 10 6! Ib by 1 oz and 3 kg by 25 g. Zero adjust facility for individual weighing of ingredients. Scale also Incorporates calorie measurementswith reference chartincluded... c...... ...... Cat. No.840/2363

Rec. Retail £9.65

Argos Price £6.75

18.Tower "Anette" Kitchen Beam Scale.Weighsin l ozup to 251b.Metric conversionchart included. , Cat. No. 84011151

CompoRetail £7.85

Argos Price £4.99

19. Waymaster Kitchen Scale. Pan inverts to form cover.Weighs up to 10 Ib by 1 oz graduationsand 5 kg by 25g.... .......Cat. No.840/2349

Rec. Retail £7.99

Argos Price £5.45

20.Waymaster Kitchen Scale. Weighsup to 10 Ib by I ozgraduationsand 5 kg by 25g...Cat. No.840/1948

Rec. Retail £2.99

Argos Price £1.75

10. Skyline Kitchen Cullery Set by Prestige. 5 pieces. Hollow ground surgical steel blades. Polypropylenehandles.Gift boxed Cat. No.840/2404

21.Hanson Kitchen Scale.Weighsup to 10Ib by 1 oz graduationsand 5 kg by 25g Cat. No.840/1955

Rec. Retail £6.20

Rec. Retail £4.75

Argos Price £4.45

11. HansonWall Scale. Tray folds awaywhen not in use.Weighsup to 7 Ib in ; oz graduationsand 3 kg by 10g.. .. Cat. No.840/1546

Rec. Retail £4.99

Argos Price £3.45

12.Waymaster Kitchen Wall Scale. Panclosesafter use.Weighsup to 71bby 1oz and 3 kg by 25g. Cat. No. 840/2370

Argos Price £3.99

.Argos Price £3.25

22. Salter "Lowline" Kitchen Scale. Scoop inverts when not in use. Weighs up to 5 Ib by 1 oz gra.duationsand 2.2kg by25 g Cat. No.840/1522

Rec. Retail £4.99

Argos Price £3.45

23. Prestige "Two-in-One" Kitchen Scale. For accurate weighing up to 1 Ib, scale graduated in ~ oz divisionsand 5.00gby 10g, then by 1oz divisionsto 7 Iband25g to 3.5kg. ......Cat. No.840/2356

Rec. Retail £10.58

Argos Price £7.45

1. Crown Merton Mobile Storage Unit. 3 plastl coated baskets on castors. Size 17¥'x9t"x24~" high (44.5x24.4x61.6 cm) Cat. No. 840/2222


Argos Price£5.91

2. Crown Merton 3 Tier Dish Drainer.Plasticcoated steel.Topsectionis removableto maketwo units. Cat. No. 840/2201


Argos Price£3.91

3. Spong Coffee Mill. Adjustable screw for fine/coarse grinding. Can be table or .wall mounted Cat. No.840/2473


Argos Price£5.95

4. "Easy Rider" Rollers by Braby. Fit under mOSI domestic appliances for movement and cleaning Maximumload600Ib (272kg).Safetybrakes.Extend from 16"to 23!"(40.6to 59.7cm).....Cat.No.840/2167


Argos Price£3.45

5. "Guider Rider" Rollers by Braby. Allows for turning movement(notjust backwardsand forwards) of most domesticappliances.Maximumloading600 Ib (272 kg). Safety brakes. Extend from 16" to 231" ...Cat. No.840/2521 (40.6to 59.7cm).....


Argos Price£4.75

13. Pyrex Brand "Autumn Glory" Heat Resistant Ovenware.Set of 3 casseroles.Opalglassbaseswith clear covers. Capacities1. 2 and 3 pints (0.57,1.14 lind 1.7Iitres). . Cat. No.81011365


Argos Price£3.75

Pyrex Brand Heat Resistant Ovenware.Opal glass baseswith "Market Garden" decoration.Clearglass covers.Available as follows: 14.RoundCasserole.4! pints (2.56Iitres). Cat. No. 810/0672

6. "Maxi Rider" Rollers by Braby. For easy movement of large appliances.Maximumloading 1000Ib (454kg). Safetybrakes.Extendfrom 21" to 32" (53.3 to 81.3cm). . Cat. No.840/2514

15.Set of 3 Casseroles. 1.2 and 3 pints (0.57,1.14 .md 1.7Iitres) Cat. No.810/0012



Argos Price£4.99

7. Spong Suction Base Mincer. Nylon top. 3 steel cutters Cat.No.840/2442


Argos Price£3.45




9. Spong Suction Base Mincer. Polypropylenebody with nylonpropellerand steelcutters. Cat. No. 840/2459



10. Implan Plastic Basins with Snap-OnLids. Set 01 6. Stack one inside the other. Suitable for boiling, steamingor storage.Capacitiesl.~.1.2.3 and4 pints (' Cat. No. 840/1821


Argos Price£1.99

Argos Price£3.75

16. "Easy Roast" Chicken Casserole. With "hi. Cat. No.810/0029 dome"cover...


Argos Price£2.99

17.OblongCasserole.3 pints (1.7Iitres). Cat. No. 81011200

CompoRetail£3.31* 8. Spong Mincer/Slicer/Grater. Nylon body with suction base. Steel cutters. Slicing and grating drums....................... . Cat. No.840/2466

Argos Price£2.45

Argos Price£2.95

18. Round Casserole. 2 pints (1.14 litres), With servinqstand Cat. No.810/1255


Argos Price£2.25

19.Pyrex Brand 7 Piece Kitchen Set. Heatresistant ovenware.Clearglass.'Comprises5 pints (2.84litres) mixing bowl, 1 and 2 pints (0.57 and 1.14 litres) pudding basins. 2! pints (1.42 litres) square casserole. square roasting dish, 1 pint (0.57 litre) measuring jug and 2 pints (1.14 litres) "flavour saver".. .. Cat. No.810/1217


Argos Price£6.75

"Gourmet" SmokeOvenTo Tableware.Availableas lollows: 20.RoundCasserole.4 pints (2.27litres). ;.Cat. No. 810/1420


Argos Price£2.25

11. Nutbrown Icing Outfit. Containsturntable.marking rings.icing pump.6 assortednozzlesand instruc tion booklet. Cat. No.840/1807

21.OvalCasserole.6) pints (3.69Iitres). Cat. No. 810/1437


22.Set of 2 Round Casseroles.Hand 2) pints (0.99 dnd1.42Iitres) Cat. No.810/1413

Argos Price£3.75

12. Bel Cream Maker. Blends unsalted butter and milk into cream Cat. No.840/1302


Argos Price£2.25

Retail£4.45 Compo CompoRetail£4.45

Argos Price£2.99 Argos Price£2.99

23.8~"(21.6cm) Souffle Bowl and 11"(27.9cm) Flan Oish..... .. Cat. No.810/1444

Compo Retail£3.65

Argos Price£2.45

•. Twin Pan Set ..2 separate fo.od.s can be cooked on me ring. Polished ah:lminiun1.'Capacity 3 pints (1.7 IIlres) each. Suitable for radiant ring or solid hot-

late.: .

CompoRetail £10.82

'" .....Cat. No. 860/3241

Argos Price £6.95

• Swan Ground Base Triple Pan Set. 3 separate 'OOds can be cooked on one ring. Polished uuminturn. 2 pints (1.14 litres) each. Suitable for rdiant ring or soud hotplate Cat. No.86011243

Rec. Retail £12.37.

Argos Price £8.75

10. Swan Ground Base Twin Pan Set. 2 separate 'oods can be coeked on one ring. Polished uumrnium. 3 'pints (1.7 litres) each. Suitable for Cat. No.860/1250 'dian! ring or solid hotplate

Aec. Retai.1£12.32

Argos Price £8.75

11. Tefal 5 Piece Pan Set. Grey non-stick coaling "Side and tangerine coloured non-stick coating iotside for easy cleaning. 6*". 7" ana 8" (15.9, 17.8 1M 20.3cm) saucepans,6" (15.2cm) mill<'panand 9~" :>4.1cm) frypan. Suitablefor gasor radiant ring. Cat. No. 860/3186

Rec. Retail £23.70

Argos Price £14.95

12. Queensway "Amsterdam'" 4 Piece Pan Set. iaton finished aluminium with black tullp design and IIOlishedlids. 7" and 8" (17.8anj!l20.3cm) saucepans, ion-stick Sf' (14.6 cm) milk pan and 9f' (24.8 cm) ',ypan.Suitablefor gasor radiant ring. Cat. No. 860/3162

CompoRetail £21.29

Argos Price £13.45

13.Chip Pan to match above. Size8" (20.3ern). Cat. No. 860/3179'

Argos Price £4.45 Satin finish heavy gauge Iluminium with teak fittings. 6", 7" and 8" saucepans ( 20.3cm).6" (15.2~m)milk panand 10" (25.4 cm) trypan have "Fluon" coated non-stick mteriors.Suitablefor gasor radiant ring: , Cat. No. 860/2716

CompoRetail £12.99

Argos Price £8.95 -,

1. Tower "Black Diamond" Cookware. exteriors with Teflom 2 coated interiors.



sizes 6", 7" ahd 8" ,(15.2,17.8 and 20.3 cm).路 for gas or radiant ring. Catalogue Number t,860/2730 3 Pce. saucepa.n Set i860/2747 Frypan with Lid ~86012754 Chip Pan ~860/2761 Poacher/Omelette Pan 2. Melierware "Gourmet De Luxe" 5 Piece Pan 6", 7" and 8" (15.2, 17.1:!and 20.3 cm) saucepans, " (10;.2 ern) milk pan and 9" (22.9 em) frypan 路with I Teflon 2 coated interiors'. Suitable fer gas or ting , Cat. No:

CompoRetail 拢29.70'

Argos Price

8" (20.3 cm) Fish Fryer to match above. eat-. No. 860/31

Argos Price 8.

1. Skyline Piece Prestige. With unique brown non-stick glaze. Comprises 12 hole bun pan, two



sandwich pans, two 6" (~5.2cm) pie plates, cm) flan'pan, Swiss roll pan and n" (18.4cm) cakepan. . . Cat.1ll0.

Rec. Retail £7.80

Argos Price

11.5 Piece Stainless Steel Tea Se~.With teakwood design. Tray size trim on handles. ScanGlinavian/ 14;l"x 10"(37.5x 25.4cm) Cat. No.825/1758


Argas P,rice£10.75

13.Set of,3 Stainless Steel Canisters.Height5" (12.7 em) :................. . Cat, No.82511772 "

CompoRetail £7.75

Argos Price £4.75

14. Tea/Coffee Pot. Mirror filiish stainless steei..~ Capacity48fl oz (1.36Iitres) Cat. No.825/151'4 Sona 5 Piece Tea Set. Mirror finish with teak handles and knobs, Comprises (0.99 litre) teapot, hot water jug, sugar jug and tray.. . CaJ.No.

<::omp.Retail £21.52

,Argos Prioe

CompoRetail £7.48

Argos Price £3.99

15.Stainless Steel Serving Tfay'~ith Handles. Size 18"x13"(4S.7x33em) :.Cat.No.82511"590

Rec.Retail £4.40

Argos Price £2.!5

16.Stainless Steel Cake/Pastry Set. Completewith tray, diameter 9i1" (24.8 cm) and wood handled server. .. , Cat.No.825/1655

CompoRetail £3.22

"" .

CompoRetail £7.14


. Argas price £1;99


Guarantee: offer a,full money-backguarantee in addition to your statutory righ,ts-see page 3. ...., ~


6•. Stainless Steel Casseroles. Set of 3. used as serving dishes. Sizes 6f', 73" and

19.7 and 21.6 em)

Compo Retail £11.08

Cat. No.

.Argos t'oc·::e,t::t.9

1 Quality Silver Plated Cutlery. Traditional designs. 'lnd finished and made in Sheffield. In polished eoden cabinet. (76 piece set not illustrated). Ings" pattern available as follows: Catalogue Compo Argos

Retail Price £87.50 £59.95 £145.00 £99.00 £275.00 £165.00

Number I 820/1849 44 Piece Set 820/1856 76 Piece Set 820/1863 136 Piece Set

Oubarry" pattern availableas follows: Catalogue Compo Argos Number Retail Price £87.50 £59.95 1,820/1870 44 Piece Set 1,82011887136 Piece Set £275.00 £165.00 , "Silver Mink" A1 Silver Plated Cutlery. In modern dosign. Hand finished and made in Sheffield. 44 nroceset in polishedwoodencabinet. Cat. No. 820/1825

Argos Price £59.95 , "Jesmond" A1 Silver Plated Cutlery. Traditional design. Hand finished and made in Sheffield. 44 pieceset in polishedwoodencabinet. Cat. No. 82011832

CompoRetail £87.50

Argos Price £59.95

I. Viners "Studio" Stainless woodencabinet. Catalogue Number 82011674 44 Piece Set 820/168162 Piece Set

Steel Cutlery. In

Rec. Retail £77.50 £100.00

8. Viners "Love Story" Stainless Steel Cutlery. In woodencabinet. Catalogue Rec. Number Retail 820/0084 44 Piece Set £52.00 £74.00 820/1265 62 Piece Set 9. Viners "Executive Suite" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 pieceboxedset. Cat. No.820/1296 7 Piece Place·Setting:1 each,table knife,tablefork dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon, soup spoon and teaspoon. 44 Piece Set: Six 7 piece place settingsplus 2 tabl spoons. ', 58 Piece Set: Six 7 piece placesettingsplus 6 cak forks, 6 fruit spoons.2 table spoons,1 cake servo, and 1 fruit server. 62 Piece Set: Six 7 piece placesettingsplus 6 pairs fish eaters,6 pastry forks and 2 table spoons. 69 Piece Set: Six 7 piece placesettingsplus 6 pal fish eaters, 6 fruit spoons, 6 pastry forks, 2 tabl spoons and 1 fruit server. 76 Piece Set: Eight 7 piece place settings plus 8 pastry forks, 8 coffee spoons and 4 table spoons 136Piece Set: Twelve7 pieceplacesettingsplus pairs fish eaters, 12 pastry forks, 12 coffee spoon. and 4 table spoons.


Rec.Retail £27.50

Argos Price £18.95

10. Viners International "Penthouse" Stainless SteeiCutlery.44pieceboxedset...Cat. No.820/1739

CompoRetail £15.75

Argos Price £10.95

11.Viners "Country Garden" Sta!nless Steel Cutlery.44pieceset in woodencabinei. Cat. No. 820/1722

Rec.Retail £60.00

Argos Price £44.50

GIVEARGOSGIFT VOUCHERS Ideal for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£1.00, £2.00,£5.00.Available from all showrooms.

~Iddell "Gingham" Printed Tablecloth. 50% "'ller. 50"10 cotton. Size 52"><70"(132.1x177.8 I . Cat. No. 120/0531

-mp.Retail £6.75


Argos Price £4.99

Dongora Cotton Damask Napkins. Ivy leaf 'lin Set of 6. Size 22"x22" (55.9x55.9 cm). h:hesitem no. 11 Cat. No. 120/0421

mp.Retail £7.70

Argos Price £4.99

Don:goraCotton Damask Tablecloth. Ivy leaf Ifln.Size54"><70"(137.2><177.8 cm). Matchesitem ..............•...... . Cat. No. 120/0414 10. . .

mp.Retail £8.60

Argos Price£5.75

Liddell Easy-CareCotton Napkins. Set of 6. Size ·171' (43.2x43.2 cm). Matchesitem no. 14.

Cat. No. 120/0627

Argos Price £2.99 ,1dellEasy-Care Cotton Tablecloth. Size 52"x 69" !1~1 x 175.3 cm). Comp.Argos Catalogue Retail Price Number £6.45 £4.45 . 120/0603 Parchment £6.45 £4.45 •4. 120/0610 Brown ! . Two

Tone Lace Tablecloth. 65% polyester.35% ouon, Size5H"x67" (130x 170 cm). Cat. No. 120/0517

1. Oneida "Mozart" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 44 pi set in leatherettecoveredstorage box. . Cat. No. 820/1

Rec.Retail £58.70

Argos Price £45.

2. Oneida "Capistrano" Stainless Steel Cutlery. pieceset in leatherettecoveredstoragebox. Cat. No. 82011

Rec.Retail £55.70 3. "Airedale"

Argos Price £39.


Argos Price£4.99 Lace Tablecloth. TERYLENE IAilcilinewashable. Comp.Argos talogue Retail Price 'lumber £10.00£7.25 "0/0012 54")(72" (137.2x 182.9) 1201!m0772" (182.9 cm) Diameter £12.70£8.95 tl. Dongora Damask Tablecloth. TERYLENE jloly,ester).Size52"x70" (132.1x 177.8 cm). Cat. No. 120/0562

CompoRetail £9.95 4. "Glosswood" Stainless Steel Cutlery. Will bonded wooden handles.44 piece set in leather coveredstorage box Cat. '1\10. 820/1

Rec.Retail £51.85

Argos Price £34.

"Intermezzo" Stainless Steel Cutlery. 5.58 PieceBoxedSet : Cat. No.82011""

Comp.Retail £19.25 6.44 PieceBoxedSet.

Comp.Retail ~15.00

Argos Price £11.7t Cat. No.82011

8.44 PieceBoxedSet.

Comp.Retail £13.98

18. Laraine All Cotton Tea Towels. Set of 4. Size 19"x 29"(48.5><73.7cm) Cat. No. 120/0555

CompoRetail £2.00

Argos Price £1.35

19.Laraine Spotted Terry All Cotton 'FeaTowels. Set

",3. Size 18"x28" (45.7x71.1 cm)...¢at. No. 120/0313 CompoRetail £2.15

Argos Price £1.50

Barclaycard and Access Card are welcomed

Argos Price £8.

"Homes" Stainless Steel Cutlery. Cat. No. 820i1"" 7.69 PieceBoxedSet.

Comp.Retail £19.99

Argos Price £6.75

Argos Price£12. Cat. No. 820/1m

Argos Price £8.7t



Composition of sets on pages 172-175are follows:

. EnochWedgwood(Tunstall)Ltd. "Blue Denmark" oHeryTableware.30 piececombinationset. Cat. No. 800/2134

CompoRetail £20.87 12 Pce. 6 each cups and saucers. 18 Pce. 6 each cups, saucers and side plate 21 Pce. As 18 pce. plus bread and butter pial sugar bowl and cream jug.

Argos Price £14.95

~. Staffordshire Potteries "Amberstone" Pottery Tableware.30 piececombinationset. Cat. No. 800/2897

CompoRetail £17.10

Argos Price £11.95

I. StaffordshirePotteries "Bacchus" PotteryTableware.20 piececombinationset......Cat. No.800/2880

24 Pce. 6 each dinner plates, soup plates and side plates, 2 vegetable dishes and lids, meat plate and gravy boat.

CompoRetail £16.95

Combination Sets 20 Pce. 4 each cups, saucers, side and dinn plates and soup bowls. 30 Pce. 6 each cups, saucers, side and dinn plates and soup bowls:

CompoRetail £17.69

1. Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd. "Butterfield Pottery Tableware. Delicatefloral pattern. 30 pie combinationset. ...... .......Cat. No.800/32.

CompoRetail £21.56

Argos Price £15.

2. Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd. Doverstont Pottery Tableware. "Heathergates" decoration Coffee extras comprise coffee pot, sugar bowl and cream jug which also match item nos. 3 and 4. Catalogue CompoArgot Number Retail Price 800/1489 30 Pce. Combination Set £19.44£13. '800/0466 3 Pee. Coffee Extras £10.07£7.25

Argos Price £11.45

. Biltons "Deborah" Pottery Tableware. 30 piece combinationset. Cat. No.800/3205

Argos Price £11.95

O. Myott "Springwood" Pottery Tableware.Delicate loaf border design with silver effect edge line. 30 .,Cat.No.800/3212 piececombinationset.......

CompoRetail £19.95

Argos Price £13.95

10. H. Aynsley & Co. Ltd. "Ascot" Pottery Tableware.Gold rims.30 piececombinationsel. Cat. No. 800/2787

CompoRetail £24.95

Argos Price £16.45

11. H. Aynsley & Co. Ltd. "England's Heritage" PotteryTableware.30 piececombinationset. Cat. No. 800/2756

CompoRetail £21.95

Argos Price £12.95

12. Myott "Ryedale" Pottery Tableware. Floral pattorn with a speckled glaze. 30 piece combination ,el , Cat. No.800/3229

CompoRetail £20.25

Argos Price £13.95

3. Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd. Doverstont Pottery Tableware. "Floral" decoration. 30 pieOl combinationset. Forcoffeeextrasseeitemno. 2. Cat. No. 80012941

13. Biltons "Olive Berry" Pottery Tableware. 20 piececombinationset. ,.Cat.No.800/2866

CompoRetail £23.37

CompoRetail £11.16

Argos Price £15.

4. Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd. Doverstont Pottery Tableware. "Desert flower" decoration, 30 piececombinationset. For coffeeextrasseeitemno 2 Cat. No.800/32

CompoRetail £24.80

Argos Price £17.

Argos Price £7.45

14.Biltons "Stonehaven" Pottery Tableware. ' Catalogue CompoArgos Number Retail Price 8001283530 Pee. Combination Set £16.52£11.45 800/2426 18 Pee.Tea Set £8.16· £5.45

16. Duchess "Violetta" English Bone China. 18 pieceteaset.Gold rims Cat. No.800/2969

8. Crown Devon "Carnival" Tea, Coffee, Sugar Jar Set. Modern design on white glazed eartfienware, with self-sealing lids. Jar fieights 6~" (16.5 em), capacity 26 fl oz (739 ml) Cat. No. 800/3315

CompoRetail £9.00

Argos Price £5.95

COmpoRetail £~2.25

Argos Price £8:95

Guiirantee~Weoffer a full money-backguarantee in addition to your statutory rights-see page 3.


',,,obor "Barber Pole" Storage Jars. Set of 3 I.'rs and lids. Heights with lid, one each 13¥', (34.3,26.7,15.2cm) Cat. No. 815/2156

1. Luminarc "Vigne" Sundae Dishes. Set 01 bowl with green base............ .....Cat. No. 8t

CompoRetail £3.95

Argos Prl

2. Luminarc Hock Glasses. Set of 6. Clear greenstem and base.......... .....Cat. No.

CompoRetail £3.25

Argos Pric

3. Lumlnarc "Vigne" Highball Tumblers. S..' Clear bowl with green base. ......Cat. No. 81

CompoRetail £3.95

Argos Price £4

6. Luminarc Whisky Set. Decanterand 6 glass " Cat. No. 81511

CompoRetail £3.60

Argos Price 1:2

7. Williamsport 26 Piece Punch Set. Comprises bowl, 12cups with plastic ladle and hooks. Cat. No. 815/'

CompoRetail £7.93

Argos Price £5

8. Ravenhead "White Fire" Fruit Set. Glass s t C~t. No. 81511 bowl and 6 matching dishes

CompoRetail £3.09

Argos Price £2

9. Cascade Melon Dishes. Set of 4. Hand mn• ." Textured glass. .. Cat. NO.815/1

CompoRetail £5.25

Argos Price £3.

10. Cascade Corn Cob Dishes. Set of 4. Hand m , Textured glasswith wooden handledcob holders Cat. No. 815/

CompoRetail £5.30

Argos Price £3.

11.Cascade Clear Glass Spaghetti Jar. Hand m Heightwith lid 24"(61 cm) Cat. No. 815/

CompoRetail £6.95

Alnska" Lead Crystal Decanter. With design in 01 decanter. Hand finished with ground and .. Cat. No. 815/2125 "ltd stopper.

up,Retail £8.25

Argos Price £5.95

Alaska" Old Fashioned Lead Crystal Whisky .. I)lors.Set of 6. With design in baseof glass. Cat. No. 815/2118

np, Retail £5.25

Argos Price £3.99

Argos Price

5. Whisky Glasses. Heavy based lead crystlll of 6. Matchesitem no. 4.... .........Cat. No. 8161'

CompoRetail £6.65


Argos Price £3.25

Argos Pric

4. "Captains" Decanter. Lead crystal. "Ship i with wide base. Elegant design. With large II' stopper..... .. ....Cat. No. 81

CompoRetail £8.65

"p. Retai!"£4.35

Argos Price £4.

• Uoli. Hand cut lead crystal bell with silver plated jlp .. Cat. No. 815/2132

mp.Retail £6.95

Argos Price £3.99

. orgian" Glasses. Sets of 6. Czechoslovakian, Ifl cut. mouth blown. CompoArgos Catalogue Retail Price Number £7.50 £5.25 Gin & Tonic I 815/2101 £8.75 £5.95 815/2084 Goblets £6.25 £4.25 81512077 Sherry £6.25 £4.25 81512091'WhiskyTumblers Luminarc Sherry Glasses. Set of 6. Clear bowl II. ambercoloured stem and base. Cat. No. 81512039

omp.Retail £2.75

Argos Price £1.99

•. "Elgin" Sherry Glasses. Set of 6. Clear bowl with u.sorted coloured bases.Hand cut design. Cat. No. 815/2046

omp.Retail £4.55

Argos Price £3.25

, . Durobor Irish Coffee Glasses. Set of 6. Cat. No. 81511683

omp,Retail £7.45

Argos Price £5.45

6.Luminarc Irish Coffee Glasses. Set of 6. Cat. No. 815/2022

12. "Pastabar" Storage Jar. Cork stoppers. Com plete with wall fixtures and screws. 'Length (ex stoppers)23" (58.4cm) Cat. No. 815/111.

CompoRetail £3.75

CompoRetail £3.25

7. Ravenhead "Siesta" Tumbler Set. 18 glasses.6 .lOch5 oz (142ml), 9 oz (256ml) and 11oz (312rnl). In loxturedglass.............. ..........Cat. No. 815/0598

Argos Price £2.

13. Stacking Jar Set. 3 glass apothecary jars and cover.Overall height 9" (22.9cm)....Cat. No. 815/

CompoRetail ~.35

Argos Price £3.25

Argos Price £1.

14. Ravenhead "Tubbies" Glass Storage Jars. Set of 6. 2 each 8 oz (227 mil, 16 oz (455 ml) and 2601 (739ml). Cork stoppers ........Cat. No. 815/0574

CompoRetail £3.71

CompoRetail £4.45

Argos Price £2.75

Argos Price £2:71

28.Ravenhead "Siesta" WinelBeer Set. 18 glasses. 6 each sherry 5~oz (156 ml), wine 8 oz (227 ml) and beer13oz (369ml). ..... .. .........Cat. No.81511092

CompoRetail £5.32

Argos Price £3.99

Moulinex Coffee Maker. Filter principle. Built-in , "plate. 720 Watts. 8apacity 2 pints (1.14 litres). Cat. No. 420/2859 lAB. approved

c.Retail £18.95

Argos Price£13.45

Row.entaDe luxe Filterma·tic Coffee 'Mak,er.Hot,l1e with,adjustable.thermostat/coffee streAgth con-

I 880Watts. Capacity 2i pints (1.5 litres). Cat. No. 420/2866

.. c. Retail £34.95


• Russell' Hobbs 3301 AutomatIc Coffee Maker. Iter principle. Built-in hotplate. 770 Watts. Capacity pints (1.14Iitres). B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/2158

Argos Price£19,95 , SonaAutom.atic Percolator~Teak handle. Strengtl'l lector. Keep-hot element. 625 Watts. Capacity 2! rnts (1.42litres). B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 42010033

Compo Retail £22.16



e, Sona Coffee Percolator.

Teak handle. 650 Watts. opacity 21;pints (1.28Iitres). B:E.A.B.approved. ~Cat. No. 420/1575

CompoRetail £16.43


O. Sona Coffee Percolator. Mirror fiAish alumiAium with table stand.and teak nandIe. Capacity 2l pints (1.33litres).-Forgas or electric cookers. Cat. No. 860/2596

Argos Price£6.95 10. Russell Hobbs "Poppy" Automatic Percolator. Ceramic body. 590 Watts. Keep-hot element. CapacIty 2 pints (1.14Iitres). B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 42010150

Rec.Retail £19.69



11. Russell Hobbs MW.1 "Poppy" Automatic Milk Warmer. Keep-hot element. 250 Watts. Capacjty H ~ pints (0.71litre). B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 420/0174 ~~_~"""-.---

Rec.Retail £17.16

Argos Price£12.95

12. Pllco "Brazilia" A.utomatic Coffee Percolator. Ceramic' bedy. Coffee strength selector. Keep-hot. element. 650 Watts'. Capacity 2 pints (1.14 litres). 8.E.A.B.approved ; : Cat. No. 420/2842

Rec.Retail £17.50

Argos Price£12.75

13.Ekco "Hostess Royal" Heated Food Trolley. 4x2 pint (1.14 litres) heated dishes. Heated cupboard and cold bottom shelf for sweets etc. Sliding serving leaves.460 Watts. B.E.A.B.approved. pat. No. 420/2598

Rec.Retail £89.50

14. Ekco "Sideboard Hostess". 4x21'lint (1.14Iitres) dishes and heated compartment: Size 28~"x1H"x 7?(' (72.4x30.2x19.7 cm). 450 Watts. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 42011850



Rec.Retail £44.50 _ .. _ ..

1. Sona PJ.27 Automatic Electric Percolator; finish body. Strength selector and keep-hot 625 Watts. Capacity 2t pints (1.42 litres). C:OInniAtlll with matching sugar bowl and cream approved Cat.

CompoRetail £27.20

Argos Price £1

2. Russell Hobbs Automatic' Percolator. steel".Keep-hot element. 590 Watts. ." .14Iitres). B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £25.31

Argos Price£61.95

Argos Price

Argos Price£30.95

15. Ekco HT40 Heat Tray. Stainless steel top. Wood effect handles. Size 22"xll" (55.9x27.9 cm). 15(') Watts.......•......................................... Cat. No. 42010590

Rec.Retail £19.99

Argos Price£14.25

16. Ekco "Hostess" Cabinet and Heat Tray. Stainless steel top with heated compartment. Size 281"x 1H'x6?(' (72.4X29.9X17.1 ern). '450 Watts. B.E.$I.9.approved :·Cat.No. 420/1195

Rec.Retail £35.90


17. Cona CoffeelTea Maker. Variable heat control. Complete with accessories. Capacity 3 pints (1.70 litres). 500 Watts , Cat. No. 420/2,26

Rec.Retail £46.39··

'Argos Pric,e£34;50

3. Swan "Salisbury" Automatic Percolator. aluminium. Keep-hot element. 600 Watt&.Capacity pints (1.42litres). B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No.

18. ITT Hot Tray. 'Thermostatically c~ntrolled 'with "hot spot" for keeping liquids hot. Size 28~"wide, 12~"deep (73x32.4 cm). 680Watts. Cat. No: 42012921

Reo.Retail £13.95

Rec.Retail £31.95

Argos Price


Argos Price£21.50


1. Philips HD4199 Automatic Toaster. .browning settings with humidity control. 1 Cat. No. B.EAB. approved


Argos Price

2. Morphy Richards 4407 Automatic Toaster. finish body with motif. Large bread slots. 10 browning control. 1250Watts. :.......Cat. No.



3. Morphy Richards 4406 Automatic Yellow/brown patterned body. Large bread slots position browning control. 1250Watts. Cat. No.



Prclct()r-!,ile,x4 Slice Automatic 'Toaster. Two 5 position browning 2380 Watts. __ __ Cat: No. 42011647 . approved



I , Goblin "Teasmade 855" Automatic Teamaker.

Ilh clock~timer/alium, tray, 2 pint (1.14Iitres) kettle, rpot and twin lamps. 432/675Watts. Cat. No. 42011269

c. Retail£44.72

Mgos Price£32.95

, , Goblin "Teasmade 860" Automatic Tea or olfee Maker. With clock/timer/alarm, full width hI, keyboard switches, 1.7pint (0.97 litre) stainless I I kettle and ceramic teapot. 432/675 Watts. Cat. No. 420/2914

Arg~sPrice£36.95 4. Sunbeam XAT-08.Pop-UpToaster. 6 heat 1250Watts. B.EAB. approved....__ ..Cat. No.



5. Proctor-Silex Automatic Toaster. 5 browning control. 1190Watts. B.EAB. aeoroved Cat. No.



14. Gobiin "Teasmade 853" Automatic Teamaker. With clock/timer/ala~m. light and 2 pint (1.14 litres) ottle. 432/675 Watts..... __ -.....__ ' ........Cat. No. 420/1245 Rec.Retail£33.20

IS. Ekco Hostess Teamaker. Illuminated clock/ Ilmer/alarm, tray and built-in light. With stainless leel kettle and teapot, capacities 1.4 pints (0.80 IIlre) __ __ ..__ .__ __ ..__ <1:at. No. 420/2907


7. Kenwood A120 Autbmatic Toaster. browning control. 1000Watts. B.EAR "n.,rn"pn Cat. No.



9. Morphy Richards 4409 "Blueberry" Pop-Up ter. Variable browning control. "Quick crumb tray. 1145Watts. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No.



10. Sunbeam Automatic Multi-Slice Toaster. 6 settings. 1750Watts. B.EAB, approved. . Cat. No.


Argos Price£38.95

16. Goblin "Teasmade 852" Automatic Teamaker. Pilot light, 2 pint (1.14 litres) kettle and teapot. 432/675Watts __ __ __ .cat, No. 42011238


Argos Price£19.95


8. Hoover 8505 Automatic Toaster. Variable ing control. Hinged crumb tray. 930 Watts. approved Cat No.


Argos Price£25.95


17. Teeboy De Luxe Teamake,. With "Metamec" clock/timer/alarm. Chromium plated 2 pint (1.14 Iitres) kettle and ceramic teapot 12 months manufac- 1!IIi'==:::"""'''M turer's guarantee Cat. No. 420/2897

Rec.~etail £34.50


18. Pifco Automatic Teamaker. Incorporates clock/ timer/alarm, H pint (0.85 litre) stainless steel kettle andteapot. Independent light. 400W;;!tts. . . C;tt. No. 420/2048


-ArgosPrice£35.95 ~,


19. Goblin "Teasi:nade 854"·.(utomatic'Teamaker. With clock/timerhilarm, - light, 2 pint (1.14 litres) kettle and teapot. 432/675Watt~,....Cat. No. "120/1252




10. Russell Hobbs K2RAutomatic Kettle. Ch plated. Switches off'when boiled. 2400Watts. ity 3 pints (1.7Iit~es).B.E.A.S. approved. Cat. No.


Argos Price

13.. Hoover 86004 Automatic Kettle. when boiled. 2750 Watts. Capacity 3 pints B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.



16. Eastham pyramip Automatic Vitreous enamelled boBy with "Potters ration. Switches off when boiled. Capacity 3 litres). 2750Watts Cat. No.


Argos Price

8. Rowenta Automatic Egg Cooker. Boils 1-7 eggs ,,~' hard .: medium or soft. Buzzes ,when ready .. Also ill

scrambles',poachesand fries. 480Watts. Cat. No. 420/2691

Rec.Retail £16.50

Argos Price£11.95

9. Sona GJ10 Speed Grill. Non-stick plates,width 11" (27.9ern), depth 7" (17.8 cm). Self levelling hinges. Teak side handles. Recipe book included. 1100 Cat. No. 420/2347 Watts.B.EAB. approved


Argos Price£19.50

10. Rima 903 Infra-Red Family Cooker. Variable. thermostatie control. Teflon coated grill plates remove for washing. With baking tin and recipe booklet. Cooking area 13"xn" (33)<19.1cm). 2000 Watts Cat. No. 420/3030


Argas Price£23.95

11. Rima Infra-Red .Grill. Pre-set thermostat. Teflon coated grill plates. With baking tin and recipe book. Cooking area 8"x,7" (20.3x17.8 em). 1200 Watts. B.EAB. approved : I.. Cat. No. 420/0765


Argos Price £14.25 "

12. Rima Infra-Red Family Cooker. Variable thermostatic control. Teflon coated grill plates. With baking tin and recipe booklet. Cooking area 13"xn" (33x19.1 ern).1750Watts.REAB. approved. 1 Cat. No. 420/0222

Rec.Retail £31.99 5. Power-lectric H8W·Cooker Hood. grease retaining and deodorising filters. ing type does not require holes or ducts. 2 Built-in hob light. White stove enamelled Width 231", depth 18" (59.7x45.7 ern). 80 B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 420/:~:nl!l

Rec.Retail £42.30

Argos Price


Argos Price£21.50

13.Tefal Barbecue Griddle. 3 wa'!l thermostatic heat control. Removablenon-stick griddle plate for easy cleaning. 1200Watts Cat. No. 420/2684


Argos Price £14.95

14. Tefal Infra-Red Grill/Sandwich Cooker. Pre-set thermostat. Non-stick plates remove for washi·ng. With grilling and. sandwich cooking plates, size 8~"x6" (21.6x15.2ern),With recipe/instruction book. 1000Watts Cat. No. 420/3047

Rec.Retail £28.50

Argos Price£17.95

15. Rima "Oster" ElectriCFondue Set 'feflon coated interior. Thermostatic control. 'With 6'stainless steel forks and recipe book. 750Watts.::.Cat. No. 420/0734 Rec;Retail £26.99



7. Belling 120 "Baby" Cooker. 1 kWand 2 kW radl plates, 1.5 kW grill and 1.2 kW oven. Variable controls. Operates from 13 or 15 Amp power allowing two rings or one ring and oven Of used at same time. Width 18);",depth 16~", splash plate 19~" (47x41.9x49.5 ern). approved ' Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £74.30

Argos Price

Argos Price£18.75

16. Krups Party Grill. Can be used on' dining table, sideboard etc. Removable non-stick grill plate for . easycleaning.600Watts Cat. No. 420/~6n

Rec.Retail £25.57

\ Argos P~ice£15.95

17. Horstman '~Speedgrill" Grill/Boiler. 2 kW element enables fast boiling or.'grilling. "Simmerstat" control..B.E.A.B.approved..... '.......Cat. No.420/2457 , .

Rec.Retail£24.97 .

Argos Price£16.75


11.M'oulinex Electric Knife. Twin serrated stainless ',Ieel blade-s.Storage tray may l;5e,wallmounted. 60 Watts ".Cat, No.420/1214


12, Krups' Electric Food Slicer,' Slice thickness ndjustrnent, blade guard and stainless steel blade, afety push button switch. F01dsfor easy storage. Cat. No.420/0772 100Watts

Rec.Retail £28.69,


3. Tower Electric Casserole. Glazed earthenwar inner body gives even overall ,temperature.Capacity 3! pints (2 litres). High and low cooking heats (120 and, 60 Watts). Complete with recipe/instruction booklet. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 420/238'

~ Re'c.Retail£19.95

Argos Price £13.48

4. Prestige "Crock-Pot" Slow Electric Cooker, Glazedstoneware pot conducts even overall temperature and is removablefor serving/washing.Capacity 3~ pints (1.9 litres). 2 heat settings (115 and 160 Watts). Complete with recipe/instruction booklet REAR approved Cat. No. 420/2680

Rec.Retail £29.95

Argos Price£22.95

5. ITT 7524 Cook Pan. Will fry, braise, .stew, roast. casseroleetc. Variable temperature control. Detach. able leadfor-easycleaning. 1240Watts. Cat. No. 420/2732


Atgos Price£24.95

, 6. Sunbeam De Luxe Multi-Cooker. Will fry, braise, roast, bake, casseroleetc. Variable femperaturecon. trol including "keep hot" setting. Teflon 2 coated interior and detachable lead tor easy cleaning. 1240 Watts. B.EAB. approved Cat. No. 420/3054


Argos Price£26.95

7. Sunbeam GMC 11 Multi-Cooker. Thermostatic variable heat control. H50 Watts. B.EAB. approved :..Cat. No. 420/0428

Retail £31.99

Argos Price£22.95

Moulinex Deep Fat Fryer. Charcoal filter in lid. Thermostatic control. Safetycut-out, Working capacity 4~pints (2.56Iitres)of oil. 1600Watts. Cat. No. 420/1678


Argos Price £22.45

9. Tefal Safety Deep F~lIer.Basket can be lowered and raised into cookinq oil with lid closed. Stainless steel body and filter lid. Thermostatic control. Work'ing capacity 5 pints (2.84 litres) of oil. 17150Watts. 'REAB. approved " Cat. No. 420/2718




Argos Price£7.95

Argos Price£25.95

Argos Price£21.45

13. Tefal Yoghurt Maker. 8 screw top glass jars. Automatically heat and time controlled. Complete with yoghurt culture and instructions. Capacity8x5! II oz (8xO.16litre) Cat. No. 420/3085


Argos Price£9.95

14.Calor Electric Piezo Electric Gas Lighter. Needs no flint, fuel or battery. Suitable for all gas appliances.Guaranteed5 yearsby manufacturer. , Cat. No. 420/1379

Rec.Retail £4.20

Argos Price£2.99

15. Tefallce Cream Maker. Fits into freezer compartment of fridge. Revolving paddles automatically retract when ice cream is made.Capacity2~pints (1.5 litres),Completewith recipe/instruction book. Cat. No. 421>/3092

Rec.Retail £12.95

Argos Price£8.95

16. Philips Multi-Purpose Sharl1ener. One fine and one rough grindstone. Suitable for knives, scissors, screwdrivers, chisels etc. Diameter 3~"(8 cm). 20 Watts. .. ~ Cat: No.420/3061


Argos Price£9.95

17. Bel Electric Yoghurt Maker. Complete with recipe/instruction leaflet. 18 Watts. B.EAB. approved , , Cat. No.42011221

Rec.Retail £6.75

Argos Price£4.75

18. Yogomagic Yoghu;t Maker. Makes H pints (0.99 litre) in removable inner container. Complete with yeghurt culture and recipe/instruction leaflet. Doubleinsulated and usesonly 10Watts. Cat. No. 420/3078

~ec. Retail£8.44_

~rgos Pric~£5.95

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Rec.RetCiil£15.45 2. Moulinex. 228 "Super Junior'" Coffee Capacity2~oz (64g). B.E.A.B.approved. ,Cat. No.



3. Moulinex "MolilineHe" Bhinder/Chopper. per chops rawer cooked meat. fish,vegetables Blendercapacity2t pints (1.28litres).800Watts. Cat. No.


Argos Price

4. Moulinex "MoulineHe" Chopper. Chops raw cooked meat. fish. 'vegetabl,es etc. 800 B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.


Argos Price

5. Moulinex Blender/Grinder. Blendercapacity iI (0.43litre). Grinder capacity2 oz (60g). Cat. No. 42011


Argos Price

6. Krups Blender. 4 wing stainless steel Capacity H pints (0.85 litre). Built-in safety 200 Watts. B.E.A.B.approved.

Rec.Retail£13.47 7. Kenwood Electronic Blender. Fully electronic speed control. Capacity H litre). With coffee grinder attachment. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. N9_ 4?'nI7QA~


Argos Price

8. Kenwood A520A Blender. Fer soups, purees, omelettes etc. Will also chop outs and make bread crumbs. Capacity 1~ pints (0.99 litre). 300 Watts. Cat. No. 420/0624 B.E.A.B.approved.


Argos Price£14.95

9. Krups 321 "Combi" Food Mixer/Blender Set. Powered mixing bowl. Complete with Whisks and dough hooks. Blender capacity 1 pint (0.57litre). 100 Watts.B.E.A.B.approved.e; Cat. NO•.420/2206

Rec.Retail £23.95

Argos Price£17.95

10. Moulinex "Jeannette" 5-in-l Kitchen Machin.e. Grates.slices. shreds.With citrus fruit squeezerand hamburgermOUld.B.E.A.B.approved. . Cat. No. 420/0394


Argos Price£13.95

11. KenWOOdA355 "Chefette" Hand Mixer. ,Completewitli liquidiser. 155Watts.B.E.A.B.approved. , Cat. No. 420/2945


Argos Price£17.45

12. KenWOOdA354 "Chefette" Slicer/Shredder Attachment. Five stainless steel cutting plates. For "Chefette" food mixer item no. 13. Cat. No. 420/2251


Argos Price£7.95

13. Kenwood A360 "ChefeHe" Food Mixer. Complete with liquidiser, stand and bowl. 155 Watts. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No.420/0693_


Argos Pricelf23.75

1~. Sunbeam "Kitchen Center". Incorporates food mixer, liquidiser and mincer unit. 10 speeds and 'pulse' button for short bursts of power. 48(}'560 Watts Cat. No.420/22~3


Argos Price£59.95

15. Kenwood A707A "Major" Mixer Set. Complete with liquidiser, rnincer, stainless steel bowl, dough hook,whisk,beater.450Watts......:..Cat. No.420/2952


Argos Price£99.50

.~. Moulinex "Marvel" Food Mixer. 3 speed. pairs of blades. Compfete with stand and bowl. Watts ~ Cat. No.

Rec.Retail £18.95

Argos Price£1

9. Kenwood A90~ "Chef" Food Mixer. Electronlo variable speed control..Complete with bowl, beater, wbisk and spatula.450Watts.B.E.A.B.approved. , Cat. No. 420/2608

Rec.Retail£79.76 • e'--

Argos Price £54.95

10. Kenwood A928 "Chef" Slicer/Shredder Attachment. For A901"Chef" only Cat. No.420/2648

Rec.Retail £16.88

Argos Price£13.75

11. Kenwood A920 "Chef" Mincer Attachment. For "Chef" only ~ Cat. No. 420/2622

Retail £10.91

Argos Price£8.95

Kenwood A927 "Chef" Cream Maker Attach· ment. Makes thick cream from unsalted butter and milk. ForA90l "Chef" only Cat. No. 420/2653



13. Kenwood A728 "Chef" Slicer/Shredder Attachment. For A70J and A701A "Chef" and Kenwood "Major" mixers Cat.No. 420/1805

Rec.Retail£16.88 _. ,.,..,_. ,=.

Argos Price£13.75

14. Kenwood A727 "Chef" Cream Maker Attach. ment. Makes thick cream from unsalted butter and mills,. For A70l and A701A "Chef" and Kenwood "Major" mixers Cat. No. 42011520


Argos Price£9.75

15. Kenwood A720 "Chef" Mincer Attachment. For A70l and A701A "Chef" and Kenwood "Major" mixers : Cat. No. 420/0679

Rec.Retail £10.91

Argos Price £8.95

16. Kenwood A788 "Chef" Liquidiser Attachment. For A70l and A701A"Chef" and Kenwood "Major" mixers Cat. No. 420/0655


Argos Price£9.95

17. Kenwood A991 "Chef" Potato Peeler Attach· ment. ForA901 and A701A"Chef' only. Cat. No. 420/2639


Argos Price£12.25



1. Five Piece sctsser Set. Contains household. straight sewing, drapers, embroidery and manicure scissors. Made in Sheffield. ......Cat. No. 26011715


, Argos Price£1.75

2. Wilkinson Sword Scissors. Light, versatile and comfortable to use , Cat. No. 260/0893

Rec.Retail £4.90

10. New,Home Sewing Table. Suitable for modem full size tlatbed machines, Machine folds awaywhen not in use and table can be used for writing. telephone etc, Wood grain effect finish, Size closed 2H"x 17"x30" hig!1 (54.6x43.2x76.2 ern). Opens to Cat. No. 610/1556 43~"long (110.5 em).

Rec.Retail £42.00

Argos Price£32.95

Argos Price£3.99

3. Jones Scissor Pack. Contains 6" (15,2 cm) household scissors, 8" (20.3 .crn) dressmaking scissors. pinking shears, four bobbins, seam ripper and 5 needles, , " Cat. No. 260/1438

11. Jones 672 Zig.Zag Sewing Machine. Buttonholes. oversews. embroiders and sews on buttons. Push button reverse stitch. Automatic bobbin winder. Stitch length and width controls. With lightweight caseand extension table....:Cat. No. 440/1942


Rec.Retail £109.95

Argos Price£4.99

4. Pifco 1171 Battery Operated Scissors. Steel cutting blades. Requires 4 pen cell batteries (not supplied), ,.." ,., , Cat. No. 440/0644

Rec.Retail £4.75

Argos Price£3.45

5. Calor Electric 7601 Vibro·Massager. Five attachments for effective head to toe massage, B.E,A.B. approved , , Cat. No. 440/1430

Rec.Retail £12.50

Argos Price £7.95

6. Philips H.P. 2503 Home Trim. For family use, Precision trimmer cutters and adjustable cutter guards control depth of cut, B.E,A,B.approved. • Cat. No. 440/2240

CompoRetail £16.94

Argos Price£13.45

7. Pifco 1556 Vibratory Massager. Five applicators for effective massage.B.E.A,B,approved. Cat. No. 440/0493

Rec.Retail £10.95

Argos Price £8~45

8. Ronson TB711 Battery Toothbrush. Five brush heads. Requires4x U2batteries (not supplied). Cat. No. 440/0448

Rec.Retail £11.95 '

Argos Price £7.95

9. Ronson 118717Rechargeable Toothbrush. Three brush heads, Dual voltage 100-1.26 V/200-240 V A.C , , , , Cat. No. 440/1674

.Rec.Retail £18.95

Argos Price£12.95

Argos Price£62.50

12. Jones 1018 Sewing Machine. Straight stitch machine for forward and reverse sewing. Features pressure selector and drop feed, control: B.E.A.B. approved....",', ..,',...,',." ......." ..,..."",Cat. No. 44011629

CompoRetail £57.95

Argos Price£33.95

13. New Home 551 Automatic Sewing Machine. Automatically embroiders. oversews, blind stitches, stretch stitches and buttonholes, Complete with instruction booklet, B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 44011636

Camp.Retail £168.00

Argos Price£95.00

14. Jones 588 Knitting Machine. Eight button automatic machine with 200 needles. Slide dial and reverse lever. Lacing attachment, Complete with instruction booklet and postal tuition course. Cat. No. 260/0408.

CompoRetail £167.95

Argbs Price£99.50

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--' ~~


Model. Covered with foam backed nylon/polyester. Dial adjustment for bust, waist and hips. Complete with mahogany stained finish stand. Bust 33"-39"(8499 cm). Hips 34"-40"(86-102 cm)..... Cat. No. 260/1782

Comp.Retail £37.96

Argos Price £24.95

6. Sylko Sewing Thread: Size 40. 36 reels each holding 100 yd (91.4 m). Assorted colours. Suitable for both hand and machine sewing. Cat. No. 260/2011

CompoRetail £5.40

Argos Price £3.99

7. Wooden Needlework Box. 1,1ternalcantilever suspended tray. Walnut stain finish. Size 13!"x8!"x4" Cat. No. 26011823 (33.7x21.6xl0.2 cm)

CompoRetail £5.15 1. Sewing Stool. Upholstered in figured velvet. Satin interior lining. Queen Anne style legs. Cat. No. 640/0460

Rec.Retail £12.95 /

Argos Price £8.45

2. Sewing Pouffe. Nylon covered with foam padded seat.Accessory tray Cat. No. 640/3096

Rec. Retail £12.00

Argos Price £7.95

3.. Flair "Sit 'n' Sew" Sewing Chest/Stool. Deep inner cornpartment.ditt out tray and carrying handle. Height 17" (43.2 cm), diameter 11" (27.9 cm). Cat. No. 260/1476

comp. Retail £4.25

Argos Price £2.99

Argos Price £3.99

8. Wooden Sewing Box. Concertina design. Walnut stain finish. Size 16~"x8i"x 14!" (42.5x21 x36.8 cm) Cat. No. 260/0628

CompoRetail £8.65

Argos Price £6.25

9. Wooden Sewing Box. Concertina design. Walnuf stain finish. Size 12f'x61"x7" (32.4x15.9x17.8 cm). Cat. No. 260/1816

CompoRetail £6.20

~rgos Price £4.99

10. Woven Sewing Basket. Plastic sides, brushed nylon covered lid, interior tray. Size 12"x 10'~x5" (30.5x25.4x12.7 cm) Cat. No. 26011469

Rec.Retail £6.15

Argos Price £4.75

4. Ardis '''Venus'' O;essform. Measuring windows enable programming of measurementswhen adjusting for size. Covered with foam-backed brushed nylon. Bust 33-39" (84-99 cm) Cat. No. 260/0367

11. Sewing Box Floral print covering: Lined with satin, quilted Iid.!Size 11"x9!,'x5" (27.9x24.1x12.7 em) : Cat. No. 260/2004

CompoRetail £26.20

Rec.Retail £5.65

Argos Price £17.95

Argos Price£3.99

IBRAunl '\

Set. 1. Lady Bra",n HLD.50 "Plus 2" Hairstyling Complete with waving and styling combs. brush, air concentrator, curling tongs, styling handle and mistspray attachment. 2 heat/speed settings. Safety cutout. RE.A.B. approved Cat. No. 440/1935

Rec. Retail £20.95

Argos Price £11.95

.3,Ronson ES,OOl"Escort" Portable Hairdryer. Variable heat control. Complete with shoulder' strap, hood, warm air brush and comb attachments. RE.A.Rapproved Cat. No. 44010118

Rec. Retail £20.50

Argos Price £13.75

4. Ronson ES.OO2"Escort De Luxe" Hairdryer in Vanity Case. Variable heat control. Complete with shoulder strap, hood,' warm air brush and comb attachments.B.E.A.R approved.....Cat. No.440/1540

Rec. Retail £23.75

Argos Price £15.75

5. lady Remington HW.22E'Hairbrush Set. Rotary and radial styling brushes.Comb attachment. Swivel "no tangle" cord Cat. No. 440/1894.

Rec. Retail £14.95

Argos Price £10.95

6. Remington "850" Hairdryer/Styler. Two heat settings, two airflow speeds. Complete with brush and two combs. B.E.A.B.approved........Cat. No.44011595

Rec. Retail £17.95

Argos Price £t2.75

7. lady. Braun HlD.5 Hairstyling Set. Two heat! speed settings. Automatic cut-out. Complete with styling combs, brush, air concentrator and styling handle.RE.A.R approved Cat. No. 44011571

Rec. Retail £18.95

Argos Price £13.95

8. Moulinex 360 Hot Comb. Three push-in styling attachments : Cat. No. 44011928

Rec. Retail £10.65

Argos Price £7.25

9. Carmen 710RCurl and Style Hairdrying Set. Two speed/heat settings. Complete with round brush, curling tongs; drying/styling nozzles and styling comb · :Cat. No.440/2226

Rec. Retail £19.95

Rec. Retail £21.95

Argos Price £15.75

Argos Price £14.95

2, Plfco 2975 "Superdryer + 8". Consisting of hairdryer, detahgling comb, styling comb, brush, nozzle, styling handle for combs and brush, hoseand stand. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No. 44011904

Rec. R,etail £15.95

10. Lady Remington HW 100E "Vogue Set Pius". Completewith curling tongs, two brushes, comb and airflow concentrator. 2 heat/speedsettings. Cat. No. 440/2233

Argos Price £14.75

11. Braun RS60"Round.Styler". High powereddryer (550 Watts). 2 heat/speed settings with safety cutout. Complete with round brush and comb/concentrator attachments Cat. No. 440/2219

Rec. Retail £18.95

Argos Price £14.45

12. Pifco 1182"Mist Styler". Combinedcurling tongs and mist-spray. "Ready to use" indicator. Safetycutout. Cat. No. 440/2178

Rec. Retail £9.95

Argos Price £7.45

13. Lady Braun DlS20 "Curl Control" Steam Styling Wand. Adjustable heat control to suit different types of hair. "Ready to use" indicator/pilot light. Completewith wall bracket Cat. No. 440/2185

Rec. Retail £15.95

Argos Price £11.95

14. Lady Braun DlS.10 "Quick Curl" Steam Styling Wand. Onloff pilot light and "ready to use" indicator. Cat. No. 44.0/1887

Rec. Retail £13.95

' Argos Price £9.95

15.. Clairol CKIA "Curl 'n' Shape" Steam Styling Wand. Variable heat control. Snap-on brush. for shaping Cat. No. 440/2192

Rec. Retail £15.95

Argos Price £10.95

16. Pifco 1177 "Vanity Curl". Roller diameter I" (1.9 cm). Double insulated : Cat. No. 440/0383

Rec. Retail £4.25

Argos Price £3.45

17. Pifco 1255Multi-Curl Electric Hail"Curier. Three interchangeable rollers. Double insulated.Complete with metal stand Cat. No.44011870

Rec. Retail £5.75

,Argos Price £4.45

18. Moulinex 171 Curling Tongs. King size roller with . Cat.·No..440/.1863 stand.

Re~. Retail £4.25

Argos Price £2.99

GIVE ARGOS GIFT VOUCHERS Ideal for prizes, weddings, birthdays, special occasions-£l.00, £2.00, £5.00. Available from all showrooms.



1. Moulinex 162 Hairdryer. Cool/hot and on/off switches in handle. Automatic safety cut-out. Complete with blow wave nozzle Cat. No. 44011760

, Ree. Retail £6.95

Argos Priee £4.75


2. Braun HLD 1000Hairdryer. A powerful two speed dryer f1000 Watts).Completewith air concentrator. Cat. No. 440/2130

Ree. Retail £16.95

Argos Price £12.95

3. Rowenta Hairdryer. Light-weight. Two heat set. tings. Completewith styling nozzle.. Cat. No. 440/2123

. Ree. Retail £9.25


Argos Priee £6.75

4. Morphy Richards 4822 "Classic" Hairdryer. Slide action on/off. warm/hot switch. Blow wave nozzle. Cat. No. 44011801 B.E.A.B.approved

•••••• ••••••• ••••••• ......... ••• •••• •••• ••• ....•.. 8. ........ •••


Ree. Retail £9.20

Argos Priee £6.45

5. Moulinex 355 Hairdryer. Two heat and' speed settings.Automatic safetycut-out. .Cat. No.44011777



Ree. Retaii £9.95


Argos Priee £6.9.5



1 j I


6. Rons~n R14."Rio" Hairdryer. Dual voltage. 110120/200-240 V A.C.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 44010149

Ree. Retail £12.50

Argos Priee £8.95

7. Ronson RA20 "Rapide" Hairdryer. 3 position on/off'switch in handle.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 44010170

Ree. Retail £10.50

Argos Priee £6.95

8. Krups 945 "Thermic 450" Hairdryer. Cool/hot air. Completewith styling nozzle Cat: No. 44011818

Ree. Retail £7.49

Argos Prlee £5.75

9. Pifco 2170 "Super Go-Girl" Hairdryer. Blow wave .nozzleattachment.B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 4401-1784

Ree. Retail £6.95

Argos Priee £5.45

10. Dateline DLC.1616Heat Retaining Hair Curlers. 16 lnterchanqeable rollers in 3 sizes. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 440/0352

Ree. Retail £15.01

Argos Price £10.45

11. Dateline DLC.24Heat Retaining Hair Curler Unit. 24 interchangeable rollers in 3 sizes.. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 440/1832 :i!

Ree. Retail £20.43

Argos Priee £14.45

12. Dateline DLC.20 Heat Retaining Hair Curlers. 20 interchangeable rollers in 3 sizes. B.E.A.B. approved Cat. No. 44011306

Ree. Retail £17.66'

Argos Price £12.25

13. Carmen C.300 "Conditioning Curl 20". 20 heat retaining rollers in 3 sizes. Complete with conditioner. B.E.A.B.approved Cat. No. 440/0307

Ree. Retail £26.95

Argos Priee £18.95 I

14. Carmen BD20 Hair Curler Set. 20 heat retaining rollers in 3 sizes Cat. No. 440/2147

-Ree, Retail £21.95'

.Argos Price £16.25

15. Carmen BS16 "Cascade". 16 heat retaining rollers in 3 sizes which can be individually sprayed with Carmen"Condition 'n' Set" lotion. Cat. No. 440/2154

Ree. Retail £27.95

Argos Priee £19.95

16. Carmen BS20 "Cascade". 20 heat retaining 'rollers in 3 sizes which can be individually sprayed with Carmen"Condition 'n' Set" lotion. Cat. No. 440/2161

Ree. Retail £31.95

~rgos Priee £23.95

Barclaycard and Acces.s Card are welcomed in all our Catalogue Showrooms.

Calor electric

1. Philips HP.2111"Ladyshave" De Luxe Electric Shaver. ;Two trimmer shaving head. Dual voltage. 110/240V A.C.B.E.A.B.approved.. Cat. No.440/2202

CompoRetail £15.24

Argos Price£11.75

2. Remington "LR60" Lady's Electric Shaver: B.E..A.B.approved Cat' No. 44011447

Rec.Retail £11.95

Argos Price£8.95

3. Lady Braun Cosmetic Shaver. Foil head. Dual voltage.120/240V AC. B.E.A.B.approved. Cat. No. 44011856

Rec.Retail £16.95

Argos Price£12.45

4. Philips HP.2204 "Ladyshave" Battery Shaver. Double sided cutting head.Requires4x 11V batteries (not supplied) , Cat. No. 440/2068

Comp;Retail £11.94

Argos Price£8.95

Cat. No. 440/1485

Rec~Retail £16.61

Argos Price £11.45

10. AiG-Han~u "HAFI 200" Health Lamp.Combined inf~a-redand ultra-violet with filter lamp. Safety cutout. lndividnal adjustment for type of skin. Complete with goggles Cat. No. 440/2082

Rec.Retail £38.95.

Argos Price£25.95

11. AEG-Hanau "Hohensonne 100" Health Lamp. Combined infra-red and ultra-violet lamp. Safetycutout. Completewith instructions and goggles. Cat. No. 440/2044

Rec.Retail £24.95

Argos ~rice £15.95

5. Calor Electric 9051 "SaloneHe" De Luxe Hairdryer. Variable heat control. Double insulated. Height adjustment. Folds down to hat box size. B.E.A:B.approved Cat. No.440/1722

12. "Sundial" by the House of Carmen "S120/F" Health Lamp. Ultra-violet light with quartz glass filter. Complete with timer/alarm. measuringgauge. tanning chart and goggles Cat. No. 440/2051

Rec.Retail £24,50

Rec.Retail £39.95

Argos Price£17.45

6. Pifco 1991/1992 "Boutique" Hairdryer and Stand. Remote control heat switch. REAR approved. Foldawaystand : Cat. No.440/0053

Rec.Retail £22.50

Argos Price£15.95

Argos Price £27.95

13. "Sundial" by the House of Carmen "128" Health Lamp. Combined infra-red and ultra-violet model. Completewith goggles.. Cat. No•.440/2075

Rec.Retail £17.95

Argos Price £13.95

7. Moulinex 170/213 Salon Hairdryer and Telescopic Stand. Adjustable helmet angle. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.440/00n

14. Pifco 1560 Facial Sauna. Stainless steel inner container.Safetycut-out. Cat. No.440/0424

Rec.Retail £17.60


Argos Price£12.95

8. Philips "HP.4618/95" Hood Hairdryer and Stand. Variable heat control and remote controt switch. REAB. approved Cat. No.440/2116

CompoRetail £22.69

Argos Price£16.95

Argos Price £~.75

15. Pifco 1030Infra-Tonic Lamp. Raysprovided'by a combined infra-red and radiant heat bulb. Aluminium bodyand nylon coatedsteelstand. Cat. No.440/2037

Rec.Retail £11.95

Argos Price £8.25

1. Mascot 4 Piece Dressing Table Set. Comprising hair and clothes brushes, mirror and comb. Cameo type motif Cat. No. 260/1665

13. Shopping TrQlley. Adjllstable telescopic handle. Detachable shopping bag. Size 16!"x 13"x6~" Cl;lt.No. 26011483 (41.9x33x16.5 cm)

Comp. Retail £11.43'

Compo Retail £6:75

Argos Price £6.95

2. Ml;lscot3 Piece "Junior Miss" Dressing,Tab'; S,!!t. Comprising mirror, 'hair brush and comb. Ballerina decoration Cat. No. 260/1634

Compo.Retail £4.80

Argos Price £3.25

3.. Mas'cot 5 Piece Dressing Table Set. Comprising hair and clothes brushes, hand mirror, comb and powder bowl. Rosedesign Cat. No. 26010037

Compo Retail £11.43

Argos Price £7.25

~. Linek 3 Piece Dressing Table Set: Comprising' mirror, hair brush and comb. Camelliadesign. Cat. No. 260/1658

Compo .Retail £4.80

Argos Price £3.45

5. Linek 3 Piece Dressing Table Set and Trinket Jar. Gold block cameodecoration on white enameleffect. Comprising hair brush, mirror, comb and trinket jar Cat. No. 260/2080

Compo Retai.1£7.85


Argos Price £9.25

7. French Perfume Pack. Ten different perfumes in presentatidn box. Approximate total 0.9 fl oz (25.6 .ml) Cat. No. 260/1490

Rec. Retail £4.50

14. Norland Gazelle ..Kangar~'o" Shopping Trolley. Detachable bag has pouch pocket. Telescopic handle.Size"23"x13"x8" (58.4>;33x20.3cm).. Cat. No. 260/2028

Rec. Retail £10.99

Comp ..Retaii £9.98

Compo RetaiJ £3.38

Compo Retail £2.60

Argos Price £1.75

Argos Price £3.45

18. Lady's Leather Purse. 2 compartments and side pocket with flap and strap for tickets. Cat. No. 260/1720

Compo Retail £2.50

Argos Price £2.25

, 9. Bath Crystals. Set of 6 Ravenhead "Apollo" glasseseach containing Toz (200g) of crystals. Cat. No. 260/2114

Argos Price p.25

10. Mascot Gift Set. Powder compact and perfume atomiser. Blue'floral d~sign Cat. No. 26010123

Argos Price £3.99

11. Lady's Handkerchiefs. 2 boxes each containing. one lace trimmed and one folded as a camellia. Cat. No. 26012138

Argos Price £2.75

12. Shopping Trolley. Adjustable telescopic handle. Detachable shoppinq bag. Size 23"x13"x8" (58.4 x33x20.3 em) Cat. No. 260/0549

Argos Price £6.95·

Argos Price £1.75

19. Lady's Telescopic Umbrella. Plain proofed nylon with matching case Cat. No. 260/0477 .comp. Retail £6.15 I Argos Price £4.25 20. Lady's Telescopic Umbrella. Printed nylon cover and case Cat. No. 260/0484

Compo Retail £3.38

, Rec. Retail £9.75

Argos Price £2.45

17. Leather Purse Wallet. 3 note pockets. Divided pocket in purse.Steelframe Cat. No. 260/2035

Compo Retail £2.97

Comp. Retail £3.50 •

Argos Price £7.25

16. Leather Purse/Notecase. Separate note- and . coin compartments Cat. No. 26011342

Compo Retail £6.85

Compo Retail £6.10

Argos Price £8.45

15. Baycliff "Foldaway" Shopping Trolley. Folding trolley with detachable bag. Size 19"x16"x6" (48.3x40.6x 15.2cm) Cat. No. 26011861

8. Beauty Set. Three glassjars containing foam bath, cologne and hand lotion. 6 oz (170ml) each. Cat. No. 260/2121

Compo Retail £4.50

Price £4.99

Argos Price £5.25

6. Linek 4 Piece Dressing Table Set. Comprising hair and Clothes brushes, mirror and comb. Stainless steel framesand handles.Marquetta decoration. Cat. No. 26011641

Comp. Retail £13.35

.. \Argos

21.Tie Dye Rayon Tote Bag

Argos Price £4.75 Cat. No. 260/1919

Argos Price £2.45

22.Abaca Bag. With wooden handles. Cat. No. 260/2042

Compo Retail £3.78

Argos Price £2.75

23. Denim Bag. Zip-top and 2 zipped front pockets. Carrying handle and shoulder strap. " Cat. No. 260/1768

Compo Retail £2.52

Argos Price £1.99

24. Casual Bag. Zip-top opening with 1 outside pocket. Imitation bone handles. Size 18"x 10"x6" (45.7x2S.4x 15.2cm) Cat. No. 26012145

Compo Retail £4.60

Argos Price £3.45

25. Leather Patchwork Handbag... Cat. No. 260/2059

Compo Retail £12.60

Argos Price £8.45

1. Jewel Case. Walnut length drawers

with corduroy lining. 3. full Cat. No. 260/2107

CompoRetail £13.00

Argos Price£8.45

2. Merlin Lady's Lighter Set. Gas Ifghter: gilt ballpoint pen and key chain. Imitation pearl decoration. In metal presentationcase ,Cat. No. 260/2066

CompoRetail £6.70

Argos Price£4.45

9. Flair Beauty Box. Lift off top to sectioned tray. Lift off top hasoval shapedmirror .........Cat. No. 260/2073

CompoRetail £3.95

10. Flair Beauty Box. Fitted interior, illuminated by concealedbulb. (Bulb not supplied). , Cat. No. 260/0635

CompoRetail £8.75 3. Design Philipp Jewel Case. Ivory coloured exterior. Lined in gold coloured velvet. Fitted lock. Cat. No. 26011397

CompoRetail £14.75

Argos Price£11,95

4. Design Philipp Musical Jewel Case. Ivory coloured with red lining. Revolvingballerina. Cat. No. 26011380

CompoRetail £13.75' _

Argos Price£9.95

5. Design Philipp Musical Jewel Case. Ivory coloured with red lining. Automatic tray. Revolving ballerina. Fitted lock Cat. No. 260/0192


Argos Price£6.95 "

6. Griffon Manicure Set. Includes two pairs of scissors, tweezers.nail file and nine other manicure aids,Zipped case Cat. No. 260/1366

CompoRetail £4.60

Argos Price £3.25

7. Trinket CaselManlcure Set. Dual purpose with basefor trinkefs etc. and seven-piecemanicureset in lid , Cat. No. 26011373

CompoRetail £5.55

Argos Price~3.75

8. Griffon Traveller Manicure Set. Includes two pairs of scissors.tweezers,nail file and six other manicure aids.Zipped case , .' Cat. No. 260/1696

CompoRetail £2.60

Argos Price£1.99

Argos Price£2.99

Argos Price£6.45

11. Design Philipp Jewel Case. Lift out tray; Lined with velvet.Gilt studs on lid Cat. No. 26011809

CompoRetail £17.65

'Argos Price.£14.25

12.Jewel Case. Automatic tray and drawer. Necklace bar and pocket. Simulatedleather covering. Cat. No. 26011610

CompoRetail £20.00

Argos Price £13.45

13. Design Philipp Jewel Case. Red interior with mirror , ,.., Cat. No. 260/0886

CompoRetail £2.65

Argos Price £1.99

14. Design Philipp Black Je~el Case. Lined in guality flock. Automatic tray 'with compartments. Fitted lock Cat. No. 260/0879

CompoRetail £6.75

Argos Price£5.25

15.Jewel Case. With tapestry coveredlid. Lined with velvet.Fitted lock. ......... ........Cat. No. 260'/2097


Argos Price£12.45

16. Design Philipp Musical Jewel Bo'!. Revolving ballerina , Cat. No. 260/1603

CompoRetail £2.99

Argos Price £2.45

IBRRunl , 1. Philips HP.1139"Philishave De Luxe" Electric Shaver. "90 Super" floating heads with 12 blade cutters. Integral trimmer. Dual voltaqe, 1HH30 VI 220-240VAC.lD.C. B.EAR approved. Cat. No. 440/1997

CompoRetail £30.94

Argos Price£22.25

2. Philips HP.1213"Philishave Compact" Battery Shaver. Twin "90 Super" floating heads. Requires 4x 1~V batteries(notsupplied) Cat. No.44011966

CompoRetail £12.67

Argos Price£9.25

3. Philips HP.1134"Philishave Standard" Electric Shaver. Twin "90 Super" shaving heads..Dual voltage,110-130V1220-240V AC. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 44011980

CompoRetail £20.79

Argos Price£14.95

4. Ronson RS6SBattery Shaver. Push button trimmer.Requires4 pencell batteries(not supplied). Cat. No. 440/1416

Rec.Retail £13.95

Argos Price£9.25

5; RonsonRS26Electric Shaver.Trimmer.Presentation case. Dual voltage, 100-120V/200-240 V AC. REAB. approved Cat. No.44011708.

Rec.Retail £17.95

Argos Price£11.95

6. Ronson RS752 Rechargeable Electric Shaver. Stainless steel foil head. Complete with zip case. Dual voltage, 100-120V/200-240 V A.c. recharger. B.EAB. approved Cat. No.440/0761

Rec.Retail £29.95

Argos Price£19.75

10. Braun "Cassett" Battery Shaver. Foil Sideburn trimmer. Complete with travel Requires4xH V batteries(not supplied). Cat. No. 440/2006

Rec.Retail £13.95

11. Braun "Synchron Plus" Electric Shaver. Platinum coated foil shaving head.Built-in trimmer. Travelcasewith mirror. Dualvoltage,120/240 V A.C. B.EAB. approved.. . Cat. No.44011681

Rec.Retail £29.95

Rec.Retail £17.95

Argos Price£13.25

~ 8. Calor Electric 7024 Electric Shaver. Three steel ... cutting heads. Dual voltage, 110-120V/220-240V A.C................ ......Cat. No.440/2013

Rec.Retail £12.75

Argos Price£8.25

9. Braun "Special" Electric Shaver.Platinumcoated foil head.Separatetrimmer.Zippedtravelcase.Dual voltage.120/240V AC. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 440/2020

Rec.Retail £22.95

Argos Price£16.75

Argos Price£20.95

12. Braun "Micron" Electric Shaver. Platinum coatedfoil traps hair faster,shavescloser.Precision trimmer. Case with built-in travel mirror plus wall bracket. Dual voltage, 120/240 V A.C. BEAB. . Cat.No.440/2257 approved........

Rec.Retail £35.95'

Argos Price£26.95

13. Remington "GT3" Battery Shaver. Replaceable chromium cutters. Adjustable trimmer. Requires 4x H V batteries(not supplied).Completewith travel . Cat.No.440/1959 sleeve.

Rec.Retail £11.95

Argos Price£7.95

14. Remington "Selectro 3" Electric Shaver. Six position comfort dial and trimmer. Dualvoltage,110127V/220-240V A.C. B.EAB. approved. Cat. No. 440/0709

Rec.Retail £20.95

Argos Price £11.95

15. Remington "Radial" Electric Shaver. Three adjustable heads and full width trimmer. Dual voltage,110-127V/220-240V A.C. B.E.AR approvedCat. No. 440/1698

Rec.Retail £24.95 7. Braun HLD.S1"Man-Styler". Styling comb and brush attachmentsplus air concentrator.Two heatl speedsettings.Safetycut-out.B.E.AB.approved. Cat. No. 44011911

Argos Price£10.45

Argos Price£16.25

16. Remington "Selectro 5" RechargeableElectric Shaver. Six position comfort dial. Dual voltage, 105/240 V A.C. recharger. Travel case. B.EAB. approved............... ...Cat.No.440/0699

Rec.Retail £28.95

Argos Price£18.95

Barclaycard and Access Card are welcomed 'in all our Catalogue Showrooms.


DIS!I] 1. Custom A.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminium frame. Size 1S"x 11"x2~" (3B.1 x27.9x6.4 ern). Cat. No. 270/0140

Rec.Retail £19.95

Argos Price£13.95

aluminium frame. Lined interior. Twin filing compartment in lid. Size 171"x 12" (44.5x30.5 cm). Cat. No. 27011709

CompoRetail £13.99

Argos Price £10.45

2. Custom A.B.S. Executive Case. Aluminium frame. Fitted with compartment (41.9x30.5x 11.4 ern).

Rec.Retail £21.50

in lid. Size 16l"x 12"x4;" . Cat. No. 270/0133

Argos Price £14.95

12. Executive Case. In leather look vinyl. Fitted interior. Comfort style handle. Size 17"xI2"x3~" (43.2x30.5xB.9 cm).. . Cat. No. 270/2014

CompoRetail £23.60

Argos Price £15.95

3. Custom A.B.S. Executive Case. Can be used as a desk top or weekend (4B.3x3S.6x 11.4 ern).

Rec.Retail £33.50

case. .

Size 19"x 14"x4l" Cat. No. 270/0126

Argos Price £22.95

4. Student Case. Black PVC with adjustable straps and centre lock. Size 16"x12"xS" (40.6x30.Sx12.7 ern). . Cat. No. 270/1424

CompoRetail £4.60.

Argos Price £3.45

5. Folio/Document

Case. Full length zip-top opening with 12" (30.S cm) outside zip pocket. Size 1S~"xl1" (39.4x27.9 ern). . Cat. No. 270/1431

CompoRetail £3.69

Argos Price £2.75

13. Combination Lock Executive Case. PVC covered with aluminium frame. Twin filing compartment in lid. Fully lined interior. Size In''x 12" (44.5 x 30.5 ern). . ,Cat. No. 270/1895

CompoRetail £24.95

14. Leather Covered Executive Case. With twin combination locks, Fully lined and fitted interior. Size 17"x 12"x3~" (43.2x30.5x9.5 ern). ..Cat. No. 270/2007

CompoRetail £44.95


Argos Price £31.95

15. Executive Case. Vinyl covered. Twin filing compartment in lid, Size 17"x 12;"x3~" (43.2x31.1 xB,3 cm). ,.. ........Cat. No. 27011950

CompoRetail £9.95 6. Gent's ribs

Argos Price£17.45

Argos Price £6.45

Nylon cover. Crook handle. B Cat. No. 270/0016

CompoRetail £4.95

Argos Price £3.45

7. Gent's Automatic Umbrella. Nylon cover. B ribs. Cat. No. 270/0030

CompoRetail £3.26

Argos Price£2.25

17. Topper Businessman's

Telescopic Umbrella. Nylon cover. and case. Crook handle. B ribs. .. ..... Cat. No. 270/0023

Case. In black texon with leather hinge pieces, Robust construction yet light in weight. Large capacity. Internal size 17"x7tx 12i" (43.2 x 1B.4x31.B cm) , .cat, No. 270/2021

CompoRetail £7.25

CompoRetail £36.00

8. Gent's

Argos Price£5.45

9. Brief Case. Grained leather with two front pockets. Size 16~"xI2" (41.9x30.S cm) Cat. No. 270/0171

CompoRetail £11.95

and Access Card are welcomed

Argos Price £7.45

10. Vinyl Brief Case. Three interior divisions, brassed lock and swivel handle. Size 17"x12" (43.2x30.5 ern). . Cat. No. 270/1400

CompoRetail £7.25


. Argos Price £24.95

Argos Price £5.45



3. Leather Billfold. Coin pocket with press stud fastening. Window compartment.. ..Cat. No. 27:011730

CompoRetail £2.80

CompoRetail £2.75

Argos Price £1.99 13. Chess Board. Hand

4. Ibeather Cheque Book €over/Wallet. Space for notesand 2 credit cards eat. No. 27012083

CompoRetail £3.25

Argos Price £2.25

tial" brush, toiletry containers, mirror, comb and shoe lift. Cat. No. 270/1761 .o> •••••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

CompoRetail £14.40 .

Argos Price £9.95

10. Gent's Manicure Set. 12essentialaids in a zipped case.Size8"x 3~"x~"(20.3 x 8.9 x 1.9 em). Cat. No. 270/2076

CompoRetail £5.50

Argos Price £3.99




11. Nurse's Watch. Chromium plated case. Shock resistant. luminous figures and hands: sweep seconds hand.(Swiss)...... . Cat. No. 25013275

CompoRetail £9~95

Argos Price £7.95

12. lady's Pendant Watch.'Gold coloured case and chain. (Swiss) ~: : :.., Cat. No. 250/3282

COmpoRetail £9.95

Argos Price £7.75

I~--------------~------~-----------13. Valtime lady's Pendant , design. Gilt coloured case and chain. Roman numerals. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3608

. CompoRetail £7.25

Argos Price £4.75

14. lady's Watch. Gold coloured case and expanding bracelet. Silver coloured dial. 17 jewels. (Swiss) z ~ Cat. No. 250/3213

CompoRetail £8.80. . ,

Argos Price £5.45

15. lady's Watch. Got.dcoloured case and expanding bracelet. 17jewels Cat. No. 250/3220

CompoRetail £8.65

Argos Price £6.45

16. I=ady's Bracelet Watch;;'Ovalgilt coloured case. Meshbracelet. 17jewels.(Sw/s:;)....Cat. No. 250/0869

CompoR~tail £8.50" 1. Silver Plated Tankard. Georgianstylewith decorative handle.Capacity1 pint (0.57 litre) approx. Cat. No. 270/0535

CompoRetail £17.95

Argos Price £10.75

2. Viners "Sportsman's" Tankard. Stainless steel. Capacity 1 pint (0.57 litre) approx. Cat. No. 270/1156

Rec.R~tail £4.75

Argos Price £3.45

3. Pewter Tankard. Traditional hammered design. Capacity 1 .pint (0.57 litre) approx. Cat. No. 27011527

CompoRetail £7.30

Argos Price £5.25

4.... london" Pewter Tankard. Solid base. Engraved effect of london scenes. Capacity 1 pint (0.57 litre) approx.................................. .....Cat. No. 27011170

CompoRetail £7.30

Argos Pric~ £4.99

17. Smiths-Astral lady's Watch. Gold plated case. Gilt baton dial. Jewelled levermovement. Cat. No. 250/3196

Rec. Retail £17.25

CompoRetail £4.95

Argos Price £3.25

6. Glass Whisky Flask. leather case with zip. . Cat. No. 270/1785

CompoRetail £3.20

Argos Price £2.25

7. Brexton Refresher Case. Holds two wine/spirit bottles and three small mineral bottles. Complete with four glasses,corkscrew/bottle opener and glass cloth. . Cat. No. 27011857

CompoRetail £14.90

Argos Price £10.45

8. Flair Oocktail Caddy. Holds five bottles in base. Top shelf for glasses.Height 21" (53.3 cm). . Cat. No. 270/0690 .

CompoRetail £4.60

Rec. Retail £16.75 .


Argos Price £2.99

10. Three Piece Bar Set. Comprises chromium plated lever action corkscrew, can plercer/bottle opener and nutcracker.. . Cat. No. 27011840

" CompoRetail £5.36



Argos Price £11.95

19. Lady's Watch. Gilt coloured ca;e. 17jewel lever, Incabloc shock protected Cat. No. 250/3505

CompoRetail £14.50

Argos Price.£10.75

20. Lady's Bracelet Watch. Oval dial with diamante bezel. 17jewels.. : "" Cat. No. 250/3244

Comp.Retail ~0.85

Argos Price £14.95

21. lady's Watch. Gold colouredcase. Silver coloured dial. 17jewels. ..........Cat. No. 250/2881

Argos Price £5.95

22. Simba lady's Watch. Blue dial. Gold coloured casewith stainlesssteel back' (Swiss). . Cat. No. 250/0821

CompoRetail £10.40

Argos Price £7.75

23. Simba lady's Watch. Gilt coloured case and bracelet. 17jewels. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3581

CompoRetail £17.30

Argos Price.£12.25

24. Sim~a lady's Watch. Gilt coloured case and bracelet. 17jewels. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3598

CompoRetail £22.75

Argos Price £15.95

25. Saga Lady's Watch. Gilt coloured case with Romannumerals Cat. No. 250/3512

CompoRetail £7;95

. Argos Price £4.75

Argos Price £3.25

9. "Knight" Bar Set. Comprises 2 bar accessories with a model of knight in armour. Cat. No. 27011833

CompoRetail £4.50 .'

Argos Price £12.25

18. Smiths-Astral lady's Watch. Gold plated case. Jewelled lever movement Cat. No. 250/3189

Comp..Retail £7.90. 5. Triple Whisky Flasks. Capacity 7 fl oz (199 ml) each. Completewith measuring caps on top of flasks and housed in zip round case.._. Cat. No. 270/2069

Argos Price £5.95

A~gosPrice £3.25

Barclaycard and Access Card are wel.comed•

ri1r117rQ ~~

12. Simba Gent's Automatic Watch. Gilt coloured case. Bro~n dial. 25 jewel lev'1rmovement Incabloc Cat. No. 250/3464 shock protected. (Swiss)

CompoRetail £26.55' 2. Chalet· Lady's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet Silver coloured dial. 17 jewel lever movement Incabloc shock protected ..... Cat. No. 250/2953

CompoRetail £22.95

Argos Price £15.95

3. l:.a6y's Watch. Gold plated case and bracelet Champagne coloured dial. Fully jewelled lever movement lncabloc shOCKprotected..... Cat. No. 250/3543

Retail £37.50

Argos Price £27.75

13. Old England Gent's Calendar Watch. Gold plated case and Milanese bracelet. Champagne coloured dial. Sweep seconds hand. 17 jewel lever shock protected movement.(Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3457

Rec. Retail £38.90

Argos Price £29.95

14. O.ld England Lady's Watch. Champagne coloured dial. Gold plated Milanese bracelet. 17 jewel levershock protected movement (Swiss). Cat. No. 250/3567

Rec. Retail £39.90 4. Sandoz Lady's Watch•.Rhodium plated case and bracelet 17 jewel lever movement, tncabloc shock protected. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3574

~rgos Price £18.45

Argos Price £29.95 :

Argos Price £36.95

15. Old England Lady's Watch. Gold plated bark' finished bracelet 17 jewel lever shock protected movement (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3268

5. Sandoz Lady's Watch. Gold plated case with integral bracelet. Black dial. Gilt baton figures and hands. '17 jewel lever movement. tncabtoc shock Cat. No. 250/3017 protected. (Swiss)

16: Old England Lady's Watch. Rhodium plated bark finished bracelet 17 jewel lever shock protected movement. (Swiss).: Cat. No. 250/3550

CompoRetail £56.00

CompoRetail £65.00

Argos Price £39.50

6. Cornavin Lady's Watch. Blue dial. Matching bracelet. 11 jewel lever shock protected moveCat. No. 250/3529 ment

CompoRetail £11.95

'" Argos Price £8.45

7. Smiths-Astral Lady's Watch. Chromium plated caseand bracelet. Jewelled lever movement. Cat. No. 250/3536

Argos Price £10.75 8. Smiths-Astral Lady's Watch. Marcasite set case and bracelet. Silver coloured dial. Jewelled lever movement.. Cat. No. 250/2908

Rec. Retail £25.00

Argos Price £17.75

~~~--------~--~--~----------~~ , 9. Smiths-Astral Lady's Watch. Gold plated caseand bracelet. Two tone dial. 17jewel lever movement, Cat. No. 250/3251

Argos Priee £22.95 10. Smiths-Astral Gent's Automatic Day/Date Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet: Sweep seconds hand. -17jewel lever shock protected movement. : Cat. No. 250/3141

Flee.Retail £35.50

Argos Price £23.95

11. Chalet Gent's Automatic Calendar Watch. Gold plated case with stainless steel bask. Matching bracelet. Fully jewelled iever movement. Incabloc shock protected ::-; Cat. No. 250/3495

CompoRetail £19.95

Argos Price £14.75

Rec. Retail £38.50 .'

Rec. Retail £35.90

Argos Price £29.75

Argos Price £27.75

17. Sandoz Gent's Watch. Stainless steel case.•• Sweepseconds hand. 17 jewel lever shock protected movement. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3110

CompoRetail £20.00

r Argos Price £H .75

18. Sandoz Gent's Calendar Watch. Gold plated case. Stainlesssteel back. Luminous dots and hands. 17jewel levershock protected movement.(Swiss). Cat. No. 250/2812

CompoRetail £25.50

Argos Price £16.95

19. Cornayin Gent's Alarm Watch. Blue dial. 17jewel leve shock,protected mevement....Cat. No. 250/3488

CompoRetail £25.00

:ArgosPrice £13.95

20. Chalet Gent's Calendar WatCh.Gold plated case with stainless steel back.. Silver colouretl dial. 17 jewel lever movement. Incabloc Shock protected. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/2795

CompoRetail £21.00

.Argos Price £14.75

21: Smiths-Astral Gent's" Day/Date Watch. Chromium plated case.Sweep seconds hand. Jewelled lever movement. : Cat. NO.250/3127·

Rec. Retail £18.95

Argos Priee £13.45.

22. Cornavin Gent's Calendar Watch. 17 jew,?llever shock protected movement. Stainless steel bracelet. Cat. No:250/3471

CompoRetail £15.75

Argos Price i:11.45

Please note: Watches illustrated on these pages are slightly larger than Rormal size.


1. Girl's Watch. Gold coloured case. Blue dial with white figures. (Swiss) ~ Cat. No. 250/3079

CompoRetail £6.95

Argos Price £4.99

2. Saga Girl's Watch. Chromium plated case. Full figured dial. ............•......................... Cat No~250/3062

CompoRetail £5.75

12. Gent's L.C.D. Bracelet Watch, with Stop Watch. Constant display of hours and minutes. Ata press of a button, seconds, month and date. An extra feature isa back light. Gold plated caseand bracelet. Cat. No. 250/371.8

Rec.Retail £74.85

Argos Price£59.95

Argos Price£4.75

3. Saga Boy's Watch. Chromium plated case. Sweep seconds hand ; , Cat."No.250/3426

CompoRetail £7.25

Argos Price£5.25

13. L~dy's L.C.D. Bracelet Watch. Constant display of hours and minutes. At a press of a . button, seconds, month and date. Chromium plated case and stainless steel bracelet. Cat. No. 250/3684

Rec.Retail £46.50

Argos Price £37.50

4. Boy~sCalendar Watch. Sweepseconds hand. . C;tt. No. 250/3048

CompoRetail £7.45


5. Boy's Watch. Chrornium.ptated case. 24-hour dial with sweep seconds hand. Luminous. . Cat. No. 250/2702

CompoRetail £7.28

Argos Price £5.45

QUARTZ WATCHES Technology has advanced to such. an extent that Quartz watches are now so reliable they give far greater accuracy than the conventional mechanical watch. We offer within our range, three types of Quartz watches: L.E.D.- These are with the Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.), where at the touch of a button miniature dots light up to form easily readable fi"gures. L.C.D.- These are with a Liquid Crystal Display (L.C.D.), giving a permanent display of figures. At the touch of a button the display . will change to give date etc. ANALOGUE-These are with the traditional dial and . hands but with all the advantages of great accuracy. All batteries are guaranteed for twelve months. Full instructions with eaeh watch. ..

6. J.P. Gent's L.E.D.Bracelet Watch. Featureshours, minutes, seconds, date and day, (e.g. MO for Mon, day).Chrome caseand braceleL. ...Cat. No. 250/3615

CompoRetail £15.00

Argos Pric~£11.45

7. Lady's L.E.D. Pendant Watch. Features hours, minutes, seconds, month, date and day (e.g. MO for Monday). Gold plated case with chain. . Cat. No. 250/3691

Rec.Retail £26.00

Argos Price£20.95

8. Gent's L.E.D. Bracelet Watch. Features hours, minutes, seconds.jrrronth and date. Steel case and bracelet Cat. No. 250/3330

CompoRetail £35.80

Argos Price £24.95

9. Gent's L.E.D. Bracelet Watch. Features hours, minutes, seconds, month, date and day (e.g. MO for Monday). Chromium plated case and stainless steel· bracelet. Cat. No. 250/3725

Rec.Retail £20.00

Argos Price £16.25

10. Lady's L.E.D. Watch. Features hours, minutes, seconds, month, dateand day (e.g. MP for Monday). Chromium plated case Cat. No. 250/3622

CompoRetail £27.75


Argos Price £16.75

11. Lady's or Gent's Analogue Watch. Slim gold plated easewith '!;latherstrap. Roman numerals. Cat. No. 250/3701

Rec.Retail £61.00

Argos Price £49.95

SANDOZ' SWISS MADE QUARTz WATCHES Thes-eSwiss made'watches carry a two year International Guarantee against any rnanufacturinq defects. The batteries are guaranteed fpr twelve months. 14. Sandoz Gent's L.C.D. Bracelet Watch. Constant display of hours, minutes, seconds and date. An extra feature. is· a button to illuminate the dial at night. Nizen plated case and adjustable bracelet. Cat. No. 250/36n


Argos Price £73.95

15. Sandoz Gent's.L.C.D. Chronograph Stop Watch. Constant display of hours, minutes,· seconds or alternatively hours, minutes, date. Single button press glves month and date, am/pm information. Triple pressure on button converts to stop watch giving minutes, seconds and 1/100th's of seconds. Also fitted with lapsed time which allows normal time read-out whilst the stop watch is still running. Instruction booklet supplied. Nizen plated case and adjustable bracelet. Cat. No. 250/3660

CompoRetail £110.0'0

Argos Price £69.95

16. S"and~zGent'~ L.C.D. Bracelet Watch. Constant _display of hours and minutes. At a press of a button, seconds:month and date. An extra feature is a button to illuminate the dial at night. Nizen plated case and Cat. No. 250/3385 adjustable bracelet.

Comp.Retail £85.00

Argos Price £54.95

r 17. Sandoz Gent's Quartz Analogue Watch. Champagne textured dial with calendar and sweep seconds hand. Gold plated case with stainless steel back. . Cat. No. 250/3646

CompoRetail £65.00

Argos Price £47.95

18..Sandoz Gent's l..C.D. Bracelet Watch. Constant display of hours and minutes. At a press of a button, seconds, month and date. An extra feature is a button to illuminate the dial at night. Gold plated case and adjustable bracelet. . Cat..No.250/3392

CompoRetail £92.50

Argos Price £59.95

19. Sandoz Lady's L.C.D. Bracelet Watch. Constant display of hours and minutes. A1a press of a button, seconds, month and date. Gold plated case and adjustable bracelet Cat. No. 250~3653

CompoRetail £105.00

Argos Price £65.95

20. Sandoz Gent's L.C.Q.Watch. Constant dlsptay of hours and minutes. Push buttons show seconds, month and date. An extra f nturo Is IJ button to illuminate the' dial at night. Chroml\lm platod case with stainlesss steel back. Cllt. fIIo,250/3639

CompoRetail £60.00

Argos Price £45.95

Index Airers .Audio Equipment

1. Saga Gent's Automatic Calendar coloured case. Sweep seconds hand.

.Watch. .


Cat. No. 250/3440

Compo Retail £11.95

Argos Price £7.95

2. Saga Gent's Watch. Chromium plated case. Romannumerals.Sweepseconds hand. Cat. No. 250/3433

Compo Retail £7.95

Argos Price £4.99

3. Gent's Slim Watch. Gold coloured case. Silver coloured dial. Sweepseconds hand. Cat. No. 250/2719

Compo Retail £7.95

Argos Price £5.95

4•. S;mba Gent's Calendar Watch. Gold coloured case.Sweepseconds hand. (Swiss). Cat. No. 250/0663

Compo Retail £8:80

Argos Price £6.75

5. Gent's Calendar Watch. Chromium plated case with two tone grey dial and sweep seconds hand. 17 jewels.············ Cat. No. 250/3103

Compo Retail £10.15

Argos Price £7.75

6. Gent's Calendar Bracelet Watch. Chromium plated case, stainless steel back. 17 jewels. Sweep seconds hand. Cat. No. 250/2740

Compo Retail £10.60

Argos Price £7.75

7. Gent's Watch. Chromium plated case with blue dial ana sweepseconds hand. (Swiss). Cat. No. 250/3093

Argos Price £5.45 8. Gents Digital Watch. Chromium plated case.Blue dial. 17jewels. (Swiss) Cat. No. 250/3086

Compo Retail £12.15

Argos Price £8.95

9. Smiths "Sports Timer" Stop· Watch. ~ second recording 0-60minutes Cat. No. 250/0553

Rec. Retail £9.95

Argos Price £7.25

10. Smiths Pocket Watch with Albert. Ch~omium plated case. Small seconds hand. Luminous spots and hands.·.·.·· Cat. No. 250/3299

Rec. Retail £6.95

Argos Price £5.45

:11. Smiths Gent's Pocket Watch with Albert. Gill coloured case.Romannumerals....Cat. No. 25012874

Rec. Retail £9.95

Argos Price £7.25

Guarantee: We offer a full money-back guarantee in addition to your statutory rights-see page 3. .

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Profile for Retromash

Argos No.08 1977 Autumn  

Argos catalogue from 1977 filled with lots of retro goodies. From

Argos No.08 1977 Autumn  

Argos catalogue from 1977 filled with lots of retro goodies. From

Profile for retromash