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How t o e x p l o i t

Please ■ m ak e u se of your pro fessional institutional or indiv u id al contacts wit h Hungary ; ■ or co ntact the H ungarian T e m p u s O ff ice which is happy to as si st y o u in partner sear ching. P le as e al so visit our ho mepage (www.tpf. pus).

How to fin d appropria te H u n g a ri a n partners to your Tempus III activities?

■ Find the approp riate Hungarian institution you wish to visit (see How to fin d approp ri at e Hungarian partners…?) . ■ Elab orate the w orkplan in close co-op eration. ■ Req uest a lette r of invitat from the H ion ungarian ho st institution and attach it to your IMG application (see d e ta il e d re q uirements in the "Guide for Applicants" ).

Hunga r i a n T e m pus e x in yo p e r i e u n r ce T e m p us I I I p r o j e cts?

Wha t so rt o f ro le may Hun garian p a rt ic ip a n ts undertake in Tempus III projects? Which p ro je ct ty p es may Hunga participants rian be involved in? Any o f th e 3 T empus III p roject types: project (see How to fin d appropri at e Hungarian partners…?) . ■ D e si g n th e role and ac tivities of the instituti on in detail and d e sc ri b e th em in your project application . If th e H u n ga rian instituti on wishes to join the conso rtium: ■ Re q u e st a le tt er of endors ement from the H ungarian in stitution and at ta c h it to you ro r p ject application (see detaile d req u ir e m e n ts in the "Gu ide for Applicants" ).

If the ro le of th e H ungarian inst itution is limit ed to h os t study visits in an NP project, no le tter of endor sement or invitation is required.

Pleas e re m e m b er that you can take the opport u n it y o f v isiting Hun as an gary IM G g ra ntholder on ly if you come from a beneficiary Phare or T acis countr y.

How to ma ke a Hunga rian institutio n h o st in st itution for IMG mobil your ity?

v is it s fr o m the benefic iary Phare or Tacis co untries (the IMG g ra n th o ld e r receives Te mpus fundin g to c o v e r his or her costs re la te d to th e visit; the host institu ti o n re c e iv es no Temp funding). us

Application s for imple menting th following ty e pes of proje ct may be submitted:

Tacis cou ntries: Armenia ■ A z e rb aijan ■ Geo rgia ■ Kaza khstan ■ K y rg yzstan ■ M o ld ova ■ Mon golia ■ R u ss ian Federati on ■ Tu rk menistan ■ U k ra ine ■ Uzb ekistan *According to the situa tion on October 1, 1999.

Hungary m ay act as a bridge between EU Me m b e r S ta te s and benefi Phare or T ciary acis countr ies. Accord in g ly , H u ngarian par ticipants may: How to inv olve individ ual H u n g a ri a n experts in y our JEP or NP?

■ d is se m in at e best practic e and outcomes fo cusing parti cularly on Tempus projects; ■ as si st b e neficiary co untries in jo in in g E u ro pean co-op eration networks li ke SOCRATE S/ERASM US Thematic N etworks.

■ In d iv id u al Hungaria n experts may b e in v o lv ed in eithe r JEPs or NPs. Bo th higher e ducation and non-ac ademic (esp . institution building) e xperts can be invited by the proje ct c o n so rt iu m (their indiv idual participatio n may be c overed fr o m th e JE P or NP pro ject grant). ■ H u n g ar ia n higher edu cation or non-academ ic institutio ns, org an is at io n s may also participate in JEP s o r N P s without Te mpus funding

- as h o st in st itutions for study visits within Networkin g Projects; or - as full m embers of th e project consortium .

■ Fin d th e ap p ropriate Hu ngarian expert you need in yo ur project (see How to find ap p p ro riate Hungarian partners…?) . ■ Desi g n th e ro le and activ ities of th e e x p e rt in detail an d describe them in y o u r project app ■ In lication. v it e th e e xpert to par ticipate in yo u r p ro je c t (please atta ch the le tt e r o f in vitation de scribing the role and ta sks of the e x pert to your projec t applicatio n). ■ A tt ac h th e curriculu m vitae of the expert to the proje ct application .

How to inv olve Hunga rian instituti o n s, o rg a n isations in JEP or NP your ? ■

Networkin g Project (NP) – aiming at ■ se tt in g up nation al, regiona l and internation al network s o f universities; ■ d is se minating b est practice and outcomes fo cusing part icularly on Tempus projects.

empus III at a Glanc e

F in d th e ap propriate H ungarian institution you need in your

Joint Euro pean Proje ct (JEP) – with 4 cla ssical strand s widely known thro ughout Eu ro pe from the previou s phases of th e programme : ■ U n iv ersity Manag ement JEP (UM JEP) ■ C u rr iculum Dev elopment JE P (CD JEP) ■ In st it ution Build ing JEP (IB ■ M ob il JEP) ity JEP (M JEP) – only beneficiary for Phare coun tries, Georgia, th e Russian F ederation and Ukrain e. Beside the beneficiary countries, institutions and individ uals

■ Hun g ar ia n h ig her educatio n or n o n -a c ad e m ic institutio ns, organisatio ns may also

See details on Tempus III activities a nd guidelin es on how to app ly in the ” G u id e for Applica nts 2000-2 001” (downloada ble from th e website of th e European Training F oundation: .int).

host IMG

What are th e aims of Tempus III?

Tempus III (2000-2006 ) is the latest phase of the Europe an Union aid program me promoting the re-structuri ng of highe r education in the beneficiary Central an d Eastern Eu ropean and Asian coun tries.

How to ap ply for Tem pus III grants?

Individua l Mobility Grant (IMG) – a iming at: ■ b u il d ing and de veloping networks ■ d is se minating b est practice and outcomes fo cusing part ic u la on Tempus rly projects. The eligible directions of mobility are: ■ E U çè beneficiary countr y ■ bene ficiary cou ntr y çè beneficiary countr y ■ bene ficiary cou ntr y è EU candidate c ountr y (e.g . Hungary).

Phare cou ntries: Albania ■ B o sn ia and Herz egovina ■ FYR of Macedo n ia ■ (C ro atia is expe cted to join programme the soon!) To encoura ge interaction and balanc ed co-operatio n between universities in the beneficiary countries a nd the Europe an Union; ● to con tribute to th e developme nt of the h igher education systems in the partner cou ntries and their interaction with civil so ciety and industry .

What other countries m ay participate in Tempus II I activities?

EU Memb er States (2 Member States must be involved in each institu tional project) ■ EU candidate c ountries of Central an d Eastern E urope (e.g. Hung ary)* ■ Non -EU G24 c ountries* ■ Cyp rus, Malta a nd Turkey *Tempus fu * nding is lim ited to covering th e participati on of individual experts fro m these countries.

The durati on of NPs must be 2 years, whe reas the du ra tion of JEP may be 2 o s r 3 years (i n case of certain ben eficiary cou ntries and JEP types o nly 2 years ). The maximum Tempus gra n t for 2-yea projects is r 300,000 EU R , whereas 3-year pro jects may re ceive maximum 500,000 EU R Tempus funding. The benefi ciary coun tries in Tempus III are those e x-socialist countries w hich have n ot yet signed an A ssociation A greement with the E uropean U n io n. The two group s of benefic iary countr are the foll ies owing (gro u ped by the aid program me providin g the financial ba ckground o f T empus in the given c ountr y)*:

representin g the highe r education and other se ctors of the follo wing coun tr ies may partic ipate in Tempus III activities: Which cou ntries have a beneficiary status in T empus III? What is Tempus III?

Tempus in Hungary Distribution of Running Hungarian Tempus Projects by Subject Area (1999-2000)

Tempus Facts and Figures in Hungary (1990-1999) Total Tempus Budget

Management and Business 5%

117,9 MEUR

An Offer to Europe Tempus Institution Building in Hungary

Sectoral Distribution of Hungarian TIB Projects

Number of Hungarian TIB projects: 29

Engineering 10%

Expected number of re-trained persons:

Medical Sciences 7%

Finance 17%

more than 5000

Other 3%

Total Number of

University Management 17%

■ Joint European Projects


Agriculture 3%

■ Compact Measures Projects


Engineering and Technology 3%

■ Individual Mobility Grants


Humanities and Social Sciences 7% Information Technology 7%

Hungary-EU Student Mobilities more than 7000

Institution Building 48%

Hungary-EU Staff Mobilities

more than 9000

Sports, Health and Community Care 17%

Target Groups:

Public Administration 7%

● representatives of ministries and other government bodies, the central and local administration;

Environment 7% Justice and Home Affairs 10%

● sports, land and agricultural administrators;

Regional Development 10%

● officials of public utility institutions;

The Contribution of Tempus to University Management Development in Hungary JEP_13539-98: To introduce a computerised library management system. Co-ordinator: Budapest

JEP_13363-98: To upgrade the management of the University of Miskolc with special regard to 7 major areas.

JEP_13352-98: To found an organisational unit for the management of alternating engineering education. Co-ordinator: Budapest

JEP_14369-99: Developing a European type of management at the integrated College of Nyíregyháza.

● smallholders, agricultural and food producers; ● nature conservation, rural development and tourism specialists; ● members of chambers and other professional organisations; ● health care and social workers;


● law enforcement personnel, etc.


Please visit the website of the Hungarian Tempus Office ( to learn more about Tempus in Hungary.



Co-ordinating higher education institution Non-co-ordinating partners


Justice and Home Affairs

Environment Protection

Public Administration

Public Administration

Sports, Health and Community Care

Sports, Health and Community Care Finance


Sports, Health and Community Care


Agriculture GÖDÖLLÔ




Regional Development SZARVAS

Regional Development



JEP_14054-99: To develop quality university management and administration at the integrating universities of Szeged.

Environment Protection

Justice and Home Affairs




TIB Sector National/Regional National centre of excellence Regional centre of excellence



JEP_13020-98: To strengthen co-operation between Hungarian universities and the industry; to define and implement new partnership strategies. Co-ordinator: Debrecen

Tempus Institution Building Centres of Excellence in Hungary

● financial and accounting specialists; ● engineers, architects and designers;


Agriculture 22%

JEP_13144-98: To establish management units at the Federation of Debrecen Universities.

Hungarian Tempus Office, H-1438 Budapest 70., Pf. 508. Hungary Phone: (36-1) 343-0012, 343-0013. Fax: (36-1) 343-0164 Internet: E-mail:



Regional Development

* Note: 3 centres of excellence are established in IB_JEP-14385-99.


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