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What can you do to protect our local streams, lakes and the Chesapeake Bay? One way is to participate in the Storm Drain Marking Project. Our storm drains prevent flooding of roads and neighborhoods by carrying rain and snowmelt away from streets and sidewalks. Unlike water from our taps and tub, water flowing into our storm drains is not treated. Storm drains connect directly to our streams and empty into our lakes. Trash, pet waste, motor oil, paint and other materials dumped or washed into storm drains pollute our watersheds and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. Markers on each storm drain remind all of us to keep storm drains and our streams clean.

the Northern VA Soil and Water Conservation District, the Virginia Department of Transportation-Northern VA District and Reston Association. To get your project started or for more information, contact Will Peterson, Watershed Manager, at 703-435-6535,


Participate in the Annual Secchi Dip-In between July 1 and July 31. Volunteers will monitor the transparency of the lakes and ponds in Reston using a Secchi Disk. The values are used to assess the transparency of volunteer-monitored lakes in the United States and Canada. This is a quick activity best accomplished by boat. We are looking for one volunteer on each lake. To schedule a date for training and sampling, contact Will Peterson, Watershed Manager, at 703-435-6535, wpeterson@

Since there are over 4,000 storm drains in Reston, many volunteers are needed to mark the storm drains and to help educate the community about the connection between the storm drains and our streams and lakes. New for 2019, we are looking for volunteers to utilize Reston’s ArcGIS mapping software to update storm drain marker locations. This is a great way to complete community service hours for students. Many storm drains in Reston are on private roads. In order for volunteers to mark the drains, clusters need to grant permission first. Contact your local cluster board member and get your neighborhood involved today. The Storm Drain Marking Project in Reston is sponsored by the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services,






Coordinated by the Alice Ferguson Foundation and Reston Association Saturday, April 13 9 a.m. - Noon (rain or shine)

All are invited! Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Free pizza lunch afterward at Nature Center Pavillion at noon. Please sign up by April 11. To register for this event, visit and locate the date. Refer to page 93. Join thousands of volunteers in a multi-state effort as we do our part in cleaning up the Potomac Watershed. Reston Association is hosting several sites along Snakeden Branch and Colvin Run, two tributaries to the Potomac River. Come learn about our watersheds and see what “interesting” artifacts end up in our streams. Reston Sites: ƒƒ Snakeden Branch Upper — meet at Hunters Woods Village Center ƒƒ Snakeden Branch Middle — meet at Soapstone Drive ƒƒ Colvin Run — meet at Tall Oaks Pool ƒƒ Stevenage — meet at Reston North Park Please wear sturdy shoes or boots and come prepared to get a little wet and dirty. Gloves and trash bags will be provided. Join us at Nature Center Pavillion afterward for a pizza lunch. For more information, contact Ha Brock at 703-435-7986 or

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