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SOUTHGATE COMMUNITY CENTER ADVISORY COUNCIL Don deserves this award because he always takes his participation to the next level. For example, after being a Dragonfly Count participant for several years, he became a co-presenter and leader a few years ago and now is the primary leader of this activity. His strong academic background makes him a great fit for citizen science in Reston. Although Don has a passion for invertebrates, his versatility and breadth of natural history knowledge is noteworthy. While many naturalists pursue just one or two areas of interest, Don is eager to learn about and inventory many groups, as indicated by his dedicated participation in all three of Reston’s Counts (including those for Butterflies and Birds). Don regularly extends his volunteer time to search out hard-to-find or new species not seen by the groups. He spends a good portion of his own time photographing wildlife around Reston, sharing his pictures with the Nature Center, and he kindly authorizes RA to use his images in media. This past year, Don was a key volunteer in Reston’s first BioBlitz,


helping to inventory as many plants and animals in a 24hour period as possible. Not only does Don serve on the RASER Working Group, but he is the primary author of the invertebrate chapter. This past year, Don took the initiative to be the first data collector on a brand new citizen science initiative at the Walker Nature Center, called Caterpillars Count. This is a national research project about the links between arthropod and avian phenology. Don worked closely with the Nature Center Manager and a postdoctoral associate from Georgetown University to set up the sampling. He demonstrated leadership skills and recruited another volunteer to help. This effort took great commitment as monitoring was required over several months on a weekly basis. The pilot was a success and will be expanded in 2019 with Don agreeing to lead a presentation and training for others. It simply would not have happened without Don. We are always happy to see him hiking through Reston’s natural areas, inspecting the critters in


the Nature Center garden or looking for waterfowl on Reston’s lakes. We know that he is not only appreciating the wildlife for his own benefit but also for the greater benefit of others in the community and for the conservation of what he observes on the local and global levels.

GROUP VOLUNTEER SERVICE OF THE YEAR — SOUTHGATE COMMUNITY CENTER ADVISORY COUNCIL (SCCAC) Andrew Sigle, Chair; Janet Bradshaw, Vice Chair; Gerald Padmore, Treasurer; Darlena Ricks, Secretary Members: Carol Ann Bradley Sandra Deleon Syazana Durrani Emily Huaroco Kathleen Jones Luis Ortiz Lopez Maryam Ovissi Alexandra Rossi

When first organized back in 2005, the main mission of the Southgate Community Center Advisory Council (SCCAC) was to provide a direct connection between the center and the

community to ensure that the services and programs addressed the identified needs. The SCCAC still provides this vital link, but also so much more. Through the dedication and long-term commitment of the members, the SCCAC has evolved into a vibrant, energetic and collaborative group that has made significant enhancements not only to the center, but the community at large. The SCCAC has truly gone above and beyond to make sure the staff, youth, teens and adults of the Southgate Community Center are supported, listened to and well represented throughout Reston and Fairfax County. The council comprises nonprofit leaders, homeowner’s association leaders, police, teachers, social workers, business owners, youth, parents, participants of the center and county employees. This diverse and all-inclusive group of community leaders is the epitome of what community building truly is. Their passion for public service and their ongoing effort to bridge the gaps of services in our community are to be admired. This past year, the members of the SCCAC not only provided program support but developed initiatives that will benefit the center and the community for years to come: ƒƒ Creation of the Wall of Honor. The wall was established to honor extraordinary and humanitarian Reston community members who will be remembered for their public service to the Southgate Community Center. The first residents of the wall are long-time SCCAC member and first lady of Reston, Ellen Graves, and community leader Dennis Lee. ƒƒ Creation of the SCCAC website. Developed by students from George Mason University Honors

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Reston Spring 2019  

Reston Magazine a Reston Association publication @2019

Reston Spring 2019  

Reston Magazine a Reston Association publication @2019